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Publication Date: August 2002
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Citrus L(

:-Vft ffSli t -


Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

eaves,. \

Dr. Harold W. Browning, Center Director
Citrus Research & Education Center
700 Experiment Station Road
Lake Alfred, FL 33850-2299
Tel. (863) 956-1151
Fax (863) 956-4631

_. \

I U 2 \

In This Issue
Citrus Packinghouse Day................ 1
Citrus Pathology Course Fall............ 1
Welcome Dr. Chen .. ..... ... ........1 1

Meet the Parish Lab ................. 2-3

Meet... Patti Hanna, the Clean Team,
Katja Farewell and Happy Birthdays .
......... ............. ..... .......... ............ 3

Farewell ..
Al.. Samira and Amina Fares............ 4
Mike Blaze and Chip Rouseff........... 4

News Around CREC
Student Notes .................................. 5
CREC Welcome. Farewell ................ 5
Time Cards Due ............................... 5
Purchasing Card website ............... 5
Information & Training Seminars ..... 5
Manuscripts Submitted .................... 5

Citrus Canker Info ........................ 6
SAM's Club membership ..,._....,... 6
Splendid China offer .................. 6

Calendar ........................................ 7

Citrus Leaves
is the monthly newsletter for
employees and friends of CREC.
Would you like to be in "Citrus
Leaves?" We welcome your
contributions, suggestions and
corrections Editor, Monica
Lewaodowsi; E-mail
mmlw@vlaunfLedu; Ext 233.
Photography, Gretchen Baut;
Production and Distribution: Word
Processing, Barbara Thompson,
Supervisor, Kathy Snyder, Karla
Flynn and Linda Murphy; Customer
Service, Kathy Witherington,
Supervisor, and Nancy Burke.
Ontheweb: wwwJaLu ifdu and
click on the Newsletter tab -

41st Annual Citrus Packinghouse Day August 29

The 41* Annual Citrus Packinghouse Day on August 29 at C R EC's Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. Citrus
Hall will feature presentations in the morning and packinghouse vendor exhibits in the
afternoon. The day's events are targeted to the fresh citrus industry.
The key note speaker is Dr. Joseph Smilanick, plant pathologist from the I.SDA-A RS
Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory in Parlier, CA. Dr. Smilanick will discuss citrus decay
control, new fungicides and the use of heat and alternative compounds such as sodium
bicarbonate. Other speakers will cover the following topics:
Food security in the packinghouse
Latest news on the importation of Spanish Clementines
A new third-party packinghouse food safety auditing
program offered through the USDA and FDACS
Non-destructive internal quality sensors for citrus
Accessing citrus postharvest resources on the Internet
Representatives from more the 30 companies will provide
information for the fresh citrus industry. Registration begins
ai R830 am: the program start- at 9:30 am. For more Drs Mark Ritenour and
information, contact Drs. Bill Miller or Renee Goodrich at Rene Goodrich at last year's
CREC. orDr. Mark Ritenour at IRREC in Fort Pierce. Citrus Packinghouse Day.

Citrus Pathology Course Offered At CREC

Citrus Pathology (PLP 5115C) will be
offered the Fall 2002 semester, Tuesday
afternoons, from Aug. 27- Dec. ,
10atCREC It sa3-hourlecture Registerii
graduate credit course and mut sb
requires a prerequisite general
plant pathology course (PLP Distance
3002C or PLP 5005C or Request I
equivalent) The course will
cover the symptoms. disease

cycles and control measures for the major citrus
diseases with emphasis on diagnosis using
.. biological, chemical and
ng students biochemical technique. Plant
pathologist, from CREC and the
mit a
USDA-ARS %\ill present the
Ed Course various lectures.
Form by 8 2 The course can be t.ken for
credit or noncredil For more
information or if Nou plan to
take the course, contact Dr. Ron Brianskv or Dr
K R Chung, course coordinators
The registration cost for thi course is'S538 05
for Florida residents. Registenng students musl
submit a Distance Educauon Course Request
sce C:tru> Puthilogt CInur T\ p p

CREC Welcomes
Dr. Jianchi (JC) Chen, FDOC
Dr. Chen's laboratory and office is in RPoom ti)
in the Packinghouse.

