of Bartow. YORK (UPI) Midday STORES
Open Tonightand sending a manned spacecraft The mops will be avallabe to DAY
While Bartow lease facilities stock FINAL
can prices
ekra to the moon and be able Industry as well as to cities
to tell what terrain would be and any county offices that at the bate all of the Alabama Gas :36 SUMMER
Saturday available for n landing need them. money obtained In this maD'IIl'r American Can Co. 44v

After the Smith firm has must be used for upkeep American Motors liM.
The huge tinker toy-like Ranger CLEARANCE -
Nth "'Til 7 P.M. T, launched from Cape Kennedy these maps, its staff will prepare and maintenance. American Sugar 19<*
said that he American T T TIU
. Tuesday crashed to destruction current land use maps bated
.Ie on the sunlit half of on the present uses and pat feels that if toe county takes American Tobacco :34V

Boys' the moon's face in a region terns. over the base it will Involve Anaconda Copper 4m

1 1r known as the Sea of Clouds Physical financial, economicand very little expense. Atlantic Coast Line 7*
social factors will all betaken "It won't take any capital Babcock Wllcex 3ZSBendlx
WALKSHORTS Whatever secrets Ranger icameras into consideration in preparing outlay" McCutcheon pointed Corp. 41'.

. discover however these maps. out. "and It Is Just about Bethlehem Steel 37%"
will not be made public for at
: Borden Foods TIH
sixrfm Then an overlay wilt\ be prepared breaking even so all we would
least 24 hours until scientistscan
Burlington Induetrlei bat.
to show the proposed need is a small contribution
process the magnetic tapes land use, and a written report from the school board" Carolina Power Light 42 IADI" MIN'S"
and 35 mm films on which the Chesapeake and Ohio 71 ILOUSI
will be prepared to JuMify the
"If anything happened .
,. pictures were recorded. Chrysler Corp 6114Cities WASN-N WEAASNORTS
plan. where we didn't get this vocational 4MNl SHORT
$194rmmm Scientists at Caltech's Jet Some of the classes of land Service Oil Co 73HCoraOla WALK
school McCutcheon $284
1..r MU Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), use will be residential, sgricul- told(, the Rotarians, "we would o. 1MH SETS SJ84
Ranger T control center called aural, mining, commercial and ('otgsle Psimeltv.0. 4H"
be in
certainly m.
( a
oW the flight a huge success and business, industrial public Cone Mills 3US II.. 70 4.ft
. "If we don't have by the 1111. TO ....
predicted the pictures would semi-public, and any other uses Continental Can SI** iIlslTllIflFJ
reveal secrets of the moon that which might be Indicated by first of September, a good vocational STORES' have haunted the Imaginationof school then someebody Dow Chcmtesl 7J
'W current use or projections Into LADIIS'1' MIN'S
It falling down' on their
4 man for centuries the future Whitten said Du Pont 204 .
A... Smith and Sons, working with Job.Later Eastern: Air Lines 32 LADIIV HOUSE \''I TWILL WOIK

Aew Dr. Hartley, will prepare this t.lklnll'lth' school Kastmsn Kodak 1211'- BLOUSES "

,I proposed toning plan The tonIng board Chairman Austin Race, Ford Motor Co. 51* I PANTSKHAKI

'I board: will then get the plan 'another Rotarian McCutcheon General Electric IH I DRESSES 1
.. and make what changes and 'said that the county would General Motors MS, 74 I KHAKI

.n .additions., feel art nccessary 'have taken over the base be General Telephone t-* COLORS GRAY 264

lure except that It Is not permuted Georgia Pacific Corp M'I..

Then It will go to the county to take over operationof Goodrich Rubber MM. IrtCIAl, >IOVfMcMttftrn I $194 ;III

commissioners for their opinion, an Industrial park There Goodyear Rubber 43H 77c B I. to U ; MINI
Ideas and suggestions I i must be some public use of Gulf Oil Corp MS ;I I

. After all changes are com I the tile for a county legally Indian Mead Mills ISH Lttvtble *I cheats94c

e pleted. It will go back to Dr 1 1Bsrtley to assume the responsibility of International Harvester 794. _

III for his approval t the tract. tnterchemleal Corp UV' BRAS 1.47 | SHIFTS e 1.74I I .,.1.. t>i. C,...f fMINI ,
.e Then In November of next Essbllshment of a vocational International Nickel m,
year voters will have a chance I i school would provide thepublic International T T &4% LAOIIV J gnttltl/11(

in Sarasota to accept or reject the plan, | use which is required, Johns Manvtlle UHKenneeotl ", GROUP .
this summer The plan will not go Into very Race thought the establishment Copper ISHtappers UNIFORMS I SPECIAL I DRISSSLACKS

. lif,M t* the CwM .f Meal.. great detail with a lot of fancy i" of the school would Co U'",
;' regulations Whitten laid "provide an Ideal solution." Kroger Co 13* ; I
"We will prepare the aim McCutcheon: added that "Itwill Liggett 4 Myers Tobacco 7'H D ocr mi* 5388
pllst, mat effective: plan for Lockheed Aircraft IS'* and toMi et SsmMGrant
help us get U.S. IT fourlaned 488 I toi0 I
/ this county and Hi needs" Urtflard Tobacco 44* soiMiur 300
J and help on the projectto
Mrs Marianne Boyd who Louisville Nashville U Nylon TO f.l I )

was. represents the Winter Haven I The realign only Spirit thing Lake the commiet Road Merck It Co, 40H !... flltlrtly, l.\\\,4\ I!\fmmmmmmm'immtmm. _.t& II*. 70 f."
fur area on the board war also Middle South Utihlk1714

TA' ys.npy a LOW UR' HiUwe si She the urged meeting that anyone with 'I j oners opinion are waiting from County for Is a Attorney legal Monsanto Chemical Ward 7'aMontgomery :Jg GIRLS' 184 Boys' Ivy Slacks 2.54

,6rri /,,, .aeiir.r aaii n I ..... 1i4JI. sew Ideas come to the board meetIngs John Dean concerting .' National Gypsum 4.V, Dtwrmt-C**** SHIRTS 1.14
airport DRESSES
I the of the
llu .-., In Barlow the first Thurs Paramount Pictures IT
Joe low cal. W FRdy. $31.50 e? ,ewe. day of any month. I IWhitten at the base "This is just J. C Penney M* h HUM T SHIRTS J4SNIAKIR
. tee.tilal J...... Roye1' ....... -,err.parenf and Mrs. Boyd were ... Motif. M ,Iu ._ ..._ e.w. ... II..., Introduced by County Commit- 'laid. Pepsi Cols Bottling 10\.00 I t. ,< R... y... 244

: inJeeawJatesarpAere rrw. ha..4 ,...... ..,... sloe Chairman Wilmer MeCutcbeon. McCuUheon acid that he had Philip Morris 74 7UI4 N I." SOCIS. . .3 let 84C
I' Stlffa Key Seee..t4's rrwr e es..... ....,. << who Is one of the J)lust finished polling each of PhtBips Petroleum M*
- ee"re ed Y..' -- driving frees behind countywide a* "A.nud Wonpor.d.e.. .....re, ...e ew Irar'N toning. I they art l Ia favor of taking a*. Reynolds Tobacco 4JS" SHOES FOR LADIES MEN CHILDRENREGULAR
Jamaica Roy Je elJeer ,..q,,., w eep .ie..e Spencer Sanderson wis Is
-.ItA" be M ,Iu brece.-aepf A..ec4.dn Reflafcig 4JH"

,1bpis Cull ./ J/uirt ........ em .....w1P Socony Mobil KHSouther "
........ (4 ENTIRE
(tit/ion mtltlrm = Company 1

!(. r .u r.., *.,.* r"tmlkut a ..*. ..'e e.r. Southern Natural Gas .7H" 2." to 9,98NOW
Southern Ralwsy flH SUMMER STOCK
diu. c.'w. wee"e.M. ''VI >
eau .... Sperry Rand! I4H
gr.dalt. JnM ,.., u-. ............ Mee ..wwYie ',.. Standard OH IN J ) I7HStiMtebtker
Mien, II SItUll ::
; fjj
; 7*
4.. / sera .0. f M'n..eeen .ed I h.b a.cMM .
...,..... 1M.ai, ( Swam DX It
J4b pees.. ee ... A" a.N LUXURIOUS W&TEIFW T VMTMEITS L/7/ S150ro$499PRICE

1 t 2 Bedroom. 1. 1'/S. 1 1 litnt

. JeMeic."M ..eee It.,......- ..... ........ tswU.p. CM-1O-.HIt Pill i nut alga n (fttC. ." ._H eb."e..Ii.e. ef

- ...M .e- M rat, lrhw ..... W .... Gvtrtnteed Delivery for Ot ember* I WILLIAM W. OPEN CENTRALSTORES

.M ww. a '-...w...... Mar MM.y ........ I.cebk.4 wd.i, eM.real' t. 'e'yd.vsm hew-S HAID AN, JR.. M.O. TONITE andSATURDAY

- d ads'.. ........ IM she p.eefi.e fSW"ssY
,..PJ t-? "" '10,750 '45 .. .... s: '

wee' aa" A J L..e
165 N.a Fare It.... .7 J
00f '* w I-.c. s w. ''II a ,11I raw snow w..... H..4. '....14.h .
_ A__ _, .--eef c.__ p..neevee.p.f
..... M er.y L W..e A A__ A'.......

4 rea i-.. ''' ''' Ct>tti M02I



Paradise Fruit CompanyTo WildernessBill FCC Citrus RegistrationRule Dr. Chapman Gas Company's 10.600 six Operating months to "increased revenue.141.010.from and for $21 th for:!.

I Net Income the first time in the company .

Import More PineapplePLANT Set Effective TomorrowA ,Wins Citrus Al New PARK HighWINTER Florida 850.history for Florida.a U,,..month the.Gas operating period Company exceeded revenue will!,

CITY Paradise the prime Cuban variety How Florida Citrus Commission gas Company's net Income and headquarters in Winter Park
Fruit Co. of Agriculture P O Box 1072 revenue for the first six mont II
world's Urged Red Cuban Thesis AwardA
the natural
processor ever Spanish regulation requiring the regi Winter operates a gas Iran
H.venMcN.1r ,
of glazed fruit, announced pineapple now has successfully tration of all citrus fruit deal said establish new midyear and annual mission system extending from
today it plan to import .been transplanted In Puerto For Okay era' agents win become effective high southwest' Texas to Florida
some minion pounds of pineapple Rico and the yield Is comparable tomorrow. citrus economic study done For the six months ended markets The company also div
annually through the the I In BoatACadeSet June 30, net income rose to W108,060. ,-
to crop grown Commission Administrative for the Florida Citrus Commi tributes natural and LP gas in
Tamp Port Cuba," WABHBtGTGNUPl-) Director Marvin A. McNair ion as a doctoral thesis by a more than two million several I principal cities In Fin
Prink A. Weaner president backer of a bill to preservethe said that the regulation limply University of Florida graduate dollars hither than for the same rldaAOTIIER.
of Paradise, said the pineapplewill Paradise Fruit also imports nation's has period In teen and one million
dwindling "wilder spell out the specific requirements student been accorded top
come from a plantation the one two million pounds of ness .r..." today foresaw embodied In a law Sept. 4 4The honor by the American Farm dollars more than all of 1M3 : RECORD:
company recently contracted to cherries from France and processes little trouble In ironing out dlfference enacted by the 1963 state legislature Economic Association Earnings per share for the
purchase In Manati, Puerto Rico more than IS million between their measure requiring that licensed An award for the most outstanding six months period increased NEW YORK UPI> The
and Senate Klssimmee Boal ACade from 18 cents in 1983 to 60 National Consumer Finance Association
pound. of fruits for distribution legislation.The
glazed citrus fruit dealer register a* doctoral thesis for research
Paradise Fruit Co. aimultane to the baking and House ended a thr... agents all authorized win be held Sept 4 7 instead in agricultural economics cents in 1964 Earnings per says households In the
persons of In late October, it share for the 12.month United State with two or more
musty was an period
announced the appointment grocery industries throughout year controversy Thursday by as repesentstives In negotiating is to be made to William.
of Nestor Sanchet of Tampa the United States and Canada. voting 373 to 1 to approve the the consignment, purchase nounced tod.y.The Fred Chapman Jr., as part of ending June 30 were 81 cents cars set a new record in 1963
former Cuban pineapple landmark conservation& measure. Boat-A-Cade this year per share, as compared to 25 It says 8.7 million or more than
or sale of citrus fruit ceremonies marking the annual
Rep. Joe R. Pool will give boaters a view of the cents per share for the previous 15 6 per cent of all households
grower and a recognized auth Paradise acquired the Flo. D-Tex "The regulation details the meeting of the Association,
cast the sole new look of the Kissimmee River 12.month period. have more than one car
ority on pineapple processing, rids assets of A, J. Malnzer dissenting vote.The requirements to be met In order scheduled for Au,. 16-19 at Pur.
u manager of its Puerto Rican Inc. fast February in a Jl.1 House bill would build a for a person to be regis Valley where the Army due University
legal fence around some II million Corps of Engineer has been
plantation Sanchez will direct million transaction and with its
tered as a citrus fruit dealer'sa
the acre of wilderness and : doing considerable flood con Dr. Chapman, who won his
other of CHRIST
company's operations from plants in Lakeland and g e n t," McNair explained."Such CHURCH
Manatl. Chicago, It now the largest of eventually permit inclusion ofaU trol work. doctorate at the University
registration be done .
of the federal government'* Hundreds of boats each of the Florida last December submitted
Weaner said acquisition of the the nation' glazed fruit processors by the citrus fruit dealer who IN EAGLE LAKE I
Puerto Rican 61 million acres of wllderneasareas past 14 year have participated a dissertation entitled, "De-
urea Paradise plantation Fruit of pineapple as-. Paradise Fruit Co. Is a whol into the system, with the authorizes him In an agent In to transactions represent In this outing which this mand and Substitution Relationships Salutes You Romans: 16:16
express approval of Congress any way year win have three overnight for Florida and CaliforniaValencia
Spanish comparable Red Cuban to the choice ly-owned Utilities subsidiary and DevelopmentCorp. of Canaveral The Senate already has pas.awl Involved In buying, selling stops including 4.E Camp, Oranges Producedfor L. B. CHASTAIN, MINISTER
heretofore available variety In ., a publicly-held a more liberal bill which or consigning citrus fruit. Clewiston, and Oasis Camp. Fresh Market" The subject Unity In the religious worldis example of Jesus Christ. Every
Cuba, only with headquarters In company Miami. would immediately Incorporate Although a person holding a Boater may obtain further was suggested to DrChapman to be achieved not by compromise individual not only has the right,
U.S million acres in the wil valid citrus fruit dealer't license Information by writing to BoatA by the Commission around the conferencetable but the Cod-given responsibility -
"With the advent of Castro Weaner also Is president of the
and subsequent parent derness reserve. The secretary Is not required to registeras .Cade, P. 0. Box 788, Kisslm- which: contributed considerabledata but through obedience to to study the Scripturesand
embargo on company. of the interior would be empowered an agent to do business in meeIIOUSEW'ARE. used In the thesis the Word of God. The organization to follow them to the exclusion
Cuban imports, Weaner said, Paradise recently completed to bring the remain- the name in which the license The association each year worship, and teaching of of all other religious
"the industry has had to import 30,000 square foot addition to Ing acreage into the system on is Issued, that person makes three awards for theseprepared the Church of Christ, is to be guides ((2 Tim. 2:15; and 3.16-
pineapple from such remote Its Plant City facilities and construction his own unless Congress acted would have to be registered as SALES by candidates for doc determined not by tradition of 17.)
places as Malaya. Costa of an additional 90.000 expressly to stop him. an agent If representing another RECORD FORECAST In men or by the legislation of men When the Word of Cod Is
Rica, Africa and Mexico The square foot warehouse is scheduled Rep. John P. SaviorR-Pa.a licensed dealer In a citrus fruit NEW YORK (UPI>-8ale* of torsi degree any In synods and councils, but by sown, as seed (Lk. 8:11)), in
fruit was a poor substitute for to begin next month. chief sponsor of the bill, said transaction. houaeware in the United States, engaged in training doctoral agricultural lev the Apostles teaching In the New the hearts of men, it will produce .
economists at the
today he was certain that Application forms far registration should hit a record $s billion In Testament. (Acts 2:42: ;Cal. 1:6- the same fruit today that
House and Senate negotiators of citrus fruit dealer's the second half of 1964 Hard el. 9.) Conduct In dally life Is to it did In the First century. It
ID J 'lf a'tt L..c"SJ.'1-4 T: M9 SMuf t m would be able to resolve the agents can be obtained from ware Age reports Sales for the be measured not by the teach produced Christians then;and It
difference between the two i I the office of the Com mllsioner whole year may be a record IS SHOP IN WINTER HAVEN ing and example of medieval will product Christians now.
bills billion. mystics, but by the teaching and (Acts 11:26; 26:28: ; I Pet. 4:16.: )
Saylor explained his conn- .
fit dente on the ground that
"everybody concerned wants a
bill." He also said he was not
too worried by the fast ap
proaching adjournment of Congress No dollar
Aug. 22., currently expected about so protected


SALE of SALES! 1965 Hunting -

Season Looks jt',? ever lost to a saver

Hundreds Of Items on Sale Like Success

Every Item being sold at way below our TALLAHASSEE (UPI) The 'c:.
regular low discount prices. Hundreds of outlook for a successful 1964 65 ;
e Items too numerous to mention. For these r A hunting season )Is good In Florida
but a more accurate fore.
few days, no refunds or exchanges .all
1 i sales ore final.BRIDAL cut won't be possible until
weather conditions through the

t W Ce. Mlltilr M 3908 "It now looks like another p4 YDUR t9
SET Irl1.l lee good season," said A.. D. Aid.
rich, director of the Came and \ 1Pa
Fresh Water Fish Commission e
Vt Cf. DI" "But as every hunter knows. e f
Solitaire or a ..< ell.. 0100 this Is i critical time and a. ?
tali*. MM great' deal depends Vr J *i
on weather
Bridal Set CM U I .
Ml al l f conditions\ from now until tall. r i \ rsfe.i u
he said
Aldrich said that with favor.
BRIDAL IPMMBI. able weather and suitable our

SET iri3wt 14800 rounding, wildlife will "gene s ,
rally replenish Its own and the .4I
hunter may look for a good
B harvest
["LADIES' & MEN'S RINGS The commission said deer are

AiMiteSl Ilifkilmm, more numerous than ever and
Oiyl Cum*, set 480 48.8 apparently are thriving through'!
I out the state However several!

areas report that deer are be. '''f 1
Scripto Vu-Lighter 1.99 coming a problem and other I tiT
previously closed area will be ,
open to deer hunting for the


b """Ul HOOM
manmade fiber Industry still is
Expansion Bands 840 growing by leaps and bounds.
Textile World reports U.S. productlon .
jumped 11 per cent in
1063 to 37 billion pounds and
Assorted Pendants 440 set a new high of 721 million
pounds in the first quarter of fy 'tb ',; ,J i 1
II1S4. I

IMPORTED Lighter 340
Transistor RADIO \

C.ms>M with !I.eker scirylnf 55.8Leather BAPTIST ) .

I I .et., b.thry sad wrphea, CHURCH ..

Covered Q0y

Travel Alarm Clock 0

WIN'S I 30th Anniversary salute to the FSLIC

B whit WAUHAM W..f.' M yellow AIMfte4 WATCH,..14."B51.V Myl.s' 1500"a: : I Safeguarding "Growth Dollars" for 35 Million AmericansCONGRESS


f.lala* WcHlwtHILIROI 11J.w.l.yhrpn.fDlr. I THAN ANCE CORPORATION IN 1934.clearly intended to make certain

that no person ever need be deprived of his lifetime savings. The

MIN'S WATCH FSLIC has performed perfectly In carrying out its pledge: safety
588 000 DOLLARS IN
1 Ao.tW MM'S H.lbf r tlMtwltk 149.7 of your savings insured up to $10,000.
wtcklM ..p.rl.. beads.

Men's wilt oM.s' Rev. I. D. Hadg.s PLAY THE EMBLEM OF FSLIC INSURANCE. Working with this

w.nh : Watches2450.c. ? P.rSERMON .. by First Federal permanent federal agency, we give insured savings the best con-
.eaawl.d' ditions in which to grow. Complete freedom from fluctuations in

of Winter Haven value. Re-investment in top-quality. home loans to local families.

Ladies'DUSs Watches SUBJECTS Bountiful earnings compounded often.

k.dI.x'. w.It..., Sias. II,U MH 8 for First Six Months of 1964
wutehiq. ..,...... cWtLadies' .
11:00 A.M. PUTTING THEM TO WORK HERE. Open one or more insured

a "MONEY GROWS accounts to fit your needs You'll find the rewards excellent, the
2-Diamond Watch
is safety record unblemished
La4Iet' 1...&._... ...... W.It... 94 ON TREES"
M4 H....... Oren. Wathe
7:30 P.M. e

Ladies' NO Watch "FIRST"Wide

t.. ..' 14ILw..d r..1 39?
w.M.w ..r writhe
Awake Sunday

ZI Lighter 2.22 School' at 10:00 a.m. \etar y'ri tN + ,

I p.TYrlI'e t.SAsbs4 f.t ht z7rr t Sa4.11 B ttk & A... "A", N.W.
20) AVL A. N.W. OF WINTEI HAVEN CT 42101Page


; HAVEN DAILY "'H'HS-t\4"F: CoddingtonClub Around The Town Miss Fischer DAILY NEWS-CHIEF, Friday' July| II| |U4 f''' Seven I

-.oa..Ylt'.WYa t., ." ,_ .. ......

k Bartow MeetsIn Leon Rowe Family Returns AnnouncesWedding Plans

Coddlnfton Hone DetMa F
stration Cub of Lake AMM From ConventionMr. Min Carol lUll Flacher: ,
Virginia of Mr. aad
sent five member* to It* daughter Mrs Werner l F

Polk County Council ....... Flooker, wilt b* married .
this week it BarlowA and Mrs. Leon Rowe and children Cecilia Sunday afternoon at four .4 r
) o'clock<< to Enatgn Patrick d-
; coffee at 1:80: a.m. .h4 a* Mid Ronnie have returned to thus city after attending ward Mann, son of Mr.and Mrs ;f'"

hostesses member of the tike 11th Annual Reunion of the Slat ordinance World JOMt* R, Mann of Tampa. t
Orange Blossom Club of The dPsMe-rtnf
t CJt;
fe...MSS*" *,** <. Wttli McClata. president in 1Yind e.ter Va. A twuKtey viait to point of interMt .. Bread Father Thomas Hatrol
of the county council in Washington of Tampa at' St. JosMtrfi's Catholic
was enjoyed en route to Kings Park .

Ed Stalneckers Star called*. J.the CtemeMa meeting of to H.order.Mr .... L.I. New York where they were the tnteeU of Mr. and Nuptial Chare music will be pno- .

City led in the pledge to the Mr. Harry Ryder Jr. and seated by Mr*. Robert Foley,

flag.; Ute welcome was givenby son Jlmmie. former resident Harvey Rot Ripp III of vocalist and Mr. L. Ttsxtale,

At World Fair PavilionIf Mrs Walter Ovum of of winter Haven The two this city will be among tileuadid.t. orgaalsl.The ,.
families attended the World' bride will be given in
Haute City; the response Fair and .* that will be graduated .
pours of Interest in marriage by her father. Mali
came from Mrs Lee from Southwest Missouri
New York City Mrs of honor will be Miss Lynn Dur- ,>
you have been one of the lucky visitors to the Bartow. will be remembered. as Ryder the State College, Wednesday, August den and bridesmaids Will be 'rA44
World's Fair in New York Mr*. McClain and Mrt B. S. The Ilavenlte
City you have no doubt former Miss Juanita Smith U amathematics Mill Jan Bailey, bliss Patrlca
shared in the excitement upon seeing the billing of N. Kirkland reported on the daughter of Mr. and Mrs major. Watson. Mia Claire Mann of s
of Florida State Council meeting Frank Smith of Ms city The Tampa and Ml.a Suaan Flacher.:
"Pied Piper Gospel Music, -in knowing the team Mr. and .
they attended in Tallahassee Rowe Journeyed to Niagara Mr Raymond Lt. Timothy Mann will serve

of Ed and Betty Stalnecker had a Uvmninir in... Winter' ',__'u Here" they heard talks on Fall and parts of Canada be Canter and daughter Sandyare as beat man tor his brother
Haven.Ed w foods, textiles I clothing, fore retutfttag here enjoying a two week and where will b* Frank

Stalnecker, ton of Mr.- church and civic and safety conservation and defense camping trip in the mountain Strahameler of m. Petersburg,
and Mr*. Fred Stalnecker at religious and other groups conven ; also the effect: Miss Donna Le Marshall of Tennessee. Donald McKay of Tamp, Bill
lived here with his family lions of air conditioning: on daughter of Mr and Mrs. Dean Helm of Tampa and Ensign"

when be was a child. Mr. Fred They're at the. fair until its Pakistan, and showing of color Marshall 1 I. a patient at the Mr. and Mr. George Phillips .- Donald Wolfe of Brunswick, Oa. ,,

Sjalnecker wi with Tampa closing Oct. II And a* an Indication slides of houses of all types, Winter Haven Hospital.Mr .. are spending the summerat the A Winter reception!: Haven will be held. at
Electric Company and the of gospel' singing entitled. 'Caves to Castles" their home In Cherokee lowing the *Club fol
family later moved to Lake growing popularity she said were featured. *. Josephine G. Burr has N.C. They will return to the ceremony: r ..

