< April II, I.MU. <)i.
will be and ..
Thorn game prizes i Jitriiinuiit' nn l IrlaiV John
Ask Us! Grejnuxw Vt I refreshments for young and old *. Henry Spencer hat reluraed ..*< lawitil, WI M raaa4rd In ihitMMI
Atonement Seminary, Monlourr -$ i Ur 41j4..ll..mr I
( siqti.
from her vult In MaiHuchmclu \ l-niji I.
with all Invited! to enjoy, the carnival sn.I"w"
,. N Y He will 'hkly there i taytuid ivt 'il nailS. tiI5
which will 7t.. I She tay the it glad 'to "be hut 01 :tPu. 'iii read u1s" .
OPPORTUNITIESIN mart at : .m. .
three of twelve years lo hoeomq," a home from the heal. I lnn.| far Wtyj .. ". '' rlh.( .,
M. P. NELSONREALTOR i priest.Chucli. on "Mr day. away ,...,,, 11'r.( III \'I'rllot .L'QUti."
SALESSTORE Mrs. Betty Larsen hu return t'Inrtdn InI .-I1f'

MANAGERS I BoygeM. Third $I trct t. cd to her home. Periwinkle Cottage t.1t 1111.1 IIut
I In Mill a patient at St. Mary'i Hoi.piial family i Sophia, W. Va, have\ roIUI1I.1I 41.1 II' .hWfiII fltNjC.'F.S'
*, alter being patient at Ma. ... ,,
a ,
:Men with norrmirul hu.ln.... manavmrnt nprrlrnr to *nt rtralnlnir I mists liii .I
West Palm He hm after ipendmg two weckivmlilng .nr
) prow in. Upon completion of Iralnlnn will b* .honoe! FUEN ) hit Menll1l'lallltIrilll1 I for a month I ru.rr :
manmier or rnmpiny-nwnBil star*. b..urOoIVeOmIo been undergoing! major mrgcry, I friend and relative 'I hey ,' itrst 0.irh'11'uII,
rlI1'\:\ 32S E. OCEAN BLVD. STUART Phone JI7-3566 :
::1'U: :
l tl Prnflt Participation o 101.1111111111, '
95 19.
typ* Acs to Monthly are all former revdenti.Mr Dunny Brady on of Mr. and
1'rogrmm ftor SON) IKnnii I. plu) $. ErnPIOtc.; llrnerlo.4HKDIT . Nfemben MULTIPLE LISTING SIR\IC! u is.s. I C L. Parker Sr. I Is recuperating Mr*. NVilUrd. Hrady\ hat returned |II|i' meant..
SI.P5 nKPiHTIK Mi%, uaR': at hu homo on Fifteenth Street and Mr Eugene Con and *siilt. I. hurrby\ it"l( that on
. -
:Moo ", llh (irrvlnui RKtall Hull and Credit xperl n .ii to entrrIralnlnc home from \\tnkr Park. Memoriul ,. ...1 i.i. *r .t..i.
!,rnll'raIpnn imlirnmi.nt) will h mll" promotion and I -- from a recent 'illneu. family have returned to Sophie I He had hone fuakm0xrati ::; Ida mfc t
') I'II..1.: a I, talsu I basins ni
f,,1.\ at Tlrr) Tiibfi AflJtOflO, and Arr "orl. Ihcouhcc.dt W. Vi, after a viiil of Mverai .u isa tee' .k I ti I ,.5 HI.
t< RalM tep&rtrn.nt.otS 8] la IS. :Jlonthly "al.r, and IlonuaProaram. Mr. and Mn. Don Snyder and week with her father W. II MI. | \ n on hit buck. Mr. Till! h. .sd( tla I th front door.,
!Sweat of RtHelund' mother of MrBrid I'P If"unllt lit".. .
have (Ih Slants a5ri $
family from
Reply" br l..tt"r, living comptrta Information tt: I For HOMES returned: awrck'i lam; tlttcri'' Mr*. tharle* 11"1 had a "bone fusion operalion I will alt I Oust Situ atun',,.
vacation, in Rochester N. ) .r.1I .
gels and family, and Mrv Donna c.f .I li| r>* | 'vn,1
MR. R. MENDLER! of the lot IMh operation, 'I i1.'J" *,
tJ >
Y. where they smiled rcUtivet.Mr |h 'ibavo |W"l
Awlnlaiit 01.1.... 'WaaaxwT INVESTMENTS S&tttpiiitn and family. were the tame\ day hy tli_M<, Auillon la th. M ....: M.IAn -
". t;...."... lire ..< Habkrr I ......., and pvrformiHl fn ia.h. lo all,..ry mid ">
MI'Dicky Gale Dr Joweti renowned :
.. .. I recent Mr. and Mn William 1.Iu.| rugenii a Its, .;4 alj *,
P. O. B S. Allapattak lallMiami. ) .
newlywedn, are living in the and family, Avon Park orlh'l'cdulr'Ctln.| They are .. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES riot ipenlhe
|10" ,.I, 1\4". 1'cct/ Apartment at FourteenthStreet weekend of July 4 with\) relatives convulcscmf al the Brady homi'. 11\ In ,,a". oJlkiiR5rrstttt'rtn ;:, ,
and Cornell. ,'Utl!;'!" ".11/111'\,
--- ------- --- --- -- WATERFRONT here Mr. and Mr. Hubert Klein I'\lh. July ..ii.. IH. is. .". .I...."II. ...

i Mri. Adclla Chrintman and MM.Sinun Kenneth Miwre attended a mate entuiulned II their daughter and a" -- .5- ;; 1.i (' -SI 1 -

RIVERFRONT ESTATE I Nyfcler, reprewntlng! the offlcen' meeting' of Youth I'd.luwship In-Uw. IJvutenanl, Colonel. is tMr TO ll(>| | or I IHiSliM. fROM.
County ogm.il, ; of Home Demon \\lllium P. |leach and foil Iv5'i' "flf MX.\1 >'I.M Tt 'S.
at I.akt' Ilyrd I otlge, Avon I % ..14*HaTUIV' HTPAHTI .
Ask Us You'll/ Be Glad Tore Did Mrntion ( ,luh... !kit irt:
Monday for Park, over the weekend (8\1uhl.lul.lren.( liivlu' \ Uu 11I. Pal ,,,
FOR SALE Tallahassee! and) the University of I and Jiilmy| of l' lonUn., N. J. i't, I* In ""liftwlnh 'ii 1 1..1. ......If \ .,'

honda (lalneiyille to attend Male Mr. and Mn. Tom Lord, Umr They I fnjoyed our "beaches a B tI .. .::: .iMmil In .*mlliMialii Yo'" ilia.y..r ..!.fI. ....,.."t.' ,
meeting Road have returned from a pool or within a ors4 < bon lengthy lour of the liulf Stale and dav ll: r Ihc rtr; l .'t jiaji I '',,rtian. f.fl. .ortkli .
200 Ft. Frontage on Beautiful OKet1Lf Mr and hIt,. Travis Stone have John Ravburit of Akron, Ohio, .nulliw m J"I> r
{ n.
([alitornia I H4.i| h llm" (U ,'lii ha
returned from visit ifal ... .... \ 1IrJ, ;. .
: Broad St. Lucie RiverVithin : a ten-day In i i. viiiting hit parent Mr ansI Bar* 'U., ....
} .. .bonift lit .loItI' I.
l Ih' 0 '''
n Mimiwippi With relatives.Mr Esther Crew Vallo.| Calif Mr (ttcnn II a)lIurn, of Rio ftoulq., lon a*.I na IttrllH". el.."" ,ootta )

900 Colorado An. ((8(.... from lt National Bank II spending the irmmer with the nerd f,1lwo week. I "
Limits of Stuart ) and Mn. Wuyrnan (Craton Henry C'rew% and other relutive 1'' .r.\'I.tr.'I'I'.\ "

\ City AT MSOO AT 74289 AT 7-4121 Indmniown. and Mr. and hi,.. In South f'1otkJlI. Mr and Mr*. H. R. fnglchrlgr)I a.. rlarr I. 5i... it.

DOM O'KELLY or BOB WILLIAMS Homer (Coffman are new rc (;>f Miami spent Mviral slays at the I t: \ laipena, t"s. (14't
City Water dint living In t lha Flunrjcmun' Word ha* been received! that hitxne. of ihvir daughter, Mr. James : : 111NI.. "": i'IiiaTlTeTI _

.1 (5545. Apartment* or) Palmetto. I tlino Matton Sr Mill be relented. Wood! dail W"-.I hut gone II) MIami '! :'' fljs4ewrt.tli ,
An Original Florida Home from Martin Memorial llo pitul ) ti> spend her vacation with ), : ,
---- --- --- ---..- lame Gross Lance and Freddie .. I aome lime thi, weekOcean aunt' \ and grandparent. I ...' .'f u "..r.. ". .ivpfl t"_ "'h.''.
and : (is. h.I..nllll
Well Kept Spacious .Kahl left Monday for I'lorl.da '_ _._..___ ..__ TII\I.I.' Yun's '.5 .5. (".1'
Royal Ambawador Camp Wt, r.I rnco4u*. )fl it, 14.t.: .'j';n .:I
___ ___ ,
__. l L iiiivaNiuf'. orric*. ('.piiu ,,illS''
Guest .
Nice Cottage t Inrlda ( .
1 IIlIrrll. AMemhJy jrowWa, rf. "' 4 ,.. .).T'
HIGHWAY FRONTAGE Panama for a wftkMr rtriB.M' will. ..."'.r
Breeze Park News a.I" ( II.. ,
Over 400 Ft. Arv ,
Property Has Depth I and Mn. Henry Crew cele. a ,' II.V-vVF'

Well LandscapedVith ; SOUTH OP: STUART 100 feel UA No. I Frontage, 600 heated July 4 with a (large all-day, fttn. Rev Fjiflrld, ('0,411111.1I rtirl4) > OrtwralloK an. : r:r biir'liaiMnf i; nlMarln .
feel Deep. Full Prlre $5,000.00. Term. IMihering of friend! and relative? Ihe f.lKi.ln* avrlkf4. l"al. ..

Large Lawns and Many including: Mr and Mri. B. E. IMdahrandt I -- -. ,111
IN THE CITY 240 feet U.S. No. I frontage. Average depth and I ,lIa "'". 'U..u.ft
Beautiful Trees and Plants family Miami: Mr
450 feet Full Price (30,000.00. A pafwl l *) IiuhWliUd' 'tool :i..
I and Mr*. ( lifforil Smith and dauirfv- The Tom Cooks Reach CanadaOn ha Jl t.s'.la lvy" T: |lrllnni' ..
ten Sophia. Wet Vininla; Mr. "u. 't'aw, hip I Mis5 .".
Priced To Sell $29,950.00 I WEST OF STUART 1)0 feel Frontage m S.R. 7U, 660 and Mr*. I'red Chapman and fanu Ii'dust;., PTtrt.i.$ltY 'I. siciaci SiRia' .s.us'ny'\'i
feel dte,. 5 ArM FaM of Turnpike. Full Price $5300.00. ily, Wet Palm Iteaci. Mr. and 5,800-mile Vacation TripWe .-" .baIui..i. I...!. 14-U I iS

See Yaw Aftal ., .... Mr*. J. ?. Winter Port Pirnr nxlualva' n> ilanllna HI'.. k.*115"' ....r4p'4 RavI'c'tI.t.t << ; In

AT Judy Crews Wets "Palm nnof I, Taeo 11. t""
7.3232 Beach. I'isi 's
7.2607 :. riave |IM| received in Inter Utah. Colorado" Arizona and N.tMenico Itrn..md ., It. t.ermn ('55)15ti'i.i.I. :
it (II. Harvey Whiter, Vane I Beach: FtI I ". 'l iiw},*i f "' ? ''jt
I TAYLORASHLEYREAL h e r ('rrwt. Vallejo, Calif' and (ling return of Tom and Nellie meet Then they visited kalllntf aj 1..I.) I* l is. I' 1'I..hl.

---- -- -- -- -- -- --- Mr and Mr., Joe i;<>nie and Cook U'p' no far and knowing I the Great Sand Dunet, the M.". "a.' U ppolntpi.......II.,iOiJi .

family Miami that many would, like, to hear annul I Verito! National Monument an4 t; ') "flf1, CwMirlorlila .
It, we. dq cded| to pass H on. ".'.'.1... 41 "" **
: ; the' Arch. Monument and V IIe1, .. ...
Summer Clearance ESTATEJim Mr. and Mrv Rabh Hf.llory" 1 The COOk kft a few week ago 'u>r. ) a,
have returned from a ti.a//it to Ta u,I and 'after a lnoo-mile trip they I They have taken many IntemtIng sal Mil' ..iaMa' bjarllnna. .Ihar*-
... .
Whitehead and California. v(
ASSOCIATE children. They fere a'IlY for sin ,they vlnicd relative They enjoy this CiMiiing Mawn, a* Tom Coot! I I :.-4": .; ,. ...... : .. I>r

1964 DODGES as ''low as $$1,889. 83 I COLORADO AVE. IIONB AT 7-1440 eral weckl ad. the Pour Corner* country,. the i'e an experienced pbotographe : ii.110.I p' t /:,'c'rr..WOW'S... ...... I"ti.is1iii' rlnp-,
I : .
-.1'l (II'"i :I Mr. and Mrv Clifford Smith highlight of the trip *o far haul and share* hu experience, with ItIt i ':"n'r.:'.:. : Trw.I.I'I ::
ta Ihipot where the' time of park Ihry alas) vKilett the (JIe'i j : .
(the former Mary Ray ( rewt) and I V U kIt Up" .h.5"* '*
1- family, with) Mrv Janice Smith Dam, saLads: t It now eornpleted! and to as/51 all ,1"$ ThI : .al.10I
anQWHERBIN ------- -- I I Ito
h U I Ii I and whn nail* <**)H) b 5hl.
In lhe
water rising new Pow l' ,
lisa >i r *rvl"
lowas$3,173. Trw *
1964 CHRYSLERS as TIIH WORLD .T. PERSONALS: :"-/ lake lhey a W, f'r''Omn' i5rn..tvoa| !t% or JIIa pIs'ta.
iUI. canyon* whkh: were quit law "lia.nit* 554 M.lal lois .1
This includes Automatic Transmission Robert R..",* hat returned for $if a.ir'lim' iS".'" or i ittt it4n.i"
accewiMe "
price Would You Find a Value Like This? before w.t very hu pwmh4a.c.. 'U I Mra
I short stay here, bringing *Mfen. 1r"t;
hut ni >
had f furnMh ii *
they a fry powerfuengln mr '
Power Ste ring and Mr. Vlaon from Capetown, ., antI" the "breeze caused. b', I.....ni..,..< ,fa. |k. lwMraav'., ar .,,*.
4 : : iuuih Afrka. and Mr. Grant from traveling tWlr the water mad, (Ibt 5 1'1' .e 1M 'I,"."''..
MR CONDITIONING I BnglamL w they could ice b 0
.. :: ::
i Florida. I.. Mr*. Mason" (Corner I Is il""*rrt country, M thfwU / < 'Y ..Ir\rI"iT1c.4; T. 0.. .
:a with Eastman; Kolti Companv'H and meadow of irrigate '
.0t I ', Africa. They will return wit rtiur Eumn'sPV'
: western Idaho mail a wttoonn 411.7: F.aV

]1964 IMPERIALS you can Mm vlll return to Mronaryn next ,*ea N...11I.I Y. Inert he1 1 "slop.lb. I! t*. iv:..Asia.' ..."I 1(4,.:.:'

I '". climai of lhe trip wa $ II jsrisnts' ':'" l'fe'rr: : ,
SAVE hundreds ; I toIlet| ChfiMlne Adrian at I ub-" brief lay at lake lfmn in th, "'c'ovsti. .:,'If :;;r

\tack, Trt. ha. returned la her Canadian, Rcnaie Coo 4 1(14( tool lion,,,5f5.IAr.'ilWN
W' tutu her I :< OktrAliT. pJsat'sitf
>. after a month u mm picture inert.Mr I
*ltd her grandrwreni. Mr' and! ?

THESE CARS ARE BRAND NEW- t I Mrv Walter Ad"all.MI' and! Mr. Riy !Scamcnora, t $m Uti' I f
:.h have. rrturnd from aiveral l k It'Vea'iatSty >
wt |,
.. .. .
Rurkhart ha left af rall
GOOD COLOR SELECTION NOW '.4 LlI "' fur a 'vkn Agne lo her former home I vMiag with rrlallVM/ In (1\"..% ... I In fl't'W my aM a |M WrIt...4 ".H .> lit.
I .
III. and OrMnfitkl MAM.Mr amail rtalma oweS lit' ar In
t in. ': : r .'III" ..
: ijtiawn >a* aar 44. "
.. ... ...
I I Iw 4vv <( na JuiV
and Mr and Mr. D. 8. !Imith! h&*e I snot Mr. Marry |Jibe havreiurrwd II, IMI Ik* Ju4..awl .:.r-.i. i
Alto( DEMONSTRATORS I front a ihort stay In Mit wU .i.:a vs. laiH>4 .. eaohi.4
left for S moiulie VM In Pillsbtqn.p. ansi lit the isiS I ri.u.. I.i.
,, I. I 5... .4 all: ps.i.e,
EXECUTIVE GARS on Sale Now at e I, 'I"o 1":I...... 111'._ ..V I". ,.1. M..
here of Mr.. Mary Adrtan it In Marti "'0. tn'. It .... foe III. 'n!.......
haa her received ; .
Word .
eap.mt sepi.d us )C.r.h
hihiipe. d.irmiind
GREAT SAVINGS TO YOU )f Isiety 3 5. .. lke Rit' P. ., Y. .*. riili Wep Is p the. draft <4 U. O amphell' ol' I. MemurUI h> he hospital hum* for ltJrtl leM,. 'in "!. .ill/ rsemnts to wit,

.....,,11I. Idaho Mr and Mr. it's r.... tro_ "" .f\.r.\
S TItZ $ tTlI8 All flDhIkr(1I( a scn..Fn.ir. jflg Caan1t have been repdar rej h" ,,: i ; ,..''al-
DODGE.CHRYSLER C aMunai. LAMMCAPM* I1r ('*SORT C dent of the perk for quite/ a .lung I Only 4) per cent of birth d*< I.. J in.s4a.atls; ,

FLORIDA lime, and .b. *ill be greatly tnmt BEAUTIFUL HOMES other: K .ftt cent may "he de*tt>l Ikr llk d..y ..r .!
Mrv D B SmIth held a meet within sot axMMha and the final .ll k.l.'. ii hiMtra .--.r"f (iii
kf t M flf al n 91 AM
Inc. TRICED FROM $1 "bigof ker Po-Ke-No Club Tut. I U fit do thaw unb{ I and M lr, door
,;;;" per IM up 'I" lh a>: da t ac In* >nt
day, the. 'UM until the fall.Tkf laHrr In life ,.;f il; it..i.k,, rHIc. *ln a-* (".
e r''i la> a mi.S a.Al.A

1700 NORTH DIXIE Thandeir Ptnothl., Cl h .. : II.yI P 'aIt(u.S a..11..) 0.54.1 "' ..h"I..! I.'.:

CORAL GARDENS CONSTRUCTION INC.aXUUBttf Met M CVmenl flail aa _I. with, 'A asi,54 'rl\.t\ ,'\.4."[ItwI\.r:=:

WEST PALM BEACH( tbrtf UWn' incodibg.' Mn, Myrt ,f ...r........ f"" ... ,It r.1I.,. MI4
AND DEVttAprM IN lUMMglOII *M "hvWfM'Mr. ""t... ..... aAI _I..
(a.... ......, wu hs4 ... ansi
CDltAL '
Telephone TB 3-lft5 GAaJDtt nni f'OI.'fT 3E4; CAR lMx tt AND taNIa-'S PAM sad. Mrv lo, Sinai bevel!! 'IF' I wor-4':: C "r..I\t.'n\ :: ;,....

'.1' ..54) ..0. tax us, sruAjrr, FUWUDA LU. m.,.., rerurned from ... nieiMtv trip '

,.,. ...., u K..... and Wyoming r4 1..1& I f., ra..rrtCt


j .
----.A ___A_ ---__ ._ ------.---.-.--.-.-- .--.--- -- -..... .a._. .---.------ --- -- -
-- -
-- --
.M' ------

..: ", ,' ..,...., ......,... ... ira.id, .. .; "' ,'. . \.... .r .../"..erliWYe..rFaJ. .. 'orip.r"',.",... ....., .;;:;;( ;;;:;-: -- YY\-.........- .'.q.n..I.. ...Y'pFTY'.T.'. '. .-. .,.,.. .+. '," -.--- -



Thuroday. July 16, 1964

......t \". GRADE "A"

ud Indiantown News

\ r I
; yeu'" Correspondent


I I, V 'like Dunklin MemorialTo TURKEYS I R

: to know Hold Revival

! '\',it...Dotty Count. ofSeuft Dunkbn Memorial Baptist
Church will hold revival
a Aug.
norfdo b proud 2 through 12 Rev Milton Durranee 10 to 14lb. Square
\ I to pr.*..Certificate..ofMerft
from Bowling Oreen will be c c
Awards to fhete.tfeotrvfeg preaching. An invitation is exlendJUNIORS Cutruariw"iaii
'I S .. young people S Sf ed to all. average 3 8 3 9

f ..:for ouIItatlAti ,
i acrtvtHMcmdaxamplarylevdtffhtp I GO SKATINGA Ib. lbs4 .
, I / honoring both skating party for the juniorsof

family and community. Church Dunklin wu held Memorial Friday Baptlit, July t I 10. biw srrrs 4i 4iwish
Twenty-one went to the FnsTama
Skating Rink I in Golden I < Thl Coupn uJ Purchu* .( I

Ann Muse Can,Lowe Larry were, Mrs.driven Knight Vivian by Mrs.Mrs.Lott Mary and Jan | TEXIZE CLEANER bunk .69c CUBED STEAK 89c CASSEROLE 2 ;::- 69c FRANKS pie:: 45c

Mr. Co,,. COM! thru t.t. Julr It Mta. 7-1S-M

PERSONALSBarry a s s = ... CHUCK STEAK. ,lb.49c PIZZA PIES ;:t 29c GROUND CHUCK.. lb. 59c

hit sister and her family,
Mr. and Mrs Clifford H. Stuart. ARM ROAST. ............... lb.59c SPARE RIBS SAUSAGE .. .pie 39c"Sl1PF7t.RIGIIN"
SAMMYHARRISON Mr. and Mr Charles
I Ii
and ton, Michael left Friday night, .._
Wish Till. e. ud Pvchw .l

i Sixteen: yeas eU 1 Ga.July, and 10, on Bowling vacation Green to,Moultrie Ky. PURE ANN PAGJ lb. VARIETY-PAK .. U pk;.z'49c outdoors! lb. 39 I SHRIMP .. ,........ .. .... !Ib. 89c

Kumar Harrison runt The Teen Club did not hold a HONEY Jar 43 cC"
Ice tompeUtlon not meeting this week due to a club par. "., lira 1.1. 'ul, II MLJ. ; .11014
war from ft van The ty. Save at A & P Special IONA CREAM STYLE
Ion* entry from
Beach Wfih School be Mrs Floyd McAllmter 1 left ..
placed fifth ta *. Monday, July 13, to take six girls .
dtft AA State Track to O. A. Camp in Branford. The ;
llatt (halt mile) and girls were Beth Lott, Debbie Cox, := Golden CornMb. 10c
went en to place fifth Sandra McAllister, Beverly Yoder -
.to 0M Sunshine Invitational Gail Lott and Sandy William.
Track and FMd ton. Mrs. McAllnter and Margie .
Meet sponsored' by !the Smith will then travel on to Qum- With This COI.IK.II. u4 PurdiM* (
I Jaycees.! cy to visit with Mrs McAllistcr'i ANN.PACE. Custom Ground Mild and Mellow EIGHT O'CLOCKSale
parents,Mr, and Mrs E. H. Smith. RFARwsiNI 2-oz. 39c
J, B. Slocumb is in Richmond, Jar I i1 lib. 3lb.
Va, on bminen. lie will return Good Ihni b!., July It Ml.>. T-lt MSAXTET : C $ 99
next weekend. 67 }

I II I ard Mr.and and children Mrt.. Talmadge, Leon, Diane How =:: : f.=!! i..orree bag bag

David, Kay, and Janet, returned
horn North July Carolina 13 from and their Virginia.vacationIn '25 S PI.AID Save atA&P Special ALL FLAVORS MARVEL BRAND

Mist Delane Mills of Hotford 't -gallon
... It visiting her brother and hit I 1
.4 P.rehw l
w" Tht. Cute.

MOSSERA WAYNE ford brother Mill family with,Miss after Mr.nit Mills and hit parents.returned vacation Mrs. Eddie with in Hot-Joe her ii JELLY BLACKBERRY ANN PAGE 1-0&PURE tt 35C I I Ice MilkSave 1 7 carton 3 9 C

weft-romakd younj c.Ihr.. .....J.I., II MI..7.1....
Mist Cheryl Adriance I it upending
man Wayne Hotter, the summer In New York with L.- ......:..:. t_:__._.._J atA&Pt Special I JANE PARKER DELICIOUSApple
O. won the Good
her brother and tmter-ln-law, Mr.
'ClllnMhtp Award) at and Mrt. James Adriance. She "iuiuidiiaiiK ,1.1 1 lb., 8-oz.
Warfldd EfflnentaryBdwol will in the fall in
return time for
;4 aMp I leadership, tier hit Mllar.IL eerie. school.Mr." E PiesSPECIAL each 3 9 C

IL aft and honor. Hi also and Mrs Robert Lowe and
addend the night tgn children, Karen Bobby and Roger
+M average through-\ returned home Sunday aftera Wnh TIN. C.urw u1 L.awJat1JL'./
ant the year When pot vacation in Key West\ with Mr. I ANN PAGE e
l'l buy in tchooL Wayne, .', mother, Mrs Archie Lowe. SANDWICH pint 39c I JANE PARKER SPECIAL BUYI! ALL FLAVORS SPECIAL: HORMEL
cam far pot
ripe hli Dad at the Mrs. Mildred Brown of West SPREAD..... jilt Food l-lb.' 1-01. 39c Circus Drinks 44r89c Vienna 5 sow 99c
.tan, and orpniaMeamptaj Virginia la visiting with her muter CH4 u.ru J.ly II M""" 7Ia4e Angel cake Sausage. cans
Mrt. Mary in! and her
trip cy iirlltJlfK '
family She will be In Indiantownfor t : SPECIAL: JANE PARKER NORTHERN' 7-SrRAND WEBBING ALUMINUM
one week. .o 39C Tissue 4 PC: 35C Chaise $598SPECIAU
I = : Glazed Donuts Bathroom Lounges. only
Eugene Adams was given a TURNIPGREENS
surprise birthday party Friday LONGHORNCheddar SPECIAL A & P HAWAIIAN kSTRAND WEBBING fOLDING
I night July 10, at the civic club. ** 4oz.
There was dancing and refreshment Cheese ...........Ib. 49c Pineapple Juice3 <. $1 Aluminum Chairs only. $319
for everyone. The party was
liven in place of the regular Teen SPECIAL SULTANA SAVE AT A & PI! WECLVU FOLDING; ALUlIINtJllPOTATOES \

Club Invited.activities The chaperones, to everyone were was Mr II I & I WHOLE Salad Dressing... ....qj':35c;: Hormel Spam "e.' 43c Rocking Chairs ...... eel, $498
and Mrs (Dcith Pitch and Mr
.- and(, Mrt. Earl Erlcton.

daughter Juanell. and Mr. and GOLDEN: SWEET''. ; +,'" A & IJ FROZENFordhook
Mrs Mao Roberts and daughter,
A lady who )lit Donna, returned home Friday, '
aatmlly young lien people, Arkansas.July' 10, from their vacation i In CORNears I bA LIMAS
Mui Foster wat BomVnattd Your
for UM Mia II David Woolwine left Monday ,fa
of Aimrita Contest'A night July 11, from Miami, to visit Choice
Jailor at Daa Mo- he World't:I Fair In New York, Ha 10 15-oz. $1 2'Ib. 55
k Carty ono High of 4J School.finalists the was to be there for three days cans 6 39c r bag C

nallonally, and at this Tony McAllister was honored
stage' of UM eomp at a birthday party at hit home /1/ wq. irdse'e Frozen V.S. Cut Corn or
ttiloo her witty WMI Friday afternoon. Garnet w a r splayed MurlkrlMACARONI Ib.
project of (UM 81. and cake and punch were. ... ..... 25 c JUl\I WESTERN VINE RIPENEDCANTALOUPES
Lucia County Racna- served. Those attending were: Duane Gold King Irate GREEN PEAS
lion Program),U.. Glcavw, Terry Ciloason! Ricky ONION RUNGS ....... -. .. pkg.39C
lOAd by Wl'TY Nolund Stevie McAllister!\ Terry '

Join III,want you i, Nickles Rogers, Sandra Stanley Strothen Nickles,, Bobby Sully Eelbrck CORN MKALMurton't .... 3 ...... 29c 3 10.oz
h honoring rtiai fIN Brilch, Beverly Yoder Debbie Cox: FronnMiCARON I-oa. 23c 8 9 C
Beth I. tt. and Sandra McAllister. I & CHEESE. pII. r - pkg.
young paopl..* Tony was twelve on Saturday, Nabisco Ib. FIRM RIPE '

end...IM) .hundrtd Bkohopc. July 11. PREMIUM:: SALTINES ... .. pkg. Z9C I PEACHES 19c I 3 for 9 7 C Valley Gold Concentrated
the. ? wile ore N Mr. and! Mrs. Uo>d Smith celebrated SlarKlstlJg4t1114a1 IbNUN. .
...and auroounlr/i their fifth wedding anniversary .\ 635c' 'L __ - J29c ."' FROZEN DRINKS
hope for the (ubrrs.S Saturday, July 11. Nabisco Spoon SUe IHi-o*. GOLDEN RIPE
Rev. and Mrs. W P. Brooks sItRFuuF.n: WHEAT 1g.

S( &ctiJ.cao'f ( celebrated anniversary! their Tuesday forty-flnt, July wedding 14. CREAM Mix-Urn PIES FltMt- 14oe.ales 35c BANANAS 2 lbs. 25 c Your 6-oz. '1 0

oBriu.uty'- (UGlir'Ilk-b.TUNA. Sea 553c '1 Choice can CIt


'. Services were held at 2:30: p.m. .
Sunday at Maine Funeral home } '
in Plant City for Nelson> C. Smith, S.iw Olfhrl' 1 'Slaar s
eighty-seven a resident of Boynton :
Botch from I92M to 1958, who t.6et fir! @iltt feet
died Friday in Plant City.
Survivors Include four tons, pedal t I Heinz Condensed < Special! A & P Grade A .

Janis F. Smith, Boynton Beach.; CHEESE SOUP SWEET\ POTATOES ; .
Monroe Smith. I.ake Worth; Elton { F 1
Smith Lake Park and! Grady

Smith, Mrs.Indiantown Iliclma Weeks; four and daughters Mrs. \ I.lb., 2.oz. 45c '
J h1 2
'1 1 [7 Roy Pollard, Plant City; Mrs. 1. login cans
D. Stratton and! Mrs. C. Carty, ..'It PRICES IN THIS AD GOOD THRU S.MVRDAV: JULY: la.
Carlmville, III.: t\\enty- ix grandchildren .-
d.Iry 971 S. FEDERAL
I' S and twenty-eight great VJ"\\. HIGHWAY
grandchildren. V' Y"V STUART FLORIDA
I c. lIcli
+ OF
RI'' Bids by C. B. Arbogant, Robert BEETSGRADE
SOUTH FLORIDA M. Johnson and Tucker Insurance Reynolds Wrap 'CRISCO SLICED EGGS
'I I I I
j Mpg S.WI lit STREET Agency, Kobe Sound on
; 'I ru. ance for school vehicle Insur-I 254*. 3 : 79c I: 19c
bled for study by M. O. & 39c ST25c f rod 35 c d... 35c
-.. school: board attorney.

t : ,

.... .a __ aA' .
,.u":.! -a



Involves? / PfJl-Groves.. Port Mayaca, THE STUART (Florida) NEWS
Tburvday 1964 1 C
--NMrMMM.---- July 16 -

Minor Stockholder's Suit Carburetor for Fire Gtslilumc

Firemen !stud u flmhJMk. In tiM

y Has Far-reaching Import carburetor started a .rW. k the

ear driven by Jerry Zgfenkki I of

Palm City shortly before 9 p.m.'Thursday .
By RAY McCLURECan a>, 'in the offices ol the roporatiixl'i could at an\ tune and/ or on a con 9.
.ucountants\V, O Dale! and "bums July
: ) iiiiumg call live an audit to
a minority stockholder demand itxnpunx. 419' Magnolia Avenue, see il his ixw share' of stock: I is Zglmicki halted the oar outside
':::: : and get access to all booksand Orlando. I'la.," and to 1 questionthe in sate hands! Bill Todt Tackle Shop on Flogl \

L;A r y + \"\ "f This records unusual of a corporation will goose manager and! any other It that were the case, hundred l Avenue and! Stuart Volunteer t

l k'I one answer! from question one judge in get a agent business ol and Mid attests cwpuralion: of said as corporalion t to the. ot thousands of stockholders: across fire DopHrtmcnt put out the
the land! could
+ Martin Circuit Court case, Rosen- ;" grove manntiur refused! untold" millions COM of doUiirs corporations each bhe Damage was estimated at !
r/st awi fold versus Port Ma>aca Groves the right to physically mspcel" or so.<)
; scar on accoiinimg fees" alone. unless .
I .. Inc. But the final answer will pro.bably furnish information ein the -- -- --
property the courts drew a line and .
--- -
,.I' nave to come from the &u ; and from time to lime tina limit audits to .
Court of the United Mute. pornanwith say NtiW
premise eonliiHiuig basiv"In MODEL OF
'\ ,"Ii more than lit "per Ct'm or 20 percent '
\ There appears little doubt at short grove attorneys do not ol common Muck: MINIATURE
:. : .' the moment that either the officers tee as pertinent t to the over'all ae" Will a ruling lor the groves moan
and directors of Port Mayaca lion, |ust who questioned, orwhere (lint limit information HEARING AID GIVEN
/ :; ; : a corporation can Us -
;'! .. .'." GNIt'or Hyman Rosen- or how, when.t to them, t to stockholders until, Stuart. FloridaA
'. :'<.(>f"'. : teal Canadian investor will agree such phrases iptvrently clutter the the time and place it chooses. topresent
'" I on an answer from any lower case when! the question to bo answered thai inlormilionr 1' hi' i".vi' i"n',n''i' fee utfttl

.. '. :" ;;1 court. in the suit now pending is simple: Can the "bonks could. lead sonic .ti> say: We are ,lIt l speu.il nun I d i to (tune
> .
: i;, : v "my lo date only two relatively simple be mspeeted on a continuing hasis' owners of the corpt>ratK>n. Our who hear hut do ,nut understand -
aetioas navw been taken, but the> ..1"lInl to know eaetl \. money is in U, Dont we deserve wrJhll ;just been
t. ', mere arc indications toe file of the } what the term 'contimiing I to know what is going ('f17 J If we announced by Van Co. A
case will be a thick and heavy busii means eant even ask the: manager, then
true-life actual size replica
\O4umc before it is finally put Although there is nothing sxiisutional whom can we ask
away on the snelt of legal History', / I and) spectacular for the It could he an important ease' of the smallest Van Co. ever
tiling Inc tint action was Kos- general pnWio in the case, I h e II will certainly ho an interesting made will .be given absolutelyfree
cnteid.. He petitioned Judge C, ruling either way could be far case and one couKI sympathize to anyone answering this
Punier troworiclgc to command reaching and important to the with all t the judges who will haveto ,' advertisement Wear-test it

and order tnroujplTit of mandamus world of corporate business. render' opinions, I In fact, one In the privacy of your own
Port Mayaca' Grovesto lo date American sunlludd would feel i ineliiud 1 to ask each home without cost or obligation

open its books and record. to ers have been more or less satisfied judge: tit's see you' get yourself' of any kind. It's yours to
his accountant with a quarterly, semi-annual out of this one!"
keep free The size of this
He claims that he owns 30 percent or annual audit and subsequent --- '
ol toe common stuck of Use tl'1I: h..lder'l report by a corporalH A lolul of M per cent of the Van ( o. K only one of its

OOO.OlJO.rlu corporation, 0 r >n, and accepted .t the published! j fiKul consumed in this. country ninny 1 lIlurt" It weighs leiu
stock vaiucu at about 1,200,000. records as "the luw and the final "during I"''tWII, imported All of than a third of an ounce and
He says in his request! tor a writ word." j the coffee( tea, cocoa: and bananas I its all at ear level. In one
that he does not know exactly the I. Will a ruling for KtMenfeU and most of the _"ict'Iiv.! unit. No' wires lead front
true value of his stock, that be mean: that the owner of one shareof and coconut oils, cashew and bra. body to head Here Is truly
fills I IS A Ml:W of Lake Okeechobee at the Martin County ruling upholds! Martin County ownership of a sizeable piece does" not know whether there are .Muck: say, in General Motors nl null_came_ from abroad new hope for the hard of
boat ramp me just west of the Port Mayaca bridge A recent of thin large Inland body of water, Fund I available! to pay .dividends! --- -- --- I

.. ii> swcknoluers, and teat Mloe.nl hearing
----- --- Small Counties tn ryhrrtc Victory' know whether the funds of the 1 These model"' art free

UY (ICVRUTF TAX corporation art being properly while the limited supply lusts
[DISIRIBiniONS IISIH) administered. I I so we suggest you call or
He asked the court to allow him 1 1IRIS write. for yours now.' Again
he City of Stuart received $9j ,-
Palm Beach .
'Loses'Lake to the
9lE I as its snare of cigarette Ux County and Inspect to question'property the grove, physically manager we repeat there la no cost

oUtions for the niofflh of May, Thoina B. Gartland or any and certainly no obligation
andiOcean Breeze Park received other of Beauty Salon
agent tbeurpor.uoD as
$199 94.he Case Gets the lo the corporations business and WESTERN AUTO
total collections for the ; Money affairs. He also! asked to be allow. ASSOCIATE STORE

[month were $4343.92738 of ed to inspect the records and KRlsron.t.IlStN: : Open Monday' COIL OCEAN .UVD.PI 261 Osceola. Stuart. FI .
[which SI 239,031.23 went to the documents In the office of h
Palm Bench County lost Us suit Glades HcnJry and Okeechobee 500 miles of Ivnd
ftutrf general revenue fund, and I square
accountants, W O. .
KtCNA thru Saturday ION R 2I7-44U
Thursday to most t of counties !
regain Glades Increased I IQ
53,106,869.13 to municipalities. I County Daley and Company of Orlando
Lake Okeechobee split among five But all also: saw probable protract lake area from 157 square milesto "or other places where documents

.,.' ,t","., '(our 1 ympathy I counties but t it may by the be I 1903 I 1983\/! Legislature-nineteen, ed court action.Palm And Beach they are County apparently 221 square miles. are kept." and lo 'inspect the records .
.pl" from before the : Hndry County Increased its lake. Irom day lo day and front II F I II IIM.W
years now- four commissioners! have vowed to WEEK ONLY
LK hr'i". flews a
I ( money from the split of the States before
O1'' '
To this the '
groves' -
Okeechobee hud request -
II '. 4 Most Martin County commissioners they will defeat They called County none GIIJZITE'F.
; were pleased when Icon accept of the lake and now hat 10Q rector and officers-Ann Gray,
j.I" "" i the action "a dangerous precedent miles Michael Klencz, John A. Hanley, PKIJMIUMnum: :
County Circuit Judge Ben Willis square
... .. Jules A. Fellcur. and Harvey H.Wengle EXECUTIVE !
upheld the constitutionality! of thelegislative I Palm Bench 'ounly argued in !. ; \
Jif ( In hit ruling Judge Willis stated
did '
.!J.. "lD act splitting the luke I that the revenues from I he its suit that the wording of the They culled-apparently such inspection not agree.inter ( : PREMIUM
between Palm 1 Beach, Martin, lake will luw was faulty and therefore un it\\ :
't'r"i ----- ----------- continue to go to Palm constitutions! said the ferenee with the" internal affair 1bY MIRACLE
,- .I' ,j Bcuch County exactly as previously led to Attorneys' In of a corporation.Their: .
.1r< wording discrepancies 100% DuPont
",.......-... The STEELE'SIVrtRfORY allocated until the county's cur determining not only the mid-lake attorneys, Evans: Crary (
rent road bond issues Jr.
building are Stuart and Myers Heimannj
but also
eking for .lh. right way bpaid, which wUl be., mI). Palm point the' boundary liness.Along .Kaplao..o{ Miami then filed RIDE
I Beach has $|JOOOttOO with its 'fake share. Mar' a motion. to quash the ROGnfeliJwrit NYLON
tu sympathy road and bridge bond issue on its tin and Us three "successful". smsll- and gav eight reasons why,
Will Be Closed
7 .!' I books-which it issued+ a year ago county fellow litigants Inherited Among the reasons, two stood TIRES NLW NARROW
the of
job their
in what was an obvious move to patrolling pie- out as the possible basis on which
it ;-.V from July 4th to tie up the gas lax funds for twenty shaped portions of the lake share higher courts may find II necessary WIllI1WAW;

rp/tPPDPl1/f..t years to stymie aa unfavorabledcclblon. and Investigating any crimes of to rule explicitly since there appears ,...'..'....'..._M""" .....
)i ) I accidents occurring thereon. be for AflA.MM'M A A 111 1e ,. ,., .. .
to no precedent lower c t" nIO.. ..
::......I.1.ROCEAN July 19th. i I Martin l County Commission courts lo follow, .......:'... :- "II H..Yes. IN WftlTIN TO WCAM. .

810m.STUARTFLA. (I Chairman Frank Wacha tended tom Stuart Chamber The two points are: "A minority Ina/. .,.... IN We/TIN. TO WEAR I
Q. ,AT.7.2300 LN IMIRCINCV: : tALLl: I +ntmire the financial help to any stockholder hat no right to Interrogate ....-1 3& MONTHS-30.000 MIUS r.. ..., 38 MONKS-JIMO HUB
JL'PII' F.R 746-7846 ''of the five counties.. agents or employes of a HlH n4 tlinlS w. -
:: :
1 iU a I. He said, that by the, time timefundn Commends City corporation or to demand the =... t:..sail Iw./ ..r.-:... e'r. ::-.. '.:.:: win. .IH.I.IM>MI Trrtn...//.1.*f stn:nm- 'MM: "
< wN.d r.. tip |U Ik, .a.. w .. (MM war
were distributed+ right to Inspect corporal: rata.nmcntn Co": /jw..n.. : : ::: z ta'idN : .pNa
) according ,. =::::1I ". to Iw Ill a.. Mare
i lo the split Palm Boach County in their possession...." a. .. M :-'w: aHA. 'Cf: = pr.
,I' would hardly feel the loss of revenue has Stuart Chamber of Commerce And: "No duty "is Imposed by ,._. -:......... =p.....:.:.:.':...: s."t.w : .: piaWIII le..iI'. "
[ commended: the City of Stuart
: OUR BEST BEDDING I! because the population In.crease law upon officer or directors of Ir/ r
for several
would be such that the recent progrttsivtmoves. a corporation la permit examination ,
I change: will hardly be noticed. of lit records on a continuing 4 tULI. 'LV. Nor J PLY
t I Gasoline Ux revenue .to allocated In a letter to the City Commission. basis." 4 HILL PLY I'UI')I 2 FLY
to Honda counties as scconI M R. (Ronny) Nelson, pits- The probable legal defense hi .he Tubeless WHITEWALLS
; BUY EVER! I dury road funds based on population ident of the chamber, slated.: made. bjr the groves Is tugicshid In Tubeless WHITEWALLS ,
area and miles of paved 'Our board of directors has some eight point listed by grove
i it roads voted unanimously to commendthe attorneys as "in the alternative 650 I3rKevuuw 430 i U
i Wacha however did see commission for the many recent the attorneys ask that certain: I PRrlloUw'IIKE:
immediate oneI improvements throughout the words and phrases be stricken a* : 18 85
I help for Martin County 14 97 uu:
"Immaterial and
'We can now go ahead with the city, namely: removal the parkmg lo the each
I, development of recreation facilities meter and new street lights proper/ .tht"meant each 19.95 25.13
along the lake" he said. He called downtown; the rapidly moving What basically afar raiviov lAtt now-AMI
71 LiaiIT1t ; I the recreation! facilities in I b U. S. I highway beautification, ; I a* grove attorney are concern MIVIOUS SAI& NOW.-OMK MICK EACH WSKKOMtTFRONT '
.1// and the street paving in various W. Is that Rosenfeld' allegation' rata EACH wane ONLY
I I area very important. 700x()() 14 26.36 19.77
J I areas. demands, and reason for actionare It .
t 1 go About to the 100.000 I four counties annually through would I "All of then things... of prime too broad and general They 7O() ) X 13 . 2U.IH . 15.14 750x14 . 28.O3..21.16800x14

the lake split-U Judge Willis I importance in making, our community want the general! made particular 750 x 14 . 22J; . 16.99
I a better place in which to I and pointed ()() . .29.41 . 22.068.S0
i :i had not given the bunds priority; i live and make a living. We sincerely A",lied lo be stricken from _(Moo 800 x H . 24.f)2) . I IH.f)2)
Palm ;
Beach County, at UM lime x H . 3UU 23.8H11XV95O
1 the legislate was passed estimated "appreciate. your active pro- I enfrld'i petition art" phrases. such., .: 850;() x H . 2..72 1929 I'
'--- '- -'-- ------ --- ()
itlCt I x H 3-1. 26.12
{! that hose' SI I,*. Ram i 900x()() .14 . 21i.2.. . 21.1H ,
7UO.OUO in ten years. It will actually ltlO(' 13 2.1.16 11.37r
The Soviet Union STUART x . . .
than shipped 950x14 2H.2H 2121
I get more IJ.4UOUOO I .. .
in twenty years, despite the small 1963 about 1)70.000.000 worth. ( (fJ"( 15 . 26.M2 . 20.12
t16p' r"w i counties' Pyrrhic ... of goods and received: Cuban merchandise. 640X15 . 19.95 . 14.97
? victory.The ; TRAILERTOWN 670x 15 27..16
. . .
;ir x ;Xtt1a3I split of the .lake among five I + moMty sugar war Ik 670x15 . 21UH . 15.63.
counties show the following fig.I about $20.000.000. 710x 15 . .2H.94 . 21.71
SMOOTH OR QUILTED TOP I ursw: .. STORE I IroR."IItJt 710x15..8.4. 17.13
-- 760() 15 32.37
-- x . . 24,28M110182
REGULAR OR TWIN SIZE ORE i Palm Beach County was reduced I" I 7,0 x 15 . 2..2 . 18.12
from 570 squire miles to ;244 For : R. 7th STRUTAM )( () x 15 34.71 . 26.0
-X-T.R-A LONG 80-INCH LENGTH square miles I Beauty i ) ow IlX1'JUCItW A.Y 8X( ) x 15. 26.97 . 2023()

MATCHING BOX SPRING SAME LOW PRICE I I Martin County. *hich: had no j I i: I II / Now Under New 820 x 15 27.07 20JO()
portion of the lake now has 106 END SPECIAL

An outstanding Bedding Value offering square mite of lake added to sea I I II Ii III Management - --. --

personalized Comfort Options ..*' i 1- ____ I i BRIAN A MARLfcMK" WHEEL ALIGNMENT "lit tJ. AllfN\ttSr

High coil count (tor body balanced report Superb $600 Damages in MILKMAN offeringSTANDARD IV IAC10RV BM.AV'A*. utrmWIIIHH ADJUST 9 88

quality cover ,. Edge-0-Uatic. steel border supports I 1RUMUMUlLtMCS 4 S8 SPA kE1
i Two Car Crash OIL
Securely anchored layers of luxury insulating components '

VISIT OUR SHOWROOMS TODAY! At IntersectionDamage I PIlpDUCTSGroceries & Notions 1 -.t': tie 9 Point BRAKE SPECIAL

I Ii ; 1aa...

[Complete Summer Clearance Sale I iterated at $600 .was i "STUARTTRAILERTOWN A4j.4' Cantor A4)Ml) Ca.WrM AeastTanta / .uir Psis.. .. AU
caused whets I '
a station wagon tea : A4j.4. Toe-.O" Ktotrfaig wmir
into the rear of a car at U. S. 1 a.ie. AC. a er. .H
Now Going On and Colorado Avenue about IJO I .,. Aa s a.edk 264J4 95
'.IlL on Thursday, July 9. I "wt
i According la UM police report uxrr Ult\l" k::;miNaOWr: ebYa

SUBSTANTIAL REDUCTIONS ON ,UM car, driver by Xichard: Joseph That Is You. ,.
At ear wsd
Snnon. seventeen of Fort Pier .. i i PARK 1 1q5 ;:s I";:w POMP CHEVY:

ALL FINE FURNITURE tra-rhng north on U S. I I., bed ii UuIt A. Wash 111 r. ,I... All (MM Cant
Just left the traffic light and slow i n,. t.. r .,lb Anu.T V.t 'as..L. as r I '.. If D-4 3L9S
_. ....,., ..
eel to 'Id another .ehtle .a..d W
tun into : AND OLO DIXIE HIGHWAY r', a ......
the Dairy Queen. Th station, .ag I "": *u woecruu-r
ROWELLFURNITURE : n. driven by Curtis Edward BoJus. Pelican r Now Under NewIIlanatemen ..sesa wee w.. t l t""'ra.WARANTgLd.

seventeen, abo of Fort fierce, I
/ ol MO CXrMAMCf MUlSMAaV ON W A V rill.*. w W .M Ne
'I failed to slop m tmM and ran law : Beauty Salon ALTON C. JU"> tN7KAILKR ,.r ur w .*:' itmMtn H N mum Isar M ,:.:. :::V I 4*: a.n.29e1 .
KM rear of OM SlnnMt car
I Pktroima Billy, C1m csfimai* SPACEAVAILASLZ
,ed $4(., CO. EMdbgi ky A.....o.. : PAW-AMERICAN TIRe co
Mete and $200 to the JSnooa car na: M0Y11g ,
Bees Lens fll..... a psengcrM ,HrrtfMGbrfc21S c .IkYaa/s. $21 00
[ .. Wales La..d.4 ,, .
the JUUM 'sva. ttcetvwdtlifht 09CZOLA AT 74454 IJOUJU 4th stRUT ton rtrftct, 'W RII>A
Dwell Building ejagra. OM ftttem report t Children IVelcornei .

I ..'. _.._ 1 I .

"t I

------------- .. r 4 {
- ---- '
--- --- -- "
_. _.."- -

----- pmwar--
-- .- --- - -ow----
--- -- -
----- -


mrART_ !WIa.! NEWS Thursday July 1(5( 1964 SATURDAY-Con tinned .. Coupling Navigation With Erosion Cure h Big Blockade -- '- ...

.t4l-10 Armed. Torn II .30-1 Waco 'Trail''
*!_10-11 H.... I h-li'l, 0' JuOihPi

COMPLETE TV PROGRAMS .110-4 I MoIlIoE Cart/eon-o-vlll CkaMT :; 1b."I.., .... ..

r* Cl.. ,'ffcaV5UNDAV: Years of Get Safe

I I: 4-wrn S-.WP1 Jt (c.L14 'W8TU Riutlo. PtW4Ilsith..' .- ; tt t: 1\\ = =- ... '.rade" ,.......- '. Fifty Trying to
B..I. ".B.e., wI.,. I. this ...tIou. .30-6 Afrknltatral JUaort 1..110-4 Bold Iou. ,
,-WS! '!:, '-I ......Q.I Th. TV _... USU1r. .,. "' "'..... ; =' .P.I:':
\ ( IS-WLP.TV. 1I.aI CLI.C.I .. b, tho t.I.EI.S. .ski"... n. .... FlL! IUlLnur .
t.-w&.vy w_. Palla .... .,t 1'1.' ... II ...0' __"10 IS, .., 10 gart!!. Carnival II Demands
CA.B.I .'\) pOITS- ......_ Pull-II ... Onl.'. rr-.. ,2'i:. : : : ...... Inlet Is Stymied by Money

I WEPNESDAY ThURSDAY-Continued SiSh- 5 Advmtiir.. fliarti It .'.... Ban*
J\lLt It Mllwattkr. Iir.r.oI I
0100tIpyl.. ft .Advantur. Club Th.atrsI tOO'phfriq. l'*m,* ___!to __.. ____.n... ....:_:__ ....
7 Movla I* .....,..... S .......,i Pal.mlIt made to the propose inwove- *pOU! kINJ liv-vwi-wil >v>aiiiiii| UKCN|

..Moraine ArnrnaM 11 Mambo Plapboo.a5,05Is t.: =.:. ...... ment of St. Lucie Inlet a* *cut- bulkhead, and embanicmcnts there I
(Ron Moajligr It
nI. (8.... aa Mannar .II'1t' | Marnlnk" #.lark_ 'Do Kit Now for or the costs of luch .
-It 8pa.* **$, iNre (aarto. ...) 1.00-10 Mnl I.II-at Va..k Mob a1130Is' lied here with representatives of retaining I
..110-4 )I.".. 4UO- Movla .ISO-I 'Toin..o TuuiloT lIneN 01 PlaraIs the Martin County Commission' works; I
T Marl. M.*.la Bgka A...... Nd.01 No.0 Is also ''((2)) Hold and save the United
.. .... 10 .. It Jo..a sod A.m.r.ZdelN 'Proposed April :21. 1964. Reference
10.30-It A WlaM World Ii4a-. Emb. .1.. Sp.-d 0u AlvIn Bunn/how LIIP.rttobasipsI. by Army Corps made to our letter of April 30. States free from damages, incluu.
AI__ I.. i ( Rowibm DaurhpIS Di_.. ISII shore erosion that
(... so , N.... w..t..... ........ Banjo BHI* Louu 1964 supply additional Informa- ing may result.
I.OCI-IO Movi.4o.4 1.1'1.:1.' : : Waatlwr II aloraln I'lupban.o 1100-.)1.-: Ffcler l RMistanca for deepening of St Lucie Inlet bat been sought tion. from the construction and mam.tcnance .

IIOY.. .iIO-II eo........ ...II--It l3O 4 guoarmao Unal" Pub. 10 'Murk Panpinwra. on OrMtn*** for more than fifty yean. Back in 1914 there woo an appropriation of Senator Holland sad Congressman of the project; and
Mo ..1--., p..p.5, b-I Roil and hxldt (Oolar>)> Ii30-7 Cttmbat $l,500,000 to provide an eighleen-foot channel. At one time a dredgewas Rogers discussed tint "((3)) Provide and maintain with.
.00-10 Y..l lieu II M.o.SsaO.4 .. .... 11 Bunday ,Mat)..... I the United States
10 A n.m. 1' out cost to .
...-. P"o_ H.... II Rul.... n.rbrIO.OO 4iOO..4; UUb-al. Hob actually on the way from the Panama Canal But war cloud in matter with Colonal Parfitt recently necesI
S Hunl"r-Hrln"iop Ropoit Draw .011.... a KanwrmaaT and requested that our I tary mooring facilities and utili.
-4 Quick Europe diverted America from they
IE...... 11I._ w........ 1-7 Haalor HMMOU Col **) Combat. navigation military project cost ties including a public
.00-4.1 N...". *"*'**. w"*_ II. NI. Lit. of th. Gold. eo... 10 III......... hi ..).* 10 Doll T............ Infant Martin County, formed estimate of benefits a o d with suitable supply facilities landing
10 110.1.| Naw*--Huntlar (ruttlo I.II-U, u..).. Nub 4i3O-4 Tw.ntl.th Ontirya Inn to Rocky Point. Only the cut sharing, be reviewed.i That review I avail
.1-11 OommBi-Art Or** .4--. Mawa-Wall. ** "' ...... IOi30, 4 III.h MIIOMt1 HI'r and tK. Atorr in 1923! tried to do the !job Itself through the rock reef remained hat been done."Conaidcration able to all on equal terms
t .ill-7 Baa Honk...A.>Mtur* T 100-4 KcttlTOkt juMlloa XL I Colon t Cvmkat with around $2,000,000( in bondtA : ; Either
,. CaU tk. Dwtor to and has also been ((4)) a. (Comprehensive
10 N. Weat.. .. Sport 10.11 M...l. Land Is5hame give ingress egret for
It M*... i M.. NorobIi II 1 100-4 BID TI. ,.,. Sso-ri Hold Tutu... north jetty was built. A twenty. steamer when the boom collarxted I given to the effect of inlet i improvement i plan). Contribute\ in cash 78.i percent
...2'W..l,,, 1'.1.. P.rml .. t-" Wild Klnidon foot channel
5-? I> .nl. Ui. Mwuaa was dug in from the of the contract
.i30-.4 N.... ,iSGPoa.word 10.11 Carlonnlaa. lapr CkrtoM 10 luurfoot in 1928. on .shoaling of the In- price pu I ,
HunlW-BrtnaUr. lori '.? Battlalln I I ISO-4 llor Hmttt1 11 Troll MaaMTilft reef anti a wide turning basin i In tracoastal Waterway In the inlet' supervision and administration
10 HuRarfontTiOO ...11 Tb. rilnUtoiu* (CWorl Kur. ->10 S H Cr* orhaar4. which steamers well 10 anchor Around $800.000 in a chain thereof for all items of
II NI.ht Lir. .o t', 001. C_. (C.n.lnu.dJ 0 Aniwara H"a aI .31. 0.E. Coli... Howl of Georgia banks placed there for area. While that shoaling has averaged work to
...4'Now.. Woltoo Oron"", 100- It..hld. { N...)* and C.rll .1") AnivMl .. was dug In the area from SunriwMO.N the about 5,000 cubic yards a be provided by the Corps of CDgineen. .
interest vanished
1'-11-Now.Noow. BUbll... lolokI.p 1 4 On."TII.rn.T..n". lI.rond 11141. -1* Pan ShipAIt.r.oao t''B..;AMWnI .. the rock reef remained.overnightand That-- year. studies show that most of the an amount now estimated

-4 D.ah( Vll.... D.,. '-1. Donna Jta.4 lr>_7' Camr 9 DAY-Contlnurd khoaluig comes from sources other at 2500000. to be paid in a
t T II.Huekloacrr..... Ho.n4 .10.1.3_*_My' Dr.TIt_ItUaan.Ikon 11.00MI.ml Matlnr. ':;'ri-.Lr.'tIt...Wasthor.., apsito Spoons l>l-f 0a-:AnnUwv 4 T* Toll World tk,* Troth money final phase had' been" Many reserved critic for "the said than the inlet Accordingly, in. lump turn prior to start of con.

11 lj...aln Pnrad* 'lOO-4 Parry Maaok t Bullwlnkl.( (Oolorl StaG.Dot.lI... 1'11e..a! Htapltkl later let improvement would yield little struction or in installments priorto
that reef
7i3O-4 CDS lUparu 1* Slows tka strIt T YouUi and the l duos a...... I.t -4 101... the should have been Mart of pertinent work
'.7 'Tb* Virgin. .). Color) Kn.lan: O'Tool.. a Bunny 3:30: -4 EdM of Mlckt. removed I irst. or no benefit through reductionof itcmt
10-11 A4rntun ol Uaal sod PtSQ..44 Haaal (Color! iaoi-'i' Ci.ll.. .. Profit OiOO 47MM. the PFM. (Color) .., You Doai't lay (Color.) "intracoastal shoaling. in accordance with construction
Harriat Iv-ll Jimmy, DM* Sham J II BUM Buimr 1 II Mlwkl Pm. Cn *..... 10-11 Quaon With a rock wall remaining at schedule
B tOO-.4 PT.I. 0.00-..4 Tb 1'1.' Ili3o- -lu ..... In S4l.nwIII II Ch.mplon.hlB Brldr 4 DO-4 BarC stormS a Day the mouth of the Cost sharing for the comprehensive ; as required by the chief
br-i) ,.tt. Oak Show I '.? Parry Como (alt.1 .) bladovarlaa ,In ...._ 1.01-1. W. Wool *. a._ Matnk Cam river, and a vast plan of inlet improvement( of enineer. the final allocationof
':30-4 8upna ,. M,..*.. Th.. ,. (alt) II Amarlea BanditandI2l3 .. '-' .......11IIt 7 atlokar M Cluk discharge of land and tilt downstream /* cost to be made after the .
.-11 Idle .II.. ........ I Is about the tame at previously actual
Ifl-lt Th* r___ Danihta f Ad.m. ( / -10 8clne( .11.1'10 lIe 10-11 Major Adorns, Trtllmaatat from Lake
'100-4 B. *rlr lilllbUll*, 0... Sid CaMar (Alt) I too-5.7 D.......... -5,30--s )IaaIlanRys' raG-4 M..l. Okeecbobee'i estimated: $700,000 federal and cost have been determined and
Th* Saint ,._It Top. ,. Sport 10 Ho. t Praaturad rilokar) St. Lucie Canal outlet. the deep
.., .. Saturday 9 l.lfa( of Nil.t .. $2.500,000! ( non-federal plus $800. contribute In cash $800,000)( u
It 1' I
u-i I ISO--10 WrMIMnn T Florid 'oru M.vl'. channel and the bain
du..l"J- II.OO-4-t.7-lt. II.... Wactkar Baart 10 Hoot.nany 10-11 Major "....... TraHaiMt4it soon 000<> local contribution toward future the local share of cost of future
.,30-4 Olak. ,.. Dyk' IaN... I: KnTw'Voor Rib). 11 Mlvhllir/ o. lbs Oold 0at _I Nw* lilted in. maintenance. This division of maintenance to be performed
10.00Dean.. Kar* Nbv7 II HO-II Now, |rkUir, (port* tfOO-. tlur ud the Story" ...-II Paaalnir Pawl. 10-11 AnrUu ..*....... The local funds down by
went the
S. Elavantk liar 11 lit-4 Mao" T Watoh Mr. WUr4 TiO -4 Laaal.* (Color, SSO.-P lIu..meaI' cost assume continuation of existing the Corps of Engineers, that
It Dl.a PoU TkMtr* 10 Mavl. 1* Saturday Hop ,-. BUI Daaa Sham. uodyW.ndp..k., drain. The county hat been paying private ownership of the amount to be placed in escrow
11,30TonIght with Johnny. Canon II N.wa. .oru.. WthrTi30
II 77 Bunaat Strip II Baturilay Matlna It UM Tim the debt
lltOO-4-4-7-IO Nam West** Spars Color) 5,30-4 Bold JouraarII -.., Wait> Diana IC"lo.t) s-ho-I. ABO N.. on ever lince. south beach. when required by the Chief of
II M.ws-RU4'haJ.).. ::1s'NI.h.; TRA 10-11 Bmplr: II Rocky and HI. FrUnda The north jetty and SandspritPark "The St Lucie Inlet has Engineers prior to start of proj.
,, I ....... l 00 4 ICd: Sulllru BkwIi30 report
11.1'No t-M-f MIMKOTU f B* rt* ..4_II ,..hl.... Wau. the
= (Port* are only physical evidences ect construction and
to be
4 been held
II.SO. --t.T ..Tanlk-ht trltk' Joboop 11 Mo ,100-- Burf.lila HI* 1.7 Orlndl ...1TItle) I Ie the Story in abeyance .. Con.
...n" ,,,,,..., - I Rlar and the Stir 10-11 Arms and Trial remaining from the boom. Major Harman added the following tributed upon completion of proj.
j; Mo via FRIDAY II Sparta HlKhlliht I:OO.-4 Calabrlty ,Cam E".nlntiOO i time effort. Sarxlsprit Park
II StorUgIt Th....* liJO-. rion.... ,., Bonana. -4-1 Nwa. Waatbr,. .....* was summary of what Martin ect construction. by the Corpi of
l-Ofl-11 rJthtwUk4tOaW. ..te JULY ITMonlaf 1 Cloud 1 TIt....* S.lo-4 H............ 7 N.wa. W.athar created by the pumping ashore of County would be expected to do Engineers;
.|| M.... 4 100B."lorlo" 10.00-4 Candid Caaxrr 10 Murk Mix sand to dig the channel
a D.n......" I Tb. (look 11 fcatrktilO ship !if it accepted the "doityourselfinlet
- - (.*.>. sa Mi....? __!) II llnil.r. IIot'b f Amarlnan. ..........,* -BporM II CommonS. kit. A dwelling fire occurs about

TIIUKSP"Y .ilk-4 gumnwr .......).. ""IntMMlil II JOur) til a-10 1'1.' .., WMtkar, Bporto During World War II "
:of" once> ninety seconds
tkm I. .p.... ..I.n.... :- 4, Chtmplonnhlp WrMtllnc II N..). II 1'1.' ... Navy (I) Provide without cost to the every sonieplace
Ii Irart-li 5i.. ',S..op 1.00. -|.' Mr. Nvvu 11.*.-. What Mr ttaT 0.30., Hlobwap Patrol frogmen practicing' for demolitionof United States all lands easements in the U. S.
(:.30-1) W.v) 10.11 World *f ***n* II T'A .i.3'-4 W..t_ Pacific reefs in the forthcoming _
MwabifSam .._4 Man)k* 'r.IO- THAT '1 i.o -4-a-T-It. .Mtnr. Wtkr. ...... 1 130- and nghts-of-way required for construction
k* Mom.** *xIU ) 1 Mori Hlk Howl to Danit* It Maw* I ttlHrinbI.p Hp..rt invasion blasted the reef with and subsequent maintenance EVE
.> !4 Hiimmar Mmaat.Comparali ::: !l,...... ItNOw.4 0....)( WIth' OMAttar. IE.....Ulf J I.Ht. Wool.5.IMo.l. 7 N..., WMkr underwater charges. Their efforts of the project and for aids TIME A FORm
**. from 1IHO" .*** ... Wktkf II Nub' Llf. on lbs CurIO Co...
tOO-4 If. ftkort, It Miami- tfneov.l.4 had little looting effect to navigation the of fiRE
(Dam. aa Mandar aaa.pt) ., :41 4 Nw.-W.lt.r Cr.nhun.> upon request STRIKES
Naw.ti3O II Oovarnmant a f lbs f***!* ,
PI.m.Hertl.y, BrlakWy In the late IMOp
''-' .00-1. Movl -4 Hawklla. Ira hot-It Nlt-ktwatak. M' *. a Forties principally the chief of engineers including
4..uMarl. I Fraoturad 0)40k.) .. liO It PamP.. Qocbrak: through' the effort of ;
7 11I0'" T OutlookOi4t *-II Nor M*. t ,. o- Mr.: Bd Congressman suitable areas determined by the YOU
*.040lOI'' .....t..*.* U Naylo' - I flmmy. ttrlckland Bbow Pat Cannon. now a Miami chief of engineers to be required in

It : Hound -. MiiMtlok. Pup!.). MONDAYJULY 7 RlpmrdII judge, a federal appropriation was the "interest .
: general tinitial
I'aaalnr Papsds public 0
Ia ln*. Walkar, **.riw ,.00- Monaarakl M f
pi45-o.e Vhbooropt.mo 7 Blotraphy 7 iSO 4 To Tall lb. Tenth secured for a'channel 200 feet and subsequent disposal of GET BURNED

a......... II Lift Tim 6.7 Norl.ISI wide__ and___ ten_. ftt_ lppn._ with_.. tu/rw..._ __ _. .
n .n no
N..... 11_. WasthasI. t.3O. 4 Luol-D.l Cornet. Rout Mornl.55'oIri.l Out.r .I- up
;ShirI4 OiOO. 4 Ivo Got ....* foot overdraught. This
"'..t.... t Prontlar Cirrus Oovtlnmtkl ClaMiMa a was dug STUART SAilFISh :
M..) T Th. LlauteiuiRt tilt-4 SummMr Boom..t"\ "1._ 5u30-'d Vacation PI.h_.* with no local participation.' I t
; t.lO II Oimmtil It Hoot........ dorII.s to Op... **.* 10-11 w.".. TraIn iColoOtoo (May 1 Oct. 31))'
rIsrrt. OUR FOUNTAIN .: *=1 **. Hunt suao-.4 ''I'h. D.taadotoS .,i3O-4 Oalln. of tW AW -4 Danny Tho..... periodically filled in with drifting
It N..... W........ tprt loor III.hop I.' ConOn.ntal Olaaanwal (Color ) .030S. A.) Griffith sand and flushed clear in ttorms
,. Vu ......_ ..,
Drtak SAlLfISH-Men'l
11 N.wt 10-11 t....-".. W.Ik II 'Thra Ht.i... Hollywood and tk* Itkr length division Ronald L Skelton
but did
WE *Vt LUNCH ...10-4 )B... ., t.... h. *,.oo- ,., Mov)I.i30 I. 5,45-Is: Runrla dobolor lOiOO.,., MItch 4 Nak.d Mlllw... City for.not provide the safe Intel Stuart Boston Whaler Manatee Marina ....".."...... S ft.
Must* .Brhthiop lUport -4 Dumnwr. Plalhwa. 5,45.-S Nawa Ik Bpakbk hoped
It Tk* Jot.... film Vkrh4rIAMIO 1 Suaakln. Aboonoo1i.i 10.11 Broaklni) PointI0i30 Ss BLACK
STUART CORP. 10 Hollywood BASS: R. D. Futch. Lake City Jensen Savannas 10 lb. 3 or.
> 4 OUM Lot
Oa _..
It MlKht Llf* *( abS Gold t -4 (luniitnok "> | N' Wmak" *>
... Loris 4 PI.".., DIal AT '.1'" *.4t- 4 Nwa-Walter UrvakM 10.30-1t Unlotlhhl' tiOO-4 '0,.** Pl.'......* IliOO Omen.1105S-.4-1-7-10-11 Rams, W.....*. Back In I 1962 hopet soared high BLACKFIN TUNA: Charles It. Gorman, Rantoul Ill,
1)4 *AU. ITORI t-t -llnktlar. BrlkkUr 11 Th. a-f TWarTlSO
I It N.... D.pntyIO,45iI.hI Mak* That __ -4 N.W* .Show again when a hearing was held a "Marybob II," Captain Bob Scrimshcr .................... I 13 lb.
.. II a.. Ootkrail Nw. lSuoo-4. I, 1. 1*. II MmIt 10 ('..r"u..1I' 10 MovUIt Stuart and local interest presented .
'* -4 Sob lion* : Top. to Brt Merle. Blarllirht TkMtr* evidence of benefits BLUEFISH: Charles Gee, Vero Beach ......"._................ 11 lb. 8 or.
Modoraa' fhratr* T.3t 1* Bat Kt4 7urioteespussI. 1150.-S Mo l* overwhelming
11.10-1 Chamvkmakk) Wr' **"U*} -
{ 'Tb. Hon.rmon rat lllla-4 Movl P..,. l.0.-10 Hpanlak' Newt to be derived from a safe BLUE MARUN: R. D. Farmer. Cocoa Beach "Spray

RCA VIcTOR ,._Paaalni t lntrnatlonl Varad* Jhowtlm I 11130-I lao--I 7 other M.... WorWl. l4 -TdjrIt Cap)ta''. .....- 4iOS.11 -Nlr.ht-.u-h II Mrh Marl Inlet. II,* Captain Ray 'Young .. ................................. 130 lb.

14-11 D itry DolnaIt (l.loude. Their bores collapsed in April!
10 Moyl.II )
; - BONITO: Mrs. Cleo Cocoa Beach
*.30-4 kout. tt Btarlla-ht Thaktn Bunrla. Thta.tr thU when the Gagne, ; "MarybobIII.
year Army
.., Bob Han* 11 ill-10 WivatUn mm 'TkBMiI esah5 ,.. ... or. TUESDAY, :: nteJ wtiM ." Captain Bob Scrimsher ,................................. 18 Ib. 4 or.
"Liv.ing.lor" TV l-ll Burkaa I tOO-1 Danaa Club ''ito-1* 0. pa t* JULY IIMomln pcne amount
...00-It Kluht of tk* Work l.0_It Nlnhlwauh. Skim H*. IMO ..30-._., Today Shaw fo a "do-it-yourself kht" for a DOLPHIN:, Mack V.: arley5 Eau Gallie, "Gulfstream.
*.30 4 Twiii.hl Zoos f 041 I .yo ; -
-I CKunpto. ..kl. WrwtllM lIRopaob. ,
t'1 Tw. Tw TwItlt 1,30-15: Mar). II klwalnf PlarkwM l ..1--. Dnmrnor matr. "ICnmparatfv Modorp $4,000,000 inlet improvement of i Captain Von Jourdan ........................:................... 43 lb.
", Prle* .la Sub 4.0_II 110".... N* I tv4S-10 Advtatur Tim) f which I the federal I
10!.!.-:4 Alfrad I III"'h.( .._ - ..A*_i, tf J'" ru. I Itabbl' pMk" 0:10.. 10 Hoaianakan PkTC put up!
lath Klaht of the Work SUNDAYJULY 7 Mori.It 0100MorOn: tin County S3,300.000-"ca'h( in JACK CREVALLE: Rose Longshore, Cocoa Beach.

