Guyana chronicle

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Guyana chronicle
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Sunday chronicle
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Georgetown, Guyana
Guyana National Newspaper Ltd.,
Guyana National Newspaper Ltd.
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Daily[Nov. 21, 1983-]
Daily (except Monday)[ FORMER Dec. 1, 1975-Nov. 30, 1983]
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v. : ill. ; 45 cm.


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Newspapers -- Georgetown (Guyana) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Guyana -- Georgetown


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1 (Dec. 1, 1975)-
Numbering Peculiarities:
Publication suspended: Oct. 12-24, 1983.
General Note:
Sunday ed. published as: Sunday chronicle.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Copyright Guyana National Newspaper Ltd. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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29013105 ( OCLC )
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INT~ERESTINYG nEWS ABOUT ..,1~~~1a e L,,.nn unsatorlying rex h~cr unenca lto ufe hard clv~r Rlagner Berr, was q~uoeas sabg
TIE OFFICE WORKAHOLICS So 3 o f use md 3... as,==.. or wome r,.4 WIHni THE COMPLIMENTS OF
for cte "Aposhken Umsha" newskttrer sid they werre hkcly to .
BERLIN IReuters Gema wordkshlk may be paf1 crn extorasnea dK offhec ad voltc for extrra asignolrmlr
suffeslrtag be a tac of se, ccrding to a univr- inc twdl ork ethi wa even~ mor prrP r~c ltngn th
sit Jst udy pubashedl Frida. who wrepute Irsseng no seX -~ 45 per~cent o men and ~48 pecn
A survY of !'.inil nm andl wonwnr by) remuh of wtnwnrr *iud dra~ volutanY toko nute Illrol"'malllnlie
aIs atI16 tbcl mscrs of thwan gen hanos cr per (5 Mbra hr fndingl arre rrrying." the le~adr of the sotudy

Police capable of

handling crime in Guyana
Com ~ *ATNGCnmissioner r e A ; miso of Police Hecnry G~reene yesterday reiterated that the Guyana Police
CO NEIS ton r Gr ene e (GPi, ia as nodwhe in capaatyr to handk my cnimd~ acdi in Guyana Ths
&Dc~C Hr ibr HUk HI 8 PCll Conllfren'K ce he held to updatI the' media ... Peg nine

~ ~49
f I
t .'r
1.4~_ f


Th Chreelate is at http*//wwwr.guya~hrnacschonilmo

wvill open, tocl~ay Sund~y. OZth~ Augl, 20l07~__ -~~~ *8 :Om 2:~



Lot 2 North Road, Bourda
Tel: 22L7-8902/2127-2391

O, ur beloved son and brother
,JAN 29, 1991I Aug 1, 2001

Sa dly missed by yourfaher -
;,IICharlie, mother Sandra,
I brother Karl, sister Mizana.

John 11 25 Jesus said' I am the
resurection and the Irfe. he that I
believoth in me though he was
J.Dead, yet shall he live". IC

-. p


4UpULL"I r T7~F--C~~-F~ F."~ ~.-.- ~ ~--JL-- -~ ~--_-TI7rF_-~L~ -----~yl~

_ _

*I 1--

1mmer ) 2ooeso4 uwnM

0ons mea

;~ '

DRIAW DATE zoo7r.on-o

un 0 MID-D tlITTL 14
006 376 4683




MM re. 1st Place Area Manager
H. 81swpaltan W Dernerra & Essqulbo


191 Cl~aurlot Sktret, LctQtownl, Geomet~own
*terisesn 227-0632-5, (882~) 227-1840, (b892) i1~27282
Re s n (802) @ 2&08 E-Ml s i&=i~~C~-mY

mMOSMA assess 26 1



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15 03;

TUASAry assr-as 02
TnUMC 4Y ZW7-es42' "f
FI1atL\ tzoosomes0 jl
IlaRu \v z97oosesu S

g4 ,


1st Place 1st Place nd Pisce
Sae Step. Sele* ~ppe elenager
Essequbo nae.

2nd Place 2 nd PlaIA
seasibp pop Sales Us
as.r Clwrn


WM Q 15 Hr
12 St 25 08r
17 1() 2 18

SUIDAY C~It0MCLE Aurgust S, 2007


Citaqubomar Stong traorprsonal skas. ellec~v
anasmacalon,' tea plaer abe uotoo on own
was m~irlnrase upersta Educabo a mnwwu of
4 CXCr G CE passe inhetin Math and Enghh.

itasoprernn Stong likes. of~. ~lecrve
Conuraola alan ta payer,. honest rehatle, able
to work on owmn th rrurnur superveson
Eduato a nwwurn o S CXC or GCE passes
kickang Maln ad Enghsh Computer quahkfations

Resprement Strong sateur-mtwol ~Sails effectve
cranmuracho. Leam as r grxx) orga~nuabonal
skdis. hands on manager* hrne~st rcehable
Experience an asset Educatron a mmemwncrl7 of 5
CXC or GCE passes radi.rrw; Ma!r awl: [make I
CArtakate or* Diprrus sn :r.;rrs manageic~nert
ComputerH~ms' qukactauaeraryT Rn aw

Interested individuals kindly send CV to
sugperitgmeekgtgh yho cOrn of
Conrtac : 6S7-7900or 690-99gg

Requirements: Sound secondary education at
lcast 4 CXC or <(K'E sbjects, must be well

>t Clantet Manager
Requlrements;: Computr literate, knowledge
of Acounts, strong interpersonal skills,
eficctive communication. honest reliable.
Sound wecondary education at least 5 C'XC or
(R<'E ubjecs. mus~t be well-spoken.

Must be able to cook a variety of dishes.
Hardworkting, wdling to work flexabic hours,
must have vah~d food license and oIat let 4I yearS

; Pastry Makers
~1~.1 ~t bc~l able -to ;d a wde a~nge of pastryt

Ir~lexible ho ur v. mass~ hav1e \lc fwhd Ilnt ben4e and
.:1 Ircnt ; \ ca per one c

Inte~rested indi\ iduals kindly send <'1 to:
superjo b~clrtlkgf gy a yahoocorn or
( ontact : 657-7900 or 690-9999

- -

Vacancis~ suts in the Hotel and Hospstahty indusry
(1) Fronrt Desk Rseeptio~nis
(2) Market~ing Pcra w
Appkass k As shov posemar; hree a lear 4 wc~hea el Ite CI(r 6I
n e ure np I sqage~. Modr- a: dcrPasL1 (unur *k u h part el
seses +ar Ci
News~.y Terms and rnreumeum do.; ash neerar**. 6***** L~
Ptees sedapkies oPO.ls1049

-r -- --


preptuains"' of Iegional~ agro-e
crgy sisalegy, Includrrng biorthar-
not, bio-diesel, an~d b~agasse co-
gexrneraion oppoHnusulies;
4. To faclitate dia-
Legme between th prube seec
I~private lavestors, casson
I--lmade, ad project devel-
eers Latrestedd to the Car-
Abeen Bio-energy in~ldusry o




i 1 1 111

Haysr arnd malns of exploiting
opportunities fr production
of fuel and rnergy frol agri-
cultural products will be the
form~ of a high level bemi-
spheric senala to bebM at
the Guyan laernatlonal
C'onvethe Centre Unradsal
Fast C'om~ Demerara omr-
rrw and Thheaa.
T'he Seminar wrth the
Acme:"Expadndan Blo cocrgy
O)pptortnitics o abc <'arab
bcan". a besag held so collabo
ratso wash CARICOM. Lbr in
to AmenanP Deveopmes Bank
(ID~fLk th flasc Amencan lata-
tulc at Agncdakr (IE7A). nd
Ibc Organizasso of Ameraces
Stasc OASL Mmacrt at AIJ
cubure Mtr Robert Pe~rmad das-
The cealcra c d be de-
clard apca byr Paresda Bamrrs
Jagdeo. Msmsacrt Pnamd sad
trlhus be ac tust Th Car
ibbeam assas a hcavily depen

~utughntshsly~l ln tir pracr of pe
lor Giuylnj andt all ,Inesuber
Stalc ~te of ARKT()M
And uo ~tir Governawasl of
Giuyanna. alongr ~wst other
CARK1)M Mcantw Stain ad
ather agnff~crs, has ucca ,I ap
propnatle Ito meet to padres r,
ens usue of mutual concrdn
He duckrcd tool tha sual
warming th e vmrtmncata sm
pac of fsaul fact me adL the
sesaking acd for rahctxuas a
greesb houseaesad asha ser
can********r ha been other
He sand that the scenaron
pprovid sagastY~Icn OPPortum-
has fobr ~the unsrano a rerer
abi beducts s de repon
And the~ crani kad to ap
paroltuahe for casploymcat.
puvert reductan. ad Mac twth
at aac. sutomshibr c tw caray

lic *uressed~r k hat the cs
Lnabl~ustrter ulr aben negy see
us* In the <'mlabena movang
wansitamrranaly uoth raual sc
fuunn at he sugry smhtnesto l
('ARKYMt Mcomber Staes
flus means th at w co
man uIppXUrtuestr are cnrrr
say tha as~ k th aragoe bc
twcap the sEssa came smkatry
and the cmqy accks. Lar ex
ampic (Sabreig s purosecmeof
hoo-chemal romp agr
The sensaa wall
eman-- descans basefits
ofm a egaml ppmachwhic
woublhacudah ci k
and se~mov of agesuba and
emerg poicy tercr.m wer

.I0 unsllirnuanlwl l(ega l tattrl

as Is expected IIo rhll~l the our

to a "rtgsonal rugar cane rrdur-
try", thrugh the adentrTfic~aon
of cburdaed straegic actions
to attac foreignl and regs~onl l
pravas saetors, he sid.
frnum rasined palm ad and other
togad smrces, an d th utdualson
us Iorest tresdues and assacut
Btald reasduca as a)SCRalVe to
crgy. unr~uies wrelso very real
Thore wsil bc a ri~usag of s
MOUI un The Cribbean Re-
newabic Energy. Itactly Effi-
ctracy and Ilusenergy Actson

The unenc asICCI.I being hed
,Io Guyasus wlth a fo~ur-fold ob-
1. Tobdisserminat erbe-
suhs of recent studies on Bi
eacrgy in the Caribb~an i-
cheding the poktial forsginaal
carboa fnance+ opportrjases
under th Class Developoal
Mark====~ (CDM).
2. To cosvey and for-
maulsz the segional cdiart
wards the devePlOlopae o abs
Canbbean, Reacwabl e Paery
I acrgy ffi~cicacy and Bio-e
ergy Act~o s rogram
t Ino rmuate a dialogue
lowards ab organsatuiuon ad



~1 crmimPr~ilrr3BmAul BnlOnmmu

Pteese be adved that to rand Rae Dran
for tod 485 August. ~200 haS been postponed

We ulsincre apolgier l any n m

Biloener gy

oppor tunit les

seminar opens tomorrow




1/4" to 1%/" available from stock. Special order on larger sizes

4 SUNDAY CHRONICLE August 5, 2007

Bush urges House

to pass spy bill

WANHINGT'ION (R euterb) Ui.S. President G;eorge W.
Bus~h pushed for approval b~y ( ongretsh: YeteLrdaly of the
tem~o~rar expanbionr of' hir pow'rT to c'ondulc t letr~(onic
LurveILafKO ~itlHoUt Y C.OUrt order.

Cases~dro ppany~l on manusunsta1I~ llsonsI herweenI ('.S residents
an~d poi'c~l abroadIt ~li urged thec Holube of Irepresents-
IOve\ to proud re needed Lconcurirnce before lawmaiker\ be--
RIn ;r mtonshilngf wc~in

Ho~urr would up

measure as us) agase


wuccld have capanded

be~llianto frograim.
but alblo Irquated

WUr'e sc looksn
1)rmrnr atat aside
roid Anothert sesd.
~'~Lakl? uc asil pass
at (the Senate brll).~ e~of~og .Bw
but party leaders wer plralnnsn liscr course of racion as
many lawmaretru packed up to go, home
Bush, whose admsontr at son has waracd of con-
Itnusag threairtso the wake of the Scpeptemer II st-
cacks. has called on Congress to remain an session un-
tIl tbe House rad Scosse agree on a ball that he could

"Protecitag Amoetesc is our most solemn obligs-
tlos." said Besb. whose administration has rtepped
up wairategs Is recess weeks of threatr r gasnst the
Unlitd 5tates.
The Amence Ov~il Libertses Unson wad ~lamrlakrs were
howsag to Whate Honor pressure wsth the ball at rasd would
Provse no protctsns~ fo Amencans communlcating with
"We aR re depl disappointed that the president's tac-
sks of fear-mwleagein have oncer agai foured the Congfress
late -t-s1Ca- s Anthony) Romero.D ACLU execuftive

Head of Brazil

airport authority

fired after crash
SAO) PAULO) (Reuterr) Tfhe head of tlrazl'b airpourts nu-
thority will) be replaced wasl week. a government source
said yesterrdy, the second unktus to be fired uttr ther worst
p~lan r ade La Brazil'r idstr).
In s el, C ail P r r a u t oth e rt~ ~J I t~ r l, c au c s p or t s a u trr I y ,r o r' I
IntJ~ra rcr wtl ber) relcd~lr byl Scrg audenit u, th al ofhed ~
IIo be namedl because an offnlrCj annanan~Cemet Is expatedl C on

Prctra. whwen 13mntch scatre wasl asred b) a glrowng
avantusen cases, wasudr UILPressure In, alep dow~un lnc~e an Ast,
bus A t2(> rkedded off a shuctt ratel ,Itakd runwauy atI Sanl
Paukl' a( osagembas Astputs art full 17 assd ~tastl manlr frlatc
All 1x7 people shurd the tAMl lalr hnrs Aewas hh and
at Icast I 2 cn t~ he gam w~car Asikd an Ihe u lcnt, e ahs. t cond
rmag plae sansh so Braid to 10 musths in September. 154
peopIc *Crre kdkdc w-hen a beesay 737 clapped ws~age s msd-as
was a pnvase )et and amshed sat th Asseta Icuagk.
Pcretnras the second as usaso offscal so he forred out stocc
last month's trras.
ubsch causedl .. rs.
Isonal o~utcl! for sm.

one oI f th orst o.I ~
dessn Iwsst inerro Luis

Ilrd fired Okcenwe
Mtmasecr Waldst Petes
ona Jety 25 and twougf
Sto former Supreme

held the comr' ag.

defeast adalsey so.
pavises civ6 aviede Wasdge WWu letdgadg85B
Onasedeeds firt talr at larcI wlll be to drl g ll
so restore a U sesseetsematc as Blrtssiss airports,whilb
osve been plagued try delays satd catncellat ionor algset

Arr Untrae ha becQYogu s sIqrmrlteh~t k t BrdlJ that many
peuctaprs are now m-an---dlms sad sadr rag tenes wd.
depose the seconvenien ad deks is a cndagessizd coun-
pyr y wash m yrf poor Yhighay
The rap artis keT tance, _~ud ****Mnte rheganc is
Bkras Idselk, #r ighign "aviedes cha~ se"asseeigi tee

3 KHealf Air Hot and (old water ystem throughout building
Fined Security faill wok intemrol and eltemal
Modernised kitchen units
Meblol fame mounted water tanks
pa yord rpe
Please submit tenders in writing to:
S. Singh
198 Camnp Street
South Cummingahurg
Providin .
wantedd defoils
Anorn*Fiddier hads
Closing date: Aegast 31, 2007

1I Halr wlth Traller
I Double Axile Twin Steer Truck
2 Tractors
Business places on:-
(1)Lombard St, (Il) Water St.
For further information call:
233-2397 8 am'to Spm or 810-0094,
233-2891- atter rp.

mainmer soualI slanwr saloll
G~rmk es set toayr d types of prresipies leas

r854 gree pil nk, bre n de, t<
We stock a variety of lenses:
Tnranition Progressive (inviible Bifocals)
Plastic Photocromatics
Polycarbonate scratch resikstnts
For our pensiners only:
Wek accpt yor NIS vouchers
with no uWadional payenwrts.

Sourgeois flalian Designs
180 Temples Tuscony Bronds
Pbostic set
Call for appointments

"A difenretfram e of mindn


Wocme move through a oo~dd road at Mohasrrsedpur
In Dhelta yesteday. (tEUTUWCLtStnur Rateress)

Irp tpwde c aucdk b) Iyns iutn Ihr rr th
the lanuted medacanc md supp~cs avastabic
Horplstl wards so afeactd area wtre full
Ehewhere. IILgagers wre grusag despenrat a hungry
"Our fasmh~ wurmd for a wa an bufflrk enlk but now the
aumml has unopped prrxkctg manlk as a has Ilorw asthou Is
days.~ sad Mcgbhu Yaday, ~ aa ilage soth samasutsprl dl~risru of
smpoverrshed Bahr stae
Many peopic were suffenag fmz dkntsart. J) enwrr) asl Ic
ve.~r Ofctals hve wrard of outraknlr o mJlana 'il sc ritscra so
Bihar raussd the death ol there ty 2 to r77
Evry~J yar menson ais leav a~r ctrai of( det ad de-
~trto crw.o shhrk soaoc d y&rootds

South Asian

floods kill

250 people
GLiAHTI, Inr~d luReuterm -l Packed hunrpitalK inr~,r casert n-
di Inso alrdrvaire dmrurd as lsuffrint usrburnewt) I c
as somel of the wo~rs flood\ in living: memory rangedl South

the regatn inludalng much (rt~anglJdeh
Store thar \0 nulh~on peo~pic hasc been af icard ha) the 11<*whr
in So~uth Assa Abo\ut 10 nulboln are homelulm or ctol o,! n their
adiagec, ulth Isnictxlk o rr n~ccs to, rlraandJ health our
~lic~lth woltrkr and alrd gramr In Assam to orthottw Irwh1.1 w cre


A geillg re5grgaann Stegi~d ia a 0 tkob

FOf Ufuther infofnationr Contadt:
Tel: 225-1278-9; 648-6309.


The general publrc is hereby
.nfortnecd that Ms. Orieen

Schmne (las known address)
Is no longer employed by
Bnran Security Service and as such Is not authorized to
conduct any business on our behalf.

Order by Management



(lT~briada Epress) Thbe river rad the mlan road at
Macelge V~lage beam one torren of mud and debris

Nomsagg rM wem rre Iooded with as much as: two
fet of rwaer a Cedar Hill Rad. Clucaxo Bay rad at the
Macaula ]gggo aea r th Somoman Rochoy Highway over'

Womes had to catch ndesas m cks to get huoe and res>
denta Rvi Narine said~ the fd was th wonrs he hd sata m

The saim also cated evral car crlagrhesln te legway

N ase a~ n*. m sk rprasss weeII~ hedr c L

(ODPrM) hastwc h~elped~ r~ustat a Pttace r


c. Mwi' I

Salarie will commesrurate with
quakifictions and experience.

Appicants should apply in writing to
P.O. Box 10988, not later thran Wesdneday,
Augusrt 15, 2007.

EXISTS in a reputable organization for a dynarnk
and versatile individual to fill the position of1:

9r:. 2; Grene~~ nc na s mlar apr.~;t,
<-. ;,ncuuom '~te
PaIce cletarane
,?= .D'erencesj T
*t Mucst on: over;E ;C me,
ailesperson must: one aJ; talid Dniver's
L rcone. and belong the wnrlrFr of a v~hlrcle
s an asspt

Candidates rno are: Interested air: in ntejd to
suomit appo~callon ana r urnculuJm vitae9 alongr with
twoS Irf~erer as on o1rr Dfe ne! /*uuSIt 17 20~7
The General Manager
Top Brandz Distributor
Lot 40 Goedverwagting Rd.'
East Coast Dem.
Tel. 222-1321, 222-1323.

wAspkro asre fromd nn persons moolny rts

Selorlnd rqmnto rg cssasnanuo ao

isCrnts venue. Beg Air Paqtrk. ergto(wmr~n

Transp orted Lnd at Soes~ ,dyrlk enlh

Lease lamnd -~noo 5n sand locks
80 ~ c acres.r popnmn

Vehicdnles or al

19 Hondtrann MotoAr Cart Ccgow

SetD FOf Sale
TAll irtem musdt sel.owerdk

ldeavingr the Onry

No easo lnd able offe refse.

Furthler nformsatincoe c

D.tfo Bahaur&

Tlel: 225-12781-9; 648-63309.


*I *

:/ '4

thecr. Then the~y started chlop-

tharvainle Sonny, who lives next
door~, said: "I heard the children
bo;whugr for their father saying
'lealve Daddy alone'.
"When I glot in the house,
th~e children were shakling and
calling for their daddy. He wab
"Thery chopped off his arm,
anld chopped him on the shoul-

gie lrn mout mot H
otanrtd to, breathe a little. But he
alt Ir're the am uance

can rripersad'sr famhy are
twing given police protetion

A Hinrdu holy man was
chopped to death by thrtee
men whou broke Into the
family's home anid temple

tIhe kslmlg of P'unp)u, Kanud
11arrspe~rsa wasb w sinewed b y
hrr thlree young: children l who
twKLged fodur Ihes snwl' a lre Io
tr sparel.
HasI brother, lials1
therspenad, and sephew HJ.
wh )WIsve next dour. trud to hlp l

mef cc.D vanw~nrnhI p rgn ~u )I
put to her head SwK wn .0ltold

Trrrrt, (ro~ranrfld Road,
c(~pkbrmim arrant 1..0 an
11< throre nwss wie .r sUs
pect Io the Lliting rtate Stio
Pu0bctrverh br nlnX was

Hairrrapers.ul wa s th~e leader c
of the SI1 Maha,; 1.rukshan

known for per iorllle nung tuls
,nvolvrng ther bacrilice ofI vns
It woas tl(hos rtualb that
IInght) halve ddaDyed hclp hrorn
liss b~rotherr andc nephew
werre on thar way In, check on

wru Icasus~l of larsprsd' Iha
clalts on Ilnlsd bdl

so~ I amugl)In II wasb lucapi he
we, 10pany uho were haw lany
\so use .andl us) bson LItant up )
reers~; athlnK
tIrl4~ J1lrrsperse sauld .

manll run1 up andl~ heari and
h Inan ono the road anid becgan
ka king tulrn in the chrst.
Hhs son RaJ baid: "I heatrd
thr bc~reamingC. Ithought he
n as doinK( his prayers ald
Dousurbody catch the power.
I! ther time I reallise thi was
Irouble, they pull gun. I
didn't run becauue of mly fu-

6 SUNDAY CHRONICLE August 5, 2~00


VLiouslY moc~re Isrelevl an 11 th dlbanal fuilluser by~ the latw enfosting~ 1
,rgeclzz e, to uII up, atl the annelr rcene durllRing an esonsated two

werei unabc~le to, apprehend,~ aun) of1 th clannedrt doz/n h~eavily

LtIl, sleal and desrouy. liusinssman~u Shanullu nel Nullnte was: evi
dently the primary largcl, but hes, has wife and otlrh rs managed
to survive. An innocenti pabssr by, Ibiy Camlpbecll, was not
lucky. She fell v)IcIsmI t) ai fltal \Ihot during thle crllrnsta rum

Lives, hurridly Ic it uyna on ~,Inl~ndy for ther IJSA, b~uhlness
people In that regionl ofl the ('oremynes us expressllBIng~I thirlami ~
over the evldent lack as1 1*lue securlay, anld espectually 1Io t~e
fccu of known ongoingl cross l~andr ComesV IsnkedI~ toC~h aceswnh
tIhe NaIOl*~TrcO-tafkl CP1JdenUe sn)ual not be uMs edn n
qubck explan~laun to cover Incompetncer andJ lack of an~y bsent
bla~ce of a straegy by the ducapimetd fowres tor tra~l-back well
amed cranunal networks
it as true ht thel y cnano always I hcw rnestp ahead of a
planned ronunal ac. Blut the is cofweslng agenewsr hve to
tcs being on the defeaav rand be muchb more pruoactsve In
their cnme-rlighlng trasques
Tectlaot the pubrW~ aftr chtuta criminal acts, like
th see a Crabwood CaeL t th war beers o Thursday
menta, wbst thry e e to be th motivdrug traf-
Sching-withes betag ab)r to ~ prdc a vdneof

therir own, efforts( to enguKe thle crisninlals, is melrely to hlus-
luin thle (.ynijCism ab)out ther c~rim-fIIghting effectiveness of
our law-enlforcinglt tagnc~ies.
Whatl Ir needdct is NOT a`; police p~ost ttnortticu for fail-
uIes, but prolduLtIVe btrategiesb to combat; the criminal errror-
Ibtb. More visble~l pIsrlLce patlrols in comulnluities, stations that
are aler .. ,.oun .,a .., a.,,. acrs t... ntr... .
basbic requiremrnts: to hrelp f'oster public conisldence that our law
enforcing agencies are indeed involved in new initiatives
to, pr~orect life and property.
Irt theml cut the excureb for failure anld speculations on mo-
Isves Ior conuI)Ilted crimes~ and produce inbtead results with cap-
turngl of etru~nahb. their arms and stolen properly, and having
th~em placed twfline air courts.
Sweetly reasuring words from cops or poU~ltcins are no
substitute for REISUITS from effective cdfme-fghtlag strat-

- Fess

g g 4

ma~oradm to susprod their owna lagend as criminality. But
pheasant surpdriw do comeu from strange qouarer.
Takto Iabn oeher wthetakives that have resulted In abolirhang
"opca o tyoug. crestsag a ass-day morato~rium on election
campaspnmg, and the evadent
smtfresghnng of the snflunce
of the Poistlcal Ombhudbman to

cmparatsve mural htgh Igrund
for Electon 07-a)way
from a rsckrensng tradilion of
expeted political violence
and fraudulent votmg palracse
laterraional election
obserrrers wll be joloing
with Local monitors for the
AlWEEM U2000 Artess 27 poll. The

(EOJ) has <...-and ber to easrotal a frr and fair esclecio
areas the caust~ry as sa 62.32 poalal castra.
The openson polls commoco tol place Pnme Mraiste Simpson-
Mdi~cr 3hed so peursonl populatrl\ tol the JLP's leader Bruce

2007 general election that coincder with the
cocatry's 45th anniversary tomorrow as Is
independent natIon ad with which a mDor mens

First was the passae. by cncarsus. Inst month of legularso
to outlaw the repreeasbicrb. ryndeoranch pratse of "apen votm(~
at pothagI rtanca-dsa Is. al~owang others to, we a markEd hilas
befoe it is cast
It was an aspect of a rotten eccoons~ culrlre **1 Intlmldrtson
sad bribery. very much so prevalence tn ro-calcld 'garrlson
constituencies" at previous dectsons it was sust~~lned by- the
'politncks' of both major contestants for state power Peorpic '
National Prty (PNP) and Jamaca Lrabou Paty (rl~'>
Par th comms August 27 poll, the Iecumbent PNP arnt Its to~ at
for power. ILP. have finally embraced the necd to tctmanarc thl
illegal practlce-wa-th much due credit galng rlso to Director of
Elections. Danville Walker, who has sternly set his facc agalnst any
'heeky-panky' attempts to undermanc the ccerecy o~f lt heallot and.
geealdly, te Integrity of the electoral Prroce"
Walker's stature has grown with his recurring involvement
**e the years In arrangemnents for free and fair elections in
elber CARCOM~b states, and it is to Jamakca's glood fortuar to
have im where he is at this time. "Open voting" has never
bena permbissile feature of elections in other C'ARI('OM

CAMPAIGN MORATO)RIIM 'The scrond urnlcque fealture for
elecion (Y1 is the decissok--. co~nwnsuls aln the prrt of
the PNP and JLP. to embrace a call by Prime Mmas~ter Po~rtia
Simpson-Miller for a six-day moratorsum on elclctum campanlpnln
Iac intetionr. as I understand It. 15 to, allow for a perlcxl of
reflection that could inspire positsve social relations and shun bati
political habits that result in physical conflicts and other negallve

11e expectation, therefore. is that from Wednesday. August I

(Emmaccpstson D~a), to omorrow. Aegess 6 (todependecae
seasvrsaury s there uould be sees of the PJtradiil mlodes of
d~amncwns. uh orrrnra nl. A mentannul meangs
or ac~*tsysar th could tenerse seesto ad colbcs.
Nas anty the amccusagr partse for powr would he annocus
so evalumr the pnlsure ratsnl of the us-day morrasonu. hul th
ectualrat as! Jamnul In prlopicr ume tc

The expenment could
prrlvde iamsycu% rvelfor
the rest of CARICOM
waslh member statner ckatnb
to arccltisn twin they could
adapt the a morator aum
(casure an Juammeanc ccinful
polistcs Io thatr own
natsona l cctllons
With the ennalctmnt of
legirasaion to criminalise
ocpen vo~ting". the Daily
Naiion of Barbadoi in
PF~MEM~NWER #WTU ommesxhnge Ias month the
SIMSO msusFnInltave for its contritnstion
to strrengthning elccorl
demtxaracy. had mahodea gnifcans observahion-
The end result of that initisave. said the newspgap, would bc
to the benefit of a Jamaica where "there is already the functioning
Inotltution of a Political Ombudsman (in the person of Bishop Heno
BIlar, that has aqureld a rehurt reptattion f or vea-hadednes in
cleallng with the competitor for state power..."
SI J ma be te* Ida 0ti toIPC exechat the pdamry plyer,
in clriminl violence who have cotibtd o
Jlamic's aleera imagLIC Lue so a mjajo cntre d harder and
trafficking la drrug and gtuns would use the six-day

Godldng. as wcil as giving her PNP alo a marshal lead varying
between three to1 five perces plus.
Thisr sueggsts that for aD he confideebeing raoagliy exrpressd
by btxh combatantr. the rac for staet power still remains close in
a very long reven-wcck campaign
Parisa. the famed political road runer". has skilfully moved
the goarl pclt from the PNP seeking an unprecedented consecutive
fifth term In offirc. to one focused on the first effort of a woman to
he elected, wnlh a mandate of her own, to head a new government.
IIt o happens that the JLPs' Bruce. the polhtician to finally'
displace the time rclckr fo~r an electoral mandate to become Pnme Minister.
"Sinter P"' and her fIer challenger have exactlyl three
wee~ks. after temerrow's independence anniversary
rclebrations sad and d the six-day moratorium on election
caPmpaining, to decisively settle the debate on who better
deserves the electorate's verdict to he Jamaica's new Prime

Vie point




AFTER TH1E terdty~lag ac at terwam slhe ~~bd on the
Narise famy tl Gl rant 1805, C~rabe Crtee to the
Coreaya s hrarfrday, that left see teaecen bystaner
dead, a member of people lajared sad an eatre
comsltyf Le despar, hre sa c am er Skw asu ~ police
c~r lam Ltha h crime ma be reblae to drg ctraffkk*


Getting it right or con idence building

StiMAYI CHIW0IL August 5, 2007 7


qurrartr of the ass to Sloft tunrel wsrhout a crust. driven sisaply
to rtagnes phrdclYYlnU a~nd seemsemnd In the big AS~ian econO-
mcrs. We camd gas the see of the wary on a rumor. and mth prier
nor musiud nlr mcessnly unp shest
The truly 4tnlifksat chuange iss the dtostionl i the stag
stufea of suCpply not th rtwi lcma dssd. New o0-fMs are
use~rts enrr than dicvdo to the previon genrathe (th
test tr? al bg oil donasin to be developed was the North See
in star 19ths. ad they send to be in much, more rease plcac
the msmhes ofl neu deep-cac dnanttg npo now nder consnac
tecn as alawns equal 1so the turacl numbes that currently exrist in dx
sai*d tw-csat? When you ha\Ttr c nJ but r new adl at depthso.
tr\er I.VIn messe under the rea. cru was cl ut orTlhe tar-sands a
answern Aheetsr by equally expensive technsques. th e r of pleo-
Ilful theap a I t asdefisiy out.
)Plj cr ua euarng supply a bit Io keep the pnic hgh ,

puttang so myrp new pr~odutoon apability. Non-OPEC oil ort
as p~rekdece to sta fla for dae next five yearsn. It may nlot rr.
he 'peak of' yet. but as the leas we are seemg a lot of pbenome.
lhat mmuc that Iame,
It the Anndma metigagei doc set t hebkdwd
bel economy into a receseton,Asia demand will go ot n go-
ing out the oB prke does k. At $100 a barre l f w're todc
- or via a deseer through $200 a barrel if MDk Chene de-
cdes to attack tran.

Gwnynne Dyer h a L~ondon-based independent jeaualist whose
artclesr are pu~blisd la 45 countries

TEL: 2 2 54475/2 2 6-3243-9

(Tlhe writer b4 n busilrines executive and former ('urThlbean

Assembly will consider an application
from Taiwatn for mrembership of the UIN

fi. nd other UN bodies. TIhe application w~ill
This II not the first unto that Taslwan rI appllying to1 ]put
the UNS. andc it w~on't be the fIrst tIme that It fathl. 'Illce drltes
ence now\ Ir thatI m~~iStea of applying as Ihe Republic of C'hmr.
theY' gaterlnln is dloing so as Thawn.
The govemment of the People's Republic ofChanu, which
regards'iu Taan as a"province" tha must be stunned wllth nuun-
landl C'hina, Opposes any recognition of Taiwan as a staeIIs i
has zuccewfrully blocredl UN nmemerhip for Taswan In the
past and Is wall continue to do so
Taiwan can count on the surppor of only the twe~nty-fur
counmne strh which it now has dsplomancl relatonr. Ami. Ihat's
not enough to getat by fa TrIs base, as the Tauwanese 1 oresp
Mruster James Huanp minuts
Of the twenl)w -ftourr. coaes, en ae to and the Canbbean. The fIsc Central Amencan couwnvne are
Gluatmala. El Salvadr.* Neairagua. Hondura and Panama. and
the five Canbbean couninh arete D~ Urommacn Repubhc. Itasls.
St Vincens &t the Grenadanes. SI Knts, & tnew land St L~Ucas
Bhclls M-uch as geograprhscall) In Cerntra Amena btan cklur
assocuiaed ulth the Canbbean. w all Jlso sppor Taswan becaunc
of ucasderable e~conscrr awastance
The L'nsted Stats asill nxas takely surppor Tluw~an's ap
phcanoln even though as frmal and dsplomanc tc arre now
with Ctuna. BU b thtwon's help alber
Inded. so the nex ynea orn s. st L more hkey that Tuuasw
wdiU los as keast coe asabic South Amecan caoury thatur- M
rently reogmses at ows Chtan ()nhlaw L~uly. Coas RaC* an
Central Amenca rwrched as allegsaswe fanm lSwan, to (huns
mn the hope of macriasa trade
M~r Heng('s rguen fo TaL~as to ta ies emarsbrr *
sMp of the L~t b that rea s do se neeMb be "a cler twearb"
of te 1948 Univrsal RDelrale a Hama Righ ts wbk
st~ate has **rrwyer to sethled to aB the rights and thre.
doms set fort la tbs c~declarea" sad that "ne dhdac.
slee shall be made as the beats of the p*Mticl, Jrdk .
tional or Ur*Lat rasisa sCis of the commary wr serr ry to
w~ch a peYrse beleags"
The ayrmusea will fly wab ao one. cren 1t as s treposed l
by the represasoves of the causwrInes thus ed n Tarwan for

econom~tic nabssiutace (1unnli wu~,I~ ld argu, IIn manI. that thiwan

the Chinese would funhesl asgue that any) re~ognitionl of Tuslwln
as, a state would amulnt II hallkuiration~ thez tInlal dayssion
of ChINa into hortile subgroupL.- and the UN has/ Ilong rince
turned its back onl approving bulkaniuaton of' rtats.
But, in any event how count~ri vote on thiwan's app~lion-
nion for men~mbrhip of the U:N usu U;N th~wlis w ill Ilavre Illik
to do with the rtregth of legal or pledanent aruments~l andJ m~urh
to do wsth the kset1 of scoun~te awrancule thecy receive Iruns
Cauns or Tasw~an amJlu r*theu coumc benits they rearud as por-

Lras ycar as war reportd thpl SI Vancent & the Grendime
secured a $15 adisoln inan fr Ise coaasuction of'an inisms
lsonal atpurt, and the TnswaMere uuannued a $14 mil~on l~oa
for th e panemun of he soleahmuaal sport in St Kitus.
is I uasd lhas Tassn, as he biggess Jsnle aid doono to drone
IUwo ('~Mbbea estands
In Iaw case of IktIm. Prime Mrinhar Said Mrss paid
an oakist ride I to 1ian In Apd! hisL yeru, rad when co-
ferrilng the Order of Di#tleton oa ~Thtwearse Foreign
Mhlater~r Hesesl a month latrr t was se aoreced that
BeMse had mrecivd US$5 ma- n tw aulnatioa rulveath-
reta rI th govelrament, $20r mtio or debt restractr*
las, sad US$5 mil~l* tw the cnsraction of so adoor
qpuart crla
Although Is wsil makbe no drffewae to trIhe UN~ vat s Sep-
trmber, stu chcquebtroak dIplooaay ir lsf idln to keep Tasan a
crmenmtra wen)asy fur pponess uon-ade Is> then
isus, the (1smere hns beco equally geneus to stact Canrb-
Man supponce. wnssapoff uit s1 mlm rihn Giu)as's debt las
mlcwh. ExuhnL the ['swks Srades so Assequa ad Grenade shas
Inserd WUkIW Imn to futhame uam a uswarr pconad. ad plran Granads a
trass at jemative
And. rs r serretedr shw (7ssa has see made a St bthou so
urm surppon s l..ass Asuctuan and alw Canbb~an So. Otans
uill camancr *o psawr .awa a laman ar usfppe partacularly in

So~uth Ameursea wherre F~re Tradel Agrreements are on offer~
Chlin's b15 problemLr 1n some Caribbean countries, particu-
ladry Barbador, TIrimldad
anod Tobago, and Antiglua
and Barbuda. is the resent-
mend ofLocal consr~uction
firms of the competition
they are aOW fcing from
(lnnee companies.
Local trade union
organssassons have also
loaned the light saying that
the plo!ng fiddl as; not level
asse hagis(anhbeanibabur
standard. mecludang hours
of work. are not followed
by Chbinese companies andi.
in adrtion, thy enysy Inl
cad duy-fre concessson
fromth grovermments.
Tats rusesanes has
bee espeisecd to Afrk where patest at the emptey
meet prtank d C'hine er **pra I Zambia emte
earlier thi year, sad So#Uh Africs Pree~est Thbek
MMbh ten Deceber warmd Aldca to smud agls faB.
bsu blae s M Mswb ".tbrlp Wh tM ~lb,
hav she here preseaLs, Lectedin Iana as C~aes best
seemes againt both CY m and Thlws
MllI th pusms t the growint argncy of some fom of
urras arra~ngeea between Caribbeas consirie and Cias in
parrcular dha lay down rules and sladrds fo competiag
so Inrcal maskets. Without it. reserateat issre tao is-
la the ===***4 as Tldwea ask mebr~ atI1 the
UN in Septeber. ksr em cratat i tha begeally
to th commisse k aslpports wWI as hel M

Prampn.* t: 1'(1Wealdmsadess296******i

i ofl ttheIntt srkrodowraturani ntheworld
economy- fodowd a \pike in due prkce ofcr o0nd
we are headingt for another spikerwith oil back
aop near the peak of $78.40 a gallea that it
Freache~nd almost excl year ago. A recrd anumbe ofop-
tions contracts are now beingt saki that entitle customer to
boy oil in the fstart at $100 a barrl. That tells you where
the inskle playrs think the price of o is hesidt ing, ce
those options will only be of value if the prke were actutayy
arbove $100 a barrel .
That as tbc pace tha Goldma Sachs. th world's hlagged bro.
kerage house. predictd oil womid reacts by 2009. However. rmac htl
negative headline fbrthr disrupion of suIpphes frm SIgena or
Iraq. say and oil could be trading at over S100) a barre by news
rwath. But the concern is not really about odl places. It < about
what morre expensive oil wsil do to the world economy. and the
professional optimists are srtll optimratic.
The sprlke as $78.40 In July. 2006 didn't cause a recession. so
why should this one? Indeed. why would even $100 a barrel cuse
a global ecorwnnac mests. given that oine hundred US dollars today is
only worth about the same In mrnt other culrencies, as $78.40 was'
a year ago? -
Oil sales are almost all denormnated in US dollars, which are
worth almost a third kms in wuro. pounds or yen than they were
two years ago. so, the countries of the Organisation of Petroleum
Exp~rting Countlesl(OPEC,. arc not rolling In sudden wealth. The
oril expolrters spend most of thcar incorme in other currencies, o frm
their point of view the recent surge In the oil price only restore
the purchasing power that they lost over the past twor ycars due to
the UIS dllar'9 slide.

More smlrrwranlty. mnrs of the ess Imputtecrs of ustI In the
rnulultrrml u, was .mr we really payrnl much mms farl ac than
shF) were IU( rn rr c~mrr lie out t the fall so the \.aloC of nee do~lla. so (t's was realY
buseecn EcN0 a are ifal.
InE s easnused. Isus they gas II~le
rqnywrhy In the Mkddl Eastarn
cranlrnfr that dmsassc OPEC.
as musti of these govemrnerts tk
have shal PResdent Bads's ianve
soon of iraq has made their
reesgbombond a far more dangr-
on place. OPEC is not gorpIng
pump morre est ot of grasitude for
Mr. Bush's pohrcoc
AsI for the sleep fall is the
Valee of the UNS dollar, that's
wshat happens to your curreak'1
when you try to fiiglt so expen-
she fotreign war wilthout rabte r
ing taxes at horne (as Richard
Nixon found out over Vietnamn 6-*
in 1971.) Seventy-six donfers a
barrl will not cause world economic growth to stall andi
even $100 a barrel might not do wo. But will it stop there?
What is really significnt sabut the current surge In the price of
oil is that it has N(rT heen driven by some apparently apocalyptic
crisis like the Arab-Israecli war of 1973 or the Iranian evolution.
(Neither event was actually all that apocalyptic, In retrospect. but
the matcrketl on' t do long-term perspective.) We have got three-

T WrMn

SIB te denied


Oil IJO bre

Of $20

An international agency is seeking candidates for tle
followingls positions:


Main duties:
*Performs secretarial and admlnestrative functions. including
preparation and drafting of memoranda. correspondence and
technical reports, assembling correspondence for malling, and
making calls. Arranging and making internal and external
appointments or meetings with offcals. visitors. experts'
consultants. government authorities observing formal
* Draft requests and I or input information on coptertzed system
for different administrative procedures for t issuance of
contracts. purchases orders, travel arra gmnts. logistical
requests, and preparation of charts. among otes

*Diploma or Certificate in Secretarial Science or at least five (5)
subjects at GEC/CX C.
*Five (5 ) yea rs experience In a comparable capacity.
* E excellent comma nd in E ngllsh; knowledge of Spanish
and asset.
* High level computer literacy. excellent communication and
writing skills.
* Comrrutment. integrity. drives for results. embracing diversity,
Team work, and Initiative

Salary Scale is Q$88,)00.00 per month
Please submit a covering letter with current curriculum vitae no later than
15 August 2007 to:
Country Office Guyana
P.O. Box 10969

An international agency is seeking candidates for the
followings positions:

Main duties:
* Provide transpoRtatron services to staff In agency's official vehicle.
Picking up and delivering correspondence bulletins, circulars,
messages. passports and other documents or packages. Supporting
the secretarial area in reproduction of documents, and other duties as
assi nod

Requiremnents :
* A sound secondary school education.
* Safe driving record and 3 years of driving experience as a
* Working knowledge In reading, writing, and speaking English.
* Thorough knowledge of local traffic regulations, and road system.
airport rules, and regulation governing the expediting of
* Current license for motorcycle, car. van and lorry.
* A driving vision of 20/20
* Basic knowledge of vehicle mechanic and maintenance.
* Must be prepare to have frequent interaction with variety of people.
Neat, Courteous and Professional.
..ralaI1.Scle_`c~ei iLs 01,

Please submit a covering letter with current curriculum vitae no later
than 15 August 2007 to:
Country Office Guyana
P.O. Box 10969

Cultivating a

Culture of Peace


IIliaIts huse ac strongy hold ost our behaviioir. use
sonnetissne thlin twosu IrOlr ahuitual bcaruse the !

