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Title: Food Science & Human Nutrition news & views
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Human Nutrition News & Views

Food Science For alumni, students, associates, andfriends of FSHN
Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
NN -Volume II, Issue 1, Spring 2002

Dietetics Program Accredited, New Lab Opens


Dietetics students Leah Decker, Lauren Hirschfeld, Dee Dee Marcinko, Cathy Carman,
Michele Carey, Eileen Enrique, and Jennifer Hall McFadden at the lab Open House

Classroom and foodservice demonstration areas in the new Dietetics lab

The FSHN undergraduate dietetics
program (DPD) was granted accreditation
by the Commission on Accreditation of
Dietetic Education in spring, 2002. As
part of the self-study and accreditation
process, the faculty reviewed the dietetics
curriculum and made changes to reflect
the Foundation Knowledge and Skills for
undergraduate dietetic education. In
order to achieve these goals, several new
courses were developed to offer more
opportunity for students to participate in
and demonstrate their learning, including
Nutrition Counseling & Communication,
Food Systems Management Lab and
Dietetics Seminar.
A new dietetics lab was proposed to
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
Dean Jimmy Cheek in the summer of
2000, to meet the multipurpose needs of
the program. The lab was designed with
dietetics faculty, IFAS Facilities Planning
and Operations, Ponikvar Associates
Architects, and Beatty Restaurant Supply.
It was designed to serve three functions:
nutrition counseling, foodservice
management, and computers. The lab
was completed in August 2001, and
classes were taught in the lab last fall.

The lab's foodservice equipment
demonstration area includes a six-burner
range and convection oven, a pressureless
steamer, convection oven, mixer,
dishwasher, reach-in refrigerator and
freezer and stainless steel cabinetry. The
six computers, which are interfaced with
two printers, have Internet access, word
processing, and nutritional analysis
programs. Movable tables and chairs
provide flexibility to accommodate
different teaching styles and hands on
activities. The room is also equipped
with outlets and network connections for
students' laptop computers. A teaching
podium with a laptop computer, LCD
projector and overhead projector provides
state of the art equipment for teaching.
In addition, we were able to purchase
small restaurant equipment such as
knives, pots and pans, and a stadiometer
and electronic scales. Since completion,
the lab has been used for the new Food
Systems Management lab class,
Nutrition Counseling & Communication,
Dietetics Seminar, Medical Nutrition
Applications labs, a demonstration by a
chef (guest speaker for the FSHN Club),
and several graduate classes.

The lab is located in the Fairs Academic
Programs Building (or Building 162),
which is in the McCarty complex close to
the Reitz Union.
The dietetics program is excited to
have this addition to enhance learning
opportunities for our dietetic students.

In this issue:

Editor's Contact
Information............................. ..2
Alumni Updates Who
Guessed the Professor?.................2

Mystery Professor Revealed ..........3
New Faculty Member ...................3
IFT Cocktail Hour......................3
FSHN Achievements...................4
Other News ..................................4

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Alumni Updates

The spring 2002 updates focus on those
alumni who participated in our "guess
the professor" game in last fall's
newsletter. Much to the chagrin of the
Editor, everyone guessed correctly that
the mystery professor was Dr. Ronald
H. Schmidt. See page three in this
newsletter for more on Dr. Schmidt.

Priscilla Phillips Marshall, who
received her BS from FSHN in 1979, is
a Quality Control Manager for Interstate
Brands Corporation in Columbus
Georgia. She wrote: "The mysterious
young man would be that Minnesota
jokemeister, Dr. Ron Schmidt."

Nicholas Godano (BS, 1980) is an
Assistant Regional Sales Manager for
Perdue Farms Poultry in the New
York/PA market area. Prior to that, he
was with Nestle Foods Stouffer Division
for fifteen years, in both product
development and sales. Nicholas is now
married and has a daughter in college.
He sends his regards to Ron Schmidt.

Patricia "Trish" Melvin (BS, 1981).
Trish is the Manager of Analytical
Laboratories at Perdue Farms, Inc. in
Salisbury, Maryland supervising 15
technicians and chemists. The lab is
involved in nutritional analysis of
feedstuffs used in poultry diets,
proximate analysis as well as carotenoid
and mycotoxin work, pesticide residue
analysis, mineral analysis, some bomb
calorimetry and a lot of NIR. Trish
adds, "Dr. Schmidt's Food Analysis
class prepared me well!"

