Nortb te t'notably so in the British verved to light the* festive board. No go I appear and plead answer' or demur to the Bill il'L. nt will be entered by default.COMEK ac'.
afterward as she considered it uu inis.ife; fllrd in this 'ause ('Ii tatfirst mondny Jan o L. PEKK,
A. Possession When the bunter finds a speeches were made, and the. affair was uary A. I*. 13a7 and that this ordf he published
< '. place for children.Many I in the Florida Weekly Telegraph a Plaintif's Attorney. StFGiiDR CIRCUlARS
deer-run.r crossing he selects a strong almost informal in its nature. have : and the woman lislJt d in said county for four ",.ks. and A.n. Fla.. Dec. Dec. 11.3ca. "

sapling standing in a position which admits Tbe Senate devoted much of its time 'years. passed *- JAMES ). BAKER. /c It. E.? : -
has gone to her long home yet the Nov. 13th 1"8I. Judge.
of its being bent over till it almost during the past week to the discussion of .
lived to he bowed down with sorrow and H. RIVERS a
touches the ground. The end of n raw Senator Beck's bill probihitng Senatorsand A REWARD OF R100 I3IP'D. p -
shaino over the intemperance of her ,
bide rope is then fastened to the tree near Members of Congress from receivingfees OSCEOLA
r hu Lu(1alld five sons. Whereas a most foul and umvarranfed murder DUALEII IX
; its top and the middle of tho rope )Is attached from railroad companies during their was commuted Bradford conr.tj-. Fli. on Fires kindled! .
I Last summer several prohibition friends the night 0 f the aoth of December A. D. ISSt). in at their \ GOO3DSAND
ton 4-shapedtrigger. The loose terms of office. During the discussion,
were holding au animated dUcus.'ion the I l.itlingof Hicnar.l Llyd. colored l, bj' shooting
CBd of the ropeforms a funding noose which was participated in by nearly all him dead in the house of J. B. Crews.It Trlsie1
over ways and means in advancement of, is hereby ordered by the Board of County ateud
,_ -.It, I6W. .. t.e, ojf the Senators some of the ablest speeches loved mrhtrit of Commissioners that the county will pay one
tlic caube.thcy t\ mttD some
slating' of a bandful of fresh bay, or a few"leaves (;f the session were made and the bill hundred conviction iloUanr of reward the for the apprehensionand WILLIAM \
entered listened for party committing the mur
seventy years quiety ,
upon which salt Is thrown is placed was passed on Friday evening by a vot lnnel1nd der. Done in open session Jinu,irv 4th. 1S>*7. Chief of 'S'T
a afterward saying: A."CROSBY. N. W. turner Walnut and Call &s.
upon the spindle of the trigger. The of 39 to 14. Attest: Chairman B. (,'o. Coins.II. Ix CIRCUIT ,
"I would like relate
to own experience. -
my .
.: fatter projects half across the run. An excursion party from Northern and FLORIDA.
way Starke Florida
I I always used liquor myself, each Clerk Circuit Court and Exofllcio Clerk ,
'"and when the deer touches the spindle to Central New York, numbering upwardsof and Auditor for the II. of Co. Com>. Thomas V. ) _
day-moderately, of couse-also offeredIt
I, take the bait, the trigger falls, apart. the one thousand persons arrived in the vs {} constantly in store a general stock
to each of my twenty two children Is COUNTY COMMISSIONERS COURT January 3nd Owen

:, .., sapling springs back hoisting with 'it the city on Thursday,(and spent' the two or every morning; most of them drunk yet JS)7. The ) )p

unfortunate animal which is strangled three days of their stay m visiting the Resolve that from the first day of January A. DRY aar.ons Ia advand ai
o' to-day i can say they are all temperate. D. issthat BO monthly allowance be pail to interested Es.di Fries Ieta.wkite .
by the tightening of the HOOK. 1'bouglaibis various points of interest. and tion. UM OwnOM Dr.Co
Whal have you now to say of jour hieretlity1Ivitiesr paupers in this eouiitv. ond that nil persons re- plead to o* fiirrxp to aotd
mode of 'securing the noble game" H. quireing countale! rf.nort to the Board of County above entitled he offers at remarkably] low prices wrappers,and. bean 0V
1 Commissioners cither in person or hv proper registered Tnid.lUrka to' tti
> is anything but nobl .American Agri- proof as to their: condition at lake Butler on the first Monday for Cash or Country Produce. A LOaW.Hmd gus a
.. curist for TIIE.plRTUDAY DINNRR.jTa None made immediate reply. I was first Monday in each month at which time the judgment fa.lmUentnre.otJo5r'ac Strip .iZUOO.Za6e1, and

I'* ., :.. February._ _ ', myself somewhat baffled to think not one Board will be in session when arrangements will &-1n -
be made at the poor farm for their care.
FACTS ADO FLORIDA fRUIT. 1r. .. \YBlMrtgUt'a Desire to *ee all of them should have become a drunkard A. CROSBY )
Attest: Chairman B. Co. Coins. B. Co. Starke. Fla.. TATE POWELL M. D. .
his Family Toj etli r.On Store ,
Florida fruit growers complain that it : when something think the dear Lord!, H. F. YORK. -

: '- U the policy of the transportation com- Before'IMS Departed this lAte.WAINRIOIIT. to show us his faithfulness, put it into Clerk of the Circuit Court and Ex an experie-oce of twenty 3'errs in SALVATION OIL,.
officio Clerk and Auditor for the B. of Co. Corns. practice of his profession has 110 best

4 .. panics and dealers to limit the supply GA.. Jan. 27, 1887. my heai to ask: I in promising the latest, and most ""The Greatest Cure oo Earth for PaIJr.-

and increase the price rather than to increase of "Was your wife a praying woman?" -vII MIt., Ii u. 5.,!. BEXXETT" treatment to those asking his Will relieve more quickly titan tffj
Mr. Jas. Wainright man seventyyears
otter known Rnenm&tliat
unrestricted 'Yes. she We'S.11CLlinutttd.. remedy.
'" the by an sup desired to see all his family tpgether. respectfully Informs the citizens of Starke and Opens Sept. to the country promptly attended. Neuralgia,Swellings,Bruises,Betas
ply. Florida dealers who ship from the ".\nd did she favor this giving yourchit.1rcn'liqur' vicinity, that he has taken rooms at the hodges months with
4- On his birthday, be gave a dinner House for thi'imrp.ts-consultation anti rend of females and children a special Scalds, Cuts,LumbagoSores,Frostbites
interior to Sew York roust f 1 box nirtliral aid to tbuse i Backache Wounds Headacte.i
pay a and invited them to his house in order to rms( afflicted with ,
freight ut oranges, while the Sicilian or. "No." CKUNIC DISEASES such us pulmonary, Bron- Pf. O. P. at Kelley's Drug Store, or at his Toothache, Sprains, &c. Sold bjrd
their chitK Itau-t. Liver. Stomach. and
Lis feelings i in regard to future Dropsy
express I Dnfxists. Price 25 Cents Bottle.
in East a
kins teacher of Starke.
"Did hear .Unclers.
angtrs with which they compete are you ever pray with rcgrd P"fIlItt..r.'I"n given to the treatment -
welfare,_and religious habits. About \VOMKK and Chilitreu. Office dayS ics, Jtc. Prof. ,t '
; brought from the mediterranean at 25 10 o'clock ihey began to gather in from to it? Thumlav. Fri.I1111,1 Saturday nch week, mental and -Interesting .:]perl n e..

.oenUa box. This is a hardship but it is i in "Yes. she prayed every day that the C'nnsiiltatioii consultation in KRKK.the city.will ghe one call FREE for Mary B.' Brown. & Bi,3iu Camcr, on Furniture. Deafer of

all-directions; carts buggies wagons Primary TW; SWEAT Colunrfius, Ga.. tells his thus:
; a mere symptom of a disease from which Lord would keep them from drunkenness. Jan. 15, 4tNOTICE experience
I and horse back. The old man would "For three years I have tried every remedyon
the American civilization is "There is no other explanation necessary ,
suffering. -meet llicih
'. Only last week mil road companies and By 1 o'clock they all arrived, fourooY8 ," said I. "Our God( is able ,to save OF I VEXCr. I meat legiate $ -DEALERS IX_ Disorders but got no relief until I used

