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Group Title: Annual report, Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigration
Title: Annual report 2007-2008
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Title: Annual report 2007-2008
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Language: English
Creator: Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigation
Publisher: University of Florida Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigation
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 2007-2008
Subject: University of Florida.   ( lcsh )
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida
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Center br
Solutions ibr Congestion Mitigation
It UrNmIly of FbPba


512 Weil Hall P.O. Box 116580 Gainesville, FL 32611-6580
352.392.9537, Ext. 1409

The theme of our center is "Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigation." This
theme was selected because congestion represents a significant problem in the
transportation systems of the United States, and it is one of the top priorities of the
U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) as well as for the Florida Department
of Transportation (FDOT), our partner agency. The theme was also chosen because
addressing congestion via multimodal means is an approach we believe is more
likely to succeed, since it considers the transportation system in its entirety.


Director's Message 4
CMS Timeline 5
Performance Indicators 5
SCenter Staff 6

Organizational Chart 7
External Advisory Board 8

Internal Steering Committee 9
Financial Report 10
Research 11
Funded Projects 12-17
Education 18-23

Technology Transfer 24-27
Partners 28-29

CMS Affiliated Departments & Centers 30-35
Selected Publications and Presentations by
CMS-Affiliated Faculty 36-41
Logo 42-43
Web site 44-45

CMS Newsletter 46-47

Director's Message

I am very pleased to present
our first Annual Report, which
summarizes our undertakings
during the 2007-2008 academic
year. This was our first year
as a University Transportation
Center (UTC), and much of
our i'-,_ .- has been focused
on implementing the activities
outlined in our Strategic Plan
and learning how to manage a
U.S. Department of Transporta-
tion-funded Tier-1 center.
The objective of the Center
for Multimodal Solutions for
Congestion Mitigation (CMS)
is to address congestion issues
facing Florida and the nation.
Congestion has been identified
as a significant problem in our
nation's transportation system
and is one of the priorities iden-
tifed by the U.S. DOT (National
Strategy to Reduce Congestion
on America's Transportation
Network, U.S. DOT, May 2006),
and the Transportation Research
Board (TRB, Critical Issues in
Transportation, December 2005).
Our vision is to develop a strong
interdisciplinary network of

researchers at UF as a means to
develop solutions that focus on
enhancing multimodal connec-
tivity and coordination, acces-
sibility, system interoperability
and transportation community
outreach. In addition, the CMS
will endeavor to expand the fu-
ture workforce of transportation
professionals by developing an
effective recruitment program
that will attract students from
various academic backgrounds
into transportation. Through re-
ports, papers, seminars, courses,
and workshops, the CMS will
disseminate research results to
transportation professionals.
In this publication, you will
fnd information regarding the
Center's activities and events
for the 2007-2008 academic year.
We initiated our research agenda
with a call for pre-proposals in
October 2007. We had 11 pre-
proposals submitted, and seven
projects were finally selected for
funding, with a total of $633.012
in grants awarded. Six of these
projects are currently underway,
while the seventh is scheduled

to begin in the fall 2008. Addi-
tionally, the Florida Department
of Transportation (FDOT), our
partnering agency, has funded
three research projects totaling
$350,605. Additional research
projects are expected to be initi-
ated in the next few months.
Our educational activities in-
cluded the creation of a concur-
rent master's degree program in
transportation engineering and
urban planning as well as vari-
ous informational sessions to
introduce the field of transporta-
tion to undergraduate students
and to pique interest for our
graduate program. Our summer
internship program is ongoing,
with students fully immersed in
their projects and attending the
seminars offered by CMS-affili-
ated faculty.
We held our 1st Annual
Student Conference on March
2008 where about 45 students,
faculty, staff and other friends of
the Center came together to hear
CMS-affiliated students pres-
ent on various transportation
related topics. The conference

was held in conjunction with
the Center's External Advisory
Board (EAB) meeting, a ten-
member board representing aca-
demia, public agencies and the
private sector. The CMS's first
webcasted seminar took place
in April 2008, and our Center's
Distinguished Lecturer Seminar
was the first of our presentations
to be broadcast on the Internet.
For additional up-to-date
information on our activities,
including on-going research,
streaming videos of previous
seminars, upcoming events
and to sign up for our e-mail
list, please visit our Web site at
I welcome your input and
suggestions toward enhancing
our research, education and out-
reach activities of the CMS.


Lily Elefterladou, Ph.D.
CMS Director

CMS Timeline

* CMS awarded UTC grant, May 2007
* Center manager/ coordinator hired, August 2007
* Concurrent degree program in transportation engineering and
urban planning begins fall 2007
* Internal Steering Committee finalized in September 2007
* Strategic Plan approved, October 2007
* Call for pre-proposals issued, October 2007
* CMS informational session at UF, November 2007
* CMS informational session at Rose-Hulman Institute of
Technology, Terre Haute, Ind., December 2007
* Invitation for full proposal submission, December 2007
* Temporary Web site online, December 2007

* Inaugural issue of CMS newsletter completed, December 2007
* First Student of the Year awarded, January 2008
* Inaugural Issue of newsletter mailed out, January 2008
* First seven projects selected and awarded, February 2008
* External Advisory Board (EAB) finalized, February 2008
* First EAB Meeting and Student Conference, March 2008
* First webcasted Distinguished Lecturer Seminar, April 2008
* First group of undergraduate interns begin work at the CMS,
May 2008
* Second newsletter completed, May 2008
* New CMS Web site online, June 2008

Performance Indicators

Number of pre-proposals received: 11
Number of research projects funded: 7
Amount of dollars awarded to research projects this year: $633,012
Projects funded by FDOT to meet matching requirement: 3
Amount of dollars awarded by FDOT for matching purposes:
Number of UF colleges working with the CMS: 3
Number of external peer reviews: 25
Number of CMS affiliated centers: 11
Number of graduate students involved in transportation-
related projects: 54

* Number of students rilr Ie-t in transportation-related
advanced degree programs: 56
* Number of undergraduate students involved in transportation-
related projects: 12
* Number of new transportation-related advanced degree
programs: 1
* Number of transportation seminars sponsored by the CMS: 16
* Number of transportation courses taught by CMS faculty and
staff: 30


Center Staff

Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D.
CMS Director


Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S.
CMS Manager/Coordinator

------ ~ I-----

Nancy Mcllrath-Glanville, M.A.
Academic Services Coordinator

Dona Moss
Grants Specialist

Candace Leggett
CMS Assistant

Tony Murphy
Computer Support

6 (4 IL)

Department of Civil &
Coastal Engineering (CCE)

Research Center (TRC)


Florida Transportation Technology
Transfer (T2) Center

External Advisory
Board (EAB)

(-i1 (7//0(

- Industrial & Systems Engineering
- Supply Chain Center
- Urban & Regional Planning
- Occupational Therapy
- National Older Driver Research
& Training Center
- Florida Bicycle Safety
Educational Program
- GeoPlan Center
- Bob Graham Center for Public


Internal Steering
Committee (ISC)


External Advisory Board

The role of the External Advisory Board is to guide the activities of
the CMS. The Board helps formulate and select projects with a high
probability of success in mitigating congestion, evaluates research
selection and performance processes, guides educational activities
and assists in technology transfer at the local, state and national

levels. Those serving on the Board include representatives from the
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the U.S. Department of
Transportation, FHWA, academia, the City of Gainesville and private
industry representatives. Currently, there are 10 members. The EAB
met for the first time in March 2008.