It 110on.Wyatt .K.:...rp II Banjo MurnlnaPtarhcn Billy ** 7 Movl advance.' "Skipper II." Captain A. J. Whiticar .................... 30 lb. 2 ot

10.4* It Mak That S*ar* ;: ..i30 Pui.I.S Art.ra*.. They offered alternate
MoralnfOilO -4 an a KINO lyfACKEREL Phil "
: :: .. .. : Phillips WillistonFran L
11100 4-1.7.la h.,a, vVaU>*r. IpcrtaIt TIt, lt .. A...... and AadfIt (Sam Monday MVt) $24,000 interior ,
Nwallil -II oiiM Mcrnlni IJD0-4 ix .. pt tir. channel of tix- Captain Pete Robertson. ... .. .............
p ", -II Nw. ..4 Wastoap7.00I riayk**** ....... ........... 46 Ib
.- 4 M.vl. ,.lOO-4 Hannw T M.vl. Foot depth, leading from the
IllS .., Tonight with Johanr" C_. Firm Cortuanw.wlll.I AlmwMI 1-7 III.... Pinion lot Paddy 10 Movl Crossroads to the cut through the SEA TROUT: L W, Cone, Palm City __. 12 lb. 7 or.:
II Nit"
It LIT at SlIt'' *,
I US-IS NI. t..toll-V"") T CartoonsIWe.rCom 05si N.w* t Nor) reef. Boatman say that there it SNOOK: Morris Schall, Jensen Beach .. ., 36 lb.
-PERi11ANcE O'VED- 4rth -II .....* M. Ttm* I 010-4 I L*.* LkT 5-00-1) 'TIlt Funny. C...,.., already six feet of water there. -- -
- - luah-4 C. oll-*..IU* t -II_ Orlfflk (Color* .Ie-I KrulM RIde TRIPLETAlLj William W McDowell Sewalls Point ... 1 17 Ib. 4 oz.
B.,... f Ward (or Word Oolo>>)> and county officials could not understand
RCA VICTORorfen SATURDAYJUtY S IS Airtiultur.P.. Am.rtiaeII 1:11:: Prix la Rlo-bt **>!; why the Engineers wanted WAHOO: George T. 'O'Reilly. New York City .. 42 lb. 8 oz.
It 'Thu. TH MItiln Link .00-4-1 Kawa, Wwtk. Sports
.,00-lunrU 4 OM.*1 ,........ 'I r.t(1on MtOora". f 1'1.' .... Wth Martin County to put up $10,000 WEAKFISH: Gordon E. Co""". MiamI ... 3 lb. 2 or.
I Marnlafill ,, lon 10 Mnvl Mia to the $14,000
S Mo l" government on
... .
4 Suite. .... "ModarkVofflpantllv I Bull.ln"l0II 10-11 Ul tk **. OHO-II Oommntlit
ONE-YEAR WARRANTY .IIP. a navigation link between two federal
Untlak front uU" Shun ,.' Tim. In Dial II l *v4 i v. That Nob -7 BaahvnlIt
on all part. Including your color II N..).. PteykMt. I J.opardr (Color) N..... Wktk. BMM navigation project Navigation .
tubel I'OS-II HI. MM AHt ...._ II H.... improvement i lit a 100 cent
picture "-*0- -T Clreu Hot 1.t00-4 NOWI .iM-4 WaktlMttSO per
EXCLUSIVE SALES A SERVICE T Olnui hay My" Whim I 4 N.w' n federal' dral.Martin".
10 tlowl I ( ..... 10-11 ,...... Know* Baal I Hnnttoy-BrUtl.. Popoit County Commission
11 Victor* Viollit Chapel 110-4 ...... far T_ It "._Io_
FRANK'STVon4 .lOO-4 TItle. I* th. Ittot t-t Tratk *r C.n..q.nor..J"" ) II Night LIT of tk* Gold COM yelled loud and strong at being
T>.kMBlf* 10-11 TaniwaaM lien)* 1.41-4 ..._Waltar 0..._ asked to pay part of a ""rictl,
|1, S4 II Maw
........ Ltoatbma : O.tdljf.L" fiOO-_4 Lowall Tboataa Advmtara't navigation improvement and
llcftdcjarten for ttll-I Th* Hnd ..!. 1:4ICfto-'r I: ::. .(.lu. Tail l B.ar their protextt reached the right
't ..
,*---. K.nk (a* TmlayTh TBA T Mavl.It
"IJvlDg Color" TV Chfbtoi.h.M II Mo." Mllwaiika OrsonTOOS. ear*. Senator Holland and Smath-
ATTMM ; Horiaona of rait* II MatlM' Tkaatr* .' Mr. Nora era and Congressman Rogers wired
725 CWonkto DW II 0_... 'TOns. |i *-II Dabkl. Drabs l.lt CombatttOO .
CHRISTIAN) SCIENCE .41-4 i Tb. LI'Ie WardS .1--.4 Btw isO tII. ...." Mo*.. -'4 Jib,. Slum early this month:
....... HrtlOiOO w.... r.L Tople .. TaosC.. ._ *,i30--Mommt. of Far" "Pleased to advise word hat
RADIO SERIES -4 l..m. Colt. Mr hat. Thur: *. 10.11 ...H.I.'. Navy been received from Major General JOHNS FUNERAL
I I fallk. For Toda lit* 4 Nw Blxhard Bowl lkw" HOME
Still PusaN ''V.... 110-4 A. tk. WorM Tara I .if.ii'.br) .. Dhow so forth Jackson Graham director of Civil
RADIO STATION Ia "rot..tII'nt' W.mublS R... P.t'i Mak a I>MI" Color) Work Corp of
WSTU Engineers that
10aa-e, __*k V. *.4 Uv I OIrtTnIb ..-4 Jack I Bamyt Air Conditioned Chapel
CACII MONDAY 7rlS PJVL t $15 Platur I>4S-t lie My OUM'-ChMaaaW. Diak Pow.1l Thutirs10,05S necessary fund are being made
t tt.rr.al: Lli ktIt >.*0-.t Paaawoc4IT Donald I O Connor Wiwr available under general authority .
Ur. Sib Talk ne
II Pat* smith *..*-It-It M.... P., *>.* (:'i'-I. : provided> by Section 3, River' and L CECIL JOHNS
Almost Everyone LlstensTo T 11.00-4 C*..rk It Si30-4 H.... PartitT 10." Th. ....Id.. Harbors Act of 19 45. to provide" RONALD !L JOHNS
T... DMar 11000-4..1. H..... Waatkaa-. Shoots
M .1. Lkenied Funeral
W 1 Ukr f That I May f.. II Da-la .CwirtIt II Naw* Kennel tit feet deep and 100 feet Director
RADIO STATION U it "..."''It Womb.) Rasp Puss-sS IIMO-II Naww. Wtk avert wide in St. Lucie Inlet between 1012 INDIANTOWN ROAD STUART
It Plra4 Ba.Ual Ckarah. U>k I:::*r4 Md' W_..'. N.... I lit*-4 II.....
MUTUALNETWORK\ FULL TIME 1450 KXXIlfnT1 Ili3 '-4-1 'Talkt with' Jobaay Car- federal bar channel and Intrteoastal S
ana Waterway. Work will be
TIME FOR i ? I* M....
a early Telephone AT
apo II Btarlvrkt' Tkaaar. performed as possible. 7443414Hetw

M6NOAV *ATCT OATH II.._It tfpanUk. N...* This demonstrate what tort of e AnbtJuce

.1.. fil" licw.AND W4THRR: ,.- .. ..n'... Experience allows that tryj time I Ia a good time"to make 1,0*-II II.NliktwkMk"... Ns.ts4,5.al action can be secured from the Service 0s7Jq Eqwlp'
: : ::: '
::: Engineer under Congressional
decision about your iavcttment*. Should you tell tome - - -
: rr. i 5 0II...... WEDNESDAYJULY tretsure-but doe DOt make a
Tat : Eb. .( falL stocks; now buy more. or bold onT Ate there weak tpot II: afe St. Lucie Inlet. which to Mill HAVE MORE FLORIDA FUN AT...
I.... : ::. :v ::: **>'4ilM I Vt..?k>.. in your Jxirtfolio (that thould be ttrengthened? '- a $4.000,000 project with Martin 0

5 ....... ?dsms sill *.* Wie N..I. Ttsw. Mankiela County inked to pay more than

U you havcnt IsleeS i jowwlf these! quettfoni recently, pow ( -** aa Mowday *at) 7$ pet centA

.'- -- -- it a good tin to do to. The patldok for tome of your liS )-l Today Bk**> large portion of th. SJ.300.000 ..
asked from the county i I. laid
-KIDATItiOS tecuritict may hare changed ta that they an no longer ..
wd St Wools II.*. BkMI fk.r.kiia it-J4t to benefit against erosion of the _
t' A Wwar
t World .f *.... :i::: 5.11.41.Now. Roord .i.s< **> am M..*..... suitable for your purpo***.To help you make the right decision WoolSAfts.naes privately owned occanfront lands

Mill $.IIDt!. Doord i.u. oi.a. ., ...... .. our Portfolio Remrch Departmeot wiU be
I .. day ( rkiriM *. glad to *5.s o. Nasdop -**>t| to the south of the Inlet which

1--..... w p__... ., Mns U-11 "..1' ., ...1. "r..1"ItMM furnish you wiifc a Iret appraital. of your holding pot a. .....O..-..4 It II.Movl.r ..... would result from a land transfer 110 IUlSOU11

1 *M ..- *- u iiiii % *rM *4 *.atrtM I 0* *>::...*.*.*-;*.*:. copy of our Portfolio Analysis form 'plot our Midyear I N...* fllan. Another whopping bunk it If llAll

1IM **w* il Nklla l ,N.WJ* MM "'rM.,. .ara4* 5,45s Pbotoqiooby 800.000 requested to pay for It, L..dl. ,.. ..,.. ......
I UrM W...* .! Mwt : ID* Marti 1\0... O: **.rM i IM < ....... v>likMllck "Review"the coupon below.Addrtsi JVlaniger.Retearch. sus-4-s Mown tvawtat 0p.p50. Web.. maintenance In advance for an estimated j. t- 0.4 .

..... loris .p MM*!* C.. .A**. .Hkt N.v*. .....................................-- p Mrs. sod wMtktilt fifty year*. GOLF ANDflSff. S DO)44 y5pg. l-j. c_ -
.oM World If Aor.5 MM s... *> .. II II.... ._ PIn p : A .. ...... Paaus
II MM) Haiti**.!: I:::: :r'- .... :..Ul M4....* .*r*.**a1* kid n*votM fortftrb)Aiukty,.! forfb* your fi idye r ".'-rvtow.( .5,15-IS-t Baa(Jnuo B.... Martin mtercit County presented official to Congressman Md civIc AT RUTTGUfSCATTAIVS t, _. -

It not MM ftMrrl. t- -.w5 .,.. .....1. t..tp :MW ir:*.*r .* it I**_**. W....... Bork PaulO. Rooms and SeusstorsSpessird _ S 9'n-onrusro-Is.. roars .........

IS_ E:= M !E:= Skw ::I'M Bt:nr* = 14.- SNA4tlra siNs-S it 11 11- ps.
L Holland and -
I.: .-iM *..** .****) S ...........u.. PopaiSI George 5 :..a.oo .... lus.h.-poo..u.J. 0.-.
hIM Stork ktkt.MW a blood *... Smather The CMgreMional eon- '
> Itwj* ..... .MM .:.*.. **ra**.. City $IItI._.. I, au.od.olII Iwo.ln.: ; ......* intent asked for a review. TAIIX'5.iftI.e.s.dTa..ee_POnI-PISI

::MHI AC ***iRi ::Phi;t I:US M7 A a4 TMM :MM NwaMM > ... ... 11- .., N.W.-H.alta" KikiHaf. County Club
tll Mkt.Am I." H III...*.4. tkvr :MNI M:rv* .. VM ftOO.,. -t. H*.blalirv> M* M'itIt Frank A. Wacha received the fol- IIotH Rtsteowl2C : ::: !. ... Pals r.....

.... >i_. skoor ..*. 1\..>. :.MM. *.M..<.lMIl. "'..".- < HIRSCH & CO. ,II M.U") iwinn report on the review list v.- .... Pbhl.0. ......-
is "..... ...... 4 MM ..... fkwOk "...... 7,35-4 elll haarteI week from' Maine George L, H.... l's aile .Vms u.-o.e a-wk.i.
n. 4. *_'* ..!....* Noir hot tWcft S5so t.aJ?."... fa**.**** ., .
....... TIre Yblsi.sIsli
1.115 PI..4du 15. W.mS :Jl: MM tkWM ::: P.m.t (toOl.. ... RamS., man. acting district engineer
: : Fort Pint
Mnnl. r* N**>* *"" .. 201 South Secwai Shut .
.11I .. .. .
: S If Timib P05-15.11 Dabs 511.5flsopksso prar Mr. Wacha:
.It* nmitaMi II.<* .kIM .. ,... =?
....1.*. lit..... too IM... :: III.... ,MM .'.".... *J.**k Hll. RESIDENTS OF STUART CALL TOLUflEEl .', M1.TjM* .<- "In the absence of the district
... Jr. M rta*< kw
.... .....aimL.ma SmWo.V.Oo.ooss" ,- "_. AUANTIC7.4N .me-d ., SliMibea engineer who hat approved the

r- Row. ood lb. .aM tt* .<.<. N.w. 'k*ra) BMkrMM lt.0TIt.||"Mao. sObs'CM.* draft of this reply, reference I.I i I.

'd' (World.........T.d.. S.1im4 S... 1110.wS SaS 05.1O .... Poo MAIN OtTieD 35 seed S< lb. St... III. -" Ow.r ... klknta
**-' >": > Moo. ;= =.I"n: ? ... Q'1. ........t O* HrMaw.y Tkl. .ktiT I SAhARA ANN uNDSEil
or7 ,.... ..
aAdIYe"'FI KItHtkj:
110_ listen to daily market new Hour
flMH: ...l. l.15 Shill "' ._... StShSI. I.... ..... W._ It IMak< Pww.. 'Ta ** SECRETARIALSERVICE I
..... !ir... ... __t'" 5 JO-Station ,W1RA ..;- I4W oa your' a1u II Cbaaktp* '
.. Naslo !.. ..., ..
.iit1tx I' "_ W........ -
tt., 1-. urns ::: ........ ...;....-- ... NoNoas -;;;;;; I. ..-alii ......

Ur4) M.d1. ..-... IShu r1 pusro.0u. ,, 1145-4--I-t sort.i(41 Ta..jk) monk lobby Caa 287-1637

Off IS -et.se iie15.w ..
till* 5l.


..,.."' . .
. . ... .' -1- -
. ...... -
iA S.. .-. .. -- .-.

-- -- -

4.\ 4 I',' i r .' ,. ,ji'I I i

.. : Yrar.a I.II 'I

', 'rw*, .

'. ; i

4notherFirstatth \ t t ,r' ..
/,\ ) ,

Bank of Stuart" ''.: \ ;
s : '
o" !
.. t -, r, .

', ..,u",," I
'! ., j( n".tl.
\ '! ,f t: \
\. u'
,,,,, .< \
'I ,
; ;. :
',.' V '

'. ,k.4,1':,
( \ ; :\ ,,, ;1' \ "a1 '! ,'.) ..1\\<;. \
,,\ .,. .-. ,

.. T: k 2rt #) i .f r : L L t! I L'nt.sd, ::> p. '):::: :) .I\\. ,ld

"r..' V t 4 :. 'qrt '!ol. rJl 10 8 ) '" eDA >

Q i. I''

.. '
).. > ,

I .
L ,\\1 '
I, ,, '
t; ,
"t' I
,: ,
M dtn ," .., rakn
',.',\ .
;;.. 1.j". !, vlkt ":i .'
't j' ) ,
,*Ii "klfti '
k I 14 4aF .
"h. .. tY\YRdtlwm < J '
,. ..r "'. .H' 1\ .
'j" 1'j
i # ,

,;}, 1 tom new four-plan at the. Bank of Stuartir.' ;\,: ,/{. ,,' ''1"I .

"" "t' tI I II'" r""
I rir'
/, I 'tf'J 1 I I f..H1 .
I, ... I ,
."" '
'" "' I These are the services Stuart People have '.' ," ,*:" ;*,!: ...;." i.: I''" I':'.i '';;"

'' : ". "

: asked for. and de erve! and our bank/ l :, ::" ', ':i S'f:

:;" E is ready to supply them, ,>' ./ :' .;:.'. >. ", '\ 'Y* > j\

''' ) f.
.. .
f'I" I Io
.. .' t .\ I H' > '1.11 i !
:" : J ;"t' :
Y % / :; : ,I..
'". :.1 Y: ,,
"' ::11' '' ... ... ..
'J" I f ''' : '' i ..n""' '
4' .' 4 ", ..,... ) ". .' '
FINANCING I I I '.1.. .j( !, .(...*'' I" ; .j I I" I ..
: Ii'" ''iii." I
.. 4<
.. '. '''r"" ..I h.,..... oiIi
,'I', '.1 1'11/' / ... ., J .. ... L: .
/.4' $. ,''illl" 0' If ,"
( ....
1\,1'/,0, "

% INTEREST QN SAVINGS r .ti:: tf.t, I Ii '. nt.:"

4 .

; ; :. ,; ,;" ,. .:, .. "
I '" .... 1'.<11 ,It ..I t. ..
,. .
I": t ttNrX to 'Tim. JI IP Lrl y '
*' '1.. i ,"'"" '
', .,. tI\'It'., ""I' .,.
> Y ID x l tIT Y/r' N let dr I ;i"t/

) : ::
j .
: ; \

,. HOURS NOW 9AM I : 1 :. ,
.a ;
I ''r. : 'in .. 1tftI \'' .-w ,VI J I ,'

1' ''Effectivi/ M R//June I99i j '7/ I..J'.illtA1'\. :"' ,--.Jt';1'I"a' r J"'e i

r .l...,. ., t" !.lIt ,,.
1 .* ,'I 'I 11''
i I CUSTOMERS' HOURS r ,I .1/ 'lta. rwy. .,..
J { ,'''''' W.D.ror. Awtlablt( In Stuart ," aaQa ,4.',, / Y.,. I !' i/fl
., A' If. 'wJ..1fi .A'j ."Y I. I. a dI, II'

1'111'4' /'\' 6.00 + .I..tll"'" r'IYa' ,..i Mb.! ,',\)'f1l.. .,>
.. ;' Mondays Thru Thursdays 0.00; am to iQQ; pm n.730; ,aip (to ; p'm I I', '" nprIi t ftatII ,.lv 'f J '<1.11' I,

1.:<}. .:. Fridays ,.9.00: ajj tp{ 7@; pm!}.,.. 7:&Q am to 7:30: pm I.. a "rnairy4"1L.. ,.. .W<'.,,*. .R..ir't rrird/ ,

; ..; : Saturdays 9:00 to Noon_7:30: am to Noon ..'fl. ,1 ; ,,. : .
tYy ; ; am. 1,' $1.-;"' 'Iot;.i! *; (1( aeif < ,' >>. "!-I.,
.J.' I:' ta.., '44N "k' //ft"tj. pa '". ,' u' I
4 .... ... ., ., ,
t" I 1 ,Ii .r.oI; L. IP" a. I'
-- ---- -- -- {
"' \" \ .', ..., ." .. ..7. Irv" t/ u" ..ly" Irtnr
'" ..pjit '" ." '$:. ...' ";, .f/ '<< I ,",' .
,l "I { ,I"" r ,.(" M I' .'.
.,kn'wkl"; \! ..; ,.1!10 I' .. :;: ,
..... ..,tJ ,. .. ,''t .," ..' -,j "'!'. 1.,1 Mw 1' I PM' o
: ( I' .I\jI -
",'f '. \ ''' @ I C. ....
: II '" :: 'f't BANK OFSTUART >J : .; t ,
l ; '; .,: : : \. ; mJUI1at to een fyou-, -qlMI''OIl't4J! yoyMs :": .,. .,.. II .tJ I/.I! ,II' !'

1'-, .. :
.Ii '" '1 .
\rfL4r '11 Nrd+ '::'ItJ, pv 'n"
... w < ,,,I I ... I, .1101 11I-; '' ,..,.".. .tr
::t / 'Ij" .. .'\, '11"
4 .
".. 4. ,j .. ,, ,
,' {' ., ,.p!g.'t' .. ....f1..oII' < , \ ........r,. ; ,.., ; .J!+1 .:.
It '' '110' o\l. ...
'''}' ; ,: "r'j ; f <\ .
"''',' ./ '0\ I ... T\i\! w.. ... i.;

.. .. ." JI I "'.j';, !;)\.n. ''''''''
...;1))", I' ., .
a' y '
S rY
.. ,
t'1 '
,... -' '
I ... ,. ,. ,
.....".11 11." i
:..\ 1l : "'Jj ,. J ''V. .:.", ,"'. ,.
"" : 'Ii..k : .
It .t ... .. ,
: \' A
; t .
m Stuart Florida "
,'. 321 East Ocean Boulevard \ ." .'.0: --' : .., .

:, .. ... \"


- -- ---------- -- -- ..... ..
----- ------- ----- -


6 A TITE sri ART (rl.s NtWS Thuncday, July 23, 1964LI Witham Tells of Crawfish Research


,_, -4 Plenty of Lobsters Here, But'

w7; J 1. Iy4 UseThere

Breakers Hamper Fishery

L ,. __u".L.
is pronawy a good cup- ne had netted in. local waters.Specimens K' on bog catches/ or smaii inrimithat ]
ply of legal sire spiny lobsters, of the larval stage (the he has taken in the !search fo
the Florida crawfish, in the ocean first stage following the egg) were lobster larvae.
I off the coast of Martin County, about three-sixteenths of an inch
according to Ross Witham, who
long and as transparent a* a pieceof
serves as curator of marine activities cellophane.
for the Martin County His
In this stage the species it foundin
torical Society-but breaker on
durIng plentiful supply! in waters of
reefs hamper harvesting
our the Gulf of Mexico and the Carib-
the legal season.
bean The first specimens were
He Is director of the lobster Sea.
Indian River 1 In
found In the
research project sponsored by
June. 1963.Witham
State Conservation Department and
based at the House of Refuge explainedthat the reason
Museum' on Hutchinson' Island. for the study I is to determineif
Speaking at the regular meet. lobster larvae In Florida water
ing of Stuart Kiwanis Club Thurv should be protected. Attempts to
day, Witham explained that commercial raise. the larvae to maturity have
fishing for these lobsters failed because what they feed on
on the reefs near St. Lucie Inletis is Unknown. He explained that in
not practical because rot.'.t h't! captivity. the larvae live only about
roughness of the surface water' fat forty-eight hours after being i
long periods, making it hard) t to hatched.
keep a buoy in place to mark the Florida's spiny, lobster differs "METRACALJUST
trap below. The lobsters are pro. from the Maine lobster in thatit
tected during the midsummer season does not have a set of huge pin. DOESN'T1
? when the reefs are generally cers like those of I it a northern
: : t td calmer. brothers. The Florida lobster carries SATISFY"When

+t Witham said that years ago the scientific name, Palinurus
|Jt to Insurance
"ra rr l d. commercial fishermen frequently vulgaris, while that of the Maine comes we
brought in basketsful of lobster ,lobster\ Is Hoinorus americanus. feel responsible to satisfy oar
taken In their fish nets. Each species has five pair of client with good Insurance aid
His talk relat d to the- life-cy' tell, 'the first pair of which' if also with friendly concern when
cle of the spiny lobster, part of modified into the enormous pin trouble comes \\hen promptand
which is spent in the waters of the cers, or claws, on the inhabitantof quick action b of the utmost .
Indian and St. Lucie Rivers. Re. Maine waters importance, we'll be hereto
search work he h a. conducted In order to determine if commercial
help ,
THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES for these Parker Elementary School young periods are usually short-lived since most have recuperated after about five min shows that the larval of the and animal early I production of lobsters Is you

sters consists of lying in the grass pr taking advantage of a shady tree. Their rest utes and are ready to hike again. post-larval are spent in stages these waters. They that feasible artificial in this reefs area.of Witham small drain said IF ITS INSURANCE .z]

The Miles Pile Up the Feet Get Sore But the Kids Plod have been unable to determine tile had been built under four SEE THE
on reaches its I
I _____________________________________________ where the lobster marina legal dock in local waters. He said that
size. Some biologists say large lobsters are known to like
that spiny lobsters hatched here to hide $in holes, which these reefs R. JOHNSON
Adventurous drift northward 'in the Gulf Streamto 'provide. As yet'no large specimens I
II Day Campers Take Hikes and Have Fun parts unknown. These men also have been found in any of AGENCY I
say that grown lobsters found in the reefs. They were built I in I
Florida waters probably originated April. TODAY 1 OR CALL
By RAY McCLUREIt they're young, and because it ty to build a fire, do a little fish- closely as possible. The first rest seldom drop out. On one occasionone I in waters Of Central America. Fishermen theKiwan
t could might be downright degrading or lag, and picnic. stop came when the root beer sign small fellow got tick and had The speaker passed around small lan Interested among' in Witham'i- AT 7-3366
be hot. There be were
may "chicken" If they had to drop out There is more to the outing beckoned. to be tent home. On another trip, vials containing specimen of larval prediction that fishing should Im- FIRST: FEDERAL BUILDING
inakei. Sore feet are not uncom and call for mother to come and than just walking five or sin) miles. After their rest, they walked one boy wa just not big enough, and post-larval stages which prove in local waters. He based. .
mon. But no one give up and take them home. Walters to the entire distance. Walters
the youngster! north along U; S. 1 'and then over go
goes home. Each year Velton Walters, principal survival techniques; what to do to Poppleton Creek where they noted that he has never seen a
Ask any of the twenty to thirty at Parker, gather together in case of snake bite and the had \lunch\ and got their daily lesson rattlesnake on any of the trips. Salerno Man Is '
youngsters, and sometimes area youngster who volunteer for type of food needed for survival. in survival. There was some To date, no one has been seri- RIO UPHOLSTERING
", more, who annually join the day his summer vacation day camp. Each morning before the trek fishing. The trip back was through ously hurt. But a* noted, some
campers at Parker Elementary He take the children from the begins, several youngster suggest downtown Stuart with one rest times there are scratches and Named to Zone
I SchoolThe first grade to "whatever comes" places to go. Then a vote is taken stop at the bandahell on East stumped toes. ''
youngster always go the and hope for the best. and the majority rules. Ocean Boulevard.' No one seems to mind the little Route' 707 Rio Jensen
very last mile of any hike they The camp is actually more of .One recent hike began at Park. Walter report. the youngsters injuries. Most! of them are back Board Tuesday
take, whether to Stuart Beach or I' a hike than a camp. However the er School. The group walked to scent to be tireless. He appear to the following morning as good as

PopplvtonCreek! mostly_ '! because)youngsters.- .-do. haver-- --an_ opportunl-. .. _-- U. S...!t.0 following_ the woods- ...a*._be tireless himself/ The youngsters new and ready to go again Howard Let.Hakt: ,:Pat Salerno + Offering to the Area
Canada I II the third insurance' man, has been appointed '
largest country
.'i in the world and also:the larg I AH l Approvals Held Up Until a New Plan Is Worked Out a member' of the Martin County Complete Upholstery Service?
est i in the Western Hemisphere. Planning and Zoning Commission .
.:.. County Commissioner jack Springs TiedFurniture

:; Saunderson Haid replaces reported lame Tuesday.F. Gaughan, Repaired

Moratorium Set on Trailer Zoning Salerno restaurant operator, who

HELPSTOPa' : resigned this week for business '
I f reasons. For Information .. :
A resolution" halting red- 'writ to t the. Martin Com County DIAL 2876442
new County I outgrowth of considerable lions; Haid is a native of Pennsylvan ,
!! dent trailer toning in Martin Coun. mission by the Martin County Commission! criticism of future ((1)I) A buffer zone twenty-five la. He came to Martin County OR SERVICE .
ty until further notice, has been Planning and Zoning Commission trailer park zoning. feet from the north, south and 'seven years" ago from Vero Beach,
The Commission said it "we've He and "his family live on. day ._ ..
Zoning At one time a got to stop -- -- -- --- -- -- -- --
boundaries of the
will work with Zoning Director these trailer parks" was always west propertybe View Avenue irt Port Salerno."I .
We Are Continuing Our Fred Bell in an effort to revise the heard when a request was (brought designated and a living screen think Mr. Haid will makea
present resident trailer zoning classification before the commission.The or fence be planted. good zoning commissioner," {, SUMMER
SUMMER CLEARANCE and establish more re spark that finally set off ((2)) That the twenty-two entrance Saunderson said. "He hat been e(1'e;
strictive regulation before receiving the resolution to the County Commission roadway* on A1 A-shown the here for several years and gets
any more requests for trailer came Thursday night whet plate, be restricted i to r entrance en around the county. I find him a V CLEARANCEL4SALE
zoning. a second! puhlio hearing wan held ways. public-minded citizen. I would also
SALE Bell and Zoning Commission on a request by W. J. Leonard to ((3)) That the 300-foot wide strip like to thank Mr. Ganshan for .
members Don Ward and Frank consider amending the zoning Ie running from the property westerly the excellent work he has done
Forshcrg were in Brad nton on a portion of Gomez Grant front to U. S. I he excluded from in the past on the commission"New
THROUGH SATURDAY, JULY 25th Tuesday I to confer with' zoning officials Interim Mining to resident trailer resident trailer zoning
In that area to see how the At a previous hearing the ZonIng ((4)) That all of the property ly Construction for
SAVE UP TO 50% ON West Coast county handle the Commission had tabled t h< ing 250 feet westerly and parallelto Rise Since First .
"one trailer on a lot zoning prob request until the Kobe Sound AlA be excluded from the RT
Dresses, Slacks, Shorts, Blouses, Capris lem. Zoning Commission could study zoning Of Year in StateNew HENS &
Manatee County brags that it the request and make a recommendation. The Zoning Commission asked -
'has: the most trailer in Florida, \ Bell if he had recommendations. construction (lending by '
The Village Shoppe Bell said, "and we want to see how The area hi question are. two Bell told the commission: "I had the 132 savings and loan associations tta tl'l ROOSTERS
they zone for trailers and protect lot lying west of Stale Road AI A, several phone calls from residentsof in Florida during the first
adjoining values. and a strip of land 400( feet wIde North Kobe Sound Shores who five months, of 1964 totaled $143,.
207 Osceola Avenue Stuart Florida The decision to go at length Into and 6,641 feet long bounded oil are against it. I had conversationswith 933.000 which I is $15,000.000 more
the so-called "mounting trailer the east by Third Avenue the County Commission with than that recorded for the same

. problem" In Martin County Is the the south by Eighth Street A tun regard to RT zoning, but not this period last year. In 1963 new cor 30to50% OFFON
--- -' area is 310 feet wide and extend specific parcel of land. The board's struction lending was at an all-
_ b bL along Eighth Street from U. S. Ito attitude is that we have too much time record high of $341,613.000.:
L Third Avenue. RT and it is scattered all\ over William D. Hussey. executrv
bS After study, the Hob. Sound the county. There is no planned vice president of the Florida Sating
S Zoning Commission reported by development. In my discussionswith I and Loan League, also reported -
letter to the Martin County ZonIng the County Commission, it that this record amount of
I Commission It approved the has indicated that I make no new construction: financing I In SLACKS, SPORT SHIRTS, DRESSES,
-JIONT LIT chance to resident trailer grants recommendations to this board for 1964 has accounted for the financing
'ed the approval carried the fob RT zoning until such time as this of 10,514 new dwelling SPORT COATS AND ACCESSORIES
lowing "restrictlona and reseiw board can go over the RT zoning units
as it I is now in our regulations.I --- &
and make u more__ resiricuve; anu During a yawl time truck haul OPEN MONDAY nrau SATURDAY, 9 A.M. TO s P.M.
MONEYWORRIES also develop a plan for Martin an avenge of seventy tons of
I Four Autos Are County generally. freight, for every person1' In the Dial 746-3433 Dick & Mary Russell
U. S. or about an average of 240
.. ..- Judge Harry F. Dyer, representing
Involved in Two Leonard told the Zoning ton per family --- -
Commission' that the "key to the
whole, thing Is the restriction (three ,
U.S. WrecksNo
1 above) excluding the 300-foot strip
You have to have tome displayof GOOD FOODS
: apparent Injuries) were' tut mobile homes within tight of J,
lamed, and damage to vehicle was U. S. I in order t to attract people." ( .
T: limited to $3)0. in two U. S. 1 County Attorney Dean Tooker I I' ., Ai
I .. .. .
collisions, involving four vehicle, told the Zoning Commission: "I p I -
.-THROW YOU! on Wednesday and Thursday July am definitely against having restrictions j '
15 and lbAccording. on the plat.This is the zoning \ '
I to Patrolman Billy board. and when you start putting OUR DAILY
Chase, who investigated, the first in restrictive! covenants you have III 9 5 C
PREPARE BY accident occurred at 4:21: ,-nJ. Individuals zoning the county, and ;\14II SPECIALCOMPLETE
INTEREST Wednesday, when a ear driven by the restrictions: for one parcel will ,
INVESTINGREGULARLY Charles Frederic Dire eighty be entirely different from the restrictions -
c3 four of Stuart crowing' U. S. I for another parcel under -
: 5 < / Compounded ff1n.m.. .'. Trailer Park to. the tame zoning. You have your DINNER $1.55
ward Paint City Road, collided RT toning in the regulations andif
WHERE YOUR with the car of George Randall you don't like the way it is and
J QuarterlyOffered Selph. twenty-three of) Pert you want to make it more restrictive SATURDAYS
MONEY EARNS Pierce, southbound on the federalhighway. the restrictions !belong in the
to RtnU*.*. 01 FlarM OnlyFirst Damage to>> the Dirt vehicle zoning regulations and not on the
was estimated at $100, and plat." REAL GENUINE ITALIAN SPAGHETTI
to the Setph car at $." IXJ. After a discusilon\ : of details and

I Mortgage Corp.OF About 4:30: p.m. Thursday, Lou- reading several letters "for" and"against" (Our Specialty) \VITII MEAT SAUCE PARMESAN
cute Roddenberry Nottingham, sixtynine the toning, the board I
I of Fort Pierce, was unableto passed the resolution hahine. resi CHEESE-CHEF'S TOSSED SALAD-GARLIC TOAST
stop her ejorthhound car effectively dent trailer toning until further
STUART because of) wt brake notice. Our Sauce is tangy and spicy We do not We will not servea

i Cast Ocean Blvd.. ACTOM from the CourthouM In Stuart. Dial AT '7-0122 and driven ran by into Richard.the rear Allen of Fisher a car, Only 7 eent of American flat tasteless Spaghetti Sauce!

Atlantic Dial HO 1-3ISO thirty of Jensen Beach' who wa 'in their
Corner Are* and Indian River Dr. la Ft. Plena women early thirties wire
halted at the traffic lights at U. S.

h I .-/I'/4'A)))' ., 194$ 20th Street JO 2-2300 Vero'Beacn: I and Fisher's Colorado car was Avenue.estimated Damageto at unmarried I IS per cent in in lists 19.t().compared to Milan's RestaurantRoute

.. .r ,." ,i $150. and la the Nottingham vehicle The term "aireonduioftiag" was
., at $100.ch Tint coined by a Southern MiN
.':"' 'I"\' No charges were ,J.ce.S.1n either owner. Colonel 1 Steward. Cram 707 .. Jensen Beach Next to Bowling Lanes
,I a.



'1L !.' . . . .. ......... ...." . . . . . . . ... 0 .', ,;";;,

. IU ______ wrvw -

!! !! !

LEGAL AUSEIITKKMKVr.. : ; =: : Tilt I July 1964 T-4
1.RI.: I ( ) .
._ SI. ADEKTIeCIL IC.t- LEGII. Ails : IFS It \ .. ... ::
1.10:0t. I'RTI.I'.I': AD FI4TI'WMEITIN :
-- LFl5 II. AD2 'R 0I0TI0PII0T01011fl001. An\ : \
.! __ __H ___ ____,__ ___ '__'_

mi., .u.'..*...... aM-( M" rir ;,tv>'lor4a.n,....t rllp -ftfCo,.', \ CVab. Carry" CMaer . . . .. . . . . ,"on.aD
n J. ... b''",, .t .. 1Ia)' 01 : an..nrnrttR.'i'N \ '-
k&\ .. mW.fc Stuart
c\ 't .v r F .. 7oTsKtPHSIttTVHIW : Man
;:. 1 : ".,.. ad nrs. SagHV| '!SInnlnV 00.3 (b. 1 .,. . .. . . .. .. . . ..7.10
"u > .- SPMTII.I, TttOt
ire(: m. R lW'"w""C ltll.b"" \iLSrffTf. **' ljS "" "t1.::' y t ...... ....AD IPTUTL1. . .. 54. I I-TRICT .4"I I

'""" ; ... . . . . . .
tin ". In accoraVSrV. / Co** I Woo* . .
1" aM P0U
KI::'rld TiitsS..I' lih the prnT jwRTls.STWI et tom Iu5 \t! ,'.' reea. .. . . . . . \.. State Pike FootA
Val.eilea ..... city ANn . . . . . .". on
,, 'TlU: HItby KTlsiiTk MMWIffM I H. o StLRM... . . .. . . . \.\ ..
::. F as',{'I'.::.\ 111It"D"Q .. .... .1"alln rll)' . ." . ., . . .

t ... ... .u. .. . . .. . . : "- Ttjment nrTVire" Trnek' n.:. '. .' .' .' .' '. .' '. jiitf.1apMTSL oivil engineer Uving in Stuart': north on one side, then crosses

np'or UK, RM t.'FoRL: K. Pln hi., .?... .......*.... JIll:'.. .... .. -.a 1AIM .biIir.....:.".... ..pj.i. ,. . .: .., ..\...A ... PlT1jj0.\ \. '. . . .'.'.'. ."... .'........ I 'IMM among MM the of community's the' moot unusual reM.h jo"I" I:l over; a and report walks on back segment a mile. making at it-

1 .' '; 10x04DwI'4040) : :. ;. tI e 'M! HoutweH ($17.11)) is inspected. He tNn drives to

A/C (.. n' T..... I.. n.u4 %1If' *... :::::: ::: : : : :: :: : T \MJ IITHICT "IfRSTSVSTKIt whivm Job make* him a i the next mile and repeals theprocess.
1 ,11I11I . counler'j
l;o \ fOA' "vlI I.'..... . . . . .. .. . part of the old raIlroad I .
. . . ..... .
U4 the I' rc=.,.to". .T.. .... ... : : : : : : . . .. .. .. .... Co.k 0.rry O*T .. .. .. . .. . ...,.. . . RF.VrXI SOS .1. IIXSN34II: "1I1 .er." A major source of damage to
. . .. . . 'u..1 walks
1 '' If' 11* Hudains the Sunshine I the is Florida's heavy
ic = AMOtTXT AVAILAMJ" WMs BVlXUfTHW . . i.i,44l!" |\ au,..... T.*oo ..1I3iUi* . . . . . '' highway
lat ; . .\\.Ijii.. . .:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : : ::: ::: :: : : : : ,..... .. . . . . . . . :. :. '{Hi? Parkway $inspecting i the concrete rain which may wash soil away
. . . .. . ."0"'" IIPI''O"' 111':11.Ul.' Konw.rn KKII : tl"0S0 _, slab for evidence of Mciir and deterioration from the shoulders Ihiw canting

n ne 10* 'HI." 1u: : ..m."rn. \ ."' ': I :'.I.': :::. u=:: .01
UK 178 l"A\ \ I ;, : :: : : : : : : : :: I' Oo't 3450400 .. . . . I.UII.A' AMOOL'N7' A"411.1..111' lOoll "l""IN'tI . 154550.011 Now I thai the pike ha* been potindt'd by traffic.Hiklgins .
: : : : =
: :
: : :
: : :
17* 11mo, 'trom' ('n..nIY "''Id.. . . . .. .:.:.:.:.:.:. 11.,..,.I.. "ilO$04IU."ts") rk..-to.,. . . . .'. .. .. . 150.00. H. '.......1". T % SI\" lengthened I 15.1 mile he will spend I i is employed by a Mi.

UI t.a"\.a': \ "::. rlI..I,, r\ g H.Ifl tiiuIp* . 4,104.00 1MMNI4-T>" ulHoit" four months at the: task. I engineering firm which acts asa

lund . . . .: .. .: lob(kl Car Kalarr Allowaao' '.'::::::::::: ';:.': '::::.':::.' o4.0l 174 Tot AnoS0p"" ..." . .. . . .. Hiidams inspects$ the rood n consultant 'U> the Turnpike Authority.
Cniirf . .
Juvenile '

,, :\ RI.I.:: I. :: ;::I. : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :: : '=:: aus ((H) Koeter InMdmtal_Home TCtnenses: -. jxveniw\.of .... \. .:_. .ana. \.,.. . ... iJ.,100.BOt aa..n.! Sas... Ta-IJ.tiff.-....Collertor- .PA....*. .>-.n.>:44L!::. 'i.1...;. .!-: ". .:I1'i..!. -.!. ..................,.........,.. 9"'lUfte.ostfllAil --*!!' mile- at 5 I lime.I He- walks a mile I __ .__. _

Halarv IS) Travel. Hxnenee juaae. . rouneelor. mm.*' 411 M>iienaM>e of . . . . . N4.0)I
Cub Carry Over .. .. . . . *:llX .t\:\: III II.I Sheriff midget IHweemiUnjAMornev: Sultry of Sheriff ::. ::::. ::. :. 5,704,04 *SI PIN Control$ > '':'t''ti-no':' Area., Ills: I
.. . . . 111-1 Pherirfo Hudgel Hnlarle of IwpuUo. etc.. .... 114.544,0 442 ltc'rcoto) .. . I,| : 'Unidentified Object' Was
4'ouiilJ 8.la 'lea i pal; ElitllPirnl rVe Truck lmeiil ll.M
AIOtT AVAILABLE : : Sit Judge's Dtlditet r If Aaalwant ,
FOR KITIORTIXO\ : . . Stl.IM.oiSalnrlea .
:; .. . . li.Ooa.lMl
"PF.\IITI Criminal* 'Ormrtf'(Vnl: Clark's'frtj ;' : : : : : : : : : : : : : : |5i: >a.O. TOTVf, AtH-Hnillt \TloVa |ttoliMtsn t
RF: C;F.\FR\L t., '" lit liwoUent l>efe..laal '. . . . joJ.OI "I'l )lK.l: 11I".r$'''
II :I County Commlmuonem'of County CommlMl Kxprn:pn... . . .. . n.ooo.OOm.t ll UI Fee V'Oea. A A (Coet Coat* .- Juatli Conetable*. 4i'i'. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ., .. .. .. :. .. X'oo.Oi.aM.Oo TOTAt.: EHTIMATRO EXPRXMTrniWssflritt : ': . . . 10.02704: ; a

:sry.Coun$uHrvIHor, ty, BookkeeiwraCollector O( kHgtHtrfl' : : : .: : : :. : : : : : : : : : : : : ::m:OHORtury 527$ Convlcllonn Wltneu$ Pee. A .Eetreoture All Onurti Pro. ...ecutlng. . ...'Hor"p. . .). .. .. ..l.lnw.fti..01..11IIU T \\n IH TRIM' ..1" There was an unklcniificJ floating said' under the water) was (tarn .
., iili'; :u:: :: I1S-I Paler Court: Reporter . . . Soo.i ,, object' in the creek off Mana Lowery Jr.. of Stuart. He said he
mf: :I It r"y y 0t::n ty0Att .::: O : : : : : j-l Other; Court CoMa.. Kxpenae.; PIP, . :. :::. . ::. l.ton.Ai: : 0)11111 tFI5. 1tt."I'.Io: 51554151 ", .,11I4" I .

21''a.. !oxpp".. Co..nly Attorfl.0; ". .". .". .". .". .". .". .". .'.". U.ouo.O' J1I.1 Publlo Iwfender i0xpcttaco . . . . .. . I.IMu.fti (\ "' Ice Pocket in downtown Port SaIvrno MW it for JUKI a minute before
101l.ft . "
,u.S ""olrr. hle I: p..... l'onnl. )' ( In v orri PhynMann1 Keeo .ol Coroner'o Inquett* 4110,01: : : 110 Cwrront *' l .T Mill$ 11545.77I.r.s about midnight Monday. it disappeared.
m:1: 1I1 1LD: ( nl)' \ : :.I : : :: ,:ut 114 Hherirfa Budget Knpenae lnvotlsllona* other I than Halarlea; 57.000.04)Its' S.000.0'( : ') : 2. .. 57,54:1 1 Several: penons in the area When Lowery was told by a

AHOIRIOHt COunty Mt ornp.. 111'.1.1 1"... . '..61111.0'11t Sheriff"t Budget . . : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :::::
: <
the New that
II. 1II.I.r 11,1I.lInl mo.,... tor . . . . . 1.1A .ot 04 7 dame C4>nee v*tlon I .5,004.00 TOTAt, miUATKn nRi"KtPTS! ."n.SIMSIM gathered on bridge downtown Stuart reporter possibly
. . . . . < :
; .. A..I..nl iI..lldlni. 124 Sheriff Budget Equipment) .
y '0 Conk ( T.MMi.tliAMOUNT ob fuiee" thrown
::4 .p.elor . . 4..IIG.0' Carry wer to we a fuzing, smoking red they were watching a

IIHOOrdIflg'.ry. Zonlnl Counts g fllr..I"r 1 lflHtrUtnOflH;i .... di iriltT; ii,. :.m.o' TOTAL APPTIOPRIVTIOXO. . .... . ITl.iK4.Ol AVAtIJkHt.18 FT n IHTifllCTtSrt ..t'ii6..ii; juts| In the water. Some mid it was from the railroad bridge his an.swer .
.. . 151 Conllngenrle. V Emerirenole* Fine* Forfeiture the remains of an unidentified( fly was: "Doggone Shall the

(I I m.a i ?; tOt. : ,,:cor!::. turnl.h.cI I ',';'i'in t; ;.' ':::.':::::::.' t.m: : II t Cnntlnge'iicleV 1"t104 : '*. 'Kmefgen'ciei'i ( i KheVlff;: '. 'lliid'gef,; '. '. '. 11,004,00 t'.nMM: : P2PV111D5I'.0PI': Ul01'041C7': arHrltl.N": 'Tl\lsi ing. object. Other 'just couldn't I, bent explanation! I've heard yet.

I '1 *>eu : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :U : $liuevt." Most I everyone agreed that I That's, probably what it was."
in . IM.ilS.SI
. .
,t Inquent* Ill Tat Aniejumr Fee .. . . .. . 4110.00
IU Deration A Maintenance I ; r 'otirthow.p; '' '' '' '' ao.ot 'G fat: ('-.II..lor% r>.. ....... ..... .. .. .. .. .....". .....00 it smoked and gone olf a (peculiar
t. lj> ?alary Janitor . . . .. .. ..... a.ul.otfa ROAD A miinr.K'! pi \ nBSTIMSTRD 414 Llirhto.. Nebo "rtonnd Area .. ... ... . . .. InllllIMI> odor :
e 1llfhl'Vat'r "H.i.:; . . . . . Ihon Oil MnlntenanKe. ef *ltoad . . . .. .. *,nllll.OIIMI Among those who watched the Local ReservistsAt
) M&iltnnavwl or (' 'I''thou. : : RMVEM'BS!: : VaUellea lll.OIHJiO4 llro Control Jupiter)) 1'.7SIII' roun.it.
) & )' Oil p11.1 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :: $I0001:tl0O: : Fir) Control jl lobe :Hound . : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : f.imi.m'IS : ': red light drift on the water (ionic

'I U lnt'e""I AI, ,1tur n', idi . neoreatlon .. .. .. .. .. . ..... .. . .. .1.lnn.IIIIII'
L 4ff 'P .::. :. ::. :. :. J. : : f/oCII" Current T"n. I.' Mlllo ... .. .w.. .. .. Il7, 7.fl 1'1",111"'or, In ."Houtk Knd: of. Counir; . . .. MtHMHITOTAL ; Homestead ABThree
m t t:: o':. .t..r. ? . . . . 111 Oneollno Tax Monlea tith ... .. . . . "..ooo.aoI "
2U Logal ad".rll.lnlf &0 .Olhp, L.: i' ;; 1.00.0' \ 1.1 Hurpltia' nan Tax . .. .. .. .. .. . .. . tO..444)4,040) At'PRnrtlTATtONa ". ... .w. . .. "lMs7m
C"ullior ),Iall"' . .If. .O"I.. .. ....0..npra1ea. ... ... L0000 111 Motor Vehicle Fuel Tot .. . .. . . .. . l.JOO.Ot 111 Cootlnienoleo A Kmergenclea! :. . . ::. :. :: IIS.uaWTiMATRn Charge Two Men Stuart and one Jensen"
Admlril 'rall"" Suppllea & :; III ruiltlea I ) IJcenaeo 1 . . . .. .. . . ( -' Beach Air Force reservist are on

( H Record Incidental. Bonito'Kupnlloo. .:..Expenae. .. .. .*. . . .. .:.. sioooilM 4800(1)lit IK, Tlace County Track LtrewM Appropriation* Uiuranoo); ; .Aaenl. . ........................:.... 117.m.r.ono.OftHi .40Ill TOT At. : IiI X rJn\ 1'I't'IUIIM ... ... .. ... 11.111.* duty at Homestead Air Force Bane

(I) Telephoneo A Telegram:. :: : : : : : : : : : : : : :: : ::" :ooo.ot: : ( ) nt't".n.' ) ei R,400ot 0Ps0VlIL .?0511151 DI"TIIIM' orEl11'Iw In \Wire Thefts for their annual two-week active
r ((4> Other Admlnlatratlve, Kxpenne.* : : : : : :;::: 4. 0 .(M Iteverage : :: : : : : : : : : :: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : S.OOO.OtTOTAL : : duty tour with the 9.120th( Air.
f.i . : : ::::::: : : OTCO 1I.1Y..I'1"' toloailooi I44.S4II
( Plata for Martin I County : : 160001I
lit. .
fnnurance MTISIATED: nKCHIirTH .. .. . .. ** *! Force Reserve Recovery Squadron
( *) .h"I"f( Kxpone- Mania* .County. . : : : : : : : : : : : : :: ::::: U.sos.otU 1,600.01: : : Leae lOb; ... .. .. .... ... . . . .. . .. IUI4.4I S 'C % From RailroadTwo normally stationed at the
Piirreat Tston .05 of Mill' .. ...
. . : 114 S
!7l 1 I'rleonera .
so.oiIllt 11'U1In :
....:: ::: : 40R.JM.M LOM *% .,. .. :,..,. .. .. .. .. ... ::. ; Vera .
Salary Circuit Judge . .:: :::: .: .:::: 1.60O.oi: Reach Municipal Airport.The
. .
311-1 Hnlary : Pecretarlea to" Htata Attorney . . . 1.ton.0<, US ('a.1I Carry Over ....... ...... .... la.OOIl.OO Stuart men were armlet! men art Matter Sergeant

Ill-t lilt Halary.Palary County Secretary' Judge to Circuit. . .Judge.. .. .:: : :::: :: :::;:;: :,5 oO 10.00 01 AMOUNT AVAILAI1LB FOR DCrxiETWtl ....... 431,101.81KS.PFSDITVRR r.>t.\tt.r KflrtMATKD Uvt ... .llKCBIPM ll.l 5,0.4004: IUS> : Tridity night with by the deputy theft sheriffs of and] Harry Merklinger. Staff Sergeant

... Ptlarlei of AMlatanlo A Clerk'a . : charged copper(
ftll-1 County Judge 1700.410 Albert Krueger and' Staff Sergeant
Oenero.1 Court wire Florida fcast"oust :
120 Work Attending Court etc ...... 1,10.01 belonging$ the Staff

11 141 Jail)Hxpenne Maintenance other than. .Palarle. . .*. ... .County. . Judge. .. ::; ;;: J.HrtS.lH 1:100:0.: : 411-1 411-1 Dalarle Halarle I : Convict Rrldgeiender I Contain. .A. .Guard. .: .*. : :: : : : : : : : :::: lftnn l.sn: **.Al l I2srr.IDt'oo10: urport F05I0llIOICT ...,""" ( Kuilroad. Oeorga!Sergeant'! Borone Archibald of Stuart Voorhees and of

I4S Mental Room . .. . . . . : 4.1.l Hilary. Hoed Huperlntendent) . . . . . 1..V''>'..:( Calvin Duvis!" forly-ihr-e of Icnsen Beach.
I.IIW:;; .Library . .. . .. . .
martin .
.161 <

County l(40.o
.... .
lAbor .. I4, r Fee .. .. ... .
41 j Kalary County'; Bnglnerr . .. . . .. . 10.000.01 411 411 Maintenance>Tee of. Kqulpmont :: :: : :::: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : IK.wio.ot: : tit$ Too Tat IVIlector AMeior, Fe.o* ., : ::: :u? .. .. .. : : : :: : : : : : : : : : : : 4ii 44400..tililghi 8X( Tarpon Avenue was charged The miimion" of the unit is to

597 ADlmal 1 Reacue. League. . : : :: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :; : *,&o.ft: < 4"".1 Oaeollne) A Oil . .. . .... . . . IS.OOA.IX! u. $ Inillailows Are . . . . . . 4.a.III.. .imContract with I two Mints: (), petty larceny recover aircraft the home bam
111 T. B. PJanltarlnm 4.000.01 4t4-l ,A. .. ... tool 01 U' ......... ...... .. .... .. . tfttl and
Work on with
12 . . . . . .. l .0| :hlt"r&[ h \.! : driving an auto Improper of which: Is knocked out in event
Inaanlty: Inquiries :: : 414-1 a,* A fhtrago :: : : : : : : : : : : 4,000.0; { .U.t fir) Control tiidlantnwsi, .Area .... .. ... 7,0171)lIbl01.3 )
Welfare . ::. :.:. :. . :. : : i..i icenie
Ml-l (leneral .. .. n. ( 417 ('ar0 of hood, .* Hrld e Trlioner, . . . . 100.0'' llydront Fo* ., < .,. . .. 4H.I1II) rill In. He was rtleated on of a nuclear war or other type of
1'IIIIPHI' Burlale. .. : .. .. . . .. . .. .. 1,100<. 411 Material''* .. .. . . . . .. . . . . U.. ""* .i 001 I.mreatlon) To oj..j.$ ; .* "..,. Are. "bonds totaling $U). national This
.. . . . . .
idj-l Medical Kervlco t for Welfare 1.010.0'm.1 441 Contract Work.Rcutd* A Project. .. . . . lll.SOO.fli Sly 04IOIpm000 4 IXyment on Kir. TruckTOTAr. .I. -1.C1; emergency. opera
Mental Mealtli .' Wi . .. .;ii' : .. i .. .MO.OI 4(11( i-uKhaaa of Itlghl. of Woo . . . . . . I.tlo..o Willie) Jerry liryant twenty-six, lion Includes the decontaminationof i
Allowance under ,. 41041, t Ipgiolatlv., Act |ti Ktpenie: or Might of Way Bearche, etc. . . . 1..00.1'< APPItOftltSTIONlS I.. .,. IT.WS IK of 80.1 Avenue charged .
for Medication.I : A Ho.pltall aton : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :: ':.m.:: 11 New Machinery . . . .. . . . . . ll.lMiO.oiIllt 111 Pooflna-encl-e) A Kmerirenrlea: 411.11 Tarpon" was .- planes, aircraft repair and refueling
BB4-1 He.larT County Welfare Worker : Paymeat to City of Htnart 10% hood Tixe . i 50,001. TlJTAl JMTIUATUI.' U-XTKNIMTrilKN, ... l4.IIJ.fl with grand larceny. He Is beng medical and .security a..
. :
M4-1 TrnnnportlnaWelfare "- .IIr.nij; ,' ; 1,100.00 11-1 rarment::: la Town fill Hoepltal Hervlce Fund for Martin County Ill-l Payment to Town of "ew.ir I'olnt in* H"*4 Taxe l.ltH.lj rAbst ( ,,1' niisimuH DISTMICT rt II" '
State Participation by mate ll !Indlitento. . . . . . . .. .. "'UI.lftI .\1.. ''',mnt. In Ocean Ilreeao Park 19 lload) 1' 104.27'fll'ATI ES1'IOOSTE5)004)I011: : 020 Inker, ho men were caught in the Lieutenant Colonel' Francis W
171-1 Veteraiia Service officer . :,
ttnUiry APPIinpntATtOMII .. 101.441.11III
I.' Car Kxpenee;; Velerane Kervlce Officer :::::::::. 8n 'U Contlngenrelo, 4V Kmertrenole* ;:: : :::::;: :::: : ::: : 24,044.0 l lTOTAL AIr ,.. id of 'taking copper$ wire belon.- Pennlmore of Fort Pierce: unit I
D71.1 "fitenographld Kxpprtee!: '.,'rt croon.. Kervlca Orrtcer. .....:.0( IS* ("..li Carrf Over . . .. .. ..*. .. .. . l.tuKSlAWOITIT log to Iho 1 Ill' near Frulta, south commander: reports" that the men

..1.. Vcterann" Service Dfflco Hchool' .Conference. . . .Meet-. .. 10 <04 KUTIMATKD: KXPKNTITfnKH; : . . .. ll.lflt.llCAPITAL AVAILAULK) 1'01' flt'tVlrmJMIKSPKSIIITI . .I:'. ,,;; 0'l Port Sulrrno, I he wire at one' will bo trained by members of the
671-1 :::.r.y"; <-tvit''Ii;;;';.. jI''i.r; ';; ; . . :. :. S.MO.df OITLtV AM HKKr-.IIStl: Kl.SUKNTIHSTKa ..Im.Jc1.l1l1inli\ Western Union. JIM Tactical Fighter Wing of the

*71-1 7-l Civil Civil Pefenne rwfenne '- Travel Office Kxucniw Kxpenee : : : : : : : : : : : : ::: : : : : : nf; := : RIeV"' '' 1." '.1...... .111.*.'.... ': HK -u 105.11 ft fITV Sll Ills ,.>itl4HDIHTHKT It has !been lukcn down from the regular Air Force.

SJZ-4 Civil Defenne. Htenoi-rapiilo En ...n.e . . . Uo.O: : iotas but not collected.
S7-S civil Pefenne Training I I'rogriim . 4.4aa ... 711 tnlereat on llonds .{.. ..,. .. .. .. .. .. . .aIo.4 .11/I411
S73Civil: TVfenee : Public Hlieller Vodlflcatlona :::::::: 079.0 141c Current Toxeo ... Mill' . ,. 411711 via tkrtido .... ..o)4. .. . .... .to.. Sheriff tinker reported I thai I Four thovtand" one hundred and
72-7 Civil I.efen.e Hurplue I'roperty .. . . . I.IIIIO'j( Lee* 1% .. .,. . .. : :: : : : : : .. .t:: : : :: : : :: : IlllliTOTAT. \\1' ..:.. over a period of time. about 1110() elervn hntpiuli In the Jolted
itii-S Civil( efanmi SAWAM (Hervlce 1 Charge . l.im.M TOTAL APMIOIIIIATTONM .... .. .. . . .. .. k.'
071.0 (civil: t>efrnie > Mnlatenance of Kiiulpment I ; : : : : : 10: F.ITI'SATVI tlBCRirTM 10 ill lit Coittlnaeiu'lea Kiiuirirenvle: . . .. . 11II.01 ipans worth $30 a span have been Stales: were accredited al the end
d'1-1 )*l"nnlng Ttoerd Htenovraphlc i:,p."... . . I.BII6..1< 111 Coot: Curry Over .. . . .: : : :: : : : : : : : :: : : : : 4I03.AMol'rL' : TUTI. KilTIIJATrJI'; !! KXPKNDITI'ftrM % ..". ..* luken. of IVrVl.CARD.

*5'0-5 7( -l County: n'I I ailwcllnnemia Kxpenoea .Nnp.nuo. . .....:::':.'.:: J-5 1.00,00 AVAILABLE ''(IU DfOOKTIXfl .. ...*. U,. 1.7t 1\:11\0: TOW.S ItlSTMICT | A a M. SllMTUHTTU Deputy Sheriff. James Molt and 1-I_ '"......... 'J
<77 Piihlln .. . . . .... ... ". ':' Henry Herbert apprehended the
(ll-l Agriculture 'tr.nd.. Agriculture:I Apn" I0IPlC04flITtP10: 1''PIT U. OITtAV Alit, HKSKSI 015 *...1... "' .&IT..... nen. Davis ran but was later caught
Halerv . . . . I.MS.M !
lak ) Ktpen.e ' ' H :ICIttK: H \n 1 OP TIU1SK1Words \
Mll.Ofl A'CH*. In a palmetto thicket
4b((04> Office riemonalratlon Expen Kxpenne. . :: : : : :: : : : : [ I14d -!" Ill Courlhouao) Addition<< lo.ooo.in 110. T.xea ,4 Mill I . ..' . .. . l.llll
( ) 4-M Clulm . . : : : : : : : : :: : : "&!'' lt Jail Addition: . . : : ::::: :: :::::::::: : : : : : :: .: 10,090.Mltt ::: : f.\1: : . . . . . . :::. :. . .":. :. 244,1] Yii will never express' theoppreclatluot
Help .. ..........." ..... 1,000.011 Koe4 I'onatruatlon Pratt' .V Roa4 le.iiooolll ) C"'in EU ivClwnrery I have for all the
ISM 1.Jrl..f.r.I:1\ Fund: Home i Hemonetratlon Agent Kallroad) Croeeinir at ( ""I'h Una . : : : : : : ::: *.5)000:: 'rOT.U DlTIWATEI.X'aII'TII': ... . .I..a 5,0(505: ('IR'U1r ('OUR
(a) Salary' A . f*li'I1li ) 44 Health. and Old Age flnlMing,) . . .. . . 10,000.00 11} (M.h I!art, Over . . . ..... .,,.,. toot] k UrklncM. and sincerity shown tome
> Iwtnonetrotlon, 4.JrFIh'i.'p; :; ;;* : ::: : ::: : *:?"!! !! irl-l Aarlaultur Kulldlo Addition I l.t l 4 AUflfNT ArAILAItLR* ron htt.rr I : .. . .. 1.151,3115P02110rT0'arJ ( ) and family. At the time it
(p) Kitchen Equipment A Bxpenae . . .. .. 101.00 162-j KmJr :Hiilldlno) . . . : : : : :: : ::: : : : : : : : :: : 1,0.40.54::( my
1114 rieth llouie . . 10.011000I3t .. sii.mso TOWS lIurn.8,,, '11II., vs. Alfred" ] was so made me
<(d el Office Clerical opctl.0 Help', ':::::::::::::::::::.'::.'::::::.' I'i? :':'I Jupiter l lend 'rVowoll" : : : : : : : : : : : : ; : : :: : ; :: : ::: ::: t.nns.ot: ) iiisriiifT. i a 0 ...IlIIh Mones, Kay DcWagcntlr and proud I Iwf.fcl .. POt,. J4'cr

4M-I 045 Rrkee7"o'f, ; ;\0olflCoSrle .' '. '. '. '. '. '. '. .' '. .' '. .' '. '. '. '. '. '. .' '. '. '. .' '. '. 11.'.;;::::| TOTAL APrnnpntATTONH .. ... ... 17,1.*.* .**. !4 Tss A.....er pee* . .. .. .. .. ..... ... .o.. ... GI.'" Meglnii l DvWagenelre, hi. wife; and small part building such WaD
*.... Reach Expenee Ml Contingencies A Kmerrenules: :. :. :.::::::::::: H fat iVIlector\ reea . . . . . . . 1000II r. Kno and George Knos her Jerful community From the h**.
41 8al"' rle" Lifeguard . .. . ... . ... .iI2h Intereal oa Hondo . .. .. .. .. .. ... . .. ., 140.1'
< ) Btiprjllea A Expenec' of Lifeguard* ,,. . JJJ.M1t 'TOTAL ESTIMATED.rspiTst. IJXP"nI'M1RJlII, : ........... ttii: t .1 .?la..l'. *. Hood .. . . . .... .. .. ....... I..... .. nubund foreclosure! ) of rmwlgaiej, t of our h\tt we thank all
Pork* Mortln County . .: :. :. 4.6ofl (L'rary. C'rary and ('fary.M.'ry ,
..G., CommIaoIoncr.AdYPtIRlfl"fl<< oiTi.sr Asn nraKnv' rrinAT TOTAL" APrnopnMTrnNH o.0. .. ... . M400" o
Martin" County . .'.. . . . . 05004 flI:00T: 0,0411 5(02ElIWIT101) lA' OpnUn.."., .. .. Mmerienileo .. ...... ... ... 111.1)TOTAL Bradford vs, Andrew you.Ann Powers and Family
501.5 Committee: I ';of""l j*l ::. . . .: . ::. .: . .: '' :J2 .I. Hradrord suit) for performance' :
SOEI'FIIFO: "'.1..1.$ Slt4.01. narruATKn r-xi-rxniTrnm ... .. ...... 1.11117E :
004.1 004.1 Hoil Water Conitcrvalon Conservation. ..Committee. : ...... : : : ::: : ::; : : : : : : : :: .Si.I. (:! : I" final decree: Kuperl Jaoen !Smith, I. IL Ifl L 1 ....
.8* How '. ":* ,". J i1olIvS' 04044044$ ?!!ll1 los W'Jf'r** "*' 'handed.iinty .

(nT"i,,I ("Klerv: ?T.dMuem: AMletant Mrector to' Plrector: .....::::::::::::..: ..::* *: JIG $Current C-V Taxe.. .. :.1...Mill.. ....,:::::: : :;;::::::::::::::::: 14 l.iil.tl Ill:) Mlro ml..I"n<< ) ."and.. a4op4ed 0.4.. 4," "al lop. ,,of .. ..Ir"Meeting.., ,044 of.5 the II'Il...*.'rlnek rl. 4>f.. A., ... 04 iimmndlflMi III.-. 10&415a.pJ,0430000 _..,,_,______ __ _,_ .

. ... .. ..... MiNts ('0115Sf ('IMIPlI"..,... ,. ""'..)Florida, I* M4Vr thaiecll ."'*".
m l'rovcl\ Eopcflo Mu04ltn' c:*lotakcp. :: :::: ..00,04:: TrrTAL E'TIMATEH nHCTOIPTJ 'j,4 o 01 .k. ,.....u...... |..*", I. 'rIle -"." 04w0 a.. ,..,,111") '<' 0.1' ,....
Jit bloT? >iueeum'coinmlVtee' .V 'I41.M III Caeh Carry Over ....... .... ...:::. :::::.:::::::: 440.04 t) '1\'f' fn.. (l0"41'11' 1'11II10/111:1&' $ c.p PORT SALERNO NEWS I
KlnuSan". : Wum: ;; llIld1*ir .. ...... 51I4.04) ('" 3,4Ift1IA$
7.t Tntereet rtl on VotIng Machllieo .I. .::. . :. 7* Itllt AMrttXT ATAILABUB FOIl HtmOETIK ........ I4.III.HHKSIRSK ;''fU.l.rAV VV-HA, ( .$rsnsfl
MARY Cem sdt l AT 7-2994
Office' 11I1IH.1ATT"'l: MR1. BROWN tf
} Equipment; : for Countr Kental Leaee faymento: ... .. e'Ri'tS;:: F0P1011I25I'V04PA 4'PI": .0'LOV 4115) I'ICOWI'ITV Pf&JK'1'f.' (ioI

Jjl-t Voting Maehlnea. Civil- 'Pefenee . . ... . .. .. *'JJJJ2; : run KK.H'T si.iisicn I' II. 100. -
: I Equipment.. Jnd...'. Office .. .. .. .. .. 2. 2
t'"i JtoJt "' County nt of Wuatl ... ... <..".. .* III Inter' *.! on Tiebt aWrloo$ ('oltrtb._ A4dl1io L0)0)OL. ...V0)004S02100311. SF0445. 41)O2IS1'I0I0I,04T' Mr*. Alice Hibiscus
lt Tag TOTAL APPnOPrHATIOHS .... .. ... .... .. ...... 'JI-fi'S2! : 77*>l Pyment: : en I.con on Vo4lr Machine$ .' ... (.111.1* Park, I la, "iil week
General 171-1 faymoal en Cerllflntlon' of la4eS4.4K r4 Canrl.hoiiee fnJef on* ky k e .lullo 5( |k* Itor4 or 015440.404505.P5
Sit nHi4i nclee. A Emeroencie e.Heo* Countr"njll ..*ofHldBet Addition<< .. . .. '.'"." of at. L* -|. Intel wt': ; **:pen Authoritr. )) nt Martin) and Ml. Lurlieounllee. Phillip celebrated IM* with her children In New York.
154 enotlnoonel... ..A....Em.r. ... ............. .. ..."".*? 771-1 Re ymM of Loon ip.ss for .J.""*..J..i. ) FMrldai Mooted. an ik" iTlk **"i of July I A-I'. 1114 the folia twelfth blnhdav. July 14. with a
< ... '" I Courtheueo ..... ................. ................ tQoe.MTOTAL 004) 0045100 batO .boll "'... 0' I''',. ?.111.... Isw'l" '* V0.PV0. .04 held h hoii Eleenlh III". Mrs. James
> 1t l'nnrrt.1tI:" ........... IUMI.MAMI : I 00.101,' 0.54 srdl.srr. ..o.s.-. 504 .n .t tJ>. "p.c4." $1 sod 0030o.rdIor' party al on > .1 T"'aim
TOTAL K8TIMATEr AITflOpntATIOKH . .s005d4(1000. _.."'" .,.... 0. 00. ....'d .f t'IIISllS0I005'S' II' .III. 1.o.... Street Hibiscus
. MO4)flT4)iff *11D0,0T5044PD li| CentloteiMteo A EoMraouile. .::::::: :::::::::: a.'UHf't01'AL 1.1:1..1": : .' at4 *'.rt Aqih.ry$ 01 0400450' sod 01. _.. 4'ouoil.. I.., 1 hose .. Cathy Crane MjsJne Monk Prk. their
OIP 0o.lsnlto' (0)540.0 2004, SOd 0.pi.00b.p II. 1041 .et MiamI
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, Innero of oal rnnt "TSIISO DISTRICT *vr.STINITrTD "'. ri.sod' !'ta..'.... Sawn I
*OIl .11 :Mill ........................... .'."*.. Phillips.
C..rro.t T te RST.SJtt: : 0)!'* ......... eSMSIJOO tirtr ..'n'II:7": a P'>HT AtT"ItIlIT' (James played and) $* The Anlonuccis have returned)
n MtIP'f1l ..................ft.'iii.i; P000 Wt fiiest la their home
'I'O't'A L ESTI1f A T EO ................... '.'n.' A/Vt ... were cake ke and o Nomay Sl
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..... 5" .. II* Current T....) 1.1 :mil ,..._.....Hu.....,...,. 14,1111 I204TIv:5: 0413111041 P.O "0lSI0lls. ..*...... punch.curr. I"mct Park, after a
I .m'iuo Lee.* >% .......................................... 1,104.11TOTAL vacation visiting their I children ,
.... .
C.011 C*rry Over .o..o.'H..4 fli .. .. .... ... and In the North.
-- ESTIMATED RHfEIPTW Torrent Tao** JH Wilt .. ... .,, | l.llll* aimIff 1
ATAfLABLB FOR BCTOoTTIJOT .......... **:.l MMIIIXPIC"Dln'a : III Cool C rry 'Ow? ..... .... ......:.::::::::::;:::: far.U: Leeo *% ... .... . . ... .. . . ... .... ... IIO.IS. ft"n

AMOCST ArAILABUB ( MTiMATrti ..... .. .... and Mr*. John Ptiillips ondchildren Mrs. Martha Morris .n chit-
,'" AOTI .n"4rlTO tTJrOt24 f )Il tWmVtKKI ........ 44.KI.1I TOTAL nritiPT: $ i.sijsoIII drin from New York
I".itt'am Orer ; ... ..., 05,00 had as their" this bv.
A..lIOr P040 ...............................0 un: .xpt: D4TliiK.. arrrisL. T**lixoraiirr .. AMUUHT ATAJLAbLM rMi ilL'10410T14$4. < ... ... l.tfll* week Me,. tuesis sitters.Irs. ] to spend] several
232 "Taw.e CoII.cIO' V.. .. ... .. .... .. .. . . .. .. pool> Phillip' II"t, her parents, Mr Mn
SOPEIDSII UK* Bessie Plunk. aol huabantl.
24$ t ::J..lrt.of BulldIflI. .::: :: : : :;:: :::: :::: :: : :::: :: :: 77 *MOT Pee* ................ I.fl.* Ivan Klit. Memota .n, &
003 ,, .. ... . . . . .. . . .. 11.1" t.:: f.:lleeter feeo :.::. :. ::::::.:...............; |:>ll *0 T** iaoooo F.. ..... ..... ........ ....... .. |MM Ito Jackson.. Ttnn.; Mrs. Ruth .
ltalarl'" Lalor! aI' .. . . . . . f:. ... f.'J jocldoa1I. . . .. . . ... .....,.......... .. .444040 jii to. Coll...ir reea . . . . . . ,. 1 IM.i&. Tver from Miami; and Mrs. Sue e. Park an relatives in WI
Ou. 011 )I""hl.. "" . . .. .. ... .. 1.''' ''' 14.010. ..... 15,0011 $ 04p1.o\ .. . '.. . . . ., ,shn .
.r"1 ,-' "" ,,U. :V.torl." .. : llf"I 4'0l,00: ( W007 ..: ::::::::::::::::::::; ::: ,, 100 tWw4ry'iatory . .. . . '. . . . I If on Mtlemore and sons, Wendel and _
Ch'I; ;: .1.' : ..::'.:::::'.::'.::'. .: :.:'.::':. :. :. .:: ,1-:: fir C, 'rol, I.. 00rfl. ....It .. .. ........... .. ..... 4.04511 ill O..ersl KtpMoo . . .. . . . . . 545.444 Keith 0" Wn tMly.o
.......... ........ 00 i'4500.l i At. .. .........;:;; .; .:**o.** e15I CAB gltVWt
.. ...... !
510 JqIl.IP..n' ,... ... .... 0 ... 100'Is 80 cl::' v..i.r* .. ..: ::;:; : : : :: ::::. .... .....::: :.: UMO: TOTAL' ArMmpfriATiowii ... ...... .. ....... 15$. Mrs. Punk .
tortS . .. .. .. ... 0'oII,, .. 00" her IM first time.Tnls .
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0 .... 4,00.00II .
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; e cle. :: :::'.::::::::::::: ttUt: :: I tevtpaMtt rir"pir. &V'I..ii..Iim"! ..... .....J t ft* ** T"TL VwtllATKil'Jixr'ltlirHTt'K iU."..*. .. .". ..*.'.. ltT.lT. Aie. if visit this
iia i t o A Em r 0. A44IUoj to riro HOMO ....... .. .... ............... I.MS.HT t. t
KXP.oftt1TR: I ........... 44.00.00M004511'TO : tiriH Ill.n M'THICT A POOl AI'THO.'Tr am fur ih Plunk, were
TOTAL 1UTWUTED 0WAt. APPW'OPIAOWI. ....................... ...1'1.... I A I PWUr.ls ama/ed al the lovely tropical scenery
**rsTi n YV11D .11 .... .. .. .. .
: o11f0I. ATr'aMTIMATKlT'cXMCXPrrciaili', ............ 44JJJ.HapncisL ... OOVPS'0t 04. ".._IM ... ... and the ocean

)00I1:, 'T'O *EE11tF.h3T TSSISKwrisisTsrai 0001404 .... A'47 *., I Mr. Mrs MaynarJ Stack I
lie ." wtl) ...... .. .... .... .. ".n' !! An
:2 !'" ,. II. ,...,.... fr." ...... ...... et ar.rI"Itlo: !: ......... ..... c.e04'Tl11.;: ..... .. ... .. ... ..::. ...::.. .:. '.tu., Urn Dlv.. Hibiscus Park

"11..11.t. It. :. .r.a.1I. ....to. . .. .. .. ...... ... .. .. ... ._ o, TOTAL rariXATKo RKcmm Tsri; had as Ihi o) fursts the pant

; til' f m'.T"'. >"u ..... .. ...... ',II.a It, C> b Carry Ov.t .. .: :::.,:: : : : : : : :: : 4,11(4* two .. Mr and Mrs. Duvtdrfnclair
TOTAL wrrvATm .BBcrarra. .:::77.15E:::::::::::::::: ..!... 1110 ........:!.. ... . .. .. .. ."..". "T.."..". ... of WaUtMatun Heithls, |
1'1 Ca.k C.ITF Or rA w.t""P(? VAU.U01J7 moo 1 attrtxutTtvu ........ ..n. 14 ?Nrw York WhJI here MI,. Mack .
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r.nr.1D1TU:;: .:." 'J.\':: f0 ?..0 I ..UIrt .YAtLANoII roR 1tJfIItTVltJ ...,....-4J;;:r.alPC.INTI. ?5l A_ 7110 ..... .... .. ..... .. . .. 500lO4. time_sightseeing.MAMACCft. _dli._ .-
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6 .eM. .0 '
('...... n..e J4 7.1 Collerter Keeo : ::::: ::::: ::,.. ... ** t '00flofol.t00 ..5r0.soo. : : :: : : : .1 .
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. . u. 740110. Poor1 0.a1 Ar .. 1'i(1t'.u, aAT| UtiUMrTWDlTi *" ',.t *
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C--tt.w.: Tke o*.*e T 451454.o aH4.et will O ***l4f>4.I 0550.4 ,tsc"$ ,, _
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I'orAt. & 'T1xT1) EXpETwTV e.SU.istoso 0445455.1.4.. '::::::::::;::::::::.': *041* ero. *f *t 04.. |..... fn..Itc-r. >Wt AxiWll/. M.,.IO 004. .!. I*, '"I I
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1I0tl4OTe r-ms-f.. 'TOTAL' aTlJnTCO nrucMTriuM .,.. ..,....u* :ii ... ilMtM : .. 0.-I 04 711021044. ...1'1 4 '0. $..'l ..... 5. voqsJrsd OP .... 0.
t.nD: 'r.n" 7.611.4 DI.". .. *.0.I"D I i
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ua. 'C ... 54% ...._... ?SS.I ......................-...!:!!!!! 04ETE11E4 ......... rlX4USW "t.r".,. fJUlT'llloM'. fIT. LeCI. (Oft.'IJ""TIU, """'UIKJTI I SLERO I IShinyrd .

rrT .........-....... TJtt.lt I I .Sl
?O1"**. 8 TUIA'f& IVCEI tit. tisr11ir.... .. 111I11 .. ............... ....un A.. WACHA. cboW..s 7
DI V..* c.n 0'" .....,_....."...................-........ : ............... .. .....__...','.*."."..*.". .*.* ::t.il! t"'ik tt.... ', .. I Of** ,a '-

AJIOCn AYAIUBUII ?O. PPT ... .. .: iif 'TOTAL KoTTUIATKO ftCCoUrni ._.._......... "-"' ".. ,.It- ; .1. _I


,, .
: --. -'-'"- -- ---

!! . . :: ::. :: . :: .. . : . :: . ; ----n.'. .-.. . . .. . . . . . . . . .



...,.,......,.- _. .. ... .
.2P! STUAW ((110.) NEWS ..,.....,. July 23. ..... I III I '.
- ------------------------------ --

By Joe Crankshaw. Formerly of Staff I /

The Stuart News Is FeaturedIn


July II Editor-Publisher

The Stuart New wit featured Now the $4,000,000 project iswell sonnel can take acceptable/hotos.

In "The Weekly Editor" section under way. Special

of the July 11 edition of Editor Some of The News' projects are paper include a weekly calendarf

Publisher, national newspaper: publication not to M ily seen. There is, for future events, a listing of every
in an article written: by example, the total revaluation of civic and social organization in
Joe Crankshaw For many yean the ad valorem tax rolls which: the county giving its chief officer, i j4j J; : ..

associated with this paper Crank- equalized assessments! throughoutthe time and place of meeting com- t : .t....,

thaw is now on the editorial Malt county and provided much new plete court records, building per- .M'

of tonvillc.the/ Florida: Times-Union, Jack. revenue advance for This the project county was't rapid the hutS warranty. issued deeds by, city marriage and county license, '. ... : .. 4 _

By JOE CRAISKSIIAW personal favorite of Publisher Our. applications and reports by coun- ROSWELL STREET Baptist Church Youth Choir of Marietta, Ga., Is scheduled the First Baptist Church of Stuart. Everyone is invited." said the Rev. Forrest

don Lockwood and it was the key- ty agent and soil conservation of. to give a public program of sacred music at 7:30: Friday night/ July 24, at H. Watkins pastor of the Stuart church.
Florida'i most honored weekly Stone on which much: of Martin (icers.

