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Guyana chronicle
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Sunday chronicle
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Daily[Nov. 21, 1983-]
Daily (except Monday)[ FORMER Dec. 1, 1975-Nov. 30, 1983]
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Vol. 1 (Dec. 1, 1975)-
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Publication suspended: Oct. 12-24, 1983.
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Sunday ed. published as: Sunday chronicle.

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PAeW Sunday ChroniOtifbT-iary13g Q200i

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tI iJJ "r. J L I I

THIS one is for you girls.
Recently I was asked to give
a speech to some young girls
who seem to have dating/
relationship problems.
Whilst writing my speech for
them, I suddenly realized
that the problems never
change, even as we get older.
So for you older readers,
here are

tips to


dating survival. You're never
too old to learn.

We all get knock-backs -
where a man's not interested or
doesn't ring again after the first
date or two. Women with what
I call 'dating fitness' have
optimism and confidence so
that 'knock-backs' aren't the
end of the world. They know
there'll be other date-
opportunities around the comer;
that his lack of interest didn't'
necessarily reflect personally on
them; and that men prefer
women who don't make too
many dating 'trade-offs' like
dumping friends as soon as he
rings -just to get a date!

I'd be rich if I had the
proverbial pound for every
woman who told me, 'I missed
a chance when this great-looking
bloke came into my office and I
didn't have the'guts to even
look at him!' By planning ahead
with all my advice, you won't
miss opportunities as they arise
and will still appear
spontaneous! Once you've got
a date lined up, just as
footballers visualise scoring
goals, start visualising your
impending date as being
fantastic. Run it like a film
through your head the evening
goes from strength to strength,
affirming to yourself all your
positive points, and being calm
and confident because you've
got yourself sorted early.

Confidence is critical to
your dating success and men
noi!ce the dirty dozen signs of

when a woman feels
'unworthy'. The tell-tale signs
of unworthiness include: when
a woman gushes about her past
successes and how many men
are asking her out right now;
when without prompting she
claims she's not looking for
'anything special'; when she's
overly flirtatious with too much
touching; and when she asks to
be compared to his exes all too
soon. Being confident is

ry Bollers-Dixon

incredibly attractive and my
advice is to at least appear
confident even if you're
nervous inside!

Hugh Grant was speaking
for 99 per cent of men when he
recently said he misses the
'chase' implying that women
just put it on a'plate for him.
This is the real world not some
phoney ideal world where men
are tender-hearted .romantics
who never judge a woman who
sleeps with them soon. If only'
When presented with the:
opportunity most men will
have sex but won'l pursue a:
romance with what they see as
an easy woman. Sounds harsh
but deep down they feel she's.
decreased her 'social' value,

SHowever, you can still have fiuh
flirting until you 'decide when
you're ready to have sex or
not '.

Men want you to.have a
life not hang by the phone -
as it takes the pressure off them

you're buying your new car
from or the estate agent trying
to sell you a house. But with
him have fun! Talk to him like
you don't have anything to
prove. Conversation when
getting to know each other
should be like a friendly game
of tennis, not as though you're
smashing 'aces' at him!

Listen to your common
sense and intuition e.g., if he
never rings when he says he
will, flirts with anything in a
'skirt, ignores you when with
the lads then he's a frog! Too
mniany women hope their 'frogs'
will morph into a prince it
Doesn't happen. Be clear on
frog-behaviours to look out for
s you don't waste your
Specious time.

SMost women are just too
nice. They feel they can't have
a'ah.-pinion. Can't say what
:.they'd like to do on a date.
Can't stave off male pressure to
. have sex or even dump.a guy
when after two dates they'know
he's not the one. Tactic 9 is
about setting your boundaries
early and expressing them,
especially when he doesn't seem
to be getting the message!

to 'look after' you and be the TACTIC 10- BE AWARE OF
centre of your universe. Tactic DATING BLIND SPOTS
five is about how 'princesses' There are loads of 'blind
are high-maintenance. Most spots' we needdto watch out
men do not want high- for, money being one of them.
maintenance they want an Don't get flustered over who
equal. Give up your 'princess' should pay just :be straight
ways and keep living life while about what you feel-comfortable
you're getting to know him. with. Or when he doesn't ring
after taking your number. Be
TACTIC 6 BE KNOWING aware of my 'rule6-f-three' the
NOT A KNOW-IT-ALL critical hurdles of three dates,
Men don't want dumb three weeks and-three months.
blondes but at the same time Learn how to cope with dates
find it hard to handle how from hell (we'vF all had them!)
aggressive some women have and avoid the trap of
become in proving themselves stereotyping men. Essentially,
through conversation. You can keep your eyes open so you are
be assertive at work, you can be Successful aspossible indating.o
assertive with the salesman Happy Valentines Day!




by Robin Gorman Newman

WANT to turn this routinely
sappy, Hallmark holiday into
a hot night full of fabulous
friends, fun and men? Robin
Gorman Newman, author of
How to Meet a Mensch in
New York, is here to help.
Follow her top 10 tips for hav-
ing fun with and without a
man and make this
Valentine's Day your best
one yet.
1. Be an attention-getter: If
you're hoping to dine a deux
this Valentine's Day (or soon
after), now is the time to get
busy attracting a new guy. To
attract the opposite sex, noth-
ing works better than an inter-
esting prop. Take a cute dog for
a walk. If you don't have one,
borrow a friend's they'll be
glad to skip the chore. Or head
out wearing a sweatshirt with
an interesting logo, a funky scarf
or amusing hat. Just be sure
there's something about you
someone (namely, a man) can
easily strike up a conversation
about. This saves them the
trouble of having to think of an
original one-liner and you the
pain of listening to a lous) pick-
up line.
2 Throw a "-new blood"
party Inmite %our friends, and
ask them each to invite one
member of Ihe opposite se\
ho the 're not dating. haven't

dated in the past and aren't in-
terested in dating. This allows
you and all of your single
friends -to mingle with a new
crowd that's somewhat familiar.
It takes the edge off socialising.
You could also introduce a fun
game to your soiree. As each
guest enters, give all the men
bolts in varying sizes and all the
women nuts in varying sizes.
The idea is for everyone to find
their perfect fit by the end of
the evening. This is a fun, cre-
ative and, yes, incredibly silly
way to encourage
conversation and
new beginnings.
3. Scope the
scene: Parties
aren't the only
place to meet your
Valentine. Look at
the event listings
in your local news-
paper. If a book-
store is having a
reading by the au-
thor of a relation-
ship book, be sure
to attend. When I
speak about my
book How to Meet
a Mensch in New
York in public, the
audience is al\ ays r -
filled with single '
men and women.
You can also niee
available men at .
lectures. vine

tasting, street fairs and other
special events.
4. Pick up the phone: If
you really want to take dat-
ing into your own hands, go
through your address book in
search of single men. Call up
a close friend you've always
had a thing for and schedule
a dinner date before
Valentine's Day. Make con-
tact with an old flame. Give
a guy you dated a few months
(Please turn
to page XIII)



SdidayChroiniclOe5Faeacy 13,61805J Pwe.IH


Article 212A of the Constitution of Guyana provides for
an Ethnic Relations Commission

This follows a Constitution Amendment approved by Par-
liament in August, 2000.

Chairman of the ERC is Bishop Juan A. Edghill

Among other things, the ERC is iiandated to:

a) Provide for equality of opportunity among persons of
various ethnic groups and to promote harmony and good rela-
tions among such persons.

Sb) Promote the elimination of all forms of discrimination
on the basis of ethnicity.

c) Discourage and prohibit persons, institutions, political
parties and associates from indulging in, advocating or promot-
ing discriminatory practices on the ground of ethnicity, and

d) Foster a sense of security among all ethnic groups, en-
couraging and promoting the understanding, acceptance and tol-
erance of diversity in all aspects of national life and promoting
full participation by all ethnic groups in the social, economic,
cultural and political life of the people.


MANY people
may not re
member this
but the
Stabroek News of March 9,
1994, carried a story under the
caption 'Boy loses eyesight af-
ter extraction by quack dentist'.
This report represents a living
example of the magnitude of the
consequence one is exposed to
when one is acquiescent to the
therapeutic fraud carried out by
the quacks. Since that incident
there have been numerous cases
whereby individuals have been
seriously mutilated by quacks
who believe they practice den-
According to a leading
dentist, four salient points exist
in this case which should be
examined here in the
According to the reporter,
21-year-old Detendra Fastima
of Anna Regina lost the sight in
his left eye which developed
problems from an alleged
bungled extraction of a tooth by
a quack dentist, who operates in
Having experiencing severe
toothache, he consulted the
quack who advised him to get
the tooth out.-The quack then
extracted the affected tooth
without hesitation.
Point one. Only dentists and
dentexes (dental nurses) in this
country are trained in the art of
dentistry and obviously are the
only ones qualified to advise
anyone with respect to such
The dentist at Suddie

hospital knows that toothache
is not one of the six indications
for extraction.
If the patient had visited
the Government Dental
Clinic at Suddie Hospital
and had. explained the
exacerbation of the pain, and
had complied with the advice
of the attending dentist, that
professional could have
taken the necessary action to
mitigate the suffering.
Point two. Whenever a
person seeks the services of a
quack, he or she becomes the
accomplice of a crime according
to chapter. 134 Part IV Article
38;of the Laws of Guyana. No
one could be a quack unless
there are patients seeking
treatment from them.
Point three. The
decis6id'h made by the
quack, according to a
competent source, which
were mentioned in the
story reported in the
newspaper, were ignorant.
In the first place, evidently
an extraction was not
indicated at the time, also,
the patient should not have
been instructed to rinse out
his mouth with salt water
soon after the extraction.
Finally, it is felt that it
was barbaric to tell the
patient "buy 20 red and

The Dentist Advises
M--- A3

black tablets and swallow one
every four hours", as was
alleged in the article.
Point four. When asked
if he has any intention of
providing financial
assistance to the victim
after the botched
extraction, the quack
replied in the negative and
suggested that "he can
take his own action."
Obviously the quack knew
that no one can take legal
action against a quack. It's
like a person reporting to
the police that someone
stole a kilogram of cocaine
from his house. Clearly
that person making the
complaint will be arrested.
People .who subject
themselves to the mercy of
quacks cannot expect any
redress as no law provides for
the accomplice of a crime to
receive exoneration.
More than 95 per cent of
the population of this
country lives on the north
eastern coast from Skeldon to
Charity. Twenty five of the
Ministry of Health's 30
dental clinics are. found in
this part of the country. Yet,

totally disregarding a
dentist's advice Detendra left
himself completely exposed
even to possible death (from
AIDS) by confiding in a
Sources say that
Detendra became blind
because he contracted a
fulminating infection of the
entire globe (eyeball) with
severe oedema of the
appending structures. The
quack obviously did not
know that distinct
precautions must be taken
for each tooth to be
extracted. For example, the
upper molars have their
apices in close proximity
with the maxillary sinus,
sometimes even penetrating
the same.
The extraction
created a communication
which facilitated the
transmission of the
infection (most likely
from septic conditions),
to 'the sinus and
eventually to the orbital
cavity and the eyeball
itself. Unfortunately the
patient paid early for his


Reduction and Prevention (GHARP) Project

A Joint Government of Guyana-U.S. Government Project


lt IWilAII i I I.IIIII l II )I' 111111

The USAID Guyana HIV/AIDS Reduction and Prevention (GHARP)
Project, a Joint Government of Guyana-US Government Project, is
inviting Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including registered
Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Religious and Faith
Based Organizations (FBOs) working across Guyana to submit
applications for grant funding for projects to provide HIV/AIDS
prevention, care and support services.
The objective of this undertaking is to support the expanded and
comprehensive response to the HIV epidemic in Guyana through the
delivery of HIV prevention, care and support services e.g. Prevention of
Mother To Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS, Voluntary Counseling and.
Testing, Home Based Care, Orphans and Vulnerable Children,
Behaviour Change Communication Workplace Programs, at the
community level.
Details of proposal submission guidelines and application criteria will be
included in the Request for Application guidance document.
Applications are due on or before 1600 hrs 28 February, 2005.
Interested NGOs can uplift this document at the USAID/GHARP Office
Sat44 High Street (DDL Building), 3'r Floor, Kingston, Georgetown.
To apply or receive additional information by email or telephone please
Dawn Moore

,Tel: 231-631,7 Ext. 221
441, i. '>1' .i' i;' *i'. '

'.1 *. .4'''



As a major corporate entity in the forestry sector of Guyana, Barama is
deeply conscious of its environmental, social and economic responsibilities
and is committed to sustainable forest management practices to ensure that
the forest remains a resource in perpetuity for Guyana and also positively
impacting Guyana's economy.

To strengthen Barama's commitment to sustainable forest management the
company is pursuing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest
Management and Chain of Custody Certification for its forest and
manufacturing operations. This process has been. ongoing for the past 3
-years and requires third party audit and verification by FSC accredited
certifiers. Consequently Barama has retained the services of
SGS/QUALIFOR, a FSC accredited certifier to conduct the main
assessment. This assessment is scheduled to be conducted from 28'h
February 2005 to 4th March 2005.

Interested parties wishing to comment on this process can obtain a
stakeholder comment's form or get additional information from:

Dr. Gary Clarke
Clarke Environment Consulting
22 Bel Voir Court
Tel: 615-8016
Email: gclarke(.i network
4 4 S I.,,**" *- -

- ----------------------

1.( "I
17( 1~ :~~(~il
... ,,

r ~*~I..~

Sunday Chronicle FeBrudrj'13,'2005


I iW


A. The Government of Guyana (GOG) has recently concluded a Loan (uS$29.5 million) with the
inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Part of the proceeds of this loan will be applied to
the financing of the implementation of the Investment Component of the Fiscal and Financial
Management Program (FFMP). This consists of three subcomponehts namely, (1) tax policy
and administration; (2) public sector financial management; and (3) fiscal and fiduciary
oversight. The overriding aim of the FFMP is to build effective and sustainable executive and
oversight capacities inthe Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), the Ministry of Finance (MOF),
the National Assembly (Economic Services Committee (ESO) and Public Accounts
Committee (PAC) and the Public Procurement Commission (PPC).

B. The Ministry of Finance invites tenders for the supply of the following items:

Desk Top Computers


C. Tender Documents outlining the Technical Specifications of the above mentioned items and
requirements for bidders can be obtained during working hours Monday to Friday from
Mr. R. Kandhi, Procurement Officer, Program Coordination Unit, Ministry of Finance, Second
Floor, Main Street at a non-refundable fee of G$2,000 (Two thousand) dollars each. Tenders
who had previously purchased bid documents for the Invitation to Tender advertised on
December 14, 2004 and subsequently annulled would be entitled to a free copy of the bid
documents for this tender upon presentation of receipt for purchase of the bid document that
was annulled.

D. Tenderers are required to quote unit price and total cost, which must cover shipping and
handling expenses and all other reimbursables.

E. Tenderers are required to submit their bids with the following:

(a) In the case of Companies registered locally:
i. Valid compliance from the Commissioner General, Guyana Revenue Authority
ii. Valid compliance from the General Manager, National Insurance Scheme (NIS)

(b) For all Companies:
iii. Bid Security of 2% of Tender Value.

F. Failure to supply the requirements as stated above will result in the Tender being deemed

G. The Ministry of Finance reserves the right to award contracts partially in the interest of having
-the most economic offers.