Tamara Christion
Transportation Planner, Federal
Highway Administration

Max Crumit, P.E.
Executive Vice President, PBS&J

Genevieve Giuliano, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean, Research
and Technology, University
of Southern California School
of Policy, Planning and

Mark Hallenbeck
Director, Washington State
Transportation Center (TRAC)

Laura Kelley
Deputy Director, Finance,
Administration and Planning
Orlando-Orange County
Expressway Authority

Wayne Kittelson, P.E.
Principal, Kittelson &
Associates, Inc.

Richard Long
Director of Research, Florida
Department of Transportation

Ananth Prasad, P.E.
DOT Market Sector Leader
SE Division
HNTB Corporation

Debora M. Rivera, P.E.
District Traffic Operations
Engineer, Florida Department
of Transportation

Teresa Scott, P.E.
Director of Public Works, City
of Gainesville

Internal Steering Committee

The Center's Internal Steering Committee (ISC) is comprised of faculty
representing the four main disciplines associated with the CMS,
(transportation, industrial and systems engineering, occupational
therapy and urban planning) and includes the Center's main staff

personnel and representatives from transportation-related centers
at the University of Florida. The main goal of the ISC is to develop,
implement and guide Center activities, manage its resources and ensure
that objectives are being met. The ISC meets once a month.

Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D.
CMS Director

Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S.
CMS Manager/Coordinator

Sherrilene Classen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Occupational

Janet Degner, M.S.
Director, T2 Center

Siriphong (loi)
Lawphongpanich, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, ISE

Rey Roque, Ph.D.
Professor, CCE

Bill Sampson, M.S.
Director, McTrans Center

Ruth Steiner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, URP

Scott Washburn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, CCE


Financial Report

Chart 1 below represents funds expended for FY 2007-2008. Research
accounted for the majority of our expenditures with 72% spent in a
total of seven funded projects. Funding for Education and Outreach
was approximately 10% and 9%, respectively with 7% spent on the
general administration of the Center and 2% in unspent funds. It
must be noted that the funds expended in the research category
includes multiple assistantships for graduate students, which could
also be considered education-related.

Chart 1


* Research Projects
* Education
* Outreach
O General Administration
U Unspent Funds

Chart 2 below represents total allocated funds for FY 2007-2008 by
source. Federal funds accounted for 70% of the CMS's funding. The
30% portion of state funds accounts for projects that the FDOT has
already funded as part of their commitment to match the USDOT/RITA
grant. It is expected that funds in this category will increase during
subsequent years as more projects are initiated.

Chart 2

* State Funds U Federal Funds

10 ('i L

F 9

Research at the CMS is con-
ducted by a multidisciplinary
group of researchers working
together to develop methods
that will mitigate the congestion
problems both in Florida and the
nation. Research at the Center
is geared toward congestion on
passenger and freight-transpor-
tation systems. The multidisci-
plinary nature of the CMS brings
together valuable expertise in a
variety of subject areas, includ-
ing demand modeling, urban

planning, traffic flow theory,
traffic operations and systems
analysis, as well as method-
ological areas such as statistics,
optimization, simulation and
computer methods.
The CMS has a rigorous,
multi-step peer-reviewed re-
search selection process, where
Principal Investigators (PIs)
first submit a pre-proposal,
which is reviewed by Center-af-
filiated faculty not associated
with the pre-proposal. Based

on these peer-reviews, selected
pre-proposals are invited for
full proposal submission. Full
proposals are peer-reviewed by
external (outside UF) reviewers
and selections of final projects
are made based on the input of
these reviewers. All potential
CMS-funded projects must sup-
port the objectives of the Center,
the FDOT and the U.S. DOT. A
total of 11 pre-proposals were
submitted this year and seven
were invited for full proposal

submission. All seven full pro-
posals were funded for a total of
$633,012 in grants awarded. A
summary of each of the funded
projects appears in the next
The CMS has been monitor-
ing the progress of all projects,
and PIs have submitted the re-
quested quarterly reports. These
reports are reviewed to ensure
that each project is progressing
both on schedule and on budget.

1 (( (00//0(0^ 11



Funded Projects

CMS Ongoing Research
Projects: A Summary

CMS Project 2008-001

TITLE: Central Data Warehouse
Configuration, Operation and
Data Analysis for Congestion
Mitigation Studies

Courage, professor emeritus,
Civil & Coastal Engineering

SUMMARY: With Florida De-
partment of Transportation
(FDOT) support, the UFTRC has
developed a prototype for the
Statewide Traffic Engineering
Warehouse for Regionally Ar-
chived Data (STEWARD). This
- i .-.:r ill demonstrate that
ITS data can indeed be archived
in a practical manner and that
the products produced from the
archive are useful.
FDOT hopes to expand the
prototype CDW into a fully
operational system in the future.
In the meantime, the transition
from a research prototype to a

permanent system presents sev-
eral challenges that will require
additional research support.
The objective of the project is
to provide research support to
continue and expand the data
collection and analysis until the
FDOT is in a position to take
over the operation. Specific
tasks in support of this objective
1. Conducting technology
transfer workshops for
traffic management center
operators and potential
data users.
2. Expanding the data sourc-
es to achieve better state
wide coverage.
3. Operating and maintain-
ing the data storage and
retrieval functions to
provide agencies with
useful performance reports
as well as a wealth of
detailed data for research
and modeling of congestion.
4. Using the data ourselves
to perform research and
develop additional re-
search tools.

CMS Project # 2008-002

TITLE: Development of Simula-
tion Program for Two-Lane
Highway Analysis

Washburn, Ph.D., associate
professor, Civil & Coastal

SUMMARY: While considerable
emphasis is being placed on
congestion mitigation for arterial
and freeway facilities, there is
still a need to address congestion
for other facilities as well. While
urban areas and the correspond-
ing traffic demand continue
to grow in size, rural areas are
experiencing significant growth
as well. This growth is now
resulting in congestion on facili-
ties that previously did not have
any. One area that is becoming a
concern, particularly in Florida,
is rural areas transitioning into
a more developed area. Access
to these areas is usually by two-
lane highways, but within these
areas, there may be an occasion-
al traffic signal.

