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Title: Citrus leaves
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Publication Date: May 2007
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Published in the interest of CREC faculty, staff and friends


1h tlie I)p grleeliillg
"aic lkder ii 1CREC gro..
operations teaI 1odiF',ing their
ces to iincrea I)cpst ipanaige1nient,
ia citrus )s', lid. This is
ll ting ill additional pesticidal
plications to reduce season-long
pop llations oF the sectorr oF greening.
As ii the past,all gro.e sites are posted
\he 1 pesticide )applications ccur,II
indi eating the date oF lthe 31)ilication1
and tlie I'eentr", inFormlation. Tihe
inFo nation is also I)osted in Bldg. 24
adia int to the ConFFllerence Room.
W 11 increased )pesticidal applications,
it i ,erl imlllortant that all CREC
COn m11ilin', eIlmce1111sl ['se 31ttenti.e to
thle nForlation i)osted on glo.e signs
and carefully', Follo1 tlle illStructionlS
on11 (enti",.
SLIestionS sholold L'be 3 ddl. ssCed to
Tro Gaine',, CREC Gro.e OI)erations,
or I r. Arnold SChulllallnn, Chair, CREC
GrI e Coniinittee.
For tlie ne -
12 111O11ths,

0\ill cieate and
l)Iace CREC
I)OSterCIS 31'OLI ndl
ca311I)uS. These
I)osters 'Aill
FeatL*e photos oF staFF and FacuIlt',
in1 il ',ers doing tlieir lobs Miith a
)poSi \e rFittenl mnlss3ge.
Th month's foster due out this
`ee6f is CHALLENGE and Features
to )F ourI FaCLIlt', mII1Iem11be'S.
IF OIl 113. al3 idc3 F1Fo a3 LII)COIlill
mo11l 11, please contact Clhristen Ta' or
at e 1248.

Lab Lessons
IB Students
The 60 Haines City High School
International Baccalaurean students
were curious. They'd read about it.
They'd studied it. They'd even passed
tests concerning it. Now, they were
able to see how genetics really works.
"Instead of the teacher explaining it,
we get to see how it works in the real
world," said Vanessa Keverenge, HCHS
IB ninth grader.
Dr. Jude Grosser, Professor of
Horticultural Sciences, and his lab joined
Dr. Ron Brlansky, Professor of Plant
Pathology, to allow the group to use
techniques learned in the classroom.

Ssconce explains sore
Monifa acontellothe students
Moniaspects of her jobtothe

CREC is not an open campus. Visit(
the Administration Building in the mor
Please do not direct unescorted visitors
to their destinations or call the person
pick them up.
Normally the proper procedures are
seen wandering around buildings and i
faculty member with them. If you have
at ext. 1233.

Dr. Jude Grosser, Professor of Horticultural
Sciences, CREC, talks to a group of Haines City
High School IB students during a recent tour.

7icrs Ep I Yorl,~lO) ho V
th eectron

must sign in with the receptionist in
igs and in the Library in the afternoon.
Offices or buildings either take them
iey are visiting and ask them to come

allowed but recently visitors have been
ler parts of campus without a staff or
lestions, please contact Anita Whitaker

CREC Visitors 1list Be Escorted

6O~ 0~

Dr. Michelle Danyluk
Assistant Professor, Food Science
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Education: B.S., Biological Sciences,
Llni'. ersit', of Alberta, Microbiology;
M.S., ULni.ersity of Georgia, Food
Micro.biologyTyphimurium DT104in cattle;
Ph.D., LIC Davis, Food Microbiology
Ongoing Research: Research focuses
on microbial food safety and quality, emphasizing the
microbiology of fruit juices, fresh fruits and vegetables and
tree nuts. Extension Specialist for citrus processing issues-
work with processors and packers to enhance quality, safety
and value of processed citrus products.
Hobbies: Michelle is an avid traveler who is two continents
and one ocean away from having completed her goal of
visiting all 7 continents and swimming in all five oceans. She
enjoys cooking, hiking, skiing, camping and visiting National
Parks. Michelle is also a dedicated fan of the Calgary Flames
hockey team.
New Office: Packinghouse, Second Floor