Coal operators united to limit the production even to the uUermost. _IIe is also a Cove Is Coi-sTY Coca, BRADFORD COI' 'TY, FLORIDA. lessons 30 ; Electric Bitters. Took five bottles and
with all their tGOOD'S
and two girls together -
of coal and to put prices 'allover nanl-keeping' God. As for you who di- Whereas HenryV.. Eppcr.on.tlministrator: Art $J; All am BOW cured and think Electric Bitters
children, which consisted of thirty-four of the estate of U. W. 1: deceased late the Best Blood Purifier in the wlr1d.-

the Union in utter defiance of "the present. two dead and two absent which rect'y opposed the prayers and ei.treatie of said county, having ti r.pcrson., omce of theCounty With the Faney' Notions" Major A. B, Reed of West Lilviij-, Ky.:

law of supply and demand," concerning of your now dead wife coining to haunt Judge, of said county a written sugg.-s- not including : useoElectric Bitters for on: old standing
tioa of the
said Boots
made six children and thirty-eight grandchildren insolvency of estate. Notice is Good, conv (& Shoes
which they are so vociferous whenever your unworthy example unworthy of imitation herebygiveu to all persons havinsr claims of any cheap in Kidney affection nm! says: "Nothinghas
in all. nature whatever axaint Kaid estate to file the prv'te dune me so much Electric
thetr combine to force I shall leave you to the of The school is jver
employes up the mercy same duly authenticated in the office of theCounty Groceries "
With the exception of those two grand Bitters. at fifty cents a bottle by
price of labor. Coal pools railroad the God who hieard''tur wife's prayes." JuJgof sai.l county on or before the i/e"Clhy.
pools children absent, tlicold man's desires were 11th day of July A. D. 187, at wliinh time a pro Free school ) -ALWAYS IN STOCK.- J.J.KELLY. 4___
and of nil "Nothing mote was said and the rata will be made -
pools sorts are drawing millions man payment to crtditois entitledto Pupils under 6, L
accomplished. After they had refreshed the same so far as the assets will extend and other counties A-FISE STOCK-OF
., every ttay from the pockets of the people themselves by eating the rich "Birthday soon left. the paid administrator will then be discharged For

which areas truly a tax, unjust and What encouragement d.ws this instance \ lnt'solIl1Y name as County Judge of said t G. P. \OU IZ
,dinner they amused themselves by jumping County this the 8th day of Jauuarv. A. D. 2&.. CLOTHINGJUST -
as if it were Imposed by a depot c government with afford fur mothers to pray! Let me say J.R. mCIIAKD, : .
.and another.
i conversing one Jan. 15. 6m.
and collected by armed force. to the dear mothers of our land: Do not County Judge. STARKE RECEIVED. '
Now, by this time they all seemed 'to aM
Government taxation I it far too heavy, desires of weary or grow faint even should your STARKE FLORIDA. : -, .
realize the solemn their uMfath'r's tour *
retatlir for I ho James Means 83 Shoe. .
but it is not government taxation of which each heart full surroundings seem hop'leis. God's ear Caution Sumo U-tikrs recommend inferior The highest market mice paid for ..
heart, ones was ,
In orlcr iarv" This la
COHU to a Hrtrrr profit. the
the pgoplc have BO much reason to com is ever open to the cry of hischildrcn. and oriulunl a SILOC. Ik-ware of imitations which aokiiowle FEED Produce. .&
would have forsaken all to '
now .1
the1 plain us of the arbitrary I levies made your prayers are held in everlasting re build .
upon with the old man's But civ) i tiP rrpnt.it ion of the original. .
comply request. Pi icuuiuc uitlcsH .
thereby centralized oorporMions.An mcn\Jfunec. one bearing this 8tamp, $1-13 "WeeHsis- ;
before bidding them all adieu, the old

understanding between gentlemen" in a man gathered them in a circle, they come Led Stray. JAMES MEANS'rrc -p

quiet parlor over a bottle of wine will AV POLICE G I.ZETI'E will be mailt'd
S in rotation the oldest and his family first, 3? S3 SHOE. ,
wrappt'd. to
take "FEnNADINA, Nassau Co., Fla., AA any address in the Unitw: .ll
enough from the pockets of for three
money and went to the youngest What a touching March 2ft, 18RO. r-7-1. I.uia: in Uutlnn. Congress and months on receipt of _
the people in one to the ONE
year pay expenses U ltt elio i in Lnirubtltty, DOLLAR. r
nffair no can express. Even the Comfort
pen "I have used Dr. Simmons LiverRegulator .
% IlJ1-arAoc& A postal cant -w
of the for ten. 4 9 -t discount allowed
government spectators could hardly resist ,the tear1 : and always found it to do what ) \ ) \ tiomwiil brlugyoulnf. clubs. Sample to postniaste r, agentsRICHARD '
copies mailed.
ThU trouble with Florida >:m.tiua how to eet this
oranges is the when the old man began to express". JdJD.: for It. Tb.' last bottle and two 'k : all orders to inng .
trouble in the United State. It is trou '- -l RZ K. FOX '
a thair future til l.'g oJ !;
ble too, that is bound to force its self in regard to ieligio f ', .. and were worse FRANKLIN SQUARE. N. T ; ,
welfare. He selected a beautIful : I see it is not put up by 41 Lincoln St. S fI' ,
and happy will be the that 4 Bargain in Music. Jtislfil{
party piece, suittble for the occasion, Od': .. -'a'Co., and not genuine, and Bcston.Uaia. .
is wise enough to foresee it.-St. Louis then. to sing it But before 'singing ,1 fittooey- to buy It. I would be First-la Favorite Altum of 8oong8 and. Ballads. falIIIJlhs "
: Republican. hours day thirty-two pieces of choke and, .
_ _ piece he hung his head and said "chll gt"5 pure and genuine. SetidmeIo4e Terms & music. full sheet music size with cOrn -

c\\ OUR WASHINGTON. LETTER. this is the last time I ever. expect,1 .. ".. : honest bands with red ZaIdsifln&Co's. Ourcee'r-t ftnrvrnineea a larger aaantltr '! words is finely and printed music upon and heavy piano Japer aceempant..Yilth a ;:\ I I qa

signature on Wrap- C>f Shots of ti N<:rnih.u any other factory In the attractive i
all in this lifenow I bve COver. 'e following are the _
If W ASDISOTON. D. C.. Feb. 9, 1887. you together world. Thou'i vno wp.ir Ihnn will tell you tho of the
: songs and
) The fictitious stuff sold will If .. ,' ballads contained in the J
pen injure reason y' 'i k tln-n' 'n:> j itIEAYs' *!
I To th. Editor of Tn T KABAPB: selected this piece for your bwir fqtiit SHOE fur Th.;.li .a.aflr-net In Durabuitr.Full Album"AaI'd N thl gr KLse to Do; jl .
IwUv. D4ar Old
I Some very important changes are about benefit, hope you will slug with 'deaare; >.-- some. one"Your Ob't Serv't I I line- of tinalxn'c sl.ocs for sale inST.ilKE l D\R Llttl.feet:Songs Oh, TOliPrett of .Home:Blue Moth- yed Witch Watch .

I to be made in the Treasury Department. of heart. flY A E.au Eyes: Katy' IA'tttU'; The Passing Beil; I; :*''II flrllEfsC
T. RICH. Kissing Kate .
thirty-nine ; Won't You Tell M
r Secretary Manning it win be remembered It expresses my feelings toward you. ) I Robin;The Old Garden Gale llown 1.(_ 4
in the '
:. .' tendered his resignation at the time Then the piece was sung; all raised their The BloodIs J. G. ALVAREZ. he was was I _the?_ Waving the Summer Lindens Roses; laded Tough I.taves the : All ,
% '. of his illness, and although the resigna voices to-Heaven,' The tears were rolling the po'irce of health ; therefore to chronic Mv pretty ln"ie:I really; don't think 1 ,' !htm

tion is still in the hands of the Presidentand down'their" cheeks while they were striving keep well, purify 'he blood medicine bv takinHood's \V. MAUKENS, Gynaecology X&rry. iPrJalSi'-.if;* Sea:of A Home Year Azo: The oU Bach"lor'Cottage .:IJIhJlIt;
SansapariUa This is GEORGE uth
will and
Starke i'? 1; Good
has not been acted upon, Mr. Manning to comply with his last request. The NiRht-One Happy Year
peculiarly designed act upon the blood, Block. : ;.JeDD1e to the Orchard: The Old Dam Gate;
has announced his attention of withdrawing Spirit was in their heats; and the fatherwas and through that upon all the organs Saturday of 8 is FarweU; Polly; Wni pt'r Ie the Twilight. ; ithc'iJIL'T { IIIIAI
a fine ; '
-DKALEU I very
from the Cabinet. Treasurer overcome by the solemn affair while and tissues of the body. It has a speiTo Wednesday gotten up in collection of real Tocalpr-ms. .
very handsome Pub-
action the style.
secretions and
upon ex- In the
Jor4an has also tendered his the midst of the circle First USUal w..y and bought music
resignation standing In gazinghis cretions and assists natute to 05pel 1 from PURE ] these 32 pi. at a
-5 and asked that it receive LIQUORS, strictly ) a jt-b lot of' w..uld C06t. you 'lI.lO. We ( ) L. KEENE
-... immediate, ao"tion. last time at the beautiful increase the system scrofula.humors impure the music a'a" .t sacrifice : %

'.:4 ... though he may possibly continue in which God had given him particles apd n>w matter .through the -0- our/1S stock holiday at are} we d're to close
r- lungs, liver, bow l?,.k1dn.ys.nnd skin.It once.Vw send you the entire jiisry, Fancy Dress Goods
.office until the adjournment of Congress. After finging the piece, the old man etfoctually'aidJ weak, i ni pa rel. an.1 PRICES 25 her i-Mit lower than any :!. Send well Immedi wrarped and id for only ,

; Mr, Manning will -fill the position of again bung his head to bid them adieu. debilitated organ: A (rU! will eoflvjpoyou other house in 'ho oily. I! THE tcly.EMPIRE.o\dd NEWS o. CO.. KQTl'JNS.KiDGLOVES. PARASOLS ,

.* president and Mr. Jordan that of vice. Now, the most solemn thing of all had that it does possess peculiar curative -' Country oriUn-s solicited.: Price liMa H. P. Syracuse, N.Y. .i1ttrIt1.ellas. Zephyrs and all kinds

president of the *,New Western National come 1 cannot rejieatthe exact words; powers. upon appliiaion.Ajroutfjr !, I \IIclta of material for
are bat fl wV writ toMnjon
Pank of New York City." which will be.. but it was 'JijghJr notBd "by the whole Two L!>r1-! < ::. LoiU Bottled 1101110 t ro..rartlaiuL. M M li .will natn 'Fc4ncy: 11To7Jk. .
groat SHoo F4arqar- ree. rail which
iu business the ANt of .Ut-.t-r, Vt! -V.'esty >,trect, i! l]>LANS an 10fOlu..t:. bool work
on May Applications -family. A fir. his speech ho bougbcdhis lila and impure blood. The ].u'.er is utterly JL short Ibc..eaodo..h".t t slit pS7I 1 1tbelll rroInpt.attention to orders. 4 -