The Stuart News celebrated its bounty's amazing progress has Other features include two full

fiftieth anniversary by publishing been built. ages devoted to chuch newt and Georgia Church Choir to Give Program Here Friday

a Ilo- age, fourtcen-scction edition It took four long years for The schedules, fishing and sports colmns .

hailing the past, present and Jews to swing public support be- society and a full editorial

future of Martin County In which und the measure 1 he paper loot page with a lively letters to the 'W-L_ n_.. r,__.. to ..,_."__ ,...._,.:._ _. .1._ "___h" .___. ,.'- ,.. __., ...,__ ......_ 1 ______ _
it is the county seat No one advertisers, friends and subscrib- editor column. IIJO : I "I IV r-iThwcuI In:1; Dap- 1511 I'raJM .uu gnu .10110 -- ---- ----

in .Stuart was surprised paper.-they expect ers until the revaluation came As Special Promotion, of the fk..B; : ;: t Church Marietta (ia. Servants of God," "Unto Thee 0 UoiIiIoo.,1Iit ... ,, mill ISMINDIANTOWN.'.,;w4Iarav* ,'_ "'\' --- -I.e

that tort of thing from The sscJisnicnU! rose tax millugc The paper it entirely produced art to"be sung are "Joshua Lord" and "Sing Ye To The Lord.:'

New. dropped and county projects stalled In The News' plant on an eight-/ program at : Da Marching Battle. "When In The Saints An instrumental! interlude will NEWS
Although The News' mx-by-ten for funds suddenly got new life age Hut bed press. This includes: the ." 'Wade In The"Wayfaring Water" be presented between the spirituals -
foot trophy caw til the lobby of and The News was vindicated. the special promotion editions. MRS. DOROIHY McALllSrtR Correspondent 597-2557
News' 7:30: Ibis Tram: and the final part of the ,
Special promotions are a I'I'It
the modern fully air conditmoed\ Sportsmen fishing the broadSt. strong point. Among the many The will include "Prayer program which I Is entitled, "T es.j '.";i ,,_ .1' .... '.... n ,
plant it filled to over-flowing, the Lucie River will find excitement "
by the fl> / Singing, "Now Let Us In Song.
editions have been j timony
one designed __ _
real showcase is the .
bustling coun at the end of their lines with- --- DistaffJail Game PhRSONALS:
ty in which the paper it located in the next few years, thanks tothe for circulation I by the Chamber of -- ;
Commerce another for use on the JI LI. '" f Girls Team Won Mr. and Mrs. Cubic Johnson
The paper hat won the covet. solid paper support of an hank
inlet fight' a third to bail ad-. and family Betty, Jimmy and
ed Florida Press Association' Prcvidentl Walton League project to Mock:
antes in the dairy industry, two A ball was played betweenthe Doug returned home Tuesday July
Trophy" four out of MX the river with striped bass a spedes game
times it was awarded. It wat \tee- never found so far south; /he- on the museum dedication and on _mlli lrJl' women and the teen-age girls 14, from their tour of Alabama

ond by a handful of points the two fore. The program has been dc- and on. 17. The visiting relatives. Johnny Jones of
The News whose .... Friday night, July girls home with
serves a county Kcnlston Ala., came
other times. The trophy ii givento dared a success and although the
official census stands at 16,000( 1 who played were: Elizabeth Anne them for a short visit.
fihh Clifford
the paper, regardless of circulation are presently rigidly protected
or category, which i it judged they soon will rank with the snook but Is probably closer to 26,000of four, a i Buchholz, manager Donna Smith Mrs. Dorothy McAllister and

to be outstanding among the as a prize river sport fish. whom 5,000 reside in Stuart. Drive, Junct: McAllister Jinx Nickles,, Margie Smith returned home after aweek's
III circulation
weekly of the ttate. New now tops Wednesday, 1 J Johnson Dcarun
newspapers Payroll. member of Cathy Patty visit with Mrs. McAllister'sparents
the family which ___
Trophies In CommunityThe When the county was faced operated in Muncie, non 111. ....-- '''''' "'....... Laura Britch, Lousjse i! Snyder Bar and Miss Smith's grandurents .

staff may point with prideto with the problem of how to acquire Ind., for newspapers many I years, Gordon )JkUnd. HI., ,\ FARMS B A PI 1ST FIRST BAPTIST bara White Brenda Tmslcy, JoAnne Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Smith
award for editorials new payrolls, The News and since 1952. :
safety In Quincy.
Lockwood has his Stuart
applied daily associated Williams, Sandra Mixion,
Cross who is with
d businessmen He was a ,
outdoor writing, newt and feature N m e progressive .
photography printing excellence! conceived the idea of an Indus- paper knowhow to the orgamzaon Rotary Evans in the Uunklin Me. Wednesday at 6 p.m. the Training Virginia Berryhill Katy Berry. W. C. Caveny came home Saturday -

advertising promotions community trial committee, which to date has and operation of The Stuart and Camp on Martin Grade, Union council meeting and I hill Star Wall Johnny Wall Eva July 18 from Good Saman-
News which he says- s' "The best fill the pulpit Sunday in the covered dish will be held' ton Hospital! in West Palm Beach.
service, circulation and 0 n irought in at least four high quality copal supper Primm and Lillie Mae Williams.
daily paper published once a week of Pastor Lewis Stencil 11\ the church basement with the
1 of the :
through the of areas in !light Industries. '
gamut n florida II vacation.Mr. The women s team included: Mrs. E. E. Dasher and her ton,
which papers are granted prizes. Some day the Army Engineer Illinois the >- on Young Peoples' Department attost.
Glenn Dasher and her grand-
But the trophies of the will Bat Cross! formerly an employe The chapel choir will rehearse! Alice Carter Martha Chariness,,
greatest begin work on the Improvement daughter, Diane, from South Bay
paper are to be found outside the of the now dangerously shul- a past the State Road Department, is at 6U.: Mid-week prayer service Joyce Norman, Juanita Avers Andy visited with Mr. and Mrs. Frank
plant. low and narrow St. Lucie InletwhIch Remind Farmers Sigma Alpha devoting his full time to the will begin at 7:30: in the church Craton. LorretU Coletti, Jeunette Prevatt Sunday afternoon.

Newt staffers might, for In- Is lined heavily by the char- of Uunklm Camp which sanctuary. The I chancel choir will Besaw! Ullian Do May, Anne

stance, point out two graceful tsr boatmen who take tourists i t out. About ImpendingA. time of hit on alcoholic rehabilitation. rehearse at 815.: Justice, Carman Sheltra. Betty David Davis and David Leig.

bridges finking Stuart and Martin to search for the sailfish for which 1963, he from a life of alcoholism, The men't prayer meeting wille LJghtlcy, and Mary Joe Hoover. how are leaving Monday, July 27

to the lust and Stuart i Is noted. When work begins Ida Abstract he has been preaching the <> held Thursday at 7 a.m. Walter The teen-age girls' team won. for Fort Jackson S. C.. to receive

r'te t ieOa beaches in it will largely be due to the S. C. ElectionFarmers Company. for about two years. Crowell will be host! to the deacons The umpires were Pete Lar- their orders and papers on where

the ttate. The paper led the hard Campaign for a safer inlet which Survivors Jack James, chairman of dea at a supper meeting at the geant and Grady Smith. Little they will be stationed.

bitter fight to secure the necessary received heavy Newt support and S. Hubbard : will preside over the servO Manatee Marina Restaurant on I League boys umpired bases. There Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wall left
bonds for the bridge construction.A actually began with a column writ. today were reminded R. L. ,. T N. Ashidate will be in Thursday at 7 p.m. The Friendship I will be another game Sunday afternoon 22 for
toll was put on the bridges and ten by Editor Ernest Lyons which about an important election which Barbara \ : of mid-week prayer servo Class meeting will be held at July 26. Wednesday, July Ocala
"There is will be held during August. Theelection stand two will the home of a member Thursdayat where they will visit local attracons. -
The Newa then launched a cam bean a man-killing ; July 22, and Loys Earnest .
paign to take them off. The tolls dragon at our door I is to choose ASO farmer- hildren. the prayer service July 29. 7.45: p.m. The J.O.Y. Class will GIRLS GO 10 CAMP

came off when the new County 1 The Inlet had caused several fa- committeemen who will serve for Services not meet this month. Mrs. Vada Yoder and Mrs Lou Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Beach and
Commission found publrc demand! tall tiea.1ha. he next year as local administrators Episcopal ) CHURCH OI' CHRIST Friday at 7:30: p.m. a sacred family i Sylvia and Donald, a nFriday dMr.

following The Newt lead.A refinancing paper backed a campaign of national farm-action pro 7.: at \I fh i h (Congregational: Palm City) concert Will be presented by Ihe 1 take Barlield six left girls Monday to G.A. July"Camp 20'O'to and Mrs.: Conrad Beach spent
grams. orty-six-toice choir from
program was worked out. to educate the people to the need According to S. Douglas Zant, Claude The Sunday school; will meet at he Roswell Street youth Baptist Church the Swauncc" in Branford. and Saturday in'I n.
which even made possible con.Hruction for countywide and build. drew : i under the direction of The Sandra Strothers own after an overnight visit in
zoning office : a.m. girls are: ,
county Agncul- Marietta Ga. This is
manager concert
of third bridge.Or Pierce' off sponsored returned .
I Naples. They to Lcei-
a ,
nguegulutlont which: were final. M Sadie Tastula
tural Stubili/atlon & Conservation incur, superintendent, by the local Baptist youth Yoder Poxannee ,
News staffers might point Iy cl felted last year by the County Service "These ASCS committee. Fern Hill classes for all ages.. At the choir Debbie I-ott Barbara McC'tana- burg Saturday afternoon.

out the last seven miles of U. S. Commission.Newt I men have !broad Important pro- o'clock' uiiscmbly there will\ be : A "Spiz/erinktum" for adults ban and Linda Faye WiIIiIlO1 "

I which is now being four-lanei support pushed a drive to pam responsibilities, which; makes MRS. report from three young people ifty-five old! and over, wille I They will stay for a week and Heat was four to eight times

: years
through Martin County. For the raise I.OtM,000( ) for the expansion It all the more urgent: that repre. Mrs. tlsic: ; attended the Youth Astern-. held at, the paMonum Saturday Mrs. Vivian Lott will go for them higher during earth's early history

past six yean The Stuart New. of Martin Memorial Hospital tentative farmers be elected to a resident at Avon Park They will be at 7:30: pm. This is for all adults July 27.PARTY. than it is now. It resulted from

baa conducted an intensive campaign A News reporter learned that the job." He urged all qualifiei Rio, Jensen and Judy Moore and in this not Just those the radioactive breakup of uraru-

to get the work don to emdeath Stuart police and firemen had no voters to bo sure to cant their bal Memorial Pope. enrolled,age in Sunday group School. I;OR ROBIN : urn, thorium and potassium..

trap conditions on the_road: >ension! or. insurance plan. News: ''lot!!. an extended r 1 he morning worship will be at At the morning worship services I I A birthday party was given in F-- .
'iPftL AiH5CHIII'it5KTItaeroR'r article ansi/ euitoriais\ iiuiuccu! me I Inch: year, the office manage A native : ,, o'clock with Rev. Harvey W. Rev. Forrest H. Watkins will speak honor of Robin Octane Douglas

; ---- i Ti ;- OFii55ss ; City Commission to set up such: explained"' such qualified voters lived in "' seU, guest minister! from on "The Faithfulness of God. At by her mother Mrs. Tereasa Douglas / CARl OF 'HANKS

..ii.> fTiVHT" 0' Pit. plan! I farmers who are taking part or ire eight years. 111. as the preacher. the evening service his topic will at her home Tuesday July 14. I
Asia tt THM lI'r'rM OK VI.O"I. Newt reporters instigated a eligible to take In \more he It be Our heartfelt thanks to all who
nt ST Tit M IIOKH OK Btlft part one or The weekly prayer service for "My Brother's Keeper Games were played and refre h.
drive to force a reluctant tontruc of the farm which the Walter. of ; the Duress extended comforting sympathy and
\ j s o> jnw an, IBM.other I programs men and women will be held Tuesday at pm. ments served
tor to complete construction: of i a C21t help in our recent sorrow. For the
committee administers-elect a Mary ; the home of M rl. L. Feigcl Class will h meeting in the Those attending were: Gladys
..A,. :. :IT h' post! oWn in the unincorporated committee from one niece church. beautiful service, floral offerings,
('e.h.I..t. a I county among Avenue, at 10 o'clock -cllowship Hell of the | Anne tuness, Betsey Cone Melody .
banh. and oailtr'o'Te'clloT wmniunity of Indiantown. Whenhe their own number. Funeral and other kindnesses!! we are deeply -
; Dorcas Class will meet Tuesday Cone Jackie Goode, Sandy
$ ". '*' .".,oiii"m.tH V ,.. drugged his feet t. New ttorcs I Program! administered\ by t Ih at Johns and"a ay morning 'at' 2 tns..' with Rev. J. W. (roode. Eva Wall Robert Kelly, I. grateful

fnltrd ment .Ktnlea..bll..tI.tl', o"v, )crs brought of the state on inquiries congressional by memo dole committcemeninclude the Agrl/ dar Saints'at 10' FIRM PKI.SDVIFRIANPine : Matson as speaker.FIRST I I Huddy Kelly Lisa Todd. Tommy The Family} of Seymour Gideon
stunraiilMi-il. 84,171.ItruarantwMt I cultural Conservation Program Luke Drive "--- Todd Wayne Underhill M r s.
0'ztbonda.; note*, and jalion the feed grain program, the sugu CHURCH Ot amlSTIENllS'r I Jeanette Cioode, Mrs Carroll Me --
.1.1.. .nIur..a Innlii'llnirSI A by Editor Lyons : Sunday: 9 am. Sunday church -- -
U.uullUtl. ...."'tU..* suggestion act program, the national wool MRS. I ', Allister Sharon McAllister Mrs. LleiaL: :.IiasSRTis.esuEsl':: ;
resulted celebration classes for all 10 ,
two-day m.
In a a
Federal aacnule. Other duties assigned ages '
iroRram. are Mal Funess. l.oreli Miss
Mrs. Woody Kelly.
and rnr.nr.U..... for the dedication of the first sec I. the worship service; 7:30: East Oceaa Blvd. Stuart sivr'pi 0' nT :'TI.., TO
> the
flatzisasess :< committee: by
by UH secretary ho late ) choir Sunday morning service at II I' la Verne Soers Mrs. Emma Nix, IU.I.'r.:1t: : O'ii'TI1'Iii l 5 N4HH:
lion -of $9,000.XK) ( ,
l .n and. dlwou ,. a projected of agriculture as the need arises. lock, died practice. I Rohm grandmother, and Stevw NiHIin In IHTfbr HireII Ihit lb.U"d..n.d .
tinrliKllnaiwiial>> ev auw. museum! at Stuart Beach. A Lesson-sermon subject July 26: nter, the p'ot.I"
I Eligible: voters wilt cast ballot. : I Monday July 27. : pm.,,
rdiuft.) . 1.IGInUII' nine "Truth." Douglas. (>r Ch.rlfr Sunni., Lw or Horl.lm
rpnta.." owmd; ;. simple ribbon cutting hud been for county committeemen by mail wards of ,he session.! ArU uflMl, will 1 winter with;: the
lUTfiltlOther I ",rnItura "I planned but the Martin County Ballot will he mailed to all known Sunday school I 11 I am. Nursery (lork ..r Hi,. Circuit tourS In .nd
mid, IIxtu,.. .s1.a24.aa l IMI.U i anti burial provided.Wednesday. PARTY FXR PALL: for limit n County Florida, upon
.. Historical Society took the hm eligible voters In the JHIOVAII'SIINKSr.S: : .J, ,
a*.*UTOTAt lI.fll.1 : county by Cemetery 1 receipt or proof publl ailon or
and a festive i occasion: resulted 1 ho: ASCS county office. The deadline Kingdom Hall, Britt Road Testimonial meeting.i A birthday party in honor of :this notice the fictitious noise, teAAA -
ABSaTt4! . .5i.lVa137aI which included a throe-mile longporatte for July V.Mrs I p.m.Reading. Paul Johnson was given by Mr. I wit.;
LIAHlI'lTlMapenmnd of antique/ cars. News stuf will be returning/ marked fnstructlons ballot. I Thursday. 7:30( p.m., Theocratic Room: 282 Flagler Avenue and Mrs. Ed Du May at the Sem'l Ft.KCTKICJAM F.LPX'TitlCunder
I I.
depoclta of .In"divVduaT ten took an active part in all prep 1' Complete was a winter i School; 8:30 p.m., IC", : Monday through Friday 9:30: insole Inn Thursday, July 16.ilitwe hh'h t will en*.v. In bunt-
*' B .rtsl.r- I' for voting in the ASCS elections Martin i I meeting Theme: "Li. t\ ini to : arm having' my lrIn"ipoi pUce of
am.-l2.30 / Dennis :
isratksis.News'. attending were: .
hlpa, and corpoiwTim will be Included with the ballots p.m. burineM In ll..b Hound. M rllntounlr
IIn" . . 11},071,SI features have resulted In men In Reproofs of Life. Christian Science radio program, Gardner Jackie Gardner. RalphNygard. ria. shut the party IMi-r-
pii.lt.. .nd of..Individual.,,1...* d.. .. amendments to unrealistic liquorlaws when they are mailed. 'I Mrs. I Sunday 5pm., Bible study with "The Bible Speaks to You" maybe I I fickle Gilliam Dee Ann ''I .\Mlllmu.tq.5 In; Mid of bu Htunrt..lne florlda l is b. and R

partnership. .. and e... which blocked: resort devcl to attend a : of Watchtower. heme: "Kecp- heard over. WSTU Stuart, Rafferty Nancy Boring and Park that t h.'. ar.. lIe other SermoN in'tar.trI

Dv.rltlulIar.t..t..t.: ;: \ ; '; : 'I.UU' (opuicnt They have prodded" devcl I Port Salerno Teacher tt visit Abreast with Revealed Truth. 1450 kc, at 7:15: pm. Mondays. I er Johnson Helping' to serve was UOBrHT in mid t hualnee::. WIU.IsVH..

ritate* Uovorntnentllmludlna opers into !bringing "potable water her I :Tuesday, 7:30: p.m., Bible study Topic for July 27: 'The Cure Mrs. Kenneth Boring Paul reach rub. Jul> _23. .10: !"._*, It._isle.

Iiu.l: .potal. .I.aaT-. tIO3.O355OVItl to the !beaches and have been aimed Studies ConservationPort N. J., where : "A Small-scale Kingdom For Disease.0FIRST I ed the age of ten on July 15.SOCIVL 1.:0: 'L- All' F.RT"E..a'TI : -
of Rial. .* and at preserving the appealmi I railed sway God Benin" I I '
political' mibdlvl.lon. *. 4M,"! II natural !beauty of the coun.y.Un..u"ful Salerno's third grade' teach. laughter. I Assemble- Hall for MrriioDisr .FOR 111> ?HKC'esi 'TY ;tW.F.'I Cot II?
l>. pa.4t. of bank 345,50.50.rilrla4 er. Mrs. Elizabeth II. Prink of She was Kingdom n "I) IttK SISHI'iS t'Ots'rl" ,
.; 'anpaIJCM Stuart I 1 '
and offlccre in field ministry Sat After worship !services at the ahTpi ii. p'i.4iisiist
. . 4 .mst Jensen! Beach has attended _
rherk .40. completed a I
Not all News' have .RoU-'rlol so.
TOTAl, .bJl:. campaigns one-week course in fkki biologyand graduated and Sunday. 9:15 am. Chancel choir rehearsal will be Dunklm Memorial Baptist Church TV; np.IT.TE:.
SMNI'f54. I..l.im 7bt been aucee' rut. A project to bring held church 7.45 social OS'MAt.'SSICs.
Academy of at the at : Sunday night July 2N a : i
conservation at the Audubon
tat damond1r'Total Florida Forest! Service fire protection Camp of Connecticut at Green. New York. MUART SOITIIIERNMniunmr on Wednesday, July 22. P.m.1 I will be given in honor of David i. rowEn.1.............
to unincorporated areas or Floyd D. I There will be a Methodist I Davis, who will be leaving Monday 'OTIt": 01 PftisNl*I
.t.UIDOU' the county was !beaten in a referendum on'' TO ..51.1, l'ln..osl'l!: TF.tHlITF.n:
( ) Total after factions made She was one of thirty-four special War 11.Surviving. Rev. Outward H knight pastor, supper meeting at the church to go into the service.The iv THt': "TATS 0' SAiD I.".
time andavlntf Thursday July 23, at 6:30: p.m. social is being given by rEl'EsT: :..Ift
the plan I political test t of strength students enrolled tt the tamp be the speaker at the 9.JO: All Methodist men are invited. the of the church vms are ftereby ..tI"'' ..' ibM a
young people
"po.- and one of more' than MX tcact Laurence this Sunday morning. written Inntninwnt purportiNg lo
and S IICklO( beat the
? ... spent tome to The worship services: will begin AU young people who know Davidare b.. the LaM Win and Testament of
Oth.r 1.titiiMT.: . 45,11"0TOT.AJ. paper. Ihe paper still has yet to en and adult IOn"trvatiOllead." a daughter. 'I. Sunday school will be held Im tt 8:45 and 11am. Sunday, July .IIV ited. aid doredtint ha been admitted
:" j find satisfaction in its drive to era who are taking the famous Whippany, .: after the worship serv: Allan In Prabot. In Ihle Cmi.t. >ou are
., LIABlUTIKIi .U.eOS.IIS.4 26 with the pastor. Rev R. hrrrtrr commanded
Auduboit E. Carlock. within sb l< (I)
block siltiition of the nature courses at four and will be under the direc
river estuary Stuart delivering the sermons. (1\ IC CLLBTO HOLDDVNCE calendar Huinthe from the due "(
cArlTLt(4'Or5Ta such msiiiutkwt this summer ten of \\inslon \\oodson. the rim publication of tAle
,, by t'nof the water control nollre
Oo.mInOutock There will be church conference MONDtYIndiintown ,.
Capital >> Mrs. Frlnkt a appeir In iSle Court and ehowraue
total paP yp4.a. projects operated bv the Central studies Included The service: If .
evening worship held in the al 10 sos fmt caM wit.p lhaaftlan
110.00 .. . . .' "tiiowiiiitaJlvld 404.0105)SUr and South Florida Flood Control birds plants I insects and pondlife. DONALD be held at 7:30( at which time sanctuary Civic Club will holt .r thl Court In admitting
. .. a.m. to the comtructionof
Ia. approe 27at aid Will to pnHtal abould aol
Special dance Monday, July
emphasis a
".j'proflla .:. : W* *j District was given Graveside pastor will bring a message a new building/ containing tix square Stood unrevuketfKVA.NH .
Naturally no four,page throwaway to providing techniques for teaching Dean God's word. and the church 8 pm. for fun and funds.AdmiMMM "'K4Kr. JR.
clasftrooms :
'TO'rAt. 4F1TAt.. . :. .'.S 417,531.1)TOTAL could! do what the paper I la natural history and)] conserva old son of Our fourth quarterly conference new offices. All church members are : will be $1 I per ecu Ooumr Martin fount Jodn r,. Florida

MABIUTIIWAND -- and hat done and! The News Is no lion to children. Graham. be heLl this Sunday evening asked to ,atlgnsl. Sunday school ple for non-members and 50 cents Pab: Juts JS. I*. Aug. a. fZ 1544LaSalt.
The Civic Club
other adnlt training couple for mem
small outfit. It camps ed In per
TAWTAl. . ..45nNTa .>. ttmm.n four page a week averages and! sometimes twenty I, conducted by the National Audubon be held at .a All:r :fo""the the evening church the will conference.begin Immediately The Youth following Fellowship bets and Teen Club members. Also aiil'ssaa-o: ?

MRMOIIAKDAAaael reaches thirty-two and forty As Society, all staffed by out. Fern Hill in the I Caller will I be 'buck Ney, mho I. T"" lot 'TY as tas'. e'nrm?
expected to attend. will meet at 7
p.m. Is "b anti
standing naturallst.i"'tructon. calls for the Vero !Beach Circle 'MTI' Cot ITS.
jpledeWd or "a it KX photographs all locally art He It
Prayer service n held etc !h old church.: STaIN ir P'5.oiiiuPRiiehTa '
nod t* UNCUrl lla- al MediWMik Me. S \\is- and Dudei and Dolls.
tig pnxluccd have t been used I ; rona, and six will Eightcrt -'u. imc
for other 7:30 ansI it mea't
bllltlea and and Dubois, \\' '0A y night at : The prayer group lof: kgS'I1ATM
pup_ (Ineludlna'redicounted $ .. in one edition. ) The Rev. .: Uw direction of the pastor meet (in the sanctuary at 7 a.m. ) : ow .
and bill. REMVAL IN ALCLST: :
note and aoourto Nearly VS per cent of the copy: tor of .! on Monday, July 27. MAt.kick i. roWF.Ra.. >
tte. sold wIth a.'''', used is produced by the two reportePphosographera. Lieu Mcirr Church ,. SVFFRNO SOUTHRNMtUIODIST The Duress Circle win meet on A revival will be held al t Sic swell Ie TO -< tip a IMTnii>e>rt 1

moat to r.puphaao>)> 11.100,0' s 0 cl.i t y IN MUNICIPAL COURT anal Home Tuesday July 2S tl ft p.m. at the Dunklm Memorial Baptist Church Ma.rt Sit l ,.rrodllor. of |... **talo .t
V.... I'r..t. wiW, editor and ri>'ht community ments. home of ")fn. Ruth Nourse.METHOOLsr "\ug. 2 through I 12 The Rev Milton horebr J. rowera. de oa.e... are
'*slv. U..1p-fs. affirm abov.nsin.CI IhM correspondents. Put>fi..Mr Lock In a relatively light night I In Sunday school *III| be held this Durra ce of Bowling Green aur 4ats a or demand tad II'U.-tr.: : :;

this report at r I. true .nd.ort.tt wood> CHtnHJtehed the nearly Inflexible Municipal Court Tuesday Judge A solvent morning al 9.45; and will MISSIONS will. preach al this revivaL A ear "the>aj lOAf" :: a aMMt ald ...sss M>
ttyl: : of ill
10 tlM b:: b5ul.dsad l lii Harry F. Dyer estreated three I under the direction of Rev County Jndve ofo
policy which demands that extended to alL $
dial booty .
splattered : ?
." IN lIEU OF CLOltlU wvttauoa n ='C.: leeu4 ho
11., r.B&ld U Bowd. all local copy b* used. except for bond.*, all traffic:! offenses; ckfe,. ing !Bennett ... u1 'ioi, ':rIJ: with-

;C.rr., ,;:At? H. tlnM""". Jr.C service releases and certain public red sentence in four cases, three solvent: : Rev Durward Knight will be Mrs; J.P. Boone chairmanof LOC\L AIR%l\S 10 SPATV doll Ie No III'I.toaIsr.. o.ao5....."u..tI tpm._ .r I"555..
rr-nW A. KUbl-r' I relutions articles of kwa| value. I trtffic and one public Intoxication: loMcns all speaker at the I 11 a.m. worship the Comfnawimt on' Miwuont. aslt... ..eh. etoiti or d.o..4 miast
/./ PL CL .I.,",rt The paper also maintains a tr.in-I imposed two fines both traffic. wipe' of a ", ... this Sundai First M.lhoJ J Church of Stuart. Airman. B. Jerry McAlhsler re pta.III. or VOting rmtS-o.... .. .t ..... lt>.

of Florida\ Ountr of Hr.etort i_ fl.yefl, for |ts nirnT-.n. any : continued one cane and dismissct shield.. Pastor office "hours! are lieU reported that: "Missionaries have turned bum Sunday. July 19. from "".M.ee. iSo el55mioi a4 pme..srwo.M mass
.HuUa.. of "'botlroulJ handle Ninnm one case. Wednesday tftrrooon' from tent an urgent appeal toe needed Wichita F'". Tet. where he hat 5. aoarw m. 5, t. ".&&--.. .".
..... and "b..rllwI" b.f..rh" one a ; .been stationed al SJveppmrd An Mast.. as hi. aism.p. er It wnia
IT1w that ... .
liii day ( '""', !lOSS, .. reporter's assignment with ST. ) .\ pastor may be teen Clothing good clothing you vi4 ....,,,,.. to loW.ibAa .
90.gad I h.rsbi eortlff ibat I gin r x little difficulty On an average day about 500. other times by tppommcnL would not be athamed to wear : Fore Base Nib .., ., lal,. A.I).
.,aa ..( J57 .' dlmtor M,*I f. thl ..,,K.fnta Photosraphr plays a hit pad 000 Ions of silt are carried down Sunday. Prayer service and Bible study There will be a box at the church: 1 While here he and Mary Jt') 1..1."RA" Txiosg.
virrlnla uu' I I'w' I
Kotarjr riibllo"101'1011 11. in the publication and at leakl tea the Colorado River to Lake sIeaJ. day after held each Wednesday nftht!' at door next Sunday, Ju* 26P1.**** Loc of Stuart will be marrm" 1... ......r ,r'... "tat. ol

?' .Ijdrm rb. t, teas Cameras can be aligned to do the reservoir created by toe Hoover Fuchariit; 45., Com for a tune of spiritual look through your' d IeCIo aid ;, After the wedding be will be to- ,)I..d... ..-..'- r', ._
( "
i $ul7 w MM 'any Job facing the paper. All per Dam. [.uchar t. help W meet Out great -- .Cloned i in Spaut. pJ.. "U'I' .L A &i).. C ::4;: 1M.PUP .




woman with a remarkable talent, Thursday, July 23, 1964 1-B
'Thumbnail Reviews'OfEleven who dedicates. her life to freeing Floridians THE STUART (Florida) NEWS
NEWS deaf-niuMs Pence A family from the story prison!of of wit si, Enjoy a:

warmth and wisdom.The Radebach Jrs. in

I' '."'JII' ....'. '"" Books at Lee.- This Virgin novel Market by.: "the by author C. Y. Vacation in Area 2nd AnniversaryMr.

ot "Flower Drum bong' about and Mrs. Fred Radebach
a fisherman in Hong Kong Bay Jr, celebrated their second wed-
who attempts to get a motoruuid According to Manager Perry Fox" J. W. Taylor Jacksonville! ;
: Public Library Here junk, about hia redheaded ward, kill., there were lorty-two new "Trlii II," Dr. and Mrs J. A. ding,anniversary July 14, with last a Tuesday buffet evening and
who hopes to marry a young fisherman / villa guests at Lungford TerraceVillas Smith Jr., New Smyrna Beach; pool
I and about an American this pant week with the majority "SultauslJl," Floyd J. Voight, Fort parry. They are here on Vacation
Here are "thumbnail reviews" ruption. Dramatic and exciting.. doctor who U involved in their being I Irons Florida Lauderdale; Drift.R-C tut,' Ira and will be leaving soon to
return to Fort Hood, Tex, where
I of eleven new books recently added "Shannon Terror by hcodora problems. Guests front Florida were A. B. W. Southward Sanford; "Mil- he is
stationed with the
r I I, to Martin County Public Li'brarys DuBois, A novel ot suspense on "Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs Maxwell and Bert Maxwell, Fer- Jac," Alden F. Smith, North Palm Army.
shelves: the Shannon River in Ireland. A ; 'I 1 he Story of Egyptology," nandino Beach; Mr. and Mrs. H. Beach. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. P
|I Rector of Justin! ; by Louis Au- good yarn with a colorful background by Barbara Meru. A popular history Mackal, Fort Lauderdale, Mr. and Arriving from Farmmgton, N. Radebach Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Allen
I chincloss. The author of "Portrait of Egypt as pieced together Mrs. Leon Elmore, Jacksonville! ; M., went Mr and Mrs Lincoln Schommer Mr. and Mrs. Gary
: in Brownstone" has written an The Quarry:' h\ Richard Eb- from its archaeological Mr and Mrs Andrew Lance, Orlandu O'Brien. Emmeck Mr and Mrs J. D.
'excellent character study of Rev. I erhart. New poems hone of America Illustrated with mrltAlle'l Mr and Mrs C. Lamplo Lookado Jack Muggins, Allen l l
Francis Prescott, rector of Justin! "s best! pocK: ,md the last of line drawings. Jr. Orlando; Mr and Mrs. Harry Schommer: Jr. the Mme Kathy
j Martyr a New England Episcopal; ; the romantics. These arc the last "Death of tho Thresher! by I Straus, Vero Bench, Rev. and Mr. and Mrs Marry Dame andchildrrn Kennedy: Maureen Paptidero and
school for boys. The story Li told lines of a1 poem on finding a seal, Norman Polniar. The full storyof Mrs. Arthur A. Smith Fort My. : Pat, George and John, Susan Son, and Mr' and Mrs
,J j through the eyes of a young instructor shot by a hunter: If still the long the events leading up to the ers; Major and Mrs. R. I. Ever are expected to return home this Howard Racho of lort Pierce.
., ; an Oxford classmate! of ocean tide/ Meld the seal in wont submarine disaster in his ett. Patrick AFB.; Mr. and Mrs. weekend from a vacation trip to
erg Dr Prescott! an student and ocean strife should have thought tory, the loss of the world's most John II. Birdsall. Paint Beach; Mildred Washington' D. ('. and New York., The Ri'. and Mrs. Arthur A.
chairman of the board David Gris. better of life/ And better of man advanced nuclear attack submarine E. Baxter and May me Cieth- where they attended the Worldi Smuts ut( Foil Myers: were visitorsin
cam; Griscam's IOn; Cordelia. besides with all 129 souls on board.! ring, Delray Beach; Mr. and Sin Pair Prior to their departure they Stuart Sunday Rev Smith is
Prescott daughter; and her lover "Western Europe: Since the The author notes the various theories H Brandon, Pompuno Beach; Mr had as thrir guests. Sergeant! and the new rector of St. M..ry'i Fpu-
and her father's favorite student War: A Short Political History" of the "death" of the Thresher and Mrs W K.. Duncan, Jacksonville Mrs. R Howell and family of copal Church, and will assume his
I Charlie Strong Traditional novel by Jacques Freymond This book and describes/ what probably ; Mr and Mr. Freddie Edgar, Washington. __ __ _I duties here Aug. I I.
about Americas upper class but provides the historical backgroundfor happened on the fateful morningof Daytona Beach: Mr and Mrs. -- -- --
I extremely! interesting and well I I the current unrest and uncertainty April 10 IV63. I John II \"unt.MUI"rd, Mr, and Enjoy the Summer Season
j done. which persist despite Eur Still As the Grave," by Mary Mrs. A. Bonita
Francis Bacon The Temperof ope's astounding economic recovery Linn Ruby Mow justice catchesup Springs; Mr. and" Mrs N Jackson With *. New "Do" from
i a Man." by Catherine Drinker By examining the major with a famous English actress. tort Laudcrdule; Sir and
Bowen. The author of "The Lion international events ol recent: )cars who cancelled out her husband's! Mrs. Herbert Mumhe, Miami, PARK
and the Throne" tells here the the author reveals the elements infidelity with his murder Mr. and Mrs, George Otto, Mi
fascinating life of the Lord Chancellor that could resolve the present! \c
of England under James I crisis. Miss Peggy Gile/a. and Larry ami.Other guests !included Mr. and BEAUTY SALON
and of one of the most gifted "A Redhead for Mike Shame" and Eddie Gileza returned to New Mrs.. Paul V. Elder! Mobile Ala; .117 W. OCEAN BLVD. 4T '.11"."
young men at the Court of Queen by Brett Halliday Shayne's (forty- York Friday They have been Mr. and Mrs. Cart, lirosne Point,
Elizabeth, For twenty-wen vests sixth case deals with terror on the the guests of their aunt and uncle. Mich. and Mr. and Mrs. Moitaz OWNERS: GEORGIA IIARDWICK
Bacon served his queen without streets of Miami Mr and Mrs Michiicl Haikimhilc Last t Alton 111.
advancement, he served as Lord "Not In the Calendar; The Storyof \\ in Florida they enjocM a Six yachts with their owners OPERATORSi VI LAI.V THOMAS BARBARA HUNTERRECTPTTONLSTs

Chancellor\ for only four years An Unorthodox Saint," by Margaret visit to Miiimi Beach where they docked)at the marina during this IF.TrtI'AI) t1 ..
L V before he was impeached for cor _"Kennedy, Pie story of a_spent several' days peritKt. From Florida were "Sea',
I .l .:


ki. .tt kY rry tyrl { DO YOU )

-Photo by Elio Studio ;

Bassett-Starratt Wedding Is A .

Held in Connecticut Church'' f ) $ ,J JLJLNEW

Miss! Lenore Elaine BasscU and las Tex., niece of the bride, was
Malcolm A. Starratt were united junior bridesmaid. Their accessories
in marriage July 18 at 2:30: p.m., and gowns of pink were
in the First! Congregational Churchin identical in design to the gown HOME
Stratford, Conn. The ceremonywas worn by the matron of honor.
performed by the Rev George They carried spring baskets ol
A. Hodgkins: pink and white daisies and ivy.
The bride u the daughter of Robert Starratt. brother of the
Milton W. Basselt. 103 Housa- bridegroom served as best man.
tonic Avenue Stratford Conn., Mrs. Starratt wore for her tuna
and the late Mrs BassetU The wedding a formal gown of pink
bridegroom is the son of Mr and chiffon lace with white accessories.. IN YOUR
Mn. Abbott Starratt, 668. 1II11t Immediately following the 4
Broadway, Stratford. ceremony a reception wan held '
The sanctuary of the churchwas in Packard Mall firrf Congregational \
beauufully decorated with basket Church.
arrangement of while gladioli When the newlyweds left on a
wedding trip, a tour of the slate
and amid a !
pompons greenery of Maine, the bride wore for traveling
of in floor
setting lighted tapers
standard candclabras. White satin a mint green rayon crepe _
bow marked the pews where, the sheath style dress with white accessories. FUTURE ?
family. were seated. Her corsage .was t the
A program of nuptial music orchid: from her bridal bouquet. I .. .
On their return they will resideat i ,
was played by organist, Wesley
103 Housatomc Avenue I
Lmgdcll, as guest were escorted
I( to their scats by usher Milton Stratford. "
The bride graduated from Martin
W. Bassctt: Jr., brother of the
I bride, and Award Plavcan Mr. County High School in 1960
Lmgdcll accompanied Mn. Louis and was very prominent in school Maims
activities. the she aoear aaaesa
three attended
Papp soloist, when she sang 1 MC.HS. averse

Love," "Because You Truly, ,"and"Wedding: "The Lords Prayer Mr. Starratt graduated from .

\ recessional Prayer" For traditional the processional marc h and e* Conn Meriden. and High M now School a student, Meriden at the THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of STUART

, were played. University of Bridgeport/ Me served
" The bride given in marriage four years in ,the Navy

by gown her fashioned father wore of a silk full organza length Mission; -Meet--- "T\ '. WISHES TO BE AN IMPORTANT PART

over bridal satin. The fitted bodice In LakelandMrs.
was designed with long tapered .
sleeve (pointed at the wrist and I Joseph Penrod past president J
the scalloped portrait neckline was of the Woman Society of .
offset with tiny seed pearls. A Christian Service, First Methodist OF THAT.FUTURE
large bow emphasized the natural I Church of Stuart; Mrs. R. Black- ,
waistline'' at the buck and the: welder, secretary of missionary ',
full skirt accented with applujues: education; and Mrs George Watts "':II' .
of re-embroidered I Alencon lace left Monday to attend the nineteenth ;
terminated into a chapel length annual School 01 Missions "
train. A crown of satin leaves offset in lakeland 5 'u4I !

the valley with tiny was pearls worn with and her lilies bridal of I churches Delegate throughout from Methodist Florida are' :,;. Our Loan Department, with its experience in handling ,

veil of triple-tiered English il- attending the SCMKMI which will ,
lusion. She carried l a Bible topped include classes and workshop instruction

with a with white satin orchid streamer corsage: showered intertwined I the new*year.Heading in WSCS program for J:{. Home Loans can furnish you with vital information con I

with stephanotis the list of instructor
Airs Leon Doughty, mister of the will be Dr. Leslie Sayrc and Dr. '
the best f for f
bride was matron of honor. Her William Wisher staff members of cerning possible arrangements your family'sbudget ,b
featured a bodice of white i'.a
gown the National Council of Churches, ,
a I ilk 1 embroidered organza over New York; and Mr*. Clifford A. : '
mint i green taffeta, and the floor- Bender, Methodist observer at the at the LOWEST RATES.
skirt made of mint '
length was United Nations.. New York. '
green peau de sole. Her picture! ". ._, .. 'f" :
bat and accessories were in a I "Itfl .'.'KEN. R.N. ,
matching and she carried a F-NJOYID: nilS AREA .

spring and basket white arrangement dame and of green yellow .' Miss Surgery Elsie Schlcnkcn: Hospital' R.N.in New atSpecial r; ": ;, We at FIRST NATIONAL BANK have helped .many! )

ivy York City, has returned home following .

Serving as lw bridesmaids wtreMr aj"t with Mrs Rencc home who have to in the
*. Gordon Kristiarnen of Glen Burro at her home in Hibiscus ra, .r present owners come us past : .
Cove, N. Y. and MM. Bonnie
Park. Mrs. Burro i is former
a em 0// I

Mesa Starratt.' Tracy cousin E. of Doughty the bride of IfOI1'I\o DalMrs. ploy. *of SclhfenkM Special I Surgery visit MownuLMis to Martin ( W ) ,: # wanting us to s share in t their f future ':'

County. was made wish the } .. ; :
prospect of moling her home chits
Volk Heads I here when she retires She- especially

District 19 of Memorial enioved a tour of Martin TALK TO US ABOUT YOUR' FUTURE TODAY .. '
Ftopittl on which the "
Rebekah Lodges and Mrs, Burro were taken by .j 1rrtg rr"
I .
Mr and Mrs I, Kid and a Mghtfcetog ; g ", .
Mrs William Volk was elected i trip with Mr. Burro. Fr- v "P., a ... "
and insulted district deputy pr,.. nest Prtioni was dIeit guile At "' sru" .
dent of Distnet 19 when member the Chamber ef Commerce- she
met recently fat Fart Pierce with was given brochures that she took '
Loyally Rcbctalt Lodge. No. 99 beck north to show. to friend
M host. Her print was high for Aim ......
Member of Royal Fatal Rio ---
bek h Lodge, Stuart, elected' to JIXlfI M1RY ERST
nerve a* officers, were Mr*, t. f.WiTbar. TO 1 liE HILEVS"
tres zee; Mr. Grist Had, Mr. and Mrs Joseph Wiley of t
supporter to the warden; Met i Port Setup announce the birthof 11ATIONAL J1J9ANK OF STUART
Clara Mae Tswu and Mrs., Edna' a daughter.; Amy Kalhkea. I
SU ll1IcI. aides, and Mn. Gwa'' pound, born July 17 at
Ahnegord, nuuciaft. the Pisa Manorial Ho.
% Mn. J. D. Gray, member! of Itte'laidosserthd I pitaL Grandparents of Amy Katls-

i>cal, .: retiring preuJefllM Ailey kea art Fort Mr. Sr and*2.Mrs KimeUC AM0LB FREE P.UIKINQ' you Full- f Se&ict Bank Serving Martin County for Over 31 years WITH TRUST POWERStoSOCIETY



'II """" r'l'

rrr..rr ::1, 2-H_TUT STUiRT.!_ (Tlttj NEWS Thtrr+day, Jirfy 23, 1W4.i I ,

...i..i .* *imitmiiiHi''*#.1 m*1 im+i u**>Till l 'imtitWM I U <"vit IMr

M Ni I
SOCIETY ;i; ,"r+ e M Ms

... .. .. ', '!'.'1'1'-'
ro n 4 ... )R ataa01/9lAM da t tj

/Dorothea McPherson IsTo j It'k

47 fe. OCEAN BLVD. AT 7.1737 Wed. William' > D. Register OJ

OPEN MON. THRU SAT4.' t 30 AJVt 1IL 9 P.M. Mr fail Mrs. Dorminey Me-,i rued to all friends bf> the couple! ,m'atl '
ana their families t tl> the service o ,, t ,,; 4
orEN SUNDAY "-- A A.M. 1 P. M. Phenon amiuunce the engagementand f K4'1u, +
and the reception
approaching marriage of their to

lost tioi.iplete brag Store In Martin Co. daughter, Joy Dorothea to Air '
: man Second Class William/ D. Register VlStTFD TilE FAIR rh ,. ?, A ;Nt ? ,aur
of Albany/ Ga He is now Mr and Mn. R J. Triay and y s
"*"'" "' ii mint II I ill I1 Wl i || i ii Ji f.I stationed at Charleston S. C. daughters the Misses Louise and

There really is NO Mr. K.,;*ur id graduate of Jenny Truly, and Mrs. 1 nay's
"PRICE"PRESCRIPTION Camdtn County High School mother, Mn G. M. Hancock, ',
Woodbine, Oa., floss Of, 19$1. have returned home from a visit ,, '. is'h
7J? BECAUSE Miss McPherson illa: OfM to the World Fair. While in New
A graduate '+5 .Is w ,+ r+k ti '
6.V' .. COULD SAVE YOUR .C,H,S., claw of 1962, And was I York they were the guests of Mr .,.a r a a f e '
/ LIFE! ,4r
a student nurse at Martin Memorial Hancock daughter Mrs A F. \
Hospital. She h now employed Marino, and family. .:< .
At Breword at Phoebe PuUiey Memorial f., lei S.' : 4 :i..
our everyday |low prices: ore es fair. Hospital of Albany Oat Mn. Cclcntia England is vacationing :
h' .our precrlption liIIlnll Is oeturate and w. The will tak'1.ldce the in Orono Me.. and re ,.;, rt "': ;- '
been busted with millIon 01 prnerlption, eerrmonla 22. cently wrote she it having a won. r
Brt1rlh9 you"rd".t proscription to Broword and at Sherwood Baptist Church, ,Albany defful time night-teeing, hiking, +' E' + a
"I save Ca A reception will follow and enjoying the many other at
at the church. Invitation are Is- tractions in that area 'B .t
YOU CAN'T roT HTm..WHY ,.,.. .r. --- --. --- ,,
PAY MORI? 3f f'

''You 're Looking for a Job ;?

PHILLIPS' ,MILK SCORE Better Attend This Show"How +r F' i t '

> w r"rL .A F w v ,''t M+ u
t ri .
OF MAGNESIA HAIR DRESS To Apply For A-Job U "Mrs. Virginia Vcazic who was \fi1 'y'' rtr 1 A!' 'r ,; u. ? { o 1 f ,V t

the title! of a skit to he presented I a delegate for the local chapter

12 Oi.. ,REO. 9gd9s t next Monday/ evening by the Stuart at the convention held recently in
National Secretaries
44 KING 69 Association Chapter r Washington, D. C 'at the Hotel
: C SIZE Sheraton Park, has returned with ,
The presentation will follow rhoorganization's many new ideas and goals for the BRIDES-ELFCT: FETED. Miss Nina Katherine King and Miss Reading from left to right: Mrs. John Morris, Mn William King, [
regular I busmen local chapter to try Mary Jo Luce weft guests of honor last Thursday at the home of Miss! King, Mrs. Thomas, Mn. William Toot, co-hostess; : Mis I
meet the Committee scheduled of for 100 7:30 office p.m.203 at 'The meeting for July 27 will Dr and Mn Paul O Thomas on Sago Drive, Jensen Beach. Luce:, Mrs Cliff Luce:, and Mn. Edwin McAllister. [

JULIA MAY 83'CREST' West t Ocean Boulevard. The skit be opened to all Interested Many f
will be under the direction: of the recent high school graduates have !
program chairman( MI'&. Rather- requested such a presentation.. Republican Club
Splash Cologne TOOTHPASTE
Inc Jeffers. Those interested in registering Meets
Those taking part from the local for employment should contact on TuesdayThe

FIVE C chapter will be, the 'Person Mrs. LindHcy, at 2874637 after Women's Republican Clih
FAMILY 55 nel Manager, Mis Pickem" portrayed 5 p.m.
SUMMER 89 of Martin County will hold its
SIZE Mr "Miss- interested in finding
by Midge Tracyi Employers regular July meeting on Tuiv
SCENTS Dolt.Wrong," Mn." John Rains, !secretaries may check with the '. r day, July 28 at 2:30: p.m. at the
and 'Miss Wright Mrs. R. C. club which now has an active em ,
Republican headquarters on Fast
Lmdsey, the chapter's pct\IdenL ,, ployment !
'Ocean Boulevard; across I the
GARDENELLA TARTAN itrett from the Tropic Furniture
file7P"7'' Company The meeting will beheld
s ,wr. r this month at the headquar
CANDLE{ Suntan t Lotion sa 'f w 'frm
NgTp NBI ( 41 JjTURN ABOUND, ihJ''t Community Room as usual I
KEEPS Members are 'asked to bring a
BUGS 49"EG.1.25 0 9 gift for the White Elephant table
AWAY SIZE. o r"r ''" f,m R Via ,I ,oro +A I i to it possible bring their. Members friends.are Bumper invited

stickers: and campaign buttons are

,nM available
\ r I Refreshments will be !served. !
/ a+ r I, r y+ C i, + I Club 400 Plans I

Fishing RodeoClub
Street in 'sponsoring | fishing rodeo
{ 16 OZ. JAR BURKE'S ..ate't .rtJ on July 29 at the Jitivn I

t Beach-Causeway for children" ages
M ; six 'to fifteen. Each child i i il to
I EI C + : ', tl .. ; r, f his own fishing pole Pnreswill
Y 4 .
+s p ; t rl+ hl+ given for the largest b smallest
t:4t funniest, and the most fish
Transportation. will be furnish
GREASELESS MEDICATED CREAM 7 'G. I nq Rq wnui e ar "'i \
KNOWN t + y 'j ed Those needing it are asked to
WAN i be' at the Stuart Civic Center on
Tenth Street 10 'clock. Following l.
Emergency relief from 0 by o
y ECONOMICAL 11 BUILDING the awarding of prizes+>, i
tUnburn and minor .
tyrns. _
. picnic' luncheon will be served ta

>r Pressed for space? Find out how little it costso suit your exact ;,r:' ?.?1'fy ,,,'.,tiC ',;, ,.r s' t the children
,i. ,
; ,
requirements with a new Building one 0 4' w s BAPTIST CIRCLE
euased that can be expanded at any time, easily and cheaply. 1200 !MtTON TUESDAY
n,. A.,... .a+ ...
basle unit*-* site and type for every'need. Let a talk it over.FREE The the
Mills Circle of
MabU, ?N/ M s MRS. WILLIAM TOOT, co-homes: and 1 Mrs. Paul O. Thomas hostess, prepare to see that two lovely First Baptist Church met at 10:30am
'+abwrahnae''aaw.rnrsw' ESTIMATES NO OBLIGATION, brides-elect Mus Mary Jo Luce and Miss Nina Kathenne King receive refreshments: at the recent ., Tuesday, 14. at the
ry A. party held in their honor. home of Mrs. Crews en
Two Brides-elect Miss King and Miss Luce The business meeting was con
REGULAR,1.2$ INC. ducted by Mn Crews and the

AYER PEARLIZED LIPSTICK 75'' 714 South Dixie 287-2558 Stuart, Florida Were Guests of Honor at Coffee Held Tuesday opening Fulfilling. R. C.prayer Its Turner Mission was"The offered," was Church the byMn

theme of the program and those
' REGULAR 3.49 BOTTLE OF 250, A .tv Miss Nina Katherine King. Smith, Mrs Ed Glee en, Mn. P. taking part were Mn Turner
I bride-elect of John B. Norris, and O Thomas Sr, Mr. Grant Cham- Mrs Ethel Haven, Mn Flora
SUPER VITAMINS MIM Mary Jo Luce brisle-elect Berlin, Mrs Paul Bryant Mrs. Delaney and Mn D L. Silvers.
of B. lerry McAllister, were guests David Irone'Mrs.' Glenn Thomas, Following the business mcemi
Of honor last Thursday morning Mrs. Diana Cabre, Mn. Dale Hudson a delicious luncheon was served,
when Mr Paul Thomas and Mrs Mrs. Dennis Hudson Jr. In addition to those mentioned
BOOK MATCHES He William Todt entertained with a MM James Clark Jr,Mn, Anita other attending were Mrs, John
o tr1Ili? r coffee at the Thomas' home on Compton. Mn. !Ida Allen, Mn. Antoch and Mrs, J, W, MarsonMr .
Sago Drive in Jenwn. Beach. Marvin Keller Mrs.'Carl Turner.

COMPARE AND SAYEI PKG. OF 20 rt Arrangements of pink and white Mn. William Owens, Mn. Kate and Mrv Herbert Bruncr
59t gladioli were used effectivelyihtoughat Leonard, Mn. R. J. Randolph, and children Jeff David, Kathy
FRESH V CLEAN TowELETT s ,. 1 the spacious front Mr*. Cad* Fo* Mn. Dale Hip.. and Peggy, left fat weekend on *
+, room ami the refreshment table, ton..Mrs. Bruce lox, Mn, Oeorge vacation trip to Georgia and North
overlaid with l a linen banquet Perkins Mrs. Margaret Carolina
i with Mn. !Ira
l cloth 'was: centered an arrangement Broome. Mn M a ry ? wp
THERAPEUTIC 'M1 3.29MEDIQUIK 1 of pink carnations. Appointments ftroome, Mn. W. C. C'08" Jr.
on the table included Mn. Herbert Bruner Mrs. Jerry
i ., :. 1YIORTG-.A. :E.LO.A.N"S silver and Crystal and refreshments Meggeq Mrs. Cecil Johns, Mn.
..' x were 'served by Mrs. Margaret Stanley Smith, Mn. Norma ,
< : 1it : FOUNTAIN SPE IAI Heckler. ion. Mn. Richard HupfeL JoII'-1

f When tie honoreet arrived at John Murchinsnn. Mn John
?: < .. ; Enjoy the petty :they were presented Ir" Miss", Ikxry *"' Mn. 'Fred "
} : with corsage of carnations and) Stafford. Miss Lyne O'Kelly. ? t tpz
Heady to buy
Stop M
I : a POLAR fLOAT gifts of sirvtr" by the hostesses. Miss Karen Sadie
Mr.. Hah LLce1rs., alterpSrsons f
Tousled guests were: hen
y 1 with and set facts and figure about old Burtt), Mrs. John W Wolf Harold Lucc:. M",. William Ro1. .
;i', ir 5 13; c ( : t. Jr. .M..... Robert Messing, Mrs. loa, Mrv Fannie Jacksnrr MiN I a ?i xl )
? ,
19 oat Mortgage Wan" tau smice Margaret ,Zcott. bin Cliff Raw. Judy Jactron Mist Carolyn loha. {
1 ..,R, sm &pins, M..... James Mills Mn. John 100. Mn T. H. Thurlow. Mn. '
't" vonvtnwm (cad monry-Mving) terms Falconer.: ,M.... Pfeiffer Trow-' Joe Grtenlees. Mn. A. O. Pitt.
.' bridge, M.... James Kelley, Mrs. man Jr, Mn. Radio Belle Xtlll: .
,: ton O Kelly, Mn. Freddie Craw, tofn. D, L WiIIi.m. Mis& tym
fad ben. Henry Schwab Mrs. hfsuldia 11ta. Ellen Luce. Nln!
ARE M $prO r; ...., John Memtnger Curt Otto Mn. Henry CMw.
Owry ,), ... M..... ABen Pitchford. M..... C kin John Leightoo,, Sr Y .
OVERWEIGH1., Pain i R. A+M y, M.... Walter Davey. Mrs. Jelm Uighton Jr- ),fn. .
.. tot..... Boyne McPherson Mrs. Fred Van Srmth. tot",. Cull 1.
Try IwAyJ. .. '1.... T.h... I 1.-. .V ifOjpromot. OMMUNITVEDERAL Rhodes Mrs. George Jones Mn. M.* &gse Kirby, Miuai; : Mn. I Wtkp0/it
e.llnaidUdw_il.\ Fred Stafford Mrs.. Karl KruegerMia Edwin t.fcAJ1Nfto. Mn Charles ra r."
e.1..1.4. .rlr .ut\.Iwr.r yn REG LflKe Mae King. Miss Kate JoIINoft Jr. IndilMown Mrs, I ?e?
:lr. 1.49 ..!I'i' Moore. M.... Oeorfe Parks. Mrs RkMnt s-k. Holle Sound Mn,
: : :: :: : "r' ;
: ,
'Ii. ri Jotrt 8.
r bktris
.. I... _Iht.......nr 9 rAVINGS Bernard Coker ..... Grower King, Lake leiq and the I j0. to
eR4 ..N.IudL N.r1 i tot.... Drew King M... Jim Craw hunore. IIIOdIen. )fRo WiJlia.. I (
N:;.Ira 3x:.iwr; 0:ti I I ford. M..... Bfor Garter* Mrs.. V, lIina Ud dn.. Co M. Luc.. r.j M f, ,
$... 'Us. ; "' tf LOAM A* OCITIOU Charles Porter Mn.'iUi.am. BcrMrs. I ,.
.wrtr M4 >
ar f IRST-AIO SPRAY I .r.H.e .eaaM.Ife Ne I. I ry.I .. Nr. and. V":1"'n..1L: Ons, 9 9.tilt
; I IoU B B. Fred Bur their dauth4cr. Gaol atbpn ,,
:4t'&Jt'A'CIINDf, OUR THE JUPITER OFFICE, key Mrs. WBiam Scott. N... Loo modIrr. 1m.. 1utIer. Fen.bs 1a..n' .- I

.:- PRICE 1.09 'n N.rth Ahamah AlA '"' 'i Tyson.Ralph Dane Mn.,,bees C E aWl Mae.Shuifrfe.Mrs. Mrs.. Radesstrro,Nom yb ttIeir home.

7MildPat Bruce Sprakties .tn. EdHauetMteia. '
1 J Snow Mgr.wcao to.,.. Beta ShMrt bra C pespet n. and CRY A'DfCY ',

A )...... Henry Kindred. Mrs. W A. beetN .Tvieiaedli the '-t '
.sea \ OvsMrmsk Un..4L'Yo lohfisM.MJs. tbeG cmdautd... ... sa. 1'docnbuq ,.121 tIII..nItux. >>,A Yr.N'CE'II1D8o.
Now( .
lot GowdHr.: Mn.'"O, C ... '
a 1IIItt .. JI1.eII .


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4-B THE STl ART (I1a NEWS Thursday July :!. 1964 I Watsons were visiting Mrs. Pischl! : --
: of Water
Ocean Breeze sister Mrs. Benoit m Miami. I Three-year Study RIO NEWS

,I If I ''f + Y Park News her Mrs.Rummola Leonard at her Club home Smith Saturday on entertained Broad afternoon I I Supplies Is Joint Project !SIRS CorrespondentAT C. B. I1EASLEY

Street, and Mr. undertaken hy
William Beau- Is !bung
A three of the freshwater cent areas
ar study
ROXY 7.0881yaMMMaMarMtak.
"li clerk: entertained her on Tuesday' I\ several federal and state aJCl1cleOne -\
I II II II Ii Ii Courespondcnt \ afternoon I i supplies of southeast Florida (study involving/ the gathering .
comprising! riost of the Central and water needs datais
I p pI ,,.. 'GI 11I1| Mrs Bcrnw Garms has returned and Southern Florida Flood of now water underway use by the Corps of RIO CLUB CARD pun
I i ti r drl, i R .;1 tnp rr .vr I Mr and Mrs. Archie Wilcox) I II from a visit with her IOn and Control District as "well as adja- Engineers the Flood Control District Ten tables were in play 41 tom:
I t'' iYr Mss1 I have left on their vacation and l| family in Sarasota. and the Florida Board ol July 14 card: pany Mr;. lack
i I will be visiting Cleveland Ohio. Mr and Mr. AI Brobcrg have Conservation Division of Water Sharer and Mrs. Reuben DoMir
I returned from their vacation, and Towers, Roy' Enfold and thehostess Resources A study of the effectof were the hot>tclbCS. The door pfU,
I I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Huffman Mrs. Broberg has assumed her Trudy Chinas. Four the Flood Control District'sworks was won by Mn Arnold Ruckcb
! a w have returned from an extensive duties at Martin Memorial Hospital prizes were awarded to top and on the fresh-water supplieswas Table prizes were won b> Mr\<
I trip in the West I !. r bottom; scorers. initiated July 1 by the U S. Wilbert Carr, Mr Joe Robinson
Cooperatingin Mrs R Dowler, Mrs. W.
I Mr, and Mrs AI Gcebons have I Mrs. Priftcilla Griffith has gone I Mr and Mrs Art Johnson! ) have Geological financing Survey.the study are the to Mn J. Lcchner MIC Okamo Nson,
left for a vacation with the first ; to her daughter home in Beckley returned from a visit of several Flood Control District, the counties Miss Alice M. Paul, Mrs, lath-
.4 atop in Hendersonville, N. C I W. Va., for an indefinite visit weeks with, their children near of Broward Dade and Palm eryn Schuman, Mrs. Henn .
She Is the eldest resident in the Detroit, Mich., and report that of West Palm
cities Mrs. Lee
We are glad that Art Cannon Beach and the : Stockwcll and Mrs
park, and i ia not they are glad to be in Florida'ssunshine
Is home from Martin Memorial too well at the Beach and Miami H. Klein
44 degrees
Hospital and is getting on nicely present time in Detroit again as most it of was the time. The U. S. Geological Survey The next party will be July :sat .
Word has been received that will evaluate the total effect of the 1 pmP .
Mrs Mary Adrean it leaving the of Word has been received from canals, pumping elution, "
ton Mr !
and Mrs. Virgil levees
for a visit with her daughter and ,\RI-Y FOR !\IRS. Sys EAT
Myers died recently The Myersare Mrs. Eric Fischer: in upper New spillways, and water reservoirs created
family in Columbus, Ohio She former resident of the park. York State that she has not had for the Flood Control District Mrs. Titus Sweat who I is con:
will visit her \son and wife in Ohio her furnace off sine. returning, over the past fifteen years. vale cina from surgery at the
Mr and Mrs Tom Payne and Mr and Mrs Earl Gordon have and that the Bill Downeys have The changes In hydrology and home of her daughter, Mr Wil
her sister. Mrs. Charles Aiken, left for a vacation at their former had wood! fires since their return. ground-water levels which have lard Brady was surprised recent.
will be 'leaving the latter part of home In Milan, Mich. We can well see that Florida is a taken place, as a result of the tly by friends from Sebastian and
FIi- this week for Sarasota. where the Mrs. Otto Chihasz entertainedtwo great place to live. construction! and operation 0 f West Palm Beach, who came to
I home FCD works, will be carefully evaluated help celebrate her birthday.
Paynes are building a new tables of bridge/ at her homeon The shuffler are still enjoying
Mrs Aiken will monthor Refreshments were served,
visit for a Sixth Street Thursday afternoonin In.
the shuffleboard courts in the evening The study will cost $63.000 and eluding two beautiful
to honor of Mrs. Harry Doring'sbirthday birthday
and the clubis
The weekly bridge will be financed by the federal cakes baked by Mrs Gertrude
P .' Miss" Linda K. Jones of Indianapolis were alllO functioning, as well as the Rio. She
the state as represented Jones pf received
"tt flowers and balloons, and the desMr government many)
"" Pinochle Club that meets on Thursday -
y Ind., is returning home by the Flood Control District cards and gifts and each guest:
R. and her grandmother Mrs Grace and Mr. Bill Tower have at the clubhouse and by the local interests The U. personal autograph on the cast
Harvey will accompany her for a returned from a visit with Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rodrique! Lewis S. Gcogohcal Survey will pay half of her lea.ThO'ie .
rata t visit of several wicks They will Towers' mother and other rela- and son Mike from Blythesvillc, the cost Each of the cities and attending were Mrs. M,
be in Miami before flying to Indianapolis tives In Atlanta, Ga. Ark, are visiting Mr. Lewis' parents counties participating is contrib-- Ware Mrs Effie Stephenson, Ma
sort was ice cream and cakes. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lewis. uting $1.300 and the Flood Control Annie Kitching Mrs. Bessie Gran-
Mr and Mrs. AI Pischl spent Happy birthday was sung by, Rodrique Lewis will soon builda District is providing the re- than Mrs Ruth Volker J. E,
a Y Saturday with their niece and hus- Mrs. Jerry McNamara Agnes Cor- home in Jensen Beach mamma $4000 -- -- Butler. Mr and Mrs. Hal Brcxijh
band. Mr and Mrs James Watson 11 si, Myrt Huntington, Eva Don -- ---- -- -- -- -- ton Mrs Beverly Smith and Fred
: ttLL SPEED: AHEAD Yacht cruises down (the St. LucieIt's -..... asap,vvs''' raas.rr eras Smith
v- '
from Cedar Grove, N J The aldson Vincie Scamehorn Lillian 1'0/
II, -- ----....--. -. ... -----___.- __-.-_ __

.' { Mr and Mrs Frank R lullald
f J MYRTLE WHITMAN, Correspondent AT 7-17fiA just returned from a MX wcvks

Himniltl'irIT':. .K s 55 5S5"-"iIt....7iba'hmai.',', ..11I.S.' 55MIS.S5.S I :R'+ visit in the vicinity of Elmgroveand
j. C ". Waukesha WiThey were
I American: flag on the Jensen Beach visiting their son and two daughters .
all taste. aftertaste I Legion Post I Is causeway: which was begun on and attended the high school
. .. June 23. This has continued uninterruptedly graduation of their oldest grandson ,
Mark Vetter. Mark was awarded -
f' \\ >' \ Embarking Upon through the effortsof a four-year scholarship to Buck-
.... ,. .. +tMMx I \ I Ed Snyder Jack Lucas William nell University Lewisburg, Pa.
Many Projects St Clair, )Jack Smouse and Gene Their eleventh grandchild was
,.. Grimm More of the post members born to Mr and Mrs. James Chase
: St vff :av / kk I I are volunteering their I services She Is the fifth daughter for the
3 Several new projects were endorsed for this project as they return Chases They have named her
\ 3 M: : It) by the Jensen Beach Ames I from their vacations. Joan Helen. She is also the eleventh
-. I : t1 a : lean Legion Post 126 at a recent I The next meeting of the post I grandchild for the Chases; of
1- i meeting It was decided to purchasean will be on Monday, July 27 at Waukesha as well as the Ran-
: !I":
; d
) I s ; air-conditioner for the new re- I 8 p.m. walds of Rio.
I creation building i
}'I I I If'" 1 I.. \- .-:,.r :) '::5 Jack Smouse, committee chair
.,' ," I' man. reported on :obtaining and Where this emblem h displayed, you are

I.p., I. 'a e a ,t+ \8yyjx. ",'a( .*r I :> $ y : r' + 1r installing Post a location sign marking which the can Legion be- assured of the finest insurance servicein

i : t 'I. seen from 707-A. the land.
: l' \ t : "' "'. ... act' committee: was appointed to
\ 'aI what could bef done about
.,... clearing and landscaping the
r '' ft ( "" r f : grounds around the home
tt'! I \
t' '
,\ .\ t Another project of community
service undertaken by members
... I ;ft is that of raising and lowering! the .xm t, +

'. VA"v 1.N
i 1' 'j I ,
.: r :, .. i : -.1 1 Will Visit N.Y., .
I I II 1,
'4'r: 'r
I Vr Mich. and Ind.

I II : I ,
I Leaving Jensen Beach 0 n
:<<, I Thursday. July 23. Mrs. Helen
; ": .J..l JI,. ,. .L Richardson of Clarissa Road, will W. B. TILTON
; ',"" visit Fred, and Mary Meyers, winter
,J. .d + residents of this area, at their
r.. ; s summer home in Edgcwater, N. Since 1921INSURANCE

I .. .- -- .- J. Accompanied by them she will
1 I attend the U.N. Seminar at the
'.' Church Center, United Nations AGENCY;
I : Plaza, New York, City, Monday,
July 27.From. JENSEN BEACH AT 74411
New York. Mrs Richardson .
will go to Northfiekl Mass
-\1 1r to attend the National Council of
Community Churches meeting
S there from July 28 through Aug,
1 DIETS + I. Mrs Richordsori who Is vice
r president of the Women's Fellowship -
of the National Council will
represent the Jensen ,Beach Com ;
F munity Church. ,
1PEPStJr Before returning to J. n ten S s EY
PEPS1. Beach: Mrs. Richardson plans to I
visit her son Charles N. Richardson -
and family in Farmington I
Mich., and her daughter, Mn. MO '
Bibbee& and family in
mo, Ind.

Surprise KOlO-I I

Mrs Chris Cornell entertained,
Saturday afternoon, July 18, at
+ c
) tr a dessert card party and a surprisecard r'r
d M tl'1 shower honoring Mrs. Helen I ... .' N+
+ Richardson who was celebrating
l'r'% 1 I her birthday
Her guests Included the follow
Ins Mrs. Edwin Miller Mn. Mar-
ry Miller, Mr. Mrs 4
VM; James Price Mrs Tan Ftusher

L1J1 r Mrs. Carl Hour. Mrs. William i
I1i5L Mercer, Mn l Chris Kalb. .
France Hubbell Mrs. Mack Cote
telk' and the honor guest Mrs. ,
I dav

NOW YOU CAN HAVE YOUR COLA AND DIET TOO prize Mrs.Richardson.Prizes Miller Edwin to for Mr and*Miller.high Price"" :the scorn and consolation Mrs.went Harry to.I i I' t{

Mr. and Mrs.: William Tower
of Ocean Breeze Park returned I
recently from Atlanta Gan where
Vr they spent t'oo>weeks visiting Mrs..
Towers mother and other mem-I
.. ben of. her family.

t' :.J bliss Karen Clusiuu" of Sayvillt gals

... d(1.-'.. al; Long Island N. Y.. is vision Kath-
/ S leen Riky. daughter of Mr and i

;: S 7 \", A 1 Dnve.Mn.. Charles Jensen.. Riley.Beach. 227 Linda oothe

"" a_
: I IT .

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flavor to cut down calories. New Diet Pepsi Pepsi-Co, has less than one little calorie Jensen Palm Beach Beach.Hotel Has 1 returned following to hot-the

is all taste-that famous regular-Pepsi PEPSI in a whole bottle. Best diet cola you ever piuhtauo la St Mary Hospital. '

taste. There's not a trace of the unpleasant tasted? We'll stake our name on ltd! Get She friends wishes In; this k>community thank her for maayi their |t

aftertaste you find in ordinary diet ..... a carton of new Diet Pepsi today. kosher Ihoughtfulaesa card and I
a 4 M remembrance*. J hate count of town runM k4

Mth'rtab 8T PAUl BKACHBOTT1.I>O VtORK wwr '.u.M BKACH. KIA. tM.fcR U"fOl\TM" J YT THO FU-flt-tlXJl Cl' >>>"UT. s.t.. )> t, NtUUIi I II

.... .



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,> \


Thursday, My 23, 1964
r Ii'-
k1 p .

f 70R4c47iLL I




SIP[[ 'hwt# ;NJ ['1 J:.4 .!>"sscrvw. !III.I> 118I ....-..,,,. --4I. "......lJL..ncw1ItI\ I u, ....,'T' ,"','''''_ 1- r 1 DFMrtLAlS PLANWATERMbLON

FOR RENT $1FURNISHED SPECIAL: NOTICES .5 Seek+e Offered, Mlsq 71 REAL ESTATE+ FOR SALE !II.. Real) Errata For Sate. 90 Real Fja.<. For Sale '0 I SALE

i 1)4! ..ttIb.4 b.. J A. ..".,.." ..... J.. J L J... m. .. ,_.:p"" vtttallrrs01lri1wsMlMr-w, '1 ssll.. ...., .-41.41 ..J:. _--4 I.t I .a.A The Acacia Chapter. DeMolay.will .

DIAL.. fowr-bexlroom CARPETS clean easier with the RAY COOKE'S Sfptk Tlmk Sees FOR Sale: 'Across from school OVER 12 acres of fme high kind !O{)'+ ROUTE I frontage on 4- hold a watermelon sale as a
thr 'e4fttti 'howe to Stuart' BxCrptionalfy BHie Lustre Etettrtc Shamrxioer. : fee Cleaning and repairing. Also duplex two otic: Bedroom spaN with 156': RlVMrRONr lined U. S. I 1. For the very low fund-raising project at the beach
ATlanti7.1550To well built and furmXh- only $1 1 per day.. Hartman ich- i drain 'fields repaired and re-laid men I..Lirtnj roohis. dinettes baths! Charming 'old 10-robm( f ra",r f price of S'O.OO per fit, ft. Roland in Jensen on Sunday. July 26( from
ed. Reference. Season or yearly ton Furniture, o0 'S. Dixie' Hit. ,Dial AT 7.06Sl .T'7-9862.. tf(71)si ( ) new 'tile floor, hew screens, hot home 5 bedrooms. Actor garage Reahor, 729 Colorado I to 4 p..m.Ahout .

Place Your IAST SFLLING Box 165.. Stuart' tf (15)) ._ 7-23 ((55)!) I --- -- --- water' h /ateYs, one Apartment rent. and sh p.)>rkec1 at onYJO.OOO! : :: ( ),fto 7-23 ((90)20O' ) two-thirds of the human
-- --- WHEEL ALIGNMENT and TIRE ed. $7.900.00. 287.5055.7.23 (90)) to settle esfafe: 29% down. Roland -
Ft> Rent ( WANT the best price for earl race still uses wood as a cooking
AD : DasMers.N Cat. Rcautifnl your I BALANCING with Bear Equipment -- -- G. Lueder, Realtor, 729 Cbkv frontage on taned Route 1.
COS-Tl' 1 Moontam Retreat home. 6 Call) Jack Bruiel at 287.1214.. by trained i mechanic will pay CANAL lot off St Lucie. Lot No rado Ave. Stuart 7.23 ((90)) Improvements! are 2 bedroom fuel
bedrooms' 2 baths futni l'Ied. Fire.place. Merkle Motors Inc. tf ((551AL.COHOWCANONYMOU for (itself In tire wear. We have the 5, Harbor Estates 100x125 -- --_- -.- house! CBS bklg with 2 efficiency:
NEWS WANT ADS Central' "heat. Gorgeous i :equipment end men. Your friendly Best offer Over 2500. Lou Bock. TWO bedroom home with tile apartments and ddL al" suitable Real Estate For Sale 90

RATE Five cents view. Landscaped grMndxnear' meet at 8.30: ( p.M.'tery' Wednesday : Dodge slealer. ULMER MO. err, 4940 N* E, 27 Ten, Pom- bath on large lot, carport, awnings for office i or units Only I
word minimum: charge pet average Inner center of" town Available 'Au&I.I I. at the Community Church, TORS or Dial AT 7-3355jf (7j$) patio. 'beach!!., Fla. 399-0204. tf(90)( ) and fireplace nicely furnished $20XX)00( ) Terms Rpland GLuifder J
Phone:..146-J1TI. 7. Realtor 729 Colorado OWNER\
3(35)EAT. ( ) must sell building lots
for Jensen Beach. For ed $8./OO. Dial 287-0070, or aft.er
lion $100 ( up.to twenty Information
? TERRAZZO ''Tn and Marble. CHOICE LOT. Sea Gate Harbor Ave.. Stuart. 7-23 ((90)20ACRfi ) in Near churches
Phone AT 7.33'1. e 6 If St)pmann area.
average words). Words In ALL ? clean 1 ,, *. jnch away- ----. .. tf (55)) i W. H. Wagner Cft At "M880 110 ft, waterfront, Call AT 7- pm 287-2102.--_ _((90)) schools, hospital library 8 lots
CAPITAL LETTERS, except first from town. Furnished.. efficiencies AUTOMOBILE 'UrivittJ' Instructions or Art' 7.1696. tf (71)) 6377. 7-23 _((90)) 1500' of good deep waterfrontfor : tract on paved road. at less than SIS per foot. Make
word count two words each. -
as The best of neiah orJ. $4.5 in. your car by licensed only $30.00 per frt. ft. See High ground partially cleared offer. M. P. Nelson Real Estate,
White space above or below or Dorothy Apartments, 211 tkslorides hisrructor Phone 287-K210'' WE Specialize/ Window and screen FOR Sate by Ownt11.4 100 ft waterfront this priced right t..1n 'ltnieht"rropo with excellent- drainage 15 minute 325 E. Ocean Blvd 287-3566
within ad will be charged as die Ave, 287-4837 8-13 ((35)) 7.23 ((55)) repair GlasH I replacement, parts / and Td erty today. Roland G. Lueder, from.downtown Stuart Only 7.23 ((90))
tunber of words}five) that could --- -1411I.. I II r *_ 11 and service -Custom werk 'Alummum ; SacrifKJO at $29 a foot 7- Realtor, 129 Colorado Ave., Slu- $495 per acre Terms M. P. Nelson ...
be printed in the blank line, or SFMINOLE" Shores Apartments. exlrtmoTvs./ ..-Builder* Supply a-. _.......,.. tf ((90)) art. 7-23 ((90)WAltRFRONTSlot ) Real Estate 325 E. Ocean -
25 cents per line Nf>w is the'iftle'f make reservations USED CARS & IRUCkS 58 Service, Inc. AT)-2)48.} 8-6 ((7lj) |t __ Blvd.. 287-3566 7-23 ((90)) Real Pilate Wanted 96
.. ...
.. ..
: -
for one of the three hew FOUR bedroom waterfront home. --- -- -- -
Clussifiedr' 'J IIII.PI4.ItI..a. ,.
"Display r a t e k on : jUJ:$ application. Riverfront, 2.feedrdbm Iptrtments, Oft Sulc1959: 'ord VictoriA HAVE droll fthlldozA, Tttctor, Will trade for vacant. .land Write trees 'On Hidden River Northwest I BAHAMA Terrace Cozy :2 bed-
two blocks from >courthouse All Mower and thso Win Wear. Ma, Box k3'Stnart'Pla. tf ((90)) of room. I bath tile roof, cornftact WANTED TO BUY. House on
hardtop, tilcfe Und! dean. Will of Puirn Ctly..1. '0' North
These are cash rates, for ...ds electric Central air-conditiomng: cut Wes. Fence posts end. pilings kitchen eating porch circular the water. Canal or river. NO
ell or 1 trade Call Sandy's TrailerPark : new Murphy Road Access to St.
: ;;
brought or mailed V The Stuart and cheating! : 'Unfurnished tr furfkhed. & Sate 287-5788 7-23(58)( for ... Lawton Wall, Phone AT FOR Sale: T> tpJ south of Stuart Lucie Rivet. 100x126 High and drive Reduced to $13,600 approximately REALTORS: Call AT 7.6181 aft
News with payment.tlf you are a Adults only References! re ----- -- ) 71401. tf ((71)) Fully furnished room for dry Paved road. U2.250, terms. $1.6V) cash and take er 500: _. pm. 7.23 ((96))
Stuart News mail subscriber1 quired. Budding to be ready for FOR Sale: 1956 'Chrysler New expansion. "$10.300. Call AT 7- over mortgage. M T. Nelson Real -
or are .......... L L..4I oW: Kenneth P. Foster, Inc. Realtor, 'It.-
occupancy j\uimu II. Yorker Ibis I 1950. ,tt(90)( ) Estate, 325! E. Ocean Blvd. 287-
listed in the Stuart telephone direc rJ"onla"ctOwner Is a bower house! 2309 North Dixie West Paint
287.1 197. lot 55 Sen,. Wilt'' sell! Cull PLANTS .*. VICE* :It + -- ((90)) For Sale, Miscellaneous 178
'ad 1:1. 'ot trade Sandys J56IS; J-23
'tory you can placet your by tele SALT ERNb: Area 1 1.2: mires West Beach. TC 3-3607. 7.30 ((90)) .
phone. Dial ATltftitlc' ,7-1330 and mole Street,. uart. ._ tf ((35)) Trailer Park and Sales 287. 7118. u. ... -- -- -- --- ---j
from U. S WATERFRONT 3 BR. 2 Path
Not 1. Salerno road
icy "I want to place Vant-ad' ." 1'\\11\ room' *rtn1 7.23 ((58)) PLANTS Sprinkler systems, to Smith road, then 14 mile North NO' aTH RIVER SHORES HOME. Panoramic;. View of Indian'Rieer. :

........... \ .t.1I'!! '_ furnished $ec: nlltomtlleteIY'j; FOR Sale: 1959 Renault'Duuphine landscaping: sod. Fastest grow to Darling road Signs. on property CBS .:2 bedrooms, I bath Large Owner In North. Sacrifice at WE'VE GOT THE
South Federal Hwy. 4-dodr sedan Very !trice condi dig nursery In Martin Coimty, Pel-) 10 acres $6,500. Excellent! rooms fireplace in 'living room. $21.500 now Terms Ruth H. W.
Give your mail t I address as 2871297. tf X35)( ) Linn throughout Good paint Excellent kan Nursery\ Loop Road (!J.76A), terms. enneth p, Foster, Inc., Cork tile and vinyl l/loors. Awning Freeman Broker, 287.3202. WW ;/
well as your telephone Dura / gas mileage $275 Phone Palm City.. AT 7-i<]18. .I tf_( 75)_ ) Realtor 2309 North Dixie. West windows Large screened porch. 7.23 (90))
ber in your wamVad The Stuart ATTRACTIVE. elllcJency) : cottage, AT 7.2873. 7-23 Palm Established" landscaping with beau. -
Beach TE
News has hundreds bf Rid./ Pleasant location: within ((58)) cocos"( PLUMOSA PALMS ''S, :. "3-3607 7-20(90): ( ) tiful palms/pines, fkwerhrgshrubs) BEST.waterfront buy 2 bedroom,
out-of-state sutftcrl&crs.% who eauydl"ten* .e ,of cloak. facilities.RAnonaMe $tUR Sale: 1958 Iinc6ln"Cbnti"flental ;; l. ft $1\\.00 each. Flame Passion, HUTCHINSON Island Tuildmg citrus and mango Ovemied utility I bath new CBS Must be sold RIO
are your best 'possible"prospects year-rodnd rates: flAT \ HarultSb. ir-eonditi n. Stephonotls "Vines, Powdet Puff. lot for $450000 apartment roots' and earport Besutirulrivervibw Nice'waterfront view Only BOAT & MOTOR SALES Inc.
for real estate sales and 7-2583 after S pm. or writeB. ed, full power equipped. Car in Bottlcbrufli t'lru's'I; ii "Manpo sites for 500000. Newly subdivided hx SI5.VX)00. SHOWN 13500. M P. Nelson I2it MO It.... TW Rte AT .,-....
rentals!, boats help wanted, J. Abbott, Star Route. Jensen mint fccnHhtibn. See at Jimmy's Jabouticaba, Avocado, Cey tract between.the 2 brtdpes( BY APPO1NTMENT'ONLY, talc.: 325 E Ocean I tr (ITS
gardening, trsilon, and serve Beach, Fky !tf ((35)) Colonial Station North of Stuart: Ion Peach Macadamia Nut Roland C>. Luciler Realtor, 729 .PLEASF. Roland,G.\uMcr.. Realtor I 3566__ 7-23 ((90))
ices. ---' s- Oft U. S. No. I 1. or:pall= 281550: trees Pineapples, Rtnp berry, Colorado Ave;.>Sluart 7.23'1'90)(' ) 729 Colorado\ Ave, :Stuart .. __ I
FOR Rent1 1 be 'oom'tuenishtd" 1boo.e ,between B atn-5 pm.2S(58)( ) Stfalvhcrry, GuaVa.: VISIT( End- 7-23 ((90))
tri Palm City 'til l Nov. 1 1. : .: en Nursery White tlty. 7-30(75)( ) $100. ,DoWN!! Government ac+ ir _- : REAL mATE FOR SALE .19C.

