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Title: Water Institute progress report
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Water Institute 3rd Quarter Report: Feb 26, 2007

Stakeholder Development
Conducted on-Campus Meetings with over 25 diverse on-campus groups
since May 2006 including faculty from CLAS, CALS, COE, COB, CDCP,
Law, Vet Medicine (see Appendix 1)
Conducted over 50 meetings with External Stakeholders since May 2006,
including state, national and international cooperators and funding agencies
(see Appendix 2)
Email newsletters sent to Water Institute Faculty: Aug 2006, Feb 2007
Water Institute Website Maintenance and Updates: Continuous
Creating web-searchable database for all water-related externally funded
projects led by WI faculty. This will supplement and integrate with current
web-searchable Faculty Expertise database.
First Annual Water Summit Steering Committee Formed Feb 2007 (see
Appendix 3 for membership), Summit Planned for Gainesville, Feb 2008
(with back up date of May 2008).

Strategic Planning
On-Line Faculty Survey: Completed September 1st
1-day Faculty Forum: Completed October 16th
Faculty Advisory Committee: Elections completed and Advisory Committee
Charter developed November 2006; monthly meetings initiated December
2006 (See Appendix 4 for membership)
Program Initiation Fund: Call released Dec 8th 2006; proposals received Jan
29th 2007; Reviews received Feb 26th, 2007; Awards to be made by Mar 1,
Water Institute Project Classification Plan: Approved by FAC December 2006
(See Appendix 5)
Draft Strategic Plan to be prepared by March 2007
Water Institute Distinguished Scholar Series: Monthly seminar series to begin
April 2007
Final Strategic Plan to be completed at conclusion of first year Distinguished
Scholar Series, Late Spring 2008
Form External Advisory Board at conclusion of first year Distinguished
Scholar Series, Late Spring 2008

Water Institute Projects Initiated:
Conserve Florida Clearinghouse (COE, IFAS, COB)
Goal: Collect, analyze and provide research information for use in
developing effective and efficient water conservation programs
Funded by FDEP and WMDs (1st year $150K, 2nd year proposed $475K)
Suwannee River Hydrologic Observatory (IFAS, COE, CLAS)
Goal: Improved understanding of nitrate dynamics in the Suwannee River

Funded by NSF ($360K)
Sustainable Water Resource Management: U.S India Collaborative Research,
Education and Outreach (IFAS, CLAS)
Sustainable Water Resource Management: U.S India Collaborative
Research and Education ($89K)
Addressing Gender and Social Equity Issues in Water Management ($50K
via contract to ICRISAT in Indian Rupees)
Information and Communication Technologies for Capacity Building in
Water Management ($60K)

Proposal Contracts Pending:
"Use of Seasonal Climate Forecasts to Reduce Risk in Regional Public Water
Supply Management in the Tampa Metropolitan Region" NOAA/TBW ($175K)
"Refined Regional Data Decision Support System", AwwaRF- Palm Beach
Utilities/PBS&J ($200K)
"Summary and Synthesis of the Available Literature on the Effects of Nutrients
on Spring Organisms and Systems", FDEP ($226K)
"Cooperative Graduate Research Assistantships in Critical Water Resources
Areas for South Florida" SFWMD/FL-WRRC ($70K/year)

Water Institute Proposals submitted and currently under review:
"Solutions for Water Resources Sustainability", Florida Legislative Budget
Request ($4.75 Million)
Water Institute Core Labs and Post-Doctoral Researcher Program" US
Congressional Budget Earmark ($5 Million)
"Critical Zone Observatory for the Santa Fe Basin", NSF ($4.25 Million)
Water Resources of Carbonate Aquifers." A Collaborative Exchange between the
Universities of Montpellier (France) and Florida", French-American Fund for
University Partnerships ($55K)
"Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowships in Water Resources", Smallwood
Foundation ($200K)
"Biological Control of Coral Bacterial Diseases", Smallwood Foundation ($95K)
"Proposal for Hydrologic Modeling Research and Development Services", South
Florida Water Management District (MOU, individual contracts to be negotiated)

Proposals submitted but declined:
National Science Foundation, "Influence of Hydrologic Variability on Carbon
Processing and Fluxes in an Organic Carbon and Carbonate Rich Watershed,
Suwannee River Florida", $2,407,910
National Science Foundation, Partnerships for International Research and
Education. "Sustainable Land and Water Management: Comparative Analysis of
Benchmark Basins across Economic, Environmental, Hydrologic, and Social
Gradients" Pre-proposal for internal competition, $2,400,000

Research Project Management
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 319 Program, "Demonstration of Water
Quality Best Management Practices for Beef Cattle Ranching in the Lake
Okeechobee Basin", Principal Investigator for 7 faculty member team,
$1,349,785.00, Sept 2002-June 2007.
South Florida Water Management District/Florida Water Resources Center,
Cooperative Graduate Research Assistantship Program, Principal Investigator for
5 faculty member team, $140,000, April 2006-May 2008.
National Science Foundation, "Design and Demonstration of a Distributed Sensor
Array for Predicting Water Flow and Nitrate Flux in the Santa Fe Basin, Principal
Investigator for 6 faculty member team, $360,000, December 2006-December
US. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Knowledge Initiative "Sustainable
Water Resource Management: U.S India Collaborative Research and
Education", Principal Investigator of 10 faculty member team, $88,905, August
2006-July 2009.

