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Group Title: Raphael Tuck and Sons' prize series ; 894
Title: Peeps into Picture Land
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 Material Information
Title: Peeps into Picture Land
Series Title: R T & S artistic series
Physical Description: 24 p. : col. ill. ; 19 x 24 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Sunter, J. Pauline ( Illustrator )
E. V ( Author of introduction )
Raphael Tuck & Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons
Place of Publication: London ;
Paris ;
New York
Publication Date: [1893?]
Subject: Amusements -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Pets -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Children's stories   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's stories -- 1893   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1893   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1893
Genre: Children's stories
Children's poetry
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
France -- Paris
United States -- New York -- New York
Citation/Reference: BM,
Statement of Responsibility: illustrated by J. Pauline Sunter.
General Note: Cover title.
General Note: Imprint taken from lower cover.
General Note: Date from BM cited below.
General Note: Contains prose and verse.
Funding: Artistic series ;
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00086857
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002235880
notis - ALH6344
oclc - 12954170

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    The tiresome pup
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~Ii~~C~ -Y

'' '""
-r .,..

.. S.....4. c---. Y vv*-***~i.** kL ~iA
;-~~~ S`;:9'

.:::~. : -r~,.'':~ ~i":M2 P ..... .

*t~: 4 ~t' ***

3 .........4z 4.

-a Ji,.t

-q. y I
r- *.:.;r ,, Ab't t : r.; :4"9'i r; I~' I'
All- KA .41 'k -: :t.

N *j**:~-I-.t: '&Atw 2. .t"~t~' k tr~ ";_ 1
I..~ ~,'rTI -.:9 .. .. t 4 'A -: *1N t.

ri s:....)12'

,.2% ...stj~ ~ ilkr ~ ,.:'n: *im~.v.
-x j.; S.. :14

MrT 7, A. .

Ii. .4r A(4 ;j --ayJr .,$-4r '~t, ..i4v' S-:. -

i 1.. t ;; -Ai. 4 IN. 1, L:jl

:.AP -.1 j.
-.: iht
vi m J.*

0 :'ki .0:l:~E..I:

it.;~fi ~ i;.. i Ph- l ,
-~i:;-: 3~;:~ii::: : ~~;'b;t~!:','j

-7~Y'Me Baldwkin LibrarY
: ~'''L ~r.:~fft tR mBnS r~a
~'"*~"~"*9!:""J~;"" "~.~~~"?"~"ynx p Flor~I' Rida






;t re

'- ,
j-V; ,l
1'* 3J~

PIUI\ThURLA 7b\N d, you can 5ee
Ik } peep into it, 5 & most
-- In~T-'r~ ?in3 country very nearly 6_

a _5 FairylniJ, and t-r\ucI Jrettier to
L' I, r- I S- :- forj-Dook-Land.
Pc~rc -L..:.rJ -.is ,':.srytki\3 tkdtr i5 lovely iH it wkerea5
poor bK'ru cac4s- L Ij only rivers of irk, mourntains of
~~pj; m0i1- pens, wkick certainly do riot maxke
er', K tiihjll y:eitr'l~~ $5tilI we all knowu Fow much we,
'Cc rKm. (k j'c people of 5tory-booK-Land wkar
r J hould A e :1o without stories!

V f



Ssons who spend much of their time in this country, are
J- sure that it would only be right if the children,
who have been made so happy with stories, should make
.ome little return for the kindness showh to them;
And the 5tory- Book- Land people say that what they
would like best would be for the children to write them
ome 5storie5. Mr. Raphael uck and his son5
think this quite a grand idea, so they
have got an extra picture from rcture-Land
called "Underneath the Apple Tree" and have bound
it up in this pretty book, and they will give
lovely prizes to the boys and 3irls who send
in the best stories about this picture.
_5o what you have to do now is to carefully read the
rIles in this book, get your pens, ink, and paper,
write the prettiest story that you can think of, and send it in,
and you are sure to 3et, just exactly what you deserve to get.

