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SNutrition ews & Views
Food Science For alumni, students, associates, and friends of FSHN

S y Volume V Issue 1, Spring 2005

FSHN Goes International
In this issue of FSHN News & Views, we share recent international experiences of our alumni and students.

Phillip Pierce in a cave in Petra, Jordan. Note the
logo on his shirt: Go Gators!

Phillip Pierce (BS, 2004) has been a
Chief Warrant Officer in the US Army for
more than 15 years. With a long and
successful career in the military already
established, Phillip came to FSHN in 2002
to complete his bachelor of science degree
in Food Science.
Phillip is no stranger to international
travel. Currently, he is the Area Support
Group Kuwait Command Food Safety
Officer for the US Army, and is stationed
in Bahrain. He is responsible for the US
Central Command Annex to the
Worldwide Directory of Sanitarily
Approved Food and Water Sources, and
has technical oversight of contracts worth
over $1 billion, supporting more than
300,000 personnel.
As such, he organizes, manages, and
allocates personnel to conduct commercial
food safety audits for over 165 facilities in
13 countries: Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan,
United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia,
Djibouti, Qatar, Pakistan, Seychelles,
Oman, Uzbekistan, Egypt, and
He is also certified as a Surveillance
Food Laboratory Technician and manages
the only forward deployed diagnostic food
lab within the Central Command Area of
Operations. Phillip is their principal
trainer and subject matter expert on
commercial food audits in the Central
Command Area of Operations.
(cont., page 3)

Everald Colas and Lauren Cockerham in
Florence, Italy.

Current dietetics student Lauren
Cockerham studied in Florence, Italy this
spring. Sharing an apartment with six
other girls from America, Lauren says she
felt right at home in Florence among the
shops and beautiful scenery.
Lauren also visited other Italian
cities, including Rome, Sienna, Verona,
Milan, Pisa, Amalfi, and Vicenza (where
her boyfriend Everald Colas, a UF
architecture major, was studying this
spring). Lauren and Everald got to spend a
lot of time together sightseeing, hiking,
and picnicking.
Attending the Lorenzo de'Medici
School through Academic Programs
International, Lauren took a variety of
classes including oil painting, women's
studies, Italian, and nutritional cooking
"Italian style."
And speaking of cooking, Lauren got
to sample some new and interesting foods
on a side trip that she and Everald took
with seven other American students to
Scotland. Their group, nicknamed "The
Fellowship" after that famous group of
nine in The Lord of the Rings movie,
hiked through the mountains, watched a
few rugby matches in a local pub, and
tried some traditional Scottish food
including haggis. Haggis, for those who
don't know, is meat cooked inside a
sheep's stomach. Lauren says: "I didn't
find that out until after I had eaten it."
(cont., page 3)

Joanne Weddle with an orphaned (tame) hippo,
Olifants River, South Africa.

Rebecca "Joanne" Weddle (BS,
2005) traveled extensively during her
undergraduate years. She visited Scotland,
Ireland, Wales, England, Spain, Morocco,
Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium,
Monaco, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas,
the Caymans, Honduras, South Africa,
New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.
A Nutritional Sciences major, Joanne
completed minors in both Zoology and
Wildlife Ecology, exploring her personal
interests while she prepared for a career in
medicine. This fall, Joanne will start
medical school at the University of
Louisville in Kentucky.
Among all her travels, Joanne says
her favorite countries were Australia and
South Africa. She says Australia "is an
amazing ecological environment," and
that in South Africa "you get mountains,
beach, animals, adventure, desert, and city
all in one country." Because she loves
nature and the outdoors, Joanne was...
(cont., page 3)

In this issue:
Alumni Updates..................................
International Stories, cont.........................
FSHN Achievements...... ............. ........



Jennifer Detjen and Lavin Joseph.