Il~r L usn lqr .mnrr thanp Ir ute Ik\F II tne masso lul I b Ithstsr\L 1
we rr hav Jlkrhn 'Nlr.[ w it th:4 Ihnc tremise insul of sun allur
to bre ~1Jlla~r. c~ llren pd R: pubg JIn a sure !< Icca t .m." Iw

Cc Iran rarbag rr.ung I u b WI, drac betund ma~nsbus e asi tous c .and :
ilhl ce IImrPlhU .uk tuit1)1 btrawlr tha a bcl\chg lamics! thow IICPI
tlr hew rn\ anther maata~~~l hkths htI att aa ean a
So Cr th a as healureor M oual o sata ldabh: ado moderwe

if Ithe do not desire to do so. Hence vietrat in a WKocity
clanno be addressedl at the Insiutinarl levl only, tot firal
and foremost atr thedividual lead. He~lsnest consider so
~ladoivies who we (flabs sagness (ourrive, sad rob aSd
kW each other, are we one harday ountrrere? Hbesa we brea
rp our roads ad herec does bedlap. arr w os dra yi~ng
easee anod our rtchilrew acce to a better Ilife AR re eot
rododeda the alrdy Itdled geseracmen vnrro tum hal *ould
be ead for other senseary Ifrastr~rctral developralt?
Thur culture of rssissap ammagt ouln cise rsslf-desrturcrs,
and crease a bad assupc wi ur pcupl so the rcars of the anscena
asonal conmmunny He her alway been a PcaPkr of degray, a p~rop
stan Iaught fr and ncaned selfdetermanusan By liathesy arnsw
oursdses, we mad a rmesag thlss we wu\carel \alur such isherty
and acarglhnnpsmel w hol as much need as a pr1ep 1s a rada
cJl change from abe okI culure of tracs and pullsaclly notes aled
vsokwce. I submol that th ran fo~rmersat s dctl te t bases h rur
pahswlkJ Icaders it begsa wash achb sdsvadua l skat responhat t
tha you do no demar sa n Heacc. change r Pas ar tIlhe new r.
To chanace a hatnrs~ sake Ie shop comnrmrmer and pata1Cc Com
mrsmene owne when ur maeRL chrhes

10, I:<.*111Il wall ''I"n' *Lan us pin1 the tranit

em., see s, as n ..a ni sn a p nan a 1Ii (rn. "

Ic~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~11~11 :nuulIal s~le h u o hyw111 w on

therii s tur

I am noti in

lng these )njus.
tIces r ), gnored

Lshrd. As a mrnet
ter of facl. Jan-
skrr he prerrqurbtle for pract. (hr of the hikngl I *used )or
to see haqppr in our county 14 a nuatinl day of bcralin ad
recacftlrion that presider for primarll) the Biss rand lndl*
see to sntr sad in a suratafdl crermoniess way to cnfrm
to thr 14S o our generrfadaa sad begiln a process of assonl r thatside at Ithis I tw~cre our effonrt sad ite~r.
rwbo *ll ber so tir .
lrsusurc mentcn daums che new hrisasses rgen arnd rCasn as
necessalry unisi II to comleshedhc .ss a famdear passesn we
abackeld she wuodd as o~ur )l ast electn by conductanl: our at
fasta so a decent. matute mariner itssiryun war rcraJtd he
cudstl for thr rcrompllrhmwns must be pylcn atn so our puts
in sonc. busto Il ).lw pe fopic
~yu. the p~r.gc deadedJ )ou well conduct yourselver soa
paceful mannn You deadeJd that yoru ha cooug, of the rssfusag
anrd the smirae You made chang pmasler I suinstl dthefre ther
wfar* we fe a jlras apportunny IIo prew~re ad ppe~rpac s cut-
sure of peace so rur usscr
14@ ams s~oI br resrnard by abe evld that peuasee th
heaurt of eagrc traer to facitr rredal diskermons rand *6**
korac. Let as, st propr. Iake ourr coonsrr batck tak our fe-
late imAr. ad k t a prpetass a cultrrs o peace.

ab nsinhacrhi dd/ni n

US$ZM ad pin rna
Meanesot" a "Tlrinildadian" womiani charged with ahbuinl
bind ~ rsllll~lL :C n~l~ljirS a Illj~lS s at dolre horos.
1 11\ h~ lee 2Ru, n;r acud ofCI.II uny1u\ ad p 111.1 :) :$ ljlchndsto wrll

~ 1 I iIu vert;*t colcll:u Le Km tl2.l c adopted \ ld tchildrau e n. T uns e~~
of tha,~ n ;d velomnrr al(\ ds hkd..; 1 urlm New Yod.l Ci~n ty a Wale
AuhntI baseve~N Ire Kmrl held t'H) )Ladop e pchdrnlik rsoess
lIm isse.0te handcultuld time tro drethr d furrin thnin VAJm thes

".0 e unteslJ tat abt ixe loA dar cuisten of bank cr~ ~u
Ah nuicnianvid them ha Id atles todrc abene wt
Adjesent ines andth Souald~f' Scr\unty numfrmnlE spitesn T&1 lil
helrlrr nairry f magemel!an d eopt her Ven/uld an a c r rl
It< bnu rrtlx Km retnd adi huo )S-. dio
<011irretnelwu denpl runtul aggrattchildah I ~u eufakeken
rm d alase fct as datable a duywnl t. rid un
ifh coin Ilctd, Yohe radfce 19 yeatrs an prIs on ~r i~
1.< She mdctd e he loedde hldrenilvumieig~r tm se arlc Ihs
uShe o cnunwrl~ure hmad ferad 3them N~in o hbe

luedrl abae Krrcs to trudlmi aotu the chde anhad ben 18)erece
urnu, usefare amnts u~aarr dent addroesses and~ ban k Pabantsun

The Palmu Beacts Potportd erna t Lee Kin wa ~b e as fiea~a
sand agated hen 199 fr sustar u dallgsosivlin i aec

Ind sth Lee Ksa' ca s te lcam to hgh Jly 4he Bnd nB 1-ar-o
cd cMma rble away hfrom ee Ka' hm

itsr where you belong
A Leadmp fnancrIa sustatul~tum as rccng toc saust a nrustby ~Yd person who, will be
scprqnsrh for all aspects of the smotulsum` Anats~mp rand Treasury flation.
Thut persn wsit he a key membe of~ the nurugemmen team and will report directly to the
Kery RMmain
Arprnnual Busilncew Plans ad Rudget' e
Preparre nmasi I ma rx a Srtacments
ProduceMonthiz h;umanaem nt amma was-l vanaKrx analyses
fWrect the srputum and rrturn of Sauaryw Reports
M Allr asphet genral accounts and day e-da\ accounting functions of the sastituion
Ma~pnacmnt ofThe fn~hlmatuso a rensur hfuneson rrK ludmp the day-toody mamansacer
&; rmnagement ofl Ibc mrltsmoon a reserve and inptadsty partntsm and Itavestment potfdoo
*r Rev. UPea updasc and mpldn dclfrrte secountmyp ad mtcmal financsl
trqua*ng rvscmr nd pcrdrocdw

Job. fptkstion Exd~pericace:
Allnlmuml of mt yeaT nrrrl\ aten ncnac e maccououngp and finance management wits
'"'~cPannr r rpomlhlrrr Lune ~reothwa mua he rssanoxmrrmanaemenlevel.
Prcumusu capenenec In the financsal w7cence secor and knatowldg ofthe Bankr of
( utyana Act. the F Inanclal Insatutsonsr Act and the Secuntses Indrutry Act would
r hll"r h f crpllterIlocratcaendhav\e epenenccofMlcrsoA Onice Suite.
ExnccIlent watnl~crrr And loralhr cmnrnetsonsk t.
,ne strnosunrk nalatemaupsu
Salary rad othr benefits:
Anarcm.ti upy commensrarte wtd xaiaemnr poe heap benefrusincluding nonontribuory
"'"somriuouF .iead heeldin bcmes and reulkrbous d un perfonrtc.
Inerersted opplicants re ucnvited to submit their corrnculum vitae with two referenes and lettr of
interest no lolor th.. .....0, 200, to the fodowing ddress:
mheA~istantanao ge-HIann -a-n
Citizesa Bankr Gulyana Inc
201 Camp &r Chariott Sts. Lectyown. Georgetown



The following vacancy exists at the Wildlife Dtivislon 263 Eart's Avenue,
Subryanville, Georgeton.

The typist willl be attached to the Trade Section and w#Ill assist In the processing of
darments and data enity.

A minimum of five passes at CXC or GCE 'O' Level which~ includes a pass so
English Language (General not lower than Grade III or GCE 'O' Level not lower
than Grade C); a pass in typewnting at CXC or GCE at the Grades stated above or
Pitmans Intermediate Typewntang with the ability to type at the rate of a minimum of
thirty-five (35) words per minute; a working knowledge of Mlcrosoft Word and

Applications along with curnculum vltae, recent police clearance and two
references (one of which should be from a former employer) should be submitted
no later than August 1 7, 2007 to:

The Head
Wildlife Division
263 Eart s Avenrue


POlice capable

of handling

C o m i si*e *r e Meanwhile, when ques-
COMINIS(loner Greene c c :::::i-
`orlumassioner explained that
ACTIG Cnsmnioer f Ibesesca~uk w re adeover 3.50 ranks countrrywide
Pullr HnryGrene estr. orefwne tom aadet wadswere reccally trained to hasndle
dayIIUIC reiterated r) th s te musda snieHrse all matters relating to crunel
not akig i apaityto sthhph oweedwcponundThis training was done at
hande ay crminl atisiy oher ustanets eterd three different levels in crime
in (;urnan. This reassurancebrneadtraser ml fighting, for officers and ranks.
was ued at Prss Cnfe. t d~uagig scrsa sicns n i was fackhitated by the British
.rnc hlr brid toe updair the the prcln,\cl of1 buinessman., Govemmarent. He explained that
media onl recent robbers In Shamnasanc NasantC A fenudae teofcr eeas xoe
Krgion, M1. passer-by was ksited durtag the theo iefreshere tainin cxorses
\gaAm t rpuer a hs wo-hus bulletridden rampae. rsveral weeks before the last
of Ic ile lc~uquaices I~e Acordg t theConimis ( eneral Elections in August
I csssGer gtonn omms sme the pubce were sLafmed d 1006. and another training
wal~rs Gcccl sant~ thtu tiwI~r have ofth anciden at 3:1Sam. after / / Lurse will be done later in the
has ot 00 oe fht a~asst he handits had escaped. He
etnunurl ckleanew soIsn(; u aM l notecd that a hlth-level scam )MsYGS'g y le admnrusvtraon Is work-
11 UII ll)l sntUC r CI)oI ensre tha rtl una t Jostll Services was dis. ~BeTac poIKe ranks, members gtwad mlmetn h
(;Guwrnc duatl In a n asssto par hed Ito the reason to conduct of r Ibc Tetsca Scryscte Uni I"I Poi arse R efom Programme
mentof hsued afey ad tht asesagason (TU) ad oherlawenfrce which wall cover several area
annos tey ell e asasd bythe waspermnant scluding: setting up a SWAT
unst and SWAT trirung. an a~nts-

Enhanced foot & mouth disease =rw cotrla" nlg
Government w*Ill be re-

preventative measures at CJIA th @~r oc, ';,9$."'.
fliF. litaba~r? of Agrkadisrr Guyana has beecn declared as curgng persons travedsag b- fortnskc laboratory. esbta~blh-
has Impirmented rab~ancd andctclu marked reef f law andl tween Go arnl ad Ihe Unsted int approximately 72 police
persentathe measures a the Moutrh thwaw witho~ut banoI Klngdomr rln to hon any mess stations and emphasising
( brddl Jagan Intrnatr~ionst nasson Ilnce the \cre 2000) by or meat ptroducts Ista there, so community action wlhich wIll
Airport foduatat rrports o a th (Macfinte IIIlrnatual Ips; use ftndhathsr 1leadedl on thcar entaIl wsorkrIng with stake.
Foot used Mloultfhr~ I rs ut mn dktHat Ulant arm l ah It 16< upou n to hodess of the respcrtiver com-
break In the I rsited King, (Ie mamitie to bring them closer
does theY Maloo yrutr P ree i to pagte le) se (th reform process. (GINA)

IDB president

Luis Alberto

Moreno visits

.11R. L.UIS A\lberto .1oreno, Pmlrresdn of the InterrAmeri-
can Developmecnt Bankr (IDB), was rlpected in G;uyanu lra(t
evecning for a two-dayd tk.o tbe ) nda re
denr. overwes op~rnowns of Ith IDB Gaspul whsch rs madeul up
oirk thanks andl as\ rmuafha, the Inte-Alme~l n canlrt~ inwnen u
parautumnd t1he .11utlateral inistment fund 113c Hian's cost
tral nundate i, to reduce povery, enhance soclial uat rual pro
note casvurmmetll y sustainble ecnmacr growt ~It pnons)
arcas of asltnity aIre \on~al programmes,. sllKtclnpeatavne a
modemtrmslsn eithe st~rurandropenalsagraolln
in this regard, the Banki has played an actor\ role in sup
porting a number ofI hrghly successful developmntrall
progroammes u Cinri Guyna. an e Goverment~ or Giuyana has
shared a strong relarrtsombp w~ith th Bank and, s panracular.
with its outOlry offCCice Getarglowt
,Mr. Mureno uill engage in a wrkanug assion this aftermanu
rith Presaden Bharras Jagdcoasu Stac House, dung utuc~h das
cussions on Gusana's Jerdoplmen ragnd and the svolvement
of the IDB mn he rnmpklswatalson of this ageode are crpncted
to (carnar promatently
Thevat wn l abo be t markd by th symauy of a seduncal
Coopertion areermen for the fuananca of feasabehty stakes
for the irrmp roesar of th Gero*~retnw-ete Road an nu-
tiative ofb the legrano of Regional innfasruc tur Sa ouh
America (IRSA) a Stale Home foiowsag Sundary's wotrkas
sesast The tota finrrant ag f the c s udamouns to USSI 125
million, o whi ch th IDB will provde t'SS900.000 and Gov.
by Pt9aea c nMir D~r. Ashm Stagh an behralf o the Go~astw

h~io~ Iu r~ Mr. 3( tacrro* aW1 aIse vbit~or ra nm

he r atIDammead prqets bre beI Lt esws for tlded



Apphclalons are ravlted from sullltaly qulifielh d pecrsons for thet following~ x tI~o ns r~\

Enhanced foot & mouth ...

p~reea aB foolwer to theIir possesumn for slenlazaban by sai-

~ijlowing a wn aetiglnan of *uspecte vesicular disease
isy Aamal Healds Offecash o a holdsag near Guildford in Sur-
sty.Eaghu tlld.Iabo(Yreryrws frh) ula ry evening indicalcdthe
preseasetbe Feas an Mouds hee wasr su sa mpls frmm
t~arlt on d presse
Oe the Inshi of Ise usualJ laboratoy results. Debble

fual ad mosabr diseme is assase safections disease which~
cos ewr fn JO~Iowed by (bs deveLop~men of Vesicles (blistrrs.
ctactly sath mem canrd ee dge fee). The disease is caneedd by .
suu was o 1wch tese ag seve tyrpes.
Tbts disease is spress by mlovement o
perseas, animals vehkl and oter thigs whkh have
krr ~ ~ ~ o vblr I *r mr. I abap, pip and


Co-ordinator. Substance Abuse Prevention

(s) A Degree Io SuLaal Work or Nursing or S~jcoal S<~.rcew.o along) wln
rwo (2) years pocst qluakficatlon experience Irn Hea;lth Promoblon
focusing on the development of programmes aJlrned at substanrce
abuse prevention

(n)) An Associate of Scance Degree In Metdlcal Tosh)nology~ or
Pharmacy o< Environmental Health along with three (3) yearS post
qualificatron expeneou*r In nHealh PromolumK fouInrl~rg on the
developments of progra~'mmes acme!d at subs~tancr abhuse


((n) A Ospioma 'n SOcar~l Work along wsth frve (Si yealr s ost
qualrfacatioo exp~cenece Io Hea;lth PrOmotY en) orY.ussMJ onr the ?
development of programmes .7nrmed at substance~ abw.9 c
prevenho z

Ca-gadjDAItf Youth Friendly Services

(I) A Degree Io Soclat Work or Nurseng or Sowsra S~cnonce ,wath two (2)
years post qualificatKon expenence In Hea;lth Plromrotnc Yout~h
Fnendly Services or other health services deb tllry Peer Edlucatsnn
Counse~ng. andlor Programme Manageme~Hnt

(uI) An Assooate of Soence Degree ,o Mor( trechou q~,, or
Pharmacy or Enonrmental Health~ilong waNl threer (3;r years post
qualifiation expenence Io Health Pro~moteln. Youtrh irnandly
Serves or other health ~srvlrce dehworv Poorr Edullc;;aon.
Counsethng andlor Programme Managemon*~


(usI) A Osploma In Socal Work along with five (5) years post qualification
expenence In Health Promotion. Youth Friendly Services or other
health service delrvery. Peer Education. Cournse~lling, andlor
Programme Management

Applications should be forwardedr notl winter than Augrr ust 17 2007 to the office of the -

Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Health,

Auistraian gallery says

Dutch master is fake


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the work of D~utch mastlr
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krry ofc~iah sid onl Lriday.

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I1(T. (Ind I.omple 1I \.~lectio 'ts
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use11 of .111 unknowni\~l InII.u was

1( dtd )ep,clr II,1usialr b the
cLlt nwus e pbshsKei

The painting titled "Head of a man" which has been In the
possession of the National Gallery of Victoria is shown in
this handout photo made available on August 3, 2007.
REUTERS/Natonal Gallery of Victoria/Handout

Co-ordinator, Substance Abuse Prevention
Co-ordinator. Youth Friendly Services

()PPAMlA, Japras (uterap .
Berrr-brrashr bruare. A new
conceps car *lth
breathals ter-like detection

effrtr to keep Lmparerd drh.
on off thr road.
lrname Antdc~l dsca sson
hcutag Obhcl ex~ut, wrarl and~
atet an ther~ nas gatnJ \ alem
and )twkinR up the syncarsn of

msw parncoga seat rrws akdad d
Inch.l uhilr a dscaor* tn the
Rcus shift Ana~h measures Ihe
properatun re the dro cr a palm
ckher crwmakes wsth desec
clel r stemr na lude Swedes' '

utrCwos In wttwo rnerls hk'"

hrl hcrt m~ng (m ry
IIU1 Nsuanl~ tU caYU~r~ armi

neou~nted LcameraL~ thtsncdlltors
allncanes by eye uscanrnglng
WIrlb ad assusall a vas~e message
soI Jywruas o I-sitissh at a dnlve

Jlumid pull over and rest,
ther c~ar Icchnolog~y is \rail so

(PlenwY turn to page IS)

Nissan gets testy

With dr unk drivers

SWIDAY CHRONtCLE August 5, 2007 9


Upper Brickdam

July 27, 2007


Notice is hereby given for General Information of the Intention to grant a Special Mining Permit to each of the following persons over an area represented by the following block
numbers within the former Omai Gold Mines Limited Prospecting Licence areas which boundaries are defined as:

Tract of state land located in the Potaro Mining District No. 2 as shown on Terra Surveys Topographic Map 44NWscale 1: 50,000 with reference point'X' located at
the confluence of the Essequibo River and the Gilt Creek located with geographical co-ordinates of longitude 58" 45' 2 W and latitude 5" 25' 35 N.

Thence at true bearing of 336", for a distance of approximately 5 miles 1000 yards, to point of commencement;
Point A, located at geographical coordinates of longitude 58*4T'19"W and latitude 5"30'O"N, thence at true bearing of 270*, for a distance of approximately 6 miles 205
yards. to Point B, located at geographical coordinates of longitude 58*S52'39"W and latitude 5030'O"N. thence at true bearing of 1 80*, for a distance of approximately 2 miles
158 yards. to Point C. located at geographical coordinates of longitude 58*52'39"W and latitude 5"28'11i"N, thence at true beanng of 90*, for a distance of approximately 1
mile 529 yards. to Point D, located at geographical coordinates of longitude 58*51'31"W and latitude 5"28'11"N, thence at true bearing of 180*, for a distance of
approximately 4 miles 58 yards, to Point E. located at geographical coordinates of longitude 58*51'29"W and latitude S*24'41"N, thence at true bearing of 90', for a
distance of approximately 4 miles 1385 yards, to Point F. Located at geographical coordinates of lni tude 58*4T'19"W and latitude 5'24'41"N, thence at true bearing of 1*",
for a distance of approximately 4 miles 483 yards, to Point G. located at geographical coordinates of lnitude 58*4T'21"W and latitude 5"28'24"N, thence at true bearing of
90*, for a distance of approximately 77 yards, to Point H. located at geographical coordinates of longitd 58*4T'19"W and latitude $*28'24"N. thence at true bearing of 0*,
for a distance of approximately 1 mile 1483 yards, to the point of commencement at Point A.

Thus encloing an area of approximately 20495 acres, save and except all lands lawfully held or occupied.

Any person who claims he has any night or interest to the area to be granted and will be injuriously affected by the grant of a Special Mining Permit may within twenty-one (21)
days after pubication of the first advertisement lodge with the Guyana Geology and Mines Commisston a petition objecting to the grant of this Special Mining Permit .

wH J~arv
W. H. Woolford
Commissiloner (ag)

CN *.nr '(l
i) ali L L4,$>@4

lie.r t gO,.
t asse**,e.

As m,a cm
rae we tes wr

(I.-.a rr me.a.

ra: se kt

'.~~~n CP
(rruto ea.

Wtestr men
0h~Lo ICse

hc~rr smear o

.'as *rr 5
*a-naor .4 ~
~g)re P* wrrs

?torwairs 14way

,I~rune towruam

' tku( dlden (ate agd 'VV4

so mua~e Aveue uteo $g 1
"I~ h* fattur f~dtWL 01DUSFCV
*(~ Iuses rwntras knee 55E"''~" "E

.rrn 4n~ tom ~ filts kum Gte AE
'seUat (*3ent snee a ~ TS~ar S~
., t wy, r *ve.' la M & M

.rilUd.w taony..ase r ag Gate 6 aos tre
1. cnodseress Vi]AtaihPY at O
1O~~dv Mite lasted AmnC fas@ M Slp gealusenraa
.( Irlto~ CI car g r+ Gad 4490
la Mates InAbas Y*lrlatsu Gats YYS cli Ia nr~ ^

to 17 erate n r Lorsur toa 7arrpov m

uc. c~rl?8otraw e~j

r rahvowsta L.u FGene Csow
Lattw Mahdas rumrstoer Gode ^-w 65

.r Peap t4u~ nsh es..... Gen
(; VHtun Mr arerrarpu ~ r ~ ~ Zi
Iwr ct rr r Dec roun Stw rk or Crek: 1dDenr
F rt VSet Osrne ka* u~l~ ~
199 t (I ed Cbrrwou~l w Fwas Good11
I1r6 cxcevn itZr,~wr iGoodl 9056 1_
weye a rlar~CM, Cwan C~cM 4

' sir*wso t wora arr anrw organ.- cs eiPoiu tn
\llorr an.aywral nrae.r Gae rYIDm (ademond
tr a(.mnanan so..- cas r~dLi
rr lho WinesP 'ca 'n~
Its? SeCorri6rMIs Asw*riw GldImGoe4PgIDSSo
km ngm caWIn wearl cep mrr case opt

Filrst $4age ag Mlie

Cerpel Adr Lds 6 eterrn II~mpe 1.R#.rery wentIC

Stena 941ssee ll) f arr~r: ms OrmSnpu~ac somew .1; ..s

Mararrd tr Sour Ma Telr- brtr '. b r -,.~ T*:lrts ed 3 -r *,: .arat

vtseC~F Brur 4S 8( A-rre Cnaia Gene4 'aer (c: Oit

Unegrain e 4nor r Ga sr.~as **I.hs cs erwae Us

R~rcr 3rr* ?'r e rysmru rC
Lears Cser 0 Mnk taros Pots
~Lc:Mr *; W muan M*s Mre rr: to
Rltress B-sagr I! identisle agr, Cseie Gene 0*our GCa or hOunr~a lire A
F-rcrt Caids 18MiI%1Iitrain rtrrr PI r Initrsrree I.


Glenage Congag i Cr J1 1 f trapCs Ira .5 tTH&

r~~ss ~ as5~ )I re d Parks (i1 Et

flarrortl Lar 12 Fr Sweet f orrk1 '. ~ ir# Percs irs e4
h~~r Dub ~~ astood 0amerra G1~ A~r r
?ornmes Trma riiye a IIWMik wasL n was I)erLa;t~~~

Oee Erpsy Tisro~r Miss 4talw apcstero ar PMrswear 3rw. A~i

asnka Fm arm v Cae S re Essq t rr 'ct
Canrl Ddcha Fm reesia Let, r$4k ra
StayR A Gama Mrasiccay Ears es Derert ( r r~~n
Jacquere o aurge ageeon sne umog 0

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Gu yana YellowPages.g a

A star t up romance

inspires an Internet start-up

Gkwanni Charls ard C~nwrvan Maha, the couple behnd



Th~e Guyana Elec~ton~s Com~miss~ion invites seated bids from eligible
and qualified bidders for the erection of a security fence at Guyana
Elecion~s Commission Head Oilice. 41 High and Cowan Streets
Persons/aAgenies desimur of tendering are asked to purchase the
prbscrbd Tender Documenrt from the Guyana Elections
Commission, Accountsi Depeaartmen, 72 Htigh Street, Kingston,
Georgetown, at a non refundable cost of five thousand dolars
($5,000) .

Tenders must be addressed to the Chainnan, National Procurement
and Tender Administration Board and de~poitedr in the Tender Box at
the Ministry of Finance, Main &~ Uquhert Streets, Gogtown, in a
sealed enrvelope, which does not idenbLfy the Tenderer. The envelope
should be clearly marked on,1 See9 tp ef hand corner "Tender for
Conrstrubon of a Secrifty Fence for GECOM'.
Tenders close on 21' August, 2007 at09-00] hours and Tendererg are
invited to the opening on Ten~denr, Immeaaely aeJ~r cosure.
Tenders must only be submitted on the prescribed forms and must
include a valid GRA and NIS compliance octificates or they will be

Gocoorl Boodoo
Chie ElctHio Offiicedr
Commissonrw of Regisration.

1CMnE Credit wlll be. awarded ~for eac Lecture

Dr. Mladan Rambaran
Director, Medical & Professional Services
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation

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Tlhe biggest marketing tool
for the silte however, remains
the site itself. For a website
not yet officially launched,
GiuyanaiYellowPages,gy easily
impresses with its easy design,
maneuverability (or surf-atbility,
rather), and sensible layout.
No gaudy Flash images, and
tackily blinking fonts a pur-
powrtd Caribbean Online Yellow
page site providlingthe basis for
com~pairison herre just simple
halph quality pictures, and a
spare (elegant and utilitarian)
uac of Irxt.
Btkrh young entrepreneur
berlieve that while the time
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the gyrowth of ofl~ae services
in G;uyran, they are stilll
treladg in uncharted tentl-
tory. They belev that whle
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WHEN (the Ilatrnelt bubbl -
that stellar growth la the
vallue of onllinr sr~vies *ad
truding of goodb that marde
rirtual overnhtlUI mlPlonnlirtes
of college anid highhhool
dropouts across ther LN -
bur~(scit !e nyervr ago. it
wesulrd thtli noI ani ofunine II
entreprenertshipt had come c
'unider-ud' pines~r like

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Addasnally. whescma th fisat r
wavep orade corre Pretworstsp

has mde ns the ma~te stNet k
Annmeca sacaborar Lardge re-
sposalbi for the bes to the

lirst p~IlaCe,
vana~ Mahusue, the young co~up~le
twha~nd GucyunulYello~wl' agcs~t: y,
thlat Is new br of~ web, entrep~re-
nes he oman, n

(1IC o whubIF(L asi) *jd) hat 11 l
thenlrr autusslson uplhonded

\ch-w Ivt .syc> webr t Ius gj(ln
(Junes..tiu alrnig prounrhs r
Ptwo use th ago tha reter on
sho Ifeather bmu lvan y so:uke
atLncr suinan wcfh dessa ca ~
petTF ar atek Chria. by tued
Hprky, gmo gtctprsn. ss a~I t W
nnaf and vaull achuca w a rre
umarea o seaky so GRUyana an

t~cfamn ervece a yc ar ofLcaw

canline as: if thy have been in the
busbiness for years. Mahase
feerla that in a way they have.
"We are online every day,"
shre told Sunday Chronicle, "and
we liee more and mocre
Gjuyaneser websites are a~ppear-
lng. Many of therm weren't
these Iwo or three years: ago*
andJ even lehb whern we first
sl~urtedsurliaM "
Whalle ( harles c~oncurb. he
1:I lrlll na urt d sulco~lve ntrrle

of ancdtalU .2 aClrubdono Ime"
the1. Irl bras of thuat lun tn?
Jnct h nuewaeJo he
when wetrnt tcks :ied, fon
naty use orIlrte th e snutof b
M0."her eseas exr~ ampi ofhe

prehmmaurpuy researrrc thy an
druct k~ro rrr.p~
W~hat starwrrte outas dar -
a page rc two on one of h'

base cmpay oreas the ud
Mahlasel -bw Nara br* duct -

Not only hews day capred a

GPHC inl colaboration with~ US Military Tropical Me~diclne will be conducting
a sedfes of CMAE Lectures as follows







Tuesdayr Augut 7. 2007

1) Dr Mtichael Zapor
Infectious Otsease Physician
US Military Tropical Medicine
2) Dr. Jamnes Richard
Dermatologist, US Military Tro~pical Medicine

Thusday Arlges 9, 2007
1) Immetra~otiona Update
2) Developmental Delay, Oiagnosiso and Wkorkt up
1) Dr. Paul Keiser
infectious Disease Physician
2) Mlitar Tr picalbMedicine
Paediatrician, US Military Tropical Medicine

18*001s 20:00ft (8 8 pm)

Eye Clinic Waiting Area'
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation


S IlpDAY QjIWlrrAwust k,zol i

Lif spring Ministries 'living the Word of God'

work and offerings would yield
good results.
The Mission of the
Lifesrpring Ministries, is: "To
kLeep the witnessr of Truth alive
in Guyana, according to the
standard of the Word of God."
And so, apart from
preaching and teaching the

__ __


..* ord Health Orgentrationr
Bldsr are Invited for sale of
The sale is on an "as is, where is" basis

Model: Volvo 1998, 940 4 door Sedan Car
Colour: Black
Engine: No. 005386
Chassis No.: YV8194816W1248625
Condition: Working

InspeCli00 On site may take place from Monday to Friday, between the hours of
9 am and 4 pm at the:



Offer marked "Bids for VOLVO' in the upper left hand comer of the envelope
must be received by 12:00.noon.Pn Tuesdai. Awugust 1. 2007 at the
PAHOlWHO Office. 84ck~dam.

The Organization reserveste dght19 to rfefue the highest bidder.


The United States Agenc~y for international Development (USAID) in
Georgetown is seeking an inldivwl for the position of Strategic Information
chwesacemp *II mammnr t apsn,ne.~ ~~ln cC~respoahllins of~r heUSAID HIIV!AIDS
strlrat~leg Ohysctsy
it.manptng he pmsfucrl mmc nonmnl~~tl:.lIc lalrnoplan
'" I j ",ltarg he Fu Ia tcltr19 < fis 11 I ( tli i no~lrma:ny 1Itretcgac mfomatmlrn stonwasc\ mplmented by USAID
th-wsit I nluctnly Degarc rrus (wfeltr~e nc mI~ cw rsl sccsncesi and major work tn
I'!in~l Itltnlh. Monstorms anmd I salrulnon!. lill \ll(>. 100< noverloment. slratemlr

n were~7~Cn and mannermsn and evrluatln~n \ 11 .~1I.tclu clree an Iaen evcrrn I m
< :'rdl. n( o nor lnCmll conau nc\ liy, o r m r.'.1(1.1nwan.

"' :. "* ""a~lll ln-l lme cttrawns and .7IIi1I 1wompnlrle. ..-anwe~l ~l,, a
so:. ICIta Ir an cllv and analves~
.lllto desl;~(fl~ting a nd m na nmtolrct ngr and coluatin to, 0for ope

r ~~ ",',"" ','im cris a sqoiaun dor

'1 "ccrrlln onn mousescenana-.~ ru Auul at a son

The United States Government (USG), th ouh the! U.S. Agency for
International Development in hrana, (U ~DIGuyana) is Infingn9
community-based oraarnizations, non-coernmental oraianizations'
institutions, or other focal aroups work with communftles across
G yna, to submit applica~ons' (propu for grant funding) to the
Anibarr ~sdoSelf Help ~Fud.~ -

The FUnd IS 10tended t0 Support Small SCale projects that seek 10 reduce
pverty byaddressla basic human needs. It complements the work of the
fagef 1I00 goals and USAIDIGuyana development assistance program to

Priority will be given to those applications which focus on buldding the
capacity of rommu~nltles. Increasing self refsance, contain a self-helo
copnent. and can be sustained after project funding has ended
Ap actionss mu~st clearly Indicate what percentage of funding will be bone
by bhelora' orgrj: iake c
For 2007 *er : awardlng at I:lest t wo ( 2) grants for proposala5 t: ;
ado'res; tine IIeds ;Of small farmers rn rural communities and proved c
assI~aistan and! reworking opportunities for these farmers

To uphift an appitcat~on form or to recelve: aIddsho;nal Information pleav ~r

The Program O~fficer. USAiDIGu ana Embait~sy r he: United Slates ~f
Amenica, 100 Young & Duke Stree s. George~trlswn idI 225-7315ext.4216

Closing date is September 22, 2007.

The U.S. Government reserves the right to fund or not fund any or all of the
applications submitted.

By Sturley Thomas
THE story of the emergnce
of tLifepring Ministries from
a Church with hurmble begin-
alogs at Kersaint Park. East
Coasta Demerral la 1099, to a
rrapdly expendlag and pace
setting arm of the Body of
Chris la Gayana, Is one that
typlfles 'profoundly moder*
standing and tlving Ith Word

of the Church to action.
Their goal then wasi to build
a bigger church which would
provide adequate arccommoa-
tion for the congregation, while
responding to-the spiritual and
social needs of the Church, and
others in society. With a dy-
nane leadership team and a
highly committed following,
they combined faith with hard
work and resoures to make that
vison and dream a reality.

whence many good things
would come.
Asked by the Sunday
Chronicle, how was the
Church able to do all thisr in
siuch a short timie, and with
ver y h ttle external hel p,
Apostle Ragnnuth moudestly
replied that it wnras n Wour of
love, and that they were ap-
plying wirdomn from the
Word of God.
Said Apostle Rsgeauth:

word, the myriad other compo-
nents of Lifeupringl Ministries'
programme include; A feeding
programme through which they
feed about 550 children at Bare
Root, Ann's Grove and Pigeon
Island, arls on the Beat Coast
Demerarra. It also supports
more than 50 widows from the

church, and the community of
La Bonne Intention (LBI) with
food hampers every month.
Apostle Ragnauth also blesses
other pastors in numerous
Other social progranmme
(Phase ftoot to page 18}

Oms yer lasr. thee viriae
was seaUed and) by Jae 23.
2007. a sal of s an honor of
wrship fully as candiuicda.
carposed, taeag a bdalcy and
cnferenc roma was offkvalh
declared openas sIbc
acqbbowsag vailae afrhless
Marlat. Tite church. wub seas-
myl waccmmhrodeso fr 1500
peawn, ~ad all modern comeas
ascace, ws 98 era cwa funded
byi Ihe membarksp
Prime Mtnmarce Samuel
lisad was th specsl Guocat o
Honour as Ias apcaury savoc
An; adcally, the Impensay cds
fae ctandayr appear star has
sanc ChaiCan Mlasputl damarr
as the f~at (;uts flalpwas. n
a symba of a Lanctuul rr mn

And so today. havies
spread itself acros Gosyna.
witb elM hEeven Qurcesd a ne
toonarlfollowsn of about .000
under the asame Icaderrhtp of
its Bishop Apoder Balobsa
pRgnaub and has wae Pauhac.
the fledtleog Echurch as ow
tweakrin nw ground
Where prentously rbc
church CasKrsasu Park could
no klonge pread adequate ac
commoahron for the congrega
Ison, becauw of growngy num
bers, comsay out of the 2006
Good Fnday erves. Aposde
Rargnauh had a vasso as soh &
to respond to that samasson
And uo be de all the frananes
he had avastble and rnnhllted
and galvuaned ernempbe~rtp

'BeaseaJ w are cseds c al
who lle new I cehm than wha
aeed to i as Ha~ds of God.*
H~ said tha si tLKeepriags the
dectshoes absy, anake. ad ac*
stan they tae uar btafrmed by~
the wrnce Worrd of Gd whsc
courarss amay promres Wide
absI as s. he said be has taugh
has c~ongl~regano whach ha
alesy tastda peopic. QCtheIm-
partnc of tasa god corpo
aec asses. and prang bac to
Ith less fortuasic so socety
ronar of whos Gad has bicated
Iorm wth
11 was (se shas rsce" r
they knew thas rnce Ihacy ha
pus that) plans befa~r Gd and
icded- hl Assor gedance an
cnlterentsln. thatr womansated

r -*u-


Theb National C'limarte Unit coord~sinatio of the natonl I hasbresudr tnsu f
was established in A~pril 2007 reponse to Chanteu~ Chaunge. th us .n m lunco
within the Mlinistry of one of the urgent~ ncckl so (hmcClnea rdrt rp
Agriculture to assist in the our awnr a odaro tal odvel~lo ic nuitolllr response



'wnlor a~iruamental ()ficer latural ~reources Mtanaerment Mi)Lo fl~klif (WI)

til applic~ats \hoeLd be cornpulre Irterate andl base rrcellnt otrl. rriitra and
interperrseat commeakarion skills I \Ier rcant In P'urroa Ma~nagornellnt wuld be so

The I Pl offe crracaprat clmulran nusuauc 1 gr Jnla~ ni w r~tanysawrtan,

Detadedc )ob desrcirptsons cso be downloalded frrom the IIP1 wchasicr a
http 'rlww~cpa+twyasserg orcan b uphttedJ from1 the litmun Kcrurner offli~ce a the I PA
IA\l Ikfluifng.UG;< amput Tulc.rkey c( cada satecoactw

IAppeassemsn. full curmaturm Iotar d three( H refr ra c-s 4.7 k rt~he wa~ rI I
Str. Doerrg Pcr
t rcdrli rwr D~~~

I 4NT Reilding, IG Carmp

LGs~illett~ fo pplicat/ionr i Irgust /: ', O#


Applications are invited from surtably qualified personts to fall the vacant posallonr

Senior CMiv Engi~wneei Technican Traffic and Road Safety Depalrtrment

Minimum au~dificaloe:

Diploma in Crvil Engineering from the Universtly of Guyanal or any other accushindlr?~
University OR
A Ospioma in Building and Civil Engineering from the Govemnmernt Tto.tnlrca
Institute with a minimum of 3 years experience In related Wolrk; OR any other
equivalent qualification.

Proficiency In Microsoft Offce, AUTOCAD and other related softwalr: w~ll be! an

Eib Dsg~~ion:

For further details kindly contact the Traffic Safety Engineer at the Department of
Road Safety, Works Services Group. Ministry of Public Works aInd
Communications. Oranapai Towers. Wlcght's L~ane. Kingston. Georgetown. or ca;ll
225-3252 Ext, 121.

Applications should be sent on or be~fore~ August~r 17. 2007 at 15 00h~ arnd be
addressed to:

The Pennanent Secretary
Ministry of Public Works and Communicatlons
Oranapai Towers,
Wight's Lane


Thre Regional Democratic Counci. Region 9 hereby request the submission of
quotations from reputatle supph~ers for the items listed below:

(1) 1 Low Bod Trader
(2) 1 Biktmen Kettle

Suppthers ear required to have in their possession the following:

()A valid Certifkation of Compliance from the Guyana Revenue
Authority It must be noted that where a quotation is submitted in the
name of a Comrpany/Fkrm. the Certificate must reflect the name of
he Company/Firm and not the owners.
(b) A valid Certifcate of Compliance from the General Manager,
National Insurance Scheme.
(c) Full details of items including photo, size, capacity, etc.
(d) Expected time of delivery of items.

Each tender must be submitted separately, in a plain seated envelope bearing no
identificaion of the tenderer and should clearty indicate on the top left-hand
comer the item tendered for.

Tender documents should be addressed to te Chairman, Regional Tender
Board, Region 9 and deposited In the Tender Box at the R.D.C. Office not later
than Monday. August 20, 2007 at 12*00 h.

The Regional Tender Board reserves the right t raejec any or all tenders without
assigning any reason whatsoever and not to necessarily award to the lowest


SUNDAY CHRONIICLE Augull!t' I 5 f)(7

responding to

b~awd on, n lull usubs~tamiangl of

uruhp iung pmenung suc WI
usurtrcnany when the Wold ll~
(WMO)) and the Ulnied
Netson, lInvaronment
P~rograe sa(UINI'fP cstathaket
Ihe lascsglucramcatlr Pand us
( kPlamus Chnge (II 1') m~ 1988
"he reir of the IPCC' in Lc
to 1 ame es a O comrehes(v L
object~ive opes and
tr~anparrat basis the

socio-erseema Laformaston
rrhrmsl to seederstanding the
iralrtific bania at risk of

and eptisa rr adawlptlles

mer der Y mudrl cJmstr
prameteLrs.I base its
sernmeat maml **per LL
Iwurevwe sad peie r
rsetratific / tcHLcal
Tbc IPCC' has 1 workmay
WGi I whsch assesses
scacatafa mpecrts at d the ame
syCIaIramadchmrchea d

and assurl syees oclumec
rcchabre m aptaum fr adar

lin at
WGi ( which assersses
opesons" fo Ir immng grrrrlenimc
gars enusbsonsb and other asetblr l

The IPCC uce sis
e~stabbatunenta has annrrplete 1

to, alnngqctng the 4th
theu 1a AnacasurntI kgxx1
was complclcd rrn 1990 rnd
helped to gunde h~e
estalibmclasm of the IJN
IFramcwork C'onve~ntion ~n

Muurh was radqued so 192
Ihe 2nd Ance~rtrnal
kepa~ rt was npletd~l in 1991
and assatecd Iio Cuide the

Etrport wm omaplrted in 2001
sad has presided a suoud
plattrrm for the ongoing
work at th UNVOCC'< and its

(Curdreal th I~ft' s to the
paces of cumpletanl: as 41th
Assessment Repent T'bc 3
Wartus roL;ups Asv prescasd
Ihest Summaracs and arc st
va~rrm 1tes of wraPlessag
then full assessmeans
A maor* orutcome of than
proccsr a the prepararson by
Wadsagy Group 1 of a set of
,amwr on whatr they descrshe
as ~Frcqucatly Asked
Qeestsons" (1-AI5~ on the
scaaace o (Tamasc Systems and

Cl'inusicr Chrange

finally approved in detadl, Ithe
set of qluestions: and anbwerr
arc unstci autb~le~l for ail who are
interested in climate changes

TIhese questions rad
answer can he found so the
IVC wchaile http://
www.rpcc.chr/ unde Worknig
Group I Repocrt ful report
IFull credit must be given to
thre Working Giroup 1 of the

IPCC,: 2007: C'l~mate
Change* 207: The Physical
Scheme basis. Coontb~rma o
Workingf Group I t the
V'ourth Awsessmet Irepor1 of
the Interkuovernmental Plane
oa('limate(bangte kSomon.
S.. D). Qin, M. Manning,
7,.('hen M. Marquia,
BI.H.Avryrt,. M. Titoer and
it.L M~kr(ds.i)L.Cmabrdge
University Prras Cambidge
Uiated itingdomaned New
Vert, NY, USA.
Theu Natusaml Clamat Unst
to gratly piLcasd to twxa thes
questions and answers to the
attration of the Giuyalnerc
public is a seialized form io the
Guyana (brmdec and wishes
to dthk the Giuyans Crumck
fo r it spport.
We expect to carry one
questions and answer every
This begl Sunday,
Augus 12, 2001

Global Climate Change

:Iran detains scores

at "satanic" rock gig

1~~11)151~ YII IY

e a_

OU3(tEEN)3 ;I' v4 ita

BROCWELYN as Reagu 4..9.4 Rt 4 9

^ "Yn~rCE~uust 5, 2007


TERA (Reters) rdani
police detalmlae su thes
mat$r po le and saee lesol
ad drugsp is a ra so a *e.
teale" uadeqrgr eredem ~
ncr, media la th caerve.
th*e Islamic state CKregrtd
Inra, utuch has launched an
annual summerr cnrakdown on
"rmunorl behavuw"S. bans alco
hot, anartconss andJ partse with
uanrclred nwn and wuaten daonc.
ing. drinking andY mincing. West,
ern popular music is froward
The pokes opnrLato look
pLac on Wednesday aigt ra the
torwn of Kararj aea de capial
Te~hran, as an eve wit blocl
disc )jCckeys. rock w andp
groups performing. the anedia

ure" rresses that those behind
Ihw esentr were living to female
guests as gifts.
"Some 230 peopic wrho at-
rended a rock party in Karaj
were identified rad arrested,"
1-arksh~d sad ofn the Webt site of
IW)~ran' tat bcrodcarhter
11< said 20 video, came~as
had alsoJ been seized rand that
the orgamierr* had planned to
biclackud getls uties (ilnung "an-
apprywuprn .uuad o tcnc" vrdem
of them.,

impaosd after Iranr's 1979
rreo~rlutio, *uomen are
obilttd to cover their hair
rad weIrarlo, looe dluching
to diag ise A r figuresnd
protect thir modnesty. Viets
tors cran telve ladws. Ra


;. ..,


I .;

The Cabsa boxe~rs y~ede
Agete duringlas meath's ~

de Jametro have bees de*
tabedI by police la a tows

Polic sad stay were to pick
alp Ebtdelajnd Lr nd Gmpano
Rigandean frtraunle to we
gak anthegarac Aer a aamy-
oage tiptrB.
"rllc waere hangaSLrkI t
Ibri r smala wa reached. o-
icadSI said
Rra......r r S Crk
Cuban PResd Fidel Casr~o
had acue the kn ar of e
tryn bdeir cuty
The boxr' fEwcnm xcwat
and way of behas ag adl mena
Enrlusi nds' Lrltl r enhtc 6>!
attratcted attention ort roui!cn s
to the beach .u-J of P'rllm -.
in Ararnama. p*4a e iast
Police: offkaalr surd ohr hr
ers had not been arrted. But
wer being hekl r Ju>.ut th r r*~
stepCL concerming thatr stay so
the coum" -
Rlgoodcasun. 24. whot I< a
double Olymptc andf amatc"'
ward bauntapaht \) hamp '"
and 24-yearr-oldf\1Q wornld sr'"
etrehrwueight chalmpio~n I wa. .
were favounter forn shld n Hran

kla Buiy ras weAas anada
CuQbe armIgaLLI ad trames,
Qad fctd osthernationle.
A (k~ran-bae conquan),
ar as, ont Thsna ust ball
sigag4 a cntrc ueeth the has
us wo nefobade s Cbe
ro swth o bama ew s pro
C:ubsa n workerre -cuse~d

Isechasques tc lare as whcss.
A Lawruc for AHSess Rafael
milen.. Inid theBhe couM h
onr had bern detained for aQt

Str i rn nm the asis
er, a been stya is L k
dl to wJIt for a du fe Maa
to (;I~rvassy.

