Guyana chronicle

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Guyana chronicle
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Sunday chronicle
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Georgetown, Guyana
Guyana National Newspaper Ltd.,
Guyana National Newspaper Ltd.
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Daily[Nov. 21, 1983-]
Daily (except Monday)[ FORMER Dec. 1, 1975-Nov. 30, 1983]
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v. : ill. ; 45 cm.


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Newspapers -- Georgetown (Guyana) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Guyana -- Georgetown


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Vol. 1 (Dec. 1, 1975)-
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Publication suspended: Oct. 12-24, 1983.
General Note:
Sunday ed. published as: Sunday chronicle.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Thief nailed selling a ""- "^a'
,n .n. ws....,,-., WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF -~
million stolen screws ,i
a nrrT a II) I1~ n Ihu ,ro tr own1 hh arnphn cr urmi rskewai adnu o h n nh e sc icsu thc 5*)them
I ll~ r to use man cunknet after tfficerrs raided hh homer. -------. - _



e :Jag deo tours

4C U.S. naval
~~hospital ship
P'rMridnt lthurrat .Ingrtru was~ warml? wricomed abnard the
I nlted bllows laral \hip, 1t \\\l ( comfort !rterda? b its
I captain WHohers knprin. Fcan memb~rs and a team of medrcal
Ic n~.I.. III .e T~lll re.cue a ('"I1I1 ~ .*isa L plqu In r~c-ign iiion vII
r1iu\.ina' -. ain esdup11~ unh thelir lnenr
Ihw Prelellnt~.I rll.a nlmprnul bi\ Maniates of -1pr ullare Rober?
was Cir *n .In i trenma~r htor .at the shilp lll \.Ine wa nllnnol aboutll
11r~Ib*. 'IpI CInen .InsI) * Snrm...ll.l
Ing medical Irratmernt andl otherr awaiting medical n~aminu-

~_1 _____ ~~ ~I ~_~_ _~1_~_11~~~ _~~

wvill be GICLOSF=D todal ~Siunrdlary 30~th Secspt., 2Z00`7
nrorrnral operations resurner onr INionclay 1 st Oct., 2007

Thet Chronicle is at

8' 111


~;iv T nt f e-ri

`";I ~ ag two~til"

~rIrf Cu) Onld alrcatl) 1.l. 111' ;1)sil ;lfltl It,4 trl $ 4 31. ;IC I I otlf (3110 I~iscLIri, tieor Ic1510 cth4 Ir (110(II Ijllifl ( 00I ) ClUNlTICS to DO longer
*' ti.:.II T.tii its (,1u() fe (I.V'Ilt;tl' 10!f 4lit'lTt 1.1;14 ICI1 (fC10f~l)lef (1)~ r(1).;I~Il;' nS ri)'llotltlr \il litrcr as ;rn "'unkind act1" and a "I~crtra;in'.

HI(;ft u CTklr dil rwr IM*(14th '

I:: ;.illi lar1 1Ath. lj.t \}11111 tlr' 1 lfll~lfhi d r'il)?(11kk" Ir!rs p r ~r~l r ll ontern n r:-mI 9.anlc~rupul"r\ ~IaInllanticeha sL~ found. but X inisitr of
P~age three

I PRESIDENT Bharrat Jagdeo recteives the Comfort plaqu efom Captain Robert Kapdo.

SCi Ia



IlT he Esfi


SUNDAYr CHRONICLE jep~terrlber 30, '

. .' t illsle'l. N;l\T elkl 01 I:(j \ti: L I.(1 I)C~ (18800 1 kIIl?.I..t IJI lll)lS1~1ShikOf ly N (.1 I11I L I )Il) W.

$1 2000
--- "IN .FRf5EE MIN UT7ESawmmmmnwwoseesseoeoeoe***



H ,,D Opening Soon
Play -Group ',
E-** tup*a*Perosnoyrhowean cm

Lost is one Wallet containing the
Courts identification Card #761037 of
Mr. Roger Parris of Courts Guyana.
The public is hereby notified that
ID Card #761037
is no longer enforced
by Courts and is henceforth Nullified.

If youl hatve a truck then you can make extra money
this Christmas!

DRAW DATE 2oo)7-ov.2'

[1'~ --, RIESULTS
MUONDAY 2oor-o9-24 01 10 11 22 24

__ ____ _______

wren the Atrc) Vandte ;I to "licc
;I ,ided Iovana cfndl the other l

our J lltnesr wIth preferetall l

It ull the,\ rr it No lll

pm r tllr .1 pwl Irenl trarlmy* Jalremnt at
rrur)m, u cen as a posen

F'1heccl suga prtoo are Ir"'an
rulaedmic1pi~lithenwgs nis. Lr

I(I.. cll z8 l rrl99z. Jr

Minriste Vr I'and \oarr u0o

thel < ti Ile unts1 i hlrcl
clislc cal jt)lled on c a 4 chold

tu il~he on laught of te new asrll
IIny planr Ik'ing the Skeldrnl Sugar
Moidernatatlon, P'lantl 'Ithe got\-

1)culsesara estates)1 to tha plan,.
I:I: Irude ( ownlritssioner~r

by th~e end ofl the srucan or ace
pathshi~c unFnpr turdis.
Heu hafsargued that the
new regiuonl pacts adre
needed to overhaul the EU's
apecial trade tIes w~ith
~unrope's fomer colne be-
carue they violate world Ltnrad
Pleas 98e P agettM

Its Neil Marks

tll: counctries to( noI Ilonr ~l

arct" andt i "heirtuItul".

1R. l m11 : b1 11 1 1 .i 1 a 11)

rlr.s Robest I. .un 111111 11 ( .' \.

. 01 .ubInon. I1 I I( (l~i\ II

mion nuts of I uropean ( nion

asur r 2+7.0 .2,
nIU~~~~xP'm(i Eji 2H7()V



AT 00

YI a76

.door we Iof v3 IBIfIE
$7999 $54999 $31999

TUESD)AY 2+07.+-15 16
WEDNESDAY zoor9-ov. 10
THURSDAY 2007-09-27 0[8



847 039


2007-o9-29 02



k'~ln pu




KazaR NT


07 09 11 05S
18 19 22 213
12 13 20 23

03 18 20 25

SUMI(AY CIMOII#CLE Septern~ber 30. 2007 3



Cgroup' tl co~untlrlses because oldelr trade decals are unbur In, nonl

Mltusterlial Spokesprblon~ onl Sugar, resteraled thle ACV sb posr-
nion lIual Itr I:lt m)ulb "take Into a~ccountl the senbitive. nature
of thLe uarU~ seCtr andU str mIuIIUIltluctlIoa role thle bugar ecltor
pklay IIo th econcrunms of ACPI sugarr prtluesocng co~unrlses,and
thrsr N1 co~untry *Ilumid tw worwc oflI has at prewnl''

I~rw tIw tditsK~II of theC SUUya Prlcata(l WI~ld bc. UICllleratd 1010)
Ibe proqunedl new corcmancll painershipll agree-llnlns (l:P'A)
"Iherlrefre, we must concluded that the move to uni-
Laterally drouonna the Sugarr P'rotool is either an act of
no cnfidrocr i the EVrYA process or intended to pressurer
ou r ~tnegtitrr or bthU".


Cordially Invites all indian nationals,
fl ends of Ind a and adm rers of

To commemorate his 138i Birth

Anniversary as

Intemrnaional~ay off2on-vickence

On Tuesday 2 October 2007
At 08:00 hours
At the Promenade Gardens, Georgetown

Kindly be present by 07:50 hours

I _



rrport pointed to poor lan-
ning, and br wruld be urgting
the board to taker acton
againal crrtain prrhuound
who wrer reawsponitk for the
alippagra noted.

351 r 451 M[V Prsira

\how "\ibignifant ph!\ical
\?lmptum" of inbhutin: prl-
ticide sprared on thmi on
Aougus 19, anu enquiry com-
mitter has found, but Mlins-
(tr of Agriculture Robert
Perusud \ays heidirecting
that action tw taken where

the results of .IIn Inscsts:*.lllian

DfReo HAlthINucIN
Tuus ei'"ul : trs.

Sen d aplielo .0. eulI.n
PO *O 109

~L~d..cos Ups~fi cac~ l'usw ~
the stlrh'' waer wesca psumag4.
~tLnset u ~InsuLtr ywen Irkh1 U
Il.blurr- Int u bin hhoptuslarange

me//.r\ k~tutor nak (we hr J~cperst ud fund also
\rhat i nuupnsn 1 lr~rymasci

.I 011l Tlrrnet or Pairt Iu : Iic
ICr fcrii talptiti ves la y
Savet travelllng) and roliltcted e~xpenses ct
.fIltxile h~ourd ove~r two shif~s

.1It~latlY dpYfffftin y



l~)IrI hasI ClsoI been~ )ern
nonkd IIIInshl uuows

INJ.uj~l"UUa unl Ou~r nII ulce rus im lwearanenskI
shul I5Ie1 more11 unions 1,

One ex erienced

Cater illar

e- a

Mechanic to work in the Interior.

Must have knowledge of 3208,



rI' r ( tr,


320C and 320CL



I lr~lTr~~n


-----------1 I

Sugar workers showed

n0 SigHif Icant symptoms

1/4" to 1 2-~ aVailable from stock. Special order on larger sizes i




U.N. 8 VOy flieS Into

IMyanmar maelstrom
VANGO)N (Krutrlm A U..N. envoy flew to Myalnmr yes
tecrday to pnrsuade its ruling gener~ra to use talks insteadd
of yun to end mass protests. but the U.S. expressed cuan
can thus lbrshim Grmbart had been moved away from
troubled Yangen.
AI Gans~ha rrac Imen ther funner capital Yangen. troop,
and nroc police masnned hamnccades so the area from whsch th~e
pro democracy purotest have reverberated around the w~orld.
Volhc< lssal cwaming shuts to dlsperse; 100 protestsngn vouhs.
'IluI' rslearwcwn,=uv. J Inllr lensn Io~ lcn mlmr-
ICt. madJE no, rmnanetllcl on amval\; a he wernt starasht on to a
nesbIts us he gestneralr new Lapll. Naypyedanu. 210 ntes lo
lic urged ther ]unts whsch h Iar raled MyanmarI for 45 yearr.
ilo alkru Ganharlrul wade .ness to people mr~utudan religious lead-
ess uu a crnd etm pro-dmcnrrau! cy leadr Aung San Suu Kyi.
ikincf* headang to Yangon. Giambain cald m Singapore he
was anang11 "tol driner a1 message ftrot the serery~u-general to
dwr kcadctship. a message that Ir \cry much by the Secunty

AskedJ of he capctcd to, meet Suu Kysc. Gamban card: ~I
caped1 to nwd all1 the propic that I need to snowr."
so Iralh loma run papers 11 have llnore Im onar ~~~l clamor
for a peaceful end ees lwar c~rackdwn on 1 rmass upnsmgl led
by mnls. the moral crre of the Buddlhla naurn. wluch grew
from small pmasts~ agemsr rhck~ fudl penc me in Augurl.
Smal nu smurs smaeda on1 Satualay to taunlt ad curwe anops
before run yn down theys when thwy started to charge.
la ear incident po~lre refd wavsrnin shoes to disperse
leg youth shtoolting slon rand waving brfight rd "Gght.
lml prcock" nap. Mbr emblem of ledent entees Itha led
a)R 198 epista cashebtd when th anny kled anI etimate
3.*** people.

Mr. Desmond See~nauth
Industrial Engineer
Edward B. Behan & Co Ltd
4057 Area 'Y' Mandela Avenue
Industrial Site, Geor et own

ClOSing date for the receispt of appFllnlrar aos
and Intervrews Is October 12. 2007


03 SerKcnary Educairfon

I0 ,frust have expienence In acetyllene & arc,
weldrag and fabncation,

03 2 years expenlence In a similar capaoty

Maintenance Worker

0Z Secondary Edfucatlon

2 One (1) year experience in a Workshop

Apply/ in person wi/th wrntlen application. police

Mr. Desmond Seenauth
Industrial Engineer
Ed ad B. Behar & Co Ltd

fd: 555 s91C~I~#x:225(5235
-Y1- -IY*iY-.------

Porters&8 Male Factory Workers

~'Ls! ts bertlne: at Is 19b & E
-, G~;= i

SUNDAY CHRONICil September 3 (

1 I


( unsitan an~lld JenIfer11 )l)onelanl.

Thell coupl,lc agedr 6( a1d

he hist u~r ,lrsl t ~

gate (, IJ te p~ark, audd ng T'he

wah too early to pinr blame.

mlader bumbl exploded nerur a
mosue~u inl the 11sdises'

*oundingl 11 foreign tour.
ists in thr remote Indian
Ocean island chain best
knowna for luxur) hones.

mooi ndItlly oo sar

1(i1)itor s 1.1) 1 111 1)1

Isonal-1( but1 1 rlalln )1 hate .1n\

weI ML.IIh~~mlllll \h~mper. Iwhl
1(cusers 1
therre weI 1(1 maturdiate 1 11

r~rc .lutbu on ItownstI who~ Je

Inyme Illuh l trrianhn()tsonC h

_____~1~__~1_ __ I I __ ~1_11__~

loI~~II U "'''

la~f '.Cb .(~.1'7C'!. '


Bomb blast wounds l2

tourists in Maldives capital

The Alliance Frangelsre of Guyana announces the ONE TWO STOREY WOODEN AND
I'nsumption of claPs~sa Inr ADULTS only. CONCRETE BUILIDNG MEASURING

SUNDAY CHRONICLE Se~pl!ltember JO) 2007~

) f II


18' ARR nIVerSaV r

Win a Prize and International Recognition!
For students ages 1-18 years
Cnoose a An 'L ,; sent?; 5" rin Rob vi0
0 900 t~r ;r1 7/" Aba ;tc 'ra' COU rl the Ofom rl r00'@' :

A palntrngj of CJla~e

x( 29 72 rcre,
O~n a sepa'3't: D1iece of eacer expla~r In a maxilmum of WO~ wordrs wht1~ you thlne rof
the A~rt~ie youl haver chorse~n and how It has rcreatedr an ImpatCl on YouI
Rerrember:c, inr]iclud ps~l' I' name and full address. age. gender and telephone
1"' Prize 1 Cell-phone + $20,000 Cash
2'" Prize l Book voucher ($5,000) + $15 000 Cash
3'' Prize 1 Book voucher ($5,060) + $10,000 Cash
Sjend your entries to,
The Nlatirnal Commisslron ron the: R1ghts rif the: Child (N~CRC)
Fkntnr,try of Laboulr Human Servlrces andl Soalal Sec~unty
Lot 1 laterr & C~ornhlll Streets
rClos;ng date: for e~ntrles Octobe~r 10. 20)7


What's Happening This

tured Slundru Abrilu, kicnown

cific," unt of Strraic-'s ht1~h.


among 2 5 to
be tried
PARA .11AR1I 11 0
hurrnarme (('NI('I -1br
hihlybl tanlkipte(d tIal uf
i. propir Impllcated ln
thelletembr 1982rt ra. r
Juicia kil11ag of 1;( po.
Illticl oppoorals of thr
thra sailitary regime ('
to start on Narcmber 3.t
secrrrr close to procraa
br Irrr kstr wrtd.
'I canrs cnform thal the
Msitl~an ourt hrr I nul on I rldLIas k tnemr
rc1 ard quke;l:perown.
Slatitutt trilsters ,alhJ
In a first responw used~
edctir ulh the an~nours
Ona Ircrm~brr Il.
1982, if pollksI~ oppo-
nront of thr m~liters
lunta. $rd b! then arms

Jnd oltimatris rarruted
by as~talrcy v~ta -

I'. ~ 11in ( ci.trl 11 theI I'miss is. s \
WeI nc.~ l. b y w1~1~11; I I I Iw p Iusy a
\11()11 (11ua l1.m1 li, an sa
noII. I wantedI. 1 11.11
\) I .' .1. a,1:'1 .1 1f .. 111

IrI.un..p Iu ~ I t lp r

I...... ..,,, 1~ I,1 11 II
ba fractui I*ll ha- I~lroltcket

111 ..)( .1 thi (11. 1ean of1 Ilw
l'. si n 1I 1( < mai LI1( I w 1111 w 1 1(
l>.llnwrl.l (I ear 1.1 ( b11\.1e ..11
I'.IIlm an j'.llllano 1)(. ull illicill

11 .1.1 Lu.1~ usy.mited.~ .11~ 1I., 1... 1 m 1 1-11 ()1;1- 11


Ilirll d of murdes~J .1I II. I .1w

1 p,1.. si11,) table i n-, .1Ulll l Iut

,.. ..CI 1 IJ) . ... I .ICI

oper. ny non whrn uan

ruutud Haidh SInl~rpon int


d? 225 2856

e Dinner

't / (K) hide
Tuesday BBQ Night
i n . : r

I wrrdy P

Thursday Aftennoon Teo -

For reservation, plaose call AIc~io on tole

Friday Buffet Dinner of
te~ I r a
j'/ ''l~ "' ~ (111

Saturday Evening A la Carte

Sunday Curry Buffet Dinnei

Georgetown's premier a la carte Restaurant I
over~1 (n' dinnerp lues~day' through Satulda7Y I
Fou~nnfmmatlon an~d rese~rvatior
plea5e contact the I:onl Desk on Tel 225 2856 I

D;,lly Lunrch- Buffotl G$2.500O
Mo~nday I- rltdy & Sulnday
12~~ 0060 15 hts

rCh, k with your school or Ilbrary for a
r~op of the Convention on the
Rop sfro K'CR@1 orj UlkCEFa

AHl prices are subject to 16% Value Added Tax

Mexico nabs Queen

of the Pacific'

&- MvE



Herll-p'luced p~ropl"agadihts wh~o mayu hlave bee, too

f~ditur-nl-( hIief: Sharief' Khanl
rhllaral: 227-5216; 227-5104; 22-63t43-9
Sports: 225-7174
Aller houro 226-3t43-9
Vax: 227-5208
Use C'hrunrclr e u a www.Kuyanachlronid.coum
*mall add~re auadayerditorCkguyanacrhronicle.~ com
Iama Abersur, lkl Air Parrrk, Georgetu~own Guyana.


Ju ge sees leqal fraternity as

COUT t'S "n78tu ral" 8 ///

inr a proipuganidist~ic camlpuign on ther judgemelnt of( the
gionailll anld inlters~uatioally rucogniwdr c uls unl awrwitchn- l
ing~ sktulr? for this nt~uinc.
It mustlr to codent11 toi unp1.11tta1~l i1. \ oberact that \ hanny won
sh\ i.1\e. .I\ ruthwd~~ IIo th th nl w l u an cllslu1. b1\ 1~ ;I. L111.1I1.1

.ualY Sun~ut wouic In lulll) JIw/)UI or te srun lasso taken r

President.11 .,f the IN~ \cen sus1 ( 11usual wall \1111w~ .mH.ud lo 11

loonal.1 1.1\
hun llllln l .III(, asr ot n r celh 1 (. IonsI < 4. Ih IJ.( I ascap () <.us huw
carll .( k I al l r 1.\ n1 1 I~Inshe .Iulustsons ( 01 Ibc Isabunal ~.(1 .awma

1.1n1 the t natd 1tinnl r duywetedl inlcrlllow up, 1)n~ heN presco

salrlon as me, I'IJtan)tal .mma o Mtl;l.On.t' \11n 1 1he IN 1 (
111, Jlan l wen rihe s rows stt e ( nrl\ e byo u e

.and the i nllted Nalsonal J UnIpIlew~ have. been domyn thre twst I-by
thenl o~ n d I.11 .44wathsc~r4 o~n ~memrhlp of1 the CCJI
1 ..test rcI\nal frlomr Vaslnle Manatsc Ma~nncrng Ir thatl acCess of
the ( ( J urould hre a psarcntr! swue ornle hls pu:lly Is resumedl In
punc fol;**lowanyr thre tww ge(~ne~urtl elevisonul nin
thats ra as an a< rv Ilral .dwast artl aski airnunal normal 'Ihtst a
.de the~~;7r ttten l~lr cuw6t ed tr (1 J; I moviade
"TI herr is no Prri councill or other
ltomleornauos prcrrdents here It adlopl. dihcard or rmasarge. Our
(05M() r(AWI<'OM Singic* Market and Econom!) Jurispru-
dora slutarts ith a blank rltate There L. ofl courrse. a consid-
crabir had! ofr case law ofr the 1:( J cl:uropran court
Jurscrr.....The reakltl i\ that the LO'. in many ways. madel *
I ropyran Communit* whatl it Indus..."

,. r

1 H)ET IND)IAN Jurist of the (arlhbrain ('ourt of Spyal
of,((Ji hn2 asad a strewas ptra for the rreant's kle gal frat~ers
to, brip in maintaining: "the integri?" ofl the Port-of-1pran-
bawd institution.
I~rL rin :Tt In i \' Nvr

"t o -nI qr a a

rli I le~~' orh lrm r chr .n rnl tretoo Ilylt l, rlost b

b~l~ ( ret L legan('*l praic nonwa.aferal.Ovn ur

n.' vaac IlFthe l~ I.rh~n Canal o1)Srf Insse and
h- I .4,n t~ he fowrmr ct mno h AIl. 2UH
eson'.nr ofth i sr arsbcan Msrmcn Cautll Ireastle that lr
ther nstl'h we foremostl~ sln sh prmesprIed .~vi

I so v imm tharct erlyn pelrr.. o uppetr a re n

? as La. new the n IN

'.1 :.. 2 P., r. & 1 .

!<:. tr . ts* e. .. l l; ;.a 1.r .. 11 :. s m sw q g.. m an

S,,rn ..( .tt u.r<,mo IY .w~r In CPE 7r usul wstuss ,artF

practker as an siteacry. Saunders told the parlidpants at the
OVAI' N Br Ana4ciatio frdcingl that It was important fotr the
(CCJ andi dracnpment of (Caribban juripruderoe for there
to be the rrdest posibl accru to the regional coaurt as a fnarl
apprlateP institution. Instead of a continuing dependence on
t C Pri*, (OUOCS,
('urnrntll. o~nly Barbados arwl c;uyana have the ('(J as ther r
find appeal lourt 19<* defierrot rc.,unew. The Bahantuc. cltran~l,

thar fimal coulrt of appeal.
'11w 1:astent Caribbenn stage t\c heaven ntonnininnlc ll, then went I

myg to, cnstatutiomna hulrdles to, he ac,\fronme. has1 NONI1: hasI an, 1.I
Inllinatal atny nwwc* few the COI lo replace~ Ihe I'llsy councilil
For its part. the new JamalRI~ncaLaur Pa.rty adminlrlratkm
has pledged to subject to A national referendum the in~ue of
cutt~ing link writh the Ptrhy councilil andi acce~snin the ('(.1
as the coulntry's final appenI coulrt. 'he opposition Pecople*,,
NationulIni Pur has always~ hern' int fU\Olr Of the ('ill butI run
Into conrtitutlonnI problems of Implementationl b, nI Prip
('ouncil judgeyme~nt.

trnlte ~~acr~lHF\ Rnd crfullilOOL prfmised on those that crnt~ In the
Iinled Kslngdlom Wd'h few cacylceptons we boast the sam~e ulnllt
(lons ofl the Westminlnter palrhamntalnry \ysteml. a compyarabi c twi
ofI per macpendnc c Ilaw andi watnll cnstiutsons modelrlrle alonF
It was on 'the rchdt edifilc' of aI \Ih.ned bod\ of( law anti

II I\ an :Ilhcllen~Iso pumprudenCeC." h \nld. --that casts and~
than ha.. contabuted andl collntinue tor contnhnic ton an enllchmentn
"(the catnt*n on w...
Saunders. therefore, culd not think of a more noting de-
ucription than to label thhi Juriapruldence as "LCaibbean":' and
to, dnulare that "there b~ no betterr huited entity) to promote~ it





I f@


SIMIYy CIIll011CLE Septembetr 30, 2007 7

floase keep sruiting

All vendors and shop owners are hereby

notified that NIS Inspectors will be visiting:

the Stabroek Market on Thursday, October

04, 2007 at 8.00 a.m.

This is to ensure that all employers and

self-employed persons are complying with

the NIS Regulations as it relates to

Registration and Payments.


It ws good to ewr Gaymas's
tabbyLog. cforts for st~Ahndl
forest rrackagthe Ib ateras

takhat thrre trad o thk age.

Pcrrudenl ~tnb Ioehe dishague
rrth the'rusINca 8~nasw Norse
tary (;orst Is* asppset as th
Ilrts srlnanc thange Thnu as a

(;aIs carra (act to IUac
a sch therf f c~rc s cr tlimatc
change after the Ihrral of >xi
stach treultrd co u~rnsfL acnsHa
to the caunlnr)s (il)P' ad the
su rd IJfLY askrpaw adptasan was
The Pertrsdnt knows c
mader Ihe courrtsl poen that
(kryans ha a nwthyshk wrain

huiblm tol aetrrnhcu games and
ann fo*rce rrunnrrs are tn(act.
Uh~h Iris a ftlunI Matet to (I

lobby LI fulflird. I~rl's all
- -- -- oo upr u r


r oblYANv4


I~lca ~~~


Review of UG may

be forthcoming

press that a reakwr o the IUniveity of Guoymsanny twa forth ll
cming. As a student, if this b to becow a reality, thatl I wW
be the fIrst to proclaim thart the revkwr is timerly and augurs
I wouki Ir~e to at~e thas typ*r~uruly to suggest that of such a
renew KU bemgK co~nltem~pli~nl e ltrn II swtld be c~omprehensaver mi
usclude an evalualltu of' the pertllurmac of the lect~urern. I say thIs
beccause for too lng, at as str percepion of na~uty that sunrl ice
turer uze thei amihnvit to crtrrcer vulneabic \tudrntS to partake
ur n am aadnue actsyst ees toot~un a tavanstabl grJradel* tha ho
ar musedredtr vltctsms wouki rernkly understasal my1 amecrses
A revac uliofny enany) wouki cannune the alulrcocc Ilo pruce
dures a1mung st othr sues arn the manne Io wMuch same peonu'
acICuse then Cdue cn result lo them being unabic to withrliur
the srutany and as luch ulll out bc co~ltmforti st such a treviw at
One tectarrr and repterb cdantima d the Kds~raru M
Frredbk Khases as wrtte(o~ n etravly about the UIve~tr-
sity. Hk artkte to headay SeiptemberO~ 09,287 edithe refrl
to a krleai prefewer from the Caribbean taIlk~lao .
"temely" Geyma at a teak immchag. In my op~mb. if a rr@
knewrdgeC of th entes eperanl of tIs tenant tot Ilra
a' lame Fredi inted It'sI~ amsdg how thaga ca and may
******- --

~Yr a dm. .9tdra

So proud of being a

Toayl I am so prle of bein a Geamarr. Last eveate I we
Seknlg at the erws sad heard some positive thiers on
Mont at all as was w cacnuragma no h~ar these wrres crmn
ang from Ikputy Plome Msolnste r o Hashadrrr Mea
Ma~ttky Bartdnr har swer of the treers cor~aamer\ dat f r
Ibbecan and MI Manicy har ped s a begh ccmphlmasw
Star has twuglch wit trra t exas ul s;ltp,. a scam rld pres"
Gluyam as now calrena an cusrtsag \taerdr (s dewkyabners
cad the nex few yea rsre Ipose on set adrtmal tlrras ai so
vesmess a sta couany
I bse tht th appdthe trdrr wed take ort of the
ro an rtrt Gwyrr~ aml. t r fr dt Ur
aar~- rr~~ btCr


I -- '- -;-L
I Do you have a question on N.I.S ? Then writ zcan Il
IC:/O Dianne L~ewis Baxter ~
I Publicity and Public Relations Officer (a i)
I National Insurance SchemeI
I Btrickdam and W~inter Place
I P.O. Box. 101135
SE-mail:I pr_nis~!

Tel: 227-3461.

Tribunal award just

an addition to a long
list of achie vements

I ulln TrespUndin# to a Ilettr inl Kalleeur News dlted Sepemr-
herr 27, 2007, captionerd "A ludicrouh buK~estion". Thel wrierr
was ma~kingK references to a Llettr that( I wrote Inl the Guyanad
( hlronle~ of Septem~)wr 23, 2007.
( learlly. hdshe was mIsgluidecd and rotally n~uhunderbtorxfthe
Iater The~ wr-terl co~ncluded Iflus ther lter I wrote inbinuates that a
hi~rd warnl blhould be gsvenl to Presibdent Jagdeo, slely based on the
Ialct of the Artstlral TIrsb~unal Award on the Marrisin Border drb-
p~ure beween Guyan an).IU d Sursmnelll
lIuI hI)s Is I'residentl IJagcol hs co~c~docrse d unplemelrnted political IncluhiVity,
Ix"omoteud and estabbshed RaLCe RelanIon C'onunistee, an;d the Eth-
na1 HCelIs)ons Con)lunsasson) lic llso asHented to the P~revenslon o
thsuutls onl~l~lcl AL.t 1997 liah IcaderbhIp hasb Seen c~onsderrblet re-
due Ilcns of orur countr y a dchtl and po~ver y. I-orein Invesitments have
ungreased Albo, muw Helthllu and ucanon aector hadve: sen vremn-
dour unprwovelrnent
(;.,... ...,,,d Muo~ Awrrd b:6 anohr acheve-
rmrnt t add to Jagdro a longl lis of achievesnents
Akis Mardoa

Daar~bbtly ur ew an aln r

usa~t t opctn you
90a~h u ss W

Situation could

become tragic

I wrIt( /in ConneICtIon1 with a hlit~uaIon WhIICh (.ould ('ut LI Trug-
these\ U.KI mal Negro~Z who1~19 wa Ircclkls illu l Ib C L <0 l) s d wH (UI
iruI~ns itel~ Iucsuall I1 Iqunah l es ns U. wgg1I ngI 1 i C IV Z 1)1 I.uw Name
abluwrs l Hcus uoI lurl illt lucatn hepewn wo do i gave he anything c~
Aboutlllc tcW mgt g II,) was1Y aSII) IC the baseI I as Stll son at1)

I advalrd Ilw anadantLO IIo ICepon the (IatterC to theC IWaCe I do

wrth has\ cutlass 11n has, haral
I whhto, ourge the Commhdone~or of Polce to inrtruct his
rrans to take action stlrains thi man twfurr he kllrb rome-
Concerned (itizen

Guyana contributes

negligible y to

emission s

Z/iankt L#oU od youlr le to sJ

( (~o-opetaine Repubbell of Gusana r l

I the MIiniistr of Pubbel Ha~trks .,ic (

PKK 4131 Toyota Hilux Surf 4 Runner

BJJ 1654 Toyota Hiace Mini-Bus

PGG 3236 Honda Civic Motor Car

Interestedr peron; are a;ked to submit sealed, written bids marked
to thec under entlonedt aiddrew~ no Ilatr tha~n Octfober 5, 7007

The Credit Risk Manager
Bank of Nova Scotia
104 Carmichael Street

I'rrdfricr Iitage, .
6. Fass (coast IAmerarr Pubik Road 1 as .1 Prd o

7. Hest Coast IAmerara Publk Road (oaI i f~Jr 1s*

n. Heat ( oat Ikmerarn Public Road I olr i.o1P.Ia- '

9. Wesrt BanI Ikmeratra ,litve+-.lls lirUy, Junellll soon to I ent..s

csubject to, pres seasons ofi Noa non III (I liplhic ('ontmrincalo rthis dsaunent
t Ins~cracted chg~bic btrdicts nu orribsJIun further nlfemselJon( from thre othe ci E t the~
\Hotr Ccr1 as c Grourp I H C(,,. I(rrtr ssit t Pubiste H arks and( ommtfunal ;Is son\.
Fo~rt Sitreet Ksngston. Gorgetown. betwcn onl Ir, and th 11, h Molnda1 inr

ar As\crayc annual ~r nstru ctin I umm, t E c~t rnl
la, Ftmilants of Pres muscrcontracts

.5. A complete rt of Beddena Dacuments In the I~ngllh Lainguage~ ma) b
purchased andl Ecollated by id~der frmn I Calober 07 upon sa paymecnt *
a non-refulndabc (tcc of Ftac Thoassand( Govana Dollar\ I(iS$.000). The methat*
of pay ment will bc cash the finidilng th~lcumnts wlll he Iro hardt copyr handlct
I, Hadls must he dchrvcredl to the Jukirew behlow at or hdfore Tlueday. Ockwhelr 24.
200C7 at 0900O b. Elecrtronlce bitddng "tdlfltrn"he pcmultted Late buis w ril he
rcycc~ccd. Bads util be opened p~htsicall) us Ihe presnc~e of the hlcdder'
representairn eswhalum ro(*E a, iten'td m person on Tuesday). O)ctbhct 2 3. 200)7 0
09 fK~h In the Boardlroom of1 the N~ation.,l Prcurementllll ant~t Telder
Admminitrationn Boardl..athc Auldresi~helw
'vMlitylf of Finance Nuildnllg
Mam11 andl !rquhanrt Streets

,\I All ds "uhall" bc accompaiedct by a "flidl Securlt1" of O)ne: Milllcnioln G nds

ava""I( lulboynarevc cienu Authorlty ((iRA) (certificate
8 predltld Mecorng will1 he held on O(ctober 09'. 200n7. Ini the fNoardlroom~l o The
WVorks Scrvlces( roupl (H'i i);,lt (19 00h

Life. Money. Balance both.

The Bank reserves the right to reject the highest or any bid without assigning reason thereof.

.. SUNDAY CHRONICLE Coptember 30, 2007

South American and African nations

plan to strengthen common bonds

Pimas are alreadr onl rlream
to hold the recond juinl sum(-

Sterucludi nr14 )4'It. 1( Hill
be recaulled that 64) ~liends of
State froml the 53 Africanl and
II .Nouti .-\it'ritall othatlrits
attended the first \ummnil,
held in Abuja, Nigerluia ls l-

taxas~ grearcr an*ywcrllnsn I : the
cinonuel \Zector as well JI to
treaden icol~*latwarso an t*his
caJ ,ll andllural aure~hcu inwn
Ihe Afncn~; UIon~ndw tmlhe South
Amwrlscn C`omrnlunsll of Na-
Isons nowu renamedI the L nlt )

.of Soutih .\11ne1.1 r .an Lessons

1*1\.1 1 lo, thIIki1.Ile SoIttI11- tt, I l

Otiift the 011040111 1110r I )

Ichadn caplre way to(JJ Uso J

2coultant1~ le toopl. tha11 ll and
srilllity a() .~ll ag li. L of spea list
.ltlchlti to Ie Illlip clklrl CIIIed

undenclon mec, llr~.I'cnywe
kneui ctr~JI ol IIc Masiter of
Hcfo~lr un A~erlsu for .11ma

1112 I)t'pilllllicll ll IIAlllith all
the1 .M illittly. O1 I.lelyllI Al ll ll
G~1I 1.I/11 (tooNldll.llllC' tlillll)
jus1 4;outh1 Allncln .I, .(nl Ah \

Irf \I.1j|I I| )if Vite .91111111) 01

( NASt 8
P'lcun sl thIIJe opesungC es
\1on1 were the SouthII Ameman ll

TIhe coordinatesr' su~rrt-
Ing areerd thatl ther prrocs of
cooperation rad integrration
must move decisiverly fr-
wnrd. In this mrespct Venexas.
Anrn Vice-MinLiser Krinaldo
tbllrar amid that net year's
forum of Heads of NStec must
not be jut ranother summit"
but must dertairely fmu on
coacrew* proposss rand so.
lions to improve arrea ruch
as bnrah rad education. eco-
aomlic, Lovestmet rad fl-

sad commesaialerlons; lalrs.
rsrucelrr rad Ieaspo rtand
strkoretaurr rad the redlroo.

th Konaute of the Afrlcan
I'lr was commsrrasse raise that.
conuderrng the wake datesely <4
ccalnia ~crnmomac. umasl and
padstscl rallcres.s the net surm
mel muss damr thw speedscaly
4 the twed between AInc and
hIscal framenarkl and a rpace
for cuhurt~anlecane
The Suh sth meslma cr*r
assesses assed the sendslCame E
*4 the urual nma endsa hesy up
nrltclne few she news summl.
hahighldtrng traith. cdurrcatmn
atw i ~(spnl hunges ar the must
tCamraat as area sc he tackkd Ist

I disscte felsi Icthalcd Inne
asuesi sulich a tra~d e and inve

JIU~lill. 1 III~klCIf' Ifle nlllV ) ffi
ball Irllti RIIU lll) dHIcs~ldr lla
wills 1r 110th ICkdopt11RIV~ltlllCI
cratr altern riinic i energ Iources
mustrrC Itrl gaCo C -qUelCC enph -
c le rlrrl-'!c? frtuplallb file
work whuliich~ IhouCld be) don
differel ;nd levels. Ater intense
Uswr~tunlrcon,. the reprentatves

of~lun Imsh guPngr ecidd that I
these mecolng of governnmen cx
cpetrs and e r man ictshat o tw

ulol multsintral nsues.n (4) 'Inul
usirinsent d Unance, IS) sea. l
Rln'mun ualsos (6) confrrc- I

InIrure andu trnprtin cand (7 )
ag rrad ore aund envasonment n
fi rrt umerin fgvmete-
pertsa Pit be~rr hed s Ehspa
whale the firt m rctang ofTade
tbrup cwrll t on ened an l
Ka2lubasuraxu HsghoffiUNAls
sead scntbetw thc~ e of 2007
smar 1b ou frther praraison
Reshate that, the Abuja
AcIon Pha h not advanceda bt
as rapidy. as wa oriinlvly r
esprse. Fuyrrthr L meetigr o

neggsthe to* both U Sr
moeteprocessrrr forward. t l

gb rrooupiet on saroivrrid
had< rraanr es d thebasera

Nevertheless, there have
been bomle Dlgnificant advances
in economic and political link-
ages twclween the two continen-
lal b~lockb. Over the past four
years. Iwe, South American
countries Braz~il and Venewu-
ela have rapidly expanded
that tnlateral links wida Africa.
IBetween 2002 and 2(NJ6. the
volumer of trade between Braz~il
and Afoca countries rose from
USS5 billion to mlore thin
USSS lhalltn pe year. Venew-
cle, on the other hand. has
strengthened its diplomatic
thmast and by 2006. It doubled
the numnber of diplomnatsc mlr-
asons In Africa. and currently
has embassies in 47 of' ass 53
countries. At the same time.

and Algenal, have steppd up
that tade and cultural relations
with various South Amerscan
Ther coordinators meet-
fagI Lbr fMI~ on pofleal.
ca~lterl ad historial Ilinks
between Africa and South
Amerrica. To Lthi end, len-
czaels is aIminO to promote
cultoral l~atrchane with Af.
rican nations by hoisting the
Second Culteral Festivlal of
the People ofAfria La V'eb-

PlOet Set page nine

"[ mlployer~ 11\l nalates J h~led bidsrr orllln l ch thc hddn hr

1. 'ond? AC to L~indcarolb Hihw
2. Esseqlbo { oast Pubik Road

.4. East Bank, Ikmertar Pub~ik Road I ofI ~
Stal,~hrso oReie Irrrr. st j* f

5. at C~oast kAmerar Public Road I at 1

the t hum an 4 Ms

skianna !.9 Po!'* *

a asy town *<,

tliandl dlclvrry of hidi~ s strongly

noCt beC enrtaifdned


Pak~iri's c~rust to be ju tr exrpeienrcy anrd opportui nism rs
theyv have, usually beenr everywherre an~d therer is a
colntinuousl moral tussle precedisag thorrirught and aion.

by other considerraions and a longerI )'iewl of more~ distant I
c~onsequences... I~rrnard Shaw* hraJ said thatr though~ he
(G;andhlil may coummit anry number of raicticl errors, hris
essential strategy contrinues to be right. .4Inst people,
howrvrr, are~ not muchr conrnemrd w'ith lthe long run; they r
a/re ar more intresteld in the tactical advantage ofthe
momen~." '

Regiotnal Democratic (iuncril

Office of ther Reg~ional( Eecrutive Officer
Regpionr i Ofcmerrara/. fahaicai~
Reginonl .4dministratuion Office. Paraodise E.C.D
Tel. # ?56 - 3"6 Fax)i 25C6 3'74j

Icnldelr .ttc lnosted froml pr-cquakrf sed untratcltos to un~derlake th~e following wedk:

a. (conrtruction olf he \rn Administrative Building Triumph East1 C:oas

i~cnden ia(n bc purcrchased at the Regiona~l A~dnulnr strattler Olice. P'aradlxe. liact C~oabt

Icodctssr reute d to(III~ 1(ubmitnr at the~ tunlc o~f tenldenny1 thec fo~llow\rIng:

.I 4 \:hat certi nate of( ( canphlan~e rc lso the (ilryana Reucnue Authority. It
mu*t he noteld that where a Icadecr is submtntted In the tname of~ a
( olmpanyt l IEml the aInd ntH~ the cw nof s
b A vilc(~~lshd r crfcate af mphan~lce from, the General Malnager. National

< Dt~rai~le method~t statements aInd Wo(rk Programnme
dI lied sce ur Ity ?"<.otI tendlfclt s

/codcti thrumenlltll mustI~ he submslelld I1n a scatled eni ciop. bearing no identltrt to the
Scontlral ctr andJ shou ld

Tenlder Ithaumecnts should he adtcEd e ed t

( hairman
Sational Board for Procureme~nt &: Tnder Administraton
hlain & I'rquharl Strreets

and dc~cohlted Io the Tenctdct liox aIt the National Bo~ard folr Proc~urementn & Tender
Admamlnstranon~l notl later than Tuesdlay O)citobr 16h. 207 ;1t 9:00 b.


