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Title: Citrus leaves
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Publication Date: February 1999
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Harold W. Browning, Center Director
UNIVERSITY OF Citrus Research and Education Center C IT R U S
'a RT 700 Experiment Station Road
S LO RI A Lake Alfred, FL 33850
Telephone 941-956-1151
ir .riur,_,r F.,J and .gc'utTr.a] S-ience, FAX 941-956-4631 L E A V E S


Vol. 17, No. 2-February 1999


The ril Florida Citrus Festival was held at the Baseball Dome
in Winter Haven January 14-24, :'Wl,. CREC's exhibit booth at
the rfe.ii\l was staffed by CREC employees, many of whom
spent weekends and evening hours at the booth. Exhibit
volunteers distributed graperrun and ordn-,cs and passed out
CREC handouts, Extension publications and research articles.
Alta Church. one of the exhibit volunteers, noted that many of
the fair attendees were from our-or'-ilate and were unfamiliar
with CREC "I told them about the knowledgeable and
wonderful people we have at CREC," she said. Cand,
Reynolds, another volunteer, agreed. 'MNan of the visitors
didn't realize that the University of Florida had a place in Lake
.A IIred dedicated to citrus research, and that we are available to
help the public and grower, They were ,lad to find out about
CRFEC and what we do," noted Reynolds.

"Thank you to the volunteers who staffed the booth and who
helped with the preparation and set-up," said Monica
Lewandowski. "Many or the volunteers spent hours of their
own time to help out with the booth."

Florida Citrus Festival
Volunteers and Helpers

Amee Bailey*
Harold Browning
Glen CraddocK'
Fran Funk*
Jude Grosser
Lou Ellen Hedley*
Ken Jacobson
Monica Lewandowski*
Lamar Odom
Candy Reynolds*
Pam Russ
Jane Wilson"
Terri Zito

Nancy Burke
Alta Church*
Ed Echeverria*
Shelby Graham
Uli Hartmond*
Roxie Hoover"
Dennis Lewandowski*
Connie Noxel*
Larry Parsons
Tom Robnett
Wayne Tyler*
Kathy Witherington

A Citrus Festival visitor examines some of the information
at CREC's exhibit booth. Several festival attendees
stopped by the booth for information on citrus.
Several air-eoers were interested in in format ion about dooryard
citrus. COnec t the booth's visitors was a landscape architect with
the Department ofTransportation. who is working to incorporate
citrus into some roadside landscapes. "Because citrus is such an
important part of this area, we though it would be an excellent
idea to incorporate citrus into some of our landscapes. We are
planting cal.imondin trees in some parts ofLakeland," according
to the architect.

Blood.Mobile Schedule

Feb 24 MaN 19 Aug 18 Nov 10

Please donate!

*Assisted with set-up or staffed :he booth at the

Citrus Leaves

Editor: Monica Lewandowski, Public Relations
Production: Word Processing
Barbara Thompson, Supervisor
Distribu ion: Customer Service,
Kathy Witherington, Supervisor,
Nancy Burke, Connie Noxel.

We welcome contributions to Citrus Leaves We have
placed a box in the Mail Room for suggestions, story ideas
and contributions.

We are particularly interested in:

Research projects and new publications
Tidbits about recent presentations, travel
Education outreach activities
Your ideas

Cirus Leave:

New Edition of Florida Citrus Varieties
Now Available

For only $15. [his book by Drs. Dave Tucker, Steve Futch, Fred
Gmitter and \like Kc. inger contains information and color
photographs of o~er forty citrus varieties.

If you are looking for information on over tfor varieties of
citrus, an updated edition of the book, Florida Citrus Varieties,
is now available SP 102, University of Florida/Institute of Food
and Ari ulrtural Sciences Publications. $15, color photographs.
paperback). This useful reference celebrates the diversity of
citrus, with descriptions of eleven orange, nine grapefruit,
fourteen tangerine and tangerine hybrids, four acid citrus and six
other citrus varieties.

The book contains over fiCrt\ color photographs that show
external and internal views of each fruit type, along with
information on the origins, characteristics and harvesting periods
of the different citrus varieties.

