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Group Title: News and views, Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research, University of Florida
Title: News and views
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OWter or Wteun's sulles a :

".. ". ,.. ..- .

Irene Thompson 1919-2005
As many of you know, the Center for Women s Studies and Gender Research
owes so much to rene Thompson She was instrumental in putting Women's Studies
on the map at UF If you wish to communicate with her family, you can do so by con-
tacting her daughter, Dr. Margaret Thompson, 212 Croyden Road, Syracuse, NY,
13224, or via email msthomps@maxwell.syr.edu.
T-, .. calpaper
h- T -1- v :1 I '... -: -,,. 17, at Francis House ln
Syracuse, NY. Born in New York City, she lived in Gainesville, Florida, from 1955 until
2001, when she moved to The Nottingham. Thompson was a 1939 magna cum laude
graduate of Adelphi College (now University) in Garden City, NY, and earned M.A.
degrees from both NYU and the University of Florida, where she completed additional
graduate study in American literature She taught at the high school level for many years, and came to the University of
Florida in 1966 She was the founder of the Women's Studies Program at UF and the University's first Gender Equity
Officer She also taught here for two decades The Irene Thompson Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate stu-
dents was established in her honor
Thompson wrote extensively in the fields of women's literature and feminist issues. As a founding member of the
Modern Language Association's Committee on Women's Concerns, she co-edited two books. Stepping off the Pedestal:
Academic Women in the South (1982), and The Road Retaken: Women Re-enter the Academy (1985) Thompson was
active in numerous professional, civic, and women's organizations. As a New York resident, she was a patron of the
Syracuse Symphony Orchestra and was involved in many activities at The Nottingham, In the spring of 2005 she was
named The Nottingham's "Resident of the Year"
Irene Thompson is survived by her daughter, Margaret Susan, her brother, Eugene Siegel of New Rochelle, and sev-
eral nieces and nephews. Her husband, Professor Arthur W. Thompson, died in 1965.
Burial will be in Gainesville, Florida, and a memorial will be held in the spring. Contributions in her honor may be
given to the Irene Thompson Scholarship Fund; checks should be made out to the "University of Florida Foundation" and
sent to the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research, 3324 Turlington Hall, PO Box 117352, University of
Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611.

From the Director: Dr. Milagros Pelia
The new academic year begins with great excitement and at the same time sad
news. Dr. Irene Thompson died September 17. Irene Thompson was Associate Professor
Ementa, Department of English She taught the first Women's Studies course here in
1971. Professor Thompson was one of the founding members of the Women's Studies
Program and its first director She is remembered by friends
and colleagues with great affection particularly for her tral-
blazing spirit and generosity to students A scholars p
administered through the Center is named in her honor and
awarded to undergraduate and graduate students each year.
Her spirit permeates through the Center and we continue to
build upon her vision. (Please see story above)
As part of that vision we are currently advertising for an
Assistant Professor position with specializations in transna
tional feminisms and gender studies We also have a number
of other opportunities to strengthen the international compo-
nent of the Center's programs such as Dr. Rosemarie Mwaippop who wll be joining the
Center in the spring semester Dr Mwaipopo is from the (article continued on page 2)

Dr. Milagros Pevia. continued... .

.. .... W219, N.u

-. Wadriesay. November 2, M005

Sources bjr Ger
Conry L Aitsnrong, JourtfaBi
-WedreadshFebruary 8, 0on
... iAD Sarly Feiinfat Hebrew ....ar:
., ,, ..... .,.,..,, ..... ,-. ,, The Case 8f Dy.v rsa B .a .

S: ..,. "WadernaM lJarch 1 2 .006 :.
.-.. Q i,. i.. i.. i.-, i,. .,guag et n er, nrid Violne. Ws hy- .Qi:
S' *" -. i i S leow.tfMM' n trie l inealuieW Vtaitle)'
Sexualities Conversalions ,J .i ia.,rar. Lin guacs .
T .ursaj, F.iearchn i.