| Dr. Michael J. Davis
Professor, Plant Pathology
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Education: B.S., 1973: Colorado State
SUniversity, Ft. Collins, CO, Botany; M.S.,
1975: Colorado State University, Ft.Collins,
CO, Plant Pathology; Ph.D., 1978: University
of California, Berkeley, CA, Plant Pathology
Past Positions: Professor [1990 to 2006] See CREC's website
for later than 1990.
Research: Plant Pathology
Specialization: Fastidious Prokaryotic Plant Pathogens,
Diseases of Sugarcane; Anthracnose in Tropical Fruit Crops;
Transgenic Resistance to Papaya Ringspot Virus in Papaya
New Office: Building 24, Room 109A

0OL9 O

Jen Dawson
Hometown: Sarasota and is married
(nlo kids, just two cats]
Education: B.S. Psychology, University
of Florida; M.A. Library Information
SScience, University of South Florida
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies
and biking
Ambitions: Possibly get another advanced degree.
Location: CREC Library

Dr. Lukasz Stelinski
Assistant Professor, Entomologist
Hometown: Wroclaw, Poland
I Education: B.A. Biology with a minor
illn Anthrolpology, graduating with honors
F roll Kajlllazoo College, Kalamazoo,
MI.; M.S. Entomology Michigan State
University, East Lansing; Ph.D. Entomology Michigan State
University, East Lansing
Current specific interests: Development and application of
behavior-modifying chemicals, natural-product insecticides,
and biological control as part of integrated pest management
Hobbies: Gardening, pickling vegetables, cooking, fishing,
home-brewing fine beers, cheering for the Denver Broncos,
traveling, jogging, rearing and living with various pets, and
New Office: Building 7135, Entomology

Michelle Weger
Photo/Graphics Specialist
Hometown: Born in Terre Haute, Indiana
l[lit she moved to Polk County at the age of
10. Grew up in Auburndale.
Education: Graduated from high school at
16; Enlisted in the U.S. Air Force Reserve
at 17; Completed Electronic Computer and Cryptographic
Switching Systems Technician for the 920th Rescue Wing
Combat Communications Flight in Cocoa Beach and is
currently stationed there as a Senior Airman; Senior at
Southeastern University in Lakeland.
Hobbies: She enjoys music and golf.
Location: CREC Library Office






Dr. Dan King,
Scientific Research Director,Florida
Dr. Dan King has been named Scientific
Research Director for the Florida
Department of Citrus.
King has extensive background in
the citrus industry, and with this
appointment has come full circle. His
career in the citrus industry began as
a laboratory technician at Lake Alfred's
then Citrus Experiment Station. He
holds a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from
Indiana University, Bloomington.
King's career includes teaching positions,
work in research and production
management in the Florida plant tissue
culture industry, various positions in
citrus processing facilities, as well as five
years at the Florida Citrus Processors
King has been with the FDOC since
May 2006 when he assumed the
responsibility of Special Projects Manager.
In that position his responsibilities have
included Principal Investigator for an

Department of Citrus
FDOC/NASA project to develop a
Decision Support System for citrus
growers based upon data gathered by
satellite imagery, Principal Investigator
for registering an abscission chemical
associated with mechanical harvesting
of citrus groves, facilitator of the Citrus
Harvesting Research Advisory Council,
and providing oversight of data collection
and publication associated with citrus
processors production, movement and
inventory data.
King will assume full responsibility
of the new position in July upon the
retirement of current Research Director
William S. Stinson.
Stinson has been with the FDOC since
1995 and has been responsible for new
product development and exploring and
evaluation new technologies for citrus
products. He has also been responsible
for directing the medical and nutrition
research activities.
Original story from The Florida Citrus Reporter

Ayako Kusakabe
Graduate Assistant
A new PhD student,
Ayako Kusakabe
recently joined Dr.
Jim Syvertsen to work
on citrus drought
stress physiology
and flowering. Ayako
[pronounced eye ah ko, without emphasis] is originally from
Japan and recently earned an M.S. degree working on citrus
fertigation at the University of Arizona [Tucson]. She will
be co-advised by Dr. Arnold Schumann and will be here
at CREC until fall courses start in August in Gainesville.
Welcome Ayako!