--;" i- '~-j

August 2002

I 1_1 I _

=^ --


Dr. Mickey Parish
Originally from: Dad enport. Florida
Career: Graduated from Florida State University with
Biolog. degree. In 1976. Dr. Parish came to CREC as a lab
technician, first with Dr. Jack Whiteside and later with Dr.
John Allen. He subsequently entered the M.S. program at
UF, working under food microbiologist Dr. T. R. Graumlich at
CREC. Dr. Robert Braddock was also a member of his
After completing his M.S. in 1981, Dr. Parish entered the
Ph D. program at North Carolina State University. Upon
completion of his doctorate, he applied for a food
microbiology faculty position at CREC. left vacant by Dr.
Graumlich. Dr. Parish joined the CREC faculty in 1986.
Dr. Parish's program involves food microbiology for food safety
and quality A summary of his current projects are outlined below.
Working in Washington, D.C. Dr Parish spent ayear(199R-1999)
in Washington, D.C. as Policy Analyst in Food Safety for the
Congressional Research Ser ice (CRS). The CRS provides scientific
information to Congress to aid in the decision making process.
Parish produced reports, provided briefings and organized
seminars on food safety issues for Congressional members and
staff. The information was used to help make decisions on food
safety and other scientific issues that have far-reaching effects

Dr. Parish and
Lorrie Friedrich
examine a sample of



Dr. Mickey Parish's lab is involved in food microbiology
research for food safety and quality. Left to right: Nicole
Alred, Dr. Parish, Lorrie Freidrich and Tracy Williams.

across the nation and the world.
Parish was selected for this opportunity by the Institute of Food
Technologists (IFT). The IFT sponsored Parish's lello. ship to the
Congressional Science Fellowship Program, which is administered
by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Lorrie Friedrich
Originally from: Pennsylvania
Education: B.S. and M.S. in microbiology from the University
of South Florida in Tampa.
CREC: Lorrie has worked with Dr. Parish since 1990 in
microbiological food safety and quality research.
Other: Lorrie and her husband, Ricardo Ibarra, have a 7-
year old daughter, Gabriela. Among her favorite things.
chocolate and running.
Parish lab, continued on page 3

Food Safety and Quality On The Forefront -

Dr. Parish's work, some of which is funded by the FDOC and USDA, focuses on food microbiology related to food safety
and quality. Here's a summary of some ongoing work:
* Investigations on the microflora, particularly human pathogens, found on the fruit surface at the processing plant. Dr.
Rente Goodrich is also a collaborator.
* Studies on Salmonella, Shigella and non-pathogenic E. coli on oranges and strawberries. This is a cooperative project
on microbiological food safety for fresh fruit involving UF-Gainesville and CREC, University of California-Davis and
Texas A & M. Dr. Goodrich is a collaborator on this project.
* Studies on Alicyclobacillus and possible disinfection methods. Alicyclobacillus is a spore-forming bacterium that can
cause spoilage of shelf-stable juices. Spoilage caused by Alicyclobacillus is characterized by a "horrific" odor.
* Investigations on whetherfhow bacterial pathogens can infiltrate citrus peel. This work, funded by the California Re-
search Board, will facilitate the development of food safety regulations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
* Drs. Parish and Goodrich are involved in work related to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety
regulations for citrus juice. He and Dr. Goodrich serve on a Juice HACCP alliance and participate in HACCP training for
the citrus processing industry.

