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Human Nutrition News & Views

Food Science For alumni, students, associates, and friends of FSHN
Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
HN -Volume V Issue 2, Fall 2005

Nutritional Sciences Graduates Flying High

FSHN graduates leave the University
of Florida poised for new challenges and
opportunities. This newsletter highlights
the accomplishments of two recent
graduates, Dr. Sara (Rathman) Zwart
and Dr. Robert Duhaney.
a:// -

SDr. Sara Zwart getting ready for physiological

Dr. Sara Zwart (PhD, 2003) shares
her experiences working for NASA:
I became interested in the space
program during my 7th grade year when I
gave a 'hero' speech about Christa
McAuliffe. Ever since then, the idea of
having humans live in space is something
that has intrigued me. I first learned of the
Life Sciences Division at NASA when I
was finishing high school and I
immediately knew that is where I wanted
to be in 10 years.
I completed my BS in Biological
Sciences at the University of Notre Dame
in 1999, and began graduate studies in
FSHN later that year. My doctoral studies
at UF investigated the effects of anti-
epileptic drugs on vitamin metabolism.
Upon graduation, I received a fellowship
from the National Research Council to do
postdoctoral studies in the Nutritional
Biochemistry Laboratory at the NASA
Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
The past two years at the Johnson
Space Center have been an incredible
experience. I have had the opportunity to
utilize many of the skills learned in
graduate school and learn countless new
skills as well. The primary goal of our lab

is to determine the nutritional requirements
for extended-duration space flight. Integral
to that are the goals to maintain astronaut
health and to develop, evaluate, and
validate nutritional countermeasures to
prevent or minimize the negative effects of
long-duration space flight on humans. One
of the exciting tasks with which I have
recently been involved is the process of
defining nutrition requirements for Mars
missions (up to 3-year missions). One of
my committee members from UF, Dr.
Lynn Bailey, was involved with this
process for earlier long-duration missions,
so I was honored to keep up the tradition!
The Nutritional Biochemistry
Laboratory activities are split between
operations and research. The primary
operational activity is the support of the
Clinical Nutritional Assessment profile,
which is completed before and after
International Space Station flights. Food
intake and body weights are also
monitored during these long-duration (4-6
months) missions. Our research efforts
have included space flight and ground
human studies, as well as animal and
cellular models.
One of my cell models is a 3-
dimensional culture system in a
bioreactor. In that system, cells are
rotating around an axis in a continuous
state of free-fall, thus simulating
microgravity. Another one of the current
projects includes the investigation of
calcium metabolism during bed rest
(simulated microgravity). Other ground
analogue projects scheduled to start this
spring include centrifugation during bed
rest and even studying vitamin D
metabolism in scientists who are
wintering over in Antarctica. Our lab also
has numerous collaboration projects with
academicians, one being a project to
determine whether nutritional status is
related to self-neglect in elders.
Besides working in the lab, some of
the fun experiences I have had in the past
(cont., page 3)

Dr. Robert Duhaney poses with his parents,
Dennis and Olive Duhaney, at his graduation from
Drexel University College of Medicine

Dr. Robert Duhaney (MS, 2001)
just graduated from medical school this
year and is currently an intern at Johns
Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in
Baltimore, Maryland. Here, he shares
his thoughts on his FSHN experiences:
During my junior year at UF (1997-
1998), I participated in a program aimed
at encouraging minorities to consider
graduate programs in the sciences.
Called the Ronald E. McNair Scholars
Program, it was named for an African-
American physicist/astronaut who died
in the Challenger accident. I worked in
the lab of Dr. Howard Johnson in the
UF Microbiology and Cell Sciences
Department, and I was hoping that my
immunology project (which I had the
opportunity to present at the national
McNair Conference at Penn State in
August, 1998) would be viewed with
enthusiasm by medical schools.
(cont., page 3)

In this issue:
Alumni Updates............................................. 2
NUT Grads, cont........................................... 3
C ongratulations............................................. 3
Help Us W welcome .................................... 3
CALSAF M essage......................................... 3
FSHN Achievements............................ 4


FSHN Alumni Newsletter
produced bi-annually

Food Science & Human Nutrition Dept.
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences
University of Florida