Ilende~rs mil be orpenedc nulmediately after closiing. in the National IBoard forr
P'rcurmentl~ &Y Tcnderl lIoardrcoom. Tcnderers or theirt agenr~tl ma he presentl at the

Shufdu~r Alli

Reg~ionni IExncutive Offl~l lice

South American and African ...

year to the lead up to the smis la 88.Frm ae ig
Fwethermore, the 20th seedversary o the shotthio at the Brhkin stat trade. rwcwaslty
commemoratedlar Gey anbrwegh t1Witud tolerwa to fkth~e hte3k and ckral lnkso t EQL U
Afrks espedary the West AIfrka asdeas No bdoc 1k th rSu5 M kag to w,*crishd by those
Afrkas mention and thk b evdced by the grate patckl. cakeral and reoonomic ~cmm
tinsas rrwttfy betat eahsace by Nigrots to the Caribbs cand SeethI Aarerkas ecrtsk.
Experctatl. the seced A.SA summ wiB fterther bo~reee the himsrkal and n~rai dlara afhk
between the two souther cedarthto sad trlatern the sustrarse o their peoptes~ to tHeir
clomon beads
(The center as Guyan's Amsnteudor to Veneaucts The varws cap~resd are nsokl thorcofhe anschr re )

A\pplicationsr are invital frmnri tralinacl lar.urlua~tcl;e lehrrs to, fill

*Electricity Inte-s~ted Science

Visual Arts *Physcs/Chemistry


Appliclokns emi tarrkelo vboarru, along witis twe (2) references most be oddressd to
The Chairman
Bishops' High School Board of Governors
Bishops' High School
84 Carmichael Street, Georgetown,
Attn: Headmistrese

SUJ$1AY CHRONICLE Seprrllltemor 30 :'oc,

t~he PPP'1/(' Gurtunattrii ii-
herilted u Irgues of eco~onunle
anid social tragedy! inr 1992.
where the I'eople's NutionluI

great dullnrag to the rculturuI
psyche dl working-c~law Indi-
ram and Africansl inr (;urlun
through gross rilutlatis of
the rule of lawe with negathe
soscital-uWie imupactl rh-itals
fraudun tthen~ g 11 l~a

1I1 klllspedwa Inthe.unI ~k

nuts1 uns~ubst1.1ni1.11led .utes
Jonesi IIns1 Ing~III1 the~ mIICyI'III
ofI Iubbsl IIspute.IIs and dallltatng
~lasbrical )InsIonI it Ir one( Iime t

Ilrollll\ ng 1 Illub~ trl<.ell\ abus a

wal11owof nos I ualll Sell IntI I st \ I

ttenueIC n usI.1I Ib~C pubsual. I1ic. 1t
Ili Ins nanon

people~ thusk11 .1bout1 1.1ds1 II
c.onI \Itunljl e that1 (;; ndles 1
wou(~lld contems11.1e on1 means1.
but1 It 1s .11n ells1~1~1.1\ \ as
al, Ilunkinglt. I11unkany; hard('~ 1n
the\~ lisonal .1 Law 11 1a Iruh tat s~n
2b. 11e inspels1(.1 susp L1\d ImIt .1
\chen~. 1 1mn w the 1Iuw. I nl~~c I l. c I

ther bCIi\ uII uallI be (Cll ai

fin ral tunic paYIcedngcs Ibought

I.rul actsl r pedien cy <:a
noses to snod but, I as tulnedl
trlrwi c61 InltelO ; Uotdrl~lhhilI1
.ms r n. egAIlw ar srcrl snd

cental srltes can ucnuesll ;r tw l
rtug:chtcr Mo 'people,' howrls

hie of the numen' Ih u~
Nehrl u rnoted too the cultual

p'uhhle ;rnd pn'Vate ble wa~s no,-
Irceable In Derlhi, the United
Pronl\lxcs. Kajp~utalna, Bhar. a~d
. Jandhi spo~ke out againbt
'purdshl'; through Ihe indian
( ong~re*s Party~ and with the

that wometin should have the
rrtan Ic reedo ln and rapponunity
for Hself devel~ qlopmen as m~les:
aInd art end to domestic slaivery.
Note the cuonsttutional
provkil on in uyans for the
Women rad Gender Eqtualty
Coummission; stIll on paper,

And1 rso 1 lhought as useful to

rullturen ,IGu~upas aganrl rwas
par~lrin pubts;crl .sed cultural

ofI Ga~ndhlra Idcs through the
cycs ofI f*.ndlt I~Jliahrial
Indeed.~ (andha and Neruu
usd note hauc a mawayway Ierr
adcasto se rnts r te plants J ul
ture Ami I perrwas~ sh~ow da
randumb?. note for anicarritea
Nehru admited (iandlhi a
conriani Ioctur on the raglhe
may~ of dlnln thangl. ucang @ac
cu~ttctI methodsr frr dosing
Itmys 5ttrr n was trlhe rlho
means to adscar endra one ~r
(~(ofJu~ Gassasa e connstrhure
to pshlic ide W~here mass

hIr antd tw*lh Nehr nd tu ndh CrlJ1
soughtl to rufu ~se the nunl law
Gandh 111) mora 1*p 11

brought a rcsymistant new da
merseson to, indmn Pa~iIstal

speeh sad free press wrre
oarawrd of la the G~tayae
vernacaJla la the 1970s sd
AnDd roaLI. too. ac t* the
uwc o~racl sultrment to Hus-
mprrama)tsr poissacalcufrure
mn Gunna. Knoes potasica op
crasscs. the medw. cad now
hasc hscrrlatu a re h masa coo-
dults of racIal ProIocatson 1
Thew radanous actorta come
to the fore. Jlbes t macame-

In the end. wc hasc J p
hocarl culture cmbracang the etc
nmens d ahtxtunwscapedactct.
and otpportunsum Thank of
thew dsswisrons ofl Giuyanl
poisocal hastc*r the useorted
labcis of fragsic stakr. Irsled
stakC. and decIIEn d+Sciatotabp
authous apropeasel u~wentaes

(cetalrly. thasI asnot the
uay to culirrate a nrI and

Nehru on Gandhi? PERSPECTIVES

CI~mate Change:

E vasion Replaces Denial

~TI `



8 \R\11 \( omp 01 m! iittod, a ;., 1. .:- ~

.; .

:F ':` I- 1 ..; : ,! -s \\

\ lunl e r it~ er aduar~te~ ( IreshJ' nia1 .11p~ ., I
1bic~ to, \low~ lsph adio~lassist rewacrd rloll i (rtll'li iLt',. 0 trisit
atnali tictal abilit\

I- xcellent both In o~ral andit w ritiocn rcorlnulnunc allrt l sk its

11e offe~r:

Medtlical b~nc~lit

T~hc~ .( 1:'s office
Ha ralma ( company L''".'Iim"'i ted

GecorgetowH n. GuyI\ania

Trhe closing dlate for all a1pplIicait ionrs is O)ctober i 5. 200(7

( hief Schools' W~elfare O)fficer


Senior Schools' Weclfare Officer

(Regions 1,23T,4,7,8,9,10)


(Regionsi 1-10 and Gecorgetatown

Departinent.~l Ahmstsll of I ducation(,l. 21 Br~ickdamll and1~ the I dC111.1non

I ort Nt reet Kingston

~J I ~ ~ r, I r I~

greenhlouhe #iKuse th~at nrver
Juined ther Kyoto process, and
uniil recently werre clalmae
change~ dlrulerh); ('hina, In-
dlu and .South Krrea (Kyolo

ulKllsartorie thaut, as develop.

froml emindonul limits under
theu exlistn trreaty, (but fear

(which accepted a Kyoto tar-
Ket for 2012, b~ut hasL no h~ope
of meeting it now without he-
role eforkr). Togeth~er, they
account for hllf of the

world'sr emissilons.

Is a big en ~iller that comlmitted
Ishell in, reduce emissio~nb under
Kyol, but :::r n rl,r I s ,
naully lIes with previo~ub ~bb
era~l go~vernmentsb but the new
Conservative Prime

Please see page 11

sion. Alnmos all1 the clmlate
charnge dealers, even P'resh
dent Geo~rrg al- l
lowr the furbidden phrase to

something: about it. The pre-
ferred taticr nor arer ditruc-
tion, disenannl ami dely.
II 1I 11c. lll1l why the l( 1 olesn

less altel~r llll.l~r te I ue Laslr l I
rcldu~l~ 1lIl newda huinnut.o pe

gue lhe heOcetvrunean
Jin l Inma.l that: mustI we~ the

ensu\1n,1 nenta rllls c~lce Ilc hIs

lIk* 1~nd 11b other wordsL these

we soniume youtwites I..drrne
\uwhatt he~u proposes to da

takingn it. then thrrr could
tw anadwhr Conferrsw~r In) 1009
aml anuthcr inl 201r.

pI' nubllr publiiva. l slinciles los
CmeaInentsIZII that1 oppow*, mass l

F~rom page nine

na h el P'N('R withdrew its

dir ther itemi war p~ut to the

clcr. lrl


t .and 1 11111(~.u wet .un Ic(.uban Ir

c.bush 1r Lurl no rrcenr d
from th ttopl1 he aemd to
Iwav isoonr I~ nl iond fin

annuadnw ll shrswany ..tntso to

pa l m u tc r tu that pro cd

to ~as he anb .and crhvlu poo
rwed th Jull thn. to- he..- n

unemployment to attaLin
prosperity; he und~rbtood
thatl moral values murt first
Iriumrph, asb tls endb cannot
Dubstsatiate direrputable
means, no matter how good

lIus Nebru tiseve\d thatl Ius
seal meau~tlng of GasllLU' wath )

withl alised .msonIc, atal~rl bs

usrrmes fnclus w te wrxJof
Isratehr' su cnl l Isxha, at tnw
wtwoircr deep ciurd Wa stallked

the (Iland fe .dt1 (IThepar of ~(

(sarku~is aL haconi truth asti
Ih.4- .usa .sIII pwho lll syn.A sc

drf hetrue~( in ctrt.Al (so I
.16<1 u11e~wne pi,~nds- fi
11.a Ulwhcnrhrrr nteows
thtrl .< euntr(. asl farks phrl ect

vlsualverd a world lederarlon of
Inlerdependentl states; and
Giandhi created a nationalist
mollveme~nt that reduced irrila-
sum an aau~mnuissi thatl Indiainl
Irek against Ihe firltish. Nerhru
remusted that h Iw hd not seen
anly other narltu~rnalis rulnwemn
asr (an~dhl'r, lalrgly devoid of
hIwlc redlrdentalliv. Ik. Che~dd
Japanrl ;lso, \Ipok abocut Interdc-
pendent~c' b~etween the North
tndl South In has\ New G;lhra
If untan fkder pyropel.
'Ilwuguh Nehtru's eyes, we
wu luew (iandfU 1' pa\\lum for
demcl~rlacy. 1tansfOrmedC the
('innrer\ I'arty Int a mia\s

(.nI csp.usualsnc~f. 1xrw the quan-
III! 3ndl quawll!t of benelfitsth

.rlnd Ilhc mlamws. deflnitrech Utnked~
in1 the Ircedom trf IndusJl
Here. on our own door-
step Un OctoberT 5. G;uyana
rrchrir~rbratuh 15thI yeroluthe
rrturntofudrmor c Yand am~-
soUdatiny demmoran: and ne
must nearr hettle for ken. 21
demumoca i the life-blod of
human drtelopme~nt. 16<
dissartion*. rapediency. and
opportunirm. dclrl drecid
of a Gsadhoan moral law of
truth, *ill do g~rea duamag to
the fabric o demncrac und
politicl culture.
Knised arr~a on of pre-
vicesty pubbled anice

Closing date is actobes 10. 2007

_h~l~~ #mDAr~HROWCLE SoptqC~er~,,2007

1~ -

peopic 11 thre shches whi;h as IJI

---- ----------

FLromn page 10
.lthnistr, Stephenl Harper, is a former dlisurte changer denter whoI (b WYekIng a way to) wrkh) up
the conundalmen. A~ lrger mqaorit? of Canaudians buppo~rt Ky~ute, *o her needst politicl usecr. andc
the Asia-Pacifi~c Prnerhip mright give himu sou.
T~he Bush ;rlinumlstrJrlanoh thus\ I slluccedell d rlo sphillln the work1~III, to I twoona c~llhutle ilhanCe
)\sLw. An ~serwheinaungp major! at1 ther 19, decrl~ulad couninesr baser ,Igreed InI get b,.I below, thour

tshl,\ of I newd theirl rlarg h way r~Kaly.ut theylll~l h Le now joused wit the11~ most. h(II 1)uill de el)gn
cou~Lnmesr Iwhos enuwl~tonsl are watungs to suba~ra or rade3 the newl pktsc of1 icut

-\rrlr. 1ll C1c l rl #6.11 t ,lrA He ld(1$1 In'r an\l~ ar Ui ti~citaagl tha ~~II b ublrat~ l 184 (II.111) if f e 4rits at

If~rtrt afki h t'1no poin 10gdtrlra upwl -tall t rlt? rl rhvfty)C10 irr ut ,Its ejust itbr~c ct
r trirttb Hillr ow rokboul lo 11 rt \olo proth ess .a 1Au(*llrlt .s tit;itts\rrall Alc unevl
Plute \tithct lotu c low~r 1, sro d s lrtde blrnc ( ltic ito hada ru cst r ts to lose Ise vict mit tl
After 131 }c n al tths dbr up'htc uStrin brts nd dossi. cr 4a eptoune .lou Sevnt pei~ r celln tb of Am rilcan o dniycimt hsra ssjrpuin,
in hefce of the~r federal ~lir gowramn' obstructn JlIon many1 U tates a~~r e, pressingll abIrad ~

"CaIfo prn tiaur ~ La l moving he nted rltates beyond,~l l dbtsr addubtz Ito ~~ arllctionl~.l H ha
Anl l J C\En begges pru~ma tn h-e musswan p I.sals (1nn Irdl~ Isak Clltylnc togra .abscung fu.ll. de set
Iped-ownl ltr1ll~ stuh depen Irmr a lrltlswdl unpll~ lrclIrecdnn eveann rowt rlurtrc+ the )wlyll se .as~
don th en Inspcs(' whatccmr Ithe kr c m rnrw stat cr en nh7lr l IL ass urs lY 111 waves La tww <.an lac he Is

IHost an Chtun cach urake to clea Irr- s
That will be our o te ial dMl~call pJahakal hag~rae stes ha rarrr twen nra~rgrocst. but
star prosprtor. d obal dhsassr may brp to namrratra peoplr' mnindr

Genoar Dyer h a L~andeetassd tierdepree )oernarb tins uleatkir art pubthtar to 4tt


'The Golc~ranwnsl Infotrmatson Agerwv ((iN~h as I* en .silri~pphea~~tion fort the
fo~llowinl: poses sotYL

I. CAI1I~ loN1 OtF FC~ERs

The Cocmmunwaistons, Offscts w all ptrodtuc ,Irul dwscconstallteu mtrolannonson on
national ect~oral policac. plhrogram and pract is thlrou*h~ thei prtlnunarl r~cilaimnac

.196 Spffflfloffnia g AitI h n I>. plt In lIttlaviorat.NOrlai
'cietaCC( ck Cmmnlll~ Caltion I ,ligh)1I know Icdgeabicl abanstr nanona~nl scctorll~ illl pois r. prai~ccat~ and Flprogrm* They
must have ecetcllent scrhlsi wratecn sta1 rlk Io te I nghsh Languagec. Ahilsty- llo do
Trc101Ch ;Incf wrl ot O Aptci l5 pfoclkt1~~ sw ~*li f60 iltl J4*M't 4fW1ltil fei |)
V~ear't C1pdffince 1 In thr clcronrK cOf pfulf 104 lla INrrl"' (Ct ffO pl'IC'lc fltnt s
aluo have comnputcr pro~ficsency In Marosoft1( Word~. MaIcrosol' fC'I hel. Mirosoft
PowH rle rroit.andtl~he Internd.

The Giraphics Designer will des*ign andlr layout anrtwork (prosers. news~papers.
b~rcihulres. mtlagatnes. Oct.). and presentation fo~r w chclte. (')-ROMSl.
publications and mediagraphics. Wril pre~pare ;Irtwork fclr public sen se
an1c0tifceirnnfl~niht ifllrcicnr Mc)CCITORK (ia(Prill 104 let

Job Spect/l'licato: AL Bachelor'~ DegreeT 11o ('mnpur~ ~rter stecT or eve~ntle~nl a
requIredC( Pres mcu\ I xperincc mni~~ll~ Gp I)Cs Desn w\ I)/hII h a SZCet. Knowl\ k~dgEL of
Adobeh P'ages~lke~r. Adtobe P'hotoslhop. Aobeh illusira;tor. formis o~f Desktolp P'ublishing, Bryce and Macrrctromedialash. I-irework ami l
IDreaomw cav~er ie required. Musia be abic rvHo wk with udItco file~s.

fsniel v. Itattn apCpl ication w\ I1t Resuime no, Intefr thanl )c'toerT 6, 2007. t,:

TIher Amn isnrltrativ, e Matnager
Govrnment ~il lforniatin~n Agecy ic

Mirsoffon \fsr


* I i < u .. .h .

i'.:' cl i ~ ~ s '11.1

on 1 1a41 C 111113

\lm a .1I: ..l 1I( .1)1 t11 a 1' I/Ji(Ia 10auc en a 1 < 0 anna tl kat tu I: 1 1athanatelllll

ran n lao 0
ut i sr (. dul !(l ppllll, i on vI go.I assu .coi~ ()ll qu mui I( us c te111 ~(~.111 1 l ~Chsy e
as lsmisp u e m lu uept hea .11 ss.utH r n e n
2 E 0 1 1 ibi11 t il 1 0001 11 R 2
sq oatetsr
,~ In amu in-a .( .l)I;l Ir -e .u a d a. .t
sa o a s m e d m ke*P a u e ds o st h

r ... 0 n..s
9 as. 2 4 -p e -.1a 1 .m )ap 1i d ib la ta t
ru o
lstlr'. shh 111( I bIlrl ... mu~ .llI JlJgo (I o .~ 11.01~ Ir- II tow 1.umus uplscu.(1 s of111)((1(:
"1Ti !n' t wo a

5. .n nal

3. I <111I1;.. 1514lh( vt Il: l :~,Ir ((1\.4R 1 11 (2 1 lI.1~. (o~ rcmrr

I'<:*'s 10= << hra,all destw -d ruk~town 41it~~ 1, u d Ic the sti uoc thec~st
i. r\lh "'IFr t"2) cunensvan d



4. 11Phi(~l CIFlrA ( 2)11

*apFtr Prpar .nd tvry haphlrFy
nn Likea tin"(cti l~r of )0 dai olit iN e adr pie alo
synearknrtt Scirnn.

Pos in dnt 4 I (10 w ics Ilildn theI h h mug gth w ht
ahthy t tye a a iteol hus to < eb a nnut

I nanlrccerntini appllic:ationr w(ill niot her acknow\\Iccllee.

SUNIDAY CHROSIICLE Septeentol~, to #0 'cr,
< < :4~' ..*3J 3 1MUH ) AGtJ

Climate Change

a 1;-s-----~-sy---ilP- Lh~;

I f flo eBl11 r b th

Hush political eneumpment. r lll

\1 He\1 .r two .End .1 hallZ;I 2<11
Ilidlej Zh,e I\ kIt hst llz.if10

.01\ IhT ihtz nr ll ~,~lill 12 0 sh

\ttomes I T I. es~ll~ al, tiet1 le ~1,~~
unI son we\II~I~ to(~l u hold lrine

111.I> I .he chief non 1~1~ parsma ical

tlh lle d I It k lolIL 1 1W1weett kth pit

Houwr Icyl~ l ulLc tm uel .Int hu

LkHil dwntc~rll .n \tbornet

nilule powers Is*I intuan I
puarpme .uiar br hdr Jun wtl
to hsd brr ht!r lbsu bu t
riiitsehawor hu und, en:: wouI
uth ilr ted i; fotll hore Ir9C

Isr huI rin tdI I.*u:l maluin r

Stome I~~ 11 abbs.1) 1111, the Va
PleIIIIIC ~1 due42l dlT at s ll .lll

liyII I IhC Ill el Iat ItIt tilo (10

tItti l~ll ie th :\4111 1 \1.1''td h .11. 110

hand Ambasud Joph. H l r

pace us1 tYLw N(W. llrk leane

utilar -t ingthe blatityr iofh

utw hs rbiU Ifut h alw ar r Is}i

theq crhate (ouwr Ih \ny 111
Ind fullr y I atu the cn l~i
Pnrraident' s\ spknu. left l

aRind the~ O'rill LI-,1sr.

atr pay astI Ihat Mlr castr to
theWhie fouwandtha br ~

\)h,\ 111\sembl t .Is ReaHII II
1ho s1 hu hel/il. wIc.elal to I

InthllIs\ Wityce~I \Tll etpe le III

110 Cid 11 0 I1111I La~tit ll .

(s I/4 0 1, L .Ia kI w'C1te it I

(1, 1 1 litil~. 111011 al ti 11, II L k ailk

IIul it want Runnield, who

<1.*\ ~anltrcl liuh
tIntul~rle in het prk3 inth um

P I bcfl ii nstalJ reasldt wd
(;untanl unlrimnsouoe brim

(h Iun~nindc Imon untoL rcthei.
us:*r ul e:ht I edel~rl I'rsescnter
Ind ths IU lrulr mp.1lb< r* I

ther. [hJl p~5suc Ir W r

Irannon~,ry 11i oilws~ InembersH.I o

I, ILII n/;t1 e I(III II( iallwl I 01.I)).

(Oull id te c~l itille l itl/ 1,11 W I~l.i
(pll~l itali Lft) l 0 1 (1 t llk'flitic h (.1\L
Ily, III~ il~thed by illV (tl tiiI f,
thi bllul llt ;rlted.unt.~ minrustral
the unanai e men lwas in 11nts ()11. ). 1

111. 11, 1 1 1 1 r l II
the.111111 (buse repron.uli <.arne

st tnll gl)

wUImblurin lousc IEII lent Its C

th Intmra lhoref hialesbrl

th o r o~lu ted th lpe Ijr

rise real

IHooray for G;uyana, We wont! Well, Il et m not ube huc~h
expressionsb as wLlanrsb and losers, ah wah alho advocated
Iy nour PrresLdent, but rather, let nru bay on all the core ib-
umr G;uyana achieved its objectIVes.
~limnra again, Guyanu~ wonl' Well rt rb h~ard 1in coastomn the
clsitors. the overwhdustiray senws of p~rrde th~at onlly a Itue
(JUyafK'S CO.IHI leed, URc~ll IlrafllKg theC (UIcons~E o th: arbilra-
11015, rtn the delitu~trrlatio ol ther Islantmlr~ e spauces (I~ween (uyanla
anld Sunrnulne twfscn thre UNh triunl~U11 C1un~daIy 20h1 Septem-I

11r mmend~lll thedriansoz outl11111 ( vernnll lld h eclln wr
timic by( theic I)alls of~ e xpens (lewting ou. r Law, we i llII I1(ust b
1111e i1 llne to ~lay1 thanks t (sx IIII)1)0! Indeed ()ni sh (.ill doin

Icw e aoatl tnssh wta ie rlyst reporth ( uc-an

te wa rded~ withy Isndm fudnI fhdr aulrerre
I~c~c wih ow vs o ctaewab ul lw ily oa ste t

(down g it#Guntl sam t t Ic n

onl"rry cmde of er as a
peopict ar ready~x as ndler
Patis aralu~ealthy In usu,
ctur txemK fr21116th In
Krac~lrg Iealuths notIh
foundvlrl ototr (t as Ound
ws tuhsa clr wasn mas two

poverrly as best u cnde
hciw so a aitrura hritta
andl~ not* jus a sw all c

the coorrpe ofl powriccl britag bes understod cultur-
sits brta swterlr inskths into the complextsl ofhow man\
C.manerc orkC and lire.

howho~l peng'l reh @*tellr. .11Its'11; usp1n Iil. hic abo henl

natrl t. maphL ILto lru wn .n art. .r l c!ho r wII~~ rnl n n~
whl ).. -tt~nu 0.0 drr nr.4 : 'L0a tl twen1 todu a,~nd
.1- Iurl .- lrt..h /~ : .ians a or csk ut un
I..snc 7. Irtasedr *r .ste all Jh ar IInt sctnchwwl hst a gan1
nctrt. Ir lrthe~~ .. fnc I unlbne dolc \t whrlic h~u ..n Ihn a rented

tlrn Ins coT has IMlcLr I abal an l telaetbrn nms
able pcstdadrenl! ar, rntE so I daenedf ah dce~rnt\n educaton asl

~ nose.) ulhas rather t- as tr abenr f branin: cap\l'llt.r the absht

to makttrarnl our a ass etl~ccnell and Inlu\rt\,~~ sw antelhgent lud

Ih,Ile prullb he ofy! Ianwhn all Inl~~ the ornt rl ver us 1"''Il
und rehlesill daane ( lu~laa r< omoIo Iihconi stillloon. u h ac(

har th~ onl~l htwr alted ; (forts 1 lre us.1110st bato .mal~ halled 1,(1 1

lr(l* brs 4 c wthin (three wa ~. lIIII.I w1, innngWhi' 'm ll ofth





" `"~

"TENDER FOR....(Propecrty art ..)"

Thri Sonior Manacy-r

FBnll ,f tJr~v;i SCortus
114 C. rmlch~~r f* Sht rr~

ib 80 re er r '.th<*rig t 'ntop

Gonzales ditches justice

SUNIDAY ClWOMICLE Septemrber 30, 2007 4 3

Guyana~ Mrgarketing Corporation

-#W100k four GTLMC' Sophia~ PaK HIuse




Applecatsons are rnvited from suitably qualified persons to enroll in the
Hospltals 2008 Foundation Health Care Course.

Entrance Requiremnts:

1. Passes in English Language. Mathematics and a Soience subject at
the CXC General Profioiency Grades 1 and 11 acquired before
"ue 'ess or Grades i. 11 or lit from June 1ess.
2. Passes rn Engksh Language. Mathematics and a Science subject at
the G.C.E 'O' Level Grades A. 8 or C.
3. Any other qualifications deemed suitable by the Course

Applicants will be short-lsted. AH short-listed Applicants will be required to
attend an interview. Successful Appicants will be notified.

The Foundation Health Care Course is MD~ a N~ursing training course even
though several aspects of nursing practice are taught during the course of

Start Date:
Training witl commence in January, 2008 and will extend for nine months.

Successful Agpplcants will be required to provide evidence of being physically
fit for entry into the training Course, and to pay a course fee before the
commencement of training. Details will be provided at the time of the

Deadline for Submission of licaions#:
The deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday October 19, 2007.
Applications, including a resume/CV, should be submitted to:

Th C~w~ino,
Foundation Health Care Course,
Davis Memortal Hospital,
D'Urban Backlands.

Please include a telephonelcerl pnoait,, "."!"nubr



Merundol is a behaviour change communication strategy that use~ a
mass-mediated serial drama and reinforcement actl sticsr to mtdel
behaviour change and help audience members integrate behar iour
change ideas into their own Isvesr. The modeling component of Merrncndus
only works effectively if behaviour change information mn the drama can
be reinforced at the individual level.

Fe ation of Position
Include but not limited to: conducting reinforcementl activities (listen 8
and discussion groups), drafting reinforcement materials. nmcmtorng
implementation of reinforcement activities, providing kctistical support
to implementing partners, data collection andf analysis and promoting

Ideally, candidates should have experience facilitating. tutoring.
teaching and otherwise training moderate-literacy individualJ. Th
a ~iant should have a strong knowledge base on HIV/AIDS and

University Degree or Diploma in the Arts or Social Sciences
Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Proficient in English. Exccilent reading and writing skills and
familiar with the conventions of business writing, Including
reports. memos, !C!!cts, det.

Seed epake o interest and detai~rd rfsem4 to:
The Team Leader
Merundoi Project
I 10) Duke & Barrack Streets
Kingston. Gieorgetown.
Email: mail(at~mcrundoi~orgugy

Recruitment closes on October 8, 2007 at 16:00~hrs.


Altornery Gene~ral, who's no0 losagerI in power he'sb de~letedlr
)Isi autour~ity anld seeuk to extract approval from, him.L It seems
to mel thrat It is juht decimating,, Mr. Attorney Gcneral, as to
bthll your judgmelnt and your rrediblity."
Yet mother Contl()crovry \wlrled around Gionzales. While in the
While liouw~ h~e ha~d ;Ipplrocved th~e snerno a~sserng~l that th Presi-

YaUrelclllC I unhermore t~lhe ontrI who sorlrl urd prisoneL ~rsl at il Th

Arl nd usn ma .'th) hadpenne a m~wemo that declard the a on~
ter Arorisan tdered. th nev thonventio *n'ssrse issustaronson
que stsotung of eney rione obsletan tnake hom ofbr' its d pr

tral Packa~ging facrility lo-
cated at the Naphin Eshibi-
(jion Cenltre is currrath un-
derguing ratenrive reause-
tions gererd towards enhanr-
ing: the u~appea~rane d late
rior design of the building.
11sis comes in wake f ran La-
crease in the qu~anty cand
rrequnc) o f aro-caport br-
ing: processed at the faility.
Ger n~,eral MutK'Jr ofw r~tiM

tornal ;Igneultur re sectr

I Jhls al rsntualrs to~ *w qua

I"Che\' non trdiiolupricu"hue
tresac ncedsnll ret

.Icleas in h
we have~ cllnh.uked onl IIns

tKh capost modre u~l Mars the
)I)CIal I~lllmen, expoYStch .11i

enqate lnd cubJLni our J1n Y
rematuenal anag a Ibr ayso we
l aprtd of Irrcwsh us.sul h
cpetale .ssu weln pmrtarJw h
pend, ucaprr tou Gupan to the
apuadlq~ Nort Anat ca .ssl

199<* 'ra luo mo ure than tu
nscu 41yc ((CTll whub wasl pern
.st its~c myusPuke thecric
Addi ion lly ucrth solume c
of produ cr p~rocuse at cthe n

walll htewive In~c~rese "

duceso al ne IJ all ~UInoduICc ~I

.1\ well .n~ Northl Amerous. Ild

roughlyl n~ll \Irade ~cha bc .1

twee (Julllnr and rscarsal
Ilhde,n Ant pUOI and fhtr Irun
whubtlr prrod tunedstru neld los hese
the Centrl I'.rukyuui.snylah

SPRUCING UPI The Guyana Marketilng Corporation a
Central gl Frt I 8the SoIErWorC
"""r ~9

2 ... ... In L~pn wi
agrracy *~ caparangr mra an the
penssum of qulr!urt soa- ew II
seen P'I*n'... Ih hno w, as

...; (;urnr .. It ..... nr
aglro plruucts. has Ito uet a tan
dJar wtuhct ean he emulad by
. ws..n.. Th .~ I. ww scs rJ k..

Gonzales ditches



(W11)YOv LL) N1thiZllhllARY Oflr I IRVAR~I1 ) H. H II HARRY AI)~V IjOMPNY 1,I IMIc~l 111)) hdcd(I )

fal 1Il YARINIt1)it )1 lMM R ?MI

He hat Ikhted he ina (Y l Jtateme cnts tha l fol lw whic (Yse inII pacementW w~Sch the, had of~ theC ( C LOmpan an d base ~lK~

ob~tar ined all rhe In ten ut o n x lu a i n eb s e u r d I o f n s s lsa e er n i a esy
the I cupn o aenn lrrso sbisint iss na asno ies isn a uiaet ae no

SUNDAY CHRONIICLE September 30), 200


Iklortte & ~lou~he
( Bartred Accunaral

c5A ral0 '

I**= - ., .. to u...a. -ss.

, ,, ,,,, Y-- an

'W? .ve

( .

., rno


- `a

p hLO
S*1* ees

)N* CU"

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services raise

curtain on

Sevc W"e

The G;aysasl Prison Se~rvice is observing its 24th Anal-
vesary with a week of actvWiti, stahrig today at ad lo-
canses seder the theme "Year of Maximing our Cape-
btl ad Yauc"
'1a actsysses comrnaace with rellgious srvices: to be: held
abas morning as all of~ the prison locations;- Georgetown.

As the Georgeswn PRison (th service to be held in the
Chapel will be followed by a mini exhibition comprising a dir-
play of ictherT and craft work by the inmates of the Camsp

KPC riValry is expected in a dominoes competition shred
as IwrRm OITecm and RLm~ Oiftws.
Actvvisses for Monday wdi be an inser-Divisio n softhll
****@**** so Ibe Encinagy Bay rad a biascusio o n di
assas de lear to be *AY ~ b* ***y a welfare o~icer.
The obowing day will see as prisoes' eELd taead proid-
sroerbes au alae in th Pris Yard for inmtes rad dloffsu
sens antsell cand shwsal tove fo r d dderly wil a visk to
Uacts Bdden's Horus
rAcivisses Wednsday cand Thursday will incYInd due PRis
r Sun e bal uwolvd us ,rrriv aie an sb
auas vdeo labo for femawes. locue n Oceeal bygicae
for mes, a ssor-drvision foolball, ands viss so Ivy HaA Mr-

Ouyms I goServior d Ith Oty CouncHl will atae place at

as demo subt e Otacrs' Sports Club.

rrar..pc~n danEss0ion of Iapical assaEs. maic and female ta-
mARS bb taid ll corw CCM.COMMIoasty work by
aelbc ad tamage. circle seems maich between female of-

and as larhaionl team, wsth ait fan'dl ni t noSarday.
As bManna Preson. their activities will include billiardr
and daromioe cmpassaon (offaicr). comamnity work involv-
*g Ith cicm ag ofr theBatiCs Regata Pavation and eaveron-
neat a asce mass ch betweenoffcrs ad iunmral. a Lecture/
drvranwoe aI healt topic by Hope Foudalon, a tour to
Wear Wasr Resrtr. UpRo Mazanati, domnloes and footbaB
cma ssionl beswen samales and inmyate verse officers. a
audy day and a frmsly mg~ht
As Languarn. offscarr will today have games with football
scamr from the commonsty dubbed as 'Stricer;', 'Pick-up',

Off t~tadvitsca~ for the Week~ entadl cleaing its ad Paored

talk. a hincfr cnckta match involving inmrates. dominoes oma-
pesw~ etwsnes hown mmate and ofloficr. dcatuuional video show
and a comedy and a uoclal gatherngp between the Officer-sa-
thr and grll.
A vsdco sine. Jr,:::*~* comnetitin between Innmates.
pamaningr < ed F trfian carming in the Soesdyker and ,;,cn
rlnmurc~ nlties ahy ith the cicanian ~r;-most in the arra. and

I1I ;lr amma P'rison Sorirce. according to, (It Mi\\inn
Nwltemntrn. has~ the responsibili(kts fr custod\ and rrtrain-
ingL ofr pec~nrsons omitted in the prison. and for engaging
Sof ecocnomicndohr ;Il ohrl pr~/I )OgF nrame \IupPOrtise ofr
Yulional( Objectives.

__ ~~~~~~

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~fn~CY- ~-1 -' Y ~ ~ ~ ~L-;T~ LP_
*r -e

SUNDOAY CHRONICLE Septemlber 30. Ou.

.. r..


11wns1 ,(ul 1Ihe 1(outsi ( lub u l

\1mnt 1~.*11 ~ Idisho the. us

1Ianued Lpe ,.\io''' I"w Itut

Iltalltls. th Iouth ower(.ll los 1)

h\ rl;"" w n t ln iscutded turns

A'I'\11: the ll( lub inst d In l t
up ll of lr consta ut Ionl brn ct

ling and writingl are funl -
whlenlLr Itheprject htarterd in,
March th~is yrar therre were~
aplproximatelly 50) youlths andc
to~day tlthi number hah oky-
rocktted to 152. W~ith con~inr-
uad ruppoNrt f~r~om ther Rotiary
('lub of ltubroctk, lthoughthell
int~roduc~tionl of rea;dingl books
Y(outhl wOulld be~COme fune.


IF J '


e t r Irrtirrl ,,rr"

T'he mua inr ai f the Burton r
Youtlh Developers P'rojet,
wrhich brings together chkit-
drer fromn age 615 years
froms Button and
neigihbouring commnunities,
is to encurageo louthsto see u
kaurning to read ar a shared
pleasure and~ a raluable rkll l
C'he P'rojec i\ premwised on
thr enljoa~ble asp~etsr of rd-
ing rad writiny and under,
pinnn thlis ithe be ie that

it is caster to learn sometr
things whenr actlyrl insobed l
and havlng: fun. "The ?ouths*
meet for five \sessons per
rceek, three of which are
sprt data clasroorm adM. l
ties *here nuath, 1-.nglishl and
socil sudies arre taught, and
two sesin are spent( lan,-
ingR yports sUch as (olley hall.
fanuChall an ic~rice. This up.
pr~oah dars no cnnot thatl
le~arnint willl no require

wr. brainstreetlarining.corn

i: '~r 1in~,' U r~.;? ~r"- " ; c: 5 bib: .~ ,.., "3~i :( ~;iti"':l(-' ((.. :

I B '~:
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wa as u.t 4' 3

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STABROEK R~ PnrridM( DMr NiCh0(101r (rrgM) hnd+
orer I~ ckr~tio~ to pn~ ~r~llhuror Aobrn Phllllpl.


fin.Caml armichael


Iklhdn Serpmc ~

I~ks erpnutlnna

nIk Wuiry IIrye
Mr.hnidrika Frndlaprai

Ik~ikhircla ~


47 lesrrnie ht, La onn elanion. K

21 81ai ~ilal, ro
le12 Idu k~,alIiiga W

4311 1srml~glEJing, E8

IPM9 Ir k Anna (duie Sni, WEDrc

Ie.78(orriema,8rbi re.

Serk bite.Yb U
>.1t3(l~l~SeCmes fEa.







IsaugrEl-- 4


Warning: The Minister of Health advises that


Investing in Guyana lucrative opportunities:

~_ II ~_~
I - 1

--11-------1-------4--I-----L-L-----_-)- ~ I--~1~L---~---~----)-I-UII-LI---CI--~- LI X

Bus1 [GI


I s.

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& & so
$* e...* .e
*, a

AG;INA teaturr br Krk~a
nudhnar SCeptantwo~ 23$. '(H)7
Go~lelrmnet, hasowu~r the p)ast
malcrowronomunic rusl~rrtanmet
thuz imtprovinlg the inantment lr
cimaute inl G~uullana, tis hu.
resulted in~ renewed in~terest
froml bu.sinessest, culmin~ating :
inr mnlur newr inves~tmettsrt in
warrarl wctors,
(;uttanat has .ache~\rcJ ac
1 In opn aIs canonstlr thlcrou~h
mlukeTI onentedl whensll ual nor 11
pTrovemeCnts n the maceansent ~tr
dentaluc, wide 3t rthe sune Irn::
\t1ltt~trrl:n titillati~r l sIs.'i
i11 Jnd Ialakne ofr ps.11111st

hulr anewIty rrwtonts nas inac Ir t t
men ,~lt GunIc thett~ ,ppento ~
milrc*, ari Fiounus pom f

lIn Pa effort to falcilitate
investmenrtr and expansion in
rise variouh sectors, G~overn-
mntcl ptrovides invesctmet in-
rcontives twtruding a flat butsh
news tax rate, tax holidryh,
waHr o1~ClZ(f Custom dutie, ~ra-
strifctdryrpatriationrof oupital.
dividendsd aged profits, as well
us addliutiol inrcentive -

lr"1n1es) s Jlln Inf~~ltern wasII)rd

.aplu ;yar on he sueset

mentrr ((Gonllct) (.i.diiseii 1)a
Silva ntoted (Irul therre atre x-
eitLing opportunitie h inl ever.
hsector and IInvestOrs are tak-
the benefirth. tI1( he p jrojets
which h~er beenl estab~lished l
Ioppo~rtun~ity for peCTrsons (rek.

101 RINM ~

c r ls t ud igl Klrt t u rl c~ I all s li k I l.d

I~rtUpnuni \a'uanna~h) anld Ihe
r:rlrwequ >Rt, clrhave 1rendraw
my1I mer~lcusingll a)llenison I(ons

IIo cth Iro ~ .;lutientlre mad cul

watchI~tin ..s unsel; f pp\u
devectlopt Iiman ti t ;urn rn prod

1resor~t. 1-manr, Jan~uary 20)06
June 20017 there were approxi-
rlnutely 4( necw rnvestmentsl
D~a SII hlva tatd (that in the
history of' Ils country thib ih
tthe betr record wi~th 72
p'rojects anld 46t of~ tlat num-
herr being new Investments
amiountlinK to I 153211. Of
th~e 72 projects, 20 are For-
eignt Direct Investments in-
cludirnK O)Vereats Guyanebe.
52 Imctal Ventures., 13 are up-
gradinge. while a *imiladr num-
herT s unldergo~inl expatnsion.
Gjuyana enjobsh a nlumberr of
lilfldal~ll"~ adbHInlgtch (fvmeh

z~e- z


,c8400 s

Best Netwoark, Strongest Signal

SeitpomDar 30, 2007 1;


provided further oppo~rrtunities
f'or htigh-wailue certliied or-
gunric p'roducts. Beyond
G~uyrina's regLional markets.

D~inspora* inl ther US. and Elu-
roy p rroride nlicher maurkes f~r
a ntumbetr of foold prtoductsh
IIh wider 1'5. anld luropean r

for capotrterta able tor meetr the
tough, uncasutpruiomiinK: bstun-

gloubal pricing pressures exist
in the traditionally augar ntd
rice industiries, opportunlities


\rl I Jr hn ?schIr n lforthep ril8
moth llthese were~)CII sue~ued~

rin~ce Ile inrvestmlent is u)nt
(JS%31M aInd P~resident Jagdc
anid Minister ofI Agricultui
RobetiLT Person31d iY Ileading 11:
prortcesh II (ARKICO)M to ii
Lcrease investIneptI in thih alrear

G;uyirana' 459 kmn Athlani
coahtal rone and extendsc
netcwork of river provide thei
ideral c~ondlllions for a dynasn.ll
mar ine thhries and aquacrul
turr induhtr?. .4Irrad ysh~rimp
trawr Pand Onnnh account feel
acpproximaterly 12 percent <0l
Itotal exports. While the~
athrimp iand prawn sector r
rlelalisel conwolidated, therr
are opportunlitie for invetour-
to add to the vlueuc of cardw-~c

P'lease turnr to page 18"

LCKAtty rnane lurnflure by Precision Woodwrorking lI

agtcltal enu*,t~trton ~I nent'ls
orgncl cropan, aesre

defenceurs, and \umableilr Irun"*
that uppu na rlcng of usll.ukIt
opportunity I' fers .l l1,es tnn
andaywacl trI rLucr rttll

exprht ther u also tech nr

procened toods capeaurrl \Iti)

G~u)ana has been declarcJ Ire
ofI k G;uy-an's irginfr land'


_one at


Investing in Guyana

We at Lens Craft Opdical can eas/iy eliminaee
that discomfort wiith our new advanced transidons.

