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Title: Student employment coordinator
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Publication Date: Summer 1999
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Student Employment Coordinator, Summer 1999

Student Employment

Coord inatorsummer 1999

Office for Student Financial Affairs Lobby Hours: 8:00 a.m.--5:00 p.m.,
S-107 Criser Hall Monday through Friday.
Gainesville, FL 32611-4025 Switchboard Hours: 9:00 a.m.--5:00 p.m.,
(352) 392-1275 Monday through Friday.

Annual Coordinators Workshop .
Let us know of any problems you have processing your student payrolls. What topics would you like us to discuss at the Monday
workshop? Call or mail your questions to P.O. Box 114025 by July 16, 1999
When: Monday, July 19, 1:30 p.m.
Where: SFA Conference Room, P-113B Criser Hall. July 19

REGISTER BY JULY 16 by contacting Student Employment at 392-0296. If you can't attend, you can call to arrange a one-
on-one training session.

Available Online
Student employment forms, such as the SP-100, are available for printing and reference in the "UF Employer's Handbook"on the SFA
website: UF Employers Handbook.

'99-2000 UF Employers' Handbook Online

The UF Employers' Handbookis available on SFA website at:Student Financial Affairs Student Employers' Handbook http://

The university uses the following formula for required enrollment when issuing work permits to students employed during the summer:

Undergraduates must be enrolled for six credit hours.
Graduate students must be enrolled for four credit hours.

If the student is registered for less than half-time, the employing department must appoint the student on temporary OPS through
University Personnel Services.

'99 NEWS

New Occupational Code #70071
Until recently, only one Occupational Class code existed in the personnel and payroll systems for use when appointing and paying OPS
student assistants: 70070 OPS Student Assistant. To accommodate the need to cover scientific and technical research support
performed by OPS student assistants, a new Occupational Code, 70071, OPS Student Non-Clerical& Administrative, has been created
for your use. Effective immediately, all new appointments and /or payroll cost distributions of OPS student employees that meet the non-
clerical &administrative criteria should use OCC 70071.
To determine which OCC is appropriate, refer to the list of USPS OCC codes identified as clerical and administrative positions at :USPS
OCC codes. If your OPS student's tasks match, designate the OPS Student Assistant as 70070; if not default to 70071. To change an
existing occupational code, send the Student Employment Office a list with the student's Social Security number, job code, and
assignment number.
Summer Work Hours
SFA'S New Student Resource Room
This spring Student Financial Affairs (SFA) created a Resource Room in S-107 Criser Hall for all UF students and potential students. It's
express purpose is to enable students to research and apply for financial aid, including part-time jobs and scholarships, and to provide
assistance with this when needed. Students can access (to name just a few resources): the U. S. Department fo Education's "FAFSA on
the Web" site; e-mail; and ISIS (UF's integrated student information system). The Resource Room, staffed by Federal Work-Study
students, is open from approximately 8:30 am to 4:30 pm weekdays (except state holidays).

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Student Employment Coordinator, Summer 1999


UF Printing Office Discontinues Free SP-100s
Most UF departments are aware by now that the UF Printing Office has discontinued providing "free forms" to campus offices. Of course,
this affects all of us who use SP-100s! The good news is: for the last year, SFA has made the SP-100 available online on our web site in
PDF format. Simply download the form, print it out, and make copies however you choose! If you need help with this process, attend our
Coordinator Workship July 19 ( see above)! UF Printing's current plan is to provide the current stock at no charge until depleted.
Monitor FWS &FCS Earnings
Please monitor your students' Federal Work-Study (FWS) earnings, including Federal Community Service earnings. A sample "Record of
Money Earned" is provided for your use in the online UF Employers' Handbook.
W-4 Cards
Be sure your students claim a withholding allowance (00 or 01) when they complete W-4 cards.
Appointing Student Assistants
Clearing Accounts: FWS no, OPS yes
When appointing student assistants on the SP-100, be sure to use your department's position number and verify that the position
number and account number match. Federal Work-Study (FWS) students cannot be appointed on "clearing accounts. They must be
appointed on your department's stateor grant accounts. Clearing accountsmay be used when appointing students on Other Personnel
Services (OPS). Please verify that all updates sent to Student Employment are applied to the UF Employee Information File correctly.

office hours
Office hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:00p.m., M-F
work permit request line
Work Permits can be mailed to students' hiring departments or to their campus address. Students with resident alien cards or 1-20's or
who are requesting dual employment must come to the office to pick up their permits.
campus job boards
Updated Daily: Criser Student Services Center Courtyard, outside SFA; and on SFA Web site.
Updated Tues. and Thurs.: Norman Hall, 1st floor, NW end; McCarty Hall, 1st floor, NW end; 305 Reitz Union and G-1 Reitz Union; Health
Science Center near Campus USA Credit Union. The job lists are on the Web at: http://www.ufsa.ufl.edu/SFA/publications/other_pubs/
sfaemploy.htmlStudent Employment
Do NOT allow students to work during scheduled classes!
The Student Employment Coordinatoris available on the web on the SFA site under "Online Publications" at: http://www.ufsa.ufl.edu/SFA/