Editor: Janna L. Underhill
Coordinator, Academic Support Services
352/392-1991, ext. 220
janna@ ufl.edu

We Welcome Your Input!
Send all correspondence, articles,
pictures, updates and comments to:
Alumni Newsletter
PO Box 110370, 359 FSHN
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-0370

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Alumni Updates

Kirsten Herbes (BS, 2001) graduated
with her MPH degree (also from UF) in
2003, and completed a dietetic internship
in summer 2004. Kirsten is now the
Health Promotion Manager for FPL-
WELL, Florida Power and Light's
corporate wellness program.

Alyssa (Whidden) Kendall (BS, 2000)
was married in May of this year, and is
working as a scientist for the trade
management association The Roberts
Group, LLC in Washington, DC.

Jason Hoyos (BS, 2005) and Gabor
Molnar (BS, 2005) were both accepted to
Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Jenny Wawrzyniak (BS, 2005) was
accepted to Barry Univ. School of
Podiatric Medicine.

Jennifer Bratcher (BS, 2002) graduated
from Nova Southeastern University's
Physician Assistant Program this summer,
and is now working for a pediatrician in
Sarasota, Florida. Jennifer is also a
Registered Dietitian.

The following 2005 FSHN graduates
were accepted into graduate programs
here at UF, as listed: Robert Bent, MS
Food Science (FOS); Mark Berger,
Master of Science in Management;
Danielle Bogan, MS FOS; Randy
Chambers, MS Nutritional Sciences
(NUT); Mariagrazia Cunto, MS NUT;
Cristen Cuozzo, MS NUT/Dietetic
Internship (MS/DI); Dylan Hagerty, MS
NUT; Rebecca Hernandez, Master of
Public Health; Bradley Jahnke, MS/DI;
Laura Jensen, MS/DI; Justin Kusher,
Master of Health Administration; Lauren
Little, MS NUT; Luis Martinez, MS
FOS; Jessica McIntire, MS/DI; Kendall
Owens, Doctorate of Physical Therapy;
and Lyndsey Wells, MS FOS. Also,
Kara Rao (BS, 2003) was accepted to the
UF Physician Assistant program.

Aimee Bert-Moreno (BS, 1996) is a
Registered Dietitian working for the
HUG-Me and Teen Express Programs
that are funded through a division of
Orlando Regional Healthcare. Aimee is
part of a traveling medical team focused
on treating rural HIV communities, and
she also counsels teens diagnosed with
obesity, hyperlipidemia or borderline
diabetes. Aimee also serves as the
Nutrition Faculty Coordinator for the
Florida/Caribbean AIDS Education and
Training Center.

Grant Hurst (BS, 2003), who is finishing
his MS
degree in
this fall,
is now
in quality
assurance for research and development
for Dreyer's Ice Cream in Bakersfield,

Dr. Anita Dhople (BS, 1992; MD, 1996)
received one of two prestigious 2005
Horizon Awards from the College of
Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni
and Friends organization for her
outstanding contributions to medicine. Dr.
Dhople is director of the Hospitalist
Program at the Phoebe Putney Medical
Group, and a staff internist with the
Piedmont Medical Group in Atlanta
Georgia. She was recognized not only for
her research and professional
development activities, but also for her
efforts to provide healthcare to the
disadvantaged, both in her own
community and as far away as India.

Penny Parham (BS, 1988) serves as the
Director of Food and Nutrition for the
Miami-Dade public school system.

2005 BS graduates accepted to pharmacy
school: Gregory Carter, UF; Lauren
Fernald, Mercer Univ.; Matthew
Kirchoff, UF; Sara Langmaack, Univ.
California, San Francisco; Hoi-Ting Lau,
UF; Irene Lelekis, UF; Noelle Rathe,
UF; Laura Sherman, Mercer Univ.; and
Kayla Strack, Mercer Univ. Amanda
Heer (BS, 2004) is attending Nova
Southeastern Univ.