No children or pets, $65 permonth FOR Sale: Beach Buggy with tag. quired homes, 2 bedroom and ROUTE I TRONTAGE IN CITY' _,1".4- .__..JI; _.._,.L__ '. J:.. ..
REGULAR (1ASSIFICA nONSI Phone RaMi TtaVrmdn Ready to,gb. Will sacrifice Call b. 3 bcdrexwnt j Port St Lucie C. L. OF STUART. Tract '125'x230! .. .

(Numbers overl69.jreYer) to die Real .Estate AT 7-4600.. 7-23 ((35)) 287-3658 after. 6:00: .p.m,. 7.23(58)'BOA1'9' ( ) For Sale Miscellaneous ft Smith Broker 203 An ale- Road, Prime -toeation e $3600000 with
classified ads, >hich ;; : ."A..,-. .IHI AJ.uc.... iii.I.... -r- a: '" Fort Pierce. -} O 4-1209. F,.- excellent terms. Rotirhd G. Lueder
play appear COTTAGE for rent. Clean led nlhis. /ftrtd. Sundays. HO 16329. Realtor, 729 Colorado Ave. Stuart .
after the end of the smaller ads,4n & SERVICES 63 .
comfortable $U a week. Call MUSICAL INS'TkU'MtNtl' 8-6(90)) ?-,23 ((90)tRa1n ) B. ARBOGASTREALTOR
numerical order. Be sure to look 287-0902( after 6 o'clock tf ((35)) ._1:. 11M LL- __ A. ._... -- ..== .::1-:: ,=::=----.L.._.: _=:.
In both places,) ".. SRY wtaaaeNaa.eit 17""fIJ.! .
RELIABLE 10 Johnson Lowest Prices la Florida
h.p. out
rtR RENT 35-135 home with pool board motor, 1958 Model, With ESTABLISHED 1925
FOR RENT OR SALE 38-131 for rent. Furnished or unfurnlshed. pas tank in good condition price' GUfrtRSiDftt/MS : PIANOS t .. l U II kl 4J4.:1.: ......
WANTED TRENt 40-u Call 287-0 48. tf ((35)) is reasonable See Herb 'It Anchorage ORGANS I 252 OsceoM Avenue Stuart .- AT 7-H40(

IN Stuart across from school Marina Rio. 7-23 ((63)AUTHORIZED )
IIELP WANTED 43-143 ,One bedroom, hath kitchen, tASYtfikMSMORlTZ Self-Contaitled & Semi.Self.Contained' PROFESSIONAL EXCHANGE BUILDING
lotinson Dealer,
48 -14*

Bunnies Employment OpportunitiesLOST 50-150 and living tile and floors.d lftlte.Furnished Newly painted. 2875055. Hood Complete selection Sates of ,dependable Service, Part Used PIANO CO. REVELLA, PICKUP COACHES Our )best Buy

93 153 tf 112 'No. 5th Street .
& FOUNT ((35)) 1 Motors. Expert Factory-Trained .
SCHOOLS 84+154 Mechanic I CASA RIO BOAT A R PJerce) Fla. Pb. 4614W7 '
ONE bedroom furnished! cottage 21 LOTS 11 OF ARE
SPECIAL NOTICES 59 158. facing 'river. With ciirportc. $55 MQ'TORSALES.: Ins-.0 Rt. 100 tf4l ) r ,mI
USED CARS .8-151'' plus utilities' Cull, AT 7-2137 I In Rio AT 7-0944. .tf (63 k T a.f U a 51eMtl itoctlDca.: .' WATERFRONT -

'NEW CARS D160BOATS" _.7.23-((35)) OUTBOARD MOTORS REPAIR. knee pads ankldu l< SERVICES 63-163 i ROOMS for rent In. private home ED We have parts for all Drug. Corp) tf ((781
--- --
TRAILERS ft SERVICES 68-168 619JEast5lh Si, Wuart. tf ((15)) popular makes. Can test your cod
and condenser Ulmer MetA Dial SEWJNG NJMhine( White Zlgzaf Our Rest BuyMMMM
Services Offered, Ml*, 71-11"3 ON the Wmer" : Tie* "dupieT''Sudni \ AT 7-3355. Your Friendly iJodee bile to divorce I have a like
PLANTS SERVICES 75-175 I. Cfficilneks'Pur lihed, CaJ dealer tf ((63)) new .1964 aH( matic zigzag that

F.r Sale Miscellaneous 78-178 Ihedral ceilings. Colored tile both, does everything, does all fancy S
Wanted To Buy (Misc.) 8|-; 181MOVING tub and shower Kitchens by Frig- FOR SALE: Complete I line t 11'1" idairt. brfhanfe btcts. large tree. Marine Sunpliee, Marine Paints, tons and many more things Please
STORAGE Marine Hardware-everything for take $f I
shoded porchda.'Plus II 0' Fishing up payment at > frirVrxflUh.
Real Estate For Sale 90:-1<0 1 boat. WhiUcar: Boat Works, '
Pier,'lighted.. Adlills Sea Gate Villas your Very small balance. !CD HO A- ONLY 'CBS Two
Real Estate Waetrt l 96-W i iII \ Uvhthou' Point. P. O Box Port Bean tf'(63) 3601. 7)0 ((78)) 39.050 1960 Bedroom One
) Beth, Florida Room Hurricane Awning Taxes $26.84 per
153), Siwart 2871657.W3 16' Lapstrake Boat built in Denmark Supplies5 IP OH BOTTLrT GAS
>- Jl 11.. \ (35)) HAND with W mahowny 35h All supplies avail Will buy, sell, trade for, or accept on consignment your wed '
FOR RENT 33Twojl 'TWO 'bedroom unfurnished Apt, .p. engine just rebuilt No leaks) able. Fret instruction with pur trailer. SNUG AS A BUG-.nd FURNISHED too-For Only $12,800.
-. A Onceoki & Cortez In Stuart 3 dry rot or corrosion.: Top condition. chases Uhusifet gift-for .*!! -occasions. ''Two Bedroom Florida Room Screened Porch Owner
FOR Rent: b\-flro6n) Hinto-' Moclr/ from schools. $79 'per too $350 546-4321., 7-2) ((63)) Straw hats A bags FWri. USED PICKUP COACH with,Truck flnMire title. on*.
low completely furnihhed.:r--Car W. VifgneT; 287-4880 or 287. ta.. :.... b IIL! _IL" .... da souvenirs.. ''OrienYal 1 outdoor '
porte ,and laundry Call AT. 7. 1696. If ((35)PUR ) TRAILERS A SERVICE 'I lanterns 2069. tt ,((35)) Fruit { .. Rente 2 (tearoom house, semi-" Tropical Shop on the Fast Coast Complete Line REVELLA CAMPERS for your Boat Concrete Drive Two Wells lobby Room
IWO-be j' two- furJiitbeU First and Madison" FOR Sa''.. 25' 1954 Silver Clipper, Come in and bring your friends.Open "Underground SprInklers" Hurricane Awning Total
FURNISHED With New Used Trucks !! Ddsired.fre'w !
bath waterfront home in Stuart. Streets, Coral Gardens. $80 month aluminum house trailer Very dally from'" 9 nil .S.-ClonedSunlSay. or $13,500.
Includes lawn 746
care. Jupiter
Can dewed be converted. Season" to or three yearly.bedroomif Box 7353. '_ tf ((35)) phone condition AT 7-2237 Best Offer.Sank. ( ) SHOP U .S. ALGOZZINI No. I, nobe Sound.Phone. GIFT. Shipment of '. .. 1 to 3 EDROO I Choice 270 Waterfront Parcel

1365, Stuart. if ((35)J ) TWO newly decorated, fully; furnished J=::J 'r .... 54n+5373. 7-J3 ((78)) .MOBILE I HOMES Just Arrived* SEWALLS POINT
apartments.. One I I-bed .. Offered, Misc. 71WISCONSIN. ...." J I L ....

FOR RENT' 2 bedroom furnished room, one cdrotim.> Port Sa ._ ...._.......41! Warned 1.* .., (Mkc. 81 FOR SALE1959 FORD VICTORIA lI..op..NIft.. Clean. For Sale Under Market
house on Indian River, Sewalls lento close! fI t) store No email Also 1954 CIIRYSLKR NEW lORKUt This .k a. Power
.... .H
Bngn Stratton .. _
Point. Yearly $125 pet'monifc.. I Children. Call 387-0412.) I '7.30. ((35)) "C I II.I t.II and Lauson AIR home! Will Sell or Trade EJfner Car! Phone Us for Particulars
Call 287.2191. if (05)) _. 4> .A.1&I: COOLED ENGINES In stock and WANT the best pride la Jour "'
; Sandy III Accept Can or Truck or Other Item hi
car Call Jack Druid M 287-
FOR RENT Oft SALE 38 parts and men who know bow to '
FURNISHED apartments on rW- repair hem. ULMER MOTORS"or" 1214. Merkle\ Motors Inc. (U (81)) ONE USED 8 i 36 2 BEDROOM Molft i U( M't. MtRA(
and ,"ci rltie" TVa&J I ....rt .. 1 -4
er, 3 rooms Dial AT 73355. Your Filets NICE BARGAIN PRICE t Set NORTH RIVER SHORES
dock prlvlle/ .. Driftwood I NEW unfufthhcd 2 bedroom, 2 The souftd
(tv Dodge Dealer. tf (711) volume of bellsIs
443 North Indian River bath hoase neat 4t. Uicle Inlet NORTH RIVER FOREST
Motel \ -- said to be duplicated In' )k T''w '
Drive. Jensen Beau. AT 7-22J7' : I Central aircooditionihf. pier. .w.rataec u r.T.n.t electronic carillon Shut met goon SANDY'STRAILER RIVER RIDGE
tf ((35)), $1'elf Uround Phone Boynlon FOR RENT: 135 cylinders) ak tone generators. -
: Brick 7 J2.)44) or write R. Skill. STUARTS LEADING WATERFRONT COMMUNTriES
,ATTRACTIVE efficiency apart. riian",, Box 1287. Delray Beach, .L-----' PARK & SALES
ment. Ground :. Near bank, tf(38)( ) FOR RENTEDGWATE11'1M.
schools: and park. .AT 7-2693. I AI 11......; ._ 1 Mile North of Stuart c* US. I Tae peel,
tf ((35)) Ml (HIT

TWO bedroom nrnithed apart ,

Shores mess$125 for I lent/in.n'Mlhlhoear; North'River around WAITRESS HHM *Wft.wanted. ""Only for experienced day :or I h '

Call 287.3547.111 tf ((35)) need Cock'luil apply( Loiinte in fenon.. AIA Poor Jensen Bob's : I APARTMENTS N I C. O. RAINEY-Realtor I II

$45. by the month;)ML No kid, Beach. tf ((43)NURSG ) ON .

Close-In\pets, kmfolksjOrX nicely I urwslied foolishne apartment .. -I''neeM___ for- _doctor's -offic THE StV L OCIB I RESIDENTIAL t I ACREAGE I I INCOME I I

tile bath, fatcm_porch, urtlities In Profeuionul Building '
and garbate sejhrice included. Write Box M, c/o Stuart News, I ATLANTIC COURTAPARTMENTS 0.... aa4 twe-rooaa effklea lea.
Inquire The Seven Cs'Grocery stating age. Qualifications and 1. 1 BEDROOM: Balk Separate Dining 1. 535 ACRES Fart of T.....,&.. Swat 1. EXCELLENT COMMERCIAL BUILD-
Store, North 4-Wned 'U ''S. No. land I I references 7.30 ((43)) Simelskl IaledPark ferLee. ..... RIMMS, Large Kitchen CBS Constrvctiois, < ..lies Sour* of Stuart. Near :UA. 1Piked INC Ml Fail Ocea Boalevard near the

North 20th 51.. North Stuart. r + .-v.t as stab. ot'btt _"" .at... Shufffeboara. TV. tort aaJ DOS*. Trrrano. Floun Awning. LarfcTlaaetavNe to aril at SJ'7toe per Acre. CowthoMe. Good Retire on Nominal
_-r--- tf ((35)) Emplo fuse.t \f..aM 48 .TC4RT, r1AalnaRotuk LoiceWeik Sftllnt (der and .'",," 17,500.
atwersoAM a.bnW
xlooth Yale
SCORETXfcY REtEPTIONlST p.I1JI'1I'L..O""D ('OIIITI 624 !ST. 1UCIK CRESCENT 2. CUSTOM BUILT 2 ...... 9 Balk 2. 8V* ACRE TRACT M Smith Fork of SI.tAttIf River ftffli EaUiMce a4 rrtMt.te .

with 13 tyesi'i' experience In a a".o".UI ."TII'n STUART, FLORIDA Home- k Port SwalL Modem KkckMT SC L.ct* River Wit 100' WalrftatotaaV : m RR 7t -RHUuranl 30 t 50" _
WADS\ metrtipontaA law bffice availablefor "Beene.il..4bl fl Ykctrlc Ikwittfulty" XMMcafMd $ ('... 4 Rata. EfftrWari*
J in...,. ,' With Sn. ant XT Rratal .....
'full or parMlme work Takes ; .......t w Ta.f. Tekphsm.t -Srar Coif Own and Sullrkk AIM JOood ems MobsBel.w MarkH
shorthand, and I Is accurate typist V.T.FACET' ,'Mgr F. E. WOOD. ''Ma.ager Buy M 526,50/. Dock. Price 30000. Tens a< $49,000.

DOTHEJ0B! j Phone 287-6353. 8-13 ((48)) DNS A. ..... w4Nu1. M AslfEXPEC'fING J.IIGITT MANUFACTURING: BUILD.

jI -- u 3.. WATFRFRONT IIONlK ks Port ScwdQwvlcn. .1. 9.1 ACRE 11t.tcr113" Frontal. *.mi "ING 'a* T\4nra4o Aveaae for Sale er
........ opIortualtlte 50 -J ...... tJ.-
I COMPANY .2'BatE Scenic bB ti.&. 1 Satan Late, 25* Maato Tree Reek
..... 1 __ Modest KltcnM Gtscst -7 RMM 4lowe ExcvHrBl! Ce _
jI FOR Sale: '...established beauty WONDER WERE YIWRE GOING TO.. BED THEM DOWN Masse with 2 BrireoM. u-tIIl Rooe ti:: 1..end Price $35to&. .4. WANTED BUILDING Saibbi for
rr salon. Must sacrifice for reasons' Can M aM W., warrybgtttk : R....... ...... ...... w........ ed All radhtlr. f* Ceo ........ .- Aoso.o8e said Bad C..ttI'J. _win

of health. Phone AT 7-4268 or l wUltwrpM all Mjreitf-'>%<" skuRy la.Ateped URderkeaed B',.
< lifter S p.m. call AT 7-1086. I CALL MARIE KIRK.'HtNACE 9prh k "
7-23 ((50)) sa- TOU .
I I Now AvalbiM far *er filMpIIt.'c.. t.. ;
* 4 J Niagara C>clo-M... ValE M.(rer I8MII.
I SCIiOOLS 54.arfemn..aa I p

L, ATIarttlc. 7-1550: ...: ..t.L.. Southwmd Motel! I )
; '
Pial AUTOMOBILE/ driving .tmd'\Ic.( \ ,
and ask for the lions ia your car by licensed UA-NOw 1,.*.* STUART '1'II- ltlFObta- 77LM1 j sn'd'r\tflfElft,1. X OCUTtS >rEAI ER MLSf..B

,I.- : Mt ,Ad :Tkoa I instructor Phone 2816230.NJ (M) I i 01' qlC

e .p. ... . . .----

. . . .

is estimated that
air pollution
TIm 'mHttT d1or11ht NTTHS! ''I'II81.rsy. J-!I. Da6.B
costs Britain $706,310000 a year, _

of or about the population.$14 for every .....ocr Try Morning Cruise Over Reefs

the North Atlantic Camtaa Oeoan is and hounded four ether by For Most Rewarding ExperienceREAL p- "

mile afcites and__its border: extent 1,296 I, :

... -. -.... By ERNEST F LYONS sharks. sea turtles and even giant
manta ra>'!!.
ESTATE I OR S\LE IM There 'to" a vast marine aquarium i 1
here a "Florida artfMflOn tot All thumbs and kicking myself! + n by ,
--- for not
having outfit
m rigged up. .
which there is no admission price I t.l.r
I hastily opened my tackle "hot:!
except being there at the right
picked out tied
silvery plug it
time and taking the time to set
THINK on (after two| tjilures) to a light s
and enjoy it.
freshwater and looked
spin rig
The great reef which stretches out expecting( the giant loggerhead
RALPH HARTMAN JR. for some three nileIIOOlh of St. and the school: of cnbia to .; ,
Lucie Inlet until it i U broken by be gone ,he\ wcrcnt The loggerhead '
the Hole off the old Peck' Lake was sleeping, 11fitty''

When You Think Inlet. i Is at its best on placid'morning feet away. and the cobia were X19

in summer, especially if you, Mill slowly circling it. 1 or
REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE can hit the flood tide when the t
1 flicked the plug their way, a r
waters clear.
are crystal k
1 1t
ten-pound cohia latched and !
110 E.
OSCEOLA AVE. STUART AT 7-4600 The other morning my !son, Bill the loggerhead! dived and headedto r
t.Ls ((11.1, and I cruised' out the inlet and sea For a few minute the t l fw t \ '- j
headed to the northward on the
school of cohia: was undecided a* ,
-< ==:= 00 _. u_ chance that the kingfish might be to whether to stick with us or fol. I k a r
on the grounds off the House of low the tunic There dozenaround + Li
Refuge, but they"A'tt'rn't. Wt picked :the boat as h"t."t..brother' I :

4 PRIME BUSINESS CORNERS up an eighteen i pound Floridabonito \ cobia battled. but before It was
albucore. which
or false I brought to gaff they all vanished 1
U. S. No. fought like a Trojan on a salt \Ve fruitless half hour
and Ocean Boulevard $39,500. water spinning rig put him buck spent( a

U. S. No. In. and then made a slow curve following other turtles hoping to.ace f
and Third Street
35,000. the mdmg the shadows of cobia around
to southward eventually w I
Colorado Avenue and 7 th Street 40,000. up bumping feathers and cut them, but we never located the
giant loggerhead and Its buddies
Ocean Boulevard and 'mullet over the south reef I
Flamingo 15,000. again. I
We hoped to catch a
Will Sell or Build to Stilt Tenant grouper "One ten-pound cobia will furnish I '
or so. but ,they x cren't hitting *owe I '
/ fish steals for both
in adjusted
finally reeled the lines,
Ask Us! You'll Be Glad You Did I the motor to us slowest our families' What do we need
with any more fish? hl'l go back i
speed and an hour just
spent ,
to the reef," 1 suggested, and Bill s
looking over the side at :all 'the r t V
wonders of the marine underworld greed I .
This time we anchored right
boa O'Kellu at the edge of a twenty-foot
The'reef ranges ,in 'depth from off, with dark caverns and dl'Ol'-l r err t/A' "Ili
three or four feet.lo I Thereare
twenty< toes under our stern. NVe
Company- huge rounded coral rocks, underwater two or three mullet into half.inch 4 w 1, M1rl
900 Colorado Art, (arm from let National Bank) cliffs and ravines and. square nieces and began dribbling r C Fr

AT 72SUOAT 7-320 AT 7-1121 at this time of year, a fishy popu them overside, letting the current I

DON OKELLY or BOB WILLIAMS the lation Keys as .colorful as any found in tomed carry them grottoes.toward the sand.but

T.tl (110))
We saw colorful French angelfish l. Just as we had expected, the '

-I black angelfish, blue' tangs, free lunch resulted in the biggest :
--- :
II I Mack: and yellow fairish, multi show of the morning. Giant parrotfish : :

tudes of snapper and grouptr and triggerfish showed up S

huge margalcs and any number ands rarity in these waters- x .fr II N Na
ACREAGE of the commoner species such as numbers of Spanish hogfish The

spots,.iheepshead, grunts and blue most aggressive of all were ;

runners There were sponges, corals spots and grunts, which beat tII'l ,
11 ACRES ILls 110 feet of frontage!! on 'SR 76 Good in flaming orange and purple more colorful tropical fish to

Price, Good Term i sea plume I food nearly every time
I ACRE- IIiw 111 feet of frontage on SR 76 Good buy On the surface over the deeper "I'll bet there are bigger fish !

at :800.00.. reefs there were school or'rade.- down there than weve seen yet." 1 "If;' i 4 nr.rataBditl

t. ACRES Has 660 feet frontage M Loop Rood partly fish indolently" killing,. with their I speculated, "hidden back in the __ .. .,.._ _.. ... ,. ., I -
tails and donah breaking water caves and crevices," Just to tee
fenced $8250.00. and occasionally .a. ocarea"ballao I I tossed a mullet head so that U MEMBIKS OF HIE KIWAM1 TEAM of the Peanut League none, Joe r-ritts.: Phillip Rounrfrln, Jim Penmngton and Jeff Jenfen.'

S ACRES -.330 teed frontage M 714, Fast of Turnpike or halMieak would get up and angled down on the while sand I were guest of the Stuart Kiwanis ('tul.t Thursday luncheon Standing with the boys I I. Klwanlan: Herb Roamarin who serve

$5100.00. plane on its tail to escape. some just in front of a coral cave meeting Buck: row, they are: Mark Brooks Bobby McCoy: Martin as a coach for the team along with. Siu Lund and Hilt Olodden.. .' I

predator 1 We watched It for a minute and I Bklickl" Larry llummons and Bill Park Iron row, John Hutn- Their record !so for I fA three losses: and two wjni.

: All thoughts of fishing were final agreed !that .this must. be .. _
----- -- Sal +
TAYLOR-ASHLEY abandoned for viewing W* enjoyed day for the big one*-when

a vast MarinclaixT" or "Sea. a magnificent Nassau grouper, all I expert They My appty' two 'I> wee privet hedge often nefcd. a

qulrtum. at nature made it. without of tweaty pounds, came charging All About in tour.poomda" of fcniliur per 100) special' application of manunncMU ,
REAL ESTATEJim wall or (porthole, "where the out, gobbled it and whisked hack tenure' feet of hedge row. keep them thrifty. tM ,deficiency \.
free creatures (of the Nor perform into the cave. Because of the soil t lypes
ed for, us.Cruising. "Now why didn't I have a hook and of rnnny used for often shows' up In itirinnni.
scores plants
Whitehead. ', ; on and off the reef, In that." I lamented "You could thave Your Florida GardenBy hedges it I*, a good Wets to 'qtv cherry. wen privet and "*rnge.
-ASSOCIATE arWHrrrTaTrTTnlle offshore at this pulled him our fihut tavc tact: yea i county agent.for correct: t ]js& 630 COLORADO AVE. PHONE AT 7-2440 poifkt tIIi noticed five big loggerhead If you had" said Bill, rand aren't analysis of fertill/er li> apply

;ti (om sea turtles loafing In a cluster you the man who said 'we didnt In general, .tale* hedge need
Tha first fireman ,
between us and the land One need any more fishT"For llfRMYMIARI'KThere : .: fertiliser, submarine+
of them wee imrlyslroge-Ht crust summer fun It'* hard la I la for man.Selection; of the proper hedge an applications acid. type of Iron to flu keep* spray the !built In IIHO. I to being repal. ( dRostock a'

have weighed WK pound, a Iremendou I beat a morning on the reef' a hedge every pur plant I h vital foliage' from I urn I rag yellow Fast Germany, to he

RIVERFRONT ESTATE cow of sea turtle in ._ _ss pone If the lot I II small a low hedge Crapemyrtle. eatHey guava and known I In a mlliuryIUARrXAIIFI.H museum.
top shell covered' with barnacles The thorny Trifoliate-orange \ -- --. ._. _-- ---- < .. .
and hedge may not keep the Martians l It the best l choice. Or if the lot I II
sea moss.As
Palm News I I. Urge, then can consider JUMVIIR 10URNAMFNT
we eame tip on it. we were 'City out, "hut It will tinder other invml- you "
FOR SALE startled to see half a dozen good- en from making a rate-wiy of larger growing hedge or coniid- (:May I Oe& 31))
several combination uf
sited cohia or ling cruising around MRS. ANITA WHITE, your favorite flower bed er plant' to color thrmign-hedge SAILHSH-Men'i length dlvl.ien' Ronald U Skelfon,

Frtage; and about It. The cobio one ol Correspondent Where ordinance prevent elec- out the give. you StiMirt Bittlon Whaler, Maaatee Marina/ ,., .. .?..... 5 fl.AMRFIUAC'K !.
200 Ft. on Beautiful the finest food fish, in the sea and Telephone 2I75SS2Entertain tic hock fence try the yiupon )'tllr.ltefor. ,"
a noble fighter tackle or 1 Ilex vomikwla. This compact selecting a hedge plant : H". Mottlwn, MelbourneBeach, ,
Broad St. Lucie River 'I vmrxms" fish on, striking light up ,unexplained i.i is ......"s..Mwetee, hedge uwully become: the home be sure It ""ill.rv.. your ,ur. lulMream,*' Captain Von K. Jourilan........ .. M Its I oz.

companionship with l of wasps and serves the Mine purpove pow. barn It the plant you have DINK BASS: R..O. FuKh. lake Cur Jensen Savanna* 10 lb. 3 ot.BI.ACKFiN .
Within Limits of StuartCity .- : Group against ill co n.r*. In mind will grow partial thade.' .
City L stand strong gmt of wind of will TUNA: Chnrle R. fl Than, Ranted, lll,

REAL ESTATE fOR SALE IN With a Cookout the To hUe the fallout shelter from tolerate ,Mil spray barn all the "Murybob II,' Captain Bob Scrlrtsher ..,.... I 1J lb.
In assessor, plan< a .u plow
Water emeaaaeamaNmrmsatmmalNNeiarmlumaaLooking I Mr and Mrs. Tom Lord entertained el hedge. advantage and advaniagc 'before BLUrmil: Chartc Gee, Vera Bench ... .. .. ..? 11 lb. I iw.

.. An Original Florida Home family and friend Sunday If tax evasion i II m4 the motive, planting Ill.UL': MARtiN/ : R. D. firmer, Coctxt "Beach, -Spray

for at their home on Loop Rood witha then it I I. Mill a good idea la consider Moot varieties of hedge plant. .* II." Captain' Ray Young ... . ..........?....JpO Ib.
Well Kept and Spacious a eooll< fast-growing' plant
alt. ( year except during period of BONITO: Mr tlco Gags,. Cpcoa \iHcofch" "Marybob'

Nice Guest Cottage New Home .' Those who attended were Mr. cause" it foliage put on and a will nut adnpl of glow-Ittetfto drought. I III," (*puut Dub Scrlmsfter" ....... .... ............... |jl lb. *.4 on.

Look at and Mr. David Nihon Holly Jean all owner This Include "lhe Prior to planting prepare the COBIA: Mr*. Roherl Waling, 'Leesiurg. "V"7 '',*

Property Has Depth Over 400 Ft. and David Alan Melbourne, M,. who like to pester lh+| plant every soil by cultivating a strip four feet Captain Ray Young '' .... .... fix Ib.
and Mrs. Jolly Bocone Mr. and week with IM shear and those vide artd mix' In an ample" annum 'J' "
DOt PI(INMatk: : V Farley, tau 0 If, "Gulfatr' ens,
With Legion Mr. William
Well Landscaped Heights McChing and children of .II., ttOlJ If the Mlto
Laura and Tommy. Mr*. Ini- ,who neglect the plantIf quite tandy,manure then dig a tremh i Captain Von Jourdan ......'. ...t.. ... ...... .. 43 Ib.nOUNUfR .
drive and
and >acl
Large Lawns Many IN JENSEN BEAai ma Werneburg. Chaplain you eomt car ...... 6
Major own a home and a miniature/ ilze Inches deep and the' width" I ) DooglM Scnnlonv Jenem Beach )Jb. 3 oz.
Beautiful Trees and Plants I and Mrs. Charles Burgreen and lot. then consider- the tlilneM But- tithe hedge row Fill the trench: JACK CRI.VAIinp.of: : LMgfchofc. Loans Beach,

:SAM RHODESCONST1tUCTioNr daughters lyn, N. Y.Amy and Beth, Brook orange (SeveriaU bu* folk) lit..,.. with a miuure of top oil and I "Skipper II." Captain& A. J. WAI' scar ... ,..... JO( Ih ,2 oz.
manure If available organic
Priced To Sell $$29,950.00 till to an I attractive dwarf plant KINO MACKEREL n .. mUiarnak
(hat to Weal fee either formal ItT such: K .leave,, dead grass, : a' Jackson
ISc( rER4 OSAUMiry Informal demarcation a of weed, peat or straw will help enrich I Height" N. Y. -I'ran L," Captain Pet Robertwn> SI I R>.

See Yew Agent or M"" DIAL 217-471 Cmfnfyht' and Lot Harmy or lot boundary, your sandy BOiL SFA TtOUT: 'L. W. CON. Film Clif; .,...... .-.?. 12 Ib. '7 oz.

,AT 7.2607 AT 7.3232tt Phil taker. felt. Manager ., apent I lest I Severinla H better than a wood After It I I. established. (ertilr.Ih. / SNOOK: Morris, Sl.hall JenM Beach .... ..............m 36 lb.
am I tr u*"> west with"M'I hedge twice a year. according'
and Mr*. Dclmar en spite fence became the pin
_. to University of Florida ornamentttflmnr (- TRIP1.ETAII.: WINIam W Mellowed Sewill. Point .... 17 Ib. 4 oz.
-- --- --- -- ---- -- --- Harvey; prickles of tins hedge plant wiU
never let a tomcat: *rt stop It and '.NuIt. AIYNTLCMNITvi WAIKK- George T O'ReinKew :York City 42 Ib. ft ofWBAkrl'w .

STAR SHINE ON THIS I Mr*. Nathan Humphrie and squall| at you by night. I; Cordon E. Co. MJamr 3 Ib. 2 ox.RALNKD .
LET YOUR ; children. ,
,.... Meigs Oa., spent ten for those wkhout motive, there /-nit Mistis InuiTI: -- ...,...- .
day the Noah Lwdhim Sr. .
art many plant that will shape PNUNItasa
OUTSTANDING HOME TINy resumed home this. pail lato ornamental hedge for beau t: --t ,

week, t,'* sake .Ia",... aU'1II I' M.WftiM1tn, ... \ er't' 'v'
Mr and Mr Tbete include the Turk Cap,
Riehird: Wrest nrtrt rnj'if M1/ omiiMAHItt '
Abelta kitties Wattle Alr) /' .* .., LI.
Glossy 'I
and family" Miami were weekend Bwsalnvilka. ,, /'I.yvlct.AVIt, ".. ..r1f. .
guest* of her grandmother, Mrs.Kose aulea. tnowbu' Sr. 5.1.4 a..llr/.e e '?
Lelghton.Mr pale hatterflybu, ()lesbian Dew, (II. 5At :"aka. N =';::J: s h1/1, I
.... .
.." mr H.. ...''n.l ..i4 <>.>. re
drop poin-eitia. rei ioII. hibiscus: /I. 5." ..rtl.p .t II. !
and Mrs. .7 ,' ,, VlvrilT, la"il
Ralph Merrick.11tusville.1pIrftC Podocarpu and Oriental Arborviue Marti nl> >"

the weekend with _IMwo"na I. ..1........al__M.IN,...I,row rblld.u.., wl/s Mp. "
Mr and offs. Edwin: !Seta out Loop For additional doting of hedge Iff lb. ",., "'.....- fit ash. M..
Road that IMIS1.. A ::' nr e.Nw''4nor
plant are adapleb your N b :" I
M,., locality' contact your county qrltumoral .,.- .r w/tii._....a.e... wu.l..... sun N.I..r"r..
Myrrh Mad and daugh< .. .MMa. ttr .I.lsa.$ nA .y.t
agent or .IffI
your 'wry.Iff ,
try, Myma. M .w h, ,
were In Gainenille Ii..Mi.ul.es ( h'flly
.. ..
$ .
w -r se ,111)
lat week Myra .b enrolling foe M./.. .... ".Alps. ... I. i
her saner al the ".. /A, 101"
year university iWAItMII
and other relative then son toTutcon. ft MW*' ''. E Ea

Mr*. Martha Whittle a n dpaaJdauhter I Art, her. home. Stewart pis.,.,., ."e 1'h. k.,., I....., e
Martha Lane flew win tp'nd tow weeks tMe. I... R rltryktIAiv: tn..N.e r

to Sodas! Potnc N Y. Sunday foe I Connie; Pop, 'Judy Ann and I .'I'. N....tee."NM.1. ...
a visit with relative I .. .
I Kenneth MooN 1"451| speak to the url IYwwa
anseI1 w"'. "n fair '}1li.ii. /
I Mr. a aid Mr. Kenneth Vie Sunday tenant c...*. M the United Jmr: i*. M Z i I'I I .a'

..... 1 I lumen and. family spent' Sunday Church (J** Cfcr. (Congrrga 1 t'I ....;;"Pll.rdeYna .,,"
., ,.J 1 : in PompaM. wish rtUis-e. trivial) Sunday Tbey will ted of' sry Z.b 5.'.5,,.. :;, : ::
.. _' .. .1.' +- i their trip to the Youth Conference j jin wI.4 I wlll. M ,/.1 ,. ,
...... ....1! *j *eai.wieest .04 a.r'.a.a
r'TWI I Timer Padgett k q..;.. tO al AN Avon Park.Aanowalwng. i ..,........ "'- ..... ,. ... ..Ir... .. "r ..,. rrl'r
1eaeiYel 7 Bedrw.s lloaM- It Set Aawmc ftee t** Paaai Treee home en Loop i'r_,,. A_. ., .... "Ctl ,," .'
HEAT LARGE MXCEMJMN: POttd *> I Major I .hv "been" ,.* I" mu.rl r.I.r4. a.n :
Cf.'TRAL :::
S4nl 454 A M jkMt. ; two. .
.2 TILE .1dJ ,BUILT-IN RANCE: LANDSCAPED LOTS i Chaplain( aDd Mrs. crrved here fit she. marriage of i M>.4 W _. lk......fl.r ..:.' s.. .
UN SVAL1&r .Chartr* U Borgrten and family, Alma Sttnrfu. Cleveland Ohio I..., furM rvinvMrI 17

BEAUTIFUL i Brooklyn, ,N Y!, are vi-rtng her to Rev ....... I. Sharp Jury 11 I I Mt.f fVh.*. Trwk a ,
990 i parent. Ike Tom Lord wall horn r T'
$12 The Bor.green They hat after Vpt s
... .. t.
IES. MMnmw..e .. .
1I0 are en .11155. we .at./ )
: route to Fairbanks, ,1 I. at ,Fdgewater have, a. I arw .
PRICED FROM Alaska, where be win be stationed ClrveUnd.. Rev Slurp k wormer 1 a1 t AarN. (5r"; .. :

CORAL GARDENS CONSTRUCTION Iic.BLTTbfacs I >lrs. Larry C nr..... Hw bas.I Church patter ken.Tb of. the"- Congregation!', :Ty.r:*'4L Aeriwkursl t*. ne.. .. ,,..,.....,.,_W t MI N .u

loon MMtof her nwrher Mr*. J. hi?. 'N4. OUT Mach School
GARDENS: KrVUJOINT SEA CATCRAnt) L Vaakfrt and family left Moo.. Carofyt" DuMrty and Afieel HA5'fwMrtd.'ry' M a prtyi Stuart Traiam Matedin
WrUS N CORAL 1 I '.45, fish fry Friday al the school i. md the end of tile tummcrprofranh
a DETE AI5F(5(,
DIAL I *xomtn4 .by SaWart Van Carol CtaJo et law aleptnl Ch Brl -J| I
STUART 2f7.1Jf lay .
PARK 'A lOX 631, fee ( iIt' N ry fWto W V tlKtook. (Ob.... ,delta under the
.um'J" ::1'S .... e-i ivi d.y* J lit Cbtl ll" N, IIIWC J Metr m I gewral aneetJfifl/ ,. spy J IfB
J. ;nq..II _.rbait. ,gra.dfaw'r'Tuna .averri, .w.e... ....."eti. .M.. aawr imcfcful ayv CMfih LawIsRice.. nwr.It .


... . ... .. -_ .. .... ---_. ....,...---....---...-. .......... ...... .. -....... .
........ .- ....... ..

..'.." . ....... ..";"".": "......._------------ -_. . .. . '..' -.. .. ."--... .. . ........." '":.. .,,.......-------:"--;--------- ------... .
. . : . . . :
. ,
. "
'J 1. 1 ,. .,I ....

,I r 4

) -.TIlE STUART (Fla.) NEW


, Warranty- r Deeds


\ Filed in Week SALE !

Notes The tranaaatlon riuri s 1
liven 'below are wtlmatwl ft Ito
I Ilk. tat* r.venu..tampe affixed in
II L tb. dd at the rat or In
I OMtta pr 1100. In cues who.,i,
oonelderatton I I. nominal au h jrI CLOSE TRIMMED BONELESS
to know.Tht a rllnquUhmnt of tri.lf
ships or ilmtlar cam where nmon.ir RIB RIB
ohanv.. hand. II.mr"
Dairy Council of Indlo.l.. a.mandltor minl.nunIto. on FULL CUT BONELESS C : CLOSE TRIMMED flQc
i ".Iu. Then art In.txn.0wh.r.
South Florida h proud moro .tamp. ar. placed N ROUND 89 SIRLOIN

to present Ctrltflcatt of on...alu an of Instrument the a Bomptrollar tr.n.f.r tlian\ but'.actual oHlc.Invoolltatre p..rlodlcally .< BONELESS MINUTE" BONLLKSS:

Merit Award fa Hint t h o a :a.r. In CUBED SIRLOIN TIP
I which:: !I... .lamp: appear t o
ttwMvhg young peopte ha.* been planed! than the tax
\ ;forouMandtngdMttes warranted The N* e take norieponolblilty Your Choice . lb.. Your Choice II lb..
I for the utlmatd
and.zempimybad.nhip I. mums
honoring both Inc. to George '

family and community. Apostolopoulos.River Point. $2,900.Lot 1, block 1, tiTrigfrfra PIAID "SUPER-RIGHT" LEAN MEATY PORK SPAREr

Charles Drayton and Lottie Mae STAMPS

Drayton to Charles Drayton. Tfcto. COUVM Mi Purvkaa ; Delicious for
**) lane Parka CULL or MARBLE
Property in tract 6, Booker Park. PAGE RIBS Barbecue lb e 39c
$100. e SANUN'ICIIN pint OQr
Estate of Louis J. Schneider 07C I POUND
deceased! to George Bage. Property
in section 19 township 40 S., 3d tkra Sat. 4uly M Mla. T1SMBARBIXUE ALLGOOD BRAND SUGAR CURED SLICED
43 E. t
range $8,300.
Joseph Vcrner Reed C Doug :._:....... _..._.__.J CAKE

TIMOTHY. \ Plat las 126 Dillon., No.The 1 1.Lots Island 16900.120 Beach rl 121.Revised block :'; ;;--;;; BACON 2 pk lb.;. 79 c

THOMAS II ,Brodrkk's. Inc. to Henry Orient 1.Ib.,9.oz.
Property in lots 6, 15, 16, 17, 18, B.r.&IIlI 49c
Mr. Tbomw, a Senior 4 and block Salerno. loaf
5. 60, Port
at Dan McCarty: : High $100. With Thle c..._ ... ,......- .1 "SUPER-RIGHT" WESTERN BOSTON BUTT PORK

School worD for a The Hobe Sound Company to ANN PACE
Market dtrtaf the Mary W. Runnels. Lots 37 and : 1-Ib.,
week, ahd playa for 28, block 118 Olympia Plat No. SAUCE Sot,33C
the Trinity Lutheran I. $38,000. g..1 two MI. Jub. : Mh, t.1.... ROAST 4 to 6lb. Avg. lb. 3 9{
Cburcb: on Stwtays
let- Walter O. Johns to 0, Frank
finance M* music I .
sons lie bas received Johnooni. Property In tracts 19,
Superior\ Ratings a* 20, 29, 30 and 35, Palm 1 City
Student Conduct' of Farina $100.Robert C.p'a. John* Quick frozen i'RENCIl FRIiD "SUPER-RIGIiV' QUALITY WESTERN SPECIAU MARVEL BRAND
Kohler Paul I. Kofiler.
Choral Music, In stale I I ., Lot 30 block 5, Palm Lake *** HMD
competition, a t a
ember! of the Madrigal Park. $100.Joseph 25 STAMPS FISH STICKS PORK STEAKS ICE
C. Crankihaw to J. D.
I Singer and atHanit Parker. Lot 26, Bahama Terrace, With Thl. Courrn. and PitrcaaM .(
foe the Glee
section: 3. 16700. ANN PACE PURE CJ1 Boston
Kremwr Land Corporation to BLACKBERRY 12oz.JLLLY 310-oz. 49c
Randolph W. Nelves. Lot 21, block L jar JJC : tp J. Cut . .. CREAM
%6. section 3, Hibiscus Park. $1,-
500. Baal Him Sat. July SS Mia. TISMor


neth 3, Bahama A. Benson.Terrace.Lot$15,700.33, section ... : 1/2'rt '4 9 c

Fenrock Builders. Inc. to H. B. : :
Gakln" Property in Iota 2. 3 and ;:= Frankslb.49cShrimplb.89c

rY 4 1300., block 5, Monterey Subdivision.

Martin County to Martin County _

Agricultural Fair Association, ,. ,....... .
'CORDON Inc. Lots 20. 21, 22. 23, 24, 25, With Thl. Coupon and (

POUX, I IA 26. 27, 28 29 and 30 block 169, I ISLANDPFEl1'I'ER's THOUSAND Sot Save at A&P! Special I
Senior at Central Golden Gate Park Subdivision. C
Catholic, High, School. $100. bottle tit?
Gordon Fowl recently! Indlantown Company Inc. to Dd tfcrv Bat, July U Mia. T-IS-M' l,
Clarence Portce. Lot 8, block 2,
\ Joined Toluntter and seventy 4 start Booker Park. $900. I-._.......!........!................:. TISSUE 4 3 3 c
; members! h a HbwrCM l Anthony J. Custer to John D. ...................................... .,
t detente beltertart. I Murcrusou' IH et tl Property in taUH.l .
Cordoa portrayed"victim" lot' 18. Port Scwall 5500. \
a M cotvindngly. Jerry L. Coleman to Morris. It PLAID Save atA&Pt Special A & P.INSTANT .
f .that he men j Bunleln./ Lot 14, block 11, Second \I-STAMPS ,"
:I fooled the media, the Addition to Indiantown Park.

attending nun, and $8.900. wick Tkl CXIPM nt Fw4kM WRLGULAR ,
the Fire Department Sam Rhodes Con+tructial Inc. 10-DZ.
to Margaret W. Binder. loOt 24 COFFEE $1.27
Though he never, act SPARKLE A JVi-oz. ;jar

id before.the, be treatedVcUnV U considered Wettwood Ralph G Subdivision.Hartle to Wayne 12000.R. PUDDINGS 4 pkgs. 33C

.. "7i ""people" Page Lots 6 and 7, Olympia Plut 0 .d ton Sat.. July IS Mia.'.11...

hill over encountered." No. 1. .$1.400.rneU. Johannwn. to WitlmmHughes. 1.-----J: ; Save at A&P' ALL FLAVORCIRCUS'

Lot 11, block I I. Plat No.
I II If fs 2. 'Coral Gardens. $10,500.

I ...; -4 Frozen Food Features, 1-qt.

., Hobe Sound News A & P QUICK ITUULNSPINACH DRINKS 4 14.0Z.S9 C

I Correspondent 546-3911 _
f 2 ST 21c


1 I JENNYMcOANIEt. Plan Vera Visit : I ...:,..' .. :. ." ..;,. ,., r PLUMSlb. PEACHESJUMBO

Twelv year old Jenny The formation of a Young Republicans '
M Danlel Is a Club in Hobe Sound is 2 S? 39c ; : li \ : .
seventh grade student being seriously considered. Those 'ff .. :.,: -v "\ ,
at Winter BelCh Elemoilary Interested should call Dale Malita, IROZEN"w W lb. 29c 29c lb. 1 9c
School, Winter lab technician in the office of Dr., A A P QUICK c .
Beech Florida, A I William Myers.
food student, 'she hat Of particular interest to anyone ORANGE JUICE

I = Ifdu4- re- thinking of Joining the club Is a VINE RIPENED
maturity trip to Vero Beach scheduled for 2 S49c
I In an school to.Uvltlei. Thursday evening, July 23. at
i Bocaine of which time the Young Republican
her eutstandinj abilities Club of that city will celebrate its CANTALOUPES 3for97cBEER
she recently! received fifth anniversary
the AimtlcanLefloa Charles Holley, Republican candidate Tudor ALE or
I UUzenhhip for governor will speak at

Award 6 p.m.Those attending should planto FRESH LUSCIOUS
Join u.,won't.you arrive about S p.m. with a picnic ,
basket. Transportation arrangement
k honoring these fin.
may be made through
young people... Malita or Dr Myers by calling BLUEBERRIES
and 1 the hundreds. 346-:841.

III_,..""ho are our Between. 1950 and 1960 the

hope. ..end our county's population of tip United States 12 -12-oz. N. 11. Bottles
hop for \
LtCOtl AI tKHTI%K"KVr' rdla OM Fa hlo 14aa.
Northern > .
j a.TtcH' OK f",opo Ki) nIHiX.H \. B.VT11ROOMINorthcra tbSUE 4 foe 39 e OATMEAL COOKIES 3 pap. $100 Mf PklfSltaptr

? "KTI1 nr TPunuunt >PNOrKHTYV flee
to I. Ft. 1 69 roll' riewaM OM FaaUo ..... $ 00 a w t.
o..nU'. that Il( i 2. 41 e 3 1
Mirtln will' onildr County at flv It**rriruUr tlnfl $ PAPtRTOWtXS ... .. SUGAR COOKIES .m' are c.sar anAMne aczars ma carallr.set;
) oIllM'.
gJ4tltI AuKunt II. Ire4. In th .
County reurthou., a p"'pnHd ... Slar-Kkt light Meal Hioi.ea StrtetaMM Old FWhloei I

chant Uon of ll.ll rool.,. Tru.prop......rlwh..by fnr t>.mu..l lIT TUNA .............. ....... 35e COCONUT COOKIES....3 ::; $100DOU r 1
HclUr will convoy In 'MartinIxit .
I County lhs fullowlua Foci prv".r.t.
t"w'tl' !

I I u located..1.....In.la. on Mat Ooldvn plat Hook Oat tb..I.*",fork t'af.Ic reortod *.- PINEAPPLE BABY FOOD Frozen Drinks PRICES LN THIS! AD GOOD THRU SATURDAY, JULY 25

publla nnnrd. of MartinCounty 971 S. FEDERAL HIGHWAY
i .....
)'Ior. 1 Mb.,
nrr.hrlnahov dtirrlWd POD' 441.M/3 'ear: 43eS.SD'IOI < 8S89c 10e STUART, FLORIDA
I a ln( ilwn to Martin noun.ty --
a* It llo. within tb* boundartolof
the rounty .:= In ttlian' ** LIQUID: DKTIJIGLNT .... y- tea C..s N A&PBirdseye NINE U\ES HEINZ S1K.LNEDBABY
for lvln its K ln bov drib '
e 4 |>rup. :. own r U *."ln'! Awake
F for a 4** ,
V U.a>Kiir any ,11I1It or Int.p"t II ma y
bar In In* fullcwlni ral proirty '
.*.iYcewncil tvwlt I ; HI. 39cr 4 ::: '59 8 & '
a 4ge 89cSUNSIICSR
} V Lots Uoldon I and UU.. Hook lark.It.M looal4In shown 1bu lee 43e '.pkg.31C c.a 0Nq0 ......... IoWt I I1IA'I1I
on plat thiwuf rcordd In Platauok
: I !'... rord *-
at It. public
of Martin. Count ..rtorlJa.or ACTIONBleach LAUNDRY DtriERCEiVT: SIZE SIZE ALL FLAVORSHIC nioc. mipCOOKIES
..*SIt STRDl'I liy SHANK. X AcN,4 1' ..... 6c ...
Cholrnaew 2 : 3T56e! 9 t 99c
.1lklla.>- l ATTRm pll. 79 e r3Sc 29e 29Cr
1>QltOTU"t MBRr1"!: Clark
"..II' at, II. IH.. ,

I it I I

t A "', . ,. .... .. ...... _.._ .
: ; ,..;' ...&__.._.. :1 & a .a.-
... a
_... .a
-<0\-j--..........--._....a .a ........ .a a.a. .a.aa.- -111111111111111

" ,

on the subject, la Education Rests ary to the Veteran of Foreign THE STUART (Florida) NEWS
Senorita' Honduras V.F.: : W.: Auxiliary Announces the Future of Ameriva" Wars in Chicago: IlL I Thursday, July 23, 1964 1-C
from The recipient of an award will Rules foMers on the 1964-SS
be setottd on the basis of his elfher Americanism Award contest mac
Americanism Award Contests keen senile. of purpose. and be obtamd from local Auxiliary. I Tonnage Gain

: worthiness an individual Applicants units, or .by writing to the Amen-
Visit Jo Ann Andrews' GuestBy In an effort lo of,ourage youth the Ladies Auxiliary to the imiat show! genuine interval cam am Award Department' I On Okeechobee
; of America and i Ir timulate their I tram of Foreign Wan has Vet-I in family, communiination*! V,F.W. Auxiliary I 40ft Went Thir, :
and world affairs Uiipluv a sense Street Kansas Mo ,
ideals into the trll1 i meaning of oded a new annual I : ty-fourth City
CHARLEY STOOKEYA .. and of responsibility. Inuhtnlnw and 64111Auxiliary. RouteThe
patriotism JH'.1 I citizenship Award competition open to high Waterway
loyally ability to present new members
school and college student I annually

lovely is visiting senorita Jo Ann from Andrews Honduras F j 1i 1-Car- Hit- Harrier------- The national here organiwuon Stuart i i. ideas All with applications sincerity are to be returned give Ears mere and more than three:than million MX million dol:; Okeechobee Waterwayfrom
represented by V.F.W.
daughter of Tax Collector and i I completed t to the local Aux
.1.1h .1s Mrs Jennie ;: : hours lo volunteer. service for hotpitaluwd Stuart to Fort hen showed -
Mrs. Alvin N. Andrews of Rio. On New L .S. 1 Auxiliary. Smith president i 1 13, I M, The I ,
he guest is Senorita Martha Gant ( meeting on the first, and 1,1C3'winner will, be: entered in : veterans community increased' tonnage of 404. SIn
: service Americanism programs, assistance tJ as compared to 3.51.-
> of Tegucigalpa, the capital A Hollywood 1 third Wednesday! evenings at the district competition, the" district/
cirnenter; was organizations Golden Gate building to youth groups, civil! ilc >47 in 1962. according to statistic .
I city: of Honduras. charged ThurvJu\ morning after winner in Mate competition' The fence and legislation benefiting ) released by the U S. Engineer
' It was in Martha's home that his car plowed application winning f first place in families.
through a barrier veterans and their C orps at Jacksonville
I' A total of $ZOOO in cash! anad each will be
state the
1963 in
|Jo Ann ten weeks
spent in on a stretch of 1)) S I where four- The lntracoa from
las student three gold medals will go to throe national! content. National awards Waterway
\ an exchange during lanmg is under Office
sirs The Post Department
I Jacksonville: to Key West showed
, of top national winners. Citations will are: First, SI,HO cash and gold
[the "Bridge Understanding According to Patrolman Clar- claims 7,000 mailmen were bitten 692.107 t1nin 196). comparedto
which be given to ten other participants.Any medal; second $'00) cash and gold i
[project .was originated s ence McGee. Parki Iwood. Mum. student between the ages medal; third, $250 cash and gold by dog last year. the 1962 figure of hi I :.904.
(Stuart in 1 1962:!
-- -- -
me twenty-<>ne. St. lucie Inlet showed reduced
driving north of sixteen and nineteen yean Who medal, and! ten citations for honorable
Senorita Gaborit Is fluent I in 1 tIr' S s across Roosevelt Bridge about 3 attends a private, parochial pub mention Slut and I local lonnsjc of i"i:!. compared: \ to 1-
I English, having taken an intensive. s. a.m., lost control I of his car, which lic high school or college may en- award winners receive additional I 064 in the ('I1'If' vear
course in that subject at the University iYM damaged barricade
a : blinking the ter the award content Auxiliary prim which vary with YOURDRIVER'S ---- -
of Michigan, Ann Arbor. east lane, presently under recon Each entrant must fill out an i the community LICENSE l Belgrade Yugoslavia. closed 184
I in 1960. Following this she Col.at. struct ion. application to be obtained throughthe I National award winners will be WRING YOUR of its! hit'wtt' streets In tral'' ,c this
tended Mount Saint Vincent
where No estimate of the damage was local Auxiliary and submit in I announced at the 1W>1 national. I BIRTH MONTH past winter' to reserve them forsledding
lege, Halifax Nova Scotia, given In the police r0f'1I't.I writing not more than 300 words convention of the Ladies Auxili and skiing children_
j she m secretarial
completed a course At --- -
training She is employedby I .
the Bank of Atlantida m Tegucigalpa -
I in its foreign department -

Although. Martha arrived here ?

only last' Wednesday, the young Where the
ladies have put in busy days ofshopping ,
bowling and visiting the
beach. Martha l said she enjoys J
I wearing shorts on the street here, JO ANN ANDREWS and her guest, Martha Gaborit, .
I a practice which is not sanctioned
I in Honduras age After that, they are free togo that Hondurian food, although
I She explained that young people alone, and to partake of alcoholic heavily seasoned is delicious.
I are chaperoned in Honehjra+! beverages, if they have permission I "An interesting! and pleasing .
; until they reach eighteen years of custom in Honduras is the two- I
of 'their parents hour siesta beginning at noon," Trade Winds Blow.
When asked if any American I she said "After dinner, which is I

food pleased! her especially! she the big meal of the day, everyone .
HOME LOAN replied. "1 love apple pie with ice takes a nap, and that'a how 1
cream. 'gained ten pounds," she continued

Jo Ann Andrews is one of six laughing.
r TALKS. Martin County students who spent I I Other Martin Countians who
the summer of 1963 in Honduras. visited Honduras last' year with
She says that customs among young Jo Ann are Sue Aigotti, Carol I ,y v uICI +
by donlerold people! in the United: Slates and Brannan Clair Duniich, CarolLieutenant a t'M
on J ens tie quite umi: I ar, a red Olne y .on.1"w Steve S wain. t t.d


tkt Strong Tells of

MlW/ hP r New Civil Air Patrol Head

l .
--- -
( Lieutenant John W. Strong l>y Major General Albert T. WII' I

commanding officer of the local son Jr? before 500 CAP memhrs

Civil Air Patrol, who attended a gathered for the annual Southeastern -

.. recent four-day southeastern regional Regional CAP Conference at

conference of C.A.P., an- the Diplomat Hotel Hollywood
Good nounced that Colonel Joe L. Mason The Pentagon in Washington D.
current national vice commander
C., confirmed the appointment as
of the Civil Air Patrol,
like this the was named as the replacement for the conference was coming to a
are Colonel Paul C. Ash worth when close r : I'
Colonel Ashworth retires July 31. Colonel Mason! forty-nine, formerly -- 4
business of First The announcement of Colonel of Columbus, Ohio was deputy M l I 1.r
Mason' appointment was made commander of the Third Air N : 1 fllryl I
Force before being named CAP
Federal,1 Savingsof vice commander in 1962/ He I is
one of the most decorated fighter w

Vero Beach, REOPENING pilots m USAF hulory,
General Wilson, keynote speaker 4.
at the regional banquet bailed
First Federal Savings of Vero John R. Mmtcy, MET. the Civil Air Patrol as the only
!leach is proud of the part they have Boarding Day Week organization of its type in existence t.
played in helping, thousands of Moolh and labelled Us numbers as"Dynamic
young,families to own homes and Americans and t Ii.greatest e I 5h

to have a good home We and family Obedience: Training : : unified group lo combat ;
the infiltration of Communism into i dd Nr'
life. Crooning
the free world.

Home loam have their warm 5401 S. federal Illithway Brigadier General Adricl N. Y't

side-they are by all means not tort Pierce Phone 444-JJ7S Williams USAF, commander of
the world wide Air Rescue Service
of cold cold
merely a matter j
MATS, predicted the CAP would
money eventually be used in search and

Lvery family to whom First Federal recovery missions in the space ,
has is program and advised unit cominlanders e '
Savings made a loan t J IIRx
I to think seriously of acquiring F
having a happier and more comfortable -
helicopters for future SA R
home life because of that

loan. I project Highlights of I the conference

First Federal's long experience was the presentation of awards !
enables them to give you expert with the Florida Wing on the receiving -
end of four of the five
counsel! on financing, location, material i
I major trophies. The Xiatoo were
construction, plans, etc. They fir...-.dioMstdstnhln. the winners of the Information

can set up a schedule of monthly .=CY'.NMf/NJ SARCAP Effectiveness: best score

payments comfortable for you, .... ass -lOW. swan on Civil Defense and search: and
considering! your Income and other .miaW. telexing. ray Spry I rescue operations and for addingthe
expenditures.You /flee 1het Mewl M4 I moat new squadrons, groups
mud a
M s t imtron nail
and flights during 1V63.
can save money>on your _
loan there because their Initial costs : Limes An+RNTS.N.rsTI. _
and interest rates are reasonable, TRNnl. Nt nor TIiIO .. .
I .m POR .tM'I'I" '
The Summer Trade Winds..Nature's Air
and because they allow you to reduce 11'1 "rl, ..LUMIII40 see ran.IS ConditioningWhat

your total interest costs by I tt rt 5Tr.. ::.. snnTI1K .
making advance payments on principaL I I trT.\T. 0"ItWtlriU'1 I
M.se: aARrcrsos'MN <

are able.without penalty when you ,I TO. INriMfnll.,...... .. do the trade winds have to do with waterfront properties? A great deal.
All 41trr. f the .f
caL v..saLLlaelf I 1t..'. MnHaraw. .....-,
S. 4tk as. COM.' I) .lIt. .ullrJ'4 .....!.r4iulr. l. rihi areS Those same reliable breezes which used to fill the sail of the caravels and the Bquarc. ,' "
r4. HV IHUSI. an" 1.111. ur a Di ....... ... rtlww .
a..l.e. 5. ,
m w to .1. I y
I \ aaalsal rid .tai. t
ti Ik. r.t.mi ..*<... ..a LW fcriiii H C.ll.p ? : '.. :)
uft1. t ih.
< Mr J.diI. riggers will make life when select homcsite in of
waterfront .
pleasant *
ll V mtr wit pre ()1"lRIUIIUoI.uYUt,1IIC. Marlin I:"nut Hvvldt. VliCl. e'M!i.al.nd.r your more you a one our f: ,
--etW.. I l m"nlU, foam Ih. .... .fII j j91r

rsswu. h. flirt.lalm l rebiraiioS.r.t.of' d.....n4 Map. BOUEwk S. !I.tine la- subdivisions such as North River Shores. ...t' ,
(Copyrighted 1964) v> ."i, and ini* l Mm tin MM
ur .....4,... ass _.-ttfn..e a4"II. ..
Wumd.ahtse"'wdM "r .. i.innnl. aad Lap b..era ieby :;

WANTA a//lie. nwraaa. ..... .less.,.lb.? : I ial5.ut.. a .:ul aeaae..r b.Ia.. rMd 55. We call attention to the trade winds because we arc not just selling( land, but I Iw
.011" 'U Ie. >

MORTGAGE COMFORTABLE .. -I. .t.I"I?,,r 1:\I ItflN .>:sillS 4J ih* Uu TtART.< WMJ good 1 living and "a cool breeze off the water' is one of those intangible bonuses

u.almo T'iMw ., ..
w a.lNn mla.rRa..w a.ri.It.rtT.ti
H .w mmft. a mmtmtmu !... *vw --w..rw r- HARRY >>:. DTY.R' a.gws that, will add to your happiness through the years.'t'fa
b...... aril I.. I'" r rt. "" lrltllM .
:1.t..r .. .l ;= $ ..b.yw I rlnl Pea '' deli Ime. '
wW w.-, .......l.>..ore... ta--.we MBferMM aPhaaet rub J" r t. li It,1,1 N. '
I i i Watcrfrontagc or sites near the water offer other great advantages that don't

sere leach 54J-137J 9 1 show deed spaciousness beautiful views of not being hemmed i in
;; on )'our a sense

FIRST 'FEDERALSAVINGS I 1r, I .'. the call of boating and fishing adventure the real Florida close at hand. .. .

tl' "
It LOANASSOCIATION r The homcsitcs arc spacious, too, at North River Shores. .;J-;:. .1i::: r il'

fot '

or i'. ..

2(4314th Yam r.u.a A"DW Bach.. lots llerUaFtrM AvewseIIOUKSt J4J-ZJ7J, JOHNS Air Conditioned FUNERAL Chapel HOME l Cli> C. B. ARBOGAST AND i '

: 9 I. 3 dilly, except We.. ASSOCIATES

--oy.9M12. Ope S *. 1 fW- L CECIL JOHNS RONALD H. JOINS


"" ... CmUmmt SW Tkesr .

,...... Telephone AT 7.J..f3-f 252 OSCEOLA AVENUE STUART, FLORIDA. TELEPHONE 287.0UO( ,-

e 34iiW AjaMmre Service Oiyfan rii>.|.... I


__ 7 ,I ', .". .mm." . . -
. ,',.. -


2-C THE STUART (FhA NEWS' Thursdav. July 23. 1964 SATURDAY SUNWAY-Conrtnofditoo Electricity Up

UJhaUfeuad) (,(tMtI_

TtOB-.ll Oajnadx ...... -4 BOW JMrmyI
COMPLETE TV PROGRAMS: rata-14. "Arse( YWV. 55 r't N5d5u Proa alar OfemaM ** Per Cent in


I h Ytd (OJd is tJowMnrPopl. :
) Warq5.4Iti ) in State
2h: h /tuOA-adotlopagog u 143o-S tt the Rook Year
=:1 LirThe IV.n
Oh: 7 tht.Yaln:. yr. fiwfal.
Ib I 1 M4.s1. (45C.1 m\\: Ii t1II IwwelUt
il-=' in.'W .. :..... /lsI.B/t.is. a..... n. It1I. .11-1 tpWi Prtatdenlad I
eon .t .u. t .
lII + aw +pnoMI1 electrical
-ry. lwlsbdnrw.r.spoalb. r4 f1JJ,. ........ a ...... The prodweilipn!\ In
.. l "kp+au1t 1trkn Florida, a good gauge of ec-sral

WEDNESDAYJULY THURSDAYIt.rocd ,.. !-M growth was up 10 per cern 'asi,

M ( ) I Moon(.. playb...s.a year over 1962 while national production
'OOttiyMwntne tswh" oF1Mua41 I'lull-' "tap-.1, Npe1\.or Iuwl moved 7
1t 100. '" '
;+ Re.w of -" Y. up per cent the
0'. Idlt1 1"e.4. 1t.Sao II I.e... and" Ani '
(Saw. M MondTad .unapt) r e. .. K..d Set 'f0I0 ..-II IXreUona.
krao -{ ** Bke. /r II. Hilda. 1 SMop Af .:-It IM'*ovH 44IS u reported.
1.00.--4 Movl It-It My. Tkrw Bon* It Yaaan : Laurl aad, Kt I 'Total output of electric pUn
7 Mo." 4 ..., Maaoa .00.--1. I iOO-3 Ohaikaiat* 'f y ,
pApl.rlqhot10'att.Op in the state |to 26,6 1 5. .
earns GUI
10:10-t A WIMTAf -Wor14 CIO Rtu"r* Ike Star *>f Pp Ht oa ONtn atIt I (
__ t ylrp OTTool* Movb 'it' DIM( kilowatt-hours during 196 i
ti3O-r4v4 *! (Color 11 Morning .'Lbws. Ii30 f Combat" timer the
taw M ".11'. *BB**) 10-Jl jimmy' DeaD Stow II Condo Metl.oe '" I five amount produced
I tOO-1 Mo.l. ICtOO-4 The No_ ilB-II Unel Boll 4+oo-t titheS t ,; in 195(1( This total was made up
4 13 -4 Marl. 1-7 P (all.) .,.0.0..1. \ Dona.wla.. I
I Movl.t M :.t.OTt. (.,-,) 4-7 BuM nondPlYdd' (dolor) C.my.t of 24,702,000,000 kilowatt-hours\ !
-. Pfcotoaraphy 10-11 Ml: Adam (s14) It ,,. .. :. Oulr ?nowemnt VkiALfr produced by utility plants (hoih
Swelnar0'n.k 11.1Mld Ca..ar (Alt II Kollcr ItrrkrlOiOO 4 T..U.III Cmtnn I
public and private) for
N.wa. Bparia Vtkr lOtao. -10 Tope In Sport -4 Quirk Draw MoOraw4T t Bur and tk. Hart I :; .; II I ycncrdltale
end WaatkalII 'II P.lor Conj .. Hmtor Hmwot Color* I Combat ; ::; ; and 1.913,000,000 kikmatt-

Movl. at 81* ttrOQ-4-bt.l' Weathar, Sport It DI_.*,.*. In 8>....* t.U-t New id .. I hours generated by pulp mill and
II 1\1.\ s ,. .... V.otoKinadomw "j I
ItUI-1t Unol Boll
.tie-II Commons 111111 News. */aalHUB "... .pona .-Wild : other large manufacturing plant
,1-t BM Hart \ -4 Movla"iisSr 10.10-4 Mighty Moo** It Dwarf not 7'"" : ; i for their own use! .
I* N**... Waatkac. B>*rt* : l 4-7 lf"M t :Color) II Trail JlaaUtlilt f .
tl Nawa : f anlght ,.1111 Johnny Cone") Land -It All Jr* Icor.bo.rd ; "d "This amount of electricity gen.
1 1 100-4 Bin 1 Tin It30: -4 O.K Coll.fv Bowl ,
30-4 New*
11t.1I : by manufacturing
: erated
S Huntlay-Brlnkkrr. ..,.,. kll Movie. d., D.nnU the ..* 1 Bin Annuls. I plants
I* SuiarfoatII .u ,,''' Cartvonla )bapr Owtow n |MUM 'Mo MMn plus! 5,151,00,0.000) ( () kilowatt-houn

( aniline ntrd. 1' = Mom _ 11.3 -I Roy ....TIt ..* .rne-'r' CaiMr",; ttMt i I sold to smaller! plants in the Slate,
4-1 KBIT
114/-1 Maw.-yaitar Oiwaktt. ** FRIDAYJULY Aaivnrt Plaai* -II Ptohlnf/ Watkr. Bpan* ?, I totaled per cent over 1962 The
l-t Nwa+ Nrakl.IDo.s
Hnnttay. 11 B.anl and CeO It Pies' .s, Watlir. Upon gain in the use of( electricity is
) one
Huckl.b.rrr Hound 24Ma ''''0Datollno ) i
7 Mori IIISh1I. Banjo Billy measure, of the advance of manu

It TBATiSO Moedsl Altar. **** aboa ---1 factunng in the state
-4 CBS! Report ( N .seta,. ..00-'.' Meat tk* PM (Color)
s-7 The Vlrflnlaa till-4 Bumnw Benwator, "Jntrodu 1,00MI..I Matin** It Miami Preaa Con,....** 'Both residential and comma:
1ll Oaul* and Harriet tlon to I... ........* t Bullwlnkl (Color II Ch.mpluai.hlB. Brldra4iO I cial of
use electricity in Florida
.too lt-11 Pattr Pull Show ... Youth and th. laau*
... ) 4.atr" c 10 W. Watt t* !*nw
e4a0-0 aunp.n' .11 &z' II Ba,. Bunny J14: =1 BoaknatI gained 11) per cent last year"
10-11 "Th. Fum.S Dnrhtdl 105..4 Mort.T U.OI-It Col_. ProfU All-Pro ScorakoardiaO
...001I..a, HWbllbaa 1010"" II Sues Sunni | -4 Hawaiian Ire ..-.- .. -
0-11 1.7 Tb.B..n SaInt C510F Stags Cooking Wltk Gal IJilo-'It Do.a ..rI.. la. tNllnea I Praetuid Slicker, J
Altar*_ It DlMovarHM. Kalaaaa 1 Ploalda Ponpi ,p r
tM-4 Dfek Va Dyk .
lt-11 Oar MM Hltclni lillO-II(1Ia..Movl.. u. Monday .._() 1.s..IO II Anarlean flcl.ne BandMand II Nlvhtllfa Hootnany an Ike Cold Coeitt4l Far Beauty

10.1100" Broadway Tonight -It Pa.Ina Parade
4-J Eleventh Hour 4130-4 Movl liOO- Damrarma ,.OI 4 Lu.IeColon
It Dtek" Povrall Tkntna. 9 Mp 'Vn.tof. 10 Saturday Hop l-t Bill Dana Show
4t40-l BnaikanIt
..M-IO WraBtllnfIt .
It Channln It Now, Bporta. Waatker .
II too-4-I.T-lt Nm, Weatker Bperta'it Hound. 1 Wraatllnc' DUlwy tr
W.. 1'AO-.7 Walt Colorl I ,
II riakln 11 Know Vour Blbl
Mm-BUI BkadelII Sports .
128-4 Mo.... i4l-t--( VI4eone. ,,iurai |iOO-I Star "nd, the Story ..a. ,I 5mplwin.d MI: .ulll.. new t
1 1 130--4.7 ToBlcht Irh\ Jokanj parao a_... 7 Watch Mr. WI.... 4.10-4.7 Orlndl Stsr

10 Mork ..00-4., N.... ...,.... W_.. II It Saturday Haturdar MutliM Hop., 10-11 Arrant and Trial
II Sttha\ Tl4Ntm 7 N..., tl1.thq l lOO-I C.Ubrlty Came
ne U Yort.SlipIS I, |tin-4 Bold Jorny .., .........
--1.1'--- Command. t.11 U. TBA f { .10-1 H.nno.... I IlOlOO t.'
Mom.nu lprt
THURSDAY ..11.Y... nuuiIt 1.00lIarfold.. UKt ( -4 t.u_ v..are -
JULY 13 Na Watkr. Sports star and th. Dtory I Tfca BalntT 5t
II NweItaod merlean, fipaeUttl. '" '
.. .
Hport. Hluhllrht.Stanu -.. ,.
Baat of tk* rtMlbt Plonmra It Marl CIt '. ,. .. >
UartbifSim Iluat4yIrt.t.t. lu It A 'I 1 Cloud t Thaws Movi. ... -.--- -
( M "onnat *aplttlB Tb1I 1 4 tOO--4 BattkllaM. *:-4 Wkt, Mf thwf .' i i '- .
-4, Butnm.r Stnxitor, 'lledrr* it lilt tl tfc. Gold Gout T5A < .IMF '
Comparative fro! l"'V"' ...1-4 ......-\40.\ t t DNn Kollaf'.rmna/ Oarkf |--.1.. II.... W* "'_. Spoils : ._ ;.... '; : .. ..