A handy reference for anyone interested in citrus. you'll also
find quick and important facts about each variety. Learn why
navel oranc -, are used primarily for fresh consumption rather
than juice. which h ,raipcfruit varieties are the most popular in
Florida and much more. The ,rieins of the different citrus
varieties are particularly interesting, with a number of varieties
arising from chance seedlings For example. Parson Brown
oranges originated as a chance !eedlin_ near the home of
Reverend N.L. Brown in Webster. Florida in 1856, while Marsh
.rapefrLui was Jisco ered as a chance seedling near Lakeland,
Florida around i 860.

The authors are four authorities on Florida citrus. Dr. David
P.H, Tucker is Pro lessor and Extension Horticulturalist at
CREC. Dr. Stephen H. Futch is a Multi-County Extension agent
at CREt Dr Fred G, Gmitter is Professor of Horticulture at
(CREC, and Dr. Michael C. KeIne-cr is Chief of the Bureau of
Bud' od Registration, Division of Plant Industry, Florida Dept.
of Agriculture and Consumer Services,

The book can be ordered by cash. U.S. check or traveler's check
from Jane VH iS'.'n Extension Secretary, CREC. For multiple
copies or credit card orders, call University of Florida 8(00) 226-

Varieties in season: Pineapple & Valencia
Oranges; Honey Tangerines. Minneola & Temple
Tangelos, Flame, Ruby Red, & White GraDefruit

1999 Indian River
Citrus Seminar
March 3, 1999
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
U.S. 1 and Old Dixie Highway
Ft. PierceiVero Beach, FL


Opening Comments: Dr. Mike Martin. UF Vice President
for Azriculture

Thinking about the Indian River Citrus Industry of the
21st Century
Dr. Ed Stover (IRREC*)
Dr. Mark ade (IRREC)
Dr. Ferd Wirth ( IRREC
Falco Irukamp (FDOC)

Improving our Efficiency and Profitabilii Now!
Jack Hebb (St Lucie County Extension Agent)
Dr. Tom Spreen (UF Gainesvi lte)
Dr. Phil Stansly i STTREC")
Dr. Masoud Salyani iCREC)
Dr. Pete Timmer (CREC)
Dr. Ron Sonoda (IRREC)
Dr. Ed Stover (IRRECi
Dr. Brian Boman ilRREC)
Dr. Dave Tucker iCREC)
Peter McClure (Evans Properties)

Admission is free, no preregistration is required.
Brochures are available at the C REC Switchboard. For further
information, call Dr. Ed Stover (561-468-3922); Jack Hebb

*Indian River Research and Education Center. Fort Pierce.
FL: ** Southwest Florida Research and Education Center,
Immokalee, FL

Request for Stamps

Bo. Scout Troop 123 of Winter Haven is conducting the
stamp collecting merit badge. In concert with making
collections, they are trying to tap local sources of international
.rmp, If you are currently not reccclin. international stamps
that are mailed to C REC. or would like to donate some stamps
for the boys' use, there is an envelope in the mail room.

Thank You. Harold Brow ning, Assistant Troop Leader.


Citrus Leaves


ISC IXth Congress 2000:
"Entering the Fifth Millennium of Recorded

According to Dr. Gene Albrigo, President of the ISC and ISC
2000 Congress General Chair, the theme of the ISC 2000
Congress is "Enering the Fifth Millennium of Recorded
Citrculture." With the first known records ofcitriculture dating
back 4000 years, the ISC 2000 Congress was deemed a finding
event to commemorate this milestone.

First Announcement
The International Society rf Citriculture is preparing to release
the first announcement for the lXth Congress at the Coronado
Springs Resort, Disney W world, Florida, December 3-7, 2000.
The first announcement, detailed in a color brochure, contains
S information on the local arrangements, which are being
coordinated b% Drs. Walt Kender and Clay McCoy, Local
Arrangements Committee Co-Chairs, the Congress program and
tours. Brochures '. ill be mailed out to current ISC members. If
you do not receive a brochure, additional copies will be available
at the Switchboard by mid-February.

Preliminary information on the ISC Program, including a list of
current sessions that in the planning stages, is also provided in
the first announcement. Drs. Jim S vsensen and Fred Davies are
Program Committee Co-Chairs.

Two logos for the IXth Congress were selected. There were
several excellent entries, and the selection committee would like
to thank all entrants it was a tough decision!