H. Tenders must be placed in sealed envelopes bearing no identification of the tenderer on the
outside and must be clearly marked on the top right-hand comer, 'Supply of Computers and
Accessories'. The envelopes should be addressed to:

The Chairman
National Board of Procurement and Tender Administration
Ministry of Finance
Main and Urquhart Streets

1. Tenders must be deposited in the Tender Box at the National Board of Procurement and Tender
Administration of the above address no later than 09:00 hrs on Tuesday, March 01, 2005.

J. Tenders would be opened at 09:00 hrs on Tuesday, March 01, 2005 and Tenderers or their
authorized Representatives may be present to observe the opening of Tenders at the Ministry
of Finance.

K. The Ministry of Finance does not bind itself to accepting the lowest bid and reserves the right
to reject any Tender without assigning reasons.

Procurement Manager
Fiscal and Financial Management Program

Government ads can be viewed on

've been seeing a
wonderful woman
for about, a year.
We're in love, but I
feel frustrated because I'm
sometimes over the top in the

romance department and she
doesn't seem to respond.
For example, if I write
several paragraphs. in an e-mail
about how much she means to
me, I get a one or two line reply
about something mundane like
seeing methe next day. She
says she's not expressive
romantically but likes my
romantic advances. Sometimes I
feel as if she's the man, and I'm
the woman.
A-lot of guys shy away
from romance by telling their
woman, "You already know I
love you. Why do I have to
tell you all the time?" I'm the
exact opposite. I need to tell
her and affirm her as often as
I can, but sometimes I feel as
if I'm a plain old pest with
all my flowery stuff. How
would I know if she's put off
by all the romantic talk? Am
I wrong to expect something
she might not be wired to


mil, let me give
you three ways
of looking at this.
First, you are a
writer who is looking for a
reader. You are looking for
someone who appreciates your
poetry, but only a true fan of
poetry can express that
appreciation. Your girlfriend is
not a true fan of poetry. It is as
if you are a chef whose
specialty is Italian, and she
prefers Chinese.
Or maybe it's this. You're
giving her flowers seven days in
a row and expecting the same
reaction on the seventh day as
on the first. It's almost as if you
are making her dislike what you
give her. Have you run her out

of. appreciation? Are you
making her wallow in it? People
like a little rain, but they don't
want a flood.
Or finally, maybe this is it.
Part of what you find attractive
in a woman is an appreciation
of your nature. You want to be
respected and praised for the
way you are. That is also a
negative element. Instead of this
flowing from your nature, you
also require praise for it. You
want a certain kind of thanks for
your gift..
Poetry, when it .works,
allows the essence of a thing to
show through. She may feel the
essence of your relationship is
that you are looking for a fan of
yourself. You are trying. to get
praise from her without

Send letters to: Direct Answers,
PO Box 964, Springfield,
th -il.Ythesy ewl cm i obig ra red

Are you between the age 18 and 26 years Do youWedl IotostforeXp P
old and have a great business idea? Would you like to share your
Or are you an entrepreneur at heart? experience as an entrepreneur with
But...don't know where to start?
youths here and around the world?

Do you speak and write In English?

if you answer yes to these questions. This is your chance!!!

Join the Youth Employment Spark Project and your idea could become a reality!
You will receive professional guidance by a mentor and share your experiences
with four other young entrepreneurs from South Africa, the Philippines,
Turkey and the Netherlands.
Apply on or before Friday, February 25, 2005.

For more information and an application form
Please contact
Administrltvre Assistant
Volunteer Youth Corps
235 Southi oad
iScyowm, Gorgetown
Tele 23-7966 or-223,7404

Paae IV

appreciating her.
.What do you appreciate
about her? Is it the way she
really is? Or the hours spent
writing about how much you
love her? What might she
appreciate more: two hours
spent writing a flowery e-mail
oniyour computer, or two hours
spent dancing with her?
If you require, for your,
happiness, appreciation of
:your romantic nature, then
you .must find someone
who loves romance and can
express it to you. They say
opposites attract, but only
when the opposite is
appreciated for its


--~Y- I

- --

Page 8

H- a boys and girls,
It S od to be together again to look at some
anin aand plants (fauna and flora) of our
tropi rainforest of which the lwokrama is our
mai trjfst. This week we'll look at the jaguar,
the a jbara and the parrot snake. They are
part 3e fauna in the rainforest. Be good to


T-IjIJAGUAR: Although this is a well-known
nam the animal kingdom, many of you still do
not now its specific characteristics for certain.
Try your hand at answering the following
que? tinn.-

C questions
1 The jaguar's body is "lithe, muscular
com act." What do these three words tell you
about t the JAGUAR?
2L.hte jaguar's claws are characterized as
"retr itQle." What special feature causes them
to b described by that term-?
3 Does the. JAGUAR confine itself within a
bour daryi.?
4 Narme three animals that the JAGUAR feeds


The JAGUAR is now known as an
angered species." WVVht does that term
i t6 you?
Draw a JAGUAR and display it to a set of
n people.

HaTe Capybara (Water Hass. Watras, Water

T ie CAPYBARA is the largest rodent in the
world 1. A rodent, as you know, belongs to the rat
fami y. This member of the rat family is called
loca y bj the names of WATER HAAS, WATER
HAF E. ahd WATRAS because it likes to live in
and rouhd water. It can be kept as a pet.
T ie CAPYBARA is a mammal that grows to a
stou sizd and can weigh as much as 150 to 200
pou ds. ilt can eventually grow to about 2 feet
high andqto a length as much as 4 feet. Its head
is la ge. land its eyes and snout are small. Its
tail i a rfere stump. It has short feet with three
toes on tPe hind feet and four toes on the front
feet Alt four feet are broad, flat and partly
w; )e The water hare's skin is thick and
covt w.d 'ith coarse long hair that can be either
light b,;o,.n or dark brown in colour.

The WATER HAAS lives throughout Guyana
and is often seen in grassy water land which
borders the very many waterways in the interior
of our country. This animal is very sluggish in
its habits. It grazes most of the time or sits
around without a care in the world. It, however
senses quickly when danger is near, and rushes
to the water and swims rapidly away.

The female CAPYBARA bears about a dozen
young .ones as many as three times a year.

(REMEMBER: A rodent is a gnawing animal
that is made distinguishable by its chisel-like
incisors; one pair in the upper jaw and one pair
in the lower jaw.

A mammal is warm-blooded vertebrate, which
feeds its young on milk. The skin is covered with
hair, wool, or fur; the heart is four-chambered,
and breathing is by means of lungs.)

1. What are the other names by which the
CAPYBARA is known locally?
2. Give the name of the largest rodent in the
3. If an animal is called an "aquatic animal",
what must you understand about the animal?
4. Where are the haunts of the CAPYBARA
found? ..
5.-p[/. Draw a Capybara and show it to a set
if interested people. Point out its distinguishing
features that you have to make clear in your

THE PARROT SNAKE: The snake is the most
feared animal of the rainforest. But, the PARROT
SNAKE is not to be feared. This is because it is
non-poisonous which means that its bite does not
kill anyone. As a matter of fact, less than 10%
of the snakes found in the Rainforest are

The PARROT SNAKE is green. It is commonly
referred to in Guyana by that name because of
its colour. It is graceful. It feeds on mainly lizards
and frogs found in abundance where it lives.

1. What is the most feared category of
animals in the rainforest?
2. Where does the PARROT SNAKE get its
3. What other things) do you know about the
PARROT SNAKE? Tell about it/them.

Hello boys and girls,
We are fast approaching the time for you to
prove that you were really studying. Are you
aware of this? If so or not, try to get yourselves
in better positions for your examination success.
Keep the wheels of friendships within the study
groups well greased.



Alphabetical Order

Some lists are in alphabetical order. The
words are listed from A to Z. Knowing this order
will help you find words in lists.

These words are in order. They all begin with
the same letter. But the second letters are not
the same. Mark X where you would add the new

Where would you put Mitchell?

Where would you put bobcat?

Where would you put party?

Where would you put will?

Where would you put since?

Telephone books

Page 1

Telephone books list people's names. The
names are in alphabetical order. Each page has
guide words to help you. One guide word tells
the first name on the page. The other tells the
last one.


Porter Warren 1 Crooked River Rd
Porter Wesley 9 Sampson
Porter Dr Willa 52 Warren Avenue
Portnoy Pipe Shop 128 Beechnut
Powers Cedric 22 Stare Lane
Prado Celest 386 State Avenue
Prain Wm A 165 River


Use the telephone book to answer the
1. What are the guide words for this page?
Circle them.
2. Where does Celest Prado live?
3. What is the phone number for Portnoy
Pipe Shop?
4. Where would you put the name Joseph
Powells on this page?
5. Would you put Bert Powers before or after
Cedric Powers?
6. Would you put the name Pray on this


Synonyms are words that mean nearly the
same. Read the words in the Bank. They are
synonyms for underlined words in the story.
Write the synonym next to the word.

begin rattled
crashed screamed
flashed stared
pounded terrified

Rick was very (scared) ___. The wind
(howled) ____. All the windows (shook) __ in
their frames. The screen door (banged) _
The rain would (start) __ soon.
Footsteps (thumped) __ across the porch.
Yellow eyes (looked) ___ at Rick through the
screen. Lightning (flared) __. Rick could see
the shape of an animal.

(Continued on page 2)

~ c 5 a I ~S a wca ii re

(fi Eroms hpage 1)

(from page 1)

I iie lnErimuun I-:rt .

IScience UIrp"

Write synonyms fro these words.
dictionary to check your work.
Happy, under, beside, noise, wet, sa'

Use a

ve, easy,


.-A.ntonyms are words that mean nearly
opposite. Change the meaning of this story.
Use an antonym from the Bank for each
underline word.

late sad
frowned younger
hard angry

Gwven was feeling (happy) ___. She sat
(smiled) at her (older) _._. sister.
"It is very (early) ___. Mor will be (pleased)
when she gets home. This homework was
(easy) to do."


Write antonyms for
on the blanks.

Bessie (dropped)
(growled) It was
(long) tail,
Bossie said, "You al
very (mean) .. ."

these underlined words

the cat. The cat
(skinny) ..- and had a

re (an ugly)

cat and


Sharing an Experience

You went on an all-day bike trip. You went
with some classmates and their parents. You
saw the countryside, You had pictures of what
it looke.J like. The sun was hot.

Write a letter to a friend out of town,
Describe the bike trip. Use all five senses. Tell
what you saw, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted.
Remember to use today's date. Write the
greeting, closing, and signature, too.

Building Up!

Describing with your senses

Pretend you are working at a food table at a
street fair. You have cookies, pizza, and
pretzels. You have fresh mangoes and pickles,
too. Pick one thing you want to sell most of all.
Write a description. Tell how it looks, feels,
smells, and sounds. Make someone want to
buy it. Be ready to read your description aloud.

You can begin like this:
All right, everyone! I have here ........

Words that Sound the Same

These pairs of words are "sound-alikes."

Hear/here see/sea
Nose/knows eye/I

Use the "sound-alikes."
word in each blank.

1. The elephant wanted
himself in the mirror.

Write the correct

to (see/sea) _...

2. He nose/knows ...... his (nose/knows)

3. Yes! What a handsome (knows/nose)

4. "Your (knows/nose) looks like a hose,"
said the giraffe.

5. "You've stuck your neck out, (eye/t) ...
(sea/see) ___," said the elephant,

6, "My (knows/nose)
eye) __- is high."

Hello my friends, how are you today? Are
you ready for the quiz that you would be
having today?

Here are the questions.

1. Name the parts of
labeled (A) and (B).

the human eye

(See Diagram 1)

2. What is the function of the part
labeled (A) and the part labeled (B)?

3. In terms of size, what happens to the
part labeled (B) in question 1 under the
following conditions (i) in a dark room, (ii) in
a bright room.

4. A boy was standing 200 meters
away from a wall and he clapped his
hands. He heard the echo 5 seconds
later. How fast did the sound travel from
the wall to the boy? Your answer should
be in meters per second.

5. Which comes first, lightening or
thunder? Give a reason for your answer.

6. Name the items that make up this

(See Diagram 1)

a bulb

is long, but your (I/

7. "I take it back," said the giraffe. "Everyone
(nose/knows) .__ your (nose/knows) ____ is as
lovely as a rose."

8. "What did you say? Giraffe?" called the
"(eye/I) ... can't (hear/here) ..,..,. you.
Oh, I (sea/see) ... you. Your head is really

In an electric circuit what happens to
if the switch is opened?

8. Give a reason for your answer.

9. What are conductors?

10. What are insulators?

11. Give ONE purpose for which an
insulator is used in your home or school.

12. Give ONE purpose for which a
conductor is used in your home or schdnl -

I hope that were able to answer all of these
questions correctly.

Take care until we meet again next week.



-~- (B)


Ir r

SnN CrneBbuy120 PaV


IN 1953, property owner
Indarakalloi Bacchus re-
neged from an agreement to
pay house agent Babb the
commission for securing a
purchaser for a $7 000.00
property at Kitty.
In support of his action to
deprive Babb of the commission
promised him, Bacchus con-
tended that the house agent was
unlicensed and as such, he was
not entitled to commission. .
As a consequence, Babb ap-
proached the court for redress.
And, the Court presided
over by Justice F.M. Boland,
held that the provision of the
Tax Ordinance, 1939, which
provides for the payment of a
licence, is concerned merely
with revenue, and the contract
to pay commission was not il-
legal and void.
Judgment was declared for
the plaintiff. The defendant was
ordered to pay the commission
as agreed upon.
Solicitor A. Vanier appeared
for the plaintiff. Attorney-at-
law Akbar Khan who later be-
came a High Court judge, rep-
resented the defendant.
In his ruling, after a three-
day trial, Justice Boland had
said: "In this case, I find as a
fact on the evidence led before
me that the defendant did agree

to pay to the plaintiff two per
cent of the purchase price of $7,
400.00 property at 33 Planta-
tion Kitty and that the plaintiff
did secure such purchaser
whose offer the defendant ac-
The purchaser paid to the
defendant the sum of $7, 400.00
and has since had transport
passed to him.
"The solicitor for the defen-
dant contends that nevertheless,
the plaintiff is not entitled to
succeed on his claim for commis-
sion because at the time of the
contract with the defendant for

to act as a real property broker.
"In some of those years, he
had obtained a licence available
for a half year. On the 29th
March, 1952, when the defen-
dant agreed to pay him a com-
mission, he was not holding a li-
cence for that year. It was only
afterwards on the 27th May,
1952 that he obtained a licence
and that was to expire on the
31st December, 1952. He was
given a discount on the full
year's fee of $50.00 because of
the year being so far advanced -
he paid only the sum of $33.00
for the licence.
"It was contended on behalf
of the defendant that the

plaintiff's undertaking to engage

SByGeorge Barclay
commission the plaintiff did not .in the business of a commission
hold a licence as a commission agent was in breach of law, an
agent for the sale of houses, that the contract for commission
tenements or immovable prop- was therefore an illegal contract
erty. which, as such, was not en