Donna Burke McCarter (BS, 1981)
lives near Washington DC, and is a
Marketing Specialist for the US
Department of Agriculture, Agricultural
Marketing Service, Processed Fruits and
Vegetables Branch. She commented:
"This was way too easy! Looks like Dr.
Ron Schmidt to me."

Arthur Peplow (MS, 1975) sent us a
letter all the way from St. Louis Park,
Minnesota correctly identifying Dr. Ron
Schmidt as the mystery professor.

Heleen Wittusen (BS, 1999) spent
some time working in product
development for Nabisco Biscuit Co. in
New Jersey, but now is focusing on her
family. Heleen's response to our
contest: "It's Dr. Schmidt! I'd recognize
that face anywhere."

Susan Lucas Alverio, who graduated
with a BS in 1996, is the Clinical
Nutrition Manager at a hospital in
Tampa, Florida. Susan's comment:
Isn t it Dr. Schmidt? He hasn't
changed a bit."

Gary Carlin (BS, 1975) is an Executive
Account Manager for Ecolab Food and
Beverage, and has been with them for
18 years. Prior to that, he worked for
Dannon as a Plant Manager in their now
closed Miami yogurt plant and for
Bordens prior to that. Gary is married
with three children and living in Coral
Springs, Florida. One of Gary's
comments about the photo [Editor 's
favorite]: "If I take off some hair on top
and move it to his face it looks like Dr.
Ron Schmidt."

Sonja Crews Crawford (BS, 1996)
correctly guessed Dr. Ron Schmidt.
Sonja is a 4-H Coordinator for Hendry
County here in Florida.

Barbara McMahon Schwirian
received her BS from FSHN in 1980,
and correctly guessed that the mystery
professor was Dr. Schmidt.

Tonya Johnson Pippins (BS, 2000)
said: "Dr. Ronald Schmidt is without a
doubt the mysterious young professor...
You can't mistake that chin." Most
recently, Tonya was a sales rep for Red
Bull energy drink in the Tallahassee and
Panama City areas.

Benne Parten (BS, 1985) left us a
phone message correctly identifying Dr.
Ron Schmidt as our mystery professor.

Jules Rault (BS, 1991) not only
correctly identified Dr. Ron Schmidt,
but also had some very positive things
to say about him and FSHN: "Words
cannot express my gratitude to my
professors such as Dr. Schmidt that have
enabled me to have my own food
consulting firm, Rault Foods, here in
South Florida, whereby I license the
copyrights and intellectual properties on
my formulations for royalties to food

Douglas Marshall (PhD, 1989) said:
"My choice (very certain) for the
identity of the mystery prof in the FSHN
News & Views is none other than my
former Ph.D. advisor Ronbo Schmidt!"

Alyssa Whidden (BS, 2000) also
correctly guessed that our mystery
professor was Dr. Ron Schmidt.

College of Agricultural and Life
Sciences staff Joanne Fisher and
Emelie Matthews also correctly
guessed Dr. Ron Schmidt. FSHN
professor Dr. Robert Braddock took
this opportunity to mercilessly but
probably justifiably harass Dr. Schmidt:
"At first glance, Alfred E. Neuman
came to mind; but then logic took over
and careful scrutiny of the pale
complexion (lack of sunlight), plump
cheeks, goose bumps, sweater and icy
stare made me realize that this is indeed
a U. Minnesota freshman yearbook
photo of none other than Ronald Leno
(Chinny Chin Chin) Schmidt."

Did we leave you out, or is our
information outdated? Please
drop us a line (see box at left).

Mystery Professor Revealed

The mystery professor was, of course, Dr. Ronald Schmidt.
Dr. Schmidt has been with FSHN since 1974, teaching and
conducting research in dairy product technology, food safety
$ 6 and quality, and food handling and processing. Dr. Schmidt is
currently the FSHN Department Extension Program Leader,
and teaches Government Regulations in the Food Industry,
Food Safety & Sanitation, and a HACCP course.
MS students Liv Bader (BS, 1997) and Rena Schonbrun (BS,
1995) tell us that Dr. Schmidt is famous for dating celebrities,
being a great College Bowl coach, and hailing from Darwin,
Minnesota (home of the world's largest ball of twine).