Your eye test is profiessionally done.
All exarninadions are EBMilt

Eye examinations include:
Checks for Glaucoma & Gateract


All NIS vouchers are accepted.
Select from our wide range of
fashionable frames and enjoy
5%~ discount on any
frame of your choice
-Itarlianl fourge~nis

-itks ein tRantunts p

n rsrustall

Thre Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Fire
Insurance Company Limited

citre~am activities. Of1 a total of
60 companres, he haid today

cL'uder on... Illll:n flooing, doors.
and f~urniturec. TIhis ic a
wi'll conIIInue1C to grIw. StatiStics
rjhow IItha this area has been,
Progr'ebssin with the csecto~r
earning mauch in foreign ex-
chlange. The earnings were
(JS48M ini 2005. L'S$62M in
2(x)6 andJ L:Sb74M rb praiccled
linr this year.
Rc~ently. Guy~uanahasexpe-
111entedr the mrrgeipnce dI'a uall,
b~ut growing IT1-lninaled Scr-
vices sudustry wirll both domsu-
tic and fiveign investment (e.g.
Carnada, Mexicol in call centrei
amil back-office processring urp-
S(mnel investorsr have so-
cluded Giuyana as part of thest
network of buainess process
roui~oursing f lJ1Y) rcNtres io-

vraesd r.n oin A,amic.,

sites matc. an ideal location tn-
VI enabled services, Including a
fluen E~nglish-rpeaking
woarkkisc. skiljle and trmbe
workerrs, and reasoale sel-
communacann cot.
T'ia arre has as Invest-
sarol ofall over US$SOM for
this period In which Digica
and the Guye~vas Telephear
and Tekleraph, Cesap~ay
c[GT&T1 are the outlor pisy*'
ers Thr call centres. D S~sa
noted, are conin(uing to at.
tract lovestametsl and are ex-
panding their operations.
Work is corratyf ougOlogI t
entce the pla s call centnr
in the wor taod se p oprer
tIons Lme


11sacer ;Ind Si. lone ofl whilch in 3
IForeign~ D~irect Invesimentu and

andI r I'nn State ofL ~ (~ LMn~~n

Amelan Meanwhiocle negti-
ison uld rlrulny fk or te esltab Il
lashmen oful oher psr Ojcts.

inu thre area ofr sculn pro-
cessnll" .m Dafb SIvaI ponted ut
~rthat te chlleng \LIC(Ing. compa-
meslthe azr rrlculdown ream~x
rsms\ rrmounto fof~ pa1in o
lo fer p~re-cood agnd t
he rard

rOrE.+C*l. T PODUcTf r

tabow thre ures ofb Ithe
mes 1. CrMtl arcem letsc) L wr

pnS .ome so, i..,sy aqo
peircn or was exp ns m 2not rd
ai n rtheu pat ot oet

Mlr Persaud was presented with his award at the 127th Annual General Meeting
of Thre Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Fire insurance Company Limited
held on the 26th September 2007.
Mr Perrsud's profile: 20 years in the insurncel industry
'Licensed to sel Fire, Life. Motor. Accident & Liability insurance
' Apoionted Senior Sales Reprsnmtative 1992 Senrices at clienrt base of 800 perons
"Salesperson of the Year" on 6 occasions "Supertstr Achiever" on 9 occasions
"Star Achiever" on 7 occasions


tlr~ougl )O~h/ll prcsing d
cmunll~y uninppedlc.Inhsue

th~Er offshor onC)-i the cntienta (T

(c'iiPe (\iepwater) ;Mnappos and
prawns(1,)\ and in the AII11~m n

Ilnrtmoll oporunlw Jin cc2l la

Atr presen~tl shlrinsp ssal wh
Ianlre expo lirtedh presmlkyto the


Lltr oI ti~ce of`1 1 I~the (.(19001ink I f;RI~lc.\ t lltr l 211.5110,1), \plll~rlttlathis llurs Iball
rrel~caal t o: ~ ( Ite~. (;tI,, lv~ls R citae~ -\dtloathjl, 1In1'I1itua aI~t ue'IIC lInthIe1:

Thuer ( \ rr 1 ;c~licatr iag c er r. nstol `lcllltc theIa o ttutt~hc~ inil~s' c omitsel ()ial

Mr. Ramesh T. Persaud (ACS)

"Salessperson of the Year"
Juliy 1, 2000 June 30, 2007

SIMBA CIMAMCLE September 30, 2007 19

Bond or Factory Space

( 19,880. Sq. F~t.)

(Old Demerara Biscuit Factory)
Located at:

Industrial Site,

Beterverwagting, E:.C.DI


1I) Rreparag d Itasagreat and Feasual kports

(1) lacelr's Degre in Acomeanorl YlA levl I a (A.
(2) Ifiniaeo s (1) h ea OI is a supervrY apcq

(4) Ito parhre


(1) fine (5) atgra (I[ which son ader Itahama
andc FJhrimagi o

(2) Ifenimu of m (1)p eaarr upw as tke.
(3) k has manrl h Ime cY.


Ir Rh an sein a h esrllelran serihdoi ade

1I) (wer (5) at eas a (E~ w~ind mut ad~ed flshtiba,
Erda llah, drincpi at Acean.

O ~ ~ ~ $ Ic% ( r C(I

Mr. TIrev~or Arno
W`ieting &b Richter L~imited

Tel~ 22 6150-7

UII~elebt & Teach
Chartered Accooutass

I K Apral 20(J

raorwr ANn) UIss ICm(Unt
few. sar war **ward II the~nre . 9**'

sIAvuec smarEE
As~~rr 0 4vsiosTar

u* =**


(ret to***

,,~,, rrr~

"": '

:i U

we' Is


g gg go

;l oi

It iU@


E ~rtv

e...l rru

I1t71~ ab@I$4MNSYt's
t agona l *4mouse


Ok ~II

17;gig El

:Y ?as ar

TEL: 225-447 5/2 26-3243-9

hdros rrs L r .!sc lg heN Wh 4<


hwt ~ ~ ~Iw ** wia I 6vsslsfait

c rtme bW*k

1*thi 40mauamra,
I; m.n-,-uerR........wa

1 \tee nt
: *. 4

** f

4 tki ar1
44'*. I

t ou

tcrf I 595 SIt) SnlDS 4$nl10

"~ Ina ua

.rl u ssthistr
: f r t ari-
a a. :ir bc .r a s l o
( L eh rr~ Ilmr ,aefrseno rden opros io

at a

*st (am

:: )- t a .- q~rrlh st~ tru II.p n llrant ibra ene Syd h `*

4.. **7

1.1,a lo pround-d ia testriguerspermitrag astentre- a e




tWI(Of ~ I~l I'YM fI )11 t NI>)l 1.1 II 15 16Hit KAII.H 4 .I Y I MIF

the cyxtisubt ofthe an~mys nanaeme tor repnhlt 12*1\1,11 s to cIPress an

rrequte that we ptla aInd p~rform the audall to c~hltcn reaso~nable assaurancer ainstl whether st mateent at fre o matr il nssttemnt n ludtll s~c~ludes exarnninrg, on a test basi). evidence
supportan! the arnowns\ and dwloslures 1o thle fisumesa~l~l slta~l~teme nt n audit also, rwunduds a~ssesing the
ac-rcountngl~ p~r snples urse andJ zlynaica;nt eslltammes~ madetl hs ma~;napatnen t as well as evalu~inatn the overall
fanawhaTi l wantent( Pwwnsllltant He twc e tkJI~Chatl oUU 91udit prot~l uCS a reasonabic hasis for our opanion.

In our opmsnur Ith financal susltome~nts gave a true andJ laut vsew-. In all material l respcrt. of the fmancial
positson of the compqany as at Ti DIcembenh r 2006II and of the resuks o Its orperation and c-ad flows; for the
year alwn cnd ed so c~cordance wah Inlclactuanl orud mncral Reportang Standards and comply wirth the



(1) ItllapssY fr al reaip and persB
(2) Prparal al ann orts as a tal h3 as

V.. SUNDAY CHRONIICLE September 30, 2007



The Ministry of Home Affairs and the Office of the registrar hereby notify the Generarl Public p~articularly those? In the under-mentioned locations that Registration of Births

and Deaths can be faclltated at the saidl Centrc,,

Parents are advised that when chldtrenn are. tas tri r hum~ Ithey are to proceed to the necaros( Registration Cenrerlc to register the child's brrth.

In CaSeS Of deuathi ,I hastei ()thy are adcvisedl to Lltak the Registrationl For tII 10 Iift nearre~st Regirtastion Ccontre

RI~~~~ ION (.-
10> I R~tIt c~,; KtO


i' 1

- Ie,,:-r 11 r

th-oven-eL ~L

!< \h

Ics Ath s

.I ...~~ I

S..L..I i.. 1

(. p e 4 ..


I.~ I~~ in 1.40.1. 5

d;~ <:,.uca ><.usar

U; < 1 :Jl I: :ut n,4

UW I\.ard 1'sser.usl

11 *; 1 11

*r..I* b1 soa 11x

SLt ;1 i . 4 4
.iv InA
. a l t
r~c tl.4~ a Q. ;I rb
oIC lit ;



its .0 .
La . : s

. .)!

. p.
it,. it

I; , e

KhLoN~ 6

\Wla~~~~~l~LL AT1\ -I `...
~La+Ja-- LJrs lit fee -ri la \~.~ - L-

Itrslwlar. M ot*, elbt .
(wherk)( 'Anrs Isr pjc, u la,~ to

Assr aorrll le se area, a.- I'r ~

Sk**& 0mi it rea -a F. etw.

P**rt~~lr..l $14 co lt.>.t fIn... L

K~~~as.-rl HL $< 0 ... ..'"

K~y***wse HPlrt. P4.0m *
Champ~s HP(1s r Rs*Lre
'flm,.h&.HosPe ~*h t..66

K~mys.rn~klv4 Pid-u its,<,

Tsaw n~urH P %chaPA..~~ram.
OLnrradup arm. 1 H(: N*v P.A.c**ma.
Keshw LrtP 15A num..
Kntdrvoup.s1 tle it a or



t~h Knourset lss


tLr cwles

L1 play utn
itatter l Ht

HxfrkX(lu Raws
Mazar hrm m

'u. S i. .t.LnILy- .

* We )(

r *. ) > *l *
5*r atit:0>.
Io .lr 3., Lry l

H Ahanubsernu )$4
(5rr ;:zs I(. I 4

K an*=t tit

Muses li t.

Age1*nt~ lt '
uirtwsm Il*.pnt

hasheasksa I'mal~itsi \hamed

hmbandaHOr I
Waram. ledt
*tasH 1'
trna ll I(
IlawAlr )(
Kakrn mrl
< howrms H 4

tgi)hN 9

N=*th Regamens

'n New Reueson
lr (.rf:!' Pmum l
Lvthrtan tarlepswn
2*mlh Can it Reprmenrs
/kelr lheelt Kugmenna
they r ath ksspsman.
I~rp Andrt Rsujl'nrr
Derp-( klch kyaqvr~nan
ttt, hy Avh Rupnurn cc~
NlrlrIth rupman
(cnltral Reponwu
Arp~ bo~th Rupansmcu
Neth rakaramst. *
I.ush imJar-stms
ti*,.:t! MaraMm...
SIath Pakautr~mr
Kumpu~lan :ccs****ng *
North Rupusant

>mslh 4 enerdt ituntast
North, ituponym l

1he J lb* it~ C 56 Ra

I.aerg MC: Helikki

',.'wnl Ana.s it sd
K~ilAsshOL( SandyB,

Beramrrwasnnegllit ETw C
Metanic theda: HO Eas G
ti4ln tar titC >rt C.r

Mahae HKEns CF
Came Graver I LL: Ew G~
Unaryc Lu nusr HC: East Ce
\ktestst HCEvr
Gany HC AZt Ba
Suppi t3 ILCEat Ik~
hemrkec HC. Snesrk
* C,;J~*n's Mwom HC: M~that
LKunr KuMru11 f Lankn
Genmar~ttms Publk Hamphat Ca~rlindo
(1140 Late Registui~nn ONLY
fhim. Ikickd
Dar*s Mcmenln Hosplant Astran
Medal Atrt Hamprital Thma
PwKf*~ H1wyntal Thrumm
St).weph MrChY H.bhpual IKwrta
B'.wJlrilsh Hospritl Carmi
Rkldtlms Smahl Hospral Epms Sr

SStree. Lawle
Strerc. Gimet
.'a iank ihkaLnera
Enrt Bank Demetrara
erhsSursc. lamm
s Assesseso
rrr kwarar*
wns thanuara
Ht ILkmerate
we Denmerr
au Denmerr
;cr Demerara
as 11merrr
ws nm~lkmr
ne Demesars
mL bmenra
e. Lisatn Highway
a Raw

Sunt Ghn

k SrtctKingst~niit
chael Sncrt. iman
u~re, Gibern



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ittfryi b ps l-

Kunk.L H.0

Hirsnl I Wh1C

Mrock som HA

NoI. 47 Mlikdit ~l
C(skunt HC
(c*makar H<

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hans 1

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herhtr KwR .

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I~ do. ( Ru. r

tIgyrrs Ikrim e Kw~r:

1'1' ar Arbite Riv~r
tigywrr Ibener.rr.. Kler

H/C, Halth} ( 'ntr-t"

H/- Eeal l 4 (}, g

:,2~yrehcrSQ~G(~~irr iuo~ud0~o _________21

I(,I o , us d Inarlll Hook J~ Disr~cibution l Iinit In c G ,l:OaRGcdI'TON i .c Ic ~iic

11inistr1 of I~ducation
26 lirickdumn

(2ueentr s Park W~est Fax: 868-623-81191


- r" r
I ~A"Y1 irru 1;
r I~IIIIlli r
I ~V~AV~nc~11
E~P~,I I r

I : `l b\

111 111 15 4lt1

. tth I)I. Ii.m l .11

Channel l1
01 00h- Latet Nlte with GIna
03 00h- NCN News
04.006- BB
05:00 h Mystery of the Body
05:30 h- Newtown assembly
of God
06 00 h- NCN News
07 00 h1- Voice of Vctory
07 30 h- Assembly of Pr'ryr
08 00 h- Lifting Guyana to
"oot -Weekh st o

1""Sh- onL iugsness
Baso~d oua lncofrne
with Cab notl Secretalry


17 30 h Gah~ auyucRoun
(r OO h NCN estek s

19 00 h-Clhosen Up n
270 0h GUYEXPO 2k7d
22 006 Movae Wee I

Re i

........ ........,,





: s *

*o fute-s inomto ple *otc us :t

r3 00 ~1


The Secretariat

(CTS) Programme
6A, Vic~toria Avonrue

:,~ : :




A Roadmap For Regional Prosperity


Website: www.caricomtradesupporf .org



i nfo1@caricomtradesulpport .org

r-nnr..Ila ----,.~3 asr~rCU:Ynll





PRUDEN~IIAL Sertoot of

12/ 0(38i I.'( 147 0-1 il2

bi t 9038
RK~ ( < re-st.) 1leaders2 .0
Orivir y taun to t' ,u dens

throy do~~ s(-1 i- use r

*(frnow q,' Hr~i o

Ivo n ) no( i .jr'.. n.......

*}fa E L sIeher Du
Magistrate 64 Court yard art
Thursday 4" Octobe~r. 207
9-601 n I areAB tacAPrnnies
dlgW 36 Sc S) 45,15Z I
one AB Data Powero 8850

2sroeekee 5 as JvC VCR

Sele* <.ah( Plelc 3
A3fUcto Sam DVUMISo Sto
Rat trand kt> *Suer= .*Cour

APr tEar l fermal a

Apr a ovv 30
relNo ,7@

ebai tcaMapO To

asru tel7 6IR 400$
Let1 l non ug k

GET 14.0re of ys n

upholterirna lrmof i tpsof
411- 0 en -~ -
WANT15 toite nd? wori To
Caas S PleO a4 cEl 889
0021 Onl snou equio. 61

your rt fevson.rll DVD, mIcwve
an~Fd! wahn machn rep r .

WATECHICAN aivastataork i
Cdsppirenc ePrsts wshe 6
TEnN. IN ? n 2; 1/2 4

-YRa ..284 8571

FOR all youlr ronstlruellon
repelrs. renovaltions. as well as
masonry. vermsnhing 1m
On 2310!. r t rn f oft
FOR repatr9 and servilh to
wasnhrag machines. tefrigrratos.
clthes dryman. gans stoves. riro
wuae oven*. ste Call Hbm*
Soluffons on Tele hone 227-
0060/629-1939164 68007

m reauc neas LA. as 111
CALLf 233245- pcut
z 11ll

tio v iE

2 1Sm #

1 ONE 1)~i sper ed
esL 23- 8-

YV eIrboys ; IC
Longdon Stoele a
ALES 6 Ma1rketrina
glct~rephi Do n!t rl.l CF or
88 tche T ~rUns 10. w

MAUR x ncd
bodywork1 mSen ultr to
noS 1Or yAty nrw 2

Lens. Shorts orth
tWife C

*3567v 848ONE 2860, I~
Apd wsth, han rite
opuerle I Ele,4 ton l
MALE8 t SeserkDiewth

LicVen fo oriva OnC In

Street.l Wek-ndRust 3


th. ~

1nl Ij*U I(I r I

Llclvlcl l c~ dlS dr
(ou)lbl ; yll YklY

ftllilur .el c l S i it
.ur~~~ ..- P 0.

^e.,; 11
t (llor1s lrr R ut G'

Ath.actsaw -,tabuy lalo Cfull 68'd

U.49viAT( vur l~an cla
i'l~~;ti Rlata ,c uvnda In

<1 cusitt RCN

VACAN(lt nr as t
usews Su oetmarket for
Dlpis tnan myst ap~ply welc ;

VIa~on Ho ~q
asph 7aS om ttndn
exErec pleas call 2 6
4295 726 1418 Iolrall 226 141

a, 128 Irt

on m an Ig"

sO roo n peron tw** rl 1

ad~i41 nlclla mo tlA o *
OK IT Onmr~p vEr
-dnn Un re STrIALe (b
On OTING~ l ccr /0,
SUECU -l~~ nr~rb
8~riru OULDctoc r6ul 3
ARS EIo Eler A~n wll

O~f DY V Y


OIECR P A 088.





___~ ~__

____ _

OFFER 'you so-." c'r"

INDRA S Reautl, L..rsion
th' Oronoclue S ,restul !Ir:

Car urtr! nu ddi, I

FOR P rF:;;~

BRAND ne* Are, c~ptS
5180 000 V.l to 0 ao*
$115 000 Co p(u:u r*L,,

svcesU103 avn table A~:I

JEANI off~er ~.,~~

Decslk 153 8.1.8 St MAtt
25 8 (P

rn o~r~ the .,vt o! ex,44e pu*
Car~ ~2260290 26-8391
MATHS LIIsson asrJietase
It ~ I' lorrr 17CCX CE
A~ed See 1tPI Te* EC

SANKA.R offe a

ac ca 22r *2

Z Fo vr Ijtr trormatson
can drs Electronrcs 49

NOW repqssemag) aduN
Ce~rtricate andI ya r

sOounrd lon courq l
Mr (3 yearsrs. ~n
R Enlgsis9 anrsle
or~~ a~rr nerpes
L In ue Inc Pr

LOOKINGrr for ,ntenat~aoral
emp)O mcnt gnt trained by
Guys8 Tranlnqn Cqng on a
Cansebran Crrlculum as a
Can.ddean Cartersed Wsnernl
;upportlworks-Iro Ccaro) We
are a re-cagnized and

adm nrefnr t?, 4 rgracam In
,ty ana 0..I andl evesnln
Inss. a w,7,ah ab Call 22 -

CE nd o~ldf atalout I ll

*Lo~raD I^unal mamlplrltsons
etcr nlsomrr vasts for bed J
addetrr thnt Ilonti ~oarct Dr f

000 ourl Park go straight at
the- rOrrs untilon toilow Ihe
roaI d tr, ~i f7. Tel 23 S 4 q

FEMALE Clerical Assistanls
co C mptri ypestm n 1

h fUIlshil Homeb Shoe)( Race ll

P1 ANJ I O wrator
Cluaktal. Hlctau nVUStau~)Bea(CXC
Maths n,Jn EU mbtl. Grade 3 & d

AstrlaCIt vjlt 5aY and other

F pPtriN rcdI MA Si

rmt cc testj as i,

WORKSHOP Super ~cor
aNud have! qual (can~ona .,ras

Motwas an~~ld tleartmn Most

uMta C~t fy-, Mlr

twour 7 eswoagersta)

opphmsatson ~4 ) and to

nkna to onr 1

DIAOND- s' 11*
BAN OF DEEAA TEL.224 *glto
IARC gT~c ns(r bes toisen

Mal watma L mdena Costed

MaREIy 231 74. afte working 4
1005 x SS FT IN LI ST.;
2005 S T ycu B~rOADlre ST. L.
623. 1317 3 o 6116

42DAMOD &~uoc Gol 31n

Nlatlom 591 -22358 892e whl
660 16 4 F ( IES.

(688(C AV.312. Tol '
OROA Stret oposl BOD;~Zi
Iand 200d x Vfr cornera
r S ade tal Room r- 33
n Konrtn owner~r 2, F72023. C
HApeitPtsi' As ro<. Ae ll nf
Garrians UG Area Be 6air

Lamal~l H gdn wny Harr: Irna
Strmt ne Provlcence ec e
004 211 2330 451.Ryn

ZZ2i.1192, 653-9990.
STOEPET RL. 2N6-818 825
TONY Reids Realty theral
00i for b)uynll these_6 land
Illantic Gdns. f7M. Durban,
"??)nnd $ M. Lamaha C1d .~
~2202 231-2004o.

226-148 6OPUN) 5-1624 l
L~~rARGEll scofLandah
.icVil60f47 Osq f~eedar
Ilp9lr in: ':cF iaci ti:
sot*,nw l bly Q:',ggyp
(26811) ElGHYON aus o

Rvr asfV~tuatd pro1n a l e- <,ie
SpangJ Gonarde Pal' heat i
hundre 71L' 1 i:: !rt,

At~dcr to r ..(, ( ou Lama a
GarlErc*> 10.mon New-~~~ d

I 3.all t-8 48t625SlR nah
heart of the aty ideal 143;

000. TEL 22192 r8534000.s 26
APATMNT CALL 862-1225-

1FUmcLY fourln sched 2

bedoomuppe 2#rfla Coll w 648

ONE to flt or isti


2789 OVRSA 227-8888.

Furnished flats for

overseas vaiscitos Phon

VILLAIE. 223-1713 282

forbishedvn 22 on -097

22689 R261. 88

STEE pa 01 DA aT E 6

FUL urnished 3it o
overseas cilents. Call226

0210E. 228-8091.

n .t4~~I

ROBB St 3 2-storety wooden
building ideal 3-storey
supoermakt su le 20 mi i
;aBf~neas 4ca. Ederson's 226-
23 5 ACRES cultivated In
estlrus coonLUts and other fruit
trui Iocted Dat MotiI to
Soesdyke. Lindeni Hi hway
Owtllllrng houses

TEABrrr LE. 218 0303 ~

buiblding 90 L ATION ca
Askbll~inatr .50M orbert
d(trrate 231 iso6114-
tr ACRES land w~l h one la
rucle~ tya taxel~ tlvs ateld t
((.n~ owtrr ae Sn a1

Nu AG( NT Mrb ~W1lws

q,on~ (s is oo sn

1 2 s1oREr trb <
Sixtadykh Pemrne Ceal
f~la 5 momefi goord me. sfe
rAssar S(10 newr Cal N~naret
Pers.wd %275 7 6'd) 774*
POPUILAR N he cru es nd

tand rn cea ommnetyl 6733
1311 I.0174)
EOCR I PR9 5~ Y 6

(1 ft !two at de

oror Ulr~ clrrr i

t;940 teest .re so J(

wr-,*n kma .Ipl0~ arne

I mov ml a y

Es~olt t***k*< m sets
!reT Cor1 .s wer we oth

-we_ Sl e 2. a F19se

4.treCOall woody an

maclose twasag measurma :;1
b2~4 ft U17 t D ad

2 STe~OREY concretti
wood 1est inatoi teal
edm Utoe ared aim I

161.. Z~w 7412 a

BUS NESSlcran deaus on

space. cam t. tao 64616

SS46. 226 9951. 231 743
4461 /$ ttM. Gi

ECD re1S


arran0 as a mortgage We can
aessi vou wilth the mortga e
Contad Pee's Rest Esutat. Cof
2 Geom end Hadfield SW '223-
6218. 6Z-5546 226-9951. 231-

NOW avoailae, new one.
storeoY concrete three-
bdrbp m idu g.vsaunt.
alo qiuite a Hblsourti.d

(sy~ hundrad~~i dollars
111.d a e bal ce nilbe
arrane r a nftLe rLn

GPWrg and Hadfi 223-
6218 26-546 ~289951.
13U~Lab 2 mortgage
niice 3- bedroom, fully
furnrshed $50 1
BLYGE2IGHT. Well kept

wontorwnt f r 4stro(lc
uIdng -ad $~l Muns. PeLl
nomasc stree. nost TTas to

S30M Vacant lots on
6idl 12aterSte 12
~~Bui~Kor ~ .The14

PRIME Star alvna'
Realty. Te< 1 65J7 22727
:1877 Notth Road 4'15M
Ic*lae Putshce Road l7M

518k at r 2 -1 ~
loM ShoRdt St)5M UG

4 mbo GM~ Leguerl *

'r doom S SM. Soute
& ove*(4t cnea m~twy f)rr
Road tweso~rrev 7 oo~m
annme~rJle 4 t~anrooms wsin
!Jsag land LPa c S $7M
,tlecll Strree $1510 and
< Itim a Conlnct Roberts
Realty C ami FCdCrAgiso Life

17v $M PSlshls:
!r uwn we45 Omoneseroue
ZrI Aituartrawn cancrwsl
19Mu Katy t*PW CwrofO
5.OM~ 8t Ast Pak 3 Ocr
-rducame twon Shou to A~
c ne '.eM Manov

h.kiand $13 G 5rr00l
rrnrclet retdy I rOm S11M
:o SU Pnone. God's
Fevrne 2+~l 25 1626,

ONE. twobedroom
Qnown~o reays tn North

wool sandco house~
*1~irrr **r Iao

wote 8sa on o two
hous on Eas

ON(E (~1) our-bedroom
h ous tn residentstl~ areea

p'P.lan P4,

227pQ 261 314~~j
can E~ nno (

n. .. h

t"bjo no concrentue bia

12.SMW1. 63- rom wode

conri adn land 90x10f..o
hos 10 x. 40 ft~ 5i8u
WillosroU eaty -262
62 -8314""~p

iP~Tt~R4P7~l~l~i~Pr~t~U,;pcpr4aC~.M, ~PI~L

LARGE snooaau bottom fslat
In Alexander St Kiny Ideal for
money translr ork d aon
1n~ e g Kul l
SALON space chair. Barber

o7Prcn 0 ation Call 0122
ONE house Io Keity been'

parkangs 227-6771 or 664-7945

SUSY 4-corner
Busksess Spot
wIth latrge vtrcf:!d81!

Fully equipped with lights
galls latephoner PR.

Surtable for Dctcor's
Office Intern~et Cafi-
Salo(n school elc
Menitsufong 30ftI x TOff

LUXURIOUIS urassmanl for

AC *aI of.;' C tth ot*

Tr~v~apatDatso >... asre '
-rdM ase :2.l .l:n

LIL mrr *t Irr ** m. r

<. a2564. am. hC*rIS ~q
IFbLLYg Assmtwedmarl **, s
o*\are~ tworrer~ 4 ArC~r *
pYrrwg Io***r m ..aO d ,? lo
N:1rrk'9 rrd 424b '4',

lur2~ bdroOm~ spassmnt sel
cornamed rooms AeC to* r~
p1M. rong 9 secrs~ed seasfo
tore~ ners .ca US60 Cll

uopartet even MCr AC lars ad
peaeh- cand Jgr. us:' as

44r3 B646-9 BessBre s 81
0949 659-9972 Emess
shoraga)oan caan
ONE peocrous boUown fles
sla~ble ora othe or boamoaes
Located at 71 HMadrea Siteel
Wtrk-enRust Georgelown

QUEENSTOWNd on 24ael orn

0082 31 Me Hurg orne.

Uao Sr S1 000 Wrt Pt
b u den anmd Church Stree 3


e~~clon- -

andv clot etcGD We Lsod

T~SUBRYANVIaLne Veryncar
162bed~room hoe.frnished

fumehed. k wet gneato 01 US mn

floors vnthe ovd err c 0 s te of
neoral nd lotsh more all a10
over~n Ca~l~cl 22-72 81'5 6124

A-bSdOoIT RoEAL forr "ome~
wihS)yl 5 a Bero

WOODEN nou~set for sale
and removal Tel '20-4288
NANDY K.RI $ 25M4.T .26
1192, 6539990
THREE bedruoom back
ap a0930 12S -582 I 33
rii e a tngo i yood I~i

HOLISE8 for srln 4n Tus.ay
Park. New Arnartodlrdant Bertuc
Call 012 7034

A 72 a 500 buki died hrtma.

OO3LE pruserty onr 240 a
li Lar2 6 1 2[1 ( 2
susta TLL Ifaped my ha -.
Be GUden~ ta twctarles t~ ~

(OJ l 4.4.. 41 -C~(lo., ~t~: as suConfI 6rotp6'

nod~ venueason Nother

(>4) urasen on Iat .wa nto

arCF. !earmr nota Unsenson

IRerPO ~ O)r w L~~

nn5 IpJ Ox~n lsaur

Asacc irctills ocy

Contr te/Wod 7r storey

Otdws in Bodard/

flArGEh tB bco

[owca~o col

Garlo I?, or

re su an a one~, lanes

schpo gq~~olol Id

on on E eson's 226

Ed~rson's 226av O~w. An
bedrooms91 mansylIonIth~ aff
US$100 000a Ederson's 226

stReoncA~rete 6atl luuio

PAurIKA o o new soppna
buieldig b) nea s e )
hodwareo' ouse 7$Mr

US3375a (00 dson's 226

FRONT hours and laid
Vreed-on-HoD ~nalNo 2

ROBBI8ourds m rk~et 2.
srtore building $75 i$650MI
Uggf50~ 000 Owner needed
Inedtcal Edersonr's 26-5496
bukCROM DAL 2ure corner
Insurance, sports club $26MI
US$130 000~ Ederson's 226.

vrrnou r3 wco** assay
Idea~l rac Comts o rnrumance
rertonlter . uX1 Ederson's 136 *,.590

tween~ 30 c W o epctn
( Jstur 5,'4M1 Uhtt!0 00
h:hjt, OLD/ ovrarJa ar.s
tHndJ on sy1n tao id<.s nl

Edaeten a 5'A'
ut.b S oor:, StIS~
rr!l u '<:. sa I Ir sU tn

h!loi PJaned FTO atmov r
r- own womerrn h5' ~n
ill5Sf0 car Ederson 1

* cr te~n "r ~(itr

*M CJ~ oni "

(eE R L1I 'ia50 til U n

PrkONE us~ aan (t b It

2208 d~g 8122

tdomhous so6 r a quie

16282315006 o

ANNIANDALE two storey
three- bedroom house and land
-60 x 100 nerrvternodel Ask -
4 SM Call 225-~551 619-
HAVE your ownr land? We

housaes -53_0M1 neg or front
house $OM nog and back
houser with drive ae~ 10M
neg TIEL. 226-8148, 625. 624 *

ONSE thre*bdroom for
furthe info., Tel. 646112.
BEDROOM aartmenlt.
Middle Road La Penltence
Singl or couple Pnce 523
Ouu. Telephone 227-6678
3-BEDROOM lower flat
~ J~~:~i~, :"04~yS~a*M 4
pm 6 pml Chataeu Margot
Crg Sr C II II 1 e lo
overeas uet short term
Call Tetl 2 329
bedrooms. a aret boom
CaM S48-)5nm. 216@5 21
FULLY furnished and
socurz four-bedroom
tlh ml node I aca~l Ia

1 -2-betdrooml furnashed
(Lop ftat In Norton Stra m
rental 261 5611. 161 5635
627-3658 610 7840
PRIME three storey
*ggsKY.a be GadrnesSt\
Oentown Tel Glo 2721

TWO brand) now
execvi~uhre tmnt pr n
5our CJ 25793 1

F URNISHE D Ame~r <.>8
sri0ed opt Suttabs .s ~

Call c 442 6 f
ONE two 5 owy co .
house aduvatedi so (e*tts .

o 5 >

QNE sent0**r :r t r~

ctrefl~EI~ratyl~h a rpry e

unfC uru~ nash i S3
* dent.rc cor as sre
Cl~eani 2623 crL ~'
unfur 5nashed bego :':~
apaB~Rtmen $3500 Dan

durn2c aneUSJ gcr

fnurnsUh, NSTOWeed
apaertments. A hals lh
vasetrs shrttem 26537
227-1843he blre

chrrenl net. L aond

a16 bewe nr

UREYENLI -a boroom.

oed house Thma trehct
1nwne 1 TeSSO Sil

000 Call 2310 65236 9

Cptmam, ra~np dC t
Std ore. an tc fentreull
Inenetas chaf6.n Salo. scoo
2otoayTe 64-40 Nt
Center ba rre

Nagar Atanticrbs Garing
AoRepubbo P Ar. Nand Park
Coursda Pe. ark (Aptr .) Oile

StACoU Bod pae TEL.

22c 8148 6265-124. 24


nousrll, Tony I aid Re I(

us ind St Belm
hUeestown rrSttn re t at

1 uldngthn Cardnlta G~coIM
1 1A try veJ ti.' 0sc~n ssnlJI au(t
1 NrUrolar $14Ate Dtbat eat
S5M unew South~~n cltRunoa

hto se aJ~l u res~ulntael arrea
Amrcan~ sty~ule ar tleoue
thcran r3) store wooden
aaor coarpoain ofIc hly )6

83nd wodn udnyd CI
120 t god orr anu acran0

2ac floor .' ft h*U 60st
Wils Realt 227-0 tIt

artsd Curt $9MQ r

'4 kmsed 1m. *


F"CE GN P 8oc ul

For u45* trcondheo ned
C rsts T~echone 693854)
622-4302. 231-4568
HOT crossed f0 or
wsal in larg quan) Rr
comact Narests on I ?

i 40 AnO 1 15 Yarnhi
Outboard Cas 653-096 625
CLEAN 6ry earth tr Ick
I~Deevery t spot6th
BEAUTIFUL pure bree
Rar 611 wks old Caonact
ONE () stall for sale
Stabrook arket Tel 645
1 TC 57 new nn 3 -
33 rp/ 2311md7 gr
s~t Offace 2007 Core*


FOREIGN and local 7 8
feel tables and accessorlses
clout ubber com shoot Also
to rent, contact6093311. 609.

Tab BELL 1 2)ear in1 55

watts Nippon bettery charaer
and inverter Cast 218-4507
223-5942. 6425491
boat, mncustve of 350O Ibp sone
Pirce SM no Contact
sauton on 811-9 2 or 646-

ONE 15 Hp Yam~aha
outboard enqrne. needs mranr
foot repait and one 15 Hp
Johnson ourtboardl n~eed mlmr
(6 e rapar Please contact tsl


E I A to

male Po ope~k I, llans n L'rlpace
C1(l 1d1~rl Anlll i. )

rm AT d1, e~
Ane e I.unt IIJ It o 0 4 i
'""0 ?' '' C 9!::I:i

I all i t >1~~1 1 r"~lrc ii II((

1,20. TE 22; -8148/625.
1 R7( 1 'ng B~d4 C mall au ~lr

1 TOYOTA prck-u>.
manualll 4 x 4 Immaculan e
Conuse Rock 225140/21

-.can J.0A 'lown uns I rel $4/500 Conla,
Rocky 2 (,r5002 of 275-14(00
1 ATI 170 Toyota Coronld (full
19ht) automatic. fully pow ed
AtCO plever PrICe Z875
000W Co~ntact Rocky -225J- 00.

1 l100 Toyota Extra Cab
4 r.S auccent.llr fully powered
wei CD Pir orl Plu e 32 4M

CO1 21I Cocuse Rok 62-0225-

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eut~R ometcuL~tRcy powredal

mage ari bar $.2 !M (4 x 4)
Contain Rct y 225-r1400. 821-

Cab (4TOylQ~) bcu nasrc se
(4 11 r) GJJ 6aesa Prce -
~?403o 2C nie Rocky 621-
TOVOTA Maux 1WO Eltra
Cph PC & 2001 SL MT. dWO
300? ;Z M.4. 4 WO 2003 -
IK hr'liT AUT 4WO Tbl (Pg,
TOYOTA Tqndra 2001
L mete KK Src, full6
Cl~cpar ***dl~ 1 i. 6 seu C
n et etC Call 276 013 ~

~d~oors k new T

SrgvoTA 192 Calrms PKK
See we 2 manor old automate


twrg eU 220 10. 612
RZ BS. IKZ doese. 4 It 4. S-
speed, 8 hose. 16' mag ame
tron arin rear. AC. Gon Base'
aee and fresh fm Jl n. 74
Stertn St. CA~ 226. 09
r LmON Sane RZ m etaus.
SKo dome peness Fold $800
rnforntmaon contact 623 3348
or 6468.350 Romel

We80n e( 4 Te)e Auto neg
fully powreod IC. m ar CD
Payse Pe $1 350M taOIct
Rodry $214002 o 228 *9400.
1 NISSAN Psinmnde wan 2
Estre enginer & 1 Def 1999
model. rrorking condition *
$1 6M1 DeOlt computer fla

NEW Caoors AE 10. 110.
it s. Cahrin AT 192. AT 212.
Lancer RZ Gus $1rM down
elmentl Alo evailable $450
0D dowr payment Call 231-

AC. ma ~n sra. neve work hire
Parce 3 IM Cooatt Rocky -
a 226*9400. 821-5902

(2 door) automltic. fully
powered. A. nuntsm hardly
used Pace $97 000 Contact
Rocky a 81 5902 225-1400

a 1226-400 or 92
1 AE 11 SPRINT R full
powered E AC. Cb olr
e tmetic. excellent crdln
1 theokee Jean. 6 ~2
2 1868. 864-0082. 019-38r44
unroo excellent condition -sy ro
11million negotiable OMW

good con teon 50 000
NIS AN Ma ima $2.2M
SV 30 aemrv 1 M. SV $6

1844. 225-679 227.4473

1 TOY(I A AALo Car nai
,0 lk wiheel dlrlvl mraniuali

Rocky -6190 r2
1 EP 71 TOYIJTA am~ii

spostel P"'e575000)0 Cana~t
Rok H rt" 1400 or L21
FOR SALEI 1 (on~e) Toyotar
"" 'p GJ 111excellent
',andluitin Conta ct No 227-
(j04. 2254443 225 -4534,
%31-3187 658-7002 622-
7628 Mr A Klny
ONE (1) double exte
LEYLAND D F lorry. late JJ
Series. excellent condltion,
Paice no reasonable offer
refused Must be sold Conta~ct
#i 660-5693. 617-9230, 684-
3843. 254-0825

1 TOYOTA Ma~ux Extra Cab
pack UP (4 x 4). sutoImaIn Iully
powerArC, m rims CO~ri
(drcece engtn ?L Turbo.~~
51 BM Cr 9 oe y a 225-
TOVOTA 4-Runner (4-
wheel dnve eanoaed (5door)
rutomatlc. ully powered AC.
mag rlrns. CD playr cass bar.
Pancec $12 4M Core
592 Z a 25-100 or 621-
2 FORD 4 cylinders diesel
engine on Bed, COmplete with
S1- gravel pump 1 d'
pressure pump. alona wcm 2
aemttnors. 2 redsator. 1 strter.
da Cl 2 336 6 9-809
TOYOTA Hd(us Extra cab.

*51 AM. AE 100 Wa on
excellent condatton $1. M.
Cant 965-1145. 687-6174.
ONE 3-ion rsuzu Canter.
no reasonable offer refused,
onel mksibus BGG Seres needs
minor repairs. one AT 212.
never registered and one
Toyote Presmlo needs re est
Cnotect tel 228-3745. 625
TOYOTA Tundra. Extra
Cab Pick up 4x4 year 2000.

&uy un the month of Semtber
& pet 550 000 OFF ISING

1 TOYOTA Hilux encrosed
van needs some body work.
entta suspension. exceaiefit
sh ~k eear. power steri
Toyota KT 147 Wlo arvte
use. stick gear 235 0 1
To ota CLad Cruiser FJ 60.
4. O0 cc f 11 owered. ~JJ
Series Z8 8.tM Excellent
condition, must see. 1 E ris

needs some body work driving
condition $325W 1 Canter
Nisasn diesel 6-cyl er. 3i-ton.
open back st Il tray, double
ckwheel. DD series
1 tM. Owner migrating. 641-
Now av He le- Top

Hongn AVRO, To ota Miux

double cab Pickup S;N 147t
Toote Land CruiserZJ8
L~lyLoaded) Diesel Buses.
aHiace (15 Seater) LH
1 : 4l'WO LM 178 Nissan
Mtnetti hi C tr2 truck 2/3
Tons Enclosed. 3 tons freezer;
To oece opn tray 4wd Truck
8U 72 Ore eariy and t6 the
best prices on toe dur free
vehicles Full after sales service
and financing available Deo
Maraj Auto Sales. 207 Sheriff

can trust.

dGe~hi .. Ir~ne~ Flote oc tV
wot~lode suc t)1 soa~twit Can dll."
PURE bredl Dobemanlr pIn
o weeks oild vdcccanated and

toworE d arrene ,were lca

LWg 04444 La~pnd oo tande Loth

Ilnew I ehi and h~oo Rudy
SOAT for sale One nH 20
i 1 t' st 8 Vbo Msonown
trom brow~n svrve r orl C
225CSr Cell 606 2 t

644-48 Imr pr nR

3a( tO oods rendows Eranels
a nrs Ts

TwO I2) Yomshe 230
outD~lbod anll rse letnd a as
motors~ we czrs ch V er
i i U 50 cc Call 20 7

1 AT 170 CORONA. fully
powered) AC Price neg Call
220)-tS10 641 8764

FOcrr C tact ~OU C .CO6Me
Call 643-8400
ONE 212 nyew mrodel. full

isa 1 7 Al mbu man and
Coo7nL7 12 o689. 9 r8

workFO owi~ ias m~elaii

NIASSAN tauoured startd ate
autdoelr bJ6 uRLy owere best

8MWdl~il PrS convttbl C(II

oNISSjAN Piro grc d 2 mode

2005ri~ Fordy MoH sod b
@@**** bC 0 ,"7

624-64iOto02( 7 a
oLINC LNd To~ nctr~ *Rec

mage CoD Ull esl o

tlo- clr&22 14 t~J

LrestCOL elw Ca 621 (

r~~~~~ee urur H V or(
.3 0211 8

(I) memu EFI on ~rC l~~

~Zo"PeS 66t II o

mus el~ o o

O AT 170CrieP

tOYOtA Tun~ra. PJJ

1 AA 600t Canna PPF
407 wotlrkng endaton ~rlce
n ( at 4q0424a H Nehrul

ONE T ote4 Tundra t002
model. FuIJ loaded rl rr
eft~. Contest 8 L17

ONE AZ Long Base
excellent c ndlig working on'
the rosd li1M 1 9 neg Call
220-41 3. 655728
ONE AE 81 for sale
excellent c ndition M .CO
DiaYer eBC Prices $4550 neg.
Te 6-3298 or 649-5-1
1 MITSUBISHI Pabero ; 5


*~ '"J ~'
tJ es
r~..r rrrr *n rn**
D.." C. :'"' ?..

