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January 2008


CREC Happenings ............ 2
2007 Holiday Party.............. 3
Awards and FISH.................4
New Faces .................... 5
Business Office News ........... 6
Bits and Pieces .................7

4W NO^cU)

Check out the newest CREC IN
COLOR posters placed around the
Center: Pride! Working together to
keep CREC beautiful!

Leaf Image: Photographer: Dannyphoto80,
Agency: Dreamstime.com

i t I A .

Volume 25, Number 1

University of Florida, IFAS, Citrus Research and Education Center


...... -- k m*mEw

More than 350 guests joined CREC to celebrate our 90th Anniversary, the
dedication of the new Citrus Pathology Building and the rededication of the Ben
Hill Griffin, Jr Citrus Hall. Bottom photo: The Ribbon Cutting Event, Pictured from
left to right: Dr Harold Browning, Mike Sparks, Ben Hill Griffin III, Peter McClure,
Dr Jimmy Cheek, Hugh Thompson and Ken DeVries. More photos on page 2.

Effective Jan. 2, Dr. Jackie Burns, Professor of Horticultural Science,
began as the Associate Center Director
for CREC. Earlier this fall, Jackie accepted an
invitation from the IFAS Deans to participate
in an upcoming Leadership Training Program
called "Lead IFAS", during which she will be
exposed to leadership and management
training; participate in an internship in the
Research Deans Office; and be exposed
to federal land-grant processes, including
federal funding mechanisms, etc. Her
appointment as Associate Center Director
will allow her more opportunities for growth,
and puts CREC in line with most other IFAS
Centers (and Departments) in having an

associate administrator in the unit.

Dr. Jackie Burns


At the annual Staff Meeting and Holiday Party held
on Friday, Dec. 14, the top three Employees of the
Year were named. They are Roy Sweeb, (Technical),
Lorraine Jones (Clerical), and Alexande (Sasha) Kotov

Employee Spotlight:

Jim Vaughn,

Senior Agricultural Assistant

Taking care of the grounds at .
CREC is a big job done for one -
person. That person is Jim
Vaughn, an employee here for
27 years. Over those years, his
job description has changed
but one thing that hasn't, is his
desire to keep CREC looking
its best.

Did you know that Vaughn
cares for ...

4.5 acres of St. Augustine grass;
6.75 acres of Bahia grass;
1,767 sprinkler heads
Pest control
Weed whacking
Blowing the roadways and parking lots
Maintenance on the landscaping equipment.
Also, Vaughn was vital to the success of our
90th Anniversary Celebration.

Thanks for all you do, Jim!

Photos from top and left to right: Guests enjoy the day; Margie
Wendell and Dr. Paul Ling; Troy Gainey; lan Jackson and Anne
Burrage; Cheryl Buchanon and Meredith Pretzie; Thank you to
everyone who helped make the day such a success.

2 January 2008




2007 Staff and Faculty Photo

" ,

I '4jI

Photos from top and left to right: CREC employees enjoy the holiday party; Dr. Lukasz Stelinski; Madhugiri Rao and Yasheeta; Eric Wha-
ley and Herberth Rubio; Cheryl Buchanon's fabulous gingerbread house; Dr. Jackie Burns and Laura Waldo; Terry Daghita; the Carve
Your Supervisor Contest entrants; Dr. Filomena Valim, Gary Coates, Lura Rixman, Dr. Murat Azik, Dr. Ahmad Omar, and Robert Spitaleri.

January 2008 *3


$ftl waves


Pete Timmer, retired
CREC faculty member,
was named Fellow
of the International
Organization of Citrus
SVirologists at their
recent meeting held
in Adana, Turkey. The
award recognizes
Timmer's research
on citrus blight and
Dr. PeteTimmer psorosis virus and his
contributions to IOCV. Pete served as editor of
all of the proceedings of the 8th through the 12th
Congresses and was secretary of IOCV from 1989-
1995. He also helped organize the 11th Congress
which was held in Florida.


Bryan Garey, UF Gainesville HR, presented FISH
on January 14, 2008. The seminar was a success!
Thank you to all who participated in this program
that focused on work place and employee
attitudes and satisfaction.

FISH! is a skill that provides the process, tools
and language to generate the skills necessary to
design a workplace full of inspiration, creativity
and innovation.