Research Project Participation
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 319 Program, "Evaluating the
Effectiveness of BMPs for Reducing Nutrient inputs to Groundwater in the
Suwannee River Basin", $597,193, Jan 2000-July Jan 2007, Co-Principal
Investigator in 5 faculty member team.
National Science Foundation, Improved Estimation of Evapotranspiration and
Recharge from a Dynamic SVAT through Assimilation of Microwave
Brightness", $400,000, Jan 2004- Jan 2008, Co-Principal Investigator in 4 faculty
member team.

Other Miscellaneous Activities
Taught CWR 6536, Stochastic Subsurface Hydrology (3 credits), 11 students, Fall
Member of Search Committee for Dean of the Graduate School, Fall 2006
Member of Search Committee for Assistant Professor for Urban Water Resources,
ABE Dept., Fall 2006-Spring 2007
Member of the Board of Directors, Consortium of Universities for the
Advancement of Hydrologic Sciences (CUAHSI), 2003-2008; Chair 2005-
2006, Past-Chair 2007.
Member of the Advisory Committee, Collaborative Large-Scale Engineering
Analysis Network for Environmental Research, 2005-2007.
Member of the WATer and Environmental Research Systems Network
(WATERS Network) Design Team, 2006-2008.

Appendix 1: On-Campus Stakeholder Meetings and Presentations

* March 30 CLAS Ecology and Environment
* April 13 Florida Water Resources Research Center
* April 14 School of Natural Resource and Environment
* April 19 Interdisciplinary International Water Interest Group
* May 5 Hydrologic Sciences Academic Cluster
* May 8 IFAS Extension
* May 9 Center for Latin American Studies
* May 11 Public Utilities Research Center
* May 18 Soil and Water Science Department
* May 22 UF Geoplan Center
* May 23 UF Office of Sustainability
* May 26 Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Department
* June 20 Program for Resource Efficient Communities
* August 17th, Aquatic Vet Medicine
* August 18th IFAS Extension Dean re Hastings Demonstration Facility
* September 1st IFAS Research Dean re SFWMD liaison
* September 15th, Soil and Water Sciences Department
* September 28th, School of Forest Resources and Conservation
* October 2nd IFAS Research and Extension Associate Deans
* October 5th Religion Group (Florida Organization on Religion Environmental
Sciences and Technology)
* October 9th School of Natural Resources and Environment
* October 13th Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Department
* October 23rd Particle Science Engineering Research Center
* November 1st, IFAS Tropical Research and Education Center, Homestead
* November 3rd, Environmental Engineering Sciences Dept.
* November 6th, CLAS Ecology and Environment Committee
* November 22nd, IFAS International Programs

Appendix 2: External Stakeholder Meetings and Presentations

* March 23, Frank Rij sberman, Director of International Water Management
Institute (Sri Lanka)
* May 2 Florida Century Commission (in conjunction with SNRE)
* May 12 Stan Bronson, Director Florida Earth Foundation (WPB)
* May 12 South Florida Water Management District (WPB)
* May 22 Delegation from Punjab Agricultural University (India)
* May 24 Hilary Swain, Director Archbold Biological Station
* May 25 Florida Pesticide Review Council Meeting
* May 25 Dean of Science, Makerere University, Uganda
* May 30 NSF Geosciences Director, Washington DC
* June 1 US Geological Survey
* June 6 Progress Energy
* June 12 Suwannee River Water Management District
* June 15 Florida Association for Water Quality Control, Naples
* June 16 Tampa Bay Water
* June 20 Delegation from Ranga Agricultural Univ (Hyderabad, India)
* June 22 Conserv Florida Clearinghouse Steering Committee
* June 27 Delegation from the Florida Chapter AWWA
* June 29 Lake Okeechobee Interagency Meeting (SFWMD, DACS, DEP)
* July 25 Nancy Johnson International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT -
* July 26 Florida Department of Environmental Protection & Florida Department of
Agriculture (Tallahassee)
* July 27th Florida Institute of Phosphate Research (Paul Clifford)
* July 28 Swisher Foundation (JAX)
* August 3-14 ICRISAT (Hyderabad India), Ranga Agricultural University
(Hyderabad India), International Water Management Institute (Colombo, Sri
* September 6-8 Annual Water Management District/DEP Conference, Tarpon
* Sept 13th, USDA Washington DC
* September 21, St. Johns River Water Management District, Palatka
* September 25, NSF Washington DC
* October 2nd, Florida Natural Areas Inventory
* October 18th University of Florida Foundation Orlando Regional Planning
* October 23rd, Tampa Bay Water
* October 31st, South East Climate Consortium/NOAA
* November 1st, South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach
* November 8th, UF Foundation, College of Medicine, and Holloway Farms,
* November 9th, SJRWMD Hastings
* November 10th, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Jacksonville
* November 11th UF Foundation Advisory Council

