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DCP News
Newsletter for Faculty and Staff of the College of Design, Construction & Planning

January 2004

Message from the Dean

Sw I am very pleased that
the Historic Preservation
Committee has completed a
draft proposal for an
Interdisciplinary Concen-
tration and Certificate in
Historic Preservation. The
proposal was sent to the
faculty for comment and should be on its way to
the Graduate School for review by the time you
read this message.
The proposal is the culmination of several
years of effort to build an interdisciplinary
concentration that includes all five academic
units in the college to create new, graduate level
(Master and Ph.D.) study opportunities. I
envision that the next step will be to create actual
degree granting programs. Our college has
succeeded in developing this exciting new
program primarily with existing resources. And it
builds on the strategic advantage we have with
our PI:N program and in being the only design
college in an AAU institution with all five aca-
demic areas housed in one location. I again
congratulate the committee on their commit-
ment and contribution.
I would briefly like to mention several new
initiatives to give greater recognition to our
faculty and to support faculty development. The

College Administrative Council has voted to support several
new faculty awards: one for Outstanding Service and two
for Outstanding Teaching at both the Undergraduate and
Graduate levels to complement the one UF Award for
Outstanding Teaching\Advising. Our view is that the latter
award is too restrictive in not considering graduate teaching
and too limited in terms of combining teaching and advis-
ing in one award category. The Outstanding Service Award
will be implemented this semester, a committee is being
formed, and the reward recipient will be selected in time for
the College Awards Ceremony scheduled for Thursday,
April 15, 2004. The teaching awards will be implemented
next year. Finally, we are planning to again offer in Summer
A, 2004 our college research program to assist faculty in a
competitive grant process with developing their
scholarly\research\creative projects. Preference will be
given to junior faculty in preparation for tenure and promo-
tion, but awards will also be given to senior faculty as
funding permits.
I have enjoyed the process of meeting with the faculty
in each academic unit and will continue that process this
semester. If you are able to travel to Jacksonville, please
join us for the Dean's Reception being hosted by Vasant and
Carol Bhide at their home on February 10, 2004. Rebecca
Graves has directions (rgraves@dcp.ufl.edu).

Dean and Professor

News Bulletin

* Bienal Miami + Beach ARC Director
Martha Kohen won the silver award for
Landscape Architecture_Public at the Bienal
Miami + Beach in December for her project
"Memorial of the Missing Prisoners"
Montevideo, Uruguay. In addition, Kohen
served on the jury for the architecture
* Peurifoy Award BCN professor Jimmie
Hinze was presented with the Peurifoy Award
at the annual meeting of the American Society
of Civil Engineers in November. Hinze received
the award in recognition of his contributions in
improving the study and implementation of
safety programs and research in the
construction industry. The Peurifoy Award is

presented each year to an individual who has made an
outstanding contribution to the advancement of
construction engineering through research and
development of new technology, principles and
practices. Hinze's accomplishments were also recently
highlighted by the Construction Industry Institute,
where he was honored as Outstanding Researcher of
the Year, making him the only individual to ever
receive both of these highly prestigious awards.
* LAE Students Host National Conference LAE
students will host the 34th annual LABASH March 25 -
28. LABASH is a national landscape architecture
conference hosted each year by students for students.
It is a great opportunity for LAE students and
professionals to come together and celebrate the
profession. LABASH 2004, (FLabash) will expose
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News Bulletin, continued

participants to a wide range of topics presented by a
host of landscape architects and allied professionals
from around the country. The theme "Worlds
Colliding" addresses the circumstances that occur
when an ecologically based world meets an urban
environment. Through planned activities such as
workshops and speakers, the students hope to heighten
awareness of this problem and provide creative
solutions. For more information, visit the FLabash
Web site at http://labasho4.dcp.ufl.edu/.
* Florida Forever Program Students from LAE
and URP, under the direction of professors Peggy Carr
and Paul Zwick, collaborated to analyze the suitability
and feasibility of an ecological corridor from Ocala
National Forest to Osceola National Forest. Their work
resulted in the Acquisition and Restoration Council
voting to place the Camp Blanding to Osceola Corridor
on the top list for acquisition by the State of Florida
through its Florida Forever Program. The 150,000 acre
project is part of a larger set of existing and proposed
conservation lands that, when all purchased, will
connect Wekiva Springs, just north of Orlando, to the
Ocala National Forest, then on to Camp Blanding,
Osceola National Forest and through Pinhook Swamp
to the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in
southern Georgia.

The project, which was partially funded by a Kodak
Greenways Grant received from the Conservation Fund
and administered by the Conservation Trust for
Florida, provided students with a real-world
application for the planning and GIS technologies they
were studying while serving the State through
identification of a project of critical ecological value.
Other partners in the effort included the Florida Office
of Greenways and Trails, the Florida Trail Association
and the USDA Forest Service. The Governor and
Cabinet will vote on the project's ranking in February
and negotiations with landowners should begin shortly

* Publication ARC professors Nancy Clark and
Michael Kuenstle's document "Florida Building Code
Handbook: State Requirements for New Educational
Facilities" has been accepted for publication and is
expected to be available during the spring. This new
publication is the outcome of a funded research project
completed by Clark and Kuenstle for the Florida
Department of Education.