THE PARISH LAB, from page 2

Originally from: St. Petersburg, Florida
Education: Recenily graduated with a B.S. in Biologi from
Florida Southern College She has worked in Dr. Parish's
lab since March, and says the experience helped her
discover that she enjoys research. She is headed to work
in a laboratory involved in blood pressure research at
UF's Department of Medicine. Gainesville Veterans
Administration (VA) Medical Center.

Danny Lee
worked in the Parish lab this summer, and recently re-
turned for his senior year at Lake Region High School.

MEET ...

Patti Hanna Business Office
Parti Hanna joined the CREC Business
Office in June, where she is respon-
sible for accounting and other aspects
of Special Help for Agricultural Re-
search and Education (SHARE) ac-
Patii's work experience includes 22
years with the UF College of
Medicine's Department of Obstetrics
and Gynecology in Gainesville, where
she became a network administrator and designed and implemented
their first computer network. Prior to that. Patti managed patient
accounting for the department.
Patti and her husband, David, moved to Winier Ha\ en in 1999,
where she subsequently became involved in health care consult-
ing. The job required frequent travel and long hours, and she re-
cently opted to find a job that would keep her closer to home.
Patti is current, working to yards a B S and M S. in Health Care
Administration at St. Leo University. She has a son, Rob Moore,
who captains sport fishing yachts out of southeast Florida (Ft.
Pierce, Stuart). Her hobbies include classical reading, swimming,
cooking, boating and skydiving (she has done over 200 free falls).

Happy O
Birthday to ...
I -

August: Carolyn Lisbon
(custodial crew) and her
son, Tavares (2)!

Tracy Williams
Originally from: Philadelphia.
Education: RecentlN graduated with a B.S. in Biology and
En\ ironmental studies from Florida Southern College in
Lakeland. She and Nicole Allred have known each other
since they were college freshmen.
CREC: Tracy, who joined the lab in July, will be involved
in Dr. Parish's food microbiology research.
Other: Enjoys arts and crafts and nature.

Clean Team
You may have
noticed several
custodians taking
care of your
., building. That's
: because the
Te .. uCustodial Crew is
now working as a
team throughout the
Center, instead of
assigning one custodian to a particular building.
In the event of a custodial emergency, contact Sherr
Cunningham in the Facillites office (Ext 32). and he will notify a
custodian. Any other special custodial requests should be
submitted through a work order.
The Custodial Crew, pictured above, L to R: Top row. Jeanell
Pruitn (Supervnsor) and Janice Stewart; bottom row, Peggy
Bernard, Carolyn Lisbon and Terry Daghita.

Katja College-Bound
SThe Nigg Lab bid
farewell to Katja
Bithe (center)
with lunch at the
Olive Garden.
r. Katja will enter
S the Urn iveryity of
South Florida in
Tampa this fall.
L to R: Sam
Jeannette Barnes, Kauja. Dr. Nigg, Nadine Cuyler and
Rhonda Schumann. Not pictured is the photographer, s.

Elleen Albright (tcft) on 7/9
(Personnel office) and Gretchen
(Photolab) Baut on 8/13!


Dr. Ali Fares
Dr. Ali Fares, a postdoctoral scientist who worked with Dr. Larry
Parsons, has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Water-
shed Hydrology and Tropical Soils at the University of Hawaii at
Manoa. He will become involved in critical issues pertaining to the
use and conservation of Hawaii's scarce Fresh water supply.
Dr. Fares, who is originally from Tunisia, first came to CREC in
1996 and worked with Dr. Ashok Alva until 1999. He subsequently
went to Adelaide, Australia, and in 2001, returned to CREC to work
with Dr. Parsons.
Dr Fares' family includes his wife, Samira, daughters Amina
(16) and Sara (14) and sons Othman (9) and Ayoub (6).

Dr. Ali Fares, center, with Jacob Butler (L) and
Dr. Larry Parsons (R).