.tOO-4 Movl" )J..W. .tIo,. .rsibl U TBA4iJO 11111,4w. ..... ."..,.- .-.t Ts fi..t

t Mov|* t.I r.O..lln. 0 ", ... -a Ch.mplon.hlp. .".tll", I 1 Movl.It Movl. +.., .. .. ,. : .. r

Arm..* ,, : lio" 5007 World Mr' Novas Miami UnaoraredGovernment :: -., .. .. -I
(lam ai ktonfkj *r*/ptl I MoJeriT.ie. Tkaatr. 530-It-It a IRS Ol awra of til. Popl t.A..JIIII". ; "" .. .\ ... .AF' ; ... \
3,00-It Mo..It. f.Tka HoaayaiooMr* P ltlal Y.s4 to D.sya :::::II Nlaktwatet' N*. 4 : ..... ._,_ ..1:(._'" ._ L ,
443o(4140. .. na far.deUr It Movl Ma I
1 ro t.. tapl-.: ,( > ,tloBJ' BkewtlB* aI., -I'... - - NOT A SUNDER obelisk, but one of the many concrete pilmgi rising fifty feet In air to support the
.. ,5 New.os .
.14sMml4lt4 .]-r t prone .ta, Wetba 1oNDAY, '
4tI 544Mat. 'f! ..r; JULY 11Morales new Bee Line Highway bridge Frosting St. (Lucie Canal| it |ndmmown.Florida's That Is Yoy.
J-Iaf ti-0-4 Hawalla lye .
----- ---
t ;
1111 ..
0100-.4 .... 'u t I"tr,4 Pwkm
t .. l It Ut. Wall
t Nova Mor- WaaCkaiIt : ..04- Twul 1 BOB* II Movl past wp: years. Contributing! rq- which, i is. $9,700,000,000, abpye a

.ilO .t to : ; 4t44 t ItdunatloaTiO ,......... |,OO-_ OeatlnanUI.. Claarmiill .. Banks this rapid climb has been year ago. The growing assets; of
-II Coe-aiaml. '\ ":. .4 5 ,k, : ::I YaoWrealSkew -4 luotm.r *' :.* "In I Gently tq
duotkm to Bpac tcl.no* Farmers have kept with their
Oil I by demand for
increased long
,1n. .4h.4-. ,tlo-4 Oolkw tt the Air .the -rPeficanBeauty :
: .
e ...... II l.af Tim Aid expanding debt. The total indebtredness
f Huattey.Briakl.** 130.1! 1/1i0.-spurt.0t. I ,lie Wook 7a0-4 Proett.p Luol CIno1 Oa*( Cam.d4, 1.l 1! \\i' CoMt..t.lonnis.sream: COoler) Agriculture I term real estate mortgages. The of farmers-$30,500,000t I

NNtStTiT.lkn II The L/.sknaol ti<0 !' Buarla' Btkolariti mortgage volume held by banks 000 as of Jan. 1, 1964-mcrcasf :
: :
th Oold Cleat
t-7 kl *a Boaltai .nakl... li4Brlt...Mate. .That.. Iiv' .P_... ... II Ueotvnannr .. '.-.n.111O t Mwa Abnns.HISIs .U iMBlakT Says President"Florida's has been increasing at I rate of ed by $2,600,000,000 during 1963. I Salon :
ti4 4 )1.nnWaMe Craakrk) ,. '" a13o-4;. (:bo Da( dti" )/_., WttkrTtOO I 15 per cent annually during the Twenty-nine per cent of this debt' I
TiOO 4 Pettlaoar junatfe'
f.1..M. 10.7'L. .
lI ... -4 Popty thumbs. past! two year approximately
Calf is banks The I
{ tka serviced by
iiovak Dah44 v-i aoowl' with< Johns. Dane ..100-I-T Movl l-t.Today I three tunes that for ABA Ere112ge b1 pppolatmeut
t Ma. banks have received previous years.
11 ands II Mo.1e ....00....... Playkotm TilO 4 Zion < study shows that contrary to public II

ttaoFMivorf Passing. 1 4,04-ii:, :: Nl!.t"5"SATURDAY' '1"1*>-Hollywood-4 uunamok Palao*.. Variety It It Carouael lot 'rom: the American Bankers Association On Jan.held I$2,100,000,000; 1964, the of nation'abanks farm opinion, farmer .in the aggregate Mrrttci Clark Clalri ScraatpB

I-T rSoUlon ro toao-11 UntouakaklaaII Jilt U Not rareattaai0 a special award for service continue to maintain a com, II I '
It-11 1 Tk. (Mort Tk. D.puly -It ro.ua real estate mortgages, twice the toruble equity position of 85 21? OSCEQLtfaT 7-3484 ;

JULY IB It44 11-11 Mak*. Tk.* ....* 'i Mutt' ItayaoI. to agriculture for( seventeen consecutive amount they held ten years ago. cent in their. farm businesses. pet ._ i
I1.00-4 M.1.
.t.i; ; 1:iD/-1'0 +'''w 1. ".eels I Doln. Oalwdar. years," reported David B. Included as pna of the twenty-

,,,.-. 0bampln.bi ,....'*' II Bunrla Tb.stw5o.le Irons Florida Bankers five tables and charts in the ABA
fill-4 Biiirlx ......*. "...._ 11I0.10 raua president
.. C ..p..tII\ cram |".." 11p--f World _.. 0-It Oardea P..asSilOR Association, and executive vice publication is a "Preliminary Balance PAVE MORE FLORIDA FUN AT."

-... i4- 1 Around Pursue 4|.ISO-4 Moils. -' Today Bkov president First National Bank, Sheet of Agriculture" prepared
:: 4>M.--4 U.1 Curleon-o-vlll| N... II It BtarUiht Movl. "tI.ooIt It Mornla PIarke.eeS .. _", kturt" ; by the (United Slate Depart.

'i. Hoiwkinf Claus" Cataldy 'li a-19 Vraatllnalro TMipa liOO.041Ad..ta.-4 Movl.I .* TI.. Irons pointed out that (he loan ment of Agriculture which reflects .

to -1| NuiktwaUk Dano. ClukIi04 Bkw K*. | Bobbie Drabs demand of farmers in recent years the increased' and total assets; of

I,5o-1 CkamptonaklB. Wmtltaa t Movl has been rising steadily and has farm people standing at $226-
II Banjo SIll
CHRISTIAN eciescat BARIAR.ANI'( UNDSEY did liat*--II It MovK Movie. Na. I II Mamma PlaykauMli been at record levels during the 000,000,000 as 0 f Jan 1, 1964 If
SKGRETAHIALSERVICE "'\ - *" I ooi Susie Aady


1,1 M "tiOO 1-1-Maka 4 Hannaaay Boom (or Paddy 1.-. roe Cot a 8*
RADIO STATION WSTU 287.4637 MaralatilO tt. LIPS of Bllet .i30-I Vacation PlavkoUM I

EACH MONDAY 7rtl TM.., -II Tkr** 8taoaMTiOO ;10 t.U: =tNawa| Law It-II Wavoa Trmlo (Color( ( Mmteflama Mmdar .noon 11> .. I.000 It LanJInf' trip. for Prlvat. Please
__. . .0 5Ir Ms 1.1 >r.stla 14.-urrn drlfdn Color( ) .tot- 4 Danny Tkomaii3t a* t.MoNlls:
-=..4v C.rtooa.e-vlll* f *.'*_' .' --4 Andy Ortftltk 1:41-It 8pac* Eiploror: (oarWoai) GOLF AND FISH 0a n. -3 par FREE. '.-...1. Couraa -
Parm Aim ana. 11.1. : Ie SkhCab" I.' Mollrwood and rte Itart ...00Mo.1o ICI Air Condition.. aad .. itID_
f Cartoon lets ''l'h. 1I".ln. Link.'Ii 10 00-4 Nab.d City I I Monk AT RUTTCFRSCAITAIN'S dlnatly *n tk* OccaaPiwar.lvly
SALE ON RECONDITIONED ..t Mltok. MlllorIt / '1>>ISO-1* A WIN World I av dons.
,J.rr Comedy 1'1.. { bnn'eatoratloa -II Brtaklni Point AftenwM 0...........,...._. P.e lankwpln
,10-4 cartooll..llioa l 14-11 >:10-4 aro.d.... QOM Lath ) S male
(lam Moody aaml
Atrlmltur Bpan 4 .. BolI 11 too-4.l-1-lt-U M Ie wa, W..... Snactoua aaad hwlrra.ekOce.n
It Paa AMrt... I tOO-I* Movl
TELEVISION SETS .ia0.rdLonoT(Color) kalkbi
II Buarlaa p nluu44Show 4,SO 4 Movlo' : *
Tkaau 11.I_ TABLE" Sh-llUk..rd-TmnU-PI...'...
liOO-4 Goipal. ranrltt It Movl. V Movw
.. 11100-1 New* Site* aa Grauad*
Bii'llwlnkl 55. Wes tt ...II.ht Theatre 1.00TOil lute .Our. New Little Pool -- Cabana Cia"lIotel
23" ZENITH f a.41-1 PkoloirapkyEvmlM
1..10-1 Movl
IIII ratkar Snows Beat OCMW FUhln run' Ball. A Tackle
5 I.
Tim. Blot.
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w11r c 1 #tlttt11 Nrwl1 ERNEST Ll'0\S' COLUMN. I ."'. : ,"';-; -!Ii ,' 't.

: 1- .. ; '
;tt.' ,:
'Freedom Now ';, 7<;t"
1I1URMUY!' JULY 23, 1964 : !: ,
1 ,
'H Published every Thursday at 111 l Beet Ocean Boulevard, Its Wonderful I t/ '.'

Stuart. Martin County, Florida r y '
Entered M second-class mail matter at post office at Stuart, Florida t .3, ," $
"" """ Learn to Say No! ,"- ,' .. I


,, I'
: .' I
to me. It can be the thatever : ,
AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS peat greatest thing "
,r fi'"tea ;
'y ,rt asp
happened in America, # "
+I r ; ; + '
GORDON LOCKWOOD Publisher ERNEST F. LYONS, Editor ,It. -. -; i
,: ,' :
WHEN THE WILD winds of freedom I

MAIL SUBSCRIPTION RATES: In Martin County Florida, $4.50 per year; two yean reUy get to blowing, nn countnmcn may -.:', _

$8.20. (Subscriber living part of the year in Martin County may pay at these rates) layer what, I learned! (admittedly not soon I

Anywhere else in U.S.A., $5.00 per year, two years $9.50 enough), how to wy No''!." _, "

Six months $2.75, three months $1.7$. I

Foreign and Canadian rates on application THOSE TWO little letters combined into 4 : '.' ( pS 1
one of the shortest words of our language em y +
r xti'
phatic and understandable, tho plain negative;: ,"'fh't ." r
could have saved me thousand of dollar and ,,1
Time to Be Your Toes
on Analyse Changes an incalculable amount of mental agony
- - ----------------------------

A New Era of Opportunity OpensIn TO PUT IT plainly I was one of those I
easy marks! who hesitated l la say 'No because

he might hurt somebod+ >'\ feelings: I hud t t .
Martin County as We Expand all sort-t of ways of trying to !say "'No." without r

actually doing it, Eke! : r'u i w y.iw rMli '

Times change swiftly and those who are on The strrel-paving throughout the NMMrM.r rwr"I;
program "I REALLY don I I bclicu I can allord itat f ; T
their toes who analyze the changes are the City of Stuart is an "up-grading push"! which the present time ma>bc later j, I
ones who will gain the most! from the many will also! pay off in the future Completion of .

opportunities made by growth alum- leuance projects has greatly helped our
"I'M TOO BUSY to take'! on the n>b of ws 4 ?? V 1l, u rt t'. II
colored section, although we still have slums t
In our opinion, there was never a time secretary of the Exalted Beneficent OrJc-r of r ?

when opportunity was knocking any louder that must be eliminated. Eagles but, of course if you can't find ,+ KS ,. to nWau + I
than it is today in this port of Honda All over Martin County there is a new else I will "
anyone !, as a loyal Eagle serve
The mathematical momentum of growth spirit of progress and accomplishment.! '+
which is doubling every ten years means that A $1.000.000() () bridge rises at Indiantown "HELL THE KID'S only six month old

there will be four limes as many people here A $750,000( causeway bridge l is l being and it will he air or seven years till he* old

in 1970, six years from now, as were here in rushed at Jensen Beach. enough to read an encyclopedia, so I really

1950 Stuart is doubling its municipal water plant think You say the first copy is free and

Fourteen years ago, in the 1950 census, to supply pure, treated fresh water to Sewalls I'm not under obligation to buy the rest?" ,
our population was less than 8KH()() In 1960, Point and Hutchinson Island. ,ar': ,r

it was 16932. In 1964 it is around 24,000()( and Within a year there should be an ocean 'ACTUALLY I don't need a credit t curd, r '. +PI, t

by 1970 the prediction is 35,()(}(). boulevard from Fort Pierce to Stuart. since 1 prefer to pay cash Oh, well I'll --', --' x """";N ..
The the the Millions of new citrus trees are being planted take one; it might come in handy, on a trip"
larger population more services in western Martin County Plans are underway HIE WAI IK'S LOW now lit the pond al Stuart Junior High water level in drought periods, will beautify the" bank and plan
and the those services
are required This will be more reflected in new for flood control works which will allow "YOU REALLY think that this plaid Jacket School but a dedicated! band of conservationists" Is coming to tho to stock the revived pond with black I has! and brunt and maybethe I

are agencies upgraded for the sales of many products for development of the southwestern! part of the and the baby blue pants make an attractive rescue! They are going lo Install a well and pump to raise the family of duck will return agmn.reprcsenlaliun .

which Martin County was hitherto thought ""+10 county sports ou'fitl Personally I I'd prefer +something
small" It will be reflected in the introduction Martin Highway, a project launched In a little more conservative, Well, I gueM itwouldn '
of many services which find sufficient customers 1926:! will be paved in the coming year, the 't do any harm to try them on' Your 1 Government:
fruition of of .
thirty-eight yean hope.
to make a profit In those specialized
It all boils down to this: projects which we THE INABILITY to say 'No'!," louj and
of population which become important
segments have worked upon and hoped for in decades clear, gave me one of the finest collections of Governor Interstate Roads
only through growth
field past are fact or becoming fact, and with them encyclopedias in the land. I have Compton's, Pushing ; ,
Smart newcomers are analyzing our
comes opportunity for those with the eyes to Encyclopedia Brttanmca. World Wide, Collier's I-
now, figuring "what Martin County doesn't see and the faith to invest or furnish needednew l and the cockroachc-s and silverfish

have that I could supply." We predict that will by services. are bu ily attacking a set published by I don't Florida Is Leader in Use of FundsState
the beginning of the coming season! there
Martin County's "Golden Era"hat hand know whom, out in a corner of my garage.
be at least thirty new firms offering services! -and it will not stop .

not hitherto available in Martin County. We're rolling, and with such momentum as THE KIDS used! the encyclopedias ill motorists lone valuable time-the extend 210 miles front the Graf vital to torktu'* continued growth,

This new era of opportunity is gathering we have established! you are going to see many right-to sit on at the dining room lahle, three Roads urban Interstate. lacllitic'S are pub gla' line south to (lampa whet t I am confident the Slate. Road DC
momentum not only because of population new and unbelievable things You are going volumes when two. two volumes when four, licularly clfective evn+pleteJ. Motorists are now using partment will meet It* obligation/

growth but also! because of a general "up to see more new elementary schools, smaller and one at five. When they got to he six! and Boom Under he bent conditions, a l1t'e':: "scvcnly-one-mile: segmeiv t to the motoring public by complctmg -
grading" of our community, but of the same high calibre u the new Mar started to learn to read they had outgrown the Seeing conventional city: Mrccl can: accommodate \: stale line south 'to U S. :these: four superhighways!
The physical improvements of the past ten tin County Senior High School. encyclopedias. My grandchildren are now sitting MX) vehicle's. per lane l per .441, near Gdnr+vllle. on schedule

yean are amazing and they will continue, each You are going to see land values increase on encyclopedias. By IAKKIS BRYAN, hour, An urban I Interstate facility Unit we e.|wrl nce some I livclcmcnt Y -

one giving "extra push" to the solid, booming at certain key intersections and businesses established Governor of rlorUln, is designed to move 1,500 vehicles weather In the next week.
growth of Martin County there which will make you think AT ONE TIME I was secretary of seven per lane per hour+ or two, I the adjoining seventy
Florida is experiencing I higreatest I the Interstate system I I. design* three-mile link'of Route 75 front
for the belteij !
is "Whydidntlthmkofthaf"Jt's
The face of Stuurt changing different organizations: simultaneously When I
That marvetouiufoua.laividj.Lli l J. Highway .not too late to put your thinking cap got back (from a vacation, I owed the gar cumpanics t of road the' building state.: & "bovwu in f.th r i ed work.as a All hmrwJ rural-ucerr routes freeway are luiieedt net: 'I U 1 turnpike S. 441.. near HHith. Wildwood lo the will Ilorktu! bti I II II I IE inns TO

for which all of us fought so hard and so on. There's opportunity in Martin County now than. next, month's history -
more my sulury, The Slate Road IVpHrtinenl t to control acccs. I rattle: can only open lo trillic by August. 1 'M w I THE EDITOR t
long, and with such faith in what it could at every hand enter or exit at designated interchanges. (hi* connection with our n. O
y I
has than S2'IICI.IXIO.'KMI> < ) <
bring,, is proving itself already ]It will be the Those who arc on their toes, who analyze THLN I HAPPENED to notice our yardman in now road and more bridge under. In llorida, all rural In- Turnpike extension can be mu

heartof a new high-clasa business seclion'Iretchina the changes and do something about them- who had always !been a very plain dresser' wry on our uaw-inumcd project highway tertuie segments will provide a the last week In July JeW
for two miles and attracting the finest will be the ones to reap the benefits of the favoring blue jeans and a faded work shirt network minimum of four lane divided This will allow a motorist! NrW R' 'IIJoNl"111)! ."-

type of retail firms A guarantee of its future opportunities created by the swift changes: of swinging a grass-clipper while dressed in a I ant particularly proud of the I by a sixty-four-foot median. In enter florida. on Rout 75 and II-H 'FAIN: : IIIH1 nc'
drive all
is the investment in beautification accelerating growth some urban areas the Interstate Ihe way lo Miami on a ArlLR IIK1I YtAR:
quality plaid jacket: and baby blue pants. Oddly enough, progress being made on Iht four facilities: will star' sn and eight limiied-acccs: multi-IunrJ" superhighway
my own outfit was missing from the clu+eL: Interstate. aupcrNghwrys In I''lor* lanes Iditor: Stuart Newt.IMd .

idu. In aJJitKHi h> minimum of J the longest l Interstate. superhighway sin lo your chair. Here'' It
IT WAS MEN that Ihe wave of freedom. This national system of tinier)- In I lori.la is Route 95lhi .
four lanes, the Interstate facilities letter from new resident+ who
I a
Three-car hit me. When a man i wife starts giving away scene freeways was authorised by ftiur-laiwd facility will extend
Detroit Gleeful About FamiliesBut provide grade separations to prevent I ha been .here full !
his !host clothes, /just because he didn't have the Congress 1956/ and Is scheduled: or traffic from f the Georgia I HIM north one )'Iar--.an.
to be completed in 1972\/ tlurlJr'ashort opposing intersecting of Jacksonville: south J95 miluslo find everything. ,VII" bitter: than
to "Not, it's lime for a change.I .
courage say from crowing the path I of
\We Have Our Doubts It's a Good ThingA of this 41,(XXJ-mile' naiuw any motorist' These overpassesare Miami when completed we had ht pcd.
wide network totals 1,161 miles. larly work on Route 95 was Three year* '!/ started subscribing
I RESIGNED as secretary. of all seven organizations one of the moM valuable safety watt
toM/ when
concenlriled In Miami News
and Jacksonville
author :
in the lurch in Since this program was 'feature built Into the Interstate
leaving right I
we became Interested In this
let relieve pressing tr.f.fie part
the M UKoad
recent news item from Detroit the na tension developed by motorists who spend several the middle of the year When they pleaded with i/ed eight Department years has ago,made commendable system.When. problems in these two metropolitan of florida and sown Stuart became

tion'i motor capital was essentially a statement hours daily driving in traffic. It may be me to ....yon, I said. "Not"' dri.kr. the lour Interstate routes .r.... Ihe Inlurilate portion our second home 1 town even

of glee by the auto industry that more Ihe slow exasperating traffic of a crowded Under the able leadership of ue will complete be able I In to Florida drive\ from a 'motorM :: Miami of' Ihe Jacksonville ixpressway : though we were I in Wisconsin.

and more American families are becoming downtown street or the wild reckless traffic I TOOK ALL my credit: cards and a pair Koad Hoard Chairman John R. to Pmsacola without. ever bar been completed and the When it wi twenty below for the
three-car families. of a freeway. of office sciuor* and neatly cut the credit. cards Phillips, he( leant Department has encountering: an Intersecting highway northern leg of the Miami I'xpretv'! past couple' of winter the"- first
W'e ie not too sure about that being a good Another form of insidious tension i I. that Into itty-bitty pieces.+. Offered more, I wit: completed nil miles, has an additional a traffic light or railroad way I i. open to traffic/ thing we would' turn lo was the
weather hues of The
thing created by the attempt lo "make end meet* at "No!" 1)0 I miles under construction c rotting.Koute. We have recently accelerated .m filII' one
New and 'U t74 home
Could be that the automobile will turn into the end of the month. The purchase and maintenance and is acquiring ri '-of-Iny 4 I II the meta i developedInterstate 9J Ihe and rural, construction have of Route down. south.say"' at our

a Frankensteinian monster and destroy it* of three can lo a family is bound to MY WHAT a wonderful word that "No!" on I IUO more miles. superhighway( !in florida. now under construction a fiflyonemilesegment i In

creator.At create an economic problem even among some became. I'll admit, al first it wa a little difficult Thus, we nave initiated weston This 1 IS/-nu e freeway h*' Mrevard County, In addition! alt know Through all of your the paper trade wo people gut to In
rate of highway killing- of the so-called( "well-to-do.;' he" "because." MM miles of the 1,161-mile tween St. Petersburg on the Gulf "
the present accompanied by "may or of Route 91 between IHylona the town and the many activities
44,000() a year it has a good start toward annihilating AI any rate, tension to becoming recognized freeway system in llorida. 1hi Atlantic toast and Seaboard Dayton. i Ia Beach on Ihe Beach and Jacksonville' h tsnected so when we bought( our !homesite.
fmUcalrt complete n.cq"t -
that as a contributing+ factor lo human ills' force progress we are keep* to be under construction and
the human race in manner many THE INSIDIOUS thai work against for two urban in by built last summer we had! at*
However, a more nubile form of disaster is and just paying the ga* bills for three car freedom are cunning ant crafty. I slipped on Ing pace outlined wuh the by the sixteen-year U. S. Hureau program .- lmpa and Or Undo.These segments December. IVM. Work' I ia now ready 'met" the nal estate man

developing-one that is probably killing more would be enough lo cause the average American one of those "un''"* you can't find anyone of Public Road In fact-M of two link-portion* ufIhe under way on approximately forty and the contractor:
traffic accidents We refer to the lo blow his top. do it" and found mile. of this ninety-mile, *eg- Believe me. a* much The
humans than : else to dodge myself judging July I we were the nunihe one I l-W s4 Tampa Fsprtwwry as
demise by "heart attacks" of thousands of men Alto, with the fiendish independence of all a high school away contest: and a beauty contest slate in the nation in the utilization ami the Orlando-Winter! Park F'r- mctit.ThM entire Interstate b Stuart New pulses this area amt
in the thirty-five to Gfry-five year age bracket, mechanical: things, who wants lo bet that all in two successive weeks. of Interstate Highway fund. prewar) are scheduled to be he system.. blow Ira horn ll', KX) enough. We
-- -- -
generally considered: lo be the prime of life three won't be in the garage awaiting repair Ihe coM of this program H open to traffic' 'by '+er. 1964Koute love the beautiful ocean beaches,,
Much of this heart failure could: be due to when you really need a cart THAT'S WHEN I resorted to the mirror daggering 1 It! will cmi In etces 10 t N the second longest American hive absorbed! r where my husband! fuMe", and I
of one billion dollars to complete Interstate' route in our slate attending minimum of the Indian., culture shell-cull.d. W, find your sum.
trick. I went into Ihe bathroom shut dior,
"' this superhighway' network !in our 367 melee frtwn Jacksonville compared la the "'*M amount we" ewes delightful' with) a breeze every
looked myself firmly In Ihe face and said "No. state, in petttacolft: This frerwsy have absorbed from Negroe llto duy--nut hot and muggy like
ll dklnt sound too emphatic so I scowled, However, the apparent high 1 h complete between Jacksonville,,, unfortunate thai most of I hliterature e it to m Ihe Inter kit.

Unilateral Disarmament May Bring the showed my teeth and aul: "No!" A* I worked cod of building" thts modern super and Lake City and comidrrahle+ about Indian to from The people ,In general are so
Day up the practice Ia hitherto unenjoyed pitch highway dam to off+vl by it* ability work la under way near PcnucoU their enemto. Yet an enemy often friendly ami the bright, clean l
there came a toll ripping, "Somebody wini t 0 accommodate: unusually in the panhandleRoute leache r man more than bll I store meet all our need We just
When Kremlin Declares: 'Surrender or Die'American to see you at the 'front door," laid my wife. .bevy traffic swifry ami safety, 7) to the second pawl friend do' ant maker him. work love it here.
In mci/opoJiUu area..where. developed route in ,.'Ior...... It will, harder,-J. Prank Debit -New Resident

I WENT OUT belligerently/ looked; the --- .- -- --- ..A..
: military men. Including General Defense Robert F McNamara want to scrap guy in the rye and yelled "NO!" at him loud

Curtis E LeMay, Air Force chief of daft have our whole bomber fket. enough to be heard for two block. He grabbed Justice Warren Talked Out Conscrvutivclv Viewing

warned Congress that/ the Soviet Union w narrowing The TFX medium-range fighter bomber to hi* book and ran. Supreme Court Some 'Librl ul Actions
the armament lead the U.S. has held into .
+ running difficulty

since the start of the Cold& War. Atlas rutuilt/ are being Junked. "YOU FRIGHTENED that man. Are you Of the Other Side of Mouth as Governor Frva z..... (ItL) Newt
"moth-balled"' Pluto in June a nuclear sure you're all rlghlT" my wife asked anxiously
which believe could be the most Eighry-fire Thor and Jupiter mtoule/ were "AH right? I'm I in the finest shape. .'". ever I* 'll morally ami economically sound:
weapon many removed from the Britnh Isles. Italy art Turkey been in life. I sewed the bawd. population" in the lor a government. la lake money away
powerful weapon ever rnr+aeiveJ.: my trttycksptJuwskrnwn rk-nda. faced with' o K/kiry pvpuUiiim rM ( upon
summarily scrapped the X-ZO Dyna- Bring on your Fuller Brush men. PfwrtKXtment order from the Supreme Court 0....,'.* from tamer ami give it hi those who' won'twakl
We The
Skybult air-uvsurface mawio.
programwaa Bring on anybody .I've learned to say: "Nor!
Soar seven months ago cll CClled. which will reduce .It* agricultural eounlie toMfiiscvle Fur government. to lax Industry and give

The B-1Q follow-on manned bomber designed tbe All our Bonurc-A: mewls were phased, "F RELCOM NOW!" .b wonderful 111 admit voting power' should remind. Chief Ut"'IIII'WM rely ntlU thai t money away to build competitive rnJu-

l to fly at 70.000 feet at to three three limn e1pcrimcnt.d out m the put year. it waMit ..*,.. and it cart me plenty but Justice" "" Cart Warren of a tlatemcnl. he made Kr>F GROWING; IN OUR: ftVtAtm Van In foreign land*?

tpeeJ of sound, ha been cut Nike-Zeua her. been shelved" in favor ofNikeX. Ihe final .y-df M worth everything. "when Ihe shoe waa on the other foul. We m-te that taxing boa. cunstrtctor are To take )Job away /from American workmen

moJclLW. propoung to crap 480 B7 bomben without any commitment lo produce Back in. 1944, when Warren wa fUpubUcanGovern : being sold for pets tAruuyhwt1NW.'''' "A kU ami create Juha for foreigner who compete: '
are the latter anU-n}+r0e morale.Typhoon YOU NEVER really realize what freedom the knowa. When the wuh American worker at fraction of their
of boa hn'1
without/ in
the Secretary a
if Russia will do same. of California, IM war agumt soiefypojulatioo
frigate and! weapons system were i lit until you get a strong whiff of fe. ll i ia anrhxir kite pi tired of nV" they can let Thayer louse wsgeV""
reprvtcnUliuM for thai ..... farming To Ire free enterprise r plant and
I deleted. from the 1965 budget i that was the tout My mruat to mil-. in the *wamwtwrr' they ran grow to he real puw
Sun RUMU i* gaming on va, because wean !tone; of hnprMpned tallow American yearning countie .lie. nUtod: The agricultural" eounim big bow, adding to ,** Daiural attraction. use the money lo build a competing money
The Stuart Ned win furaiih photo prill"of Nit of CaJifurnui far In the losing pLtnt1hr
disarming umLacraffy I to be free, is -amply : lean to say 'oIor' more important
sire up to S by 10 tocfan, of any ptcture but a* Wdliam Gill reported In the June Irfe of our Maw than the relabon-Jii( / their government to engage lit hutinc hicumpeliuon

taken by the NEWS staff, for a charge erf 1240 29. 1964 W.... Oft Report of th, American SIGN a ret tioft you dud believe M Nil pe-pubtion bean to the entire puouUiKM t of The civil, right' r"Wm would be solved wuh tan-paying privately ownedbusimr I

for the first print a SljOO for any additional Ste+airy Council If our drfenx ptaaoen& continue 'I Get caught sa a lime-cortsuming effort you the slat*. It I h for !this reaao thai I nevrr have immediately+ if gri people with two head. **? ITo

I"'iau ordered from the same negative at .the to hold down development of weapon i I dead? Nof Buy. aoythmg.. you don't really want? been a* favor of rediHrktJtfg their. representation w ould' show up t ran Mar that both side could coflecl from American. : earner' so much I

tune tune; larger sow by special quotauoav Mol delivery *rsutn* designed to mauMaM Arum" any debt you CM avoid 04 bothered tot our atai trawie to s strictly population discriminate: agninst, in income fixer that it has lo give it away by
Stuart New employee wiD sex. Uke photo is the Hut, the founding the. "hllkrn to lap from reducing: the nationaldebt 1
Ameoca' sterner deterrent power the free I by anyone whop you dislike Be the fall.. guy .Mar It tame reason JI
grapba except for die ew. and a4verti 0| world may. much sooner the anyone now rot';I( asydsirsg'e sheet 0f our country gave .balanced apes of the income tai epee ,
cotuaua ear Th Smart Newt- foresee, .he confronted by the K/emlie wick e rouiw* to the stale of th.* Union, equal! rep'Mentation ', TN'.hilA to the younf; la sat to U tAts'ia!' liberalism, then UwntUsai must j

Ib. .the fateful chose.--Surrender or Uf Travdani No r i ill OM busy_ rot gn+prrtr+rwtr frost ..... be. pupil! :unjust, teal ImpncUutt i;

\ 1w

.. . ... H_ _. ._'
._ U" ---

s POoIB-_

STUART (FV.) NEWS Thursday, Inly 33, 1164 +encwar* rsewniw ., "

P.OK r Martin Highway JabCondemnation r; Home Building! Section- J[I New Florida Royal; 12 Castle EmployesThe Is 111thIn

Suits new, ultramodern Royal l employee, mainly' from Stuart,
Castle reMaurant( and food ahop with training conducted at other
which has )tort made its debut at nearby Royal Castles in Fort Pierce
RECENT BUILDING PERMITSJuly 400 South Federal Highway is the and the Palm Beaches.

Against Two ParcelsA Illth to be opened !by the Royal "The Royal Castle standards of
> ( 10-17)I Castle System to Florida, and first the finest in food and refreshments
in the Stuart area. and quick courteous and
oomlemmtion suit brought. Dftllman Wausau WIs.; lame Owner 4 Location Contractor Dettrlpllon Amount This latest addition, open twentyfour friendly service will be maintain
I I Iby Martin County for two par- Reed Kimberly Wta.; George Martin County hours a day, feature a ed at all times," according to
eels of rlaht<<.w... needed in the Reed Brookfield, Maser; Jean sparkling air-conditioned restaurant James Rush, operations managerfor
I construction of about ten mile of Reed Hurlbert, Minneapolis, Minn.; JtMeph Gerry Palm Lake Park None Residence $ 5.000 with specially-designed facilities the Royal Castle System in
Martin Grade Road hal nineteen Lucille Paterson, Paw Paw, Mich.; WrJr1eflB.{ Rogers Hibiscus Park None Enclose for take-out food services, and northern Florida.
defendants listed. E. Leone Reed, Black Mountain, carport-pirch, 850 an attractive lelf-lervlce outdoor "Specialties include the Royal
'One parcel of 1.53 acres In the N. C.; Joan June, Judy Reed, and James V. Allmall Salerno Shore None ResWenco' 4.000 patio and ample parking area. Castle hamburger, famous for
Film City Farms area ha fifteen Leone Kalkofen, 'all of Antigo I Frank L. Reynolds North River, -Shores Jni; Friend .. ,. Residence 18,000 Ernest Karcher, former Royal twenty-seven years, country fair
Owners and none local. In fact, Wla. Hubert Bow Inwantown None Addition 4,000 Castle manager in West Palm 1 breakfasts, thick shakes, birch i
one is living in the Congo; another The second parcel involving/ .66 0: L. Myel" Booker Park None, Addition 600 Beach hat been appointed manager I beer, soups and a wide variety of
in the Dominican )tepublic, and of an acre lists the owners a I M W. Harper Jensen Beach Sean Roebuck Chain link fence 360 of the Stuart unit, and Dar- other "food items and refreshments
a third in Alaska Leonard R. and Ella S. Romanic-! rell Meyers, assistant manager. he stated.
Dunklin Memorial Martin Road None
'. Camp Tabernacle 6,800 with their families, All food items and refreshments -
Both are
4 Listed) as owners in the suit are: lo, and William and Ann Murray men
lonn McMillan, Stanleyville. Con- of West t Hartford Conn. J. L. O'Neil Hunt Club Pbilllpe Inc Residence 27,000W. moving from Lake Worth to make are available for takeout
M. Hupfel Golden. Gate John Woodruna thclr homes lit Stuart. services
tot Marcellyn Dawson, Dominican The two remaining. parcels of Residence 34,000 '
t Republic; Doris Schmidt, Sol- right-of-way are ail that is need- : Elmer Riddle Jensen Highlands B. L Trpp! Addition 1,600 The new Royal Castle will be '
:- ++'In" Alaska; Lyle and Marlon ed in the Martin Grade paving stiffed by approximately twelveMartin's 'j' PORT SEWALL BOY
Should a second paving
PAINTS HARDWARE eject of the road extend to War. Tenney, son of Mr. and
Atlantic 7-0363 field Highway in the future, the li One-bedroom Home Fits Easily 50-ft. LotThe Banks Mrs E. Paul Tenney of Port Sew-
county would I need additional on all, is! among the' 320 students enrolled
m C.tr.nlad p,. rlahl- -way along the remainingroute. for the summer session at
I' Further extension of the "!i Reflect State'sBright Lake Forest College Lake Forest
'Iumbl" Sumllmrip. road beyond the ten mites to be i1' t III. The group includes residents l.
Cut paved.!is not expected In the foreseeable first group of figures of twenty Mates across the
T. SktchEbctrie future. in the house number represents 1 '* l: EconomyMartin country, and five foreign coun
County Attorney Dean Tooker the square feet of Uva- ,,,It I
,, tries.Students
I S *nllMttMvr able area in the house (The are limited to one
and attorney Amos Hudson are ,
I BnwkM'Por BUek D.cb.r. \ County's four hanks had
other group is an office num course of concentrated study in
the condemnation suits
...... .. ,. handling
VkllL rntr c. < Oth. deposits totaling $25.703,000 at
for the county. ber.) According to Jan Reinher. each of the three sessions, with a
INDIAN RIVER SALES Consult local the close of business June 30. according total of different
Circuit Judge C. Pfeiffer Trow- a contractor ) thirty-three courses
J OB Tk. Driv. BEACH North for an estimate of to a report by the Florida
JENSEN bridge has not set a hearing date. Bankers Association Orlando.
4 building costs
First I National Bank Stuart, offered.GEORGE I
Beverage Tax Yield \led with $18,810,000. Jensen

: METAL Breaks All Records By JAN REINER Beach Bank was second with 2.
We Are Worker in Metal 631,000) ; Bank of Stuart third with
IF WE DONT HAVE IT Exceeding earlier predictions of Horn No 672-44 $2,562.000, followed by First Bankof NELSONPainting
CAN MAKE IT $120,000,000 I the Slate Beverage Here is a compact, economically ---- Indiantown with deposits totaling -
Department closed: its books on planned one-bedroom retirement paved porch has two exits to the 1700000.
a'iE fiscal year 1963-64 with a record- home which can be built on a garden. All areas in the state are on the
: breaking $120,997,113.30 tax collection 50-foot lot.Althouah. The corner bedroom has a 7Vi- :BEDRM POiCH 21X aP] plus side when measured by loans .
SI according to Beverage Director only square feet in foot-wide closet! (with bi-fold IIxll|| and deposits of Florida's 409 commercial Interior ExteriorDial
Richard B. Keeling floor area this masonry .I b-on. for better accent.), a, '- banks, as shown by the
t T""h P collections/ representing grade house boasts a 22-foot-deen flats sliding door to ,the semi-annual statistical report released AT 7-0949
STUART PLUMBING taxes on both alcoholic beverages living room, an and two 3-foot-wide awning by the Florida Bankers Association Licensed ft InsuredChason's
fc METAL WORKS and cigarettes, surpasses all records purpose! porch, a good-sizedkitch- dews on the side. To'recelve MotH H ,
... (... ATUntU T-OIll StuartHeathcote set 'throughout the history en, and a carport with a 5 by 10J imum cross-ventilation the Two 'of the best indicators of
._ .. .. of the state Keating declared. foot enclosed storage room. should be placed along the the slates economy, all bank loans -- .
------- '" ----
.., ') Collections one year ago for a Looked at from the street this wide end wall. totaling just over $3,000.000.000 i
similar( twelve-month period reached 24-foot-wlde house features a A 3-foot-wide linen :closet ( ) CM on June 30 were up over the same I Complete I
$89,689.560,57 showing thisyear' "window.wall" made up of three It at one end of the'3 by a- date a year ago by 18.4 per cent,
Nurseries collections' 35.21 per cent. j jalousie windows, one Jalousie! bedroom, hall, and in the '3 by while total deposits of $6,300- AotomoteeRepaln
Increase over last year. The director door, two large sheets of glass 7.foot bathroom there I Is provision 000,000 showed an 8.7 per, cent
Architect Designed Landscaping. attributed part of.the huge and four smaller pieces fitted into for'an electric wall heater. increase. Time deposit continue
increase,? to the rise !in tax on both Bathroom to increase more than demand
Oriental. Design A Specially. and protected by the plumbing f is back-to rapidly
Complete Line of Ornamental' atthe cigarettes last and session beverage of the Legislature. ordered widely projecting ,a VII.'' The gently back with the kitchen" for economical f, deposits.Not .
Plant MateriaL The Indian sloping saddle roof with its installation.The all geographical areas shared
Mver Area's Oldest ridge line centered over the middleof cookl/l'/ ,and dinin ..a4tivi I the same rate of growth. Cen Garage
Landscape" 129 phaes the house, extends in one un- ties have been combined the y DINING LIVING. CARPORT tral Florida led the state with a 14.2
Nursery' Our 38th Year. Turn There forevery broken line the the 911 11x22 increase Dial AT 7-2311
over carport by I I-font corner 'wonvsvhlclr has per cent : in deposits and
I in Hills
Right off U.s. 1 at Undnlfy 100 persons Beverly storage room and the:! porch. ample light end air.-and aseparate a 21.5 per cent increase in loans. SERVICE FOR SAFETY
Lumber In Fort Pierce. Phone Calif.. In contrast to the. nationalaverage ...... ......
100 The L-shaped living-dining area door, The sinkS) li under, the The Lower East Coast, which includes South F. HltkwtrTops
HOward 15332. of 43.1 phones per can. be divided by a 5footwidefolding window, with the range tR( >snd '.672-44-CFRONT1 -t, Martin County, showed an

I .___ ---. --. -- persons. door between the living- the refrigerator (RF) ,to the right increase In loans of t 17 per cent
t -- -- room and the dining area in orderto of'' it. A 3-foot-widc closet opens r and in deposits of 6.3 per cent. In
shut off the noises and odors into,the kitchen Wall j cabinets: are Design
; "'I. from the kitchen. A 3-foot-wide shown dotted on plan caught a six-foot& sail from the
closet CI is this Sailfish Club "MowUce" with Captain -A. A Building i Permits
I coat : ( ) near fold- The large" storage room, with I
r ing door and a dual wall-heater doors Inlo. the porch, and.ctrport. Whiticar and.received, a bronze. KINGSIGNS
III(IW) I.i strategically placed so thatit can be divided inta I W0< cones, Issues AwardsStuart button and citation.A : Total $ i 1
: $102,210
)1i can heat both the living room with storage next to the dry inner citation'It'iO went to James
and the bedroom and bath. An R- wall and. laundry facilities and Sailfish Club I issued N. Conley Jr., for )his seven-pound l,
i Toot-wide slicing glass door loins water heater next to the porch. awards to several fishermen but thirteen-oiince btiicfish caught i in Eleven building permits, including i
FDRN1TOUE RUNTA1 the living I'Ow lh the all-pur ,1 he construction of Home No" week St. Lucle Inlet. five for new residences, were
the Chamber of
pose porch, ideal for living dining 672-44 is as follows: The 4-Inch- Issued by the Martin County build.
I and sleeping, because it is thick and reinforced floor slab is Commerce office. Hobe 9ou Marine ing inspector last week, for a total I
ROWELL FURNITURE CO. screened from view Receiving &the prized release
completely of poured over solidly compacted!! of 102210. NEON SPECIALISTS! I
the street A built-in planter (IPI) fill and vapor membrane, All.ex button and a citation for sailfish In Mediterranean No city permits
Dial AT.7-6804 We Give Cold Bond Slamos could grow a large philodendron tenor walls are of ). nch concrete were: Sully B. Curry, Eau Gallic, I during the period were issued! Fort Pierce HOward 4-1399

or_ rubber plant.:......This _terrazzo- I' blocks with furring strips (or insulation after fishing aboard the "Fran L"with Marine Private First Class Theodore .
boards) with plaster on Captain Pete Robertson, for Pinkston Jr.. son of Mr. and I
-- a six-foot, two-inch catch and Mrs. Theodore Pinkston Sr. of
the Inside and stucco on the out
. ;rI ,, 1\ ':. ;< It" .' '. side. All Interior partitions are;of James I. Sinks of Delray Beach Hobe Sound is a member of
regular wood frame and'plasteredon who Wit aboard the "Oulfstream"with Marine Battalion Landing Team -I II
both ,iJc. The.ceilings also I Captain Von Jour dan. 2/6 with the Sixth Fleet in the
.LL. plastered follow the lines of the Jack Mourfield of Tequesta received Mediterranean.The .
roof and heavy insulation' is called a citation for a seven-foot team the sea assault force
ttiI : for between the rafters. two-inch catch aboard ":Skipper of the fleet, will participate in Motors Rewound t
Plans for Home No. 672-44 were II" with Captain A. J. Whiticar, various training operations designed C Home
drawn !hv architect Ian Reiner, as did thirteen-year-old\ Eddie Carl to Increase its combat readiness.It Wiring & Outlets i ie :
editor of Florida Homes man. of Westville. ;N. J., who fished on will also visit various Medi Water Pump RepairsOPEN
zine. The manzine Is availableat the "Howdee" with Captain Bill In Italy Spain,
Vat's Book Shop or by mailing Buritge. Young Eddie's eightfooter France anrg: e. ALL DAY WEDNESDAY
SI I to 1000-Fifty-sccond Street equals the tournament !leader 4
North, St. Petersburg" I 10. Fta.) but he is nosed out by the first Since 1916 number of miles
entry received according to tournament of railway line in continental- U. S.
A millions once rules. declined from 254.037 in 1916 to D ED

Y Yd dotted the American-plains.- -2.__E. Grolmes!: Louisville,_ Ky., 225.000-mile-in 1950.-

__...v--- -- --

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L.--- -

Duplicate Wednesday 1 I....... -'"' ...._.......... Wrw a++laMlWla.aee ........ oI/IJ ....", ....... ,.,.. ,
[ Bridge flub\ ha* Donna it Ir spoil three days m Atlanta Tin !STUART (PfcirWa,, ) NEWS
annotiqc- Lum.
winning couples for thee I JUPITER NEWS Charles ? OBITUARIES last' week where they attended TjRtndaay a.! Jllly 23 I, 1964. S-C
the National
Ceramic Mamtfac-

fat *Mrs.meeting J. J. Wita They, Mr are. I MRS. ANNA MCVEAR, Cerrecpoadent Pho" 74M643 Exchange Nuptial Vows turen Trade Show. LKxIte" Thay. ASKED WATER MAIN PERMIT
PHILIP L, II V" KINSL. er known oeramic
I Stinger and Mrs. John II _____ ___ __ __ ____ _, _____ nationally artist
er, and Mr and Mr. Jay m i Donna uim daughter of Mr. f Quts! ( Chamber Coffee Features and Mr Richard: Lewis I, urn the wedding included Mr John of Sum Sands, died Sunday. Stiryiyoct material for .her. studio and clanss the U. S. Army Engineer by
Helen White i became the hide of Charles Julius Trushell mother of the groom. include\ his vtitlowNilma here. Southern Girif Utilities Inc Miami -
and Jam* i Noftz Jr. ol West Palm Beach Mm Charlotte' Nofu, his sister! K. a daughter Mrs Phyllis Y. .
er the club fpr *, permit to place a tw )ve-
etors.are leaden and Talk On Mosquito Control at a A p.m. ceremony in the Peoples and Miss Nana Ranker, all ol =rt, Ft Cl'Ilin(011.1.., a ants The Community Chorus of North inch submarine water main. in andCOM
Congregai" ,>na! Church Fri Willard. Ohio; Mr. and M..... J. L.. Jr.. \\csi. Palm .Beach; Palm Beach County I II announcing :- the Intracoastal Waterway
day. F. Pile! of Auburndulc and MnDonnte two brothers Joseph Midway. its first' song- fet of the fall < vaanel I in Indian River buried
'1\: The timely topic of the Jupiter- Four methods of fighting niosquitoc The bridegroom w the' on of Smith i of Tallahassee. Tenn. and (M nr\, (.Icn....,., Cain rehearsal wesson-I It in to be held I In' a (rend). at; the State Road A I IA
.'..' t.7M0i I Tequesta Chamber of Commerce are followed, he said Charles F Nottz: Sr and Mn f grandparent*n.OfJ.l'f' bride, *'loMr Service were held TiieMd y at at Palm Garden Baptist between S'wU, Point and Hutch
alway popular coffee held last Drainage ditches are dug and kept John Trushell of Willard Ohio and Blake, Aubtirodale Q tthll'tlll".Hjk'lIIdn.B"nc funeral (hurch BIll at 7:10 p.m. All mson .Island Stuart
} ts i Saturda at Tequesta Country Dr. Maynard Mills Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Home, Lake VNorth who love t are urged! to attend .
.!-':; /' -. Club, wa mosquito control open to keep the surface water perrormudthe Beasley of Tallahassee Mr. and The proposed water main i would
; 1. Lester Schcrer. assistant to Ed- flowing Insecticides fire used ceremony altar hi fore the candle-. Mr. W. D. Holltnbeck. of EIIMI, RF.BtTCS 1'\ I be buried in a trench at a mini*
win Stabrook head of the mosquito against larvae in quiet water that lighted decorated with baskets I Mr. and Mrs.. W A Walden. Winter rl.E'fOSloin. Mr and Mr*. Oordon Swenson" mum depth of eighteen feet be-
control department of Palm cannot be drained, and area are of tallcllow mums, white Garden and Mr. and Mr*. Rebecca A StapUton. MS* River Drive, recently returned low mean low at the lntrcoatal
1/ OOO'Wl41 afewGALIB Beach County was the speaker fogged with insecticide by truck gladioli and pompon Kenneth Bodkin, Tampa !ty-four Ptnn,1Pulnt Road, died! from' New Jersey where they Waterway channel for a distance
( Mr. Seahrook who was also a and plane. This i is the method best Given In nmrnagti hy her father Tuesday Survivors include I her visited l Mr and Mr. Hugh S of about 218 feet Elsewhere the
I guest at the coffee added to Mr. known by residents of the county. the bride wore a full !length husband.: 1 bonus I one ton, Tim- Torhcrt! In New Brunswick, and! I water niam would be attached to
.ffi Vcherer information as well as Appropriately, she coffee was gown of late over satin. featuring Jupiter Boys Olh)'. limit Neil, long Island; Alhin Swenson' in PlumficKI Mr. the' "bridge I _across the waterway

,,,., adding some recollections of early sponsored by Nozzle Nolcn. exterminators a full l skirt ending in a chapel! I two nephows, Thanes J., Bcrycnfield. Swenson i ia lo Angles on .
days in Jupiter when his father i Mr( Nolcn I Introducedby traiq The fitted' bodice wa styled l N. J.; Lawrence P. Jupiter: business this week

Want to make a house Captain Charles Scabrook, was Jack Robson, master of cere- with sheath at netklmc and long Sail to N.Y. two iisltra. Mrs. I:Una Hall, Red- George II Kahle, River Drive. Salon
sleeves bank, and Mn. Cecelia Elltr, Ver A
Into a home! lighthouse keeper. monies, spoke amusingly of his i and Paul L. Maddock. Palm
Scherer Her veil was caught with i a one N. J.; two brother, John
pointed out that moo work.Mrs. crown of pearls and 1 face[ and she Tour Jupiter High School youth' Regan and Thomas Kcgun, both Beach, who went lo Grand p_.
quito control i i. .
only one phaseof Margaret Bigentaff, executive hams, Nest End boat last
? the carried a cascade of while daisies. found adventure. when they answered of Jersey City. by week
.. department work in the i council member for the with the ad for were joined Saturday by Mr*. of
yellow hearts a newspaper crewmen -
county. It has of the Burial w** in Holy Cross Ccmet -
charge sanitary American Museum of Marine Archaeology Kahle and Mr*. Maddoik The
The brides Sandra Lee to sail a stoop to New York.
control wster Arlington N. J.
r' Q weed control of four county dumps, reported on step being Lum, was her maid of honor Sho Tom Sawyer, Bob Price, Boh ry party returned Wednesday
lakes and
in taken to raise fund for the
e.m I ponds, pest control in the county- museum which has had the backIng wore an aqun-green sheath dress Voorhees and Dan dtodwin, joined HIKE AM 1llFRh Mr and Mr*. L. Henry Read
.occArlBkyR. operated building and tandffy of the Chamber of Commerce which featured an organ/a over. three other young men in answering Beacon lane, have returned from BeauyPaOISSIOHAL.
.It tPrwrjAL7.23O0 sruARTirIA. controlBeauty. since its skirt caught/ at the waist with rose attorney Fghtrt Beall advertisement .. I Mr*. Prank J. I 11,11, of Hronvvillc. (entrul Sandwich N. II. loon
- inception a year i- of the street-Iength lIo"ntiil, : his sixty-foot culler-rigged sloop with Mr, and hors. Alfred'( Week them, will remain In Central Sandwich with BP'GBBBB"5 8Ba
Lathrop-Kahle ted with a rounded neckline She on a trip to New York. at (heir home on Penn,>clt Point until fall .
Wedding Carried: a cascade of yellow rose. Day of calm, when they loafed they were: joined for the weekendby
MOpEL! OF Kim flieabclh Lum sister of along on auxiliary power, were Kir, and Mn Barton Yaeger Mr*. James M Johnson and IEAUTY CAD
NEWMINIATURE Ceremony Held the bride wa flower girl. and her interpscrsed with lively soiling weather of Madeira Heath: Mr*. lull Mr*. her daughter, Helen Mttluer are
Saturday dress matched that of the maid and two stiff blow A squall Yaegcr and Mr. Week, friend the guests of her I"ftrentMr, and
| HEARING; AID GIVEN of honor. She carried! a basket of off Cape Canaveral hit with such I since the fourth grade in grummet Mrs. Richard DeBuiwey Pelican
The marriage of Judy Anne pearl were embroidered at the yellow petal force that a sad wa chimaged school, hold a yearly reunion. Point, for a few week Mr. John By

Stuart, FloridaA Uthrop, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bateau neckline.Mr Robert York of Orlando, wa Later stormy weather off Cape son was a visitor for two weeks
Walter F. Lathrop of Tequest., I Kahla best man Usher were Russell PLum Fear made the going rough but D\vM Fox of Stints Ann, Calif,, before reporting, for duty at the VIRClNI.KINNE Owner
a poinsettia il I his br'thcr.in-Iaw
most unique free offer silk brother" of the bride. and all in all, the young sailors reported visiting and. Naval Base' San Diego where his OperalontFRANCES
I of special interest to those to William Louis Kahle of St. I headpiece of organza and liIor. I Or and Mrs. II A. Nev will REDDISH
Donald Rose of West Palm Bosch a treat voyage. family join him later
Louis, took place Saturday at the lace with an elbow length silk illusion smith, TrqiiCfcla Drive David l
I who hear but do not under- I At a wedding reception at the In New York they visited thoWorld' plum. NFTT1E CRISWf.LLNow
veil She carried
Presbyterian Church cascade school
the a In
Pines to stay Jupiter until
.* n4 word has just been the church altar of white rose and babies'.breath. parish hall MIK Betty Cox pre. Fair before driving back oponi NINN-DIXIE' : RFPORIS I
announced was tided at the bride "hook Assisting to Florida
[ by Van Co. A
with palms centered with As maid of honor Deborah Malone 'IMRFASFlnnOixie
: a giant Mn Lloyd l ttoldmnith.
I were
true-life, actual Mr. and Mr* Charles Stewart _
I of the size replica arrangement of white mums and of Jupiter 1 Island, wore a Mr. Vance Woodurd. Mrs II U.) MII.WA\JKU: Ctr.VISMr I md their daughters are to \\ Stores, Inc. optratmg ( *
smallest Van Co. ever gladioli for the 4 street-length blue moving Ml I Pedicures
: Oren organza /
p.m. uipcrpiarkfis
ceremony Neville, and Mr Cena Johnston throughout
from Kane, Pa Stewart,
and Mrs Folmcr Sorerv- Jupiter
I made will be given absolutely The bride given in marriage dress with scoop neckline and cap The couple will result. at JO( 11 the Southeast, including KWlk "
a former teacher at Martin ( 1"Relaxing Facials'rmstn
I free to sleeve The skirt was eJTIbrpi.Jerwitlt son, Pompano Drive, have a* (heir oun- (huk,
anyone this by her father recorded a 5 74
answering full cent
wore a length BroadwaycM Palm Beach, after per
guests, their nephew and nicco. ly "high School, III i retiring U) this
I advertisement.! Wear-test it white silk organza dress with controlled ed silk rose and loaves Her July 25 Increase In sale during the four-
j In the privacy of your own bell skirt and chapel train headpiece was an organza rose and! The bride I is a IsW:! graduateof Milwaukee Roger, and Diane Tetiltberg, of area. work period ended. June 27 The SATURDAY
appliqued with Alcncon lace. Seed nose veil Mr, and Mn Date Bledsoe and volume totaled $66.505,155) compared dwlat
home without cost' or obligation Jupiter High School She at Mrs. Sorenson. Jupiter' July Augutl. Md
: townclark '
i of any kind. It, yours to Bridesmaids were Marcy Kahle, tendepalm r Beach Junior: College and Mr Sorenson, visited. their eons have returned from Ak to $62.891.410 for the September
keep, free. The size of this ATHLETE'S OOP sister of the bridegroom St. Louis, and Dclle He Business College Mrs. Sorenson' father, Frank ron. Ohio where they visited' their corresponding period lust year 304 OSCEOLA AT 7.0$31
I HOW TO TREAT IT Dorothy Nute, Jupiter Island Colony Currently Mn Nofu is employed parents, Mr and Kir*. ( an Increase of I).Ml.74$.
Van Co. i is and Mn Gaylord in .
only one of its ....... Gaylord Marry I --- --
Apply T 4 L 1 Ik'ild FM| It 5.5. Susanne Fletcher. Greensboro with Interstate life and ledmw and Mr. and Mr*
..... .. .. IVRuyter, N. Y., where they
j many features. It weighs less 5..YY lick In i. kuraliic nl and Kathleen Aldrich, Sarsola. were P.uef'lOl1.Mr. .
.. ... Accident
I. < Company
3 Mick
"F .k'ar 1 her ustcr, Mrs. E A.
I than a third of an ounce and r iMilb off W.icl k..likr ... .., They wore romance blue I Mr Nofu, a \I960 ,graduate pined by '
I its all at ear level, m one 4te. tf.b.ck BlMMc. U..! IN ONE OO"a: .ur dresses styled a* the maid of honor Willard High School, Ohio I i. associated .. Teutcberg and her family. and Mn Will ill 1'r.\ Thay HEARING AIDS
.nllMplk. Molhlni'' .f L the Teutcbergs and the Soren- --- -- --
I No wires lead from FOOT ,. ,: ; They carried colonial banquets
unit. POWDER Imt i with loddird, Inc. I .
then toured Boston .
j body to head. Here i is truly !,.ba'R NN..' tODAY .1 ITUARf' of white rose and babies'breath. sons and Philadelphia GA STORAGKWAREHOUSE Atotutkon and Zenith
---- --- on an
I new hope for the hard of Gail Gilford cousin of historic pilgrimage' Service M all Make of hsstrum.alrAARP
( hearing Professional the groom was the flower girl. Jftnior, Woman's Club They also visited l Mrs. Catherine
Scott Gifford of, Tequesta, was Salllard in New York City. e NRTA
These models are free Adopts Sttnlaml Girl ipeclal program by
while the limited supply lasts, Hearing Aid Service of best; :the man bride John, David l-athron Tollun, ,brother Doug and Mrs.saw Sorenson the World's said, Fair,one which! an, Storage by the A ken "
i 10 we suggest you call or lAY A. BYRNE, las McKittrick of Fort Pierce and has Jupiter adopted Junior a little Woman's girl at Sunland Club inspiring glimpse into the future. DayVcek c Free hearing... In home er off k. .
write for youn now. Again, Patrick Kennedy of Jacksonvillewere

we repeat there i is no cost, Certified Hearing Aid groomsmen.A Training to Center Mrs.. II.fort A Myeri Nevunith, according Richard: R. Maihauer, son of f I Month Year &?&' &' Batlf rlr. > cords. mold

and certainly no obligation. Aodlologist reception at the home of the club: nrcsidtnt Mrs. R R. Maihauer, lighthouse
Specialist in Quality Hearlni bride parents followed the cere Club member will I I I provide Drive Puss I been Inducted into the I USFD FURNITURK Hearing Aid Center
mony at which Miss Cindy Gardner Air Force "Ricky" let ArmtNCU:
WESTERN AUTO Aid. Batteries, Ear Mold and spending money clothe, and birthday
? ASSOCIATE STORE. Repair of All Make and John Lathrop assisted and ChriMrpa) gift for.lhf. .day for. .Lackland, Air WCllne"l AlA, GOLDEN: GATE 709 ORANGE VltNl1lo:: FORT PIFiiCJS: 461-314'
506 N. 7th Fort Pierce The couple will "be at home Aug. child; I TtY. .
Street. .
281 Oaceola Stuart Fla. 8 at Eastview Apartments follow Many activities, have fort -- --- ------ ----- -- ------ ---- .-- .......;..
(n| BIlK! N, of lire SUlloa) gout
287-0775 Ing a wedding trip. ward in the club, M.... Nco.mith'
HOward 1-30JS Mr*. Kahla was a student said, even during vacations The
d Palm Beach Private School sntJ budget and yearbook. committee
wa* graduated from Fairfax Hall, are preparing their report for the
Waynesboro. Va. in 19ft3 She August meeting 1 he yenrNmk will
studied at Stetson University where be complete at that lime 14 YOU ARE
she was a member of Pi Beta Phi A pool party and luncheon were
The bridegroom, son of Mr held at the home of Mrs. Nes.
and Mrs. Richard A Kahle of smith with Mn Chart' Lowe I '
St. l.ouia. was graduated this I fine arts chairman in thurgtf of
year from Stetson University witha making 200) patriotic favor for I i
Salon bachelor' degree where he wit 'the County Home for July 4. I ISIIOHR s8

a member of Pi Kappa Alpha He HIS ONLY
also attended' Westminster Collegeat FOR IIJUYlw1IIKOP


NELL WALTON (Ijihrop daughter" of Mr
PAULINE SEGNA thru Saturday PHONE 2S7-44S3 / FollowsWedding and Mr.*. Walter F. iihrop.. Point,
I Circle, whose' marriage U> William
Rehearsal L. Kahle wa an event of Saturday
wa. the honor guest at a luncheon .
Mr and Mn. Richard Kahleof I t SECURITYHAVE
and shower the home of
St. Louis and Teuuesia.. enter Mn John n.t River j Drive j
ONLY tamed at dinner at the Tequ I Tuesday, Mn Kurtz wa assl.t
Hunt Club following the rehear ed by her daughter, Mm JoAnne
FIVE sal of the wedding of Judy Lath' Kurt|. I a
rot and their son, William L.Kahl" Guest gathered] on the patio
"' Friday evening.. ''I before luncheon for the fll'C1ICnt..1 YOU PREPARED FOR IT ?
YEARS The "bridal party members were lion of personal gift. ,
Miwe Deborah Malone, maid of rtcsdiiy. Miss tjithmp wa entertained i t
AGO honor Marcy Kahle, sister of the l at a tea and shower of linen t
groom; Dorothy Newt SusanneFletcher and kitchen gift tl the Tequmu I
of Greensborough. Kathleen I Country Club by Mr*. Truman
Aklrkh of Sarasota, and Gale Connell and Mn hank Keene
I Gifford, flower girls! Alw Scott
Clifford best man: John Lalhrop. JUPITFR C 01C" MIFTS: I

I David Tollon. Douglas McKfttrick. Local director of
) II Fort fierce; and Patrick American Museum ntw
of Marine Archaeology PLAN YOUR
Kennedy pf Jad.'lDflVi11e.
which has leased land ,
Among! the atgf-uwes
pastswere in JUpiter Park were announced
Mr*. Milton Kahle, the by Manager L B. Clark at the"

bridegroom'of St* Louis grandmother; Mr, ;;..lM LKahle : of Tuesday tommerc meeting Dr of, V the D Chamber: VUM I I %

many drugs now frequently. employedhad I Richard L. Adam, the uncle and James p. Watson Mrs. MargaretButcnrtaff SAVINGS NOW
aims of Ute bride and their .
not yet been disco\cred. The scienceof Neal of Cresrwood. N. Y.; ton.and pOinted. and Clark were" *p- i,

pharmacy Keeps pace with medicine in Rev. and Mn Hat Rotencrani of Mr Clark, also saM that I she''I

supplying doctors and hospitals with West Palm flea h. fund nosing campaign for the So will have the
Mr and Mr*. R. L Cramham. ., museum would be handled! by I. your family guarantee 4
modern remcdies.IbQ Philadelphia Drive, announce the P. Fieldini and Atstxiaie
arrival of a ion, Gregory Wayne, T h. Chamber of Commerce:
July 3. Gregory, who was )n a voted unanimously to back I h of financial in the to
hurry k> get here, .ta In St. Mary' Jupiter Inlet Colony" Comm; wink security years come
Hospital I, and h expected] home and the Jupiter Town Comm; PVlOF.\i/D, "\/ RATR
STUART DkUG CORP. before many weeks.Mr aids m their. effort to gel a ntwbridge
: PER: ANNUat/
over the lntracoat l Waleeway -
YOUR RECALL STORE AT 74833| and Mr Willie Henry to replace Iht present
Caner announce t the birth el a structure ,

--" '

I- I One hundred and fifty lurxtrr-

r'Th THEY ALL T uetea rowtgsun are taking ad-
1w/j SHfUTSPtOPESSIONALLY i IYanuge course(if the Ming Red Crow offered swimming aii I KIT SAVINGS ANQ LOAN

l I felhave pool, by C oacfc Roherl'thirali. j!'

LAUNOHEO WT>f i Jupiter High School swim- I ASSN.OF CO.
( ml"| cnech These course are I EDEHAL i P MARTIN
: TtCLAUNDRYCLEXNERS ; part of the tummer enrkbmenl. '
m. I evetram under the as s ucea o< the' '
Plm. Beach County Bonn o (
(TIMVIR L YING win I Pubfae. Instruction. i

'PfIClA.y PRICED' I Ii Coach Sh" h ctpreMed the *0'ereoatson '
ol tchnol authorHmand I u.s. 1-SOUTJJ' OF COLORADO AVIiNUE

the parerx lo S..Aw"(n ,

PO, 51.12 ri 1M sat,... j .Uge..,,'-!for*. rnakMf the f frf VI-I' Open Dally 9 am.to 3 />.m, A

.lie taU. He I* leaching .twffcv9r .

Inc.M .and. advanced beginner des. .1! Friday Evening S fijn, to S fa f,
WI a rfl at mexm 4.... snot. )IM .
w 'I/'leIt6 co r\fianAL: STWJTT. nxsoi MAQI -* AT 7-iui I i ior life *..t come*. The ct* th ((11/1
U. CP.QF44A4 "f" T- WARY w AT Wt j 4S.tllllr.l4
day Iiott I awa. to 2 ,., I _

i jtl

I It

j .


THE STUART Fta.) NEW .- Thursday. JulY 23. 19 4

-L54.L A )ntRTulWN1 LPUAL .AbSlMtTloElIti5. [ Directory of f Churches

1 Organizations Directory Everglades so Aniwef to the Pttltbon it "

t5Cso. filed I thIs Ia the ..LRA"tJI C"LORO. _

rts41J :' bon NOTICE:! eraby siren that th* KOBE IUD SOU1HCKN METHODIST
CIVIC ORCANIZAnONSAlcoholic. Coat Guard Trugtoia of ** Improvement CAP(1 hi Cammualtr Bid..I
AnaaymoMWod. Oammaadar- :1..T. n..".. t..hw what Hut *ItI.: Iflter..t, Fund of the ImjoTBal Shale of Florldn O. Paula

.. I:10 ..a... J. B. Oommu.lty CatrakAmatoar Mk, ....., Coast Guard A". Bldf., Lures for Vacations you. or tf )0' you Its.vu In raeetlaar ta th* Board ; see p... Holiday BINNIT.
ajf thovi-daicrlb. Tlll. ..
Radio Bcaerfcnoy Corao the Sover5orT. OfYloe. Capitol, 7l4l p. Wor.blp Sarvlgo
Suit CeenieL.lea .55 laRd. and .hoW
ass. why tb. bfl Ai? .
( gohadulod 10 B H.Ton >
> ordlnator-Oeono Buiona Ckalraian-Prank A. Waits .etn. not in.- fur : i
Ird n.. I ... ihd-4 Tue.., I So CourtbouMM. us. .huii taltea for tho AuimM litfc will conlldoraiplloitlnn PEOPLES CONCRECATIONAIJaplu*
am. la the : ,
"rOto.U Crary, rrnry EIV MAYN RI> A.
Patltlon 1
Animal Reeeu Loafwo C Beard of Zulu AdjuitBMattlhalrinan Stretching southward from Lake M.I H, Sluait 5:50: Early W
Praaidoo*-.. Carl 3. Klaoalo .- Yd RhueOe. Okccthobcc to Florida Bay for 1X( LEGAL: 'Al)7ERTh0PMKhT WITLNSIO or my f.nd and tho of. : behalf"of Outtv'or'IMario. 1 DIAL-A-PRAYER AT 7-2512 10::00 ::Chunh School

Tuva, till ..., kooM* lid Tkura, 7il p... CourthouM mIld is the worlds most unuwu 1th lao, of .le A. sri. un ,bl. r ::t ,erf: pur'hau* 11 le Moraine' Worahlp Narmy
IH 1IIR dIGIt COI'HT OK Tllr.NITH ) 1. land to- daring both
BaafcMM ProlwulocHa _' MarUa .... I'UHO'rliy PIVIOCE : .
W data County Mueeum river-the Florida Everglades. Ncv n 1)14 I hi. 4.IHCIIT. 55AIlS :v'It'.5' Ta. p.m. v.
: Y.ul
Pracldent-Llda Ohalrnan-.Mr*. Hugh k. WMIouibby.. tOtVTl. Clerk of the Circuit ASSEMBLY O" COD- City .1.
VOlt MtHlIf .
lnd-4th Too. al:1.IN..1. BaakCoooanut 4th Til.., 7ll p..., CourthouM er more than MX inches deep and ltisndtor Martin Cu.t File 1114-41-15X11 HtV I. H I.IIL r. ALL IAINT'EPI COI Al-J.a *. B

...N.. Kreer SkanaPraeldont i M. C ,.... and Zoning : lit pUcei bone dry this va&l "Rjv.Cr ftOHIUt.LtW NO. let' Florid.: CAItOLYsM A .No of aubmerced land In 10,05 *.m. .10. 1010?. IOalAJiTL.. .
._ 0. A._._ no.PAuT.. I\ ZUUIUA the Ht LucU Itlver In SectIon 11:09: ... Morning
Ckilrman-Joeei>b Orecnlea* of Grass" U also distinctive for HTATI boputy Clerk .
III* Thu .
17 South, Range pm. Flare .
-C, M Rohrmbaaik led .. OK KUJKIUA an ) II. Townahlp T I* CommunloaI.WH
ttl p. CourthouMStbeel being the world's widest between C6F.L Mart ':10 p.m. Sunday, Youth Srvlo .
MeeUn. tad Wodnday a* kooM river Aienoy of tlio Htati or TOOIIJSR. 41 lust, City of Stuart, n ..family Oommunloa ud
StartChslrrnsu41.orp sixty and seventy miles. Kturlda.MARTIV. COUNTY County, Florida' lylnw eagterly ,.1 1.. Kna..I.t.. .r f.." 'bo l.TwIs
Coral Garden. Chrl
AxocUtta .nd ATItVITi of and ; 14 to II I
G. Kindred 0. Hop MUST' SAPTIST-300 9. AvenueBKV.
Pa.Id..e.-dmu.d Pknlal.l lad MOB, IllS p.., COurueae The Everglades region i. madeup moUNT, a Political :i\art. florid.: .buttlnl, Revlaod A. ,-T ... Holy Communloa
Sun. I pm County OwrtboawFeeeholder of each different $Ub.llVIlon of tIll Plat I of ., t'IRU'l w.r ll. Iuw TI..d.-1 a.m. Holy Oommunloa
T. of Sewallc Print many Plat Book Susdup .
mat ot >nr .y.nr1'III Thuraday Hoallnt lco)
*Cok AuocimttoaPra.ld.nt MVSTMrno.lln in its own way. Tho graft J'lo'Id."UUoner. .hd'I"dH' 'm,1 Itecordg! of Rio: a.... Wct.hlp Service Fold.i a... Holy Communloa.
>u4 O. Y. Bottoac r
Wed dabultlna
lpm. Town Boll v.JelY. rlorida anil I:41 am. Sunday School
landcallcd .
Meet* oa Mil Pa-hay-okce or 'grassy REED e' al., T.I.h..e. ; to 1* Inclusive 51,00 Mprssng Unity Church .. TIlls Plan*
for 10
the Pelltlonera. Lt. .
Cardan Cluk *| Stuart waters" by the Indians are Pub\: 23. 10, 4. II 1044 M recorded In 0:511 ::lIaiossE: 1 .1 11.00. .. ". Sunday
Praaldent-Mra. John W. Bouoy POLITICAl. ORGANIZATIONS characterized by small islands of 1fundanoOII .01) AUI. Plat Book 4. Pairo 1:8.: Public ". Ilconlo. T,1 B.m 8rvlea Wodncidar

lad Mon, t ill pm, 11'..... Cab .... Club of Maru. Or lISLE M' lKOTICK Record of ft CountyFlorida W54s.ndap,
Ibl... Park Crow AaMalatfoa Prealdenl-Jam** .. WateoaRepublican County Honda 'mountains These clumpsof POMAINIIOK.B&.LIINU 1*. TIJ S cot IS .<'TV 0" Jl IMJK-a ('OWIITBHTA1B containing ... acre. Oslo ... 1114.... Prayer Service LUTHERAN CHURCH OF ST. ANDREW

EMINENT Iraa.and lAnMrkaa Luthnan
Prc-ildi.nt. 8al Maiulloin earth dotting the grasslands are li'. FlORIDA JAltlI.0"1 more or PALM BArnST-4Mh al McCerdUUtKir
W_'. Club of Martla Co : CIT W. Prim. Vial I Blvd.. 5
MOB.. 7' ,.., Flnt N..tlOMII..k Pracldent.-.W, Arnold Oeiner known as hammocks and support IN TUB NAMH AND DY TUB AU-; IN 1014: will eon.I'", objeetlong thereto FactorIi4l H. C. bill PASTOR ;l

lndl.at.wa Chd Club 4U T..... | ,.... tint aUonal B.nk the plant and animal life of the TI10KITV OF THU BTATB 0.4WUOM OUT P. 'IUIHD OF I Objection to the proponed wile .. Sunday School
alao known
).wIu I of laid land should be otshmlttcdto 11,015 lorl.. ., 5duv SossoL
PreeHent .m. Wbl .
tot Moa- iTm.Jouen Imltb M C. Dewecnti E>ecuMv* Committee 'Glades. Ti) thL. I )A CON. a GUY J'Jk1 HAIKU. th* Chlt Fnglneer, T..t.. of I.I* p.. Tr..I., 1'.0.I .. Wo."I. a.r.i..
Chlrioas..11.ittsd T. Murray 17.001 Still CbKN and to all partlo aa f the Improvement Fln". 1>4* pm. Worihlp
gee.. ...-.Mard. SU Clalr another area is known ai n''I '." H S. SOUTHERN
larch Garden ClubPald.uttNr. claiming or bavins' "IM.d. Flllot Bulldlnr T H i'<1 111* p..W.dn.d. Midweek METH MISSION
.. Calvin Wllhovltd Meetingen callRELIGIOUS the Pinelands highest elevation of title Inlere.t. or ; OK PHAHATH ida, prior to ht .h.first abovementioned Plo. IMlln> Contar)

Woo I p... J. B Worn**'* Club _ the area. As the coastal region is other lon to .tat.mo.II.. TO IN A'.Tlt! INTfcKt.Tn-D Truntce r.**rveth Silera RfcV jorES'B 1 ..
OF LULl 1 K- make Hale 'APTITo :
land hereinafter deecilbed right to decline to P.IS .
p".I. : p.m. 5nc .
I... Beack W_.'. ORGANIZATIONS ( :4
A. .
approached the rcioat the and the following of any or all of sold I land The Bale, TAYLR .t. ., p. Eeenlet .
'.. .._ Girl Friendly ...tIII. p..ona YOU ARM ILBREBT NOTIFIED .
Mra Mario Miller toother with all unknown pernon If and when made chnll b* lubjecl *>4S e.m. .. ., 8.hol
Ut-lrd Moa 8. tot Club".." Leader.. Jack Wkltlear mangrove swamps zone transition by, through or under known that a written I Initrument purport to the TniHteeg renervlngunto UiOO a.m. Mornini Worth IP CoOls CATHOLIC-.l.dMatuou
tri I pm. at 1I0f.11 from fresh to salt water .1.Imla. who nil (o be th* Laet WIll and Teuta'nnnt themeelvea' of thn phoephatemineral Ills p. DTC iaLY I
Junior W_ Club | dead, or sri 1" '. M\ KCH
'.. .._Mn. Q ly Cronw.il SI. Jo**.. Guild vegetation is seen. Between the hot known o"* dead or illvoiHKCT1OV i written Codicil auld 01"ed.a thereto, have and b two .?. and 60' of p m. livening Worahlpan ...., \. tiN
enailmlttecl .
Ind Mon I .. PreaMeat Mr. Edward Iiau.lls1st th. p or .W.da..d. Prerer meet. = :
p Woman Club to probate In this ,
Moo., S p at acbool mangrove iwamps and open glades H09 -J50JHTVTF You are hereby commanded Cou.t ... ,. .,. I I. required I.H..II.d. practice follow. hIlt 4. io"rI ;i.M =
Martin CMBty Aodubva Saclaiv Board I .
of for fnrnljih'
a region waterway ROAD TI4 or tax
open .lx calendar d".m.n..P RIO' BAPTIST
St. Jccepk Holy Name month from the ST. MARrS
Ird Mon, S BceUty dlt.
p m ClontoV offloo MARTIN COUVTTNAMEH lamp for Ih* con EPSCOPA'I. 0
r're.ldenl-H. Rocmarln miles of rivers and mangrove chan of tho Oral publlc.au of t KKV. JACK FERNANDEZ Boulevard .