In order to manage the growth
and resulting traffic demands
in these areas, it is essential that
transportation planners and en-
gineers have tools by which they
can analyze these situations.
Currently, however, no suitable
tool (analytical or simulation)
exists for analyzing two-lane
highway facilities with occa-
sional signalized intersections.
The objective of this project is
to develop a simulation tool
that is capable of modeling the
combination of two-lane high-
way segments and signalized

CMS Project # 2008-003

TITLE: Simulation-Based Robust
Optimization for Signal Timing
and Setting

Yin, Ph.D., assistant professor,
Civil & Coastal Engineering

SUMMARY: This project attempts
to develop a general methodol-
ogy for determining signal tim-
ings for a performance that will

( (.' 131

be fairly stable under any real-
ization of uncertain traffic flows
at arterials or grid networks.
Compared with those from
conventional timing approaches,
robust timing plans are expected
to perform better for oversatu-
rated high-demand scenarios
without compromising much of
the average performance across
all possible scenarios. Although
the methodology is applicable
more widely, the focus in this
research project is on developing
robust timing models over pre-
timed (hxed-time or actuated)
signal-controlled arterials.
For given parametricc) distri-
butions of traffic flows, a stochas-
tic signal timing optimization
problem is formulated to mini-
mize the expected delay and/or
number of stops incurred by high-
consequence scenarios. Simula-
tion-based solution approaches
will be proposed to efficiently
solve the problem with proven
accuracy. In parallel, with no
explicit distribution assumption
(non-parametric assumption),
a robust optimization model
will be formulated, given that

uncertain traffic flow is con-
fined to a likelihood region. The
proposed timing models will be
demonstrated using held data
from a selected real-world arte-
rial and the resulting timings
will be compared via a CORSIM
simulation study.

CMS Project # 2008-004

TITLE: Characterizing the Trad-
eoffs and Costs Associated with
Transportation Congestion in
Supply Chains

Geunes, Ph.D., associate profes-
sor and associate chair, Indus-
trial & Systems Engineering

SUMMARY: In order to mitigate
congestion effects in supply
chains, it is frst critical to un-
derstand the fundamental ways
in which congestion affects sup-
ply chain operations. -. .11. ii
this theme, this project seeks to:
1. Provide a foundation for
understanding the tradeoffs
and costs associated with
transportation congestion

in supply chains (for both
transportation systems
planners and individual
supply chain decision
2. Characterize principles for
effectively managing these
tradeoffs in order to
insure maximum supply
chain efhciency.
3. Propose incentives and
policies that can be imple-
mented to reduce the
degree to which the deci-
sions made by individual
supply chain managers
contribute to congestion in
transportation systems.
This i .: i11 initially seek
to contribute to a foundation
and framework for basic theory
on integrated supply chain and
traffic congestion analysis. As a
baseline, optimization models
will be provided that character-
ize the optimal decisions of deci-
sion makers in supply chains. A
study of equilibrium decisions
of multiple decision makers, will
follow and how these decisions
impact congestion, followed by
a study of mechanisms that a

centralized decision maker (e.g.,
a government transportation
agency) can use to reduce the
effects of congestion due to sup-
ply chain operations decisions.

CMS Project # 2008-005

TITLE: Multimodal Solutions for
Large Scale Evacuation

M. Pardalos, Ph.D. distin-
guished professor, Industrial &
Systems Engineering

ABSTRACT: In this research, a
multimodal transportation
model will be developed at-
tending the needs of emergency
situations and the solutions
provided by the model will
moderate congestion during
such events. The evacuation
problem will frst be formulated
as a mixed linear integer pro-
gramming problem with buses
and private cars as carriers. A
path and route based formula-
tion will be provided, that will
enable the use of a branch-and-
price mechanism to solve the

problem. The pricing subprob-
lems correspond to shortest path
problems that are polynomi-
ally solvable. This results in a
staged evacuation strategy that
has been empirically shown to
handle congestion efhciently
compared to the complete
evacuation at time zero. In the
preprocessing stage, a less so-
phisticated model, which is rela-
tively easy to manage, will be
used to identify the lanes or arcs
that have to be reversed in order
to minimize the evacuation
time. The evacuation time in the
reconhgured network will be
compared with the evacuation
time in the original network.
Implementation of the plan
will be used to handle event
management in the University
of Florida's .. :rlI:11 stadium and
simulate the results. The results
will be compared and evaluated
with the current exit strategies
through simulations.

CMS Project # 2008-006

TITLE: A Pricing Approach for
Mitigating Congestion in Multi-
Modal Transportation Systems

14 (CIi

hong (Toi) L:, 1i '"'- :,i1-, ,:1.,
Ph.D. associate professor, Indus-
trial & Systems Engineering

SUMMARY: Congestion tolling or
pricing is distinct from tolling
traditionally used to pay for
bridge and highway construc-
tions and is a tool for managing
travel demands. In particular,
congestion pricing employs
market forces to allocate limited
road and highway capacities
among travelers by their need
to travel and their willingness
to pay. The concept involves
charging higher prices for usage
during peak travel periods.
When willing to pay higher
prices, travelers can travel with
reduced congestion during
peak periods, using the modes,
and along the routes of their
The literature on congestion
pricing has thus far been focus-
ing on systems with a single
mode of transportation, typically
automobiles. However, reducing
congestion on one mode may
cause more congestion on oth-

ers. On the other hand, the syn-
ergy between different modes
can also lead to a greater reduc-
tion in system-wide congestion
when pricing is simultaneously
implemented in a concerted
fashion on all modes. Thus, the
objective of this research is to
develop models and methods
for determining congestion
tolls for a system with multiple
modes of transportation. By
nature, models of this type are
extremely large and require spe-
cial algorithms and computa-
tional techniques to determine a
solution in a reasonable amount
of time.

CMS Project # 2008-007

TITLE: Vehicle-Miles-of-Travel-
Based Traffic Impact Assessment

Steiner, Ph.D. associate profes-
sor, Urban & Regional Planning

SUMMARY: The analysis of the
potential impact of proposed de
velopment and changes to land
use involves a series of well-ac-

cepted calculations (ITE Trip
Generation, internal capture and
pass-by reductions, distribu-
tion and assignment of trips
to the highway network, etc.)
that calculate the impact of new
development. These methodolo-
gies have -' '-, :,11, worked well
for developments that occur in
suburban or previously unde-
veloped areas, but recent and
ongoing research shows that
these methodologies need to be
modified to be more sensitive
to the context in which travel is
taking place. This research will
develop a draft of generalized
methodologies to be used by
local, regional and state agen-
cies to measure transportation
impact using vehicle miles of
travel (VMT). This methodology
would more closely reflect the
impacts of specific types of land
uses and their location within
the region, and it will provide
incentives for development that
reduces the overall impact of
development on major arter-
als and state roadways. This
research will develop a draft
of simplified and generalized

methodology that will then be
refined further after review by
an external review panel.