"wte rNA rr mt
Y u~on ur urrsees rr
6980 *<.4
upu Zu IOOF

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carbut o Cann AA 60

camere AA @0 one se n
mangI~ steenreae Mean

h**0d son mouder 4y 4,

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65140919 3

b04 rl htIs mcLa I
ubcM s bee wa 4n r
(rI e~ ahrlso CDo Uesss o
IICI gnd bOL lla

CALL QUACY. 8778240.

64. No Ireg master r
~4~~14 NISSA Sun 8~c 12
a ll IcndItio Cntct
p2m.003 c;Y'

1 TOb~l TA Poaiick up n r

grdition or d elsil s. call 16
BEOFORD TL 400 s nd
truck, p rletf condition 1t 4
mdision 21-4791
wnMODEL M 3L30 with T Wlo.
winch OJll RI~ Sries esco
negor.tialei 227-2781 o ,1



0431 na Cal So 1 J:54

delayv spedlakra JBL 81dtLL
ONiE 580c Hymac II in gOd Widow neutraI) I1mos etC 227 NEW ARRIVAL
cJ~lloasto one C)lupper ODebll 7528 620-42812 EDFR OL.M
one Slasne~ Contact: 28 534BEFOD ODL M'
angen & geeratos fro 4 to OROCH R ACID) ;I
iJ MA Arlso L1516r uses@O .*.el@*0 HOnE 233WO 08 $am 4),


****@5leg ry, *
****r has *5 so r at
8** 54444 to *.es@.

ONE Irr 12 5 co FI

ONAN 30 KVA generstor
M~ Ponda OSOO wsmUs eow
ush P. n B Dell or 231
W577. rua ~E7224 t

j 5sg~~~ hets vehee

unt r Sph t 10 er
wno 000 ~2aTU ~
6sln~k oIa ecepted
I 5 NGLE bed $7 000. 1

GasO tonwm cO*arap no

1PREON GASn~ 51" 12 2
Helru for Bfo kcnd At n l
Gas %MN (Ba -

d50 pm>. MOn A to r *Is

(ArTTENTION Miner~s)
comp~letly build dredges Also
su~pply 9~engis travel pms

MF 285 TRACTOR 763
Bobt~at. 225 Amp gdas welderi

22 E snginn 2644-96


s10001 nna sn
The second will be on
Tuesday when Essequibo and~
Beduc med ar th Gaaeocrge~ow
Cnk Ipand. Bam w~hall
the final match is between

All matches ast scheduled tol
begtinl f l :00 h.
Essequsbo team read
MAlns Newalrk (cptain). Fsona1
Men/Is (vi~c-cplaln s.
Desmod Hill Carol Hamanne
Watcod Bacchus. Kumanne
Penrsud. Sheneigh Calve, M~a
rina Bridegmohan. Chendice
Bowen.Delisa DanietsCarmel
wfthim. Angeeica Proderxb
and La DonnIRra Pdercs. 11se
mriprr xShmon Georger
The standby players arc-
Kumandai Singh. AkedaP Alves\
Doette Mentis and Arma

naler m ( n

Camrpbell, Erve Giddings.
Nermala Sewvdat, Hermain
Sewrdat, Genevene DeSouse.
Nadine BestJamin, Meslani
Henry, Shren Parrk and
Shbelse Quilntyn.

Cab. 85kmi. 4x14, 20" chrome
wheels, bed cover $3 4M
neg Call 623-3786 anytime
Ettl; c8t P,~ pi F3'


equl.kl ui a Cummerns d on !

auonAE 9t COROLLAc ra
bodyWOrk nor mme
gaa JIS gnter car s
body worry me:>,.vcl~~-, nr .
neededa~ $ 5550 300 Tai lt8
3018 611.0128
gas 1490r cc.utomate; '.,
matealge 5 Joursl frjn water ,
never regIstere PIou $2 400
??0 Buy in the month of
SecOmerr:, 3 .:d: $50 \20 OFF
TEL s 226 4165 624-1160
TOYOTA Tundra Eitra
o: ?ck u~pCr at 200
Ir m wuhen Ioc. .gser d
a se soo(? me1 -. he
S OES TEL s 22M.16.5 s:<
TO' OTA Tanfra Entra
Cab plck ufC' 2*4 y e**02
autormate .6 8.2.- can
Prom uh30 e~q ro q ~~

SALES TEL s .4e21 tjs 6
SUZUKI Ag 9 5.".,

TC automal~ c5 ras
mileage. fron *had "bee
reuystered orr eS J' Q.
TEL s 226 4165 6:1 4
MrTSUBISH; T13oo 8 n
1999. 465Acca Cbu, w
low m~leaae 1as C-anea
from wharf never, *9 stered
pnac St 850 000 Buy In the

rJISSAN March pale 8tue

cc low m180 ag uOLmate +
fbom *had devr req stere
000e 0I 75R 0 BuN U n AU

1 AE 9t COROLLA ca'
annonatsc fusy poe no
neeed.maoris and leay

gear. s c n ratar man a .
accacu~. rt wasrysr No

3018. 611 0128
ReFOdR T BEST Ta f o
vehcpneses n stc tR 2 RZ
212 he 2e.a as C
eas. usvn Am. tesYek..
mgivrn na L-Tourlng
canter krc. tur 2%oO4
u s. Rav "A cr Fl led en
ebrms and trade,m fac~rrres

O on 1 el Tel 225-0773
COOLa hZ to 0 21 2--1

(AalE 111 rio D (CD c r d b
AU 0 I -200 H sL o
WCD48o. DIA 269-0522, CELL
688-~~Y~c 47 md6. nZSI



AT 192. Al 170
SV0 S V 40




EE 1Z 3 o dar Co~~e EK3 &
ES! T:)L orl aur Envar Coo
LN i L";~:O ~ri 'rto Iyc

?ih IL I~ JJ !s .* >, 'Vl

100 roysta v soj AZ se
"'r: A,'.RO TJ, ~R '
to caj tlrLc IPSVSt $ M is
Tgsto .ra 2 Gx (00 LancrvO CK
to0 Joa Hocor P~reo'
KZH'' .t*Inve *P Cnde
L ure S'I aoo~ ,rl G
Cor ::Roeln ameho Auto
u~L: a ou Rmhal *ul

its yJr stafr~ a '
you itseme Irt* test

DRIV*ERl -* D25-8533

OsE bemale C ser4 cortrator

3F5 i'ifi1 '31g
6 S* flri *~ p 1,

OIJE I-ra *1 Sso~p 9 w
681 is UAttra;dc*L.* (t Can l
$190tBM CALL 281-30SS

nrgput aut bases
LIvIED N Dome~ntec Im
50a Rears old asl 223 742
forN in*A EbR* anageress ~

1 ICE I Oo~t:f


INVERTER use~d) perfect

GIlRLS wer~re n b~t on t u

COCNTRAC rseat O~ravers

OLD Detterie 93 Sus)ir
Ciur.n' 'ia. 225'tin"811s
24 9. 649-2172

R 60tfa R*IC ea 5tontac
ir 0 Ig~v el Tel 227-24 ~

belany ael 23-39 60

PUMP Attendantls at Eno
Mc Doom EBD Wallk with ID
and fIlS Cards and recent
testimoni41 273-2652

d* i'

'i """

GREI PII u no Idl I
~l c n Itol RogenIU (OI d (II

in an on.<.o Ap. (perse

sa naro Rca ~
oll* c ' ,j ul~ "l "

tuaJI ls nlar 3000_~~! 111 Alyac
irnsa~ Red S .*et =:

nt'lt".n p I .cor
Lub~ IV st dancht s 0 an
A~~ I Ldr Go:. .r so r
's..: a ve a Hlts I
.irnrt Gt ... snd Nu
LIV(: Ira tu onb .co e~*a'"f

t o11c11l( on / Guyena
.uclSe env otC;mo 68

t36 e' AKD~ 1 .

lbetvWee 30 & *SO ,r 1
for resabents gar m
aSnd cle wu

Appy an Vp' -

Tfw Maunagr
Cereal Elebtronics
$"7 Rott> Smtret
L1c~ytown.n QaOlrgetwn

sc 91 UtiI erac solq pcqiE
ro*nyr M du(Pt n hoeasuD t
5~a~ !Tlt La Cnrpen

JOIIERS unnoirlPeen
'-w~ owede* wea~sy meets**
',;ereoa and hang, on ge
A bouytow oc cal 225 81

teeve esperine cen club

mens'~ ment n~ b d

PuWL R d.C ~
.rrn1"t iin u b
ONE Gene~ral Domest c
MUst Imow to coom shoud labo

Cleoc e Food Hand~rler
isI~ FR It.
641 3hould be able

rnd Food Handlers Cervicate


G~~~I~~q LIE- A 81 HN d


Learding therway forMNCS (7.2) anld twoc Ilor 42 c9) re
was Ellon Adamr with 59 setvl
whiLch included two fourb When D)CC batted onl\(
wrhile be shared an ope~ning Alfred Memlore with 29 anru
stand of 65 with skiyppr .lermaine Horatio 28 offrrre
Aaron Frazr w~ho chipped in any resistaunce. Let-arm spin
nicely wiLth 281. Randy ner Everton Charles; grahbbe
lindorre made 2. four for 24 fromt alue overr
Of1 spnner"c Kcunl~jeorge and off-pinner Sean Devers
grubbecd three for erp ight rm three for 16 from 8l.3 tid!
hlr nant orer whsic Icit-aren, overs bodilng for the win-
rpinner Lecroy Briutol and nmr.

LPR~LNG'N aunds lunan IIe

tende orsar a )*1 the a the

Ptaurad candrt limisansps-
and capuas Pastsck Murray
ageds*I'd for U'prala udws)
der usual al tod tv de me n
Mdia wills pos ano hour 19 pates ann uses
games aide Cmputters, roto

Betwedes~ ( We#en between
Ih* *8 of 1s )rred 215ye ana
pof to Co shOO IPI IOve
Sat~oo Condo rer s 1) 9.000
Ask for lasass

ONt frieCtenagl g

rpint c O( wth I 22 4
WANTEr t ovewa C L of P
speut aco Ic re0) sp Im
ymm Ra ui*. s roometiy1 8

a c~lor l e~ thn or mc
pmmo~~~~~ I~l.r~0i01 1

an to 11

sentr rreorded (ther first
poles of the compedtlles af
ter holding Camptowa sad
Hranse to ** sad 1-I draws
KeVen Barren gav Renss-
rance rbe lead to the 33rd
renuC and AmHOache RogERs re.
phed sor the 59h o Sanie who
resasse dr other uabeast ade
In the to-scam Leape.
The abinbl palammal d

Andrews, who nlaed a tual-c
a tead Thanas Urusead soa 4-0
drubbrag of flpha United
Ambewr oureandsacailh. lolh
and 45t nmes.c whale Devan

47th anusue to push Tlunnar
Usused so murc poists aftr Tsve
rmadnes Mad Alpha wan have
played gr dest cxr~amoo e
The other adreduled

for CFC as Weekes Tiers
thdrb to strb wp, fr Lth see
and week ~m (Alge la

"I me to: fock G. Wynter o 333-31 54/333 6628 Or
MrI. Giford Stonisy on618-4538/328-7304


et Edinburdh. Eset Bank
I fecr T. "i 1rc..

ING si~neseeplace Indu nraAcfin
1~~ andrrilu~ I5 no ra
IIr~ I yS dcel Cpltoreitn. Borbice Pr one 3 8
ri~ ~ ~~22 d a 3. bu )38 Ji2335 (David

ntj~an~'D. Iit Pim ow :I Hd e owe ucknl~o.3J2 streduit 61

business in opreraion For more eIver used. N h ak
8f~ile canl. owner on 8333. inot~0orcycle I. 338'

Malteeneos beat

(M1SC) defeated Demerrura
C'rricke C'lub (DECC) b) a
comfortable 68-rust victory In
the Demerara C'~rice Bord
Hand-inHand 50-over inal
yesterday at the E~verest
cricket ground on Carifesta

\seed MlS(' Iso take Isrbi niilkc
.mdJ thc Izucheds ar challenging
170 all out Inl the reduuced 43
users IX`'C so reply struggled

00 U- f fS 0 fl hub in-1

Bar bice and

Eseub nam


cr c et
IIIWT how 11I--b
named heire 14-weems sud
ror the Geym Crkist Bard
halita r lowrwilllezlitaty 1bEtik
is art to~ -art teerowwth
Essaglao tedling1 es Demerwa
11 de1 Desmwws a&d (]b

------------~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ----_~- -~-' ~ )


by IRavendra MadbholaH

T'WO half-cnturiesr from Roble Bacchers and Rticrdo
Jadeanruth ypurrd GeoF~orgeow Crickt Club (GCC) to a
rroundding 103-run who maCove dhi Youth Oyransuatto
(GYO) o the conatinubato of the D~emerara zon Neal and

Imarsb whlic Jadenauth blashed beven fours as GCC piled up
179) Swl ass from the reduced 24 oven GYO so reply had no
ranswes and west skatakd o ut o 76 so the 19.5 over.
Imrran Hasss picked up Iwo for 29 from three overs.
bowisalt for GYO). whoew soanlgs fell quickly. Lexpspinnrer
Leoon Juohon clasmed two for three from two over wlule
snedsum paces TIrevcr Hecnry look Iwo for 18 from his four
Wuare Moahaed hat 21 for GYO.
At Maiseracn Sports Club (MSC) ground as Thomas
I-nl. th* searn gmLa dr bete of neaghbborM Truanpor
Spurt Club Cr(TS by 24 nm. MSC based las and rech;ded
143 all assu to 7 overs wba ISC' so seply scured only II9 all
assl so 27 overa
Imrsa Hasss ma~de 35 withb two sizes sad twos
fea rrs hle Lease Cast and Dess Ferrier weighed
to with 30 (254. Ex6) cad 15 (2r6) rerspectvel. RIght-
one medism pecr Mark Mdleaster bagged five for 13
from 3J overs sd Kehos Carrmicae two fr 21 from
Msr sis evers, as thei gam w as u dows to 38 evrs
per a abdr.
TSO' rephed wrth Srpacp Alve rmaksag 23 wtuhr salcude
darce ears an a wisary ou r as On Ifade. Steven Jacate and
Hassan pate upswo walckr ctach towrltag fa MSC.
And at the D~emerara mrack Club (DCC) ground so
Q)uestown. the hosts thnrashed Poisct by eigh wsckets. P'o-
Intw based lias and
Rn Brown has a fsac 47 weth three fours ad a sex whic
J~an Heylages chapped so wsth 24 reactua the baondary as
two ocasrr es, r as fI-spiamer Deants Squares piced up two
for two from past I4 over whak Toralv Scapio colleced two
Wha# ho nrnEc BanwdlM le ucrnh r
47 (14r4. lt4) whice he war nicely supported by Deonauth
'r 'vs& lkcn3 w6 far fou.
81%* compeItion coatisse toahy with thre more
mudashs MSC come up agai Pelce at Poire, GYO and
<;N1C wad bal a st M ME L MErr h St