The plaintiff who is em-
ployed at the Demerara Electric
Company admitted that he also
engages in the business of secur-
ing purchasers or vendors of
properties for a commission. He
stated that he had during the
past four years obtained licences

forceable by the Court."
The judge then cited the Tax
Ordinance, 1939, which pro-
vides in Section 27 that: "Every
person, other than an auction-
eer, who acts as, or carries on
the business of a house ageit or
commission agent for the sale of

houses, tenements, or immov-
able property, shall take out an
annual licence for so doing and
pay for the licence the sum of
$50:00 a year."
Judge Boland added: "The
non payment of the tax with in-
terest thereon is enforceable by
the Colonial Treasurer by the
process of parate execution.
"What the Court has to de-
termine is whether the provision
in the Tax Ordinance relating to
property agents acting as such
without having first obtained a
licence was designed merely to
supply revenue or to protect the
"In Victoria Daylesford
Syndicate Limited v. Dolt
(1905) 2 Ch. 624, the question
was raised as to whether the de-
fendant, who was admittedly
carrying on the business of a
moneylender and who had not
obtained a moneylender's licence
under the Moneylender's Act
1900, could legally contract as
a moneylender and enforce the
"Bukley J. in his judgment

at p. 629 says dealing with this
point: 'The next question is.
whether the Act is so expressed
that the contract is prohibited,
whether expressly or by impli-
"For this purpose,.'statutes
may be grouped under two
heads those in which a pen-
alty is imposed against doing an
act for the purposes only of the
protection of the revenue, and
those in which a penalty is im-
posed upon, not merely for rev-
enue purposes, but also for the
protection of the public."
The learned Judge goes on
to point out that in the case of
a moneylender, it is abundantly
clear that the whole purpose of
the prohibition is the protection
of the public. The moneylender
has to be registered and has to
trade in his registered name, ob-
viously and notoriously for the
protection of those who deal
with him.
"There was no difficulty in
holding in that case that the pur-
pose of the legislation was a
public purpose and that a con-

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tract by an unregistered money-
lender was forbidden by statute
and illegal. Accordingly, the
Defendant's counterclaim for re-
payment of the loan to plaintiff
was dismissed."
The Judge noted that with
regard to house and property
agents, it should be pointed out
that there is no enactment relat-
ing to real property agents and
house agents, other than what is
enacted in the Tax Ordinance,
,which is a statute concerned
merely with the provision for
revenue collecting. This Ordi-
nance, he said, replaces annual
Tax Ordinances passed for-
merly every year, making pro-
vision for the collection of rev-
enue during the current year.
According to Judge
Boland, the solicitor for the
defendant had referred to li-
quor licences and pointed out
that a contract by a person not
holding the relevant liquor
licence in respect of the sale
(Please turn
to page VIII)


174 Waterloo Street, Georgetown
174 Waterloo Street, Georgetown
174 Waterloo Street, Georgetown
174 Waterloo Street, Georgetown
174 Waterloo Street, Georgetown

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-, 110 &116Westfield, Essequibo Coast
S1 & 2 West Half, Annandale, West Coast Berbice
4 Block XXXII Parcel 141 Devonshire Castle, Essequibo
4 8Amazon, Essequibo Coast
4 46 Section "A" Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice
4 50 Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast
Tender closes at 14:00 h on February18, 2005
Tender Forms can be uplifted at any of our NBIC locations.
Tenders must be sealed in an envelope marked Tender For...", and placed in the
Tender Box at Water Street Branch:on the Receptionist's'Desk no later than 14:00
hrs on February 18,2005.
For further information please Contact: Mr. Frederick Rampersaud
Telephone # 226-4091-5, Ext. 239.
The Bank resemes the rightnot to accept the ghest or any Tender, without ssing a reason,


A Subsidiary of Republic Bank limited
0 A P -



Democratic Consolidation & Conflict Resolution
Project Civil Society Organization Strengthening Initiative

The Guyana Democratic Consolidation and Conflict Resolution (GDCCR) Project, a Joint
Government of Guyana U.S. Government Project is inviting Civil Society and Non-Governmental
Organizations (CSO's/NGO's) to submit applications for the Civil Society Organization
Strengthening Initiative.

The GDCCR project is comprised of three broad components, which, when taken together are
essential for the consolidation of democracy in Guyana. These are:
Increasing citizen participation in policy making;
Improving transparency and accountability in governance;
Reducing the vulnerabilityto ethno-political conflict.

The objective of this Initiative is to build the capacity and credibility of national and sub-national
CSO's/NGO's that are already working with different communities throughout Guyana. The
CSO/NGO's must operate in an informed, impartial, transparent and accountable manner.

A set of criteria have been established for CSO's/NGO's as a standard for consideration. These
include a wide geographic scope of activities, focus on governance, advocacy and increasing self-
reliance and sustainability after project funding has ended.

Deadline for the receipt of applications is the 21" February, 2005.

Torapply orto receive additional information, please contact:

Civil Society Specialist
GDCCR Project
RT International
87Carmichael Street
P.O.Box 101513

Tel: (592) 227-8402

NBIC Corriverton Branch
NBIC Rose Hall Branch


Sunday Chronicle February 13, 2005

Page VII




wenYt I i5 f6 Le t o r

By Dr. Kumar Mahabir

earlier this
month when
an Indo-Caribbean/West
Indian folk musical group
from Trinidad and Tobago
travelled to New Delhi,
India, to begin what promises
to be a memorable tour.
On the invitation of Dr.
Shubha Chaudhuri, Director at
the Archives and Research
Centre for Ethnomusicology of
American Institute, the Mere
Desh Committee, led by Mr.
Ajeet Praimsingh, began a

cultural tour to India, on
February 2.
Overseeing the group of
local performers is Dr. Helen
Myers of the USA. Dr. Meyers
is an expert in the field of Indian
music in Trinidad having written
two books on the subject:
Music of Hindu Wedding and
Music of Trinidad: Songs from
the Indian Diaspora. Her
research is based in Felicity,
Chaguanas, which she proudly
refers to as her home whenever
she is in Trinidad.
Dr. Myers has been
responsible for taking the tapes
of Indo-Trinidadian music to
India, but now she proclaims in

an interview with Caldeo
Sookram of the Express, "The
idea is to bring people to
This trip is not only
important because it is a first of
its kind, but also because it is
recognizing survivors of the
Indian Diaspora, accepting them
not only as a by-product but as
a part of Indian culture.
The group called
D'Bhuyaa Saaj, which means
'sitting on the floor to
entertain', includes singers
Rakesh Yankaran, Rasika
'Rani' Dindail, Devanand
Nagassar, Lily Ramcharan
and Molly Ramcharan. The

musicians are Surendra
Ramoutar, Rishi Ragbur and
Jagdeo Deeberam. The lone
dancer is Priya Kelly.
They will be touring India
with River of Babylon, a Jewish
Indian group, and Sidi Goma, an
African Indian group. Their
month-long seven-city tour will
include stops at Delhi, Bombay,
Pune, Bangalore, Madras,
Hyderabad, and Calcutta.
After each performance,
there will be a question and
answer period where students,
and others in attendance, can
interact with the artistes, and
gain a better knowledge of their
craft. This trip promises to be

Becme. mo.raka t yr empi and..
nwm t"4.m

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training frum Education Direct. Learm at \our own pace. with
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very ground-breaking and the
artistes are excited to be part of
Dressed in the colours of
Trinidad and Tobago, they will
be taking with them homegrown
instruments such as Dhaantal,
Steel pan, Tassa, Shak Shak, and
the Dholak. Local rhythms such
as chutney, soca will be exported
as well.
It is interesting to anticipate
how the performers might be

received in India. How will
Indians react to this cultural off-
shoot? Would they find it as
authentic as Indo-Trinidadians
For so many years, Indo-
Trinidadians have looked to
India as a source of cultural
inspiration from which to
construct an ethnic identity.
But perhaps for the first
time, the tables might be




(From page VII)

of liquor is unenforceable because the sale would be l-
legal and prohibited as offence.
But it should be stated that though the Tax Ordinance for
the purpose of providing revenue fixes the amount payable for
liquor licences, the Intoxicating Liquor Ordinance and other Or-
dinances contain pro% visions prescribing powers and restrictions
of holders of liquor licences. It may be true that the major pur-
pose of enactments relating to liquor licences is to provide rev-
enue, but that is not the sole purpose. There is also the purpose
to give some measure of protection to the pubhc, the Judge emphasised
Concluding his judgment, Justice Boland added: I hold that
while plaintiff may have rendered himself liable to parate execu-
tion at the instance of the Treasurer for a breach of the Tax Or-
dinance, the contract was not illegal and void and. accordingly, I
give judgment for plaintiff for the sum of $148 that is two per cent
on the purchase price of $7, 400.00 and I award plaintiff his costs.
"Leave is granted him to withdraw the sum of $148 in
deposit in Court, or whatever sum, less that amount which
may be sufficient for full satisfaction of this judgment and
taxed costs, the Judge emphasised


Choose one course only.
61 Accounting
64 Applied Computer Science
60 Business Management
406 Criminal justice NEW
405 Early Childhood Education NEW
81 Finance
80 Marketing
401 Paralegal Studies NEW
63 Civil EngineeringTechnology
404 E-Commerce Administration NEW
65 Electrical EngineeringTechnology
403 Internet Multimedia & Design NEW
67 Electronics Technology
62 Mechanical Engineering Technology
402 Web Programming NEW

Education Direct, Dept. AEES35Y
Representative Guyana Educational Services, Inc.
PO Box 10434, Lot 3 Alexander Street & Shell Road
Kitty, Georgetown, Guyana Fax: 592-2-69866

32 Artist
04 Auto Repair Technician
390 Bookkeeping
104 Carpenter
59 Catering/Gourmet Cooking
03 Child Day Care Management
55 Diesel Mechanics
395 Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor
42 Dressmaking & Design
06 Electrician
79 Electronics Technician
400 English: Reading & Writing
30 Floral Design
384 Furniture and Cabinet Maker
05 Hotel/Restaurant Management
14 HVAC Technician
12 Interior Decorator
38 I Medical Coding and Billing NEW
23 Medical Office Assistant

Write the number of the one career that interests you


33 Motorcycle Repair Technician
383 Occupational Therapy Aide
27 PC Repair-NEW
38 PC Specialist
84 Pharmacy Technician
40 Photographer
146 Physical Therapy Aide
58 Private Investigator
160 Professional Bridal Consultant NEW
102 Professional Landscaper
13 Professional Secretary
26 Teacher Aide
387 Telecommunications Technician
35 Travel Agent
87 TVNCR Repair
07 U.S. High School Diploma
88 Veterinary Assistant
83 Web Page Designer
01 Programming in BASIC
37 Visual Basice .NET
36 Visual C#_ .NET

(Please print clearly)



ACCREDIATIONS AND APPROVALS. Education Direct is an accredited mem
Authorized Provider of continuing education and gaining programs by the I


ber of the Distance Education and Traning Council and is approved as an
international Association for Continuing Educhtion anji Traing.

IA -


U ~ ~ '"''~'' U""'' ~ ^ '''`~'~'' ~ '''"''"''~"'" *'

I a wt

-.S OE t*Y hroroilp-IF.t~ ay, V 13205

o uSund ay ConrbileFe.ttuary .2.5

1: ii


SId 1 -4 II


c~n petition which runs for two
-". The final event will be
1 ..i.iged at Victoria Falls, after
S' hliich an award ceremony
.ill be held at the Harare
International Conference
:' c. entire.
.Special awards include
S'.." best national costume, best
S ':c... evening gown, best swimsuit,
' Miss Press, Miss
S Photogenic, Platinum
Model, Face of the Net,
; Best Hair and Miss
." 'Personality.
., The Miss Tourism
S World pageant is aimed at
promoting tourism
. i. 4:./. globally. According to a
', statement -from Miss
S ,'. Tourism World, this
year's "pageant will be
marked as a celebration of
life, a carnival of love,

HE Miss
Wo r d
has chosen a
former Miss University of'
Guyana queen to represent
this country at the Miss
Tourism World 2005 pageant
in Zimbabwe.
TWENTY-five year old
Bernice Nichols is currently in
the African country's competing
with 99 other beauties from
various parts of the world for
the prestigious crown.
She departed Guyana
Wednesday for London, where
a number of pageant delegates
gathered at Gatwick Airport to
be taken to Zimbabwe on flight
UM0725, compliments of the
international pageant committee,
at 18:00 hours (13:00 hrs
Guyana time).
Nichols first stamped her
mark in the pageant arena in
1996, when she was crowned
Miss University of Guyana, at
age 16.
She is reading for a
Bachelors of Architectural
Science Degree at the institution,
and is an intern at an
architectural firm owned by her
The former Queens College
student was once National
Lawn Tennis champion, and
hosted 'What's Hot and What's
Not', a fashion TV programme
aired on HBTV Channel 9.
She is well known on the
local catwalks, modelling for
well-known designers Derek
Moore and Michelle Cole over
the years, and appearing in a
few television commercials.
Her neat athletic physique,
intelligence and bubbly
personality are an excellent
combination that might very
well win the hearts of the judges
at Miss Tourism World and
bring Guyana its first major
international crown.
Those attributes, according
to Ken Chung Promotions, were
among the reasons Nichols was
selected to contest that
. particular title.
A member of the committee

said the chosen girl has what it
takes, and the committee is
confident in her ability to
represent Guyana well.
"We are extremely happy
to allow Guyana's 'women an
avenue to showcase their
beauty, talent and intelligence,
and therefore will be sending
several other young women to
beauty pageants throughout this
year, after the conclusion of the
Miss Guyana World pageant to
be held at a date to be
announced in April 2005," the
committee said in a statement.
Competition in Zimbabwe
begins Wednesday with the
'Best Swimsuit' segment which
continues the following day.
Fashion and beauty shows,
interviews, tours and cultural
parties are among the other
events to be staged during the

Fi 3 a
1 4~-

happiness, joy and a reminder
that, above all else, the world
tour remembers Zimbabwe."
The statement said cultural
promotion is vital in tourism
development and the pageant
encourages interaction to
celebrate life and promote
tourism globally.
"Cultural promotion is an
integral part of tourism. We, at
Miss Tourism World
Organisation, believe that
culture is the diamond-hard
heart of tourism because it
oxygenates the veins through
which the life-blood of tourism
runs... Part of this enrichment is
interaction; interaction for
happiness, friendship, and
relationship. This is simply, a
celebration of life... The central
thrust and overarching principle
of Miss Tourism World is
simply to promote tourism

(^New Line Aqua Farm Inc.


*A sound Secondary education
*At least seven (7) years experience in a similar field.

Please send applications with references to:

17 North Section, Canal # 2 Polder, WBD

before February 20, 2005.