Lavin Joseph received his Master of
Science degree from FSHN in 2002
(working with Dr. Anita Wright), not
his BS degree as we had previously
printed. Sorry about that, Lavin! Also,
FSHN congratulates Lavin on his
recent marriage to Jennifer Detjen. As
we mentioned in a previous newsletter,
Lavin works for Advanced Biosystems
in Washington, DC and he and Jennifer
live in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Leila Sabet (BS, 2000) graduated from
the UF College of Medicine in 2004,
and went on to pursue a Master of
Public Health degree at Johns Hopkins

Alumni Updates

Tania Rivera (BS, 1998) works as a
Clinical Dietitian at Baptist Hospital of
Miami, and is also an adjunct professor
at Florida International University. She
is also the President of the Miami
Dietetics Association. Tania says that
her experiences at UF and especially
FSHN were very positive.

Naomi (Chamis) Daughtridge (BS,
2001) started a private practice
consulting business in Austin, Texas a
little over a year ago, with another
Registered Dietitian. Their website is:
www.nutrientknowledge. com.

Katherine Ingerson (BS, 2004)
graduated from her dietetic internship
at the Mayo Clinic and is working for
the University of Georgia in the food
services division. She teaches an
"Eating Smart" class and provides
individual consultations to students.

Amy Bouvier (BS, 2005) has been
accepted to several dental schools and
is opting to attend Nova Southeastern
University this fall.

Isadora (Arias) Asman (BS, 2003) is
attending Marquette University's
Physician Assistant master's program
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Amy Fanning (BS, 2003) is attending
Nova Southeastern University's
College of Pharmacy. She says, "I think
the dietetics program at UF is a great
foundation for entry into any health
profession program. I feel I have an
advantage over other students who do
not have a degree in Dietetics."

Douglas Craig (BS, 1992) is the Brand
Manager for the Dial Corporation's
Instant Action and Carpet division.

Sarah Kozak (BS, 2004) is now
employed by the WIC program in
Jacksonville, Florida

Tracy Leon (BS, 1997) went on to
receive two master's degrees in
addition to her Registered Dietitian
credentials. She is now working for
Hormel Health Labs in Miami and is
also serving as adjunct faculty at
Florida International University.

Naomi Reyes (BS, 2001) is a graduate
student at Tufts University's Nutrition
Communication program.

Saad Sebbana hiking in Banff National
Park in Alberta, Canada.

Saad Sebbana (BS, 1999; MS, 2001)
has spent the past two years living and
working in Canada as a Technical
Services Project Manager for PIC
Canada Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta. This
spring he was transferred back to
Franklin, Kentucky to become the
Shrimp Breeding Data Manager for
Sygen International (same company).
He will be working with scientists and
projects from Brazil, Hawaii, Mexico,
and Thailand. Congratulations to Saad
on all his accomplishments!

Diana Reyes (BS, 2002) was accepted
into the Physician Assistant program at
the University of Texas Southwestern
Medical Center in Dallas. Prior to her
acceptance, she was the breastfeeding
coordinator for Montgomery County
(north of Houston).

Melissa del Campo (BS, 2002) has
been accepted to the University of
South Florida College of Medicine.

Damien Hunter (BS, 2004) has been
accepted to the UF College of Dentistry
for fall 2005.

Mitchell Fishkind (MS, 1988) is a
professor at Miami Dade College,
Wolfson Campus where he teaches a
basic nutrition class and a food
preparation class. He says he has fond
memories of taking food chemistry
with Dr. Ron Schmidt.

Did we leave you out, or is our
information outdated? Please
drop us a line (see box, top left).

ConL from Page 1

Phillip's family is here in Florida,
and he says that the hardest part of his
travels is being away from his wife Amy
and daughter Morgan. He wears Gator
gear whenever he can (refer to picture on
front page) to remind him of home. But
he is very much enjoying the challenge of
his current assignment in Bahrain, and
calls it "the most rewarding of my entire
military career."
Phillip also extends a thank you to
his Food Science professors. He recently
said about FSHN: "You guys down there
are awesome."

