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V : Saturday were "itDeslled. by quite strengthens the system. Ask for Hart's. live of ucf ulneu.Parter's \ W Wrean.PsasT Mgr, Aaa'&aDIy. aae_? ,.

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"V ""' r returntjrj..inurh. -A complete train! of iinraaparllla is tbe. "Kin-; ot many \ : : -'
all The freight .
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:C' Rose has succeeded 'in fourteen illuminated caboosse Composed ..
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Motlo la hereby tl-vn that at MM seat .
S V .KI..no. which was won by the lutter. Two ers, who wanted St. Cloud in the magnificent scene of Niagra Pall' Blood.$ .Liver. Stomach and Kidneys* la. Goods; no old stock. kM of U _0''."'ol the HUM of .-.mdS : .. ; :::=i :

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,;t Ii: .' V : V only ton.WATBR'S stage seventy The following is 'the oath taken 'Mol. jsnu j, w. WAT$OK..; :;' -0. '.":
fjo, per V V oK ;
; 'AdminufratofV 4t tteevAll ''' CATISON GRO. Co. ingthercbuffthey got in the St.Cloud mite sin hour;and realistic steamboat by McKinley on assuming the duties VVV V 'BfPtk'MuteKISSIMMEE. -c,
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.t'D. .--(tL peraoMltarlac c. Norw. .. bo acalnat* of U>. ocuatr eaut*. -t p.: S, Plume'r, I1ndNJ ..Eiuglested -I here. -VVe.believe ,are among the most novel United S5ates i I"I-:"I l Y D B.i{; -' ..iO d':1; ; ( V
1ej. of OmoUanoauuof tlortda ai-tombnotl there :H. C. Stanford. V
".C ..04 I.._a4 tb.aim.to mu. poprIy auVU1 of Massachusetts who'hav is no'sectipn of the state scejies and mechantca,!effect! shown "1 do solemnly swear that 1 will :. : FIe.L VS
< .d wlUiln lbs \.. p__ If taw or'bn been oa a Month outing trip down thatV offers the advantages for sugar Lincoln J. Carter' scenic prod faithfully execute the offi
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I,,); "L'"Ij -S _111I.".S.V '''. .. ", .U .O.*dtui4.lOKO".. V,. day ago. Theywent through the Valley. appears ll at Brandow Bros.., Opera to tbe best of rriy ability, preserve; Call fpF Bids.Bids Heal Estate Brok!&. ;.--t11.Dy.I.. S.. VS VVS :
Fort and that
to Meyer report ; *>u- to-night. and defend the Constitution "VV
W. Hocker
8. -Tudge A. by dignified protect will b received b'rttie
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.'J LWPILLEYVLD: ; ; bearing courteous treatment. AdaagerouaOMilady should be tritN of the UnitedStatesJi Commlaslonera at their next-meeting to -, .
,: ., ,; V VJRThRQIT. the,sport along th. most fa. of thoRO'who' had'dUling. with promptly and "iror ,. Chills and b* held March soth 1897, at 10 oclock a. Generftl agents for'the Page ; Repairing.l V .
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V firmness justness Woven Wire Fence. Price Jilt fhava
and debilitate the rebrlCnrarlfler according! to plans and .Chtb( : hAd .
: .t.. BinSURCriRY.. Florida. VV r-H ,. bodr. following extract from_a.letter !!- specifications on .
of4il'd.clsipns i Vwil1gaarant.eutisfactouohl
cie.ted--good-im. .la V VV V
fill ; M-1dct' office. \
\V V furnished application.. yearn' axperienca In this linn ata4I'
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1 .. Reedley V IV Dw*
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:" Office nexl door Id"Jcalt'f' Jrug lumber, also a lot,of magnolia and amongst the lawyer* and'officer: of with Iron U S Took and BIoooJ In- Fresno Co.., Cal.', as iie handle the V Chmko. eo. BZlaael mm e,. : ; -
T' Slore. '. M to all other chill reme hitcustonerstd V who will give -an% triaL .,.- .'
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-.Jj. .JVf lumber sajo- 'bargainat court
k : iVouse dies. Exceedingly palataU Try Sbottle. know what a splendid) For o Ie.ldeo Lake D. Graham1 jaw mill. Sale.V .
:.tR.4' V V : .L. .-Best quality of' seasoned lumber .- No-cure,'_ pa,.- Foe-Sale by m.dkinelt.isi i VAt _: 't Tuesday* and ufda1p''SPlUGGnEM1NOi.1t'

,'i''fo' ; V "i',:, '. V .: V1qi uWaiter Ii. Mjnered and Ella.RosenbaumjjAtlanthChy l always on hand at reasonable J J. CLemke.The_ V _"It J* with pleasure I tell YOU a bargain, good FloridaralsMpo* : .
S "
__ 'e, _F. .;D.-A-n".5TEVENS. VV ..'- I !! New price*). 'L..P. Graham's_ 'saw_mill. MI. JI that by one'day). use of Chamber particulars fly and an apply Wut.to. open' buggy Par. : : : j x.u9i .
1\f" .
1 Jersejrtwo,; young m'eiv'who are tain'A I relieved '' -- -- V3. N-'B4U.ar.;. Offers hfr-Professional Service*:to --
\. '. J ( C Lincoln J. Carter will'present Governor hAs issued a clr u. Cough remedy wa V : ( y- ;' : : ,
of' the of Ki1moo .
resort -citiBenrof
4.cS makings tour the ;
: &ir OrE.-J..U.lrd.!_, V I his greRt-'acenlc' prodiiction"Th.1ast. far letter to$be sheriffs of the.State of a-very severe cold. My bea4 J was V V I'' .

;'t. 't.-J'VJV "Absolutely I'ID..Jt Extraction with 'NlM' I t.:. State utter visiting OcalaJackson i Msilt' the Opera Housa urging upon them the necessity of completely topped up .0,41 could V V. V Notice.' -i vXotte ; .; ,' mea.and vicinity.Diseaae .,. ." ;

_. : Oxide"AdmlnUtercd A ville Tampa and Orlando arrived This i i. of not ileep at I can recommend *fa lMVr tlrw that at UM wit i asa-ton Women # INFORMATION I
.t2VE ,ii" tonight. one the m.ost preserving the game and calling upon III.Jht. of UM ...ol Ik. st.M of nortda a bill *.or and. Children. ,
_ '
:rl tii S-'. V cinAfulI7VfiLUiVe 'past *.lht; years. ., here Saturday and are spending awee&atth&Litke 'effective pla>s or It*, kind on the them to use all mean in their this remedy':. A cold. nearly will W iDuo
P5CI.11VIk18fY9VVw, ; t Ij UJO'tGI Ilousti putting in road. They carry' '* special carwith"the.lr' to the! and to always starts in the bead and afterwards Mi-M,.eating.. for a apaolal best VSA4 of 1Aslato. .5 ,'0"I..; ,: .; !
S \r1i r.i ;.. ; ." their power protect game ; Sura i-41 tb. Kroueuoa. ,of.Iha .al .Office at L.ah.'u1risgstore.. ,45 -. ,t.4TaVV,
if I time fishing., They wllL.14oave 000IeNa Oo-mtj. ir :
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I .')II : ', 'f own "cenesyand the tee that the I laws on this care extendvtoM.the throat .114 V ;
f1 1,I -' 'c. ; fot ''a the Ee '" _'_.7 ; _' .1. W.w.-, ,_ V V '
t' -1 '[ s'II'. i N.u.LBWCKOn. l--... Friday; trip''down > tCoast'before stage ft'ect.id.i to be marvelous; strictl-rentorcedv Oceolacounty 1ungjBy Using this remedy: freely '. To.the People of BUYING' PuaUc.V:

;, t" _"'--V..ri "*-' '*" *** "''.-* .t* returning liorrus to At-.. Mr. Carter has r..e1ed'.witb .thu. being one o( tbe. Best counties '"n 1. loon a* the cold ha been COli- .V V i 5aV. V V "r' I,V :, ViS
_ .\, .'...; ftj r.rl' '\ .- .. .,,' .": ". J11" .l,nticCit/.' .: -V II play tor several 'seasons' and has 'the' State'for hunting and-, fishing erected it will cure tbe cold-f"once Attachment Notice.Oouaou ; Kmeea d ; I I". 1OyOUki1OWthatwe are now' V

...\ 1" ...,,,. :V V/. V V. WjiiMr and itfront- to ,- .- New'a Odd '% *
v' t ,';--}"> D..Oraham, .mill made great "hits" with it wber the circular letter refered.. to above prevent ; extending :j,6jFtoazTT receiving -II, ;VV.

L. ''; "t.u.-'C'" ,, .:.gJ i.Ji" .a.n. 1t.'mi -,:, .twaj'I'.keepl, out bind ant.- ever be has been. V S V V ,{'especially applicable thiseosmn. tbe.l 'ail. V V J_Cois.cove.. ,>,l.srfatl IIII .. ..O.seeiaO.ssty.V Osceola. .Couintys.. V 1- 1 i',..'.Da yon'bOW that w'eiare' el.j

...... '. .,A.. ,,. niount'of fine lumber and .1* prepared ty and not.onfy to the Sheriff 1 but T 'Livingston '
: tbe' old'
1-- Senator Caraon--i. now, .pending' uTh tonic*nd Nutritlv effect oC.Hy- irROTT: V am at fag : th.I l _1101.,
-: .-1ona.,1..' .. .. 'aa%. rI to fill order. on short notice. these 'moonlight night I down all'law abiding citlsefl wh'detlH (>opt>osphits U sod-rand ttme la the sy.tern c t'w. all xbt* .-sos. Intoraatod arah Shop, prepared to.do' nil man] 11 V pea. S
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: ; the of staying on .Oil-with \ j
j a..lt' "atoat : roaster LlTr >Hyp.'bp'itee..Os& A. .SelL amoaaUuc to UM jnras v4 r 'F'ii ". J .tb. w,.,- f'j'' *jv:'g r rlifiLLMy Tbecitisens'should"unite Dollar Ullxi nnlMiTaiiaJuJI bought 'a e.l
; "" 'Ar i-pf gfp ,. | top of anvr Wheel nWI hasjnst most eminent phjrslcliins .r commn4 It ( ) Slow a. ., Repairing' an* painting in Ke'f..r
.SV .il .. R.uo"'atW'71 ghrpanda with tbe.beri arid otb officer brim gate Ours es tie. arid rr .. haa .
Aak rH. EmuosVV For Sale byj.CLeer' ever T-- .,.c
'" tbe neorialline win : ;iw yjof: : Conducting._the :purchased,:: But the wheel |*eiW .. -- ". MO UM'awe iMiaw ralw day M said Ca-irt, all style*\ am\an experiencedPlowMaker. '
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t5t _.._! V_ right-make" tbvprice right;?and not'yet bridlewise.-, a matter' : ReaoctioaforCnshVatKstB'sltcd = r":.Bllwea sndWa-inds HataDryGooddZ1othiournoneyitozie

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treat people.rlphtj! : pe..r'ate goo )" ouriJ( .
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V : { tny:wor< it.. ways,, no : -
V \t : \A fI.r V -neat trial and ff'you'aint *ntisfilyou w"ilt*lrhjmph iq' the end aU .!inqnlro".! J1i* bctnrri
V, "rt "/t1.naaot Gf Lt"o' tter Co., can get ,'roQt"mone1'J.b''k, ''C' make a shining light.In.,the'. wheel Game' Protective Aocia .u for.any season/: but 'perhap LAKE{; ,u ;allivor k'done! at any shopv. to : V''V
.t.\.I I ever'apresetd1Ve.
.ye"'l heeded When the J ; gu.arntee
; ', T-i (. lion w1dch 'W" organized"under more generally I1USEV rWe take .
LBak. "''" .-". i; _d. hien'a. b(1 .rJe.' l*. if in exchange for
_'_" Cow. i'fhoi ,'h1& dIfi .t.n' ; 4VSVV i ,. 4qflfl V!VVtV> -aafl.-'T1' ''.i1rMn .- ,, -4, ', '* .?' ,flt.ft" such favorable condition*o,sty a few languid, exhausted feeling prevail. V .d:'Wrklcountry proc ce of',all V

: .'joj'10'."es that: be eI.t.paa and .V .- ,|w Epulkxifc .who that V -? -.--Fishlngin: ; "the. .Ufce* aiMl triontba ago.-. Similar organisation W.the liyer II'''torpid and :.Inggish -'Mo** eo-rrenlently foeatedusd'dssl*; : kUidtw-,Iy price*area SIVVI tow V

4. lri. *\tla.'WI IIlD lJt. succeeded BcrtleVil.'jn: .n** 'EImuoun&( i.simrnosvOaUn.tiLk.oodaInd. ntal and 0ourjib-ptber place and tbe-need of a tonlo.anil Alterative a. "' table hotel'property Ini"I 'l tba.lowest J.' :. ? :

1. .:1..i .K"rpve, hjQ.rat; large gerof Hotel! Kis ticnmeer.accompanied large ."numbetvof aod'are Important factor in protee.' t* falt.iA, prortpt.use of -. ,'.siin5iee.Osod httll ., C4 Ii a"( VVl'syIOIANrdDsu
oft. rhJnisgb Mrf.Qqtler* remain;;ia* fares trout and Speckjcd 'Cb.-betn-r thls.mcdiclne bal often verted Slag thoteugby.qnIppsd.J.:Fln-f.:. .. e :.JI'pi ".to Ifet, : (" :
; $ pe ting the-game;'\Tb ve ought by all longaad ,t patronage already estabUahad.. wor". I .' ; '- V ,

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t/.'" V .1' -SSVed?; hl...{f,.- lerarUnd be wa taken seriously tlT.o4 whenhVarrived *JI..lhou'd. be .devised. for preventing ,.here,." V ." 'V_,; ':;: medicine-
[-'i,;. 5ii.'iO. 1' idi I.xWUr-rn ;\:have ($ { 't kf'tal aht I'TVa* ;.imor: tthV| being l :caught } J.:..._ .,i,> .V .,_ :,1,1t. eoaataractlDtr..f in ,the *yftenar \\ia9'UQiji; T.A: ?1 : .'f". ", ._ 'B il.

} ;' IJ',?srf.e.. therai (rrsKionar.and l'*$$ *0 for.v-w.than pan !be tsedo.soon the-wa., ",) .,-the 'malarial:;:poison ipa V V -t -.lTmr_,.. o 'tV.--BB-r VV --

-- .: '\.\ "Cha'i2""rl.a-" 'Ramed/ end era days JWe:
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; "'Wt k Pi. ,,b.t h-remedy i la. then proved'now ar}
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l '' ,ti,1'1' 1'rittoj f ,{ST. .* Vi&f'*,"lh. "A
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I." '. ',,\ f"., .", c.d". ... .$." Hq, ,.,,".1' 1'1. ...-'or'. '" ,c. 1 u. ':'. i: r A A'iqp', x' ''-Ji \" .'N'It. L '. ." -' <. /*"'.31*,*';Ww"v, 'd.';>."*...:.."".,t I\'Y.:'t''c,(." '., ';, ": .. .., .'! .."". '".,:'l.r. .'. ''y. ,', \",,' '. ,,, ,. .". ., .. ',, .-._-

I "i ,.J ';,''ii" 1' .' 'di ,'' .. .. I I. .' V
", '', ,' .. .., T ,. -. \ ," '. 1---_ 5.5 V VV

The Kissimmee Valley
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 Material Information
Title: The Kissimmee Valley
Alternate Title: Valley
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: N.S. Harris and W.B. Harris
Place of Publication: Kissimmee City Osceola County Fla
Creation Date: March 10, 1897
Publication Date: -1897
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
Coordinates: 28.303889 x -81.412778 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1894.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 4, no. 11 (Nov. 17, 1897).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 3 (Sept. 16, 1896).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 33274520
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Succeeded by: Osceola gazette
Succeeded by: Kissimmee Valley gazette

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Ti -, y---- _
--- .
I F- ; r- -- -;-- -

--q' 4 -'-: : : ,, ; p ; rJ ,-4 '
_ _ -- ; t \,
1I -4 -. : r Ah $ k t \ J ,:
I. 1 1))' r k / c I \ L v r b ..,- ________

"Ji', D ; '4 ij4 M iP$4 t- I fr :, 1b.4 i ,\ I 2

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dine-that: would tend l to renew sectidnolifm : XTEA. 8KSSIQ5:CALLED., court. was. afllrnied- .by the -supreme I IlcJUCIJI'r. OOUBT.OaaUHd I cbu B'.CCLUI'I. I .- .: --. -.: :' :. rI '- rfr

bet ween,North and South. t -.I l"sid; e.nt. .-.cKals, 7- sfi! officU! .I| court of.the, United"' "States.. ;.. The tram IMS("_"# '-'M'r.; .Snaraii, -Canadar, end Miss. B ..m$IIJ8'! J.J.'I'' 118"'JI' '.. r.. ',:: :" ,';'k.\I\ :::. r

,JXi>. HarriV fend" W.-11Iae; b't; li r' M".11 ean.f proclamation :waslssuedSaturdayafternoon msn.-1ata" -was received' last weak by t ...Ths clrculi court of the',.yth'Judicial Jemima,. ettlel..ero..marrlocl1..t. :. : .:'
-1 district : circuit" sine, die '
it l/ 7 f in thV!Presidents':; ,power"to ;unit .Attorney Clriu1l.st: adjourned Sunday at the homa-'oMhs' brides i "
with the .
.Publishers?' *nd Proprietors., / "' Saturday; after having been In .. iAth 'Bull creek. ., '
und; oneflaas a'great nation the Thursday Judge Locke. made an r on ,- p. .
the new. secretary of, state', ,, John aba since- Mond.". The/ proceedlngs"Wp Tbd people of Bull'week Entered at Uiapostoffice In KtsslmmM American people Xit! to. J btt| com>.\\8herrhan.' lere.d. follow/i$ --.'.. orderconrmittlng; ,Agnew tith. Wednesday appeared in Crab Oi-bl-"pect-to-.oIIaoUdakjq '- c>- .1j. 'I'I'
ri "* mall" *matter.w m"endc1and should.be kept ,up,by. 'President.of"the'. prison to'which' be had been sea'tejiced ,last weeks belPolnlr':Wed- b '. > ,
secon4-class paper at '
,as 4 By:tbe. United, general picnia some convenient W' ,,,14;
:- -. all politicAl'parti .. J/ Ileaeemsconid > '''St.tl0. America ::1 : ,*,( y: 'nesday the cases were disposed. of place on the ist"day. of may. It les I ;aIl d R t1' "

Subscription" Bates. ( rjt In being able/0 bring'nlx>ut A i ''Saturday{ ,"district' : stiorney received as'follows1':', .2.Alexander' ..-* ?' looks like the .lIeU Ball club here .. : :- 'k .-- __- ..-. -.-. :V* *. i MukvlSnPlllsbury 533S.t.
proclamationWheressPublic -
3 . .. .. .ooOne.copr Davidson'"was admitted --' -- ,
Onecopyone rear. ? get a match that -- .
1 IIIK l m .n.lb.._..',,.., .. .. "-5.. to a" considerable e"tent. the proatz interests ) .an order from, ths attorney- to 'citizenship of the United game on day -
three month. .'.-: .. .35 I the ( lavibhly require general l of the United StateTehang. which:;would greatly enhance the n.r -. : ,
,,4.fbeJ:01 .4 which re'pblicin.1O 'J''
: that the congress of the United St..co..._ ?.; / pleasureand! enjoyment the oc- ., :
1 u All subscriptions parabl.1r( advance. promisedIf/ he does 'tEedeinocratAwilibg1a4 ng4b.-pIac41-tmnmentfoni. vs A. E.-Proughtyenv- awiuu. .' ': 1/1' I.
; States should be convened,in_ extra '- -T S j --- .: '
1.'oJ.. J. ,*canel-*rep b- session.at ia o'cl ckon the zth d.yoL.M.Ch' Brooklyn"penitentiary! 'to .the Columbus i besxleihent, a'nolle prosequi, yas Some of the people In this settle H- ,:FI nr; :'Flon 1 .' 1

.! _:' lican_gtipren/acyAvlll'be! insured for 0., penitentiary., 'In con. Centered: by the State., mont pre planting.corn,and some ,

r ., 'h' .E ITO"r ...:. .. several camr' IK,- ,aadnoameri..., t i897r-to receive suchcoinmuAicationral lQ.m! _.( !1yrdet:1gorder' > :&atevsj-; Bass fo"yof have penned their c.t'-le.-'. __ Grain, "FertilizersJsporting: I ];.Goods, --. 'I
in bema by ,inalr tried and : [
t-- _. y e 1 H 'was by- Jury a -There-will be enothW-store stsr- "
.._.. -----' can unless it be a populist, will re-', LocJ .oG-Set 7 made an verdict of not returned. ::-.MeaI,- CI'at1rYateflaI'D'Ammuu1t1on ','" i:1
h the executive guilty ted in this :
__ neighborhood. soon .::. ...
94 ..1to1iJ&IIK; .A ...1U$J.B.lUl.614.f" : to the Ohio .. 7- ,4'OrUs -.: : .
committing Agnevf State .
|iect''pro.pe'titibecaU-lt' 'by:. Now, there.forer \yilliam MeKinley vs Henry Giles,Manslaughter ..-[ INDKPXNPCNT.How Salt; .
.Flonda's newly'appointed United the Repubflcitiout.'P4EXSENATQR1JAJ1NOW... 'of r' the United State-prison at Colu'mbus, Ohio ; wa tried by )jury. Jury' failed I 1- Ii'.\Oardeneeedn.-i ._ .,' ,. ". 'J':
presideryt to Care Rbeamatism.AH ri "i -
.States Senator believes in 'the. free When Marshal McKay arrived to agree on.a verdict and the courtosduM.onot..rt.I -
\ '
.; silver States of Amkaociky.p ,'in-wbich the AOO; Coos_CoQK'BOON, S .- -
? -
coinageofhotbHgoldaod' -. here Suridiym6rhiog'Aghejrwas ': .
; : ,' claiiri"and i declare that an. extraor jury returned verdict of n9t guilty. Nov. to. 1894.-I wish to inform "k.' -i----, '.', .'Y"-:4-i: '- : 'o\ -
1 and a tariff for revenue only. lie w herc, having previously >of tbe #
thecon already State vs Jno. M. Bryan killinganimals' you great gpodChartiberlaln's -
Call's third term expired noon dinaryoccasion requires
L "'is likely to find hSmpelf'ln a hope but promised,the msyhal l that he would The defendant plead I Pain Balm has done my wife, k,11ard's' : 0bie lisk. ': FloUrBsLlcinO1 J -
Florl of the UnitedStates to
Thursday, ll..Jiaa now convene
gress : -
'. both these .. She has' been troubled with rheumatism :
1esiminor1ty on. queslions be ready to go witl>him whenever guilty and sentenced; to, pay a .
one United States Senator, Senator l in extra session at the capital of he and 1 : i 14'S .
> h.ndllor -
arms :
when he Washington. lie had finJ of one-tfollsr and costs.- '
T gets tIll marshal was ready. V'_ ..
Th law hat the in the of the six months and has tried' 155l-T-r-'Th, : ". '
Tasco. ; - '
.t bond .
? been under the
; ., All the.trappings ofOseola:; the Legislature chosen next preceeding fifteenth day of March 1897 at ia previously Henry Partin, larceny of an animal prescribed for that complaint, -; PnwinflP! ALWAYS:, : ; .

j., famous, Semiiiole Chiet.are in.the expiration of_ hfl-term r whicha o'clock noon, .which all persons sum of $ioooo pending the appeal. was tried by jury" and found not this"Pain but found no relief until she used ct. rJ 1-L& RELIABLE, :'i : "
'" Agnew has hope of' being Balm ; one 1 bottle ot ,
L Or a r was elected shall, on the who shall at that time be entitjed par guilty. \ A ''' {;
: p".lnq..n' II'nnill which has
: State and Robt. completely cured her.. .' .f' '"
d2n d.a.'M jtrpngpctjlion.has beenj vsOeorgeTlsen -f--r.-: .:: ./? -. .T 1WVSCiFArutsngemi
"T f" -
alter beT1W" -
den, of Eufiln Ala. Dr. Weeden second uiesHay t .org lza:1: re"'l1llbeWt1Iete r.re I,vtniiarcany'ofenannimtivestried 1 J c9 ii i"--drp '
carried to Washington by his attor.ney for '. '
:: .is grandson of Colonel Jasper tion thereof, proceed to electa. -. by required to take notice. E. and by }jury and a verdict of1 not. for-th.hro\l.ble. Yours truly C. nts inlrleUhg Vegetablesll, iUj:, \,. .* "i-j( 1
Ilortridge "
:. who' captured.d. 'Oseola and had ator. The Florida legislature will .Gi Vt'll under my hand and the John presented guilty rendered. A. BVLLORD.. 50 cent and '.00. flides, Furs, 'Beeswax. "and all\Country\ Produce._. .. 'b.-: ., ''\' "'
the neral. Ass .
to attorn.y- bottles tor sals W. Sears.Celsrr ,
The Grand Jury made the following by J' .. '
meet on April 6th, and cannot ballot -! seal of the United States &1 Wash. '
: of him during hit last days. / ".iI
charge / which we will i l '.
n Ws he Ta confined inprhon and pressntmedts.. Millege Tanner : buy'outright, or..handle .:1. '
'The-jOutflt It said to Ixr, ..convplete ; until the zoth." If no extra cession .1 ington, the sixth day of March, in Can a.' ,
vcy actually beg serving his sentencethe and Ienry Partin. Larceny of an >_ .
; and.to include almost every. of Congress shall be Called a the your of our Lord One thousand, petition will be forwarded by animal,'True Bill. The celery business 'I IthIs sec -Commission. Give us '. ,f;.:: "-- :<.

; ; thing that an eminent savage would Senator will- probably not be appointed. eight hundred and ninety-seven the attorney-general to district .it.: Lewis Johns, Distilling Liquor tion, and Lhisyear those has engaged been very in successful its culture atria] J : '. v. .of'W -.>: .!

., require on..t.he.warpat.h or in the Mould an extra session and..of the! independence of t the .without license; True Bill. 'I tC lfi!
4 torney Frank Clark for his indorse say that they can now grow a : "f- "TO1fV -".,
C. Bass
be 'ca'ned. Governor Bloxhain is United States the hundred and StstevsJ. Larceny '
f; .' '.chase..SENATOR. one ment and the indorsement of Judge an'snimala nolle prosequi was entered crop any year beyond per adven. sell fpr .Cash. 'a4 have no bad i.
likely to consider the subject ol ap twenty-first. ; Unless the ture. This hone of the most prof. .
Locke. one of the two endorses by state.( .
: .. CAtLI.ftI United pointment. The statement is, however WILLIAM M KINz.av, State vs' John. Farless, crime table crop tl '
t. r.; Sties Senator expired'at noon current that no aspirant for By the President : the petition with a favora >against nature, a True Bill was here, and agriculturists are'to' be '. 'Accounts : .
". '
/' March"4lh and as there-is n, provision the position will be appointed for JOHN SHERMAN, Secretary of ble'recommendation It'wiU not.. be found and case continued.All congratulated tb** success of ex'pertinents .... J., ,. '

t 1.to,\ ; to appoint his successor until the interregnum. State. presented to the president. c.tea.pot otherwise disposed the that have been made daring 'Come buy rot Cash wliero. yoi !can 'sarc"Money. _.- > .- T4;
iii, I : the session is well organized, it The limiting clause restrictingthe The report that both the Judge of were continued for tbe term. ables them past year.reduce now en. : *.:.L..t,1'
!IcKl IK I,BY 8 C A B LN KT COS PLE'I'ED Court adjourned.rresrntmenCot tp celery culture i '<1'1I'7J'
k-4: will be some time toward the mid action of the extra session to and "district attorney had' recom.men'dei to a certainty. Q A. Stevenson, Now Is the time to nlake your---------. ;_ : ;.

l todt of Apr'i before a Sot lilt lor i" The formal *announcement of the "such communication a. ,may be that the pardon be granted baa alxfut eleven acres', end Martin -. ; _

4fW.. lected. _Thi. would have left us completion of the new cabinet has made by the executive," suggests is 'incorrect, ks the petition has the Grand Jury. Larsen tWQ or'three acres of as fine ; 1R-cr: : c: AEEL: SMsM.. : Jr .

:" : ;;; ,only) a1 Senator from MarcJ th.until been made, a. follows': possibility that the president I never reached them through an orfi.cial Kissimmee Mch.;5, 1897. celery as can be grown anywhere. You ., ; 4Jr .
source.-Times-Union. To the lion William A. Hocker, They ere begining 'to ship .their wilLneed :_: _.j. Tt.. 'j .)iF
: another, elected by the leg- Secret,ryof State-John Sherman irray limit the objectsjof the extra Judge of the 7th Judicial Circuitof product this week and will be. able '1 \ 1 -

.,.: : islators.but. the Governor Imsseen fit of Ohio. session to the passage of the, unac. WAR BETW RK\GREECE ANOTUK- the State of Florida : to continue throughout the spring.In Citron, Orange or Lemon PealJCurrants c J

I I to appoint a Senator fill out the Secretary of the Treasury-L/y- ted. appropriation bitls and tbe KEY THOt'OHT. FBOBABLK. We, the Grand Jury empaneled all other place the Season is over liaising FJgs Dates Almonds : ;

i interim. In view of the fact that I mun J. Gage. Illinois.. clause in McKinley' inaugural address in and for the body of' Oceota and Florida has control of the Cil Walnuts,, :i .. .

I : Little ebie. is talked about In Stittq of Florida i -Spring ery market at this season, which i.p1eesi.Extracts ; .
'WarRussell county ,
,the President has catted an cxtrs session 'Secretary- A. was4-'to stop deficiencies- by! _. Elc., ,'
'nsuresa for all ths eel- ,
I i of congreaa..to..pa8. important Alger, oT Michigan. the restoration o{ that prosperity : London, in Great Britain oron'the term A. D. 1897,having completedour fancy price ., .
To' :
labors beg leave to submit..to ery that can be grown in Florida. geflhese- nice and (r'eshgo tu I s JW. '1 .'
v- legislAtion before Mr. Call's suc"cessor Secretary of the Navy-john D. againwhich has always been the : continent,-than the Eastern crisis your Honor, this, our general, pro There will -considerable_ num. : ," l"

''t i ia elected it is our opinion : Longof; Massachusetts finnest prop of the treasury. and .the "possibility of a war .between sentment. ber who will plant larger areas in ., B. 11tk1nsn .jo

; that Florida ought to be represented Secretary of the Interior-Cornelius President Cleveland, when he I Greece and Turkey which We have carefully examined. into celery next year now that Its culture CoipnjFa

at this session of congress' withy N. Bliss, of New York.Secretary called an extra session for the repeal -, may//involve the great Power all tbe cases presented to us, or here has been reduced toa_ cer ; '. .

.-<.;' 4 'her lull quota of representatives of Agriculture-James of the Sherman silver purchasing Europe. The officials of the For. that have come to our knowledge, I taint,, "

<' .' tha(it.wjvs a wiser act for the S. Wilson,'of Iowa. ach to that'one, practically object.limited the' session eign Office-' were busy throughout end judgment found, true the evidence bills where justified in our it. ,U recommend At this season taking of Cod the uver veil-OH physicians WaverS D. hoods .Awfvmg- M e d. Dag. !. JJI

'**? OoveToof to appoint; n Senator un- Attorney General-Joseph R. Saturday night and all day Sunday While the Grand Jury believes Consumption Bronchitis and all wasting : >l"

'til Mr. cain place can bo supV ilcKtnna, of California. KSiCTIUtf TBE COXHAADMKNm In exchanging telegrams I with Constantinople that the illicit distilling and the unlawful disease This fatty oil Is, to many, .so : QAdEN; .

;'lied. Postmaster General:James A. -I and other capitals. selling spirituous I liquors extremely undesirable nauseating effect ol as to produce the FRESH SEED.; i?;t.' :1:: ; : :n---. .'

- Gary of M'nrylanLt5ugwestlousor A special dispatch to the New The French newspapers this are being tarried n |nthjsfiDunty -w-rf-- -fffT... (Win. . lion HENDICIISON, of York Times from Topeka Kan.. It I is impossible 4 ia msnyinstances not is "
JOHN 'At, morning sis almost unanimous in a.Synthetical Compound but actfl. J:> .Specialty p. '. .* ,
1'uneralLThere -
dated March for this Grand Jury to obtain'sufficient ally extracted from the meat quality of j :
Tallahassee theIt 4th = .
j ,1_ was appointed by "Be sayst Greek 0" : \ -
ought-to a'very clear] anticipating ithaJLjhs replyto evidence to indictment Pure Norwel4an Cod Liver Oil thereby ;
secure an
of .:: ..Governor.Saturday:: tc fill but the Representative. Walters'fPop'.r) representing.all Its virtues combined 11'
understanding between undertaker* I the identical notes of the Powers and-ws would suggest ''that "- \ .. _" : .
t :! inte'rval. between the expiration-of 1 and officiating ministers to the fjas Introducedabill to enact the will riot be: a formal refusal to abide the revenue pfflcer.-of this district with Pots.the.. IJ'lPoP..phltn of It is.exceedIncly Soda- : -k: : :.' t r. -: : .

biteator.II'.term In the, Unitei conduct (a funeral service. Often Tea .Cor m.nc"ent. 'I lztJo", law by their deci.lon. .. the tons'of the be Instructed to look into the' mat pleasant and palatable. ,and ace po ,: .: :,. : .'. ;. : ,

itates Senate and the election of.its'successor Eadh .commandnient i is,'a section'of 1 ter;And, if necessary to employ a table to the most delicate stomach. Try RollinsI .C' ll' ', ,"t. ,< .
each,party makes his. own,arrangement communications received, from a botUe, and you will be convinced off Itscurative 0 .. .' ,,"
Lill.-and: the demand such : detectlv' to. stop, this unlawful' 'ege .
I' rL by the nextseesion. llenderson_ .of 1.t Is ,with:.hardly ,an ,attempt to enactment. is-reclted .. follows for .1 Greece, by ).Hnnotaux'" ,the French trade,,; Laks., and nutritive properties, ,.(>C.. .. '.. :"' ,.. ': t' 't,.""j.

v': 'the legislatirref'/Jdr. consult the other"; .and. consequent Minister for :Foreign "Affairs"hasbeea It has been'brought vto the notice "'Bnekten's J ..; 'r' :0 '\"' .

v\ an'. le'J.wlcir and eloquent sporik- friction inevitable. supposed "Whereas, The men of the present i rnc-re Distinctly pacific 50112hAn of the XJrand:Jury that in many Best Araiea Salve. 1WI..t.JIEf. t B.K:.. FvLA.: .;j, (t: : 9, ;",');i\:
-The i f. rid .
? Salve the .
errand 1 is well .knownasiformerly generation have become scef- cases the-retucos pCtbepe'aonal lot .." .
v tfiat ministers and funeraf directors being hinted at on the basis :
Cuts .
Bruises '
.Hr fers, and"Whereas as banded in the Sores -Ulcers Salt i' t. "
'one'of the democraticleader property -by own
: are not only 'gentlmen, but me J of of mutual ooncrs">ons < Rheum Fever Sores the -, 'M .
( Tetter, Chap. DURINQ Summer extensive Improvements1' 'have be-t'a
: ,' 'the 'There line I ; doubt They have strayed ers have been entirely.too low. es.pecisily past "
state; Jhat
'f ; good interested The semi-official Fremdenblatt of Hands Chilblains made
senne, and equally in regard to cattle r tur>is, pod Corns, and upon tbe buildings and additions are beingjpladoed'to accommo-?. .'I
,:.:1tMnt.te- .;,ntrW1uLe; safeInLii .. having theervlces"and' rair thiiIieth front the religion! of thel.ther1,} and, Vkunarpointsout thatit !;by no and as-,'the,taxes iof--,tha. couaty all Skin Eruptions and positively datelbenewllne.of..workln.tltuted. 7 Students-- both ae"are'.e' t'. : .
nd. rutra ae i.oo of : .. '-'JWhereas; Tjejpno longer live :Ure.P1Iei; r., required;*' It celled, bathe ; .tt .
: at7\t arrangements leading up to .. ,means flrtI.i".._(_Greece provokes should be proportionally borne,we, pay various'departments .Collegiate. hademief.reparato. '

rj on tteThek. 'March'. ith. .. pass.off.smooth !ly,andjto:the_ ,satisfaction -_ .in tbe fear of God; and _war:with. Turkey, Ser via and tbeTOrand3urydoesrositIy'iequest guaranteed! togfge perfoctstlsfaction : Sub*Preparatory )"a,0a"4,< Art.. ,The faculty' made up 'of. profess;,, "1.?. '
.. 4'Wbcresshaving 'nit t. 1.891 ". of.those immediately:.con. Dulgana! will assjst her,as;they 95 cents bo of the Institution f. :,
Into all tax returns aad'take per *! ForSa1.by W! speaks for itself.. Sickness is almost.unknown.- The
punishment beyond the raveth'e1 proper .
t :JNAGUR4LDRS.," cerned.1, 'Ml.un4er i ldln&.re wantonly.violat..' the: law& givers, to might find means-and O)CNtrofrom' steps to have them adjusted. ,0 T. $ears. -7 equipment for work is the best, With eareful.'and accomplished teachers -'.. ft.-.I

# .; .Tbe is ,nothanK, remarkable ,frequent, but generally'quite.need. the from Mount- the Sultan 'ma\e.a peaceful "- ..t.. We find :Upon- exsmin tion t A Hare tfes; >ee for I'eack Trees. ; the use of a fine bbnu..re.dlDJ room and modern-gymnasium, sto..: i"G, .
'less.' A .- the r ; world :Sinai etc.! wresting from Greece of record of proceedings of dents-are assureda, happy, heriJthful and profitable :'sojourn' Rollins,. \
t t ..bJ't tt.e Inaugural address of Pres-: ; few"ye ago president conquest; by county I have now at W. B. Makipson's
U W men, the author t1e! re,. -: commissioners 465 that there The institution Js entlreljrnpA-vectarlan, and un'de,a ) .?::
page -liberal ;
manage ;
re" of convention. of Funeral 1 the ecclesiastical provLncas.ii 4 store'- oooo; of the finest, Peach "1<
r'j: )deot McKinTey i : !t1f't .I%. olution "live : } ment alms to fit youngniWmd women to *'
says; In fair of God, .tbat' is'a'ahortsrcLJ8r7.3WeIn.! Trees e.er.-4Ifrereai*! this.1 State ) Jske theIr| :places Jbe.so. 7 :,
i Alterationoif.the .Jtep., 1i a r. la Directors" in *;neighbori state but men must be curbed' hence''the f'reinbeoblattv.nlteratea', the struct W3 demand that the-county budded, from :.celebrated St., cia! as well as business world.;'.-Great.care.will be..talcen.."0'.:give to ..,, -, -

fljtors2i; of principles snd ho! position! requested. ] the.editor..to prepare a only Powers will: BOt; c.pitulate"UtoGreece : cdmmissioaers'.proceed at-once :ito Cloud orchards. and" ""atureld. each jtudent the training needed for tIM special field of labor.Mrbe' Altered ,
: provisions to the atter'monte. on
J. k..n 1.ep -.cRn. jurin! thez'Is set ofsuggestionswh5ch.> he desired apply -' no:matter what; pressure Is collect sa'd| arn.ou.ntfro.in. fhepoHntv.' .'IJr upon as'a life work;" 'In OTeri case the aim. is to nMiKO.yvnrV'iu* : r.
w'.Ji..I,1LEWIS"; -
..D n. II w'.l.tbJ'.II.t.J .li ., .' .. ,', .tu4xsPept I in the College of Prs
IJ Trustees at.111O '
f, tl.q .bich'el ICte It feT trerroracs pclon'W.took. b"OIIRb Ho-be pot\. .them.dtbat.noon Bond ,) / C -.u. ": to.th.stu4.nts; ; ,birfitting ;'
; ) eampalp. -. 2n .W 1lDcf pon"examination -stssd. tbs ead.-s them for some useful field of labor .in,which a living may begained...' iz.-- '
time of thern'wtl --- .
to consult ,
"good1 | withawfrom
address a : jnany men''' J
r.\ a thoughtfulwelt; prepared of of J. ; .The"terms. are lower than In free iostitutions. .
,1 For "having any other godMi! : .' records e.Unt7cormnl..10Ile..1 AUf' Bogeltholesdingdrug' any except "_ "'of'rf'
Who bad the :the U tea ened coercion ofOroociTbIs :
J forth the doctrines of f made'tudyor matter; ; gl. Shreveport La. "Dr. Each Student is assigned a .
; (ttinjj_ .000. page 465; is -a shortageof says separate.room,.without extra charge.-- "f ...---T,
:---i y. ',L repubhcanpart7.b1i; a ilnari"'of and then-condensed a 'variety' ,of-expefience -'l' w ippi.lJra'v' Jni. ; view of e.1ntexity $100.70 against C;.\Buckets, ox.SherIffWe' Iing'Nsw Discovery is the only :Forteiris'CalaloKaes, etc.., apply, to," .* ,\ .