.e P

across the world and
particularly in those paits of the
world in dire need of tourism
It further stated that
selecting Zimbabwe as this
year's host country is a clear
demonstration of Zimbabwe as
a competitive event destination
of a world-class stature with
world-class facilities.
Ms. Alina Ciorogariu of
Romania, the reigning queen,
will crown the lucky girl
February 26.
Meanwhile, Miss Guyana
World Artistic Director, Derek
Moore has secured a contract

with Miss Tourism World to
choreograph the opening
segment of the pageant, stage a
pre-pageant fashion show
featuring the 100 delegates in
Zimbabwe. Moore is also
responsible for designing
Nichols' pageant wardrobe.
Overseas based Guyanese
entertainer Slingshot is slated to
provide live entertainment on
pageant night.
Miss Tourism World is
planned for broadcast to all
participating countries, and
all across Africa, Asia, Europe
and North America. (Shauna



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For further information

I i

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Oil lF


Applications are invited from suitably qualified
persons to fill the following positions:

1. Solicitor General
2. Deputy Solicitor General
3. Principal Parliamentary Counsel
4. Senior Parliamentary Counsel
5. Senior Legal Adviser (2 positions)

Salary: Negotiable

Applications should be sent to:

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Legal Affairs
And Attorney General's Chambers
95 Carmichael Street

Job Description and Job Specification can be
obtained from the Personnel Department, Ministry
of LegalAffairs..
Closing date: 2005/08/11'* .- .
~ ~~ ~~ 4'*.,'. t 4.*' r 4. U 4**.'*.'^ "l'^. ',-.'. .-* .



Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified nationals of
Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States and Associate Members
of the Caribbean Community to fill the following positions with assigned
duty station in Guyana:

(i) Project Officer, Administrative Services
(ii) Assistant General Counsel
(iii) Senior Legal Officer
(iv) Legal Officer
Full details of these positions may be obtained by accessing the
Secretariat's web page at
Applications with full curriculum details, including nationality, date of birth,
work experience, educational qualifications, summary of professional
skills andlor expertise, language proficiency, list of professional
publications, three references (at least two of whom must be familiar with
the applicant's work),and other relevant information, shouldbe sent to the
Human Resource Management, Caribbean Community Secretariat, Bank of
Guyana Building, Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown, Guyana or by email
to applnhrm(
The Secretariat will commence considering applications for the position at
(i) from 17 February, 20050and the positions at (ii) to (iv) from 21 February,
2 0 0 5 . .-. ., .. ... -..- -. . ..-. - .-. .. .. . . .. . .-. _.. -... ..

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Guyana Chronic



YOUTH Leader, teacher/edu-
cator, artist, poet, Jacob
Willien Chinapen was born
on June 17, 1908 at Albion, a
little-known village on the
Corentyne Coast of Berbice
and went on to score a num-
ber of firsts in various
endeavours of life in the
colony of British Guiana. He
also immortalised his birth-
place in his only published
book of poems 'Albion Wilds'.
Chinapen was born in a de-
cade that produced significant
writers like N. E. Cameron,
Edgar Mittleholzer, and C. E. J.
Ramcharitar-Lalla, all from the
ancient county of Berbice, each
ascribed with a first in three dif-
ferent aspects of our literary heri-
It must be noted that
Chinapen entered a world con-
trolled by a sugar plantation
mentality, ruled by the innova-
tive British and influenced by the
church. Examples of how per-
vading that control of the church
was could be seen in the first or
Christian name/s of many Indi-
ans even to this day.
However, he grew up at the tail
end of indentureship (of Indians
from India to British Guiana,
1838 1917). This meant that he
was greeted by a situation where
freed Indians were already mak-
ing an impact on the society
other than in the field. Not that
life was any easier for Indians
but being a resourceful people
they grabbed at slight conces-
sions, creating opportunities for
Professor Clem Seecharan
described the advent of Indians
to Guyana as escaping to "an
area of possibilities.. .they be-
came adept at exploiting every
niche conducive to gain". For in-
stance, in 1899 William Hewley
Wharton, the first Indian (born
in British Guiana) to study at a
British University, graduated as
a doctor of medicine.
Chinapen was educated at
the Albion Canadian Mission
School where religious instruc-
tion and Christian dogma were
fare of the day. He later attended
the Berbice High School in New
Amsterdam and it was a possi-
bility that he was there when the
institution changed from a boy's
school to a co-ed school in 1920.
He started his teaching career
at his alma mater as a Pupil
Teacher and was among the first
batch of graduates from the
Teacher's Training College, 1928
1930, going on to serve
schools in Demerara and Berbice.
While he was attached to Broad
Street Government School, he
gained valuable teaching experi-
ence under Lugard Dolphin, a
highly respected master in the
art of teaching., (That institution
"as later renamed Dolphin Gov-
",'ii'-'iMnapen's first promotion

as Headmaster was at In fact, Chinapen referred to
Lachmansingh Memorial Gov- his trip to England in 1961 as his
ernment School at Bush Lot, 'pilgrimage', taking time off
West Coast Berbice, where from his studies to see places of
through his leadership the school literary interest such as the
won the first Woolford Effi- Tintern Abbey, Stoke Poges
ciency Shield in 1947. Church and the haunts of the
It was at this school in Bush Scholar Gipsy.
Lot, Chinapen came into contact Despite the Victorian influ-
with and was a positive influ- ence, Chinapen was able to, ac-
ence on the late Cleveland cording to AJ Seymour, "marry
Hamilton who was later to pen the best of his cultural heritage
the lyrics of the 'Song of the Re- coming from the east with the
public'. Hamilton, writing to A. life of the land of his birth and
J. Seymour on the latter's 70th therefore bridge the differing ma-
birth anniversary, described that trices which belong to the differ-
association with 'Chinaps' like ent continents and different
this: "Chinapen, you will agree, ways of life' (Forward to
was one of the most talented 'Albion Wilds'). This is seen in
persons in his or your or our 'Crossing the Berbice one
generation. He was a teacher of Evening' Surya (the sun) his
excellence and dedication, an art- course too is ending/Tree-tops
ist of the first order, and a poet his last rays attending...
whose fragile, gossamer lyricism His crowning achievement in
has seldom been equalled. It car- poetry came in 1960 when he
ried with it a purity that was won the Jagan Gold Medal for
or is almost transcendental." literature the highest literary
In 1950, Chinapen was award in Guyana for his book
transferred to Messiah Cana- of 26 poems, 'ALBION
dian Mission School on the WILDS'. What was significant
Corentyne Coast where he about that award was that the
spent some 13 years. In 1957, government of the day, at that
the institution became the early stage of the development
centre of a new approach to of a Guyanese consciousness,
education, 'The Project placed priority on literature.
Method'. Chinapen was there (And art, as evidenced by the
to execute that programme, awarding the Burnham Gold
another first, a pioneer in Medal for Art during that same
education. dispensation.)
Chinapen's love for nature Two pieces of that prize-
and respect for human resources winning collection became so
constrained him to organise and popular that 'Crossing the
direct a successful Youth Club, Berbice' River was set to music
the first of its kind in the area. and placed in the repertoire of
He understood the spirit of national songs and 'On the beach
youth a sailor now traversing at No. 63' closely wrought in
seas unknown/a motorist Christian mysticism became a
careering round the bend (taken hymn to this a highly religious
from 'To Veka') and undertook nation. 'And strange,. as I thus
the harnessing of that energy. contemplated round-/I felt I
It was not surprising there- stood upon some hallowed
fore for his continued promotion ground./O vision immanent! It
of youth activities he became the dawned on me/Christ trod the
first, yet another first, president peaceful sands at Sixty-three!'
of the Upper Corentyne Re- The pun on the word
gional Youth Council. 'Albion' should be noted the
Chinapen started writing in title for this first book, paying
1931 when 'the horizon of his homage to both his birthplace
youthful life was darkened by and to Britain (also called
ominous clouds'. He sought ref- Albion), equating a small vil-
uge in the famous 'Gitanjali' by lage to a superpower.
Rabindranath Tagore whose Chinapen was always loyal to
works he read regularly until his Guyana, his patriotism ring-
death. Four short years after he ing out from-'Guyana! Loved
started to write, Chinapen's po- Guyana!' "let me in thy ser-
ems were deemed good enough vice/stand firm and suffer
to be included in'the first anthol- long/and with my brothers
ogy of Indian poetry, An An- fashion/a nation great and
thology of Local Indian Verse' strong'
edited by Charles Ebenezer Chinapen's poetry appeared
James Ramc~jaritar-Lalla, 1934, in A.J. Seymour's 'Themes of
tediur!n'r'.' Indian poets. This Song', Elma Seymour's 'Sun is
anthology appeared to have been a Shapely Fire', 'Kyk-over-al',
published in response to the 'Kaie', and 'A New Guyana'.
'1931 collection, Guianese Po- His poetry could also be found
etry, compiled by N. E. in two significant anthologies on
Cameron, featuring works exclu- Indian writing: 'An Introduction
sively by Blacks. to the Poetry of the East Indian
Chinapen's published poems Diaspora', edited by Kampta
were steeped in local flavour but Karran in 1991 and 'They Came
their form was influenced by in Ships' (An Anthology of
.Wordsworth, Gray; Keats,, and, ,ndo,-Guyp~aee Prose and Po-
Mathew Arnold. His sonnets ,etry),selectqo by Lloyd Searwar,
were 'well crafted, fit to set-to lan' M:cDonjnal. Laxhmie
music.. alficharan and Joel Benjamin.'

This author was unable to
find any information relating to
the man as a potter or as an art-
ist. However, according to Dr.
Parsram Thukur, who was re-
lated to Chinapen through mar-
riage, he was able to trace two
pieces 'Moonlight' and
'Kiskadee'. Strange also was the
fact that Chinapen's immediate
relatives were until recently
without a photograph of the
man. (It is the sincere expecta-
tion of this author that this bi-
ography would stimulate re-
search by The National Art Gal-
lery or other related enterprises
into those missing dimensions of
Chinapen's life.)
'I've lived a full life' are
words that could describe the
sojourn of JW Chinapen on
earth. He died in 1965 in his late
50s, according to his second-gen-
eration relatives, of a heart at-

By Ruel Johnson

TOMORROW is Valentine's
Day, the day reserved for lov-
ers the world over to show
their appreciation for each
other in so many ways: ex-
change of gifts, the sharing of
intimate meals, a meaningful
night out on the town.
Valentine's Day has -
throughout the evolution of its
celebration come to
symbolise a sort of one day
truce between the ongoing
battle of the sexes, a ceasefire
to that perpetual but neces-
sary conflict which afflicts and
advances human civilisation.
In today's world of so much
e-efficiency, of scientific and
technological advancement, of
the so-called primacy of the hu-
man capacity for reason over
emotion, the concept of roman-
tic love is fast losing currency.
It seems that our emotional at-
tention spans are growing shorter
and shorter and most of the
people of this current genera-
tion-next hold relationships to-
gether long enough to buy the
next best thing in cell phones;
the old boyfriend or girlfriend
goes out the door with the old
Tales of true modern are be-
coming less and less available,
but thankfully they have not be-
come extinct. One such modem
romance played out on, the
stage f fair Georgetown- is one
asu oais oftamour in a desert-

tack while travelling from Berbice
to Georgetown to behold his
newborn grandson, Rudra.
Perhaps that life-in-death
situation was a fitting end to a
man who saw 'my immortality'
in everything.

Elma Seymour's 'Sun is a
Shapely Fire'.
A. J. Seymour's Forward
to 'Albion Wilds'
The Guiana Graphic,
Telephone conversations
with Chinapen's relatives
Conversations with
Parsram Thukur

Comments contact this
author by telephone 226-0065
or Email:

of interpersonal ennui..the cur-
rent irony of using the metaphor
of desert/Georgetown well-
noted, but warily ventured none-
Imagine if you will, a world-
weary traveller, a quiet man
filled with the magical art of
making food taste good, whose
talent has made him the favoured
chef of several ambassadors of
his country. Before arriving in
Guyana about seven years ago,
Chitar Persad born in the In-
dian state of Uttar Pradesh had
travelled all over Asia, to places
like Sri Lanka, Nepal,
Bangladesh, Japan, Hong Kong,
mainland China, Dubai and even
as far away as Cyprus.
Upon arriving in Guyana -
an, employee of then Indian High
Commissioner to Guyana Sri
Prakash V. Joshi Chitar was
approached by a Guyanese em-
ployee of the Indian High Com-
mission, Naresh to go talk to an
old man. This old and ailing man,
a Mr. Narain Ramrup was
enamoured of all things Indian -
he whose forebears had arrived
here from India generations be-
fore and wanted to hear about
the country from one of its na-
Hardevi Ramrup had
grown up in Queenstown,
Georgetown and had
harboured dreams of being a
doctor, but when, due to per-
sonal circumstances, she
couldn't, she settled for the
closest thing. Shehad hei
'.fiist(job with the St. John's'

U.S. blishers bri
amorously challenge
York on February

Ambulance Brigade where
she eventually began to teach
first aid and home nursing.
From there she went on to be-
ing assistant medical tech-
nologist at Prashad Hospital.
She then took a break from
her job when her father fell

itaand Hare
,. Chitar and Hardev



~Y r

le February, 13, 2005

and comfo
ei rekindle romance, hedi

out a sew of a s degned to fuel pions here, were photograph' n'

d before Valentines Day on .eb
,2005. (peter MorganlReuters)

It was here that Chitar first
laid eyes on her. He spent two
weeks visiting Ramrup, the two
men Chitar in his mid-twen-
ties, Ramrup much older, older
enough in fact to be Chitar's fa-
ther beginning to develop what
would have been indeed a great
friendship. Tragically however

- if not unexpectedly Ramrup
Chitar carried on the friend-
ship with the old man's family,
however, speaking every now
and again with Ramrup's elder
daughter, Bibi, over the phone.
One day, he invited, Ramrup's
family to dinner, and there a
budding flame for Hardevi a
quiet woman in her mid-twenties
- began to set in.
From that day, Chitar be-
gan to send messages to the
young woman through a secu-
rity guard at the Indian high
commission, notes that that
Hardevi either ignored or sent
rude responses to.
"I never liked him," says
Hardevi, "I used to send mes-
sages saying 'Hey, tell this guy
I'm married and (I) have three
Chitar used to visit the fam-
ily home and talk for hours with
Bibi, while Hardevi would stay
locked in her room throughout
the visit. Being spurned while he
was around her, and his mes-
sages making no impact, Chitar
began sending the most meaning-
ful gifts he could; samples of his
cooking. These Hardevi decided
to give away.
This quiet pursuit went on
for, amazingly, for almost five
years and when on the behest
of her sister Hardevi finally
decided to go on a date with
Chitar, the High Commissioner's
tenure in Guyana was almost

at their wedding. They Wvet fto the cinemaa to
'at their wedd n ., i -,1:,, -, ,III ,II !

watch a Bollywood film,
Hardevi recalls. She also recalls
how many of their subsequent
'dates' went.
"I used to arrange to meet
him at the seawall, or at the mu-
seum, or somewhere and don't
show up," she says.
Eventually, however, some-
thing got through. Hardevi began
to see something in the resilience
of the man that had pursued her
for five years. Six months after
they had first gone out, Hardevi
and Chitar were married; Mr.
Joshi having to leave Guyana
without his much-favoured chef.
Today, they own and oper-
ate what else? a restaurant
specialising in Indian and Asian
dishes. Though it started out -
much like their relationship on
an uneasy footing, Taj Reslau-
rant has slowly grown stronger
and with the couple's second an-
niversary just a couple of
months away, Taj 2 (their sec-
ond offspring as such) is already
in the making.
So, when tomorrow comes
around and you and that spe-
cial person trade presents
made out to look more expen-
sive then they really are, or
sit staring into each other's
eyes over that overpriced
undercooked meal, remember
what Valentine's Day is all
about. It's about love, true
Love like Chitar's which
withstands the worst of slights
and rebuffs and which some-
times, though 'aaybe not of-
ten, subsists on nothing and in