Ron Schmidt in

Ron Schmidt in
the 1970s

Ron Schmidt

Thanks, Dr. Schmidt, for your dedication to FSHN and its
students... and for being such a good sport!

Please Welcome our Newest Faculty Member

Please join us in welcoming our newest faculty
member, Dr. Hordur G. Kristinsson. Dr.
Kristinsson comes to us most recently from the
University of Massachusetts-Amherst, where he
received his PhD in Food Science in 2001 under
Dr. Herbert 0. Hultin. Prior to that, Dr.
Kristinsson received his MS in Aquatic Science
(Aquatic Food Science Program) from the
University of Washington, Seattle and his
Bachelor's degree in Biology from the
University of Iceland. Dr. Kristinsson is also
currently a scientific consultant for NorthIce
Ltd. of Iceland, a biotechnology company
producing marine flavors and enzymes. Dr.
Kristinsson's research focuses on the physical
and functional properties of proteins from
aquatic organisms/foods and oxidative processes
in aquatic foods. He is also working on developing processes
to fully utilize aquatic organisms, and holds a patent in that

area. This spring Dr. Kristinsson is team
teaching Food Chemistry (FOS4311) with Dr.
Marty Marshall, and will take over teaching
this course and the accompanying labs in the
spring of 2003. Dr. Kristinsson will also teach
Seafood Technology (FOS4522C), and team-
teach Proteins and Enzymes in Food Systems
(FOS6646) with Dr. Jess Gregory. Dr.
Kristinsson is a member of the Institute of
Food Technologists and serves on the
executive committee of the IFT Seafood
Division. He is also a member of the
American Chemical Society and the American
Oil Chemist Society and has published and
presented extensively in the fields of Food
Science and Biochemistry. We're glad to have
Dr. Kristinsson, his wife Margret, and his
children Unnur Maria and Hilmar Thor here with us in the
FSHN Department.

At next year's IFT meeting in Chicago, FSHN would like to
hold a joint social event with Florida Section IFT, South
Florida Section IFT, and the Florida Agricultural &
Mechanical University (FAMU) Food Science program to
honor and recognize those attendees who went to school in
Florida, work in Florida, or have ties to Florida industry.
Your input is important to us! Please contact the Editor (see
page two) and specify which of the following you'd be most
likely to attend in Chicago in 2003:

SFormal Breakfast Event

SFormal Lunch Event

SFormal Dinner/Evening Event

SCasual Dinner/Evening Event


Join FSHN in Anaheim!

This year's IFT Cocktail Hour is being held on Tuesday, June
18 from 5:30 7:00 PM at the Hilton Anaheim during the
2002 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA. After the Cocktail
Hour, please join FSHN as we continue our "Food Science in
Florida" celebration with dinner and drinks at another location,

Join Florida alumni,
industry professionals,
faculty, and students for
food, beverage, and good


FSHN Achievements

Dr. Susan Percival, Undergraduate Coordinator for FSHN,
received a Superior Accomplishment Award this year from the
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Dr. Percival was
recognized for her outstanding academic and career advising, her
research accomplishments, and her excellent teaching.

At the CALS Scholarship and Leadership Convocation in
December 2001, three FSHN students earned top honors. Susan
Moyers (PhD, 2001) won the Jack L. Fry Graduate Teaching
Award to recognize her outstanding work as a teaching assistant
and instructor. Kelly Clayton (Dietetics) won the J. Wayne
Reitz Medal of Excellence to honor her outstanding academic
and extracurricular achievements. And Aisha Cuadras
(Dietetics) took home the Larry J. Connor Medal of Excellence
in recognition of her scholastic and leadership abilities.

Dr. Lynn Bailey received the March of Dimes Agnes Higgins
Award for outstanding achievements in the field of maternal-
fetal nutrition. Dr. Bailey received this award during the Annual
Meeting of the American Public Health Association in Atlanta,
Georgia last fall. Dr. Bailey was also the recipient of the UF
Research Foundation Award in 2001, given in recognition of her
outstanding research accomplishments.

