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Title: Citrus leaves
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Contemplation, Changes, Challenges

Center Director looks at the ...
Piaj ar r

welcome back and I hope
you all enjoyed the
holidays. As we start the
new year, it is useful to spend a
moment looking back at the past
year to see where we have been.
Like most years, there were many
events at CREC that will shape our
memory of 2006. Among those are
the milestones that have affected
Florida and the industry that we
direct many of our effort towards.
Fortunately, hurricane projections
were not met for the year, but the
aftermath of 2004 and 2005
hurricanes were important elements
of the landscape that influenced our
community, as well as the programs.
Citrus Research and Extension was
dramatically affected by direct
hurricane impacts from the previous
two years, as well as the influence of
the spread of citrus canker by the
storms. The year 2006 will long be
remembered as a turning point in

itaie o01 L L
the situation with citrus canker and
greening in Florida citrus.
Numerous changes at CREC can be
acknowledged, including the
construction completion of the new
Plant Pathology Building, and the repair
and renovation of Ben Hill Griffin, Jr.
Citrus Hall.
In addition, a lot of changes occurred
among our CREC community. Several
faculty retirements included Bob
Braddock and Herb Nigg, plus the
retirement of several long-serving staff,
including Nancy Burke and Wayne
Tyler. Other faculty, staff, students,
post-doctoral associates and visitors
arrived and departed, leaving their
marks on the Center.
Recruitment of a new group of faculty
members started late in the year, and
we welcome the arrival of five new

faculty members
Along with them

who join our efforts.
are many others who
are joining the Center
The new year is a time
to look forward to
continuing some
things, bring closure
to others, and most
importantly, to setting
new goals and seeing
them through. There
will be new programs,
new directions, new
infrastructure needs,
and opportunities to
be excited as we move
Ultimately, we need to
pause to contemplate
what we accomplished
in 2006. It is fair to

Changes! Dr. Ron Brlansky begins the move into
his lab in the nerw Plant Pathology building Jan.
1. His lab assistants help out and are (from
left) Turkson Shilts, Venkata Prasanna
Talamanchi, and Ananthakrishnan Govindarajulu.

say that this past year was one of the
most challenging for the Florida citrus
industry, and they have sought our
assistance on many topics, small and
large. That the industry is undergoing
change is obvious, and we have a
great opportunity to assist during this
dynamic time. Our response to new
problems involves collecting what is
known and sharing it widely, and we
have been called on extensively to fill
this role.
In addition, we were asked to
provide direction on how new
challenges can be addressed in the
short and long term. For canker and
greening, this has been a difficult
process, as there are no simple
solutions. However, we have played a
major role in providing information,
training, and support as early
response to these challenges. At the
same time, we are developing and
implementing research plans to seek
solutions to sustained citrus
production in the presence of these
challenges. The year 2006 was a
launch pad for such programs and
See CREC, page 2

Trade Fair

A Trade Fair will be held Feb. 6 and 7. This is a
great time to get rid of unneeded items and/or
pick up a something wanted. Bring all lab
equipment, tables, chairs, desks, and
typewriters to Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall
on Monday, Feb. 5 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. A
special area will be designated for office
equipment. Please do not bring chemicals!
Perry Love must be informed of any
inventoried items at the fair.

Shopping will be conducted Feb. 6 and 7 from 8
a.m. until 5 p.m. But don't wait until then ... all
the good stuff might be gone.

Welcodm NeJw Facy
Dr. Nian Wang,
Plant Pathology/Microbiologist

Hometown: QuFu, Shangdong, China

Education: B.S. in Plant Protection, Shandong
Agricultural University, Shandong, China; M.S. in Plant
Pathology, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China,
Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Texas A&M University.

Areas of Research and/or Interest: Molecular plant-microbe
interactions, plant pathogenic bacteria, bacterial diseases of field and
horticultural crops, mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis, and plant
resistance to bacterial diseases.

At Home: Dr. Wang and his wife moved to the United States in 2001. He
enjoys playing racquetball, and basketball, hiking, and watching football.
Dr. Wang is married and has two children, Cindy and Isabella.

Please stop by to say hello and welcome Dr. Wang. His office and lab are in
the Plant Pathology Building on the second floor.

I n aM e

1Alexander (Sasha) Kotov,
Maintenance Mechanic

Hometown: Salavat, Russia

In Russia: Sasha trained acrobats, including
children, in the Sports School. He was also
was an acrobatic performer with the circus.
However, all his life he worked to repair
different things, so this new job with CREC's
Maintenance Department, is perfect for him.

At Home: Sasha likes spending time with his
friends and family, Luba, and her son, Viktor.
When he has spare time, which isn't often, he
still likes to practice gymnastics and

His Job at CREC: He said he likes working
here at the CREC because of the variety of
things he gets to do. Sasha said that everyone
has been welcoming.

Please stop by Maintenance to say hello and
welcome Sasha to CREC.

CREC, continued from page 1
Looking forward: What can we expect for 2007? The industry will
continue to rely heavily on us for answers. We will continue to be
sought for information, for assistance, and for solutions. The
challenges will likely grow. Building on our strengths and
commitment to UF, IFAS and to the citrus industry, we have
tremendous opportunities to contribute. The coming year will

"I want to thank all of you for the
outstanding support that the entire CREC
community provides to meeting our mission."
Dr. Harold Browning

demand that faculty and staff, experienced and new, form new
partnerships, reach for new ideas and to stretch, and work together
to meet our goals. It will require more and better communication
both internally and externally, to keep moving in appropriate
directions. And it will be an interesting time as we move into new
and renovated facilities, and continue to look at how our Center can
be improved to be our best.
Finally, I want to thank all of you for the outstanding support that
the entire CREC community provides to meeting our mission. Daily
and weekly, there are individuals who assume significant
responsibility for individual aspects of success at CREC and they
are to be congratulated. In addition, however, the collective progress
made daily in labs, greenhouses, offices and in the groves at CREC
result from the efforts of everyone, and ultimately lead to the
accomplishment that we experience. Thanks for your commitment
and best of wishes for a successful 2007.