*1OOk~ OnliAO (iP

or call your local Travel Agent

'"Mos of thou arsein an
wealthy young people... who
ciannto th Is pary with da goal
of asseeding fYO a Yoaiv.**
tanic concertt" daily Tebwran
Emmur quoted a scator pubce
o~ffsial, Reza Zrar, as saylas
Kjara'd public prosecssrr,
Atls I: l araraid invitaios had
beetn senl our via the latmertt
and tlhat people from Britain
and Swedena wce re wants thse
held Zaures suggested the) were
capatrease Iratniuns soutalng Ihe
Fa rbads ISa 150 twlles of
alcohoh~wc dnra, 801) "csancW"
CDr rad different ksodr of
drugs hd been mconficted by
poice, as well as "mappron-

69 Main Street, Georgetoan t

Rose: Hal Town ,I0~

Nissan gets testy with ...
th eenpap Je
develJopeligb guerral mora nr Karhar rhoi 1o, i*m
hone~adoe delecdon ***I~ra uit ufumsrbi as 1 ;I.- i n
whis behaod the *her
"We've plCed adorl~ Je wl9r : -s sjnd .s t
by a pasecager ey mst me.L drtrs cthen rba sCal ramagesn
toglEnL sytee ead be Pur~ sed.f It A

car I' as kepashane ppehr r ICtl ilsh 1 fl
4,p,,s Na 3i M caratakr otw lef;aR sada ctmtai fr mar n
fartiake levIYolving rasr~ vecks~l tobaP'r, Ic ch y 201$
N1sama's Del asps they FtffB have to dktsl esacP wha
Impe~alses meeam~ **ttye detak ea# beer,'s getag- le
regiskter, so we ard tort agd hat's the aproprag leve
le ..Frkmt thL=


'Roots in

Sculptur e'

at Castellani

I'HE: latiol Gallen? i pmresetin the orknr of the sulpinr
laur T~hom in an exhibition in obserrancr of F~ruacpatiun
KI..=4 In ulptUr e well pn un thuru ay uth \nprustn as ***
p in .r ( .n-s lrrn i t.L mac .ul well fearr <;umr monlr ksu th- u .mcyl .n r

ty.rv .Uki ll~ we llakJ rle by1. thn uya e rrtsms r ~ tu~red an ~
these wlllan s II rune Is\*~crt ~r~.urth lurrme kh nt rll in whd sul
Awemu J .. ah~ .* Inuh Slus.rt a nb I< ub.. whre inuanrre. ) .r p
Imulpues sk L~a Isa tual kh.... ther.. \rtn Ita.D .m.s I .
Hem ra ud r urtherO capr 1ake there .elurn ? ues.I. he --an
ilitIon L D6 fr riCI 0li n4nf hi Idn i .



SINCE Its ecstabbihmes
under section 46 of Lt
PIu bli Corporations Ac
Cap 19:05 of the Laws c
G;uyuan a 1963, the Guyar
MaurkloK Corportiau
lGM~'1 has been assiduousb
nurrking to achieve its mas
date of prumoting Uth cultiv:
tion oad expo~rt of Guyana
non-traditional agricultur:
crop. both rgonll uand b
()rLet the lerr
(;~~mllcinin's, dratre to, ful d
rcendatatlsonahalng with theran
IILatsons (~ of pha~rlisalsn mnea
that a co~ntinulnr! new and evol
myR app~c:roat wasr necewary
the agratullture xcmrn was to r,
stan acrtualeng- i neof, powIrM
Theref ore, ef f ectsi taIIIIPI\
had ul be anpl oyedrlc toi metc~ th
Thenew ar u cslnr.l Markdtu
(corpora~lnonft ne because r
slrts mdshed foctu*. aterndr t
me thra challenge by proveds;
capers market facilitalton ure

S ~lrlmma dt, 8eorgelewrr, GBgAAA
tel: 2261-8481/5, 228-7281/8
1Brancheas at Newu InAms? I'dle, Berrbiceat lme, Il~ra, eulbe.

toP NE? AL- I & MASSY GRou)P

dT~B.II (H L (: Ilklll

Why KOBELCO ? .l ~ Author
The Indurstrv's Best Lift Capacilty
Tihe Inrdustryl's Hilghest Breakout Forc~e
Unique Travel system
Superior Wlarranty
Exc~ellenlt Backup Siervice

gust 5, 2007 17


I I-

~~-lan ft SAnllr"~r AAY L ~~ 9 hi R MA 1 a $M

Thdamme -"-d 'leMIYam-hamme easedhirmaedethsambaiserama

wasr to rarmerY Mr he cport of
non-t~radtonal agrraullural pr*
Jurs it alw sek to fachtlc~ In

and dw\zcmlnate post-harvear
techno3logy. conducr nmarkt re

hgerescant csmrmr thw ~

Ocrcra M1anage of (1li .
Nlatam Haw, notes that ,t be
came nerenry as ihanrage ca
curred tx wh rthe: natson arl
abducrl couomy to reshfaC tbc
focus of the 1;rse), brnpng at
on srea ath bcurret dour
and capecltatsons rl.11( bhw

rrdk of ulrnr nn a Large wude qt
recultural products thro(Ukhout
Giu)ana Now. rhe foriuc Law
shried to pruIng)n the Asnal of
scuse as supr to. as t .ary
pecws capnitsan famc
that wasid .ud so the s tiniy asl
surltunabhlr trl ofhe me rada -

to ru.:;.fulb. Eornct In ths<
new agne nf aintlsernesandf irr

in thr. rtrpJd. theP Illr an>

mrhopacclurk!: \f.Ac trre nfrmxum

prulm- ani mantirul ilr I *
~ramb0s .md to, nuk:c nowt .s.
.cau~blc. market .alirnrd wra.c
fo~rrcl n narden rt putr~b blnt
on curen tr rkt ted aski .k
matnd a t he globa Ic~ci F;11(
also prowdrc hlnkagesr between
fa~rmr, ndf pccrmpect borrs.
Us t:-\p ns. In keeplnr wrth
iat madae cmakdo anam P sn
hitiu tnigtraive m 1999. wit the
Iau~nchang of a 'Made n Guyassa
Grown an Giuyana' campaign

Mannmng- MPs

must do their jobs
rTrinidad G;uardianl Prm Mlnister Patic Mann *rays
Member of Prlanen shul be see o a rqutlar bai by
ocntitet rathe th a Prime Mlinistr ~ 1assm time dur-
ties of te MP.
He spk alns the siuaso Frdy whe as if he wamid
be on true walkaboutP in Tobgo
.Manningr raid in ore to handle walkaotrs recently. he ha to
rhelve som of has noma duis includirecng charin ofhe Standlng
Commltnce on Energy meetings
So in ore to mamtaan wa~lkaouts ful ltimc. Manning Paid, he
woul aveto retrucur his cera government duties.
He adde-d: "In addition, in eac cotituncy we have rereen-
taio and it is for the loa rersnaion realy tor be Peen on a
regular basis as iP required. rahe th a Prime Minister to arsnume
the: responsolhrlllcs of pelrhametary rpresetatives.
He raid the Gov mn was cafu not to give the impeso
in any way of dominadagTbago
"I hop I'm not now rnmning the riskr of being damned if I do,
and dane ifl I o't," Manning added.
Askeud about the dat~e for use general elcction, he sipl
sai T& was no seer~ daycoe to the election than it was

Thl, uaw th hat of the no(w in
molcur and cagerly .anrtcrpared
Ibusran. Ntghts' wha h arre hld
.alnnully co~untow ic
IPhu; evcen proseder .s rpice
UsdJ apportunils lor the ahowcas
rng crf 'hat grown' JAn lamer
node' products\ numa of whskch
itenttnuef to Captury the JI1ttenton
rt lieath Iciml .ukrrir~ ne asbllers
1Kthorb uponin urlllnutdc Irlu~c

cactrs c;At( abas pIIutPBqIcI In
the nna ( Iseed ty~rs .nd al the
tnrernatlulonl leadf thec (;nlarsl a
t~lradan intessurn e\**wsr
IJtus .n addsocJnnacaprucr has
prn J~u r: made and growun rn
(subana Tfhri tnrriurfa- deand
rzran tht rnarrnasa~nrail. .> op
ahbk stand rd forrrcaptng tu to
hre met k~ccognlrang Ihtr, B new;
pad.lagag factlrf) located Jt
bytua npne tis due n Zfirst
prl~rmeday cprrnce uth wasaha
aLI~cdn s amrl an tF .q.; t4 rix'

~( I'I I ucai catahindyr !~ c n~curr
trltascbsst asalrratr nunmonor

fm \ningu*a litX~hrth and \t
[ euatt In th pressl r4 o trrk hs
tr*een (lus~an~ trJ anth..u-e sanr

pr res~c d thtr 12 b s h irl
pnorrst) (a fiae to rrpater. th..o
?It und-rr the prromcrlof rrangr
rr$nM the~ (I:'f r\ alu prn~ fr*: u*
*ir Ith...r esrpsntnrll I =her
p kagatn,: fratiscrs rt ( harrty,
P zrtln ;ncl landr it \sIlage
I rntotne~~f Herbs(C e r ;ll:a On
l(t; he u!anJ Ma~rketingl
(`orporallona wlll continued to
Iorkr diligentlr Inwrdst penant-
~ lwr thcUntgry* fres and pro
ceasd non-traditionarl agrrid-

ture prduts, gu dla
equippinRl fracrmr with
technical expeilrth
thrchyb capturing irrtscrdv
regiounal rad laternmatin
market for albdrx produce


___ ___ ___

- Promoting


M ~OY -

s tonal cr op s


ae mano a~~M~ mmoon~~u~IJ sum5 ilI:)4H r85MMsIB

_~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ __ _ _ rI U H V


L I_


NEWV 1 tLHI (REcuters) -
'India', pposition Hindu sa.
flonali ( rejectd a land-
maurk clear coope~rlatin
agree .,t betweent New
LClh M W hlalgtoa Ir1-

teray ing it wa naL

surlt on the country's
auclar overeiglty.
asse Masc Singh's gfovern
ment set up a parliamenlury
peanl to exuamin! the pact and
curee parliament's approud l

hrrtuff JigDI~ it. CVCS t
rs not mlrequne by law.

'rhe agreement, when fi-
narlly approved by U.S. ('an
brewr, will end India's Rlobl ,1
n~uclear swintion andl allow ii Ito
buy nu~cle-u IacI iun equrpmenct

their neLw strategic fTiriedbJhip
The 11sudu ainl

among)I) the chel' f ciicsT at II the dal
11o Indtlil along withl the Lcnllunu

~II~sTdll ie a L.r110a t is i

Irll tIth Vital Isotte of ftialist ir 0071,
cctit I~lff Irutrr Hg CIfIfIIflWHIILII
(1) tIe tl.9 M at kfiltlLill iful~l theC
party said.

dIal dihc tgiftlccrlull 1 .$11 we Murtlt
oft 11ut fthchatU 5()lf:'11 .srlr~
uUS IlifetgQ policy 1,I'I'II \h'
use, therefore, unabtle to .iuselt
shai ag~ereanet a fUnalvll l
Ever slael the deal was

hog [ IIk-Ct its *wo~utl efielg} IrclC l
tkrrirlh orf a btloleral put

lowd ftr I-riday nltrf it westr is
Itnall/crf Israbcnl 11811 fo 0# ltt
j tu ha ul~lvtrtscrr coubd ot l klhus i oh
Iclso(rts to whanl IIat .iti were

(I( falso us thi cattrattac\
blsac rrntastentl) .netsd Macif
Ec'r tlitartofl ling.44 DM)~c r
markh tosh chr a dea that has ,
twen htuled by Harlunpronf .m
Newn I~shs .nai hrnsInnUuk of

areercd Irt pr~im~ipir two progrstrame, nortgaging: its
year ag. usoppnent in rightlc to codu: nuclear test,

rr~ntnet, pI rclrispr oIUlisingC .Americ~an crnditionls on civlt-
on itsr dt h ..r wzaponls ;kan onctler cooperation.

Lifespring Ministries ...

Save t me andc je d the hassle f iong lines by
paying over~ the phone using I'e Touch Tone
Senarce of these bankS




(Frorn page 13)
on w~ihhh LIfer sprioDp ha
tmbanrke~d mel cr ther yerrs,
sad abiids are doring rrell
blocked: ('mlir. IIuru, lim-
pital Ministry, abc-,tkde for
the dra elopment~ of youth ~
(loiacInlag spor tsh *d
jourth p~rrops tau~Lcarting
ao paed morrl vaBles
in reltiron to health
needs, the church has facili-
Ile fr de1 fntal care. and the
Inmnrtutch establithment of
a, 1I1\ 'All)S Counrellms

and I;dlrl..s ~n programmec. as
well t ounllingcla for dia~
Also, helog a church
wHqkf] placesahighlb prmnium
a1 edLCations. ~ifespdrin MIn~-
inkle has alreadyf put sys-
clabt in place, andis caror
jaray conuctinrbg regsraldthe
In prrparation fo~r the open-
14a of Its privter scool at
Kemaint Plr., LBL, o Sep-
temerr 3 next. The scool
w~hich wkil focus on ouCrseY
to age 16. can accommnodate
about 300 cledren.

Bill Expres Localb on aL_, Cesyea

(Frop page fff

roamen but also so late-
gral part of the driig force
twhtnd it.
ine:r Iherl olfrilJ Lanch

M1Saha plan Iro plroduc a scie-
\I son rhowu Iro usng on the

publlu on r clacted I\ues ant

Finally. reluctantly. the
couple spoke abou the role of
thi business prtnership In
their personal relationshiP.

and howu ron ha\ atfet~c~ Iw~

to, the rheer amotunt of tame
spentdin t heiil ri preliminary
worki. has usl.ukl thenr pcruonal
relanlonunpl far sarmpecr han rt
Ith mutual \-cnture did not ex-
ist. But would the venture, io
that ca, suryve the dasantegra-

nlng for their online busmnc\ dl-
"A~part from arr relation-
hhip. weo have an damrstand-
Ing on wfhat weeild happen (if
we broke up)," says Mhase.

Fr c



C &



wes Georgrre

Sal -

~ea Georges"* ~
Africa -
testl. iC, QL r

`Avenue i.sL

Onve. Yfs nr

,In. E80
; General Sto a -

a7 ECD

Embanianent. Enrmoe


Strleton WBC
A. Manbheyr & kR
52 $ 5:ets Vilage Av.Z A i:

54 Secondhe.Baraca
kestic Pgg~en Eg -
Srand. New Ardedan

Bevdr Publer Rd. Clyne
Paragrggr 'Tnral-
r :8 Villa~geCrdvo ~

cr.;grvil EBB
iThe Coasty Medical-
Puthe, Road, Panca

Bigi 84td & Sons -
Chatyj Pomeroon

lInvt hs lialk

Your account will be credited within 24 hours
0811 your bank and fond out howH this system can
WOrk Ofo you

# ""~ mm


1~ ~M 209 llREaI'- -I
% SUwRai Rn m'r rItk~gur

'34.9 ..ilelwrX ..K 7ist

s el Store


mm~i a i

.....~ 1 us..,,
#n ill ailWafell RWu ib

oi~bdla's Mindu nationalists

sl am U. S. nu cl ear de al


38r PII ( Ir

A start up FOmance I

O asr


Sealed Bids are invited for the under-mentioned vehicle 'As is'


The vehicle can be inspected at the Company's Terminal,
Providence, East Bank Demerara, Monday to Friday, between 08:00
hours and 16:00 hours.

Bids must be deposited in Tenrder Box No. 10 at The Guyana Oil
Company Limited, 166 Wated~oo Street, Georgetown.
The closing date for sutxurssion of Bids rs Wednesday, August 15, 2007
at 2:00 p.m. Bids will be opened shortly thereafter and Bidders or their
represetatie may atn.
The Company reserves the right to reject the highest or any Tender


QI ReMMI 8mYiCZil OMI -' ntedd~e adgedgi

Beddng wiS be conducted through tta Internatonal Competitive Bidding
(188) procedures specifiedf In the Inter-American Development Bank's
pohoies for the Procurement of Works and Goods. The project is being
I manced by the IDB.
interested bidders may obtain further kdrdrmelon during business hours
from the office of:
GPL Project imnplemnealgbge tis (tMEP)
232 Middle St., Georgetown," Gegss Sen Amri~ca
Tel: 592-225-7923. Fac 582-225-63
Email: em~m;twy arhAlgata
A copy could be downloaded from the PUBLICATIONS link on URL
WWW.0011QC.CllD Bidders are advised to ragglter via e-mail to the
Implementation Manager. Reglstratron must conrtain a company profile.
Bidders registered in Guyana must submit valid inland Revenue (IRD) and
National Insurance (NIS) compliance certificates indicating that these
obligationrs have been met.
A two-stage bidding process will be used. First stage bids must be
addressed as follows and delivered to the address below kfore 09:00 h
ean 19se09 rlseptetber, 2007.

Ministrv Feronese
e.Male a Ul~tsts., Goleorgeona
klr, South America.
Frst stage bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders/representativesf
at the address above on the same dale. Late bids will be rejected. ,


TE L:2 5 4 4 75/2 6 3 243 9

F~ull details includingp the reqtuirrrreme tsndl lob descrip~tion for this position can
be obtalaed by acessi~ng the Ban~k's webs~ite at
AppCeation aong wvith a1 detiled ( urriculumn Vitae should be subtmi~tted to the
Bask at blatr thea FRID)AY, AI(J;llS I 17, Z007 and should be addressed to:
I CHU~llRCHfRV.I. A~).~I.11) I') OF fil RiIC,

GPL-DMi-005/P2 LO-1103/SF-GY
This invitation to Bid folows the general procurement notice for this
project that appears in DIspenwrdSutl Besne. Issue No. 708 of 16
Theo Govemmee of thr Co-ooperagu Ropshlic of Guyana has received
felcasain from th latr-A~merca Deelopment Bankr (108) for theo
Unserve Area ElectrifictiUon Pmroram (UAEP). It is Intended tht -
of t~hs financlg be appfiole to~af for provision and
onI of ai CUSTO~MR I R#flt SYSTEM (hardware &
) nd related seltrvi for See Les Reduction Managementf
knr __levasto~metrorm me.


o I

Female employees of my company retceive full salary while on
maternity leave. As a result, when calams are submitted to NIS ~
they do not get any benefit. The employer later deducts In pC
from the employee's salary for the penod of maternrty ale h1~rs
is unfair and NIS needs to do something.

Yes. It is unfair. The misleading information supplied by your

employer is resulting in employees losing income. This should I
not be. Perhaps there is need for NIS education.
There is also need for proper representation at the level of the I
union of administration. You may also resource to the Ministr of\
Labour for advice. 41

Please show tIus Mail Bag to your empoyer.
The Publicity and Public Relations Unit will be willing to facilitate ,t
education if necessary.


Do you have a question on N.I.S ? Then write/call.
C/O Dianne Lewis Baxter
Publicity and Public Relations Officer (ag~) `
Nationa~lInsurance Schene

I ,

. ;

Brickdam and Winter Place
POBox 101135

E-maill: pr miseotsoluton2000. neta '
Tel: 227-3461. d

BJAN K 0 )14' (; YANA



Offi~rcer said thery had "goodl informlationl" regarding# Il rrthe m ve-
of allubuday'b bhotr~in~.
Anl area maniiprihing mostly sq1ualter ho h10Iave bccomel
"regularisd" b~y ~lth Giovernmentn Kingdoml Avenlue branlIch off
untoc beveral dart road, all of~ whslch aret albo knlownl as Kllngdoml
'''b h entire place is: Kingdoml AVenue... It'h a commnunity
wih'L~Inl~ the auitaUI( ommlunitIy,") hlad an elderly shlopkeeper.
"lut Ilti larl rcnll besng a kinigdomi... Ill's mnore like hecll 11 only
Somlre reblJdents whe( adm)itted Ito plentyy wronlgdungll rro Kling-
dam11 A nu ca~r ~lledl on law enfo r cermen authorities In, weed ~~I am rtran
llw\aldfo lqen os ptos
"'We need mor~e police InI corneC inl :1ndI poelyI) deal wab)) thusI
;.nI1 II. n LIII1~J-.u Inte reIdent)I
b1 p'clent pepcrll thecy h~ave to arrests beCause near~ly all theseI
!loung~ bYs walkng around wsthl a Run "
Say)ny there wash anl In)Creased 1umltwr~ of yo)ungI menC whol had~

'Iherrn Runmen wll 11 nfluene the yo~ung ones an~d \cr! uoon
theC entulC wIrurnumyII) wall() t~w crnaw with c~rarnlnah." th~e !resdent
Admrrtang~ toun har b~omne acc~urltomd to, the rncreasany~ or sme
1rate, a worman who hash oprated a small parlourr Io Kinlgdom A\
enue fo Ir thepas II ycars. sald blw had no satentson ofI leaving the
1' hwrn and growu up, hrel My daughter born atnd Frowu up
"if I Lcase I will tw o~n the hlucclr lnobeas there < no place to,
to folrts-r dr) .( w ue hlc pray thatl we are notl next
TheorkLlag shout the criminal activities, the woman
c~laimed "outsiders from aouth" wrer responsible fo~r the
/Uns~tant I'clstc( 'cmmlswsonct in charge ofl Anto-(rime ( pra-
1, rr, ( Wcirr In -s teleptan Interri ew, asured that measrures were he
InC put :n p-lrce to adsebsr the hstulatllm
"H~r arr drrabat with that... Therr w~ill be maorr pokce pa-

the most widely

ciclae neu s O08 8

rCR j : 225-44765/226-5243-9


,~ .....
,. .~...

National Milling Company of Guyana Inc.

Agricola, East Bank Demerara

(TLrinidard Gutardinn) G;untown. That's how terriled
residents have labelled the small commnunity of
Kiingdom Avenue in Mauturita, which the~y sary has
witnessed a steady increase in gun-relatedi crimes
over the past three years.
Lcatedsr on the outskarts at1 Aranta, theC SOundC of gunshots ccho.
Ing through Kingdomll Ave nue has\ twomel n "nonn,." they added
The latestr incident ccurrcd oln Thursday, shortly aftcr 9 30 pml.
w~henI fou peoplc- MalCkey CamUIpbell. Edwyn Cuastanl, and An,-
thony andl MIsirch C'hades, r-anging in ages 17 to ?l yearl wetre
\hot w hlic knungI1 utsid~le ai parker
According to two eyewitnesses Friday, gunmern fired
at( the group w~ho had been d~ancng to hilp-hop mausic out.
sride a shp.
One womaln who~ w~n In the \tky, beingl snacks for her trec ~
ycarrokt wen ~ud she mcuunediatl) ran asklicl~rouce ,In a unnr when
tbc shooting ega hc

"I coulltlllld and of)II nodun )lw but an landi~y Chlpecially mly h(on.
I 0111( wo 1e as wouhld we~ Ilhem aig.iln." shle I;ntI, well Isars stream
AddIngB thusr she was tr l sayI C shakenCI ,verl the 1Inadent, the
young mlother ,aid shre now, Ichl asI 1 blhe had1t beenanell a prihoner in
her own home .
"I canot go nYwhellrre withulookin IU( OVerT mly sh)oulder...
I cannLot walk the road withlout twingy aruid," blhe sold.
IkhOlnl he rr~lr senanent sa shopkcclk- s ,nd th mothe of~112 two IHc
said'lliursday's shootangs co~up~le withl othe~rl Eagrelate Ic u sus lr e 1n
earlier 1han usual

P'olicer and they. wcIc )et to llnake .uetlII but1 attalyeC' d thICs
has~u an aca uwh the cutivits welre

NAMILCO has provided Guyanese consumers with
quality flour since 1969. Your valued suggestions have
been instrumental in the changes in our business over

thoeurasiti8 yseaarsdas we st iveds oemeeatckoaur needs with new

We assure you of continuing quality products, and
through our new pricing policy we are confident you will
remain loyal to NAMILCO.

Q ?-i

1 1


Buy NAMILCO and save jobs

while contributing to the

economy of Guyana!

Contact us at

T~el: 2i33 2463 or F"ax: 233 2~464

\ Ut /

Gun men reign in 'King dom of Hell'




dOtillDAY'CtltOICE~il;5ffido D'at() r 21



The following Auto Dealers/Importers are hereby reminded that according to the
(Control of Imports) (Prohibtiton of Moto~r 'ehlcles with tanted glass) Order made
under the Trade Act Cap 91:06:

No person shall import into Guyana after the 4' day of Apni 199J9 any motor vehace which has fited to it any glass or safety glass. or any othra materal
used In the place of such glass or safety glass. whsch 1s so tinted or otherwise treated or coloured. in such manner or to such extentl. as wondld result in
obstructing or in any other way preventing the adenblficatxxir of the dsnver of the moto vehicle or any other person travel ing in the motor vehkse try any
person from outside the motor vehicle

For the purpose of secunng comphance wrth this Order the Competent Authorty may enter and arspect any presses or place with a view of esauring
comphgtance with this Order

Auto dealers/Importers are further requested to note that accodrdng to Ithe Moorl Vetacles and Road Trafk (Amo~ndment) Regurlabon

No person shall have fttelcd to has motor vehicle and glass or safety or any Other fiatenal used Io the plac of such glass or saety glass whi3ch~ i so tinted or
othermwt treated or coloured. Io such manner or to such extent. as would result in obstrucbng the cadentificatson of the driver of motor vehicle or any other
person travalfing in the motor vehole by any person foro outside the mgoor vet~cie

I 4 h s du e easr, I,,cats and in
.IX:00 bI Deathl anid 1in 21 Viewerh C:hoice:
MTV18 K) Curen Afair MeorstilInldlun Movwr
0:4b 1Kll n R (1:)):}O IJugllibitWovJC
IV ~ ~ ~ (H ash11l 0H)1 Vmiec of ther People 03:00h)I I'ngZlishM ovi e

10 inb Inusus '''"~ II''' ==** e
b Aion 1)V ) Clu 4 ISb Movre I
lr I ~ r ~1( 1111

1)abs(i~ c usa IInu 11 ANNlit I ll

07 10 h
018 00 1

Fo~r Sday, Aurust 5, 2u7 09:00b
For Monday, Augut~J 6 2007 10:306
For IesdayAugust 7, /007 12:00b

)'or O)cean G;oingL 1swl. openn LaK las hout 1-l':hr

10:0 h indian1 Movac\ Slv
13:30 h 1:dln caturnigvs

16 0 Unillllesao 11 III11~. )1 c
Lac w Ith ;1 Kis 111 il'

OW 1 aI(iyna ( nok (Jp

09).30 h Imoli & Po P'lIuppet
09) 35 h Cartuns
10) 00 h- Mov~e
I 200 h Ocaslh andrt in
12' 1 5h Votceo ~the Poi'cclr
I Ot)b1 VO)Ilive
s1I1 Wh l~oumentary
I(~I IIb \Iangenlll this 11 fromth

Please find below a Ost of auto d~sealr and imporer ~who are in crrent operatson

1. A. Sookram & Sons Pto 9. (7dwrds. Vaage W C. Bertice

2. Auto Supates Comanyr P~e t r RarCe w Oueerasonm

3. A~ossoitd trateste Ltd I 5 Sturnvedl. Georgtown

4. Bes Buy Aut Sales 2 Lanett Stree. Oueenesow~cn.Gogoer

5. Behrry Waumotvae IUd 191 Wea~ngtn & Chartone Sttes.
Laytown. Gorgetwn
6. B.M. Soets Auto Salesr 9 Cross Street Lacytowrn. OaGeorgeon

7. BUY ME AUITO SALES 19 Cummnhgs Street. Boude. Georgotown

8. Car Cae Enterprte 1 Auto U 43 adeatd Swee. Stataroo. Gorgetown,

Kerwth's Asa Sabs

Mark Qurxtr's Ato Suses &
Car Rtral

Marks & Co Lad

Mings Productsc & Servirms

MLorge Auta Sates

- t Rd7 Peak tEes Ease Eas Bn Dormaram

c 1c-97 Caeston 8wet GeorrrCkgetown

8 Uprquert Seast. Geogrgeow

Let 4 If Stgpt Singh Road. Ogi.
Eael Coas Dar~nerr

Smyrt & Htdrgd Srctret. ~ad

14 & 15'A' bust Las West Coal Bertnoe

t228 Sses Road Bordo. Georgeano

- 78 Crrarton. ~ber

- Let 96 Seraon A, 78 Corhrivrtn. Bertac

- 4 Rotab &t Ugit hbst& uan Dea Lers
Bourds Golgategun.

- ~ 14 curh a ughs streets. Assureman.

- Star Street Campbelivle


Caricom Auto Sale -

Central Garage Inc -

Cartec Enterprise

Deo Maerai Auto Sales -

FuA Work's Motor Spares/ -
Auto Sales .

Fazela Auto Sales -

Harry Ramberan Auto Sales -
J.M. Auto Sales

22. Nearudaert Mohamed trrck

24 Ratseu Auo Sl s

25 Rose Rambdeo kAu Sales
Show Room & Offic

26 R Singh & Sonrs Ltd
27 SeNrvanner Auto Sates

28 Trans PacIc Motor Spares

29 ~unim uo saes

30 Ray' Motor Span>*

175 Lusignaon East Coastl Omerrs

7 Avenu of ee Reputscr. Georgetown

Los 959i5 A. Sechn A 79 V~ege. Bert)60s

207 Sheriff & 6 Street. Carnpbeliv~e.

Good Hope. East Corast Demorarra

106 Anne Catherina. West Coast Demeomra

122 Geamet Street. Newtown Kitty. Georgetown.

171 Shortff & Fifth Streets. Campbellville. G/town

Aurgust 1, 2007

8 I ~13:00 brs

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1 5 16:3870:30 brs


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uaylstennlg students for full time
affernouon arid overrnity Mramemati*cs Ent~llesAAB All
BUYIness Sclaeno A~rts sub as ~t~
Montlhly (ffe $1 500) perr bu ~tcI

And accepted to study
at one of OUf
Pftstigious Canadian

owlom a Lcnhcrse

Studyb & ve anCanrada

atMtge Immi~rtigra

ner obly a na CXT
dates psureang you for saunis
In June 2000 Subrecs acre
heathemat~cs Engines A
Seamsh Offac AdamlcleasgOn
Prwics ofAccounta. Ptrucyrry
of Buirnnes rnrtmmenon
Techanowsq Phlase s ,cumeh are
Swar1 n'~) Bat r n:ill*, nle

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Computer -

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*hiaggl Ib(UIIdI~ihs

C* Pdof ~eccurng

Caefram Ghraet
Cgregwrlkr agerW Care

CompTIA *rGeteeds *
.~rra Law,
Choicaof Loca or Canadi

CLASSES- how.* you Just
fartrsed yr CXC~s arrl wors a
head onyourVM*A.L**seh HavM
Amerwartsh~ the Lowe~r 6 and

Uppet a *nri wouki hk@ to delve
deeper *mo Mnlathmesrterseora
qong off to unlrherest? Then
Ire as a clase for you, Spend

yaurou ccsfuay theoo yg~
LevesU and beyond~ COC
a sERO Pue .g run

Stret Sutabroo Ynamlou could ls

PENrnt Covers 12 choun

Call 227-3869. 127-3835. 622-
9862 611.9038

C/VILLE furnished
dyapartnant for overseas gue~st
Starting from US$20 daily
weekly paclae available Call
Anan 227- 356 622 2118 -
Le Grand Hotel Penthrouse
SB hatchandleen Ltd i
Comnmerce St Ph~one 5962-27-
3499 592-2256361 Emtail
Merit~a~B~aBIEialar uttatant
Affordable rates: Hlnanerlnd
guests Also a stock bar

INDRA S Beauty Salon
122 Oronoque Slreet for cold
wave. straightening fJcalls
mantcure scalp treatment and
desu" on nal Also Be au

Send a~pd aeo oFoP
Archer. PO Box 12154
Georg~AA~ut Cal afts
CONT7ROL your Inconse

t2154 Georgeon. Guyana

PLANNING your specal l
eent? CaA nowfr ouaa*r spcl
on aryPlanrsng Calotonn &
Daecrl Tel 218-3776
665-3306~du Weavers
Every rmanans

231-7650 826 8911 Ou
Othece as locted where you

~E) l~,courc ses r 2s e
Co^e*n.Cho,i. none.. n

Kstr 225ae 954 660 2783

Mate & Engbhlktfor Forms 1 -
5 students Call speasks: l

AIR brushmg courses.
acrryEc nant. pedculnng nai

2 7342. 613r005
PR~ACTICAL Electronic
classes Augua ll For
further rlrnion calrl 225.
0391 ~W In349 East St
DOMESTIC Scaenc Glame
onffer elementary r,ookrery onls
pastry classes Tuesdays &
Trursdan Re ~ster now
Conatr n77t7.4
EEAWW aCenkrg~e 0 mes

Informanion. cast CFI Glob~al
EdEb Lal #26t/sG79

SALONLO ~DP eclses
j~a~iC~o fCreekl DarnE0

r2 a~~u mraaq Ca 2(

w?"D~i~ E N ORE g
CE UE,141c PuL Roaer Hr

e-a~s 2 3-06 7.3 6 0

E WISH, 4 hours or week
Re dratonfee St( ) .Targe
'1o7'P Yesit 1&23 years mal
?e un!erprevrleged Phone
2Zd 5204. 655-6740. between
**:~ -. Sprn9 Class starts on
-i *~ 20. 07 Regrster early

Novel lromrlanc Ilranlers.
sltoy b~ooks. net Call Julsetto 6
Book( Libedlry. 143 Wes1
Ruinvnvoidt fl 2238~2;1

NATURHAL weight~ loss. Data
Cleallne powerful malle sexual
bnsi~tacer products Amterican
mrade 220 Sti81

GE1 rid of all vour health
pr~rolan was1 time la~ use macal
troterlinints COmfb nod with
.ncluolrng )lydcaroeapy uses l

(llccd d91en plsot CunistclU Of1
Ranoi fulr Io minted dnd

233.5*4 EB Cor case~i P2IYs o"
Sat 9 am to So pni Tn

c33(iea orcn (j?.llb U
CM 8 a9 201 69 twp y or

I / In AREC) Gd cS 9

/j SenrI SenateY Dracllterg er

6098 OnF a Itoa Pin~o o
phones Prewa teamo co 1

ClF Ite of or I ha love n
I~~sm Sa tc Gw I Chathg **.arus
CaOI bn 6**890 65U76.t
2m 06 ontr ayslF

phona~~m .....n, .

n~are nc Ge Gic h en Home

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ter4Orh ang Cl 11)gat

appr otel (per. k t ~L

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(172 gy()g kr

DO out neetd someoner~t to do
a ltle claninUlt and cookllng for
you') Catll 664-6661 j
NEED helpl Advlise onl value
added tax (VAT anid ith
computationols for furthnr

ttlatlive btave rulltrnesse
InuII n UL lowave IILO B watlr

applinesee? repesses wah' Yl~ll
ft b as e CI1ll 6/24521 /2

TECHNICIANS avaIlabln for
Pyplnrc rn ~ la w wna t

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FOR all your Construct on
repelrar lenovellsos has well as
manenty vernisin Ccrlumbc

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Repto~ns to wrckl rm, Prentsn9
compat~ny (Allnstchy,

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On~e (1) Felalee Office
of( Payl(ull N\IS Filinlg and mubt
be curriputer litrate Mnustb L
~etwaeen the a eas of 253 anld 30
years old Musl have knowledge
of Maths & Enlglish and atl least
two (2) yearb working expenelnce
Aply in per~tson wilth a wclthln
.1pphutaun ad two ()
refeLrlnces to Larns 136 Shen:rff
6 Falulin Sts Civllle Tel 22/

'?0i a 1 na
Georgetownl Ljocallon 2
e~Dneral)8 OffHricce dierk
so w ocatlon 3 Se~lcunty
loctiloilb Kiridly clll 22/ 04C1
or wolns Lalvenesnt o-

.ldube re Ltd L7(j ForSh.."

1 errt t A~Oueen town

bqlil 61 bouesn fi5ene
alo 545rte 0001 Gus(hes/
tXito~r 0c>5n b 6d~n Maths
LC oa se 2n ced3 cr nol

Urd O1Dpe(nencd n guedn e
1w hv nvrep wdy
t emsera Tl 22 30411 1 r l

wertautv ow r kmI 137 ft a

16~ PromPLR Backln s
a 0 3. EXR OSt:26

Eyg~ 6 7

3 001 Akn rm 061 2 -

erso numt Ra 5496

C andof Consro Irn E B 0
ntatedd so D assesl~ Hdevtoe
eupormr t far ~rr 56 1
53D 00 US Ederson's n6

CGlInGr Vp 0ag wed
(or n us~k Dcvl
lend o( 5; onaa <0. ovr

5on ' Ui Ederson's i;70
Amer 0 ml** p
,CIC L o'Mi I wd
dron Ibe mO rn omng youal

9.0( ' ;l notou ;i
~,rEGE S
Prov dance 2 $ 0
;'I( .rn Ln n0 ryl(
on~~ 2302 1, r yrn rrl
preddMM A2M~ R beD 931
QI~ i~ul~ E~~n. l,.
PrMeoc $24M. aidnSn@ rdoo
acR(JR wasd $11 nowpt PdM.
Bushy ~blPark.E8 E gba1
arms. SRO Onlo*UV 2>
372 Ing ne -71 pet

Atlantic Gardens. Larnahi
Gardens Earl s Court
Dlamnond. C Ia #1 4 8
22 -8148, 625-1624.
-227-4040. 2250995, 669-
/1070, 628-0796 Happyv Arcrs
$10M $37M. Banks Parl
121 z 13r, V,0Mn INew
r too-, t $ 35M, Albertownl

$4GM Ne~w Amrsterdamn.
S '00- 2M andr many

)/11 y bl. M Prabshao
fterl~r at $19M. ~14M.I NeCwtown

heI IAir i Park -1( reldu d

to SIMJ Phaserl- God's Favorite
Reallty Teb.'J2662 i22-2709.
22' y,19 23J1 204
F eghtc onec Aanid a half

1 ((u '.'llal /@ nP(b h
water front You c an Ind

waterr crre- 6 thaf run thro gh
dOcumlcrl(t Pretei to go six
nunsiori do Iurs One acre of
ttimn~sm u I resildenicall land on
the? pubrir of Melanaeb
Omanllhata ED r, lor only
kendly ndPet'r Real Estate
lo er<3er St~r-Ee W/RFue~t G/

sPose ^Me BAlRBER

couTYNT- 8 7282:

onK TTY to Ace et

Newtown K try $s) 000 Call
ONE two berdroom
co0et67 bulf(a Contact

femOOM fo s to~c we kin
Telephone 227-0060
ONE 1-bedroom bottom
flal a arment Parkrnn s ace
Cal~l 66i2449. 231 487
PHONE 225-9944.
0 URNISHED roomsr at
Bacchelors Adnture. EC Dem
Tel 229-4149 Glona
wOOM ou. tnm. sonleM
area don 231-8661. 629-
6UTE 1 O % 8 48 RS TEL.
ONE three-bedroom

1 IUOR Restaurant at
59 u tee.KinvTd 226

75 Sgeltown 225 1131. 664

fll I 18lh teoeo ot
FURNISHED executive two
and three- bedroom
apartments with ast conditioner.
tele hone and parking 6142-

__ ~__~~ ~ ~_


____~ ~_


CHONCL suaa 7:::,: 1071SlrA

COUNSELLING L'2.;1. I.)1/a: 22C."-Or(iti
WANTED u ah nouea

FURNISHED roomsn for
~ouny sin le worlrkin renlate
Call 683- 719
KEYHOMES- 231-8469. 684-
6900 KEHOMWES- 231-8449*
Streets. Souda 24 ft x 22 ft
spac C~aliduian 2254709
TWO bedrooms tfurnshed
house 140 Barlma Ave. BEl
Ar Park 225-8153 or 227-
2BEDROOM flat In Gi
town. grllebd, tele hone
Suitable for small Iamrly
Contact 691-5943
Primea business spot on

FULLY furrtatte t b lnhree
9:"' ununsa". ot*,o ,2"
s2-32 5el 7a 223-08
FULLY furnished 3. -
bedroom upe a or short/

0210.o~9" 226-091

2ivil2%' rr"$*n ',

styled aprs Sulsable for a
cu le or sm Ote paeron .
5 6 -4 20) 5 00 a Sd

iiNE two-bedro we
trrshe b to anes
a rdon Street. Kl

ONE 3-bedroorn NNarte
hall and dtnh mrom tode4
552. 2 86820. 344 000
LARGE rur bOatom
Aan businss to vers ~JP

1a a $280004 Suatik

Td 227Pd~I~ -2143
s~tyld apts Suttsote fr a
Cu to or s~on peorso -
Call1) 00 ear 8427

apartmnt. Sur nished in
Csran ts 9941 Ca a $r

APT I we AnImus
Executrve hous In
Georgelon $1200 US. Oa
9ao0 o 250 US. Phone
E081-2054: 562828
SHORT serm r long m


COuWNG fom o~aa
chck out Sunfloera HoW
Long term. short term. 3 Ms4
has, ec. at Sunitowe sttl.
24 hrs opening Call 25-

1 TO

months rent re errd with

at Land-of-Canaan, sustab~e
for honeymoon or hofrda r
Caretaker on oremeses Ca
226-8901. 811-7658. 681-
ONE three-bedroom hr
furnrshed upstairs. ov rs

014-0949. 619-9972. 220-
1_306 of Sharonxs~ghyc k com

000roo mth Mdde atDrn
forSt Kty t a mdr
resienles -C 00re end
mat Crt .,t an O a
2302 23 it. seueprrn

Nearly bulit 2-bedrooml flat
srtudtaed at Mchc~a Arealdla EBL
Unfurnashedn~ very comfortable ~
Et recl~ w~ata yu01 ate

C.IVILLE t urnlshedl one r
bedro'oml parlnients to rentI on
(rot Utalb tall A slldrren
tl356 62L' 2118 nlylln"
beldrooml fuly fotr~rrmane 0;<~ 11ot
& cold scrd prig
relephone upper f)lt UYlOvesee
On-bedroroo anld two
bedroomn fully furnishtd
apartments for any Itwin- 3
rmnths. 6 mo~nths andb one yeas
Contact Los 40 DUHLdit Street
645-0787 227-3128

VS100 ault Im m a Jd

unurnashed apeiments on6.
Iro, three & four ~bedooms
Queen won residentual.
h UaSta5 n i. 4 ;2 !~n

nmd ***? o -'irbd
reta 2t-56.64.
One specaou ap~rtmn( .
kitchn, dmanq hall and one

Coreactual 227 90 anyam Ch

&cod~ secu n 200uam
b***M r P* 2.rrr. h

room r hot and

yanc.. _c Y

AM Pk floor 2~o bahnna t

GREIA nrounilId hrbrU
IMrldge mes~r, lirnd i20' x 100 wlth
mustatIBe and woodsabuldna
blM lta Tel 225 3737 25

22/ 4040,. 225-0995~ bO9-707(3
1(2 Nn96lyPae ud biParlcneet~uM
227 4040. 225-995~Y 669 7070
6280706JI 5 Bedroomll holusr? II
Cuminrn96~s Lodge
$14 5M
2/1 40 40, '225-U)'rur 1,0-7017 0
628 07Y96 4 Usasonsell Ilcut*=
furlly furnished withs cllmetl Ilvrrlj
IIo as on Invefsnentll 1Io See

(3 Luis) Ild eg L

I'ss M: 2125-09
a) I~rrC IV S

ONE roomn for senate
working female. Tel. 23idif8 8

4llccanu S.Mona, l $12000u (

()iduna $40Ill =ou fulnelhed
tllriio halado

IdlUt) bedroom11 I to ()CI) higlysCUre
.Iued 1in Geourgetownu Profetable
for couple withl una chnltli
Contaect Teli 227 2000
(,1'507 '~Reput~ll. Pa~rk (JS31
100~ Omeenstown US$2 '00
US 3 500 Pa.~I( OVall 08te
US;3 t 00 Bel ier Squen 5$1
000 US2 we utqSIle U

L. lmana GaC~ns US$12 00

f~latsn tol rentI f)O us

I*mote thro U booso)(()Urn )'J
125 5782 609-2302 233.6711
PRIME Massey PStae. Ad
slt.`$31 2 31

2 a-8r4 1 455 l
CAMP 8 b a~ness
rauww 02n I5 225-

LAND was 2 atn 41
S.'4"""?. Da's 26o ran ~
LOW secome prln for

399 BARAMITA Sreet.

**6. *** ECD CI*63 5
NEW11 ICareebeeroonrn ass

twKre.8EOROOM. hpat
V0fe7 corner11 .Sr .
THR E bedroom back
toes6~(Co~ Sweei Ottown
SF 302 725. 87. 771 -

WOOD.eY so cocet

In Pr~ Hneges305 nee
Can 16 0303 6SS VS tl

tP ~~RS A~P LL D

fk~ibrf. br yg

2 -t*. I-


CRASO two1 a lY hwoue

One NaoU caw hose
for iM Conr Mrs Khan at
242 Forshew9i Ouenegwn, or

LOCATED on Church Street

Sir*~ Telt a 2-22nd 123.
ONE twro-fied concrete
S41 F eshew tM el
O urmo -1 %7 B

go o

UGC Road & Caricom HQ
Beautiful new concrete:
< eaPrtS382M: TEL. 226-
HAVE your own land? We
Lrn builld nel(l c~onstructed 3
d28 -9 2rndo2 Itxfr30 ft
nl #227-45561, 6622559.
NO AGENT Mrs Wilson
226- 265i0. 229- 2566, to view
6, bedloomls. 4 bathrooms 2
kll:)tchns. Campb~elivrlle, 116 -
240J v Suits 2 families
I usiness. Investor
100F~i~bT'rc ILN.4.m. CALL
2255501 OR 8194505.

lots of yard space, (1L Iot- 210

scea Publle 7@,.L~ Doom
Keoslint O uuo

Ar Park (e a a

IYn tasines y a dent

yo wt ouardsmyo

kgra Oa(3l

R n. For ag Rogg
Foa ****con.