)rt the
in New


y Claudia Parsons

NEW YORK (Reuters) Sing
a song, roll up your sleeves,
hunt in packs, buy a pink
umbrella, don't diet, learn
from your pets, give your
tongue a workout, raise your
standards, accept every
invitation, consider Botox.
This is just some of the
relationship advice on offer
before Valentine's Day, a time
when U.S. publishers bring out
a slew of self-help books
designed to fuel passions,
rekindle romance and comfort
the amorously challenged.
Among February's titles are
'Flirting 101', 'Mr Right, Right
Now! Man Catching Made
Easy', 'Love Signals: A Practical
Field Guide to the Body
Language of Courtship', and 'Be
Honest You're Not That Into
Him Either', responding to last
year's 'He's Just Not That Into
You' which sold over 500,000
Stacy Kravetz, author of
'The Dating Race: An undercover
report from the front lines of
modern-day romance', says the
matchmaking business in the
United States is worth more
than $1 billion a year. The
market for advice is clearly
booming too.
'Flirting 101' urges readers
to develop a "personal brand"
and practice flirting for business.
It offers a dictionary of text-
message flirting including such
terms as 'HOT4U' and '2 6Y'
and issues warnings on personal
hygiene and scent.
"A short word on sweat,
not a guaranteed technique,"
write the authors Michelle Lia
Lewis and Andrew Bryant.
"Male sweat can be a turn-
on to some women but only if
it is fresh ... If you miss your
window of opportunity (20
minutes) it will definitely repel."
To prepare yourself
psychologically the book
encourages the nervous to sing a
song such as 'I'm Too Sexy' by
Right Said Fred before ending out
to face the world.

such as 'The Hollywood Kiss'
LEARNING FROM FISH 'The Statue.Kiss' and 'Lip-o-
'Love Signals', whose author suction'.
David Givens boasts a PhD in 'Blow Him Away' and 'The
anthropology, compares human Low Down on Going Down'
courtship to animal behaviour, give more adult advice from a
from peacocks to lizards and speech therapist who realized
prairie chickens. that exercises designed to cure a
The infallible "pass-by" lisp had other benefits.
maneuver, Givens says,
resembles the mating ritual of the GET OUT THERE, BUT
stickleback fish, called the zig- NOT IN FEBRUARY
zag dance. The favourite ruse of Former divorce lawyer
dropping an item such as a glove Samantha Daniels offers dating
is a submissive sign of tips such as "Botox is not very
helplessness that mirrors what is painful" in her book
observed in bonobo 'Matchbook: The Diary of a
chimpanzees. Modern-Day Matchmaker',
Women are attracted by chronicling a year finding
hands and wrists so roll up soulmates for New York's
those sleeves, he urges. young, professional and rich
Everybody likes to see singles.
harmlessnesss signals" such as The woman who inspired
shrugged shoulders and the NBC sitcom 'Miss Match'
mimicking gestures. And big hair sums up her philosophy as "You
is a big no-no. "Big hair is get invited, you go; that's what
simply too big, and makes a head my grandmother taught me."
loom too close for comfort," But she warns not to expect
Givens writes. too much in February.
'Mr. Right, Right Now!' "Valentine's Day is a funny
acknowledges on the first holiday: a lot of people insist it's
page that there are too many a romantic holiday, but it might
self-help books, mainly be better described as the
because they don't work and breakup holiday. Thousands o0
they make readers feel worse relationships end on that day, all
than they did before, leading because of unmet expectations."
them to seek out another self- Another tale ot
help book. disappointments is 'The Pig and
"I understand your 1: Why it's. so easy to love an
problems with the term Man animal, and so hard to live with
Catcher," writes author E. Jean a man.
Carroll. "It implies a rash The woman wk.h more
wanton, a 'snagger,' or worse, a serious problems on her mind
'trapper.' But I use the term in may welcome 'The Lazy
the noblest sense of a nimble, Husband: How to r men to
witty woman who can filch a do more parent, g and
man's heart when he's not even housework', which -ame out
looking." on February 10 jus, in time
The book offers a six-week for the big day.
man-catching program: Don't The author, psy hologist
take men seriously, do not diet Joshua Coleman, s:, it's no
and pick a pink umbrella on a coincidence such 's.oks are
rainy day. For the impatient generally written for ,men.
there's a shortened six-day "It is written i women
programme. For the very because most men wI 't read a
impatient, six hours, book like this, and men aren't
What if you have a date but going to be highly motivated to
are still worried about that first change a system which is largely
kiss? 'The .Art qf Kising' by ,. workig for them," he said.
William Cane isbeing.reprinted, Does all 4ifdsadviee work?-.
i6 include the latest innovations' f 'Chck back on Tles-t'' ,'

- -- ---- -. -- I



Valentine is always associated with lovers, so we wish each
one a Happy Valentine Day. Have fun.

Deputy Commissioner
Human and Financial Resources Division

The Guyana Revenue Authority is seeking a qualified and experienced person, who wishes to
work in a dynamic and challenging environment, to serve in the position of Deputy Commissioner,
Human and Financial Resources Division.


The Deputy Commissioner, Human and Financial Resources Division is responsible for:

1. The day to day operations of the Human Resources and Finance and Administration

2. Recruitment, training and development of staff and all other staff welfare matter.

3. The planning, budgeting, monitoring and controlling of the Revenue Authority's Financial

4. Preparation of monthly reports and yearly Financial Statements.

The Deputy Commissioner must be able to provide advice on Human Resources,' Industrial
Relations, and Financial and Budgetary matters.



Master's Degree with specialization in Human Resources Management, Business Management or
Public: Administration and/or a professional accounting designation or an acceptable combination
of Accountancy and Human Resources Management disciplines.

Exp ience

Significant experience in all aspects of Human Resources Management and Development,"
Industrial Relations, Accountancy, Government Accounting, Procurement of Assets, Awarding of
Contacts and the Preparation of Financial Statements.

Applied ions with detailed curriculum vitae should be submitted no later than Febraury 21, 2005 to the:

Commissioner General
Guyana Revenue Authority
357 Lamaha and East Streets, Georgetown Government ads can be viewed on
Email: gra@networks.cp, ;., 4 ', ",,', ;','. -,, 'jttp'/iww*


We Care.


will be in.



Applications are being invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the
temporary vacancies of Nursing Assistant, Midwife, Staff Nurse and Staff
Nurse/Midwife for a period of three (3) months.


Nursing Assistant
* Successful completion of Nursing Assistant training programme and
registration with the General Nursing Council (GNC) of Guyana.

* Registered Midwife certificate

Staff Nurse
* Certificate in professional nursing and Register with the General
Nursing Council of Guyana in professional nursing.

Staff Nurse/Midwife
* The Jobholder must have qualifications in Nursing and Midwifery
registerable with the General Nursing Council of Guyana.

Applications, along with two (2) recent references can be sent to:

The Director, Administrative Services
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation
New Market Street
North Cummingsburg

Deadline for applications is Tuesday February 15, 2005
S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A T C B H C T F E C S C K R A .G
N T O H Y C R H A M C' E E L I B
K M F A E N T I' A A C I E R L H
S C H O M S G T. K E T T V R U F

Page XII

i-~~ndaL' i~~l~nicle I-~~t~iljj~'C~: ~b05




(From page II) feel-good evening, made even
more special with close
ago another chance. If you're friends and great gifts. You
nervous about calling, send- can also have a "makeover"
ing email is a simple, effec- party, where everyone brings
tive way to open the lines of their favourite beauty prod-
communication. Sometimes uct and guests experiment by
Mr. Right is right under your mixing and matching cosmet-
nose or simply buried in "ics and making each other
your little black book. over.
5. Keep things simple: If 8.'Celebrate your loved
you have a date with a new man ones: Valentine's Day is the per-
on Valentine's Day, don't feet time to focus on all the
overdo it. Keep things simple loved ones in your life. Send a
and understated. Let your date card to a close friend or family
know that you don't expect to member tpelebrate your rela-
go som You tion all that
just e wih d, Jtoyoi. is the
enji company at a c to treasure all the you
sp don't be afraid to discu ave in your life.
yo plans. Your date will ap- 9. Be good to yo f:
ate your broaching the What better occasion n
su ct that way, he won't. Valentine's Day to send r
h o decide what to do all by self some flowers? And e
hi If (and worry about you're doing the order u
wl he made the right deci- can receive your. f ite
sion ye the romantic venues blooms. Or, if you si love
for wl you're an "official" .:chocolate and are f deca-
couple. er option: Plan a .dent, treat yours~ big box
group outi h other new of assorted Take plea-
couples. This pressure sure in b .ch one to see
off the status of t f you' what king for more
and will lighten the w ulge? A massage is
6. Avoid card an w' .-" ay to go. Call up your
stores: This is one time ofIi spa or health club and
when it's wise to steer clear ake a Valentine's Day ap-
such specialty shops. Why pack pointment. Your body and soul
yourself in with all those lovey- will thank you.
dovey Valentine's Day shop- 0 10. Prepare to party like
pers? It will only leave you feel- &a pro: Whether you throw a
ing empty. iValentine's Day party or at-
7. Throw an all-girls tend one, you want to be re-
theme party: Valentine's Day laxed, confident and in the
isn't a couples-only holiday. mood. To get yourself in the
Orchestrate a girls' night get- party mindset (or to just en-
together where everyone; joy the ultimate evening at
brings a grab-bag gift. Set a home), pamper yourself.
price limit. If you want, come Take an aromatherapy bubble
up with a theme, such as bath, play your favorite mu-
Single and Loving It, or Re- sic, light some candles, paint
lax. Your guests can bring your toenails red and so on.
their favourite books, girl- If you're heading out to a co-
powered movies (think ed bash, invite some girl-
Thelma and Louise or friends over early for a pre-
Shirley Valentine), scented party toast. Go, girls this is
soaps and so on. It's a real your night! villageg)


His Excellency the President of Ihe Republic of Guyana

has approved the extension of the duration of the

Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of Ministerial

Involvement in Extra-Judica tKillings for one (1) month

that is up to the 28th' day of February, Two Thousand

and Five.

SRoger F. Luncheon, M.D.
.Head, Presidential Secretariat

NA M E:.................................................................................................... NA M E :...............I ,...............................................................................
ADDRE SS:. ...................................... ... ............................. NA M E: ... .......... ....................
ADDRESS:................................ ........................ADDRESS:..............................................









To testify.
Television Channel. 23.
Prefix variant spelling 24.
This was the state of a
young sportsman who 25.
neglected the advice of
his coach.
Determined by or
resembling the moon.
Synonym for the word, 1
clatter. .
Animals, are found
here. 3.
"So shall they fear the 4
name of the Lord
from the west and his
glory from the rising
of the sun. When the ; 6
***** come in like a

A new 'Must-Be-Won'
Crossword puzzle for
$40,000.00 is now presented
to you. Please note, as a
result of the effects of the
flood situation here in
Regions #3,4 and 5, our new
'Republic Day Celebration'
competition will be drawn
on Friday, February 25,
2005. The rule for this
competition is that the best.
entry wins the prize money
of $40,000.00. If there is
more than one winner the
prize money will be shared
among the winners.

The additional incentive of
$1,000.00 and $2,000.00 for
the 40+ and 80+ entries
groupings is still in effect.

flood the Spirit of the 8.
Lord shall lift up a
standard against him."
A silvery freshwater 11
Metric prefix. 13
This was missing from
the musician's
Expert. 15


Synonym for the
word, swear.
Word used as a
A snake-like fish with
a slender elongated
body and poorly
developed fins.
Personal name. I

Waterfallon the left 1 6.
bank of the Essequibo
River. 18.
SMonth of the Gregorian 20.
. A yellow light used as a
cautionary signal
between green for 'go' 21.
and red for'stop'.
. Prefix within, inside.

Word used as a
A fruit used medicinally
to stimulate the
immune system and as
a detoxifying agent.
Medium Frequency

Ace, amber, aye, clack, clang, clash, CNN, crowd, .-.
damn, darn, December, den, depone, depose,
duplicate, eel, en, en, enemy, eye, February, group,
kilo, loner, loser, lunar, ma, MF, Mona, Mope,
Mora, nano, Narvon, Noni, Norman, Norwin,
NTN, November, Orfe, pa, pair, pear, pen, pico.
pro, replicate, TBN, wiz, zipper, zither.

If you play smart you can. win
this offer of $40,000.00. The
more you play the greater is the
possibility of winning. The
amount of entries submitted
must be covered by the
relevant sums of money or
they will not be judged. Then
place those entries in a
Chronicle Crossword box at a
location near to you.

If you need coupons just
purchase a copy of 'the
Sunday or Wednesday
Chronicle. For extra coupons
purchases can be made at our
offices in Linden, New
Amsterdam and G/Town.
You can also purchase extra
coupons from Mr. Vincent
Mercurius of 11 Section 'E'
D'Edwards, Rosignol,
Berbice. They cost $40.00 per

Chronicle or $20.00 each.

Players are reminded that no
entry is opened before on the day the
puzzle is drawn and that
judging does not begin
before when the last
entry is opened. The solution
to the puzzle is not known
before that time.

This apart our. general rules

We do hope and pray that
our many fans and residents
affected by the flood would
experience quick relief and
resolution to this ongoing

Crossword Committee

, ... ,pair. as they appear in the -' -'" .'i.

, ' , '- ' I .1i 7m, -, -k -a V '010' .f I I AY, 7;


.. . .. . .. .. .. .. . . .

~ ~fitt~C~ay,~~Z) ~ir:I~:l~f;S7FCI~Y tl.C~3~ ~~c~5

........................ I. I.- I

-hi n

$40,DO,.-00"-M -ST=:EmO.N I






Paga XIV.

Sunday Chronicle February 13, 2005


Ovine foot rot
Swas first
reported in
1969. It is an
infectious, contagious disease
of sheep that causes severe
lameness and economic loss
from decreased flock
production. Contagious foot
rot is caused by the
synergistic action of two
anaerobic bacteria. The
bacteria Fusobacterium
necroborum is commonly
present in soil, manure, etc.
and colonizes the soft tissue
between the toes of the
sheep. This is followed by
penetration of the skin by a
second bacteria (Bacterioido
Snodusus). Both bacteria have
to be present to cause foot
rot, along with, proper
environmental conditions.
There are around 20 stains
of B. Nodusus, with various
infective capacity and
severity of infection. When
controlling foot rot, it is the
B. Nodusus organism that
most of the attention is
focused toward.
Environmental conditions
conducive to outbreaks of foot
rot are warmth, moisture and
an anaerobic (no oxygen)

Foot rot is caused by the
introduction of sheep into flock
carrying the disease, by carrier
sheep that have a relapse or by
contaminated premises. Since
the B. Nodusus organism will
live in soil for only 14 days, the
major means of contamination is
by sheep to sheep contact.
Lameness is usually the major
sign of an infected animal,
although sheep with an early
infection may not exhibit
lameness. The area between
the toes first becomes moist
and reddened. Then the
infection invades the sole of the
hoof, undermining and causing
separation of the horny tissues.
The infection causes a
characteristic foul odor and may
infect one or ore feet at the same
time. Not all lame sheep have
foot rot. Before undertaking an
eradication, treatment, or
control program, it is best to
consult a veterinarian for a
positive diagnosis and advice.
Foot rot bacteria can live in
cracks, crevices, etc. of sheep's
feet for an extended of time
thus; a sheep can serve as a
carrier of foot rot without
showing symptoms. This
becomes a very important

consideration when trying to
prevent foot rot.
Other conditions related to
foot rot are foot abscesses and
foot scald or gald. Abscesses can
be cause by puncture of sharp
objects and are not always
related to foot rot. Foot scald
is often a precursor to foot
The least expensive
method of controlling foot rot is
to prevent its introduction into
clean flocks. Overwhelmingly,
the most common cause of
introducing foot rot to a flock
is by the introduction or co-
mingling of new sheep to the
farm. When buying sheep, they
should be isolated from the rest
of the flock and be treated as if
they have foot rot or other
infective diseases.
There are now more
techniques available to treat
foot rot than we have ever had
available. The use of
footbaths, foot trimming, oral
therapy, foot rot vaccines and
portable handling equipment
have helped tremendously in
the fight against foot rot.
However, fighting foot rot is
still a hard, long battle.
Since the foot rot organism
is anaerobic, the introduction of


K '!^

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. invites applications for the position of Management
Trainee with its Factory Operations Department. On successful completion of the programme
individuals will be appointed Shift Managers ina Factory on an Estate.