Charles La. where they now they're booked in 38 states in The ladies also visited the been dismissed! from the Winter city In October.Mr. ,

make their home The young the 1965 concert. year new Governor' Mansion and Haven Hospital., where the ::t'

Stalnecker appeared in Win "I just hope" said Mrs toured the campus of Florida has been a patient for several and Mr, Jane RejrnoWt New Arrivals t" ",
ter Haven lilt year and pre. Stalnecker. ..t hit national State UnIversity. They attended dayt and children Steven and "
tented their concert at Inman television won't be ashamedto the installation ceremoniesfor Rhonda are vacationing In
Park Baptist Church. present religious musk!." newly elected state officers Mr. and !Mrs Sam Prescott Michigan with their families Mr. and Mrs. Edward: Tit-
Bette Stalnecker. her husband The Stalneckert have returned from Miami man are announcing the birth,,
already are
and the banquet which
and their accompanist featured in a "Songs ofFlith" followed. Beach where they vacationed Mrs IL M. Owen Jr. bat of a son, yesterday at the local

David Tyson are giving New television series sold Each club president In Polk for three weekt had ta her houseguests Mr. hospital at 1:11: p m. The
World's Fair young man tipped the aeriesat
York visitors
to stations throughout the and Mr. Dan Pieraavoui of
County was given an official Mrs. A. six pounds and fourteen
diily tastes of this type of Virgil Rowea was
South. Their recordings of Flushing! N.Y.
"Survival and Disaster Kit"for
singing at the Protestant and sacred music are among the dismissed yesterday from the. ounce.
Orthodox Pavilion. showing to her club members local hospital
They're also showing how to top selling ones in the country. These are U.S. Govern. Mr. and Mr, Gene Warner Mr and Mr. Calvin Fifcter -- ....
Gospel music Mrs. Stal
beat any New York housing necker explained is "music ment approved. Miss Lucille Wster and children returned this are the parents of a daughter, CAMPUS CUTIE: This slim ttrilcht skirt and leveli,

shortage, The Memphis, Tenn., that tells of the love of God. Reports on Women' Leadership leave. tomorrow to visit friendsIn will week from a week' vacation born at the local' hospital, yesterday cotton blouse 11'11I10 anywhere on campus a* the school actlvltlea:
:'ouple live on a 75-foot houseboat Gospel means. good news." Camp held recently. at G spent at Stanford' Cottage: at at I 41 The new arrival get underway this fill This ent.mlil I I. nay enough for any I
they brought up from She said that from her Camp Cloverleaf' Lake Placid Knglewood.Mr. weighed in at seven pound. teenager to makesndusetheirown initvntiUyto select: the fabric
Boca; Raton Fla., on the intercoattal repertory were given by several who attended and five and nn hulf ounce* moat becoming to their' individual,"I' waterway giving of 385 songs sung from and articles made Mr. and Mrs. Norton II. and Mr*. Normsn hasty _..-. ..-..-..- ..-.. -
memory the universal favorites Charles and
free concert from it at city "Hit Is the there were displayed daughters Peggy, will return this weekend from
are Eye on
piers along the way Now Sparrow" "Peace in the Valley Lake. Alfred ladies attendingthe Penny and Sue of West Palm Dothtn. Ala. where they have

the craft dubbed The Cos- ," "Roll, Jordan Roll" and Tuesday meeting were Beach are here visiting the been visiting the latter' par.
Fred Harris
pel Ship" is tied up at the "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" Mrs. Kern Duncan Mrs. Stanley family ants. RICH
Fair's Marina. Always A Vocalist Wilson Mrs. George Sterner. .
Travel' Many Miles Mrs Stalnecker, a tall handsome Mrs. Ad* Woodard and Mrs. Fd Hill and daughterare Among those from Winter

'Hootennany and folk are blonde of 34 years, was Mn Harold Friedmeyer. visiting members of their Haven who will .leave. today to FALLVAltDltOBES
leading up to gospel'," laid born In Ripley Tenn., some family and friends in North attend the District Softball L1ndseI y

Mrs. Stalnecker. who with her SO mile north of Memphisand Carolina. They plan to remain Tournament In Clear*ster
husband and other musician an't remember when she there until the end of August. are Vlr and Mrs Jim Big-

have spent the last three years wasn't vocalizing. Christian Dior ley. Mrs David Allen. Mrs .0 t.

touring the country singing It. '1 used to end my prayersat Mr. ad Mrs Charles E, Mills Jimmy David Allen and Mri,
Last year, she said they tray night with 'and please make Stresses Peasant'SkirtsBlack and children. Greg and Jon., Alice Roger.

tiled 80,000 miles by plane and me a great. singer she Mrt B. F. Bed and Mils Cecilia / Jg.
ear to give concerts before said Rowe are In Ridgecrest, > \

-, N.C, where
PARIS UPI-The( ) !House of they will spend a ,
week .
Christian Dior stressed fuller 5,4

I TIKI :C'OUNGE! 'peasant' skirts and long Jackets Nurses Picnic FINEST QUALITY
today In Its fall and winter r. ,
Will I 1
People Just Like You Said"IT'S line of suits Be MondayOn '
Dior designer: Marc Bohin '
showed a equared Off Jacket lnv Monday, at ':W p.m.I1e WOOL

THE GREATESTl"You'll I his paradf of 200 crtallons| tljst Nursing Service Administration P .
Section of District M, ,.1f.A. drnoua
destined to What ,
are Influence
Love the Exotic women will wear in the com: will host a picnic at Lakeland Georgia F1Annef In
City Park on Lakeland Hill "
ing months. Blvd. 20 Colors.
Polynesian Atmosphere Another type of suit, whichhe
The covered: dish
outfit, had
called a hunting
Viii b* provided by all members of
straight skirt and an extra the District. AU registered Faeces" Ceugia ".....1 I.

I long straight Jacket nurses sro Invited to attend. Sr It ..I.... W.... .>.,,111' *
The Doir dresses had blouse You may call MU 8-8394 If you IIHl" skeet cue ..1., MS! 99

tope and extr.full skirts which are not a member and would lest' When k.. Sell LU..ity
Bohan also dubbed "peasant like to attend the social affair 2
..std\ y." Red a 1.1.fi.1III.
style All Section: meeting will bt
9 Another type of Dior dress held at 7-30: p.m. prior to lh. vie .. this/ All ...!, M"mill wlde,
sM .1".... .... f
was belted to emphasize the general meeting at I p.m. This iai.', yard
bust Its giant raglan sleeves I* the meeting at whlca: nominations shads. puss white,
gave extra width to balance from the floor will be
narrow skirts J.A heard, before the final ballots
Me' '
Bohan also showed tub use prepared for "voting by Kf"
dresses with raglan sleetes mall"

This sheath line also dominated EXOUISITEl
.\ his cocktail.dress styles GREGORY WYNN ion of Mr.
and Mr*. Billy WyM who will Pork chops soaked In milk '
Dinner gowns extrs WOOL mLENOr.
4. .
Ja ; +
celebrate M* second: birthday before frying or broiling do not ++
bouffant skirt. Many of the
this week. become dry on the outside, +
TERRY TONESMONDAY evening dresses were cut very +iXJ i MISTY
high with the usual shocking 1 ? j,

Thru, SATURDAY neckline conspicuously: absent ; e'' : sourrLEr
Dior coats also were full The '
r t
Just Arrived Following An waistline. was marked with Hospital News I S I f,

Engagement At The belt They also had Bohan' giant I. .
raglan sleeve But he also er
INTERNATIONAL INN showed narrow coats bordered ADMISSIONS Haines ru,
Winter listen Master James L Brewer I /
l.u,. Opus 4 Rol. .11!! I A.M. with fur. Mrs. Edward .
1 Dior emhastied black for Calvin Foster, Mrs Mr*. John D.... 399
Kslmin Donald Me Don. Lake Alfred
401 atb Sly N.W.WI.ter |J daytime even for aportswear
MOTEL aid Sr. Mrs. Thomas McLeod Mrs Frank Cooler. Mr*.
KAHIKI Bohan's color a
new was
.- bright blue He shelved tweeds Joseph T Host Orin S Jay, Thomas A. Griffin and Infant J fg
r ,
r- 1
t David Ambrose. Mrs. Robert girl.
'L and used mostly flat fabrics I
G Ellis. Mrs. Barbara J. Shelton DsteatMtrtJanus

B CftetlR4 .
AstwraJile' llag Creei I A icily beasldy

Jimmy C Cole. Miss Cathy Miss balsa Knight" I ... .. ,. ." ,

Hughe Min Brenda D. Dale, Fade, Lake ..... lee the .'....
I M,.. Archie C. Burnhsm. MiK. Delia Mathlt.Mri .
yssat I...... City D5.a.. i lag, .f ,.., II.....

Mrs. Junior tansy Mist Bus Franklin A. Vann.Aeberadsle -d ,f.di.es., .

F an Contello. Roy C Amsden '
Lake 0....... Master James A Quattle'

Mrs Oscar NortingBtrtow baum

PARTYPLAID Debbie, Weldoe.
Lake flacMMiss The LITHE cmoiMHii\ciini:: 100%; corro.v

Baths S. Austin
SHOP Iloinnn Ilili. (' I'd '
DwrtlALJWhtt.r J THATS 0 uro..)

t Haves) turf dire Free /rows
Mrs Virgil A. Bowen Mr. DIFFERENT Hebe Red hili" Heed Gs.s f)

Back-To-School DRESSES Joseph G. Burr Mr. UlllsflCaldweil Ihe. cad .ml.ad ins Til. time MeenlieM' use l l) it.Haadae

epee II ,Graham Lawson. Folsom Mrs. Roy, Char W eg e.r ab.M1 cherry ie"y Slack ; .

Altto*'. antoer lot the (irrfeit Ira tiny"UIPdreaw llaneork and Infant daughter BaW GfWlp,,
'e.'ena'ct. e.ed..er. prfcl lee ... W li. l I.
l to waey "( ,
A dirt .ith red. yrUAtranii M... Charlotte! Jordan. Peter
perky plaid
0,.. C.w. 9 A, 'letise1 In pill 44 41 .,4..
vertical ...rI1'.1./ The Ketelsen, Mr. Fraak M'1JI01e.
grrrn | easy (I. f I l ,...5S 9*,
.. Wu-
Daniel A 1111&1, Master
,, i Trimmed with a Ufifhl red rotten braid fete Crs .M Oa.Na. s..d
bam A. Ryon Rex O {Salath .
m.r M rtrmtr Seem
\ .....
- -
y' -


;;_-'-'- I -- i! Create lumptvevf wardrobe aft

BILLY THE KID JEANS : Louella S Beauty Shop .,..... dresses, ceirumet, evening I 2 99

SALE Of SUMMER RED GOOSE SHOES : 21061b if, N.W. ikirti, 'IK ye"r favorite ., tl* shades y.rdWINTER



THROUGH ; AUG. 8th to AUG. 24th I II

SATURDAY. The Children's World I I

Monty; of'free parking : For Our Annual Vacation

acres from j F. A".....M seM **ee CY Mill
117 TkW St. N.W. n. 2tM74f I

City Hall .. .

- -
-- -



, Rev. Oneness Billy OF JESUS H. FaMhMth TMHmond CHRIST Attend The Church Of Your Choice 3tnd Lakeland Lad UnliT A...Read.. COld

end Avenue M, NW Ed Wtoey. Paster

MW a.m.-Sun. Sehoel 1:4: a.m.-Sua. School
I'I'I 11:60 a.m.Sun.. WoreMp 11:00 a.m.-Morntog Worship
*:W p.m.-Y.P.C. Meeting 1:45 p.m.-Training Union
, ':11I pra.-Evangelistic Meet. LARRILEA THORNTON : The Exchange E. N. HUDSON CO. 1:00: p.m.-Eveatag Worship


Eagle LakeRev. FURNITURE CO. Winter H. ...', FlrraitFurnllur REALTORHI Rev Robert
Carnell Brace Faster INSURANCE 11:00: a.m.-Worihip
Its nl.d N ) a B.e Carpet.e t1 10:00 .m.-sun. School
9:44 a.m.-Sun. School "...*. of Owfitv rWWart LW Dri,*rlMBewattwa :
11:00 a.m.-Morntog ip. W. c..... REAL:; fESfATI f/; 1:00: p.m.-MethodUt Youth

T:00 p.m.-Evangellstic Sery. ....* e* A_ J. N.W. 'lessCY Winter Hewn OF WINTEX HAVEN Fellowship
Peeae CY 4-22tt Choir
7:00 p.m.-Wed., practice
Tues.: ...... SOS Pep Av.. N.W. U.... P.OJJC. NEEDS. :
T-00 p.m.-Mid.week service
7:30 p.m.-See. Thurs. of each
INWOOD BETHEL Women's Society of
ASSEMBLY OF GOD lt'. "Finger.lf..Iln' Good" ,- Artwd Servket et ft. Chunk Christian Service

The Rev. WttUan D. Lee ........... That et Tim Choke Tile w... 7:30 p.m.-Thurs. Prayer
Pasta .. Meeting
9:43: .. .-Sun. School 'A AG BEYMER MEMORIAL
Worihip ,
11:00 a.m.- METHODIST
1:30 p.m..-Christ Ambassadors M, R : 7M N. Lake Howard Drive

Service 7:00: p.III.-EYIDlelilUe Serv. \. urnJnltAftlthOOh! 11:00 Rev.: a.m.-Morning Leo F. Xing, Worship Patter

Wed.: YouthFellowship
7:00: p.m.Prayer and Praise 5:30: p.m.-Methodist

Service 6th St., M.W. 294-2235 flume IfPublix 7:30: p.m.-Evening Worship
DUNDEE 7:30: p.m.-Wed., Mid-Weet

I' Highway M2 Service
Rev. E. M. Davle # e 1 /1 The nursery will be open for
: all worship services
Sun. School
10:00: a.m.-
11:00: a.m.-Mlnlitry of Word 'V Market
T:30: p.m-
i UI"OUfE9 Cypress Gardens Readat
Wed. Fv Nsrt. Oats
: '
t i Lake Ray
T:30: p.ra.-Prayer :Meeting /hse/nne C.ntar
Rev. William Ttflm, Pastor
IDAA 1i,t;; '" ,
SIDE 1:45 .m.-Worahlp Service
EAST '1' \ \ "Wales.M11tH :
I .
Dundee highway Lake Be,fcSab. >. 1 c NewFBeMAs .\.\ W { 1:43: a.m.-Sunday School

DlvlikmR ... .... .J ,1f' teA 11:00 a.m.-Morning Worthlp
\ Pad Wood. Pastor 't!.,, .; { eNUUn'M S:30: p.m.-Methodbt Youth
10:00: a.m.-Sun. School : ; Fellowship
\ 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship W. ELOISE METHODIST
1:30: p.m.-Youth Service I 'Ap. I L LI'll Rev. Troy Hatmaker
':30 p.m.-Evangelistic Senr.T:4S Third Street
I, : p.m. Thuri. Mld-week r : : v STARPRESSPRINTING 10:00 a.m.-Sun. School

9 rvlce 11:00 a.m.-Morning Worship
: 6:30: p.m.-MVf
WARN ETA FIRST ASSEMBLY Iifi. 7:30 ->.m.-E"ening Worship
11* Sib Street .
Leon Boswetl Fatter ;.tfi WI >: FIRST METHODISTLake

1:45: a.m.-Sun. School 't never forget the day we took this picture. The sun was shining IUSINESS Alfred
Worship ;::;d Charch of The Lighted Cross"
11:00 a.m.-Morning Worship brightly and we'd gone for a ride In the country my husband Tom Thelma INDUSTRY Rev. Darold N. Stem

Tues.7:00 p.m.-EveDiD' and I. We came to this field full of daisies and we stopped and I braided a 60YERNMEN7 9:43: a.m.-Church School

1:30: p.m.-C.: A. Meeting Tampa Electric Co. crown of flowers for Thelma's head. She was wearing a brand new dress and (AU Ages)

Wed. she had a new little parasol too. I thought she looked like just about the hap. Nursery class during Chruch

T:30: p.m.-Prayer Meeting pleat and prettiest little girl alive. School
NORTH GATE 11:00: a.m.-"Vorthip: Service
FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD How thankful I was For our Thelma had just weathered her first serious Nursery during Morning Worship

Comer of Ave. G, lad. BE CITIES SERVICE illness and for several weeks there had been days and nights of incredible .
Emerson Jones, Pastor 5:00: p.m.-Youth Fellowship
anxiety and heart-rending
10:00: a.m.-Sun. School prayer. BANK (Juniors Jr. High Sr. High)

11:00:: a.m.-Morning Worship Wine Now watching Thelma In her newfound health I thought of our church. 7:30: p.m.-Midweek Worship

6:30: p.m....Woman's Missionary v..r seen..ins Not only our minister, but members of the congregation people whom I AMERICANI Informal Bible Study

7:30: Council p.m.-Evsngellstle Senr. the IN.t. scarcely knew had rallied to our side during Thelma's illness. Last 6:30: p.m.Fri.-each Fellowship month Supper

730p.m.-Chrlit: Amtassadon COMP aND Just having them Just knowing that they were adding their prayers to FREE METHODIST

i Wed.7:30: p.m.-Midweek services ALIIGNMENT ours, had meant so much. And now, I knew they were sharing our jubilation.How D.w f.w. Wlt" Hive. ISIS Lake Fund Read
Dtnnli Tewniind A N. Rer. Chadwlek Doaaally, Pastel
testimonies, special prayer eat I,, N.W. CT 34797 sorry I feel for people who don't go to church. For they miss one of SHtlrN DOM Rev. Miriam Donaally

LAKE IDA life's great truths the knowledge that if you have the Church you can '. Associate Pastor

Bev. Oil Lake, Pastor never again be alone. hit 15: a.m.-Sun. School
Virgil Pope Supt BANK OF THE CHURCH PON ALU ALL FOR THE CHURCH CeiyTh Lee4I" 11:00: a.m.-Worship

10:00: a.m.-Sun. School Bible Tha Church I la Ux trail** factor larly and aupport lha Church.ThayMI CHEVROLET DEALER 6:43: p.m.-Christian Youth
LAKE ALFRED aarth for tM kullduif of charaeart>: (I) ran h.own a.k a. (I1)) For Crusaders
UirandfooddUamahlplllaaatora-ehlldnn'i laka. (S) Forthaiaaa VOLUME SELLING 6:45: p.m.-Free Methodist'
11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship haw ol iplriluil vahM.Without a of hi* community and noon (4))
7:49: p.m.-Evening Evangelistic trail Church, nallhar damorraey For th. ok* et lha Church tealf, C GOOD DEALS Youth
nor eMliaatian) ) an Mrvlv*. Thm which imda hit moral and material GOOD SERVICI 7:30: p.m.-Evangelistic Service
j ai* lour rued ration why gory support Flan to go IB church mju.pmon .
Tburs.t ahould lUmd units nfubrly and raad four BMa alallyCopyrithl ,, TRINITY METHODIST
i I'' tiS: p.m.-Prayer meeting -- ,,' Chevrolet Center CHURCH,
: let Kiatar AoSwtiaiM Sanloa.lac Stratburf.Va. Rev B. R. Blackkora. Pastor
BAPTIST "' ---
DAV1STAR BAPTIST Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 161 ill s., LW. CT14143 9:43: a.m.-Son. School
.". Lester E. Miller Pastor MIM9ER P.D.I.c. Psalms Psalms Isaiah Mark Luke Luke Luke 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship

10.,. U-N. el Barlow Air Base 91:1.16 103:6.16: 58:6.11: 7:24.30: 8:40.48: 8:40.66: 12:21.31INMAN : 7:30: p.m.-Evening Worship
Nursery available for Sun.

11:00 10:00 a.m.a.m.--Sun.Morning Sch'Worship 01 This Invitation To Attend The-Church Of Your Choice Is Sponsored By These Business Firms School 6:30: p.m.-M.Y.F.and morning worship

1:30: p.m.-Tr.lnJnl Union
':45 p.m.-Evening Service Your FIRST PRESBYTERIAN
Wed.: PHI .llnlAL nlCTIIC Morrison '& WINTER HAVEN Slith St. at Ave. G., N.W.
7:4J: p.xn.Prayer, Bible Study C .elBO'A' ATTEND THE STORE LAKE REGION BANKOf PLANING MILLS Rev Jane R. Blackwood,

DUNDEE esdisiDsNrtirsd,.111 CHURCH OF YOUR g A tI : CafeteriaDINNER Commerce Rev Robert Pastor Farrow Aisedato

Rev James Hamrick 6:30: a.m-Worship Service
CHOICE SUNDAY I 1 fm e 9:4S: a.m.-Sun. Church School
j 1:43 a.m. Sunday School Lindsey c ""MAI. 11:00 a.m.-Morning Hour of
11:00: am.Morning Worship Worship

6:30: p.m.-Tralnlng Union HOMtor City Drug Co. An KINo .9lUlrx Mtfwlel/ 7:00 p.m.-Each Third Sun.
Worship rtt.C!! she r I a- Pretbjrteera
7:30: p.m.-EvenID QUALITYLAKE JIM icon. ...,...w 1111 tit 3.4110 _. .W. Caatril A... .. Of IuNq aaaKlwMI naM1 I" Plhh.Hs\.I"11"i.a: ,.. 12:11: Noon. Each Fourth Moo.

) 7:30: p.m.-Prayer Meeting Women's Association

6:30 p.m.-E.cb Second
Janet L. Kalght Jr. Baptist p.m.-E.cIa Wed. October
10:00 a.m.-Sun. School 9:43: a.m.-Sun. School laao Biota Street NW G. Blair McGarvey Ave. L, Near SI.dllL, NW (Mann' Rev. J. G. Williams, Pester June MId-wk Chapel Service
11:00.m.Preachtng W. Fred Schopke. Jr., 8.8. Sept 11:00: a.m.-Sun. School, pupils IPSO Pin ttreet, SE
Training Union. 10:45: a.m.-Morning Worship Rev. Oraiecd Welfrem, Pastor 10:00: ..m.-Sun. School HOPE PRESBYTERIAN
0:13 p.m- Union 9:43: a.m.-Sun. School up to 20 ,.n of age. Elder Jaaaes E. Lug, Blthep9X 11:00
7:30 p.m._Preaching Service 1:45: p.m.-Tr.1D1n1 9:43: a.m.-Sua. School 11:00: .m.-Cburcb Services : a.m.-Morning Worship Cypress Cardeaa Read
10:45: a.m.-Morning Worship : !y m.-Priesthood
Worthlp. T:00
T:4I .-Evening : p.m.-EveDln
at Lake
FIRST-OF ELOISE Wed.: 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship 1:30: p.m.-Youth Groups 9:00: p.m.-Wed., Tettlmoey ':30 a.m.-Tues. Relief Society 7:30: p.m.-Tues.Prsyer Meet. Rev William H. lace

Rev. Walter E. Mstheny, 1:30: p.m.-Prayer ServiceHAVCNDALE 1:45: p.m.-Trtlnlng Union 1:30: p.m.-Adult Bible Study MeetingThe 10:00: a.m.-Sun. School 7:30: p.m.-Fit, Young Peo 9:43: ..III.-sua.Downey Church, Pads School
Pastor 1:00: p.m.-Evening Service 7:30: p.m.-Evtngellitle Sere Reading Room Is locatedat 1:00: p.m.-Sacrtment MeetingNo pl.'. Service 11:00: .
11:00 s.m.-Morning Worship Ito: p.m-Wed. Prayer Wed.: Ave. B and 2nd St., NW. evening meeting first Sun. 5:30: p.m.-JUDior Worship
8:30 p.m.-Training Union Rev. Dovglat P. Jenaea. Pastor Meeting 7:30: p.m.-Hour of Power CHURCH OF COD of each month. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Youth Senior High
Evening Evange. 10:00 a.m. Sun. School I Wed.i groups
7:43: p.m : prayer : KINGDOM HALL 1:15
Aveane E, 7th Street : p.m-Mon., Girl Scoot
little 11:00: a.m.-Worthlp Service RIFLE RANGEIl.depi.l..t1 CATHOLICIT. : lev. Melvin A. ;: I 7:30: p.m.-K4JL Ells ZlIII Street W. Troup No. 33
Service Union
10:00 a.m.-Sun. School T:00: p.m.-Training Thurs.:
: (.00 6:43
JOSEPH p.m.-Sun., Public talks p.m.-SecondTnee.
10:00 Mewl
Worship : a.m -Sun. School ,
Evening .
Wed.: Bible Study 1:30: p.m.-Wed. Prayer Meet. R. Dale. Blmpeee. Pastor The Rev Matthew J. Connolly 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship 1:30 .m.-Prim.rlea. Children MS: p.m.Sun'Watchtower" Dinner
745: p.m.-pr..r. 7:30: p.m K 00 a.m.-Sun. School Patter 7:00: p.m.-Evangelistic Son TEMPLE EMANUEL 1:00: p.m.Tues., "Your Will Ba ':00 a.m.-'?ed.-Men's Break.

FWST-OF LAKE ALFRED FIRST-OF WINTER HAVEN 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship A'.... M sad 8th. NW Wed.: LAKELAND Done on Earth" Study fast
O. Charles Hertom. Pastor Rev Albert Caned, Patter 7:30: p.m.-Evening Worship con Muses-1:30: 11:00: 7:30: p m.-Young People's B. Lake Hefflngtwerlk Dr. 7:10: p.m.Thurs., Ministry 1:00: p.m.-Wed. Choir R.