M C A..ol tlon. far Mental HaitiPa.i.laba.v. Tkura. before lad Kua.! s\ai, Ickool dt .UKE8SE8 nolle In appear In this Court sodshow veyanceBY: ORDER nf th* Tru.teel of I:49 *. Sunday "bol S and 10 an (... t Bpt)
Donald ,
Sohraodor ciiuie. If why
nels.At r any yours th. Internal 11.00 .m. Morning Woi.blp
lyl. >allm Fund of
sad Tbur*, BOOB Tbo Boot BOYS SCOUTS OF AMERICA the northern end Lake Okce- 1(11 &ilb Hlrer-t nn the action of hIs Court In admit.tine tho II.. 0' fUp.ovement. itl* p.. Tralnini Union EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE BLESSES
Meld Will) t<> probato should ,t4l .. Kvnlng Wonhlpfrtl SACRAMENT-SOS Chick Si. Indlaalawa
... p.
M C. Ck.pter. Conor Soalot STUART chobcc with an area of 740 iquure Wau.al. leronllo not glnnil unrevokedtVANS ATTITmUI BRYANT Ooveroor Prayer REV. W. THOMAS LOUCKSI8
Chalm .n-Mallory Johnxm Trace 4OO- eoutmacter. Robert Peck flout pm. Woa. .Un.
miles had a few definite outlets "IL CKVIIV JH, .
Chunk School
Chlrf' : rn
Martin Meeeerlal Haopltal AuaOlary Wed-.I* p.m., American Legloa Hall County Judice 11'1. E.CI..r TROPICAL FARMS lATVT-OIwy.75
Ship 40 -Advl.or. Roth Delp before its form was modified by Marion W Dallmann Martin County Florida 'Pr.. .. Fond LEWIS 'T Putor tiOO ,.m. Holy Kuckartal
PralilentMra Curt
let Mon Pint Matloaal Otto Bank Th.... 7 p.m., ..th. Churn Alhinr Bt, the dikes and canals of the white 1111 Ollbrrt, Klreet FF.TON II HCHWAFIZAttorney Ph.: "uly'l. U. 10. Aog. 8. UefI .,4m.. .tIL School CHRIST lola.l
\Vauiaulcon lo
Squadrea 444.-.Ad.Iaor id; KlrkhirtThur. for Executor 11100_ Morning Worchto4t4S MEMOlll..plt
Mona Garden Club .., I p-rn., Metk, Church Albinr Hi. man. During the rainy season it HUD llU"I.rely" UO tenser Avenue .OTK OF HIIFRIFF*!$ 551.54 II p... Trmlnlnt Union twInter 0.1. t.r
Pr.oldrut.-Hay N. Friol Cub rack 410-Cobnuuier., P:I). Btemele limply expanded and overran its P. O. box IOU ttf S 1.1. < IAIM (. SIT 1:00 pm. Ev.nlog Worahlp CHURCH
sot T..., lill p.... It C, AtK Bid*. 4th Mon.. 7.10 pm Catholic School defined of Dairioa I "M HTICOUNTl. .t Irtd p.. Midweek PrayerDUNKUN REV. .CODI..t.**
vaguely A \ tt.W: '
Cub Pack 430-Culmsol.r.i: T. hun rk'ih part Ap.r. C7U :[ : 0. llly U. MIHIIIi' 1 IT'TI EVEETT 11I011
Martin County CkUdraa'o A J8 MEM'L
Prldnt--Ira BwlvortIrdTbura. .t *** Lwt Moa, 7iSO P.., youth$ C.nler this overflow I Ciloosa- hamInloVunlnlvan ItepubllotuL I'ub: .ulI 10, 13. 110. AuV. t. IUlrl. tvniAVTOWN COMPANY, ) ILO u 'rr SAPT1ST-Isdl'at.wa lliOO I*:00 a.m. Sunday Srhoa*
IIV. a.m Morning Worcnlp
., 7IOpm, Com.a. J.t Nat. JENSEN BEACH hatchee River but the greater por. > 'IUU.lJ.ln i INC. .... Sunday School 7,55: pm. Evening Wenhlp

Natlefi.l ....* Aeeeelalloa Tree Wed, 401 7UO_. .Community.. .., J. l>.Hall Lookadoo tion followed tho gentle tilt of Reed hlurlbnrthOldIlItli .: or KH l'tll'Ol'IoC II'riot 14 MMK TO.tl.I.'I'R ... Plaintiff UldOm.0,15 .. Morning training Wo.bl TtlOpm.Wed: .Voung. People'g

PraeldentMr*. Varb.r. Ana Llndaey Cub feck 401 pm...-Cuhmaater H Qulnn4tk tho land and moved southwestward Av nu", Mouth I I. hereby given that the MSCCO INC. f f ilO p:m. Wor.blp Servle Ea.
Lab Mon., M. a Publl Llbrarp Wed Ball lllnnecotaHltD undernlicnad' under Iho provision T>efnd nt ttl 0 VMidweek Servle CHURCH
lpm. Community in a great arc. Today the Sllnnenpolle Rv virtue of p.. OF THC GOOD SHEPHERD.
Writ cif
Cuh of 5a. Law of Florida a I4uectIlion ;
,.. City Garde Club 4Ik Wed.rack, .0a-c..b..loa.IIJl Khlpel, Jr. lower shores of Lake Okeechobeeare iTlOO 1Antlgo Art IrtI will reglitor with the :In my hand laaued out of th* ST. JOSEPH CAYHOLICE. loth (LRKV. Jupiter RtV. ELMER

Pr.uld.nt-Nlsa. M.bel Pl..., : defined by great levee with leon l1lkofeft Clerk nf the CI.cul Court In and Hma.ll I Claim Court In a lull I of In.rtluntown JAN Ad. 7:I* ,. Hob L ALL.
Cud ?bura, .i0 ... Clvl Coato 515 E..l 6.h) for Multi Florida, upon 1 mnlnet Week day*i Mon thru fri. *iIO| .
.. SERVICE CLUBS flood gates. By lowering the water Mlnconiln Av.nu. receipt of proof of iubllc.Htlon of Neon, Inc ''r"rl. on .lulvII bcturday -- IilOCcnfee.lonet 10:0 Parish kucherl.t Barmen
"ala. City Clvlo Or. .
CMtaa Club of Ctuarl 1 UU which gitorday sad Tkundara sod Sunday, School.
level. a agricultural BUD f 10U.i ) notice, tho fictitious name, to- on
Pmldent y linckl great empire 1)1110.
-Andy Prtaldul.Aanoo Huctol aid execution tuned recorded of 4tM JENSEN
lad Tw, Clvii i Canter hat been created. The soil is I'' : b.lnl bero.. .t. Jd. .nth BACH COMMUNITY
W.d. II souls Toe-abouio ReitauranlIndlaatow McMillan : In tho 8mol ( ,'. .lit Sliylla ....
Polncl.aa Garde. Clvl AuoaUtlaaiPreeldenl Klwanlc Club rich, black muck-residue of un toR 5l-iknaondas under which, I.A'I rl' In Book I |iava on all rlvht. ST. CHRISTOPHERS CATHOLIC. REV NEWTON M. B.el
... J. W. Mar ok IHP. 1941Stanleyville biulnre, .' plate title and 'inhered of ta. laid Narco a.m Sunday TWUDI
'.. ..-_.. \ W Moke Sound :1 )
Bin. counted
centuries of
|.t Mon, I bomoo decaying saw uf bualneiiii In hObart, Ina In and for the I and 11
l4 .. Congo Republic : r'I.wtn. at 10:54 a.m. fuadeyg aai. Morning WarshIp
II til .emlnol.
Wed. IMJea.e
grass.Clcwiston. IX. .: that the parting propertr 10..1"" Jr.r. 5,54 p_m. Youth F-.llow.hlp,
Sakn-n. Clvl Auoalatloai- Beach Llok. ClukPraelaeat IUD fOG ed In auld bunlnoM are M Hu tin County,, Florida Is wit: FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCI CM. *tJOpm. Wednesday. loud, Chohr7ill
fart _Waltor a..." -rd kehmldlIct on the south shore Ann 74.lrrap. rwoiid' and H K t:" of I Tlr-f. Eaet Oeeeu Boulevard Is... Wedne.day, Senior Choir

sod Thu-Tkura,, I I p,..m., luppor Uvl. Outer Soolato O 0. >lrd Wei. 7U pal, Syaegf I is the center of Horkla's sugar ('U'..isnlnl'o"woo'.,,, HuP Av.nu.ly. Ino are I'aim! no Lily.other Florida peraona and Interested that there In -1-15 .U frlig 1.10.I roue.... reglitratlon Trailer. II100 e.m.- Sunday Morning School Worahlp !, 7: 0pm: Thurcday, Midweek ServiceJEHOVAHS

Port Saleraa Civil Dhmorirohouao Jupltor-Hok Sound SUwaala Club Industry, and the largest raw cane Weal Hartford 10. CunncttlcutBKL 51014 bteineos. > M/H 1521 ItOtpm. Wod. T.tl..aDI Meeting WIESEBrt Read
and To." Ill* pus ''. -Robert Harp sugar mill in continental United ) #11.1 1St. tTNDFRWOODU Beading Boom 181 10... Sund.r 7 a.. .
Man. 7pm, Jupller Lit Maria fNOHlWUOUP Notlot I I. hereby riven that on through ., lIPS... Moods-7iO pm Bible
Rio CIvU Club 1st.,, Chub .1 1li.rvlratl.i.uloDr. States operates here. The town is William Murray O Box .64 .) th. 14th IaysfAusu.t. p.MoD. ..1.1 Tkaniay-7tSO, Mlnlctry Bchool |UI
1905 between the hour of 11 10AM Ser.lc
Oracldent Jank Shomof Stuart, Meeting
hluoold I. Alllaoi alto a favorite headquarters for C/a Cunnlnvham Supply, Jna Itf/Au and I 1180 CHURCH OF .MBttUCK .
tat loan. Clukkmuolta.lt Pub. July 13. *. I. 13 1164 : at AM. OIIJT2 .
W... tItle p... T.ad. WI.d. fishermen drawn to this largest ofFlorida' 574 Oakwoud Avenue the laid Oat at the front door REDElMEII LUTHUAH-L,.. ..10KJV.
_'. ClubPotsMr. W.. Hartford II. Connecticut GOIIILL DONALD K.
Golden Gut tttoragCo.. 5&.siROKiClt
Stuart Klwenla ClubProoid.atbr. freshwater lakes by in BIO #101.1 OP HHIIr-K14 MtLH 1. th. .. .,11 a.. 8u.'. Iobool
*. Cornellu K YaderreaIrd Hixdal 1'rl'l Boulh nf Hluart on lidS Bible Study Bib" Stud,
H. Hlplo .
Wd, III pat, Club BulldlM Tkurt, Hill p... Tow. *Mesa reputation for year-round fishing, "IIMIlr ( Olltr, M HTIOIM A-l-A. ml will sell all rIght. hIm* 110 ... Worship and CommaaloaftIO UII a... Wo..bl lanlus
ts-lIl. UrtTH: HOHIUl
Tabebula Garde Group Stuart Daae Club and there are several nearby campiwith I Pler.onJo..l. ,' o' VB 1'ACMIAMI fcnd Interest of tho .Id I.ueo. Inon ,JO p..E.....c WOIblp CHRIST THE KINO LUTHUAN-
Hl-ftar Squats and to the ." W.d..sdy
Chairman- atre. Robert t. Koota Pr.atd.ot-GlIb.rt boueeTkun guides and modern accommodations. I.w law. Mlohlr.n Oh' INC. erty, it Publln Auction. .to the fror. ...Midweek Blbl* It. JupltwKEITH '. OHN ON. Piitor
let W. S ill axat. komod #100.1Jume. Plaintiffl'5i'Wllt .
I youth Center .1" for .
p.m eel to .
ald'e CHURCH I 00 Church School
THE OF aot
5. - - eo. .U.fl >-flM
Head UTHOMAM DANCY n "\tnn and coet Rfc.V. : McALPINI I 00 a.m. PM.IOTO Clacc
CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE Stuart Uem ClubPr.uldoul.'klipworth Belle Glade. Pghokce and Canal Ml Wallace HtreelKlmbrrly K VAKNlx> A. UIYn under mr hand and ...1) tOO BIL1I.d.' l:0 a... Morning Wenhlp

Mob $rndVr.uld.shDP.. WUll.m Mren lihouphusubP.4.4th Point are on the eastern shore of WIMeon.l. CO-PAIITNI1 TKADISUAH this ISIh HOT I.f,. of BAKrrt july !'$hIRTP HUM) e-m.. Morelng' Boo FIRST METHODISTlIDO Celecado Aft

Coatoy Wed. f p.m, Towa MeuM Lake Okeechobee. At Pnhokee 8HU < fUNHtr FLOW hill > MARTIN' 1 HO p.m. Jbvonln Worohlp, RkV ALLAN K 8TUAHTIl4l
pod Tin, I t
p. )'AItMl4 COl'NTY. tlSO ... !...., Prayor Movtlnf
i ..*.. Beack Area Stuart Sereetlmlet ClubPr.sl0.nt.L.ulu. there I Is a protected yacht basin to Jo..n '1... h."d..hly Pub i July II, ..;. *. 1 941.1 t a* p m. Tb. ., y.p.& ttortix 1111I. a.a.m.. Church Morning School WorshIp
Forabor Miller LU SIlo Avenue SIrIus of a \\'rlt of Buecutlon UiOO ...
pr.sldnt-YruIih serve crossing the state on Morning Wonhlp
Ix, .ind Moa. dlraator t 1/." lit Inure eoon, Klemlngo Hotel AntUo. Wleroniln In h.".. 1..1.4 out of I he IN (Xt>TV Jl IUII (OIHT THE UNITED CHURCH 0.CHRIST 7:00 pm. Youth Fellowehip
lot Thor Koon. Aaohorag Yacht Club the Intracoattal Waterway Okee. BUD #1011 1 Circuit In of Protective FOIl ConmiolloMl Piles CIt )
Port Srlera Stuart JapsasPa.Id.etUlsh chobcc. near the north shore of ,' ..COUr.f ) .ul. Inca ant I Fl.0KlDt. 1011'1.I" sIlt i 5..<. Kuml.r School TRINITY METHODISTMEV. -, ._ .
PraidonSC.. Blaekma Fryer Judy Reed FrancIs U Uuniy and Thnnia fcl Kfc: I II too cm. "o.nWorhl. MElt CUN3AU1S
tad lisa, I p'm, rtnkoudjBtuavt Tam till rink the lake hut an unusual industry: I.I K.it tin Avenue arnailnre, eo-partner trading: acHune. Or II,00 a.m.. p.m. Wcdnwd.r. .. ti4l .. Sunday school

:. drying and shipping palms used by I Anllvo W i.ponln ."t lower Forms duly' atteated JITATJ. L If AM. alco ... K.llow.hlD' 11'00. ._.n.._ Wn_ .nmr kl.. _M....a.__

I Proaldonv. -M. ft. (.Sins) KoUo VETEKANS OROANIZATIONS churches on Palm Sunday The SlID 4100.1 on which) ,'iild T.. 1113 oxenuilon. th. Judwnmnt wag. lenuedhflnK on known FREDERICK.: >rl!( 1C U I "\IUI AD'JI'rllIIIUTI" hI4 ,..... lu..d.E..I.,. W.roblt lus 554OOCEOt.A

lad tnun, I am.Motall ItU.M
America tio. Jeaiaa Beacklomtnaniler northern and western shores of .7sn recordid In SI.' I .
M.... DI... -...... Urlmnt Lake Okeechobee of 52* .Ir 1th At.... lien ,listS, I have .I :rtov all .11 IA L T'eeeaeed 1118 ('III "1 il lsl.Icte 1111 R'" IIIV. ITIIUT MIThOOST SAL
....11I Moa. Ipm, Leiira RaO border one c rl.hl. title and Intere.t of the gild TO ( ni-uiinns: "' 55511115 (0(515. sTAIN D. B. JlNIGH'r .111.
f'Ti.Pe. aOanf Aaterleea ItuIrtComm.derChunl. the great cattle raising sections of '\ .r.11 I'rii.t'lu I U Imncv and Thoinu K TO JOTJ'f :I.1111 .,AM ALL -4I II.1111115.t IIK cia* .s.a... I"ad. gckool
.1. Mernln .
- - - arnadnro co-partner 50llune't PBIIWAS rl,.\ .% Oil | < KE(1ltli ) Woreblp
the ..
.. itate.The t..dlli l Wo. .
Mtwn l TIIIG tJHTAlb] OKVII MUalonarr BaeMr meet fann
CONSERVATIONAudukoa Daniel HeedIII Flower for >rMAM: >U 0A1U ESTou ) )
aistp lad sal
Pr.Idab-.Iu.ss Moor*, Hot lit Amarloan ... IndlaatawaCommand remarkable highway It cuts stnight Anti". Hlnonilo located Martin County, Florida, and worSt of you are hereby tIU'1AI.I. !. dll1no )> 7141 ,... Praise .
Jim WHO la : notified and required to proem I.
Ird Mon Walt, I p Loatuo mH Pint NaUoaal BaaakIxaak 4th Mat. *I*-sun.Amirl.aa lUcky across the Everglades was twelve UuoaP .I any claim' or domand ,hkh Y"". .>reither "i'it'H TI t'IIl.lI'I'OIR'. sail :;B.. .0 5I.watdi (I.
Rand The of Tract All the ertdltor.I of the Kutitoof m.ath
lono U cf .alnNtIh.
you may stead
Fraaldont- karlo. Klndnd. Legle* AuiUlary Jeneaa lab I years In the making. and defied Munlreat Road tlon t.t: Towmililp 154,. 1.0' Kit at* of hU'I' K IMLU nl,.u Mllllun Clark Hlisp.rd ilot SOUThERN METHODIST-ft.
lit Fn, I tt.u Courtkn fmlilent.- kmma ..,.. every attempt tc build by conventional Sll: Mount.in.' Jiorth Ceol.. 44 h! talm City: iarnig known a* RFPhltlCK U IAI. ..ptl. are hereby 1011. mid me.i'sirc't ItIV. D. H. kHIGHT .lR:11 $51.a
1__ ... Club' I h'.'' Men. S p.m.Aanrhna : method elt treacherous aRt #100.I and )'ItE1IG1tlCiC. L..{tOy : to I. nny or di- ': .. Woreblp Soenlop
Puss. t IS .. Stuart Ysuth CarlaStuart Legtea Stuart Not lie I So hereby milton that onWednesday I..ed.| late of HALL. uiundii u hli h they may hay. molnvtHid &I,. a... 5.ndp 8011ooi
Fre.lil mt- -Mre. There Aanlllary llraer muck bad to be cleared from rieurc Reed tho tIlls day of Au- .'Iur'd.' with fIlln. Mat" II.On. to ecIste l In the (11Th.. of I h. 5,5. ,.. ; ..." IAone
Salllbb Club lIlt M Uilh Street l 11104 between hour uf Judue Court nf Mar. ioiinlr Judge or Martin foot of the often li.
nd-4tk .
I by .
| Mall
110' f".t.
fmldent-r.-B .- pm every way UrooWfleld, I'IlUll AM and aoO: .M el la.: lln County,In the Court Holme at Hiirlda, In the u".th..u.*t Htunrt, W"F'
..II. MarUa Cmnty '-. W.WI Vetcraa dynamiting, and the road based "1001 A.M. on the eelil clay Stuart. Horldu' within' iU calendar t'lo.ld" tl mlvnilar I is ... 1.541. 1II..0f Isulatu.
Pod Wud.. I pusM r''.. lot Malt. Bk. tewmcn Philip A. Kin* upon Iho solid limestone which underlies door uf the County Court month from the dato of the flr.tmiblliatlon nl"lh. from the date the fOult'tshllvnllun lad .4 4th
l.t-lrd .J. Ik Commualty Carla tlla: K nomtnlolloi lloule I Mill :.'::1 all till I of title notice. BAM) 01 thl. Noll,'*. bethticInt I.I* ,... Prayer MeetlaiPWST
IAItMU''l OHOAN.UATION,1JeMl this watery basin ,i Woodrow Btreftit ash In.t of Ih mid lra"r.. Ul (C-LAIM OK I'EMAND Ml'HT B Kl or demand mint bo In writ
Martla County Barrack A.... A hurried the Trail llarlfnrd Connecticut l>an .y and Tho ,, R Aarnadore, l't'tY l HVtIIRN TJ( AND )'ILIGD IV ,lux' 5,1 niunt .t.t ie tli' t>lf" ofrinldnitin MnIlODIIT-W_
trip along
Beach Flremea. AuaulerfPracl /IIEV.
l-reeldvnl-Mra, Hula N. llellletlrd BRD dIOLtLeonard purtnnn IreclliiK I a* Hun.ft How.er and I..t urrim addru CtOIWK a. MetMIlMICE
'lent-Mr*. ...10 Profits I .... Old (O. Chunk may leave an Impression of end. barns. In and the above doc i IUI'Liftll'M HALL of Iho .1.lm."t. und Iu.t h iwurnta ",iu .. Seadsp .10001

t Ird II... a .. V....'. Ceuecll al Martla Ceuatf less saw grass rippling in the R. RnniajilelloII crlbed I property, at. PublIc Auction I u'rt. of the total by cl"lmlnt. hi* (". or ..ttonnny 1155 5,50 :: i."olci We-ship
Jeaeea Soak VluaH Fir PiiarlmutI Chalman. Joha W. Keller \\oodrow lttretWsut lu the liluheit bidder for raeh. to of Fred L. 1111, UeceaeedAddrc.e or wil bouonio void at'cul'dltIr til ...
breeze. A will to lt KvenlB '_ .
more leisurely
laid all
ConnecticutHMD and cost
racldenlrJack Addy trip Hertford. latlefy eecullun 111* Oaccola Hlrc.t
srI Men, I Ntuart Legloa Bern Is. .
p. ,
luee. I pm, ...". reward the watcher with interesting ftOltr GIven under my hind .ntl *.a Stuart Florida 1.1.4hl.. a d.r of Juno A.U. ti4l ., Thurtday. Junior Choir
VJ .W, StuartCoiamaiideroJoka thl. Itth day of July 1)51. Mir H. EL UTTMAJfAttorney "1. p. ThvrMar, Senior Choir
Cert Salerae Fk.rn.aAuaittarf M Murray glimpses of wading birds strange >orl*' Ihmd HOT I. lUKhll HllhRtKFMAUT1N &Exeeiitrlx. ANN YOU\ HHBI'AIID. VISIT PMESBYTEMiAN Mr .
'. .._Mary Lctauaa vegetation perhaps Koul CQI'NT11'. t U>HI1>A 111 IMvd .* H\nutrU nf Ilia r.ilitlout *KV. MALcOLM Shore
or lIip.tor.
ad-4h Tkun, OoloM Uat BalUlae A. / ,
sod Tkura. 1 Ml ... Ftawkoga Holdutna, Alanka.RCTION Pub: July K. 21. 10 AunT *. IU4 P. I..t t O.n Florida, William Clank Dliepard.far A. IYIIHEI LOWRL Part
Port SaUn* Valuataer Ftra Pe>aixmrnit VJ.W. I54Iaat.w.t'omrn.ad.r.mJ.o.ph. The visitor may see su Indian SRI) 'IOoa 0: July 111. "''lrt.in. UU I ..." "i. a... ..... School .*.

I ".Id.a__ Johss.5 W. rVccte poling his dugout or take IM TIIH l'Ot MTV Jlu000w: (OIHTIM JI .1 OUaHT.lu'ON OUUHTIGROS. &IU: .... Worehlp ServIce

I Iguird Tuea* -b. I.... oat. III, ... Poet Horn tune out for a ride in an airboat lOATH HOAIl IKOIO-WOl 714 AMD e-Oll\ MUIIIM "Ul IN 111 COtMTV Jl.IM.r-u.: CO! HT B)T.. T. Outtl.csuflOtnomS"y.. r_sooulrK li*' P... TcuaaPeople... .llewklarRANClT

FRATERNAL- G S"i"'i- V.PW. Aualllary. Stuarl -a small scow propelled at bone- MARTI f''I'NTr0IH.UU'TION8 tsTt'I-LORI: T". .1. '"' JIN1.. lolS.IV I'. (X brawny FlorIda I PIIU.YTUIAN. t.oIlMUNITY...

Acaala CIo"-t 0..1 0-.11I.. Jennie SmltkUtlrd chilling speed by an airplane pro : ItATt.\ ) il.o known 11BKHTATB'LOIIIU. P.b.It..t. .. u. 23. OICKSON P...
Vuaeanlnd4ta 2 IU.JoTlrt
Mailer Moa. 1.-.14. Tom h _-Wd, Ooluea_Uale ulldla-I-( -_ peller. Nearby is Collier-Scminole BUD .*100.1 RIGHT OF WAY ..OUr lliLUUtU IlAUlU I LILLIAN 0.BCLLT I III.I 21 *... Siinaar Werahlp idol
Acacia Maeeat Lode MISCaXLANCOUSClvl Stale Park. At Royal Palm Hanvnuxk. That part of Tractg II and I*. BH. d,.,'rs.e". J I.".... III' 5Itl.ltlP'I'W: 500.54 I" Otto Tenth .=:1

Woreklplul Maetr-4krlllaa IOu Ah PetrelaMnmander a short side trip leads to 1.10. IT, Townihlp 1..lh. MjOTII H TO I'utl'usul'OiSe: ) CIISOII5TOIt. ] SItES IT I : SITu fill p.. Wcd.1 Ad.lt-Y..' a..
.... Thurc, Ipm, Maeoal laShI *I -Lleut.n.nt J. P. lining the fishing village 'of Marco. 4* ti.t, ,' I ALL. iKhDl'rona ot the rotate TO. AU, rFt' T(. I ANO AT?. tIlt VM, KTtTM o'rh' IND. RIV UNITAltIAN
the plat Illy taringthereof of Ul V I I. ItIIIH sit's known ac .
Ana Miller Orel. Elk .. lie .. K) I Poet ,. loath
Prad.ns--Mr.. Uoraihy Hardy J. Everglades south of the Trail *.f.fo', In Hat huT POLLAUO HAIKU.). Hit. da Tn14WANI)5 AUAINBT eUlO Eli .. t'UlntlftHOXVARIl 'U _... DrIes,Ctta..onitp Port Coot..
Cmmluo ol lOS Hook I, J.... the PublloHeourd waned notified and ATK: 5. heath,
r.stir.I -
j lad 110.., Ipm, k>lk* Ledge Chalrei.n-.. Comb.Kawutlv il a fishing anti hunting retort of of J'.h.fr.h County are to Ill.a h..b',., claims or ... ou and each are hereby T1. O SKIL A I fSt: t'h: \' p-" I

Beta aifrnn Phi .Ma4IPFia Dlraeior .II... Phlll.rlekIII world-wide reputation. A fleet of Florida) 1)ln. wlthl. 10* mandu which they may havo aaalnatlaid notified and p""r. to preeentanr Jun' tURIN urn. lusisy.

t W. Ocean .1.. AT ,.... charter fiihlng boats Is based here. reel of Iho to"th (sI4sontlols relate In tho Office of Oh.nunly claim or .. whl.h you, or isrfendattu PENTECOSTAL IISLE-Ishlatu. .
Zeta Chapter IT. tho Jurftf of County either an.aes not the tOy lirtue of a WrIt of Ihccuhion CURTIS kthNIa ..
I'ro.lrIont--II. B. J. Abkettlillrd Lady Gel(era AeeeelelteaPmldeat Aptly called The Last Frontier* and I. lean nl.tln. In the t' "MI.t. at Htu- Relate olr.U: .Il.h H HC.VLU l- In my h.nd. luu.d out of tb. 0.'trctil 10,14 .. Suda, Sehol

Tkun, I p.m, kerne -Mr*. Dill Hartiell Everglades Is becoming a modern c.dl.to"l t right of way eecured no.hl., ., within six calendar ceued, Coudty, i tt'our I I. a suit or James K I tao ... ..4., t.anr.ll.tle .
XI Gamma Plot Ckapc* ,.., III* a.m. C.OoUaOUy.Cluk with along; aa d Houth Hectlnnlino month from" the date of th. fOot New er.ey, rilingfee' ofII ).n.ll. a.alnii Howard K 0. I Ill ... W.ds..ds Sal.GETHSEMANI atq
city many v by Martin County: con publication of thl. notice, Fachclaim '.*, to the County Judge Court I Joyro. bll duly attiod
: Joo Haleyletlrd rljeJ
Lively An dub :: In the CourtHouae on Novemb.e I. lbS CHURCH OP
of Martin
County CHanT
Tkun, I p.., kemcaDoagkten there are reminders timing I." acrei mur or I... or d..nd muel b. w.l. at on which. aM cxocutlun .ud.n.. p* CrlRlSTIAN CHUUCH
Pn.l..nj-Mra. L. Aakk Arbegae .nd otati the pl. 'u.t. ,In.ld. wl.ll. I..ue
Ckllrch .
and colorful Seminole Indians Street
tfc. Amcrtea Revatutle past tlU.t alx calendar rocordfd In tho llrcult JaaMei Noah
Ird Pit, I 55 I... OWNED nYi. residence Pn.t Offlc addreeaf tl. 0.1.
pm 1 1.I.ht LION
._ In of the publication of Ui>' 408th, I havo 1 listed on all I. RAKER Ja-TsiVnt..
Ke Mr* Marjerle MaMa their colorful dress may be lyle F Datlmann and Marlon th. claimant and must .. worn eta,
sa. aisle.. *
erg TIt_. kemeeMethere' Marua Ceaaty Pah- Aacecletlearre.4eat Liallmann James Heed.1 to ky the hi. agent or hIsaborts. lice. : CLAIM OK PrMANDMKiT tlllind Intvrwt of tho laid .* .. Bible ekoo|
seen in town and along the 1 amiami ,1.ln..nt h.4.F.
i PfLT BWOHX AND and Joy HIoln War.ht
e. gerehj
-J. W. Buceey Itenlel Steed: tloorg* Heedllurlbart 3 .,, become voId&trnrdlnl T R n..11 I "* p.m. Tkareday.
) raidunb-Mr..I.I.\I: Wright lei AI. lull p.m, A..... BUg. Trail. The denizen of the Irons ".llof.1 Janus Itt-si ,. law wi FILE)> HV.PUCTB.WATNK aXni.A <- In d ,Im-ali-d following drarlh 0lkle Stud,
W praprrtr In Martin
dtk Moa, IKu .., Maeenl Tomsk Mails Couaty Celt sad Ceuatry Clakrreeleeek swampland the alligator may be Judv, Rend lone JunoHeed Mo.Mlllan IIATIthl.* nth day of July, Ancillary Admlnlatratnro County. Florida to witTho : -

LaeW Anlllary loa bIlls Brear Id HlgbcoIrd seen in the canals 0 r stalking : Marcellyn Heed.: l'awon: 114. CLIFFORD A. CAMPBELL, the Eatato of Lillian HHculk of tot The Galapagos archipelago

in.impm.at aa Tuo Otis ., CI."... liurl Luclll hat.Odes Kxecutor of th ofEI.T Deceased NO'II t K. Onmn
*, p. across the highway. Offshore the ftrhmldtl[ I.t.t. "? southwest of
Otadyi Eaimaath RVIUU : '. 60* 1..t d..lb. II official Panama, was named
Chief Mauiarck and k. Leon* 1UY P RID
I Martta eoa." Farm BureauPrecldeat Ten Thousand I Hands a labyrinth t. i..4n..el New Jeraey o .*
Taee. I lOUt 115111.1.tat H. ItCH WAIOZ \. 'Mt :l' after .ala the
to pallO land
aurlr Ibo giant lore
1 Albert RruegccInd of InD 'U for
mangrove Islands are # OF i .od. LTTMAN f
Order el Odd FeBe. RIIt a".u.r A Month SUe footKiXlro
lk.. aemlaol las A ..el..1 !toise that ia now
nearly extinct
.. .I"
Noble Grand--Louie C" separated by twisted shifting chan- That part of the Kact I acre. : lo<| I _
Sror.tari-Jubi OrayIctlr MarUa County Amateur Radio Club nets. of Tract 14, SuctIon II. ft".1" III : 0.aa I I. ..br .1.. that oa "
Tat, :., 100, RaOladlaa lrIon.11I BrittenTklrc hip II nouth Publication ton It l* P. O. Bon JI4 Florida pdnnday tho nth ., of Jnlr. EVER
Hange Mrat July
plorth of the Tamtam! Trail is T-t I 1044 1 b l.. the hour TIME A
Pub: July .. 0. 14 of lIes FOREST
River Ecampmal M Tkura. S ," AT' "" the known the aieordlng to the plat Pub.: July I&IS I*. AuaI I 'I.I A.1 and I 05 F.M. at II'I* A.M.
Chief Pstolanuh-Thuornurd WHaeg, area as Big Cypress City Farm 'h..of. aa recorded ald
Mantis County Mutertcel day at the front FIRE
ID'.'' Tuec, I ... IOOT Ball .Itelaad M.rtell a ltyPrwMen Swamp which it west of the true In Plat Fags 41 ottIll l TMH ( IRf I IT (5tItT OF TRi: IIJII OF IMTRMTIOM T4) of t Martin < nunly iurt Ho., '"orOl STRIKES;
Public Record of Palm JttlOll. cIRfit .
Jeaiea Beach Siaere Club md AuaUlaryITka I., Tuca I il* v.m. Pint Katwaal Bk.MultkO Everglades. In Immokalee a new Reach County Horldat; lying-: II"TI FIStS VI4HTIM VOtBTY.PT la hereby rlfTITIOia given that 1155underolne4 oIl I of aril tho all Mid rliht Howard lltlt B.and(la'klll' .

P's.ld.ot-iMuni 1'10' variety of a root within 500 feet or th* HoutR 'Tr3 I prnvll and ;' # YOU
WlmednawletPraeldeot Uetng ServiceSemtaryCari "I.ORIII : i Jnyo Blbln In and <" the abod .
irbr.rI".o: line of sId I... She ol '
Hal J..to. 'I I. of Chapter d.t* : rnb4 property, at Puhllo AI >.- .
Mra Fenbarglad4U R. Taraarlad4U system I 1 has exletlng th. V>KKk.RHniKIBRT of ... with .
I. 141
d.dl."uo. Act lion I In Iho hlKhl bidder canSIt.
Frl. 5 pa.. J. B. Com. Ckarek Taea. I .. .uu' for
1 wen Nearby) Corkscrew xl.llng : I. of way (lerk of the Court I. .01 : wtlify old oecuUon and aU GET
Oul-f-tal* Maeoa lavU4 fo. I 1'laDttt .. BURNED
slat City Mm Dcm.a lraH.a Club enured along 1 Oo Mouth Sec* .. for Martin (' aspon rwrta.Ultea
a magnificent
P1 0. SUterWed Praeldent .. KNcaketk tlon line by .t. County) _R N 11 J NII En 11 1m. receipt ol "t.t of :ii."lo of under my hand and Peal.1Ihl.
P CharliePnsild.oi.Ms. lit Tue*,-lil* d.U Paltemed CeatatPetaclaaa stand o( primeval cypress now containing I ;. III a a acre ."" JOiICKJR. 1151.. ".1.the towltApj.otr a slh day or
nor* or
Harold Utraiuu) under the supervision of An IrUCKKH. : C. 1rRIJHI"" Stttut
lh : wr-uN rmitxisaBNTKHPRInB Rotary CabIf
a.... Moa. p.., keuM Kmual Ceab I duhoo OWMED VT IVfenilantoTirn ?UI"IS''
I) ni .
Cl Cisitie3's.lduoN's Call IrS WoE AT ..I..lloa i Society.Everglades National Park It WIllIs.. Murry: a a I wIt., TO: 1n...fcJ<1 IS'lt'ltKE, 11 under which I will engage In bu*|. "I J It II"t. Meet Wed. I1.IS
Harold (arkeylad4ta Ann Murray, Leonard ; a 5 ieee. having mr principal place of Dr.
Wod. I* a.m, aecaeo Pus Bakwao Meeao 0.CWo much of us nr homanlello I and. wI( hills llOcKEKTen b....... I. Stuart. Marti io"ntylaI IC tIell f'05 "T" St 1_ ('ora" Re-jU"E. AOhvca

Order *l Ralahow far Ghl PreeMeat-Mra. Slllak II.... bossier by the Tsmlaml Itmal.U. ar* hereky notmed that aComplaint that th. party '. | l "R"% totSIl, .waIU\ Mera -

Worth Advleor-llueaa :.. Ul liar I 4* p k. del. Leal park the TraL T TAKH fur IHwree has been aid bwlnoea ,. U Arnold ofatuart. : Ri' -
that tvelaraloa or
ft Ihero ar*
: filed again you. and Honda thiS
a.tTu., f il* you
Mea al lomel rmaiI ,
I Riptide riayer el .. wilderness of Taking .. been filed] I* aenr a aaldhuol"e"t WiL IJI'FINCO'Tl'. Trade \ .
CeaatyPreeldeal ng A
Bral ,.. Bakekak .ubtri the abovo-etylad .u.by the P*. :: ,* n to : .rise P ",. &a '-
o Moble bud Mr*, flnae* Bad -Jekanle C. "** Unite Sate. I.40O.5J acres o I tIllun.r., the astbeiltyIt ea 'Ol ""* .'r'J.: \ t. SoIls M snifiLl'.. rio'trTlOCFos
Iculrd Mea, a .m. LOOP Matt Ut-lrd T.. S pja. Oaeral lI.t". ed and is open the** : .lrll the taking a at. Mouth Pub.1 July *. > IM. 01301. I5i0C15RliSI
I : atuart eaMa like Ledge lera Leal Than, S .. Baalace* MeMtngSt. or tko land fur Sort Pterv. Florid.B tRit 151' IOSPNITNIO --I- -- --u
:. R.-- Teeaa* Lael lahrt WartS Club vea aln. T region U nota I Ibl the purpose son forth I"h.. "U. '..1 Anawer <,r Pleading' 'I. Vail, I* it.rrS11..l 1... that I "ev

I .. Meadar eo.--r. f.It .ot wild birds lion filed la thla eo.ua, via.: office of the Clerk I ,if Circuit h TO) iTOt.l'Et0- 01 ) / "ft. \ filed fI salecuucue a* K. CITYCOMMISSION
I I Stuart Skrkw OwkPrldn Bwkea and right: of way for a portion of State oa before the day of t. 'WIL of Ih' Kxale of WEU. A. UP
I.' Than. S .. Ta.kl OuR ) Its tropical plants Ill t. .
p. .
Aljet I amal RoaM) No. 714. Mania louatv. Florida >. I* de aex t.IT HM1ITT r r : hans
I let .*' pm. Manatee Yacht Club It.of BeaUer* i tree, the mangrove forest and that the llenorable I C r.t.: ,:ill, will b* taken "i: .1O. flied .y .tr distrlbuttsoeand
which forms pfvlfter Trewkrldve. one the tl relief deoaand- ,. notIfy you b' If in. f.. final dtarharc a ad that
, United cTn. Pra ldea -a.l.em Ttllaa an alm| Circuit Judges th.'SU sa\'I: : Til .
ImJt of the e.lS.ct pair .1: ettfc. IM* will ap iT
jealer Ceaoaelir-Ed Reward I., Than, S ... Stuart Situ! bl.) t cial I Circuit of Florid*. wllL tho Tv>ne and or.1.r" t aM bonds. p05 psap :: : 1. INn Honorakto Oarr Jr.. STUART
Ut Tkore I pus, hOOF Hull Stuart Stamp Sealery era 1" The crocodiles SrI day or Aucruet, A.H .' at Horlda. Ill. t da) Itu.t or whllI a snIn'I of Nwtt v JsE1e of Maul!
1/aitW Deaikter* .f tk* Ceafaaeraey br 11. $10 'etock P.M. I. the tlroull a J.II. .n day a/te th* fIrM l u::t"J p1.54.. fit appn''et.*1" final REGllAK
;, ...Mr* ManIa. BeweU Pes.ld.st..Thaau Hemeawa* : nation e.f b fon Court (Chamber "li S b e MantIs PTCRCC (MRJ.) lob P .- sad fee .. dIp'IHbSlIea METTCSGt.0
Ii. lad Moo. SrI Mea S PJ*, Puau Library In the park sod a County C >urtbn.i.1 Slap4. l.'I.r- Clerk, Ore, u Court 1d- '" II\ Sad fur e. as

Ckeie r. Order of gaet.ru Btat TeurlH Oak o Ida eonalder tkilacatloa S, Martin Vunty. Florida thaI ? h. ... .4 boslutrlx If lbs 'f sad *) TM. 2ael BM 4rk
V.1IF. Florida Keys. 600 rarwturi ... appoint SOpraIu.n., a By UABKLXA beth. Wella .
-Mm. JoMpk Shorts Irad I.. EVANS t c.t:2: '
,1 Mar S tua. TartS Carla I MONDAYSSaMrt
| >4ta p.a MaaeoJ* Tem leCOVFJINMENTAt. fish abound la the waters the make loch arder i su the C. S .t. sad .. Slalar .
0 0 deem proper. AHult *5 the .Circuit Cout"eValrl .. lOSS Jely ,. .
I and all : eTTUMa J YtIZZli.Fok S City Ilal
partle* erovy.Att.rarys MAT
One Job In U. S. industry \'RA :
re hea fir l" I ...IK.UL
. Cusp X..I. bit south SW -P.I"Uf Puille Always WeltopMfC"
It. eO '. quires the taveslruent ot about Natural gas b used in 30. X1O. :_ ) each you her. Port Florida. \ ,It LrrnUI

t"; ( dtk Mea, I *g* OSF MeB. (20,0X1 000 American households. -. a u.a, n. SMk. ".".14. :J MX use S.,K a. .Ait. 14"t I' P.. July I'I II'r..I. .

. ,

w. i/ . _
a a____. a a a -- --- ---- ------- --. a ---' .-- -

The Stuart news
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Title: The Stuart news
Uniform Title: Stuart news (Stuart, Fla.)
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Daily News, Inc.
Place of Publication: Stuart Martin County Fla
Creation Date: July 16, 1964
Publication Date: 1938-
Frequency: daily[<1995>]
weekly[ former 1938-<1939>]
semiweekly[ former <1973>]
daily (except saturday)[ former <1982>]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Stuart (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Martin County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Martin -- Stuart
Coordinates: 27.192222 x -80.243056 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 1, 1938)-
General Note: Publishers: Stuart Daily News, Inc., <1950>; Gordon Lockwood, <1964>.
General Note: Special historical edition, Nov. 9, 1950.
General Note: Special 50th anniversary edition, Jan. 9, 1964.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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--.Th - - -
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H'-- 1pY


Ftw ,,\ I

(of) >1 1II'


Audit Bureau oi Circulations The Stuart News Gives You 1.1.r

;Guarantees Ht Membership Your Ad Coverage \.D Q e fit,, U "'r t NJ'ehi I Of Martin Complete County News Communities


"Newt ro.ai' on seaaa.esssisael5slx.a0t Folks From! Th!. Cement Firm ;Members Jubilant Over Iccomftlishment

T i' 7t

RamblingReporter Buys Site at

I i, Rocky PointA School Board Keeps Word

111 I waterfront site on Rocky Point

NEIl WAS HIDtLYgtOItU 'Jii hUll been purchased by a cement To Cut Back the MiliageSEYMOUR
I firm lor $3SXK()( according to a
} : LAST WEEK I .. warranty deed filed with County
The Stuart New was quoted in Clerk Dorothy Pierce.
:t papers thousands of miles apart The company it the Mohawk I
f last week. Cliff Mitoor Lines & Cement Company Inc of New
\j Angles' in the Fort Wayne (Ind) ,L Yak. The company hat been authorized \ $2,541,294 Budgeted
Journal-Gazette of July 7 reprint. to conduct business i io ;
ed in full Ernest Lyons'! column v m Honda
t What the Public Should Know The land is described: as lot 39,
\ About Newspaper Stuff. The a part Of lots I 13 and 14 of the tUn 7.85
II Cape Coddcr Massachusetts publication ten Ciranl!. It contains 12.9 acre Approved MillageMartin
, on July 9. quoted our w". r the kit li located: in a residential,
I recent story about Governor Far. # tone hut under local coning; laws
1 ris Bryant presentation! of a state ia zoned Commercial 2. which per cuiwy Board, of Public Inslniction. meeting Monday
j citation to E W Dutton summer mils all general commercial enter night, approved a tentative budget; of $2,541,294: for the coming year
resident of Chatham Mass 411 prisev! and set lU milluge for IS M-61 at 7.85,
I -r Selling the lot was Speedway J This I is 4 mills less than the general county milUge of 11.85 imposed -

MO OK AND FAMILY ys ntcrpriscs: Inc of Indianapolis, in 1Y63-64. when the nulluita was hiked to build two new high
Ind, and s subsidiary of Mid- schOOl.. "
OS..RIKE IF RICH' on a you go" basis
America )Inc Issue
Struts rather than bon da. !
I Stuarts Mayor Ray Cooke and 1'---- Board member were Jubilant ;
his \ in rubies, if Plan
family are rolling
I owls that they had been able to keep !
you count quantity not necessary Lots Are DeededTo s their pledge to the taxpayers to
ly quality They 'prospected"! at SEE HOW THEY GROW-Steve Schmidt, director of Martin County Museums, compares a baby to reduce the taxes after the special I

a last ruby Friday mine near and found Highlands ten, N.jewels C. loggerhead turtle, hatched Tuesday aj the House of Refuge Museum, with a one-\car old green turtle County Fair F5 \ Big Bonfire building. levy accomplished It* purpose .

of -- - --- ,
in the roujh.Wfbey were sort
I Here Saturday Were taxpayers too," e.1 l d
small though, Ray notified friends
here Mill Will/ Be Worth S12UIOOAssessment Association Here Chairman Henry U Kindred. acknowloilging .
: CIWON that the 4-mill hike
Vi 'I Boy Scott Troop 4UO. Stuart for the had been
Title to nineteen Mi within thoj is planning huge lanipfire to be year just past
Gideon on property owners.
Roll Gains Martin County Fairgrounds was I Seymour held near the Ainartcan Legion I .
BUSY ONCE MORE completed
by now new Mauling* are
transferred to the Martin Home IV al
Cvunty\ i on Saturday, July and paid for and we've all
It is discouraging to attempt Fair Association by the Martin Rites Are Set 7,1 11 pan .
done it I together-without any
to beautify and then have vandals County Ctmimstion" at a meeting This I event coutUdct: : with similar "bonds"Kindred
mutilate or steal your plants. MrsRuth Tuesday" : tl' be conducted
Over Last YearThere campfires
Hall, who ha done an ex $7,267,666 the title will contain a reversal 4 Thursday throuyhotit the nation and l at the remarked that' the
p.m. public as a whole had "gone along
Park clause
j cellent job of beautifying the stating the land will revert toy( Scout Jamboree at Valley
Plaza shopping section, found two to the county if and when it U no I I..., on this date. with us, but one large taxpayer
I "pony-tail plants" stolen from urns was" only one complaint, Wacha correct in his recent estimate The Florida Fast Coast Railroad longer used an a fairgrounds Funeral service! for ScymoufCudeon urge" told me I that he had never heard
Monday morning "I hey even took later ironed out, when the Mar Of the increase". in the value was assessed at $2.121:!!.!814! with the approval of the transferwas "Mtty-mfor ten years The purpose of the campfire of any public body reducing taxes.
f the earth that the plants were rooted tin County Commission acting asa of the mill. no increase! Ihe. Seaboard Air made: al the request of County Martin County tommiMiioncr, will Is li> celebrate: '" our great Aiiwri. He really chewed the board out. I
J in," the said A note to plant board of equalization voted unanimously A check of figures over the Line Railroad assessed al $''HII- Agent L. M Johnson who told I he held. al the Community ('hurch, can heritage. sukl Morton Foster look forward to seeing hint again."
thieves: the City of Stuart it beautification to accept the $151.913' ,- ... years also shows that 357, up $1 154 from last yearWestern the comniliwlon" the Fair Assucia- Jensen He:itch, al 4 p.in, 1 1 horsday troop. commuteemun. the boys Board M.mtlettilt/ DeStcf-
I -minded and, like horse- 606 Ux roll presented Monday Martin County is experiencing a Union i decreased: $5501 i ito lion wants to construct another IK with the Rev Sidney Lowrieolficialing of Iroop 4iM will perform patrl- ano qul : "1 think that we
thievery in the old West, plant pilfering morning by Tax Assessor A. C. steady growth, Courson! said an evaluation ot $18 743 Pull by 150-foot( concrete Mock: building ( uric skits, There will also be group "should tank the people of Martin .
can result in stiff fines and Courson.! I Other tax figures reported by man decreased SI). 21 lo an overall on the ground with matching Beach reni- singing County: (for having faith that
jail terms The complaint was made by 1 Course show that the railroad assessment of $17,"'". Fruit funds from' the Mile dent analhua6sessnian died on Man: Scoutmaster Robert Peck extended we would keep our word."
-tr I Clyde Martm, Indian town contractor .I assessment! for 1964, set: by the Growers "xpress wa up $20 it) Johnson explained the slate recently day at Si Mary I i Hospital. WeM : an Invitation kt the public. The tentative budget, which b
1ROVV BRIDGE who explained{ his state did not change a great deal. assessment to $U.sn I adopted a policy; that title Palm Heath, where he had under to |pin with the stout in the nationwide published In today News, sates
NELSON prob'l to land must be with, Fair Asso- heart week "" observance. broken
Ices huddled) briefly with I gate a operation a down Into: $2394,136 for
IN YOUNG WHO'S WHO I M Philp, real estate appraiser with elation if matching funds ire to prior --- support and maintenance; I94J1.
Stuart Jaycees have announced the IC'IIOf'1! office and then accepted Priv.ately'F"ce/ at $,1S! !q .t. he made available 1* dlll"the" His full name was Ilirvey Seymour 4t" Interest.. and sinking, and $1)7
that M. (Ronny) Nelson! and C I bin assessment r / I lair Association: has leased the (julc-on, but ha rarely used' t Asks That Ditch 725.57. bon4.coustrueuon,
1 .eiffer Trowbndg; bommaled by Cannon "reported to he board ggnwasds 'front Marlin County. the firt name and waa. kturwn! to Tha mUlage breakdown. is) S15.
the group earlier this-year,,'will appear .I the tidal (a* roll w5 up about S7/ ho'I l ria new 'building: it .! :1at hundreds W friends lei "Sc xrit" or funeral!; 2, District. I Ii; atttf .05, a
:: j : Be
; l
in the 1965 edition of "Out 267666. over last year. He gave Allapattah C-23 Span used for fair exhibits.I Horn on June I n, In*'*, at 'topeka Preserved refunded bond .issue al Hob
standing Young Men of tho following/ figures in a breakdown *, i Association has $10KM) for IIIconstruction Kans, be came to Florida. with Sound. Th Kobe Sound District
to be published Jan 15. America-I r 'of the 1964' assessment! : i which will 'be matched his. parents in 191), and with hit A New One DugNeed hat carried the pedal 05 null lax'
son is president of Real estate homestead exemptions by SIOIXK) from the Hale wife, Lucy Pltchford Gideon' hud for tome year 'Its>> Mul mills '-
ber of Commerce and !, $19864.170 I Is Approved by Body It will he the second building operated Seymours Inn and Cottages was 11.90 .bust year and will be
is circuit judge The book lists and Non-exempt real. estate $IIb- constructed within a year at the since 1936. for .the preservation of a I 790 this coining tax year

pictures some :10000 young: men 168060. flit-expanding, fairgrounds. His.. parents! were the late Mr drainage ditch alongside, Martin i A public hearing to approve thenew
m the nation between twenty-six Personal property! SI2.760,990. Grade Ktiad lit the vicinity otleiiuee budget Isis been set for 10
I and Mrs. George L. Giikon. His
I of the conMructKin of in its overall road and
and nominated by Jaycee Approval : I ment bridge
thirty-six Railroad and telegraph, $),- Father I Creek In western Martin am. I ruby, July 24.
i organizations Foreword Is 129816 a bridge over C-23 canal on Aliapatuh -. program Hearing Is Set beans and citrus a pioneer pineapple, ('otmiy was pointed out al a meeU According I o Superinlendenl
by President Lyndon B. JohnsonSAUMMKSON Total I operating assessment, I Road at the Martm-St IMcw 1 he bridge is a boost to tbs long grower Ing of Ihe Mtrtut County; CumiMloti .i Thomas Crook, the general reducilon >
-tr $121048866. counties line was voted by honed for network of roads thai He was appointee! lit Martin luestlay 1 wi possAb despite" a
Total active assessment including the Martin County CpmmiMiua at :will connect: western Martin County On Retrial Bid County C snnilssum in IV50 I' to fill Chester Underhill, rancher, told number of Increases, because of
: PROUDOF a meeting Tuerda/ nut the unvxpired term rat Ransom'
with the Fort Pierce area. mill
homestead exemptions $140, the Ciimmiiuiion a former CountyonimisiiliHi more money produced per by
PARK RECEIPTSCounty 913036. The Area l Development Council County Commissioner Jack Williamson Tillon when lllUMi went into I ( him ,,,lon a larger county assessment roll and
Commissioner lack Non-taxable property, $11.000,. representing interest in both has been a persistent" promoter In Murder CaseA Navy elected Aviation combat service: to dig a drainage gave Illtel\ wing Martin ,I aniklpaled: $ ),iyo Increase In
Saundcrson is proud of SandspritPark 570 <- counties will construct the 176- of the bridge and made the was in 1952 and 1956 anal tirade which carried waterfront itnlv-suppllrtl fund
near Port Salerno He triumphantly Total tax roll $151913606 foot.long bridge with private funds I announcement at the meeting.No hearing on request for a new served till IVW. and was chairman his property to lettuce I ) Crack There will be around SI3f,.
his .
told the county commissioners In I960 the total I tax roll was estimated at $35,000 date as to when construction trial for Inward Williams of Hubs. j during part of term and on to lake (Okeethorieell OlIO Increase In leather talarie
during tax assessment] $12(1585845( In 1963. the ,oiltot.led The bridge then will be turned 'will begin was announced, but is Sound. convicted of the murderof I I He was a past president of Jensen ..kllhat al the lime.. he and teacher" ,personnel will (increase
meeting Monday that from Oct. 1, $144645940 Largest Increase over to the Slate Road Depart 'expected in a few wcckn. l.ucy Wethington of llobe I Beach Chamber: of Commerce Hxt of gave 'from 115 to 202. Secretary costs
feel / the
right-of-way for
1963 to July 6. 1964. a total of was the non-exempt property ------- Sound, has been scheduled Cir a member of Stuart.Jensen road will Increase. ) around lom< and
$6,804.76 taken in from n. by | Elks lodge and Jensen Lass' (tub. and not king ago
was camping It was stoal"ntxo HI ITOas ', CUlt Judge C. Pfelffer Trow bridge ditch, la.j there will be a general $57.000 tdmlnistrilive -
UN) feet Now hi
fees at the park. He predictedthat compared to $101,365,100 i HI I i is survived by hit wife, four cost hike. the plant
for Lass
1:30 I: p m Monday, Au, 3 the rivhl-of" of the road and
next year the figure will go 1)6J. : Baby Turtles Arrive The /new irU was asked by I Lawrence. In the Navy ali could .be covered way by the Male Road operating fund I f\ up $22.NX) ht
over the $I 0,000 mark Fees at For tax purposes, the t'peralinlmill attorney Theron A. Yawn Jr, on | Pslutrnt River Mmkm, Md. 'Ixmlt Department during of the cause of the two new high achoos!
the park were opposed" at Tint but will be based on a valuation pounds the youth, who was sentenced and Richard of Jensen Ikaeh.; and road paving In fit support and maintenance
now aid improvements and pay' of $121.048866 which is $4212,. Hlouni of Venn |fitllh: a daughter, Hidget. whirls contain capital out
to death two wa
operating personnel. than last year ago Mrs Martin (oullcr, Jensen U nth; ; I "If ,the dutch la covered. I will
116 more year. At House of Refuge not represented by counsel when (Continued on Page %-A)
six sister tlOOtX and be hick where
ti7 This makes the county mill fda he signed a confession./ grandchildren, and a ,
I general operations valued at $121- Mrs )Lena Hoover, In California. 1 I was In drainage twenty yean
1REUIOPrtR.: IN 000. minus 5 cent for collections Friends may call at Yale Funeral ago;' he said I
111E TOURNAMENT per About 100 baby l loggerhead turtles ground on May 12 and IJ. they I Slop and GoLight
and fees and proved County I New Physician Is (barell Jensen Ikich, from The commission InstructedlOiiniy t I
Received Ion late for inclusionin Commission Chairman Frank were hatched at the Houseof are the first of an expected 2,0001 II pm. 10 pm. Wednesday' (' Attorney Dean baker so
this week's Stuart Sailfish. Club I -- --- Refuge Museum Tuesday summer arrivals. ]I Coming to Stuart Burial) will .be al All Smnls (emtlery write. the SKI and eiplmit I.be i
Summer Tournament table were "Planted" in the museum Steve' Bishop, an old hand all Jensen Ikach.Widespread. problem Stops
the following three !leading recent Palm Springs Isles _. ------ -- Ihe turtle-rinsing business, assist-1, I Dr. John F Power twenty- -.-- -- ---- .-
catches: king mackerel. Ernest ed Marine Curator Ross Witham'' nine, a native of Ctewinton. .. anda At
De arnais, Jackson Heights N Y. Subdivision Plat Fox Brown Road and Director: Steve Schmidt "lit the "brother ot Timer Power, recently Vandalism Is $3,000
"Fran L," Captain Pete Robertson Gains: Approval early care of the youngster Bnh-j t elected county commissioner
fifty-one pounds, cobla, Mr*. I II op is pinch-hitting for vacationing ', I n coming to Stuart Thursday. morning It's doubtful the caution light...'
Robert Waling Leesburg, "Spray Tentative approva 01 a Flat for Survey Ordered Bill .Alloway museum care,' to be associated. with Dr John Reported in County Parks at the Intersection of State Road
11." Captain Ray Young wry Palm Springs Isle* Subdivision near I taker, M. (n/molut. 76 and Monterey Road will be re-
eight pounds, amberjack b Palm City was given by the Mar. I At present Ihe.. newcomers are Dr Powers is a graduate of the placed with a ltc'PandtllllaL
Momson, Melbourne Beach IIGulhtream. tin County Commission Tuesday A survey of Fox Brown Road testing their flipper in a section I University of I-i ." Captain Von K. Approval was given on the proposed I will be made shortly of the tank otherwise occupied by of Miami' Medical Vhoul'. Interned of dullari,' in damages and many umie axe. ..I ",lv"I approved the signal} light after aev.eral .
Jourdan, sixty-six pounds. eight'I I Iounccs. improvement (construction) The Martin County Commission .I some one-year-old green turtles al V Mary Hospital. West hour. of county employ**' lime I Ucrt ha warned young pwiple munthe of thinking about it,
'when an easement for right-of-way approved a request for a survev mhich were shipped her. last year Palm Beach, and! look hi* residency luring the pl few weeks County and. others to refrain Iron dam but said the.. Casual) would have
vrTlliNK for a road 'was' presented lo the made by Comniuuuoner Jack 'from' Costa Rica by Dr Archie. at Gaud Samaritan Hospital Engineer Fred hell reports aging the.. park '..... and law enforcement to fool the bill, estimated at 13WM ..
comm luotl. Williamson. at a meeting TUClday.Wtlliltl1l"lOl Carr Da>km, Ohio Most of the vanddMsm hat ot;. officers are keeeiogspevul ). The Martin County Commkkxi -
THOSE SNOOK The plat hud l been discussed" by \, reported the owner He will reside here with bit marred al the variuu county parksand watch to catch eulp4inLkIRl. I"" al a meeting Tuesday decided :
OR OWOA CONVENTION the commission at two previous of nghtof-way needed by the : TLRILf wife and two son. beach ...... Window have it couldnl' afford the signal.
Remember the recent Florida meeting and approval" had been county were originally; asked to *>>,\ ; i.xinnir ,been broken stockroom bn* n HfltN AIDMI t 0V
Outdoor 1 Writer Association: 'withheld' pending the rod easement give 200 feet ot right-of-way 'but I AT IIRSr MAIIUNAL t1\IC iIN(3 open and commode and ttnkiUmaged 1\IUU .K1tIY: PU'SI
(IOWA) convention at Port St I or a deed.IAl'CIlOS that it boa been found Out the An exhibit en tea turtle I le now ( MoM <>f the park restroom Camp Buggy Sold
(Continued OII.Pa.A enough not to require being shown at the First Nation! Palm Lake Park Civic Associaum have had. paint anstared tin Mrs, B. D Fulton has been act- (
) NsMKIJ inML'SrtM iahiigh I Bank of Stuart until Aug. I. The" will meet in the community Ihe outsideCiMinty. mg sockiy ....,.* of The Stuart By One Stuart
COMMISSION Willumton. asked that the right exhibit"' with tlluMraliuM and MIll room of Ihe First. National Bank employe* report vamUIttnt News for the past two weeks. Mary I NewsVunt.Ad
Tale I II I of.way be surveyed on the basai ten materials. to pomured by the on Monday evening. July 20 at Mfeurt I ihMughotil the" county I I htdnajr will resume. the put steal 1
Twisting 1 l
Captain w. R. Laughon hat 101 100 feet kfarun. County Historical: Society 730: and M continuing twig al all week, i iI ,. r17 ..-.r-.
been appointed a trustee on the I
./ JACK JAMES I :Martm County Museum' Commit- f. lM CARS 51

"TUB rLflaa co...... Jj f:sins replacing the late Oar! Shrpard. Commission Production Stars in Impassioned Picas for More DoughNNINM h'i ...

The Martm Comm IIII IMI appointed ,,,.., .
You may not know. Brother ; Laughon at a meeting "I' N IN M FOR' Wet Model A Camping -
Mickey Evans and his faith, but J and. Hunting Buggy

he port rehabtliuuoa deserve of everyone the program whole-heart for the he alcoholic: hatlaancbee'tup- ,Tuesday Last Wk-e Weatanrl_ First Night of 'County Budget Time' Held the Line Excellent!*.condition.$100. Call See 2875aOO toapprecU -

ktDunklm r.e.a.an., turn .* ...,.. before 5;00 pm.
Memorial J yes. a !If Tt 41 I B, BAY kCLLRC' : miswon Chairman: Frank' Wacliaopcnr I repair. rmovalwA aad aJJllluGI even If k hurt. I *J. tat $*4X*), but dhJnl get itI 7.5(5( *)
Camp. on j,:g rs :: n t! >t the show with fanfare announc -I when he mid there most .be arrangement ibis brought an ar of expeeUncy :' "I Menial. health then cam CM t
Martin Highway i j'''" 1' '" County Budget Tune" or 'Howto "ig that Martin' Oouoty writ mad to ircreaise" tile and mystery to the produclam stags and asked for |5,$Uti. Mea>I $U. Jack ..........ei Stuart,
He hast I($ !{f :s ii :r learn to live with too bite money I nave the tame nuHag aa last I lhc irtcaJ facilities.. mramnf the that It had lacked up to this (tat! health M t. ,' rthe above ad ka Ike July
'' !Uly .* Tl *. and JiLl 1" was Ike central. year due to a drspvrat risk to courthouse and. ) Jhe d..l not point and brought on IM inner. But Mum ItemiWopten"" 9 base, attd re r>r*>d list al*
bug fob: : I 55,4.55 _.......... esw..k, theme of a production on alone as a 4cmonttntkw j Pin... 5'? u'l 1964-45 Manna County budget the natural incteate" m the mull ,I Most ot Act I wa ta .'3 up tile protagonist, Mwndyt "Whoi $H (**) to help aefrajr coWs of
rr. LrCti wra wri.r Law. that opened Monday night-. laXOTJU I the user : "the ever 1 Increattaf" loail ot .Indigent tat ajsilck madia, ... foot'
of I IJII.&T ...... ".M. AJ*. Ml from S IM year to $121 I by the General Fund expected to gonna get
practical Omttiaaity J Sat. IT l.s tt tf s*>< Producing the play wa the CU) 1M year He abo mciMioncdwuchy be about $522400. <* )jaw about Hallway through the tscond patlcnisv and for t restoring many to be wee J l.. I It __ .*l tai t4It tai Martin County Ca nniMioe. Scar- I tutting back some thinp 11M tame* a* M wa Us year, set tt was sissy to tee the chain "" ,rs to help bear sane of till I *t the >.._.call 27-1590.
fut cttocM to thev families and j..*r 1 I.* tl 4 .s see !!.**.. art !I Isis in community! (Remember Brother J Imtr *l to. ... oar county department head backedbya J'but only the "ahsotutely nece I well bad made up tier minds; thai pmXencly, methodically: andpredicuHry by the hiMfiial due to nofspaylngra. want ....* ,
Mickey and bia attotattce el art Mr, t t** e.s tit i sM sea sss 1141 is lal tfs. Wp cast of emptorea. .*ry'He it would .be l322Vm to someone ( ni, The hasptul I was grantonunued .
Church Suihlajr.J a.-a. .M IM .... .*4 t** Im. Head producer, Cousujr Cosv altO renderwl a bolUd of hd to bear the accMry tr.... .. The. rctMsr WM fast She .*.. ((. on page 2-A)

1h h,


-. .. ._ ____ _-. r r ...... .t..L.. .. .. .......... _....... .. ... ......... .. ..... uU
-- .
.. .. .
:.:=:: :.:. :.:;...:........-.---. .." : .... ..,,. J.- -- """"' '' r rna s aasaa aaA .aa"lZa4Aal.ax;..;,,_.__.


:"'" -
A IH".4 -; -(, ':r "i. '., '.,') ..
r Ii rt 4..

2-A THE STUART (Fla.) NEWS Thursday' July 16, 1964 I

- ------- Bank Spots Bogus $20 Bill I Boat Licenses Past Due; t sT ,

Yachts and Guests; And Warns on 'Funny Monty' Face Arrest Without One a

I I !

If Andrew. Jackson: Md,., looked ed by a photographic t twfcrwque, I The 1963-64 boat Keen ev Lett than 400 I licenses had been I
At Villas MarinaSeventeen like he had t Nuwwer+ a Bank ,'sad wa hill "fairly apod" tab. owed June 30 Mia tM f1Gee-day sold at test checkup, Andrews
of Stuart teller might not have, i The will be Turned: over to I period s f grace ran out on Wettoeir reported" and tkose operating
noticed that the $20 bill was the FBI in Miami. I dav. July 1 15. Martin County "to boats without them are subject: to
Bogus turned in the Collector Alvin Andrew warned. sheriffs officers, L. S.
and counterfeit.The money up arrest by ak
yachts thirty. Nagcl, Miami; Mr. and Mrs. David
Fort Pierce and Stuart areas last 1- Coast Guard and of
three new vile gu.. avnved- m W. Trout Tampa; !Robert M. Will, counterfeit bill I turned up 11 1--- -------- Department
about the tart al-
week at Laaflfard Villas and COM Mr. and Mrs C. H. in in Stuart year !same tinwt Cemsereal'+elt agents. I
past Cape a store at the end of
in !bwy ptane. It Miev- MORE ABOUT boat licenses
Awund 1.300 were
wage a
Marina from va our cities i in Gerwig, Tttusvlflfe; 1:. B. Dugan the week, but store employ.* db
ed the are pawed by \some- sold in Martin in the
Florida Three ya.ht and nine Clearwater M,. and Mis. W. not remember just who pasted it County year
one posing" as a "summer tour- etWed. I
\illa h guests from other Mates also Adams, Atlantic Beach Mr. and First Night of just
; It was not until l a teller, Mrs. ist." In addition to the licenses Andrews' .
arrived during this period. Mrs. L. A. Melvin Jr. Titusville
; Belly Carey looked a second timeat !
It bank
was by
office issue
explained sew maroonand
Yachts and owners from F1ori-I' MT. and Mrs. D. W. Sells Ti
Andrew Jackson that the
bogus since .
I that trow hills arephotojll'aphtl 'Budget Time'atThe orange 196+63 decal which +
da were "Margie B, Mr. tusville; Charles J. Rich, Plantation bill was discovered and reported
the plate number the skb. of(
must" appear on port
Mm. William E. Brown
Holly- Me. and Mea. Donald
; to the Jackson''
dcpmiter. face
probably will be 0136, and they boat the boat',
wood: "Jerri-Jo," Jeremiah West Palm Beach Mr ... the !ear registered
Mealy ; and Mn.Fred was slightly. "blotched" (fuzzy and will all hove the same aerial number. Courthouse
West Palm Beach; "Where Away Edgar, South Daytona; Mr. unclear).
11," diaries H. Evans, Orlando; and Mrs Walter Duncan South .1 nOt INCRUHBtK MB. LIMPET" show at the Lyric Theatre .
On closer examination it became advice from the b k number.OBITUARIES
"Marqoise IV;' William S. Schultz, ''Daytona; Mrs. V. A. Rutman, obvious the bill was,produc-- "Watc"Bent ant t!" a : (Continued from Page M) > Stuart Wednesday through &iturday. Above an admiral of
Orlando; "Seven Shadow I," Mn. Fort Lauderdale; William F. Thin, ed) the U S. Navy, ployed by )Larry Keating, gets a special sort of
William G. Dickie, Jacksonville; Fort Lauderdale; Robert Dlaikie, $16,200i phM t promise of weapoa'--a man who has turned into a fish
"Quartet," Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fort Lauderdale; Mrs. William 1 Now better day ahead. bit at die "secret the Nazis on \the high seas. Giving hint
Verner Reed beat
Joseph f r The veteran service officer which ia helping to
Fleischman, Miami; III, Thies ST., Fort Lauderdale, Mr. presented MAJOR CIlUtLn McMVLTY the contact-man for the
Dale W. MacDonald Fort Laud. and Ms*. M. D. Futeh. Miami his request, but didnt make the view are Jack Weston, portraying
an appearance.: He wanted S4I) A Word ha here waived here and Andrew Duggan as skipper of the ship which goes
erdale "Coach
; House Harbor, Beach; Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Chandler. t Active maofbh,
New PoliticsMORE
Ci.. D. Pearsall, Pompano Beach; Coral Gables; Mr. and Mn. in York up from $2.800 M year. The producers that Major Charles MsNutty. i iA, Bata tortycight. along with the "secret weapon." All three star in the Technicolortogether
said /his died at hi* home
"Rum Keg Mr. and Mi J, Donald C. Johnston Del and. was a part-time Knotrt. The movie was
Jkihell!, Pompano Beach; "The I Villa guests from other states Joseph Verncr Reed Jr. of New performance. and gave him $2. ton landing, N. Y.. on Saturday, by Arthur Luhin.I .
Berry.," George A. Berry, Fort were Mr. and Mrs. David E. Leih- York and Jupiter Hand, was elected I 800.Civil July It.Major. left
Lauderdale; "Skipper D" C. L. son Corning, N. Y.; Mr, and Mrs. on July ft by the New York defense then paraded its and McNutty: I ---- -
Davia Jr., Palatka: "Coquette Albert Wicbe, Brooklyn, N Y. Republican County Committee as requests acres the staye. The Stuart in 1960. after havwft Seed Willie James Lewis and Benjami,
III," George IX Lennington, Orlando Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Steffcn, executive member' (district leader I l amount asked wa $26.000. Civil lure for approximately seven yean Gets 45 Days on each received
; "Betty Sue," Mr. and ),frs. Chagrin Falls. Ohio; Frank H. ) of the Eighth Assembly District defense didn't do too badly as it in their borne on South Akron II Charge Anderson thirty-da
S. C. Fata III, Satellite Reach: ; ',Greene, Brighlwater, N. Y Mr : South Republican exiled. The department wilt get Avenue. Major McNulty seta employed Larceny terms, the former for assault an.
"Sand Dollar," Al B. Stephcnuon, and Mrs. John Chason, Bay Mlnettc t Oll. He succeeded orlaniza.1 $24.766. by the local petit moved office Stuart McGahe drew ftxiyfivcday battery: the tatter for reckless driv
Jacksonville' ; "Mary Ann..." Mr. Ala. who retired at him own The Martin County Public Library (. during that time. They to term from Judge Harry hog and driving without a Ucentc
and Mn. C. S. Fay, Orlando; Reed i i. twenty-six! year old. and requested sn.,,>>> when it lotion Landing where they put"chased F. Dyer in Municipal Court Tuesday All three reside in Little Dixie.
"Sassie Too," Robert Gottfried, I I. with The Chase Manhattan Bankas waa cued on stage. It got 30000. and ran a sumroct tesart i. oa a charge et petty larceny Nine canes were continued;
He I I.a survived by his wU ,
Palm Beach; "Renewal" Harry MORE ABOUT executive assistant to former I Agricultural Agent levi Johnson
,rook, West Palm Beach. Work Bank head Eugene R. Black. then was in the center spot Gloria, and three children:
Yachts and owners from other He is active in civic affairs and light. ... wanted. 3v260! to run Burial services were beet Tues BOX OFFICEOPENS
state were "Evening Star" F. S. RamblingContinued i I. a member of Borough Presi hit department He'll probably get day July 14. al Arlington Cemetery 7:00
Ford, Detroit. Mich.; "Cloud 9," t4as.J0SEP11 dent's Planning Board No. 6, aboard it when .the. final figure are tab Arlington Va taIrt_. FEATURE! TIME
Captain Charles Sarno, Long Island ( from Page 1-A) member of the Park Association ulated. 7:45
N. Y.; "Edna Earl..," Mr. and.! of New York City, the Martin County Golf and Country JAMES w, witrnraD J
Mrs. William Earl{, WuMton-Salere. IIIJIE .::::: New York Heart Fund and chair. Club wilt need $21.000. Ed James William WhitfiekV fifty.

N. C Lucie? Ther wa a run of dog- 'I man of the East Side I Citizen Higbce told the producers and the four, a resident: of Indiantown for Saturday and Sunday
Villa guest\ from Florida I Included faced ecrs up the North, Fork and Committee for Air Pollution Con- audience. He got $17.000.( fourteen years, where he worked Friday,
Mr and Mrs. Edgar True the veiling' Florida scribes" had awonderful trol.Reed The parks system needed around for Big Chief Construction Company '7:45 AND 11:34canaw
Rockledge/ ; Mr. and Mrs William time I with snook, tarpon, I pledged to give to the Republicans '$3S.00th( ) .p us and probably wilt get and r. L. Himon, died Jury
channel !bas' and sea trout. Elgin of the Eighth Assembly 3700. 9 at Lakeland General Hospital. '
While, who heada the fishing pub I : VERNER REED JR. District "the kind of dynamic It took a lot of talk, but finally : He was a heavy equipment operator S IBAC//
licity division of the Florida Development I leadership they want and deserve." the Martin County Committee of I rancher and farmer. Na.4
Commission, Tallahassee. Reed was endorsed in his recent 100 got $7,500, down from $l0-, He i lit survived by his widow,
wan elected president! of ABOUT : candidacy: for New York 000 last year. County Coramis- Verna T. Whitfield; ono brother
FOWA. He then attended the national State Assembly' by such notables sloner Jack Saundcnon' didn't want Melvin E. Whitfield of Wiuchula; I
convention of the Outdoor School Board a. Mrs. Wendell L. Willkle, Judge to let them Into the act at alt this two listen, Mrs. Belle Parrish of
Writers of America (OWOA) ttMcAllcn. Edward R. Finch and George year because tit said he couldn't ,Wauchula and Mrs. Houston E. iniworoltS
Tex., and showed picture Champion. Mrs. Willkie said up. find anything "in black and white" Durrance (Rhoda) 0 f Bowling
sd galore of snook running from Keeps Word on on heating of Mr. Reed's election, that the committee had done for Green.
Reed will the $30,000 allocated the Funeral services held Sunday -
two to twenry-fiv pounds each. "Joseph serve with dis over were
White invited the OWOA to hold New BudgetContinued tinction. He has great promise; past three years. He lost. July 12, at the First Baptist
its national I convention at Port and I predict that he will have a Martin County museum want Church in Bowling Green. Burialwas
St. Lucie in 1966-the 1965 meet bright future In* city, state, and ed $13,910 when their turn came. la the WbiUield plot of the
already being sewed upend they ( from Page IrA) national Republican politics." But the producers substituted $12-I Bowling Green cemetery. 17 1I Gn4M
accepted. "Thank those.. snook.I. Mr. Reed and his family main 130 instead.
/ said, in announcing the event. lay projects, the board expect' an tain a winter home on Jupiter A* best the audience could make RAYMOND E. IIACKETT -- -- CO.1HTFIRST
expenditure of $324,347: for six l Island out the judge's clerks and
Now. I 1C the dog-faced eels will Word hat been received by -
teen items. A breakdown is RUN! IS SWART
at assistants and other items
just again
co-operate follows friends here of the death of Raymond
HUSTON'SOFFICE Completion of Carver Gardens John /?. English for 13700.$17,140, but was reduced to Edmund Hackett, seventy- I

EQUIPMENT! The heavy, n h bill of a Junior Senior High School (later h a Graduate Sheriff Roy C. Baker made hisclimactic four, of Stamford, Conn., who had 'JF
Oiceob Avenue 287-2399 wood ibis can snap shut faster than to be known at Murray High appearance in Act IK wintered in Stuart since 1957.
the human can wink. School). $70,569 tin John He was the father of Mrs. Clifton -
eye ; elementary Randolph English; son of and asked for a $32.000 increaseso
__ _ of Stuart A Yale Law
___ _
u al Port Salerno Elementary Mr. and Mr*. Robert R. English he could hire two more deputies
School $10,865; Stuart of 555 Halpaliokee Avenue and and not have to use his contingency School graduate of 1911 I, he was iokLow
Training School (to b known of Mr. and William a Fellow in the American College !
(; ) as grandson Mrs fund except in time of
,FRANCES LANGTORD'S Cast Stuart Elementary:: ), aid I e- H. Savage of Palm City..Parpt,. extreme contingency of Trial Lawyers. and prominent.
la hi
walks profession.Funeral
fencing and site improve.mint He asked for $213,764 to run '
$5XX); equipment Carver .. n the Sheriff but whenall services were held Monday
t Department
Garden, $5,000 0""" :.t July 13, at St. Mary' Cath-
RIGGfRcor ; ; "IIi"!: the lines had been recited, and
Carver Garden. $',000"YandacapoInl 'rt: one Church, Stamford.
;; o:, '" ( all the figuring! done it appearedhe'd
R ESTAtJlt4NT and site improvement Martin ,. '- 'ff \ get 201010. The contingency PAI OONEBAABARAEDEN TE4EIQ8RESf lh9Nit%
County Senior High $10,000 'J jW'j', fund left further r.wwsooatnu r
; was to figure ..we.rrnosw ._ _...-.DfK1E. _..IIUlZ"UI.II\
JENSEN BEACH, ON THE INDIAN RIVER: ATLANGF'ORD three primary classrooms Port Sa "' ''; .... I ..... ing. Last year h. got $1 SI,000<). I Maurice John Powers, fifty A CNeerawo,hot" ,A[Door Noon Roet".I W rte e.. .xM _..
AND VILLAS lerno Elementary, $35,000; three In hi* soliloquy to the audience four, a resident of 201 Jackson
MARINA classrooms! Dun bar Avenue Coral Gardens died in --- -- --
School W Sheriff Baker told them the J'OI'uh&tiora ----------- -- -- -
$40,000()() two primary ; of Martin County Is increasing :Martin Memorial Hospital -
DINNERS ONLY classrooms Booker Park, $30- and so ia i cost of law enforcement day, July 9, after a brief Thur'"l
000; three elementary: classrooms : He aid Citizen were A native of New York ,
OPEN AT 5 PA1. FOR COCKTAILS and administration, $40,000( had lived in this for the
;: remodeling demanding more protection and area past
DINNERS Daily Seven Day a WeII.to 10 pan at Stuart Junior High to get it there ha* to be more ,eight yean. LYAI III
LUNCHES DISCONTINUED! FOR SUMMER $10,000 I ; new sites for \schools, money. He was member of Stuart-
SPECIAL SUMMER PRICES ON MENU $30,000; new buses, $12.000; National As the curtain fell on the last Jensen B.P.O.E. No. 1870. a mem-
Defense Education, equipment act of the first night of "County ber of the Knights of Columbus
'Where the Stars Meet" $11.000( ; food service equip 4 Budget Time" the audience went of New York and a member of
meat $4.913, and tractor and JOHN R. ENGLISH away with the feeling that a lot theBril.tlayen Union New York. Wednesday through Saturday
truck, $5,000. i of people had ""rut their way He i I. survived by !his wife Ann,
- -- -- was graduated from,Titusville Hurt) across the stage" and spoken their of Coral Garden; two tons John ...a..asa'.i.es"p
School in June. line to be heard no more this I Powers of New York and Ronald g
CORAL GARDEN LANES During his high school' years year. The audience was less elated McGee of Coral Gardens; two
be was a member of the Chess with the production than they daughter, Carol Ann of Coral ,lbLUB
Club. Science Club and Brain had anticipated. But most felt that Gardens and Maureen of New ?
Cordially Invites Everyone Team. He will enter the Florida the cast could learn to. live with York; his IN>tber. Mix Hanna free It .
(! f l i State University this fall, with too little money and like It, since Power, one brother John, one
oceanography: a* his planned major. they've been doing it since it all sister Mrs. Gertrude Lawler, all .rp''eyYoull
English/ attended Martin County began. of New York. t
SATURDAY, JULY 18th, 7:30: p.m. .I 'i schools from fourth through seventh They decided they'd just wait Johns Funeral Home It in chargeof .
grades.In until the final .
figure were set ammngementt.SIRS
TOPROFESSIONAL 1962 he was seriously Injured down in print signed, sealed delivered fall In glub at first sight when
in a bight school chemistry and published' before they MARIE C. CLEVELAND
lab blast made their,, final criticism. After Mrs Marie C Cleveland, _.. you see Incredible, Mr. Limpet

all i it was only a first night. Again, enty-nine, of 924 Alamandu Way, From Warner Bros.1*
BOWLING There are about 24.000 stone after all they were told that whwt. Stuart died at Martin Memorial .
in t h I I. country specializing in thy lad heard ws "very tent*, Hospital on Sunday, July 12-
men*! and boys' wear. live." A native of Knoxvilte.( Twin- Sunday through Wednesday

the had lived I in this area since IF YOU WAV* SEEN "MNK PAN' IIER" WE KNOW
k M r 1912. She wa the widow of Aaron YOU WILL SEE IT AGAINIF
Area Architects Decide
MIKE ,PRAZNOVSKY. on'i. A. Cleveland, who passed away

FLORIDA'S OUTSTANDING PRO j l'f\\' \\ \ i. An Award.,for Craftmanshto I I Episcopal She vat Church a member of of Stuart St Mary's Meet t the zanies!characters ever gathered under one bed!

