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Title: Financial aid news
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Creator: Office for Student Financial Affairs, University of Florida
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Publication Date: Spring 2001
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SprigfDl 7
....... T FLORIDA

from the Office for Student Financial Affairs at the University of Florida __


T rr x Federal Scihood Cces CX1S35
l-li Tr\

By the time you receive this newsletter, time
will be running out to meet the "on-time"
University of Florida (UF) financial aid
application deadline-
March 15, 2001.
The Office for Student Financial Affairs
(SFA) must receive your paper or electronic
FAFSA/Renewal FAFSA results, with a
calculated Estimated Family Contribution,
from the federal processor. Applications
that become complete after March 15th are
awarded only after all on-time applicants
have been packaged. If you miss the
deadline, you may not get some desirable
aid for which you may have qualified.

Your Federal PIN
Your federal PIN is your identifier to access
personal information in U.S. Department of
Education (USDOE)systems. You can request a
PIN or replacement PIN, or update your PIN
mailing address at the USDOE's PIN Site at:
Use your PIN:(1) to apply for financial aid
using FAFSA/Renewal FAFSA on the Web, (2) as
an electronic signature to sign the FAFSA or
obtain a copy of your FAFSA information; (3)
make online corrections to your FAFSA; and/or
(4) review your online grant and loan history
on the National Student Loan Data System.

|y -L-u..*

Florida Bright Futures Summer Funding

Students enrolling for courses in the
summer may receive Bright Futures
awards if funds are available. The following
conditions apply:
* Initial high school graduates may not
receive funding during the summer
immediately following graduation. The
academic year for financial aid begins in the
fall; therefore, summer funding is available

only to those students who were eligible for
the previous fall and spring terms.
* To receive funding, students must be
degree- or certificate-seeking in an
undergraduate program of study at an
eligible Florida postsecondary institution. If
a student chooses to attend an institution
other than the institution where he is
degree-seeking, the student must notify the




Get Started Now
1. First decide whether to apply using a
paper FAFSA or to apply electronically over
the internet. Electronic applications will
reach the federal processor more quickly, so
consider using FAFSA on the Web. In either
case, be aware that current application and
program information is available on SFA's
Web site and in the 2001-02 Gator Aid
Application Guides available at S-107 Criser.
2. Complete your paper or online Free
Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),
carefully; your financial aid award depends
upon accurate, timely completion of the
FAFSA. Mistakes delay processing and may
disqualify you for some aid programs.
Using FAFSA on the Web
* Go to FAFSA on the Web at:
www.fafsa.ed.gov/entfafsa.htm. Follow
the instructions provided on the site.
* Print and mail the signature page.
* Use the "Application Status Check"
feature to keep track of your application.
* Stop by SFA's Student Resource Center
in S-107A Criser to apply electronically and
to learn about other on-line resources.
Using a Paper FAFSA
Obtain a FAFSA at S-107 Criser Hall, or
using the U.S. Department of Education's
(USDOE) toll-free number: 1-800-433-3243.
If you received a Renewal FAFSA from
USDOE, use it. Renewal FAFSAs are
preprinted with your prior-year information
and prompt you to write in your new or
updated responses for 2001-02.

- Aid WCaera
JANUARY 1, 2001
First day to apply for
financial aid for the
2001-02 academic year

MARCH 1, 2001
Deadline to apply for
Spring 2001 Federal
Direct Loans. We must
receive your FAFSA/
Renewal FAFSA analysis
and all other documents
required to complete your
financial aid file.
MARCH 15, 2001
"On-Time" UF
2001-02 Financial Aid
Application Deadline.
We must receive your
results with a calculated
"Estimated Family
Contribution" from the
federal processor

APRIL 15, 2001
Deadline to apply for
Summer 2001 Federal
Direct Loans. We must
receive your FAFSA/
Renewal FAFSA analysis
and all other documents
required to complete your
financial aid file.

