Guyana chronicle

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Guyana chronicle
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Sunday chronicle
Place of Publication:
Georgetown, Guyana
Guyana National Newspaper Ltd.,
Guyana National Newspaper Ltd.
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Copyright Date:
Daily[Nov. 21, 1983-]
Daily (except Monday)[ FORMER Dec. 1, 1975-Nov. 30, 1983]
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v. : ill. ; 45 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Georgetown (Guyana) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Guyana -- Georgetown


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1 (Dec. 1, 1975)-
Numbering Peculiarities:
Publication suspended: Oct. 12-24, 1983.
General Note:
Sunday ed. published as: Sunday chronicle.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Copyright Guyana National Newspaper Ltd. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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29013105 ( OCLC )
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Ihul prompted dozens of compllanh If~lll rrChid~r~i .Ild Sh WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF
ilouna~l In the suthem towna reed th pncal wasr breakanlg Ibe mice~
"The pnese can nng hls brils whrarver he hka hu Ir hed li u
krep waslhln nonser reulatsons Propir don'I .spprcuaer II "' the
YYpokesman .Id .
the pnot rlsts lurllheIr~ hs oRbr conianues
"We arre sal trlins to fled ways t make him stop." the ~ ~ i
spoksman~ aid.

Bigger and Better
-Guyana Nllght '07
I'r rlkr: rthe tme 'luclilne Agricukural Diverifica-
thu in rn P i" his yealr's (iuyana Nrigin is expected
to be tru spctc~Lularr than previous years with a
new veu - th conrcourre ... P8ag 11

Assstac f.. Re .,on
Three farmers Pl...-*
('onunittee estalblislai to

_ ~ ~


The Ground Floor of the Stfore
wHill openl today Sunrday


The Chretled is at http://ww.gapanachricleCcom

AME~TERDAM1 IReuteral A Dutch priestr brm ho
Amed 5,000 rures (<0$36,1100) for rinighis~ YILI
111< Cathoiue p t beta ringing the bell asj~us
aftrl wen mn the nmorin wsonakr anivin in tdb~urs

.Mines ('onunission 1(H illl's

Page three

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InVOStments in


SUN(DAY CHROMICIJ August 19, 2007


- Conrinzittcee



Iczlres a rre nvolved j1o usrs~ito-rt ng

the unpl emetar l (.(1(I)IIn~ of il p ilroet

.g rtrra allsa eu atsc but51

cpiet that~l~r ths wil be doorl in

rce farmer acureh Interestedn

(NARD) Dr. O)udbor
Homenautlh ad P'rojct~ Man
agcr of the Pootr Runrl Coum-
rnualties Sapport Project
(PW( SNVI' Sawcnirarin briII
hea~r discu~rwd ways oflanple-
mernting thewLt ides. I(GINA)

estabilish edlr, to r m itor impe etto irrI'111 ~f~l


", ,'',. ...
a lot at tribe; so< danc in errors that the Lan
as <.au use the Jan to time
lent then p.edd
 "ual ( b.orm.sts Jubu.
I.acher latedthatthePrevels
but .great to.s et homer so
110 ncard.uadtheLet Mr ch.e
'. ** 0* .h <11.0004
Ib d.stw 10<....r wev!.:5>a
b.s hiso t* .ne id ft :0 the
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ha th, won 11.,. Ja nut
b.nethe rap e...nywer
et an
re.r to
.st .

Rio~ farmall in contincunritins
;rloner the Coasllftln ofr HregIon
I brcre clf 1cuiquthe Irlrlnds
\\ost l~irnwrurul wHill baneft
[sons1Ithr ecrtwuti onoprojts
.tinlrte int imlprovini: dralnage
and irrig*.tion and access
d unsr in various area.

*zrrt Iis Jct -hif )'0. ha \ as Ct
IIIS::.l CI a ess h:1:w lltr
.mp I, tO 1.;n::J~f irrh arb
P~res:J nt Bharat ]Jprks. uth-n
bk l~cJ1\ .sba J n ablrul a S1(it

I ii r tl hre mc~ynut
ffhC? ~ ~ m~ umain.\l~~r~ \l, Ih

~fllllil ~l iritjII I (.rrun
lur .ur azrr i bud i whah lr.,
manu t 11
I annr 11~ir he~l capI: t

(2.lus,11 1n111. .L;nd -- w ll i w bes

ili h I lttoI It us ll 11 ~
"(r. i rhf rc.0 l~r Jr ul

oth so toltducation with the
ties mendes ..I the sonant
. .net hubin al.o meetsue to
0 us, that wa lk a su*
.cli R.1.usesp nest 10001.*, tosh a the not
up the RVi a wating on.,
St **I st.- .use a bi b all sorts Manal...'s
Minister VM and psontol
.ut that staten *L pt* asses,
on ettle.: farm I .g*tec.1 1,,
utah c that equpos al he a th at
.*J. th he 1 110 aguesses.,,,
practal. Neth; **-**9$<.1* ut .0..)
work well emursun c aborth
115 bernal posuted **ut th.0

The Ministry of Agriculture
in collaboration with Guyana Marketing
CorporationjGMC) & The Private Sector

*" 149a'.5&###

riggagc asser

ol OF-

ro~k lt~kvkoat Diversi~ication -a;

Come an eqo whuat Gluyan has to o~rt
A variety of locl cuisin, fres and pr~ocese ruitsu~, game
andmuch mre

MONIDAY zooves~: s 19 14,
TUESA zoo?*Is 11 .06
WEDNEISDAY zooses'-ss 02 14 s~
THURS)DAY 240870-6" ~~18 0 7
FRIDAY zoevn"0' 12~ : :
SATURDAY "~- '00 !9~: .23


DIIAW DATE zoo?-n-la f

003 565 599



Assistance for


Three farmers


13 09 M

215 6i

~nm an 3 uooses-l as u


06 3 0 3 3001

StilAYI MldlWli 'Atigust 19. 2007 3

A '~u~n are invited from persons murting tu
fo~rn ngreuirnents:
Univerity Degree or equvalent fomunl trainlng
-bn command of verbal and wntten English
rldgdab academicc of practial) In
~O~mEg tecqr and pruse lpM
languages such as .JavalC11is an asset
Send utiona~c along weh detaded cornculum rae to
The dirnistrator
19 Coralita Avenue. Bel Air Park, Georgetown

Ofr by a most to carmi al anorn heorebf Augusl 31, 2001

The G~eneral Publlc,
especally our customers
Is herebsy informed thart
Mr. Kalamazad
Ibrahim (AZAD)
Is no longr;- !mployed by Industnal Supply of
Gryan;, It r andj~l a uch rs not authorised to
co~nduct~ ;ny u~,nme5's or SOlicit any Information
On bhalh~f :f the c~onpany or Its parent.

Apphlcat~ons are Invited from suitably qualified
pefsonS 10 bill the frollOwing VifCanCleS In an
established Pubbr S~ctor O~rganisatron
1 Company Secrectary Accountant
2 Maintenance: E ~nmee~r

Salan~es will commen;surate withr qualifications and
ex pe nence
Applcants should apoly In writing to The Personnel
Manager. PO Box 10988. not later than Friday.
Aixjust 1 3007

_ __





;treas~ II Mazarunl. Hard rock
""I1I1 II wilSO be aI major pro-
"Smrall and medium-scale
mItnlng rs developing into a
strongly Industry in Guyrana ad
production figure per day have
danl~onbctraed this fact... mthec-
lire nulning industry has bee
f ally robuat and we want to
a~nrluarnd the mianrs," Woolfad
Prlcllolnoun Exploration.
knlprovedc Manuarl Hrcovery,
Safety aulindlavrerunenitaan-
agement Io Minsng." is the
theme fo~r Itha Year's Mining
Wakl wtuch wdi run thno~ghout
the period Auguht 19 to, 25.
The soaans activity will
he featuring exhibitions, a
asthenal confeore.nce alog
toers to Lladtra, Arostasu,
Kwa~kwael, Mazarsal and
R~oralma, asd Perosckr
Day in Bar~rtc esAugma 25.

1/4" to 1%/" available from stock. Special order on larger sizes ~~Y~~~~


~ ~II i~l r~ ru~lp rlmflnmrr~uu

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Iit~h capitlW Lavetmeral and
algnificant growth in rmall
cad mediuom-acale miuning
coatiser to be some of the
author arbkwearal recrded
to Uth seCtor by tht G;U)ans
Grecogy and Mineus Commis.
aban (G;Mt').

thr North West Hgc, eyn cunc
and Iewsu. Kegslon 1:,Klhs .ac

two of the paqualIn tr I'us~esn

whreu ne of pthce bah riiua I
Iknew IiM (b omanswe says of the
ackneedr thus manant n heForo
detracJ shows a in peur cent E)

He, mannganuss

307 Th\ rulre l: Jsunk
usedI patly* ho a us* ren a n nac

chunstal cqullpancllss, with -n
AnanagI the IXnanument) 1.U)'c
trucks and) Ircsel anl loaders
'The Machmerl) y corpora
Issesof cG uyana (hMAt'OKVr) at
Prosden I, Est Bank
fIenwrasn. hLas bee1)nr act ofhe
nlup* ruppiser\ olf ('aterpellar
eqlullnunc us to thelln oru ectr
M ACOK VI has for1 yer a
hern one ofl (iu)Jnr' a offeal
assassimm~rs (as ("arequitr protd
ui\ whth u rr on o Amrans a
Ingcres 1ssUIUsWUsers of heavy
d~uty caguspenei
Small and medium u sic
mlncesr base rtls= made oMWn
news u~nstrlussents Ir the we
Irs aswl frs are pac to clre Ir r
lre more upp.4mlnrors fus tht
ttrufp to drkcirp st prtensal
thtruglh a n enterwter by
the ~;5( twi~t ar1msri Mlrsses
\amurl thesisr uh ol rmall am$
nrrseium wale mmcrrs for the
f srst ttme marn hlda arrl to rne cr

permalls to the qUanthall unn r
Ing aren us Kregum I aght
Watford alluded Ito senses
tacr whuch rhow )12 215 al n pro
ductio~n value btlran generrted
Imanlt unalll anrd awdaumn wate
maronen thlia repnresens II) I
percent of nunescalummunistses
pro~duced so Giuyanr In the
larrg rrcale aeclor, which In
cludes haurite ~ad quarry,
Si4 4M In productson value
werre scheve
Iva the that sea muasks of
the year. li'old pcrodaurnrc has
reached t u).lv? ouracs while
chasus uxragrlhavn har eched
inton 4 / rtru rrrrat Addstem
ally. Ihe prsudurlctu figures for
housac we stn ~l44912 manc F
amro nr
TIhe tii(XIM tusadr to co-
courage mrmness s unisscthe frull
plMeasl of the md~uat rs by
pkanag usesn nursalr hrades
gold tacludant (aPpr,1 'ren.
mmangane and prtanUm TIhe
b~ase has a hathes rtake thus
Cold and Ca he found to usmc


investments in

mining gaining

Two shot

deraod n PGS

ro bro is i

when three heavily armed me n latrcpted and robbed a
PGS armoured vehkic on the Agrkoata Pubik Raed, East
Bank Demrara.
Deadl la secunly guard Lkanid Healley, 45. of 1k rvdic,
Gorgetown. dnuer ofI the PO;S ~setck. who was shoe to the
Tbc usebr prrson rhot ad kilk was Dexter Bary, 22, of
Liliendal. ECD. wbo was a the time passg truh Ibcr~b d arca
with others in monar car PEE 5657 drive by Ryms Goasalves.
of Ogk. ECD). Bany cwas ruhed to the Georgeows Pubbc
Hospital. aursing a bilks wound to the had. tre wa pro
ouned dcad a maml
Also shot and treaed as the braspsl was Loui RhIaU who
wa anodicr ccupesof the masor car. Pirio sedsedcuts to
hr head from the wmracrreen \bancred by the gmw. Vour
others an te ca rescaed uonin.
Pohcce said the PG rarmd ecan vctacle was semasaaL so
G eoretwn to mlrak a asgh deposasl a asy~ bank. actr col
lectin~g an uanducod sum o cash from Ptra 28 and Ky.
autes on Vtisscac Road. Stahrc and Badauetow. East
Alag wish matcy sa mth cb anter rrarmoued adeh wm
so-culntyurdkr~ Bobb. Thnea cder~rs wsabasmdr ar
sobe in veile.
As the vehcbie we pasng o abe* csrar carnagowa skal
the Agncula Pubbc Road. Paea aid. s crame ade bcravy Itun
fire from three rard enr who were on~ siecatera r ysage,
way. It wasI asl dn~ stae atm te gumba ds te cab of the uc.
back ee rhat .
Sirvive rs s te back t the recursy vct5ack sed ty Icard
(Ptee ars to p agr eighs)






Iran Guards warn U.S. of

heavier blows ahead: report

Bush approves pre-landfall emergency over bean

10 domin ate wor ld
MUNICH. Gerrrase (lRersc)- rRloss Ps-esidnto
VIsdimir Pents, tnoM er of is hrshest attacks on the
UMMk Rrr & etr years ton power, accused WuJasing
see yesterday of enempting to ortse its will on the world.
Tac Whose Horuse mad as wasr purposed and disappnontd"
by Puts's accessison butr added Washingtlon expected to con-
Ulnue to work wth Mscow, In ~rea such as counte~lr-trosm

in a spech so Germarn1. w~hlh one I:.S renator satd
smac~rr d of Cld Wa r thetocne. Anatn acucuwd the I ndedl Sufes
"'I rmakeC Ihr wcl a more dannum~~r~ plar h! syurrump Iots
carrs amed at maumy tn of~cne sangic mlarlte
Attac ksnE the concept of "unlpcdar" w~cwd In wrhlch the
'ratedl \talc\usr wahe aude superpowrur. 1w watd: "What I* a

o~ne Ilnngic cnter ofl power. one smg~le tcnterl o force and one
rlnple marte,
"It has nolthg ,n awnmmon witlh demcltracy because that (\
the Irpanum (, IJf rthe mgnts taksng Intoe account the mlnority
arplnmn.' he told the gatherng of tolp cecunty and defense of.

"Pcopic are always teaching uc, democracy but the peopic
who teach us democracy don't want to team it themselves."
Gonrdn Johndroc. press secrtary for the White House Na-
tional Secursty Coluncd. rectaed Putin's comments.
Ywe are serpr(Isd and disappolated withI President
Pathp's cmosmests His accuseios are wrong." Johadroc

To members of the CCWU Credit Union
wvhose children have written the National
Grad Sx Asae s~ment in 2007 are

Application forms can be obtained from the
SCredit Union's Office.

Application closes Friday, August 31 2007.



Propertie for Exeantion Saleo f th~e instance of
th Re5itrar of the Supreme (ourt, to be held
OR AUgust 21, 2007 of the State Warehouse,
Kington at 10:00h on behalf of Republic Bank
(Guyona) Limited as advertised in the Official
Gozet f6 C5 00 dGIed AUgUSt 4, 207

* Lot I 33 being part of Lot 1 28 PlKantton F~rlendship in the
Craig-Caldoria Village District, situated on the
East Bank of Dernetars. lResidential)

* Lot i 180 being a portion of Block lettered 'T known as
'Happy Acres', part of Montrose & Felicity, in the
La nation Bentte Hope Village Distnct.

Block: XL1, Zone WCB, Parcel 239 being portion of Lots
No.13 and 14, West Coast Berbice. (Cultivatlon)

East Half of the West Half of lot 114. ;sctlon A and North
half of the said half of Lot 12; ~sction 8 In the East Half
of Dun Robin, in the East Coast bearoce Wilage District
For further information kindly call
Tel: 226-4001/5 Ext. 267

Thr: general public. Is hereby
Informed that Ms. Orleen
Drakes of 425 Mango Lane,
East Ruimveldt Housing
Scheme (last known address)
Is no longer employed by
Brans Security Service and as such Is not authorized to
conduct any business on our behalf.

Order by Management

TIEHRAN\ (Reuters) Tfhe
caumaulnder of Irua's rlite
Resoulutiuonary (uardir w~s
qluoted yesterday as reaten-
ing: to deal hevierr blows in
future againt the U'nited
States~ aftr WVashintonr said
it assy label the forc ter- Ir
T'he IralnlIa J~ssl) Kay an
sasd c~onunluade~r In c~he Yabya
Raham Sal*es made clear the
Guards would no bow to US
presure and wukiW Us all their
leveage against trhe merucns
Kaybian dad sw pcrovee s- J
rectl quotes from the speech to
the cen~1tlral of Israhan on
U.S. offusa~l\ \eed ~n
Wednesday that Waslhln ln
many soon name the Revouluton

it ouald be the Isrst mun th
United States has placed abc
armed frcsof uada Eoera ngo.
armracu ~a its Lst af tanst ar.

Tebroan ad Washangton '
which cut dIplomatsc lies
hortly after Iran's 1979 Ilamac
reolutson. are embrodd la a
deepealng standoff oa cr
Tehran's dssputed nuclar pro

the~ kno~lutsonus~y (iuards

ASrlatic hJIushe~d al heI Ir.nt
est~c thwust trans Wshanto and

ntsrcia meancc I h il
Ira hem thetrw osto

~lu(er as nuIcr pr~r Is~m .anld J
Sahasc 6.0 not hus rlr ns Ln
porus ic nruld Ius Farhamup
crain asswhrea teGuf

cIu IIhe or~

Lchanon, inal and use~1rl l luleo

rare 10<< toIC thU e111~ tak o n L

t he Emd tates woas a
would prrce ..Jpoa t LdkkUd

hasnot Cruled out uinr .

d~rive for e, who seetheas-

In this (fil photo hea of Iran's Revolutionary Guadrd Yabya Rahin rraSfvl (L, Defence
Mintrdd Mosrtaf Mohanmmd Nagar (2nd L), senior Revolutionay Guard commander
AN Akbar Ahmadian (2nd R) and hed of O thecorp' ground forces Ahmaud Kazeml salute
Irantan soldirs during a militry prrade to commemorate the 1980-8 Irandraq war, in
Tehrn Septemkr 22, 2005. REUTERS/Raheb Homo~vadi

Tr~as. Retelrc) Plrrldrrl
Bask yte~rrday approved a
pre-tndfa emrgrpacy deck
ratle for Tlas ta cas the
state is his by Hardesse
Dess. HbIte Hnese spokes.
msCorde JohadIRwe nad
The cmespacy drelarson,
absch war trequersed by Ihe
govarau of Tears. wall alkmr the
federal pncranme to mour so
People. equspnmen ad supplace

nr am so th rea the rrac bstas
b) thc humc~ane. seud
Hiunwanc Dean war on thE
Wrge~ n(at~r~ beoe rarr Car
egrta) r orm ) ~catads) as a
lunk asm as lamewsc. Means a
Yucson~u Passutsu and the ad
rad yas nch (ihdf at Mewot r
sc paunakag the cnasen Canb
hean. ahTwr as wa bismed (r

Mellllrons o peopir c wve
under *r~rm alerts so sme of
star owns Ipupoe arean at the
C'asphern. Incindsat pens of

chapel. Part-auPnnec. th Do
nmrcan Republk. Cuba. and all
ofmonunsasas Jamasca. mind
*os an the dsects post of the

powerful humnce
Wests susumend rmade of
I t mph D~ean wasr a Cas-
rtry 4 stmn. the secnd high
ess in el on the Ove- step
Saffa Sampson rae of hum

is wasr cap~atd to becam
a CaqrrpY A warm wllthm swo
days~. uwah surtamecd ulnds of
mowre than ISA mph

ur ged peopic t, f lee in -ly
In: andJ landrlhde-prone of
ePs. bu~uses er malrhaled to
Itanrport secure and pe.
hre r nd trorp were put on

PIstualcl partsc susdcaded
campaspan: for* August 27 na.

mwanJdawcas ues l.esfrmed si
pas rsirion, oand people
crowded masktslr emptyssag
shelv~es of battenes, csoed
isms. met and burskcd wFa.t
"The crreaes in as Mgh
alert" sad KerryAma Mr-

ris, a rpokesrwosnan fr
Jamsica's di~sasr prepoard-
aess efmce. "Heurrican Ivanl
trere yeatrs ae is a very
rrea mesmory fora lo of Ja-
malesa sad it was a vryr
sIcary meemunt."

SUNDAYI CHROMICE August 19, 2007 5

- *

For Ogn 2 ~:
in~~~ vetie'

2 die in Trinidad, deva rsation across the Catribbean


The deatlhs, which happened
wsthan an hour of each other, led
Ides guards ablnspd to six miles
of beach between Plaisnce VI-
Lage andl Indanm any, to ban all
hathers rom getratns Int, the ws-
The condene war red-flagged
rad vesssors Wamed of unusually
uassn rap curnrns andJ watrcr
mrre than a metre ha~gher that
On) TranadeJ'r west coasl.
the dead calm ofI the Giulf of
Pans was replaced by cr~ashmg
wswe rhms k to, modemsY living

='=:50 42.5Kg bags perSlim

is buid Wvith the

foundati0 **

Contact M~ike- Gaitree- (I
ROhan-Devi- lan- Roy

Cement Onrly at *

13 AWater & Holmes Streets, Georgetown 22743854-226S4625414

Email in o@gif an a ficemax~com 22549073- 2257413 225-7513

"",,d dhan to rearh fo WiR
ing last night.
Lyayn lived with her com-
mon- law bstmo Paul AHi in a
shack on the coast. ABi tod po
lice he was tiarag ingMboal in
when Layas waded Lao bs ws-
ter to help.
Al said he warand her so
sisy back because of the swells.
7&her bosruc her in the
chess. She was curused between
the boar and a coconul tree. She
died before reaching the Mayare
Disrvic Hospita.*
Hier aletec Emily Joseph
said: "When I saw her she was
bltcding from the mouth lad
nose. Her hurband took this real
hard. They were close".
The waves spilled into
beach front homes, asd
Guayaguayare resident Aa-
thony Charles sid he had so re-
move IS bags filled with debirs
from his hoea.
All's bredrk, life pard
Yosef Al, said: "Thet eatirr
was has bees srlrebd by thi
storm. Tbls Is whyJ lifegard
plracerd fLags onl te entire
beat and somed oR the wa-
for as a danger arws."

Harrkan Dese hoodredsr of
mres fkem TMrtaidd brought
monster waves that kIlltd
twro people la th wtrs( off
the eas cast Frrda.
Leve Witha~m, 50, was
drapgge away by rip currnt
when he waUlke man~ the se off
Rada Village. Mayer, dunnl
the daybreak haph Isde.
San mrles away as Sca Wall.
Gluayaguyaw. musher of 14.
Althes Lync. 48. was itruck
rad kdkd by a tbhhsu ol she 3
was helpta tobn b ~rta a.

in~ shacLk* along Kmas~ Wharf and
Old train Line. Marabella, to
keave their hoaer.
Work sod drega channel for
a wua er ai service between San
Pemrand and Port of Spain was i
suspended fo r sverl hours and
fishermen secured their boats
against the waver: bes draven
asbrem by winds blowmgl west
to east, .
At the Share of Pcac~e CrC-
mnonu~ ule, wavescr uded more
land. sad Mosq~u te Ocek was
fLooded as around 6.30am whcn
water that cam wsth the high
Ude breachd the see wal.
Big waves were also re-
ported alon the east cast he-
tw~ar Brakfidd and Cedrm r
Wilhams. of Dwrg Mwat.
was vre.4many as a beach house
when h seportedlyy wcot into
the water wathb a faced at

He dieappeard soon Jaftr
Eaht# of has relatme war
sisysog as the RASH Resot. ac-
cordsog to manages Premchsa
The nrwrelesvesa usd o have

The Commonwea~lth Basl*
aess Councl (CBC) has see
gested that the TAT Covean-
meet deal withb what M caWo
"thw pardox enabmr short
age and high amemploy*
meet" existing together.
The recommeadation is
caruaind in th cunci's sooe-
to-be-releasd Business Envi-
ronment Survey 2007.
The survey coactaded that
T&T's economy is smt ro ad

Dr ohn ad director iuma
generl of the CBC said. PRu-
dent economic policy and ef-
forts to remove subsadses to
rtate coucrprass have beca key
clements in providsag fscal
strength and stamulas for re-

The council conclded thes
this county's ccmanoy hasre (P
ma~ind one of the bplrs and
moas dynamic in the Caribbean,
bus said labor shorages.cime
and adequate ,an~ratruclture
aced to be addresed
A~ccoding to abc \urvey.
"The most improved factrr to
the business environacest so
T&tT are a free media ad good
indusaalrel r~raroar-
Respondents said they
wantedl to have bea ct oery
ment to business rdanoesa.
They ex pessed cncesa that
meetsags scadd Io be ~abot
policy dissemostson. rather
than what polCas should be
put in pace.
The survey savolved
1.387 comp~aneIn 33 cooa-
trles, more than Io prevsous
years and had a higher vcvl
of responde~nts than previ-
o~u* trcalrs it scored a broad
crocs \ceason o~f iectors. \Ize
ofi companle, aIndl georaphl c

r000 ani wai ranked ;-t

tir r ti f roa I

1. to 1 p. ther ..I
1t :*,?; rsrc r" "

rusI f t '.r. -amn t and prro

a favoulrablel environment

whe-rctrn oun new orrasr"' nt

increasing mea.9ures to re-
dulce co~rrulpt son and imposng R
hrsher sanctt.., cmrrence,, r

: Reviewing bufiiness r~Egu

and excise and th financial
Tesrveyc com.
meade the Goverlamen
for the creaties of the
Feed~t wl 286which is

aime at1I svng arndl

the I pet+kreree tob d I
corst'ry' p~palatie. It
said that "tt havstd sad

sa fautar trerstless.*

mee~t efa t sbmmeTS5.0 e

Cada whor wa sr hear w
erlyr aIr h'.eiu pem ~

Tbc sta~roti dasclosure
coacrasag the drploal~ as-
tached to LTh T~arao OfCe r
of str Canadsa Season Al
ncuberal Worker' Prora~mme
was madety La Ibout Malnl
act Domarr Montan I-ndav
Monrm addwd u unrmt he
Home ofRepncwresus\ vr es
sing as the Red thesc. Peas o~f
Span s re spanw *o a ques
ta Norad on the sorur by ry
posesson Na'*rom 110 Harry
~oniarse scad from a
cpyof Caztanrl swer Is slat

Augm 13. 2007. Mac did not
ideaify brs semra offsetals at
thar sponse by name
""Th labour sus ~chcloa
salwtaa Labor and E~mplay-
acall as the Tarsee Of fce of
the CanadsanScanonel Ansnal.
lurarl Workars' PRogramm. was
recalled befre the ed of has
coaswtactl marrngmen after
th Canadsan Mer~apfIdatana Po
her advaud ther) th mcr perr
pared to take the nccsusary ac
see agasast thxr andadual and
hul spoure Inc pu ic darnest
dasposes.~' Momarw** usd
lie Ihon, ud ( asntM y
preval us* rristane and she
laboUI )ssachCIcanrlrnulan
SIt..terr and 1:s~n moment w 1s
pead the sum of TTS UI:.'r ut 2 I
few flualseuasw of the malnsatr\
contrastual arrecrnernt uth
Mo~nlarw. Fuccrther d the
talwan atsachr arn estrr an add

tood nalTFS.)S4.54 a cntrct
gmrabaly knopag Ibc sees he was
ped far due earty codl of has test-
wet so fTS3%6.314 75
Meatsee mad' s)o men.
tie asY toifth Canadise11 Met-
repeasser Poire as longr is.
teede to taker say action
agaLmi the ILbber estah sed
hIs speas cacnralag their
psh~r demal disute LIM

crr;U), i CAS Ylal~ri AtiW cas ad file General
p'A011(. tO GI OPnO urid (Juf fic f patt

In thidf IOUr (4) Nights &

Onie (E) Dary Ralmayan Yogya
For the Glrand Opening of our Newu Mandir B~udicng
Canancing Wedaesig, AspsI 22 & Cadl~ttis 1911ay Alget6, 2M07
officiating Vyans:Pandit chune(dimartree (of New Y bl
ri PandMY YA Panday, asbddll~nl I#H a

S Wednrideda 22 to Saturday ?I M" Imcl a93p
r scv. kon ao(Ss.......... -or)nb #


6 SUNDttgAY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007

natural disasters.
Within CARICOM, the major focus today is expected
to be on Jamaica where, depending on the enormity
of the feared devastation, the August 27 poll could be
postponed, with the approval of the Governor General
for up to a month, if necessary.
The hope is that Dean would not prove so mean to
either Jamaica, Haiti or the Dominican Republic as it
heads toward the Gulf of Mexico.
Guyanese across the nation, would, quite naturally,
empathise with the people of the rest of the Caribbean
and Peru who have become the latest victims of natu-
ral disasters.

E~ditor-in*Chief: Shderi Khano
Editoriarl: 227-5216; 227-5204; 22-63243-9
Sports: 225-7174
After hourh 226.3243J9
Y'ax: 227-5208
theb Chrustcle i s t uwww.guysoacrhn~~ronile
e-maIl addfnres wundayeditor~eguyanachronicle.~ co
Lume Alrorur. Bel Air Parr. G;eorgetown, G;uyanY.

Jarraica's 'tie-vote' challenge

COlUmn c

cllcorae pollsters are prepared to ray
Seco~ndly. a moral argumentl with ray cetrtmnty whether
In \ulplroi ofl the team secum. thre would be a change an gov'-
hcnl rlPme Maslter Puaday) crament.
was that hlr Unsted Natrional Tbc results waoud definitely
Colngtcres rlNC) had polled be in corasut to the 517's mas-
49 9 petrcnt of the valid sive $1-9 landslide of 1980 and
\.otes -3.4 percent more the equally huse 50-10 PNP
than thalofl MMnmng's People's victory of 1997. Or, also
Nassonal Movement (PN~IML different, the last genral) dclc
Aware that under the con- tion In 2002 whea the PNP' re-
statutlon the President cannot tained power for itr current
he held responsible by a court fourth lenn with an elght-seat
for any action taken by hlcm In majority and 52.2 pescen ofthe
of fice. Robinson opted to votes.
rationalisehu darcasuin anfour A highr voter turn out
of Manning by jusuflying II on the the 56.7 percent in
"moral and spitriul grouds". to 2002, as well as an antici-
rcecat the lteaer of the const1- pated srgec in yet "uncom-
lution. mitted" voters, according
The underlying merrage to the latbet published opin-
was that Panday's UNC lacked lon poll that has revealed a
the "moral rad spirituall re- mere two percent lead for the
quiremnents. But hose versed In PNP. may hold the answer--
~constitutimonl sw andalsocon- POrtia or Bruce as P~rime
*ciousl of the social, poh~cal Mlinister.

season unleashed its fury with pounding rain and winds
of 145 mph
As this editorial was being wntten Jamaica, as well
as Haiti and the Dominican Republic were said to be In
the direct path of Dean's unwelcome visitation today,
amid speculations that the scheduled trek by Jamaicans
to the poll on August 27 could be postponed. Dean has
been upgraded to the dangerous category 4l level.
Both majHor contest1ants for next week's election, the
ruling People's National Party and Jamaica Labour Party
went Into full co-operatron mode from Faday evening,
suspending political meetings and public
campaign activities and throwing their support behind
emergency preparations to minlmise the feared conse-
quences of Dean's passage across the Island.
Like Guyana's horrors with successive costly floods
In recent years, Jamaica. Haiti. Grenada and Domilnicr
have previously suffered widespread destruction and
economic Setbacks from hurricanes
Natural disasters often come Ilke A thief In the night.
as the people of Peru. wlho have suffered so much so
often, were to again expenence with last Wednesday's
earthquake that, by yesterday, had taken the lives of 510
Peruvrans, left at least 1.500 Inlured, some qurte severe.
and an estimated 80.000 affected In venous ways and
In need of basic necessities of Ilfe
Cuba and the Domlnscan Republis have also repeat"
edly suffered severely fromn previous rumrCanOS and Other



JMAICA AND HAITI are today bracing tor t reaters

a trail of death and destruction In other Canbbean ter-
ritories with Dominica. Trinidad and Tobago and
St.Lucia being among the most affected In the East,
emn Canbbean
Latest count yesterday placed the death toll at fIve
- two each In Domlnlca and Tnnldad and Tobago and
one In St.Lucta.
There were unconfirmed reports of other deaths
In Addition to enjunes and heavy losses In homes. food
crops and infrastructure as the first humrcane for the

::= ..:.: le rel. c~
pscadent In Tesusdadl and to
hago and whas he would be ex
pe'~Cte to do, dsiferentlj rlhould
these~ emespe hametts~' arerd
"mphtmare~" palrismntary w c

in the casc of 1&T.l us Ihe
susplres of both consismison-
ally solumrmd and popular opn-
tons, then Picrsdessi ANK
itabanson chose to a~pposnt
Pattcklc Mlalnasa t replace
BandeoU IIPanaY as Pnme) Mln
Irler 'The surpenc u as
base pnmrnly as two factors
lir.,t, enarsa th tdradssn
of secmtcaco cy* Ithat ~ fcles
arranl head of Ccovernmel Io
Ictmprusel? contcave so of Iac
pendtng ass car rtcurn tor the

::::::::::.rl ubiru'r ds
si on was\ 'U nco ns itutio~nal'
'Ills rerawnl ad\;nCed by hl
Clllrtu was1 that ther Psessdent Is
scquared by the Lconrtitutso~n to
apposnl as P~lrun Mansacr th~e
perwun cllapabc of1 commanndln F
a mayantsll ofl cleted Mi's In t~e
House of RepreCsentaInes\
Sanicc. therefore, nesther
Panda) nor Mauunasn hadl ruch
a raquared maga~nry, givn the In
18 tac. the \rl o~ut of the dl
temma war for the P'cresdent to,
mantaln the UN' leader as Iss-
tscrm Pnme Manaster with farm
a-irragmentb fU orn early retur
to n~ew natumal;I election.
Questson Ih. Will JamasIca a
Aougus 27 clectson produce
ru~h a Julcmassar for Giovemor
General Hall. lIcr thankh not. but
as of thlis acrcend Kmt C\cn th

B Ry lucy 61ph

H ITH THE latest epplooa
pol! sappgsting an electoral
contest too close to call for
Jamaica's Aougus 27 anneral
elections. sme Jasasican are
speculating: whether the
countr, mas be faced with
Trinidad and Tobago's 2001
dilefama for a post-election
choie of Prime Ml~iahte.
The~n, an unp~reccaktcJ I t
IM ciccltoral dead-hcas for th;
; member Hoaus of Represen-
lall es had led to a cantroscrusal
decessocn by P'ressdeni ANR
Rohtnnsn, on choose of a Pnme
Mlnlitr r
Now, wsth agpht days to
go for the Jamaican clectorate i
verdset on which of the two ma -
jor conteztinp parties shoulr
form the next government. 0
would be quite surpmelng so
have a recurrence of the
political agony expenenced h;*
Trinidad and Tfobago.
Fearsof such so raonissag
development in
Jmaica were raised cartie this
moolb by constiasional Iswyet
sad huma righsl advcat re t
(Joyd Barea. clra of the
C-itizen Action for Fra and Fast
Election (CAPPE). lamenting
Ir "atie wouldhe a nightmre"
Baocoa' warning had come
amid speculations, of a likely tic
for the 60-member House of
Represntatives. based on r
purring frcascting by optntcor
pollc of a close race. down to
the wire. between Pnme Mlnct
ter Portia Simpson Mailler's m -
cumbent People s Nallonal

( urre~ntis. hke Tnnrdad and

has even numb~t-r rs so prbnw~n-
1tar scars ~l ils to ami 0r
f;Or the conulng new; r.r :nl
electson mTnnrudadand blha,.
erpected within the next three
months. the sw an saland
republic would. f or the fart
tIme in it postalndependence
history. move away fom 36 to
a 41uas House of RepresentJ
tave. Barbados is like0~ to
also (hift fnrm Ile cunrrnl *~ r
an odd-number of pathameniary
constitunclce for the e~lectlron to
follow the o~ne that should come
not later than the f aret quranrtr
of 21008. 1t notl 1;Ilatetim \er
Followanua I)r Barnett' e-

pressd fears of the ptnrasssh'y
orf Jarmana cnranp up "as a snc.n-
frags( cic nlr?" Jlassid the P'NP
andl ft P'
the (;n~cenu Gecneral. Profe''
wcr Kennerth Hall. disrmmrd
medra repo~rts that he wasan
"agony" me\r a potntcnia1l dc-
torl dcfad-heat.
A statements rdcaed to Ihe
media on Augurt 9 hy his
secretary amured the Jamaican
people that, on the contrary. the
Governor General was "very
clear in his mind on what to do
in such an eveninaelity (a tic)..."
Time will confirm thi'
"cicar-in-minl" position by the
Governor Gernfeal, a former
Principni of the UWI (Mona

Party (PNP) and its trashsonl ~~rl
mavl fo r tate powcr. we la
masca Laborm Partry (11 .l' of
Bruce Gokhog
With the endl of the Ide -
vased dchates between the PNP ~
and JLP--a~nc of the new~ fea.
tues for~ rlcrcums 2007. mewrher
heing scmlnrllrn of the prarnce
of "open wastnfi( mr Hme son
satluences~--hoth mayr l
contestnts rftairemain virtully l
Although the 1LP' may have
had some bounce after the telc.
vised debates, the PNP contin.
aes to rmasmain a slight wmnaing
edge. Thus final week of a long.
tension-f ited campaign Im.
theTf'r.m outfrrmely cruct at

~~ x

Re CR 1

Of &


lar- -as

lu n. I


Capitalizing on the India-

Caribbean connection

------ --

As ladia celebrated its 60th
anniversary of indepredence
from Britain on August~ 15th,
the global investment bank,
Lehbman Brothers lowered
the contnry's 2007 G~rees Do-
arstkc Product forecast to 9.1
per cent from 9. per cet.
If that's tal news. it is bad
news dtha every country m the
worki shoutl wrrkomer receving
abous itself.
la any event. Lehman went
on to say that this dlrop In the
gnewth frcast was a mere blap
ssce "the caounty's stnruturrl
ccoanounc dnvers re stdll ant1act
and at shoud *%ounce tack"L~ to
10 per cens growth next you
(set report ratied 'Assa lia 12
pan Weekly Econorms LMone
lancxkally. Ihe 9 I per cent
growth now forecat for 2007
combts on dthe tac of thrre sears
of average panth of 8 5'T No
wwoder all the prolcatson uxh-
case that to 20)10. the wie If
Indsa s new maddic clas will brc
300 nullson. almost cquni to the
entire population of the ( ruted

Sccmc 7I-a s aa+w

garded as a tackwater countr).
stncken try overwhelmsag pop.
crty and paralysed by the sheer
sUe of us one Inthan peopic
la 1964. with more than a
degree of ruefulness, the
Tnmdadsan Autholr V S Nraspul
(now Sir Yadya Naspa tand a
Nobel Pnize wasser for issra.
ture) desenbed at so a faumous
book of the same name as. "An
Area of Dartnss" Tolday. the
edges of that da-rkact are hemg
pushed back mrnrhng as s~hre.
versassie economy that has
takren advantage of modern in
formation Technology and rhe
large mnvestmers made mn educa
tson smnce rndependen~ce
F~or sure. poverty still c x-
ists in Indsa. Severay per cent
of the populasson still hive mn ag-
ricultural villages. and severe
hardship continues. But. India
seems no longer consent so hive
in a mire of hopelessness. it
sees mn its future the fortunes ~f
its past.
As one writer recently
pointed out. "In the 18th cen-
tory. India had the big gest
ccnomy so the world. larger
than all of Western Eurolpe and
the Americas put together".
India's economy is on course for
revival and ejuvenation
According to an Interna-

!slmlly Ilwssa hasl omec Itenesed
bornl exports to Trranldnd,
(;uyana,; and Surlnasnc which
Irswe uabler~~ 1YIndIan commum
thath dr Imkanr govertmnce
.ual Ltlanhs tassaness have now
hsgun to, trke advantg of the
cagyxxtumster p~revaded by Ish
cnrahntsn of market
The Imaun government has
rrelated ,Is saterveneso n nd
regulatina of the eccanmy. pyv
sqat f reer resa to bot local
ndJ foressaI saIVestor. The
pnvate sectras abr aving, sad
whak ladas has breath ben h
clinary of forces investment,
the savestment of tedsan rcan
passes aboad has bcan much
Larger lacSa compease have
acqusrd agalacant cmpemes
sn o hroe and th US as wecll
as Investe~d so acw ones so
cludsor so the soursem ,odus
Of course, lades a rwe per
Icct As MarkTully, a kng
estra HIK' cutrerepradn toin I

dir, has arsucd mammeln hrm
fast at would grow at the con-
strasnes (cd pour goVerance, as
dsutmct fualJnn gvrmarar were

Irrxh's atrrvera~ is al the
more remarkab bureau is its
60 years of uadpendrace it has
masatiar~d democracy; it ims
brid free ekete~ons; s ha man.
aged vsrulent dsastas; st has
caped with povetry; ad it has
L====4=ard ICkguou granu.
F~ewco anes altr hadr ome
reded by fascecedd rnak such
ab n.

ter sad. "No power on earh

count (cpeasse Vacsar Hrug) and
setsr cadesrr Wehavea r r and
this edra as auw a accpted
name "
T'bss aDre vshrase ldua,
w~hci as atrasa from cth back.
wagesI at mOderderda~psrls and
rwhsc as sha~may new m
ta awasat: Io thos commerce

Isonal Monetary F:und~ (IMI I
report tAprll 2007). '"InIa 1
consumption/Oil)P' raise

highest Io AIIJ. Perllh agn ref leI
Ing a high share of duguln.lbic
income" The report Jlim \I.tes

corporate profits, expo~rts .re
growing apace, ~an real pcs
capst tacome shouki Jllubic ,In
13ers, n7r I I~r\

armc strePth La the cuurns l
trrrad negotsan as the world
Trade Orgamsaso (WfTh[. In
dlJ has emetrgd s a powrer
hruw tha cannot be spxred rn
the turgnatasg that has taen
place .mngto th obe s tt' g
gest playcr
The (i8 nasoons the
uorkfs r~ihest state s are ~lso
Larnly amuc of Inodia a new
cscomunc strength They halc
conadircr Indsia smpolrtant

~UIIer.I Munmo11ha Jllngh, so that

acco*~wunt of h goenme~ntl of
Il~ndia p varws cdlll I
Anlln Futhe Is Lucry Irons the
peNwal be ween in 4l and 1920 Ih
irundi yrcaue tens of thousands

a cry to w~ork so harrowln my r
sumstianes as sodenturcJ
Labourer. caussy one Untash ,

Jenturedl Latwar really rtanks In
my notnrllr as a form of ab
scry that we oughi Irelly wr ho

S Clt\ Asus Il tass. St Verent.
~Jmassa. Iranidd G;renidr.
G;us~anJ Jnd burmansc crlab
lashed r Ur~abk brd between in
J Jsrrd rl he ( .rshhcrn ( c~r

which once owned it, proides
tan opportunity for the Calrib-

T~he Isnk that were estab-
lished by thaI other system of
slvavy called indetulred labour
are a bsis fru Caribbean coun-
triesto cacourraeggprea ollicial
and private havetment from In-
d isinrange of ~accors includ-
sag tourinia TEmacial sravices,
alarmation techndoloy cad all-
crosiwervecary sources such asb
Both Caribbean govern-
metsr~ ad abc private sector
should senourly look to Indla
fo rk th ructured development
attade. aid and saverutmen re-
~Latau that could benefit Exnh
Respeases to:

71* moi's underiving
po~oici a tr hat wperior

asivad;r las lea within a
Qli ange. An it tenes
on as peoposition by con-
Wag1 itanaes'sperwevrnce
ad~t -ki'- sccessto the
~ot dofonse life of Lirane-
as De wh came from a

of prrlrivitlegean

eramptsal around. I bet
many peoIplr cold Ist ex-
amle dolde r edrts wrlb

of rwissoe o of a bogenea-

evey put ofacan
One exapl AresI~a my

tit rrlednwpar aglr. Al-
donag Oscr was tlad, h

cotimelemem be gI es
ur ds~ glseewrs

He rd an inp Msl cram

sm anqrd is bassagg ove

as is eibr houses tal ldly
ccelPe ou h day b's hed-

wested with-- what hm.~

Mliteua~~ comme sam se
good attiaia

Creative satdisgrac is
Ashed so ho peopte solv ne

proact heL p~robk as is is m

amle sa ya bapd byr an
sid o as pan so cha a Set

Vabou as put ar on bu ioer
dre ya've lose er t ar
Whes woets ye do? (One as.

de derce Arch as Mr ca and
need tha o ar a pa e).
Pracica adhec is to
rvalve in deale wa crpay t
po~rota it eses haded
set yo are haveJL~. Be is
srak persoe levfoeaes. 8
carPI sddg niteseM-segeasin
IIgJ me........*
The movie Pen Gamrp
(TomHanks).asagudW 'lnel
eamaple o See~ratngdss ~
~isnedlgee. Therragoieme
oderstod on two levls On
der srface isis a-Legaens
of a dim witsed phyIcagy
ha1capped, per wrap any
Lom der so-m Umbe48tee
WhD Pmpitall da Is lac a
be is de right place al rY .
On due secod agggItig
Ormp is a story shes how
somesom wth Webdeada -
bShiky test mar~rckpakl
agemewhcha ggenagwa
advenIdidra I l

Byt Rea Cliceag

11a~ rytar me Isks a dog to Scar
tat is cool
rr d Imi a Mgh. I w oulds
iah b
Dea ds th Ahl.iB as v
CrCCmai~ c a j~ig, fr a fig
Ti rtyf and T~rist wee two
Misse Mike. gDoe so schoo. on
a bike
1Tew Mighty Sparrow -
Dea is ue Man

Sparrow's witty satirkle <**
lypse shet Ms wehool days
school alw ascrack a smr.
Afsrai these yers as stall
contributes to the discussion
Ibv today's Jhshoartcings of
the educarsonal system. Schol
leaing. stating with the abI-
ity to read Pad write at an ad-
espsale lvel. is now even more
important than It was when
Sparrow recorded the soog.
lteray is mandatory l as tbob
maretd. It also iis daer tmis
going on to higthe rr mamm
And it opens up people to the
wide worI arund tismn.
On the othr had some of
the smrtes people that I've
cme acros didn't have too
1 remembrp~ the tomarto
vendo'rs Ihttebrothe who was

about my afe lic mcmd to
qped mo~re tmr as the rtall than
sdCOD scatBlHe (couW ldclco-
late and make change was sm.
P~rav slpeed And then* are
c&d prpke stan rrc mars
to read and walso buot who dra
contract prordstlous facukse of
recll and can r~oe Irsc sourlly
detaaled rorl hrastene Thea
doeas uDr Cnme. who. on a
fee tendableC note, isreputed to
hav sold Parde Groutnd so-
edlral ie,
Theset a reeamples of
people withb statresaurt.
They mary have little foral
education, but display a high
degre of skill in on mes or die
asher. ad combine this wide a
keen underrtanding ofpeople
and thatr manystoion. Stress-
mart people draw a rharp coa-
trast to the tercatypscal ace-
demic who as well educated but
appars naive in the real world.
But while academics gtet
scogn~iton, steet-sart peole
are often overlooked byr the
cardonvtonl concept of latelik
gence. Recogznila this omis-
sion and believing the onea-di-
mensional booltkwdlean model
of intelligence incomnplete, two
psychologistr. Honward Gardner
and Robert Sternberg devised
their own theories of latelll*

Gfarder tactrve Ibe and-
hprmac a mee~y deined does
not cws der orange aiabicies n
peopic dnplay. Hals tery o
sta~llaspkr~r ==**9-** eywde
rla erl mr yre lm l* W
gg)@*, bpngr~ral. 4|$
that bodidy-kmric seial-
itrapenrsuan srape~rsnl nd
assuralbstric reayn* .
Por~ exmts peresas r
no be vry~ good wid wdrd
ar is doingl cakesitrbo bes the
assy be as grrea as athkte or
cripkese(r~bdy-kinesdacic) a o
alleraerivel he mass be god as
assic or hae a knoc for gas
tias ablon wlAh othr people.
But the abUi~tise sd effeaictv-
see of these propiC are not
captated by the traditionsi
assessesseIIal of chol perfor*
Rober Seadrahe ha s ah
rth uame Idea. However pis list
otf~airias tha go inee inseli-
Iace are different from
0mdar's. SIerberg'slfiQErcic
11b60If ol HAAAAB late~llgnce
says Iet asear three Amds-
mealeI aspects of l patelsce:
aggk h an~d praca.
Aaggga rlaiseteces is
mos ~ aggactd a aakd
prette agivig It's wk we
usew to sales rkbmati prot>
legras or toueriss wvith ord
meaning. Thes is usually one

(The writer is a business executive and former Caribbean diplomat)

OScar buc e

the odds

SUNDAY CHRONICLE Aulgust 16, 2007



All farmers of Upper/Lower Pomeroon River AND Charity Area
on the Essequibo coast are invited to a general farmers
meeting on Monday August 20, 2007 at the Agriculture
Extension Centre, Charity at 8:00am 10.30am.