9:45: s.m.-Sun. School. 1:30: a.m.-Morning Worship Wed.: Holy Day Mtsies-T:00: Service Irwin. Cutler Rabbi. School bearsal
Morning Worthlp. 7:30 Prayer Meeting Sit 1:30: p.m.-Thurs.. Sore Meet 7:00 pra Thurs.
11:00: n.m- 9:41: a.m. Sun. School : p.m.- 7:00: p.m. : 10:0: a.m.-Sun. School Boy Scout
8:15: n.m.-Training Union. 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship. First Fr. Mttses-7:00: a.m. I:. p.m.-Prayer Meeting Fri. 9:00: p.m-Evening Serv. GRACE LUTHERAN Troop No. 35

7:30: p.m.-Evening Worthlp.Wed 6:43: p.m.-Training Union FIRST CHRISTIAN Weekday Massea:-7 a.m. Sat 10:00 a.m.-Mornlng Sere till and Averae C SE THE SALVATION ARTY
.: 9:00: p.m.-E' ilng Worship (Disciples el Christ Con( ssk>ns:-Stt: Eve of Holy WEST WINTER HAVEN Rev Anxstt Beralkal lid 84. and Are. T, NW
7:4J: p.m. Bible Study Prayer. Wed.: a... Jaaaea N. Bamett, Paste Day: 4:00: to S:00-7M: : to 1:30: Pith Street. NWA. IU: .m.-Eun.. School, Pasta Captain: W. WUtUe

FIRST-OF INWOOD 9:30: p.m.-Mid-week Prayer 1.30 .....Blbto School J. Dncsn, Pasts ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL MS: a.m.-Adult Bible data Officer Ia Charge
Campbell Pastor IOTA: a.m.-Mornlng Worship 10:00 a.m.-Sun. School. 9:45: a.m.-Sun. School
Rev J.W. CHURCH: OF CHRIST 8.v..lh St tad Ave. L. N.W. 10:30 a.m.-Service of Worship
Sun. School11:001.mMornhs SOUTH SIDE Nursery 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship 11:00: .....Morning Worship
9:43: s.m Worship R. H. Malcolm, Paster 10:43: a.m.-Junior Church (forages L. B. a....... Minister 7:00: p.m.-Evening Evangelittle : ft". Cyril N. Starram, Rector HOLY Sun.COMMUNIONFirst Each Month 6:45: p.m_Young Peoples LeofioD

e:41 p.m.-Tralnlng Union Barney Cewdea SJ. Sept. 4 through 7) 10:00: a.m.-Bible Study ".... C.: Lee CUhertaM, orate TELEVISIONTHIS
: 1:45 Sun. Bible School 3:43: p.m.-Youth' Choir Prsc. 11:00 Preaching, Worship Toet.i 7:30
8:00: p.m_Evening Worship : .m.- : a.m I 7:30 a m.-HoiJ Eucharist IS THE LIFE" : p.m.-Evening Worship
11:00: a.m.-Morning Preaching 8:43: p.m.-Ourlatian Youth 1.30 p.m.Pn.chillaWed. 7:30: p.m.-Prayer Meeting Tues.:
Wed.s 1:30: .....Channel
7:50 ._MId.Week Prayer 7:00: p.m.-Study class for all Fellowship (Senior) .: Thurt.: '.30 a m.-Holy Eucharist 11:00: .III.-cb.nnel 6 I 4:00: p.m.-Sunbeams
: p.m ages Prayer meeting groups Chi Rho Fellowship Intermed.) 7:30: p.m.-Bible Study 7:30: p.m.-Young People's Et- WEEKDAY SERVICES RADIO BROADCASTS 7:30: p.m_Ladies Home
FIRST-OF WAIINETA for men and woman 7:45: p.m.-Evenlng Worship dearer Wednesday: League
Rifle Rsnte R..d 1:00: p.m.-Evening Evange- Wed.: .tell ST. BAPTIST MISSIONRev. 10:Complete Service Wed.:
.,y. Frank Faria little Serv. Broadcast, WEIR 9:30: a.ra.-Ladlet Bible data H. T. Ward Patter ELOISE 7:30: a m.-Holy Eucharist 7:30: p.m.-CM Guards

1:45: a.m.-sun. bervlce 9.00 p.m.-Y.'ed., Prayer Meet- a.Dela 9:45: a.m.-Sua. School Rev W. E.: Wright Thursday Tantflguratkm: WGTO (MOEC: ) 7:45: p.m-Pr'jrer Meeting
11:00:: a.m.-Morning Messsge tog Bible Study Seventh SL .W 11:00: a.m.Preaching Services ie 00 i.m.-Sun. School '.30 a m.-Holy Eucharist FrL:

1:00: n.m-Trstalng Union CENTRAL: CHRISTIAN 7:00: pm.-Training Unlor 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worship Friday too: p.m.-Junior Choir

7:30: p.m._Evenlng Sermon JAN-PBTL (Wepalset 1.00 pra.-Evening Worthlp 7:00: ,....-.DII. Worship 9:30: 7:00: p.m.-Boy Scouts
: m.-Holy Eucharist
L B. Overttreet, Pasta tM Late Bl.. Dr. NW Wed.: Wed:
Wed.: .
7:30 p.m.-Mld-week prayerservice. Corner W Recaer Highway sad Off Have dale Blvd.Delatar 7:43: p.m.-Prsyer Service 7:30: i.ra.-Prtyer Service SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST
IntplrationCeartrel HaUlcU Read D. Detach. Mialel.r9B Wed.: Fri: EMMANUEL: LUTHERAN Ml Ave. It, IE:
Ch.rch 9:43: a.m.-Sun. School : a.m.-Bible School 7:30: p.m.-Bible Study 7:30: ,....Y_. People'a Meet 144 94ih St. NW. .. ...... ABIDING: SAVIOR LUTHERAN: George N. WOteej
Baptist ll'aJled: Letheraa Sat
11:00: a.m.-..lornlng Worship:1S Rev. Martin Caerth :
Cerner SUlk St., Ave. A, NW /: p.m.-Training Union 10:45: ...._Morning Worship SITU STREET CHURCH OF CENTRAL CHVRCH "FAMH.Y WORSHIP9:30 Galata/- ">."rary 1M... 9:43: ....-Sabbath School

Rev R. D. H'((>. Pasta 7:30: p.m.-Evenlng Worship 1:30 7:30: p.m.Christian Service Endeavor CHRIST OF CHRIST : am.-fca. School. Adult ISM Haveadile. 81,.. 11:00: aJB.Wonhlp Service
ic-oo: a.m.-Sun. School : p.m.-Evtnlng Lecal4 between Ave. J A K .. J. a....... Mhdstw Bible Study 1.00 a.m.-Sua. School Sua. Televiatoa:

11:00: am.-MornU! Worship PARKLAND BAPTIST Wed.: .Mid-week 34th Ito NW. WtaUr Rave. 19:00: am.-Bible Study I'ISIuII.: Divine Service 19M>>: a.m.-Divlne Worship U:00 noon-Chaaael; 9 Faith
7:30 service
1:30: p.m.-pre-.ervlc prayer ISM Eighth. Str sS, SE : p.m Bryes B. cocky Minister. 11:01: .m'onIIJp Service The I... Chart DlckaeauPaster for Today
t-30: p'.mEvangelist preaching Rev Ceae IllUhceck Patter Wed.:Choir "be.n.1I Sun.: 9:30: .....-JttlUal: Worship NONDENOMINATIONALDRIVEEN CT 1M4SCln..aCB So*. Rt 8.oo pm! _Wed.. Prayer meetIng 9:43: a.m.-Sun. School :" p.m.-Juniors UM: .....-Blble Study Wed.: SERVICES 1:30: ....WSUM! (6M)- The
Bible studyUUCC 11:00: a.m.-Morning Worahip 8:13: p.m.-Seniors 11:00: .....Worahlp Service 7:30 pm.-Bible Study -red h OF NAZARENE Voice of Prophecy.

ALFRED I <::43 p.m.-Training Union LAKELAND UNITYCHRIST 8:00: p.m.-Evcnlng: Worship Methodist Mesa dab at 0.. FIRST CHUICHMwte Ttoe.:
ASSEMBLY OF GOD 9:00: p.m.-Worthlp! Wed.: PRIMITIVE: BAPTIST Drivels Have. M. Wright 7:30 ,.. -Prayer MtetfM.
CTTURCnOtrth door Theater.
Haues Blvd.H. I Wed.. T :e Mid-Tech Service Nerd Lake Blue' DIM eat .:" ....Sra. School Seventhly Adventist ChwthBAPTBT ::
W. Blvd.. S.. 8:30
Dale e
47$ cry : a.m.
W. BUUl-gawerth. Paator 7:30: p.m.-Praytr meeting of n-e TaPj TTtTd" Ave. I, tiJt Ram er all..... 11:. ....-Wonhip TEMPLE DCNDCI
School Oalta A. Meyer, Minister Elder W. C. Chandler 1:13 p.M.Aduft Bible Study Jack n...., Pasta
10 oo anV..m.-5un..Mornlng Worship METHODISTELOISE2RD Sunday Devotional 11 ..... Knp tmits it par htn will 10:00: am.Bible Study LATE ALFREDPRESBYTERIAN t:13 '...Young People'a 19:W ..-.-.'". School
11:00: Christ Ambaasaaora STREETRev. Tveadty Steak Club 11:00: p..-Preaching Service t:13 ,...- Society 11:01: a-asJfonUBg Worship
8 30 p m Evening Service Pfd D. Swlther 421 1:. Park at Success 7:00: p.m.-Preaching Service Rev David E. Di tact. Passer 7:00 ,...-&trv. of CvaagetUa: f:. Jll.-CYeIIq
p'.m. Worship I
Wed.1:30: 10:00: a.ro.-Church School Sunday School: U ..... U.S. SAYINGS BONDS Wed.: /A: ...-sa. School ,:. pjn.Wed.. M4."T..k Wed:

7:30: p.n-PriyerBIbU8tudv 7:00 p.m.-E:'anlng Worship Center: H4 So. lows ':01 pJB.-Prayer Ueettng U:. SJa Morntag Worship. S TTke U. ,.a.-Q1f_ trl1'ft7JEUItaI


Hpr July 31,1964 WINTER HAVFN DAILY NEWS O 11trr'' \\'N'fR' [ HAVEN rtORlnA __ Pege Nre

Bobby Downs" Cardinals Nix Cubs For 6th In RowBy I

GEORGE C. LANGFORD a baaea.loaded double to score Willie '
May runs '!ring
Ends CPI Sport Writer two run in the loth inning to angle gave the Clam j \12
Prep Grid Don i took now but that sour give the Phillies an uphill VICtory lead In the top of the in hit
I I'll i,h OK the St IxHiii (ardiRSj and a 3.I edge in their Johnny illliwn doubled I '1'on> I
and t I itttburgh Pirate wV important three game !net with Taylor was hit by t <. a, lord
I 1'.dll'lng{ I has turned to cream: the tecoad place Giants Perry pitchy

Days TomorrowBy n1 i- r. ring both teams t*>
wail. he top in the Nation
L :ague scramble
BOB JIAViLtNDStarts a Both trams have suffered major
K Editor rl"appointments with hurl
I Winter Havens Bobby Down, the only high school AU. ('f\ they were counting en
America from Florida this year writes the final chapter in hcv III'| this sea ton.
KlEnTi football' career tomorrow night In the annual North The cardinals 11lip 18esmp -
tar gridiron contest In Gainesville winner' Ernie Bruglto to
I The 80), 165 pound athlete will be listed a* a Winter the i tabs after a dismal start;

(graduate on the rOller, but >t the game ends_ he___ will___ two n 'ill____'?_ r BJb Llb5un. aim an U game
{a* a Florida Gator winner ell flat I after winning
Because of Downs' partlci played hich school end Ameri his first four fame. Ray
piston the all.atar game has can Legion baseball this year, Uathburn had a recurrence of
| prompted much local Interest finishing the Legion season his! arm ailment and the !st
A lane contingent of local with a batting<< averare that Lutz, relief! rorpi was inciter
hnl. oossiblv swelling to the surmounted the BOO mark. He tlvo The Pirates sent Don
size of one of the Blue! Devil "ommrtted only two fielding Schwall! to the minors and 17
!Special; of the 14 lemon! errors while playing first tame winner Bob Friend was
Is expected( to make the trio base for the Winter Haven! hit hart

tn Cntorville Many will alto post Pittsburgh however however
tike In the .1l.lIllIr b* 1ct"h.l1! He also was one of the main. has won eight of Us last 10
game In the afternoon The\ slays on the Blue Devil basket games and during the stretch
cave tilt I II slated for 4 p.m. ball team even! thoueh It was hu received three complete LtK''hi In Houthou IMa/ii
__- ""___ _
-- :: .gr..liii
and the football game at T 41 his first interscholastic try at '" game victories plus excellent to pr' ss'Idr you \\ IUI
Downs wn the most sought the sport FAMILIAR FIGURE -- Bobby Downs, who wore No. 14 during the Winter Haven Blue. Devil relief pitching by AI McBtan convenient bunking fttollltloNSewuu ,
after Florida eridder: this But It was football where football season UM 1 year will climax his prep career tomorrow night \In the annual North. to Jump Into third place. four
vear He!' hid a score of col Downs made the headline South AU.Star gri llron contest In Gainesville Downs was the only Florida high school grldtier garnet out of first
let offers but signed with the He led what was considered. elected for All'America honora this vear he Cardinal currently own :

U of F because he plans to the Western Conference doormat .' .',<" '<'. "N .,,' ". the league longest winning CIIECICING
remain In the Mate after to an unexpected, seemingly < streak, six games. which In.
completing his college work Impossible 101. season Bang-O-Lur'enes Tony's Pharmacy Wins Colt elude three route going |>erformancet hlosgubsr Ch''l'khlt.nlnt...
good for the runner up spotIn
He was the first to sign with and five victories by
the unlveraitv with head Ga the league behind Tampa In District Meet lefthander St Louis It only HI MM'\lal Checking AcomintN

tor oacb Ray Craves personally Robinson Robinson went on Bagley Bang 0 .Lur six garnet behind the league
heading up the recruit to earn a berth in the Class ette* of Winter Haven r Title Tops Grande Market leading Phllllea In fifth placeVernon SAVINGS
ln. staff. AA state football finals move Into first round ac Law, who hat won
Even though Downs wit all During the! regular season tion of the women s district ; two garnet In the Pirate' 'h'Kulnr HuvliitfHClirlnlmiiM
confl'ftnce..11 state all the Blue Devil quarterbackraced 3 do.pitch Softball ,f A 13-hit barge by Tony fought back two score two In streak, held llouiton lu five
Southern, and all.America. his for :20! touchdowns and tournament in Clearwater i t Pharmacy miss more than the fifth and one in the sixth hits for a 1-0 victory In the! Club Htivliiir
future In reference to a pro converted 19 extra point trys tonight against the Mer enough to defeat Grande Mir to claim the title fine game of a doubleheader CortlflciUON. (lr Drponlt
career could be on the base He led the locals In yards i chantettes of Lakeland I: ket 11-6 in the Colt League Four of the w'inner'* hits Thursday night Schwall ((3D,
gained with 927 by foot and championship game yesterday bat of Robert making hit lint
ball field this according to U slated for came off the atari since
added another 491 via the air a, The game ,i at Dt'niton Field. 1XANSIllMtllllmOlU
local conches and fans He there Pobjvcky who went four for' being recalled from the minor,
He tossed seven TD paise 7:30: p n "< Although Grande Jumped off four at the plat. gave up only three hits over
He averaged 88 yards pet t The playoff are double ; to a tint Inning lead, Tony David McCutcheon slammedtwo the lint eight Inning of the 1 a elimination U the Bagley
carry 1I1.T yards per game, homer for the lotcrt nightcap AI McDean rescued l, mimIVrxomtl \
EVERY and II,T points per game He I unit wins they will play Tony also won tM regular him In the ninth to '111\ 11
was the backbone of the Win. | again it > p.m. If they triumph IxmnnSPKCIAL
NIGHT ter Haven offense, and, when I lose they will play tomori FranckhauserRecovering mark season Grande crown with was a second 11-3 Bill \lrdon tingled home law

necessary measured up to row morning record. is( al) In the tilth for the only SKIl VICES
.I defensive Stan > The winner of the die with a Tg
big ( *
e a g u x Grande 2011001.63 run of the o|>rner and Jerry
IS dardi trict tournament will 123 021 I.9 13 I l Lynch homered and added! I HllfO l>l'|M>Mlt lhixelsnTrnvollnrM
Downs was paid complimentafter move Into the state meet Tony two.run tingle to pace the PI.'al"l .
Fred Murrvll, David Brun \ Cht'ck.rl'HUSrr .
compliment by rival Lakeland
weekend In
next 11 hit attack In the night
STEAK conches and out-of.town snorts ton (5)) and David Anderson,
three Bill Surrency (5)), Dob Murphy capRay
writer After scoring
Stdeckl SI311VICISSlly
< From yielded only five
Injury Steve Spears ((1) and
touchdowns and four extra hid but needed ninth Inning relief
points in the regular season! Kenneth lI.rt.Grinde' help from Roger Craig to 1I1"Itntm..nt|
NIGHTat finale against Barlow that Slate David McCutcheon post his 12th victory again
cltv's newspaper commented BtMIDJI. Minn.(LPD _. Tom two home runs, Billy Fowler fight defeat for the ('irdtniliIn ,
Thank goodness he I II Franckhauser,, Minnesota MkInga single, Bill Surrency single their s.1 victory over the (hi
at 't'nior" During the game one defensive back has mad Tonya Robert Pob>.cky CIO Cub Bill White drove In
Bartow fan. who had to see Tampa Twinbill a good comeback from a near- four singles, John Clark double four St Louis talllet with two tI fmlqXVA.TIOlV.AJLi
It to believe It. tabbed Down fatal blood riot, although due- and ingle. Ronnie 0'Neat tingle and a iicrlflc. fly
i$ fantastic One high tort said his condition was still\ double and two singles, Bob tgtinit lour Dick FDiworth
MORRiSOn'SSPECIAL school scout noted Downs as Daniel Plumbing Softball "..,101111." Murphy single. Steve Spun and reliever Don Fliton Mike .ANKt''rIi (
running five direction at onetime team of Winter Haven sporting The 27-.r,0Id Purdue triple and ingle. and Brent Shannon added three tingle .
this \bring what moM a season mark of 41.". will graduate, who suffered the head Whitley Ilnlle.United and drove In the other (ardlnal ?
( only) t pepple consldtt; 'bgpIp pecurattdlscripllbn go to Tampa tomorrow ,njM. Injury) In a drill Wednesday, run '... ... .,- .
nils wa* removwf ft'mIh.\ eflUMl ift'tthe !
or for a doublcheidcr agiinsLSup. lit Thursday alter doctor Moi The. Pblllle rallied to ,.., A BIUCAlW
prowess erlor Motors if Tampa sExchange ; Giants3 In 10 Inning to
Although Downs gained i Claiming a 299 record M far deckled he showed no evidenceof open up a m game lend and DANK
many laurel in sports It was this season Superior Motor I I. muscular or nerve damage. BankIn the Dodgers overcame the bladeS
In another area where he pot Tampa representative to the Prompt surgery to relieve the S In the only I other National sovTMiair PLAZA MiMan. r o i c
sibly gained his biggest hon. Southern Regional Softball pressure on hit brain watered-. Pony FinalsA league game scheduled
Ited for saving Ms life\ Franckhauter's
or when he was selected 1964 Tournament which will be heldIn Rankle Johnny Brlggt slugged
wife, Beverly, was .
Homecoming King four run fifth inning banded

4 4II 4W 4v --- The September game will be held at Oillai flown ,to Tex hit .bedside home The from couple their United Motor Service Center .
a 1-4 victory over the Ex
Cuscaden Park and will Mart
has a on.-month-old baby.
Tiger Fights at T:30 p m. Franckhauier was able to change National Bank In the
Next Tuesday in I It Inn City joke a little\ with his wile sod Pony League championship I
the Plumber will meet the the few team members permit- playoff yesterday and (forced
Subdittrlct 4 champion, Publi led to visit Mm a ahowdown for the loop
Jose GonzalesNEW a twin bid In the secondgame : 1 over the rest of the squall scheduled for this m nine stDenlton "
they will play* the run.nfrup Coach Norm Van Brocklln Field. I .
YORK (tPhFormermiddleweight team in the recent tourney said the squad' practice United Motor, who time
champion Dick. Gene Upholstery' of Bar Thursday afternoon was "very from the ler\ aide of the
hopeless o< getting a return But added It "
Tiger tow. routine was 1\1- playoff bracket to earn a
shot at the title, launches Carroll Latteter and Marvin I." berth In the final, recorded
a new campugn tonight In a Simmons are scheduled to pitch He aid It was too early to dx bits yesterday, The C*. / 1
II IIt fight with Joie Gonzales at for the Plumbers tomorrow (tell what effect the Injury would change Bank team get seven.United I
Madison Square Garden nighl have on Franckhtuaer'i foot Motor out MO 0-1
Their nationally televised 10 -- ball future or on the rest of Exchange Bank 000 SO 0-4
rounder it the first outing for the team.
Green and Luttreil,
34 year old Tiger of Nigeria DIKE ADDS! CO\CIIFS franckhauacr w..tll.lredlf-
he lot the 160-pound ter tackling rookie fullback PhilMeW.II.u and Bragg
since DURHAM N C. (tWit) -Hal
Bob LMImcrsingle
: to Joey Giirdelto a', At. In scrimmage H. United Motors
crown and Mike McGee
J lintir Lily last Dec T. have been added to the coachIng complaIned of dizziness and was Timmy Greea singleRy Lot. CHRYSLER DEALER'SSUMMER
Although tonight opponent staff of Duke Unlvenlly'ivarsity ruined to the hospital where h. Tic single, George
I Gonzales. U regarded a* perhaps football lam.McElhaney underwent emergency surgery trell double. Bruce Williams
i the outttindmg "tpoilersince formerly with triple and tiogl
of heavyweight Eschang: Ty Rib two sit
the old day
College. will be STOCK
PRICESON ). Bob Pastor and Johnny assistant' coach In charge of Church League glee. Don Myeri home run and
Ritko Tiger la favored at 12-9 triple Ferris French doubt,
linebackers McGee
STEAKS Finals Tonight Rublnit triple and *iaAccr.rr .
to beat him was promoted from the asilst Wayne

/loffison'lltll -lllTll tltDlCI Tiger I.10 potting year Puerto but b.Rl I* ant freshman coaching job will" First Baptist of Lake Alfred ,Ie. SELL-OUT-!
quiliy urns tender goodliest can favored beau of hU punch, handle the offensive lineCALL defeated Lake Region Baptist INVITATIONS!
jut prices/ '.2 In the semi final of the
it ruggedness
IPICgw .
skill st: mina MONTICCLLO. N. Y
3/UB flRLOIN STEAK men Church at Softball Mercury league Field tourna litt Jerry Lucas, the Nation JUJ(
night .1 I Basketball AsanelaHon'srookie [}{] M

$1.19 Jimmy Notes led Lake Alfred of the year tail aesnon,,

FUn MIGNON STEAK With hurler! twoor Russell Werrltt four Winning fanned trolt and Terry Pistons Dlschinger have accepted of the D I.*. '

eight' vHatwm 1 to>> play Inhfo sixth [ [Db) SAVECHRYSLERS
fttokc buket
.79 take Alfred playa First Bap annulI Maurice
IUI of Winter Haven In the fl, ball game at Kulther Country
sal) tenlght at Mercury field at Hub Moallcelkt N V. Aug

y... ,... a.y" a.- FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! ON'64aO'lltE


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ILL > IFII =I). fl" .


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Brtngle't Jewelry FOR LEASE Texaco Service ; grams. fancy ttltche. no attachment -
IMPERIAL MOVINO A STORAGE Station lob 3rd Bt. SW CY 3-U74 Johnson ApplUrice. Highway 17 needed. Balance I574U or
Prompt and efficient *.ervlc for 4-TF 7Monthly. Call '*--11801. Mot CHEVROLET
Lake Alfred. 373-113 II-Aug. II
UJ Third 1t..1. .W .n your moving need Call ---- -- CHARLES IVbKSON. PAINTER
1 mock South or rest orne.. CY 3"41H4 for tree MtlmatM Agent
for Atlas Van Un**. Inc carving WANT A NEW BUSINESS OF Job eitlmated or by the hourCareful FOUR m..n'. lult. 1 .port* coat.
Quality Watch AN .II M ItaUi. 14-TF YOUR OWN Now under con. TREE SERVICE work Call CY HJK186m Site 41 and 41. Several *hlrulie
Jewelry Repair truction 3 bay Atlantic IIPrrle.Btall..n 10th St. SW l.. CY S-4S72' 30-3
In the New Southeast Shop.'dreg 3-TF CENTER'SSummer

((6)) Special Services Area. bitremely high potenlal TRIMMING. CAVITY. DEMOBSINO -
17Aog. 17 : Pild Training; Write Box A: CAUUNtI RE SETTING MEAT cane and I e 3 ft walk In
SAW SHARPENINGSaw IM for both I2t Ave I
1444 A Newn-lhlef or call fc.LI Complete clean-up Fre* Eetlmate NW"ler. I0TUJFOR
KEEP ; ; Nil Jackxinvlll Collect 3U4
your esrylc.manq touch' Call LUKE TREE SERVICE
Winter Haven Drafting Co
with ell the Hometown New by All type Commercial A CY 3-I3J4: lAu: .. 12
--- ---
eendlnf him th* Winter Haven ReeldenllaJ DraftingSatlalactton *. gardin tool. chosen sharpened BALE Uied aluminum, peer SELLDOWN
Dally Newt-Chief. Special) rate* Guaranteed e a m e dy brought In plate. 23" I 34" 2Sc each. Ei-
t month |2.SO. Call CY -." now. Drawn Bldg .' Cy 4-1423 SWIMMING POOLS PHILLIP'S HAW silo)'. til 34th collect for un a* ildlnc Ineuplallon"
.TF. 3TIGUSTO Inwood aM-aiJl: 3-Auc I
/ WANTED! material heat reflector for barb :

.. .. An mblliu man who $lu* drill, and, many. other horn tYe A i fCIALS
\'ift ;- -- -- 'PoD&"eNITRUC..
((2 1 ff ".t.d.re..oswcAL' : .- .vnint to be "'.."*...*.."1 IIwtlil MINI] AUTO SERVICE tnj|,, lndu.tr/a'"UMe.. At the NewL .-
TION and
1, at iNn REPAIR Financing nfOce. IM 3rd Bt. NWTF> .
,, .. )" AettM Merehinti Four week \hjrf .,
'/' .. available f'teral .' '
pa trtlnlnf I" e.rrios i WC1aIra.1y1.v Fri.
ALTEHJB fl8'e- .Blind IIltobedHW / Ilan Marehuedl.in and See, Building Call ABANNA[ fold Ale! 40 12. Awning i"rri1s.I'( Sat. Only)
tutO ,
moJi-nrViulpmcnt Hickory CY 34171 M
Having ID-July DODUEAulhorlted .
STORE chlldren CY 3-7M4 kn. Edna choer. Clan. Th. Pun Comp.eyhoe window Wood paneled Interbr.
apparel, want experienced en derv tulben.drty' Completely portable Screen
,, *
ehUdrea ihne *al*.man on commu. 111: t it :" for !lea.. en the Cy Factory Service On :porch: Call Thomson, CY 3M17as PlBRAND *
Ion baaU. Someone willing to .tarton Winter Haven lour SurfacingCo.; ; ; prone Ordn Hd nr the BUILDING REPAIRS -4
Chryiler .Plymouth .Lancer
limited Income. such a* augmenting Benefaction luaranlndL. new Plata Shopping Center NEW
Social Security preferredMUM A. BOUTS and teutheait wlntr Hvn .Valiant DOUBLE mattreu. bonnprlnf 3-
be qualified. CalCT 4JJ6Iafter : reileentiel area Will ..*ul,. cheat of drawer 1-dlnlnt room
I p m. ...24TFHelp III I. n"t 81 Phone CY 4-13(1 904 55meapital: her eto k eelegeipmetlt. For mall repair Joke call) retired FLOYD ROBERTS MOTORS ulte. brd.lde tables. I I 12 carpet. IMPALA SPORT
e Y tnter.etelf Call builderCY $21 Sixth 81. SW 344101 and pad. CY 3-31171: :JV.at.I'IOA COUPEModel
.r write D P Driver, ".O. 3.2470 17-Aug. IT
w.nt.4. FEMALE: Burger .*. IM Phone ni IMI 26-TF I

Wueen. Aply lot Havendal' Blvd. ((6-A) Animals & Supplies Winter Hvn. - - - ) Boats & Motors 1147. ._ ... Stock No 742

.1 I .. "U ..,.P1; W"4I .., ,Yese +

OPENINGSfor MALE: BOXER Stud "Service 166 _.. !., ... ,
Business FurnitureTAKE 14 Lapetrake boat with "
( -
d fawn A while I (9)) OpportunltieiSNOWBALL I ((9-A) '" er .
C"t'i: one max trailer New tire and !
-- -
women U you want to work II HP kvlnrud; Also' I HP M>r-

but cannot give full time there pnodl grooming Own POPCORN AND COT, OVErt PAYMENTS or"tv8"i'30' model WO T-lltl 3031W1 #

U a splendid Income opportunity from II00 up AKC 11CI to.0! TON CANDY equipment. Roy I room fine furnllur.. Slorac ---16' ------ fiberglass I

for you with Avon puppy' for .. .. 23-UN: :M>! Your OwnBusiness Bale Co. 1112 W Plait It. Tampa 30-I claim never b ..n ....... Include*: boat Windshield I Span America, top, remola con I

G E: double door n.'fr.'.eralor. leo- trot 2* IIP Evlnrude Electric I Includei NOW ONLY
Write P.O. Box 139S or FREE Two gentle. adorable. unfortunate --- Irk range etc 17 17 |.er week Tike tart Heavy duty double tract' Whitewalli wheel ..