The research work of Dr. Jaya R. Soneji in the field
of agricultural biotechnology has been recently
recognized as 'member-spotlight' by Genome
India International, an international organization
comprising of several reputed Indian scientists
and research scholars from all over the world.
Dr. Jaya's scientific research in India involved (a)
In vitro strategies
for the disease-free
citrus and caladium,
(b) Biotechnological
investigations for
the propagation
and improvement of
mango, (c) In ovulo
embryo culture and
induction of multiple
shoots in axillary
bud in grape, (d)
Transverse thin cell
layer (t-TCL) culture Dr. Jaya R. Soneji
in banana, (e) Tissue culture studies in pineapple
& molecular characterization of its variants, (f)
Tissue culture studies in neem and potato, & (g)
Induction of mutations by exposing the seeds
as well as etiolated seedlings to gamma rays &
somatic embryogenesis in seedling explants of
eggplant. As a lecturer in India, she has taught
Plant Physiology & Genetics courses.
At CREC, Dr. Jaya works with Dr. Fred G. Gmitter,
Jr. as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate and is
currently working on Agrobacterium-mediated
genetic transformation, triploid hybrid embryo
rescue for seedlessness and differential gene
expression analysis in citrus.

I-IH! participants croup Picture

4 January 2008


Michael Eisenmenger Robert Allen Morris
Ph.D Graduate Student Associate Extension Scientist
Hometown: Grand Island, Hometown: Macclenny,

' Nebraska
SEducation: B.S. in Animal Science
and M.S. in Food Science
Oklahoma State University
'" Research: Examining the
stabilization effects of pressure
on enzymatic synthesis of flavor compounds
Supervisor: Dr. Jose Reyes
Hobbies: Riding and working on motorcycles,
hunting, fishing, surfing, camping, golf, and playing
Office Location: FMC laboratory of the pilot plant and
Jose Reyes's main laboratory in the pilot plant.

Xiuli Shen
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Hometown: Harbin, China
Education: Ph.D. in Horticulture
Research: Embryo Rescue
SSupervisor: Dr. Fred Gmitter
Hobbies: Walking, running
S Office Location: Building 7124,
Room 201

Timothy Ebert
Hometown: San Diego,
Research: Seasonal acquisition
y rand transmission of greening
g *disease by Asian Citrus Psyllid
I Education: B.S. in entomology
from the University of California
at Davis; M.S. in entomology
from Colorado State University; and Ph.D. in
entomology from Oklahoma State University
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Rogers
Hobbies: Fishing, pottery, learning to rollerblade,
and photography
Office Location: Building 7135, Room 26


Florida 1m
Research: Economic research
on citrus greening, canker and
other external factors affecting
Florida's citrus industry;
developing an extension
and research program in
agribusiness economics; involved in extension
programs on management and marketing of citrus
Education: B.S. and M.S. in Food and Resource
Economics, University of Florida
Supervisor: Ron Muraro
Hobbies: Sporting Clays, Hunting
Office Location: Office 1A in Lab 1, Building 7124

Madhulika Sagaram .
Post Doctoral Associate
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Education: Ph.D, Molecular and
Environmental Plant Sciences,
Texas A&M University
Research: Citrus physiology
Supervisor: Dr. Jackie Burns
Hobbies: Floral design, reading, travel, and poetry
Office Location: Packinghouse, Room 56

Juan Manuel Cevallos
Graduate Student
Hometown: Manta, Ecuador
Education: B.S. Food
Engineering from ESPOL,
M.S. Food Science, MAB
Agribusiness, Uniiversity of
Research: Developing a method
for identifying metabolites in
greening trees
Supervisor: Dr. Jose Reyes
Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and
watching movies
Office Location: Packinghouse, Lab 1

January 2008 5


Due to recent problems, it has become necessary
to remind cardholders of the correct procedures for
handling paperwork for Pcard purchases....

Purchases received at the time of purchase:
When making a purchase using
your Pcard, an itemized receipt must "
be obtained. If your receipt is lost or
misplaced, you will need to obtain
a duplicate receipt from the vendor
where your purchase was made. If
you are unable to obtain a duplicate
receipt from the vendor, please notify
a Pcard reconciler in the CREC
Business Office, who will advise you.

Purchases received by CREC Shipping and
When you make a purchase using your Pcard, and
the item or items are shipped or mailed to you, and
received through Shipping and Receiving at CREC
(Perry), you are responsible as the Pcard holder, for
verifying and signing for receipt of those items. If
someone else picks up your shipment for you, you
are still responsible for signing the paperwork and
verifying the shipment. If you receive an invoice
with your shipment, please be sure it is given to
the Business Office for reconciling our statement.