Among other officials will be a Marketing Officer from the
Guyana Ma rketi ng Corporation (GMIC) that will be
addressing marketing of Non Traditional Agricultural produce
among other challenges faced in the area. This officer will
remain at the extension centre until 04.00pm to facilitate


A Ch~urchl outing at Hadirarunt
on the* Sabdyke Ilinden
Highway.. turned our Vriday
aftenorm when a young mn rl
dlred intou a creek and nded
up' rcuffring injury to his

a pine,. cldl cl Y IC

an 'he mu heori! tlcwnl rmubihe Hositl
.awn~ tlulpr to Mlhan keaae 151
ri Insrm Mrtis to detenanne the
exen t orrf the snjur Ih ls
I ut h e si a l a e o

#ry n the scn r at Joseph a
Jn 1hter Ho speLnl, sane the GPH
as cr st equasppe cth use fci- r

fo~ur-day Convention of1 the Full
Gospexl Assembly in G~uyana, at
liarairuni, Soeshdyke Landen
The~ Younl- mn1:1 and lus6 sis-
tor (both f'roml Hcenrienla) were
aiong sevrarl young church
:":tlherrd Ircln ;c aund (j no~
ecrctclng and spiritually uplifting
dal\\ at the centrc. an~d were
prepl;u Ing r, Ilcave forhet Ilac r i;r
ctu homes~r yesterday
INaker and other* decided to~
swaln In a creek at the heat~ion.
al awndw he lne nthe cel
w~hsch was; not very deep. but
fadled t, o~ne up backi.
When they realized that he
was underwater and notr 4urf~ac-
my,. the young men raised an
alhern. and together. metlmberso
the group K foutnd him
T'he man's mother. Ms~
Shealb Stnll. weeping at the ho,
pltarl vesterday\. and stati very
w~eak from th~e hock of the
rewe. tcold dwe Sunday Chroicleic

ctateC of hystea.a raid that Clive
had drow~ned. How cur. that
rmrinfomanocn wri as ate cleared
The dletraught wotma~n whoc
rasd that Chv\e as her only son.
Irook th~e news hadl\. but mu
laced up hec strength to, trardE
to Georgeson n eari} yesterday
to, wee him. and lrmmedsatel\
commenced the usual hospitlr
SallJ. w~ho is srvong in faith.
wasd *he is trusting God for her
wmon r rcoa\ ry\. and will remain
In Georgelown until he is bel-
cte and can reurn home.
The Sunday Chronicle
wasr unable to reach the Full
Gospel Assembly to
Georgetow~n for a comment


A 62-year-old pno~lner,
SuruJpaul, of Atricultur c
Road. Triumph, East (oast
Demerara, was yesterday
artlll n on wrd ed b)ur
bb bease sad robbed him at
)12,000 la cash, a crudar
phorur ad a Ol'D playr.
~la ct anag ast nestug str
crkkrt nun. tr Ir menJantlah
.s assirn. Insulun and a sp1J.k.
mm,~~ estas r 1to the home of l
5uu~lrtmf brudw. Suta Sarighk *
J( (ff frlunt of the )asd. and
rdened hsm s4 St 4110.x tash
Poirt c~l Ia hat rround
to O~h ,cricrday, Sususpaul
hea~l~rdr a i 6eassr sk* ofhs.
twen. asx uponr dcksngr. ..* r

Ill Icts Ilan andl hcas while de

tmr slas hnrat te aid mmen
Iroralrnllwr! drnt k, in tyrdrs's
tra unc r Ore calk le. an got
ru ycoper ckr of dr was fral
rnal dxts, an dmrn. lang wds
$5511 wasL~uul Iksag iness a~ washw m
Tfhe robbers made ofi
rith the beg.


Ifleme toar to page ig,

Pirates rob

.'i\ ursudcc anld mas~kedl men on Ihurs)1). day. held~ up) Und r.Obbe)d
hsevera*l fL Vishe rmen II fi sh ~ing lon the111~ forentye mUt.L'\ 112
I Whee st u 1 ha moun num~lc r liisllv NobsT I and'I Rain, Persau of1 11'\CI 1
Nunthes 79 Vathage, were o a boat blung, winnst twelic nules of I
uInks -1.ll Valksc w e Ishot wew~.l l~lll .stsI*.1ked C)II) the II pnotes11U
TheCI Irnwd men~~) scl'r.ued :1e engine oil)( \he C inhesme C boat and

phcda i nter fshing ond, en aealwthteui
conhnTh procedat ,nikesmnwoetu hbeld

Afghan women

'fighting for peace'
T'he barked instrUEIuctos and sounds o feetc runningl I-ou~d
on a martted Iloor arre lke any teamr any where In1 thte world
warnalog up.
But this training: \2ewton LI uniquel.
their being glows~ are women~tl andt thus Is Alghamstan ll
Anew genraIon1,1 schalicagmgb thr cusul atlrotygw ol'l
glon wonwn .I, rshaowp figures conele~~l d fromn heaid to, tax<
berhindl powdsr-blue bunrus
And the utnraning I tough
Occaslionally the traliiners who runthe natrIo.~~nal nute two \
myll teamn a, well, ipnnkks water Iare~ th- thwar !to damps doIwn
the- dust flying
women~ pay ~
round. then
;:rnr -b s on
fore squarnag up
io parir apainst
cach other for
trasning t*ash

the gymbll as to
."'."" oo .'ro '. nOlympics
Io the Taleban
year s forsl fuct pblic execaions snchaisa <4 \r men
But an agreein to caom to bo\ these oung~ uome are do
ing more than exrorcasing the ghost of a dark perJa m Afghan
The tranung ,s spomuredf b) a preae gramp wpho ural nt
gave wouwa mnre wclf-stspec t~and scalll:u kAmng as synt so
a coulnu}i *Carre by ..oanaCt maksag~ afSIIrna .Vlrt costsasIc -
oveF and nt Jcst~rructic
The) clll lt "fsghstag for pcaci
The howers arc ta shear iate scess and Ithec unhkrly rm

TWO Shot dead ...

a knokogW~ o dbe doo r ad opeal ag up w as arnad man
ousde on the road. 'ary dischrged nrook as hi and sm.
prlurdl) came oru of abc vabscle and anfor caover.
Tiny twrud *htol and s~and so der vecick try found
the mncne gone acki so the two saoarst guards lylnl us,
der nreae)
Thy recalle8du tht wo mrobde potlce perd as Bt abeags
ntspranded paraptly urpo as rabe Wr m as 1 ned
*bn. but by dhIwa kdes ba as Aed
I lIowtag te shool out. Headiy and loeph Bobb were
rushed to the Woodlandb Ho~sphr bat whreadly was pro.
noucnce dead on arrival. Bobb whe adbled( a peatet
Micanddle. Dextr Barry aml tacus were anrtrak
so due OPHC where Bay was rals p aronua dead on ar.
ael. Passo was tremd cad seac away,
Tbc potac secvsed twcoty Ovc 7.62 apeat shell one
7 62 ,round and a wrhead as the scen.
PeYre arer colt~testag ther Inva=>

3IIIAAY CIROMCLEf August 19, 2007 9

I " " " " " " "

IThe Guarysa Sugar Corporation inc. Invite anerested parties
st lender forthe supplyof:-
I 1~~. Lasinated and edsateryke Fliris
I ~~2. Sacchet Flmst and glisoe
I ~3. ShdinkWrap Bags&Platstic Ba Lner a
I 4~. Certans
I 5~. Bae~r ae a
I S. lP~rr Sack Sugar Bags
I7. Eeirric~Octrodes

I 0ale to~sr Tendrs (1 se s wa be Thusday, Septernthr
s 3, ana (7) warbeThursdy.Seperber20. 2007.
SPbre Mo000ta PWtran MalaeCsgl h mdka tot
spurcheasandurpkflTender Qackage at
IMalnals Maneagenent Departinen
1a3 Estase
Iae .East Coesemerara
;Tispoe 592-222-2910. 3161or3162
IFax 592-222-3322
IEmal mmd@gauywo com
I Afte i~rnsvy thee tender document can be downisded
lrom GUrY SCO' Wekbsite at http -llwww.guysuco.comyl
a kindly cik on trnvitationsto Tender"
LIII..IIe IImeom -wommemewwmme

(hpi Iree) OCtober 24 29. 2007
Pdo USS8950oe 2 Package: SU5595 Early Bird
r soLu A~gnf 30, 2USS695 Rsegadr

Jusrt beyond yoer imegination. November 20-25, 2007
Package US$450 Early Bird US$650 Regular

Jr(7 Package includes r\
~;~Airfare, accommodation, meals,
Stours, transportation & (1) one T-shr

Georgetown. Neil 621-9004/275-0724
Berbice: Patrice 628-1946/333-3517
Linden:' Jeannette 444-6421

35 IereaI~cll Esse IMuses.~ G*oan
le 2252386. 225-493 ,
ml~l meacrcnrsrate<.an
tr~ral t llracpreeogrkeoon

"1p1"ons wherreao Irun's up -
Ilrlsons~ are y broad t
It could Juht stop exporIng "1
(,1Il itslf. P'ullmUi onily Iluan's
thlrre anld ai half mlillion barrels

p'resenti btat, would brend oil
pa1ces rihoolllng up) Iino the
utratophe,)re. O)r it could get
to~ughi and clobe down all Ioil-
Iianker traffic tIhat ~omesb wihI~n
range of those mibsiles
which would mnean little or no
oil from traq. Saurdi Arabia or
the srmaller Gulf states either.
That would mean global oil re-
tioning, indusrvial shut-owns,
Pad the end of the prresen eco-
mnmc r.
Can tose missiles do all
that?) Yes, they can. The latest
genratidonof es-skimming anu-
sites have mobile. eassly con-
cealed launchers, and they
would come in very fastr and
low from anywhrr ealong al-
most 2.000 kdloments (well over
1.000 miles) of Irean' Gulf
coast. Sink the fast half-dance
tankers, and mornceww rate for
voyaese to the Gulf become
prohibitsve, even at you can fid

owncrx willing lorisk their Iank-
it's very doubts ul tha I US
alir strikes could find and de~-
stro~y all the missile launchers
Consider how badly the Is-
raerli air force did in south irba-
non last summer so Iran
wins. After a few months, the
other great powers would find
hnne way for the United State
to, back away from the confron-
tation and let the oil start flow-
ing: again, but the US would suf-
fer a far greaterl humiliation than
it did in Vietnam, while IranI
would emerge as the undisputed
arbiter of the region,
Many. pebraps most senor
American generals ad admiral
know this, rad ar privately op.
posed to a foredoomed attracko
tran, but in the ed thy will do
ar ordered. VicJe-PrsidentDc
Chleney and his coteric don't
know it, prefering to believe
that iranians would welcome
their America n attacers with
gla cries and open arms. You
knowI. like the Iraqis did.
And Chaoy seem to be
winning the rupment to the
White House.

It's h==g-**h* to say ~hehr
the Uatte Stctes wlB attack
Iras before Presdent Gorte
W. Bas~h lave ofmee to sev.
eatee onths' tiEbcause m
nobody la the Wh~te House
knows Yeteih. It is eas o
predic wht weald h~qape If
the US did attak Irram law.
ever, sad ther sign a bre h
Ith hawks (a the White
Houeare winabagl that arge.
TIhe most alarmsag sp u
the ocws shas the Bush admn-
istralsonas about to brand the
Iran's Islamic Revolntsonay
Guard Corps as a "terrorssa
ogrgmstscon." Thus as a hashly
provocatrav step. for th IRGC
as not a bunch of fanatcal
freelances. It ss at 25.000-
strong official arm of th Ira-
mn tatemr. paralll to Ihe reo-
lar Jarmd forces but morre dro-
loglcally motivated and pre-
sumably more bloyl to the rul-
ing cicracs.
Dedatring the Reekinaery
Guards la troiss organson
is not just a way or the US
govrment to vihtfy Ltran s a
terrorism sta. 15 is on of the
kety policy disputes bertwee
thiose in th adbrmiesbaboo Do
ably Secretary of State

Condolecus 16<< and Defence
Secretary Robert Gales, who
thonk an attak on Iran would
be unwase, and thoe around the
vice-president, who dtuak it to
Almost everybody ln the
Bush adminisrassoon blieves
that Irran as seeking uclear
weapons in order to dominate
the reglaonand lo atE~tac lrac.
(Othrrs are less atain.) The
uar party, le by Dsck Checy,
a lson behewe thth clencl re-
game to ta ran~ would odet a
the firs hard push, one ords-
nary Iramam Ibsrst f US-atyle
democracy -- ad that th as-
akL mra be made whic Pares-
deal Bush, as sll so office. umce
no success wdl have 16 gues
to do as. EyvroL atr~ all dq ae,
the admanl\stlroaso's od me.
clusmo surm es 7& boys po
lo Bagdad. the real me o s o
So whtu a sil happcoat l
Chency & Co get thet any '
The Itrrana repme weald not
collape Pmrdessdc mood
Ahm~ladsaged Dar o unpopular
due to has ashanadisaL ofI the
ccanomy. bus peananc Inransa
would rally own Parod hsm at
they uafr anackd byr foagn-
as~ HC'br maud d cllps. so.

spch on IS August (Iaobouh
Irade n dirct reference to the
US threat). ''Our coast-to-ses
nuander sysems ca now reah
the length and breadt of the
Gull and the Se a o Omn.r" h
sad. "and no warssps can pass
sa ab Giulf without being in
range of our coast-so-sca mjis.
wdes." la other wordsr. Iran can
closrIe avbc le of the Giul and
ass appranches to est tankerV trap
fi.cand rf th US Na~vy dare lo
fight to tese wasn as wal lor
Desphethe dw uc drrpuly
ro maitay power betwoca she
Unsted Stare and lean, Ihss a
probaby tru. Ovecmr-comate
ta Iraq and Affsoassioan the
l ascd Suse cranno come up
wsthk th huge number of exru
swaps the woud be neded so
sraede and ocaspy a mountain.
ous country of 75 mdison l
people The C'S can bmb Iran
so asr hears cnsent huatt all
doom rea and sleped exacica fa.

tead. rr th word's ad supply
and theglbal coanoy
M~ajor-raectl Yahys
Ratum Salsas. comm~adrc-m*
chart of the RevoJ~luesnPI
Giuseds. caplisond howaba Ii
would be seomplashed so a

4 4B oS



88 8

~The gaa~ral pghit ag$ ( pOt~lar

Megled that ou r nobry w01I b

tim period Themrsday Ae~gas 23.2007
to Weesday.kl Septembr 5, 2007.

-- 00E(1510N


SUubAY ciMuCI Augb2 1 &~!~j''

Afghan women 'fighting .
(From page dght)
baoM for pace cAlleag pre-= =~Pi ** balls ra bom 0-

I A man adatar Mdest sys dae as she fr secsth in
aEb apdya ~id amm wr
A few* wag uo tak due 90pobrthare.

c~aus aet. Shets hopes s th on due tam.
She pomas am du du boase come frm i rall coe fAf-

elan s der page

"If you gas saarlld m, ragn daea yo any ots d war
la due pas thr res waswa betweca dibrllen peoptes in Al-
ghrarssin. har a rpor Ilke bosae tidggs people segedar. it'
notfiyrb sag its ca zcmptene"
Ikswca trrussa seuason Ote bae sis down ad dchans
nonwneake appmadesa codalksr *=@5*1

selfy la au soc-~-tty.VI

"Abthasr teen der oug a wary viata Irk coacsd
span wnras sneluded ha hIsI process Whrrat w are in
a do is a poemote pec fo r des gop. as a rate mode for

they de beig bt me fr Itheo ash d v(IOmes

Invitation to Tender

Ministry of Agriculture

'Ic ders are mysteld by the Mimustry of Agriculture.
fromn sustably qlualifted companies. for the provision
of Security Services for its Aquacultur Station
located at Mon Repos. Fast C'oast Demerara.
Details of the scope of work can be collected from
the Office ofthre Permanent Secretary.

Tenlders should be seated anld marked Tender for
the Provision of Security Services for
Aquacuittre Station' on the top left-hand corner of
the envelope and placed in the Tender Box at the
Ministry of Agriculture Hlead Office not later thlan
I 5:30 h on Friday, August 31. 2007.

Permanent Secretary
Ministry ofAgriculture


(1 Eatras otb Geysep~rse

(8i) The~ them meth rth h p It t

(PI) The them cm be less bu se morre chs g

(iy) Ite Compenais clos we FrIda September 7*

(vi) The Iede enrtry wa bnar star prroprt, &
the Mash Secrerist Miaisry et Celtrr. Yestle ad

(lif) The prtar for thre wisacr wig be ksadd over at
sh a of Mos 2**8

(v81) Eatries mos in addressedO to aSh ('c
ordifastr. Mdstrasli Secrrtaris. Mtakery of
Celter, Yewe sa sport. 71 -72 Man Street. setrth

NB: Ferms fr the cmpeates~ Can be upYfte at the
Minisry et Catters Yest & Sport. 71-72 Male Street
G c~ZL ; e myIrRr Demaratk otrna.

to reads not lbatrthanr 31^ August, 2007

Analysh: by

HY A-N lateresting coloci-
dence last Saturrday, while
Venezuela was* hostlin in
C'aracas its third Petr'carhe
Sumatuit on enery coopers.
tion with cometries of
CAhRIC'OM and the G;reater
Capribbean, the media in
Tr~inidad and Tobage were so.
portlag on the very serpiride
news that the coastry's
proven gas resrves cekrl I
Uout I another 12 years.
In a county whmme peopk
had overome the hort-ived
notion during a persed of the
Enc Williams cra that "mony
is noprob~lem". the warte d to
believe, for at testP the past 15
years, that the commy is pos
sesed with huge oil and natru
ral gasr reerves, it weed hare
come a a srhoc to tearn that
proven natural gas reserves
could be exlmosted by 2019.
The "Triandad Guardia"
banner headline hla Samrday
quoted Energy M~inirstr Dr
many Santh as saymy -FT
needs to find gas fas. The klo-
lowing day. the 'Seaday Ex-
press" Iad story aacnyd so
urges rmesage:Im Takr fa
gas texperu rge'.
Then, so shrp contrs so
what was saul by krti Earg
M mateir. Pome Misnter
Painck Maumag. evideady des
lurbed by such ILaqur press.
rsrns rn the mtedia savalva the
co~untry'r vital eacrgy
sector. felt compelld to dc.
nouncc as "reagnag any ada
of the country 'hramna am of
natural gas s 12year.
The problemP as that the
discloure by btr Eacrg Mso-

usrlZ was not a rCEactOn to
spculative press Treports The
troutting( ide of dllimimshang
reserve is kocated as the war
tylng conclusson of an audst
report on energy resources
submanerd to ~Mannin's gow
zrnment last June by the
Anmecan firmI Ryder Scott of

Watbrhaeto damag rrams
trol. resuhang truml the Kyder
Sucan aUdst report. a two-day

Pund~ Spain, was to, find ma
Jurt Maorung: ins LeamKdngls
esalsI LL the coutry'sV (*d ann

decew~ as the mustlr)'r carry
rrewrpce putcattal. socindalng
refercoce to planr for
dlrdisag operations Io at
kast ucrPM) neea wel th sde
scrmame mural ya nurents
)ks the sake a th prupic
of that scry co~UPeran~C par
act of CARK'OM. as well as
all bdir member stacr of u
Camemmay, a as tobe huped
Pa s1 nrCliukshcc breat trCt I
seed fo r a fak a answal Las
oera Pt ans fire ycrs,. as N~T

as th mgap crrfy provder.
on cmmunasl term. wshes
the Geneu Carstataan a as cr -

u a yl yran has has a ra
deaua ourrce d ad and ame
ral gas (Iports for sIs
CARICOM allan. Iremate
mbae r d s~bch r sheasev
As h Ptewafanhr S mms
Vcanadr tna~rd eas Sunday.
maw of fourarr pertscapesa

ttesz ,Iigned on to ac new
treaty ,Intiated b~y the

natory CkCM
g o v zr n use nta(b InC l ud In 1
Jamasca. Baslic, 1)omansco i l
Girenad and SI Vus~centl usl the k

Giuyrana with which )

dispute resulting train
Vrmeruela's clasm lo wome two
tlwhd atd ta 83,000 square nutes
of testatory, was amrong low
clthes Itha deferred sgnlrg un
tll "further comeerasnsn"
Whatever 1ts final ptnssson
oln the energy trent)-
the Gouverment would be ca
prted to ensure thaI Veneducia
does out masmanlna cwltus, or
keep no tbe back-tnmerr a pac
tac~d resluuksa uo l so the mlit

ag~gressive promotion of its ca-
p'acity to be ther region's pri-
mrary sources of' ergLry supplies,
iit rreems essntial for the
rregon'r people to know the
statub of' CARICOM's "Draft
lIncrgy P'ohey".
In thir conterxt, it is of' rel-
evance to also, note the: srpris-
ing silence on anything to do,
with "energy" in the
c~ommllunjque ibxued on last
r~numh'r C'ARICO)M Summit in

'The Community's "Draft
Enerrgy Policy" must nowr
takeT jlat consideration both
the outcome of the third
PetroCaPribe Siumanit lad the
implications of the Rlyder
Scott auditona Trinidad lad
TIobago's natursI gas re-

; I I I I I I ~ I I ~ I I I r 1 1 L~ I


The Mrtestry of Health irwites appQcations for the
fobouug vcancay:


5 S.P.E Part one (1) plus a threemonth special

A sound Prknary School education plus one (1) e
on the)ob experience.


14JO ffiAVEZ
ba~ckdmp~ of anrernr over the
Ryder Sntd alUdlt on Tlrunldad
.unJ Tobago'r danlunishing natlu
rul gasr raserves, and Veneasla

dispute thati' I knked to hthis
country s cllounanate dcyclop
assent of the 1:sacqus~e repon ~
Menanhtic, aanlllr the

BAGHDAD (Wesss) Rary
feetag free lesdek a
Baghda pdam cam she ~L
hudrd of-1(1 imman peake
tale wirl r Cee teells res .

'I have breal pasted for
soa ) cars nod have nevr r
been pas herare a Isdge or
cout' wrcoarpsoe s
The v edro pa nor as ere
gree an Rea ts Tlevanna yes-
serday by- the othr~c o Senas
Arab Ver PResdrail Tareq al-
Hnbade. who wressed t ROaLs
prason compaad so cassess
Beghdad wit has she'ss came
Hasheu sodb th p~ruson
es that the asiCo~resse acr
workses to speed ep chear

cass *and h promssed better

The foosagI showed row
urpon ro f autdua tr s made
of wrea mesh and co~vere with
w~hite plantar rhcessag. coach
abou the use ofI a basketball
cours and huuman domasr of so

"We are ashe for~Ic ful
or w~ate )Ules fe as W have
commuard on ctrame." sasd one
Prtsoners, som srappeId lo
thrar whs pressed up rme
rne mesh walls sad shooted
bear saamorace Some dbamgd
Saddmcra~c kstaraasnmbas do-
Hanhee ed. "We wsil not
acceps rbe salessace. I tr as
omne an all f us B pereas

Mllof yoY ur caeswll be hard "
At one potat he dded:
"Yes areSrk Iwt o be her. As

kast t youhae rsewity These
outsdeG do y etrC eyes has-

Commencing salary is $28,441.00
Salary Scale GS:2

Apphicaton, should be forwarded to:

per month on

Energy quiz with


and Venezuela


T 'L

Agriculture Minister Robert Perseu Stnked by GMC General Manager Ntza~m
Hassan (teft) an MarketIng WMaager Richarsd Hanlf


la furrther implementation of the msitt-year agreement rjitned between G10tMOl(E on
I I' Ocober.2006, ruitabl) quatined techkrl7 are invited to apply for the fo~llow t:-

(a) U~niversity of Guf ana Iciholarship 2007.2000 twentr-the(25) awardre.
(b) Loan for Rev ob ing H~ousing: Project twntyc (20) elirible teachers in the
1rst instance.



0 Brbce
-, Woolford Avenue. Georetow n



Closing date for appilcation is Mlonday~ 17'liptember, 2007.

Application Fonrms MCIST_he sent to the GENERAL SECHERETMY~Ag YA


LTo 44 `T Ba~ll Gras, ,Lrdla Me 9,r Suarp~wn
Feat ures:
3 sati- Air~iooditioned
ilot and (dd weler system throughout building .
Fited Sensary l womrk internl and exernal
Mobdenised kikhen units
Met )al f ~ram oed wate r Inks
large rard spos
Please~SL cubmir tenders in wsriting to:
S. Singh
198 Ca:mp Street
South C'ummings~burg
Prove iding:
(onted desolr
Anorne/Solicitor Details


At auction at the Inst~ance of

The Regatrarr of the Supreme Court

Agelwdenil agul (0.1852 acre~) with one story L-shaped
Worroden II~mAIm (1188 s. ft) situated at Let 'RM', Maigre
~;Itiu(ralogigQbledic Road), West Bank Demerara.

kregitaibl laim tendB (00are/3611 sq. ft) situated at Lot
Sloi,Gleatttiantnd, East Bank Demerara(second
qrrpslk, approximately five (5) tots in, on left

%gaay Ata gp is2, 2007, at 10:00hrs.
S~etataemhsose, Klagston, Georgetown.
Plasessentact ardss lmers
$$7*RISF/2P&O 8 Ibr 1rth Infoerif tlafoff.

Silippy C)IBM)QE, AgyBIt] AL~ 20 i,~..

IRolen Pcrbsand, ra eXXpeLed IIode
Astra;Ctionswlh 1JInCludC live
cal analhSeS,; a huge collectlion of

ad~ults and c~hldrenl, anld what

TwkersUl~ goon saleIma A.
gurt -'l, cmating C$1(M) lor adults

:ud~l 5200fr pchldre Tey an

beenl held annrually Lcountlrywide.
place In1 Georgrelown.. It Pro-
vides a sple~ndid cPportunityy
1, los the shwcahing of 'homell
alct~ s, may of which continue to
1In addition to these
events. G;M(' also particl-
G;uyl'xp'os, and at the Inter-
niationaul level, the Guyana
TIrade anld Inveslrsnent Showb.

'lnder the themel 'Fueling :
Agriculuultural Drilersiiatlio
in1 2007' thh~ year'u G;uyau l
Night La expcu'ted to be molre
\pectacular thani previous
strus with a ewH senIue the
cncouurs arren o the G;uynna
National Stadlium,. two aglths
of actbitieis. live perfor.
nupacnce and~ bwuroaests, ad a
larger collection o Gul(anese
p'roducts and senrvics on dis-
Rachard ~liamr. .Markersug

.Igenet~ Whting the c\cntl, uals
satled ht tllhe* deemon to~ hroki

National Stuiumll~l wasl fuelled
s tudangr the need lot al lusges

Itnu thatIIL .outll wihsa the LCIIF
unps lledaa weather pastn-. \~1~~111
Watr\,ZICI Jceurn .and p~ukany tu
usCOittle .0 wll I.II) loyanual~ .nt
(LCntge \,thelllll Provalence CInu

Iore Iell that1 manalumanyC .L new

(iuyasus Nlbght
A~uguel (1 and Septanbelr in 1

~lJuil* a who~ hate Iike.nts es
preWdIC .mI IIancIest 11n partmp1.1

wall llo w (1 law tw ite r < ,rlwdwon

IIna~lrl n pasking, wicill tw~b (I 5W

.nalllllable utol thera hrwe h
thelF~ ISo luts~UIn and C Buddy Ito

.plrl Ich clell thhes wi~ ll be n

er and


- Guvana Nght'0

lr StilBrp~aY August 19, 2907

I ~~~Change in the AtmosphereCn~
comp eason. C~calr canonul C1

Frequently Asked Qluestion 1.2 .rpd ...rhr 1 4

What is the Relationship ..,ok

between Climate Change t- .-


are invited from suitbly qualited prersns to 118 the foftowig vacanes:


To protede secretarta and legal support to be Boerd and to ensure
wirlarerthcompany reJn and rerlo

Bacheor Dere Law (L LB ) or reblaed Deee
A mrmum of two (2) years of relevant experience Starng organrabanal
and Cormnrcarc abo skil Corrprerv teracy


To asitte Generd Manager ab deaysidray Nlgn o0% t oer B ad
accodance verst agreed standards ard carr e~nt esabon and to asss in
the management of ofter O~rviios


Bachelr's Degee In Agicultue Scaence r corvalent canaifacaeon Post
Gra~ate Traning in Agnc~ulaa Economes. Management r related held
would be a dstmnct advrantage

Mkrurru of fhe (5) years of relevant exrpenence Strong orarstabanal and
Contrarcatron sulas Computer Hreracy


Bachelor's Degree In Mabrketrng or rreta'rd degree with strong statbstrat twkgarnxxJ

Three (3) years of relevant expenence Strong organizabona ard Cmmunicabon
skills. he abriety to mamtain current knowedge of develolpments withr the Industry


To plan, organrze and carry out the Intemal audt funcho~n aclubng the~ epgarabronl of
an audit plan which Mfutfs the resporsltallty of the department, schedunnyl and
assigrang work and esbmating resource needs


Degree in Accounting, ACCA Level 11 rir related degree comb~ed vnth pu~b(r
accontrig andor Intemal audit expenss r

Minimum of four (4) years of accountlrng and/olrr audklig expsnence
General understanding of aude, prose:- I :hr: public sctr7 tIrvkeISia~lndin
of financial computer systems ',tr~r' ~~;n o*;arumna l andJ commamicerson

Interested apphcants are required to slbnetm! lli: ;:!aho~lrns, enc~losing a recomr: rw!um/to
ndfull contact details to
The Genere/ Manager
Guyana Rice Development Board
116117 Cowan Street
Kingston, Georgetown
The closing date and time for the receipt of app!h '.~.. ., 15 '91 Friday, Septeml I 7, 2007


I g
( The Guyana Sugar Corprabeon inc. tua~lte inerestd,
I parties to tender for the purchase of Dairy Heni. a
I Closing Date for Tenders will be Thusday, Septerribl t
I 06, 2071 g

theyI rcan prednst~ rlluntle 5()

I\c~us ironsl no hen~C thev week II ons no ITII IC~I C Ub. mIIuI
assure1~1 11 or 1 weather neake~s at u

ClImaute is generally defned
as avcruage weather, cad as
such, climatei ch~ane Iand
wearther are interritwnd. Ob-
serv tion\ ran sbore that Cchre
have been changer to
wea~ther, and it La the rtat\-
tics of changes in rcether

user times that idetiftll al-
whic~ weahe .d lit~te

po rtlU .uitn .hrerwe ~ ULI LI
uhc soinunan uconsumson bc

Schematic view of the comnpornen of the cilmate system, their process and Interactions

mrusagerabic IUYe
^s~r an nalogy, whllk II I
Inm*mshlc toI predt aIr age at
whsch art pararcular man wall
Jc~. we fadetKe thatl tle aveag~e age of
deah IIs me n to ndustrasd r
hnr~ass as stmsa 75 lu

acold watr~ or a countan ypot
as the Zkae rs evdadee agsnct
tohal warmsat There are al
ways extarm of has and cld
allrbeh scar frapancy and m-
seessly ch~oea as cismasc
changes BE* wZDca uushe r *
navagd over space sad temc.
der Iac thus~ theobe as arm
(as emetrge c~lea from the

MrWdtJ pm a gure

anan metd cvrr he d br

simosphere maoves. w~arms.
cook. anna. eanwa. ad evapo-
uses was. m crseau~raost ar
syrpoclly shk~ to predlt the
weather r uctrsefully severst
asys sw> ter f~uturr
^ mauyr unusansl acto to
the predsetabllhly of wreathct
beyond w-wria daysl s hrands*
menlal dywasacal popetry of

ther atmosrphere In the 1tH~o.
soIcorrrolllou IEdward Ilnent
dancovered that very right dd
kscrwes so attarl condusansr Can
paLdrCtt very datIsnmt furcast

fly effect: a butscsly fl~qappn
'W ,"' "*o ~ wl.. ub ~l
ln preacipk, si~~thes rbubre-
gear! wealbr pearsa sa d s-
tant place. At the cr of that
effect as chaos theor. whsch
desh wl )ash bowI smallc dene o
catasa vanales cn ca~user P-
pccrea rranaamace ra cmptes
Neverthele. duaso tery

fcrrea caadesson esty ar as tae

~rsynn c uns r~ a( a

was~l one una ar d pr
would slll be bous th same
for that region and dea peaid
at tune
IrcPcus a usu~rfacas prots
lafcewsa y fart -mn a-muasses*
knowsn l theI~ enedrtsons at
the rrun of or lumcr peed.
sI can he awful ~1tor~ Am d,
malte ar dreams wsth the back-
grounad oundasons for weater

Monre prcisely, chimate can
bc \lcwed as co~ncermnin the
rtatur of the entire Earh byb-
tesn. Inc~luding: the ulinosphere,
land. ccrans know, see and byv-
,ng things (CC lgUrt I) that
serve as the global background
conditions that determine

mng the weather in coastal Perv.
TIhe E Nih0 rets Ilmits on th
probable evolution of weather
peneprn tha random effects can
produce. A La NilAs would ses
different lismisr.
Another cumpic is found in
the familiar contast between
summer and winter The march
of the sensesas dueb to change
ro the geograptucal pPuesa of
cacqgy absorbed and radiated
away by the Bnbt syate Uke-
wae we of~A yhmm

Mhat cyt. i murhe
sacreassg unessty odbe green-
house effect that traps hal near
Death's surfae. descrmined by
the amount of cuarbodioxide
and other reenhous gases in
the atmosphere.
Properi~sengdanei camass-
due tochanyigses in reaos
games 50 year from now is a
very difians and much mowre
easily solved problm den fore-
casting weather osacra just
weekson now 're pon it an-

ensuple, while we cannot pre-
dis a oeecmea or a ssasse coin

"prdcit rwlM bhbl
of a large number of sc ts ials.
while many rector. con-
tone to infunae imal, acien-
tists have determined that hu-
man activities have become a
dominant folrm. and are respon-
rible for most of the warming
ohsraved over the past 50 years.
afunan-aour dP slanuelyc ne
changes Io the amounts oT~r e-
'"'"" jiar 'n th atnxnphar.
hutl also froml changes in small
prrl rles (arnwolls. as wenl as
Inmm channges n InntlIlr ascn ex-

Please contact Purchasing Manager-General to
purchase and uplift Tender Package at

Materials Management Deparlip7ent
Ogie Estate,
Ogie, East Coast Demerara
Telephone: 592-222-2910, 3161 or 3162
Fax: 592-222-3322


SAfternatively, this tender document can be I
downloaded from GUYSUCO's Website at '
http.lww,sjW.UySUCO,Com, kindly click on a
"lnVitations to Tender". I


As cannatel changes. Ihe
prohnhllhtses of cerainl types\ o
wombelhr e~venl are anrrcted
Fo.1r axmple. pu aorth'
~reaSed, some weather phe-
numena have become more
frequent and latense (cg..
heat( wavSesnd hesavy dow~n-
I"nrs~), while others have be~-
tenrce (c.g.. extreme cold

8n 08 Of W

__ I


(lrl-cr----r---~ -- -cc-~*r-r~ -- -*~~r~l~*~r~r-~r~r~---~-rrr~r~-rr~rr


BudaI~t Socetby Ik htor bcbl ance melted rovdo of the NB$ga Act CuperNe
36:~2 wW be hekI x 2r00 pgs. on Sarday, 8* Septembr, 2007 at h 14er~dn

1. Welcome ad cASto oder.

2. A Report by he Board on the perfomuan of he Socity as a 30' june, 2007
togete with thancia highitght on su perfomnanc.

3. To comider the mastr in whkrh te Board ha managd and conductd the
bashrwa ad affak of dw Socetry trackding te response t Cth rkegaon of furad
and toue state therefr and Iif k the opi~nio of the meedn, dte Board did not
act approprimely to utak eah step a may be mnecsay.

By Order of the Board,

Nbmagect Mada* td

Only Members holding at least one of the following Accounts are
entitled to attend the Meeting -
Save f Prosper Accounts
Five Dollar Share Accounts
Mortgage Accounts
* Any member entitled to attend and vote is entitled to appoint a
proxy to attend and vote Instead of him/her.

A proxy need not be a member of the Society. A proxy form may be
uplifted In person bya qualified member who is desirous of
appointing a proxy for the said meeting. This proxy form can be
collected at any of the Society's Offices and returned no later than
4:00 p.m. on the 4' September. 2007.

Any Company which is a member of the Society may by resolution of
its Directors authorise such person as It thinks fit to act as its
representative at the Meeting.

Please bring your Passbook to gain entry to th~e Meeting.

'9885 (AIRCOOLSD)p~)
(25 UP TO 120 HP.)
YOg.S F2L 915 F3L 911
F4L 912, F6L 92FCl, F8 1T Ir a
F4 01 93, F6L 913, FOL 913T
FPlAMINS (75-180 HIP)
MODELS: 1004, 1004T. (
106~006T, 06A.
'YAMODOMO: (20-50 HP.).
V40MODELS: Y385, Y485S, iOa Pe kins

ENGINES (50 UP TO 500 HP.) .zc* ,
,)(H ntsr OP
MODELS: 3 -4", C0", 6-8"

%L Suppliers o
~s GE ~uIP and indutral l
Rome Access Road, Mc Doorn E.B.D. Te. 2~33454, 233444,
233-0545. 23340544. Fax 233 0541. genquip0teteletgynet

SUNDAY CM(OMICLE August 19, 2007



A GILNA featur* by MICEths

Parliament Buildlag has wat
strategically for decades ob.
Siquel oppeake laother Land
mark: the Stabreek Ma~rkt, (
and the weasd obf thsprestL.
gloss sl~truture e*d relate
hours of dHese since Gayana
gained ladrrepedec la 1966
those very wall of the Natonl r
Assembly have been redone.
along wath due roo. Thes i a
rejuvenated (cling is the Na-
stonal Assembly. eat only e-
cause of abe new featmas to be
House, tre bcasse of the txuk
and ransparea procss of be

tune when penses so appouton
complained bitterly about the
abscace of demcrr c procen
dLung debaecs on1 tells and me.
toons. Time resol was what ever
came before Ibe Housc was
nnbed rthrogh m once met the
obpctsves of debr dec People's
ratinal Cmlonge (PNC) gow-
After the 1992 gecnerl and
regsnl r~liccasons held oader
of hbe Nualhasb was
placed as the frot barac of
the Peolpc's PRoaresrv Prty
(PPP). whrich reseraed to Ithe
seas of Goverassess after 28
years. The sew goveramess
pledged to instsse refrorms is
the Nationa Amem~y ad the
fimrrs nmrps wa naed
Standing Orders to esatnbish
Standing Commuess as mugh
tor government policies. As
imlegimenatsrron, th idea mes
stiff appotson. Afte ad it was
a new disrpnualso and so al-
tempts by the government to
st".bdash a Fora pn All is

Time new government chan.
nded its energy into oter areas
that mn ab pass appeared so bc
unthinkabic. Under revised
Standing Orders. Member was
no longer limtired in their e

btwon.I ail n tagh thi
normal passage in the Natsonal
Assembly and the process of
referring comphceated or contr"
versial bills to Special Select
Committes began.
Slowly but surely Guyana
began travethlng the road of Pr-
haumntary demcracy. as Parbo-
me~ntary Opposition motions
twgan to h dbat-d. WhileW t
new dvlpets ted cl
cicar there was a new drive to
wardls reforms.
rOpposstlon Parliamentar.
1sani ulrb noance are now si.
lowedtl as;lk wrinen questions
',f er'rnnent Ministers. They
can at 0~ ask oral questions and
Ilndetr undilinR Order 4 I the
'r ~~rient rn aluo he qucationed

Committees~alolowng full
scrutiny of government
the shllt towatrdl doneH
racy has rea~hed annl*urt pro
portsons Perhaps the most ca
cspenml examrpiec~, ofr stu as t
sustatusson of Partmmensaslr
Commsulrre whshll pros nct .an
oessaght~ mechanassn,
For the Isrras tasnc so
Guyrana's he sory. member a
cad officsals of the govern-
meet and sta gerh agncesba
had to give evadnce before
coesutlsees on policy ,apk-
menta leand to justify then
decussons Siace thes commsh
toe meetsags are on o gerpn p
*Iast th press sad members

Implemenatsuon prces
The assisxasson o Spenal
Select Caommaice cuame seo
for cand so onprecdcalcd
aumber of tell are rleored to

velop cllabrsum cand coup
ranon to the wolrk o the Na
taosal ASsembly~ andY to wel per
LcJdest to du* ann*a so whts
four selec commsutrre rre

tar depue cand sta~r asks n

govearnace members as shcar
deposecr liacr) ycar shr
change place

Pa~irtemen Gugangl in

Gioyass Fducsar Ovrcr
Heldth Factiswr I~taccuns

Anls Money Lapundersag

Mate 'rasl of Rule of Piracaar
.buul operase of I( anntruan

'essenesses (a 'cfar~lm

PIfrase sorts in per 145


th e r oad of



14 StSIDAY CIarpicMA~~ l 9, 2007


Mining Week 2007 will be celebrated under the theme 'Promoting Exploration, Improved Mineral
Recovery, Safety and Environmenrtal Managementt in Mining". The main activities planned are:

(a) A National (conference on Mining and Q)uarrying that includes solid minerals' issues as
wecll as a discussion on Petrolcum will take place at Hoeld Tower. Main Street on August.
20 & 21i. 2007 Registration commences from 08 00 km on each day while the u~cfrnce
presentations convene at 09 00 hrs and end at 17 00 hrs

This conference will have technical papers onr solid minerals' mining operations and petro~cum
exploration The conference will appeal and have direct interest to

Executives of Mining & Quarrying Companies. Petrocum C'ompanies. Geologists.
Geophysiciss. Mining Engineers. Petroleum E:ngineers. Other Gefoscentsts.l Consultants,
University Students. Manufacturer and Suppliers of Mining Suppies. Investment and Financial
Community and Government Decision-Makers

(b) A National Ex~hibition Fhowrcasing aspects of Mining on, 20 and 2 1 Augpust at two
(1) A\t th( (;uyana1; \useum. Company P~ath In~lween the b~r 3r,-r ~f I,')rr br:s ;rnd



(2) A\t thr Pairr~rad G;rounr (ind~~ndepenthlnc Prk) where large mininK cequipmencnt
such as excavators. front end loaders. hackh~ck. Ftnerattors. pumps and othct essential
pieces of equipment w-ill be displayed

*Daily Presentations on maintenance. diggcability. and operations procedures will be made
by the equipment suppliers
Information on loans and acquisitions w-ill be available at the E~xhibitionl Site

large earth moving eqluipmncnt.

