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Title: Citrus leaves
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Publication Date: August/September 2007
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August/September 2007

Sf Volume 24, Number 5

University of Florida, IFAS, Citrus Research and Education Center


Living Green.............. ..... 2
Entomological Society Award..... 3
Magazine Trade................. 3
New Faces .................... .3
HR Updates and More .......... 4
Bits and Pieces ................. 5
From the PR Department......... 6

In anticipation of our
Nov. 7 celebration watch
for information concerning
centerwide work days in

Leaf Image: Photographer: Dannyphoto80,
Agency: Dreamstime.com

U1" L I I I


At this time of the year, CREC
faculty and staff are involved
with a wide range of activities,
including field research, grant
writing and last minute summer
In recent weeks, the FCPRAC,
the citrus grower's organization
to address research needs, has
made recommendations for
funding of $5 million in research
grants. The emphasis for this
research isveryfocused onvarious
elements of citrus canker and
greening, and their management
in Florida citrus. The challenges
of understanding these important
diseases, their spread in Florida,
and strategies to limit their
presence on citrus productivity
and sustainability have become
central to industry priorities, and
IFAS is responding with a robust
plan. Many components of these
plans have been approved for
funding at CREC and within other
units of IFAS, and faculty and staff
are accelerating their efforts to
gear up the research.
With five new faculty positions
in place at CREC, and another on
the way, we are well-prepared to
address the research projects.The
new Citrus Pathology Building at
CREC also expands our capability
to conduct research on the plant/
pathogen/insect relationships that
lead to disease in the field, as well

Dr. Harold Browning
Center Director

as learning about the genetics,
biology and other aspects of
these diseases.
Ultimately, we seek to develop,
test and deliver solutions for the
Florida citrus industry, and our
Extension team is engaged with
the industry in providing updated
information to assist growers in
responding to these diseases,
while maintaining other aspects
of citrus production.
To celebrate 90 years of history
at Lake Alfred, CREC is hosting
a celebration on Nov. 7. At this
time, we also rededicate the
Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall and
dedicate the newly completed
Citrus Pathology Building. We
look forward to this opportunity
to celebrate our programs and
accomplishments at CREC, and
encourage you to become
engaged with the planning for this
event as it unfolds.


Top Ten List: G5Green At Work

Most of us spend at least one third of the day at
the CREC, so you can help save on energy for UF
and the earth by applying these energy saving
[ 1. Turn off the lights. Remember to hit the
switch on the way out for breaks and lunch.
The energy savings from 10 million employees
turning off unneeded lights for 30 minutes a day
is enough to illuminate 50 million square feet of
office space.
[ 2. Get off mailing lists. The last thing we need
is another office supply catalog. Before tossing,
call the company's toll-free number and ask to be
removed from the mailing list.
" 3. Put computers to sleep. Whether it shows off
vacation photos or a cool 3D animation, a screen
saver is not designed for energy efficiency.
[~4. Use the stairs. Get hearts pumping bytaking
the stairs. It's good for health reasons and it saves
[ 5. Make the printer's toner last. When printing
rough drafts or internal documents, change the
printer's settings to economy mode and avoid
color if possible. Duplex printing also uses half the
amount of paper.
[ 6. Carpool, walk, or bicycle to work.
g 7. Recycle and reuse paper. Americans toss


out about 35 million tons of paper each year. Buck
the trend and start recycling not only standard
white printer paper, but all ofthe magazines, manila
folders, and colored post-it notes that decorate
your space. If it tears, it can be recycled.
[8. PurchaselOO percent post-consumerwaste,
chlorine-free paper. Take note when buying paper
- the higher the percentage of post-consumer
waste, the larger the amount of recycled material
is contained in the paper stock.
[ 9. Recycle and reuse office supplies. Washing
and reusing the plastic dishes and cutlery received
with take-out food is an easy way to cut down on
waste at work. Besides aluminum cans and glass
bottles, there are many other supplies stashed in
and around offices that are recyclable, such as
batteries, printer cartridges, CDs, and more.
W10. Curb phantom electricity. Many appliances
still consume energy even when turned off. Items
left plugged into the wall, such as a cell phone
charger or laptop adapter, can leak more than
20 watts of power. Avoid this by plugging office
equipment into a power strip and turning it off at
night and on weekends.
***Tell us how your department stays green. E-mail
Christen Taylor at chris29@ufl.edu.


