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Group Title: Academic budget request package, College of Fine Arts
Title: Academic budget request package, College of Fine Arts 2007 - 2008.
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Title: Academic budget request package, College of Fine Arts 2007 - 2008.
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College of Fine Arts
Schools of Art and Art History, Music, Theatre and Dance
Centers of Arts and Healthcare Research and Education, Arts and Public Policy,
World Arts, and Digital Worlds Institute
Academic Budget Request Packet

The College of Fine Arts (CFA) will continue to play a key role in building the University of
Florida's growing national and international reputation through creative research, teaching
and service in the college's respective professions and educational outreach.

As noted in the August 15, 2006 version of the UF Work Plan, "no university can aspire to
recognition as one of the country's great public universities without recognition as a leading
center of research and teaching in the arts and humanities." Exemplary visual and
performing arts programs are central to the mission and essential to the overall quality and
reputation of outstanding public Research I institutions.

I. Mission and Purpose of the Program
The College of Fine Arts offers both traditional liberal arts (BA) and professional
(BFA/BM/MFA) training in a wide array of arts disciplines. Additionally we work to
prepare teachers in art and music education and offer selected PhD programs (art
history, music, music education). The close relationship of forward-looking
interdisciplinary centers enhancing the CFA traditional arts curricula (digital media
and global connections, ethnomusicology, world dance, arts in medicine). Through
creative research and scholarship faculty members stretch many of the traditional
boundaries and develop new courses and programs for students in newly emerging

II. Goals and expected outcomes
With a new administration in the college, many of the goals are currently under
discussion and refinement. In the months ahead, the college will assess, reaffirm and
designate strategic directions and include baseline data in particular areas as
comparators-e.g. funding for professional development (current status and
reasonable goals for improvement); faculty workload equity and balance; external
grants and research funding; etc.

The College of Fine Arts offers limited access enrollment and is one of the colleges
that enhances the University's efforts to have a lower student/teacher ratio. It caps
enrollment in studio classes at all levels.

All programs, except dance, are accredited by professional discipline specific
associations. The CFA administrators work with these accrediting processes to
improve and revise curricula with faculty leadership. Dance has had an initial review
and is scheduled for its first accreditation site visit in 2007.

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

In the past year, there has been revamping and shifting of faculty positions in both art
and theatre to address the changing professional fields. Art has added a digital
training component for all studio art students, combined separate areas of
concentration into a new digital media area, and redefined vacant lines to hire two
new faculty members in this area. Another vacant line was shifted to hire additional
faculty in the burgeoning area of museum studies, which was started a few years ago
with only one full-time faculty member. Upon the advice of re-accreditation visitors
in theatre, the BFA and MFA in performance have been re-organized and a hire for a
replacement will focus on acting for the camera.

Over the next few years, the schools of Music and Art and Art History will be
scheduled for re-accreditation visits and these will be helpful in continued revision of
the curricula. Through two new spousal hires, Music will be able to strengthen the
music history area with an ethnomusicologist and 17th century specialist, which will
bolster the PhD program in preparation for the re-accreditation process.
Increase enrollment in MFA and PhD programs
Revitalize MA in Digital Arts and Sciences
Develop MFA in Dance and MA in Arts Administration
Offer the MM in Music Education in a summer format with an
online component beginning Summer 2008
Increase placements of graduates in strong arts educational and
professional institutions

Very heavy teaching loads in some areas have limited the time available to pursue
strong research agendas. In spite of this, many faculty members are very productive,
meeting and surpassing college standards for creative research.
Improve infrastructure support for research
Continue to encourage faculty grant applications
Complete a study of faculty workloads to determine the
necessary balance between research and teaching for individual
faculty. With this information, school directors may modify
work assignments to shift to larger teaching loads for those
with a limited research agenda and lighter teaching loads for
those with stronger research potential.
Provide consistent sabbatical funding to allow more eligible
faculty to take advantage of sabbaticals for research
Provide a stronger base of funding for faculty development for
travel to present work, at professional meetings and
performance/exhibition venues

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

A large number of faculty members are involved in service to their professional
associations serving as officers at the regional, national, and international level.
Fine Arts faculty and students add immensely to the quality of life in this university
community and beyond to national and international venues by providing hundreds of
performances, exhibitions, etc., that reach hundreds of thousands of people each year
and these performances now include the expanded reach of an intemet component.
Fine Arts faculty also renders valuable service to UF and the College through the
shared governance processes and committees.
SThrough greater resources continue to provide travel resources for
faculty to be involved at appropriate levels of their professional

The very nature of the college's work encompasses diversity and the college
consistently seeks that expression in all its aspects. Diversity of thought as expressed
through faculty creativity and research enriches the community from studio to gallery
to stage. Faculty maintains close ties to the Center for African Studies and Center for
Latin American Studies. Faculty research recognized internationally has gained
particular acclaim for African and South American work. The college's Center for
World Arts has a strong outreach effort to bring African and South American dance
and music to UF and K-12 students.