., .ojdlnayioun&udgmentn:: c! ld oes *- :into: .practical...:-:shape. $iootTand'ronB.year i Intli of tbO noncerro/ JPowersls sUpported 'instruct the:county thing that cares Dll-'coul ndt ,.I .". 1t '*''K<
age is the I h ''. V-O.9Qr.M. WARD .WInterPark F1zi-" .
taller P. ,
siarno-of which. may be useful to others.Tba. .- '" by. Constantinople commissioners toproe.edat once: fceit? ve. J, ; '
';: $.1I.notptsmpt.author < resolutions or .pel1ltentI., .. ". .r wbicTrannopncti to make a settlemantln tnllt"We $ Campbell 'merchant or"Safford, .. .. ., --. .,
rl following I. patches,: ,tbaf, persis.tsnt ._ ___: .)0. ,. ".' .., ,
1.ztzord1ni7abi1hjorpowet FOr \
.an taking' the"name of the !founduponexamination"lof Arts., writes i: "D,; King's New -. -. '... ; ','

:_,: ,:\ fTb .ph "h.'not.. inatke4,, by 'any '.''suggestions for" ''funerals"' were. Lcrcll v.ln'," '1500 "1. s>> *-4- pressuTfr$ Is being t exercised records ofprnceedingsLof; county Discover]; I is all that U''t claimed 'for Ths i iollawug list of wall known educators_ ,who personally will testifyfor v y f.-"f" :: ....

I .MbrilUeDt fllghtSo1oi"atory-nt: : .01 adopted f.:,. '.'; UT" Tor ( "
: |
: 1_. "T .rgiieat" profoundness ea "".-reasoning -.iI-ThAIun.raIs; ordinarily be da$5FornfusIigt** 'or-' '.'-I, ""J-v' .**" i'i'' ''' "T'' tb.Turkish Oovernment,>' 1895, thirfojlflwl n jrm nHtBf cj wltl for- ConsumptionCoughs-' .and r'' "standing of ths_CollegOeTond* qoestlinlifefcxi" inTJJ''5.';fc;- r'*-' ", ."FT. '--' --- .. ,"
: is simply I a,clear cut dlipdsitloniifiiii conducted ..the. .home. of( the ele.c ". v :.Tht',comrnuoiqi".4drei4";by chit office of-county-Jtidge has been Colds JI cannot .y though for its i' ''Cbu.I".Tbw Wm. ) Tucker D.U., PresldsntofDertjnAuth Coli.g > ,..J. '. '
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.. baa; "honor. thjtath, r left in bait order by the retiring of ments.Dr.. King's New Discovery l..D.D.r-P.W.a .University. "
to be pursued by"tbs a..d.. ., . .. the Ambassador the Portelwas Cyrus Nttrthnp LL. D., President University of Mianeeota. : '
." ;J policies ; '- V' should, and thy;. mother," 1500 -and:111: In"tbe Seer i and that tbe office U taot yet Consumption,! Coughs and ? Egbert C. Sniy'tta D. 1). P..ldent of AadoYer Tbealotrlcal : .,','
,'. ':Jt"ilJ.n." .adm'nl ttntlon., r :3. That Sutictayfuriersls' months! .prlOn<' : -"r ;.Vi, forni'oI'amniorsndurnsup.plumenting in the COD ltlolJ ft should-bev: Wefoupd'an7 Colds; is notaneatpel'imllo"t. It has ;5CecIl P.Banc:1'OIt Ph. D. -.L D. Prln. J"hlUpa Academy A..s-er,,"- ( .; 1'".,
.t:' .''%1I.: 1.c1ares 'tliat first ,dali the avoided..whenever )f. possible, For"commfttIn'g murder !!, the Tcollectl IYi note ojTuesday. accumulatlon-'of1)papersreceived been tried rat' a quarter of a century -' .Chi.8. MwUaad D. IX. PresIdent M. H. Agricaitnn Coltea*,, _'., .-:'fJ"Ii

-r- : Mantry. d.i..On..cl.t relief.'t and and vtheyr;should pey >e"'at'arthour ; IngT1"1''n, .* -sv '.. ,...hang-' '. .'. .atf; 'and..'pointing'" i ;. 'tth.t by.retiring .officer::hjcn and. 'tft-Uay stands at the head. It 4 ;,'Frsacia Rev. 8.a C.; au.BarUett,'Uft.Kx-P.,r ProI..ld nt GOIL.TheeIogIeal Dartmootb Colloe*. .?j..i. .- h, ., '
'1 Int -'i r"rd"'.. '. ; .re-unrecor.led. the 'yepq4qg'fees n.Y.*Disappoints i ,:;..Fre trial 88mf.1.. .(Episcopal. ) rY'. ) "It> .,
; TTiintif f this j Is accompl h d. .n! other wnkn.tbywif rf4w1tbth ForT"aduI.! InjprlsonmcBtfoTMfe the principle of the pro1'posed 'J bOt.j triOliD n. Wrlebto Ph P.P1'oI'H.I'YIl..UDI..ra.7. ., L '. ,,:. -
$.tt forwhicb h ypl f<1' .been .theist W J, SsrsMcbfNci.l. Prog.Store.T .;. Retest 3.:Ads Ph.D. Prof. : > J.,
eases Johns
irj' .uto' otn,9. t l-Iopkin. Ualv.rs1ty. ...
*; regular church'sep : "J m1for Crete" = 1Jo .
I TquestionsVUl be .subordinated..htteI :: _: ? 55 < implied -_ : I ,Eo a. L "( :
;; 7. ;; 1' i i" "v. > : aid, and ,.in others qot,i etc. etc; rr"V-- -mVf Gonid Pb. I Prof. Johns HopUn's UnlTerslty.. ?i.. .iY.- ".

\ ; I Xhinks this. .; relief.Is.I i to come through ",3Fun, r l skitdit or addressesshould FoV violating the'commaBdmentsblet f" B>,**ty. :;rdlwtiQT14 t the,Tu.;* urtber' ,- page 5S5.we .. ifl4r.tbtCoiwtX ,. -,- ._:TRIES,t O ,SUiCIDE.. :) I Charles loan H.Clark r. ..-Ph. D.. Uean;LU; L Dan-.lhCoU.-). Prof. Columbia'Unlvsnit* "' v, ,.- .,.Jf. ". -otIr..jt', "It

'., |'i prHct veyUrifI! ,and4o.; put the be',;briefA'serylce'is' prdivnarily sbairsay, ""thou.shjilt kish" forces 'I l.ncr.Turk1fb, CQi1Imi..IQml.'. hsd 'Ic pay Rn"Mc ::.;._ 'I Prof.W. H. WaddellHslltsx.'.v ,-* Vs... A .". .'jJ.r ; .J,1 Qi'i'_, .. ., I

Lneaer.; 1, acypprtion9;: pecEwttlsjI >comptete:wbi'ch, onHtsts.sUu- sler" "'tho* shaltv, beef false troops'to the ff i .f :should there.]! $1(11) (or idtijiting said .retiring officers f nP n. pr.s1d.ntpf .S DID. Prof. Andover Theological' SemliMtyi s .. -"I'1ot..J..Ht.1lf"ard1U1t. : .": .L ..
.not, the .
5T the reading Srlplure"selectlotis : fore be'concentrated Ini\ .. ";- rcorat-VVe Instruct; and de defdn VJ merchants.nstlonsl ,.' J> Prof Andover Theologlca} )$ mIMl'J''t", ,- '
lon of congressjpiriirhe.-con; ply of $th JQw 1 ci'' .
1 ses :. !'iltoV ahaft.not'' ot1," mind Prof LawrencerUIe School. --v .c ;. :; \.1
bank .
i ned-CnM r ,: -and.,pnlet"' hbJ.IQc1n" tThrpl.: ; .Of Jhs-fJ'iirkfsl! Cfovfernnient I thlfb 7aunty:'commistiqn. -OoKistV r ,attempted, suicide 'John .Tuttie. I. D., Pros 4mher.t College.. .,. S. ': '. ./I.c t. .I-wV\:
fgM JM dt, \.. '.;.. or imprisonment. ;a. the ', ers 'look 'Into the hove matter 'and one daylast week in Ocahy .bjr.tskIng Miss Julia X. Ward;lIa..Id'Dt Mt. Holyoke SemJisry'u'': :. ,
flwaliclar ( he: ., t "***""* *to'this I ooVlectiyii I iffl:1 ,{
f the ufsXlOa ,! TT nptp .u Mrs.
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: iOn -> .Y t lion of'th courts \_It. a settlement at Ofl0S, Emily llvotlngton_ filler,Pean of w.eou.
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*iT?ht r te i jo> : titB"of.O'1|" 4 called had y'.J. .
eMa SlSS1sfi T.J.lki.. .'t r<.v ery allveVdatlahat the lernains;,If ,,at aii.fJ. ;: >efo're,4 theservice hoes. : -j 1.,: sn4 JIt, seppBsenfatiye*! the'A.' so.ciatsd.rPress. ty commisiloners. to.the./ c911 ,great, difficulty Insaving" ,:-- .. I,- 1 I ',.-.... _.::: '.
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"" : / there few .bridges M ConnellXJMsuiwd: his .i, U"1 "OSi ,' -.l. ."
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tbs'j : : )- atucljhnew,flfly .be 'at., 'Coo tanUo6p I. are ; ,are 1 'i' ,
-s-- JWI J TA ) i'C ;, unsafe anitHnsed repairing.!;. sal4'thitt 1)0 I. ItUr.-d pr iiry'1lh, -: "
.gtMd and thatthe'relatives.take'thelr (r learns that Uwll:
) )1FvPs !*'.psItywtgvldk : upon ; ( staiajnyub,| i
I IWe' fioJ>tis! buildings T".Wn CtiJ' "
k- '." '. 'loM'ti..ai4lt.hij' Upy Ia.tvlew_ prTSttlyf| ). .. Pt; ,:JosMeiv;. _;.JiIed the.portii' ; frf)taking: c jjlzenc.Jr'l pam4' 1qvsrioo4 county aa1111OG.lt..ocld and' (*{AOMBW State CLOSXLY marshalli.WATCHXD.J..United ,,' ,G'g.'_ :<. ,,

>"; ',' .*""< *iDII1* !" t( 1 .,'jThat| needless,I e*pens ...Wh.tff.wecartges.or .lb- States Marsha) for the seutb.rIs. .i itrlet I of, itj dacUf**,to.thr P vrerstHs.solve iigo.t- ,h. ";;;little s- laItiJack.onvllluiat' 8)'ao) this$ A/cksy ., ," .,. "'' .'.;.. ." .'-_:\ ... fi'J.I .:. i .,., .,,. .
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;, t '( ,; gotout ft the ; .other Vnat- ( ; ofi, 'Florida."retiirhed .from I to. !lntaInh.1ntegvIty'oI; !I meat workbe; done oaty'.e a at mora- .. A.. GAOC, : .;" 1'
tt_EK ;., 'I'f. '": tofu b avoided. ; iv": TU morning d.ett t,Ottoman Emplr .lBddaCC pU I the'w.tt'd to stop leak Into)jail\ fog wlIhWAgn.w.th.eoo" ; !. .' ._.'_"_1 ..!'(i-'tv-tt .:'
Sunday "-.5-
.. f, '< t t ): ,( : bilow and;)L.t.tI.i t of ths vlcted president of the First I.., 7.t. !' 'f. ..G,1IO. .' .
;: : < Natle .z' ., '
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:[ the .' ... 'I. .s..LL..vo.ut. 1..1' .ii'; 'C ;
S _- m donf. n rigardlfc t'6; 'That_ pait i bearer*'and, friends Monday for Columbus; QLwithAget'Ocalebanker1.J) !r'pr1jcII.| sstab1iiiI.fan! I giuidbuildJng bo'pined: .,.'...,:'j.\\: &l'flofOcslaftr.: tbe_ QhiostatapeniU .";1\.1! : .. . .I'f ." .'It.L'.r...r-J "" ,'..
r : >sn''onrrt' tl a.'until the bo Dot, x p tcsd a remove/their ';. ; Autonomous! a4mlaisttsito&fot> the \\.W.ftll .thatthe. books ,of r.the !. 'I ", .tII.. iif_. ,'
'- UWwhfch' 'seew'srteVfcave0we J at :1.- ir'tbe.r/ ,' fJ '$in 'Inclement 'T' S.1'ii( #!nt gbfth: jpSrti r"V. claji rsre BHial tiQry.,wbsrs; bsls Joserye'five7y :
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: f, ,' \ ',' 1'f '- r'J ,f-r: [ ; rs' ''''sentencV. ''Tbsj J.i. r'J.Jleat- l hedG44; .
( : weatbe't. .. tM right CU"r..tt.e Lately kd'pt.Ws ; :: : ..-l .
1"aliKotbe: :itisstionsIgf : :: 'v.A.MW.W" \rfe ;and convIcWdIsf preird'defiDUton'tof & ." :' .
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.Jl y. ;.
? .37di'l'lat'tb."officatIng; :mtsititsr 1 United utssl rt-iof: ( ':.''.ulonoor--'v-; ;: : S" hreuntosttsch t.'Jep! n ; ." '. '. .. ,1.' "
ih ) a4nt1sen.;| \th* Te ;'coy ," ,_ 6f?tbe. Coaat d1tor Di t.baf .eia1d t .-\.J. r". ;- ; lL'C. 'f"
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,_ -timeedlwelgn pot- s it d th.fuaerir director sbould hajre beialiog.tbe rttrkU'rth JIrst t.t !Natlonal ft.t"I.:.u 'V _. I.1' "' '\ ; ..tfI1 : ,, .; :.. ""Ii $ .'"."..
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-.l.a.vO.: II ,CUurkandTrvstees:of,_t":\ untyPoJtda. -.. :tb.t .l 11 :ol'pa I r ti t'p.. ;. ; /._ .
; ?!n';aq1i4JtendI> ; ic I tl rhsn" t. dl t \\t ,, ..Bank'of ifJeslai-if Which:h* .lIt Mq..."vDoThf art' 11lla.w .. : ,J. t :'; 1.":.w> + *J, 1t .. --. __- Lops ...-, .,fr '-'-.'-- \ 1J. -. : .- ... .
Vin*; __ jj- .I.1.yu..J 'oa5t is. detwi Aver 1 he-; IStSIIdOIfQ ,comn3t : 'J1I ... . .. I'4.-,1 4
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aathftthe 'i__*"4.'ip".i tn i1'Dtf was ; ,= : : .J".. i- --t < .w". o.l.ol;" < ,\ .
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o r .1. Tale CaafrYrIIa J1z .sljHcid*:jft.6r: rr*o.;ehei tile ".., _...".''..,4 j I "ror ( ".";' -.'" ', ". "" J
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( ? ) and tbe.tonduct of the fu-.r:-i'tlt' to .6.'Mia'im Dttb.. 1-5501, Jsv.rNs : v4 f "E bars.:: 'Tbi | 'o' t -k- ..T' "r. 'too '.I'v"' '
Jnfona.tJOaj'eataeothe ; -I. J
P4e 'f: .. ._ I\ \ f'; ;
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8;\> : ; ndiaaaajiabh .or -'i Col4.t. : \ '(11 c. .es4i! .,1"rl/u.. I1.tJ.1 ..
'. m nune.,7| ,,_ $-PCO .I.COU pnki4Iary. '?" ; Cp : .; ...,t./i& bAC4iOOt tI''IaU": f'tbqtconv'Icted >m'.1.'\. / "._'US ;." 1'w'n J :
r esWotial' ( :tIi" 'l JI ;bIM.n4 ba'. ,lr" .. z_
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t". t."t bnivitJF<% .ele- k ..,5' ,fr "' l t4.' '- 1" i ,
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: 'lli4''t\ ,t; ; :. 71 ;& f. ',-4W: ..tt'lit'JY. ', ir ,:' \y\'V 1:>.Jt.f'1" ?,, "ttJG-1 'Jf-.g. ti zj iA t..i3'r( ;9. ''r tg t; n\l11./"t M: \, "' N''.,,: O. .JI. ;. .' ",' \""'"': .
1' 4. "" t.1 ; ,
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; Ii' "c' .1' .. .. D .."",1.1 t :, '1'. :.
:4' 'rh'4J : : ';
: \ ", 7. V., .'t .iI' !. .f ,' 1". 'I l\'It :! f,!, ;' .. 1f. .j W R..rd."W.. 1 N.," ." -\0 1. oo'Z..f', .. /.,:' .. _
.Vi' .J.-,,j i' ',' ".u., :..; ,'r'.;, ,'1. .1 ...""" ,''f,'T ,..., .,. ,,', ,r.'' ..'..O"J. 1 .1 'I"'a. p, .. yIiT'f"'T.I'"I'\, .. f.' -n'f. ., \\f' I ."j", f-, .,'t'... ..- ._. .. ., ..I.
1 .
< ..ft''I' : ", > 1. .y '
-"cw J" ,. .' ':1' "
: ,. : ., ., ., ''i ..r" .7.I.' .: '' 'f" .". .
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I. ..' ,; ,', :: "\ jP' '". ,.. .c ."-
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r i\'.. ; ,.. i ; I .'11' ':. ,,11 .' ;. o I ," ..if
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- j'WSsT-1; .' 'SSI? '. ; j'i ;i I' "1 ; -.'. ', .n.IeiF..' "" -, ,./.I
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: I I" I I Il' jULl.r.aMesM*.- -

i 4 -v ... ," .: :" '. "" ,. .: ,. n .u'\-"r\ ,' ,.. ,;. *4ni1ietratiand apneiblah _
__ _______ .'-rr,r l' M"T' r.'t-9 to toe the rock of aafety .
*, _. : !' : m aia"'rr' WbIn O5Tbnediy1'utgbt .'
; : 1 :; l jST ; 7( eeorely .te.-.: ]-f,. r.
jp" ,J'JWl "''U' ;' f T S'l .I"' ," \'.. '.t:' -.G aInraftW I Ilion .aTacad say farmework- i<
i .. r. .' 'ZmigraUeaLaWs..ur
1.10' ; WftkUIk. WTAKlIra and ,tbe .
!! APNIi8. 'BY. & laws should be f urti e* improved' 4i pley 6\.. city. ;
,. ,. ... .. I- 1 'Ift ,"h."
: <-1'1, of e-satis-. ware.id.$ Onaltl 4seJ1i"IIi
r."j\ t O.1TJ1 or 0ft'I "; to the constant proBsotiou % _
t"-it iD.i n ;oooo .s, "r.:0'.- 'I'1 betssand;.. hherfMzenblp.Agrave .,,: 0.5 '$; .*tthelUstoryWthe / /
f1' -
; f& order, issued .
goVernmeiiT.7We. ,
Mniatraa* wr ----- .L peril to the republic Would b* "
10 k..p.Rb.riMo1LtMMmI. ciUisnsVvHoo to understaad by the retiring cabinet .. > : : IMPORT NT. UESrION oo cum .vioioTuT ignorant 'lbs greet -lecbri .naI-. IH".Apartment. '-."* .:\/ "
CkO8iF or too to appreciate every .
:t....1A".IU; .:: I .1i\. SURJN PATRlO1I MO tO1ALMERllNS PU8SEO11$ OF IHilW tip[ BIT : _'- 1- beII..OIa..titw1.' l1.bo, bilIlaas..alts.--r; SuiWing*.: .1I
,, "Maeinst) ( prison show* an alarm* -. -_' ..* ..--. .. ..J--- ___ -I._. j?" J k'I; yj I ; v 4 VeeiDiaaw *.P.V$1IPart.Iasiaes Ions om** and here"to lane-and make war again upon them'our ,:with; line. of Lb&We.sn) .! .tr ,

:} ::1., Jnji inoresae-'ovef' that'of recent.year. *, Chief-Justice Fuller Administers Oath to President' McKinley After Which tiLe New Exocntivo Itoni aa4ae&a r-. : 'gate must be promptly and tightly ry we're--outlined with I-.** *fi t.' i ,
Piatulul" Aniertcaa..bteldcowo.Lk, _
"'\II '. S, -Ills Inangural AddressVProgramof the Day Carried Out With Brilliant Success. '. ..Joaec1.be.1JlQUilldfullb& bulbs lmgs [ facade"/>, ._ _
-- 1 < \ ,- the need' of Improvement in our ciO minted the otate department .
:!rY i] Thf OCII.p 'ioiibdW of Kw ,t-; .' ',:.. 1. -1 .- .- 4 .- '-. ... 1* Following are tho germaln- feature zeus, and .with th. \gpal >of our forestathe. ,and from the highest elewajUott'.tbe'{] _
'.. :j' York '..called ).. tktIonof the or 2lVUl& 1 UpKinley 'was InauguratedfreiidenV ', I d V.I.i..1 Preeident,_Cleveland'adall i ; .. L ,itr."JI .Ho.Uart.noir.ailattoel, ..of, % rsld.ntMcKin1.7'r1nnguraladdre. ; *encourage the spread of knowledge .. .war department*,."ixty-fopt.::\t;garrison.flag e.bUdLby"'M -_ _
floated fianiee.gecii1sky.iUu.ioJpitti& .
and education.H
-- '1'- ,"" '': \:'legislators' to- 'h. esoap* ofa--vasl ';of The *CmWf;; -l States:atWanhlngtoa'TJinrsdsy the"membere. of his e blne.V with -'-The'head of th*procession appeared presiding'chair, tiaH for the first time .. ,readin' ,-.tb*>T; h'earlnjg ota' Beforms'ta free th* civil Bertice; 'least, go, ':. ./;, artaI : _

.I ,, : _mount: of."personal: property from at''D boh'in its I the':'exception of ,Secretary! Olijey.O at- b. inaugural stand 'at 12:<5. When I exercised* official fanctionVby'calt- hundred--thousand. people t ,<.m: .,,'.Bnt the changes.should. be:-teal beami oC scai-Oh ((1gb" .i; I .f ; :'I' <'

;.. }' .'' '. Jts,.stlott it| th.hands pf large holders. presence of thousand of loyat oiticenaof .neEaXMilee; ,'and Admiral BrownIMa Ilr..develand "and Mr.;. MoKialey,-ap- iDS the .senate to i atI'' 1zwowzrjwsr."In'obediened;> to"lh and'gennine,' not perfunctory "or -'0"r l U.htA brcni ont IJati 'ftoif.:

.. our pad commonwealth.-' Captain-I>..it. _UetjJLaBants peered on the platform of the inaugural Mr.i Hobart-moved guIde for,Ute ,.' of th ,)HK>pl. 'and ta.theft prompted by sal\ in behalf "Of5flyporty'iTmply ,:grandeur of the Washington' monu"ment 'f.f'I r
( : ; ., ; .Th. ,Writer.-.of --Boston say that of/the/ the .uUt vested inm because it to beIn and 'iiJIpiW". ; .' ? '. _
Bev. Dr.
senate by ( rlty happn
blind proMnM >
.For the t nrth Urn In ths lTisdty' Sharp and Hughes, !JoinedThe presidential stand the throng-broke, forth In prolonged chaplain / ) : f'
[ firm-uJverUseslfi'wUling: '.. A featuiwVf the elaborate' : ;.:
I Nw Tork J ; bythis oath X th. krduiia ,, _
( who'in iajarne
an'Impre.eIv.toioIdellyered power '
: of this, great :rtpublie a 1 native>orn. party. 'The black hone troop cheer : Milbnm asoenslon, fro hioh ,
1. .i il nee*.to are ptII'or, author Citizen ofOhio h pafbia, bead over'thesacred 01'"Cleveland took 'it* station at'th. ,At, 1:18: p. President MeKinley ,"UtI'r'' invocation' the .ad,mponsibte bUM of }l'ea'4.a'l l of K rektHarlse Ite.4d..Oougreasabdld to thi was a balloon colors, picked duO* fir.."wassuspended ;,

'for a fee of' |5 for .. oopyrighV book'and took the solemn oath side' of the svsnn.,' whilst the snnadof took' th. oath of offioe, i administered neir"senate.- ;7\< ? th.'TTntt d BUt ., belying .p..t give prompt attention national aborehe eity., ,. '
merchant '
land which bound him four Sixth'csvalry from Fort Myer by Chief JnsUo*. Fnllert,: The, oath Mr..Hobarf advanced tolh.4eak, .Gppo of toy cx>ttntx/m.u nd (nWk*' restoration of bur American ?. ended.. "
th* Government$ fee If only all for years Ood. ." marine the pride of the seas; In 'The display of, __'' %es ;
r. oetu the AlmlgVty cubs ,
came down the at a trot and follows railed hi.right hand and took; the lag guidance )
to watch'over and guard welfare oftheAmecsneopls avenue .
the work required.1 i* to write a alngl inaaoOrdaDOwiththeoontitution.! OB 1- 'B ftora c..fl.e.e.-Th.country Uaflaring all the great ocean highways' of oom- r-Uy 8saO; and then came the great; ball ,.
into in thai I '
rjoeilion squadron do swear .
.. _. _-; f9rmed a "X her.b1101.mllli ", _
Aletteto the librarian sdI '. .. dI.turbnce. few moreim* in the pension bnildlng.- /
Congress -It wee an impressive,yet beautifully in front of the noxth"side of the avenue will faithfully .execute the *office of taking the OItb" oftloe, h. said: ,. front industrial DUt-oe.: Tf IIIt"JIWtcl has become a not';
oolcea ot the till 'All the inteNts" of' good, ? from which ipvcdy relief tnoit-b* had. 'portent subjects so imperitirely de- The inaugural pall _
I lypswTltt copy simple ceremony,.that' marked the aoccMionof oov.rIngtb.- whole of Lafayette President of, the United Slates and govern InUlligeat consideration. able-feature ''of.. the festivities 'con-, ,
to be firni "- will to the best of med' and.the advancement toward* Our financial jitou.need some -'reo .rnand, it*. _
t "S1 copyrightedth question )oltinl.,, of Ohio7 square. 9.Oa my ability preserve has ..D'lIIade' nsoted with tho Installation of a nreei -
Ikea, *. ,". aplw. protect and defend the Constitution of higher and better condition .things vIsion;0111' money l.All good'now,l but ,Commendable progress In .
i make a tidy profit on each copyright Student lawyer, representative, goverivorrtor b. upbnildingof..the ..4'1.91.tb.UI t.ed..Bt.atee but it* _
: the-United 8tatesn. :.. .u.- A. ..lL-fou.proupt.4eglslat1on.,. .& .it ralnamn.tnot further .thiBatan at 1ai411.ar.aJa.Ibe
l t -
'l 'ihat U!bI requested to seSuteTT"'TJ tbtgbvoeofpce'i4entoflb. ; : .A1I1th""MoXI .j must ..supplement .aoh .Tarottowwey
r "" hi. hands, eeL ? It sUould .lt l>e pat upon mn .n- American navy, but we days;tio
: read
1. .' United fitatea of Amwioa. entered the ground, thefirst of the McKinJej' then t aLtkat which-marked-the ____
.. Inenguraladdresa I in the'hearing of .', "To olwtruct the 'regular course ofwise daring but*;not subject to ,easy s *t- these effort providing asa, attempted ; -
I. the
L Everything, Inaugural!. pro"gram procession consisting ofspiatoonof0inonnt.d a1, to doubt c1i. consort for'it a ,xucrohan V,ma* grand fnnotionand.'jio6ther.buildinin ;
<: Inspite of\.IaobstJO9OOOi and prudentlegislative action. tyok, nor iU lUbUily or proper
worked. to that end with. a d.... police, o.ecL down the hundred thousand.peoplePARRETT / 1 for would have accommodated
l snfloisnt our' own oar the oity .
EhsbJlllhe 'globe! ther -- pnt. Oar currency MMMtl.4 contlnn*under rine amply ..
V JOOr-1 r .-' that .'t\A DcJed.it.
: .w fe&pMTUlon of the-j( orernm.nt. I rying trade toi foreign oouU.W th throng _
.are.'still large area* oU.II4Jrl1So1LML I II .- -- -_- -beiive) 144.O..Mr7 tGdeIla.as7.hIob. .lba".JIh. eLJU..JIPll ol :N, appearance-'ofX-thf pres14ea'.ad _
virtually! UDO 01tpl1C"Qa..llaIId. for I % Without diminishing tht qirotoUUnft non-interference with the \afibixe .of *. Mrs:CoQati1..a.-tii -vioe-pre-r --' -

example ha* a.bar.ot. 430.000,000 medium or offering a prMntnm foreign governAenta, wiael7'IG.agar60' idsnt and Mrs.HoWt' was' the-feature, '

( mile to .a population of only : : T : will present rem-. .ted by Washington keeping ureelyOllfte. oft ...tnl.D:' _: ._
square .'. alU ,.. .- _._. .. '- -. .,.
: '" 1E0 'ngem i>U. .front entanglement either as r
',. The Government ha lately a : ,\ COORE18 1Dlo:1n&r&-
; -- ; BI..UIlI...-.ttUaer8t; or foes. 'It will be our, aim to pnrrae OLD'. ,

L_-_:. been making some very tempting of-: --- : : fore '1IO.\Jt''. 'In. >1U. wisdom! 'shall 1 a firm and dignified policy which shall .,-'t.; ..
fan to settlers! who can now lease ordinary deem it expedient to ereUoominU--be Just impartial ever watchful of our ,. Twe Hones. Oata '_ 'Lcsvis .
\ .
.. .land foe 'twenty yean .at'arentalof .- -1--- luu t to Uk. jmd rriyc wasoonatructivelyatiIfinnliick -
'.. .1{(cotta ;.' .acre, while : the ""doa.o' our *oln,., bmnklng 'II n the enforcement of' Huelawfulwhere. .--:senate_ 1\ Tbanll .

"scrub isndmay be selected in .--. anurrebcinw.t"i"'thitezbeu.ive until ,,
area -- __ cmrefiil and paulonabt .. *'" .. morning.wh.-it-iook..erOesa "
8o'clock.' ,'& -i.: V :X '
Ftwooos.b.-l-ri-lbllr examination, that their importance ArbitraUen- Treaty lpprev- -Onr : *

{ yean at an average rental per 1101'101 mand--' I; shall oordikUy concur In diplomacy-sbonld- nothing'mbre- yoiijnal1ooee4ing.weretheneon'tinued '
.. .. Tfhe leao than is due us. through the mor... A fur. '
t. very inuh_ Isss. thin a p flDy. .-This such action. -qnection nor aeoept .
1 thv
tob. 'for :::.,.. of international bimetalliam have We want no war ol oonojuest:we'most this'"disairreemsnt; deficiency"
'ought good new many
:::: ::: 'I' territorial biir..eported sfidltwaI ordered
___ arly and .arn at atUnliou li will avoid the temptation to iggreesion.
txnggUag for a bar living la. th. If *}' ,' ,
L ::' be constant endearor to eeonre it War should never entered back to Bfernee.t .,? *j
,' mother"country. Of 'course, the.ell.3nte ..." itIz my ten o'clock the yenerabje Senator" .
r _._ ..- by _peraUoa wUh .the.jDth r great upon nutU every.agency oltpeaoe 1 as_ At -
.: z_ conditions in many'.portion of -J oommeroial,power* of the world. > failed peaceis.preferajble to war f."elmoa'.er'f Merrill,Yennontrbffered resolution- ,
k ,, lb.' country. irs very trying bat so The credit' of the gorernment tW- contingency.. Arbitration expressing the .ppno .- of :the: \ .1
4 ; they are In western Australia which .rJ .- integrity of iU currency and the inviolability is the) true method of' eettlement 'of senate for the able snd impartial discharge -', "I$'
_____ local Individual of the duties of the presiding
of its obligation must be pre international a* well as or '
: at the present ti*>. i* adding 750 a Mr Stevenson... Tber.-,. 1. '
*. ...ed. This irai the commanding difference- __ ... officer by: .
r E' .week to it* population, and th'reve: rerdict of the people and U will .not be The Dn |x>rtanoe and moral 'influence nnanimona and?hearty.agreement ofT ,
-'- .
4-- "- nue of which has .been 'increasing at unheeded. of the ratification such a treaty can resolutloniT" ", f vi' ,":t 3 '

"r a rst far-outstripping the calculation EooBOMf VcMMdeel-$eonomy is hardly be overestimated in the cause of At 10:80: o'clock th. formal proceedtiling ( /": i i;
., c civilization. It well were fast Bearing an end. and on,- 'i.'ji"i
;" of its treasurer.Says : demanded in every branoh-et th. goT -advancing may ,
t *
.. eminent at all times but Mpeo'afly in engage the best thought ofolie statesmen motion,of Mr., Hoar lbS usual reeoIqtion "W

periods like the present of deprasaion and people of every country, andI Was adopted for a committee of .",
the New York Mail and Express in business and distress among the cannot bnt-ropsider it fortunate that two senators to wait on PresidentCleveland'.and.'inform :\

; This is called the age of realism. people. The severest economymust it 111',. reserved for the United States him' ..':.thsj ,

jisun.. the work of fiction., are read be observed in all public espeac tnres to hare. the leadership in -*o grand"a senate.had.concluded Jts." Jabor..ud", "., .

l, 'and admired th. most .an -those-in : -; and extravaganoe stopped wherever work. was ready to adjourn. ;, ,..

'. which the plot and ohatkoterYaire ideal. found prevented wherever.in the Extra Session ef (4I1rTe ._-It ha Ali 8 o'clockTh1r04a3% the house took f
-future it may be devdoped. U the been the uniform practice" each president recess until'.88a; to. give statesmen lI.t

:.- ..JI,,' This Is.why the-people love the novels revenues are--remain '&II"uoyt-th. to'avoIds* Santa ponsible.tbeconvening *jropportnnttytoimprovethei"f-r ?-.-,. '
,- Dickens. Feao be to the dust of t'c dawn the throng'ovrf '!'l.k17.,
: only relief'that can come most be from of congress in nxtraordinarysession. pesranceU 41 ; r )\
\ the matt"who has brightened so many decreased expenditures.A It is example which under the capitol .Doe funnelled i-to the .jt;:.
; $
Y' i' --- created in the absence house,wingtthe( senate ,wing being L
0' hearths, and lightened so msiiy hearts surplus Treasury by) ordinary { '
C \ /
..4 humor and ; loans is not s permanent nor cafe relianoe. of a public necessity, i ia' to be religiously closed)) swept Into the -.' '"'..."
genial .
ud\who\ gatle I I JL HOBflRT THE NEW wUlsafflcej while commeaded.Bnt-a-4ailase-to ecne'e K'JtiLdtotdsUgS : "
sympathy v* mad. the 'poor man but cannot last long while the outlays the representatives of the people in .of..ooIap.----,. f. -
_._ .
'. laugh and grow tender toward his 1.1.4 ; of the government greater than its congress in extra session involve neglect .. 1 ''. t' .. i1'

.' 1 :."' 'low( even toward them, whose exsotions gree of energy, and. the popular demonstration I Arlington plaza and 'folio ed by lb.Oo.rno lit the ..Cfc nfc.r. after'the fullest and freest dla"1l."i01l. receipts, at has been the ease during of a public duty and place the I'Dl : -AflllSST-lIALE.' ,, '.

mad- hint poor. -Th*'people of the; day was shining ,'. Island band Of 60 pieces \ The senate chamber we th. center I is neither) consistent with true senatorial the past two yeare.Increase. responsibility of such neglect upon the 1. ;

--------z lov success. in every particular.Five : turned down fifteenth .... of attraction Thursday and th. galleries courtesy, condnciv to th. wellareof .fee RcVfniieTke best executive.himself. Th condition of pr.Id.M., Sf- .".._''.m Jf.weasel. .will>Befias ;. 1
-him because he I real the e s
!' 'I say minutes after. 19 o'clock the The battalllon of United State engineers presented B lively scene.. The proceedings the people, nor in compliance with. way for the government to maintain the public treasury DB has been inJU .r ':'
-: .ritlC1l" II II 'noV sol Ii is because president-elect emerged from' his reception wheeled into line and wa followed were brief interim between their just .expectations. it. credit U to pay as it goes-not resorting cole], demands th. irnmediateeonsld William C. 'Hale 1ibee'n' indicted '

c >hi*personage and purpose are ideal room door at the Ebbitt on the by General Horace Porter and reoessee for the time bad gone by As th* chaplain closed Vice-Presi to loans, but by keeping out of eratir of congress. by the Fulton county; grand Jury' #

:, lend therefor tra. What J.i XJtil arm of Senator Sherman': He looked i 200 hundred mounted aide Then without anything beyond the vital legislation dent Hobart addressed the senate for debt through an adequate income secured There could be no better time to put Atlanta for 8mbell U ti .211'GI the 't:1 :

,. 4:::. : ? Jtlnrlu t.-UracrlfleUg' lore to hex calm and walked firmly;' came the marine headed by lbs'VDlt of appropriation bill*. the"first time; as'ha delivered his in- by a system of taxation,external the government upon a son nd financial ida of th*. Southern ,Mutual BailJ' -

'.<;::1-. .' bu..n! lailhar A. president-eleet emerged from States marine band. Then came the Th.presidential family party arrivedat trodnetory addrf'... or internal or both.: It is.tbe settle/T and; economic basis than now The lug and Loan association.i*_ ** :. ,
'. -.t. i f ".- -Afalb.4Ir., .. ? the private trance< beside the tall troops and the great procession was 11:30 o'clock. Mr. McKinley, accompanied The proclamation of the outgoing policy of the government pursued people have oply recently Toted that. The embeulemsnt i* charged to.have t1"

.. :i. .t.i.TKo such girl J. in th. perfection of her form of Senator Sherman there wa a under way. The crowds 'cheered'ss by her sister, Nr ; Barber, president calling an extra session of from the beginning and practiced by t.bl'.bould: he done.and nothing I.morbiadillr taken placein June 1895, while'

;: .. -J' : ";. heart:and life to, foupd.in.the" veal. roar ef applause that .book the buildings : th. magnificent column moved down moved down the aisl and took a front the senate having been reed,- Vice- all parties and administrations to tame upon th. agents of,their Hale was secretary and general man*-

-tt.----: : '. a;:thousand'trir i. who"have read ;''. street was so packed with a;, toward .itteaaLhreet. Troop after seat fab.. gallery which had been reserved president lioba'rt requested the new the bulk of our revenue from,, taxes will than the obligation of immediate. ger of' t.IMo""association, and h.. b'eharBed ) ,. .

; 'f:.' i 'VOorloslty" Shop"sri dally trying lOUd mass of people that the carl-lag* troop passed the half-filled reviewing for her. Following the wife"of senators to advance and-take the oath upon foreign productions entering the action. Y with embezzling three check .