Dr. Lynn Bailey, Dr. Gail Kauwell (MAg, 1979; PhD, 1993),
and Gail Rampersaud (BS, 1997; MS, 1999) were named
Volunteers of the Year for 2001 for their outstanding service to
the Alachua County chapter of the March of Dimes.

Dr. Douglas Archer received several honors this past year,
including selection to participate in the World Health
Organization's strategic planning for food safety meeting in
Geneva, Switzerland; membership on the Food Advisory
Committee of the US Food and Drug Administration; selection
for the Committee to Review the Use of Scientific Criteria and
Performance Standards for Safe Food, National Academy of
Sciences; and an invitation for a six month sabbatical with the
Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy. Dr. Archer is
also a Contributing Editor for Food Technology, published by
the Institute of Food Technologists.

Dr. Bobbi Henken was nominated for Treasurer of a national
Dietetic Practice Group of The American Dietetic Association:
Dietitians in Nutrition Support.

Dr. Lynn Bailey serves as Co-Chair of the North Florida March
of Dimes Folic Acid Council, and during 2001 worked on a large
number of projects related to folic acid and birth defect

Dr. Norm Nesheim is currently President of the American
Association of Pesticide Safety Educators. Dr. Nesheim was
recently given an Award of Recognition by the Florida Fertilizer
and Agrichemical Association for his efforts in establishing the
Florida Certified Crop Advisor Program. In addition, the
Southern Region of the American Society for Horticultural
Science bestowed an Extension Publication Award to Dr.
Nesheim for the three chapters he contributed to the Vegetable
Production Guide for Florida.

At the American Association for Clinical Chemistry meeting in
2001, Dr. Peggy Borum was an invited speaker at the Edutrack
program entitled Nutrition Assessment: A Multifactorial
Approach. Dr. Borum received the highest evaluative speaker
score in that Edutrack.

Dr. Steve Otwell was elected as the US delegate to the
International Association of Fish Inspectors in 2001. More
recently, Dr. Otwell was selected to serve on the Committee to
Review the Use of Scientific Criteria and Performance Standards
for Safe Food, National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Elaine Turner just received her promotion to Associate
Professor with tenure. Congratulations to Dr. Turner!

Lisa Vann (MS student, Food Science) and Taylor
Cookingham (Food Science) were recipients of National IFT
scholarships this year.

FSHN faculty and students will be well represented at the
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
(FASEB) 2002 Conference in New Orleans this spring. Steven
Davis (PhD, 2000), a post-doc in FSHN, and three PhD students,
Amy Mackey, J. Bernadette Moore, and Sara Rathman will
be giving oral presentations. And ten representatives from
FSHN will be presenting posters: faculty members Dr. Harry
Sitren and Dr. Raymond Blanchard; post-docs Dr. Li Cui and
Dr. Chi-Wah Tseung (PhD, 2000); Senior Biological Scientist
Kelli Herrlinger-Garcia; PhD students Brandon Lewis and
Susanne Mertens; MS students Carrie Chapman and Maria
Suarez; and undergraduate Brian Barrow.


In Other News...

The FSHN Club membership just voted in a new standing
committee for food product development, and a volunteer
coordinator position to oversee it. This committee will allow
food science undergraduates (and other interested students) to
begin work on a new food product early, before taking the
capstone Food Product Development course. It is hoped that an
early start will help students in national competition. Last fall,
the FSHN Club (UF Student Chapter of IFT) also implemented a
cooperative agreement with Florida Section IFT whereby
membership in the FSHN Club automatically includes a student
membership in FL Section IFT.

The UF College of Dentistry held the first ever Early Admission
Dental Program Mixer this April, in conjunction with FSHN and
the Microbiology and Cell Science Department (MCB). This
program is designed to allow undergrads to enter dental school at
UF after three years of study, and then receive their BS degree
from either FSHN or MCB after their first year of dental school.
Students attending the mixer got to meet each other, talk to
former early admit students now in dental school, and interact
with faculty and staff of the College of Dentistry.

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