:. :-i

idure- L. ., "-d ..

f, ,



0sip :-ad

dnd 5 ih

d4 pijl-

(9 1/K9I/ 1TATIOX

Dolly, Dolly, come aitb me
CJnderneatb tbe appl t- ee,
There we'll tl6gh dnd sin3 and
On thi.s 5r\r\y u Ap I ddy.

Tlerri (y
For I'll
iold( n5
Jci" tbo

tbe time 5hdll Pd.55
ddnce Upon the k rd5e
Op my I itle sk ir 1 ,
keep it from i.i ,

if yoca _bocId be tired, $yoo know
(Dolties dre Coo often 5o)
Cb)ere the pr eCy pdo5tiej peep
CoiW l lay you down (o sleep. ,-
-- ,_ -.. .


oiILS uas5 determined r\ot to suffer from
05mn or shower, or hunger or thirC, so
5se toolk tbe 6y mbLretlld arid So r)e
bi5eaits, add ad ordnge in her
little bdo, dnd set out Co look for
ddven r-tures.
35khe soon fourod or\e -After pd551\Y\
tkrouyh the big meddoW d )d picking &
lot of flowers -kse cdme to
a little cottaye, dnd peepedc trough the ,indow.,
Ted was set ouC on d [i tle rooa d tdble- -
ted for one And Molly g aeed (hat orne

1. F

E I ti A i r
... l [-It1;- .



r ,sW. '"'4,
to vW ,
l w. 1

V --
's --a '

^'~~~ ~ ~ -- <\ <.:- _

eapot, di d tedceup to rndtek,

?olly I oftl put her kand trouyk
f- --- -*--"---I .'

Sie i W do and put di kr b5cait5 i- i
i ice ones, WAit pink and wite sugar
on the pld beo ie bredd dn k eandr utter

If hke co ldt kdoe seen tke poor little
fdce w hen Ao e came in and found
Slbiie indoL- dnd pu ve dll heere bieCWdied-

I for e poor sik omanen n khe corn e

-:.id her Ora.n5e she gave to a poor old

mid n Who W63 break i(g 5tone (in
tke kot, duty road. 1ie 5did
"od bl[955 yoa, my dedr"-dind
"]i o lly w ,, I,,-,,,-,, ^ k ., -,,..

- he o- "
add cor, i.
and bro.-I.:l :
dolls d,.J r
she ha u.- 5i:

and tkeL .1
dn d k r ,- H _-- "
dnd thel -1
went ou
and haJi
d /.or-o /_ .;

S8 p0pp

~-p ,?

ti ihtrm

N ".,,.

S L-'' -

=w. ar --


TIlL I ff5(5mff Fo

lt or (ke brtcI9e, or 6y yke 5Qc
TA6[ oh my pup i (~o I6e.
Of course,I kolcl Liry)
: my d r
ro bee my puppy
,5d. f'rom kdrrm.
Fo r kI.5 Md rn MdoJ I
,mouidfrem' I
if Ke 5kO(ld get
i oo _, Iees wet-,
"o u mu,5 look a (er
pupteC5 50,-
-rhe dre 5UCk CdreIlC.55
t~(yjYOU nw P

ryi/ e rUs5t -it here dnd WUdiL
'(i'(1 t e kettle hk 5 boi'ed
Or I'm certain" Sdid TIdry
"t he Ced wil be p6oiled"
J.0 ASe Sd d o\wn dt once
f-or da /o y5-5);p w( jorn
bi ult 7'edly wer\ t out
J 'in the dgrden adonre;
Fnd kthe brown oWl J6. Here
S7Neither topped for d cihat,
3tu they dWd something
ver)y much better tkhn thkat,
STThAey made te for bth -
fA5 for Mary and Jodn
STe'r keftle
tf Lboiled over
-, dnd 50 htey Kdd nore.
-*Z*c *

(n ( e a rder
O- J

S' < '
a .ih '" ^

c4r 6ro,





;S k:lF

2ID KiTio sDoG.