'.' ;' which was to convey presidentelectto stand before the white house until the the new president came $..venerablesupreme. of offioe. United States for sale and consumption Extra Sessiea -In viewof, aggregating th..am01UIn.med. ,-> 't1 I
Ji .: to Imitate be,. The popular mind reeognUee the White Hou..could scarcely be, last of- the guides with hi* guidon.snapped ., court.. They Jlled slowly A. the new senators took the oath and avoiding for the moat part these considerations, I shall deem it .A bench) warrant wiU be issued ..r' "

:w' ', all ..lIclar .of eharacteranMireondnot c hel&o;. While the.police struggled tq. in the line and p.aesdlb.. down the aisle in gorgeous regalia and there -111'' a humect interest throughthe every form of direct taxation'except mydntyas president convene congress .- once and delivered to.the sheriff, who' '\-

.J-":. .. as Jdeal one, *.: 'Shakespeare' cleat a passage through the crowd the gate of the white house., fThe j uken robes, the' crowd on the floor gallery. Men. eonspionotm. pub- .in time of war, ./ :_ .. .- in extraordinary session Monday .will' make an effort to .apprehend him. 1A
.* :.,' ''eharaaters all not real.. Soctf. are president-elect.' bowed :his acknowledgements. -i .
iJ histori nl* 1 in >III00a., .1Ia' ideal InessenM ,He was .seatedjrith Sen*1 There was a slight" pause'and, the until they .were _. The when wiLt uplifted hand they cwore expected that.ft agiwill., at the In. conelusion. ooqaratnlste 'the 'Ifale. and 1 it is not known nether h*! ,
: ator 13beTniaiaitUni") on the rear ripiaoat ', member of the house ef representatives constitution.No fraternal of wiI\ ever be arrested. Z.
: : AH \ allegiance to the exact earliest practical moment, enact revenue country upon spirit ..;J
,.ii of them true and presidential carriagewith ite four
irs and '*Senato Mitchell with firj i headed by Speaker Beed, ,Mr. order observed lbs oath .hli be fair and of ,
;- ._ .. foam-flecked rod down va being legislation that reasonable the people the.manifestation, : .
1U"all' bays, '
f". than common_. -. Porter oooniisdllie front seitr t Pingley .hefarijrieadernear at hand DEA1IDEDflXflLION&i55 'f
:/ given to four senator at one .on.enaU.'u4 !just, and good-will' everywhere ,eo apparent. .
.' .1' _ _ _ .. avenue in" tu. rear 'ofthe carolsquadron. .'
.. r.. 'f .The carriage waa one bought by the .' President then entered the chamber. --4 which, while snpplying sttfficient revenne The recent election not only moet'fortunately ISe.SS: fit'
"""1 .-tr: 0a.o'-tbf eaoonrafcing senate ,oommitteevandwa* drawn by Cleveland' with There was a stir ,of Interest when -- JorupnWi 5 purpovevwiUreUllbe'eignally demonstrated obliteration' iuisiat.- r-$ *eqIISf, r .
< .. ,
,! ?Major-MoKinley on hU left leaned t-- 5cia. at .mnf*.mr*>. s, *,' i..* '
brow horses. 10 "official vioe-& -
of At senate i ihe .,
a clipped annonno*
pair beneflcial and helpful to sectional or IJIOfII'.phiealliD. bat ''t
f 'i.t.kmlalllD Ua.npo1'tulpabUebec1'k'I' back with, a smile-on his 1_. He everyaeotioa. Campbell B.,Berry; assistant tressiurer' -<
L ': of the ,N.w :'JeneTBoad.OommlBsioner minute after 10 o'clock' the start wa looked pleased,. a* well. a* oontentedbut presldent-eleot. Mr.- Hobart entered ., and:every enterprise:of the to some-- extent. also.".the .prejudices of the United States, Stationed in-- tit'Baa
,. made for the Whits.House amid .r.zew.doheerlngbylbeorowd. .- from thnlah' door, bowed slightly to -- I.? H '- which '
: for'yearsi'have"distracted
.1' to the .oaUouLdwt% he did not return the salute of the people. : ,; ,. ; ._ _, : L.. ?. ouroouneils Francisco starved out on'. A quests ; 'I
1 relate th. standing senator and official, fend revision of the tariff marred true
crowds on either side When'UI. '- In the enpectal and our gratnesias two for 9,605alO.Mbu ; 11.:
which the JroadToonstrneUd intbaf : to the seat the 4- ; ; day or ago
goad near "
: stepped presidingofficer' "
attention the
should be given reenactment a..t.IoJl.1rIwiU"Mm7.ta' :. .
first cheer arose, was he failed to make the coilecrtion. r- \ .
Major MeKinley
desk.Then came the arrival' '
'. OUtB.tiAve b..toa theeommunityli oLth >eci5folprinolplaof : ,ainV to "do, "
the : ?
k onlT,one to raise,his hat in acknowledgement : Under InetraoUons from the..secreitarr
'Ij;': -genml,**observes .lbs'New'''TorkTtlbnn ". .. of. President Cleveland. and Priatdent.l.ctML1nl.y. the act-, of. 1890, under .which nothing and permit nothing to be) done : of the$_ .:I Mr. Berty >as jj .
It when '
'& wa jUBtlilO so great, a ,: stimulus 'was'1 givento that will arrest or disturb this growingnentiment $
i -. !1t.ft'known universally /iWith the preald..a Major MoKinley entered-ibe'main. i'I notified demand of Isaae IUaqniW;;
door the .
they facing ."bur, foreign trade' in and of'unity( and coop.vaUos'bit t
it If'o that New .ir..bM..oia..of the in the carriage were Senator new president the Central Pacific Bail- .1 .
and all
John Shermanthe vice-president-elect eye,were 'advantageous marketa ;f ori oar-:,anr-? revival esteem,and affiliation;
J In ,roadlmproT.iasiL Sixth -inooming secretary riveted on thee two 118111'... 'I .way company the sum
II' pioneers
ai d which "IIO.r&Dlma.: Ul '
agricultural manufactured u.
plus ;
of atate, atrj Senator 'Mitchell :'ofWisconsin. ,:\ order, that the ..
; .. ;;i... :" ::yesr* agor'jnV intelligent'system ,was Behind-the' presidential r Mr., MrfKiniey bowed to the presiding product J .!'. ?.! . .. : '* .Band*.ia both the antagonistic$ seo-- not :. meatioaecJ.&l fl 1"1' .
+ -Irr. official and wa seated in front of '-' 4, might ;
adopted,.and (IbM ala bsen earrisd earriage,,riding.in sblitary .t.te... the the senate ) .) "rltalef XaiufaeUriag.ee4 .. lions but I. shall cheerfully do everything -;; V ? r .'- .'.. 1f i
l "_'wii1 remarkable _-'0t Mr. John1 Addiaon Porter secretary tibpes1d.hi'el.ot. pr..idngoSeer, facing 4- The depression. of the pact four years t rjossibit promote and IncresWB ruisTzaCozwilE ..lBBE f'f'I' .
and the crowds.- On the left sat General rf'H ---q------
has fallen 1--y"---- '
.ltb'IIpIIOl.1 ,. '
severity upon :
Inthi third *. ..i
; car ..
'; ._ ",,1" 1IIanlt- Harmon Miles commanding fflear of lbs the great body of toilerof the country .p .U the 'OathLet) again a. was rusiiiriiaI.. CJN.' 'Br _,
was Attorney-General, ,
'tn Btat rag. 1'and; Admiral Brown," senior '. -- --- 1_ "Tks4 .u,.. r 'IiIW.>
.! w1 P Q. *{ SecreWie* Lmnont and ..Carlisleand army.I and npon the,;holder of farm. repeat th. words of the-oath admin, :
.Iq\M'M-UaiI'cL new Commie1sloWTSadd '.." Secretary llirbezti'the. Sfth, Seoretariee .officerof,', ::1Ut' ?pay,-%j.foil ,unif I The revival,of mann/eotaring ..will be I istered by the chief Instlee.-whioh; in' i .;John,Corwine, lb. ab.ooug'p. .r- ;'.

rport* 'hMtb.i.ar: :.ofinraed ""c ti'F Franei and Morton and the sixth- f omv, To r'the. right was another beneficial to both. .egts1atloB beneficial : their'respective, speeches. sofar"aapplioabl *-' -master' of the United States ..Y1.:who. :/ J- .

.- .. \ 'UoJaIJaitberM entes.y cI ,' t2' and last. General! JIIile8 and the mei : .blase ,of j' rich uniforms* and deeoratlo -' to the producer U benefioial to .,' I yould_htalJ1n7uonn-} wa* stationed :at Newport'. .RjLwaireste4ihbidEO'W ,; .; .
; **,-i-th* >.,f our ambassadors, dfle .
\ : _: ._ ..arE.aI..di"a."JIot'1.h.I ,. j
,"P' T* f' i "tryrtten'obaerve"A
: ben of hi.staff. .'r '" :.. I :1'
c : (a4 b the.farmer" riip1d1y'tIv.t1 ,'" 1,,".{',' r'7'.,. -The black horse SirJulianPaunoefotef.: fr.rste-KotrT .11' u----- -- ';. ; ', i i'l' promisiflgt-will take .tine to ;;-', 'I will faithtnlleieouU Uieoffic. afternoon.. ,'' >. ..,h\ '-- Oo'YO.-4: ,
t l' troop forming (hipr.sident' .
intense desire Baron Thjelman and Baro Fava ....U.1i sonyza.. ..1'. Cl1t.,4ur' .
g wsy to n hiitlh.j close being restore the prosperity of f ouaeryeare, of president f the pnitod State, and He arrived from New Tork < ''5r "
$ '1' fcsxav i jueiicn rtHT.:' -; < i troop followed to the directly the side Mr.-MoKinleyj. (Ohraaa slamasl ol _'htlo" by '
1rOIeoo the morngBhoTU"betOt'e \
N-- .blt o'b.'poct er -than iaWarad last carriage.:: Their"handsome uni.formswot. i. I H ". cannot promptly attain it,-we X: will; td>he best of my ability,. preX.serve .w"
B.a4a> tsn outs offlee to'Prsi the t.. "
( I The member of cabinet received '
r outgoing '
o'clock j ialnesaageover
the appropriation nowjnade will:per"mltk ::.. ---- dsaJeaI.y* ) :;,- y-: I III .given.even a heartier,Oreloome '1.MeanUme.while:tb.oatbl.weretilia can resolutely turn onr;f*oee(: $in (that protect and defend the'oonstitutlori :
to tll..l" the
ixib'c1e facing diataaoe
were the tal.J'To
\} r nTfyr. (1M _. fl fl.1 than wa*the presidential : direction and aid Ite return by friendly of the United SUtesTTr1.T'!f long "
/;>,1I9f. J norsaring ." .. '. party administered Mr. Clevelandand V"
and '
"-i-r; outgoing morning president On ..egtJil.Uoa.r .. :: '. .This is the obligation J have reverently phone Tronx the Newport chief of polio : ,
'1 ; .: the,appropriation'.IS(OO.) .. "YU'DI1 4, step:aTonnd ae.ior.. /. l'ftya:I :>ael.Woap .,, '-,}-,"31iThe the opposite side of the centre aide, in Hr'-.I,MoKinley> sat talking la"| "i:low ,tjMhlHa, lad Mot Ke r TelerateaU" taken before the Lora most bI b. that Crowin waa.in Chicago/and that r| ,'
aar to4be WUiU House bat the\\procession .approach ot.4he-president andpresidentelectlwa ._ -'Chief JntIosl's!- tone. It "..ol. I" most agreeable .
i ;000; wkiioh'would mean,an annual exf : i..aw i yncbinga munt'not be:Iterated la a To keep it will be my single. he would register at the Palmer honss/iiS 5
.:.riijG": J' 1-f penditsr of 41.000.000,for, improved moved jslowly enough gve Ignalled'.to; the ler i and 'associate ja.tioee- w.arillr. exohange for-the president;and : great oouhtry Ilk. the TJntted State.; m>r' constant prayer-i-and I'shsU pnrpoeer' onfldenty -. under th. Dam. of JfBeeve*.- DetectI \' "
the crowd a go44 view of the presidentelect'and crowd on the capitol cheer their robe circle of silvered the n.w, smiled every.now'and theflaa'tbeynoddedscqnlc.t.ncekieach
v4i.ai.*; sA; .4"Watt./of''faeW: ,tin p.t1.443d3I5 steps by long silk ,the ; i Taria-1IO'ob""m..1'z""Je tb1e1Iaitioa rely upon the forbearance, and.. Jve wets immediately sent to the hotel r J .
he waache.red gnarouardnrlnL1iilixit1at that greeted them and followed them : head* mud stropifiturof Mfaoe.: sking pf end arrested Corwin,,'es h, wa* writ f 7r,
..; of the law.. The assistance J1 the-peopim.
preserrationPoVernor :
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ride. It the hill 1"T oUieg ?1'yi'-J'.g '
J wasjust up /aooompnie4, by Waving dignity :. I''$ 1'\ : 1 lag his m on th* register ,. frr&j
:: _.*'U oC., __..'-the JStatehave lO.-dO,or-avB-minutes after te left handkerchief and hat*. .. \ '-,-.v. .A .'- '": *iI.I.r.. : It was 1O3 p.'wuVhen: the Jaat'oath Ii ,. "r"T""." T11*;r *r* ..._- .T _.i '-V! .j t. IfcfUtwm

J.... ; _-r been on $l.Mrr ***,:"4. the EbWtt JOflBMi tbaiJM6MoKinrciy, I.Arriviug'Ute capitol'grounds the \'The members of the,bone* of representative had been sdmihijitered' ,and'*then'''the ,:" p1f.. .:JlI1' .S rF.rthrnMo.kena"Ge:l1"e.' I" 1It, >. OP.1J8.A.1JE. .''.. .'' j :l
( : aoeompanieQ by the) senate oommitlee, carnage was driven.: to'Ua.''., step *:filled ..entire bedy-el the formal exit,began, the supreme iudge O.v.n.v'.w.iotI'Me Sic-Pee 'OssufM.aL. ,: :WUli:BchwafawelderV, Co.. -
pletintorested ars inatnrallyimpstisnl.'These consisting; of Senator 6hermanrprOhioi'and where;:the. rpartyJ.aHgh\: Senator hall on the right kids and iiAheoppo going first,then-Mr.. Cleveland:. and I '. '. siajon wnaakJed OeS- manufacturer t of"furniture"...' Hew A"'III iJ..- sr sas BOM WWI M W, I :.

"Ci'owill, .are'healthy I Senator.Mitchell.. of Via. ,Canaryescorted, President Clevelandand' site area Of the i cfeenAber'sat the*en- President MoKinley and 'the':tether : Atkinson baa offe ed--a reward -" Tort have failed JThaJnUlne**was ewtabliahad .. ". .e.q$1..7,IkJa.155 petStov -,.' ,. '::" 4'4

"lIlJllllPio_$ ,ThejsxperUnee"In 'Newt i cousin drove tip to the north,front of I 'Preaid'Dte1eo1..MeKinley, with ton and \ .":;". the presi.den.Ua offloen following.: .IfhaJ occupanU pf< of $16Q for the' appr henston.: of in IBM and incorporated in- GwUnett 'conn yOa; ;. came' near '

11'.r "''a doplioate. thattn.Massalast'year I the 'White'House,,:escorted by. Troop ,Mr.;*Sherman came after. ,They,immediately !,party took; thlr'veatavvioPreid *- the public gallery were held in_'their )Bmd-Broolts who 'charged with h*>T*, 1898 with a capital stock of $360,000.' having. 'Wotolfolk-ca e'. last vY
1a"w; ; ,901, more 1 1"M .A, jDlevI.nd: -.J; :; ,7; .. >h f ,; .I entered the senate.wineof af Btemeaon'arose and iaTitec1hiI.'to places Borne time 1 in ordefnoi to bloch lug been Implicated in,tha.lnurderjitM.CL LiabUiUea-iintyetknown.'i. "; ;',-'> .day. .,'I ooirldge.Twho IJ.ITI to.1'' ',
lltll" .. "; i'' : olim* By CIralaa4.>. wr -' :Ut. eapltol6'I'; ; il.. <,"<' stepforard and take the procession of..b/lloia1.;-lOradnallythe. ,HnnV which took pisosarySekago 4. :-' -S mUes-below Lwrenp ville,-tried .'
-r ; p0-c. J'petl 01lllt '. lMafof.MaKnI; | T"and)his pariy.entering i--:1'r cl.I_ foxml.T"wont s t the oath of offioa.,..' ---,:. ': ;' -f, chamber, a*., deserted.;andnth* Jackson.*,COILut7,'. al"' ;' 3-. .v: v.rTat'.slJang.i_ terminate hi*whole fanUly with an ai'would 1{U
(" .vdauldbs/Mtedon'firlack- 6' the rotunda.tif tBe"Whit House once tob.. :vice present's/room and .)..,'Stevenson*then: delivered'' his eene of action removed to the front of 4Bro.ki left soon after:.'the''murder, 'The Buprem*court of ditUtomla ha* |M\TC done so perhaps'had it not I.

fm' BOB'syi-.Wh ,:can doubt that th* earna were.at-_once' sbown.into > the c bias President, Clne1uet..ud .cabinet-to valedlctoryaddrses,.llllg hoarsely, the capitol,-where.the .inauguration o. and hag not been seals iln ..,The govternor lied. decision denying?JB.ew"fr1sjl* ,been rfo*the tinvely"amtal. of .'JI.eIP.E,

,; I,, ,,ttrhig will be seen In the Btato a*soon room where tb.wer )joined Imm. ths'president'*roonL,:-, ". 'T;_;',- as a result of the_recent strainAr"fi ,, President McKinley took plaoe.rr, : was requested offer A reward. 1 Theodore Durvant,murderer of Blanche .- He IIt.n k,;' bis ,Jlfteen-year-old j J-t ;..
iI ._ Lamont and Mtnni WilHams.< : :)0. iIIIick:,, cutting a nugeigaah- ;lo\i
JW a: plsn rof SUto aid 'in < r .
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: ,ID .boy'i DI.t. t Id-ei. 'J'ne IJuIIt t.hfea.-tif
: i .'trseticn.of toads I* _adopted .4."pat J JTE_IILLZDI1I ':Ai4stoI. Jl- -LLI- IWI'. .lI ; lL' ..: DiCNTLES" QITtM'UP. ) !, ,.abll.I.I"t !'I ;:ReUee.\ '; I .1. v.aATI 1 'I ; ; trd''Olf Tn. 1f J.t."0 tB., ,. a* .*u*jOttns* .DOII ,agect .
"\ '''InVraetieefrlt maytake s lIttt .( .. : -.J. : f 4"1" 1'_ ---V -,4"i ftf'" :::2 >J- i.:1.Ua.\ Spanish legation at Washing I : .r.:" '-----------k.," 1h. handle strJiing h bClOkilll'.
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:--I a .a1ow.O1oa. at 3k. lls> is&wais -. ..
u l.ffoe tbejeav ,.rJr miMkl. .. ton no news relating !feteaee of .. I: -IliaC' ==.g him, *.o. ..O,* ''' 'I. .*&: fW"l .
**' but the; 1U< ,. ,1IJ ": '-': .; >- <, sMSuom.Thii .- '; : ._, II :. ; Left. > TtnMU* ,. '.
MFeicM.; .vwulta are not.In doubts People WD7,; an 'eiplosion gaa injthe subway > On;of i the: )1bff.k( '' Dauntles*ha been tied ttp'ai.hey the from Competitor'' Z.West'Lasboentrecel.4 erew. ;'a*f,reported. I f""i'.The great Inetffurattoa' ernsh at the F f"?JJJwoi and possibly three-,'expeditions .%' :11ntDIT1.1." f ).' 9 ;;

''i'f11I\ the-rural,communities.'most:soon .,'the intercectioir of' Tremoni& T.*n. hu had for many-years;iooouK dock*". Jacksonville.M'la. and bar The 8pt&ulh'-. .ter<'declines tq .za I I capital fairly began .Wedn.edayAU i ire said to have left the Unitod States 10"1.' : r\i. ..it.- .. .; < .,. saLS
"" fcv tbotf and Boyleatpn street at BosionvMaan-i red a'3 o'Wednesday-morning- .wae hs*about eon to the 4l DI1aaioUta inooming trains added thusands to the LTndyltktniounuIt1on.Bernegs1 ,! ,. '''vv..i5aJhrbe
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*, .1"op.P.di4i.S plainly prexn.euaWopitioo. \0 tbrohilh&po'Strnthfala.es.
iI1i Srhnthe PuUski 0.:1. to rpwd*and tlie-tramp of military and 10l"0Bba. ,.
Boiler Mills nselee I to erode
Thursday flrji persoaariweres. kilted jtwal Attempt '. of.". ;-j!j-T."17 ?' w* -- ; 4OJI"&IIo'l ;,- '
of -' f
(i lbM;.JOotI.sir* DAS'of ths.things and e dozen OWl.wore;..PlJ1U'Id. t it MMNeelyi.were destroyed. : thegov.rnnien.' shipe'.now stationed ,. 'ty ''''i'A.V. >.....7'X' I." I plvio organiaations dortng* the day. was "'OM psrty is reportei;:Uvd.,let ", ,titrongsvfreight ;** the Oeorgi-'W'

\ $I1_., ot affefd not to\ B trThri t A.a'It' r..J\foh\ wa*; almost JT 1 The fire 1*supposed .to have dciD1 at the porV H* ha*laid ipff eereral of a ;'forceful lemtader that" the-.oted ohr th* coast oOfsv Jersey- Bontbam? and-'Florida' ; ..d'tfr'Idat&Ik ; ]'.t't

.. i *;wily_. wop'aU1.policy, .directly".- the.oenter'tof i the/,spot I atsd from n hot bo: somewhere'. abunt. : tta 'as"*:;or.. and intends ', to await :; r Q.ltuoij1 i ":l \if. I event wpraqti aUT on.: y.,.? T.. on the steamshipXjearadsC*',,' .''W7- eaonqa" ." Bwi *trfyj.Wedn "
: tbe Hiea oonrred weA', he '".: --"r the of suit .. ?TJa. 2a.osk Herejd>r OIT.. ud" I -'AI all the hotole; there wse i.a"'.(crush'and .Jiigbt; th* *ohooaor.jonnaTBrIgguo .
"'MrI. ;:*timAlato'''>*r*".: mereUk4.W mbere; <-* ]> ; engine roonw ; 7, ontoome )hi*damage, which ,1 v On; Saturday ; .rnH iaar M-which.liavTb: ,,..; w.ckedAa: net.en.nP5lRIHs; though* ..The; mill 111'ructar..aR4: aggregate '1 00.000.. '-.t. :.**_*TH ;- _'-. eut-in 'Ban' ;;Jose-.Cost, Itfaiawi aesdalwnrd at tbEbbttt- house,;:where-'!,the (8toningtouOoltta..; passed.CordelerK 'When.'the separswlg:jtre
en that the .OIIioIi."oIed by a.11.r *.l on.of the ha,*twu est net best build-j ,, )"0" Collect a ** of tb portBibee, thai General. Guittem II'dead I preeidlDteleo\ .**ayingiHh re was and:'the .tssiBlighlierosep H.; are .-etoft&bet-Jit.--:
....z po4.',..... 4 b.. f.otivc.l.tto.r JH5hV>hieBgnitdeaeapiny I -''rals.drzst. oistwo eh'arge*,. one fbr-40OO0.aa4;. B*wa*candidate for the-jwwsideaey- .perfect Jem,*y t': *.fa\r..AI pJi: ,;.-,. aid to have left.th. foot of East Nine wr eci.i& "ivenjWUed, &".:.i,'ill-,-

-p -. 'lit ml. .o. IllR &..fr.'V. .'v ftt',r.t : ,-\ sffc,, F.a1" .. the, ..JOC'COO, ih'r.) i.: .. j*.the. repnbllo lurthteruco(189043.I; ;;:. president-elect ,retired at .'Mate teentb..streeVJK Tork;loaded- with& 2iurd.eni a .,\oo ;' ,.. .." ,
.;..: <"F.I'i. no, I!.'I'd'//. ...j.. 'FJlI7Jt p&OZsUflUuuT3 ,' : r-R{ .1.i '.. '< r4c/ "*- 'iifq honr Tneeday night and. arose':at an arms and ammunition.iq $towef';: tog .,kOVA .,j ITrM,: : 1i ; '.I ":,
'.. .au..1. osE: T.1J.IDlc.rOiir.i .) the lbor JU lad -j .
hour but .
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J 7j1a"r. ,' 'jj/ .. 11'8 l'4-otrn PATsTUSTER 1B8PQ I I'R'fl early sleog \JOUIl1 Dllf'A ptUs., L& '
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t t r ... if... B4ia. y. .. win Ote.n Oesv "' L. r1.7'1 AAieMali i'-," ,, ,, ,." ", "-C'i" 9'--S IU'dMtf.jf.r.8rr
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r.' .I' _1. ..,.,...1-f.I.1!$.' '. J' "x. ""' .'1 isc '.*preported ..= '...: .. .., *bal i;:1 = -lrnf W..t1 '..edeIraigiath ..,, .. J,n'. "'. ':' '. I1"'kJ.I' 'f" '." ;"fy ., .\ ,,

vho'&be, f.tBcct.Br\;'.;'oI; '1.'W1. :U'7J.ii.! ,At Washlns "thaiet4lertryijpB t.t" ._.. ',.:.,., ', : .P U. B., _,t a tu.Uo-aunDi1 ..";... ",,
-w W-.iInX.il -- 1 WashingtoaAlrpateh j.Wednee; _- f '":'-","""4r.t" I'j//'II'\ 1 .fIdCJI."u.. '
,murdered.;M roian.t..Hunt;.near Bar- .le will b .. .nral. 'J if .
: ;' ti4v".t.." .II\. l ; e .a.ie1 edIJi&cori4ldresa$4 'rl87ft '"'' ) ..i,. .. .IIaa15tiI iI : .. .
.fo''W t i-"" .O .IO_ an.i 1Suc1l-1:". th*senate WedaedyytVHewacin i havftr his-port of duty wUhout leWC -:" ',' d".p"I" ;'l .a. n ..-z. > ...J ." .I"J.. ,

\ t SBBBJfBBJ* ;f.MMl'tks.s. axli BBSJBJ ,, irhc ia"4': I"'w -1,IU.c; .f ;. oacl voloe end spoke-with aoh the oOeer,,Js-n>l-vaVin'tJBis)4ease>bejina '; .4zoi.Atbe .llllpt ', Oqi$4fapacec sad.eT.t ;t" i-":_. Lll'Jti1:1.\ : ,." ioI' )1 .
wr. '., !;1/\m r'1 h.EhinaaMl ; '. WiJHaej } the TelM.cre4M M.: JIf.'J' c ace. .Jt-.w. '-',
I ., .T.r..,. WJr. rss. at Oy--W t .IflJI .u.v iVBrawley' ofu.t.If ? = t % osTa.tsl. .#
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the 4 .N..Ihr.
A ] IoUo i. 'Uoll.a ImueI0,14 eaIIrt J$ -
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_;_.1W 1"f'f" .f.- in, \ ft .. =,..;ftIna \ fit, '\; -W'. 1Uia..w1.86r.-.r- lii tile "7 .W tt It. f ,. ';"ij .. -
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'. r I a.' 1&t : *':tIW eabltf P'' &; :. .'IIIII.i ',[ .: .{r}.,'.t; : t i "- .
1 t.i Itt.al .atb.tl flIinIa tetew..v. IIt-I- t.;_ .:.81. J. I '.' .. .
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.J't J .Tlt 1".4.hr ..I., h. .. t. iJI .0Oves.i '
'Wie' u:' bkrWit4 I.. : : /'. .. w t'"Jir .
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k-- 'tift %.4Mh: ) ...-eof oIJI' A _i.__ z. 1.. '1I' :; / ..
tw..u..1; I a"11 .""_' : f I1tJ. :-
1. 1 .. _. .-" _
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-'k.r\ ,. ''). .w. : :{:. 'l" J' : ., 7'rr. .P'. : ir'"\.:.'.1 ..M'i."I' 'iM.. 'i.J. 'iAd rlt ''' _
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; ., .- !1IJrIr-! j. /L"w"r''li. If" f'il. I7 tl r' ""t'l.' : -T-j; : ,: 11 i lfl'l'' I "
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: I 'f1'r: : ;.,IArfo1 :1\ JIll 1eiIa" \ A. .I v"I". ost c..e.r'\ 4. .'I buys already baeojao ao clearly rcoeg- ,:.to.r I -

: : ( _" .,., > 1.l:1\ ...of. .. En. .<. --bu: nwdiiettoect- \-AaIIO '..,-1 *ta.feat they are,a. matter e* .' -", X: .ifi" .;&.\&'.,*- ( \, 1' ," '

: : e ah*,wa* a* \r'' TOW : ":: l.'' ,, .- -' .. tUMf a.I: ;omirledls55,000.000 s.....v-I 1 la.aMBlatnpracUe*. :.Indeed.' the vtotLoa : i u_',.. '&aVAllew ;, -
j4.ia4ffI. or,Van are,udosbbod&-try'lag't. 80,000.000 toon 1o 18W.'4T OI uMM.In I feavo aivea aamaa to theav which ,..
bar shape pr."" thiag in your offleex" : .; bar boea adopted lit *el baahC' ..-l; ...'; '
: \ 1 daaeiag on Etc coughed norvouely .. A, Xateurel lafereaee "- Ut..tb.'l.Ttt', -------t > 1806. and .,OQ too la JaM 1otWworaa.enjre I ete. Bleycl hack w a 'I''J-. *rivaUag$boe* of. } .

: .fi her Bow ma.y-4hlngahjh.hid aaid -. BindXaws : rI"1 'AID" Lbs )otaslasLpsol. ; the Nsw'.York Bam, I sad coma of Uko'uoultttag-ua'poilttoa\ S ak lkivomeu 554 lit TOB 4 .i:1 .,J

ho did not kaow How nany ma.t ,. ., ", : '0 Tooted by U.0_ ra.u. ibo JlI'OIIOeIIoJUlt JiIq $tsd44sd I about Which ao touch bM Book written Jury,:'la an intricateproceeding tiYWOO' f''.j
tbo .lime wanted to aay he did sot know. .. \: ____--J. .ta Oroealaad -_. aom* tall 'G.a'. .-,lbl. ia four yean aad then baa bs.m J aad aald."''Jt n- akin to ,tbe disease ia'Sooth D ota.f.1iIO' '. j I'T>!'*)
( when ,thU b4 we aow.oayinir'he* did sot t foreet tree JeMibw,. .three;;**ohs.ja' a:: coa.Ubla .though nd-aonaspO5,1 known aa atnr back,,.which,.com. .. > tt"'An. -
eeft eaelrcle)< height ; diarfy I men'Who-work In mlnee apd are .. a.'lou. jails. of enpadasdi; .
becono tbe how .. wee over going to flnUb_ euiuiae* ._ j UTXT decllno'la tiM market value upon ./ .
for the .'1 know that" be .& ., '.aeea sad Owe laws-eye r B verr'1'ton of ''tia tiiTrwatrwntovaporated. ofjt! her ciW daring the foe years anocelling I Ia a atooped kosltloa for many,bourn IMMii. .1( ; """.
I \ ..fart. KM( ,' .lt e tmp.Telepho... ear la .aot enl.4otnmb BE'aati8AerI **. ['k: .
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[ ar..k ... .., 7011"-k.-r.,-4e. ..yield. *i that .. _0' : M II.-.> of aalt a ton of Paoiflo J.a.aooptltat.ear., $37wOOOtbmtye ; ;
h time Prince. > ,man always ; ; tMk bane | walarraereaty ) I -CI'-! irut purely"a"aervootoondltlon ; .
: lbs distafl what ho want Aa long aa I dull awa**farrow.. _ID.'potIDd.( 'Areti* and 'Autarotlir rltrw u'370OOO,000.Nw.Tokiriurit I and .aria*' from nervous _"o.1 at.\L.i, _

tbo aIde baohalur. Mita Frltioe I oonld Des CSpld'sba.de '. .,- water yield eiftbty-flv1 poonde to 'b.k. .. *;tint among, .* Stares. .In., lb. I train.-' .Almost without 'exception the of nbiaty-tbree.>.amid to be ,ths l '

: : tbo bean. pleated- butt am to b* .1I be.thaaks IBM ble hi*b laeky*rt rtB utar** and Dead Sea water,;18 T pound product or bty.J. I troubl. cease* with lbs discontinuance only surviving witness of the taking. 'of -

everlasting. leaaf 1 hope eo. sod you know a vo ebaKB>4 saM aappiaeaa, .,The Pleiada contain ait atari ,Wbl 'J. Thla decline in lb.product and..oall.mg 1 of the sue of tb*telephone. >Telegraph the Imlend by *.lie British In 1813.,: t '!.

bar cheek wife iomctime..,.<)''ffer-with' bI ...(.,*>ae*. *ass mae.. to"or, only; ordinary,okaeaneee,,. ..prfd of ',hy 1.due to eereral I .r'.and. typewritec' cramp baa many -A 2lioblgan evangelist reoontlj.nor;. 11 '!
hair mnal what may seem to,tbo "orl"'at ,till.aaeriii et1es, .* thoagh twelve'or fourteen have boaiepuntad tII011..and perlmfte the duel sue, I TtetinYa., This dlfflcultr-1*-not KIIll7cott.e. irayad boll ai a largo ball; at cue, end '.1 1
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the.bank to be quite Ulrlal. pIn"*". > / ::-bu-'.4s1hire4: ia tbw .olattar by:neteoBefOntraordlnary :: 'to th* bIcycle which baa to'a.agrees ex.tent. .--1 1 muscleS over b.oomea1mo.t.ur. a In; many lojttaaots-mltogetlieruseless the of which walking,was going' ." Ir

( eandt Uarriodl W ; a Mil tamp**'J 0. D.", ,.,"Ilfb"::1 A ...i.olt .;interceded t>y.the nee of ttoraeatand 't. aad tM patient ta-4ioat to on, while at tha other and Bob Inge- -..\"i. ,',

( At one .blow, alt 'her cattle. ..anlilo JeuraaV aeleeoop ahowa about.rixty, atari.P lathUelneter. anotber<. tb* *vbtirutlon of eScctf. -;I control -then.-' It-li curable only alter 001..WUloli..oria'.1..1..-''OflI.. --... /

l,) ; dictating a tMown to th. .etrtb,' with not to -I- : -
".i. aa a' corner landing. to show that A TI1tiro IIJIP CIIJ .'A wave motor bai a'nambar of plrtourodonaeoted S oa curface$ ,'e-cIa. Tbe mCeart of I ot the-Utaat complejlnt Is. the trolley .;'The lumber 4eaJrof Florida. All-

; .z lo the bad ...w been otb.rtbta 'ot' : Bob aaCI1bisbess with au air oo'mpreaaor;; .theae surface rood in cUI'.. rtttee of I foot. The continuous ute of Lb. foot been.notified by their customers in'.. ,
.!'Jlar.tN4r rats.-- .. .a_' .deal' laW,.". worked by the riee and fall of( tbe billow .- the United Bto*** I* nearly 15.000 and' I.on the bell' causes aoreness,"JnOamma*. West India israhda.that war '.,1"8J111'tlab
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|.' tbo man .True, bo"' had sever4.nil.ly "Biding a.tandem BOW,. ar* ... The air ie broad through ptpto the .. t Usa 'ml aervoua trouble, -and very ... .. ,
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: tbe arm. to her, batihar U 10 ,' f I II
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tbe Co., ia what 1 never aaid; and .
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running ? .demand forbay, ** I i grade of mechanics' bring evil with I freight S3.on lumber. -
well-known. tartly exlitad: between th.aitsog.tiiat 01a.tell. mo I*mast atop -i 1 At 'Xls sIbsl.' aetnuaay, ar bolt' ot Along with the reduction ia tbo injirk '- them and that tb. law of compvnratlanobtain L-, -_ .
foolish .
people the more eo many cigar < lightning; here aa well a* In .1 l UiUntlymolladtwo.wlrenail t j Harrlod .
prtce an product ot hy'CIJ jer tLM.l lbeea I- Two.. H ; -
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Blitkrr- had OtD.I;l1o&eel snob hope the cabbage alee ia the..' .. ,
youwill get &
5.83-inoh in diameter, :To melt- '
% of cherish to the end ol tlmav( ; a similar reducrioa. the price F-FWi5'do) 'you'.Tnelst "upon""UVlngir'wife ,
Life.; iron in .' '
thin ira'exfitenm
abort time woald be
1 .'bll... hod thonght, .alHlIII zttliorJa. .,-_ pn..It.ty t.Ih..1ng..t.Inrasihi 'IInor.J.a -betD-.1. ....1ie pf'Oduct1oa.u.' .5-L_ : 9.bco1''.' Orden. :X"Kind : o ont for ..ok'loag walks in'' 't ,

wealth tneae hopes a thousand-' wordloa ass VI"W.-D ruatn and It ooald only be aocompliihed .iili'v..f' x. i: -, 7-Aliifyon.L..I) ro"O'l..Tho -
"a good al\1 nasao* testified. 'I hear' let with the aid of eversu price of oaht per busheL which done what your mother,told yon. ; '" told her. Uiat alia : '
', "' !tha t Now thus intho .-.very-taidet' your notice.aea-ant", burst of JIW eleolrioity.bat and a woe 42 ceati 'In 1800 woo 82 cents In Bight not be in this aituation. mart be'xery' careful not to"tmlk when
a potential
: ; of both- work that he ba< Slveu-to b. T*.you s she Sal Righted the,flre of 30,000 volt ampere,would be .1804 and 20 cents in 1890. It 1. now; Ponviot .Ijdon't;/know. Blie bo la out ia tho cold air.", ,
& .4 anil to for bias. and that abs-loved I t* .* ."-_klea. Tbiaalaetrie forae:.for' on'e ...oad about.18 1-2 eeotu a reduction of more sac to g<> ont into tbe world And i imoney. I ."Bay, who' your.,doc tort"- .'. S -

her would canal it was for biro, the blow _. .K f.oJ' repreaenti 0000 hurae-power..bat; ..4Lb. than one-half 4n .lx. ,.. The GIlt: .'_Detroit Free Pr!... .and_leader. '" i;.'' '
Lousy lit !!Ieet'--ahe! xeaponded hi* aoi.age-sf Uo-UMsed tate -1* ZT.OOO," .
TIlaTTltwi SL JI/tb'"tD."aaa mpU.hecl' the melting -
bat if (ft meat ia the) faint .'bdio. in'considerable time I 000. sad this Men of ngrlctftural product : .5 -. 'v ..' .; S .