Dr. Larry Duncan recycles
water bottles.

Robert Spitaleri rides his
bike to work every day

Kathy Witerington recycles
old faxes by cutting them for
scratch paper.

2 August/September 2007




During its annual meeting in July, the
Florida Entomological Society recognized the
accomplishments of Dr. Michael
Rogers by presenting him with the
2007 Annual Achievement Award
for Extension.
This award recognizes distinction
in providing leadership to delivering
results of entomological and
related research to clients through
presentations, publications and Dr. Michael Rogers
other media.
Dr. Rogers has been instrumental in offering
grower education on citrus greening and canker, with
particular emphasis on the role of insects in disease
His leadership also extends to the insect and pest
management recommendations relating to IPM
that are organized in the Citrus Pest Management
Guide. This IFAS publication contains updated
recommendations and management elements, and is
widely used by growers. Congrats, Dr. Rogers.

Wendy Meyer
Senior Biological Scientist
Hometown: Webster, New York
Education: B.S. in Environmental
Studies and M.S. in Entomology,
Cornell University

Research: Chemical ecology and IPM of citrus insect
Supervisor: Dr. Lukasz Stelinski
Hobbies: Horseback riding, reading, traveling
Office Location: Building 7135, Room 11

Jacob Chaires
Horticultural Assistant
Hometown: Lake Mary, Florida
Education: He is currently a junior at
Lake Mary High School.
Supervisor: Margie Wendell Senior
Laboratory Tech
Hobbies: Botany and computers
Office Location: Building 7124, Room 203


Do you subscribe to several magazines? Buy a couple
every time you go to the grocery store? Do you
toss them once you are finished? Stop! Toss those
magazines on the "RECYCLE MAGAZINES" table just
set up in the Library. The new area is designed as
a place for CREC employees to "trade" magazines.
These magazines can be personal subscriptions such
as Florida Sportsman, Better Homes and Gardens,
or People. They can also be
r-oggiSS professional magazine:-
like American Fruit
,e- Grower and Chronic
Horticulturae. Then
pick up a recycled
one to enjoy and
repeat the cycle!
Go green at work!

Preeti Sood
Graduate Student
Hometown: Kota, Rajasthan,
Education: B.S. in Agriculture
and obtaining an M.S. degree 4
Research: Laser Etching
Supervisor: Dr. Ed Etxeberria
Hobbies: Reading, yoga, sketching
Office Location: Building 22, Room 61

%sws es
welcomes story ideas.
Please contact Christen Taylor, editor, at
ext. 1248 or e-mail at
3 August/September




Effective Nov. 1, each eligible faculty, TEAMS, and
USPS employee (except those with
performance appraisal ratings of "below
performance standards" or whose
appointment has not been renewed)
who was hired on or before July1, 2007,
and has been continuously employed
by the University through Nov. 1, 2007,
will receive a non-recurring one-time
lump sum bonus payment of $1,000.
The actual payment will be included in Dale
the Nov. 9 paycheck. These payments are subject to
applicable taxes. Bargaining unit members may only
receive the bonus subject to union negotiations.
Each eligible part-time employee will receive a
bonus payment prorated based on the full-time
equivalency of their position.


The CREC Graduate Studies Committee offers
a limited number of travel awards to qualified
graduate students. These awards are financed with
a fund established by Professor Emeritus T. Adair
Wheaton upon his retirement. The fund is intended
to encourage the CREC graduate students to attend
professional meetings and present their research
findings to a wider audience.
Kirandeep Mann, Dr. Arnold Schumann's soil
science grad student, and Karthik-Joseph John-
Karuppian, Dr. Jackie Burns horticultural science
grad student, both recently received this $500
For an application contact Dr. Masoud Salyani at
ext. 1225 or e-mail at msi@ufl.edu.

