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Human Nutrition Hews & Views
poNews cViews
Food Science For alumni, students, associates, and friends of FSHN

H N Volume VII, Issue 1, Spring 2007

Life in the Peace Corps

for the dead or listening to
Saramaccan stories in the
moonlight Life can change so
I 11u\ c .ii\ \ s believed that you
can mc kei dillff icnce wherever
\ ou ,ll i lk h connections you
niukc \\ iI ilK people you meet on
a dill bLasis.Ie \ hat really
nuticl I don I llnik it is necessary
to iulI\ ci loIll dis[Inces to give
back Tlhn r\ I\ did I join the


river is beautiful, but the people living in
the paradise along the river have their
fair share of challenges. Kaja has
generator-powered electricity for a few
hours at night. This year, they worked
with the previous Peace Corps volunteer
and the Rotary Club to receive running
water. People wash by bucket bath or at
the river or creek. Many have no latrines.
The nearest health center is only
reachable by boat. A flood this year,
followed by the dry weather, killed the
vegetable crops. The most common
question people ask me is, "Kajamai,
ande gwamba i boi tide?" (What meat did
you cook today?) Finding meat here is
not easy so people sometimes respond,
"Gwambahungi o kii mi," literally "meat
hunger will kill me." During the dry
season, many people eat white rice alone
throughout the day so some of the....
... continued on page 3

I_ I I ,
I h I
iI,,H ,hl
[\ II1 I [ lh

I spent the long, bumpy trip
back to Paramaribo wondering
what valuable information I could
share about my Peace Corps
experience here in Suriname. The lady
next to me propped her baby's head on
my lap and I was wedged tightly against
the wall of the government truck. I was
staring out into the canopy of trees as I
tried to remember what life was like at
the University of Florida. I laughed to
myself when I realized how drastically
the rhythm of my daily life has changed
since my days at UF now that I'm living
in a village in the Amazon. Not too long
ago, I was walking to my next lecture or
around the halls of Shands Hospital,
studying, working, watching football,
practicing for the next swim meet, or
dreaming about my next weekend at
Camp Boggy Creek. Now, I regularly
walk to a creek carrying my dishes on
my head, asking my neighbor how her
day is and what her pet monkey has
been up to. Sometimes I'm dancing with
the ladies at traditional celebrations

Peace Corps? I L
guess I figured,
"Why not? Why
not me?" I craved
to see the world
from a new
perspective. I
wanted to actively
do something to
help people in most need of help. So here
I am, living in a village in the rainforest.
It is all very surreal really. At the same
time, the reality of life here is sometimes
difficult to swallow. In my village in Kaja
Patie, I gained more perspective than I
ever expected.
Suriname is a former Dutch colony
with a diverse cultural influence. In the
interior, many of the African and
Amerindian traditions remain intact. Kaja
Patie is a large Maroon village along the
Suriname River. The scenery along the

In this issue:
Alumni Updates .....................................
Peace Corps, continued.........................
Alumni Social at EB................................ 3
Alumni Award...................... 3
FSHN Achievements................................ 4

Colrei' of Agricidt aral
arid Life Sciences

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toy clcpliaill nlu 111 balinlg ula. uihLiut.
That's Katie on the right.]

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produced bi-annually

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Alumni Updates

(BS, 1999;
P MS, 2001)
finished the
Marathon in
Nashville, TN
on April 28th
this year.

Patrick Upchurch (BS, 2006) has
been accepted into a PhD program in
Cellular and Molecular Physiology at
Johns Hopkins University.

Sandra Villacis (BS, 2005)
successfully completed her dietetic
internship and her registration exam,
and is working as a Nutrition Educator
for the Palm Beach Health Department
here in Florida.

Alexandra Linares (BS, 2006) is
pursuing a master's of public health
here at UF, with a specialization in

Here's a very cute future Gator: Miss
Lily Madden, daughter of alumni
Lauren (O'Kelley) Madden and Mike
Madden. Mike and Lauren both
received their BS degrees in 2003.

