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Title: Citrus leaves
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Publication Date: May 2005
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= WW .RCIAS.F. 3



Dr. Harold W. Browning, Center Director
UF/IFAS Citrus Research & Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road
Lake Alfred, FL 33850-2299
Tel. (863) 956-1151
Fax (863) 956-4631

Citrus Leaves.

May 2005

SCtuRsahn* ducation Center News ad In V

In This Issue
Dr. McCoy Retirement Luncheon...... 1
Dr. Ehsani, Dr. Reyes Onboard ........ 1
Congrats to Dr. April Elston, Kristin
Nelson ......................................... 1
Bruce Robertson UF Superior
Accomplishment Award ................... 2
CREC Publicationsto note ............. 2
Polk County Day Tallahassee ........... 2
FSHS 118th Annual Meeting ............ 2
CCA Workshop ............................... 2
Dr. Eshani, Dr. Reyes...................... 3
Farewells to Drs. Buker, Dou and
Rongcai ....................................... 3
More photos from Dr. McCoy's
Retirement Luncheon .................. 4-5

Identification of Weeds in Florida Citrus
new edition available ...................... 5

WPS Training Sessions at CREC ...... 6
Citrus Canker Decontamin. ............... 6
ISD Tip of the Month and Better
Business ..................... ...... ............ 6

News Around CREC
W welcome, Farewell ....................... 7
Upcoming Seminars ........................ 7
Fun photos ......................... 7
Manuscripts Submitted ................... 7
Calendar ..................... ................. 8

Color pdf of
Citrus Leaves

Citrus Leaves
is the monthly newsletter for
employees and friends of CREC.
Citrus Leaves welcomes your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections. Editor, Monica
Lewandowski; E-mail
mmlew@crec.ifas.ufl.edu; Ext.
1233. Photography and graphics,
Gretchen Baut; Production and
Distribution: Word Processing,
Barbara Thompson, Supervisor;
Kathy Snyder, Karla Flynn and
Linda Murphy; Customer Service,
Kathy Witherington and Nancy

Dr. McCoy Named First Citrus Research and Education

Center Distinguished Professor

Dr. McCoy Honored in April

Dr. Clayton W.
McCoy, UF/IFAS Pro-
fessor of Entomology at
CREC, was named the
first Citrus Research and
Education Center Distin-
guished Professor. The
professorship is an hon-
orary distinction that
recognizes excellence
and outstanding career
achievements. Dr.
McCoy was honored by Dr. McCoy and his wil
colleagues at a dinner in with this artwork at a d
Lakeland onApril 25. 25, honoring Dr. McC
Dr. McCoy, who is re- search and Education
tiring on May 31, was fessor. He was also ho
also honored at a lun- cheonatCREConAp
cheon at CREC on April
29, attended by over 140 colleagues and friends,
including several former postdoctoral scientists
and students. During Dr. McCoy's 33-year ca-
reer at CREC, he focused on integrated pest man-

Dr. Reza Ehsani,

Dr. Jose Reyes Onboard
SR EC s newest faculty members, Dr.
Reza Ehsani and Dr. Jos6 Reyes have
arrived and are getting settled into their
office and work areas. Dr. Ehsani is
Assistant Professor of Precision
Agriculture/Mechanical Harvesting and
is affiliated with the UF/IFAS Agricultural
and Biological Engineering Department.
Dr. Reyes is Assistant Professor of Food
Process Engineering and is part of the
UF/IFAS Food Science and Human
Nutrition Department.
Seepage 3 for profiles on Dr. Ehsani
andDr. Reyes.