Irside --
er You Apply
i port Outside Resources
I SL Confirmation
i FSA on the Web
A Resource Center
t* Help with Debt
Use ISIS for Financial Aid
Federal Direct Student
Loan Corner
Can I Get Aid for
Toll-Free Aid Number
Update Your Address with
the Feds

After You Apply, What Next?

After you apply, check the sta
your application regularly.
do this:(1) through ISISon the U
site; (2) by calling SFA TIPS, our
automated financial aid line, at
(352) 846-1183; or (3) by calling
us at (352) 392-1275. We
suggest you begin to use our
Web site and ISIS to track your
application and to obtain all the
latest financial aid information.
After you apply, you will receive
following responses from us and
other agencies.
1. Federal Student Aid Report (S
The federal processor will send y
SAR three to four weeks after re
your FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA.
indicates your "Expected Family
Contribution," which is used by
well as other schools to determir
eligibility for aid. When you rece
SAR, review it for accuracy. If yo
to make corrections, follow the
instructions on the SAR.
2. Verification
Your application may be selected
"verification," the federally requ

itus of
You can

process of checking accuracy of
information students supply on their aid

F's web applications (see our web site or your
Gator Aid Application Guide for
.. ~. more information). If
S Student selected, you are
Financial Affairs required to provide
www.ufsa.ufl.edu/SFA/ documentation before
Said can be disbursed to
you. Respond promptly to
the requests for documentation. Do not wait
from until fall to turn in documents. Many
verification forms are available on our
web site as downloadable forms.
3. Notification of Aid Award
you an
eiing When UF receives your FAFSA
Phe SAR information from the federal processor
and you have been admitted to UF, if
UF as you are eligible for aid, SFAwill award
e your you an aid package based on your
ve the demonstrated need. You will receive an
u need award letter stating the terms and
conditions of aid programs awarded to
you. If your aid file is complete by the
March 15th "on-time" application
deadline, you can expect an award letter
I for in late spring.

Report Outside Resources Early
N otify us immediately of all assistance Notifying us late of these awards may put
you receive from sources other than you in the situation of having to repay aid
our office (such as, fellowships, fee when you can't afford it. Report all such
waivers, and outside scholarships). aid on the Additional Aid Form enclosed
Certain programs require repayment of with your Financial Aid Award Letter.
aid funds if you receive more than the Additional Aid Forms are also printable off
amount of your eligibility for aid. our web site.

FL Bright Futures Summer Funding, continued
financial aid office at the summer The Florida Academic Scholars' $300
institution to verify eligibility for per semester allowance for college
funding. related expenses and the Academic Top
* Students must enroll for a minimum Scholars' $750 per semester award will
of six semester hours (or the equivalent not apply in the summer of 2001.
in quarter or clock hours) to receive (Amounts will differ at quarter or clock
funding. If a student takes three hours hour institutions.)
each summer term, the student will not
be funded until the sixhour minimum A
is reached.
* Students may only be funded for up ]
to 45 semester hours (or the equivalent
in quarter or clock hours) in one
academic year.
* Students must use their Florida
system ID and PIN number, on the web,
to verify the annual hours of funding 3 (1-8-333 0)
they have remaining.

Federal Direct

Loan Confirmation

is Required-

Don't Wait
f you are awarded a Federal Direct
Stafford Loan as part of your financial
aid award, you must confirm that you
will accept your loan before it can be
disbursed. Loan confirmation
encourages students to become actively
involved in the loan process and make
informed decisions about how much
they borrow. At the Loan Confirmation
Site, located on ISIS, you will accept,
reject, or reduce the amount of loan(s)
offered to you. Complete this
requirement as soon as possible after
you receive your financial aid award to
ensure that your funds are disbursed at
the beginning of the appropriate term.