Wdlrpisa Fas'
;22$*8897 227-81.
Cel: 884-722$.

)ygy, n Qge1 n(tr g

Norrh Rdl vncantl 1 storey
Iinsurance \ Internela $ ?Sln $
125 uuliUS Edorson's 226-

NonI Pdroal ECD/storery
tolNrdnet Iimoulrn oeo
anonesoliny fromt lawn f)Or tnor
Ederson' 6Z-54 O
nolsdant. *ctarl nlew tier

a nrol jbbulm I adog ors
Insure Imnt ~ascaf 52bJ 10
1 30 0 U deraon~z* s 61
co r ln~ d a r~aoc'

ECCLES 'AA' posh

Agency3rW. 00
6420 ; MMbL

LAR~i roro cp)
V rrnt 404540tt n

1~. 5 p ~
2M 3771IMS US 2.
O~towe M1. one*Dctr
who wants ne hospta wit
ABc gelet> X 4 invest
Parts. new creer

O 6 derl m Odr
c~~mPUI~ $ 3~ ~r* st g~
manameas 331Me 1(.0U

InCross cnl Sau. conorate S.

krsdn., fas q~~ ln.
KI sto L~~nest For
E co~loatal)
rssrs *Is. dw

S 7~b* 0 0. 45

Urgem tly builds
oh ber ce u1Ove 1. 3

Demnd EO~ 8 0 ocn n
$bdom ocet aaksg
00US onee Seerson's

nwm2 061 968 00U Y

at r o

soaus ble~n~ AR
~~e~n. o I
uo niure 24m, 127.p000U l
Ede ~crson' 226*549 wdo

120 with I s
F~r. ndsh treooat h l

one l-storey wood*@ esta

3828v.yn. 648. c~
On**storev t
allusta at Log $1
K. OfVYe
Eetele, Lot

Suh ad Sirh s ld. W ln

veolfor o~y (

iiP~i.~. 231-742 L1
66238128. 650.

7264 626- 22

~odPho ne 2-1988 270 ^
447 63-643 Oness
ows~nairesity~lyshoo com
rxcutive res~iience. ofice
bond, and othrs Allentic
Gade s US100. US$800.
US40.Mppy Acre US53000.
is erlossuet U .
Sre~et offcelbnd
(Root. Su < anville 1
Park US$2000 USUX ~

Tu~svor I t

st ML~s



OGLE atul~re -!iiIs~ TEL iL'26-814 625

Several propernes to KIth
rushedd Nagar. Queenutown
SSouth Rulmveldt Be? rir Park
3'Urban Street $95M
guards vacdnt pJo~ssson

S5L1~~ Wlru orto ras ha

Reid aRea -r 275 JLd 23
,2064. 225-5 98 225-3048
227-4040. 225-0995 669
'070 houses for s~ 3 nouse

NM6 kU $2945 neg 4 B.A
u~l fur House an See C
vlre 550MI. 8AP house 3 6:R

7our ss ac 1MqplePl

ArTeo yoursenrat ore m lr

aen buy wsth your moery ha
0 Il buln~ ess a in
Now avalli houaa, for
5BLL 4 6 5 M
58 o 5M r $10 1M 16. and
enany othe Land 1S: 51**PT
one and. a half acres -
D3emetara Asver for oniv
SSHOe ae d mi at Peu

Snaan E an on H.f
'Na to Laden. Land JI Feb i"
SReal E1to al Co CIact

SALE 62e-7599
1 ADLY JET 1 00 CC

5180 PER FT CALL 827-7835

DEAL on 5Mp diasisi
camera. Tel. 227-e~as.127.

late1 o gact 2218 FL
II-Ent nSansut 20 r,

oER BAG CONTACT 691-6943



AND LOTS MORE ,', re ,, ,,, a,,~,, r,f

,' n1 ( offs 1 app atio

00~i/ !)1I1 ag0** o.b~lilll l and

Ivlc ye 1 Sor 000l 91 000

1 KAW~ASAIYI 750 full race
motor(1 Ioake 1 Hon~llda 5500( watts
Uoniserato 1 Mn~ldir 6500C watt5
u-rator~li L 2-door coolers. 1
eYou( fatorne 1 Sans1 serve

1 hblnUing thest 1 ) dfoake
machine111 Lp) 0 stC 1 IOd Cell

580-7 104; 52-17

co tHCnornurrr me

bc ntlcl Pourr ofie lu r

627277 220 0437

pono used HT ctreeze two

on: : o ::::::i c.we t
?"" \;(' ollrc"'g *p,** fn'.

l'bt ~"y 't, &" "::: "

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ueboat( uspot (bIsght u
dealls d safet Dot ne owd
*** DInch Cmg Johso '

welO wElos 0rr~ ke da
maka(ng machl ono Hp
Ahrne scfmer box u

SAWle motos l equepment
Aratrs one Port LOand USA
dung, clam largld~e) ehedsag
oocfims on sten ww sh oner
usnd stonet 110v edustbe
6(able eletr wncts. an use
s bonc 240 s ( fr $00000 1

In ER radito fo er 86cide 8
enouneh -o1e 54 10001 bymec
000o eachee 24* earzo duse
cleanng mechene. 110 H 25
000. 10f S gation uceit
carpel adhesive Dblit ro $8
00 perd uch oet 15 1 tyes
$4000 1 Canadson shtede r
full uomatsc r16 000. 1
Ams congen Po off UB
owin ermigestingp 841 2284
3olc onEWsn voey best snet
aood hlpe avy du qoualty all
rox rv son 000. .. 52 ....R. I
ph drocod T ac 0ot wOS2
6000 20 b )ols ne com ter I
pe(Oxoa 9 SI alc let ll8clno

000 each. 21v Clam tod scles
mchionn ehne 11 v $5 00,
c0 omete interet 1 tem wth e
lot of4 spares *13000 e01.
One0. copete tlep honde
system lonst of conro bo Clne
ndiee 24 phnes $50 000 in
workngl l border1 Owner
Migrmirating 641-2284

nteriar .Irnd < nl 1 honcel 1 de
8 000 Wdyne. 7b hr

motors. elts. vdives hlue a ll
Technicran avdlli~a bli ca ..

MUST be so~trli 100
UPHOLSTERY hea~vy duty
machinee AII model PIILt*
1~n ehsp Call 220-5124

Selko, Citizens, Casio
Gernts ladies Quartz
nd wrk watches $30{

From 60and up
Watch batteries
rd installd

as eem tnCaf[1 Led <

l. 45dt 122 T5-4017 0Co
Gent &o Lad** esred
twed am rclthngle eetal

.Isms seemal e~qulpmen( 4
sense. cmputer supptoe Cre
CPLO 6~u 048 DY
Ann an pm a r C2 o r

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WORKSHOP r*uesrrr
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Conce HeadgUarters Call
*Ie~phone # 818-8d(34

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339-04828 or 613-8990
1 NISSAN Pathfindes
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Pump Truck. just rebuilt
Never used. ~Nlht Hawke
motorcycle. Ti. 338

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TwUSZ L 1 :.'~ t* :-

_ ggltgAr EIIIIIQI August 6, 2007

tDf tOd 8 8 G dF

... top players to be showcased

ciesavue af( furme played cand
Also pcresnt at the work
pmms appea were Portsmouth
manoage Hary Redknapp sad
Direcso of Youth Oprations.
Pmal Hanr.
"We had a very fast hering.
Rednapp and Hart made rig-
arficans contrahulsonr and to-
tally codsarcd the player as an
cat;ctr*pwn talen, but unforta-
nasily tor lac of semor inter-
nasiosaJ appearance has been
held agasast him on Ihir occa-
won." Mahamed *was.
"Harry was coanfident he
would have conrmibuted to his
finrs team rquad ar he offered
somethms different. I would
hkle to thank; Terry Fenwick
(S~an Jura Jablash maneag) for
hi asbic bu~ aussastace throuh-
out bw appeal pmeeodue."
Basish Home Oflce regular.
twm E q aourfn nio
plyayrs stat that in order f a
played to gain a work permit.
he smast have played 75 per cnt
of his county's comlpeitive 'AZ'
team matches for which he wa\
avaiabe in the two years prv-
ceding the application for the
sAmes....any, tim player's
tenry me be ranked 70th
or higher to FlFA's officil
reaking when aveaged over
the two year s eeingL up to
the appation for the per-

=i~cc~ = II II CI r~ I = 16

By A~ma La Rose

I1E ~legeake opeatlo of
r Georeta~wa Football
dedekt(CFA) 2007 bc

re** with the offcial

Jum beta the mrln Item
* the Shgaid t# th opcea-

GiFA'socwly rktesrde cu-
:hdeb Troy. mc-adncasc
.ts degsmabmea and test to
the tel lromL has accepted
sIsedy comantmea for the
aner Lnage ~and, ds**pste
wwsag that no scam1) as tat
becram of the unplayabk
ab~unas of abe rfick due to
co~roaa snous a. as goam
-ad with plans to openab ~
son and Is neca sacluded a
amra Leaggr future a pas of

Drrector of Sport. Nest
mar bcaddr thet ha nlTK-ls
o will take the sause of the
rrrs dunag the match pass.
b the ohrs besn the prew
1t of the Geneu f~ootbll

Inictusant (GW),~t <410 KLass. Bard, wallI srtn at ISO 00 6 am
the heat of the OVlA and a rep n' aIi~n fel match of( the Gllt's
resenlatave ac~zh from Gi&c I. 'haunllunent
G;usana Beverages Inc and ince the several address
D band uadi provide the mtASKA 17tRksLI its JcthC tid$t ~by t&
clcuntr~unaa OVA's fast( V1Cc-presdent
Al scamr are rermande 11o Wan 1orde, another youth
numsemi as 1 tO h and* murl be gnw ull si h crnicte Sc lo
rreptcsentd by a smasl of l, mee .stL 17 \0 h wdIl he the Ns
pl~tes and two officrrsh as the 1'ona 1:nder( I( isrnr agms
mrn~rh past uwha wnll he pse ceded by- a Under-13 laws as the IIpensn fistfUr of the
succason cmooke GliA's 'The game, t be played he wel honl: sutrthe defeadsag
seecn Geonrtown and hasr kagtue champoses Alphs tranar

amil nmnes-up Pele R~' ni 191 1)

usght~ ise))duI~le ), 21 (W) b) i
(Wangtowdn All Slar Selectson ,
ntasr,*ws the Nasustal Unsks 26 r
'Ihe (jyi ,, Urlg$H lurs In
make use of due free enrry ,nto
the GIig round whsch well end
as 17 (x) h
Ther right-tenm ('rllnk
Premirr I.rsueu w ill run-
(tiur lamururm as Ere Leary
withb the 'tattle o the MlL-
tsels' as the I.aumen boat
the Army,. begianrtat at 16:30

Trtntdad & Tf~ango F~ootball
Imadrsalan n er the sandeas.
"We rtre casumely damp-
postecd Ihas r cadent sects a
Wteitr has not ec hrr ves pu-
assues sol lfuher ha crce sot (
Ihe 5remwsr I capeU." Mahamed
told \Ly yspears own
HU ha drulppress me mce
Ihass anylthnl ,r (lw ctrnsplete
Irlac of c nctatsoiccrn h) Ihe
T& Ttlr. so pucttculat. head
mcrrh Wsm Hlsheepers
15~c cury*rull! rrf urcds f
owspense rlh ur tn perpenag
the daunrmrtsuan 11o asset the
er'ro~nlls I Ithnk It **
Ywtonl (se dasputesan sorw Ihome
polloses~ niiional Irvet bc*
sween the hows rcuh and Ito holdc hJ a As sunE player
who, a nts Ito bettre himrelf


hel sewage forward Lesa r
Priskr ha blasted satheast
the1 loca fedrtles for as
Ing to brp the ptsyr's bid so
uerr a prefekranl clrntract

Pelt.c tuhr represent\ to

ca clUb Son) Jua ILab*Ch. Mrs
tor appiscatso few a makpr F
ass dreacd after he ar offern
aco~ntra by RPucrmcehrp **&-
Portsrmooth and Ihe s~tatoh
H~ome Office on) Thur ses,
turne downa subscapaces u rl
11tmouthl~ phoned ** urn
Verhacs asse r unpm~r-eners da
tnt Iual pIndcl as 1-sasse Park
eartm? stu year has he (asicll so
mers Ihe *( ,atemanrinal rppeat~r me.

Plut ifrulsmed, an agent
tyrreper wname Paelsc. thetmef a
rfrrpuar heirnc \an luin
Iatrsrrh arl Rusrheavenr under
worrd Ihe players yr appe al as
has Manwd~ Rl~Easarm ;swl thr

tand cam> a canna so a m a
cunstac sobl theabhds Preacr
Hc added 7'im TATPP
and ~R~sberge ancd to take a
senOu lok as the~mslve as
talosag dampurte wa only ap.
pe ar s be hldsa back the s.
cronst Iteam bu also pisycts
w~ho weal so try and pLroress

Rusrherges mootdy proided a
wastca resuorsc as suport of
the wastr pmmsr appea of Ja.
wen Scoded so ets is th dd-
fetcom betwea Jaso Scotlad
and Leone rellier**
Pekeer wa reparesue try
aspect Mohamed and St~even
Dlvues of DMC Spo~ rtswil
star UK Home Offac was sep.
trraoat t ry a Lcgi-as panel

wc7rk very had so try and coo.
\mcc the wrord stee theare r
not two camps a du Mcdarea
Ircam." he sad.
th1il seed Alasso was co.
ulticd to d~chs hi somet to
leave the pidane Is he dkid act
have to hkack HmIboa. L
"He cesid have goe
dormwnteph la a bb said
the 1996i champles. "He
didn't have to at there l the
place wthere IArwi eeded to
get to to get hk tyra

BUI),APENT. Hfunalry
tausetrt- Ferrasdo Memo ,
howed hh rasthica s6r with
a controve~rsist pole postion
as the flonwerha G;rand Prts
)Testerday. acconikt (atormer
champhn 1)sman Hill.
Akwrmo sort pric wnh ins tan
f~lynE lp andl after a pitllan deay
the1 presearchampenratup-ad
Ing team mac ew I lrHardn.
fadest as that pmns. from henar
myg thc Spans tstame.
With Hanmllton queued up
hchlnd him and the clock Ilck-
mng. the doubic warid champion
dtd not move for what ueemed
an age. When he did. it was uns
late for the Briton to get un*ma
and start another flying lap.
Hill was not alone In lueT-
tioninl the Spaniardc's sports
"It seemed like a tactical
ploy from Alonsolo In mke sure
that he was the last peruon to
get a lap in, to be out on the
track at the very end. andc that

reemed toI be at the cosrt of
Iruwls Ecusnp a lap ,n." ~ald lr
I'rW> clumplon
"I shink yoU hasr c~ so us
that Akesea~ put his foot da~un
and basically go~t what he
wantedl there.
"l1e crtalnty showed he a
noti prepared to Play a scam
game 1f tt's at hts expense." the
Rnlton sold reporters.
"I shtnk It was a very self
Ish thlng Ito, do ut summames ~
scifish gulys win "
Ahlmu, late t dnlted drlcbr
ately hbx king hir team mate
whlic M prlsingly Irnny hodd-upy on van-
oulr tsuuc\. including the posi
Ilon of other cars on the track.
However Hamlltion openly
dlisagreed with his teamt mate
and Hill. a gues cal commentator
for Britain's ITV tecevision. said
the whoic incident hadl only ex.
posed the divisions within the
Mercedes-poweredl team.
"They rre going to have to

PkARCI aistas Retes) S htae eibewes

sLrsib Abbtrn and Ast have rrtermd sege.

annde cte by the Pakienee Cfrkt Bear (PCS), so efb,
i teM Reutrs yesterday
"'We brve seceivd the re-
wl, of& thie racsmple col-
let I from al 26 pisyers lat
we an wthewy hnae al tested
no save." PCB) director of
cc nunscatnre E~hman MaILk

'ihosib and Allf htave
ch~ ed the seas which are
b- p: of olur zro tolerance
p y towards drugs in
I 1he tesI)ts were conuced
Sdr .gs training camp in
Ki hi ahcad of nexrt month's
(I osy20 World Curp in
S Africa. which is an la-
tenrnaonal Crickret Council (ICC, event where players cs be
unbjected so random dope tests .
Malikr said the sample hadl bern sct to the InenlksasI d
Olympic Comminles (IOChaccredited laboasory in Malysis
Shosib and Asif both tested pourive for he bsonule8ld seo
nandrolne last year when the PCBl held tests before d ICC
Champions Trophy in India.
Thywere faihtialy baunned in Novembr but as appet*
late pass et the board cleared them of the chargea n rr
Afted desir suspensions,

yt~c 1?I(1

S;~ilp;J": ";
I /Le 2'

d I,I~~ii


G FA's


200 7

kic ks

Hack and Sons

softball cncket

continues today
TIHE Hack rad Siom 15 overa softball c~ricket compeddlton
contains today at three venues with 12 Isntch~es.
Action bowls off from 09;00 h with Seafield Irgenlds tax~ 1
Ing1 IBosntl Blast XI atI the Men nMrcr-%nx West ground (umlr

wl lbltius .n91 Am 'rtunathcm Itardco). rrrvcue(I)PIr
Al lhe PIOvIdeCeK .Square three pitchs will be ubCd O)n

IJridalas andJ 1)< Am~stel will makhLI rLulls (umrprres Onular Khan
and~t M(.r. 1Lanst) At 11 00 hr on pltch two. Trophy Stall XI
wsl (da I~;) unr Mraspd XI tunynpre luit Pe~rsud and Iliarderf.
At 13:00O b on pleds one: Ionora Youths XI will play
HRoky XI (Ibams Gearps Perasd rad Nhazi Khan), on
pictc twoat the sarme tim Mighty Crewas wMI play Next
la~rvl XI (epmpie Douglasr sad G~eorge) while on pitch
cir thre ~ IM rand AM lua rrC mattlbl (umpmrw
to br unamd).
Aluo ur for the Protvsdnc Squarr (pitch, threw Klders X1
usesr yrup gaLs amlrfa Ids invader (su~pise CRandolph Jainsm
and Mark 1-nrnes and Krel XI venrsu COmelia Ida East (pitch
two) feran 14 rNJ h rumpirce Jarrm rad thaest)

against fam I ligers %f in the acternoon tumpires
frolamsot and MIters.

Alonso showed his selfish side Hill

the sam btlata Ite w~ck Sarwashous Net maris*r
InglyJ Mose wasr epecially derghted to be a part of ls
cocrl~ldig wl M id to w get~ tiM ro rb*
desr wiltl gram.r
AAA dr tedily i$ an aIp~dal dr, #ay r km ~ .
Lgdd I&Wid'tlrk Caq rl1 r~
birthdayallitdaybfr ~ emir aPb.

SUNDAY CliROGIICLE August 5, 2007 27


Busta Champion of

Champions cricket

starts next Saturday

in Berb ice
THEY Busts Champion of C11sampions firstdivistoo4 50 over
compyeddonu srts acrx Salturdy n Beridce and the eight
teams compettag are asked to take sole,
11< teams are: RoseLJ Hall ow Windies Spr: s Bar, Albion,
Port Mousant. Blaismont, Beraine, Wrr est ce. Yoube Warr-
riorb and Swcotsbrur UnIted.
'he wiNrung team will cotlc lus $10 0 while seconidplac-
can will receslve $50 000 rad a trophy
Nret bSaturday, Albion srl'tackle Port Mouirant L he
Fort Monreatous whle as the same day Bertilli wil
famt Wesk~~t set the BPgh'I~rt pnard.
Next Sunaday. Rose Hall Would oppose Blairsoobratd the
Arse 'H' ground waile Youngl Warriors would hos bbts to
Scotsburg United at the Cusalesiad ground. po mpeti
tion is organlred by mth Rose Itall Tobwn Youth and Sports
Club and rponsored by the Guyana IBevrrages Company.
The uenwfinals of the co~mpresson will be held on August
C'lubr are asked to get their temam in order and Wrmeds
which are taked with boldiag rmatches are asked to be


Perhaps you sent a lovely card
Or sat quietly in a chair *
Perhaps you sent a floral piece
If so, we saw it there -
Perhaps you spoke words of kindness
as any frie' d could say -
Perhaps you were not there at all
Just thought of us that day
you did to console our hearts.
e thank yr~c a s much -
whatever the par'
P .ully Iin Jesus our below,, Uncle Sonniy

By Siddhartha V'aldyanathran
at Grae Road
A POLISHED) half-ctatury
from Rabul Dravid baoostd
India's prepartions ahead of
ther floal 'Test at Ther Oval,
where they need only to draw
to seal the series. Dravid's
assured 67 led a sold htmting
effort, allowing the ladians to
declare after compilnla 138
for 5.
The Sn ILnkans respnded
assertively Io condtrlons rdeal
for batting. rvstrhing theru lead
to 140 by the cod of Ith day at
112' for one.
None of thesr bowler made
an impact but Michael Vandon
and Ddrawan Pcsera ulh at1 10-
run stand between them contin-
ned from where Ithy'd kft off
an the first inatogs Wsth
chuanceof a rpr shbingstrmate
both sades would look for as
much batttag pwlracc as they
Anothe r swy da) at Grace
Road saw batsmen from both
sides~ puroper. tods., a usrnaght
baismen. Wassm Jaffe r nd
Gautarn Gamnbhar. played c~on-

t~rastg hands~, addingl 85 tw, the
Isecondl wlcket. lateltr gave aIway
a fluent start. Gambhhtr Ilade at
cuunt alrter an edgy beginning g
.It wa, Drus sd. though, has
Engt Insted to makeL a meanimngtui
c~ontrrbuiion to the fIrst two
Tests,. who really needed to find
to fect m thrs match. WaIlkang
to !weaty nunutes betwre lunch~.
Dravidi had the best comistsons
to flowe. The ball had lost its
shine and whatever alsistance
there was thi, mournng iual do r
His firstI boundary was
Mkeu a test et angr so sy-
age was th at that it went
scrtraigh threegh the ltregso
the poke fledr Ims the orst
Over wre fr manr tendr.
A ins-cut beting both alsps
and guity. and a c~lip to
andwlicktwre cucrrough to rug
gestI a calmI outluook a he
baroghs up to fifty to 72 balls
H~e manacussejd a ball arond
wsth case, espcsallyr stasns the
rpso of Reagrana Heath and
Kanshal Lokuarachch lu as
be was begal~nma to anY wlh
the howsat he decaded to, de
clare. allowanna has bowicts an-

othe~ ~l~,r -ho at the I babmein t
Ilambhivr wu- the Ilothe kll, h
surrcnle pnevey knock thopwdn a

carly Io thre palce
It was a chalrmed exasstlene
tw ost palrut txst )urt when he
appeared to be hating his sraide.
c~lranCka taxmdanr es cther rrde
of dwr wlceks, hle retucd. Later,
Gaimbhlr salrd tral O~ravrd de
chlurdl to makle lihe ganwr muce
it cwas Jrlter, though. who
ret the Iour slus muragy. rect-
sq( well-I)med drsves off the
faster bowvlcr (over dsives
Were flowing s rcedly from has
has but, when on *38. he ad-
assued down the rac sL~ o Left
ar ssner lcrierh and
~Spuned ua splc casc~h to mad
on Junl Isk m the fI~lrsteasys
at Treat Bodge. he yave as sway
stica well ret
VVS 1.auman also edl to a
rsstrn~n fashton asongn a
catch to rmd off bre YuMas
reptedJ cn a cameu that Included

two fourn anud a rlx Muhencldra
Stagh Dhroni, promoted to No.5,
lasted juIt two balls trying to
cross-bat one that anglled in.
Herath and D~anunika Prnad u
ended up wiish two wickets
piece but not twfore receivms
somre Iap. Prmbud, wh~o doubled
Gambhir eruly thasn moning, of
fered too much width rn his
spells that followed and
Chana~ks Walgeders, the Llefl
ar ~m same Los t* sting as the
bassrme milked tum around.
Irhaal Shamrm srtend the
Indran reply wuith a firrt-ball
wicket mthe second over of he
sr~anmas, but the Industs were
th~warted for th rest of t~e day
Vaadort brought up ada
seceed fify of the martch
while Perers, far morre as
rulrd t~an be was yesterday
userates prowtted pood com-

James Isaac Lee-ting

(Aka Uncle Sonny)

of 278 Sheriff Street, Campbelieville
Sunrise:17'l April, 1914
Sunset:Wednesday, 25" July, 2007
93 years old
F~re m 0pF of Tnnpr and Harbour
and Yt of FMno
Musband of Ena Lyrs Le*Ttng (nee Lam)
Faesber al onay on-The a~d severty shouse
Stablir of Waltr and Feth Lee-Tng
sheila Ying. Pans Holingshead, and six others (deceasedl
Nepher of try Cheong-A-shack, the late Louise Bearce Singh




Sharma: In
Cherished Memory of
our dear and belov-ed
one, the late
Pt. G~owkarran
Sharma, of 39 Broad
Stret, Charlestow~n,
who departed this life
on Augost 5, 1994.

I ,'

my otheo
of Christopher Ying. Disne Mendonce Brian, Floyd.
Campbell and many others
t-uncle of Samantha YIng Pansy and Ula Poon and many others
o o' The late Kenneth & Albert Cheong-A-Shack Maudce Gersid, Claude,
d Ch*ong-A-Shack Brenda Pereira and Phystis Comelkss

Donnal Dac'SnnCnlr.Rpr dCey hnAS~kDnlO Silva. Tessa Negron. Carol Massey. Bdn, Michael. Mark. Frank, Jimmy. /

Heather. Christopher. Nickalia. Andrew. Curt, Don, Jermaine.
Marlon Cheong-A-Shack and; man! otherS \
Grc'Jeal I;mV'sn of Kari and Mizana Gonsalves Robin, Rhea. Rae-dawn, Rhys, Ruan.
AlIthia. Andrea, Marcel, Madison, Sabrina, Angel, Keevn. Raymond,
Timothy, Amari, Kaldin. Ryan Cheong-A-Shack. Nikita Massrey. Joann and
Tiffany DaSilva, Nicole Negron andl many others and the tlae Kirk Gonsalves

'Human life is transreet, the allotted span must be used for sacred
purposes and to realize the Devine. When one leads a good Ilfe. whien the
eyes are filled with vision of God, the wedld itself becomes a paradise for
Heaven does not lie above but it is in the world of men.
His life was truly sublime, a noble soul he was wedded to truth, this he
imparted unto us lie a beautiful sweet-scented flower. His fragrance of
goodness, love and compassion touched us all.
Like the rays of the sun he iluminatedf those around. A precious diamond
he was. so rare
A gem to be found.
Gone, but we still feel his presence around.

1Sadly missed by his dear wae Indranie Sharma, daughter Mithlesh
Sharma, son Pt. Rudraeuth Sharma, daughter-in-law Kamini
Sharma, grandsonr Aush $aurma, grand daughter Saakshi Sharma,
sisters Sursattle and Tekadal, brother Pt. Bhojnarine Sharma,
brother-in-law, sister-In-law, nieces. n 'mPws, other
p 4 relatives, god children, devotee:. al tends. '


Sri Lankans build lead after

Dravid's half-century

28 $UNDAY CHRONICLE. August 5, 2007

Wins 200 snetre

In lovi
of our bel
who del

Orrn r

kr R
mJlo qgr



In loving memory of
our beloved son. .
husband, father ~~
and brother
Abdool Zaleel Gafoor,
who departed thris
lIfe on August 04, 2006

Oulr lves r)o on without you but nothing as the same.
we~ nave: to hdie oulr heatac~hes. when someone
spe~aks yorr~l name Sad are the hearts that you love
annr lo/e y'ou. Silent the tear that fall. rimng our lIves
,Iithourt yOU is the hardest parl of all Your heart was
kind and true and when we needed someone we could
'lave always counted on you Tihe special years will
lot return when we were all together. but with the love
witlhln our hearts you will walk with us forever. May
Ailah grant him everlasting peace

Sadly missed by his mother Hussain
Bahnoo Gafoor, wife Farida Gafoor,
daughter Fazela Khan, sons Amir
Gafoor and Mohamed Shaddick alk
Buck. son-in-law Hakeem Khan,
daughter-in-law Dionne Gafoor and
Sunita Shaddick, grand children Irshad
Khan and Almira Gafoor and others.
inna lisa hai we inha la Raj-oon
From Allah we came and to him we return 9

Perhaps you sent a lovely card
Or sat quietly in a chair
Perhaps you sent a floral piece
if so we saw it there
Perhaps you spoke the kindest words '
As any friend could say
Perhaps you were not there at all
But just thought of us that day
Whatever you did to console our hearts
We thank you so very much
Whatever the part

( May Godgranthim eternal rest.

s'daar Irurrw-re'LWIE. dea-taEilKIWaldtWRMLBIh.kdtk -tLIIIS %LLL'akf

AMEICI.LAN Tysee Gay w~on
loved husband, the 1Im at the Londuon
and brother G;rand Pris ** Friday but
aI~led to produce the
Aubrey Lewis, prols.ait uure A..r.
parted this life P"'"'"""'** rL ad
Gaiy, whoa easher In the
(JSt 04 199. week. Iasd that the summer
weather shook$ help him waget
the 9 Tis world recordl that
PoI'well set i m 2. cased to the
wsa so the cooperatsycly docw
qou in Heaven Lord pleas pick aM td 10 2s on a brlab otght at
lae ther in our teetrs amrm nd tes him I cryssl Palmer,
one us Tell hnm wer love ad anis hide and retuopea chamrpson over
it has to sanl~l, plac a kIss upon hid I hsh loo, cad 200m. F:rances
holr d idra fo ke '*. Obak()rlwelu. fiarrhed second a
bedig tile is easy, do i eveyday. Bu rood lwo messe downr~ o Ga~y.
whsicr Hesson Marlua Devants
andI ('raPl FCIPackstag crsd sk
ir soymrc d l~anc ,s shard cad fourth
bod l Ibr \~k krbL~rb drhbmMaL IrkLewis-Frascs,
)amLter Donna hie and Diortr Gakoar hoigt eaddt h I
s Detlro an Dearon Lewir and sore-i-h sqa fo I r the orld
ga Bsir,- Lidon ILes and Andr Goaor Champemenp s M the soom.
r~~~crr araw n I dl amero faished fifh l 18.31* but
frlr Me Brit Jams rdener
setered a disappointing

C:8 C NI EE MAN i~

folah to his fInaIl race on
home soil falling l tor~ maehe
fnuu, flibbing with~ a 10.46
--4. lus ilh no ConICCerned 11
') ct"'"' "1 te acaum) that'b II."

up the numlberb. I always
I~1 .un1 new us;1 blust lim l nw. So
atI the end of the ucaum thal's

Gardener may yet be
added to thre (;8 sacd as part
of the 4,100m relay tealm but
ruled out KoknK to O)asks
unless be flt( fully fit.
"Ab 1I) asu arymn# Injurse
these as no way I want to, go to
thaks rt I am hkely to let the
scam dowrn thr mruanagr may
want me to, but we wall have to,
was and bwe
I~tdai's Becky Lyar had
bees gives one lt chuanc to
show that abr has, recovered
from injury shrad of the
World C'hamplonshipr sad
w~a tokingy to shlow her form
615 &h Mem.
L-.ner PraduLed a much
baac run than as the IJK Tnahl
so Muacheslte last weekr and
famshedl Ilfth an 2 00.11b. but
facs co~mperstson fro~m Jenny
Meadous. who, Inirhed lust
ahea of herr fo*r he fInal apot
to the GH LTem
Slimakia L~ucra Klocova
tookr the un. ahead of Briton's
Mard ~n Okrnlic and Jemms
Arabes Ill lvnt presone las
chanC c toL mae he quabbl~Ing

innishedr~ ofthI in hib event, Ith

World record holder
Jeremy Wariner weLb pushed
all the way by compatriot
LoShawnn Merritt but
managed to pull away to the
fnaul metres. Sweden's Johan
Wishman fnished third.
O)lymnpie gold medallirt

I) th TI yer-k YC( ksU Iu RCSp~n
"The managemeal weal a St.
bestshy Jauon Gab~rdce so
thks iL
"I have made my decanon
that I here ge tod hea cd ache
rued r~as acmtagashlete It
huas hra a really gund torm. tas
Is want to move so a new

'I hasr cr~r noeswted tl go
tol the shalrllmpot narp t make

Sanya Rachards, who failed to
make the US aquard for WorLds
after appearrng at the Trials
whale still recoversug from
diness;. proved o~nce auam that
she as eassly the best athlete In
the world me~cr the 400m
rltormsng to, the win an 49 795
ahcad of Allvywon Fclax and
Noviene Wirlliams. Brstai's
NacuLa Sannder finsshed fourth

Tre. woumr.-, ze. w.a
.lno wo~n impressively by
O)lympic champion
Veronica Caompbell. The
.rameican crossed the line
in 22.56n beating Torri
Edwa~rds and E~uropean
champion Kimt Grveart.
Heptathlon ntar Carolina
Kinflt rtuttered to eigbhh
pouse.1. ze t.os..
"It wasn't my best racc but
my preparation Is gamnp fie and
hopefully my shape will Cet
Ibetter .. he Swerde hard
wo~rldl number orne Yelena~

\\ith her wash a k n\;i Zollm~

Ili oll~n uec.n Ih Ca' ~ nl
II11 l'n<. hl 1nt w niirmn a h
5 Ihm aheatl of Amerscan
aNran Johnsoln, whlle ()lampic
In the nnal event of the
evening, the G;reat Britarin
at s im thelel squad.
G;ardener. Craig Pickering.
Ifarion Devonish and Mlark
Lewlis-Francis. dropped th(
haton at the scrondl
changeover and failed to,
nnuah the rae which wer w~on
by the US B team.

The father Jamnarine Persaud
mother Kumanie. sister Vanessa.
brother-in-law Paul. grandmother
Lela Chee-a-Tow. great aunt
Anoopwathie Veeren of Mahaica.
uncles Richard Chee-a-Tow and
Grantley Knights. and other
relatives of the late TYRONE
PERSAUD extend heartfelt O
thanks to all who In so many
wNays helped us through this
difficult time

Speaal th~anks to the Management
and staff of GuySuCo Uti~ugt
state. Fa rgment and staff of
Guyana Stocktfeeds Llmited and the
oastor wh~io condJuctel the first serysce
at the 'uneral home

SFeb r

k sk al`as'rakk~rd'r o'Ikauk1A

.,, Gay w in s 1 00m

ut fas sat worl

5~ reCOrd bid

ngK memory ",,

SUNDAY CHRONICLE August 5, 2007 29


InVI atOn fof Bids.


1The Republic of Guyana has rceived fmnangtn fron the Wor'ld-Bank towards
the Preventon & Control of HiVIAIDS it as intendedd that part of the proceeds
of trs financing wil be apphied to engable payments under the contract for the
supyof Goods and Senkosr

2r The Government of the Repubble of Guyers kwne sealed bids from elig~ibe
Supphbet f0tthesupply of



Interested Bedders can obtann funthart 11kwrnation on the spoorficatrons from and
uplift bibdan documents at the failowrng adderes from 9 00 h to 15 30 b.

s..*,- saOtr Doorupme Uni
Attntawso Mr Prakosh Sookdeo. Procurementl Officer
Georgerown Pubtsc Hospita Corporatson Cormpound
Ea~st Stroot
Ge~rorgeow. Guyana
Tel No (592) 225-3470. 226-242S. 226-6Z22
Fax (592) 1225539
Emadr raheatbepokdeoCP xcit~cmn

1 Bidding document can be purchased by saterested bidders upon payment of
a non-refundable fee of G$5. 000 per lot to the name of Health Sector
Development Unrt The method of payment wel be by company cheque or
managers cheque

2 The tMd must be addressed to the ChaHrman. Nah~onal Procurement and
Tender Administratron Board and marke~d on the top right-hand comer of the
envelope the name of the programme and the description of the bid.
including the words do not open before Tuesday. September 4. 2007.

3 The bid must be deposited In the Tender box of the Nabional Board of
Procurement and Tender Administration situated at the Ministry of Finance.
Main and Urquhart Streets. Georgetown. Guyana. not later than 9:00 am on
Tuesday. September 4. 2007 and will be opened at a public ceremony. In the
presODCe Of those Bldders'or their representative who choose to attend at
9:00 h or shortly thereafter, on September 4. 2007

4. Valid Comphlance certificates must accompany bids from local suppliers in
the name of the company submitting the bid from the Guyana Revenue
Authority (GRA) and the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

S. A btd security of four hundred and fifty thousand Guyana dollars (GS450.000)
Is required for Lot 1 and two hundred and fifty thousand Guyana dollars
(GS250.000) for Lot 2

The .purchard~iL~~rwnlbLDQU~onsb (pbids no~t receve thereof on or bforetShel
tIme. sn~dpectfiedfor th recnt ion ofbidsLate bids ill be relectd and returned

Prakash Sookdeo, Procunemnt OC~icer
Healt Sector Devel pmnt Unit
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Compound.
East Stree
Georgetown, Gasyan
T*I. No.: 228-3470, 2264426, 228-4222
pay. 225-8569
Earlail rakah seekdo~uabcitecom

Indian cricket league
KARAMI Plbr(ta) M Mrb c~un L-
AktharCuL ShaUd Afdl andMMlll AsW ha termed

dow freners sopisy a Me16 amegdlb lade Othe Lagu rps

by ofers made by the IC oeadnes.
f gove t e arr vrym g o d ur tie b is and r I~ li we ~rr ac
morer imporsra for me as pl~ayeAtla~r -M
Indian ad Pakinas cricket bog nds hav Aeeemd so he* lgsfrs wh 6dacQ a play so be
leagu Maichb is nosecognised by the aleasl nal~hita ComedL
~Th begas organisee hae siged rp Pseceed seked Wear ldies skpper Bates Lara ad aso
hope to ie Ausmttra~a Gig McOrae ad Shase Wairns on of misemem.
I ca'set say puieow and disappeless U thm I~ have destn strte ascrerm for Pakl*
sta an rle th q $ge~L~ag )at r peemi r asy co~ untyb. Neting e~at evn ooney m
mag th M*MA r

By A\~la Haldwin

BUrDAPEST,' Hungary
IReuters) Fer~nand Alcase
ueized a controve~rsial pole
position fromn championship-

Lerwi Hamilton at the Hun-

hrlun by 111 510/ 11.1 sesouh wit tu
1lter has riv wasj blocked~ tw 111

hund tum11 IIn~ theI pn lan
Hairtlton had to sit help.
lessly in his our behind
A-lonse with It~he rzeconds tIck-
inl ~way and the Spanirrd,
whou will regular the chamrph
nomrhp lead If he wins today,
frUailo to more off.

T~h~ct~ catrarnmiln

rucharapcrs for a utagnl. but the
dlnver and (tcam ws Ronl kn
rus rgcted1 Ihal
However, others questated
Alonso'\ rponrtmnanhip and
Srac tewards~ Lar called hub
dtnscra. Deness and team man
Ja ger DecRyan to ma enquary
sato wha had appeard

A~linso. IFacau posnred
quciuln: shut the sacadcas at
scurards rs .s cr.4myl tem news
co~nfecnrenc sad he hrd tw -r
suki to the scm to wasl f~r( a
gap sno tfrafi ad so n mhang
Muusul so darnl w ahate has

engences Coun1IcJ down~I the sco

Iles)lot qu lalirn we stop
Jrnes toL~ scAnds, wnwissues d
(Lsrla sto in) "lr ~ s*r

tMaring the 26-year-aid cham-
p~on, u la;L clenty arerd bt
his teaml matr's 17th areerr
pole. 11< also disayrredl upra
wicth str Spardurd.
tI~ wnl hquate IsrsU) nther1\ I1
use.' aski heml was reawnabl is
Jso ilConversasu as the Clus or

Aded hoW much newt tanac
tw would have rcdd Iro irtrn

end of the esIon Iuniso u*l1
rrf Ismc tha I was held upl In the

'I really d~on't undkrestnd
wh) I uas held tckue t1 gue Rrr
**ws rwadd adJ the scasts and I
defilnesel) uail dor when I gs.
hrck andl have a dhoed," sas
the 14tstem "It deisclclyll needsr

I :: *v rern I'mcunau,
as to wisar l*w Ione onUslI f re~d
sI cpOantacrosag rrdl amuog."

aI~ tht wle hIr*~ thell~ pAce and we

Verrarl's KmImi
AKrkonen, rwinner Inl Hun-
arry In 2005 with Mclalrren,

qualifld fourthl.
"O)n the rlnadel as the dury
hrde of th~e glid, ilt probably
beerC IIo tw firSI orI flurd." had
Hunullianlll "So yes. they do
)UaVe an1 aJvllantag onl that Lide.
Hlu ,I I wslr) try stolen that
bpotl andL do tI1m tws job I cn.
It's D lonlg hlaul down to tL he first
Conrnr an~d we'll \ee what Ihap-
-pens at thre first cornrl "

F'errari'b Brazilian Feclipe
M~asa, third in the: chamnpion-
ship and 11 points adrift of
Hamulillon, will strt 14th after
a troubled s~ercion.
Briton3 Jenon Ba~tton,
who took anr emotilo Lnalfis
grand pris wlo from 14th
place in a we t rac la Ha~-
Oary last year, q~ulified his
Hoods a disappointing, 17th.

garian G~rad Prtz yrsterday
Hamsl~ito. rhe ranksc who
leadt theSprnssh doutMc >.. champton by two pontlll Uth
seven races remamsugl. iom-
pictd an aJ-lcl-Mcr ren! knot o
as5 a rgh clrcult uhere ovrtak-
Ing as carsemely daffacuts
Tac '2-yer old Rome had

ENGLAND are Ilkely to an-
neacer an unchanged slqud
for the final Test with India
at the Oral starting on
Despite calls for changes
following the seve~n-wlcket de-
feat in the second Test at Trent
Bridge, the rlelector\ have been
left with few optionc
All-rounder Andrew
Fliaroff is still in the early stages
of his comeback follmeaung ankle
And scam bowler Matthew
Hoggard is unlikely to be able
to prove his fitneclr in time fol-
lowing back trouble,
Hoggard missed the opening
two Tests with a back spasm.
but was not considered fit
enough to have a run-out for
Yorkshtir in Tacaday's one-day
match again Sri Lanka A.

s rs w r t* p j~a
ala he Esses mnassach asses

Broadl' I nclusion would
aluo atrrngthen E~nglrl'fK 4 Oct
harder barttng At Trent Bndge.
England' I lat five w-racketsell
for $51 and (44 In the first and
- seond Inmngsp respectively
"SmrnFpeo pich wsmcdrast
but I sturnk cvrycryn a playing
cnckerr art." sand fPaglarf

Dtsmassed for a lowly 198
in the first inmrngs. England lst
(even for 68 In the second in-
nings lust as they seemed on
course to leave India a trickry
victoryr larget on the fnarl day.
England are unlikely to
name thcar starting lino-op matil
they have ceen the Oval condi'
dlons, but for those seleted it
Sive them a final opportunity
to imperes before the electors
start thinking about the Test
tour squad for Sri Lanka before
England have been on-
4aIh1 br &rl mm
aB1Atdus (BBC Spolrt)

unlucky to miseu out for

at Lorr

Thaerada as b deas Al'bo
Lecestersir peoremas
Stuart BmdrodllA toae his Ll
Test debat afte teelag
frogged by Clabisteaign
impressed at Treat Bridge .

whoe lec b *td r5
algeme of 1-157 La 42 overs.