The MFA in performance has a high ratio of students of color and stage presentations
reflect this diversity aiding both the perception and reality of a diverse UF
community. Other programs in the college seek to model this success. One strategy
organized by minority faculty members has been recruitment through travel to
regional historically black colleges and universities to increase graduate student
diversity in all three units. Availability of scholarship dollars facilitates the
recruitment of a diverse student population. Increasing scholarship dollars is a
component of the capital campaign. In the area of searches all efforts have been
expended to ensure robust applicant pools. Through the shared governance process,
the college has reactivated the faculty Diversity Committee, which is setting goals for
future recruitment of students and faculty and addressing the climate for people of
color in the college.
Increase scholarship dollars
Work with diversity committee recommendations

This remains an underdeveloped area for the college. There has not been a
consistently strong tradition of fundraising. Locally, the Harn Museum and UF

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Performing Arts attracted and secured major donors. Therefore, the college's efforts
will focus on national outreach to alumni and potential donors for the capital
campaign. A six month search for a new development officer is nearing conclusion.
With this key appointment in place a standard pace for the many aspects of
fundraising will resume.
Hire a new development officer.
Establish the capital campaign committee.
Establish the Friends of Theatre and Dance.

III. Strategic Fit

Fit with College's Strategic Plan
With a new administration, the college will develop a process during the coming
academic year for assessing and establishing strategic directions consistent with the
institutional and system strategic plans.

Fit with University's Strategic Work Plan and Board of Governors' Strategic
The College's strategic direction has and will continue to be guided by and support
the University of Florida's Strategic Plan and the Board of Governors' Strategic Plan.

As mentioned earlier, the Work Plan cites the importance of the teaching and research
of the arts. This includes the college's partnership with the New World School of the
Arts. Further, the college is committed to international and interdisciplinary priorities
of the university. The college's interdisciplinary centers are key ways to provide both
a mechanism and support structure to augment and bolster research and teaching.

IV. Program Achievements Top Five Achievements
1. Growth and quality of the graduate programs
During the last two years, with increased state funds, the college has added four new
fellowships and increased the level of all fellowships to make them more competitive.
For the 2007-08 recruiting cycle, the college was able to increase graduate assistant

The PhD programs in the School of Music have increased significantly in the last
three years growing from 19 in fall 2004 to 35 in fall 2006. The established PhD in
Art History established in May 2001 has six students. The first student was
admitted in 2002. The MFA and MM programs continue at or near capacity for
faculty workloads as well. Only in a few studio areas is there room for growth. In
1998, the college established the MA in Museum Studies- the terminal degree in the
profession and hired its first Museum Studies faculty in 2001. This program now
has 18 graduate students.

College of Fine Arts' graduates are employed in universities, colleges, and a
range of cultural institutions and professional companies. Some own and operate

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

their own firms. Recent placement of graduates include: University of Kentucky,
University of Texas at Tyler, University of Missouri, Florida State University,
University of South Florida, Arizona State University, Warner Robbins Museum
of Aviation, Smithsonian National Museum of American Indian, The Samuel P.
Harn Museum of Art, National Park Service, Director of Hillsborough County's
Public Art Program

* Recent internships placements include: ESPN Network; Elle Magazine, NY;
IDEO, Palo Alto, CA; Sotheby's, NY; Guggenheim Museum, NY; Hirshhom
Museum, Washington, DC; International Center for Photography, NY; Fembank
Museum, Atlanta; Valentine History Center, Richmond, VA; Indianapolis
Children's Museum, IN; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA; American
Federation of the Arts, NY

2. Attracting excellent faculty that have helped to raise the profile of the
College and the University of Florida
Max Becher and Andrea Robbins, Photography
Neta Pulvermacher, Dance
John M. Watkins, Associate Director of Bands
Richard Wolf (spousal hire), Ethnomusicology
Current faculty major award recipients include:
o Maria Rogal (Art) and Kevin Sharpe (Music), Fulbright
o Barbara Barletta, National Endowment for the Humanities
Senior Research Fellowship

3. Facility improvements
The School of Theatre and Dance has realized the full functioning of
the state-of-the-art 46,000 square foot Nadine McGuire Theatre and
Dance Pavilion unifying its programs in theatre, dance and design
resulting in innovative partnerships, collaborations and creative
The School of Art and Art History has used money from vacant lines
and obtained other funding to develop the following in the last three
Establishment of digital media computer lab
Relocation and remodeling of Visual Resources Center
Establishment of space for Art History and Museum
Studies Graduate student carrels
Installation of multi-media equipment in many classrooms

The School of Music has begun construction on the new 19,000 GSF
Steinbrenner Band Hall.
A portion of the Dean's Office Suite was remodeled to create more
effective and semi-private places by reducing the crowdedness of the

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

4. Curriculum changes and enhancements
In the past three years, the School of Art and Art History established
the MINT studio and other new courses to provide professional
experience to Graphic Design students; they also combined programs
and revised curriculum to offer the BFA and MFA in Digital Media.
The School of Theatre and Dance has revised the BFA and MFA
performance curriculum and developed additional courses for the
design curriculum. Theatre and Dance is preparing for accreditation of
the BFA in Dance. The School of Music is reviewing curricular
programs anticipating NASM review in two years. There have been
no significant changes in the past three years however, under
consideration is a Summer Master's in Music Education. The Digital
Worlds Institute has offered four DIG Courses in 2006-07
(Foundations of Digital Culture, Digital Design and Visualization,
Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (using Second Life) and 3D
Modeling and Animation) and has facilitated a special
transdisciplinary class for the Center for Arts in Healthcare Research
& Education entitled: Culture, Health and the Arts: Sub-Saharan
Africa and the United States.

