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Title: Citrus leaves
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Publication Date: December 2002
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Citrus Leaves. .

In This Issue
Holiday Events 1
Dr. Whitney to Rere.,..................
Gillett Wins Teaching Award ........ 2
High School Visit ....................... 2
Citrus Pest Management. ... 2
Field Day Photos ........................... 3
Happy Birthday......................... ...... 3
Around the Center in November...
Food Safety workshop, CRE Foundation.
Dr. Satyanarayana, Construction .... 4
News Around CREC
Welcome, Farewell ........................ 5
Congratulations ......................... 5
Manuscripts Submitted .................... 5
Calendar ......................................... 6

Have a safe and
happy holiday

Citrus Lenav
is the monthly newsletter for
employees and friends ofCREC.
Would you like to be in "Citrus
Leaves?" We welcome your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections. Editor, Monica
Lewandowaki; E-mail
mmlew@all.edu Ext 233.
Photography, Grechen Baut;
Production and Distribution: Word
Processing, Barbara Thompson,
Supervisor Kathy Snyder, Karla
Flynn and Linda Murphy; Customer
Service, Kathy Witherington,
Supervisor, and Nancy Burke.
Ontheweb: wwwJaLuedu and
click on Campus FacilitiesfPublic

td J I ,Lenc

Dr. Harold W. Browning, Center Director
Citrus Research & Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road
Lake Alfred, FL 33850-2299
Tel. i63hf 956-1151
Fax i861 956-4631



Deeber 2002

DechImber 2002

CREC Holiday Events

Fri., Dec. 13 Holiday Party
Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus Hall
Hors d'oeu, res and Dessert Contests (
5p.m. Social hour featuring hors d'oeuvres
Family and/or group photos An ice

6:30p.m. Turkey dinner (please bring a salad o
participating in the hours d'oeuvres o

The Postharvest and Processing working groups a
S food, fun and fellowship for current and retired CR
families'guests Flyers on the holiday party were d
boxes. I fr ou did not receive one, extra flyers are a

Gift Certificate prizes

and Santa Claus
breaker game

r side dish if not
r dessert contest)

ire planning an evening of
EC employees and their
distributed in CREC mail-
vailable at the CREC

Dec. 20 3 p.m. CREC Centerwide Meeting
BHG Rooms 1 and 2
Refreshments EmployeesoftheYear Awards-
Service Pins (5, 10, 15, etc. years of sers ice)
A FUN and Lighthearted Look at 2002 in pictures and video -

All faculty and statfat the Center. IFAS, DOC. etc. are int ired.
Season sG meetings'

Dr. Jodie Whitney to Retire
Dr Jodie Whitney. UF Professor of Agncultural and
Biological Engineering. is retiring on Dec. 1 I. Dr \\-hitnes
firsi came to CREC m 196. and has been working in the area
of agricultural engineering, including precision agriculture
techniques for citrus groe management. mechanical
harvesting, and methods of tree size control (pruning, tree
spacing. rootstticks. nutrition and imgation) for optimal
production N reception lfr Dr Whitney w ill be held in earls

_ _~_~



I Cill-lis lZesearch and F(Itivalimi Center and 111forniatioll \ olunw 20, N o. 12

Teaching Award to Renee Gillett

Jennifer Gillett. a UF Ph.D. candidate in
the Department of Plant Pathology, was
awarded the Jack L. Fry Teaching Award.
Jennifer is studying with Dr. Jim Kimbrough
in the Department of Plant Pathology in
Gainesville and Dr. Clay McCoy at CREC. Her
research project involves the use of the
fungus, Beauveria bassian, as a biocontrol
for the Diaprepes root weevil.
Jennifer is also a recipient of an Alumni
Fellowship. and currently volunteers as a teaching assistant
for PLP 3002 (Fundamentals of Plant Pathology), its
graduate-level equivalent (PLP 5005), two high-enrollment
lower division courses (PLP 2000 and PLP 2060), and has
given guest lectures in AGG 4921 (Honors Colloquium) She
has also been instrumental in designing and narrating
innovative PLP 3002 laboratories for CD-Rom presentation
in collaboration with IFAS Communication Services.