I i I to go ba' ing that ills a woman'. voloe- ,at Latr.'T."I..ot'hard labor.Vof ftvd 1-lOth of a aeoon-d." it follow that, sag the 1 I.tmpoa'te lit lit iow illinois,Jllnneaota ..: 'AOMABODY.5 : .' .
: .
limit ehe .ie thn called upon to foe bolt aD4V1eco1ta1D.\ The -AIM -, -'
60.000 ._ <
wa botM.po..r.Jlriiab 5,._ ._- ; I- -I :. d
: for Haver and h.r'band. -
heart doom, causes which fcave operated to :; defreaee :: .
JIa.o"tld.." xperino> tend*. to.abow .AS5 \ WIWbetZtoNicotL.ad.to.MrCba&;;
1. too ba aotonsly soughtto go oa with the markrt''price.of.b,y'hty. .
that .
bit waak work. there ia]no, aneh thing aa inaneeeptibility operated also to devreaae.rbe market R"Ij\5\\4 ; _.-.7.-r..r; ; _.
wbaa ba b said ala >. to._ID.'lo... The publloTaooinatore ;
\ -Te, Ul..PrlaM. price Imdiea' hIs voice,' (savagely):I' "30 WAnt i of opdon and Beadinx'report I ''A woman's U tlv ;
; a sound of sympathy j. ) you would ( : body *.repository of 'tho.
Hon4 be
...( no >t even greater than
al vaooinatora
f 68,876 '
I _1U son-ln-Uw.y crang mtnt? most delicate mochanlom, la ,the-.whole'
'aait." ." i Swift (promptly) i-iN.fl; fcnd-taVOOO ea,ee reepeetivaiyfwItyaHeaae t.i8JnI't fctbetnga-s.a.; & *eotrsuItan; 'numt iruuuiars:
'411 you .5'
: 17 _.
;'I .lw.,. Par writim,.. 1 may say," and he -, to mavy' your .a htttr." I vaocrfnaUd'in I which three tlnee the individual aeuuooesaf ally.wa*,' these product athanlafwi ait a price J y"the low export.enough of t t. S ..will let It get oat of order and keep otrfof-
of sympa- *gSlu"ae my pretty aa.rlter. : order just aa U it were of ao nrmieqnaiioa. -
_/ _00' I Yet not 1 lea than 1983 eertifleatea of meet1gncomWio. .
She much Their back ache and head
( ) never 1 a ;; Jp throb and
amted" In the' 1800 the 5' .
.' ba had per- and in that la Mr. Blinker A BOOUZ IJOJt knanaoepUbilltywere medical by year exportation< -c.dt .' :burn) they have wandering peJos now here and"
men in England and Wale oata to the United aoroufrled
Ute iim300
( himeali have thanked h<. Rod 101'10D."J ir.n paid the man in cell'Til. daring, ,..last year reported oufaot .. buabela. In 1808* K waa L1,- -. S \' now there'.'' They oxperieaoe extreme lassitude: '
I .. the 'matter
I h. thought 3 that dont-car and waatrto-tae-lofValon-' ,
aoeottom Ii feeling,
'.'.' over.he ooatluood, "and I Ie. wla.1I1 wasadmit.4' '"tothl probably duo to- &. uae by.th 000,000 bushes and during the sty! I irritability' ner.ouma.ealesphes- .
housee!!,_L.J C. of i
If: phyeiaiao itoredJympb iaitead_ofthatperfeotlyfreeb _montbi ending oa Jan the 4m.rtca. .D4..lt .
.. a11 fiirmlnded I : .. will
e yon .om.D .! you bsnst* ililfmienta. in-v .1Ih..1.It.7_ go aboutthsi1'I /,
a relative i.my doty to gain a wife and caught me .Iafoa", of oats> '!?. I I 'I % work until they can aoaroely aluM oa their poor'' jtt" 'I

in a neigh p..rlter. or Vice veraaf" Warlike ,Jrrce4 ""."'" *f tbe Arab. 000,000 btMbcta with l Indication* hat I I awpllen foot; and do nothing to help "b.-.I_ '_.'
aa a epee- lima aha had .. the total exportation .Amertcan oar* Then are the poaiUv f rana.n.of u.b"ooaapUeatiolle and ui....
D *SOOWWTI0a. "la Dee .
rk with
$ Bedouin"
[ of an from the primary abook. Sbo il for Ib. 0cryear ending on Jaly'l) given Immediate attention will result In untold mleery if not death.' .> 41 -

t _r. di.- even begun to wonder r itenog- ever mnitared up nfBont! Xngliab artist K. ;Talbot Kelly] that haa-been a similar Increase la th.. eb; .doubt; 'llo.-au this trouble;before 1"-a-aorIoas-aod.I'_ hoa-ourodsnany -
"I', ( propoe. to the future 11' -"He aOMt.11''"'-i, appear*in 'the e...'. Mr,.Kelly portntlon' :f-Hoiencan: bay t. foreign after their troublea'j. ."f'ODI.J.' ."ktlLJ .' _t_ .
"No indeed I Be'. &. dawriba of the diversion
try oftbedeaert .
tUte went farther lag one couDtrlee. In 1801 tbe total of
oompre- even export Th* Compound-should be tokealnunediatoly upon $f-h..ppeaNDOO of any of. .
; aaotihat her mind that the lady was a Baby the college yU".t. : bay were 28,000,000 tonin 1890 I berolurue these symptoms abovo enumerated. It la.a vegetable Umlo which' invigorate ,
: \ employ au.d bad need .-traditional- By far the mott exoiting of their of exportationhad. to 00,. and stimnlaiee the entire female-organism and will prodnoei ther lttoe bene"'i.- ,- -

$ be.might tbe widow on the unnt for her. bashful Mr..Blink.r. pur wrr. or.bod J.OUD.upl.7.. I pal' theee producta .likely to. continue Boscwood St.. Philadelphia, 1'.., whoaelctterwo attach -
| to ble "By all 'means Mr. BUa\e. "That fcliow Do -Soaqn play in quotation mark*to isp... th In few -fo healtb.t;-
aant b"long the dJmlnlabilng dooiiiDU I write these lines thanking you | restoring my For twelve-
j;/ (be young aakl coldlygam Ibo wl(.. very dry thing, 4_' ear_ of it. for 1 nerer aaw.anything the UnHed 8t le* makee It Impractlcnuble years I Buffered with pains Impoanlblo.to describe_Ibad b.alng.4owofee1bge-*
al B40 wold ie full of f typewritert. bat more nearly approaching in my the burning eensatlbh in headache and ;
1 a tutu Two fri.Dellribe... meet in to aetl here profitably all of hay backache my stomach chills always had;
!- notevery day that B man can *_"Tea, I've heard blnx say a hid .ta grown. black apeoks.before m7.yea. I woe afvald to stay alone, IOV-4.OSa.tJmO'bad "., f
: .ea\t I.bit of deaert aeveral hundred : 1'
the gold Wife. At least auoh &-: a* If 1 do' np. > I bed eeweral doctor and _
> \ocI1z.- mounted men eeeh There I I. omely expreaalon, which four and five fainting spells a/day./ triad many patcm -
dear old .rve-BDil rn apite "herself New. repreeeating ,- mdioinear, Two I bad thai I bod to tb.d "-
dcclarea Ih.- when one door athuta anottier > year* ago was so go and hare oT
and drawn eaeh
are feeing other.
: something oft in her tone op '
.pb. warn trained Through her Z commenced to take.-
Twirling his jereed. the champion open, and apparently, the door nurse. Lydia -Pbikbam'a *
I'' appear- ahe did not want to b. 'h.re A noon one aide rid. into the open, and id a which I I. open to tbe American farmer "Vegetable Compound and I never had anything give mo the relief tha|It boo.:

when she Mr. Blinker noticed it.too.it.JQoodto .' _"I woa-ier what .. .." load vole and with mush eloqoenoereoonnta with a surplus MOCk'of uneatable bay I bays taken eight bottle, and am now' enjoying the beet of health again I,
to comment
didn't -
j ect the o/Xae/ top you. .Miee-Prinfm.upon *.o afraid of me* Rialwayswsago1agto. hi* deeds of valor and with arxl-oat* i* the door-of fIu..pexlSM'f. -.aVUthfaU7..Uhueare4. me.* . -. ..xrV, ... -

.1Ip01I'until laughed. "1 knew yon were. a rth6tt M-l- many-aaroaatu challenge ODe of th Mraownll.. the. spread and Improve
," ." other aide to fight meat of the bicycle nave gone on uninterruptedly .- "
; abo waite-l.sat. Bb.sense-.br.Dk if aha Led >. -"I deee ..'. asia On the appearanceof an opposing and Mia apeed and conren- NDY" CATHARTIC' -

that the touched with a hot.iron. ma."-He*York Weekly! champion ia the arena the firet turn l nce of tranepoinaHoD on'aitrfac.ears' ..

i! *a pat .. "Thank yon Mr. Blinker." the -.-. to flee ebaaed by .. aeooad, and en bave been promoted greatly by lbs retirement .

hie "Now, yon rl.u. we will jioaau AXD Tamw. 4.on0 reach hie own aid* before of.boraea.
npere 1&j
wondering with i work.' all there. it oloe* be being caught by bia pnnaer. Should .
afaalty he eaeeeed iu eecaping, both turn A Ckhieae New Year**.
bad if lifetime
an angel named a bicycle'and the bore.
with Mr. J.1"0 she had written tbe cor' ., and the pontione of -fugitive Chinatown of Baa Franclaoo Was
past and pDDa.r. reuereed bat It al- keeping holiday, and am waa gaietyai.A
I i and as she bent down orer a rod-beaded bloomer girl .
.or. end in a'fleroe for buatlo.
way .apr.r -
better see what a" -
there were three while
appeared. i i .The narrow, plctnreeque etreeta were
the line. ._ behind in the middle tn-which one or .
upon her. Truth.
t"L elerk ool- : the" other ia "DeralIT"eI often. decorated with .lT-eelore4 laaroa -
-idea> who Tbla Mr. "Blinker .ob.un. with tbe'accompaniment of a Tewbrokea rbUe overhead above the roof
to pound eald nothing leflllllDI to Tn VBVAII ntnAOa. ,I topi the yellow dragon Sags .floated

that ba "Before .. ; .... I.C. .' oniered and.laid bja Chanpipna rib or beiAg.a fraolnred eventually rm or placed leg. .agalnet.a, bine California iky. ABSOLUTELY GUIRIITEKD tIre..'.v.f p.p es pi4ps, o..O...s.s-tarei amiSs,es.Iti id..I, ,4pi..i

J .. on aaid "may I ask a favori your .: Oawker'a deok. d. U waa a sunny day la February; and buMt.t fpes. Al. ITEPWU*nNDT(*..tIama I..la.I.tb.. P.o Tt. si,.
bore combal
t> ; -a promise theremalateg< boJieecharge Jib. .treeta-_roe warming with ajnoul- S. _- _.S 55stt1 steases. p.t.t.p.. ._ ,
the.radi bore '
> the. inaorip- itt each other, and and Uude of Cbinvae and"chlldivn
What ia it? Tea, abe engage -men, women lsIstu. issse ..ta.s.ssessssa.sst.ssateser-ie4ss-ssssspssssaitisppes
; It waa ; John Smith. in tbe excitement of the moment, whoa -all ...,. In their ricbeit
BJkaker braced biratelf* :
;\ > *' :
? familiar. said Mr. REASONS FOR.trSING
ie .
er aeen a 1. I aeroral hundred men and thai*boreea holiday attire th. children eapeclallr,, .
experience 'rbat.i.&III.woman be wbol'. *h*looked Jap.; .., I oant. ere involved .ill the .eerlmmage'. the with, their bright face and black eye. : .

; for** in'. ?" h* saW( .1'.boll"fIal* to.. .my that 7OUI'I--Pao' .death of eeveral remit teen before and. the ho."..por'frequently ". and meet'their pleating pretty and costume Interesting, formed feaiure a Water Baker .& CSo/s -

laq*lr* eonelndee with light refreabmanM sad of this living Oriental picture. .
fo* iatUnt tbe girl Everybody seemed to be happy and
: heal .
I I"iielaimed -&ihir funeral '
Tommy| a poaalble or ''0. .
," him, then abe rot her her good-natured; and aver and-anon ae
: t of them boneless A.tl remukad before this ia tb 'Breakfast CocoaY' "
fairly earrlagea. ; > a group'of friend met. they ...topped..D4 : : :J'
1 | l ;. BlUker. Mr. bllag'.'the tlgrooi > *' .. A.... roah-. .. neareel approach to war possible. and amid much ceremonloua bowing v I

to -bo about to apxing., bo window. .... ". I Ie atmoetjka exciflBS for the-onlooker exchanged the compliment of the sea- t.;; BecaOM it absolikdy pare. ._ .. .
01 the ..& i-- .D right:'eroee tha way, aunty( ae for thoee eagagedr No-bad blood on; for this feetlvo oeoaaloa waa notb- : S ;*. a. 'Becaute It U 'not made by the sO.c11e4IUtC1I J froctM In j

I sa- "Wall] alop'r he- exefalraed" aee that 1 U iadjawa, by iaangendered, .however.jrbateTer theaamultieentay ,log more nor 1.. than the eelebratica. which chemlcall.are used v' .. .. .
i thi* visit- ,. lug hi* baud a. if to abield BoetonTranMripi,. be, this being bon- of tb* Chine** 4.w.Year.IL -S :- .-"Bec .besia.o rf lh e1tqllaflt1-.i-e.of. :'" S

lt 1. from np the' blow. "Bold 04 .till I : --3-i- ."1....biUon'of- killr-where-analieo ---T.bLJdtL.JILoeI.IIraJ.JDc..Nnr..Y e" -..4.", Beanie Jt l U made-b'-I method-which pr erver.un4nipaIiiat<| : "
Del ef
.. made In February may strike aom
> ww'3Ia1kmousmIT. ie borne ;aIl4'7 fatality"kuimaIr : the exqiusiti natural flavor and odor of the bean
tho is S
4 atiltod woa who woman It'ejron my reader a* odd. 'But. Blue thla has ; f
I 'Won't am-"Iw't it atrang thai ., : .. been the Chnleae custom from time im- 5!, .PecauM. it b the mod economical;'eojtlnf less uN", '
: ho
;: "would,,.In .r-oe'701-.oa-1oa'. ., .M ,;. *should bo importing>birds ?*.t.-.If":,-if'-'J" !. ..'.> V'The m.mortal" and"I*'.older.v,by c..aeveralhonaaada 5: ,Ic"p.t ". ...! rt- 5--
Haven't you'alwaya knows) I r*, \.;, ,: of.yeara, than cur- accept 5W. that ys. ras 5sbu. -. a/WALTE* "', on'
aad oaro jMat for say wo.uiaa.oa earth ..-!.!Wbo .,.... ale'" Sumnir-tras;, In the Capitol anoe of the tout />f January aa tbe pro- .IIAItIlR.jO..1:1r '"**-: -; ;5'.o.: #..
: : c. .t't.'i don't: rtm-**lh.-paper to-day ground I Ie lreqll.11.PGlale.l ont by per time tbe Cblaef*, pernan. are not ,- .
: ∨.with maliks Ba..4uI S'. MOO eagle airs token from the guide,?!said amembor-of the park- far wrong.la alllir themeelv to '"-,
: : eyes bait '4 i..Mr. lag oommimion."but the true-story be at teaat ai much la the light n* oyr '
of England and shImd .
.'., goingalt 1 t to l "II'- .
*rta '
than. he. -Twillkl I is, aeldom':) told.- ;;Moat of "tha ...' This quastloa- however, .xaK.
entaUy and emotionally. aad : -'I" _.__ _4 !t'>- J guide and .vral of'the guide fcookaapeak of ao.. concern U> Uil- merry fcolldtF '0.
; .. young W.'I took pity oa b1 J of it a*heviaaj ...planted throng. They were quite aatlsfled with PAINTS .
: by
II -s&; 5 I. J JQtID .
: : i d. .her all .as GllG t : Charles Banner.' This 1*'air wrong arrangeinentl anoV with the -utmoet > ,
i .
:; ;
-bachelor New TorW t .
".'.." : Q. ( flsIiItt This ree,irhioh'ia looeWd almoel lat belief In their own superiority they felt -t
Hdicaloa ". is'in- love, ami )-"The atteadaaoo to.ct. I at heart *a Inborn contempt.-common
I bays : ", ediatelr 'front of the Ben to wingof to all THE STANDARD PAINT FOR 8TRUCTURAL'PURPOBISt. bon
Clala-.torJ'outa14. bar..naaa-
had been war to prsv.sl a '.lelU onotlon : ";:-Jj": lbs Capitol was planted by .'Oom.modore I This Urm.embrace* all nation vet 11V- >Bojplilot.-aii* is to- "AUtha.memberr.are; .
: beeomtng} ex>opt -
? .do Balnbridgo ol the -navy.Bo ..1...BtoUo Tor .f1r ..
I lug Within th aacred..; boundarle of. -------Ir.- t.0
> oxeoptian .b..l .wo wr* r1 r-rTri..lot1.7 > OT ir- .,
/aad ; .. | 1. :.
waa U. waa tent-England: at th* olo *rif Tha-JTJowenrKlnidom. Includes) J
_ ; ant -Ur week' ', JOIIBS..Y..U1J'. ..," '
; lhl .
aaiume .WI"ald. = pevenent : our war with Great Britain' to bring tb* Inbabltanta of all the world and :5-; ,! '. h. 'V. ". .. -'., ,: if_.
; ] ha wire '. ,".,l the fou who were killed! ,by home of Be found] bee anCertnnato outalder broadly .. -i -.87Mald.nL.n..NYor.. -'-- 'd'I'1.0JIIc4ao..tQ .
a l'.U.1.I'J, our prieoaen war. are iis4.Iph.,. PB'LADELPII141..I"> ) Of sub- .. TorkSan- ;. ..-.- : | wires,,_tbe tea who were lsrdInbourufootlaad- vary dlrlded.' Into two elaasee-B. .. and
1 -_-_> ,. ; on th. .levated,railroad \ I : "
: ? ba------ \.\ & beautlfnl ba'' trer - him alx ;;. .,PurlBei.Tfaler.:', ., : a"dosia who .were ""run exteaalvely planted ia oemetori.'/aeooant 'o.e*... -u. ._ .QI"..t. A' 'BREAK ,MAGAZINE .:QFFE& .

dioUtlag _JLftor all. Ua beat'-kind, ro.chhy.--K.X.., .'I.q.\1f.:ToTs. .' of I ite oraamental ebaraaler.. 1 i 4' Why th* Mail* .Ce j. '. J : \_a"t -i
.. .. : Ie'nature' .u.Tho'x&iauta .___I._:_"; ? \"He directed that One of tb. young T" "t Tiaed to.. a "vary.,.ir voloe," t'r', ... 'I v'.,l1
: abort; the>' i4- tree fchonld ho % .. .;l.j'tJ.._
Ma*known aa b.d. aro JJ'nd brought aid Mr.Me.ktos-'bat I.bare-givennp 'f1 .- 3' :
J: : to. do this of the ''pl'l, L of JI .a.tIi.1'. ', ihiaeonninr bo planted it with n 'IDcbar.n., I / : ." :: 3. 1 .' _.? ;
tudied 'Th..e creature why didn't ;'*rretLtnY -fKaaldeal of I. the ._' _-. ,,.
!: you ceremony DKpitetground -n'Tbat i* to.bo ... \: rTher*1 b 11'.. ,", .' -.: fi-, ,
: thought. to lid. well a*their larger : Squire aa-tho OoaitabU *. ,Soon'afterward,a
and they matt oat to live.,t A* tb* offloe aIe_ -:, of"Bimilaf, tree-planting b.eawemooiee* ) ,":.. L ", {(* : FIft. .,' { I, : .rotir4"c ., .. -i' ",'t'1. .

r $b.y.b.at.as1iis.tho. wtW *'$ ..t*do. oaaoeouat' took place, heIdi the-ealrejanmbt S ."rs-oadit1n.: rare, right -5' : -,: itt. 5- 3+..I---:'" B

;; there ,it to ,feed on they die.;/ .,"aaid ". ofloer.,aland. of trace th* Beoteh eeoh i Is about tho I'My wife and I. need to ing .dneta by ., ;" .. !. ji.1s" =S

by every ,.k1q4. stated "011.1.10. bio ."'foot with''tho ether, oroaaed only aoW atandlng.got to be known ".bourr; 'But oo 4 evening.w.found -I.-4;jl' eo .5' r '1. 4; i
had at lass ... .of_....,stored f o. -, -V Jta"- I a*thavBumnor t..bea III"tIaIjl"egn4. I.ono in-whleb, I **DK t.be,1u.01'4.-... 'J. .1.'t.' r.t.r ; ; 'j t.
; fv ...tbat it eeemi a* pare and t Yon7- 'aro"eUiig a lltlli too lag of the Capitol gronqdf a...,&'. tbaa, ah) did and -t. -i'-Y'
*' '" 1 jaeaauree longer.' "T ; .. 'Y.S-s,* vg
; : taVmldat. from bacteria Ufa -aa though II for this. bosinea': : year*ago lt.b.ea..uesu.ry.4oeel somehow aeemed .to hurt-her feejIt harr.tPs1:: ? = ...' :1: .W. wM Mad *nrthr e o ,0; forVf ,.','

,: \ -r-- .,- peeeed through the beat of Dlton, what you'oall -it."bul 1 down n number. '_..rThU oa.osngAs.Igaat.d -: :wovsb1ngton''StaI: jJ.-'I .5 ". '. and e .:, '. for .3.OOr 6. no.for tuJ. .,
nao;**,be It jiemi itrange tBat thla iboujd when I wont after hlm' ,the for d.strab.ipa.- Whir -_- 'JfI4p''I..IbtwJ' -- year. "'
I : 'a* If he ao recently ... nndv.Dr. "" hia daughter- and two--ion the ax* was about to be akgtJ>br.8am.< "S "s4 It Gui? Hals**, a. L... :. '.5 :'.F_." Pkturee" I". $. !!:. 1 I. ,' r.a: t't

: the die- and'. experience.''A-Ev.r"oa >be door aad 'said 'ft}tried air i.te-IMecL, .The. five oakrplaaUdby li- would rues' tmnk _- 'O.iaa* kovr1.0 Was* fy,,aw.rm : i &.9 .tirff J.-==t'.1t3L:\

I' am that there U ao purer or better they -woald beet my!heed, Calboua. abe alaathuu..' planted t>y mare=:"'. :1 T.asrt--. 01 orotondiiHt ..- i Jf,3,

';.. my ID tbo world than that which i ia einnatlEaq.uirar... h ,1 DiSon U.'.. ,aad th* Mew.England ala It will sore. T- .i. .T- tiled".to aaafaring people.'."... .ongar,maple planted by 'S..'John s.7J..i,Sh5prta5aVS5SS, UIIft. 'U iigg. Lt.RARY"y.dW"aI'orfoMWB B4*f Sf.
_ the .aide* say kind of .w...atorod 'away 1k.fX.wZroiu&L Dai'iI' alt la the'.vioI.I.; of-\. .: .-. niiiItie iI .. buw0 J..o.UibuUwusrS.hm.d.Mi aadtMsotsIela.PUNNI .

hot- hip' tank.become*' absolutely 'lakee'dietriet'of New z..I.C. .. called S.... tree'long ainaa:diaappoarooX s.m.s.S-0.tbu.d p-i.. .ripme. _r. .,.hiS. lbs" .saa ,:'' "PIuuRtsHkss.Ihwbvamirma.thlrtthereaIasbt.as.rYNlItl0..54\ 4.4.

: d 'Vltar: after the veeeel baa boon a, few .. K(k.. thIs:.Ior7et lbs tree' 5:5; :: \._."'t.-' Our DIrty _.::j' .I .j t .-All._thou.1,.,_.wss.s. ,._sue" MaZ"7 n......." ..ysoma, _,w.... ..,Vie"_'._ ***_--*--.** _- .*-J-ie-ei i ,;,,.
with at TbJla.liuoly: ) "'aeti vely or.1Oir, to be true, beeauae. rams from Mr..r. .' 'Over O00.ir :. mci .._.. 1 ,... '< ,1 a-'Si -. .- '.r"-. .T.ZL'l"l-'n'lfJ. '.'a lJlflfttfiJI-JiJjOTri1| i14 b
: -BHn.., popular Uaguag* to ..' ;The1 particnUr"ttraotloB .ouIIIID..II., Waahingtou, .HUr. c-.es rim.. yes, .. ': l1 .5-. ."1' : '.OI&IIIJ.IooW11- ._ .WIS..5QW 't; '. t. _.

should:.ho wt there I. really nothing to ; 1ot lies tn'th*.onangea that -- -.L.e1' .. '.,. -1 la.4.' .lad. U_,?5.5115_ -r-.. t'e .t.I H.. :CO. :. JftIt.Ave.w V 4r.'Si'J4i; .
*., ... I. la ainjply.lhat.'ttur'acUrr :taklegpl| e ia it, >A1- '; vosjgUra* 81X1J$ .Tens* Cud J<| : '---.- S : ., _- '" '.- ., .

l ..." he eatea overythlag la the water .b. I r idy.extrordimary .; .fo..r,'oodBati ore spoiling 4D.b. ci_s7e.'WI'wtee_ems.ass ap.g .. nrt4iIr' WITH .J' I S9flflO R ward kaMfjVI
,, naifwith, to eat and thin died:'of. *aar.' & .. ..;are worked) .1,heat, [Great Sooth Beaoh opposite BaetpotWXioag _.___of ... -. DON'T D.1UIKUIFE.:
sorMhI i.ia. *'. .. .tltl.7.P. :' T"'-" : iteoairA The-".. ., the i Isandr-| -Ta*>'.AaJaM.4..t..M ..ift .._ .; w.1ie5 ..WeBneBTBT *'$thnsi 4s.-.If *JB** .. I wesee 'rOuibuw.,4UAUYIrUbale5taS '

.i ; 'j moantalna, Bnapehuv rtaW to .holiday' ..&- phenomenal,? catobse] -' ages con ... am .0 uW D.otuoBQOroot"I.$55 055EV .MUW ass PLANTKUfl., buM.sag rflMT".*.,J-:

.-pm.1 -,,. ,.-n.i.eiag.riias.. (9009 feet, aaoV.... of Lbs: of these fish ";.. owing 'o>,;the low ioo.1'7'Ne": oM.10).Rr. .th Area at,|>SUs .ra. .UTO.bead IS- >.JI
t -aU A Very 4airellng' M rv%lo.1" 0 'etlimiud ta' throw'"t. prioe tboyt; oosftmaadod in ;&'>;N't.w. '.i as." VltoM DOBOO;- OB--feoMlo Dr..POBMT'S e.esas WlU.eape_-r'' .".. ;-... I
l and I oeraing ,the utility ta m treo.'of : toheight' of ISO*feet York aiarkeV could not be sold 'aa .!p.s.Vuria.uruaIse.. : rraaoua W.:T, 'VrTBUCKINGHAM'S b.ree.A. prii.Egii, I .1 he U.ambeLS Conas. .5 Cl, __
a unOtteil. irrogvlwr otwgenifnt tho lakaai'poadi and poobt eon. I'rioe: ..I&.at-to' !' ; .pay;the.t-I..h. ..; WesiWuma "..e a \ mDcfl4e COM r Any..AI"'f ...- ". I Ii I. the 514. 5. .i=Sb.I _
-- .1iIoR8 e at. They ,-rn. tb.refore buried in .tb.snow "" <:i a 7I -
r i* *-< w by QUi. >f avery .gas ,( : Q--"IT' ubadi M.sns.M f."h. .e* ie.SVd s. .
., I '.exactly, iVeloking jujrge plane Ire .. .AauIsaj ;''' ". by tbo flabermoa who, exp6ti. J I .',-'J B, u..wr*r. I 'S
_, _. --J' an laareaeadprioe..hoped to disi.
*'ue. rale, ho ." that wfello one .:. I'. ;"k" '- "
; .. lotVowayed ia Ooo airecUoo.'. -Wf.1tA -.*ao Aae.f'J I -of-them'latar.it' a pront' ,JtiTiT > .-. : I Nlao''a.... u..fit -
asissil.. wy.dth.oppositsway.a ad. KdbIub tie in .d w**: now'remaini'-'wberetn they ,, F .
aitba.'braaebea'were .t _
,:yui ml. yluugino; '. "Ad .: ,.. 1\10 ,. '
.-pr.4tj... li.adLnti4r4: tb$Wa t,:thtTT did ; (.1"1II. wait ol B aj"b4j praelydj; discouraged ,: so us'. ..... 1D5aw..w 1 YLb. -
aaiaad. ofc the Habrsdea k:1wth -
: ok.d.cia. etoveia *>>)*oii.,<_::aU ak once thi: ) '4aherme.bDftl,.". jfompeUcd. .. ..4.l to atoao agehat threw them away. .I''IW'.t; \ i. .a 4.* _
J IMcIibroW&L
t. : for a. long atity U tho aaotiost.;.ol tho,; >rfe3with.>--ata*.tn" ,r daithl ceas3ibs1fld ,-. I..OUR. 1PHI"E' *'
aaID.If' --* "
; th ". LMcakik., t.3.oL1&aoL roWr7BOV "- n sad""1.1"11 kI.7son.ai aI
.1I4ft eaeaped upuootingirsad-:."" ) whieh'. ia-He" ., ""Ib. brows :moses-a) .i5am .CuseSI.i-at b.me.-..lIr.teLls. I -

; -.1 that tblkrndot JbalanojB e.p. ... .
.no. ;"- fq1g ; ;; -sII '- --;-' S
Tn mlaisaorj 'J, r
*' : '
.11_. gealrkl to1 .\roise$1pre. \ sr.ips. sad.ee'ts.e L LS .' yesbpilp. # -_ _
\ *; ,. .'vwbioh.bay 1IIM4 ..! I tc1: : "'.Jigsnct4ouP It'.I5'S / -
at*ilJ< e.! IDIII.triaa IY: '' :' % j p sa0i.T.b.aii .
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: <,tvhifU I [ U ""!IOI Ifr"1,
; ur i I (1 "t. ,r. 'S i1 : V'tP' i ; 4Jt _
W : iiJ ? '' J { ; z-.. t 4 tir. 5'. '- S. -

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)'" "'.,._. I. 1'k' '


1t'.4' ;"t S '

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:: :
-- -

'" c. -r-------- -.- -,"-'-- --- --J--_-,--'-.'-'-vdiij'.-.-- '-. :,.---------.---- -rsr-w--: '. .. .. ,. .. .,.."." 0'j' _'" .
; i ;1;" lI" I' : :" : ".I' ':,. : : "-' ;, ', ,.': II : .y..' :-V'. oIoLj., .., .! !' 1'.i\'J \t\ ,\ (f. \"i1'; .
.' ; 4"J.
,'". I' '. 4 })_ .",. "." .. > .I f 6r' ".,,1. ,,01.1'"' /, .", '. .,.. r.rt"; '? ',, ,. "l :. .' :.'1\'JPI'i. z t.: 'i': J"''J ''', 1 i. ", 't" "." .+: \ c ..I. .
/ ... [ ; '
\ :r. .mc'' .1.' [ ..: ,; : ... .' .J :' ; ... ". I V 'r ,_. '._ 1I1.
f} '> ., \ ";. J., .' 4 dl ) .h .. ,
j "f.A4 'r ., .' .., .. ." _...t ...-t,. ., ..' > ,.<,, '. .\ .. J
; td} .," : "" !i.'T" "\" 'W" '- "": .1Z' 1" .-, "J1': r '. .
., .aM.JL""t 4. ,
.,'I, x Ci*<*W/4V/ *JKY yvt(, .'V- > -f'-'*. "itl .r' / I d ': f ."'I ., :._.TII, ." ".. : ; : : "JIO. "Jt" I 0'4111"l" IIr... .;""..''Jt.., ".'in"'f\te ,,:'ry. ,:' ..\ .,'".,. ,: ., Jf.1 ., ;.;' '..' \ ::: ., I .r, ',:.". ;,. ,.,"' 'I' 'I' t

"i ; : : t-;' __ .: to

: '. J. 1 West.r Itepirt. '_/. ;" "ro- d'iior.r, -"" 'Q.abtXaIiir' l, ., .: --.. Ri. ".r; Co .... 'f'. ".': '4" .,' .. "".HwV*.*"','. r.,... .i. -., "" .. ;"F"l" t... ., .,. .
;41J Jt.Jt.rE ;; LXY: .. . 6rVarJj.y! ( .'* w .- .r '' "T.: .. .,. {
iP '1 = 't '
:: *muuur1Ikuauwa1 Zasi 't." *'''' '' ''' :. clidsellI4 --.I- I ..csuidkiat.foe '
; nouttc
-- '."-'I.O .I1. pirfunies Vs)the, tneatdsdo and mth.r1alr at _; 'i '_ $ \01' r.- hereby mffettt ,'l ,. : ,," \
-. 1"
ivgIsDA-v isa Peestahurch redaction _de. 4Do* ad Mayvr, ct -
: '
: niui ETJC&'WEb E D. : -" ------ EarehS.i --ain. 'ro.1 1 J.I:Lak.,"' Op"'.to. ."1.VJ., G the 01 Klasleame ak ti -W "
%! '' 1 towfl City Mi'ap.proechingelty ;
;' ive .Di.!&b1tb res14ec ; "
.,. Ws4i:- .. ,)taa4'Inj4sul,l 04jit.hi1r. ]I A.''.si, 'oiajR.: ':at. 'the Opera .r"35'f' o..36tIsCItbGSIeStIC) i g .I lectkM. 4 mf It .
c.Ie7. -
-.- ------- -- o fDer--Lwk FrIdaV everihig next td will
.... ... ... .. a !, .rfo.\t.\ duties that\ offic .
-, .WE 1f..!"1C. MARCH". ) 1891<. i Y, e a, llduse.: oDlght'f., '1,00 ".r1'dax 1 lo}tbew.ekMN:, -J 1 A delightful' program.Is be- to iSis btof my ability,la theinMrmt* .' But we are still in ,tlw rla*, wltfe a t .. :

i' :,. ji Jr ... ,, -J i-- O l.Ie----------------------. a's, t.-n te, T'i't..bok! at ithe Cl c.b'to.b givenTaw'ay "RskatStosi' :1.7'' i l[agoat.ng.d.Moonlight; inuslc, 01 tb* aotln population. ., i m ,,_ 1,,- \j.. .."Jo ifi '"

: .' JrcR11 'tfOTtcJa.' 'u ---- ----- ---------- --- as Or, 1 at S. Rosenmeyer'' -A. .ma D p.rm'w.iois.st, to WUSlonhest.rd.y broad fr p4a$*;.lnty.;:irefteh: -4-41.,I.JL > L, JI..o\v.a. FA.JTC ,&v "F.A MII.I ; : a

: Jt OS4CT--------------------- and spent a very pleasant anda hearty welcome .wil ,'. Ii ,),.
inents. ,
I I ;. .' ) \
%# : !h .. c .
.._ t'! .1"' c' ,
: 'r ttrbont OVlr .r I. ;. "
a dayptcblclngT*kon ui4&a.& C. "
: ., .
.ttfrr.I'iM I insure a .PJl.Ye 1nK for.old anc 1 hereby.DeI myself candidate \" : ., J.
t/laf at 1 r..iit zm.r r a d '145 P. 111.. P&yeransotIngmtr.4uywenIngat7oo'clck. "TrOtrALTNEWS. beji.ter.Mrs I.l'vi.itlng' ri. fltatrt. previous to- her departure. .. for. young. : -'. for th* office of pity Marshall of KlsslmIf ; $.' a1./

--.j' '-The-N.V,.Racket Store | CharioU, Harbor tomorrowy: .pee.. 1.Iee will try ftr-dsnj.Uitjb.| 'QQ' 00' tE,R'\oi" I.ES. ."": .'' .'Ci.3. _'
.. m.'G.-. "
tinndav-school. at 'Q14S ; ReducUoa-JoriCmh n.tJCttit's. I. iors&Ie; .CI.'. .r'>.' : 3oHNBw.oM.. ... .-" .
; ;
'ar"er.-s"pt." D-A..OIH9k.puccrf'- I o rlgGnt4tor-ofiowIcei.! .li; -:Campbell* Horaa Foot remedy "\-.' .1',' .... "1 j
r1 '
/ '
M :...Ser lce. .. 1iel4. rtgu.larh' 'Will riowilerVatlotel'Klsslmmcftl i ia the best article the market for On.,March, plh' Messrs... Batts, 1 : c"
THO lST. Simpson] u : ,:i-Vou hould .all ; on ) .;; .1"01'.. .1.I .;, 'Ii" '.. 11.' P
by1 mean"JirltJicBi ,
*4. at It $.'n.. and "-y_. 'eacb. / -*-" .' .. Carter's wonderful scenic any and all kind of disease of horses Craig fillers S.*r :aud 'Simpson ..J hereby announce mystlf I(;:.a caadld.t.Ir ? ?. t' .. .. 'J : . ',' ? "!'.,, :" 'ii' .o.I..1I
p'- .SabWh. .'_ "
abbath tchool'L .t 9:45"1k..1t: pro- feet For' 'met and organized tbemsejlyei.,hub reelection the offie* Marshall of : _, -': ; ; .. .
\ sale.by J. C.Leake. to .of I. O. I--. ? .. .\
Prayer meeting at : the-' House J.
't P. HitKhey, Supt. Condition powders, 150 pack ducljoiiat Opera I club to be) known as the Kissim- KJcstmmet City at the approaching City $\I. "- 1.
c :17)0 Thursday night. Com let .ut wor. Mr*. D. CliMid..Lt. 'is- nowlaiarg <: 4, ; .
,. *jfe, at Leuke's. Drug Store Alght.. > meePramatic Club, for. the'pur election, and refer to mv past record of '
lilp.: EpwortU Le*(fue 6 p: m. :/' : '. WILL ORDERS, EVERY'
.. ',; for of the Millinery Departmentof of entertainment the 4 year City Marshall as to my ftas.) ,.MORISJINQSr
'' : .1.A.wL..P.e r.. .4r-J." .W i-"Ot cnin, ." Reduction Cub.'at' Kits's.IyoJ'rant' pose giviug' ,' and ability t9.fill the nosltlon. ; ** : 4"

i! r B ..T.t.Se""I. .In' the BuptfelCnurch Ga., I. t: and ( to plnt.tohaccoea will be "
every Sunday a t 11 m. :oo' f .' r. } | pleased to bow their good the building of a library for the .T--- .-_ \W."
fiA j;, Pray er, neetln Thursday nirlitai Lake House. '. ; I .andA .dollar .for all their up p-'ctiARQi- -.- -- ----,. ,"
., p. .. v? your'order ._ : to lady c .tomera; She can town of Kliimnver' ,'><4 ,, For Treoauier.- 'FRe .
I 1300' Simday School every. Sunday .. FIWI.JIIIy.l11edidn i 1,000 plant .Ihe finest-cigar leaf be 'at the tore in the ; *
'.loe foreVerj seen after
orBcrs elected
4Mfa.ro. MAIE-1Ur. Tb wer announce
following hereby myself a candidate
.;". XPlacoPAL.-S't. .ohnsrServteIaveF7 bedyat; .&'', Drugstore. ff with. Wrt"VaiyDu, .oc, noons only. ,The< Millinery .stock IL <1 _. .r-- (J reelecllon t lbs offieDt! City Tl yeaaIfSr1 :T1E iJ tl Y. k 1

Sunday at 11 loo a,m.,and on 4th Sunday ..A. F. Ocilina proinin.ent young .Family medicines. toe Better of {Stanford's. is. complete, and the Dr.Pillev-Pres't. and Manager; .t the City elecUon""tq befpeld fl; TAYLOR. plUKt :
Mrclt71hrlnd solirlt the Vote of !
of hmonth..fltO'.kd'.30P.ftI.
":" r'-4 .)loll COlllbJ.llioa_" Dd..oh..r, altortiey Orlando was in the Cityon Rind out about themfrom-).. C. most faetidjous can l be suited.; '.'t' W- 1;.Sears Jr.-sec'y & Tress. qualified vWttroJ. Klsslmmee City iry'. : :
"" :
I-I Ls. .' eco'nd "month at the morning service.Weekday business before the court Thurs. coke* the Druggist.. i Wfntergreen, KoklL Pepper. -TA;, Grelg-Ass't. MVr" ; .*-- -J. .JL..LA c.T&... .' .: .
,r **rvlcetevery Wednesday ajt day. mint and VanillH block "'the five member will "consti '"
Miss Minnie Lord baa Candy ? t-
who ; r
k .
i. 73o.p.m. ; i are nice for the breath only 50 box tute the board directors, three to For Clerk and'Aailitor.;: --" .- "?- c-o !IlO.riumsa'; :
JAtcoodIaEK-St. Peters Divine ser Slanfords- shoes will. go,. the' been spending several week with -' t .
Vic on ist and Jrd Sundays of each prices sell them. I her friend Mica Lull Folsom, returned at'Leake*.Drug Storey I be : "
month ....Ceet( ratlon ,oJiply : :
at >
10130 : -W. M. ,
to her home Sanford Mikell specla7agentoft1wL.ancssldroIn&urancCmn. thcomln and ;
near Cltyo.eil.AseetIagofb.City'co | City election solicit UK
Communion on 3rd Sunday ot each. Mrs. E. R. Cornish ojf.? Ul1rt -w'
._ I "
Mondaye'l'lie.best- -"- --- -- -- ------ -- < .pportohll.JD1.1rlead".J :_ ;
r L month Ray< A.at morning KIMNXV HALL service.( M. A., Rector.. ford Corin, And Mrs. M.A. Fennernrpn I' pany and Dan B..Harris, specialsg.is4..s.t4b.i.ssera.c. )' held TueaeJa.nlgbt-a.l.uH-; ncil J--, ._ ... W. S. WAWeLL -- -... .w'A' *S' Q' N' 'Si' 1

g.h) L._ ding drug used IT .
_..' ._..N.&I'I.-s.I'W *$.aLl .CJAQb .lwlIl' .teuimspsnof ; .' ,. .. .. '.
The -
Bblird'bcirifpresent. matterof :" -
otntu utTtIucl NstrtiIflIfle.For .ftfIfKn ifcFnpti Lake'sDrug ; 't' .f =
1 Lad L..dd., l atm. .' .. North America of Atlanta were in : . .. -'.
the discussed THE '
8und y school 819:45 *. m. Store. claying streets was .. T y. .
1130..m" urad. best hoen at 1 living pricesN. the City few days thfr'eekt In at and communication from R "
g T nights at 7 :30. length ._
Mr. E. n. '
Water of
Y. Racket Store. Reynolds the interest of their'reapective
Strangers visiting the city and public com several parties in regard to getting If"
generally 1 Invited, .: Ua', of the, Waters/ &: CarsonGroceryCornpnnyhasJeen Mr. Mikell tried his band '
::4 -1IfC8Sr8. panies. wad, M. Lee : -
N. Taylor Morgan the clay was Jno, was : '. : ; '
in '
here.1 RACKETUndcrbuyVnderscll. Hardware
at fishing while 1urn1ture
and to to Uartow
Walter HUM appointed .ani
; Mso4iortcK.. nnj Tn.W, Buttsof city, during the week go .
,. past visiting : ,. ., ,. '
.. for '
."e Orange Blouom- Lodge, No. So F. and Kissunmce attended the MilhircPowers lie Mc"rs. Carson. -M -Worthlnton. Mrs. .Nanc .ad puke arrangement securing "

A. M. Regular meetings on- Monday marriage Thur d.ry'. even... her daughter JMls Carto4hGha.S '.and loading'a hundred car loads.. of \ :: '

evenings ohor b for the full moon in 'og -'Cjill- at J.e-3 lcel.-Drqg 'Store been spending th* winter at the- KlaaUn- clay. r'/ Mr"Tfte'iisual : Crockery Harness c:7': : : '

each month at 7:30 o'clock. Visiting and get a' book on how to treat. amos. House will leave. tomorrow"forCharlotta routine off approving '. ,, "..
brethren. cordially Invited. -See those 8 day clocks at diseased feet of horses it will btls' .. 'I I .
pay and officers salarIed .
-Harbor will
the'l where spend
they paying .
.t S. R. BASSET, W. M New York Kucket. ._ 1
., S. MILLS*, Secretary. you to read it.D4IiurUdrsi. a couple of weeks before returning'to was gone througbrwitb.ThA WE ARE UEBE TO STAY! '

-.ReguliirnMQioiiIJLcixxcdiiLfr'oi! ,; & tbeirbomeln-BUulj MUCar I_ council- adjourned. to meat ..
$ "VFT"**.rHi Icrtotv >ghanu.. -- --- t1

d.. .,' MVIILK .TLorxjK, MO. 49, I. o. 0. F.. the Hoard of trade at the council i of llobtou are spending a few dytsupshiue4 rie |has' become quite tsTorlteln ..tiiunre'rc1.ty4 -: again us'soon as Mr. Lee shall have BUJLCINQMATERIA= '
.. trrtrr. -' -, .7 .rooon..t.onigilt.hJH' Ht fM'Ki '. .. .e" t..1tingt '; ., eha-younj.pel i ret&&mecl.ran fl.etow.an4St.i'es4y. C g-lt Dl .