5. Development of interdisciplinary centers to enhance curriculum, research,
and outreach of CFA programs
In addition to the enhancement of the curriculum through world arts,
Center for World Arts co-director, Joan Frosch, has created an
acclaimed feature-length documentary Movement (R)evolution Africa,
which premiered at Lincoln Center in New York and will open the
acclaimed Julidans Festival in Amsterdam in April 2007. CAHRE is
attracting international attention, particularly with the development of
the AIM for Africa, Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensive, and Traffic
Art and Dance Exchange/Sickle Cell Disease Research Initiative. The
Digital Worlds Institute continues its strategic work with a wide range
of units at UF and has developed and filed patents for its
NetroNomeTM and the Integrated Situational Awareness System
(ISASTM), which shows promise to address pressing security issues
and the University is lobbying both state and federal legislatures for
additional funding. The Center for Arts and Public Policy is enjoying
a revitalization and will be instrumental in hosting a major lecture
series in 2007-08 and developing a MA in Arts Administration. The
University Galleries continue to enhance both the visual arts and art
history curriculum, while also reaching out to other units on campus to
collaborate in creating truly interdisciplinary exhibitions for UF and
the greater Alachua County region.

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Program strategies for future achievements
The College has worked for many years with maximum return on minimal funding by
the University. This has been recognized by the new senior administration and the
increase in new funding to the College has been and will continue to be a great help
in addressing unmet faculty and other resource needs.

In spite of these new funds, there remain several serious resource issues that will need
to be addressed through increased attention to fundraising, encouragement of faculty
in garnering more external grants and awards, some additional special requests for
state funding, and continued strategic decisions for internal resource reallocation to
advance the greater college goals.

Accreditation status
National Association of Schools of Art and Design
Original Accreditation 1992
Re-accreditation 1998
Future Re-accreditation 2009-2010
National Association of Schools of Music
Original Accreditation 1963
Re-Accreditation 2009-2010
Future Re-Accreditation every 10 years
National Association of Schools of Theatre
Original Accreditation 1987
Re-Accreditation 2006
Future Re-Accreditation 2014-2015
National Association of Schools of Dance
Consultant preparatory visit 2006
Accreditation visit April 8-11, 2007

V. Program Challenges

Top five impediments
1. Recruiting and retaining high quality faculty, including addressing
market equity issues. An initial analysis of CFA faculty salaries with the
OSU comparators revealed a differential in excess of $250,000 setting
the stage for market equity reviews and requests in the college, far
surpassing college resources to respond.
2. Addressing unmet infrastructure needs
a. Operating dollars have not increased for more than 13 years
b. Facility and space needs
i. Highest priority for the college remains a recital hall and
extensive renovation of the Music building.
ii. There are several space needs that have been identified in
the School of Art and Art History, including modernization
of the University Gallery as the "face" of the school,

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

adding visibility and aesthetic appeal from the outside.
UF's Physical Plant Division estimated $1 million dollars
for this basic renovation.
iii. The interdisciplinary centers need both space and staff.
c. Staffing needs; as programs have grown, attention has been given
to addressing faculty needs, but increased demands by more
students and more areas requires more staff.
3. Equipment needs-the college continues to rely on both traditional arts
technologies (pianos, instruments, studios, traditional stages, etc.) as well
as high and new technology to meet the college's programmatic needs.
4. Lack of competitive scholarships/assistantships at both the undergraduate
and graduate level
5. Lack of a strong tradition in fundraising, including external grants and

Program strategies for dealing with top five impediments
1. Increasing external support through fundraising efforts and grant
awards through 1) re-assignment of a staff member to a grants
specialist position 2) providing leadership at the administrative level
through the full time appointment of an Associate Dean for
Administrative Affairs and Research Programs 3) scheduling annual
external funding workshops in the college for faculty and 4)
supporting staff training.
2. Realigning the allocation of new funds for college priorities to include
market equity and retention along with recruitment of faculty.
3. Working with the senior administration to build a strong case for more
flexible use of material and supplies (lab) fees paid by students.
Through increased flexibility CFA could address some of both the
traditional and high technology demands in the college's programs as
is the case in many states. The many restrictions on fee usage hampers
the delivery of the education sought by students.
4. The college is proposing that the Office of Academic Affairs provides
recurring funding for two basic areas to benefit the undergraduate
education being provided.
a. $100,000 in recurring funds for the rental of the WARPhaus. The
SAAH foundation program in studio art which is built around
group work in an open space remains a hallmark of distinction for
the visual arts curriculum. Unlike many other programs that have
opportunities to garner funds through a strong donor base or
indirect costs in grants for teaching space rental, the traditional fine
arts programs have difficulty generating external dollars.
Spending over one-third of the Dean's start-up package for rental
fees for teaching space curtails the college's flexibility to address
longstanding unmet needs.
b. $125,000 for student music ensembles. The Student Government
funding formula funding ensembles in the School of Music for

