Group Title: University of Florida regulations : general
Title: University of Florida regulations : general. Tuition-free courses.
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Title: University of Florida regulations : general. Tuition-free courses.
Series Title: University of Florida regulations : general
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Creator: Office of the Vice President and General Counsel, University of Florida
Publisher: Office of the Vice President and General Counsel, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: February 12, 2008
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Date: February 12, 2008

Tuition-Free Courses 6C1-1.012

SUMMARY: This regulation has been revised to conform to the requirements of Section 127
of the Internal Revenue Code which generally permits employees to exclude from income up to
$5,250 per year of employer-provided educational assistance. The revision eliminates the
requirement that courses must be "job related." The revision outlines the fees for which
employees are responsible and those that will be waived by the University and includes a
provision clarifying that the University will pay for fees which are incurred when taking courses
at another educational institution. In addition, the revision updates the application procedures and
indicates that the approval form for the processing applications of employees of State agencies
participating in State Agency Tuition Fee Waiver program must be submitted to the Registrar's

AUTHORITY: BOG Resolution dated January 7, 2003

CONTACT PERSON IDENTIFIED BELOW. The comments must identify the regulation
you are commenting on.

IS: Rebecca J. Holt, Administrative Assistant, 123 Tigert Hall, Post Office Box 113125,
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611, 352-392-1358 office, 352-392-4387 facsimile,

Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President for Administration




6C1-1.012 University of Florida; Tuition-Free Courses.

(1) The University of Florida deeply values the education of its employees and strongly

encourages its staff to pursue educational opportunities for professional growth and

development. To this end, the university has adopted the Employee Education Program

("EEP"), which is described in section (1) of this regulationafte.

(a) Full-time University of Florida Academic Personnel (AP), Technical, Executive,

Administrative and Managerial Support (TEAMS) employees and University Support Personnel

System (USPS) employees in good standing who have been employed for at least six (6) months

are eligible to apply for enrollment in up to 6 credit hours of instruction per semester at the

University of Florida. Such employees with a principal place of employment outside of

Alachua County are eligible to apply for enrollment in up to 6 hours of instruction per semester

at the state university in Florida closest to the place of employment. USPS employees must have

attained permanent status to participate in this program. It shall be the sole discretion of the

employee's department chair or equivalent unit administrator as to the number of credit hours,

up to six, that may be registered for under this program each semester. Participation in the EEP

is neither a benefit of employment nor a guaranteed right.

1. Participating employees must meet academic requirements and be in an established

position on the date that fees are due. The University will establish the periods of enrollment

each semester for employees registering for courses to be paid for by this program.

2. This program does not permit enrollment in thesis, dissertation, internships, directed

individual study, individual performance courses, non-credit courses, and sponsored credit

programs, off-book programs, and some distance education course offerings. A participating

employee must be admitted to the University as a degree or non-degree seeking student. Courses

taken in a non-degree seeking status may not apply to a degree program.

3. In order to continue to participate in the EEP, an employee must achieve a passing

grade in and complete all courses taken in the EEP program.

(b) This program is not available to OPS or part-time personnel or employees assigned

to temporary, visiting or probationary appointments. As a result, graduate assistants, residents,

and some faculty members are not eligible to participate.

1. The costs associated with non-credit courses and program offerings otherwise

required as an extension of regular employee training are not covered under this program. The

University's fee petition and fee refund policies and procedures are not applicable to courses

taken through this program. Therefore, there is no petition process for a refund of any fees paid.

2. No employee may participate in both the EEP and either the Department of

Management Services' State Employee Education Voucher Program or the State Employee Fee

Waiver Program in the same semester. No employ may participate in both th ELIP and thc

TEAM4S Employee Development Program set forth in Rule 6C1 1.200(6), F.A.C., in the same


(c) To the extent possible, class attendance should be scheduled during non-working

hours. If any University employee enrolls for a course during working hours, all time taken

during that period, including time taken in traveling to and from classes, shall be charged to

annual or compensatory leave or leave without pay, unless the work schedule has been adjusted

to accommodate the class, subject to approval by the appropriate supervisor or administrator.

(d) The employee must complete the application form, available from the

OfficeDivision of Human Resources Services at 903 W. University Avenue317 Stadium West

and from the HRS website at's website, and must secure

written approval from his or her supervisor and department chair or equivalent unit

administrator. The employee's department chair or equivalent unit administrator must certify

+that each cour-se involved is job relad, that the employee meets the employment requirements

for participation- and that the time used is covered by appropriate leave or schedule adjustment.

In this regard, the department chair or equivalent unit administrator may view each course

individually .or as part f an overall degre program m t t+ improve jo b skills. The completed

form must be submitted to the University RegistrarFinancial Services, 222S43- Criser Hall by

the published EEP applicationfee-payment deadline each semester. In the case of an employee

with a principal place of employment outside of Alachua County who wishes to attend another

state university, the completed form must be submitted to the Education Coordinator for Human

Resource Services, 903 W. University AvenueDirector, University Budgets, 223 Tigert Hall, by

the published application deadlineone week prior to the first day of cla sss.

