tloiiH III"n lI.h''I..11') rxpooltiiin at nh lhotnornhig o'f May' 1 the| Anier* Jon. )I ivna,, silopted" by the tjougreas and apprpvedfuly plOy mny !loa enllnd upon to Rot ''" ,
and for gojul.) If th.'I"' I"lill Time ilf Iho'mHolves were bits seat. : .
maud prdreodi
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the vltfwn Ihrrolu ."l'r..1( illMclniHil myUM IrAtl force enterrd. Munllil "buy and I after It 'As tIme srbp"of reVent Inquiry einhrseed I. T. I MM. I thereupon directed. U.. COgned.\ ) Wn.UAll WfKlNI.KT. C
.. of thrcsrpii| Knivily of hue "!IU'I': I tow hours ciiK.'iKPiiiPiil, efTvcled the. total) .thoi hole smtl.Jovtwitis tha-atMii of making 1111.1 Stalef'-stanmer' I'hllailelphla lo ttlipr way they may return aualu. to l he Executive, Mansion..Deo. a11111S. dull,-nil interest'centering in the reading The occasion wa a vary happy' oey
fori. ii .plans and) fur a canal' by Jho mONt followed, IT another Imjid IM.'O rssissumtisemauoIberinteeoutl of the president's message./ Jfr Bryan left in the afternoon for '
_, -*- .U>M ruction ot ilierijint;)! ) /I..t.I.on i surveys .otm try Hear Admiral Miller to I Honolulu .
I..UI"1f anlilo n. loKliTTIIy mifotinilej orpmcllunlly I 1111.1- b muri

nOrlHitMv." the m-ouiiitlon oftho1nil Kl.|pii <'ititi.rliiK| t lie imvul' HiltS Ion nud. furl review of the rrsiilts-of previous surveys .(UI yetto l l..d.\I..1| l to tIme tired d.." ii noiilnlerest. )besrliig.dclitr1Th nmJo'ln, T ,OaVn NORTANNER. INDICTED.ClranU -'lurouftu (lie' long docuiiieut," buf the '
tbolinllef .
| "ppnili-nrg, of 'eIl4.t'lIIrIl11"'r. I'lit r.tvilp, ;;'(linn'annihilalln the. Spanish, and plans 1111.1.) pirtlcular those adopted. I eepubllaof Hawaii wllh whom s recoinnieidrtlon| | wise law?wouMluaure I Interest never (lagged. '- AFTER aCORtllA OOLO. 1, ,. ,? .

k'rnilon( to iMd'| the wril'lfy 1111110", ",' n rilonnl tinvnl |iow<,rln'lhe I'ai-lllu .nn and! completely hy 4 be Maritime ;anal! company under lIe I'' tile admiral. and the United Htates tbnt.urh provisions of Jury M-a-ku'Report I'nvui I (I- The piHuiilout's review of the causes

I oompmn'iloa, l>rtwi*<-ii t hut con1i! >*tnt I controlling' I ba Imy of Manila with existing concession from Nicaragua and{ '| were autborUed U make ajiproprlata a standard"."L Oegrea and, better time .i'uf.siyoC protect' our,tUb Katloii Virden.Rio". lea.ling to the war, the manner in Capitalists Secure YaluabtsPropertIes'..
,. iittrrvvnO 'In fnvvr, ( oneJurXliulliVr Costa, Hloo. sa thnt, to this extrnt those prrnent lip '
the ability tsa.ususp-Uo* vlty at arraoicemaut' for transferring tua litlandfl In Lumpkin County,
It is 'A dliipntch Iroll'aliuvUJe., III. bifh the arati for hostilities ,
'vciirfency from the .nlll"i--TO'wblclt ]>rp]> *>ns .
"nrt) [ mnl fnn'lbld .HIIPXHOII|| of Follow lir( the chmpreheimlve aohemectBcnrrnl grant nepeKsnrlly held aa essential parttil -- United tital This Wa simply ,
< Ito .IMI..I l l J oonclailofl (I wjin. hoinotlyliio atinck pontrftil force* were ni .. the delll>eratlmi* aud conclusion* 6f the loathe hut lmprealvly .compll.II.11 oa Ailf.I'J siihjpeled' $rOuui."..diturl>
lii.ln... condition the eou,'r,., made its formal! report to Judge Shir. land anti listened to J, O "ftosfeutbalr-of "Delaware. O,, ,
to our ,friendly rvliitlkim H 1141' :tin i eiiil hlllfl>l nt '.rln.. points bn our efrast to canal cammlHsUta as they bava held. and py chi rtallvary of a cartlfled ropy of sea were ,
tbnt hho Khouhl. liat liivvn a rrnnuintliltf.rlinura ., ,...II. ('uibut and I'urlo Hlc,.. ''Meanwhihlni muatneoda bold, In -the dlnruinloit 'of time.' thd reaolutlon to p.aI".D"DoI.'bo In .my judgment the present eondltlun. ley Thursday evening, .Thn grand with i-rfpt nltention. The other, pro- passed tliruugb. Columbus Hatnrclay( on

lo rrallx her rxiieciikUuiiii; of it<. tlrmonatral. WeFC adopted atpulntsr matter before congress. Under thess'i-lr- hereupon yielded lip to the Moreiwntatlve -. of Iho trranurr amply jtuutIils.s\ the Iniino.illatoeimeltnenl I' jury dealt pertinently with the affair I 1 visions, of thn, tnesssge were followed, route to ftablonegn, (la., where he'' '

fu III.J.o.whkkhuhndbuitss4rr'juu- t.erernbx ,,, J ,oiiiiotaoovs-aud lu. lotr-of- vrturua mad'j- of-thB-governtnent-of -th-Ui>IWHl pfthe srTmdi'-titc1r-n lrnlat.itIon' recointnei'duI --.iittt itA r.r 1111 ie *.a_,.hI"_to .."rtRib. ::with! almost a*' rouch interest. There will file 05deed 'covering the entire' -' ,

l luI ly C' m .utl e". 'Y..1I111C lIob.oI' Ilriive t<, the governments_ of Nicaragua for. and '....11 tb. ...Mtlnt.o'J th. '..bibproperty ion of liar duo gold jNrali)ho\ttnlt" ..0"1.11.! l p1aet Tint"t | returned true'I>ill. against i tbe priuoi-l | was no eifiFcSsuiir6f ajprt>vrT>r Tlls'npproval -- "liropertlesrjbf theTiabtoneg; (Gold'Mlrr '

Tho e inning ll".l..U..IIcl1t.lal.i month tr,6iisl4t little .111'1. .lot the Costa eiconos-s..iomijirouiicat..Lon 1\1 brother parties 'b" new ca-, of lIi.H.wall.a Islands.i'4mra4lssiL In u .IrtiHt fiind.. from which Kretnltiulut pal participani iu the tradegy o"T Ooj j: through time, i'e.mullng..Aasuuiu.a ing Company of that place. 'This
.L.rutlp -TlIlLl\l..It ynrtbrItl.4T.nionly ) 4o thJtcrtu ot-tha joint i-tao. tubet' 1liit. -at Virdou. purcbaaed by the -
-hui--mwdt.ronnut--'unsm--pu'eseustos4bou the reading cunclud property jn'as present.
ft r.uJudict..j
"fcub.i.thu Xo liiiialbla relief was.nffjrdp.1, thi "lnrl..f 'o.r fcoitntryifien.. billthewart1 anproaclilng, l lsp" 'q oont..t' lL.
vast ;iitimbera of ttiihnppy recv>upntrmloa lif TtthiiruTAm.. Tlnllle ilabt ot I"rltl.r."r (Of\1p"ny-wil1a.1ho.' uonntLJnezeecIse.oLLbsa.mtUorltythereby .. 1 directed ..- whpn once ...rr.utd sliduld noL'I hare luents, involving fifty-four perspns, 1 ed the TOCBKHRO.was-'-ordered print-ed, owner* frpuu CbrintiiinVabl, of Militvaukec '

.U"pi.* Iba reiivratcni profeaalonaninde Jnn..llJJ.I; *<- iiantj' ItohKnn...-aidedby states I bsVa not lie, lt"td. to axpixstjiiyconviction I beoI..lI.cooferretl judicial upon. and ni nitjltary) .altt-r |h. puid out except Mr Iotol,! .. were returned. and then, at /J0: o'clock p. m the oa the 23d of Xavemb'er, the .
that pow .
in that rrgied. Red|elM nioun\ Cpupropriateul evun drvoled. vultiutiMTs, blocked the oar that 'otj,.ldprstlons. or expedicliry .. ire ttmri-rtofin-e'excrcfel, '1 .by the onice i of ; 1 It in not to bttlnl..rtrd.hH'OIIl"I'.tl.... ; ,'i 'Against John ,H. Tanner governor Lhousu. .Jeai'.lisuib g -connummaled.aAs hiongo4.,,,, .
., urrmVy in not
liy that.oH: l ;ltv-l lu(( row outlet sit SnullitjcoJmrtiotV; by Mtnklqj| and International policy- l I..Lw..n .lime KOvernmetit(, >>t tho republic of hiiwuslisiou&isb -quired.Uoo relating to of Illinois,, there arothirpe, countn'forpalpable 5' the piircbsMe muuvT 14 not iaatod, ,
nd .f..l_.."....Uunrinlliy.. ,ininnnili.'in "h..IfII"t"M..rrln.A'UII! t h" fhn-nnel). nn/lc* .limo sevrrnl Interested lu the : 011 IOu contraryther 'au.OU" ; % '
of ilh '
,, govern insists ) oonnu to ba exercised l>y those vlou,. denmnd for it.'jy ,!. .! i-J') ,' omission of duty and malfeasj 4l,to tlio ii <"mt, some,|idea ox -'
h,1 I frlxhtfully. $tll"rf'H.!' .Wi( '* ITK< ::in.n'Tcu- II\Jrolii t Ih.J:> liora hntterlpRf, ,ir*. coiiKtructlon S' ",.II( control) of i au, Iniertocpanio.'tHiiHl ''p/1l""r. unlfl 1'0111""'"* shall provide a gov''rntueumt.fut .'J'h..I.JIII'Or'tllI' '"f:;":,llIfllln ilt j'h1)1'O..lon< [ .ofllce ;; Luktaav'gen" ,, igt' Isoit tent may bo secured from tlio'fuel' ; tba
t Ih'e iotinuitti "vnplnir with helri llres **\l> n. a nilrttrlf time : ,
!II / ) 1uyttimisrommt. require
;': '' RJhlIONdoeoul g : '
(lie Incorporated terrltoryj1liidjwt which will-insure to.our future money'' jeral I C"ol- the, Uhit'lgo.YirdenCJonl to* i i of t heflfy.iih thctowi4s'S,00t) ,'iutj-evciiud stamrmps.. ,
; h.egin1 tIsep-iociogsemiaion
th* death' .'"0111 the** <1i. rcsuuooopmdsIover hut falling Into of the Spanliiflii. innlnlainanca, of time status quo until the such oJIIr } (| .
to ,
411 Jier cent from the limn .' They were s'libseiiurntly, ; exchanueil.On canul ciiuinilsNlou, sl}all have reported ani! to my power ramov* ktamUrd, relatotl aa ouf-4uouay ataivdard compauy, i is ohargcd' with man j | ponprpHS the, chamber presented nccesxary upon (lie) instrument.7 TIslss'Is -
:<- and to fill! vaunnales. The prraldpiit : now is to that of oil r commercial rivals, is. laughter on 'two count. ., the largest amount >f revenne'
June i2'tle I ndvaiice the
.II..r..1 Wey ler a decree of Vecuncciu ritioji out Invading the United Stales-conirreK* shall have fiarl the a notable; ami) bpsutifnl appearance. -
r was enforced. army ainlcrMnjur rimers! Shiifter lirideil' 1111 Opportunity to 'pies finally upon the took and tao'troopaof oath of alleglnn-t republla thereupon Use- generally reeognlKod.domesthr. The\ companion In.the indictment agains ,bo.uermsor.'' thy 11 I o'clock tho, public and stamps ever purchased for a-Jmtlar

.Th war continued -on tba .*dd fnotliiKwltliont at l>tlfuiri, alxmt 15 miles efist of Hunti- whola mstter\vlUiout. ...prejudice- rev Culled State, thu" providing for the uii, proposition tbst our paper. onr. j I Tannerhalf a dor.en couiplsuunR witnesses private galleries'.were'flUe.d almost to purpose in the state"atid perhaps oust
. shall IHI krntsnfa mmii be | '
, .ubinprrhrnidva plUii..ilevelopliiK;'\ ago.' -.tlir Juljj I a ...r. buttle took place, noil, of' any change' jut the existing; eondljtlOQH. .Inu-rrupied, eontltuantnmf nil the adI1sin.! ramsey to tbo needa' of out Industrie., aora4atod intl1umts'rtiI -* testified Hint ,tlity vere in Urnidal I I their capacity with a dlslingniahetl assembliigp of the largest amounts, ever-r"iuired, ;

only the asm spnumadic fnconnteri*. fuir- our (forrea uninliii! f the oujvork at S.ntl'ttf. \ .- Ufrnllye and) municipal' fsmumcLiommui-ot-.We' ,' ioo".,. to l I" andrrspoivirve d and prevented from followiicg( ladies iu for a similar purpose' ; in the country. .
aa .dv'u. includiua many '
ron nfktrnteule result hint hut mark'eiltlnroumoof t'i the suecoitul Kl: Csuey and SuitJtan'Wtra All the** ciroiimsljinodF' .augvast tha'urgeury their iu
uutil legitimate' The question represent'
snnexedii territory congress allah Auili< needs.) I Is a proposition'Ncarcely employment by an brilliant attire. properties
tbq rarllrr ten ) earn relM'l- taken after a desperate cbarftn of.sbtna de IIII.',"10111 7 the eon- ''
othuerwhusecfl'SCI.l i\\ lens Important. The aulijuct' in artneil body of men ntun tiering ,000, j I On the floor of lust Henata tlmo display 4,071 acres of mineral land in, the"
lion, a* vell' ns tba. "present l iiisurrecliou'mm and,) the lovehtmeiit or the city complpttfd.On gresattbl* BMlon< !lt.lMllayar, of. thaast provision' ; F" -
Following further of the All Us p"rl.. "In com",nd.d to the who unlawfully an'd feloniously, assemblod flowers tieanti- immediate vicinity tit Pahlonegs, (be4'
tie start. No alternative siivo ohyscaLj the diy. following the ,.brilliantmjliieyedieiit ara to be ml1Iluted and the linking of of m an nnuanally ,
>jLha'uiUhn pf.liher,Con\liatant. ,iiiUlireulthnl | : of our land fOroe, JuliA cp.OiirrPil tha'Atlaatlo' and.) Pacific ocean by a practical '1 jint reaolutinn I appofnt Illlnnls.the John Hons.Sbelhv T.. oonsiileratlon' of the cor/l.r.. .1"1 j in ..Virden; that the governor. fnl, even fur (the opening day of a bet- bulk of which is gold Tunam-lng'It '

, Ilia j'rM.-liral ruin ">f ',litiMnnd the uteciutive buttle of the'war, Tho.Fpnnliti waterway. to be realised. That the M.of Alabama CalMm ,of"ltihert"H.< Hilt of Forms.Hal Standing AI''. '.' I hod been notified by $ilia sheriff of Maronpin -. Mien *of congress.. The -memorablesrenes -with a fiflO-acre tYacf of valuable' limnanesojlepos'its. -'' s-
ln# lu nluht., |iit how far distant noia fleetj 'attempting to leave tho const,uol Ion of such a, maritime highway Illliiol Morgan Knn font' 11. Hoi of .Hawaii and ,'- lTnder 'tint ac-t.:'of'''; r ; approved county that no;protection, Was enacted fn tTHi chamber during .:'t.

could-venturo td couj.' >cture. *lIIU harboe. .". met by the American squadron I Is now' more 'than ever Indispensable to Waiter "'. .'..of Hawaii asoonunlolon- April it*. 1WM authorlalne U..' president I|''- to pe had from the county and was. the last tension' and the inouientouji The deed -ff traoliljer'overil, In Wldi-1'! _
wgCiu] | lh>. 31.1;..'. un'lor comment! of Commodore Sampsnn' that li.tlm"'cl ready Intercommunication >r. to confer and recommend to eiKreur In his di.cecLIoft-s00ms n declaration of earnestly importuned for ustit "nasimsb.! events that have occurred since con Jioii to the landed interest, all the ini-1

At Ibis juncture on .Fb. 11. last ccurretl : In less than three hours all Ins between pnr eastern, and western seaI ruth, 'teKlatatlon onfernlng the HawaiianiHlanda war by congress, or .'drt-I"r.tJoa by eou- ance.' grens laat niljonrneJcrpate.d n feeling .provement thereon bnsiotin of ntvrt
, ttpnnlnh Khtp were dmtroyed. the two I oard1 demanded by tha. annexation of should deem or gross that war exists," directed the Increase Judge flied 'Governor"Tanner outnts.elevatoeV.atamp

the. denl r..clinn'o tlirf .bltl ttleHhlilaiae.'Whlle I a* they nocesutry Shirley of iattuse. expectancy 'on the part of morons mining }
\ torpedirlMMta being, sunk and the' Mario the U"'I"" I Und< aod tha pronpectivaexi of .time the maximum "* '
regular to
rlnlitfully lying. I ID Ihe.hilr- proper. ? arniy bond at JtSOrf- both the the members mills, 105 dies, stamps, buildinge.,5IQjyhors (
Teresn.'AlmlrantaUquemlo! Vlscayxr and ani4on* of ,oiiv Infliitnce and commerce upectatori'and
Tb commissioners having fulfilled tbe, of OS.IXX) authorlxed In said act. r
ior of Hnvaua on a niksion of Intertill'. Mileof.. artificial
. **' forty ,canala -
io an3 1II..IAlII Crbtobal Colon driven'ashore: The Span- In the Pact Bo aml.Uiat our nalllln.ll'o""" mission iton tided to them their work will 1'heraara now ln"tba- regular army A7.. "bnLe BeunteTT. *t ( '
"ll'oUII..y| good "' roilie Inb.ndinlral, and over 1.800 men were bikouprliKinirn now marl Imperatively tit au ev.r calls for The of the 'president's message railway track and rolling stock
the auspicious mil lire ahd. horror of hu laid before yJ>ll at an early""t.- It I* MM officers wnd men. Ia saId act It was M1STRIALINMG3I1Jury CASE. reading '
hll-h. the nation's. heart .while, the enemy's losa of lIfe it. control by this government are propositions believed that"m.Dd.Uoaa will provided. "that at the end 6f any war'"la ,was received *itU very careful and all he appliance and machinery'

HllrriMl; It 1.* a ktTlklng-e\ldence of I'mo..ndly thd- was deplorably 'large, somo 00) nrrlshlng. which I doifbt not tha fbagrv. have the earnest consideration due to the which the United% Htalea mil, become Involved Did Not' BeIlcj Testimony of Attention tor' an' hour, but after that natural ('a'an extensive mining inter1 '

MlM niid si urily ,.riise., .llslliignlali, 'ii Onour.Mdebut on. man"" ."wa" *"klUwl' and "will duly appreciate and wisely act upon.- magnltuda of the .." .tbillly resting tbe rniy aball b* reduced to II' < Sona of t'h* .WltnesM*. a the senators'drifted to the cloakroom*, *st. 5.. "' '- ... ,_,
og oilr, h.,.ul..h .tlo... serlonsly \ __. _.._I'he' 1'arlltlon. ot Clilnu.Tbe 'n pori"-you ToTglv** anb napa toth* rein- .peace baals. -by-Hi*-lrii fot the ihitvt i-- ANisw -wh r -iligy'aonld ,peruse (he' messageItilsiirn T4ie company w ae organlzedabuut i i'stoclr ,

.... :. liareaTanHpslu's be-tlt 1'Iatl11n .Uptsslil'1 ot tts4SdixidhnlaiAnda:1o'oniimonie _mJjP'15j-.ruI,., ..,,ti,.,. by ,. York '------ '-
oar ,1. jt"jhclr I in' Iliy piiiited
"r"l1 I. Unitfi Teb-itl-beelI--AdTh: uop.ies
elr."dy deeply' on tlio ocean virtually Colon .* will benefit both In the motion or bouorubla discharge under suchYegnlatlona jIlTy li, lb. Muo.. cubt.Y trsslheiu.gunable lisviuK bgeii' stiliBuribuil' iu udi
pouched- pl1n.'v..I. of, which had been furnished. '
? oMsed. The of different epactator they '
capitulation Santiagofoltowtud. the aspiration aa the ecr u i of war to were .discharged at ,
In CIhbnt' did not move tbeni. to nu nellialran..rl" In the Cbhies umpire highest degreerealising > may agree Therapitalizatiott i8u.OpO.OOO .
of' the ?
| TIme oocu''pied
v. ba its 'lot establish of ourhmtSHlotiedoDIoers 0 Recorder Ooff reading message
1".1 of community that cast supernuni rry J2f: > a.. in.,
-"" tlouperntoreolvota tolerate no of It. mnritlme and tho hoino.ofncoJs.jit ToledOj.withrn
'The occupation of Porto RIco became whereby portions- piovlnce two hours"and minutes
longer the existence of a condition ot d.uiKer with u* and elected to share our political anil tlw honorable tllschafge or tb.t..n..r..r on .tho grounds of mistrial. They
are passing under ti.. control of branch offices at Delaware Chattanoogn .
the nejtf trjiKi-llo' neoesalty. General demonstration ,
heritage whlla at the same time JuntlfyMK of siifie'rniimerary enlisted men, aifjj not the ,slightest '
and disorder at doora I hit mnd stood for conviction and five for
our ... but the seven ,
3,1-ihuahath "vlnmily linen "III.n.,1, to 0k"n" .rlni Kuronann nowers. oross.pec the foresight uf th,,., wlio for three jtsi nathlim unnt.ln.a. In thU' apt .hull i Ii ; occurred ,. Tejiu.and Dalotonega) ,\ ], .
VOl'roujobt. that the vasit .hlub the a..1..ti5I. .
for that \ commerce law -ofGeorgia. -.
expedition llr.On.Iul *
an Therharterisnndertbe
quarterstot bare looked tathaawlmllatlon construed' as aiithorinK tha permanent lacreasy -., afTer Tilie"lntrcxlnction
a century
Yet by iaaltnot of At : o'clock m.,
JuMlce pnlirnr of citizens and the naceaslty ofo"r' p '
I'".*lied and the nation naxlouiily liT b* entered Pence one of the most energy taphrproduction our
Iwailwllb. reaalt of the lotrealigatlon Important lions' lo the l.lanl1.lor which Inevitable oonsamraotlon In. harrrlony force of the regular army beyond t that 10:30: a. m. on December 12th. Moore backingTte veilfure. ")' -
Iwprrjufllced and resolntioti the senate adjourned..
ho thereafter directed for the ba> i>uHl! up la th6areaioiis may not ,.
operation '
lIt once met on foot. The finding.' exclusive with o ir needs and fulfillment. of.our slow provided hy the law In force prior to was very much ilissatiiified'al tlie'verdict v '.