ISD Tip of the Month
Page 6


agement and biological
control of citrus pests.
For the past several
years, his research on
the Diaprepes root
weevil included work
on detection methods,
chemical treatments,
cultural practices and
biological control. He
served as the scientific
coordinator of the Di-
Lynne, were presented aprepes Task Force for
er inLakeland onApril several years, provid-
as the first Citrus Re- ing information and
nter Distinguished Pro- education to citrus
red at a retirement lun- growers and students.
29. Photos onpp.4-5. Much of his work

serves as the basis of
Diaprepes management practices in citrus today.
Dr. McCoy was active in several professional
societies, including the
see Dr. McCoy, p. 4

Graduates! Left to right: Dr. April Elston, Dr. Russell
Rouseff and Kristin Nelson at the UF graduation
ceremony in May. Dr. Elston completed her Ph.D. in
food science and Kristin graduated with a M.S. in
food science, both working with Dr. Rouseff. Dr.
Elston, who has s a B.S. from Florida Southern
College (2001, B.S. magna cum laude, Chemistry) is
now working at Jim Beam in Louisville, Kentucky.
Kristin, who graduated with her B.S. with honors
from Georgia Tech in 2002, is working at Mastertaste
Inc. in Lakeland.

* N.

Cover Shot
Dr. Ed Extberria's photograph from his
publication, "Sucrose-inducible Endocytosis as a
Mechanism for Nutrient Uptake in Heterotrophic
Plant Cells," was selected as the cover photo for the
March issue of Plant & Cell Physiology [46(3): 474-
481 (2005)]. The photos are images of citrus juice
cells incubated with fluorescent dyes for
investigations on sucrose metabolism, viewed on
our confocal microscope at CREC.


UF Superior Accomplishment to
Bruce Robertson
CREC's electrician Bruce Robertson was one of 23
UF/IFAS employees honored with UF Superior
Accomplishment Awards. The program recognizes
outstanding and meritorious service. Bruce (left) is
pictured at a ceremony on March 30 at the UF
Gainesville campus with Dr. Richard Jones, UF/IFAS
Dean for Research. Honorees received a $200 cash
award, certificate and commemorative mug set. In
addition to his daily responsibilities with CREC
Facilities, Bruce is often called upon to address
electrical problems 'round the clock. His dedication
and efforts were particularly evident during the 2004
hurricane season, helping CREC handle electrical
outages, structural damage and other problems.
Congratulations and thank you, Bruce!

Florida State Horticultural Society
118th Annual Meeting
Tampa Marriott Westshore
% June 5-7
.Al)r.ict' .ind prtlininaha.inournn onlinle:
Sw .l'li.iori (clicl onilli' IIIII.il Meclinlu
Re'ouIrcte button in Ilie le'l I

Secion% in C(il'i-r H.andlinua .ind Processing.
Ve.clabihle%. Knm le i inorial i Tompicail F ruil, I.
Orniiianitl.ii. G irdin.il(di LL.ndsca.ipc ., .
Oilier Hihlih_,lbi: %
Junent 6. 9:111 .ini: Genera.il Se'ion Key note \
Dr: (iene Poll/rd. F.AO. Pllan Pntection Oll'Ticer
I't- flie Carlihcaini Regu ion. "Rrhponlding to (eli
TInreai orl'lien Im .ais (' Specie' in lie (Carihhl)ean
June 3:311 5:1ll pinl Sleci.il u orkshopl
"Cilns Cainker in Florida: StailuI innd Prospeci
'olir lie Fu irel"
Junei-7: ':1 .aini Horiiciitlrnril BIreal.k.Ia
)Dr. ( irdt FraiL~e., E\ieni'ion Scientitl. LUFIF.AS.
Agricull.lll ll ilolic.l Eniineerinu Dep l.
**Fnn Oceani1 to Fjrnim: Disftininiaini Cliniaie
Inforniationi ia F. ension