FDOT Match Projects

TITLE: Field Data Collection and
Analysis for Freeway Work
Zone Capacity Estimation

Elefterladou, professor, Civil &
Coastal Engineering (Transpor-

SUMMARY: The lane closure
analysis procedure currently
used by FDOT was devel-
oped approximately 10 years
ago and it is the desire of the
Department to evaluate and
update it against more current
publications. The objectives of
this project were to collect held
data, re-calibrate previously
developed models as necessary,
and provide a recommended
freeway work zone analysis
method. The research team
collected held data at a freeway
work zone along 1-95 in Jack-
sonville, Florida, and extracted

capacity values for a total of 15
days. The research concluded
that the average per lane dis-
charge flow (i.e., capacity dur-
ing congested conditions) at the
study site under good weather
conditions was 4,013 vehicles
per hour (vph), or 2,007 vehicles
per hour per lane (vphpl). Rainy
conditions reduced the aver-
age discharge flow in the work
zone by 10-29 percent; heavy
rain had a much greater impact
on capacity than moderate rain.
There was no significant differ-
ence in the work zone capacity
measures between a left- and
a right-lane closure. A previ-
ously developed model (FDOT
BD 545-51) provided good
estimates of the discharge flow
for this site over several days of
observation. Since the data were
collected only at one site, it is
recommended that the model
be evaluated in future freeway
construction sites, and adjusted
if necessary based on additional
held data, before it is i (..::I I,

/ (.C 151

PI: Scott Washburn, associate
professor, Civil & Coastal Engi-
neering (Transportation)

TITLE: Investigation of Freeway
Capacity: A) Effective Capacity
of Auxiliary Lanes and B) Seg-
ment Capacity as a Function of
Number of Lanes and Merge/
Diverge Activity

SUMMARY: Auxiliary lanes are
.- 1',- :. 1 used to reduce the
traffic turbulence created by
merging and diverging move-
ments. Given that these lanes are
used primarily by vehicles either
entering or exiting the freeway, it
is uncommon for them to realize
capacity values similar to those
of a regular lane on a basic free-
way segment. However, if the
distance between the connecting
on-ramp and off-ramp becomes
great enough, it is plausible that
the auxiliary lane will be used
by some amount of through
trafhc. The HCM does not offer
explicit guidance on the capacity
of auxiliary lanes. In addition,
Chapter 25 of the HCM indicates
that a capacity reduction of 100

pc/h/ln occurs in the two out-
side (right-side) lanes in a ramp
merge area, and a capacity re-
duction of 200 pc/ h/ In occurs in
the two outside lanes in a ramp
diverge area. These relationships
have not been substantiated with
held data. As Florida continues
to grow at a rapid pace, and
metropolitan areas are undergo-
ing ever-increasing delays on the
roadway system, it is essential
that the accurate values of
capacity be utilized in the FDOT
freeway analysis procedure.
The objectives of this project
are to:
1. Develop a research ap-
proach that can be used
to develop a quantitative
relationship for auxiliary
lane capacity and the rel-
evant explanatory factors.
2. Determine whether the
total number of lanes af-
fects the capacity of a
freeway segment and
whether merging/ diverg-
ing traffic affects the total
capacity of a freeway seg-
ment, for a given number of

PI: Kenneth Courage, professor
emeritus, Civil & Coastal Engi-
neering (Transportation)

TITLE: Implementation of the
Statewide Traffic Engineering
Warehouse for Regionally Ar-
chived Data (STEWARD)

developed in 2007 by the Uni-
versity of Florida Transportation
Research Center under a "proof
of concept" research project sup-
ported by the Florida Depart-
ment of Transportation (FDOT).
Two projects were initiated in
2008 to continue and expand the
STEWARD operation. The first
project, supported directly be
the CMS center, will collect data
from several SunGuide TMCs
to demonstrate the performance
reporting and congestion model-
ing potential of a data archive.
The second project, supported
by FDOT, will address the fol-
lowing objectives:
1. Integrate the CDW func-
tions with other FDOT data
management programs,

including the statewide
and district traffic counting
programs, crash records
data collection and analy-
sis, travel time reliability
reporting and performance
measures, detector quality
assurance, LOS, travel time
2. Transfer the CDW operations
to the FDOT Traffic Engineer-
ing Research Laboratory
(TERL) in Tallahassee in
preparation for a permanent
data archive facility.
3. Automate and fine tune
the transfer of daily archive
data from district TMCs
and the statewide monthly,
quarterly, and annual re
porting processes.
4. Expand the CDW to include
other data sources.
5. Incorporate the CDW func-
tionality into requirements
for future SunGuide versions.

16 C(I Li







`I'"~I II'"


This section highlights the van-
ous educational activities taking
place at the CMS.


Genesis Harrod was chosen as
this past year's CMS Student of
the Year. Harrod is a master's
degree student in the Transpor-
tation Engineering and Urban
Planning Concurrent Degree
Program. She was selected to
receive the award for her efforts
in initiating and carrying out
the idea of a concurrent degree
program in transportation and
urban planning. The creation
of such new programs is vital
to one of the Center's missions
to train future transportation
professionals by providing new
educational opportunities. The
award was presented at the
Council of University Transpor-
tation Centers (CUTC) Awards
Banquet held during the 87th
Annual Transportation Research
Board Meeting in Washington,
D.C. on January 12, 2008. The

Student of the Year Award is a
recognition given to an out-
standing student at each Univer-
sity Transportation Center for
accomplishments in the areas of
academic excellence, profession-
alism, technical merit, research
and leadership. The award and
ceremony are both sponsored by
the U.S. Department of Trans-
portation. Students receive a
certificate and $1000 cash award.
The CMS expects to recognize
one outstanding student with
this award each year.


Transportation engineering
student Yingyan Lou won the
award for best poster for her
work entitled "Dynamic Tolling
Strategies for Managed Lanes"
at the Institute of Transporta-
tion Engineers (ITE) District
10 Annual Meeting this past
November in Orlando, Fla. The
ITE student chapter at UF has
29 members and a very active
agenda including, informational

and technical seminars and
social activities. The ITE student
chapter meets twice a month.


Graduate students at the CMS
are involved in a variety of
activities that range from orga-
nizing seminars to working on
transportation research projects.

CMS lffii.at. 1 Students

Guy Abi-Nader, MS, CCE
Harin Arun, MS, CCE
Ashwin Arulselvan, Ph.D., ISE
Kezia Awadzi, Ph.D., OT
Cnstina Barone, MAURP, URP
Rohii Bobba, Ph.D., CCE
Jeff Buckholz, Ph.D., CCE
Grady Carrick, Ph.D., CCE
Surachal Charoensri, MS, ISE
Jeffery Davis, MAURP, URP
Lauren Delarco, MAURP, URP
Andrew DeVault, MAURP, URP
Nagendra SinghDhakar, PhD., CCE
Aaron Ellas, MS, CCE
Tianke Feng, Ph.D., CCE
Allison Fischman, MAURP, URP

Genesis Harrod, MAURP/MS,
Lee Hendricks, MAURP, URP
Tom Hiles, MS, CCE
Mayank Jain, MS, CCE
Kevin Johns, MS, CCE
Cody Ko, Ph.D., CCE
Abishek Komma, MS, CCE
Alexandra Kondyli, Ph.D., CCE
Dincer Konur, Ph.D., ISE
Consuelo Kreider, Ph.D., OT
Ashish Kulshretha, Ph.D., CCE
Jin Wook Lee, MS, CCE
Seokjoo Lee, Ph.D., CCE
Yingyan Lou, Ph.D., CCE
Cule Lu, Ph.D., CCE
Lu Ma, Ph.D., CCE
Dimitra Michalaka, MS, CCE
Vipul Modi, MS, CCE
Young Namkoong, MS, CISE
Marcus Oberlander, MAURP, URP
Abigail Osei-Asamoah, MS, CCE
Benito Perez, MAURP/ MS,
Sricharan Rant, MS, CCE
Steffan Rebennack, MS, ISE
Chad Riding, MAURP, URP
Tapan Shah, MS, CCE
Yongwon Shim, Ph.D., CCE
Ziqi Son, Ph.D., CCE