If Ilia nnrnl board of Inquiry. ratnbllnheU cnptaraof Island. TUB campaign was through any treatment cberlabed tradition. the passage of this act. except muss to Lbs as lie confidently expected to be 'l\ Bid VESSEL WRECKED. .-, ',
Ilint tbaorlxln of'Jha. ezplo.tonwuip| pronecutod'with great vigor anti, by-A tig.-- hy the new occupants r."* obviated Under the provision of the.jointre.otn' Increase of 25 major provided for In section ) PRESIDCNT'SSPECIALRjhIN \
exlernal. 11 much of the nlnnd' I la the need of our country becoin4ogao actorIn '" \ aequitJixVt.Foreman Henry Ooheq aald 'On'T
was ouc-iomes* relations' of 1 hereof. .
lion. the custom of the Sixty People
by. M jmbnVMTiig' :Jnlo.r,') 'utmntpd the ncqulnltlon 0"" '. remainder.Wa the scene.- existing that some of the members of the jury For Souhern'rrrlp.Will Be Finest Thirty-Seven '
tha- United Tin of for'the
the Island.wIth Importance legislation
.ailed through lack Hawaiian. Drownetf.
fHMldr rVer
tmtlmnnj *only a matter of ,.short lime. Our position mol'rn.Uon.'a..lna, a State and with oth.r countries) tmtttiuncbenrduntil'lcgalattoilbaiIOtber permanent Increase oi the rmy In therefore did 1101. believe' testimony offered' -- lIver seat Out fly Pullmart, .Board_ wl ; S

l./l All irvnjhWtLoUiu'ut these thing carried conviction.!1Il'IIltlp loIh -, .- Negotiations 'Kor)'-: "'.-Pad ftc-coaJ :and i> 'eon.Mr"tlypanillngldlrett > >. l -- ,"Il"-t.he reeemm tdaMo >-of _bysoDh..oL.tbs.wI1uemies.. l-m A3YaehlngtQnlJmipa1'iLays I. Tb. I Advice frOm jjsgpn rttat> that ,
mot -Iliougbtful even bafor th.' ircd with the farther wln provldo.' 'The consul of Hawaii the secretary of war for that purpose Jinsmy ; '\y.A. E. Moore and Fayne Mopre, train in which the president and his thirty-seven people; ware zwnesi'iio '

llnding of tbe naval court, that a In) Tbe followed annihilation ny.thi of capitulation Admire)'sSleet of Snntlago. ., Orient give tie tbe eq'iiitable clrflm to here and In.-forelali countries continue ta unqualifleiKapproval. ..Thar can be !ltq) .. wife, ""VeVejln'tliotad' 'on' the party wilt go.1' to Atlanta,.'Ga., will be were' on board the British' learner

bur refatloat. with ,Spain and toward ,. having brought to tbe Bpsnlab coaalderatlnn and -frlenjlly treatment In fulfill th commercial agencIes' :,while ''no-queIlUo" this time nnd p'robahly" "charge'of gra-nd larceny ia the aecond"dpgree the finest ever seen in the south, and Clan Urummoud; from the Clyde via ,

|''uba-wa at hand. ti>. ,tron, ws* ''bl.lIer eminent a realising ."..of the hopeless-KOT- this regard. and ft will be ny in that aim to ii ort.sul rliy the United States nboaulat at Honolulu for come tIme In the future 1111.0> men' by the jgFana'Jury "Monday wilt'certainly ba the equal- not the Liverpool forGape- Qoouijippe4., ,
nerve our I.r/l.lo".ta q| .la mlatalnd for all services willba none too to meet I ha uecrsHl- ""
that It needed but a brief cxeoutlyeuit&e.tlou new of ,continuing! iistruiu ple now broom- all to time CdnHt"nf.poll..y proper pertaining many afternoon on complaint of Manager superior, of any which has'beeii 'gotten wrecked lathe bay ot Biscay. ,
mean appropriate trade 'and H .would ties of the situation. At all events, '
to th. congre**> to receiv Inf.nediat Ing wholly unequal-ft made overtures-of of onrgorerifmnnt. TIme Wrrltorh-s o revenue. Uoldt, of the Waldorf-Astoria., Petective -. together in'this country The remainder of the ahip'a orapany )
ba dealrabla that all foreign connula lath whether that number slmllba' req-utrad' '
answer t.o..b. duly of making la- through Ihe yrrnch ambassador West of time hotel n'n.'l l but officials Lave saved -numbered twenty-three
peace of Kwb Chow,of Wel-llal-Wel of I'ort Hawaiian Island should reoelv new *x- permanently Qr not, the power should b* a Tha Southern railway '
tent provision for the poibl| and of perliap On Alit; n..:1. Camboit, ".-4he plenlpt- .Ar lor' and Tallanwan. leased to tier- auster, from .thl* ao..rn".a.t.. given to the president to enllut that- farce l r!, appeared as witneises. They'tes set about to secure for the occasion a I who are on board the British steamer "
probable "
speedily emergency wart le.Ia. '- t Bpiilra ,, and the'secretary bf dtsnr..a.-JJrllalo and }tI."I." respectively tified about the loss of silver beto HolbeinCaptai'n( Bhnrlockf from- -
lind '(h. remarkable -almoat C.* '. Klutrraainfiit'.rian.' If In his discretion should be neces.nry, a vase, train which will, in every Hay, I I
unique, the ) of tba United ,
atat a* plenlpolentlary ) for terms of'yeare'wlil! It 1 I. *n- and tha further discretion should be given tongs and a olIver plate from the -hotel the credit of that great Boutheru trunk' I London and Antwerp from ; Bio
p.etael.-au* preealed-of-* -m a lmo>iiav' SCataBllllCft'apIIIIte protocol ansi J-at.- -V-H>. eatbUltll: "aelan 055! tot' a
'01'. of both houses on March ft approprlttlng pointed William H. )..'; lately secretaryofstnte. lmounce4brvposttointernat4oaelema.mere.. durIng; such J alhm oocnpallon and ;general redaction of the vast military,e* him to recruit ui..tb.armywitlslntbeaitore tbe-Jnbabltant 'of the .about six week gQ.y.hlI, ibsNppxt'i.' ie. L! eiroandbored! off Caaeii.s.fihteenr' -' '
':OOOOOtX> "for the national defense JCUivl. vVillUm.PrFry tabllabroents that limitfrom word staying there Tb police say Tb. Ira lu1U' ni1te'rpt'ot"Li.bornTb.Hoibeflhi1a -
Vuahnueu "If no dlacrlmlnsling treatment of American weigh ,*o .heavily upon ,
with tb of
knd for each and connected *,government .ij, that thearticle found in. Ms.. been turned cat the shafting |Ims.the tan-
every purpose -and yeo.'y..y..t.o..ofth.lTnll. cltlxen and their' trade-,'found- many- people In -time of peace waa raeently are charged. were which have ever propeller .

Iherewith, to b* expended-at th. dlscr- States; and Whllrlaw Held to ba exist or be hereafter, .davatopad the desire communicated to this governmentwith It I I. my purpose to rtQA"- ,,out the' entire "Moor 'i trunk._ by the Pullman company. not broken. ,, i

|ion Qf the preatdent.N. lime penne'c mmls.loners on the pirt.of of this government wouldappear to be an earnest Invitation to be' .pr. vol 0"1'."rm, a* *-. .08 the eongiws -. a J -------5.

Ctlll animated by tb* bop of a peootf the Untie I Suite Proceeding In due reallxad.. Jfeanvhll' there may" l be Just sen ted in .the conference which It la con- ahill,| provld for the increase of the IsiCB RESENT? "i CUBANSACT IJSPiCOtJSLY.Th.cur. MANY CHILDREN. POISON ED. 4
olution and obeying the dictate* of duty time to" !'"rl", thfy here met* on Opt. 1vgrnrmmisNlonera ground for dlqulai.uda In view ot the Tin-' templatadM assemble with a view to dl- reiiulareatAbllshment. This will b* only FOR VV-HEELER.\ ; .'- 1'' -uSr-

o effort-was .spared to bring aj*pe dyndlng almllnrly appointed off restanLreryaLLth&ol4..enilment.DtoppocftiQn.and | ,' mean accomplishing oo. da- n-act.f.JWlU..olL1rlIL.bulIIIC l inmate* of"'Female Orphans" Home/*'
'of tbvCabatr itraggU; T the pert of Kpsjn. Time n"It"II..llo".I"... ncrjad'lq.t, alien noopla slrabli a ,.ult. Ill. mainly waa at ono elated by the b..m.I1.boI._ their Gene '-.'-- I3Ight Thousand Rifles' Prexarlous-Coadltloit. L 'V-.-? '

I Grieved and dlasppolnjed ,at ,tba barren nvido "hopi-ful progress .B 'tbaL 1 trust which pervade certain pf tb. Chine Informml pf the cordial sympathy of this and Beautiful Thoroughbred florae.A .. and5ji'Th.mImt'i1bati$ thet,
home the
employmaut help eouu- t inmate.ol
JMleom. *of my alncere..endoavor* to.reach 0411 to Ix-I.biy-a-4leflultallrtity: o( pr--mmcea.A a 1fl the etW.iol.Jb.tI ". governmenvwith the principle Involved try la Ita-eroergeocy. beaotifal''' bfack.Kentucky) thor-' A' special dispatch 'front. Havana One hnnilrfxl girl' ( '' ,'

I practicable *olqtlon, I" my duty toVmlt peace before the senoti with a view of the upon out'-'Utenit' In !S .cburi' and. atKollejB his eralt-od proposal and of the-Madinaoa. <-UJuytoap.rlson<>4witU'a- tnteaJhaLitj.Jeatped gco4au Clovelanud Female Qrplmats bomfi1'eras.litew1fytogother'w'itr'tbo
th. wbol. qurstloo congress, to "../irn"l... of the to take In the Ws.hui.mgtosi''nipin1aE ) '
step leading l In) 18U5 the United Stales minister United Statea part the Cuban hafe'
major gaseral'i'. (rappldgs;t waa i thority that recently
'bo.oongre** wo asked to antberla and I do not discuss at this tine tha'trflvrrn- baa beets instructed secure the fullest Con fe..noe. In the year 1000 will occur the centennial pro formidable matron 'Mrs; )Jilary Bradford, afld 1rut.-$

Impower lb. president to tak. m.... mint or the, future of tb. new poaavMlon measnr of prolwtlon, both I local I and Imperial The active military force of. lbs United anniversary of the founding ot the ented to General Josenjt' Wheeler secretly acquired quite a of Kl. ''Vande rrr .mnicteacher i ,,, ar.V, ,
the ulterior which
loaeonrca filth and final' lertnlnatloa'ofliostllities which wilt come fo u* a.tu. remit or the for. any menaced American inter Stau* **' meaaured by our population, II city \Vashlngton for the permanent Thursday afternoon by'the' citizen of armament, object In a> precariooa condition, having been 1"r ;

between Spain. and.lbs peep!. tr rwlth-tlpnln.._ Hutch discussion wlll bs ,es\a and to demand, la caoq of Iqwles Injury territorial area and taxable-wealth I I. and capital of tIme government of Die United Huntsville, Ala.Thi waa- the first tar not known. It i I. added that they )Oia4oflttil_ 'a .
ICu'T'- -- -"" =- ''pprOjl..rllr. a rueiu..ivenry'trpoutes half ta'perion or propertj1hiItlitWlh'7Itthou \ -flndrT.n16ruosI1ableoapecl.irooeudt.. Kcateabya'uthqrltyof'uactotcongieuuipprovsd t.mon tration-of. the *.t
After nine day of earnest t deliberation' I* rstitle4.. Ia the meantime, ant until .' approprlal to the case. Warahlproar Mont must eontlna to b* In time of peace I July lo /lT50. la May II1Q the tamed fat General 'WbeIer byj.hl. the last ten days. The fact ia causing ; ,yut jI it* '

''darinohwM .al Bot-UBuli oa* *.atlment! .**. l4oiia<... Ti* -Tl a for mora. so .aonsplenously. 1_. than that of the I archives ,JJtreaeral offlcaa of the fed home people and the city was crowded ooneiderable speculation among the how they wero' poison, but thInk '

of your body wa.. developed-on' rill be my duty"tocoulinu, tb. military ready observation if the disorder which armea power* to whom the cssr's appeal eral. Bvernraent vra* removeil to this by visitors from all part* of th*eighth officials and citizens of, Havana.5tat was from drinking-water that bad beeu.- '

f/e>y point ear, a* to th-expediency of I rn'' t's.wblob1> vteUt. l, ino*our- bars Invaded tbe Chine* apituilso a* to. I..especially aod_ that the. Ql.Mtion plaoor- pa Nov-lT, 18Or the national l oon. 'district. tanding. in_Ieadiiipear; Ho'flae'ot the./., ffRich'Legacy
coupllo! tb. BVeposad cllon: tt-Jl a for.rnal o.cuilUoa and ,the dan TUT* for u. praotlcal Importance : .- yongrgB' '_._ ;_ j "' '' 'r 'T -
gin to people security be,in. a position to act should need arise; la_ -ff"HIIJ"*ber Tor tha first tiuieTlnd as- = '
reoogniUA 'of tha. rt ubllo of Cuba I 1.l1la iVias-marking, auspicious atop toward *- ItHlTaTyANNArtCoorj F1RIDIANS oliT-yEs5EL.: -
.ncLpl' eliiratsmnes1tunder ir tt.a BOTTtTrrflSirtnela bean sent t. au turned exclusIve control of tbe federal district BRT ; '

'TWrTTn TnfdnWWuroWrmn il "fl "tliif: a just and IwnanoKnt rul.' 'Peking to fiord the mlnlcter' tbe.tarn. rIDID' .* condition of and city: This interesting event assume -' --- 5t' Nsvaf'Mllltla Will Practice With :4u1.PHONSOREMEMBREO.. ., ,,

island_pr6poitlon which fahledotaIop.< I A* _D.. wa era lu possession Cuba moaaur*of authoritative protection oath the modem people and the cultivation of all i-he more significance vrheq w*' | l.l AK lln| command of ills '
I i tlon-the eongreo. dn April ;JO by a vet send, ..V. pacified ,the Islaad U will be rpreeatatlv of other nation have boon peaca and good will among ,ta...> bat In .haIl the drcnmatance attending th. ". :> Vicht Wasp. ; : Left Young Klngpf Spain"I

t ot n to S3 la the senate and '!{ to In the I .areas iry to give aid and decision to It*. oonatralned to employ. tbf. view it behoove n* a. a n4tlon to choosing of the site, the naming of tbacapllalln Nebraska Retlmtnt.' A ,pecial from Norfolk 'says ,\ht ,,By. Ci Unt Relative/ : J .

I1 botua. represetitatlT*. ponied th* mrm: people 'formnovernment of them. Iendcount.nano. and aid to the ben.n--, honor of the father_of,.iia countrv > j ,A' Savannah. dispnlchof'-Monday stAtes ire beginning tu[ luKu"iusarmlonof | ALoudun"dlspath-- slateeritlmaL'tb, 4y'ug'lcijg

oral l. ]olot.' rrcolatton-dvchirlng lbpo 'u.etv, *.. 'It ,should tj. nndertakan as the :. 'The'Fjeierr; ; pi posit lies i gTbfra = -aauprojioi-; -.- i1 T-m,=** ; auid .nlm ra ta* says .CqloonLWltlmaot. Bryan, commaodinpt -, the practice ships set apart for their ,. '
.4uir .} el.teK.thaI- -t/ffiim i-tnuisunt ffiitt 'Jhe Carreaoy the Nebraik regiment -ipaln hasjust1sa4'vemy -* .
utIUW..ut.nd.utsmtut'esl .snn iy Quevtym. adoption of plan for its future Third ,
I I. prospect thnt tb.p.rllclp.tlon from the at that
bl>aln at once relinqnlub anecVss. now every pad anxiHary/fleet windfall In the .hpe fC
It I I. ImPortantbaa 'reportsthat severalweeks'stay plus-giant
The secretary of the-- treasury mannlaoant-acal *, ha retnjued from ,"
|.rlt, war tba!Island and empewvrina. our relation with tkoaa poopl ball be nf of th. United'BUtes In the \ iir'' yard.' X detachment of thirty men of ,3,000,000 pesetaji', bequeathed lo *uinoI i ihy
universal exposItion to be 11.14 In' Part In the receipt of government from A movenjant lately iWuiuiiMted'py the' at honte jinooln. Neb.,1 on aa-
bt to tl tf nUra Ubd endO&Q Florida naval arrived
p.r.ti > lbs mMt Jri.udlycbartcter aud-oar eont.nier the milito; Friday named Holer 4I
nil ended fir old
lbs fiscal \ citizen have I 'gcntlenan
( 1000 will be on a seal ommenjmrat wltb sources during yoar\\\ ta ( anniversary celebrated ("mint'of iUnwsB-. Ha is now fully recovered an ,
tbe. tntt" 8tate.t4J.aL- ( -" l.| relation doss .0rJ.ncIprtfcal."I) lb -advanced po ltlO1l""frtottt-, Ant" prod J.nnt 80. 1808....lncludlDg'*
.:.rv.I"r.a'pp.rovd ''by1 thi., -, ibouTd its .ot* duty ,to nuUt laj, every dot* an lbs world'ochlefmarket oelved .from ale> of Pacific railroad, perhaps tbaeHnbHsbment a hand onnapermanent his wjimeuf' hern. Colonel liryan VaKprirutoh-; b4OamiIeuT .'..Tlgiid refations ilp lo the king, being a

q owfton. wa proper way to'build up the waste place *. Th. preIimIumary4st'of flossed amounted to t40ur.I,1I.\II: and its *xpndl- memorial to mark *o blstorloal a* the .practice sbii* of tbe, 'lotda tbe natural won of Ferdinand VIII, -
20 A he back with hiscgeqT"
'' .,..3lb ne., drtjr'; rll !, .J)1aP4LcDQqq9S i..In\I! lJitwi P Jlandwho,, under :-ctppjrovd tare,u> tu8MtIiQ! Tn r*was collected.' .Ito oceosiou and ta give 1C mora than,local "says t* happy. "to -get-' naval brigade. s. and great uocl* of King AUonso, +,

r ,. ( from custom ..;lJQ1Qt1n8nd. frgm In- recognition n** The( with gpnend! Yaror vuI. C
t I. { 1''J C -j
__ .t. i."c-' > .- '

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." ,' .,= --- -

-THKFimneeValley"- --- -'do- llllh.wvro) ., i appr v d-and..wurtanti1Ia.. -;., tv (Special 'MAMcr'a ,Sate, : R.IT.: I' : BUTLER: ; 1 B. MfflNSQN : COJffJfi. P .

follows )\ ,
as Voilor and by ..ltId<> of fArli* ; ,
toanhor ., 4H 401 'are RD'I' italo cMiUlHMl b) tliu II pubtic ...VuwnIi.1 CIIK ,..r..II..r. NOT:: : M tsp .,:01(ito l I!:Irunll: CjHirtfor: Iho Hi'WitOi = ,, . ull) of tinT Mt.Itu of Ivrl'la fti.r OMa '<' DEALER IN ,\ .
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Y wish Music J liu iti | "ui hun' Nil. II V ito 1 : '
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VANS-AGNEW' It.... M./n. luiMl, U",'huf No *IS. Wj (JO a Ooiiiily, ( I In <'I.hiinrory,, ..h".fll( In, n ouilxlliiliwllivnilii < ..-WiuolcsalOaiid' Retail pea/er.IJ./ .
l even '' IIIIII.II ( Kcilhiirlim I I.. t\\'
} t. MMr' Junlnn lunihurNu 14 21 flu' _
HARRiS;. .. r. ( the. ;T,H c'J .,.liftd. .t.i fluru,l>, Uimibur .tl.\,2 III W u 'IV.|.I..h'.1, I I ii I Bllll) III|lllllll) l ; .. .._. 2141/) tho I tilulieKt) hlilifnr, 1of c Mi t Iti( fntnl(if the nourt liny i:
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1\n tctwl at Iho IVnUmaa iu ( |. : ,; : 14.,,..litNir In lIe1'..."",,.t K.KlMilinin .4'Il1, ; \
a..ttwrnit-elam' mall matter. 1I.A; IIr.Q..I: J\I.U\ I I ; : ; kh4o.dr4ow4t..4osa14wueuLaslu.UtuUum,...,,. .-.,".-' '- :.._ J
---- ------- \ .( _" ._ ) vL ,' ; ; uii.r -rJZC: :! .-.--_-, :
4- 81."kl. W""III..NII.IfI) : 101' Pleat Monday!I. Jauiiar''; A.0. I HOWtHtiiRtho7ltMln I Nl tl11Ic 111 oods.r :
-;. .in )' 1 ..Mini M ",iluT! ..1. U',. No.U, 2Ii 'lOP .( '
(-ijicrThuLwi'I hvy Mil to not MieiMiwrraHiilarfir.:: !;; : :r .Igj SjT )":- Jiul .%%-'lJJ&nu.u..... .1O.'h'...,60.whur tou. Hf ll.t..JllJ..III,.. 22 ''OJ nwli'ty 1.1..0(: : Hud ornnip'fln--ult--that--i.t'rt-nln) ofl.uKl *tiumio, *'Mil tho vuniniyol : in Shoes Mcffl, 1'' "I-t luefinl, L '
All oolnmiInI.'ntt.i.i. .. ., ujKuupt lt .m .ur else ; : N II"l>l nnl|Uiiu-lii'r (luxil tat |IH, 'III'' 4)11). Oixutiln. .fun-Kilt.,,1 I HIM, .1..11:0.1 l na .toe u,'_1 Latest Styles ,: '
lav ourroaiMiiiduuta, IIKIHI IHJ lnnu milurv Nllpt half oft ho, ,uorihuHM, suuI! C I.e euuulhu.i..t.aseuLUwimuuhmmmamLwutrhcrimudt1tueast Grit GaltIe1 SeCtl i.4r /
rItmr.t man / C HUtMllir.l.- .... :
I o..u.1A13D(1OdThRtiOT, ,... .i.1 ,h\l. W A CJLaiidlur.<''ift--11: ; ,trr u t u.!-.1 I.:.::*'-. .:: '. -. 11-nr< the liHlfof I)llOrt lltNIIlt.|1IH. "<>l'lf.iiinrivr| I tlltt,( *M HUM,1ltllA4 l 1.41.ll(OufT fUfl| .itiuti.,..., ; and 'ebectiuhlyhooiicit) you.r"1)atronagc.. : '

.; .,dM .., lir 1 h niiM'tey editor KM'msiHiiiliiilllil 1s lint> l roHititiiHlbie>for TMnf' iS.UtthO)42U4&i&.44.J.rcUJr I) %'.'itIIJJIi! (uit.'Iior No. .., Il'i'4YL,",:1Ht i .,_.._ 1'II1-.rt"'ltt__ 4S' .-- '* "- U- ''a
cant .II ,la Hoctlou( .L\\'III"III.u (In i
.Ado.U.IDII.awo may be liad.uOae pl. of .( < C 44 c ltolnuljliiih) 'liliia) (.4) lotvnHUfif,uunrUir. ttttiuu-fl\ti) ( iKimli" of Uhfflrenrs School': -Shoesi5pecialTI ( WdT Ha.rdw
"I. } V\WnUKin/Huhmil::/ I(:: ,at.pplt.a.|:|:::; \ '.: .., 7 > unHl", *V01IM riiiiuo( "Ollll"nll.t : Tfwar