They also tried "cullen skink."
Cullen skink is a fish soup that Lauren
says is the best soup she has ever eaten.
Lauren very much enjoyed her trip to
Scotland. She says that the Scottish
people are by far the friendliest people
she's ever met. And she loved the time
she spent in Paris, France and Barcelona,
Spain, as well as in Italy, learning about
art, exploring history and architecture,
and meeting new people.
About her international experience,
Lauren says, "It's really one of the
greatest times in my life!"

particularly impressed by her experiences
in Kruger Park, a wildlife reserve in
South Africa where she volunteered for
three months and received free room and
board in exchange for her labor.
Offering some words of wisdom to
other students who wish to travel, Joanne
says to do your homework before you go,
prioritize what you want to see and do,
pack light, travel with someone who has
the same goals you do, and be flexible
and patient with other people and other
cultures, especially when traveling in less
developed nations.


More International Stories from FSHN Alumni & Students

VAN 177

Adee Rasabi camping in the West
Highlands of Scotland, near Fort Williams.

Adee Rasabi (BS, 2004) finished her
senior courses a year early so she could
"do everything and anything I have ever
wanted to do in my life." During that
year, Adee traveled in Thailand, where
she rode elephants and scuba dived. She
did an Outward Bound expedition in
Scotland, hiking a total of 155 miles. And
she tried bungy jumping, sky diving, and
white water rafting in Switzerland.
While in Israel, Adee stayed on a
kibbutz. She worked in banana fields and
also in a plastics factory that made,
among other things, toilet seats. She says:
"The experience was amazing and I made
life long friends from all over the world."
Among many other countries, Russia,
Holland, Zimbabwe, Australia, Columbia,
Canada, South Africa, and Mexico were
all represented on the kibbutz.
Adee also managed to find time to
visit Spain, Ireland, England, and Italy,
and to share her adventures with those of
us back here in the States via e-mail.
Adee will soon complete her Dietetic
Internship at Aramark in New York and
says that she was well prepared by her
Dietetics degree from FSHN.

Matt Kirchoff, a student in
Nutritional Sciences who will graduate
this summer, is currently studying in New
Zealand at the University of Otago.
Coincidentally, that's the same university
where Dr. Elaine Turner studied for a
year when she was an undergraduate at
Kansas State University.
Matt tells us: "My plane left the U.S.
on January 13th, 2005. Since then I've
spent my time driving on the left-hand
side of the road, eating Huhu grubs and
other strange foods, sampling amazing

Matt Kirchoff, on the road from
Queensland to Fox Glacier in New Zealand.

wine, surfing some of the best waves in
the world, milking cows on a dairy farm,
rappelling down into caves, climbing
waterfalls out of caves, whitewater
rafting, climbing an active volcano,
rolling down a huge hill inside an over-
sized blowup ball, going to rugby games,
walking over fire, ice climbing up
massive glacier walls, jumping off of a
bridge with nothing but a rope wrapped
around my ankles, and most importantly,
making friends from every imaginable
country around the world. And believe it
or not, I'm still attending school!"

Originally born in Quito, Ecuador,
Maria Paredes (BS, 2005) studied Food
Science at UF and is now in the process
of applying to medical schools.
Visiting extended family in Ecuador,
Maria was always very affected by the
poverty she witnessed, especially in rural
areas. So last fall, prior to traveling back
to Ecuador to study abroad, she decided
to do something about it. Maria began
gathering supplies with the assistance and
support of the Food Science and Human
Nutrition Club (UF Student Chapter of
the Institute of Food Technologists).
Upon her arrival in Ecuador, Maria
was able to provide school supplies to a
poor public school outside Quito and
large care packages (with clothes, towels,
and personal hygiene products) to
adolescent mothers during their stay in
the hospital.
Maria says: "The joy and gratitude
expressed with a simple smile and a
'muchas gracias' by the teachers, nuns,
students, moms, and hospital staff has
encouraged me to never travel there
empty handed again."

Maria Paredes on a mountain in the
highlands of Ecuador.