i' After receiving her BS degree from UF in
Agricultural Education and Communication
with a specialization in Entomology, Jennifer
interned as an educator in Trenton High
School, where she taught agricultural
mechanics and applied horticulture. She
subsequently joined the Peace Corps and was
stationed in rural Morocco for almost two
years. While there, Jennifer acquired a
functional knowledge of Arabic, Berber and
French and taught local farmers techniques to prevent
erosion and improve crop yields. Jennifer aspires to assume
a college-level teaching position after she graduates.
The award will be presented on Dec. 6 at the UF College
of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarship and Leadership

Lessons -
Tonya Thompson, Gretchen I
Lewandowski spoke to Mrs.
at Haines City High School.
student in the class, was *'
about her work experience
things she has learned
editing in her part-time job
PhotoLab. Monica pro- vided an over-
view of CREC, while Gretchen spoke about her work as a photographer and graphics artist, showing the students some examples of her
work. Photos, above left: left to right, Gretchen, Mrs. Rudin.sky. Tonya and the rest of her classmates. Photo, right Tonya created a
Powerpoint presentation to demonstrate some photo-editing tricks on the computer.

Citrus Pest Management Course in Spring

Citrus Pest Management (PMA 5205) will be offered at
CREC for the Spring 2003 term. It is a graduate-level course
(3.0 units) for students and citrus industry personnel working
in pest management. The course reviews the latest tactics
and strategies available to manage diseases and arthropod,
nematode and weed pests of citrus. Emphasis is given to
techniques by which pest and disease organisms are
monitored and how this Information is used to effectively
manage pests with the least risk to the environment.
Course topics include:
Identification and biology of citrus pests and diseases
SPest and disease monitoring
Ecological and economic principles as a basis for pest
Economic thresholds and pes, management models
SIntegrated pest management in citrus
The course is coordinated by Dr. Larry Duncan.
Uni\ erith credit (3 0; or audit credit. CEU's will be offered.

Dates/Time: Thursdays. Jan 9- April 29.2003; 3-6p.m.

Location: BHG Teaching Laboratory

Textbook: Citrus Health Management (APS Press). L.W.
Timmer and Larry W. Duncan, editors. Written by 26 citrus
specialists, Cirus Health Management was designed
specifically for this course,

Registration: Registration cost for Citrus Pest Management
(PNMA 5205; Section no. 4812) is $538.05 for Florida residents.
Registering students must submit a UF Distance Education
Course Request Form by December 20, 2002 (available on the
internet at disted.ifas.ufl.edu/regisler/registerspring2003.htm),
and then complete the registration procedures outlined on the
UF/IFAS Distance Education website (disted.ifas.ufl.edu/
For registration assistance, contact Monica Lewandowski at
Tel. (863) 956-1151 or E-mail: mmlew@lal.ufl.edu.

Field Day Photos...

Dr. Bill Castle (left photo, standing far right) addresses a crowd at a rootstock field
day at Harold McTeer's (center photo) grove in Haines City on Nov. 6. The field day
gave participants the opportunity to examine 25-year old navel orange and grape-
fruit trees on Swingle rootstock. Since the late 1980s, Swingle has been one of the
major rootstocks used for Florida cirrus. There is great interest in the performance of
older trees on Swingle as many of these trees approach 20+ years of age.

Above, left to right: Mace Bauer, Dr. Bill
Castle and Dr. Brian Boman (Indian Rier REC)

Above: Dr. Dave Tucker (left) and Gary Test are among those Jim Baldwin from Dr. Drs. Brian Boman (left) and Heinz
that attended the field day. Castle's lab. Wuscher. Dr. Wuscher. now retired, was a
horticulturist at the USDA-ARS laboratory
S that was formerly located in Orlando.