Dr. Harold Browning, Center Director
University of Florida
IFAS, Citrus Research and Education Center

41-14 = Eogei Said!
Dennis Leaendouski, former UF/IFAS
CREC faculty member, is obviously
cheering for the wrong team according to
the color of his shirt. While Dr. Gene
Albrigo, second from right, his daughter-
in-law, Vickie and his son, Tom, looks
good in Gator orange and blue at the
BCS Championship game in Arizona, Jan.
8. Just in case you hadn't heard ... the
Gators stomped Ohio State, 41-14. The
win makes UF home to the National
Champs in football and basketball.

14 1 Flavor 16 1 1 Faculty 19 Plant 0
Meeting Seminar
Chemistry 8:30 Series, 10:30
21 2 2 24 WPS Tng., 8:30 2
4 p.m., Infrastructure
Meeting Indian River (itrus Seminar, First UNIFAS
Monday 1:30 Fort pierce Deadline

This 3 Citrus Pest
Mgmt. Course,
semester Thursdays,
3 p.m.,
this semester

Teamwork ... You are a vital part of the CREC team.

February 2007

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

12 3
Worker Protectio Standards (WPS),
Man latory for new emplo ees, call Perry at e t. 1272. CCA Exam,
8 a.m.

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
8:30 Deadline

FL Nursery-
11 12 13men'sAssoc. 14 Happy 15 16 17
Infrastructure Mtg., 10 a.m, Valentine's
Meeting Faculty Mtg. Day
_1:30 8:30 a.m.__

18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Blood Drive
8-11 a.m.

25 26 27 28








Diane Bright, Dr. Jim Graham's lab,
and her son, Robbie, enjoy the
children's games during CREC's
Holiday Party Dec. 15. For more
photos, see page 3.

Dr. Jose Reyes and his
wife, Alma, and son,
Andres, enjoy the party.

Photo right: Terry Daghita
(left) and Dr. Fred Gmitter
perform a duet to a sold out crowd.

Ganesh Bora and his wife, Maleka,
read their fortune after the Holiday

,. *-

n,', j

Photo Right: Willia i
Swen and friend Rita
Mansukhani have a good
time at the Holiday Party.

Left: Gary Barthe leads
the kids' games.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to the Horticulture Group
who were assigned the awesome responsibility of
planning and executing the Holiday Party.
Thank you to the entire team
who did a fantastic job.

Holiday Cook Off Champs

Hors d'oeuvres
1st: Anna and Fernando
Alferez Spanish Boats

2nd: Angel Hoyt -
Cheese Puffs

3rd: Jim Syvertsen -
Peanut Butter and
Jalapeno roll ups

1st: Shelby Graham -
Million Dollar Pie

2nd: June Rouseff- Tri Chocolate Truffle

3rd: Jill McDonald Strawberry Cheesecake



Employees of the Year
Dr. Harold Browning, presents
Employee of the Year awards to Ana Redondo,
Technological, left photo above and
Allan Burrage, right photo above, Clerical.


Check out updated

SCREC website

There are changes to the CREC website homepage. The homepage now makes use of
FLASH technology which opens the door to a wide range of dynamic possibilities.

The technology can be used in a number of different ways, and at this time it is being
used as an option for navigation. For example, on the homepage there is a moving
group of photos (see photo above), move the computer cursor over a photo. The "name"
of the section of the website will pop up and users may click to that area.

For FLASH troubleshooting, please call Paul Weikel, CREC webmaster, at ext. 1232
or email him at weikelp@ufl.edu.

ryE or uInE

Did you know?
Every three seconds
someone needs blood ...

The Blood Mobile will
be here Feb. 20, May 15,
Aug. 7, and Nov. 6
from 8 11 a.m.

Give the gift of life!

From left: Eric Whaley, Left: Barbara
Robin Stuart, John Cook Thompson and
and Svetlana Yuryevna Alta Church.

Consecutive Years of
Service Awards

Five years: Svetlana Yuryevna Folimonova,
Carolyn Lisbon, (Not pictured), Robin Stuart, Eric
Whaley, John Cook; Ten years: Shelby Graham; and
Twenty years: Alta Church, Barbara Thompson,
and Roxy Hoover (Not pictured).



Under the new
performance appraisal
policy started last year by
the University of Florida,
all Teams and USPS
employees are now
evaluated using the same
appraisal period. The
appraisal period begins on

Price, HR Supervisor

March 1 of each year and
continues through Feb. 28
of the following year.
The CREC Human
Resources Office will
forward appraisal
documentation to
supervisors around the
first of February. This
documentation will include
a Performance Evaluation
Form containing pertinent
data, current position
description, a checklist,
and instructions.
Completed appraisal
forms are due in the CREC
Human Resources Office
no later than March 30.
An appraisal form is
considered complete only

after the evaluation has
been reviewed and signed
by the employee and
Supervisors are also
reminded of Dr.
Browning's policy that
appraisals be conducted
with the employee and at
least one additional,

impartial witness. This can
be a faculty member or
another higher level
Additional information
concerning the UF policy
on Performance Appraisals
can be found at http://

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