,Call MZ4137 Lakeland. klltim female IMAv Retail Flower Shop Well FOR BALE TRADING 10 51Hula all I.r l71i.-Warrhno."' }'rnitura trailer 1875. 310 lth8t_ _:_NE 311II I coven,
*. A. 8W CY 3-0323. 31-31 el.tabllshl'd. NW 2611 tinted wfndthield Nothing
Oopher City limit a FIBERGLASS runcboul 10 HP 2443
-- ----- ,
Builnen stock It
Scott Electric elte to buy or be added
29.31EXPERIENCED of Eagl Lake Buoy leaao comic Tilt trailer Seat on.
----- --- FOR SALE:: Boxer pup, T week. equipment. Only $3000 Vt up Summer Sal See or phone Cl ((10)) Articles: For Sale I Fucellent. all boat {516. CY117'II. (Only 2 % Florid sales tax
old. Male and female*. 1111I Oakland 31-TFALUMKRAFT
Down will handle 3-1401 from T ,
to 10
clothing aaleiman p m. or writ< "r..1 I
Dr. Auburndal. :3 31CHAHUAHUA8
P.O. Box Deliver1 I"I Winter HVM)
7SI Winter
or will coniWur young ma* to Have SH l- boat 1 gator trailer .
learn wiling. Jo Davl Men* -- ----- Re-/l-one/ .
: Rendered pupptie Beasley Realty Co. ONE Frlgldalre 1 Evlnrude motor 1 wheelbarrow
Wear Call In .parson for Interview, mother. and etude. |:W and record player Kicrllent condltkm iprayer. phone :
3-1 3iW 432-3474 Adam Trailer IM 6th St. NW CY 1757 SUPER TEST ga. elation to lea es' Call I IV 4-19W, *-* ttJ.UI"ll
... _
at Inventory Mine- )Rang Road
Park U.& 27 Dunu<>.. 30-,
GIRLS: Full time or part-Unit to Owner 2344721. Tampa, IH i RUBIIER STAMPS For check BRAND NEW
deliver promotional .."I.. No -- -- endoreement nnnatur .
II Wanted To Rent
elllng. Tranaportalkin I I. neceaeary. other. purpeee aloe dating n ( )
To Trade
make from HO to 1100 a week Call ((7)) Buy or lamp Main pocke
:WS-M6II, lam. to 1 p.m. >>-3l lamp. STAR PRESS plume. CY CHEVELLE SPORT COUPEModel
NEW CAR BUYERS 4-SJM HI Ave A. NW.Tr. THREE BR Two balll 1IouM. Write
WANTED cuKtant. manager Major WI BUY ueed appliance end furniture ---- --- Boa A-UOO 'JIo Ne..o-CIIk 23IFI
oil company _..Ie. nation.Excellent and w* will ueed ai.pllanc- VSED REFKIOUtATORS 5637 Stock No. 749
opportunity' for experienced n i and furniture BKUOKS Range. Walier* Dryer
man. Preferred mechanicalbackground APPLIANCES A rURNrrUKC SIMtavendal Air CoiMilt loner* Reconditioned (I ll-AFor) Rent Unf.
:-.rlll'I dating luallflcation / Blvd. 3-TF fully guaranteed Term
to % New- ---- -- -. LOOK AT THIS! From 12* M and IP JOHNSON '
M suitable for duplex building. Phone 371-IIJ. Nllet 171-1511I. IteDROOkt houM. Ave C. BWCi ::
WANTEDSeveral Writ or call IM Tremont Dr Ok. ll-TF | W mualk Kid w*" 1..1.-
UnaM4643 ill| of kit A price limo. -- _. come Phone i2"1-I; .

.. Gilmore PontiacWLL 1'01IALE Rubber stamp chopeoenpl.te 3.TF.PART..IHT.
Real Estate salesmen ---- ---- ------ --
SWAP 10 n aluminum Oat bottom with type A machln.of
or isles ladles to Join one of 00 VI engine, whitewelli, tintNOW ONLY
bot fur food air conditioner fall HuO Also ran be lued for plaellclamin.tli .
Winter Haven more progress 3134413. 31-1 >**. Contact Bruce Week. 1 A 2 beilroom- 140-IM to 5 A ed windthield, wheel coven,
SELL 65 MORE al 3314 Ave g nw after .00
live oftlcei Private office & I .pm.TFSLIGHTLY up HEASLEY: REALTY CO. retractable teat belt Noth.In 52433

good listings W. offer every ((8)) AutomotiveFOR -Marred 4 PC-Bedroom IM Ith Bl NW CY 1-J7S7 25-TF site to b. added on.

consideration to be a part 01; NEW PONTIACS Suit. Plastic finish Include (Only 2 % Florida Ides fe*
box iprtng a 3 BEDROOM vnfurnlahed homeKitchen
our active force For appointment nuitre II3M:
SALE811 Plymouth SAVE..% WAREMOISL FURNI equipped |M BfcASLEY: ..ta.1 I (Doll,,"" .hi Winter He ee)
call 294.3i28. 29 TF REALTY CO. M4 Ith SI. KW CY
clunker IM Itxwe TUNE SALE U "ht II. NW 24-11
3M3B4I31TF 25th -- un1. 2 -TF i
helper -------- ----
krowledg of carpentry. plumh- '/T CADILLAC Sedan D VIR.. Full- FOR SALE: CHEAP Air conditioner | bedroom apartment new air '
Inv panting lr. power factory air conditioned. I bar Moot with .back. glass. osdit.ewdIll Av*. B, !II&. BRAND NEW
P ,manent poalllon. PhilipstInt arellent condition Widow mealeeR eliding door f n vide Phoa M.
I Be Jack 1'lne. Philip HIM 00. Owner 423-344 ..* at SAVEUPTO$750ON FR 2-1041 21-3 lie 'I
1, rallonal; Building PUG to 10 00 orner Main A 2nd St. Dundee. SAVES $ --- 2 bedroom unlumlahed. 131Marlowe CMVAII CUE COUPE

*-m :at-4 .. 1 SET good used men |oK t'1u'iW Drive fl per month
--- --- -----
ITS. CY S4&I3.
r 300 annual aalary t* thoroughly AtkertMi Realty-Mi W. Ceetral Model No. 527 Stock No. -

ambitious married man ag* J-42 SEWING MACHINE:> tuj.Sag modelW .. I
.lha* lived locally I year By 1960 RAMBLER! cabinet, make* buttonhole Ave. CY 4-SM4.
MI costly known financial Inatltuti monogram Mtn differeddeeign S-Tf i ir
i who will p"'lI\l.! train man 4 DOOR SEDAN NEW 1964 PONTIACS all wnketrt many.lIac........ 4 !
I red In our Xecullv .. .. pro month alii. Null NICE: I bedrooea unrumiohed home
Steeeere1 Shift; U lash or 5 paymenu .... Co.
I"? No travel Apply Holiday ; M 1700 No SK Beaaley Realty
credit needed src"
1- Lakeland, Saturday Aug lit Fin; C.edBlai. !! Writ locust Mtnagrr A.I4&3 J'- 2VTF
II I a m. for aptitude let _**Jl_ I S04 Florida Drive Come In Today For Your Deal Newe-ChMf 31- IDEAL[ ter cwipM or "' "Ico-: 4tkwdnmnj @

WANTED ceases) Office Clerk Aabumdalo. WO TMT8 RESTAURANT tables and chair" LAKEFRONT '

ma. .'I'rtenced,'..... A figure ti'Uoeddswoorrkn gla Ire A Great Car More For Your Money .clued condition-" ,... ,Ala'"" t 33 MaytagaaAmg pMoLtape CY 4-3JW4. ._t-tr Include1: NOW ONLY

Ilea.:'on***nd good recum to Martlng lira A-1451 pay, WO-PONTIAC Jn.illl-u.;;: They Sel In 3rd Fleet Will seS reorder reaeoeaku and rlertrtr ..... a" CY BCDKOOM 3<0,4. haw for root I1-Tr CaH All factory ttenderd equipment

N..wa-Chlel 2 -2LXPKR1ENCED m-jaL M Nothing else to bedded
Power Nationally BARGAIN --- >>WItOOM HOUSE: Vnhtm
: meat cutter for cMng louver 47 otter aU fan".....with_ ...... ar partly "' "'........ NB: .* .. (Only 2 % Flo,. JSfiLvino
pal! Urn work.<< 30 hour weekly 11-1351. 1- hen RMary PartNeu
R.lil.4' aeml-retlred. Inquire -P 1fTl4c' THERE MUST BE A REASON. 1 3443.Pear funum hip In. butte. U-l CY :=. Inaulr 1 510 Let R Ida sales tn ."'..I .
A 4 P ..:1. Alfred: -TF Ouod tire radioawl ''i'lL 3HfrBEDMOOM
-- heater Run good IM CY COME SEE! COME BUY! STURDY nWndatMn IakIde;;
WANTED Woman or girl to live Sawn, 314POLITICIANS horn In Eagle: ) Lake
113 Whole .
la Houaework and help car lor : -:- -- .-t A. A.'iH Hire kouea. Call after Tu/ p m.CY .
dale 7-RKE
two children. SILOS a woes plus PRIDR A ..*-POIIllelanowner -CoO One ef the ..... .. Sales Iepresatstlm-< --- -- .1IT1 '
car only one -- .01''
and board Nice homeCall
private room
tour t*> drive t. the WITH paevwhas. at Slue' Lev)re. 3-BEDROOM large het ,
CY 4-liat after 4 00 p.m JMTFBTrNOBookkeeper very year CHUCK tOUGHTON HAL TRUCHART rent tlectrlr
poll. *.. thl rrily preeerwdlerco Cwprt Skamtwoer mesthly 981 ale. & PeW Lake 4 -
D Arrow al CENTRAL FLORI- far IIW per day J.*a Ilelad. IlarW Mar. "T
-- ----- -- --- GEORGE STUDD CAM DARROW Hardware.
full or part DA SALia. INC tV4 Third 5W 114QUAIiTY
time MuM b* able t* meet pub-. "lIMO -' MdnnlApAwteswa IIfetgaaiM I
r. Age preferably 34 to 4* Salary! Bank Rate Financing 4 rang, wall Si wasD Chevrolet Center Inc
".. Bond reeume to Box A-l.S arVDEkAKCR: 1 toy Inert 4 raceadltiMted nee. weft I cu...._. air mdltle 4. Saks ,
" N-w.-Cruet 214 dual tire oMft MIUVMWM. Net N-a*>...... Bee pttvdege*. .NertkcaM. __
lest eon.lgWe. IJnioo IMI KGAklrlpool OPEN UNTIL 7 P.M. SEE US whet r U\IKt.EKrK; WA1TKU aHnkiiw et .
_ aaher-Pryor
n'_ and .board fumlahed. plus this moo. phoM Maine Ctty HA OR CALL CY 4-4108 WINTER HAVEN la.Acewa tram .st1A.- b6l16- :
IMOe ealary per week While we- WlOt 214XACH tJ Caa Oa. n TF BOMETMDIO MICKI
<".. year old, alorle'uYw3n4w1 260 6th St. N.W. : .*. >- OnXva near L k. Caw CHEVROLET iWIKtt
..J touting! town Mud sell I aM aM Lak --. KMrkeel .....
103 Ar*. a N*: ; ..c.n.l, .-ar U mo .., flMOD >Tf 30618, Ill .. 33IK1 3-TI << WT*. 2M

---- --
--- -
-- -




j -
_. ..'ANuA' .
.- u'L
\ 'D "
rr: : \.D "

1(12)( ) For Rent, Furn. ((13)) Real Estate For Sale ((13)) Real Estate For Sale (!I4-A) Lots & Acreage L y '

( (

CLEAN In I room quiet veil furnlehed. du.. I BEDROOM 110.... Fax _. FOR SALE oar 1 Bedroom a..t.UnIOItT LOTS TRACT :z: INSlOII IN HIS LEFT REAR fl r-J\&r *
pin neighborhood .
Atcondlttoaed .
Utility room Carport. StW down Can Maw sways uofurnlehed ..... Roe IN SvBav akrae bream SUperuaeM Stettaa. rPJ .HIS. MOLAR IS A TIN-/ ..
and veek-aada at NN Aft, ATaw. lab Alfred. North Lab Law ''C
Adult Refereacae No =
pet, ftLake par BwMk. law down paymea aey frapirtlee. Phoneltl alter HEAD tVueWELENGTHRECEIVING araea
J.. Dr CY 4-im. 701I 3N .
A take omr paymeata. tat RalphSi 1:40: paso >tlI.3M. SET' Ca ....

1.BEDROOM .IHOIIIIltloaed Apt."orlda ., A..rode.'I.*. AVIAN.? ,
Call T
1'00I1W DIn furnlatMdAHovaace CHUCK B FROEMEE to axJCHOtWTHALBR beta,. II and after 10 *
i T
what a$300 Down WIll burl, mIST '
an rent for lava
care ACRES tillable foe
L'Y N4a. A CO. 2M-WS 'ure.:: Js --
aw ACRE ?ERNE ; -
NKea vkeada .4
1-BEDROOM garage apartment u TODAY'S BARGAIN ....-. / \ \1 _

lovely NW aacthm Lake aoeaaaI 1 tiki bath borne, carporte. large

I Watrr "'rol....... 145 _tbl,. ClIUH SHOP IN WINTER HAVEN lot of .(I acre, adjoin canal leadIng -
SM Into Lake afeha Only IIMU. | Five Acres of Cleared |
TIM ft by lUll S. Croaa Av. Lake I PlDMT BAY X i WCN1T V DONT KNOW WIIOW
Alfred and call Oeaa Cooper Realtor MEY KID! DOES 11115
| Grove Land
CB houae Electric kitchen. Idt
I monthly Water furnlahed. CY S5M1SH modern: home, majr b< Av*. H. SB I-bedroom new Price: 12....... .1.... | CAMP SWAMPYI L05' IF T1114 RQO... T

used aa t bedroom, large Hump ceramic tile oath New kitchen 5 dews payment sad kal- TAW/ 1
dining room I ...1.... W/W carpel, with M II....*. Extra lot. Financed. r
I I-BEDROOM horn wall to vail carpetlng gaa furnace, double rarporteecreened CY I-4UO for appointment SM = nee at )%. Can | r V LOST E

dlahvaaher. automat patio. M B Itf. landscaped -
| vaahlnc machine and dryer, Corn.pktely M underground eprlnklei LAKELAND Choice c.... .. | ELEANOR IGLEHART |
furnlahrd except' lor dlehei .,"am. WOO ........ phone FR S-l&ll lakefront older horn* with rental
and flnena. 1100 monthly Elderly or come are 3M Harbord St. IU-I unit Price 111 OUI). Contact Don s Eve. A Sun. CY 41111'llllllllllllltllllllinilllllllllllttlllri '
couple preferred CY .:M3II. SH Payne Realtor W* Mao St 00
*>l (
FURNISHED 4-hedroom houaa COUNT .s
1-BEDROOM duplex, 11000 per Good location This haw ready THREE BEDROOM I BATH, ALL I .
week Water furnlehed or IIJW Move .. WO Mill or WO WI 30. BRICK HOME, paneled living
with -hta.., 1507 7th St.. 8W CY .11 room, large Florida room, utility 1 1e KJ
M7M ll-l room, Ulumlnua celling" la butt-la .8.1141
It kitchen' terraaao floor*. Beaetlfully :
Uindacnped City water and

((12-A) For Sale or Rent I Two Choices | but city sewer to all arhoola._ aulaMe 180000 cliy School don 264.J1

Mt 00 _III. CY .. H-TF !

.BEDROOM, 214 bath. cening: = LOTS 1E ((13-A) Groves Legal| AdvertisingIN X lOW n3 VMftTCM TUB t NITWIT! t
heat and contra air andltlonlng.CT LITTLE LAKE = 111 GOLLY RAIN, I CM SEE R BITTIR .T1)0T ct.osa TWIT

: TalE flS('{'" L'Ot'St RAIN AT LAST-Rai { i A IDLE *l4N IT,

Real Estate For Sale : 31,511WOODED | GROVESI TENTS: Il'PI'IAL flan ". x BEEN VERY DR'e' 1 ,
((13)) POLE roiNTY. rummA

: LOT I I hive several imall IN CHANCES' 9
grovesalp ; } ; rln
ONLASE 3 Caee Ha. IMM Ural. M F|. II.. 111
HOMES TRULY GOOD BUYS Urge onei. t with S acre 2i
I Large bedroom. Lakevlev 1
of grove I with 10 acres .
land 111,000 i -- -'
Nearly acre of : fl.,..* Plaint
I BEDROOMS on I Iota : E.- one baa s new house Only ---

cellrnt veil.. water 110000. "e{ Term em be arranged $34.900 with good term. Mot JIMMY DELL IKJWEN.
( a.... lencad. efendan
4 BEDROOMS.hIM.r: ; Call EI of theM grovel may be had NOTICE or SI IT

ATKINS : !:r'J'i:. CY 4llltLAEEFRONT with or without this fruit. THE STATE or rUlUUA TO:
23-Aug. ::16 I ELEANOR IGLEHART | JIMMY UltLL BOWEN, wkuaareeldnnc .
and mailing add,... la
Evenlngi CY 4.Hi: 5s RAY EVERLY UNKNOWN.You .
art hereby notified that a
Fl'BMHHt.U HOMBAMD Real Elite Broker pull for divorce bas. been. file

COTTAUB: :TOWN COUNTRY I Pbone HA 1.3311 Lake DamUtoaSOJ agalnet you In the. above entitled.
1-Bedroom CB horn and CB coltaia cause .and thai )ou are .hereby required
Boat and dock Included! rrmmll'i to aerve a ropy of your an-
z".w. ij1ri'Ii'R' .... _.
Shade and fruit t..... 1180003M1W7. or other written d.I. upon
*>I i "8.11411i1151 i 11L Ul lu Waller W Mink plalntiffa atomey 5u ,,
---- ----- whose atldreea le PO boa
IM Laheland. I'lorlda on or .........
rllllllllllll IIMMIINIMIIIIINmlfhColonial ? Grove & Ih. Hit day of Auguel AU I.... '
MOO: llth 8t. NW. Price reducedto and before or Immediately there- i I ,
|1*.500. |2MO down. all O feet of B I Her to file with the Clerk of (".
!living area l-bedroom. I tile bath. CharmerI 2 Bedroom above alylod Court the original of x
large Fla room living room 32 eaM aD.... .. aald written deeneea -
80. fireplace. Kitchen with dlakvaaher Home / If any
dining room ....oed If you fall to do ao decree pro L91
porch, patio work shop I car parsee Road conteeea will be entered agtlnat you
Located Eloise Loop
aibeatoa roof t....., ehrubbtry, on fee the relief demanded M the :
lake aoceea, lot 130 I 15 Wall ; Has Appro 130 orange treea. ComplaintWITNiJW.
ailing Ineulated I air conditioner (, : desires to trade or win m> hand and official
Owner, Bartov 6334m or $>-H4I Couple ..... ot olfice' at Bertow. Poll U"uny -
for appointment. ll-TT sell for only $,000. norida. Ihla Wth day of July,
; A b 1114

t Beasley Realty Clerk Circuit Court
FOR SALE:: l-bedroom .houae built- By Ronald Headerena 1.31
la 0 B. kitchen I. ion-Pbyl T11lop. IM 4th SL, NW CT 31717q Deputy Clerk

IMO: down or beat ofl... Call July n. Au*. T. 14 II. 1M4etlre
Ha ith R.E
0044400. M-TT AM;A planted a bellows wk4IANV/ IMtm[ Na gyre wbwt p MCjtjf4tgMJMf7lAf /
4 BEDROOMS Family room mo Temple 4 yra luO Hamlin i S..nK7N 11'1 A'iAw SAN .
1100 DOWNI AIR CONDITIONED I yra MW Hamlin I yes UM Valenek To .-... S10I/UM 5050'+'el" IN0ec1N 0.I dAwm(. M/TMNeCUYIA N/M/ a5 ww.a4n 1t.1117UR
BR CB HOMES la I yra. Golden Bough, lee THE (t>l BT Of TMK fXM WTV heir 1N, NM1 MAIm Ali ANY! (p//
delightfully eeeorated AMI J JIIMJK Of MILE UINTV,
Low u 147 00 monttt Eaet 10 T mllea from LakeWalea : tf RAM pK 11' i7Nlp'
CHARLES Mc<'OIlIC. JW,. Broker OUS OWNER SAYS SELLIU!!! R. 0, HOLTON, R>,. B...... ru>*iiN >, ,I 1 150 J
au-aia ... IH RE ESTATE OFJeJBC INC RA(+ -
S-Aug I : r STATLN
IBEDROOM3,j....UI.I idaimpletoj1y burn Valencia" orange grove. 11yeare Decraeeda z
4AiiiaUtffnK All l11... and Pereene H.eImg
a .located Aicadjaria. cte<
air conditioned Anew vlth fenced ;t;;; old near
Oalma Atinlnal
In backyard. |4U, Ava. 'A. NWM117 IB Deeota Count Moving out er "'
1N of Mate Unable" to aare for gruveIn Mid Eetale
7\r5AT7 s'IGr7Jrm future. Priced wry reaeonable You, and ouch of you, are herebyBotl'lod .
|300 DOWN and aaaume owner1 Phone .J.IIM: Winter Haven a, atH141 to file all claims and demanda
F.H.A. l-oedraoma. heat reildentlal WARREN SECKEL, Fort 50adr. 31-I which you have agtinet theelate
local..... Phone ::11+-1161 afterI RealtorJU -- of Jeeee. C Stalen. teceaaed.the .
p.m. 3M1 LARGE home In Uardea Urove III aI,... of Rlchar A Broaam.County .
with all ...1.... ..__ I bath. Judge, at hia office la the
Reduced ------ and den Court Huuee at Mallow. Florida x
CB home on Lake Mariana ----- huge living room paneled
price Drive out Dairy Road, Bui It-la diehwaeher, central air conditioning' llhm I calendar monthe from July
turn right on Oak View Auburn- 444 AVE. B, 8.E. double carporta Ownertranafemd N. ISM whk-h la the dale of the
dale, WO T-M1I JS-4 and willing to takeevbetanllal Oleos publication of Ihla BMlre Each
Owner will sacrifice to tell this ..... mall down paymeat claim er demand meet be M w nine
Phone Ml 7210 ll-l meet aialr the glare of real
Bath older borne, baa 4 bedrooms -.- __ d..... and poet office address of the
3 Br. 2
dining NEW MODERN I bedroom remeni claimant road be evon le and ( IAJOY IfuW WITH
1 Vk baths living room, ttl Af gAID 1Ml
block .home built-in. kltrhenavnlng must be filed U .,0....... or rise """ /tOltt WMO All INAi 1150.1
Near School room, kitchen 2 Screened wlndowe. tern,. floore ..me will become vuld IAAiN M o0/N0 INACU6M A _
rMANItO, N JY 1 frO1N4lAftl' NAPI I
wood floor lifetime Lot TO a WO Only IIMU I36U /./ Mildred (" A..I r_ WO YG a rUf AWlY w7v'
S30 Ave K, SE porch, Down |M TO per mo tnll Naps Ancillary ElecutrllJUUAN '. eLA', s %M 1Y 0551:5 TNf CaDWDIDe lalNDtY 110511 h% MAN
Take Up Payments root. Lot 100 ISO feel Near Brown, CY 4-1211 CY H4M Pan J HLNNETT Mz IAA, 00 MY 11110 UpwIs 1 55151:1WfLLOWf4ILNGRS :
schools and ihopplog Pay Winter Builder Realtor ll-l A11on.y. At UwI AN7KI/ATION'' / I11t L' Art 1
-- --- --- Vlmar Building '
B&W Builders menu only $3000) per month Winter Haven Florida 4 MOIL INTt5Li'Iylr 41 WlrlItAll'

after down payment Needs FHAAVAILABLE July M '1. Leg 7 14. iMx "C LNAN ANY $ITION ( Yr

CY 1-7147 CY 4-ZS7S CY S-44U tome repairs and painting. Call FOR SALE e A I
ISTr i.. TUB ciku'i'IT ( I7.TOrTU'r.IIIT"
NEW I Bedroom I tile bathe airconditioned.
nrpa lot "la erectterra..o Realtor WINTER HAVEN/ Te '_low __a..
floors, formica cabinet UBl'RNDALE AREA HOMES Caw We. aMaaellt
bulIMn with hood a
oven range AND
taut many other silent. 111.100 lZIWa&.NW
M-AUC. 14 PM" CY 4.IS2' CY MMI 111,HO HAVEN,
DeI..1 I
aa Harbord St. Lake Alfred. Bunkea .
Urine room vail t* van carpet. o.rtl.M 111 Vlrtorta AuburndalajajTCTH -- -
-- Hobbs M.. W. H.IIOI. ELLA: MAE: MURRAYYou
central neat 4 air. glnge 14 notified that
In all new home area S BEDROOM Home at Ml Are O. lamtlff an tell hereby laetllirlee suN agalnetIM j---j 74./K 4505050 .d! )711 STORM AV? 7ArW1w PlTir /IS SOOH ASUIP TMI
HAROLD SELLERS FR S-IMI SB UN -NOT AVAILABLEtarrm la the above. Myth Cowl and J7w ar4n1t A4Ce' 70 071E10RN 153551 I MN {Y.KA1f' AVS VFAS STORM DOSS NOTtMOTkX
Lake Alfred. JW A Onlr :;or.:E'"lIcJCall ho nature of eaid putt la a 11111 '/slot 4t31MP NJ/4 Situy ,IMP DAWN WNlh TMS .AWIR