/ c' 191

Jian Sun, Ph.D., CCE
Matt Welsman, MS, CCE
Sandy Winters, Ph.D., OT
Di Wu, Ph.D., CCE
Li Xie, Ph.D., CCE
Hongsheng Xu, MS, CCE
Karun Yathindra, MS, CCE
Ramakn shnaYennamanni,
Lihui Zhang, Ph.D., CCE
Qipeng Zhang, Ph.D., ISE
Shaoming Zhang, MS, CCE
Xiaoyu Zhu, MS, CCE

CCE = Civil & Coastal Engineenng
CISE = Computer & Information
Science & Engineering
ISE = Industrial & Systems
OT = Occupational Therapy
URP = Urban & Regional Planning


The concurrent degree program
in transportation engineering
and urban planning was con-
ceptualized in early spring 2007,
and the frst students eri i:.ll, d in

the program by fall. Siva Srin-
vasan, an assistant professor in
Civil & Coastal Engineering and
Ruth Steiner, associate professor
of Urban & Regional Planning
are the program coordinators.
The concurrent degree program
was created to prepare students
for a career in the interdisciplin-
ary held of planning, designing
and operating urban infrastruc-
ture. Students take courses
in transportation engineering
and urban planning and earn a
Master of Engineering (M.E.) or
a Master of Science (M.S.), and
a Master of Arts in Urban and
Regional Planning (MAURP).
Students take a total of 73 credit
hours (30 in transportation
engineering and 52 in urban
planning, with nine credits
shared between both degrees).
The program takes three years to
complete. Funding opportuni-
ties are available for students
through the CMS or the Depart-
ments of Civil Engineering and
Urban & Regional Planning.


The CMS's internship program
is designed to expose under-
graduate students to the world of
research in transportation engi-
neering. Interns have the oppor-
tunity to participate in cutting-
edge research at the CMS with
faculty and graduate students.
The experience may help spark
the student's interest in pursuing
graduate studies and/or a career
in transportation engineering.
The program runs from May to
August every summer, and stu-
dents are expected to work 20-30
hours per week. Interns partici-
pate in research projects related
to traffic operations, highway
capacity and quality of service,
reliability, safety, travel model-
ing, network optimization and
transportation systems planning.
The projects are funded by sev-
eral state and federal entities in-
cluding the Florida Department
of Transportation, the National

Science Foundation and the
National Cooperative Highway
Research Program. Interns in
the program are supervised by a
faculty advisor and work in close
.:. .11 :l,. .1-, -, with m aster's and
doctoral students. Interns are
also required to attend seminars
organized by the CMS faculty.
At the end of the internship, the
students are expected to deliver
a final oral presentation on their
work and experience in the
program. This year, three interns
were accepted to the program.


Ana Lal, CCE
Andy Duce, CCE
Courtney Anderson, OT
(Honors Program)
Gabriel Lopez-Bernal, CCE
Jean Seng, ENTP (France)
John Watson, CCE
Jorge Barrios, CCE
Keili Mason, OT
(Honors Program)

20 C(, 1





Cycle Transitioning Using
I IL (Hardware-in-the-Loop)
CI.un il nlll '% W 11.I. E.R
.- d l l ',
h routes pozad-sz 7 r I

-i i;;
p;ii "" i~: i

\ J

I I ............... "; iid : ,:,:.

r, wo

Pam ft"Wat Am
Qn9Mtbn Mipft T.Wr



Kierra Grant OT
(Honors Program)
Molly Grossman, OT
(Honors Program)
Victor Letky, OT
(Honors Program)
Jerrod Reed, CCE

CCE = Civil & Coastal Engineenng
OT = Occupational Therapy


University of Florida On No-
vember 6, 2007, students from
civil engineering, industrial &
systems engineering, urban &
regional planning, mathemat-
ics, mechanical engineering and
computer & information science
engineering were invited to
the CMS information session.
Presenters included Lily Elef-
tenadou, Ines Aviles-Spadoni
and Nancy McIlrath-Glanville
(academic services coordinator
for civil & coastal engineering).

Rose-Hulman Institute of
Technology On December 5,
2007, Lily Elefterladou and Ines
Aviles-Spadonl made a pre-
sentation to the monthly ASCE
student chapter meeting at
Rose-Hulman in Terre Haute,
Ind. A total of 36 students
attended. A technical presen-
tation was delivered by Lily
Elefterladou on ramp meter-
ing, followed by presentations
from Lily Elefterladou and
Ines Aviles-Spadoni, specih-
cally geared toward research,
graduate studies, internships,
and funding opportunities at
the CMS.

University of Florida (ASCE
Presentation) On February 27,
2008, Siva Snnivasan and Ines
Aviles-Spadoni presented at the
monthly ASCE student chapter
meeting before approximately 70

students. The meeting included
a presentation from both CMS
representatives and contained
information about the transpor-
tation profession, the U.S. DOT's
vision for the year 2030 (prob-
lems and solutions), research
activities at the CMS and intern-
ship opportunities.

Florida-Georgia Louis Stokes Al-
liance for Minority Participation
(FGLSAMP) Expo On February
29, 2008, a small group of stu-
dents from the Florida-Georgia
Louis Stokes Alliance for Minor-
ity Participation (FGLSAMP)
Expo program visited the
transportation facilities. Activi-
ties included a tour of the Traffic
Signal Control Lab and Traffic
Simulation Lab. The tour was
guided by Alexandra Kondyli, a
transportation doctoral student.
The tours concluded with an

informal informational session
where Ines Aviles-Spadonl and
Alexandra Kondyli spoke about
the transportation profession,
career opportunities and fund-
ing opportunities within the
CMS. The students were also
provided with packets contain-
ing information on assistant-
ships, internships, research
activities and more.

Introduction to Civil Engineering
Each fall and spring, transpor-
tation faculty afhliated with
the CMS talk to freshmen and
sophomore students about the
held of transportation. The goal
is to introduce students to trans-
portation and to provide them
with information regarding

I/,,,,,,. (C-c n 231



( I; A P 47 i

-, ~wr fAY
~11 O

- A
L7~-~ t-:

NT 0,



:4TE ./*: 7tlf. c'C
,,, *. ":* ** P'1 ,,

f ___



~WcS .~PTk.CQN

.1 I

Technology Transfer


A list of transportation-related
seminars sponsored or co-spon-
sored by the CMS is provided

PRESENTER: Yingyan Lou, Ph.D.
student, Civil Engineering
DATE: September 13, 2007
TOPIC: Optimal Dynamic Pricing
Strategies for High-Occupancy/
Toll Lanes

PRESENTER: Vipul Modi, M.S.
student, Civil Engineering
DATE: September 13, 2007
TOPIC: Traffic Impact Analysis
Using GPS/ GIS

PRESENTER: Karun Yatindra,
M.S. student, Civil Engineering
DATE: September 13, 2007
TOPIC: Vehicle Allocation Deci-
sions and its Transportation

PRESENTER: Abishek Komma,
M.S. student, Civil Engineering
DATE: September 27, 2007
TOPIC: Modeling Home-to-Work
Commute-Timing Decisions
of Workers with Flexible Work