... i - -,- i She ia survived by three nieces

The first annual Craftsmanship thoroughness of work, or when: a Mrs. T. N. Johnston of KnoxviUe,

3 Times Miami Herald Bowler of the Year, including 1964 Award program et the Palm Beach craftsman's, not a designer1, skills Mn. M. Andrews of Lakeland.
:and Mrs. E. Ray DeVatdt of Aihe-
Chapter Of the American InMitute and ingenuity work out and solve mmttanaeswr_
3 300 SANCTIONED GAMES ,villa, N. CFuneral
of Architect Marled its in 8UQ EDWM $
was on praiseworthy manner problems strokes were held in

HIGH AVERAGE 215 way at the regular July meetingof and details which.. are left to I Johns Funeral Horn Chapel oa DAVID! Nli !
the group Thursday evening. the discretion of the mechanic result I Tuesday, July 14. at ) pan with
HIGH 3-GAME SERIES 770, The program is to tie In with a in commendable performanceof I the It ., Claude Collins, carafe PETER 5EUERSReBERT
statewide of St. Andrew I Episcopal 1 Church
Craftsmanship Award WAINERCAPUaHE.
and.. difficult work, or enhance the
Program of the Florida Association anifttio merit of the basic design ofa":: Pierce, officiating.:
t of Architect, The Palm Beach was in Fern Hill Memotal ..
DAVE FOSTER IS-YEAR-OLD SENSATIONA by work i involving skillfully finishing
Chapter, "which coven Indian River materials.. Cemetery.MR .

'Yerago .208 High Game. 279 Game Series 774 (C and unty.Palm SL Beach Lucia Counties County.,Martin will The award will be made (or ouV : *.. CJ'.RTRVDB F.:. CRUMB
standing work in any phase of eonstruclioa. -
live five CrafrmaiMhip Awards 'THEjtiI"RKi
.such u carpentry plumbing Mrs. Gertrude B. Chant eighty-
to men who have done outstand6lag
eight of St Lucie Boulevard. Stu
electrical: air conditioning, .
BOTH nOVLERSVILL CHALLENGE ANY 2 BOWL. work In their fields on con- finished concrete work, etc. While art, died at the home of her daughter
unMuw work, don within the
ERS GIVING A 60% HANDICAP OF 200. area of administration of the chap 'the kl, the award individual iMtf/ will craftsman tie made,oaly recognition A on native Tuesday.of Cbbma.July 14.Mich-. the 11IaIRIr tEratlBr araarri"rr"JM,
ter. One. of these five win be given
will be given to the reciprent had made her borne ben for thepast

'WILL RECEIVES $25 O. 0 tbe the Ytr"top award aril kin a* urns"Clansman and work of I for the'*project employer.; the the architect contractor and I She fiften was a yean.member ., the f'Irt' TUESDAY, JULY 21st, 9:30 n.m.KIDSDON'T .

. ... will be the ckaptert nomination engineer.la .IfetKxHrt Church: of Cstoma. and FORGET
for the slat award to be .
presented veteran member of the Cbtana .
wa a
at the Florid Association of other business at the meettag. -
Rebekah Lo.JSk had attended SUMMER TIME MOVIE PARTY
conJuctedi Frestdeol I
Architect convention in Jackson by Chapter At wedding of her graft-
Robert W. AJ-A.
rile on Nov II Wcmng* March t
F1ttH INSTRUCTIONS EXHIBITIONS: rROFESSION.il tALL FTmNCS The Fabn Beach Chapter will the. ladie August meeting was set aside ,granddaughter Survivor bclud on c.. daufh* HERE <*MC THE PtAMCT SMASHCCSI'

present Use award at special ban.. *mad s regarding ai.a.the a Beaux ftortI Arts ten Mr Edward S. oxwcll aJ -' alAlatttnN1f$,.. '.
q)*, for that purpose in Scptetn* Mrs. William S. Dyke*, both of
''y CORAL GARDEN BOWLING\ LANES bet. The purpose of the program .:Ball mat which January.is being plaoiKd lor Stuart two arae.kfeiatC 'wo 1 Bsi i1 wtR tlfifitf!
6 ia to recognize and. encourage outtUuKltnc !- great-flraadohikkem and tans 1R gremfrJohn .avAltkE1ps.usralBlfiStimg.sm cratl
\ workmanshiprnS and display
\ U.S. 1, South of Stuart Dial 287-5343# of and faftmuty on the :' The coldest point on earth, withan atA pra,. aerW.'e wiD be held Ie
part of the crattmun. fudging, average annual temperanv* of Funeral Ham Chapel en
i wilt be don by a committee: ofaecNittctt 260 detrec tree KRK ht about Wednesday ncntej' Ju* IS at toUock. All Prizes Courtesy of NEISNEIVSr.T2t'i
I awl. win be based o.ttaataraa mile* t tM & Foe* i it Burial VuftaU plies sCohan.
accuracy, cart* .r< ,the directioa of India. .


k .. f

--- -


) :

Faithful Old School Building Serves on KOBE SOUND NEWS Brief Reviews of Eleven!' '

!MRS. EVA CAMPBIXL t respondent 546-3911 1

; And on; Now Houses a Number of OfficesBuilt ..... ..,..i ,,".'I6. 1'. .., 11 r New Books at the Library

55'4Itl Faile-Duberg Wedding Is Here are reviews: in a nutatwH" !say and write what you mean The
ot eleven new books recently added book is a model of clarity: and directness .
Before to Martin County Public Library .
Celebrated at Charleston
: 'Chemistry of Life,"' by Katherine *
This County Science.: The Glorious Entertainment B. Hoffman. A simple easy
Hobe Sound residents are extending Drowning Fade of ChristianMcd, ,"' by Jacques Barzun A t -read account of the living ecu:
congratulations and best si Croix! Virgin Islands, who noted! humanist" continues the cultural how a cell grows divides, reproduces
Was CreatedBy wishes to Mr. and Mrs. John Du give his mother in marriage)) and history begun in his Houseof requires food and releases
j berg who were recently married : ol Mrs Ronald F, Jeancon ofNew Intellect. Ho discusses! scientific .. energy Interesting reading for
Mrs. Utiberg is the/ former Mrs. .oik Cm who attended her research, the teaching of science I young people and adults who wisha
BUNNY \BBOI1 ; sa.. u r aaaaaa..r..' Dory McConncll Fade of Jupiter mother Mr. Uuberg chose" as his the behavioral sdentcI..as I brief introduction to this new
Recommended tor demolition Island and Sasco Hill Road Southport best man Ronald E. Jcancon of well as our scientific culture The I aspect/ of science.

throughout/ at least one-half ot Conn.: Nework <'itv. r'n! : the book isthat : .Forge of Democracy: ; T Its
its forty-two-year lifetime i h 1 The ceremony l look" place. in the Mrs. Duller; is a graduate of reassertshis House of Representatives," by
building on East:: Ocean Boulevard e presence of the immediate. families Swcctbriar College, Swecthnur: right to be a natural and mor Neil MacNeil: This book, together -
at High School Avenue which in the/ Cathedral Church ofI \ a., and the school of design al philosopher he will feel like i with William Smith Whitet
has done duty as Stuart High" I Saint Luke and Saint Paul i in teachers ('ollege. New York City an exile in his own place "Citadel, the Story of the U S.
School and Martin J ( Charleston! S. C. Mr. Duberg is the son' of the late 'Mini-print for life; 'I I he Story Senate"' should give the general
County *
High *
School, is still doing The Right Rev. Robert E. .rib- II F. C. Lhiberg of Pasadena, of Modern' Genetics: by Julius reader a good understanding of
ice and saving Martin yeoman County servo bin D.D., former bishop of \\est ( ahf, and ol the late Mrs. Kathryn last After tracing the early his. the legislative division of our gov
between ern Carolina, presided Immediately Prince Dubcrg: of New Haven tory of genetic research' the anllwr ernment. Mr. MacNeil: explain
something $50000( and
following the ceremony a C'onn He was graduated hem describes in compKhcnHibl .
$100,000 in replacement costs Itwas and" dramatizes the men and actions -
built as Stuart Elementary I wedding breakfast was held at the Yale in 19V) 'amid also is a graduate terms the genetic process and howit of the House from its earlIest
.rEs 1 Fort Sumter Hotel. of United; Slates Naval War affects. heredity disease, race da i to the and
and High School by Palm Beach ) present explains
Mrs Uuberg is the widow of College. He. is a captain in tho U. I LQ. and other aspects of human tht massive behind-the.
County Martin in 1922. three years before ; i I IB IIt the late E. Hall Fade of VNcston S Naval Ri>uvc; a member of life. He explains the complex structure scenes struggle precipitated by every .
County was created 1
by an act of the LegislatureSince (\>nn., and Hobe/ Sound and thedaughter various club incliuhng the Yale of the DNA molecule and major legislative action: These
the senior high school : of the late Mr and Mrs. ('(ub of New York. the Country closet with a discussion; of the two "books' should be .required
A m mi my David Hall McConnell of Suf- (luh of Fairfield and the Ccquol latest theories about non-chrotm>> reading for all voters.
moved into its new premises on i fern N. and Onnond Beach Yacht Club and Is a trust officerof withal! factors in heredity!
Indiantown Road early this ihi I 'titles," by James Morris, A
year She'I is mother: of David Hall i the City Trust. Company of 'IJinniago in Thought/ and
the old building has become increasingly I view of the cities of the world M
Action; by S. I, lla aUwa. A
useful to the Board of ; I, Faile--of Southport- t. Conn. John Bridgeport, {onll. _,___ ___ new edition of' Iery> popular they/ looked sounded and smeltto

Public Instruction, and its func r1 r book on language. It is an analysis an Englishman in the fifties and
lions will increase further during t 3Ilia First Aid Considers 1 of both" the pitfalls and possibilities sixties of the twentieth century
the next school year Squad of language together\hh Alphabetically: arranged, the doer
The fact that the razing of the udviee 011 how to think clearly and range from Accra. Ghana J to Wel
building has been recommended Extended Ambulance Use lington./ New Zealand with I" In.
docs not mean that it is any sort I k-resting and typical photographof
of hazard Jack Sniouse, general RIRIt SCHOOLHONKS each city."Ancient '
co-ordmator, explained this week. Kobe Sound First Aid Squadmet first aid training, and (get their : t RII\Y Greece, Iho Triumph
It merely means that Florida Department I Thursday evening I standard and advanced AmericanRed Tho closing program of Hobe" of a Culture,"' by Robert Payne
of Public Instruction The meeting was attended by l'rOflr t aid !card: A tentative Sound Community l'resbytenan An enthusiastic approach to Greek
deems it educationally and functionally 1--.J Ted Chambers, president, Mrs dale has been set for tho beginning Church's Vacation Bible School history with !chapter: on famous\
a has-been/ Martin i Ruth Thomas lIl'CretilryJ; / i III I I of these classes. I will be held at 7:15: pm. on Irl- writers and philosophers. Handsomely
County School Board however, I Schneider vice president and squad Any member of the squad can day, July 17, following a !covered: illustrated
thinks otherwise with the result .. Instructor and Mrs. Ruth lair- give additional information. Is dish supper The Seventh Galaxy Reader"
that at least one dozen phases' of a bairn treasurer; and squad member "hoped., for the good of the whole by Fredenk Pohl. Idieen short
the county's educational system lgly A. Dubberly Glenn Thomas community', that this orgiim/ation I PrRSONm "stories' gleaned from the /pages
now call the outcast home" ,.. Fred Richardson/ John Richardson gUs! the help it so badly needs Ihe of Galaxy the widely read science:
In the basement Smoiise! has 1If" '. -. .: (. Ranson Randall, and Robert possibility always exists thai the Miss Gertrude Hoarser of Keystone fiction magazine. Include" series
his office and in addition to his ;;; I \ '; : Hurst. ambulance may ha10 bo taken Heights will soon be visiting/ by Ray Bradbury, Lester Del: Key,
her brother and In Isw
sistcr Mr
numerous other duties functions : J, Mann of takcsido Village out of service completely' because Irlu leiber and. others.A .
distributor for $20.000 of the lack of it. .and Mrs, fred I looser, of Coconut the
as some : attended lor the first time and men lo operate | Parent's Guide to New
worth of films projectors, public : ''' volunteered any help ho could: Street She plans lo arrive next Mathematics," by Evelyn: '' Sharp.
address system, mimeo machinesand : ': ThuJimmyGruliumsArc i Saturday and will be staying for Parents, whine young children ':ai k
allied equipment which are ; ; ; : give.The discussion! : ut this meeting a few days.! for Information on equivalent lets,

stored there mainly concerned the squad's recent Strong on Fun I Ue are sorry lo hear t the serious Irrational numbers, I the binary Astern
Hart E. Son Jr" purchasing ,, .. !,'. ,.' '. decision lo extend: the use of Illness, or Mrs 'hf.t. Hoke's and other such terms, wiU
agent and his secretary Mrs. Bet. t.;. ;' ., "* ,), the ambulance: into out-of-town developments Mr, and Mrs Junniy Graham father In Melbourne." Mrs. Holthas find this book mom helpful. the
ty Tomhnson! are also hou'lCin ; ;.., .. :- which have asked for and Iho lClenIItl"/ male Grahams been'' making frequent trips lo revolution in the teaching of eto-'
the basement together with receiving !It; .( t a'I'I' \ \ "'lU that privilege went on a family fishing excursion I Melbourne lo bo with her mentnry arithmetic la total anilparents
rooms and storage space .-.U., ....aiik_ '' t...a, 11,.....I This will "be done only when on Midday parents I and other* interested in
for equipment and sup OF 1 liE MANY HUSKS' tuck did not attend" other than Ray Conrad became suddenly education should bt lafordiectcoiucrnlng
incoming ONE : of Jack SmousVs job as general coordinator of IA Martin County and If tho subdivisions can supplymen
plies for use in all county schools one tiny snapper who was hungry ill and was Taken I to Martin' Memorial It,
to the skeleton
school system' is the care and distribution of audio-visual equipment such as! the projector and film supplement ..
and facilities for them. enough lo bite on Mother Manet Hospital, on Monday I Bell / ,"
the of Blectre Sirne-
processing by
crew presently keeping the ambu- -
he "old
which is checking here at the Martin County High School building. '
la Tine. lion attended' though
The' bookkeeper and book store lance available 1-riemN may visit or send cards lo non A serious novel by the tre-
of Stuart Junior High School are The subdivisions which have and nobody missed, luck., him there slur of the famous French. delec-
also located the "nether re As a matter of fact as far as I live,
in M asked for the use of the anihulunct A birthday In Maigret. Paralyzed by a
gions.." are (oral Gardens, Hibiscus; ParkI Jimmy and Marietta Graham are urfri' party stroke, French ly
On the first floor are the offices I I I and Poinciana Gardens and teller concerned, fun. along with a big : honor JSpenccrs, eighteenth coon :, his; enforced leisure:I ; to
held hllnllth.r
birthday by
of John C. Gray, supervisor /have been 'sent J to their var bundle ol love and a largo helping I I 'was examine and assess his past and to
r { Mrs, I red Harmon, Coconut :
of secondary education, and E B. ,+ lous civic associations: staling the of sheer exuberance for living I Street. Refreshments. andDames plot a course. for what future he
director appear: to have moved in years
Morton newly-appointed conditions under which the am. may have left
of adult education and the auditorium bulance will be maik available. to ago and has been In permanent : were/ enjoyed b'll'at' Urecn "Tho New Science of' 1 Iconoinkv : -
used by Stuart Junior High them residence ever since; I I'I Campbell, Joyce Annrcn.! Art Introduction .>., George)
bodw t Ihe lishmg was followed by a cer, George Campbell, PauLKohUtr
School and certain KHhcr Soule. Lctmomlci has become
Tho additional volunteers will I a
.Hob, I udlow/ and ':
approved by tha school board. w ",w be expected to attend classes In swimming; potty in their front>> Prices watSi"n Pat and- !science) : bused statistically on the
cer were won by
which also lo he
yard happens
Presently King remodeled on ,, : facts of economic behavk r, The
the first floor is space for the ---- the Iniracoasial Waterway' Anyone purpose" of this "book I Is to "nilit.II *

bookkeeping department of the A 11 t'II110''ll.:' FLKA.SE: ,. lucky enough J to witness this I Happy birthday lo Miss JoAnn plain a* "possible how 'COflMltekJ
Board of Public Instruction, andas AIL BANYAN t.UI.R': ; swimming party cultist: away won Campbell, who wilt hay Idea were being tested andsupplemented
!soon as the remodeling is completed the method dcrmg If his heart was rosily as attained' the ripe old agd of senen by cartful researchof :
Mrs. Eloise! Caster, Miss Dots anyone know' strung as he thought it wend The years on July 1!, a sort which could discover In
Betty Jane Stoit and Mrs Eth- used J to Ic-U the age .ot a banyantree sight. of one of those! liny little Muantailv terms and objective
leen Hudson, will move in from ? cllu..1 ly I lCI jumping vlf a pier piling.or Mr. and Mrs John McLean Jr fuels what lay beneath the surface
the courthouse! 1 I his particular banyan I Is tlui roof of a fishing /boat is and family spent Sunday in Mel- of economic behavior
Up on the second floor, Mrs. + I ing a bit of family distension and almost enough lo give anotM a bourn visiting Mr. Mel! can's /parents -
Peggy Bond has a suite in which 'JiIg'' your correspondent wishes someone heart attack Dr and" Mrs. John Mcl. an. COUNrv""llUI)M FOR
she conducts guidance and testing would scllle the argument Pupa Jimmy, look lime to giv' /Dr. Mclian Is a prominent realtor Lm BEAR AIRPORTThe
of all sortsAnother 4'4'IV 4'k The tree II 1 along Banyan Streetin 'Mtn"MIll"' LVane, s swimming In the Melbourne area, and a
"Treasure Cove," Typically, ll county I II going lo trade for
office 11 shared by the lesson hut found him disgustingly I retired surgeon. John Jr. la tine
looks like half a do/en trees, rather thru mutt lots adjoining the Mar
county's itinerant elementary teach- uncaegerative. It could be 1>Un.1" of the leading landscape' architects
ers: Mrs Becky Kelly vocal music than one, very big and utterly '* ag*. I In. It J Just thirteen of our area. M tin County Airport
: The Martin County: CammisskMaptrssved
Frank Lodwick, instrumental beautiful. months old.
music; Cliff Rollins and Mrs. : ( At any rate Ihe man of the : Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Kusln. and I the exchange of lots 4
;/ education I house says it's seventy years old, W* wish I the I Ire Dennis 'family won Michael" of Pawtiicket R and 6 In Golden Gal lo ks 17,
Dorothy, and Teeter Mrs. physical Fritz, I and the! female. of the species Insists a very happy 'vacation. They will/ have been visiting with Mr*. 1"1 HI end 19 near the airport lon
Dorothy it must he more /like I7U bo visiting friends" and relativesin In't parents, Mr, and Mrs 9. Heller" trustee for Samuel Heller,

Spanish.The old high school library 'is I Hemp Help! North Carolina. inson. hat agreed to Itw _exchange. _
-- -- -
'- .. ...
now the domain of Mrs. Betty ; :., ,;>- T.' ,

the Warn libraries, who of processes individual books element for t :< ';/: ble .' '

ary schools 't' ,aisil J r ; : Depend as sunrise $ I

Finally are three used. snare for the former storage classrooms of ;1,* ,, r ,___

desks and other school furniture, farm funU have Ixwii ftvoritoa with three general ."? I"",; ,

for and.their dining repair the summer vacation :i >t Southern /nrmrrn l }WI UM they're always there with .fj t;.. .,

Other buildings on the old I j :imvunvmuscle! at economical cotit. You, too, will find that -- ,t''1

MCHS and campus senior high accommodate school home junior "i( !V i Standard' gaaoIirtM will enable your tractor to tale ] :.,

economics; the junior high art department I J" "N' load* in tlride Top performer, too In ;your car or truck. :

junior high vocal music Ir' '. Slaadarrl Dieted FuJ-I'' purity and hiP.Jpuba
William Me '. maintenancesupervisor < aiu
: and him electrical shop J'' ; quality" mean full fombuation bard-wwldng powec.. e

paint storage garage, and sup PIKUIASING: AGt.NT" IURJL f. SON JR. and hit secretary, Mrs. /Betty Tomlmwn. are among I "J, !. II
pies; junior high shop: gym and the dozen' departments of Martin County school system which: are housed in the old high school buildingon .,
physical! education facilities, the East Ocean Boulevard After forty-two years the building. still functions.
playing' field for junior and senior I l a 9
nigh white and colored. and in I forward to many year of useful |
the Log Cabin the high schoolband. service! to Martin County t b. 6 s sbh
'only expense being for telephones
Centrally located for teachers I lighting/ and" a little reverse-cycle sv } I
students mailmen salesmen and air-conditioning, which: would he r i igs
all who need to call there the I needed in any other building. .. with I SYStake Eviler ttn'f'I
"old" high" school can still look t umiUr, functions. ) I

County Passes Resolution I j STA'D' RDr

As a Memorial to Gideon T J:I f

RUOLUIION by e.pre%* its deep regret of the'
kiss of this devoted cituen a ad
In Memory of Seymour Gideon friend, and that extend its sympathies ''
Upon motion of Commissioner to the. family of the do- 34 r r a ,
Williamson, seconded by Commissioner cu'Otd t d ti wre
Bruner and unanimously BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED !

carried the following Resolution that a certified copy of this Resolution C .. t'w
was adopted: be sent by the clerk to
WHEREAS former Commit. Mrs Seymour Gideon. Indian River S
alone Seymour Gideon who I Drive. Jensen Beach Florida. r- ,
faithfully served the peopta of DATED this I4tk dar of July, I -5
Martin County for ten (10)) years
i in the capacity of County Commissioner 1964.BOARD OF COUNTY .
pasted away from ourmuht COMMISSIONERS OP I r
on July 13. 194 to lease MARTIN COUNTY 1'5tas rI
his wife family and friend to FLORIDABy I I f'k '
mourn the lota and FRANK A. WACHA.
WHEREAS. this Board deep!) Chairman
mourns the. passing of this below-I ATTEST' : I
ed cituea and patrcw of the pub- DOROTHY PIERCE. Clerk ;

IT RESOLVED bT the The world" largest lau sn volume -
Commaauoners.. -the Suvt U.xia'a Byka! MRA. rtCCY BOW 10 charge of couMy-wiJ guJOusc sod.
Board of County
in behalf of the entire County of conutns more water than afi at testing, explains the tae of Basel iowUifence lot etiuipocoi et I DANIEL W. McCLURE Agent Stuart
bar oUk the mound. DOM at 'old. MOiV ,
Xartm thai this Board due has-North Anaicai Great Lakes. j ; fie

'. '. . v -ss- --s' . S5\ '

p__ _, f' 111\\


4 A TTE SRJART flu td, '1964
: More Warranty
I "

Palm City's 16th Straight ,. ..t Deeds on File

I These wafranteVea" Mints are
In addition: to trie major list published -
Sets Record Clinches Title on Page 7
Esko Hester to!"alJ H. Williams. -
: Lot H9. b k. 4A Palm
Lake Park.
Palm City's. 5-4 win on Hohe I I :in County Junior Baseball Leaguerecord remaining k> be played, Pa feline D. leMup to James H.
I Sound; Friday nicKt' not only gave I, but aba clinched the title Other" Junior League results in 4 + V 1 cI MdGraw Id. Lot 99. ,block! 122
them: thleen straight wins a Mar-1. for them witk_ only two games, the last week<< were: CivitatM 9, Lions Fy t The Island Beach Revised Plat
--- --- 0; Port Salerno 8. EHcs; 6: Ne. 2. $14/XX,
Rotary 13, Kiwanis |; ElkLI.. Albert Falk to Margaret S.
Stuart Wins Double-header om 2, and Civitans 15. Port Salerno .
., Falk. Lot 6, block J 1. Bon Air
3. n
Bench No. 2. $100.
Ii In Pony League activity Flower I "' rwa John H. Hoiser to George Davis.

i To Topple Vero from Lead I dard.Grower 12-0, and walloped Jensen Paul's Lion Stan trim.- Lob Subdivision.24 and 2$,9000.block 4, Monterey --

Stuart American Legion baseball winning. 5-3. med Tri-Southern 8-0. Lighthouse Point, Inc., to Her
trial, winner of only one The winning Stuart team mustered bert H. Vreeland. Lot 81, Lighthouse -
Ace Beats Pros
game previously this season, look 13 hits in the opener, the ; Point $3.325.
: ft docMe-ieader from Vero Beach successful batters being: Salzlcr, Keeps Slows LeadAce Lewis Maislo to James S. Regno. -
i M UK tatter's field Sunday and 4; Matters' 3; Funk and Scurry, Property in lot J 10, section 7,
t' knocked' Vero out of the District 2 each; Kitbourne and Hall, 1 each retains its lead in the Mar township 39 S., range 41. E. $1,.
I IX tetd. Little struck out twelve without tin County Slow J Pitch. Softball :200.!
Stuart Won J 104( () with Gary Little issuing a walk. league, having beaten Jensen Greville J, O'Brien to James
.. on the mound and Glen Bry Hall had only one strike-out in Pros, 17-8, on Friday, with Mao T Hill. Lots ) and 4, block. 16
an ctilAg the first game. Skip five innings but also issued no McKuhcn' the winning i pitcher and Port Salerno. 1800.
I Hall and Fred Jette, opening and walks, in the second game. Little Dr. Ron Allison the loser i
winning battery for Stuart in the. started the sixth and struck out I Third place GA swamped Jay. j '
nightcap, were relieved by Little the aide, giving np no walk. in two ,cccs. 26-0, on Monday, with Henry + q J oe WHINE*
MId Bryan In the sixth/ the visitor, innings Crane on the mound for the 4T
f I winners and Lloyd Allison for the TIME TO I ITAVlOrVASHLEY
t 'loser,

( 13 Inclusive) W L
Ace ....................... .... 10 1Randy kYI
Invites you to inspect the title insurancerate 8 3 k1.:
I : GA ..:::::::::.:::::::::::::::: 7 4 :?

schedules now in effect. Pros ............ ............. 6 5 V
Kiwanis .... ................ I 9 ell r'i Y
cr. ,If you are financing your acquisitionof Jaycees ........_........_..... 1. 11 I Oh/cS
,real estate, ask\; u. for a quotation of t
the KELLF.IIF.R McPIIF.RSON t "a. h,. .. I o
money-saving combination
rate COT*
Micyof eying policies for both your title as owner Y i lJ
and for your mortgage lender In Tuesday's<< play or the Lady
Golfers Association of Martin
No abstract! I is required for determina
Title Insurance
Marian Kelleher the
County won
a .
lion of title got! Insurability by the mod' .r ,
J 18-hole low net tourney, and Isa ;Y
em full-time plant operated title Insurance bell McPherson took the honors
underwriter agency. The delays for among the 9-hole group <
t the copying of public record Into abstract u Y \.' A
are eliminated.. Parties and their counsel, THREE TEACHERS RESIGN i'
1 I generally, within two to four working Resignations of three teachers, t+
\ days (bow where their transaction stands Virginia Willis, Booker Park, An- ."
title-wit. on the basit of a firm tine laMiiMice na West, Stuart, and Gary Crandall L, ., t. .
Mndtr. Warfield School, have beon STATELY FLAMINGOES PREEN IN TROPICAL SETTLNG OF A FLORIDA PARK Hartford Family Auto Insurance
The insured title 1 Is the only sure title, accepted by the school board, will provide you<< with broad
-- -
protection-.t substantial savings .
Consult APPOINTMENTS MADEIN WANT TO HELP THE for Marvin H. Crowe, who held If yarn base a good driving
CIVIL AIR PATROLThe I State Auditor Critical ofWard's
Title Security CompanykuyeriTile the office of constable before record. And with the Hartford -
Ernest B. Horton has been 'Stuart wing 'of the Civil Ward. The period covered in the
STUART, FLORIDA named Adult Education Coordinator Air Patrol is i looking for civic- I Crowe audit was from Sept I, name on your policy thereneed
Constable be
RecordsA no doubt about the
t..Y.arw.Wr for Martin County. Felix" 1958 to Ian. 2, 1961.
.>ffk..... 271 Owceota' Avenue Telephone Williams agricultural instructor, minded sponsors to help defraythe The reports said "no cost bills quality/ of your anMintace.. .
P.O. Box 1(85 AThmtlc 7-4332 hat been named principal: of Fast cost of hook" and supplies report criticizing Ralph C. bon copies of bills to the county were presented to the county dur Call our office BOW to ace If

rull-Tlm Kwluiltt Murtln County' A...... tor Stuart Elementary, the former Stu- needed for its ,classes. Anyone Interested Ward, constable for Martin County and duplicates of tickets issued in_ the audit period." you e.oolu for savings osi the
j/QHKiS/ X LAWYER. TITLE INSURANCE CORPORATION are Training School. Sarah P. In becoming a sponsor' or District 2, and now chief of for the arrests made by the constable "The former constable had not finest" auto Insurance yes can
RICHMOND VIRGINIA Shaw Ass been appointed guidance in joining the'! squadron is invitedto police of South Bay, for the man ." reported any compensationas buy!
I instructor./ contact Lieutenant John Strong, ner in which he itemized his expenses The report also pointed out that constable during the audit per-
during 1961, showed up inMate an annual' 'report of income and iod and therefore, had not made
I I audit released Friday. expenses was filed in 1961, but any remittances to the retirement
The audit came from Ernest Ellison not in 1962 and 1963. system," the report stated.It 1 t
state auditor, and was made I "Expenses reported for 1961
by Morris B. Stevenson It cov- were bawd on estimates and were requires forty materials and
ered the time between Jan. 3, 1961 not substantiated" but they appeared 125 processes to make an average
and Dec. 31 I, 1964. reasonable," according to. lead pencil. Yellow colors arc
Stevenson said in the report i Stevenson's audit. pref med.
USED TIRES BIG CAR'I that Ward' records "did not meetthe Over a month ago Ward took The existence of man-like creatures
requirements of Florida Statutes the chief of
police position! a I
Plenty of mileage SPECIAL Chaper 219." South Bay but did not resign his on other planets virtually
I impossible, scientists declare
In every one The report went on that constable. post in Martin County,
: $95 "a cash book and an or1 cil: bank or at least no report of his resignation -
+ account were not kept Records I has been announced
for, ./IYI IM.Yeu of the office consisted only' of car- Also in the audits i
'r. report was an WHITICARBOAT
4 8 .._ ... ,
L.00'14 All.wnthsl"42"

Lake Off kdbus Arcane, Port Sewafl


Rural. Rote No. 1. Stuart, Florida Dial ATUntle 7-2464

Meet. for AI Pflutfnr, Inc., Tmldtrnlst"

-- -- - --

been swamped with new tire business so we're loaded with trade-In bargains! GOLFNew

Our summer tire tales' have get records! Con-
equentty, we've Accepted hundred of tires
in trade. County Golf & Country Club
ST. LUCIE BOULEVARD Tare right Just before
Tires that weVe recapped, reconditioned, and crossing
carefully Inspected. Also elected new tire New Bridge to Beach

have' been reduced In prlc:.. 'In total,we have NEW SUMMER RATES-
o tire. bargain! tar anyone who't locking for NEW
20 Mvlngtl COMPLETE Greens Fee


)1 NEW AND USEDI r.aMaplwedi.r'42' ... .. ... ...... .. ...... ......
edu loin rubbed '-- ELECTRIC: CARTS .
IS Hofce .. $5.M
NO TRADE-IN MICE ALL ON SALE NEXT 48 HOURS $9 69 T- flee. .... ? __. _m_m_.._.? 3.00

.. NEW '' ONLYI' Don't Walt! -
c, Safety' AllWeatner7JOi4er70tUliV MEMBERSHIP:

Pay up to $32 I... NO MONEY DOWN VOllS bhckbAe-tn* MEMBERSHIP LMTIATION FEE $100.00- '
:: tor a full at. FREE MOUNTING to ad ea tks SINGLE MEMBERSHIP _.....? ".00 < 0
BIG ED- BEAMS at cast member of "ClnJerenV following the DOUBLE MEMBERSHIP _. .... 100.00
I final performance of the Riptide Players production recently.: DRIVING RANGE AND COMPLETE COLD'SHOP

OPEN AN ACCOUNTIN With Ed, left to right an Tinka Parks, the fairy godmother.: Barbara MIXED DRINKS AND LUNQIEONS:
I Kanarek. Cinderella; and Gail Wood the Mrpmc Cher. Ed m BEN HARTIG pnom
MINUTES I holding the gift presented him by cart member PRO MANAGER 287- 2274


A new electronic method of restoring
normality to the rhythm CASA RIO BOAT & MOTOR SALES
of the beating heart is now in wide INC.

NEW College added
I men an averageof
TUBELESS 8 88 EAOI NYLON JJI7 worth of clothing to their
WHITEWALL INSTALLED wardrobe UM year Adberlad
ulWtttau .42' OK1S-GIAFT
GOODYEARMUFFLERS HWtstterMTitlTifsn Sagokry Sep:
late model Fv 'SEA SXIFTDEALER

I mkte 1nfgA6Cs rRea ,olctSoN' MOTORS nlUNDEDIJUSOAtI

14G9 $ 11 G9 PRSVSHflCN .- .

AS LOW -=.:;:vIMTftAllllS
AS 88801 t TOt 1$ blbrbM ACCESSOftKSSEKYia

ktut In sir oM *t glee 1r sad w tw An J


\ ,


7-4242 zn t. OSCEOLA AT 7-U4J c.d alTlee far eterpaei -


I W. ........
.. .... .
\1.\" : 1.- -

i I

1 -"III "!IIIIIIIt! flit: y11ii' p o1.iM1 NIPW$ Thursday, Jsfy gG, 196J L


l MBS.! MARY BROWN. Cern spon.nl AT 7.29M SOCIETY NEWS c .

Tent Meeting Continues r ..A ,_ .. ': G A M Y N A Y

Mrs. Louise Milkr Delegate
I At St. Lucie Boulevard

Services wit eontmiM Jut week m cboue of the music Everyone At Soroptimtsts Convention DISCOUNT STORES

M the "Tent Meeting" being heUon M corvSttWy. invited to attend Quantity RUkU ....rmd
St Lucw eYxdcvarJ u Port Lin- touts* Ut.u..t; .. of .

SaktnuxRe COItAL GARDENS: NEWS the Smart SontptioiiM Outr a.<*

*. Henry Taftim Palm City Mr. and Mrs. EJ Plezia\ of Coral local delegate attend*"! the etghwnitt > STUART SHOPPING CENTER

Baptwl Chapel wiII direct the vrv-' Gardens entertained several! friead tegular biennial.. COM Ciolt.f.
let ami Rev Lewi Stoned .
Tropical at a barbecue and pool party al radcrMwa .. the
Farm Baptist Church, will I bt SoeoptMsat
their home on June 28 Guest America Inc. held bits week at 7

included: Mr and Mrs. Walter the Dvauville' Hole. eft Miami
Eicben and sons Walter and [4; CNM the
Also attewdiaf
Firecracker Idea Mr. aid Mrs. Frank Wacha and local club'were Mrs CVtr Fulunx. NEW CONTINENTALPALMOLIVE

son' Brian; Mr and Mrs. Cecil Mrs Edna
Was Ann Chapman'sSpecial fiN vice president
Branford all of Jensen Beach Mr.
Mrv Mane
I Wolf
and Mrs.. Arol Ftlton; Mr and Pest Most. Chatto 1 SOAP
and '
: credit and thank LuduK, )
go and Mrs p t'
Mrs. Kill Mr rfr .
Keoney; ,,
to Ann Cbapman for her wonderful and Alan and Dr George L. Fersh associatediretoe t ,. ', .f'
Jack Scranton sons, .
idea for the "giant firecrack of the loint Council of V.i
Mr and Mrs Pete Robertson
er" them for the Firemen Auxiliary Doug; MauricePowers Economic Education: o( New York 17 ; "'A

float in the July 4 parade ; Mr, and Mrs. gave the keynote addreM lusoneat '"" I
and daughter, Carol; Mr
The idea was good for first place and Mrs. Ronald McGee and session, and workshop were ..... 4 BARSPINK
.. .,
in the "most beautiful" category. held throughout die week 'J '
Mr and Mrs.. Stu Gongaware Highlights of the social side of ,"... --_ t'+ ar r JtiM

SALFBNO: CHIT HUTS Out thanks' to all who bav. keen tile meeting Included. a luau en } #

John Eichelman was honored giving us news in our "box in Port .Thursday evening The ICU A& for 1\IR. Lotl\E MILLER
Salerno Grocery. We hope that included, thatched' roof.
the event
4 with
July' birthday dinner Riv .err6k111L -
en oy hii wife. The table was decorated more wilt continue to drop in their ed hocks: in a tropical setting I \a.RTI''IIF.1'' 'T'?
items in the future. and during the luau a concert wu I :
10 the Fourth of July theme I a..ncl.'F7-l trv_ IIUIO ITa'1IN
Guest for the occasion were VIr. given by the Soroptimist tboil.I' rlMt' .' .., N'r. aINTI% r
MARTIN MEMORIVI.HOSPITAL. Members of the Stuart Boca: 5451 ''liT' .'rtTB ur "" .41ft...,
and Mn William Papa Mrs. .'h..hJt..rll'Al'KAHISU I 1Or OR
George GiuuUrsoa and kitty ttr A- Raton Boynton Beach and Fort 1t.UII. INS'Plnlotlrt GRIRNII1LE "

nan. Births-Mr. and Mrs. Thalbert Pierce clubs served on the decor' ra 1

Allen. a daughter. July 7; Rev and ating and hostels C.ommiftceii: for ?Ieaw'tM u nrT; \\ : THEY '
Mrs. Adolpa- RegU A tropl-' THOMAS: K. '\ .\ ; I
spent Mrs George McCormick a daugh the 'installation banquet 1'1111'1si I LA.SII +
gran (:f) PANTNr-KH:
4 with her' grandniece and ter. eal theme '*'a* carried Wit m the \II MJNUKT KUUVNIt. I

nephew of Atlanta da, who are Mrs. ThaI. decorations and each place at the FARMS
several weeks with their July 7-Admiu.d. IWenlantaBy
pending tables was an or
Statue of a W'II of
grandparents.lr. and Mrs. M. bert Allen and baby girl Clara chid hi a plastic vase the bate of my hand.In burl mil nf lie
Hudson and Maurice Powers, discharged ClwuU Coiirl In milt of rrotwll*.
Riviera Beach tae
K. Roscngrcn in Elizabeth Careen Richard the container ramped with ..Hk..ln. ear Miami" Inn .tsln.l| COCOA I FIBER
Soroptimist seal The head table rawin U Ixinoir will Thom.. h. 24" KAMKAP FOLDINGBARBEQUE
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rems of Riv. Hoke. Genevieve Parshall with f rniiilnn, pn parlncix, Irxllnv *.
Willie was decorated ......, Flower Furnm duly attadad
lera Beach paid Bea RegU a short Steven Fischer Celia Pitts.
the colorful Bird of Paradise on May T, !"I, Ikn Ju.l.m.n< on
visit as they were en route to their Singleton and Elizabeth Lee flowers shirk aM. execution *... Unlirilbolnc DOOR MAT
home Ford Minn. TIM ordad in Ih* ClivHlt ('ourlIJ
luramer in Big July 8-Admitted. Mary Adreaa GRILL ,
Officers installed were MBS. .n ]tn..k. I harp Irvlnil on all l|
Alice Allman Diana Hawkins. rlirht tit I. end im..ri..t of Ik. p.15Fr.ari. .
Mr and Mrs. William Papa Beck Prewser Less Angeles
Jimmie Cobb, Dorothy Jones and Betty : I.. 'Imnrr pmt Thomas H.Hunaet ,
Candy Lane had as! their guests president; Mrs. tthel P. Lord 1'.pn.dnra ro psrl.rrs Iradtn: r a f'
recently. Mr and Mrs. Charles Elizabeth Greenalserg; discharged" (tint vies pronuleiU Summit, N J., lower: Parm. I In anlfirth '
and baby girl following pralaritlac.tpd
Mrs Taylor
Wade. Naples; Mr and Mrs La.. Mrs Blanche T. Rogers second In Mnrlltt loiuity. 11'10.11\0 s All new TrIpA-Ma.k Ban 1
ry Gallagher Pompano Beach; July 9 Admitted!, Mrs George vice president, Baltimore, Md.j to NettTh. "
..in ; '
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence and daugh. McCormick and baby' girt, Sharon Mrs. Nora M. Partrlne. third vice I Tail H of Tract III Pae 'bequc GrIN Mtta rvmpiHtlypknk HR> iffkw1' e ,

ter Lynne Boca Raton, and Mr Heddcn, James HeJdcn, Don president London Ontario Canada tun I.i. Townahl' ; IUn..*. '
Hcdden. Warren Merritt Frances OKI aim I Cliy Parma .. ,"",,. ,fur .11 IravrL! field,
and Mrs A. Mercuno, Freeport, Miss Gertrude Schukert, secretary .
,tL t
Long Wand N. Y Sanders Elmer Thomas Olivetti lot Anoete, and Mn. iralla. I. hrr.br .."... lilt, ".nWed..Map > r illdM forward to fvcllllaletiling
Simmons and Herbert Foulk, dn- Ida Itlh I Au
Kathleen K. Hovers treasurer, : :
pupa Ina/ between I hour of
Mr and Mrs. Thomas W Meany charged Carl Parker Palo Alto Calif II'ofl AM and IDA P,:\f. at Il'efl .( churctml or lu pulsate

of Cape May N. J., arrived in iVAdmitted\ Jack Lawrence "M. on Ih. aald day. ot Ih. front
July Close to 800 SoTOprlmlsts attended Snap of th* Martin Count v burl rwiklng food hi slat**.
Pert Salerno, July I I. to put into Thomas Walker Arthur the convention.. The W6 1 Him*, I win.. .ell all rla.ht, tlrl
commission their forty-foot Pacemaker discharged and: .Intere.l nf the aald Franrla, KI
: and Hester Peeks
Cannon ; will be held in San Diego '. ... '
for ten-weeks' cruiseof meeting 1.nrv .n.1 I Thnmu k \ 'n. *. Compiir* al $
yacht a Clara Hudson Mrs. That ao pnrlnpr.Iralina es .nnol flaw. U nwind wild called steel for prolu.>.il lit*,
the lower Florida carol and the I bert Allen. and baby girl!, Ruth er rirmacrlhed : In and to th* ahoy. S... Jumbo the mitt
MARRIAGE UCENSE l'rul..rly. at uhllr Alwtina' dirt from IIhlll'l with fur anon .mde.ac,.
and Jones. N. design nmovrti
Van Kirk Dorothy to lha hl.h..t hid, ,.lee fir .rash to !

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stiller July 11-Admitted. William APPLICATIONS ..1I..f'J'(liven.std under. ....my..II..r.hand.nd and.11 ...rat..1.. Itlra: heavy fiber rtkt. wear.Men's .

and family spent the past week Smith and Alma Johnson, discharged Richard Lee Williams to Julie tkla 14th day nf July;' 1154
Adrean Hester Anne Wood both of West Palm ROT ( N.seinu pllrRipp
camping in the Ocala State Forest Mary MARTIN: l'fIl'NTY. n'IIII

During their stay they visited Peeks_ Thomas Walker, Sharon Beach. Pub' July 14. it la AUK. *. 144

at Six Gun Territory an old western HedJen James Heuuen.. Donald LII'CUL,111..11:11I1'1': LIIG'L A""Ir.RT'"II'II1': '
town; and at Indian River City Hedden Virginia Manner and

Wonderland Pauline Campbell I tOTiit1F' PI.LlC HIe'"I'II"' av IMa-a es "MIL at imp'

July 12-Admitted. Elizabeth' tTrr'rller, ',. ;

Mm Sharon Jllltrbtthe! Larsen Frank Adams Paul Groth. Pursupt In SIC. prove.Inns I of aarllan a,11, Flnrlda h-:. ". IMP.Nnll'
very pleasant wed a< Conrad, John A, Wethmgton 1s har.by clven thai pnnlle narln will" ha held rha f untfllo
Roy : tinarl of '" Inntmctlnn of Martin ounlr hand nn Jtp 14, 114,
Charles Stitlcrs"oir their Damping and Marie Noice, discharged, Jimmie at the:; hour of. ld'.e A M. In the County riimmlaalanra7;/ MmMnir Ro.m at I
trip. w' Cobb. Elmer Thomas and Ida Martin ('mint? raiirihouae., Rtuart r"l'>rl la, for Ida" nurima* af rileeuaaln '
baby with: Port Salerno Civic Associationwill Mrs. George McCormick and ounir for th* flarni| you .: n': fottow.tI. lIlt. and ending Jttn
girl. 10, IMA whlrh Burt.et to aummeutaed ;
hold a potluck supper 0 n
13-Admitted. Viola In
Thursday July 16 at 6 pm at the July .t.rPOR ANTS )UnrrICIUM"PJ
center Movies will follow gram Albert Darrah Charles Pye pP ('1i's
and John Mahler: discharged, Elmo .
the supper. Mattes Olivette Simmons, A. nalanea' and InTeatmeiin .hand haAl.-.

Mrs. Mildred Fisher has returned Faye Harper Lucile Clagett Alma non\. .HUM. of yeer Funds: .. .. .. .., .. .'. .. ... .I 451.SJ./*. TV TUBES

to her homo m Marion Ind., Johnson Arthur Cannon and I.i.. rvnintr Matrix ynnds r-iin: (la .:::::::::::::: ':::::::::; it M/A5:*7T Llnl* DACROK and COTTON

after spending two weeks with Diana Hawkins TOT A1- .. ...... . . . .. . .. I lOT.MHO
her son and family the Jack Fishers I SLACKS And Tu.... for. '
Washing- II. A.tI't...I..)! It**.'lp4tI DRESS
California. Oregon. Hiale "flU....,. .. .... . . . .. .tU' U
ton and Nevada supply mat of the 1. Local 0. .papa .. ., .... . . .. .. 1.I,54/.II : RADIOS PHONOS Hf-FI Efc.A .
Sunday evening visitors at the fillers l.m.411 ,
nation I diatomite. used for >; RAL, ,!4ttFi&'t11ssrains'rs'Ai4h'vR.: ; ;' ( Ii "
Edwin Browns \
home of the on paint and Insulation. (.511-rI: . ... ... .. . . . ... ... . 1.14111... +
Mimosa Drive were Mr. and Mrs is

Don Hesher and Donna Lr.U'L ,p, r.IIT..I.T, : r ,
daughter '
C FrnpAMul r:"|tadlt rl
!I I. AdmlnlMratloit .. .. ... .... . .. .. ITttTMt ANY SIZE
Marion Ind, and Mr. and SMITH' M or P.r.p rnorrMlfBV ri- l ,........,'- .. ..,; . . ,nil aa ,
Mrs John Dietrick and daughter 1N15cI'' OK .r..1. I'. at PlantMaJni 11:.r0154> r w tr
WSHTM iwITtPunuanl Operation : :: : : : : : : : : : : : : : 1
St. Petersburg. 11,IT, r,.*.. : aanr* of Pla.l tlMHl: '
.In Kevtlim. that It !. Amlllanr Marrhm* . . .. .. .. 11 1] Ml" nit ANY TYPE 990w
Martin C ii t? rl"ea nolle
Fl.... n..... |(.IIS a* .
A warm welcome to our new .. Atipiu.tllat19n4 reuular N.rlii: Capital Outlay ....... .... ... .. .. .. M4MTA*
neighbors, M,. and ?In. Orville ( a la propfled tha a.- I' Mbi Mnla. .:::::::: : :: : : :: : : : ::; ; : II,TH.** 9
Coney wh.ra, 0 i Remltlano* Is rMhp rmmllea .,.*..... ALL NEW
Dean Gary and family. chance nf real properly fc.,haoi;; '
I .... f, Heller Truatn. for ......1 1 01 TOOrxd -
,,, .
......1. ( <4 VaivKlnr" Fund) STJ M
L. Heller. will f 0""r to Vr"1L"x..rl
Mr and Mrs Doug Taint and County ih* followlnc raal proper, aa AND THANOrCHa ... 1t51tn.N

our family park.are We also extent new a residents warm welcome in I,.LoU 10-.IT": It anA If Blork lit. n RarT.. a.. ...._ tl tin** fit r..'l I Ten Yew T.&.. rrtel I Al ...trl /v. equipped" wiIt

to them. .|loe.. ...*...'....In. an Oolile plat. 0..thereof.. Park reenrchxt -, L <,"....rr...al Balanwi. . .'Cwmtr. ,...and. MalrM t 114.. Ii rt. lie Meet. me el' ele, .tre.l. ..k. fetter. Cen*>.let.

.In M..t Book I. Papaas. 1 lnMtmnta, Mm and Jenn.. IU'u
A British" dishwashing machine public rrnrdat Itorlt 1 fteaerr for Cbntlnrenrtea. fotintjr AMatrKt 1 _ala d tlllla..41t-.u psMSd. u. i ...acedr
now being marketed m the U. S. Countr. rlrida.' / ...,.. ....... .... .. ... ... IL**.,M t ,

uses underwater brushes to clean Tk* lanlubneS e.a-mi.l prop- .wNk1oanr.r.ii.T; : urn.'.. HJniit.u...... o ..... .. .... .

dishes. arty .la baltiC fIvn t* Martm ('pa.. .- AmCRrYsfL 1t ............... ..... ...........u.. ... LH41a1.N ,Y
wltkln tk*
ty a It II.a
nf th. eounty alrptwt. In. n. nrrwirr rnn rwrwicr tffnnrr AXac )
tat filing tk' heMlkafco* wrlb.
KiN< Fr\r*
I ** PMP tk* ewnN la avklncfor
a .:from Martin, rmmly rajeaalnv A. llalaaeoa. aa4 Roavrra hortnnln .f yeah fllil FILM & DEVELOPING
any right or lnlere. It may i
.. h.". In the following real piopvrty II Antkdpal.4 Rarr$. (....... .. .. .. .. .. I.'JJ.*
i to-wtt: TOTAL ........i...[. .. . ...... .?.u. ',UI,.' JUMBO .* ftKODACOLOU

and f, Dlnrk. 4*. bead
Lot 4
C. PNp..d Rnprodllurvs t
In OoMen. 0.' r-ajka* f.Ua.M MC
on plat thro >*iiira. la, PlaKo r.:1:: : ::: ::: ::: ::::: .::::::: :::: 441 as PRINTS
,k I at Pur .a. P.MI ru. Ota.** C's e.... ... .. .. .0.. ... 141ntlH ,.. v
JACK'S GULF arda af Martha Cwaly, 1ort4*. To'PAL.' ................ ................... ..,.t .. Any I SIze . . . .

STATION BOATir, or rnTeTT n ..a4e B ._ sad ltalaaaa .! .*4m ti Plw Me Dv ehipB.j. FAOIBlMk
roMViMurtrK: '/ i>f .
AH Serri* Gatr&ifd r.IUI. A..WACHA.Cka4rma amen rrjsnrrnccTwr'i rl'SD t1t Dnrt.a1lIM '. rl ;j Kodak. Its et iwuuIa' Prtne r 24-lloef Pkl tap

Ink ........ OWM
A Cloak ........ 'I P1 ,
tp/1t rrmr a i and iklhNy' IWn Ir..
AlA retllelene AT 7-211 pub July 14. SI IM4.HFKEnT. c.-t......... ..... 7.1.1
A. "aaII ...... ....."1.. at
.ftTlrt'l' or ..... par mad 1.- ..... ... .. ...... full ,,.m,,,
TOt 11'1'010:. INC".
P. U. ana II' .
.,part. Florida :1.11tMra.l..f.rr.d..... ........ ., ....M
hey It 1014wnr 'I'O'rA&' ...... . . . .. .. ..g kItapC

tk/ *Awn........ .....WOTTFltTDIkat Taklclvi: ........ly rarh/ee, h..5 J Genuine BAN-LON

......... 1010-1t ... ... ..... P....... IT.M'r Men's
11.. s. .1jdK <)TA t. ., ....."....... ......
10' IAO.V of TOTAL EAarl'. tic'>srrtMr.ai.u ..................jIO.......... In.t.I,1T

win b. oeM al pvlill ..N at It:N L STRETCH SOCKS
..... A.M. *na Ie.dn.d.Y. IS.

...?.. taUrVappli4.,_., -,week..I.na.n. ,. 1544.tj.d.NJ.. .H= a ;:"i.1 ."":' Repa/tlur.. : ......... .? 11(101 04 tun if lit.nutII'IU.AfJrtI J All /t+. RLIRilistletw..rAa1a11.d

perw4o .f 1M MM wilt M UtTTBIrl 1.1.?. .d IIIRdN +
gJ.M M.ae .any .r rtret to tk- parineat .f th.Coda TO KB t w Ing ejvcilitlet !

CayC Tolrj Lagebrebe.Salerno ft masse AT' t. I < *j MM aii.pd MM p04 at : Ik* ***. Itwdcx* tk* F.r
tara.tr. fee In tk* "".t ._1., Opine p.ar a.A > low dl/c.iRt prlfmeiele

::= :="r"J. :: Cwaly pnspd aad 111.11I'__ ,.... .. ...... ... N a fflfiMV*. A*
ShipyardCHBCK'S red _nt..f .e.."' .. cal tk* e4 *4pvM4ea 5. oriel N.. (', F.M .. .. .... .....e.. .NC. )
<*e*) of a.Ma* ., *ak> ass f.. lnoro m. Mabtap .pdrsal ,
--- -- - -- We* lo rae aallafartl' ft. Ik. kaJ. ?all aaba.l rtM/rwt. ... g .. .. ......... ..ondMC. 1.rt.d) ceUrt
..ar.ee a..r. Ile _.. .. ., (

A SBWKI taw Ik* rrMMWia7 of r. 4 aMM** .rfkvto : T ... .. . .. .. . ... ........Noawoad O '
pp *et forth In Ik* tidal lm tawaf
4mr4 Jute 4 ta> Cmw rawi*) >' -*4a4U' <*>
...... M.a.i ern. lmwop, e 1'4J'to' 1M ew. ., .01tesod: arm .,Ir:r' ..t. laolwaetel'wM:
rrs la aW Car Martial co-.. .. .... ..... ,.:
.... suit. .rn.110 cbpM, -- a.- K < .M'c.e.l .
aa. I,. -rifle I. whkb r.st.na.l 1C" mtJ (i JJJJJMM
...... C.rJOr.rra. ... Platoon 1bse.pahi/w oRS N.ppNNaf =.=. I. 'Mw.i.aalAn
lad y.. ..,. 1>>,........ A. par.N. .
.. wen M MN ,. low aad ,.. I.I.r.NM ardlcfh I.rN.. 5. PaatMpaSi ChbP.Nr
213119ow..d will _.1. I..... CM ..y .....' H..rt.p ...I 1. ::..= ackaat > a raai and b.dpal ,; IMP .
D"---- .E ...... .- .... c-at. Vint Ilea .s..t.f a.saMlefvpl "
y 4.eL \
enll.W'1tl'1,t. outrrr 1 lAf'riQy I 1u9h1 knq.hthfs'c$1 test ...
pad Sadler. f"JII..RAT1f't'f MARtP. ? ,. .1(1pp / .
aI Hrvsy: W ICW'E'M'. N .., .r .pp..eIM. .9, ..
..... SarellfOr. .,/fNRY A........ w nnrrrr' M RtXDRCq. -pw-""'" teetfed e1.w fl. "L.00. t tf

t .... .Iego ftI ( ...a Rendtp J' u rang. "" -- -
W .fak Imtt liIIN1a'o'R ........ sate 15. $154 ."x.%X ':IrSJf :

. "


R-A THE (11a( .) NEWS .- Thursday, July U, 1964 I '.$ I News' Story Aid ,

atilt{ 'a.ar. ,aQpaUr% i., FVtrW
To Pool Drive;

$$510 Is Donated ; MXK

a I x l } +
A tory m the July 2 edition of j
The Stuart News, concerning an I t re

I 4 inpcndmg effort to construct! II
l] twmiming pool in Little Dixie has
4 1
__. __ v"i
brought result from far
"ltV'n"i." __, as away r t
; as Ohio
Baptist Convention the Weslside Baptist Churchin Felix Williams treasurer of I '
Fort Pierce. Thursday evening i i Martin County Swimming Pools '
Names Main SpeakerMiss at 7,30, the Sunday school superintcndcnls' 'I .tt r Inc.. told 1 ha Newt Monday that I
t meeting will 1 be held he hud received two contribution
Mary Copes of Jacksonville at the home of Mr and Mrs. Lame t tRinkcr I in the lust week, totaling $"0, ..4 ,
state director of
young wom.en's .
i one of them from the Buckeye >
work for the Florida
Baptist At the morning worship serviced State He has also received promises v
Convention, will be the featured and 11 1 Rev, For y
Sunday, at 8.30: I of two further
,speaker at the summer meeting ofWoman' rest H. Watkins wall speak on "Why t I William. said
the { Missionary Union of Are We Here?". At the evening e Thin reduces to $tODtributionS'1
the Indian River Baptist Associ will be "Three .
ation. service his topic amount needed to in t
Crosses" The Lords Supper will pool, plus whatever ?
WestMde The meeting will Church be held in at the be observed at the evening worship Bob Jones University Choir pool corporation may have to pay ,
Baptist fort
{service.. for a site The corporation will be r
Pierce on Thursday, July 16, beginning Monday evening at 7:30: the As- icekmy the purchase of a site, at' '
at 10 I.m. Those- attend school meeting To Sing at Salerno ChurchA what 9 9c
sociutional Sunday it hopes will be a nominal I.
asked sandwiches.
ma are to
will be held at the Parkview price, wkh. the! matter, to be prosemeJ
The program, planned by Mrs. Baptist Church, Fort Pierce. Mrs to I ha City Commission on
Mabel Perkins! will include I unique program of sacred dent boJy of more than 3,000
pan Mallory Johnson! will !be hostess in the Union and Monday July 27, ,"
el on Baptist Heritage the Town classat music will !be presented by the from every state c i
Crier of Baptist! History and ape to the Ruth Sunday school Bob Jones University Ensemble! at from thirty foreign countries.. < .
cial music, Plans have also been her. home on Monday evening the Silcrno+ ) Southern Methodist 1 Typical, too, of /pie institution Faces Careless : F" u .it
;made for a business session and at 8 Church on Tuesday, July 21 at is the spiritual and musical quality
conferences for local officers Tuesday evening the church 7:30 p.m. The public is invited of their program These musicians Driving Charge AT CAMP TAJVAIIKEETA-Scoutmaster Robert Peck and eight boys of Troop 400( Boy Scouts of
Miss Copes' subject will be "Our council will meet in the pu t.or's to attend the service, offer a combination of Vocal America, recently spent a week at Camp Tanabkeeta, where nature lore, swimming, canoeing and
Baptist Ideals study. Mike Greene, who Is in charge and instrumental selections including Hugh H Johnson Jr of Stuart living in the out-of-doors were highlights of their stay. Above, Wayne Griffin, nature counselor! is

It is announced that the nurseries FIRST CIIURCII OF CHRIST of this talented group, will bring quartets, trios, ducts, and wa charged with careless driving showing a snake to, left to right, Randy Luce, Jim Schwarz and Jay Bruno Other members of Troop
will be open. SCIENTIST a brief i Gospel message Mr. solos. Both well-known and sel Friday after the car he was driving 400 who attended were: Robbie Peck, Charles Duryea, Win Rollmson! John Foster and Ken Tatje.
Greene I.i a member of the university dom-heard selections: will !be presented struck a parked vehicle.
*" Fart Ocean Blvd. Stuart According to Patrolman Hank
is Texas
staff and from
REUEKMut: tin'HIRAM" -all of them especially
Sunday morning service at 1 IILessonHarmon I." Other members of the ensemble adapted for this en mble. D'tlia, who investigated, Johnson!
Worship services are held every July 19\ : 'Life. are Mini Tulaila Crumnton, a na turned Into an alley at the rear of '
Sunday morning at 10:30 at Redeemer Sunday school, 11 a.m. Nursery tive of Mississippi!! ; MISS Bonnie the Snuck Basket, off Colorado School Pond Is to Be 'Saved"By
Lutheran Church, East provided.Wednesday. Showalter, from Maryland; Sher- SALfRNO: SOUTHKN: Avenue, at about 3:2U: p.m. Johnson
.Ocean Boulevard, with Sunday Testimonial meeting. rill Hyatt, who comes: front Texas; METHODIST apparently misjudged i the
school and Bible classes preceding 8 pm and from South 'The pastor Rev Durward H J, width of the ekven-foot alley, and
at 9:15. Reading Room: 282 Flaglcr Avenue olr..rLraM. Greene. from Knight Jr., will bring the message his car hit the parked station wagon Group of Conservationists
Sunday's episode. In the This : Monday through Friday, 9:30: Mississippi, is accompanist for at the 9:30: worship service this of Lawrence Percy Littcl of
Is the Life" TV series, entitled s.m.-12:3U p.m. the musical group Sunday morning. Sunday school fort Pierce.
"Lost and Found," with Its sub Christian Science radio program, to the Johnson
The are typicalof will follow 1 the worship service Damage car was
young people The Stuart Junior and other installa Mrs. Richard
pond at High grass plantings Hupfel was named
"Parental) Responsibility," will "The Bible Speaks to You" may Dob Jones University, Greenville beginning at 1045: and is under estimated at $25 and to the sta
boM' School will not be filled. Instead, lion of a well and one and a quarter to serve as liaison officer be
shown at 9 am. over Channel be heard over WSTU, Stuart, S. C. which draws its stu- the direction: Of Winston Wood- tion wagon at $U. No1 one was
4.Dr. 1450 ke, at 7.15: pm. Mondays. injured (its water level will restored. its inch pump, operated by the city tween the conservation! groups and

Oswald Hoffman will examine Topic for July 20: "The Truth son.A service of prayer and healing banks wiU be graded to atop era to maintain four feet the water level at threeor the board.DISTRIBUTK.
during drought
the Lord's Prayer In a ser Shall Make You Free. Witnesses Hear will be held at the church this CASKS IIIFI: IV sion, and it will again be the habitat and the planting of bream periods
Ice of eight broadcasts The introductory CIRCUIT CUUR'fC'hancerJ $24,030
Sunday afternoon at 3 pm The of water. lilies and fresh water and bass.FtRMIILL! '
message is "Our Father Of ArmageddonAt is LN WELFARE CHECKS
public ''nvitod.The ( ) filth
Art louse] at New
Who Open
in Heaven, over WSTU Jacksonville evening service will be held Helen Knickerbocker. vs. Ernest t Martin County School Board Welfare checks amounting to
radio at 735: p.m. Sunday Rectory TuesdayThe this Sunday at 7:30: at which timea Knickerbocker, divorce; Stem and Monday night approved a plan l : CKMHtKY: : : $24,030 were distributed to 819
The church is open for meditation Jehovah's Witnesses 12.071 message from the Word of God! Stone advanced by six local conserva ROADS ARE PAVLU persons In Martin County m four
and prayer every day, Episcopal Churchwomen of strong from Florida and Georgia will be brought by the speaker. Sally Edith Cole vs. Arthur D. lion groups: Garden Club of Stuart Fcrnhill Memorial categories of public assistance! during
FIRST St. Marys Church will\ have open assembled In Jacksonville' Sunday On Tuesday evening, July 21, Cola Sr, divorce. Harry T. Pryor. I/aak Walton' League, St. Lu City-owned June it was announced Mrs.
BAP'1'IS'rStulrt house at the new church recto, to hear Joseph Sofa district minister >a sacred program of music will be Pearlie Belle Clark vs. Chester cre-Indian' Rivers I Restoration Cemetery will have improved Esther Fenton and Mrs. Davida
512 Cortez Avenuo, y speak on 'Peace Among presented by one of the ensembles Clark, divorce T. C. Houk. League, the Historical Society, driveways by the end of this week, Green lees of Stuart are Martin
Wednesday evening 7,30: Rev 21, from 5 to 7 prn. This will be Men of Good WUI' or Armagcd- from Bob Jones University i Greenville Jean W. Hodapp v{. Herbert Junior Conservation Club and U. according to Joe Crowder, city County members for the District
J. William Matson will'lead t b an opportunity for the members Jon-WhlchT" S. C. We invite you to attend Hodapp, divorce; Uughtcrson and S. Soil Conservation! Service. manager 10 Welfare Board.
mid-week prayer service, in. the of the congregation to view the In attendance at the mass meetIng this! outstanding program. Oughtcrwn. Charles Kindred president of rowder said Tuesday! that Dickerson -
absence of Rev Watkins, T b s newly renovated rectory. wa a group of delegates from The 'Hour of Power:: will t'e the Izaak Walton League, detail Inc. woulJ blacktop existing There are more than 2,500.000
chancel choir will rehearse at 8:15: This will also be a "thank you Stuart The event was the four- held each Wednesday night at i A total of 1,132,000 American ed thd plan, which involves grading driveways where city labor acres of tree farms in the Doug
There will b* no chapel choir re and farewell tea" for Bishop Conk: day district I convention of Jeho 7:30. Come fur a time of spiritual tourists visited Europe in 1963, of the banks with county equipment ; had already put in a lime rock j las fir regions of the Pacific north
hearsal this week:, ling, who has been acting {priest vah's Witnesses held at the Jacksonville blessing. _compared I with 1 678,000 In 1958._ stabilizing them with bahia base. west
----------------- --._...
Thursday morning at 7, the for the parish since\: April. Bishop Coliseum. ------
men's prayer meeting will bft held Conk ling will bless the house In his address Sala said, "Close z .
in the pastor's study At 10 am Mr. J. Brian Fra/lcr and students of the Biblo are watch a ;i ,t,
there will b. Aisoclational Mrs. Bruce Leighton are cochairmen Y n ir Ib
air ing for ,the fulfillment of its prophecies ... r : :
Woman's Misskmary.Uafoa meet for the silver tea. in modern events and sit :; : .' "
nations. They. see alt the political .
rulers and their lighting forces -
THIS IS THE SECOND WEEK being gathered1 together t irresistibly ,
to the Var of the great day of I

God trw Almighty', at 'Armaged : ,4 .
01 Our riot." T ,t', ar.. t.aa a 1
I _


(Congregational Palm tlrv) :"" f
Tho church school meets at t '..... ..,.. _. ,
9:45 Sunday morning under the ...,
direction of Jiidson Mincar, superintendent ...... '- .. '. *

There art classes for ;;; r i ... .
all ages. Morning worship is at 1 II 1.Ihe 1. '""- )' .
Listed Below/ Are Just a Few of the pulpit, committee has Invited .'. ""' .. "
t' : ,,,,,' ',$
Items We Have Reduced for This SateEVERYTHING Rev Harvey W. McFesscll of .
Brighton ID, as guest preacher w ,
;. .
this coiiunu, Sunday ,' ..
'1 he weekly prayer meeting will 01 __ .... ." '
Come In and; Browse Around be held at' the home of Mrs. M. M -''.'' .. '.....J ,....,'t<... i!:.Gt4 ...'
Baker, I Irst Street, Palm City t>nf'ri..lIlY .r :; _. 't..
morning at t 10 o'cli>ck. ......., ... ''" '"
Both men,and women are invited "" .1"r I>. ..," 'w '..... ':'... ; '" ;, '" .'

86" BROYIULL and Rev. J. W Marwn will be 'Irw S... ... .. ,'* "' .. :.h 'DP ,..,. sW \ Ja"'''1.:f .., :, '', !" *, ....:,to-.., "' 'Ill
SOl'Alull .
in charge, ',. .: ". ;,.
+ st8r! .. .. < trial\ ,
.1 Q" : '
< .
Foam Cuobloa, Scohhgard: Coverhsg$19JSo iA ,... ...,Jt# sy.... ? '..... .. i'M' si,y'. .''1', .', ,..,r
Material. Keg. Pain $273.00 ... MUAHTMUUOULSI I SUUI I IF.ItN .'!J'o! ....... "" :*'If "<" ,
.-:;. "
TOURQUOISE CHAIRSam ..... '..,. ,.. ",, "" .J ?,.. '. '"( 'N.'
Sunday school: Will be held this
( Group M BrojhUl Sofa) Sunday morning and will i be urakrthe :

Wat $ : ..................................... ........ MOW $7950 .direction of Rev Charles Bennett 'seta ONE GOOEWAYTO i

TUB CHAIR- Rev Dili-ward H. Knight, pastor ._ '
With Bd cult Tufted !Back T-Shape Town will speak at the 11 am. wor -r- \

()I1Ih1oII, \VM $59.50 ....... ........... !MOW 5 00SWIVII ship service Sunday. ;'\
Members and friends of r our '
; ROCKER- church arc invited to attend a AND HERE'S ANOTHER >'

program of sacred music which ..
Durable PlaMfc t. Cover Button ufled, $ 95 willIe\ held at the Salerno Southern r r 7 ,

Waa $79.95 ....... ... ... .. .. .. ..:....... MOWDINETTE 49 Methodist Church nn Tues
day night' July 21 at 730.: The V
SU1TE30 program will 'bo presented by an i

i 48" Grey and Black Makllc. lop Table ensemble from Bob Jones Uni

tad Four {'baI..., \\'.. $39.95 .. NOW $ JUU verily The. pastor will hold 1 office I

TOIN.ARM hours from 2 to 5 each NVednes-
NIGHT TABLE: LAMP duy afternoon .Q?

Prayer service and Bible study
$24.00 .....::... ..::.:..:.. : .: ... MOW $1000 will be held at the church each ,
Wednesday night( at 745.:

Cabin craft Washable, THROW RUGS- J

27 x 48" 5 Different Color Combkialkmn+ HOST PRLSBYTFRIAN: .

Wai $5.88 ...... ...:....:.. ...: MOW $250 Pine Lab Urlvt '
Sunday: 9 '.m.. church school
DAYSTROM 5-PC. DINIHTO- with claxris' for all ages; 10 am"
serviceWednesday .
42" Round PedevbU Bra Table- 4 I'Iben wonhip

gluM Swivel (!w...... "'. $219.50( .. MOW $12950 : 7.30: pm., 'choirpractlca /
The sehwi meeting has been
Upholstered/ SWIVEL 130Cl Isit-- postponed from July 20 to Moo-

Foam Rubber Scat, luffed Bmlc, dayt. July 27, at the church.Vr. .