;:.' for more than $40.000 of...stock. e&t1:8aJi: : "."' {-l.?"'-Jfovr.- the crowd I Defeat by the peculiar'medicine. J a't.',. h..' :'} Ost.s.1..1: : '- :Fla: : : promptly I f .'... "'.S'taI'f..from,. Eftbaz.yiretd.'10$25 TlIoat"lIottu"I per da;, Some CapbI ba's Ja r,i_, 09- Was' Bay.!St.ACKSOvILLE., (r. Latin- : -

eoIwtalJ I I'LA
.. .lie),' U. .
A { If'


.. ', -.\ >; *
S .
: \
., .- .,"
5- .
"h .
# :. 1
.S -
.' ; ;

..a.. ,-i". '.' 44.4* -- S :..i. ;:!._: .,- .,. tIiJ' ________
: .
", "',." '" ... .... ,b. ,- _-.- .-" "- .-. -\ -.- -4--, '--4-4--' .'r" .-i,',0'1 -_-_ -
., -
,_ ,
.I 4 '1 ', _, .
-- !S '4 -.r, 'I, < ,. u' -,. -; ., "t"
.5 .
; *, ; ---r-, .. : :


-. '-;'-'--;;--; "---S
--- .
.- ...,.. -' ; ; --'-.- S_ .p'
-'. .' "". "'.-. :W.JJd.Ii .
PW $ u--" ;'-. 9 F". '," ., .
Jf --. .t- 5)5 $ rj 'o.: .iIoWtr.o'--,. .." .
., fr
.f... I .J." : -* .i
:: :
: "
a. 'rt OIe.J- ,: o f .4 :
'v .. i' .
: ,
A ,
1:0 00' ., .' 'oO: .
Nr of : ...- .' '"". ". S
.. > .
t \ iT
.. q. 5- :
.. -
1,1 I S
\ t- .
-- -m-
; -- .. I 1' _
L S." ; .5. .4'i :
EFLECTIONS. t v- : 5---- W
.l11arka\dy\ low.. -- ,
The -ii'-
ladies are 81).cial1y the -3--- : & (
1 season. &. r' --r. -r-t---1' b -
;; nvlted to cjfl and see goods. I 1 I .a 4 M. tie. '..I_S't' i'S-* S :
my W.A.D.IL'at
INTINC.-We print B\fitneMVi Capl. D. W. WeiimanAnd wife,of St. __t. ,. ..S -- 'St
Hood'sSarsaparilla S
.. Tlio I ICOunrY : \ S
otfc-r C rJs.Ta.". Bill 11\11. utforlote Ulglicst market I 1lrccpud for allproduce' Louis are at the Burriu House t'ni 1 thiie: 5- -
aD. >
lloacUmts. Envelops, Hand I 1 ** of : .
-4' and job work generally.I wu I Store nt Sweat's New Red W. has for years been in the Government I ; .' .:. .
Don't fail lo visit Stailve! service .
without asin engineer :
:J.oe&I AdvertlAemcntll In thte column'-" bot I Ir calling l iu at the New Red Stoic River the Missouri HENRY A. L-ENOLE. Manager. w. N. UAKER'CshjertIsoNvtLLxh ." 1.l
and examining surrey. He owns two
twetY flTe cento per line.'in8 groves here,
I Itbot
roIrgea the ]ilirgt. nnd of Is a peculiar medicine, and is carefully prepared : :
one which
new stock on ,hand he i is having : :
expanded to Fr
Da come end gonS 'wbich, in of Four by competent pharmacists. The combination + J4Ji '
greatly reduced Jiorcs. ; : : t
Pnecs and roportion of Sarsaparilla,Dandelion : .
Twinkle. Twinkle little Star! j is going off like Lot caKes.1 Mr. j;. n. Braddock and wife and! Mrs. Mandrake, Yellow Dock, and other WLL DO A "J'J"JV'' 'J''J'" m : ,
A. Steven agents exclusively peculiar
There of
AineloTof shoes daily is uo Bay City, Michigan, are .
": new expccte uppeirancc"Hard Times" Hood's Sarsaparilla, giving it strength and MADE AT USUAL RATES OF EXCHANGE. S
lQ .
'.tLbe new store of T. W. Swcat'g. MUniinT.W. bweufs New Red visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Beebe, of the curative power superior to other prepa .lS 9; '. .5
Stare Burrin Houisc. I BI MMHH HiHH MnHBB MMMMi HMBIiBMH taM B Hn Hi n H I -
I' Tlc, place is rations. A trial will convince you of Its \S
erowded. from t
Ererybody go to Church tomorrow.. morning until late Mr. H. R. Lyon President of the great medicinal value. Hood's SarsaparilU ,
nt night, with anxious --
r A fine line of fresh groceries kept con- "PJc Him lire buying and paying cash Mandan. D kota. bank, is trying the air Purifies the Blood The Largest Cook $StorSouth ; '- S S--S .

i .ntly. on band at the llCW store of l'U. |fur his new and peautifu! g beuuse Airs. W. E Jumper of the digestion, and gives strength to every :
f 0. :4M
they are so Beverly, S
cheap that
Sweat's. _- is ,1- organ of the body. It cures the most seyere
., last Irust like finding Uwm along the big and Mis. J. Sayler and son. of Kenton. cases of Scrofula,Salt Rheum Bails,Pimples ; W3RACE DREW

Did you sec the Eclipie Tuesday td. 0.. visiting-W. H. Powers and family. and all other affections caused by impure a ,

-i..bU o _ Have c\t-- Messrs. J. Crawshaw and son, in addition blood, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Headache, !ARii:4
CURE will immediately you seeu :5 new" 8tore If to several hundred persimmon and Kidney and Liver Complaints,Catarrh Rheumatism 59 and 61 WEST BAY 8TRRKT.
SnILOIrS not
go at once. I. and that extreme tired feeling.
**** no time. Go see trees
"Whooping CougfiffiuHlBronchitis. pear will plant abc.ttt two hundred
relieve Croup. the new goods which he I is "Hood's SarsapariUa has helped me more JACKSONVILLE ELA.
daily receiv-
For sale by Risers & Joiner. lug and figs. They have successfully planted on for catarrh and impure blood than anythingelse .
| selling at remwUhlc '
His prices. their premises figs, almonds, pecans, I ever used." A. BAJLL,Syracuse,N.Y. WHOLESALE AND '
Who is Uiat young. lady that can't speak new goods come in at the side door on tangerine, and other budded oranges. Creates an Appetite RETAIL. POWDER

.. to the boy of WuhlUt Street daily and in consequence Mr. B. H. Allen is introducing several "I used Hood's Sarsaparilla to cleanse my BOOK STATIOXKRY. PAfKlt, MUSIC TOYS AND FANCY GOODS .

AOK.It a lasting and fniT cheap prices, they go out at; the front novelties. In addition blood and It .
'HACK-MET door ou Madison to Japan: persim. up my system. gave a .\111 he latest Hooks, Newspapers and Periodicals received as soon as pflblished. "net Absolutely Pure. !
Price tt and :TX) cents Avenue ubcut as fast as mons, he has good appetite and seemed to build me over."
perfume. Japan pears pouches and supplied At publishers lint. My stock i is complete iu every department. Merchants
put they con 'in the store. Eo M. HALE, Lima, Ohio. and Consumers Thin powder n"ver varies. A marvel .
jor sale by Rivers_& Joiner.:__ __?__,_L_ .i ____ plums and the pearmelon, which is said "I took Hood's Sarsaparilla for cancerous onl rs filled promptly mavdepeml and u on urtitely.Getting prices as low as any Northern- .city All 'of purity,strength and vrholesonieneftft. .

tliat man hat go left A Reporter :>f the I TELK K\PJI had the to be one .f the most delicious fruits of humor, and it began to act unlike anythingelse. Have also largclv! increased lay atoc BASE BALL GOODS and now have More eco onucal than the ordinary $.
Who was youug pleasure the It It cured the humor and seemed to ever thins BATS & BELTS kinds and cannot be sold in competition .
on Wednesday of last week to tropics. is a small shrue Inch can } including BALLS. CAPS MASKS, GLOVES. aud multitude of low. test shqrt .
hit Sunday night? visit the be planted in tone up the whole body and give me new ranging in prices from cheapest to the best. My prices are low and special term with tho ,
beautiful of the a year. weight,.alum .of phosphate powders. .
REMEDY orange grore We." J. F. NIXON, Cambridgeport, Mass. will bo mode ts,4oatoror clubs buying in quantities.ECo3ace ,
SHlLOirS CATARRH Florida Sold only in cans. KoWl Raking Powder S
Orange Company Limited, which S. P. Send for book giving statements of cures.Hood's .
Catarrh. Ulptheria and _ __ Co.. lOb Wall-it., tt Y. -A
cure for situated on the R. R Dre
about w '
one and a April 17. *- -
KIWSLBY NOTES. Sarsaparilla ".'i4
sale llivcrs & -
SikeiMoulh. For by half JACKSOSVIL'LE
miles -
north of this city. We were : FLA. _St S.
Sold by all druggists. 81;sixforgS. Prepared only 'V

.Joiner.'V. ___ __ shown little satsuma orange trees that had Since our last writing, our communityhas by C.I.HOOD&CO.Apothecaries.Lowefl.M&u ..-.---. --. -- FLORIDA RT -
& CO.
., For fine cigars and tobacco, go to the a full crate of fruit last season aud strange I been called to mourn the -loss of an 100 Doses One Dollar ..MflUTION-, .