NORRIS BROWN CY 4-lllt. Winter Save 1. fofU-loea that certain Mortaaae I / ma repro. TO TMW tAKWN4 MOVIfFriday.
Dan Wlntera CY l-ltU. IM recorded m O/B Book 111 FatetM MYtrI.iGWtYt
HILLTOP HOME -- ------- CONTACT YOUR BROKER puMW recorda of i 1
I .I.-r:;;
tortda.. encumbeein a a >k
NEWLY BUILT IN HOSPITAL NEAR BY n. Inning "deecrthed real eelele MPolk
-- -- ----- County, ylortda, loll
Large red brick home, S large Lot | in Mock t ef Waehlnc
bedrooms, Florida room, kltcb-' Plunda .aa .ettewa by map "S
attic floored Vial Ikereet recevded U the Of-
en. room
Tbii Beth home 1s situated fice at The Clerk wf the finv.ltOevrt
on s well elevated lot just and has half bath upstairs, la and lor Pall. Covatyrtorloa ,
large enough for I more bed-I ra Plat Soul It. fagtaad I M
off the Cypress Cardena in these coJuani today ..:

Road In sn ares of nice, I roomi. Home la llt.SOOOO and the NEW lift of FHA ywe are hereby notified to file 7 31 01j
a two unit apartment ammo ar ether pleading to
you get extra pew
weD kept homes. The acquired propertki the planrllfrs. coenplaiM la the .>!*-
large (101' i 113') lot .bas house with one apartment Winter Haven Auburn- .. be Clerk ef the rircvN ruejrla
rented round. Shown thereof U Summon
MW year mall eea
been completely sodded immediate dale ares la and C-_. 14* Aveava B, NW
with Bahia grass providing bJ appoimment only, 50...... Haven FlorIda ea ar before
pol .1oe. Owner moving For the COMPLETE lift Hgwat SI IMd or sutra -...
s beautiful setting for tote out of slat. wU consider trade of FHA ewmd homes I. "rw Caateeaa la b. -...* aiaiaatwrTNCU ,j Bz., ro/ACIe1'q r vwI NwA r9ey9ee j'Hg.i I IlalrltRA
well designed home.Featurei ". en aAAe( r. eKl4L I // WN.T
Located at 111 Ave D, NE. I available and foil details my hand a* the Clerk I AUU, N .N 'HA'r re t t / if i NM TN(

!include I bed- about prices, down pay .. The ahvee atyled c-.t and the t A AWAI.AN( E M4'tl4S I MHTAMY WAS
sea bit saidairs M Bartov, rteIda. > P(55,50( I DAV5 4 I I/Ow 510014 *4 MISPAVCMSeN
rooma S baths paneled EDNA wATSON menu etc, 1M or call Ikla July M, IvM.D weSS YIJIJOIp :0

Florida room lop living REALTOR the folk st Ton A Country H.._ dm SLOAN.M Lot JR.rWr I r 1 9 ne

room. French Ftvveaeial ra elh ht. NW CY 4 Real Estate, FHA SVMMERLIN: OUNNOSI "' r- T r DP
kitchen double with UKn Property Managers 14 Aeewie B. ITWlater '
garage He.... rtortdaIf CdS ,rx
separate storage room er Winter Haves Aubvn- IT Aejgvn t. 14 n. IIMel o ,w r L q

workshop, and central boat dale ares : $ s
-- -- -- _
and sir conditioning. Told
Tb lift !Include many tee ". C-. cr
price Is $21,000. For a private da CB homes with dow I. T.B COOS'" JllK.fa ; ; "-
iaapecUoa of tiiis SLIMAnd (ot 17 l. Lap FOB rClLa I
horns call: payments si tow ss 1100 (01 SiP rlAiuDLIM YrIL
with B* mortgage eot A RE KTATB Or PliEwl j le..oeouo"r.n+ .
EMMA: B. SlELArrYeex
I 'a'Il T 1/
kflKK NOLEN Getting Slimmer monthly payment ss tows --..d

CY4SSS2LEIS M7. T. 505 CIa CredMare_ .. 11oarad.... P..e.AI-xani ___________________

Your tange of choice: home usjardes -- Said ........:
BROS. Grove Tb SOLO signs IT aad ado at' eva.. ar kerebyBMirM
Oertfvae Bryan 4Wt r/st'n.
Ti. ;
CY u. tae Hi d.loaaIe aft S WAt4r! 1b TINT AN weAr 1 tr f e anPOLiAmYMar Cpe7WMMH
I2M SU SL, NW ten the ...,. Wiae bom seektn Bvieoa Skew Prate l.tean (1' 4uilPaul 44531 rlaieaa ae4 deenaade vkirb vuihe.ee Sal't' l0ee/A DvedL P40/t4 1'' rdecaer Aar PWOlte' I mev Whsle SeaW

are making the move sow .... CY ...-1 agaaM ike ahem el EMMA LAeep15 / I 7Sa.! M' 0w.iirrrt !7 7AUC 'velar AIeM a1N0er tMar w teg5 Ton P.+01011.,
(Op. Nvrtk Gale let fait vail yon still have a' MawrTart..S CY frv.>7* E SUUarr.. Rlcward_...A.4 aewn.utrAsour la UMerflM 131 Bgee6Iet1ArA, MDd wm4 yeH w 150. 4 3 AM IMp, orNeswplS w e tb 1(0.0 TpetrLYR.KMAmEBN
., Hen e CUN Tr.rAMY hr TO
31.11P1En. : choke of model Drive s half. "- Jedae, el Ma en<. M the '
...... I u. BefCells Ara A re1NNolr
A .... WO ,- mile East of Cypress Cardena.JOHXG.WOOO I w alo messes Iron Rc. +

If"I I Jwp 11 1514. shIes I. tee .... ..4I.
i e I '!:litUlI ; .. eroe ........- N W. atone

DCPLLE DfCOM P1IOP'CJt'T1' A A$60C. INC.hIWen a s-i 141 fl a- elan p lord be m .
"'.rail WoS Barb ... __ 3Ba =ex awet atata MM aiar* aeeaee < ,.,
De.ebger. aad awe* affMa adaraeaef .
4 senor
La E5ea.o .
la* claimant. awl be wen Ie ,
-w Maasnrmiu 332011 1l3I311 1 ;
pores A peal boat.r
and alaet be .lead M.IA Nw
1 a o 1 1e
.snip.... w rev 1*a1.aI." ....*. I WewtedREnTaL -- ..... .. bah
a Aea* ass". .rurru .rK..... CT 4Uilee 311 I(114)) UtMts I .Lw.wnwaalar ......" oWINTER ,

Dan wren ealterBialeir A. w.0.Soup.

CT M4H.SMUea. nCC .-...-, I hack ..... By urrwcs WAITTEOSVTTUfTK I so La. /
LICDROOM bear N Ne.sd oee moor he Jaa>rkv> Wat aeaeMer REAL CT 50171 150 .150 e-.I Aes..s t 'I
CM after a a* a av CT all aflara. II* *U St Jaa-Phyl I cY S-ttU i was.* Mavea.Mr IA.lda
MT7m aVajTl I
... a4Tr' M. K SI. ISM

Friday, July {



Legal Adv.r44/ing Legal Advlrtilln, 1..gel l Advertising Legal Advertising Leg.1 l Advertising

Hear Abby. .
.. rWCI'IT OF" s TOO: (' II'II"
Matlr. In hereby Ii. that OFKUMUBA. jw'w
5J'iSaoilTlor THK: t'U'J\T' ro. rot* TUTU JIIMTIAL JVOt5IAL
huu.KU HIDE will b. received fcyike IN AND 'I'II't'
B..ar.<1 "I 1'iilillr InetnicUeaof "t'llUlI: ot' I'UUI ,JOt:I''twWIII84 \'. IM CMAMCBKY.Uafr IN" AND FOR FOLK : roe PO/dl Wrl'WTY, What Next ?
l''UIII Fluids at Ik* 1& i. Iereelnw. eeleag, UOVMtY. IM CHA *elY.
OtNkBly Pnik Sui"'"i iniendvnl a Office lOb IM UK BarTATK: OF pye ... ............. evil 1'. Kereetoea MortgageCase I" YB.
lloa ol I Ihr MuiHTinlrndmt ol Pub- MARY LOW STATEN rfcDERAL aUVIMlW AND ... MtMS-Ml i
lic but i ui mm of Polk County. Ftolite Dow< ,il I 1iII.-oeJA'I'IOIf Or WIM'I'IIRHA nM'l' FSUIIRAL: VIN08 AND .. VaH HUTCH
.... Ita' or WPITIIR IHIRI.IIY J. .
), In the bat Huuw A. ilBannw To AU Creditors and Persons J.OANocIATION
Florida, u|< In 2 00 clock lea Ctouns 01 i>mande Against Plaintiff, HAVEN PtaJatUf,
..11 W, tn.'wla> thi 12th day at said 1IaIata. .. ZNuif ;
Aunt I'M! dr all mttlerlala and You and oath of you. are .htreby RICHARD POOl(. BT AL. ... KDUAR WEST.NOTlfK. ..
labor m',a'.....rv fur Ih.- Ill KITCH.ADDITIUI'o _iliad to IUu all clalpia ."ddttInaJIda or urr DefendantsMOTICK JOHN ROBERT! HAINBS. KT AL. : TO DKtMrfT t MAR ABBY: I am f/ and very much In a little "domestic tranquility" te achieve tome

EN JUNIOR HI':H TO SfHtKil I.AKK! AUFfUCD Lak. Al which you have againstle TO: RICHARD P COX and wUoPUmBHCE OF BUT DafeadaiHaMOTKK THE STATE OF FLORIDA TO love watt) a M-yeer-oM man who wes married semblance of orderliness.DEAR .

trod Fkillila and (Jl I'AITCTERIA die iif Mary Luis of Richard Ulin' A COX TO. JOHN ROBERT HAUUDS Per W.... Jr It Kelly Are for ..*.t pare. He recent: divorced hIs wife a .
ADDITION TO Ct-NTRAL: ELK: 1Iaeeaaed. In the oilier Von are hereby notified that You are hereby notified that Oeonjfla becsuM. afler/ spending a fortune on doctors, he
MENTAitt SI I IDOL, Halo.. City A. Bunion County Jud.e,, at Illsotrice nIantUff baa Instituted null Maawt. Plaintiff hae lastltuted suit acaiaatyou You are hereby notified Ihya out that the reason they had never had ABBY: I know you usually 6n.k, -
House at wit for divorce has boa fUodMcalnat found
la lb.Court above ,led Court and Court and
Florida Such bid a* an properly and low Florida within S calender EtllP of saM suit la a Mil to the m nature, the above of coif styled suit la a BIll you the above eatMad children was because his wife couldn't have any. for the tee*..gers, but I think you should r,'
timely fllMl will' I bt- ol.'ned by UM ,_the from July M. I.... which, that certain Mortaage to ForeeelowlhaI certain Mortgue cause; and that you are hereby This man is crazy about children and says be tines that there are plenty' of parents vho lt: 5
said Board of I'ublli Inatrucllon is UM date of the first publication rooarasd In O/R Book 717 Kg eIre recorded In O R, Book 4(7 Pace required In serve a copy of your won't take a chance on marrying another woman tried their I best to raise their children tt
immediate folliiwlnti the aforeeatd of this notte.- Each claim or demand public records of Polk County, 4# Publlr Records of Polk County. _.r or other written plalntifFa oamaae who can't give him a family I know this is goIng honest and decent but something goes wrar; .
Walter at-
bid, In till muni Florid, .encumbering the following all the upon O Bell
writing .
final hour fur i < moat be In Florida encumbering thatthe Thank .
room dcalsnateoi fin rte run-Una's. In tale the place of realdenoe and described Veit..te In Polk foUowlag described real ablate In tnrary. whose" address la 215 VaeShiver to sound horrible, lobby, but he says spite of their efforts you.HOUSTON

Ike Court HOUM Anne at Bartow port office address of the claimant, Count/. Florida, r : Polk County, Florida, to-wlt: BIINding. Winter Haves, day I can give him proof that Jr.ill PARE'VTDEAR /
Florida or u soon thereafter u be sworn to and must be filedas TRACT NO : The North Ml The South 27%. feet of Lot 101 PI'.rlda. on or before the 17th day he me But not until
the Board may accomplMi the must aforesaid, or pl.eanle will bt.. feet of the NE* of Section n. and the North 41.25 feet of Lot nf AuKust ISM and before or Immediately PU'r It in writing He has a lot to offer a
withIh" even I.
file what
96 thereafter to Yes Irtie,
aam Township IS South Ranne of Blnert Hills Subdivision, PARENTI! yen say
101 F
rome void, Hast East of Thumhlllo.4 Clerk of the above atyted girl, and I see nothing wrong with his proposition .
Flans and tMClflcallona for proJ.cl lying Winter '.. Florida, aa Bat I am reminded ef aa Incident which occmred
No 1 and for iiroleci No 9 /eRich A BraaellimAncillary LE* AND EXCEPT ths shown by Map or Plat thereof Court the :1'.1f: said aaawernr but I would like \to know if it would hold In city not long ago Judge L J.
KwcutrliJ your
wamlBatloii. review Hast set feet th..f.TRACT written any H you
arc m file her recorded In the Office of the in court.
and material lake off al the office JULIAN BENNETT NO 1: The South SM Clerk of the Circuit Court In fall to do so, Decree pro Confeaao up King, ef Criminal District Court Ne. t found
of the Architect B T. Jones S04 Attorney At'Law feet of the North (86 feet of and for Polk County Florida will .be entered amlast. you me the WILLING TO GAMBLE a young man la his court wham he had already
Philip Profeeelonal Ilulldliig, Winter :all Vlmar Building the NK\: of Section 21. Township I In Plat Ouch 12. relief demanded In the CompUIntWtTNWS placed ea probation. He told the lad that BOW he
Haven, Florida, and for both Winter Haven Florida III: South of Range SS East and you are hereby -l.tl.io: : file seal; of office my at hand Bartow and .offlrlal Meet: DEAR WIWNGI: If yea see Bottla wrong would have te give him a prison _leltCe. Tile
lying East Thornhlll Road
projects Department al the Owner's In Bartow Architectural Florida July 34, II Lag 7. 14. 1M4 LIMB AND EXCEPT: the East rrnt.e:: :Complaint or other In pleading the Officeof to County,. Florida. this 15th day of with this pr po IUoa at age M, I doubt thai I bey aaswered. "Good! I'd rather go there than

Two co|>le of the plan andapecKlcatlona SW feet thereof and LESS AND the Clerk of the Court and mall July 1M4 raa educate yea U one letter. As for whether his ge home!"
for protect no I and EXCEPT existing canal on the thereof to Summerlln and D. H SLOAN JR. "deal" wrlttee( er olfeerwlge) would hold lIP
for project No, > may be obtained IN THK' ('IW t IT' (()l'at. TROTH South boundary thereof Connor copy 14* Avenue B. NW Winter Clerk By Vivian Circuit. A Court Purvis la court, a lawyer caa tell ,... A pity they doit e *
It IMCI4L ( IIUIIT. PULK and are hereby notified to file
at the office" of cold Architect upondopodt you Haven, Florida, on or before August
; tnU
of |IS 00 for each act ofDocum.nu. '01'MTV, IWKIUA.IV your answer or other pleading to 26. 1964. or suffer Desna Pro Otnvfiean Deputy Clerk require BRAIN testa along with BLOOD DEAR ABBY: My name happens to be KIL
said dcpoilt wlU be <'HA.MK.RV.C'aas plaintiffs complaint In the Office to be entered against you July 17 24. SI Aug T, 1164 before marriage ROY, and wherever go. people '0Kilroy -
returned to the Contractor upon Ne' WM1 l h'SL SS Fg. N*. II of the Clerk ot the Circuit Court WITNESS' my hand u the Clerkof here!" Will: you please tell l8)'m. who
the return of said plane and apecl- MARY K:. HA1RB5.: and mall copy thereof to Burner the above atyled Court and the JI...... T. Creditor 0 a was
condition within Plaintiff' lln and Connor 144 Avenue B, NW, Kilroy was'
f leal lone In Hood sal of said Court at Bartow. Ftorlria IM THE' rot'NTY JI'1ME'1OtbtT :
fifteen (16)) days after the dale of -v_ Winter Haven Florida, on or before this July '2, 11S4 (: IN AM f'fIK DEAR ABBY My wife seldom throws anything
opening bids and contlnfent upon MORY L HAtRE, August :36, 1S 4 or puffer Decrees H SLOAN. JR. tOVTY' YWPIDAIN POLK out, and consequently our home la cluttered KILROY
receipt of a ban tide bid from Defendant Pro Confesao to be entered Clerk Circuit Court RR: ESTATE: OFO with old newspapers, magazines, rags,
Bald Contractor, Mould the Bidder NOTICE or CUT Maliwt you.WITNKSB. 8UMMKRUN CONNOR chil DEAR KILROY: The expression originated
desire additional. aria of Document THE ITA TIC OF FLOIUDA TO my hand u the Clerkof Avenue B, NW' F. McCALL empty catsup bottles pickle Jlf'la outgrown during World War II. I do.' knew whether III.V. .
prior to bid openlnf, date or ohuold.ubeollractorn EMORY L. HA IRE: Whose Residence the above styled Court and the Winter Haven, Florida All Perrone """" dren's clothing, toys, and I go on and on. character real
To Creditor : or a ant
or material dealarideelre and Mailing Address Is:: seal of Bald Court at Bartow, Florida July 14 Jl Aug 7. 14. 1M Claims and Having I !hews attacked this mess few times and admit ., was a legendary ,
a et of laid Dwumenta, UnknownYou thl. July aa, ISM Estate or Demands AyalnstSaid that the last time I was quite vocal about but I'D bet .ne ef my readers can come up with
same will be provided upon payment are hereby notified that a D, H. SLOAN, JR. :: the answer. Does anyone know
you and each of h.- which did not make for domestic
lo aald Architect toe amountof lull for divorce has been filed Clerk Circuit Court you are my displeasure,
IIS 00 to cover the coat of reproduction agalnat you la the above entitled 8UMMERUN *. CONNOR Notice T. CreditorsIN : :r.I.t"d: to file In duplicate all << We have children U. 8 and 4. My 0000Problems'
thereto aald euro beingHunrefundable cause and that you are hereby required 14* Avenue B. NW THK OINTY "'IHU!: demands which youhave wife :good health and does not work outsidethe
rot RT IN AND rOB POLK against the estate of O. F.McC.lI. .
of answer Winter Florida Box 69700 Los
to serve a copy your Haven home. Can this problem be solved' Write \to ABBY ,
Project No. 1 and/or project No or other. written defenses upon July H. II. August 7. 14, mod < UI NTY, FLORIDA deceased. In the office ofRichard Angeles Calif. 90069. For a personal reply, enclose
A. Bronaon .
IN RE WHTATE or County Judge
I be bid arparately and then Walter W. Mantoy, plaintiff attorney ------- --
moat : : de EVANS his office In the Court House at SEMIHAPPYDEAR self-addressed envelope.
ARTEMISA R at stamped
may be bid Jointly on a combined whose address U P.O. '* 254. Netlre Te t'redlten a ,
Deceased, Bartow, Florida. within six calendar
baee bid. Lakeland Florida on or before the IN THK: 'ot'NTY II'IKiK'H' To All Creditor and Persons Having months from July 24, 184. SEMIi Year home Is not a borne. Its 000
.. endbefore
Koch bid .11 be accompaniedby :94th day of August, A D.. 164 ('OI'BT IN LOB FOR Polio
a Caahlera Check or Bid Bond or Immediately thereafter rOl'NTY, FLORIDA Claims or Demands Against which Is the date of the first publication a fire trap! If year wife to !. good health, she
In the amount of 1% of the bid, lo file with the Clerk of the abovestyled IN RE:' ESTATE OP Bald EstateYou : : of this notice. Each claim or Is apparently UZF. dliorganlged and boa need ef Hate to write letters? Send one dollar to
said and each of you are hereby demand must be In writing, must Box 69700 Los Angeles, Calif, DU069, forAbby
payable to The Board of Public inelruriwn Court the original of ANCIL. SCOTT : The Abby ,
"Attack the
; together
of Polk County. Florida, said written defenses, Deceased notified to file I In duplicate all state the place of residence and some help. : booklet "HOW TO WRITE LETTERS
answer or
s ,
claims and demands which you poet office address of the claimantmust Salvation Army would appreciate the lays aid
evidence of food faith and guaranteeing U To All Creditors and Persons Has "
as any
the estate of Artemlaa be ..,' to and be filed FOR ALL OCCASIONS.
have against nrn must
that the .ucceedul I.hbl U you fall to do so, decree proeonfesao /Inf Claims or' Demands Against rioting Deal permit yaw wife te accumulate
R. de Evans decaaeed. In aa aforesaid or else same will become -
der will execute and u lo niB be entered againstyou ,Raid Estate: the office of Richard A Bronaon, void another eollectloi eves If you have U sacrifice C McNaes Syndicate, las IU4
The Board of Public Inetructlon 01 for the relief demanded In theComiilalnt You and each of you are hereby
County Judge, at His office In the A H. McCall Sr.
bund Is-
Florida, ,
Polk County a notified to file In duplicate allclaim
Court Houae at Bartow Florida Executor!
rued by Company llcenaed WITNESS hand and officialseal and demands Just about handicap
a Surety my which you calendar. months from 8TRAWOHN 8HARTT every
within six
to do bualneea In Florida for M% I of office at County have AncllSoolt Cookout mom-style
the of
.Ba hwcio against estate July 10 ISM. which Is the date of KALOORIDISAttorney that plagues mankind Is found ,
of the'onlr.cl price within ten Florida I I t July deceaaed, In the office nf
U0 daye after awarded lb.Contract. AD., 19**' Richard A, Bronson, County Judge, the first publication demand of this no- Avenue among employees of Goodwill
moot *
bond tire Each claim or :25 Msjnolla
said. uaranteelnii D. H. SLOAN JR at his office In the Court House at .beIn writing. must state thedeer Winter Haven, Florida Industries, the world's largest r\
the performance of sand Contrailthe Clerk of Circuit Court Harlow, Florida, within eel-
of residence and poet office July 94, II AUK 7 14 19M rehabilitation agency for handicapped
of said bond to b
premlmum By Luclle Hastings which U the date of the first publication address of the claimant, must besworn
paid by the aald Contractor Deputy Clerk of this notice. Earh c...lmor and be filed people
All I bid ahould be placed In an July 14. 11 Aug T, 14. 1M4 demand must be In writing must aforesaid to. else muat same will become _
envoloiw, eraled, and addreased Ui state the place. of residence and or
The Board of Public .' kl poet office .-.d.... of the claimant void. John H Evan. Jr. For BUILDING MATERIALS Call CY 3.3139
Polk County, Florida, % Hhellev a.Bunn. Cheryl Aurand I Is the must be sworn to and must Thomas E. Evans
I Lovely
.. C 0 u n t y Superintendent. be. filed u &aforesaid or else same" Walter R Evans
I Court House Annei, Bartow, Florida new Miss St. Petersburg will become void. EnecutorsSTRAUnilN: a.
and toe name of the project Crowned recently at Sunken It I Hate) Scott 8HARIT
should be placed on the outelrfe of A minitntraIleny
the envelop and wordi IndlcallnK Gardens, St Petersburg tourist E, King
that the envelo|" oontalna a bid for attraction, Cheryl will represent P, O Bow sirT U ..rn.Magnolia,. Avenue look for I the golden irches; McDonald'I

said projectThe combined bid If ... .hall the city In the 1965 Mini Winter Haven, its Wlnti-r Haven, Florida Iln as n. ,.. :H ttl
Attorney for EstateJuly July 10 17 :24 31. 1'M Bagwell Building Supply : 0 11" 6tht I At 'N.W Nut t. ti..."
be placed with the bid on the Cafe Florida contest. 10 17. H II, 1S4
lerla Addition to Central Momen:
Bchu.il, Halnee Florida
t.B'ur : ,,-
the const ruction of aald
building and until final auceptancof
tht same by the Owner, Contractor
hall carry at hi* prnae
builder rUk Iniurancr, Including .
both fire and wtndatorm coverage. h r0 rlhnvvt'rt
with Iwo payable to the Contractorand
Owner aa their Intereit maaiwrar >

Th Conractor will be required. lo
build. and complete ..Id project
within the time let forth In the
relent, conditions.
The aucceiaful/ bidder If any, will
ftPnutlfled within five (5) days enCl -
the bid le accepted
TheBoard of Public I rat ruction of
folk County, Florida rtmrvee the ,eL
riM lo reject any and aU bide.
and to waive. any Informalities
By: A. T. RACK, JR '
Chairman I of The Board W
Public Inslruitlun at PolkiVcretary

of The Boardof
Public Instruction of 5eem aly Pnei/eel CUIratee of lend ......* Tlowmrw _
Polk County, Florida
July IT, I., II AWL T, 164

IN THK 4IKCIIT 1'01'liT.
POLO COtim. rLUHIIM ,. c
Cane Ne, Miie Urkl. SI .... Xe IM r


NOTICK OF MIT Defendant A qN

IRIS STUNK CONNOR Whoseresidence

Louisiana and ikweurepardlYou mailing addiwu Is

are hereby notified that a
lull for divorce has been. filed
e-alnei you In the above entitled. RIDGE FEDERAL of WINTER HAVEN
now and that you are hereby required ,
to serve a ropy of you
olh.r written defense .
answer or THOMPSON
upon Walter W Uanlry 1lalnllll' .. 101 PAUL
whose adilresa 1s P.O. Bins Director
attorney:9M lakeland. Florida. on or before GIVES S&H GREEN STAMPS WHEN YOU Ilh.a.r

the lint day of August. A.D. ISM...
and .before or Immediately thru
after to file with the Clerk of the OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT BEFORE AUG. -
shove' styled Court the ordinal' of S
mid answer or said written defene-
," 10th *.
"n'VotTlfall to do so decree pro .g-o I
eonfesao will be entered atalnst y. ulor
the relief demanded .In the

ompLInL W17NC8B my hand and nflVM IS LOCALLY OPERATED BY LOCAL t e

seal of office at Barrow Polk Con- '
t) Florida. this 87th day of July BUSINESS MEN
AD., 1....
D H. SUDAN. JR.Clerk .
Circuit Court

Deputy Untie Hastings Clerk 4% DIVIDENDS PAID QUARTERLY rd

July It. Au*. 7. 14, IL lKC ,w'r



Center At amaer


international marketing(UPI An resource FREE 800 DIVIDENDS

center hu been established -

l In the college of builneiidmtnlftrstion % PER ANNUM '

( at the Unlver- 4

Pity of today.Florida, It was announced GREEN STAMPS QUARTERLYRIDGE PAID.,

The new center will establish WHEN YOU OPEN OR ADD TO YOUR

a point of collection of current
materials on various marketing r ACCOUT IN THE AMOUNT OF $500.00

Mrategles used by successful y OR MORE THRU AUG. 10thMAXIMUM OF 800 STAMPS TO ANY ONE PERSON

and unsuccessful International HYING WHtltM

corporations. Oln.f JAMES W. IURCHARObM

fe Moaooer


ChalK Marshall :L : "

for all! yourAUTO nAn u. 1 FEDERAL A Polk County's Newest Federal

LIFE AFIRE ____ RF JJU! Savings and Loan Association

142'Third St SW

251 Magnolia Avt. S.W. \ AllOt AND IIAN: of Winter H....n leraeerty Tampa Electric Office -

AsrtM teem fiesta** ,esk '-: '-,:- : ,4\'f,' r1oN FRIDAY 9.5 P.M.P.9. .