2007 BS graduates accepted to
pharmacy school here at UF include:
Nicole Kitts, Megan Kloet, Livia
Monteiro, Chandni Patel, Jillian
Paxton. 2006 BS graduates accepted to
pharmacy school here at UF include:
Yadnaloy Acosta, Christopher
DiTomaso, Mary Hall, Julie Nguyen,
Sara Sugimoto, Nicolas Terranova.
Yuleiny Cardoso (BS, 2005) was also
accepted to UF pharmacy.

Corry Taylor (BS, 2007) will be
attending pharmacy school at the Univ.
of Tennessee. Satyajit Rana (BS,
2006) was accepted to Palm Beach
Atlantic University pharmacy school.

Alyssa (Whidden) Kendall (BS, 2000)
is working for the USDA Agricultural
Research Service in the Beltsville,
Maryland Human Nutrition Research
Center (Nutrient Requirements and
Functions Laboratory). Her research
will focus on dietary probiotics in a
porcine model.

Rita Frank (BS, 1998) received the
Tampa Dietetic Association 2006
Emerging Leader Award.

2007 BS graduates accepted to
optometry schools include: Pagona
"Peggy" Kokolakis (SUNY College of
Optometry), Boski Patel (Nova SE
Univ.), Taisiya Rozenblyum (Illinois
College of Optometry).

Miharu "Alison" Sato-Sen (MS,
2001) is employed as a pediatric
clinical RD at the University of
Arizona's University Medical Center.

Jaclyn Kalva (BS, 2007) will be
pursuing her MS in Food Science here
in FSHN after completing a USDA
internship this summer.

2007 BS graduates accepted to dental
school here at UF include: Mallory
Hope, Juan Ojeda, Jr., Francis
Roque. Other 2007 BS graduates
accepted to dental schools include:
Ajlal Ahmed (Univ. of Pittsburgh),
Sasha Baston (NYU), Eric Frank
(Columbia Univ.), Stephanie Fulger
(UNC Chapel Hill), Michael
Rodriguez (Nova SE Univ.), Justin
Silvestre (Univ. of Pennsylvania),
Christina Wiggins (Nova SE Univ.),
Summer Young (Nova SE Univ.).
Philip Hedger (BS, 2005) was also
accepted to dental school here at UF.
The following 2006 BS graduates have
been accepted to dental school here at
UF: Andrew Clark, Ivette Coro,
Tiffany Hetmanek, Kyle Kromrey,
Kristine Smith. Lisette Zuloaga (BS,
2006) is in dental school in Peru.

The following 2007 BS graduates have
been accepted to medical school here at
UF: Arjun Nanda, Trevor Smith.
Kristen Dean (BS, 2005) and Ryan
Telford (BS, 2006) were also accepted
to UF medical school. Other 2007 BS
graduates accepted to medical schools
include: Alyssa Brown (Univ. of South
Florida), Sherri Gampel (Nova SE
Univ.), Natalie Hammond (Univ. of
Miami). Sarah Irani (Florida State
Univ.), Jason Mallow (Univ. of
Miami), and Cindy Yuen (Nova SE
Univ.). Dafina Wise (BS, 2004) was
accepted to the Wayne State School of
Medicine. Alesha (Robinson) Dunkley
(BS, 2004) was accepted to the
Southwest College of Naturopathic
Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Isaac
Paff (BS, 2004) was accepted to West
Virginia School of Osteopathic

Bethany "Grace" Bridgman (BS,
2006) was accepted into UF's
accelerated nursing program.

Neha Patel (BS, 2006) completed her
dietetic internship this past year and is
now working for WIC here in

Gavin Goodall (BS, 2007) is teaching
secondary science in Denver with the
Teach for America program.

Did we leave you out, or is our
information outdated? Please
drop us a line (see box, top left).

Peace Corps, Continued from page 1


Kaja Patie children playing on my front porch.