Left photo: Ajia Paolillo (Dr. Castle's
lab) with one of the field day

Right photo: Eric Whaley sprays
down vehicles for citrus canker

Happy Birthday...

Left: Sherry Cunningham in Facilities.

Right: Marty Dekker from Dr. Lee's lab (right photo,
far left). Also sharing in the fun, Julia Beretta
(center), and Dr. Mahrokh Raslegar, a visiting
scientist on sabbatical with Dr. Richard Lee from
Ferdowsi University, Iran.


Around the Center in November ...

l Food Safety
.X Left, a team of instructors presented workshops on food safety for
juice processors at CREC on Nov. 18-20. The training is part of a
federal requirement; workshops have been held at CREC and other
places around the state.
Left to right: Dr. Keith Schneider I UF IFF AS Food Science & Human
Nutrition); Dr. Mickey Parish (CREC). Dr. Ren& Goodrich (CREC):
Randy Worobo (Comell Uni ersity); Linda Harris (Univ. ofCa.,
Davis); Debra Williams (Fla. Dept. of Agric. & Consumer Services)
and Dan King (Fla. Citrus Processors Association).

Dr. Ren&e Goodrich (left) with Drs.
Randy Worobo (center) and Linda


Dr. Tatineni Satyanarayana, right, spoke at a Plant
Pathology & Friends seminar on Nov. 22. Dr.
Satyanarayana, or T.S., is a post-doctoral scientist
working with Dr. Bill Dawson. He is conducting
research on the molecular genetics of the citrus
tristeza virus.

Dr. Micke3 Parish (abox e)
addresses questions at the

Workshop participants at work.

Dr. Harold Browning and John Neiswanger, president of the Citrus Research and
Education Foundation (CREF) at a Nov. 18 meeting. CREF is a non-profit, direct support
organization that supports CREC in numerous ways, including oversight of CREC's gro e
management and sponsorship of Friends of the L ibrary. serving as a vehicle for
acceptance of monetary gifts or gifts of books in behalf of the CR EC Library. CREC also
serves as a vehicle for IF AS "For Sale" citrus titles at CREC. In addition, the CREF helps
sponsor CREC Fmploe ees ofthe Year awards, annual spring and winter centerwide
celebrations, faculty retirement events and numerous workshop and short courses. Dr.
Browning is CREF's Executive Director. Other officers and board members are Vice
President. Harold B. McTeer; Secretary-Treasurer J.B. 'Buster" Pratt Sr.. Bill Barber.
Immediate Past President: and board members Andy Lavigne; Ellis Hunt, Jr.; Bert Harris,
Bobby F. McKown, DR. Richard L. Jones and Dr. Christine T. Waddill.

Construction continues around the Center. Above, a pole barn
goes up north of CREC's main building complex, a new
greenhouse and other new facilities are also at this site.
Construction of a new pole barn in back of Building 10
(maintenance shop) will also commence in the near future.




CREC Welcome
Auburn H. Thompson Chemist 1, FDX' (Dr. Cancalon)
Deanna Threlkeld OPS (Dr. Childers)
James Gray OPS, FDOC (Dr. Widmer)

CREC Farewell
Dr. Michael Simms OPS (Dr. Childers)
Jimmy Willard Maintenance Shop (R.
Dr. Zhanao Deng Asst. In (Dr. Gmitter)
Farewell to Dave Noxel (right), who is
retiring and will join wife Connie in North
Carolina. Dave worked at CREC for 9
years with Dr. Whimney (and just recently
with Dr. Miller).

to Ping Zhou and Qifa Zheng (from Dr. Gminer's lab) on the
birth of their daughter, Kadi Zheng on Nov. 10!