* Webmaster, Public Relations Intern Karen
Cano has joined DCP as Webmaster for the DCP Web
site and Robyn Hankerson will be interning with DCP
in public relations. Karen will be updating and adding
features to the Web site and Robyn will be writing
press releases and assisting with communications

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February Calendar of Events

February 5
Conversations for a Sustainable Future, 12 p.m.
A.J. Sontag will discuss "Green Purchasing at UF." This
presentation will be held in room 238 Rinker Hall. For more
information, please email acpatel(@ufl.edu or call

February 6
LAE Lecture, 2 p.m.
Martin Hakubai Mosko, ASLA and Alxe Noden will make a
presentation on spirituality and landscape architecture with
an emphasis on garden design and Buddhism in room 423 of
the Architecture building.

IND Advisory Board, 8 a.m.
The IND Professional Advisory Board will meet in the
Architecture Gallery.

February to
BCN Career Fair, 9:30 a.m.
The BCN Career Fair will be held at the Stephen C.
O'Connell Center.

Dean's Reception, 5 p.m.
The Dean's Reception will be held at the home of Vasant and
Carol Bhide in Jacksonville. Please contact Rebecca Graves
at rgraves(@dcp.ufl.edu or 352-392-4836 x. 285 for more

February 18
Historic Preservation Lecture Series, 6 p.m.
Roy Eugene Graham, FAIA, Beinecke-Reeves Distinguished
Professor will present "A Tale of Two Cities: Urban
Conservation Strategies" at the Harn Museum of Art.

February 19
Conversations for a Sustainable Future, 12 p.m.
Bahar Armaghani will discuss "Green Building on Campus"
in 238 Rinker Hall. For more information, please email
acpatel@(ufl.edu or call 352-273-1174.

Upcoming Events

March 25
LAE students will host the 34th annual LABASH in March.
LABASH is a national landscape architecture conference
hosted each year by students for students. LABASH 2004
(FLabash) will focus on the theme "Worlds Colliding."

April 30
DCP Commencement, 9 a.m.
The Spring 2004 Commencement Ceremony for the College
of Design, Construction and Planning will be held at the
Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

View the calendar online at

Guest Column: Paul Zwick

The Association of Collegiate Schools
of Planning through the Planning Ac-
creditation Board states that individual
planning programs should, among other
criteria, aspire to develop linkages to
other divisions within the college and
university to expand student educational
opportunities. Additionally, planning
programs should aspire to create a diverse student popula-
Focusing on those accreditation criteria, I will take this
opportunity to describe the efforts of two faculty members
in URP, Dr. Kristin Larsen and Dr. Rhonda Phillips. Specifi-
cally, I wish to highlight their efforts to attract funding for
economically disadvantaged or minority students through
the Community Development Work Study Program funded
by the Department of Housing and Community Develop-
ment, and their work, with other faculties in DCP, toward
the development of an Interdisciplinary Concentration and
Certificate in Historic Preservation.
The HUD Community Development Work Study
Program grant attracted by Dr. Phillips and Dr. Larsen is
funded for $150,000 and will provide financial support for
five students to complete graduate work toward a master's
degree in urban and regional planning. This program will
assist students that otherwise might not have an
opportunity for graduate studies in urban and regional
planning. The students have enrolled for class starting
Spring 2004 and must complete their individual studies
within 2-1/2 years. The grants provide students with

Each month, we will print a guest column from a DCP academic
unit chair or director. This month, we hear from Dr. Paul Zwick,
Chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

funding and planning professional experience through work
study and pay for the tuition fees required for courses in
the URP program.
The College of Design, Construction and Plan-
ning Interdisciplinary Concentration and Certifi-
cate in Historic Preservation (ICCHP) will provide a
curriculum for students who pursue graduate degrees in
any of the units of the college and want to further specialize
in the greatly expanding field of historic preservation as it
relates to architecture, building construction, interior
design, landscape architecture or urban and regional
planning. The objective of this new concentration will be to
integrate existing historic preservation resources across
DCP, and ultimately do so across the campus, in response
to broadening interest in the field.
To achieve this objective, the DCP Historic Preservation
Program Committee has established an interdisciplinary
curriculum drawing upon existing coursework providing 12
credit hours (the equivalent of four courses) of specialized
study in historic preservation. Students who graduate with
the ICCHP will be experienced in the research and applica-
tion of historic preservation in the United States and
abroad including recognizing, documenting and protecting
historic structures and sites; rehabilitation and restoration
technologies; and emerging and related specializations such
as community development and sustainable development.