The following FSHN 2005 BS graduates
have been accepted to dental school:
Alfredo Arauz, Univ. of Pittsburgh;
Amy Bouvier, Nova Southeastern Univ.;
Justin Cooper, Harvard Univ.; Jennilyn
Estell, Nova Southeastern Univ.; Kristen
Klement, UF; Maureen Libby, UF;
Mark Maltby, UF; Cristen Mendoza,
UF; Bryan Morgan, Univ. of Maryland;
Nahir Ojeda, Indiana Univ.; Lindsay
Perkins, UF; Carlos Piedra, UF;
Julienne Sabet, Univ. of Maryland;
Adam Schuessler, Tufts Univ.; Richard
Spooner, UF; Holly Turkat, Tufts Univ.;
Vincent Yeung, UF. Also, Damien
Hunter (BS, 2004) was accepted to the
UF College of Dentistry.

These 2005 BS graduates from FSHN
have been accepted to medical school:
Nyima Ali, UF; Kelly Brook, UF; Tarah
Freyman, Lake Erie College of
Osteopathic Medicine; Beryl
Greywoode, UF; Shannon Hill, Florida
State Univ.; Deanna Indriolo, Lake Erie
College of Osteopathic Medicine; Armon
Jadidian, UF; Matthew Odom, Univ. of
Miami; Jennifer Rabbat, American
Univ. of the Caribbean; Lauren Smith,
Univ. of Miami; Kristin Walsh, Temple
Univ.; Rebecca "Joanne" Weddle, Univ.
of Louisville. Also, Serggio Lanata (BS,
2003) was accepted to the Univ. of South
Florida's College of Medicine, and
Jennifer (Johnson) Scheer (BS, 2000;
MS, 2004), to the UF College of

2005 BS graduates accepted to optometry
school: VyVy Doan, Pennsylvania
College of Optometry; and Ngoc Nguyen,
Nova Southeastern Univ.

Did we leave you out, or is our
information outdated? Please drop us
a line (see box, top left).

NUT Grads, count.

Dr.Sara Zmrt
two years include participating in taste
panels to test new food items developed
for the International Space Station (all of
the trained taste panels at the University
of Florida have helped!).

Dr. Zwart in front of a full-scale Shuttle mock-up at
the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX

I also had the opportunity to
complete a physiological training course
with chamber flight to FL250 and rapid
decompression. The training was
necessary because we are planning to test
a new blood collection device aboard the
DC-9 "vomit comet" in the near future.
I cannot say enough good things
about the Nutritional Sciences program at
the University of Florida. The classes,
professors, and outstanding mentors left
me well prepared for my career at NASA.

Dr. Rerl Duhbneoy
By the fall of 1998, I began
exploring the possibility of graduate
school as an option. To me, there was no
rush to go to medical school and I had a
serious interest in nutrition. By the end
of my senior year in the spring of 1999, I
had obtained a minor in Food Science
and Human Nutrition, taken the GRE,
and spoken with various faculty to find
out what projects they were working on.
I was excited to begin my MS program
in Nutritional Sciences at FSHN, and I
was fortunate to receive an assistantship
for two years to work with Dr. Lynn
Bailey. I enjoyed being a TA for her
undergraduate Metabolism course.
I completed my thesis on the effects
of two common genetic polymorphisms
in the MTHFR gene on folate and
vitamin B 12 levels in non-pregnant
women aged 20-30. It was a part of a
larger folate study being done at that
time by Karla (Pagan) Shelnutt
(Editor: now Dr. Karla Shelnutt). I
published a paper in the Journal of

Nutrition in July 2002 about our
I was accepted into Drexel
University College of Medicine in
Philadelphia in fall 2001. Interestingly, I
was still working on my thesis that fall
while attending to quizzes and exams.
Needless to say, it was quite stressful!
I graduated with my MD in May,
and now I'm an intern at Johns Hopkins
Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore,
Maryland. I've already spent one month
on the general medicine floor and one
month in the medical ICU, so I've been
quite busy. I have two more years of
general medicine training left then I hope
to stay here at Hopkins to complete a
fellowship in Allergy & Immunology.
It's been 4 years since I left the UF
campus.... I miss the football games!
On a personal note, within the last
year I have been thankful to meet a
wonderful young lady named Kelli
Isaac. Kelli and I got engaged on Oct. 9,
and the wedding is planned for July 22,
2006 in Los Angeles.
Physicians who understand how
important diet is to overall health and
who can find ways to impart that
information to their patients are
desperately needed. I can truly say that
the time I took to obtain additional
training in Nutritional Sciences not only
helped me stand out as a medical school
applicant, but will also improve my
ability to incorporate what I've learned
into my medical practice.