/~ ;e

Alonso takes controversial pole in Hungary


T'CL fourtht-rournd matches start todlay ...

Guyana hunt for more

points against Jamaica

f~ilna s male andtem na

.(~ gaga gg ne

. ioamae fml

ntH Cnapan mes's an woms' sem r the 1916 &
Ibbkr Lnact Centedenrse's (CBC) semir thmaph

and keew omm p ayer Rhond Charle\. wise pram ldy wrer
holders of US vuas wdi asscad star cham~ponewps whale all
the othra\ ae nmcrbased
The mea sctam will he cr~ucisd by farmr ('Jncm All Sata
puard Star NuraIc arth~ avananslu ar I>.sl IlJo ara kl m d(
ficials ParackFF~~~~FFFF~~~~FFF and Paul Hayne The pLayen base hern expad
to, prfcavanal art colkne kschc hus few htue played to the
('K( champwmshape
The men' r tem co~mlnlse
plint guards Mft~cha Crerpps
(rlr. Scanm Ptrwell aral ('rl Benn.
shooung guards Robe rt Ross
and Kevan <`repp. Jtnceang: fr 4**
na~rds ardns KLashes aml 1)co
ter Ma~rtsn. power forward ,s
A~ntric Klasher andi I>.rrcn *
Amswortlh a~ rxl cent~re rento
Of thnic :amed o~nly
Wslthatc. who, hasi a lot of crpe ANrTtC KLAER
nocnce at hath the lurnerr andl s-
nlor Icycis of shrc championships, aong with Anlnwarth asxl
MIartin. has played at pf~resnt CBC champcrnsham (ffecals
In the USA rculd not say. howverc when Parterumn whor as
based in Guyana wall am~ve or when U;S-hased (arl Rcnn well
yonnthe team.
Most of the male plaryct were expected lo amrve from van.
ous destinations by yesterday wfule team officials ar expected
tomorrow in Pucrto Rco.
Mace wornen's scam have as thest hcad coach Caroyn Monair
with fomer national men's player Aobrey Chalacrs as hras u
sastnts and official Laurel La Hearo and Patermro as seengr
The line-op is point guard Dmnisen Mosely, Shawallreg
C~harles, shooting guards Rhoada C~harles. and Marissa
McKenzie, shooting forward Lasya Chalmers and Michasis
Burnett. power forward Nllkita La fica andl centre Tiffany La
Only Osaries, Burnett and Shawatrue Charles have previ.
ous experience as the CBC' Icvel while Clhalmers has played at
the*jno CBC championships.
Whil snoat o the female players are expected to ar-
rive by Wednesday for the women's segrmnt which will fol.
low the men's tearnament, the times of arrlval of
.Shawtrese Charles, Madamr McKeza e sd mnagr l
Dakid Pattrson at these champbrlomidsc ar stW Maaews
to One tarn off'mipk in the United Stlat.

(1~31(W ~II I I~ I I 1~1 I11 L~ I~1~ 31 i~S1 I~

V:cll.lll) ":2,1;1 :2 11 ,l~

the bul"'S1 of1C t lhe bowUi ng 1

againal~ Ircward b~landls Irn tre

Jinst marh will e veary uptwasIn

pnInKrlll thatr hopes~ on the Iro
formn ('rery, while skipper
I~crvel Giren, An~dre Landsay.
June11 MecIhant. Nkruma
Isonnerr rre the Imn to taker up
tbr responsibility with tbc
The tweling will rest on the
aunsider of parccr Jasoun Shawes
and C'hrialrphe Wats~on while

slowr ame to wealth
'Ibe t wo umpires for this
game ar Cornelius Sam rad
Wycstle Mitcham wthb O'Neil

Meanwhik. yesterday all si
partscap~attaglems were taen
around St Kitts which is ap-

they valued reverni historaca

Bnmroamso Hill F'ortres Na-
tionarl YPar th at Eis suatd ont
the wcrc side d the iJn
sco males from the caph iaety
of Bassrare.
Tbc warid bat e t ex-
pknes a wondelrld of resured
brinsacl structue cad ruins
while preenting trahniaking

Is ether feart resad

ward Islead as sh potats

pore Barbades ea15 aopoit a

Windarud Indalhd a
r dx b

(Ffam avendra Madhoslal
tr St Kitta in esociaton
Peter Lewis Consrructn,
RWiTYSC, Regal
Star--ary ad Computer
Cusread A. Aly nd

COMING Late reketalna

aggIst htIde Tehao in

*6 -'--- Gayas will be
L~bet t Amer tesaglat Ja-

rmaka mr the fourth r~oud at
the 2**7 T`L. Group West
I~ladie Under-19 three-day
rrcrkke compectitio began Ito
day at the Mdollaese Sports
Chab gramd in St Kitts.
No doubt the Giuyrance
mcricktrrs' confidence will be
hsgh knoulng that they have
turn darunat o ha la IrtIn ther
masches as Ibcy pursue resiase
taIbk lt tol pason hrh b
Jarmasca. who have sm
provrd Lthat chances wash aname

posal tradesl, washl J1n ourtsght

take maotchesl, can ut the
ruyne rcto brheI scal ~othter

of wloalag the compe~titon
for six rmapedeated year
rdreaa frm 1992 to 1997'

wkh as advantage aftr thry
khre Jamak by a crtr

Jamma-Hu are~ asurall
and sa Ibclabic wsth11 pu)(

Brtak sa th ar lessu masch he

Crdo al bc r Ibc man esete n
speatacd theer hasa agmass~ a
prbowha assck br pw

Gaysasu skspper Srtoco
Jaatn has baea (LCadsa th 14
mcan fic ntrosasfr &h rlat m
iackhat effr*ts rrate tor scan
phyou are she, hym up to ra

There rr on concena fr Ihe
(;rayanes. though. rad that as

rcl at rhoudr Palmka tn ad
muh rmass hanrdd rarms To
ruC' asalas hkely to he**#5 (*

- -H ~NI

today's etYIu~I1C5
Pauladn has has a half en
tulry an watts o mednan pace
hnbowsa has us far played a verr
amnportant patM f has sclm an
star compe~tatu

the Ieam Als an Jo~hnron,
headsa was crapese to, have an
X Cay Lo dscurmuna the excess of
the squry yetesday
If Pasdrta cnsws play tey
a~r *cyral atl heslaene psy-
as wastanl on the bench to
amr m arm~nd s mak anmp~r

sumkhtn IHacdaus. *hn as the
rothes rpener. probhably mcplht
h*ve wiscklcyke per lrcito

Inaubs. Him Ir capabic ofl the
trespondsda at te taP
Javab. Mauc canmarac-y
as hkely to ouassuer. should be
abk now ano cnvest two filme'
sain, three filwesr wad tas faNs-

uns Ksyndarr C'h~adndrs d
Vtrhal Seasts wdi on doub be
kmkatg Lo ca~ussn supressa

The odnes h~asso. Seon
Ifetmyce. 1-escc 1.4 I-^laor*

hasnatl hack so str sade nscad

nPM r L upu l l
htwlant: depa~rtawa ktl armor
thlrode best~rr danfpnact

who~ hud witfrar thrra rtrasght
tlars thrn rau uome plarye~rs
.sh~nmLon them Mucuh hadt made
KIhngninra~ I~oi~I~n~

Hllut hrerhl return hasuse
unw (1 nIhtT banck lnc nugh I
I'rthan ware ahea 7 7 In a lowU-
samen the~ quarts. theywes um
urp at the e~nd of the w-cn~d half
1X 13 arxl on a rorll
'he Klngs ba ckm curt as
culplarylng the Plslton\ two to
one as NedsL and Harftman war
son, much for the P'latos cap-
Itan NcvinCrenvlllc.
Even thoulth backup came
from Rcnrlford Alleyeoc and
Marke Louir. their effosts weal
to nought as the sparks ex-
pected from the captain were
absent as he had a teible right.
in the circumstances
Martman who had lost his
toughness freained his sharp-
news as Neils' hnlhancr apper-
ently rubbed off on him fo r a
solid showing.
At one stage the Kings'
Neila cannoned fom beyondthe
are for a 23-16 advantage after
the third quarter began and on
the next posslession Hartman
fired in one fsom the oth r ide

for a sco plnt Kanp\' leadr Thl\
was~ the \Itn of the end for the
Psatoin\ who \eemed to hate
I-:armlnre r acsupposi bantIhe
large crowd-t ove.r the Pall
mmonhs its~m th Klngs.
Hy the end of th third quar
ter. the Klngs hadl establishedl
themrelves in a form pcnllnon to
end hopes of a Pssions revival
nmn a they held 38-20.
The third quarter saw P'ss
toncs playing, catch-up baskehall
as they tried trading shots
which spelt danger for them as
they committed tu~rnovrs under
pressure from the Kings ex-
pandingl zon defence as the
game headed loward its onclu-
Hartman coe on string to-
wards the end with Hamid and
~ason Alonzo faseen himsflf u
against Gfurrick, who was not
given muchromatto dominate.
The game ended without
much of a fight by the Pistons
who were outplayed as the
Kings' ride towards a success-
ful defence of their title re-
mained intact.
The best players for the
Pistons were Garrick with
nine pints and'Itvor Profitt
who had eight

Ry Jor t hapman

NT1 V. Neils Ishe with a
pamr-high its pnints com
hinedf with frilowr Cturd
Mlarvin Hlartmvn uhim scred
14 for a combined .UI poilnts,
nad 'big brother' thdulia
HaPmid with 11 aparked de-
frnding championr Knahif
and Sh~anha1l Kings to de-
liver the knaockout shot to
national champios WH'mar
Phtons 52-36,
thi victory \pu~rred the
ShanghJI Kings In reach the
semdanals ~,unwatrdl ush three
u as wuhen the rre walrt hrn for.
mat of the setcr annual New
EraA dil Smrts~1 hawkethll cham.
punsship co~lntamsd :ructay night
at the Mackcnrlc Sporrts Club
hard court.
Thc Klngs werre up against
a sltde whsch hadl handedc them
hack lo-hockr intact when the
twor met In the Gucyana Amateur
Ha.s~kethnlI Pedelrstaonnnaionarl
Horweve~r. s.amfic~antly, the
Klngs then were wlthoutl guard
Steve Nesis (Jr) who was over-
Fea.P for nearly a yeAr.
TIhe win F~riday nlght cset ulp
a clash fo~r the Ktngs with the

says~ HaE L
crther team who hadl rrcently
knocked thrm not oT anocther
naltional toulmrnamn t. the GAhF l
Sulper-Eigpht kn~ckoutl champi-
cnship thle ilandts Tnrcking
Sfclryc Hulk~. In Femifinal action
last nig-hti tI he same venue.
while vl sory Valicy Royals
played tl mob~rile Jets in the
other semifinal gme.
It seems that Neils' pres-
ence has brought back the win-
ningi spirit to the Kings side.

SUNDAY CHROWICLE Augusjt 5j, 2(X)7

Eam at canomcz.F----as

StilAY CI(MIAICE August 5, 2007

... nrot deterred by injiury

Nicoete Fernandes at the Georgestown Club yerstrday.
Winston Oudkerk photo)

O K nt a W 'tha


KENT dl~isced a Irippig feanr-wicktet vIcst or ver
Glucsr~r la the Twwary28 Cup San a E~dgbasuas

Spesfares scm Kyrn Met1~ reatgCed a ht-trac to he
lii the Gldag to 146-~8 off 20 ovcrs beor Ke edged
home wrth three bal kf
Dare Stevea rc rd rthepuncrng Spares wa 30 so
ot off 21 tell and hInt1 the wramg fur off a no-ball
Man Wake to-crdws 45 o Keas aft Klum Haa
Marii had made di. in undespm Gloucesssac "a umags
Mcdea wa namd man-eS***narc alar bearng

Adsa and las Ftmbe to senestw be'- to leave

Only a lae stand at6 lage lawlarC and Maik Hardsage
eme~od Lm to cdge to a wage s elpe ICmettL
Kem wrc stdrolha a smirk Gooah~ a~e sipp
Rab Key and Joe Det opend we a kno~ckt 3 2.
Ben Key. who won Ibe gam agJelrrrDOcag tob d.l in cue
trvavrsal fabonman w aso cmgaY~ as' Aeeips at Mahll
as midwrace off1 Carl reakdpr fo It
Key wae offsoly is 1 gle an ho hi tal ade

leg was happy with thi deiio
Th bese ia the midliwre un~rrme, d Det an ~
Man Wgalr peled on ante 46 beor Del wa reov
by so smre e and thorougfidy krgraore Marshll cach
Marin van Jaarsfeld added amnew tarfa he wpas bude
by Hadnesfl Ghkm(acssenture skpe Jon Lewes sapp
up Wale in the 16ds vr be Ken ar uni comorb s 1
But cwhe Lei bowtld McLare for five. the abol com
plexiao of the gm changed and Keel we so dange of ( now
hnq ur th'st dunu plb
66 nesda 20 ana offB aims r 0 oneS ao~ wr T
&Ianso db &mt an M M at a wEmnnmr~k,
Yasir Arfa jon Sten and ds peir withtodohe Iu
padres to his 13 off the last ovr fr vicor ~
The Gladiaor se off mn promising faho with a Madal
cup for fura off lasath Mdlngs an the first ball.
rd a w nn ma Ld~~rum wd an %k
ALraEs and pan Jaastl peehdam eas edge at arp.
Twvo over later ARafas's sle ball deceiv Kae Ali.
who could only hoist the hall high itoe duer above te safe
hands otf James Tredwell for six-
And the Gbladitor\ sufered ante blow when Chris Tay'
lor fell lbw to Simo Cookr for on in due fifth ovr.
Marhl becm Glouetrhr's krey man and the Kiwl
kept one end ticking, ove with a series of chops. dabs and
But the ~ladlatrs were redmig when Ale slidmwasrunm
out for five by a direct his fo van Jaareid saft nudging a
quickr single tmoni Ih leg side-
Gloucesterrhlre reached the halfway mark at 71-4 a'
4Marshall and Hadiges steadied the shrip with a paterhp of
But the Gfladiators were mota wounded when Sout Af-
rican Mc~ae clame hrs hutarl-tnk m th 17th over.
Lewis fIc in the last ovr for 17, Ibw to Mains lear-
Ing Hadne on 39 not out, widle McLuare endea wi 3.
22 dloff for ors. (BBC: Spr)

Additionally, the person contrarcted to provide the service of traspr 'he go~ods roust be the person
transporting same from start to export or final destination, that is. outside Guy> ,na
For example, If company A Is contracted to transport goods from Berbice. Guyana to China. but the goods
have to be transported from Bezrblce to Georgetown bef-ore being exported to chrna; then company A must
transport the goods from Berbalrce to Georgetown and from Georgetown to china, in order for the service to
qualYf as international transport service and hence be exempt for the purposes of VAT
However. if another company. Company B transports the goods from Ber~bice to Georgetown and Company A
only transports the goods part of the way, that is. from Georet~own to China, then that part of the traBnsport.:
SefviCO Caffled out by Company B will be subject to VAT at the standard rate of 16%/ and the part of the~
transport service camed out by CompanyAwi~l be exempt.
Generally. shinping Of goods from a place within Guyana to another place within Guyana is subject to 16%0
However, where goods are shipped or transported to interior locations within Guyana, suppliers of the service
of shipping or transporting goods from one place in Guyana to another place in Guyana may enter
agreement with the Government to have such shipping service zero-rated in accordance with schedule I of t
VAT Act.
if the service of shipping goods cannot be classified as either zero rated or exempt then it will attract VAT
at the standard rate of 16%/. i"

Persons who still have querles with respect to VAT are encouraged to write to the Commissioner. VAT a
Excise Tax Departi'nent, 210'E' Albert and Charlotte Streets, Bourda for clarification.

2 Fernandes aims for

B~y Irirtool f>.
G;I YANA'S world-runkrd
rquash play er Nicolette
Fermrrln andeswhohastwosi de-
lined wiLth a knelr injury for
the laste few months Lb hopinM
to maker her laternational
comebacktr in Novermtwr-
(tr he :ngland-based
I crnaskies who, las n Cuomaa for
J Icw wSL ccks J )ad watenhts at
Ithe Geollrgeown) (`lUb's sqU;Iuk
'"unl Ithal tl she is JugCl 11o 1e
turnl11 rto d gee .unt fedsr that
1lhe 111u1( IW.r Itn~k her sltron
iln the eswl das rnjur) wall
node me tu ragern It ulit mak
mer rcanetae the phr I hate ami r ujne wan at ne When
)re .ur bcrsihs )cm tak thanl'

o' r'"L'."'OC a mea onl), a
year of hlard wolrk almost6 dir
appearedl Ior me. I know I cook1
getbcktheL rae(hihlJy placedo n
the world rankings)
When I get backl on the
curtlam~going todo bterb"
a bomewhat emotional
i-orl th 206CC ol
medalist her goal ib not just t>- .
cooling the 27-ranked playet
agamiu but gosag all itW way In,
ube oner.
"My arltimate goal ir to,
be the* number oneu aquash
player In rth world. It is ju-t
a mattlrT of time, doing: 100r
rightl thing and remainiina
Ph!mnarllr fit and health!
Vernardesl- ptated ot.rl

its granted l"
I erlunades, who, wasr rtunned
thec World's Mobt Isnplroted r
Hmcnen's Playes Ic?for 20(# us 11
Hiarid Squshwaurni uc (1 I(('A
Club, Laxk ust Ikzember, rul
fered her inlury dr snownau Irk b
Imllnally dr ll thught rt w~s
ant rdanary injury anrd trwswen
January) anrd Apri1 hIr, yer r
p~layal Ilhree icong~ressions IIhe
IMfS Ir)rayson O)pen andf t~e
itt~rrrow (itreewicht Open
eve~~ nt so th I'SA and the
I.~n iXY) too Qlsta `lahrse), IT<
Itnius. bLept Jltlating her anl to
warc~rd t)E end oIf the Aptal,
I etnandes toob *urgery folr a

She aluo Il.,r .s p~rehicn strh

IDespare n~ot playing
);ernandes, who ia ther Cast
platyer fromr ther Carilbban re.
gion, on the wo~rld pro crrcuit,
aecure ai camelr-Ibes 27 world
rating In May. She dslpped by
one~ In June and1 wash out of the
Il4> 30 to July.
H~y the bltaytng oul nt aIctson
Ithe montSh, the 24 year old was
dow~n to 4 1 By the unacK she re.
turns t tr he 10. prt)C hrworld
rankin would dlrrop~s Icr n~e
I~crrtcanne tr awre ofl tins
tnst (Cclb thatI ?he rcan use to, the
l inghr level..~n
"fitcrlppay Ilm .\ it asI ,
drsappow~ntang 10c#' Iletc th t t

' 7 :.

Th following fom th~e ra A~lny prnocrpe with respect to the shipping ofgoosQ.

intentionally transport

**ng passengers or goods by

:ort is aross the terntory of

19 gr. js from a place in
Scre sri hled by the same

nd be' exempt from VAT.
the I: destination must

,Ice Ir- uyana or another

The Value-Adde Tax A<.t .'rd15 Schesdule II paragraph 2 eerpts "a supply of

it must be noted that `IntematKsonal transport senaces' means -
(a) the services.l Other than ancillary transport sevees o trans:
road, rall. water or air
(i ) from a placea outside Guyana to another
place outside Guyana where the transport or part of
(uI ) from a place outside Guyana to a place an
Guyana; or
(Lil ) from place Io Guyarna to a place outsie

(c) the services. includilng any ancillary transport seres:. c~
Guyana to another place in Guyana to the extent that th -
Supp her as pnrt of the supply of serveces to whkit paragnrapi, (
Therefore, Io orrter for -.hippeing of goodfs to be consaidere~d intaerntonal !*.. --
Such secrvrce mtelt fit the above deflinltion Hence if the origin afth*Cargo r5 .
be outside Guiyana in order to qu~alfy as exempt,
Also. if the origin of the cargJo Is outlside Guyarna. the final destanation mur' "i
place outsids Guyana io order for it to be qu~allfied as exempt.


" --~-

November squash return


''" liCV COrner

. pin g Services

.crcy 1

SG FA's 2007 season

skicksoff ~~todya GFC~

Digicel coachingq Winic under way at Bourda ...

YOUngSterS frOM acrOSS the country

spend day improving their game


Future cricket stars of West Indies
The fuur cricket strs of Guyana and the West Indkest Sixty UNder-15 c~rctrs. Inclusive of five girls, began their
two-day DigLeel Coaching Clinic at the GCCC ground yestera~y.
Th sesetone, which wer condute by present and past WI playesn, focuse on betting. bowling and fielding and will
end today. (Winston Ouder photo)

Edward B. Beharry &r Company I td
lTel: 227-1 349, 227-2 526


IP ~--~-------- --

-~Don 't miss the chance to see young SUIPElsters In action/See you dieral

_L__ _YI_ ~

____ I


Y Es, 2006



lilli it

prwrhtd dligh an teir$xloon,
tune of working with some of

'it' wr~hays a IMeasur'e to
the IK whre~l I l: tstate Ind lt sl

tl~nean !tung players are rater
ested 11o 11his thyssel clintc,"
the~ soungstelrs ive horns as
( 'there is YMn one young
(Pleuase bCee pae 26)

WElRftityofthie nostro. -
sing young crickette rsn
;J~aya spent the mtost of
esterdyworkin wi West

Indles captrai Ramaaresh
Sarwan, .rme Tes pisyes.
rurned-, lihes Kenn Ben-
Jamina Ke i thi Arthro,

and the leracdarf former
Wrst Indlesr spinner larnce

Cltta~c kt < uashrng ( krnt at
tharund~ wa hknedj uth gual
weather ant Ithe cauberrnt
r*,ongsters wear skhghte tu be
sh Itoss .r3 f ull day. u ri~n
The playetrs wcre takn

Ihrorugh the biases of1 banusu.
hwirrlng and faciding by sh<*
ray of Isal aspgwart clomber Il
c iedtng Mah(, Har per. cOr a
liask! rrrfl hart Mang~rru
Suaran took~ Ith )ounp-
Irri throlugh several catch.
let sad fkidlag exerches
and sh Uave tips to the bets.
me onr bow to improve tir


Ir 1 lai U. my ilrn r their

flud ru: r !Iy (Ir aleilr ih
n"'l arr Ihr C~l~ ej

Claos Meir;
Creste -
"in me l

c y at:-


:rinted andr Published try Guyana ttlit n*, Newsaprlers Urlled.n Lare Avenue. Ben AIr Park. OGeolrgeown Telephone 228 3243-91(GeNnerl). Editoring pa7 spo rn27 5718 F1 277 swas


Th Rea Thilng


f ~ : Satur~da. It a Sunday 12 Au ai~t r ra v Essequlbo
21nr~a~ 14 Wedneosday 15, B-- a vs Essequ~.lbol
He,rad^$ ~: / illurday 18 August 2007 Demesrara vs
Nadonal ~

"1Yes, I'm new to all of this, but it's
like a breath of fresh air to have
someone of my age represent my
country internationally. I'm just out of
school, I'm still thinking, my brain
hasn't become laZY yet, so I think I'm
ready ~for this..."

:~ B



; ~; 4
I.i* ~L*!;
c: ~I~ t
-~ ~ ''JC "

~~, ~i~






**4 ,Ai


'*: ~

G ~'
.. .r

.i 'E


TiE REITI n iEn IrH1 5

il All




HesidMte hle c ares very deeply. he's not sure if he's in
love He as said he's notsre whe *Rloe is.
Otheadmes I hav odrd the same thing. We were wea-
derms. If yu hard to fil in the blan "Love is...." how would

If you hav evra see snw, you know whth is .
Once you've exeine h, you do't hav todL ~askSm
-l i-a-pln Cammni0nM~cb sh wrd game. or
But love is lke a drild's first sowfll. Its old, it's wet,
k'sl hard it' lUhyW maly no~ kno wa It Is, but it's a


Sq Stt. Tl 227-5196, 227-0615, Squet St Job1 221-882.
]5m St krad bterdaBestie.el :r 3334838. Sklrdelr Icidel 335-r3

Sunday Chronicle August 5, 2007

SEVEN months ago I met a
really wonderful man. He
wais kind, understanding, and
a great conlllununicator.
Her sh.(red no1 lose5 rt the
outJoiws alndt alcscpll ted me o
ho 1lnm Ihus was~ PuttCularlly
imlp~wt to me bccaur II ave
a bagh uexdnr 3candhave hau re-
lationhis wherre my lovrr lust
wasn't up to It. Now I seem
to be puntishd Itx who I am
Hiha Becauser the wond-
tul man I fell to los~e with, rfter

seven mlonths of mlonogamnous
dtting. ann~ouncedtl he wated not
onily group plas brul actually to
twve urt open relnlatmoship He
wantls tof datel others alwl be free
lorosece guirends Alr~cd) he
tuss throwcn a pUrtY to' wh)ch I
Wasl not invited, \o be could
hale sc w lh inel
Hc \ard Ithe graticar gall a
closer itculd R'c as to~ be absent
aNdT)I allowS theilosst ber wth 1
wangRl an ex wh)o IS \) usting

town.i Anrother ex comesr to
oberrrear as due nextr net*lh

andlt Ir orgKilnusng .s dlat wl~rith
niu l ic Iiaw when he sleepsI

wuirth nthe a)1~i()tl m0de hons want
taconsIIe b sons- ;rl, l theI none 11
Ia lotmy on ndor ctapact lyc ~u

Hec lie~d to ge( t me intrresred
anld nolw wa;nts user llyto aioe
his xeedy lif estyle. Am, I riaphi '
Or I* ,f IW'hable,lC a I hadU ai del
ferent statIUde, I cou~lld rally en,
job tus Ide hel IIa yL?



Veoplle small\clled so swanging
.urct other esolrul hatson~ls are al

mort alwaryi carraordrnartly
oprs f~y nodi d we~lcu~ng
a ha' recue they are can
stantl sectulan other to play

bec ctr, butha real aim is to
tas Ollses to a hfeC of enmc.
Th drug derak on the corer
goes you, ha re ce an th be-
pamngu brut ha's th Last free
urasi you'llC gt rom tum. And
the msu ra whoUK buseomen
droesa't slap them on the firrSt
date, be wast ultil they re
cenrrtxmll investd befoe arct-
ing likettmelf
As son we growmtg ap no
love son. aml takC. at assent

btrry made this lifestyle beem
appealing to you. Woe have
mewedr outt of the realm of be-
tog chattel. out of the realm of
havung no vote. and out of the
realm ofbtag unbl to support
thmslves. Theynead to move
out of the realm of being used
to every other way.
This rman is Ulke a sharkL
on a feeding frenzy, lad he
wants to use you as his tkke
to group activities No part of
that Ca part of your natur. If
he told you in the beginninge
he wanted you as part of his
harem, you would have run.
That is still the only. course.

Pagje II





Tenders are invited for suitably qualified Contractor
to undertake contracting work within the CANALS
COUNCIL as listed below:

To supply thirty (301) c~omplete1 MV Lamps (street lights) 175
watts, 240 Volts.

Tender for the job must be enclosedf In a sealed envelope bearing
00 identity of the tenderer and should clearly indicate on the top
left-hand comer the work tendered for

Tender Documents can be obtained from the above named NDC
f188 Of COSt.

Torl~ders must be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed

The Chairman
C aiS Polder Neighbourhood Democratic Council
2 oauth Section
C080 NO. 2 Polder
West Bank Demerara.

and deposited in the Tender Box provided to reach not later than
Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 12:30 hrs. Each Tender must be
accompanied by Valid Income Tax and NIS Compliance

Gobin Persaud
Dated 2007-07-30.

Sunday Chron~icle Auguist .5 2007

Page Ill

Il,..rlllllr \; II.1, \rl: r: r i I-
1:11! 11)1111):1 11

herlI1( did ws look at iii .
through noticrlng had changed~ct be~
t ween us, Ilashing~l his gold vylb*l
twfore proceeding to talk abo~ut
the record store of soul mIumI
he was planning to open soon.
So I began to wonder was
all that was happening to me
something natural? Or was it
planned by all to them, like a
film, they were jointly directing
with mle as ~the Star kept in the
dark? To this day I have ro idea.
But when the time came for
Mike to return to the Ruponui
I stalyed behind in the city, not
simply because or his sistr or
Pnlaza but because I had started
to, compose poetic Venes for a
nrullgaine launched by young
Guyanese iolellecntals. No one
lanew this as yet.
But that early morning
when Mike left for se arirport
I arrved with a botle of ice-
cod F'rench champagne stolen
from my falber's stock.
I remember Mike's
sister's serene face at her
corner window after Mike,
mysel sad her had taken a
AdakL before be left then I
rwalked a k slewl dows
Rest Stret with the ret of
tLMhebte at 6 la the amrn*
Iag raised to my Yps ecce-
slesallyI my ale taralag
over the ammain r*-llrlahfr
of ou three Bvs inteacting,
that ws Ilike our ows movie
Lto the making.

;SSL *
JohasesL. begs, we wecre so
free of achb othe, and I re-
membe the perfectm o her uo
lencLe spread by Is wR ayhr
smodnotices hammb smc
agly dad ovr my~ shoulders.
she wrmsh at hr prle ~r duck
agarsa ntaeu. ad the saeouth
petnr acpdopc ttheyeowgace
Salk dures se wrct.a our ft

Tree feas of dee~msae
o~pca to seadg awr style o
film racber tha beta prej-
bdacd pagaas pass panods of
fI~alm akag reahsat thu where
is arw as aa te ear or persd
of usea fiam was made, w
whel~bera is as tanc and wacr.
to rushe wrdber arC he re-

falm. sace rtn to ar a what
you have act as yet sec. of
have ao a yaes cpesscaced,
whech the bccume wramedme
acw H)R YOU
Maybe $*kelag a the
Daly Chrlra~ Ir la1967 hM
**8 ** br fleet at the res pear cammed with U
was ear wrayt 1 aaptag s
abaerl teethat erl g ctba.
stems sheet Pro Ws arr ter~il
bteewre these? Awd I dswmd
ea, b that I had arre her a
few timers sittlat on his

.ct .sh ri.,.* ns..ore. t

na Ull Ibr es.) of. ha
"Wasill on to MmethiL

sram ram na me behind use bk
as Barr Nirret tooking but
at me.
No.~ my o~r; base bewome
tasntedl Ihrur .,~~l rri of h da
manlahedl by the puppyw Irv f
had dercin~pcd folr forbdden
Paula So I would come in
realize by the nemdandhur way
rhe spkr~r. an-nwrng sparassaw
alwns herrcif aswl herr, that he
wanted to Irarn sho~ut new
thmEI. hke the I wrxw h arr Ital
Ian films I ruccordl~. ruh a1 ~
'TSc Hnde Wa~re flmw k. "Yes
tenrlay. Today and Tenmrxrnw"
etc. ha~th o~f which opened at
I took her in "11sc Brlde
Worc Black" and when we
turned up a1t Pl~laz fo the
4:30pm show the whole Side.
elegantly dressed, except for
Prcz of course, was sitting on
the back of parked motorcycles,
or Icaning on the vtapecd posts
Poli. Fat. o. LeeBnlac k. rtaBP
jack. the toughest, who rarely
smiled, had to laugh. even
Apache who sold ticketsr in the
tiny cage for the Stalls inside the
cinema yard, stopped with his
role of tickets and change-flat
befrae him to take a look as
Prez'r girl walkedl up to the
ticket booth, unsnapped her

welves parac. ad brought two
aLdcas to B~akn.
Tbs amome becme my~ 6
as! tabastso )ase abc Plata
Sale A code at combe unspyo
kra. yet wJacknowodgd try as
who usanoctud it. incloiodng
Ma'e' usierr. PRes's pri. who
ped. 'Irfaloitu ag m, ras th
sisal weal. ssae rhe was a
ppoplar &asr-eyhs abut to we
a film whose visas! escgane.
rrwct soap bcare by hr. was
a caprvnag as had str Jenr r
Mroreu's te~rmyL withsa the

fom) dae (Secker notl to conot
mer so when he came arund
cuchaC hto cakulatr.
Fr ea the othr ad Ll 1-
iLed me t Mls taborpswwM.
leg the clot o tnrmer a
b re et lat Mod styl we
shard. One aftro**m IA*
hre me a brnsd aew Mack
Bamles jerwr, susyt "Here,
Sweeman"' O curse, I be-
gas thikIst what it would
be lke when I saw Pres
assIs, sad the whole Side
Ske~Ld at me *hru ladeed
our afternoon he rluddenly

JKAS#4E Yo~ur aus engeful "Fmme Felelerhasidea
portrait done byr one of her victims in the brtitisse
technicoeour hran fus n "Tre adds Br1 stok L

act o*utome 'bdad' of thcas.
snaado IImp~TIy bcag a humna
NnertE Makce nor hs ruser
prrgeted any srtl of racal or
ethnic narcassasm which pro-
clarmed sects slf sertation a
thest only ideal. It ~was wnmen
lik her(rscwas olderthan me)
who impired the bet styles of
femak cac perfrmaane. nal
artificaaBy dratntic in an exag-
gerating mnner but in a adlent
netwa way.
us movie anrc had ben
roning at that fete myself, Mire
and her attended together it
woulrld have captured the way
she kept her distance at first,
saying liae. bacr yes siklay
retraining any loquacious blow.
der on my part, unil we fond
ourselves drifting closer acos
One crowded dance doo with
casa'l bohemian tropical fash-
ions on an types of skin colou,
while sou songs like, "Mr. Piti-
foI", by Otis Redding. "~Resu
Me". by Pontella Bass, etc,
By the time sthe first sweaep-
ing mekxhausm wound of "Reach
Out For Mc"~ sung by Lou

thahtlh interloKckd. yin and
Yang(. un Osa rtyle we had then
of bcadan ourI kscc\ a htlel a
we movecd in the brasy hs olf
I remember thmkagn "Whas
next What next"" but all I tr
cal now is th decdan we must
have made rfafe I waIlkd her
home. leaving Mike so has own
devices as b patied on A de -
cisson tht would led to me of
ten strolling donm our stret on
evenmp. all fragranced and tyi
I.Jhly dressed. hemgp welcomed
into thalt beutiful hltlic hensec
(lang! demolished tnody) wsth
twoe windows as its corners
overic~oking assnr d New Mr-
ket streets,
And there la thee stm-
bilag farmbirng ceersatses
o f 8rs date I caue to realbe
and see s she emrgsd into
the draw~la reem banreet,
la digindel striped or slik
drmes and a glitterinlC hair
bend smoothng her jt bolack
hair above her narror fore-
head then holdlag i in flow-
loag waves bhlhad her cars,
that she too wasI a glamIWIorea
inemu fan.





SBy Ternace Roberts


T~THE mame at MkeL's ~al
was that d sn, a secl
type dsees Ar a pedl tme
dead yes
She spoke mrre wc ashhr
yes ad herk slow k dedr bod
movemans than with wod.
She acard, to it wma's "aca".
as i thu sally way sa whch
some r pele are deamrrod ID

rage IV Sunda Chrontol August 5, 2007
I 1 1 1 1


Pharalus Inc a rapidly crroweng ( anudsan ow-ned mieracJ rl clpkatucm ad mliryia
co~myany hez embarked! (: a maor captu:~lcrat ptprogrmme ito (tuyrun and has the
fi~?low~inr: p~lj;:ianua rrentl~.1. ailble
Accounts Clerk O (fficer
The idcal canjdulae w all bc mature, with .Ibwfute Irategrity 3nd JIIsuramIT lic o she *I rt
report to the 'x cut Ive h~Mranagmnt and w ,II bec* cpee ed to
* Be computer laterate with respnclhllhs, fo~r mI~unsmnlng all fiscal. fmploymet rand
budgetaryi records.
Ha~ c adtscgreemaccountancy. dr .ticaStA<(n Al 1
Hrave c xellent orgai7at sna~l do it s
Have expcnuncc of susptmncdl fltng: of Itatutors returns for NItS andl ( HA
Hla're gol~x writen and oral commnunlcatin PkIlls.
Be abic to communII~ ICat well and act wslth EQcg Iny m ursUIt Of ht '; :r a <.<
princlples associated with posiitro~lnpn the e~nlcmterrs advantageOush
Hav~e the ability, personality and flexlbllity to work in a multi-fun~t o, ~ i *ran

Receptionist / Oflee Assistsat:r,
The candidate will assist with the operaltumal funrtcltonlsty of( thcentral :t F
Applicants will be expected to:
Have a sunny personality
Be profticent in the use of Mscrosoft O~fficc
Posses good oral and cormmunication PkllS
Receive and direct visitors appropnately
Osrect telephonic calls appropriately
Assist as necessary with data entry and documents prepnranonl~
*Identlfy with and become a member of central support team l
These appolntments are tenured at central office l~cated w Ithlln ten Iinliunae nr
G;eogetown on E.C.D. t
Remuneration is negotiabic and will be competitive. i
Applicants should include academic and employment achllcbieveme'n br1 ic f reurnd wlth
cover as to why they qualify for the described position. Dor not sitdo bal Closing date: Aegast 10th. for positioning: by 20th. Auguct I'
Applications can be made to
phmaralusgury@ii or to
The General Manager.
GPO, P.O. Box 1 01553.

Pharsalru Inc.. a rapidly growmng Canadsn owned mineraleptoriatrioand mmning:
~cmpany, has embarked on a major exploration programan in Guyana and has the
following psitlons currntly available.
A number ofposition ae available for seasor and junior field gc~o~logat. to supervis~e
say aspect of the company's exploration activities an Guyana Geoologistab mill be
expctd to be highly motivated rad i~ndepndent with the abhtyc! to supervise regional
and dctisied gooc)hcanca surveys. Around geophysICal1 survey ground and surface
water samplang programmes, segonal and prrmpect mapplng. Fcout and resource
dsdhlnp, as wcil as managing Bald staff, ad mamtaininc: pelologscal records: and
computer databases to s high a stndrd.r Tbc posstionsi will repe nsto l( senior management.
Aphllclralsna should include a sanary CV and cover letter stating the applicant's key
comp~le ten e \ca Allaplications are welcomed and will be considered on an individual
basclcu wr~ P" pay ad conditions comensumte with the appissant'\ sk itls and experience.
Appl to
T he Duttctor of Exporaktion
Ph)arralru Inc.
GiPO. P.O. Box 101553
Gieorgetown, or as pharsefusgyrayaooxcom
Field Tchbatclaass
Positions arle available for competent rad erperiocacd Field Technicians to work as
team leaders, for stream, soil and trnch samp~ing, and preparation of grid and base
lines. Applicants will be expcec~d to:
Be proficient with compass and OPS
Ulndcrstandl basic survey techniques
Keep written recons. and sampic logs
Work independently and lead malil teams
H~ave experience in the collection of geological / geochemnical samples
The position will be feld based with 6 week Aictv locations in te Noshwest,
Essequibo and D~eep Southl. The position VW llh reporting to the company's project
geologi sts. Aclean diving reordwuble notaI lis anadvantag.
Apply to:
The Country Manager,
GiPO, P.O. Boxt 101553, Georgetown or

O h d
t* (he Dentist Advises
? t 0
0 C


wired togetherr after the operatioon o allow the bones, to
lkni in, thre proper new position.
th~le a~lwresoln m~ay take beveral hour!, to comnplete. T'he
i'a'lcn'' "'ta IIo the h~obpical can w Irolrn a few dayb to, sv-
orul weeks dependusyl on1 theC extentI of the surgery.'llle hea~lng
tuner Is atI lerst aghtl in, ten weekh. A liquid dict ia necessary
are wuedr togetiK-.;rrl and the allent c'anlot chelw anyway!
O)r thognathatl ,ur yr y dIIl Icr atrar 'PIhlatC buTrgey'.
Orltholgnurhall surgery saIValvesh redesgnlng: te jaws and their
unusedV~iatE husrIUmdang: blCItructurs lasiC hurgeonb ubually op-
rlnitc utuadet hL moulth ()n Hoft issues mel1uding: the earsa, cyeb,
anld nosc Tlhese Irll tr sructures are not in the realm of
arthognallur ausgery
licauty as In the eye of Iis beholder. The ancient
Gircch had a cructsal for classic beauty, and many of the
oral and mandislalctanol surgeons, as well as the plastic ,ur-
geonb. have adopted a rtmalar criteri for wIha they con-
bldcr the "pested" face It as as follows: The width of the
face blhould hKT~e for mer the wldth of one eye; it should
Irbtw nmetsmalC on both rsdes ofl the vertical midline; ver-
Ilcal. Paratict Ilmes to the msdisoe of the face should be
abic to be dmawn from the middle of the pupil of the eye
to the comes of the mouth, and the djEICstc from the harr-
line to the bridge of the nose. from the bridge of the nore
to the aiddic of the upper hip. and from the middle of the
upper hp to the tap ofl the chan should all be equal.
Ortbgathk~ earltery to not for evryeeso. But whea
kadicatd. tI al make a #Obig dmremo t tow you feel about

kwensel~ 11K sutlrri tan' be, I; latter to shapinrlg lhe Ch~l~ld' a~dull

Urisk andc costs arr considerations )wrore counctilc, hur-
efits are often ver y prsonal. It is knpo~rtant~ thatr you de-
mrust keep In nduld that quite posalbl! rurgery w-I lul ntbring
about the tworrfits you desirre.
the sea~l sulcrgeo asal alw mthubrlnitist should worrk to, dltermlwtuw best~cr to clntrrt Ihe probIles o~lf patients Who
need arthcgrsatius ,urger) Thel scarlt uses plaslte sictswl of

Wsth tIr twwr acch uk ry o todayv mn dentan~n:cl profsinl
Iatls .nerl~r mag Inputes diagramactw and smasay sms o lbe I

quall) un~rect Ihe crcdurson tweth bet~rc and after the we
Mr The l eds ofu uthesre) vene, derpermisa on the extent of
the problems Jlre the tme sawbrd m, currectant at
A~s with may rmao earP~cal p brhoedre, th patiet one-
ally is admissed to the hosphl t athe suh rorr~ the sr-
pry is to take place. Ikl precedurr invrah maktat twi-
sJoan ladde the meeth ad chks to arodd and raterrrnl
uara In ddhina. orw hig-pred sas rand dri~h *rperse
the b~one ra~d~l and at tr proprr location. The Jewsr are

expensive and protracted dental
treatrllent, is limited to changing# the
Opposition of the teeth to improved
one's appearance.
The procedure Crslat~l correct uselternatIonsI atI the I*,es
of th<* face2 'Ilu h~ e, to betucrd wthl u sturgeri, w hlch is ialled
orrthogneue rurgen, a uslullh Asseu ha .n ural aski uiliolanl rll
rurgeon in the hosprual
The unst common problems encounicr~lted by assents~ w t
ned rtl rhogned~uc surgery ts wira Ibc polent a upper and lowcr
jaws are not Ltb sanw ,)uc Tht is uruall) J twredit 0 Iwab-
The \urgcon can cut the upper arallur IOUct~ Jw an W\c
the segmensr tol a nlocato that alkaT better functtorung of (w
teeth, whic abo gassag sIcr puatent balanhCed fatal esthesect
Ther a re lo certain Jskdtal srtreuLlanue that reqUUae sUrgacal
ifye arch~dassoobviaa mprobrm &bebbeshldhavp
Scarlml appdrooinmn wth both as artodeath and
as ral an maxf~otcia srProna b y th age si to eigh.
Fi~rt, th specalist wiBl determe if a prroblm is fema,
atre~atmet plan s moade for fatert cerCFc~tio n This al-
lows erTy lte~crention to rnptity curdsal corccrnta By
(th time the child is 11 or 12, sens probk-aqn, auts re-
cedin( chts cand oveides cn tw o~rred. .
Thts earl) satrventson It 1( rh uaghtS rsllows die 1.tu to, I
spared wm c roc of te raum of hasmX aduligurmant sturng .as

----~---- ------Y~___..