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

more than 30 years has changed, requiring the SOM to seek other
sources of revenue to support these groups. Originally, SG funded
ensembles as one of the many "student organizations" on campus
that register with the Office of Student Involvement. This included
a 5% annual funding increase to accommodate inflation. However,
in 2005, SG took exception to the fact that UF ensembles were
taken for credit, each student paid a M&S Fee, and in many cases
auditioned for attendance. Therefore, SG determined that music
ensembles did not qualify as organizations that fell under the
jurisdiction of the Director of Student Activities and determined to
phase out its support over three years. The progressive phase out
was to allow time for the SOM to try to obtain other sources of
funding for music ensemble support. Beginning this year SOM
received an $8 per student ticket subsidy for each ensemble
concert. The ticket subsidy allowed UF students to attend without
cost. The distribution resulted in approximately $56,000 compared
to about $90,000 in 2005-06. In an attempt to reduce the income
gap SOM initiated an admission charge for the general public.
Ticket sales have been modest and exact figures will not be
available until the close of the fiscal year but with the inability of
the public to find parking for University Auditorium performances,
general admission will permanently be limited. This request
reflects SOM's anticipated growth in both choral ensembles and
string groups as a part of an overall school enrollment goal,
inflation and more opportunities for performing in the Phillips
Center, an exceptional teaching/learning facility. The expenses
incurred by the ensembles include both in- and out-of-state travel,
equipment purchases, visiting artists, advertising, rental of
University Auditorium and Phillips Performing Arts Center, labor
costs associated with concert logistics that include stage setup,
ticket sales, etc.

The ensembles provide performance opportunities for more than
400 students from throughout the University, both music majors
and non-majors.

VI. Assessment and Improvement Actions

Strategy for assessing program goals
The following strategies will allow the college to assess progress on program goals:
Academic Learning Compacts
review of faculty in annual evaluations
development of a database to more effectively track student and
alumni accomplishments

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

development of baseline data to gather more effective information
about faculty research and grants, to be reported on the Cumulative
Faculty Report
continued re-accreditation of all programs
development of strategic directions with annual update and revision
annual reports of interdisciplinary centers and standing committees of
the college

VII. Academic culture

Mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students
One of the primary ways that students are mentored within the college is in the
accessibility to faculty in studio courses across all disciplines. Students have the
opportunity to study with faculty in small studio classes and to know the faculty in
settings outside the classroom, such as at exhibition openings and receptions, during
the rehearsals for performances, working on stage and set designs. This is unique to
the arts and affords the visual and performing arts student a special opportunity.
Additionally, the student to advisor ratio in the college is very low and undergraduate
students are carefully monitored as to their progress.

Intellectual life of the program department
Units in the college contribute to the intellectual life of the entire university in a
variety of ways. Most visible is the artistic production made available for the entire
campus and surrounding community through exhibitions and performances.
Additionally, units host a regular series of guest artists and speakers, some of whom
are on campus for extended residencies. Faculty and units within the college host
significant national and international conferences and symposia, such as New
Directions in Contemporary Art, Spring 2006, African Studies Association's
Triennial Symposium on African Art, Spring 2007, first International Symposium on
Music Assessment Conference, Spring 2007, Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, 16th
Annual, Spring 2007. All enhance the intellectual life of the entire campus and are
completely documented through the Cumulative Faculty Report. Highlights are
included in the Appendix. Further, the college employs technology to extend the
impact of and economies for its work.

Partnerships across the UF
Many of the college's faculty are affiliated with centers across campus and actively
work to engage with faculty in other disciplines both within the college and in other
colleges at UF. The Appendix contains a list of these.

Professional service to discipline
See the Appendix for a listing of the many different professional associations of the
Fine Arts faculty.

VII. Budget Request (See Attached)

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM


Partnerships across the UF
Many CFA faculty members are affiliated with centers across campus and actively
work to engage with faculty in other disciplines both within the College and in other
colleges at UF.
Joint appointment of assistant professor Victoria Rovine (School of Art and
Art History and Center for African Studies)
Joint appointment of assistant professor Guolong Lai (SAAH and the Center
for Asian Languages and Literature)
Joint appointment of lecturer Mohammed DaCosta (School of Theatre and
Dance and Center for African Studies
Joint appointment of assistant professor Welson Tremura (School of Music
and Center for Latin American Studies)
Faculty affiliated with the Center for African Studies
Mohammed DaCosta
Robin Poynor
Victoria Rovine
Faculty affiliated with the Center for Latin American Studies
Alexander Alberro
Larry Crook
Joan Frosch
Maria Rogal
Welson Tremura
Sergio Vega
Museum Studies graduate students participate in internships at:
Samuel P. Ham Museum of Art
Florida Museum of Natural History
The Fredric G. Levin College of Law
The Matheson Museum, City of Gainesville
SAAH faculty regularly teach in the UF Paris Research Center
University Galleries interdisciplinary partners