1': .. .Ir.. C" "C V' "! 1.. 8 : ... ... .,. ..-in i .1

Milagros Pena, Ph.D., Director
Florence Babb, CWSGR Amanda Cuip, Co-Editor/Graphic Designer
Monday November 14, 2005 Stacey Moyer, Co-Editor/Graphic Designer
S11:45 am 216 Anderso Ha ll Kendra Vincent, Co-Editor/Graphic Designer
,,' '. .- 2 6, rson-* H l Paula Ambroso, Editor
May 2006 Intersession in Paris Victoria Adams, Assistant Editor
Seeing the/Other/: French
Representations of Non-Western Cultures
Florence Babb (CWSGR) and Victoria Rovine (Art
History and African Studies) will co-teach a May 2006 o i
intensive week-long course through the Paris Research
Center in Paris The course will explore the long history ct m isai
and contemporary context of French museums and other ._nn 34 rS
public institutions in the representation of non-Western cul- f CB t rfsW
tures. The corse will focus on the representation of WS3 C a
African cultures, which are particularly prominent in Paris .
though it will also address the presence of Latin American llon h r fl r rGiCi-arate
arts and cultures in French museums and other pubi. c ven- .... a '
ues. In addition to visiting museums and galleries where ". '".3 L i: ar n. P..
African and other non-Western art is displayed, students .:
will explore the contemporary African cultures of Paris. :. ,v itTi; ta ff.:
They will visit neighborhoods with high concentrations of T 0813 r.0 C
A fric a n re s id e n ts in o rd e r to g a in in s ig h t in to th e re la tio n ..B::t. a...= o V :e.,re.r T.C' At-..
ship between the "official" representations of Africa and the -,c %" :':i
lived cultures of Africans in Paris today I
All students are eligible. There is no minimum language
requirement. Applications are available at.
www.clas.ufl.edu/PRC, or by contacting: paris-
research@clas.ufl.edu, or (352) 392-2016 ext 256.

Faculty News page 3

South Africa for conferences and to conduct research for her Economics, published "Liberalism and Married Women's Property
book project, Tounring Revolution, Fashioning Nations Her spe- Rights in Nineteenth Century Latin Amerca with Magdalena Leon, in
cial issue of Critique of Anthropology (co-edited with Lynn the Hispanic American Historical Review She also published iThe
Stephen), entitled "Autonomy in an Age of Globalization The u.. h ",- A i H r R = Public ,,. '
Vision of June Nash," appeared in September and includes her -.. .
introductory essay. In November, she takes office as the Development (UNRISD)
President of the Association for Feminist Anthropology.

Avraham Balaban, African and Asian Languages and - .
Literatures, published a chapter from his project, "Motherhood Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Human Rights, a book that grew
in modern Hebrew fiction" in Hebrew in Ha'aretz in August. His from the work of the Commission on the Anthropology of Women (of
second novel, They Say Love, will be published by Hakibbutz which Harrison is the chair) in relation to the 2001 World Conference
Hameuchad, Tel Aviv. "A Gender Reading of Agnon's w: H, -i -, h -, i .- ,: -.- t t -h ,, ,W n
'Metamorphosis'" will be published in an anthology in honor of -
Professor Dan Miron of Columbia University Anthropologist

Sylvie Blum-Reid, Romance Languages and Film, was Tace Hedrick, CWSGR/English, published "Mae e para isso (Mother
awarded a grant by the Center for European Studies for a new is for This) Gender, Writing and Enghsh-Language Translation in
course proposal entitled, "European Identities, European Clarice Lispector" in the Luso-Brazilian Review She will present "My
Cinemas" Her article "'The Elusive Search for Nora Luca Tony ... i i
Gatif's Adventures in Gypsy Land" appeared in the July issue -'. -i i .
of Portal Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies. Association, November, 2005