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} W ,tloiI" iil.
CX STANFOKO. Chairman Htilkliora( or Ooinv'ninnnt' d"* 'W?'
he ,_ SADDLERY. .
copy one year.One ... . '. ". ', I : AND '
: W.: q. fI 1'tTQNi Secretary Jr5fOO.OHtowardttl ,
copy sli montlix. ; ) () 'mmtJnmmntmntmmmmntmmmn'mmnmnn
'Qnecopy. three inontlisi. . ; bus The Order of United Moot \\' bou( 'i ti'>*OHHMtli' Miq drrO,1ai.l ,. t'Hi r
I. : : 7.I.! : i : ] cash prices paidti
Afl.ubscrIptonapayable In' .* tiO'tt'ituti t ( which ,
Is a beoeGciary Ord r "'.uo..r, "hut.i or lor iilK rluu,,vllm(inu on'ImimIIIK 1 ,
: -. rJ) 9tO( wrek 'tint ", .... ..1 l .lirriitlH u"l'' vuttib ooittrH* E'.MANU.ACTUREA8 > .furllh.lurs..nud.: I
its members during vri -'"**-
per .
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))Hiilof 'rii I ::: :, :1 4 r..I..fot (.lIor". :, I
>neu, and *20 per monihjor tea y> '
FRIDAY, pxctMnxlt ', 1Hoio .
91" \ inudu\ ( i"iiul.v C4iJIiihedulJI'hl i <'tin) wagons BiickboardS7Carts 1SZT.
all o'e of permatteat disability.l and in .JIU''" U"thu UU'"ft, );of NOXCMHIMT- 'lt.aiit J4JOM.'' PloYs"EtQ",

their age. daiinic from tbs Tilth blrthda,/ a me chtttimnn.O '. Omilmionrifun ( mum lhn InlpKt( liniirovnil 010. -J OTTERS .1
PASTURE FENCE-\" I 'of 120 per month fur. tea 'e'.. At(4'R!' yami Hklilud( vorkinmi 1.I..nt duiiumnoni,. wo .ulilo to : A SPECIALTY
4 M. MCH, VI.'iim. uuatnuBii alMl, dualJigm'Il. = ,.
In all the talk about i (that its, tho'death of a member bis beoeficiari '21. \\':!'JorlS'J"IN, 11.C. __ __ '=' HONEST WORK i I SPECIAL'AT'ENTI t .
funeral lapon.p. and l
ces. the principal question taint paid tS for a Special.nro J\tiIHl r", = LOWEST PRICKS. 4 J-" TO MAIL O DK QS. LA MEE, FL. ..
thereafter of f 20 per month for a ... '
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Jl -ters 4* being and detractors overlooked.of pasture'The .! i 'a > of tea jenri., Tuis plan of paying,!. 1'1:1111 u'.l t unto, 1'\'l\'Illtrnr thttm'.I--4Y--iiIt. :t a"1'lll"N'I"'fIt'! Hoiii. .Minor r""I.. & .s S: .Qton 91.raite: __i_ -- -' -' ..---: MtCTII
is monthly moots is reoonniicd to Lo JoiiuN Jtu.Iutu ftC I It. liMiiit, 4 onrL for Dirt( H<*voutli ,
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und the other that they tend tc ; l ; .lole""I too oflea the ca.e' trIll IK.ll viit'Uc, ,".""ty I to th' hliJicM( ( liliMurfor E. B. WATEHH, C. A: CAHSON;, dials, champagnes and Mount,Ver-1 p'oachR..imnol
sum (is paid at death. It also ena "nufi' ) iu front,' of the court..... itiM>r Iu the M Yonua
/IOne..Jlijc..c.Jiet:1I\tCll wash it- down, would be -, .
press 1 I non to '
Town 1 KltmimiiiuuCilXi FlurJdn during UiaI - ,
tckI1rLdtfr : the Ordtr to'lIIeell 1 robllRattoni M all I legal 1 lionrHoi. unto oil 'hoaJ1'IIt"M..dayf.l..1'TA. '* 1- 4 I "l'i'esltlciit. . >ecrelnry.: himself i ,isq V
P",JlJU.le _nt_so Ii _, __ ._ __ : -relished by naciliH. Jf JieJ
c unobstructed where ,without rtr TU 3 imBals,anil lailprj- o--t--- U'. -Znilay
range ) irmnji; b"I" tho 7lli 4ln. 'of,until. "" cii nnOIMo( couldicsttJmeur l exquisite fhvorl at
impel Bible. Tbprt ao.t.o degrees, and > n i. < .
gs( tree 'access to water, ana Rolit. : iiiiili'ty or inio hull ,* ttmt) ctrtuhy .and enlivening effect t. Our. stock fun me'each U 95. The fjlj :::: \ .r'I\: ::: \ : : '1'' r- vlcusuory
dues are as ) mill i loh'l'uI l of 1 ( Iu thin ooiiutyalil ( '
,change their grazing' ; I N.1". ,' 01 0"...'..(.. mill,iliiurlltu nit franlloti, ,_ pure-svtneauitd hiquorare P55*
will; the other side Johnston S! al UJlliMi! t:hitfl: )-Ilh'PO,Iti.oiituuf .,Lowum..Ii' ,* Is eiit ''hIm'o grade, und' we have the /rarest h'Rht HUenlns
exceed $ rAiiaotHuuty lie OhM. i
rdia.le dues
Temple to
lock improve-under 1'. A. \ANfl A<4NKW, finest brands for the seat t 'B45amo: .
month. and Sapreme Temple duel RJ...liil, MnHU> tln
and can, be' more rend per 4(41tAt14l4AuiI'N.14t,1i'ttot( .' ) Waters: & ITarson : Co. son. -A Rift of a bottle of Yellow 1 rrybodaervloi
cared for under fence"than J J. M. to following table of rates: ( ),_for C4imi1niiMAIHK | ( iftiit.' 4t'th_ Grocery il Label,'will be n appreciated.
'0 SO years of age' <1.00 for mpnlh ,
ranging; ht large. | (! and ," "" Notice A dr Publication I '
35 1,21 !
10 _
_.NQ D-poln.L.D.L \ '
: : ---
<4t l L.msttira-s A3Ai7ur.wthl.r., .
tins when the 10 4.U ',- 1,OU '. t'LA.J, I.. I 4t' -
I .
county pasture i 1'oor 24.i' 711. .. r.
to 45 ." 1.74 ", Notion !U 1 h.ei'tl.y 1 given Mint the follouluQiinniu ,, WHOlUHAf-. AKII IlTAIL.IK.\.EnIIS-'-- OLD 0MIoet.
question became acute was : :, :: I : .
r- its "' ", the rights of property,- The I to 60 2 00 m who thutl) h.roouJII( Miipiiorb of bin,riaiiu, mid'. ; mont
i ; : ,II:: i \ ,:, .
."I' 00 ". 2 (tO IhrU nnl l iiriHjf vtll1iainai| | %hoforu Clerk Irjc
me !,-with few ;exceptions '1W, to .lut%.('uurt,' at KlxnimimM) In., on Hoc, ?lthIHMM C C UNJY AGENTSFOR"J $ I' S.
dues remain the same ai long ns,\\\le %'lx: sltiKhuii Hlii4: ";h:>>: .J KlMlinniuo( PftiH : t'GRQCERIES E '
treap.aucrahad disregarded 4o; j ," tI fl 7IAfoctioi'l4 I $.wll of tiM 1 It, nil l K10 # BE4RD& FrI
S protests ofJandOner 4lu d_ .. mbt r remains. the Order. N K':of *Lt'u, )Hi,'Vttl't: (.. .U .fl K. Ho iinmCN (ho r..y.y." .. : ,;'- erw.oordt
lands that did p .i)uqiial fl -eml r l' 'OII"1f''\.n.1II..kj.' , .,.''.. Celebrated Fertilizers. T .
appropriated ., > I ( ( w. ,
to them .for their Order must b> a white mao betwesa MX: \\.lf. MiikliiHi,, >ii,
belong < JhIutMiI.' of KiKMltmiuH I ). 1hu, Jnlm! Moni du JW A. JW Jk. Jk A. JW.Jb Jl. 3 S ,!
and benefit and had refused I i agej of 21 and 60 years. of good moral herO. : of I'to, I In.. \V, H. ATiiohl'of: : t to, Fin, \ .... O::DA
any'rental, although land r. of sound pb.ys.ical and" menta ..- S\MJ- '- JtoUlfsaON- ,- 1'plster.r&t CiIIL.II, A!> "\WEI t llay1 Grain Crates Etc. v : : 'J.B

ers were. compelled by.the ; I ounty" ) and-capable of,earning Uring: --r- ----.,. AI1ICTiol. ,- .J_ : -_ '. !:_ n. : : ;:':: .: ,' c c'r A.W...
;. : : = '. :
act of the trespassers to pay. a 'ine and himself add family. : : .

improved property tax* Tat fur.ber inforsn&t on' address any .: yr)1'7 >
vy :
lands under fence. This is g of the OrJtr in K'siimmee, orto HIDES FURS WOOL : '

first brought the pasture : n; Dlue.'Supreme Organia a, St.Au. 1 ., t.u,0 :

question up j I' whether the ) ., Fla. -_ ,, '

property were, to be l oRd*)" Catch the ScouBdrets. w ", Frit\
the range'or openly.violated:: and : Country I'Foducf3'a(. Specialty."Christmas ) .: ?. 3 -' BlttliBum,
Smyth Orange- Conjpanjr: .1| this it
Jthst is the vital now. = '. CLYDESTEAMSHIP
-t point MoilToea
paid : '-
,has suffered coo.iderabl..lo8.I.olD the .
J. ," :-Tone whether he believes } ... of some miscreant who cut and S 0 .., Wad

\0 any frften* right'range to or treopuss a close'on.range In ( purohiucd into a lot ia of Osceola grapefruit which and they q 3; '' BurOnce a Yfear S; ( "

county were ,
,man's land. The. thing to not to .Goies' .
( froiq 8|. Clou i via Kissimmeo to. : '
into jl\\'bethel'.a..Iencejl \ ',. tl
a' .4. :
York; 'Olr(2IIsJstnla1c.Stoek'( -- rand Ib-' % ; -.1
fence or whether the builder lb flOW .
'l3etbreihe f.uit' i.ft Kisaiiamee acme ", / ;,
legal right a trespass fence i-o'ught{ to' & 'at $at or'pkrVei; had deliberately eat the and.Crackcrir Our fine vatricty of t%; ts :almasfc hlr'e." Jg .. do

ken down ; If it i i. a legal bond in a number of box s, slothing ia two Canned goods, delicacies, iVc. will t. .. ...:. .

is entitled to itt$ there. with : in a half Icuile the all baits.the fraii: that they,j1 i oald get be in demand during the Holidays. "?' From-noW'Iinti after Holidays we will "gte! s'Sijne : ONE.Safety "

.When all the pasture as' authorities. shcuU hunt Out stock ol cheap and fancy can ,, exceedingly prices.on our large : fc, ., .
come legal fences that, i is; to ud. : "Up jiiefc\\illjbc the most 'tempting ..

-when the builders" of- them- \ -j : punish the malicious the rascal deed or if r.lOal.they perpe diet. No toys' to waste money on ; bu STOCK OF, GOODS, .. '.-
tamed sort of title, solid comfort nf u" bargain''every
'Ieaseor'some purchase, to the the \ fruit buytri. to handle! the.fruit time1'rv'tma ; (ff freight prepaid KUiiinmee, (f) do

enclosed by the fence, then that aretion.Meeting ,, TAYLOll) CO. &t If coming to town do not fail to cull und inspect ourgoodt {flm .

be time enough to ,.argue waif of the DeSf Exocutlve / It.will be a profitable call,, No trouble' to show Xtl .

their value to the stock ; Committee.At Hnv2 you been u long ".gdods. g fotVo

and whether a close ran go. is | ) the called, meetiusrof Ihs Dom er"l tune ill? L-". -'- .# Comfort! Quick Time! Low Rates!
preferred to'an ; Elijah .ijand ; ;
open range. retail \u ire Committee he'd.t the Court If MO tttnmlri l iMtttnif* imii'lclnn in nil 'I.IIG ; ,
What caused trouble in 'i"i': .. >un ,hhonl I ,.1. I.ilt-1 m. 'Tir, VI I M"M'til I Inn Is Flmst Ciilala and antes.. Ha Tralaltr Batswea JaekseavHIs. Ha*.Y

countyjwas lie_fact that the, 7'o :. d the on appoint Monday'meut, It WM oLIIenry daciiiod S.10.I'ritcoao.u-fio Wrjho)Kum-rt(or ."J.e.'t.l44,|!::it.t.lilm; :::, 4Jan In nil 0, 4$hroiifa joo'll' :'.:,I rot lJuaet'o|,'*, (orn.nnalfelrnnvnt1 ; :S-.' -"' The Pl Iiei.Mtmpowd.l Daadnaia Haw Steel *. I .1 .II tl
Jiiii'n"I"i'u4v.t' .' *unrnl1yr t darrker-.PtUnl" { ); 'iigonqia
were mostly trespass .fences of County Con's loner from dis'nut No. :3, 111 \'IM'FMJav 1. mDch"D'lr iMJroqnobslCherokee, "Semlor.

those who hud no fences ( > place .(J, I Everett llama, resigned. W.auppoit.d. i, ktuin'.IleFa'Lw6MiLE' ", NORTII-BOVWD. .
Orlando l ln. o.
to being squeezed-ut. by gE. .
:Jjn! Whueler'n'LG< rO eratreet MrlkIRHIMUKP >. "tatf..appots.d tn.t a.
erfwho! 'hud no "right "to' he P kresflUlru 1. .c.- ,.yasrn
W. J. Brock. Oo a lent,vole it was ,. ':,\. .c
tures they appropriated. It Calvin d to recOKoiu one or two proxies, r _, OO o a. "I U"..e Jie.OatTU1i C"
EAR. THROAT .H ST AND SURGERY. -- '- - -- ----- --- -- --- .
enough to be squeezed out by. lit retail was-ol)jetted to by tho.paaeten( -- ----' OIJTII.flOUND. .. -

who have legitimate right I 1)IKI.l : .{.:, ; \ . 1 Ojllct, / over Lfato's Dnu' lorf tnJ '_ __ "' a.appetatiud" .0101 free .... .Peajotm. as p.e, ie kUO7hPtlIM& 1 .
the squeezing, but .it is i : :I ,', "'ell't ,Rrilk.lJIrmd'. : I .r-Cbarlt", = \ ,

to be ruined by thosO'nwho I .!wih )) ft suns In)-this HKVKHAl.TKUHIWOHTIIYrKK, italo lo manse our bu tiiuM. 'iFLE1' 'c .".J' .r.E./ '!. ., '" D HOGANiMANUFACTURER ; _...'f, 1 .. .,.' '6,'-.,;.7"" ", ,m -
hadowof right to the Titrrled { thotr" 'work tow"xitidtictwl.u.I."y)at fouiitiunU Iximo MatmyHtralKtt ts mainly' ( ... ; : '. t. :f 6 ., .

which they encompass your )oar cud OXI"'U.uo-dun..llo( ,( bonandu, m .- OF-: : Clyde'New England and L ,.
m,iiukHH vnlnry Montlily. .. 1I..fu'lInr.. o.uther (Freight .,
Turning to' thebroad I : "_suit aitilrvssetl.laml"'eDvuloiio. Her- tF (Calling a& ; rl ne _Ov.1 .
the value of pasture "", i." E. i1ti.." ITuilU. IHHt. M.CIllcnuor CI4J1I .. C l'tn. B 0. both ) 'l
course past u ret11'are u. good: () Wagons Biickboards J J'I -I'DELEWtAU AND ''

for stock but in saying this lil''I;-, .I ,..,I :; :: : J I : : 100.00; o Itew. l'd. ,. '*',STEA11Rs. .:, A" to sail !owl"OKO.: W.- OLYD1' .

things must always be liJTovmt Cbo, ., Fi.oaipi... 1 *" From Foot of' hogan S' lL"pID' .fo .<
OECBOLA COFXTT. f. Jak Drle; From Lewfi' if
first l >'' : .: : Wh.r
The presumption is Eta .. "
J'">' '& '+Jo''la..N09imbcor1lLb. 1898. Buggies; 1"
owner has a legal right to { Ad..'. '. I W., the nudtrwitnedatookoea and cni- .. .T 0CLYDE'S FRl.Y8. '
of his pasture,.and, second .C..'.>rv sn y.|1' | ., berebrmutnally agree sad bind our- .

will.not.use it to shelter stole* ., ,.' .... lo pay Ooe Hundred Dollars in Repairing, Tainting and. general.Jllacksmltlilng, done with neatness. ST. JOHNS RIVER LINE. .

# -tie.' 'Jut from-a business : ..'..'. ." ) IL for auiliy sufficient; steahnc evidence eagle to.convict or sheep any _.._anddisi>aui.| ., A.1 L --- .__JDE BARV LZNE.1 t

point pastures. e1' good $ or otkerwiso killing cattle or shrep : 7arKolvlk. Fataa. SaHfvrd Z. EHlerprise, /%., autf fntermetiiate,.
the' cost of c N '"" & the marks and brands of r evttle 1
.1'heyclieapen or -- -- J \* ZaitJtHfft on thu SI, y0knt Jiiversaw -. \
I'mrkur : \
for cattle i they enable the Havana,. or unlawfully driving cattle'any. '!.J
., I." ia the county of Os"eolt LOUIS C. MA8SEY. Pa iDii WALTER A SMITH, OUMIIU, o '
to improve the breed t they : reward to be a standing reward --tn .,' "HABKY O.: DAY "

, the better feeding.and s Hull III I I.! .>1. by as proportionate "BANK : : "- -I

cattle by the cultivati.of DAiiltinnn.,. ) 1.'. O'Ueny, K 0 Morgan, THE STATE .OF- ORLANDO I< " ..A.fAW' ,
cial and and S Aeree. U B. I leave. S : ,
8.'acol -
grasses ropt .. .. .
:: aDda\o
r.on. :: = J. B .b&. Rail Bus.. : Tuesdays ,. :
.. . .. aac at500p.
cropsPastures ..14ale., Ii L. Laali. 1. r.d.,. Tot m.
Keen "-, ".Inl. ,. 6 ..
: : I he 1& a. '
legally acquired Vowoll, : L< Parljin, J.'8. Broason Offers to } nblic every facility and Accommodation 0 .

-.roperly maintained on this- [ M..'I'.ylo.: : P. Uunher. Walter Baa; Sr:.' ,: consistentvith Sound Hanking. : General Pasaepger and T.clcet. rn.c, yyca ; _'

., pusfiTthe cattleindurtry_ i Hhftrp,., :U.Whaley ftruaun 7' \i'' John OaoSwwmerttu L D.iieon Exchange Bought and Sold. Drafts drawJ dlrccl 1 1I ,"T.ekonml.
the-present happy-go-lucky I ,- l w U. ,
r r n..wARBURTO. P. .
R, Iluil'. Jasper Sumnmorfin.-
nd-thunder' stealing/ \ *_, rod,.. "'. 1 a Savage Samuel Sammerlia ,on all par.ts'of: 'Europe ami the 'Orl Jt.} : flwllno.- D.A'..."\ck' F. M. IRONMONGER We51 IlaySm.3r.. Ph., p, A. :

and place it"on a level Umhi>m.. R. Gape,' Time Rue A Strictly high-grade' Family Sewing ', TnEO. o.. EGEIt, T. M.. J2O. 1'.. ROWAI1O ,Jaobso.ji FJ. .

.western stock business.-, Parkor.,., .J. riokland. It. G Partin. Mpoh .\poaMMino' all mOdemGuaroliLcei Cprtespondents-J i NATIONAL'IARK HANK, N. Y. 1" .5bowhingGui.wyj. .Foot flogs. SIpat.Ddel&, Fli ,
I Tumblln II J Moody. NA'l0NAr.JAO."AKSONVILTJC Jlrn .
bring about the. ,A('.., I W. Mi,1 1r., W. Goblet iiiIlieBesI.: WM.: P. CLYDB CO Genl AtV. '
... .
business thod'und-Iend <) _
m to .' ) O. Fulton, Riley Oodwin, 5 Bowling, OleenN.-Yort City: ;. ,

J1 enr"organization among (Ulltwr ttr', S B Oodwm. Prteee. very ...o".b.. Obtain them -sl7. : B..A.BS &. -1 S7el ..Philedeiphia.11
I .
stock men.'r'- TO..IC-M lioc, '- from make your oompariaons.local dalr( and _.EROs : ,

As long as the present IMWt j: ; ;:: ;::: ...THE... *' I ,

:the trespassing scrub stage lasts-last just<.with so -long its UI.i; ; ;! I. 9 -AND-_NOBTOAOE: [EI Mree e MQllgIll lUn a Co11sieueh t- .'- '-DEALER IN.--' ., ., .. IB PLA1f.. SXSTE. o: ;T.NORTn .

-dnatcvils and .

-7- _ng. . wlrti on as* !; 'CoinpaMjrEt I .5i.s.d..IVr'BELV1DERE,tu.MILLER'S 'Fresh-Florida-Beefttpork; ,_ ; J0UT11.. __ WE'ST.-

,-"" ,THE KISSIMMKS VAIKV a bond, FOR SALE STORE NEWS : 1 ,Departures. of :Trains from .
9 (
ZKTTX says Congressman here very-desirable, Orange ., ,I .1 3Zleeim.rcioe, 'ie... Nov. yo, 18.)

..0 mtHt'be included among ,- good condition, in The Particular Men. \ Mutton and :, Sausage. .4. .. BOUND:'
candidates for United States The their i '
School men who are careful about No,78 lor .
toe in'this State and it is said Osceola DeSoto and dlothes-who wantic\try ilcrp they l buy i .. Dully Ing .VlaVksonWlto with' "tralDl and for*t T"eStaU! poInts, conft: '

a Uncle Dilly D1o, ham will be Counties ;; also.' nine and to bfl )JII.t right In every way-wlu> want SS ,> .' ,3'40 p, m. 1 S.lem. Pullman, a.eepen. Jacksonville polnta. vii 5S1.TK22ME
q too."-Jacksonville the to SI.
But it is hot thought that' ( ,J\_.. otlter..Properties..." with.hey'Correct men sprlng we -fret of)8 along furni smoothly.liing. . d. .__ ____ _. '5'- 'nlng MontgomeryNsiylle Plillman and L. k N R R and ,0111-Loul Una(run--via
wiU tie in i it much. : ; Terms to Suit,Purchasers. for correct men-at that cars and day Coaches to Mon ..
{| | ;;- .'-:-- ,.- l l prices. ..' are,- -.- asreliaWeae4hat.4utnl.leIngu. " -- S. maul cart and day coaches Montgowervie! .I..nlMllIIF"and Pull.
'tttttrtJ"t"tt"tttttttltl1tJtfJI""T"t with
l sleeper low Na.L\me
AMID THK silence of most Correct Shirts. : a
.' \ .: .W,E. CADMA'N,. = Chattanooga.'
ida ,on the question of The season's' No.
papers "ec3oSNnrcooBseeFl newest ideas-with th* lit 82 DAILY for Sanford and
road exactions it is cheering .. .. ------ md style,that .tells the story-with the I UNDERTAKER and 1 Daily trains 0" Plant fy.tem for Jackaonvhile-connacung palnta. with'
one brave and honest voice in ..i low prices that mean good conomy. The ErBALMERrI'Lf '11. ;o j p. m. Pullman sleeping cars Tampa to New .ThIa train carries
tblt.J.nlotbem .Uon. belt shirts made-that's the onjr kind we t* _.- UNK OF. 3 and Jacksonville 10 Naah.1111 "Vo.k"without change ,
Julia HockersmithFOIOPLTjIllLDHEG.
I. '
iell.ASpechatMun'suaiaundered :
- Oaw | and Montgomery
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to New
thanks due the Kissimmee : .;A Yorkok
are white .rS-7ANJ Jaclr.aon"ll1e
.hirthoneaU| ) made-good for : _Louts,. ,Crrie sleeper between C1itcinnt &081
LiltV' GAZKTTR not so much of services-well worth 7 j cent*-has double cl flcbz.NICE '* and*Port. Tampa.:
what back and frortt-fine 1700 linen boxom' ural SOUTH ..IIOU.D.No .
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.aY-n _
.- continuous AND :
the Herald as for its f ( B ; faclnny'.lse-you wishplce I STANDARD SEWING .*.' V. : 11DAIL for Lakeland; Pore Tampa
from ;
'. : 5<> cents. Plump Values I Ksncy 'ORr.i'itailTMtlORTPI.EttRAJ'Il avainaa..SEE Dally mediate points Tab1pa .nd aU In\e":
recognition and statement ol '( read rood W fm N fulL dress laundered .blrl.extra.l'Ju.UI'f.ncy .,, "!\,i .- JJIO: a. rn., r* between cVnSnnst'l lor pSrt T.J>U". Garda '
This paper is not working for ... pleated ahJ embroidered fronts- IUVIN.lUo..r".N1.INS" ,. AND .: '. and .

ry. but for the good of the -tax.. !t': P"- nothing 'finer p.oducedelpecl.1 values e. DOE8'RIPAIUNQ. ..' PACICNO. : No. 13 'T. > for. Bartow 1"ler tCHIlat, Punta Gorda. % Port..

- -,nUy upon-which it depends ..*.COI... ; l i rStylshnndSeaspnblo hlrt 11 lop.Ideas Choicq of the season Ogtrtacgi-rat the Tbe-newest top notch AOJHLQ'J.RQIQ"...uuc.4OHfJBMTHBAPS1! 7lil1111i1i11111111111 --r )" .rThnrsdsr' wltK'Plant Steamship LpoIDIa.-Conneet..Molld Line for K"J. f ncl',

port. Tampa .becomes_. :: 4- ; :: I Millinery at. for(general atylewnd make up-fancy cob : P. m.* vans bile,*'and-,, eyeiy. Saturday- with', PIJIIIt St ahJp.Llne fGr M.Ha'JIU"

and, powerful city, th paper' popular 'priccs.oxamfne.. ored bosoms-m>(! with'white.bodies-1 l l111ii1111111111t111111111 -'- '-. I .;i-----; .
': ".share with,it..Jf_the 'town: it some witkcolored'bodies-charmingly ; : I
".. .0- in.di-th.-natest '
olor"1lnllnr-valllel J
.jmndsqueeed lo death byth4_ balance. o,cents 1 :__! _? Sugar.Be1t.irf'
up. .
roads, the Herald 'lylll, fill a I 'ld sod a1i and and Correct -ig'SJi't' Gal on. ; : t DU. NOaTIt aoVleD souT1'i 'aOv.>. "
In the 8jrJ) eso .1 I ,t.. .
per's grave lame 9j w ( You'll BEN MILLER. :::' LKAVZ tIeS1MZL '
And we do not think tbere'i.U ., t. ,Jjs onvJnc d. from our never,handsome feoamlms line-on there'll.a selection be none das Admlnlitered.: No.-99t- p.'r-- -dally- .acept-SI"Icky- 6. .. jAJl1UVa. I Ju..i"I1.. ._ .

