Annex 10 : short course - marketing

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Annex 10 : short course - marketing

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v ANNEX 10
SHORT COURSE 1LVIETING WHEN April 13 16 inclusive, 1982
WHERE Brooklyn Training Centre, Christiana, II IRDP/MOA
FOR WEOM Persons responsible for economic viability of community and
small enterprise projects which produce goods or provide
services to generate income and employment:
planners, managers, supervisors, salespersons, marketing officers BY WHOM Ministry of Agriculture, Integrated Rural Development Project,
Christiana. Trainer: Marketing Consultant to the
Agro-Craft Component, Maryanne Dulansey, Consultants in DevelopmE OBJECTIVES To provide the knowledge and skills needed to
(1) match products to markets;
(2) plan and execute small business projects which
-- generate income for the producers
-- secure steadily expanding markets for products
-- evolve into viable, independent businesses.
ARRkNGEMENTS Contact Ms. Levenia Hines, II IRDP Training Officer, 964-2242
for information on places available and expenses.
NOTE Participants should bring samples of three products
being developed or marketed, with information on
production costs and capacity.
COURSE (Tentative: to be modified during the course to suit participant
DEFINITIONS: Product, Market, Producer, Consumer,
Market Segment, :Market Channel, Competition, Price for Quality, Ease of Transaction, Use and Functionality
Bow a Product Gets from the Producer to the Market
The Need for Miatching the Product to the Market
Characteristics of a Product
Market Segmentation and Targeting
Bow to Conduct Market Research
How to Use Market Information
What to Do about Competition
Strategies for Developing a Steadily Expanding Market
Common Problems and How to Avoid Them

WHEN April 26 30 inclusive, 1982
WHERE Brooklyn Training Centre, Christiana, II IRDP/VIOA
FOR Persons responsible for organising, supervising, and
WHO>> managing small production groups n agriculture and
BY WHOM Mi~nistry of Agriculture, Integrated Rural Development
Project, Christiana.
Trainer: Marketing Consultant to the Agro-craft Component,
Maryanne Dulansey, COnsultants in Development
OBJECTIVE To enable participants to set up and maintain simple
and effective systems for the control of snall
scale production of agricultural and craft products
ARRANGEF- Contact MLs. Levenia Hines, II IRDP Training Officer MENTS 964-2242 for information on places available and expenses.
NOTE: Participants should come prepared to describe the
systems currently in use, and should bring with them, samples of record-keeping forms, ncluding sales slip,
ledgers, inventory sheets, catalogs, etc.
COURSE (Tentative : to be modified during the course to suit
CONTENT participants)
What do we want to control and why?
What information is currently being collected?
What information is needed? How will it be used?By whom?
How and by whom should it be collected, stored and
Any special information required for our products/markets?
How much will'it cost? What is the benefit?
Making choices and planning for the future.
RAW ~vTER1ALS (collection, purchase, storage, handling) LABOUR (organization of production, costing) OTHER PRODUCTION COSTS FINISHED PRODUCTS ( description, numbering, specifications, qualityh control)
STORAGE (inventory control,loss) SALES (orders, invoices, terms of payment, followup) TRANSPORTATION (cost and time involved; who pays?) MARKET RESPONSE
CASH FLOW (projecting and monitoring income and expanse)

corrected cony
Marketing for Small Craft Enterprisee
April 13-16/ Brooklyn training Centre M0A
Handicraft Centre-Sedbergh (II IRDP) Address District
1. Muriel Green-Wright, Supervisor Christiana P.O.
2. Amy V. Reid, Instructor
3. Hyacinth Hutchinson, Staff
4. Mable Nelson, Staff
Home Extension Officers-II IRDP
5. Beverley Bennett, Sr. Officer Kellits P.O. Pindars
6. Novelette McPherson, Sr. Officer Christiana P.O. Two Meeting
7. Murlean Bryan, Officer (TS) Christiana P.O. Moravia
8. Sonia J. Campbell, Officer (P10) St. Elizabeth P.O. Rock River
9. Irene Robinson, Officer (T5) Christiana P.O. Bronte
10. Jacynth Smith, Officer (P8) Crofts Hill P.O. Georges Hil
11. Althea Tomlinson, Officer (T7) Christiana P.O. Spaldings
12. Shirley J. Vernon, Officer (P6) Leeds P.H. Crofts Hill
13. lieth Watson, Officer (P2) Sandy River P.O. Sandy River
2- aneth Williams, Officer (T2) Wild Cane P.O. White Sands
1 ... arren Channer, Office Assistant Christiana P.O.
Homemakers/II IRDP
16. Nerine Bryce Crofts Hill P.O.
17. Evadne Cameron Seven Ground, Kellits P.O.
18. Susan Pennant Coxswain P.O.
19. Cynthia Thomas Coxswain P.O.
Rural Farm Family Development/MOA
20. Wilhel Laurence, Acting Regional Officer Mandeville
21. Vivia Clarke, Officer Manchester L.A.
22. Burthlyn Powell, Officer St. Elizabeth L.A.
Things Jamaican
23. Sonia Gallimore, Training and Cottage Tnings Jamaican, Ltd.
Craft Co-ordinator Box 60, Kingston 14
24. (Mr.) Alma Chambers, Things Jamaican Fullerswood Arlington PA St. Elizabeth
Social Development Commission
25. Grace Campbell Devon P.O.
25. Elsa Grant Blue Mountain P.A.
27. Vada Walters Chudleigh, Walderston P.O.
Peace CorDs.
28. Lisa B. Kolber, BE/WID Unit Christiana P.O.
29. Harriet Vosseler, HE/WID Unit Christiana P.O.
30. Norma Rowe, Bammies Santa Cruz P.O.
St. Elizabeth
Lee Binn Visual Arts Co-ordinator, Jamaica Cultural Development
5 Phoenix Ave., Kingston 10
Claire Burke, Crafts teacher, Steths
Lynn Grosz, Researcher, MIandeville 7.0.
Gerald Lenonius, Craft Instructor, Kenial, Shooters Hill F.O.
ranne Dulansey, Consultants In Development, 2130 P St., N.W.,
Suite 803, Washington, D.C. 20037, U.S.A.
T haney, Consult ant, 7215 Windsor :Lhne, Hyattsville, Md. 2C782, U.S.,
r- w. Lewis, Consultant, 3512 Porter St., N.W., Washington, D.C.