Phone 29M2S& "

Winter Haven daily news-chief
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Full Text
WW4y THE iHrd WEATH afternoon it thunderthowr Winter I Haven Daily I I N CHn The C-frftel City Of Of 100 Tlw Lake World

*. Fair tomorrow. High today 90 J
to 95. Low torsi tin! the TO'l. Variable You At.Reedit I Fi n twinch

S to 15 miWi per hour. Z; .'Uu J In The NewsChi.f"Ranger7

Lands On Moon Aft ransmitting

4,000 'Excellent' Photos Of Lunar SurfaceCounty

-- -- -------

at Mrs. Mulvane's Bullseye Shot Paves


May Take Will Leaves Way. For Astronauts I

Church $$10,000 PASADENA, Calif (/UPII) Ranger T paved the way for
i s t. M / bmrN America to land a man on the moon today by sending back
Air BaseBy e + thousands of "excellent" close up picture before a bullsye
i d The Uk Alfred First Unit strike on the lunar aurfart

ed Prctb\terian church will The whole mission was a complete success It bit righton
receive $10,000 from the estateof target" said a jubilant scientist at the flight1 control
ED BERND JR. the late Mipha Mulvane, I center her, The minion ended years of frustrating! failures In
Staff Writer member the Ranger program to find out what sort of surface would
The Polk County Com miltioneri Mrs. Mulvane whodtedabout! greet m.nll'ben he trachea earth'a satellite, txMilbly In
are in favor of taking two weeks ago, al age M, left IIW or 1.70.
an estate valued at "over $20,-
over the operation of the Bar
"tlruck t
000" Ranker only or
tow Air Base and if they do Died In according the Polk Count to her CourtIn will ScientistsJubilant 10 mites I, freer dead centeiid >,"
the county will hive a vocational .
liar low. She lived on Ililnei proleet manager H, M,
school by September Blvd, Lake Alfred Sehurmeler
the chairman of the rom mi.. A niece Mrs Frank (Susan) The up to 4000 picture
lion said yesterday Anderson of cummlng St Over iranimitted! acm a miarter
That was the promise Wil- Uk Alfred war left the Mul-? million muse of soars In the
mer McCutcheon made to vine residence with in adjoining dnten minute before Impact
County School Superintendent lot, tome specified personil were described n "...nnf'lItnot
Shelley Boone In a public effect and one-ilxih of the Shot SuccessDARSTOW. Interrupted"' by th'ioMitone
statement before the Winter residuary estate after I bequests ( tracking station on
Haven Rotary Club. OLD FIRM GETS NEW NAME-Eloii* Groves Auo. Std Min Charlotte Varena, ard, tr.*.. of "a..oo ar. ald. Other Lake alllnrnla'a Mo'ave' Desert

McCutcheon who war to Introduce elation becomes Cypress Gardens Fruit Product, Inc., urr John A, Sntvtly Jr.. vie president! J, T.. Griffith, Alfred beneficiiriei are Karl Al she control center elated
the speaker at Rotary today, adopting the cooperative' famous brand name .cr.t.y.g.n",1 manager T. V. Snively Jr, and A. N. C, C..dY.nd his wife, pllll Calif (DPI) scientists, technician ind
asked if he might "digreat formoment" The board of directors, above, voted the change at a Fox. Not pr."ntIIIh.." the pictur. was taken wr Jack Casiady of Semlnol St, (too Three ended days of anxious waiting newsmen yelled In glee over
a to talk about recent mtina. From left: Standing Winston l.wl..j M. Berry, George F. Cases Fred G. Roe, and S, J, Tilden. each: and the Uk Alfred Olrl) enlists today at a remote fur a group desert of out-aria t the tureen of the million that

something of top importance.A E. J. Poitrai, H. E, Smith, Jack EndtUy and John C. Foigat, president! It pictured below Scout, flOO.&har. pod near her when they lint followed nearly TO hours of

state survey team which' .,* of nn.-rtxth of the t radio signal throbbing.. nearly light from Cape Kennedy
made a study of vocational residuary estate after certain a quarter million mile through Pruktenl Johnson personally
needs in the county sometime bequests are Richard Prosier apace to America's Ranger congratulated laboratory dlree
ago has recommended a full Eloise Groves Changes Name of East Orange. N. J., Mabel spacecraft about II minutes be tor Dr William Pickering bytelephone
R. ""11 If., Cambridge Ohio ,
scale vocational school lure It crashed violently Into
Pauline Comb of New Concord "W are proud of the Ira
This school would use teach the moon.
tile, Robert F. Stewart memloui' technical) achievement
in Polk'ischool The signal, tent' by the Gold-
era already working 0( Untontowm, Ohio; c. W. Pron- which this luceemful! flight represents
system. Teachers from sec of ZphrhllU, Ft*., and atone tracking Italian In the ," Johnson said "This
IS high school would all come To Gardens Mejav Desert about 50 mite
Cypress Citrus Mrt. Anlhtn.fIoo Other teneflcIarMi It a basic step forward' In our
north of her, turned on all.i.1.lnl.lon
to one central location and
tri ISOO to Carl K. orderly program to ti.mhle
combine their skill, rather Stewart, Akron Ohio! ; $1,000 to | timers* aboard the the Klcnttfto knowledge necei-
than working in IS different llttble ptttlr Saleavtll. ipacecraft
airy lor min'i trip to the
Ohio, (BOO to Victor The six "ipar *)'.. flashed
placet.The suit of this Stewart,
Winter Haven't largest cit- purchase Cypress moon"
Those presently serving on .
Mist Charlotte Varena, T V back to t.MJp tct.,000 clot*
school needs to be located rut cooperative will hence Gardens Citrus Product, Inc Xaaeavill. Onto ISOO to Mar- 'h rec'ognli that this great
the board
of director are FavatsFI. ftnlvely,, Jr Jack M Jerr). up plcturet of the moon's bur
somewhere !near the forth be known at CypreitjUrdcRA cat offer to florid. citrus E Smith" John A. George T C'IIIII'M lao gars Pollock, Cambridge, 'UcjVen historic/ limb '" : wan| hit sons only fteC a
canto of the county to there .( Citrua Product. Inc -yo-. U- ace omnpluteiyr OtIter : r r number of filture and |>*ftial
? Jr.. J Sol* *. ,! )brat -Wtfr |te V TO- .. ffa. .. '0 tfn. prtart wen recorded
will b* easy tcTeii from till citrui planf 9A. lafl.gee in our effort to aeajproliefto
The official announcement integrated ID florid Winston LawlH" Jr doe. def K: J k Queer INknr MMdny .eeul lr on tap*.and H millimeter
high achooU. Students will be wa made today by J. T. Griffith *, where all channel forth Clans of tM MeOKMOat Church dint Within. Jhi, pest 1441 the moon," the Preil-
brought from their high schoolto *, general manager of Elo- marketing of fruit are of y.weometetows, axial so,- hour, tile (Of* will be rebated dent laid. Thl* success sh..uld
the vocational school on ice Grove Aiioclation, acting open to direct rncmbrnhip for GOP 'Summit' Set 00010 Kataleen Tkonipuwi/ for public! showing, offlcialt spur us en" to added effort In
buses each day upon the resolution adopted by any and all citrus grower N.etowIJ. OM.j 11,000 laid.This the future
The Bartow Air Bate seemsto stockholders in an open meetIng While changing the name of Anita fleiier, (*..tCHII..r.town. was the prim million The President said sour Soviet
be the logical site for the the organisation la considered' Ohio. of Ranger-T The flight of Rangert wmpeUtors have .lad

facility, at it has the build. The name change was anthcriied by the board of director to be For 12The eat the American laspay many unpublleuied filuri| toth
in gt, Lodwlck Field in Lakeland in an effort to corm another step forward in the August Karl C. caMdy .t Uk er about>:30 million. Sh pre"- moon and the pia"".,' >e-
Alfred I* aamtauytltjr and rtit about net f.lJuret. h* added, coo
another possible site late more closely the name progress and growth' of the I" sea filmm HW
would offer access Mra. Mtrtvane not|!. her will million firmed the complexity of the
easy of the organization with Ih.tof aocl lion, President John C
from the various high schools Its world famous product Fotgito sates that there will WASHINGTON (til'l)-Cold- gubernatorial' nominee that h* and Ma wife "' 4'till- Thm. on the ibHMy/ of sheet Amerlesn success dodgy which
McCutcheon said. water (ir president headquarter Invited were Winthrop W dared many services .e let and 0 men and the equipment they he called I I a ", ...nlfluntIrhln..m.nt.
The Grove be change In
Smvely plant no h ita "
The only hitch it that the Eloise and announced today that Rockefeller, of Arkansas, brother were close friends..,a period htfulle-together with Ranger In the "peaceful
which 11.
bought by
war operation "
capable Aug 12 had been set as the of the New York governor of year*. tad in delicti Instruments. eiplonilon! of space
Continued On I, Col. 4))
( Page Grove' Association a staff will continue under
year ago
due for Pickering told confer
a Republican .um' Charles R llolley of Florida ride a 1210 million pi yoff. a new
had marketed Its product un the guidance of J. T. Griffith mit" conference on party unityat Charles II. Percy of Illinois The picture Could determine encc 'Mi been a long road
Hear der the Cypress Garden general: manager tlnce 1959" Hershey, Pa Richard 0 Rlstine of Indiana, Counter-Attack the immediate future of this but Ihu shot was a textbook
Rotarians brand for many year, and he laid. Former President Dwight D. Evan HuRman. of Iowa Dwight country manned ipar pro. operation' everything went
Eloise Grovel adopted the Eisenhower and former Vice w. Burner of Nebraska Merle Beaten Back grim whether' w* find the way It ahould
brand name when it took over George A Brownyard I I. President Richard M Nixon 11 Tucker of New Mexico Robert a man on the moon by Silo There was a poiaihritty tb
Talk On operation in 1963. controller responsible. for all are scheduled to attend the L Gavin of North Carolina, VIENTIANE, Lane County Eloise Grove Associationwas accounting procedure Ralph meeting and PennsylvaniaGov Donald M Ililcrow of North I.aotlan right wing trvop today determine If the moon'i surface filed' would be mad public
first incorporated with Wethenngton' continue ar Wllliim W. Scranton will Dakota MU A Boa of South beat bark I counter attack! It tnwiuth, "lIeUlh dot a tit wUhln a few hours
headquarter in Winter Haven fresh fruit talc manager act at hoe!. Dakota Jack Crichton IIf Text launched by Communist Patbet aaareahlp landing Hhen the signal was lent to
PlanThe in April of 194S From that having been with j Snively The meeting was announced Cecil II Underwood of Lao ferret trying I* retake a Day ant night line RingrTwii the Ringer T to turn on It* six
Zoning date until the summer of 111$1. Groves for U year Another earlier this week by Goldwitrr West Virgin! John A Volpeof portion of vital route II which launched (tit Tuesday television cameras to probe the
it operated a cooperative employe of long ittndmg I I. but no date was set at that Massachusetts and WarrenP war raked lean of Rd control' morning from Cap Kennedy, ageless mysteries of the luau

chairman of the Polk grove caretaking orginiiatioa. harry D. Riddling processed time Knowlei of Wlieonsln .in fighting Thursday (Cuotinued; On Page I, Col II) (ConUntMd On pig I, Cot I)
County Planning and Zoning In 1959 Ill bylaws were product tale manager The
Board told member of the mended in order for It to become Sen. Barry M, GoWwiter'i
plant production it

Winter that Haven I complete Rotary Club countywide yesterday a* well a aa bona caretaking fide marketing cooperative production Rex Gilbert manager and maniger the It J grove K aides Hid nominee the Republican also tent preaidential Invl. Lake Reaion Bank Will Add Drive-In And More Parking I

toning plan will be ready tattoos to the meeting to all IJ -
It started business in Razor, Jr
for cltitenjl to vote on next that year with 61 members --- other Nelson GOP A. governor. Including The Like Region Bank hasawarded Too; and Paul FJIIa Construe In addition to the enlargedparking of the present two They win
Rockefeller of New
year fidllilei, b* arranged ao a* to permit
marketing well over 2.000.000 lion Co 124 900Whltehead Harmon I
Charles Whitten of Lakeland boxes of fruit under tile Cypress York and George W Romneyof the contract for construction will Hart contlrufttoo Did till bank ...IUldd another are**! from both Ave. A and
and hopes Michigan, and to 14 GOP gubernatorial of the new drive-tai
the .
outlined history
B. IWcownuxmoN .
Gardena label through In a week, drive In, making thre Instead
and expanded parking lot
of the project to bring "organ- candidate
lied growth" to the county Snively Grove. The association This will b* the big unity facttttlc. It was announced today
The 1M3 legislature, Whitten bit line grown to t r meeting of whkh GoMwiUr .by R K Harmon chairman .
Hid, sat up enabling leglal- membership of more than I force hive spoken sieve the of the bank'a building
lion for I even member planning twice this liie. 8n Francisco nominating convention commHte and member of the'
and toning board. In the spring of 1963 Eloise where h* defeated hoard of director.
Grove Association purchasedthe Scranton
There cannot be more than Y
two member from any di. promising facilltie of Everett Whltebetd win doth
(Continued- On Page I. Cot S) Snively Cme Inc A* I r- V'1 with Coldwater congressional: held two GOP meeting.leadersIn work on At* low bid figureof
I24.MO The contrast wt
Washington earlier this weekto
to b* signed today
Winter Haven Firm begin the effort to mend
party wound resulting frees
I bitter convention battles A Others bidding on the contract .
number of Republican senators were Dan. Cooper' I2J-

Sold To Miami Co. so eongrenmen far withheld and endorsement other hive of A \ '"

The Winter Haven firm nomle factor," I spokesman JOHN C rogCATt boldwiler.In bit telegrams of invitation EncephalitisCase I

Continental/ Beverage. Inc .alel. to the llenfcey meeting Cold- Reported r
of which John A. Snivel Jr. The reason for pooling the water said he and hit running f Ifr"gr
I II president will be acquiredby Interests of the two firm was Man InjuredIn mate Rep. William I Miller In Polk County
Old florid Rum Co. of beeaua both were operating of New York "ar* making real
Miami following action of the In virtually the tame market an
progress shaping up a campaign Four caee of ncephaliUa
litter' stockholders this w..k.Ttw and two plant. "hxreaaed the Car CrashA program which (we, .U ........ inckwllnc. fIN uPoU
voted' to acquire "the cwt of doing business for feel will bring our pa"'"* County ar* belt{ arudled
act operating asset of Continental both. the Fl. rid I Rum 'views clearly to tile IIteIICIOft of by the Stale Board of Halts

Beverage The Utter spokesman aaid. /9-yeer-old WUrter. Haven every voter ta Amerk before to see It IWy *" mocquilo! Y .A.
will transfer certain assets. naa, WtBla George< Meta the pull opt OQ .v S." born, according >o lir JimttCaaon.
Uahilitiea and It* business to "Botb have I good start aria of lOt Mdi ..., suffer- Me. added 'In Isle great endeavor director of Ok* Polk
Old Florida Ram to exchange market vUe. but at I tremc- .;".
eel a broken boulder early this we want, and w* nerd County HMM optrtlMtlt
for shares of common Mock done duplication of eota moraine. wtwe UM ear b* war your help'' Tb disease tile doctor are .
The transaction will mob The problem of estimating arlvtcg erasaed Ube a* rear of chocking hr, taatern: Kjuln <
Semi tile large tingle" consume demand and tran- another veMcl. eec.&If1t, Is wotlly loud
stockholder to Old Florida' sting this into productio Uoe Omar Tommy Whale who Turncoat Pay to ..... R awee had stag. 1t.i'4'
Run Co which has approximately of die most Mfk lt to the tov*iintod the mltajp, aatdtfetacavts ,era is IN .NJ&, ;
J.too stockbolder busineai world. W* fed iced wee traveilagw.etow Bill Approved TIle tour suspected luau :.

Tb company now baa two combining the tale volumes Av*. C, SW, wb.. ... car Hi a ewe were fwd. Jtfraom'
complete plant manufacturing of die tvs firm win make parked car sear Fifth (L Damage WASHINGTON (1.1"11 The PMum. .....OUC' and Pal
eflUHjr the tame prod- for a beallluer single company to MeUeavti (>M wua Senate Armed Services Ce>nva coontl*. -. ---
1Iru' ." ui4 at 40a *..." approved a MU Ttwr- B wH Uk at* week. to
A ISH... will be made .k Old Florida' Rem wffl ease Hettcavta, who was eaarfxi fay o site. the *>a* rf .*1> __,..** Mood teat M deterMte PROCMM. K. Hermes, eh.I:,,,,.. *f the l buiuj; .*.*afr..
the war Mire om which pLant onus to atanufactar tilt with reckless drtvtJC. while tar Y tnraeou to b* wUhfeeM at w'** of MO .,.., ot w .f the Ll R9>*.....*.. wan* contract foe '*" 'r.eiii of mr *fl IVI-Ilt *"d "rll'.*j
win be wed after carefulcoruideratiocj product of CoatmeMal Beterage drf.ksng. also rctv4 ..... they are lormatt fcsrg,1 with aparae era U, Dr. Casa fecifitt. .Uelfftf! M, (rasa left are J. W. Gray Jr. bock 1 director. GrdoMi Dukes fd.
of aB die ec. *. .na..... misconduct std. .rchittd fv.fH Whitehead, the **

Pegs Two WI'JU' k! HAV'fJ' DAILY[ NEWS CNII I HINTER HAVEN FLORiDA Friday July 31 1964

Diplomats Believe Soviet Poverty Bill Biracial Committee Hopes


Call For Talks End Of Backers Sure To Prevent Dallas RiotsDALLAS

(UPI A biracial "Muhammed's Mosque oi t.
Alliance With Red ChineseMOSCOW e j. Of PassageWASHINGTON committee held a news confer am."
nee Thursday across the Other members of the grin! <'[liJ i
street from a Black Muslim are Wayland Boles E Bin<'
(UP) -- The Soviet summit of the more than 90 (UPI)-BKk. temple and said they feared Cumungtwrn, Roosevelt Jt, tn,
call for a meeting of 36 world Communist parties to crs of President Johnson's Appalachian the city was on the brinkof SM and Urn Rev L Build,
leading Communist parties lathe deal with the split. t rejuvenation bill believe riot and disorder Melton Boles is the white
beginning of the end of the But It la clear that Premier they have the votes--and During the conference grunts menlbH'
Slnosoviet alliance, diplomatic Nlklta S,Khrushchev's IntentionIs the time-to beat a congreistonil and whacks could be heard The committee called f"r
observers said today. not to solve the dispute but deadline only three coming from the Black Muslim sweeping social changes an
The Soviet Union says the to expel the Chinese from the weeks away building, like those made by said the conference was held
meeting wUl dlsucss Moscow' Moscow -- led Communist They looked upon Thursday' persons practicing karate. "because we feel the city of
Ideological quarrel with Peking movement, the observers said. i approval of the bill by the The five man committee, Dallas is on the brink of riot
and prepare for a lull--scsi. It Is also clear that Peking House Public Work Committee aired a long list of complaints and disorder'
realizes that Is his Intention.Ina at the step which would get against what it called "token" ----
reply to Moscow's Invitationto measure moving again. It has integration and poor Job opportunity
Birch the meeting, the Chines*Imposed been virtually standing still for for Negroes
Society so many conditions that several weeks. It also charged brutality by Youth Killed
their stand amounted to a rejection -
The bill the committee ap- some police against Negroes
proved is a revamped $1 bil- Other complaints were that
Holds "We will never take part In lion, five-year measure to re Negro housing was inadequate
MeetingThe any International meeting, oran vitalize an 11-state area roughly that churches did not follow the By Batted Ball
meeting for It,
bounded by the poverty. Golden Rule in all race relations
which you call for the purposeof stricken mountain region known and that most civic leaden -
regular monthly meeting
splitting the International WENATCHEE, Wash. (UPI)
of the John as Appalachia. have Just stood pat on racial
0 the local chapter Communist movement Peking --Jerry Hlghflll 13, was hit t{
Birch Society was held July 28, Undersecretary of Commerce matters. a ball during batting practice
said.This Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr., director The new committee Includes
at the officeofHankCorameler.R
surprise -
reaction came as no prior to the Lewiston-Wenal.
was decided at this meetingthat to the Soviets, informed of the proposed Appala- one white man and was created chee Northwest League game
a presentation meeting open sources said. chia program predicted that July 13 at a special meetIng Thursday night and died shortly -
to the public would be held August The sources expected the 28- the bill would clear both the: Dallas already had a committee afterward at St. Anthony's
28, at the Jack Fuller party meetingwith or with- -I 15: : House and the Senate where It of 14, half Negro and Hospital.The .
Auditorium out Peking+-to take place In ELECTROFILE .- Donald M. Englestad Instructs Mrs, Mary Seifert of the Winter Haven la presently In committee before half white which worked to youngster was hit by a
Claude Boring, flat coordinator three weeks, and the world Credit Bureau In the use of the Electronic, an all electronic filing system In this system the tentative Aug. 22 adjournment Improve better race relationsIn line drive off the bat of Danny
for the John Birch congress before spring. cards do not need to be filed In order and can be found Instantly by pushing the proper keys This date of Congress. the city but the new committee Breeden, Wenatchee catchera
Society, will preside at this Both gatherings were be- la the first such system used by a credit bureau In Florida The timetable appear to be Is more Negro oriented great favorite of Jerry's.The .
meeting This will be one of a lieved part of a timetable setup clearance by the House Rules and more militant boy had spent the after-
series of appearances which by Khrushchev for the ex- Committee next week and full It ii headed by Clarence A. noon at Breeden's home and
Boring is making throughout pulsion of Peking Drivers Set month's total was 7 per can t House consideration the week Laws, southwest regional secretary had ridden out to the ball park
First Federal more than last June while the
Florida to outline the baste !
There appeared to be little after for the National Association with him.
principle of the organization the Chinese could do to stop New Highway year thus far has had 12 pel r Other Congressional news: for the Advancement of Jerry was on the Infield helpIng -
and to create a better understating the timetable from being carried cent more traffic deaths thai 1 Clubs: Representatives of Colored People (NAACP). retrieve balls thrown back
of Its objectives. out. CelebratesAnniversary Death Mark in the first six months of 1963,' some of the nation's leading Thursday's press conferencewas from the outfield when struck
Following the meeting there Khrushchev has the votes. golf and athletic clubs appear held at the Dallas NAACP on the head. He has his back
will be a question and answer Among the 28 parties, only CHICAGO (UP) The na before the House Ways & headquarters right across the turned to the plate, according
period. five--North Korea, North Viet tion's drivers set new recordsfor Food, Wood Means Committee to urge a reduction street from the Black Muslim to reports.
Nam, Indonesia, Albania, and death on the highway during In the current :20 percent
J.pan--ar. believed to sup- June and the first six Almost Out federal excise tax on
Lake Ida 4-H port Peking. months of the year, the National members' expenditures. They

The rest are on Moscow'saide First Federal Savings and Safety Council said to CAIPE, Argentina (UPI)-. claim that the tax, which Sudden ServiceV
Club To MeetThe with possible exception
of Independent minded Loan Association of Winter day.There The six-man crew of a snow. brings the government about
Romania and Cuba, both of Haven is taking part In a nationwide were 45,840 traffic, buried train in the Andei I $70 million in revenue annual.
Lake Ida Community which have tried to play a neutral birthday celebrationthis deaths recorded in the year Mountains reported by radio I ly, threatens the survival of '
4.H Club will meet Tuesday at position In the dispute. But month.As ended June 30, more than the Thursday night that "we have, the youth training programs"on 1
1:30: '.m, In the Community diplomats expected both to rally one of the more than 4,- total number of US. battle food and firewood for only two which America's sports
Building. to Moscow In the event of a 400 associations whose savers deaths in the RevolutionaryWar more days,' it was reportedtoday. supremacy It founded' Havendafe Cleaners
showdown art protected by the Federal and Korean War com .
Boys will work on gardeningand Savings and Loan Insurance bined. The train has been buried for Jl'ftMLK' / STARHOLLYWOOD T
the girls win learn of pattern Af.rrOW.Jt; CUCKS Corp., the Institution Is helping The 3,980 traffic facilities In a week under more than 13 feetof (XTPI)-Juvenile Phone 214-2041,f tr |ck t; P KvryCernr
and fabric selection.All mark the 30th anniversary of June brought the death toll for snow between Chuculaqui actor Roger Mobley was
HOLLYWOOD Anjanette (Comer UPD)-New who- the FSLIC. the first half of this year to and Quebrada del Agua, at an selected by Walt Disney for his 34Mi Street Havendtle Beultvard
boys and girls 10 years comer The FSLIC which insures 21,280 breaking the all time altitude of about 13,000 feet first starring role In 'Galla
hu to be the ,
seen on screen
old and older are Invited to completed "Quick, Before ItMelts" accounts up to $10,000, was high set only last year The above sea level. gher,"
attend and sailed right Into created by Congress on June
"The Loved One with only two 27, 1934 The growth and extent .
SHOP IN WINTER HAVEN weeks off between pictures. of the FSLIC system can
be shown by the fact that Insured i-iII CONTINUING
Start lank Ne. 419 associations now hold
Report ef Condition .fLAKE 96 per cent of all the nation's
REGION) RANK OP COMMERCE savings and loan assets. Our Famous Annual
*' Of Winter Have.,*: ? W. E. Coker, who Is president Jndse E
In Hit State .! florid lit HM Cleat. tf Butlntu os I of First Federal said estabUbmenl J
June 30, IfM'fcASSETS : tot the FSLIC: was
"a mile-done in federal UgUlatlon