(c) Porkknocker Day, Bartica, Saturdlay. August 25, 2007. 08~ 00 hrs to 16 00 hrs


Committee 13
Committee on appoinimnrn and Parliamentary Manage~-
tners Cormmlitte
cb CommlMs
Natun ralReorces:
L'counsule Services
Foreign kelations
Social Services
Seaionlm set*C committees
Standing Order Conruniltee
Asemtbly C'ommsue
Cormssunlrrc of rivaleges
Stautruy Inatruument s Conulnscre
thannK tlu mutual B~udget debase, the 'Cansirnctue of Sup-
p'ly' manesr s was for lub panyme~b.
Reports ad Studesr

up .ud tor CII1IUY C rn the \annld 4 m
usanwealt Irnt stsu wasJr

proe e welymak thoe Ntna Asebl re w asrrpb t Cals
d~wu Br dfrd KNuuu AEon~ wengc inned Gdcrysprvan

mrouepsooevraaes has spees is essssor stoon so im-
pnrov as phyical saraearsa of mta Pa~rliaes Gammbr
and tmA-ag. Is2015 the ciling (was seaored at a cost of
ovra $20M rMac t chamben r lu baen a mir===mr= and
IPpadebd The MXs touge we a10lsocohanced.
Adamenedl Palcrkan has keps in stepwit, h th ad
anrea made so ICCfmtana
A pspal artr has tean **rmiIeYt as a case1pularL rDoo
wheeo Mrs ma nadac l~area raarh Coupld wi llb

toJY stay t comm~acterad eat heotd ardr whle saies
r ~r~Lbb........a., teipe rtant y.deseecra

Appicanrts are required to fill the following
vacancaes in the Teaching Sector at Presidents

a)A First Degree from a recognsed University plus
Trained Teacher's Certificate.
b)Not less than eight (8) yearateaching experience
a)A Degree in Mathematics arndor
b)Trained Teacher's Certificate
Nt less than five (5) years teaching experiences.
a)ADere in Business andlor
b)TrinedTeacher's Certificate
Not less than five (5) years teaching experience.
4- PHVsics (1)
a)ADere in Physics/Chemistry andlor
b)TrinedTeach~er~s Certificate
6- Applications must be sent to the Chaima
President's College Board, Thru' Picp
President's College East Coast Demerara to
reach~ no later than Auust 24, 2007.


the roa o .

toL to) tY mwe agr essave, nure II*
un lielld work

ilhe great rlt~ort by the
prostwasrlg NA~l'r wwk .
(kwerrununt Is acsneedeatia
Ia\ pace atI agnc~ulture develop
mentl, lith thure majorc precots I~
wt to, Cour on treamul rw*t ycu.
.ual the spothght Is on, NARI Io
and tewr projects
In Febhruary. President
tthJarrat JaDeoC V)asted NARI
whon he rtressed that I1 the as
racull~tur wor(l a\ t resllu n Ir s

TIhe Natinaul Agricultural
Research Institute's role is
evolving due to changes in
agriculture and it i critical
that thelesutitutead~jus to the
changes rad wrork in partner-
ship with obthr agncis.
Agne~ulture Minlster Roberr
Perjaud made this a~ssertonldur
ing aI vrisit to NARL, Mon
Repo4, w~here he told niat
nicanber\ and the media~l at
govrmentm's planm for the re-
scarc~h Inslisutron 11< abo r
CheckdJ on the lastatutc's tactil-
tli Indsca~Ted that the entary

p'lacLe as o~ne ofI thlar Igest case
ars of1 lotsesn xchrlan~ge, plus I
he traded its larger, rlus sub -
,Itantial ones~ thus will catapll I
the country's Us~versat()icatio
O)ver the years NAR1I has
beenl engaged 1In equatKingad

tral~Intsa terr\clus logy to~nn ~

there and worlln kng w uul u
tarturn W'e hluac .0newed .s kM
as a remarch entary~ two~ dw~ry 1

muchVlll~l one to ~ ilf twdnw"Mel
IschK~UrnIO Ih 10 fitW1 ol NAHI
ito supprt'"" the Iitatgy vision
of1 the adunnistllhrainsH fortr IuK u
rrcultulr oun-~* Iinsuretly dsver
slhleJrco,l usul NARI wha a trur

uall tw besphtc aY rd Colla~Insasn

Ilease turnl to page IS)

NARI to partner

with other agencieS

of.. Unner. $nals bodY'
*ae -...semanaasssannsI

'r1' M~AY ddR~PidjH'iA':4u t 4

Digicel donates one

million to Cane Grove

Community Centre b;
('hildrenl of CaYne Grove, Re- Mara' Rceasoa. rs tsonlal irrlreas ,ldndawansch
glon Five, will soon get h eore etef tthe ca Accrs orn o cluidren, palrents~,
opportualty to ulilize a Mlull ti structio ofI .s Mults Purpos~e Gatrvnmenltll offliclalb ad merc
Purpose Court la that are c~out wa ae uaccae e r I I Ull1 '1
Dessezl. the fastess rom its~in ICe ntre, whschb wa;s at .at Ilwt nwly deve'lopetd rrtrlcnun
mobder operator io the Canbt tea~rJth opnedl n ar mIr ccntrre. 1)tgelr~t Guyarnr
bean and new crnt~ to Ceantrl geured Iewars sicsl Ic~ll l~lopn the' C'l:) Mutif ~latrhan turned Ose
andl South A~nmena. yesterdna) c rotf c~hildrn In thatl cnnl~rum, sad Lor Ie Mlults Purpose "P
handed I,-r $1M4 io the Irenr ust) shmuch1I edUCation, were6 (IOne.

crearllonnr Ms Lanchran rsad,
.r)lptel as pleased 1 au tonishmerr

NARI topartner ... 11111 l~ Y)CJtpltL l
I~ron Pag 14, Itease tunr to centre DOige CEO Mark Linehan nd Diann Madray
agnews to wowrkl wtlh. ArNly I tuvc agaden In, datinensr ago
eclr .and llnksi.lh Innn th Housts~an \pn. ulturarl hautrr. ubr.~
India an Chlhna." Mlanner Pes~u Jawra
13 Initmtu ut ii .as be wrtalin: w Ith .nastrlr.1bic agrse
ruch as the 1sl xrnt \gr hrticrulture (k~t hultsn) .ua the Infc
Anrnean Instltulfte n( mywAtnlh In \lpntsltureC
lic hps addc~ to the rluz.tus at 1 .a;:rsu~lural twidinffs rn
border toma uma tcr rut .ual rusaurces rog~udle sorl where
they are located r= l
Goermen Pis loking asi mergang the Gl~Ju sana uhveo
danda othr peeps. Callabarano a batnL exmse tu, wth
eth leatt of Aipphed Scaorac and Tehaur an even ubtl
rthe oura s~ug Carponrab.
One cnra s adcrahrJfe by ore Ma st er? a ~ p j r r
and reeac coe Ibedu asprre ;\ han ha u.n b.- us J
Reere hav been allocat to ct ars arat suhl ~.y.4
it} as the MCan Rep nusr an p~an wef .:rrl r*~tIl r .et : a
tlan up r\s ral amar nusec ntlh ? .:IP:I ncl : 1CJ 4\\RI
will prosetrak (cJhsa supa
DI~hM7rect*< of 1.1R 1)r thehsHoe~ulh rrmenibl madw tha
the Inrwature :- -sorkin; wsth nlubawf atcs drok~wh an ap
ropqrarrt Jrown for* r pln nus whrc basl Fc~ntnue ro
cmpruie m~ rrtale wimp preshata~n
in adts there ar p~n toprrou awe th rr of a acr
shu ~s that~ awfue som cri th.r nura n mr famng
scc-hnrkgy ach .s. brop Iny~asa
t'it \RI Il he *rnhuking cn rprl*C7 a tor CUboatson Ir
IJa~trh phy u.. 3::!. Whab arm he -rr .: crrk MacL te.Ie
duce be bac
IN nrn r;ne the twedalny pro .r tr:I~1a~k, n..Ln () n. rose ,, -L a s*
;umong the plansthe eatte will he t.&ng Irn
ary month-4G.LiA, ad DItwr~ata bred nr st disltrib
uted to faies Mblae Perrnd smad

In an effort to serve yo better, we are :
upgrading~~,+ our~c~ Teepon sytmoerten
two weeks. In this regard, please use the .. A
following telephone numbers when contacting
Scotiabankr Parika Branch:

592-260-4201 (Manager's Direct Lin~e)
592-260-4208M (Fx).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your patience as5 we continue to
improve your branch. As always, we are
committed to serving you better.

We apprecate your business.


Digicel donates one

million to Cane ...

It rom pae 15)

Lee sonun ) kno rltha w lth [hru c~l sg awataneths children wil ex ben-

He ade, I by i~ rl
ush ~.Crwl rItrr to afninoe ther qulsht) rof hiveb cannurmrLarll

or as t he ~ MadrayLanal YhrKnd thC e drchansen of pepi in

('.ZINrtimat dr fe Iren Mad'ra a i~ Rerassal ri Re-
unre <'catrc. th.umer Madns, expewe pralifude at having
IhpwI(u~ll cuan n borud te comunitly' dmec 1or devdop-

'Ikichapmentrn in thrr community ca o~nly be powtlhic st
ou shlllaren aire prpet take care of 11ac must he ed-
cae an I'ml hap to WaY th the! now has~ ca formto
Improa~r an shwcas ths adena Ha you \cay muc
anerr an "ae gon to mak drm com Ihough her in
mer ulnuse or L~bnu. He Servesc and Secud Secu-
"n Pnya Mamck igchan also a ded Diie for in supot.

is eqpe wit an exeniv hrar~y. a npue case an a

11=e Maid Porarie Courrt to expected to becoetee
la sp~agnme.

~ __1~ ~_

I .rr, I~

:~C~TrC`iZ~Why We & Our
IKt~I~* Ai~i~S~~Cii~finue To DrCnk

The~, Mlinihtry of Agriculture
anld ther I~nited States Aecry
for In~terna~(utial Decvelop-
mntm II)NAll)/GT'IIS) will be
bobting a semirnar Tfo the
G;uuynese DIasphror on Agro*
Business investlment O)ppor-
runities for G;uyanese Inveh-
torsh in Newrr York, (:NA, lues-
day at the C'hateau Royale,
Atlantic Avenue, RHhrnllUnd
HIll, N.Y.
Alrnculture Masntlrl Rcob
rte M P'ersaudf and I naterd
statesh Ambhassado~r to1 (iU\;aa,
t;ro ad Robi~nson, w all de'liver

p~rcesentaltconb t, p~otntal trn
'lThe hcelnanrr will be 100-
lowed by a1 Keries oIf meetings to
lacjlhtate otcne-on oe encounterb
with, potential G;uyanehce Iaves-

thle xloursar fllojws a mee-
inug caller this year between
AmbahoadorK Krbinron a~nd po-
Iential expalinat Giuyanee in-
Yestorsl In New York.,
Memberh of ther New
York-basecd G;uyranes busi-
news community rad others
will tw att the meeting.

Simply write your name, address, phone number amoP OFF cIMIR'
on a slip of paper. Enclose in an envelope with

21 empty packets of Breeze any size, any variant.
Deposit entries in the boxes as listed.

Thr wSIl be 3 draws:

Muu nrustaiDu

Draw # 1 Fri Aug 3
Draw # 2 Fri Au 31
Draw# 3 Fri Oct 5, 2007

Wedt Augl 8
Wed Sep;t 5
Wed Oct 10. 2017

greg go
Mon Aurg 13
MonSept 10
Mon Oct 15, 2007

53 .55 Watar Slbtre G~iown

Dux Sodas
Dux Salted
Dux Whole Wheat
Saltin Noel
tjr~ ter & Cheese

n te above

August 19. 2007 17


6 la b



(nearby Demico House)


_ ___ __ __



0, i
i~i.i~c,? ii, iii~ I iir0o tc
in i iii li

I .0 lingucake surir l us Ii i to r i P s a

this*. 1 1.11\. .d ist, Ib*I tl(;il.. j'

aul bi ."l be .In


I 197. sn rarth quake
b slitl .snr vtirnalted $,3 yur
psup"lei ini ;\lalrbd~.nce o irce
mertl rrcd thar t bried the

il.. :~
:, 'iii I'""L '