Eu'cka Cigar :lllr. to say, these trees were not injured by the old nnd much esteemed r 'bident. Mrs. $ONCE MOBE TO THEgFBONT A CD'n"u.S 1 'I'a&, .- .. S

,r, cold last winter, to be sure, a few bud Wordwell, mother of Mrs. Abraham JOHN WANAMAKER, 7: Y
w hen Shiloh'sCure
WILL cough
WHY imccdiale relief. Price! were hit, hut they have grown now to be Strickland. Mrs. Word veil was-S6 yearsof PHILADELPHIA. with the most complete assortment of. late styles in
: will give .
trees, even larger than they were before age and has passed the last 30 years in

5Oc. and ';!. F
Joiner. -- -- -- superintendent. Mr. J. 1\!. Truby, the sick and needy her loss will bu deeply city an agency for our Cloth- .

Look out for Valentine day, it comes strawberry beds, and they were a sight to felt Ly all. ing Order Department. A New Year's TRADE. Great Bargains in Footwear.

on the 14th. be sure. Reader, can you imagine 5 acres Our merchants appear to be doing a

YOU_MADE_miserable_ by Indigestion of the beautiful little green plants. full of fine business, both on t he north and west first-class, competent partycan No Fancy Prices. Only First-Class Goods. '--
Constipation. Dizziness Loss ofAppetite. bluom sticking up through the mulching! sides, and at Lake View, the new store arrange for a large and -

Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer on a great many plants we counted four has been filled: with goods, and has every. profitable trade. A plea- A. L. VON KIRN SHEDULE IN EFFECT D 18SJ s

cure. For sale by Rivers & stools of buds and each stool represents prospect of a fine trade. flP" sant and convenient adjunctto S

is a posilste hundreds of bloom The plants are very The postofflce at t hat place will be presided other established busi- Western aMhuth..sten tU e. "*.. .

Joiner. ----- --- large by actual measure several were afoot over by Mr. T. R. Brown, the any THE POPULAP BOOT AND SHOE HOUSESTARKE.. FL). WESTERN DIVISION.

Mr.J. DTcray, representing the Jacksonville in diameter and G inches high. Mr. company's efficient engineer, and will be ness. No risk to agent. Shortest- and Quickest Route to New Orleans .

Morning News paid us a pleasant Truby, informed us that it took two horse located nt. the store. Address 't.. Connections and the Southwest.to Points West Direct .

call on last Monday. Joe is buu d to ID\-wiu It machine h'ev days to cut the grass I Mr. I). W. Brigham has sold his finely JOHXV Al'OA\fAKER, I I Northwest. .p. ... '

succeed. ___ U0ed for mulching. Take it all togetherit I improved farm located a few miles from ..dleanii. 4.)-Z..time. "p-neans)L.time,
Philadelphia. '
THE REV. GEO. 11. TIIA.YER. of was a beautiful sSgut well worth a trip I the Lake and expects to locate iu some J WTr: CARflELL) M..laD Ie up.No. 2.. ,'. ".50..1.RXADDOWM.No t. .

Ind. Sl"Both myself and to sec and well may Andrew. The gen- of our new towns. Over PEOPLE USEFERRY'S @ 1Js.73OpArJacksonell1e..Lv8Gs3OOpluSOa :
Bourbon. GOO p Ar BdUwin;...Lw 8 41 a ftp -
wife owe our lives to SHILOII'S CONSUMPTION tit man: who has the straw licrric1? in charge Our strawberry growers arc pleased 1'33" 3 19.AT Lke City.....Arid iOn SUp

CUKE." Forsnl's by Hirers be proud of his ?fr. We were next with the prospect for fruit at present and SEEDS Prao"bic-aL U2a 4 335pArMadisea..Ar1505p83p a p.\1" Uve Oak..1..J'':a' 7 & CO.
shown the are for -- D.M. FERRY :ISa Uo..w.Ar I S5plO 35 .. -
5.ipArMontl ; >
cabbage patch. Which was arranging shipping. &r are admitted to to UMUiafSTSEEISMEl .
& Joiner. _ _ looking well and thousands of =New fences aic the order of the _1".1 310 a J .'-Ar'rallahiswe-. 3 37 oil IS p.. ,5'
fine heads day i
1 u>(A \Vc are Landed vet y interesting article represent a lot IIf money there was also a and sho off well, all are putting up a J .. O.M.FRRT&CO'S JI\I" 11 25 a Ar Hirer JunctionAr 4 05 p 33Jp
HOOp lO2OaArMarIaimua..Ar507p 4 C J
m. 5.-
Institute .!
St.uke -
on Arbor Day and the nice bed of onions potatoes! and last but post and board fence as the best and -II rpds.Pv4.s4 hOOp 815aLvO fuaiak8p'gsAT706p 800* -

but we are sorry to say it is to Ute for nut least the cheapest in the end. a t SEED ANNUAL Stare E'1a: 300p H5aLTHoii acola..v.Arll)10p 1150 .
peach trees. They were one S ; For 1887 Ll5p. 3ft,aLv FlomatoD.....A.r U p 319plOfl
hut will in our next. Mrs. Wm. YIKG LOCATED in St brick C *!,. Mol le..n ..Ar *2S a -
this issue appear mass of pink a sight that some of our Carpenter and little girl are wfllbe nailed re-nA rke, in the building formerly occupied by 7 20 a

-bargains-- at his northern iends would give a great deal at home again on the West side. Mr. -- FREE ppUca&U.to and all 11 \Vyiiittn. I respectfully solicit work in my line from II e citizens of the town and surrounding Oa5ap- 1I11tpLvNe-worlnDII.Ar.73 pLy Monmomery..Ar. 7l7Wp- .
Sweat is offering great to 1a_'. county. All work warranted Charges moderate. Hoofing, Gutters and 7 n a I.T NaVnTille..Ar 640p 7Op
new store for cash lie deJermuicd to to see on the first of Feb. The Florida Frank Carpenter is also back on n flying autooun Leaders u 13 45 p li 45 a Lr EransTille...Ar liOn *SI p

sell goods in accordance with the times, Orange Co. have expended a great deal trip from St. Augustine and also 'lr. and S without denncit.AmbiatUte*. specialty.ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.JACKSONVILLE'S 14 8&15 p a 12 SSOpLvVin.'innati..Ar.5&38 a Lv LoUL'IvIlle..Ar 2Sia tSOp 635p7JpLt .- .."

and to do so he must sell cheap. Coma of money on this grOTto but"one on two Mrs. Wilkin on."f near Lake View. : _.erw per.. SOOp lOa =U,.!Louis..Ar Ar 740>30a a loopSleeping 800p340pLvC'licago ..

and see! successful seats will pty it all back and All arc ttailing gardens and preparing < .urlnj KttdtfTtmur Bar.U Oars on No 1 and 2 between Jac-k'
for SKIDS Aould IIviUI and New Orleans. No. I and S daily. r-
------- -- then the profits will roll in by the thousands crops. -
The W. e. T. U. will meet tiexl Tburs- tend for it.Addraa No. 9 and 10 daily .
,. we were treated like a king and The Rev. .dr. Munsinger, ofVmnsor, D.M.rUITJtU.Detroit LARGE DRY GOODV HOUSE.-
MeAfcc at the usual .01 .
Miss Florida IOt'l. .
at .
day 1 tiever spent mom pleasant half day in supplied our spiritunl wants at (lie ). E. Shortest and Quickest Route Between Jacksonville '

hour. our life and caiied home a good supply I of e Church on the Lst sabbath. He stops Waldo, (ialnt-sTille and Cedar Keys S
-- --- t U. D. MINER Ocala Leeaburi.TayArea,Orlando aud all poiatain
. "Tom Sweat," as he is familiarly called the products so we know what we ny. with us and vhitsL few days we bcspeate KOHN FURCHGOTT BENEDICT -South Florida.

by inliniate friends, is dctei mined to him a hearty welcome.Mr. & BEAD. OP : REA II"(.
Prayer aud Prabe Wanted p;). 4. 'Xo8. No. 1. No.3.I
sell goods if the times are hard. He buys Perry, who Ii\'cs Cl\st of Lake View, U.a 40>>pJwFen uiduia..LTl0.lia( 4 t p7.4.Sat17p4rCa1lihan..Lvili4a45p

Lis goods for cash and sell them for I Five; or six dozen oopics of Prayer and mile or so, has moved into his new --OFFER AN IMMENSE STOCK OF-. ,.- ;. -am.;:1.47pT Baldwin- .;..r.Arti ..l..li. -.
giving Praise were pui chased last year fur the house had rail and No. 4. No.. So.-.. '}0rt
: O'spot cash which is almost like a splitting "frolic : : .
'*_.*ttiem awny-they n 80 cbca \... ..i use of the Methodist Church. All of these, and :i good time generally. SPRING GOODS at very reasonable prii-oa. .Summer Silks. Nun's Veilincr. Satins, 5.l3aI.pArRaldwin..AritSOp" 9.1Os p
; except about two dozen, were taken from Salec1l!, lirocuded Goods, Black Silks. Colored! silks White Goods, Uell8gos ".08 a '1.00pLvLawtey.Ar 1.Opll.OIip .
fEaefeon.Pa W.CL. Mourninsf(Hood,Spring('ashwers'all he altovoin iiniriense \' ) 3..\aU45pLvSt rke ......ArS I.'P lU''p
t S MI. & )Mrs. Ebben Craw ford. the Church by persons who forgot to return Fine Ltce: Beads, Swiss Eel ing8. Ribbons, Parasols, Hosi 55 a 12 05 a Lv Waldo.....Arl t.M p 1V15& A.