KMIOHTS OF PVTHIAB NOTICE. the members und -all others who i \ ) >f Florida climate and rev will be loth to see her trOow.* bop to make a report hf,what. arrangements 03C' ..'.. .

.- c .Friendship Lodge, No. io,hold regvlaMMrtlng r winh .to.attend' y-.I.c'' .: elling in the blisteR of her breezes. these esllmibl people will decide towln.er Can be made. Swan Down 050 Cash or Installment. -
every Wednraday evening at I 8 I In Klsslmmee again neat season, I -

.'Qck..t their hall, third story Bran Reduction forCasfi.. nt "'tz'/l'1 -All of the most reliable familyand eh loci 1 X hILt.RD.ltOWE1L8. Paper Pins oi'c ... -
dew Mock. Vliltlng brethren cordially r ,1 .ioTAKE' .
,% .tk. cUed to attend. -Mr. Hurlxirt Fleming who hasperil ul I Leake'sDrug patent medicines Sore.can. be found ...Sunday dinner -at the Lake Thursday night March 4th at th Irssidenc.'or Ten Slate ALt/ '
Pencils s oic
.A..DANN, C. C. several weeks ) IIouco, and
J. veiy pleiisn'nt; are becoming more more the fLAm.oa;
brides in
t '7".W.;-WATSOl*, K. of R. & S. slopping at the Kiss mmcu lloufti! : _'VC'V un Duzor has ari acre popular, number. of people coming parents : -TIiIi' POINTt".
I.* the lower part of.the county a marriage Safety Fins per dozen, 030 -. .
1r- V kind hunting nnd llnhlrig hi the vlcinity of fine Irish potatoes out on the eel. iri every Sunday to partake of aolemnix < eeNt3RTII ,-y <
was uniting
: PO8TOFFIOK NOTICE returned to his homo in Ath. : cry farm that he is preparing to Mayor Graves' hospitality and his : holy wedlock two of the, most Collar Buttons, 04 cHat EAST SOUTH, WEst,. -: t'i

'Mall cloe going north Ml=45 a. m; en* Gu.: Sunday night. ship this week. lie is also preparing .. good thing to eat.. Among those and prominent of VIAlacksonville VIAJacksonvtll VIA VIA ..
and 7130 p. m. j south I :jo p. III Suga popular young people Pins '" .- .
five who dined there last osc Plant
to-plant 'more besides Dupooi,
acres in a Sunday
.. StunfQrds Racket is UnclerbuUndersell. the .
Belt Cloud, Geo. M. Millard '
-t t. 7 :30 m. Narcoontee coUnty. oKissimmea '
and l) and!
few ,. the boarder upoht upont Steamship Tlftoa, ) p
c------ 3)15) and 7 130, p. m. ?- regular were I leading to the'lyjnenia I Carpet Tacks box, oic Waycrcos. W..e.LI.n .. and Montgomery,

--OIflc. hourp-Week, fnxw-y 'a. nt. toT .... -Den Miller'has the) finest hair tonic Iev.l1nd* Mr. Dodge Mr. and 'Alter Miss, Mary L. power*, {lev. ',' -- RAPID TRANSIT AND JMSURPABSBO SKRVICK '
f .. 1130 p m. Sunday lroto/8130 to 9 jjo a Henry UisHton, Vicc.P..siJentof In lime tand. It eradicate .11 dandruf Mr., D.--C.. Lee, Mr. and Mr*. W. William Pastor of the : Double! *Pointed Taccg| box o.C -
m., and from a :oo to 3 itx p m. the Lund and J. n.p.tlit
Duston Company and the hair In fine 1Is Chas. H. Mr. and Mr I
keeps condition.
_a.v D. C I.EE. P. DeBarger, church of this place performed I VTHIt! New West Coast J-ino.
C.Y. Ward Secretary. huvc been I l a sure cure fur baldness soc per bot.II. Banks Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Millard Finishing Braid 050
--- the I .
ceremony. .
-- out at Runnymede fur the pas Geo. F. Parker's / W. B. -
family .
: week hunting und fishing. The Miss Rosa Hurke;sister Mrs, Hinfon's Morgan Bss with Mia Ella I Oxford Ties 750 :
; to Harmon Steffee
family Bronson and Walter-C.; Base with Depatures o1rina lrom (?..
7. i897)
left Monday! night for I'hilade1 h t. $). -Miller who |iold_ Miss Geneva : I .
J.ThOO responsible .St..t. "
.J Allen
tT $ Capt. Mi. Sallic Bronson, were, the attendant Men's Plow Shoes 7Boys' _..-K:1.a.' 7T'1&' ,. -
po8iti6n in I the main telegraph of. ford and II. C. Stanford. ]
-Stive by at tin
1 trading
,I Ii money -- *. Invitations h.-_; lent oaTK.aov... _
lice nt M Suits I
N. -Jtucket btorc. Jacksonville spent day -Miss, Annie Griffin of Oxford, t. a' number of the friends of the .- 700, 'Solld Veatlbuled Train :. .

L Funeral Director heic on u visit to Mr. Miller'slamily. Ga. who has resided with her sister about of whom I' Ne. 711 DAILY for )ackao..IU..ad iiis.rm.dtate poInts'
i -O. '1' Kimbiill isecittery of the< couple, 300 were I Linen Collars oc i. cennasi
Embalmer R.unnyinedo' l'i nell /1'1'/ Oyinpan Mr*. Jim. M. Hughey for the present *to witness the ceremony Daily 1nga1eke ntIlq .tlll-ualD. foiNortheid paIaigetsaI' ;
and y
l _..: ; u :ao I'', in. Syatei: .Pullman JaaII-.III.O New York bT Pica
Just received at eake's. home after Boys' Hats : .
who came down to be present at Drug past year returned to her Immediately the.cer.mony.neteKant aocLadies' S7.tem and A. C. I..

I the inee)!infT of the stockholders of Store II fine line of Hawkes improved .' last week.- By her winning Wi_ marriage feast wa served

Keeps Metalic and WoodCaskets. the company' March/ 41 h has returned eye glasses call examine and pleasant smiles Miss Annie had 'in which all the guest participate Sleeved Vests. toe No. 81 DAILY for Sanford and Jack.osmvfll..comectiag with

Ladies' and Gents' l to and get prices endeared herself to all with whom and did ample justice to this featureof Datly train, on Plant byatem for' aU petals.This tral carried
ome Pliiladelphin.3Oybo Ladieai-Corsets! Pallmaa Port .
-f It ::110. p. m. tleepln can to 'ac"-W. aDd :
Uuriul Robes 250
i ?.*., feet Reasoned Boart -Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thorn he came in contact and there I.n.9.:9. is the occasion. Quite a numbe au.yUle to C..dnaatt via Piact S.Ko.ta-e and L.II

who Iruve- nJJ .LJ.t the town whowould .ofvalu.bleand useful presents wen :TowdiJL..p.r.J..Ji N. Jacksonville to N Y. A JacILtc..Ue. 10 at. Loala.
New Secolld Lumber for hale (j rah am', beeirrcsrd.irtrrBrNasbnavare .
and -IIRnd cheap at have been more generally giidfthyyooim couple, and pns- ltti. 380 W.iiais.A, .4 FsIJ..y. luFSaRtOidlUdIttls.L.--.---
'saw mill. upending some time at the : Men Dally except sund. mediate potnla. Couch bet.. imiwrnss aid ,8aoford.'
Furniture. Lake House until the cold weather:I missed than i i. Miss Annie. How. fuse were the good'wishes and congratulation Suspenders soc 9:1] a. t .

-- --. -Vcrjr little. interest I U beinjinanifeBJed is over up north, when they expect ever, we'feel safe in" predicting extended to them. sOUTH soilxn.ho. .
Atvo Agent for the Geooge! in the approaching Citi to leave for New York state, where that ere long she will return to the After cupper the dancing begun 250 .- aoc lt1 DAILY Y for L"elaado Port T; Taape sad all Inter.iaily .

r W. Clark Co., Manufacturer election so fur, although there arc they will reside "land of fllowers" and take up tier which wa kept up till the wee 24 Sheets Paper oxc mediate points, dalll .ice' Saaday for Bart_. Pasta .

of quite it tiVimber\ who are awaiting [permanent abode ma' hours, and the injunctions opoet 5oa.m.. .)

? --r t.Monuments the call to-il r% heir municipubti ThlrgainM every day at: -The Stockholden-of U.1 DlssJoa ; "On with the dance, let joy Best Parlor Uroom. 2C Jro. ail! Tuesday- Thursdays .Saturdays .for P-trt Tampa.-l'

,4 Headstonesand I and would ,w 44iitly| enter the pub the N. Y. Racket.A Land Company held their annual meetIng be nllCOn oed. No sleep 'till morn: Dally except Sunday Tamp, and Intermediate point; Conch' earned between. f
Pair Blankets '
lic Service. i : : a. m. Sanford and lUssImm -
Iron Fencing. In this City March There were when youth and beauty meet to< 49C 9:2$

-Dry ladies' very pleasant pdrty of the CoL lame chase the hour with flying feet," Pillow Solid Veetlbntod TraTn J
goods, notions-- present Forest Henry Dlssloa 3\ pound feather soc .
; of Kisstmmee
younger set society wa literally carried out. DAILY for artow, )4imt* Cords Lakeland Tampa, PorT
dress goods to suit everybody; lit C. W. Ward and 0.'T. Kimball, tb. remainder
H.M.PERDUEWatchmaker KIl z'/j. went out"to Mill Slue Saturday anc of the stock The Groom i I. a promi ent cattle! Crank Egg Beater 1 2c No. U.TlUllpe.nd i$ all Intermediate point Connects MOndayS ibeTiTbundays *- -
being; represented '
? spent a most delightful day picnic owner and one of the moat popular Dally with Punt Steamship LIsa for Key West and Ha.

and Jeweler. -It (i. reported that several ing. These occasions are becoming elected by'proldraTh.for"ensuelna* following;, officers were_ young'men the county, and i i. to Shoe Brush IocShoe a::23 p..In. .na.. and ".'7 Saturday with Plant. Steamship Lies for.Motbile.
; yean p.. G : I.!
young couples of RUsimmee will be fre'luent'lI'nd add much to the I be. .
congratulated on wlnning'aocbarmlng.
I W.tchea.nd Jewelry of at} kinds> repalredk ,- unitfcd for weal or woe in the near pleasures 01. life in and around KI. S. Graham I.. Vic Pre. lUary, Tmaa, a bride;... Miss Powers: Blacking,. ..- Ole ....
; .' Price Reaonb e.. ( future which' bad of the imR1oc.'A .. ._ : 11. F fteck. See,C. W. Ward. Aboard St. Cloud Sugar Belt. .. .. -
s a -- "
Office at Le.k.'. Drugstore.. -/ times that are coming oh stun.this slim: of directors wa also lected, Coi-James who i I. the eldest.daughter of G. A. FineLannciercdShirt: "v'-. 35C ::-.r .JCuaTH aouxn.r.-,.< \tr' Tfav' ._VT1I.50115.".!! :. -
c pleasant' consisting acted Power's 'most .respected and wor 4 __ j -
very party chairman .
KISSIMMEE. -',*. FLA. Forest a* oCth meeting. '**- '
,, me ; Marriage ep dem u: are al of Mr., J. W.-Moore- '..untof Time Okechob.land eomianrTaloheld thy citicen'of the county. ; .. :-- ( > '.A alVll.U..IMM.-.I. .

I ; way* followed by hard times cape. .r Mra, I I. M Willson Jr. Mr. R. a meeting and elected a Board| of director Mr. and Mrs. Millard drove into : No."99 pasr* dally except Sunday**-Oft.tH. |.*>dally except ..,..i4':114'No.

'. cittlly.. .tojthe contracting parties.' Coulter; and Mist .Coulter :'olGreensburg to erv* focjh* .n..et.*/,. Kissimmee Friday morning and //jljltb the abo.vewo'tr lot, -dally eatept Sunday gjt. | ass dally except Sunday...m. tH r-

.Miss Julia Leake. .-:-I. 'ajha.receiving i new goods I 1'. who came south to Do knowthat'ilart'a Essence'tilnger have takenup their" residence.in, : Tnwtti "" : ,,.
you the '. Shoos Satcllels For knformatlon.,ela>lT*to rate-, complete schedules. et ., writ call e
City. to
I: : wiI1tak.pupi1.n i. nearly every 'dayCall' und see me 1 attepd the Mardi Gras festivities has received tb* highest premium .: ". '. ." ,I Iir4 .___._ .:G.F. Park..AaealrK.tMI_ Fla--.or .on.< .
J. C. Leake.Thel sineeJwhicb they have been making wherever exhibited.-for qusllty, .dt -VAt1.Irc6mna> m thrvcnoru. -C. 3. Prwton.So ntrS niordrU.UG. .. -
INSTUMENTAL MUSIOat & races d wn' -TIe-Ptllirie-- a tour of Florida, pent Monday P and strength It relieves all bowel affections ot wishing them all the Jo .Uoted !, Mcns'IIats. .' HaycraJt Travellln l'au.At AgiU..Tamp Fla. r

.. her home. Terms: Reasonable._ I and Tuesday at Hotel Klsslmmee I tone the digestive organ and to weded bliss and long and happy H. C. McFaddia.y;N. loUT. '
---S .; Saturday were witnessed by quite. strengthen the system.Ask. for Hart's. ; lives of usefuloe'lv'l l Ladles' Trimmed Hate and I BrWW..IID.a. Mgtj. AatPaa A t '. DI..ACt
-; leaving yesterday'afternoon .
I -. -For Sale C. "
number p by J. Leak- '
a o"perllOn.Jd :: ?

: 1tfl.SEYMOUR. enjoyed by all present. -TJie'prm spor. their return' trip north. ;A: complete freIght 'Ctialn L 01 Parfcet Harsaparilla M the "King ol fW.1orl'' :and .many' ,other -avaooshUa.,1 -. .. .- :'. !svams.il.. -: Uti.. ----i: Tipes.. P11: . I .
Blood Pttri rs.V Compo* d of nluable, .
1 cipal race waa-that between Art Rose has succeeded in fourteen illuminated n -- '
; ktterxve jr-sxt-Xrfav'i -Car.t.. "' c.n. caHoots purifying and tonic herb and roots.. Aa Sledge Hammer U pln Notice! '
l3ronjonand Bob fohnson's horses Cuban I
I sugar plant and practical working engine'.amagnificent imnsquaairni in.d--for alt diseases th* ]
X1asIMMIxFlorida.. which was won by Uie'lutter. Two cr0,who wanted ""St. Cloud,In i lie scene of Niagra Falls Btood.JJvr, Stomach and Kidney. Ineluding. New Goods ol'd.' ,' NoHe*Is herabr rfvr* IbM st _'_iii s&-T .
t1, c Will practice anywn-ire aesired. bpec:. other scrub races were run after fine body of muck Jand at Southport by moonlight with real mist M Rheumatism Neuralgia'. Sets. ; no stock ,.JD'a bill will the beliitraduMd lairIIl.&are..f I*the the aut Hons( ?.terI4! K*D.rseeitadvp. *,. .

-D4ipl? claims.l attention-' given to the collection. o 1 whi h' the fun ceased. and they recently made-a visitto seen front a suspension bridge The tica,etc.' ,For Sal by J. C. Lak. can ancl-be convinced thai tht k*<>r*Slab ukln Iwo*,.foe lbs s fresh apwiUI wMer Mt,'r.r':2 JOHNSON. I

c( f .S .. ., "Ideal" vegetable fertilizer Souihpqrt!: to inspecOhe lands. flllght.of the Fast Mail which crosses Presidential Oatbof.Uflee. .streans IB Oxxol ountr, Florida bf sis>seeMB n' ..
art dovloe. or In itbee
,. only Ijo'. per ton ItJ. to be hoped that notwithstanding the at.are.t the rate- of aevnty The following is-'the oath 'taken I to pay cash means tasa ve hatsoerer orar tbM w lib book and any lisa, .MMtanee- ; -DLt.kIiJ-.& '

Administrator', : Notrce.Atl WATHK'S CAnsoN.GKO. Co. the rebuff they got in the St. mile an hour and realistic steam bMc1UnIeyonassumingtb.? du- / Veb.s. men.J.W.WATSOL.. "-., .- .- -

; Cloud purchasestheymyyetbe boat and Hone > Fresh. Florid* Beet Pork, My.k
race .xploeloa"OIItheMI.
peHons baHtiaOf tb*estsM tie oC the office of President of : ,
*- the
H. J 11_.. Oixw..d. I" of tbe eonolTf -D. S. Pfumer;aDd N.- T. > En induced to take hold here. We Relieve sislppl-are/ the most, no..1 ..
of O.Mt>U and mimi*O Florida are hurebjr nuLl among United State : ... : B. tonand TKISSIMMEE.
.' : I glested Masiucliuseits who have there Is no section of the Mate and H. ,Sta&brd. .W.I..MDZOB&C8.( Suae.. :
**d to. Dt tb..a"to m j t"'pe, altea&'j scenes mechanical effects shownin ''I'tIollOlem..J7 that I .Q. .
: Ui* Ue s pr.cribeJ the been on aMonths, outinpj 'down that offer the for swear wil'.
: i .
At rt : d Sal frersuns Ipd::_ tp advantage sugar Lincoln J. Carter'a scenicpro.duction. faithfully the office of President ;Vi.:i-4;; F''.
execute :
'* "
7r' 4.i.1i'-. .111 asake prompt settlement ortbsArimlnlslntoA'sam the river. 'r turnjd.to' Kissimntoe a planting that are offered by -the "' .)Fast Jf au 'which ; > ,- .
_JLL-a_ o1uA of the UnitdState. and will .. Ji.r'' :
n4Pth -- few-d.8-ago- / -- r ---- --, .
; ''iiiii7 They wviiVtttrUgh Klaatnt1Yit6Vafley. -
?,,' . to Fort Meyer and report that they ; appears do.Opera. ; to th* best of my ability, preserve. caU ot"t4.. ., Real'Estate.JUrokers. ,IAtuDyoInJ
had a'most delightful trip nxl enjoyed Judge W. Hocker by dignifiea protect and defend (the ConstItutionothUniteLStetas. $ Bid will IM .
,4 ). received br the .
!: 'ltl'L. W.PILLEY: D.. beatihg courteous treatmentofthosewho.ha.drdeaHngSj A dangerous'maUay ito .". County C1ca1ngnd.- -
.the sport along tbeCmost-fa-. should treated CommlaalOiMr at their next meeting to ; r, -rGi 'I .
'' ; .
4" ; '. ._ with promptly and ".,_1,.. Chills and '-_' -.1 r. r be held Uiircrt aoth 1097. as to _lock. *- ; R.p.lIiW& .
.JasnlJlU..J".40. and agenfaf .
? I moue hunting fishingroutein Fever 1Seatl ial J the P :
th.eoestltufioawssk. .
undermine' l <
> him. and the firmness and justnessof : W. : deaire u*to pubil.bthe m. to bolld. a brld(* overCame creek, gr :
.1. EAR TIDT) CHEST AND SIJRG.ERY.Ojitjcrti .:- FI en and debilitate the body, Fbrl-Cura Woven Wire Fence: Price luifurnished.on Jot. .
} -" dFour his decisions created a good 1mpreesioirat (Sweet CblU Tonic.with Iron) Is emcee following' extract from a letter aceordlnctaplan* and-speclflcatlon*. on : Ihav.bad .ral .

<** zeiai..jiii' thouatttid feet of- hickory .the last term of the court effective Jhan Quinine, and being combined of Chaa. M. Gutneld.. '-Reedley, ,n.'la ,J.l4..Lee'*office.J. wwATn.O.-r-. '_ application., ..' .ra' experieoc in this line and -

..-' Store- .-- lumber also a lot magnolia and amongst the lawyers'and officers of with Iron a* a Tonic and Blood Pa- Fresno Co.: Cat. a* be handle tW Chm. Cow Com, .' will guarantee;.tbrad". to aU I>

., cedar lumber for suta -frbargain the court. riSer.., is superior to aU other chill. mdies. .. remedy r' f.rred, to and':wantsxhii. aciaenlTnrn.ee. ." . ., 1 who wiU lies me a trial. c c

Sti : ., ..Residence. _;.Lake'_ House- ; __ at'i -Dq; Gri ham's jiw mill. ..-Best quality-seasoned lum- ..-xce.d1nglymslemIJ.No cure, no peyr-'-For-61. Try.-.,by abotti. customer to Jtn w'" '-what'. a splendidroedicinsltlat "" -J :For iLk I !; :: .t' rr "z.-' _' 'fr.I. .."town. at N, Taylor'.".tot* i. .
___ L- '' ;; -Y- '
: ':. c -WalteflMn4red and Elias her always on hand .t.'reasonablepriee..LrDrGraham'i ;J CrLeaka.fwy.' \, : .' : : At a bargain a good Florida raised po.ay ,;- Tus.d.7aiTbursdys., ',- ,. .. .... ; \
It i with
flsigs; : .% .. B. STEVENS :. R.os.nbuum,--of Atlintie City-New- saw miU. .1'J'oUe&b.u.1'\ ,!. t pleaaure/i taIiyofztKity and an.u.eIl..t.o..D.-baev. Fo*> ,DR }W.JW: ....LEAKE < ,SJR1GGJ'.LEMlNO.

't. ;C A-. Jersey, two yoiing I j metr'whoj ; cie clay. us-o1, ; Chamber "rtk lara tpply to. (. ,::. .. -.oJ, .

-p "*""' ::(Successor toHr/E.:: :BaIr4.) .' mating tour of the.\lIOrta bf'the Lincoln,). Carter will present "Tb Governor hail.iau 3 ;i lrcu- lain' Cough remedy I wa relievedo .,.:,' '.._ ,,_- J., M..BAILT.. ".* Offers his Professional Service* to- 0 -SiCltzd-.; .

State alter visiting Ocula Jacksonville his greAt scenic-'production..*4Tbe- lit letter to the *beriff,'of the state (..very *efer* cold.1-My bawd was -. ) .- .,. /, ,the,j citicen.fof .:Kiws.irnw mfi ,- .. ..1,.., ,It"

_ $rtAb.ol.eliPaI.r Oxide',"G.'.,':Administered'. with Nitrous / Tar pa>nd Orlando,. arrived Fast Mail,"- nt tbe-Opera House urging upon them that:?'necessity cobipletely .tppecl.p. andl..,could '. ) d:'(ii-L\ '. 1.. Jlo"_" '', ..., .. -. ". \'. _rr'a.TOefl; and vicinitv I .'. '. ___ ".. _, d ... ..

torthe* liere. and oni/fht./ This i i. one- of the most prcaerxwjt tba-gama an falling lip. not sleep at 0Ight.:., t ;*can .ThCrmend '. birsti *Irsn that ci lime cut ameS.,. iNFORMAYlON; -
7 Successfully pwt-elsht; years.r Eaturdaj are .penaingiweekat Sf LeetsimUl.of Ih..4ae aS W1ofl4. blU Riseasos of, Women :md Children
t ,' .,.=/ 'r-s,,,'' t'.iijjo. the Lake House putting in effective plays! ol.I It' *, kind- p.n';th. on them to use all ::nteaaa'in,' their tht.rm.dy.'Y-A; ; cold nearlyalwaysUrta .11I.IaI.et DHof, a "" '<<,. Specialties; "'' '::. : ; \,' '".' ;" "' '. 'H v '
t3otor ifees, askiss Irns '
'' '; ,." P : their time fishing. They vrl\\\\ leave IJ'adThey\ carry .a special car4vith'tl'eir power to protect tba" gam*,'and to in, th* bead and after- ears ressave nt ilia ap.sit.&ooaI_ 'of lbs of ._ci .' .''' Aw.o.u *' < lOflsce l-"' ,;\' > t.1 1roft ,: jH ;' .i -

-ct'; 'P.In. 1 Friday for 'a trip down the Eo t own scenery, and the 'see that the law on this subject are wardV'extend,'. *: tovntbe throat and u..aq"r1' ,.' '---'," .- ',. .. ,. afLeak"'A-rk ruewto.1 ,4= T- T"-- 5 Ji ')

'UURNALtZL.Q1C,2range, A.nu.. Coast before returning home stage e.ffcnl f aid th bemanralous.. .: trictly'jenlorce> d.r.< Osceola.county I|,.By naing thif remedy freely "' _. 1t15P7... ',1, .rl,..c'"w.w."'n.._ : BUYING PUBlllC.Inggoodt .?
to At4lantlc "
To thcxi1nimed .
'," f' 1r'ort Mr. Carter lias- *with People t; Llft-t .. ..
-43 & CIty. traveled 'this Jefng one)of the..best > countie iq 'a soon' as the ".cold Bas < been contracted A''' .... ", -- _

.i_._'r".J'-' .r: /- -_. ._.- play lor several. seasons and: has the {State for::bunting and ,fishing it will care-the cold at once \Attacbment'Notice( fi. :.ird:f, f', <: < know tlt rire'n i -

.,... ': '.'r.'tIn".ID.LIJ.LI .- -L. D. Graham the saw, mill made great hlt." with it wherever the; circular letter refered, to. aboveI and prevent it'; fv.rn.ez: tiding. toga ,..nft.ow1. 1' ""Ji ; ) '. -.' .-.T. ,<7.,., c'' ',- "f1 l" -:,..".: I recoavIngNwG d.? _
C. ., ,
_ -- "I. ." man; nlw keep. on hand amount 1 h* has been. O.useI.A 0.5.5cc. I .......' '
I ..'. ys spy I I. especially applicable to t $eoatt'l. Ita. .>. ,M',', m ; Oscoola County j 'r "'.r
\ c .. fau.e co.n L.etc4* .
of +OseeMaOMmtr: . on know.tTtpw selk
finejumler und .
: u
18- ,
prepared ] C.1 and /
ttbe8herilfItit 1'&oIrI4" "
*. .' Senator Is i.now ::ipaing ty not.only ,i-*The teelo aid Nutritive effect of' .' .': n" I '1; 1'
rit Hy.popbosphltes :old LI"l
: sal at. the
_ .. '1- to fill orders.on short notice. mil law .bidl cftiaeni/who: deiire 'I '.w.Co'I'RO'ft'I ; .b H, -t'I.- '. ptoa cheaper -:
Leave'youf 'these moAtitfght(. night down of sod* rind Urn In the. *_ sad all sibse pOises. ,hsigr.ss.4 '' all
P. OA ffi.c .. .orders at : Waters i the county to.maintafn her ,will b* rradlly observed aftr ':_ 604 tut writ Shop, prepared to do man]
_ .tw. behind the boose attempting :r petaion. I*** 'using "L.-- *( ulmehmtmftMte0 now.that'
.: and. "Carson.:Grocery-Company'* K4o .. the belt'placein Florida to a few bottle of Hart'.EmulsIon ail Cod, a. _ssM(0rt) uO -.S r .:ner of,Wagon work; r t ,BUck.T returned
fIo''" 'Jl rr uutogtn'7f.II.tb.> latest master the Jntri acies of staying ,our p.opeaj, hwllaMU>PI-e( iron} New.York. wh'er1J .
.wlth. amitklog in iU it braocbe -
S"tOI'O Liver Uil IIypopbotpblte O.r : I
bunt.1. citiaen iBMftnnllM rtssn
_ : .. S top of* new wheel.that, he hajaTpurehussa. The" ibould ruoite eminent Volta,. ii&bsi. MwrTiuilwii bought aIarge .tock Ichea1ir-
lW41' )atjrleat t' Razors alwiy .abarpand Boost physicians rcotnmnd It. < > jam shall sussr : Repairing; ai. Repainting laT ;: ;
'; verytbin'o; lathe tonsorlal line will M:1' way'ot' Conducting 'the .' But the.wheelgets on with the .(barifT and'/other'officer* Ask forHartl Emulsion.ForT. ., by k.h,,sate Owrt e*>tie attk day*4 ap,4i 1. U !. | than -ever?. '" ,.' .; .
IM7 Ui*same helnar a rat Aft nt said Court Style f ant -an ;axpericnced i I
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I' \ .- ,. ,- :" yet bridlewUei'\ matter! Cash;.tIC.taI. ... aI.rn J2'I.. .eur prep.rtr .1 'sep said Utg1.s and. Wagons mad. flats; DryrGoocU,r.Clothfntf -AcJ _
test needn't tba.me .f tbclr observation _, .DamS CaeSiss A. 1rn1.
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d la thia'connect 'Bleetrie 'cW' -
ske'my: word for.lt; but give me* a Ipng-vra'y\ and lIo'dou the-Senator aft IOQ-V we rise tonqulr __ 1r" ._ \ .
; ,
;" 1\' a promlIentchaDt what' become t'.tidne- ; ." .:t.-\:1>';! had:ab years sxp. Tiace4 Uutt-w swherettiM4
C? of Lire Oak}' Sutler Co., I riaTand if;iyotl fint, : satisfied"you will i triumph iatHhe end. bu: of the Electric,vBiter :; (It ,', \.i" '(" 'iI?,; 'h : rleocej'enable* in..to guarantee '
.. i 'C.l.waatak.nwitb cngetyourmoney b4Ck. k C. make.a shiningligUt, in the .wb.e2. I Osc.ohaOat.e" Frotective A.seociatlon suited for any aeasonibuk"; perhaps < : I -you laoney t" to, giva you>*at
a I .. ..
very heavyv I sk-4,1 $ -. :!which%wi ; eral .needed LkE HousE",\:,daU wo4.dosic. *t'my sliop..Li.flwd -
_ H ; c cold.' The paint In. hi..chest wareitthsLt&ha&jvI'ars'tid .. men,* brigade.: -. ..r.i'th..lak.s.ant: -' ortaoixed .nodes more + 1bm'"l : ,- .take*'In"ezchangefoi' fctlon{ to giivtet.evervthliii
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"' II : : 'ff .'it'f.'j"'f04- ; i1'r.Li g 1i": ; ,:such I.r.o..bltCODdUioDa! few Iangmd..z'am4.d feeling'vail*; ;.j. ..., ; ;! '-' ".. work'l.eouDtr;produce' of-all ,as.rept.nteL-: -

.1 17 'was reateaod'':.with pneumonia> succeeded olt.'-Do'. JJtJtfer. as'T m 1J. streams around K.sslmlne{ -'toDtnues { m-th..p"SlJllafl orglaiaatlonszIst when tIM'liTet ia:\.torpid and$nlug- host coiP'talesdy a. .ini seI.rabtehcts1propsvtyJQ >. ... kioda. price aiaJo
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., and,,fiouriaa InVotber: .place glob and the ntwd. of a onitTind alerativa tit\'., K.I ;; '. ,' -' i
__;.1IU father"gave/him several. largfadoaea pr of Hotel Kiavltnme/accornjpaited 'good;'*nd ; ) ''numbers' I '-a tim. .. ,
v *rg. ; of and are Important factonl.t1q'tM..ed'.LIJ'bere pvotpc ia ... >A prompt'"use of .W'.ej..e Good bcild. ,'. '. if. l _---il -
:"'of;:; Cunirii'Rcmdy L. ., utleri remains: ( jf." mS '."all
.- oug Mt ag far as trout and ipeckted perch .W'|. aught b *allbet.1 blsmedlcin tea often a vert.41ong .- -tG simmegtsiyeqeipps.-; *',. \ pt' .' ;
;. : fi' wblta* broke, tb. eoogh'VW WashingtonDCvOn; his aken'from. airs.dy ; 'z'.
; np Vretupn the waters daily, J5om petrernas ..J''. $3Er* wort'ramr ,
I and bilioo, ,
fatal NoDaedtcins : ,
:.Pn4-cured ; f2: perhaps .'. lot .. .liln'L' iw4i K
;*M'."McFarland ha) was taken ill and.whets .il fe, ',jr '
wriously m u.b4lJ1cr.'be--.I: for'' pr.vantinj'more.fiah.'iMng .<, 4t r ..;, .. JJ".y"I' ):will%act n &\.'.I.1.fn) _,. ': 4--.-.II.-r (I " ;r: ;> :7r wbe"Yer' hr. cblidrsi. Jte1" he arrlttdhere'SrIdjnLgt4. wAs \ \ ''caught < ;; ; -, ,. ...- ,
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'A"CI' ,. &- ; rratrona! and continued ", I -#.. .O,:;fAK': 4."I''l '..,| -h-i .- : kctlnir n4 :freoingtJissys.. BOUttHT AT> MRQAtN.t 5 M.7Bai: !e' ; _( -r.r : li __
f ; -fv w. bs 1adhsl Cm.e.i.:2
.so tff' everal > 't thartean,e 'p.ea : the: __
\1' sooo. w. ; % .
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.' em-* from '. a>;alarial 41 pol.. ; 1 j ; \ r..' ; 1 ___
j' Ta.nber -lan..b1\.bun I daysWo are glad 14 announce teW' wlIl .Tb S ___
>ydepleted.. re :is ) th* fe. jre's.: _I__
jil \ I H.4sehIU4IatIO.LCon.IIPS'tIM ersrtlcylrniyl7w? ?!. .-. i.; CODaecj.M04wit __
It. ". *. 1 that: his'j condition. i* greatly' im- ft1al&a to believe that rnani ;,.._' **+ ) arn Electdcite 'i c ." 'w., ".J'-,\.{. l : ? .\sifr
,, II 1 j Pimlna yield to = ..oI '.town u.n.;.
otlwr.stiop :
1 .g.;'.Jt the ; beat conghi;reroedy .Inth provedpow and his hyaIcIa s l9p1I enorcfflslii are ca'ugbt than tba popu. .L ;-" .?I o a -' ::k..
("" -> .wket<.;,pI l f'W; J..84."r I t.tJ. U out lk-m slio Latin i ofhi town .. M..u4\ ". oc-nd 0 .ao'peebot1s\ ,ltW.t ...-,;''N'''. .N'\";'' ..,-.t-. ""." I I.make.I .1 Mica* In salt the Ilqsae
:;c 'ft, RMH_. W I. t .. l;Y'.S.ikii& 'IIitfJ: '1/, /' -I-
r""f' '
/ P 4i1'
.t' : .f'.It.. '' ; iJ
., J
,," } 'or" \:" : in.. .c"I' .r- .4 :- rr. Li' \ .
4 'I1 'I ." .'11i ., A.' '" r.r ': l. i1ll.\vf- j 4 \\' fJ\1t .
L'-'w' !
"i.L.rc" ; .. r (
,, : i {i :
.J .r.w, 'fYi.it ,.,. ) a ? .. 'r14.- ., ; ,
...m' .t-.tI. .. r. r. ..c' .r.v. ''" .g"r.; ""t..r" ,1'' F-JI 'I '- f. : 4..
;:" .p, ''Pi, ,Ip ; dt,1 .ltr.l.. t., tl .I ,. .,. ; if lJ'.1''' ." ." 1jJ' ./':1 ''n. fl1i\.c J\\".".' ." ..--f" ; .-ijrf.,t '' I'j Mb : ,' '
fiJ -
f1-r. 1
p: 2 iJ ,., 'rf f 'It t < a o r "'1" >':' .J 4' :J ,J"11"1 ., .\ \1'':;: ui'" ; : I
; : : I'f ." ... 4 i : !-. t .. ct .1i ", > '- > f" y ,i
I ,
:-1:1-7 iJJj f.II. 4' i..f'I f>" .yt .t fr \ '' ... 1(1' ( "ii. : 1I'"i'. "' Ji t ., I 4 W ,
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t '' ,. ? Ii'o": '' ri IJ; .ti t.ii ; j jf Iii\. .
<,:\. .\ ;ti. ?t' r.gJ"j' :r..fi 11', l, I:1 l a, YJI ?;} l/jl 't;' .

;..h, ': ..,il! r. f .J'jh.tt: 'tt. ,,rII" zJ r \ dStif t; ,.

