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IFAS Research
Citrus Research and
Education Center

Retirement Luncheon
Dr. Herb (Nick) Nigg, Professor
of Entomology, will be honored
at a retirement luncheon on
Thursday, Nov. 30 in BHG.
Lunch will be served at noon
and reservations are required.
Everyone is invited so stop by to
make reservations and pick up
a lunch ticket from Nancy at
the Reception Desk. Lunch is a
choice of steak, chicken or fish.
Reservations are a must.
Donations for his gift may be
given to Nancy as well.
Retirement Gathering
Nancy Burke will be honored at
a retirement ceremony Monday,
Nov. 27 at 3 p.m. in Room 3,
BHG. Refreshments will be
served and everyone is invited
to attend. Gift donations may be
given to Kathy Witherington.

Give the Gift of Life
A blood drive will be held
Tuesday, Nov. 28 from 8 11
a.m. Stop by the Blood Mobile
parked between Buildings 7135
and 7103 to give the gift of life.

Dr. Harold W. Browning,
Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research
and Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road
Lake Alfred, Florida 33850
863.956.1151 (phone)

N. W. -.

;SL eLv aive..

ftlhea.ve' is pfblishe int EC faeult staff and friend-. \ol. 23, No 11

Mechanical Technology
New Methods Geared Toward Profits, Longevity
By Christen Taylor I

Program Assistant, Agriculture


He grew up on the family
farm fascinated with the
equipment used there like the
tractors and tillers. Now Dr.
Reza Ehsani's passion about
machinery isn't just a Worshop Flori
childhood diversion it's his Grower Conf., IS
business. Fruits and Veget
"I was fascinated by the Experience: 10-
ability to build, develop,
discover and change lives using engineering.
Agricultural engineering was the only
(college) major that allowed me to learn
cutting edge engineering skills and apply
them to agriculture," Ehsani said.
Ehsani said his goal is to bring new and
advanced technology to Florida citrus
production and agriculture. As the assistant
professor of agricultural and biological
engineering, focusing his research on
mechanical harvesting and precision
technology, Ehsani works to acquire the
abilities to do just that by helping growers
optimize their resources and make better
management decisions.
"My overall goal is to make citrus
production profitable and sustainable,"
Ehsani said. "Currently, labor costs account
for a significant part of citrus production.
Mechanical harvesting and automation can
potentially reduce a grove that cost.
Additionally, new precision technologies can

At A Glnc,.

Focus: Mechanical harvesting/precision technology;
Current & Ongoing Projects: Four in mechanical
harvesting and four in precision technology;
Upcoming Work: Extension Programs: GPS
da Ag Expo, Indian River Citrus Seminar, Precision Ag
HS Int'l Symposium, Application of Precision Agriculture
+ yrs. application of precision agriculture for specialty crops.

help grove owners make better and
more informed decisions."
His main area of research is related
to mechanical harvesting and
application of precision technology for
citrus production. He has four projects
in citrus mechanical harvesting
including developing a yield monitoring
system for citrus mechanical
harvesters, increasing the efficiency of
the catching frame on citrus
mechanical harvesting equipment,
developing methods for expediting the
canker decontamination process for
citrus mechanical harvesting
equipment. The last is a project on
improvements of machines that pick up
citrus off the ground.
In the area of precision technology

See"Ehsani" on page 2.

Browning Marks Tenth Year as CREC Director

In this photo taken about 10
years ago, Dr. Harold
Browning examines a citrus

In 1996, Dr. Harold Browning
packed up his office in the entomol-
ogy lab housed in Building 7135 and
moved across the street to begin his
new job as CREC Center Director.
His goals for the Center were clear:
Improve communication between
the Center and the citrus industry
by working closely with them in or-
der to better understand their
needs; Increase the effectiveness of

the Center concerning operations by
reorganizing and creating positions
that were needed; Strengthen the
link with Gainesville to make our
needs better known. As Director of
CREC, Dr. Browning has the respon-
sibility for the largest collection of
scientists focused on citrus research
in the world. He is also the state-

See "Browning" on page 2.