Plant &

E i

2iX0. ',4 46 .3

Check out the March 2005 issue (Vol. 130 No. 2) of
the Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Sciences. CREC
scientists have four articles in this issue (www.ashs.org/joural):
Growth environment and leaf anatomy affect nondestructive estimates of chlorophyll
and nitrogen in Citrus leaves by John L. Jifon, James P. Syvertsen and Eric
Whaley, pp. 152-158.
Linkage of an Alternaria Disease Resistance Gene in Mandarin Hybrids with
RAPD Fragments by Zeynel Dalkilic, L.W. Timmer, and Frederick G Gmitter,
Jr.,pp. 191-195.
Low relative humidity at harvest and before storage at high humidity influence
the severity of post-harvest peel pitting in Citrus by Fernando Alferez, Lorenzo
Zacarias and Jacqueline Burns, pp. 225-231.
Sucrose transport into Citrus juice cells: Evidence for and endocytis transport
systemby Ed Etxeberria, Pedro Gonzalez and Javier Pozueta, pp. 269-274.

Polk County Day In Tallahassee
CREC participated in "Polk County Day" at the state capital in Tallahassee
onApril20-21. Dr. Mickey Parish and Dr. Monica Lewandowski attended events
associated with "Polk County Day," and set up a CREC exhibit in the capital
courtyard with other Polk County cities and businesses. The event was an
opportunity to meet Polk County legislators, and business and community
leaders. Dr. Parish also distributed CREC informationto the staff offices of Polk
County legislators.

CCA Workshop i
UF/IFAS hosted a Certified
Crop Adviser seminar at
CREC onApril 13. About
65 people attended the 10-
hour workshop that
offered certified crop
adviser training in the
areas of integrated pest
management and nutrient management. This is the second CCA day-long
workshop hosted by CREC in the past year. Above left, seminar co-organizer
Dr. Ed Hanlon (UF/IFAS Southwest Florida REC) at the workshop; right, Dr.
Larry Duncan, CREC, presented a seminar on Diaprepes root weevil manage-
ment. The seminar was available by videoconference in Gainesville and Quincy.

CREC Welcomes Dr. Reyes, Dr. Ehsani
Dr. Jos6 Reyes I
Dr. Jos6 Reyes joined the
faculty of the University of
Florida/IFAS (UF/IFAS)
Citrus Research and
Education Center (CREC) as
Assistant Professor of Food
Process Engineering in April.
Reyes holds a 70 percent
research -30 percent teaching
appointment. He will
establish a program in
process technology
development for the Dr. Reyes'family includes his
improvement of safety, quality wife, Alma, and sons Carlos
and efficiency for Florida citrus (below left and Andres, picture
processors. His interests at the CREC picnic in April.
include instrumentation and
automation of food processes,
with an emphasis on the
development of biosensors and
rapid enzyme methods for food
safety and quality assurance. He
will also develop and teach a
graduate graduate course in fruit
juice and beverage processing.
Dr. Reyes has a Ph.D. in
engineering science and M.S. in
chemical engineering from
Washington State University,
and a B. S. in chemical engineering from the National Autonomous
University of Mexico. He also has previous experience as a project
engineer in the beverage industry, and formerly taught high school
mathematics, science and French in his native country of Mexico.
Reyes and his wife, Alma, have two young sons, Carlos and Andres.
Dr. Reyes' telephone extension is 1344 and his e-mail:
jireyes @crec.ifas.ufl.edu.

Dr. Reza Ehsani
Dr. Reza Ehsanijoined
the CREC faculty as
Assistant Professor of
Precision Agriculture and
Mechanical Harvesting in
Dr. Ehsani holds a 70
percent research-30 percent
Extension appointment. He
will work on improving
mechanical harvesting for
citrus and new technology
for precision agriculture.
The long term goal of his
research program will be to Dr Ehsani' family includes his wife,
e seah progm wll be tool Elizabeth, 21-month old son, Arman
that enhance the (with Elizabeth), and 4-yr old son,
profitability and Nick (at the CREC picnic in April).
sustainability of citrus production in Florida and help the growers
to make better management decisions. His current areas of research
include developing and improving yield monitoring systems for
citrus mechanical harvesters, applications of wireless sensor
networks for citrus groves, evaluating the dynamic accuracy of
GPS receivers in groves, and soil moisture and compaction sensors.
He will also work to develop education materials on the application
of GPS/GIS and sensor technology to citrus production, and organize
grower conferences on precision agriculture and mechanical
harvesting for citrus.
Dr. Ehsani has a Ph.D. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
from the University of California, Davis, where he worked on precision
agriculture applications for high value crops, and a B.S. and M. S. in
Agricultural Engineering from Tehran University, Iran.
Prior to his appointment with UF/IFAS, he was an Assistant
Professor and precision agriculture specialist at The Ohio State
University, where he was involved in Extension programs in precision
agriculture technology for the Ohio agricultural industry.
Dr. Ehsani's telephone extension is 1228 and his e-mail,