Programme Content:
Includes understanding cane yards, cane preparation and milling, steam and power generation,
juice treatment, clarification and filtration, evaporation, crystallisation, centrifugal separation and
sugar handling, factory chemical control and instrumentation. Additional, the incumbent will be
exposed fully to all aspects of Sugar Factory Operations and Maintenance, Such persons will be
expected to fulfill the functions of a Shift Manager during the Crop, and practice his/her specialist
skill in the Out of Crop Maintenance.

A University Degree, preferable in the following disciplines:
Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering or Chemistry
Experience in a Sugar Factory will be an asset
Willingness to work and live on any of our Estates, where
housing and other related facilities are provided.

The position carries an attractive compensation package.

The programme will expose trainees to both on-the-job and classroom training, which.'is
anticipated to last between twelve to eighteen months, depending on the background of the
candidates, and their capacity to absorb and apply training provided.

SApplications along with detailed CV must be submitted no later than February 16, 2005to:

The Training Manager
- GuyanaSugar Corporation Inc.
Ogle Estate
East Coast Demerara "

oxygen to its environment will
help in eradicating it. Thus, it is
important to keep sheep's hoofs
trimmed. Elimination of
overgrown hoof tissue will
result in less mud and manure-
packing, which aids in
environmental conditions
conducive to foot rot
When treating foot rot,
the first thing one should do
is to separate the affected
sheep from the sheep not
showing symptoms. Next, one
would need to trim feet on all
sheep, whether infected or
not. Be careful to not spread
foot rot from infected to non-
infected sheep through hoof
trimmers, pocketknives or
other equipment. After foot
trimming, the use of regular
soaking in a footbath of a
copper sulfate solution (10%
w/v) can greatly help
eradicating the disease. For
best results, sheep should
stand in a footbath for at least
five minutes at least two to
three times weekly. Also,
when trimming feet, be sure
to trim fairly severely on
infected sheep to allow the
copper sulphate to penetrate
the hoof area. The use to
copper sulphate solution in
the footbath can be useful
but-toxic if consumed by the
sheep. There are several
other solutions that can be
applied to the hoof
immediately after paring that

are helpful in controlling
foot rot. These are:
solution in alcohol one 25.69
- grams pkg to V2 cup water, to
which 1 quart of alcohol is
Copper sulphate in
pine tar -- 2 parts CuSO4 in one
part pine tar.
Penicillin in alcohol -
5 million units of potassium
penicillin G with 10ml water,
then add to a quart of water.

Vaccination of flocks with a
history of foot rot can help in
prevention and in treatment of
current cases. However, just
because a sheep is vaccinated
for foot rot does not mean it is
immune to infection. The
vaccine does not cover all the
strains of foot rot. Producers
with clean flocks can control
foot rot more economically by
prevention rather than
Antibiotics can also be
used to help treat cases of
foot rot. Penicillin and
streptomycin combinations
used either as a one shot
treatment (lml/ 81b) or
everyday up to ten days has
proven to be effective'in
treating foot rot. Procaine
Penicillin G or long acting
penicillin products at the
same dosage may also be
effective. Single infections of
long lasting tetracycline have
also been successful in some

cases. Use of these should be
after consultation with or by
a veterinarian and should
never be used on animals that
are intended for slaughter
before an adequate
withdrawal time.
Be wary of carrier sheep
in your flock. Cull severely
infected sheep that do not
respond to treatment. If the
same few ewes or rams are
always the first ones to show
symptoms of foot rot disease,
they are probably carriers and
need to be culled. f/here can
be a genetic susceptibility to
foot rot. Research by Dr.
Charles Parker at the
Dubois, Idaho Sheep
Research Station, has shown
that some sheep are more
susceptible to foot rot than
others. Also, there can be
breed differences in
susceptibility to foot rot.
Thus, Families of sheep that
have a resistance to foot rot
should be propagated, while
susceptible families should
be culled. Taking notes and
referring to records can help
in identification of these



I -
SI was wrongfully dismissed from my place of employment. I was re-instated ,
by the Courts, but have not received any salary for a number of months, -o
Despite the fact that I have been reporting for duty every day since my
Sre-instatement. My concern is that I am unwell and need to go on sick ler 1
Since my employer is not recognizing my employment, paying me any lQry o1
etc, what can I do to enjoy NIS Benefit?

Your situation is a rather ticklish one to deal with. Do, remember NIS-sickness -
Benefit is paid in cases where there is loss. of income. Income and other
Information are provided by your employer, and this is used by NIS to determine
the rate of Benefit. Because of your employment and other legal issues.,
I would suggest you go ahead, see the Doctor and submit the Medical to you-
Semployer. If helshe refuses to complete the relevant Forms to assist in your
SClaim, then I suggest that you do two(2) things: .
1. Bring your Medicalto NIS and have it stamped and queried.
2. Visit our Compliance Section.
Please note that whilst NIS will be willing to offer necessary assistance-in,
Processing your Claim, this cannot be done without the Compliance of -IN
Your employer. Note also, that whereas NIS is not without the authority, to ,
enforce Compliance, your particular circumstance may take some time and,
be influenced by further Court procedures.
INotwithstanding the difficulties identified, please seek to have your Sick leavei.;', I
submitted to NIS.
Do you have a question on N.I.S ? Then writelcall. '.. -.
C/O Dianne Lewis Baxter
Publicityand Public Relations Officer (ag)
National Insurance Scheme
Brickdam and Winter Place
P.O. Box. 101135
SE-mail:" .
Tel: 227-3461 ., '
I I I I I I I i I I I l I

. Im

- - - - --
al I ~I I i (I I In i i I I i inn oot Ir_-S 1 i,1 1

7 -r
1. ,

Page 3

S ( From page 5)
3. 53/5 + 2 4/5 > 5
4. 1 /9 + 22/3 < 1 '2
5.45/7 + 31/18 < 2

Using Inverse Operations

Look at this example below.

3/1 X 7/9 = 1/3

1/3 + 7/9 = 3/7

3/7 1/3 = 7/9

Chek, the lines once
them fulff

Let's et rolling!
3/7-7/9= 3 X 7


Their 1/3 7/9 = 1 X 9

1 XC9

more to understand

And 1/3 3/7 = 1 X7

Lool at this other reasoning.

7/8 < 4/9 = 7/18

7/18 + 4/9 = 7/8

7/18 7/8 = 4/9

Shof working to prove

7/8 4/9= 7/18
8iX 4
7/18 7

And 8
/18+4/9 =7/8

8X 4

And 7/18 + 7/8 = 4/9

18 X7

Find these out

1. 2.4/9 X 3/11 =
2. 6 3/10 X 5/9 =
3. 7 7/8 X 4/9 =
4. 7 3/5 X b =
5. a X 24/9 =
6. 3 % X c =

Try Working these

7. Some number multiplied by 4/9 equals 1 1/
8. Some number multiplied by 5/22 equals 1.
9. Some number divided by 6/7 equals 5 4/9.
10. Some number divided by 5 2/3 equals 6/85.
11. 3 6/7 multiplied by some number equals 99/

A peek at Mixed Operations

Look at this rule: When there are brackets,
work the brackets first.

(6 + 1 7/8) X21/4

5 2
( 5 X8 )X 21/4
4 X15
1 3

10/3 X2 1/4

10 X9
3 X4

15/2 = 71/2

This can also be done

6/4 1 7/8 X 2 14

25 X 8 X 9
4 X 15 X4

15/2 = 71/2

(To be continued next week)


Howard: I've just finished a piece of background
Lisa: Background music? Oh, like the music
they're playing here now.
Howard: Yes. You hear it everywhere -
restaurants, airports, supermarkets, department
stores -
Bill: In banks, too. I noticed it while we
were in the bank today.
Lisa: Did you? I didn't.
Howard: You're not supposed to notice it. It's
just there, in the background. It's supposed to
influence your attitudes; put you in the right
Lisa: I'm not sure I like that idea.
Howard: Well, it seems to work. Companies
pay millions of dollars every year for background
music. It's supposed to give you a better feeling
about yourself and the people around you.
Factories use it a lot. It makes the workers
happy, and they work better that way. In one
factory, music increased production 4.5 percent.
Bill: I should think they'd get tired of
hearing music all day.
Howard: They don't though. One fellow in
San Fernando told me, "If the music stops,
somebody always runs to the telephone to
Lisa: Now that I think about it, I can't
remember when there wasn't background music
in restaurants and stores.
Howard: That shows how young you are.
Actually, it all started during World War II when
some factories had their own orchestras to keep
workers happy and calm. Now, of course, the
music is piped in to a machine, and different
kinds of music are played at different times
during the day. They play faster music at ten in
the morning than at eight, for instance, because
workers tend to be slower then.
Bill: What about restaurants? Do they
play the same music for lunch and dinner?
Howard: I don't know about that, but I know
that hamburger places play fast music. When
they started playing faster music, they found
that a customer spent only seventeen minutes
eating. The time was twenty-two minutes
before that.
Lisa: So they have more people coming
in and out to buy hamburgers.
Howard: Exactly. And that's good for
business. You can see why music has become
so popular. In Scanton, for instance, thirty
different companies are selling background

music services.
Lisa: I still think there's something about
it that I don't quite like.
Howard: I know what you mean, but lots of
people won't agree with you. The Xerox
Corporation in Rondale spends more than
$800,000 a year for background music. Prisons
use it, and farmers use it to keep their cattle
calm. It's even supposed to have an effect on
Bill: Well, it may calm cattle, but it's not
making me forget I'm hungry. Let's try to get
that waitress bring to us a menu.

Try These

1. Read the conversation once or twice more
and note the following particulars:
(a) The relationship between the persons
(b) Howard's friend.
(c) How Howard earns his living.
(d) Places where background music is
(e) Lisa does not like the background music.
Can you guess why?

2. Write a letter to a friend telling him or her
about the new things that interest you nowadays.
Include the information which the conversation
provided if it is new to you.


The Poem
I found a dimpled spider, fat and white,
On a white heal-all, holding up a moth
Like a white piece of white satin cloth -
Assorted characters of death and blight
Mixed ready to begin the morning right,
Like the ingredients of a witch's broth -
A snow-drop spider, a flower like froth,
And dead wings carried like a paper kite.
What had that flower to do with being white,
The wayside blue and innocent heal-all?
What brought the kindred spider to that height,
Then steered the white moth thither in the night?
What but design of darkness to appall? -
If design governs in a thing so small.
Robert Frost

1. What is the poem talking about?

(Please see page 4)

C 0 Mi'-IN E TR

(From page 3)

2. Give a name to the poem.
3. What are the following: heal-all, satin
cloth, witch's broth, kindred spider, design of
4. What is meant by the phrase "assorted
characters of death and blight"?
5. Copy off a figure of speech and name it.
Say how appropriate it is to the poet's message.
6. Would you say that the poem is awful?
Give your personal reasons.


Turn the following into Reported or Direct
Speech: (Remember that when you are turning
Direct into Indirect Speech, "your" and "our" in
Direct speech both become "their"; "I" and "you"
both become "we". If you are not careful you
will fail to make it clear to what or to whom the
pronoun refers. Some contexts do not make a
clear point of reference so the reader needs to
be helped. When a pronoun is not clear a noun
should be substituted for it.)
1. "Are you soldiers ready to follow me to the
death?" the general asked.
2. "If you do not move from here by to-
morrow," the policeman said, "I shall have to
compel you to do so."
3: "I do not believe," declared the referee,
"that the centre-forward was off-side when he
scored the goal."
4. 1 asked, "Where do I go from here?"
5. "The situation now," I argued, "is never
what it is last year nor what it will be next year."


Metaphor and Simile
Improving Expression: A direct and simple
statement is often the best way of saying what
you have to say. But, sometimes, you need to
add force to what you have to say by the use of
a figure of speech:

The sentence: "This new law is likely to
cause a great deal of opposition", can be written:
"This new law is likely to cause a storm of

We know that there will not actually be a
storm, but the opposition will be so violent that
it will appear like a storm. By u':;. r

speech a writer can often add force to what he
has to say. He may do it by exaggeration or by
saying the opposite of what he means (irony),
or by one of many other means. But most
commonly the writer uses the comparison
involved in Metaphor or Simile.

In a simile the comparison between two
things is claimed by the introductory use of "like"
or "as".

At noonday the cane fires flicker like red
tongues with black tips under the hot sun.

In a metaphor the idea of comparison is still
there but it is not advertised by the use of "as"
or "like"; it takes the form of a statement and it
is left to the reader to spot that in fact a figure
of speech has been used.

At noonday the black-tipped tongues of cane
fires flick under the sun.

Let's hope that you are now able to
recognize a simile or metaphor when you see
either one, and to say what is compared with
what, and why.

In the simile and metaphor gone before the
comparison is between the flames of the cane
fires and black-tipped tongues. Both may
flicker, both are to be found burning under the
noonday sun, both are behaving like tongues.

You may think that the comparison is a good
one or a bad one. Try to find reasons for your

You can say that probably the metaphor is
more difficult to detect than a simile. This is
partly because the metaphor is much more
likely to be compact.

Consider the following examples of simile
and metaphors. Tell in each case what is
compared and to what; and why is the
comparison made? Indicate clearly which is
metaphor and which is simile.
1. A big bird snapped in two like a brittle stick.
2. Their plots crystalised.
3. The road upon which we traveled was long
but at the end was the goal of freedom.
4. The university campus has had its face

Read the paragraph and try to understand
how each sentence communicates the same
amount and the same kind of information.

Boys-and girls were dressed like small
copies of their parents. Up to the age of five or
six years both boys and girls wore long dresses
that touched the ground. These dresses, and
those of the older girls, were tight at the waist
and had full, gathered skirts. Frequently they
wore aprons over their dresses. The older
boys wore doublets or jerkins (tight-fitting
jackets), and knee breeches, just like their
fathers. The older girls sometimes wore
shawls, and both boys and girls wore cloaks
(long capes) in cold weather.

Here is what you should conclude about the
above paragraph.
Sentences in a paragraph fit together
when a series of follow-up sentences
supply the details necessary to make you
see how true a general statement is.