Robert Spitaleri
On April 6, 2007,
Robert Spitaleri was
welcomed as a new
CREC employee. He
is a biologist working
with Dr. Tim Spann
on various projects
related to citrus
horticulture. Spitaleri is originally from St. Petersburg and
enjoys carpentry and flying. After receiving his bachelor's
and master's degree from the University of Florida in
Agronomy, he and his wife were based in Tanzania with
the United Methodist Church working in agriculture and
health care. He is the proud father of two daughters and a
son. Please be sure to welcome Robert when you see him
around the Center!


Stellar Employees


Dr. Larry Jackson, retired UF professor, holds up the Citrus
Hall of Fame award. Inset photo: Jackson, circa 1980.

Retired UF Professor Inducted

Into Citrus Hall of Fame
The red carpet, flasl bulbs and statues Iere conspicuously',
absent but the heartfelt thanks From the recipients and
appreciation From1 the audience illelbers, ill the Foril
oF standing ov'.'ations and applause, was plentiful during
the Citrus Hall of Fame Luncheon on Feb. 28 in Winter
Dr. Larr', Jackson and Bert Schul:,1 the 150tli and 151st
inductees, were received into the Hall of Fame For their
contributions to the citrus industry, This e'.ent is co-
sponsored b', the Hall of Fame parent Corporation, Florida
Citrus Showcase, and Polk Count', Fair, Inc., a non-profit
Corporation, and the Florida Department of Citrus. The
Florida Citrus Hall oF Fame has been "honoring those \\ho
have given unselfishl'' of their time and efforts in the Florida
Citrus Industri,"' since 1962.
Bert Schu lt: and his father, William, started the Florida
Chemical Company, back in 1942. Si:x:ty' fi\e years ago,
the market for citrus oils extracted was limited. No'6 the
company lias become one of the largest producers of d-
Limonene, generated $45 million dollars in annual sales last
,ear andi adds 10 cents to e'.ery $1 of a citrus growers'
Dr. Jackson, 67, was recognized for Ihis contributions
as a citrus educator in several capacities. He 'worked as
a citrus extension agent, as a professor at the Unilersity
of Florida and as the author of more than 260 articles
and publications including the book, "Citrus Growing
in Florida." Jackson served as the chairman of the Fruit
Crops Department from 1986 to 1991. After lie retired from
UF, he \\as selected as the scientific coordinator for the
Citrus Production Research Advisor',' Council 'which funds
gro'wer-related research through the bo:' ta:. Twice retired
1no1 he still works as a citrus consultant.
Jackson, ho ma,' hlae educated more top citrus industry:,
leaders than nearly anyone else, asked wAhere the red carpet
was and thanked the academy, during his speech.
Life is good as a Citrus Hall of Fame recipient.

Jane Wilson, Extension Secretary, Public Relations Office, receives a
Superior Achievement Award from Dr. Jimmy Cheek, Senior Vice President
for Agriculture and Natural Resources, IFAS.

You Ought To Be In Pictures
Perry Love, Shipping and Handling, Public Relations Office, (in truck), is
filmed during a Department of Citrus commercial. Love was recruited to
play the small part in an upcoming public service announcement.

T. A. Wheaton Graduate Student Travel Award
University of Florida, IFAS
Citrus Research and Education Center

The CREC Graduate Studies Committee offers a limited
number of travel awards to qualified graduate students. These
awards are financed with a fund established by Professor
Emeritus T. Adair Wheaton upon his retirement. The fund is
intended to encourage the CREC graduate students to attend
professional meetings and present their research findings to
a wider audience.
For more information or for an application please contact
Dr. Masoud Salyani at ext. 1225 or e-mail at msi@ufl.edu

/ e//orijae 0o

Mike A ong, IT Coordinator, recently retired after nine years of service to the CREC. A reception jas in his
honor where friends and colleagues gathered to say "thank you." Mike was lauded for his knowledge and experience that
went to greatly improve CREC's IT system and for his friendly and professional demeanor. He was awarded a service
plaque from IFAS and given a Gator watch and laptop bought with donations from CREC staff and faculty. Mike, also
a private pilot, will be greatly missed but, he's cleared for take off.