"i ?i;;r i,
- "i~
: i ..:~
:il ?i:li


.> ft'er ,


~~~_ I~

1' jii
~': n7r

~ r

.j I

: !linis t. ri of,


i~~~a - Ial

: 2a:. new" a
our1 IhC1 ade s I n~Jr.;
tour place _e7 can
t Jo tears, 1o wa;r-k. can eveftr .a.
Howv much oe m;st you everydayl
Sad are the heads that you Icnve
Silent the tears Ihat f all
IUving Our lives wilhthol you
Is the hardest part of all
Those special years will not return
When we were all together~
But with the love wlthin our hearts
I You will always walk with us forever
Mar, Lom,~rdhivan ala keep yo in his loving care
Inserted by his loving Parets, 1Brother, Grandparents.
h Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, and Friends.


Satu ~ day 25th ;L uJ ast.
10:00' hirs - 1j:^0 rs
Sta bjro ck Ma rket 3 rea~


Sexulally transmitted infections
Depression and stes release
Assaull pnreatstl
Brseast and Carvircal CancEl r SWIet~gsS
Men8tPB880tla~l o111100018888 editlCtoR
PPS8080Cy aid ConStraceptl0R
Doosestic vioecs rwIPAAS
l~reosites awrasS

ag 1, 917

Sury w-ors flee

quake-h t towns

mn Perum ri6i i1 -1.1I,, I. ,.

~I rrr

Testing for diabetes, cholesterol,
BMI, highr blood pressure, eye
screeningl, and dental checks!


$(I erllARY \9,3s 1.007 ..19


I 16< Manlsryr of labour, Huoman Serusca rand Socal Seconsty invitesi
Urltably qua~lifled itsdders to, rubmsI Ind for the following civil worts:


( O))NU*

2 fiddmng will be conducted through th Narxaul Competsteve Aldding
(N(TS) procedure. sp~ccid In the PnrPcurann Act 2001 and is open to,
sill ddca n(iuyana.

f, Rul docurmets for the abover woark cran e purchased from the Cashier at
the Ministry of 1ntu. llwn, un Scryaes rand Social Scanity for a non-
frfundabic *um ofTs2W.500

4 Submlssion othods mustl he in a scled cavelope. and cleady marked on the
top Ici-hand the nomcof cach prayccl"

s All bsd, must be accompanied by \ ahd NIS and GiRA (lRD) Compliance

tr lod must be waccopanied was~h a Ind secntny amounting to the sum fort
wo~lrk desenbed in (a) svenl~ty-fie thousand dollars; (575,000.00) and
for wokrk describe in (b) fifty-fasehcdumnddollars(555,000.00).

? Ad documents must be addressd am atated below and submitted not later
than 09:00 brs on 28* August 2007:

National Board of Procurement and Tender
Ministry ofrinance
Mamn and U~rqurhan Streets.

It Ithdder arc remltnded that only ongnlpll7 hid do~cumentsi are to h~e submi~tcte
f or cornsideratlon along with a copy

9. Iliddcr~s or their representatives are Invited to1 wltness~ the olpening of the
hid dlocumentse on 2 1' A ugust 2007 at 09:001 h atl the M inistryv ofr~inance.

10. The Minlistry of Unboulr. Human Services and Social( Security reserves ther
right to reject anly or all Tenders without assigning reasons.

Pecrmalnent Secretary

HAVANA (Reuters) Canau-
dian Ma~ry Mcarthy ives in
the same marnsion she and
her millionaire busband
movecd into 62 yars~ ago in
the owc-posh C'ountry Club
nr aof Hav~ana
Pac~ocksb \st1isrut the
one-alcre gayrdn under royal
palm Irees, but the lawnr a
usergro'wn andl the thatw flled

whencc Cas at U Io~natur~d has

girr cu rrabi~c. testhic things,"

1hek only thingl I wantl st

ca n I On a even y wanR to bu
nuualpno l .d
Iros Payr, oo Paull.a Qucco
~l* Ivabet an f'ormer Casualso
pnm~ctw nurtrc Jeallnl hrIse

19o her 100th uthd hang on

14cture onr la satiaong ema
table be inclrude Casroan a
tradetOar O M aIres nuatal 1.s

Eque rrain p ra Ichd

Lb HlI ~ I riwhen0

Sk~arths. )ho was Warn
1900, mes Speush tw U

as~f the opras Boto H~cfr

so~ Havana. a cas tlrma o
thel evarl at Iagr twoe and

Genes Ceet e made brl

hisHa Ceas beel factry )

nlnrcmie. pMcrth co-er.t
fewedenrd th avaset~ Phil
harmea OV(wlrchestra.
pasyd ge~tt wat lth Ceestry
Cleb Iede cha (Irities r

nItedlsc Sltates ousted Casturo.
Mc Car thy decided to, go
hunlle andJ want It o~ut. Fotur de-
cmiuz laesl, Casitolc'b government
r\ stidl Inl power. th)ough the aill-
my~ ('ul,.in irndr h~ab not ap-
twcned' IIo I'ubtsr for a whole
!zou..rl and My Mc'arthy i as

"I stay ed Iln C'uba~ tnuse
anty hlurltum was derlad uul I In
herated ther propertyy" said
She('urh>l. who~ hasr nlo fatllly

"llrrales, I ItLe ('ubanci ( ey
.ae h bs polei te

L~aot yeus Stanl Keyes, the

U.S.lTreasury oliste thusl cn

request the transfr of1 her fun~ds
to Canada6.
"'She ir an untc~ununate, at
beir wumnuluonal, veassuof pol I
litical carcumstances,"" Kees
wrote. "She relics on charst~y
She deserves to Isy te res ofb 0
her daryr in c~ulnfr "
responding to U1S offs-
ciatlr who ruggestcd
Mc Car thy Icave ('uba; aid
returnI in Carnada, Kcan su rcl

wllthstand a harrshi (`anadria

Mc('arthy hias been c~n-
lilned to, a wheexlclusir s~ince blhe
ferll anld broke herr hlip rrn 2002.
A dev~ut C'atholic, shel
nrayh after tea every day. Hecr
guisonl IElso Giarcria wL~hd h~er
11n a dlrkned lobby where, unl-
des lw gaze ofV ai mail~~rble stau
of Sallmne, dhe prays with~ a re-
iUry to Cul~ba' spiritual patron.
the Vugan cd (11ant~y.
Mc~arthy fltures la the
last edition of the Anglo-
American directory of Cubar
in 1960. Her address Lh still
the hsame.

Mary McCarthy pcksu a peari necla~ce to wear at a
diprlomtc reception a her hoene In, Havar August 10*
2007. At the9 age of 10, cCarthy is r M M -br
Int stRI d~rese up in a satn drssu, sak btous nd
criflon scarf, red Ilps~lck colorng her wrirnkled fac. Her
peert nreckac ad earrings, though, are plead. Her real
jewery and the smM fortune she inherbe whe she
was widoused in 1951 hav ben rhonar be a Boet bank

Clauis R6 ~b' ~~ v~~r Q ET

with Napoleon III lurassure.
cuandelies cand a Steoraway
grad pianos falhas apart
At the age of 107.
McCarthy is whalchase
boud, but stil dresss up for
visitors in sa~tin dress. salk
blouse and chaffoa scar. red
lipstick colorin hEr wrmkld d
fac. Her pearl accklace and
carrings.bouh are platic.
Her real jewelry and the
rmall fortaa she saberited
whea she was widowed in
1951 hae beca frzoze in a
Bason~ ban stcew thUnised
Stascs plcacd Cabs eder sac-
tions after Fidl Canao's kt-
ist reolti~on i 1959.
~han's becaue stic hved so

was lft auty weds"VIle Mary."
a ddaemrrd mamrm so aced of
repea\ whee star bvrsa vteal
Sance Jaury~ stasI yer the
U.S. governeamen has it hr
wrrdbd rwa 6a smrmh allow
sae~ frma barU bak afkte
Canadmm drpkmass satrcdd
on bar bdomIt
McCarth as asksag Prcra-
dear Bah to fre her money to
that the can )Ie her renmasay
days asth daystly She ~wonud
aluo Iskc to, have het famtly a
"tnaktcts" wicad
"They uaid they could I
give at to mer because I Isyc sn
Culba. That's the only money
that I have left. It as n a~mo.

Sincere Condolences are extended
to the bereaved wife, chiildren
& other family members of

;I---, Albert Watson

Proprietor of
'"?~iGraham's Baker7

May God grant etenral peace to the soul of the departed
and comfort all the sorrowing relatives and friends





From the Managemnent & Staff of
National Milling Company

;U.S. soldier sentenced to'~

1 00 years for rape, murder

InVitation for Bids


1. The Repub2n of Guyana has received finncang from the GLobal Fund to Faght
HIVIAIDS. Malana and Tuberculoses it as tended that part of the process of
ths fInancang wY be appbed to chgabl payments under Use contract for te
supply of Goods and Servaes.

2. The Govemment of the Repubbc of Guyan, now mraats seated bus from
eagtale supp~s for


totaereld Beddrs can os btain Suter fomanon on te rsecifacanon form and upid
taidrng documme at te fbolwng addnres frm 9 00 h to 15 30 h

HealthC Sector Deadoposentn U'ns
.4tsentson Alr Proakash Sookeln. Pan*ucranen (Jt/ses-
Gerwafrsown~ Pubis limprotrl Corporaturm Composeal
East Steres

1. Beddeng document can be purchased by alletsted beddes upon payment of a
non refundable fee of GJS5. 000 pc to on the nmey of Helth .Sector
Development Unst The method of paymentI mi be by company chque r#
managers cheque
2. The bed must be addressed to the Chairman. Nauonal Procuamwre and Tender
Aderrnstrabon eoad and marked on te top rig)htnd comer of @ae envelope
me name or m poa mm and medsg or on 1# Inducing ue woms

3. The bed must be depossted an the Tender box of the National Board of
Procurement and Tender Adminasterabo astuated at the Minestry of Frrence.
Marn and Urquhart Streets. Georgetown. Guyana. no later than 9 00h on
Tuesday. Sepbteme 18. 2007 and sil be opened alt a ubht ceremony. in the
presence of those Bidders' or their representalsve who chxoose to altood at
900 h or shorty thereafelr. on September 18. 2007

4. Va~ld compliance certifacates most accompany beds from local supph~ers I the
name of the company submitting the bed from the Guyana Revenue Authonty
(GRA) and the National insurance Scheme (NIS)

S. A bed security of one hundred and twenty eight thousand, one hundred and
twenty five Guyana dollar (GS~128.12S) is required

The esrrFhase~r is not resPosiblelethks not received ~therenn or tafore the
time assiffied far the ro~etalamrtLRphlate bids will 129~ raiestLln~d retuated
urM ne
Prakaslh Sookrdeo. Procurement Offcer
Health Sector Development Unit
Georgetown Public Hosprtal Corporation Compound
East Street
Georgetown. Guyana
Tel. No.: 225-13470. 226-2r25, 22649222
Fax: 225-6559
Email: 1 prakash _soo deo~~exciter~o~~.c g, ookdeo~hlv

TE 1.. 2 2 5 4 4 7 5/Z 2 2 6- 3 2 4 3 9


Government of Guyana/Ministry of Health
The Gilobal Fund To Fight AIDS. Tuberculosis and Malaria

1. Progrnamm Coor~daltor(BProject)l~.~

Mlnsmum 1oh reoruirrement:
lischelor'* Decgree in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) frmt the University of Guyana or
other reputabic unlvenrsiy slang wsth

A Master or posiracrduate Diploma in Public Health. community medicine

Three yearr, experience (post MBBS) in the area of general medicine at
nationalircgional or d,~atrc hoppital.

C'omtpetence in the area ofT nlmtac~roopur and especcially data management w~ill be an

Detailed T'entl of Refernce fo~r these I*,mations could he obtained frm and
applications addrchhed to:

Health Sector Deverlopment U~nit
Georgetown Public Hospital Compound
East Strect. Gorgtown~v
Telephone:226-6222. 226-2425
Fax: 225-6SS99

Dcadllinte for suhnbmssion, of ,,pphostions~l~ la F-riday. A~ugust i1. (,00 a 'is shont-listed

___~_~_ __


FT Keatucky (Reutero A
U.S. soldier whbo pletded
peity to raping and murdenr-
Lag a 14-year-old Iraqi girl
and krillila her family was
setnce~d to 1001 year\ Ino a
military prisron, the U.S.
~Arm sad on Thursday.
Sys. Paul Corted. 2.wn
Use grvena trdishonowhrbi dw
r Tarp* under a plea Jgreement
f: reac~hed wash proseciulars
4:ior to a couurt-martsJi Ihat
-vnnecd thre daysr. ja Army s

yndantun~ll susld. Irly against th hr ees others viall
CorreyI, ofI Harntow. Onailfor- fac~inl prosecutson in the cuw.
sun, cu was ot clhgle Tw Ihedclash Iunrng Ihhe court-martiul, a
penalty under ha1 pl il aree- sowutweenatSIuonal Coster re
unt accept y d caat n ountedJ howv he andc his can tl
Wednewful;~ pansonsll dried whldkey, played ~
C'ol Slephen K lienic). the i.llds .,nd pursued to rar lac te
nubrar\~I.IIII jugludfotr Matuodll qu.l~ WUnh at
gusIty ofI conspal~rJ+! to moun Hrlda a Mus 106 Ue
rape, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l~tl tu on f ctms Iou iuscal Lesownel on the
~lasm a genetai llnde anI attempttl to1 emerl up the
L'nderT termsI of has plea usua.
.agreement. ~'*CartedareetoiJ Cate trste ta S<

Jone lin er, ho aso te susp~cclted sInlearder, look
pleaded gallly in the case, h rl nohfahrnd
;Ind a uncel~-dischargeg d 101- isesdrit ero,
dwr, ~ ~ 'crc wrr. Steven Gre, oindw r ehendl~urk~r
chose ~ ~ ~ Il, the innl natc u Ihescenger. Abeer Vussm
bscauuse thic~re wa lrl oner at Janubsl~. In the living roomi.
man a the ouse nd a )n hre 11he> Icwok Iurn raping
.an c~y largr her

bee~n chlarged as a civilian and
awaih trial in a Ke~ntucky jail.
shot th~e girl'b family in another
rnunnl and then raped the teen-

The deatlhri fthe #rl and
her family outraged Iraqils
anld ratchered up tensijon inl
the war) zonY.

once ..1 the house facen

ife wild Green, who has

Iried in retrsoic s ciow Irisin
:r I:1I walI..I I1 mer
Il D~ornlcsn. the national
dlhaserT co-o~rdrnator. Cecrl
Shillingl'ordl, said a woman andl
her reven-year-old son were
killed when a rain-soaked hill-
u.. ..ewyad rrr t
homse where dacy were sleeping.
Dean, which was Friday
evening upgrracd dsoCaegorxy
3 humaneu. was sruenguening
and heading towards Jamaica
where it is expected to make
landfall soday.
People there have started
to prepare for any evetual-
its, puttlel the campaign for
the Auguslt 7 genral elec-
dloes on the back-bareer as
thebarklle dowateIsdealwirth
possible hIgh wibda, posed-
iag seas and terreatia rate-

DON rrcaped ray mraor
problems after Hurricrane
- ---- rop u b E
eart Friday,
Anne beach-faml Ivpes
Iues as Caslelwash. St IJosph
werckrdaged hyursee ngs u
oad hagh wrads. wuhlh* so St
I'halap as Icast one house
rIspped off ass props" and so-
rther has panr of tls rnt
in SI Ichi, hansas trees
were felled. whlle so <'hat r
Church unissy~ poles acre
downed or kit Senasa
However, these west on
nrpons of fInadayt oru matr
dieuptson to us pows sutp-
ply or selecommus~calsons

msecrvie aslandwsder.
Between 15 ad 25~ people
askedwr a few oftlhe rheltest. pri-
- -ss. Inhr~hrh ~f
and St Peter. after they were
o'pened on Usuruday mrgh. but
sawunedj to thest homes early
ut)U th astuaiuo was much
wuu c we ohenighbouringesiands
o tP Leess ad Dominica wuhere
che fire humcanc of abe seaon
lef a uO trd olde nand damage.
Repo~rt sadscated that in
St Lucla some houses sad the
paurdssc ward of a hospitl l
had thest roofs ripped off,
whric police so Cascrie sid
a 62-yearold man was swept
sway sad drowned when be




C~~linum 11 (U(0) 0hH 80liour 14:30 hr C:athohc Maigaine
US 00hI thle Mystery of1 the 06,:00hI N'N Newb 15:00) hI Grow with IPE~D
01 0b ateNewwit th Mdy 0)7:00 hI Vowce of vrctory 16:0011 h- Htolrnretrch Magazine
(11 (K1h N('N Nwsu Ml.lavatel 014 ewonGsplV 7:30 )h AbSemlldy PrTayer 1:30h1 Fanurlly I~~lwu
08:.00 hI I~Lnfftin uyana to 17:00 h1 l~utrairn Men's
Gicarenies Fellowblhip
08:30 h thahc~ue 17:30 h1 Guybuco round Ulp
09):00 h- Annrnal~ir GetX~ 180 NC:N Week to KRview
v ~~~~10:00 h- Netsona Geogr/apin 1 (sClse
1,00 h- liornesuctch Magwnsle 1:0hKl ia
t0 the Daily and Sunday 1200b renofeea wathu 20:00 h- 60hlcn' Minut
1 abinet Scactar ynr 21 00) h- P~res dent' ir y
ema ame14 00 h In Style 22 00h Mo~vlr 'IelKing 2

the most widely .
... : ~16*3W:
For Sunday,Augurstl9, 2097-M:,.,~ circulated newspaper ^h'a" : =7O~
For Monay, Augurst 20, 20W1- #:398 1"WIH AT A GI
For Taesday,Aae Au us2, 20th #:~J3Ms O OWIFO M TO le Bern W IANTS"
CALLI sOI 225-4475f26-8248
For Ocess Gelnq Vesse opeaeb4 test shee -I' I1rs


How do I deal with employees ~whto are not registered? Somer of these~ T1 p i r
persons mwrked before and wrere never registered. Mlast I pay f Of ht Work asintenanceo
even though they do not have NIS numbers? Who is responshes Sr t

As the crreuntepoeyuaerponsi~blenl~n~ forYI anyw reitao Auue dNM~
Iand payment of contlrition for the period they are in your empboy.
Wh~st esserntil they need NIS nubrs to ensure their nontribub~ons O #u ssenas sbiorrw es s... a o~gIrcwns.. eas sses r
are posted against their records the absence of a NIS number wgl 1 "e aea .aesas
not be accepted as reason for not pyngvrr contributions. You must MA4'saei
register these persons immediately 4 a setus
My advise is to register persons as soonr as they are employed so rrr**- :-
asr to minkimie problems which can lead to your prosecution. In th aesa mames k**news web Ises use entee
meanwhile, whilst waiting on the NIS card (if you need to) contribution nr Auoust
payments can be made, using the correct names, as per birth certlcote, -f rwar larne c cara ae'ee
along with the date of birth so Auoust
Remember, it is a violation of the Law when an employer
fails to register any employee. and fails to pay contributions as S sBSs Y' ILyht

N.B. Employers are reminded to ensure that correct NIS numbers are
used when paying contributions. Incorrect numbers can affoo your
employees when it is time for Benefit.-
SDo you have a question on N.L.S ? Then writelcall. aggWrepa
SC/O Dianne Lewisr Baxter I
Publicity and Public Relations Offcer (ag)rtu r~lL'~t
National Insurance Scheme ~rr iIr
Brickdam and Winter Place
P.O,. Box. 101135 IMM, 81 8tdI
E:-mnail: pr_nistiesolu WARMAS erl Myrw~lrlll EiT
'lel: 22 7-3461. b '


SIIMAY CHRONICL),Augnust. 19, 2007


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I -i Payr Il a !1-.

(~ARIA'S A~rocn~Idibeap
'..,.gor paceful rrrthery)

*~ngo Col '"f@" 4

ESCAPE To del essge
rho*4py cglm your th MIS

"a~assage Thrsopet Newbens
e-all pco for '=92181687477
(182R~ ,e st Hme Serveces
awas .atic http II

wragesT tor ro escapesree

'n ~r q~ Pt( nP

"IC'0 a ttound'l Peorpa o
IaC pose $4can 0 ~ai~o,: rs; 629.460 69;
of '24nl Sast: tehnrmpw
MALE AGsk SO toma Ye to
moe rngle Iemale for rrs.0

M0 ontnes al tr ~
cot*gnd inever I cmamous ni

rrr 8 5 o

pen Sat toam < anteo,

NIATURAL am. hlli Onr De*.*

FO)REIGN poolls lables ior
)Ren udtrbin fo all bassmen

GET rid of evrl. few love

22 0708


VACANCY ox tis f0,
t nii !,iniff K Iourth lSl C

bOtYL ()lrllIllll(
tal'i '; UI11 I' (.((il .rlfl

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SALESCLERKS moust rreve
knowtodoo at Matlhs an
Sghh2 yests worke,~t

venu atwrotatccnc tor Xtven
Aai n orsn to UnK
ii Lanead Worawn Rl
Resutrrwnrmaaw n~oodd frome ag
stagtona Ito wr~res for Pllnting
Company (A srU1Le

.nt ias Job kolrtl~ nlllts Iu'
onn mglrr dlit(lrov 01tis $7
ru atl~io a %tmluon cal1 13'1'

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seesAn~ can r" no a~t 7

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VACAn~vln asses t
rl~ers n~onfn) Rl untan

Hand m ardner App I

VACA(CIE existfor Froit

Agigan(IC kn equidnremnt BB
sec1rllondr education n
wsthem wrtena n
e y. Gui:"tes/el. 8

.or Cl,,.8 K3le. Kil o

Onme Fems (fic*

1. NI nd

exn n edroon wit

R ,n. ,
4n Fo Olc

WANT to wta ork in le

C rneransn (Carrcorn States)
or users slistus Lortificate Call

.~'I'IH 7 PllrSb

.intw9 uin~~l:
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.m Icaiee

( & AS004its
catrna ernarmocetean B~

A 011H e o~rh l St

the~ (4) of thenlr (LocalU I uns
i Lseqlull n PeIsonls from that
rrl Its .r ddlressed to) Lot 9 Camr p

ca o swll detlal y 10an

-adsc Peasonsl bhoulld haveY a
rb-lable (ounc of traftrsportation

13 000 SO FT

OGLE iPlROPiF V Wif V~r-
t r TRA .l atj TEL
8148,r~ 625-1624


'r' Y1 at 619J 'j505
7f 66 ARCES Pi me
fIlntla oled farm land Condon
10oaSqyber Highwyn Mobishs.
Iblowtownr mth StarDa to water

160) Triumph~ Bretktonda
*L 9sr Co~as Domersta
Transtpotted Ideal fe,
agrrtucuiusl outposes Paco c
tenroltble Contact No (667.

Kwruw Ktusau 6 bEtes Ism
ted~rms Aknce Rod. Testhn .
1 2 Cats Yorrowkear~a r'
acore unl t g Call 26 ~0 00

Sc@ rr- 14 o

AMStTROAMt 2 m rc

US! Ederon's 5
Gare,1G <.own Iend los com riicest
te~arpatsel tustoDgutil Gafotor
waaehoure on Bcoad Street
Rdcetd IMrs on neg Own~er

PRlME stamporte comer son
tueseern Memlr Rd %ECO
raposete uses of 6 a nn

rn uttwp mouna~n Sarrous

R~k 6162 1ron 68.5 $3QM

Hap Aor Eta' Co rl
Scheme Igh Income). Cana
alner ediate a~vsg b E

turkeyen 6 000 sq ft
10M~.LB 12Z000sq ft $7M
Cle 6 000 sq (Ift $ Le
Risouvenit. 17 000 a i .
$20M. Ck 21/4 DQI SM i.
penka. acres 72 5M. 0
Flreita Associates 225-
5782. 609-2302. 233-5711

JewVAnse I Rlt n

"-- Albemrton. 0 Kndrede l
~j~~'k~d~pStre. Lan of

ce. Meadowam *

n sE' tur sa n

Strat spey 'C E ern .

LB 1. Port Mourant .

COUNSELLINGi-11 7."; 2',:Z~5(lf
WANTED (, ccrc II oas* etoas aI


FURNISHED rooms for
?jnlgle workingl m~ale. $4 500J
weekly Tel No 613 -2647

PHONE 225-9944.
FURNISHED rooms at
Bachelor's Adventure. E C
IA.M. Tel. 229-6149 Glorrs
ONE 1-bedroom bottom
flat apartment. Parking
hpace. Call 662-9449, 231-
CNIE two-laedroornl top
c..rr Ioudadeld Pubot, Rd
c.o,,eden EBO Tel 6816-

(.;rorgetowvn ;C25 7131. 664-

Is concRETE. 2bedroom
)rntom flat to let Pnce $32
000 monthly 6133356. 667-
ONE single bedroom apt.
all ctffgl~corit. WOflung fantale
ureferred Tel 220-0770

ONE 3-isedroom too nat tn
Garn~elt St Parking 560 000
mnonthlly Call Ryan on 645-
5343 or 225-5363
ONE two ber0~oom bottom
Ilat (urnia'ned 960.000 mth
323. 1 ree 4 .989
ONE Self contined
bedroom apt at 99 Vryhed's
Lus N Scherne Phone

ONE FULLY fu mt ~trd
$$410 per ncaht Call 226-
9448 or 628-78180

only Tel. 276-3245. 226
$60 000 AND* over
ps etry from 591M upwards
en Mr Patrick Pearra -
215.27091 225-51981 669.
one unlmsured too and
Her at 256t New Market
Contact James on 226-

styled Rpti. Euitaebl to
1u 0001S 0 e oar dav
all1 231-6429 622-517

e thty Calf 227-7618 8 am

UG AREA. futnished 2.
bedroom bottom flat. suiteabl
for students o working ersont
s & fumiested top ilt. 231-
PRIME business &
terensieul prwelies t, om e a
smVIe Wd k6-20
600-4690 or 650 8651
HAVE a house of
a ermn tonent? Culfe
Exellence Reang, -l Antony

ONE semc-furnisteed
aPartment on Camp Street.
Two bedrooms. 1 kitchen. a
Sltoom, a washroom. cal

oFFICe s se in newly
H oh d?~~Court. Ecellnt for
A om -al -f4~Y lawaw firm. tc.
FURNISHED two-bedroom
a d atU c o uey C e l
3546 or 60r9 49.C 27
at 4 CEt rant.Letd

ClL~O-Ieall 22on882.~ (l

wa e sri h en. 1ac al
mnanscure. scalp treatment and
deslgn on nalls Also Beauty
Culture available Tel 227.

3ANJANAS Car HRental '
FS Qlt Stree Bettelr '(ap ~

Revascc~s A 5., C~rew ..

HEAVENLY Sunlight P. v

28 Creen Street NewourO Too
227-0087 227-7291

Ptano lesnes 6 yvsnu arms
over dlurang A\Jugus and
contnuang onnvrkte Tai 23

Cosmetloinsr :`Jse to
,rtformalron 22r 6 MAR o


10th Sepem er0 i

]R l uem msee 0(ds

Schoo RUmee r

Eduaton LA #261-6079

Isme. afternuon aD rovrung
classes v Mahyatl3;rs En ega
AAB Amllo Sumnes Sot)robr 6

500 pler sutweetr Cotat rus a

6 Croal and Kurg Streeti. 277
7627. SIS-89f6 6tS8919

REPAIRS ornc to ctodges
AC unsb .~l etctoo 7.9

REPAIRS dar* to 5ee own,
mechene, mattowere *ato*
h4Ostat insulratn at<9** .*ruo

TECHNICIANSS ns.rtith k.4
appllence ,rrepeas rshore

41P o**** Cons L :; 1

FOR tenr *arms erocrrces to
4hd Orny mcnva reengreas
cano*wr syne genseove m~ro

o~a *n* a gl )( '

GEt rrd of sl ourt heath
DIObiems With the MO (MCal
nralments combined with
naturopathrc Userapses
mncludlng ?drothers ~. die

oidn erelrle C tc~ Mn

Ioo isk rea Io(u6o~e
ucH. OF GEE ts d

your oilqs Nee your o?'d"


work or student


Reltecd Matters For

FrmL Gehs & Fraprpt

Ce prepare & ctastlifIC
Af fidavits of Suppowrt.
Btognrphich, (-hilife &
HCgular Appllchal.% n

appoinitwllnl. eCIC-


Immigrant Visa

185 Charlotte &
King Sts.
MAPS) Basilding,

van#: 22s-2oss

And accpted to study
at one of 0417
PTO~tigoUS, Cattaliall

Diploma & Certificate
prograrnrne offered
Acceptarx'e gaanteed
Study & loe in Canada

Prestig agnigration

-mrpr*.tigegy- o


ONE .' bedr~oom upper l
flat to, rent z.ill -7- 8858 t
BUSINESS flat Io rdint In
Bars St KItty Prune) kwatson UI
tor bonl as( drn lyype of
bulsinesses. exi~lcp tdc~all


57tt2 609 2302 233 5711
Newly buillt bedroomwr f~ls
strulatd at Mocha, AreaiJJ
EBD UnfurniiShed very
supply ltc Can~Iti800.0~l 689 \
CVYILLE f urnlsslmsone

8356j ( 2 2118 Jlnylrt

J atIn kx Iena ;lnl tea n
I Enwa Baall N Alrr.
70394' 223-7040 or 86-974
bedroom) $18 000) $)? O.
125 000. (2bdroom) r5
000 S3200 3bmonon
000 Cal 2-6236
seeynne Ks~ ,trdy un P~
N~s)y Bly e ihl f ei
Street Atlante ViT~e Cas 226
1192 653-9900
bedrooms fully furnlshe, aC
not & cocd secured parksay
telephone upper 6*
O~verseas vastor Ten -'26
LISS600 executive house .nd

2 52626
COMMUNFTY Fulr fururnmrw:
GS65 000 No~rert dereeta
23'1 r506642-5874
ONE three-bedroom run,
furnashed uprtalrt creshtdss
t anke qcsace bcavor 6**
As Park Tec 2254413 614
0949g 619-9972 =L20-5306 0,
Sharonxs~chyc koarn
furnlshe~d i & 3- bcldroom

sustable for oversaea rasors on
~short tem tease Tel 226-51T-
LA ROMANA Real Estte

Romana Ram .
oridroom all con*sr -rccez

.,:E en~wd 2-~r ** v~r
execuive style house n negray
ruadenlk araa S f$2 to
ednq a. 231-6540 652-

1 LARGE fay fudrnsed 4-
bedroom house at Dowdlng

ACT and Ie

FULY E urped B r
000 r~r lyI ddl top

)1 000 Ismotly. 0
5782. 609-2302. 233-571

OU Ige 2- ~doo
baths. fully irld at 31

Sem -furnished -$0
ma~.Conact A. Paul 231-

bedroo an d~ro shedro m
a~rmn with kucstc.w sm
b~rdi toa 000 ~r arK* $120
000 mo~~.interested p* oly. Duncan Street Cnotnct

B-brshop. est dr;rn ra Ha
etc Interetste nar on ronly
Contact C & S ~ight Club.
Sheriff Street F6r r7%7
612 4 R ALTY2 %172
St US$1500) B~uzne~ss R
St US$1.080 & US$1.500.
Office space Robb St -
USS2.000 & USS600 Office
Fpace C~harlotte! ;It 70,000
& $35.000 Rsgent St 2
belrooms upstasrs $.000X La
dra ten Puli Road 2

NFW ma~hdllm spanous1 1
mas~ll ltes bdrown)I 1 .spI nant II~I
FullL u asw 0 e

hub~t as '' 1, ', '
AIR SPRINGS S~ubs ayi I ll

~ore~t Sgnourr 1 Pdst lr
rentalk Ksnt o~n P Can envilic vn

C'umanirings St~ret! TEL 226-
8148. 625-1824
I)UAL ITY .Ip. ~rt o tic

Ab Park (to balrb t on -,

Yoo r bedrown-, sep.

E:, 5000 r bdw
Te rf 7 0 0 2

bolru Iai bn ard roo a)

4Momso (bimu S

aMOP LtAT J Earn

vrS100 L co st out

NEP Enterprises

223928, 09201.

OGLE L 4 ldto
(~r*arnstw :r rge bedoom
.,nd brow Or U50


rouamd betwis eC Gal* 726
ictb 615 6r24 ASSOLUTE

Tl 7235 017 673e~l 4 T Em.

desHapy cres Knostk~xra

.var Bern m Ons mestown
Sccton 4. de&Cm

$j:32M61031 890842 Se nP

hou r B(water, OFmr .

oso W80 Cas 4>6 t 399

5227451 61-31.82 2559
LAN wi hrlrm 2~ house at 4

For ,cm Dpnreslet 242
ORsale BllI by51 wano
property at Poubl. ,at D
.idr Mahac Cell all 63 8
271 8 vnr crs

Aoseat TEE h E B r2 1 -

cost~ coa Sreet. G/ts~o~n
-2302cme o 22.56782 2

B7oEST eal an P~residential

commeerciamnl. Hndstra reaj
estate01 countrde Te 23051-

L~OntCATED on Churc Stret, -

5bi Tde al n n 28sd ent

ONf floraI [l b iidenll for1 hll

1/00 HT WT N 0
ONE tw fas FT mu mis. )1

Oueen s town or .i 'I I; - 1

CRIG rustnyho-

CALL zr*5ti54n 25 orn

he ~crlGon ; fi ( 011 1 cut
r~~garr,-, a DVbn3 ou

d~~~l apa ~ umw 1~(

uP~ I oWo o

:bar n !* rnz umrn

A~rmT Ga~rdren(,a 9tor f
Fr ~ ~ Ebro` 3i a ~
I AtLSTW PersCruts Seet

SOE'DYK Pult rae4 dor
vwans rar Lvru. for er rew no
mennln .9 eit; ,rr8,t.
Ederono a~~K'Ijfl 000)4'

RuerrN r. KtaGntrd rnn term
hdir Edersor~ri:(mn a 2m '196

IOL 0 0

G TOWNr Fcentlralr~ transprted

8~~p IL(* mn, m I

1BYCrrr a Ederson's
NON PARIEI if r.0 3 strey

COG.AN DAM ,:va;nt new
fist concrete 3-twar~lrlw wilth all
mo ern amnnities $5r SM
B27 000) Ederson's 7226

NEW HOPE ERI) 7 st~rny
building Endl roadr to rivo'
US20001 Edorson'r 226
j-e whrly 17n
KINGSTON~l Oversr?:s/
rslpol so organullon.l~l Ideal
bugiodng folr ayreligiosuns
( dio rlenr heq 0 ~8o6

CROAL/Stabrook~ uner,:ated
:I house lots Idenal Internatilolnl l
Iiotel $(i5M (US1205'~ 00)
Ederson's r -40
S;ALE Land of La.rnuall (BD
nldcal for result Si~M Iinr due

t 14ro ftbn to a2 t
'~)1 I'HI IiV((Of."llat I
;!.- "I '"'ldnlr a 4U J luxrwlous

M'',, Ederson's 226 5496

rr .en-t ur ha usi dro
.*e0 se Le > < s $ IM
Ede ~on .s *,.5 ri ta
sa; c,n~ra I1).T S; at
snmo u~ns;!J a ,o, own,,
."P .0 E eso
tt IhlA. :>1 : p a gtuto

,oa orgaretatu adual
twa dog~ fo* ary or, Cgfon i;

NO AGENT r.4<* Lt/lon t
124 7650C 7;19 ?WA tor www 6
trogrvons 1 (iahroom 7
erecrens Cammpho~lalso 110
340 ea ? fetwelar taswess
term opDva est marwutad town
4 watf;r :lath to,,1 ha 4 a rewat ermga SAJU Case

REUCT~IO *nM*we~re ood
snt on mr~

PROPF RTY et 4 5 H Nr,
Parves CCD) 1.t S stwn Pars
Annqndel* EC 1sbb

3744 720, 5;78
OrNI 7 rat~oro 3 tadtroomr

;rhrar :51 tas we can 511
C~a@ roch ian~~rw %776 (4487
Uf 1(( ;tI'*# I R ZOR G
IICO WOb Slow q ande Vltees
9@j 55 hnrnetts &t K
Clor 53 SM Ca15ll ekeur's
r *0 Esat 73 3
(;ALAP streaml to flat
!;nncrpmearndreanv $3l Ave
SRntastax tnrwww. 14 000 sq
UIilja 2M Grem Reeart

U $600 000 OR GUY 560M
AALL C ARO 12 -97~ SOR
CUtl orougoveiy COntrrte
gl~ro rh on lmost 3 lota at

Raphl err n Rtal 0 o

51981 225 %282 231 04
NON Pancnl New Srfheme
one 2 storny wroonrl and
concrete hotron 1 twdroom,
inside tIlet~ and hath Land 4f)

LBI $16M See. Civille -
18BM. Bal Air ark $ 25M .
Mendow Brook( GardenR $351.
Courida Park $40M1 Oleander
Gardens 545M4. Bel Air 8pln a
Kitty with big space 517.5M
$27M5 pr~op~ In Atten it Ville
with 3 self- ai~ened bedroom
andl 2 both tube Air conditioned
with bre ders. Land for eale in
18ice 1trel Io~ 55 7M .

NEW 3 bedroom concrete
btructuret an~d land 100' x 60
Vdcanrt nlow, ready t o situated
atI Larl' Court LBI $o 12 5M
Twelve mlllionl andt two hundred
thoubdand doldlbr Contact
Pete's Real Estate. Lot 2
GenorV~t X Hadllrtld SWs ;23
7432 of1 224 0218


PMITB LM, e 153

JnafWAm'l R 8 II
a tr .rd\.u

bovmol proyQere nl Kmts
Preafted~ Nager Ow~enrtow,'
!,outh~ Rucmveidt Bar Anr Iosk
( UttanelJI~I 5ttOt 5 MAsrea ~
<.i arti posseassunlan 1*11 l
$~'NlA Wkstude Houue tredu~ce o
$10 GM Campbeeesra 3121
(jdlll a 1$ 3M enehae TO

617-9574r Ikl Art Parra 527@
Shor(tf S1 $SM~ & 5%td C;
v44e S35M butxyamene I~)ou
RoMS Plaou~ neg Krryean
SMC) & 53SM Northl Road
Ll7@ & $534 4 U~a Kabb St
$40M n Lurn $9@4 neg
Prospecl EB~ 510M neg
Crd3 880 $1@ 'was Hew
RuMj Fc~ $30M Usnd Rctrb 54
$70M t ard Regard S $60M

S311M Chunerv St~ eywet
Avn I-UruMattausanese 14M

iuone;t Itg 1 t one note
)narweav S MU Oucervesca
SIOM rtlh SIO 0M v arnette

m~n~, O?"v,,.j.Lh

818e8 5 4 a

2234928 60-201

star < ; Pir d a 1

Farb Up fow 1 30erom

1 eno r roo. 3 loor-

Sgn ofc onr Cad 1


building in comoo, uidnd 10M
TG of I% 1e3 bedroo 2 I

Smacnrs with 60 clow 10M
FACTORY E 84(e Pubc oadc M 14
arr~ell of andwithbudeason
7osa acrveslx or $60M PLUS me

a 018 on ManSteet Middle
FalOrV SteetP~M 1


CROAL place 2 storey
coroner building. Ideal
medical center nsurance or
89eorts club $26MU ($130 000
US) Edersoon' 226-5496
KITTY $9M, Preshad
Naga $19M. $14M.
N 9M. Queeanstown
-16M, Albetrttownl, councrete-
1M Kl y Ie lrwlawudtt

'Sed frornl e oqM
Brook neaw 179M Nandy
Park $16M OUrban
Bucklard 513GM South
Gduis $ 16 sM. Agrrcola.
conveute! reduced from $11M
to $7M Phione God's
Fav-soy. 219 -51C s 8 3

Lst antx n VIII ,S a S

Arollga Mrut RI

AKyu~ Park $2 .
545@ oueaentown 4M.
,0M New Market St
58M Osamond estrat
5M Versailles Mansion.

(.ONTACT 7226 201

WOOD MIL. CALL 682-412
8 WEEKS German


concrete peant are whieand
mclur Tel 220-1014.

he v-dutY C l22M 3 2 or

condition 5 000 Tel.68
VoE RYorStr g Chloride
fnacory. $560 00 per 9(Vat
PENTIUM 41 3. 1 GB

SCHOOL sfhkt in various
,Ires and colour. No
reasonable offer refused
Phone 663-9296
PUlRE bred rottwelter prp

Sheb Ep BRED Ge an
dewormed u2 mths old) Call
FOREIGN pools table wt~h
siee to 50 000 t~5 050

ONE 5-Hp Yamaha
outb~ord on ine and one 5
Marine e one. Call 218-
2039, 690- 802.

C)53b,00. C8: 26-815.


MADE RACK 646-1412.
ONE DELTA Wood Shae r
in e Sceln @ 600tion. e~l.
3" Inches Swimmin
Pool Tablets. PHONE 223
0808 (8 am 4pm), Mon, to
NJIPPON two-door frost

/m OPd lkn S5 000r

750 PER REAM. CALL 06-
4403 OR 621-0509.

CALL 621-72886.
X -BOX -Gamnes. KBOX
360 cordless controller,
hea~d hone, hard drive, AC -
Ada orn Power Su ply, HOTV

PR-(executive ,K it
Park. Atlantic Gardens. l.
Gu buCoGaen.
Su rvanville. SherifSte
Lamaha Gardens ~1Bol Air Park)

AeR Ilc Pa( Dladmond NaLr
HURRY to Status investmnt
the authorised dealrrs In al
rtir te din Alr lor o

manl for br I cr ~7
2624 4 4446
Cwn ron ~~

PHONE (Sam- pm-
Mon to r'

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pieces t chooser front
020 $500 and up
With bEk

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COMcPUTER P~or ammes
from 52 00 EncertsT. Ic

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neg. Tel: 621.6220.
Ca d 3 TN NISS N A~tliu6
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PD1 4658ANAL8UN3NY 1. 3L,
1 TOYOTA Pick up In good
conditions For details, call 218'
..,.roCH~ mrc. Go d

OErF 8V 33 Camry YIn
cl oo ition. Contact
er -111947.
CD -deckexcellent 00

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0171, 647-5727
AT 192 CARINA. Tohola
nra~l8 nterInci sed, Bort
ONEi~r~ AT 170 CORONA -
.00Ca I Apyl on 225

TOYOTA Colete came

FOR SALE moesl M 30
Truck wlh Turbo WanchJJ
Semrses *Iepone 227-247
apolTe an C tonsh EI wI
c:ondition $68-3 3
uIGREEuN Toror Tundra

S- L TouranQ Wargon

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4~ r-door. a gom IIC _)lM

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20lnc 000 Phon 434241 or
22-638 Fs Gain I~rlc

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workang c~ndton Bost1 offer ,

Phon JeweZ nrnam 770 44 S~ro
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m SZ go rnus Tel 2 p 47

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4850P Jolr m 660 478

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Sjerles, mnacr rll no Al 3j 000

1 SUZUKI VIteraI h door b

Trade In for car 161 66-
0780 or 66~4- 9300
1377. 42 ~one Excellent

soSrl0 ne'~" g Call 2 -1
drive, solid dof k tachable
,ak s 10a~ble f~ 14e Iterior.
4-Runner. 5 doors, 1998 mnddel
Tlremot srtn atc Tel 220.

CA6R11A ASrlati We on AE
170. PG Sonter manuartran. ~

$760 000 Ca ll 20-1630

condition $1lr Mnb 102
rene, Tel 269 3237 or bbS-


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or best offer CL..
Oggs tt7.787, gggggg

1- Toyotre double c~ab, (i-
(000 ). '-speend Ieal, alarmr AC
k-~jayer roll4@rcr62h1a 3:M
1 EP 71 TOYOTA Starlet
!Turb 2A doo rMar u~al, fu /
sooller Pacea $750md00 ct nYe~
Rocky it 2215-1400 or 6j21-5902
1 sewnll machine excellent
condition)2 $35 000; Froeezr

Cal 59-47o 61 -30pd
2003 Toyota NZE Corolla
with 15' mag rims. leather
Interior. alarm. Pioneer DVD
Surround system. Very low
mi~leage, late PKK Series
Contact 613-0613

iays~rt~t to OdR 6As Is lere i
C ntract 233-2429. 10 & 15
Eccles Industrial Estate. EB0.
durnng office hours. Monday to
StTO OTA Tundre with rmw
Irlrlendl inst beta GJJ boier 4-
wheel drive. only 40 b000m
exclbent condition. Pace
mrllron Contact No 265-2 92.q

689- NISSAN Cedro. private.

'1 ZM Contact Rocky 225-
Vi;@r21 .902.
S oyTomu Hrsr (exus)

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$3 9M Ford X11 tone R. PtKK

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4846. MWd 6 ader 227-

(Pirvaete automat.fu

~i. -- -- -
STOYOTA Tund~r Year
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tr'nter PH 51 2M.w SU 30

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( a~' 1 475 00. Ty
c~~r on~ $ Mned I
I~r~na wrenter 2 ,-on wit

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o3E Sivr OrYfy~

1 T'OYOTA T 1004 x 4. GJJ
Series, autorrial c fully
w~e~oB rna sdadcj 2
1400, 621-5902.
skidders equipped wit
h draulic winches and powered
by 3304DI engines, years are
1 96 & 1999 1 Timnber Jack

rlc hyrui slce n
year 1996, 1 763 Bobcat skid
steer machine year 1999; 1
Land Rover Defenlder 110 Series
Diesel Turbo charged engine.
has winch. We also sell Import
lots of Caterpillar. Detroit diesel
8 unlnen inel s2ae. Ca

tl 25 ~tal n

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Vstez T oV~iA- tzA 21
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Cab Ln Casser.
ncssen Vanet iCaravan
Mitsut~hshCanter trucks 2/3 tons

duty free vehicles Fl after
sales serv ce and f nancang

10 orotar 6Etr Cab -

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1slr 2.Z A~r 17, o taMa

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exiO.3-I. 227-318 Wetn

YRD. 4 CAL 81-490

5Telpone~arr 0( 2200 60ce
(KishnA). Tv Cr

Canaan~c~n Te 63-0
Contract carsi Cotc lass
abs Fat. 225-7268S or62-1
ptesnrn from the West coast

LIVn-str araCal6omas010

LIA NE Wraiotress to wo in.
Conteacty 259 -05-7483

223 5273f4

A NEW double bed enth
mattress ad a new wardrobe
Contac 0 Mangar at 61 Pubbc
Road.g mehn all ose


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Wlcer el1 624L (1
wares. rnpt6er. peaker boses
all elems Must Oo Owner

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H dq-back Owner leavanQ
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mths old vacclnated and
0owormed Call Juleel Lam
- 27-8451.r 225-6174 18

brand name ctohgraag lctncal
Items sawmlll equpment 6

Share TIcom user suppen

12 WEEKS old Rottee. e

Ceorract NAMA 223-4298009

LOCAL roroin Po

)V1 9392 r LA-M

orv come orvtrn 1 owrory
coum/C sRaa-a game r2 alo

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781 am 4 m M Fr

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Gars -N 1 Y

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a p " 2, ,r 22 OS 7

PHONE.'i a 223-0608 (8 am 4

Tsrarsrry Be so 9
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ONE Toyots Ceres. PnHM.

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esms. aide bar 11-r or

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Pace crt 45tb Rcy
225-1400 R21. y 221

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n3-de an amatic .ifx ma

Congetno COky- 25140 r
621.990 lr0 ~~5
1 TOYOtA xt ra Cob P
Tund rau (GJJ Snes) automatc

: 090OAIlo c a rrl

od~~tr (4-wtt I dt rsi $1
000 onac Rock .
.1400 or 621-5902
I AT 19 2 TOYOTA; canna ?

Conac $1 4M Conta5 Ro ky

ft4 225.400 of 621.Yan,
1~ TITA YOvOr (Sn,

pded'tMvol coola ZEIpum

thir mcnth. got a useful work
I*uI aglnrns the ~ICrCketers who
ranmed sonw ghmpacr of1 foot-
ball prwess
'th hosts opened tle
flc*iltes an the 23~rd nunute

GoodHwit/ Swimmingr Champnrionships

Guyana earn six medals,

break record on openmg~ day


building newrl tjfYtIED t
h~art 6(New Amsterdam.
dr r()all Caileduced
2467, ~37-37~.34

2XOE l n~ a l~~


G X 90 MARK 1 1 in
po~o~d9 co~n~dt n C n~t
1 N~rISSAN Pathfinder
(V A) utomatic, full
owered. 330 Sedford
Nevfp uued. Nethrt ty k
mottorcycle. 191. 33s-

NOW preSittent BitWS .I.

SUNlDAY CHRONICLE August 19,. L'0;

5- ~~-


(CN~ICI JnUtllic.l'\ \runth

derr-19 limiited users wrries
and has calledc for anl unenld-
mntrn to the pitt ing condli-
tions~ in orderr (I, asad a Tre-
peatorl Friday?'\debarcle.

beaten1 rn the liniistcJl I,\1-

llul ..illed all \. .11 n a w-1. ul .12 t 1\

Iseh dit 1 el in the I~ ubs I' 1 1

Jo.,a U*Jun con .drmy: the wer
theall IcJutt not CIn low;s po : 1
c;ec the on Jul wise shall be

wOld l e tom~: plc we , 1 .

mtAN. 'Lament ..rct .site

u l on as : .0

p a "o n C

oo a" L5


0 tto e fCe ve

. nI ..., '
re n.
Road- ;* a-n i,' .
*224f n' -
.0 anne .0
o' '~n:~r
a one e .
.estL to nto a
tLR sesLW Go e

**1 hinlk it is jlnpurinet ll

sioni ofr thle gUnse' uffecti what
happoinrl in ther end andtl not

HI (UJlc.un le h threestl o too )11
Imrnent Ilr Woulllld.tb..n tothe

oner-dayl competitionul uh the
number11' 1 frll. rrunked Lide af-

thiree-dayi competitiLon,

"1 us, glald w'e arre Irrough

n~usch prefecrred wre had,1 a full

would havec recield based onl the
condstsol~r l In l hus e we~re InI We

Irun nud hre were il some
Aculhld nlr Ih he ee vr isolu
unorulr bnd sil rbbd

dlbopugh n lt .n vra
we~ wear tI conudet we cu~ld
semcl i I;* usr -.eldCIIII; gauxi
H'IIJre IrY~a \ir ji
Ac'hibslidr. ca lld hevn

"We wereL off~ to a deCentI

dIl a;dvaninl~ge. We hlad ther J;1
mlulcans\ Ibrece wliders downi
withl 3011 abo~ut 60 ruirn on ther

hou sdcy andi we thi hlrs was
Iioodr position wt beav na c~
itl'lc gunfo~rtue dboweie

pointed. yes, but they wU just
haver to back themsehlves, and
ray 'well, he>., it w~ah the
weather that did us in, it
wasn't theC oppositionr that got
the better o ul in ta oday'h

'r 3A O .5 EDHc,3V



223) 285

,einan . - -u+

WA RESS 'er7 M

28a i*_lI Et`
Soo 1


c('CMCI Trinidld anti
Tobago's Nationarl t.nder-2.4
team tase the West ladies
chkete rs a fotball beeson n
Friday altht, asthr! ramped
to* 7-2 *in to a uchrty atch
st the MIaany RacajohnSta-

Altho~ugh the crackelters
wubtll has< ch trihoroulhl*.
heaten .and drctedln after thru
luow she I< so, co for themCI Ulr Irura I .

thle ;Itn roscu fm crun e I
no 6 ml gno to the Ihea ctf .

sindtal> .all ondct too .
c he kd tk rr'l o
ftar Uarrun rodr an n-ral to r
deaded s tor three theads Of "
H'ord l the t Ender-2*
Kadrl Jagntosnh.ucs

prverta for Tchegl Twety20
Wo rld Cal~pc in hasthir Arica

anthecbr effort from t louts.
two mnlcules lalcr.
Mhaohmmed assici( t hldutyK he
twad as Carate Malrchcl dlwic
homer a low pow crlut Iagt -

At the -nd ofI the lirt ;e
rsnd. the ( n~c: 21tets LWere L.
leading ?-cr and **n treump::un
(t wasr nvere Two ntastes Llao the
second period. .%an alrlour
as~de it11 sa ud to the 48Ith
mkoutr. the Windkr arre out
of the mayntch bcra Augustus
found heIbc o thed k nrl to
gIvthe' Ib nrsd r-1.b a 4n( Irrd.

In, the (7th1 manin c.
Augurtus agasnfound the argel
;Ind Islef a hapless Mohammed6
con the luri.
Jagdcasingh put the scang on
the Lake wsth a double rtake an
the 74th and H4th minutes r<
snakcT the wereI 7 O)
Bnravowasddestrunc~d nicav
!Uh manrk n he ugame an~d an thI
alyancrheangtwoughedewn nthe
area Ikadt~mly ialkeduptlo br

in injur) time, Dwayne~c
Smith knocked a ball off a
defender who rlid star ball
Lntohe hr trr for so aon (Ioal.

P eas comroct Mr G. Wynrrs on 333 3154/333 6678 Or

Dorsynre Blrvo ar good
enough to get on the


when Stphon St
n advancing goal
Mohrammd with I
sqr safety so goal
From, th
Mobsrramd wa
tremerly busy a
tested the ry ~C)
through hr mnanr

GUY'~AhA rwimmrrs arnrd
rix medsts inrtdedat a old
Louasr Irohed wbra they compried in the
lr~r Dave opraolo day of the 2007
the call anrd G~oodwill swimi Mcrt in
ftbaldd and Tobat on fri-
at plolet. day
sr kept ex. The Eold came from
nad be wasr Eartandnrh~cRacnh isd t"4 I 5
next IkDeate metecrs btressistrok when he
ged to parry clc~ck 11 h1 secondsr a new
-----championshaps record so the

s for --- ---
.1I the I 14 n~ that wo~n inton \rr In the 41. r* rnont
.kwhen are henchess Yansu~ck and
Sln' ch" i Ihe" n" c *'"'"m.

most* with a tIme of 31:42 30

In the 200ml freestyle Jew
rlca Stephenuonal-l~ copped
bratmr wst~h a ltanw of 2:28 29,
whice tn the 1.5 17 age groul
YYannck Robecra cincke 2 06.
uecondatawn bl rmrne.
In the S0m breaiststrok
StephenumonIt12) with a rm<
ofl ?9 S6 secondb and Linder
Wlckham(13l-14) with a lmet l
14.89 second\ captured tw<~

The GaoyanerL center I'
indiskcluatevetnhanud inl 1'
those events they improve
.. .kr ,.. ,,m,..

iare lano ,pce. cuo ot
at Ed nbut h East Ban r
92-8c Afrd

GOING business place


in Coburg Sreet (noxt to
I ph ne H~dpa rt) C all
BUSINESS premises ,at
Earlnburgh, Village. near Ma~n
r2ntrancer to Glasgow Housmg
5slngs in oprton F mr
detasis call. owner ar. 3:33

Mr. Clifford Soonley on 618-6538/378 304 1

NINETT $.1( players bae
Gaysas this morning for thr
Caribbean WRgional Junior
Bardminton C'hamplanships
wtakh start tomorrow at the
Anthony Nesty Stadium in
171urbo S the
five yea~ hr ath hadfmlntonim Iln
utlt arf jlunlr i *mtcernunn

the team and individual events

The 19 players have heen in
tralnlng at the Cliff Anderson
Sponrt Hall fr over three wccks
by Level Three coach Gokarn
Ramdlhani .
The players are: Delm~r
Abrams., Javid Rahaman, ELan
Sanich~ara. NichOlas Ali. Avian
Rodlripgus. Jasoin-Ray Khllll.

HnamdhAmc. IMarius Ala. Bcn
liendc<. I~anci Persa~ud.
\shic\ Khalld. Krireltalrsa
Khdalt. Pascal Mendes. Rose
Me~ndes, ~isa Persaud. Mar/Iah
I'lH nnR cno 1,ow and
The association would

the tournament possible:

DIN, Pricttipal Singh, BK In-
ternational, GT& T. Gtlalnd
Olee Max, North American
Resources, DeSince Tt-adint.
Sunrsh Beharry, Nigel's Su.
permarktr Hand In Hand In.
surance, Farfan &r Mender,
June Meades, Mines Services
Ltd and National Sports

(Fom back pege)
wards achieving thisancd be
ready In face thre ch~lallege.
With the rupport ofthe Car.
ibbran peopic and the media
wre can mostF forwardP.
Dr Huntc. w~ho played for
Sd nLucl hioefa hconunp no
socianlon and the Windwsard Is.
land Allen Stanford's organiation of
the 20/20 tournament and the
planning for the ICC Cncket
World Cup
"Stanford has taught us a
lot and we also learnt a lot
from organising the World
Cup in tetrm of merchands-
ing and Lthngs of that sort.
How wre intend to implement

them into our domestic sea
son it, another matter. Hou
wrill the public respond?" the
WICB top man asked.
"We have done it in the
past in other areas in our per
sonal lives so there mubt br
sochnpn we ani t rnndfjl

do not Is the financial nsounrce
whc hac don a 1 000t hellpeus

from Stanford is that even (
you do not have the financial rc
sources you can still give drl
recognition to the past plays
and not makre them feel forgot
D~r Hum~e is also 5
Lucia's former ambassador to
the United Nations and ;
former Cabinet minister.


Under-1 9 one-day rule needs, revision Coley

T& T Under-23s give Windles

cricketebrs a 7-2 football lesson

Badminton team leave

Caribbean Junior Badm


Durham held up by rain at Lord's

am m

Pakistan hire rugby trainer

former Austrllian ru by trainer to help the sations

David Dwyer will join the team's support staff in time for
next nasash's Twenty20 World Cup mn South Africa, Zakir Khan
of Pakssian's crickret board said yes-

twoD dy koe fome Auia
ppac( (g1C Lawson is due to tak~e
charge national crmeoarM.
ir "Dwyer is a well knPows
rugy traerrkrLoAustra~esed wre
bare sIgne da Mmesa Lrtweya
contractM hke twses" Khaa
tod Rete~rs,
"We advertised for a tsraier for
our leae rand Dwyer suirid our re-
GEOFLAMW80 Lnrawo was hired after the
death at Bob Woolawr dariing th
Wedd Cup La the West ~ladk le March,
Pakussan ternmineed the coantrats of Woolme'rs forein sup-

tevell hasI s Ksysr the Usitd Arab Emilrates and

Coach Logie blasts

team after heavy

defeat in Holland

Weather ruins India

warm-up match

By Patreh Se~al

DURHAM teaked set for their

rrain sat Lth FP hphy Anl

Shiv Ch~aderpaul (781).
Kyle Coetzer (61I) and Dale
Beakeassee (61 n~.o b hlped
thcaamas a danorang 3125 at

OutsI Gibson took wckez~ts
rith his farst two balls and had
Kevris Pkscrsc Ibw for Just 12

Joh Crawley ret hi

whsraimfre aAbad

When they do. Deram
btoo SA$ (D CHEkat the C11(u-
mation at a mesourac me ewch

c~lass COUntIy rn 1992~ Jnd Io
ruvcclv a pene of grunl struggk .
At Lord's they dorminaed
from the moment Nso~r
Wanrn wea the sees and put
thes la m3der cksedy srkkm
Phil Mustard was rllrtrn on
both asdes of the jacket and
m~uturd on despat the deJr w
sur of Mechael De Venute, atw>
was, brdiandly caugb~h y
Mschael Carberry s maid

'The wKschetkeeper-basmn
was a run away from a de.
unerve half-ccatury when Jame,
Brucc won an lbwv ve~~rdc wsth
a ball tucuh pldchd oulutsde Lc

Mmtard qu stisse sm.
heaprY ahe th pedise *

no repreve.
TIulhat ba luck was evenrd
out when Chras TIremlict -
whose rinroductioni was
strangely delayed untl ther 19th

hout rejected by Gould when ,
Chandrpaclul was 18.

lookL onI licsculcanl prclxnisons b
no~ (isbon found thes edge of
MIChudrr L an~d firvancZ's bal
andlt lb Venluin held Ion as bcee
olnd Dlll
Vsetesselnsurvlved the has
IrlckL blln b~ut edged lubl tryord

IUMI la lad IrQ l

let em 3t-8 chastag a largre
of 19 at No IIramaay-
artup, 5
RabYi Ultepe we 12 ~acs
ou and Sourav Ganguly was
s~cabac oet 18 rwhe abc
weather sraervecd afc 6 5
HY ansr btr Vlrm
Satab nd Lak Wnrah we rp
Eatland alo ladsa ~Skpper
Mahanda Dhom bcl to facd
ORl-spiner Iramesh
Powr teek thre wkhea he-

But we have some tood bass-
mco and thal wdI showr a the
nor day uesse."
Darres Mddy's was Ibc
first wscktc to fall wks le
chapped Apt Alarka so Mand
Pasc as andsan fo free
SolaskLI was M1t bya

ars~t evr bet aftr tatl he
and Wright entee atm at

attraspd toLr fktaPwr dr
to Dheat
Powru thra hd Isa Sell
I21 caulht ~ry Agae rand ad
Owanr Skhahf1 I~bw bfre
Solsaks was traCpped Ibw by
P~ryus Chswis as the Irau toe
three rwac(ce for* For~c new
Rane Bopars a 17, and
rwecackkeper Pul Nanna I1)
cd th recovery ta-f News
walked followsaL a stumpang
-gppea. wtak Bapers a creful
moroptc cam o pas ad ac t
Chvri SPchadl (36) sad
Tim Bresses (31 **1 eat)
thm scrd~ at mor thsa a

r~~tap d r. U
Solanki was delsghted
wsth his tessn's balttan per
fonrmanc. srayin: "Thre arte
a lot of new faccs and ct's
great to see theser comer in
straight away sad feel com.
fortabic when they're play.
a ng against international

"II was apicrasre btting
with Wright. We've 50s some
great young player comans
daroug ad hopefulythe take U
their chance if sad wbes it

wet to pla. We dM Sea

we made ase o the por
plays and struck beA Y ry

(cmr-) National casc Gas
lage r hasseeed Bearmed's

appliclrres after they

ras ddefus agehese 'Th Neh-

tal Cep is Amaselvrs this

Faced rsth thre ormous
uas of hsysal tot er for almost
two day to sawe se match.
Bcemeds's sack-maded test-
mes fasted to respond to the
dulkae rand foded. In gave the
lsstrh v-acty *rth more than
a dat to prwe so a masch schd-
ukcd fator four d

y<*Irr have L r tsdrd sac h

**' World Cup so the Carsh-
trac ad odaers hae nos jamd
theaew cw al ou beuse of per-
"I want our batsmen to
value thest annings because
that's the w~a ccrack is plyayd
- there~ a ust no other way,"

"This Dutch team ia't
supedr is abOlty to as

M Ad mt b3 9' h

Sorst calm we eset Imithy,

"And dais mindse has go
to chrange otherwise we are go-
ing to cominr iue drw esn-
*uo and lta ritl adag an

thls and that'."

day wer alwys going to be a cial-
Icnge for usnobviously.l Bu efek
an it was possble on a pilds in-