By Sherry Bullers-Dixon

Applications are invited from suitably qualified
indivduals to ful1 the following vacancies:

f) Senior Master/Mistress

(2) Head of Department:

(b) Technical

(3) Assistant Maslter/Mistress
() Mathematics
(b) Spanish
(c) Musec

Appiecabonls along wrth detailed resume and two (2)
referee should be submitted to.

The Secretary
Board of Governors
Central High School
50 Smyth Street

Closing date for the receipt of applications is August
08- 207

Applications are invited form sui~taby qualified pesnons to fill the vacant
position of Markerting Officer in a reputable organisation.

AogloattSh0Ulti possess either-

(i) A Degree in Management. Marketing or B~usrness Adrministration wrth
at least three (3) years relevant experience, o'

(ii) A Diploma in Marketing of Business Administration with at least five
years relevant experience

Applicants for the position of Marketing Officer should have their own means
Of transportation.

The conditions of employment are considered attractive.

Applications, including a detailed currculum vitae. must be marked
Vacancy for Marketing Officer and should be addressed to
Company Secrtary, PO Boxl10120 and should reach not later than
Friday, August 10, 2007.


Vececiesfor exciting and rewarding careers exist at the National Frequency
ManagmentUniltfor persons possessing the following:
A firt degreeldiploma in ElectricalfElctronic Engineering or Computer
Science from a recognized University. or its equivaent
Successful applicants shall be

quick self starters
results warranted
alble to, work w)th minimum superyt~ion
ra~mfortable with reading. researching. keeping abreast with
denvelopments In the telec~ommunications Sector
able to com-munlcate effecorvely
team players
-comfortable working on challenging projects
computer literate
willing to work beoyonrd the normal call of duty

suitably qualified persons are Invited to submit their applications Including
curriculum vitae not later than Aug 10. 2007 to the below address:

Managing Director
National Frequency Management Unit
68 Hadfield Street
D'Urban Park
Georgetown .
Unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged

Sunday Chronicle August 5. 2007

gae V

rmae up? Tlhen follow the rec-
ommecndalsons below. These
gulndelrne are buaed on a prod-
uct that's Just twen opened, as-
sunulng: thaI st's been kept in
opumumn condlstins such as in

a cool. dry place and out of di-
rrect suligh.
'mis week w~e wWl cora a
two p-oroduc and fere em
Ple888 tu to MigBr DY

acae 13thre' so leagea ksal 1
recqusameat to ese espiry or
produ~cts. AFccodsag to The
Cosectrcs PRodect Safety
Regulashoe a 1996. only prod-
octs th wras's lan bora than
f0 mnaxh seed so deowa ne o
by dai, Mcrea aA ather prod-
acts don't need Oe.
So hw can yan dcl rrtac a
produEctr ail fr the tea?
a dapcahoothcbrarpediar
~ad stic pnrresrvasve s a prd-
uct but as a rue of Ikumb artra
pmdrdutr wishes a me~-by dese
should be used rsthan Ithree
yeru\ of Sc*~nstx sh factry It
soundr hker a lasl tmc. brut
cade so hep (On to a pesxhan fra
Lager than that'
l)Ion predetsar paRk OC
cassas ma a sr re o~r dna -
to re~sort that the don't al.
tor bederts t b~red erSit.
Se. is, most cases, once
product is pas tits ea-by date
yoP l *Imply nd up with
some~llthn stes looksr sad
umens "off. h septemal so
me sad to so leagrr eferidtt
11se wors case scenano as
that we cooki develop a nassy

rlsh os rka n sfectconat te ~
ProdUCt has become cursms-
onerd wsth batant Howevrr.
th chuace of shtt happenag
SE4are~ etmeyrr. becam~ man r
oamack tes days a~re packed
with such lrge date at peer-
Yao asyr need lo he ras
KrupeJors abou bypear wrth
so-alled "astoral or "prea~
maseoca. Then scad secnusa
fwrm preselrvane ad have
cartect eaeby derrs the do. sa
fact. acd to be statd tq 1**
aan he Ulab
if you co~atsur to aw that
hand dfp~*rreuc ata the capery
date s's motre ouscepubhle to
hecten orvettwh, wtacs can
caser ska smmean
The sapedwatscr~ s pfrlucts
atts ferm prescrrssve brak
dowa more rapldly Ipthan ois
typesI arv~kcr. macla costh w
perfect cn~avrar amcr for tax
nar to, bred if you do have
an: kmrd orf nrtarer rde effect
ferra usanl a prrduct. It mrght
he bactctla that a casngrn the
C'hcarucl tngredentr each
rs frapanace and pratruraluve
can cause alkga rewtact ns o
nme peopic. Tac human bdy

e~pty cas's cope wirb mean of
these me-meds ubecran
As a rrrl denemakeks
we awr sedag a teradta
mebe o people wo are
suffrtagy fro "hemlsicsI
sem zlty camed by~ overs
pesarr tb~o everydyao
et, eamme dch kak tocow-
modes, sektteri sad body
car predrt.
Symptomr vary from pcs.
son to person and may meiulde
stan smutaxe. ~rahe. cererm
hedrchs, Ilehalry and Bas
tnurasancesas almarrmalslrse but
despatc these assda of cauctsn.
rt's worth remermberrng, that
taxsa commescar dnl tmn New
ttess risely because they are
packe wsth perwrmarne
it~ I he chemscalr rn skw
hus came~ th usunk*H alktgacs.
Ustewrn ad trada~ms so use
Cornfurccd Phcout when to
chucki not all thrre oldl hrls of




Llr use-b
School yo really sadl be
lusxg that dned ae mrascara'
Maybe it's time to ditch that
crake up b~ayco've had
for months' are n ame asp
to hep you udrstantd the alp-
ummm shelf kfe ofrr' tus nude
your makE up b
Com n. ar dmas ss. You're
coc a theecppic wtacheap
on to your f~avonr cosmencs
notil the absoolte last drop
can't cycek be desr out th a
poderpi rcomcta a b a rely m
legile. r oar~d ou can I rdyt
any forther sao that Isplrack
sube wash your bp bruh. If stas
souds fnhakr. wins yo may
not scah as i that n kpmge-
tals prdctsfr too longa can
be anMbekty
All prodct haveC a lengt
of tirm dunog which they are
most effctave. uay drara~trj -
gists. If you keep cosmetlc
longe than that, on longer
work wel and you Increas the
rrisk o ennesmmrreson
Unfaoartmey. you caol a-
ways se0] products sh~lf life
Just by lomg at te label be-



"Justice cannot be

sacrificed at the altar of

_ _I Y

F "w"^ =DV~F_ WI ~lllanCOMMsmnmmmCE

SSemi Skiteld ILabourer I
I I Dnrrvr I qulPment Operaser I
Discilisees~gatlesNo. of Vsenal Posties
AutomotsyciMolor MHcchanac i Lecturcr 1,I I
ArclueMechansc Lecturer III 2r
Business (Accounts. Economics. Lecturrcr 1.1 I I (must be shke to teach
Office Procedures the three ubccts
Mathematics and Science Lecture il 1 ~_-L
Disci~ee Dsigntion No. of Vacant Poktions
Electical Technician iI I1
Ftngand mcnngTechnician la1 1
Wedn Technician 1 11
Carenr and Joinr Technician 1/11 I
Job descriptions and specifications can be upilfted from the Registry Supervisor
of the New Amsterdam Technical Institute

All applications must be addressed to: The Chairman of New Amsterdam
Technical Institute Board of Governors do New Amsterdam Technical Institute.
Garrison Road. Fort Ordnance

Deadline for submission of applications: August 20" 2007. Please bring along two
(2) recent testimonials.

expedenog, ,~sRs-~~w surnarwyl akids #I4

least tWO oflhoff arlth the a ad other rowsr
information, should' be' sent to the Adviser, Human Managerfte
Calrlbean COMMt~unty Srecretrudat, Turkeyen, Greer ,ipown Guyana or b
OflIB ID ew @~~n ,003.

The iSecretadat wilHl cgra'nmence consded~ng applclI~ as ~trn1 Augast2.007.

Page VI

(Prouceure; Act. Chapicr
10 02
After referrilng to cases
cited to the matter. Justice
of Appeal C'hang condoned d

for so indictable offe
which he hasr decded to h
uummarly or with a 'sl
mary' charge, that is,
charge for so offence wl
can be heard summas
Going on Chang adc
"But Wlke arll olber discretior
powers, the discretion
power ofthe Magistratle us
section 29 of the Summar)
ridrumo C~fl )Acl r
ercised in the irntrest of coc
niae and expediency. it <
not be exercised so an unreal
able m~anne or willy-ni~ll
certauiny cnann be exercase
a manner which ib Inirmcer
the Innteres of juice.
"WhleL cnvedence :
expediency are good thht
justice is far bet
Therefore justice cranot
sacrificed at the altar
coovaeniec and expedies
As such, It behoves;
Magisrate to apprise him
of all relevan circumsrta
of the cas beore dAcidn
have chaprge hed toget
oeder setilon 19 of
Semmary Judertedcto
PkW see page \

requc~e by the Deputy OPPI to
have the )udgnmen put ,n wm-
Uq aLnd made1 avIIYlabk t, u~rn)-
has of the magisuacy
Cupcs of that deasn-, ~ca JI
hnow b had fromD the Suptotr
Counrthbray Georgeson
The case savolved Ls that of
th appellant Comrpsor~bnGrct

the uppellate ('ourt herld
rhtucrge wart tal to Law hang n
been basedl onl a unlawful ex
crease of ducreSllonary power
by the Magestrate purportinrr
seat ~us ah ks scana of or
Summanu~ lryusmisatus To < LL
deart, Act

Ch)apacrn 8 1, ()mba;lng adlctha rubals out
ol Ithe wser usesdcnl a chage
o~ Ir lawful Woundlng,. can
Inal law r()ilencess Act. (1sp
1s a al. rusarnslted cmt !ier ap

~arus Dkesect or rporal Rrch.
ard Frank Hrepondent com
Ther Judlpmat of the Ap-
peIste Court was delvrd
by A ncdreo Appe~lMr, Ian
Chang. He oberrd that it
ws qurlc apparent from
what treaspred to abe pro.
crdisp that te erraro es
decidea by the mathe~rste
ws der to lessi incorance
Justice (1sa n puntd ~1* the loras hcuana of bods
charges both Ibc appcitn Jand
Tanc) Wstheus. stan ras de-
assanrts, s the pds Una. rse
caJlld as Prraccubn narracasa
and Ihe Mapstirate sitored
than to wrtly"

Aicrdnl to JUlstac u Ap
peal (hianl. the wrace decnon
follows a aral dcisma dchs
cred to des Coutas the& 2st
Juarne,20 II folloa trequea
made by Mlrr Baden s uses
recordf thdcao srru o avup for
the tractil of nmemer of the
He add the cCae~rt se th
beerficil rate of a wrkles
decirlos to the tIght et crr
tis practicesb to thrM iS*
senss' Carlts which any b
Ona the 10ts Aulges 1998.
the appelant Caampo 6causs
we c~hargd wa~Osh thesdcable
aficrace of Fesaman Weeading
(Woundrnt walk ateasL~) coo*
Isary so sown 57 (s) of the

pellass was sustituted rpasslt
Tony) Wlthems
The Mdagsraw actang un-
de r seaso 6 (1) ofl Ih Sum
mary Junrdiclron (P'rKcdure)
Ac. Cheaper 10 02. as arm*aed
by secuan 4 of the Admsutra
(son of Joasco At 19785. made
adoctuo to hear bush numane
summanly as both charger rr
Issed so Lodadibsle offences
whichr coulld be heard sum-
Hvavin decided to best
balk charge agatas te appet-
Anal and Toery Wilitasas wm-
mar~y.Q th aIstbral decade
to her both eaiers togerber so
16* exercise of~ powetrs con.
ferre herIw by section 29
of r the arr Juslbltsdiao

his"~r jugetL cwk cthedisco.
sucr "This Court hol ds ta
a u~ stgsrls, haigdecied
tohar an chag lfor ast-
dksatlB eiacesmery,
has th disreateaar power
** hea tha charg jebtal or
-agibrr rl w~bamhr 'tadks.
ele' charge that kacharge

Apph~cations are invited from trained and qualrfred personel to fill vacenoca in
the following Departments/Areas/Descaphnes


Sunday Chrc August 5, 2

co nve ni e nce



THE Guoyana
Appeal in a
railing in
Juwe ofthis year noted
th Jrustice clanno be

convenience and
expediency" as that
court set aside a ruling
by a magistrate who
had decided to hear two
(2) criminal charges
jointly, in which both
parties were

The rmapstrate' a dcanron
wu as set k asd an new mstl

So sigadicans was the arl
Judgmeeat by the Appelllte
Court the the Deputy Dractor
of Publi Proscutsons. Llrr
J>Ann Bra. arequeud Itus
Court to lras recod as declnon
in wntsag for the bendit of
The Appellate Cour con-
JtusMtpr Je ftwo of Appeal.
Madam Cladmet M.C. Sragh'
Mfr. N Ash Kw Mrd r
Ian Chtang 5 C., alcdcdd to Lhe

Ifille;8 sr ~m4



'I1e G;uyana Sugar C'orporation inc. invites
sulitably qualified Manufacturers and
Suppliers to tender for the supply of':

gggg ryX gaggggg CA g

ClOSing IDate for Tender wsill be Thursday,
August 16, 2007.
Tende~r P'ackage can be purchased and
uplifted from Purchasing Manager-Field at
thle address below firom Monday, July 30,

Mlaterinas Management Department
Ogle Etate1,
Ogle, East Coast Demerara.
Tele hone* 591-222-3161, 3162
Vax: 592-222-3322


The pubic Is~blat nchhlcd that the unde~rmentioned pa riton; ae
no longer errployed with Toolsk Persaud Limited Group of
Comspales~ and, a s Coriquene. a~re~ not athorcted to tansacCt
any busness onourbehalf:'





Iday Chronicle August 5, 2007

P'age VII

cath Seal did sparkr a seIvarl of
that glloomny repertory lavollte a
By way of moculnlrng the

your lcJIl indeo \ltate cor to
Nettityl to lrcand)~ !our~sel JUst

could bc Warlking olut of The

g~rallndmothe oni Ne~w Yeair's
1:ve, the libretto, open1 on the bed
t~wrwen ub.

the2 highl-ur persedl Kubsaick
Iellinsi, Kurohuwa It was
Berginacn who wo~rked onI th~e

wrdeson an mntasl clliplal red of
"l'n ua~nnlcl memrle Berga nun
Iunnin elnlls, Ihc fn hatn nerlyal
az these an ial.e fae: loere's
that sel lat an Petrvrsons to
vericcii alls spin w wen, reael ai

semlymsk Ilnuag of madness as
the perfect~ Insures of Bibi
Anderrron an~d Ilay Ullmann
meprge tase unc rtranyuntl and
hockingly uglCy face fherre's
the raps fae of the rhsid to the
sodecnce o The M.51ple I-lute
(ptrayd by Bergmanr adwughted-
sad the adlemn face of
Aksuandet~erdl ,nu hre As y thcaserat the be-
parung of Fanny and Alexander
Irar L thar-mad boy, ef
aourw, was Bergena him*
wit r, *tan ro to his aston.
agraphy how desperately be
raw~ld hh younger tiredaer*.
"matic Isotera." a kled of
proto-flim projector that
thrree slmeted shadows on
tr& wall Its rwappd les no
olmatir for I&thr. sad pro

rceded, In one form or an-
other, to play with it for the
rest o his Ulfe. I think, on hisl

day, we can safely say he
madea g ood trade.

moura Ingmar Bertmrn,
o died Mearday at the age
8Y uon hs kbenlod island of
ro, is to mourn a crtar~la
ad of hope fr what claems
sid do. For a timel around
: height of bb fame-the
ct '0SU to the earl, '70s.
.ca rah own B~rltman fim
a Pa internationally dls.
xsed event--thh new me.
1m, stIll less than 100
as\ old, emerged as the
Ist ambitious of the muses,
as lke Usbe Sevealb Scal
d Wild Strawberrties or
em other dirrctrs 1001: A
~ce O)dyssey and Ikirua
re suddenytak? lap on a
taophykal cruo trdidea.
r associated with Iltrs.
r, thater, o opera dartag
as, ie theLb sairdal pro.
tookso dBergmme'sC~hatr

It'r eay to laugh now .ss the
:ans we've Tfired c~lus ta,
Leed, ~we most teac. hot br*-
usec the mosl sc harsce
pped halng the ptJse 1o~u 11

noun-~u, films ciul be crebrstal,
austerc. unashamedly ,ndchted
to psyckwuualyrlr and phallso-
phy--has come lo seem daed:
aoble. to be sure, but framly

Thus falling ouu of favor has
been subtic The few flims
Bergmm n darl~rcae .tr~ thc go-
rious Fanna .andl Alex~nder
inhich he ilannedr, upon sis
1982 rlclase wuldb teha flinal
Itheamcapl fInol~ were, for the
rmas part. actsrllrmed by enlKcs
His last. SarabJI1nd l2004>. a
ksald ~of 30r-years ract eurl to
SFcacs Fromr a Manage~. was
pranad tolb due iksa a Jews
cdly so But as noncihrices
reemed. so the pass runl de
cadaes atd Bergamr's wrk had
dropped out of lb conrctas
eson. relegasd ulose rshd~o Ja.
nus classws. molre respected
than watched cnhoughb te re.
ics wicase of i reverd 50Ib
annectsart pina of The Sev.

shscchorur caplolraiton of
Beaptan'r paclr tsu sarssage
wastra b) Ucramann and da
rected by Halic August the
utsk of aIC1 (nend rlcted Can
psu smassac what so wuldM be
hkl to, inc with that krl el of m
IcghamUllr apmrals s~tnri aison
3rup' Bessmaun, an bes hms had
ms .ainant framanIC assUIcIces.
yrsc the) ucar u far fon acuad
of beau! sq ps, Ione ofI ma
has Bertman mnrrrsesr rr of
wasdung: has doinghtful ctnmrc
adaptalor o The Magace 19ue r

Froni pae VI

iln the Instant case, as **
:ar that the case for the
osecuiion on each of abc
parate charges agasast the
pellans and Troury Walkern'
is foeaded rrolely on ecrh
lifyig against the asher in
*h circalstaees. it ;rssid no
ve beta la the Intercrl of
6air fo both chrrges to bare
ea tried together u~nic, u a

kl3-nal nraeparse
aars sad thessfore wrould
we bean ruavadlale to she
osteutson a\ compete'

**FYs i precisely she e-

mn fooed itsellf wat the
aghtrate decIded to bear
r two charges together.
see of the defsabnt sas
Paoble as a QIcmtn wis-

: tw ddejndtants it was n-
aiskl that bogh charees were
(sed to fail for lack of ev.
qosChang stressed.
, Contining, he said. "hmu.
arcount of th procedural de
.c made hythe ~Capirate

an unjudcllall and Itratsonal
tnnar In deciding to hear hath
arges to~geher -
"It is quite apparent from
sat tapred knter in the prrr
edings that the erro~neou\ &
li"n of the Mgste wa ch"
Sperversity. In the joint hear-
g of both charges. both the
Ipenlant andi ~Toey williams.
bo were defendants in the
Int trial. were called as pro-
ution wltnesses and the Mag-
rate allo~wed them tor testify".

Ith sensace of Appeatl primed

Mlr. Chat she petated
one that star a defeades a
accusd pe~rson C cmprtral
to testify as a defec1t wtl
news he crane at all be
caded moder dher Eidescs Ac
as a m wiss xet~ as Ms awa
ife added "By ncccrssy
Imphcatan. a defendant or ac
cused pIctso na comp~ettl
n iness onl) (,or the drfence even as a defecwarnes.
he camnen he cormpelled to we

--Thus (rmurc hod\ that the
)nns urt ru tr he san chargers was
had Io be hasmg been basd on
an unlaw-ful exercise of damact

tlnonary Pose by she Mass~.
t~rat purportsay to act under
uandecrm se do 29o he lum

"Evenatl dr& prraul fam ma
ws tEd uo law*. the convena
of be r happens roki br tod
asl~ Is ace as w acncrutl
tasd on the sandmisashe r a
dece of Tom Walkamr tusu
as a defeadmi to te yut. cuns
not lawfully Wlesy as a prroo
carmo warlnes
~fla cslkto sad sea*
team~ o the appelhstare err
cot~rdaly qosshed seed ar
aside. A are trial of the
char te assi the appasses
6 rdrend."Justke Appral
Chey delrebd.

A Limited number of Bursaries will be awarded to
Members of our Early Savers Club
who have attained at least 523 marks at the
Grade Six Assessment.

E Mabhle members are asked to Submit a copy of their results slip
no later than August 10, 2007.

All applications must be submitted with Child's
Name, Addtress, Telephone Numbher and Account Number.

Bursaries will only be awarded to holders of active
IEarly Savers accounts opened prior to April 1, 2007.

Applications can be sent to our
Head Office,
47-48 Water Street, Georgetown
or to any.# our ot)hr branches countrywide
clearly addmreed to:

8ursary EaLy Savers
Marketing & Public Relations Officer
Human Resources and Administration Department
Guyana Bank for Ttrad & Industry Limited

By Order of Management
Toolsie Persaud Limited Group of Companies

Rock Sa




"Justice cannot be sacrificed ...



so ag / p / gas



E11S av e


The Govem ment of Guyana (GOGI has cncludc~l J t o~,a* ..v.t (155~1SFGY) wrt
the inter Amencan Devetopent~ Bank, (108 to supponc:- :Po Ivatman~o of the Fracal
and Financza MLanagement Program (FFMP) The overyJn~ I, rlOse of Ithi program as
to promote effacent. transparent aend accountable manag*:tant of inscal offats The
FFMP composaes three? (3) Sub-compneny~rts enwly
(i) Tax polog and? admmnsratson m
(ii) Purbbesecor Flnancsal ManageOment
(fai)F'ascaland iducaary oversaght
Under Schcomponents (l) the Prqoct f-atrream Unil ~l~ ,! on beMHa of the Naobonal
A~semby hereby inyses agpscatsnrs frorn sustar '.on we .~',:.
For ShoRt Term Consultancy for Preparation of an Operational Ymanlt Dyracwtersie
the Constituton of Guyana. Audit Act and Rukr. Pol6cas) & Progadure Manual
govening tim rode and responsibilities of the PAC in its oversight ratas set out In the
Rutes. Poles astd Procedurer/Manual and The Audit Act

Al least a Forst Degree~ In :rs two'r of ILaw or equrvasent ve* .I* (>;;*- 1 for TYar
expenencue as a consultant
-Knowledge of the Constitutson of Guyana. AutM Act 2r.45 R~ul. Poales nd
Procedures Manual. Partsanentary Standing Order. a~ o ra tevers
dcurnests would be an asset
-Prbevu apseriece an Netsonal Assembly of Guya* r setj~maa
Decharago ofbb an er
PIU$8asiNal R efrteha
Lg~tg ofL~talyguakwark in the field of law espeal ., . I. : rotLatesr to the
P objecrt )I set ou i e Term of Refernce
IAssement Temise of iteeran for thts consi ltancy must be upiritut fromn the
CanadentimiecrearyyAdnininetratrve Assadalnt.
#tcal and Firnania Menegement Programn. Pulblrt, 8tokheq=.
brtcadm, StB~erook Georgelown
Telephone No: 227-7026
Amplerelate must be delivered in an envelope to the follrw~ng ;ddrwar~, alndl (.lrrly marked in
heupperleHand comer;
Applgaeet fr S hort Term Consultancy for Preparation of an Operational Manual to
Silhlakegateste Constituton of Guyana, Audit Act and Rules. Policies & Procedure
Ma mllrmek nation llssem bl

Alt: Ther Chairman
Msrocenl Procurement and Tender Administration Board
lgelary o Finance
Mgilt and Urquitart Streets .
oeorgetown, Guyana
and plarced inthe Tender Box in theo Minlr .lred 0~ 1InafCe Bullkha~r by` 91 00 h on Augusrtf 21.
SLate pplcaOne would be rejected

', 111

E und YChrqoage g ~ystj00i

The Bask ofC;aysas i Invitintl appbesiboa froml suitably quaIfied perons to flB
the recay of PC SUPPOTAN,1IAL PST to itslaormatios ServiceL Departme~n.
FwB detail lattedbag the nrelremealts sad job des~cription fbr this posities ca
be obtained by accessng the Bkank's website at

Application aoong wVIt a detailed Carricalsa Vitae shoolkI be sabanitt to da
Bank not later thda FRIDAY, AUGUSTIS, 28~t07 sad should be addnresd te:
tlTHNElrlr DIRCTR (as)
HnK r CtPIk; 9 MW15

pson1. On1 the otherT hand, drrec-
taves werre mader notl t imnpon
Manldrlngo because they were
la~und to ber arrogant, full of

theJc Itlr!h andl~ he\ Anse L'ne

Iir Ih srr pcuolanws Un ds

bookL 'Alah. Alas\ Congo
\I'CL h f ibC~r~ ~ir
Iure Iba bua;

caurt we d scred seimlil
In vano~ur cultural palcmrn of

VC' YeL. and hear this. you
well ablu indl Aacans who war
'lJI hay a' (1u So~ an understandJ-
say~ the rsca pr~esene as aI
fundson no the rade of African
capsaves. yo~u tar looking over-
trm a chngang ahiitc s

PP aflerent people.
vaniour skillr. chang sap

VC Differn and uamdar .
sundr rrispous values and comn-
mn In huguists rvoo. We must
terl In mtnd. Afnca Ir not a
rltll uoclty. st's a huge coats-
neat what people are moving
up and down but you would
find a langistic continuity.

PP Ma y of One eatae

tis ager Mgy ngle andIwr
rapatd.d How were they aYe
to sees wr als b trmms Awa
that toy poi~~oo astwt o
tab er
Please see paeIX

PP13 y'l-s*ears n. ve are
utII clanant:cr Jto Ynps wat he o
Irret at rL\tascr ha I fela on
smar than act wIe are. begansng
to undmsand than rtsusoon nd
who sI hadoe inr theb people
themselves and these descen

Israded m rth paur. artsag wrth
frmn wttas ue rme out of ard
hoy Uw (C Jre eltnt wstih Ihe

VC I thrak the first we
ho to do 60 re o dea wilb, tan
mpy. Steve ry ommate tere's
dev, thee t~ obl who as
ba Lrs o tLis world a risve,
pagpt are cOdeved, so I srnk
thus i dec frt~ poutan. Afn-
cm eres coayc*d. they were
sees capove for vnanou rea
seas. So we have to get ease
as~h~~er drrct *The
oa codevemens( as fr* Us to un
dertand the geography of cn
risvemenl uo can put Iaces Io
the penple stn twere malared
rPP Ir thls sme tort of
new uetwistkp. If ro. ks' I p

Vt' If rc use Guyana. I
mayl not flulow a rtraight for
waid ns eorapae or hlturc~al
Ismelsor We ref cr tr many
Murlhm poupr as f Alamanur A
li, Asaur ul r It
the repwas Tbcts see the~ crtyad
smd 17th cautw). star trade so
Aftscan espan cs mon cd imo
what Ir coarmempway Gibaa.
So we wulrd find these to he
Akan. Astmass. ll*. Ytrub So
Names )IIsk Cowly a C'M). and
Akars. watl cirl of aI specfic
West Af~can) cormmunry By
the rd ofl t~he aladtern of ca
alrvement. we move ,nto the
penad of adessureshap
PP Was as ddtacrse play
to knotpai foma dferent m
a reasdefictual rkslsr. dd-
fansl lagmrs?
VC There ae multiply
thenme abour dear. One. avail-
abansy. two. 9pecira skills. For
crampc. ri~c; th e Mirm
of rtcc s an indatory is the
Amncas i directly tied to the
peopic at the Sene-Gamrbian re-

Th &




~eo le

(;atr(n on ywo Jul U. M0. .:mbr ne i
aProfessor at Ohilo Univers~ity la the School of
Telecolmmunications and E:. W. Scripps College of
Communication. For six waru. he held the Chair
of African-American Studeh.




_ _~___

patterlrn of rebst dance. Anld as VC Yes hsIL( ign.
PV An i~l.lllng, uphiting we~ find the nerw' recorder In th~e g~uageI' ofsede


.rvttd~ .`l~i i * *

next week in Part II.

Shett Life: Three-six m~o~tnt
MSlca~ra should aluayr he used fairt ack~ly~r tammatced by te pumplng acltrm ofl the bah Timr can force fcrR urther lnllo sty ntallm r were
the mosst. wtte avaronment 1( Ieal fr< baictrta cr Ihroc ^ '

Stlck to Me masCara ast ousea re grulaly ro )(ou finlr It ulthn a few nrnthll fr eta
than althertnarm htween a number of dirffemre mawarar. whlch nranr :..0r )reep Iatln. In:r rw .t n

ever add water or adscr Isuaull Io mascara to1 keep nI rm Irr'l ~lsllg oI. .(1 th. .I1 n auw the
presrvative lo becrme diluse~d and therefot nlffer kwp pcrdrcessn .lEanslt ccrn,.
*Never \hare mascar. as this as dl thrrst common wai to pa<: "n Fve mferlctins ilch).w )Iunctiysts4
Do't use the same mascara Itfa scl' e part hadI an eye (nfre (Ion1 unt bu~ a nrw o~ne tol mnson -l r
yo~ur chancs~ of te mnfctron coming backr
Don't use saliva to mobsten mascar. The bacte~ria from your mou~th ma) get into the
mascar, which can ncourage baderi to grow and cause infection.

with your hands
*K ePr m,.i~.wr a In a cleain plI.I I'r i Ii t is .nic na< l 'l: I 1 oh1 rll.1 oir (1art)1 th 1 )1 m Labou

Shelf ~ife: T'hree-12 month'

lilrcrncc etsn the labhell Ihe host wia is to buy tone avanianwrrr at a tame agd use it cycryday theI 1\ merre
nirr(,tant wirth natural Ingrrhens such as plant exraect9 that can quickly kne their effecay after .. ano rlantr Il
.I;r it hx 7the B ulse by dte if you're nrl vse when ylars shouki he chuck~d.

I1 .e on-l Ino~(rltrlnr orn the dfay and one for the! nig)ht.;l~~ awl e tha hIne tl's aompion
mlurake to, bu2 trbre olr foutr -rrator perwfacts, olpen the l~l aJ nd~ alternate rChn~cs a~re fn
wolnl I ue them all wrihini lr- .Ikcrllote tlme asul they' II nal up"Ing'', off. .
Throw a product awaya the awanentr l It starts to ha, (lr, ma n .milof f h olsad .ssbe
to, ueparalte, which you II be abic Iro Fee i.
Krep orut of direct sunhlght and hcat.
f ry no~t to stick your finger in the pot if you11 cano helpf it. H this dereaseu~s the( chumclcc e o
introducing unwanted bactri nto the product. lI;e a clean, plastic spPWIula or '1 spoon)1 insteadl~.

7,~~~~~ :' 4 .,Het**., e:. 'o ; !I',- ; o~~-rhaSe ofthe below stems and
S..I !* .-] <3 I 0 '.. ** .,: s: ;,(:- 0I UdderS for the supply and

1 MoH 5 L07 Supply and Dolivery of:

*P ,~:r.lde ir( Egupment

i ~lca.rl .vil be ronduch. ;; cr~r~x(.viat *4,eodwlld lit 11he( Pn~ , ..uber~ ~~ t op!Csue f r/(1Thlbr* cxounines) as defended !!r: the drl !:

!otrollowrl~ calyble, humo**. rn,. o~btan further information, clarification.
examine and upilft bid documents (upon presentation of receipt from
Mlnitry of Health- see5 Intow) at the address In #8 belowv. from Monday to

. : . requitements Include Valid ce~rthcas of Comphlance f $~116S
I ,ii;, .~. .holdc~, be submllted 'cr companies with offces registered a.~D
AddraMlce .1re~quateme~ntrdetaill,.rtoprovided tnthe Bidding Documenb s :

: A. fgormnpt rent of Boddlng Doculments in Engitah may be purchased thy
bedder* upown payment of a non refundabl maneagr's cheque 1go
$5.000. P

6 Bad must be dehvored to the address below (#19) at or before 9 amAg ,
2007flor #n~c MoH 1 5/07
E~act~rafli biding will net be, omatted L.ate beds will be rejected. Beds l'be
opened in the p~resee of the bidders' representatives who choose to at tra
person el the address below at 9 am August 21", 2007 for project #s MoH 1 j7.
All beds must be accompened by a Bid Security as stated tn theBd
Note: Bidders may bad on any or sil ofthe tote menhan~ed above. `

Pu rchasing ofBid Doc uments w(l #$als):
"",,~rr Al (oulnt Depariment(Gedbund F b)
tel:ln.try of Hoillth Bar kdam. GeorgetoVd

SFurthe~r information~ clarification,, ageantIghetn and uptiftng bid documents
(upon proseantation ofrn-ceiptfrobm lkinitryoefHealth, abovebov)
Ms! Sashha Singhl
Materlals, Manalgemr! t !ind 1.1;r t~rv of Health
Let~ 1 Mlldflat. Kin stonrl Geop~r!;lar n~
Tel 22689351. Fax 22 $777 rt n i em:umoh g0mail.COM

9. For Bid Subtnllal n and Bid opening geoll)6also)
The Chairman
SI Nrortaln81Prcdn nabnd Terxt dmitsj;k
; 'Mlilyl 'nli 499
SM31in;indr U~rqulhar Streel j
Georgelownr. Guynn, I

Sunday Chronicle August 5. 2007

Page IX

II I\ dlboutl Ibc dIynamellS of1 Co
lamal;~ Isic 11 ,r Martin Carter
werlng wasIn)1 ther nigger yalrd the
house prainlypicalYPI QUYanese
herlo Thencl we haive our i-

Ill 11 luw1~ ng Au df

w a H n lan Strick wth th ybl

works of1 at.

V(' Yes. there is this ef-
lIcr\\crnce that as making place.
Anld has tallly what the artists
dol~llil~j \, odIl whkei yr u

p opl 1 l e A alcn DrIpswra

,yle, usang asill ,Ixr n n

new schholarllhip, we can go into
minutlae, delalx. And what we
must not fol-rge how the peo~plr
of African ancestry anid thre
pepeof Indian ancestry lived
was mtal unspcon the hu

dhe siptbcus in Isr cutures

usw ism ohe dsis

we la .we Iish the ballet

'Kunw' or a tCon~' sar di-
r rc h ad yn c t o Ih ol f r n u Dt h

thas hepe abou the rCongo re- c
eniety So Guyan aoulrr Que e.
to inces Ihe Ithicn pr. .
PPucc A~t thcir pennsat
find; use iNew wr* Curdcngu wsth
theeffct as~i~nn nSlavra an ur art
frms pucsal hrea sse,

my' tha enavemea *l was not
conndusn~ that wasdl aceped
dwheres sanlwanestncoven m ~

slVeC ent Ou Guyaes wa s

crr/hiatorsan hatc wrticin
.dtus ther mreassas Ptrofes
rlus MIc~i uwa~n. P'roferu ~ Ib-
assspw~n. P'rofrreso RosC and
rather thr as a trradstron of
separassag yourrelf. your own rpstc ~rocessesrr
your reLlgos prrct ing lour
rlaOlue o hoor so reassancelY
to castavmeat brdds a doms.
nant clemal m the Atrrxas val.
nor This ressessocc lunk ass
ma rm sorssa) uays. mrranl) s
reseassons )resetsnlrs br-
per of the Mnors as was mans
fated so I Ithe mas of dress.
Ihe ways )r alk the Ismal ?'"'
cal Thine wse passne rr to

PP' Hear there whor pas
tcns J rrrtrlmte eahrr nun
festateamsl '

rCI Yes Is our so set
rus wustw uncs*~ herm s tn o
r(porate) these elemenu Ir tr
assance washln the formal Mrs.,
suse Edtar Mlstrthrdles In has
K*ywaUs senc. thruth ana
surface rcad. It Ir shour she
grand IW fanubl. st naber shrms
the humrnrly of the Aus~can
roman Jan c arts Io Islatk
tlwrrkn Ir ry ronl 1 I ir* > **l

Cuy~.Add~d t ht Ihe' ou

PP So that emergencies
started In Alnce nd deveJzloped
in other lands hke Guyaluna'

VC' Ys, o~ul of those en-
cosmersn as Ihll fctr\es a lann
gtuage~ emrgeds dust Is .s nature
of Dutch. Portuguescr cac .nd
variou\ Afrr~ica zlements r herle

Drl lan Robanson who I0 at

LI noc~rust ofr~lc thel Ws indss n

up the Herbsrc Ksact. I thank
lhe last speaker of thaI Ild
IDulrhh-tec s cred as un there
then)U ~we e peopk ide )r
Halter Lt Jdwrds hngastata Ilk
here on reduph~casson to
Giuyanes aesncw

PP )Ilstar ues andthanghs
proankeng ch-ch. Jan Jan.
dan Jan. urne car. Idf id. hak
hxL, pum-putta

10' Therre atlanothr pe
rusranm wc need o add ao tes
no, langluag. ao cattee a
~was And there Ls anator phr.
newnese tus we refer to so Ibc

Thee are pena~hd of tun star
new Afracan deCmens ge man
the ex~act IGar empic, afct
the aboldslon of Ihe trad rn
capesar Afncans. Guyerws At
rrcan populoat bec~ame can
reloly create taca horn. manr: a
brken Easkshb. cauner Then
wash rndenisreshsp. a are
stream of Aftscan came so
GiUYIOn has esII r jtYr-fnas*
manyl watrs* or sonl and cul.
sural ide the last uave that
came composed of Antolso.
Congonlcc. Kru f rrm Scars
Leone soI when yo~u bear
FPcqc say 'onr bhave~i idra

Ofe Lagug && ..

From page VIH

[.; 'I 44l I llcl it

in wars when people are cap-
Iured and sokI Ut samln ensnvemnt
you would find some of the rul
ing class and you would rind
some who are the workmgl class.
the foot sokisers. I woulJ UaY
that is diverrity. Now to the
quuesion of how they were able
to, cope wsth worrk as Ihi, naow
space. Walter Rodney talks
.aboui enslaved Alrtcans
humamorng the coast of
Daknwrar the cast of G~uYan
Hie ward oith shovel so hand
usetang over a unition Ions of
w atrliogged day. Ther ssawns
work So when we loku .a the
humantssag of the coastI at
Guyana. wre have to abank of
that natre ofwork. se~ndsa so
agncubure- that a a tanar
thsag. hec anare of the work,
the condiboes of orkthe a bu-
siveacs of w-ork sowed the
they wer a peopic who vrked
Very hard
PP Nou pc hate amous
angles fromIwhech tokxr *tastn
subject. we have perwon cann
Ing Itran annous bacrourxh.
brnpngan samer rkdrt. rpeakag
dafferens Ylanuae After ame.
uhas hrruph Ihrw Feopler o I
pcther. urasl at 1.mua. own
mn~s Lang~uzge.. language cnts
mnE hrasybas u

10' Th r)1 as oascrossag
quest son inforrmasso as now
coma~ng: out non tia rs bow Ith
posesc\ of the tdrad so Ancan
.xptlsces cussed You had alon
she coast of Afoca. what rou
callkd fcorMes begwrdnutes.
GenCC saI SEIcara El MaM na mate
Gokf Canas-where you senate
caprswe Ancan utl asJ Ind M
a baoalld. They were comes g
In frmn al over th place rad
coming Io wsth vanous l~an-

GO-Operative Republic of Guyana
Ministry of Health, Materials Management Unit

SleeLping in ~laices suichl as a gra~veynald inl Novar Scotia and i ma~jestic ho~tel in North Korea

InV Itat10 0 fOr 8Id s (IF B


Supply &i Delivery of One (1) Moblle Voluntary Counselling & Testing Vehacle


1. The Repubbc of Guyana hase rectwedla Glrant from~r theo inlurtelrnatnaltvuloltlunant
Associaton toward the cost of the H[V AIDS Prtrventon & Control Propect and rt
intends to apply part of the proceeds of this Grant to paymer~tnts urder the Contrac for
the Supply & Defevery of One ( 1 r Mobdle Voluntalry Counsethng & Testang Verale )CB
No: WB/GOOl71CB1001.

2. The Mlnrstry of Health through the Health Sector Development Unt envotes seated
beds from e~gbl~e and qualrhle~i bedders for the Supply & DekeY~ of1ue (1) Mobite
Ilbluntary Couynseling & Testmrg Vehicle .

3. Bidding wsM be conducted through ~nc int(?matKenal Compestrve Brdding (ICB)
procedures specrfsed In the World Bank s G~utdolrons Procurement under 18HO
Loans and IDA Credrts, and as open to all balrders from Ehrgabl SaourceCounrres ;,;
defined In the Guadefanes

4. Interested ch~gable bidder; may obtalm furthrer inoformaton from the Heralth Sector
Development Unit the E xecubve Osrector. Afttenlro Mr Prakt;r.h bo~okdJOo.
Procurement Othicer at r~areas PSokdeo~hravgovy .)'N .mix. Documents at the address g I:- below from 9 00~am 4 000*ir )> x at tem

5. Qualifications requlremen:;tnc mede Frnancal (.a;c;m!nkty legal and other
requirements Abddshonaldetalls are prov'derd In the Budde;e ~i lcuments

6. A complete set of Bidding Corumenr may be pulrch red' by I interested bedder on
the submassion of a wrrten Appllcal: cm "o he address tw-m.**l ,,nd upon payment ofI a
non-refundable fee of one hundlcre tjwed~r States' :. :va (US$100) or twenty
thousand Guyana dollars (GS20l.00rr The! mothewt I.':>.lnent will be by ce~rhed
cheque. The Bidding Documents will be ;9nt by e~m:01

7. Beds must be delivered to the address below at or rbefor 9 Olam iocal tIme! on
September 11. 2007 Latez beds will be rejected Bids waitl hr: nl(.e~cod Io the, p~resence~r of
the tudders' rejpresr--:Yues /r he c,3rhoose to attendl In pelr ,.l:' -0 '*;r In locl time on
September 11 200r7 All b d's~ must be acco.mpanled by a B,t '** wity of frve! thousand
United States dollars or one huIndredl those r-and Guyana (dollar,

8. The addresses, referredl to, above is For purchase of bidding document and
bid clarification purposes:
Ths Excucltlve: Director
At~n F.1r Pro ashl Sooves~o

Address Health Srector Dever~r~lpmrent Inlt
Ge~orgetown Pubuir: Hospitanl !.,njrowind
Ea:;t -trFeet
Te~l 592-225-3470. 226-2425
F~ax 592-225-3470
EmalI psookdreo:gnlv '1') t gy rakash_sookdoo~jhiv gov gy

Por bid submission:

National Ev,,r~l for 16*, immrrent & Tender Administrathran
ihnir*;,try of Finance
Urrluhalrt Street
To: 592-223-7041



N Of

Publip Diacussion on HF Radio usage

The National Frequency Management Unit Invites members of the public.
e!sp~ecially usrers/operators of high freqluency (HF) radios. to a public discussion
gecared to sensitise users about the Regulations goveming and general
principles of HF radio usage and to address th~e interference problems borng
expenorcnc~ed wllhin the HF band

ImtonTowrr H-otel "llruponunt H~onm' Main Street. Georgetown

Timer! 17 00 h

4 .we \

Sunday Chronicle /I'I;- :ou 6, 07

ar llti t hling

TIopl'ls 11

Ulljilir l ll d fk' ittin

on\ u ssitspr ll aundal~ llp it'

1 l I 1 11.w nu 1 keppew ha.~1 \(I

~I"' (Lr I ( I11'1ic l iiu l was 1

that .,* slci I( clrutl I l le 1
sanlllc iesw the untl y (11 ll of( 111 Jo k-,~11 (11 .1111tun 1 (ly It)L

WI selee u .1, bush1 as* .in-

.t In 1ss ww rharly tha t Iwt
stLr nialib wanderan age te

thesrae welc thek seveoe

<.up thats ual y-oachts Irin
c~letual etL so answay te a
l~cnel ELrr ingn J .ad tr
.ouNtss Y ome opso te

Y llwn u1 I ~ sesIxs thalldu- prt

to a ch~urchr yard. A fricedly
pulle~rmran cme and let me
rtay and said to move on the
Iral moraning I was Ho tirred
fromhitchingy:ridan ud wal-
ingy rith the backparkll I was
uan dead in the wovrd.