- .. ing to be any very sudden date In your set more correctly( attired., .TieOld'ReliableBarWr Office. Hours' j-8yt to I J,' to: No. .01. daily except Sunday 8:i'2.No.I .\oa taily 4ilyexcept.. BUDd.7. '.If2 f A
0T either town or. *. inontii Special Opening for 1 1:3 FlorIda Midland \ Sunday.,4.: :
pUSkrTM- t f,1Jotice,- prlcea loading' styles l V3 .p. m. le..e.about II C a.'I I Tuesdays and P'
- Herald. ). : litter In,a" tne newest shapes. > Church, and Courts $ta', over J Drs,' Per. Saturday. the'pr nt.
hereby giveS thai if mrinlhi Hair i
-t. date 1 Neat ''
-"" Correct-spring, ,Cutting ,, Inform.UolJ relatIve
handkerchiefs, hats, Harris I
Ezisdly-"Vor vntftnmj vonqhm and aoeouata to ha son rates, COl\lplete
the"good ; salaries \ I cRee schedules etc.. wrlta
0'Ooo hosiery underwear at prices that 1.1 o call 0.
\\ \ la Coull' anel ask for a Shaving Ea.y. G. F. Parker Agent
cor munity i" Many most the dlloch.. A but most suspicious people/ .' at. v, MO..rt--BU, 0, MORGAN:' that will tnake you fel l that it's the SlanPiog Rlre I. .' H. C. McFaddeis Pasa.'Agtmp. ,.' Fla. .
- ij +:.Uualiylua .A"ml IJ -trading place that nearest tneeyour ,8ubrb. Kissi SM* VAL-. md I B. W..WrenD'PIIIT Har.. .' an PA- W. V. Lifacy
il'VP.Jrtw:1"h $ P -
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:: stCRItILTSePOL teed. 71ot. "..e4'7 'r- aA. .,' "&lu.a1 -- s.YIIDaaJJ 'g h. Aaf
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-- \ ". I 0 Taate. nc
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Ifcf 4 ti,, 1'
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4. !-- ,, ". .. p.IOI4N 5'i '
#., '- 2 ._ . _,,. ...- -'----'
.- ==. -. ._- ..,,"_ -'- '-. _: ': '- ------ .II.1.-
--' $ $
------ -- =
--- -
J, I\T. '; RSI'L."AaAR.. PAUOKTT.CAt'OHT.Arrested foncei.: 'No cow stealing, going\ on eilhetlBlrang i.'HO lbA"'
I i
nIs \ N 'W"f pasture, 1 differently I v r t ** T HIASOM,5 11
., .About People You, Know-***hence lu' the Wood by Burro! overthrre to what they'' 'I" .US \ '

:: ""T"T"'tt't'T'tt'tTJ1"t1t1'tt'" ' ''Tttlt'T' fT"t'Tt't"'T'T'ttt'" ' Ttlttt1tttT1l'tt'lt' t1t1tt j They>Ay Barnes Come is..d.working Whither In the.They l ireight Oo.C The burdnd,dollar Y.tOI reward offered, by t1Iiitockmen1iaa1treirornid .' hepsrhapitan If Mr. Block mm'will r.DemW.a">'that.few those min- _ now worry, and'you in' won will e-rtng, save what time,'BW.and -' '

. office to fill a vacancy.Allr a 'second ti ml. who',Unve alway given the mo-t trouble! : "would bo best to rV} ?lent to frien*
Ji John Padgltf..llowejVilbur Shiver kbaut 'stoalin thole who owned relative -waiting until out
Fall and Winter Goods ] we-e or by
now of \in to.DJor
.Ttomfu, Tampa, '
rl a.cUy ot two, buying cattle.. steps into the ecu' -homo to 'stand .trial 'nopasture fences, satli) is the Collier*, V tock of Xmas goods.*arrive.. Our

C on chargfs of(cow stehing( Affiln Barrel! Di'jghtrojs. and many pLer.I : store is tbe' mecca for ho'Iduy shoppers

( for yduylnspectioii. at ; "S. G. Ingham !running. the oommiaiaryof Ya'.ei has',bowl h'mnolf to \\)1 a daring Perharjir"Mr. Stl.. can a < re* for toilet urticl. ir puff box., ,

open bembml.a.IDpor\ \ man and a smnrd&octlve. For two' weoks member. time w.1 'con- eat, handsome boxes of perfumery.
mel .
,. .__ .. .- ._ .._.___ .:;,_ i,__._ t. _cap a i1f loR WndnrmT.y ft.Dcnaliiasii -he-had bo*,,i lict-en-Psd&a'r; |, lrailT- viu4'i-faknlo'w.mual of lusui, ii not I: wcnted .uu ,.', pocket booka-aatt-

. 1111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111rll1111111111111111111111[ 1111111111II :.0, .. to'lit'T'ng-t1r1hi1y duwn.-. rTh-WTrsdey1ghrtThut-- li. .l1'Ior 'cow ausnliiiK, 'tboUaajM jre .-,--- -Drngs'-ftea44'h4.44tin.s.' I i-

n-1r Attorney M. 19 Morey, ot Sa ford, was was posted at.a slomh betwee'n two pondi day of pMtuTji tepees. Reor'p..tu. _

T : '. STH iu two on"Tue.da7vii1tiuIi5b| "&t1iki. about a mile and a half south of ,'e"liorr,. fancon were in use, A- D. Jo u.II,the one -' .tJ e--J eskCru om pan .

.. : ;. .., .. ,.'...., .....-.. --. .' yi1Lbn5Jit1Ro .;, j. lPtb.rJr< jJI QA I' 4g>J!._,-------. ...-._- "..... ,.. .-: :a ___:'; __..;:...._____ ''I
te; -- -- -- --'- dealer Tampa, .in to"n yesterday.. t I shota.un. Ueor( fenco (except! inch a) Mr. '

God at Katv'siIsn't Oolf Notice.Onaooountof I cove bim..lfY.lo tho>drop oa him 01)I, marked J3 dicks la one day '
" 3;, : -. Christmas ; : ProC BrDt..t f Georgia, who baa ben approves ,
I it jnali8a Jocal (nj.ofgoodroadsf the Chri.mas holidayi De. and 'PAd e\qulotly .surrendered; Tales out f' i cb of cittle 00' Trout croeh I
a goodjdaj.o taachieg school t'orV: .
tte ,
KlssimmBB-Valley .Jrunl'- Smash .
i --' bjceola'oonn- rqeiijiiar Upin .
and the abnence &r r'several -members \er .5 -i boll&\.prisoner "ttowrteL1r.j ioutheriaiid Twbi Is nbjw; .
__ ( ,gL
\.D. .
,- -The sugar mill wilt.closo down tilt ''ue: will be no tournament 0(it'biTe nettled t. II. SlArkey>and )his wife, retvrucd to abut. ty; and just bafore .tb. pasturefenoeswofe our prices on fine harness liai vtakoii '
to three
1 1
t1BL1IIEi; Golf Club thin month, hut I -are warrants against(.II'ad".utwo built here hunt i ft '
MVKRY 11U1MY! '..j day about noon.ofsugar.On Tlmnday they .wilmakoarun 'have full tournament .about'; the ,t\'r'Po Tampa City, on S.tlira,nfit a visit( for larceny and ono f jr changing nfark" three wnol. with 3 men, ono of the prflif nl. ptHcc, Ojtid we'ara notbehind
,I" week 1 in'Janna7. The tournaraont oft faw days and l 1Irud"> In tho'two' minor OOHOI hii big stk owners of Oicooln county, consented ( times in lowering them, and at

& HARRIS.FniftAY. ._", The cattle th'of' of the Florida range.,ii. well ",eri.a and every tliurl.f will bi -/. 'm.t111 O'Gara, an itinerant peddler. of band &1e at f 100, and in the oilier at to the marking of SO dicks. Th lie

out of/iglil alongside of the Kansas City wade make it a success : ; who O'tui property in town was $JOO. He employed attornoys. Tayloii nsmei <(thoia .n"a&11Ia this hunt can bs t the some time giving you tho best

., VECRM JUt' r>, 1898. I tSP, but when it comes to I>unabn\ent! thi. t --'--- -Dinner.- .-. We ytstonliy_ Sears to defend him and A jut. bus beensiielle futli.bellf they era wanted. '- ,,trmJe.and most' stylish and handnoinely -
Time ,
Missouri man outruns him.-Tampa itChristmas hol. of .Donton llarbor to give bond .. concerned In '
J Mr. AlbrtNi There are twenlj-foar men.
., HE3. ."V"..nslii'ne 21 yards of llomospua e Stanford's. fur A 1-'r'l.tma. dinner will| bit i given at' 11.1 Mi;h., 1. atMi Broadway llotel, and will -- the Fort I Drum> pasture. fences,. and they, 1jt' trimmed oak leather harness .4

: I.DITOH ANil UU1NHBNANAUEfl.CHURCH most every in town, and we would 'Kissimmte.W Roaolutlods of .Respect. bo Ypund for the InKuBimmoe.
IIJHI7 ._ spend some "ks in with.tho aid of one Indian ore crited to money
like to impnsi upon the public mini the At the terni-frf the Circuit Court .atritisvih1uthe <'
.The. Sjo'.hport "Jim" hat made sammaguiricen < Van l>uior, who has bjen ( W) with markinj; some calves .vear. ; J. WATSON ,
of all '
stock L Q '
havV bohIow1iltaUone
large .ute -
fact that
DIRfOTORY, his farm this we a on .lhe is that fences, are =r..i .
} crops on seaxon hag ( a paiufull ab.ce. in _his. proven posture -- 4
H irrmiuiirr ChvncH. Preaching' ..nh Pnlil.iitli. : lie now has fo Slid five hundred.barrolio daintion necoiRnryto preparo JI.t dinner, two weeksls now recovering we glad! to death. of Judge,Broouie'woro ndopro 1: bus ail to coif sloalingl' See ., ae5ja .
.,!! a. m nol 1 o.rlncV. riwji'r m..IIIJt from Turkeys and CraDb" fo Plum That it is with profound sor.-ow and regret '
TluiradHir, (O\OIIIIK| at 7 |'. m. ttnbbauiKtliuiri (corn bushels of fine peanute. where the For Drum pastureleuce .
c\-ry f -
heard of his death
.e U W.( B. M/MKSOI* we ; -
Puddings. ..n :
U.4AKuudn) III'R"C.'I'" I...... Yen Can get vrything necessary,i.P. ,. Mr. and"Mrs. Thomai L. Wane arrived -That 1D the many years in wh'cti! haprMided owCurs had thoe 80 ,,each lime '
, Cor. Oilmen-W. ']. William*. Pastor.- first. Christmas dinner lixhlblt _For Tampa Uayi Their this be when a certain .tkm'searched the '
lurnw cues this Over was always
a frm te 'D'Dlnl'frm p GOODS.
I'r"O""M,,iirlilnK I'tmplit'H' everyHtimlay) tnoiillng* Jl(i a.110 w tt *m.iit 7 ftimdayHrtlMHiltMn p. m. W.p.B. Makinson Company '-' Plant Hystsm has buut an addition many-friends here wilt b. glad t! that fair and just;and .I Cour pure ".a ..d ture three dilJot tle. iocs the ] ,

1 be a in. rwuor m"'lhfM'\IVCr.1'bu' to the Tampa Bay Hotel a e cl.a mind and a rich'hual4ore: I. t Ing and b'.DdinR.a"I.bedj; .al time
the Barhean a back -
well they
uuli'omo.Kliwwii. The on place stay. -
, f.1 -clu.2" in. _yj !tort.Iw.n 1.I.n ut0 t to discharge) bis ;
duti. the _
he came-willroot Fort
the _
,..orvlrcl.\,T l Drm pasture ,.
.Cin neH.-Liy unit1" the of 80.000 gallons a permanent sbibitiol Bryan = "' ::1.I '
Bowing at rate Mr. and Mr.. IS..C. ,. who have" Tint; he was such a kind 'gentleman be 7'; --
lavor if UK) tnnutli .
_____ nil I f* ?n. 1'ho*' UilM% Htiuility, ". --products Florida. J.tbiliILDLhLblO4) [ fence owners troirg notified ef--his iol n-
'tock lull: li'iriiliiii c.K'ifft\ ntii'Mi' -:" "ami';'lut."ilLWUi S:HOC ; d.11'orMt.nnJhwID1t : .. ; free 1 ..i'lrltbern'11nllooe "0o"drtb.d"tb. *'-of ilous. lie did not having found
:Icos lit 7':u>. 1)aIly wn Inoi i u ( are solicited and will b] I, report
high. iititiii.JkIiiG l worship *v- w.l. rll'Dd b.r. .pr .ited 'fo M..b.l"m", 0.afr ,
d '
'"N .
of- Tbat his > clean and! Ini a.tll"l
Jilnriilnuur\lL-4i al.. Kv< 1.{ ..above the barlo., plcasanUiilsyof some weeks.Mis. .
and '*.ry,IIIM..on''olllIIO tiuiKliiy. )>. in. Hiuuifty'-MiliiKil' Mlg pip. JThJ Valley should certain'' partial, he singlo enemy, but The Fort Drum pa.'ure fence owners the'oniti"Stitor '
tci '4ft din. C. H .ur\co Id. n'I,' 71IO 4.. in." TO rr..)KV'ir* See that beautiful China Dmnor! Set. atWatsonT I be liberally represented" and our people ,'Wortbiogtonj; Mrs. Nance and Mil I of I ue his warm,'true fr od.. are c&liaficd that those 0wi oa Kissimmee Come to ,
at : 11.
Hoi In''OII''KThll.lau..tlnhIK tliusuiTvliivK. .. II* will give it ...y. Carrie N rtgirlar winter visitors to I .,z.j
loallond "uC.
4-rylMKly U mOHtcorilinlly" Invltort. I'Ailor.JKO. should attend to-it at oner. T tr lurlher Snlo of Island.Tbil prairie that mot their deth' by ganihojt, Christmas offering Fancy plain or'
1".. rAKKKH Bupt.1 of> A.a. 8.Dolxi. / At the (.I.m ot tb circuit curt ntTitnsville Geo. F.. 1'atker, AgenL )Ji..imm8 arrived Wednesday and are Paradise' wife not shot by any ODe,9.ninIA inter
.___ l : 1..f. lag woerk 1..1 of cf I Jaticu1Ir..ddr. again at the Kissimmee House. beautiful piece of properly, one of et In the I/VrlDrura/ pl.I..r I'Dce neither black Dress Goods put. up, in pat,4iforhloIidayplesents'Fasb- '

_J. -. FRATERNAL. OljD.rVS.Omnpo .Florida ..Peter llaulerson, fraudulently The Local Stock Market. Mr. and'M .Thomas Van Decor of N e. Lha finest in the .county, .. .ot uudtf did tro'r calves find a home in the Fort .. k

teb1tiarThed1Oiaysotnrilme' km) (roe eloasr.oeMoea4.ayfor4wo.4liouisndlolliri. tTruui alll. ; --
1"7. ')1.l.rotetn
ploiiiln Blfnsnm, ) oil or Ixxluo drforo No full M.innnn. In onchInniilh .1trJbnark..ud-.nd.-,.w. protsed on motion .01( tale's 'B1m.i < .i"C ctr have taken rooms\b. peetoflica. Heis to the mortj.jeea. hire: W. J. S. Those most e----interested wera". of ionablc Droshat and Sailors of
111\0' .
brethren oordlnlly *, and Mr. S. It is ao'I.
YlHlUug Carr U.
C..K. "''A. II''*. W. M. attorney. f-i( the field. an uncle'of W L Van Duror. Dolot. Fort Diuia have disapproved tf cow ite..l latest and colors.
all the styles f
H. )Mlll.KB Boo. 'will ship lad of about a hundred acre Ijing. oppc. fop and that of the chief
f W are lolling"Shoes and th.ap W. B. MaiDloo. Company C 'w. Dann got backJtV'edoesdky 'from leu: ytars, was one

I Friendship V\.<.rtiiewlilj( txxlKfl night It 7.An.K.lulling of I*. moot bn Ilirou( every ever be'ore pffored in KI..imm twenty cars, containing seven hundred head IloJne and where he .been acting teaL lite 1isimin..ftbout' two .. away, sndis prompting hiotlveiln! building the pasture An imrncfise stock of holiday
....UtllR'WJ.8KAJU.JR"C., ..(\' ,- L- Port onMonday for a rich hammock,surrounded :with a lieit; fagggr rig"iuatnntheieeiptaunat ----' '
; beevec
o( to Tampa .Dcr'i no ""**' aDa '
'-W.M.llAHWKIIK.R.tI r .J.O a dept'eDf 01! graxtnirland and -- Fire W0rks"7 c :
-- -, 0 ThorMooney case waa Jbi.n( the Cuban market. I.u Monday orders uTgi beuI-- by having their ow;cattle by
8.1..iLke' tt\echale
t.aa.rr J. C. to whdm the iilniHityelooged
Ol" TRAPSI. courtto shipped (lour 'containing UO of office .. C.p\ Slr.\for, .The incident cited prove that the .
BOARD Judge's the 'I* V.99
4.i morning from.the County .r ,, had a house, and made Ladies Triininod Hats'50 ct> to. $5 ooli..tdlira Black Brilllantlne
.' 1.8'O1 ,.or.J're.ld'o( ;. Judge Uarwell'l eoar on the defendants bead,toMoody ; Henderson of Tampa, Mr.'O. S. T.lma of Vonton Harbor, improvements buil on la.g.the pT5p F&r Drum pasture fcnc/" -are i being Ladles Corsets 3? il to, .s I Ladies Plush Capes. . . .". ,.47?
A. It. IIl'al'l..n. \li-e 1'reiUilanl., ? Tor Cuba"and to 0. Ilal- many erly cl.or nsqd to put sad keep stolen eAi* '" LadiiM NlglilKow eta tU ,., t
j anit, Treasurer. allidavit that Id&.. Johnston! wasclerk on. .yesterday Mich., has arrived and is preparing, to g9 !cr 50 ; cc I Ladies Black Hose per pajr jcjto..35
Unior. Horrvtarr them arteii'mn well flowing
\1' U Van being an
imong (null only shows that the FortDrum >dic Unilcrvesls f eta l =. of th'o barl of cO..Dly'commt.oo. lovan'A C." down the Driver on hunting expedition 100,000 gaHons daily. Thurs are:' nUoa Ladies black Sateen Unilcrsklrlii ;,7o I I Ladtei'ShiIrt waist 350 to, .t.-, 3 oa391 -
' Official Weather Report. .when tbe..mela. was changed. O* shipped fourOat. with a friend in the { have Had and ture,fance owners do not and. will not apDrove Ladles; Ualmorals Ladies Corset Covers 150 to, , ,3j
btbey orange '
Fulton peach orcbao grove of such .work countenance
of beef cattle to ,of Su.r any or
T..mpa .
puncluat built for
'l ATX O IIMPI ATC. 'Arthur Donrcan has a specially '
KVEHISO 1>', ",I JR, One .w_it. Makioson Company have bought pinery .te .cow, stealing in any shape form., '. 'Vqwgoodsarriving everyday,. Call and beconvince4. ,
Rnln- morning bo &.tLDtlrombiB Mr. BarboVu left oli Tuesday (or his On account ol itt water protection and 'Tho best hunter and who ji'nnlll
from S cow ,
of ,
five '
Max.-Win. fall. dairy s the mule went ( twenty and beJ b"e 1. Dil.of home i4 Buffalo, after a stay of several Luther protection t lie place it' ,;pjI\;, ;, ,hit year on. of the big tockmen of Osce- ii! O.Amos miqjj: .
Friday .... "? BO (W I 41tfntilnW without him. wagon and all and Donrgaa. lock, yesterday olbei.iah weeks. lie. members of hiefamily 'ree.froin The .inland' ,
.,.'.11'. M 57.U, extra fine beeves from (part of hopes some light f.o.l. .11' bin county, ban gatheredand put all be i' .. .
Hiuuliiy...h..4. ,v f.. :". .:'" '?u 4ilMonday. ) who was L1 an Iour', behind!, found hrmJu. will be down I..t.r. Their grove i. nous for itf beauty, and1 is one of the show of in Bre- '
l liaIQpLo a
and today '
.. . ml 'IIluauUr. the PadgiHtcattle), one p..tur
't ...... .. .. .,. IM, MWednesday. front of a cnatomer making the regular thirty head from( the Drawdys, for in charge Oscar Griggs.A plaelor ,1.10. .understand' it if 1 1told couJlet uut1Lot he says if he can't have Trees.
.. .... .. :. fill 4] .1 .a Owen Cherry
round as sale. Here is grand
for a
', aiiundav ......... .' .1 V.I M tm. nual the Cuban maket"u" Swei.h Count named ._Lwclb.OI.aod Im'mei.le. 0\11e! cow .bIDtDI'.l Of er the .
I 3. .t .IJI'?.ON. P. M FOR SALJ.t.One. 5-horse powEr boiler arrived on Saturday, are spying a wan of meh.. and energy to Killimme. prairie, wi go out of the .
: .
t"; and engine at a bargain. For Information A RIVER HUNTI1G-'fy. at the Okeechobee.. They ban. been profitable investment and an idual cattle business. '. .

LOQALNEWS. 'apply: to Dann Bros..'Kissimmee. }'I.. 10u.iDI tbrou&b-Hulu and came to Ki.. rioter home for himself in (air Flonda.flame 1 Now, :Mr. Stockman the beat policy for. <. : The finest cherries I 'and largcsi cherry.trees in the known world grown

-We'understand.that two nice heatieg Hovo KI0 IOO VI.I'and- Snipe. limmee to get lome1 1..1 fishlnic. L you is to be satisfied to live and let live. > the fnmoua Cherry Mountain near.Klleoboro;N. C. -
: In OnceoU.Messrs. '
:Tk: .Y w" cannot do.. ,"oy'woufd mint "loves complete have added "to 8u Yesterday, the party of Plii.el"bl.1 E." H. Doak, a leading. horse dealer of I Protection. Mr.K liter, I say let the t.rntk and the For (tho past low ;years' trees from this famous orchard have been.

do s. tI.eJ'0'4 I| Proverb. church of beD sce. They were sportsmen, }e.. Horace B San Antonio.'Texas, has been in town this J.IL and U 4. Mooney,, Vill whole truth be known in regard to the pasture transplanted in the surrounding country and have proved a surprise tohe
fI ..,- .- the l'.ter' ol Cot W.:K. Cad man, and Sidney Collins and M. Riter under left on. week with the remnant of a bunch' or 'hor-, [[I'ulTitetler and '-,!.?-;..KiD&crm.I'u.n. fence business,.and certainly any fair people by: their rapid growth, enormous eiza and delicious roil The '

see thoM Lmpips M Watl, lI'..' will"if undoubtedly cat be apprecinted" by Ibel.Ue Maoma, which they .had cTiartcred lee.;"'- He was here.t.O'7..r.ago and goes tt: last bight r.ol a ton' d., hunt don minded man con not 'ai lo .-whereinpasture Irees grow very tall-and spread out long beavy limbs andare filled l''

Subscribe to the School Building Fund.ArtUticallr .. the parishioner of "ucb. during coldweatber.Soutiuol for Fort Myer and tb."Gulf. On to Arcadia and olbe polat I South FlortIda. in Polk and Onoeola counties- and sueelded fences are an advantage to each with Jorge black heart nil. aped cherries. Aa many as five bushels have
chutl the they will shoot 'and hunt. Tb.y', *. in killing nine fine deer,-one tur- stockman. this not made the fact been gathered from one tree. The fruit is very fine in flavor and suitable -

printed. Calling Ctrdi kera.Go ; way several and J&ckilancocic I Icy andanabtn'Jaqor of quail, and other pfain enough'J future for canning, |'j>ies, drying etc., and ripening: they do' in May and
tookwith can given at a
and'iee'tha army viewi at t I' the ...aOTdo Ta.kYI.'_Cranberries, Plum Puddiig4iud4hncMcatak i \em They dO.will leave the 'Mr. and Mrs. Conkey, of Benton U..rbr. ".mall gaiue.-Otang'tounty 1 Krportrr.. time. 10r. 'b Fane they come tn when other fruit. is scsroo and sell readily at ten

Photo Oallery next Week. "c--' '', B. .Coml "a guide. buck to Xiesimmee ',I Mich., have been .toppin'g&t the Broadeay Our eiteemoi ,couU-niporar _Iorcot_the cents; per quart. .Besides their creat-valne as fruit treea they make the .
Fort Myers and come If some of tho b .tockmen-ca.not find '
Walion'i. > oy's. at thi.week. Mr. Coukay onuorthe which finest of shade tre'aa'; "Mr, Jno.; T. Patrick, Chief-Industrial Agenydtbe $
1 awortinautXmai Ooodi at Thea.gentIemei Hole ratlJosnnkcJ, according to it* -veracious
B'H ioun4 the ooaHt'by Tampa. suit them her there is
to ,
-r business of his city. His pasturage plenty and their great
men them
of tne Piratior1da Seaboard Air-Line, after examining eeeing
U:'T. Duller to Irt the but Shoe The .O.'eoi. contingent( have been here five Weeks, and longui, are the principal game orOlla and that thee.whaailroady
Go to only j just
Regiment" baok from Tallahassee .. wifo will speed the winter here for her The huntsmen of Orlando* niunbave ele'berl il.1 ralae as a fruit andshade tree says: "These trees are rapid grower,
for Ibo least money. 1 >erjt other gone cut hunting, he.hh. own palu.e should b. allowed 1 make shade and yield ac abundant of large black cherries >
.er. : they a good crop
I C. Bnctets; intendi to pn hia new aa- are, where they. LeonardCrsw.mulU'olit"ler', Ray 'Libby, m.khfl about/lS days act'itl, Sloln&. Inthis W. A. of Bo ve.rJls, Pa:, arrived gnnerally-eonsii1erod a perfect passion fot an Hogstre rat-. to hold them in peace that find a ready market., One thousand trees will in five yeal'8from
few for Uia Chriil mai M.i time wittt thr.a guns they have killed6FiIoen 'M.CI. enemy __ CoitBrnronoaifT' that them out sufficient
loon In a df jready. .The three days planting yield a revenue to the town puts
Seaman White., Wednesday to spend .er..1 ..To.nakesh.ut Jou't to' bo -oirun -
they teem "
.t.adOo. Lw hundred qDa\\ and snipe alone, 'ifBoth; -haVingbee;) n heard in tb'secntrDversrJ4.wouIdint'Inouropinio to tqwu taxes keep tbo streets and work the country roads lead
: ,
in foruntingandfl.hing. and hisnewly pay up
.} and bunting and looking
will go CsUfng .ftr 'the visiting
See thoie EleeaTit fbi 3preaJt at SIn lrt my in Ktaimm. not counting turkey and ob} f game .,Jhia : -on Steer : sportsmen- ode r' ; ng into the lownJ' 1_ _.__ i __ '
ford'sLonttl.3': .. is an averegcotbirI: a day; 'Tb" & -aqDrelprope.t bjWadjR : be profitable to the public 'to carry on the ."It would be a big advertisement that will be worth Uusandi'orloller.

