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Group Title: Father Tuck's useful knowledge series ; 5049
Title: Red Riding Hood
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Title: Red Riding Hood
Series Title: Artistic series
Uniform Title: Little Red Riding Hood
Physical Description: 8 p. : ;
Language: English
Creator: Raphael Tuck & Sons ( Publisher )
Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: [ca. 1900]
Subject: Fairy tales -- 1900   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1900
Genre: Fairy tales   ( rbgenr )
fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
England -- London
France -- Paris
General Note: Cover title.
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No. 5049
?-~De5igned W Me studios n Ei,%gIand

~~Tr Cuck,
L55ef ul Kp~owle~cl5~

kL & G\ f rS.Co, LTD-
JeVe, Yor~k,- London Paris


Pi i


....5049 Red Riding Hood. .
.....5542 Little Buiaers
.....5544 In Dolly Land. ...... ........
...... 5548 In the Jungle... ... ..... ...... "
......5548 In the ungle.................. NCE upon a time there was a little
....554 nge Dat Ld ........ girl who was always called "Little
.- LRed Riding Hood."
Red Riding Hood was not her
right name as you can think, but when she
was quite tiny her grandmother made her
a little red cloak and.hood, and every year
as she grew bigger, Granny made her
-another, and so the people called her Little
Red Riding Hood, and quite forgot what
ft her real name was, and all little boys and
girls now, only know her as "Little Red
Riding Hood."
Well, one day Little Red Riding
-- Hood's Mother said, "Dearie, I've heard
That Granny is ill, so you shall go and see
L. her; in this basket I've put a cake and
I some lovely fresh butter, take them to her
\ with my love, and go straight to Granny's,
Don't loiter on the way."
Then she gave her little girl a kiss,
and went to get dinner ready for when she came back, and Little Red Riding Hood
took the basket, and set off. Before she had gone far though, she quite forgot that
her Mother had told her not to stop, f
and Oh, there were such a lot of '
beautiful things about, how could '
a little girl hurry on such a lovely ,
morning? The sun was shining so o \
brightly, and the sky was so blue, '
and little birds were singing such '
pretty songs, all about the nests
they had made, and their wee baby ,
birdies, and then the flowers, there l
were beautiful flowers, red poppies
and blue and white corn flowers,< i ,
and Little Red Riding Hood picked
srme that grew by the path, and
she wandered on and on till she felt
very tired and sat down to rest.

the cornfield, lived a wolf, a
big cruel old wolf. This wolf
was not content to eat the nice
The Baldwin Library i

4 ah s
^'" '^ -^^K 4


S' r-f
.- *-
eAf ".^

"I i~7S


Red Riding Hood bids goodbye to Mother.



PI' t;

Blackberries and acorns and chestnuts that grew in the
I/ wood, he did not care for them at all, what he liked
/ i was a plump little boy
o--- or girl.
Now, on this morn-
M ing, Mr. Wolf was feeling
u very hungry and so he
it, b e i l went prowling
e around to see
What he could
And what
do you think he
did find? Why,
Little Red
Riding Hood. He
peeped through some
bushes and saw a little
fat foot, and then he
crept a little closer and
saw two little feet, and
the little red cloak and
hood, and a dear little
face peeping out of the hood.
Mr. Wolf was a coward as most cruel people are, and he
thought "I will not go and eat up that little girl now, for there
are men chopping wood not far off, and perhaps she would call
out and then they would come and kill me." So he ran home
and brushed himself till he looked sleek and gentlemanly, and
then went out again to see Little Red Riding Hood.
Now Little Red Riding Hood sat still so long that she went


r~v r~
;ii ,,
P ai q



jF j af: -i~
It ,a,~g
"' p:




Red Riding Hood sets off or Granny's.