,, and Mr. & Mrs. JL C.Tr at. of Bradford I them. The want of these books is ARBOR DAY OBSERVANCE. ery. Buttons, Corset Underwear. Ginghams, Straw l 115p.7iOsLvC.slarKey.J P 10.30 a Ar Gainesville.....Ar.Ar 2 1L4ip&)p I.i I.45p, 0

Pa., arrived in the city on Thursday of serious inconvenience to us. Every, Hat and Millinery of latest styles and choice r45a 51.31 a Lv Hawthorne....A rK : 6p t234.
hoW the Day '.* Spoilt In Starke. peler-tions. Pariwt*. Mattiiif. Oil Cloths, Lace Curtains M a H.04 a Lv('itra...... .\r j I'I p I.g.
I of(this week to visitljp&fkmily of 0.V.. one.. who can fkd any if these missing I WATCHMAKER Window Shades, Rugs ('rnll) Poles Crumb Cloths at :iOira '<-rSpringi..Ar 3.td'"......... -

Livragston. Mr. Crawford is a brotherof volumns, will confer favor upon us by The following Ku complete of names -AND very low tlji res and n largo selection. There i is jtlwolutflly. nothing liSSatO.iOaLvOcaU......Ar 3.iOp t'.4 a -. -
I ..._
B.08 Lv Wildwood Ar 4.55 4.13
Mrs. Livingston. Tdurwtsg than to the Methodist Church.. add No. trees as far as we were able to cJEWEIiFJSTAIIKE.: : ., in tlie" hue of Dry Goods that we do not keep. W*> solict ord.n be S lOOOp 5 00 p i....a Lr ranaaoTkee.Ar '.5 p a. ....a. .

learn of those who ktpt the day iu FLA. they large c'r small. $SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO ORDERS,,, 320p .....LT Kt Catherine. At' U.OO" ..... -
Mr. D. F. Constantine wife and two r W. S. RiciiAnosox. planting Ii.13 p 8.JO A. I T I esLurg.-Ar LtO V 4.M a
: 'Je. attention given to repairing Watches ShmiM visit .U will find t Lv Tavares ...Ar 580
----- ? SPECIAL ou our ('ity, on us; yon our store at- j P 'us a 545p a
I daughters, of Oxanna, Ala., are visiting DEAD THIS. and Jewelry: .c., &c. All work don trai-tive, our assortment co6tnpl..t8 and prices rewonable. A 737p 7.-J3 a Lv ApopKa.....Ar 7.91 p \37 a ._ .
Shade Trees.J. at reasonable prices%for cosh. Enquire of Richard ..Ie& G.53 a Lv (}rlaudu .. .,.Ar 'Z.M p ''UII a
in the city with Mr. W. L. Constantine -- T. and Pace. Mar. 12 Ibbl-Om 81'f'4'illl-deplUlment for Clothing for Men and Boys also Gent'sTjudorwcar. No. 7 and daily. No. 3 aud 4 daily except -

and family. They have not cnlj come toGit Grand Martha urUMaeton Supper. Dillabtrry, 2 C.pt. J. N. Jones, August 19. 1882.DRUG. Sunday. Sleepuig CHIN 001\0.3 ami 4 betwevaJacksonville .
7 G. W ,
but expect to invest and settle with Bradford Div. S, of T. aud; he W. C. T. MeKiuney. ANDJACKSONVILLEBRANCHDAILY. -:
W. E. IXivis J2.r. c. Clark
U will give a }[Lrlh Washington supper -
Ben. Wilkovski. 3 U. D. MimrF. Kohn Furchgdn & Benedict.
lleJ Men's Hall, In she night of Feb. STORE SOOp g.f5 a I.v Jl\Cktlonvftte...'r .m 4.45 p'
Sow is the time to buy goods at T. W.Sweat's \lat R. )[organ. 7 R. N/Dowling Ml p >>5-a Lv Jacksonville...Ar t'fla 4.40 p30 ?
<1, Washington's birth day, the ladies .1.) W. l'r p 11 .,1( a Lv Fernaivlm.' ..' ..I.i" 8.rOp *
new store foi cash. In consequence -\ Morgan, 5 Dr J. 0.
having this in charge will be dressed in C( N J-l.'TIO'iS. ',
. of the 'li ht times" he U nWed II. A. Farmer 3 s ployed their
1 olden time costume. Mr. Geo. and : At Silver Spring with Otktawah.i steamers(.w !
to buy goods very cheap for cash and can I 3e I. C. Webb 4 time in plantingA. THE STAR I II PabaUa: ADd all Jao tilllC; at St. Catherine with ;
MartIn expected to HUNTER I '
Mis Washington are Florieus *4 fruit and R E Florida Southern Railway for Pemberton Ferry. .
Therefore uffurd to sell them cLcap.M ornamen- and
BrooksTiUe.BartoW Tampa; at Leetburx .
. be pre&cht, and will hold a reception during I .
> L..n w T1 i A. R. Moitt 2 tal trees In their with Kb-amirs for landings on Lakes Harris.Ku -
'Fer fint-class detal operations, call ou the cvelliu Price of admission, A V.w.p.p.r supporting the PiiMipU tie and Orimn;at Tavaren with Florida Southernfor ..,
[ G. P. Young 25 yards. I ot m Democratic AdmlnUtrattoa Lane Park. EuntUnad Astor:at Orlando witb
L Dr. J. O. Uaynes unstairs! at the new children under 12 .
Iltiu1t. lOc years e.8uppc..r Ida andT. CONTRACTOR nnrt BUILDER. South rlorxla Railroad 'or all point on tbe'r: :at
trick store of:. .1. Jones & Co. Office 25c to at 7 o'clock, Mrs. Ain, 1 PrtlUMd tte Qty tf Km York. Cedar Krr, with lulf SlOJinNoa' ('omJ'ln''. /or

4 2 Commence W Sweat, 6 Florence Witkovs- >LANS and apt cifiCl\I in n! furnished on I' WILLIAM DOBSHEIMEB GulfCoa pnlntt. Inclu'linjr T"rpo, 8p rfnys,
boars fro ai i) a. m. t) 12 in. aul from I Ma'matef..Tampa.etc. .OMtaluut with wgy:.
situ time. Mrs. E. Johns, 4 kit Miss Myrtie short notice. and &>od work assured. I 'crbifS line for ail points Nortfcwmt. -
dltor and
p.m.toSp.ni. Proprietor.Dailyf
r .
W. W. Moore, 5 and. Sallie Martin = CLYDE STEAMSHIP IAXK. :

; CL L. nRbOtICiI: of Lake: Btlcr, U. 1). .Mixi.it, Mrs. C. A*Wills, 2 and other littleJ. J. L. GASKINS. PATENTSTFRNKLIN Sunday r and Wttklf Ed/tfmt. 9i IA-av.

- was in the city last Thursday and >\)'s Committee. M. Truby 30 girls observed Ar- DEALER IN Kern a n-
dina Sun
1 .that T. W. Sweat's New 'Red Store i is Death of Capt. Dyke. G. C. Looney, 10 bor Day byl plantW. Drugs & Medicine ---- THE WEEKLY STAR, day and lir.

1 among the handsomest in town, Mr.Bcoj Capt. Charles E. I)>ke died, after a C. Barnes ling Rose bushes. Starke, 'la. H. HOUGH A Sixteen-page' Newspaper, Issued Wednesday p in.on .

Hickcox, of Fort CaJJ. is of the ,alI1Ue T.A. Knight 8 Lilies, Violets, I every Wednesday.A arrival

. opinion. lingering illness at his residence near W. E. Dnncan, / 2 Pansies etc. Physicians' PrescriptionsCarefuUy Solicitor of merican and Fnrign elM. pure brijht and IntorMtlag' ,- train of 5.00 fro .
l lost the 66th
Tallahassee, ou Monday in
We to see at all hour Jack
I are glad Compounded *-fay 01nig'U FAMILY PAPER. m ?
NASAL riNJECTOlffrwtottle'of withell.ch yeaf of his *ge. lIe was one among the Total 143 that so many of the Patents. oitvtlle.ftraroera .5

Shiloh'u Catarrh; Heiycdy.t Piioe best known and higjbly esteemed men in citizens have taken the matter in hand July 26, 1879 -nl.H. S 925 F. STKEET N. W. It contain UM Ute t sews down to 1M fcowOlfiff .I front Jacksonville Cherokee every and Friday Seminole m.(new) ells f