PRESENTER: Mayank P Jain, M.S.
student, Civil Engineering
DATE: September 27, 3007
TOPIC: Capacity Analysis of
Work Zones on Arterials

PRESENTER: Dr. Krishna C Jha,
Innovative Scheduling
DATE: October 30, 2007
TOPIC: Information Session on
Innovative Scheduling

PRESENTER: Michelle Malkish
DATE: November 29, 2007
TOPIC: Information Session on

PRESENTER: LiuKal, Ph.D., re-
search .- II. Kobe University
of Japan
DATE: December 11, 2007
TOPIC: Probe Vehicle Experiment
in Nagoya and Travel Time Esti-
mation for Highway Networks
PRESENTER: Chalumuri Ravi
Sekhar, Ph.D. doctoral candi-
date, Kobe University of Japan
(December 11, 2007)
TOPIC: Travel Time Estimation
for Highway Networks

PRESENTER: Grady Carrick, Flor-
ida Highway Patrol and Ph.D.
student, UF Transportation
DATE: January 24, 2008
TOPIC: Traffic Incident Manage-

PRESENTER: Panos Pardalos,
Ph.D., distinguished profes-
sor, UF Industrial & Systems
DATE: February 14, 2008
TOPIC: Global Optimization

PRESENTER: Krishnan Viswana-
than, Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
DATE: February 21, 2008
TOPIC: Information Session on
Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

PRESENTER: Slriphong (Tol)
L :, I1-'..' I -I, :,.-,,.:1., Ph.D ., associ-
ate professor, UF Industrial &
Systems Engineering
DATE: February 28, 2008
TOPIC: Pareto-Improving Tolls
for General Road Networks

PRESENTER: David Hale, Ph.D.,
UF McTrans Center
DATE: March 27, 2008
TOPIC: McTrans Activities and

PRESENTER: Ruth Steiner, Ph.D.,
associate professor, UF Urban &
Regional Planning
DATE: April 17, 2008
TOPIC: The Urban & Regional
Planning Research Program

( (. .C ( n 251


I "I

t 3rleeL rl

I -

Sl1 L r 111111 E 4 pr,. ,I-: h

Distinguished Lecturer
Seminar Series

The CMS has hosted a distin-
guished speaker since spring
2007 as part of the Distinguished
Lecturer Seminar Series. The
CMS invites distinguished
academics who have extensive
experience in transportation
to present a lecture related to
their research. This spring,
our distinguished lecturer was
Chandra Bhat, Ph.D., who is the
Adnan Abou-Ayyash Centennial
Professor at the University of
Texas at Austin. The presenta-
tion was entitled: "Incorporating
Residential Self-Selection Effects
in Activity Time-Use Behavior:
Formulation and Application of
a Joint Mixed Multinomial Logit
- Multiple Discrete-Continu-
ous Extreme Value Model."Dr.
Bhat's seminar was the first
CMS seminar to be broadcast

live on the Internet. The semi-
nars are held at the UF College
of Engineering Electronic
Delivery of Graduate Education
(EDGE) facilities and are video
taped and posted on the CMS
Web site. The Distinguished
Lecturer Seminars will continue
to be offered as a live webcast.

Annual CMS Student

The Center's 1st Annual
Student Conference was held
in March 2008 at the Samuel
P. Harn Museum of Art on the
University of Florida cam-
pus. In addition to faculty
and students, in attendance
were members of the Center's
External Advisory Board (EAB)
and transportation profession-
als. The conference showcased
graduate student work from
CMS-affiliated departments.

This event was an excellent
opportunity for leaders of the
transportation community to
learn about the research activi-
ties at the CMS, and it created
a forum for discussion with
researchers at UR The student
conference will be held annually
in March of each year.

Electronic Delivery in
Graduate Education

This program is UF's distance
learning provider in the College
of Engineering. The program
allows full-time working profes-
sionals around the world the
opportunity to earn a master's
degree and graduate certificates.
Courses are recorded in studio
classrooms at the UF campus
and are taught by UF faculty.
Two transportation classes were
offered in the 2007-2008 aca-

demic year: Traffic Flow Theory
(TTE 6267), taught by Lily Elef-
teriadou and Traffic Engineer-
ing (TTE 5256), taught by Bill

I cc n 2


S- d

iii" EL
L ,IpL1



Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

The CMS has a close relationship with FDOT due to the many staff
members and long-standing :-.. II -l:.., :.ri..,-, among the two entities.
The FDOT has agreed to match the U.S. DOT's UTC grant for the
grant's three-year duration. This past September, the FDOT held its
2007 Research Symposium in Orlando, with various transportation-
affiliated faculty from UF in attendance. The purpose of the meeting
was to develop research priorities for the state. In October 2007, a
group of CMS researchers visited with about 30 FDOT personnel at
their main headquarters in Tallahassee. The main goal of the trip was
to present UF's transportation research capabilities as well as intro-
duce the newly-formed CMS. The second purpose of the visit was to
hear about the FDOT's research priorities, so that areas of common
interest between the two groups could be identihed for continued
. .I I 11, .

Southeastern Transportation Center (STC)

The University of Florida is one of 10 universities participating in the
Southeastern Transportation Center (STC) consortium, which includes
five states in DOT Region IV. The -.I I. ', universities also partici-
pate in the consortium: Georgia State, Georgia Tech, North Carolina
A&T, North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State, University
of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, University of South Florida and
Vanderbilt University. Dr. Siva Srinivasan serves as the principal in-
vestigator representing UF at the STC. The STC provides funding for
UF students to travel to the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.
This past year, with assistance from STC funding, UF had 21 graduate
students in attendance.

I( ('C c/ 291


V .......

m m m -

CMS Affiliated Departments & Centers

Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering (CCE)
Web site: (http://www.ce.ufl.edu/)
Interim Chair: Kirk Hatfield, Ph.D.

The Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering has 40 tenure-track
faculty and a professional staff, which includes research scientists and
engineers, laboratory technicians and administrative and clerical per-
sonnel. Some of the Department's research areas include: constructed
infrastructure systems, high performance infrastructure materials,
coastal and water resources monitoring, assessment and rehabilita-

tion, and transportation infrastructure systems. The Department's
research awards exceed $14 million. Graduate and undergraduate
programs are offered, with approximately 257 full-time graduate
students ten-i lled as of fall 2007 and 660 undergraduate students en-
rolled as of spring 2008. Historically 12-15 percent of the Department's
undergraduate students pursue the transportation track.

Faculty at CCE

Kenneth Courage, P. Eng.
Professor Emeritus

Janet Degner, M.S.
T2 Co-Director

Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D.
CMS Director
TRC Director

Ralph Ellis, Ph.D.
(Construction Engineering)

David Hale, Ph.D.
Assistant In Engineering- McTrans

Dennis Hiltunen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
(Geotechnical Engineering)

Fazil Najafi, Ph.D.

Reynaldo Roque, Ph.D.

Bill Sampson, M.S.
McTrans Director

Peter Sheng, Ph.D.
(Coastal Engineering)

Ramesh Shrestha, Ph.D.
Civil & Coastal Engineering

Siva Srinivasan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Yafeng Yin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Fazil Najafi, Ph.D.