In the logo dezigined by Diana Drouillard, the international
cooperative aspect of the Congress is depicted by light- and
dark-skinned hanr J supporting a symbolic earth/citrus fruit. The
banner encircling the earth features the new millennium.
Drouillard also won a logo design contest for the Center for
Natural Resource UF IFAS, Gainesville. Her artistic talents are
no secret to CREC she has been the creative force behind
several CREC events, including recently the 19o8 Christmas


_ ~



By Dr. Dennis Lewandowski

The second logo that will be a part of the ISC 2000 Congress
was contributed by Dr. Dennis Lewandowski. The logo features
a map of Florida The zeros in "2000" are represented by two
oranges and the ISC logo, a standingg globe/citrus slice.
Lewandowski wanted to combine three images easily l recon Ized
by citrus researchers: the state of Florida, oranges and the ISC
logo. The oranges also signify that Orange County is the site of
the IXth Congress.

Pam Russ has been working with the artists to put the designs
into a graphics format for desktop publishing. Color versions
are posted on the ISC home page:
http: ,tangelo.lal.un.edu/Conghome.htm.

Pre-Congress Tours
Dr. Bill Castle, General and Scientific Tours Committee Chair,
has announced that a four-day tour of the Florida citrus industry
is planned for November 28-Dec. 1,2000. The tour will include
visits to the "ollo, ing regions: the "East Coast" of Florida, a
major fresh grapefruit production region characterized by
interesting soils, water management systems, and modern fresh
fruit packinghouses; the "Gulf Region," typified by large citrus
operations where oranges and other citrus are grown for
processed juice and fresh fruit markets; and the well-known
Ridge" of Central Florida, where orange, grapefruit. and
mandarin trees are grown on deep, sandy soils. Abbreviated
tours to the East Coast and Ridge areas will also be offered on
November 30-December 1, 2000

Mid-Congress Tours
On December 6, 2000. half-day tours to a number of local
scientific and citrus industry sites will be conducted for Congress
participants. These tours will conclude at CREC, with tours of
our center available followed by a dinner,

Post-Congress Tours
A California delegation will organize a post-Congress tour if
there is sufficient interest. An alternate tour of the Mexican
citrus industry is another option.

Buggy Software on the Internet
bip 'a % '. i:j u il edu e l o mI n* ar.c l-Dulo htin
Insect-related software developed by or in cooperation with the
University of Florida. Bug and butterfly tutorials. CEU tutorials
and more.

Citrus Leave~

Postblossom Fruit Drop

* Dr. T immer will pro% ide updates on this disease
via recorded messages

Postblossom Fruit Drop (PFDiis a fungal disease of citrus. The
causal agent, Colletotrichum acutatum. attacks the tlowers
F.entuall the fruirlets drop, resulting in reduced fruit set and
lower yields. The disease most commonly affects Navel and
Valencia oranges.

As we enter the 1fo'crin. season for these varieties, growers
will be on the alert for outbreaks of PFD. Dr. Timmer will
provide the latest information and recommendations on this
disease via recorded telephone messages. Sponsored by Dupont,
this message is updated regularly. Call 1-800-248-7878
(beginning Feb. 3, 1999 .

Newsletter Training Workshop:
"Creating and Marketing
Efrectli e Newsletters
With Little Budget and Less Time"

Presented by Julia Graddy, UF IFAS Educational Media and

The workshop will be offered at two locations:
March 30. I 49O
r-0li am 3-0i pm
I 'i6-0i Fifield Hall, UF Gainesville Campus

April 7. l1,,)
10:00 am ii., pm
LBen Hill Grnlfin. Jr. Citrus Hall; CREC

Anyone involved in creating and distributing a newsletter is
invited. The sessions will help you understand how to design,
write, promote and distribute newsletters for your target
audiencee The workshop ill also cover use of widely-used
,ofrrwarc programs for newsletter formaning Participants are
invited to bring copies of their newsletters to the workshop.
The workshop is free, but pre-registration is required.
Deadline for registration is March 5.