careingly becoming lower and
slowwand asyfor belling.

o ar~ co re, u wm Il~
learn fam our mistakes and
It didn't seem as thtough we
learned from the mistakres

tha w mrr adpe is the fiwrstis

tame as the crease witbout being
rushed and wc ha the who~le
day to tea."
The Triniadan~u also t~ook
assue with his plrayrs' overall
kcvel of cormmitment on thEir
Europen sour so far. stressing

SChtv Chanderpand rectwo be 71s one-day halfcenury
but to rnnoull fo 7 efter amiaderstanding with Paul

The Wesrt indirs left

newsdc yagesm InglndW c~rter
so the summer. mrmic she mrrt
ofl thas escape h) treahtnf to
off 60 hath, a ash )ushlngts~ of
b ut strs off Termits~ userl mad
waKet~ ad a rYCI massmum

('orner unrded foour

Li-cror- a a rba h
thrashd Entrra. a sustch.
gamterd latrd's toC the 005
Anal tale fbe top skr of the
g7r-M-4 L b ooked grim for

But Coctrcr prodderd the
next ball tamely to Warne >1
short extra-corct and
Chanderpaul was rnmNIut we
Paul (Iolnsngand tryeded a sec.

F~rrmn kwakang ses to wreak
camage. D~uam sklrwed up. but
sksipper Bcnkenstein ksck
started them agnan by hearmy n
Ervine and Daten Powecll for

The departure of
Conllngwoul actually helped up
the scarsng. as Gabsoan smote
Tremiett ovctr the mld-wicket
fncc and through exutrover -
the tall paceman's response a

MB amtela bit the last
three balls of the loalags
from Powe6 whose 10 overs
cost 88 for sis ear awd four
to put the rtsl the Mgh.
at scre la 5 ve r dense-
tic Lord's AmaL

3 kma waLctbors wh

seond but that was off 60
ovIers '

Ie Venumr o~ff Net Kallicon he
fo~re Inerstabl) fallinp to that
man it hbun who, prnned hum so
fannre of of sump, Fth war he
Lnskl sn
<'rawrry rootd havre gar

Klllkrra ad Graham Onmas
came wllfun a whkes of( hnwl
sag ham Gabunaatughtrlh hc had

P to smra dru stinc rs th
stumrps as the swan rtner' cod.
asd mas tlmed dbrive fril rhlww
of faciderrs on countless oKcca

The fo~rme I ngland hats
man fmaully mnr~cvre has pmac
to In lthe I sme lurly blows.
thrashanltKlllicm venicly yce
poemt and f hckirngt Lsm
Plunkets and ()n sons off has

CrberryT tried to force
the pae too sad twice carved
Pleaken( backward of point
bfore tryingt to chopr Oan n
fons delliver that was taoo
close to him and seeing his
stamps dioturbd.
ILlke (rawicy. Nlc Pathas
alwo had her fast share of fortum''
launchlng several wild swashe'
and reverse-rweeps which made
poor contact
pastB thede (ol rtaettal
Crawley swattedl Garcth Btrec
overmid-wicket ta complete his
half-century in 72 halls
Their per toership was
wwrth 67 when Collingwrood
ulppe the last ball o his sec.
*etd ever backt to beat
Crr7 r bcar nsod k
tblag truly remarkable.
(BBC Sport)

that the time had come for them
to understand their personlu
roles and also those of the
team and carry stem out dili-
*Mayes Inew as he sedom
b wimibLt a WM~CI
brL ea br ( a aibI

Skipper Irving Rormaie,
who scored an rundsak ceryn
inhf rinnptookesrpon-

batting apporoh.
"We could've been a bit
more comrmitted to e came aml
hung arund a bit longe,"be ad-
mitted. "We were a bit yI
sive and made some rash dor
Buttchings like this do happe.

oursele **7 of h ld
and had two less days to do
so. And so it was alwa p-
Ingt to be an apkil cdmb~."

vsaramr mo~usne n Ix
boumbries i his Lkmbg of

Sere r toe we esed
the toal as the Lions
reacedl 296-&
Captia Solani made 60
and Wrigle showed the form
that won him a place in
Eagland's World Twenty20
squad with 56 off 40 ball.
Of the forthcomiss
aorve-mtc **e-da seris,
Dbeel m: "I thakL k('s Ie
bla to be a gd seris e-
caeEgm are a good s~e,
~andprfrmin wel agam
the is ahlway gala to be a
good cha-eng for u."
The wicketkeeper,
captabrala is Rabul Dravid's
absnce. added: "Naturally,
we were disappointed that
the batsmen did not get a

SilMAY CHIRONIWi August 19, 2007

7lb~ CM Tuid~.Agust 1 2007 2

I -

~I = Ir~~rll 1~

_ _




kr. sne can YI Use s~rweee
h is* nemy ser wen
T cs arr rrun. hreese
rhou QI dr hl~O m
Thq* *****r dmr ******dA

JoI) firl RI' SI/ IR/I 51 JIll til
n o ft rIphk Serre. Cary.6,tirdle

A monin we e4 never largP ,g
But e a l know tel if Gods wrIll
ror so or hearts yu inger 4154
Sle on t M ae Bysr r~
For God takLes only tre e last

ap Awresrl Nastrs ( rerdm

JDon'l sriev for me for I am freeh
'mflorwing te pothGo idorm ,
I sook His hands when I heard his al
I surnd my back and lef t oisll
I cuki1 no soy another day 2 .
To luh, to love, to work or fb9;Plo
Tostekst lendoner must stay e a

Ifi it ~nwit eeberln tyhrh o ta
|Loved ore, friendship re~rd, a laugh, a
Ves these things I too will miss
1G bhyu oil th whnr dof w borrow
y *v ftdrbw hl I soovoed ill
mdou nd mye buouh
I'a e/dOUO d
wo on d me nowl He st me free a

b rycour W soon a rl ckl t ow nr orC
an senic al 5. n sdiste rl4 rp o skilr,
**,u~ ,,*)' y"* lwJI
HoW botIcH)ao rr



In lorving meKnuny of our dear
farther RIC'HA RD PERS4 CDI,
fornserly of 10 Cjrrheid's I/ast
N~orrk, ECDn, whor departed thir ,
hife on Aulgust 15.i 1992.
Today we silently remember all the good things
Our dear DAD did for us
Those truly special and thou htful
Deeds that cannot be washed away
He Was helpfu and kind in all his ways
Loving and caring to the end of his days
Sincere and faithful in heart and mind
What a wonderful memory he has left behind
May God Gtrant hir etenal ores.
Remhbeedby lovir: wife Chno r *lr, Devy &
P moherUly br ,:bers, sriste As a"


(Reuters) Masnchester
United matnager Alex
Fergusnu has called for
greater protceclatiaonro refr-
ecs to prevent Cristiano
Ronacldo from sustaining se.
rious hIury.
lhe Prt~ugues winger was
sent off for violent cornducr at
Potmouth on~ We1dnedy and

TIhe fIery Scotl hadl eyes.\
symushuly w;ith Ronald~lo who ,
w~a, drmsllsed fo~r an ,pparent a
headbUu1111 us thell cloing SIae of
the 1- (draw
it~l a vry ddllients to) Com1-
pletlyl punlblh Ronaldou or be
angry writh hllm."~ FerguonH snd.
"Somer ofI the hIrnge that are
happening to, him are not nght "
Ronaldo wrli mish
tomorrow's derby at
Mlqanbchter City through

susipension and thle champi-
onu with be furherr weak-
ened 155 atack without in-
jured pair Hwyayn Rooney ald
Louis Sake.
Ferg~ubon W~as anapTsresed
with Carrlor' Tevet's debut us
Portrlmouth, and could partner
hem withl Ryan Giggs as United
kankL Cor dwarr firrt wrn of the
After openinp with twe
drawr they already trust Chlse

aInd Manoclhestr Citly, wh~o have
In~kein mximluml points under
new~ managesb~C Svenl-(juran
fj~lnkhhon, by lour p~oint" .
"We are droppingl points
anld tlilha' frustr~ating beCaIuse
the perf'ormance levelf were
very good," IFerguson alded.
''lw im~portant thing is just to
he patient n~ow.
"The players will come
right. It'r frustrating, but it's
r~coverable of cours."

srmerly of Jamalsr, assea, New York. e t ear stree totty 1
and Sn kmah M Eat Ban k Dsrwa
who depete thsIe Yonr 19th August 2000.
Verily Alish wlR admit thkos who bellm r ad do
righteessr dedrds to grden beneath Mlc whid rvers.~

whale fecrguwon had no qushbcr
abus the red card. he bdclw *
has p~laer was porovod h? a
mcnc of heay chantages sh~as
ueat unpunshed b) referee

"My) fear (4. anbd I dorn's
save. tel may be refer\ree re a bu
more lorleran of the physsial
cvuasat, I crguan sold treport

"I sc on;sced thss so the las
kmu months -- Iac dshdicages
aIre pa* y unpunsthedl I houht~
thrEs thangs YCr mn bxla an
whatc Lasc challenge arre wa
"W~e aw It assiu on
Wedraeday alght the refrre

are poing o be surffeda..
Ferganon addd ~ther rr a
cocran player Iskc Ro36nalm
gomg~ to be the lcttsmr bc
caus Ir will cod up with some
one gesmtan a unour sayw)"

; J ~

DOB: 31-960-198

'Slhntry or'e by one a the tet nen esteesori (A n~ven blossomed the lovely stars the torget-me
not or enga
t'lt< Hn gv kvn yw grareouw? L t gt IPrg tor the sky, with a sm~e e nd eyes that deem her
(k1tt we': 5urpnC heaven' a Istr arged Cllaky gets to ily
ite 'urdchd1 so marry trve; Ltl made uL Bee the hghtl dreams unless we kve them day and night.
r 1 i ote may have ended bu tt > :.vJ 111I crYv dse Heaverts blates angel finally gets to l
lkstangs tell to ground her spet: hllsh !': The woMi hersi to disome: "tfom see to shining see;
leaming fr tew blu shes as she waves one test goodbye Heaven's %klat angel finally gets to fly
;nere; a speaal angel cn haen~e thtlq )r a carl of me It IS not where I wanted her but where God
wanted her to be She was he's to upr a moment like a ncght time sh~ooting start And thought she'
as io heaven she esn1 ve~r 1as
She touhed the heal of many ih a oly ar, angel can do 1 would've helped her every minute if he
e I mly kme So 1 se~nd ms RFnol merssae to the heaven up above Please take care of my
ag and Ben her an my Vr
We remember all the g~dture: w sho'ec and wonder what you have become Why dtd you o
Wee are you nottP, Wat hapte**ns uher: te body to left behid? Has your operit been reea od1

Pe Mila you so the rmons bard slnlng yoyt~y at sunrise or the butterfy that dances so finely r n
the breeze or the rainbow oldcc 1 ~bnghtens~ a stonny sky or the fingers of afternoon rmst
delcately tesahing over te "~ su1n tightn~g uo the skies edging the clouds with a magical glow,


Your spirit has become for a

Sondy ars Dbdv! (1:: ;no
)Lfeneves~arr ends. o als

.. angel on nllph putdng, advising anri wtch ng over I'S
9 ande end Joy
alth us

: and remem'
nt,a euor

el v~ vour Iy
n~ l

" :"S.

United manager calls for

greater Ronaldo protection



Justin Terrence Contedio

Au 1, 204*

N I LovtNG MtuatY ov

Renubere by Ms~A we Hubeds, dilen NUamean
*ora~l~ *crRr d otr ~

I* ~


jor rift at top of BWF governing body la

)Z;P~ IP~1 r~iF


The Govenm ent of Guyana (GOG), Caribtma Devdopmnrt Bank (CDB)
and the Gavritacrlt f Cmr titfotaghth if)@bi I8Radaft ifibT1608
Dsvo~m81 Agrcy (Q1DA) heaven an ernerimt to finance sevral
po1c unb th Tne aste'fo Fund (BT) Ffits a~~rrae.
Comtruc O f th8 9ubpcjCI i expected to be irrpiernesrted in
200712008. The surbprojcts consist primariy of bulkings and other civil
~wors ained at improving the social ard ocHonsi c i nfratructure.

The Basic Ned Tnrst Fund herebyl amrrves teders for the fotomng sub-projecs

be~ 358 0jr 17 'rr, i~Lr,: I.Jonaryer a:~ r:nr ] l~ I en thr ~~ ;

Eac~n tender musPt 9 Olace~d inl a s~eparate envertlor~:ve wth the~ rname~r of th(: 0-
pr,~:ro r early martked on the top left hand corner i heF envelope haurlld In n; wiy

tnle /'eterq -

Tefrlieref i O thircl repr~esentatives may be present at the opening of the tenderr5 at
10 am on Tuesday, September 18. 2007

Proj ect Manager
Au ustl6, 2007

By Dave Th~ompson

preglslden, c~omrpletely againlst Idea of dlverrting fromll the real
the tenels of the COnISIIsueson." IbSsueb ,1ofI() C lawgoveraCe,"s aid
Dr Kang iold reporters the Dr Kucng.
B~Wr had b~omer "llnired in "Eivery time as thle duly
darkness" and saw himself1I as "a electerd pmresdent of the BWr,
candleliht~". I attempts to put thlop~ dgyht
I have been accused of being
CO)UNCIL MEEING~ powercraz~y but in ac I~et is
Eanrher in the day he lost a the other who are trylag to
vote of no-conldrdene by 14-5 hrag on to power by mranipu*
at a BWV' council Imeettg. Hlul Lation o the wUll of ohes." Wt
it would need an AGiM or Giunnian, a fameur player for
liG "I would Itak to categunl Iransfelr two yents nto of' the Young Jong has ac
cally confirm this i, a coup former fedclrniso headquarters his deputy of tryi
d'ctat attempt wuith the sole froml O~lsciwtenhans Iontland to usurp his position.

Hurricane Dean brings

premature end to CASA

Kuala Lumnpur, one f
budmninton's strongholds in
Hut his role was questioned
at the BWl'sr AGM in Gjlasgow
in June and there hasi alro been
unease: over ther removal of the
chief' operating: officer, who only
joined in Jalnuary.
Dr Kuan said a local
newspaper reported (th Ms-
layoian sports minister had
asked Gunalan to resigln.
''I"lh is very unfortunate

but mry personal belief is the
call by thle s~port minibster was:
timely and necessary to safe-
guard not only the good name
of' Malaysia but also the BWF,"
haid the Federation presidents.
Giunalan will hold a news
conference today.
A BWF sltatment said the
exerclutv councl had under-
gone "ldetale~d discussions
about the issues surrounding
the governuaeu and focus of
the organization".

(Reuterrs)- An astonishing
and sereeene rit at the
top of Badminton Worl Fed-
elratie (BWF), the sport's
goverabi body, was tak ban

President Dr Kang Young
Jwoon acused hisdepuy Punch
Gunalan of' trying to usurp tus
pruosiandl said~ Ithe had been
serious talk the c~ross could
even had to hadounloo being
secluded fromI the Olympcs af-
scr 2012.

had sparase rd *wards and

" "

has bca usurped by the
deper peadent." he addrd
"'Wi~L the dubon urusacst
amitcChed pcaagl a~m acr a
mogh te accusaver rai has
bec aserped by abc depoly

Ing to

., r. v. T s......

knocked out of the champion-
ships on Thursda kfgtn
he r way backr in yesterday's
matcht when she led 11-4 in
* the second set only to subside
to a rare defeat
Wang, who has a good
record againat Clunese players,

frading champon ILi D~an of
China reached the fna~l of
the world kbdmintoo champi-
nShips for the hibrd year in
sessilon yesterday wiLth a
2112, 1-20 vktory over com-
pessiot and fourb th d Boo
The remi-fanal match-up
was a rrepea of the last year'r
fanal m Madnd wvhes Lin pre-
easted mn three ses.
At 1944 ap la the second
I.An semed homs cand dry but

petuts in a rowr to go 20-19
With a rau~cous crowd
acrrrng 10 O(KK on the edge of
Iho prir I.c.chdampio
winner toi leadl a 20-20( and

in todal a' flnal. he meet
nlnlh seededj Indonessan Sony
fht heaKunlcln w he ovecrcame
Ohlunda asah ?ed Osen Y'u IB-

Fasrtir. *momn's number
rne sed Zhanr Ninlt. world
champlon in 100.L auffered a
shockr remi-nins exit when
he uas brown 21-11. 21-IS
ha Hlonp hrnng'\ rixth-wcdd
( hern Ha ny.
:I he ( hinacr hrd been
: .I Ii n ced to retain hre


(C'MC) Harkae D~ee
rasLag ta Jamaka's drc-
tUas, ha stabu the Id& $
ate CaSrbes Ass $qad
Assedatise (CASA) aea-
The seereasst was

dow to ber dedeslr sLtage bes
eganiserars re forced~ to
aiandea- the semi-IHar slsad
flas set for Vriday ad ye-
~tera r sverarl teams fkrw
**8 of KiLegeta Vria mre-
leg I* scape Hrrdesse
Desa whkh 6 bsLeg to-

wards J~amaks.
Reigrnsa team champsons
Barbdados Wimdd and Tokyto.
and players from the
agamassaUnH of I-asses Calb-
eran Stain, were hastaly resum-
myg funne Vnday dmuaftr uu n
somnmamn offectlr arr undear
abotl th stems of the surns-

"I undefusan that we are
gosng t tn ry and have come
saicme convesastsues wtuh the

uhasl ceara of actsun we are po-
,ns io Idake (aspcaun of hr
lournament Karen Andessn.
Irold (lcut Fyrcl I-trsday after

mam~derson beslitecd to
L*ttest that the tournament
had becra shadoord.
"t "cl have that cor es
sassors. Ithen we can call It as he
myl cancelled as ofl now~ nr
may be I should I sa y ut
pard." she rsd
^ndrrrton. rlrco .ur
pressden ofl the Jaman a
Squash Assoc~fcsano c J\ e.
uroulc) not rul~ oiui Ihe pm

It' a sn unusual crcum-
\inne r, ii has war~r b..pfrned

wthrow( ),t outlll~ and nr It wae

Irrla lllll trans l~ rr \e torul at

I ~ .1. 1 111. 1.1,

.lrl~n Incno ihpo

andtrt to he 1 so roge i

atnlef orend t." n

ue vAlrl
told reponers: 1 rIcd to keep~
the game fast and at pand of~f."
Hfer oppounen to today's T:-
nal wrll be fifth beed Zhu Lin
wtho beat Chinese compatrsot
La Lan. csceded seventh. 21-10.
Zhang wars the lates big-
name casuaty at the chamnpi-
onmhips.headerdb t h defeat
carlier in the week of men'
O)lvmpic champion lauik
H~idaylH\ b unheralded Indian
.\nup riahar.

nlds beat

Hrbn~cww Sbtct& O o~rh pgrating* Rep.8 t
D' Edward ank Dam Road aprr g Rse.15
Ho. 9-1 0 la~ges Warb upr 9 Upgrading Reg.85
No. 52 V~ilae Road U agc~ Rs.8 1
NO. 66-68 Vllage ROa Upgrafng *R4g6gg ~
Grant 184CWJC Road Upgrading Reg.#l6
OnderneeminS Well Improversner Systems Reg.# I
Belle Vue Well improvement Systems Reg. #3
D H~opoWell improvement Systems Reg. #5

pr~ 7

AtDA bTea ty

( I
~ ~'

tO ur ney ... as teams hurry home

Ber-muda by 172 runs

*1 \cthelrlalnds\ i .-run wcin against( Hermnuda in the first
(,I) at Hoster dum,~. '\cthrrerland se't Hermnuda a formlidabic
tel;( rf o .4th aIndl then howledt them\ ou for 143 in 38 o~rer.

a Exm1~;- m~~1~ <...m (11 h the howim o~~r~lF rl Iwavnc Leverc~k. de Grotr~h also battedl
a .1 lpne \nc. rcornny L) off only 99 balls before he was( howledt
ic\an Swedel agponsisngly thort of what would hate beecn hit
a deln one-day hundred.
ncrmuda fought back by reducing Netherlands to 192
f or four but met with nrrsitance in the form of Bakhari.
Bulkhan his four fours and three sixes during his 60 off 49
1:il1 and pushed Netherlands past 300. Bermuda nsed as many
S.w~ clght howlersi and Steede was the best of them, taking 1 for
Is off ten overs while Leverock picked up 3 for 58.
A targ(Et of 316 was always goalo to be dificlt rand
Hermuda's chase gathered no moenrctum with w1icketst fall-
ing at regular intervals. Ryan ten Doesebate took 3 for 20
and PIEter Seelaur took 3 for 30 as Bermruda were dis-
mirssed for 1431 after 38 ovprs. (Cricinfo)

SUNDAY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007 29

F.1'' '

By~ Michaerl Da~ilan

TLHE fifth edition~ of the
Supligen AllI-Star Heckenld
baderthall 'louurnament prom-
lses greater excitemntru than
the previous four yerui w. u
Rgioanal pla rts of th game
have* been invited to match
their skills aga~last somer of
G:uyona's top playrs.

hostedJ bl Bcepatr'\ Scor*pions
On September 1( and 9 wall wE
plaer\ borni Barbados.
Sunrln~me and Tnmdad~I rulth
theu laml dtun anl Iuthree planna
\hootang a~bl/hl? agJnan had l
The evenl. whech hJ\ re-
ceased the blcessngr of the
Guyana Amatcur Basketball
FedeIrance tGABFr);ru alnoases
for t~udabll fa rns tn*i11 ase
for 'Qusck Bucks
Accordingt to a prrpeed
statement, the Seption All
SLtr Weekend he5 deeltoped
froma one-at ght affair to a
weekfud event wre the dy.
n~amic of baskertball 6 th
played orM fan of aS L wak f
Ilfe to eqjor.
Tlhis year. Ibe atolrgase\
have expanded to soclude~ nos
only Landco emor snd Lnder-
21 Ieams, but placesr from
Berbice. Sunnasnc. Bartedos
and Tnmrda.
A~ddrtesm members o the
media yesterday. scrtalry of
the GABF. Massue Partre

A~luan rdher a-motr llu) 1on wel

coI hr oppostl unlic to sm, ulr
tIn he mnlurs vinc at allows

ruidr Landern tor deodrate the
prowlurIe rp~lcl
Ic parcris-turabn calv led o

thenc Jutr nd t~n~nhanked
supporttl towards the desetup-
meethn of he sport~m uloonity
AlsoI caprenanV
theiro appeenaan fo the <'pan
\orlu of the sournament were
Ocauyrrgetown Asnat r badabll

Haycrr an Lde ntrc
rtradth zr ll As k~ro' (v Ia

hcThetem cu~mn o ht
uted t be held at tIhre Chff
Anderso Sports1 HaIll wllr can-

donk coscs ~and a gunorl All
Strar me
eyst tere c~nr will b w
ballr Qycrw estat a quick*
biacks cree Reatwr auRnd al-

shaming .1 onic)a\ rlilllL Iiow

resL Iedo hormy~iiih hadcaballls

f~~ olr t c~rowd events, per-
sonsl wsil twe beicctd \-Ia licket

ther Spetual Suphlgen, Has fr ev~ s
cry IH, of Suphyrien p)urChased. J
whIile forl thc 'Iuwk~-bucks'
COn)ICaLI. f 1nwIUIIllbwcc~ld via
lacket 11tubs JIornIJ) )Ihe Mr ad hd

the ludik~curtth Ilrcrn points
will have dlllesent cashl values.
Ther pisyerrs shorilsted
for passible selveston on the

D~arrenl Gordon,, Kester~
Gomesr, Kevin Lawrernce,
Stephlan Gilis Nylon
L~onckr. Dervon Bacechub,
I)ulrden Liverpool, HRichard
Hrai~thwaite, NIke Fraser,
Royston Niland, Ryan
G;uilen, Rudy James,; VablanI
Johnsonl and CaYrt Jacrman;
(Juniorr) ITruav Burnett,
Kevin C'umberbatch, Dave
Causway, CossrteY Hinds,
Jooh Fraser, Marlool
Chesory, Kvio Evans, Kwest

recen~e lSS50

hchampions CI.IIil lb(o reCeIVe a

Suphyndank ~lll
For ther Dlam dunk cuon-
Itest plyer will rely on their
strength and jumtping *hility
and arlli ure their tairns to
dese duak the ball to the best
of ther crether sad powerful

A panel of ludges well award
pIwnts rnirng~n from I to 10 and
rhe plays~ ulh the mort ponts
well somle Ianuard until Ithee as
a wanner whol wsil receusv a
Supligcn Itophy. US$200.. ,
MaetctaPIl, a personalated ucm-
or~m amiscascof~iuptsgra.
Th wharr of Oth )ratr
ca+teory wIll m~rciv same,
rlcepl for the pria mony.
The tP op unor wUIl revelle
U.951*. Knter Gomen of
Berpet's Sorwpions was Las
year's rlearr la this est.
Mcranwbsic. the AIISss'
game arrre apsedo b ee
ma~rc cessag a bush the LUn
dea sad Ocorlleton sensor
scrams rsil he bedecd up wash
Playerrs wstl beeral fro~m
penandswcd Suptspo ontfonrms
Murl Valuabic Phyer trphy.
Sopisten, doeksr and casts putr
of mar than S240txx)

Gerorgetown (a temLindo, Kurt Sunich, Ro6n
are; (ealor B Rye Campbell, Travis Foster,
Stepha~ry Da*rred Hrrils, Keyon Rhode. Scee
Ryea Melviller, T'revr Sampron, Jaker Myer cad
Mc~eod. T'riston TIulloch. Jermain Levell

Br8ZII throws down

ganl t ol

Cu aniat ci ae

r~ 1

frmcl the thrrr pustt r~uage The
abystas~c of Ihs came as tors luU
and rwre~ as maln) I*,)nlr .us
passabic In the rtapulated tune
and the massmulrst, .ionuxm of
pants a to u
A tota smanral a t3 25 e
will be mde assitabir for
perticipset to ase. These
bal QIg be placd on fivin L
dhideal baA racks arrme the

Flach rack wsill have four
talk marth or posal and a ffth
tell. refctred so as the moor)
tell. ullrth twr pmass
tse ear Jdefendnt chas
pso~n of the ca st as Dance

rhtl a1il be was~ng so, rtase has
Isaic rssi Onra Ihc ISS100 purac

By Brtwe Homewood

RIO DE JAnEIrOr. B~rasl
(Reetrsrr) Blradt. thbe eely

2014 Werdd~rp threwdows
the geanties to its canddate
dils a Friday by myte It
was ep to themr to ro a ~
FIVA tht thry wrev s~rUkat
Branisant~ lymathall Canted-
cnranm ICB0 a pardes Racardo
Tessests uas has eru~mana Imi
done the trued mark and~ Ith
the respmathsh~nt! wnr he warll
the 18I ccsss whc hate pus
themrches fewmasd as candl
datesr (r trclP Cames
He~rlanisn are 4dedt ~carr
whosher che ~countr\ rhoruld
)twes the Irtaumant IMan he-
Israc the solunltr.y. laued ha!
I"westyunempintmerrnt arausl
('/frtes nlso ronder
rhether Hrarilwll bet a* ble to
bring Its dihipidaird stadi-
ums and creakin: trnsport
infrratrn tue u(TCp to1 the stn-
dards demandrd h\ llIV4.
13hfc ( 14 hel Ione ri p~as

"Now Inthclr: chal amhe
coc urt H ,~ehaveesllsenthemtat
"T~he choice will depend
onl ther cndidater convincing
FIFA that they arre he but
'The 2014 Workl C(up I\ due
to Inkc placc mn Scuth Amenca
ulndct FIll-A's rtation system l
H~owever. FIFA has \aid
that B~raii. which staged the
195f t se.cnt. I. nlot guaranteed in
host~ th~e tourlnament which will
go rlchewhere I1 the hid Ia not up
to sclratch
FIFA: wsil1 choose the host
nation on October 30.
The CBF kept detalls of

the bid cloeH t its chest
whenr It fesumaty submittd
he plans for s~dtag the Iear-
namentL to FIFA is Ze~ris ~la

A delegation headed by
Teactira baded overs900-page
domea r as rthecur bu
dcchaed co anwer me~di ques-
sons o mth star of the bid Imd-
ges or any potetial challege
iis Iced.
Bulra' candidal citjIe are
Rln de Janeise. San Pauk and

THE third asseal Ctlive
'Breze' Nedd Mlase feet.
ban1 tour~nameat la meory
of the S~nants, Gayms sad
Carihbbean aou.tsnding de-
fender was laundard. yester.
day. at te G;F(' pavilion
The qluadrangular Ko
tournament whtch wtln In
wisec PcIc. Fanto~. Thom.,
I needJ .andf G;FC UnI( b
played o~ver two daysr at the
GEFC ground.- with the w so

act tabag1 home the Gordol~n
Ashford Challenge T'rophI
whsic the runners up w il
calctce the BanksL O~li tro

tcrnwreshe year. "r atmar l
tornamra stil be Jrtad st-
meo~ltwareml in New York on
the weeraird of Aussetl 2.4*

as II00h
A sember of frindr of
the late 'B~rwrrr'. Ialdedrly
I'lerorac Barry, ('ourlar?
'Feb-Veb' Feardtr sad G;or-
don Adeford of~ the SA. here
contributed to Ith is r'r'
tourasment. G;uyaner I 5.
based referer C'harics
Usnaish *ill offridte in thr
Iames. C~ontributions alan
camer from Gonlden Smile
Bartwr Shop.

~Blrectc dard rn New York In rth o~penlnr Enme ul for
~n ugcurt 22. 1999 uhale pr Iw in h. P'cle ulit meet Of4 e
Incaptang tn the spr he trew asw In thr eeks (insure Thomrru
to~ love and spent most of hlr I nllted ull openre 'iansmr at
hkl pla Ing 19 asI h The third place plus
Accordial to Bireezr's off urli kscoff rctn ncineraa.
son,Sh~a wa,wihroordinat- Sunday. at fl9 10 h whsic the
ing hIsb crrat for the hibrd Champsombatp game wall fo~Low

Ricardo Telxetr
Heclo t~rlonzntc in the south-
lc~at. Posiro Alegrt. Curiltiba and
I insannopohs in the south.
('clmpo Grande. Cuiaha. Goiania
a7nd Brassha in the region known
as\ the rcnltr-west. Salvador.
Natal. Mlaceto. Recife and
F~onalers mn the north-east, plu
the Amiazonian cities of Ri.
Branco. Mansus and Bekcm.
Speaking during a meet
ing with representatives (son
the 18 cities. Telxeira saidl
they had been given detailed
briefings on requirements
for stadiums, accommoda-
tlon, taning faciities medi-
cal fc~ttie and transrpos...

(kone o the sporoners ad representatives of the 3d amruel "Brm r' Nedd Masters football tournaments display some
of the trophies and awrds wvhich will be up for grab. (L to 8) Charles Joseph, Courtney Fanfair, Karen McWatt,
Cordll Bary and Shaw Preer Nedd.

~ t3')`

Supligen AII-Star Weekend

Basketball to have regional input


Miller hits superb

133 as Jamaica lift

TCL One-day Cup

(Froma WRnavdra h~bldolall to Stb Ktts la aocrlato with
DDL/PeRpd),GT&T. Prtertwis Coastrurcton, eglSta-
theattry and Comrputer Centre, Unive~ral Store, Peter

LED by a pagusiou 133 from Hafo e Millr, Jamauks
crrase Cgay by eigh wkkets, to wrla dr Heal of the
2007'C TO. reu rgneal Uederr-19 one-dy tM rri
JnMadM Paktihure its~r bS Kidt
'Ibt stocky righ-haded bestiarn smashed cleven foran d
cigh lueshe ia Ja2(maica camrerd to 229 for two in the
4lst ovr teplyig to Guyes's 22 all OU fot the ralllace
at 5oers.
Mlrabeftherrci Mille. thind with exrtree coalidence
sw~r ran d Jamaiqkrra rsaectrdtrpar qwky
He a M i mthwimn apalI* CIICcing ~QsdandwithCtns
aisi alamsOn88a3overs.
Jaggiia aow have the honous o wsarmag the d~el fo the
thid oECculesI stagth tha ~LLed-ot versiatn we mmnkeretla

tmei ramit to n MB t My nwo 36 bilils wil lmAgS
a huge als dedigg r im Lr mns Pn Fe vr lreageg fig5
hunre caneAres 8 d~vrie wh ae egg ag$ ue
The Gayasestsourics.r~ beay tcedpeaaslorie e
g~algtalrgagg gggglbokcrgdgy,
agggaggy wrdiq k a brrr4(h k r tai d
krrkn'A iriryO r k rryayddo
ptid d and allils dadata MIra Joa ne we om to play

Y b nrl&r Planld agllllis 1> (I --
tar IB La Ell a '- nem~lar rra d w

Eartacr Zr asked to take Stras stake. yar of tor an
ntber stearram star lotagp RO#I sttO lad an fr (w. howled
comnpachmrlyrt by GathGarve Cat rtll fankasa I* fat
krwed Qautl Iafe. caught ty AIsk Uscrly at forward Jhs
kgt off der isvrel Jaace Dawe a de Guy~ianco scatterd 27 Im
two sa the fourth over
That ltekrRdri Omaant~rk sand skippr Since
Jracstrkdo embdd c +theB feelatac but (bsandrths1 we
bowled hund iak both of med~mes pacr Devlk+o G;rwe
for IF and at tha Jtag theCt~~ *sn rert were dstrgia as
55 for thre la the tet err 04
Bas a stedy 64 mys fourh mackLe pIanswrhrp fmrom fraca*
and she terses Vntshat nih who made r respmassisi 79 iieps
Jarmascata try Jacek played uith ush.~lI dfnce. maksag~ the
rCcanonall aggcrame rrdw Ikr fxwed : dctvEnt ah ult u
futn mn has vu) r 1 htlt*r he urr taken rl sn ademidwcks
offfff-sprmir hndrclre rr)
.Uiig cloatissed to ply rstL, reachitag kb56 flt hlf.
centary is Ilh *emirm of ter Ipmr brinlting tha So up la
85 bels wit fier fourt tet could not find a wried a~ a
Sne ietantrt r4) war run-oos andf 1.* FYrr IM'
wntl +tamped in wki'.rtkeeper hndrr I.indmay off I the d?

Thue or attack ing~ 4 tl~n he re wit sr anwo 19 hu ll ;,I t
f*re he was duln~rmurd hr,*lrate by aft1 snner Cht~lestn lawcr
.i they~ progressd toII'r, In Ilw 4tah a cr
Joars, who was ors a hat-ltrkk but whk~h *nas vrted
by Kell, (on aricrt~r I3) with a sinicr to, fnc kx.fn, rn
ished with two for 11 fromr fie overrs whits(mle Crry ede
economically witth twro for 48 from his allottd en overr,
delivering: for Jamaka-


Berbice retain CLICO

Inter-County U-1 7 t it le

... T~C~ordl calllprerhensive victrory over Demerarac

BlaVO voted best batsman,

B f0 0ks be st a I- rounder
AFTER Ibe cectedon of the our-day floal between
(;rsyss sand Jamaks. ther was a lengthy presna~tion
strrym seracl ptria were awarded to playrr for their per-
tInsonM h tl Ib ard an on-ay seuranmenta
Iarbadow~ \ipperr
Shamarh B~rokLs recovecd
the heat all rounder purei
whtic 'Innrdad and Tahayc,'
Da-1Irren Hravanwar narmed

419) run\ In the threer da\

hlast outrtanding
fielder* wernt to Adrian
aramth and Armal Nurrse of
T&TG1 and Harbado\ re-

Mosti outstandinF
how~ler arHands a
the Icadlng: wlckst-akcr mn
the completion w~ith 'h
wu Ai, wc~ hrler Hr*~s~ clnmpainct Rlenallo Arthur war adlldgedl
In th wa rcasv vrrsion. Minepr was the leadingt basl-
man with 21n runs. best
all-rounder went to Leef
wnrd Islands' C~hesney
~uglhts and host howler

Rfc w~tckelkeeper w~as
notchedl up by T& T' h n-
thony Balgohin while
Guyana captain Steven
Jacohr received the best
fa cider ruaward Al awardecs
neceived a tnrghy cach from
The m anor TCL also
thankerd St Kitts Cricketc As-
uesation for their wonderful

acond time since it was inaugurated in 1968. They hosted in

199uyana arre fle three-day champions but have not yet
won the abbreviated version ofthe cmpetition. (Raveodra

! E~IB~C~B~bF~3~, I ..

rightl aLctory against
Iknrlruruu )yrstrday to retini
hrtul~r~n thi in star CLC0-

tII he\ as< wat win gavcr
lIerba~cc ~Ithes Ibaser I)te sII.Ce
the .cni vento the1 dr 7 n

ther Guyana N~stonaul limistuses .l
Pftroveder I Ito Itrl fans wen as

Ihe m~uc'h Crweded Ilrrl Iumny.g

I~crucrara. can abo ltUF(

nlngs Ict 1 4 i. had the opeso'n ofI
cusrng: the pace for a passable
comprfchmransc r-)lawy
Th'r oppedtr haprprard as
the A ockot Count y, Mreding
109 in amlaimumo of .to
ovra. pes wtYore (o trasbrr to
reach their tarrgtle 13 .1
ovrrr. Ibr did however toe
four wikerts ia the procen
but wre a~rvr thrrrustar
A numbes of player uar
credstIc with bet frnm (TAI( O

an 19< cranpertrcm~ frnwau~r
neck m nn d strr haunt. Wan
RIagnungJat whol want tes nmar


Io itr uniqu1 1 !y .* runv OIUT, 1

Jamedl f(adw I I) I. an )I 1:

spinnani: all r nr..Ire Van. 1<
Ithuncrn furn~;hed~ ch bei all

15..r~anh Ilrn rl .Alh the Ihr b
,'. lF h ,I~tr~~ I
inlnth wl. Mr s.' )r .st' I nu I

melt for the winnerl. Irrrrrue
Madlrimonitwl dlid uo *Ith the
hat In the first innings while
I ft-arm spinner TIrins~n
I armichari picked up thr
third five-wikket haul ofl the
compettionn (Resorln Alkins

2007 U-17 chaaplonrs Berb~ce with measber of competitionr's sponsor CUCO.(Winstonr

sad Sabsdro Somali Ibr
other bowirra to take five
wkketal to damage the homr
Ada to the secod ~aannig
'Iha runicme of abe Iame
mtshe have brushedz delfieseth
rt Ik~mernr had held on Ito tIvr

Iah mcucrmep as the Wose liIll
Iown Las*th andl 'iycrt ('lub

:ivioph ayffrattl~ e~ H aOrllrod
Ilhrre cserws s his Innlna of1 as
Mlbl.winn. .4ml 'wars gstl
.ma I'r I~etr sclY nth was .. 1

:I and a swrh UMahab r' ~

.u Iiirl stcr u ask t 191hefnr
vrtU assuri ed* Gra naret ovr

'.11f conlrll in 72 hall hitirng*

I weavcrl. (,n threr ccortnt
:'n'np' bhe noi shoure hui to
;er Jecr ie ondra 'nwhden Jpr
hv d has best Innings. not )ust
to Ictrm of1 rurnr ((4) bUI h'
pl~u rurnt as a n betwahrd Us

tyclherl 6 run for the nrlt
ricket partnership.
Rajmanllal's dlismisarl cre.
ated a collapse of the homr
team which ww. initiated by
a ruin-nut anti Iner y ht hr
Ileft-arm spin h~w line of

I; Ihe .c.rec the fasti hail ksp

plCeJ tharough the cave region
fcle four but~ thaysF played has
part urh tIu has lic( was ltr I/Y
agg~Crouc Asitnp fate fInars In
has u~nsuse of 27
Hearmbic ;lsol dad hir part
rrth saw hat. ucanag 2% qusck
runr, but at was ('hattagmm ~
whol rhepherded te annlnes
Ik-arrsra fakd to, really press
twerm as stra faid ~Plcnrrnts

tended to, cntain the bats~men
raint than ret thern, cus.
SpinnrM Amir Kharn wars
the pick of (the Demracra
howkers witb three wikckt
for 48 +rea. A oalnmr of
Guyeas Crkket Beasd eff-
cai, steaK with ks president
('betram Sindh and CLIICO
offkish wre on hand ora the
presenation, which tookr
plac after th Iame.

BeQLArAo fr tnrung 186 or egt
Aplo aM m tL 9

I C whp. Bramble nm~

1 : MI(NOIkw I
C~J.Stehaditpwrmiita 1
1(lA b p sa

bm bh, $*gOig I8,$11 *

Bowling: JOsePh) 4-022., frar 2.
osa a~i11 .Ma ladsof1-t
17-1, Clist(s 4.-12-,

8tutSIC aredgs kl

L& o 6cb Khan a
M.Poomrceathousa a

buss: (bouratentsaLeB s ts

MMolrhkcri~~ +41 Ca
1.1 ~n t1~l~ b ~)
Rasrhud 6.1033-1.

GUYANA inkgs
R).8cchusb~erve 5
R.ChemrlebbGseen 18
8. tcbcThosesebCreary a

b Crery $
C. Andr~bJonse so

F.~a of or 2.7,

119, S120, Cl 171,7-20*, 8-29, ~

Bowitrag*Dewn 1431,~ 3,l 9
Sts 1.reenis a-24 ,ho~na t
160. Sonrm 3-0 tSO, Cney~ 166
46MC m 2.

st amer ot out a

PiIagggtS06Abgt 40I I
Mb(lge$44J4 1




SUNDAY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007


'~i " T fC ilh~ 4pa ~ g ~(Q "


t`FI n m

r f a t i o a Il qi~ ~ ~



Camp St. Tel: 227-5196, 227-0615, Regent St. Teh: 227-5662.
Strand New AInsterdant. Berbice. Tel: 333-4636. Skelden Berhice. Tel: 335-3608.

In this Cullen Bess-Nelson photo, the winning trophy is
presented to Orin Boston by Manniram 'Pacikei' Shew
",""Mr.?pof hsy ru rS rt sha Shw r2t jbln
Looking on approvingly.

~Ka~rachi to host India~n

: chi ran m piotys ers M~ambi
oi er-day challnge m2ra~tch ~b~~~. plc n
i_ "fk"~Mohammard Ns trop tke pace

IT WAS a battle of the giants. -
when International '6', ('a-
nal '6' and Wild Bunch
slipped into battle-gear last
Wednesday night at :
Seeram's Bar, First Street,
Alexander Village. .
The occasion was Sasha '
Shew's 21st birth anniversary
dominoes winner-take-all tour- .
ney. Wild Bunch by name and
nature got off to a flying start .
with 15 games followed by In-
ternational '6' on 11 games and
Canal '6' trailing on six games.
The lead was maintained
up to the end of the fourth sit-
ting with the scores reading
Wild Bunc~h 50 games, Interna-
'6' 41 games.
The combination of
Manny 'Packer' Shew, Orin
Boston and Intikab Ali made

Ast-he: new school year approaches the VAT Department advises the following within respect: to the
appljeation o~fYAT on school unliformIIs.

Schedule I of the Value-Added Tax Act provides the list of items zero-rated for VATi purposes.
Paragraph 2A (f) of Schedule I zero-rates. "'a supply of locally produced garments". Therefore,
Clothing produced by local manufacturers is not subject to VAT at. the standard rate of sixteen percent .
(16%/;). This would include locally produced school uniforms such as: shirts, pants, skirts, kimonos
and dresses.

Please be advised that even though this publication addresses VAT ~on school uniforms, the provision
which zero-rates locally produced garments is not limited to school uniforms. Other articles of
cloth ing which are locally manufactured are zero-rated for VAT purposes.

It is important to note that cloth is not zero-rated and as such, w iII attract VAT at. the standard rate of
sixteen percent (16%) regardless of whether the cloth may be used to make school uniforms.
However, clothing manufacturers, registered for VAT, will be able to claim any input VAT that was
paid for supplies purchased to produce their zero-rated items.


; Sarwan
P'ORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad
(CMIC)- West Indies captain
Ramnaresh Sarwan says his
side is gearing up nicely for
next month's Twenty20
World Cup in South Africa
and had a fair chance of win-
ning the inaugural tourna-
Speaking to CMC Sports
prior to the West Indies Play-
ers Association's char-ity foot-
ball match this week, Sarwan
said he was also hoping the
Windies could strike early suc-
sce nnore tooset he toone fo
"The players have been
working very har~d with the
Twenty20 World Cup in mind
and they are really focused on
going over there arid doing
well," the 27-year- old said.
"In T~wenty20 cricket ev-

erything goes and ev-er-y te~am
is dangerous. In1 this short
form of the gamle one slip up
could cost you big time. so e~-
eryone stands a chance at the
Thenty20 World Cup).
"We have two games in the
preliminaryi section of the tour-
nament and we would really like
to have two wins under our
belts very early in the tourna-
"We play hosts South Af-
rica in the first match and this
is a ver-y big clash. A win against
them could set us up nicely for
the rest of the tournament."
for th iwetes2 pttleha ai sd
hosts South Africa on Sep-
tember 11 at the Wandterers
in Johannesburg.
Two days later they come
up against Bangladesh also in
Johannesburg. The top two
teams from the three-team group
will move forward to the next

ing: to build on this," the
right-hander pointed out.
"Wle have some experience
in there with a mnix of youth and
this is ideal for us to work
Sarwan. who will make a
return to Windies colours after
several weeks on thle sidelines
because of injury, said he had
fully recovered from the shoul-
der injury sustained on the En-

Sarw\an saidt he was pleased

gland loulr.
"I have been doing somne
gym work, lifting weighlts anrd
some other strengthening exer-
cises and this is helping me a lot.
lam now recovered hilly andw~ill
be hoping to have a good break
from injuries for quite a while,"
he said.
Sarwan, a veteran of 67
Tests and 124 One-Day
Internationals, admitted he was

not, ai great~ Ifn of 1 my~\20
criickt. as he pre~.fe ':C theL
longerl verIsion of' the game!i.
"The Twenlty20 f'orm of
the game is not rea'!y:r my
liking. I ami one ior thet
longer versionl of the c..s t but
having said that. I am fully
aware of the amount cif enter-
tainment this form\ of the
game brings to the fans,"
Sarwan said.

with the composition of the side
and on the heels of encouraging
results, he felt the West Indies
could challenge strongly.
"The team played well mn
the limited overs tournament
in England and we are look-




~a blistering 18 games lpd in
the ~process took the scalp of
Andrew 'Rap ~with Card'
'It. was plaire:sailing from
there on for the- senior .team as
th~e scores re~ad' in- the finial sitr
f~ing, Inteivational '6'79 garines
followed:by Canalf '6' 68 arid
Wild Bunch ii) the tellar orr 63
Prizes up for grabs were it
winning trophy, 'three medals
for te top.player ill each team
and cash.
Trevor- Bovell took :top
honours for Wild RBunch with
14 games and earned a medal
while end ew Tiar m' wiha
for Canal '6', and Imtiaz Ali
with: 16 games was also the
recipient of a medal for Inter-
national '6'.

~i-. L

Wlindies gearing up n cel rQ qin Twenty.0 Cjp

wa -r











VAT- Pokgty Corner:~t

and has admitted that they
have learnt a lot from the
Stanford 20/20 and the recent
World Cup in the Caribbean.
The 67-year-old St Lucian,

rearing up
in~an Page 31

receives TC L

three-day trophy

g _Edward Is. Be barry &i CompanS LtdJ.
Tel* 227 -0632-5 r
~Fax* 225 6062

Don 't miss the! chance to see young SUPiE~stars in action! See you there! ..0~Ci~~

~ __~~____~qlll__


New West Indies Cric:
Board president, Dr Jul
Hunte, says he aims
modernise the regional boe

nicely for

Cup Sa

who took over as WICB head
from Ken Gordon last month,
was addressing the media on
Thursday during a short visit
here, during the TCL West
Indies Under-19 tournament.
"We need to upgrade and
modernise our operation and

seriously look at making our
organisation more professional
and international one," Dr
Hunte said.
"That is where West Indies
cricket needs to be and not, in
my opinion, languishing in me-
diocrity and in the past. We

were a great team in the past but
we are not any longer.
"We have to aspire to re-
cover past glory but it cannot
happen alone. We have to re-
tool and work together to
(Please turn to page 25)

NewtWICB president Julian

or lnsex,

sionlal boxing frater-
nitp in Guyvana is be-
ing promised a four-
bout card, tenta-
tively, set for the
Cliff Anderson
Sports Hall (.CASH)
on September 29.
.1 leeasefromn
Hollantsl' Enrtrtainment
Promotilons IHEPI itated
Ltht card will fea1tur SOme~
of the Regio:n s be'st pro~s-
peils oler thirty-four
The presi released
,Idded that HEP Ir ai-
temipiin to rake Ih~.

The broadcast will es.-
incide with the launchin!
of the Caribbean's fir.i
boxing telecast to be-
called Caribbean Box -
ingr Classic (CBC).

- P.g. o

GUYANA Under-19g captain Steven Jacobs receives the winning three-day ~trophy from
TCL Alan Noble, Manager Investor Relations and Corporate Communications of the TCL
Group at the presentation ceremony after the one-day final, yesterday. Guyana won the
three-day version of the tournament when they defeated Barbados outright last weekend
to end the tournament on 42 points.

p.,,, ,.,,. ,, a ,,,In, ,, ....1.,....1x ..I,,. I ....,,,1I I ,ni.i.. 1 e na \ri PCIrs..4.e.rpIT ow~n n. 1~Is li h .ns:2 12h? i '-*=.Gn erall: Editorial: 227-5203. 227-5216h. Fax:2? 2 -sans SillIAY, AUGUST 19, 2007

Miller blasts

;Jamaica to

1TCL one-day

J acobs



Match Schedlule:
Round 1: Saturday 11 & Sundity 12 August 2007 Demerara vs Essequibo at GCC Groundi~
Round 2: Tuesday 14 & W'ednesday 15. 2007 Berbice vs Essequibo at Everest Ground-
Round 3: Friday 17 & Saturrday 18 August 2007 Demerara vs Ber~bice at Guyrana
National Stadium at Providence






~i-~$- r

~9~ ~

i;r---r--; II.1-

i... ----..


Not to b~e sold separatelyg

5~PT~ :1





I _ _ SUNDAYY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007

The Ministry of Agriculture and' the
Guyana Rice Developmernt Board
WISh to invite all TMILLERS to a

On: August 20, 2007

Time: 10:00 hrs

Pjace: MiniStry OfAgriculture, Boardroom

TOpic: The Trading of Paddy and Rice for
Second Crop 2007

SKindly make every effort to attend.

General Manager

0 A

- cATERPILLAR 518 Cable Log Skidders, equipped with
hydraulic winches and powered by 3304DI engines, years
are 1996& 1995
Winched and powered by Cummins 6BTA engines & clank
Transmission year 1996
-LANDROVER DEFENDER 110 series dieselTub
charged engine has winch.

Some of us have a flair for drama

and yearn to try something
glamorous for a change, but don't
know where to start.

Identify your personality drama and glamour or is natural
Before you begin your more your style?
quest for your personal style, By assessing your lifestyle,
you need to identify who you your likes and dislikes, and your
are. Ask yourself what you love style needs, you will be able to
most about your personality. easily build your make-up look.
What is it you like most about Here are' three easy-to-translate
your look? Then, apply that to ~make-up looks for three distinct
your style. Are you fun and personalities.
flirty? Do you like to go for

The National industrial and C~ommercial Investments Limited
(NICIL) on behalf of the Govenrment- of Guyana (GoG) invites
tenders for Sale by Removal of the below rmntionedl buildings!
strictures located in the Kingston area (adjacent to thre Guyana
Forestry Commission) by one of the following methods:
A) Dismantle/demolishi and pack as directed. Ownetrship
remains with th CtoGr.
B) Dismantle!demolish and completely remove. Structures belong to
selected Teinderer.
TIhe ~oGiNICIL at its discretion will select the preferred option after
tenders are received.
Buildings/~Structures to be sold hv removal:

2.O da ondlotr on te North Westemn half of the
3. ()ld Bond located north east of property
4. Building located north of wellI
At a cost of G$2000O, interested persons should uplift a tender
package including Form of Tender from th~e address below:
Executive Director
National Industrial and C~ommnercial Investments Ltd
126 Banack1 SirsC r`
Kin~gston, Gieorgetowix
Tel # 225-6339 Fax # 226-7417. 226-6426
Tenders Imust be submnitted on the Form of Tender provided by
F'or clar~ification~s, please contact the Deputy C:EO. NICIL. All
tenders should be submitted not later than August 22. 2007 at
NICIL.!PU!GCoG re~serves the right reject ANhY or ALL tenders.

", 0", re romantic, flirty
loA s f, pretty ans qenunini

"E'1, ofltiogrowiti: "::r fon
tion for radiant skisn.frluhd
cheeks, so let that be your
focus area for colour. I love
multi-use products, and my
secret for a natural blush is
to substitute a deep-
coloured lip-gloss for your
blush. Apply this sparingly
on your cheeks.
* Keep your eye colour light.
A simple sweep of a chai-
pagne-colour eye shadow
over your lids is all you
* Concentrate on your lashes.
This look is all about full
and flirty lashes. Firdt, curl
your lashes with a good
eyelash curler. Then follow
with two coats of really dark
black mascara
* Finish your look with a dust-
ing of shimmer powder on
your cheekbones, collar-
bones and shoulders.

eyes. If you are nervous
about going all out with a
bright colour, opt for a
cream-based eye shadow
rather than a powder. You'll
get a warmer, softer burst
of colour.
* Opt for a bronzer instead of
a blush to avoid looking
* Since your dramatic eyes are
taking centre stage, keep
your lips soft and simple so
they don't clash. Try a us-
ing a Lip Pencil all over the
lips and then apply a neu-
tral shade of clear gloss over

If you are a natural, go for
a glowing 'no make-up'
* Start by keeping your skin
hydrated and exfoliated
regularly. Great looking skin

is the first step to a natural
* Heavy foundation will only
weigh your skin down. Skip
it and opt for a tinted
moisturiser that gives you a
sun-kissed effect. If you
can't find one to match your
skintone, just mix a little
moisturiser with your foun-
dation on the back of your
hand, then use a sponge to
* Don't give in to the tempta-
tion of putting on too much
blush. Pink-based blush
colours that have
pearlescent pigments will
give you just the touch of
colour you need.
* Keep your eye and lip make-
up simple. A black mascara
will highlight and frame your
eyes. I like a sheer lip-gloss
for a finishing touch. Less is
more with this look.




WVhat s

Vo ur

If you are
stuck in a

rnake-up rut

and your
style is
being held
hostage by

yOur work
here's how
10 break free

if you are a glam queen
Some of us have a flair for
drama and yearn to try some-
thing glamorous for a change,
but don't know where to start-
The trick is to play up your
key features and let them do all
the talking. Follow these steps
to put together your fabulous
* A dramatic look calls for
more coverage. Choose a
foundation that looks dewy
but offers full coverage.
* Let your eyes be the focus
of your look. Don't stick to
charcoals and browns; play
them up with colour.
Purples, blues and greens
are a great way to add
drama and glamour to your

SUIDAY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007

e""~""""""""""""~"~""~~~--- ---------

HIV's double h it

on b rain ceIls
HIV can trigger learning and memory deficits by
launching a double attack on the brain, research shows.
It was already known that a protein on the surface of-
the virus could kill off mature brain cells.
But the latest study shows it also prevents the pro-
duction of replacements by crippling cells with the poten-
tia tse8 Uin anitak tfCe if rcia at San Diego study ap-
pears in the journal Cell Stem Cell.
The researchers hope their work, which was carried out
on mice, will aid efforts to find new ways to combat HIV-
associated dementia. -~
Researcher Dr Marcus Kaul said: "It's a double hit to
the brain.
"~The HIV protein both causes brain injury and prevents
its repair."
The success of antiretroviral therapies in keeping "viral
load" down has helped to reduce the severity of HIV-asso-
ciated dementia in recent years.
However, the ii~nslidl;an is becoming more common as
people with HJ V are hungli longer. -
Part of the~ problem is that anti-HIV drugs find it tough
to enter the brain.
Disrupted chemistry
The researchers had already shown that a protein called
gpl20, which is found on HIV's outer coating, can kill off
brain cells by disrupting their internal chemistry.
In the latest study, they showed that gpl20 also slows
production of new brain cells in the hippocampus, a brain
region central to learning and memory.
Under normal circumstances, these newborn cells
become integrated into existing brain circuits and are
thought to contribute to certain forms of learning and


T'he Guyauna Elections Commission (GE;COM) will soon commence a countrywide Hlouse-to-House Registr~ation exercise.

Any person who will be four-teen years and older by a qualifying date to be ann~ounced by GECOM will be eligible for
registration during this exercise provided that h-e/she is a Giuyanese citizen by birth, descent or naturalisation, resident in
Guyana, or any person who is a citizen of'a C~ommonwealth country living in Giuyana continuously forl onle year or more.

A~n original B3irth Certificate issued by the G;eneral Register Of~fice, a validl Guyana Passport or- an original Adoption
"Certi fic ate i ssued by the Greneral Register Offirce must be p16fv ided in suppr)O tL of~alnapp lication for- r~gi st-ration.

Other source documents which will h~ave to be provided in support of applications for registration are (i) Marriage Certificate
in the ca se o fa namle change by way ofmarri age, and ( ii) Deed Poll in the case of~any change o fname other than by marriage.

All persons who are now fourteen years and older. but are not in possession of the relevant supporting document(s) above