Dr. Yuan Rongcai,
formerly apostdoc
With Dr. Jackie

SAssistant Professor
.at VPI Agricultural
Research and
Extension Center at
Winchester, Virginia,
\ licic hic \\III oirk on thinning and
ibi1ionll in.lplpcs and peaches. Dr.
/ Rown.u colnductLcd research on citrus

CREC Bids Farewell to Dr. Buker, Dr. Dou abscissionatCRECwithDr.Burs.
A CREC reception was held on May 6 to wish Dr. Richard Buker and Dr. Huating Dou, Ling Wang and their families best wishes and
farewell. Dr. Buker accepted a position as Division Proprietary Product Manager with Helena Chemical Company. Dr. Dou has accepted
a position with BASF in Dinuba, California, located in the Central San Joaquin Valley. Above left, Dr. Buker accepts a plaque, presented
by Dr. Harold Browning, and right, Dr. Dou is presented with Florida citrus gifts from FDOC scientific research director Dr. Bill Stinson.
Dr. Dou has been working for the FDOC in the area of postharvest physiology. Prior to that, he worked for UF/IFAS as a post-doc with
Dr. Alva on plant nutrition research. His wife, Ling Wang, works for Dr. Gmitter, and will move after their two children finish the school



Dr. McCoy... from p. 1
Entomological Society of America and the
Florida Entomological Society, serving as
president in 1984. In 2000, he received a
USDA Honor Award for outstanding con-
tributions to agriculture.
Dr. McCoy's retirement event included a
bluegrass band, a lavish cake decorated
with Diaprepes root weevils made of icing,
a catered lunch, and a few hundred orange
and blue balloons. Avideo onDr. McCoy's
life and career, created as a surprise, was D
narrated by his daughter, Lisa, and in
produced by Gretchen Baut and Monica d(
Lewandowski. The video chronicled his life, w
starting with his childhood in rural
Minnesota. He played baseball at Gustavus
Adolphus College in Minnesota, where he
"discovered" entomology, which would
become his life's work. He earned a master's
degree from the Univ. of Nebraska and a
PhD. from the Univ. of California, Riverside.
Dr. McCoy spent five years at the USDA
ARS laboratory in Orlando before moving
to CREC in 1972. The video also included F
his family and photos of friends and i
colleagues, as well as a humorous, animated
tribute to his daily commute from his Winter
Park home to Lake Alfred (created by
Dr. McCoy's wife, Lynne, daughter Lisa,
and son-in-law, Brian Buchner, were also in
attendance. They played a large role in the
planning of the party, with much of their
work done as a surprise to Dr. McCoy.
In honor of Dr. McCoy, a fund was
established to support student education
in entomology. Contributions may be made
payable to the CRE Foundation, c/o the
Center Director's office.

FTT .. %Ad


*r. McCoy (far right) and his wife Lynne (second from right), with daughter Lisa and son-
-law Brian Buchner. Dr. McCoy's family played a large role in the party planning, keeping
details a secret from Dr. McCoy. Right photo: a cake was decorated with Diaprepes root
eevils made out of icing. Photos by Gretchen Baut and Monica Lewandowski.

a as

ar left, left to right: Diane Bright, Kathy Snyder and Karla Flynn serve up the Diaprepes-
ifested cake; center, center, a close-up of the cake; far right, guests were invited to sign the
latte board of a caricature drawing of Dr. McCoy.