News Bulletin, continued

* Children's Village Conference ARC professor
Nina Hofer gave a presentation on the Domus/Reggio
Collaboration at the Children's Village Conference in
Clearwater this month. The conference featured
presentations on aspects of child and neurosensory
development and included the work of professionals
who have studied issues involved in environmental
design for young children. The conference included
working group charrettes for the design of a village for
young children. UF graduate Michael Halflants was
one of the conference planners.
* UF Community Campaign Congratulations to all
DCP representatives and contributors to the 2003
University of Florida Community Campaign. We raised
$9,584.24 an increase over the 2002 total of
$9,309.98! This year's UFCC raised $878,084.86 for
the 74 agencies in the campaign who depend on us to
provide services and support to those in need in our
community. A huge THANK YOU to our unit represen-
tatives for their efforts on behalf of the UFCC Glenn

Acomb, Patty Barritt, Pam Cannon, Stanley Latimer,
Mark McGlothlin, Dave Newport and Juanita Pelham.
Also, thank you to Rebecca Graves, who served as
DCP's coordinator, and to Marcia Bourdon, who
represented DCP on the UFCC Steering Committee.
Thank you to all for your willingness to go the extra
mile to help others!
* Florida Community Design Center The work of
several DCP students is on display as part of the
"Conservation and Recreation: Complements to
Growth" exhibit now open at the Florida Community
Design Center. The exhibit, which runs through
Feb. 28, showcases a range of conservation and
recreation projects in Alachua County, including the
Lincoln Middle School/Williams Elementary School
Park Project, the Ocala National Forest to Osceola
National Forest Ecological Corridor Project and the
Archer Community Center and Park Project. The
exhibit is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Lecture Series

Historic Preservation Lecture Series
The lecture series is sponsored by UF, DCP, Glatting, Jackson,
Kercher, Anglin, Lopez, Rinehart, Inc. and Consortium for Urban
Conservation in North America.

February 18
Roy Eugene Graham, FAIA, 6 p.m.
Roy Eugene Graham, FAIA, Beinecke-Reeves Distinguished
Professor, will present "A Tale of Two Cities: Urban Conservation
Strategies" at the Harn Museum of Art.

March 2
Carol Shull, 6 p.m.
Carol Shull, Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places in
Washington D.C., will present "The New National Register" at the
Ham Museum of Art.

March 4
Consortium for Urban Conservation in North America

David Covo, FRAIC, 2 p.m.
David Covo, FRAIC, Director of the School of Architecture at
McGill University in Montreal, will present "Housing Design
and Neighborhood Conservation in Historic Beijing" at the
Ham Museum of Art.

Dr. Gabriel Merigo Basurto, 4:30 p.m.
Dr. Gabriel Merigo Basurto, Faculty of Architecture at
Universidad Nacional Aut6noma de M6xico, will present
"Restoration of Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City" at the
Ham Museum of Art.

Reception, 5:30 p.m.
A reception at the Ham Museum will follow Dr. Gabriel
Merigo Basurto's lecture.

Susan Piedmont-Palladino, 6:30 p.m.
Susan Piedmont-Palladino, Associate Professor of Architecture
at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, will
present "Sustainability is Historic Preservation" at the Ham
Museum of Art.

April 15
The Honorable Glenda Hood, 6 p.m.
Glenda Hood, Florida Secretary of State, will present "Preserving
Florida's Heritage" at the Keene Faculty Center in Dauer Hall.

DCP News is published monthly by the University of Florida
College of Design, Construction & Planning.
News and announcements contained in DCP News were
submitted by DCP faculty and staff. To make a submission to DCP
News, please call or email:

Julie Frey
Asst Director, Information/Publication Services
392-4836, ext. 221



Lecture Series

Conversations for a Sustainable Future Greening
UF's Global Leadership Series: "Sustainability and
UF: How Well Are We Doing?"
Each presentation will be held in 238 Rinker Hall at noon. Join
Greening UF for the 15 minute presentations during a brown bag
lunch. Greening UF will provide the drinks. For more information,
please email acpatel@(ufl.edu or call (352) 273-1174.

February 5
A.J. Sontag Green Purchasing at UF

February 19
Bahar Armaghani Green Building on Campus

March 4
Wendell Chastain Green Fleets Save Greenbacks

March 18
Marc Van Soestbergen & Jeff Johnson Energy, Carbon, and
Clean UF

April 1
Linda Dixon NATL/Campus Master Plan

April 15
Albert Krause

- Recycling at UF

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Architecture Gallery

February 16-21
Architecture, Design Four

February 23-28
Architecture, Design Six

March 1-6
Architecture, Design Two

March 22-27
Landscape Architecture, LABASH Exhibit

March 29-April 3
Landscape Architecture

April 5-10
Architecture, Design Eight

April 12-17
Architecture, Graduate Design Two

April 19-24
Architecture, Spring Semester Review

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