Kendal Broad, CWSGR/Sociology, presented her paper, "A Bonnie Moradi, Psychology, received the 2005 Outstanding
Cautionary Tale of Activist Mothering: The Production of LGBT Contribution to Scholarship on Race and Ethnicity Award from the
Adults as 'Children'" at the annual Society for the Study of APA Society of Counseling Psychology for her paper with N.T
Social Problems meeting. She also presented her paper, "From Hasan, "Arab American Persons' Reported Experiences of
Grief to Love. Parent Narratives and the New Emotional Discrimination and Mental Health. The Mediating Role of Personal
Terrain of Coming Out" at the American Sociological -. -
Association's annual meeting ,
and Teaching of Psychology
Marsha Bryant, English, gave two presentations on women
poets at the Modernist Studies Association. "The I's Have It, C .r., r
The Problem of Dramatic Monologue in Contemporary e .. : -.
Women's Poetry" considered the work of Ai and Carol Ann pubiahed this December in the Cahier de I 'Hene, a work devoted
Duffy, The second paper, co-authored by Mary Ann Eaverly, to Marguerite Duras
compared H D.'s Egypto-modernism with archaeologist James
Henry Breasted's theory of hyperdiffusionism Anita Spring, Anthropology, was awarded a "best paper in show" at
the International Academy of African Business Development in Dar
Mary Ann Burg, Community Health and Family Medicine and es Salaam for "African Women in the Entrepreneurial Landscape
Director of the Women's Health Research Center, and Kathryn Reconsidering the Formal and Informal Sectors." She presented 'The
Grant, WHRC Center Coordinator, wil publish "Treatment of ,
menopausal symptoms in family medicine settings following
the Women's Health Initiative findings" in a forthcoming issue Africa,
of the Journal of the American Board of Family Practice.
Stephanie A. Smith, English, will publish her work entitled,
M. Margaret Conway, Political Science, published th third Household Words Bloomers, Sucker, Bombshell, Scab, Nigger
edition of Women and Pubic Policy. A Revolution in Progress Cyber this December with the University of Minnesota Press, See
with David Ahem and Gertrude Steuernagel. this link for more http //www.upress.umn edu/books/S/smithhouse-
hod htmrl
Amanda Davis, CWSGR/English, published an article entitled,
"To Build A Nation Black Women Writers, Black Nationalism, Trysh Travis, CWSGR, organized a panel exploring "New
and the Violent Reduction of Wholeness" in the upcoming Perspectives on Child Sexual Abuse" for the Thirteenth Annual
issue of Frontiers A Journal of Women's Studies. "Shatterings Berkshire Conference on the History of Women in June The panel
Violent Disruptions of Homeplace in Jubilee and The Street" is included her paper, "The Incest Narrative and the New Domestic
forthcoming in MELUS, Her review of Janet Zandy's Hands: Fiction Travis's report on the Berkshire Conference will be pub-
i,, I shed in Australian Feminist Studies this spring Travis is currently
,- ,n,,i ulzinugaavear-longaNatlonal Endowment forthe Humanities rant

several essays to The Encyclopedia of Afrcan American
History, An Encyclopedia of Ethnic Amencan Literature, and An
Encyclopedia of Afrcan American Literature.

in order to complete her manuscript.

Stephanie Evans. Invited PanelisI in England
Ir I I ........ .. .i ..

are both from the Maryland Institute College of Art, The core of the
presenters' papers were on considering history through theories of Paulo Freire. Dr, Evans presented, "The Right to
Grow African American Women's Intellectual Legacy." The Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research and the
African American Studies Program contributed funding for Dr. Evans to attend the conference.

Usller Hall Update $3.3 Million Grant Received
F l I, i 3 I ,,
h',u, I.I l, I 11 ,' h, '- :,-I, I, i',1 11 ,1 I F_ .: "i.."'.

Visiting Assistant Prolessor. Dr. Ana S.O. Liberato
rI',," .,.h-" ,' II.-I:': ","-. I-,',-,"...:...1:1 Ii, : ,'I, l:, '.-1;1.

ine impact 01 tinnicily ann regionaI Location on Material Weath and Health outcomes," will
appear in Social Indicators Research I am currently working on a book about political culture and democratization in the
Dominican Republic, I also have another article under review in the area of gender and development, race, and cultural
I will be in the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research as a Visiting Assistant Professor for one or two
years and hope to gain more experience as a professor and researcher during this time. I am currently working as the
undergraduate coordinator, which is giving me the opportunity to get to know our undergraduate students. I know that
CWSGR has a great future ahead The Center has a visionary leadership with smart views as to how to hire the ideal
faculty and attract excellent students. I feel very happy with having the opportunity to be, at least, temporarily a part of it.
My interest in gender issues started with seeing my mother's activism in labor unions and my sisters' interest in party
politics. I am still inspired by these experiences and know that, to a great extent, my research will continue focusing on
gender and women's issues.- Ana SO Liberato