L ll B inllicils alld btlllOni c.iiiid ilIK c.I .J-' ICo
MC(o\ iciiicc10 U hlincKIcon ihii Sc'\ Cal col-
IcIgucI li\a c lcd to illlicld IlK c' lc iC\ Iosc Sllit

Abo% c fii kil Di Lain DtUincn chluit li Sic'\ c
Kmnici.',l Sccond fiom ll ft Al ind Doti Scliim Di
N!IcCo\ N aliicd Ili ciii icli: l a l Il jiSDAARS lab
in 11(ila, do In l"'i, \ licic Al ScIllulc \, _. a lnlli:cCol
Tihc Sc:llululll:_>I:il in Lak XAlflcd (cnici And\ Rosc
second flori 0 w,1iIt John TaL lo i Ii ISiclma J 1(01
PioCCIc 10111 a 101i-i Ii-c f aiaic fai i 1
PlotCk tlo lll ,i loll'-llll C lll.ln lldl.lnisOCili ll i l Illht-
Di Da\ id Sihpiio a lonimc poit-doc Lcli Ilii Jckson
ncai Ilci and Di Hcib Nt", itn icnJcldsat mccs Ritl
Di Sli\' GjiIITcS\ ani 1i1_ n If RONiIlcc 11ii clC:dl 1I1o111
C( lllOlnJ, ta O cllnd lic I lh clichonI


More pics from Dr. McCoy's Luncheon
Comments and stories were shared by many who know Dr. McCoy. Above, left to right:
Jack Smoot has been Dr. McCoy's carpool buddy over the years; Jerry Fojtik started
working for Dr. McCoy in 1972, when Dr. McCoy arrived at CREC. "I would do it all over
again," Jerry said. Second from right, Roberto Pereira, and far right, Denise Dunn.

Thanlk you
I t till/t i /i/ i / 'i 1_/1' hU %tt itI

I J I ll': i i l I/ L iii i l / 'inI i /(I */ I Ii

HKIb jut jiautauil hilp, and tu
Monica and Gretchen for their
creative skills in bringing science
and the rest of the world closer
;,g iLt ,r Thanks to Shelby, Angel,
Ian, Word Processing and the
\l lllt >' t l n ii. i I I i lii. 1 1111 O'1 I ,i
Litt ll lr \hL/ I/ll )Ljni ti llp \ I lil6'10
it ht "i. i t i tit / i it ) i t I i .i i in\

it r iO A w l l P l 1 1 lll yll i ll

i 1 i k\
1 Cl 44,i ,4jLl~iin tj4'n

Above far left: Dr. Syvertsen shares some coiunc in "lli \ it DI N Ic(
about their common Lutheran upbringing. Sccondi lllin ifiI \\ illii. i
Swen expresses thanks to Dr. McCoy for housiniLi ccoinodtid.lliO i \\ hI
he first came to the U.S.; second from right Ioi'ilunC Iii 1li nd John
Jackson (Lake County citrus agent), and fai in lIl Toi C ou ich .n
associate fromAbbottLaboratories. Near nrit' Di Haloll Bio\ in nI,'
presents a plaque to Dr. McCoy. Farright,Di Biouninn_' slhaldi.l ti i
stories about working out in the gym with Di N IcCo\ andDi Ni,_, You |
can see the results!" said Dr. Browning. He added that in past years, he, Dr. McCoy and several others regularly played basketball at
lunchtime, a pasttime that was eventually abandoned. "The medical bills got too high," explained Dr. Browning.