stated, as the case might be, are urged to takie immediate steps to acquire it/t~hem in order to facilitate their respective
registr-ation dur-ing the upcoming Hiouse-to-HIouse Registration exercise.

NB. Persons who are not registered during the upcoming House-to-House Registration exrrlcise will not be
included in the new National Register of Registrants and will not be issued wvith new National Identification

By Clifford Stanley

WHAT do an environmental-
ist, a student teacher, an ac.
countant, and a businessman
have in common?
For the Envirogators, an
acute acronym for Environmen-
tal Investigators, what defines
them as a group is preserving
the environment.
Pursuing their goal head-on,
the group has already launched
a website which aims at dis-
seminating information on as-
pects of the Guyanese environ-
ment for both education and
tourism purposes.
Members of the group who
launched their website
( last
week, say that they will fill a
need for environmental informa-
tion and for aspects of human
interaction with the environ-
ment by producing videos on
these topics and making these
videos available to the public
free of charge.
The Founding member and
Chairman of Envirogators is Dr
Albert Cumberbatch a

Dr. Cumberbatch studied
and worked in the United States
where he obtained a B.A (Biol-
ogy) and B.A (Psychology)
from the University of Massa-
chusetts in 1974.
He also secured an M.A.
ED in 1982 from the United

States International University,g
in San Diego, California and a~
Ph. D in Environmental Educa-
tion from the Union Institute-
University, Cincinnati, Ohio in
In an interview with
Chronicle, he disclosed that he
decided to form the Group to
provide environmental informa-
tion not only to local Guyanese
but as many overseas Guyanese
and their relatives, via the
internet with the object of pro-
moting tourism.
He said that formation of
Envirogators was his way of
giving back something to his
country in an area in which he
is competent.
"We want to show case
Guyana positively to the world,
to encourage Guyanese and non
Guyanese to visit Guyana. This
website site is important for
tourism and the economy. Our
objective is to make Guyana as
household a name around the
world as New York city is."
One topic already posted
and available for download as a
video is a report entitled
'"Tw ntyOne art ts" Par I

that Part 1 takes viewers on a
journey through markets in four
Regions in Guyana and looks at
how people relate to the mar-
kets as both sellers and buyers.
The half hour docuinentary
looks at the contribution of
markets to the development of

their communities and to culture
and to society.
"Our producers have talked
tobuyers anvd sellers in th em r

our society. 'Where do you get
your produce from to sell? How
do you relate to the market? Is
it a meeting place for gossip?
What are your feelings about the
market?' Questions aimed at
capturing the ambience of the
markets of Guyana.
'Our objective is to give an
educational but entertaining and
possibly nostalgic look at our
society as obtains in our com-
munity markets," he said.
He said that those accessing
the documentary with Win-
dows operating system will find
that it downloads slowly the
first time but will run at the cor-
rect speed when replayed.
He added that the group

was willing to distribute copies
of the documentary to any or-
ganizations at home and over-
seas upon r quesberlasdi
December, Dr Cumberbatch
He said that the focus on
markets mn Guyana is just one
of many topics the group in-
tends to produce documentaries
"We have a set of original
ideas to produce information of
high interest level for Guyanese
and non Guyanese and these
will be posted on the website
for reading and downloading all
free of charge,' he said.
Dr Cumberbatch said that
Envirogators intend to send in-
vitations to 70,000 e mail ad-
dresses locally and overseas by
August for persons to download
the materials and to invite their

friends and relatives to visit the
site as well.
The group will also target
e-mail addresses of persons in
North and South America and
the Caribbean for free distribu-
tion of its materials by Decem-
Some other members of
Envirogators are: Ms Denise
Hopkinson, Narrator and Secre-
tary; Ms Latoya France-
Cummings, Reporter; Ms

Merlene Gopaul, Reporter and
Treasurer; Mr Kenneth Jones
Editor; Mr Gersham Bacchus;
Mike DaSilva; and Max Baird.
Ms Shellon Jack and Mr
Rajkumar Bahadur are some
overseas-based trustees,
The Group intends to
fund its operations through
donations from individuals
and businesses which adver-
tise their products on the



_ SUNDAYY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007



Tenders are kivlited from suitable quaified
CompanieslContractors to undertake the rehabilitation of
streets in Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara.

STender documents can be uplifted from The Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund
Committee (SILWFC) office ariytimiie from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm
starting on Jube 28, 2007 upon riaking a non-refundable deposit of seven thousand
dollars ($7 000).

The Tender Document must be placed in an envelope and marked on the outside
"Tender (for Cornelia Ida Streets) at the top left hand corner and address to:


and should be deposited in the C~ommittee's Tender Box located at the above

Tender Box will be closed on August 31, 2007 at 10:00 brs and tenders will be
opened immediately there after iri the presence of tenderer(s) who may wish to be

Valid Guyana Revenue Authority Certificate of Compliance and Employer's and :
Employees National Insurance Scheme Certificate of Compliance must be submitted
at the time of tendering, failing which the tender will be deemed invalid.

The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject and to annul the bidding pro~eSS
and to reject tender at anytime prior to the award of the contract without thereby i
incurring any liability to the affected tenderer(s) or any obligations to inform the -
affected tenderer(s) on the grounds for the employer's action.

For further information please contact:

The Civil Engineering/Technician
The Sugar Industry Labour Welfare
Fund Committee (SILWFC)
87 Duke & Barrack Streets

Applications are invited from trained and qualified personnel t6)
fill vacancies in the following Departments/Areas/Disciplines. j
Catgr Desgntion No. of Vacant P;ositions
Clerical and Office Support Typist Clerk i/l I 1:
sta rr
orrfice Assistant 1:
~Senior Clcrk 1-
Accounts Clerk I'
Sems Skilled Labourer I
Driver/Eqipmnt O erator I
Discipline Dsnation No. of Vacant Positions
SA utomotive/Motor Mechanic Lecturer 1/1 1 1
A ricidlture Mechanic Lecturer li II 2 .
Business (Accounts, Economics, Lecturer f il1 I (must be able to teach
SOffice Procedures) the three subjets
Mathemistics and Science Lecturer 1/11 I
Discplin DeignaionNo. of Vacant Positions
Electrical Technician 1/11 I
Fittn and mahnn Technician 1/11 1
Wedn Technician 1/11 1
Capnr anld Joiny Technician 1/11 I
:Job descriptions and 'Specifications can be uplifted from the Registry Supervisor
of the' iewAmsterdam Techniicail Ihstitute.

AII applications must be addressed to: The Chairman of New Amsterdam
Technical Institute Board of Governors clo New Amsterdam Technical Institute,
Garrison Road, Fort Ordnance.

Deadline for submission of applications: August 20'" 2007. Please bring along two
(2) recent testi monials.


I am not sure why I am writ-
ing, burt I have to know why
this is so hard for me to for-
A week ago a man I worked
with two years ago called and
told me he still thinks about me
all the; time. He knew I was
married and so he never did
anything about it. He would
give hints, but I thought he was
_bemng nice.
:I.h~ave been married to a
wonderful man for 13 years.
:;We both have never cheated,
and he. has d'eal-t writh my

then not call or ,e-mail

Pattie, you've been carrying
around an unloaded rifle, and

now someone has put a live
round in time chamber,
The question you ask is,
should I pull the' trigger? One
phone call.'is basically noth-
ing, yet one phone call from
one man ohoone night, and
you are ready to leave your
huh ~kn~ows what triggered
the call. Your former coworker
may have been drunk or lonely
or feeling amorous. You praise
your husband for dealing with
your spending habits, and that
may be the red flag. Have you
reached the end of the line with
using money to buy moments
of happiness?
You say ~you don't love
your husband anymore, but
we are wondering .if you
:ever loved .hini. Actual love
builds and builds. There is
only one hingt Look in
how yod. went from accept-
ing a marriage prjiposal to
being willing to abaqndon a
marriage 'after a single
phone call.

spending habits. We have two
children. The other man has a
girlfriend now, and after
speaking to him Saturday
night, I have not spoken to
him again,
I know I am not happy
and do not think I canl stay
with my husband. I love him
but, am not in love with him
and haven't been for a long
time. i think this heartfelt
admission from another
helped me see this, though
I am not sure why he would
call after all this time, and



My wife and I are good friends with a couple whom we often
accompany to blues festivals and other music venues.
The last two times we have been out my buddy's wife has spent
at least an hour or two in the company of two other men she met
at these events.
She just disappears. My buddy has made several comments
about her "blues boyfriends" and seems not happy about the situa-
tion. My wife and I definitely felt uncomfortable both times. In all
Other regards they seem to be perfectly happy together and enjoy a
good relationship.
My question is this.,Does this sound like normal behav-
ior? Even if the` behavior is innocent on her part, most of the
Guys I know who hang around other women are usually mnter-
Sested in one thing. And why the heck do I care enough to write
you about this?

Vern, a few years ago Wayne was driving on a highway when a
man in a new pickup truck passed him. He was a nice looking
older man, and Wayne got a good look at him. W~hen the pickup
Swas well ahead of him, Wayne noticed a tractor trailer ap-
proaching the highway from a side road.
The tractor trailer suddenly lurched forward to beat the traffic.
SIn an instant Wayne foresaw what would happen, b~itt he was pow-
erless to stop it. White and blue smoke poured from tires and brakes
as th opmcekupesalamnuned un~den the 17rger t me tand s l~o edhi el

like the last few seconds~ before an accident 'There are ele-
Sments in the lives of others which make it ifinpossible for us.
Sto befriend.them. Seeing shock on the faces of yitanders may
Help this couple face the conflagration they alre trying to ig-



- -


\ BEAMS Project GOG/IDB Loan 1107/SFGY



The Government of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana has received financing from the
Inter-American Development Bank towards the cost of Basic Education Access and
Management Support Programme.

Paft Of the proceeds of this financing will be used for eligible payments under Coritract'for

_ __

Additionally, I think that
theGuteana Prhzshsul spo
ics monies for such can come
from additional sponsors -they
are many, I am sure. And, why
doesn't University of Guyana
have a writer-in-residence even
(Continued on page X)

INTEREST in the Guyana
Prize for Literature has risen
to a heartening level.
Awareness of The Prize has
moved from the enclave of a
small concerned group to other
stakeholders who can reconcile
literature to the development of
the society. This augurs well for
Guyanese literature and for
Guyana, the ultimate benefi-
ciary Bt esther mr eto the

Here are some comments
on various aspects of The

Pridyaratha Kissoon -mem-
ber, Georgetown Book Club:
One of the most disconcerting
things about the Prize is that
many of the books on the
shortlist or even the winning
books are not readily or easily
available at the bookstores or
the National Library. Inot am
talking about long after the
award, I am talking about just
around the occasion, when the

ThyeT ain ear tta kng
about aGuyana prize and many
times the authors/winners are
not here to talk with the
Guyanese, to discuss things
with Guyanese who are paying
for The Prize. I don't know
how The Prize is to develop lo-
sa rtn wih r mo ta otahde
Certainly the government
should be commended for sus-
taining the Prize and that's im-
portant. We shouldn't kill it but
twenty years is time enough to
do a review, revamp the Prize.
Dionne Fries member.
Georgetown Book Club: I don't
know much about the Guyana
dre sut e koaw it' i te air
prize to encourage local litera-
ture. .
One- sad thing though I
don't think our local writers are
up to the calibre and the Prize
seem to be encouraging writing
in Guyanese living abroad who
are more able or blessedl with a
better literary climate.
Thelsa G~arnette lecturer
University of Guyana: What I
like about The Prize it that lit-
erature is helping, encouraging
people to read and to write. I
thnk ith re erh ipo tant. I luo

category: there is the senior cat-
egory and that's important but
there should be a junior category
to encourage others and emero-
Ing writers.
There ar~e lots of` important
issues that are engaging the jun-
iors and we need a forum for
these ideas. The prize can be
extended in different directions
to develop literature for in-
stance, a category to accommo-
date writing for children; we
need to reach out to the children.

You can have short term
goals and long term goals; the
Guyana Prize can really be a big
thing, it can give a boost to tour-
ism. Literature and the Guyana
Prize can put Guyana on the
Compton Pereira re-
searcher: The award for the cre-
ative writer to me as an expa-
triate in the Diaspora is really a
great idea -in the conex sof i:

ways in the embroiling stage. I
find this is giving the local writ-
ers a chance to expand their ho-
rzn rsnd to mrg about new
You, Petamber, your work,
your oral~presentation, is very
stimulating, an impetuous of
new ideas, creating new fields,
new horizons. This is a plait-
form to start with. In my analy-
sis, this area needs to be prop-
erly funded in order for it toex-
pand and grow. Congratulations
to the people of Guyana for
having such a prize.
-ate LansA B nd aAtiorney
Literature isan institution that
should go on for eternity. 1
think blossoming poets need
that forum, a liational forum
where they could broadcast
their ideas, fielding ground for
fresh talents.
00 nads on the shortly tt i
winner; in my book, I was a
winner. Petamber, I was reading
your interview in the Sunday
Chronicle with the Chief Judge
where she was talking about the
impact of Martin Carter; had it
not been for The Prize
recognizing certain persons we
would not have clist our eyes to

thehe reading of Carter and
David Dabydeen was the open-
ing of my book my writing.
That's the impact of The Prize.
Emerging poet: 1 firmly be-
lieve that the people on the
Guyana Prize committee need
to market this event much more,
It is amazing that people do not
know of The Prize fully unless
when it comes around at that
point I time: it is embar-rassing
that we have a Guyana Prize for
Literature in the country and
they do not know about it.

organisation or the thammittt
has failed and we need to put
into place people who can fully
market this event...or it would
be a slap in the face.
Vanda Radzik a Guyana
Prize judge. 2000: The panel of
judges for the last Giuyana Prize
made several serious recommen-
dations and we trust that some
of these will be taken on board
in the awarding of The Prize.
It needs to be overhauled
and evaluated. These are mny
recommendations: All prizes

including the main Guyana
Prize for Literature be awarded
to Guyanese living and writing
in Guyana. A special prize be
given for the best book written

by an overseas-based Guyanese
or Guyanese of the Diaspora
which is also published over-
seas. .
A prize should also be

awarded for the best children's
book and that schools and clubs
be encouraged to buy or acquire
these for the benefit of our chil-

The Ministry of Education thru' the University
Southeastern University will conduct, at the
Ed ucati on Prog ram me.

of Guyana and in collaboration with the Nova
University of Guyan~a, a Master's Degree in

2. Any other First Degree from the University of
Guyana at or above the level of Pass with Credit.

3. A first degree from any other. approved University
which is equivalent to that at (1), and with five years
experience as a teacher in the public school system
or in an accredited private institution.

4. A Degree and Diploma equivalent to those at(i2).

2.3 N.B. Candidates are expected to be computer
literate and have access to a computer and internet
facilities on a regular basis.

2.4 Application form can be uplifted from the Bursary,
University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus or
down loaded from www.uoq.ed

2.5 All applications must be accompanied by (1) an
official transcript personnel who can attest to the
candidates' academichbackground.

.2.6 Candidates must not have attained the age of forty
(40) before September l,2007.

2.7 Ap lications mSt isbeS dress d cotet Had

Humanities and be clearly marked Mnaster's in
Education Degree in the upper left hand corner of
the envelope.

2.8 Applications must be completed in triplicate and
returned to the Admissions Division, University of
Guyana no later than September 3, 2007 at 15:00


specializing in Management, Supervision and Planninlg
(dual mode) .

1.2 The Degree shall be awarded to those persons
who have been duly registered and who have
satisfied ali the requ irement of the prog ramme.

The programme which wili commence September
2007 will encompass four semesters and two
summer institutes.

The programme which will be delivered in dual mode
(weekend, face to face and on-line classes).


2.1 Candidates applying for registration must be
qualified under the general University
Regulations for the Master's Degree Programme.

2.2 Applicants for the IVI. Ed will normally be required
to have one of the fol lowing:

1. A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Degree from the
Un diversity of Guyana wh ich is at or above the level
of Pass with Credit.

.tint/SSIO/IS Dhivsion
Office of thze Registvrar
August 2007

a lb*

Ca /2~21~/2

-j -~

The Guyana Prize for Literature

- Part 4


a -.~~.~.~.~--.- ----.~ -- -----~-----. -..--~---~ ---- C48~30~ C~I~I~A3c~~~bijB~C~~1~"~C~

Gt's glamorous

Cinema fans [partl2]

Invitation for Bids


1. The Republic of Guyana has received financing from the ~World Bank towards the
Prevention & Control of HIV/A4IDS. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this
fi nancing will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for the supply of
Goods! and Services.

2. The Government of the Republic of Guyana now invites sealed bids from eligible
suppliers for:

Interested Bidders can obtain further formation on the specifications from and uplift'
bidding documents at the following address from 9:00 h to 15:30 h.
Healtht Sector D~evelopment Ulnit
Atte~ntionr: Mr: Prakash Sookdeo. Pr~ocmemecnrt~n O~fier
Georgetownl Public Hosptital Corp~orationu Compound (
East Street

GeelNo. (2) 5 ~-470, 226-2425. 226-6222
Fax: (592) 225-6559
Email: prakash, sookde~o~iihis:y!olney
1. Bidding document can be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of a non
refundable fee of G$5, 000 for each lot in the name of Health Sector
Development Unit. The method of payment will be by company cheque or
manager's cheque.
2. The bid must be addressed to the Chairman, National Procurement and Tender
Administration Board and marked on the top right-hand corner of the envelope
"the name of the programme and the description of the bid, including the words
'do not open before Tuesday, September 11, 2007."
3. The bid must be deposited in the Tender box of the National Board of
Procurement and Tender Administration situated at the Ministry of Finance, Main
and Urquhart Streets, Georgetown, Guyana, no later than 9:00 am on Tuesday,
September 11. 2007 and will be opened at a public ceremony, in the presence of
those Bidders' or their representative who choose to attend at 9:00 hours or
shortly thereafter, on September 11, 2007.
4. Valid compliance certificates must accompany bids from local suppliers in the
name of the company submitting the bid from the Guyana Revenue.Authority
(GRA) and the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).
5. A bid security of four hundred and ten thousand Guyana dollars (G$410,000) is
required for Lot 1 and forty four thousand, two hundred and ninety Guyana dollars
(G$44,290) for Lot 2.
The purchaser is not responsible for bids not received thereof on or before the time
specified for the reception of bids. Late bids w illbereee d and r~z?~~r etunduoee
Prakash Sookdeo, Procurement Officer
Health Sector Development Unit
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Compound
East Street
Georgetown, Guyana
Tel. No.: 225-3470, 226-2425, 226-6222
Fax: 225-6559
Email; I prakash,gy

Poster for the avant-garde French flim toe Meprir (1965)
titled "Contempt in English, virhich captivated intelligent
Film fans at Plaz in the mid-sixties.
Poster for the avant-garde French film "Le Mepris" (196
titled "Contempt" in English which captivated intellige
film fans mn the mid-sixtles.

I '

tr; :'k

~ -.'

By Terence Roberts
MAYBE it takes a bit of
imagination and common
sense to realize that movies
can be just as essential and
beneficial to the nourishment
of our lives as healthy food-
Maybe because the Plaza Side
lived close to films, their posters
and photos, every day, the whole
culture of cinema became as func-

tional and desirable as Tony, the
vendor's food of puri, potato
balls, etc. piled up in a sweating
glass case outside the long passage
way to Plaza's stalls.
If it wasn't Tony's warm
fresh spicy peasant fare we took
with us to the exclusive seats of
Box in Balcony, which were
used less and less now since the
post-independence dwindle of
snobbish untouchable British
colonial staff and estate officials,

not to mention their copycat lo-
cal bourgeois examples, then it
was the white cardboard boxes
of Chicken-in-the-Rough
(crispy fried chicken, lots of
French fries, and a bun). There
was also the large Heinekens we
enjoyed, especially when the
film-double was quietly com-
pelling and intellectually sharp,
meaning, no exaggerated action
plots in the film's story, but
rather that smooth yet sudden

By Terence Roberts
collage of significant images, mo-
ments, conversations, land-
scapes, and movements on
Plaza's huge screen seen from
above in the steep declension of
So down there on the
cinemascope wide-screen in
tinted red-rust technicolor, we
folowied Bri getp dab' is

neath light summer dresses on
Europe's Mediterranean Coast
in her role as the lightheaded,
fickle, materialistic wife of an
(Continued on page IX)




The Guyana Prize M~anagement Council


4wentieth uIniversary

awards w resentation


GThursday Ghagust 23rd, 2007at 6:30 p.m.

cSavannah C~uite

*Announcement of Prize-Winners

*Inldges Report



... *Special Awards


IgDAY. 4ilOl0NCLib.wpitsCO 494~a~ 7

Y 9 By George Barclay


lan arrested and escaped from
ustody before being charged is:-

?0 m 8rWfu

C stdt '

Court ruled

InVitation for Bids

Inter-American Development Bank
Health Sector Programme
Loan No: 1548/SF-G Y

1. The Co-operative Republic of Guyana has received financing from the Inter-
American Development Bank (IDB) towards the cost of its Health Sector
Programme. It is intended that part of the proceeds of this financing will be
applied to eligible payments under the contract in support of the Regional
Health Authority, New Amsterdam, Region 6.

2. The Ministry of Health, Health Sector Development Unit now invites sealed
bids from eligible suppliers for:

Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture and Equipment -
NCB No: IDB/GO/07/NCB/004

Interested Bidders can obtain further information on the specifications from and uplift a
complete set of ~bidding document at the following address between 9:00 h to 15:30 h.
from Mondays to Fridays:

Attention: Mr. Prakash SookdecjiProcurement Officer
Health Sector Development Unit.
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Compound
.East Street
Georgetown, Guyana
Tel. No.: (592) 225-3470, 226.2425, 226-6222

Email: Dsookd o~ihi ~o.lby brks

t. Bidding document can be purchased by interested bidders upon payment of
a non refundable fee of G$5, 000 in the name of Health Sector Development
Unit. The method of payment will be by ~Comp~any _CLteAUS.

2. (a) Bids must be placed in an inner envelope bearing the name and address
of the bidder.

(b) The bid must be addressed to the Chairman, National Procurement and
Tender Administration Board, Main: and Ulrquhart Streets, Georgetown
and marked on ~right-hand comer of the~ envelope "the name of the
programmre and the description of the. bid, including the words 'do not open
before Tuesday, September 11, 2007."

3. Thebid must be deposited th the Tender box of the National Board of
Procurement arid.Tender Administratiork situated at the Ministry of Finance,
Main arid Umqhiart Streets, Georgetowrn, Guyana, no later than 9:00 h on:
Tuesday, September '1, 200)7 and irrillbe opened at a public ceremony, in
the presence of those Bidders' or their representative who choose to attend
at 9:00 h or shority thereafter, on Septe~mber 11i, 2007.

4; Valid compliane certificates must accompany bids from od~al suppliers in the.
name orf :the company submitting the bid from the Guyana Revenue Auuthority
(GRiiy qrid the National Irisurance Scheme (NIS).

5 A ibi security of G$430,500 must be submitted along with the~bid.

Stime specified Mr tre- receptioni of bids. Late bids will berei8,jendcted an~d ret rne

Prakash Sookdeo, Procurement Officer
Health Sector Development Unit
SGeorgetown' Public Hospital Corporation Compound
East Street
Georijetow~n, Guyana
STel, No.: .225-3470, 226-2425, 226-6222
F ax: 22L5-6559:
Engil; psookdeo~hiv.aov.av. praikash



The Regional Democratic Council, Region 9 hereby request the submission of
quotations from reputable suppliers for the items listed below:

(1) 1 Lowj Bed Trailer
(2) 1- Bitumen Kettle

Suppliers are required to have' iru their; possession the following: :

(a) A valid Certification ~of Complianc~e from the Guycana Revenue
Authority. It muist de rioted that where a quotation is sirbmitted in the
name of a~ Compdny/Firm,. th~e Certificate must reflect the name of
the Company/Firrst and not theowner/s.
(b) A valid Certificat'e of. Compliance from the generall Managers
Nationalilnsurance Scheme-
(c) Full details of itemhin~fcluding photo, site, capacity, etc.
(d) Expected time oldelivery of items.

Each tender must be; 'subjt~i d separatelty, in a plain sealed envelope bearing no
identification o~f, th te~ndereir and 'should~ clearly indicate on' the top left-hand
corneithe item tendered for, ~ :`'

Tender documents should be' addressed to the; Chairman, Regional Terider
Boardd' Region 9 andc deposited in the Tender Box at the R.D 0: Office not later
than Monday, August 20,. 2007 at.12:00 b.

The Regional Tender Board reserves the right to reject any oral tenders without
assigning any reason whatsoever and not to necessarily award to the lowest

of the Criminal Law (Offences)
Ordinance, Chapter 10, contem-
plate that the offence of escape
from Custody in cases other
than those provided by sections
340 and 341 of that Ordinance
is committed only if the accused
were at the time of his escape
from lawful custody charged
with some offence before a
According to the Chief Jus-
tice, Section 342 of the Crimi-
nal Law (Offences) ;Ordinance,
Chapter 10, provides as fol-
lows: "Everyone who, being in
lawful custody, other than as
aforesaid, on any criminal
charge, escapes from that cus-

tody, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor, and on convic-
tion thereof shall be liable to
imprisonment for two years."
The C. J. added, the words
"other than as aforesaid" in sec-
tion 342 refer to the provisions
of section 340 (which relates to
breach of prison) and of section
341 (which relates to escape
from custody in grave cases).
He noted that the appellant
was charged with the offence of
escape from lawful custody,
contrary to section 342 of the
Criminal Law (Offences) Ordi-
nance, Chapter 10 and was tried

(Continued on page XV)

charged with an offence under
sectionO 32 of th rCriminal
Law ( fences) Orinance,
Chapter 10, which provides
that "everyone who, being in
lawful custody, ...on any crimi-
nal charge, escapes from that
custody, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanorr" The appellant
was tried summarily with his
consent and was convicted.
On appeal it was argued on
his behalf~that he could not be
convicted under that provision
unless, which was not the case,
at the time of the escape he was
=hre wi h some offence be-
theT rFsul oot heldmth:1
charge" in section 342 of Chap-
ter 10 included the case of a
person who had been arrested
upon a charge and were not to
be limited to a case where a per-
son was charged with some of-
The :o:r: ::::ruled that
the report of the arresting po-
liceman showed that the appli-
cant had been'arrested for un-
lawful- possession and that he
was therefore on a criminal
charge within the meaning of
section 342 of Chapter 10 at the
time of the escape. As a conse-
quence the appeal by Bowman
against tkhe magistrate's deci-
sion was dismissed.
At the hearing ofthe appeal,
Attorney-at-law, Mr. R. H.
Harper, (who subsequently be-
came Chief Justice of Guyana)
represented the appellant Bow-
man while Police Legal Adviser,
W. G. Persaud, appeared for the
Chief Justice Luckhoo in his
'judginent said that the short
Point in the appeal was whether
the provisions of Section 342

Chief Justice J.A. Luckhoo

ii 1965 the Full Court, rul-
Ig- on appeal from the
magistrate's Court, affirmed
re conviction and sentence
: the magistrate in relation
I a man who was arrested
althe road by a policeman
aid taken to custody where
g escaped before being
barged. ,
The magistrate had held
sat the man Bowman who
Id escaped from custody be-
>re he was charged for Court,
'ter hie was arrested on the road
3d brought in for alleged un-
~wful possession, was guilty of
;capin from lawful custody.
The Fuill C~ourt constituted
y Chief Justice J. A. Luckhoo
ad Justice Van Sertima; dis-

agreed with counsel for the Ap-
pellant Bowman, Mr. Rudolph
Harper (who later became Chief
Justice of this country) and who
submitted that it was a neces-
sary ingredient of the charge
that the appellant should have
been at the time of his escape
charged with some offence be-
fore a Court.
The facts of the case dis-
closed that the appellant was
arrested on the public road by
a police constable, who, in hand-
ing him over to the sentry at the
police station stated that he
had been arrested for unlawful
Shortly after, the appellant
escaped from police custody
but was later recaptured and

"" SUNDAY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007



The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport: has acqluiredrthe following B3MW vehicles
for official use in the RIO Sum mit: and the Cricke~t~ World Cup.

------, ---------I----------

2 12007 BMW 320i 1998ce Sedan GOb~q
3 200'7 BMW 32-0i 1998cc Sedan GOG30
4 2007 iBMW r320i 19)98cc Sedan GOG31
5 2607 BMW 320i 1998cc Sedan GOG32
.6 20017 BMW 320 i~ 1998cc Sedan GiOG33
7 2007 BMW 320i 11998~ce-- Sedan GOG34
8 2007 BMW 320i 1998cc Sedan GOG35
9 2007 BMW 320i 1998cc Sedan GOG36
.10 2007 i MMW 320 1998~ce Sedan GOGI37
11 2007 BMW 320i 1998cc Sedan I-GQG38

Ih. *ets 6 .L .Iis

Inviar onfo Bnb(IFB

Cooperative Riepublic of Guynaa
..2/ Brictkdu~m. Georg~etown~'
1. The M1inistsy' Of Edtucation invites sealed bids; from eligible suppliers for the
supply of the following items:
(a) Computer Systems Government Technical Institute
(b) Photocopiers Govenurnent Technlical Institute
(c) Wood Workinlg Lathe Government Techlmictllnstitute
(d) Ramson Cement Mixer Government Technical Institute
(e) Steel Banlds -Georgetown Schools
(f) Sewing Machines - Georgetown Schools
(g) Metal Filing Cabinets ---Georgetown Schools
2. Biddinlg will be conducted through the National Competitive Biddinlg (NCB)
procedures specified in the Procurement Act 2003 iand are open to all bidders.
3. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information fi~om Me :T Persaudn,
Ministry, of Edurcationt, 21 BYrickdam, Tel no. 2323-7900 ext 286 and inspect the Bidding
Documents at t~he above address .from Monday Thursday 9 h 1 5:30 h and Friday 9 h;
I4:30 h.
4. QSualification reqluirem~ent-s are listed in Section II(Bidlding Data Sheet).1ITB 19.1
of the 13id Document. Additional details are provided iathe Bidding nocumen~ts.
5. A complete set of Bididinig Documents in English mnay be purchased by interested
b idders on the submiss ion of oral or written Application to the address below :
AfinistFiy ofE'dlluation, '1 Bric~kdam at a non-refundable fee of ThrPee Thousan~d Dollars(
($3,000)~. The method of payment is cash. The Bidding Documents will be uplifted at the
time ofpayment.
6;. Bids: must be delivered to the address below onl or before 9 h on 21st Augurst,
2007. Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be
opened in the presence of the bidders' re~prsentatives who choose to attend inl person -at
the address below. A4ll bids must be accompanied by a Mablid IRD and N'IS

7. Address:r
Natiornal Procmaement an~d Tend~-er Admiriistration Boani
Ml~inistry of Finance
Mainl and Ulrquhlart Streets

Pulandar Kaslhl~li
Permanenltt Secretarel

12 2007i I


The Ministry is inviting sealed Bids for the purchase; of these vehicles on an 'as is
where is' basis. Inspection by interested Bidders will be accommodated daily a~t
the location stated for the period August 13. 2007 to August 21, 20j07 by
appointment with Assistant Comnmisscioner of Police, Mr. David George or
Mr.Clifford Patoir at the Ministry of Culture, Youth andt Sport or calling in person
at the Police Headquarters, Eve Leary during normal working ho urs.

Bids must be placed in sealed envelopes bearing no identification of the B~idders
on the outside and must be clearly marked on the top, left-hand corner; "T'ENDER
FOR SALE OF BMW VEHICLES, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport"
followed by the engine number/registration number of the vehicle that the bid is
being submitted for. Bids for each vehicle MUST be submitted separately and
Bidders are advised there must be only one bid per vehicle.

Bidders are: advised that only Bids that are equivalent: to or in excess oft~he reserve .
price per vehicle, as established by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, will
be considered.

The envelopes should be addressed to: The Chairman, National Board for
Procurement and Tender AdministrationI, Ministry of Finance. Main & Urquhart
Streets, Georgetown.

Bids must be deposited in the Tender Box at: t~he above address not: later th~a~t
09:00 h on August 23, 2007.

Bids will be opened at 09:00 h on August 24l, 2007 and Bidders or their authorized
representatives may be present to observe the opening of Bids at the National
Board for Procurement and Tender Administ ration, Ministry of Finarice- -

Only Bids that are in conformity wit~h t-he above stated conditions shall be

The rules of sale can be uplifted at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport reserves the right to reject any or all Bids
and to remove or re-offer anly item listed for sale.

Keit~h H. Booker, M.S.M.,
Permanent Secretary

given. the less likely the 110ss wast
made fr~om multiple filamecnts that
were comhmned into a strand. The
more tw'ists per inch the' StrandCS
were givenL, the less likely the Iloss
would fray) when applied to the
tooth surfac.
Over the past new years,
dental floss has really come of
age, and shopping for it is likre
gomng to anl ice cream store: You .
have flavors and varieties from
which to choose.
You will find: plain, mint, or
cinitamon flavor; extra wide, ex-
tra fine; shred-resistant; and
'super` floss. If that is not
enough. mnost of these special-
purplose flosses tha!t have been
developed fo~r the consulmer-or~i-
entedf dental markeltlpince of` the
1990) s meclude floss imlpr~egnated

the lo~p a~ndl fluff blue f'luss on
the other side that can he used
to clean Iceeth and mas;ag e thet
Then there is paraphernalia
for the real floss junkies. These
include manual floss holders, a
battery-powered flossing device
that produces sonic spaces, and
an acrylic fiber yarn that has a
pre-attached threaded designed
to floss in wide spaces and un-
der bridges.
It is usually easier to floss
under interdental cleaner on the
market. Of course, you can also
purchase mall spiral or single- ~
tuft interproximal brushes (made
Sof plastic foam) with detachable
handles; softened, wooden,
wedge-shaped toothpicks;
folded gauze strips to be used

An important aspect of home
care is~flossing. It removes
plaque and food particles
from between the teeth and
under the gum line where
the toothbrush cannot reach.
Not removing plaque can
le ad to decay at the point of
contact, and, even worse, re-

sult in periodontal disease
with eventual loss of the
Floss was first commer-
cially introduced in the United
States in 1882 by Johnson and
Johnson Company of: New
BruLnswick, New~ Jersey. This
author hadi the privilege of vis-

iting that Company a few years
ago and observed the manufac-
turing of the product.
In the beginning, almost all
dental floss was made from mul-
tiple filaments that were com-
binedl into a strannd. The more
twists per inch the strands were








BMWi 320i


S2. Wrap about 14 inches
around the index finder of one
3. Wrap the rest around the
middle finger of the other hand,
and use this finger for taking up
used floss.
4. With about an inch of
floss between them, the thumb

(Continued on page X)

BMW 320i
BMW 320

1.998ce Sedan GOG39
19398ce. Sedan GOG40O
SA\ Z I. Mr S s GO 1
SAV 2.5 litreSI SUV GOG23
ISAV 2.5 litreSI SUV GrOG24
SSAV 2.5 litreSI SUV GOG25

SSAV 2. l Jt -eS1 SUV GOG27



r,......... 2e07.

i e X


by rubbing them back and fourth
between the teeth; and a tooth-
pick inserted into a plastic
handle~with contra-angled ends
for adaptation to the surfaces of
the teeth,
The following are ba~sic mn-
structions for flossing: .
1. Cut off about 18 inches
of your favorite type, size, and
flavor of floss.

, IX

GPL-DM-005/P2 LO-1103/SF-GY

This invitation to Bid follows the general procurement notice for this
project that appears in Development Business, issue No. 708 of 16
August, 2007.
The GOVernment Of the CO-operative Re~public of Guyana has received
financingifrm th6 inter-American DOeleopment Bank ffIDB) for the
Unserved Areas Electrificatiot P~rogramme (UiAEP). It is intended that
part Of this financing be applied to payments for provision and
implementation of a CUSTOIMER INFORMA"TION SYSTEM1 (hardware &
software) anid related services for the Loss Reduction Mrfanagement
investments Programme.
GUYANA Powder & Ligh~l GPL) Inc. serves as the implementing agency
for the project and now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders.

0 Software will include every requirement for a fully functional C.I.S.
E Hardware must consist of a configuration of servers required to
deliver purchaser-acceptable performance across its Wlide Area
NetWark (WAN).

O Related services must include a detailed implementation schedule
with key activities such as Technical Training, Fit / Gap analysis,
base CIS installation, configuration, testing, end user training,
COnVefSi00. CUtovef and 10Clinical support.
Bidding will be conducted through the International Competitive Bidding
(IC8) procedures specified in the inter-Americanr Development Bank's
policies for the Procurement of Works and Goods. The project is being
financed by the IDB.
Interested bidders may obtain further information during business hours
from the office of:
GPL Project implementation Ulnit ('UAEP)
232 Miiddle St., Georgetown, Guyana, South America
Tel: 592-225-7923, Fax: 592-225-5638
Email: elwyvn.marshall~,
A copy could be downloaded from the PUB&LICATIONS link on URL Bidders are advised to register via e-mail to the
Implementation M~lanager. Registration must contain a company profile.

Bidders registered in Guyana must submit valid Inland Revenue (IRD) and
National IDSurance (NVIS) compliance certificates indicating that these
Obligations have beeri met.
A two-stage bidding process will be used. First stage bids must be
dressed as follows and delivered to the address below before 09:00 h
On Tuesday 18 September, 2 007.
o. ICB-GPL-D)M-005/P2
The Chairman
National Board of Procurement & Tender Administration
~ 3C1 fMinistry of Finance
IVsain & Ulrquhart Sts., Georgetown'
eat upoINwO AoDuponwatNO Gulyana. South America.

orin Exschange jdarket Activities ,'
sulmanny inmac;tors & 1. ~lr
Friday, Augurst 10, 2007- Thlursday, A~ugust 16, 2007
Buying Rate Selling Rate
SBa~nk of Baro~da 200.( 00 2100,00 20.0 206).Io

Demeraras Bank 197 0)0 199).00 202.00 203.00 3
OB'TI 19 0197.00) 204.00j 205 00
R8GL 19)5.00 200.00) 202.00( 206 Co j
Rank~~ Avrue 9.83 199.001 20-8 05 21

N~onbank~l Camlbios Av. (5 largest) 19.6 202 64

BoG Weightled Av-erage Exchange Rate: US59;.00- GJ$203.50

R. C~anadian~ 'noar

Hnank~ ilveratle int i ro'.33 ison 0383

C`. Poundc Sterling

Bankl i Avragre 35/.33 372.50 395. 67 401 17

SD. Eur-o

Han~k A verage 2401.001 358.( 20 67 50 374.80
E. Selected Caricom Elchlange F. LIBOR ljS$ G. Prime Rate -
Rates Londonl Interbank Offe-ed
Rate for Wed... Aug 8, 2007
TT$1~'= O;S 2.79
BdosS S)-l 9 1 mcoaths j.3tj' yon (wg.) I ,

ECS GS 67.7s
Ueli~zes as 94 5C7
Source: Interuptiotnal Departm~ent, Bank of Guyana.



as radios aired a Sonata,~ die
delicate keys of a Chopin re-
cital, or the upbeat pop tone of
Petula Clark singing "Down-
And then on Sundays af-
ter three when she expected
my visits, her granny greet-
ing me in her quiet Oriental
voice at the door, then vanish-
ing after we sat in Morris
chairs awaiting the Banks
beers and ice sent out for
(they had no fridge and who
cares?) while the radio al-
ways seemed to play
"Witchita Lineman" by Glen
Campbell, which was her
song and "Uptight" by Stevie
Wonder, which was mine, her
face, her voice focusing on
me, as she spoke, asking how
my poems and stories were

on her beauty she ,vould get
up and lean out one of the
side windows facing North,
her small bare clean feet
blending with the polished
wooden floor boards, her
short light cotton~or silk
dresses revealing much of her
sun-brown legs, her -waist
line pinched in a deep golly
just above her curving hips as
she bent with that tucked in
style of her delicate globes,
her elbows on the wiridow sill,
her shoulder length black
hair rippling gently in the
tide's breeze bringing the
scent of fresh thyme from
garden beds along the
Lamalfa Street railroad track,
inspiring me across the gulf
of passing time to write what
I was writing now.


(From page VI)
artistic film director, played by
Michel Picolli, who, financed
and hired by the fascistic, dic-
tatorial film producer, played
by Jack Palance; becomes his
cuckolded victim when Bardot,
impressed by Palance's wealth
and influence, begins to sleep
with him not simply because
she is attracted to his affluence
and his red sports car, but be-
cause she wants to help her
husband's career, and her own
welfare by sharing, or rather
euphemistically selling herself
to the power she feels herself
and her husband are indebted
But suppose Picolli her art-
ist husband does not agree? And
he does not. That is the crux of
the film "Contempt" or "Le
Mepris" in French, its real title,
since this is a French film by one
of French's leading controversial
aalro gard fi aker Jean Lua
French attitude? That was what

tininkBx slhw fim tinqg o
our kChicken tandl la ge
abu ea social at it de that exm
ists anywhere people try to
grasp material or economic op-
ports I he thatprmaede Pla a
grow on us every day, eve y
night, when we come from
wherever we lived in the city

to and from the cinema. Sure,
we had responsibilities which
had nothing to do with Plaza.
We also had our steady girl-
friends, and those others who
with their eyes and their
smiles, in their short-s or
peddle pushers pasted to their
curves, stood before film post-
ers like "Go Naked in the
World", "Party Girl", "Mondo
Cane", "Suddenly Last Sum-
mer", and "Strangers When We
Meet". (one glossy- black and
white photo for that scene in
"Suddenly Last Summer"
where Elizabeth Taylor
emerges from the sea in a
clinging wet bathing suit was
so erotic, Lio once barged into
the projection room above
Balcony and found the middle
aged technician masturbating
before it) waiting to be chat-
ted up by us who basked in
the glamour of such movies.
We, who, by dressing to
suit the constanly changing

leased an infectious influence
ovrthh ee aios gerl rp
somewhere in any of Plaza's

mantia itriu omsth ciea
entire aura heightened the plea-
sure of our hasty, furtive, sexual
encounters as the amplified
voiceswof Stars were overhead.

mit that Plaza's films, and
their whole exciting unknown

pleasures awaiting us day after
day, seeped into our lives, mak-
ing us act risquC but with that
edgy cool outward veneer, like
a slow fire beneath a simmer-
ing pot.
I knew the limits of a life
devoted to other lives less real
than mine up there on the movie
screen, and the rest of the Side
knew their limitations too. We
had to make our own lives.
So in 1967 I registered for
three subjects at the G.C.E ex-
ams in Georgetown English
Language, History and Scrip-
ture, subjects that sharpened
and tested my skills at writ-
I passed them all, and
shocked the full room of stu-
dents when I walked out the
English exam twenty minutes
early; a roar of laughter went up
behind me as the others, typi-
cally, believed I had given up,
found the exams too difficult;
bmt it waswh who pasedl, and all

since English Language had been
tesmost difficult subject to
I had wadked out early' be-
taseon scneng t tes pa-
that the highest marks would be
given to the Composition and
Pricis, the bulk of laborious
g amm tiicsal letne q zz

I wrote just enough to pass,
handed in my paper, then

walked back south along Camp
Street's pave from the YMCA
to Plaza, where I immediately
joined some of the Side sitting
on the back of patron's motor-
cycles as they discussed the
merits of Laurence Harvey's
working class role in "Room at
the Top" which was one of
Plaza's mid week double, play-
ing as we spoke.
Yes, Plaza's films loosened
us up, made us relax, think
ahead, made us ambitious,-yet
glamorous at the same time.
Our girls too, like Prez's ex-girl
who I saw each week now, our
walks to the cinema along New
Market Street delicious as per-
haps the late dinners that were
being eaten in the respectable

Gt's glamorous cinema

3 ~ SUNDAY CHRONICLE_ August~ 19 20:0-'



Applications are invited from suitably qualified person to fill the vacant position ofT:



1) Education:
Sound Secondary Education with G;CE/CXC passes in at least Maths. Physics,
Technical Drawing. and Sworn Land Surveyor's Certificate of Competence

2) Experience
Applicants must have at least three years experience in conlduct~ing
Engineer-ing and Tbopora7phical Survey. Exposure to areas such as cartography
and photogrammetry will be an asset.


.Responsible for surveyving the earth's surface to determine precise location and
measurements of points, elevations, lines. areas and cont-ours forl construction,
mapmaking and others civil engineering coinstruction purpose.

Job Description

For further details kindly contact the Works Services Group. Ministry of
Public W~orks and C~ommunications, O~ranlapai Towters, Wight's Lan~e,
Kingston, Greorgetown. or call 226 0650 ext 11 3 or 225.

Applications should be sent on or before August 21, 200T before 16:00h and
be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Public W~orkis and Communications
Oranapai Towers,
Wight's Lane



Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for the following position:

Co-ordinator, National Youth Health Organisation.


Co-ordinator, National Youth Health Orgamnsation

(i) A Degree in Social Work or Nursing along with two (2) years post/
qualification experience in Project Management and Administrative
Management. Experience in Accounting would be an asset.


(ii) An Associate of Science Degree in Medical Technolocjy, Pharmacy
or Environment Health along with three (3) years post/
qualification experience in Project Management and Administrative
Management; Experience in Accou nti ng would be an asset.

OR .

(iii) A Diploma in Social Work along with five (5) years post qualification j
experience in Project Management: and Administrative