Prior to traveling internationally, please call Bank
of America at 1-888-449-2273 to notify them
of your whereabouts to avoid any disruption/
stoppage of your University P-card during the time
you are away. Always make sure all travel P-card
receipts are reported on your expense report and
on a P-card travel receipt form.


This year's annual Open Enrollment and Benefits
Fair is just around the corner. Open enrollment is
-- scheduled to begin on Oct. 1 and end
-on Oct. 26.
A Benefits Fair for university
employees, which provides more
information about available programs
and options, will be held on Oct. 1 and
S2 in the Reitz Union Grand Ballroom in
Gainesville. Additional benefits fairs
Price, HR may be scheduled at other locations
throughout the state. A complete listing of those
dates will be published when available.
Benefits information for all benefits eligible
employees will be mailed to employees prior to
the start of Open Enrollment. To ensure everyone
receives this important benefits information,
employees are reminded to make sure their correct
address is on file in the People Soft system. To
check your current address in the system, follow the
instructions below:
Sign on to MyUFL using your gatorlink user name
and password. Usingthe left hand menu,followthese
links: MyAccount will take you to the Gatordex: Self Service Screen.
From this screen click on the "Addresses and
Phone Numbers" link (Orange text) and follow the
directions to change your address. Please keep in
mind that even though you are able to change your
address on-line, when you do so, you must submit
a new W-4 Form to the Human Resources Office in
Gainesville. If you notify the CREC HR Office that
you have changed your address, we will prepare a
new form for your signature.
Additional information is available on the People
First Web site at https://peoplefirst.myflorida.com/
logon.htm. In order to use this Web site you will need
your six digit People First ID number and password.
If you do not know your ID number and password
contact People First at (866) 663-4735. Emphasis
is being placed this year on making changes,
additions and deletions online. Questions? Please
contact University Benefits and Retirement at 392-
2HRS (SC 622-2477) or benefits@ufl.edu. Dale Price
or Anne Burrage are also available to help and can
be reached at sdprice@ufl.edu, amburrage@ufl.edu
or ext. 1322.

4 August/September 2007


II ?'- -7- 7 1- 7- -7- -- I ') -


's : 1 '1- ,


Dr. Michael Rogers, his wife,
Hannah, and big brother Wesley,
welcomed Anna Kate, on July 12
at 2:09 a.m. weighing 6 pounds
10 ounces and 20 inches long.
Welcome Anna Kate!



: "
* r

Bob and Eileen Hoobin (CREC
and DOC employees) had a
busy July.
On July 13 and 14 their
grandson, Torin, won two gold
Co Ro medals at the
Tae Kwon Do
National Championships in San
Jose, California. This is the nine
year old's second year of taking
the national title.
Also in July, the Hoobins
welcomed their seventh
grandchild, Ethan Robert.


Lorraine Jones and her
husband Jerry took a 3,800
mile motorcycle trip in June
to Mount Washington, New
Hampshire and rode the
Cog Railroad to the top.
They stayed in Saratoga Springs and went to a
Touring Motorcycle Rally called the Americade
in Lake George, New York.

Dr. Megh Singh's daughter, Manisha, was recently
selected as the Deputy
Assistant Secretary for the
Bureau of International
Organization Affairs by
the Bush administration.
Congrats to Manisha and
Dr. and Mrs. Singh!