Town held.: DO meoug 'oaTueHiay Buj-iour' Xmas Goods .; .the Racket immensely, plsatai with the hunting and Beh whole After, be wl. b a.awtb to "3TOCKMAN" AN!WERKD. .ducuas'iou\ ; .we.. must, thurefors..d.clinoLO'iursue / to be able to).,' 'oar town hadTfraitbearing trees enough on ita'
The and Store. .* say wi ih for better .pr lie will -.- t Ibo sul Jct4f/ artber, except on the lide' wslks and public parks to pay the expenses of the town and build
his extensively.
night there being'DO quorum. Tw Cuban gentlemen Senor JuCn' An- 111.0.. property on-lhe "Correspondent" Defends, pahtnre broad question of the benefit aDd utility of good; county roadc-! aud will give you a world wide reputation for thrift
\ collides grovi.r4oRootciotue .
..adjourned tonight : d!o Ilavaejar and SenorJeeeLopex' ;o) .T. CKMETIMEE7u : P'iiioa.Donloa.tltoy l pmuiro( f.DC't t the cattle tndntry. -Ko.) mterprise and- gcod judgment."
36 Willow Chairs. aTwataonV, have been in town this week inspecting Appoint Olr' Mr.; Patrick dlij not only talk but acted on biB judgment and we'uroished -.* to' Organize and 'Uk'UI4 COW Stealing,
Agree !
' gift the cattle They ,wiih-to i : ala To My l'rloud.'nud Customers to' him ftijd his agents over six thousand trees during 07.98.aeasol'
m.rkt Officers and Committees.Pursuant'to To the Editor.VILLEY cfirtTTi: .' Drum, 1'la. 1, 1898.KIIITOR .
.11y lurfie .8IIOrt.1 thousand head J t. t hayo. '.
foe Chriitmu-an onniia buy between three and five very large and assorted stock of
4 calf a, Dumber ol 'leading Last week you printed my article "Plant ; Vt.ioyGaat.1 J i f_. "' Tl Ituos bo set time from October 20th to March the 30th
moot at Katlt"l I of f oattlo, part fo bat f. and part stock cat WhiskieWinijJlradis. .I &o., I o cnn any
stockmen at :the Court 10''oD ing Trees,'and In a; part of i U whereylwat 2I 1 would like to aoswer>MrjjjStoclimsn'j r'k and it(4s for to die, ;8o that we gladly Bend
The death annoanccd .t t JOabri.lIa"of. breeding.;: --, ; \ ptj, I cuitable! for thC'JoIidaystzade.Con.ider.!i a very rare thing one rye .
Win, Hall one of'the oldest ecUUra"In"1,the i t.lor> Holiday' v -.J.\'r""THrpn3iiajiSecure WaUon's.; 1lond., for the pl.poa../forming/ !an organization trying t'K'oormttiori.' iriicle in Ib Kissimmo7Vil.LicT| fUhTBoNo..lth. ing'qualityTmy prices ore can mother in place of any that dio the first season, that has. been carefully
I your tojprotect the .lokIDdoaL' of the types me say .the Jpote in which be abuses I.1! let Out. We carefully pack all_trees so as to t airive'. .in good condition.We .
.. old. be Soliciting in the
.tat*. U. n 100 jeari i.le.lo..t.1 Will Simpson, Henry :Barnes, Sid Cosens the Kiis'immee'X'alley.- toul twenty five to,ear I ..olt 1 say, picture "s, and Fo'rt Dru-n pasture .old. .ou patronage can lurnish.them eitberby mail or express one to .throe yean old.

The Clover.Brand Shoe i U the ., John Frank Bass. Oscar i men were p..Dt. mo'L' Whom.bad "il muck lands that there 1.1 muchof fence owners in. p..tal.r; iu inuitoi' that future .in the pot I am Small\t/ees grow off better, and will make a large tree asqa ek as a ten

and will give good service. To find them I Boss, W. R, Bass John Cap; Olin Hughey signed the reward fo cow thievot publishedin about you there is none of Jhis.-ro>t- they are all co. ,. -.- Yours Resp't.Bitsbxit, Toot one ,but we will-furnish them .uy.izeupoiefeeLbighWe_

go to R. T. Butler's. Bam'Harwell, L A. sons Lee another column. .Theje were a1 present knot parasite,.and the article read "there Mr. Stockman has been eDde.orul for A. E. prepay all trees when cash accompanies the order. So it does not make .

>a ,In the Mayor'. Court |hu week J. D: Ju- Day, Frank and_others are Senator C.nD. Hepre tentative Wat- is more of this.oct.kuoi.'not! yt..IDab. loma Ums to pick; a quarraiwitb'the. Fort StVIoudugnr Mill Running.. my difference.where you live they will delivered at the following prices:

and Gabe White were fined the first*1' work at tome in the mill M. Lee and U. Bullock. information! Dram pasture owners and la this end,
DOT al. 51 C0lid con, J. 8 : 4Rootknot All U bustle and stir on the largest sugar ONE .TltEhT MAIL 25 CENTS,. 20 TREES BY EXPRESS t2 60.
and the aeoond $1.60 for beioe
. ]Ererj Shoe In my house U new,'and yon Why ..i,0a let your pigs and P. A. Vans Agnew secretary and treasurer, Michigan to Florida, and the farther south Increasing (as.they always do) slanderous crop began on Thursday last week and the 12 .". EXPRESS. fl. Ii' 100..f.8' 00. ,

will make no mistake but save money by die with .Rup. Ac, when Morgan During'th< dicu.iionnumber' -' of valnable the more trouble.from It Thil parasite is lies 8a.t.o .A 10Dg o< he could "Mstt'uOo great mill.opened on Monday., One tree froo with each a order if you mention the VALLEY QXrKTTtSend .4

" tjialliBg. OB B. T. Bailer., : .-" has amediclne. ,1 surely, is'them. suggestions were' made. by various. not found !In any,. other than rsaody, soils; I with d PIng work where we One bondreithand.; are cutting cane, but money by ReginUred mail, P. O., or.Express .money order or
men. henoe your muck land are f.e from 1 are .well known I be, there need fued the mill fast and FRANK BRIGhT Sec. and address:
Sterling Silver Noveltie* af KaU's: TrIL' they cannot enough, check, making them payable to ,. ,
W. A. M. E.. T. A committee\ was .ppoint on constitution 'and as muck is bUD ns and. contains some of paying any attention. to him; )but, when every, *f.w days it b. 'to stop and let the '
The suit of the State ,.. John) Padgett lorrloD C.Reell at tie it a good fertiliser when he brings bufort the ) 'pnbtto SUPPLY CO. Ellcnboro N..C. 1
'The Kendrick Harry Waner, al coloDe1 bylaws and report nitrogen m.k. us genera ; ult%rs catch.up. Not counting the.."d UHER11Y( MOUNTAIN. ,
(far estreat of bond has beau filed next meeting;composed ol J. U. Lee, J. S.Dronon. applied to our &Dd lands. then it is time to defend our elves-or rather
returned yesterday from an absence cane, which is all laid by, there are three ..IINCIl.-RUIhO.fordIOU N.C 8a.KipressCo.BlleaboMtN.C.,
trial and o ... nk, Rutliarfordton :
blnol.' for his,, appearanoe Carson ..odJF.O'D. Eleven when character: .
r twelve days.on a.unt.ffhey.vlailed_ .LW., W.tOD."C. A years ego "I. Bid.ellnt i our hundred senate. grind,:which. will yieUf| .. -
.:amoantnd to 100.-.- neighborhood of ( about T" came'out with LU hew p.ob.1 ". ;Perhaps Stockm.aa hal forgotten the .about five thousand tons of oaRS. The -

tow U It that R.T. Butler sells his Shoe llod were o that the organisation early and Bidwell'i li. a 9.Ilb1 sentinTtat of the poet tin r
cheaper than any,one ..1 Because. he"though a good dl.lant many were _0. The is to assume the payment of the rewards 29 of t.1 and then in hl one'i ftlo..m&J teals about one hundred acd fifty"pounds of sugar bis fine house at.a.-otr.T. II* will finish. it perous and happy,and peace prosJ

boys direct from the (" '., kmee party had an exceedingly pleasant and, offered by the stockmen. The turenp ..I sd to him..'B:, it you will put my puree, ea tbi; but he who steal to the.ton. The extraction I.-bilb. by summer. and brotherly kind nets prevail

------8taafo' re restful-time. Tampa-: & .jCellecteA f.139,cat .. lo.t muek, that is my good name that which make him by several t>ur eenfa-than1.ever.before'-obtained. -7k..8 CoireapopJeDt. has asked atalIpQlitiratipapjeaoin3nat4onaL, _,
and quality. ; Sheriff the Wilbur Shiver down by the one of tbo none the richer" and leaves me, oh Us stlitloo-f-this smpleIf 6' 'cots ties; -- -r -" ",

Steamer Boseada C&ptjobnson.brouAt Tb.) Bud ow Photograph Gallery will b reward, leering tl a balance of 939 hhld. tries It win pay yon the best .kind.. He poor." 'II The mill has a nominal daily capacity of kill 6 rots in 8 minute bow many cat Th VALLEY Qurrra Is B w._* visitor ,

threj hundred boxes Ironi th. Lanier, op.i nlt_1 and .1. will be_ pleased & Besides the names of the 81 .IKI..r' did 1 and his wets the finest" peadh.. Mr. Stockman says he has been a .( five hundred tons and aa actual capacity of 'would take to kill 100 rate in 100 min to all of its sobtlrib bare. Kewspo

J'lercs up &n&ptflaBQckvLi! meet all of my former patrons as wall tha reward'offer, the following lA.ltoa When they.jnrathree-'-rainer (o 18 years, now-.Itis.wellkaeJwamoog 41 x buudrcd, but'tbey onl"work 'about half .. '1'11:1.hi..a lmioB, U U rIghat-t' per"&diDIIII-U*marvelous. sxleat_tha _

: any'njwousunddcth.lrChrt.tmaaworklotthent. handed in-for membership-: A. C .r.oD. years pad him $10 fortho peaches the cat lom.n that he does DOt and 'that. Up to now they have ground,about S cats kill A raIsin minutes then 1 cat daily bread of our literary life and the accuracy -

trip. ._ , J. W. J. M..Lea, S. .n.,Bullock that were on two trees. The next sea- bal not ,owned a oow for about l yean. also will natch 1 rat in ft minutes., and if I cat condensation and perspicuity with
25, doa.:Window Curtalo.Wateon'.: __ -. o. a, AIJ.H._- oD C. V.Prevatt bought 2,000-of- .same At one time he did ". one thousand tons. They are" drying catches I'ra' la6 'minutes.-the I eat kill which the VALLeY GAZETTS presents the.
-- ------ R. C. lan '
.. Pai1l\ epJ I/ii year's second grade of sugtrj1; "which) current topics of the. day to its) reader
ISave mosey by dealing wlih Stanford. .-' Photographer. and Wm. Br.o .i't. which were planted on the cattle.: These! ho Ild 1 te .okDo.Iee was saved over in order that it might beworked 20 rate in 100 minutes, and ifJ_ ai catches jSuilv! commend It to an appreciative pub I

Hosofliforosab.I A meeting of oar citf .ns .called mn6k land at 8t Cloud and hey oow rogue ol that time; so Y more economically this season. Mr. 20 rats in 100 minute then 6 cats wil)kill lic. We hop that all oar people who do ,

Last Sunday the Rev. Stuart Martin held at the school house at 3 o'clock I, on S.t..r Hotel Klaaltnmee to Open. have made Ki.lml8 famous a a peach I excuse to gather cattle of two leading Smith, the sugar? .expert, lays the resultsare A time as m"DYI"A\e; wolsh is 100. rats U |not tak*.it will soon beoom subscriber

i set-noes: in St. Peter's church at Naroooe- &aeooJJ.t for the purpose. of hearing This comfortable and 1.01 Plant System growing section. JAUKI Mint.Orlando. -. stockmen. Thus he (the cow rogue) could a* good a. o u'd posaibly be expected 100 minute A TKXAS WO DEH.,

sea,where: be was the guest ot Mr;and Mrs. repot railroad-eemmittes. hotel'will open-next'Tbursdayr,Deo.16th Dee..8 1893. get some their and all the- ik"tob' and 1it au.xtriltoegrsde ohupr.ol" ,. LL'S
what could be done by ocr.lii&ens H.Dieffanbach Stockman GREAT DISCOVERY.
and decldihg under the management of.Mr. found. This, Mr. '
II T. Bailer. .ao The St. CldbJ pUntatioiTdaring L.1"H
., Death of Mr Peterao -
,; "That 1. mighty prtar-lb 8 you've"tt .: ; and property holders I .to Solicit- 'wbo Is now'nDulol Jbe--- 'Hotel, -..: worry a o.rtaln'per.on, and scoe.dsdto.Nowb.ibink.h.wiif'sarnIaii t A-pre.p.hii.. email bottle of Hall'*Great Discovary ..,
ft the Av.1yd eeeerreaee-was
1IInolu.melll PI Okebob.. .eM trig sights to be found, in the State. Mr. ClIItJ1aoO.SIl&ft8.JlOlJ core all Kidney and Bladder tOUbI.S'
t out-Whtre di4 you get them f' "At"But.lors. rd through our lrDaidthe Mr. 'and hi* kind and agreeable the wife of Louis Peterson,;Jt 'Moqd bread and butter by"'worrying the t lock- Gar.-ity, the trust i and efficient superintendent "E..bodll.I I : remove gravel icTTfJT"l>t.bolis, semiaalemisnion

._ 'He sell the Clover. Brand 8b_ in 01..mD.12 previous llaes H.r. wife are too well known to t.vel. Irons a.ddelln- men about the pasture fence1. ,own still favorabli ( weak and lame backs rhenma'Uaroand
'OUI te .m.el U most kind and obliging to visitors doing Wn and the signs are. the '.
} Furniture "..'." Allen have been hissection They.had lately come here from Lough- all all irregulailUeeol Kidneys
Hew lint M Day. and & ling public to need any rmmedaoe ers until th ."Iaer posture,' ,"ADd takes pleasure. in showing the for general '1'OIper17: ; and Bladder ia both men and women. Reg
. Standard.beet Bewinx Mstchun on the i In th. interest of the railroad and Be ha*been lu the hotel busmees here. for man .he the family w sited wit illnesa. shall b cut down, le'.some wet, this mill and Mr. Ward the secretary of the! ':::Jt'N' 'Of'll'tllref' 1 1. preparing '\for bii ulatet bladder trouble ia children. If DoS.

1 market Prtoed low ThomBvon'a. It was (for the purpose -presenting bOOSTcitizens many ,.a and his appointment 1.. ao_assurance .. The funeral occurred next day, spring. Ia Mr. an owned-a pasture company I. equally courteous and .enter sugar cane grinding this week. His cane old by your druggist will be e a,. by mail

The _D.XpectedlOD to W. 'n. the report of the ommht. and of a incceolul and profitable.I. Her lister I now prostrated by illness would have, kept' his cattle \taining. Is 61.. on receipt of$1. One small bottle is twomouth' '

( .ucIliUoun.of .P olle. the aasUtaWe asked f jr, -.. and is in a precarious condition. T..m and now they would have furnished him a very .treatment and will cur any.ease
Jobnaon, clerk of tile son., ._, lira. OveriitrVeT'bas sold her entire cropoforang.sfor$225a above m.o o 8d K. W. HALL 7 -,,,
W hit called. The universal feeling ourcitizen pathyotour peqple goee oat to.m>\ good respectable living and he would not -'- .
was -
county; waa canted by a 'shortage le Appointed. box This is a feted -t--- -: ,_ Sole Uannfaotnrer.Y
T accounts with the $tat.'of> '1600.- < .seems favor of doing everything ,_ .C.Uo.?pe tor their affliction. resort to the canning 0 hit pen fo.aJive County C (respondcnve. price for the home-market.P .- P. O. Box 919' Waco Tasaa. "

( i all possible to obtain the rl throughour At ..pameiDI of the County Com 11 __-;_, .- Q Cromartie is s'.ilt rocaperatins, Sold by J. C.-Loak*. Kioummee Fla.Vloresville .
: NoU Ref-ln Coeoaonta-Caodie ajternoon Time Mr, Mooney on Our Game b Texas -Janujiry 7. 1896.-.
aeetion ai was by liberal cattle doing better the more range _': -a ..s'uLUc.UfatiuidNt.uteei_ will time bfoe'e
fear it be
kinds Fruiu at W. Malcinson Company'a. 'I Inspector cattle ( Mooney'Robt; Al thpnjK 'Ifft some ; This ir to certify that after suffering peris.
o. .B donations offered both In'uoner'and. labor, Bass ..ppIDt. o ; Ho Mooney they have, when they have enougbtbaf; is he regains bis usual vl or.. dioally for nine Tear with severe kidney

last ana -A Park Idea. .. 4 o" this precinct H. Bronaon for precinct E.:!!. C. Drnry-towe C. H. ElDI.rmao"De sufficient., The of these 'pasture t Cats, lion E. L. D. Overstreot bo* about fouacres troubles, I leel now after the nae of about..

JWhlU getting the)p.perO' wMI: .0'vNTED1OOOCJitckens No,fi.All cattl'to .blpp-o son and Will HnfftteUler went fences have attended to'b.t matter you W* havTbeen having some cold anct waS in tomatoe and the plants aritb. two-thud of one bottle ctliaU'a Great Discovery

'hpneel. tie p.t ; driven ont'jpf the county mast down4be Kllm. prairie baotel returned be sure 'Mr. The cattle wealhei there was a big frost last Tuesday ,that I ant eared.'' 'i. -, ,
( a take may 8\"mal ; log llioel,. II.will nave- egg plants (for JtA. WASSEHiCH.WAHTcaaevKRAt .
at alter
'- I. '..iJtL.orn4a1&TTSft&ng onceVil by the precinct luor. .Tb.. fees arethree Sunday night aaOful ,In the Fort Dram paalares are doing much morning. '* market before hiri.tuaa. lie baa turnips .

.. and damaged aome of cur ; o ; eeaU *. l.& >e paid _by_tb. aibt.da absonoefrorntbe OUy... better BOW than when w.reate -There I...rtgtiti smart of.young-'p'gtiothi and t vegolaWes. opi f.loo..o'' JThe t-arwoitTnT PKE--
; I bosineae
Carda. e. r.IDt o Tlaia W.'B.: Maklusdn Company. shipper (" : T8 ki.d nine d'bla turkey job all over Jfco conn try. *country now.1 .It,is IL bad time of the 'wtiUr asked eeveral genlleinen the In Ihelr owo and suvuby(0_maoa.our.. It Is mainly

1 this offioe. 1 11 1.- Lend Game Law C..'. lee, lo o q.1 1m. squirrels and three I W. are surprised 'tb Mr 8wcka' year for them there U nothing for the bogs otl r day what they bad planted. a'nd one office pat work t"fnd M liunio Palarv, boQande straight no
Th* cold wave brought a touqh of frost C' 'rLtn.k. t should insider' and cowetealiog to get to eat;all the" palmetto berries'ire ) aalavy. Moulhly S7A. ,. ; *.
'which Plans are now heioff by which the On Tuesday In the County Judge's'courtjhssqjbBtati.s.Jfl.Moousy much'surprised on hisreturn t.DOa Of thant replied: "Webavsa little of'sv, KIICIM| .loll aitdranuil ilampAd .. xmHenday 'Vod Tuesday ( ney when hear '' .
.1&bt. Disston lands will again ma. jb.markMfpr ofOrlando 1 padflr ,oo07m .i terms, we all rathing that can b* tssd at home or sold K. tie. rnMlt Uop ItTchleoco.P
1>urnl bau-Txato.In.u-:1a&-otb.r-t0a.; o time t b.l.fQ9.b' hlmsdvtahugutWfoltowtbs'rnetbodaeCsuch t* a good many men frees this '
long '
and the is
sale breaking
Fo. 6n a charge .. on4h rniieiSuch' thj sptrit of cue

." .der stuff but the damage.was ILght.FLn.8odaOingeA1e&e.M t".. lands. have been. f. the. mar by killing' a'due oat ot( season,.p."w c. out of.'at XI.. did. fo consider-UD himself bus Gays stockmen.J'arktrs as the, ,"leDdqe Bad S..lme others section work.of' the country. .' g gag.Into 8\ Cloudto people. -"',* ,'A.' VANS-AGNEW,
.Jobntoo. .
quality.Also Morw&siLgtsxIyBuporior -The. above item from .the .TimesUnionandCiliaon up fO trial. Cut AU.. M J. N.CheneyEtq Tay under arrest, though Ue sheriff..ofpsoeola ," whoa.they. .with, one..exception. .Mrs. W.AtThomas hoe been' very sick( One more. arrlTafin" .the Shinoile acbool. ATTORNE-Y---AT-t.AW.. _. '
A, represented do.adMd a itnof/tbe/ --- -- ,- -
inomewhat misleading .For saw him before he. )ef)_9.l now makes the .nroltmeattb4 be'glnniagof '
KxtricU far the'defendant -- ,Iobpstou.-owned-pastur.--feooes.- for! the post'Week.. but she la able te be, OIl'of '-.ur_ -
\ f7u7.-11 some-yean the Diaston Land Cmp b ., of Orlando, the prisoner that he had a w.a'd. him, fO their desoindaats, who are ,bed now.' the present 1ern>. "N'O't'.A.RT P'trl:3x.b.'
Ik-n I. .1 la ''TI. defense mon discharge deer In O the first h.11 O '. IT,. D. Graham's mill tans at ,ull'pe.dwith .
sot keen actively engaged oolo".la& Commissioners JI ae ( In> ; cattle businbks, own Mr*.-B. P.-Wilson has got t job of work -1-- -
The. Oseepte: High_ Reboot oped. on lanes, which now Cmpi I. au on the had ground t County change the iif October,'the time a wb Otoaola Urge'pMtnre K."e f.n'&e'.'Tht gVandton\ o one ; la Sonthport with Mf...,Towl .;. for .twelve! th. usual fore. hands, ,. lie says h* J; ,MITCHELU'-- '.