Travel/Pcard Purchases:
Any travel charges made using a UF Pcard, (airline
tickets, gas receipts, car rental invoices, registration
receipts, parking, tolls, lodging charges) must be
turned in atthetimeofthe charge, on the proper pcard
travel form. These charges will need to be recorded
and copies of your receipts attached and submitted
again when your travel expense report is turned in
to the Business Office after the conclusion of your
trip. Please note, that this is because the travel and
pcard systems are two different, separate systems
and must be reconciled independently of each other.

Remember these points:
*Be sure that all forms submitted to the Business
Office are complete, including Project number,
Fund number, Program number, CRIS number, PI
signature and UFID. The cardholder's signature is
also required. All travel must include a justification

statement, which should outline how the travel is
related to your research and how it will benefit UF.

*All gasoline or diesel purchases must include the
state vehicle number OR tag number.
*All pcard transaction paperwork must be turned in
to the Business Office within 24 hours
of the purchase.
Online purchases require a receipt,
please rememberto printthe receiptand
attach it to your transaction paperwork.
Receipts must be itemized and

The Business Office will be issuing
warnings for pcard policy violations.
You will receive a written warning for the first 2
instances of non-compliance, which must be signed
by the cardholder's supervisor and returned to the
Business Office. On the 3rd instance, the card will
be cancelled.
Faculty members, if you will be away from your
office, please designate another Faculty member
to approve pcard purchases for your staff. Notify
the Business Office as to who will be authorized to
approve purchases in your absence.
If you have questions regarding allowable pcard
purchases, please do not hesitateto call the Business
Office to ask. Unallowable pcard purchases may
result in cancellation of your card.
For updates on Pcard instructions, please go to:
www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu then click on Business
Office, then PCard. All necessary forms are also on
this page.
You may also obtain further information regarding
Pcard policy and procedure at:
www.purchasing.ufl.edu Clickon Purchasing Cards,
Overview of Pcard Program, Online Pcardholder
Certification Training, then Things Every Cardholder
Needs to Know.

Please do not hesitate to contact anyone in the
Business Office for further information, we are
here to answer your questions.

Jill McDonald jam@ufl.edu Ext 1359
Alta Church amchurch@ufl.edu Ext 1316
Meredith Pretzie mpretzie@ufl.edu Ext 1214
Lorraine Jones lorainej@ufl.edu Ext 1320
Cheryl Buchanon cdpete@ufl.edu Ext 1221

6 January 2008

'.- \.%




Pictured from left to right: CREC employees enjoy
a day at Fort de Soto Beach; Diego Pozueta, Juan
Carlos Melgar, Wije Bandaranayake, Yolanda Lluch,
Sunny Liao and Rosalia Garcia-Torres


Naresh Pai,- _
former MS
student of Dr. N .
Salyani, won the
first place award Ik u
of $100 in poster .
presentation for --
his UF/CREC _
research at the
Arkansas section
ofthe American SocietyofAgricultural and Biological
Engineers. Naresh started his PhD degree at the
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, last fall.

Jan 21 MatnLte Kn -oia
Jan S
For Pirc

Bob Hoobin passed away on
Saturday, Dec. 29, 2007. Bob
worked for the Center for 19 years
and operated the Packinghouse
and Pilot Plant. Prior to that
he worked with shipping and
receiving and with Dr. Childers in
the entomology lab. Please keep
the Hoobin family in your thoughts
and prayers.

Dear Editor:

I want to convey my vast admiration for the
enormous efforts all CREC staff must have put into
achieve that momentous November 7 celebration
of 90 years of CES/CREC, Lake Alfred.

Bill Grierson
(CES/CREC 1952-1982)

Dear Editor:

I am a member of a small group here in Florida
who have come together to form the Florida Native
Sheep Association. We are attempting to locate and
document all Florida native sheep before they are
lost forever.
Please assist us as we conduct this first ever
census of the breed.

Thank you,
Ralph Wright
191 SW Beauford Place
Lake City, FL 32024
Email: old_cowhunter@yahoo.com
Tel.: 386-961-9112

welcomes story ideas.
Please contact Christen Johnson, editor, at
ext. 1248 or e-mail at
January 2008 7

*, i


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