< .J ,,- : T. I. .>r., ...\' ', ..\; .. -', '

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.,-- "

-- :, -:'laJ'WiW. IP-l4B") ...:,'. ,

ri.v.' "'f.e'ic ''fnOH'Q| ,: :)

l' J A:' VcARVlN'ApVANaK.ViSl';" ''i

..6- ,, iNoWifcTrtsitiiii' .\/'TOrr "

'' ',oL' rsOBScFUBfg .,
.l. .
VALLEY. ._;. : = "A ill 'j. > .. ",,. ,.\ Ii, JL I
... .... ,. Jrv -- fir
I "''''- : '' 'l/l 1
: -
_: : .. ', ..,_. .., .. v* '-> *.*

.. .
I -, .' '. KISS'}' uIIEE'Crl1't., 'OSCEOLA 4IJNTYLOItIDAWEDNESDAYliA1tCli,1Oi897 .., !

t. YOLUIE] .III.. "- ., .. .' .. ,. .d 4-j- '' ... NU3LBER
I ro' __________________ ._ _ '
"'" 1 ;- 1 ---0-- J.
-. -r-1" ; :
: p. -' KlSSIMMEJtVAfL'EY done 71 tlmt'would tendtp renew,4oe'tioJaU ( JCXTRA, 8JSSI N'' the- supreme : ::9&cUl.L.loiJRTv. /: CB1BMr CUWIt :
..i"I THE i ,
'. r- :
m between NOrlti and South Fr dent McKinley' States;_ Th .----- ,conUoa-4 tng mft L- :::. ,- SbaraisSanadar.ndtis.Jemima .: WB: 8:0JllK1JSDJ$ l $ )\

1; :: : llarrlritnd.'W.fl.ILarri" but oh jtheHeontrar-jf, use .Ltznnsiii'tl 1! 9cJ. i tlon was issued ; laiTf week by :The circuit court of-the '7th Ju. Nettlei were' married las ,\

/.2 : : t ']'re.ideflt9Owertqilflit;: { *}. : rke.jndt.rJast diclal ,circuit adjourned :'sine di.Saurdsysftei Sunday the 'boms* of the bride .. GJJt' .
t. Tttblishers and.Prbpnetori.- : ." r l.tht > -t "" i'i- .--- J "sei" -..-. .""' .. .. c.. h -S-- ,. "
; haying-bdlo tather.on :
\ the .LI"f \ .
Vnade' ,
l'gte/lt'l'uiifon an
':j.-i .\. ,under.pne flnas. the new secretary 'of --sinceMonday... The proceedings BU.crTe'.pJe'ol' Bull 'creek, and ./ f l'' .::
itcred *tl. > po.toffice.JIS a K... ''m" American people I. to be co'mi Sherman' .It read ..' : AgneW to'the up to Wednesday appeared In ; consolidate in .' f '

: .Mcoml-cUu. null matter mende'd and should be. kept, up by Ay'the President' of bail beenl) sen last weeks paper befimngiWed. a general uPCto 'convenient '

,i. an political parties.. He seems con State of Amcrroaji; .- nesdsy the cases were' disposed' of"' place on the1st;day of. may. It Wholesale! -' .and. .-: Retail :

2 Subscription. Hate*: fident In being able to bring aboutto ; : attorney re. as follows;. looks like the.Base here : ,
. .ti.oo ,proclamation{ 1WJbereari"nblic Davidson- admit Bal club J "
..O .copy.one7ear atiei. was could get match d. : ._
considerable game
. [ a extent the prosperity the tb.t 1 "! .
'., On copy, six' raontKs! 5On ) intere ted to Citizenship the ''United whlchr '.
copy three months.. . ,' .-2 S which the republicans so lavishly State chang States. wou1agreatl ,nb.nc : EJJ'- r
that' the congress ,of ? v pleasure and enjoyment of the oc- :
subscrlptlous parable In advance. prom.ieed. If -he *-Joea-tba. States should be con van from The State vs A. E. Drought embezzlement casion. /. 'r

.:, '" ,. -. ----- democrat will be glad Aod rrpyb- session nt I*_o'clock on ry. to _the Co a nolle proaequi" "' was Some of the people In Jhis settlement jI,Y, ... I !! :ZQ! !!, Y9cer '; _. $L ,
-N".. S.s.AEE lie wiLt be insuredSorseverat .. In con entered by the Stite.ttesP are planting command .some. ; : ,;
supremacy of Iviarch& i897to. ; :1I3iii Larceny of have ClraJn, Fertfljzeispol.tinaoods :' )r (
t EDITOB.HowrJoHN campaigns and no nrneri- order Judge .: : ,. penned'their Cattle! ,: -- : '
communication as may an animal, was trkdliy jury and'a' Wl1i1dantherator "
; "
.bJr I '
---. ---"-- A. cart unless it be'a pop'afist will reject the executive ; made-.n-prder verdict of hot guilty- returned.. in .this neighborhood soon. .1eA CrafcTMn. terlar Ammtnitloii, ;-L.' .1": ;
HRNI>KHSON, the Ohio ,
prosperity because i it came by Now,.thereforeI, to State vs Henry Giles,Manslaughter INDEPENDENT. Grits "

Florlda'a.new Iy apnointedJUriitedL the Republican rout. of. Ohio. was tried by jury. Jury failedto Sa1 Garden-Scecds ;' s..
Kinle president How to Care Jtlio.matis.ARAGO -,. .-
: '. States Senator believes in the free arrived agree on a verdic. and the court : -
- States of America do Coos Co..- -' ..
ordered on in which the OMKOOM -
of both gold and MW. .
coinage Vpf
lie claim and _d and tariff for revenue only. -
a dllt n'rh"rstIlY previously Jna-M.. Bryan killing yoU of .
cn'rniiFaTii exp r no dinary occasion *
lflikclyloiirid fTiiri'clf! in'a hoP- that he would animals. The 4efendan't ''plead lain's Pain Balm has done my wit* : Obelisk : Flour
has but of the United
and Florida now
both these She has been troubled with alard's
less -
minority 'on questions '. him whenever guilty and was sentenced to pay a -
one United Stat e8enator,Senator vene in extra session fine of dollar and : matism of the andbands for ,
when he gets Washington. ,, He 'had one costs. .r. AND .
_. The-luw that the in of \ six. months and has \;
-- -- H co. provides I IIP city State v, Milledge Tanner and tied many remedies -- '

All the trappings of Onc'oln, thefamou.'S Legislature[ ( chosen next preceedJng fifteenth day of March, bond In the Henry PattinV la'rceny of an animal prescribed Tor cmplint. Baking PowderS : ALWAYS '. ,

4 minole chiet. are in the I Ihe; expiration of the term for which o'clock noon, of which the appeal.. .tried by jury and' found not but found I'.in.no rehe RELIABLE. .,.
of being par- guilty. this ; ong bottle of .
= ..8enl1lo.l'yttLde t flh@J-O .onulbQ who J&U..aLihat time Blm .
uuiuiessiuii'uT Drrlf wiHtt> Wed cured feerr- .
'- '-
t tit i ion has been State vs George Tlsen and RQbt.EV. whkbupleet I :: ;
den, of Eufaln-Alj., Dr. \Vcedeiii second Tuesday after the ot aniza- to act as members .I recqinjnendjng it :
: was ple.s"re -W
by hi* attor T'1.rcenfnnim.I. an' for .Fnii'tffi
i i. a grandson of Colonel Jaxper I inn thereof proceed to elect Sen-_ by required to take and tried.by not for* Yours truly 'CA "nr1 ting Veg-t M *, :

who c.ptured Oseola and had atwr. : Tjie1 Floida ]legislature will Gjvrn under my / .pre. guilty rendered.TheGrnnd .- .'n"uLLo D. 50 cent .n4"o Hides FuMjJUeeswax t and 'a11 Country .Produce, "** ,
As made the following bottles lor sale by W. J. Sears.Celery r
charge of him during his last days. meet on April (>th, and cannot ballot Kcal of the United States Jury which
will ,
and buy handle
in prison presentments.Millege -Tanner we outright, or -
until the 20th. If no extra session ington the sixth day of -
,. The outfit is said to .be.very complete his sentence and Partin Larceny of an cUltl 0 '

_.1 ,-.nd to include almost_eyc'rytRing :-: of Congress sli'all be called, a the year of our Lord'one/ forwarded, Henry Bill. The cehsry business in this sec- on_ Commission. Give uai "._ ..'

v : ttmt ti rminrnt savnge would Rtn.\ will probably not be op- eight hundred and nr.. to district at by Lwi. Johns, DI.tilng Liquor ion, and this year those has engaged been very in successful its culture -- ) *. trial. t5"5. '5*

,, reejuire 011"the warpath. or in the pointed. Snould an extra session and of (he license, Bi. -
for his indorse ,.say that they can now grow a -
r be called, Governor Hlo'xlmm is United States the one State vs J. C. Dta. Larceny or
chase. 1 .._ I ment of Tudge an a nolle prosequl was en- crop any year beyond per adven- "we sell for Cash and have no bad \\ 1
.L likely to consider the subject ot apointmcnt. t went y-fi rat the tur. This I is one of the most prof-

\ SENATOR CAI.I.'H tefiii as unitad( > .. The statement( is, how WILLIAM of two en state .t.te.John Farless, crime crops tlt. can- be cultivated --
Y States 'Senator- expired atoufi I IM.rch ever, current that no, aspirantfor By tire- President : with a favorite' tgainst nalurajf v a True Di was. here, and agriculturist are to be Accounts. i ,: ,

4th, and as there is no pro. : t the position vi1lbe appointed for JOHN SHERMAN, it-will not be found and ffSe continued. congratulated on the success of cx- -

vision to appoint his successor until I lieTr)1crrcjjiiU"m.MKIMKY'St'ABKNhTCOMI'LETKD. [ State. All'case* not otherwise disposedofwuro >eriment* .that hay. been made during.the Come buy for Cab where you con gave ;--' '

The' the Judge continued for the term P" .year..hich now enables MoneyS
the session is wPH organized, it limiting clause them to cultureto S
; (
.5.- will be sometime toward, llif middle -r the action of the extra hud recom, Court adjourned. a certainty. redice Q, celery. Now is the time to make your .

of April before a Senator is The forinnl announcement of Jthecompletion "such communication be granted has about eleven acres and Marin *
petition i has : FrrMutnipnt O the Grand Jury. Larsen L two or three acres of as fine' FEIT.I J I ., '
k elected. This would have left us .of the new cabinet hueeii made by the" executive, CLEEL| 7T

only.one Senator from March 41)1) > made, us follows : the-poBStbiirty"l .that' the an'offl- Kissimmee?, Mch. 5', iS V.Tothe celery a can be grown anywhere.They need 5 --
l-1n. Hockey are begining to ship ..theirroJuct You wi : : :
r until another is elected. ) by tire leg- Secretary.of ,State-:John Sheriiiiii may limit the objects of _) Judge of Wllllm''A Judiclli Circuit. > this week end will be able ---5- 5. -

'islstors.bul the (J'vfrnor, linsseen lit \ of Ohio.Secretary session to the passage of ; : ;0 AS UTru. of the State of : continue throughout the( spring.In .Citron, Orange, or Lemon Teal Currants ," -- -- --

hJ appoint. a Senator till out the of the Treasury-Ly. : ted appropriation ( () fiLE. We, the Grand Jury/ all other places the season is over Raisins Figs Dates Vv
,interim. In view of the fact that nan ]T. iage. of Illinois. 'clause in McKinley' in and for.I. I the body of Osccolni and Florida has control of the celery Almonds, Walnut,

the President )Inis ulled an extra session Secretary \Vnr-Ru8sell A. drebs was, "to stop i .about In county State of Florida Spring market this season, whichinsures Spices Etc.. 1.
I term A. D. a price for the celery Extrt
of to ot th restoration of that iro. or on the 1897having compJCtd fancy al
important tiger Michigan :
congrcin puss our labors, beg leave to that can grown Florida.There To get these nice and fresh go to : : : -
t legislation before Mr. Call!: successor Secretary of the Navy 'John. 115. agaiif, wl5Ti5h hffs always Eastern crisis your Honor this, our .general, prssentmen.t. will be avsjonsidrrable num- .

;; is elected, it i is our opinion Long, of Massachusetts. firmest prop ol the ( of a war be .. :>er who will plant larger"'areas in W. B. MafcinsonCompany.Tiegh

p that Florida ought to lie. reprcxen- I Secretary of the Interior-Corneius President Cleveland, which \Ve hv carefully examined into celery next year now that itscul- .

._ Jed,Jit this session of congress with I \ N. Bliss, of New York. called an extra session !J'owers of all the cases presented to US, or ure here has ben reduced to a cer- ,
!:a her full quota of representatives Secretary of Agriculture' .-James peal ing, och of the, practically Sherman of the For. and that found have come true bills to our where knowl in.dge.our ainty.'At: h'q( ood d '"i ; -:

and that it was a wise act for I the \ViUon, of Iowa. ,sion Jo that One object. throughout judgment. the evidence justified it. recommend this season taking ot Cod the Lye year, Oil physicians to., q} Arriving Ii} Daf

., Governor to appoint u Seu.itor'ti44r un- Attorney General-Joseph H.. day Sunday -While the Grand Jury believes Conoumpton. Bronchitis and all wmsllhg n .
: Call's place can be sup McKenna, of California.. KNACTIS6 TflK \ with Con hat; the illicit distilling and the unlawful laity fill Is, to many, e '

...." Postmaster General_James A. capitals l selling of spirituous liquor. xlrem'lr' naiucatlnr M t produce theunitelrabls FRESH GADEN .SEEDS -.. &
plied. _._ Gory) of Maryland A special dispatch to this ire being carried on In this county, Morrhuvln" effect of a purntlr only. Caull-Flower and Dormudn.Onlon'Se .
.. (Wine of Cod Liver Oil) Is Celer d a
'A. llRNnKRKoNof York-Times. from it is impossible In -Instancesfor not .
C: HON. JOHN unariimous in many a Synthetical Compund. but Is octu --' '
SncifmtloiiH KmtpraU. dated March" this Grand Jury to obtain sufficient ally extracted quality ofPur :: Specialty. :
l the 4th says : tn.t : : 1
was, appointed >
y Greek .
There ought to be a very clear reply evidence to secure an indictment Norwel ian Cod LI.er thereby
Governor Saturday to (fill out the Representative ( ) representing; all its virtues,
of the Powers -
between would
understanding undertakers ,and we. suggest that the of "
interval between the expiration of anc ...Ji iating ministers aa to the has introduced a bill to ) to abide the revenue officer of.this di.tlc wit Po._.a'pophophlt It Is exceed.nTrly : -'

Senator Call's' term'In_ the Unite conduct Ji funeral!.service. Often Ten Commandment the tone of thai yp instructed to look into 'matiter ) pleasant and palatable, and ,;" ::'. '
c States Sate, andthe election oft EaClTcomrnandmenr.il h't. L. ,' and, if necessary', to employ. ,arTdtrtectly table to the most delIcate stomach.&ep Rolljns cii l'l" ,.i i''
each make from and .
party hi. own arrangements < a you will conTlncedof Us e. ;
: -t his successor by the next session off with the bill, and:the the French to slop* thja" unlawful. elI,. fnd b e.g{ ,"j ,< ,: .
hardly an: attempt to ux. u.rllY.prpre. ;
trade ,,
the legisIature/iiM11. Ilendersoiijs, enactment is recited a. : Lah.; 1 .,.., :
., consult the other"lIod'co quent Affairs has It h...been brought to the notice bueklen's \ ,
-. an able lq wyer and eloquertt speaker friction inevitable. It. is supposedthat Whereas",' The men pacific, a solu of the Grand Jury that in manycases Arises fialy.- "WINTER PARK. FLiA.1 0
known ent generation have The Best Salve in the world for
r and is Well as formerlyone ministers and funeral directors on the basis the returns of the personal .r -.
*-* ef:,.the democratic leaders of fer, and property as handed in by the owners Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt I ;
are noftmiy gentlmen, but men of ., Rheum, Fever SoreurTetter, DURING thi bummer Jhave
the state. There is no doubt that Whereas, They hays ben entirely' tO low, especially Cb.p past extensive Improvements' 'been
? good and interestedIn of ped Hands, Chilblain made the .
sense, equally to cattle returns' upon buildings.and additions are being planned to accommo'
: the state' interest will be safe in having the service. and all. the from the religion of the ; it t lily no and as the taxes of the" county alt Skin Eruptions, end positively' date tbe new lines of workInstitute4Students' ot botlHce*-..-. .
J his hands at tlie extra session ofCongress "Whereas They no should be borne cure Piles, or no pay required; It eel-red in the various departments-Collegiate. '
arrangement. leading up to them, Greece pro proportionally ,we, Ac.demJc/Preparatory, (, .r'
p to be held March 15tl1.. pass oft smoothly and to the satisfaction in, the fear of God ; and Servia and the Grand Jury, do earnestly I.' guaranteedito, give perfect satis- Sub-Prerv ratorr, Music and Art. .'The faculty I is made up of: professors t ,

"- JfI97. "Whereas, Having ., quest) that the county assessor look faction or money refunded. Prices of the highest grade Specialists in their department's.The; locatloarttr' 1 .,
_ of those immediately con- her,. as tfiey ;
punishmentbeyond the into all tax returns and take proper cents per box.' For Sale by W. of the institution speaks for Itself?--Sickl1esal. almost unknown. 'Tbe; icf I

INAUGURAL Af.RB S cerned. Misunderstandings are violate the concessions steps to have them adjusted, J F. Sears, equipment for work i ia the best... With Careful and accomplished Eeach;.!.\U.'t-.,, .

I A There- nothing remarkable frequent but generally quite ,need wantonly ko a peaceful 1st. We find) plain examination A Hare fbas.ee for Teach Trees. sr,.the-use of a fine libtury, reading room and modern gymnasium, stu,;.-<

L 'j about* the'inaugural address of Pres"ident less. A few'years .go.the president the world from Mount ; from Greece- of .record* proceedings( of county I have now at W."B. M.ldn8a'. dents are assured a happy, healthful and profitable sojourn latiRollins' -,11 '.
; "\y meno" the author .'. commissioners, 405, that thereis The institution i la entirely non-sectarian, and under libeial inanaa.XI"mentaim
of convention of "Funeral The store of the finest Peach '
1 mostly a reiteration pag
McKinley. .
olution says "live in a "hrt'gll of We ia Treesever 0.0 offered in this, State to.fit yoUng men and women to take lhfllr'pIaceSJDt'be: : oSr"
Directora') in that the ,
of the Republican plat- a neighboring state elal as welt. business world. 'Great I
L J but men must be curbed, that the countycommissioners budded from the calebraUd-. C.N' wilt! be ,taken 4 1togive1o: 1
r 4' form of principles and lie position requested the. editor to prepareaset I capitulate- 'to proceed ..t once to Cloud and on natural each student the training needed for the apeel.10eld laboitobeen.
provisions to orch.rd
taken,by the republicans during the of suggestions which he desired only apply t *t pressure is collect said amount front the,county seid. J. I. LEWIS i tered upon aa a life work. In every caM the aim U to'niaki.; ,reriabsdy.pent *T,5K"r; n' '
:,1 j Then follows this list In the '
.campaign whith elected him._ It to offer for 'adoption. We took. I .t hem, and Bond Trustees.' College Pjacticai use to the-students. by, fitting'lbe :' 't.,
ment.- We $ a for some useful field of labor in which .
findupon _, M gained.
I ,
tmetq.consuj? !a.good. .w and alln.tqq may S
thoughtful addres m..ny1I !
L ," .was wellprcpired For "'havinJf"An-Y)U ; I of : Touity corn Aug.: J. Bogel, the le.dlnKdrg:5I rmnte "er'bAft lrllffyezteptr .ft t1futi ni' ;:-1'.1 "
t *, setting forth the doctrine ol 1 who had made a study of the matter 000. S ... coercion of page 465, is a. gist of Shrevepr. Each Student is assigned a separate room, without extra s. ger.. '' '

c- -'-" :th. republican ptjrty by a man -of and then condensed a variety of experiences "worshipping tt the integrity it $100.70 against C. .hort.g King's Discovery, -i* the only' For tcrmacatal gueteto,., applyto, ". ------Jr"---, .. : :

;'i. ordinary,sound judgment and doe* into practical shape, Powers I sup Sheriff We in.trct''the county thing that cura my cough, and i .
A* ; ;;_- not' tSmp it* author a* a man of which njny be useful to-'others. age t tloooand' on'e dis commissioners t prce at once is the-beat seller .Jhave.". f. .-.., Rov.- -GEO.- M. WARD; Winter PftriPI' ; r1- ,

The penitentiary. that to make I a C.mpbel, metb.ntor':: Sattord, I -
\any extraordinary ability or powers. following resolutions or For the per. : h ;;*<*?
: taking 'We found upon-examination of Ara.a w..lt.t KIDI". New OES: ; -
:-The: epaech i*. not marked by any "suggestions' for funerals". were Lord,fa vain" $500. exercised records -proceedinjjs "of couqty 1 Oiscov-jry i all that i. for S WlDIr list-\;.e'hl') Itn'educato.' who-pcrsonallr will tettlfj forl.tha ;-

i 'bdUient flights of oratory .nor any adopted ; 'For "not keeping ft the "Powers commIssions../pape 339. May ati, i it t it never tan..nd I .a sure cure work done at Rollins and fot Mr;5W&ed'..ability to conduct tb* 'Institution puts .

."-I" great- profoundness of reasoning I. That funerals ordinarily be \: 1895 the following minutes to. wit i ',; Cn.umptlon. Coughs and th. standing of the College beyoed question s ", .'.-:;'da." ,,. 7.
day"oo. _. Wm. Tuck.rD.D., .
office of tai been ( its 'rasldentot Dsrtmoufl, S .
conducted at the hojnes:ot th. de addressed the countyJudge say \ ; ;"
i but Is !simply clear Disposition by C .. ;
For refusing to"honor in bad order by the retiring of., merits.. ,Dr. 'enog-o' "- u. Thwll1C D. D., Pr Weatera R..ry. Uatnral&yi ,*v, n
7; Be the ceased. .Po 1e was let 'Cynae'forthDp,; LL D'I President Uht.eralcy 0' S
"of.the policies to pursued .Innesota. ,
e and tby mother,, $ and that the is' for and i. .i.o' : "
i should .fce not yet cry -constimptian. Co\ab. Elfbert, C. Smytb, no ft. President of Aodovo-rTheoloeteal Stmlna ." I, .
That '
., r '( new' administration. '- -- 7; Sunday funerals nvonths in prison. sup ia the condition U lw. We 'JAlds' is not an has Cecil l P. ??n '?'t'.pD-Lt-!! i I?.. Print ..I iMps. Ac A-KIOV"./ [ ', ', ;,t ,
,.,t: 1 He declares; that first' of all the be avolded-wjieneyer itis possible, "1"F6r"committing : Uv. note of found. 4i> acowmu atlon of papers eerrjried for,quarter of a entut Cbs.Rev.,.8..M.rktaDdD"D..P ldell'N.H. demr.Colle", ,,I 'r' ,..._;.; ,t x
":v "country'needs financial relief 'and and"tliey should"never be"at' an1 pointing out received by retiring officer whichare and to-day stands atthe b rranet Cf E. Vartlett Ex-PivslUAnt f. Gi"Dartmouth Thooloodcal fJOUecre. '. 1'11 r'\' ," ''". "''3

-- jl untIl tbisjis! accomplished all other hour wnen they will interfere with ingFor; | ,-of the pro anroled. the recording fees navor d apjlnt'r'Tr trial b ttlesat John H. Wright! PhDnP'VE'. -! Harvard Uat.. *"y.SeIDID'z.Epleeoal f :|*-- -..J:). fIYl'I.! .. .".1',rWA;
Madvtery. for $0.019 case*. been. Store{ lJereet 8. Adams Pb w Pro' Johns Hopkins y.JaIvssity.'I. & '
: questions'will be s 'bordina d. lIe the regular church ser lce'a. .. tri1t- Crete implied paid, and bneil r. not, etcetc.: E. R. "U-Gould, Ph. I). Prof. juhnsHopkLqs! : \ TJ) ,
I. Funeral sermons orddresaea of the Tur % MCCONNELL TfifES n>, SUlOOR. .t lohn B. Clark Ph. "Q., LL. !>., Prol. Columbia UDI..f.y. "
,- ;t [\thinks this relief to come. through 3. For violating the further, page 355 we find thatcuunty : ., Charles' p. &Dlft'IOft Uetaa, D.rtatAI .ififf-V I 1 "L '\,. ''
;l JU'AiJt7i l t tg should be brief -.servtCB is ordloarilyjComplete.wbich ,'fhe Turkish Commissioners bad Colleges : -. "ikiujFT'Tr. I ,' .
( < !
protee'.Ye >. .P1t.4l-: which shall say "thoir to pay :. B .Proi..W..H..W.dclel.H.Ut.c. .' .'. ( .' :. .
I measure in active operation a spec. ; ; contests, simply steal" "thou should the'. '10 for adjusting said retiring officers McCo.npell, pr.ldnf of I. Churcblil D.P.L PJo'.'Aado"5 TheoJocfcal SemlllAJT. :
shalt .< ,
defanct { .f Geser.
the .
'n.to Harris raol llcIOYee ., .
of the of : Wejnitimct and in the rod. >
tqwn. .
will be reading Scripture selections merh.nu'
it ,session congress con- witness" "thou shalt : Charles. Wilcox, Prof La..retIC4IY1l1. .' Wr.J
; -
that thp county commissioner bank, of Ocala; suicide i i rS r- ,_ .
/ J5th.' and prayert with ai/ij! ,ing 'Turkish Gov t John E. TntU O. Prof Ambers Collea*. c .' -
4nedOfl245Ji fine or imprisonment, at looVinta the and Ilea H' ,
-. cWve'mter' ODe :.wek in Ocala, by takng S Ward.Ex.Pre.lden Mt. HOlyokCSemlnar., "c'
desired. ;,
t : JJOn the.financial t questioii here- f Hon of the cpurt .ziote Js, elfoct-a.U\ment 4tope..>.. 'd.11lt'- Thphysicians who j.lt1'J! l' !. tf JC'-IIer.,! of,Wom.oaCgUe. .oLN. W"c U ial lssiLy4L _
\ I ItrVates the doc iSieTJfsoVitid 4. That_ attending, friendtf view l Monday ..We \ attention of il'
moneyblSrcs The bill probably f. cun.. were-calTed h"a4 '.' ;. I ,
Rret diflkvKy'lnsaying -S I"'J y
'- that,every silvetir: the. rcmaii'if. ; at.alt, before the House. of the Asso ty co"ml..loler to thefact I .S _. .:. ', '. _. \ ",
".ice .uch time be are a W .bridget t.btaro McConnslCs .life;and Ills ... ., : ,
: j.4jthogcverntneflt must Wt .ji4t as may Constantinople : : J ,. Jr., t 4'
{ agtWpo.and that t the felativestskThf1raNjivately. JtUNEW HTAKTNvCapt. OJ&. .,In substance unsafe, .jind ?.: s. 'Wh$ .tJ Jijtill dangerously Jll4AGitzW \
; J irL. ti kept"on tf p.rity.wlth gold; ; TJEWjiuii6 & Cm SO
Wo find('uectrlr1J' adgrounds Cr'.IT.WATH.U : : : : GIP.l_ ttn .J v
: -ffl ] p.i'l'Qr h-.n. f .DtI 'te'ib.iItd' James McK i cognisance tlcn; I United States ,
:' .. 1.. 'the'policy t. ; f the ', tdminfstratlonIbmtthei1 t I 5 i That needle**expensewheth. Slate Marshal for the ;Pawvr*. Its-rot but would suggest .. .1 T t Jacksonville nparshsllei $ this '::tr#.;rqS ,'1 ." 'r; ., : ,;:t.,. _" ...f' .,. "a'll'r. lJrxJ ''

..'' .,4; 'ft'l'} : governm iit.gb.i; >utoftbe o-f:1rtttrs: carriage* or' .other, t'l tc'ofFlodda. !\ Integrity ,ol ment'Work be don* on the ..epati 'at* lio *' m.in.whb'E'W. (." ;. . ',J A "MN' ',, -e.ooER's" .'if :" .
; .
the west doer to "leak into ., "' / S ".> t,
jailbelow.and i W.
f.c L _' ter'be avoided. an l a ,
tngbv.itivsai Tampa Sunday
: "r.
; e'
; J_ ")CTj I. : -i''NothifigwlU.b; "aone" in regard 6: That paTt,bearers and, friends Monday for Columbus, ( !. di'.or an main building bs'palnt.d.Wood. .. *.. ..-. Y, f. (.1rN.t" .i.r' ; ."-i' .WJu's_ iI.' .YOt-" ; .
Oeal. ; 'A" ,
; ,. B-jnk' :: : ", fI\\ ..11 c :, ,
for the ..
43t4l *Cuban, quesUojL;until.th" be noLcxpe. J
fJI1. If&t law wl ict seems to"have hattu.aL Jb*_ gre. .in.DClenicnt, cJatodr'; : ,'r1i. : @}.) .. tb.Ult.01: ( : cu. .tt.., tat.Je.I.; Eour' .':1LrtC": anneuoo "

1J.1oo"Ye. : !!r others questfons weather, "' ,>, :Agnew was tried, a.0d : .; .the p. rate ly kept """TTv&! : &Bve, : : ... ." .:. ,: ., ,... '. S'-U "&oi,
( hefeuato"attach the Tampa ) "seTft t w "tc' 1\Ii" 'C+ '
-9Iia t ( in4 !lIldent..r.I en-. ,,,7"77Tb"arttie"officiatlag" ,minister l iMhe Unltedrstat-W; : p ,.,l1-. .' jr. (the ,County ? Auditor.jreportsof !Jc' .,"d T .,. "".'rv-. n" _.''. ..- .._,.-..,' ..1,, G1 ._' .I -:' .,4l .Jfi.t .
Judge tha IJIi4lrfJ
;"92.'t'bc. "an &I r9 tgrt pol. 4hd the funeral directorahoiiId |,ve, fcenbcraflf tb i:ftmU
i- ''ef., JdCinle..1"il f D ,nd..u astinct.zad.rstaa4ing-.s to-th* tiemat B-mfc fJOcala, trifle y time.' !!onds1. .aJ ti ':a -G. "' .
: ;dostwia ha'litrend.dt r.1"t.- ... .'t'
:'llt'o.\iIII'' \ $ I c&rri;. ri hIT9. utlsthqbai \ necesssryprelirnineryJrrangeraeDl* WU ptidi t ile, J Ii";.: $ | :' relief'*4 irafneolal rark*>,., :,,Thanking( TQ"ff& .t mil aulclde 6v.t-Ja:order.to'their .- ..- '..-. -J.T""jIr:1"y. -i.If'r. l". r 1' ... ,. ., ,.,t'' .., i1. -
"jl ; '1'r'' tJ' 4'f.; /1 and the conduct of the run ral.) ; '*. .. t flder ofth.c OMlst | ,tb'. 1 ../ .A.. '- IcI
< .
';I''i/i -'. ;,t.. ; f rto fivj ei' frnpris f 'S Jr-wi* bajrs: 'TT>is"qforraatlOQ.\ ( cam*; L5I ... : h\)
; { 1 .8. : $uv .,lPPift given "Us,'we 1 now askt* be dlhar. I ; :i ,# ._ .t' ',':", .
lne posltOfltatibV5: \i .Promptness,. qul ,qe*!" arid pj-K-jt' t/%: p.e \ p.:$i or-!any afffto "- : Vt the officials from a near"' tlatpj ;1 ,, .\1

,i ''I boulci f :' ".t 1it feasonablf J brevity! %re''ntjai 1 f( CW il.bN.-y.) ;:An : .c floasant to ;. ":Wi- *Duzoo: \ : th4convlct.d'nriahanil. ,lnconse\ :,I :-;. .,.' "-p,4.J.r.fiJiiI." .. --.;. qad.ptu. .dSt ,;r.._. \.. ),
** "
1l { T *' '' lor J q will watched.!' .. ... .', ,. .."r 4... ." ..I' ; ''' .
: owfi.Wtpefttlt anything to.be eittsiUVfuriecalf"; -_ hi'!' ui.i; rwi tbeJ.to.'ol" r -- ,. .b bc&JJ ," >.' ; 1. : 'P, ...
f i '
; & 'jSFfrf bt 70. S '
-ti.Wi I a S fC .*.$ $; :Jb.i '* 1'I'14'J' .J.t "W'..' "". f.' .,"..rrc.Ii. ._..\. -". -"' .' Li ',-. S -.ii.4? : ..,." -*'_.'z .. -. ,I'' .: 'iI'' .) 111'' ',. x.4.4. 't' fa
# {
; .. ; .''I,or.r'It > : ? ) '. : ', .' \0' '
; "'' ,. : "; S t ;.t 1't : .' '' 4- .
\ car fciJS.2.F'MtfA'i ; .* : ? r. ; ; f _
> j \. ,4H" !
1.1I.o ,; .1i" ..i t/ .o" ; f': ',' If, ,"r 1" "4 ,,. t ,j, "..'".' ..1 !: ( { "" I '. ; ,'ii. f'I. TI.
; .
: 'SX'f ,
," t J. ""ft..1. J ""o''N.1tm'r '' I J.If. ,. 11 t "'. -. .-. ,-rt ,n". .l I $ -, ;!, c ". ; .. L, -- Jhrti'X* (Tli 'r;/ *: bl\ 4 l:.1 ,, ? '
\ 1i 'it
't v 1" .- '. ; .,
.jJf k "" !. i k'-t ., ", _', ., : ; ,, .' r : *, + i t. 'rt \ .! ." 'r" ,\ J. I ; .
I :. "tt 4f"ilJt..rt 4''' ..- \".. ,/'.,'. ".- ..' .I ..c'' ".., ,10'1.c"...M.t' ,'",-t ., S ,t5Pm.n: .' :1 -,..j .i: : \" ; ,.?% > ;,_ r ".-. .-, I 1; ji-; .: ., .> t. "I" : M' .. t ; (' ,. !

.if I" ., ..... ., ;" .. .; ., ,. / ', i, l _. : r. r. ::1. '; '' I$ "J,.:"
t: ," /Zf: ." t ... : S "r' 0 ,. g i, "r3" : :.i L" .,
.I ,1 :
-t tY' ". : l rFi ft
: .. .1'J.ir"M'. ."\ j j;,...., ;,;: :, ( 't ". .- j .t' f \1f i." ( ;
r ,, w. 'i v. ,",,,'1f".II.. .oiI '. ;, ;.' I
1) I "
J4t.l'. .aJ 1
; 1\r
,\ : (
w ;, '. '", ;, ,;. :-. ,, :,', : :r :"f__ ",1C$1t.\ ';:;"i .,

--. '- .--S-t'- :--
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F -
i' */' ,- '; I : -J '
Tfli'frji $

,t; ..t.iE:f 'i. .IAI''f' ..1 Oi ;I ;.0 ,'.. ", "; .I' r. ,..A"_...." -. ..wr:1. : -

1-0 .... ks-- --a. ,_ --
: .J j1t. .
_._. ._. .. .. _"' ". .. ,. .. .10. f ,. ., ,
.1. .. .
.J -0'
r,1.' \"". ',"" ""U". ''ot''"kl'', f' Z'J. \ .Jt. ., "1' 1'/0'".1', tk* rook .t aetety pox whit*or .>: ;f4te -S
i > + \' 1. :1 \ .ti'.t'r B---75 .r' ,''u.'T."r7yt''f"jff"yf.; .t. ; > ; .jn*, .----eeotrreI.. lyete'.,," >;." -.?T, ;' The lIhuatnatto.st' Wpsbie, : .
: STEyfN s ON >; ii'iJ OAT1 1'J VCE-PRES1DE1ROBAWI'WHO 'IN :T.bJt ORGANIZES 1 AJI laisUiraUe*Llwa 4Onr natnraUia.t& Thursday'..1a. .1U'JIMIIIIiI RAT r"f
_&* I4 I- iy / ,t *- t law ehoald ,ItjTtarUMV improved clIaplaJl' ta ,'aacI.IIIia' -. -
_ F ; .1 I 4r N TE.'AND'J\ : >EtIVE n lI > i'n %&> "SI u' *,p : ''THK" OATH' 'or-OFFICE;) to the eonteatpjB oti_ of a baler 1 w.. ':"" t', J'' ti "i "
sioooooo Tln\4"EW.S 2i :1 '
z a.o.zpg1a a yew : better rand alhtgwaabKitajenahtp.' Agrare -- in tu Lst.7'd :
ry' *.kHp iw reputation TAIJtXIU peril textbajrepoliUalwoBld: heoiUawiship :01".p et4es Mewed ; ,._'.,

?::_ :;t f the MM. : 8tJA1NF: OFi-PATRI tlOYAr[ J ERIC )J ME jJOS DB) tl06l..tAUl.-CJii : MP rANt QUE&TJ- 3.DISCUSED.' or too.Tioon$oo: ignorant o-a: awelato to *vuiderstand the greaT ..by the.eledinc retiring and eabUetvey *M UJepart .oeerarecesi'h. tIh "\ ""coJ", -v .

-o.naum'ofIb.popuh$1on of th* ? JJI i' vain aid benedoenMbtonfMUt4-". aen>-baildftm*iii:.be" ,1. ; "",
Coae and?'law and all wtoeomcnere .
jrtunri CeaGIH Zkei.a..5S ..WUk .. *- geint .with. brilliant ....lwO4 11nf.
..MassaobusetUprifOn* aa alarminx .
\ to make wtot' upon.thoa our Th" eleacie roof llnea of lhetrea n" ,
inereas ever (bat of recent years. : .Chief-Jji/aico\FuHcr .Administers Oath to President McKinley ,After 'Which Ihi'lifey Exefentlye. .-R_ L. de_1..a.. gaUa lanaI be promptly and '-UC "" I'y were outlined with, .InoandeeoenK,' -r. irj

..-:- ... 'nius Inangurnt Addross--rrogrnm of; 'the Dnj'Carrlca QUt With- Brilllnnt. Success. n I' Weerq oetkeA4dra.s..- oToMed., 'Not must we be mamindfnl or .bl&lb. 'huge America' ,.hi W- '.;. .1f "
: .
: i .. the need iinproVemeat ill,our etth ..I'iioDIe aUCe'department facade- ,j>
,. !i'1.Como1I.r ot Lb.StI o N.. i\-\ < e SK
'Following are tlio'germain 'o.iur.t '.es. and.. ,wflh the veal of oar forefathers &llclfro u.. "h..f.t ntfo of... ,'. .. ."
ork &**. !* th* attention of th Ad.l.tI.ted. '
"c William i ; j'.sid.wtClev.tsna Oatk )! IlcCart tvow.ailYanoe'd to the '. : eooonrage the spread otknowl gsrr1ao-- .
'to'the:. ; : ,inl.y was inangoratedIreiident -dlately )1 r. of FrcsiiUnt, MoKiDl., 'inauguraaddre's department a sixty-foot ;: "
-.' klItw.tul." eoap*iQt .a. -wart- .of the' United Bute at all nmber* bf'.hli eibinet, with Tli* bead th.proolon appeared presiding chairr cud for the Bret time 'read in th* hearing of 'a i edge and free edoeation.Jlefprm flag floated aname'agalnst"rlsky ; .. blaokF5 ', 4 ,:
"amounl" personal property. "front t1. &ia,.the flril aervioe enact "?. '
$ at til stand at 12:US.''WhenMrClevelandand hi. callijng go Uluminatad..by i the., powerful j 1'; rt rJ;
Washington the inaugural official function
Thursday -at ia the ."exoeptionrofSeoTstary exercised by I hundred thousand people: '
,tnoon ehonld
taxation In' the band* of larg* holder*, '' on. But the change be Teal beam; of aearoh.lIlJb. ,'A. >< )(
4 preaenoe-of thousancls xif loyal citizens olenI'THU.. -IBlc"rl Mrr'MoBUnUy"appare4 the innate to.order; ' .F.iow'Olihiki'sV Ia obedience toizi and genuine not' perfunctory or Other seareh light brought out the, : -

r :The Writer,1' of of-Boston thai of our grand old oirnm lwealth', .Davis and:'L.ata.a\ on therpjatf orm of the i.aca Mr.| Uobtjved: asld. for, the ( will of'the people and' ia their prompted by a real in behalf of, any grAndsnrofth Washington .monn-; ,. ,- ,
tl say a For the" fourth time in"the historyof "Do and JInghe ioined. stand tie' throng ) blind.chaplain of- the senate Revf>r.Milburn presence, by the authority reeled ,in party. simply beoanae it happens to be maul and the capitol I "' t -. -
'1F. o.rk'IIr..had"rJs. it*.wlllingneu this great republic a native. boracitiMta ,dedtlstl party. Th* black. hon to longed cheer.:' : bk. .who la an impres,{" Voice me by thi oath I assume the arduous inpower'. .T A feature of the elaboratefirework*'
to ecur r. oopyright for .Uaor.' of Ohio bent his" Ke4 over the of Cleveland took jits station .t At 1:18 p. m: Pe.ln.llt MoKinley delivered the first- invocation to' th* and responsible duties of president 01 : ll. i.ari.e.c..up'" ajalibald .jras,* balloon'_a.Ioa'from"-'which t

,for a fa*of|9 for eoh oopyright.' A* sacred bdok and tovk-tb solemn oath side of the avenue, whilst the & took the oath of new senate.' .. *>- the.-United 'State, relying ',po.. the give proi5pt atUnUo4 to..the national color picked on tin' Are ;pa."

-r tbs Government fee II only Itlnd all which bound him for Your long years'to of the bU cf'llrQ Fort 1a, by 'Chief Jnctio-Fuller.. oath Mr Hobart advanced id the desk, support of.my countrymen and invoking .restoration,of 'Am rioan merchant- suspended above the 01''". ', ,--
? and raised hi. hand and took the oath the guidance Almighty.Ood.' ._ marine, the pride of.the ia '.Tb of flrvforCl"1Wai''eBcleJfby.:30
L."'-lb. work reqnljr*dls't; the Am.l'lc.peopl... formed into"'itiol in a squadronin 1 do hereby solemnly swear that I in accordance with th.oon.tit1lUOIL.'OD Jtestere C.aft4e.HTh.country is all the great ocean highways of., omrInerce : and than cam* the great ball ,
'k letter to He Librarian of Congreet and the oath of offloe be'said suffering from industrial 4itnrbanoe To mind,-few.. more important "Mn' the '
$ building.
It was an impressive,yet beautifully, IrGD of the north side of the ay- will faithfully execute tb* olc of taking ] ny pension ; '
'enclose a typewritten copy of (h* title simple ceremony that marked the &o- e. .. the whole of Lafayettesijuar President of the United .aelwm. "All the Interest of good- govern from which speedy relief must be bad, subject no...imperitively< Tbefnaognral ball baa become a not

to be copyrightedtbvflrat i In questionmste cession of Wiljiam McKinleV,'of Oho *. _.ell to the best of my abiityprefterve| meat and the advancement toward ahiRherknd .One-financial system,needs son)*, revision maud its intelligent' oonsideration.Gommenilable vabl.feature of the festivities connected

;* a ilcly profit i--,:MOD copyright student lawyer, representative governor Oa the w., te'th* OarlW.At protect and defend the Constitution of Uetter-'oondition of thing( ; our money is all good now, 'ltat< progr'eai ha been made with tho Installation a pros-!.?' :
that it Ii requested to eeonre. to the high office of president of Soon the 'WolUDle carriage the United St." -'. VPresident call for .prompt I legislation at 'outbands. It value must not further be threaten of late year in the upbuilding .of the dent of the .United States bat la It* '

the United State. ofAmerica.Everything entered the_ ,) of. the then read; his .ed. .It should all be put upon an enduring American navy, but we must supple. earlier day _no such elaboration'.-
1-- .- '--- '- -1iith. Inaugural pro- prooeasfon,"consisting cf a platoon of Inaugural addres in the hetD of a ''To'0t *un, Ihe'regulaf*oonrse-o r basis not subject'to-easy* at- med these efforts Lpro"cling' as '., attempted as that"which'.marked this '

Iii spite of the hot tLOOOOO,. grant worked'to that end with ad.i .. mounted moved. down from 6. hundred thousand people. ..- wlieeu4iruildont___ legislative action, tycki) nor tIe stability to doubt or"di proper consort'for ii merchant' 'Ih*-,, grand function, and no other building -
000 peopl 'inhibit thlfIoT*. there pl putev Our currency should continue under 'rine amply e sufficient for our owijcar. -. I fif JJie city would' hare accommodated'
are still Urge area* of land which arcIrtoally -- '. .'- t. -.- _. supervision of the government. J r Tying trade to foreign-.ountie.It the throng that attended it.- '', .' -. ..

unoccupied. Qneenaland for r believe it necessary to devise a system _,W. have cherished the poficy of The eppostanoeuLtb&3'rsaldeDL ;;l
c t-- -' which, without diminishing'the: clrwlaThigmediuaioroftertng non-interference 'WIth'the ret and Mrs. McKinley and the vlce-pres- !. '"f. :

t example', hsi an ... of 480,000,000 -_ -- .- ------- -- -i a'preDIiolor foreign vsrumantsiaeIlanguf5 Went and' llobart wo 'the.feature. : I.' ..r
: sqcars miles to population only K- its contraction, will present a rent ted by Washington. keepinff'onrMlrea qf.the evening." '. '.
O,000. Tb Government ham lately -: '. edy for these arrangements. entanglement either as alliesor .
been making some".very tempting offer : '. International DI.euI1 ar\n4 will be our/'aim to pursuea OLD COl'GREHS )lO1JBK; "' I 11he"

fore, oon res* in its ,widom shall dignified pyrtioy.whioh shall '- .- S, '
to settlers who can now leas ordinary deem expedient to create-commitsion ,, 1>e jut impartial; .e> watchful of our "....a0". ,.staeeebe.visg:; .

land, for- twenty year at to take under early-consideration national honor and always instating Mesh 1I..I..eeI W.r. 1
rental of .Ix cent per'acre, while the revision of our coinage, banking upon the ,enforcement of the lawful. S The senate' wa constrnatively) inilon '

"..nb land" may be .t.okd.sll area and currency laws,,and give them thai, right of" American citizens'. every ... nntil6 'o'oIock"Tbursdai' '. ,
exhaustive.careful and li ". F morning 'WbJ".too.k.a receaa..until' ,., .
np 10 10,000 acres and held for thirty .h.ArIIltntl9IITreatrA ., '. ,
-- ffFormal.prooeedlujsLwerJbeu .
their" de1"marid pn1'eCl
?- 'IIJ'II at"aa'aYIr'Ce' renl.Ier .or.of that importance :" 8-0"010011-
*, I. .b.lI cordially concur in diplomacy Should seek1 nothing more oonTInuf > -
-Ttrr lannh Ins .UnA a pannj.ThU A fnr.
-- tech .""l onrTl -qnesnoh' hoceptbbThlng1ipfthU15 aue"uT l throughtbe morning.