'f 50c. For sale by Rivera &; Joiner. the State. He was a native of Canada trees in a few years Near U. S. Patent Office. W ASHINOTO .D. C. tO pfCMAfrleultural: tEA ISLAND ROUTE. 5 ':
--- -- ,--,- and set so many Personal attention given to the preparation and ..
4 Ring and came to J.o'lorida"hen quite young. these trees will not only be an ornamentto AUSTIN prosecution of applications for Letter Patent I Market, V : On and after Xov. 15. the steamer St. O '1Nkhiidas
in condition Ulto seIIgolS I business before the U. S. Patent Office attended :
number of of Talue to the Fashion lx.'t\vccn Fcrnundina ani Sa-
For a long years Capt. Dyke the town but great to for moderate fees. When patent is i
cheaper than
: ever. I hope my ,old friends conducted the leading Democratic orga'nof : several places. Now, that the work is granted,a drawing of your invention with claims, I. Household, 'l vaiiKuh. will leave Fernandina Wetlnes-
and customers will not fail to csfl and -MdUF CTC1" oP- you niame and address wiUAfr published in the Political day.\n'l Saturday upon arrival at 4:80 a.m.
the State and as a parlizan editor, had : starteijet there be, intead of 143 trees United States Patent OMce.sante. a paper of I Flnanelal and Commercial train from Jacksonville and will touch '
ec me frequently. My block wiU tokept in the neighberhood of atho'tsant.next Tin and Sheet-Iron Ware immense circulation, and the only paper that
State. lie writer
full and no equal in the wasfc sojpewjiere publishes this free. Poetical I, Humorous and nt Bruuswick and Danen. Connects at
complete so as jjo meet UI wants I I in the United States Editorial Savannah with all rah lines and with
of great fore1 and power and kept himself year. *' B"-No Agency possesses I
of ny pjUrpn., *>. j.. loaded with fact and and -1HD DKiXzi V superior facilities for obtaining patent, or ascertaining Departments, all under the direction .of tnIaeII'ottntal"ta Ocean Steamship and Coston. and, Savannah
well figures I the patentability of patents. of th. IU mreea
f' highest abilitr. vessels to and from' New Ynik
'. :r AI. TO STRA'WBETIRY of furnished for 25 cents each.
all other important Information relatingto ABLtm. AND Copies patents I page* wiU be toned crowded with good things
Truby & Davis have just r a COOKINt Correspondence invited. from beginning to eacL Boston.I
: I _ifeg jwpertyTiar bce sld Florida po ltlcs. of the CELE I OrIginal stories by diitiDpt.hed Americaa 1foreign :"CUMBEBLAND ROUTE.

t' _L: by Gardiner & Pratt The noble and generous impulses of his large VIRGINIA supply VENTILATE Wi S. J. TEMPLE. writers of flction. Steamer makes daily trips between Fer-

-. .- : .;'_: near IL-unjrofl to bead and heart made Capt. Dyke popular !RATES AND STANAK! LET THE DAILY STAR nandipa and Brunswick leaving Jacksonville -

1 York. :; with all p r Lies, and people of all conditions BASKETS which they -will it job- TEMPLE'S BOLLS. nt 8:00: a.m., arriving at Brunkwickai -5
PIJ n DAO.T STAB contain nil the newt of the. 60 p. in., connecting with B. '& W.,
15Sa _. _.
to F. D. HttMcon .
-.-- b- Texas,'' in life, and the announcement of his bers prices. 1W1Idernes. ? M'attractiT' form. JM ipecul corrttpnnJtnf* and through train with sleeper on E. T..
. si'e '" ; > from London. J-mru. Berlin Vienna
properIyircarte. death "=ill cause wide-spread sorrow a ceuiwnd'bic fralure. V. & Ga.. for Macon and AtlaiiU. and all -

r ,e' \ ('1.het., ruRCrties arc itit in tbroupOW tile borders of the State.S ...' .. MANUFAGTUROF .' s" D, Albany,md other a.eaten points North. r '.
v crvesebt..*| rially retained by tk* .
\ liro I of wle:hich'will bo mentioned Rheumatism and Neuralgia Cured In AND DIU.19-is"-;, ;tarnUb the late,,ne",liy telerapa. : A. 0. JlAcDONELL., -
tu 0: LLWTET NOTES.Mr'B. 2 Day. Sawed and Dressed y-'" r feat fftl are nni>iiruirii<%l.ctal General Passenger and Ticket Agent \ ."
rexL .Uardiuer goel' to Jck- vi aDd Marti lit i lew.are nntunally Jacksonville Fia. 1 <

.- son [ .,every SaiimUy anil has ,heel Kaufman has brough in the first The Indiana Chemical Co. have discovered Lumber of every D< I tor pkte.M Mid edl'llOnlJnU'lDd-a D. E. )MAXWELL .. S

Ie4n finding parties_ wiffiogkre. ripe strawberries that were trrown outoorsabut a compound which acts with truly Quality.Laths f 1 : agssstm mmd canvass .noIer General Superintendent .

I -,; This undoubtedly is'one a pint. They were picked marvelous rapidity in the cure of Rheumatism Pickets, Railings S desslari.-- -, I.

f, t most healthy portions of the State 7 W j. : ". and Neuralgia. We guirantceit and Finishing Lumber. S.rr:" < "i>.;t; S p53 OV TNt MWTAI.K WKCKLT in the STAR United TO State 8m.vr .

.;. I.nd.. grange gro"csvill compare w'f .roe ofvlhjJ f4zawberry.wer :. hear to cure any and every case of acute InmmatorXa hand. *:'*&. .--' MMf*.the limit*of New York City:
My UieumaUsm and Neuralgiain "ro VES 23FSpecial! attention given to Fift11ing "-"S :i'rc.* *3aj**- t........... ...Af* MK ; AUSTIN \
; ; portion of the State. ajffiujing! that they do noViatagd to take CMe.'IWa.....;........ ........10 OB
&r storect..f: much pains with ir4esthis.year 2 DAYS, and to give immediate relief Orders with Dispatch. fifteen! and(IIM rxtta to or auer)..!! MOF '. DEALER IN 5 \-
your goodi at the new 60 in chronic casesand, effect a speedy cure. Of the latest and most nppryred pattenuCo .. 11 TMK DAILY STAR TO Brm.fwj -.; S
.w. Bweat's. the tnd as last; that it does WLV. it \L to be s---: BrandIe '
on corner of Waln ScrollANYIorK i Fine Medical WhUklea. ,Wine
MadiaoI1 streets and One hoped this will not befctas The repu. On receipt of 30 cents, in two cent >t.lnz titen-ila of all kinds. i dsjr for one year(inelnding Sunday)....|7 Ot Cigars: Etc. All orderr from abruaUollcit S
save money. address the Dally,without t'iuutay.one ....... s. .
will send to .ear. attend .
of Lawtey berries Hptie New Yoik stamps, we any ............. ] and promptly to. ; ,
0twhy Sweat sell cICaper tation UR, and Force Pumps, and Wrought Iron Pipes. ,*ix nonths t UDaDy .
tbfler can goods Philadelphia markets is too hight to receipt for this wonderful'compound, Vegetable and OrangeCRATES III ,withouFOR Sunday,six raopthiAddre ....... I. CALL STItEET.. : i
is and '
: that heretofore, he haPJ b4d which be filled by your home drug THE STAR
can -
> r three hundred dpllars per year for be sacrificed. There is not a town in the gist at small cost. We take this means of DRIVING WELLS ATSPECIALTY. H aad U JrerUi William e& X wKreryday .. -

-JIlOrerenl! Now be lit.OTC State which has a better repute for clean, givipg discovery to the public instead of I ,. Nov.t3,3m.. : .
owns hu own sizable berries than this colony has. putting it out as a patent medicine, It Tin and Iron Roofs put on ao whe'e ir. A SPECIALTY. __ '

4bul4iur&U1 has no rent to pay. and.the crisp being much les expensive. We will ths ii.tenor. Orders forTlaGn'tersp om'.it- BARGAINS EsellcBtent !. ... .
t $300..00 Is not only 8aved lly, Mr. A. E. Dicker, the agent of the N. if satisfaction is not ly filled. Wind Engines for pu'npin.! w:i er I ; 5 ,!
but to him ann here this week to make gladly! refun pioney l/roiiu-tly eected on order. Church, Fac ALSO FORACRES SALE Great ex.4trnenhasbeen cansedia the "' .of:;
those who buy goods from J Y. dealer was given, ory a d School Bells for sale at a barfea'n. I IN GENERALMERCHANDISE vlclnity'of Paris, Tex,by the remarkable ',.. ,.,
I .t JxP e8 reduced-prices of goods ZT final arrangements with the growers. As S THE INDIANA. CHEMICAL Co., recovery of Mr. J. E. ('.or ley. 'whn was ,j, or ..-

the shipments will justify it, a re- Crawfordsville, Ind. 80 helpless he could not turn In bed, or "" I:'

.dut correspondingly soon frigerawr&s car will be pjt on, and others Feb. 3. '87.-ly. Stoves at Wholesale Prices 81,".' I dying raise hrS of Consumption.head; everybody A trial said bottle he WM o! ."' S :;>;

p !- DESPEPSIA and Liver .CoD1I -! will} be added as need. It Is thought that NOTICE. Dr. King's New Discovery was gent him. ".' .o' .. .