To reserve a space at the workshop, please contact:
Julia Graddy, Educational Media and Services
PO Box 110810, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-uS10
ilg I. n\ .ifas ul edu
Tel. (352) 392-2411


Dr. Timmer's Laboratory Web Page
Dr. L.W. "Pete" Timmer, whose research area includes foliar
diseases of citrus, has posted a wealth of information on his
web page
See http:..tangelo.lal.ufl.edutPersonals SeLdefaull.htm
;,r the rollo ing'

- Information and photographs for greasy spot, scab,
Alternaria Brown Spot, Melanose, Postblossom Fruit Drop
and Ph.tophthora Brown Rot.
- Information on the Postblossom Fruit Drop (PFD) situation
- Profiles of Dr. Timmer, his students and laboratory
- Lists of publications, grants, and summaries of past
sabbatical leaves

Photo Questions? Check the Photolab Web Page
http:'/tangelo.lat.ufl.ed uPersonals/Zito/

Slide Making Tips
If you need to make slides for a presentation, you will find
helpful information on the CREC Photolab web site. Our
photographer, Terri Zito, has put togetherr information on
making slides on our slidemaker, based on past successes and
failures. Check out the Photolab web site for:

-Instructions for the film recorder
- Information on slide processing at McDonald's Studio and
print processing and color passport photos at S&J Portrait
lide tips on visual design, effective lettering and use of
-Visual design

According to Terri, a common problem is that dark text or
objects on a white or light slide background do not transfer to
slide film very well-the results will be disappointing!

Successful Slides
The best results are obtained with light, bright objects and text
are placed on a dark background (for example, white or
yellow etterinr on a black or dark blue background Terri
has posted a collection of slides in different color schemes,
fonts, type size, etc. for your examination on the web site.

Purchasing Cards
The following purchasing card training classes have been
scheduled on the GV campus. To sign up, call Linda at
352-392-1331 x-320 (e-mail: LiUtlex jiner',m ncrdc url edu,
or Mercedes at 352-392-1331 x-305 (e-mail:
\lbonio.i nernm.nerd ull eduj
Feb. 12 Health Center, Rm =C -4 2:00 4 30 pm
Feb. 16 Reitz Union, Rm 12S2 9:311 12 Noon
Mar. 2 Health Center, Rm nCl -17 9:30 12 Noon
Mar. 23 Reitz Union, Rm #282 9:3; 12 Noon



Citrus Leaves

News Around CREC

Dr. Vern Damsteegt Visits CREC
Dr. Ron Brlansky hosted Research Scientist Dr. Vern Damsteegt
from the USDA-ARS Foreign Disease-Weed Science Research
Unit at Ft. Detrick, Frederick, 1 D. during the week of January
11-14, 1999. Drs. Brlansky and Damsteegt collected insect
vectors .Jfcitrus diseases at sites in Central and South Florida.
The Foreign Disease-Weed Science Research Unit, along with
the USDA-ARS Beltsville A,.ricuhural Research Center, have
quarantine facilities for the study of exotic citrus diseases. At
the Ft. Detrick location, :or'Lmn plant diseases and their insect
vectors can be safely studied in special containment facilities.
This allows scientists to work on these diseases and insect
vectors prior to their appearance in the U.S.

Community Outreach
At the 1998 CREC Holiday Ladies Luncheon, CREC employees
contributed Christmas gi is for ten residents of the Lake Alfred
Health Care Center. Cand. Reynolds, Chair of the luncheon,
organized the gift collection. She and Fran Funk delivered ten
large bags of candy, socks, books, slippers and other gifts to the
residents, who were 'surprised and very grateful." Special
thanks to all who donated eifts.

Rick. Tony and Gordon Pike o" Heart to Honduras in Lake
Wales expressed their gratitude to CREC for our donation of
food, clothing and other items for victims of Hurricane Mitch.
CREC 's Customer Service Department. Connie Noxel. Nanc.
Burke, and Kathy WVherington. Supervisor. organized the
collection. Thank you for your donations!

Education Outreach
Drs. Ron Brlansky, Jude Grosser, Walt Kender and
Ed Echeverria helped students at St. Joseph's Catholic School in
Winter Haven prepare for a science fair competition by
conducting practice interviews with the students.

Drs. Renee Goodrich, Toni Ceccardi and Monica Lewandowski
served as judges for CREC Special Awards at the Polk Regional
Science Fair in Lakeland on January 26. 1999. Dr. Jude Grosser
also served as a category judge.