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

2005-2007 Exhibitions
UF School of Theater and Dance
UF School of Architecture
UF Department of Interior Design
UF Department of Mathematics
UF Department of Physics
UF Department of History
UF Fredric G. Levin College of Law
UF Department of English
University of Florida International Center
Transnational and Global Studies Center
UF Center for Asian Languages and Literature
Harn Museum of Art
Florida Museum of Natural History
Florida Arts Council, Florida Department of State, Division of
Cultural Affairs
BMW Daytona
BMW Tampa
Gainesville Ford
Target Copy
Dacra Design (Miami)
Thomebrook Gallery, Gainesville
Alachua County Public Schools

Professional service to discipline

School of Art and Art History
Professor Linda Arbuckle:
Advisory Board for Ceramics Monthly magazine
Futures Advisory Committee Member, National Council on Education for the
Ceramics Arts
Contributing adviser to Studio Potter magazine
Advisory Board Member, Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD
Professor Barbara Barletta:
National Lecture Program Committee of the Archaeological Institute of
Editorial Board member for Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Publications Committee of the American School of Classical Studies in
Athens, Greece.
Professor Richard Heipp:
Mentor Advisor for the College Art Association, ongoing
Assistant Professor Connie Hwang:
UF Foundation Publication Advisory Board
Member, American Institute of Graphic Art

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Associate Professor Melissa Hyde:
President of the Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture, 2001-
Associate Professor Ron Janowich:
Member of the Art and Exhibitions Board for the Williams Center of the Arts
at Lafayette College, Easton, PA
Assistant Professor Julia Morrisroe:
Board of Directors of Designers Without Borders
Professor Robin Poynor:
Co-Chair of the Committee for the Triennial Symposium on African Art,
President of the Arts Council of the African Studies Association, 2002
Past President of the Arts Council of the African Studies Association, 2004
Associate Professor Maria Rogal:
UF Center for Latin American Studies Faculty Advisory Board
UF Foundation Publication Advisory Board
Associate Professor Craig Roland:
Web Advisory Committee for the National Art Education Association
Assistant Professor Victoria Rovine:
2007 Carter Faculty Fellow Center for African Studies, University of Florida
Associate Professor Brian Slawson:
Authored a Program Review for the online school, Sessions.edu for
certification by the New Jersey Board of Education
Director of the University Galleries, Amy Vigilante Dickerson:
Founding and current Board Member, Florida Association of Public Art
Member, Florida Art Museums Directors Association
Curator for the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs
Visual Arts Fellowship Exhibition
Associate Professor and Director, Museum Studies, Glenn Willumson:
Secretary, Committee on Museum Professional Training, the American
Museum Association


Alex Alberro:
Institutional Critique: A Critical Anthology, co-edited with Blank Stimson,
published by MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass. MS due in 2007

Conceptual Art: A Critical Anthology, co-edited with Blake Stimson,
published by MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, 1999; paperback edition 2000.
Italian language volume to be published by Postmedia Books, Milan, 2007

Art After Conceptual Art, co-edited with Sabeth Buchmann, published by MIT
Press, Cambridge, Mass., German language volume published by Generali
Foundation, Vienna, 2006

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Museum Highlights: The Collected Writings ofAndrea Fraser, edited,
published by MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2005

Conceptual Art and the Politics of Publicity, published by MIT Press,
Cambridge, Mass., 2003, paperback edition, 2004

Melissa Hyde
Making up the Rococo: Francois Boucher and his Critics (Getty Research
Institute, 2006)

Rethinking Boucher, ed. M. Hyde & M. Ledbury (Getty, 2006).
Women, Art and the Politics of Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe, ed. M.
Hyde & J. Milam (Ashgate Press Series: Women and Gender in Early Modem
Europe, 2003)

Getting into the Picture: Boucher's Self-Portraits of Others in Rethinking
Boucher, Ed. M. Hyde & M. Ledbury (Getty Research Institute, 2006)

Guolong Lai:
A Bronze Menagerie: Mat Weights of Early China, Exhibition catalogue,
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, Mass. Coauthored with Michelle
Wang, et al. Distributed by University of Pittsburg Press, 2006.

Robin Poynor:
In process, Africa in Florida, co-authored with Amanda Carlson, being
offered to University Press of Florida

In press, second edition of A History of Art in Africa, cowritten with H. Cole
and M. Visona, for Pearson Education and Prentice Hall, on shelves fall 2007

A History of Art in Africa, cowritten with H. Cole and M. Visona, for Harry N.
Abrams, Inc., New York. Paperback distributed by Prentice-Hall. Named to
"Best Books of 2000," Library Journal; Nominated for Arnold Rubin Award,
ACASA, 2001, received Honorable Mention

African Art at the Ham Museum: Spirit Eyes, Human Hands, Gainesville:
University Press of Florida, 1995

Power Concealed; Power Revealed, exhibition catalog, Daytona Beach
Museum of Arts & Sciences, 1986

Nigerian Sculpture: Bridges To Power, catalog, Birmingham AL:
Birmingham Museum of Art, 1984

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Andrea Robbins and Max Becher:
Andrea Robbins and Max Becher: Portraits, with essays by Maurice Berger,
Andrea Robbins and Max Becher, on the occasion of the exhibition at the
Center for Art Design and Visual Culture, Baltimore, published by the
University of Maryland, Baltimore, fall 2007

