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Title: Citrus leaves
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Publication Date: July 2007
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Happy Independence Day
July 2007

University of Florida, IFAS, Citrus Research and Education Center


Lab Update................... 2
Business Office Update.......... 2
Business Office Update Cont...... 3
New Faces ................... 4
Accomplishments ............... 5
July Calendar. ................. 5

Leaf Image: OPhotographer: Dannyphoto80,
Agency: Dreamstime.com

Dr. Arnold Schumann and Dr. Kuang-Ren-Chung have
been approved for tenure and promotion to Associate
Professor at the University of Florida.

Dr. Schumann, Precision Agriculture Specialist s
Program Interests: Precision agriculture, site- Dr. Arnold Schurr
specific crop management, crop nutrition, soil
fertility, and irrigation. Nutrient Best Management Practices (BMPs),
Near-Infrared Spectrometry, Crop and Soil Sensing, Computers &
Electronics in Farm Automation and Efficiency.


Dr. Chung, Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology
Program Interests: Molecular mechanisms involved in
fungal infection of citrus. Develop better strategies to control
fungal diseases on citrus. Involvement of plant hormones in
Postbloom Fruit Drop (PFD), hormone inhibitors for control
of PFD and the pathogenic or virulent factors of the causal
fungus, Colletotrichum acutatum.
Dr. Kuang-Ren Chung

The Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall Phase II renovations
are well underway. Those renovations include
changes to the front entrance and lobby, restrooms,
meeting rooms, replace various walls, interior doors,
ceiling tiles, signs and other miscellaneous items
and changes in the building.
Renovations were scheduled to be completed by
July 31. However, according to Jeff White, Crossroads
Construction Company General Superintendent,
they are working ahead of schedule.
"By July 6, we will pretty much be finished with most
of the renovations," White said. "On July 16, the
operable walls for the meetings rooms will be
delivered and installed. Then, the carpet will be
installed in those rooms."


Joe Ortiz, contractor,
puts the finishing
touches on the painting
portion of the BHG




ati 64jves


In April, the
renovation of
SLab 1 in the
was completed
nearlyl and
Dr Jose Reyes
and staff began
Shelley Jones moving in. The
renovated lab
added space to Dr. Reyes' grow-
ing programs related to citrus
and tropical juice quality, enzyme
biosensors, electrochemistry of
limonene, and high hydrostatic
pressure re-
search (HHP). J
His gradu-
ate students,
Rosalia Gar- )
cia and Mike
are currently -
working on Poalia Gar.-,

their Ph.D. research projects on
deoxygenation of orange and
pineapple juice and on the ef-
fects of HHP on lipase activity re-
spectively. Another Ph.D. student,
Juan Manuel Cevallos will join the
Reyes lab in August.
The Reyes lab recently acquired
cutting edge HHP equipment
which allows electrochemical
and optical measurement under
pressure up to 100,000 psi (700
MPa) that Mike Eisenmenger will
use for his research.
The new USB fiber optic spec-
trophotometer, which Rosalia is
using for research, will allow high
speed and continuous monitor-
ing of oxygen in juice.
A new digital, programmable
viscometer will allow pectin vis-
cosity, temperature and pH to
be measured simultaneously, in
real time. Shelley Jones, chem-


ist. has been
working with a
number of ex-
periments on
limonene elec-
an effort to de-
velop a rapid
Mike Eisenmenger method for
detection of
limonene levels in juice.
Dr. Reyes will host a lab open
house on Friday, July 20 from 9
a.m. noon. Come see the new
lab and enjoy some refresh-

Dr Pe,.s Lab
C.Open HOuse
-ridai. Jul, 20
9 a m noon
E..er, :ne is iin..ted'

Requisition for Pur-
~ chase Order Policies
R' oI and Procedures:
When purchasing
Commodities, services,
." 'or equipment of any
kind, please remember
4' the following UF rules:
S. A completed
Tnh Bu.in- o.i.: sf arf n rmerriDer- requisition
(which is available
online or in the Business Office) must be turned in
to the Business Office BEFORE ordering, purchas-
ing, or picking up any tangible item(s) and BEFORE
any service, maintenance or repair agreements
are carried out. If this is not done, the Business Of-
fice cannot guarantee that the PO will be approved
by Gainesville Purchasing or that the vendor will
be paid.
SWhen purchasing any single item more than
Fiscal, Page 3
2 July 2007