Artwnh the Center page 5
Fall 2005 Opening
The Center for Women's
Studies and Gender
Research held its opening
reception on August 31 at
the Keene Faculty Center in
Dauer Hall Dr Milagros
Pena opened the event with
welcomes and introductions
Dr. Pena introduced
Visiting Assistant Professor
Drs. M.J. Hardman and Connie Shehan, recipients of the Dr Ana SOQ. Liberate who
Uppity Woman Award (Photo by RP. Ambse) will be serving as the
Center's undergraduate
advisor. Dr. Liberato discussed her interests and background
Dean Neil Sullivan made opening comments, including addressing the
need for the University of Florida community to remember those who have
been displaced by Hurricane Katrna, and to help where we can.
Dr. Pena presented Dr M J Hardman with an Uppity Woman Award, hon-
oring her outstanding support of Women's Studies at UF Dr. Constance
Shehan also received an Uppily Women Awa. :" -- .'- 3-
the Women s Studies Program from 1985 to i .
able supporter.
Dr Liberato announced the Women's
Studies Graduate Certificate recipients for
2004-2005 Monica Morris, Rebecca
McGovney, and Kirsten Anderson. Stacey
Moyer was presented with the Irene
Thompson Scholarship for her research on
sexualities Yumiko Hulvey announced the
O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship recipients.
Congratulations to Becky Blanchard, Lin
Cassidy, Fredline M'Cormack, Kenly Fenio,.
Lisa Hager, Emily Friend, Allison Kole, Dr. Ana S.Q. Liberate (Photo by P.
Kristle Soares, and Jessica Weather Am-e)a

CWSGR Fall 2005 Art Exhibit:
Jennifer Paelmo
The Fall 2005 Art Exhibit features works by
Jennifer Paelmo
Jennifers work is heartfelt and visionary
Although her paintings are abstract, she indt-
cafes that they seem to express the different
phases in her Ide. She states that her artistic phi-
losophy defines art as a true expression of the
soul, so in order to be an artist within any path of
our lives, she believes we must be able to tap
into our true selves, emotions, and experience at
a given moment.
A reception for her work was held on October
13. Her work will be displayed in 3324 Turlington
Hall from August 16 through December 10. The
exhibit is free and open to the public.

News of01 Interest page 6

I.M.A.G.E. In Our Communities
In Movement
Against General
Eyedeals, or
I.M.A.G.E., found-
-ed summer 2004,
a student run
organization, has

Members of I.M.A.G.E. at a luau held in a t
August with ProgresslveBlack Men, Inc dent body about
issues affecting
women and to build positive self-esteem in women and
children of the community. They take action against nega-
tive portrayals of women and men and work to eradicate
Recently, I.M A.G.E held Mystery of Woman week,
which included a meet and greet for potential members, an
open discussion on the role of women in our society, and a
lunch discussion on the face of women in our world They
also held a community field day event at the Woodland
Boys and Girls Club
Meetings are held every Monday at 7pm in Florida Gym
room 285 For more Information please visit their website
at: http://grove.ufl edu/~image.

oAid for
On September
17, a truck funded
by Southern
L-R: Meddle Dayldson, Peggy Richardson, Womyn's Festival
Regina Hamilton, Sue Oleson, Cheryl Krauth, directors Pat
Kate Elileon, Beckie Dale, Sandy Cosgrove Cobb and Lnda
Jackson traveled
from Jacksonville to Ovett, Mississippi to deliver needed
items to Camp Sister Spirit a women-owned campground
and conference center just inland from where Hurricane
Katnrina came ashore Despite extensive storm damage,
F.A.C.E Honors National Domestic Violence Camp Sister Spirit has taken in women and their families
left homeless by the storm, Donations from women's com-
Awareness Month munities in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Melrose and
Feminist Activists Creating Equality sponsored The Gainesville will go directly to the Camp for use by resi-
Handprint Project on October 17 and 18 at the Plaza of dents
the Americas. In honor of National Domestic Violence CWSGR faculty members Kendal Broad and Trysh
Awareness Month, F.A.C E. displayed a mural where a Travis, along with Affiliate Faculty members Leah
pledge could be made to never raise a hand against Rosenberg and Patricia Woods, joined the local effort,
another living being. Pledges were symbolized by placing bringing clothing, personal items, water and food for
hands in paint and then on the mural, For more informa- humans and animals when the truck made a stop at Wild
tion about this project or to get involved with FA.C.E. con- Iris Books. -Trysh Travis
tact Szelena Gray at szelena@ufl edu.