pi Cycm bare a DD of the season four perhapsfive lini contr1 ted for a large aasortmrat Findlnarelief.be bought a lame bottle -
f prnted guarantee( in the height I will apply to of ( oo' a..d i'oati' g t'vl'a1Ih m i oi wa CALL QNM. N. and a bfc of Dr. Kin/* New Life Pillop -
after date ,
'JJ' t. (If !iloh's Vitalirer. 1&DeTr refrigerator cars, will l he required Six weeks Joseph R. Richard, County tii 0 e- rats, 1 ttin POW p epa ed 10 .el m' LAD i I by t:..tPoie he had taken two ImxM o| # -
I. Purp,' for sale by Rivers& Jot ", dajly. The N. Y. house represented by the Judce of the county Bradford State of at ..o nary piceAll ga>.d. deli.rel t Pills anu two bottles of tho Discovery
th ar.oLa: t'an porta'i n s at en- \riil.io BLANTDN.(
/. 't will handle about all the Florida, for letters of administration on : ws well and bad. plueoJ in flesh thirtysix -
Dicker t e cit f'16 of o..argAll sale- iH ca-ti.Jr
L .at T. W. Sweat's New Red Mr the estate of Joseph Truluck Ute uf Suitable for Orange Groves, in Lots 1 1 : pounds.Trial 5 5 5 5..
J f1 berries from Lawtey to Gainesville, in de'Mse. I;I'UUIIH' r.. Iifr""." 'nud. wanted I Itottl!of this Great Discovery for
JI be
&m lIe his Bradford'county of 10 acres aud as ]i! HAMPTON FLA.
new flock of good' up may :
dry clusive. stud many otJ cr .evf*. as far ED. C. TRULUCK.Feb. r..lU1oJu.; lla, tkf. 11. iES1yS Consumption free at J. J. Kelly. 2 .
., -I etc. UU new off JAdi lO1y.. i 1 I I. *
; style Panasoffkoe tow rd the close..off' 12, 87- --- -- .
roods perfectly be3utifQlpd south as "'. / ,
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; $ ,.' ,.. .. '.' ) ; : .-- /i"' 'S--, ... ,4'ftjr' ;' b4f:.:." ; .' ..
\ :-.i. --:4 -'L ,- ; jokfNolM.'i : -
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.f.tf;' ,<' :'o ,!" I1. -%"-
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I"_-' 'U1' ..5!. S,_ ,", _.. :. 't "= ; := .1--,1c-.L A' i,.:.";' _' .-S :"'*,. ..".c._-. :', 1 _' .....' --' .. . .-. -- .. F. J. ;. S /. .t

:,- .- V V WVV V ..' ;-......;:" VV.) ,.. . :: : # ,
.V J''r ., 11 rV.'ri'V,4 i !
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.." 1 \ V V V ;'- .,... .
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V ,-. -S
-- -------------
; ; ; -- : ,. j SK .Vby.1C, 81 r,Ja WI..r
ADyrgyiRiNG RATE$. -'AGRICULTURAL.t; : five degrees is enoughfor 7*. / it an r Dmme Out of Camp. I A rood utory comw from a boya boardlnf

a QLm admirable room plant or tor oolconservatories. -I John was a drummer of our I and school in"Jersey.."and The the diet was monotonona

". -/" They ar natives of China and regiment, and although he had music in I 587,335.j3OTTS odltng t ce rome i learne: *-j Princp phyc

nosi bo'l TOPICS, about the same temperature as a soul, it 'waa so contmualy drowned I the ppl nre. all await the happy lt
I. $9 zu 4 1 ::5i1G 8 INTEUESTRELATIVEca hi One bright smartest In school disc
$_. 5o1 T TO 'Al D GARDEX.Prerentlnff clmela I whisky a to a scattered red the lad *in his ance, and pnshl D.
..p' tooioo.isi sOoI66O) P- box with house I the drumsticks. back the pedagogue No
_ flng a ordinary expression through h.plate, shouted to
o is oo o x s oo 00 Mr dad told me to
1 ,. plants better to have the in Marches were so dreadfully mixed'upwith orWarner's brsfcalr. in mine. u
11J- 'Pleasant Purptlv.
Ten cents a Una for the flrrt and flra ceafr for 9ArIne Plague. pots, then the box is perfsct at commencement quicksteps and funeral dirges that, Pellet' bt D Pierce are doHsr I their duty like a

,_-4 each.fenccUI tBbreqaent nte for insertion.tlma advertisement "D. Debr'ofthe.Ohio University a and will be mon likely to when he was to help furnish the music, charral They are aitJ-bilious, and porely

/ eauoB at tbe office. npoa- appll* g .hi InvestaUdns !-I 1 j 8 By being plunged in earth it was u equally impossible to infuse mi.iar ye\.tbl6 _

:with the microscope, especial- 1 they are not liable to suffer from ardor on the parade to SAFE CureSold A SATA.IVAH mart exhibited 134 law.we totatoft
a cothe
k. f RATES.Oneyetr. IT in tine fever, in.a 1.44reu upon t drought and will not grow so fast a to proper solemnity the !They,coinpt.lyftLledabarrek whl! h wf re rnurn on a sinsie.v :
V .%.... !...'".... ...... ......$1,M thU TCbject,.held uo Hrectlj, that and become unsightly. The comrade. _

lK: IDOQtru..AJ............ 7(. once\og 'atttckeglpF little can be'j j plat being root-bound will be far more r inally, John got to be so habitual a .Were., Inr\VemenU-ollcYete. one In .,

,, AU MbccripUooi. >o ditcrHoliiaUoa nutlM paid- lnT,of rl catbodv.)' -Ia sd.anoe. 3 one 8V' them CtyrTy at the bgin.nmg. j prolific with bloom. resident of the guard house that theummajor the ind She f has used Dr.Tot. ".ayotlt -

..1 "t* i L ,. _., ,or extensive morbidjchanges dr could get no service from to Dec. 2? 1886.BO Prrimptlon" would rote it to be an
; eat UnnmaDI. '( te.tjoo later.UNTKD tr* produced, is j jt feasible to treat Rnles for Bnlldln him whatever, and it was decreed that remedy By
$ e'totml. u. If the infection has taken place he should be drummed out of the regiment. _
The Country Gentleman gixes the following >iYyThai 2V*,*> miles of underground J

.- .U et r.: .- through worth while the digestive t6 try an canal emetic it of may powdered "e- rules byway of suggestion for The. and OTHER REMEDY IN THE WORLD CAN te gntphwires.._ _._and Fr.mrn_: _7.310.fclllot' .___ -

F STATES country residents; farmers and others drum-major arranged gave we ear4oeman say to another.
OFFICEE8. white hellebore. From two to'feen 4 who intend to erect dwellings in the orders that the ten filers should play ten theoRer dy.e1 didn't know von at nrst. '

F! .- hi". muou: ; according to the age and different tunes, and that there should be PRODUCE SDCH A RECORD. why V oulookten years >ont uerthan )on dId 1
Hon.Ch u.SOToMt,PemacolaT tize would thedose spring: when I saw )OU la t." "1 f"l t"l r ar !
bout Choose good for the house- a proper vigorous accompanimentfrom know med
$ lion. Wllktnm$ Call JackMniTUi It a spot TO'in:erffyru therily.You t
may given bied with drainage-and the nine "boisterous untuned undy 'natht allh .and janll t
: healthy, dry, good
AmUZTATI or on the surlace of a little eipe : be any 1
,' Pint Dlttrlct-non.4 R. H,X. Dartdwm, Qnlncy. potato the one nor the other is mIlk- J i possible, with a good prospect, landscape drums. The music may possibly TWa wonderful WC of "Warner's SAn Cure" ii due wholly to the real met of the had I htter\V/ terribly weak. had :
: t'econd' District-Hon. Chanel Dougherty, Ptt Ia and trees. Surface water should imagined by a very versatile musician, I Ite medy. For a long tim. It baa been REGARDED BY TIlE hIGHEST MEDICAL nlh weas --'., no appet:te. ant !lostnV
taken the is far .
; Or&ng ,. I hog gone aid may run off in every direction. but cannot be described until some more AUTHORITIES AS THE ONLY SPECIFIC FOR KIDNEY, I ,.II Dr. Pierce' tlioUh'-'C Jolden fe wouldlo heal t
v1 C. fl. CIRCUIT COl'BT: be given up as a Jbad case. I one doe if language has been invented.In URINARY DISEASES AND FEMALE COMPLAINTS. nsrLWeryjdvertH: and
Secure provision for water, ( ., J. It hu me. tam
pure j
if it
not larm no gor curt
Flfto.? should not cause the animal vomit inlay I I
: dlc1a1!
ClrcnJt-Hoi"W. B. Wood, At-, with filtered this triumphal manner we escorted ',SATI Cur and w. I :. new I am awel! one.
wells and then _
Thousands lW man
; lint*. JfOLDon A. Tardee,New Or1cu1jA.,Cttcnlt in half may rain water. .Many lose their lives by using him through the camp, and about half a Anoe 100,000 TESTIMONIALS that effectBead I AnvLvN.yFAR.nI.DIOv Centon liar- :
about c
given an hour. This treat-
J" 5ge. .r impure water.: mile outside the rtgimentallnes. bor, 't'3.[ .-,;po'ind-1.

* .o-MiCal1.. J*ck*onyllle,U...S.- Atapx% NorthcnTDIftrlct. c men ma'y also-to be followed by with a few doses boiled of 1'hce the hoifte where it will be most On taking leave tS, course, I the following and note the large number.of bttle distributed. We guarante* A (:rent Oiler.