To complete the Direct Loan
Confirmation process,
* go to ISIS at: www.isis.ufl.edu/
click on "More ISIS Services"
choose "Financial Info;" then
choose "Federal Direct Stafford
Loan Confirmation Site."

FAF $A,.

Apply Online!
Take advantage of faster application
Time and instant editing of your
application: use FAFSA on the Web
available from the Federal Department
of Education.
You will need a Federal PIN. If you
have one from last year, use it. To
request one, go to FAFSA on the Web.
You will receive your PIN in seven to
ten days by mail.
FAFSA on the Web (Macintosh-, PC,
UNIX) is available using the domestic
version of Netscape Navigator 3.0 or
above, and Internet Explorer 4.0 and
above. Download these free from the
site. To use FAFSA on the Web, go to:

Resource Center
SFAs financial aid resource center in
S-107A Criser Hall is equipped with
computers and personnel to assist
students with online research financial
aid application and research. Students
can access: the U. S. Department of
Education's FAFSA on the Web site; UF's
FederalDirect Loan Confirmation Site;
ISIS; e-mail; UF's online student job
board; free scholarship searches, and
more. The Resource Center, which also
provides numerous scholarship
applications and financial aid
publications is available from 8:30
a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Get Help With Debt!
Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC)
Service of Mid-Florida, a nonprofit,
United Way agency offers free budget
and credit counseling to help students
understand how to get out of debt and
prevent future financial problems.
Counseling is available 24 hours a day
by phone or at the office by
appointment. CCC also offers a debt
repayment plan, working with clients'
creditors. The Gainesville office is
located at 1227 NW 16th Avenue. For
more information, or counseling, call 1
800-245-1865 or (352) 371-2227; or visit
the web site at:

se ISIS for
financial aid business
www. isis.ufl. edu

Check Financial Aid Status and
Disbursement Information
Keep track of your aid file, before and
after you receive your award notice. Get
information about your award, the
status of your aid file, documents still
needed, your deferment status, and
your disbursement status. After going to
ISIS, choose "Financial Information."

Complete the Federal Direct Loan
Confirmation Process
To complete the confirmation process,
go to ISIS choose "Financial
Information;" then choose "Financial
Aid Direct Loan Confirmation."

Lower Interest Rates/New
Refinancing Opportunity
Two new incentives will reward
students who repay their loans on
* New Interest Rebate
Students and parents borrowing through
the Direct Loan Program will receive an
immediate interest rebate equal to 1.5
percent of the loan. Students and parents
must make their first 12 payments on
time to keep the benefit. The average
undergraduate could save $150 on
$10,000 in loans.
* New Loan Consolidation
Take advantage of a great opportunity to
save money-available through
September 30, 2001!
If you consolidate your loans through
the Direct Loan program, you will
receive an interest rate 0.8 percentage
points lower than what you now pay.
This would save a student with $10,000
in loans more than $400. You must make
your first 12 payments on time to keep
this benefit. Students may consolidate a
single loan or multiple loans.
* Other Consolidation Benefits
Another discount currently gives a .25
percent interest rate reduction to Direct
Loan borrowers who repay their loans
through Electronic Debit Accounts

* Update Mailing Address
To change your address, go to ISIS,
choose "Registrar Information," then
choose "Address Change." For more
information, contact the Registrar's
Office in S-222 Criser Hall.
* Sign up for Direct Deposit
To have your financial aid deposited
directly into your checking account, go
to ISIS, choose "Financial Information,"
then choose "EFTSignup." For more
information, contact University
Financial Services, S-108 Criser,
(352) 392-0737.
* Complete Direct Loan
Entrance or Exit Counseling
Go to ISIS, choose "Financial
Information," then choose the service
you desire. For more information,
contact University Financial Services,
S-108 Criser, (352) 392-0738.