Monday wIt. at.wo.10 alonehalf/ I bat at D|tIm. no- I. months.. authorities claim\ |t of the .w. of Hendrya ''now living in Lee county dollar. a .month .<",. .*. most keep the wheel rolling and'while'he

which is IICn,1,) T. Bteashe have theee lands been withdrawn fromtbeteaVEet. close season to the The he Mr., MooneycUlms. however, 'that OI t, owns 62 miles-of.parturedrone ,Mr, Henry P rtia ho-' found Mr/ Har -make* little. lor himself.. .live. ,livelihood to ash1oxui'ble",ea.rber
week the motion said aAdl "
overruling \ -
',..pld..101.C..tcD'. I.X' The company hae always beenready Cur validity.of \. ''Wttonofthf county comOIO have no tight tochange _\ 8,000 bead of bt o.tl6.n. .1 I per' lost horse at lb,'south and of*flhckoryflammock. others. .. .' Opposite, Poatottice.Ilaircutting ,tI

.e el b .wDC. to aell to aayooe doee with vaoney to buy. w cba..b\ but would!! let a I; .hekilled Star.his says, lt U,not good a man :t h. h. IGard'ena W. do not wishto pelt the-. ublio.. with I in all the latest

FOB SALE-Par* blood B1 b T aO.mpl a the bs settled appellate court game in the proper I.-rd pasture gaU dowa." Lee county one are getting along very ,well only inflated bobbl sjJ-w* prefer to give the styles ; Razors always sharp, andeverything

,I bred fin* &acl..Canary Bneaing lr TbJh ...d f., are)JplC.I'The case defense then plead not guilty and .theMMVUMtM 4 TOCuISgAOOI.DINOMSDAY. tfce best...(10 the state. .adl one the wet .weather. 'while .Shingle Is. too soU4aBot flaetaandwedothUwhea w* ia the-tonsorial fins will
; that Ike anaouMoaeatwiObewaBad* -.- ,. IJi'a' Quieter TI Ml w.are too wet .:..:... be ci wltknoMaH 4'.u..c
.. A fb kHOJIA .eheap \ cokvL4QA2zrI. today 'trial ,-; 11. J. ./$s pieU .o pasr dry oojsbatc,. Miabborhood .
,. 1.' *- .r .
OII : : .
". 11 '1 .' 7f
'if 5kb2Ae : L <
.i "
,e.were. .' :' ., r CT

1_. -. f
.. "J
; T .. ,. '
-- -
,.. ." -. 1 .- i f .hJ I'
,. ..
p .
: .. 'r ---- : .- ,.< --,- :)--'- .' f : -.. I.
'--: "


.,o\.t '. Sf. I \ /* ''Ii I ( f) 't.. ,. ) 1 ,\., 4J1j b" .'1 1'", 1., .. "u: / I' ; jti '' I''

I :1' 9? \I. ::1., ,I .I ,)1' 1'J' .1,"' "\ Ii I" i 'f

/ ( \c .1" ,
/ "J f /i 0'I" D' \ '
,. ..,. if 1 '1'' 1 ,_' I

>1. ,' : a .. .
; ; -. ,. -- := boexxooobe>
10 pe.t. "Realize worry as an ,stimulate* the growth U tlui grsrTL V ei There Wi ;Trouble'-' IttrtSXiSfti for Sassibs: *pl| V
enemy i !
*_a gentle hint troyou I' bappinea.lV1dIiiVj r sFOR casual observer may 'conclude that the ?the ell tnt VV3prdVV words pm r' Tel. 5.111 OilS ,.i;
_______ 'mlii
> ...Id.."i.. Pty a. OR ? that'it can be cured. FARM AND"'GARDEt( extra graciufribn fiirnl hed -1.\bt'1' tloun:4 tllF":.may have dlfforcnt i0'=d'rh'i S i;l Wi'S V V

IInng I ;" repHea :the sistent effort. V lOll, gninV {inch 4 i ilipnnlng to dUTerent people. IN In the Si.. P..S.S-s 75.It u.S.a...' VVtV.end

'. not Attack it definitely'as great, mistake nays Thomas Shaw lathe following Incident: ,,,... ,,.It 5..o.d.
al ... ..
1OIDg U ot.j MichIgnn m I, $4V ,OdI
I to be overcome .. Ohio Farmer.. Root production A r'Rtofll.e,11" front COd',. V
/ \ t- Realize that it never has .Twa'Atorjr Ponltiy .,....., ,; the grass is iuciea eil.proportionatelywith City eloflrle plant slid asketl a Tbl.ComipnJfs l '
t There in 'This means V but one of VV
A II*** **"lna ... tV l1eu"" <.11 do the least good. It The volume of plan .) poultry top production. bystander; V otIuIU.IahtObsImmmd| '4V.
".1 ., A fw A Inn d"'' ,n1 "> *Toll' <_t. t. tDe-Himart. vitality and impair the mental '' houses usually contajns aeverhJ plans that there is a great, increase iu 'fertilizing ,:- ','WhnrH Ihnf VrV'bnilillng: ; ..factoryr .- OW PPE, rM&VVVV .
*rew of l .,..m.r Iroin' "n.'ln rp.I.iv chained ( ties, V matter ia the soiNu the readily V losuS tiri.Sa.
novice .
In mid It f *-tworaiort houses, The- at 0mw tel-
nnlllrnoi' mat 1H V sa51eatlonm. V
_'r' I. n'l"r. wera ra"l.n" In ft.......|-a ii..,. -frail_ gold_ luduce l join lime. ( poultry mining in )1..tly.aIlNt ..t um.' available form V of rvcgetable V plant "1'0. n plant," was Ibo answer. V 3eiuonofeetiit '

4 .o... IIAWN .n. n'WftWMTYOIIIlIt th. the W lIill .atVthi$4Qtl'.nl.! IVnfl5And rOUlI. V ""'hat do 1 they ralsn' thereyt' V _VV_ liutiuda FaacyV .
1 ""..'.. .H",. .. .f>f 'bl .. a.d ._. "1t TTor" ) r JJemocrat., _._ truly that j he will get twice us much -- i"iFfl tnlH"OfIl -tTrrr.TTI"'l..yv' ; 'l-m irHlrttr1i tP Ju.-[_ y_TTirlllK? 5"a'* Hid r-
11w. oIWl' "..would lm fwwar thy 'back lu the fbriu c.r.a duplicate or at V VS ljnnp.; but ihe.t ,
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itU litlle added bystander. .. .
w only expemime.j1m.
'h' V
I. space
; 4$ .-t w MMa ti i"imrn InaHInna tr but(fin. flbe j.lln ,
., I..r.. <.|iilll' .. It la Ilia.imuiloat -dainty, doii< rriH> .Ih. UoNPI" .,"i.' tint., Ibat..1bO-UPPIiL!tq._ least a two.-fold harvest The first "What nre they 'worth. ,n hindid U" V ,..e.anurMuur.,1 *:
'r'.nd twinmim' .'n kldnt' tnr.<|tioiiHK,-. ; Deatitiin! hair is either' an will be a"'eI!yNf/ee from I bat dreadednn1.rugrre.ttlk.rrp0.iwftVrI "bultbfltielII.f.Vof4fl0V4Iflmi5ti.bommellt 'SV.WIrVwtlVllitnc buVl1te4mCclL1r7trn _, PRICE i.or. . ;
.- ." : ':1'Th 1r'i'''.l': i..irnl'ti' i't' itc' r--n< ". +."..,..oauifliuii.aud. >, Uio-.alUl'lwl_ "mw'I"t..w",.__lt-. IrInM iaM M; *''jX J *'
w....nnnt..b..1 nn natnre. anfflohnUr.i tie. vorii nt 1 a 1._say authority.. In -S that lie lanrna that the1'seconds'tory ia in the' form of increased gain >d hU bend, nnd drove 11'11.0\\11'( to T-erh.n. *'ei lul.,hmel'i> .mi or n &i c*&Z&Ti* Irf ...Otn".. (!i

no"nl, .slnnnrrlf-%-r n-nt. The set hilace. U thrivos"witl.joiiii( > ) i .and rUlnla too ("111111'Ilel' nlllt to! hot production." .Kliould. .the Ialtlur/.b V market,'. Jii, IIo-Anwrl..uu' a,5.. r.. llbnerarld. r.iai.g's whIch j
Nd.Tnlir.cfQr studs;' ; nmr'f1 ilil..tlllJ'1mll"i1Ii. ,lowed III.all.l'IIO\ll" to gr"4u| : 1)1' : V ". .O': ; We.puIlIh a otiS... nod iihsndpabiied
Fifty C.nt. also- ilI1But..t frJ' it1 imihaIyfor4hereeuumg .r.kllltl's "- V IS... tI,. a.muei pattorni
J 'Hni.n( UfttRnt..4.lolisxvxi eii/a, makoa w ak Tile, --cnir # until! old! ago --heavy, ) it Is of ttock.unhandy for time .courseif; the T" llj">'f h n l r"rtrtannt" : : .igtt. est We alSO P ? frSl5liten V
Mronit, Wood p r.1.* arafa-laui :.niuaf,'of -tresses -- the bell.llt'ill not b.'turlllCO'hllng ; CarMil, Piga VildCtiflSIe.V
--. ---- "''Al "e ( bythe most wdinary ; .. removal of refuse.l iu abort generally out second Chinese octor'. "Prescription. S.w. V 4Cameil
L -AH fslr. of Jlf. ( and luuke, : in the latte>Tcaso the "< 'lI'tbl.all 'oth rwla than in the V ; a'l fle1.11 _ _ V
i \ except e a ato.-aga
they would not ifquanitcr faoultf.. '. lug glor," is only "obtained hoimej form Increased productivity.! the A w.anil rer from tho ll'imwery'Kimmg- loIng ERh. V
A "o, and dii unhandy fur thin as for othef It''
"1 \,"i'I"'hl;Hrrnn )price of Daily and 'constant' tl the. "Choop"' i ia not pasture for a longer term. of years.Applying : I Vecently'd-iod ;Jfelbourno.
'n..hMr.n Miss cljeapbore. Ifad
T Anna purposes at the inquest that lie ,
roduna Beginning at e.dfinie! all snarls/ the ( farmyard niauuie' thus I la transpired
In'.nl".ln..ra.wl,1 ontla. 9|,buttl. _'. has rc be removed by a coarse cnmb, V .-- --- certainly, one of the' most' profitable been treated by a Chinese physician, I I., m5. -

Planv After l* ream' .ul.-.waanri<1 t y occiiprtlioii. ) mencing' at the ends of the hair
Ave Alleftuanr.rnriM.A..I'a.. Marob in.OK.ISIM.riffllmrmannndy .! Ohio invalids. M'oKkiug np.. When the hair, will Timers are many pe91'Ie"flu :lI\jolt: I-for Kev val .mUtINOUS it i., all things (c-cg.' I'her er-- ahd to-.e '- ? 5,, V

the boalijiR/ i : tirely free from tangles the ,)' I to picking feathers alive tom the score: ''r founidered': lira most convenient way forty ingredients' in tjie medicine, including 1 WOuld Nice. you Ilk. V VautVVfi_ _

dny'a nurad.naa i 0 f No I KllnH'a* nwroim.noMuftnrntM. .;riatr Only .dimly railed into use and for 15 "' "' of cruelty. But if the picking is done I of applying it. ,Jt.can. be drawn at blood V grasshoppers: ashes, tosi.top5C5t V Ven

I ., n llontowr. *ii trntlhotn.and.InratlMf. phyaicinu I plied vigorously firm. and. .- only at the time I time feathers loosen ,flit' ) dpfiHoii (If the year Ihnt ',.. bedoHired. Jwue-iltist. ( .It.", Ii(!neII"'II' u.t.. i your l4&Idsyp.rcbite.t (ALD'
I.I. U. IK .. .
A $ I Pa, I
I.J.JI.11 roll I'lilla. j er use )' ; ., beginning af (lie scalp there, is no cruelly iu it, though it is a The time wen ItVolili be and grouud-np insects;. I ont.loieiie'will Idmi V

.- )..1ttiA 4l4.iI llil. ' ln Japan*renid'' t litnn.T. fact kln.1. i pasiiing down through the lirty. nud disngrcettbla Soh.h""t least'adrnufagtoua. lo apply "iirji a -----" 5,7-, ,**' td- P.l.V.V; : V

'! length.<>{-I the immnicrnjilo 'oil "ue-<|uat-ter of. a pound of feathers- fertiliser is tlie season when it cannot VV -i>ulr !.' Illoail l'l> ". V JULIUS MINUS 8ON,

( L I .CtiraIff .4'"n."I"n Foreye.. "IIt'I.lortal, upon the sculp, The brush" usually seemeVi from each goose picko.llive. minimally bo drawn,. that ii', when the lean oTinein--, a clean okl D. JJo.W i n pt.8oi. iiAi.Tlwmsis;, w i rr-

L fftknCM.r..I.'hfllCiit.pirft C' .Atrofuutl'-. ( .,rnonnf.1'-., I lale.1 to.inoio have. Jong,' moderately Miff, ( The fenjliors are loose, oiv as.they gases" is growing Vigorously in the teaimty; llb..t It.- ("..II.n..C"dClltll". ,
of an \ '.M1. After this la tin rllan' Ifn.r tilfKHl. and keep It clean, bfMlrrlniUl
is- finished that is t
"technlL'ally. called ,"I'IIe"e"'I'Y spring. The much labor tlen) I
nt' ,. i AI"I. .IHvlnit all Imriirltjns
%" In ton tMlngf
tiny dVftfl.094W11enth. work greet I | 11\"r
I i..Luu& .' should' be b..lllllelll. one or six weeks. If not picked I then' Oil bnii.l forbids the drawing mnnMKB from time bodr. Benin' to-clay tnbnnliili will coi-
1 produce 'a (' lii 1 Sills, tied with n libbou ,. the loose feathers gradually fall oTtt It-inny "applied ,'ith' great plmmtos.Thnita.: lilotelien.talstlitieiMlir! '

j' It. futu Make
about how .,.
Point VVV nol'- _.
a : .(. .t.r-4ut'- U"A Jlyslftf.
'i'iIw-fu.Ilt'iig" r i i"ll iiiliWUitnW'1hff'1fff4Ceatthe
I : y ollme'\l V Mo.'SIa, The
the imrvoM < 'A..r.'tlnllll..r.n" '' IQo. of the .
: _.niu-g-tJuJ1i of about the time the, birds are !hilikhig"tlreir Jaunt Vii MU!! to. ttus"timiu crop

To Cot the Boat Every Time,When cnpuble, V ol 1'1 I biualiod before'it, is I nest and ]
I You Buy Medicine. tiiuo the 01,). With ,'art ol' '"Igll. It .quite l nasihly44te P1 habit 'ojiu seasons of Ibo'Bell tho'farnrn's einpte4 foruamnpuuigh? .iVf.,5imis.4 imm'luu t .t nrmnmi'aat ft h5airi.n V planter V

HonKill too valuable to be trifled wltu. ... .;.> shampoo itll tar ,or sulphur! of.geese iu picking out their bienst have fo lunch leisnie for"lnnviug'it. ;; I,:.:.'; ."r muaJe.cverg EU"p.IIII .s v. from a given area at th
Do not cxHTlmnnl.| _Oet. Hood' Bannpnrllln -The ".is every three weeks in winter feathers for nests that led farmers', 'V ( niid.Jlioy can thru apfrly
who makes"
nod yoVwllI hove, tbo-Iwut. modlcloamouoy Einiress: of iu summer, tho above .W'. 'wive to picking them for their feathers. it I in the fresh, form., '> To. Cui.. sv Cold In Une flay.V least cost,-is the one

can'biiy'_ tlia madlnlne, that cures her)own.<1iHp ." will in iiioHt instances be -- The! 1 price of feathers is now 'It i la greatly ad tabtageolmato te) able1 Take .....IIT- Dromo Vulnlna,' Tatilnuu All the mosf"motley.. Good cultivation V

when air other rail. You haveevery that die left fll( lolla iii keeping, the" scalp iiiucU" iowfls than it used Ie lie. as to npply liiiuiiiie in the. fresh forui im'ugglalertluiid tnoner.u rmls to cure. _fid"

to export It will do I"i. you wh.t'I liasilona tho ompoi'or i daiidru/T/ ., buaides* \' other material! is now generally. considered limit only because it in e euteut J> *t. Tlie nlil Kvsrunfrn wSs VrtK'koil nil Ronealnr suitable rotation,' and .

.for 01 flora. nanambar iu the ,'.' strangtheuiug the hair.ifnntlrumIthoughVupt I lil "mole, healthful for .boil! wmnklug. /. because 4tis also economical. It iaoriVilmmiiVulbu4V.OCCVIV < ..... In time rhh..n..n, oft, bmatX
KJ S. mill._ Khes total wrwk sml went I to
ii fcriili.prs.
net* 'Hbb ds -S'ai8a pJarilliTIs I tria'and i". ( ; H Y5T7 : .- .AIuet'lc' ir C'UltlVatoT:-"- \ _jiieoliules ":..d'H.' _' V '- -' '. -liberal use iof. coil.Vtaningat

.. ofJier iu" t .lIll1 diVpaHe. is nevertheless V .; ----- necessity for handling I lie VI manure Oon'l Tobacco Spit and Seeks'Year Ills ..,., l least %.. ctualPotash VV
._-# Amerkaeuroet.tfedl..ine.._______' _._ __P.1.i.__ r ", There, are 'freeabriTollr, and is a freriiejxt| Having; l*.acli Tre V V I twice its 'I lieu it is composted in the. To quit totwwo niuillr1 *nil fnrevsr tan magn : 3

.100PII..r: tbe favorlta.oatliartlo.irealor bors "of tue Ions pf baC,. VVW lien this ,' Iisvn .Last year the pouch trees in our flotd or 1.lIc.I'fonll tirTued I the yard. """. full of its, nnrv"and Isko NOTIMline

.. the I )rea"la itself the'fnllowlng treat I suld little orchard were Overloaded, and one It is economical since, it preclude the time wnniler.Viirkiir that nmkea wrnik ir on.irqnL V

Ilie, > ( I'nlted Slaton.we"1aTieJnumTer. j jewels empress nre.v ( 'iIIl'ove beneficial if : | bf bf them, a .ue. early variety, bore .1 necessity of having ninnnre mibedt.and Ilitoklnt All driimrlnu,' And ,.SWloiCi.1VumVgearR.,"jo1a Irao. .Art.Irom nlooil. ;. ;
nightly the hair is- such an abundance of fruits that liiilf it is economical becalm, it
after .
-' )I. 11'eve ihe J)& ; Th" prevents t.C.arnllllllnm d, (0. t'hlrt -ot"-M w York

0 limn, ..2,000()-they have; uever e lrr, rjnite '. bmnlied a lotion'made of I 1;: :;: :: : : :; :;: : Au.- .-VOt 4 be teeeeh.lif4lownaddMoarlypfi_-1 new I, nil n ahittjil/erUUtjj tthm-a-s--uii4nerbie-iui I ih.loJub..o. bll

counted, and less have been j jewels, which diacbm; glycerine. one; '' ) !. i After lightening lime brnuchos by I pick- It 'limy be objected that nmlauuiT1twaste ,'. "will 'insure thir largest yield...

.ti they V 'J.'bo gi eat ) u I ph in', powdeied. olio dluchui ; | l .n ;
.acctii ately surveyed. Hut tb. Iratitstatiatics w"it. due to wfttef, eight ounces, and ', a.v. by means oj jiropn until\ the opening'was a frozen, ; surface' and when the ano'w ison lift Cnre We will send Free, upon -application,
nvailablo the 1 | I ,.'1.1. by loral apiillrallons., as thei'iliiilitt ri>ah melliwiMi. will interest every cotton
resultii. arAs yiet following of property, h a small sponge all.over the ) :| \ V as nearly as )possible closed. I time g"041'',! The objection is uot ..,! '....tln" i.I 1mm 'srV '1'lier .Is 0.... <-'liwarlocunudnalnrsiualiil ,n pamphlets that South. ;
as to nrjunre inilehiMiiibji ( -TlIb 1ho"1I..n1t! Then taking ,wire bound well! is Hint. In .bv r<,,.rlt.. planter! the V aV
'vfgoroiialy strong we lnlieii.eicc'pf wien-it[ applied
; years ago Vii 1 .-. Juanuir.l KALI WORKS. .
,-. .. .. 45,00(1PortoTJioo ( llminl rt'Im.IIflSV Iimliiem U un. l.l |r n WVIRI1AN I
.- minutes with the tips t Ilia I ti oe together; placing ceieral surfaces to V
hilly "pi'oirlinid
< '111 subjeet
her "lClj..I i ithinnesses .KMK1MI..II <>( the Ininiills lllilllR til iu.elieui'miiul .
j St., New Vert.rlea
.. ; Nssam
..';A. It ;., ..3oftOHawaiian"groil inventeil \... "g'l''. After a fortnight of !; V of fol lo.dlle\\.l'al'ora) botneeit overflow in the spring. All experience 1 ulm. : When I 111" liilw hell, -In.. -43
I ,.S .. .. .41-' ,.< 1f.440 l < which '. the scalp will iiave ,' the. ire and the bark and !tjiqilillnd !, )-I',011 this question points to the 'conclu "'..n.17..I., |.smut* .wlHiil iiimlillKK It ,WHIIH eiillrnlyl.I or ..ltiinlliin .
was : 't brI>y"H. iiri
The riiilippin.!. .,t.4": ,,; ,'.In.. Now healthier state the 1\11// : and oot t&!ono into "-aud aroiMid the.cr4ck1JerJJi.uas.woimndwrap I sion\, that there will be but little waste' Dentin's. is iliflV rn.uui: .oii 1'lti.I.e. tlio ,.; :,. 1 liimae,V _'
TheHulus .. . :. ;. ( I* lAkfii, mil atnl thin" ttil"n r<.Ht.jrcllMroye'l dill mig wells (O
: : > cnn *
? 1.tCl -bwildtirgirTny.l -. "..- .". .. ? ( : 'from leaching 1mii_mmiiirn ,, &_lhiinpplird. & i.)440V4.IVrVWei.Vd.ui.ttIi.n..iu.&OngV..uiJVVVIW.VdO. II.
The CaroliuesN.. .. .. l.OOOOuaui '' ) day, while ou the r plug of clotlr as a l protection against Thereat growth 'of the lorn'r: >lnn ui ritr .tilt, of I: Ink JiruIrnuoud .
fubillulls : to ....rr". wlilcli l. im'liliiB, hut an InflflttlPlI win., ice PInnt Urea.V
( .ln l I adrones. . AIMIToU. lir
; ;
apply in Nile' Hame insects. The I left ii thefollo Uoei and
) \ ) props. wore pllkc grass / season "points ? to .. ."II'h".1' III** llllltMIIII Bll flWeB.wlll hrrlgstlofl
I .. P4' .- :' Aronmtioviuegiu'. t | until the InMof the fruirwas gathered, time dil'el'lioll'hit'b the leaching him.taken. i ii 6 clto. .Inn II nl.... Dollnra-Cnr atir.r .. Mineral l'rosiectIflg. till and C

.... ..i.j ... .171G90! Velvet V \a1l will ...; iieeticmiiil> one ounce; Vi r.,>'-. nail l then removed. An lamination '' To be irhlo (bus-to apply mauuinJHn ii,.< 1,1 r llnalurMauiicd I lit llniriCatnrth(( br Cal<.1rrui urn,) tli Koii'l l'an.liictirril for. Oas.rram etc.e rerlen LQIONt' .mind WItiTifUV hii't.i SC

Onbn ts about. .1 the size' of NoW York, ; \ ". f.cBiithniide, one ounce;; I revenled! the opening entirely! closod great matter There is no loss m'lrouiere, ,,, V V WHAT YOU WAHT. VV
Ohio or Alabama.I'prto ( .water one ounce ". -- ROil the bulk'along its edges'} fresh 111111.l 1 1no is F.4VJIIINICY V A t'O.TplodoO. V V LOOMIS t NYMPJ. Thtfin. Ohio.t. '
; from There. V
whii leaching in'the..ysi'd. liiirt iruu.uIM., Vn. V ? _
vnniiut ( Imr- lijr > V __..____ .
llico is A l\t'smaller I..nCO'H..tCUL vet ,' .. V green not yet grown together, In waste of nitrogen, from dccomp'osl- IUll' rsliyuumms ai-a uiHiieat_ ._ .._ _,j V VVV? ?" -V- VVtrAnTFD.V5
cue <>n- list it rOAN uiV
lad beaDS
'uinkes I a = : When willi ii n\ apparent, ) ; the spring, the bioken half matured a .t II hum; unduly ,rapid and excessive, and lifotsa' JraTrin> by night to see the sun l1i ant l'iOIIV ef t'.iud S i's.0. lilmans (nrnhiaito.wrork
rt 4 'l\\ ". 1.I.n.1.are somewhat colors are very'. ioll.. t tho linir falls, I tlie cause .ft ,Ini'gs 1 proportion of Its blossom- the no. waste from, Hid fnug. rise I In hue iniirnlim., V 1.1 tO..mIioa ,,d kim VV iieiuisonaIs.I Vo0e.ya.tiSeVl .

mailer Ih.n' New Jersey', the largest tuuies of r the ( l ; lie Il' .ell'lonelle.1, 1 .- fruit !being iargmrV than teacujv.' anil = >: 1.ln'II.' being about the the system or to dyit spain the KiluiivatioTi of alt who RAW it.- $
11."ii. ,i.of sidered ( ,.' ] I : ilo- Strip TtutmtNever r'imvirTi 1. 'Ir .i..i.tIlOltV VV
1"la'ar. t cnae the health mll ( Lnlin 'Mitchell. New England Homolad. keep Lmiuighm.'ius than .v, IfO.c o.r/ili.diusr4U'ar I iii 110/V! !
tthlK fabric In-. more Abnllitiit DROPSY.2a
L. 1'e.Phillinea.cover a.:lO\.III'ale'' internal treatment l eforb 'two three"! enl hi, V ,... ...., cu-n wl
tight titling >rnl or } lug nciisons.Ha'ts'nill inuil iu'iuca are tu.e_ IettlnmLmiibot ; l 'u' I n.h ci tiiiotiii&l 5,1,1 i pfl'iiay.
( Xdw 'ork, .n be of lunch I V V V s U V
) can ;. nntrU'lit. ird.ifleL Fi'nnnt..N> scaLes BUflf H.Om.AN
of mink ; elll.l.oi..u'I.111ell lime _
Now KiiRlnu.' states together. Lnzon, ln4. I ialrylrolu.Vt.' ; InV'V' -- VV V V VV ----.V- VVVVVV

on whiclifManila l I is, situnteili.. in. not :Tho bodice i iv V V "' : ,V After flv'ycar.' experience. find .flesh of a newly killed littlecliick after
"ninrh smaller New York. blouse .1i fl.iili anti V..m'T.L ;! ,' that thin in a most important 1 problem./ IIIM'nirtently avoi'liugall other methods
.c tlo yoke"of white Cashmere, patterns, in dross I..f poisoning or !IUI': '! Tho b .
] together If the yield from limo cl'eom4"'Y.b poor "
\lfl.lo p
: ".1"leldelclt! Ibo Now crepin colored re very; beautiful."Toij : acd .5P01.ifll1ffViti) quality the I newly killed. V'V = I
fro ahol eqnnl) I ._ Inanagom'shmommidi.iveuitlgnto Al 'FAIR v N AT ONIt'
ufiintl!lates, wYrkrenii1a7 i jet 110ilhlaIMT' l 'lies\vom-tbs"Sea'si! > : unit if the fault lien \Vheu OiumpinippeVrlif, "i>igT give' V
k ''uIa. uinl, Jeraer.-Jsew YujrkWorli I necktie buns' newest shape r( ._:.! ,_ V with the butter maker he should l be-, raw linseed oil 'iu. quantities large V '