Left photo, from L to R: Samira Fares, Ayoub (front). Dr. Larry
Parsons, Orhman Dr. Ali Fares and Sara. Right photo, Amina

Amina Fares
has been working in Dr. Russ Rouseffs flavor chemistry
laboratory this summer. She has been working with gas
chromarography-olfactomerry for the analysis of flavor
compounds and computer-related work.
Amina attended Winter Haven High School, where she
was editor of the school newspaper. She will enter her senior
year, and like the rest of her family, is looking forward to
moving to Hawaii. One of her hobbies is surfing the web.

Michael Blaze
This was Mike Blaze's r
second summer working
for Dr. Russ Rouseff. -
This summer, he was
instrumental in con-
structing Dr. Rouseffs
new flavor website, -
which is an online
reference for the ____
chemical characteristics of flavor compounds,
Mike. who is from Winter Haven, will return to the
University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando for his
sophomore year, where he is majoring in Management and
Information Systems. An avid bowler, Mike plans to go out
for the UCF bowling team.

Samira Fares
has worked for the FDOC 1
with Dr. John Zhang for the
past 1 1/2 years. Her work .
in Dr. Zhang's postharvest
decay research program
involved various aspects
of protein biochemistry
and fungal microbiology.
Samira has a high
school diploma in
agriculture (citrus emph-
asis) and an Associate of Arts degree from Santa Fe
Community College in Gainesville. She also worked with
Bea Nielsen on the citrus improvement project at CREC prior
to moving to Australia with her family in 1999. "It was
beautiful," Samira said of Australia. She also enjoyed
Australia's weather and relaxingg environment."
Samira is looking forward to new adventures in Hawaii.

Chip Rouseff I
This was Chip Rouseff's .
was second summer
Working in Dr. Brlansky's
lab; three summers ago he
worked for Dr. Herb Nigg.
His work involved
greenhouse and lab
duties for Dr. Brlansky's -- -
plant pathology program In the greenhouse he did
everything from watering plants to budding, and Chip adds
that the "golf cart" helped make his work a little easier.
Chip, along with his roommate Mike Blaze (left), is
returning to the University of Central Florida (UCF) for his
sophomore year as an electrical engineering major. His
parents are Russell and June Rouseff

L -- ---



Student Notes
UF Classes: Aug. 26 Dec. 11; Finals: Dec. 14-20
Commencement Dec. 21
For students: Official University business e-mail will be
communicated to students using the University GatorLink e-
mail account That is, official e-mail will be sent exclusively to
Gatorl nkUserNamefgufl.edu.
The preferred e-mail address recorded for all students will
be the GatorLink address. Students may continue to use the
forwarding mechanism to deliver theire-mail to other mail
services, if they wish. However, it is the student's
responsibility to insure that the forwarding address is
current so that they receive official communications from the
All students will be notified about this change in policy
via e-mail and postal mail.

Citrus Pathology Course from p. 1
Form by August 2*, then complete the instructions and forms for
registration which are on the UF/FAS Distance Education website
(http: 'disted.ifas ufl edu and click on "Registration"). For regis-
tration assistance, contact Monica Lewandowski at Ext. 233.
*The deadline for the Distance Education Course Request Form
was August 2, but it will be accepted through Aug. 19. Please
contact Monica Lewandowski for assistance in submitting a late
form. Note: this is a separate form from registration, which is
done by telephone (Telegator) or online (ISIS), Aug. 22-23 Late
registration. Aug. 26-29, will include a $100 late fee.