Police edge past

Young Warriors

by on wiktOe C W

... Bermlne through to Berbsce sems

g g

~~~~~~ h g '1ILt ir

StillllAY CIIIt0IIICLE September 30 7

=Li~ = II I: c~ ~ I = (Q)

POLIIC'E edged past Yeems Wardrrsr by our wkket~ tohrb h-
nalI pre~imiry match~ o the Brbke Zear 2007 ma-nal Neal
and Massy atonal 48 eve fIrst dtivi shou r crkke twpeitin,
PLaywagtc~h yea rd a th Rent that('lanmunlry (csare g~rrlad.
tn a mrrct reduced to 20 over per sak because o mernugh ran
eary) rmamagt ma Young Warwr. scr* so to tus war demanrsed
s 105 to 15.4 inr. u~to ih te lawmen responded enth lIa for
;Ilne an it over
PaOcre' triumph ims emrerd Youg Waurror makC thrtr
rth is the comlpathies adr &ieBrasir a placr to tr Be~rtakr

Baurmrtvt 10 pmata coc arad of Young Wartw\ er tour sr
**ned Wess 8rcrbc as the Iap meo cpalfyangr frtmln hrA
Howevrcc. West Btectr ith It punts rall Ro forward as the
an of abe Awa~r th Blermnme Ltmy the runne up sks
Wakerd Edtwarhds ') a resr~a Hubern Evans (2s urer the
*aly Young Warras bs~asmn ro offer owne ammenn( of rustlanc

aspr tsC' Jerruhn 1sephewn\ bagged~ f our f or II and Matllact
New lndl thro lu I I
Irh arm Ypmen Inae itskth rlul suppasted uah tw~ Its ?f)
to reply, Pahr wre rwderrr to to for ther ithe fourt cy
ever, ImI a fea~rthwrke stad of 60 L it evenr brtrmen
Newlad (41) and Imramr Meekas (Il), togetr wkhb a onelM
ambrates 32 frr.~rm iptres wre reseg to geldr thrr tran

Ilr ast hok Krru Mahas capsutrd lulo few it ndJ kil arm
ypanes(Tastan Lanh ~rln 11 ?r. hnlsng IIa Ycumy Wan""'

Ter BeItcw~ Zam arrse64hek are at for Wedada ay wkh
West Berrtk heaths Aashe at Beate Le to ~r West used
Rear Hall Tor w rta hasher~ L Br r atth Arts 'HI' greed.
I(essure Waher)

LONDON.Eaglaced (Reutrs)
- Eagindr skipper John Terry
went off wbbedec~premedfrac*
tore at Ms chkharc. Otirr
Drolba ~ wasset oanod
(1seke wre tesed offafter
they www bed to a SU draw
by Fealam i the rest Lee.
don derby yesteday
Ten]rry wa af after hems c~l
showed m the facc byr FWkum a
1menan stnker (kms Dempacy
.n hath rowe for a hall aficr was
rhree rmsuse~ of ther PremFr
l earue rLach a LT~amfrd Rwigr
Hec is now doubtful for
F:ngland's nest two Euro 2008
cqualrficts aeainst Fasons and
Russta next mrnrth arl wirll rmass
Chelsca's Champva league or
In Valncsa on Wedlnesday
Avram Grant a firms mach
as cach of Chelsca as Sltmford
Bridge assacc Jewr Mrusanho left
last week was a suixtucd affast
foR thbc hme crowd who also
hrrwed off Anrdry Shevchenko.
substituted after 54 rmnuscrs on
has 31\t birthday
C~heLse fell to wevenh in
the Premier Irague tahlr after
failing( to score for the fourth
9usandv leau mtakh Oirtr

"We had seven or ccght
chancer" a subduecd Girant Inid l
reporrters afterwards.
"We created enough chances
to scorre but didn't "
Chelsea 4 wars were com
pounded when African
Foortballer of-the-Year and last

Ic\rnghe ofthelve Cons. I)"s
has mCwetner oRdrsa fe dlwns
Msw a reckLess ha~th ta Lk **s the
da) bc rrourned .af wr f our
smschs our ,nsured

Arsenal. who, won I i, as
Was~ liam I nruta. kard the ask
uilh to yiosesfcr m se en
Icnmes fr khrc l tr anchract
rmtnhuam In the day' tu law cm.
on 17 pants ~aft ags rachrm
Ma'i~r rNrchart (1 nlrs> II vn
sharrd on Irs pwants with
L~iverpool. who were I O as
Wagan AmIc~tac.fou~rth n IS
Armesl waon thir r~thth
Pu~rrrdv rmath i1 al crampr.
tihoem with a 14) wks at Wst
H1am Iisded to metatCIn their
trad at the tap at thr thr.
Hrobsn Van Percuse headed I
the only goral afite IT msmtes r
to crnl West Hlam' run o~f three
suKccIIcar league warn over the
Manchcrger Uiniite rc-
mannedI scordl after at 0 win
at Hlrmtngham. thesr t forth I 0
leaguec win In their last1 five
league game
('ristiano Ronaldo, storcl
the only goal. stwtngung on a
ktncc ball In defenc arnl scan
my~ with a brdislantly-1aken ,ndl
vltdual effort.
Manchester Clty briefly
rrwwed nint secondl plac with a
3-1 homc win over Newcautic
Ulnilted in a lunchtime ksckoff.

h~ as smd the daylaw hro sha rd
qul afte I'nstd' a on as thr
AtwNh~ Lrrly ks r emr wr
uorra coormat~tlal r nw r Ir
Nowrrmak fase .wd IstinLd
smmers~nierveb hes hwes
the s~upsd htdmi(Non
NeCasslle hour larn
Allrrdyce sand Isr had we
yeal rrlwl an suryey m Grer
nur)ry amcraukr plavant msh
use Irs hacaprrred
In an seau~hrnema math as

loslran Park. Vawto~nuasth was
Wr*dme 7 -8 with Henians
MnammarsU cra~nl: a hstru L
few itsr~tsmuth
IloverpHId rememed un
heara wsth alIo wml at Wears
Ashtahe~ rtr maAnasman ~u
userd the unty bmi. wtask the
twllom ano clubs. Ikrbs
( rmmay asl Hrott~o Wasuwktri;
d~ru 1 5 ats rate ar
in thr day' othrr mltch.
RIsckburn won 2-l at



Madramlootoo. both of
whom played for the national
I)-2. this yar.
Ihc Sanie challenge will tx
Icdl b I S tIad al
youth player Gideon Paync it
attack. while captain Rernaul
F~raser m tandem with another
ex-Alpha player. Alph.
SI cscr. will control the

In the opening game set fo
17:30 h., the Army will he took
ing to rebound from their tas
outing where they wer
humbled 2-0 by Santos. Th
sde. knownufo thearP psics

stasggling Camptown unit w~h
have so far conrcded some I
goals as compared to the Ann
who have allowed in just six.
The Seaday footba
showrdown wMl rocommnc a
15:30 h with a Sepiges U-2
gamebektweea ecencr3as
Pete FC.

PORT~SMOUTH 74 Reeding: Benjani vollys in his third Prmier League goal to give
Pompey the teed eerty on. (BBC Sport)


StiAY CMIOIRICLE Septemnber 30. 2007 27

~i n es~or o(oua, lvng nollrl rond und reol randmolhe -,3

r ~Sunrise: 22 061914 Sunset: 01-10-1953

Though b4 yr:, h;ave passed
Your sudden deal thrtoott-r to forget
Thre shlock was; severe th~e blow was hard
There is a family that misses you
We shed our tears In silence
And breathe a sigh of regret
FOf yOU Wefe OUfs
Though the world may forget
We h~old fast to our mnemones

To sorrow pain and tears
These a~ll aIdds up to a treasure of fond yesterday
The:re are like flowers t'hat fadle away
I warlk theu earth with Irght some ste~p
Smalle at thec sunshine, breathe- the ait
pDo mty own will. nor over hee~d

I am retnerded of ouM
everyd~y I(0 Penall1
I s i 4, WI'nrnm g hr la u it an tt t ib a~ll ise te

One year meom:4mwllc ther f. w
exa rp'e7: bt wo trarJ ::. ,cu too u of rel an
1 6Il atm: tri Je:u: (tI th rerlay bad to fas

1 dYb iurg ac.sCt rudr k4ph twesr Glr ow d idws glend ornd
ytc smji~iidae baker and uan trient: ord Iland

7 o armt mcmory of

j,. .g.e L. :,if oa

STodary September 30. 2007
is exctlEy one year
Since you were called away
Your softheart stopped beating
And comforting hands laid to rest
Even Uso~ isu aniveon

There a re o maeny unanswered questions
But the Divine Father knows best

b see eiusd by Ir long wrie #ne, artdoghter (htruwme
mother;n lo sister, s o la. brother in Iov. Saraboy and othe
.dtn reowsd friend:

7 Maoy tard Shive gran
=~ hars l etenol peace

Hententerinl: all late
tca r huhbbnd

palssed away~ peacefull y
on ?ieptember 27. 1999. ,

You w.iicd an sitert h In lour *,per dad ot. boung youl poas to the rver

h**iag fo you in new er evyone
t sne. elr~ acrn aeneser dese. I sais yu more shen anyone
kn lon tu as a inrk sho ad1 cnot wRves

the tenni sJned ser h any plan, tw Adl ah n dwoge and (16 iHir
wltia bdue he 6rk det niinue test peacefully.
Inna Lllla-Hay-Wainna Lilla Hay Rajeoon
Fondly remembered by his wife 81bl Jamela
.Hack-Mlohamed of 238 Herstelling. EBD

formr 11 of GoTc rgetown. (jul.;1 ana ad founllderl of
St. Mal~rgaret's Prep. Sc'hool. Septemberr~ 26. 200)7 il rn ;lamai;~ca gd 92. She .

lat(~ es(1\;1; children Carolyn(.1~.Absn II ~ cIll~l~city an



:"p* ; c;

i~jnje dnles for der utarsl umakey
intennethnarul Unninst Austasth( (n
hadayl utte Ylyimpin of der fRt

upI~ta 1T~(rllstilt send taked al

1.net1 .()h.11ndonedz~ openC.II II p.1Ine

11I Ir dic kmeull ly I \l wll Ialr

(;anguly, .U, Illh had a he-
nrlesH. of itnes problems 11<~ r~c

t*n rultsII hr lnt inunth due to

(Reuters) frankLe Dettiori,
whoc~ fuluoush~ rode uil reven

\as~ ago~u, hadrun h/etle r
orunes oltors from hnis th
RI~~~tuth Ott b Cruoni
dar~ Iyterd. r 1 rr t hpsl
ti the1II Italk u (; aved(II (IThe

1 Ivabeth 1Sae n Jrr rlr~ Sc hl

ct~hanceI R nths hsMIllr ownas
N:uruler "
Ocinghted 1)citlolrswr

*reckd abro be partners
Epsom Derb) w ncr in -
tho~rizd, the 6-4 lasourilr.

Ifriumphe~i atl 1.ungehumpi~l in

rIn\ )iou r week I~1 te 1 thuski.1111

th other dna h noun *** (1I

I hl Msic I
ten1~ .s I p.a t Ie au e. I '
newsF Ic~u sI.n lbIues n
:.s 11111"

Cr c----- -

SThe parents, sister brother and
othes relatwues of the klae
W ilbe t0 010;as Ihi f 9ftref
o pprenlolwmand gratitude to
0" ;I:ore wh supported them
: lng Itkr~cnt
i ti .ement eiher by way of
le 'ears tols, emails, or s.
as:( or assisted in any way.


Special thankrs to our neighbour, the mmonogment
and staff of National Pride. (EO. (hoirman and staff

o Boromo (ampany Ltd, Exeustaves and members of a
the Guyono Association of Adminishotive I
Professionois, Podor and members of Meadow6r
(hurds of the liozorene, dose
friends and relatives.
** May God gront him eternoi rest.

In de~erished memory of our p
beloved mother ELAWANTIE
Lusignon West, E(D who
posed away on September
28, 2005.

Uman rod year hove po~sd YIss O bour~ ne asr rmo ld a oy
80f5 r A, 180 (1 6r byr ouf Of ~ ygu ril n8ef dit
We miss you more that anonen knows
A Yur memories are precio an pd never gow odd
Wermmrd fn tie you've rio done
May Lord Shive giront yoe sternal rest.

Forever remembered by her son Eddy.
daughter-in-law Zeena. grandchildren
Sunall Romel. Anil and Avinash


Dettori strikes at Ganguly an injury doubt

last on Mag nificent ~p',s~,~~, u-......,Pu..~ .................

See de 0 0 7






_ Ir~rlul~uv, v, LV~

-: ~7~



AppliatCllliant aff In*-itedl fro~m \ultabl\ ryUablteid persons~ to litl thle pos~ition at

M in~irsm(nr Qu~rtuualifi gcallILBItarin

A sound Punar EducationT p~II~ll) l u aIO mamn I1I111I1 111 tic(5C) ears c`penelnce IIo

I)etaih. o~f utieslc could lx obtained~t frcom the Hulmann Reso~urce Manacer

Applications inc~ludingr ( urriculum Vitale shiould he addressed to:

( central( Housmp11 and P'llanning Authority
41 lirickdamt & I notecd N~ationr s Placc

C:losingy date forr applications is Octobe~r 12, 2007.

Cntressed person shess dmeit appacagon to

Onr o befam~ctobr.~ SM,20.

r 1II r II rr



In a~s mone -



FICA ove

sc~iin 01)1 seriie "Siome PAKIS'TAN fast
many ~ ~ ~ ~ Nurl ha ms aesm n Akhtar. wili

thanga mIuht PI\," May hued, her 6 for sileged
John Huchaus,ua the Mohammed AYif,
former Aurtrallia rech. mate, with a but
asid the so-over format trofheTnv
should be overhauled to meet
maker II more attractive to
prcilulur now hungry for
TIwen(ty2. He* Duuggratd
giving twou rides two in-
oning rach within 50 ovrsr
swarding( bouau points fo~r
high rcuring rates. and u. '
ing interchranr braches.
I-stily owsc~ rtrcksi needs
cc*Jmpang to) srU(yC bc
cause ,t'r aflormalr that
everyboidy'r Krowun pressy
assus~~itome to, and, so a
renc, pretty Iired of ,"

"You need moi~re ritate
Ites mnit that game~ you need

to a~llorw SO Iover Cracket (

Adam (ilt hreat he
Isccus players rlkllr msght
demoncrh of the hwrtarchy Tesoe
S of Test rc Lcke. Or)Is and sas assw
SIn en v20 drno s *a. forced I'ake

so~reasag number of~ hmAssf. hoce
I nentyrf mtc hes played mant rhrs Shluash
as tc~reatma Irlea ruld warC as( acdc(
dhanre Ihe pame assasay shas he "2
"Ibmwata acatW fo kn grso r nrraI*f'CU
for 16e intrast in oneday U'"a. %hahld Mlrsd
ickCet just hersw I week \"lad rn the af
tunistrk the* IY30t d socid SUth tasteame (s (
srticktu wel teenar me Twray PerwUed Ihe son
rMrs n tese tnd 40 on or plce
SI ovrn a Jde. he sad. "t "Her have Las
term af tik arnhdotttyhr I ~t(Ir l Shealb a
kegrl a passe toe the real himr to appear b
JMik wM usam asl arppend cmmitte ** OC
15ImtLcS~lo r~cr Lis st


aib to face

Amsi bues -up
howler, Shafqatl Nathmi, head of'
face rdis- Pakistan'b dihc~iplinary
r on cto- ommi~tte, Laid. "lesides
ly hittles Shealb, Asif and Afridi
his team- will alho be examined on
befoure (th October 6 uad we will albo
20 tourns- q~uestion the team manager
uad rome playerr."

THE Irowing: pepelrityJ a
Tweety20 crirket ceM camr
flanadl headaches fr Uth
KT= arewdigesthr )eder*-

she ahort-term that twatlries
stock to the It("a' recom.
meedation that ty play as
moare tha seves Tweaty29

wo~uldl snesencthe* l d ofr auto Il
nrat and plates fallgu Ie finlso
masd tl Ihe1 nuancy1 buhtn so by
unedaymser~clmaintlr ouldJnni

may work agoinal the Kame
s heZUI meds (tolll ~long scan

as Ihe unainual basIe forI cnics
nassoinal usa~l~ ket~ MIn ld

Ul andthel Ir mode rpw

thar ndo~ mattre how pouar

r dona's pporodc the fLoraa

cial reture tha th 50vr

game shelfI. adJmtnlstrators
had so access shJI rrome
~ascenantlcicu htmcled usr
~tunrs should he * Twenty2(l become mote
popular He wasr speLaksa a
Aumissise headel itraighi
frorm she itI



Asa ~ mieeptlw'sIs iowsm in
Motugr termasfaee b~~rqr'~lr~aa rr

lIa Jetlatrmainedr Crce
esAmeri5diums)(FICAL TIm
May. the chid esetratv st

May- used Tess sad ODI
cracks amns smaca aaagC ad
so miay Tecuty20 Lames

. which
r uninten-
nian'a mast
the howlce
verr. a dar
, actsons
ntal whaic
ot( enraged
thIrd~ fet
(. 31cr aon
flastr frte
war he w~ho
tn the Isras

sed a **
nrd asked
before the
tober 6 to

iI ir yet another con-
traverral macden sc hinght
Shcosh's copy hook L~ast
month. he ecacped a Ss
000 Otne for leavany a
tramongn camp Io Karachl
wasihout snforming the
management TIh<* fIne was\
tubpended whecn Shuash
anasated that he told hi*
captasn. Shoath Mlalik. ofl
has snteniison* to depas a
from srtaming carly.
Pakistan'r first Test
against South Africs in
Karachi, for wrhich Shosib
huas ot berca pickerd, Rets
mader way tomorrow.

namerdgr sesm ane Ab~ase Requerd:

* Wheelmd~arslmuldmaetscarihe
- omrusoeomness rsesr serar a ssaPI plmmb*merca urleseereparaon a na onven er sa

* Peass*UgPres *******... a)es m prew arns a courses r easren n assamrs
* Ccnsar sancrrwreanew relamove r u
- Plcesbhsssese.

* 2 A' A~ssL 9rpra
5 MG 3ssect (Ouge 1or 2
* I oV r Anememanu poermrspearnrmM nci lis e

n't bring

z- L. Eu"-;

#IlMBAY CIMOMCLE September 30, 2007 2

' intern Jptions
f P n~ettIork esintenance

DEME*RAAA r,.... taRh*r w asseso Ison

hll octoetalt(~~
BER8ICE 1J ...w ,== **1)' onh~ a s0o( e a

eeRIU< '*n* ' I::I.;ra nge anoc (0to IOon h
WE#C~OA( WAC 11: v.l.aiwrauu reco rrmoot-
gygiyO *we 0 o o 80

11 I
I r

Ry N.A-nanthanarayran

(lReutrrs Rain frrced the
abradonment of the open.
lay one-dayer between in-
dia and Australs after
Michaerl C'larke bit a ca-
ree~r-best 130 fotIbr the l-h

Inds.. reph ang to
A\ustraIIsa, ?7 foir wacn.
sclr nine for one~ an 2 -1
userU whera shower\ halled
the day aght geanic ~l
though the raan \topPed. .x
weI omirr id~ meacnt Ibc
match uas astledr onr Jfrsc
.s threc-hour ant

Sachanl Ocndulkar le~he
fo~re for a Jud s n the we
ondl me~r befrce the
weather Inscrrncned
"It was good to were a
bundred test dhrpcLappitn is
was a tail of a wate." C~lare
told reporterL
Australia merre playlat
their firs ear-dayer alace
claimingl so saprecedrated
World Cap9 hat-trick la the

(arirbbean In AprIl.

rnad has players

the condtmlons
"I wasr happy
tou take the guys
Ihose usermlumsl."
s (uGtlchreat
B'ul the umpres r~
and the nulch ref
rtae Ilso for li
...""", {ud I
Ihthee slIjne hace
hrtween bes y
blr mc ndfudesh "

Its*M .and 7 4 lot the setth wsth
J.unes 164<> I,47)
rs.. n........ame es- -

rrecvered from, a painful
blor to his rglht hawnd from

left-rmn paceman Rudra
Pratap Singh early on to
hit 10 fourrs ad three

cover from 90 for four af-
ter Glchrrris had opted to
"I an hoing'ct it ir JUDt a
baser."( (.ukessed'' "wrllhac e
.1 uiun .rrter I imac a hasI of sc<

('lJIke was run-o~ul

senser Isua~l acci(v I1n the
twent.:~o HosidJ Cup

Fast bowl<
Shllllanthakunsua Sreesanl
struck three q~uick blow. I<

thesw~ Haydel (.14) and Andre
Symondsid (7) in auccesso:
Sleewanth finibhed Hs
three fo~r 55 while letter,
owarnerl Zaherr Khan ro.
tw~c for (s-t but thle Indi.
howrlel rs srug:gled again
('larke and Harddia, Hl
esarlckd 87 tunr in the lart
'Ise~ secod game in II
warna-match series is i
Kochillon, Tuesday.

AUSTRAlWmmnging Bowling Khan 10-0-64-
AGWdks treecuwa bh 1o, 2 (ab-1. w-2). Sressands 10-(
Muaydnhausre 34 ss- (ab-1, wr-6). R.P.Sing
S ~odgelIbwrb~mrrrest 0 100670 (w-2), Pathan 8(
UXetersenn-u no s~oo (wr-l). Powe~r e-1-so-r
ASpotonde amb teasn~k 7 Yuv~rl 6-0-28-1.
aheaMlthsp Q r Ohon INIntrgs
J~gwl~a*pes TeesrarS.Trukaritabohnon
a mann 37 I.Psena not ou
aimn ena a* assras: M. w-1)
asses~o (Me-re,-p s Tts:omtcne2.oe
Tes te enneoversiao7 La 1ASM, Johne,
*rn ****Lll o~l~:tnrb Teseoness

has .s hunrelrd ~n
has Test dchest at
thr umerunn ~rrrl
2fxM. pus re 144
for she fifh *ss Let
rrsh trml IGJt~xn MIchae tarks fetches a huge els over deep stakwicket 19 his 130
*******& (Vace 89orre

By Alastar Rhesrr

(Retrsc) J~amaks's 198
srmete wrld recrd hlder
Asal PowcM may attralp( a
sprist doeble at cth 2988
BIcji2g Olymrpics -- rtwo
deceph he b~a es th 0.
"Il'm \tdi nt sure fabou rr."
Powe (rdd Rccrlm yeantray "l
reaay don't lke or 2n rx~u anyte
1 wriB do a coupe rmre was so.

PactL Ut*, nse rkF 2fl

nd Ficid meams added "f'mn m
arcFhut dffm hcabry and agnd
stupc, tonmth 200 I II dnuHk as
em Oympac\'
Powell has been is ea.
stoppable form snce being
bealten by Tysn Gay in dae
100m fina at da orlid clease.
pionships in Olaks last
month, loweringf his own
world record to9l.74 mecndr.
The Jamaican rross~edto I
victorry In the 200nm as
Shanghas' a Golden G;rarKI Prsa
on Frlcday has mada no, secrcy
about hlZ asshke~ fo~r Ihe l~ngrer

r rac hn ter .nwl an Yrrlshwnr
"I're unly rn a~ couple of
2txh she~ year.' rhrugged the
24-year-ok ~I "ll tourts Mac n
anagl the 2tmand I t~rally dust
"I alwaPy wnt to un, she
Im) I ranted to run star 100
hear has onl) the .NX)was as~wl.
aIc~ so I had in unm shar "

Ga rs upf ym th ifxha a
da~My loaagan sae for+ a lilspr
defeal by trairanl Swne Wadsce
Spcwm anes~hagi
self."rdmtted thr Amesirclain
wise was the individual
spie deebte l Osaksu and
added a third fold ie the
"I dadn's really elpc~t so
ret bre Icn ~in Shangha Wallce
acsually broke my u-nnsy
streak Is ~wa my first low the
year and II hathered me
"Now I'm going to take
trespmnthlity to prepare~ my
body that every time I step ors
the track I have a repUtation
to uphold as world cham*

I *

artrrrcd hls owin preamly was
(Mympec tasks a1 Iks~pret
"I w-ar atually cussedl wrre
Arafa Powell twoke the wrlrd
recordr In 9 74 hecause that's sk
Ilme I hal tn my mmnd as edl."
said G~ay
"br* the makl bn er dul )was
on T.C. !;nks tiWen977 nm ng
It uon' tr hea hr a 3tank tf he Ius
mwifl mm s~aucr nrt rar
"But my main g~oal right
nowr is Irijing: and trying to
win the gold moedl. If the
record happeau lt happens."


s~k~b~l~.:ai~jl:..* .liiuwr\rruC;1--L.



In r uln

open in goDI

's su serb 1 80

a~ter Clark

Powell considering 2008

Olympic sprint double

fleA nta e i ssd
mtfh 14mdfsnused)r *ra r
no a Rwscartersr des needl h


(Oppositr the ~arnks Vnllage)

GET TREE Energy Sotver Buths
Comphrner tr of t~he Governmentr o( Guyagnr d the flopist i

of the Word C'up so far by kn~ocking out Walesa and bookr-
ing a placer in the qluarter-fnoual with a thdliag 38)-34 vic-
tory i their Pool Ii enounter yesterday.
S~cotlami erablwdL their usual place in the knockou rstage as
runtras up, In Poonl 1' wrth an 18-16 win over Ital~y with all
stalr points manangrl froml the Exxx of wing Chris Palerson. who
acmianued lus\ perfect reward at the tournament.
Viji's wla in one of the all-time assat World Cup
games, earnd them a quarter-floal meet~ing with pool A
winrsa South Afrrks in Mrarslli aestd weekend.
11 tyraJ. VsitrIUms Ilk(inau an1d Kele I rawrre Lo kicd 25- 10 as1 dhe
brtrea bhcxc Wales Icaughs back to go in frot early to the aec-

W~Jrs wen 1I ha waLlu lllns ucndr ya yr nt! ump olIry. sksp-

Fiji susched the lead back wils tw~o Nick IUttle peo-
skies brfer flanker Marrtyn WilLasmb intercepd I~ttle's

P'rop Grahanl Ik-wes Ianally ensredl the sce-aau. math
ended In II' sp a favouhr l when heurrowed olver forll thematrh
wantlnff try In tir 7twh1 nunute in pus Feijl Ithrenag to dr ae kc-
car stages for thr blrul Iue blnce 1917. Italy. wlho were vyane
for thetr firve quar
inlIanal appear-
arke pr aIru pricr
ul some dII dscsl-
IMane wstlh Paster un
wo~ri: cach of has

condirsons In SI
3 l'Maur

Becrlamaso wasb
sla-binardd earlr
on ad Mirce
Beryamlasco ~an
rqape a citisaff f-
AKAPUSI OERA ter tripplag:
nvyM IMu PA~L
JtolA br rurpr punihowsat atIb the .
the Ichantm wared the only try of( the match. Alewandrr,

thorutumsl awarrianps ims Scotl~and held oru t o arnatnue thenr
run ofl r~natm Ihr qluartr finahl In every Iwnmanwns
Icurunamen I.neouriltes atWl Pc (' wlnners New Zelaland
fmtiurdn thrln )rou\Ip se w sth a c~law perianrnance so an XfrK
ak n*wlhtn of Romi~nsa
U tnuresJ IrHMlo~~cate ucred tture of the All tlacks' I
trlc\ In .4 tr.n I.llltM perhamax that arkd n~ht frran the start.
~listnc \caledul mmany11 the Iar~t try attes just 16 wundls
Nrrm Zaland'r and Sicratissd'\ qluarter-fil ogpporats
will tar determined Inday wrhr tier demely contest Pool
IIh isn action. rrth Argentina medting: itreld in Paris
(1.9) and FMrac lady~ GeorgIL a toMarwri (130).
MllIcr IT s.Ltna tsi ~~IItt~rcrlcislly \till quahty~ for the quar-
toIsna (I If Iranict defC;1 (t Georgan. Ireland need to patck up
Ivanu\ ploem hs ccarinl .lt least fur tnes whilk dennym the
l'luma a twwnst~ pennt for Iloss by wven gramm\ ar kcne
hAuerahyr. ahr.rit awu~redofaql3 cuanries final alnam 10ngland
nrew week werrthe bil~c-\ total r heat player\ apalnst Canada
In Poorl H bu sil I crdr Io a 17 6 w~in
\51n; thew Milthlal wor*rtl luwo lnes to like has tall\ to
wcren In Ilc laurname1(1 1 ;nt an Austraian trecnl and onle sunt n~I
New /r.tlandl wmynt Jonahl I *nlus walllm umear od wIn 1999
Iar poet rtage concludes in Montpellier ~hen Pool A
winner Soutfh Africa play the Ulnited St~ate (1800) wIho
arr bottom o f he~ pool w~ih one poinL


r r r =I~IE~YI=

By Ravanra MaLdhela

DEFENDING che-yA- Deme~rara sad arc-rivals
Be~r~c wMI Eac al seda fo E? kl cbl Draese- o-
premiery ase Caymens I NateEnitahe. m+dPrwrdet. La
thefelrr dI th 2AIFI larr-teet cmpathemr ad a kra

11te ractn a usLchhk to curnanene as (P) to h sh ~I
Icams have had scaprehen
saVe Va~O(Cross.aa
andub won tsc decssmased to
keep thel wesamag strea tweny
er~rs tor their""" essL back
yarrd~ Ims year as wyan'
Itrs _terres(;time l Ge-a
emerr AIadm. wZ1 tr took-
let t repeat that doml-
mean after wisalat thr
gam by aramertbar45-
two mrge
P~ttaya. aten assai base
represated de Wasr Irwises
FIAAAA~ltS'tSSUMp ra nd are cars members of
the repanal team. well be on
\txm whak sacral playemrbu sta he Iyead reputaum so
Guwrrana apdnat~l Prarngda adl t ,amaural Alkes \it~nted ,ut?
'O cmapctanam rr aho se dbr mrs
Wcrs ladies skper Rmamrrate Sarmrws mail be Lrashny the
hawarm aCas wr he seasamus to star wreall\ cwniusd I (
fousyf20 Wadd Caep sa smash Afrwr. Narusagh ik~awaner

The he~ases a Drancr ra ll obsweaty wasrr hardecd Eamag abak ta can CapeCt~ sUpper fon Ith In team
Trave Dowrle, apcar Krrtma Aryme. len~ra (ulh ( hrl
torpher Barwwel. )re Adsmran an Wast Imbes\ t nSCr I's
-As9Ppe~irr Sareab anr
Thi bnem kwrystauseae ppe ma a srs are
pblayis at the inrteUrmeJ a Rwear wrb k housing its
first-twr seset teakllr-tet tha, a tou cred k sa-

Ikipated writh the Guyana Odrktu Beard cljeel $500
for admin:Ann
With Reun Ksng back ,n the quadu after mss~ring 16<
penulllmate russal agunems Iuncbo, Demraur can exalanue to
rely on ham wsth has pace anI acracyY wbin he shuedd derc
the new harll with Kayun Onffstih or Barawll.
Ik rspia satack w*Il be le y Llef-arm splaser Neg
Mlc(;rrell ad included anohr trlB-arm rambd ~
Dhrepal, Sq-rplana Johnson and ohparaCIyLw ZLatr
Mohamed, Jacobs and Sanrwa wih Ys Les-plm.
first*1r w-lll bc .unluou to dedunne the hrne ings. ha Onar
.sppresh wtll have t c, the Il nw as sky dlad Lbn theIJ mattL ro

thanarsar assid ask to, tak yup h houlal respaumbdasy
whale Srnctnasn C'hattec~reon. Royrian C'raondn. Asad
Iusdasts limakhardf'~* Smar and Gzaeme Slalh should asp

trtusslng i- sruln ( rankmc utrs rtu~ruse mtu no the tw o Irnsous
mlurah Jur Ir ancemesr amutulturras In I ngand u
)It< wZ tr enhted try sI tarl Matyd carranktl Jrrymy
Gerdea sad Blrandoa Bras wrY1 Art-ephna Matredra
Netsor esse off-splaerr Im-ra Jafferray Acrt-rr ~r
Deveere Bisho sa lef-ar spine Verss LJ
The tenl umprrs ;rr (fler I~acan and VAddc NKIM~h with

Ik~sta wrn sctab\ ikttr tpam remh Nanang Iknurar c
Ih~rn \post 1 I dLmhn I~ar hurms than;ur Ar*Lfrw IPeraa. Girazanan Smay
Knessc Moltore to Ap (. Mahread~ra Nagammu~n, Imran
Jaftrr lrly berr as..amm Prmraul.r IsIdra lalum. Itscasks rl
Ikurn tmlM rnsusese the mane --uL thand Is~lastwas

Trrets Iediat. Arkhasc Ar)eer, Isrre Jekenso. 7.trtf
Makamed. fken, Vrrrer. Lease fank. Ntrcra Jarab.
( Lksr9tptrr Buarwrit. Newhd D~rypselt krwto I~srhtim
rrkp.'. Rawe Ktog. rad Rayous The manage 6
CRotart Adprak widr (hCin BaI~ try tem~ takel upttemrt

By Jer Chapseme

SIl.I.WEAAVERLS rwaasred

makermrs wit S~rer Shanas
heat Erml ses of Anrrwmn 1-

Foodsaoll Amristice ( one-
mrrcial featha copetitrana
cnontiumd at Ier Mawrkririe
Sport. (1sh greed Friday
tn ih e winuperow mre r ul e-.

he a~nnant* .t th.Hllh when

orn- In rwnts toytr n thaer il

The I;D~fA leager chm-
pirms BakerrM Topp XX who
werre twtrain Hisonersfe n
nrctions when thrir 2-2 rrzu
Iltion plav was to, penalt
Ikiks will Innk for skier> to

p~l~iner K.ilank- (II< Klnnon I)w

h.ll n b. w nner. ' **-****Lawn pl.i

fer wlr sescnrphs
Hal1loCJI es: .Lere Isr:I 1.
urn I imia niyhs alis ( Even
Ilkr netted) rs rut. .: Ihe rsh
mrnuat usl \ee hi: lcanl men sly I

flarr wrord goal came
fear uinetr\ aferr pla! rr-
smmed with Raillwmarra
shrad 1-0 Pad madr is 20
through a strikr ha Wrnuon
Su~mma in the 49" minut~.
Heal the lauint icL war. .,ble

therslJo Iourl the bw L of the esteerd thr adv~antae r ~r
tr::an he t nunertwothcs misepe from hallf Ier strs

hI~r .Serts rard.
knunrurow wahree to, gain
even the uearr wbrn he netted
rn the Mrutl mlnuter arnl Muhul
Withl met \hrln~n few the won
wr when Ir -ord~ Io the l
mmar u
Tier UI>FA ( ommrrrist
fotbll3 championship tw-gan
Last M~onday with a 1-4 wto
orw Net Rockrr\ user Ender

eventlualh kut ,'
Thr wread Itame n thr
Srnisma sidr Reasil makiag
rarlr inroads and hocked
their oppersals whon frraia
Hattrron notlrd in thy .Ird
mmnutr. Milrrr Zhallar thra
worr a~yr to brarI the warrs
thrnouh Alliaorr Johnion.
Muhr an( the nrrs rdl two goata
inn thr .46h minutr for the

equaltwr but Rearl thrn rr linked .

former commonwea~lth junior
middicweigiht championi:
Winfield BraithWaite. Scan
Bristol and Morgan,
Speaksng wstlh the Chmrcnwi
Si'rni \calenlar\ vi phone Hnstl~,

(7r\.riNA han' coml e to~~ the awa

lame of thes sort ni(in (uana
'Le. icrt me Put t h wapr we
areuu vrhapp th matl werdd hlre
ded hdlh~Ea. lilo :i

Blake. a 1997 Pan-Am
Championship brave
medallist is one of three
official s welrrctd bi the
G;uvnna 1mntRurI IHoing
Association, to, CIo t, the
ga~mes. 'Ir rlc~e I'oole is
the other couch while
( li~fon Mlore b~ the man,
"" ", ',II. I .long i th ull

HI laftr Jamil

'TII), G;uann inrth Ame~ri.
can Houing winin

mo~ney whcrc ,Is hearl is

sided knll tuning 11nash with 1

l .11pro.Y heel h11m -rcLIIny :I"n

the UNADA~ was ;

t,,r)n h.H hamne

P'atric~k lordl i former
('Enmmolrnweni frather.
weight champinntl: Lennlot
illne~knaml~ v t former lc


i. lu p 10 ~l .n Ito v th e ( ,, If .. 1 11 ~ \ l li( o Ib te h e I (o 11h e 11 1 ( (


). 2oof


III~PFiji shock Wales to reach

World Cu rugby quarer

emerara er ce clash

VM 0 F8 0 0 81 0 8

National coach benefits from GNABA support

SUNDAY CHRONICLE 5teprrcltembr 310 200/ 31

... three teamzs bunchled upl at thze top

44 t

: A VAT Policy Corner

rou.CI 1R: s: v.T and th Aricurlt ur al br an

1 Oder Ithe \;tlue. Added~t 1'at \ct o .'(IN1. Szlc hedle I~rr rrol kckzt IIa hstr~r 01 I'm IJ and senf- tees 'hich .titract
\'At .51 thte rsic of /cto,- pe~r cetr (fl "

theCIIII'~ 111;n stemsre;lC1rcro-ralcted idrrtc Schedleclt L
*I he first imprtl~cf of one ofI 1 eChLI large 4..Ipital Itern o eql~cuipmnt schl rlrll; abuldotx en exYCalatesO ftraC(to
I)CC mlltl s'aw. nII) saw\ my1) ltalchine*, woodk :Iul)~ mtalC'n Illthes dC'lreg at1 himlilar. hCav.y duty ind~ustrial
rnitlch ne

*P'repa;redl paitfry Icd. cLatic te'Cd(. p~ig (Ced'~.;l j m~JId o ~that repare ;nIaI; Icd and illered~ients1 but not0
in~chaing pe~t food r,~

*Funt:RI~I~ IIC)dCed. bcb Md. weedTIJCid (1;) ;ltotalluraTl purpa)OcC
MacIncryleT usedr for p~rep.n any an;tinarll feedilng slltuf~
llarrow s. L'ulinto\lrT. 10a;ri fters, prloughs. Hecrder 4 atid hoesc

Ymau ;re adit\ed~t tha~t thle /ircm-ratine~l of' thes.c stenisr1 ts lot automat;11(.:~il An appClictionl Illust heC tiladeJC t the1

w~.ji bcf /Ccro-fatd. file iniporter w~ill Ihen, he abic lo acquire mind pr-o\id thc 111aterials free ofVA:T.

It I important to1 nte tha 1I lat P1ll rowthll regulat~ors mIre not /tcr~o- .rated. l'Therefoire, VATI;I atte' standard nrat
of salutect) percent It 1 "o) frlrlus he cha;rgedc whclt they are 'iupphe td.

I'cT10ftis who, ha;ve qlueries with rclcfencecc to VAT are e~nco~uraged~t to n rite to, the ('ntmnit'scioner.
VAI a;nl IEXCise Tlau IDepartmeint. :!I() 'Ii' Ajlber1 and (har~clotte Streetsi. liou1rda fo~r

B I~i~i~
L, 1&

\in the 28th un~ame tc on
qusonir If <.ssu Icloe .to rc
I1uIh-I n .0l~l lieve Pe., 11c1 11
lok rhr nf* Irtlue dow IBn

t*Iunt uesthe# *fr for h w as

lull cas;.*Ib rtorl be oh to

resumptin afrfter 5 nltthe half.
time brreak cnnue ute's cen ;tra d

"Ir'"Vht .1Ind Irthwe minull 1Te onl is

hclbul.ltr ul who rlo m ( lluret o 1I

do was allcF yclt lany~t; Ibroug rd
the noddler~ I.min w led .ua
ru ltherr puteo dltuart Ico Lthe
wsde of the miug nrcentray
.s nma.)ldr ?l enwrdany et sde
Irtars ju Lthed La r pses u
Conquerohnrs had A clear-
cut chacer to da ldl n
thce Ir cnlcrh J minte, but r

boa. pattedr thea bal ls into th

Sudder nly the I rulla bo s

:lh nnuute ther pressure tend
lr Itail as a olI rhhap from n
Peassre'. rutrpoungl went
shlr..ulh the uses -head out

Withl timet runnig ouu
bothII leamb wenlt inl Mearch I
ther winner wih~j nerar misb
at opposite end4.
Five ni'inutes from It
end 'Zarrn' went pa

bakbutL Isu ~ih (analisit.
*yquare aCrossL t
goalmiouth found no-or
and three minutes lat<
*Pradei' hit the far po
from close range*.
Secornds before the Im)r
whistle In thre fo~ur mltnutes
addedr Itowc lier~naner/ got t
asdel the arcre onr Ibe Ileftnu ut i
weakassemptF wentdlsrecly In
the hands of1 Anhus. at the"
It ras a deserving ed
the most exciting garme,
far. In the Ceclli

By .llu ian La ow

of cartier widespread pre.
diction as they enided the

Hletrn, fliers, in the big-
gest upwti of the zeason,
wchile Fruta C'onquerorur
and Pele played to an ecit* (
ing lai in Frida,'s (;FIl
OdlinkL Premier; I.caur
The LaJwsnncr rec*rsed
Iheirr but j. l'* resmaniC tor
their rin-1l issar rlamma0. -am.
InI agrplnt the- t~ank- Idang
fI'cers who, endedr wash nanc
pt~cr. ner ar (ztemrer flared
am$ rrierce CSto IUnses kni
tor credt a piJ'srctl to ch hrlf
ofl the hurd inuehl ilvrical
Mildficider Orla
Pope* wa+ the firrt to be
show the red card orw abo-
Jhe langluage in the 27lth

ing ordertl 23 mutes into

Malallnno~n was teit

has'f" assistnt. hat the pay
ws anirl a usnt abous llrp~f
language andr otur iame the

Ar~lcrt losinp fur* Fame
on the test the L~aw an were
not~ expreted tor gEC panr the
yourthful ITigrs, but the
eleven players who, \hoed
up for~ he ensurementr prn-
duceda giut\) perlfomnce to

thatr firgt three prointsr and
rnove tot four prrnts on Ctm-
plesmge thest quota of rwas
f~irs-nOund rmatihes
Peter Park9 as the
staind-in Roalkeeper kept
the Lawrmen in the pmame
writh timely Interceptions
and saves w~hen called
upon, wrhile captan Capries
Monnkhouse and 17 year-
old Elvin F;oo made their
preseFce felt in defence.
The two-player adfvan.
tage the L~awmen enloyed
gave threm more runrn ir, play
the long and diagtonal ball
whrch they uwdc~t to pressure
the Ttgers' defence f n nulmer
otrr corunter-attat km Fasc
mlnuteu from thecnd~. wcond
cthese goalle. Keater Giraham.
handcledc the ball Ilur ,lst tlie

fthel two i~i II1n I th lftC iln a pUscal

pcax: aSks~hu rcrr lK Jc I
Nassonal cl f li undichics

rsght hol ch rarn ther Irun

thaed Ibgr ~iato\ leele the

Itnd out and Ibnrs *bl p

itfh was thell wrd perfo.

14rt uRu imseldn bs r scride I
andl hr om blfcrn Densl tmp(n ar
blamed thert lossrct rr the

playrmf hr okth Iiel game
lir~ghtly andr i tche thoe ap.
pro~ acl r hrr Iwas a prdward

iThew Irandf resu Ih s T on l'

mpnew oper e~l~ Ya us:C we s
itnr we rua IcranItOLC larsne

I as wfronrln hasud ron theo
nrodtsh, hmpo im oo Ih ~d

whoha beerr~r~nl lturstn(It rn,
sfpctand transfer the T& T~h Pro
ItlthF apposit Psa Jaes tof~ hc~l

Deala\ Jacob aOnd (n requalle
th for a transr hasn carrf been
made by h orc~nI Ibe Polks ide.
rr he .are olyc uhean Iit ag. l

an" Iaernl I ornal tranfe aor

th a J~al cobs they aseduy tass
respectd me st the oach. Rnhe
into e of u hs nd rlated 0'"

the tem frlotl wm.n "Thcc ganw t
was wotlrna from i,,ln nthe dr lcume

roo Tiw Ip(r wotre

I'stl c whol ended1.1 ()he 111'

ha..(ll ~. h ns ssa .,lk 1I1II1 Ill ~ll

.eludtrrlu I n.. hr Inrth
manlce who u;:-m *led i'c
m *r wated gre mucr te thr Imes

boamat **Il intoa rbh nt i


Police silen ce Tigers 1-0, Pele

and Conquerors draw 1-1


Botafogo fans throw i

/, WOneR S underwear, vanis.. ARI

_ lHLY -L 11 111

1111-. Intrrnautional ('rkket ( nuncl at (I('' Jfha enun)I) ICed it hC-
rism of one-dayn ruuir rlnnges~r wIth i~lmmedinr effect.

mImd~tjUs nlhance of Unalthllh \UltrU( thed MI~II lrcts of ubToC

a i nd a s m telr st Sr ~ lbr al w ~i ~t u tru ln a n I r ng~ uin wi r r n

:i~ilb th unmu << ,.
lr~lll..~i ,l~~ir.~il(j~ `~ r un(i~tll. sums to .s11(1111 natu I

popcorn ;
thre womes undrmB r
Ri de Andr aipr yst

SI~I~ (UC Untr wths'uTnaa *
th1a. *e. Inst & 1*4 ( f 8 W
laws .r ..mains. threeT 0(-ni

.~ ufrry l ta ss

IIn6 burhatmau cu ~ l.ust : ..I on .sagk .
ft. 4t" F.-r.0 .ui:rlkrsna
("uca'. r thossr mn c
of Itar waramng: Bradl's

v -4 ,. --- L
THE free hit rule was a Buccess in the Twenty20 World

stan, ir nbot reaid) to herr laim firtb dclistrrq withrin two minutes,
"fT thee p~lcT~,reviotu s wicket.c (148(' Sporit

( o




... fifSt rOund ends tonight

10)( fnal nrmac of th" nfirs
round to, the fifA/C'ruink
Prr~ier* League between
drfrnding chmpon Alpha
to bor an ecting afar.
Ibc bt Ic~atme of ths:
F "r nu.,: I'rmurr dres~c Iv ukr
ih***abrl )lrhe pes.rlk f an9 uias
nvet( angstowcnn whlmar <<<**0.1
fromtl the hrltium of the righs
Ir~un fraffu
()nc prent Oepd1rate the
foulrth ..nd linih pl~rual Icrana
.andl a won for hlph washic p~ro
P-1 Ilrrn tol orh 1nP web Ihe 1.
Ivtri .~ I~* tnid pa t le .0 0 c.
t..r \.m,clr u tril pu,\ these Io
II oIr'nt altong ulth I'le .ma
(uruplror c~

cn a prc r llnr cornment cx
p~reswdl ht\ bhellf, we a~re F"
rng Ito un .unr capex t n..ahlnt
I7he iagt ehat the \ drfrated
the Arita ?liss thest lata F. ars
thrrr csentutrwe well bc hwrrrted
ur wre wuhir rrn*< bc takng them
Ihe~ flrtl ror,~nal .s the top on .*
I~rtr cal (Tunnat cne I c **
President and manager
of Sanguar >rankr 'tEnglish'
Pasrris. in hisc b~-rif remark
said. "Wrell- I don't have
an? cotmment to make. I
could Irt the ga~me do the
talking. 14hat I can asirure

you i*to tht we re goi out
to secre utre pal~tsc."
The Alpha wide wdi he
without thest top goal-gierr
Andrew Murraly Jr. who hab
packed up twn yelknw cad and
utill have in sot out today'b
p~n.m ths~ plc ir capected to
hre taken by cather Kevin Cmlth
or 1)wayne D~aniels who will
Iea up mn attack with form
(1-23 natumwalUlion 1rcunne
National midfielder
Shawn 'Falso' Bishop will
spearhrad the whidole ln
vith laon G;rundde and 11-8
national Philbert Moffatt.
while the dfce: will be led
by Kelvifn Simith and Quincy
Please see page 26


ll i

/ *,'

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511111, Jll#;, ZUI




3t players
Icrnl inr) Wuitafg Lats
Inywmn usl the plato rl t
r0 wntm the te~am returned

*.ruins rl II red.I .dre thl r
r 'l Il thumi c o so I usan Jl F I
1 I .'t un)natesrlr Jsk th xr
: nwn Iroc arnnp 4 *.

i*U1lr Isu 10 thllly 0 ~a~

:t Mrtus..~ Ms my asked tP

:r the ,Ulth roactrikam
'it sOIIesonII CSub



Alpha versus Santos

promises more

Premier excitement

Sun tsbhvy eP~ttmbe 3O'SC

*LJs ` i




sl A3~



1~ E

~t~~*; ?J~~

ssr *
Y4. pa


Nolt to be sold se~parately

t[.- iS

STUDENTS of the St. Cuthbert I Primary School enloy a swing on
their favorite tree during recess rsour (Photo by Quacy salmpson)

( entre


~ifi ;*.


a ~7! 'f~~jej T~t,
I ~
L,"'~r~:j~ Ill


-hlKe the trail to

~ !r~I l





Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007

the G;uynnesbe part A. J.

stand irr c (lsh sand n clnth rthe
wirticsr Whatr nodesl a htrl~cs.

)I the. ussoln Itfunu o)I)I r ( scI ( l

myt II the ed1LU l 11Uchanuy ILR

elpc ccr swaYI wroltcn cte .s
centur) ,ago to poets' IILe

Hthuut %n whluu nl menth lw
ul crlni neagvm pruentrr I
Theun ltr alry usugadar

convecrt ANY cnttlras Into an
isstrigyulog work of thmraturr).
usuarllrs nro up bcing a mb.
artlanrous ulnthulllK of p"-

rnma and htOries c~hosea
mostly for whal (they rsay,
nrther 'tan, HO(W thery uay it
O)n the other ha*nd, when
other creative write nesnrge
uithr aI whlon o~f poetrry that
differs sharply from thfe aed
conventional frmt rand
style a Wordasworth, bhrlry,
Kcats, etc, or prose that dif.
fern, sharply from a I'harks

Austro, etc, they may fle it
diffiult to fit in or be ac.
cepted by litrrair-! munrapaie

thatc uphould theu old tradition,
of buc'h writers.
Nrw Wrntcr' with, ;1 sww \I
\Icon ol rcxcual IlltrratUre use~l
Itherefore a~nd II nrcena~ir) In
Launrtchth cunvtrruanlne rjncle
kwa mothers will ;llocW Ihenr hel
cii crat lsrcb i ber heard in
Imtels 'In ry l a inw, of lu), d Il
M can ~)CUnseYer wrroang conse
tnto, exatnce today, and abo u
wh\y they are bombahrded try
bsutllbmlnbsn fro1 w.OUld be
asurescl PUrsuanR pubbecatson*
reaesfp asxi rewardr ther of
punrusalrc scainrle watrwh Wr
cnspy wants to write what h
(11 sh sees as the aCCePtabIC
run will ohsmlurlh have no
nee for raw lates magaunne

hteratue wstlh olutstndng up

At this p~oin, we may ahk
ouaie why orry with trr-
lonl to reit~z create lit'
watery via on coten or

the orl~rd progress or de'
* HK n anw M o. S
why not tapk an styles of
ci~ratv writingf Hhrs must
literature ~reml the asmr
way I we a .an aga *, a
pedally to the AngoWord*

ten mui paladlot. rculp^
tore. rk., have progtree?
tFor nample, the reso wh
the dad Gaysow literar
prrlodical 'Kyk-therr-411'
first edited byv por A. J.
Wyeour was a rcssty. is
tarass local and regilonal
caibba topie need d to
have a rok vi loa active.
Itheraoy no one befosre in
Guy anne Litelrature wa*
wrjitist what Mi~tctelolLar*
Hart and Carter wer writ"
ing hatheer~ly 50's. ae'
cLaily la content. so 'Kyt-
th rr Al becm a oru for
suc ne Guyanes writinC.
tiowreve by the Itime 'Kyk"
thrcr-All' arie at issapar -
ently flast kneues in the
1990's, it was no longer as
frm and extn as it was to
its first decades; it had be-
cam~ul n a eonal
literary stte syarbo, every
tas publishing mostly the
same old names in the
Gnyaneser Arts, as though
nothingl new and rrettingr had
emrerged in tuyanese lIters'
ture, paitigsclpure, etc*
Also even ifa few new names
do begitn to appear in some
estblished magazine. those
new artit are usually pro'
during old fashioned, wcorn"
out srtyks o art, chmled
as atpkeeping 'g~ood saln"
dards', so they are accpted as
part of the 'rtood old boys'.
Nuch an approach is what
causes the slow demise of
many literary magazines that
were once fresh, innovative*
and progfressive, despite how
much money similar 'stat1us
seeking' sources may throw
at them. Literary magazines
thrive on fresh, unusual and
outstanding creative wtriting*

not stale, boring sutrnsr of
writing. In Ms aarten(rtr's
words; 'Tloday'si rebel is
tornorrow's onslervtie
On tbe other hand, the
1960O'r Luyanese IIlran maga-
o~ne 'KAlli', teme the OfiT-
cral O~rgan of' the Nationa His-
Irory and Arts ('ouncil. often
published new vasices emergint
,o G;uyanhse ILctrature, but asc
the post-independence
Giuyaunes regime becam mor
adcomputals IFL toI rdent. "KAIE'
rslowly became more of a
mouth-piece for social1 ideas.
rather than litrar innovation
so content and style. Only
when certas aIcl and innouva.
Ilae Judgee jursed the Guyanese
Arts ~Coucti Awants for wrTj-
ang an p~unllnp dad we see in-
novatste wo~rks of art appear-
Ingi so assuer of 'KAIE'. The
lesson as btmple; even at gov-
crnrments help to ~inanace na-
clconal magaz~iner for cretive
writing or national Publishing
Houses, thce shud not influ-
enc th types of lateraureta
well appear in its pages. No
topilc is more acceptable or
fav~nrablethan Blatubr A~r
equal under a responsible.