From the Mail Room

Recr cle Day February 9
Please have all your recycle material in by early Tuesday
AM-No phone books and no brown envelopes.

The maps are up! Please come and place a map pin at your place
of birth. See Connie or Kathy for pins. The map pins will be
color coded: Red for Staff Blue for Faculty White for
\ visiting Scientists and PostDocs Yellow for Students.

Dr. Clay McCoy at the Diaprepes Task Force Annual Meeting,
January 21, 1999, at CREC Nearly 80 research scientists,
growers, citrus industry personnel and others were on hand to
listen to research updates about this insect pest of citrus and
other nursery crops.


Darren Bridges OPS Syvertsen
NMoustafa Elrashidi PostDoc Alva
Samira Fares Grosser
Young Mo Koo PostDoc Salyani
Douglas Miller OPS Alva
Anthony Trieu Biol. Sci. Lewandowski


Russell R. Bazemore Student Rouseff
James E. Combee Painter Jacobson
Ba'. man Cevik Student R. Lee
Matthew R. Hellmann OPS Castle
Lawrence Marias Visitor R. Lee
Kahraman Kepenek Visitor Grosser
Harry Sabel Student R. Lee
Huang Biao PostDoc Alva
Olga Nikolaeva Biol. Sci. R. Lee

From Personnel

Time cards/records due: Feb. 1, 1999
Feb.15, 1999

From Facility Operations

Reminder: Please remember to sign in with the Security Guard
at the southeast entrance to Building 24 if you are on the
premises after business hours. It helps the guards provide
protection for you and our property.


Citrus Leaves

Manuscripts submitted to the Publications
Committee during the month of January:
L. R. Parsons and T. A. Wheaton. Citrus [rri2ation \H h\ is
it Important to You' Citrus Industry.
R. J. Braddock. Handbook of Citrus By-Products and
Processing Te.L hnrll.g\ .
J. P. Si)erisen. Physiological Determinants of Citrus Tree
Growth and Development. First International Symposium of
Fruit Crops. I Production and Quatiti of Citrus Fruits.
R .t-'rul i, SP, Brazl 1999.
G. E. Brown, M. Chambers and H. Dou. Sloughin., uf
(Crapec'ruil is a Manifestation of Anthracnose Caused by
C .l.'en'irth.m g.;'..*,Pinr'l Citrus and Vegetable
R. M. Goodrich. Processing Fresh Citrus Juice. Proceedings
of the Florida State Horticultural Society.
J. W. Grosser, F. G. Gmitter, Jr., G. H. Fleming and J. L.
Chandler. applicationss of Biotechnolog, to Citrus Cultivar
Improvement at the CREC. Acta Horticulturae.
Chunxian Chen, Shu Huang, Peng Ling, Zhanao Deng,
Change Yu, and Fred G. Gmitter, Jr. A Simple approachh
to Clone BAC Insert Ends Based on Double Digestion. Nucleic
Acids Research.
L. R. Parsons and R. M. Goodrich. California Freeze and
Navel Oranges. Citrus Industry.
B. Huang and A. K. Alva. Soil pH and Copper Amendments
Affect Dirribution of Different Chemical Forms of Metals and
Their Uptake by S%\ inle Citrumelo Seedlines Soil Science.
B. Huang, A. K. Alva, 0. Prakash, and S. Paramasiham.
. hr:.i rh and Nutrient Uptake by Citrus Seedlings Influenced by
Rates r Copper and Soil pH. H rtS,. c'ii
G. E. Brno n. M. Chambers, J. Craig and T. Trama. Imazalil
Use to Prevent Thiabendazole Residues in Juice from
P, k inuhouse Eliminations of Degreened Fruit. Citrus Industry.