CREC Welcome
Dr. Jianchi (JC) Chen (FDOC)
Young Eel Moon Visitor
(Dr. Echeverria)
Diego Pozeula Visitor
(Dr. Echeverria)
Nlarakh Falahali-Rostergar- Visitor
(Dr. Lee)
John Roegner OPS (Dr. Schumann)
Tracy Jo Williams OPS (Dr. Parish)
Angela Grant OPS (Dr. Nigg)

CREC Farewell
Rocky Bryan Chemist (Dr. Braddock)
Jeremy Seadorf- OPS (Dr. Timmer)
Ricardo Ibarra OPS (Dr. Timmer)
Angela Grant Lab tech (Dr. Burns)
Katja Blythe OPS (Dr. Nigg)
Mary Donahoe Student (Dr. Michaud)
Nebojsa Noveski OPS (Dr. Orbovic)
John Roegner OPS (Dr. Salyani)
Dr. Bo Li Post-doc (Dr. Salyani)
Dr. Ali Fares- Post-doc (Dr. Parsons)
Samira Fares OPS (Dr. Zhang)
Amina Fares OPS (Dr. Rouseff)
Nicole Allred OPS (Dr. Parish)
Daniel Lee OPS (Dr. Parish)

Time Cards/Records Due:
- Monday, August 12
- Thursday, August 22
(note early due date on Aug.
22 because of Labor Day
holiday on Sept. 2)

P-Card Questions?
Purchasing Card information is
posted on the UF Purchasing
... www.purchasing.ufl.edu/

Open to all personnel.

- Information and Training Seminars at CREC -

* The Top 10 List for a Safer ou in 2002- August 2, 2002; 11:00 Noon BHG-1, Dr. Carol Lehtola, Asst. Prof. & Safety Specialist,
Ag. & Biol. Eng.. UF
* Electric and Lightning Safety September 6,2002; 1:00 Noon BHG-1 Mr. Clyde Roberds, Tampa Electric Co.
SThe Latest in Digital Media October 4,2002; 11:00- Noon BHG-1 Ms. Gretchen Baut, Photographer Graphics Artist, CREC.

Manuscripts Submitted To The Publications Committee in July -
B Li. J. D. Whitney, W. M. Miller, and T. A. Wheaton. Ultrasonic-based Canopy Volume Measurements of Citrus Trees. Applied
Engineering in Agriculture.
W. S. Castle, M. Bauer, B Boman, and T. Obreza. Some Practical Matters Related to Riviera Soil, Depth to Clay. Water Table, Soil
Organic Matter, and Swingle Citrumelo Root Systems. Citrus Industry Magazine.
W. M. Miller and M. Zude. N IR-Based Sensing Coupled with Physical/Color Features to Identify Brix Level of Florida Citrus.
Applied Engineering in Agriculture.
S, N Mondal, A. Bhatia, and L. W. Timmer. How to Promote Greasy Spot Without Really Trying. Cirrus Industry Magazine.

I -

Citrus Canker Info
Citrus canker was recently detected in commercial groves in Highlands County, and on residential dooryad trees in Orange and
Brevard Counties. Inspector continue to find hundreds of positive tees weekly in the Dade/Broward/Palm Beach County area
CREC personnel are reminded that canker decontaminatioa/disinfection procedures are mandatory for equipment and personnel
working near or contacting any citrus plant This includes strict limitations on the movement of plant material, including fruit,
on or off Center Info is posted on a bulletin board outside the CREC Mailoom, and questions can be directed to Dr. Pete
Weekly canker updates: Florida Citrus Mutual website: www=l-dtraMntual.cnm
UF1IFAS Citr Pest Management Guidefor decontam/disinfection guidelines: ~db-lfafludl C 4
FL Dept. of Agriculture & Conmsumr Services d1~crt tmfluEanker
Forquarantine maps doseutp.~l.mt hkrm'ptshtm
Florida Citrus Canker EradlcationProgramn
iami: 800-850-3781 Wintr Haven: 800-282-5153
Palnetto: 941-721-6622 Immakae: 941-658-3684

SAM's Club Memberships -
Jerry Safrit % ill offer SAM's Club memberships at CREC on Frida., Aug. 9, in the employee break room in Building 24 (-Adlmini-tra-
lnon"). The cost of a yearly SAM's Club membership i. $35 ear (Advantage membership), which includes two cards: one for yourself
and another for a household member. This card allow s you to shop in the SAM's club store. The $35 Advantage membership can also
be purchased at a SAM's Club store (take a paycheck stub for proof of employment).
SAM's club is a members-only warehouse. The nearest SAM's club is at 4600 US Hwy 98 North in Lakeland. There are also locations
in Orlando, Tampa and Brandon (see store locator on their website). For more information, contact Mr. Safrit directly at Tel, 853-8931 or
visit www.samsclub.com.