,.-o ,-1 to sleep, and when she woke and
got up to go on to Granny's
she could not remember which
B ^path she ought to take, whether
St the one to the left or that to the
right, so she put her chubby finger
into her mouth and was just going
S to begin to cry when Mr. Wolf
came up.
S' "Good morning, Little Red
Riding Hood," said he, very politely
indeed, and speaking in as gentle a
i tone as he could "good morning, and
where may you be going, and why
lef ~are you looking so sad this lovely
Then Little Red
Riding Hood decided not
7/ to cry, so she took her
k "m finger out of her mouth and
"4 told the wolf, that her
t -t r Granny was ill, and that
she was going to see her,
and was taking some fresh
butter and a cake, but that now she did not know which way
to go.
"Oh, ho," said the wolf, "and where does your Granny live
my little dear?"
"In the tiny cottage at the other side -of the wood," said
Little Red Riding Hood.
"Why," said the wolf, 'that is very funny, for I am going

to call upon her myself this morning; two paths lead to the
cottage, you take the shorter and I will go the other way, and
we will see who gets there first."
So Mr. Wolf showed her the way, and Little Red Riding
Hood picked up her basket, thanked him, and trotted off.
She went quite quickly at first, but when she got into the
wood she did not re-
member that she was
having a race, for
she was rather forgetful,
as you know, she did
not think enough when
she was told to do, or
not to do something,
that was why she was
naughty sometimes, she
did not mean,
to be, but She
"forgot," --. so,
when she saw ( '-
a little squirrel
seated up in a
tree, she
stopped to look, and
ran after him as hei I
jumped from bough to /
bough, and that took
her out of her way. I 1
Presently she re- ii!
membered what the i 1j
wolf had said, and she





Red Riding Hood meets the wolf

d~-~c,+ 'i

began to walk briskly and did not stop again till she reached
Granny's cottage.
Now Mr. Wolf did not forget so easily as Little Red
Riding Hood, so he hurried and got to the cottage long before
she did. He knocked at the door.
"Who's there?" said Granny.
"Little Red Riding Hood," answered the wolf.
The Grandmother was very old and ill so she did not.
notice that his voice was gruff and deep, instead of sweet and
high like Little Red Riding Hood's and she said "Lift up the
latch and walk in." The wolf came in.
The Grandmother saw who it was then, but she was too
weak to run away, and she did
not mind, for she was very old
and ill, and she knew if she died
she would go to Heaven and be
quite well and strong there. So
the wolf gobbled her up. Then he
hung up her bag on a peg, put
on her cap and shawl and got into
When Little Red Riding Hood
knocked at the door the wolf
called out "lift up the latch and
walk in." In walked Little
Red Riding Hood, and she said,
"Good morning, Granny
dear, how are you? but, Granny,I \ \
what big ears you've got!"
"The better to hear you,
my dear," said the wolf.

; f/

1 d

.. .....

O, Grand mma what bg eeh you he

"'Oh, Grandmamma what big leeh you have."

"But, Granny, what big eyes you
havel" said the little girl beginning to
feel frightened, for she had never seen her
Grandmother looking so ugly.
"The better to see you, my dear,"
said the wolf.
"But, Granny, what big teeth you
have!" said Little Red Riding Hood,
really trembling with terror.
"The better to eat you up," said the
wolf, and he jumped out of bed,
and he would have eaten her up
too, only his legs got mixed up
with the shawl somehow, and
while he was trying
to get free she ran
out of the cottage
into the wood and
there she found her
Father at work
chopping down a
tree, and his good 5
old dog "Trusty,"
not far off, guarding
his dinner which
was tied up in a
The Father took some
strong cord and his hatchet,
and ran quickly to the cottage,
and got there just in time to catch
the wolf, so he tied him up with
cord, and killed him. Then he
took Little Red Riding Hood home
to her Mother, and oh, how glad she
was to be there, at home, where she
knew she was quite safe.
And the woodman took the skin
of the wolf and made it into a
hearthrug, and every time Little Red
Riding Hood saw it she thought of _
her adventure, and so she tried not to
forget what Mother told her, and was
good and happy ever after.

No. 6049
Designed 3r the Siudios in Egland

Published by
eRApHACL T Cuc_ & SONCs Co.. LTr,
fNew Yorel London Paris

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