A. K. Alva, J. J. Bilski, K. S. Sajwan and D. van Clief.
Leaching of Metals from Soils Amended with Fly Ash and
Organic B -Prioducts. Di' I.'h.,. hemiirv' of Trace Elements in
Coal and Coal Combustion By-Products

To contribute items or story ideas to
Citrus Leaves, please contact
Monica Lewandowski at Ext. 233
or Email at

During January. we hosted the first of two scientific teams who
are Xjisiping Florida to review citrus research programs of IFAS
and other institutions. The reviews have been requested b% the
citrus industry to evaluate how well the research institutions are
addressing the problems of Florida citrus and to develop some
planning for addressin, future needs, such as faculty
recruitment. The review crrocess will continue well into 1999.
and 'Ilt ultimately lead to some plans that should help IFAS and
the other agencies stay in synch with industry needs while
conducting quality science,
There were many people who participated in making the
peer review visit by the production team timely and
successful. First, to all .:; the faculr. who responded as
requested in providing a brief background on you position and
program accomplishments for inclusion in the written document
and for your participation in the site visit last month. This peer
visit was short notice and condensed, but was a success in large
part due to our participation. Thanks also to the smaller group
of CREC faculrt who prepared overview pieces for the
document de-cribing the broad issues related to citrus production
research. These discussions were e-mailed to all faculty upon
completion and were included in the printed document given to
the review team. Finally. I would like to acknowledge the
excellent assistance provided by some individuals who were
instrumental in getting the document together in time for the
review visit. Shelby Graham and Barbara Thompson spent
long hours producing the document, coordinating not only with
CREC Faculty, but with Department and other Center faculty,
and with USDA. ARS. They put the submissions .-aeher and
spent many extra hours .r,i:rin_ that the review team arrived
with some useful back2r.:.und information. Thanks also to
Monica Lewandowski and her group for assisting 5 he lb in the
local arrangements for lodging and on-site arrangements. Mike
Armstrong and Jamie Chastain provided computer access for
the team while at CREC, alio'A in' the team to generate a first
draft report before departing Florida. Thanks to all of you and
to others who [ haven't mentioned for your roles in making this
review process a success, Tne next phase is being scheduled, so
we will have a chance to do it all again

On another note, thanks to the Public Relations team for the
new look of the Citrus Leawes. Hopefull. you Ir,,d the new
leaves even more informaii .e and useful In an effort to make
the community at CREC more aware of events and group
activities, we have identified special columns which focus on
lopiL. such as student and personnel issues. For these to be
successful, you need to do our part to provide .nr[L'irrIaiIn, for
inclusion in the month\ issue. Please contact Monica
Lewandowski or Barbara Thompson with information for
inclusion or to offer suggesntons to improve your newsletter

immlcwi1' tangelo.lal.ufl-edu

- Harold W. Browning

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

February 1999

Fac. MtgJ
Dr. Browning

Citrus Pest
Mgmt Course
Every Thurs,.

In-servce Training
4 and 5"

7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Fresh Juice
Task Force

14 15 16 17 18 19 20

CREC Seminars:
Foun n Lock-Out../
Foundation Network
Board Computing

21 22 23 24 25 26 27

Rural Water Citrus Class Citrus Class
Focus R. Goodrich R. Goodrich

2- Florida Citrus Mutual Area Mtg. -
Walter Boland. BHG Rm. 1, 9-12
4&5- Citrus Class-Rene6 Goodrich.
Rm. 4, 8 am 5 pm.

2- Faculty Mtg.-Dr. Browning.
BHG Rm 4, 8:30 am 10:00 am.
2- Hazardous Waste Comm.
-Mary Russell. BHG Rm 4,
10:30 am Noon.
4&5-ln-Service Training:
Physiological Foundation of
Horticultural Management-
Dr. Ed Stover. BHG Rm 4,
9 am 5 pm.
5- Seminar: Asbestos Awareness.
Dr. Salyani. BHG Rm. 1, 11-12.
10- Fresh Juice Task Force.
Dr. Ismail. BHG Conf. Rm,
9:30 am 1:00 pm.
15- CREC Foundation Board
Directors-Dr. Browning. BHG
Conf. Rm., 9:30 am -1:00 pm.
19- Seminar: Lock-Out. Tag-Out.
-Bill Clayton. BHG Rm 4,
11 am Noon.
19- Seminar: Network Computing
at CREC-Mike Armstrong.
BHG Rm 1,11 am Noon.
24- Rural Water Focus Change
-Todd. BHG Rm 1&2, 8 am -
Noon and Rm 4, 1 4 pm.
25&26-Citrus Class-Renee
Goodrich. Rm. 4, 8 am 5 pm.



Sunday Monday

February 1999

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