JULY 19 is Mailing Date
for fall work permits and job lists
Fall FWS work permits and job lists will be mailed July 19 to students with a fall '99 FWS award. Fall OPS work permits will be issued
starting July 26. Students can come to S-107 Criser to pick up a work permit, or call 392-0296 to request one by telephone. The first day
students may work using fall permits is August 8th. Please be sure students calling for a work permit know your correct departmental P.O.
Box Number. No work permits will be mailed to off-campus addresses.


1. Do not allow students to work without a permit UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
2. Be sure students have signed their work permits before you appoint them to payroll.
3. Urge supervisors to be sure students sign their time cards at the beginning of each pay period.
4. Remind area supervisors that students can work only up to 20 hours a week. They may NOT work 15 hurs in week one and 25 hours
in week two.
5. Monitor your student' FWS earnings, including Federal Community Service earnings. A sample is provided in the online Employers'
6. Be sure to include the complete P.O. box number and complete telephone numbers witH extensions when completing the Student
Assistant Appointment Form (SP-100).

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Student Employment Coordinator, Summer 1999


Fall 1999
Fall 1999 work permits cover the period August 8, 1999, to December 23, 1999. The first fall time card is due September 2, 1999. The first
day of fall classes is August 23, 1999. Fall classes end December 8, 1999. Graduation ceremony is December 18, 1999.
Paperwork Due Pay Period Dates Pay Dates
08/13/9 08/06/99- 08/19/99 08/27/99
08/25/99* 08/20/99- 09/02/99 09/10/99
09/10/99 09/03/99- 09/16/99 09/24/99
09/24/99 09/17/99 09/30/99 10/08/99
10/01/99* 10/01/99 10/14/99 10/22/99
10/22/99 110/15/99 10/28/99 11/05/99
11/04/99* 110/29/99 11/11/99 11/19/99
11/18/99* 111/12/99 11/25/99 12/03/99
12/03/99 11/26/99 12/09/99 12/17/99
12/13/99* 112/10/99 12/23/99 12/30/99
Early payroll deadlines.

Spring 2000
Spring 2000 work permits cover the period December 24, 1999, to May 11, 2000. The first spring time card is due January 6, 2000. The first
day of Spring classes is January 10, 2000. Spring classes end April 26, 2000. Graduation is May 6.
Paperwork Due Pay Period Dates Pay Dates
12/30/1999 12/24/1999 01/06/2000 01/14/2000
01/14/2000 01/07/2000 01/20/2000 01/28/2000
01/28/2000 01/21/2000- 02/03/2000 02/11/2000
02/11/2000 02/04/2000 02/17/2000 02/25/2000
02/25/2000 02/18/2000 03/02/2000 03/10/2000
03/10/2000 03/03/2000 03/16/2000 03/24/2000
03/24/2000 03/17/2000 03/30/2000 04/07/2000
04/07/2000 03/31/2000 04/13/2000 04/21/2000
04/21/2000 04/14/2000 04/27/2000 05/05/2000
05/05/2000 04/28/2000 05/11/2000 05/19/2000

Summer 2000
Summer 2000 work permits cover the period May 12, 2000, to August 17, 2000. The first summer time card is due May 13, 2000. The first
day of summer classes is May 10, 2000. Summer classes end August 6, 2000.
Paperwork Due Pay Period Dates Pay Dates
05/18/2000* 05/12/2000 05/25/2000 06/02/2000
06/02/2000 05/26/2000- 06/08/2000 06/16/2000
06/16/2000 06/09/2000 06/22/2000 06/30/2000
06/30/2000 06/23/2000 07/06/2000 07/14/2000
07/14/2000 07/07/2000 07/20/2000 07/28/2000
07/28/2000 07/21/2000 08/03/2000 08/11/2000
08/11/2000 08/04/2000 08/17/2000 08/25/2000

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Student Employment Coordinator, Summer 1999

The STUDENT EMPLOYMENT COORDINATOR is produced by the Office of/Student Financial Affairs Information & Publications section.
Direct questions to: Student Employment Office, P. O. Box 114025, S-107 Criser Hall, Gainesville, Fl 32611-4025, (352) 392-0296/ (352)
392-1272 (V/TDD)

E This document is available in alternative formats for individuals with print-related disabilities. Call the Office for Student Financial
Affairs' telephone line for students with disabilities: 392-1272 (V/TDD).

The University of Florida is an affirmative action employer and offers equal employment without regard to race, color, creed, sex,
religion, age, national origin, marital status, veteran status, or disability.

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