editrlral that as cocre with
the cil~lsh exellnce: or ma-
net an which topics are deal
wsth to cratve wrnting
Sarmaarly. the reen revival
of the yearly Govan Annual.
w-hich is really a misrcllanou
magara~ne. not suf f sesntl a
creative wmter's magazine, re-
turned w~ith ~some fresh excil-
Iny new writinp under the

Itnon. then top a lser x
tent. Kolo McPhenson. but ap-
parently the same sont ot inno
vative submassions in creative
writing dropped off and me
longer appear in recent issue,
of the magazine. whose sec
tions on creative writing be-
came shockingl old-fasionce
and cmbarrawringl nai~ve. Nei-
ther the new editor Petamber
Persaud nor juries presiding
over submissions can be
blamed for this if writers are
not pnxtucing and submitting
new dynamic Ftylistic ex-
amples of Guyanese creative
So. where are we nowil
Right back to the need for the
birth of an additional maga
tine! for new (creat(Iv
G;us nese literature wchid
must appear at least foot
times a year. Maybe we
should also speculate on pos
sible ways such a new cretiv,
literature can come to blird
and fruition, since Thl
(;uyana Prize For Literature
Ls not, and cannot be a denfin
tive substitute for this nurtur
ing process bneneficl to botl
writers and readers. ,

.- ur- :u : a r n . 11." '*.11' s .* 11 I ..." .ninlr l is i/:

:n I C;1 Pf I it it u 4

iL*,,arcft wsi tilli j.) so s t fced \*:I i i ri initt b I lrth a tt w i 11' (ltilst rt al I 1 ida (11\ I 10$* l)
jfh, ZI1III~. P~lease~ rcid the b~c t*cll~ionl r Ilitcef, :s~tr 10.10 trcl int f), rtir i, i.f i1)1.

*You do act ow your ow hon but LMr in nregn 4

Pag2e 11

certainty that
the first
W~creah wrriterl
who larid the foundationt for
mrodern contemrpuora
G;uaanew L~itrature, nmames
like A.J. Scymour, Mairtin
t artelr, Etdgar Mindlrholtarc,
Hilson Harris, J~a Calra,
Prrre all nurtured In the

ll, British Galanal
(;uyran's mostr fmous
literary pekrodal, eited by

I g

defence and aic~cident

Wounding convict

escapes 5-year

jail and a flogging

of ~O sto


Tlhe Giuyana Sugar ( oriporaion Iinc. invites
Intelrestedc parties to te~nder fo~r the Proposal
Ver PBXr Blilling Software.

(. Iosng Datre for Te~nders will be Thursdayv,
()ctober th 2007.

Plcarsc Tontacl I'Urchasinlg Manalger-General
irtmmdiately to purchase and uplift Tenrder
P'ackaye aI:

Malerials Managcment Derpartment
~)l .11-a cs Dmraa
Tekplchoner: 592-222-29 10. 3161l or 3162
I ax: 592-222-3322
k~madr: mmdcta-guysu:ocorco

Y8h ~fls


Qumk #o o the prsueson or

1. Managing Markettn Strategy and Programmes.
3. Mrk tng Reearch.Aayss n Product Pricing.
4. Monitoring and review of pouct performance.
5. Volume and revenue mon trng analysis.
6. Attend to customers queries and complaints
7. Attend to media related mauers'
8. Organise public relation activities such as promotions of new
business, launching of new products, det.
1. A first degree in MarketinglSales or Commerce or any other
related field.
2. Experience in Marketing and Sales especially the Introduction of
new products.
3. Proven commitment to a team environment diild CL.te.'S2
4. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
5. Must be computer literate.

Applications along with a detailed Curriculum Vltae, two (2) references and a
recent police clearance should be mailed not later than Thursday, October 11,
2007 to:
The Human Resources Manae
Guyana Post Office Corpora ron
Robb Street, Georgetown


Applications are invited from sui~taby quaSlifed persons
tM hi h vacc of

To provide secretarial duties to the Extenrsionr Manager:

QualNtcadions/Experien~ce :

Five (5) CXC. including English and Mathematics

A minimum of three (3) years of relevant work experience. Must have strong
Organisational and Communication skills. Computer literacy.

Interested applicants are required to submit their applications. enclosing a
rrecent Curriculum Vitae aInd full contact details to

The General Manager
Guyana Rice Development Board
116-117 Cowan Street
Kingston, Georgetown

The closing date and time for the receipt of applications is at 15:30hrs on
Friday, October 12, 2007.

Sunday Chronicle September 30. 2007

Pa e III

si sues of

ullow :: ch p~a, hu e: i
inr mlind th~e prinlCiples go~vern
anld lusvanlg Irgard to thle relevant
factors in b) Iw weighed, the inter
Chie : L Jhl r(U r I1 ;

petrsonsl who were~ acquitted)
1979 atl the Berbier Criminarl
session f te oecre ofr


CONVICTED. Chandrica
Persaed Saskhar, who to
197 seriesly weaede
BaUram Jaisasagl with, a
inc fe~ewn a qurrww evr
rrbbish was fame pP~t et
weeedhi wkh, intst.
The vual ladye ureascad
hm. so raw years Ps Pres..

by Ch~ancitor Vlrlct ranch .
JunecFe of Appeal Kcancsh
(kcarac. an Acltsa Instac of
Appeal. M <' L~lod Imne, l
S (
Javacc LucUtoo delsvred n
the mas godgmens so whsch
oc~nlura canew d lru

Iave self defnce and aca~dess
'The (aust of A~ppel held
to The assl godge uanuse so
rave desecausesr no whrlm the
bmdca of p~ran lay so regard i ,
I ther uueso self deearc and

arderd dams the prw-
can recovet a nospag a 10
Bes becam of ICI
directaam as assacofd welf-de
eace and accdca by Uth Darl
judge a has seaPnasson btod
Iury. Sabrd was frd am p
peal by Uth Goymas Court of
A rarsl was however or
dead by Uth Cour ~castaurd

Tbe only quessrona o ap
pea wer the tasks ad th nal
d0rpudes sc the pRope dsctm
tone of the sawes, o wif dr
frace ad udaccda watc arner
frm rbc appellam's salemens
ame frm, the drrck .
18 war submaterd shes ~on
wherre s drahas wide danc r
ars dad the trud yedge detcrc
du ar w fat r @ac rae n ne

risa The tral judyr's dar
Ioon ass1) defCove~ when he
Assed so knes houe so the pgry
d thus M rse lentshaa rarm an
fadr teprescusanr to neasterr
wuc Fuattacess an an Tasfr the
defnresoetahr3$k ha. carsl
detcclson on the hardca of
prunt wa cnI utefibra

WC.HO, c.

Only suitable applicants will be acknowledged.

Inadequate directions on

""fiz'" l';'i:ubu enot unuilad I tdflni~c in eI~r Irr myH~~ II.t~
harrdware; design of/ r-ompute'rid i~rnformaionr cystes and tooul\ t, fac~ililtate
in-house operraions; frnctrion aI r-mail adjministratolr and if rb Mastcr fo~r
botrh loclul intrnetl and intrannr websites; detrmrrrine and ulfill traininK
requrirements of end uPers.

Slkillsr re~quired:
* Ability to sseperv7ic and admrinister luoal area netwar, fI li. ( 1.4ilitr to
analy- and develop efferiehv, effic-ient, and reliabit operations throughC the
Information and T~echnokgy Services.
* Ability to update and srenglthen thre caparbilitiesr of Ithe persnnel for the
adequate ss ur ofthe computer reurnrce.
* Knrowledge and ability onr the better us nafthe technologies of electronic and
computrp conmmunication, in administraisy and cooperation activitris.r
* Knowledge and abilitr for wch poags design and implementolation
(Interner/Intranet). as wellI as the orgaonizatin~ of data for their resPeCtIsy
* Ability to implement security processes, irmprovement~ and updating of the r
tcch nologircalinfrastrructu re.
* Apritrde for assitidisciplinary teamworrk, nrtosme cdollabrative leadership
and rodevelop ask( shared ~i th cpathrpole.
* Suhfi~cint knowled~e inr thefollowir~~nR res configur~rationaintenanre
and updating of erve~rs and desktop\, backssp procedures, computer
security (antivirus\. \tecurity pnmlic-ies, ec.}.) tlcommurnicatione (fi)rewalh.
switch, routrrs, alP), deacrkspmentofappficatrionl.

Qssalificationrs and Expe~crince:
* Liniversity degre ir ninfrmatrion Technolor r or,***::f*;;,';;,
* Fi've ryeal~rs rep-,;;;&C rn Keneraml Infolrmatrion Techlnolog'.: and at leasr rthrcee
y~ears in systems and networrinrr admrinistlration. Experience In ev~rarluation
and implementationr ofinformarion Tch~inoloarN~rojects.
* Experienr e w'ithr Ifindows 1000/2003~ Server.I If indows 1000/1P Pro. Office

(crtificat~ionr would h anl asset~r
* i~rsy quad)1 AnowI'~'lede r f I~lnglish.~ Anow/.1ll'rdg o\f .1paishl woud111 hr( an1 asso'.

Pa.,!,lr i /ten /0969,,r

TE L: 2 2 5~ 4 4 7 f5/2 2 6 3 2 4 3 9



llrirabo for H~umianity Giuyanra Inc. masses scaled bid for thle purchase of
olnc TO)YOTA TACO~MAi Eixta CJab. Packrup Truck on a "as is, where is
bass~" Inspectilon hy Intrel~sted thdder?; well be accomnmodated during
thle perud OcftoinT 1, 2007 19 OEilabrW~~;irS L00 from 8 am to, 4 pmn at th~e
Nartsonal Offlic~e. 45 ItadtIicid Street. Werk-en-Rust

lisddinglr wsill h~e condu~ctedl thro~ugh th~e Tecnder( Commallrace of' Hablitat forr
SIirnmanity (iuyana Inc.. 44. Iindfidld Strcuct .Werk-en-Rust. Georgetowrn.

Paymentn for the vechicic mnust be ma~de by- a M~anager's Cheque. Full
paym~nent must15 be mnade within one wcck of acceptance of' the o~ffer to the

Itw awarded to the next highest qualrfied bidder.

SIlids mu\Ist be depoaitedf in the Tende~r f lox before O)tctbe 5. 2007 at1 the
fo~llow\ring! atdress:

( ha;1rman1. Clnder. IBoard ~( omnitteellC. Habitatn for Hluma~nity Giuvana Inc~..

1 l~' ialf11( 1ed Street.1 H`1, erk 11n-' Rus. 1( scometow n1

Iltl.:H t IIIIn illinu al 1n1 r! 11 1 111u 1r "'"nt ''t tcha ~in i l 01. 1 1 11 nde I

I I: IIl.ll I I It n' u 1 .1 1 Ia i . I l ''i l il( 1\ i ; 1/.

Page I

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007

canthre hlrlrIe b~ut intent to cause.

mun r. thIl man c"lamet to ratta

use anld I too~k a stick and lashe6d
hIrs hland and thre lance ell1 and
b~e fell on thre lance and he got
b~orec. Well if you believe thlat,
thenI heC IS no(t guilty. You examr-
inec the circulmstances and see if
you can comer to, that conclu-
bion"l', ther trial judge had Said.
Reacting to, the abo~ve in hia
Iudgment, a.;cting Jurince of Ap-
peal Mr. C. Iloyd Lurckrhou de~-
clared, "Nowhere in dealing
with th~e specific defences of
relf defnce and acardent did
thre ludge bay that~ at was for thre
Sutae lo negaurve the defetnceh ol
KUe~lf deece and accident.
''lIhe ludge also, omitted to
explain thatc there was a thsrd
senable position. Believing the
waltaeae for the Stater was one
positson, which would lead Ito
convictson. Beclievrng the de-
(coce war the Second porition,
whsch would re sui t s acqusual,
Ihese war a absrd passason how-
e. es, for 1 te fury was sn a
reaumahic dorubtl whethr te ac-
rcpt the \cession of the State or
that of the appellant. Ihen ac
qultrlJ mullSl followu
11w Couurt of Appeal or-
dered that the convictions and
Ksentrae tw Set aside sad a
new trial ordered.

Fwrom page 1III

wonuding: Ballrant
Jalmangal on June 1-8, 1977
with latent to caus 61 '
glrievous bodily harmeor '"
maim disfigure or disable
him. ccrntrary to the c~rimnal u
Law Offences ract Section 57

*He wars: sntenrcd to five
years' imprisonment and
flagging of ten strokes. From
this curiction cad scatrace

The cas fr l be State was
samlple and strasphtforward
Buaram aunangJi avceiem cuk
thatl on 14th June 1977. at 7 th)
am. ther was an echangeIR of
words tactucen hm and Maidhll
Sasuchar. who was unc or sk
pen~rsonsancque. r Adrn tkcml
Purt Mourant. Berbsec. owrr It
throwrng: of rubbash csyywnstc
Baltramn J~ununarII motcher '
)1.wd Thus sr-ttcdnt Cadedthelre
BLanlra J~unung~althen wen
about has work. tending has
cowm Akxst l 00 I amu. he wug

retuninrig homeir losi be~aklast
wrhen (the appel~llan, whot Inved

Th~e arppellan~t threatened
to kUIl himl, cuffed himl in1 the
face and pushed hlim in a
drailn. Barlirasn Jilmangal
got up anld went( hulr, anld
the appelllant then stood by
hh gate and cursed Balltram
Jalmangal, who replied In
like manaar.
At dur stage, the alppellsnt
threateardJ Babransl lJ1Imangal
agarn ian. it nunule or two laws.
the ayppllant yand the ohthe two

of has gate the JCppEttnt had
r lance us has hand. 'The two
othct accuse eanrned a cutlass
and a stak respecovly l
Bahran, IJamangl alleged
that he ucmi i has gate Jnd
ypok so the appellant.~h, wk sm
snedatlrl rushedl hun th wthe I
landc rnd plungedi at tn has
IY1Albh TJhe IIuke st)klrc
&#lh nmn helld lon tI sr late
.wns the apellanl pulledf irltuhn
Jlunusagala shar dastrac~ bmay

11se other ac~curred at hals rtage

the cUtlasls andll the and
(:1ndes crowl\ exanunllsiLOutq
Msr Kx Ahi Ka)., S C, for Ithe

detnc liubrin LruJanug l e

used1IC tha he had .oumes hlUnit
stlh anl exe pndl~ a rlane as that
heon hacld gne tolado Jmaste

~ul lAl nIghor, thus onedas l
K'unstn uorr owunate rharm urrO
Jamo~ngl la ca ndene he

sub aliuthe patnfe~n herl Ijr-
~Luckshou, whotl diateredte r

nort rl, wa acally lth same as
Hahmaslananga Isr lrt
UrndeK1 Ir c lrrus em lwc s J

)lunC e inH1 awe l~ ymd d packh up
onel stickr andl mie lackhe a~ he I
hland, andt LIKnock o)uI de knee c
;rnd her back back~ anld th2 lunrc~e

borre her a her belly. Nothinig

rcsad, ii 'tson ths basl deece

rthe two detenlces of sell de
tence and~l madentr nowb. me
anal judge g,,ve ar full general da

wsthl whsch) I)here as no coml-
plaunt Houweve.r, n dealsag wolrk
uelf defen~c h put ri so thas
way so conridersug the

"It he mactter for y~o uto
consider, thatl, whatrb be is
rrsylat. Do you believe it
tuappead in the way be sid
k happrrd, tha tht muan get
that Linjus- became thelacr
fell down rad be dropped on
the Isoe and the Lanor borred
his brtly? Thess you haver go
to aqit ~ma. You meet take .
all thr cirrmanrtanes
Yeas ses*, lr State as up )
Ise h*S. thlr Ihlny happowJ tn
feasnt f sthr )Iard r of Jamasal
thei as the cusdcrue if

Juaniiaiinga l l nid
Ilrnsoundal wh~om you mar~y call
anI toldependentl witness. She '
andlt the vlcisml Jannungale; l arre on r

appirclant~ and ther ac~cuhed pe~r-
Usons are onl speaing11 termsl So
YluU mayv bay to) yourSelveS,
wecll.,l she asdependentl~ and bhe

lill IUSIt I pushms thatlace rln hls
twily fIurHlus s whatshe sa II
Is a questson for yo~u whether l
You besesve Jasmngunrl ad
Hasrsounrdas r whether you he
herve the appelrlant. b~ut thl as
has defence and you, mnub col-

Accordsus lo Justsoc
I ckusur*. the usl gudge coruna-
ucd 1I aliac loosaK at all the
evadecnce. you belseve that the
InjUsy. an) the helly wasl caused
In the waly Ismangal and
Itarbuandas wad at was caused,
thern !ou usay! up thatl the up

rsllw Assl when he uent these
her went ulsh the~ ,nnlcionl of
taustag Is rman a rrerssou so
Ius 7Wha chc" A assa takes
a lancer and puts Is as n idc~hll
II ?uns bhere~ Ihat, what rise

W/oundin g convict .,..

and exhari uslte You rcanl endJ upI agenunnylll userI SomethCIng1 Do mIuch that yu do 6 nothing: about il!
;tlnismunalcly, manyll) of us donl'l reallve we are dangI1 rt untlil it eventually results: in stcress anxi-
cl) ,Ind GerPl Inollansll\ \I.Ites itscIUJjhard 1.d C*.ll cSse, binger-thinking: must firstl be acknowledged
twfre tn can twII I dre swll d those, whc mtc thankI canl oVrComeI)) this by unc~lusterng their minds and
Itell\ung th~rei tunises, expenally ,,n the evensuyse wh~)en ther nundr Is mostr active. So. kick the harbit this

Heforre yu go to bed:
Wrscll ii worr) )In" 1:mpt al~ I ~U your~l~l huhtsin aI) Lheet of paper and resolve to, deal with

Beforre yu Ro to slerp:

S Inhlm le heafull ~coun ofl (. and rhlk e f~ or aull m~cunt ofl .
I AI !cel untsnue tol beche In and out deeply
at Washl cr~rt? outward hwath. \Isualss all of the warned of the day leaving your msad;
b) Witlh rarr? Lnward broth. knagher ?ou are breathingy in calmness and r******* I* R-
prsI tep 3, and uoon ?ou rWil became asop~irtel relaxd.

(MlAT ,s ~comp~any at the t uttolri edge 01 tethn01ogy 15 tivitng suitably qualified
( ontr al toars to tnder to $upply Ithe foortloIsng Uni oNTIs and Pt010Clive Wear/Clothing.

Do you obsessi over the trivial things in Ilif? hn yor heaod flled to the brim
writh to-do lIs~ts? Then maybe its that time to unclu~ttr your mind.
He are onl) m the rsavth of Scp~tmbe aa ment o us *rr alrJ lwads thards < (htarrnmas ad the
New Year PErh.4n. !cm are plamnasn rus t )rt'hln to atuat ~hrr s I,1 Ic*rtif~ brrrean ther ca r
so crapps has ws the yer befear's (r rnu~ntwl pm re frtisat rars uheth er yes allwwhi Irast pen
folr that dream ca lreer Ho wll m) tyruannecl hasreat H~Put at ( ma newY hras as Caca uses' wha
do m) conlcagues reall) thank of m? new fast~ray Sc I yue arre gusts? o meethssedanr: a usualsa then
you hater all the trans of hange thudev'
UHrlc st a cnnrans to wo u)rryu uw JIrn. htan, Nteharde~rs ca o~ftet take a a cktr further I own
mentaIl checkhus. to dockyernl: r (1s Is note obsc~cawn << brng prramwl of hrm cwhnt rus ?wa
the angut )ut decanl a sem cr. sayl Mane Fpervi (.ll sntor the (trap I4 here Ithodsng 4 w~~ctlrsl rnp
Isic~ 4 dml) usues frmw vcaghr a sues to~ rshcr owrn assent ofl Ihrw arnnl thrm. us Wtshard~ I risstts lr
hy~polnshcrapu ~unt hll coach HC71) Jl he do thr' U'a H)tul ddthe reality meats when shr ~Ha Itar Th,.
,tmJcna otnese~nr: scans rro a near ertnh ese o)LErf 1)houg hU1 aLw.s wah,.
(acusag housedl down In ume ,, ow munstanc thenkr can Frame s Ic h Incahrmrnc a scus Is E.
thsnagh the day~ evnse aswl frres mert w~rhete I cusd verthmaE fedubh~ s a ncrusue~r .3 Io r mor~t
mgp.' JdmltIs Lacks. i,. a a t. evan ur
"I jlways i hlnl I stwruW~)E bae s ar~meshtne case. ( I u.r.c 3rl- Ytus o m rllfurrn 4 re ;Inn
hchtnd me backL '
rumisln Ihe wal rr< nl.i Lr ?van o hunter, -e h m sc Jo Ir s... Irrllnp .1~,anr"

201bs Sol Gas Cylinders r

Sol Guyana Inc. is pleased to
announce the appointment of
Mr. Vishnu Arjune of 139 Cumberland
East Canje, Berbice Tel: 327-7165,
627-5852 as the sole distributor of our
201bs LPG Sol Gas Cylinders in the
East Berbice region up to Corentyne
With effect from October 1, 2007.

for more information contract Sol G;uvann Inc.
Tel: 23.3-0)582. 0)583

Ir"n'":r"'. ""~i~ 00v Ilr id~ir:: 10 enamninet exish~ng Umiforms and Protective

ifhe rrelrrvalllInt t eno cor~icuen? er r:( unatited fromn Greneral Services Departmeni dunng
hemor oomnr r( ; TrrlchonneHoiu.. o' 73ri Roddm~ G~loonjeown

t hc.0~ should basr .Ir mpallnwd~r byi D1;p'r lpelq tag samples111 o ltems; material. which must
!,r ranlvrrrnomet-, ronwaonnvirr) o :lrnrr rdeddressnot atcr han 1 00Oh s on

Thle dloculments rsouldl be for war ded Io a plai1n envelope marked:
"Uniforms &1 Protective Wear/Clothing - 2008"
The Sercrtalry
Tenderl Rcoardl
Gulyaina Telephone&r XTeleglraphlCompalny mitdc t~;
/i~ir Afte- a// #/e t/ime

Sunday Chronicle Septemiber 30, 2007

P'age V



1. 1.225 Units -
2. 1,560 Yrdsnl -
3. 26 Paln -
4. 200 Parsr -
5. 62 Patrs -
6. 275 Units -
7. 280 Units -
8. 564 Yards -
9. 54 Pairs -
10. 160 Units -
11. 384 Units -
13. 35 Units -
14. 76 Palts -

Light Skse polyes~cterctto short sleeve shibrts wth
embroidered Logo "GT&T
Blue American Drtil for industrial Pant
LongC Top Saftyt Boots for Pole CI~mbers
Safety Boo ts or Technicians
Safety Shoes (Sbtee Tip)
Blue/ Fawn/White/Gray polyester/cotton shirt /acs
Dress shirts for office use (assorted colours)
Dads colour dress pants (twill/ saltailre)
Male Dress Shoes
Short Slerve Overails (dark blue sulting)
Short Siteve dust coats (dark blue sulting)
Worklman Gloves
Rain Costs. 2 piece
Safety longC boots(steel tip)

By Shenry Bullers-Dixust


l n


t h 1



Tenders are invited to bid for Motor Vehicles:

PGG 9620 Toyota Prado Landcruiser
PEE 6781 Sentra Motor Car
PEE 6086 Feroza Jeep

These vehicles are being sold "AS IS WHERE IS". Inspection
can be made by appointment with the General Manager on
telephone number 225-871 7.

Sealed bids addressed to the General Manager should be
deposited in the Tender Box provided at the Gu ana Rice
Development Board (GRDB). Head Office, 116-0117 Cowan
Street. Kingston, Georgetown.

CIOsing date for the receipt of tenders is October 19, 2007 at
15:30 hrs (3:30 p.m.)

(GRDB) reserves the right to reject the highest of any bid
without assigning reason therefore.
GENERAL MANAGER -- .--...........

Page VI

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007

M Noral Compass

nid-20sLII and marrieTjd. KnoIngH.~ heC ib marulr-ied anld mluchr
o~ldr,; I th~ought1 of It ar an innloentl, complletlr'y one1-bided
( lc 11w)~ 11ther anyh a) rlt of people born,~ wo~rk wentl out, ald(

d llrunk i don11 .( I l want to II g o sum spciL. b)ut I Lcoulld tell in) lus
UI11 wnt Irsoj bdIc, I:o talk toI1 h1UnII abut. bu JIne y o
S.rrsed would h etr lrlc ifie at h dlIdn' rncttllhesc what happenedcJ
or thIle

of thlre two~ of weu ragethe. twas whatr al*out the fantasses oft hnr
wsle <.lm d111r !u ~ar the p~lonw tasdmn snt u
(lu .].l of tir` mu clr t p .I t.r ma \ou haunl unaIttfacUia.E Is not so

Ih)w to~ tall ! howur Ico take Irrss latashad At 18. thl\ sun I the dlrrectuan to be
( anp
I I~A'I I:.~~A

\1111o11In want1 1le .hinue1 what. happened li~

IIall .Ilw t'ilrninu II us pIC .nenu i

mI) it ulou'ne rlJas L ((timl II peopi e Ius YUs two II

howll 11n let1 I. thsput lester lin Ibe
senses' of1 .. m1.ms1. 1;'. 1 II .1 si
..11; of on Ile 11ou'11 her b een


.agre on who h son~nc olrd

wlchule fr~ln I ral
Y~rou or !uruar r' parents
kissr andr make up. Ihas ~

mos on~ wi or 'Ifr


oc~urseson '...wo.,vs' .... .

s) Construction of Monkey Mountain Muth-Purpose Bui~ld ag Region 8

2 Intejrested btider s can 7bta:n 'iithe* Informatson abi ,'isI Cr :he bx:J:ng
d0cumertsi at SIMAP Agecy. 237 Camp Street. Georgetown. Tel 227-3554
(Conrict htpt).

3 BEds from the Ftrm Companyi must rncludes a co~py of :hth er rness
reg1i12train Madnda'rrrl ;ubvassior: .ngludt valid Tax and NIS Compilance
Certificates of which only the original will be accepted. Careful attention must
be paid to the Evaluation~ Criteria in the tender documents (page 33)

4 The cost of the Bidding Documesnlt for items I & 11 above is G$10.000O each.
Payjment can, be madet IIo cash or by manager 5 cheque in favourr of SIMAP
Agency Purchasing of the document can be done between the housof a
0800 brs to 1530 brs from Monday to Thursday and from 0800 his to 1430 hrs
on Fridays.

5 Bids must be accolmpinled by a Bid Bond of not less than 210of the! bid sum The
Bid Bond. Guarantee must be io the form of Manager's Cheque In favour of SIMAP
Agency from a Commercial Bank/Financial Houlse/nsurance Company. using
the form supplied by SIMAP! Personal chequse wHI not be accepted.

6, Beds muslt be: appropeate~lly marrle ?Ind de~~y~lvred to SIMAP Agency Tender Box, at
SIMAP Agency. 237 Camp Street. Cummingsburg, Georgetown on or before
1400 hrs on Friday October 5. 2007 at1 w:hlrh tImen thyrlla be1 ope n~nedr In th<:
presence of the: biddfer; rrprresentative:

7 SIM/AP reserve:; the: rlht to, rrjecrt th(: lowest; rr any bidr andr I, not rblgarl~tr: d to, clvr
ant reason'~)

Executive Director
SIMAP Agency

Inced help w~ith a big
11) dad *rays I'snr nut
I hi\, and lur mons11 anys
I not1 his. But a couple of my
dud'\ friend\ arlso witnhwd
she was sleeping: aruoud on
Idmr in 19K7, rad rrell, I duon't
know what to do to prove say
mons or dad either war.

but aJ~. nirc, and ami anons I
canl t annec up wsth the

I \hou~l d J. .and hrow ,an I
r~Jinl Jonin about thas

~p '-

)r rC~F-.4



C:O-rOPlA<1ll't RE& AfJO4 C UK Gil I 114

'The Pa~fritmren Oflccrma\ sses scale hlds fromn cltphic and qushlelid Conntratora to un~datake
Refrtrth~ment to thre Ac~ounts Nartion. Prb~c Bunndlags (Pa~ritamet Building), at

I~clnkm wait e corntlurlcl ch,~urou hlb Nalturnal ( ompcl~r c Ilrddng (N( Il)prcedures.
spccfied anth Pc~hantcmnt t~IIt'rwil ands open~tualt hiddelrc. ubjrci tl tle pr ision of'

Inte~ratd clplhic hr(cts may obt am furmhth mfrrma tum frtom the ('r ale of he Natilonal
Aurcmhh\ aInd Inrpctl the Adding I~cuments at Pathalment O~ffice. Pubhe Budldings.
Unckdam (8l:00am to 4:.M0pm Mlon to Tner sad 8:00 to 3:.10 on Friday) from 25"
Secptmber. 20071.

( ontractorr\.uc rcclegate Ic haver
'i nalcl NIS ( enlficate
(2)AtaltcdciRA ~crtifrcate

A cocmpleter c act o hIdking Ihtrumennts may be obtcamed froml the Parliament1~Oflice fromt
24" Septembehr. 21%)7 At a cost of 52.rwxo.00 The Rdhlclng Documn tsl~~ should he depo~sited
rn the Tendctc Hox~ 01 he followln ang addre C hairman. YationalProcurement and
Tender Administration B~oardI. Mitnitr? of Finance, MaIDn and IUrquhart Streets.
Thle t~lnamc f thle pr oject shouktc he m1 the uppe~r let hanld colmrnerl of e en\clorpe.

thdarnl* mut bet d\chvred tr the addrlews .7hcle oln or befo~re 9:0 Hnm on 2"' October. 20017.
FInctrcrnle hldthngl "shall not" he pennettcd Laote hIdst wrIl be` rejerctd. IRids w\ill be opne~rd
~hyslcally In the p~resence ofI the buidelrr' representative.~ w~ho choose to acttnd In pe~non at
9 othelmcln O)cltobr. 2007

( Irrk oft~he Sntionni Assemblhl
I'nrliameint )ffice
Publ~rI~c tldlings. Brickdnm


The MMA-ADA Is currently recurabog persons to be trarned rn thre oMlowrag fields
1.Cnysi Englneenng
2.Mechanical Engineeng

Candidates are required to possess a mitumum of frve (S)1 subjects Includlng Englesh A and
Mathematics at either of the fonlotang exa~mlnations

(I)Canbbean Examlnations CounoI (CXC) General Proficency Level Grades One. Two of

(li)Canbbean ExamlnatKn Counal (CXC) Basic, Proflcoony Level Grade One

(InI)General Certificate of Educahron rGCE) O~ Level Grades A.8 or C

As part of the package, successful candidates will be afforded relevant training at the
Unlverslty of Guyana

Further details can be obtained from the Office of the General Manager

Interested Dersons should send their apphcations to

The General Manager
West Coast Berbice,

The closing date for applications is October 8, 2007.

By C'liford Stanrley

11hen hkr sintage uristwatch
stupped workilog sme years
ago. Arret ~han dida't ght
it a recond thought. Her me-
thodically \tripped the *rist-
natch into is fift! adfd picn\..

Heir 'canc th iesRh

u.rA L of tsrenwe tle IL ~ IL

p nrnu 1~YI CLI 11 I1

lic: inst Ire Irepm n tense ) L

.unt it d(,lll) what IIc 6.0to d

to- IIIIU I longUl ~ IIt bktohc

Ant 1 be hands .1 t b(.I..rk ( i

dean\I I wo~rkL Ahi 1II1I* nt1 100

anony11~ .1 r udll atejll los .I sicl ~l
I.u et

fiLs trudr. knlown~ scient-

study at the at-Later usedl art

rhethlr ofl the L~atn rurd
harr. merassing "houur" or
"timr~" or "arason".

ksw wnro, holrro~ll nurts
Hatwatshurr r psrc s anrrmis

chnewr a anmers s at

Igrea powess ofe unntsasso n
mrhnd a Anck frnu workany
thr ough rt Lcans art f agurlcng

thugs maut hru,~rc
fort Khant trmher atcreat an
~2 mec sual st~ung asapus

ilow 11o be1 ilsuei. Khan i

we~ t'L Ihisre .cKts old he

noon .anrd stro b themlC~ b\uk

11,*. weytnIret tlh he das ofthe

/>wh. (cJ ..:r Irr the

:ur now sricyuded untage in ~

11wslcc wer the du~ln E befor ht
wratabes 1 hemd~e wheni uhad

twe1nt Ma hU((r at;,auC wanted
tol'r keep an il~diah rshtetne
lic tas he fast had into l

theun uatlure wrld of Im the
wrtratch at the urp ng ofr has

b a~lly
Her entered th~e world of'
liny mainsbprinKh, halance
whee~lb, pullet leverb, escapet
wheels,. seC(ond anid third
wheelr, ratChet whelCCI.
clutch levers. rocking barh.
canon pinionr, hair hprings.
hurrris, rtorsU~ and main
rprings anrd the ~bes par1 was
tII ht the larry wasb OCeen dol-
lur* a week.

wrotwatI)Che at1 Auto1 Supphes~

was, andl then ret up r l~u wn

rlepair enre~d at thre oiirnedo

be subsequently ch obtaned em-l
ploye Inn aw a nhtw atth rrpaur
ma~n witlh the wocrld famocu,
'irklc wrrtwatch New Yorkl
HTMrwh. aller pakhilny thelf IC1
with case
He returned home in
2001 and now specialier in

Pleast See
page VIll

"'~~- "I-~ "~--- -~- '-~II" -II --

IIt uran 6011st Wide y #'e of f er the
rrU [j ty p In bert otg

Fe soft Ideli oU Matun Dept Id) 85443226.3#% & sk f Pralata limrmi) Fa 2254663


~ctt~\plastsnsl( hashi .1 n1.n Ialir!~ I., -:m~.a! Ir;hkdpesoli hl helolom

1~~~~~ ~~~ .pb.I i ..I 9. po.(0w

thmillne11~ (nt .ubmswi nfc~ ,1 pp()ItsI,Isirln (,lobli'I ~1~1..'ti

UP er C~Q~%Z1n~tfit cluitr$MQI

Applications aire hiritey Iryvth <1 from
Suitably qu~alified ipersonsr to blIthe
fOllOWing 50mrior VOcOA:ircy OfUpe


Deta~ils Of Job DOscr rapisonr trd Jot
Sp~ecJIicalsor can, !~e upllitedl florni the
Office of the Upprer C~oren tyner Inlcivlustl
Tr0O'nrg Cetntro I:ir gifon iOrnrtvrrori

All applrcot10ons rnsust be~ addsss~ed roIO the
C h~ostma~ n of th 00r ( i)
Adrainstrobve Assistr' 0- I~,::c- Ccolum,'v*

TV F~I~~~: On.8 (I c. F

pp F : 1


~olourarll per' Ilshes \Ie 1 or

(`pace with~l aud IbyI lacingC wno

(ruz ulintrh do noit hu e s
pIecesl~ all Irhelc hate i d
Ire at te t riutl ld th
Hillctl tlhll 10 lit uJIred 41 (14
iouan anl Y blnow ywr as
hrnny<-a a d~uc nom Lon.
Isqus which nulurr mucr> hadt
btought toI tn1r repasse .and
tn roc. .hdow use a~ab reF a

fokdwall hig eval aski neditat

en~d wa tatces bot pu nedr
*chAntrl .u ney~lp' upost
^na~l m arr are was..rr

Kharn bued arse rtraidl of
tbn rakhrl~ scpas has hanged

"Wit Ulh theri arch ates

and1 assemas watchrrrs yee
lhada ork Ihm) pens to deavl
wih.r~ Aft ah7 morke' mar IF 1



DDL rites highly motivated customer-ornerted indrvtluals to apply orn the poortsons

Sale Represcentatives
I SubFc~s fxC

CUStomer Service Representat wei

Trainee Laboratory Technicians

Machmne Operators

The Recruitment Officer
Demerara Distillers Limited
Plantation Diamond.
East Bank Demerara.

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007

Fwro parge Vll

mantlnrance, repairs and
sales of mually high end

WriStwatChe .

ter Iills ied auanumint i wh1~ich

stax she prrutlcm amiud the "
ibut even hastery oerated
*Issweeches have then last
desc of mec~haraca parts
Ilk does o*nerpear cerase
wouake r cl1
"tt demr't anak errr to
repair a $12* wrhtwa~tc.
5whre cdst cracas with
cersals wrbsesichn~ I tell
them thrwe1 68t awa d bO
a a~re ollr."
Her rrpust hath and rrpm
rric andwarlhrwl) atl medrum
endl rhIhtl les ope rrnass
amanakhestami sas sagewnd
m ak~her tantupwas l
Ma krr ran wer trlulragg
a urlssmakh voticng 1ess than 1
Flu*I ino he unt >&talnF th e
hcdrs cswas saw has )la me saw

the cpesale dicrks esther
Hle bcltrres stems the: me
assonal asumanct wvnawatrchs
of the unsrac and wevene are
usUt rhe bes. ins adds thatl there
as< rome very good battery
w*ldses as the markcet
Orni~rskckakaad Kutena ~
the hrlgh cad. fo r examp, and
otlhets HA ar'ln l Tam ashe rardesm end,
he and
if apanre a the War h wastwach
!rts can tes fct aStW mours,
Crih tai*h
ther **tll ILubrlem though
as 1.IMu ye lln Ir It; ;I w 1~h usel~h theC snmr 'Sedo
cn (Ibu als pass an smstasmn. ~

not Ith rearl thmR "
lIc said that the best hat-
Icay fo baucry o~perad wiris-
watcher mn has capanion is she
lisrcrgizer bancry.
19om has star in the lae sIX-
Ies. Khan remains alorabed in
the trde of' watch reparun

phoner ctlckr Yand other per-
onalizerd time keeping sys.
tems, people ar~ always ge-
log to need wrisltwat(che.
The highb red wrtstwatrbch.
the elegant ones. are more
than arisistakht%. I'ary are
abotsatus andP U prestig an
that is a part of hunasa na-
ture thtur will neverr go sWay."
tar preditctS1,.EI.

Page VIll





Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007


Pa;e IX

Answers to last week questions
Exercise 1
1. wonum, bananal bird
2. Tom, birthdary, Novemrber
3. childIren, Trinidad,. vacatrion
4. mother, bicycle, Christmas
5. Rover, dog, bones



Ver~tebra vertebrae

Exercise 1
Give the plural of the following nounsi.
hcxmk cupful
ashl mouse
child hheep
leaf valley
wife city
pian~o bottle

Exerrcis 2

Change the word in bracket to the plural form.
1. My ~_~~ are aching. ( tooth)
2. There are on the hill. (sheep)
3. Bill has the ball in the ~__ (bush)
4 .The penh were packed in the (box)
5, Hals uncic hua the to the factory. (key)

Jack and Bakram's cap were found.
ILa and her bibter's book were very valuable.

If the TI is precede~d by a vowel, thecn f'orm the plurall by



Exer~cis 2
1. flock
3. crowd
5. bunch/hand l

2. roop
4. Exasques

E~xcrcis 3
1. headach
2. kindness
3. honesty. Iruthfulnerss loyallty
4. speed
5. health, wealth

4.~) BJy ClhaO~nga ly' Ito j and adIngJI Ics'.
Co)untry coulntrres
Baby babics
City asses
Annly arnues
Skry skies
Catlegeny ca~tegorie
fAssy dutses
Secretary screlanes
Vasty flames


3. B

1. teeh
3. surface
5. topacal
7. shallnw
9. uamog

If the y~' I\ prccded by a vowel, then formt Ith plurarl by
addang 'r'

ddest a

2. anack
4L strong
6. dervout
8. rarely
10. rpccs







boy a
day a
monkeys r

Enercise 3
Complete thes words by inserting the missing letters

I. _Ldessr 2. Pre y 3. Tr_ quil

4. _ portans 5. Man_ rs 6. Express

Tuody we are going to look ast paragraph

In a paragraph there as usually a sentence called the topic
wroatoene winch tells the reader what the poaragrph is -about.
II capowe the reders interests ad tells them what to expect.

Look at the paragraph. can you identify the topic sea-

We left arty Saturdy maoing and arrived at the boat
joss before dwn. It was a beauiful and sunny day, the sky
was ecla. Not only IF re a long neded ta, but I also caught
live fish.) I was a p~rfect dy on th boat.

Read the passage carefully. and then choos the corect
answer from belw each question.

Margnlar.o Meg as she was called, was the eldest of four
g~irts. As sintcen she was very pretty, with soft brown hair and
white handr. of whic she was rathe vain. Fftece year okI Jo
was a grey-yed som boy, sai and thin with long limts. Her
one baury was her log thick hair. which she usually tid up
so thos it did not get in her way. Eilzabeh. or Beth as ever ou
called her, was a shy, bright-eyed Sirl of thinean with a timid
voice ad a trnquil expression on her rosy face. Amy, though
the youngest. was a most impourtn person-in her own opin-
ion at least. Pil and stander, with blue eyes and curty yellow
hair, she cmanid her self like a young lady mindful of her man-
I. How many girls waere here in the family?
(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (4) 5
1 How old was Bethl
(a) L (b) 14 (c) 15 (d) 17
1Which one was most liklrcy to cimh trees?
(a) Meg (b) Jo (c) Beh (d) Amy
4. Another word for'tranquil' is
(a) tmper (b) hard (c) angry (d) peaceful
5. 'Limbs'means
(a) nails (b) hair (c) fingers (d)arms and legs

ThIsC wee we conoisse on moses.
Nutmber refer to singular (one s and phtlur(more thn uc)
Nouns tha name only on pnrso. ammaml. place or any -
thing ar in the sngular
Nouns that onme more than one~ persn ~anuarl. plcEI or
anything ar in the ptwal.

Loor as thse sing~ul and plural noom.

5I.) Some nous have pwlul forms by changing the word.
Foos fees
Chald chdrdren,
Man men
OI ocn
Tooth secth
Wmanu women
Gooar press
Lous lace
Mone mace

6.) Some nouns rermm unhwchad to the stgular ad plu-


Tbe pfwd al omsare ore in the fo~owmt wys.
1.) By adde 's' so sta~gat
Deskr dcaks
Table tabls
Leura lenss
Car cars
Bicycle bicyces
Dram dmma

By adding'es to the sanglarb soon ending in s. ch. sh o.



7.) Some meanr canasr be expressed ina s ingular form.
'Thy are only ousd in the plurail orm.
T~ront Scassors
Serie News
Spectacle ~Statritics
tiers Twmacts

8I.) I~cn c mpoun wo~,rds e ploral is formd making the
princip alo main worcd in the compournd word plural.
Son-in-law sonsr-in -Ilaw
Mother-in-law mother-in-law
LcLooero ) oo~kers-n
Sorp-son stp-asos
Spoorful sp~oonfuts

9.) Hese r e morninel examples of sinular and plural fomrm
of neem.



2.) NIFTherre are some nouns ding in 'o' hat form their
plura by adding'st
Radio radios

San~dion stuios
Kangaroo kangaroos
Portfolio paortoios

Crierkm l

mat rices

3.) By changing 'f or 'fe' to and add 'es'.
Knife knives
Leaf leaves

- -

5T___'fi'TN UM if070

r I ~ri II~ 1 I I ~ ~ri Ir

1. F:ive thousara tive hushired litty~ tur
2. 1%0 hundred for t~ho~uIan f)ur hlundlred Ioty lie
3. One nulboun twro hwundred sureenI thouwand tow(I hundlred
twetnty One
4. Slxteca mahnulc one hudred twenty marK stansura C~Cl s
hundred saxteen
5. wo hundlred sevenscn nullan luar hundredtwenq Inc,~ l
thousand three hundred eshtrty une

hi 11111l I Ill


< I



Circle the evenl numbelrh

6059) 5618
4312 36981





IM ;


5. Id us look now ar aidditio~n
Tenrm such asu 'Eum' 'uotal' 'add' or the symbol + mean to add

We will now look at an exadmple
Mary had 66 marbler in a bottle and 28 in another. How many
marble did the have an all1?

66 + 18 a I

A6 a 6 + 6
28 Mi';l~3
80+ 14

3X. 2

- .

I Ill

M4r Hill

80 + 10 +4

E K3

a. 999 999 900 000 + 99 000 + 9 000 900 90 9
6. 1 000 000 + 200 00 + 10 00 + 6 000 + 400 20 I
r. 20 000 00 + 1r 000 00 600 000 10 00 1 000 *

d 100 000 000 90 000 000 2 00 000 400 000 1
000 + 6 000 + 500 + 10
e. 200 000 000 + 30 000 000 ) 000 000 400 000 t
000 + 1 000 + 600 + SO + 30


Or Add the ones (thn due add the ten

66 I
421 g 44
Mary had 94 analrbs

Try these problem

i Anal had 814 nrbbr bands. Sam gve him 29 more. How
aman had be ia all

6, Tras hd 69 scheme. Her friend Sarb gave her 13 more
How many she now has?

c. What is the sum o 69. 34 and 217

5i M TM1 4 r


s oo
so coo
5 000



a seas

d. hudrled themand

Congrarbataus' You hae done well
Thus week we are goingI to commaoc Cookant as cameras

Com~parrog urnarals
Lrt's rcaup these ymbolo
> Ics alr dean
e isr equal to

412 geate r han 317, kh Is 12317
1216 ir less tha 999. It is 1216 < 3999
3847 is equal 3847. It is J847 a 3447


Usce >. = or < to complete the fol~lowsne ~

1. 432 892

3. 7321 7321
4. 68147 742H6
.5. 7.5382 2897
6r. 9825417 98 2 s.l1 7
7 1121h 4 11Itll:4 1
8. 2156891 24L9 ~s,'
9. 215124210 1254210,12
t. 61221M47ll2211

2. Ordering NutmealP
Rcad ard write the numerals shown on 1,cm, h a~bacus

d. Add 16.312 ad 75

e What a the sumr of 391. 129 and 727

Check yor anwera wvi yaou frsends o classmates.

6. To subract the tarm. manus. d~fafence, from and the sym-
bal are sd.

Irfs now look: at an example.

Paul has 91 pets. He lost 35 of them. How many ware leff

Subtroac the onesregopteItat
S10 ones then subtract

9 31 = 91 re 90 +1 80 + I
35 = 30 +5 ,0.+
50 + 6 =56

Olur utrct th one regro~up 1 ten to ten ones s ubtract en

91 11 91 8 91

6 56
Pad has ShF pegslf

1:ollow the example, and don thesc. Check our answers w~it
your frierwh at school

1. From 75 takr ?H

2 What la the dtllevene, e between 265s and 178?

3.Subtract 418(() Imm 13

4. Wh'at mustI~ he')J~(~ w Iclr 1,n I() to make7h''

1 5. 47mnu 1

Pur ther soi Iorde fract senatesr Co trrae. do you ksyc A. l.

W~e arts nanrmet hpacnang from tarpes to the sentces As.
candin Order o the smalles to the tarpen Dscades (kd er

Asrnge thes so Auacends Order

1 40678 94 87521
t. 27313 627219 33647.8
j 1430612 4729871 7964!27

P 967493

Exres h'mn Itf

Compics the sequence by Iinf long the pattern

r 20. 19. 30. ,

b 90. 10.I1.
c cI. II). 12 16. _
d 6t.o0 .~ 18 24 w ocI

h. 10S60000. 10660000.) 10771000, _,~ _

i4(400(4)0. 4000090((), 4000040).

I 111/1 0w. 1153(@#0tw. _. .1$0%

4 Whic~l nu~mber* hegin fmlm rrol'O'

liven numbelrsr have~ in the ones~ pinlce .2 4 .
Oddlt numbl~c'e her a IIw one' pine( I,:I (' 5 7




I I 111 lt(fi


8: t



I he ( ago.c~llltl entl (If ( li~tu1 .t1 ;I all~f cfll a t itt ls B i 1 1 110 ~ 'oltlkill W~7~C';1l 1

sola~~~ ~~ (1 II 1 teP ctrariiih Ie intlrc~~ I le fi ((9te mc

\pp~~~~ ~ totatbilef nitdif ainl~l Llsh: 1 quid11'1~ PCLik1 tbl tde

H A)tll llutC I )110111

r ~)tc I~ l ', ~~l~lc~a ( Ita fllf I 211100l l?,11. 111 n1(1~I 'in

Ihe~~~~ 1'C\.11 filtlpfilld\

Ihoutl c mi llul lltl) II, llicil ient fri~c Uniicll (ra tlanfr tdes:1 h ia

1oplc;rh~ tuIesat thPil) c11 ~ci llrctl. Ipphnt must ho~rl~~le aSter a Degree. Ihin
thewice rianfelofvtd

Degreeittlic n t th HcEl~cl erc (,\ ))Iti ii ill th lcIln itio i il

(iloubti helr f;,cialit toter ccinted c~~plcitchiof 14(chall .2)(:lldSh~

t1ppheatione 10111* tian b)te obtInIed Im111thel~ll Sermanent Seehletay Pbice
Seinice~u Minitry \VI1r4 Haero Ttreet. ( orgetown andor th

l'lllchclarshipsC Deatm n. rinu 1iiso )1 hn tee n

Public Service Ministry

ficid wasih at1 Icas1 t ()AJ Irac Pint -her7.,ec ofr 11 or ,rbuse ,Indt shucllld ha,\c rrbtailnedl th

1pphos:tiront fourne <:IIo bc uphitedl f~rmi the Pu~lu C\crt~ u e \hnns. IraninelL IRw~~lc n.

( omrrple~tedl ;pphearllons should be returnedt to, ther Pcrmanenct Cecrclary. Publlic Scnruce
thmstlry~. 1 6 Wallcrktn> Suct. Georgetown n

Pcrmne~rlnl Ce rclalry
Public CcIIme Milnntlry

Sunday Chronicle Septtemlber 300 2007

Pqae XI

'I W

1 bruphilus Richmonth born
1815 in 14cdfordshire. I st-
gland. case in 1)rnarrar.s.
British (Juinna, its IM.tM
wherr he dial front yellow fe-
wr. He was the ship's sur-
ann aboard Use flesperut
making its an.augural sonage

of Indianl il)lndenture waII~ lkr
fromii Indiar to Britiish (.utan11s.

Inin of1 J~ the you~r n. 4;tdl\. at

the end of thu leg ofi thel tri.

heJ swinnabd I~n wrie frrive
whel )n l he r die.k iao n Irrit l
beJhidrnd *h sigftan sand t
u""Sanumenl prpiner of tLr
roy utbancar hitor.'l 10I tn

nt art isnlny usathrr flr
Ihalr adr irmpr of thawt a

anas(F for resrttHapnatestatr
ammnd a n half hi an urpnits
startered Amrrordkg tod flak

lik atnnin g h nir.

Irehai wIhr t-,lcrurrne-~n toln

d~cum hyr~rirnlan l nhruspir
ting ling imag.Inin ari at

hh*lt statuthent 5: now .4~r
I)ell 4ctane Ilblchna~trisbak

pubnh huull tlther~rl lurch

'Ilr I n I,1~ :*rl1 11m.1 te. 11np) 11t.,
to1 () *I~LIIII.I malentunni than I. s
1IIU toi (I1IInch Ines.tru.ln .(11( I I
fo *1 Illll'lr s 16< 1 ( .0
llIb .11 1re~ th<* J.1; ilu1 11

tashtow ".11i1 l uiod the11 la1