* November 13th, USGS Orlando
* November 14-17th CUAHSI, NSF Austin TX
* November 21st Marion County
* November 29-30th NSF: Waters Network MREFC Planning Meeting,
Washington, DC.
* December 1-2nd : ASABE Board of Trustees Meeting, Chicago
* December 13th : Meeting with Cindy Littlejohn (UF Lobbyist) and Steve Oelrich
(FL State Senator) re LBR
* December 13th Conserve Florida Clearinghouse Steering Committee Meeting,
* January 8th : Meeting with FDEP and FDACS re BMP Research Coordination,
* Jan 9-10th CUAHSI Board of Directors Meeting, NSF Meeting, Washington DC
* Jan 12-22nd, Indian Council for Agricultural Research, Punjab Agricultural
University, Angrau Agricultural University, India
* Jan 26th Water Institute presentation to Florida Section of the American Water
Resources Association, Gainesville
* January 30th, Meeting and Seminar with Ruth Meinzen-Dick, International Food
Policy Research Institute (Washington DC), Gainesville Florida
* Jan 31st Meeting with Marion Hoffman, UF Lobbyist re LBR, Gainesville
* February 13th, Proposal meeting with Tampa Bay Water, Tampa
* February 16th, Proposal Presentation to the Smallwood Foundation, Gainesville
* Feb 18th- 20th, Waters National Network Design Meeting, Dallas TX
* Feb 21st, Water Institute presentation to UF Retired Faculty Club, Gainesville
* Feb 26th, Meeting with International Programs C4 group (Title VI center

Appendix 3: Membership of the Symposium Planning Committee

* Tom Ankerson, College of Law
* Joe Delfino, College of Engineering
* Ruth Francis Floyd, College of Veterinary Medicine
* Ramesh Reddy, IFAS
* Bron Taylor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
* Les Thiele, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
* Caroline Choi, Progress Energy

Appendix 4: Faculty Advisory Committee Membership

* Dorota Haman, IFAS, Chair
* Karl Havens, IFAS, Chair Elect
* Sanford Berg, College of Business (2 year term)
* Mark Brenner, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2 year term)
* Richard Hamann, College of Law (3 year term)
* Jim Heaney, College of Engineering (2 year term)
* Jim Jawitz, IFAS (3 year term)
* Jim Jones, IFAS (3 year term)
* Jon Martin, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (3 year term)
* Stephen Mulkey, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2 year term)
* Peter Sheng, College of Engineering (1 year term)
* Rick Stepp, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (1 year term)

Appendix 5: UF Water Institute Project Classification Policy

Externally Funded Water Institute Projects are recognized under one of the 3 following

1. Water Institute Affiliated Project. Project Team wishes project to be
recognized as a Water Institute Project, but no Water Institute services (technical,
data management, project management, agency liaison) are required or requested.
A link to a project description and/or website is supplied by project PI and is
accessible from the Water Institute website. Project is cataloged in searchable
Water Institute Project database. Budget does not flow through the Water
Institute, Water Institute Director did not sign off on project and no IDC is taken.
2. Water Institute Assisted Project. Project has resulted from a Water Institute
Program Initiation Fund effort, a proactive Water Institute referral to a sponsoring
agency, or the Project Team is requesting specific Water Institute technical, data
management, or project management services from the proposal. Requested
services may be in-kind (i.e. donated) by the Water Institute or may be directly
budgeted in the proposal. Water Institute Director is not PI on the proposal, but
signs off on the proposal indicating agreement to provide Water Institute services
(or acknowledgement that Water Institute support has been provide through seed
funding or referral). A link to a project description and/or website is supplied by
the project PI and is accessible from the Water Institute website. Project is
cataloged in searchable Water Institute Project database. IDC is accrued to the
Water Institute (10.0% Investigator and 7.5% Center) only for the portion of the
budget that is spent in the Water Institute for desired services.
3. Water Institute Directed Project. The Water Institute Director is PI for the
project and responsible for overall proposal coordination and project
management. In addition project may require direct technical and data
management services. Project management as well as technical and data
management services may be directly budgeted in the proposal. Center IDC
(7.5%) is accrued to the Water Institute on the entire project budget. An
additional 10.0% Investigator IDC is accrued for that portion of the budget that is
spent within the Water Institute. Water Institute manages project website and
provides a link that is accessible from Water Institute website. Project is cataloged
in searchable Water Institute Project database.

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