Brooklyn Abroad, with essays by Nora Alter and Rupert Pfab, design by Max
Becher, published by Sonnabend Gallery on the occasion of the exhibit of
same title at the Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf and Sonnabend Gallery, New York,
64 color images, 86 pages 11.75" X 10", May 2006

The Transportation of Place: the Work Of Andrea Robbins and Max Becher,
with essays by Lucy Lippard and Maurice Berger, edited by Lesley A. Martin,
design by Francesca Richer, published by Aperture Press, 2006

Andrea Robbins and Max Becher, by De Zegher, M. Catherine, published for
the Robbins/Becher exhibitions held in Belgium and The Netherlands, texts
by Catherine M. De Zegher, Benjamin Buchloh, Everlyn Nicodemus, Luc
Lang, design by Max Becher

Craig Roland:
The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet, Davis Publications, Worcester,
Mass., 2005

Victoria Rovine:
In Press Handmade Material: Manufacturing African Authenticity in Senses
and Sentiments of Dress. ed. D. Johnson and H. Bradley Foster (London:
Berg Press)

Glenn Willumson:
Iron Muse: Picturing the First Transcontinental Railroad (under contract,
University of California)

Contributions of Historic Preservation to the Quality of Life in Florida,
Executive Summary, Florida Dept. of State, 2006


Linda Arbuckle:
Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Individual Artist Fellowship

National Endowment for the Arts award

Zhuijajiao Heritage Arts Center, Zhujiajiao China

Barbara Barletta:

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

National Endowment for the Humanities Senior Research Fellowship at the
American School of Classical at Athens 2002-2003

Whitehead Visiting Professorship at the American School of Classical Studies
at Athens 2007-2008

Jerry Cutler:
Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Individual Artist Fellowships (3)

Southeastern Federation of the Arts, Fellowships (2)

Richard Heipp:
2006 Southeastern College Art Conference award for outstanding artistic
achievement 2006-07

Florida Individual Artist Fellowship State of Florida Division of Cultural
Affairs 2002 2004

Connie Hwang:
Step Inside Design top 1000 of 2006 (international) for Greater than the Sum
exhibition catalog

Creativity 36, silver award (international) for various websites, mailers and

2006 Create Awards gold award (national) for Greater than the Sum
exhibition catalog

UCDA 36th Annual Design Competition (national)

American Design Awards (international) 2006

American Corporate identity 22 (international) 2006

Great Design Show One (International) 2005

UCDA 35th Annual Design Competition (national) 2004

Creativity 35, gold award (international) 2004

American Corporate identity 21 (international) 2004
Creativity 34 (international) 2004

Print Magazine Design Annual 2004 (national)

Regional addy in Advertising for the Arts gold award 2004

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

American Corporate Identity 20 (international) 2004

Melissa Hyde:
Clark Institute Fellow, fall 2005

Marcia Isaacson:
National Endowment for the Arts

Southern Arts Federation

Individual Artist Fellowships, (2), Division of Cultural Affairs, State of

Arnold Mesches:
Silver Award from Creativity 2006

Art Critics of America for The FBI Files @ PS 1 Contemporary, MOMA
affiliate 2004

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

Richard Florsheim Art Fund Grants

Artist in Residence, Parsons in Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic

New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship

National Endowment for the Arts

Ford Foundation Faculty Grants

John F & Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund

Robert Mueller:
Fulbright Iceland

Barbara Revelle:
NEA Individual Artist Fellowship

NEA sponsored grants (2)

State Individual Artist Fellowships (7)

Other grants and fellowships (29)

Andrea Robbins and Max Becher:

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Leopold Godowsky Photography Prize: The Photographic Resource Center at
Boston Univ, Boston MA 2005

Celeste Roberge:
Artist Residency, SIM-house, Reykjavik, Iceland. International Award by the
Association of Icelandic Visual Artists and the Reykjavik Art Museum

Florida Individual Artist Fellowships 2006

Maria Rogal:
Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Grant, 2007

Fulbright Scholar Grant, 2006-07

Fulbright-Hays Summer Seminar Abroad Grant, 2003

Nan Smith:
Individual Florida Artist Fellowships (3)

Southern Arts Federation/NEA Fellowship

Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts (2)

Jack Stenner:
Cultural Arts Council of Houston Grant

Amy Vigilante Dickerson:
Florida Individual Artists Grant in Painting, Division of Cultural Affairs, 2006

John Westmark:
State of Florida Artist Fellowship Award, 2006

Glenn Willumson:
National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Institute Fellow, 2005

Part of an intercollegiate team state grant with colleges of Law, Recreation
and Tourism, Architecture and Historic Preservation

School of Music

Paul Basler:
International Horn Society Board of Directors

Raymond Chobaz:

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

President, Max Kaempf Institute, Switzerland; guest conductor of Basel,
Switzerland Sinfonietta

Laura Ellis:
Director, New Music Committee on Commissions and Competitions,
American Guild of Organists.

Mitchell Estrin:
Advisory Board Member, The Foundation for Entrepreneurialism in the Arts;
Chair, Performing Organizations Division, World Klarinet Alliance

Jonathan Helton:
President of the North American Saxophone Alliance; member of Editorial
Review Board for the Saxophone Symposium

Charles Hoffer:
MENC, Council of Past National Presidents.