* :i i rir i : : I i vlm' i l i allu f '
Virginia Hamner: Firsl CWSGR Welcomes
M.A. Double Degree New Graduate StudenLs
Student in Women's Amanda Culp graduated from the
Studies University of Miami with a degree in
Women are the fastest growing gShe worked as a Senior Research
prison population in the nation and Assistant for the Center for
in Florida, yet their needs are often Family Studies in Miami. For her

the most invisible. As the first candi- M.A., she is focusing on issues of gen-
date to pursue concurrent degrees in Women's Studies 0 der, sexuality, and language
(M.A.) and Law (J.D.) at UF, Virginia Hamner is work-
ing to connect, in tangible ways th Sa of t d"o San Doiaihn .i 2 ,.. : 3 r, T,
by researching and advocatin -,, -i ,,-
cerated women throughout Fl: -.-.-. r i T. ,-, ..
spective, using the law as a tcI _,,. .
Virginia was also the Flonro i :- I-... -. ':,- T-,, _,-, -- : .: .- ,r, i ,,-,-,
Russell Fellow this summer. a'- 1 ,- ,i ,-,-. ,,-. -. -
rights issues with Florida Insti i r
Much of her work focused on iu : : -
,1 3,' ,-,';,- ir.,- .-, J. ..- -', ...': ,.: ". -. C om m unications.

CWSGR Students Receive Awards
Vanessa Fablen, majoring in Women's Studies, is a 2005-2006 University Scholar. Vanessa
is also a McNair and Gorenberg Scholar. The University Scholars Program awards each
scholar a $2,500 stipend and a $500 travel budget to attend a professional conference. It
provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to work closely with UF faculty while
pursuing fundamental research, exploring scholarly inquiry and developing new knowledge.
Vanessa chose to work with Dr. Stephanie Evans Her research examines the impact of
A environmental racism on the reproductive health of women of color. Vanessa's current study
examines the State of Florida's Department of Environmental Regulations' effectiveness in
informing residents of hazards of Superfund Site Cabot Carbon/Koppers between 1977-
1980. She will continue to work on her research throughout the year. Congratulations
.- ..- .- Vanessa!
Vanessa Fablen
HavreDe Hill, majoring in Women's Studies, received a 2004-2005 Ana Q. Lynch
Award. The award is given to students who go the extra mile or "beyond the call of
duty" by the Division of Student Affairs in honor of Dr. Ann Q. Lynch who was a staff
member at the student infirmary. Dr. Trysh Travis nominated HavreDe based on
many outstanding contributions in campus life and the Gainesville community. HavreDe
is an active and vocal member of both the Gator Gay-Straight Alliance and the campus
chapter of the National Organization for Women, as well as a volunteer at the Florida
School of Traditional Midwifery. Her central focus is breast cancer research advocacy,
as she works to broaden the discourse of breast cancer so that it addresses the
11,000 young women affected by it annually. Travis states, "I have been invigorated
:. r ,r ... .. ..... and inspired by having HavreDe as a student." Regarding HavreDe's community
organizing, Travis had this to say, "She has already done more, and more important
work there than many of us ever will." Congratulations HavreDe!

Victoria (Vicki) Adams, has been a vital element of the women's studies office for over
a year. Vicki will be graduating and leaving the center in December and plans to attend
an international university. She is graduating with a double major in Women's Studies
and Political Science. She will be missed! We wish her great success.

BEI IMi. \ I I \i I()1 OF 10NN 1 .11iItfI


STUDENT $10.00
I AM DONATING $ PER PAY PERIOD https //www uff.ufledu/OnlineGivmg/CWSGR.asp

Women's Studies Additional donations are needed for the following cate-

l orara, exhibit support, etc.

Available in B variety For more information on upcoming events, please visit our
S- styles in 3324 web site at: http:IIwww.wst.utf.edu or stop by 3324 Turlington
Turlington Hall for Hl.
I$10.00 donation. An EkqRal Opporuny inAIu,-,
i '.:- ,, : :,. ,


Center for Womens ...Studi. ..es
and Gender Research
PO Box 117352
Gainesvlle, FL 32611
Phone (352)392 3365
Fax (352)392-4873

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