...signs of malnourishment that we
learned about in nutrition class can be
seen firsthand here. Yet, often when I talk
with the people here, I am amazed by
their strength and the richness of their
My task here is to live with the
people of Kaja the way they live and to
help them to help themselves. As a health
volunteer, my focus is nutrition, water
sanitation, and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Napping in a wheelbarrow.

Most recently, I have been traveling from
village to village with a group of local
health promoters. I am helping some
women with a preschool they have started
so that the other women in the village can
be more productive in the gardens. I am
looking into ways to support a chicken
farm so that the village will have a stable
source of protein and income. I am also
working with my local counterpart on
participating in World AIDS Day. So far,

The audience watching the school plays that the
children created for the World AIDS Day event,
"Da Mau. Feti AIDS." ("Give a hand. Fight

this task is not easy and it has only just
begun, but it is well worth the challenge.
I encourage you to appreciate the life
you have in the U.S. and to live life to the
fullest. You do not have to wait for
graduation day or whatever step is next to
start making a positive difference in the
lives of others. Every day, you are
surrounded by a world full of people
waiting for your help.
I wish you the best.

Alumni Social at Experimental Biology

Once again, FSHN hosted an
alumni social during the University
Mixer at the Experimental Biology
conference, which was held this year in
Washington DC. Alumni and students
were treated to Gator necklaces, key
chains, national championship bumper
stickers, FSHN pens, and even t-shirts.
We congratulate all the alumni,
faculty, staff, and students who
presented at the conference, and we
hope everyone had a great time at the
social. Look for us next year at EB in
San Diego!

....... .......
.. ,, ....... .. ....... .,. .. :..:

"k' .lll"" R i .ll ll ,l !,,. .i. .l .i. .l _
% li.iri..l I ii i I N,. I .ilHH
I [ l..l,... l. ._ li.l I .I ll l 'll I lllil
., .l ,i \l lll 11, h.lh .. I.. ,

, i,.. ,,i .i I-l'n iJ.- dl,' 1 1 h...l.._

%, ..-I I I. 1 .I i' I l nllll i'.lllr
,(l ,,,,, 11 s,,,,..,, i .il ul l | >)..n.ilid
chemistry y senior), samel "shane"
Kanani (Chemistry Senior), Alysha
Leonard (BS, 2007).

L-R: Dr. Bob Cousins i'. .I .1, Dr. Jess
Gregory I i'. I, .. Dr. J. Bernadette
Moore (PhD, 2002).

L-R: Louis Lichten (BS, 2002; MS, 2004;
PhD Candidate) looks on as Lauren Little
(BS, 2005; current PhD student) talks about
her research.

Alumni Award

Cristin Cuozzo, (BS,
2005), MS/DI student in
FSHN, was recognized as
the Outstanding Dietetics
Student from an internship
in Florida. She was chosen
from among all students in Florida's
eleven internship programs in recognition
of her long history of scholarship and
leadership. Congratulations to Cristin on
all her accomplishments!




FSHN Achievements

Dr. Peggy Borum (Professor) was chosen as
both the CALS Undergraduate Advisor of the
Year and the UF Advisor of the Year for
2006-2007. She was honored in part for her
dedication to the "InvestiGators," a research
honor society that helps student teams learn to
plan and conduct real-world research, and then to present that
research at national conferences. See page 3 for a picture of
some of the InvestiGators who got to present at Experimental
Biology this year. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Borum
on this outstanding accomplishment!

Dr. Gail Kauwell (Professor)
won the 2007 American Society
for Nutrition's Excellence in
Nutrition Education Award in
recognition of outstanding
contributions to teaching
nutrition. The award was
presented at the 2007
Experimental Biology (EB)
conference in Washington DC.
Dr. Kauwell also received the
American Dietetic Association
Dr. Gail Kauwell at EB with (ADA) 2007 Excellence in
husband Peter Johnson. Dietetic Education Award,
celebrating her creativity,
innovation, and leadership in education. Dr. Kauwell is a Past-
President of ADA and a current ADA Delegate.