Will Kesling:
Principal Guest Conductor of St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra,
Russia. Board of Directors of the Chang-won International Festival of
Contemporary Music.

Paul Koonce:
Member, Music Selection Committee for 2003 International Computer Music
Conference in Singapore; Chair, Music Selection Committee for 2004
International Computer Music Conference in Miami; Member-at-Large and
member of Advisory Board, SEAMUS Board of Directors

David Kushner:
Board of Directors, 19th Century Studies Association and the College Music
Society-Southern Chapter

Paul Richards:
Executive Committee Member, Society of Composers, Inc.

James Sain:
Executive Committee Chair, Society of Composers, Inc.

Boaz Sharon:
Artist/faculty at the Paris International Sessions at the Ecole Normale in
France; Board of Directors of the American Liszt Society; Honorary President
of the Israeli Liszt Society; Artist Director of International Piano Seminars

Jennifer Thomas:

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Secretary/Treasurer for the American Musicological Society-Southern

David Waybright:
Member, American Bandmasters Association Ostwald Award Committee and
the SEC Commissioning Committee

Associations with which School of Music faculty is affiliated:

Guild of Carillonneurs in North America
National Association of Teachers of Singing
College Orchestra Directors Association
American Viola Society
North American Saxophone Alliance
National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors
Music Teachers National Association
International Horn Competition of America
American Orff-Schulwerk Association
National Board for Professional Teacher Standards
Society of Composers, Inc.
Music Educators National Conference
Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States
National Association of Schools of Music

World Klarinet Alliance
International Horn Society
Center for International Exchange of Scholars
International Society for Music Education
Max Kaempf Institute
The Keiser Foundation
Swiss Council for Art Research
International Computer Music Association

School of Music Faculty have presented papers or performed at the following
International Conference on Arts and Humanities
College Music Society
National Conference of the 19th Century Studies Association
International Society of Music Education
Music Educators National Association
State Music Educators Association Annual Meetings in Virginia, California,
Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Washington, Vermont.
American Choral Directors Association

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Society of Composers
Jacksonville Symphony
Carnegie Hall, NY
American Musicological Society
National Flute Association
Prague International Master Classes
Operafestival di Roma
New York Philharmonic Orchestra

School of Music Faculty Major Recordings
Paul Richards:
Fables, Forms, and Fears: Chamber Music by Paul Richards
Snake in the Garden (music by Paul Richards) Richard Stoltzman, Clarinet,
Slovak Radio Orchestra
Woodwind Quintet, Baylor University
Work for Large Orchestra, recorded by Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra

David Waybright:
Stravinsky and Friends, UF Wind Symphony

Kevin Orr:
Performance of Works by Brahms

Paul Basler:
Harambee, Horn Music by Paul Basler

Russell Robinson:
Recordings released through Warner Brothers

Mitchell Estrin: Wind in the Reeds, UF Clarinet Ensemble

Paul Richards:
2006 American Composers Orchestra Underwood New Music Readings,
2006 ASCAP Rudolph Nissim Award, Special Distinction
2006 Susan Galloway Sacred Song Competition Finalist

Paul Richards:
Woodwind Quintet, Pebblehill Publications
Russ Robinson:
several choral works published
Paul Basler:
several works for both horn and choir

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Reputation achieved
Faculty in international or national academies
Charles Hoffer:
Inducted in the National Association for Music Education Hall of Fame
Judith Williams:
Fellow, Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival
David Young:
Fellow, Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival
David Shelton:
Kennedy Center/ACTF has created the David L. Shelton Playwriting Award
as an annual award for excellence of an original student full-length script in
Shelton's honor

National rankings for programs
In 2003 (latest rankings) US News and World Reports ranked UF's MFA (Visual
Arts) in Fine Arts number 21 out of 129 AAU Public Universities

Major student achievements test scores, awards, etc.
College of Fine Arts students have a strong list of national achievements

School of Theatre and Dance:
The activities of our students and alumni are critical indices of SoTD's
achievements: Jake Pinholster (MFA 2004) is Assistant Professor of
Design at Arizona State University whose design work is also seen on
Broadway in the hit production of Spamalot; Philip Montana (BFA Dance
2005) has joined Shin Wei Dance Company, has toured Asia, and will be
seen on tour at the University of Florida Performing Arts in Spring 2007;
Matt Reeves (BFA Dance 2007) dances with the Los Angeles-based dance
company Diavolo and has recently returned from a tour to Korea; Natasha
Gaziano (BFA Dance 2005) is the recipient of the international Blair
Saddler Award for Arts in Medicine.
Andy Farrugia was first place in the national 2006 ACTF Barbizon Scene
Design competition for his production of Hamlet. Darren Pufall's
costumes for Midsummer's Night Dream took second place in 2006;
Meagan Doyle Anything Goes costume took second place in the ACTF
Regional in 2005.
The most recent set of achievements feature the SoTD designers who
represented the University of Florida at the 2007 Region IV Festival of the
Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival: Glen Anderson,
MFA, received first place in Set Design of the Barbizon Design
Competition (Waiting For Godot) Glen Anderson, MFA, has won the best
scene design for the KC/ACTF region three years in a row. In Spring
2007, he will again compete for national honors at the Kennedy Center.
Darrin Pufall received second prize in Costume Design of the Barbizon

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Design Competition (Waiting For Godot). Charles "Chip" Perry received
second prize in Lighting Design of the Barbizon Competition (The
Exonerated). Christina Watanabe received third prize in Lighting Design
of the Barbizon Competition (Waiting For Godot). The entire design team
of Waiting For Godot received a special prize from the respondents for
their excellent collaborative efforts on this production.
*Dustin Shaffer took the first place prize in The SETC/David Weiss
Competition for his Costume Design of Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage
and Her Children.