1liI b. **I) the r (Inli Iu b

no 0.1 anti bc .. He 11.0 i
I .e unix .0 .syc 11
lb., philu Pu based stated
hi ha 1 Marnal wlaub scu.shd
th..1 .Itb< uph he enhand in
the 1 !.th ad Isr ( brishso a .
bra n; he .1.e quieth
an us aid lin in I inusual
b .s .. 0.0 is te d so su wa >
pl to to a to .. J pain .and
pt.n18.8 04c .Old although
b sul <1 he 1.saull was quite
.shk to tassage wsthout them
lie <

.t ~~ull.11 .0( 1111 myt n

wih llsc utold ir wntnr but h

was onr whlich hih rewrernd
father herld ar light r-eign ovrr
rachL titelntwrr of ther laraill as
th~r unlttag(ultonble heard of

Please see page XII


~t0 tX

*0 4+1-0

Doctors told take young seriously

( BBlC` NewS) DoUCto.S mIuIt do mo~re to re(SpeCt( theC wih es

Theo hilus Richmond
nrom pagfe XI
thr famiy. He~r dandersrr west samabs as home rad many were earmarked for the aminiryr
Id+a~ait to the footsteps o the fther. Ter mownid weu to order '(o make up for the lack of
aad capraba~p'. thI* 'nSM~ rp b mannaY rA N ,a bb Mr~r~
prctmenar o sadownlop. Instrreare fr opertrstal~ pbin-=phy. rad iPmlnte retncuorioitie
nrom crarry part of the wori: mathe immers...*aammkwopes~r~~q~...telesopr...
uhauersn. Io shut. crmd rtewo the mand roth Idcas, or sntrct ad smptrove Ith ear'.
Ibe the fas tch< yealrm ofu km hIc. 7trrlamphlu R~hrrard was calscatd at tnne. deal was until
the death of has fathes I~act he wasr admated by umaths dergyman in 18131. he entred E'dinburg
I't assuse. prasksasant as a medalJ dress a n 18. the ycar befrr yonung th Iksperrn.

Kraguarne 1o thrsabr sekpu+tcluarac ('E929 226tOard ur cmad, olralt~radson2002@yahm~com

Latrary update
Hil: IRSTI c'r SSINGi Iknp the Ihary of Thevaptulus Rachmand. Shap's Surlacn on the Hes~perus
(l InIT hduledl by Ithea I~abyders. Hnnatcy Samarran. Amar Wahh & Rngd Wells wrill be launched
**n Mcnminy (Mrs~r I atl the If Mcruden Pegasus.
Nowu ;Iavahla Hdume 1 Number 1 & 2 of The rt haIumal. and 'Goycrancer. Confnsc Analyu\ &5
(;nfllus Resolutlln' rrassd by ('cdra Gran( &r Markl Kanron.

The Ministry of Education is seeking, as a first step, to
have all privately-owned schools registered
nationwide. Application Forrns can be uplifted from

the offices of the Regional Education Officers,

Regions 1- 10 and Principal Education Officer
(Georgectowin) .

Allappu~e n n d h complekted andl return ed to
!i~1 ...

r r. Gen eve ive W hyte -N ed d

1 Chief Education Officer

Page Xll

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007

('h11ldIr. n \Ihourld he~ Iimolva~l Jl dctly 11o down son Ilr heast1 ;I)~
Ilhenl <~I~.1 IIc .and psin te unse11 Ilsphis Io manlllcllniallsty as
rdltlllI, new~ puadancel.( Ireammenth ~~l

Ircl doCctss Iake thani \enouslly
Houwer,rr the Knidellins hay doctorh hauve a duty
to infourm, usherr if tere ih aniy indcicatlion of hrri-
ous hiurmi.
lins~ n t Inst 1 tune th11' e (;MC( has1 sprin~.sI(ly laul our u
11i1e raics. .I(nd responshalenes11(. of Amson when\ UII. w .1ing~ thew \(

But that doctor s abold share Inolrmation with so-
thorities Ilkr the police or social rrervices i a c~hlid is
bringf abused, harme~d or thrratened into hrravin be, or
undrr star age of1., thr GMCI( baid.

Irths Ine .and these seem~ taken wonush ~l

.mounl ulhe anrcrrngf what as so th hr(ld5' )ar t mcnretcr
Alsoi II \hlnmd .aluo be made dea~r to, cthsiren and11 !cunt
peopic that~ thri < n .me ss he~llirtua rc sa rrs uihioui that

abo~ut thatr rradstsn anl ltreatment

mlonthl conlsulltalon~ wilsh no( children anld young people anid
(,00 dtctlorb, pa;rents~ anrd orgala~insstins
P'rofessorhc a Si Graemir dlocumernt rccgnisesa Ihiat child~ren are individuals within rights~
th~at should bes rebpeccited.
I)r PYtrICts liamlton(UI, presidents, Ruoyl College of
Vanrditries~ and Chlild Hellth, said all doctorb, what-
carr their specialty, have respuonsbility for children
and younK proplr at 6uome btage in their professiuonl

T~lll h is l as an asipotnt step' forward inl ensuring the medi-
tal p~roffbblOS)i rcfflnrl$cS lhal c IIldren are not just 'little
a~dults' anid that~ their spercific~ needs blhould be metr accord-
Inlryl "
I~LtusaeThge Ncll~co uta. Acunlg Izwlbhamr Young: Maryor,
aged 16. said "Yo)ung peOp~ic ned ito know thrat they can Mee
these docti r, so conf dnce~
"It as unpo"' rtant thatl teY are trreaid as passents an their

ptrofessounals to d~cuhs Irrealment opisonsb directly w~ith
!soungi propie should tw enrnstaged
"Thebre is ome fantastic practice in pocetsrl of (be
rouuntry but it is rital that all rick childrn arre given the
opportoall) to get involved in decisions about their treat-
mra, rand that their wishes are taken into ac~oount ad
Reale with respct(."

111 1 Th1 (~n~l) Pl I 1.0 H'1 O, h .1 \1) ( t allll ll :1111 11L( 11Z :it)jI h~11 11

L. r~ t m ni HnrL\ :- 'oor\HrIfv. ) sonh :or H. \cTa ~

I Th \hotr, oC Puobbs HoL ( somunusuiitcan\ nc .edhbtu

.~r ~tr( lr~n

I. ( onstrction of In amber Re e~jtmen at~mll Qur1cstow n. fh aseq I out. Methan
(-. Resetmentworks-Cprl(. f(olirin .Iueq sotostRgi

; i~.:

I.' 'ir~Il.l;:
1.- .

.'-: ,i' ~ .~.. i ,

). "I 1

n'' :.
on .

111111111/ /i

\111,. 1 1,, I iir

. i iiannl anuilan .111

Sunday Chronicle. Ibilit.c-r (1 ."0(17

Pae Xnl


August 31st marked 9 months of Travelspan's service to Guyana. We faced many uncontrollable and a few
controllable delays. Nevertheless, there have been significant positive developments in the market during these 9
months, including a 30% drop in average airfalres We are encouragedc and mnovingy forward with more enhancements
for air travel. Our long term goal is to provide our nation with a strong, viable Airline that the People and the
Economy of Guyana can depend on. The purpose of this message is to better inform you, our flying public.
'An informed Consumer is our Best Customer".

Severa! T.1l!. l Is.inhghts were divertedd from CJIA rin re ent orn,rlth-. duet to fr,! WIe hatve ardltusted outi th~ it schetule to arrive later and
fl11imize ful~tnr .'.eatheTr sk-lI,l

r; As pr Trrnidad Airport ,1s~l~thty, run,:., resurfacing .*.u, il conclude by Octoberc~ 171th The~ 3lrportt .* .11 rt-olin 24 hours, removing a malor cause of
je-.ia... on on!. Tuesday nnd Fntday thyhts! fror Fort Laurdcrdnle wra Portr ofl '1puni to CGuyana~l

*~ Fuel Cos: contrnues to te a malor factor g~lobal;lly and in rlr.l1' ttaketf prI1Ces Ido at travel all o~vcr :ns- world, In:n.l cse of Guiyir*,s fue~l pairces
average $1 00 per gallon more rmanr at Now Yrrk. Fort I audferdalee or Toinitadl
`The Boe nlg 757-21 I1 burns 1250 galun'.ll" per hour X US $1 iii = $-1 1' I)x 11 5 hours round Inrp to N~ew York $14.3;75 added cost per round toip
thigh: D .l000 by L30i seats US 5/1 80 0.* 20J5 G- 514.q7- 0s,! additional corst Iper i,tl:.'-,aroil.r Therei sg no cl; tIonr~ but to pass thoset fuel COSIS
on to 're pansses~~;:*. rn 'he* form of hltfighe air fares~ It IS our hope i' ,st .*, *HP .- meInreasedl vo urrnet of UnI;I 1 to rlit- places wonI be reduced and
tn-s so-ena1 will be reflie !ed in lower air fares,
P'easre note:nal fuel Is not the only factor adoring costS upwards Currrrent pace at CJIA is US 53 /A- Per ci-c.-l

Tais *:.3blerr continues to plagrur: all ailthnes Travelspan her1, added~r additional and Innovative srzcntr, measures to coanfront the cont~raband~
issue It is hoped thit .,'i responsible agen:1Ccs will1 do thestl (IJrt to ehrmlnate 'r I tl~ranSpoCrt of lllr 1t SUbtlaneS, 7nl fIneS imposed on airlines by
governments ,*.- continue to harnder clrlwth for thl avlatioan sector In our rcouniryl ;nd have btroadetr Impllcation for our economry as a whole and
on Guyana's plans to be~ an Eco Tounrsm clest:naltllm

A Boe ag 757-L.. A: ~rr.rif: has 1 %850 ctabrc feet of *..:li I: Io itsj 11- i, '".I-r.W: 1 I,;ssen"li:r-, tlraVrl with 'ire otenlal anal Standard Suitcase of
L + H+ WE = 62 a total of 510 suitcases .vill fit Io a Re- ,'rg 7572r .,r, ,to a ."' i seat Amlr.raft ald 2 SUitcaSeS per passenger. thelrc- is ranncugh

Dur~:rg th~e summer peak months, Travelspan offerir~ 5 non stopl tlrhlhs each ,vrlk to New York, In off I,*:ak Travelspan Intends to reduce
nonlstoo flights due to seasonally lower passenger demand. Plc;ase note Ih.!t ou~r othe~rr Travelspan fllghts;, opratc'ing~ via Port of Spain, do not
require pa~ssngers to deplane or declare their personal berlolnging*,, dunnyrii trry- .top.
While Tra /i'spa7n wishes to maintain more non stop flr~ilht to Gwyws., it <, in ni, reSpond to !In- realities of a highly seasonal market.

Applications are on file with the Canadian Goemnment. Once aprorrlvedr Travelspan wrll make the appropnate announcements. T-he Company
is also considentng Barbados as a new destination

Travelspan remains as fully committed today as we were when service to Guyana commenced nine months ago. We will
continue to strive to provide our country with the best air service ever and become an airline that all Guyanese can be proud of.


Georgetown Chaguanas
69 Main Sttreet. GeorgReto Mil Centr M~ail Chnrlua~nnw
Tet, (S92) 227-1701 Tetl. Yrb8 6653383/4
Berbice! Port of Spain
82 N Pbllicl Rd. Rose Hall Town. Capitali Plaza. Levnl 3 Frredom lrk CG
C~orsntyne Tel: 868-625-0800
Tel: (592) 337-5200 San Fernando
argli Mo Chagan" & Heph St
asz / 8-6 -52-4 789
Tel: 868-645-1604

110 west 34th St. NewN York Ny
Tel. 212-26648632/ 800)-817-61T7
10)4-04 111th St. Rlchmand Hill. NY
Tel: 718-323-06(!06e7 /80171877
104-093 / 121 St. Rchmonnd Hill
Tel. 718-845-0437
1161 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn NY
Tel. 718-774-9725
1569g Fla~bitha Pr 2nd FI Brookly"
NY( Tel 71-86(9-3007
Ft Lauderdale
4236 North State Rd 7 Lauderdale!
Lake~s. FL
Tet: 954-717-4124



"' Guyrana Chronic

On ail t

~3 utibr as cn

Hy Nathrtakn Ikk'rcitan ~

IN thre lat 1890s, a grop of Amerindian of talk..aul denomli-
nration settled in an arre upplrou~lrunsel twelve maile off the

Solum the: ilurihhba~ctl c C'uthberti blrMin.o Halh )urit Jband In tWaswhobbri .a a IXqualns
IIs on or I11oUntarfch Mt>. trhlae grlr Rrinarlly destchaped
haxlay. J.atte more than a hundsrf ed s.u St <'uthbert' .i \hnson
LI not the sincf, JFYChque~nt 6. rwept d~ullll l hC tUIr 1sunItyIII obe
the scrs
Ihe .Anwridin recolmis of 2-)" alat maule reactscl a I(ua Lnr
task un 1V76 .u now .5. h an 1 theshad wth .x p..nlrrsons
of I.500) Thi, n one o the largert Amerlndian scernallsnr rn

Ib ony way into the village as rhrrough a~ sanyral through

In the earlacC datyX s When tirILprg Tr< can ans coc wrann
nak thi wy utxs by (ai sw by carmarin in cir Maut knert ?row

Ihe \slbagcatn as Me~r P actre Ask se tr the )lument
vrllge capai Oct.r and ha bcn the lab for the Zune wascen
nath An drctrs* for .ssiag cap( u wa hrkj esa twn )rrl\,
but with the ne Anrnds ACT'. 11 hru bee aerna to there sc\
A .aste capai sha wth macc~r an las ckxe tor asa the

Anre behemes it rothu k~dna as the way Irxurard
for has tuliage He aPd urth yotul Icxrup thee rc**n fer*

It behoc )~uhful Icaertup the way to, po it nr .. tw-u
way) forwad In get dokpmn fat becaue hac in th e Lry
an trn Impe rantl uac .are edcae in Ihss way. mat UUt ksacNt
edg wc can besn a ha (Ld deiperst the vsitate ua tr rt

lag captaan

in St C'urhbe'rt Meae there a nest crestrted wood
any rch~. a pnaw schd ahelth cr~re- a a crrft sta yxth

gam~en to thehddEn
Asc the year went by Itr Canrmn of Gupt asr the west
for eductio tn the arsea, t a priar uchw wa buh
Iflowzecr. their un rtagrtum ofducanon~, as the chalren uere
hrmrrtd to rally a Primar cleatu Asxt thus, trlh rathr to up
fanrmn or. logng Oisth thatf parnt La wa EUarak utw*L
th~ip to atten rchrxds i Osegraven
Again. Genernmn La the nee few a womdary utesl io the

`Iun un t wall or us! wayfo Iulul Iodcatan Ia yvcungr' Aacondian c

lunlth<.nurc n heu ilclununrnts Whe)n ItuIr Halt~h enue was firs t Nash
at teaaghtt a knr rot trudent oft Ithe vtillgetrs
they) were schevecd o~f ther attain tor I (rtlransnt passents I1 to ie
(iCageton) Puh optl atMI aIIJ c neaithy hacnl)(cth c betre e uni a u;J
ficd Jrrls am a sntrudaticer unrte tmc~ thre aure

*** 41

lb~ctwa Ikuvelopmenrrt Banlk and the Blasic Needs T~rust Fund con-
structerd a water pump, operated by solr energy, in the central
part of ther mission. .'lrlab arllow every home to receive polarble~
nater everydaty.
'"hle hIdel we ha~ve w~e use grateful for. Wautr is the Iroam !ling
andt wse ha~ve that, w~e have Irsgh t x,. I anl 1Ure in dayh tor COme this
village wsill fne ckerythlng thatL rb aickung, jotme Amrnrindsan, villages
dot notl hla\e I1hese theran). w w' mlUbt tw Il~.nLlhul said Andrews.

THE Vilg Capai Mr. Pierre Andnrew and the owner of
the only thatch roof houcs In the central area of the
raeso Mr.JosepSiron.

Ahrmar dochymuIIrns tn the miaswnns a r t - Ik~uun Schern The rradents hare moved frdrn the actrahatch
sta lusum to tet ft)4 kflC &fKI w(MA housec h 7th was Cro-
u\kd stuouh 16< smislaltve of the: late Blbi Adrew, the mohe of
the suitg captain SheC had urlleased the anstnc frw F for
the Poe in c to have a fussta sem built for the (xx farrubes in
the canmuur Th scem no has fol hose an has bee m
caesrx few the past two year
W'he I linst can in to Ite I was just a hticd boy and I re-
calsed St ( ulhbert's mrrasum na a smal vrilage with little thtc roof
tune matr her an the Nowr the rlanage has mad huge rrtudes
an doksmet has com alon way," noted Sinx.

A few )ear ba~ck faring ar loggping o trces were the twomam
wec of 1eom for the familic< of St, Cuthbenr'5 Minsson. Now.
&a to the hiph ou attche to Intranaprm agriculture wupphies into
the \Iltage. farmng tar hang don on a small sae and few conrnmue
ta o d> M gang R The lrstl had ddisculume\ n ranrportabanm. unce
shrs had ir n tak up loging mdler away im their lxne without
Ither own transprwratu
Th reucn o of kggng and famng wa also caused by the tn-
Isrxion ni mnune cmpute. The me w~ho art the sole breadwm-r
ner n the d illage arre nrsty employee with the trunmg copane.
Thte rllnag captan noted that employment opportuies hardll
cxst~c In the comnmunity.
"W hardly have employment opportunities in the village
mos of the men work with the miningl companies and the!
woul have their fail for weeks then return. If obs are cre
ste herr the the men would not have to go out of the village
becaue sometimes this caln be chtllngingl for some families.
Some famlly tends to stray when a father is not around, thirs
hapr a lot. WIhen thi happen ou societY can be led into a
negathre way becuRE all kid of things happen." said Andrewrs.
The women are involved in handy craft and sewing.

The hope of future development lies with the creation of jot
(aPPorUnstaIct and with the construction of a proe access road.
1%< village captaln herlieves that if a pro~per access road is built
eptcd developments will take place.
"When the m~ad to St. C`uthberl's mrission is made more access
swhic then I am sure the husmecss people will want to come in. If the
nrad is graded down and be made a smotx~h straight road the time is
co~me In here would he less andt this would also cut cost." sait
Though thle ultaICr has a long way to go. residents never forge
to celebrate what they have, and their Amecrindian Heritage.
It was one of the first villages to celebrate Amerindian Her
Ingr Montlh and they were expected to do so yeitervdav.

TltS tedIsrnadn hi ow toy fro a p~c of wod.

threeUCr.* &r tunerai c rurantne the helth ceertr turn
wwksetaffed me reee ts ts n urgent need of mtdwifr at the
cenre (kr reskn erapna
weU~ rre hay frr r th heathr Ulcr We had dnrsbhre. an a
madek I(**. hIns I skIaI Lso wha hape Just a~lwns twO <4
thure nurr- a rea ti hou two~ in II cry dpfecaf tw VothUt a
msdade r t ksks coest lhr fra the ronn wome We h-ve tir
1.xshlts. b~aute rc:ft have th pnrqic Ito mak. sa one reukt
The wome o sthr are are awame oe the natuation b arr
oprtimu tkat thatt pkaslnEI \aIl hrtng! saustnc fr the govrn

"W Amertradin womro ko pood abe drlthering tahr.
(klr aonovtr pme do the gIf tof us. We nee to bri ou
soe o rate to hre,~ kQ1 somimes *Lr c sieto (aompit-
rated soran av rad do it. A prgnn woa now wi have
to trrrit ad fro hee hc ir om fory-9lrr mie ourt to
Ithe Lrsdr Hiha a thetrt to abo n ad pra ant rtue
aout So we arr rembly laJ a d at mkite uand als a doctor,"
said another cocr redn,

Ar d rew wate ut il the mrrum has devecpe sq:ndni amb
'7he rrad land I aluo rrtnnAmrnltan Mln,-tert) awatrld us
In many wrayr to derwhap ourr onmnuntly 14w exampic we new~s
ha cestriesty m n herrrc bfnc. w with a geerantor whnah wasl ds
natal by the P~ruaen In 20035. we now have ckctrusty In the ten
stal putr ofl str mason~m Alav assly htrmes aurr cnnocated tol the

THE students of the newly constructed St. Cuthbert's
Secondary School enjoying a game of vollyball.
Ihe new St Cfurhhett 4 Scondrary sichoo~l ,s ainst completed
and Ihildrern in the: area are no~w affordedc the aIry edcacctlon. The uchol wtil alwo cater for thabtetrn of neIghhrr ing
vlllage.. w~1Ch a0 Santa Mr~ptmu Imtrm~irwy faCtishesC Are beingR built
to, acrornovalate Ithese chllldren The baric subrject areac nre twin! o~f
feecd at the 8chool
Motri rewilcnts see this manar;tlve as a pilus for ther commur~tnity
and folr thle persotnall devlcolpmen tt of mnndlians.
The Sccndlary schoolI wlill now allow the chiktlren to geo far ,n
their educcatiorn. At fIrst the, were left with ornly priman:ry dcatlic~lon,
buit ncow b. *, are given cth orpportulnlty for wa1~ndarcy eucartlion
whlch wall affowu thern to get a p~rlper jobh to1 waste a twrter futulre

THE Food for the Poor Housing Scheme which replaced
ancestrall thathd roof houses in St. Cuthbert's Mission.

rgenerator andl we recive dctfricty for at least foutr hours., which is
beltte than nolne. I'arm iure ucxm the o~lthr houlses will be connected
Indl everyone will enjoy the comnfolt of having. ciccincity in their

11wr Government of G;uyan throughel a grant fro the I'ar.

9 Septemnber 30, 2007


: :

IF'y .' tn r)-;.q ,n: \lf i rn :t ~i'. 1 !1. I J r 111 Cilfk jr ar".q~ i < rl .ylistt
Zhtap -ri, ;. *--- .*.* I" rlo (( &iT;:i.' Eachl Iune )iont spend a mirnmumr
<,' GLSS'S ,*, st ~r Sc lnb;rin r< reatl carrd (5, e *r.-r chance to wNin

for a chance to win a GYS10.000O
gift certificate or a GYS80.000
shopping spr'eal

SPromotion ends Octoberl 31 07

Life. Money, Balance both.

'7.?dqCIlfLt sf;~L. g?'t (jlE(C~l);~n(u Ttx~manslirbi ,,ruf~ ~irfhr)n~;tlKXI ?r~tl rmlirrl iii Ihn Bnni rif Ntra Sroli~ ; U~sl~rCard ri a roRalMeO tr~emar4 o! hlet~rrnrtl (~rlgr~~tnntll Ir~crriMBled

Scotiabank Inner Circle Program.

DAWN Edwairds, 39, haRs two
sonsR She is taking part In the
Misrs Guyana Runnissance
Pegonnt She la an
Admrinistbrative Assistant. and
also .1 recording artlete with
Vullon Soundr, Recodi~ng
*Audio. (Phioto b~y Adrlan





Europe Inn i
Barbados & Antigua

MANHATTANJ 110, W J14 So ,5o )NY TRI /12288432
QUJEEN tsimos tlish cr w 71sailosoe
BROOKLYN luar, Flt~unmsh A Tsf T1R tr) Tom
ctf I~~nsnf h,a ug 11R or;*

17R Aldl~

FT LAUDEFIDALE o*,o u'> Pa t TN os4 117 4124

. . ..o
.. ..

Pu;ge XVI

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007

LO)URIANNL Plull k. left .Irid NL.Col. s Meycrb htrike; a pose: for photog~rapher Adrian Narine- They are
tileystem'l s rrf the MI:.: (.uyniian I1Lrnnishr~ll.sma pageantII Intled fo)r October 20 The pageant Is for
usl~lture women~i Plulck i') hol1ds r degree in Cominmentat~ll~ion bor0n the' Unlve~rsity of Guyana.
Netcula! 31. I Internec d withi two childlren Sh 51*= a'; Rceptionist atI the headquarters of the Caribbean
Coluntnityly C: AHIC OM

cal is at
69 Mlamn Street Georgetown

Tel: 227-1701

book online@ 3
>r call your local Travel Agent

__ __


()n1 Janual~ry 1, 2008. the Gjuyanal Rel e~nuet Authority will
filly irnplrn~ent the: use of the Talp~Iayer Identification
Number. If youl conduct husine~ss with the GRA, Centrli' i
H~a nk a ny Giovecrniment organisation, or public
corporation you rnust have a TIN. Don't delay, uplift your
TIN application formn and register today.

Sunday Ctronicle September 30, 2007

I1II~ fl iri I I I'r

SI H1OI 016 Ill IA YI

Story Time

When he heard his name. Shem
cautiously raised his head out of one
bowel of th huge hammock The
oulines o the muraint were hazy. The
litl boy ~shook his hearta blue mountain
appeared. Shem theolowered his eyes to
the empy. releg gren Savannate each
gust of atr changing the vegetation to
varying degrees of green. His gaze
traveled awards unhil aereions madenakz~ed upon the veas expanse of lnd The shadows between
bld~ngs educated the tun of day inh Us aslaed faneriand vilage shadows were usd from
sunnselo sunset ta calculate When the Dock was introduce lo the vdlagers by mtasionrar~ts. a
was given an anitmlsche knel Bu e cixonomete was found etse delectu an this al r eai
Somehhrg wars~aluslig this dsruplion to he msehannca device. Te le o the birh of a legnd
hat a huge vakt algoM deposes was neatry Men worked to land txt losd no trace of gol
However. Sit plough eart became tae garden. Some worked tonerby sirams moveg mawds
torwads the vaage'inadvertedy coming arpeureds SIg no gold. Gul to women had a taed a
heir wsaer woes Ohms shot alogi-pped arrows ino the at hoping to gold vein would somhowr
ahract tomigges. Wimover se gponders tnded. to speogple prosecd fr god Wiesno tuc
Yt they wondd not movemaey from hasea s pot Mg was a the mag hat hy adI son fed arxl
become fich. But li taubaght impovenhmers on rthem for hay were subsolence farmes who
movedwhen~etandgree lesfrale
Shem was not yet caugi up in to legend He was enjoyag her boyhood Presengy. he w*,II
caltculatn SWhe to fals favrite evenag htelvtn programme As I was. he had ampeIn e tos
ru to klbomete deance to te Communty Ce)nte where h tow shms besig held if he staryed put
wilout responang to to cal of he name. he would be safe saiety kned up or his pleasure Thats
wrhat he ddt he agshai kID to bogomn of ha comforti hannock And he foavouWl perce of
fumiLure welcomed ll~oabn As a oom han fact, to two rnes genr1~Oe blT V ech oheWen a
wasSe fo r ShemI ohavehj~isoo sleaaig Plain. a hamwmock had to be mdad ThIs rhole alar was
in acta paassagimpe-fsigtroc Shem gg~lared t coal~ndes hadrwnd a pamig fas be
twine and nen helped toweeve ass ancale bebr g n i was woven in to flus al ksh spice many;
- was to sar hawde pearn aofpple at to top movag into meroo sal orange to end km yeto
Thus to hannock beauseame a second skin to Shem A cocon The arrmen and inesnare wasL
eut Smal te l carn again treateI to separate he boy frmn he heammoc The hack toon
mateial multd go Innon ound He ined b place I whose uace was 4 wdlahou gow aay m
positon. 'Now*,whremlntstha LbeM.'

Muti-choice questions pertaining to Amerindian Heritage Monwth.

__ Page XVII




anellm~cosone answra C, e. c of D):
S Ameribaen Hertage Mores
became a reaty we he year

(A) 1995,
C8) 1998
(C) 2005,
(0) 1972
2: The people inharb~tlog
the ntr~enor lands of Guana arg
the Indigenous people

4 What co~mematon com~posesg the fow
(4) netwa regions of Guyana?
IA) The antenot swanahs. the coastal
plasn. ~t he legand repons and hey rand
& clay kd
(8) The agriculural landsthe coast l plas.
Ithe waterfalS andr gld morag fekits
(C) The Intenot savannah; te co7ea
plast. the forested~ regel"s- ove' :ri

I0) The hily Saty) ?r rI d, et~r( !r Itr< e




6 Rhati, (ModIxIGtoo IS the backbone of
Irc Amornodlan llve~lhbod?


Hwha)o Co:rctoral

r,,,,h nf:efr.os!;~,-

Ameriodian tnbe,

The an;werr to lost
week s questions are:
1. (B,2 (A,3 ( ),
4. (0), 51. (0, 6.- (0))

iP 1 R;? i ;tT [




Colour this beautiful




-_ _ 1]

3M Health Care
"3M & IPA Partnering for Improved
IRIBCli00 PreVentioR & Sterilization"

Facilitated by:
Mr. Andres Scherson
3M Latinr Arnenrcan Intlection
Prevention Stenliztion Edu~cator
& Ms. Valerie Stagg-Leotaud
Medical & Microbiology Representative

DATE: OCTOBER 7th. 2007
VENUE: REGENCY SUITES. Hadfield Street. Georgetown.
TIME: 9:00am 3:00pm
Participants will receive CM(E credits for their attendance.
Colice break aInd luinch will be p~rovidled

Register your attendance with Ms. Keisha Penlera at the

IPED'S Entre~peeneuriaa Development

Approved Teaching and Examining Centre for
The Institute of Commercial Management, UK

Courses offered in Diploma in
Business Studies. Human Resource Development
& Marketing and Certificate in Office Practice

Registration begins on Mondby, September 24
Courses begin Monday, Oictober 1, 2007

Contact Raulene, ICM Co-ordinator at 225~3067 or 226-3842 Ext 225
or come to the Office at 253 South Road, Bourda.

Pa;ge 1 11 II

Sunday Chronicle Se~ptemrber 30, 2007

ade Wel wa e bctech blcldilvtis is ald

0 ,~ 11 hatel \ni1 curlrecllin this4 tunditsl l all; ll 11esull 111 ;'ll;'..lI Ias

!11 <. b II 1 .11 I be .new11~ that1 the1 Ilowed I'relbr Iile Iinto
Ibi I~ d t i n vasi. lll ls r\ II mIn~. Unp1; 1IIbr Di ch lT :1;1f eI Ii lll I

II aLIp rrirlnt he te rl)csunltr dui congenitlld misin
Ir~ril,~ exto u l Ithd welsor lltr l~\ ) leveh. ;11 ntil ly. h e irt
o Ir the' siter ofthe trth. thisl ospwlring~ allow f~ood~t to bc
Insud Inteenth roy rth When td~ h er are 100 mndr leeth
for h a~ll~c Ir d*rira to ut minde Itr is clle h crowded ntee
iflr nt nIf ul ~rdwi any of hth mr probples i wuld re tainlan

,crun;* r\;rdult. but arthodulaI olhdtics. anlb on talti in

;afford. itf abrn thryrlre toung It ~maytk alnerpro

beca;u\ e of( es nked. ~ teeth. I, IIs I I1 th d n L 1 < son ps a. 11bb
\Illar .ll or 1)art. of1 theC ps ablem th1( 111111 thodont 1 n r u it
< .11 helpI is. 1s:*hlan \luns teeth but II ls .11I n help I1 I

unpruslll me sou r appea~r~anTr. t)1 hss III susplrllI both
\iulr person~i(J andc humanossr\ relllitionships.\ \porth~~ <.a
.ell n he alle~l ct l ),r rr rr insainc teulusion Jandt hs I iri I

rtano .'f ill l n ( I0 ] .rea M s n

1'('1 Wr. .1; '.a .. I:.. :. esirr( e1 :cd '! I..! J~ :'

cliw tuth!: .an I. r 0:>:5I b~. .mar skatl::: cm: Ilr : l .1.~ -

S I .h Ii l..s I, thi .II~ .mi L .,l pan11 lb )
I ..I . n.. I co h s

'1. Isq l 1- I.!,. at i th .I I \ i :, I 1 111.,.1 ii i I

.1 I 1 II.~ ir. Ir. b t1. on, 1411 1nowt11' l.I I* 1

I. t 1th 1.n1 <.A u 1
i!. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~i .1 II .so t th1: :.. r* Itit r1 111. 11 1
I~~~~~~~~~al.s U. .'t 11, !1 hI/)~iC~1',11i1~-~(1

sortn tn oU .a
',t.. sh m . at n i .

('Of 'RVE

( rrtu trcainess


Officet Pr .1 drin ir t~ration

HumanrcI Resourc~e

Deehnnn c~~r rir



Thunrrda ~
We dne~sday
Thrursdar 1
,I landay

5:30 7 pmr
5:30) 6i:30 Pen

5:30 6:30nn~

5:30 7plrn

5:30 7 pmr
10:00 II am11
S:30 7 pm

5:30 7 pm"
5n:30a 6r:301"




Y4.IUr~eotif L 1,ptlil rflilit J~tbltUIUU LU

r 8 ~I~I~IIt~:I) a, ):.~(~~II

thes .urV hotI

10 bavlly so1 M~Y June?~ UIn O1cceans anal inten heatI ls AuguJI

in tew ar her .n ladesrt htre peopinc live o
A he desrt s anare whee tere s hrdi rainr acnd wher e
(,,s lat Leeas ran a

(Asses are pha rs theI desers wher therre as enough *arer for
palms other and tres~r ra genw

(14cs~r They wru kxn c hwck rhckun terrme of the host
Ther shes are~ cr~d

Ix=$ rnea Iutwc ad mdk Menr of cmsci sm spctat acson

I arrow I
SThe Travocal huan Ian betworse th TIrlup of ___
and the T rpec ed
2 The (anbt~can as so the Am
1 In whrat treah ahe sc r apelrature as ar Ahrdes
4 Thervah math rl rth mos t anfall arc ad

( The peyrqu o str dru acswar ~clth.


thesawr I
( acimhl Ocean

AmaIse ( I rcr eeI~ JI) pas the~.CI h dsr11 toteNhllllC and )Souh, aretlC so ld

L~ou~ok at t picture of an
( ) Eskimo Vamily

Eski~mob are found in the
'- ] Polar or Frigid Zones

., i'iJune, July aind August In the
SArctic KRegon as not 5o old TIhe
Ij lkmor, live in tents and do fibh-
mgp and hunting. F'romr Otober to
Jun rl JI uly (tr se remainr Irozen. The Ebkirmc busht wi~nt camprs
<.itedr Igines An agion, as built of blocks of frozen snow. It kxLs like

I-cd hakltun dependb o~n hunting for most of threlt food t, larst
themt thlrouginst wanksf. Ihey hunt fish. walrus, whalle and blubber
Thec (Tubesr thac wum~e blanket muateul with acn o~utr cover of
wind prtxd rrrtlln.

thouurs with yo~ur friends the difference between your
Ivune and tir btrarr of the rliktnmo
Last two datescesr~c between the way you dress and the
txun tir E-shrrun dress
C~mpare the < brnate of the Arctic Imsr with Guyana.

He ca Locate placs on eart~h

1.kees of lathadee and Lnagkade
You havc WarnsI thaI oun world )s marde UP of conljtinent and
excanr The counnacrs ar marde up of counvner. PLcqpc ravd fromn
ccustr to cNary~
IrrA as rth tk&b or warid map you would uxlier bnree c cnrtn-
my, themn These a call lInes of Larttude and langstude.

1. Cance~r. (yclrpwn
2. North. South

4I (II) A Austr~I a 8) A sia

mI1) ti (`anbbeanU SC~l. F: Red SC-s

OUr E'vth' a (1smanc~ Ames
The Workld Ir danded into nee bcrauwe of the ananant~ of heat at
Thesc runcs .uc clled Chnurac~ Ames Ibry can help you1 Io
understand dr rthe rdal hps btnwtca (b c~uh and \un

C x

(4ul "'

A place In the desert
wherre these as wcter palm
aswl asher Irea. fr(~us ad
b vegetalsc as called an Os

' "

' 1 e h ,
** t (J '

Lanc of Lastude are Imagmary
has te st nm frmQ (East to West)

The form, ar~cr amuand eart
The equa asar kerodere) as a hla of MI

LuanLs at lrrsema
Larne a glongsud are tmagmary
knesthr run frotm Nants to South
The kne of tangsade eteac passo
Ihrust, Gkrecowacts Maidsass as
numbered tus derlor The kne
of( Imngsude attach as ratmhcad
thO dereeC as In~rmustarml DateC
find rt ar your allas y

To Incate places make use of Isnes at talsude and
Ir eytude TIhe Isnr re n mrmard
an de~tore Ferd places mang kne
1,f tongstude and larstde

LLoo a the Chlmal Zranes o the r Pmid us t duagra Therr arr
dae caseganes
1. The Trnpec Zea
S Tbc Temperate Zanc
3. The Pol;r Zac

The tnr pecs hi e &taxcr. they are ner str soni The use s ray-
ar shader the are shoter ditulne tol th equias The crounrr
acar the pokes recence tess heas bcen or~ rry\ have to trawl Water
Look as the dsagrasn beins

/. -

The erh as becomtag warmer
How harmful can dus be'

The almospher above he carth's croui II alt. Anl is a rmature of
gases crxygcts nstogen and cashran dioudel HloweveI.r, arndutra. rat
cuhurrala fue bK urniaog scovlrrte hsave Irk trased the carbon damsde
in.$ thestaosipher Carbron dorrncl aryl the tcher game In the attran.
sphere methane nctrous exukl and Irone have heflpd In Increassnl
warmth of the earth.

The trappmge of the sun's ray s hy the Ecrss tn the alnrwrpherre i
known as 'green houpe effeart The grren hnrcrs games are carbron
droxrde. methane natrraesn oxie andl Irene these trap the soln r hrar
and ?end solight rays Lro carth O)mrc a. ai by pf (Klut of( cornhunna
fiOn orC hilmsa of fudc copecall;, Io autormr biles andl let aIrl raft

Scientists have dulcgovered Ihat there I .I hlc rn the alroe laver
of earth. The sun a~ rays ger thlrough thsI. I1spr to, the c eavrh. The earth a .urfalce bec oml -. warmelr anrl there ls ahmidt( up If
green housrc gate

Odvialwarnoung1 wlrC_9ull
fil effects rf the (;lobal wa;lrlnyn can hine~( III cllrcees rof the( earth
1. 11 can gcver nse Jouxte .ied uater ;lu nlrt.hence rinna. 1c
and snow will mell rlspully or .. pca<.. me~~r, :Ind mother w lrer w~l as\
wsill oter flow. hen. e fkwkh :
2. Too, mayii h watcrr atl11 .u .In hlinl Ir peop1I'` fronl .r .111Cring n

5 Anarnll. ,auil c~ltlose I arch un IIII
4, Too, mmlrl bulira vial I ay9 fromll thr ..un 1;1 an.11 resul n .Ho

The (TIsaste to the Treeparat Zar
Thes two, rnrl arr fItssd Nours arxl Senah (d the Ltgrop. They
.wr calclk the N*th Temperate md d ar sesh Tempera te Zm

c'runates In thru- /rman are acabt her7 very las rawG f~ hra ar
calrle the temperrte r and crlad Lary 'ha ve wavas sustames, was,
tr. yponr and autumn I~r ro at OusPP of the. ucm a dP loathE cord
Iand rTuas. The fi lkLand iLard. Urououy. Atha~rnasa
You have nrrlurd that Bthr caouarner are forundl beccuars th
Ald1K Catchk and T Ttnrqa ol C~naCt la the Nafth IffligeaC mAni
asd the cannanes between the Assarchc ('irle- arl TIhe Thaphe o
Capacarrn as thr \
Incas these (runsrs ao n d(`uegb Cnada Ulnltd States of
Amence. Japan. (hTok. Esaiad.d Phisppsnes. New Zealand, Cape
Town and Austrmlh

lIscraws 2
I Complete the rabic showrlng rrnenrarr that .Irr forlrut In the~
Tempenrat er~

North R E Irprm ic Inne SouthnI)~ ip rat Zne

2ll Thmne folur Itrawnw ar PVI Zuan

Nlelr the pale. North a7nd Soutlh And willunlr the Ani:rlu and nl-

In the( yealr therre ts dayhghth near Ith poles I,I butfr the next, ix
montrnh.I,r the n cnnot he ceen. The lands~ calledl iright aInd P'olar or
Ar~r to ,nd Anlart tar /rones are very enki lands.

I ,1 II rlln ne on l rlf themr i Al:I'kL. G;renlainl, Netwany, H lland l nd

I.I) ;ak at your ,.llahe orl ni 1 001\( 1 will n1OII i. wheir11 I11 /~t

11xac, the equater i\ the north11 andhelow\ 1\ \(outhI AnY pla;tce t(

\ In brased 4() N 141) H~
II rnIkaate (sO"N lixY~ I

I, 1a I~Basd A( Sl 1'r) I

i .mr I in('II~ An 11 C~ 11 Nof the 111' Iy ad '( W r of, th b1 ;1 Manh~t iu

I 1, in '1 lationic1~ 11nn is, 11


Intern. heat rd an e aminal and pLants to die


i i IF

;.-. E ~

I Ii

I II i '

1 i'
L ~

I i'

1 __ _Irrr__R___


131. For you to do

1. Sr~tomat are the unsl holes Io the leves
Plants take in airu through the st~onusa

-,. Chlorophyll


4. Carbon dooxide, wazr., uninght iuul chlorophylll

1. Tranplrnison Is Ithe pcucess by whrch ther curts warer Io
plunts as given off through theIany hoks rln the Icates\ (\rornuard

b. Transpuratin

1 A stamen
B pastI


Hcito bost~ and plris,
Pk~as check youscl respasses fo last wcck

Ho~peyu had ckme well Coopmt~rulasonr'
Rancmber lo keep on revicmang youtr w.

As we ha~ve kr~nr from Lurt week. al hulng Itungs prtakace young
ancs CanD YoU sa whatl ttu procs u'"

Yesr' You're currct It re reptuduct~um Ver (ksal *

I Flowrang pLasts bcar flmur hsch ma J~cy, de lop s
frarut was seed firom ~th ureed rr tas arr plants

2 Before theeds r.w pnrodcd, luw \ry Imparrass puo
cncae bre to take placc Thew are I2) Porllmatson aond (bl

We wsR) now taker a loo as Patisanaso

3 )b6theasson I the transfr o pullen pan fnrm ttr a,

4. Howar the pro lkar mas easeered

As yee aes hn avekon po(~ka pase are carvrd t)Irry a t.
wed, wat and rammal rwisc sackde hards ad man

5. higacs w rsand and ramsms are calkd thr grass of

6 themre re tworypes Pdama Ias Sttl Pathne-

Self Po~icess n a he tPrafr of the polka psas to tr he rasa
of abe sar had of flower

iPage XX

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007


1. Windc pllladhnted flowrcl harve hugle illlother whI)ch pm1
duICe lingec sp"umstates afllrllen Sclse windc pullinutedf plants aIre girass
andrt new Nameii two miore pleabse did you saby co~rn, c~oco~nui

Wind Pollination

a ec otnronws seoamycne aeag
IIetJls .unt .ur sueetl) acusedJ Io Jtractl ~n them A ~lus, other aarru
c e bIcrds, munanc allre arrd to I1lwns

'' I nlliatst L
Whn the pollko gnram scwh the sltagma they pxroduce poika
luhen lunch p~un ptur ane a saw wkch grows- down lowarrrd the
us~ule In the usary When the tube treahes the ovuke they unste
T'hl unlon, rs cathe I-rtshtatum Tfhe avasy t~rows and becomes
the f~r us hrlk str mules become Ihe ceds Tfhe reeds wa~ll sn turn
R1C newu plants

ii. O)vule b. Becowur; the fruit.

iii. Fenlrta~lssion c. Transfer of pollen
f'rom the anther to, the
sligrnu to another flower
of the sameru kind.

ry. Self P'ollitystion d. Secomnes the seed.

v. O)viry e. Uniting of the pollen
grain and the ovule.

f. T~ransfer of the pollen
fromn the antha to the
stigma on the samer

d Insen the nmes~f at the various parts of the flower
in the dusgram below

11 Keproduclrtlu In plants.

Ik 1) aull lat grow from saees?

If ~ yor answr ss'No' yo~u re correct Then, how do we get new
pLantsr that do not have Veed''

a Viant grow from beems cuttings for example casava and
You can ,denully four other plants that grow from stem cut-

b Some plants grow Imrm tlk rowsb for example: kmon. bread

c Plnts aluo grow frmn elef ora example: klef of life and cac-

d Du, you knorw o hav*e you ever seca a suckecr? A aucker rs a
specil~r stan ann and plua~nt tree ae grown from speccal stem
ksmn s suckesa.

Iar you to do

1 Cdlers a leaf frmn th leaf of life plars r the cactus: plan

1. Place as to your rom or an area where you can see it

1 Observe as garowth and record your observanon for
twsry aer days

4 Descuss your observualns wsh your heats at school

S. How we get arw plans. We all begai with the ktout's


Neat weeik ook out frr your m rrsone and we arr going tc
took as aeed.




Polka ~r~Lo



Ferti lisation
10 Lefs arm chck orurseves Disou your mure s wit~h
yow fricad ~~~LLLL~~~LLLL~~~

Patissarsaw a

TwoD agrtC1 of pammIneI are

Msch the followsng

Cross pathannae

md .. and .

a. The brightly cdanard
past o the fkrawe

Scif Pollinatio~n
DeaOlllineslmian ithetbransfer at th peace pima so~ rthejgme
of th sam knldofflowr onansher ptn.

Pa. s some

Let's bring an end to poverty housing

> 201 years residential I ease land (0 13777 acre) wlthl two
storey wooden and concrete building (196 sqi ft.) situated
at L~ot 136 Richmond Hou:sing Scheme. Essequibo Coast

lindrividual sealed bids m~r ked 'Bid for Property' mu~lst
bet stant n0 later than Friday October 26. 2007 i

The't Officer-ln-Chamerir
Human Resourcs~ C. Adminrstrat on ~tD~I tmnrit
(;Uyan~ a c B n 1-' rr f em rd rl-!! yI II1 ar
47/48 Watia: St;y- G

For further information please call 227-8167
Or 226-0718.

Thle Bank reserves th~e rightf to refulse th~e highlest or anly bidl

Sunday Chronicle jteptemberi 30, 2007

_ ___~ _Page XXi

SPnlme nce lands (appr~rox 173 acres) situated at tracts 4
and 5 being porttons 0E1 bECtIo ~A~ Success. Leguan
>C Residental landf r4 9Ct8 .; It i situated at Sub-Lot 'C' o
Ilot 61. Area'AA Nou ;8 \'I',:g~e. CorrnverTon Corentyne:
Berblee, with one Storeyi wrooden building (500 sq ft
scluding verandlah (40 sq ft ) and ktichen endiOsure (1 2
sq tlf )beow
> Resldentiatl Lot No0. 360 with two-sftoey wooden buildin
(680 sq. ftt each) and cultivation lots Nos. 278 and 42;
totalling two (2) acres. Dar tmouth. Esse~qulbo Coast.
> Presidential land (0.276 acre!12,022 sq. It i situated a
Parcel 1703, Stock 1. Hand-en-Veldt. Wnest Bank Mahaic;

, ~:I > Resldentiallands (3 355 acres) situated at Parcels 12. 58
.78. 125. 192. 319. 360 and 402. Blorr k il., Zone 8.R.W
sd~ nen~traP Retreat and Woodlands es \NCoastc Betticr

According to he ( N

secrh~retu Jtrince uo Ihu
sucnae hJoJ markC World D
itn Jberarl I1).ay pr000 'voncl b"
desided asses rn to Ih ren ofI I
dec imre on6b the one hand
whebre gun ralpple ,d robbry

wealthics d carterson the ll

itrrabstat foIrc U l umnrt ~U
(my~nic Incrl prs the ret of dr
HiJUd to( ra~n~c rrancrs rnast
them basirl aghnJ I)o adqtsc
.ad rts aprms nd i Ioreurs

plrorno ng cveronetally t

?rlumr Hordd liabltat I)r.a s
ralso a;onw opportuNItsI

unid urbun, areas atill lve in
houses uniti for hummacs,
lrtherere, to address Ilids, we
at liabitut for Hlumainity
(;uranu Inc(. OthilG; r
continue to focur on
partnering with corporate
mrities to provide material,
flauncial rad soluntary
supprt inrl fulfilln bour gal

kneli rI1( bengrgasr e I s11 n
1995.rr Itt!lurti b.o bush .d n
rhelter for mo~re that 2~000
I~uandsc. wah It Ivasses sum
under a nastruriion Theree
fanshesc ue lawated Amycr the
I(ass foat ofIcnacr res. Ilrns

licmerar.s Le~t It~urd I ascagu'two

r'lu home pa*Crrtun rs are

*i Mucr~ h>.-l-ll rll s the

ofthc he land wihe Ist(Cb Or

usle teave of Ihfee yewlus (~
*TU Must n must sml of ?\t .

thei r home sed thhou e of r

useritate dredl to liablist
( for itesellf and4 to pay
)It the costs of their new
boast, but *Iiheet pronf or

interred. TIhe paymnts (
ailli be used to build moure
homesI~. amiUliesD are

this progfram on the basis
of need, *ithout
discriminarlon or
favoritism brasd on race,
rrlliious affiliation,
polticsi party or

Simpir. Dur-at. Afnurdable

TIherag satlurac larne and
donalsonr of mouney rnd
matna ~l w lluLGe tanid tml,

larre enrrurb lor the

homeonwner family's needc, but
bmlnl enough to keep
construction and uslintenance

Decent. liabital uses
quality. 'locllly availabic
buddingoC tslnstrals Triainebd saff
auperysses l(i~abia house
cnrtruction and educates
volunters and parnecr families.
tHLese dsignh refpr the local
clltsuale and cultu~r.

*Affordabe. Thelaborof
vo~oluakers ad partner
Ifamlies, ficints belidlag
methods, spedes Lease stre
and a o-profit, so-interest

10 page 22

Each year World
Harbitat Dayv is
Ecelebrated on
the first Mlonday in
October, as designated
by The United Nations.

The Glotarl Obsenance~ at

wall tLde pLLae In The itLaguc In
The Netherlands Ma)or
celebrations wll aiso (~d place

The thenw of ths. ycar's
World Habstal Day bcang
observcd on Mounday
Octlobt L. 2007. Ir A' uate
city as~U\ a jlt as Thus
)ar'k theme uas chown by
the Cnied NSs~ons to riuc r
awu~recnew and cocurage
refleasure~ on the mounting

urban irimef andl stolenac.
forTJcdesstiin ac ndensunty
of) tenure, as well .0 natural
.and hasiaiin mals dl ,hwrsrce



~ tl)
I i

Know edge. Slt it and Aban afsl Requ ed.