Dr. L W. "Pete" Timmer, Professor of Plant Pathology, retired after more than 28 years of dedicated service to citrus
research at the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Citrus Research and Education
Several events were held in his honor. First, Dr. Timmer presented "From Anthracnose to Xanthomonas The Career
of Pete Timmer in Citrus Pathology," a look back at his distinguished career.
Immediately following the seminar, a retirement social was held in Timmer's honor and, then, a reception was held in
the Lake Wales Country Club Ballroom. The evening was hosted by the citrus industry.
Dr. Timmer graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor's in botany and plant pathology. He earned his
PhD in plant pathology from the University of California, Riverside.
His most recent research program focused on fungal and bacterial diseases of citrus trees, such as greasy spot,
melanose, and scab, and his extension education program emphasized citrus canker and greening disease. Dr. Timmer has
been active in the American Phytopathological Society [APS]; Associate and Senior Editor of both Phytopathology and
Plant Disease; Past Editor of the Compendium of Citrus Diseases, the Citrus Health Management book, as well as, the
Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide; Lee Hutchins Award for excellence in research on tropical fruit crops recipient;
a Fellow of APS; Distinguished Research Professor of University of Florida; Distinguished Scientist at CREC; and served
as Assistant Center CREC Director from July 1991 to August 1993.
He and his wife, Nancy, live in Lake Alfred.

YOU Win!

Tim Lee, a

Haven High
School, pins
his opponent
during a
match in
January. This year was Lee's first year wrestling and he went
all the way to regionals. However, hejammed his finger and
was out for the rest of the season. Lee also plays defense on
the football team. The 15-year-old continues to work out
everyday lifting weights and watching his weight to stay in
his 160 pound weight class. Lee's proud parents are Roy, a
Senior Engineering Technician for Dr. Masoud Salyani, and
Gloria Sweeb.

Center Wide E-mails

The employee bulletin board is specifically there for posting
of personal business matters, such as furniture, car sales, etc.
As temporary students and post-docs pass through, it is helpful
to them [and others] to be able to communicate the need for
purchase/sale of cars, etc. Therefore, please minimize group
email lists for this purpose. The bulletin board is located in
the Administration Building near the Break Room

Hard WOrk Poes Pay Off!
Christie, Meredith (SHARE and
Purchasing, Business Office) and Todd
Pretzie's daughter, recently received the
HEO (Higher Education
Scholarship) from the
University of Florida. She
will be a sophomore this
fall, and is currently in the
Pre-med program. She
is also a member of Phi
Mu Sorority. Way to go

It's a Piece of cake
Roxy Hoover, Maintenance Department Supervisor,
anticipates a serving of ice cream from Cheryl
Peterson and Meredith Pretzie, Business Office,
during the Welcome Reception April 2 for five new
faculty and two new staff members.


Phase II of the renovations
to Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus
Hall are scheduled for June
and July.

Phase II includes:
Front entrance and lobby to the building;
Meetings rooms
Replace various walls, doors, ceiling tiles, signs and
other miscellaneous items in the building.

During Phase II, BHG will be closed for meetings but
the Library will remain open. The Reception Area in Bldg.
24 will be open all day for visitors and information.
However, after renovations are complete, the Reception
Desk will permanently move to BHG and the reception
area in Building 24 will close.
As the date approaches, signs will be erected directing
visitors to BHG and appropriate changes will be made to
other signs.

MQH 20O7


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10 FL Citrus

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Mg .-


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,Se Vuina

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SPLei Prod
Se VEvar

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23 R4 CM Mutvual
H t dlers Mts.


50 31

MevnortaL Darl

PLa v Prod
SeIAA.iViUfy '

Marie your caLendarsja.--9,2oo00
IYteraltiDoLL sLj vApo[Ltuw.
AppLLrratio of Prl' sio& Ag
POC-Dr.ALbrigo, ext. 1207


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