Management. Experience in Accounting would be an asset.

Applications should be forwarded nbt later than August 24, 2007 to the office of

Mimistry of Health,

THE Sidewalk Film
Club continues the
August of Denzel
Washington on the big
screen with "'Out of
Time" this Tuesday.
Denzel Washington
plays Matt Lee
Whitlock a. respected
chief of police in small
Banyan Key, Florida.
He must solve a
Vicious double homi-
cide before he himself
falls under suspicion.
Matt Lee~ has to stay
a few steps ahead of
his own police force
and everyone he's
trusted in order to find
out the truth, since he
is the p'nime suspect "
The film starts at
19::30 h and admis-
SiOn iS free.

. .

(From page V)
if for a semecster each year who
coulld contributed to the writers'
workshops and clinics.
These are ideas which I am
sure manydof us sluly also con-
that we lobby and campaign for
this from now.

different thn s eod f renmepe -
sons and the differing views can
make a difference in the direc-
tion and development of the
The Prize and Guyanese Litera-
The awarding of the 2006
edition of The Guyana Prize for
Literature is set for August 23,

M/ay the best works win
and good luck to the authors.
Responses to this author
telephone (592) 226-0065 or
em a1 i I :
oraltradition2002@ yahoo.cont

Literary update
You are invited to THE
rOURpNaEY an e enn o lea
August 22, 2007, at Castellani
House 1700 hours. The theme
is 'parameters of liberty', fea-
turing literature in celebration of
freedom and the rights of man.
The tenth anniversary is-
NUAL is under production,

submissions are invited to vari-
ous competitions offered and
articles of local interest are also
welco~medl. This Guyanese liter-
ary and cultural tradition
startedi in 19)15. It was dorinant
scr tfew years unt i it was re
Dyal Singh. For further informa-
tion, please contact
Gue m erpr r uor the editor,
Information needed on
Christopher Nichols, Rosetta
Khalideen, C. E. J.
Ramcharitar-Lalla, Angus
Richman, O. R. Dathorne,
Meiling Jin. (Thanks to nu-
merous enablers for continu-
ing the dialogue.)

a Froml page S,

Illnd i\c\l rwln r .are used I1I i ., Tuid sh 11 IIl ?Tn, I II icesh~

c0 Gemly work the 11I,j- down the ide ad Ihc 1oo u~11Inilll
II mleeli Ihe gangual

mng action along the side of each tooth. Repeat this action four
to live times per tooth surface.
8. Repeat steps 2- through 7 with a clean segment of the
floss for each tooth.
It may be easier for children to use a loop of floss. To do
this, they should take a piece of floss about 10 inches long
and tie the ends together into a circle. Then hold the floss
tightly between the thumbs and forefingers and proceed. Most
children, by age eight, are able to floss their own teeth with
parental supervision.
It is important to floss daily, and the best time is often in
the evening, perhaps at bedtime. If you do not have good finder
dexterity, you may use a commercial floss holder.
When flossing, I suggest that you start with the same tooth
each time and move clockwise around the mouth until all the
teeth have been flossed. The idea is simply not to miss any
teeth. In addition, do not forget to floss the back side of each
tooth in the upper and lower dental arch.
When you first start using floss, your gingival may be sore
f five or six d y. Isossin maykeven caus th egingi al to
removed, your gums should heal and the bleeding should stop
See your dentist if bleeding gingival persist. This could be
a sign of improper flossing technique, which can be harmful.
Bleeding gingival can also be a sign that you have moderate to
, severe periodontal disease.
Most dentists would tell you that neither waxed nor
unwaxed floss is better. It's the mechanical action of floss-
ing that reduces plaque and bacteria level around teeth
and gums and is a key for preventing or halting adult
tooth loss. Even though it is important. fossing is cer-
tainly no substitute for brushing.

The Guya g Prz f y

_ -------;b



1) .A.dmin~israt~ilcve:~ office :

Whh~int;heouffice ofthcCom~missioner-General

A Bacheilorts Deglr~ein Manlagement,.PublicAdmrrinistraItion or related disc~iplinc.
Leadeiirship, M-anlagemnent, Interpersonal, Commulnication and C'omputer El 11I I will be

A min ili mum of(5) fI y~ ears e~xperien~ce in an admrinlistrat ive or related posit ion.

Providing a high level adjministrative and technical support to the~ Commissioner-Generidra in
the extec~ution ot his duties and responsibilities,

Wi thin the In formationl Tchnology Division .

Qualification and Experie~nce
Diploma mn Manlagemenlt or Public Administ-ration and (5) five years relevant experienlce-
Secretarial Tra ining andt (10) tenl years relevant experience.
Inte~rpersonal, Computer and Commnunicat ion Sk ills w illIbe adv~antageous. .

Providing high levell administrative support to the Deputy Comrmissioner, Inlformation
Applications with detailed C~urriculum Vitae should be submitted not later than Augulst 27,
20071o t~he:

Guyana Revenue Authority
357 Lamaha & East Streets





The Inspector, Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals will have the
responsibilities for executing and preserving the policies and decisions of
the Board as mandated under the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act
2000 (No. 1 3 of 2000) and its associated 'Regulations

Key Responsibilities
Maintain the functions, policies and decisions of the Board;. promote
education and public awareness on the attendant dangers of pesticides
and toxic chemicals and maintain the conditions of issuance'of licences.,
registration, authorisation and permit granted by the Board under the Act
and its Regulations.

Qualifications and Experience:
A Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture or other related discipline with at least
three years experience working in a pesticide related field; computer
literacy; excellent: inter-personal, communication, reporting and
presentation skills.

A competitive salary package is offered for' this position, commensurate
with qualifications and experience, and is negotiable.-

Submission of applications:
Applications with detailed resumes, which must include the names of at
least two referees must be received not later than 24'h August, 2007 and
addressed to:

Registrar, Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals
2nd Flat, 18 Brickdam, Stabroek
Georgetown, Guyana.

fellows\ wo r ked fast. ,punecd on
b) hours fro~m the bridge o~n
thr Ilop deck Ithe lessecl's e~.nn-
trol area's "Get a male on' He
pulling Iul'" 10 heate the cargo~
on buard and eciure 11 But w\e
were 1Ill .1 Intrle Ilate iainE Oil`
II ...l* aI Tll lr r u in or the
regular 1. Ihe clreenhean gang-

bene, the- Ilush o:n ,omel Iry-
ing to, get she best lo)C:IIoneI to
string the'll~n hammocks\ and c
these bow :l. of~ rlce and mother
delicacies ready for a second
breakfast snack.
But for the tourist like me
and the occasional traveler, who
cares about the hour delay! Just
being around the hub of
Parika selling on a bustling Sat-
urday morning on one of South
America's mightiest rivers is it-
self memorable. Soon, we cast

While in Guyana last Octo.
ber I was once again on the
"LLady Nothcote", a steamer
at the Parika selling, set-
tling down for a trip on one
of the icons of Guyanese wa-
ter transport, or "The Lady of
the Essequibo River" as I de-
scribe her.
It was a Saturday morning
and the 70-year-old black
painted vessel tugged at her
mooring lines, ready for yet an-
other voyage. We were due to
leave Pirika at nine, if I remem-
ber correctly, get to Bartica 50
odd kilometers up river some-
time in the afternoon and then
return the next ~day.
There was a lot of cargo still
on the selling to be -loaded and
I knew we couldn't leave as ad-
vertised.- The stevedore

The venerable Lady Northcote pulling into the Parika Stelling. (Guyana Consulate in Barbados)

It is amazing how close the
vessel can go to the river banks.
But the Essequibo is deep.
Sometimes yoti feel you can
lean over and touch the
dense purple foliage as the ship
chugs pass (it is actually about
50 to 100 metres away).
Sometimes the course mean-

ders. The captain knows the
menacing shallows and rocks
and from time to time weaves
in between and around them,
We pass the communities on
shore, sometimes an individual
house. The wrecks of a few
ships and-boats lay on shore,
their days of service gone. I was

looking for the toucan birds, like
what I saw on the Pomeroon
River but didn't see anything
this trip .We heard the occa-
sional screeching parrot.
We steam steadily south
.and in the afternoon after lunch,
the throbbing of the two 450
H;P. Davey Paxman diesel en-

gines puts you into a doze. The
river is smooth and nobody is
seasick like when the hull
rolls on the sea swells.
It is slow going. The passage
time to Bartica is about six
hours. The cruising speed of the

(Continued oii page XIV)

Unpuccesstill applicants wKill not be acknowledged


~ ~c

t~ ~bs,

-~A~s~ 1

4 9 ~1*




Q .



UP and coming model Pamela McClean has a face worth
every photographer's dream.
At 20, her stunning face is already used effectively by
Hanes Guyana. She is a relatively new model, but is already
a force to reckon with.
She placed in the third position at the just concluded
Miss Guyana World pageant. Having secured that spot,
she is heading off to China to take part in the Beauty
of the World Competition.
Pamela is a customer services representa-
l ive with the Guyana Power and Light.Company.
?Apart from modeling, she enjoys eating
spicy foods, listening to music and watch-
ing funny movies.
Today, we give you the many moods pf
Pamela McLean. Outfits are courtesy of
Derek Moore.
The photos are by Delano Williams of
Exclusive Photo Studio.


~4~ ~

i:'~t~; ;.

a ;r-
~ .s:l~ :;.~l:lr~~:~:t:~,""~ -;- -

4' :1"':

sl. ;,~~
...1 -;BI;"1--..


Cle August 19, 2007 XI

4T Growing up in Kashrnir's war zone


!'' 1 ~

CELEBRATE THEIR 27'" anniversary today.
Greetings are coming from your children Onica,
Tara and Mahesh and sons-in-law Motie and
Ryan, and other relatives and friends.

While India and Pakistan cel-
ebrated the 60th anniversary
of independence from Britain,
a general strike paralysed life
in the Kashmir valley on what
Muslim separatist groups
call ed a "Lblack day". The
BBC's Urdu online editor
Waheed Mirza reflects on
.Kashmiri nationhood.
On a summer's day in 1991
:my grandfather, a weather-beaten
paperr mache artist of some re-
pute, was preparing to go for his
,daily stroll to the neighbourhood
~grocer when we heard a noise
Militants from the JKLF
and Hizbul Mujahideen, two of
the biggest such groups in Kash-
mir, had taken up positions
against each other behind small,
improvised bunkers with their
AK-47s and a rocket launcher
Unimpressed by the pres-
ence of the gunmen, the old man
sauntered out.
A veteran political activist,
grandfather was annoyed at be-
ing asked to stay indoors be-
cause of these "impetuous boys
with their sticks".
He came out and to my con-
sternation even mocked the
JKLF boys who had stationed
themselves in front of the house.
The Hizb men were a few
metres away, shielded by the
curve of the road. He refused to
believe that a bunch of boys
flaunting new guns could do
anything about Kashmir.
He had lived through 1947
and through various agitations
and movements.

Turf war
Pakistan had disappointed
him too, so he was resigned to
"living with India".
The young men who had
taken it upon themselves "to lib-
erate Kashmir from the clutches
of India", believed that the old
political order had failed them,
that over the years they had been
Betrayed into India's fold.
This small face-off raised
some big questions.
Weren't these militants sup-
posed to be fighting the Indian
ary Wy, then, e otrey

Behind the showiness of
these men fighting for local turf,
a much bigger game was under-
The JKLF's usefulness to
Pakristan was over now it was
time for pro-Pakistan groups to
assume centre-stage.
Hizbut Mujabideen was ris-
ing to become the most power-
ful armed group in Kashmir. The
JKLF leadership, suffering hun-
dreds of losses, eventually gave
up the gun in the early 90s and
announced a shift from the gun
to a peaceful struggle for
"Kashmir's independence".
It' still lives on through free-
dom marches organised by its
longest-serving ."commander"
and chairman Yasin Malik.
jlIndia responded with force
to the rising wave of insurgency.
Around 300 protesters were
killed by the Indian paramilitary
forces in January 1990.
On 21 January, just a day af-
ter Governor Jagmohan took
.charge, at least 50 people were
killed on the Gaw Kadal bridge
Cuirfews lasted months. Ire-
member scouring the floating
eadednsofa tyT Da awth m

Sfor vegetables.
Hundreds were killed on the

Line of Control and across the
The sight of the dreaded
"coffmncar"(tan armoued vehicle
used by the security forces) and
the green "gypsy" (an impro-
vised Suzuki jeep used as a pa-
trol car) would send us boys
fleeing. They grabbed and

Many Kashmiris today feel
they have been denied their
chance at destiny. They are up-
set because they feel their fate
has been scripted elsewhere, de-
cided by somebody else,
They feel upset at their
"sale" in the Treaty of Amritsar
in 1846, at the Instrument of Ac-
cession in 1947, at both India and
The past 20 years of the 60
years of independence have been
humiliation for Kashmiris, my-
self included.
I don't remember how much
it hurt when the burly constable
asked me turn around so he
could whack me with his cane
near a marketplace, but I rememb-
berr the sense of insult. I always
I have been away from
Kashmir for quite a while now
but I know from my annual vis-
its and from family and friends
that the humiliation continues:
on the roads, in the streets, on
highways, in the countryside,
during search operations.
In 1989 the HAJY group
(Hamid Sheikh, Ashfaq Majid,
Javed Mir and Yasin Malik)
launched the "militant move-
ment" and saw an eruption of
mass support.
I, too, took to the streets and
beat the tin roof of our house at
night crying for freedo~m.
Independence was rumoured
to be around the corner. Some el-
ders even discussed where to
house ambassadorial offices in

Hindus depart
But events took a tragic turn.
The Kashmiri Pandits, a Hindu
sect intrinsic to Kashmir's ethos
of pluralism and moderation, left
xheo vle in 997.almost overnight
Some were victims of tar-
geted killings. One day, on the
signboard of the Gandhi Memo-
rial College, a Pandit-run institu-
tion known for its academic ex-
cellence and where I was study-
ing, Gandhi was smeared, over
with Jinnah. .
I stopped going there soon
after, because the Indian security
forces had started "catch and
kill" operations that allegedly
swallowed scores of young men,
many of them innocent.
I lost a classmate, whose
head it was said was thrown into
the family's front courtyard.
I personally witnessed the
first three or four years of the
militant uprising, including the
release of four militants in 1989
in ransom for the then Indian
home minister's daughter.
Many acquaintances and
friends crossed over into Paki-
stan: at least one was captured
on the Line of Control and an-
other killed in India's anti-insr-
gency operation.
A distant relative spent a
year in Pakistan and Isuspect in
Afghanistan. He returned with
impassioned dreams of freedom
but was sonl ds llsoonan and
My father's younger brother

was injured seriously when
rogue militants hired by a dis-
gruntled colleague tried to abduct
him. *

Proxy battlefield
I now live in London. I do
not feel Indian. I have never felt
Pakistani. I'm a Kashmiri, but
that feels like perennial stateless-
ness, or like an "endangered spe-
cies" as a friend put it recently.
Some Kashmiris thiink they are
themselves to blame for not hav-
ing mounted a strong enough
democratic challenge to both India
and Pakistan, for not having cre-
ated institutional representation.
But they also blame India
and Pakistan for continuously
testing their respective ideologies
of statehood in the battlefield of
As India and Pakistan cel-
ebrate their 60th year of freedom,
Kashmiris are waiting.
Surrounded by a factitious
leadership they do not seem to
have much choice,
The waiting is tellingly em-
bodied by the mothers of the
hundreds of disappeared people.
How can they stop waiting for

their missing sons?
Everyone waits; seekers of
freedom for their dream, lovers
of Pakistan for some epochal
miracle, pro-India sections for it
all to end and "business as usual"
to resume, displaced Kashmiri
Pandits to return home...
I carry an Indian passport
but I'm not an Indian. From out-
side, depending on where you
come from, India appears either
as ti benign giant on the cusp of
great economic might and inter-
nktional stature, or a repressive
behemoth lashing out at any dis-
sent with ruthless, brutal power.
\Last week I took the British
Citizenship test and passed, not
without irony, though.
I was adopting citizenship
of a country whose coloial fore-
fathers, more than 150 years ago,
sold mine to the then ruler of
~Kashmir, Maharaja Gulab Singh,
for 7.5m rupees.
And yes, they were at to
be presented with "12 goals of
approved breed (six maleamiskr
female), three pal irs of Kahir
shawls and -one horsec" every
year in acknowledgement of
British supremacy.

" S


.4 s

OXteiSH Patrick~_~~'ttio and-fosle Tulss~l
who ai~l3i~3i~3 f~t r 40th~ wedding ativesl
on August 1 ;-Grele~tings are from your three
'children, grandchildren and other relatives an~d
f friends.

g ___

MANHATTAN 110 W 34. Su 300 NY Tel: 212-268-4632
QUEENS 104-04 111th St. Tel: 718-323-0606
121-10 Liberty Ave. Tel: 718-845-0437
BROOKLYN 1569 Flatbush Ave Tel 718-859-3007
116 Nostrand Ave Tel 718-774-9725
..fT LAUDERDALE 4236 N S Rd 7 Tl 954-717-4124



(Continued from page XI)

Lady Northcote is five
knots, a leisurely pace made
even more laid back by
the periodic swooshing by of
packed down speedboats.
I take a walk around the
ship (those seats can get hard
after a few hours).
The 126 metre (132 feet)
long Lady Northcote was
launched in June 1937 by the
British shipbuilders Ferguson's
on the Rivecr Clyde in Sccotland.
From their wiebsite (the firm is
still in existence). you are
remindedl it was ordered by the
colonial government in British
Guiana as a passenger/cargo
vessel to service riverain com-
munities. Actually. three identi
cal vesscis were delivered.
Aside from th~e Lady
Northcote. the Pomeroon ( sunk
I believe) was delivered in 1936
and the Barima in 1939).
Remarkably, there are brass
plates over doorways with tra-

dtbio n a se a m n'

and "Galley" (the "kitchen" for
you landlubbers).
At some stage, as i was told
on a previous trip with my
wife, the Davey
Paxmans replaced the
original Lister Blackstone en-
gines which were also fine pro-
pulsion units from another great
British engineering firm. Most
of the original riveted steel
decks, probably originally cov-

ered in teak but now with
Guyanese wood, have been re-
placed with welded ones but
apparently the riveted hull and
some superstructure, so excel-
lently constructed by British
ship workers, is basically the
Figures show a falloff in
passengers carried following
the introducing of the (faster,
though more expensive) speed-
boat water taxis and opening of
road options to Bartica. But
there's still a good Saturday
crowd on board. It is a far cry
though from the operations
heyday, especially on bank holi-
day weekends when hundreds
would cram on board for excur-
Up on the bridge, where
Captain Arthur Bond kindly
showed mle around, the original
brass "telegraph" is still there.
That's the device like a water
fountain with two lever sticking
out the top. When the officer on
the bridge moves one of the le-
vers t is mlnd almes ag to tim

Captain Bond, who has
been with the government's
Transport and Harbours De
apartment service for 30 years,
says he can nudge the speed up
to seven knots if necessary. He
knows the route well and says
we should be in Bartica on time
in mid afternoon.
From past reports, the ar-
rival of the ferry was an excit-
ing thing. People, aside from

Loading assorted cargo prior to departure. (Guyana Consulate in Barbados)

those coming to meet relatives
and friends and help with
luggage, would throng to the
selling to see~ who's who com-
ing off.
Now, people have more im-
portant things to do these days
than coming to gawk at strang-
ers. -
On shore, I stay once again

at the "Hi Lo" guest house run
by the hospitable Mrs. May
Rodrigues and her daughter and
there are a lot of changes there.
It is steady business, in-
cluding from Brazilian
liners, and some rooms have
been added on since the last
visit. -
.Before sunrise the next
morning, I am walking back to
the selling to r-ejoin the Lady
Northcote for the return leg to
Parika. This time, there are nu-
merous stops along the way.
One is at Fort island where you
can see the ruins of the historic
'18th Ceritury Dutch fort. We -
also slow so that farmers can
load on their green bananas.
They bring then out in skiffs
and toss them up onto the
The vessel's movement
seems livelier now. It is faster
and the scenery flits by. Per-
haps the tide is falling (going out
towards the sea) and we get thle
benefit of being carried along.
Maybe too, it is because we are
carrying less deadweight dthe
cargo, including reinforcing steel
bars and goods-laden
trucks having been offloaded).

It is time for breakfast.
Down on the lower deck near the
stern, the galley is open. You
have plenty of choices: fried
egg, boiled egg, or scrambled egg
on a bun. Keep your "Easy on
the sugar, no milk" for the res-
taurants on shore it's the
traditional one mix up of coffee
and condensed milk, though you
may order a tea. You1 gaff with
passengers such as teacher Val-
entine St!oll, returning to
his Suddie home. You arue thank-
ful to be alive and .to
experiienccy the wonderful Sul-
day mourning.
While visiting Guyana over
the years, I have traveled on
most of the Transport and
Harbour vessels but the Lady
Northcolte brings back special
memories for me. As Guyana's
economy continues to improve,
there will be introduction of a
different type of ferry system,
perhaps the roll on- roll off
type, together with fast catama-
ran passenger ferries,
The Guyanese Govern-
ment, Transport Minister
Robeson Benn and his staff are
undoubtedly trying their best
and are looking ahead to further

improving the system.
To their credit, the Lady
Northcote, the Barima, and oth-
ers have been over the years
maintained, perhaps not with
exacting standards of other
countries with more budgetary
allotments but certainly
with amazing resourcefulness
and local know how.
When the two vessels are
phased out. it is hoped that an
enterprising business person
woulld take them over and reno-
vate them for coastal sight see-
ing tours, dances, business lun-
chcons and the like.
If you visit harbours such as
Toronto and London, there ar~e
several of these type of~historic
vessels. Their age and classic na-
ture add an interesting dimension
to their attractiveness.
We must preserve at least
part of our maritime culture for
present and future generations.

So this year, let us salute
an important part of it: the
Lady Northcote which this
year is a remarkable 70-
years-old! (Norman Faria is
Guyana's Honorary Consul
in Barbados)

j- y

book online @

or call your local Travel Agent

Loading Bananas on the way back to Parika. (Guyana Consulate in Barbados)

~48 3%

~ V $:~i~E~C~!

0Nr~ W F


call us at "I:. *:t;.
69 Main Street, Georgetown : "

227-1701 ':
Rose Hall Town, Berbice


L-L----- ~;uu-l-r--u-~-~u-~-~------~----im-- -I____



Tihe MINISTRY OF CULTURE, YOUTH AND SPORT invites suitably qualified
persons to fill the under-mentioned positions.

Interested persons are asked toj submit their applications w~ith detailed
curriculum vitae that includes contact number and two (2) references
not later than August 20, 2007 to.

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Culture, Youlth and Sport
71-72 Main and Quamina Streets
South Cummingsburg

..UNDAYa CHRONICLE Auqggs 9.S 20077

(From page VII)

summarily with his consent.
The appellant was seen
walking in an easterly direction
with a traveling bag in one hand
and two drums under the other
hand at 02.50 h on the public
road at W~les, West Bank,
When he was about 10 fe'et
away from two policemen, the
complainant P.C. Inshan and
P C. Aziz dressed in uniform,
who were on patrol duty and
walking towards him, he
changed direction going north
He looked back towards the
policemen and quickened his
pace and on being approached
by the policemen he drooped
the articles he was carryhl.,. It
turned out that the travelling bag
contained sugar.
According to one of the po-
licemen, the appellant on being
caught asked for a chance. The
policemen then arrested the ap-
pcilant and took him1 to Wales
Police Station and handed him
over to the sentry.
P.C. Teekaram testified to
the effect that he was sentry in
charge of the station when the
appellant was brought there by
the complainant and P,C. Aziz,
who said that they had arrested
the appellant at Sisters Public
Road for unlawful possession,
About 3 months (sic) later
the appellant made his escape
from the Wales Police Station
but was later recaptured. A
complaint of unlawful posses-
sion of the sugar and drums was

laid against the appellant as well
as the complaint for escaping
from lawful custody, the subject
matter of the appeal.
The appellant was found
guilty on both complaints
which we tried together by con-
sent. In respect of the com-
plaint of escape from lawful
custody no evidence was ten-
dered on behalf of the appellant.
counsel being content to rely
upon a submission that there
was no evidence that the appel-
lant was on a criminal charge at
the time of his escape.
This submission has been
made in this appeal and forms
the sole ground of appeal, the
Chief Justice had explained.
According to him, Counsel
for the appellant urged that it is
a necessary ingredient of the
charge that the appellant should
have been at the time of his es-
cape charged with some offence
before a Court.
He said there was a dearth
of authority on the point so far
as the research of counsel and
of the Justice of Appeals had
gone but "we think that some
assistance in the interpretation
to be put upon the words 'on a
criminal charge' in section 342
is to be obtained from an exami-
nation of the provisions of the
sections 340 to 348 inclusive
which fall within Title 23 under
the caption 'Eiscape and Res-
cue' in the Ordinance."
He ruled that such an exami-
nation disclosed that leaving
aside section 342 there is no
provision whereunder a person
who is in lawful custody and

escapes therefroml before a orl--
mal charge is laid can c made li-
able criminally for such escape.
Indeed, there is no such
provision in the Sumlmary juris-
diction Ordinance.
Further. provision is mal~de
by section 347. that a person
is guilty of a mlisdemleanour..
who having the lawful custody
of any person or being ml--
ployed by or under any person
having that custody as a warder.
overseer, guard or otherw~ise,
through negligence, or careless-
ness, allows that person to es-
cape from custody.
"It would be strange indeed
if there were no provision
whereby the person escaping in
such circumstances is to be held
to have committed a criminal of-
fence," the ruling stated.
"We are of the opinion that
the words 'on any criminal charge'
.include the case of a person who
has been arrested upon a charge
and are not to be limited to a case
where a person is charged with
some offence before a court.
'ITn the instant case the evi-
dence of P.C. Tcekaram was to
the effect that on the appellant
being brought into the station
prior to his escape therefrom
the complainant and P.C. Alli
said that he Had been arrested on
Sister's Public Road for unlaw-
ful possession.
"in our opinion the ap-
pellant was properly con-
victed on the complaint laid.
The appeal is dismissed and
the conviction and sentence
affirmed whith costs to.the re-

ELVIS Presley was
the first real rock
and roll star. -
A white southerner
who singing blues laced
with country and coun-
try tinged with gospel,
Presley brought to-
gether music from both
sides of the color lIme.
This week marks
30 years since his
Presley performed
this music with a natu-
ral hip swiveling sexu- Ia
ality that made him a
teen idol and a role
model for generations
of cool rebels. Presley
was repeatedly dis-
missed as vulgar, in-
competent and a bad
However the force
of his music and image
signaled to the mainstream cul-
ture it was time for a change.
He was born Elvis Aaron
Presley, in the humblest of cir-
cumstances, was born to Vernon
and Gladys Presley in a two-
room house in Tupelo, Missis-
sippi on January 8, 1935.
His twin brother, Jessie
Garon, was stillborn, leaving
Elvis to grow up as an only
child. He and his parents moved
to Memphis, Tennessee in 1948,
and Elvis graduated from
Humes High School there in
Elvis' musical influences
were the pop and country mu-
sic of the time, the gospel mu-
sic he heard in church and at the
all-night gospel sings he fre-

cials, and knew great ac-
claim through his many,
often record-breaking, live
concert performances on
tour and in Las Vegas.
Globally, he has
sold over one billion
records, more than any
other artist. His Ameri-
can sales have earned
him gold, platinum or
multi-platinum awards
for 150 different albums
and singles, far more
than any other artist.
Among his many awards
and accolades were 14
Grammy nominations (3
wins) from the National
Academy of Recording
Arts & Sciences, the
Grammy Lifetime
Achievement Award,
which he received at age
36, and his being named
One of the Ten Out-
standing Young Men of the
Nation for 1970 by the United
States Jaycees.
Without any- of the special
privileges his celebrity status
might have afforded him, he
honorably served his country m
the U.S. Army.
His talent, good looks, sen-
suality, charisma, and good hu-
mor endeared him to millions,
as did the humility and human
kindness he demonstrated
throughout his life.
Known the world over by
his first name, he is regarded
as one of the most important
figures of twentieth century
popular culture. Elvis died at
his Memphis home,
Graceland, on August16,-1977.

Elvis at his best

quently attended, and the black
R&B he absorbed on historic
Beale Street as a Memphis teen-
In 1954, he began his sing-
ing career with the legendary
Sun Records label in Memphis.
In late 1955, his recording con-
tract was sold to RCA Victor.
By 1956, he was ah interna-
tional sensation. With a sound
and style that uniquely com-
bined his diverse musical influ-
ences and blurred and challenged
the social and racial barriers of
- the time, he ushered in a whole
new era of American music and
popular culture.
He starred in 33 successful
films, made history with his
television appearances and spe-

* Administrative Officer
* Assistant Instructor- Plumbing
*Instrutor- Masonry
* Cooks ( male/female)
* Sports Orgainiser

* Social W-orkers
* Senior Training Officer
* Carpenter
* Social Worker(Ygmth)
* Instructor- Masonry
* Instructor- Office Administr~ation &
Information TIech~nolo~y
* Instructor- Office Administration &
Information Technology

- Knur Kuru T~raining Centre
- Kuru Kiuru Training Centre
- Kuru Kuru Training: Centre
- Kuru Kuru Training Centre
- Kuru Kuru Training Centre'
New Opportunity Corps,
Regions 2. 3.6, 10
- New Opportunity Corps
- Newr Opportunity Corps
- New Opportunity Corps
- Regions 2, 5, 6, 8
- Sophia Training Centre
-. Sophia Training Centre

- Vrymans Erven Multi Pulrpose
Centre, Region # 6
- National Cultural Centre
- National Cultural Centre
- WValter Roth Museum

Stage Supervisor
Stage Hand

'Guilty of escaping from ..

Remembern Ev

Appl~cations are Invited from sullably qualified persons to fill the under mentioned vacancy*

To supervise the section's funcions and ensure that work is accompllshed in an e~ffectnt, timely and
accurate manner as needed to ensure the smoom functioning of the ClaimsiUndemrwrting Department
and to achieve the company's goal of 'Besl in Class' customer service.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
-Sulpervsory and Leadership Sialls
..Expert knowledge of Health Contracts, Clasms and AdjddicaLlon
*Sound knowledge of vanours Insurance products (e g., Health ano Llie Plans, Annurtles etc)
IT uiterate with signifcant experience using MS Office Suite
*Excellemn verbal communication, pubrle relations and negoainton skills
**Ability to supervise assigned staff m a manner conducive to efficient arid effective Wor performance
and positive morale.
*AbilCt to interact with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, both internally and externally
f e.g.. coworkers, agents, clients, suppliers, tour operators, airlines etc)
*Organlzational and planning skills, Including the abdity to taKe tasks through la completion.
*Ability to work under pressure and maintain composure under extrme stress

*At least three (3) years' work experience in Ine Financial Services end.'or the Insurance Industry.
Five CXC subjects, includingg English and Mathematics) with Grades 1 & 2
-Post Secondary Degree or Diploma ,n Management, Business or related area oI study.
*FLMI would be an asset

Applications should be submitted to:

mn SUNDAY CHRONICL E August 19, 2007

AVOCADOS were: first culti-
`vated in South America with
later migration to ~Mexico.
European sailors travelling
to the New World psed avoca-
dos as their form of butter. It
was unflatteringly known as al-
ligator pear, midshipman's but-
ter, vegetable butter, or some-
time's as butter pearn
Avocados were carried not
~only to the West Indies (where
it was first reported in Jamaica
in. 1696), but to nearly all parts
of t ropica aned sutr pical
tal conditions. .
Avocados grow abundantly
in wann climates. West Indian
varieties thrive in humid, tropi-
cal climates. Avocados need
some protection from high
:winds which may break the
. branches. .
SAvocados are now grown in
'virtually all tropical, subtropi-
Scal, and warm temperate areas
with well drained soils and rela-
tive frost freedom. In most parts
Sof Europe it is still something
of a luxury, whereas in the local
areas of production it has be-
come a familiar commodity.
The fruit is normally pear-
shaped often more or less
necked, oval, or nearly round
and may be three to 13 inches
:(7.5-33 cm) long and up to six



Deputy C~ommissioner
Human Resources Division

The G~uyana Revenue Authorjity is seeking a qualified and experienced person to work
in a~dynamic and challenging environment to serve in the position of Deputy .
Commissioner, Humanl Resources Division-

The Deputy Commissioner, Human Resources Division is responsible for:
1. Planning and Developing H~uman1 Resources Stratregies
2. Managing the Human Resoutrces Division which includes:
Employee Relations and
Performance, C~ompensation and Ben~efits

3. Training and Indulstrial Relations

Edulcation/Qua lificattion

A Mvlaster's Degree in Human Resources Management or Executive Masters in Business
Administration with specialization in Human Resource Management.


A4 minimum of eight (8) years experience in a Senior Management and Leadership
Position in Humnan Resources Malnagement andc Industrial Relations. Computer literacy
is essential.

Applications wiith detailed Cur~riculism V'itae should be submitted not later than August
31. 2007 to the:

C~ommissiioner Gecneral
Giuyana Revenue Authlority
3_57 Lanutha a~ndl Iast Streets. Gjeorgetown -
Email: gl~~ra:nctwl~orksg~y~com


Thel Government Information Agency (GINA) is seeking applications for the following


Th~e t'amer~aman/Video Editor will take videos anld still photographs on locations and in
studio settings. The successful applicant will also be required to do both
Line~ar/'Computerized Video editing.

Job' Specifica~tion: Five (5) subjects at the GCE O'Level/CXC (English Lanlguage is
com ulsory) are required. Previous experience necessary.


The C~ommunications Officers will produce and disseminate information on .national
sectoral pol icies, programs and proj ects through the pr~int and electronic media.

Job Specification: A Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral/Social
Sciences/Communication/English/Econoics is required. Applicants must be
knowledgeable about national sectoral policies, projects and programs. They must have
excellent verbal!written skills in the Englishi Language. Abilityv to do research and work on
special projects would be an asset. A minimum of one (1) year's experience in the
electronic or print Media is required. Applicants must also have computer proficiency inl
Microso ft Word, Microsof't Excel: M icrosofi PowerPoint, and thelInternet.


Sen~d written application with Resumle not later than August 26, 200(7, to:

The Administrative M/anage~r
Gioveronment Inforumat ion Agency
Area "B"' I-lomestretch Avenue
D~'Urbhan Backlands

,The more subtropical rather
than tropical varieties have a
,higher oil content. Due to its fat
content (unlike other fruits), it
is included in the Fats and Oils
Group, one of the six Caribbean
FoocvG a contribute vallu-
able calories, protein, vitamins
A, C, and E primary vitamins
in the anoxidat goupo"otwd
sodium free. Avocados also con-
tain some saturated fatty acids:
myristic level may be one per
cent, palmitic, 7.2, 14.1 or 22.1
per cent; stearic, 0.2, 0.6 or 1.7
per cent. Of the unsaturated
fatty acids, palmitoleic may
range from 5.5 to 11.0 per cent;
oleic may be 51.9, 70.7 or 80.97
per cent, linoleic, 9.3, 11.2 or
14.3 per cent.
Although* the banana is
thought of as an exemplary po_
tassium source, the Avocado ac-
tually supplies 60 per cent more
potassium, ounce for ounce.
friTheseh ve tyb gtal
vide substantial amounts of
folate (folic acid), vitamin B6
and pantothenic acid,- as well as
some iron, copper, and magne-
-1Amino acids of the pulp (N
1 p. 10) are recorded as.
arginine, 3.4; cystine, 0: histi-
dine, 1.8; isoleucine, 3.4; leucine,
5.5; lysine, 4.3; methionine, 2.1;
phenylalanine, 3.5; threonine,
2.9; tryptophan, 0; tyrosine,
2.3; valine, 4.6; aspartic acid,
22.6; glutamic acid, 12.3; ala-
nine, 6.0; glycine, 4.0; proline,
3.9; serine, 4.1.
On the phytochemical
front, avocados contain glu-
tathione, an antioxidant with
anti-carcinogenic potential.
They also contain a significant
amount of a cholesterol-lower-

The leaves of the Mexican
race bre strongly anise-scented
but tlje West Indian varieties are
scentless. West Indian type avo-
cadols produce enormous
smooth, round, glossy green
fruits that are low in oil and
weigh up to two pounds. The
majority of the avocados grown
in the: West Indies, Bahamas and
Bermhuda are of the West Indian
race. In the Caribbean, avocados
are abundant between August-
December, with ti peak time
around July to August.

There are several varieties of
avocados. Each type has its
unique flavour and texture. In
California and Florida alone
there are two dozen varieties'
ranging in size from a few
ourices to several pounds, with
skiins bright green to black, some
smooth, some pebbly in texture.

Nutritive Value
Avocados seem almost too
luspious to be healthful. The
rich, buttery-smooth flesh of an
avocado is on a lot of people's
lists as it delicious but fattening
treat. It's true that Avocados
have high oil content, but the fat
they Icontain is highly
mo unsaturated, the kind that's
associated with a healthy heart.

ing phytosterol called
betasitosterol. Browning of the
flesh of freshly cut avocado
fruits is caused by polyphenol
oxidase isoenzymes.

Food Uses
Everyone knows that Mexi-
can and southwestern cuisines
include a lot of avocados, but
break aocna os cn If ad sala
and eat with tortillas and a cup
of coffee as a complete meal.
In North America, avocados
are primarily served as salad
vegetsabb s merely oavd-n
juice, lenlon uice, vin gar, may-
Often the halves are stuffed
with shrimp, crab orhother sea
sliced or diced and comb ned
with tomatoes, cucumbers or
other vge ables and se ved a

smetimes used as a sandwich
filng. Aoca o, cream ceese
and pineapple juice may be
blentdsed as a creamy dressing for
Mexican guacamole, a blend

(Continued on page XIX)

yellow;, buttery and bland or
nutlike in flavour.
The single seed is oblate,
Sound, conical or ovoid, 2 to 21/
2 inches (5-6.4 cm) long, hard
and heavy, ivory in colour but
enclosed in two brown, thin,
papery seed-coats often adher-
ing to the flesh cavity, while the
seed slips out readily. Some
fruits are seedless because of
lack of pollination or other fac-
tors. Avocados ripen only after
they are picked and the firm
fruit ship well.

inches (15 cm) wide. The skin
may be yellow-green, deep-
green or very dark-green, red-
dish-purple, or so dark a purple
as to appear almost black.
It is sometimes speckled
with tiny yellow dots, may be
smooth or pebbled, glossy or
dull, thin or leathery and up to
%/ inch (6 mm) thick, pliable or
granular and brittle. In some
fruits, immediately beneath the
skin there is a thin layer of soft,
bright-green flesh, but generally
the flesh is entirely pale to rich-

THIS week, we continue the feature on Avocados


Iniato fo y


1. The Republic of Guyana has received financing from the World Bank towards
the Prevention & Control of HIVIAIDS. It is intended that part of the proceeds
of this financing will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for the
supply of Goods and Services.

2. The Government of the Republic of Guyana invites sealed bids from eligible
suppliers for the supply of:



Iriterested Bidders can obtain further information on the specifications from and
uplift bidding documents at the, following address from 9:00 h to 15:30 h.

AHealth SectorP Deeopneonkt Unit~rcrmn fie

EGeorgetown Public Hospital Corporation Compound
Georgetown, Guyana
Tel. No.: (592) 225-3470, 226-24225, 226-622;2
Fax: (592) 225-6559
Email: rakish,

1. Bidding document can be purchased by jnnterested~bidders upon payment of
a non-refundable fee of G$5, 000 per lot in the name of Health Sector
DevelopmentUnit. The metheid of payment will be by company cheque or:
manager's cheque.

2. The bid must be~addressed to the Chairman, National Procurrement and
Tender Administration Board and marked on the top right-hand corner of the
envelope the name of the programme and the description of the bid,
including the words do not~open before Tuesday, Septe~mber 4, 2007.

3. The bid must be deposited in~the Tender box of the National Board of
Procurement and Terider Administration situated at'the IV~iniiktry of Fihance,
Main and Urquhart Streets? Georgetown, Guyana, n~ot later than 9:00 am on
Tuesday, September 4, 2007 and will be opened at a public c~creniony? in the
presence of those Bidders'or their representative who choose to attend at
9:00 h or shortly thereafter, on September 4, 2007.

4. Valid Compliance certificates rh~ust accompany bids from local suppliers in
the name of the company submitting the bid from the Guyana. Revenue
Authority (GRA) and the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

5. A bid security of four' hundred and fifty thousand Guyana dollars (G450;000)
is required for Lot 1 and two hundred and fifty thousand Guyana dollars
(G$250.000) for Lot 2.

The.puchngr[ on or before the
nime spen fied for the recept'oio of bids. Late bids will be rejected and retum~ed

Prakash Sookdeo, Procurement Officer
Health Sector Development Unit
Georg town, Public Hospital Corporation Compound

Georgetown, Guyana
Tel. No~.: 225-3470, 226-2425, 226-6222
Fax: 225-6559
Emai!l; rakish sookd.~eo~exctcom, sook<;Ieog hivgoy g



The Guyana Elections Commission invites sealed bids from eligible .
and qualified bidders for the erection of a security fence at Guyana
Elections Commission Head Office, 41 High and Cowan StreetS
Persons/Agencies desirous of tendering are asked to purchase the
prescribed Tender Document from the Guyana ElectionS
Commission, Accounts Department, 72 High Street, Kin ston
SGeorgetown, at a non refundable cost of five thousand dollars

Tenders must be addressed to the Chairman, National Procurement
and Tender Administration Board and deposited in the Tender Box at
the Ministry of Finance, Main & Urquhart Streets, Georgetown; in a
sealed envelope, which does not identify the Tenderer. The envelope
should be clearly marked on the top left hand corner. "Tender for
Construction of a Security Fence for GECOM"-
Tenders close on 2j' August,.2007 at 09:00 hours and Tenderers are
invited to the opening on Tenders, immediately after closure.
Tenders must only be submitted on the prescribed forms and must
include a valid GRA ahd NIS compliance certificates or they will be
rejected .

;..,... ..:.e r r/ cle, ;..
Gocool Boodoo
Chief Election Officerl
CommiSSIOner of Registration.

girl within three seconds don't
,,ocmstinate. saying anveing is
better than saying nothling at all.
You can only learn at worst. and
lessons are priceless. If this one

side, and no downside. Remem-
ber these key points for ap-
proaching women and it'll make
chatting up hotties a walk in the
Number 4
Get through the first few
Most men don't realize this.
but 99% of the first few min

(Continued on page XXIll)

WOMEN want sex just as
much as men, but most men
have no clue when it comes
to getting the whole process
started namely, how to
handle the very first conver-
If you don't have a game
plan, it's easy to let one oppor-
tunity after another pass you
by. Her~e are 10 tips to help you
start conversations with attrac-
tive women EVERYiWHERE.

Number 10
Start chatting~ up EVERY-
Part of the very CORE of
successfully starting conversa-
tions with women is 13ASIC so-
cial skills. It's important to prac-
tice starting conversations with
as many people as possible,
then use those skiills with
women you're attracted to.
Take advantage of every situa-
tion- you can to start conversa-
tions and connect with people
- ~don't be picky. If you can
talk about irony, maker sarcastic
jokes that are funny, or make the
other person laugh, ALL THE
BETTER. If you start five con-
versations a day for the next 90
days, you'll have started 450
new conversations with strang-
ers. This ALONE will go a long
way to reprogram your instinc-
tive ~"fear approach response."

Number 9
Incorporate different places
into your weekly r-outine
Most guys have schedules
that don't put them into close
proximlity with a ton of women
- and then they complain that
it's so hard to meet then. Alter
your lifestyle just a tad to in-
clude locations and situations
that make it easy to mneet
women. As part of the naturl ~
flow of your life. include al cof -
fee shop near a busy~ sho~ppilg
or- business districts, a restaulrain
that hlires al lot of' attractive i
wvome~n and has a lot of turn-
over, and a t-crend shopping
mall. When youI do. you won't
believe how many opportuni-
ties you'll have to hone your
skills for approaching women.
Number 8
Stop worrying about going
out alone
Most men feel like fools if
they go out to meet women
alone. They don't like going to
bars or clubs without a buddy
or two because they have the ir-
rational thought that women
will think they're losers because
they're not there with someone
and they feel like everyone is -
watching them and judgmng them
for being alone. But most of the
guys I know who are the
MOST successful women actu-

ally PREFER to go oult alone.
Tryy this: Go out alone one
n~iglit this weekend not to meet
women, but simply to watch
and notice that no one cares
about you at ALL. It'll be a lib-
erating experience for you...
trust me.

Number 7
Get a handle on fear
'The fear~u of' approa~ching a1
w~omaun: the feanr of rejection; thec
fear~u au~ractitec women won't likec
youL: theC fear11 ofj making a phy)si-
cal advance : ~These things arle all
UNlIVERSAL u almostt alil men
experience them in one way) or
another. Y~ou need to realize that
this stuff is natural and you
CAN overcome it if you want.
The first step is to stop putting
too much importance on any
one situation and start thinking
long-term and of the big picture.
Focus on learning the SKILL.
Girls will come and go, but
when you develop the skill of
getting ANY girl, it will last a

Number 6
'Stay out of the "loop"
What do guys do when they
see a woman they'd like to ap-
proach? They get stuck in "in-
action loops." lu other words,
they FREEZE. Why? Because
they try to come up with some-.

thing "original and charmling" to
say; they try to think of the
perf~ect compliment; they imag-
ine she's not single and that
she'll react negatively; or they
start thinking there's no way in
hell she'd be interested in a guy
like them. Do whatever it takes
to stay OUT of these deadly
loops. A simple solution is to
just walk over and use a stan-

dard conversation opener. Keep
it simple don't over-think
yourself right out of the game.
Number 5
Remember keys to starting
conversations with women
When you see a cute girl, it's
important to remind yourself of
some simple rules about ap-
proach~ing: Always appr-oach a