Coworkers gathered to say farewell to the
Maintenance Shop's Jimmy Willard (right).
Jimmy is now a refrigeration mechanic for the
City of Bartow. Below left. Dr. Bob
Braddock chats with Junmmy. below nght.
Shelby Graham says farewell to Jimmy
More pictures below from Dan Tuzzulo


to Emily Wendell, daughter of
Margie Wendell (firm Dr.
Gmitter's lab), on being named
Student of the Month in Mrs.
Hutchison's 7th grade science
class at Jewett Academy on

Sympathy -Martha Swann. wife of Bill Swann. passed a ay
on Nov. 23 ofLou Gehrig's disease. Bill works seasonal ly
with Bea Nielsen.

DiamondBasnaw Linda Murphy (Word
(Maintenance Shop) Processing) arrives by
and daughter Jade. motorcycle to say
farev ell to Jimm .

Jeanell Pruitt
(Custodial Supen isor
left) and Judy Harber
(from Dr. Dawson's

Manuscripts Submitted to the Publications Committee in November -

S. H. Futch and D. W. Hall. Identification of Broadleaf V\ needs in Citrus. Citrus Industry Magazine.

M. F. Valim, R. L. Rouseff, and J. Lin. GC-Olfactometric Characterization ofAroma Compounds in Two Types of Cashew Apple Nectar.
Journal ofAgricultural and Food Chemistry.

J. H. Graham. Biological Control of Soilborne Plant Pathogens and Nematodes. Principle': and Applications of Soil \ficrrhilou .

L. IR Parsons, T. A. Wheaton, and W. S. Castle. Reclaimed Water for Citrus Irrigation in Florida. Irrigation .-.srciation 2002 Confer-
ence Proceedings
A. Bhatia, P. D. Roberts, and L. W. Timmer. Evaluation of the Alter-Rater Model for Timing of Fungicide Applications for Control of
Alternaria Brown Spot of Citrus. Plant Diwea:e.

Z. Deng and F. G. Gmitter, Jr. Cloning and Characterination of Receptor Kinase Class Disease Resistance Gene Candidates in Citrus.
Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

S. N. Monday, T. R. Gottwald, and L. W. Timmer. Environmental Factors Affecting the Release and Dispersal ofAscospores of
.1f'corphacrella citri. Phutopathologi.

N.A.R. Peres, J. P. Agostini, and L. W. Timmer. Outbreaks of Alternaria Brown Spot of Citrus in Brazil and Argentina. Plant Disease.
C. C. Childers, J.C.V. Rodrigues, K. S. Derrick, D. S. Achor, J. V. French, W. C. Welbourn, R. Ochoa, and E. W. Kitajima. Citrus
Leprosis and its Status in Florida and Texas: Past and Present. Experimental and Applied Acarology.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

December 2002

All events subject to change.

December 2002

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Info &
Retirement &

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

CREC Holiday
Party BHG
5pm +





3 pm BHG

I & 'I I & I''








I________ 1 Holiday Happy New Year!







6 Information and Training Seminar:
Conversations Regarding Retirement
and Estate Planning Lorene Noe,
Associate Director of Planned Giving,
University of Florida Foundation.
BHG Rm. 1, 11:00 a.m. Noon.
According to Ms. Noe, the talk will
appeal to those in their middle 50's and
those in the "drop" phase of retirement.
This will differ from any presentation
from brokerage firms since there will be
no solicitation efforts. Her 25 years in
banking and trust are a nice backdrop
for open questions on estate planning
tips and probate will administration, from
a practical viewpoint, not limited to
drafting of documents.

10-11 Abscission research, meeting BHG
Rms. 3&4, 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
13- CREC Christmas Party- BHG All
Rooms, 5:00 p.m Social; 6:30 pm
20 Centerwide Meeting
BHG 1 and 2, 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m.
Refreshments, Employees of the
Year awards. Service Pins, and a
Look at 2002 in pictures and video.
Open to all personnel-

25 Holiday Merry Christmas


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