WH $104.50 ..... ....... ..... ... .... MOW $7500 MiRrsTricoru: : NOW AT THE LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR! t l

BAHAMA LOUNGEWith [ Sunday, July 19 Eighth Sunday I

Foam Boktcn. Zlppercd Corers, BuUllaPlaktk after Trinity: > anv. Holy No need to swelter this summer-not when your Dodge Boys Dodge Dart-the first family size compact Then, ask your
$7950 Fueharist; 10 am., Matins, Holy
Fad Table! H at $159 JO .. MOW
l MAiniINC DV.N1SU MODLRN III. .\ Eucharist and sermon. are offering brand-new, fully conditioned Dodge De Dodge Boys how little it costs to own one of these fully air : i

i OUIR, Wat $49JO .. .. Now3950HARTMANLEIGHTON Women's stockings ar.* being pendables at unbelievably low prices. Put the fun back Into conditioned beauties. And, to top it off, your Dodge Boys <;.:
made of a new synthetic fiber that

has a natural crimp that 1 increasesclasiMy \ your summer driving. Go see your Dodge Boys and give the are offering the best deals and highest trade-ins in town,
preventing strain kt the
knc and wrinkles .1 l the anil*. once aver to fine cars like: the Dodge 880-the big cat for too! Play it cool! for less this summer-see your Dodge '
till JJI 1C.Rn the big car man; Dodge 440-the luxury car at the low price; Boys and save! -
r cannot> adequately. express

I CUSTOM-MADE TRAVERSE our deep appreciation the many
; kind ..IH| sympathetic arts that t ULMER MOTORS
DRAPES RODS cant to IM at the time of our recent
i 630 S. Dixie AT 7.0'" .55 Stuart Ml soinn DixieSTUART
I ., The Family of John W. Bed
i y -
I .. ill Dt .U..III

ti ti"a I 1

II .
-- --- -- --- -
_:_ -- -- --------
_______- --- -- -- t.-""" --

Mrs. Toby Clark hgxNeare' ra<*h.f. Mrs Rnedtica THE STUART (Florida) NEWS

Was Honoree at Murray. junwrU'omansCwhAfetAt Thursday, July 16, 1964 1BENGAGED.

aby Shower VBIT !MRS. RICOU SOCIAL h, qtr .. I
NE Residence .i.iI
Here for a month's visit with I SJ 4 '
Mrs Toby Clark was the guest Mrs. Ernest Kicou is her itauah- i
f honor list Wdneduy at a bay ter. Mrs. Robert Mueller. and children \ I,. The Junior Woman Club of Memorial Hospital. There will be :|
gift shower when Mrs William\ Bobby and Chriktophor, of Stuart met Monday evening, July a tour of the pediatrics unit for
app entertained at her home on Puerto Rico. Mr. Mueller who is I 13, at the home of Mr*. I DurylMjrswlltr )1 club members on Friday July I|
bride Avenue in Fort Pierce.A attending school in Jacksonville, arc '__ on Skyline Drive ui I 17, at 10 a.m.
pink and blue color tcheme will join his family her nee Jensen Beach. The club voted to assist Rav I
as carried out in floral decora- week Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds to Trip to Mrs Larry Ankroni. chairman RaOtkc. director of the Pioneer ,
'ons and the center piece on the Graduation Gift of he educational department, announced School for vocational training for
cfreshment table was a beautiful Mn. William McHuah and that the club's summer the handicapped. The club will
eke i iced in blue and topped with Miss Nancie McHugh will returnto Celebrate 50th Anniversary Mrs. Frances Tumminia and reading program f for preschool save newspapers and magazines
baby toys.The their home in St. Clair Shores, niece Miss Carolyn Fazio have and school ago children will begin which are used by the school and
sixteen guests from Stuart I' Mich., this weekend. They havbeen e t Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Key pany, (Pittsburgh Division), at Con-' left for a three-month tour of July 22 at tho Martin County will also save Gold Bond stamp
!riving to Fort Pierce for the par visiting' Mrs. McHugh's moth t nolds, now residing in Palm City, nell>>ville. after forty-six years arty< Europe. The trip ia a graduation Library. The program will continue certificates bars Robert Hurley
y included the honoree's mother, er, Mn. MaDonna William at t and former residents of Connell ice. He is also in honorary member gift to Miss Fazio who was a each Wednesday until Au,. is chairman of a committee for
Mrs. George Archibald and the her home in Martin's Mobile Park. ville. Pa., will celebrate their and past master of King Solo 1 member of the 1964 senior class 12. Club members will read to the project.
golden wedding anniversary 0 n mon'a Lodge, No. .Ub( f-AAM, at McArthur High School in Hol. pre-schoolers from 10 to II am.. Mrs Mallory Johnson! i in chairman
Thursday, July 16. Connell>>v 1 lie; a life member of lywood. and to school ape children from of a rummage tale to be held
TlrecTof tent Mrs. Reynolds, the former Frances Royal Arch: Chapter No :283: ; Un- They were driven to New York I 11 I a.m. to noon. Refreshment will by the club in August.
F Bradley, daughter of the iontown lodge of Perfection; Valley by Miss Fazio's parents, Mr. and be served at the lust session! on Guests at the meeting were:
i) !o e herness7 late Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bradley of Pittsburgh Scottish Rite Mn. Pat Fazio, and her sister, Aug. 12. Airs W. H. Wilkes Mrs. J. M
/ s Pcrryopolis, Pa., and Mr. Rey and a Shrincr. Syria Temple, Pitts Miss Patricia Fazio. Following a The membership committee. Bcvls, Mrs Lloyd Ellison and
I folds son of the late Mr. and burgh. visit to the World's Fair, the Mrs. Earl D. Ricou, chairman Miss Frankie' Smith.Refreshments .
Mn. Albert Reynolds, Perryopo- Mr and Mrs Rc\nolds" moved Europe-bound travelers sailed from announced" that the club will have were served by Mi anJ! Mr William -
(iirl of the Year" award foran Mrs
a Johnson Mrs.
New York for the continent. Mallory and
lis, were united in marriage i in to this area on Join.II, 1959. "We outstanding club member. Calved Montgomery. E Hi < MI> ''t P-it, r

Pittsburgh. fullest have been and enjoying recommend life this to the I are Mrs.sisters Tumminia of Sirs and Nellie Mrs.Pezzooi.Feb Mrs. Jack Hampton( chairman There wilt i be a meeting; of the unnuun.e Ihj. i < .igcnu. 'at of
They have one son, Albert John part
of the community affairs department executive board July 23 at tho their
Pituua :
daughter Elizabeth
of Florida to
who, with his wife. Pearl and son our many northern announced that a fashion home of Mrs Guy Cromwell. The
John resides at 506 East Green friends" they mid. Woodrow Munch of Key West show will be held in March for next regular cluh meeting will beat to Larry Wayne Brown,
Street, Connellsville. is visiting his sister Mrs. Rich tho benefit of the club's main, project j the home of Mn. Richard Murphy son of Mr. and Mrs John L,
Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds are Michael Cral) !son of Judge ard Latham, and family for two the pediatrics unit of Martin on Aug. 10. Taylor, Cocoanut Park.
< aM members of the First Christian and Mrs. Evans 'rary, is visiting weeks. Also. recent guests of Mr. ---- '
Church Connellsville, where both his grandparents( tilt and Mrs. and Mn. Latham were her brother RlTIMvES: LEAVE: FOR .
took active parts in church work L. A. Ovcrby, in Gainesville for and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs. Teens Event Is ScheduledAt MOUNTAIN CABI.NI
Mn. Reynolds is a member and several weeks. Holmes Munch of Eau Gallie WILL > LM1 FAIR
past matron of O.E.S Chapter No. They returned home Sunday
247 ("onnell ville. Mr. Reynolds Mrs Douglas Ricou of Fort I Anchorage for Saturday Mr. and Mrs Arthur Ruhnka
retired on Aug. 1 I. 1958 as chief I Pierce spent Thursday with Mrs Mrs Wayne Gullet and little and family Dicky, Jim and Gayle,
clerk of the Trainmaster's Office John Langbcrg. son Ricky, have returned from left last Thursday for Mason
Memben of the '
Anchorage: Yacht Club held a surprise birthday
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Com- three-week visit with Mr. GulIvtl's -
a Yacht I Club I Edna Wolf, punt president party for Don Johnson, manager Branch near Franklin, N. C., to
Get APACHE Trailer ._ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Full/ of sisters, Mrs Betty Wine-
an Camping ---- -
Miami were recent guest of his burger and Mrs. Jean Stonenmnn of the local chapter of Soroptimisl of ho Yacht Club Marina spend( a week at their mountain
An Gulden Miss Mildred Clonts of Richmond sister, Mn. Paul Thompson(. and in Martmsville l Va. International' together on Saturday evening July I II I, In cabin before continuing: on north
Apache Eagle with Add-A-Room give you separatebed with l Louise Miller, president the Yacht nub Master
Va., is visiting her parents, Family ; dining room. to visit her brother and family in
and thing rooms almost 14 feel square. (How long .b Hara "Fulton vice president of ceremonies Richard Camp
Mrs. with
Judge and A. R. Ckmls and Here lust week for a visit Pittsfield.1 Mass.. and her sisterIn
YOUR bedroom) And you have the conveniences of home. her Marie Lucas and terse I Chaton bell assisted Don In opening\ some .
grandmother Mrs. J. P. Mr. and Mr Roy E. David. the B. D. Fulton Jr, family were Rockville, Md. While In New
Dff-the.grand wall-to-wall carpeted floor. Permanent double Rhodes.Mr. son and children Mark, Franklin her parent, Mr and Mrs Charles members attended the Soropimist (- very unusual,, gifts, before approximately ; York they will visit> the World's
beds with thick Poly foam mitltrestw More storage space than and Pal, returned home Monday Bcvis", and her brother, Larry, of' International Convention, sixty club members and Fair, Airs Ruhnke's" parents, Mr.
two large car trunks. Screened windows. 7-foot ceiling height. and Mn. N. F. Chase have morning from a "cek'I vaca- Tallahassee. held July 5-10 at the Deauvilla their guests and Mrs Jacob Kocrber, are
fold in Miami Beach.
Adjustable ground legs for bed and trailer. Lightweight aluminum returned home from Orlando ion: at Anna Maria Beach with : spending( the summer at Mason
body, only 40 IlK towing weight. Will still look good In where they spent a week visiting Mr Davidson's mother, M r I. Dr and Mrs Lewis Gillinghamof The "Buoys' and Bells' Hop. Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Gray are Branch:
1984. Come see one set the you'd use U. Four models their daughter. Mrs J, C. Harrison Lela Davidson Miami spent( the day on JulyII ora l1I/ed by first male, Flame: vacationing in Michigan and were
up way
and family with Mrs. Elwood Ogden at Rhoda, for teen-age members' accompanied on their northern
darting at $495. Billy Plait has returned to Ms her home on Madison Avenue only I will be held on the trip by Miss' Dunn K, Bowie GA STORAGE
Mr. and Mrs. Hansel Plunders home at 81J East Ninth Street from Yacht Club ground, from 4 to 8
STUART of Warner Robins. Ga., were the the Good Samaritan Hospital in Mrs. Amcla Arena of hibiscus p.m. on Saturday July 18. There Mrs Tommy T hixnpmm and WAREHOUSE
TACKLEAND weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. West Palm Beach He is pmgreasine Park left last week for New York will be games and contests, with children Sandy and Mary Ann,
lurris Lowery and family. satisfactorily but cannot have where she will visit relatives and prizes for the winners, A "teen. accompanied by Bruce Thompson ( Storage by the
visitors for thirty days. friends. age/ menu" will be featured. Drew' drove to Crescent City I last t tI tI
MARINE"Service Judge and Mrs. Evans Crary will 1 bo informal (swim suits or I Ihursduy and visited with relative Day Week
and son, Larry, flew last week to Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Yost have Mr. anJ Mrs. James Siglcr have ,horts). *. T hrr.alllO enjoyed a stop at
Asheville, N. C., where they spent returned to their home in North returned to their home on Pine The yacht "SiiiXunner V." owned Silver and. returned home Month Year
SupremeAt the weekend at the Crary's moun- River Shores from a vacation trip Street from a three-week visit by V. G.l Sotlong, returned to Saturday.The .
Stuart Tackle and Marine"SOUTH ain cottage. Larry remained in spent in Michigun. Their daughter with relatives and friends in Milo the Yacht Club Marina on Saturday USED FURNITURE A
North Carolina and is bliss" Janet Yost returned soul, Mississippi', and, Henderson\ July II.I after an eleven-day. typical elderly woman of APPLIANCES
FEDERAL HIGHWAY AT 7-2166 SIUART Camp Rock Mount for several to Stuart with them and will spend K y.. where they were the guests cruise of the Bahamas. the United Stales Is a widow, the AlA, GOLDEN: GATE
weeks. the summer here. of Mr. and Mrs G,1 I. Carter, Memlwrs of the Anchorage_. average elderly man married..:. I
-- -
---- - -- -






I T' ( .1.; ., SERVICE FIRST NATIONAL is Prepared Serve Your EVERY


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$ ? 4 Fully Experience Banking :j .

,i -' Personnel to Assist You. ': ..J"I I

t "
v V f y ,Nlw }"


', ,t,i'. FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. and. ,


I I P p fi f T n IT1 V At First National You Will Be Dealing With Your

I) A I. Friends and Neighbors-People You Know and Trust



Future Banking Needs



H t C I

'.. ,.. ( r .....'
.. ". /A1*' J. / peawo4
:: ... ,
e.r., i.7t .. 0. awy. ,:
> ;;; \, : rP i.
I' 'TI. 1ft __
q g ..wMt

T : ,



'j I

WITH TRUST POWERS Your Full Service Bank Serving Martin County for Over 31 yean AMPLE FREE PARKINGiIIII" 4r

-. -. -
..... -

j '

-R THE STUART l (FIa.l NEWS Thursday, July 16, 1964 Children Attend

I I I W'1.""'r70.' ;'t.,.j"r5"-.J".I'1'.qw': I" .. ,,", I Summer Some of the children Camps from Martin
: '
: : NEWS
I ; : ", .. ,., ," '" '\.,\" ". "" t [: SOCIAL: : 1 Mont County for Bays attending in Black Camp; Mountain Roc!

J C {"L' ':,: t' N. C.. are George: Scott, r in
.. of Mr. ad Mrs. William Semi
Jim and We Schwarz sons n 1 1I
/ Mrs. Carol Schwarz; and And\

: : West-Anthony Marriage Performed Saturday in I I Derek!Derek,. son of Mr. and Mrs. Franl

rr !I Girl i l II attending Marri-Mm
Candlelit t Saint Mary Episcopal Church Here Camp at Black Mountain are Nor;
I ,. {i cy and Lori I Scott!, daughters ,'I;
Scotts and Sat.!!
i the William ;
At 4:30: o'clock on July 1 It. Miss of Mrs Carol
Il daughter
I Schwarz
Jane \Vt and James Callowuv\
Anthony III were united in rnarrlage Schwarz.
i i y 'iI i in St. M arY'1 Episc with the Rev W R itM Y Yr Jacksonville the first of the week
I Rowe. a long-time friend of the to take some of the boy and girls! .
1 briJ' 't family and former pastor and from there the children flew"u.
of St. Mary' Church, officiating.The Black Mountain. The Scotts returned -
ceremony was performedIn homo Tuesday night
a candlelit church and the al
., 'k tar was, decorated with arrange I Amy and Lori Scott, daughter
mem* of white gladioli, illini! Know. s of Mr. and Mrs. William Scott
r drift, carnation, and white rocs. I are visiting their grandparent
I II 6 The candle were lighted by Wally Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Bracken >n
HoMetter, acolyte. 'Ocala.

___ The bride 'I" the daughter of Mr I I
a and Mr. William Winston Westof Lynn Tucker has accepted a position
Miami, and the bridegroom i is as patrolman on the poiic*
,I 1 r r the son of Mr. and Mrs. James force in South Bay.
Calloway Anthony, Jr of Eldo-
rado Height' Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Crews and
At guests assembled and were family of Lake Worth !spent\ the
ushered to their scats by Jon West day here Saturday with bis parents
of Miami and Rea Edcnficld, organist Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Crews
John Fulton played a pro. 4
4 b grant< of nuptial music which included Raymond Tucker is here for .1
!numbers by Bach, Beethoven visit with his mother Airs Lida
and Shubcrt. For the pro- Tucker. He has been working in
cw'ional he played "Air from the Bahamas since January and u
I I'I Overture In D. by Bach, and for located near the town of Freeport
/" te the recessional a traditional march I
I .. The bride was escorted dow, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brown and

I poSING AT PALM BEACH just before taking off for the 8aCody Palance. the r-tisWt Holly .and Brooke Palance and Virginia the aisle< and given In marriage by. ,. i daughter, Cathy have returned to
her father. She attired in home in Hill S. C.
was a
"' "t' their Holly
hama last Tuesday! were, left i<> right, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baker, and JaCk Palance. white n, *
formal gown fashioned of : following a visit with his grand!
taffeta over-laid with silk organ- re. y.f 01 .+..X a raft mother, Mrs. Lena Huff at her
Impressed by Stuart and Palm City 1" la. The bodice featured three- I"1'1'' home in Hildabrad Park. Also here
Registered Nurse quarter-length sleeves and! re-em ; >t teh recently for a visit with Mrs. Huff

Enjoyed Visit to broidered Alencon: lace appliquesat I .. f .' was her daughter and son-in-law.
the neckline :and wain. The '' Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ranson, and
Palance .
Jack and Wife Enjoyed Hibiscus Park floor-iength full skirt extended( intoa ..,.,'f'..!.i#4:! { rd 'tlf.I'jt: 8 ..9, Mike Brown of Delray.Mr .
1 chapel| train A crown of pcaude '
Miss Elsie Schlcnken, R.N., at -6ie adorned with pearls was Z ', bll ""'" I' a"ras'k l : and Mrs. L. E. peLoach
Special Surgery Hospital in New worn with her tiered veil of Imported 8"4t r u. f.'cs t ";, r. "Ill. .,1 :/ are leavii., this week to visit their:
Visit With Mark Baker Family York City has returned home fol. silk illusion which was ) ; "* : daughter, Mrs. Ken Maltix, and\
lowing a vIsit with Mr. Rence Bur. made by the bride's mother. She ..,... '. /t"tk; It"'J ,;. family in Caledonia, Ohio.
-- rof at her home in Hibiscus Park.Mini carried a prayer book her gift '," ,} "
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baker of I. and television personality, and in the Island. Schlenken's visit i to Martin from the bridegroom, topped with V"J ';" ., 'tf.)1 ",' Mr and Mrs! Charles Rue of
Pram City: juid as their guests last I Mrs. PalanCe, the former Virginia The Pulance after leaving Palm County was made with the white roses; showered with lilies ; 1 ) I, ,4 vA" Casa Terrace are on a three-week
week Mr. and Mrs. Jack Palance Baker, is an actress in her own Beach flew 10 Alabama for a visit prospects of making her home here of the valley.T "f "" ," .. ', vacation tour. Friends here have
I and family of,Beverly Hills, Calif. right, with relative there before continuing when she relire.. She especially h* matron of honor Mrs. :.&i ,:; :ueKr'J ,"1 "'vsF:" :> ...;, .KIJ. heard from them at Washington,
They drove up from Palm Beach Baker accompanied Mr. on to New York. enjoyed a tour of Martin Memorial Richard H. Padgett of Fort Myers. D. C.
where they were vacationing at I a.rMrs, Palance to the Bahamas Palance was especially impressed Hospital and a sight-seeing trip wore a street-length gown of white MRS JAMES CALLOWAY ANTHONY HI
,Jhe Towers. h .A last Tuesday I In their chartered with the natural beauty of which i she and Mrs. Burrof took embroidered organdy over taffeta. -Jordan Marsh Photo
Pnl nc.e ft. the well kemwtt mov plane and the group enjoyed a day Stuart and Palm City with Ernest Pezzoni as their guide.At with tho waistline accented with a
the Chamber of Commerce velvet ribbon belt tied at the front rose" assistant cashier: at the First National
she was given brochures which with a butterfly bow with stream. Immediately following the ceremony Bank, of Stuart. .; ;
she took back north with her to ers. A wisp veil adorned her hat the bride's parents were Out-ot-towa wedding guests Included ?
SUMMER CLEARANCEj how to friends Her praise is high of bronze green and she carried a hosts for the reception held in the : Mr. and Mrs. Donald ;
for this area and she commented cascade bouquet of pink roses. church gardens. The bride's table Bourroughs of Miami; Mr. and !
that her visit with Mrs. Burrof, a Mis Jolene Klckliter was maid on the patio was overlaid with a Mrs. W O. Penny Lake Worth;
former employe of Special Sur. of honor and her gown and accessories white linen banquet cloth and Mr. and Mrs. William Miller and
j gery Hospital, was "most enjoy. were identical to those worn centered with an arrangement of daughters, Lynn and Debbie, and
I able." by the matron of honor. Her cascade white mums, gladioli and illini son, Larry, West Palm Beach; Miss
,. \ n Ji bouquet' was of pink Iowa.Both snowdrift blossoms. The traditional Mary Haskins and niece, Barbara I IFIRE ANO .
I "r' neck. wedding cake was served by Va. Mrs. T. C. Pitt t .q
Mrs. Stumpf Will attendants wore cameo Arlington ;
t lace their gifts from the bride Mrs. Wilson McClure and punchwas man and daughter Kay, Tucker, EXjfNOFJ
S AL Be Hostess to served by Mrs. Paul A. Thom t [ Kick- COVERAGE vwtL
; I'GI a William G. Tye of Fort Pierce Ga.; Mr'diMrL/"ll1"|
'- ," 'n I I 'CTgTJSphiuIMrs \m ed'lis t'"VCg'! : as and Mitt Robert H. Cruse. Miss liter Sanford; Mr. and Mrs. Bob f
t ; ," Mr's. West wore for' her daush.ter' Kay Pittman-book. was in charge of thebride'l by Ganus,"" Titusville; Mr. and M Y \ '
Charles Stumpp of Stypmann wedding a beige lace sheath Mrs. Edward West Melbourne;
Boulevard will be hostess over pale green taffeta with match. Special guests at the wedding Mr. and Mrs. William Kelley of
i this week for the conversational, log accessories. Her corsage was and reception were children from Fort Pierce and their grandchildren AUTOMOBILE
I I' class In. Spanish which is meeting of orchids. the bride's fourth grade class at Lynn and Beth Kelley, of
i weekly> throughout the summcf. The bridegroom' mother Mrs. the Jensen Beach School Titusville; Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Member attending lau week'sunion Anthony, wore a sheath-style dressof When the newlyweds left on a Gray and daughters. Rcbbeca and
SAVE UP TO 50 % held at the home of Mrs. blue with tier of white: lace tour of the southeastern states, the Elizabeth, and Sirs Janet Lopes, AVIATION
N,lli<5 Pezzoni were' Mrs. Edna ,superimposed on the fabric. Her bride wore for traveling a suit of all of Fort Pierce.
Coutant. Mist PrmcilU Taibl, Mrs veiled hat was designed of blue blue linen complemented: by white -

: -' FAMOUS' NAMES FOR WOMEN'S E._Jourdan_ _and.-Don- -- Dillon.- _flowers_ m and_her_corsage was pink white accessories.roses. Her Upon corsage their wa return of COOLCOTTON FORMS i

I they will reside at 611 South Flamingo CASUALTY J' '

Mrs. Anthony graduated from -

; ft 6 : WE NEED ROOM Held At New Hartford N. Y.: B.S.Miami Florida degree Senior Southern Her High sorority College School h with Alpha and a Regular Uniforms SURL'T'tMMS! "

Gamma Delta. She i i. a memberof
OCR.FALL:> COLLEGE AND 'CAREER A double-ring ceremony OB given in marriage by her rather, is. the Jensen Beach School faculty. FRERE'SUNIFORM
( ; June 20 in New Hartford, N. Y., the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Mr. Anthony graduated' from BILL BERRY AGENCY I
Church united i in J. Moore, Fairfield, Iowa. She MATERNITY:
FASHIONS ARE ARRIVING NOW Presbyterian has been making her home inKenosha Martin County. High School and I
) /
marriage VII I Is. Patricia Joleen the University of Florida Hi fraternity WEAR 620 COLORADO AVENUE
; .
; Wi where she was
Moore and Howard Webster Part teaching. Partlow is the son of i i. Sigma Phi Epsilon. He 724 Orange Ave. Fort pierce TELEPHONE 387-0966 j
I low Ill Mr aid Mrs Howard W. PartlowJr. served In the Navy and to now .
-- ----
Rev. Paul Walcnla officiated -------- -
The of 1 Old Willow Road New
The Village Shoppe. and Frank"Because"Bennett It and the TheLord's organ Hartford and grandson. of Mr.

plaved H. Harris, ana Mrs.. Howard W. Partlow Sr.
Prayer. George
of 334 Seminole Avenue Stuart.
the bridegroom' maternal grandfather

207 OSCEOLA AVE. STUART, FLORIDA "Oh Perfect, was the Love vocalist" and sang After receiving Golf Club guests, the in new theYahnundasis STOP!
lyweda left for a trip to Canada, r
Partlow, who was
The new.M"
visiting Montreal the Gaspe Peninsula

PICTURE THIS, THREE BEDROOM HOME ON YOUR LOT crest tains. They Manor and will,the New live Laurentian Hartford at J07-D Mode, Hill-and. MARKING TIMESTART.

both will attend Utica College.
Miss Sharon Markowskl, Two
Rivers Wis.. attended the brideas . .
maid of honor. Mrs. Roger
Thruston. Watertown, and Mrs.
Walter Green Kincaid of Fairfield ; MAKING TIME WITH

Iowa, were bridesmatron
Walter Green Kincaid. who is
formerly of New Hartford was YOUR DOLLARS!

t. best man. The bride' brother
q as Roger W. Moore Fairfield!, Iowa
ushered with Roger Thruston, Michael w EARN
T. Berry Oil City. Pa., ,
George Cicrhart. Dobbs perry,
Harold Davies, Utica, and John
\. Lee, London. England. /0
sse.4 Mrs" Partlow III was graduated
from Pawns College where
she WM a member of Alpha Gamma INTEREST
4 Delta sorority' Her husband han
alumnus of Lakemom: Academy

St. Peter' College Radcliffe. ;jr COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY
England, and attended Parson

This Home Was Created for the Finest in Florida Living College Partlow He Corporation i is associated New with Han-the Offered to Florid RnUtnei Only

3 Large Bedrooms Central Heat and ford. I

2 Baths Air Conditioning ON RF.cr.ivtn: GIFTS

Brick .* $1 5 500 YOUR AT HOUSE WARNING
All-around Beauty with Quality LOT Mrs" Elwood Ogden moved on
*,,2113 Square Feet and Economy July 3 from her former home in
Golden Gale to her new home at First
J1FJIE ARE J\BT A nw OF THE OUTSTANDING FEATURES.. . 521 Madison Avenue i In the Mortgage Corp.

surprised on Monday ?fning.
Florida" price quoted b* tab admtkrmral on for the we of atMaard Red Brick At .tightly added cmt. pnrrluMW any Me Ar- July 6. with a hwnewartmnf OF STUART

ckllectural BrIck Cereal Brick er Stone. Root TH may be subrtMultd for Red SUngk o. eke MOW .bat**. and received many lovely gift!,. East Ocean Blvd ACTOM from the Courthoua la Stuart Dial AT 70122Cora.r

Artivinpon July 26 to till Atlaallc Are. and Indian Hirer Dr. la Ft., Pierce* DIal HO 1-3110

SADLER CONSTRUCTION INC, Mr. and Mrv Gus LmdMoont of 134) 20& Suet JO 1-2300 Vero B..cIaj
Coral Garden wffl.. be her daagh-
SOUTH tee n4 sown isw. Mr. and Mrs.
? f 719 DIXIE HIGHWAY STUART DIAL 287.2558 C SafHiego of Long island N. Y.


....... .t- ,:,_ ..: -.;'':_ .': .: ;: --
--- -- --- -
.. --
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t TlSOA? L1G l'Il(1ICF{IIiStEItV' : UZY..O\GfI
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4 ,, .
Star Hickory I Smoked I SIRI.OINHAIS

: TIP ROAST I* 99c'







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Coffee Cake 69c Cheese 2u.cm. 39c 1)9
.. t
WITh 17.00 ORmR:
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39 '
:. ;
Monday thrU Thursday 8 sun to 6:30: pjn.
4 ws49r 6 Hs89c+ Friday 8 ft.tn.to 9 p.m.-... Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.i as f

t. 6

.- .
II4-B THE STUART (Firs) NEW Ihursdii.,luly 16, 1964II -
r 1

r II Cows, Sugar Cane, Sucker- -Traps and Gulf Ikaches '1 "

I Summer Vacationing in Florida Reveals ,', i" "

>? What's Going on .Along the Gulf CoastBy I 1 1i :

47 E. OCEAN BLVD. AT 7-1737 I
ERNEST LYONS wayside; park, we headed south mi Dr. Henry Nehrling. I tertained at Cape Coral (not to a
OPEN MON. THRU SAT 7t30; AM. PIlL 9 .. L Summer I ward on an excellent road toward I i It t it a genuine "attraction," not buy a lot, of course). These ..pacedout i i.
in Floridacan
vacationing Immokalee into what I had always -: one of those faked-up ones, Shaded messages are vulgar, hideous 1
PEN: SUNDAY 8 A.M. I P. M. be fun-even for Floridians. thought would be "deep saw- walks take one through a botanical I -and unavoidable. j
Especially i if you pick out some gmt country." It in, instead, high paradise, with both native The sandy Gulf beaches in the
Most Complete' Drug Store in Martin Co. part of been.Florida where you have pine and palmetto land with occasional Florida and exotic imported orchids I less developed area are beautiful
never With Stuart as a base, ; ; strands of cypress and and bromeliads! (air plant! ) and, extensively used for modest
I you can even make a series of I much evidence of coral rock closeto growing in profusion in a Florida. beach cottages, in contract to
trips which will give you broader the surface. jungle atmosphere. There are also! our own Ivacn trontaoe. where

There riolly is NO horizons. We pawed a giant oil derrick great numbers of tropical toucans, speculation hat put it out of reach
"PRICE11COMPARESAVE Have you seen the Ringling Museum probing for petroleum and a I 11 I gaudy parrots free and unrestrained tor such purposes. The people en-
? Do you know what's going around and. about 'Immokalee, and unconfined waterfowl joy the Gulf beaches; ours appearto 4 I IQ
zf4f BECAUSE A on up in "Missile Country' onMerrill's which has the vigor of a frontier ranging from flamingoes to woodducks. be reserved for millionaires and 'IJ.
COULD / How about Everglades settlement there were hundreds super-motels.
.< SAyI: YOUR L/FEI/ / National Park of farms which had just recently I From Naples to Fort Myers, Fort Myers I.i stretching 1 its GARY WORTH, left, recipient of Air Force Commendation -
One day last week I remarked produced a bumper watermeloncrop busy Highway 41, which is being seams with growth. We found LIEUTENANT by Colonel J. B. Wallace
At Browori ur everyday low prices I to my wife, "We've never been Much evidence here too, of )1 torn up and fur-laned in stretches genuinely attractive subdivisions Medal is congratulated
as our prescription fillipy I Is or. 01 foir to Immokalee. Let's get up early, large plantings of young citrus. An like our own U. S. I at Stuart is along with many n a w orange
have been Jrlllt.d with millions" occurat. and we pack some sandwiches and cold evidence ot laith in the growthof a living horror of advertising billboards grove along the Caloooahatchee Lieutenant Gary Worth Is
Bring i of pre.crlptian., drinks in the ice chest, and see the town is the new "Bank of I touting everything from from Fort Myers back to La Belle.
I with confjdene.your next,.cription to Broward end .aw what's down there Everglades" situated a mile out real estate developments that cajole From La Belle home, those millions -1 Force'
"How about the dog?" from the heart of the business, I you with "a free meal on the of cows were slowly going Honored by the Air :
"Pudge hat never seen Immokalee district much as to !say: "It won'tbe I house" and a "free airplane ride"to to bed taking their evening baths :
YOU CAN'T either We'll take the dog long until the town to others blaring about zoo traps In canals and water holes. Watch
urn..WHY Worth the Military Air Trans
au.Y J, supports
PAY Main along." herd"Down! and !sea shell museums. ing their pleasure as they waded First Lieutenant Gary
Service mission of
from Immokalee toward They have adopted a technique out flank deep in the water at the son of Mrs. Thomas A. Curtis of port airlift of U S,providing
::II My reaction to the trip is that Naples on the Gulf the face of which thank Heaven, hasn't hit end of a hot day, I suddenly realized 219 West' Second Street Stuart, is forces global and equipment.The military
.Ii"!! (there are enough beef cows in the country change. You encounter this part of the the East Coast yet. that these were sentient congratulated being presented -
South Florida to feed the nation huge strands of cypress, one Remember those strung-out Bur creatures enjoying life, and not upon Commen- lieutenant whose father
the U. S. Air Force Melvin R. Worth resides
for many year to come, enough of which-the Corkscrew Swapa ma Shave messages which spelledout just !so much rib steak and hamburger uo
sugar cane to that we need never virgin stand of cathedral-like jingles in a series of small dation Medal at McGuire AFB, Sloop Creek Road, Bavvillc. N
again rely on Cuba, and enough trees, has been preserved by the sign posts? These signs are huge We watched the sun set over N. J. J.. attended Palm Beach Junior I
a swamp real estate being sold to National Audubon Society. and go in series for a mile or more, Lake Okeechobee and we were Lieutenant Worth was awarded College, Lake Worth.
O ) sucker inventor U> prove that Bar- Next there are hundreds of extolling "Old Moss, He Weighsa back home when Stuart's new the medal for meritorious service I He received his commission in
num was right a thousand limes thousands acre of stunted cypress Thousand Pounds He Doesn't arc-type street lights flashed on. 1961 through the aviation cadet .
over, trees growing shoulder to I Know His Strength" (an alligator, I checked the speedometer: 407 at assistant base orientation project program. Extending his congrat I
Cows They begin In verdantpastures shoulder. Here we saw the most I assume) or what a "V.I.T. You mi lev Ours had been an enjoyable"visit officer at McGuire.He stations Is Colonel J, B. Wallace

In !i hCountykahorj- amazing real. estate, .development!? Will Be" if you drop in to be en. to Immokalee." it assigned! to a unit that I..:.,u. AIMEBTKE1IBNTl :
'y a..er you cross I have ever heard about. You've n'uw'm\TV Jl IMiK'--. rotor
1s. by /their thousands upon thousands noticed those billboard) advertising I' \ N l) Suit \HTI1' CUI ,.
stolidly contemplate t h e motorist Golden Gates Estates, showing Summer Vacation Reading Is Request for FenceIs IN'I'\UK. Pl.Ullllll I
all the way across the state We a luscious bathing beauty reclining Given .:i saw literally millions of tows in on a beach while the blue ApprovalRequest Ol'V P. ''UAIRDalno known ,
vast herds of species and descriptions waves come ashore and the legend Appealing to the YoungstersThe that Martin County .SH." UUY, ItJULAUU HAIKU, ,>
ranging from hefty Charlois "You Haven't Seen Anything Yet dweiKfd. I
School Board budget for a $2,100 ftoTirt-i TO 1 m.iHTmtiTO : .
and placid Brahmans to a few-a Until You See Golden Gates Estates Summer Vacation Reading Karen Christensen, Jeanne Marie fence at the Pioneer Classroom AUb.PEItMtNH' INTEKKl: >
very few-scrub cattle I am will- ," IM n'HIt.1HTATa OK BAI1J UKCEDBNTl J:
Clubs of the Martin County Library -
DcBlois, Carol Ericson Karen and Adult Training Center at Port : .'
Ing to bet that there far Well, take it from
are more me. youhaven't. have :20S! members; 129 in YOU ARID HEREBY: NOTIKIKI,
Salerno Monday
Gore Patricia Hall Alice | approved
Mary was
cow than there are people I in Mile upon mile of white the Smoke)' bear Club and seven 1, thai ,.wrllt' Innlrument purportIIIK -
Rol night The request was made by : bit the La.t' : Will mid Toil.
South Florida-and you can throwIn rock roads are being laid through ty-nine in the World's Fair-in- Hurley, Mark Meyer, Becky I|I Martin Association for meat la of Mid diT.d-nt and two
s.. Miami and I'U still take the what must he fifty square miles Books Club. lins, Elbert Silas Jr., Michael Sil I i Retarded County Children Robert Bat- written CotUtllt thereto have toridrtmltlert
I of the thickest cryprcss on There will be with and Patricia Silas. In the World's by td probal. In thin Court
bet.The swamp a party en- as I terman, presidentPERIWINKLES' tou .r.. hereby commanded within
sugar cane fields begin at earth. Shoulder to shoulder one tertainment and refreshments in Fair-in-Books Club: Ann Beard, nix lmlw.. month from the dale
1 Canal Point and you pass hundreds every 'ten square feet, the dwarf the Martin County Library on Aug. Carol DcBlois. Juanita De Laucey, nf the tint publication In of t hi.and I .'
LUNCHEONThe nolle to thl Court
gun of thousands of acres from cypresses which customarily live 19 for all club members who have Karen Christensen, Eileen Gun- I how i's..q. I It any you ran, ohy
1I there till you leave the Lake Okeechobce in a foot or two of water stretchin read ten or more books in eitherof solus, Michele Laubachcr Railene Periwinkles will have a the action. t..tI this Court In admitting .
X.TlNCT POLAROID A country west of Clewiston. their countless millions. Any. the clubs At that time certificates Miner and Doris Silas. covered dish luncheon, on Thursday not stool.Id Will unrrvnkod.EVAVH to probate. ahould
body who likes cypress trees could will be awarded and prizes To date Mary Alice Hurley is July 16 at 12:30: p.m. at the CIIAKY JU..
I It was interesting to note the have a whale of a good time there given to members of each club ahead in the Smokey Club with Masonic Temple on Osceola Oounty Man, Onunty-Judx FloridaELTON
HOUSE and t,. Sift. MAGIC huge pre-cast concrete piling tow but I decided that even my dog who have read the most books. seventeen books, followed by RI- Street All Eastern Stars welcome. hi, WCHWAHK
.' ..: ering fifty feet In the air Just this would need a compass if it got To date twenty-three children have ta and Juanita Banks who have Attorney 330 l.vnvee.tar Avenue Executor:
GARDEN .GLASSES .SECRET'INSECT side of the Seaboard railroad 100 feet back from any of those read ten or more books. In the read sixteen books each. In the H. O. Oat fOISHiuart
bridge/ at Indiantown, where the : roods. Smokey Bear Club: Rita Bunks World's Fair-in-Books Club, Ei- teen titles and Karen Christensen .'1.. Ida ISIS
I SPRAY COOL:RAY CLEANSER new Bee Line Highway bridge I li There i il a big community center Juanita Banks, Michele Bishop, leen Gunsolus n first with seven- second with fifteen tiles. First IlyaJuly Pubimntlon IS. aa. on no. July Auir. H a. 'h'!
under construction.! Ind in eignlecn-hole golf I ,
88e. 1.98 1.17 It was also' of interest to note course under construction but "
; that on both East Coast and Went t what I think they really need Is a
coast IlIrae< arc beginning to edge into the cattle Maple .M a beautiful well.luid l' I ....
ranches. Ground is being clear- ''out community, with one of the l' \ ,
: ed for huge new plantings south moot attractive business, district!
of St. Lucie Canal between In of any small town in Florida. Whoever
_ dlantown and Port Mayaca and laid! it out and guided f lit 1
we saw similar luml-clenrinji and growth had thai rarest of qualities .,, r ItI
r1 Bottle of 100 'Pottle of 100 young citrus planting In thousands good: taste. ,

REGULAR 3.1)) y WARDSDally of acre. near La Belle; which At Naplus. parking the car in
hut always been predominatelycattle the shade, and seeing that Pudgetiid
! J UPJOHN'SUNCAP Mild country. a good supply of drinking water
At La Belle after a leisurely I i we visited the Caribbean Gardens .
1t. VITAMINSJULIA mid-morning) _luncheon. at a shady ., the work of a.botanical genJENSEN .
M ---

Z : 1.91. HO'SA I:1 1.59SPLASN'COLOGNES .Al lawll.a" :"IIIIfI,,""'msaaanaulls' a __


MAY '8 fZNC'E) BOTTLESECRET MYRTLE wunMAN, Correvpoodent AT 7.17u1 1 1t

--'M""n"-"" .....". d .......___ ....... MI MaI t\ 1
.: : ,
DEODORANT Dorothy Mercer as co-chairmen. 'I '
31 Vets AuxiliaryPlan V' .
Reservations i
are necessary! and
CREAM ,-RE can he maJo by calling either of
PotluckVeterans the above at AT 7-2164 or AT I
67 <
GILLETTE KINd SIZE .REG. 1.00 ), KA1 .!{I'. '
of World War I Barracks .
.. : 1
854 and Auxiliary are hayIng ..j. .
ABDEC DROPS a potluck supper and meeting : I" ,," !
2.19 The supper and meeting of the
at the Jensen Beach Causeway
REG. 3.31 50CC PARKE DAVIS on Friday, July 17 at 5 p.m. Men's Brotherhood of the Jensen '<"' 'ula' .., .. i"' .
Distinguished guests will be Beach Community Church, which .l.4iI :
BUFFERIN TABLETS District" 2 Commander, Henry Hill was scheduled for July' 17, has '; ''i&to' !
81 and Mrs. Hill of West Palm !teach, "been "postponed until the following '. ''I >t. 11
and. Veteran Service Officer of week, Friday July 24. 1'I) /,
the of FloridaVil
Department ..
LI riRIIIIfJII M1a / \
sera ttt{.'rlh. t. limit twMhlu, SiU bys thru iun./ liam Handchuck and his wife
Helen Handchuck, president of CARD OF 'IHANKS People I
District 2 Auxiliary, also from HI '. .
West Paint Beach. Mr Henry G Weintg is
DELSON FOR .by KOTEX AU members are urged! to at at home after now
surgery who to U
MERRI COOL COMFORT KOTAMSTAMPONS tend. at St. Mary U""rltlllelt Palm pay shop .' I
Beach! Words are not sufficientto .
MINTS* WIRE. CARCUSHIONS ANMOUISCKS: CARD r\Rr\ I all express our nClllh"and our" deep gratitude friends for to .. .. <, I

.6 OUNCE 'I BOX OF 40 Approximately forty member their thoughtful! consideration and Most retailers we suspect would shatter at the idea Who measures this paying audience? 'f:
were present at the meeting of the pracrs from all walk of life.

'198 Jensen Beach Women's Amocia-! Thank you. everyone.Gratefully. of charging customers an admission Jet to shop tethclrstorcs I I

2f or49c [ ; 1.27 lion A on deuerKard Monday, July party 13.'was announced ( l As members of die Audk Bureau of Grculationsw !

for Monday, July 20. Jennie and Henry Weinig submit our circulation records to regular inspection by :

4,, h,. *;:;. *Ai'lfli) with Mrs. Fadin Price and Mrs' : ..arAMii e'."tie. trawling ABC auditors. 4
do k Readen this for This is an organization of
Yet toy
k. .tall. --------- we regularly. paper

", .:...U.* this emblem I the news and features, but they also buy k to aw year early 4,000 advertisers, advertising agepcks, and publishers
". "' Whert h 'displayed
you are whose sole
advertising. want to know what are selling purpose it to give accurate and
.\.i.'iiUJI't assured of the finest insurance service They you factual t circulation .

; in the land what your prices are, and compare this with what reports. !

r ir I another merchant is adrcrtisins.: ABC meaiures our circulation audience in accordance
? with fee highest industry standards

Readers are shoppers and people who P'11 la shop
Its reports kH how many shoppers buy
shop to buy our paper

where they buy k, what they pay, and many olhcr (.acts.

rN Your advertising reaches them as an Incited guest to help yoa know our rainl.ud *,

They study k at their leisure, and they ,.iH respond For fun< details on the people who. pay; to shop, ask

if ,hatOG'C to say iatcredt them. to see a copy of our latest ABC report


1 ::.: hfine,3 I'__/ iw*ate Syr 1921INSURANCE (! tc) tuart "cWjCULwt


I A. .. C IU d t'l1 y" .. s "': r A'I t; 0' ::4 .V U II I S I M (\ Y" .. I. 1


k -- .. .


q r ; t The Smart Place To Go. For Good Things To Eat!

:. tFt@ ,: 'U" "I..t ... ..1Mt '. A .. ...
,, a U S. Choice Juicy Tender
W-D Brand U. S. Choice Beef "Center i if
u,i cHOic S tea k 5 x Ibf*rr 4'i

Boneless Full Cut Round or Bone In

196Y / fl0eef Riphb Quonhry Res, y i. Rib Steals lb.89C


Prices Thru Good Sat .: "" "I B U.S. Choice ]Ib 99C"Tender
July 18 ,. ; ..'. 0 n e Meaty"- ,
1 v .
\ Delicious Tender U. S. Choice .
50 EXTRA FREE ., 29 .
TOP VALUI STAMPS ,,. b t'e '' ,aey',; i : : $1
WITH Purchist THIS l$1 COUPON ir Mori M tr eimonicos i 5 "I,',. Ib. ,
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vole .rr mlr t. e. ; ., '
\, 1" t ..',
Round 95'
Top lb' "
Quick. Frozen W-D Brand U.S.D.A. Grade "A" Dr. & Dr. :.' ,:, ," .

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Brisket Roast ,lb.79c Rib RoastBoneless ,,Ib. .7.9?
Can HamUSD 10-lb".. $599 Tender Stew Meat or f .
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Breast, Thighs, Drumsticks lb. 49c Pork Loin Slnro', Chops Ib. 59c Bacon V ikp. 49c afc.n,. 97c ,.. \
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I Stokely-Van Camp Summer Living Sale! I

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; SPINACH 615.. 6 .

STOKELY Cut GreenBEANS Van Cemp Corned leaf 3 For $100\:.\
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Cm. i'
Coil" ,, Vine Ripe Crisp Western Large
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". . .

Oaf Bargains


No Down rarnevt on Can

Up To $600.

E-Z Monthly! Payments

THE STUART (Ma.) NEWS I l' .IIIIII. ," '- LA..r r aSL._. cw..J,.., ......#1 a .,J.a '" ....

i _Thursday, July Ir 16, 1964 I FOR RENT 3* SPECIAL NOTICES 55 For Sale Miscellaneous.. 78MUSICAL REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 90 Real Estate for 'Sale 90 Real Estate For Sale 90 'PSBW'AS.59 CADltLAC Beau Convertible all white. ,
J I Iit"- J trw"swoLARGE
"' Real leather" Black and White
THIS SYMBOL FOR Rent: Cashien N. Car Beau- ALCOHOLIC AHONYMOUS" INSTRUMENTS 2-story apartment frame RIVERSIDE Drive with beautiful WATERFRONT lot with Pine I Interior. FACTM1R. Firestone
., t tiful Mountain Retreat home. 6bedroome meets at 8.30: pm. every Wednesday house. Near school. Each apart view of the St. Lucie. CBS I trees on Hidden River. Northwest WW. TheBom'
:' MEANS THAT 2 baths furnished Fire- at the Community Church, IL ment has two bedrooms, living 3 bedroom, 3 bath home. Cen- of Palm City. 150' North of premium
place. Central heat. Gorgeous Jensen Beach. For information. .Lowest! Prices In FloridaGUITARSi'DRUMs'i room, dining room, kitchen bath. tral heat. Air-conditioned Fire- new Murphy Road. Access" to StLucie pftsonal car 1895.

READERS PAY TO READ view.. Landscaped grounds, near Phone AT 7-333::' tf (35)( ) All rooms Targe. Needs repairs. place in living room, all Closets River. 100x126. High and 1 it *
center of town. Available Aug 1 I. c PIANOS $5.999.' AT 74695. tf ((90)) cedar lined screened lanai. elec, dry. Paved! road. $2,250, terms. I,
INS' ), Phone: 546-)27l. 7-2) )5)) CARPETS clean easier with the ORGANS kitchen equipment including dishwasher Kenneth P. Foster Inc., Realtor, '41 CORV AiR 4D. St. Stick
Ltd Blue Lustre Electric Shampooer, LIVE CLOSE TO THE INLET Garage. Beautiful grounds" 2309 North Dixie West Palm Beautiful original midnight
arte! $ t1 SEMINOLE Shores Apartments. ,only 51. per day. Hartman-Lcigh- EASY TERMS WITH NO BRIDGES TO $29.00000. Terms. Roland G. Beach. TE '-]607. 7-30 ((90)) blue metallic. Was $1,095
Now Is the time to make reservations ton Furniture 620 S. Dixie Hwy.\ WORRY! ABOUT. 300' waterfront Lueder Realtor, 729 Colorado ,
for one of the three new 7-16 ((55))) MORITZ PIANO CO. CBS 3 bedroom, 2 bath Ave., Stuart. 7-16 ((90)) )- lOW $895.. Bank
Riverfront, 2-bedroom apartments 112 No. nth Street home. Gas heat. Terrazzo floors, Real Estate Wanted 96 *
DIALATlantic371550 two blocks from courthouse. All Ft Pierce Fla. Ph. 461-4747 Florida room, 2 wells, enclosed TWO bedroom home, with tile -4
electric. Central air-condilioning USED CARS TRUCKS 58 tf(78)( ) drying yard, garage with i Vi :bath.A bath on large lot carport awn '60 STUDEB4KER Lark 2-
: and heating. Unfurnished or fur. L tl.. 1 very beautiful home $29,500.00. ings and fireplace nicely furnished WANTED TO BUY. House on D, 6 eyL Straight stick. Ales.

: ..| ,., nished.,Adults pnly References re :TRUSSES* elastic stockings: Excellent terms. Roland G. Lueder $8,500. Dial 287-0070, or aft- the water Canal or river, NO con-t New aylon tires. Extra
Continental .
To Place. Your FAST SELLING- Building to be nforoccup FOR Sale: 1958 Lincoln Airconditioned knee pads, anklets etc. Stuart Realtor, 729 Colorado Ave., er 6 p.m. 287-2102. tf ((90)) REALTORS. Call AT 7-6181 aft- clean. Vas $895. now $695
n 15. Contact Hardtop. tf (78)) Stuart. 7-16 ((90)) 7-23 ((96))
y August Drug Corp. er 3:00: p.m. month.
Car in 40 Acres with 300' Route $95 down' $34 per
LOW COST WANT-AD Owner. 287-1197, or 55 E SemInole full power equipped. approx.
mint condition. See at Jimmy's Whitd CANAL lot off St. Lucie. Lot No. 1 frontage. High land and very *
Street, Stuart. tf ((35)) ,SEWING Machine, Zig/ag Israel it turning ancient ruins *
Colonial Station North of Stuart Due to divorce I have a like 5, Harbor Estates, 100x125. usable $50,000.00( with t f 29%
NEWS WANT ADS FIVE room apartment completely on U. S. No. 1 1. or call 287-1550 new 1964 automatic zigzag that Best offer over $2,500. Lou Bock- down. Roland G. Lueder, Real- into living towns. The tenth city '59 FORD 4-D Country

furnished. Second floor. 700 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. 6-25(58)( ) does everything, doc all fancy ert 4940 N. E 27 Terr., Pompano tor, 729 Colorado Ave., Stuart. in forty centuries to stand on the .Wacori, email V-8. 2-barrel

RATE: Five cent* per average South Federal Hwy. 287-3)25 or ... ,.A_ l.1114.1t!!! I 1111111 II II Hitches, buttonholes, sews on buttons Beach. Fla. 399-0204 tf(90)) 7-16 ((90)--) tame site i is rising at And anda carb. CrubM-a-matlc. RAH.
word, minimum charge inser- 287-1297. tf ((35))
tion $1.00 (for up to per twenty BOATS) SERVICES 63 and many more things. Please CHOICE Sea FIVE acres with, house Small co-operative farm village adjoins Fac.Mitr. Beautiful all-white,

average words). Words hi' ALL ATTRACTIVE ettlclency cottage. -AlIi .u t u J I .".,." '....ss.+slBrv.. take up payments at $A per month. 110 ft. LOT'waterfront Gate Call Harbor.AT 7- down payment and take over the rums!! of En-gedi on the Dead blue hterior. Extra Extra
CAPITAL LETTERS, first Rio. Pleasant location within Very small halanceCull HO 4. mortgage. Writs G. Mimes Gen Sea. nice Wa $1095. now $895.
I except easy distance of dock facilities. AUTHORIZED Johnson Dealer 3601. 7-30 ((78)) 6377 7-2) ((90)) (Jet, Stuart Fla. tf ((90)) ''. ,
words each. _
count two
I 'v word as Complete Sales, Service, Parts. *
Reasonable year-round rates. Call \\000. .l..J.-L1 _A j '" _
DEEP water dock close to the I .. JII..IiII'IJ. J L w'
Used BAHAMA Terrace 2 bed
White space above or clow or AT 7-258) after 5 p.m. or write Good selection of dependable .Cozy
I Wanted lo Buy (Mfcc.) 81.1.JLiAlll. Inlet. This water access homeis Miscellaneous 171 '60 FORD 4D WAGON.r.tOllGll'lY .
within ad will be charged as the B. J. .Abbott, Star Route Jensen Motors. Expert FactoryTrainedMechanic. room 1 bath tile roof, compact For Sale
amber: of words (five) that couldbe Beach, Fla. tf ((35)) CAA RIO BOAT A .I J1IIlJIhlWANT custom built CBS 2 bedrooms, kitchen eating. .porch{ ,., circular _,A' J ......, I 6l. Fordomatic.
I printed in the blank ainel or MOTOR SALES. Inc. 440 Rt 707 2 baths, BASEMENT, central drive Only 5)3,9(10) ( approximately R&ll.( New light green finkh. -
25 cents per line. "; ." COTTAGE for rent. Clean and (In _Jo. AT 7-0944 tf ((63)) the best price for your heat, Florida room alum. awnIngs $1,950 I"a.In,1' |plnv"r 'Chrome luggage rack.
"Display Classified" rates on comfortable. $15 a wet Call car? Call( Jack Bruiel at 287- ,ix.larrofa g Priced at mortgage M. P. Nelson, Realtor WE'VE GOT TiltCASA with
application. 287-0902 after 6 o'clock. tf ((35) OUTBOARD MOTORS REPAIR. 1214. Merkle Mbtors. lni:. tf ((81)) ( G. Lueder, 325 E. Ocean Blvd., .287-J36h Big car little car economy

4 ED We have parts for all ..L.-1I Realtor, 729 Colorado. Ave., Stuart 7-16 ((90)) w RY Was $1095. now $895.

These. are cash fates, for 'ads RIVERFRONT borne With pool popular makes Can test your coil Real Estate For Sale 90 7-16 ((90)) *
mailetitb) .The Stuart for 'rent. Furnished or unfurnished and condenser Ulmer Motors Dial $100. DOWNI|! Government acquired -
News brought with or payment. If you are a Call 287-0948.) tf (35) AT 7-3353. Your Friendly Dodge iMioII In" I a FOR Sale by Owner: 4' 100 ft waterfront homes 2 bedroom and' RIO 58 CHEVROLET 2D WAG-

Stuart News mail subscriber j or are Dealer. tf ((63)) FOR Sale: Duplex south of Stu lots. Hifh and dry. 3 bedroom, Port St. Lucie. C. L. ON. Small V-8. 2-barrel each
PLEASANT bedroom
one cottage art. Fully furnished room for Sacrifice at $29 a foot. AT 7- Smith Broker, 203 Angle Road I BOAT & MOTOR SALES. Inc.
listed In the Stuart telephone directorY St. stick. Original) me-
distance green
for Within
rent. walking
place ad by tele FOR SALE: Complete I line I of expansion.. $10,500.: Call. AT 7- 2595. tf (90)) Fort Pierce. HO 4-1209 Eve. 140 Route TOT 'lUll AT rats tank orfe. 2-tone In
you can your of all stores Alto: Aparti"cnt gray
flings and Sundays, HO tr iti)
Marine Marine Paints, 1930. tf ((90)
Supplies, )
phone. Dial Atlantic 7-1550 and I in Port Scwatl. Call AT 7- LIVE on Stuart's. "Miami Beach."' 8.6 ((90)) tenor Heater. No rust Extra
lay "I want to placE A want-ad." 5892. tf ((35) Marine Hardware-everything for Hutchinson Island hnmpait. ** rake $695., $95 down,
four boat Wtuticar Boat Works, DOCK your boat at your front $ O :OO"-.n d--- ;. J III lI u...... ,.....
r NICELY furnished 3-room all electric Port SewalL tf ((63) door bulkheadcd! waterfront. apartment sites $,)" per Month.
$5000.00. Roland G. Lueder. Real- FOR SALE 190
CBS 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with
mall address duplex apartment Adults tor, 729 Colorado Ave., Stuart. *
Oive as )pi
your FOR Sale 18' Fiber- screened facing __
only. No pets." Call 287-5363. tf)5)( ) : Vanguard patio; water. Deep L --
well as your telephone number alas boat 'with 50 h.p. Johnson protected water. Natural fireplace 7-16 ((90)) '57 BUCK RoadmaKter 4D

in your want- .d/The Stu IN Stuart Merest from school. Motor'all lines, anchor., etc. $800. In family ,room Gas heat elcc. FOUR bedroom waterfront home. lIT. PSBW&S. RAIL Orlg.
art News baa hundreds of One bedroom, bath kitchen, Call 287-5538. 7-16 ((63)) kitchen equipment including dishwasher ,Will trade for vacant land. Write No rust. Extra
out-of-state subscribers who living and dinette. Newly painted ---- Carport and utility room Box 23, Stuart Fla. tf IC. jet.attacllfeauty.
: ((90))
down $34
B. ARBOGASTUALTOR sUce. $595.. no ,
are your best possible prospects and tile floors. Furnished281- 16' Lapstrake Bout built in Den- $26,50000. Roland G. Lueder, .
for real estate sales and 5055. tf ()5)) mark with VV .mahogany) 35 Realtor 729 Colorado ,Ave, Stu PEACEFUL, beautiful living In per Jft tltft.
rentals boats help wanted h.p. engine just rebuilt No leaks, art. 7-16(90)( ) this lovely hone WATERFRONT ',* *
gardening trailers, and serv ROOMS for rent in private home. dry rot or corrosion. Top condi BULKHEADED CBS ESTABLISHED 1923
ices. 619 I East 5th St., Stuart tf ((33)) tion. $350. 5464321. 7-23 ((63)) SALERNO Area. 1.2.miles"West FURNISHED 2 bedroom 1V4 '59 RAMBLER Ambassador

TWO bedroom unfurnished Apt., a.: from U. S. No. I I. Salerno road hath home. Central heat. Fireplacein 252 Osceoln.Avenue, Stuart AT 7.0440 4-D lir. PSAB. Automatic.2T .
to Smith road, then 14, mile North living room. De lust kitchen. and white. Was
Osceola & Cortex In Stuart 3 TRAILERS A SERVICES 68
to Darling road. Signs. on prop Beautiful landscaping The houseis PROFESSIONAL EXCHANGE BUILDP"3 II
REGULAR CLASSIFICATIONS! blocks from sclto ols. $79 per mo. $69'.. now $495. No down
1IMI erty. 10 acres $6,5K( Excellent so clean and pleasant it Is a
W. H. 287-4880 287-
(Numbers over 100 refer to display 1696. Wagner, or tf ((35)) FOR Sale: 25' 1954 Silver Clipper terms Kenneth P Foster, Inc, pleasure to show. Boat, motor Our Best Buy $28 per month
classified ads, which appear aluminum house trailer. Very I Realtor, 2309 North ,Dixie, West I and trailer included too. Garage i I *
after the end of the smaller ads, in FOR Rent: 2 bedroom house, semi-: good condition. Best offer. Telephone Piilm Beach TE 3-3607. 7.20(90)( ) and workshop attached to house
numerical order. Be sura to look furnished. First and Madison AT 1.2237. tf ((68)) i S23. OOO.(), ) Roland G. Lueder, Over 1,000 Feet Creek FrontageON : '53 SUNBEAM 4D 4-.peed.
,\ In both places) Streets Coral Gardens. $80 month. ----- ---- _.-__ 1 I Realtor 729 Colorado Ave.. Stu All tan leather interior OrIa.bllkk .

1 FOR 'RENT 35-US Includes lawn carp Jupiter: 746- FOR Sale: Camping trailer Deul. FOR RENT 135 art. ..... 1-((6 ((90)) ,, THE SOUTH FORK J!e(- .beauty. Extra extra
I 733) tf cr's demonstrator 1 only, Dealer pM *:- -- J
(05)) mm ee.wRwammxx nwvr -r.:: .' Only $495. No
mm: f "Sawswm riot srwFOR
FOR RENT OR SALK 38138I cost, save 25%, Camp stove St. Lucie River I down $21 month.
I ,
I TWO bedroom furnished RENT 135 per
WANTED TO RENT 40-140 cottage free. Call 2875538. 706 ((68))
\ HELP WANTED '+ 43-143 Palm City. $65 per month. Call ---- ----------- ws. ....-* mssx.,,wt.rt rED -- 4Y2 ACRES
287-1685 or 287-5569. tf ()5)) SPACE FOR RENT New smsll r J Like new inside and out-
Employment Wanted 48-148 mobile park for adults. Plannedand ONLY $6,500. ONLY .56 CADILLAC Sedan deVine. -
I Bunion Opportunities 50-150LOSf ONE bedroom furnished cottage, built to accommodate large GEWATERAPARTMENTS 4-D HT. Power
river. With
& FOUND 53-153 facing carport $55 mobile homes including the newest
Best seats. windows, brakes
plus utilities.. Call AT 7-2137. 12 wide all-clectrlc. All utilities I Our Buy
I SCHOOLS 54-154 '-16 ((35)TWO ) underground. Patio slabs 30' steering, ti aerUd. Original)
SPECIAL NOTICES 55-155 :2-T pink and white. Orig.
and 40'. Individual electric meters.
bedroom furnished house
ON 2-T black & white Interior.
USED CARS 58-158
I NEW CARS 60-160 Very with clean.carporie.Reasonable.Large Call closets.287- Rates $20 water.and Boat$25 per dockage month available including TIlE ST. LUCIE HOMES *.* LlktMicw, tires. Only $695.

BOATS SERVICES 63-163 0768, if no answer call 2874806.tf nearby Located at 5th and! $95 down $34 per month.

TRAILERS: SERVICES 68-168 ((35)) lincoln Port Salerno Tel. 287- ATLANTIC COURTAPARTMENTS One- and two-room efficiencies.
6385. 7-16 ((68)) HOW ABOUT THISt Beautiful St. Lucle Riverfront Lot '56 LINCOLN Premier 4-D.

i Service Offered SERVICES If"t171' TWO newly! decorated fully furnished .. AlA 1 r Spacious shaded grounds- 100' x 680' with good CBS Two Bedroom Two Bath Furnished Full power. RAIL Fact-air..

PLANTS 75-175 apartments.. One I-bed ServlcM Offend Misc. 71 Parking Lot. Boat Dock. Home Den Fireplace Hurricane Awnings Air Conditioned Beautiful" white. Was $695
For Sale Miscellaneous 78-178 room), one 2-bedronm, Port Salerno na BAST OCRAff' BOOT.BYAIIDSTVAHT Shuffleboard TV and Total $27,500. $495. No $24
Wanted To Buy (l\IlIie.r) 81-181 close to stores. No small .. .__..___m ""j I "tAN FLORIDA Lounge now down per
children. Call( 287-0412 I 7-30(35)( ) 80callKIDilPlItCI APARTMBirraBOOMS month..
Week Month

Real Estate For Sale 90-190 IIIIILI.<:L. -L1 JJIIiII ice. Cleaning and repairing Also IJOI'RTt 624 ST. lUCIE CRESCENT -with approximately 400 ft. St. Luck Riverfront 6 Rental Nicest Mywhere '56
FOR RENT SALE 38 drain fields and re-laid. < '
; Real Ektate Wanted., '6196I .TV LOI1GR STUAR'r, FLORIDA Unit! 30' x 50' Waterfront Restaurant ftwH.. Motors CADILLAC Coupe de
Dial AT7.o6.51-1.9862.1(71)( )
I { .. n .I ... --- 1a.atattes.wsl S. Twelr Telephone 287-9812 Tackle Appraised Value $90,000 For Sale for $"9,500. Vila PSVtBXS. Goddess
.. nllllln 'It", NEW unfurnished 2 bedroom 2 WHEEL ALIGNMENT and TIRE W. T. FACET F. E. WOOD Manager No Closing Cab r CokL Orfe. :2-T Black and
FOR RENT 35 bath house near St. Luck In
BALANCING with Bear Equipment tf (ill) white htsrr. Really clean.!
I I let. Central air-conditioning pier, mt AT T.OTM v rust I
JA..A1.: JII by trained mechanic r pay NORTH RIVER SHORES BEAUTY'd Acre Immaculate $69' $95 down, $34 per
; b.r ----
$150 I year around. Phone Boynton for Itself in tire wear We the .... on ... ,'........
Yard Cifctom Built Two Bedroom Two month.
Outstanding Balk
FOR RENT' bedroom furnished Beach 7)2-344) or write R. Skill. equipment and men. Your friendly
house on Indian River, Sewalls man, Box, 2287; Delray Beach. Dodge dealer. ULMER MOTORS EXPECTING COMPANY Home Completely Furnished, Truly a fine home for

Point. Yearly $123 per month. tf (08)HELP ) or Dial AT 7-3355. tf (71)WISCONSIN WONDER WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO BED TIIF.M DOWN ONLY $21,500. '5$ LINCOLN ,"IDler0

;.Call 2872197. tf ((35)) L I .... I Call u aid stop worrying! Reasonable ratra and an atmosphere IrT. Fill lower. RAIL Bean
43 I Bngga Straiten, dirt all ...IIt. Real leather
FURNISHED apartments on river WANTED that will surpaM all but your own .
Clinton and Lauson AIR
red'ssd. white Interior. Was
3 rooms and efficiencies TV COOLED ENGINES la stock and\ CALL MARIE KIRK, MANAGERNow See NORTH RIVER SHORES
and dock privileges. Driftwood $695. MO* $495. No down,
Motel 443 North Ipdian River HELP Wanted Male: Setup men parts and men who know how to Available for Your Sleeping Comfort! NORTH RIVER FOREST $24 per month.
be with sat them. ULMER MOTORS
must experienced
Drive. Jensen Beach. >T 72237. ling up hand turret lathOInspec. repair-or"Dial AT 7-3333. Your Friendly Niagara Cvclo-Mansage Uaha la Our Beds. RIVER RIDGESTUARTS *

If ((35)) tors, must! be experienced with all I Dodge Dealer. tf ((71)) LEADING WATERFRONT COMMUNTTIEJ
Southwind Motel '56 OLDS M 2 D i1F.PSAB.
ATTRACTIVE efficiency apart. types of precision i gauging andcalibration -
instruments. HELP TERRAZZO THe and Marble Attonutto! RAIL 2-T BronzeA
ment. Ground floor Near bank, I
schools: and park. Call AT 72693. WANTED, FEMAI.E Machine W. H. Wagner Co. AT 74880or US. NO. 1- STUART TELEPHONE 2870773tf ...hIt-. Really clew. Was

tf (3.5)( ) operators and assembly' workers AT 7-1696. tf ((71) tun t-SI tint $195. now $395. No down,

experience desirable. Excellent $14 per ....tJa.
TWO bedroom furnished apart- working conditions equal opportunities CONTRACTORS equipment for --
mess for rent in rNorth River 40 hour work week, paid rent or sale. Water pumps, concrete II -i\ *
Shores. $125 I month!* year around. vacation and holidays complete mixeR, air compressors. sandblasters .
Call 2873547. -* U (33)) insurance .program other fringe Gunite equipment air.I C. o. '56 OLDS 98 Convertible.PS8WAS. .
benefits; For application phone I tools,,. vibrators hone, block and I -O II .. RAIL New white
45. by the month rent. No kids 287.5002 or write P. O. Boa 1198. tackle, and miscellaneous items top. new ....... Blue fl.-
pets, kinfolks 0 r foolishhess. Stuart. Da. 7-16 ((43)) 287-(420.( If no answer, call 2870743. fcfe, Wn $595, now $395.

.Clow-in, tile nicely bath, screen furnished porch apartment utilities I.. A .7-16 ((11)) | RESIDENTIAL I I ACREAGE I I INCOME I Ne down, $24 per _....

and garbage service included. Emptoyraeal Wanted 48 WE Specialize: Window and screen *

Inquire The Seven C',. Grocery !r in L.I repair Glass I replacement parts 1. WATERFRONT HOME In lovely FortSewail. k 1. FISHING CAIP-en Soatti Fork St. '
Store. North laned U. S. No. 1 REFINED middle-aged lady desires and service Custom work Aluminum .. } Bedroom, 2 Both Ita Mutter Special Lack River 6 Rental Uate Restaurant S3 rONTIAC Shad 2-D
and North 20th St.. North Stuart. extrusions.' Builders W..... PUB. RAIL AnteBulk. -
work as a housekeeper and Supply Vale. whtr. all rooms command a* **- I. 75 8 ACRES Prime Land with. .Oas of Motor sod Boat ReiteU .
tf (05)WMADS ) Service live AT 1.2148, 8-6 ((7U l) Al white Extra ales
companion. Writq Box V, c/o .. tkbif. view of the St. Inch River. The Waterfront on the Son* Fort of .HMSt Frontage River and SoL 76. Priest
ea Was $491. now $295. No
Stuart News. 7.16 ((48)) HAVE small Bulldozer Tractor, ( Ml -house quarters are like she attractive Lack River Locate ..Iy 4 mOt 4900000. 40 Mower and Disc. Will Clear lots, with 2 Bedroom*, Bash. sad Uvlnt from Dowatowa Stuart ExrtUrat totntmrnl -

Busueoi. Opportunities 50 cut trees. Fence posts and pilings Room The properly kt choice and branllfdBy a4 1500.00 per ..... 2. TWO BUILDINGS!\ OB Colorado Ave *

Ai U J .bIIa for isle Lawton Wall. Phone AT !! hmdwapcd 200 let eachnwd 'cuss. OM 3S 30 Divided rcfe 15 BUiOC UMe
i | SnecU 2-
71401. tf (71)( imdirgyouad .......1LIIn1. ceatralheaita 2. 326 ACRES ON .... rout to Taraftte
GOOD) going business. Ideal for pras and. Ot-off Route .ts ImUaaAvrrnw sheet td One 3f x 50 fa rear b divided. D Iff. OJ"""'. RAIL Al
I. DOTHEJCB! couple. dross' 00-$250| per UII awl air condtthwliic. sa.'Y proposed bio while.. A .... Wan $49,
to U.S. t. tint for howfeg dtutopmtat > three attractive office rsorne aU
Full .
$200 week. appoIDIaeal1.
day Keep per PLANTS A SERVICES; 73 now 12'" N* down, 81.
.t.tI price $7,000.Includes all equipment Pries UOt, per acr*. Mikes sound proofed awl wired for air prreMMkv
11I111. In 2. SEW AUS POINT HOME 7 Rooms .
N 0 phone information' esdkk.Lg.. Priest $)5..0...00.3.COMMFRCUL .
please M. P. Nelson, Realtor' PLANTS Sprinkler systems, fe an lift Bath. 3 Bedrooms Dmht 3. 535 ACRES totaled betwtM S.R. It
I 325 E Ocean Blvd 7.19(50)( ) landscaping, sod. Fastest growing Room, Modem kitchen ...*..... hat ..4Mr and U.s. I. rvVed low for quirk ..... BUILDING wt East

; nursery in Martin Count. Pelican teII4......... frtet $U3 GO. "III $375.00 pr sate. OcetM Bovkrard. Berf toeatto ki StartS CARRINGTONCAR
FOR Sale Well established beauty
::1 salon. Nursery, 14'1ap Road (V76AI, ret *. reliable stmmi. Rectal Matte: ) G.*d retar e* .lave*.
Must sacrifice\ for reasonsof 4. 9 Sort US. t .kh
Palm City AT 7-191S. tf ) ACRE TRACT M .
:1f __ J75) -.. Price $.J, *0.0..
health. Phone AT or LOVELY
f 11ntEE QUALITY limns C--IIH'd.II-r-...* Small .ble-7
after S p.ncall AT 73086. COCOS PLUMOSA PALMS 3 ht Port Sewed m $50,000 brocket Maws room bow, 300 .Ma.t. Trw. Meet 4. OFFICE A.ND UGIIT MVNLFACTtRING CO.
i : 7.16 ((50)) ft. $1.00 each. Flame Passion. by appotatoeat omfy. $$30.b4.00.. For Re \
I n J __..a Stepbonotis Vines Powder Puff atINPUNTOWN

SPECIAL NOTICES 55 BiXtlebruih. Citrus Lychee. Mango RD.1XTTTE .

: 'I t; Dial 1 ATlantic- 71550V t... lJ Jabouticaba Peach ,,. Macadamia Avocado: Ceylon Nut SOS COLORADO AYENUB:: Pint DORLON BOB SIMMONS DIAL ATtettk 7-2K1 ; *. Nose 746-1772

j f : and ask for the WANT the best price for tow ear? trees Pineapples Raspberry, STUART. FLOIUDA ASSOOATES MZMBUt MLS i ir Oy. em Satndayi
Call Jack Bruiel at 217-1114.1 Strawberry. Ouava, VISIT! Enders r-It canI
f ,"' Want Ad TakccCc Merkto. Motors lea, ( Nursery. whIIaClly. 7-30(71)) -

h '(! '


\ .'

,;', JIe'" .. --- .. .. _. ........... ._ .._ .- _A. ......... -- ._
- -.---........... ---- ---- -

rn-.w -. '
* - -


.. ...
s. ..
< wv : -- TIlE STUART (OlorMa) NEWS

TRAILERS .'SERVICES 168 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 190 Woman Facing l'f 16" l!, '.8

r PALM !!ii.f RIO NEWS


Looking for a MRS. C. B. UEASLEY Coach Bob Collins hilt been

THINK New Home r Murder Charge Correspondent giaat*! Wave to attixnl coachea'

AT 7-OM7 clinic at C o.sville Jvty) 39-Aug.

RALPH HARTMAN JR. Look at Pulpit Committee's GuestIs A Not degree murder charge I, 504 TOlD Qook Mttwibt.xJent.wi .

hot beta tiled& agaurt DorethuKh granted leave to atnd a

Heights United Church Preacher When You Think Legion I the Kill shooting o( Seiwt Bunch AUi '1-14.

I thwyOkjveii! II hkt of GOMWS, ear- Will Meet ThursdayThe --- ..v.'TiTIIM -
REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE IX JENSfN BEACH; The Rev H4reMcF tN pulpu ol"mitlOO.r. h for ly Saturday. LIoU' n"UT.

new "tpiriuul teaikr foe th* churvbBVPflST ; Women' Missionary Soci tUiE'4: iil""
Brighton III. will K- the invited! Sheriff, Roy C. Baker repi.rtedDoretha 4 5 lb .51w JJ twist .
110 E, OSCEOLA AVE. STUART AT 7-WOO SAM RHODES gueM. preacher at the United i admitted thooimg" Bunch ty 01 KM lUptmt Chunk, will bold 'I.t S'I.uHiult
7,U (ISO' CHAPEL NEWSInlwnwJiaH in monthly mwfeng at the church t tlTK
Church of Christ <( onurtgaltonal) after a night of fijll"" .. cia'I
CONSTRUCTION, INC. GfrU Claua I anJ on hurlay. July 16 at 7:30: pita I:J ''ftl.AtD alaS. ktiwS I
\ '
:J : July 19 and ib The shooting occurred! in I the us tlU' 'r.'OU.ARhi 11.ml".
II, under the ol MriDoru .
-- -- - turxsrvuKio Negro section ot (lomec
-- ---
DIAL 287-1710 It is 'tIlieIC'thOl.' member in a PERSONALS
and fricmN of the church give him Van Tuinen and 1.11'1. France house \near AI I A. Baker Mid A Hit"'q -. 'itr.t ;

Phil Baker, Sale Manager a responsive and interested! hear i ( ro\e. howled at Coral. Garden 21 target pistol was found it the Mr. and Mn. Henry Hmst ".1J. e'tiwsst'roiua In": TO ..f L. '..I,tit,,,

WaterfrontHomesAcreage -II (ISO) ing. He i Is here in "connection .ith lane* Saturday. This Was a Class ICC'IIO.Bunch.. and diiughicr Amy of Rio Bouvard a lurl J,. t:...MU".l 'I'i', k ki.,; ,11 st.r '::'

outing projec"InlernlNiato entertained friend July 4 ..
a caretaker and Dor- V. r.bii..I.6( "iii! :
,, :
GAs are mectin), etha'l common law hushand. wa with a cookiMit GueMt were Mr. II" .d 1& rm.tiav "'I"" .10'

for the summer at I 1)0: p.m. every) pronounced deail on arrival at and Mrs. Bill Davis and diiut :::. d 11 M"'t.1" Mr'.. .rlll:

Like New 2 Years Old Air Condi. Ihurvluy at the horn of .In. Martin Memorial 1 lloKpital about7am. I : hrs Bessie! anti Hmor Glen, .f t'nknly: JV I l t r: ii' i ':"'.nit, :
I'l rldi |ii ihi> nnirtn mW i xtur
tioned 2 Bedroom Florida Room CBS- France Grata on FleNtnth Street ., but later mpondotl' K> itt@ntjve Jensen Heath and Mr. and MJamc ... "" | ..>.......*. ,. %4kJ. Sit. >.ilfnlnrm .
Junior GAs iiiect ai,( 119 II\1IIC< blood' transfusion. He finally Daniel and children. San4y ...lth< (TrAm 'it..' diilo." " .
Completely furnished South Jensen I Tome tune at the /honie of Mrs AIM died ahoul' HHQ: am.Rutfe and Jenny of \\hite City. In t the rlittn" or''''lImon.I\I"'; of this \iiaiki.. 111..1"Es.: "Ii

Yinglmg Second Stl'fft.) Jcnkinv vha reported the evening they attended the firwork Ink cid mum 01&1' LII4I plM ..rffltrnrt
near Indian River. Nicely landscaped lot. thooliag to the nhviifft office, display al I ho Jensen Bcao n( ilr' chilquMt nnl t'.twrl..i'Md i mu.| 'h',' #"inIQ
PERSONALS: wij that Bunch and hit common "Came ay I* I li* ........1. Ml *|..ni, M In.
First time offered $13,000.00. Excellent .l<*n J, or II wilt "' "'"'" > t'lli
Lieutenant Colonel Elmo! Mattox law ,wife had fought' throughout Mn. M..y DiN\iit ha* retur .. ,.*" < to IftWTini .
Jr. RrlC'tvlia graduating the light. I after several Ikl* lllk lag of Jiilt.
terms Army ed home "upending !
from .Stuff and Command Doretha also ha* a record at y r-urronn A. cAMrnroxIbwrula ( .
r -- day at the home of Mr. and Mn
4L ; r r the Jail under, the nam of Dor- of UM B i 'I'i ,"(
It : .
School Fort Lcavcnwertli, ;aM. W. Miller of rrwtproof She alto * HA'fe P>. "ftV
cUts Bunch including nrreMi for
friend Lakeland 101I..o /II. M'tlvrAMr
viiited at
"Service Means So Much" HOYT C. MURPHY Realtor Mr. and Mrv George I lay'*, Miami vuikhng a knife and ral<'r. and "h.'n Cr Sii.Suit.ipat's

went the weekerki. With Mn for fighting. Mn Sue Dryden rm* I'tlurnQd '1' t .v*, *.\\<>na.

Limo M..lloSr.., Hid. w*y hlcv to her home on Rio Boulevat II II' 'lorlt1.

'LOCKHART REALTY I AlA, Jensen Beach AT 7.3340to (*555 and alx viMtcJ Mr. Matto who Sttmmer Carnival; / after spending" sit week at Aflo". P0't"t'lt' July l i'sihs.ii..s(l" U. .HjMllvrruln ,,1 July. to... 1,44 t"4

I U a patient nt MartiriYour M.n"lfi' N. Y.Mr..
11 __ ___ __ ___ __ tI'pilal.! At. S CiVfc Center ) or; stivt.is'r$ .i t tv
and Mr. Gerald \\ ilkemonare ii. 1 1 )IM 4.5111'r;
SEW LLS POINT AT 7-1777 Jttle Divie ) 1"rl'J fy STITlaicuiN
,." .cu.( I correswfklcnt and hclcrandioii In [ I the proud parent of a son l.tlN II"
?ONLY :1O CENTS? Rocky$ I-arijisUvi. upcnt Kevin Henry born 1 nt a I:ort Picnic : 4T'tL.l: .
I The "NiHTtNsr Two Choir" of plaIsluir"
--- -- i fast vek i in Miami wild. relativei.hilc "hospital., Mother and aon art now ... I
\\ there. another f/andton" Mount Calvary liuplist Chuixh at homo on Wright Road. .*11:1': .IIA.V*:
Would you pay !.; or II rent*! a square foot for property on Mlrcla Allen Ferguson received] wont thai will sponsor "A Big Summer {'arsinai" 'V*"',"" J JHr
virtu ar WrU r fit""'-
) allto Ott VS. N... 1 c..... to aew detrUtpnunlx he hat "been accepted by ()b.e order on Friday and Saturday, Paul It;huff hoe returned! front lion li| pir .... July .17-18, 5 t |mla Dixie Civic Oh. whore hi vimted hit is ,iii I I suit <>rHm
Akron us '
pf he
One Parcel; 17? i 600 SIOOIlIl.-l'e/1l\lo()( / or( ) I .: ,: lljt1rl..r.1\' IPNd Cteavrr'
GOOIT'YfAnJOB Aaothen 660 x 600' $4Z. tMJ.-1 em*. Atonement helter l kntvwti! the Center. ..irel'an..! friend for ten dayiMr \ ,)