For those who have grants closing out in September,
now is the time to start checking accounts for open
encumbrances and getting merchandise here before
your grant end date. Remember, merchandise and/or
services must be received by the grant end date. If
the merchandise and/or service is unavailable, then
the encumbrance needs to be moved to another
project. That places the funds back in the budget to
use for other needed things for the project.
Check salary appointments to make sure there are
enoughfundsto carry personnel to the grant end date.
Now is the time to think about payroll appointments
forthe employees whose appointments will end. Keep
reappointments in mind and ascertain what project
and when they need to move. Human Resources is
available to assist.
Remember that Worker's Comp and Unemployment
Insurance is usually four to six weeks behind in
posting, so leave funds to cover those.
For those who have grants that will be rolling,
Grants, Page 3


Fiscal, continued from Page 2
$5,000, two additional verbal quotes must be at-
tached to the requisition. Requisitions more than
$25,000 require two or more written quotes, and
more than $50,000, requires a bid process through
the University Purchasing Department.
When filling in the information on a requisi-
tion, the information must be legible, with
some form of backup attached which includes
vendor address, prices quoted, items or services
being ordered, etc.
.j All requisitions must have the appropriate
signatures, and forms attached i.e....Circa
(software) orders must have proper registration,
contact and order forms attached. Requisitions
that are not properly completed will be returned to
the requestor.
It is extremely helpful (but not required) if in
the remarks section, a brief description or ex-
planation of what is being purchased, in the case
that it is not easily recognizable. For instance,
"Topcon Hiper XT", under remarks could say, "GPS
system for use in grove." This ensures that pur-
chases are coded and categorized correctly by
When choosing a vendor for an item or ser-
Svice, please check with the Business Office,
Lorraine or Meredith, to be sure that the vendor
chosen is currently on the University's approved
vendor list. If they are not on the approved vendor
list, they must be added by Gainesville BEFORE a
requisition can be entered into the system. If they
are not on the approved vendor list, payment will
be delayed and cannot be guaranteed. Vendors
who are on the CREC campus for any work related
purpose must have proof of Workers Compensa-
tion Insurance and General Liability Insurance be-
fore they are approved vendors. See notice, right.
The Business Office is anxious to assist and an-
swer any questions regarding purchasing and ac-
counts payable.

Grants, continued from Page 2
remember to check the budget percentage that
is uncommitted. The amount that can roll is 25
percent of the total budget. A portion of residual
funds in excess of 25 percent goes to Research
Administration and the Center Director.
USDA Grants usually do not roll. Any unspent
funds are returned to the sponsor. If adjustments
are needed between projects, see Alta in the
Business Office.
If an extension is needed on your end date, this
should be done for USDA at least 30 days before
the grant ends. All others should be done five to
six weeks before end date. Please notify Alta of
any extension requirements.
Closing Reports should be completed as soon as
possible. Remember to send a copy of the cover
letter or the first page of the Final Report to Kayla
Moore tegra@ufl.edu, Post Award Accounting
person, C & G Accounting. Her email address
is tegra@ufl.edu. An e-mail copy should be sent
to Alta so she can place it in your grant file. This
should be done when you submit your report to
your sponsor.

Vendors shall carry Worker's Compensation
Insurance as required by Chapter 440, Florida
Statutes. If the vendor is exempt from carrying
Worker's Compensation, the exemption certificate
must be provided. During the term of this contract,
vendors shall carry, at a minimum, the following:
Commercial General Liability Insurance with
liability limits of at least $500,000 per occurrence
for bodily injury, death and property damage and
shall protect it from claims which may arise whether
such claims may arise out of the operations of the
vendor or by anyone directly or indirectly employed
by the vendor. Automobile Liability Insurance on
all vehicles used to carry out the contract against
bodily injury and property damage in the amount
of at least $500,000 per occurrence. Builder's
Risk Insurance at replacement cost if indicated
by the nature of the contract. Please note that
the University of Florida must be named as an
"Additional Insured."

3 July2007

Citrus Leaves
welcomes story ideas. Please contact
Christen Taylor, Editor, at ext. 1248 or
e-mail at chris29@ufl.edu.

Editor's Note: A special thanks goes out to
Steve Rogers for helping to create a new and
improved Citrus Leaves! Thanks, Steve!