(e) Unless otherwise required by applicable law or regulation, the value of courses in

which the employee has enrolled under the provisions of this program shall not be used to

compute the employee's base rate of pay or regular rate of pay; however, certain courses may be

subject to taxes as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Employees are

responsible for any individual tax liability that may result from participation in this tuition

program and should refer any tax questions to their tax advisor.

(f) The employee shall pay any additional fees including, but not limited to:

1. Application fees.

2. Out-of-State Tuition and Fees (in-state tuition rates apply for exempt TEAMS

employees and faculty regardless of residency requirements).

3. Photo I.D. Fees.

4. Late Registration Fees.

5. Late Payment Fees.

6. Material and Supply Fees.

7. Off-Campus Course Fees, which include but are not limited to, distance education or

online course fees.

8. Any other fees not covered by this program.

(gf) The University shall be responsible for the payment of (The University shall be

responsible only for the in-state portion of these fees):

1. Matriculation Fees.

2. Building Fees.

3. Capital Improvement Fees.

4. Student Financial Aid Fees (thc University shall b responsible only for th in tate

portion of these fees).

(h) The University shall waive the following local fees and the employee will not be

eligible for services provided by these fees. (For students attending another state of Florida

public university these fees will be paid by the University). The services provided through these

fees are, therefore, not available to the employee, and the employee does not have the option to

pay any of these fees to take advantage of these services.Employees may nt choose to pay any

of these-fees:-

1. Activity and Service Fees.

2. Athletic Fees.

3. Student Health Fees.

4. Transportation Fees.

(ig) Continuation of this program of instruction is contingent upon the University's

continuing ability to meet workload requirements and meeting the financial obligations of the

program. At any time and with 10 days notice, the University may terminate this program.

Participation in a course by an employee is contingent upon the department's continuing ability

to meet workload requirements. At any time, with 5 days notice, the University may terminate

an individual's participation in this program.

(jh) The OfficeDivisien of Human Resources Services shall be the administrator of this

program and shall make available application forms both in their offices and on their website at

(2) Persons who supervise interns from the University of Florida will be given one non-

transferable Certificate of Participation for completion of an approved internship experience (or

its equivalent) in a program area, upon the recommendation of the President or the President's

designee. A certificate will also be awarded to persons who attend a required training session for

the preparation of intern supervisors provided that the training session is approved for this

purpose by the President or the President's designee.

(a) For purposes of this regulationfmte an internship experience shall be defined as a

supervised field experience in an identified program area of the University which has been

approved by the University's Director of Internship Programs in the Office of Academic Affairs.

(b) Verification of the supervised internship experience for all areas shall be made by

the program area college or unit. All requests for Certificates of Participation shall be forwarded

to the Director of Internship Programs for review and processing.

(c) Each Certification of Participation is valid for one term only except that for the

Summer terms, the Certificate may be used for registration during both Summer terms. The

Certificate entitles the holder to register at the University of Florida after paying only the

building fee and the capital improvement trust fund fee for each credit hour attempted each term

of instruction, including courses offered through Continuing Education programs of the

University. Refer to RegulationRl-e 6C1-3.0375, F.A.C., for the cost of said fees at the

University of Florida. No Certificate will be valid after three (3) years from the date of issue.

(d) The University of Florida will honor Certificates of Participation issued by other

state universities in Florida on the same terms as set forth in this section.

(3) A State of Florida employee with the approval of the agency head or equivalent is

permitted to enroll at a state university for up to six (6) credit hours of courses per term on a

space-available basis. Tuition and fees for these credit hours are waived pursuant to Section

1009.265, F.S.

(a) Space-available courses do not include TBA (to be arranged), directed

individualized study, distance learning courses, internships, thesis and dissertation courses,

individual performance courses, and non-credit courses.

(b) A state employee participating in the program must be admitted to the University of

Florida as a degree or non-degree seeking student and meet all academic requirements for

enrollment in the coursess.

(c) The State Agency Employee TuitionRegistratien Fee Waiver Application, Ferm

Ro,,ginfo/fowai. Rev. 08/06410/2, must be filled out, including all approvals. The form is

available from the Office of the University Registrar, 222 Criser Hall or online at and must be submitted to University Financial Servi e, S 113 Crisr

Hall and-the Office of the University Registrar, 222 Criser Hall by the published fee-payment

deadline each semester.

Specific Authority: BOG Resolution dated January 7, 2003 1001.7 (4) 4CS.

Law Implemented 1001.71(19), 1009.26(2), (3), 1009.265 FS.

History--New 3-26-80, Formerly 6C1-7.35, Amended 3-6-85, Formerly 6C1-1.12,

Amended 3-2-87, 5-19-93, 10-7-99, 5-22-01, 6-27-02, 1-19-03,

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