/ ought to' be. good new. for many of international bimetallism will have We want no wars,of conquest; we must dieagraemenfon the, deflottncy

struggling for a bare living in th. early and earnest attention. It will avoid the temptation to territorial ag- bill was reported and-,it was ordered.

mother OODl1tr,. Of course the climate : be l my constant endeavor to secure it jrtssion. War should never be entered back to conference: .v 4
with the other until of has At ten o'olock'lhe venerable Senator
4 by cooperation great upon every agency peace
conditions in
many portions : commercial powers of the world. failed; peace I. preferable war in Momll,of Vermont offered resolntidnsexpressing. ,
=- "- country are very trying but so : :i The credit of.the.go.erlUD.:the .lmo t..rery.contingency.. Arbitration ,th..ppreoletioDdbf.. the,, r.
: 'they 'are la western A .tr.Ua which _,- -AZ Integrity of its-currency and the inviolability i.I the true-method of settlement senate for the able and impartial die- iJ

at tb. present time is adding 750 a I of it* obligatlem must be pre international a* well a* local "'individual charge of the dnties'of''th-presiding

-t .weak to it* population and th. revenue served. This we the commanding difference officer by Mr. Stevenson. There was -
of which ha been increasing verdict of the peopl. and (It will not be The importance and moral influence unanimous and hearty.agreement. of -
unheeded. :, '* rate far outstripping the calculation 'T' Eceaemv Demanded..-Economy i is hardly be overestimated in the.cans*of At lOtfO o'clock the formal proceed* '-

:. of.it* treaanreK demanded in every branch of the KOV- ad..noing"Ivllization.. 'It may.lrengage ings were fast Hearing an end.and oa' .

,, ernment at all time, bat peo'ally in the bet thoughts of the atate- motion of Mr. Hoar th-usual resolution
-i Says the New York Mail and ..Exprewl period Ilk. the present of depression men and people of every country, and was adopted for a committee of

? T:;_ Thie ii called the of realism. in business' and distress among the 1.(cannot but consider it fortunate that two senators to ,wit on President
age I, people. The severest eoouoniy must It.was reserved for the United States Cleveland and inform him that the
81111 the work of Action that"are read b.t observed Snail public expenditures to have the leadership in so grand a senate bad concluded its Tabors and -

1 and admired the most are tho... in.j and extravagance stopped wherever work. was ready to..joarn.At i -

I"blob the plot and character are IdeaL Tonnd, and prevented wherever in the Extra Smtlon of Concreotn ha 6 o'clock Thursday the house took '

\ This I b why the people love the novel future[ it may be developed. If the been the uniform practice of each preiident .:. a recess until 830 to give statesmen 4 ,',
to remain' an now, the to .avoid a* far the to "their \
;' of-Diokens. Peace be to the dot of ,, ro.enu..re as possible an opportunity improve ap-
.1.e only relief th.t ran come must be from convening pongrAn.in'ul..aordltJl1'Y.ee"ioll. 'peann"'U daWn 'th..' -"'O"" J
the man who.hae brightened so many t : decreased expenditure It is an example rhteh, nn- the capitol entrancefunnelled into the

heartbs and lightened *o many hearts, > X7 /s': =? .. -' -I A surplus in the'Treasury created by tier ordinary circumstAnces,. in the absence house wing (the senate wing being: ".
and whose genial hnmor and gentle loaD i* not a permanent nor safe re- of a public necessity, is to be kept religiously closed)) swept into the;-

f- ,sympathy bare made the poor man Hfl'LLIAM( I M'KINLEYTHE L NEW CHIEF EXECUTIVE. I GARRETT A. HOBART, THE:NEW VICE-PRESIDENT. I iance. It will suffice' while it lastn, commended. But a failure to'convene galleries and watched ,the Jissolutioaof ,- -

laugh and tender toward hie fallows but cannot Vent long while the outlaysof the representative of the people in co.gr... I11IUCTMEITAGAISST
grow the government are greater (ban it. congress in extra aession involves ...
; even toward them whose exaction gree of energy .10 the popular de Arlington pl.z and fQlo.e by the lm the ...c. after the fullest and freest (discussion receipt, as ha been the case duringthe led of a public .duty aDd places the J1AI.Z.. ?
made him. poor. The people monstration day was a shiniug Governor's Island 6 piece. Th senate chamber ,.the centerof i i. neither( CIOnl tent with true senato past two year responsibility of snob neglect upon the 1

love him because he I. real th.titlo. success in every particular. turneii, down Fifteenth itreet.Th attraction Thursday and the galler- rill'Owt.,, conducive to the wellare Increase the Rtvrasjf,-The bent executive himself f The condition of Wr.slttsa. .r nts..ii H.... wilt '. ,
say Five minutes affer 40 ojcloclc thepresidentelect battallion of States engineer iea presented a lively' The I'voee..t.d.r Cesgh S '
pro.oeedingu'urere of the in with .
Unit peopli, nor compliance for the to maintainIs indicated
.. It ia not so.It. 1 I. bxoans way government the public treasnrn as Iiaif been
emerged from his reception wheeled it was followed brief interims between i their just expectation" credit is to pay as it goes-not resorting ; demand the immediate consideration "+ William Hal has ben, indicted *
.Jt, ( hi*personages an end therefore true. y7h.t ie Little arm of Senator Sherman. He looked 2UO Jlllelred mounted aides without anything the vital leg of' the '
bond Hobart addressed the senate for debt-through an adequate income tie- There could be no better time to put Atlanta for embezzling S6,317
'Nell, in her self-sacrifloiag love to her calm and walked Irll,. came th. marines bejulad by United ialation of appropriation bills. the first time, a* he delivered. hi. introductory cared by a system taxation,external the government'npon) a sound financial fund of the Southern Mutual Building -

grandfather bat an ideal character T- A. the president-elect arnerged from States marine band. Then came the The peid.nU.1 family party arrivedat address. or Internal, or both.' It ie the settled and economic basis than flow.. Th :. and Loan association. ,, l --
/ No the pfivate entrance Iwnide the t.1 troops and the great procession 'wa. 11: Mrs. McKinley, accompanied The proclamation of the outgoing policy of the government pauu..tlrom -1'10 have only recently voted that The ombeBsIement 1 i. oharged to ,
each girl, in th. perfections ot her .
j form of Senator Sherman there .a under way. The crowds cheered a* by her sister, Mrs. B.rb president calling extra session of the beginning and practiced by 1 this ahould be d<5nef and nothing i I hv token"place in Jan, 1896, whil,a --
-- neatt and 1IU. II found in the real. roar ef that shook the bniltlInfrs. the magnificent column moved down moved down the aisle and took -
a IrO' the tenate having been read Vioe- all parties and administrations to raise I more binding upon the agent of their Hal was secretary and"'general mna_ ,
Tel i 'laoDd'girl.*,' who lie,. read The street was so p..cke with s toward Fifteenth street. Troop aft seat f D the gallery which had been reserved President Hobart requested the new the bulk of our revenue from taxes will than the obligation of immediate ger of the associationand he is

the "Curiosity Shop.",ar*daily trying solid mass of people c.rla troop p..e the half-filled reviewingstand for her. Following the wife ol senators to advance and take the oath upon foreign productionsentering.the action. S charged with 4mbezzllag'tbl'ee check
which was to oon vey the pre"iolltlec the white house until the president came the venerable of office. .. .-
I blor th amount
'-to imitate .sr.- Tbe popular mind recognise thciaew Jolted States for sale and oonsnmp Extra Session lledJn vlew -of aggregating
<4. : aQ lIdard.of character andconduct'as t tl.WU.'Hou"e cld scarcely, b laqt gl.. with his guidon court. They fla slowly, As the new senators took the oath lion and avoiding for the most part these considerations I shall deem it A bench warrant, will be"issued at ,
police struggled snapped in end passed the down the in and ;
.1 Whio a.l. grgu. reg.lt the..o.. a hum of interest through every form of direct taxation .except my duty as president to convene eon once and delivered to th.sbriff who 'r'
ideal ones. Shakespeare'. clear a through the crow.I thepresideutelect of the white house. silken
passage gate Co"d. the in Jiim.
for'Dd gall.Men connpicnouti pub. 1 I time of war. (rress in extraordinary.loDolI MOB-' will make an effort to-apprehend .
.'r .. character are not real. So oU'. are bowed his acknowl T rhltt c.. ia th* galleriee tending r..pt tic and private life were recognisedwhen It is, therefore earnestly hoped and day, the fl/teeuth day of March. 1897.. Nobody know -the whereabout of ., -' -
'. '* historicsTie Incident .but'Ideal in egomoDt. He ..seated.with Sen There was paula and the fully until they were. _t with uplifted hand they swore expected that congress will, ... the In'.conclusionI. oongratnlato the Hale, and itis not known -whether b*: f ,
i' are' sitting on therearriht I ..IJgb m.mb the hone of'rAprelt.t. allegiance to the constitution.; No exact earliest practical moment enact the. fraternal spirit of will ever arrested., .
essence. :'All of .them true n and.'trner presidential I its loal'rof"ke' revenue country upon .1' '
Senator Mitchell with .IU ',<
to 'thaa life.. ." e.t-andt, 11. bays, th* ,Speaker Mr.; order wa observed-,- the oath being legislation that shall be fair, reasonable the people and the manifestation ofgoodwill ---- -0 -
.-. eomnaon. .. r occupied the front .e.t" l: II Io.th- cavalrSuadron. Dingley th.laU leadernear- given .to four senator at one Urn*. ,.oonServaUve--j1l..t--and er.rrwbsriso'pp.reut' IIZ.UDEIt TET! HltLIOBS
f The carriage was one ly.th. then entered the chamber. ,...- .
President Cleveland with which while supplying sufficient reveine The recent election'not.'only most lor'aa.tel.demon.traSed -
-4 '"On of tb*. most encouraging'statement ..n.t committee, and wa drawn by There .a stir, of It.e when ; for public will still beignally the obliterationof e, _._*.. Torsk ltsqse* ... --
on leaned purposes t "
of brown At b. .Iel. .. 81 I'a.iS. Pe.
a pair 10 penalomci4. '
Jt.J ia the report just publishedf clpp ho. back with .-smile He PDo'lt th..i beneficial and helpful to every sectional or Ce gr.pbicaillo. but '
minutes o'clock 'the start was 01 fa president-elect. ,_Mr. .. _;Campbell B. Berry, assistant treaanrer -: .
>f .th.New _Boad.Pommisioatr looked .'as Hob .te sectionand terprise of the tome''extent*alsd'the"prejndloerwhloh '
Jersey pleased a* 'every ,
; made ( the Wblts House 'amid. renewed .11 nt.t. from the right dor, of tbe United States, stationed ia
o but h. did 1we alahtli people. for have distracted .
not years our.
1 relate to the edaoational efiect r.t1 'I
H'- the an'Francisco started out on a. quest
by (cbs standing senators .ad.tpJ el
chel'lnl c..d .d olo. In the revision of the tariff especial councils and marred true
cr..d. on aide. When the our greatnessesanation .
:which* tha good roads constructed ia .Ite' lest -jctay or two ago tat tH.ftOS.Slaoej ba' .

.'i"'f.y .'- that Stete have bad on community .be. only.one o.MalO Taiae JoKII..in, ae-. tte d.1 T.1 le.r cam the arrivalof .attention should( lbs'reciprocal''principle be given to the we.iiactm.nto f IFwUtbesey''eon.teut: ._.do- 1 h* failed to makn the collection 'J't-;. :( ,

\udeiinttrucUon. fronitbi"seore.
'la observe th. New York and PreeidentelectMcKinley. and o/-I.'U f
\ gMieral/r knoledgemn of. the act of 1890. under which nothing permit nothing to be done '
: .Itwaa 1:10 when tary of the treasury," Mr.-. Berry"wes \ -
'I J i.,TI..ba. '"It ill known 1I Y..111hat With the president and Major MoKinley they entered the main door Just facing the eo great a stimulus was given that will arrest or disturb this growing notified to demand tf laaao L.,Uequa; ".

S s, New Jersey hat been.one of th. in,tb. carriage -were Senator vice-president-elect-and all to oar foreign trade In. pew and sentiment of. unity andj.oo-operaOpn, pr.eidantoftheOontral PaoLflo ;.Bailway } I" .. : ;:
John the incoming! '_. eye were advantageous markets lor-0111' "surplus bUretival of "t on and affiliation, .
S ..
plon"iervin the mentioned in :
; .road improvement. Six Ihem. rfveted on two figure.Mr. *. company *nia'
ry of Senator Mitchell, of agricultural and manufactured wlllohDo..nf i.t.. so many thousands .
:r .yean ago ,an intelligent system w. Wisconsin. the presidential .' )oKlale.we to the presi- irodncts. in both the old antagonistio sec ,order that the BO.-.ta. ease :

5- adopted, and, Hoe sine* been carried carriage.. B.hiad 1 Il .I.t...the sting Cmoli officer w. in front of ., Bevlral ef Kanafaetarlag He.S 4e4,- ions; bAt I'hall cheerfully do everything -' inlghtsiotb.prejudioedtnthetuturb.'j t. : : 7

: .t'on with remarkabl ucaees.. Bom too Mr. John,rDI. PorM. aJto mail presiding the On, facing the U.senate General The"depression-of thC past four year possible to' promote and increase.: FATXASTEB COB1r.5fi'K.lBBZi!
the president elect 4d. ka fallen wth( especial ..nrit.IIpO.. It.. ;
imO**of ipne'roada hav ben"bailt'atort oarsrisge -
"..". wa U. Harmon.Sacretarle 1. commanding officer"of..thearmy ha great body of toilers of iCe otran- --Bep iU-tk.: Oatk. Xet mVagain' .'...-c._.j !. caisu..nJDeasei-i; 'iT .
>f nearly,'.. .-lbs.8t.t Att'lODe ..d Adjairsi BI'OW. senior try and open the holders of farm, -epeat the'words of the oath administered S h_i *f. That i iJobnCorwin (4i7. 1 .''c'"
.: :Pubs MhJra.Aacl now Ooaml.-- Secretary Herbert; alle officer of the navy,., in full uni The revival of manufacturing- beMnefleial > by the chief justice,'whichy' *. the ab.oqndisg.pay-' ,

; ..loner BaM) report taa4':tbie fa% of' riee Franeisaad Morton,AU a. form. To the right' ". .10U to bothLegislation bene- theirs respective:speeches so,far a* muter of th. United States navy" who< ,
Z-A'-iaefeasid ;taxatienf..Uintrto) entertained and last General Miles and the mem M bias 'of .1 _" and acid W lb*-prtMlloer.! is-b>jnefloil lo .pplieable, I would beret ttj'conntrymen was stationed Newport B.-'; 'F.- NC" "
-' of hi. stat otl" th abo : 0' alL "Jinsiness condition-si's not lb." oleerv.t.Utta1thft1IycteoiiI.. was.. arrested la ,Chicago vWedne.4y- '
: by th* farm.r* U rapidly giving Jr. Pannoefote, : "
: black bora* .promising.J> will take.time toTrestore ; : th. Offloe "tsrnoouA v %
-k.. to/an inten** desire that they _:jr ._ troop foIDS.'hC Barem d Pave maaatr, stoaaesrMarihsl recess "' .' r
way being ; ,. B arijodftomXew'orknltjanr.inlt '
Tl._ Bl *
troopfoUowcd" the prosperity former.year*. of president of the United Blake and4w4Urtoth -
frnncri :
hall obtala good"rbd"soone7tha.appropriaUoa caisr reusa EI'.ldeD' elo t ,-MoXiaUy. Qraa4' nf Insn.r U a
{taG adaUalstnrwl ttoo nab of offloe to rnsl' Uwennotproaiptlyattainftwecan best-of-aiTab1lit7. prar *|
og- n.i.hd.1Ia. Th
-:: 1 'h. now mad will per- constitution o'clock Inspector-FiUpatrick yeo.lved'v
] 'r"'L' The Commissioner -favors in- than-was UFHIt party. lag[ _administered. Cleveland and direction, and aid it*return by friendly cf the United Stete*." a xaeisage over Ua, long diateno telphon .' "
< 1 and incoming *. Onthe i < .,. ." .- 5Lukiag Thin ia.the obligation f \ ., -_ boa the Newport chief of polio
reaain'K thEpropci to 300. Ii was around the pl' Mr. eat low- / reverntly .
; only a step r- Tk r K esk ta* OksiltbU opposite ad,0 the .1.1.int McKinley talking in a X.at Met Be TeleraU... taken before the Lord most" high. that Crowin wa In Chicago and that; -:
;i 000.'whloh would mean aa annualpnditnxdr 'nal'toiboWhit.lJoeeo, hut the pro- The approach of the president and .mi.l. Chief tone. It was clearly a most agreeable b-woald register atth* Palmer heoa*i, ,.. -
t.J'DCIJ.: .
mastnot b.toleratedi.i.frest be
To1kep-ft--wUI mjrwingle) purpose .
oe movedslowly enough to give was _$ to- the : exchange for the bldreeldentThndthe ] CI.
; Wj $1,000,000 for $mprovdroads. president-elect le ii.tio' under .name of J.;Heeve*.: DetectIve -
S.ll .l. ..lai eonntry like the United States.. IDY constant I., shall'eon- Uj
crowd 1iay.r-.nd '
the the
good viewof untied and'thenas
president the .
,,4? .'. JkM natter of fact tb* ptitloni elect And ha was cheered generously l that crowds on them oapltol and.tp br..e their rored long ak rb t.. faces they new nodded apqn every hucence now to each 3ourU-not mobs-must execute th. .denty rely upon the forbearance. and were Linmedisteljsentto the hotel' 4, ::..'..'.
gtot making arrested Oorwine ..110.writiDlrlalenam.fSllth. .
l of some oommnnJUts anxious to during bl* short initial ride. !It was tip bywaring a be .Wnl. other. penalties of the law-The preservation he assistance of all the people and "
.. !, ;
: ,the benefil of a abar* of.tb*State 'just 10i20, or Avei mionle* after he left handkerchief ampDe h.t 0.krt __..1. It wa 1-05 p. m. when the last oath ----., -*-.registera-a--- ? .. .

,0 ';noney bar been on file for years,and the.Ebbltt .Ho ae-'tha' MrTMoKlnley.accompanied Arriving at- the ground the Tbe leb of the house of re.had bean administered and then the BCTTABD IOU BUD'. BROOI8.. .hnlt.-1.'g.-l1..r: ( .. DEED OF..1S8AH. .FATHER;, ,i '

..th*.,people kneW ;'are-naturally' by the senate oommittee., carriage..driven 4o the) front steps Mt".. the entire body formal exit-began, th* snprem* Judge "..- Ofe SIB 'fm "One* William T Bchwariwelder. *'Co.. -I .S. ; ? t:Ii .r'' ,
: consisting'. Senator 8h.rma' where p.rty alighted.Senator b.1 01 the right aide and in the going fiat; then Mr. Ol.nland'd Of Hu t'. JIIaf- Wb Skipp.4 Usia- manufacturers"of furniture New Attacks. ----------t- .w'd.sa Am, 4 : '
: irowtiu.st., Thee are bealtby.Th Ohio, and Senator,Mifchall, 'of Wisconsin op *.ri-alr XajBrtn BeMu..v "4 ,4..r", '
: Cafferv eaoorted President Clereland area of th* chamber U. President McKinley and the other JoytVllor Atkinson has'offered' aWard re? York have failed: The business was *etablished r' '
'".7ieptomi. '. experUnoe' N." ,'drove tip to'tjw north front of and .it.ale', McKinley tore and e preal- officer* following.- The,oooupanteofthe ef $150 for the apprehension in 1884 and Incorporated* :Gwinnett, .ioonnty;,jaa. 'camc ieei"" \ l, ):.

',' J-r 10'.;nplibate. of that ia Maaeathaa the White lions,.escorted by Troop Ur.. BheiD. .n They wit b- .IlU. ..e\ .te-seat JAbHe gallery were held in their tad JJrook*whO is Chii gad"with iav 1893'With I 4'tpiteI ;.tMlt\ I"J2MOOO... having *>Woolfolk case;,,IJ lastWedne; l..f:,...

'l iI.e2a.; Lt,;.....7.DO'f'JiI!. A, of Cleveland. miitJl'-entered. the .n.wise .E Btemeson and invited place conic time in order not to block big been implicated in the murder oft Liabllitie. not yet lIao--." ". da,.' rgjr.LockrUttmmUa "W Uvea AVCWA"'r.-"t._

-- ttfteea pr ".. of lbs petitions J.Ia.d $7 CI.-I_. te oapltol. f hi. successorto- forward'.sWd take the procession of officials: Gradually O.: HnnV-whioh took plae a, week below Lawrencevilletried. $ esterminatebls'whSlefainllyeitbsaz.4: ,,1 l. .
.reeelvd oosld b acted oa.for of Major 'MoKb l.t and 'hi. party.eiK HoKew8t at th. oath O 01_ the chamberws* 'deserted and. the ago la Jackson county,'JQ*. Durraat Mnst Haas;*; \ w .. IN.e ..
.. laok toting the Votnnda bf the White House 1.I'II'JO' rl and tMr. Bu.aaoll'.t.la delivered his seen of action remqved to the front of Brooks left.soon,after lbs murder The Supreme court of California has would ba>* don perhaps* bad it not''been j \ .. ,. "
..aaOB5,; WJa can doubt that th* asm* war at'oooe shown into th. bInS President'Cleveland andv.cabint tot hoarsely,. the capitol..wl.ra.tho inauguration of and ha not bean aeen since The governor. -: lied a decision denying new'trial to for th* timely arrival of% neigh' ,J. .'

1II". wtn be seen U thli State a*sooa' room, where they were Joined Imma-_ president'. room. a* a result 0 the recent ..trein.DUflL$84iy1Vr. President .M&KlDf..IOO 1'1r _" .wa requested to offer *'reward rheodore Durraat,murderer Blanche bor;<&*.struck-,his ,afton-ysr-flld itJ\r." \ .
*M *- Iof! Shik''a4: th _._ I Lemon and Minnie Williams, "f--- 'son ittth.' back'cutting *.bmg e.b."f". ."
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: .. -- : THZ INAVGVELflON 1 wit .' ax at bit ryau'tkge.st' soa; aged alx, )104 J
t''l"i' ,It may Uk a Uttl*.tlmpr rearral 1 Aeldm. aS ,.. ., .-- Await'- "At the-Bpanish l legatioir at Washing ; ';- I I'. iw'FE.pest ') the bandla striking his head knocking '**. : Il .10' {
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& a1.are'DOt ia donVI"Peopleeommunitie By an-explosion of gs'in the *nhway -I One ofbfggosirfir*, Pnlaskl( Th DU"has been Ue up at her thCompetitor' orew,- reported great inauguration cruahat. thecaptt'1 .Xwvaad: possibly three expeditions c_ \.!'rr'iii. I
..-i.1It.' :" .' .. at the iuteneciiun Tremont Tenn.bM from Key West )ha* ..beta ..received.Th 'WooID. .. .D _... \ ".! ,
";800. ,. b 10 mantye.re oecnr- c"a', .aaaYJa and bar Spanish"minUter ..declines fairly began All are said to have J.n.he United States'needey .. -. ., .', '
-o cl""pt1r.oA and Boylesteastreeteat Boston Ma red at to exvpres "
1 Wednesday morning to noomingtralns 4dJed3husandsJtoUhi. and ammnnitions
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Thursday five personswere II.-1 I whan |h Boiler Mills owned hat it useless to evade probability crowds and the tramp-of military and d.. "-'.'V'
for Cuba
: of war : ."r' >': -
:tha*.,goo* roeuXar>n* of th*thing. P.k .ttp' : of the report'. li.ji I. Wit), Fatal v jjiS-iL _
and a-do. or,more. were flljtlNllb 5. 'j by M. B ."er. & _. be gov.rrimentsbip j o1.tto ''- _.- truthfulaesa.S Ivio organisations during the day was One- party reported to--.left ;iX>y i the Georgia i I I,
...ad J.J.'n :An .leotri"reer;.wiicKk&J"O'I I"nitfla, supposed"to liav at th. portlI.La. laid -" : a f oreef nl. t Ddor.thai'_ the' noted BarnegaV oa the ot'of New Jereey.;, through freight oa .1 ( (, _ _
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4BtSi&vlI.17& adotrf.U *raj{MI**' directlyover thuenierof,' th. spot,aI tlQ hot bt aomawber*Ol. tb.tng''Wied-inende.to; await -S r BeratGalterr t IPea- :. II"%WM practically ons: ... ". : \ ;. nthe steanahip lAnradav. .." V1 Soatbern and .Florida road,* prt4Wednesday'mocning.J .,, f."ij 1\ .
iCw 't'l tu.t.t bLaieak where the etplo.ionoeoard, -waswrecked ,tbe room.,. :: >. : the outcome of his dinage suite which ; iTh*'New. Yorkeld'orre.pon,. At all the hotel tjtter) was. .V crush O*'BatnrJay nightthe .'schoonerPonnaTrBriggof PaleI,I Maooncaa.r after* it b4 .t ." '

thou..whica.hsvV.beea; aej eel on fire.- It ta thought 1"., ,,1e Jl was a triokrairuetar* and aggregate. 1100,000.' '*' ,v"t* >_ i set in Santos*. Coeta{BleaAaend' sad at the Ebbltt !lions,: '.where th* cto'OollJl.o; :passed dordele'..'*J".. -\ob.,; t 1.yo .. 'j- t \.
: "A No that the explosion was raised by a Ufv hUdemet and beet build I 'H* sue* Collector of th.portBitio. woi'd that a.n*cal :OnitUrrs is deadw preeWent-elfot was staying there. was and tbe.ateamUghteroeeph:-JL are L 3 (
4Zrodsotiv.fo&dsh.wh4; fictive'eI.otrlighibk. jpfltoT ingszin Pnla.kU.rMr.Me.ly:: valued onvlwo charges, .< OO-a' B. was.a. andidate for the pert eel Iam4 .Jf : f'. of part same togitherbree! ean/wer .J.1
: ; on* o vf30, presiden I ; said to hare left th foot East Mineteeatb -, ;
'1 .'.1'..niac,.a' ...* b.. .. io.l prompVj ...5iim4'-f.s. r. T 'J' ', if I bis mJ and C1"lt.about th,* other foe..dQ.000., ""-'"' : of th*j-epubllo fovlb<"mpf890-94, .c'Th* presidentelectretired f -elst;" /..street New,Tork, loaded".with wrecked:aad three' ,men killed, N. O-,; ,;.J t"; \ 1E "l .I

1':1,.. "1';.. ,."'I'I. .t'. ,:.:1_ '- ". JtVD BBOOIta CArtCKEO 1.c' t' '!. .'Ig.0 -' : i..., bout Tuesday night and '_ at.tiui:; arm and ammunition 1 ia tow of a.tugbound Jordan a whjte" 'dagmanquwi' '"uaknowD ...-.OJ '.,ei" .... .. .
,' .."..IF.j" ;.,. ; -"11.: J../ 'f"1; ;.;J' I '.USL..Ag GEnUllll: ovirALntkcToRT. ", I early hoar bal the short sleep fa*..JiW.aoNMJdftk..o.ta for Barnegat,.to;,". the.M -tranfp,. .t .\%i:,$. ''t UI.t I 1.-..
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.allctrataad rent 10. ,. ; r-7-' :. r1fli; ':; r ., .The oMsI Cksne.4 She ... ._. ,:= ; i ak''ti : '*4af 4
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r .' .Bod :Brooka oniifXjnea: < iau t is ram. ;:. : D D. ,
\ 'M& I.bt.i. .W,.. .pre who1saunleTed .I.Ie'.t.I'W.blag| u1 f twdla:tao' Gal.. .A.Washington; dispatch of, Wednes l'O, "urI\ 4NLL : jrea arts XV;ft yon teat At "u :'. t
'. j -/ .Merchant'tUQneag Her_ .s Oenntl Qordoii : *. .w \r; J'
-.o.eIt' .;:., made hiamIe.flctcy I dalIl'AAother naval .-* .Ii *.afcS 'Y'' .tMlIT\'VIW r f-oUwdol- .
..%- JUbeWr eod vote**,>Welt; I hoold. mony>Orove"Oa-V"some.two .weeks. I eoaasal of thPuUinan.".eompany"at'a address to thesenate'Wedaesday.' H* I baa ,dl aU post of duty without.paymaster.leave, .. 'lie.sI.G_" ; -4,i Ies.s.lles'. -.11_Wew Ciss me..g oesa.'e..j.!. I luckloefcYknowfJU' doravHMdtwH .".-.: \ ,, -- > F

1 *,.j'.*yy- *'Wbt?*:-yoe could> bearnarm all ago, aadi wbo sklppd"out beforeth*. qf$2GO0a .. vaa ia good voice.$..d.with such I the ofBcer ia votve4 ia thi*.easevlMias: ..' dispatch'! trow,'. 1to. A VOaptela:Ohapsaaa aadth: 'polk:of" I ;. W'-b, r-_,.' .." ..-. ,' ''t. I"; .
.. : ; abo u. so1..Ahath. charmed the.senator f Willianr aI4L..bY.. -c.: t *.Jf :, .. i
.. M.7 lU. r.Jrawtey.jof .theTantic,, derlolaJ'l"OC a ew ':!- .;f 1' .
feSl; ; "- __, : --. l' atOmkway, :B..O., morninai.by ;.,eA .UI .SI.e..plo. .osourr doa I tnd tie. galVte* ;crowded with',inanraration the South AUantfc squadron stationed the.ourme of -**.interview,Friday I* M34theNkjIoimierlybowa I r"1 .. .. 'p' .OJ
L j| '-"If L MOJt1 Ha Ma..ua; waplaced, la. jaliM, ;.'$. 1 P. tej-sn Orchard ;. .' .The teontrast. be! I at'Moatevidem $, VKJ '.;:.t; ; prebably a foreoaH of the reply presoewiU fri tb.llayMaakM dane ban, at It:8 I .&ool'i.t.i; ;"; A'I'f..".'i .,.

I I ..' Fs tml lelf-ltltesj .Ton,. ...71 Wa11. to await, the-arrival' otSber? k,' T.;,,J.-1t>ae.*.4a- vow, between th*. impoelns; iaangara* TheeaHl* Brings,'meager''detail*of : make: to the identical 1ote of the .'IICt.$ : ,"\..-.I.. ,.I"i.I.I.t.', ,... "..''.r r. .'v ojl'', (. fIII&JrII J'IItL: ., i .l' .,: .
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rtZZ ffVZSSzf"r man ..1. "' to where the power I* needed, or OAO.be ha.gradually reducing the 'IIat1Mrof trolley > will sasth.rat of .ii (l _
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*,. ., aictatrng wsth. Bllnkvr of th. firm, to her, buUh'I1*o .01 1 when. reduced ..Lb. .,' Bo It i* seen that the higher men .'
stored for horse
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UMial :'ii :.l". : B.wa* also lbs Bnrford aldIbi Oo. wh t'4*. Is notronning demand for grade of..mechanic bring .,11.with freight >a onlumber.,, : ., 'oJ. t
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KiuuofclanTUB*. eiugtbsthhdl b a.ht out .every owl the nnippkea t most stop At Klaosthsl a bolt o.Ughtal.1r | Along with Uw redootlca'lB tile man, wU. almost 4yourwife'tmt t" w-i
.. body else. Including thr.wellknewaname xitd between these cong "My physician falls .. Germany hares. in eyery4hlag Tw.lUrri .eL. '.
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< product h..1Ib. '
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price else Id world.i .
-'t i I. ..art.sr.'u.TT.anA Sv! i. ;1 1nuiUoQ of lb.firm. :- th. more foolish-woman mating *o many cigars. insUTitlr meltTdTrifo .. tin ,.:. 'Wh1.&i 'h ..., :lIpoJa..tBe .
dl..ter.m.1t In the price "
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p.fIu .11111. the oebbegebesttf nails 5.92-inoh in been a 'llmtlar .
:' womanbwish "Afraid will get : walk iavw-- -
:. waV snob bop aa yon such-long
ran b*iakea-oul d tibia $ 'I. hlld what a maa Blinkerverhill ( iron thia-abort time .wogU be impossible .. -bat- *- -<.- -praduc' va- -oo ts. 1- ,-i- T9""I.> Orderf'f-- forr .' : ,
Jo lu noruiU d ) Blinker.- -A- baebslor of to 1b* end of lime.That b. -Life. ,. weather T",. .n\
,' .- :: ; 'furnace oowlnexistenoe for fodder Th "iLadj Ab if jon had only this rough
Itfl loiwr. 7J.i. ot bet to Warranttnaee c _, In the largest also txtenilrely used I Klnd told 'W that she' '
raI WMrrk. wbk* forty pears' experience, buslaeesman had thought cnoagb I and it could be ..00011I'plleh' .r oae per f naliel, which moths told you '"Th doctor be .
=onodlUus of 111*. f. of larg and inoreaai.qg .asIlh. hop... a tbomsna wordless witess --v.wo ftAO..r. only avenge puce I done what your yon esreful not to talk when j'-1 ;i.b.ja
:: w. 'lrttl..I lw On. ILUm4rU4 lJ l. for,..,, entrant lat. with tae aid of eleetrioily.bat a wa. 42 cent la 1800 was 82 cent la .pi "I bear >
lesti&sd. .
a oslanlatlng .pecnlator. a good .u ** Hewitt your ont in the cold air. -
h,>; SSTi J'D""II'( ua.4 bp MIMTk) = 7r. mldtt ol thJ9I1jLl.had r ."- current of 800 ampere and a potential IBM and 20 eat* In. : It M now,4-: Convlot.doh't :'kftowr She told Clerefn.1 '
4Mrr tl doetott"
*:iirp. d .'round fellow, and wonien lbs 'Vow thai > very. without girla*joe any !-
mong make "Sa7.-'hO'7I1D1'
.. .I_'.. . _",, t'., \ I.n'b.'Io w* Jlghted the fisev of. iO.OOO.oU.. would be nac.ssary.Tbisleetd. about 18 1-2: cent,a reduction of more. I"me to go out into the World and ._ i' ,",' "-'
f Jrtol. .. i1 L !Q .PI a.D.QOU ..PLb..lI. _1weYasabs; .T-JAr : __. : "
.. ami that.bbtoveairbw" -' 1r.1.ren.essauct> ttHir-wi'KhaH iilntoow :
t.I1LJ'DruqliaA :J'itTa" Ti ae* and ). to for bum, and w Ul'oaea.1'ifliikl$, .. ..
!laII''aauJ' Hue_ f_Ik*_Ixet. and at a lady when meeting bar wonld .1 it we for bin; the blow flU represents MM horse-poirer but meltIng a*. of the Unlurf-*te la .. --. SS1L5J -.- .' .'...\,* .

>- '...cw.1.c.-.pu...nn.._. have |*4. the most critical to **y b* ; "Y.t" aba, responded to hi. tele- .,.' the lightning aoeompHabed- COO sad this Ikom of agrica'.roral product L i- : "
: b ('ocb ........I.. .v.1I"D. was a ourtler eoartler, bat if it mni 1 ia th..faint i pathetic'q.qrtion. x..rr.rl-"J Bill got' "in considerable"* s"yl10th I.rmporUat IB Iowa,.UllnoKMlnncaota ( !
jaflu4 -if.II.,... Leisurely ota seoond, U follow, thai the : ; ", .
;\ became neoewsryjor him to go b*. (ng that flll a woman' voice whoa six month at hard labor. w-o,'* bard and >VlKX>naln.Tb* Mm t .,
;' Mn. 11'1._. ethIn. .'p.l r..I1... Iso her bolt was 60.000 horse-power, wbtcbbaveoper.tM' 'to de -' 't What ItIt..gieat.LM4. ,_ .
,ont the bowing and a&IiogitmitWa ib. i I. thus .U. upon \ cause* (l i i
; ; -
Alt =. : .oftmiu s Las h. u.n.wa4, : ::. bad no further bar_ for Haver. b.arl(8005ulld 'bsc1s aDII""lo laborr'I'a'' Ragsoa"Any,Ual" British experience .'.udi jo show creaao.th* markr't price efjhay bar & \ Zaxpn0 : :

Blinker. .I to. on with her that there U .no ah thing asinsneeptlbUity *- to ddreaithe market '
hill\ Strange to soy, \h. sought go opn-0d also' : \ .
If.!" ,.. r.'l'boia.c. .was not alwayi oonsoion of hi* weak'Bess Wa DaIIDIIL .' to vaccination. The public. price of oam aad the faUkeg eff la totltwould A womana body Uth*repository of the ".: .