For The Guys

10 Tipe to start conversations




Admission to the Lower Sixth Forml of Secondary Schools in the
2007-- 20_0_8 Academi Year

Applications are invited from students who wish to enter one of thle undennentionled schools in 2007 2008 Academic Year to pursue studies at the Caribbeanl Advanced Proficiency Examination Level.

The following conditions are relevant:

(a) ALpplicants must have been under 18: years of age on January 1, 2007.

(b) ALpplicants must have obtained Gjrade Three (3) or better in at least five (5)
subjects at one sitting or Girade Three or better in at least six (6) subjects at two
sittings of the Caribbean Seconldary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC).

(c) A~ll applicants must do Communicationl Studies and Caribbean Studies.

(d) All applicants must have obtained at least a Girade Three (3) in English AZ.

Schools and Subject Electives for Caribb!eanAdyancd.Pridcinc y Examination.




Caribbean Studies
Communication Studies
Computer Science
Environmental Science
Information Technology
Literatures in English
SPure Mathematics
Statistical Analysis


Art and Design
C~aribbean Studies
Communication Studies
Computer Science
Electrical & Electronic Tehnology
Environmental Science
Food & Nutrition
information TPechnology
Literature~s in English
Management of Business
P'ure Mathematics
Statistical Analysis


Communication Studies
Caribbean Stuldies
Environmental Science
Information Technology
Managementlof Business


Caribbean Studies
Communication Studies
Computer Science

Information Technology
Pure Mathematics


Caribbeanl Studies
Communications~ Studies
Computer Science
Electrical & Electronic Technology:
Environmental Science
Food and Nutrition
information T~echn~ology
Literatures in English
Management of Business


Caribbean Studies
Communications~ Studies
Food & Nutrition~
Pure Mathematics

Sopeial Conditions

1. Applicants who wish to study Phyhics and/or Accounlting: must, apart from satisfCying conditions (a) to (c); have ialso obtained at least a Grade 3 in
Mathematics at the Caribbean S~eco~ndary Education Certificate Examination
S(CSEC), Giernrl Proficiency. ,.

2. Prospective students of Litera~tures in English must haire obtained no kss than. :
Grade 3 in English A o~r English11at the Caribbean Seccondliry Edlucation Certficate Exuan'tilationrs (CSEC') General Proficietncy,

3. Applicants who wish to study Electrical Tec~hnology muILst have obtained at least a Grade~ 3 n Elctricity at-tlie Ge~~neral Pr~oficieiucy Level or the saidl grades is lcti ElELtiL~.leb~tronics at the tTechnicial
Proficiency Level and at least Grade 3 in Mathematics' and Physics at the General Profricincy. Level.

4. Applicants who wish to study Law riust have obtained at least a iGirade3 inr Historly. :

Application Forms may be obtaing ifeituheoa 4c o te arespecve sqm4lt~)oo 4/Delmr mnt of ducbain and m~e, when compt epd. be submitted to the scho60of the appl ant's'loeebyA ut 31",.2102,M~7

Birth Certificate, and recently taken passport-sized photograph niust be submiittd long with the Appliation Form. On receipt of CSE~resultJ. the result slip for verification.

Applicants must submit a character reference fromn the last school heislye. atendedt if the CAPE subjects are~ to be pursued at another~school. .This mnust be s~ubmited when verifinglr resultspr

Applicants will be considered for admission on a comlpetitive basis. Only those applicants who fulfill the requirements set out above and whose grades indicate that they have the necessary capacity for ain Advan~ced
Level Course in those subjects will be selected.

Genevieve Whyte-Niedd
Chief Education Officer



-Caribbean Studies
Commnuication Studies
Food and Nutrition
Management of Business .
Pure Mathematics


Caribbean Studies
Communication Studies
Environmllental Science.
Food &i Nutrition
P'ure Mathematics
Statistical Analysis


Caribbean Studies
Communication Studies
Information Technology
Literatures inl English
Pure Mathematics

s~)ltlrrtr'~t~~BAltkt~:'-~i~.~3j'~~i~:4 rot





Queen's College
Th]e Bishops' High School
St. Stanislaus College
St. Rose's High School
President's College
New Amsterdam Secondar
Mackenzie High School

Applications ar~e invited fiom students who wish to enter the Lower Sixth F~orm of Senior Secondary Schools in the 2007 -
2008 Academic Year.

The following conditions are relevant:

(a) Applicants must have been under I8 years on January 1, 2007.

(b) Applicants must:

(i) Have attained Grade Thre~e (3) or better in five or more subjects at one sitting or Grade Three (3) or
better in six or more subjects at twro sittings of the C~aribbeanl Secondary Education Certificate
Examination (CSEC), General Proficiency or equivalent.

(ii) Have attained Grades One (1), Two (2) or Three (3) in English A.

(iii) Have attained Grades One (1), Two (2) or Three (3) in the subjects which they wish; to study in the Sixth

Subject Electives for the Sixth Form Schools



-~pna~ -s

''-~a8s --Ir lsT'

(From page XVI)

of the pureed flesh with lemon
or lime juice, onion, juice or
powder, minced garlic, chili
powder or Tabasco sauce, and
salt and pepper has become a
widely popular 'dip' for crack-
ers,~ potato chips or other
snacks. The ingredients of
guacamole may vary and some
people add mayonnaise. Be-
cause of its tannin content, the
flesh becomes bitter if cooked.
Diced avocado can be added to
lemon-flavoured gelatin after
cooling and before it is set, and
chunks of avocado may be
added to hot foods such as
soup, stew, chili or omelet's just
before serving. *
In Guatemalan restaurants,
a ripe avocado is placed on the
table when a hot dish is served
and the diner scoops out the
flesh and adds it just before eat-
ing. In Brazil, the avocado is re-
garded more as a true fruit than
anso tvegetableiana e used
cream, or milk shakes.
Avocado' flesh is added to
heated ice cream mixes (such as
boiled custard) only after they
have cooled. If mashed by hand,
the fork must be a silver one to .
avoid discolouring the avocado.
A New Zealand recipe for avo-
cado ice cream is a blend of avo-
cado, lemon juice, orange juice,
grated orange rind, milk, cream,
sugar and salt, frozenbetn
until creamy, and frozen again.
Some Oriental people in Hawaii
also prefer the avocado sweet-
ened with sugar and they com-
bine it with fruits such as pine-
apple, orange, grapefruit, dates,
or banana. In Java, avocado
flesh is thoroughly mixed with
strong black coffee, sweetened
and eaten as a dessert.
In the Caribbean, this
highly seasonal produce is rel-
ished by almost everyone when-
ever it is available. As expected,
consumption is highest during
peak times of availability and it
is not unusual for one to con-
sume a sizeable portion.
It can be eaten alone, as a
complement to many one-pot
or individually prepared dishes.
It can also be used as a sand-
wich filling or combined with
other local foods such as farine,
and used as a snack

Shopping, storage
and preparation

Selecting .
The best strategy is to buy
avocados when they're still a
bit green and firm and ripen
them at home. Choose un-
bruised, unscarred, unblemished
fruit with no wrinkles, and
don't squeeze the fruit or you
will bruise it. Look at the stem
end: if the avocado is ripe, the
stem will pull right out.
If the avocado is rock hard,
it will need a few days to ripen
(see "storage" below). If an avo-
cado yields slightly to gentle pres-
sure, itis ripe enough to slice.
If pressing the fruit leaves
a small dent, it is too ripe to
slice, but is suitable for mash-
ing. If pressing leaves a large
dent, the fruit is overripe, and
the flesh will have darkened and

Hard avocados ripen at
room temperature in three to six
days. To speed up the process.
place them in a paper bag or a
drawer, preferably with a to-
mato. Leave firm avocados out

on the counter for a few days
to nipen.
Some people think they
ripen best wrapped mn foil.
Fruit left longer on the tree
has matured to the point that it
will ripen quickly after picking.
Do not refrigerate Avocados be-
cause they will never ripen.
Keep ripe avocados covered in
the refrigerator and use within
two to three days.
They can turn to mush in as
little as a day under refrigeration.
Avocado flesh exposed to the air
will darken very quickly. Some
people think that leaving the pit
in prevents discolouring, but the
primary factor is keeping air away
from the flesh so wrap a cut
avocado in plastic, refrigerate, and
use it as soon as possible.
Peeled and shiced Avocados
should be sprinkled with lemon
or lime juice to retard .
discolouration; the citric acid
also brings out the flavour.

Pre ri an avocado, cut it
lengthwise all the way around
(working around the pit) and gen-
tly twist the two halves apart.
Tap the blade of a heavy knife
into the pit, and twist gently to
release the pit from the flesh.
To skin and slice the fruit,
place the halves face down and
peel off the skin. (If the flesh is
very soft, scoop it out of the
skin with a spoon instead.) If the
skin is too tough to peel easily,
use a paring knife to score it into
peelable strips. Cut the flesh
into thin slices, or into chunks.
The flesh of cut avocado
turns dark within a few minutes
when exposed to air. This
doesn't affect nutrition or
flavour, but makes the avocado
look less appetising. To delay
darkening, rub slices with lemon
or Lime juice, and add the juice
to mashed avocado when mak-
ing guacamole or similar dips.
Pressing a plastic wrap
firmly over the cut surface of a
halved avocado, or onto the sur-
face of a bowl of mashed avo-
cado, will deter darkening.
To peel, cut the avocado
lengthwise around the pit, and
rotate the two halves in oppo-
site directions. Gently put the
tip of a spoon under the pit; if
it comes out easily, the avocado
is ripe.
You can scoop the flesh out
of the shell with a spoon, but
in many cases the avocado will
peel like a banana, just turn it
over on the cut side and pull off
the skin with your fingers.
Avocados are great with a
sprinkle of lemon or lime juice
and salt. Mashed avocados is
the primary ingredients in
guacamole, but the fruit is also
delicious sliced and served with
slices of ripe red tomato, or cut
into slivers and added to tossed
green salads.
For a pretty salad plate, cut
avocados in half lengthwise,
leaving skins on, and remove the
pits. Arrange on a bed of lettuce
and fill the centers with crab,
tuna, or chicken salad.
Garnish with additional raw
fresh vegetables and serve with
bread if desired. An avocado pu-
reed with a little len juice,
salt, other seasonings, and per-
haps a dab of olive oil makes n
great creamy salad dressing for
lettuce or other greens.
Avocados are also good in
Any combination of avo-
cado. baCo"n, lettuce, .7r
turkey, andr chicken :ilake
great sandwich.


Biology .
Enlglish Literature
Further Mathematics
H history
Core Mathematics
Applied Mathematics


Core Mat ematies


Core Mathematics

Core Mathematics
Further Matheinatics

Core ML~athematics

Special Conditions

1. Applicants who wish to study Econom ics and~or Accounting and any or all of the Science subjects must,
apart from satisfying conditions (c) (1) to (3), also have gained at least a Grade 3 in Mathematics at the
CSEC Examination. at Gener'al Proficiency Level

'.Applicants who wish to study Mathematics or Physics as one of their subjects, must, apart fr~om
satisfying conditions (a) to (c). have also gained a Grade Three (3) in English A or Grade Three (3) in
English B at the General Prloficiency Level at the CSEC Examination.

3. Applicants who wish to stu~dY Law as one of their subjects must possess History at Grade One (1 ), Tw3~E
(2) or Tr~ee (3) at CSEC.

4. Application For~ms may be obtained from the Offices of the schools listed or Departments of
Education andi must. when completed. be submitted to the school of the applicant's choice. Birth
Certificate and a recently taken passport-sized photograph of the applicant must be submitted along
withappl?~.ication~fornI by3 ugust3111.2007.

5. Applicants wvi l be considered for aditisision on a cofmpetitive basis! and .!nay be recqui red~t to! attend an
interview. On ili those applicants w\ho lithlill the reqluirements set out atbove and wIhose grades indicated`
that they have :i necessarly capacei ty for an Advanuced Le~vel Course in those subjeccts w ill be selected.

Gene~vieve Whyte-Nedd
ChIief' Ed ucation Otfrfier



Chmis ry
S Core Math~ematics


Core Mathematics

SUDA CHOIL Auus 19, 2007--

li*3 -- ~- I -C I ~I

_~__ __


The Co-operative Republic of Guyana has received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) towards the cost of improving Citizen Security and Public Order in Guyana. It is intended that
part of the proceeds of this financing will be applied to eligible payments under various contracts for consultants.

The MINISTRY of HOME AFFAIRS invites applications from suitably qualified individuals for the following posts in the Project Implementation Unit.

1. PrjectCoordnato Component of the Citizen Security Programme, and to support the preparation and implementation
of activities in these areas as a part of the Project implementation Unit at the Ministry of Home
The objective of the position is to co-ordinate the activities of the Programme Implementation Unit 'Affairs
attached to the MoHAr. The Project Co-ordinator is responsible for operational and financial
adr.linistration, including planning, co-ordination, supervision and monitoring of all aspects of the CSP, Applicant should possess:
as well as report preparation, procurement, disbursement of the Programme resources and interface
with the GOG and IDB officials. The Project Co-ordinator will ensure that all aspects of the Programme A PhD sociology, social policy or other relevant field with at least five (5) years of experience
Operating Regulations are duly adhered to. in community level violence and crime prevention; OR a Masters Degree and 15 years

experience in the same areas.
* Prior violence prevention project development, training, curriculum development,l
implementation and evaluation experience; and demonstrated'technical proficiency inj
participatory assessment, research and policy development in violence prevention,
* Publications in peer-reviewed journals in areas of consultant's expertise,
* Exellent report-writing skills;
* Direct experience in the technical co-ordination and oversight of rnulti-faceted community
action crime and violence prevention programs, from development to evaluation

Applicants should possess: -

* A minimum of 10 years professional experience of which five must be at a senior project i
management capacity, or possess experience in projects of a similar nature;

= Familiarity with donor -funded programmes' and knowledge of their execution procedu res;

* Strong communication skills including the ability to explain and promote Programme goals at
the highest level;

* Ability to work within a team environment; comprised of youths, community members,1
government and civil society organizations, local and international experts
Demonstrated ability to execute work plans and meet deadlines;
*Experience working in under-resourced communities
Familiarity with regional IDB programs and procedures and other internationally-funded and
evaluated programs in crime and violence prevention.

6. Community Action Specialist

The objective of the position is to facilitate and supervise technical project preparation atvte

related to the community-based and youth-oriented aspects of the Community Action Component

of the Citizen Security Programme, and to support the preparation and implementation of activities

in these areas as a member of the Project Preparation Unit at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Applicant should possess:
A Master's Degree in soc ology, social policy or other relevant field with at least 10 years of
experience in community level Research and work.
Prior violence prevention project development, training, curriculum development,/
implementation and evaluation experience; and demonstrated technical proficiency in/
participatory~assessment, research and policy development in violence prevention,
Excellent report-writing skills;
Direct experience in the technical coordination and oversight of multi-faceted community
action crime and violence prevention programs, from development to evaluation
Ability to work within a team environment; comprised of youth, community members,
government and civil society organizations, local and international experts
*Demonstrated ability to execute work plans and meet deadlines;
t Ex eienc ok~inn in dlro~r.rr -rmm d iti~

Academic qualifications at the Master's level or equivalent in a relevant field, computer literacy,
excellent report writing skills, and expert command of the English Language.

Demonstrated analytical ability and strong leadership skills and ability to work within a team

2. Finance Administrator .

The objective of the position is to ensure the administration of the project resources in accordance
with IDB and Govemnment of Guyana Guidelines and to support the Project Implementation Unit by
:providing financial expertise.

SApplicants should possess:

*A degree in Financial Management/ Accounting or equivalent professional accounting
SA minimum of Ten (10) years working experience with at least five (5) years in a
supervisory capacity-
SA high degree of computer literacy including MS Office and computer based accounting
Good report writing skills.
Ability to work within a team environment
SDemonstrated ability to execute work plans and meet deadlines.
Familiarity with IDB-funded programmes and procedures or other internationally-funded

3. Project Assistant: Administration / Community Action

:The objectives of the position are to: provide administrative support to the Project Implementation
Unit, and to the community activities including handling of the logistical arrangements Facilitate
community level restorative and crime prevention activities and Provide support to the monitoring,
evaluating and documentation of work conducted by various Community Intervention Specialists.

Applicant should possess:

Degree in the Social Science: Sociology, Social Work, Public Management or other relevant field '" ""' ''" ~'U ' L1'U "'e
with at least5 Years post graduate experience.
Demonstrated competence in working with multi-cultural, ethnic and other groups including Interested applicants can obtain further information and/or a copy of the Terms of References for
women and youths at community level. each position at the following address:
Very good writing and communication skills and ability to organize innovatively.
= An interest and tiackgrourid in Community Development as well as experience in Quantitative Citizen Security Programme
and Qualitative research is desirable. Abilityto work within a team environment is also relevant. Ministry of Home Affairs

6 Brickdam

4. Internal Auditor

The objective of the position is to ensure Financial transactions of the Project Unit comply with policies,
rules and regulations of the Government of Guyana.

Applicant should possess:

A degree in Accounting or equivalent audit / accounting related professional qualification; and
te n(10) years auditing experience with at least five (5) years at a Supervisory level
Mu~st have knowledge of developing auditing plans and programmes.
SEx~ceptional report writing skills.
A high degree of computer literacy including MS Office
SAbility to work within a team environment
D demonstrated ability to execute work plans and meet deadlines.
familiarity with IDB-funded programmes an'd procedures-or other internationally-funded
prog rammes.

5. Community Adviser
The objcltiven of the osition is tn f ilit~ tnr d no~ia t h i ~l trir i ~l t t,~in ~ri~l

Sor via e-mails from the Citizen Security Programme. I

E-mails requesting the TOR's should be sent to the following e-mail address:
csp procurement@gol

1Application Process

The applicant should highlight the applicant's qualifications, work experience relevant to
duties described in TOR.
A full Curriculum Vitae should accompany the application.
The names, affiliation, address, telephone Number, e-mail address of three referees must
be provided.
Application in hard copy should be sent to:

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Home Affairs
6 Brickdam

p o ac a e an supervise ec nca project mpemena
Closing date for application is Wednesday, 5th September, 2007 at 16:30 h.



Loan No: 1752/SF-GY~1

SUNDAY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007 X


Farmers in Area 1 (All Villages between Armadale and Experiment)
;and Area 2 (All Villages between Onverwagt and Bush Lot Village,
West Coast Berbice), are hereby reminded that they must take up
responsibility for the Operation and Maintenance of the newly
rehabilitated Secondary Drainage and Irrigation System in these

'Maintenance of the secondary system is no longer the responsibility
of the MMA/ADAE

SAll farmers are also reminded that in accordance with Section 28 of
Sthe MMA/ADA Act, Primary charges are to be paid twice yearly jaidd
Such charges for the second half of 2007 are due from August 1 200~.

R. Primo
Manager, Operation & Maintenance Division

Invitation for Bids (IF B)

Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Ministry of Health, Materials Management Unit .

1. The Ministry of Health has secured funding for the purchase of the below items.and
now invites-sealed bids from eligible and qualified bidders for the supply ad l
del very of same:
1. MoH 15/07 Supply and Delivery of:
LotA: Stationery
Lot B: Medical Equi ment .:
Lot C: Warehouse E equipment
Lot D: Pre-Printed materials
2. Bidding will be conducted through the National, Competitive Bidding (NCB)
procedures, specified in the Procurement Act 2003, and is open to all i~dder,
subject to provisions of Section IV (Eligible Countries) as defined in the B a~jcg

3. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information, clarific loirn,
examine and uplift bid documents (upon presentation of receipt ifrorn
Ministy of Halth- see#~~Y~f~ 5 below) at the address in #18 below. from Monday to

4. Qualifications requirements include: Valid certificates of Compliance from NI Sand
GRA which should be submitted for companies with offices registered in Guyana.
Additional requirements/ details are provided in the Bidding Documents.

5. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English may be purchased by intere ted
bidders upon payment of a non refundable manager's cheque / cash fed ~of

6. Bid must be delivered to the address below (#9) at or before 9 am August 21',
2007 for Project # MoH 15/07. '
Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected. Bids \iill be
opened in ,the presence of the bidders' representatives who choose to attend ji
person at the address below at 9 am August 21", 2007 for project #s: MoH 15/ n .
All bids mrust be accompanied by a Bid Security as stated in the Bidditig
Note: Bidders may bid on any or all of the lots mentioned above.

7. Purchasing of Bid Documents (see #5 also):
Cashier -Accounts Department (Ground Floor)
Ministry of Health, Brickdam, Georgetown

8. Further information, clarification, examination and uplifting bid documents
(upon presentation of receipt from Ministry of Health, see#3 above)
Ms. Sasha Singh .
Materials Management Unit, Ministry of Health
Lot 1 Mudflat, Kingston, Georgetown
Tel 22 6935 i, Fax 22 57767, E mail:

9. For Bid Submission and Bid opening (see#6 also)
The Chairman
National Procurement and Tender Administration (North Western Building)
Ministry of Finance
Main and Urquhart Street,
Georgetown, Guyana


You might be feeling a little bit slow today, although your emotioxis will be quick to
"'t up ak around, aneitr nih nie nas thuo ht cvly neo nio i ahend el)oui
you to get a little bit down on your-self. The best thing! for you to do is to remove
yourself from the situation and check in on another day. If that's no~t possible. then
just be mindful of the fact that your day is coming soon.
Stck o the facts tok al aw eoitn I an a snate critics r i nt t i h obeysep na

everything you do, but today you need to remove your emotions from the equation.
Your perspective is important and valid, but it isn't very relevant to what's going on
right now. It may also cause you to focus on stuff that isn't important to anyone but
you. Put yourself in other people's shoes today.
It's time to be a little bit more calculating about where you' jgoig in your life. Just
going with the flow is fine and all, burt right now you need to form a strategy and plan
things out a bit more. The stars are laying a lot of opportunities in front of you, but
you'll have to do the research to take advantage of them. When yo~u get involved in a
new venture, don't just do it because it- sounds like fun. Do ;r bc~aute it will give you
experience and help you prove yourself.
Things are going quite well for you now, but it wouldn't be wis to get too comfort-
able where you are. There are still a few potential pitfalls out the'ie, and you need to
stay on your toes in order to avoid them. Go out of your way to avoid anything you
are unsure of, especially any type of official or legal commitment. You may have to
wait things out for quite a while, but if you take more time now, things will be a lot
more pleasant for you later.
Today you'll enjoy a certain aspect of your life on a whole new; level, and~ you'll
want to devote more time to it in the future. It's vital for ydu to enjoy what you've
worked for, because that's the best way to encourage youdrselto keep working for
new thins! tuaisnh ul n' fe otut c > foudabledivbhhyour stus quo. hn r :bouu

are, so it miight be time for you to reconsider a career upgrad~-r

There's a restless confidence deep inside you, waiting for a br ght spark to ~bring it
.out into the world. You are just itching to show everybodsi whtai y5ou are made of!
Today ~has the potential to be a turning point for your personalil if the right
trigger comes along, you will move into a new and exciting space very soon. So be on
the lookout for a chance to step ugi and take over. You can be a dlrivage force in how
things take shape today, especially in a relationship.
You will know when you need to step back today so hajen to lour gut .when it
tells you to run and hide. It's important for you to always be able to finda place
where you can be by yourself when people aren't on your advelength. And don't
succumb to pressure to be social wheli you just don't want to be [ris perfectly fine
for you to be stingy with your free time right now you've been li r oo geneous
with it recently. Please yourself, not others.

Right now you're positively radiating power just in time to makce sobme long-awaited
changes. This will be a very rewarding day; you will be able takee something you
don't-like and turn it into something you'll cherish forever., Inrigiortant transforma-
tions and innovations are easier than they have ever been before. Your confidence is-
high, too which means that you won't let baseless fears or doubts stop y~ou ~from
going after whatever (or whomever) you want.

Have you been experiencing some bizarre dreams lately? Dockworroy they 'aren't
predictions of your future. They are simply signs that you have~ stiextremely active
subconscious right now. While you're living your day-to-dayj life arnd dealing with
things as they come, your mind is working on some back-burner issues. All of your
damatic dreams would la happenings ri he now because some of those back-burner

It's time for you to organize the different elements of your Inf and get things on a
coherent schedule. Your work or school obligations, your.friendsliips and your iro-
mantic relationships are all pulling you in different directions, and the problem will.
only get bigger if you put off getting things mn line. Be a lot miore structured about.
how you plan your days get it down to the minute if you hiavtr to. These drastic
measures don't have to be permanent, but they'll get you going dowri the right track.

When you think about where one of your relationships is- dngomgtqday, you -need to
look away from logic and tune in to your deep feelings about` whoj this person is and
what they bring to your life. Ask your-self whether you are keeping them in your life
because they bring out the best in you pr because you're used to having them
around. Once you face that question and answer it honestly, you won't have to worry
about having doubts about friendships ever again.
You'll be full of an endless supply of warm and fuzzy feelings today, and it would be
wise for you to share them with the world. If you let them lead you through the day,
you will make a big improvement in one of your newer relationships. Reach out with
a smile and a hug when you see them today even if you aren't sure whether they're
the hugging type, give it a try. By being more overt with your affection, you will
make it okay for them to do the same.

/ ,1
i &


- SUBAY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007

While there have always been dishonest people
in this imperfect world, the percentage of them
seems much higher now than it was ten or
twenty or thirty years ago.
The criterion apparently is no longer
what is wrong or right, but what you can do to
get away with. Only the other day I heard a
twelve-year-old girl describe how a boat with
a motor had been lost in a storm. The man who
owned .the boat was insured; her father, who
owned the outboard motor,` was not. "But it
turned out all right," she said happily. "Daddy
signed a bill of sale, pretending he had sold the
engine to his friend before the storm. So the
friend collected the insurance and gave some
of it to Daddy." The child saw nothing in this.
Why should she? Her father, in her eyes, could
do no wrong.
Thus dishonesty breeds dishonesty. It is
precisely this sort of vicious circle that our gen-
eration seems at the moment to be entrapped.
To break out of it, we are going to have to con-
vince ourselves that dishonesty is not only a
form of anarchy that can destroy society but
also a kind of subtle poison that is ~extremely bad
for us as individual human beings........
People who choose dishonesty go through
life dragging invisible chains. Even when they
stifle their conscience with rationalizations,
something in them is always looking back fear-
fully, wondering if their wrongdoing is going to
catch up with them. They are trapped in the Land
of Look-Behind.
As a minister counselling troubled indi-
viduals, I see.endless examples of ravages of
suppressed guilt. The Bible is right: the wages
of sin is death a kind of psychic death that
robs the victim of his life-forces in different
ways. The casebooks of any psychiatrist are full
of examples of people who deny their con-
science but whose unconscious conscience then
demands that they punish themselves. Some
demand the supreme penalty from themselves
and attempt suicide.
What to Do
1. Read the passage over, and as you go
along, try to decipher in what sense are the fol-
lowing words being used figuratively in the pas-
sage: breeds, trapped, stifle, wages; death,
2. Try to explain the following phrase in a lit-
eral way: Dragging invisible chains.
3. Tell a study partner why you think the
writer says dishonesty breeds dishonesty and
calls this a vicious circle. What is a vicious

You are old, Father William, the '
young man.cried
And pleasures with you pass away,
And yet you lament not the days that
are gone,
Now tell me the reason, I pray.
ROBERT SOUTH EY (1 774-1 843)
The Old Man's Comforts, and how He Gained Them

4. Ask your study partner what he/she thinks
about the following groups of words:
i. justify dubious practices
ii. robs the victim of his life-force
iii. ravages of suppressed guilt
5. Reason with your partner and decide which
of the following statements are true and which
are false: .
i. The writer says that the percentage of dis-
honest people is higher nowadays.
ii. The writer says that the criterion is no
longer what is wrong or right.
iii. The writer says that our generation is
trapped in a vicious circle.
iv. The writer says that there are many suc-
cessful people who are dishonest
6. According to the writer, there are causes
why many people need treatment by psychia-
trists. Can you guess other causes?

Mastering Writing
What have you mastered well in your writing
so far? Check the pieces you have produced,
come up with a fair view about your progress,
and then resolve to develop and use more skills
to improve reader-interest. Doing this makes
you behave like good writers. These people keep
trying to improve their writing all the time.
Do one of the following pieces of continu-
ous writing. Make your own judgment in each
case. Judge according to how vividly you tell
of your own sense impressions and the details
you put in.' Ascertain your range of readers.
Pieces to choose from:
1. Relate in writing something that you did
that was against your conscience.
2. Make up and write a story entitled Lessons
in Good Behaviour.
3. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper
about some matters affecting people of your par-
ents' age-group in your community.
When you are finished with your first draft,
you need to evaluate it objectively, maybe ruth-
lessly. What you can do sometimes is to put
your draft aside, returning to it a few days later
(This is one of the reasons you should begin
written assignments early). '
Your fellow study group members are facing
the same challenges; you can help one another
by pointing out what works well in your drafts,
and what does not. -
You can then ask yourself questions like the
ones below:
1. Is my writing interesting?
2. Is it easy to follow? -
3. What do I like best about it?
4. How canl I make it better?
The Sentence
1. Incomplete Sentence
Reminder: You master writing when you con-
stantly refresh your knowledge and skills about
Do you always recogonise the groups of words
you write for what they are?
Are the following groups of words complete
sentences? Can you supply what is missing in
each if it is incomplete? Name the part sup-
phied .
Please flush the toilet.
The dog next door.
Sing a little louder.

A very large house and one small dog.
Seemed to be fond of her.
Which both of them enjoy.
2. Sentence Analysis
You know the words old, different, and long.
They are adjectives because they are used to de-
scribe something. They answer the question

Now let us look at the sentence: Sandra sat
under the tree that was on the green. In it the
clause that was on the green tells which tree. It
describes the particular tree and modifies or
limits our choice of trees to think about. A
clause like that does what a single adjective
does; it is called an adjective clause.
Now see if you ~can pick out the adjective
clauses in the following sentences:
1. This is the boy that killed the large frog.
2. I spoke to the man who could not see.
3. Here is the result of your last test.
4. The ground before the sports hall belongs
to Guysuco.
5. Those children who provoked the old man
will be sorry.
6. The poet who wants to speak to me is my
father's friend.

The Writing.Process
Revising: Checking Unity and Coherence
When you revise your writing, you can
choose to work with a peer reviewer. Together
you can check for unity where all sentences and
details are made to help support the main idea.
Also, you can check for coherence, adding tran-
sitions to connect ideas.
Solution to "Grammar Link The Semi Co-
1. Each supporting detail in a paragraph is like
a jigsaw puzzle; that is, it has little meaning by
2. Spatial order works well for descriptive
writing; however, it seldom works well for nar-
rative writing.
3. The relationship between sentences needs
to be made clear; for that reason, transition
words are often used to tie ideas together.
4. Transition words clarify the order of sup-
porting details; therefore, they add coherence to
your writing.
5. Not every sentence iteeds a transition; fur-
thermore, too many transitions may make your
writing awkward.
Reminder: Use a semicolon to separate main
clauses that- are not joined by a coordinating
conjunction. These are and, but, or, nor, yet, or
The acting and directing ability of Orson
Welles is considered phenomenal, and his film
:Citizen Kane'is still studied and appreciated mn
many universities.
Reminder: Use a semicolon to separate main
clauses jomeid by a conjunctive adverb (such as
however, therefore, nevertheless, moreover, fur-
thermore, and consequently) or by an expression
such as for instance or that is.
In her youth Mary Cassatt was strongly dis-
couraged from any artistic endeavours; neverthe-
less, she later became one of America's fore-
most painters.

The Passage

The National Industrial & Commercial Investments Ltd (NICIL)/Privatisation Unit
(PU) invites suitably qualified persons to fill the position of "Junior

The incumbent must possess the following:
-Completion of Level 2 ACCA
-Relevant experience of at least 2 years
-Excellent computer skills and ability to use MS Excel, MS Word,
Peachtree (or Quickbooks)
SGood command of English Language and good writing skills-
Experience in the field of Audit would be an asset

The successful candidate will be expected to:

-Post and prepare management accounts for several entities controlled
-Prepare general correspondence for the Finance Department
-Prepare and analyse financial statements
-Work long hours and weekends to ensure that the above-mentioned
tasks are completed on schedule.

Remuneration would be negotiable.

Applications together with two recent references should be addressed to:

The Human Resource/Administrative Manager
126 Barrack Street

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Closing date for applications is August 24, 2007

1 O Tins

(From page XVII) TOO quickly. If we have just
one unsuccessful experience, we
utes of your conversation with "learn" that what we did doesn't
any woman aren't about HER, work. If we have several of these
they are about her PERSONA. negative experiences, we become
A woman will play all sorts of CONVINCED whatever it is
games -to block your progress we've been doing doesn't work.
so she can slow things down This type of reasoning can spill
and maintain control. The last over into our self-images and we
thing she wants to happen is begin to think, "It must be ME
for things to get hot and heavy that's the problem... something
too quickly, which may cause is wrong with ME." Many men
you to lose respect for her try to start a conversation or
at least, -this is what she be- two with women, but when
lives. Even if a woman really things don't go as planned they
likes you, she'll probably be re- decide something is wrong with
sistant at first, play hard to get, them and that they have
and even act uninterested. Some "failed."` But the way to turn
women get nervous around any failure into a success is to
men, especially when they're LEARN from it. Success-minded
attracted to him. Don't take individuals don't see failure
any of this stuff personally, when they don't have success
just be patient and persist. right away instead, they
think, "This is the time when
Number 3 success is right around the cor-
SApp al to her "weird" sde ner." Tr this mntal ty onofor
dorky, off-beat side, but most away by the results.
men don't get to see or interact
with this side for very long. Number 1
The key is for you to know Rehearse your approach
that this side of her is in there, It's important to mentally
and then to talk to it and draw rehearse first conversations

whoen yu se ,, e hi is oin 'rw ertn st rtng o. eln
part of the key to giving her the what you're going to say, how
experience of "Ifeel so comfort- she's likely to respond and
able with you," and giving her what you're going to do in each
the feeling that she's known possible situation. Take the
you for a long time. One way time to mentally rehearse all of
to do this is to call her a dork the steps of the approach in
or a spaz -or even a brat until detail; the words you'll use and
you feel her shift. When she the voice tone and body lan
suddenly realizes you're talking guage, too. Also plan for how
to that dorky side of her that you're going to physically and
few other men can bring out of emotionally respond to a
her she'll begin to feel much woman who isn't interested in
more at ease with you. When talking to you, and practice how
you reach that point and get you'll handle the worst pos-
past a woman's persona, that's sible situation that may come
when MAGIC happens. up. When you do, you'll real-
ize there's nothing more for you
Number 2 to fear.
Get success minded So get out there and put
We humans often learn year plan into actioh.

--~- ~rd~CrUICLI- -- I S~Ci~PI~ 1~.. ~w3~

?~rrrm~i------- -U---~TJ

SUNDAY CHRONICLE August 19, 2007


The largest series of botani-
cal landscapes in the world is
being built in the Saudi capi-
tal, Riyadh.
The gardens covering 160
hectares (395 acres) aims to re-
create the 400 million-year-old
history of the Earth's plants,
trees and flowers.
The 100m ($200m) project
is due to be completed in 2010.
The complex of gardens to
be called the King Abdullah In-
ternational Gardens is a gift
from the city of Riyadh to the
Saudi monarch.
The landscapes will be five
times larger than the similar
Eden Project in south-west En-
'Jurassic Park'
Builtjust outside Riyadh, the
gardens will include four types of
gardens scientific gardens; wa-
ter gardens; international gardens,
sponsored by individuals and
foreign embassies; and paleo-
botanic gardens, which recreate
the h stcok ofwplantsofBrtn

Willmore, a British company
designing the project, says it
will be like "Jurassic Park with-
out the dinosaurs".
"There was a danger of the
project being pompous about
the Bedentific aspect", he told
"People should respond like
they would for example in Lon-
don, taking their family to the
Kew Botanical Gardens, throw-
ing a Frisbee around."
The project is taking shape
in the middle of an arid land
scape, bilt three million years
ago the same place was totally
The land which is known as
Saudi Arabia today was back
then covered with forests.
"It contrasts the desert en-
vironment of today with the
green, verdant and lush place of
three million years ago," Paul
Kenrick, paleo-botanist at the
Natural History Museum and
scientific advisor to the project
told the BBC.
"It illustrates how climate

change can affect plant develop-
The final garden of this sec-
tion, called The Garden of
Choices, will attempt to warn
of what may happen to the
Earth in the future as a result
of different possible scenarios
resulting from human activity.
Environmental concerns
have not been overlooked,
Sources of renewable energy
will keep the gardens cool in the
45 50C temperatures of the

desert. with water being recycled
Evaporation from the site wherever possible, designers
will be kept to a minimum, said. (BBC)

In a 3-qt. saucepan, saute carrots, cabbage,
celery, onion and garlic in oil for 5

Add water, tomatoes and bouillon; bring
to a boil. Reduce heat.

Simmer, uncovered, for 20-25 minutes or
until vegetables are tender.

Stir in spinach, Championr
Elbows andt Chico Black
Pepper; heat through.

h. ~ 1


I' ,


I small onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
3 cups water ,P
I (14.5 ounce`) can~ 13itlian
stewed or diced iomatoes.
3 cubes beef bouillon
I cup torn fresh callaloo
1 -1 (035poon Chic~oBlack

1 package Chamrpion Spaghietti
I tablespoon olive oil
V2r onion, chopped
1 (15 ounce) can black beans, drained
1 (11 ounce) can sweet corn, drained
I tablespoon ground cumin
salt and Chico Black Pepper to taste
2 dashes hot sauce
3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil.
Add Chacmpion Spaghetti cook for 8 to 10
minutes, until al dente, and drain.

H-eat the oil in a skillet over mediumn heat. Stir iri
the onion, beans, and corn. Season with cumin,
salt, and Chico Black Pepper, and sprinkle with
hot sauce. Cook and stir until onion is tende .
Toss with cooked spaghetti and sprinkle with
Parmesan cheese to serve.


-;*--~-~r:_~;p~l~S~,jrz~gSIL~,~Si~E~ -i~l~E~`~WIIF~'~F;~

Saudi 'Eden' built

mn the desert

Welcome to the 4C65~'b edition of ~
"Champion Cookery Corner", a
.weekly feature giving recipes and 2/3 cup cooked Chamc~pion Elbous
tips on cooking in Guyana. 2 medium carr~ots. chopped
1 cup chopped cabbage .
1, -3~Ps I imported celery rib, thinly sliced

LBakin Rowaderi Irng 6ugar
custard Ianldr PASTA Cae1we
Black 1%pper ., Ga Clram Plaula

Shilpa: ShettV to

be next Bond g arl?
New Delhi, India (CNS) Speculations are high that
Bollyytood actress Skipa Shetty is belag considered to star
opposite Daniel Craig in the forthcoming James Bond se-
quel. The 32-year-old actress became an internationally
acclaimed figure earlier this year after she bravely en-
dapred the alleged racism and bullying by fellow Big
Brother contestants Jade Goody, Jo O'Meara and Danielle
According to reports, the ditsky beauty has topped sev-
eral opinion polls across the Internet over her eligibility for the
mole of Daniel's love interest.
Shetty's~publicist Dale Bhagwagar has already indicated that
the Indian beauty is willing to accept the offer if it comes her
In a post-Big Brother interview with People, Bhagwagar
said, "Shilpa loves challenges and stunts."
The acret~ss has been offered various television deals
in both the U.K. and the U.S. since her 'Celebrity Big
Brother' victory. She Is due to apliear in "Miss Bonywood~,"
a musical set to open ini London in September.



I C: LC-. the Band" series.
-L~ Rounding out the
are Timbaland ($21
sall ofDef Jam Recordings release d ing line, ring tones and other en- They're foloed by 11
om. his 11th studio album, "King- terprises, and has sold more ($18 million); Snool
arm dom Come," which sold around than 11million albums.11is lat- Kanye West, Pharre
n 50 2 million copies. Jay-Z, 37, is est record, "Curtis," is $ue out iams andScott Storch
also part owner of the New Jer- Sept. 11 million); Ludacris a
awn sey Nets and has endorsement Diddy (real name;: Sean (both $16 million); (
;list deals with Budweiser, Hewlett- iCombs) placed third with an es- and Lil Jon (both $
gs," Packard and General Motors. Itimated $28 million. A Ifashion lion); Ice Cube ($13
,me. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson plate,hehasaclothingline, Sean Jermaine Dupri ane
$34 ranks second with an estimated .John, and heads Bad Boy Beatz (both $12 m
lurs- $32 million. The 31-year-old Worldwide Entertainmdint and Chamillionaire an
rapper-businessman oversees .its record label. Diddy, 37, is Game (both $11 millie
:EO his G-Unit record label, cloth- also host of MTV's "Making Young Joc ($10 millie

_ _

top five
p Dogg,

;(all $17
tnd T.I.
i14 mil-
d Swizz
million ;
id The,
on); and

NEW YORK Jay*Z win
around, says Forbes~ce
He's got Beyonce on his i
- and more millions thar
Cent and Diddy.
The rap icon, aka Sh;
Carter, is No. 1 on the site's
of "Hip-Hop Cash Kinl
based solely~on 2006 inco
He banked an estimated
million, said Th
day. :
Jay-Z, president and C


hours sorting and planting seeds
yesterday (13.08.07), im-
pressed hostel residents who
say he was friendly and a hard
William Bowie revealed to
Britain's Daily Star newspaper:
"Most of us are addicts or ex-
addicts so we can relate to him.
He seemed happy to chat. He's
just like everybody else, except
he has a lot more money."
Michael previously begged
the judge who sentenced him to
let him spend his community
service helping young musi-
The 44-year-old singer was
found slumped over the wheel
of his Mercedes car at a set of
traffic lights on a busy London
road last October.
Tests showed a therapeu-
tic amount of an anti-depres-
sant in the singer's system
along with Wlegal dance club
drug GHB.

school from an early' age madde
ium "mlensely emotional"
Blunt explained: ".ls
emotional upbringings go,
betag sent away to boarding
school at seven is as great
an Inspiration as any
songwriter could have to
be taken away from one's
famlty and locked away for
10 years. It does create an
incrredble latensity of emo.

JAIL1ES Blunt sas! writing
songs has made him a
cow~ard when it comes to
love. -
The 'You're Beautiful'
singer who has previously
dated model Petra Nemcova
and British socialite Tara
Palmer-Tonskinson admits
he finds it easier to write
down his feelings than say
them in person,
Blunt said in a magazine

Iner. en."in a way
so~ngwlrl~nin can almost be det-
ri mental, because suddenly
:,ou find an outlet that is a
k~ind ofl chealing You don't
need to, have direct communti-
canoln. You can say, 'I can't
describe it to you, but I will
record it arid send it to you.'

The 30-year-oldt musician, a
former army officer, also claims
going to a private boarding




cl f.. ~-TL ~ii

Lov OCCO Wa rd ame tTIS Unt

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