Dr. Robert Duhaney and his fiancee, Kelli
Isaac, in front of their newly-purchased
townhouse in Columbia, Maryland




Congratulations to Marci (Levine)
Morefield (BS, 1999) on the birth of her
twins, Lena and Maya, born September 2
of this year!

We would also like to
congratulate Dr. Jimmy
Cheek, who is now Senior
Vice President for
Agricultural and Natural
Resources at UF. As many of you will
recall, Dr. Cheek served as both
Assistant Dean and later Dean of the
College of Agricultural and Life

Help Us Welcome...

FSHN hired a second full-
time academic advisor this
year, to better serve our
growing student numbers.
Nicole Young came to us in
January of this year from the UF Office
of Admissions, and has already become
an invaluable member of the FSHN
Student Services staff.

fDr. Mark McLellan
recently joined IFAS as the
new Dean for Research and
Director of the Florida
Agricultural Experiment
Station. A food scientist and former
president of the Institute of Food
Technologists, Dr. McLellan was kind
enough to attend FSHN's first annual
Florida Social Hour at the IFT Annual
Meeting this summer (see page 4).

l Dr. R. Kirby Barrick has
been named Dean of the
College of Agricultural and
Life Sciences. Dr. Barrick
B comes to us from the
University of Illinois.

College ol Agricultural and Uf nclces Alumni a Mends (ASARF
* Did you know that as a graduate of the FSHN Department you're already an
official member of CALSAF?
* Did you know that CALSAF does not charge membership dues?
* Did you know that CALSAF's primary goal is to build a strong network of
alumni and friends so you can meet and communicate with one another?
* Want more information on upcoming alumni events or volunteer opportunities?
Contact your FSHN News & Views Editor, Janna Underhill (see page 2)!

FSHN Achievements

Laura Jensen (BS, 2005) and Crystal Jackson (BS, 2003; MS,
2005) were the recipients of the 2005 Outstanding Dietetics
Student Awards for a student in a Didactic Program in Dietetics
(DPD) and a student in a Dietetic Internship (DI) Program,
respectively. They were selected from a pool of nominees
enrolled in other DPD and DI programs in Florida and their
names were published in the Journal of the American Dietetic
Association. Laura and Crystal join a growing list of FSHN
students selected for these awards, including MS-DI winners
Jaimie (Vaughn) Proctor (BS, 2002; MS, 2004), Elizabeth
Beasley (MS, 2003), and Chad Wilsky (BS, 1997; MS, 1999)
and Didactic winners Claire Edgemon (BS, 2003; current MS
student), Virginia (Braddock) Gray (BS, 2001), Yolanda
Fahrney (BS, 2000), and Judith Wolfe (BS, 1999; MS, 2001).

Dr. Gail Kauwell (MS, 1979; PhD, 1993), Professor
and Program Director of the UF Combined Masters/
Dietetic Internship Program, was selected for the
2005 Florida Dietetic Association Public Service

Please join us in congratulating our 2005 scholarship winners:

National Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Scholarships
Grocery Manufacturers of America Graduate Fellowship
David del Pozo-Insfran
IFT Graduate Fellowship Benjamin Warren
IFT Undergraduate Scholarship Christopher Duncan
Florida Section IFT Scholarships
Richard F Matthews Graduate Scholarship David del Pozo-Insfran
Grady W Chism, Jr Memorial Scholarship Luis Martinez
IFT Undergraduate Scholarship Kristine Yu
Raymond A Dennlson Memorial Scholarship Danielle Bogan, Neha Patel
Corporate Scholarships
Virginia Dare Scholarship Danielle Bogan
Southeastern Food Processor's Association Scholarship Honoring Dr Ronald H
Schmldt Christopher Duncan
Bill Brown Graduate Scholarship Matthew Lecky
Florida Dairy Products Association Scholarship Kristine Yu
FSHN Scholarships
Howard Appledorf Memorial Scholarship Cristin Cuozzo
Eugene E Woodward Memorial Scholarship Phung Nguyen
Earl Wilmot Hartt Scholarships Nyima Ali, Sean Altenbach,
Julia Henry, Vincent Yeung
Robert P Bates Scholarship David Mulia