,. f/ ). l.t V do aoie. t i I! from the face toward lime cute Another one, M good men can be enough to mmmo'\e the- 1 0wl'l.. '(live tPeervsMd. of th&t

j sntin. Blue; unlike the round b.I.'J'I.lie ., I ..secured, reasoiiabro salaries aro raid.If direct to the patient, not t(>.tho' sow, V ha.v Americans they ) .2

and green is ; trimmed with a Louis XVI I '. the fault id with the patrons, it yillhe V unless more than one is'nttacked. &r.c"anation of dyspeptics' and it '* true-

W 'nEDUY'OFMO'In. this gowif"Eillll II.' VV I more difficult to remedy but firmness 01\:0: fowls an abundance "of room; that few are entirely free from disorders

handsome just, A novelty iu the season's goods V at the weigh can will usually a yard ZlOVby 100( feet, or Rout one- V of theVdt1esttse tract %ndtetionDyspepi. -J

Should Oarofully 7011 ) ground with bayadere / Ininj. about the desired 'ohnrtge.. eighth of( nn n ia not too much for J us
'I'e. .
DaUbtr'Guided-In EarlyWomanhoodIT b' ,- a Mite--l'l..b.; flow soft 'chenille cords. These q'I': ; ''',' ParkHtfqs "houlil l e Bent and rlonn ":' 25 fouls, while a houxo for I that number 3, Stomach and Gov el 'trouble."ur Constipation. 1

V'V| It illmnil-bave-a-rich' -""d- ""' : V V _and yut up.,accordance with! the do" .' should be at. 1 leitst.18 feet _ain aye.' The treatment of these dise'ksesrtoo
giceu' ilingr % iolmie of )" | mauds of th* uiaiiUat., ,lueimmTcel -| -
V 4 Food, the edkn ofton a vVV
Ii ilu.luuin. j sow liberally on roiuI
ninny lines. in chenille i"QIII, ,1' package for "ur Minnesota retimoi'lca, i ii .
I What suffering frequently r"uit decorated ... etlects. i I. tim lI'IoJ, ash tub. The bulk of r I I which is wit too' :'lientinjf. Keol'tTotIlbur.heattl1'RlI.J.h. a trouble; V ,

-from a.rnothcr's! )ignoranccj-or; more narrow .' --Trimming- liatiihas. a". : ] I\I l6 goods goes to"-Xcw '..A'vrk. _Bv, ;. .lihevan' V _
i t1r t nil Ihifeir.- TTo'Tiot --V- VV
frequently from nimother's org'lect to fuonsHulina'de ) either. at tbe nide in : combining and slipping iu cat louis< a ji 1e.-il.-.too' ThCLOGtCAL TRTMENT
properly instruct her daughter I \ were largo bat has or ; ; WI', laving uf 10( rents per hundred weight 111*II,'Ii(1'oiim, Alld..h9'"ilr 1 be ready to ; V
Tradition says"woman must suffer," nud the) soft a Tosette", hre : .1 : ifar i:> a.'giiodtMienlthyt litter! of'f pigs.! ; is the'.use of A remedy that tfl :
/'witb feat huarMV passing | ; ; ; ; fan be effected.VII you hare good V"( r. ,::VOqtRV .. ..VY' :,
II. Bncl young women ar'f'' > taug-l t. .niaterial." 't.ili.1'1i!< ( / eitlier: side, to the, back ofthe) ; 1 Jcouiminaiou house ,10'not leave it,Injj '.|if// ..
ia a. littlo truth and a great deal < \ tJit[ firm befjj direct\ frtiimVt hue tt-Iftr.le'i, !tur. 'ot'IB and '
c V V Th.r : '.tl .inft'sfl) of.trimming I. at lime t Vfstigstu new rai'efurtly.cvcu \ Vt ( gan* [itb'&tt'r b HatGrc intendedheysh6uldJ '
*.,. of c Bfffferntion In this. If a young VV V :. VI.fltI.rd.I.; : itl !.,: "otl ,l r and shipping a *trial loUjj i"'d.*not another: piai'a' Juidt t! ,,1..f&e''tfilowingjiui! \ I
V woman suffers BeTcrer?.he needs A bigl"U(" ;, .I' ; ? ? time Ii\iilhe I ilei having" one V man 7 to' the spriug'guve hiuueryielilsTof vats ??t -rcmc.dy-is.% ound ;trt' Or V< ili :ms"PinrvPilli -

treatment and her 'mother should awe Sir William A new make and of cashmere attracts j is much' handle' the butter OUR, salary, 1 would for the cm'lior np'plicution and lo'ryjulds V for PJV\C\ People ttere is the proof V
ie.- -ten a t .. pleasing :
that she pets v divide shipments: ee'verul timei ami of wheat the follovj hug yars. I
Many mother hesitate to tke.thei of the b"al' : It bas on one Hirlo.a ) ,!,. make careful comparisons of return, These l.ei4uJtsimeme. obtained in Ohio.A .'- V In Drlrolt Ihrre are feW aplillen moat popular mind tlDclent Oman Mnz 'a
LV for .with strongest \! rib and on the other a '. ItsvM, BwrWrgcniirofCa, n. lllaliomala att'irVhlrd Avrriue. C
d."gh.r. t"lbyalcl.n e.amln. : considering uot only the )price,but* the, V For.
-iiJap- '
; l-no ett t the Cornel ,! < $-tUe4iiiing being n'sed ell .weight.: It would l>e well for- -creamdiiei --- -- lies JTIint J.'alTailLA four yn rtjiew a a txwkliecper with tnewbolrsaledftiKlloiisaof FatrandTwllllnma V _V _V
writ bout her ,daughter boxing '' effect to lu-ike .. r .. to send their secretary or' man? 'Peculi..r, toMrs.F1nkham lilows on th i revere ou severs ftowuao; _-_, oidctx l (ft l>r. WllHonn'& Plot Pill*fo/Pile People,but never kiiew4helrworth '
lieraelf tells Detroit,
er to stndyVtheunstketto which gouen II lawyer recent \ K they
L Se: until I uKd tliem tur the cym rhronc! dvsprpula. For two VJ
is1 shown to : war V
lent advice without apt to .be' heat favor .
capes tack rI'OIlI.D extended
V the 10t'ef >r- ship.( Dawaro of tempting offer from ly trip throughthe 1 suflcrc ahd doctored for that aggravating trouble but.eoultl only be.telpcd '
address la one 4I\"bo' coats and skirtdecoiations, itV
any outside houses wholesale-- West.- ,"Ar"UowiIlNol.tb Dakota
eb&le. rDkha'; : I however effects I V or' grocers teinporarllyt "*," V : .. .. :
Mu a Cursing and. and never ship to themwithout investigating was accused of stealing some money ( "1 Ihluk orsiupals| leone of thema>tatnbbora.of allmeati', and thct V V .
The following letter from Miss M-tRim derataud \. }, edges. Homeof tilt references 'carefully.-M, the eh.rgbelllg grand, larceny." Thftevidenceagaiuat V li acarccly a clerk or office man but what \I. more or tan a victim., SomeV V

F.Jomrsoit. Centralia,Pa.,shows what I the ear may bound with bias bands of Hatverton cf Minnesota .American him wn simply damn; diys I could Cit anything, whlla at other time* I wou, 14 he MarrlnsT., V V

neglect will do, and tell how .f vs.FinkhsmbelPedhsri i pel,haps material and others are of Cultivator. lila bnt he "'>'lIi.le.1 iu a. plea of Those dlnlremed pains would fair*, m* to quit work. I have Irted many ,

., There are, .it h very narrow braid or piping.Whit "It _VV .Sot guilty'.111M tJemnmled a trial. treatments and remedlea hut they would help only for a lira. ,A Mend V V
aml-yarenfi'r' \ '.Windbreak Are Valuables _Ijiduced me Io try Dr. Williams' Pink fill*for Pale Peoplr.'and after Ink.,
"My health became 1 poor that-1 ; .- rge,while veiling and- VV *'Wi en-t- -evideneeefthe pi'osecntion -t- inglTTeWTIoiies I found much tellef amid after musk itcveral bon I V a

had aYcuchoL I waa tired all the the danger of silk are sold in enormous. The value of a windbreak, has never was all Li,, the lawyer for the urc4. I know lliea pills will cure dyspepsia of Iu wont form and I was sup w

tIme. aDd hB dreadful pain in my do well to for immediate use. tiel'g. < iieen definitely determined.- order pi Iso'uer at the bar aprnng a *urpris.rHe V ptcoiol to Tetomineod tbem,". .Dilrril(tlit Jnnml, ,

aide-and I waa"also; troubled It in more'" trimmed, with t.afchnd 'to secure a consensus opinion from moved to quash the indictment on V V

with irregularity of menace. I drop of' with satin. Veiling ia [ farmer and fruit-growtva.Piofeeur the ground that the money stolen was -The geflwn a 6v'46yt bqirt th< ctt noat V '

very weak, and lost ao much fe that relieve e.t uiado up with lace and soft F. W. Card of the Nebraska expert- in Mexican dollars that they-ware At % drug iitv ot t ; V
IittltOtptll4Ol ret'ctpt'oc
% <
\ my became My Deut trouble; or .embroidered bands of "anent station, sent .inquiilei to resilient worth only half their fftce value and v
feDc thi V
4- ?,. la .firm believer.In your,. Nothing pf in Nebraska and adjoining states; that if the'accused was gniUy at all it V

remedies from experience, thought per- jected iut> ', A novelty waist Iiia, bolero of aud also to a number of localities. in was uf petty. larceny. He made 'a A
.4yir. tt-4< tew'Yerkbe44oaLeingVl.a.lcter"mine I
bap tJ) ,Tg1nell ar. used they with ta Irol II. The i the comparative !Importance1 vefy ,'trozsi gumentliifiiVOiVotTbltposilion V VV __ __ V V V
.Ie out at the lower"edge but tli _jiilg8 read a1 paper VVV V.n
you and used Lydia E. FIDkbA' of ton-wool' .. on the inside of the liuiug windbreaks on the western pran'ie through it all, and then declared that

Vegetable Compound and Liver PI. not to put tiny rose inching also pinked. foil the hilly l lands i of -the' east. the e..e'mOat\ go to ihe,-jin.v,- llei V

and am now beat aiiiiitts fall belowthe ) The great majority of the replies again the lawyer set his defenseamid
Directed a jut edge o np $
V -ou .I have gained flesh and have lug tlm .lima,' ., auit_has Us_6\VU_Blg) :. favored' windbreaks, and the reasons tried in an ingenious: manner tohurl V : Mother h god t? 41*
to cleanse- "fKtfltare .
cured of netewortbyTTha Jno rgeHarally '
a good completely shape of the jacket. V thttjl1l'01'l milton tbel4rVisV< V V
0101 1 a cotton In' a V e-
? accepted idea of their benefit i la
irregularity. !. -Whj e is1 one of tlie popular'' \ T-ell an the facts I _believe lie woulthave T1UISeventnth.ijfeT\
the wire -
_. .. --'- / hair! prote0lionsgaInsr'oldbnrmofar 4V forward to V
-.c won out, tun, had nowthe I prose with a V
Mandolin Guitar the o:lIon of the season. White \ the is LV &feelingkJn to )
Uow or
to cet n a* plain country concernedHIM cutor been a shrend down east Yankee V orror-not \ /
... Piano Co. Atlanta Oa i i. trim mod withbuaidm Vti
.Ir- Add..CAbl.. yond it. },' \ feature of minor importance.In vtho kuew how to belittle the de-' because the la not
atmiieedle weboome
work but
be carefully -Blistering stock and dwellings the mother
Iu of ., or in aaiugle aliade.,One len dreads the direful S*
case (\hey have an important office to fnltil "e.o".k".lIrclly.all'.igblelliu" V
V out si.h'lee to 'herself. U
: home.remedy ) i i. elaborately embl'i against cold but for the. resident oft tiiir V V Those long hours of t|
of'boue-Mnd 'SaiHivnasnl agonzlng labor stand V
better yet, a> gold thread the design being ; e prairie 'Ihe cold i I. not en'Olcient to out v, V
tones that skeined emphasize : ) herlikeabIcleonenlghtm '
i1 done np flout golden rod.0.. a dressy co.l cause tQQch'lon' The gresteuitprobleuiheVpiainwV1teonservingtd- .11 ls.eiLgcstniLhope.theJearnaiLcoun.. 't, !: An +0'
( 41anuel. : out.-otiloorgahvlieathl,_waJ V tr- v- T-
; end '
j may the .
eel weu't' feel hurt because' I* don't scene
) over the ear. unapproachable.fb .. i. the nfrmAtt extent time availablfrjmpply think his windy argyoiiut wo'tB an- |nf w short days, leaving theVl/
In-bathing, ? ,-. 'of moisture.daring the- growing seasbnt .. swerin'Vto little one motherless. But there V V 1
like ,
intelligent men
cotton wool c FMilan for \V..llh. V Wiuds high and .yon. is another side to the picture IfAV
wbej'B are continaoas Tie| prisoner admit that he stole the ''IVWO who V
V are bef i1
ears, ,'' No insanity i la more complete eraporalionrft moat rapid an.l expecting to
anl 'ho wants to make come mothers
now will
money : a
lolf .. which unreasonable ommaythe
influx of water : -
: craving drouth damage first felt.. i SV /AV
wealth often Occasionally yon believe that we low robber to do .. n of the great female tonic- k'VS'
: -rbi\I produces. L hot winds also sweep over the westeiuprariea their steal lin'.t a discount out herein.

; .Duli* ot-Marlborough u.. doing \Dlold damage to the. I>.k"t81'" / I guess not.' :- > GERSTLE'SWLE! PANACEA
Gf polnca of. twenty furlong through the jarm .
and fruit ero). While wind.jtreckecannnt "And be guessed it right the first\

There INV a t sleetjothemnlldleof the prevent much-oHhe:tj.- 11ine7; =Detroit Free-Press. VVVVVV a,. -.,. a. if- ;- >;).aaar'-rr-i ,

Lebanon ; oneJCnglishsiipencetohia! for jury which In dna to thp rapid evaporation :_ : i % directed
-u .' 41reatIeri as a tow weeks before confinement and /1V
ba'nded than a million pounds tif moisture. -- continue V l
that wiU bring a 7 HT 0. ..n.h".. Worry" : A celebrated French Another imiHttaut item i. tht Aour. of bor wttlbe ,.
0 4 the la aNEW ., Iu .I the e.ut..o.f one of the big retsjlVhousc,4the 4 S m shortened, the pain lessened; and recovery
ont of the
IMPMOV promoting ( streets, where orchards V VV "*
< ; are expoaM.tq/ the complet.
J city is a sysjeiu of'sig. ,*' -'i..1" ny MTetMws, move the bowels gently with /IX
making ". them like p .log;wbile his : fullrforce of the wind during the fruiting ualx similar to flint.ii the mild St. Joseph's Uver Regulator .

by ., over 93000 francs a day. season a good! rart of the crop ia. .signals can be Neon from( nearly navy, Th 4 mroiirasTMu t.SISSYLI C csr>.,riCIAmwoaAiI1HyMSSlS :; |\
remarkable every
Lle's -and._. >: most chapter blown oflT. That there are objections'ttrwlmTbreakrcannot
ta point of the floor au.I' the upperl1oortV ai &
mouth' and < ." 4>e-denied.- -If x1 vj; ii"/r -- -4r.V., n'1' ._DC)1) V
; )l>ertiu to tbe the tulip mania., iThe impre close and compact they prevent free -
_The Jrt. J'harga.-.ejpliiiued
Ihey- apply.' that fortonei e' : Tirtralation alrVadd t1miln.k : mon .
ly pu the benefit of ". curIous *
the 1 in The individual; ,
piinciple to t trading tulips. ilble injury from frost,whereat wonld 4 4V
"This white and blue signal when
and sold np
.Itll.tlou. bought by w ; not STilT
No'wlO cts.:j $f a Te.Elu cook, how, to of a pennyweigUt "el\t.tbe occur free were movement nothing of 1'un-pre 611 who the wire' indicates to the employs V
of trade
loa charge the from NewJersey '
LEs'lJB. 'how trt .fllll as $jewel merchant,
sip, gou diseases and insects are given a ,
.FAN v that a customer front New Jersey
; 5ovr few of the ." II" diamond. The trade of home. ; Where bird. are liable to'dam-, 5 have seed year VaiSbIOVCACfA_ I5
< In and Golft.CO i i. here,awaiting information bome'rillshInaV
con- :
EACH_Moiltit.r.f_ ._ .aon sense was turned! into this' Jruitjtafforda'au: pportunity;; for: HErs anti flint iheni perinei. _V VS
"Cc V
VV o l"IJ i r t ordinary industries' 'ingtiu.cuelultFtlrentlle..1rlpo; VlTIthouulumuWi havO USed Ihenbor,,,,,,. turn.
"TRIflUTORSt W D, Iol.. Tb building nest and raiaiug young. In .traius. When the. torledleilo*, and bIliousness and am you go; debt I. ehmnn's
tientVor t now
comKfoonimend -
; saddle
R. bockou.5Ia ,' almost It.- employe iliotial, ;
| Waller Camp are no.ulea complete para'yii' the east-the windbreak shonld euredV them, to
be .
;. everyone. Vl Vi lIlly fro. each *
SAiiiriwr.lalla C. IJorr, Jo.q..inV .comes liev lower, the .1&llIiIfitla ._ Ami_ao. 9000triod.Jou *merchant. q
at dlitVtliC
= length fever rise ,
!' ." _t awcett and,other EKTMW Cajnotia Caul andpop..Iar. Luulra eated Lebanon in -A.1 l1ua 5033! was offered and '. placed to tbfe .north windbreak and wont, for tti ,. \ these olher signal Each,indicates ._ Lbefsmlly. wl.JLeMlalTft'lbaa'ytN.Y. V they pay no |I.t.r1ipt.V ,y'f.\ .

=. J"I : _' Jlmena"oD. on .one that an employe from
V __ 5_ vited iti-boto single\bulb -c..H.-1aa ; of orchard .:_some seationl V-- .- andj. ,imost
ilde VV
HIT leotlfttleiTn4- -CAN ,
.( Plata Yard af wanted this 'ieaf wf
% Ar Ie at point. We find ihWleast
"..." "A at Pup lug, .lnlltl II 11'. Men onre rich became '-As to the kinds of tree 'u.I. the A $ iuoney
F E E the'tysteia better, than the electric poIalw4
% aleo Hie P.'pN'n. bringye5 Vblotters.
pie a : servant, all DI of the middle clase l ..1' Russian a set
mnlbst'ryseem.V.l:1''" the '
1 1 a,4 Xmas CHVKN FBtB .. IIl1ttou.W. '.il*.ver.nre thaijli. VV
J ._I.t._ '" C'bCPCflrMeJaVbsrv VW.ek_ -Then to. panverlsm. and western favorite,. Ash box eldem.willowred '; the V : : Vnr_
bell other V
( tse.e 'ab.'e .In all; V or drop end of 1he
di" ..., recovered frooa > the blow J.
roum "" ? and K.ORRSHOE
ced.r..oft maple Lorn-
,. art pllia O'WPLll. tIEN. wish a .moeii. line was aU/.right\ btl! whistltDH CO. .
V V .whn help' years.Detroit Free P.t' .
trial .u.crfI.Ua! *.for t centa* := VV V caii 1tarVuyp1uJmcbaseeutsedwith.eet.imifactory VAVLANTAOA
/ / 'TIi1rr 1llT'd.jilcUinitf"= tn lr Power : rV VVV_ V VV
tells Low to I "V ,
Ib5PtrS OPIVE result.1 Norway 'IIc.-la i '
.lua.iA" V .1 This ---- -- -- VVV
an.4 :JohRVlaIl..raIiV..VB4ent ; .-i 1 system wa by themanner : ,
.,.S3.nate.b" 051515 W. U. liUaY. Perhnpaone most cojnmouly l used in; the .eastern of* oolnmri'DieaUoii-r'be'weeD V, InWi'tUmmClOSdr.V.V V ji

.I"....."." of the '11:1",.,. ... work:of.prepni $ investigations have '] t a ttates,-ArnoTcan, AgriCnltarjit." o V onr liaval vessels during thief The Pleetant, tisers. ASU 5549V
ap. P'SSUSbIeI ,
ft .m' .I'II..I'. 4 4( her .owm. the people of Great Britain' t ,_ H.i.-4 /*' : flags are of silk. They are very Ouo.Cevsy sI.aau. W ae.Poi.i,,u.,,Oage.'r. Mi flood,, fl '

/ V .f .ieNaa '> bringing it. ( over fi,500,000 pills"aaily, or V iIf..rlu.r There ia 6f pretty 4.- CURE CONSTIPATION SCios.V
V '" 5Q', tlisji,, to tha'' \ a week jfor every person i ill", no.\viry misnndemtaiwling
Apply .
lIIa ftea"ao, ho/n.aud.tuey
paiIk. l4SFlfthAteaUSN.!. 'lro| of the rulo.t o.I'I1' \\t'1Ia'.1u' commemorate our DavtIIN
; VV .
oInlati it tb 'ttr7'Yto / ",
V Jkali..-.4s1aC ., .I- tag 011 \ o. V "J.. .tlY it |I."su"g.[ r'ni; .

; 4V ; T +." "I" _: ftj. $
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.j : \ TV
V .';- .. V / -' V
V ::r .- ," V V
VV c V ." c. -
".- V V _- 1 : L --, 7V :.) .. ( _.

The Kissimmee Valley

Material Information

The Kissimmee Valley
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Kissimmee City Osceola County Fla
N.S. Harris and W.B. Harris
Creation Date:
December 9, 1897
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
28.303889 x -81.412778


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1894.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 4, no. 11 (Nov. 17, 1897).
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 3 (Sept. 16, 1896).

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services ( with any additional information they can provide.
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002001342 ( ALEPH )
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sn 95026776 ( LCCN )

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IIII. I'w ., '
.I .t. .. +
;/1< 1'l' :" \\j> \' '
: "
"/ ''jII1ii
1" > : 'I/f .,." <
I I\ ': \ '
1:1 :
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01, i 'IlL ) i'\ "
'1" ,. IA Ii' 't { ;\i I. '.
] \ r .,"h, ',' '
I l' .1f.

: 1 I : "j'. "r.


J \ ..' :' I :
U : 4 : --- --- -nt'-4t-1[ J .'. I
-, -- : .
- .. ., ,, .,.' .. _.. . ,\ ; : ., ,. -.- .. j '
t "" '"" .'- :;;, ; ____
U 7. iIS3lMMEUVALY. ,I ... ,, B3TABLISHED. Is; OSCGOLA GAZETTEI; ESTABLISHED 8 ;; N.s L1"TI nl MBER.-1 .ii7"'u. "" 4'' .
:, .
.. .. : I : 4,1
I : r- : Vr- : 4 '"
: ,
.. '' '. 1.-, T' I

I VOL., -. NO.() 2. '" '' :"-.v ,.. 'KISStMMEH. : CITY, FLA., FRIDAY, DKCEM t. I IJJS8.!) .. -- lIUeE. '." f::T'' '", ..