Pedro Gonzalez recently
attended the XIV International
.Workshop on Plant Membrane
Biology in Valencia, Spain to
present results of the research
made between our Center and
our colleagues in Spain.
"The conference was very
important for our research,"
Gonzalez said, who attends the conference
every three years.
During his visit, the 32nd America's Cup, a
famous sailboat race, was taking place. "It was
very nice to see the competition of the boats
from all around the world," he said.
After the conference, Gonzalez toured more of
Spain and then made his way west to Italy. "The
trip to Spain was very
nice because I got to
see the Bulls Run in San
Fermin," Gonzalez said.
Probably the best part
of the trip was getting to
seethetown in which his
grandfather was born. "I
had a great time in my grandfather's town and
really enjoyed the Spanish cuisine."


Katherine Snyder's new
granddaughter, Valerie Rose
Jurczak, was born on July 31,
weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces and
20.5 inches long. Welcome!
August 2007 5

Change is good and th Public Relations Department
staff members have h their share lately. So, what
actly is going on?
Public Relati s Department's Mission is multi-
fa fWily basis twelve PR staff members
offertheir assistance with word processing, organizing
upcoming meetings and events, processing all
shipping and receiving, answering the switchboard,
and more.
However, another part ofthe PR Department's mission
is to educate the community, locally and statewide,
about the work done here in the way of research,
education and extension for the citrus industry.
Recently, some of the PR staff's work locations have
moved ... again. But by relocating desks and people,
those who need to work together can better and more
easily accomplish their mission.
Yes, it is confusing to many, so here's an update.
In an effort to present the best possible first
impression to our visitors the main reception area has
moved to BHG. Please direct your visitors there.
Program Staff- Building 7124, Room 24
Christen Taylor (PR Specialist) has taken over as the
editor of Citrus Leaves and assists with many other PR
Michelle Weger (Graphic Specialist) is working on
a variety of design projects but is focusing much of
her attention on the elements needed for the Nov. 7
celebration. Michelle recently reduced her work hours
to mornings only in order to finish her bachelor's
degree in the spring.
Paul Weikel (Webmaster) continuously updates and
improves the CREC website and will begin updating
the Intranet soon.
Word Processing Building 7124, Room 22
Barbara Thompson (Word Processor) has assumed
the lead in creating a center-wide database of external
contacts and continues her Word Processing duties.
Kathy Snyder (Word Processor) is working to update
the Employee Handbook, maintains a media library,
and is aboutto begin recruiting forthe CREC Speaker's
Extension Secretary Building 7124, Room 21
Jane Wilson (Extension Secretary) continues her
normal duties and has also absorbed some Word
Processing tasks like assisting Dr. Ed Etxeberria
with processing manuscripts through the Research
Publications Committee.
Support Staff- Ben Hill Griffin Jr. Citrus Hall
Jen Dawson (Librarian) has moved to the north end

6 August/September 2007

of the LLMr.iry Office .jncld
continues to organize and
update the world's largest
citrus library.
Sandy Hatch's (AV
Specialist) new office is in
the BHG Library Office and i
he continues to provide /
Audio and Visual support,
build a photo library and is
also responsible for DVD Anita Whitaker, PR
and CD printing and duplication.
Linda Murphy (Receptionist/Switchboard Operator)
continues to assist CREC visitors faculty, and staff
by answering the phones and providing visitors with
appropriate information. Linda works hard to take
care of clients during events, if necessary, and assists
the Librarian.
Kathy Witherington (Event Coordinator) moved her
work area to BHG in the Library near Linda Murphy.
Kathy is responsible for making all meeting room
reservations, following up with the clients and taking
care of them the day of the event. She will continue
her duties with the dorms and will be the point of
contact for events that will utilize the BHG Kitchen.
Perry Love Building 7124, Room 33 continues in his
role with Shipping and Receiving, mail handling, WPS
Training and will be in charge of the mail room and
Over the next couple of months, much of our time
will be spent preparing for Nov. 7. So much needs to
be done to ensure a successful day. There are several
different areas where volunteers are needed. If you'd
like to help out, just let one of the PR staff members

CG b W^uW

Check out the newest CREC IN COLOR
posters placed around the Center:
Ingenuity! The posters highlight the
personal creativity of CREC.

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