Far left, left to right: Dr. Ivan Stewart, Rita Duncan (UF/IFAS Tropical REC), Dr. Bill Castle and Dr. McCoy; second from left, Angel Hoyte
from Dr. McCoy's lab played a large role in the party planning; Lisa McCoy-Buchner, her husband, Brian and family friend Cyndie Cox;
second from right, Shelby Graham puts the finishing touches on the floral arrangement; far right, Gretchen, Sandy and Monica pause for
a photo before the festivities begin. Photos by Gretchen Baut and Monica Lewandowski.

Identification of
Weeds in
Florida Citrus
New Edition
Now Available

$10 atthe CRE C E \it cIon
office (Building 24 "Admin",
Rm. 122, Jane Wilson's office) for in-
person cash/check sales; online for cc
and mail-order at www.ifasbooks.com.

1 l

S A new edition of a photo set of
"Identification of Weeds in Florida
Citrus," by Dr. Steve Futch and Dr.
David W. Hall, is now for available
($10). This publication was
developed to assist citrus growers
.-. and farmers with identifying
commonly found weeds that may
appear in various farming
operations throughout Florida. Sixty-six
weeds, including broadleaf, grasses and
sedges are highlighted by a color photos

and lists both common and scientific
names. Indexes and cross references from
scientific names to common names are also
provided. Plant characteristics that aid in
plant identification are highlighted and
include: season of growth, stem, height, leaf
shape, life cycle, flower, fruit and seed
where applicable.
These and other resources are available
through IFAS Extension. For a complete
list of books and resources, visit:


WPS Training Sessions
Worker Protection Standards (WPS) training is now
offered every Wednesday morning in the CREC
employee room from 8:30-9:30 a.m.. Because there is
potential for all employees to come in contact with
pesticides, Dr. Harold Browning has mandated all
UF/IFAS employees at CREC receive this training.
Training is required once every five years. The
training session includes a video on pesticide handling and a brief video on citrus canker
decontamination regulations in Florida. For those employees that do not normally work on
Wednesday mornings, please contact Perry Love (in the Shipping and Receiving office)to
arrange for an alternate time (Ext. 1272; e-mail, love @crec.ifas.ufl.edu).

Go Gators
Left: Dr. GeneAlbrigo (left) chats with Tom Hart (from
United Agri Products) at the Polk County Gator Club's
Gator Gathering on April 12 at Tiger Town in Lakeland.
Dr. Albrigo and Dr. Monica Lewandowski set up an
exhibit to provide CREC some exposure to the reported
1000 Gator fans and alumni that were in attendance.
The event featured UF football coach Urban Meyer,
who signed autographs and addressed the crowd.

CREC's CompuColumn
ISD Tip of the Month
When you pull up your address book in Outlook
e-mail, there are several address lists Global,
Outlook, and other lists within those categories.
ISD's Allan Burrage explains how to set your
default address list in "Outlook."

Setting Your Address
Book List in Outlook E-mail
byAllan Burrage, CRECISD
For Outlook E-mail
To change the behavior of your address
book in email:
(Screenshots will be available at ISD's
website at www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/isd -
1. Click on the Address Book icon (it looks
like an open book), select 'Tools' on the
menu and then 'options ...'
Tools Address Book (or CTRL+Shift+B)
2. Here you can change which list is your
default and how Outlook searches for
Tools Options
3. You may also add new list here, but first
you must set them to be viewable. Go to
Go Contacts (or CTRL+3)
4. Right click on the list you want to add and
select 'properties'.
R-Click Properties

5. On the 'Outlook address book' tab
insure 'Show this folder as an e-mail
address book' is checked and give it a
name you will recognize.
Outlook address book Show this
folder as an e-mail address book
For Outlook Express
1. Click on the icon that looks like an
open book with the tool tip "address
Tools Address Book (or
2. Your options are very limited but
this is where your contacts are stored.
If you are not an Outlook user,
contact ISD to convert to Outlook
(isd crec.ifas.ufl.edu).