1 I. Cash, balances with other banks, end ( regarding financial institutions
cash items In protest ef collection $ 214,160.42 in this country It MIDSUMMERMen's
2. United States Government obligations, provided savings and loan as

direct and guaranteed . . 2510723.54 socialion savers with the same
., ,
\ accorded depositorsIn .
3. Obligations of States end political I subdivisions

. , . 140152.46 banks, and It contributed
toward the of
development a
4. Other bonds, notei, and debentures MEN'S
of thrift In
system specialized Entire Stock of
[Including $2SOI9).7I Swimwear
stltutions capable of meetingthe
agencies end corporetionetnotguaranteed home.financing demandsof
by U.S.) . .f. . .. 270,193.75 the busy postwar years" BY FAMOUS BRAND NAMES WALK SHORTS LADIES1SWIMWEAR
6. Loam and discounts (Including $1!, Coker noted that over the

210.11 overdraft| . . . . 3,012,175.65 years, no saver has lost a penny Latex and Stretch Most All Sizes
Knits Sizes 30.36
7. Bank premises owned None, furniture covered by FSLIC Incur ,

and fixtures $46,329.13 . . . 46,329.13 anc. He added that on those Regular To $7.99
9. Invtttmentt and other cruets indirectly few occasions when Insured Reg. NOW
representing bank premises or ether associations ran Into trouble,
real estate . , . . 111,370.52 the FSLIC moved In to protect $4.50 . $2.70 1 L Famous Brand Names
II, Other assets . . . 43,542.11 savers promptly. NOW 73 OFF Broken
"Our association Is proud Sizes
12 TOTAL ASSETS . . $6,560,041.21LlAIILlTlIS and privileged to help the $5.50 . $3.30
FSLIC observe its 30th birth
I 13, Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerthlpt day" Coker laid. $6.50 $3.90 %
and corporations . $2,791,169.1] "Thanks to the wisdom of : : : : : : : : SPOiiTSW NOW OFF
14. Time and savings deposits of Individual the men who created and $8.50 $5.20 AR

*, partnerships, and corporation 2,200,539.66 guided the FSLIC this agency
15, Deposits of United States Government now has an Insurance reserve
Tee-Shirts Nassau
(Including postal) savings) . 120,451.21 fund of more than a billion Seersucker > Entire Stock Ladies'
16. Deposits of States and political tub- dollars backing up its Jamaica, Bermuda and

division . . . . . 652.697.7C I I promise of safety of savings Short Shorts
17, Deposits of banks . . . 35.000.0CII. I, Moreover, since the FSLIC. Summer Dresses
Certified and officers' checks, etc. 27,116.21It. I suports itself member through associa premluma Sport Coats

TOTAL DEPOSITS $5,134,611.67a tions paid and by interest on -government NOW 25 CIO OFF

bonds In the reserve
( ) Total demand FSLIC Insurance doesn't cost MEN'S by Famous Top Makers.
deposits . $3,071,602.01 I the savers or taxpayers cent $ 00

W. can't think of a better SIZES 14 Girls and PreTeensSPORTSWEAR (BROKEN SIZES IBOYS' I
(Ib'' Total time bargain anywhere."

and tavtngidepoiiti -
. $2,756,079.66 KNOW.
Korea TyphoonToll 1/ 1 /

23. Other liabilities . . . 105,991.12
Brand Names
7 2
24. TOTAL LIABILITIES . . . 5940610.49 14.11, 35-31 51333 Shirts & Shorts Sets /3
SEOUL South Hires (UPl) .
CAPITAL ACCOUNTS -The death toll from Typhoon Reg. $19.99 , . NOW MIX AND MATCH
25. Capital: (r.) Common stock, total par
value $465,000,00 .$ 465.000.00 Flosiles rose to IT lives today
One Of
26. . . . . . 124000.00 when damage reports began to Group 25% LADIES'
In the from
to capital
come NOW
27. Undivided profits . . . 30,367.79 outlying areas. JUNIOR BOYS' OFF

29, TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $ 619,367.79 The storm passed over Korea Skirts Knee Pants
---- late Wednesday night and early
CAPITAL ACCOUNTS MEMORANDA, . 6560041.21 Thursday port Coats Slim Jims

31. Assets pledged or assigned to secure HALTERS e REACH JACKETS
liabilities and for other purposes (including G..tHd By Oar SIZES I t. 12. Plaids, Solids, Strips'
notes end bills rediscounted Own Service Dept. SWIM CAPS
and securities told with agreement to By Cinderella & Miss "B"

repurchase) . . . . . IIB5I76.60
32. (r.1 Loam at shown above are after Brolen Sizes
deduction of valuation reserves of (162,049.29 25 %
I, Carleton S. Luclui, President, of the above-named NOW 1//3 to 1/a OFF
bank, do solemnly affirm that this report of condition It OFF 40 % 50% OFFNOW
true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief

Marie E. MacCrea CorrectAttett: R. K. HARMON NEW or USED CRIB SETS

Evelyn \U O'QuInn LAWRENCE A. ROLLINS Typewriters Use

Rabbit L. Dunion, NORMAN P. JUDD Directors. Adding Machines For Boys t Girls 9 to 24 Months Your

State of Florida, County of Polk, tit Cash Registers
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24th day of Charge
July, 1964. and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or STANDAID NOW 25% OFF
director oI this bank. OFFICE EQUIPMENT Account

(NOTARY H. J, CHRISTMAS, Notary rVbllc 1)1 TUH cr i-iui SNM. N.W.

SEAL) My commlnior expires May "16, I 1965



|the Weafher-Local, State And National( 15 Beauties More Miners Believed Chinese Set claim arc llcly,"MM admitting(. .drjhip abandoning his poll I<>t <"all's>!o)

CofflMiaaiat camp
TJ M-pII'ty nun-tin mi "'
80 Begin Vying Rules For be pit aft preferably urn I

Alive In Mine Cave In MM munlat pair summit, sad a world conNnro rllfl,

CHAMPAGNOIF. France contacted underground the should ba hM In atwyinrfdvflattaly. "
For TitleMIAMI next .
(UPI! )Distinct tap from deep day but the. other five were Soviet TalksLONDON Decision must d 1m. III
inside a chalk. mine where nine missing and hope for their
rnous, aMok gives Pckm"' : a
Bt- men have been. trapped since lives had b |un to fade (I'PCCommunist veto.
(UPI) Plf-
/ less International Monday i Indicated today thai Barber!: reicurs. conducting China has laid down term tor --Asrtl-Moaeow splinter parties
tl' """ssnlnantly turopMMaadLattaai baautlaa. one or more of their five miss drilllac optraUoM had reported talks with Moscow that nil out swat be allowed ic uko
but Including Miss lag comrades may slur be ,hearing founds. from Setow But chances of a Sino-Soviet III'tll.- part.

USA begin a tough two day alive they: saM these were not replies meat for years to com, diplomatic The Chlsjas condltli worn
.......* of rehearsala today A mine official taM that because to tapped messages from the, sources said today. 10 ....re tttat arrrptmro \
of the new "...... of surface PMs told tile Soviets 'b ,
tor tile SAturday night .ftaala of Moscow wauld Imp[ s ii t \Ic
the Mtaa Universe *,... life" tea shafts would be sunk The taps IhU morning ap. Thursday tat by calling a TIll sources iiid iho real
The court of semllUMliata into the area In a crash drill. pearad to be the first solid\ (ndwaHon mediae of M Communist_ parties latest was to noiift Ms" *
picked Thursday night from 90entoaAanls lag program" that more than nine to .aews tbt dtapw, that PeWac would not to at
In the Miami Peach Rene** workers battling men might still be alive umWira yes "will step Into your teadlnf tile M-pirty meeting.
Convention Hall, Includes air around the flock to lave the md. The news ekrlrlfiMl graves any other Communist maul"r
Th CMswa
girto from Europe, fiv* from nine men caught in s easels workers conductini the rescue poaltlon on MM mace mmond by Khrush
meeting oould be
Latta America, two from tile Ml feet underground lapped "f'4'f.tlOtll. compared to else".
court If the
only Judge drat
Middle East and Orlentl and out four knocks on the surface A delicate! drilling operalkweondMMid
admitted the law was -
cj01o0 Miaa USA Bobbl of Mount River wrong, ,
JohtMon of early today the
on blUsH
in an that the case could b. put off 'WS) inn
the DMrlct of Columbia.The They heard four
c lapsIn attempt to bring up the turvivors for a year and that tile defendant .
finals Saturday night reply. from below-not far would have a veto over NSW YORK J R
starring at 10 p.m. EDT will be from where the nine mmrrswere The men already were re the sentence Woodi &" Son*. one of the lars:
100 ..: nationally televised. located TuendiyA ceivlni foul miMlieme and These wr the main'hlncM' <*vt producers of diamond irs<
BeaMes the American girl, few seconds later the rescue other suites through a thin Condition\( I irimiU the booming martian.
the aemlflnallsta are: workers. knocked three tube sunk into the seated clam Mivlrt Pr, n"1 Mklta s. market his boosted IU ,af! .JI'
MOSTLY FAIR Most of the nation will enoy clear skies and warm temperature today. Miss Argentina, Maria Amelia times/Three taps came bark her where they were caught by Khrushchev mll..1 i"rani, ''pub I" i ,rut Horn last yeatcoNnn
Some rain Is forecast for the middle Rockies and the C.ntnll'lalns. It will be somewhat coolerIn Ramlret of Anta F*; Miss A lots) of 14 men dissp the ('IV..ln. A telephone line
Colorado and Wyoming Texas New Mexico lower California, Oklahoma and Arlsons will Bolivia, Olga Monica del peered when the mine caved In has slkmeil rescue workers / IIUCTION or
swelter In heat above 100 degrees Carplo Cropeta of La Pas, with a roar Monday Nine were and relatives to talk to thrm
Miss Brazil!, Angela Theresa DOMESTIC I. IMPORTED
LOCAL OUTLOOK Pereira Nell dee Vasconcelos, Stramtna of Venice: Miss
Florida Zones Widely I scattered showers Temperatures Panama; Miss England, Norway, Jorunn Nystedt of NEW YORK UPH More LIQUOR CORDIALS

this afternoon Fair tomorrow Brenda BUckler of London; Barum; Miss Paraguay. Miriam and more beer Is being sold Incans BEER & WINE
Panhandle High today 90 to 95 Low to. Low lIIb Miss Finland Mr pa UtlleMus Riart Brugada of Asuncion; according to the Can
Partly cloudy today, tonight night in the 70's Variable Albuquerque 117 83 of Tampere Miss Franc, Miss Free China, Lana YI Yu Munufartuieri Institute The
and Saturday with scattered winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. Atlanta 7Z 13 Edith Noel of Parts: Miss of Taipei; Miss Sweden. Slv share of the beer market for .

mainly afternoon and evening Five Birmingham n 85 Greece, Klriakl I sopel of Athens Maria Abrrf of Cavl, : and Miss cans rose to 34 a per rent last
thunder showers Not much Day Boston 58 13 ; Miss Israel Ronlt Final of Ventsuela, Mercedes Revenga year from 341 per cent In ltd Vol 4th U N W CT i aoupi
in day forecast for peninsular llatta; Miss (Itah manvela of Sabina Grande
change temperatures High Chicago . till 70
today 86 to 93, low tonight 70 Florida for period beginning Cleveland 51 7Z -
to 75 Mostly south winds 7 7 a.m. Saturday and ending Denver 64 83
to 18 miles per hour. 7 a.m. Thursday Detroit. 51! 75
Temperatures are expectedto
Jacksonville U 83
North.Centrsl average about normal for the
Kansas City 78 81
Widely scattered afternoon time of year with no Importantday
Los Angeles 63 80
thunder showers Otherwise to day changes except high
Miami 80
mostly fair through Saturday temperatures over extreme
High today 90 to 95, low tonight northeast Florida will be 2 to 4 Twin CIU.. 14 70 p
in the 70'.. Variable degrees below seasonal norm New Orleans 69 89 9

winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. sis Normal beginning highs range about from Sunday.18 al New York. IZ 85

Northeast Daytona Beach and Key West to Orlando 73
Partly cloudy through Saturday 92 at Jacksonville, Orlando and Philadelphia 112 84
with scattered afternoon Fort My.", Normal lows are Phoenix . 73 85 '
and early evening thun in the 70's. Scattered showers Raleigh . 68 87 ALL NEW
der showers High today 90 to are expected over the north and SI. Louis 69 87 (
95, low tonight In the 70'. more widely scattered over the San Francisco 54 IZ ,:
Variable mostly I southerly south with rainfall accumulations Seattle 54 66 '
southerly winds 5 to II miles averaging an Inch or two Tampa . 74 82 ,
per hour. north and about an hall Inch Washington 65 89 MEN'SDacronWool

Southwest south __

Mostly fair through Saturday DAILY CROSSWORD

High today about 90, low
ACROSS 3. None god Stepped
tonight mid.70's. East and I
1. Young cow ofdlacord 26. Series. ,
southeast winds 5 to 15 miles
&. Gone by 4. Literates .bbr. ,'
per hour 9. Smell 5. Genus of 28. Land '.,
South 10 upon bluegrass mesaatom. rI: : 0.
6. Father of ure >
Generally fair through Saturday 11. A tent gods: 29. Bald ':.:.. t
except for a brief night t rope Bubyl anew "

. or morning shower High to- ";....supportneiU, 7. Rub hard 50.21nda ('ii
* d_ '||lto 90, low'tonlKllt 80(I lL.PfJ. .ear *. Plague .Jr '.
[, along trie beaches and upper lP.tai'lrl' 11.iMfAjdmttt .t4II' J.. 'ri ...f
,....... ,
, 70's inland. Easterly winds 5 i .CkrtdadIS men A..eeer t '
16.Employ Pigpen 32. Poll.h
miles hour.
to 15 per
1?. Abraham's 19 Roman :U. Keys money 3&Oaebta. 41 BUlldtor
Partly cloudy with widely 18. Pierced 20.Monetary tlon the ark
scattered showers throughS.turd.y. with unit: 36.de 42. CoupleIWOrd
Thailand DIM U. Mandate I
Hlght today 88, low
21. Receptacle 22.Continent: I river U.City lr Ina; I It
, tonight 80 East and southeast for sacred abbr. InPerut I abbr. .
winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. Instruments .1
24. Affirmative I t J 4 5 41 1 a .,. I. eeI '
, vote .... ,
25. Periodsof 9 10 I *tr<

SALE ofPRINTS 27 Not Um dull II 11 I I' AL ..... ..

31 Over: poet
IS .w
: 14
S3.An oak or i.
a maple
It I I' I' lo
'4. Monotonous
36. Exist
l2 n 24
39.: Sayings tl 0

and FramedReproductions 40 Paul-.
U U. 7L1 2' l' ho
woodsman mythical i Year-round weights you'll wear comfortably .
51 11 n
43. Move

of Paintings by 46 aldeways Implements n4 )5 set 51 ie for the full 12 months !

World Famous 47 48:Spoken Bels 19 :: 'to 41"

Artists M Tidings Ltan-to 45 44 40 4. i e TANS GRAYS a BLUE OLIVES

ROBERT WOOD DOWN 0 4' 4a '3V\\\ .


/% nth -Wkot A Wary T. G."

VAN GOGH V* OITlinCjAnq.. 11* "Haw The West W.t w.."

Sizes 35 46
MAURICE UTRILLO TK. CK.CH ..* Dally N*.. .iI...... tktlw.iifk .' 5k. *<, wk. ,...< Regular e to
...Ir tot 4r.uII.sa w2dere.ss sew .... 'wrt
PAUL CEZANNE L ere.l.p.e/resS war rot e.I.!I... In weer........ t

RENOIR Short Sizes e e 37 to 40

O,.. 1141 p-. C...... Skw .... 1 p .. a ..... M

and many othersWM OPEN 12.4S: P.M. Catimi.vs Shows bean 1 P.M. Sizes 42
SATURDAY *ad SUNDAY F Long e e 37 to

J I iTgi1ONow eaI

f I : ..., $

.. '


I with 2 Pairs

Sale43Jff LOATA C of Pants

Y4' coco* BY oe LUXE ONLY

Fees W* Att 2.M I:It S:)* P.M.Aouirs .
Ue .
CMIIAIIN VMOT II T**>, yle aitilAtiTM

..,.... TAUOi SICMASO tulTOM

Cuff Alterations I

OriN AT I. ,.... SUIT SOW AT ,,., f....


I 2-14HIt9-2 USE YOBJ

iivis rutiir ANN.uAicirr >.
Belk-lindsej CNARACCONNT
'"VILLAGE 1.4elep; c.w


I Ie TWa.t c.w
Cypress Ger1Iets Reed

y, Ju y 3

Winter Haven Daily News-Chief Of The Dayl

Today's Topic
-- Washington
-- --
w. I.: fl. Nit.wI; Project -
JOHN w. IYNMEON AMINst M the Pvblbha.
the shooting if .

t vhualmd .lIy (argt kIM.y,I "b Mm wW;;New.PSWlhlM .-- Commentary I I WHAT IT study MEANSA of development Jury ta

C., I.,1241.d( l $...$, NW. Wio.wMH.vm.MwrU._ By MAJOR AL WindowBy ( NIMiII"* M rfM the racial frwit) It was reported r.that 11'1,

CHAMJM. w< $HON ....,.1 M......r, By AL Kl'E1TSERNEW his police com l': I ,"
By PHIL NEWSOM UPD-A fast Michael Murphy alII: ,.,
JACK KAHAN Ai_..to Wale,, UPI Foreign Newt Analyst YORK ( ) himself taint would have r"" 'r'",
LYLE WILSON maneuvering by
bit of
CITW J. SULLIVAN Ad.ertl.lng w....;,, Aa Nlkita Khrushchev seeks a HAVE WE BECOME: TOO United PreM International l and friends got Dr Martin tu ed.Wagner done as King!; t; "

solution to his quarrel with Red CIVILIZED The most vigorously adverse liter King accepted, on the susface
NATIONAL AQVMTISJNw) MHIMNTATIVtta Chin and to a growing spirit So many, many people ask criticism In the New King appearanc- ,It
of mediator
.**.n I Auoclctet. in.. Chi*... III of Independence among the the question "what is wrong? 1 presidential' has ss a trouble. scene was particular I r, .
platform CIII-
--.;.;.d M Sotoad, CI.. Mll M...;, -Sept. 4. l.*4 .. .1w. Port OMira East European satellites an Interetttof I know something is wrong but I 1 I tered on its civil rights planks York For racial awhile, it appeared that rawing to a group of ll], ,

hi Will" N..... Fl.rld..d.r Ht" March J. IIM sidelight to the story I do not know what"Have Including the platform firmly King would be labeled an "out- ites who were trying r ,, t, ;I
-- - --- -- -' Is cal Jealousies over .
the growing Influence of the we become brainwashed staled opposition to what is side agitator In New York I ?

.. u. MtMKft AWWT IURfAUCIRCULATIONS<< medicating voice of Joiip Brot to a degree of gentlenessand called inverse discrimination Just as he has been In St Augustine resolved and produce a ,
\: rite of Yugoslavia. Irresolution that will render 1 By inverse discrimination Fla. Birmingham Ala. effort at curbing strc, ".
.\*,. Of It Is especially Interesting in us Incapable of surviving the Republicans I and Albany, Ga One of the big pru': '-'

'J.... light of the fact it was Tito's In a Jungle world? meant discrimination against Despite the outward show! of the area Is that there I r ?,t
-- -- -MEMIH- --- break with the Kremlin In 1948 Have we become so used to little white kids because of harmony there remained deep leader

Active Member UNITED PluS INTERNATIONAL that actually set a pattern fore and tolerent of misbehavior their race The platform presumes resentment In the rank and file A number of those wb! "

NATIONAL EDITORIAL the United Peon I. ...tI... h .h. .. the independence now being l among the neutrals, so ready I such discrimination to Negro community of Harlem the leadership role rear(
ASSOCIATION tor ropubllt.tion of all lotI n.wt print. shown by Romania and to a to forgive our enemies and to exist when little white kids are the invitation King strongly to King; arr: y: I

1..4 .d I III thu n.wip.per *t wall .. til Upi I lesser degree some other of the turn the other cheek, and so shunted out of their neighborhood over received from Mayor Robert "the m.n" who would dcj: t.;:

N<..wi Diip.tchot. satellite states intent on peace at any price schools to ride buses the Wagner to confer on a meansof Wagner
-- -------- ---- --
ADVERTISING DEADLINE Also noteworthy is the f.rtth.t that we are encouraging the subway or to walk to distant settling the New York troubles King, who has experien

CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT: It Is Tito among the ear whole world to s global war schools this sort of local jeslcu"' t 1k

ly the Word: I P.M. Pr.v ous D.y. ly the Inch: I P.M Pr.ri.u. Dip. lies to come under stack as that we might not win? Little white kids are due to "We can.t understand why fore, quickly sensed the :. l

l.o.l Notice: I P.M. Provioui; Diy Sunday Edit.cn D.*." ... Friday. a "devlatlonlif by the Red Could it be that we are suffering be so shunted around big cities the mayor will sit down for seven hem and insisted that ; b+

DISPLAY DEPARTMENT: Chinese who now cautions from an overdose of civIlizatton such as New York and Rochester with somebody from straightened out.
Su.d.y E"i.io1 P.M. Thurtdty Mond.y Ed t I P,M. F.
on- d.y;
Tu.iJ.y Ed,,t on-Noon S...,...,; W.dne.d.y, Thuad.y end Fr.d.v Khrushchev against any hastyattempt to where we have been N.Y.. to enable little Negro Atlanta and wilt not sit still for It was recalled that the Ma
to read the Chineseout Influenced to think that wrong kids to have what Is regarded loc.llt'.d- 1963 settlement of the Birr-
Ed,titii-1 f.M. Two Days in Adv.nc*. 15 minutes with the tj
of international communism Is right and right ls wrong? as their fair share of white ers of Harlem" said one of the ham racial strife was held u'

Membtr South.rn N.wip.por Publishers Attoci.t It Is all welt and good to think schoolmates The theory is that Negro leaders of the region for several hours while ,,,1;;

""*. M.mb.r Florid 1'.." Allocution In his third meeting with that the meek will Inherit the Yf little Negro kids are deprived of King and Wagner originallywere er" King waited for the Re

SUISCRIPTION RATES Khrushchev in the last 18 earth within our time. But sad their educational rights if they scheduled to hold a Joint Fred Shuttlesworth a Ice,,; hu"

ly C.rnr ., Mill months in Leningrad in June to say the meek are not doing must attend classes only in the news conference following their gro to get over ruffled fee ,

t"r, III.20; 4 monthi. Jt.10: 1 ", ...h.. $4.SS: I month, | ISSw.kly : Tito also Is said to have urged so well the past year or two. company of their own race. talk, but this apparently was about being relegated to a '
3S ctnti_ Smgl, Cop:..' DilI ctnti: Sunday,, 10 c.ntiCYpre.i the Soviet leader not to over Woodrow Wilson very frankly The Negro voters of New shelved because they could not ordinate position
dramatize Romania's Increasing stated "There is no such York and other states are giving .
TELEPHONE 1 lltl agree on term of t statement.King At a news conference Wc-'rt
contacts with the West thing as a nation being elected and appointed officials \
--- - --- or so right asked the mayor to suspend day there was almost
It. refusal to Integrate Its eco that it does not need to con s hot foot on that Issue a police lieutenant accused aggerated effort on the an e\
nomy with Soviet plans for the vince others by force that It is White voters appear to be windIng part i II'
A Thought For of killing a Negro youth. local leaders to make it tttr:
Today for backlash
Communist bloc. right" I up some
Wagner refused to do that and they 'welcomed' King
In New York the officials. e
Titos relations with another Is it not true that the big publicly gave as a reason that efforts
Communist state Fidel Cas bully can lick the pants off of have come up with the system
/11. Whom (Htm-Chnst) I'e have redemption tro's Cuba, were reported to a defensive timid sportsman of pairing schools By combining