Get into some books to observe the
paragraph types in action.

Write some paragraphs of your own.

Hello boys and girls,

Today you'll have some more worked
examples of multiplication and division with
fractions. Do not shy away from fractions! If
you do not understand something you must
learn, just tell yourself to grab it by the horns,
and to bully it until you become comfortable
learning it!
Do continue to function in study groups.


Revision: Multiplication and Division with

52 + 2 3/5

52 X 5

2 3/8 7/9 X 2/9

19 X 9 X 2
8 X 7 X 9


4/15 X 3/8 + 1 1/

4X 3X8
15 X 8 X 9
1 3

More Work

Division of

Mixed Numbers by Mixied

5 /4 + 1 2/5

24 X 5

15/4 = 3 /4

8 1/3 + 2 2/9



25 X 9
3 X 19


75/19 = 318/19

1 7/9 + 2 2/3

16 X 3
9 -X 8


Which of these statements are true? WI
statements are false?
1. 22/11 19/11 = 11/5
2. 7 1 2/5 < 4'
.- 4:"-.1??. ,*t *',,, ,, -' *- 1e<-, ltJ ,,, *"M4,

Page 4

Page 5

rnday~~tironicie -b~tr1 aeX



THESE days, a lot of at-
tention is being paid to: fibre
mainly because there has
been a steady decline in the
fibre in modern diets, espe-
cially in countries where the
popular taste is for highly re-.
fined white flours and cere-
als. Fibre, though, has been
around for a long time, and,
in fact, the foods our grand-
parents ate were no doubt
very high in it. The few times
people talked about it, they
probably calledit 'roughage'
and knew it helped the
*'bowels' to work properly.
But what is fibre exactly?
Fibre is essentially the por-
tion of food from. plants that
* the body cannot digest. Two
types of fibre have now been
identified -soluble fibre (can be
.dissolved) and insoluble fibre
(cannot be dissolved). Together,
they ate now referred to as 'di-
etary fibre'. It is not absorbed
by the body and it does not
supply nutrients. Then what
does it do?
The medical name for the
'bowels' is the 'colon' or 'large
intestine', and dietary fibre
helps to protect its health by
absorbing harmful waste
materials such as bacteria from
the body. The fact of its
indigestibility makes fibre very
beneficial to our digestive health.
This is because fibre adds 'bulk'
to the stool, thus increasing its
volume, and promotes regular
bowel movements by helping
push the stool along the

Ni 0T If

digestive tract more quickly and
Fibre also helps to protect
against conditions sIch as
Diverticulitis and Haemorhoids
S(piles). The faster passage of the
stool through the colon lessens
. the chance of the-potentially
cancer-causing agents known as
'carcinogens' coming into
contact with it. Therefore,
dietary fibre plays a crucial role
in. the prevention of colon
cancer. Research shows that
populations with the lowest
rates of colon cancer in the
-world also consume the largest
- quantity of dietary fibre.
Foods that are naturally
high in dietary fibre also tend
'to be low in fat and simple
sugars. Because of this, high-
fibre diets can aid weight
control and weight loss by
providing less food energy or
calories per bite of food. The
'satiety value' relates to the
ability of a food to satisfy
one's hunger. High-fibre di-
ets have a high satiety value
because they are bulky and
make a person feel fuller
A diet containing sufficient
dietary fibre can also help to
lower blood cholesterol levels.
The soluble fibres help in
lowering bad or low-density
lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol
levels without reducing the good
high-density lipoprotein (HDL)
cholesterol levels which remove
excess cholesterol from the
Dietary fibre also plays a
role in the control of blood sugar
levels for the prevention and


Registered Manufacturers of chargeable goods under the Consumption Tax Act,
Chapter 80:02 are required to submit monthly Consumption Tax Returns in
quadruplicate (whether sales have taken place or not) on the prescribed Form 3
and/or Form 3A and pay the relevant taxes not later than the fifteenth (15th) day of
the month following the end of the calendar month to which the return relates, along
with a statement and/or copies of the relevant bills.

NB: January 2005, Consumption Tax Returns must be submitted and taxes paid
on or before Tuesday 15th February, 2005.

Manufacturers are reminded that failure to submit Consumption Tax Returns and
make payments by the specified date of the month, will result in a fine of twenty five
thousand dollars ($25,000) and five thousand dollars ($5,000) for each day the
return and payment are not submitted and paid according to the provisions of the
Consumption Tax Act, Chapter 80:02

Com issi rG n...........

it l .

control of Type 2 Diabetes. It
is believed to slow the absorp-
tion of carbohydrates in the
body and that results in less
fluctuations and better control
of blood glucose (sugar).levels.
Dietary fibre is available
only from plant sources, such as
fruits and vegetables and the '
bran or outer coating of grains.
such as wheat, corn and nuts.
Unrefined cornmeal, ground.
provisions, legumes and.
dried coconut are also good
sources. If you want to ob-
tain the benefits of fibre, it is .
critical to replace refined forms
of food with whole wheat and
whole-grain products. A wide
range of these is now easily
available, e.g., bread, pasts and
biscuits/crackers. Some break-
fast cereals also contain a par-
ticularly high amount of dietary
fibre per portion.
It is better to get the fi-
bre you need from a variety
of foods, rather than from a
single source such as bran.
Although food items such as
b ran muffins are often adver-
tised as being high in fibre,
they are also often high in
saturated fat which, in ex-
cess, can contribute to heart
disease. Readers are advised
to pay close attention to food

lie 11'111

- - -I I

Guyana Revenue Authority
"(Jow Part*ir Develop:ent"




described as a "Zen orthodontist" in the upcoming independent film 'Thumbsucker'.
"Sometimes you don't want to play the hero," said'Reeves, who rose to superstar status after
playing the protagonist cop in 1994's action-thriller 'Speed'.
In.'Constantine' his character meets policewoman Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz), who is deter-
mined to prove her sister's death was not a suicide so she can give her a Catholic burial.
Constantipe's journey takes him through a computer-generated world of demons and angels, but
Reeves said the film is more about human struggles than spiritual ones.
"Even though they are such fantastical. characters ahd situations, it's still trying to figure it
out," 'Reeves .said. 'These motifs of messiahs and. heroes and anti-heroes, these journeys are things
that we deal with in our day to day."
Reeves adamantly declined to discuss his own religious beliefs, saying the topic is "very personal."
Based on the DC/Vertigocomic book 'Hellblazer', 'Constantine' is the feature-film directorial debut of Francis
Lawrence, who previously directed videos for artists like Britney Spears, Will Smith, and Aerosmith.
Fearing the film would end up relying more on spectacle than the script's plot, Reeves said he was
skeptical at-first of working with a music video director.
"That came out of an uneducated bias," Reeves admitted, saying he would like to make a sequel to
'Constantine', '.as long as I worked with the same people."
Inihis next project, Reeves said he will be reunited with 'Speed' co-star Sandra Bullock in a remake
of the 1962 Italian romance 'I1 Mare' to be directed by Argentine filmmakerAlejandro Agresti.
Reeves said his nascent music career with a rock band called Becky ended because the demands of
his acting career did not allow him the time to tour and pursue a recording contract.
"I don't play anymore," he said.

Ministry of Housing and Water

Central Housing & Planning Authority

Invitation to Tender

A. The Construction of Roads at-BK 'C' Enterprise Housing
B. The Construction of Roads at Lusignan North (Squatting
C., The Construction of, Roads at Herstelling
D. Constructionof Roads -Wisroc Housing:Scheme

1; Interested Contractors are invited '.to Bid,. for the
abovementioned projects in the stated housing schemes.
2. The Bid Documents can be purchased from the Cashier's
cage located on the ground floor of the Ministry's
Building, Lot 41 Brickdam and United Nations.Place for a
nonrefundable fee of $10,000.00. (Beginning January 31,
3. Bids must be accompanied by the following:
A. Valid NIS and GRA Certificates
B. Registration of company/firms
C. List of equipment to execute the works and the
current status of same
D. A Bid security of 1% of the tendered sum must
accompany the Bid document
E. A comprehensive work programme for the execution
of the works
4. Bids must be submitted in sealed envelopes bearing no
identity of the Bidder and clearly indicate at the top, left-
hand corner the Title of the project.
5. Bids must be addressed to: The Chairman, National
Board of Procurement and Tender Administration, Ministry
of Finance, Main & Urquhart Streets, Georgetown,
Guyana, South America.
6. Bids must be deposited in the tender box located on the
first floor of the Ministry of Finance on or before
Tuesday, 15v5 February. 2005 at 9:00am at which time
they will be opened in the presence of the
bidders/representatives who wish to attend
7. Bids which do not comply with the stated instructions
would be regarded as non-responsive
8. The CH&PA reserves the right to reject any or all Bids

Chief Executive Officer
January, 2005


a Ctonri l. Ftt iruar, i c, '-td
Sunday Chirnile 1 Februa'ry 1,td

Pa'i awkHI SuintTay Chronicl& -eba'tary 1MyBOS':-


Guyana Trade & Investment Support (GTIS) Project a Government
of Guyana and U.S. Government Project will be conducting a training
programme in Business Diagnostics Study. Graduates, who would be
GTIS certified, will be contracted to undertake diagnostic studies of
various firms within the Private Sector.

Interested persons and Business Development Services (BDS)
Providers are asked to submit curriculum vitae or profile on or before
February 15, 2005 to the address/e-mail below.

12 Earl's Avenue
E-mail: vrambrich(

Pre-qualification of Contractor

Contractors are invited to be pre-qualified for works to be undertaken by the Ministry of
Education for 2005.

Works to be undertaken are as'follows:

Construction and rehabilitation of buildings
Construction and delivery of schools furniture
Construction and rehabilitation of revetment, fences and bridges
Electrical works and air conditioning services
Termite treatment.
Weeding and cleaning

Contractors are required to submit the following:

(a) Evidence of financial resources from Banking Institutions available to undertake
(b) List of manpower/resources
(c) Record of past performance of works completed for the Ministry for the last three (3)
(d) List of machinery/equipment
(e) Organisation structure

All potential bidders are required at the time of tendering to submit valid compliances from
the Commissioner of IRD and the.General Manage, NIS. All submission must be original
or certified copies.

Specific pre-qualification questionnaire can be uplifted from the address below free of

T. Persaud
Secretary, Tender Board
Ministry of Education
21 Brickdam, Stabroek

Prequalifications must be submitted in a plain sealed envelope bearing no identity of the
contractor and should clearly indicate on the top, left-hand corner, the area (s) of works to
be;iundertaken. Prequalifications should be addressed to the:

Ministerial Tender Board
Ministry of Education
26 Brickdam, Stabroek

and deposited in the Tender box located on the first floor, Ministry of Education building,
21 Brickdam no later than 25th February, 2005 at 09:30 hours.

P. Kandhi
PemannentSecr*tVal -
[' '' '

S< t Govemnt tar reviewed on. -
. ( l t % .I. gin -*

ARIES -- You're already feeling the urge to whisper sweet nothings into your
Beloved's ear, aren't you? And there's still a day to go before you can officially get
away with it, no matter where you are, as long as you're holding hands. Better come
up with a Plan B just for the sake of discretion. Say, dinner at your place? Or theirs?
If you're already together, by the way, it would be quite legal for you to whip out the
Valentine's present at midnight!

4 TAURUS -- In just 24 hours, you'll be under constant supervision loving,
attentive, wonderful supervision, but supervision, nonetheless. If you're not too
excited about it, why not take the night off? You can always insist that you need
time to prepare. No one needs to know that you're perpetually ready for a romantic,
sensual evening at your place. And wouldn't it be nicer to be together if you missed
each other, just a touch? You know what they say about absence.

i GEMINI -- You may have thought you were ready for this and for tomorrow
i' but there's something about Valentine's Day that forces even the most freedom-
oriented, privacy-loving people on the planet to ask silly questions like 'When can we
be together alone?' and 'Are you really sure you love me?' With that in mind, you'll
be oh, so much more understanding of your sweetheart, who you chose specifically
because they were the independent type. Give them a break. It's not their fault, really.
It's the cherubs and the hearts.

t,'/ CANCER -- There's absolutely no good reason for you to stop resisting and
',il, buckle in and do what they want you to do. Except, maybe, because you just can't
SI' a bring yourself to so anything that sounds so much like a direct order. Well, that's
4 understandable, a fine reason, really. Just be sure the real reason isn't because you're
running away from something called responsibility. You know darned well you couldn't
live with that.

jNI LEO -- As usual, you're secretly competing for the Most Romantic Sign in the
Heavens award, and doing a fine job of it. Still, someone is trying to move you out of
your spot, so it's primetime to dig your heels in and give them some competition. The
4 ^ heavens are on your side, however, and what's the worst that could happen? Your
lucky companion will only be the second most spoiled person on the planet? How

VIRGO -- There's someone you love who's much too far away. for your taste -
someone you really, really wish were going to be closer to you now, at least right now.
If you really can't change that fact, there's only one thing to do: Get on the phone,
and do some serious damage to your long-distance bill. Camp out together. Maybe
you can even plug in the same movie at the same time, and watch it together. If that's
not romantic, nothing is.

LIBRA -- There's really no time like the present to say what's on your mind.
Tomorrow may be Valentine's Day, but you're in the mood today, so why not start
early? Get the show on the road with some flowers or candy other than what you'd
already planned. Bet you're not the only one who's been thinking of starting the
W V celebration early.

SCORPIO -- You're prepared for romance and you're not alone! The lucky person
P who'll be spending at least part of that day with you can hardly wait, and your
,-S ,,,S.' reputation as the most passionate sign in the heavens just might have something to do
S with it. If you're not attached, that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the day. Who
was it that said, 'love the one you're with?' If your sweetie isn't exactly next door,
you can still be sweet to someone someone who may also be missing their own
dear one.

SAGITTARIUS -- This has been coming for a while, and you're not ashamed
to say it. You've just about had it with your current situation, and you want out.
Still, you're reluctant to make a move without something solid waiting for you.
That's not a lack of guts, either it's a sign ofmaturity. You can buckle down and
stand the situation for a few more days. At least until you've made some phone
calls to start the ball rolling. Besides, you'll be more than distracted by your dear
one tomorrow.

CAPRICORN -- It won't be tough at all for you to talk yourself into spending
a few extra dollars on a dear one to make this a very special Valentine's Day. In fact,
if you're out shopping for them, better bring someone along who doesn't love them
quite so much. Just this once, you might get completely out of control when it comes
to the plastic. Oh, well. 'Tis the season. And won't they b9 tickled?

AQUARIUS -- Ordinarily, under circumstances like these, you'd probably feel a
bit antsy no, actually, you'd feel really antsy. As if someone were trying to clip
your wings. That, of course, wouldn't be much fun, and you wouldn't stand for it -
unless, of course, you were already sweet on the person with the clippers. In which
-case you'd probably stretch out your wings and show them where to start clipping.

S PISCES -- You're not feeling anything less than confident now, in your feelings,
your actions, and most especially, in your words. So if you have something to get
across to someone you care about, there's definitely no time like the present to go
for it. Since Valentine's Day is just a few hours away, it certainly can't hurt to
indulge yourself and the one you lo9e. Besides, wA n you get ,tat charm going,
ywio ki ld possibly resist you? And why would they want to. anyway?