Scott Washburn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

I c007 c00 31

Transportation Research Center

Web site: http://trc.ce.ufl.edu/

Director: Lily Elefterladou, Ph.D.

The Transportation Research
Center (TRC) is located in the
Department of Civil & Coastal
Engineering, and is affiliated
with a significant number of
academic units at UF The Cen-
ter includes a wealth of techni-
cal expertise from its faculty as
well as various laboratories and
research facilities. The TRC was
created in 1972 by the Florida
Board of Regents to conduct re-
search related to transportation.
Research at the TRC focuses on
transportation operations and
planning, which include work
on traffic flow, highway capacity
and level of service analysis;
traffic signal control; traffic
simulation; travel behavior and
demand modeling; congestion
and toll pricing; transportation
networks and multimodal trans-
portation; transportation policy;

urban and regional planning;
tools for multimodal analysis;
sea port, airport, railroad plan-
ning, scheduling, operations and
optimization; supply chains;
geographic information systems;
older driver considerations;
safety, including bicycle and
pedestrian considerations; and
transportation software develop-
ment. Additional information
can be found on the TRC Web
site at http:/ /trc.ce.ufl.edu/.

Center for Microcomputers in
Transportation (McTrans Center)

Web site: http:/ /mctrans.ce.ufl.edu/

Director: Bill Sampson

The Federal Highway Admin-
istration (FHWA) i 1 'i" :,11
established the McTrans Center
to serve the nation as a resource
for the distribution and support
of microcomputer software in
the highway transportation field.
Operating independently for 20
years, McTrans provides expert

technical advice, information
exchange and a wide range of
transportation-related software
to a membership of about 30,000
transportation professionals
worldwide. McTrans makes its
software available for UF trans-
portation engineering student
use on the Department of Civil &
Coastal Engineering computers
free of charge. Areas represented
by the software include construc-
tion management, highway
design, pavements, bridges,
maintenance, safety, traffic engi-
neering and urban transportation
planning. McTrans distributes
software developed by FHWA,
state DOTs, universities, local
transportation agencies and
private individuals, as well as a
wide range of privately devel-
oped and commercial packages.
Software with ongoing develop-
ment within McTrans include
Highway Capacity Software
CORSIM. For these packages,

McTrans provides full software
maintenance and detailed
technical support, and offers live
training courses. The McTrans
Center resides in the Department
of Civil & Coastal Engineering at
the University of Florida.

Florida Transportation Technology
Transfer (T2) Center

Web site: http:/ /t2.ce.ufl.edu/

Co-Directors: Janet Degner and
Nina Barker

The Florida T2 Center was
established in 1984 by the
Federal Highway Administra-
tion and the Florida Department
of Transportation to provide
training and technical assistance
to Florida's transportation and
public works professionals. The
Florida T2 Center is an uIL I:1. 1 II :
organization housing various
national and state-based pro-
grams that include:
Local Technical Assistance
Program (LTAP)

Product Demonstration
Showcase (PDS) Program
Safety Circuit Rider (SCR)
Center for Transportation
Training (CTT)
Workforce Training
The Florida T2 Center works
closely with the University of
Florida's Transportation Re-
search Center and the CMS, as
well as the FDOT and FHWA, to
distribute research results. The
Center also assists FHWA with
the development of international
T2 centers. Training is at the
heart of the T2 Center's activities,
and the center develops, ar-
ranges and conducts a variety
of topical professional training.
In 2007, 239 training sessions
on 73 different subjects were
conducted for 3,948 participants,
resulting in 29,038 contact hours.
In 2007, the center also distrib-
uted more than 57,000 quarterly
newsletters and information bro-

32 4(I iL

chures and loaned or gave away
12,479 items through its lending
library. The library has more
than 9,000 publications and 900
videos for loan, covering every
aspect of the road and bridge
profession. The Florida T2 Cen-
ter has presented at a number of
international, national and state
conferences focused on technol-
ogy transfer, dissemination of
research results and safety.

Industrial & Systems
Engineering (ISE)

Web site: http: / /www.ise.ufl.edu/

Department Chair: Joseph C.
Hartman, Ph.D.

Associate Department Chair:
Joseph Geunes, Ph.D.

Research in the ISE department
typically focuses on optimal
design and operation of ef-
ficient and effective systems
for providing products and
services. Department research
focuses on developing solu-

tions for decision problems that
arise in large-scale and complex
systems. Particular applications
areas include transportation and
logistics, supply chain manage-
ment, risk management and
financial engineering, healthcare
management, manufacturing
systems, network optimization
and high performance comput-
ing. The complex coordination
and control problems arising in
these areas typically serve as a
basis for the research projects
undertaken by researchers in the
ISE department.

CMS- rfriii.a,.. Faculty at Indus-
trial & Systems Engineering

Ravindra Ahuja, Ph.D.

Siriphong Lawphongpanich
(Toi), Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Farid AitSahlia, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Panos Pardalos, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor

Joseph Geunes, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

J. Cole Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Donald W. Hearn, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Supply Chain and Logistics
Engineering Center

Web site: http:/ /www.ise.ufl.
Co-Directors: Ravindra Ahuja,
Ph.D. and Joseph Geunes, Ph.D.

The Supply Chain and Logis-
tics Engineering Center at the
University of Florida is an inter-
disciplinary center that encour-
ages joint research and applied
projects among faculty from
engineering, computer science,
and business administration, in
conjunction with industry par-
ticipants to develop innovative
modeling and solution methods
for real world supply chain and

logistics coordination and con-
trol problems. The Center was
founded in 2000 and is located
in the Department of Industrial
& Systems Engineering.

Center for Applied Optimiza-
tion (CAO)

Web site: http:/ /www.ise.ufl.
Co-Directors: Panos Pardalos,
Ph.D. and William Hager, Ph.D.
(Department of Mathematics)

The Center for Applied Opti-
mization at the University of
Florida is an interdisciplinary
center which encourages joint
research and applied projects
in the field of optimization.
Research includes global and
discrete optimization, accelera-
tion of decomposition methods,
new dynamic programming
techniques for lot sizing models,
network optimization meth-
ods, optimal control problems,
optimization of elastic materials,
inverse problems and multi-cri-
teria optimization.

Urban & Regional Planning

Web site: http:/ /www.dcp.ufl.
Department Chair: Zhong-Ren
Peng, Ph.D.

The University of Florida's De-
partment of Urban & Regional
Planning is a leader in planning
education, research and practice
for the citizens of Florida, the
Southeast and the nation. URP
educates planners who will use
innovative technologies to create
livable cities within sustainable
environments. The department
offers four areas of specializa-
tion: planning information and
analysis systems; urban and
environmental design; growth
management and transporta-
tion and housing, economic and
community development.

CMS- irrili. ,. Faculty at URP

Zhong-Ren Peng, Ph.D.
Professor, Chair

I( ('C f/ 331

Ruth Steiner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Linda Crider, Ph.D.
Associate Scientist

Paul Zwick, Ph.D.
Professor, Associate Dean
Research & Graduate Programs
College of Design, Construction
and Planning
Urban and Regional Planning

Ilir Bejleri, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Florida Bicycle Safety Education

Web site: http://www.dcp.ufl.edu/
Director: Linda Crider, Ph.D.