DOR, Wdc5 605y (6r-ti~r' ciedd [edvq _(n tke Vnrden
When .5udderdy one of the Wkee15 f1QW
Off 6 nd l) tke dedc lediVc5 and
tke twgt n5 d5 well were 5kot
out onto ke r T~e
rwI-5 begdn to cr ,, 6ut ) 'u-t
tken up Ccme bybil WA

5 d I dm 0o -Sorry
6ut I Iyie lob-t Jerr>."'
Jerry wd- DorotkyS puppy.
e5ke K 6.5kej ktm (n:Id ComkQd c im exd~Ctiy d.5
ke were or'\ of tk tI(RIe one.5 dr)J dre.ss5d /
m UP I)I pretty blue ribkkor- lo mdke him (tl K n

ejo V QYer J Id yoU mc nd 9d-Q t A
O.5onl Dorotlxy. kt-y2>' h

C, \
--. \ "
*. J ^ -. 4 [ .1

pdddock-oh! veyi, uey
Cdre fu[y! C- d d e '-
dt one end tJof t.ise Ir(n
and I w d .. te o her, and .
d rdbbit ,Carre out and looked dt Au5, and
before 1 knew wkhdt ads go oin o happen the

df(er kim, rdnd i Wd ef wi
litl p piece. of ring in my hand
dnd kere i ."
A7d she 'held it out with
re kes ted r5s.
Of Course there Wds notkhrn(
to be done but tCyo o nd
look for jerry. TA broker
Whkeel Wsd forgotten, i e
5 ire Fl'ty JIped aidy




'r a.-,

tk'.r Ceadr5 drld 5predd our
Ieir kancd kerckief/ to
dry 50 as to be reddy
if tkey wanted to cry
dy oi iF, cd-e of
JerryL not Com-
nq kome.
And Iepn
t-he cklL-
all Jrdrt-ec
off to look

for khi m.
'tdve you > een
ny doy ?" they dsked
d Ji(HQe girl on

"71o, I kdVe


5een no Jog. I hdve
----- -A a
seen six robin red breda s
on one branchF
dad kdat enough
or on rnorri ." .
/ vde you een in'.

nUy Idke under a w wrm,

sunny bank they found Jerry who
Kdd lost khe rabbit dnd yone- (o
Sieep dnd i-khy bTrocigkt him home
in riumphi.
/ cs 12




WM7 1 MM
Rip- -77,

-- ~- .,~;~:srg~~ar~";;-~We~

the, M.~

SJ7 C K Ar 5A.

hen cck wda dt home-,
he would sit( doWn Jik m2
On he top of (ke cliff
tkhdt looks over (he 5ed,
And d5 Diddy Cdme by
As fd,5 kd 5 tdCt little d
5ckoone.r could fly.
bu 0- now I'm done,
for tkleyve both yon. ddy
.ind there.5 nobody let ( To
5it oi'h me buc Trdy,
,5o We i1t by the 5.ed
dnd look over k-he foam,
njd tony for he ddy
wheh our Jdcik will Come or / e

'^^A ThAe Littie FT5herv.

Toirn ook kiK) i5'ter out to fish
A5 Itt e bkoy5 0ouldc do;
For Lkouqk k ( 5 gd iterS Weren'4' d pd i

flis r\eadr WAd ki nd crd pi-u.

13uC Jodck f dnd Jdnee
'Were on Wte e dtck

f\rn1 crep.Mrxy c tp LeKtinc,

Thwe pu ked (5he iitke tfi ner5k in:
7Uow i^<3 rnt'( 'dt u nkind?



W~ ~eBg~




D f~

-' A


0 1 i.

.4c' F k


r ,





~~ _


~c) ~~a

fR Za JrpoT.W

4-, f. -
Ut, ~5 r:
-~ ..,i i_-
'V a.
.~ 'vd. -s

Sj p


Is- --


ufl N..

i-. *ii ; v -.4 --- I---
i1 1 S -. F p -. .

U I3-- f -t
J3, 4-n C a

Deag~& Fi r
,- t040T#RI&EWO!
i fntda haFrt AtW ri Gff~l~
-;~r i- "> j

.J5 -- fr*M I- ~ i~tr1~t4. I-i

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