(veranu-salvation) through Hit blood the for- have undergone s bit if a Are the Marquis of Queensburyrules or pairing an all-Negro elementary ON YOUR TELEVISION DIAL

givens (remission) of tins, according to (in proportion strain because Tito also advised worth much against a I white school with school an all the

to) the riches of His (favor)." Eph 1:7 Castro to exercise re bully coming at you with a little elementary believed
grace strain in his attacks ..a.ln.tIhe broken bottle, except on TV Negro kids are to WDIO.TY WFLATV WFTVTVCkamwlf wm.TYCIMo..1
"Forgiveness" means "sending of our Bins" United The hierarchy In 1 obtain their fair share of white .
away St.tea-th.t is, If Washington S Cko.**l I Chow! 13

as in a race horses are sent from the post, or as prisoners Castro ever hoped to ease U.S. schoolmates mathematically CIS NIC ARC CIS
The pairing system is
economic Oriond Tamp Orlando Temp
at the bar were dismissed or pardoned. It is in him pressures against sound It mixes the _

relationship to Christ on the cross that our sins may In this, his advice II supposed races But it has aroused a Friday NIGHT July 31

be dismissed sent from to have coincided with \! 1 fury of protest from white par-
us.Dr. similar .ltI;: T'W.,". enta. Many white parents objectto .. ..
advice from the Krem Itltutlon'I t:00-N.WI Newt Sports. N. ., W.th.r Full. N. .
Albert L Curnitt
lin. their children being chivvied 4:1 1 1-$ .*o, W'th.r Wt.th.r Editorial.I Sp ti Sport, Wtk.
As regards Romania Dear Editor around town to correct racial 1:10-CIS Nt.i. NBC N.wi. AIC News CIS N..i
also is Tito Just read your editorial In Imbalance in some distant *:4S-CBS Nt.t' NIC N.... News In D.pth CIS Now.7:00Wydt .
reported to have Monday July 27th News.Chief school The coldly impersonal w
News Chief EditorialsBe suggested to Romanian President titled "Why Don't They Solve approach of school authoritiesto : hp Ian Off c* S.. Hunt Tho R.b.1
Cheorghlu-Dej that he Their Own Problems First" the problems of little white 7:1 IS-Wy.tt f.r* "Gum gkt S.. Hunt Tk. R.b.l
should not carry his Independ 7:JO-AaVtnuri R dg." Ditty The Gu'
care too far.Moscow Thank you-Thank you. It a t kids who are shunted from 7:45- In '.....i.* Jotl McCr** D.ltry AdnMun
Prepared time Bntian & France lhank nearby to distant schools was ---- "' .
sources the S.- ----C:: ;;;;; :;
say result Ihe people of the U S. A.. Instead shown some days ago in New I:00-AoVMurtI Marl D.ltry .
The scouts have as one of their mottos "Be Pre hat been that after a perl of criticizing our Senator York CityParents. 'I IS- In rrdii !o. Offic. D.ttry Copt. "r.It"

pared; and all Floridians should heed this motto as od of coolness between Moscow Goldwater challenged In court a I:JO-Rout* 44I lob Hop lurk i Law Rut UHout.
and Bucharest relations now '45 Rout. 44 Th" .t.. lurk'. law .44
we enter the most active part of the hurricane season. are normalized, with For my money the very Idea New York school order that = _
that ail the foreign press coops their three little white kids, the f:00-Rout. 44 lob Hop lurk. L.w Rout. 44
The Weather Bureau says the likelihood of a hurricane continuing to follow the Including Russia are on the oldest about 9, must leave an .:1 II-Rout. 44 Th.tr. lurk.'I Law Rout. 61T:30Twilight

hitting the mainland somewhere this year is very loft line band wagon trying to discredit elementary school across the lo. On ,...... Price It Right wbr..kir
What apparently concerned t 4S- Zn On FVid.J.ck Price ll R ght L.wbr.tk.r
the Senator is street from their home and Twilight
another reason _
high, because none have in the past two years. The Tito most was the Increasing
all good Americans should vote trek thereafter nearly s mile to
10 00 Alfr.d Par of W..k Alfred
: -
of antl Soviet nut-
odds too high the Weather Bureau, frequency .
says fir him. A knock from them is mother school where there existed 10:15- Htehe.ek J.ck P.., Fight of W.k Hitchcock
Let's review some of the precautions to be taken bursts coming from Bucharestoutbursts a boost for him. They really s condition of racial! imbalance 1030-Alfr.d J.ck F..r Fight .f W..k Alfred
< which, Tito warned, The forbade the 1045: H.teKe.ck Jolt P.. M.k ,HitchcockH
In iveti\ hurricane\ heart- this direction.. First, yoii could endanger whatever seine are concerned that the big give court 1 t Spars _

'"Rom.nIl' a way will cease A tot a changewe school authorities to run the little : | 00-N.vt Nt.i, Sp. Wtr N... ".... s,.*
it,ould Iteeplrack( of the storm oir a chart such a/tVi: had mid> In tr ells, white kids out of their : I .1.
Itself of dictation from Maicow.Almanac will feel like a Republic I Ml+Sporti, Wthor T.nlght' Sh... l't biTe printed fit Wednesdays Ne\\ hChief. When the ._ 1..ln"A across-the.street school But the 11 :JO-Tko.tro ., Thighs Show M.y.nck Check.....

storm nears Florida you should board up or use storm Grateful Reader"Memories court limited its action to that II :41- the Stn Tonight Show Mjv.nck Ch.ckm.t.
single situation and did not rule
shutters on your windows, in the event you have no In general on the right of Saturday MORNING August 1

storm shutters, tape will help glass withstand high school authorities to assign lit ,

winds and a certain amount of impact. Get a supply By United Press International tie white kids to elementary 7:00-Summ.r w....., Summit
Today is Friday July 31, the
schools solely on the basis of 7:16S.moer Th..tr N.wi Som..hr7:30Deputy
of extra food, the type that can be eaten with little 213th day of 1964 with 153 to their race. D.wg M.n From RFD t M,d. Wally w.<*r

cooking or preparation. Remember, electric power follow. 20 YEARS AGO It would be In defiance of the 7,4S-D.putD.wg Music Mfr." Florid Wally witor
The moon Is at its last quarter Mrs G. E. Copeland entertained 1954 Supreme Court Integration r
might go off and leaf you without refrigeration. or a for Miss Mildred kidsto I:00-C.ptm Laur'-' P.m..1 C.-.I--;
order little
to assign Negro
stove. llSK.nq.r.e and Hardy/ the Jungl" K.......
The morning stars are Jupiter Swearingen who was leavingto schools on the basis of race I:30-C.pt.n, littl Rascals M.r| M.rcury C.pt.in;

Sterilize the bathtub, jugs, bottles, cooking utensils Saturn, Mars and Venus assume the position of State Why it is not deffiance so to assign I:4S- Ka...... J.ittl!. Rascals Mei*r M.rcury K.ng.r
On this day in titulary: Supervisor of Elementary little white kids is something -
and fill them t;
etc. with
Inking water in case the In 1943 the French Committee Schools and was to make her for the non-lawyer to 00-Alvln Sk.wf Circus; ly M.ior; M.rcury: ; AMn Shew

water service/ is interrupted. Fill your automobile gas of National Liberation appointed horn In Tallahassee wonder about, along with other "IS-Al.m Show Circus lay Mulct M.rcury Alvin Sh...
8:10-T.nn..n* Ruff and ....
R.ddy Male *
tank as gas stations may not be able to pump gas if Gen. Charles De Gaulle 10 YEARS AGO recent Judicial action f,4S- Tu.d. Ruff and R.ddy Major, Mercury M.rcury Tu".....
the Is off. permanent chairman of the The final figure for registration The Republican presidential --
power Committee of National Defense in the city-school sum platform went all out against 10:00-Quick D.--- Haler Sup.rmnTpakk; ;; D..*

have flashlights or other emergency lights i in In 1948 some 900 planes flew mrr recreation program such inverse discrimination as 10, IS- McGraw H. lhc.t. Su,..", ." McGraw

working condition and keep them handy. Secure over the dedication ceremonies showed that the years total seems to exist In the effort to 10 10:JO-Mghty Mou.. r.b.ll; XL.I Magic L..f. Mighty M.UHMighty
4S M
ghty M.UI Fireball
XL All.l" ., Mesa
of racial imbalance in j l .
of New York International Air was lower than that the correct
everything that might blow or do damage 1 If -------
away port at Idlewild Field previous year The year before New York state What was i 11:00.::Rm Tin Tin D..;;; ;;; Km; T T;*

possible move them inside. In 1953: Sen Robert A. Tart, 4018 children participated missed by some commentators I this-R.n Tin Tin Th. W..... C.rtans Rio Till Tie

By following these few simple rules you can be R Ohio majority leader of the while during 1954, 3,874 Is that the 1964 Civil Rights t 11 11 hlo-R.y R.q.n Fury |...y I C.ctl Roy Req.n
Act takes substantially thesame :4S-R.y It..." Fury !.. I Cecil Roy Rgn
prepared to withstand the most violent of hurricanes. US. Senate died took part. ? _
In 1962 agreement was S YEARS AGO position There is no federal AFTERNOON

reached on the Malay union Announcement was made of support for shunting little

Silver Dollars the engagement/ of Miss Laeta hit. kids around town to cor 1100,, -Sliy Kma lullwinkl. lugs loony Sky K nglugi
red racial imbalanace In some 12: IS-Sky lUo. lullwinkl
A thought/ for the day-Amer- Elizabeth Stephenson daughter lunny Sky King
One thing is for sure, people have a great attachment lean Supreme Court Justice of Judge and Mrs Gunter school For what the 'H 1210: -CIS N.wi Iae1.Il Am.ricn CIS N..i

for silver dollars. In fait, silver dollars have Oliver Wendell Holmes said: Stephenson and Lt. Peter A Rights Act has to say on :45-CIS N.wiI (...bill I........... CIS N..,--
Knowledge and timbe Land, son of Mr. and Mrs see the act s title IV on I 1,00-"clui., Parse !...bade Am.rl.*n Sporti FilmS
been disappearing, from circulation at such a rapid iliouldn be much used till they William H Land of Wilmlng' Desegregation of Education I :I IS-l.i.b.ll f'uel.u l.ndttind Drew D..*

rate that President Johnson is going to have 45.000- are seasoned" ton. N.C. For example, it says: "De. I 1,10-, Cmcinn.ti .1. rttiburgh; Wr.dlleg! "..11.11
._-_. shall not mean the _I :45-_*t St. Luis l.i.b.11 Wrerlln8a! ..11.11ZOol..II.1I
000 of them minted. That many won't be enough. __
of students to pub- ----
Since it has been many years from the lust time You Your Child And School schools in order to overcome 5-1..11.11:I 1..11.11 1..11.11 W.tll". Pusobali Cicl..0 I
silver dollars were minted the new ones will be snapped Imbalance 2:10-1..11.11: 1..11.11 5.11. arby .1. S. L.v'I'

up by coin collectors and parents to keep or give By DAVID N't DICK etc. Do not overlook public 2:45-1..b.1I: 1..11.11 Rolla D.rby I.ssb 1
l'PI Education SpecialistMany service Check with local, state 1,00-.11.11, --
to their children. Guess what? We'll still be out of I..b.II Roll., D.rby ....b.1i
silver dollars( I IThe graduates and studentsare or federal civil service officesA WSIR 9IS-Iaab.O 1:30-I.ab.11:: :: I..b.dl: :: 5.11., Derby I.ab :11:
turned loose on the job flItter of application and DIAL Program I..bdl 1b. X I..b.tl:
market during the summer resume should be carefully pre 14" 1:41-1..11.11: ....b.1I "Kill., 1..b.1I

months Some are 'et'klnllem. pared. They.... often your FRIDAY. ,1\1 l.k Milos T.5.e 4.00-1..1N1I -
I ..11...._ Tb. Mad. Ie
SideBy 00 Mulwl N.w. Spas" Mr. lab
Lighter porary employment since they only I key to an interview whichIs GO M.twt Nan I GI "m ar...ridd. plow 4I:15-1..1N1I Qch.r; pohr a..... M" L.cky
will return to school In September necessary if you are goingto 4 01 Home a Hnwsp 0 ::10 Mutual N... 4:3D-A1I At. I.t Mahran 1'b. I..,..
Others... looking for permanent sell yourself The resume e 4 m 10 WaIM Mewl. Nt.I Job 50(51 I IS M.Mwwl.... Ir N.we" m Meue1 4:45-: sq Ki",. I.. M..,...... Th...,. X SperN SN Ise.6r I

DICK WEST Kinley camp rhymed "band"with employment In order to should be clear concise. and 4 to swap lIto.p so 01 "uale from Mutual IOo-All Aqe
I'alted' Fret I International) 'Uncle Sam" begin their Job careers applicable to the Job you ..r.neklnl. 1-00 Mutual N... si III Mutual N.... 1,15.f Ii. p.rt.t W4. World bsws I
WASHINGTON (UPI! ) Rhyming "k DOC t" with"talk' There are I lit IIIq AloM. '. M Muck '... Mutws 1.10-11'1 Tb., W..."., .f Spots R..... I
Permanent positions presenta many ex 1t9 Today III Foil t'nuna 11 00 !tad" Ie..... nible' a.- Law N'C Sarh Wicl. W.rlI' A S.c"
Time Inc which however "
can get pret was great deal of competition at ampler for preparing a good fall Mutual N... :ws "' ...... N... 1:45-11': TM Lw h.cr.1 .f Sorts ,. A Sa;d
ty gay when It wants to, hat compared to the challenge facing this time Many Individualsmay resume and interview In your I. ami Along. I a 111.11. \ Mwk r""., Mutual "
brought out a new record album the lyricist who wrote the school or local library It : ... "II' rim, IIIr8&I, NIGHT
have to wait until September I 00 WorN N... l2 till Metal Nm _
called Sing"Along With words for the Whig Party's before obtaining a Job It is be worth while to check on :.: w.u. mr.N R:;= AR t.oew 4:00-N.wi N. "*. h.... .
MiUard: Fill more. 1144 campaign song these sources v. Petrick 4:11-S.n. S, W"J W.H<. N. SPOT
Important not to become dlscoursged e so r1. lpoI1. 't uI ran. I Oro.. N.weI .tlin W..tke ,f
$ W..th.r
It Is s collection of old cam.pugn It was his task to make 4 10 Mph
At Interview act Ed
A careful plan fol an n.tur.1ud 10 Mut.a. N. .. .t.a a.o-iAll1r ear To.s. 1..i..1; l I.HIelin P.uw.rd
aongi Which li the next something rhyme with the vice towed be yourself. Be straightforward .. HI N..w. In III Mr.a New.T ':41-Mr. Ed Showtime *
brit thing to s collection of presidential candidate, whose by patience and often 00 hit. Lt... Jr t2 t.' Top of raw NmT I.HIelmo P.ttwordFrid
long hours of but not aggressive.Don't .. .. 1).1. 7OO-C'.1 -
searching should is apausat U w. Fl.. I., +on.11M.I S--;
old campaign speeches name was Theodore Fretlnghuysen bring successFirst hesitate to ask questions. 3 s Toubs. III J'tDrida I =a Maud NmT 7:11S..._... T. Till T.:
Anyone who tongs for the I think he solved the Be prepared to show Interest se Mow Mm.d .... Stan IS Mimic rra..- ?:30-lwr0.d Sh..i" St.h.... h T.II Tre
good old days should hear problem very neatly To the analyse the type of your I tIO Mutwl Nm 311 Mutual Nm 7,45CeMt4, n. C.a+..... H......"., L..y-D.tI
work appropriate for Interests and knowledge of the I 01 club lam 2 S .., h wok Musaas Ns no. 1.1........ ............ C..4 NS ...
few bars of "Get the Raft tune of "Old Dill Tucker, he your _
a on particular Job and firm. Don't Meosl s,.. 311 II"' .... Kme A
wn'! Tart" or "Keep Cool and wrote and abilities This maybe be afraid to admit lack s club sine N........' .. !II Mewl. More 00--0..1 nLi.......M H..t.... L..y-DIII
"Hurrah, hurrah obvious or may require professional some 100 ..", ..I Km t.... Mulwa N.wo 1:15-I C..4y H... n. U.us..d .. N*
Keep Coolidie" It Is s sure theeount"1 of knowledge Emphasize your 5 M ova I" a M Mimic em.. Mewl I I -n. Oaf""o,, ....".. C. ...., .
.I.. .
eurr for noitalgla rlsln' help. You may findIt willingness to learn and I 10 Maus 1'1.' ... t" Mutual. Nme 145-n. D.f..4. lia ., La...,". With, n. D.t.d.
I particularly admired the 'Henry Clay and frelujf valuable to go to a vocational with the job. Show aelfconfi grow m "... WorN T.....' 4 Muria Raw Mutual Jay BA1p" lawrsa Will Th. at..dM100Thos __
guidance center This la II M Mutual N... k 0. Mewl Nma. : D f.
Coolidge song, the lyrics of huysen'Needless dens but not conceit a no.r da N..e a WtaI" I'a Ca. larva tkts.s.I. d.n S.srd.y Nqh; ....,,. WIk, n. 0. : ::
wiiuh! contain some rather Ingcntous to say. they lost. available privately. through You do not have to atop your 10 lip Oft Maul 1.30-Sums.e:I5-n. Befn/on a .... 9a.v.c; l.__. Walk n. D.:: :
rhymes Consider for Unfortunately, torn of the some schools and some civil formal education because you IA roaD.., 4'" TimY : "A w.. H..4 $ommer

Inibnc, this couplet: truly Inspirational numbers In employment services If y uun't are working An employer may I. akrw OsM'n 4" R.... can.M =. _Glledd..," p.t... l'1.yoe"._

'A lot of politicians cannot our legacy of campaign songs make up your mind asmall like to hear that will obtain Mutual Nn/ e w Mesa Mme 10 00 -M;,. U.-... J... 1'.... .".
do but knock, were crowded out of the album fee and a little time may you a OeM X__ 4 >> Tw SM Li. 10"5- 1'...... N.iSy..d Mill 0.r
a thing -oche'
additional training which a m Mwu.i Nm' T ..e Mums Timm T..u 1'.1... Ps,aui4
'Bjt Calvin Coolidge Is s One notable omission was "The repay you many times over In can help you perfornr more se OeM Mnnug 1 eA. ..... Se a...... 10:11Ap.n 10JO-too4i. U.-", S........ N. its. The ,.., I..m. Min U.,"
man of'acUon: and not talk. General Harrison Log CabinMarch happiness and salary adequately on the job. Some T M Mewl Km T .. Mutual .Nm ., .... M.. ., birds Skew. hp.r11:00kaiy __
rear M u rat -
Tel slsd w
I dnnf know whit sort of political 4 Quick Step'Helene When the type of Job is dectd positions entail carefully organ 'IO Mutual Moe.ag Mows T 1 5' II..... Tim Uai._ 5......., H.I. S.....
impact that song had, ed upon, where do you start lied training programs. These T i rler.ds N... a w.anw 1 a Our a.ba1.S I II:'5- 1'...., N.qba. .s A"oII H.W..tIotr
but It set poetry hack Dumas of Love of looking? There art various tl O.o1 Moat'. .311 ....... NmT 11:10-N.s: S". Wtr M. W.., Tb.ak.
probably are particularly valuable the .
to s ..--. man. n._. a ::11 n.s_ ..:45-n...... "The Load _
severs! generaUoas Life" played hookey from teach- sources such as newspapers beginner A training program I" Mew Mm a nw 1MM N.... S". Wtr Ak....." H...,....d
In ray"Judgment, It clearly en' training school to get her public or private employment usually indicates that the nand ........ :11': Meson aim n.... .
organixation Ingo. .
I ae Mamt aim new Sm ae W..... .1104.. .. en O.rIM by tile ........ ...
lea cud. $ :
topped the eimpiign' of 1900, first acting Job. The play foldedafter agencies, personnel departments 1s willing to employ e OeM Ma.mq w.-III... Ott ....'" -.. aebja/. .....'" .. .ay tiItOe. n.. DeSyr Nwe.CM.f ,.101:::
when toef writer ID the Me three weeks on toe road. small Deal businesses, beginners, l"tH wbR4 -iu e.d. It ... raq..nbl.8.. pprem S....." ttI
the.. schedal.e. .


Fndday,, July 31. 1964 WINTER HAVEN ( \ NEWS L.. Hlr WINTER HAVEN FLORIDA Pogo Five

41Y Audubon Drive 'In Be His ShownAt Steps'To Rev. Hamilton W.I I Fish Fry Set SecretariesTo Meet At Frozen Orange

I""grlO"'h 100.., Scheduled At Lake motion picture AlfredThe "In His Guest Speaker For Labor DayThe Junior Lakeland CollegeThe Receipts Down

\1 h Steps," hated on the world. Dr. Robert B Hamilton will i Lake Alfred I Lions Clubpresident (tonal Secretaries Chapter.Association Na The Florida Ir.vxnmr' "r

led I ht'qUr Lake Region famous book by Charles M. be the guest preacher. Sundayat James Telford navri'Hinceit will meet at Polk Junior College frosen orange coticentr.ii'' is

Shelton will be shown at the the regular 11 a m serviceof I last night that paw. Tuesday evening at 7 nearly four million .II",,,

Flat Baptist Church of Lake the Hope Presbyterian ire going along well for the o'clock when James I Harris below the amount on hand it the

"i t'' The Lake Region Auduboo Alfred Sunday during the 8 Church, 1110 CyoreM Gardens tabor Day Fish Fry at LSMMIark director of the Evening College Mm time last year according

cmbiUric Society has launched Its an- pm service Road. will special educational to the weakly report of Warren
pretest a
nual membership drive and Mr. The film which la 80 minutes Dr. Hamilton will speak on Tickets will be IIU: for Savant, eatcutlve vice president

Set t I and Mrs William Moore art to in length, Is the story of the subject, "What's Right With adults and 71 rents for eswl programAll secretaries In Pott (011.. oT tfc.Florida Canners. A ssoctatlon. -
chart of the. Winter a group' of modern day Americans .
dfrshunlfk Haven the World.
dren under 10 of The
years ate ty are Invited' to attend Mn
campaign. who pledge to follow "hi TIM total amount on haul, ,is
Findmc so many people taking general public is invited' to enjoy Marjorie J. Noriek of Lakeland .
tlotlD Joseph Mswonger of Winter His Steps" for a year and to delight In telling ..boutwb.1a the affair which will beheld publicity chairman said of Wednesday was 30.HHI."170amUaiM .
Haven It president. ask themselves compared with i4.fw
With before each
arms ap action with the world.
wrong from till 6 Tickets
p.m the Harris will conduct
pointment of "What a tour .O a year ago when >tin.
campaign chairmen would Christ do? :
BootJ Dr. Hamilton feels that there will be available next week
of the eite. .e and win describe .
the various communi Their efforts to apply the basic vnntory was unusuall I imv t>
are "Therapeutic" values In from various club members amt
ties he the count of Interest to the of the
announced the Issuanceof teachings of tt newt crop lost JI i. the
rn, a leaflet, "Do You Love the the modern world Christianity to concentrating on what la right l at local stores group which will be given' at ,.......
"eaCltlall Outdoors?" which explains the movie make the with the world. A film "The Wondrous Work) the college this fall The amount of frozen in.

Audubon program In Polk County as one of of drama as well The Rev William II. Downey of Sight" was shown at the The iM4'till'11.111 be in tlwEduc.tion.Admll'lill4ratkMIlMatld. emirate shipped from II t\, ,11 u
al! wit for the coming year. The one spiritual meaning Is pastor meeting last t night by Don Robinson !. Hat week was 1,190,433uahn, i",
public has been Invitedto
Five programs are scheduled attend Ing at the Bartow Air Bate of which M0.531 gallons was i'
lent, for presentation at the Lakeland the film. the service and watch Rotarians Jack Greenfield of Winter retail ......

ss bprat Civic Center. Each will be a Haven was a visitor The pack for the week > <

motion picture. The programsare (Continued From Page One) -------. Singing Meet only 8,415 gallons, loul ta.k j .
it. b. as follows this li. r 1.B74.42G mil,,,
: than from year > '
Bullseye Shot trlct or more one Poole
Jan. Agency Set SundayThe
12, Robert C. Hermesof any economic interest, on the
eM.rrn11li, Homestead Fla., will present ( said.
"Between Continued From Page One) board he Wins AwardsThe hur Way Singing Convrntion -
Tides" Jan.
26 ; landscape the tracking station County toning plans have will meet In the Methodist .
eld P. Lyons of Vic- William Pool Insurance
a;, been presented to the voters before
toria, British reported the equipment was "in Church at Raton Park
Out lid Columbia will full and Whitten said, but they had Agency of Winter Haven \
, show "The Right to Live" Feb. power sending I s Sunday at II a RTh" will
Rn ; hat
never been thoroughly prepared Just won two awardsIndianapolis .
alVelng 8, Edgar T. Jones of Edmonton strong video picture ploy be a luncheon at nnnn and slag
' Alberta, "Alberta Out Ranger "took excellent pictures or pushed.The Life Insurance Ing until 4'90: pm All interest
last time Polk citizen Co announced that Poole has
to the end" a official ed Invlt
doors"; Feb. 23, Walter T. space In Gospel Stinging are
a 'ubedDts voted on a toning plan was In won the National
said when the Quality church
Berlet of Casper, Wyom., space ed. The Is six miles
"Northwest to Alaska"; March probe Impacted on the lunar 19M. Only 11,000 votes were Award, presented by the National south of Lakeland and three

>, Allan D. Crulckshank of Sea of Clouds at 8:25: a.m. PDT cast and the measure was defeated Association of Life Underwriters blacks off Hwy M. 0w

an ti Rockledge, Fla., "The Bear ((9.25: a m. EDT). First pictures by some TOO votes. and the Life Insurance --
lint 0' River." were of an area 300-400 miles There are several ways the DOING TIlE ifULA -- Helen hoof Touchlon Drugs and Charles Agency Management Association Six Americans
clear Copies of the leaflet have been square but just before impactit board could go about preparing Bradford of Woolworth's are entertaining visitors at North Gale and the President's

" el placed in public libraries and filmed objects as small as a zoning plan Whit. Shopping Center with a demonstration of the Hula dance during Month Award Bomb
at Chambers of Commerce offices an automobile. ten pointed out. It could have Hawaiian Days at the shopping center. The National Quality citation Escape

They are also availableby "The mission is an entire limply turned the job over toa is for superior standards SAIGON. Viet Nam (DPI)

! writing the Lake Region Au- success,' a JPL scientist said professional firm and then County May Take Air Base of service and the President's Six American soldiers es-

At.n dubon Society, Box 2471, Lake flatly during the crucial ap approved its plan. Month awed was given for raped Injury May when I

land.A. proach. "AH cameras are Instead, this bowed decidedto (Continued From Page OM) the bate McCutcheon pointed taking first place In the district terrorist threw hand grenadeat

. new "Conservation Guide transmitting excellent video work up Its own plan, employing city of Bartow wants more out the school board can use In the volume of new them but two Vietnamese
and Audubon Yearbook" Is being pictures" the Ranger hurtled a professional plannerto business
as written
buildings the base not during the children and adult _
.1 I IIS published for the first time, guide It, and a professional rent th.nhe school board any on one ereIfrlou.ly
toward its doom on the Sea of
according to Nlswonger. It will Clouds firm to do the actual leg work can pay, already In use until they decide campaign wounded.

lie feature listings of outdoor recreation of making an inventory of everything While they are leasing facilities just which ones they Bystanders said the soldiers
facilities In central Flo- The Sea of Clouds region Is in the county-buildIngs to Polk Junior College need. ScientistsContinued were standing in front of a

31 rida, Including: fishing areas, where American astronauts on land, roads, etc for $500 per month they are "It will give the system a ( From Page OM) tailor's shop waiting for the
boating ramps, state parks, the Apollo spacecraft mission The board hat hired I Dr asking $2.070 to lease facilitiesto great deal of latitude to experiment American community's special
'WIH.tIt. public forest areas and wildlife might first land on the moon In Earnest Hartley planning expert the county for a vocational and see what suits Fla the men at GoliKtone's bus when a young Vietnameseman
.. sanctuaries. It will also tain 1969 or 1970. Ranger T's pictures he said Echo site a collection of
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