This program aims to educate
children on the safe and proper
way to ride their bicycles and
to avoid injuries and pedestrian
crashes. The program offers
training through workshops
and certificate programs for
elementary and middle school
teachers, community volunteers,

law enforcement officers and
recreational leaders.

Geo-Facilities Planning and
Information Research Center

Web site: http:/ /www.geoplan.
Director: Paul Zwick, Ph.D.

GeoPlan has become a multidis-
ciplinary Graphic Information
System (GIS) Laboratory. It was
established as a response to the
need for a teaching and research
environment in GIS. GeoPlan
is managed by a diverse group
of researchers and doctoral
students from many disciplines
including geography, engineer-
ing, architecture, planning,
mathematics and computer
science. Graduate students ob-
tain practical work experience
through assistantships on vari-
ous projects using state-of-the-
art computer technology. These
students are drawn from the
many colleges and departments
throughout UR The Efficient

Transportation Decision Making
(ETDM) (https:// www.fla-etat.
org/est) Project is a major un-
dertaking in the GeoPlan Center
that is funded by the Florida
Department of Transportation.
This site provides information
on proposed transportation
projects, agency comments on
a variety of environmental and
socio-cultural issues associated
with those projects.

National Older Driver Research
and Training Center (NORDTC)

Web site: http:/ /dnrivng.phhp.

Director: William C. Mann, Ph.D.

Co-Director: Sherrilene Classen,

The NODRTC assists older per-
sons in maintaining safe driving
habits, and provides counseling
for when they can no longer
drive so that they can preserve
a sense of mobility in their
community. Through research,

education and service initia-
tives, the NODRTC assists older
persons and individuals with
disabilities have safe, accessible
and appropriate transportation
options to ensure full commu-
nity participation.

William C. Mann, OTR/L, Ph.D.
Professor, Occupational Therapy

Kezia Awadzi, Ph.D.
Research Scholar, Occupational

Sherrilene Classen, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor, Occupa-
tional Therapy

Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D.
Professor, Civil Engineering

Dennis P. McCarthy, OTR/L, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor,
Occupational Therapy

Orit Shechtman, Ph.D., OTR/L
Associate Professor, Occupa-
tional Therapy

Graham Center for Public

Web site: http:/ /www.graham.

Interim Director: Walter Rosen-
baum, Ph.D.

The Graham Center for Pub-
lic Service was established to
investigate public policy issues
of interest to the state of Florida
and the nation. Its goal is to
train the next generation of state
and national leaders by taking
a multidisciplinary approach to
teaching and scholarly research
on a variety of topics. Its mission
is to seek solutions to public
problems in three areas: (1) pub-
lic leadership, (2) the Americas,
and (3) homeland security.

34 (C


~C I~j

Selected Publications and Presentations by CMS-Affiliated Faculty

Refereed Publications

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Public Health Data and Reha-
bilitation Practice," Topics in
Geriatric Rehabilitation Special
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Adults in Fatal Motor Vehicle
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Prevention (Accepted for publi-
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portation Through Transit
Partnership and Transporta-
tion Demand Management: A
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Otihc Publications

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"Model State Programs on
Licensing Older Drivers,"
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I (C fl3

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(Name of the presenter is underlined)

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Joo, Y., "State Age-Related Re-
newal Policies and Injury Out-
comes Among Older Drivers,"
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S(C (. f/ i 391

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40 (; ILi

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Synchronization of Actuated
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nual Meeting of the INFORMS,
Seattle, WA, November 4-7, 2007.



Solutions for Congestion Mitigation
University of Florida

Big Media Studios, a marketing company in Gainesville, Fla., was con-
tracted to develop our new logo. The idea for the logo came from the
concept of routes, and alternate routes; the Center's theme is multi-
modal solutions for congestion mitigation, and these routes capture
all different modes, which lead from an origin to a destination through
various modes of transportation.

42 C(, L



With Big Media Studios busy at work on the professional
Web site, we knew there was an immediate need for a
temporary site, as it was required of the funding agency
(U.S. DOT Research and Innovative Technology Adminis-
tration). A graduate student (Ashwin Arulselvan) from In-
dustrial & Systems Engineering, under the direction of the
newly hired center manager Ines Aviles-Spadoni, assisted
in the development of the temporary Web site beginning in
September 2007. By late November, the temporary Web
site was completed and became the main go-to point for
all information related to the center and its activities.

Web site

Wor on th ne Web siebgao:Jaur20 n
der cotrc 6m -gg Megi 6tdis andS it-eeomn

upan unina m e -glom ingu on imrvn
upo it so Sha Sit Sa be as use frenl anSayt
naigt as possible. bP b

44 (4, L

Center for
aSolutions kv Congestion Mllgation
I.rtrers^ YFKNor A









July and August 2008
Srinvasan on July 24. 2008
from 2 p m to 3 p m. 513
Well Hall Topic: "Companng
Travel-Demand Estimates
from Tnp-Based and Activity-
Based Travel Survey'
Transportation Researh
Center (TRC) and the CMS
will celebrate the retirement of
Lap Hoang PE a traffic
engineer at the Flonda
Department of Transportaton
(FDOT), on August 10, 2008.
RSVP by August II The
event will take place..
Ead r.-:, r

The Center for Multlmodal Solutions for Congeston
Mrigaton (CMS) is a U S Department of Transportalon
(USDOT) Tir 1 Unir. -,r4iry Trar'pcrtaiior C-eor-:.-i
iuTC 1 grantee, that works with the transportation
community to investigate and develop innovative
approaches to solving congestion problems The CMS
supports research In recurrent congestion, non
recurrent congestion, multnmodal strategies and demand
modeling It will receive up to $1 million per year in 2007,
2008 and 2009 from the RP.&s c-r r. ar d ill iv.aliyie
Toe: rr.olco, Adi,,lr L5irior I RITA of the USDOT, and
matching funds from non-federal sources, such as the
Floi: -c Depa.rtrmir i of Trar' portalio (FDOT that wil
at least equal the USDOT grant amount. The CMS is
housed in the Transportation Research Center (TRC),
which a part of the University of Florida Department of
Chvl & Coastal Engineering.

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512 Well Hall. P.O. Box 116580 Gainesvlle, FL 32611
352.392.9537 Ext 1409

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CMS Newsletter

The CMS produces a
newsletter to communicate Se ttr
the research, educational
and technology transfer
activities occurring at the
center. The newsletter is

published twice a year
in late fall and spring
and is mailed to other Q7 ,
UTCs, alumni, faculty '
students, consultants
and EAB members.

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:/ / cms.ce.utl.edu/ publications


Ackowldg me IInt'

6OMS Dieco

I CIB ivIil EngJineein

Ines Av les-Salon i, MS


Cop Edto

pa Treat


Center for Multimodal Solutions for Congestion Mitigation
512 Weil Hall
P.O. Box 116580
Gainesville, FL 32611-6580
Phone: 352.392.9537, Ext. 1409
Fax: 352.846.1699

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