~~~~ ~~ )n.l- n'I)(

Educatronal Requlromer to

i ,- :. . ., .


~ ,~7r r~ Llr.~.n t,

interested persons should submit applicatron to
on or berfore October lot. 2007.

98U7r-.P~rry 4r) PM


' BL B


T Ba


O-bvw-w ar me.rn. .***





Page~ SXII

Sunday Chrniclel C%,tanri~r~: 9.00

n m ~~sam mm FIYm

# QIBlrr o


am immW Z!mI
jfl1111[1tt BliCHff

ii.~ ~ I rIllIl

h ereta&tsf)lrrliga r Mrke(~Ct~ \iOCiter
Larame~ rs hadksorr

94 Irts brptembe 21,nn:l:O' 20 f 1surday. Sepctsetw 2 200O
t \t if 116? ,4 Ti 1f.

__~~ __

~-1~-~11.~11*1 __ 1_~_ 11~-111111111~14



( ,. operated Rc repbbr of Giuyana

~nodyk kc o 1Linda Hliths)
and the Essequtbo ( osat Pubi Roand

rn tc.L
a) \oesdyksrtol adenHithasyl
b) F\equtihe ( crast PubikRoa~d

2.; HIJddmy wall'$ ::Jaterd t~ro~ugh the: Nassrltal (.umpctIttlE H~3mkif tSCB)
prrzcf&.rcz. spcrifrcal ighr the:.aurement.Z~ Act 2nd st an n opn 1(o 1ll bukilc. surbscol so
pro e Lin4 o1r Motio Iljit hyl c ( ouitiesll Iofrrc the drumct

.f Inscrratcal clagk h~cticr caler .r. obtasn Gorrlthe sofomaten foni the nice of he
H'er ~~rb ccste Group MW e \hmslnltry of Pubbe Wontrk and Comnmmeatums.~ Fort Street
Km ~mpn. ( ;r ge~tow~n fcen 1 0oam andJ .1pm ~mdond tol r day

r ( ,,ntlrK \Juits orfrr kt Watt S/6.51

8 : rs lethod lecchnologs I.Aleckrstral Emasresoar. Atphltol
.~ P(, rs %, A rph ah1) Ikets n d rurltor *Wedig 4hchin

5. A~ r mplete astodlrahlng tha ~urents mnI th ngllh Lasslfguag ma bc putrhased and
collar:i byf) ulklcts rim I (Atober 2(MI17.upom Ite IPayment ofarionterwurclun i fcc of Five
Thousandl Guya~na Dolars rc;S!,sc,ton the methci of payment well be cash fse Bsrddng
DocurmentF waII)he Io utdcops Exkict formal,

6. Hlds murt bedebs cred to, the addmre below at or beore Tueday. 2 T' of( Otober 2800
as0900 h Eclecltras hidding "rhallnut" be permrtted L.acr hids w~ill he rgcyccd. Bsd will be
openedt phys cally Io Ith prescra c of the: bedders' representat Ives who choose to assendf in potson
on ~Tuesday. 27'^ orf October 'r477 at (FXXJI h. in the Boardroomn of the Natlional Procurmnent and
'Fender Admnlrnltration Boor. at the addrtes bdow
Minlstryi ofnallnce Burdding
Mosn and brquhart Srteet*

7. .111I bult "shall" be ac~compalnled by n "Hidl SecurstIy" of Oned M illlon Gu~yana Dollars
(011.000,.(HH,). Valld Natsonal insulrancc Scheme (NI'S) (certificate and a \alid Guryanar
Revenue A~uthorlty (GRAG)CertlTncate.

8 AI pre-Hadt Mcetmg w sl be~ heldl on the') crf )of cter 2(H)7. in the Bonanrdrom of' the
Worli !rkshou cesrloup t'(WS) Jt (,'(h .

liouIllyur opr~l( u

a dram~atic escalutionl of' the
)Im)uhing Crisis. anld if' we are
to hucceed inl ther fight against

expanslon, of housing both as:
pollry anld ash practie~. To this
end, we ecouragee very man,
woman, chrild. organizations,
private and publlic secor to
get onboard oad let us all
bring an end to poverty
houubling in ~uyanaY ad the

inat-jlI~ItItatt~lept'O it'alfuli
(hC wa~rl to p~ure use a
Hubital for Huluanityr hcuw.

\ll mInesII .nei btill it a ~

th desgn IIUTha Jhur \ oncedu

I ousasucralh

SIocc we tr) to AcCP the
cost for the hoiuse .t so
.ukarndabi rang e, f r has.auak*
famshes,\ homei ypartners use
ptren the opeson' o'f h~asanS
esther cicoirseil Inrtallasson
usthsa the hrrnr or( hampn rhe

tenrulte T Hmal

(;ink* we utl su tusu hrl

wideousc touil tormpudesus
rhous bomr prunta homes, r
hunk lngl~ rfsade brlrount,

Habitor or Huamanit rol

peopleb c to buil or imrov

conductecd cad while re
oontinue ta o fcu on house
Lmprus ement, *e w lll Iso

Iraining etr This

up to beip prnoon tar more

i01 ,0Uticldsll hwius

tiling, oodworking,

rlperlrnecr is Irequirrd Lin
order to tak yue parti un! uf
thce shon rt trm CouMe (1 -

open to ranour, regardtre of
wishing( in be certifed will,
however, hate to demnstrate t
Ihdlr gtrasp of req~uidae
knowledge b) performing
smlaslr tasks onl er of our
construction rite

Wes massage that these illl
beunpo Illc~~ cass In oucr hocu~s
designr u rth adhmtarl uichrl
to, choos e fr~om, and sn the
iuommly monthr uc ail he
stiroducsay the cunt epl of

bullllllding 1 a 1( ~ UnrsIlcllll 100<

11111 11~ ~.11 IIIII C Ila ellt t ne 1 liou ly

1.0 < iunphe .slrdzr k Ihen

hsoc edoni pove (nrty) hosig

lImissi\ at 1.1I. m dll In) CIlitile"
ill.II <*1 ept. . s~11 1111

rales al/rl raic

the health at1 the world's
eCTOnormesC mantllUIunsues. Ind
yrspullllmons yet the peFrCCentage
of peopic washo~ut access to

SRralin Wat* i1 weiln H**
---(-+---------- -r------- -- -----------
~~~~~~~H R1tP 1)~:4 i

4 4 1 IMilar

crt- I!i,,
I ri. rt~l.i
il;te .I

c .*, -~~

r ;j


': 'tc,

I1~C~"I '~'+~ -'~ "~~'~~'~ --lfl--~------
.1; -91-
.~. ...,x. .-~~...c.-. ~-.~- I--1..-..-..~~.~II~
.~ .J~---..... ~.-..- r ......
.C~b ~rr

.. .';

I~ < *arnirn Slr

< around nr~il

'-- - - - -

t III((IW 1

~ ( ~ ~ rk

4, P~rin tr Hrae


Iii~ ~

< on

I". ,s. .. --
I:u:Is te I:II--1t no and. _partmen l i ank of f mann.*~ "



astr; a. ...r a asa

O;NCLE oakine....

!(~,Re ion 5 (Mahica/Berbice)

Regional Democratic Council

a g* gg



Sunday Chronicle September 30. 2007

Ineluder AdnIne.PegajSbusan ld orT

1.5 htles of1 wagsc~

5.s 1)iman~od IBack Mohlu

Ihaunand1 backuc~ mot ~lh Ik a s
1 t]U.lrll) 01~ I e C\I~f) 0311 W

Ird11 cIC Iftitked c6) mi 11 I)Ch

21u1llly grownUCaeplrr
Freenlmd 10 12sulllnlong

IasseneId to Ihe plant panr
(Hmostl lat) andc) U fre~ueml~y
hadden m atruter near th bud.
Contasicarn heffective ur
nyc C'Ulawal usessel technsqyue"
*uc~h as ( sup, rrassess, Escdd
urnna, as11 at Ihe followmyn.
1)h<** at I J s/IstsC water. Am

I.rlI IVir ~LT ~~c
at 1.5 mIV~l/Tre water, NeensI wa-
Icr e'xItact, 1)ipel-3.5 g/lsrer
watesAgtree-3.15 g/irc water.
Rsegnt~l as 10ml/1 Itrve water.

tludworwar: catuerp~llrar
which fed uo the young in-
normos leavs rand then bore
late the midribs or adllr: o
leaves or late the g~rowing
pa 'Lbr burrowil of Lh
lease turn
'to page XXIV

C'rrickts attckr seerditags* of
all segetables. Fully gorown
rclrict arer brown in colour
rad arre rabout 1 3.5 cm
lona. The rarious specie of
these inscts usuarlly live el*
ther in the soil. burhes or
under decaylag crop red.
dos and resetation.

Mole, crackcts are Itemed
\oil Insects\ and IscdJ as ~r
Usgphtl) aboc te and vourface.
w htch can cause aSlmactabic

Scediatngs may be suspped-' of
leases ulr ut bck thle setJ ws r
on them ,
in order to, crarcnot cakes*,
feumc arcaJ~ld wdr

IOc Culluraly*nd Chemmal

An) appr,\co sust arrals
ilde .t the sfcanmendedk rate
mayJ bc .appllcJ. suih .as
8.ssudan or Lydale 1, .>: he rte

rcr. ito \ced hnht asi rultswtcrl
.waS; of~ crloppng

Cat worm
Thne se the cascrpellar\ of
\amass ypocr ofmush The
hawc a gp~rreas appearace, are
grcy to brown mn colour assh
famst Isghsr-cdokwd says. and
when fully grown are usully
the colour of the \oal In whsch
they Isve. They can he found on
the seatl surface. hencaslh ica~n
and under large soul clods
Culworm\ cuse \ccdimp~ as
or slightly above the wil wt-
face. Evidence ofcurwarm pres-
ence will be green~ishblac ca
creua pellets below the seedisag.

Cutcworm can bc controlled
hyusing cultural and chemrical

Any approved well mnecctl

ender at the re~ollnsnwnded r.uc

ofJ to m piIs. to \) 4 er fwae

to wedJ bedsr .an c~ulltanste .u
c carl d enppens

Thh pos attack all rr.
esables They are commonly
kaowa as "plant lce" or
"alls". These Ltascts assck l

sad are useallyt found La
draw classn nr te modr

cad also on ?ooug trader
stem and growingr poials.
They ruch plant sep and
maker th pl~ant reak, ume
also aCt asI rectors of plsat
dkw SeedbLarr rr *rak.
reed and kiird *ter thr iss.
testrato k high. sad tarust
ofoder Latestd plants t tr"
lardd. Infested Ieorae art.
Artret and may turn broln
cad dt.
1pheds* wertzsc J aucts
substances knn *s hone'
dra r whic the Jrralr m
andl struce a* r rubsratel for
rlarrn ownsidi~n fuguethu
Aphedr ca br candlrledh
unam ather htdrer~cal (* chentu
cal conten mearsd'
tholoacalrrnud by htric"'
say the easural predaint liwd
twed basicr Wien phed ppu
lasson as low and lady hard
hrtetc ar perrsnt. Ihere 1s sw*
ocd for ctrmscal crmstl d

Chemscal control may he
aqpphed whe the populartls as
fugh umag:
One of the followsng cam
lact of stomach Insecttcled
Fassac. Dccss (+ Karate at hmi
InJ4 ustc of Fnas socvn X8

helrr watct r Ma lalthlon $57"*

N.B. Sp,-rays shoul he
deraterd tl undrsedrrd/
~rrite~rfacs saicavsc whess r
Srsn or Aleslathina is

rrfte~r rapplicathen of
Shrmica~l. In thre case of~
Fastar. Dects or Karate,

,trhen .(-3 daysv arftrc

111sie flksr t r Ir

Icmrth ll Inrrc shrl nI lr

cunhtrs thl\ arcbus 2 menl~
In Irnyth ,and thrir Yiner Mr
,ire.) with a uhrse wits

san r, four II11) n thr usak-enic
of I~leae ~\rmphr anl rlults
Ir..d h? surtanh plans up. at
suhainy so Ii~cat hcccomerat

fart Jung" I~cnhnp rhtancflw
cri(e1 her*I dJra tn the Warl
sudfuc whrrh cracntageslr Use
yran th r0( *,.0) mnsidl. thus
hrmpersnl phases) ashrrc
Anle are also amassrEd so the
hrwr) des Unar prst~ so, alo
\essorl of ressidescascs
An me~lrlrate caused tral ;
.u anrp reasson as rcessary frw
ske criccusre managemenitl ofhrs

Iho notr plant a new- ctrop
matu~ renw up* adgce nt to newI)
plansed sees makes mnagewtme

a t r It a u*t w eu ess n etk h olwayw s,

* ( syital uldn

t 'pecu,lllny cl Ilt~.nhant Fy**r 1 t rrow*Stree

Icruler* canr hre parlrtbasedc ,t the Reprcrnl Stlt dmnlstralw~e Oflrcc.Wcst ('oars
ilothlcc fo~r a non-r~schandabi, c foc as spylcd~~c above.

kndowsrt~lr .re requdct to1 *ubnult the forllow myI at th'e trlme oftendenng:l~

1\ \;elu~l (il( A Octisfcite of compliance.
aht~~ld NIS C~onsrpharse as an "I'aymplrl~
Thel ptlcedt Inedct plusz one (1) copy of thle prriced b~ills of
quantitirclc s us plainl created caveclope statmy the name of the
pIrcatl Iln the top Icft-han~d ccmerc and add~cwe~d to thle:

Hcprlrr, I~n'"-~uurlma andc 'tlcr nderlwanoisranoonl
Regan" No~ $
I- ort We'lintluon. West Coaslt Herlbice.

\sltinummacitive (lre.. I iart W'cllaptlo n betostc'i 10:00aoiin lu1ay1toe 3 7
'I)1s 11 wind t Ime C the .~IIIII\~. opening h lendersll wil take place .r(t~lil

To all Timber Detalers, Exporterrs Sawmtillers. OwHners of LUMber
Yards, Firew ood and C'harcoal Prodfuce r\ of Hetrbice.

The Cuyalna~Forestry commissionn ((11( r is ihc's c;toadviseallthealole ~
mnentionedl itakehorllders fromn H~erbice to alttendll 11n unportant1 mee~llltin on
Sunday~i Septembecr 30. 20,07 stalrtlrng as 14 00-1 brt I; 2 00 pm).tl the( Skehion r
Senilor Staffl' 'Ilu. Skeldol~n I.St.ate. IHerhweC.C

Please no~te attendasnce is comnpulsory.

James Singh

I, lo d .n

i nnovi.

Iregion... ..,,,,,,,, ,..,.,, _..,

paae XXII



I*he <\ck ofhle put asr cllr e, c

sn o tas nymphr and adu~ll

ccrthe moran or Icce (n the
camenoI whrs cliess othe UC





la Th MnSltlrl y fc PuirlIc11 Harrks~lo ln arx 1 l ( om as aso so utc r, c.1ica had*c 4rn h hc
arwtr~fl qu l fard lhidde ()l~tor Rclu shttio 1 ann1 1 (~~1, o:.:nflltrus lns of rotuk Item I ( m ke Illr c

reabinanon~ of Puadges.r~ graden 1 h nm irtnro.ub..adspln lcn
Fny T1 tent: 1. rcrac to

21 Ita lne 1'I il lily In1l'r;uicale thrug the II. co ett mptise s!ho ( (

Page XIV

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007


Y'ront page XXIll

caterpillars intu the growing
polat may result in retarded
growth and frequently in the
sk~at of the plrants 'crbb
often fall to produce heards
wheno the growingf paoin is
damaged. Imtead lteral buds
may develop. Theb several
"theads" formd fromte ( lat.
ei ratds of a plant arre vry
smaBI ad unmarketabit
C hIop rotation hep, ar'
tweaking the cycle ofI pear~'s
development Ihro~ugh the ab
scocc of host plants The re

lasr( pllaurmyl o a s one rlrlllI 1

Arlso heua cntolus

htrdh 5' if I mI/IreC waren. K~s

gent as 1mIcln htre war

litack~ Rol (Silnlthmnonus )

Icutl Alsclctd ausreasun lack. It

wld p'lants mayn) act a5 hIosts
whadwing the tweetenun, Inder
crowdedC Condtlu~lnlr II te faizd
andl duringb percdh of man, the
hrlatest can spscal qulckly
IFor cliccltar useful prac-
taice Ca~P r~wars. p~lassiagdas
rPCase fre sed and seed that
hUne been, It~retd to, cIis)mante

we~ld come batess lil':MII~~J

(IUse any of the fllowLIng a J
bc~tred on ther ylabl: Manknesde

Rudex a ~llias JKI 1C hl I
1-ususma~J n Yel )(I ,lo I)
tImscmu clxy~r ~lfll nant

The, I* Iassi andwrso of the
dIlcw mi the ylrlllw~nh pare d
peair itd an tutdII c In lr

cauwd b\rr rylplnting or so
sects te dswasepr~ asn ha ked 6.1
veq~ nllcl or ver bt (lent use

Jteo~r efecivei h\ ntro r'sc

reasatani \nrssesses and practe
crrlnp l re as crmnlr I~

Ihse aIpncr of the fllow me a ds
wredc onl 1rm the label
Carbe lrsdwryn,, Curamn Cap

AfteIrr nrte u*ar Spoat
the best symptom (~ ans 1,
minutes darrk (upot n wday

are dancmenae by~~ win o

rrater C1
\1,1 r~ effUses control( sc r
mnclustnt fasweclrhrr,n ho at

Ma\ck o< astil red th lica of ~
cassonE wsil~E prpnt the fngus

Altm o fewi~ ularg uical dotna
the followa asr durr hEd nr the

SofrIht Ror thrirds htrr
r~1(l1?carrstatorralr "

I or cliectiver contiro~l pr'C

Iunwd~ hecd\ 1Io well drailned bcnt

b~cl Mlanocrcde. R~imicx and

('abbage Mohakc Virus
Apha"dsr anstant the ICVirus
by) feeduty on salestedJ plants.
Iracls ofl rnfctlon~u are losely
Ilnkd Illshcoccunrrmacarnisit
ofl Ipupdamma of wasl~r rphuds
Th)e mayecr usomeb of safectson
aurc c44cs snlafct crropr grown
nearts aul nd frm sfcrrd seed-
Isngsr from scdheds. Iraves
dirpl! gireen and yellow
nwslelld marm tral ruses m~y
tw hg~htes Ina r r
Kee~pint faclid and sur-
so~undinK ascas free ofl weed
hot *,~ ull help redure the di

1..are urs c le saktaon can
he ccntlrrkd by urlng any of
Ihe fc4LNwsaL daemacals
th an at I $ L/htsc water. Am
bu3, as I m~l/tscr ware. KrT~e
as 1 4 midstar wates. Ag~rec 5

I AHJi(tS Sl~c)l1 I) AL-
H AI' h l)1il:RI: 'tO IN-
( Al I-AftI-~ If- OthMCA<' L S

M( I M):f DA I ON

theaknp cype cabbage may
he hanested as umall as 10 cm
Iar marn dsmtes and unsctanued
until 14 cm to 25 cm (6 an to
to sne A firm or comfp~at head
It maturr A ccmnnpa head crn
hr oinl rlhthth comnptcssed
urth aw.4ctate Isarm prewatr A

v~r'y law,~ Ilad is immat~iure anld
\Ihould rirl wh l1rvesed.HIarvest
natullrity mlay also be bared on

rleveh, when thley are spread
and the head is exposed it is
usually mullure. A matlure cab-
bage llha a well-developed head
and goo'd weight in comlparisocn
to its s~iz. Mature cabbage har
a longer post harvest life than
ilmmature cabbage.
liarveht Cabbage promptly
when the heads are firm and
mature. IDelaying harvest can
resull so spilt heads and in-
Creased Incede~nce of field dir-
carce, particularly during wel
Cabbage is harveste~d by
hand bry bending the head to one
side and cutting it with a rharp,
knife or mall machetc. The cut
Iang inrtrumentr should be
sharpened frequenly to reduce
harverting effort and lessen
pca ckrlanue.
D~o not snap or twast the
headl.'lhrs practice damages the
head and scaults in jagged ap-
pearing stern BrokLen stems are
alro more susceptible so decay.
'us stalks flat( and close to the
head as pmasbit iong enough to
retamn two to four wrapper
leaver IExtra teaves act as cubh-
usel dunnk handhong and may be
desrerd an certan market. Yel-
lowed. damaged. or diseased
wraPPer leaVes should be re-
axwed. Heradb wsth insect dalm-
age and otlhe defects should he
Cahbage should be put sn
haskets o~r wcll-venltlaind
packing containers and taken
utw of the hleld immediately
after harvest Non-ventilated
ficid sacks will wilt. Always
harvest during the coolest
tame ofl the day.
The cabbale should be
taken to awell-ventilated
shaded ars for packlaK and
tr~anport to market. When
therr ise delay of more th~a
an hour or two betweess har-
vest and packing, a spray of
dean water to the leaves; ca
help prevent dehydration.

Dont1' mIljs the( MiJnistry. of E~ducration's Heanlth Fair on
I'frJidV. (,(l(l,( ).>. '()()7 n1 the ( Grrifesta Sports Complex

C' Olile, sonc mill( 100011 110 IiYr\oUT IbodV works and uinderStand
mor abut1HV AiDlS. corrc~ct exrc~ises anid healthy
lifestyles. You(, i a;n ;also, get you-r blood pressuree c-hecked.

Hoothf~S w'ill be( manned1('( by? Mjlinistry of Heanlth.. Ministry of
Edui~cat fion. (.uyana17; INeSpo(nSible Pare- Redc Crocss. (';a-lcrnic School of Homne Economics and
;l~lyman ;1Walt er inc(.. ;1monga (t hers.

Peirniin at No [ll r eterirs IM( '(111,.1(1.




Applicants are invited for suitably qualified persons for the position of

1. Diploma in Accounting with six (6) years experience in Accounting
at a supervisory level.

2. ACCA Cevel II with five (5) years experience in accounting at a
SUperv80fy l0VOI.

1. Computer literacy
2. interpersonal skills
3. Conununication sklts both oral and written
). AnalytiC81 Skills
5. Leadership qualities

Apphications along with a detailed Cumculum Vitae and two (2) references
should be mailed not later than Thursday. October 11. 2007 to

The Human Resources Manager
GUyana post Office Corporation
Robb Street Georgetown

Only suitable applicants wdi be acknowledged

AgpphCamonrS are Invited10 for~a suty quahc!lc:1p~ersons for the pos!: y of i~

@@8 WROS
To eflectwety manage the postal operahoni an the community In accordance with~
POStal Regulatans with an aim to ensure cUrS10mer Serw~e and business comphlance
and po8l~


1. Degree In PublH: Manage ment or any other related disaphlne.
2. Minimum ofthree (3) yearsexpenenrce atthe Supervisory level

Applicabons along with a detailed C~umculum Vstae. twuo references and a recent
police dearance should be maalled not later than Thursday. October 1 1, 2007 to:

The Hufman ReSUwrcOB Manager
Gulyan Post Offce, Corporation

Only suitably qualified persons are to sendl apphlcallon.

TEL: 225-4475/226-3243-9

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007

Page XXV

ARIES -- Your energy r\ d) hluh today, and your Itonsb is rutor sharp, So if y~u
have twe~n wauting: for a uicl Ito Ienganue youtr Ille, thil Ir Ir. Make remeL Itoday Ito cleius

the dayL) forT at Yo have a gwarr iabshlly Ito rcnlte order out the clum~cs rrght nowu, so us
it! YOu wtll have f'un wrlith whatever methodtl you choose, whether~ 1t's ColorT LYnded
loldesn. asphahawasl IIm, or compa~lcated compultert progona, ~

TAt/RUS adeore you int yowset get has under or coullar wrhen bomeu~lnug on
rageous happens today. do youracif a favor and stop for a momnrr, to renetw the
rituation. 11xmgl that affecl you mlight note tlr man to affect1 ya ouc, l wdon pt take
anythurg perwatally. Be o~b)< tave sideL today and don't kct yowitcl get calught up in the heated emotsonsll o ther
moment. Most importandly. do not

GEAIINI Tie ranothat kloo a yow wuWkloa today, and rmevalua r d cap.-,
seeice you have for yomerl an tw Ihe people yot u w wash. Are you hrtas *ul.
we you being idesktac. or are you bcmng unweauonabc' it's tew of the three Rtlu
nor. yan need to adopt a new posal of new about base, btecaus ymar capectaaon,
use tst not reakasc~w Tbr good newr a that oncee yuadmOat dbulIu ayg u ara goang to
Imppea be way your want them so. you11l figwe unt the net best plan

CANCER rAn escratln on ,ou row lcm enu um. ussyuc Itr.r sof let) cy. '
tou as you krnow when ian whetre to dasplay strm) thuPract) and .an Obystsw~ Jr
meanor watn be called fuor nna of theda), uo wav u ayO outurrtr as glfXe icha (sm
runagin. Stay loosc d wItned awauk. (Itaxah . youI nICed toi karnD t tr Ifrkash eengh
to recogen aanxuprt i )UI rumpNI wire IIpCperrs the wurk as hasal demand a km
of you. tie st's authsng ?lm can twU tunle a grace and a Ada~p of )yea rlr stas ales

LEFO Tod6n. to? to, iomaderh unb) cr Aswmrns soIn )r lef thr Iwcr hue ?.
can rely on Raghsnow tvr he unknhnrne hernogec arw fWr arhn Yus caph.IU ~lf I~
say the 'hatu Ilr' of)u pmar hc..n he causo~np, Fesseurnrtmoga dsuxrtang. bul Ireats
herv asit be too confountX to. be anyhang pouisacr Sor stay rsh to twnsw asuk was)
the pcupk uho Arlum m )ranrs k .ul lout The rrght peryfc .ata the nghlt Irar rrl11
pac you whtr )you nreed rgue hte Ihc) aluays rL

VIRGrO Nu~ mac kn,~r .rm;rrum. can the ovauntrrt el hasl IHut iftm to, sma
claywac needsJ to hr atrau h(inunf )as Ymall 1Ect 2 hug t-wf11 **s of thr Irred

stat thc rrally thank of ?rur s~krs arrn meth.ds ('.u thrhr r~ mapn cel~l' \walks
your prlek u*nd Ami caprst to~ )rl assagno prance A brrithi clo a~ srp. In humrruis TurlJ). trab a sh~e r bof amhc ~ec and day rathe ,n.

LABRA Those propk who~ hasca hemt nrOinlay )nu had brtsm tb sap(,~u' (L
cause )ourc ibout to awakc quate a splash an the mi lstoll uwears yhy. the.
never rCacknMldgd wtem a twkL nr you mebfre Ther nttc wash I*tame of tame (ve
yoru. olien youll be twasag heads and decrssall wheper frmc the crowd If wasr har
to prve a procatalson Judstann fo a play or team. s are shrus to Z"o ant a fu.,
dasc. you have audban to worry abous Yout &hed

SCORPIO A Ingh-sprrcd fnacd t fud of tiht~ rne adcas. and they base rh
ang: daths wth yoes adr) sthacnvr you have the user The staubi c s. you are game
to smmeduatly re ginsc a few hades s these Itop - Stwad you taan ass thenu perman
or lte thm go unwartangly man, what you khnk ,s more to be a fasksr -tnr a asset? The
\tar ask yra to reasember that achd perso as on time mn pushs idc~l. free to m~ake
thrr ow n mutkes (and learn from dcam)

SAG;ITTARRIS secomes aske tadayl. yaw commacanon rtykr says one
to peopiec han te actrul words yu are attermg Sc rmaful of the attrade yo tr r
gavtag off rad be vray ucaful wsth how you qrpeak you could unm a vmall nak of
makmig a had fast unpressun I yu are crPe~cu abrut yraw hdy lanuageyr If )(**
can pes in the exra1 cher to stad tall. Manu. and istto aficauvely. )m will through evn the mot chanlkang converrassonr worrk care

CAPRIICOIRN Yolu're: smag Ine a quiete phrras of we teday - arei you w-ll
he Tpeandangt~m on dte sadl~chne fo a wvhile Thi\ trme ota of the actionc will he a
wlcrac rehef. hownr. You've got unne viesonr for yorur future that respurr makng n
some big changes, so ee thas quiet tsme to prepare Thcre are neTw dretlPolr)O you can
take thngs -- rad all thats rmassag is a tcal plan Soa thank abou tm orne lay- All thl
introspection will fade soon. so delve as deeply ar ycou ca now

AQU.ARRIS Just because yo~ur brdhaonce hun't hadl a chance to be oln dasplay
lately doesn't mean that you atren' rt slI as amating as evefr Sor~meties the o~nly prs
tcve relnforrcement youterc golng: tr get 19 the klnd youI gave youlrscif. and thl\ maght~l he
one of thosC ie smc It's notl that orthct Fpleoi wal bc scrlrng youc dolwn. II'* swal thaI
no o~ne willr be balcnidn )rou up Fint It's time for youl to, larn how to he !rour own\1

best rie. Iliiou 11,',r ow
I'lS /:5 -- rl ope lso ib ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,~ n'' .1 .11n1 not.11 ) tr 10 .r 11 .o. o10noelt hr eu i ut
: 0,i n : o .. nt le t l a u ai n i la l k noh l d .l

C o fpl hrertW
Interpersonal skills
Comniaonaus at rl and wde
Analytical skluls
Leadershtp quabb~es



Parge XXVI

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007

Once to every man and
nation comes the moment to

FOISellood, for the Good or

James Russell lowell 1819-1891

r ( Rework the simple sentence again and make it

4~. Rewocrk your co~mpound sentence into a com-
I~lrlux-comrlplex sentence.~c
5 W'rlste fifth relatedL sentence. and tell what type

A claue II aI grolup of words that has a subject
aInd ar predwlt;lte and that is used as a part of a sen-
terKwe (C'ilause categocnes are naimely main and sub-
ordinate. r
A main clauwe has\; a ubjctl and a predicate and
c car no~ln clauIse in every sentence. )
A subo~rdinate clause hals a subject and a predi-
catel. hutl 1t cannot stand alone as ai sentence. (TJhis
claltx use ust twe ;ttac~hed to a marin clause to make

A simple sentence has only one main clause and
av> so~nlvednatl e c~llauses. (A simpic sentence can con-
t~lun a1 rcaslrcuptlin \ubjec-t r a compound predicate or
Nehal Hutl.;l Ian lnga the sentence hats only one main
c~lacus. It rel~ln;run simpic sentence )
A compound sentence has two or more main
A compicx sentence has one malin clause and one
orf nwen sulywdlinaterclauses.
A compound-complex sentence hais two or mtne
mai~ln c~lllause and aIt leatst oner subordinate clause.

(;ood De~scpveriptive rii
Rea1 l th ecep~~rt below and Savou(Hr the writers exr-
prewton~l ;I\ she porwa;ys her adopted home state. its

'To live anld wocrk inl this kind of open country. with
its hundlred-mlne views. is to lose the distinction be-
tweecn batckglrount d and foreground. When I asked an
oldcr mulc~h ha~nd to describe Wyoming's openness. he
sudl~. "It'\ all ;! bunch of nocthing wind ami rattlesnakecs
and \(o much of it you can't tell where you're goingr
o~r w here you~'ve beenl and it don't make a difference."
Johnlt. the \heepman~; 1 I know, is tall and handsome and
has aln explosive\ e temlperament. H-e has a1 perfect in-
tuitionn about people and sheep. They call him
"H ighpockets,"" hecrause he's so long-legged, his gralce-
ful1 stride mnatches the distances he has to covecr. Hie
salys, "O~pen space hasn't affected my at all. "It's all
the people mo~rving in on it." 'The hugte ranch he was
bocrn oc n t;akes~ up mu~c~h of' onec country and spreads
int~,llo another states: to put 1(WX).(XX) models on his pickup
inl three years andl nevellIrleve home is not unusuall. A
inendtl ofI mine whoic has~ ;n ;aunt w~ho rarnched on Pow-
cler Rive~r amit dlidn't go off her pl~c~e fo~r elevecn years.
When her husband dlied. she quickly mnoved to town.
Isaig~ht a calr. and dtrove around the staltes to see` what
\he'd beecn mlissing.

~sa .. ~b~is~ ,.

'' :lji~q4r

;lmbs we deal w rth how t ren ci~lternk wo~rds

It is req~uired, rherefore, thart yo~u p~ur yourelt
through aI nlumltxr oft pa;ce. suc~h aa these' below,H to

W~nting~ down. new wwwds\ in; ra notaxd;
(hek~zingc nonulng;u J porrununstant of rrwu wInds
1I1 .t tlildltlf l; ~.
KRelating~ new. wa~nts to won~is yeas aheady kswsw;
Practsing us~ing words in yolur wnting ;ud ana*ver

tIhwc mernxwy \teps significantlyy imlpnwer reading l
.Ukj wntine.
Dor e~njoy) to~day'\ Imu. Il~vwe yu.

'The Passage ~
Hei felt a great contentn at hacnp here, w hereC he Ial
co~nK a a young mal~n arxl where he hadl wor~k. The annl wa~ Ilittle changed; the syne ng rud m
4kin\ onr the eaRth fltar(. the sanr des~ wlith hls Carxile -
sticks. the anK thlcck. wavy wshlte waljl\ thal rnluted
\cound, that shu t out the world and ganve rroyxn:tsc to

As the dairkcnes fader Into, the Frayj ofI a wmlct
ovlnminge he lidtene for the church bll\. nual for an-

of1 .1 h~~conal~ tive.. Yes'. he h;nt Ccarr with the' buffaljc,
.ualI~x he ki I1lav al to r.llu~lwa trnu nsnnmpF Isum Sutrs
fe~ 110 h-rtl ac~rcompllhshed a hisltoner penI.
In New~ Mexcol~c he aIlway awok~e a1 ymmyl nLon.
notr unail he Irne;uxj ~ri en to; shave ddH he reahicl tkrt
he was crow~uingp okict IIss first aaC( ustinew~l~ was' the
dow \. with the fra~ra!nce of hrlt \Iu~nc mulsup-hm~h
andj sweet illover:; wmld that uniwC one's~ inyW fel
hg~ht arxi Hne's hevrt cryi 'Thday. tr -day.' liker a c~hlkf a
Hecautlful \ur~nfxings. the urocity ofC Icamrne mn.
the charm of noble wo~rmen. the gratces of art. cou~ld
no~t make up to him fo~r the low~ of timne light-hearted
mornings\ of the desert. for( the wirlK thatl makl o~ne a
hey again. Hle haul nrxicedl that thi\ pecuhatc qulrlsty in
tthe air of neW ac wintnes va;mlharl after tIry wm- tasul ;L
b1 mnan~t and made to, hear harves~ts. Pa;rt\ o~f Texaco
;Iul Kansas dust he h~arl first known as\ open range hwl
\ince been notle into, ach falrming djistrict. alw the .ur
hadt since lost thait lightnew~. thait dlry aIronustic Tlhe moisture of plcrhcghe budn. the healvinew of laitr war
;rnd growth arxcl Fr;uln -hanng. utterly des~trayal It; one
could breathe thait o~nly on the bright edges~ of the
.I oIrldl on the great Frow~ plains or the sage-hrush
die crt.
The aiir wu-cilld dli\ppeair fromr the w~ho~le erth in
tunet pe~rhap\; bult long after his da~y. He dc idl not know
30I .r when it hadt become uo necewacry to him. but he
hadc corme balck to, dwl in exile fow the sake of it. Sonne
thartg so~ft and wllld ;Ind free. Vnnethlling~ that whispmal~ I
toQ~ the cair on the( pillow.. lightenedct Ith heairt. wlly.
>ftly picked the. loKk, slid the ba~lls. and rel~l~leae tIw
~prluonedl spirit of manlr into the w~ind~. intoc the blloo mul c
gold. into the mrningrllp into, the mrning!ll~ I
(Ta;ken fromtr the no~vel DI>:A'i I ('O)MI:S I OR

About the Passage
7he no~vel fromrr which the pawagile is taiken sclk the
.tcory of Hishop.lcaln Laternl. who, has\ left his pairish in
Iraince ;Ind returrnedt to New Mexirc,. where he had l

hriho awakes in the mainell smllrewa h Ld nvd

yelu fI tIl ef, rllki ( Ili( tIwhIIj cth itthelll.llell1<

Ic* I10( II ;il (1% lk~lftettU C'I; te ~llltlil) ( .)L;,'~ C

"itb rentifak-rs, atiies~~c farx hlilK'rc IfVUSOilcH.
('lauwsk andL7 Setec
"as ;th darkune Eded~rl csntor th gray~ of a l nter
nat rung Adwrbiric vu~clue.ll c Ir cr iic h
"Yes,1 heK ILk ~ halcnse ws~rcth th buttalo, .lc he had
hvxed to. ernw4tin usn noSnoI"
("asugauxi hu fimerwe LH\ II ,kl trL
"Hc ha acepiseda hstrs erxi"
Sunpk tente rwa c., 1' l" tI;I~r~~t' UI

non sul m1u tl~o ha hean tests 1.8omple sc

"t'hat rhe hal firt kown .soen reange"l Advter
twon nl) cle lv ly
".'he durl saw kno jut w tw ht rul troun so nel. ~1
cwaij n toe has~ni. u ehlomh kt e nxl

;awt twe 1:.xt h sntencv e oTain acr clauserv tha pears

whner he6 pant mbaed whther lhthe ldr minfae lase

2.~lr~w Then, romhadchangedtil lretmarkaly it
H. I)he frnihnsta het~c(t~~ pclrcac~lhle so wll~r~ll ctll
f;tcl an the no ln. c d
4) c~ IT< has~uic\\ (1woke. trC~m to save and areflct
wa. 11w bisop, h asnwu odmn fl t
etlike a cmfrtry want plinll his furnw sunounings a i

of New eic.

Yrg Othr pclaes nce preluc~ted thi crrtemarkable e

I. A sene ; ofi~l newnlcl~ew di (prdar alcoc ~l n arlea

10. Although prore by~kil ough wit it~llnll~ many CIvi


lycl %Ilmutcnermann, wasi born 1%41 Ian 15adt S.ukonvenCI Gennany. Hle worked aA a electrici s sotr-uc~k
Po;olar %irsscrlannrman (Mru Loniarrlnnol w,,s br~n 19V in, Huchhrol/. Geroulny. Shte wedl.edl as a
dru~ggirt, keepecr, educator in ai cluid's homeI1(, icolllutercial c~lerk and1C inl th end as a numlage~lmen ;)riblat
IIo a powlel. engineer~ing l II1I.nspI in SwijlTlu~land,

walys oft raiding an;c ld the co~nlrl tact ; wa ;lk .S na Ile d withl flo~r3 andr fauna1. HarlierT t~ip4. Ild us' punIpaIBIy
Onel tl.rl\ they ead t ocilt r psic up cne)l"lr t snUun do, what~ the~y were dreamring of' inccewantly:
doing lunelsclal walk1 and justtiny I enlr routre dn this wonlderlul w~orld.
'The couple say they would like to work. fr Mbdedusl Svas Irontirere, World Wildlife Fund,
G~reepace, or Amnsy In(teurnaionl.

Garlic Black Pepper Shrimp



Around the World on Bicycle
IGEL an Praht Z~mewrrmmn tet re stppd~ ovrtor Gu ansrp ras th cade th hkcrb

Inlue on the vnp .are th p? dy Rmin>. ahre dr, swo wdy ar. thppel a I)ICes
Thc stre to 01n the I ~ a r b: l- rres cn (k'sany whee tIrs baYC
b-r<. te rod through Can rlla. then I:m or 1 1 4 th .> fanc assh Cr s Mictuards, at
wa wra pub trm an bae rhrlugh Mease.I. ( ental rnem~ a nawLsh Asnssa
The arc~ abo the urans aspa the boh Sea to \cm /c a Ual tallj Autas arl afte shas ve

____ ____ ______

L<~~i Welcomre to the 471* edition or
c~ "Champion Cookery Corner", a
weekly feature giving recipes, and
tips on cooking in Guyana.

r ~ '

___ ~____~__~ ~ ~~___ __~___

Sunday Chronicle September 30, 2007


A Goverment of Guyans initiative
through the Miisr o Tourism. Industry
& Commenrc (Catendar Event) In collaborat on
wit Guyan Ofice or (wInvestment and
the Guyanas Private Sector

;2 porundls jumbot Rlhrimtp
I useck hunter (4oz)

I thsp~osea j~ic

6 c~lovcs of' ga~rlic tiliticed
I thsp Chlico Blaclk Pe> er r

Peel and devein, the shrimp and season
with~ ther seasonedt salt.

Meict buttrr in sk ilictaddf shrimp and cook
tantil pink. Sprinkle lemion juice. (CicoI Black Peppe~cr anld garlliC
over the shrisit Similler 15 nirilitates
d~!just salt arnd Clhico Black Pe~pper to
taske if'ncededl.

ganve soetc wanr I-thctich~ br~ead or
homema~d e brea\d as a sidec to~ notl let anyl
stilcC floO WasIC.

Many peorpic are unawuare ofl the numnerouls hcoithr benefil\ of him k pepe r Inll'is es "ct w;ll ha b,~ can
be harmtrllwhennadeffd rarkfau. lack eper r ennI r.xIrII tlrrt unahcathfutlhenet il
The benef~ti trf hindc pepper c~rcedr far beyond Its .sins tor add nrea ptn 1:cse to, a w~ cck \.arcty~l If
deaths. Some 4esentsfic srtudies~ 91ugc~r that; black pepper mlay have~ a mnbtr~er o~funpu~lcltan it llhcn
benefirr. OInc of the trloot Impartant honefitsP ,p the obhllyl to ,intyrove dietincrc~l andlt ;,id the
dnges~tive sysitem andl Intestonew'i Problemsi with days~ptson arc Insca~nlng Io beInenlcycl. ntmi hind
pcppe~r .comrs t1 be diesctvc In unprovicng~ th~e digationr. probably du~e toI the wa:y Inr whu~,,h ~lack
pepper stimlarteit s the talic brtuds This stenslationlor of th~e taste hads~ noct i fis cthe slcr~tomch tor,~ sacrrea
its tecretirm rf hydrcr+hlorte acsd. Improving the dl~~igetlo ofl food o~nce it reasches the l10omach 1
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If you~ buiy your black pcppe'r nlrcadty ground" it is Im rtntl~r~n toI buy a qluahty brandt xsuch asr Chtirco
H/arck '?PePpr 4o addl some to, youlr coock ing# today andc reap the benefits to you~r hoc~lds,


Guyana's Premier Trade Fair & Exposition

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July 20" 2007


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