Matthew Lecky (BS, 2002; MS, 2005) won 1st place in the
Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Non-Thermal Division
student paper competition at the Annual Meeting in July 2005.
Matthew did research with Dr. Murat Balaban while here in
FSHN, and is now working for Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Holly Petty (BS, 2002), PhD student working with Dr. Hordur
Kristinsson, was awarded a PhD fellowship from the
Aylesworth Foundation for the Advancement of Marine
Sciences. Lihua Huo, also working on a PhD with Dr.
Kristinsson, won 3rd place in the IFT Aquatic Food Products
Division student presentation competition at the Annual
Meeting in July of this year.

Dr. Douglas Archer, Professor, won the
prestigious International Association for Food
Protection (IAFP) Ivan Parkin Lectureship Award,
which was presented to him at the IAFP Annual
Meeting in Baltimore in August, 2005.

The FSHN Department held two new alumni events this year.
The first, an Alumni Ice Cream Social, was organized in
conjunction with the Florida
l Dietetic Association (FDA)
conference in July. Emily
Sperling, Executive Director for
the College of Agricultural and
s d Life Sciences Alumni and
Friends (CALSAF), helped put
it together. The turnout was
Daniel Stewart (BS, 2000) and great, and we plan to continue
Melanie Gray (BS, 2001) hanging this tradition at future FDA
out with a Gator at the first evr meetings. Later that same
FDA Alumni Ice Cream Social
Photo courtesy of Emily Sperling month, at the Institute of Food
Technologists (IFT) Annual
meeting in New Orleans, FSHN organized the first-ever Florida
Social Hour with the help of Florida Section IFT. Designed not
only for UF alumni but also to bring together food science
students and professionals from around the state of Florida, the
Social Hour, held at the Crescent City Brewhouse in the French
Quarter, was a great success. Look for this event at all future
national IFT meetings, and help us create stronger ties between
alumni, current students and faculty, and industry in Florida.

From the 2005 IFT
!V F v Florida Social Hour

L-R Dr. Mitwe
Musingo (PhD, 1999),
Dr. Mary Keith (IFAS
Extension), Dr. Ron
Schmidt (FSHN
Professor), June Sims
(Dr. Charlie Sims'
wife), Rena Schonbrun
(BS, 1995, MS, 2002)
L-R Dr. Charlie Sims
(FSHN Chair), Norm
Matella (BS 1999, MS,
2003), Dr. Bob Bates
(Ret FSHN Professor)
L-R Jennifer Joy (MS
student), Young-Mok
Kim (MS, 2005, PhD
student), Chris Duncan
(Food Science senior),
Grant Hurst (BS,
2003. MS student)

I I li l..i I.

1 I 1i. 11l11l

Speaking of future meetings, in 2006 the IFT Annual Meeting
and Food Expo comes to Orlando, and FSHN and FL Section
IFT will be very visible throughout the event. Please stay tuned
for future updates, and we hope to see many of you at the
second annual Florida Social Hour, TBA.

Join us in congratulating the FSHN Dairy Judging Team, which
enjoyed a respectable showing at the International Association
of Food Industry Suppliers-sponsored national competition in
Chicago this October.
11ll IL-R Dr. Ron Schmidt (Professor
and Coach), Danielle Bogan (MS
student, BS, 2005), Chris Duncan
(Semor), Dr. David del Pozo-
Insfran (Assistant Coach, PhD,
2005), Lyndsey Wells (MS
student, BS, 2005), Tim Weathers
(Senmor), Sonal Singh (Senior),
I ui Nartinc7 i f, -ftidnt PQ
h l I ,,ll % ~ l I ,,,, ,


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