<.no Innyr id lo rnusivc~u h

rc,!h : uuse Ium. .r. .l\ 198 '
.ul..ilear lyun dm ha epc

cHnl! I, (cflry~ mic e Ada a

Amrlllcur Neu o he grou Ih
tmhe lad~ ceemedmafat rd I

Enters I'astsI of III Korea hea

tIucLHe most alll Icng ha ds
wheI~lre~ It wa* -c, put upars aj

liarls v..llng the liolel Iwrosm
;lossana (t ccuba Wel~ stan ther
inl Pla\,ue in(0 C/ccoslowakl

wasru ln'sr anytng tor wrat hrn

Annal. You could. leravdial to~
ItRhen clasic 193s Hdtel Na
Isnl~,~ futhelon g rd.o, Ithe wtrr
Iamelnd- w'here alsohtaigedo
another vIs
YouII'R couldn't ul beath
hou ste nigtrrnb. n IradI iona

flo *r how.l Anob.w thrc re

tu he fod w ar oo torlo.htr

that 194 trr p was pran Isa
prnsid afo rd st' rlls
roo r~m MD Ug ettR~W
abo set otu to so e skrt t
regonl ounals a 98

., -.

Sunday Chronicle August 5, 2007


I he ( scya~na:Ications ( olmml\ssion !1 I (lI '\ tw silr soon c nmmlen a zcountr-. :\Ilr ader I, Hou -o-lHouse f regtaionexcrcisc.

Any perrson whot w ll be founrrico : .unic oldct h~i a quahtlymg datc to he amlcuntedi by GEC'OM will be eligible fin
registration dunng this arcrlse ptro. del~ IIhat Ihere I\ a Giuyanee clturtn by buih. dececnt or naturalisation. resident mn
GUYans~r any perso who Ias a c te/rs fa < olrmitgwcaldshcountry living in Giuyane contmuously for one year or most'

An original Hlrth C'erficatKee isncll :' !ihe General Regaster Oflice. a valid G~uyana Pashpcnt or an original Adopisorn
Certificaeteassued by the Gener ,:I~ra Re elo n kc m ustbcprovddedin support of anspp isc to (n for registration.

Other sunrce d~cuments which \rI hil: be I( Io b pro\ ddd In hufpport orrllappicaton b fhn rcgisration are (i) Marriage Certificate
in the case of a name chanlgc hy way\ ofI nlon nage~, and (si) Deed Poll in the case of any change of nanw: other than by marriage

All persons who, are now fourteen \car c ;Indc older, but are not in pal~ssession of the retcvantl suppo~ning documents) above
stated. as the case mnlght be. arre urrgedr to tke immediate steps to acqlulrre Itthem in order to facilitate their respective
registration during thcupcoming~ Housel~-to,-Hou~se Registration excrcise.

NH. Pereasn wh~o are not rcgistcred during the upcomingl Houre-to-House Registration exrcise w~ill
ladeded la the new National Register of RegIstrants and will not be issued with new National dtfi

DOZENS of Police sunound Sanjay Dutt as he is **coded out of court. Tuesday.

BOI.11V(M)1H)) itar Sanjay 1)utt was jailed for sit
years "rigorous imrprisonment" on nTesday for
acquiring guns from gangsters linked to India *
wort~i bombings in Mlumbai in 1993, but he would
he spared 16 months since he served this time
while awaiting trial.
What camas kJl up to, hlr *emntenen uwha Is Ir re,.claves ..f
the film fralctarly hl* fans. arrl what wlxtid has days Iro issue, he

A day in the life ofSanjay Dutt to prthoft
'Rlpgneven un~prawnmen nwans thnb talwr huc Irn4.a~lny su
pear). Isrmrnz.u~~ni a 'ka halndkmas et.~cta' .4 lut o~f fa ul set
thatl hs been temrp* Mumbatht nwa~nt f prlo~rwrs unks( tr))l whee he a Irp=r~ICul'
41.urng .s ably bc in.,sedr~ to a sr pernare-nt htwar- ...
indian pals~ Irc *acrcr~*lrlos uith ;.en h~hlnp Ilrrrn Inc
tImes rrthou aatc y the 1arIri (Mr a Lhired n rrum nifica~lh ha
room fh r~ fMO=>~ pepe )t hoU1C abs U1 ir I1
~Jl ast~* uate Ihad futt wash he pton the peruse unsor~m a
strped whrte starrt wth whlre paymas ass) r uhatrcap iyncc "l "
decided where he ulll scrac has scrm
hec raco. one of the ha~chet pasJ io Hta ullly ull l h*e re "
cat the pnson meal\ thus pclronces themesclslr. ad Bcrafrc
would typocally be pufc fed m. or* scpl~ret cany1 Usth a has( of
bred. w~luk lunch and danc y i There k chickso or eggs o weekends.
A )Pa cell. which ucuall) bruares three rraslr#1, has a bulb but
no fans The hghts~ arc matlrchd rff .afic n pm FIah CoflkKSt (
gave two sheets The hu~nr irldstuwas are far frmn decent wth
rtaksag commrn ttnicts and Rshnrmna

Film fraternity in shock over Sarqjay sentencing
Sansay Durt's entenclnng to H1x years\ so aDJ has was shckL wsves
through the Hmndi film Industry. a sth perlfucer o as Icast three
flms Inroolvng the ac~tor wodering stad the fate of thest secum.
plete projects. pegged as around RI I hdhonm rRI ifX) cr).
And whether peopic ges so see a thrd sequel of the much-loved
Munnabhi senes remans a big quertson mark.
"I thiJdakfl producrs meet be la a stat of abeck. Apper.
endy Rs. lio was ri ding onIa, shde r drs. I is too early
to predict saythingI about bb carer a zr sixyeas, trade so-
lyst Taran Adarsh told IANSi.
T'he filrm he twas working Io are 'Mr Fraud' (Abbas Murta).
'Kldnap' (Sanlay Gadhvi) Pad 'Allhaug' (of close friend Santay
Gu~pra,. He had also stated working an 'Mehboobe'. But right we
can I say anything. We wvil hav so wait cad wvash." added Taran
Ckn~e asociases and ricads of the star a unhappy with the
sentence given to the 4-year-ol d act
Vetean Malayialam spertar M~anumonty, expresing sadnes
ove the verdic, said in Thiwrrovndqpra "Even though before
the law all are equal. I sincerely feel the this shold not have hpap
opened to Sanjay Dutt. We all hop dtha slac be has been given
permission to appeal in the Suprnem Coslt h has sill hope. and
so do all his well wisher."
Yesteryaurs popular actraes 8deir Boees, a cls aidly
frisd of the Dett ~amily, wars quite M "I am be rt.

brown. watevrm punkhenutl has twen metedr oue for ~cured.
the eror. Propr herr fortostra thr simtnpherrre at~ the ie
of rrror fIbe riots that fa~onud the Hmbri Manjid drmallition
Lo 1992). We wrm sder consant thrests" Sersrr nna quoted
a y atr thet (k r Marmearig
''inyu treuedl tnnlue 1roper t~lrai Ihr rscurl evenl usr~lI pas

Io such ,ssuaccnon M( od*I what
a p~tuttrrtme'"~ she as~kk
Kunal Kohis, a plrrcusnent
falmmkr~n sold .s 'tV thanal
TYasutr a a use pearan lic has

Ii~t all read andnd upsetting as
uan or one Llsw headtrad as Sanyta
Is K'*nn through thss (M IM*. \uf.
(crealn r a~ asalwe cn t twoarrut
\~~t ara hat h~r : Coing threasph raght

I ~bangsi va: o~u rl of he tee he
s tra. rs her prainaUct wantr] to
vast hum as Ihr. fcraud he woung l
he so ass Irut of lad tl arus wuh! 1~
gMMAY O~fy affart thren faims
flow everr, afte estmlng cout of
Iad m 1995~ Sangsy ucakd no hosphis s Iklywmard lic gaeo has r
take "Dos~hman~. "Wester The Xealstl? and the super ha
M~Suanshbes~ rh ~tfw r ffc aans
Sussyr stlarrect~harnasa 1 readl for+ rcckse

san ay

11lunnabhall's fate srtuns Nep~al
iso~ubles to lrlse washI. jlhock and awe olnc the o
.s superstar Ilrl)n anCIIIhbou india31 I hdlirnl )I

Kabu Munaba*Mw the b~lockbustesl cunwd;, stamog I~n :Mrp as
a sequel to, sti casises porulru film "Munnabhhu MSMSE )-* Ac
If a galn uscs sh a luean of goldl.
De**'* wrtkracng by a speds! court trrabbd 'he !e : e-s
i Nepal's media as well. withb TV channeh, FM tations and
th d8) a*rspapera repo~rtingt the verdkit in a case that wmet
bac to 1993. rbra India's film city Mumbal was, roc~ked b? a
arrk of Mast kL~Lan 157 proplr and woundint hundr~
'I wasr Jshackd to hea bu t theu h etr \rrrrc." bisd N~abs. !a.
one of Neprd'r best-known film dirr Iuri. whoser de
Nhumsfunt~ u~rucim y hamaine and tIroad.
T7houlh I ha~d fhrught he wQukit be J;Uid. I dd rvt cap<<
ass ary prasers scute~r1( II( fel atI was~ ntProIPortIonate thns enna
\ubba who 6.c\ watched~ many ofI I)utt' l ilmr. sacluadnp can
Ise ne hmIi c \,pan \astas ard Sadak. *.ad he also Ielt tro~ubled at
tir thouI,),te when Ihsts would he (seedl he wurnlld be an hrr Sh.
INll'p .lh aa*r Adi I prets. k~now n for~ lus\ pncta;nt for doing
hlr owun :.cnt, hrmself, and l ne of Ithe Ip t~uk In the Nepali film
stadusd~ tl ad thlt whlle he sympathased with 1)ut1 as a fellow acr-
for the arsdusl pernar itl the lawu made no, distinction helueen
the ~t xru asmuJ fuu rl the man int the rlrtec
I aprlouater the fact that Io Indsa. no one Is Ict offI 1t he ,r
flumd Cusin ~ I (prces saulr Hul In Nepal. Ith higwsr alre never
t*ruschl toi lustu Thel cavafinue Ito enjoy\ powerful posts wlth no
rrne danly to) take alctsn agantal hem.
W4hllc apprenessag the IndSan legl syrtem. Upres. however.
.uWidd that he ceasidna bhefve that Dutt had comrmited ruch a big
camer I tdcrcrs rlt year\ io pmn.
"Hk did II parrtly out of ignPoraCe." Upretl sid. "And then.
he rIed t ak smrz arods"

-~-~I----~.._. ~ uyana Chrol


judgingf by
Cnage only
seemed the improhbabit
candidate to wla 0
GuyanaR'sI most
prestigious national

But once she was up on
the stage. she mad st clea thn
she wyas in at to clam the
crra nan s d. and r
ds Miss Ovyana Wol co-
petition last Sunday at
Beddy's International Hotel,
charming the judges with a

ila~~~ prt tha a I
coatidenrt strides anrd smooth

At just 16, she steps into
the bigl league pad will be off
as Barope and Asia within the
next few mots-
Pirst up, she will wing ut
to the Czech Republic to com
pete in the Miss Europe Jun-
ior Open pageant.
Then, she's off to hano-
tiful Sanya, China for the
Miss World pageant in ear~f
December. MIiss World's
most succenssul teen queen
remains India's Aisihwarya
Ral, voted the most bearutiful
woman in the world. Fhe is
the face o'~ 'Irdia worldwide-

*-orld of appollrtnie at a
tender ol. land her srism i
char 1* *iur ei Lo Se r pines
A student of St, Joseh
Hagh Skhtnd. Canacs rary *se
iJ lass any normall' Icarhe
airr But, rcahrty hstsha She
Is not. Fhe as a national beuy
Escry wmornlng I have to
wake up and pnch my~if." she

chh~e hollder DerrI Mroore.
5bCk wa abu towrt~ co as
a latern, with the Gloern-
amn nfrronrulma Alency. ard
sh dida't anmt to faterfee
wit the opportunity.
"Deek pmmanled me rha
the pascaratwould nns detupt
my *wo:rk tudy. htu rl shd' abc
admas B~ut wlho'r rsountanr the
Slos tme'

On July 29. when the
ludges ase her rhas qucatrann
st war her answer that Chow
cred FPresse o her mothr tha
cassulle her to the cron,
She said rihe admsted the
strength and character of her
motc rand could only FPra
thrat he bc hiasd wt half of
herr mothr' strength
And her smoother is ot
b rarrr 'sr
wi lI~ghtly. She c~ame oat

Nut her mother Insisted
rhe had to put on the crw for
the mitcrysew. even though it
wa* happeansn risht at their

on the night of the pot
e~nm. the entire fam~iy wai
there to support her and she
was incrdibly thnlled
"When I was announced
the winner, I rem-embher think-
ing. "If hope he has the name
riphi and I don't have to start
screaming Ior notihing', but
then I saw my~ easier Cindy
crying. and I knew it had really
Candle bis xcterd about
Miss World, and she jurst
rcant wait for the comped-
Cton. "I have this I~st of
places I must see, and the
Great Wall of China is rih
up there, so that's ones
know I will Ree in my Ilfe.
time!"' she delaures.

"Yes, I'm new to all of this, but it's
like a breath of fresh air to have
goeMone of ffy age reprtSen mf
county ngernaionaggy, I'm usr Out o
school, I'm still thinking, my brain
hasn 't become lazy yet, so I thmnk I'm

ready for this..."

~Do she feel lotopoulnl to
be in her place?
"No. I don't. Yes. I'm new ch
to all of this, but it's hike a
breath of fresh air to bave sm-
one of my age represent my
coutr intrnationll fm jurt
out of school, I'm adil thinking,
my brain hasn't become lzy
yet. so I think I'm ready for
this.," she says.
AdmIttedly, she did not
wasnt to center the pagant
when she was approached by
newr Mise(;uyran World frm -

('udldllng up in a chast ness
to the poolandc of the Sea
Breeze hotel, where she la hy.
ingt temporarily. she tries to
fight off the advances of Toby,
a Danchund her family owns.
"Hte ici my sister's, but I
have become his step-mother
since she abandloned him.," she
laughs joklingly. "He is part of
the family."
She has three sisters -
Celeste, Candy and Cindy, and
a younger brother Darrn. Her
hero is her mother. Donna
Chaorlen. -.

At 1 6,


Charles rules

ide August 5, 2007 xill~_

ISIZrZLLING swvimults, exotic cosptumesr, and thousuands of peple are what characrterizes Sumrmer Break 2007, the official event for the hosting of the
Mliss Jammzone Ptagearnt.
I The wilnner will be chos~en on Aug~ust 12 at the Splashmlnu Fun Park and Resort. Wh'loever wins gets a car and will represent Guyana at the Miss
g TorismWol pageant.

Gke S5moras of YW artin' Grodk



aqqu qcure Y r ofkr olf~eheA (2) Bursary Awaprds #r 2PO77

1. Bursary Awards will be granted to children of LIFE OR FIRE Policyholders obtaining
the highest marks in the National Grade Six Assessment provided at least 75% of the
maximum marks are obtained.

2 Evidence of the child's continued attendance and satisfactory performance at school
over the period must be tendered to the Company annually,

3. Policies should have been issued prior to 3 nehr, 2007 and remain In force during
the continuation of the butuay. -

4. Applications must be made in writing to reach the Company Secretary/Human
Resources Manager not later tn'rn 1 7th August, 2007.

5. Applications must state:
Ngme of cyholder, Address, Ff re/Lif a
Policy and Name of Chdfd.

T MS ~ Acto results must be submitted with the
6TM 6. Managementsl dedsign in all matters concerning the awards

Page XIV

Sunday Chronicle August 5, 2007

- Ste m id ers of

ar bU one erar

K~ing Arthur andt hiis sw'ord Exc~alibur, the
awesome)~C Sw'ordp~l l y of' Wesley Snipes as
I,;iywalker "hdaf-man, half-vampire"
p~rotetor of humans against vampires, ofi
Hliglander D~uncan Mllc~od, and of' Ninjus, all
come siiddit alise in thle miind of a visitor when
ther\ see ther Martin Brock display of his
cocllecrtionl of. antiques.

swords ..shres duppe~rs thannyu1 1t;1s:IdJ knites\
If !ou wren "(onuoh! whenI ( upta'in I sek Sparrow
siled ff he rudof one ther "I asdrud" .rrs ,irates ofi the
Carrihbben or if you errr riarted to the edge of your
rksir wbile waschingl the eple brword fencing movie 300.
Ibra a sists to the Brock crollectlion Is like taking a trip
in a machlinr backnardr in tIme.
Blre ak ha : sht~r andt thc()~rowany stars and Laws\C hous) rcountries all o\er the
wasld .un (t horn .* iassets o cultures wilnds he has~ aissa\sd c,\er
ths 4.ulrlc ItCu asudes rePhenL 0 of*J Uwrds usdn history and
sqduas of ratedr uutd so liuansm nrwica
Thew swords by) the way are scJ1they ;ue no~ "playthings.
Mcdscral rwands. Roman swordr. Parrrat words. Bastash
rswodrds 1cnch ruwordr and Sab~rr. C'hlnese swords. Japanese
Krrunas. rephicas of indian daggerrs witlh heyeweclled h~andls, a cer-
cmutual''LU Yakaza dagr hy are all thrre.
I' at as assiss a is hke~ takarny a trap around the w-orld
(kr pping pnde ofi place fran sward used tw. Kans Solomanl theu hasf liaved. wrth decadsr finely
acttw so the h~andic
The sword staff as degantly crafted and the balance and con-
smaocrson of the blade insputs awe
VyS lagwhthese for proudnence are Japanese swords of
te Seaural wrders r aBetal used in Japan from 1185 BC
to 1861 rtar the aPl~lar dass of warriors was abolished.
From movies there Is a repilca rach of swords used by
~s~..dW,b l Roh Had &f R in lood las loc M an a
c( orelach Tigra Riddea Dragon, the Three Musketteers,
weapem see by the VIa Diese the tough as fron charactr
to the 2004 merI t Oe Chemicie of S~ddckr amoong odaers
rTh scabbenh of abs Japanes swords an particular are just as
elegantt as thevo wak demseves.
The erhstats re all momledr~ pagan a dark cloth in a display

Inc uordr "ob my goeb t Ihave never seen anything Iske this."
Ppry a 11 bharecr one can clap one' hands over one's mouth.
Orn hal~ng th cosllecion one can relive the rich history of
He hartd the l~ashrt of Englan telive the fascinanlag stories of
II ( d of the Girrek hern Perseus and hear the CIlang and clash of
rur*JI on the arsmenl hbatrlftlenid :1ll 11 needs' a ltime Imaginap-
16< csact repllas ofI lhe \rwords thr\ used rlght In frntl of
arock., 32. begn corllre unF sw~ outn anti other anllyuinecs eleven
years ago"
he was seven years old when he saw the 1982 blockbuster
Ceam the Barbarian starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and waps
owestrrck by the power and the glory of the swonisman.
This wasr on hag actrea nmd he developed a strong desire. e~ven
a fantasy. he admsts. to getting a sword just hkle the one used by
are greas ~cann.
It was a childhood fantasy which survived the years and in 1996
he oaght out and bought the first swant in his collection and as
yu can goe L. the sword or a full mtail replica of the sword of the
Use rephica ofI the sword so skilfully and bloodcurdlingly used
by Conan In his quest to seek vengeance against the man who had
mrurderrd has family and kept him enslaved for eight years, occu-
pres pnde of place.
And with a massive silver hilt. Conan's sword is heavy.
"Conan as shown in the movie was the best swordsmnan of
all ctmes," Brock asakl dIsplaying a Wthd of the smaB boy wide
eyed wonder which lies at the back of Sis hebby.
He also has a replica of the weapons med by Daywalker
Wesly Snipes in Blade- another fareadle msoviea( has

Please turn to page XXII

ACC~~:iti~~ioMDATION I,-Y E




r naturrkeson
Ro naprcon

A gammon C.*syrvnes cann of holshers otore an Cuyntra Sec a petrmon tas elegass Iwor Ra ReulM~. of
<'asyrmu) Iuessr we rms as orao pdoges gaveQ~ in any (Jwar wo

Apdye rsn hu orndex of Gasywa n oheabe to be a WLater o Gasyana at the dater of tuature twthI it at that
date r~mater feeso ar n/retr mothrw a a oiltree o GvAstus Suds a person s ta ot requwed tor ava
residency resarenmas ho~wevr* th heah trnst f tx. worsacr try tre paents as an overwas: tunrth
reg10hetae IiPon rwho de perent cn Ploly for a Reput~a or Gasyana passport for *Iw Cdd

A persns n nLearh Lro suppry star (iumanr** cutv~trasp try naturhaksen' and must' see~ tlat hedshe Is
orecd~ny h3;hn* nspo:tws stolm horses 1* rfi Rod dUsraOdes and outl hos~ht. mtnlrdb 1o (Cessed tn
Cine On Hmerce~ Vtheieory wdi tw O~Jnews a Geru~radaca o* m~h~ilserser and w ati har~o t, takre

A seaso who, mqrres a Casyanesert~ cave nr~ .s nitsrwet a .,;1- tor :rr roo t6!r -r som e
CAllates haverag mi ad On e tgal retinarents. to hgvvng trgab** n rinted the Uhr.:~.unr.~: y .': !, 00on
kangey ar Gv~ues Unhke pesn* app)lyng cor nak(?~turavate .v'w rf,'rt Cdthtl ;(yr '.

f**om <-sor .3-eu Rne, Io t) a Cyn our vw..atme a t), .,e w'a ; .- o an~
counity) v. St.*;rte anVu ~QtheCntituon of Guyrtnn or a anrren

an~og ms bess, of ensur sOPliCate

I efacusd be noted tht in the Intered d rrsotl serrj cwtant or push ( I~rvy tw~ I9/, ilv win
nrry ref so to regratorQ oa*~r rtra a parre nn a t.Ta of chren et Guy

GUr~anes*Ct~ rstathIpcanntt, cbleaned by mansolitwv r.vth(! -. o .::r .

AsUC suhPerson are Urged t0 o on wa rory of r .< :, as . '

: no. 'I .'. .w ne tr .*:y

DATA PIPE wwwDATArms'Ic til

r 8TL CONCULTING cou, www01 <0 v, O M'( ;''.i(

1%* tIlgal (aIege:-tanbeasAlugh Le (1KI inkh meurquIlid

b) .~Ob ~~Qrl ~r

Mawael (amagataians Weigrkt ha, Igu (el 0 0KS HafbtSttdi
Artag)lores relwerdghiekrl elif,$

Lebtiies. el lds mus b RIn raW sedd ndpsa dowly mard on ite tp
jugIlan tr aorW of Serwriy lei kl boudkns M~asosi

Itidewheatemponiedb yvoid cealphassacrilicaerealk~yn
house agirnlity((,g) ad aI~onsihourses hIbems(MS)I 80, witout

Sid dericmath a bs oddressd es:Ited helowr ed setule mo ietr son
13:00 on AoPgrst4, 207:

HotondlrmeireklAvn, argelownkK

Holional (ormonicralie Mklwrk he resrtves the aghtCI to referl any knder
without assigning an reass.

Sunday Chronicle \ugust o. .100

Page XV

(i`oll p(Klg \

\not h es~Kc mteestngthog
Juahonng how wa \ILlnkf the
On no al" \ hackzl~ trans I ab

Propractor Mate~lld was\ owned

.1\ Let1 to*11 the 1 hunt~ ~ she a wel
.u111 ll1n1c moon11 bu aie

CUCme Ilnrles I1 woud1111 won .11
Slllu~ckll t adtowuda o
out 11 wa ingr the \1hi Lull p upil ~
hreSt houl'use in th n nus atti

kIngstownll( P.ukGes ou I U~~rUlC

rg unnbedup a drlun 181II mann

usndon, sun had a watterful
scenic sicu of the downtown
\incentian capital and use
ships running sun the
hurlusur. that airw alone was
worth the cost per niKht.
Hut as w.n Mrs Posture 1
cueplsonally blui hospitalsta
which made it such.s wason arol
wlaung plau sails on an
busidany with shingical w.alb
mer sawhundredsc.usoldb.ul
CH JCHIGibbed (0 inHlHg bef
Of .all alw faces bowers

by a former Kasph la~tedd in
the Cnrande hi wa Mards and
though the pe rc wa asscred
ibic low US$10 pe r nest. st ra
cold m the muara slIce dan't

Other PMCI s6~rtaye wn-
t& YEMC~ iO N Yol ~n
Ottwa Min Tbgmahrk a tall a

travelor as is the Bed nd
Brrrakar=* wloaIbert

to, visaa and sach I --thed
Io Tnaided. Mrtmequ as well
asGuyaan(wrer I was also

Thisod taa to d

thMye rare helplag a smal
gTaLi mtalkle w ta epl,
pklag u the #dlats ses

sore riz esta rblsmet.,

them Thos bi hoel do

30WI r b havcplaecatr rr
ing o air clcassic hic epet

dis r Asres, thred wa p
the se~Egh ya maed Mont. t
IheesTke, itwait had. Mr.
iMeasgLnmery pwas a mot
it a er tid characrTh cen-

trLaLa seemed to make

st**d Msrules. Ameg Mth
plastoatic ewrs n he Me ait

treenswr atd eato a dozen
siga latdin Atheat py.

asC toM ad ties
Whiggitag "No gaest in

guet p houses give yur

eme or two lab Ageamrmat The
i. Agseas as) tL Ia we kcdy
a, sa radas the walk of wch
weore alal~ Ikghb( alr gue p
bo m rces teas xcp. per
haps a chrch, caledr
Th hatnwer wasr r
ar met itelms plea~ to Jsta

Ms. Nee r Psyteulrr, saes

her eartt days. Fr on yarr

assde few a couple bed sad

Guyana. wrtrnt I caplcdasy m
self rame ad hamd~ tatys*fl
sad happy tays was as t
Lktreator Guesl Ikane as ah
hares of the St Gimraqrs t.

at br C~areasan apaal
The awarr. M~rs.
Hayees. ***S rres me s

Ptast tarn to page

UnsimME unate .w.... >


.e me -. .nt..s, y of mann isture. 1. a nav al
.ne< rath aspe (In anyinquiryon< Unns'1pnallet on .
: ept menw

. outs



S Sunday Cdroni'c e gust 2007__Y

' Pa ~'@ .

Froenpae0r X
Iler centr tr o bass Ilrt oestead the Isgos ragd comnardal decks *MbsIls and
twigte rs. Wha a view! At somet Mrs Haynes and sear of tit edtra guest wagM SM la
the p~eds soeIme watchingrY1 the fe aaM mon owr the earbyl hh rand pagMin the
blateg "laew" about gotagr has to reedlan socit from top to instemr
Sbc would kt gsts use her Lkachn Star nev~er IuA a depose~ rand se had *ay lIale toruel
wath gust exLcpt oneC scamp who ran off with her a dcJo ~She de~argd me the mactdhle~ km prSic
cather place wit Ias ameanses chargd Io lan three sames ears for a longl ~Use of t.SSIO per
mrghs despate my picadsag alth her to stop chcassag heredfa enl theredIba cas ay oucuc~rnoand
rrcutommeded slus '"home awaly fu &rom bae ahletermedly
For or fare )yarr .ago. Mrs Hlaynes shughcrt phrrrne I. u) Ms user r bed penand aay.
On a sultcqucat assi I calle nO un SF Nard wh lm bUsts .. Iew passage so dit sPeto*I bac yed.
rtall keepanle he Iutllradssnal lwo stoy aJll twruse ass maunsasuny str led bak uambsnce by menmr
the venaure 't..~In 1.4.=* Tlrue~JCc*Il ostrc
la ;u~yana. he Marnlrary o(f~r~l home use~r wrsk wons ahuse are doean a god job Three
are: cascPsang burlness PeoIP(Ic w~ri k Ic Usts cuLCJLCa hrrsch hwites a~ nd mlles esehtrSatmra
such as gu~es kinanCI As thE Clmw,an~ imonll es*P so Flrowl smare a dII aCm an hoei
Tar beaut at all tisk he stel tkrrh re rs a chie n I thinkr that, stag with b thefrcshb
yee make.Is wh makes2 traserap oC 1 awrdingl rand -somerabl It ror ke forme

mon~iu A RU i;Ys? examsavase noCom6Ln, t OAssoonP.

1% L:2 2 5-447 5/2 2 6-3 2 43-9


The Govelnrneer of Guyana (GOGt hat recently condexsn t oon Contr~cr 'f5l' :F-~y
(USS219 $ mdhon; wrth the Inter-A~nywran Derveolopma entre r IrHio Parl of thg pro Iw mad ,rr of e
Loan wel be alpphed to the rinanormi of the Imemp~lemenats of tree three awMancomrernts ? the
Fascaland Flnanrua, Manage~ment Prog~m (FF'MP). namel y 1;, taxpoky arqi ww! awawatson,
(2)pubfecsector rnarcal managemePnt~ arw(3)fiscIAandfiducPwy cversight. at

The Minestry of Finance, through the Guyana Revenuoe Aasthorlty (GRAI ary1tr nsfr th
Supply and instnallaten of the loAOwvng stems e
Procurement of Comnputer Hardwreu:

Yame of tem~_ ( Uan tit)
Sercract 4

I arce~ \ctwork Prlnters _~__ 4~1~__0_

Tender Documents for the abole-me~ntioned procurement can be purrchased from~ the
Accountant Gene~ral Of~re Mlnlstry/ of Finance. Main & Ulrquhart Strreet. Georgetown
Payment can be rnadle v/Ia cash or Mi~anager's cheque payable to Fiscal and Financal
Management Program. Tender Documents can be purchased for a non-refundable fee
of Three Thousand Guyana Dollars (GS3,000).

Br~i must be clealrl/ markrtr at the tOy teft-hand comer of the outer envelope FFMP "BMid
for the Supply and Installation of Computer Hardwaere"
Sealdk Tenders act o,~~r -rr sod by lraid NIS and IRD Compliance Certificates should be
addresed t theC Ntr.;il Pmrocurement and Tender Administrabon Board and
depo~sited Io the Tc. : a '-r ,t r 1: e ?P, fAR ocad at the Mlnistry of Finance Building. 49
M~aln& Urquharl Str on'~ ' *Pil'' s

The Frscal and Flrir .u '.lanJtrrtagmnt P'roglrrrlu does no~lt hand srteelf to accept that lowest

Terrierers ?r their rereser;rntahvles may be present al the woulog I" ofthre tendlrs at 09:00Hrs
ran Tuesday, August 14. 2007

ProcUrement Office'

__ __

The Government of Guyana (GOG) has recently concluded Loan Contract 1551 SF-GY
(UiS$29 5 mwawso) with the Inter-Amencan Development Bank (ID8). Part of th proceeds of
this Loan wrill be apphdli to he fIhnanorg of the nmplementation of the three subcomponenrts
of hel Fisc;al and Flnancial Management Program (FFMP). namey. (1) tax policy and
admunistrabon. (2) pubbc sector Ananoal management, ad (3) fiscal and fiduciary

The tJirtistry of Finance. through the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) invites tender for
theO SisPplY and Instanaton of the forkowang tms

Procuremet of Desktop Computer:

Name of Item Q antt
Desktp ( mputes 15
La >tkop ( om yuites --i 0

Tender Docu.\mentsr for the above-ment~oned~ procurement can be purchased from the
Accountant General Office. Ministry of Ftoance M~atn &L Urquhart Streets. Georgetown.
Payment can be made via cash or Manag~er` s heaue payable to Fiscal and Financial
Management Program.Tfender Documents can be purchased for anon*Fefundablefee
of Three Thousand Guyana Dollas (GS3.000).

Beds mulst be c~learly ma,;rked at the top left-hand corner of the outer envelope FFMP "Bids
fortboe Supply and Installation of Computers"
Sealedc Tenders accompomeltd by valid NIS and IRD Compliance Cerificates should be
adldrrlssd to the Chalrmaln. Nah~onal Procurement and Tender Administration Board and
dleposited In thre Tender Box at the N\PTAB located at the M~inlstry of Finane Building. 49
Main &8 Urqulhart Streects. Georgetown

The Fiscal and Financlal Manag~ement Program does not taind itisatf to aggep the lowet

illfr~leters or their represent~llhves me ay bxe presetdbllat& #gp at 8):00Hr
on Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Procurement Officer


LONDON (Reuters) TLhe
fight to save the planet from
clmate changler is arttracting: a
glut of new Amnds andl mncuy-
rr~alu as lavestors look for
companies expected to profit
kosua global warming and dl*
matce polider.
Elstbhls~hed green f'undls, and
new ones, are~ hot-f'ooting
around thet city looking for
mroney to inv~es In well-per-
fomlung "green" or "cican tech"
stocks, Inulslhe In1 lo\ i.ubon

Lnurk-whe this wcck .sr 11I ad
h~on (mands tS201 I mIlllions )

runnk~ntal und. whlle L~udgate

a ne~w enlvlronmelnlal fund losI
pre-IPO clean tecrh 11nrns.
A\ chased funrd caulledt the L~ow
Carbon A~crclrno~r expects to
c~omev back for mnore mrnety by
the endcll of 207.
(ireen sector ..rock, )lh
generall\ perfoiiirme well
Bnrlnlln largestl 100 environl
mentalills (KLbrsd \(OCks grew
20 petrent btweerrrn last Augur
and June. ac~cordling to the

D~rlnen by polctsr mea~nt to
1IanIJter chnt ure~ change maind

an rtrablerun S1nd mis, ~

.k youngh rePortI plubinhcJ

** ';;
thn tersps," said U~p'tt uil nnedfrr rse 5
Jek Jones disister of in- nullson pounds Iklflaw IP()LIJCtob and
vestmedtS at~1tmpIX, o at eset obess

., loag was.' r s.lld

'"The nlr rI1 IUnpostan stung

asr weI and thr h.i p03.rove hl

ihp 1Lu htatc* h.c 2003 andha
ttc* IPLtter b togk.l ( t.11sd .11

any difference to clrause
"It's rip of the Iceberg
stuff in termr of ctlmate Im-
prre t bcuus renewable en.
rrK' H uridwide is 8tIl around
lu t .5 press of crty p ro.
duc~tion, so nal making a
blse diffrrence, but that's
doebts whre itr wr thr ers
ago so It's a big Lacrease in

"I don't think it is a bubble
hlke ther iiy com, one." \ald part-
nesl Adani Wo~rkmarn. Thle sp-
petite for inveCStow)nts is thCre
but1 thie qublyi thlrc hNIld has
posw~ up' and~ rnvestors are Itrk-

whenT thecre wasi a dearth of
Other fundsr whsch havre re-
cently i~ratd mnoney meclude Ju-
I"'es Awet Malnagemebnt, whsch
r.llsed 25 nullson pounds lorr its
Green, Inlvetment Trust in July.
Isking th~e total to almost 60
truthon pound\.
in May boutique invest-
ment firm London-based
Nevastr Floance uiaI t hard
rahed $100 million for a fund
focused on climate change.

limbJe ll r of *l~ Inicanse ntst

Kmo rcund a ss cie mllessnn

pastr u miwe thapnk we an

Inu* (aen Of fbt UTer Sacle

firtaidn's 7 mt ban Irust
grluund if)() mil Hluion t
pr ounds a wr rom gven

Funds~ sa reni

_ ~VIT


.rr -a r nommr woma00 c Iasme equar ag-o m0~Y) 1 new YOr June Z1. aoR7. Couses
shouki engage in modertey Intense *xrcise for e bat e 30 minutsa fIv days a weeke a
vigorou execise at tees 20 mknlat thre days *ch week. epert recommended o


The Govemment of Guyana (GOG) has recently rCXw sad Loan Contract 1551 SF-GY
IUSS29 S rmdbon)n wIth e Inter-Arnencan Developmenn! Bani rID8;, Part of We proceed ds
this Loan will be applied to Ite AnancrS1an of he rmgc~rrnwantlhtson ofu I3 tee sucmorn
of the Fiscal are Frnanczal Mainagment( Pro~grarn *FF F4P( namely (1) tax potec nd
admln~stratson ,21 pubrz sector IMKacla mnagerr r. ard r3, foca and Iducaay

The Mlnlstry of E:r ar~rer :, eghe Gw, a~`;I; rB revnor ,;./ :) GRA) na~r ts tederslr &
the Supply and lostakato~r. 3l'b theoweng stems

Procuremet of Equipmet.

Tender Documents for the above-morntlrsl proc~uremrent can be pureHased fronm te
Accountant General Office. Mamsry~ of Flrance Main & Utruhart Streets. Georgetown
Payment can be made v ra csh or Manatger's rcheque payable to Fscal and Financial
Management Program. Tender Documents can be purchased for a no~~hn-rfuble fee
of Three Thousand Guyana Dollars (GS3.000).

Bids must be clearty marked at thle top left-hand comer of the outer envelope FFMfP "Bids
for the Supply and Installation of Equipment"
Sealed Tenders accompanied try vahid NIS and IRD Comphiance Certidicates should be
addressed to the Chairman. National Procurement and Tende~r Armsnrstration Board and
deposited in the Tender Box at the NPTA8 located at the Mlncstry of Flnance Building. 49
Main & Urquhart Streets. Georgetown

The Fiscal and Ftnanoal Manageme~rnt Progcram dfoes not bind itself to accept the towelt

Tenderers or their representatives may be present at the opening of the tenders at 09:00Hre
on Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Procurement Officer

Cooperative Republic of Guyana
Unserved Areas Electrification Programme
Ministry of Public Works & Communication,
Office of the Prime Minister
LO 1103/SF-GY
B id No: OP M-UAEP-CS4O5/2 00 7

The Govemment of Guyana Mas recorved a loan from the Inter-Amencan
Development Bankr (IDB) toward the cost of the Unserved Areas Electnfecation
Programme (UAEP). and IatendS to aPPly part of the proceeds for consulting
servoes, spoofocaly leasibsky stdwes of two potendrat hydropower sdes io Guyana.

The scervwece rncude a study of the general feasrbdsrty of the tydro-power sites at
Ctnury Rrver Region 8 and Eckpse Fats Regson 1 wrth potenhal capaaty output of
oa MW ... 4 M w -odvy The s.ud ... .. rsde ..... prio. ..... ....
para~meters. costs. potentail markets for electricity economecc ment and
environmental and socao-ecorwxnx. empact This study wrll be conducted over an
egrht (8) mont~th ~~ perrxx$ cmmnon November 2007 Four (4) speoaklsts must be
ass~agnd to the proped a Geot~loges or Gsooecturaca Engineer with at least aB8 Sc
degree and 10 years expenenace rn geologcadl Inve~stgations for hydro-power or
astrata d~ovlopent. e Htydro-poweCr E~ngener wtlh atneast a 8 Eng degree~ and ten
(10)Yil years expene) nce hydro-power design and development. a suitably qualified
Flrancza Analyst wsth at least ten (10) years expenence ro the energy market. and a
qualsted E nvernometal Spetakrst with at least eg8ht (8) years expenence In
envuonrmwntal and boodtverstty I conservation eague

A coy of the ful Terms of Refere~nce can be viewed at rrmw electnoty gov gy.

The Project implemen~tation Unrt at the Oftoe80 of ea Rkn Minister (PIU-OPM) now
tavates eChibte consultants to ndscale their interest i porovkdg See service. Interested
consultant rnust provise information aestb~shin Stat thy are quag~ed to perform
the services (brochure. dscaphon of sarratr assignment, experIce in similar
condibons. evasabehty of app9roptate skts mamog staff. etc.). Conrsdltants may
associate to enhance thIr quakifacat~onrs

A conwsultnt wM8 be selected in accordance with the procedures set out ,n the Inter-
Amencan Devetopment Bank. Bank (current editon)

Irttedreed consuaants mary obtain further Information at the address geven below
from July 30 toAugust 27. 2007. Monday to Fridays dung the hours 08:00 to
16 30 hours or by elaephonlng 592226-37594 or sending an e-madl to vaep-

OCffce of the Project Implemenltaton Unit
Office of the Prtme Minister
Wylhft L~ane

Express~oos of Interest must be delivered to the Tender Box at the Minlstry of
Finance. Main & Urquart Streets. Georgetown (northwestem building) by 9:00 am on
Tuesday August 28, 2007 and must be addressed as follow:

The Chairnian
National Procurement and Tender Administration Board
Ministry of Finance
Main & Urquart Streets
Georgetown, Guyarna

Attention: Hydropower Feasibility Study


well .(s Iwagel' its usan1I sa 111 .

-I I thisak pllhyscal inu~ctir-
Lty Li thet biggeth public
heallth problems we f'ace. I

than anything except mlaye
charr(rtt unoiking," baid
Steven B~lar of theu niverrsity
of South Caurolina, onre of the
experts whou rrafted Ithe re~-
'The 199'5 reCClmnenlrldia

collegeg of Sporn\ Medwinel~ wih ll
the 'CenIter t~H ae j Conisacl l~
and P'revenisonii had started.

for braiits adults to rugge l

inl mloderate-intensity arr-obic
I)~ia actlivity foseal t leas 30
or vigor~oua-intensitly aeroble
etxercihw f'or ut leas 20 mtinr-

errcib above th~e recomr-
ruess~ded runlimllu m asnlounts
provides evenl gre~atr hecalth

Mo~derate Inntenity aerob~ic
aIctuary canr be a bribk walk,
bylht Joggirng or other xercibe
thatl noticeably accelerates the
herart rate. V1agorous-intensity
exercise like jogg~iing caues upid
Incashing and a substantial in-

"c b r sesrilr called for
writhmninK exercihe to work
on mruhc~ulr strengthl anld er-

IV'A~tllS(t.TON (reuterr) -
Adults should enrgage in
moderately inltzen~ erclw i~
for at least 30 muinutes five

( Tg 1

days a weekr or sigurans\ e- two, Jilllead hea11) lWh rops
ercise at laust 20 miut1 1ud ewgudhns n hyt
three day~s each weekL exI)IwrtS clatay panymuna
recouuelnde~d onl itednesdus.~ Ireconulnendu~Nr rson urd anI 1995

Ilosed \Ipea~llseally Icm ~thoe 65

Tlhe guidellins from the
Amcricran Heart Aasociatioss
and the American C'olkleg of
Spo~rt Medidae reommend
wegtlb Altla rand vigorous
aerobirc xrcise while also
bcas aso rcje o bor hl
abould work **0 .

!rI rirl i;l Amen.ii 1:. ..






Name of I tem
Fax Machanc
USB Draves
UPS - 50 K' VA
1: PS I .500VA



~s~-MIvb I

E Xper ts issue ne w physical

exercise g uidehines

(I I 1 'U



Support to Low income Housing sector 81ACPIGUAl015

Applications to the GOG I EU project are invited for:

1. The position of a Community Development Officer
2.maintenance., upgrade & update of existing IT-faclities and network

Particulars to No. 1
Required is a highly motivated, efficient individual with
a. A Bachelor's Degree in Social Work I' Soaial Scesences
with emphasis on Community partrclpation / Negotlahron
and Conflict Managerrent
b. A Bachelor's Degree In Social Work / Social Suences
plus five years expenence in community based work
c. One year of Community Development Work with Donor's

Since the job requires extensive skills at a senior level, an
attractive package is available for the successful candidate

Particulars to No. 2
Required is an individual or a company with proven IT-
skills in:
a. Networking with up to 6 workstations. WLAN and
internet provis.
b. MS Windows based Office applications, Outlook. media-
c. security and utilities programmes.