Dr. Renee Goodrich served as judge
at the State Science and Engineering
Fair of Florida at the Orange County
Convention Center in Orlando in April.
Among the state level award winners,
Sanjit Singh (son of Dr. Samunder
and Dr. Shila Singh), $50 savings bond
from the Heartland Regional Science
and Engineering Fair; and Clint
Dawson (son of Dr. Bill Dawson and
Dr. Debbie Sipes), recognition in the
Zoology junior section. Congratula-

Dr. MohamedAfunian and Dr. Monica
Lewandowski were science fairjudges
at Caldwell Elementary on April 12.

CREC employees are reminded that there
are strict regulations on decontamination
of personnel, clothing, tools, equipment and
vehicles upon entering/exiting citrus groves,
greenhouses and/or handling citrus
material, as well as restrictions on the
movement of plant material and fruit off the
Center. Questions can be directed to your
supervisor or to Dr. Timmer at CREC.
UF/IFAS Citrus Pest Management
Guide for citrus canker decontam/
disinfection guidelines:

FL Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer
Services: doacs.state.fl.us/canker
Florida Citrus Canker Eradication
Winter Haven office: 800-282-5153

Photos of citrus canker symptoms:


Tips that pertain to UF/
IFAS Business: I
Before You Travel
UF/IFAS travelers are
reminded to submit travel requests for
out-of-state travel and all travel that
requires a registration fee. International
requests should be submitted four weeks
before departure, or before any charges
pertaining to the trip are made. Domestic
travel requests should be submitted two
weeks before departure, or before any
charges are made. If travel requests are
not submitted ahead of time, you'll need
to submit a letter of justification
explaining why the travel request was not
Remember the Reprints!
Authors: when you receive reprints of
publications from publishers, please submit
two copies to each of the following:
Business office, Library and Word
Processing. Thank you!
Alta Church in the CREC Business Office
kindly asks she be notified when final
reports on USDA grants are completed. She
doesn't receive any notification on the final
reports. An e-mail to Alta stating that you
have completed your final report canbe sent
to amb ~crec.ifas.ufl.edu. Thankyou!


S 3N 7

Tony McIntosh OPS (Dr. Albrigo)
Lillian E. Torres OPS (Dr. Cancalon
BenF. Carter OPS (Dr. Albrigo)
Meredith Morton Public Relations
(Lewandowski and Baut)
Kirandeep K. Mann student
Renato Reis visiting student (Timmer)
Searches for a new CREC librarian and
new website manager are underway.
The website manager position closes
on May 17, and the library search
committee, headed by Dr. Mickey
Parish, will evaluate applications after
the position closes May 13.
Did we miss you? Send submissions
to "Welcome" and F.ic"\ ell" to
mmlew@tcrec.ifas.ufl.edu, or contact
the CREC Switchboard.

Bill Swan- OPS (Dr. Albrigo)
Chris Hook Lab tech (E. Whaley)
Monica Puentes OPS (Dr. Gmitter)
Orinna Speese OPS (Dr. Grosser)
Dr. Rongcai Yuan postdoc (Dr.
Dr. Richard Buker Assist.
Professor of Horticulture
Dr. Huating Dou FDOC
(see page 3 for photos of Dr.
Rongcai, Dr. Buker and Dr. Dou).

1 Best wishes to
Vivian Gregory,
who worked in
the library.

Above: Jack and Jill Smoot cel-
ebrated their 25th wedding anniver-
sary in March with a whirlwind tour
out west to the Grand ( in\ on in
Arizona. Afterflyingto Phlolni\
they drove to Sedona, icen on to
Williams, where they boal dci .a Ia l
to the Grand Canyon. Tlih\ .\\
some spectacular view s hlicc ic
two photos (above) out of o\ ci i
that Jack took during t heii np'