Federal Direct
Student Loan



Federal Direct Loan
Web Site
The Federal Department of
Education has created a Web site
where Federal Direct Loan
borrowers can access their loan
account information. If you have a
Federal Direct Loan, this site can
help you stay up-to-date on
information such as your total
amount borrowed and the date of
your last payment. To use the
service, you will need your SSN,
date of birth, and zip code, as well as
a domestic version of Netscape
Navigator 3.0 or higher or the
equivalent Internet Explorer browser.

(EDA). For information, contact Borrower
Services at 1-800-848-0979 or at
www.dlservicer. ed.gov


Q. Can I get Financial Aid
in the Summer ?

A. An academic year at UF includes
fall, spring, and summer semesters. SFA
will award money for summer if: (1)
funds are available for summer awards
after fall/spring semester needs have
been met, OR (2) you choose to use aid
originally awarded for the fall or spring
term in the summer. To be considered for
a summer 2002 Federal Direct Stafford
Loan, Federal Direct Unsubsidized
Stafford Loan, or Federal Direct PLUS
loan, you must apply by April 1, 2002.


Office for Student Financial Affairs
S-107 Criser Hall, P. O. Box 114025
Gainesville, FL 32611-4025
(352) 392-1275

Toll-Free Federal Student Aid Info
The Federal Student Aid Programs Information
toll-free number is 1-800-433-3243 for all services,
including application status checks, duplicate
Student Aid Report (SAR) requests, changes to
institutions listed on the SAR, and loan tracking.
The toll-free number for Federal Direct Loan
Applicant Services is: 1-800-557-7394.

Update Your Address
with the Feds
If your address changes, update it with the
federal processor. They use it to mail Student Aid
Reports, electronic PINs, etc. The U.S. Department
of Education does not permit PINS to be
forwarded. Change your address: online at the
FAFSA on the Web site at ww. fafsa.ed.ctw/ :or
by using your Student Aid Report (SAR), by
calling 1-800-433-3243, or by writing to: Federal
Processor, P. O. Box 4021, Iowa City, IA 52243.

Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Gainesville, FL

Phone Numbers

LI S Depai tiiient of Education
Fedeial Student \idc Info
I % II II I I *'
! l. i 5 11 .i11 I I I
Federal Diiect Loan Sei\ ices
S 1.I1111i ii -, 7 i I

Floi ida Dept of Education
I:I ..Iii,,i i i i i, I I l 1 .II ii i! \1Ii i i.. i
(Florida Bright Futures)
325 W. Gaines Street
Room 255 Collins
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400
1 (888) 827-2004 toll free

UF TeleGator
(352) 37GATOR (374-2867)

Automated financial aid file info
(352) 846-1183

Financial Aid REVIS
is produced by the Information/
Publication Services section of the
Office for Student Financial Affairs,
S-107 Criser Hall, which provides
financial aid services to help UF
students meet educational costs.

The University of Florida is
committed to equal treatment of
students without regard to race,
sex, color, age, religion, creed,
marital status, national origin,
disability, or veteran status.

Financial Aid NEWS is available in
other formats for students with
documented, print-related
disabilities. Contact Student
Financial Affairs' telephone line for
students with disabilities:
(352) 392-1272 (V/TDD);
Florida Relay Service:
1 (800) 392-3008 (TDD).

Satellite Aid
College of Dentistry
Tom Kolb
Dental Tower, D3-#17A
Health Sciences Ctr.
(352) 846-1384

College of Law
Trish Varnes
164 Holland Hall
(352) 392-0421

Main Office: Student Financial Affairs, S-107 Criser Hall, P. O. Box 114025, Gainesville, FL32611-4025, (352) 392-127
College of Medicine Health Professions, Masters in Business
Eileen Parris Nursing, Pharmacy, & Administration (MBA)
M-128 Health Sciences Ctr. Veterinary Medicine Bill Watson
(352) 392-7800 Mike Menefee P-102-I Peabody Hall
CG-96, Health Sciences Ctr. (353) 392-1275 (ext. 3386)
(352) 392-6631

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