Nationality Requiremenrts Guyana National or ACP country citizen
C osing date is Aug. 31, 2007. Job and Service descriptions along with the relevant
terms of reference are available from th~e following address

*d ..Fg )rsdas. Jul! 27. 2**7 nulrrrs.. Augues 2. 2oor

Itshi cas Il..L:u Ir on ?Ooo o 20, Oon 1(oo no
< ~ ~ ~ ~ I~ news that 19 00 20 0 23 5 24 25
Ikrtrsl newL 1'7 tn Ion on 202 on, 203? on
cOnis Ir, on e on7 c) ?on ( os ?on

i d West hs AbrctIwhne ao 5 atw ?0314 rAs *r,

IL Canadian IHolinr
annt Amague va mh~ /- i so aa
C. Peead lterling
nowL A rtray,- J. .0 .s7 J9167 Jcmi I-

I,. Euro
Bnkrt Astroru~ 24 IN 25# 2 2ti7 SUI 274 80
E. Selerrced Calricom Exrhangc V. L.IBOR - t.5 G. PrtnIc~ Rate
Rates Lndonr I lcrankh 2*r in

massatr -o usori onh

I)C117Ca ;r on 6
Souirce: Internra lonal Departmernt. Ranik of Guyana.

QB By electronic mail to

Page\ S1'111

Sunday Chronicle Aug~ust 5, 2007

nlabas drd no~ Lause enlphyserna
suge~sted 1t was, wrong to
Llharactecrsw ther drug a\ more

lic said Th'le relative dan-
gals ofl \Imokusyl day use 1t crl~ss

those~ asoiateK~Pd with theC uLL
alcohol ndtlobacc,
lic alro Dtressed that
making the drug Illegl~u did
nothingp to reduce any dso-
gets thtw might be associated
with it.In fa cu. hr arrgud that
its illegal statu6 ld to a lack
of qual)ty control.

(BBC', A sngle casmabi\ joint
could damage the lungs as
muuch as~ smroking up to five
tobacco cigarettes~ onr afr
anotherr, scienilts in New
Zaland~ haver said
TIhe rewrd.-h pubbs~hed In
the warnLL TIh*W:. Imand~ ican
ksbrr~udaugedthc Large~urn as
an the lungs iausing \smptoms )
suc-h ascoughtng udl whCclan
II .010 dansupged the Jtbabil
of the lungs Ito get oxygen to,
and remiove waste prodructs
from tasues
Experts ua Ithe study con-
frmsa tha the drug represcar a
ucrucu health ask
In the study rewarcshers
from the Mlcdwal Rescach in
statute of New /caland.
Wakiefacid H(ospcita and the
Wethngton Sc~head of 15caranc
and Heltrlh ScEnCleI studsed
\09 volunicrn
They tookL (tn an< of
Itharlungs~ ruxictcatedthcurlung

luswtuntH thro)Ugh tweathing lests
toh wa the\\ I~r Ilung damage
PaJirtiipants werre datedde
into~ tour group' ca~nnabas
IMrU~, sonSwtls, IIbaccOmo ~IY

thanII .s quLcItIonnureW on thest

('annabis smokecrs wre
incrluded if cthe had mokld
as Itraw our joint per day for
at leat nfie yearrs, while o-
bacco smokerrs hd to have
ymoked 28 cig(arte per day
for nor yea.
('~usnatas rmoke repored
symnptomsl such as whtccang,
issaghtng~. chess Itthiness and
rrcca\ls ptdlclm purodctn
The dlrug alw, rduced the
nulmbers of rmall. rOnE asust s
the rmt unsputc oxgesua wastc

uch an the lungs
And is damaarrd the func-
tIon of the Larte aIrways of

the lung, obbtructing ar r
flowr and forcing the lungs to
workl harderr w onltrbuing
to symptomsh such as caugh.
la, rad the development of
The r~caten of Ile. I~uge .ur
way danmage wu~ ducally~ re

smIoked the moriie 1wants
UImokcd, the noseT 4.assUr was
Howuescr. in thI study.
peopk uw l tr,ll muse ont can
Mnatu wlre rune f fram empghasma attl Mervrs and
crrpplant luni: Jasccue *htch
was ptrevousl) sho~ught is, tw
Isake to1 the due

The authorr rsn ou he
trant stupurtan finding was cslu
re poen of curannaba was rms
far to 23 to fisc intacca is,
tresse Io tmrm of (aurrn an
fIne atmtructuse

t~la hos nird the rne-s f

rrrr the wa s w ub
cbe nalls bas Isam .sms ther
own~l mu~lan more deplt4 .ad
than agouruc makuer mr

hallrmul to ther lungsh thiuss

'11~ 11 su )por.11nt to, remens

rall IrCoc~ be lCI~ moe ;uaUl sll l
betrLmr atr J1pa)il Inaked Ihl

Iwden we1(! Ire unjlrt. bne de

EU / Project Coordinator
Low Income Housing Programme
41 Brickdam & United Nations Place
Stabroek, Georgetown



worse than tobacco

'" T' r, * 2 E~l ifl

]r Ql@ggmrlt CLASS FIELDS

la aggi dilOillBI IBI "

ar Cn~lLL Onldile m~pdandedu

Under M gtserr s vokycro

r~~NI. ~ ~ ~ 1

_ __ ___:_~____ II~^ I_

'. 08:00to18:00 hI
Siiwlh t. & Bricdadrm

It Odto 17*00

40:00~ to 46:00 h


~I1~C d~t _aL~~It h185 f ~mle ~WOito f With
J.fUttir :ter FOrting, fill.
edilk a netWoox( 1,,its or tM8 /tos
felluctlifl pl ografffie.

TH rmrvgg nr~rr domt l~w
Cdblng~c. to8

Sunday Chronicle August 5, 2007

Pag XJ

thC ,le spinl IhopuL1. 1on1 IChI los

tI It,~ unl, the I~IIII ( lh uned Staes a

blat uJ II e Irut at the and

wInult ~ingi~ andtnlus .s one J
rls tonuml t In uplnuet ahe

lawual heun rite ht uraminth
rru I ng~le w u there
tur he restemsuan Ir t the ir
i~nmy reat they un~nad phet
Jtishetrmacln .andlc s w nI tu
blood t helll I 0 unhappy abou

ne ame the ranwas p~epIc them
taugh It too ua~ndurf an theo

li ndhs ie have ha rad *to
rhes saral ames, caahe there
hate benfu an fromte dr sol-
cam so 1 hea under tds the
Jeepr trusnrso there I rect)

M1pruanypcpc o awra

therank thtteautthmuesa to orr
sctto ) ater essa the data
that the scacut crse to, them

wuriay f adhrhey mearson
uany feza there ai~ on s

platic. hasten adeaag oflrnc
do isy mot then UK hre
qun o on uco he
mate contr co duit /tol.r

Mo nitacrt( that hntam can

Bet frto pthe nd the (h~

Sbas rtnert f 3 d a #
give thm a figh tlahaece.
It will cost abouc t $00

Debra Barncer Jner. rwho
has jast finsshed her tear of
a r o anr. tr~ ce or

from prateYI C~ sector atment
Befima cannot fund at ,n fu~ll
"Not even the chief manlner c x-
pectsthat," rhe raid
More dlmruptonn
The whoic thing was
twought home to me asr I pre
pared to icave.
Normal service had been
disnruped and a smaller plane
with only seven seats, had been
dLeIpatced to do the )ob
The ptkat took one IrxdL at
my equipmaco ase and ordered
It off the plaac. I asked him
"Every killo coun; he
oald. "We have a shortr distance
tor get this up and if we don t
"We go into the w~~I' I
askad him softly. "lo." he said
"4we slam mnto another hill -
*I saw the look on the
ether passeaters' face* and
shut p for duration (s
hallf-her hop to Antigua.

Hl Orist Gordost
HHBC News, 11ustowrrnt

T"I't~.I.YI' YtWN
tigc,, aIfter Ivinl
dor tunnt for
Tcelturirs, the
volcano onr the island~ of
Molntserrat erupt~d.
'IWO vOrEs liter, tHO*
thirds of the island waLS
devasfitated bY ai further
eru (100. NOW, Orer half
of the population has
left and those who
remain still have much
work to do to restore
their country.
At the small propeller alr-
crftI JcsecadcJ loward\
Mtontactral\ s arrnp. Jamalnc.
Jltungt next to me. l, clw her
eyes tlghdy) an .ppeared to, bc
saymlg a ,alent prayer
The planc Irouhch down.
none I10 gently,;m an mmeds
arch\ the pdot rtanrte breaking
because the rmuna) even fur
anI arcraf that seat\ 19 pcopic
u a ex that toS
A few dams laser I was btoo
,og down on the astport from
one of Mlonsectrrat hipbed

ment. chset mrniater Lowell

boulder-strewa rod to the top
of the hall From that a pefct
viw of the northbt hao al~ full
appcrecsoo of the me of the
takr rebunddsa th cun*Y
There as o Measurr an
airp sthst wond srve th
problem as that it Ists aban
done ner the vicano a the
evaucud zone a the souL

barboar la the old capitsI
Ptylmouh also Be eerte arc

the royl ader of Apa-
wtichy had been da lietnmr with
the pachby Iasr A of A i
...":5 had s atu r cn srir

hill. te sop of which has ben
flattened. But its size restncts
the number of tourists, good'
and marstrial that can be bru t
into Mol~ntaa.
The only way to Icngthen
he airstrip wroud be to budld an
elevasd reaway across a valley
That would Pls lot of rmone
As would carving out a proper
harboulr in the safe zone

Beforer the eruption,
Montserrat had been dolnn fine
financially, the majority of '"
incomecondagfrom tourism
At that time most islander'
lived in the souda, which had
traemedous trieves of one of the
Caribbean's natural wonders-
the Soufnere Hills volcano. But
those majestic views came at a
price. The steepness of it be-
came cle aroce the sleeping gi-
arrt awroke.


- No. 68 Village to Mcieson Crek



DEM~t~lt L..vacytownu o

b A1IVlason ann



- Zoeburg to Lookout Parike
- New Maven. Belvoir Court the Bel air ards
- Black Bush Polder .

08:00 to 16:00 h j
08:00 to 16:00 h

0000t81:00 hi

^k to 18:00 h


nI ter T11ptior ts
f 0r network maintenance


Wit's &l~rr~e ARE GOAWG;

the Qrac e your atete '

glrn a *

NE* *

Cooperative Repubitc of Guyana

1. The Mlnlssty of Education invites sealted bids from eligible PnNquakrfted
tudders for the execution of the foouaring Works:

1. Rehabdrtatenl of St. Mary's High School

2 Rehabihtlaton Works at Unrversity of Guyanal

3. Plumblng Works at Tutorral agrh School

4. Rehabdiltatson Works at 21 Bocdadm. Msnestry of Educataonr

5 Paetntg and Concrete Works at St Bamaba Specsal Schoo

6 Construction of Fire Escape Stairs to Domrmiory at Cynl Potter
Conege of Education
7 Reh~atxotfaten of St Rose's Bhsd Inststut

8 Rehatlrantabo of St Rose's Hsg~h Schood

9 ELectnca*l Works at Guyana Industrta Trainang Centre

2. Bidding wdi0 be conducted through the Nat~ona Competitive Bederaq (NCR)
procedures. speer~rfie Io the Plrocurerment Act 2003 and Recqutatsons.
2004 and reopen toonby Pre-q~uakfmrd Contrat r

3. interested chquote9 Prre-rualified tadders may obtain furitfm rnfomat~on
from Mr. T. Persaud, Ministry of Education, 21 Bricktdam An
rnspectson of :tF Biddlng Documents can be conducted atI :~the lyvr!
address between the hours of 8:30 to4:00 h on wsw~k datys

4 Al beds must be ?accompanied by Vald NIS and GRA (IRD) Compliance

5. The Tender document may bet purchased from the? Mlnmstry of1 Edutcanlon
21 Brradam for a non-refundable fee! ro five thouuand dollars 55.000
each. e method~ of payment acce~ptedr wI ben c~r. o

"Tender for (name of project) MOE. "~neerrors wh we~r;lc :,rplyingl for

i r. Tuesday 14" August, 2007. AII bids will be opened in the presence
of those contractors or their representatives who1 choose to attend.

8.The address referred to above is:
National Board of Procurement & Tender Administration
Ministry of Finance Compound
Main & Urquhart Stroots

9 Thes Fmployer reserves thr, ngh~t to, ac~rcept or rr?!nrt any o~r all thle Trendo r
wlthoute signing any reason

P. Kandhi
Permanent Secretary

An ant )na ftt photo. The movementA of at could hep sohn traff jarns and cmrod


B3URSARP A WARD 2007/2008

The Guyana Rice Development Board is once again
awarding Bursaries to the children of employees, rice
farmers and rice millers who have been successful at the
recent National Grade Six Assessment Examination 2007-

Each Bursary Award will be for five years and will depend on
successful completion of each consecutive year.

TO b9 Oligible, students must have received a minimum
of 530 marks.

Interested persons can contact the Administrative Manager.
the Regional Rice Extension Officers of the Guyana Rice
Development Board or the District Rice Extension Officers
in their respective Regions for further information and
application forms on or before August 1 0, 2007.

Application received after this date will not be

Page XX

Sunday Chronicle August 5, 2007

mo~lved in an orderly fashion,
anid neiver areemed to pan c.

flreewayh DO thatl ants bearngl
loads are in the middle ofI the
freeway all going one direction,
anrd I~th ants that are: unladen are:
onr bothl Sidesb If` the tuddle row.
"In hurman crowds Lthere
is La ndency to follow the in-
dividual in fr~ont of you anrd
ihiat crates lots of (hnak

Life!) Thc movemmen of ants
could hep solve tnrathe jams
anrd c~rowd congestion, Aru-
trralran rdentists say, ad the

finrdings could be used to fe-
ture town plasudognl sytemr.
Ausltrnhan Associate Press
regatecd onr thursday that P'ro
Ieslu Grahmu l('urne and asso

ciale professor Martin Burd,
fromn Melbou#res Monash

the teamrast of ant wras fa
superior to the individual ap

preac'h of' hunwasI..
"AntS do tend to, workh 1Io a
comm~unal way wsthl the wides
good associated wiith whlat
they're trying to do anid that i
tends to, maki ,omer car about
ho~w thecy ulrixnchl prolemlls."

years ago where they had tlo ban I
I(oIe Ansl haive Ix-n dealing
vlllh congsclltson for uitlls~nh of

Insects give science clues

to anti-soaial problem

--~- ----

ARIES -- Just because you don't shalre all of` somesmer's values doesn't mean that
you and this new person in your life use manlpleterly incomplyatible. So if you've been
thinking about getting closer to theml don't let their surprising positions on c~onto-
vmerl mattlers: stop you. Once you dig deepecr mant what they're saying -- and really
b ~listenl to why they feel the way they feel, you'll begin to, see tha~t being a complicated
person means that sometimes you say things people don't agree with.

TAURUS -- You're fedngl good -- and eager to push yourself' a little bit harder --
but be Lqureful. Your ambanon could sart outpacing your capabilities, and if you push
you~sell' 100, hard, you mlay get a nasty surprise. Hold back on big gestures or risky
mloves xIwny. espec'alajy when at comes to your fmnances. Watch your spending, and
rcluslenge yourself to tighten your budget. T'imel spent reducing your material desires
wsill p~rove in~ be very prfushalle Iro th end

GEMIINI -- 'lxliy you won't be content to just live life on the surface -- you will
need IIo understand the world rarnd yo~u Io a deeper way than ever before. Search
for the reasons that peopic do thmas the way that thy do therm, and you will com-
prehend naste abous your own hfe. Possible modvatios are money. idle chatter, o-
manti washes, and boradom -- whsch motivates you the most? Make sure you're
doing wlhaI you're dolg ngbt now fo r henght rwason.

CANCER When was rth last time you hosed a dinner pkty? The stars say
a that it might be time for you so artasm the host role hat you perform so very well.
You do ot aed so escs to sOCiakze with your favonseC people -- and you certainly
don's need a cabery degrac! To keep the party sample -- cad therefore incatase your
c~hanmcs of actally bdol ir -- sksp th fancy stuff and go for a mor casul approach.
The butltom line is thi y ou ad to hang out wsth some good people and Good food!

~1,8 Somewthue Balog the In. you may have co~nfused being aubbom with
sang nagh Taday Ibe ear ar wasag you to reconsdc your firmly held ssance on
romethtag. because you ar aos o the nghs side of the assue. When you stick to your
guns even thoulth sil evadcae ays the you should thank things through agrain you
make peopic thmnk that yestlre suplecaoaded and thas as defuastly ool the case. You
have thecora tOIOC Ir Ielasma your beliefs. so Use at

VIRGO) No mrnae rtan th weathr nmsht he hikc outuade today. you may fled
yourslf foedag hrouded by chamh Your tuncranms o blue feelings aren't aything
to be wantd about. though Thes a a normal phase of darkness that will pass as
exan yas yuapress you adc a o sommr who shares your goals. This is a good
day to have a long headsb walk a good (seed. casch up wsthi a particularly insightful
rduv. a wae a ws&oa c vl yor swean.

LIBRA Don's shak tr wce snc you re daffrd an mnvtwalso to join a group of
peopic you don1 nomally socalsa wsth ~Thre re no haddn agendas to worry atmut.
th tuh to, is ampi someoor stanks you would he a good addstson to the group, and
you Babld be flaucrd' Whether yo u ccept sher hospltallty or not this is a sana-
tson you should uava Thss oand of Fesure of inclurctonI *, ometfung you should
appar cal And keep the so mrd th acl tame you'rr puttlng a guess list together)

SCORPIO Your abstay to talk t utd Baboutanyn w sil Iwr challenged today.
but you will me Ito th auoasa bnfrabdy! Wheno you r'e Swith an shrasave pcsson. keep your data sp and just keep smshlng. Your sense of
humrt wall help you sactt perso as as estllating chranctr, and it wiHl cable
you so isnag ot th best of yourr chrarmi p umenahy. Before too long you shold
have sofLcard them up canugh to scar a nla atoe th sabot them

SAGITTAR IUS You magst he abskd to sove a few things aroun today in
ordct to obhigc people who have nmo initucea in the world than you do. Oblige
themo wsth a sale and a nod. and you will be handsomely rewarded for your gra-
ciousnes and flexshility. Do st wsth a asgh and a scowt. and youlr bad anitude will be
rr~nememed for longe than you might expect The honoma isoc lh that when you go
the exttra mile fa or pkeo today. Ihey willl nortice and show thest gratitude

CAPRICORN You've fecently made some amazmg headway toward sepaiting
a majo problem in your lide. but you're not quite out of the woods yet. Be careul
not to light the candles, o your ccichratory cakecc~~~~cccc~~~~ too soon -- if you do, you will
defintldy get bumed. Finish up the ret of whatever you've been working on, because
it's a n ltegral part of the Igger picture. You've let a few things slide durin this
aSperiod of singular focus, and now you've got to maned to them.

AQ)UARIUS There will be a lot of fun activities going on rarnd you today. as
if youteo feeling bord at any pint in the day, that's your own fault! You can't wait
for an egraved invitation to arrive before you join in the fun -- you have to get in-
volved on your own! This sudden shynesr isn't like yon, and it won't help you make
the coaaeollos you've been trying to make. either! At the very least, you need to
hang out whoar th action is and wait for your opening. It will come!

PISCBS Common language will sound like poety for you today, because the
unives is sooding you a extra large dose of aesthsec enegy. What others hear as
typical newscas, televised chater or just noisy mall talk, yo hear as beautiful
word and weoalleftl sonods. Vrbal communications is capelvaing for you today, so
It's an anagebva dy for eavesdropping. Go out l bat h weldd find a cozy seat
(somewhige and open up youtr cars. You definitely wont be bord.

Sunday Chanilcl August 5, 2007

H~ello R d

hiswee's column seeks~ to enligaten
you on the topic "public " 'Ys
participartion" and its role to r*
Envirreementl procelss. Ls I~
Froma an couuoamenatal perspectsyc. one may
commonis assocsate te phrase "pubbc: panrtcapelsn" aslth ~
soklyb saternarlsol actons Mlan authors have aglree that r F 9:
public partacpuwa a paramoual ra a democrats usocsy i
It moves beyond ta~dessonal methods of public
consultaeans creasan apposrtmsacs for the qope xchange of ( 14 i nl ft
adcas. turanpuarcy, mulual Iarmata, lad informed and
"'raur cAnuan-mJakan procsset
The pubbc's mureascrosanars to be the pmb factor lo cowcomessal decrcaus mak~ag
For exmple, so the Czech Repubbc. the pubts partcapecd so the I wronaumeasl Impawt
Assesmea of the proposal to savess he tkkag a reasonanl part ,fo the maddic of the South.
Boherman Woodlands
Thc pamrtcpant sectudd repreartraane frm the baca Iourammas. *2 tacal NGI and
rdacde rmc mannm Abou codnldr of the NfWk ucr local carrrm entaCl NOC). another
rthrd were loal sonarl-nant and the fsadt tshd urar Nlnasnl Comnsmrrtad N(00,
Eac petr disedewa s scaMne by betweeno sac~d 79 member of the pe~ic,
The ~ ~~ peI' omet o the pararl pobik partkipatbon exelrde csem the El
de=-=**M=a to be revisd twiet due to defkieniesla t the meorsses a prebaoLdr
erarrs TherY w elsEI procs lastd mean th~an 3 years d evrm 30 ae of pei
comme ea the proPedt were subasised.
At the Bviaraeearl Prrxetus Agrra Guyanr. the livernatmcata Permmsuag Pcrocss
rrhes sagamcdraml n pMush guruc'P~Urn ~L7Y'P~ewn o the type of pea~CSI an I wronmsal a
Impoa lcsn (EAI rrs may Apiarp- enstr~nmnrtal pcratsl sabout rtr yat pphriore sad addtioaul respassd
informatiag Is decided daas an EIA u Nf 1 reqrcdur. lhe gPA pubkshes a obtic of he
decisson The p6he1 to allod 30 days to appeal agaslns dhe decaon.
It antSA as requard. the EPA puhbdae and makmes av astblecpe of the project sumraoy;
the poubc has\ 28 dys to makre wmnrance ub~aumo on spnse o conerm they wish to bc
considered m the EJA.
Dering the 28 days the EtPA ad EIAr *-== ckanrryt sce Kph ag ardle an
, bdelop taerm o referease t~ake tute, aceeme both writie uba tels hel tp ahac
and -aa raIsd at any petae --Man- I there re as ataesesL as eY twel*
I the EIA stad y w be m as anc d cepte sub ittd to the EPA AL hIs pets the
pube Is give rCamhe 40 days C f ~ = of Imms ra ca rasr to tbe EPA's

The public's respaome wiBl n only impact on whether o not des WA shoLd be galprrove.
but if the EI is acceped the pubtsc's roesons also Inmpact on 16 tr as si rd r& of
the prrmit to be garaed.
PalhaE particpatis Is sa the care of thseEPA's aaobtd* peCOa I tpsL stag
of the complalts process regedres tha membersb of thsI~e p ah d 1eh ~--0*** vi
telephone, e-maA fa, correspedesc; publc spirited members ry It PA or reorrt
to environmental edlcer(s) to the feld wh o wad thes forad th ***.n to the
EPA. Afte yes wdd havesed ther Itpa I~t s thm p6 reo rde, avgggledJmitigd

When te public files a comply an or ak submissions on concers a or les, thir prvent
envlronmntatl problems from escalting. IThds Is because the IEPA would quickly act orn thi
information and taker measures to get podosrs to mitigate against pounton.
So, wherever you are take responsibility ad get involved ini ~Lrdecisionmin about die
Make it year imaiestoa se i com maents about the Impact st dlo pmentota pridd .
onl your ---al ly ad a mk a cooapbslto about teproper enreassmIa practices
by operaIess Ia year ~legh t whehr or not they have been authedg by the EPA. 1
(Yeca n oals share year ideas sd q~uetions by sending year letters to: "Our
Envareemeal", Che Ell' INT~a Ere~amn alU Protctice Ageey, IAST Barliding
Turkeyes, UG ru- -CMm.FgTIil GEORGETOWN. Or email arsat
.s .-r..a IId was -q ggggag' at ets.)

go mmmm emme m m emam ay & eqhasag ag amammm eemm m


I'.ee 1111

AII Happy families resemble
aOn another, but each

Unhappy family iskunhappy
IR'it OWn Way.
LEO TOLSTQY (182 -1910) Anna
Korenlna.(1875-7). pti., ch, 1. Tr. Maude

plaly wllndow~ Iro thle front of te store and enlds with the

Obs~ICo c the words thatl Cenrllc uses to help his
readersb locate1 objects in thi sccac.
ThICer are several li of order that you can use
in your writing: spatial did, chronologicall order, order
of importance, caurbe and effect, compare and contrast
Note that it is natural to, affect spatial order either from
a left to, right. front to back, near to far, ckw~kwihe, or
cou~ntalckwkwisei presentation of details.

gagage, to *Rpaba Phrases"
1. I voted against the idea. 2. The elevator is
necessary for usr. 3. The poet, Nikkti Giovanni, was
born in 1943. 4. Take the serving of salad on the
right. 5. Which of these elevators is working. 6.
After (th meettag you should take this report to the
sixth Gmet 7. Promps decisions are helpful to us. 8.
We sometimes work late at night. 9. The garage is
behlad the hous. 10. The engine purrd after the
agustmeat. I I. It stans with ease.

Reminder: A prepositional phrase is a group of
words that begins with a prepo~sition and usually ends
with a noun or a pronoun. called the object of the prepo-

Prepnshimal Phrases (Continued)
a), Somethingg to note: You may find adjectives and
other nxtwrifier appearing between the prepositiotn and
ris obycoct. Note also that a preposition may have mxwe
than one object

This boat goes to the f~Lartet, small islands. lad-
jcctives added)
The father Fcoes to his workplace sIl the super-
market. [tw, obhjects)

b) A prepositional phrase can act as an odalgcive
or an advert in a sentence.

Used as an adjective, a prepositional phrase modi-
fies a noun or a pronoun.
Used as an adverb, it modifies a verb, an adjective,
or an advst~.


Enter the studio on the right. [adjective phrase
modifying the noun studio]
Which of these photo studios is the most popu-
lar? (adjective phrase modifying the pronon which]
After the meal you should take your things to the
side counter. [Adverb phrases modifying the verb
phrase should take]
The pictures are useful to the visiting group. [ad-
verb phrase modifying the adjective useful]
Team members sometimes eat late at night. [ad-
verb phrase modifying the adverb latel

Uuda Chronicle-- / pr, 20

T'he Pa~ssage
Thelrer is aniother pi~cer of goa~l w tingri Stchosen 101

We hope thlt w~ith greater personal effo;rt, you just
might be able to produce mclre unrolir~ ved piecest from t
now onward. Do try to get things right!

Today's selection is taken from Sweet Promrised
Land by Robert Larxalt (1959: 62-3). You can let the
questions below it guide you into a better ubdndeirstn-
ing of the text. Then together with study partners dis-
cuss the aspects that give Sweet Promised Land the
mark of excellence.

About the novel: Sweet Promised Land by Rob-
en Laxalt is a biography of Laxalt's fabthr, a Basqlue
shepherd, who went to America when he was sixteen.
As Laxalt puts it, "My father was a sheepherder, and
his home was the hills. So it began when he was a
boy in the missed PyreneeS of Nevada." LAook at the
description of Laxalt's father as the age of 63. He was
in an exclusive New York res~tmauran,ahis way back
to his homeland for the first time since be came to

We made it thro~ugh the soup and salad w~ith-
out inc-ident. It began w'hen ther (Water case to
take away our salad plates and put on others for
the main course. He collected John's and mine.
and then reached for my fathe/s. But he could
not hift it. ecaus my father Icas hodingf it to the
tarble wsth both hands.
*I'm sorry.' said the waitrrr 'I thought you
w~ere finished '
'fm finished.' said m farthr .
'O~h.' said the wastrr. alnd agamlr re~c-hed fr r
the salad plater. M fartrher held on t
1n' fay I take usultr ue te aer

men~,t. 'But, I hasr r to putl another phulre trerr. ssr
,f> Jatrher chook h hhed 'Ittral rgh.'

The wastrcr b~lrrnkd rndl then smiled weakl>
'Oh. it's no, bhe~lrr at all.' he said. and cagaan
preached fo~r the plac.
This time. no~ farher putr his hands ovecr the
plate to pmrotect rt The wassel~r stopped short and
stlraighl~tened up Her Irlooked at us in sometrhrng
akin to fren..y. and Jo Ihn gesuredrr with his head.
The waciter rerrtreatd to the. back of the4 roomt and
stood there watlchingl us fromn long d~istnce. le
was~ pale and still had a plate in his hands.
'Pop.' said John. 'Why donn't you giv~e him
your plate7'
My farher shruggeRd.. 'It~s clean enoug~h." he
This time John blinked. '1 don't undersrtand
what you mean.
"They s9ho~uln't waste a plate.' said my father
"This one's fine."
John regarded my father for a lonR moment.
"Its really no bother," he said. "They've got a
washer back there that does all th4 work."
'Well, they miRht run short." my father said.
"fm telling you. Pop.' said John. 'There's no
dalnger." He took a deep drag of his cigarette
and leaned forward agarin. "Pop," he said,
"You're going to get that waiter in trouble."
"What?" said my father concernedly?
"It'sr this way," sFaid John. "They're supposed
to put a new plate on for each course. That's

the wayr thre marnagementl wanrrts it. If' the waritrc
doesn't do it and one of the managerrs sees rimr,
he gets fired on the sotr."
'I never heard orf suchr a thing," my fathr lr
'It's true," saidd Johnr. "That wailer's pnrobbly
wo~rried plenty by now."
"Well hell," said my father. "Tell him to take
it then.

Respo~nd to the following questions for a better un-
denrtanding of the text.
1. Why do you think the present tense was used in
the following sentence? "They're s~upooed to put a1 new
plate on for each coure. That's the way the manage-
meatr wants it"
2. Exlpkwre the language of the waiver rad give two
observations about it Lakt as his cotusncat:
"Pm sorry. I thought you were fanished."
"May I tae your plage. si'*
'But I have to put another plate there. sir.
"Ok. it's no bother as all."
3. Why do you think the waiver oebd "sir" ad 1may
1'? Give about two reasons for tahe ue.
4. Give the tooc of voice the waiter used as he
spoke to the writer's father.
5. Was the bmroth making up the story about mart-
agement and new plates? Give reasons for your an-
6. In coactc. why do you think the father refused
to let the waiter take has plate? Whas did the father
actually say?
7 Ha3s any staular inrcednt ever h~ppened tor yo~u?
Tell yolur study partner aflust t.
n. G~et intor your study group and then wntc and com'
ment on what each of ,cm thanks about the father. the
uam, and the waiter. cac-h in has tum
9) What is ymnu untlerstalndang o~f that asped of the
cu~ltfre fromt w~hsch the urtrns~ fadwrr canw7?

The Writitng Proces"
Spatial (hdrk ((cotinswd)
Remainder: Writers are hk~e arrits TChey piccer t,-
gether adcas to crease meatngn. Yo~u do the same when
you produce writing. You sanneoct prnecs of unmall anarp-
shots to, give your collage a1 meaning; you arrange and
linkr your details to pelnrrs ar maan idca.

Let us lookt as what a rtudlent. Mark Center, got dac e
when he explored a department morer one buhy day. a:xt
then later prceedcd to describe the htore1 in spatial orr-
der, arranging the details according to their closeness
to each other.

In the store's display window. two mannequins
pose stiffly. showing off the season's newest styles.
Inside. next to the window. an extravagant tropical
tree reaches to the ceiling, its limbs spreading over
racksa of pastel plaid shorts and matching shirts. Be-
hind the service counter, a salesman rings up a pur-
chase for a distressed mother looking around for her
child. The littl girl is peering into a glass case filled
with glittering Jewellery. A few steps beyond, a thin,
glamorous model tries to shower passing customers
with Channel No. 5. A frantic father drags his two
small boys onto an escalator, while they fuss and cry-
The store's, rare entrance is jammed with exhausted
shoppers leaving and enthusiastic shoppers entering.
(Mark Center Davis High School Mont., Ala-

Note how Center begins his writing with the dis-


11 3" and 4"- ~


The Ilrammesona I TrUst

House Msbo~m~uoomimliness:-

-0~~ CH ~tA MPI O IN

Cookery Corner

,SdZ wlckome to tre tes edtso of
p., ~"Champton Cookry Corer, a
1 / Weekly feature giving ncprW~gt an
t~- tips on cooking la GuyanP.

Lemon Coconut Bar-s

* * *

n..l. _1~~._~.~. ~...,.._ ~~

Sunday Chronicle August 5, 2007


my s~_reducirg gseletd azp
*ye 2 4 nd 2" "
Tees l ", 1/4", 3" and 4"
Tee double sanitary 1%' to 4"

Anuml~da has no problems with
his hobhby and is fully huppe~ni

Ilit 5i-yearl-old soln hocwever
Is nocw at the curiotusily sluge
and thils htar \onic imlplications
lirr hab c~olleCtijon and how it is
m~oulnlte anld ,tored .
l'"Tese Ewords atre repilf-
canr but hitl is ther only differ-
ence betweenr thiem and the
originulb. T'hey are real
bwordo anrd ntot PpJlayt~hng,"
lroc~k Ltressetd,

to dispaseC of )tomel of' I~hi Cco-
lectron by w~ay of sale to, "bcri-
oluh L4.o Clcbr" )eC(auseof these ~
bamelC reSoYn'r
'"lhe bwodh alre no( play-
An ad\cnrismanent is cUr-
rently running in the G;uy)nJs
('hronscic Newhpapers which
5iays Itatl the entlire collection of
Itasue swords, anagllue Trpli as
and Ilus~null ntassantd kan sbis
for sale
if its dipoa does1't go
full as fully ra planned he
will remun the weapons as
dec uorain wlthin a protec-
thec lass case and kerp
them" her sad.

Brock also confessed an-
othrer passion in his life which,
he hlas converted into a bust-
ness: that of assembling objects
roml Htobby Kits.
"Tfhe kits comprise
model of objects such as
aircraft, boats, motorU-
cycles, war tanks, etc., in
boxes containing: numner-
ous pieces which have to twr
put together by the owner.
Modtels rang~e fro~m luxury
car4, sarilmy~ shipb, liarley
D~avidsonr mlolorcycleb, belrcop-
terl, mtfil~itay aircraff and others.
Brock said that fitting up
the unk~di, canl be a very edlu-
cational anld usetul exerasre f or

tor skills. 11 Iaches thei Ito
concetntrate. Inl be patient to
be discipltrned rn starting a
project and <.mnrpleting it," he
it can also help parent/
child bonditag because either
of the parents can work for
hours along: with the child inl
KrttlnK the model togetlher. in
cornplet-ing w~hat can be a very2
exciting project Ingrlher."" he

Thisweek wepasure deliciur rl o or k nnyaoP/merrese r r,/rtr atforthdided winghSur urm

S;OME of Ithe exhibt In the Martin Brock colleto of swords.

Fro pg '(I'

~~~4 d

Bnroc, a b~uinessmas*

els overses min~lyt is the
United States sd ser La

A afthe rrlcm have
distnbuted sa ab shp so I
die Unsted Staks ofAerc.
tn VM caea fo pa'
son wh ha co~rllecro of

want to begs a collctsn he
~mThiss my ths. he uy'
potratiag to the collect son
mounted on the wall of h**

"Ther Ls notihing a car J
bcre C)rher puys go out an
drsak an pary. I cakes thr
asiqe ad elae fa y
pancagec I had wa6 rdsasuu
sq, Whe I loo as my- calkc.
tioo I ram amte as ho t

ra la ths same N aam ~

lad ase corg and pit ."
he ad is so samtervw that

Ison as dsagros wepns.

ties as a mla mone sa
asi a mao acivmn la Ms
life as far as (saas fatll-

of tuu andu the sany of hu
mas culture wh he km~ a
inr cukcso an new ce
to VC mave aP kthebeutr ad
cltrasmanshsp of the sascl
Romns the(( Botash th Ch..
new. the Jaas ras depksd
rn the rephc~al of thnep

ALr lo okrrpra attecart~
ceae him to rerlial and

an Ud how fa kladha

rsad arrows le prns day
wepns of wr.
Hc san "Toe daysmay
be de and~ goor bu w I
loo as my clk~ctu~ac.te eo

has a son say thatl hni Wsfe

Apaton- 5ale I

Adpl -~tac

1 4" andl.i~ 3"
-11/4" and 2

Elbows 45 1 ", ", 1/4~ 3" and 4"

PUgS- Clean 011( 10~ 6"

( uIt mn burttr with a pasruy blender, until
mat~ture resemlbles coarse meal. Press
mutus-c into an ungreasedl I3x~x2-inch pan to
makc~ at crus. BaLke at 350a for I5 mninutes.

Spfrankic ccncut ovecr the hakedl lawyer: set
,cscle ( combined condoncrd mlilk and
crema~,, nln lemon aind D~ritric evenly ovecr

5Pulnkle wa:lnuts or pecans over thle top.
Pressmg dow~n lightly. Bake at 350" for 20)
mInutesI C ( ool onUt a rack and cut intlo squares
to sen e~
MakeI~s ;Ibout1. 1tozen.

I'd Cu all-purposne flour
I13 cup ChaPrlann Icing Sugar
I tarbicspoon finecly Wmratd lemon
pecci, dividedc
3/4cu~p butter rr,toomt temperature
2Vr 6ups flakedl cclonlut
I can( (14 otunces) sweetened condensul
I cup chopped'"' walnurts or pecans

In a mixingl~ IhowI.0lcmbine flour. Chrmpion
IcingR SuRar and I tceapoon of the lemon

2/3 cup melted~ butter or ma~rga~rinr
2 1/4 cups light brown sugar. firmly packed
i large eggs
2 22 tsp Champion Baking Powder
2 3/4 cups sifted flour
'.3 teaspoon salt
I cup chopped pecans
I cup semiuwcct chocolate chips
I teaspox~m valnilla extract

Mix mncited butrtr atndl brwn sugar
together Beat egg~s in. one as~ a ismc

Add softed dry ingredients, chorpped nuts
and chocolate chips and vtnsilo.

Sprred in a greased jelly roll panr. I5 xi I
xi inch.

linke at 150i for 20 to 25 nunlutes.

Cut into bur rs hlil wacrm.

IYri~;rrX,~.;Mu~ll~Ill~)ii~ I _LT ~IYL~ ~L 11

ml.--..~r*~. ~~;~IL~FI


&k Sto& I ,85. ..

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LO~S ANG;EI*)S (Holloo Reporter, "American Idol" str
rad mreaky TV pnromrt Simon Cowel~l is venturing into fer-
to resb wih musictheaed projct tenrtatvely titled "Str
Inpie by Alan Parker's
1980 film ~Fame." "Star
Struck" is set behind the
scenes o a TV sign co-
petattoo in Ibe v o id l "1 '
ead th Cowell-proue Uns.
rsh sho '"1-1actor" anl lul-
lowr 10 coatestnt d trans
makle at to the top.
the eyes\ of thos 10 comes-
tants."' sad (.owell, h a dt l ul
produce "Sturck." "He want .
It to b the musaca verrm of

a feel-goo film."
A ungzag reahry show as
a perfcrt scuing to ank the
story lo the film~ r~elaai.
Cowll saa El
"'Fame" was aO abu young pepi watng be famus an I
in order o do tht they caoc asr a dranssh" Cod sed
Ibe daffrerec 25I years tak as cthasac y r wo w~nts kto be

laxe rady rlge up for '~Ameia ide."'
Fo authrotidly, the lead la the fi -- pllayin parti
panrts n a TV idale camett will be cas throu as.
tilcwideopa call auditonsm siml
far to thoew usd on the treaIty
shows. Cowrri, whbo hoe to borld
the cal karty anxt year to, seve
or cak ctesticeessastingus
knowa for Ib ld is &
~~s -'To copy ~die Rat you've gol tou
watLh the actr and beheve tha they
.r t- c onte tnt ona r aliy show." he

JU6t as be does as a ludge on
1400 assi '~"X 1-actu." Cowell wll b
.~ur~r as the a~udrltsons for the masse. And
luri Iikc a rtniang reality show,
'Struk" u-il opr wsth cisp\ frrm the

p uroddg the sume nrelty rr-
rie "Amecrica's Got Talent" for
NBC' an "Asera larwato" for
AC. ha hadr th file for th ma k for to to thrre year
Aftrx mretingr a aube of wrier ra on. he pkked Brts
TV acib Joalum Harwr. whor fPo~oe ie ar~oud for th
past two yeast

'-udi -"' )r***'-" -- -- -- I*** *****~ r a
archsimed by Newsweek "as a tripplaP secma of th
stormy? rristionselhip ~t*tun our: o thewrd' g~~EreLate

Hawd on the beography~bbb~~bl~31 Hata A Oflr ' by the iu)erati
cchlar (TadlI Dt. Ganrxth My father shrt In thrnd
Jo I aldh "dards hth on the hua srk orf the Mahatma.
Ythfw rc n adent resalrv to Heatash ruilr helpedl win ladsa
119t: unkr~irt.KPc I 1(0-7.~ twiceP the Annuan rnapuanac to sts

I'lr ct I lame hi durt fwrrave Aba Kh Pand Rollvwnad
sar umrnd prouc Anall Kapow hind ruwaping set an
cakaW~rtflcsume i re an enwoolyrally characld pened plrce

groum rmantst o come y. t '(tor so ai, st shu a cas of pnnespi hawes fater
ara umon~~ on lnewwc catanr kha wh fIrst ac the
whrc Io hut plu s~ "Maatm Cn Garhe Halual cade hr
Gaulhr otrlnct)- hke a cur zrraua has nreck
It wa<. rnmrthing that he just roukn't shkeof"
hetrr~ ;I .uns I~ In Jruwala Ft'C' a Ireftrehmg pasayal
ct( ; rran :rbursc CTau aron nr mold tra~nrfom a nadoaye r
fadedt Ir ;ac hlr ow am. the mapta~rnc asks, Shefab Shh
('Flronuxn wakilng'l u. wh plan (;a~irth wife. Kastrbad
Bhumak (hawla as. Itaral' walfr. (iulah. pve yxweth per*
funnsacca as wome n cagh s the arou firre Tusl~lheradh
the 47-year old grandsonlI ..I 11ul.lllJ (;andlhl. the secnd of

'7Irlicflm rermam rlincre Ii the suihret." he sayr. admit
trye at rrude him rhed a few terrs ""It ir as through anlmebly
has undrwktood* the pain of wh~lat or fmdy wenr Ihroug~h

"(Hndlhr, 11) IFather'" up~cndsr thi nati~n, depkiing the
rMahatmn as a dlmoull parinrllrlh whose idlcsr Rshped a na.
tion but hurt hh famlyl, it sunr is Khan point* nul: "He
loved his son and famlls. Inst1 in- InsedI the undo/n morre.'.
(It' a distinlction that1 mI..k,~ l fr .. c..anprling fllni.
( Bollyw ondWorrld)

Lq p ~- L~

on beal o te saer~ by he
music pubtishinge company
I-sphi aleStyle,
Apple pays limmem s
treward label for eac donload
htIrr splhr Mrile Ftlcl argues at
has rsc appqrord\n Ithe del ~
"Tha t na \Iproficant Imuc
in the murn innti~ry-.` \aid
Norma Anker\ a lawyer fr
the company
"Tlis ccu~rr with many
Srtiasad man rCord~ lbEfl."
A spoesperso for Apple
case bncm it ll ath le
Distairt Court in Detasit.

Eight Mile Style sesld he-
tween 70 and 80 songs were al-
fected by the drspute. including
tracksfrIrnlthe Orammy award-
winning Th ErnunemShow
The co~mpany holds the
copyright, or partial copyright,
mn all of the tracks.
it iS CeekInI mPore than
$75 iXlO If16.900) forepyright
infrnemnyt, faircompeition
nnit a vilatriornr of the Michigan
unsumer1)~ protection act.

It alsoask lare -Auag

Apple chalrge 50.99

pamutes get about 30).70 (0.34)
and pass on $)0.09 (0.04) of
thatl Ice to pubhlsher.
Nut man pbl~ishers would
prefer to receive their share of
the rmony direcdy from retail-
"Gtenerally. ariitt want
their music sold." nai Joel
Martin. a spokesprrso~n for
Eight Mile Srole H~e want it
downloaded. H'e request that
say provider that's offering
dowaloedslice~nsc it thsugthe

"Apple is not accounting to
us. ~They are accounting to I'nl-
versal (Music)." he said.
Martin added that Apple
haLld repeatedly asked Eight Mlile
Stykr for permission to use its
so~ngs. but the sequestsr had been
Iurner~d down.
Eiminem has lockedt horns
w1.ith Apple before. In 20043 he
suedt the company~ for copyright
Iningerment. ~lrlegng that it had
usecd hals s~ng I I,e Yourslf in
a T'V conunacriral without per-
Tihe cenwc wasl settled out
of court.

j udge


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" Struck" by movie inea




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