I ~ ~

Sih'dfav'ChronicleFebituarvlB, 2005

: Eame XVY'




Well, well, well. Dare I say
something good has come from
the floods? For years, nay de-
cades, we have been speaking of
the prevalence of this dreaded
canine disease, Leptospirosis,
and of the need to vaccinate our
dogs against it. Now the word
is on everybody's tongue.
Also, in humans, this dis-
ease is nothing new. In some
countries, it is known as the
canecutter disease because sug-
arcane fieldworkers have had an
inordinately high incidence of
Leptospirosis or a high level of
Leptospira (the name of the
germ) antibodies in their blood
- which presupposes earlier
contact with the bacteria.
(Strangely enough, I have never
heard of a study of Leptospiro-
sis among Guyanese sugarcane
fieldworkers who are constantly
exposed to an environment
which abounds with rats the
carrier and disseminator of the
disease). It is also a disease well
known in the ghetto where rats
(a prime culprit in the spread of
the disease) bite children as
they sleep.
When animals were dying at
the Moblissa diary farm some
decades ago, I took samples of
blood and sent them abroad for
analysis. To my horror, not
only did the results came back
indicating an endemic
Lespospira presence, but the
serovars (types) of Lepospira
were some that I had never
heard about (there are more than
200 distinct types of
Lepospira). This is both inter-
esting and important, because if
an animal becomes sick with say
Lepospira canicola and sur-
vives, that animal is not immune
if another distinct type of Lep-
tospira (L), say L. hardjo, at-
tacks it:


Leptospirosis is a conta-
gious disease of animals caused
by different types of Lep-
tospira germs (bacteria). Some
Leptospira infections show no
symptoms. When the infection
results in sickness, the symp-
toms could be:


Yellowing of :the
whites of the eyes, the ears, the
gums, the underbelly, etc.
Blood in the urine
Kidney failure (lead-
ing to the animal's breath smell-
ing of urine)
Diarrhoea (sometimes
with blood)
Loss of appetite lead-
ing to emaciation
Generalised pain

After the first stage of the
infection is over, the germs
localise themselves steadfastly
in the kidneys and/or the repro-
ductive organs and are shedin
the urine (sometimes in large
numbers) for months or even
years. The Leptospira germs
survive in stagnant surface wa-
ters for extended period, there-
fore the disease is often water-
The infection is commonly
acquired by contact of skin or
mucous membranes (e.g. the
coating of the mouth) with
urine-contaminated feed/water.
Infections can be readily estab-
lished via the tissue coatings of
the eyeball (conjunctiva), the in-
ternal covering of the vagina or
through skin cuts and abrasions.
In dogs, as I said above, rats
are the main culprits in the
transmission of the infection,
because they are carriers of the
germ. If you leave the food and
water bowls in an area accessible
to rats, you can be sure (espe-
cially in the rainy season when
the homes and food storage
supplies of the rats are flooded)
that the rats will arrive at the
bowl to eat the food. If their sa-
liva and/or urine contaminate the
food, and if the dogs come back
later and eat the germ infected
food, they might get ill. espe-
cially if it is a .oung dog that
possesses no effective immu-
nity. Signs of illness appear
within four days and t\. o V weeks
after the germ has entered thie
dog's body. Dogs that have re-
covered can' shed the Lepto
germ for up to a year
In cattle. it seems that cal es
are the most susceptible. Lep-
tospirosis ailment would cause

the calf, at the onset, to have
fever, loss of appetite and
laboured breathing. Later, the
yellowing of the tissues become
evident, as do bloody urine (the
disease in cattle is called
"Redwater" because of the
bloody urine) and anemia. In
adult cattle, the immediate de-
crease in milk production and
even mastitis (inflammation of
the breast) are the initial symp-
toms. Later on, abortions/still-
births may be observed. Some-
times an "abortion storm" in the
herd is the first indication that
Leptospirosis exists on the
In-horses, Leptospirosis is
relatively rare, but when it oc-
curs, lesions in the eye are the
first symptoms, Abortion can
also occur.
In pigs, infection results
from contact with the urine of
other pigs and, of course, rats.
Abortions occur two weeks to
a month before the expected de-
livery date. Piglets with Lep-
tospirosis are unthrifty and die
soon after birth.
There is no great incidence
of Leptospirosis in sheep and
goats, probably because farm-
ers tend to care for the small ru-
minants differently from the
way they husband cattle. Of
course sheep shy away from

contact with surface water,
where as stated above the
germs reside.


In dogs, your vet (not you)
has to firstly combat the kidney
failure and the liver disease with
fluid therapy and the mainte-
nance of pH in the blood. The
Leptospira germs seems to be
vulnerable to a whole palette of
antibiotics including Penicillin (I
prefer a Penicillin Streptomy-
cin combination; other vets
might use a Penicillin Eryth-
romycin combination),
Teracyclines and Doxycycline.


This is a matter that farm-
ers can discuss with their vet-
erinarians. In the case of dogs
(quite unlike humans), there is
a vaccination! The vaccine
given to pups and adult dogs
covers a large percentage of the
Leptospira germs affecting ca-
nines. We are lucky.
I will end today's article
the way I began. Now that
you are all aware of the dis-
ease Leptospirosis, vaccinate
your dogs!! Your vet will tell
you what the course of injec-
tions is. Vaccinate now!

SOME dogs will have it good. Here, "Pilot" and "Smudge"
are enjoying their birthday cake.

-.- t ,1- '
-. nr-... -A 0 ,

..' .. . .I
S. ^ .... ..*.._.. .. ,.

5th Century, Rome Mid February was traditionally the time of he
Lupercian festival, an ode to the God of fertility and a celebration Chin
of sensual pleasure, a time to meet and court a prospective mate. A tradition
InAD 496, Pope Gelasius outlawed the pagan festival. But he was consists of
clever to replace it with a similar celebration.although one deemed seeds crush
morajly suitable. He needed a "lovers" saint to replace the pagan glass of whi
deity Lupercus. The martyred Bishop Valentine was chosen as the the tenn "'
patron saint of the new festival. Saint Valentine had been te term'"
beheaded for helping young lovers marry against the wishes of the strong: war
mad emperor Claudius. Before execution, Valentine himself had pat". The l
fallen in love with his jailer's daughter. He signed his final note to thewin, an<
her. "From Your Valentine", a phrase that has lasted through the
centuries. Pope Gelasius didn't get everything he wanted. The
pagan festival died out, it is true, but he had further hoped people
would emulate the lives of saints. Instead they latched onto the
more romantic aspect of Saint Valentines religious life. While not
immediately as popular as the more passionate pagan festival.
Valentine's t)ay. ,: r I:n.:'' v, i :.,i,' Ui !.iA \'" 1 ;r' r: tiii-.n jg p

ese Love Potion

I Chinese Love Potion
a handful of coriander
ed and stirred into a
te wine while chanting
Warm seed. love run
m heart, let us never
overs are then to drink
d their love is assured..

0 f. "

*h 9hQ

Yield: 36 Cupcakes

3 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
2 teaspoon Champion Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cup water
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 teaspoons vanilla
8 ounce cream cheese: softened
1 egg (egg safety)
1/3 cup sugar
Suggested Valentine Decorations:
Small candy hearts, red sprinkles etc

Preheat oven to 350F Line cupcake baking pans with
paper cupcake liners. In large mixing bowl, combine
flour, sugar, cocoa, Champion Baking Powder and
salt; set aside. In second small mixing bowl. combine
water, vegetable oil and vanilla. Add contents of small
mixing bowl to large mixing bowl and stir with mixing
spoon to combine. Using mixing spoon. ice-cream
scoop, or soup spoon, fill cupcake liners half full with
cupcake batter. Place cupcake pans in oven: bake
approximately 25 minutes or until done. When done.
wear oven mitts to remove pan from oven and turn off
oven. Cool completely. In small mixing bowl, use
electric mixer to combine cream cheese, egg and suga. '
Using a pastry bag With a star tip pipe frosting onto cup
cakes. Decorate with candy hearts or other romantic



Cookery Corner

Welcome to the 332"d edition of
"Champion Cookery Corner", a
weekly feature giving recipes and
tips on cooking in Guyana.

Valentine's Cupcakes

-~~~--~-~~ ~ I r i .
I I I i I


I I --~I' ~-~---n~-U~------ I - - -



J" f
mJ-jj I11

uijjiJ sii

.ll r~r.1
f" I~'1
u dcd f

*r ****, j ,4#-m

- I i


By Arthur Spiegelman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -
Leonardo DiCaprio talked for
hours with one of Howard
Hughes' ex-wives and with
numerous aging acquaintan-
ces. He read every book he
could find about Hughes and
immersed himself in old
newsreel footage as part of an
unstinting hunt to find the
essence of the billionaire.
He also forced himself to
act compulsively the way
Hughes might have acted dur-

ing the filming of 'The Aviator'
by stepping on certain cracks
and by rubbing the nap of a car-
pet in one set direction with his
But he stopped short of
doing what Hughes does in the
movie collect his urine in
Cate Blanchett, who co-
stars with DiCaprio as
Katharine Hepburn in the film,
said she watched all of
Hepburn's early movies the
period in which critics said the
actress ran the gamut of emo-

tions from A to B and kept
thinking, "Katharine Hepburn is
a very daunting mountain to at-
tempt to scale."
Looking and sounding noth-
ing like Hepburn, Blanchett
concentrated on the actress' ac-
cent, gestures and high spirit
thanks to a unique seminar con-
ducted for her by director and
film maven Martin Scorsese on
Hepburn's art. "Marty liber-
ated me. He did not want an imi-
tation," she said.
Jamie Foxx went one better
than either Blanchett or

DiCaprio he hung out with
soul singer Ray Charles, night
and day as the song goes, so
that he could play him in 'Ray'.
He even played duets with him
on the piano.
If this year's crop of Oscar
hopefuls have a theme it is:
"Whose life is it anyway?"

The 'biopic' has long been
such a Hollywood staple that
almost everyone seems to have
had a movie made about him or
her, from world conqueror

f 7 f_ 7 ." _ r_ .'.-. i
i l ,, ,= .----.-- ,, ._ .=/.- .a -., . ,

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) -
Keanu Reeves just wants to
do good.
For the 40-year-old actor,
who plays a demon-fighting su-
pernatural detective in his latest
movie 'Constantine', a film
must end with a positive trans-
formation or redemption to
pique his interest.
And, frankly that is some-
thing you might expect from an
actor best known as humanity's
saviour in "The Matrix' series to
"I don't want to go to a
movie and not have something
that I can come away with to
think about or that adds up to
something," he told reporters
"If it doesn't have that ele-
ment to it, it doesn't really at-
tract me," Reeves added.
Helped by the use of
ground-breaking special effects,
the futuristic 'Matrix' trilogy
grossed over $1.6 billion in
world ide ticket sales, making
it one of the most successful
franchises in cinematic history.
The trilogy, whose last film
was released in 2003, sapped
Reeves' time and energy and
might have convinced audiences
that he was only a Messiah-like
action hero.
Reeves's character in
'Constantine', a 30-cigarette-a-
day .with a termir' ',ng

disease, tries to win God's
favour and his way into
heaven by sending Earth-roam-
ing representatives of the devil
back to hell.
He insisted that
'Constantine', which opens on
February 18, had nothing to the
do with 'The Matrix'. Its super-
hero fights demons from Hell,
instead of machines as in 'The
It is his first starring role in
a big-budget movie since 'Ma-
trix'. Despite his assurances to
the contrary, Reeves could not



escape suggestions that black- ing 'The Matrix' because I
trench-coat-wearing John didn't feel that I was repeating
Constantine would remind audi- myself. Constantine is a very
ences of Neo, the darkly clad extroverted role and so much
superhero in the 'Matrix'. about it was very different to me
than the experience I was hav-
BLACK COAT AGAIN ing on 'The Matrix'," he said.
"Hopefully the film is en- In his post-'Matrix' exist-
gaging enough that for the whole ence, Reeves said he has
two hours and six minutes the made an effort to play a range
audience is not going, 'He's of roles, including a sweet
wearing a black coat, he's wear- young doctor in the romantic
ing a black coat, he's wearing a comedy 'Something's Gotta
black coat,"' Reeves said. Give' and even something he

"I said yes to (making
'Constantine') while I was mak-

(Please see page XVII)


Alexander the Great to Ed
Wood, the world's worst direc-
And it is a form that ac-
tors love there's nothing
like putting on 30 pounds and
making yourself look as ugly
as hell to kickstart your ca-
reer. Just ask Charlize
Theron who did just that to
play a real-life serial killer
in 'Monster', a role for which
she won an Oscar last year.
Critics and industry experts
agree this year's crop of film bi-
ographies has been as strong or
even stronger than ever.
DiCaprio, Foxx, Don
Cheadle, who plays Paul
Rusesabagina, the heroic hotel
keeper in 'Hotel Rwanda', and

Johnny Depp, who plays 'Pe-
ter Pan' creator James M.
Barrie in 'Finding Neverland'
constitute four of the five best-
acting nominations for the Os-
cars, which will be awarded on
February 27.
Real-life stories or real-life
stories squeezed through the
prism of Hollywood movie-
making also make up three of
the best picture Oscar nomina-
tions: Hughes biography 'The
Aviator', the J.M. Barrie story
'Finding Neverland' and the
Ray Charles biography, 'Ray'.
The foreign film Oscar
nominations have two real-life
dramas, one about a paralysed
man's 32-year-long fight to die
in 'The Sea Inside' and the other
about Hitler's bunker suicide
'The Downfall'.
Other categories have their
sprinkling of reality as well,
including best supporting
actress where Blanchett's
Hepburn goes up against Laura
Linney playing sex expert
Alfred Kinsey's long-suffering
wife in 'Kinsey and Sophie
Okonedo played the endangered
wife in 'Hotel Rwanda'.
In a recent interview with
Reuters, Foxx was asked how he

prepared for his role and said
Charles, who died last summer
at age 73, simply let him into
his world.

"Watching Ray Charles
when he wasn't talking to me
was the best. It was watching
him when he was talking to
other people, watching his man-
nerisms, watching how he orders
his food, how he talks to his
kids, how he conducts busi-
ness," he said:
Foxx added: "We know
Ray Charles the performer,
we know the Ray Charles, the
person that's being inter-
viewed. ... But it's the quiet
moments, like at 6:30 p.m. on



a Sunday, that you want to
capture in this movie ... we
were trying to get to that."
And Ray Charles did noth-
ing but help: "The minute we
met each other and started play-
ing the piano to each other, it
was a given that he was giving
his blessing.... That's when you
knew that it was time to go to
work. I mean the man himself
said, 'You got it. The kid's got
it, the kid's got it.' And when
he said that, it's time to go to
work, man."
Screenwriter.David Magee,
nominated for an Oscar for best
adapted screenplay for his
script for 'Finding Neverland',
said he obviously never met
James M. Barrie but that he
tried to be truthful to Barrie's
spirit even if he was busy rear-
ranging the details of his life.
"Ultimately you can take
anyone's life and find what you
want," he said, adding that one
of the inspirations for a key
scene in the movie came not
from Barrie's past but from
Magee's memories of his own
father's fight with cancer.
"I hope that what I have
done shows respect to' his
memory," Magee said.

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