"Browning" continued from page 1
wide coordinator of citrus programs in
Teaching, Research, and Extension.
Ten years later, he said we've made pro-
gress but there is still work to be done on all fronts.
In his own words:
Q: Looking back over the past 10 years, what ac-
complishments are you most proud of? A: The Center
has accumulated many accomplishments that I am very
proud to be part of. Among these are the recruitment of a
very fine group of faculty and staff that have joined the
Center in the past 10 years. These faculty and staff are
continuing the tradition of outstanding contributions to
their disciplines and to the Florida citrus industry. We
have been striving to keep pace with many changes within
our parent organization, within the
CREC, and within the Florida citrus
industry. Continued communication be- We have b
tween CREC and UF, IFAS and with p w
those who benefit from our programs
has allowed CREC to enhance those re- parent organizat
lationships that lead to success. and within the Ft
Q: What challenges have you faced Continued com
over the past 10 years? A: Among the CREC and UF,
challenges that we have faced, the con- who benefit froi
tinued loss of faculty from CREC allowed CREC t
through retirement and relocation has
impacted our core capabilities and dra- tionshis tha
matically reduced the experience base
upon which we build our problem-
solving approaches. Our challenge has
been to minimize the affects of this reduction in faculty on
our ability to meet our mission. Hiring strong new faculty
and staff are among the ways to offset these losses. An ad-
ditional challenge is keeping pace with the dynamics of the
citrus industry and being able to respond to predictable
and unpredictable directions that the industry has taken.
Q: What is your favorite part of the job? A:I have en-
joyed the opportunity to become familiar with a broad
cross-section of science, engineering and economics that is
associated with our faculty programs. This has been a
stretch well beyond my previous experience and training.
Another of my favorites has been the opportunity to be-



come involved with a
wide array of indi-
viduals and groups in
the citrus industry
and to work with
them to identify pri-
orities and seek fund-
ing and other re-
sources that contrib-
ute to the Centers
efforts to meet the Dr. Browning, his wife, Nancy, and
industry nee ds sons, Jeff and Sean.
industry needs.
Q: What's next? A: Long-term goals include helping to
chart a future course for the CREC which will extend the
long and strong tradition of the Center. A short-term goal
is to enable the faculty and staff to make progress against
serious new challenges that our clients
Face. Progress in meeting these goals
striving to keep will require some breakthroughs in sci-
anges within our ence and technology. Providing re-
within the CREC, sources and other support to these ef-
1a citrus industry, forts is a primary goal of the Center Di-
iication between rector. We have expanded our faculty
S and with those core with several recent hires and new
r program ha project areas will likely emerge as we
urprograms has get those programs underway.
chance those rela- Earlier this year, Browning received
Sto success. ... the 2006 Distinguished Leadership
Award of Merit for his contributions to
r. Harold W Browning agriculture and/or natural resources
I through leadership at the level of Unit
Administrator or higher.

Browning graduated from Willamette University
with a bachelor's degree in biology and met his wife,
Nancy, there during freshman orientation. He
graduated from the University of California at Riv-
erside with his doctorate in entomology. He and
Nancy married in the interim and have two sons,
Jeff and Sean.
Although his goals have changed over the past 10
years, Browning remains steadfast in his dedication
to the Center's success.

"Ehsani" continued from page 1.
his four ongoing projects include the development
of wireless sensor networks for citrus production,
the application of electromagnetic induction
sensors for canopy measurement, a system for
detecting and mapping HLB in the grove, and a
measurement system for mapping geometric
factors and counting citrus trees.
He recently completed a project to evaluate and
compare the dynamic accuracy of commonly Ehsani with an air shaker.
available GPS receivers in citrus groves. The
outcome will assist growers to choose the right
GPS receiver and be able to use them more effectively.
Ehsani and his wife, Elizabeth, have two sons, Arman and Nick. Nick, the
younger of the two, likes to play on a small mowing tractor. Ehsani said he
pretends to fix the tractor with a wrench from his Dad's toolbox. Could there be
another agriculture engineer in the making? Stay tuned.

;. i.' .. "S .A VC

welcomes submissions,
story ideas, suggestions and photos.

Please contact Anita Whitaker,
Public Relations Coordinator,
956-1151, ext. 1233

Thank you to everyone who
contributed to this edition of
Citrus Leaves: Ron Brlansky,
Larry Parsons, Ana Redondo,
Christen Taylor, and
Kathy Snyder.

Changes at CREC I

New Faculty ...
Dr.-in] -fi ll] J-JfthitJr
Hometown: Niagara Falls, New York and
moved to Fort Myers as a teenager;
Education: AA Edison Community College,
Fort Myers; BS UF; MS UF, studied with
Rebecca Darnell focusing on environmental
factors that influence flower bud initiation in southern
highbush blueberry; PhD UC Davis, studied with Ted
DeJong in the Pomology Dept. focusing on understanding
the causes of growth differences among pistachio trees on
different rootstocks; led to developing new orchard
management strategies based on these differences;
Ongoing Research: The development of a pistachio tree
carbon budget model with DeJong;
Hobbies: Long-distance cycling, has completed numerous
centuries (100-mile rides) and double centuries; hiking,
backpacking, camping and nature photography.
New Office: Building 7103.