-' -. 7' -.'" _, ,.. .. ."r .. ,.:_ m-.... .., .' ,"- '. -- -- --

"" "as ut Chloe oininunpnle| to tno 'time peopla, and sanlst .them 'to form a govrtrIWnUV July 19,4897. was appointed special comlaliiabl l.roal nvenu ti70.000f:( I? Our'dui.lbU. tIme part o(.' tha'public. 1 recommend to -I

,. I.h 1'lM'tt..N.' .tl !!' < .l..n *. Imports amounted to 4.785.4.'i1I.. a d-. thf con rese the granting of an approprla- ;rtaL t '. 'L' U
.. .:! : !' ) \ vJ lI'.ll..lulU..1II. t. )! JUlMl91)btt b.A..J'J \'-'. .!J..lAa1i .
I, rU 1. niinauiiopil I thai his Oulbi iui ulautcu) pendent, Lhtl rpallxlnu$ i the best asplrajlousof InforuiaUoU neeenary to a, full 1f1'3ftnw ..po tllll'1JR1I1I'hrt trii-tic 'ttlfu'pI16igIuttbwa1vrsoIntotentof -N.beakeoaAddts.sLegislature $

: "'".Uitiift(
1HH--MHSStGH| a UrcriHia Seeps' : also be advisable t, authorls I. JORKiESUMED .A/special from 4
.. Montgoiaaysi
-j i 1 .".,"-- .'.ilt hi:" WmiUHntl*oustj" Ihi" htbsminilsva1'nhmsontfreuttud"brthCto'Oili 'In'tli. ports. ,eipoililoitv'w:
!' |(b lieu oonuiinHlcRiloii.,> the Hpauluh ot C'u ha, en pabla of performing( all Iwfote you by my inaaaaga of U a- 8, UUT Internal revenue receipt. exceeitad, thoxj the country at large, which. actlnol "iththac'ongreislonal .Willisfn % flry'ftJ '
:; : .,.r, ( ,'uirruil \Vooilfor
I minister at Madrid, n-na t.t""r..t.h.'l' tU"out"tlOhrlr., industry' and prosperity ,'miik-known 'our national prog-ras lu Th* total tax coll.-"" on distilled Iota committees,can complete'tb, plans for. Convancd Under Oircum tanoea day. He was passing through front '

. ipiillrnintlnn the trkt ot the joint rcmiliiUnn nnd, promtt prape and good will among manufacture a. well as the urgent need spirits" was' t9 .M&,\I O. on manufnatoredtobacco an- Itl'proprilltel n.1 uelebrlltioD. Isle home in Nebraska to his regiment'sheadquarters ; a

I 10 Conarm. and ., .! commuulCata, Iii '11 nil of Iii' I"h"bll."nll'II..t.tIy..r may ha.'y of immediate and adequate provlulon to Hl( U.'KI.MJ( and on fi-rmented. I'dialon; \ Still Is tips. of Unusual Public Interest, in.-Havaunah, but tluassembly' t '
hue Kovpriiiiient of tll.| nlir with( the formiil been their relation In the past. Neitherreveng lusbla due adrantsg tilt riot to b* taken. liquorsItfl.RlA.ttSI., We ekporfed, ilirr.cbnndlM olli' heard pf his coming and dispatched r '

ili'innud thnt 4tat puce I clituqu;alt t I.* auIhnrHjf nor plissloii" should bati plaoaIn lib: Handy'. death ooon afterward ren- during tb. year ainoiiutlnK to There wera .pemisluproTte on Juno 'a delegation to meet .him. '

mid I ovprluneiit In the 1.'M.101. the hew Io .r"m..llt. I'nlil there I I. 'd"rell 5 l It nerssnry. fof anotbor .to tak up "1,981.' ''! ;,! su lucressa of. llueIIMI. ,Tn IK1, 1HUS, VU3.7M name*,.,""n Increasa.ofnearly rolls, THB JklESSAQE, Ia RBAt '.which almost forcibly took him'front v't
jTub lead withdraw. It* farces therefrom toinpUlo trauiiilllty In tile Island add a ) the unflnUhed and from time preceding year 18,000 over I tbe nninhrr '
1 DDCUMENlUP + | nil complete work on '
INTERESTING -- the the-train. He was carried straightway ,
It I Is
stable estlmst. .up"n the basis of proaeutrevenitelnws for the stuns day of p.recedlnf year.The I ,
I n"II'"r. ul lC..I..Uonl. government InquguratiHl military J'n. 11 last .Mr. Thomas W. Crl Her, thirds Hint the appropriated by -tba act of to the capitoL I
receipts from the .amount Many.'bLstinguleheeotator
occupation, .will l he contllT'UttdVlth ,.
NATIONAL TOPICS 'I'Int'lId.l above lsaiit( oeralbry.ot state was for the Dou. ) for tIme of pensionsfor A In the '
| < fllUinuiihif"I \ Limo exception of the r'uplure with government yenremUng JunaSn, tit 1S1I1I. payment "* joint session was organiced
fill(HI that task
liy a provisionIn the Qalleriea
I lho
I piirovrhprcj w.. not dt'Mvfrid. .VJII..d.. wills the of nation has beau tba sundry appropriation fHWI84U47, resultlAg In n deficiency Mr tha a..t..f M.rch 81. 1WW .U10,8n.46 of the senate intit fluo dMfi
I.f'. riho .'JrK PlcpI| .f thp War rid. After (itt, InM,rtivt.Ion..reached (ten---. marked with great, finiilly' and ... close of July I. IOW) a sum not to rinsed 1050,000 of. *\tI2liootoJ' )) On Deo. I IINII'I. 'there mmhohl'ln was approprlat to cover deficiencies In The dlslin. "
vordlality allotted of AWaFlilnj upeoial CongreniireBHneniljlcil Bryan elognoutly '
H-ns fonlisqo'ganimtftttou I a-commission '\ mj i ,
r wl AV0oilfonLou.J.hanurnliix April. thug treasury Bold cobs army'-pemdun* and repayments in Vise '
_:\\'r.'th.g.r .... I time isiUea-tbat aniuuulliiK .
tbe-event tlndn-mnstr-of '
.J (liftMalne. l iti| for Riilshed Visitor then alldrenseil the '
I it. hud. hi-foro lie could pr<..piit It.| the necesHsrltr arise In the, complex relations .to care tu "' praparatlon"mid to 113' &4)1.5 '
lire of ICItIons-U.boR'g.! I Spun'isli' mtnUter of ntjire nollllvil, him thst of sovereign tnleH'adjusted or luHUillHllon American exhibit anil. l) "i 1I.r bullion amounting 1J1 ( )"nvnllnlila for the payment of circuinBlnucoi of uuamiol public inter- ansemlily fcr'h.t lf an hour, after which ,
the of br "
V.lor. for display siiltahlo" fiscal *. Theamoutit behold a pnfelio reception ia the ** .'
upon the prVHldeht'ii approval of (he.joint aerlous obstsclJl to atufpbla blltOo. 5)3.850,210) and. other forms of money pensions during tire year IW go .
'a just '
.'CAceegoIIatioiiIIlg SUnilliig reiKiludnti; 'ti.-fnulrt.t! l iroVeritme'nt 'Mgnrdirifl solution by amlcjibldagrevmeut.Tke .' )lieVprxl fxecutlva. dapartmenta particularly amountluc to tlAl.UIU.ttn.On disbursed from thnt iliim was en I, The canto congress six months rn'or'a ofit ,. Mr. Bryan's speech _, ,

Army IcniinndetIinnat1.4n. I the art as "oiiulvaleiit to Jill pvtilrnt by the department of agrlculturo, (he same data the amount of money SU-t.ftil.STUKO, leaving a lialauo Of r t3.iI8l,. Bjp declared war agaidst Spaing add contained very liUle' matters -

eIcvlurnlinn of war," bad ordered Its tialtlnier iru.gnml.BL1i1lt1tTtcnnThil. l-. :this hilt vommls>loH and the Smithsonianjjistijutlonj .. of alt fcinds lu circulation or not included XII3.UU uuexif'endud' on JuniTSir; 18KJ, whlthcorerxl with of polftical hupoftauce. He said:

- r''ri' TEI'tI: I 'IiTii'fir"fi"V i 1IT ''w'.. -.or'\l'lfbilrn"- : ll ;" / .1 i k place St; jsirf21'iisl.ntMIouiotthe. govirnineut iftiyoaau.3rjmQld1ngwmiefi.tI\I\\." .rIncressa itsss into 4hoiriiaitury.. now, wqr fought J fled wouritIntirA "oI'(to notcomaTisn' hero-
of UTa Ctilled" Stntoi 7 Pur iMitlo ,
relat tone *< tfinlia $ 8SO aurlodtsothirrolls- ame-4cf4ti4r; .gaI.i
btbbreakIng.ot4lpIotn..tio 1"1".1', Pit, lHtwMnAlto -
; "\ 'AfISOTXU'C.! >; 5..-On the convening 1..1".en I the Iwo coo ntrlei. fjenaral Wood- miners* and I the sheriff of ]....rna county that. enaetnient, I Mr. 'tinning pur population at. TAlti4iHN ati'the *during the vrar hy sperlnl arts at the.j. coiiflJerftliou of |be questions 7nflr01minfl.-flmi1itutry-oeroess---I4"-----would that (lila -
Peck' of oomniilouor. seem late( wnr-wim n
Ferdinand Chlca'go,
ford. thereupon d"nta' his, purls time mentioned the circulation ond session of the Fifty-fifth
po capita congees
of nKreH. today}, Prealdent MiKlnltyIranHmiftvit and his deputies, III iVhlehim miners were per "
! < .general. wIlls ani .slstant rommln- developed 1)j the eventful montlm jifst, Jon Alabama. We-cannot hate a
mil quitted( MiidHd the annie ",). killed. ami H'oiiinlml, of which ten of'tic Welt lxt.o9.: making a total ot 0.4X0 pensioners by eoorIf war
his wjiiiufollows 1$s ge, Spain'' huVlnn thus 'dphiatidof killed -and Itiof t-wounded were loner Keneral anil itecretary.. Mr. l'.ck On time sumo data' t her wnlrjii. I that(ra-- ressioual enactments silica, 1801. panned. battle on laud that does not give additional

" : the t'nlted Slat. and luillated that it once proceeded, to Paris, where his sueeis bullion fame to Jflenera! Wheeler; ws- 4.canhave .
Auei rIco and ,lungarlaii( lIuhJlICl'Thl.. ocr gold amounting lo tl.1H.ffO;;, : tupr"'H.'cuu room/ There fpro metro Ihun; limo tinnnl
! .
To tim $ tidtonnd llotlsa at Representatives In'oularglng' the aoop aud variety .
1 com;>lp<. .form of rupture -of relations deplorable' event Uatltraliy aroit-utd the M.t.: no engaffemont. on pen with- I
t tt hid. nt tro.I.l n nlnto, nf,v"l'. the ,krcii solicitudeof t he-Asmatrojl gnvrrninent ;.ho United plates exhibit" Las heart\ most The: 1roHolon' nifido'' for AI..II"lh"lnlIhe I derm it my duty to call to- the attea- number of MlistingtiiBhedperaonngoii additional diatinctiou to IlobAop.*' ,

I : "I"II'Mlan.lnl. 'tho added. uiirilrns% % 1i""I p ors aiitliorift! by I tho r<'Hotitloiiwere which on Ibo iiuinptlon that iratlfylug. Noiivitbtamllng ot the comparatively resources of the treasury In connpc I, linn of enimrea* tba condition ot the preajfnt ill the- thronged galleries, Including lie declined to discuss publia qn sv ', '
!9 ..".h.r.,1 r.v .by Iho war 0"1 penpicrejoice nt olirfvUMOil, hy me-to' mcpt the oil' the killing I nud. wounding Involved t tho dnJu'Cilltiilittf. limited area tli exposition .1I0n11 b. time war lies glvenlncresiedcontldclit ,, buijdlng'ocqupiad! by tho.I'UI'\ nt foreign ) ions, saying! .,
reproseutativps.of got
In nnd w ndlly lite-lens than on* half that of time 'Vorlcl'ato mauy ,
K Hiitlsfiii-tory
Very I ,ir!i'rt contlik/infv| tlr eel titti war twI'neonttWvru'Ign fit lusuics", of authority. claimed ** in the p"ir r.e and thtf power"of justice. A proper regard for the safety, <
-' 1nttni.. ., tt. .. '- .r ,11rnNI.I-ft7l'TIl.-utl, .4. ...e..'"iy an)''ini'mnn" uur"niircm reparation, lor 'hi"iiTt.ttt4.. ApArt Ironr Fair at Chip.igo-'the snscq assigned I ha tin .> the Vnljimo of btlHlnri.* Informed of the' Mil lTmteil States ba, been Increased, from l moth eslalillshed, would tha.cxpendfturo -upDak-to-yojftr-wiHi the fr xl m of ncivilian'
lrlpol "e.I h..t I tile \\n! tout- time "..". .Investlgntfon[ and peremptory ore firmly And employes .justify gentlemen com piznouii in kooial and
( : titus 'IM''"'<' pro* 'tba absolute, allotment* of 117.4'ia square liberal I: would speak- 'If t spoko at '
&t "1lui," l4-ijuoninii.. iiliit!! (amId declnrntlou apt I lout of I bo ailtliorities\, of I'ennsyl- than ever tb* national "r.l1..t home and of n sum of money m the
,"litetlve. aprlcfUurat. purHtilt-s ImveIcldvd of tbo eMMenro'of*A strttte of war be'ttVel'lt vnnlirtna, fwlerM exeinilive look: appropriate feet. reported by Mr. Handy to some ao-!! nol. A marked; evidence of.tbls. erection. 0(" new building. political life. The greetings of the all', under limitations that would he"--'

. 3' atiuililaiit: ..orn. 1.IUI..I'U". the I'IIIKM! Wnti1* and. jp i.. The' steps. to, learn use merit of tha Joe aquaru feet, with correspondIng autneutatlon found firth Inflow .r 1(01" to-1 I be t ecu,*. The Twelftli ( ensims, members wpia most cordial and (here unpleasant (to me What I would tie.! '

Mds: of Industry' )' is Ix-tter. .w".I".ll.. congreusa I'I'ordlllll11'olp,1 on, the ...11.: ease lu.ordep71 toOl' hmo' In position to meet- of the flelil for a truly. charm- 'ury. It* net. gold' holding OH ':ov. I, the Importance VIM uo outc"r,
r.o. legislation passed by tiny tliearhinpptuveu1 AII J.I,1jI., 1'!W, .loilfv'.nic : thc.uruorjt complaint) a friendljc povrtfib 'x-rlatlo repreiieiitatloii of U. various' IniBortaut IN<. wpre II.\.1t't"ftll.rot1pRreI! with I earnestly urge upon congress to mar the occasion. not nay ae'is' soldier. -I cannot'now
.T ba itt ro1IPd thetreasury niipis *- branches our eollnt. droI- of early leftUlatlon providing for
( ,
> ... : t I,0( yxihtPiit-e\ of Hitch war" fn>m<: slirriff'and III l heels . ,: llm expected hy its'mi' The diSputlP" hating -tpmont. Mr. Peck'a-rop'ort' ba laid III* takliiKOf the twelftUjcensn. ThU'I* One of the"most "striking Incidents :jliscUHs .tlione thinj that at presanfeuaa.
n1\l111l'lu.lh. A'pi-ll ?VI t nnd cnnpied thaI of--net1 eali--of----7,7-H"l4X* Nor 1
HIOlhL. rd inuficlutit!l | for murder, wu'retrlosl' and ao- Iii Vlert of- largonmonntitifwok -w as 4be- cordial_meeting, betueon the tbaatteution -of. the .nation, .' .
hors the of fhe before In It \hd
governmentmveJN'eii "0' my 'judgment recant neressury
I provision' ; of the tvsulut'olt' ot A'11'11' }:o ll- ] after protracted' "ro..linlii. coil isu, to fUou.ttSH.Si'S! Nov. I I. IWM. Tha pros
Kucc-ensfullT 1 quitted nteddfUioa will nail for which must ba" performed In lh.J1ff'IUrlllloll" floor lenders of time respective sides "Neither would I todiscuiui .
) ..dll.I.I..I.II.1' rutting I I the frfHldpnt. lo UMI fill the utrtuieul yoiir.early .cOiildratlon.esieclally emit rntlp of net .trraanry goldut, .tandInguovernniMit ., care
time of huudrefls--of
".h'.n"I.o, the Unit r..k. whileiscifrmnry '! fiToi'sc-Clhe'nntlou '0 carry thai net into Hi* hearing ground that the Irllllntf usQ1paac wST\ In *tba'm on < | as regards an I". llabilillvs: iiicludlnir fCidted of schedule preparatory to Messrs. Diirgley amid Bailey. In view- those thingswe discussed two year*,

maintained rft ,Ibo reaM of the appropriation* at least floe enumeration of the population. of (he about (he ) ositibilitT.ofMr but which not laid
, hl.tI rffi't-t.. ), of their oftlulal duty 'to uphold law ), ... notcH, treasury notes of luOOi* allvnrcertUIpaU'4. gossip > ago, are yet away
. ,WO"II highest Mll.d"r.I.. 1 ll.If-not within. I llieprol'ltpi' >of I lila,", .*. mid tha mutate }JI.! < (XiflniiO In all, aim that not only nia-y theta htatitlard silver dollara.andfrselionsl 'Admiral und Vic Adiulriil. Bailey Jioing deponed as the minority to eternal rest? JTeither couisl'Tjiia-. .' ",
procepvcpstbttsrorclerln '
loP i lilitary Mtrvke- \,1.1. "-101"01 HHK- 1/1'/1,16,/ linrrale' I Iho hlxtory'df I IhePXIrnorilllinrjf n.prpM..itatlva of the department( rS'lIc /,A*-- luueil. inure lw"fully t.",", Up by the .IIV.r.-cula ?'uv.- 4._ 1WH.S.V8.1 wise '1 join!! with tho seoreJUry of thu navy InrecomnieiidinK loader, it is aiguiflcant that the cuss thosejna
; 1 rll'h.ol.1", I'hasHitreliKt.hptiodhe wilt I lhal" fuul hv.'bul; hue Spnl'ilHhli.pbirnll > attended ii... trial and) rrpirt.d its 9cM. t oiislbla' exhibits iu avery class, but per v u'mut as compared) with ItI.U6I.r, It hat limit grades of admiral ,speaker named'Mr. Baileyas the mii resnlt of the late .war, a broad field fork '
tint t>plrlt nt.u serveI to cpnipiitnore ;ho praparatiou *-InatAllmant lie '
on so
( doyly 1y ttIMut, .r I b.fraternal: laini'litYfiti ; '!
I (} | every seijt Ion of A itn more sulii'tit features I Isapiopas.I this Mot.m""l."p!!li-to reach .n that unparalleled competition of artiste Itcdrtupllon of Nate. to l lie filled by officers wlio ha>e specially wait'( upon Ilio. prcHidcnt, nu honor ]l.Ppnklls-asantJof Alabutrsos-uuay-

I r'oI"v. of r I lhif'rpatoiiS| ;th..colnlry.of tIuU,_ Jtfil I I Tha, llrHt took pnrountpr of 27 I hornr when In }dptnchini'iit 'ioitt of.ilnto ) a Imrninnlau iinderstaudiiiK, on the 'sub- .",1 Inventive produotina cumulI, hue I renew' 'so much of my recommendation' ,.I..h'l/ul.b".i' themxelva In the 'war wllh. always bestowed lipnn'the recognized log that ha first received .(lie titla of >
1,1"'e"rll a ,
.to'ot her powers, Ah"HT..r. ""w< of the( 'MoLkaUuiM siiudtlron' tuuih .-\ jiM-t. lth 'that of Austro-lliingary' nutlYjriistimdinic :ount""'>alannq the disadvantages wills of llecemlii-r, lilfl. a,* follow 1'1",10. I leader of timemninority.Speaker colonel in this state dome years ago ..

ate In tutu )'.HI of primary Importanro In tvcoiinol inc-eT. In force, "t''M.mnm / the renewad. claim of the s-hlcTi we start as .conLj'arwt with plhemintrip / "(hit when, ant! of the United Stolennolei Allen. Contract fjawrvTlto i listed received warm welcome *'Jf I could meet .that inun .w4>o ;' .
vlejv of t inompntniin, lanue* which 'Iutienrlucui latter after 1..rllh'lth. result of the whose) appropriations are, on n are preented, forredeniption.fu gold ; is'aliown sides 'of the house '
,ItIIllhe, h.irbur forts and demollsheiievenil ( ; n1I.' contMPt law by exporldioe :- from both- ) railed me 'colonol' then, I would have :
demanding, In Infttnnce the illtlmate I., trial for Indemnity for Its Injured sub aud whxiSa and) are rt--ileviued, In gold aucli note% shall : y '
one .' more generous pl*. Jmrepusruus.thins to need : *ni ndment a ascended the '
no v work In 'c(>iHitr'u 't Ion. arena ) when ho more confidence in his ptcphecids thitniu ',
t.prmlllUol l by nrmsand Invnlv- Thciie-xt dpstlned. to jelL. fN an In a state of Much greater for.irardneM be kept" and set apart and orrly paid out in lueasura'providing belter protection forituamuu who '
eiiftaKemeat j thou house to order. those of the six million men ,, -
tug fiirrenvliliirf, \\hicli will lea ran u a Canal ProJerNTlia than / ."chllllit'ror- Kold. Tide i I. art obvlounduty.
"' ..., mnrk In mnrUimaMnrfxrp. our ownAnnexation I I. proposed: Iho rightful nuplicu- "
a 1ttt'mOr.thltr"1'lf If time holder of tha UnltM Htati-n But perhaps lie greatest per soli al in 'llfl) prophesied I would be-
the t'oirVint
require earnest of tliq .III1AI..omotl..oInn.
Nli-arAuaun law for tho. l eiicnt-of
ul.ulo. .I ... The I'ui-lQu HiHt, liudvr Cuniiuoilore linger ton of tin fj.I..u > ovation to member hat given A round of the "
ot not prrfcr the K"M "ntllf..l* 'It from titus | I any was laugliter Interrupted
!r.'l e pwpy"> )had )uiijfor j sgincir.Wwknnt. ttis rhairnianslilp of Hear 'Admiral labor' And of 'tI,. principle of arbitration
Stpf In ha ftbuiHd n'. reciliimmck,' to Major CleiicrnL.Wheelerj.. of Alabama colonel, who concluded bin remarlts' <

(heViir. grtvernmeut
John O. Walker : eonniderat.Ion unit I -
lM for
July l4. commend
appointed Miiirgeiited j
Ndmil ,Kor.u KOMR.., Upon the ..colonialprdllfiru.itloii the aenti) of' .are '
1u ''\, fi Till!" of neutrality.' beIng Insnetlnnd under the a'ulliorlly of'if pro"lwlmljQ-'U.o| B It,. ..r..nt1..lltn..1. Juno .IB, 1X97. by IbapVnlpoteottnrlonof from the government a L'liited Suites notewtthorti 1I | l lipao.subject to tU* cai-eful attcnTh I who Ims-not been seen by many sith a compliment to Governor Johuinton -

.10111"10100..was 11 ir"t, to tlw'queslton hut, cnatomary 594 ,honra notice |M'h'lt| .."mi.iry olvtl not of .tuna 4 of that yearlias ,- the I'nited rluita and I pnylng gild in mildo expliaqgo Ilia'.liioro', fur H ''; Ibis pC.1hU1onjl''o., of his colleague Kince ha wont to tho and a wish that' howould, bavst. .

tlly ( lh. government of ihc. Itlrpti, lt-repnlri to M.irf; l>ity near Hong. nearly .rnmpl'eted, Its lal>ors, and! tboiemiltsof 1 af the republic of )llaHll.( provldliix for Tho reaso.n for lila Ii I all liHties' .v.ral deparThiontiTTeporls wlirb !'Tfaiiratrtha-) oftthe cavalry xMvis- another- ipporlnnity to"rtBot tJjo o" '

\II..r -."I.. toward Huiiiii mnl I Iln-Cii... Ko'iigvhnnce it procuede/l to 'lie I'hilfp it* exhsusllva Inquiry Into '(lie .Ilia"annexation of the Islands, .wjoIimC reauUiillou npprt'reiit when the government, AUInlerent : laid, Ix-forayoa. TI..S' give In great :: Ion of General Mmater'ue army. present when the time would be mora ..

.", 1"1 Fred I r> \-./.* h*di (r by fir: I Ihvllnpuitiint ., t I juln. Iul'' ti'ider telegraphle. >*orilers tu proper route' 'tho feasil'llily' and time cost 1 In| the sama purpose !by llie. benrlng of debt l'ulloillW"1'to provide guul.l IIl1t.lIonln'.J'.t ..for. I' detail the,
I pinlilrin'u-lili! wure vif c"lctlon of'an' Inle'roeranla .caiieK,' cesnloii anti redi'iuplliiti ilurLnjf tha ycur iast. and di. i
"bleb. onpttirn.or .1""lr"1Ih. fnniiiditltleHptintHli, ,re ).itnii tIme olTerfd .iuoarfiornllru numerous snd made he ball veritn- views. Th'ere was' considerable.-
I hon "ai,11I''" to ileiil.: 1 "" *... f flfM-t tli-'O n.winlilrntM"nll t. :At day.hrfrtk hy a Nlcaraguiin route' ,will.lie' laid before tljecedeit territory Into the Union them bearing out dilit.agutu: '' Surely exception"iLth'oiiiuItOot .")., "r'utsiimiry"q'u'" upon vrhUdi the' ooufrcM ,,| ble tiow
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