Splendid China Offers Complimentary Admission Passes -

Florida Splendid China, a 76-acre Chinese cultural theme park in Kissimmee, is ofTenng cuit. county. state, & federal got eminent
employees (including all UF and F DOC employ ees) two complimentary admissions to Splendid China for each Government Employee.
The offer runs from .une 14" -August 31P. 2002. For more information, visit www.floridasplendidchina.com.
Flonda Splendid China features
Amazing acrobatics, dances, and martial arts shows during the day
Spectacular 90-minute live stage production "Mysterious Kingdom of the Orient" every Tuesday to Sunday at 6:00 pm
Beautiful replicas of China's most famous cultural landmarks such as Great Wall and Forbidden City
Authentic Chinese cuisine and merchandise
Additional benefits for you and your family:
50% off regular park admission for additional guests in your group (children 4 and under are free)
25% off ine dining at the park's Suzhou Pearl Restaurant
10% off merchandise at the park's operated gift shops
50% off Splendid China's regular annual pass rate

Just show your employee ID cards or current pay stub at Splendid China's Guest Service, your will receive two (2) complimentary
admission tickets to Splendid China.
Location: Splendid China is located at 3000 Splendid China Blvd., Kissimmee, FL 34 747 (2 miles west ofWalt Disney World Resorts'
main entrance and 3 miles west of 1-4, Exit 64B).
Information: Please contact Splendid China at 407-396-7111 or 407-397-88 18 if you have any questions about this offer. Website:
www .floridasplendidchina.com
Splendid China's gate price: $28.88 per adult, $18.18 per Ahild age 5-12. Park operation hours: 9:30 am 7:00 pm.
** The free admission to Splendid China does not include a promotional meal, which is offered to regular paid guests. Ol'er not valid with other
promotions or special events al Splendid China.

August 2002

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

1 2 3
Seminar: Safer
You in 2002
11 am 12 pm

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Faculty Mtg
8:30 am

18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Public mtg re.
import of Spanish

Citrus Expo in Ft. M ers, Aug. 21-22










All events subject to change,
August 2002
2 Information and Training Seminar Top
Ten List For A Safer You in 2002. Dr
Carol Lehtola, UF/IFAS Agric. & Biol.
Engin., Extension Ag Safety. BHG
Room 1, 11 am -12 pm.
15 Faculty meeting Or. H. Browning. BHG
Rooms 3-4, 8:30-10:30 am.
22 Public hearing regarding proposed
Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
(APHIS) rule on importation of
Clementines from Spain. 8 am 5 pm.
BHG Rooms 1-2.
29 41st Annual Citrus Packinghouse Day.
Speaker presentations in the moving
(BHG Rooms 1-2) vendor exhibits in the
afternoon (Packinghouse).

Classes at CREC
This Semester:
Aug. 26 Dec. 11:
Citrus Pathology (PLP 5115C). Drs. Briansky
and Chung. Teaching Lab, Tues.
Offered at CREC via videoconference:
Dr. Mark Wade, UF/IFAS Indian River REC,
"Principles of Food and Resource
Economics", Mondays, 6:00 9:00 pm.
Alternating with "Selling Strategically",
Monday, 6:00 9:00 pm
Dr. Marshall Breeze, UF/IFAS Dept. of Ag
Comm. and Educ., "Methodology of
Planned Change," Tues., 6:00 8:00 pm

_______ _______ I _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ _______________

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