New Staff ...

Hometown: Auburn, Indiana
Education: AS Polk Community
College; Currently a student at USF pursuing BS
Previous Experience: Paraprofessional for the Polk
County School Board. "I enjoyed my work with special
needs children," Burrage said.
Hobbies: Spending time with her family (husband is
Allan in IT), teaching her Sunday School class, Boy
Scout leader. New Office: Building 7124, HR Office

Mohamed El-Akkad, Post Doc, Albrigo
Jun Yu, Post Doc, Cancalon
Elena Iellez Rubio, OPS, Brlansky
Gemma Pasquali, Post Doc, Grosser
Jose Junior, Student, Parsons
Diego Pozveta, OPS, Echeverria

(Top Photo) Dr. Larry Parsons
stands with the CREC Water
Display. (Above Photo) IFAS
Sr. Vice President Jimmy
Cheek (far right) dedicates the
UF Exhibit Building on Oct.
17 in Moultrie, Georgia.

S UF's Water
Make a Big
Splash in

Dr. Larry Parsons,
Professor of Horticulture,
participated in the
Sunbelt Agricultural
Exposition in Moultrie,
Georgia Oct. 17-19. This
year the theme of the UF
exhibit was "Water" with
27 displays in the new UF-
IFAS building. The CREC
display highlighted
reclaimed water and the
ongoing research at Water
Conserv II. This Expo is
the largest agricultural
showcase in the eastern
U.S. with an estimated
200,000 people attending
the three-day exposition.
This year, the UF Exhibit
Building was inaugurated
during the event.


Hard Hat Area

Diann Achor has some fun
wearing a hard hat in her
office located in Ben Hill
Griffin Jr. Citrus Hall.
Renovations are on sched-
ule with Phase I set to be
completed Nov. 30.

Save the Dates

Geodesy Fundamentals and GPS Positioning for
Agricultural, Surveying and
GIS Applications Seminar
Speakers: Dr. Muneendra Kumar (Retired Chief Geodesist) and
Dr. Reza Ehsani (Assistant Professor CREC)
Topics: GPS Pitfalls, Geodetic Positioning, Designing a GPS
Project, GPS Surveying and Positioning, Pi -.... I.-. 1i 1 .1ii..1
and Accuracy, Selection of a GPS Receiver, Three Coordinate
Systems, Major Datum Systems, and Fundamentals of Geodesy
Tuesday, Dec. 19 from 8 a.m. 5 p.m.
Course Fee: $150 (Students: $50)
Registration Deadline: Dec. 12, 2006
Ben Hill Griffin Jr. Citrus Hall
For more info or to register, call Christen Taylor at
(863) 956-1151 ext. 1248 or chris29@ufl.edu

Annual Holiday Party
is scheduled for
Friday, Dec. 15.

Mark your calendars.



Iwanami Seminars: Nov. 6-Spread of Citrus Greening in
Japan and Development of Control Measures and Nov.
7-Molecular Characterization of Citrus Greening
Organism (Both will be held in the Teaching Lab, BHG.)

1Flu Shots, 1 p.m. 2
& Time Reporting

5 6 Dr. Iwanami 7 Dr. Iwanami 8 9 Pay Day 10 Veteran's 11
Seminar, Seminar, Day/
10:45 a.m. 10:45 a.m. CREC Closed
(above) (above)

13 Time
Reporting Due


27 Nancy
3 p.m.




28 Blood Drive,
8-11 a.m.


22 Pay Day

2 Time Reporting
Fc Duel
Faculty Meeting

23 Happy

30 Dr. Nigg

Honors Orchestra of America
Corey Jones, left, was
recently selected for
the Honors Orchestra
of America scheduled
to perform in
Indianapolis March
13-17, 2007. They will
play with featured
soloist, Pinchas
Zuckerman, and the
Symphony. Corey is a
\\inter Haven High
School senior and
plays the trombone.
His mother, Shelley,
works with Dr. Reyes.

Thanks for
38 Years
of Service

The Maintenance crew got together last month to thank
and say goodbye to Wayne Tyler, Maintenance Support
Worker. Tyler worked at CREC for 38 years. The group
had a great time at the luncheon sharing memories of

"November 2006
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday









to Friends

CREC faculty and staff attend a goodbye party for Diego
Pozueta and Elena Tellez-Rubio before they moved to
Gainesville last month.


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