Above, L-R: Trevor Smith, Robert Regenhardt,
Justin Silvestre. Photo: Lanigan (IFAS).


For the first time in history, FSHN Nutritional Sciences
students swept all four of the prestigious College of
Agricultural and Life Sciences' undergraduate awards! Trevor
Smith, who starts medical school here at UF this fall, won the
J. Wayne Reitz Medal of Excellence Outstanding Senior
Award. Robert Regenhardt, who also starts medical school at
UF this fall as part of the Junior Honors Medical Program,
won the E. T. York, Jr. Medal of Excellence Outstanding
Junior Award. (Another Nutritional Sciences junior, Michael
Silverstein, was one of the three finalists for the York Award
and was also recognized by CALS as an outstanding student.)
The Larry J. Connor Medal of Excellence went to Justin
Silvestre, who will attend dental school at the University of
Pennsylvania. And Tolulope Adebanjo was recognized with
the CALS Alumni & Friends Leadership Award; she plans to
complete a combined MD/MPH program.

Congratulations to the FSHN College Bowl Team, who made
a very respectable showing at the 2007 competition in Athens,
Georgia. The team, shown below at the Georgia Social
following the competition, also got to watch the Gator
basketball team beat UCLA in the Final Four!

Front, L-R: Thelma Calix-Lara (MS Student), Mike Eisenmenger
(PhD Student), Dr. Ron Schmidt (Professor and Coach), Renee
Applebaum (BS, 2007), Jorge Cardona (MS Student), Janna
Underhill (Assistant Coach). Back, L-R: Milena Ramirez-Rodrigues
(PhD Student), Diana Seminario (MS Student), Yun-Pai "Paul" Lai
(BS, 2007), Yael Spektor (Food Science Senior).

This past year, FSHN students (all Nutritional Sciences unless
otherwise noted) held numerous leadership positions in UF
campus organizations:
Pre-Dental Society: President: Benjamin Song (BS, 2006);
Communications VP: Kevin Dunphy (BS, 2007); Secretary:
Pamela Shelling (Junior); Public Relations: Jared Weiner (BS,
2006); Social/Services: Danielle Case (BS, 2007).
American Student Dental Association: Treasurer: Mallory Hope (BS,
2007); Secretary: Eric Frank (BS, 2007).
Pre-Pharmacy Society: President: Heather Petrie (BS, 2007); VP:
Christina Carracedo (Junior).
Pre-professional Service Organization: Membership VP: Aylin
Okcular (Junior); Programming VP: Kaitlin Kobaitri (Junior);
Secretary: Jenna Rhoades (Junior); Journal Editor: Nicole
Martino (Junior).
Pre-optometnr Pupils: President: Boski Patel (BS, 2007); Treasurer:
Pagona Kokolakis (BS, 2007).
Pre-Med American Medical Student Association: Secretary: Sanjay
Bridgelall (BS, 2007); Executive Liaison: Emily Appleton (BS,
Minority Association for Pre-health Students: Historian/Archivist:
Rosalee Holmes (Dietetics Sophomore).
Health Education Asian Leaders: President: Danlu Wang (Junior).
Heal the World: Public Relations Chair: Andrew Migliaccio
(Sophomore); Historian: Joanna Meadors (Junior); Events
Chair: Natalie Yin (Sophomore).
Student Government Cabinets: Community Involvement: Joanna
Meadors (Junior); Health: Tolulope Adebanjo (BS, 2007);
Housing Affairs: Farah Gulaid (Junior); Multicultural Affairs:
Huy Huynh (BS, 2007).

FSHN News & Views is going electronic! If you'd like to
continue receiving this publication, please update your
e-mail with the UF Alumni Association. Visit their
website (http://www.ufalumni.ufl.edu/) and choose
"Update Your Information" on the lower left-hand side.
We hope to hear from you soon!

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