Pu. rlD ft,!' and tber w r* time wben b. "Tse. Mis*Prince.' .b*said, with DO Old ,t .'8 ..t, vaooinators of London and ..Bollllia"report' po doubt, be even greaSer JtbaaU _ oat/delicate.mechanism in the ,whole*- t .
Flint savagely
..,. ( ) yon
Ofo 71 in 88,875 .
11 kra voieeJ ndX"m .._fal vaecinator ;
be ladiee' bald of sympathy in his la tb. foretga L of creation, and yet moat -women .
.bew....._...wouso orsnpwIOo.H really thought wa* quite a son-io-law.yonag m.., I I. but for lbs increase realm .
to became my with no ., .
:1 .Ift_' __ pretty sure my wife.will not Plr. "No I.aer.ly and 14,000 eases. .plloU..ol' demand, 'attnmUfwl! by tIcs expirtof ,wJllJeU..tw sod keep. t ot -
Swift (promptly) t ; ;
Young -S
:: i- .,.Whea'"ho raeevrdpfrom- of *rJ'tof ml-br. -aamyyp*" wanitoaaryyaurdlu9btet"" fiaae Ja..whioh_th* 4nditidntlwas.vaeelnatod ansnocesslnlly.. thes.-p.I.- prw.low'o 1 Id t I .. order, Jnst aa If It were of no consequence. ,.:
three time -
h aimperedagwin and '
bead throb .
: writerI may A'ald : ""..1'hoir back ache and
Thimorsk these Utter attacks h* was always surrounded Faok. 1983 oertineateeof.InensMptibiHty ', meet foreign comretHwn. iw ;
Yet notice than \ ,
pretty typewriter. jBbejperer oft wandering patna DOW 'here..4 .. "" '
by a .rg. circle of sympathising .my saw tha sior- wets 'granted by In the year .1800 the exportaHon' 1 \ burnt; they have lassitude.. .

friend (mala). so much 'sOcl.SL -and"Wales In the Untted Slates amounted Iiuoa.000 ill L \ now there.- ..1'he) experience extreme tt. .
.. riot 4a the Moed |a th. 8p1".1I0I1a bat far Mr, should 14O medioaf man iar England- waa\V4o-be-left-alon.feeling,. "
Until within six month b. bad [ and In BUDI. In K wa 1 X- don't-care and ,*' -
bustwls. ,1896
I Ithat
1'111. and the I tr I !
enptlpa appexn pr. thanked h'. good 10r''D' / ''. sir" said the man in eel'| 711', daring the. last year reported .n-a Irritability, .nervousness sleepleas- .-'
ral..1e i 1 l.a B.Mrmllf tACUaUdnoiHlllloil.rJna never been ab1.0 peransd himself lbs matterall when 1 wa admitted 1a. fact probably doe to the use by the 000,000 bushels, and during t he six I I I excitability about uuei i Ir +'1 .. "

-. J..A.s tnfl'!1if-ti< Atk"Stir 11- that the res) aDd only way to accustom "I bays lholfb' "and I leav* il lime wa physicians of stored lymph instead of month endinC on Jan. 1 th* America I I I I I ness and the blues yet th..wIll go '
house. their -'y-- --- -----
,SF7' Hooji.&maportII. erieUer.rjrtr.oe himself to the tue of a woman'. society over, h. oaUlu.c. whether very best ,". that freabv shipment''' of Ks amounted t* tTr-, I I -- ------ I I work unUj.they csnasaremWstmnd on poor., : .'
'u :' .. n4 .. to 70. a* a woman 1'A.nd! what brought yom h. perfectly \ and do nothlnr to help thenuelThoeeare araiBi. -1 -
.oior. sHrei a g appetit ID4. Ion* p was to. mplor a. 1&dj typewriter, wit and lot alypewriter ." --_- -sa OOO.OOO buMtirla, with Indication t/hat/ I-I I -I ewollen feet, 1III1eee'"fta

_1I'Ro1II itrfobnib.- and then he did it boosua a relative I' U my duty to 1.1. a ?. They caught me coming Warlike Jerce sills," of the .Arall. the total exportation of American oat the poaltlre _'.. of serious womb eompUeaUooa and' &. .
raa- of Us, bis all II I ia fast ia a neighboring this., or time. she.1''had recovered roND RaOO1.L0flO5.- 'In the De'tert with the Bedouin"i* for the fiscal year ending,on July 1, Immediate attention will result.In untold 1I'b8yoo4tie If not qneetlott'.of Adoubt &

-. 'H'ood'sS town bad asked him a* a *peOinl Uf There K.: Plnkham'a Vegetable Compound will
bed and illustrated lh.BDCh.h to 80000000.
Sb. written by 1807 will amount oared 4
thepalmary shook. doeen't forget bU a paper acriooa, and it baa
parllla rowa-on. it'beoomee" ,
: favor to the of sn ] before
help daughter all this
that in the ci.portaik'n relieve trouble
i 1\1 wonder bow h.ad artist, B. Talbot Kelly, has been a similar Increase ". .-
4' ... .. to "t'
I'llo' ln"tb.'n. V .PrlflrdbyMldriggI.t..g.,1. old school friend ol hers i in sore ,II. begun time Mater. Mr. Rolf AmCII.lKi to forelrw.l'OUolt1. after their trouble bad become chronlo. --
; mustered inlBoient \ .11 appear ia the Centary. of many of y l -
; ever up OODrg. EobinlOa-"II. cOMIa", tmmedJate1711po11 appaaraaee soy -
who was qal..kill.d stenographer : ahould be taken ,
of tree- '
t I Mr*. iun describee oa. ol the diversions of In 1891 the total export of Tb. Compound .. '
( the Dinkn. II. tryingto which ihvigorat.nd -
b..M..lnn' Dl'o.-.No.lad..dl ,ce..bl.01110
It a
and 'e t'or
typewriter.It enumerated.
: above
: RO94'i. ,.PHIi ;r1z' 8.4. 4tic.uo. beyond the prp went and np teach hi. baby the oolleg yell,"- the desert: by were 2S.OOO.OOO tons in 1890 the these symptoms organism, and will produee the aame bane*'
w.a enliraiy oomptabensibility the entire female
._i r-. of Mr. BIID"''* .IIt'b' her mind that the lady was a widow Pnok. By far the most ..exciting of their Tuimno ot exitonatlon had risen to OQ.- .. tlmnlate of alclf woman aa U did with)las. CoaL Kua,ills' ,
i I. their Octal resultS In the case any .
litioDal wiles oflb. -- bowver the American market .1
< equestrian sports OO taua. and 't .
ad.badJUedthatra OOO.) i
attach K.f
Mr.Bliaker would give her employment a> Pa. whose letter we .
':MAlSBvCOMPANY: and -' short Javelin "filay. I put to continueo Boee wood St.. Phlladelvbla, ,
he widow "on "iHe unsuspecting jened or for three products Is likely tor restoring bealth., Jjr \lr* tt -.
bat the aunt thought mightknow nut WIT. the "I write theae few lloem thanking you
."" Ba. AUBBIB:".. bashful Mr Blinksr. play quotation mftrk toezpresi Ions as the diminishing demsnd In feelings / -
; Sf ranFtIo.-oo someone who had a plaoa for h... ** D with Impossible to describe. 1 bed bearing-down .
fellow Soaqu Buffered pain
.. _-w---. Mr. Blinker sheaid DllaIlIDe-uTh. aarossm ot it, for lll..n saw anything makes It Inipractica.him .a..l \ .
.e1 .iI. tot M cit/ Therefore when b. wrote to his aunt "By: all means doeen't the United Blntr sensation In stomach chills headache, and always !. .
; the wife. The some very dry things nearly) approaohlng war inroy. all of tbe bay backache, burning my
coldly, gain 1D0.rLJ .l I here profitably tar bad
the to se to alone aqcueUmea ..
Boilers bat he would give I w.ayfraid stay ;
,'E1glnesnnd: : ayIng yonngwomen world ie fall of typewriters, but it i I. b*?" life. Two friendly tribes meet in asuitable It black specks eforoey and tried ; : ,: .
in hi. office at aUO a and oats grown. had several doctors many pat.-
a day.i
f.sii Wfor 11_. Pup ... monthj1a.a place was more than surprised not every day that a man can get a \Tynkins-"Tea, I've beard him aayDon't bit of desert several hundred ,TUer I.I .h."m.li.up.OD Which four and Sac fain"DI'.peU.agol was so bad that 1 had loge to bed and hove av __-( t\__-
_. such wife as d.- mrs If I do'r.peat.4Iy..ou 'mounted men representing each tribe, 'till; .medicines.Two year ..
"""hY-7eJ she deligUed and scat the goldemhaired win ; At least a you dfclnree that when one door ibuli I oommanoed to take Lydla XL Plnkham It v. .
was .no' sad in spit of herself there Baltimore Kews.'A and are drawn op facing esah other. door trainednurse.. Through her\ ; '
of her. d..I' old nnd-appsmitly P"u.relief that It baa. ;.
daughter oOber opens I
soft in her tone that Twirling hi. ... the champion of Vegetable Compound, never Y i
to her wa something to rue American farmerswith the beat of bealth again I ,
I scboolfrlend light over nephew.The which is open and am now enjoying
into'the' and in aloud have taken eight bottles "
want to be there.Mr. TtROBT.. aide rides open I .
her first abe did not one tock of unsalable hay < >
aba *
day sppcsrano Blinker noticed it, too,bat b* what mak.ethat veioe and with much eloquence a surplus can truthfully It baa euredme. -
Mr. Illioker wss oat whn ala. UraTMctar-"I win and _t. I. the door of foreign export :
to comment upon it.Oood U. recounts his deeds lot valor, and with _._.:_ s ese..ss. a-a '
called about 11 o'clock, and th.oSoebo7 didn't stop "h dog so.afraid ot.d always of the Meanwhile tbe spread and improve.went ... p ssuuuas!

and 'b. clerk!bating inauled upon for yon. Miss Prince sou a* if ho thought I .wa, going to many ssrosam challenges one ot tbe tricycle have gone on uninterruptedly 1$01. 1-:
knew were a womanof other side to fght.Omtha ; CATHARTIC /
"I "
remaining for a few minutes until snghed." you half kill him. of an opposing and die speed and conv,mience I'ANDY : .. .
.. seen appearance
Mr. Blinker should return she sat "D If she bad been Little aallht.-"I dees in tee the first turns ) of tramrportaMon onsurface_ cars : '
.. shrank champion arena .
$aUfiatUr .4 D.l.rs She as ..York Weekly."After '
and I
doan sear the wiadow Waite-l 'p"DkID'N. by tbe retirement -
yon greatly
"' touched with a hot iron. to flee chased by tb. second and endeavors have keen promoted .
A xXar..S, never once noting 'h. fact that 'h. aide before of bones. '
: "Thank Mr. Blinker she said to reach his own .. "
r MM..I. oific boy and th.clerk w.r. each patting you BO' ASD YII1I ;
_. o. ma Should
.01D.11' will oa hie .
., moment of hi. 'Now, if yon please, we go being oanght"by pnrener. Chines New Year.. :,
at"...0..1. I.p.rstmrOU1lad in every spar work. all. taere'i a'cloee affinity between he snooeed in escaping both turn A .j ,
IIIIIKRTD e.. II..T1 .d time watching her and wondering with our and the horse.** Chinatown- Ban Francisco WAI .
had of ,
lifetime the bioyole fugitive
... 8'11 flMlii .. badseemed as if a again and the positions .
.tas Sfos .
It." ) gaiety1s .
the misahiefbusiness aa aagel keeping holiday and -waa CURECOn&TIPATIOH ,
'. -.t.. ...a._.0.. what since she bed written the -hut "How so T""' and pursuer are reversed, but it always .,.
S .. full < Mill Prlua from heaven bad with Mr.Bliaker. past bloomer girl nd bustle. ,
.d u. o auppllra. right red-beaded
qfur.flte.d. .J&jolno word and as she bent down o.erit a* "I saw a enda f a a Bero fight for sopre- Tit narrow, picturesque"street* were I ;r'1

--u-.r p.p.r.iNTTRfAKE. If 'he better see what it was, tear toll to-day and Ih.-..' three whitebioyole sass, lathe middle ia which one or dcoraU4 with brightly-colored laaterug -'

When Mr. Blinker fiaally appeared,. upon the line. *directly ball1.dll.r."-Trnth..The the other ia generally unseated often' while overhead above lbs 'roof so* .,r DRUCGISW #. *

'( and the office and the olerk collapsed This Mr. Diluter also observed, but with the aooompentmeat of a low Up*, the yellow dragon..flag float** GU1RlirEED"eaF.r MM IM25 *- .. '

'I he hadn't the least idea who said nothiag, seeming; to.enjoy 'it. 'uvso awn VIV" broken rib or a fractured arm or leg.Champions against a blue California .11,. ABSOLUTELY A..tlTDl.I1II8t1..m&- Cs.., VL Im. S.si,.& i'r.aa..s -,
.NEMYLIiING ,a-sirs-i. w.w -
: she was and his hoart began to pound 'Before we do Mia rd'Gee" lie stranger entered ...laid lib being eventaally. ... It was a sunny day In February; and .BlBBBdWBH fra_ t1 .. tnlia.J r ----- ..._-_ _.-i... .
.P.., wntaah Vho win da two Boors' so on the inside of him* that ht I ask I."or..1 bands Mr. Oewker' deck. bore de combat the renialnlngodie.oharg. the streets were swarming with a multitude I' = = = = ; = .: c.
.. ...,ead d.r OBB..k.from sa.QO maid, "may a your seed on and .
J?, t f bsou.M WI4.OOp.rw..k. mrtiBlBS (wmfMl.- thought It was the janitor turning wa promise?" The pasteboard bore the iusoripUon at each other and engage and I of Chlnvse-men. women < ?r-' 'to ; : .. ,
A iIlA..=;pluck BSI! pot-.r aDd shaking the radiators -: -a moment when ohlldmn' .-.all atrsyed In their richest REASONS FOR USING. .
v; BTBI violas more steam ,np "What i it? Ye, abs a at".re4.I ; "Mr. JohnSinitb. In the excitement of the ., .. '
TOMOUt'f ; '
.. othIfi t9 ti-r-l- children especially -
II wtU COO YOU balls.. It holiday attlr Th .j
Ihe-cfflo and. wa Mr. their horses ,
ia and
Btv*uU.clor7 r.f.F.floe. Bitak_brawl biuuelL. "The name is 'a..ma..101 evcral hnndred men -
f = BOBB .sd fofloP.b1.4.&hla ,w%will Brst time b* bad .vr eeea a Mr. X I eant invtbe'aorimmage tb. with their bright face and black eyes :
prvnptuBBi. ot" SO neorel*xprMMauUnaa th very I "rhtif this women/whom amBito I Oaokgr.55 he looked up J J, fbat are involved and- la their pretty costumes, formed a .Wra1tEBake I< & C'O $

4 u ): -Os. ofprapakl br:- M ba; women in hisoffloe;and lbs xperlee **% formally to fc* my wife'* remember year _":Paek,, ,. death ot ....1 men and .horses .frequently' most pleasing and Interesting feature .

.{ .-'- ,,m*"1 tt -U-- Jj/naa/m tUat you results Woretha: '.port"conclude
: -
J b* said, .hawU, ot this living Oriental picture. .
J $ Mp...1ITn.....**r u iBlpoduowl.u...' om'lei..no4 tant h* was Ipooohl_ will marry .*.**- ,':; I I'-: !' 1" ,- .- A .. ".' *with light refreshment and Everybody seemed
I,: __k.1....llbwal .r:'Idk 114011.. "1.this MI. Blinhfn, .IsquIr.dr. instant the girl looked af .XonmytHbere a possible funeral or t.;V good-natured; aad ever and anon asa Breakfast Cocoa .
For \l.
of aa "Hello I" : l _
1 i, lb. m7 llbaral ,18.001. rising to meet., him a* 'h*. earn heM Sect her. Aa I remirked' before thisIs ,the group of' friend wet"thy topped .; .'.
OU'ria/ .
abe ross to her horsvABBj "
: =H.1"' ::: =;r"JuaT t. tstlnRly toward 'her> biovtbea '.' ," : goes. ODe of rshoatdAaatMaria.riiuAIng them -_ ,fttffffl approach to war possible, and and suitS much -eeremonion bowing 1. Because* It absolutely pur*.* ; ':?, .::( _
?"'S..rtWBlB.Ji.Onlr auoa VBrttla a* nran Mr. Blinker, fairly biasing. !LWbi. *,onlooker eicbane.l the compliments of the 5e5- walled.DutchTroeetsTa.whichCbemlcab I I'Sr
'4.!) .* < asikstBduAa slTa. the rmulalui aarlnfiiniorr i >''mttrejponded Mr.-Blinker saw that the tigress wa to the window. ",*. f. alm'oet aa eferiting for the notb-- X BCCIKU It to not mad by the < _
occasion was : _
-* ruKTrHHuviAM If b"were a.qhlbibvsl4o b.2lok.d blood oat for this festive )tr* used. '. ,:
A (> I| a* to mud be wa Irlght tbewsy, aallt11doo' a* for thoee engsg.dius4 "
; spring celebration
about eroa the
MXlIjHHaV.AU ..U r.l. wet wad tbe "MTby; right *&. log more nor lee than
';, for pasting'a on t eagefidereiTC' however whatever Because beans of lbs finest quality tr* used. .
.... f xTT" by Tear. .
,": \ ? .', wall. "Matl inquire to what I am boldIng yon aee .. be this being aa honorable ff Abe Chinese New which pft5ffYrS 1Intmpa1re4
> .Wait& alwpl", hjuiiwrlelmeJ. 'mulesr'-BoetonTranMript.Mra. oaanaltles may TbeItMSot.celebrating New'Tear *. Because tt Is mad by a method ,
".. ..t.Ii W _. indebted for tb. honor of 4hivislV up his bad aa If torhield himself exhibition of skill where no Darin Februsrija&jjke| eome'cf ; n 1ha.el'ltlJslta.aabtaUIa'lOLlll4.dof of' Jba ,

.- &' mr j from thWoVr"Holt -tilUeU ".u W. ,lIo.5boznerunctanyfatality--, my reader aa odd.. But.slQZL'tW tt istbt ft* rcooomic. leo tinf lea than one cent
\ Blinker ;1aituors lav* mad* ,.,, from tlm Immemorial .
w wbo tbe 4omsu irM\y, 4l** that j.Tkc been the Chnla custom .r" .. -
,>n Gusaaa-'loa', U atraag -'l- .i./u _
such egrsgionsly silly aad stilted S la older; by several
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.peeob. a* that to a man than b,woald met Will be my wiffBav -American* ehontd. 'be importing.- S bird. Kvmaer.'Tree.' thousands of. year Inert Our acceptance BAKER*CO. : : j:

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omplUh th desired result.by *T. tau elated from hi* recentsamiBatiorrojLwatat. it'7 V.f. &, ""i> _iA'a a*the S.__"when In the regrado ,ottin TTWob I sang the last, word two f., -4- tP& "s,.%- -. ; ',. "V." f._ _

'mean ia bi*knowledge b*.,bad ana$) stored for. two :--Whtl, Ton are getting a litfl too lag ol the Capitol grounds iwenty-flve maaanre longer than: ih 4idr"endomehow TTfce refujar ,ab crlpUoa U*<- f- -5-- -win-_***4rA'Kif to yoej fi-_-
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-- .rc"t .through'W''beIof'lUtenl bat for 4.tr1&O"0.4 Wben Pictures" i Is. $ .30,.
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know that m.i.oT. ruietrwid
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.-' :: am very.eorry. ) '' tdm\*.daughter Mdvtw*> sic W w.Wtk Ie _w.,011. .;.. .. A zn -..;_11-
'- JUrntr'& '? *Bege* '"- *..:abruptly,'aad an vifoh so recently oom ...d., Dr.'Frank mal wi-st the door;and,Mid.* I Mod nr InterfeTBd. The:It*. OIl plantedby = t tn .ci : .' ". '_._...,. .bI ,._."lead.1.' Them 10--. _.._, -JI,.1";
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1.R. that 1'which, i* ,. Pa.,.N. '. ".Da. LIBRaRY" Assets -sal 1Q.f. !
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haU ',' c. "tM. sugar maple planted ._.... .
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V V V4 f4V1hI1V..I.7 '-"tst at the Opel'lllloulo ;25.1cSa'of 36 noroestic for oTT rV Lewis;Trldair atoning next, ted will perfornt UM duties ol that office 8tnfit! tIHI1i V VV
But ; i.ttI .
; "'_ I. L'WX..IDAY'.JrU.aCK VV..V.V; $4 4 to-night-:: t. .'. V $I.o..er.da1Ja the week,.at'N. ",30 A delightful program Is be.- t* the beat o< my ability In"the Interest ; ..; -.311
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) '4c, .::: r : 1 an.day. V V'V P4' i -Look.t the Clock*to k given. ." .u..party Wat'.a. .t to Mill troad' 'yerandabl'.cI&iDt1',refresh- : j.R.aVvts. 'AJJ7cr &ii'F.AU; e. V :,;
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.. < : Mra.-Qlarkson of Virginia is iplcnlclnrr4a honor,bl |flss.CsrrU > hereby V t r
_. .- day insure ..bappyV.veuingfocodnd .1 announce' myself* .candidate iN5sf ;
J ,.. ;z '. J....n.a.411 nc'ua' ; ; visiting her.leterVMrIt IJratton.VV1D4o:4. .. Naacsr imbue *o-liar dcf-artnr 1utcharlotte ,or f4 tie oric* of City Marshall of Ktoslm.me : A d :'
LOCALNEWS.edutonJora.bKtF .
"- m..1 Vra &XPr***
.,. 'I a.m. B-Wyuj p. l
_,6. V flasher tomorrow.Camptefle .. *.; It - do rnydntyiJdHN I GROCRIES :
*" **\
Tbtn.at"Jlto'ckoc. 3 i i ; ; : Y Riclvet EtorstittbeoriginatQrU9s.PrCei4. praaaU.CI.Ono.M.rchth > V B.-NBWBOMB. I -
.._ Sunday-school' ,0,14.5. < nu, G. Ia : :--.R : i .? Horse FOOl remedy & ",
: .
\.o 'D.AoDO*."...tor..1a .- ; .e : : .I fes.rs-J3ittt. oOftj"
VV __ __
Pa-ken au.
is for for HarsaaJl., .
UM( best art tcItToa be mArket 0
r ,.
,. MBTMODiT.Servtce.maaDd at are held m.regoUriyat *acbSabbath. -W11i simpson VV know,VV VtgeVVVIt dcrkatlIotel V V -You should by all mean*' :witness .nf""d an kinds of dlseasrrof bOre Craig, Pilley, Sear and Simpson V I hereby announce myself a candidate V: : .' -". ---.- oj"-- "j..".1..,. ,-._...

.t:1t.:; n.. Sabbath school 7WOP-.t 0:4: } a.-m. XiQRiqurl'e6: C rler'-wonderfullcenie pro- ses feet. For sale by J C. Leske :met arid organised themselves .into 1M reduction to the office or-Marahall of t : ..O A. ; : !
4- er.-5 k: ductloaui4 .opeJlo'f".to f-* "" club-t6--k-k__.. the Kissim flsalmmoai dt v at Ibtl Approachlnjt Cityelecfoan4 L''i''j
4 JU P. Haghey, Supt.' Prayer mooting .t'ro.T1aur..sai _._ w an -t- -W ;-- a :: f .
nlght.\ Co".1et.u..p r-' night. V V. MrTDCl.ud Leei* n w''d moo Dramatic Club forMhe' rer. to roil-past. record of W T kbR ERS t !iJ
LnkeeiruStOVu.Mr. > ,, EVERY MORN1'1Ve
? Cltr"Marshall fitness ,
aa M ;
..blp.- JEpworth Ce.gn.'* p. in.i chargoofthe Mitjiriery( Department the 4 years as my _
of ntertalnments
__ -i t 4 .1 S. W. VAWI.BB In. the, Pastor.''BVptlat .:. JV!\ Coe nr,' of'( Griffin,, Reduction. for Cu h,.at K. ,t.1, I of the New YprkJTUcket Store, and proceed*giving of which to beneedlerthe ,: and ability to V All the' fjMcPjtATTBB.ltlon. ,.QJEROMRTLY 5OEL1VE1ED }! ;.'

.I- Church B.I"I'I.T..s.ntceo enrry Sunday at II a. m.and 7 too OA.; 1. spending some tlm'o ,al. the 'II you want.toplant; tobacco willbi pl l.as d to show their good building up of a library for tbe V : -FREEOFCHARQEHardware V }

--- k p. .. prayer nwetlng Thurwlsy night at L.akillouae.V,. V .-V VV ., .leave> yout ;order and a dollar for to all their lady customers.. She can ,town of Xi'jsimmee.. ( "i. For.Treanureri : /. '

_ ,_* rj: :" Sunday'-School'every. Sunday '; -.FHmilyluediCinei'V joe'fOVeVeYJbod *,ooa plants of the'fjnest" lgaa.led) be aeeix at the store in: .the afternoon .The following office..were eloc- \. | hereby announce myself" ri candidate. V ; J

,-.acs.) m. J.c. MASK**, Pastor.Krscorit ., at le ike's Drug Store. wilJl .L.'Van-Dusor.. *only. The Millinery stockofStanford'ais tedthDr. tot reelection to lb. office of City Trfras- FIE" TAYLOI ioEiY' J? 'A
-. Johns I Services every V V : ..;. the _Cltjc'election to be held [ $$1orE,
; i and themost J
Sunday at 11 too a.m.,and on 4th Sunday ,,-A. F. Odlin a prominent young Family zncdkine.VBetter fastidious complete be suited. Pillev-Pres't, and Ma'nsger.Wi hlsrcn aflrt and solicit tlie..otes of every .((1 JI'L \ \ 'lt ,

.. 'of each month at 10 10.. m. and t 130 p.m. of Orlando wRiln the Cityon lind out about them f rbro-J j".C.Lxsake can J. Sears r.-5ec'y & Trea qualified voter rf Klsalmmee City.A.LXCASTSa.. V 'L C

'd 'second Holy) Communion month at'the on 4tb morning Sunday of servicerWeekday (very. attorney business before the court.Tliufs- the Druggist WInterzreen, :'Koka, Peppermint ''J. .Al Grelg;Ass't, M' -'r. +* V V ). V V'V .V V .r "'I' "

at and Vanilla' blocks, The five members will constitute .. O'-rT"lO. 'i
m,. service- erv.ryWedno.da7. .da1' -Mi' Minttfe( Lord, who ha are_nice_for the breath Cindy only box the board"director*, three to For Clerk and A.( &'. .l.. V .
7tOp.in. 50
NA( coo i t-. Peters Divine' ser -Stan fords shoes will go, the been *peiidinjfv everal week with be a 1 hereby announce myaelt ateandldate. V '
.. .Ic.. on Sit i and jrd Sundays ot each irices seH them"; VIsra.j. ,- her friend Miss Lula Folsom, re at UeakeLtkrugtOrc.- __ lu! -V V for the office-ot Clerk and-Andltorv-at' 'V V-V- : 7. V : ;
Celebration of Ws M. Mikell the comlnt City election, and solicit the "Y."J
month at 10:30tn. turned Uii.lie r iljpjA| ) jMM.J&tn lOrd special agent City Coasted.V ,
Holy Communion on jrd Sundsyof each' R. Corntl\b..uLllilr.t. ot'iI"T' : '' ,>--",.- V of the Lancashire IojuMa, G'I CoinPULflYV.jfl4P4ij A meeting of theCfty.councilwo ( ,upportoahLmy( frUnda.. i. t '--W" 'N'S.
: : 'W.S. HABWB-.L, ; 'w' a1''v. .
month .service. ,
at morning 'ordXJohn und Mrs. M A/Fenner .
Rav. A. ICi.KBV HALL M. A; Rector I The best.drugs alwo1ulCct11T. !. Harris; specialaguntol held Tuesday night'a full V V '. ; '- r
of New Port R. I. arc spending of .
CHBisiTAHv-T-Serrlces at the Church the Insurance corapuny Board being present. The matterof .1'

T. each Ix>rd's day at tt o'clock. m. and some time at Hotel K l linllnee. iilling prescriptions, nt L.eakeuiIriig North America of Atlanta were In claying the. street wa discussedat .--THE .. .-. _.__. .- .._..._ -. .. .. .:..Jt ,.

7'3 P-, m. Sunday school' at 9 14 J a. m.I'ra.r 'For' best shoes at living-prices Store the City few days this week in length and commtinicat lon.-from V 4., -- V, .. ,(,;:
meeting Thur-day lilgliu .t 7:30.. Mr.E.. 'n. Waters of 'I
r' th. and public N. Y. Racket Store. ; Rey the interest theIr respective coin- several parties in regard to getting J V_ A'V jO;
I1* ? Strangers v folds, On., or(the Waters & Carson Mikell his hand
generally InvltedV V panics. Mr. ,tried clay was read. Jno.. M.' Lee .was lI
-Mesar,. N. Taylor J Morgan Grocery[ Company,.has* been l in the Tubing while here. i appointed! to go to Itartow mid RACKETUnderbuy .'Furnltiirer.'i
and Wullcr Hu and Halts ,
s J.V I
city during the .weekAii.itinU
MASONIC NOTICE. of Kt atfCMlvd the Millard pint -).. Wor.hlngton, Mrs.. Since and make arrangement for securingand I I ..- t.
? Orange JJIowom Lodgt, No. 80 F. and 8inimee the Messrs. Carson. i' her 'daughter Miss Carrie, who ha V ... loading a hundred car load. of -W "

A.evenings M. Rigular on or --befor. meetings the- full on moon.Momimjr In Power ing.e marriage Thursday* even- -Call at IxMike's ...Drug Store been spending the winter at the KI.lm,' clay.The 1 Undise11.WEARE.UEUE .- ---- --CrocketyHarness,,.., -> : .

1 : .each.month, at 7:30 o'clock.. Visiting and get a book, on how to treat lose llou.4 will jrs. tomorrow for usuaL.routine of .approving : V _. e .V S V V VV V .:-.t, V f';
-See those S duy clocks at the diseased fret of horses it will- bill. and paying officer salaries 1 -"S
b>eU> cordially Ivlted. pay Charlotte Hart, where they will spenda _____ V '
S. R. BASSET, W. Mt New, York Racket. you to read. it. couple of weeks before returning to wa gone through with' TO STAY! V .. V r
S. Ml Lisa; See ..J V V VVe1:4': S V
V .
The council adjourned to meet V IV ,
of their homes la Blrmlaghsm.& MUs. Cars
Regular monthly meeting )'. and Mr, 0. F.'Fullerton
t the of trade tho council of Iloeton few rie has become'qultea .Urorlteln Klssim- again a* soon a* Mr; Lee shall have BUILDING T I LA.
MTL TLODOS, If!. I., I. 0.'0. F: llour'd nt are pending 'days ., M
',"- - .- --__ u -.- .r OJn.toJ"'.. ttcndanc of I at I bid Xissimmea*, ba.kingintbe.l1l1l1hino .me-/:10Clet7.amd1tth, younn-peopfi .tf "TroiTr-lPartow andJready. curling-irons V-'" -- .r ojicSwn V L
KITIOHT OF FYTHIA NOTICK.Vriendahlp : ('he members and V nil other who.i KJorldu climate and reV- will be lotS to., her (to. We hop to make a report of what arrangement liuatattni nL -;.. 'V t.V h" V
these estimable will decide to can be made. Down Cash or ;
Lodge, No. to, hold regular wish to attend is doired. clUng in the l busses of her breer.es "people 050 '
at 8 V I winter In K(.lmme again next season 1"_ ., t
o'clock msotings at every their Wednesday hall third evening.tor,. Bran -Reduction forCanh. at Kaiz's.Mr. 'AIIe, mo.i reliable family eh loci I ._li_" lbLAaD-FOWEkS.- -. Paper Pin o_ ;.. OIC: ,

dew block. Visiting brethren. cordialLy! ,- Hurbert Flem'ingvlio' has arid Lcuke''l put en t inedicines can be fount Sunday -dinners at the Lake -V 'Thursday night March 4th at the Ten Slate Pencil oic "
'.vltecUct.ttend. Ht I Store SYSTEM.-
J. A. DAWN C. C. spent several weeks very pleasantly: ruj : House are becoming more and more residence of the bride. parent in .! :

; t )J. W. WATVON K.of.,R. ft S. stopping at the Kistviiiitnce House -\Y. [>. Van Duzor hon acre popular, numbers of people coming the lower part of the counTjr a marriage SafetyiPins j per dqaien, --_030 -- ._,, tt

: and hunting mid tishinp in the vicinity of tine Irish potatoei out On the celery in every Sunday to partake of was solemnised uniting in NORTH V EAST; SOUTH
Collar ) WEST.
.- PO.T-OFFIOI NOTICE. returned la I hill homo, in Alh f..m11..t lio is preparing to Mayor Graves' hospitality and hi. holy wedlock t'wo of tbe most prom. Buttons .040If -VIA V VIA.VI.. VIA. P. V V

Mall closes going north at i II::45 a. m en. Ga. Sunday night. ship this week. He is also preparing good things to eat. Among .those Inc l'It and popular young people of fat.Pin8. 'Pla. V V '
050 'Jacksonville, Jacksonville1, Dupoat,
and 7 130 p. m.: south t ::50 p. in Sugar V ( |10 plant live ncres more in a who dined there last Sunday besides"the the county. Geo. M. Millard of and aid '
Staiifords Racket is Underbuy Dupont Dtiponl ,0teatn.bIp -Jeaup .
as.lt--bt.! Cloud 7 130 4. m, N rcoonc Under elJ. few duya. regular' boarders .were : Kissimmee leading to the Hymenial Carpet TaCksVboaVV oicDouble Waycroaa:. ..' Lineand Montgomery. V VV

,_- 3S.ndl:3op.m. .. to v hatile Rev. and Mrs. Dodge, Mr. and Alter Mlas L. Powers Rev. > RAPID TRANSIT V AND .imsURI .aKD SIRVICX -V.
; OfBc hours-Week, from 7 m. .-lIen Miller finest hair tonicIn Mary Pointed
4 .- 7 jo p m.. Sundays from 8 130 to .9:yim. a -Henry Disfiton. Vice-1'reBidert the laild. It eradicates ill dandruff Mrs. D. C. Lee, Mr. and-,Mrs-. W. J. Williams Pastor of the Baptist TackvJxtxoicFinishing V. -

-r .. sad from I oo to 3:oo p m. of the Disston Land Company and and keep the hair. In fine condition. 1Is Chas. II. DeBarger, Mr. and Mrs church of this place performedthe vI4HK New West Coast Line. >

I>. C l.al.1. C. "'. .Ward Secretary have ,beei: a sure cure for baltlnr,, joe per bolll Banks, Mr. and Mra. Geo. Millard. Braid 050 .
ceremony. 'V
V -V--r out nt Kunnymedu fur (the pus .-> Geo. F. Parker' family, W. B. Morgan Bass with Miss Ella Oxford Ties -- V 7SC V V '

w ek hunting and fishing. They _V -Miss Rota Btirke, sister to Mr.', Hinton's family, Harmon Steffee, Bronson- and Walter C. BBS with Departures of Trams Iron V Feb.7,.1897.) VV V

J-W.J TllOll'SIII' left Monday night for l'hi alelphia. S. Wilier, who holds a responsible Mist Geneva Allen Capt. Stratford Miss S.lIie UroneoD, were the attendant. Men's Plow Shoes 7cBoys' IC1.t'l'Y'l r'1& ;
f? } V V
in IIIe'n1l&1n of. and II. C. Stanford
V. -Suve money by trading at the position telegraph .. Invitations had been sent Suit KOBTK novae

N. Y. Racket More. lice ut Jjckhuiivillu, spent Mondayhere -Miss Annie Griffin, of Oftford, to a number of the friend. of the 7oc Solid Vestlbuled Train V V II

) On a visit to Mr.. Miller's about cfwhom No. 78 DAILY, for latikaonvtll and .Intermediate points eoanM ,
Ga., who has resided with her sister couple 300 were LineoJCollara __ __ _. ,
j -- -
Funeral Director -(). T, Kimball J>uc t ryof the family. 050 Daily 111g'1t1ac"IODdu. with train for Northern points via PlaafSystem.
.>rri Jno. M. 'Hughey for-the present to witness the'ceremoD). ,
Runnymede Pineapple Company U ao: p. m. V Pj-llman sleepers )Jackaonvin to New Yortf hy KanSjraiem
and Embalmer 'V who came down to be present al -Just received at Leake' Drug past year returned to her home Immediately after the ceremony an Boy Hats -' 20C .ad"'X-C.; L. Va V

line of Mnwkes improved last week. her elegant marriage feast was served S
Store. fine winning
,V the meeting of the Btockholders of By ways Ladies' Sleeved Vests. ibc No. II DAILY for Sanlord and )Jacksonville, _1IectI.C with
: Keeps Metalic and \VoodV the March 4th lifts returned eye glanses, call examine and pleasant' smiles-Miss Annie had in which all the guests participatedand l all, trains on Plant..yatem for"all points. This train carried V

Caskets. Ladies' and.Gents' company honie to Ph i ladeiph in.V and get prices endeared herself to all with whom did ample justice to this featureof Ladies' Corsets -. 25C II:ao p. m. V Pullman sleeping ears Port Tampa to |acksonrllla sad Jackaonvllle -'

Robes he came In contact, and there I. the octaaJQO. Quite a number to Cincinnati' via Plant System, Montgomery and L. i V
JUurial feet seasoned Heart -Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thorn, were 'AN.. lacksonnlU New York Jacksonville to St. Louis.
30,000) no young lady in the town who of valuable M) V V who luive bceix-residing at Nashua, No 880 Mondays, Prtdavs for Sanford and all lar-
Second-Hand Lumber for imle cheaput-Gralinmn'. would have been made the you'rYg and !, Wtd..J-s
New and more generally couple profuse
are, spending& tome time at the ; ,, Men Dally except -mda/ mediate ,_. halwaan jCtstlmme*) aad i Sssford.,
saw mill. V missed than is Miss Annie: however were the goo ;y, Furniture. Lnkc House, until the cold weatheris i 9t3s.W. ..
feel safe in. extended to them, V :'seine' aounor SV
little interest i il bein.gmanifested we
north when expect Envelopes
over they 250 -
the in the approaching City lenveior up that ere long she will return to the : After supper'lhe dancing begun lotf 1'0..1. DAILY for LakeUnd; Port Tampa.. Tampa and all Inter. V
Also Agentfor Geoag ; to New York. state, where medlata 8.Bartow. 1 Puata Gords.S .:
"land of lower. sod take her which was kept till the wee Sheets Daily point dally except ,
up Paper
V : W. Clark Co" Manufacturer election so far, although there are they will reside.Ilairgalns up 24 02C too a. rn. '
number who (permanent abode. sma hours, and the injunctions ol VV
H arc .
ofMonuments qui.te\ V 'V '
S the call to serve their inunicip'ahf every day at'' -The Stockholders of the Disslon poet ; "On with -the dance joy Beat Parlor Broom 250 No. 8 V be unconfined. No 'till morn Dally except Siutday'Tamiw, and intermedIate points. Coach earned between.
Headstones and y oil ld williiiRly_enter I puh. :the N. Y: Racket.A Land Comp '! Beld their annual meetIng when and sleep to i Pair Blankets 4903i aa* a. mKo. Sanford and Klaaimm .V V
youth beauty meet, .
lic service. V In this City March 4th. There were 4 ,c
and Iron Fenci 2. very pleasant party of the DlAion chase the hours with flying feet," pound Feather Pillow VeatlbnUd Train V ,. V' Y.
Col. lames Forest,
V -Dry goods, .notions, ladies'drel. younger setf Kissimtnee society; present Henry ws literally carried out. soc .DAILY for Barlow. hem Corda. La IUOl Tantpk,
.. C. W. Ward sod O. T. Kimball the -
good. to unit everybody, aKatr's. went out to Mill Slue Sntu.land The Groom i I. a prominent cattle Crank Egg Beater i ac 88 Tampa and all interaaodtaM.pol.. Conatcis Mondays an?
H. M. of the stock being representedby Danaesdays with Pleat St..I'' Line for Key West and i-is
: .PERDUE, most delightful day pIcnic- owner and one Of the most popular I
V spent proxies. The lollowlna; officers were Shoe Brush a i21 P k>ana, and every ,Saturday with Plant SUamahlp, LJne
Watc1maker and Jeweler -It is reported that sever "( ing. These occasions are becoming elected' for ensuring year Pres. Geo young men of the county, and is to loc bIiS P VI --oM

] | young couples of K-is-imniec, will be frequent and add much to the S. Graham, lit Vice Pres. Henry, Tress, be congratulated on winnipg so Shoe Blacking oic -.-. V 1 V

4 .. V Watches and Jewelry of alt kind. re united for weal or Woe in the 'near pleasures ol-life in and around Kisnimmce if.., Pteck.8 o. C. W. Ward. A board charming a bride a* Miss Power ; V St. Cloud Sugar Belt. \. V4V V.

lb 3 w Vt, 'paired. Prices.'Reasonable.OfBc ... future which.is a bad sign'of the .. of dlreciors was also- sleeted Cot. James who i Is the eldest dauirhteroLG. A.Power's Fine Laundered. 'Shirt. ._. --z.5c ': .:...nr, ..: ti.t; I JTII v.I'; .

ct5' V at Leake's Dru. time. that are coming on this summer -A vary pleasant part7.co'nll.t. Forest acted as chairman' of tb. meeting, a respected and wore S_ .l1'! S ..10..1'8 Itt a..
FLA. _
V. V .. KISSIMMEE.: al thy citisen of the County; I "
Marriage epidemic 'are/
_ V < ing of MraiV.. Moore aunt VV
V ,,. an Tb. Okeechobe) landV company .also I
Mr drove into No. pssrrdaiIj.zc.ptSunds7 *4W a too dally .. 11th V
Mr. and Millard except :
folio wed.by hard times 99 ) tM" t
_& V V ways cape.Clfly of Mrs. I. M. Will-on Jr. Mr. R. held a meetlng'and elected a Board of dl. Kissimmee Friday mtpbi'ed 'TflTJiho aGovewe offer No. sot, d.U'-4&C&pt.s''d.7.. 8i::46 Pt| ass dally except Sunday... 1:11'iJ

-S ... '. V .! to.the contracting. pa, pea'iI Coulter and Miss Coulter, of rectors to .nre for the reiuelng, year. ,
r have taken. tbd "
Miss 'Jadla-A.,Leake' --.: ..atnreceiving- -new-- good Greensburg 1'*..who came south to .- V l>o you kmnrf lh t Hart's Ep.a4I.! *' the City-----up- residence V in TrunkH, Shoes, Satchels I Fpr Information relati0rtt| ,-complete- scbednles: etc., write toor caU on, ;. V

will taie I in nearly every day. Call nn ;.4. '. -, pupil -JC.LSekCTJ&race&downoniheFrairic.- V since-which.they have been making ..v. .>MltU.