Dr. Uma Shankar Sagaram
Senior Biological Scientist
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Education: B.S. in Agriculture
from the Acharya N G Agricultural
University: M.S. in Plant Soil and
Environmental Sciences from West
Texas A & M University; Ph.D. in Plant Pathology
from Texas A & M University
Research: Characterization of Citrus Greening and
Citrus Canker
Supervisor: Dr. Nian Wang
Hobbies: Sports
Location: Building 7124, Room 153

Dr. Jeong-Soon Kim
lk' Post Doc Research Associate
'i. Hometown: Daejeon, Korea
Education: B.S. in Biology from the
Chung Nam National University;
M.S. in Botany from the Chung
Nam National University; Ph.D. from
Texas A & M University in Plant Breeding
Research: Localizing Greening causing bacteria in
Supervisor: Dr. Nian Wang
Hobbies: She enjoys working with fabrics.
Location: Building 7124, Room 157


the C

Julio Bastidas
.i IT Support Specialist
Hometown: Bogota, Columbia
Education: After high school,
he received a technical degree
in Electronics and Computer
Networking Technology from
computer Learning Center in Paramus, New

Supervisor: Allan Burrage
Hobbies: Surfing the Internet and watching
Location: Building 7124, Room 124

Wade Pratt
Summer Intern Public Relations
Hometown: Haines City, Florida r
Education: He graduated from
high school ranked number
nine and just received an A.A.
in Mass Communications from
Polk Community College. He begins USF in the
fall majoring in Public Relations/Advertising.
Wade eventually plans to get his Masters in Mass
Supervisor: Anita Whitaker
Hobbies: He enjoys playing tennis,jogging, cycling,
watching old movies, reading, and traveling.
Location: Building 7124, Room 24

Jonathan Mercado
Grove Crew
Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Education: Jonathan is a graduate
of Auburndale high school.
Supervisor: Troy Gainey
Hobbies: When he's not working, he
enjoys tuning Honda automobiles.
Location: Grove Crew

Dr. Muhammad Jaskani
Exchange Visitor
Hometown: Faisalabad, Pakistan
Education: B.S. in Horticulture
from the University of Agriculture
in Fainlabad, Pakistan; M.S. in
Horticulture from the University
of Agriculture in Fainlabad, Pakistan; Ph.D. in
Horticulture from the University of Agriculture in
Fainlabad, Pakistan
Research: He currently is studying molecular
techniques in citrus.
Supervisor: Dr. Fred Gmitter
Hobbies: He loves photography and enjoys
collecting coins and stamps.
Location: Building 7124, Room201

4 July 2007

Sn e

- .- --_- _- I

Congratulations to Dale
Price, Human Resources, on
his second grandchild. Ian
Sebastian Price was born
on June 7, 2007, at 11:12
p.m. weighing 5 pounds, 9
Sources. He was 18 inches


Daniel Burrage,son ofAllan
and Anne Burrage, recently
received national and state
recognition for scoring 650
on the SAT critical thinking
portion of the test and 660
for mathematical totaling
Daniel, a 13 year old
seventh grade student
at Discovery Academy,
was invited to the Florida
Recognition Ceremony by Duke University through
the Talent Identification Program (TIP). Students were
scored just like high school juniors and seniors.
There were 21,301 seventh grade students across
the nation but only 2,762 students received state
recognition in Florida. Daniel also received a
recognition of Academic Excellence award for his
scores at Discovery Academy.

I 12 13 4 5 16 1 7 8 19 110 111 121 13 114 15 16 17118 119 120 1 21 22 123 124 25 1 26 271 28 129 130 31

Faculty Meeting
8:30 a.m. 10 a.m.

1_ Plant Pathology Candidate Seminar:
Dr. Megan Dewdney
10 a.m. noon

Happy 4th of July!

Reyes Open House
9 a.m.- noon

July2007 5


Be sure to check out this
month's CREC PROFILE placed
around the center: Diversity!
It highlights the unique qualities
of our individual character.


degree in biology and a minor in
crichemistry. While attending the
p..z University of Liberia she worked
Sas a biology, chemistry and
physical science lab assistant.
Decontee has an interviewforan
immigrant visa in July and if granted a visa she plans
to move to the U.S. to possibly pursue a degree in
nursing. Best of luck Decontee! William works with
Dr. Gene Albrigo as a biological scientist.


The CREC has an
update on Covadonga
Arias and Oscar Olivares,
previous CREC employees. -:,f
Covadonga, who worked a d -
for Dr. Ed Etxeberria,
has been promoted to .
Associate Professor at the r r. e wo a
Department of Fisheries .
and Allied Aquaculture at Auburn University. Cova,
a native of Valencia Spain, worked for Dr. Jacqueline
Burns before accepting a position as Assistant
Professor at Auburn. In her spare time, Cova has
become an avid equestrian finishing second place
in a recent competition. Cova and Oscar Olivares,
who worked for Dr. Jude Grosser, are competing
in state tennis tournaments. Oscar recently won a
local tournament in Auburn.

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