Upcoming Seminars
Tuesday, June 7
BHGRoom 1- 11:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. (10:45,
Dr. Russell L. Rouseff, UF/IFAS Professor of
Food Chemistry, CREC
"Development of a Sensory Guided Instrumental
Analysis of Orange Juice Flavor Quality."
Dr. Rouseff's research interests include flavor
chemistry of citrus, tropical juices, oils and
essences; understanding the human perceptions
of flavor, flavor prevursors and off-flavors,
instrumentation for flavor and sensory analyses,
and related areas. For more information, visit Dr.
Rouseff's flavor website:

Ron Muraro was featured in the Ledger Business
section on April 10 regarding his recent study on
the economics of the citrus canker eradication
program. The reports are online at
edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fe531 and edis.ifas.ufl.edu/fe532.
Dr. Gene Albrigo was featured in the Ledger
Business section on May 10 for his work on the
development of a computer-based information
system for flowering and crop estimates.

Lower left: Kanjana sent over this photo from a
camping trip at Blue Spring Stat Park April 22-24.
Shown left to right, Dr. Alexey Folimonov, Volva
(back) and younger sister, Varvara, Kanjana
Mahattanatawee (USDA Winter Haven), Diann
Achor (standing back), Elena Stewart and her son
Emmanuel (USDA Winter Haven), and Alta

Congratulations to Eddie Jurczak, son of Kathy
Snyder, who was named to the Dean's List at Florida
Technical College in Auburndale, where he is
studying AutoCAD (computer drafting and design).
He has and maintained the highest grade point
average in his class since attending (4.3). Kathy
writes, ". he has found his nitch and is flying with
it. I'mvery proud of him!"

Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications Committeein April
S. H. Futch and J. H. Graham. Field Diagnosis of Phytophthora Disease. Citrus Industry Magazine.
F. Garcia-Sanchez, J. P. Syvertsen, and J. Dunlop. Salinity Tolerance of Cleopatra Mandarin and Carrizo Citrange Citrus Rootstock
Seedling is Affected by CO2 Enrichment. Journal of the American Society of Horticultural Sciences.
E. Knapp, G M. Danyluk, D. Achor, and D. J. Lewandowski. ABipartite Tobacco mosaic virus Defective RNA (dRNA) System to Study
the Role of the N-terminal Methyltransferase Domain of the Replicase Protein in Cell-to-Cell Movement of dRNAs. I 1. .,.
D. J. Lewandowskiand S. Adkins. The Tubule-forming NSm Protein from Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus Complements Cell-to-cell and
Long-distance Movement of Tobacco Mosaic Virus Hybrids. Virology.
S. N. Mondal and L. W. Timmer. Greasy Spot Rind Blotch, A Serious Problem for Production of Fresh Market Grapefruit. Citrus
Industry Magazine.

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supplies, update contact info Conferenc :; Singer Islan, June 1-3
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May 13 Seminar, Dr. Jasmeet Judge,
UF/IFAS Assistant Professor, Agricul-
tural and Biological Engineering,
Gainesville. NIh io\l. i\ remote
sensing for assessment and modeling
of soil moisture."
16 Citrus Research and Education
FoundationAnnual Meeting, 10:30 am.
RSVP to Shelby Graham in Center
Directors office.

19 Faculty mtg. 8:30 a.m., group photo
following meeting. BHG 3-4.

26 Citrus Canker Task Force meeting,

30 Holiday, Memorial Day

June 1-3: First Florida Citrus Industry
Annual Conference, Singer Island.
5-7 Florida State Horticultural Society
118th Annual Meeting; Tampa Marriott
Westshore. Abstracts and preliminary
program online: www.fshs.org.
Registration $110; students $10.
7 Seminar, Dr. Russell Rouseff, UF/
IFAS Professor of Food Chemistry,
CREC. "Development of a Sensory
Guided Instrumental Analysis of Orange
Juice Flavor Quality." BHG Room 1 -
11:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. (10:45,
23 Precision ag/Temik application
meeting, BHG 1.
23 Teacher program, Florida Institute of
Phosphate Research, BHG 2; Teaching

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