School of Music:
The level of scholarly activity among music students, both undergraduate
and graduate is at its highest level yet, as evidenced by the recognition
students have received at the University as well as at national and
international conferences, meetings and other types of venues, including
the International Conference on Arts and Humanities, the College Music
Society, the National Conference of the 19th Century Studies Association,
the Music Educators National Association, and the International Society of
Music Education.
Our students have performed at the Florida Music Educators Association
Annual Meeting, the American Choral Directors Association, the Midwest
Band and Orchestra Clinic, the International Clarinet Association
Conference, as well as many others. Student composers have performed
their music at the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States,
the Southeastern Composers' Symposium, the International Computer
Music Conference, to name a few.

School of Art and Art History:
Anthony Castronovo, BFA Sculpture
Recipient of the Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.
Work included in the related exhibition at Grounds for Sculpture, Princeton, New Jersey
in 2003. This is a national competition sponsored by the International Sculpture Center.

Jennifer Barton:
In 2005 received the Southeastern Museums Conference Scholarship for
$500 to attend the SEMC annual meeting.

Brody Condon, BFA Sculpture
Work included in the 2004 Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New
York. Received a $10,000 award from Creative Capital Foundation with the possibility
of receiving up to $50,000 as projects develop, New York City in 2006.

Alex Freeman, BFA in Painting (2000)

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

Awarded the University Preemptive Fellowship worth $9,000 to enroll in the graduate
program of Art Education with a Museum Emphasis at the University of Texas, Austin.

Travis Horton, MFA Sculpture
Won the Infinite Energy Sculpture Competition for $20,000. Outdoor sculpture to be
installed on the Infinite Energy Inc. campus in Gainesville, Florida in 2007.

Lisa Iglesias, MFA Painting
Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, for visual arts at the Santa Fe Art Institute, New
Mexico, 2007
Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, for painting at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida,

Miguel Luciano
Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Artist and Communities Grant with the Fleisher Art
Memorial, Philadelphia, 2006

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Artist Fellowship: Painting,

Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Artist and Communities Grant with the
Newark Museum, 2003

Bronx Museum of the Arts Artists in the Marketplace, Artist Residency

The Kitchen Music, Image, Sound, and Text in Community (M.I.S.T.I.C.), Artist

Cassie McDaniels
American Advertising Federation, Silver Addy Award, 2006

Jason Mitchum, MFA
Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation award $15,000

Jennifer Barton
Dixie Neilson Museum Studies Registration Endowment, fall 2005, Samuel P. Ham
Museum of Art

The Florida Paleontological Society's Gary S. Morgan Student Research Award for
Excellence, spring 2007

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

American Red Cross, Martin County Chapter, Extraordinary Service Award, 2005

Scholarship Award, American Bar Association, March 2004

Scholarship Award, Southeast Museum Conference, October 2004

American Red Cross, 2003 International Services Award, Greater Miami & The Keys

Kymia Nawabi, MFA
Women's Study Workshop, Fellowship and month long Residency, Rosendale, NY, 2007

Emerging Artist Award, Artspace Gallery 2, Raleigh, NC, 2004

Austin Willis, BFA
Wingate Fellowship Award for 2006 $15,000

CFA 2007-08 Academic Budget Request

3/9/2007.4:21:20 PM

2007-08 Program Review
Budget Request

College/Unit: College of Fine Arts
Non-Recurring Requests:
Funding Office/Lab
Justification Description of Project Amount Space
(Page location Availability
of narrative) (yes/no)

__ I ______ I __ ___

Funding Area Salary Plan Months Salary Resources Office/Lab
Justification (If interdisplinary, (Faculty, TEAMS, G Title Appointed FTE (Includes (office/lab Space
(Page location note RAOPS) (9,12) fringe renovation and/or Availability
of narrative) College/Department benefits) equipment) (yes/no)
S Connection)

2007-08 Program Review
Budget Request

College/Unit: College of Fine Arts
Recurring Requests:

Justification Description of Request Amount
(Page location
of narrative)
8 WARPhaus 100,000
8 Music Ensembles 125,000

Funding Area Salary Plan Months Salary Resources Support Office/Lab
Justification (If interdisciplinary, (Faculty, TEAMS, G Title Appointed FTE (Includes (office/lab (office Space
(Page location note RAOPS) (9,12) fringe renovation and/or support, Availability
of narrative) College/Department benefits) equipment) travel) (yes/no)
S Connection) _

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