FSHN Achievements

As many alumni may remember from their time at UF, each year
the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) chooses
an elite group of students to be CALS Ambassadors and
represent CALS and its departments throughout the state of
Florida. CALS Ambassadors visit other academic institutions
and speak to civic organizations to develop leadership skills and
promote programs. Applicants must go through a rigorous
screening process, including a presentation to CALS faculty and
staff. Last year, nearly 25% of all CALS Ambassadors were
FSHN students (see below).

l Hl A A
L-R Arash Esmailzadegan, Nutritional Sciences, Brad Jahnke, Dietetics, Sara
Langmaack, Nutritional Sciences, Tashara Martin, Nutritional Sciences, Luis
Martinez, Food Science, Noelle Rivera, Nutritional Sciences

At the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences graduation
ceremony this spring, FSHN was the most honored department.
Dr. Elaine Turner (Associate Professor) was recognized as a
recipient of the National Excellence in College and University
Teaching Award in Food and Agricultural Sciences, presented
by the US Department of Agriculture. Three graduating seniors
were also recognized. David Mulia, Food Science, was the
recipient of the Larry J. Connor Medal of Excellence. Nicole
Sammons, Nutritional Sciences, was honored as an Outstanding
Four Year Scholar. And Vincent Yeung, Nutritional Sciences,
was the recipient of the J. Wayne Reitz Medal of Excellence.
Congratulations to all these outstanding people, pictured below:

L-R Nicole Sammons, Vincent Yeung, David Mulia, Dr. Elaine Turner

Each year, FSHN chooses one 4th year undergraduate from each
of its three academic specializations to receive an Outstanding
Senior award. This year's Outstanding Food Science Senior is
David Mulia. David not only completed paid internships with
both Tyson Foods, Inc. and Nestle, Inc., he has also been
extremely successful academically. The Outstanding Dietetics
Senior is Laura Jensen. Laura is a successful student, a member
of several professional organizations, and founded and directed
two fitness programs here in Gainesville. The Outstanding
Nutritional Sciences Senior is Vincent Yeung. Vincent is a
student leader, an outstanding scholar, volunteers his time to the
community, and will start dental school at UF this fall.

Dr. Elaine Turner (Associate Professor) has been
chosen for the Summer Institute for Women in Higher
Education Administration June 26 July 22 at Bryn
Mawr College in Pennsylvania. This program is
designed to enhance participants' leadership and
management skills. Dr. Turner also received a Superior
Accomplishment Award this spring in recognition of her
outstanding contributions to IFAS and UF. She was awarded a
$200 cash prize, a certificate, and a set of coffee mugs.

The UF Academy of Distinguished Teaching
Scholars, a new campus-wide teaching honorary,
has inducted Dr. Gail Kauwell (Professor) as one
of its first five members. Dr. Kauwell will serve for
three years on the advisory board of UF's University
Center for Excellence in Teaching. In recognition of her
excellence and innovation in teaching, Dr. Kauwell will also
receive $15,000 for program development and hold a lifetime
appointment to the Academy.

The United States Food and Drug Administration
selected Dr. Doug Archer (Professor) to receive its
Distinguished Alumni Award in recognition of his
contributions to FDA food safety programs. He
received this award at the May 6th FDA Honor
Awards Ceremony in Maryland. This past spring, Dr.
Archer co-chaired a conference for the Institute of Food
Technologists, focusing on protecting the US food supply from
terrorist attack. A report of the conference research findings will
be published in Food Technology magazine.

Dr. Bobbi Henken (Associate Professor) was
honored at the spring 2005 Gamma Sigma Delta
Annual Initiation and Awards Banquet. She was
recognized with the Junior Faculty Award of Merit
for her outstanding contributions to UF and IFAS,
and the audience was shown a slide show detailing
her personal history, research interests, and accomplishments.

Also, one FSHN staff member and six FSHN students were
inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta (The Honor Society of
Agriculture) this spring. Inductees were Janna Underhill
(Academic Advisor), Robin Minor (PhD student in Nutritional
Sciences working with Dr. Sue Percival), Benjamin Warren
(PhD student in Food Science working with Dr. Keith
Schneider and Dr. Mickey Parish), and four undergraduates in
Nutritional Sciences: Courtney Caplin, Kristin Dean, Julia
Henry, and Phung Nguyen.

The following pictures were
taken at the Florida Dietetic
Association Annual Meeting
last year:


L-R: Jee-Young Shin (BS,
1999) and Praveena Sunkari
(BS, 1994).

Judith Wolfe (BS, 1999; MS,
2001), right, and friend.

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