.t- W. C. Bird.Ilaribal,Northern District b given a cessible from all parts of the farm, as was in most friendly way, as there was t figure t bo correct, as our webk will prove No'matter in what p.irtyou live yon bad
i., JTiSlp Waiter ckBOLTHlei>.C..VU onT*rf. p ocato. Of medicines tried, he nenriy; as be, for the convenience of no personal dislike between him and the j twite* wr.ti to Halirtt: & Co.. Portland.Mair.wjr.rou.deln .
. V "JIIue" may
> ,F.C.ilnmplirejg pemacola Clerk, Nortbb : tlcywill send yon freeinfort.ationaloit
r ernWurlct. : .. ays"1 have had the best success with car- the owner and his men in their constant other musician", he made us the following ,Boston / 1,821,218. wo-k; that you cal rto and
TXHM*-HeKTHMH DJPTlUCf t --' labors. farewell speech: 1149,122./Pennsylvanta, live Jhomr,at profit of from !S to !'and V
bolic acid and
k j'* '3ark?cnrilc,ant Monday in December. have obtained good re- Beginning at the basement or cellar, "Boys! You have succeeded in creating CAPT.; W. D. >. I lth St., St. Louis, "p-wa.dsdaily; A numb r have earned over
te f ults-that is, a prevention of a plain ( ( $.VO! in a day. Bo'h 'IeXf'8. All ages. arestartetin
lallahaceee tint) terrific disturbance but
llondav In In February.I of the let it be well lighted, with double gla/d: a most very Insp., Buffalo, N. Y.), in 18S5 was suffering Mo.), afflicted with tired feelinas, dizziness busings free. <'a-Ual not needed.Ever .
r rpowcoIatflr tJJonday Marco. disease-by giving once
:.10 .. outbreak windows.and always kept dry and clean, little music.-Tlle ComraJe. \ with a akin humor like leprosy. and pain a0 the back, and lo appetite ; worker who take oI1II.t once n.1t D3O-
I r: V.P. DISTBICT oocxfKorthera. : a day from eight to ten drops of a y.I; so as never to need cleaning.I .. Cud not sleep; wa in ereat agony. For Wa sallow and cewr a the In'e 5 sure of a snug little fortune. Now is

.t o7 Hon.Tho Seftt, *,_. ,. per cent solution of carbolic acid forever I et the cellar: extend under the whole Before the Havana Cathedral.One I tried everything, without benefit firn*. The dotr failing, began U the time. __
K...<'.JacUMrtBM).8. Attorney. pounds of live weight in the Wa pronounced incurable. "Twenty of Wa SAFI Cure, and reports: "I Sto;>tha&.ouhthat tikliflc in,the throat
; f "W. c. Bird.J&Ck.OItHIe)4IAhIL house, for preserving the timbers from short block from the Plaza < bottles cock." : Condition.You .
-J. .. for drinking. Iodine in I Warner's completely feel like fighting 'o:that fonsamptive .
m'a Philip Walter,JackaoBTlUe, Clerk Eaatern DI. a-watery SAn wuUDr.
afford to
: I rotting, all the room. Armas, writes a correspondent of cured me. I ran IK-cured! Youran't
VV solution
vii-ion. ; -ten of iodine and twelve ad
..! 1) C.WQMmJahahwN*.Clerk,Middle Dfyltlon. of iodide grains of potassium to one For country houses wood is usually Boston C-ntrhr, finds us within the large j strong and well? (Feb. 5, 18&5.a) Chicago 2808693.; will d"Kilmer's it qpickly Couch and Cure permanently(Consumption-a cents.

:.- ?. .;' F. C.. Hn nqilfar. ,BHMIprta.. -, ,Clerk Weat rn Division. ounce grains of water-and that given in small b ct and ch apt. Stone walls arc cold open square in front of the grand cathedral ,
1- 'v
is i ':2! 1..s.-af doses has and damp, uule-s well furred, lathed and of Havana. In all the streets through Providence 171,929. Woodward ATO. i-V .
'f' : also proved to be very MR. R. BROWN ((2221 D
t Eutera DlvW
M& > December.5: tie iodine treatment becomes air spaces. In building with wood, sidewalks were so narrow that two people E-O\. G ALVORD ( N. Y.), "-a confined t his bed six weeks. The
Sya V
f t:1.. .. rebrotry.U Middle.PlvUtoa .Tan.- flrrt', Monday in thi Uypophoepbate of very soda soonapparent has adopt balloon frames with air spaces between could not walk abreast, but here, before I, began with fall injured kidneys, producing intense R R
out-ide and interior the church wide and General Vebllity, accompanied with a suffering. Warer's SAFE Cure restored -
I'-'il \ t rn DlyIlIOD-Penucola! first IfonOsy InV plastering, they were very
a tried and has favorable sense of in their natural
given weight the
.i' )tLrdt ; lower part of the his kidneys to con-
with the additional of
with devotees seeking
: ":: results. I may be given in doses suifi- J security using completely thr./nged body, with a feverish sensation and a general dition,' and he writes: "I a now eighty 4
; 8T&TE.OFFICERS. ciently large to loosen the bowels, awl building paper; or brick inside, and use their shrine to worship. We pausedto giving out of the whole organism. Was years of age, smart and active." AND PUEVCVT1 .
GOYerno.r-ZeSnftI A. Perry,TaJlabassee.AUortrerOeDeral plenty of nails, as they are the cheapest ,iew thc.faces of the passers-by; old In serious condition, to his
be dissolved in the Cold .
water for drinking. j cone Coughs Sore Throat, Influenza. Broil
.. bed
c- P. Cooper Tallahaai and much of the time.
btrenjjthencrs. and rich
"t. .Secretary BtateObn L Crawford TaUataatt The most obvious physiological effect young poor, all mingledin treatment with Warner's thorough Cure hesap.I Detroit 846,946. chi! s, Paeumonia, Swelling of the Joints
f V V If the cellar has not natural i art SAn ,
** perfect one company; carriage carriage Rh
of carbolic acid a hog is a reduction leumbag}. Inflammatioi s. uma-
Trcawirer-E.TJ.(Biptrol!,r-W.Crill D. Barn Tallahaaaee.AdJntaiitO **;Tallahassee.. of the upon. Whether it is thisor drainage, lay a tile outside all abound rolled .up to the broad stone steps and heait7aby a It completelJ to MRS. TH03. SCHMIDT (Wife of the Vice- tism. Neuralgia, Frostbite;,Chilblains

., .. .r netal-&Yld Lang, TaHaha .ee.Coujtoitrioner some temperature.property that retards or interferes the wall, a loot and a half below the wall, dejositcd its freight; ladies richly Con of Denmark, 69 Wall St.. New Headache, Toith-

.., ) Lands and Immigration L. with the propagation of the with free. discharge: and cross drains dressed in the witching Spanish costume, Portland Me. ), reported that her little son, after an ache Asthma.
I C Xltcheli, TallabMtee.Snnfrintendent I into it to keep the cellar free from dampness. t.e; long sweeping 'cil of black lace, (41,105. attack of Diphtheritic Sore Throateight
b .' Public Inttroction*-A.J. *n- &ine'plague germs I am not prepared to V years ago, was with Bright'i DIFFICULT BREATHING.
KlI"TaUaUastee. .. .* decide, and to discuss theories would which forms the only head covering j MAJOR S. B. ABBOTT (Springfield, Mo.), in advanced t act. ; the of ctJ-is
DLea n are Tilt WOR'r P..UX IQ fr ra to t'venitmini
I Comllont of. Im..lgtoDA ARobtBeon. f lead too far and be of little use. It may Few spacious windows arc better than worn by ladies of quality, nnd the fan, in 1371 was afflicted with lame back, Gen'l Christiaasen of Drexel, & .. SOT ONE HOl n after roirlinff one this $1verts.iijs '

.A 'a ne COUIIT. therefore suffice to state that the results many contracted ones. > the inscparab'o' fan. hoes and stock- 'I Rheumatism and Kidney trouble. Co., Bankers, New York its prescribedWarner's i oi n'..u any one SL'Fi'tR WITH P\IX.
ltazxa ( Consulted the best SAFE Cure with the consent of Rad' ."'.Rrl1.oI. np'Prl i i stare Cure ff
Avoid hanging doors to(swing outsideon i irgs would be dispensed with the very physicians in San ,
Chief O. berOe Every
ccWborterT&flahusee. "such treatment have the whole Pain, BrnUe Palatintke
Ik.I lutee-e. o a on I and "the oiprtIOfo
Alolate <>eo. P. Itaoey, and never place themso fan. All were hurrying throuih the Fanei3 visie all the mineral the physican and repn phyri Bark Cheat or l.'uibi. It w..a
"d Valkentw/fefc.' TlaAj been favorable. If, however the organism thee. health trip the tht he perfectly U. iir.t and l I. the Only
R Jachonrl pervaded by the a to strike each other when opened. open portals of this temple of worship.A New England Stte but for seven t cln" V PAI.N KI.JIKIJY
already disease years .
TCKlJc t&tDt-U. &Lands. i Bedrooms should be wel. That !
4: large enough to suffered constanllti from his lIf4lltl. rtoiM t.:: nvmr excniriitin palDl"all
-' or if important morbid changesare malady, .
Land omU G&DeTI8! C.Tucker,'Register. germs existing, nothing whatever can be expected avoid placing the bed against a windowor Few Facts Necessary.It which had relt in Bright's disease. Milwaukee 468,894. 01 au the ofiammatiuD.LnDKi dtomarh.&1111. BoireU L-.ITM or insertion'other glands, h ther or

eTAt V door. often that After using couple dozen bottles of Warner prtrano.b"one apl'lc4t1.n.
UKDI of the carbolic acid treatment, clo-et happens young SATE Cure and two of SAn Pills A hi'f tn a t-vi'0,>iifuMu hVf! a t11mbler of water
V. Land office. Tallabaatee. L. Mitchell. Comjniitloner. because the propagation. has already] taken Plenty of closets should be provided, l lmb. of the law take great delight in wrot "My back and Kidneys are with, he MISS Z. L. BOARDMAN (Quechee,Vt.), in willu flolrah..a few Heartburn.' ntteire Nervum Criu:n-;"., Sia S'eeples'nesSj!' $... Siaf'

place and the add, most assuredly, cannot and hang the closet door so that the superfluous questions of medical pain and. thank God, I owe i to in May, 152, began to blot, thence cainestomach Sick Ueadichr,Diarrha-a. DOIe:1tery. Colic.FUtalenry -
'4 COUNTV OFFICEBS. repair the existing morbid c ange closet may receive light from the nearestwindow. witnesses when on the stand. with a viewto ,Warner's SAFE Remedies." a trouble, terrible headaches, ,uid ail internal I 010"
and finally the opinion that it wasJtrtght's
t puz/lit or them. One such dotr'
V Richard.Clcttc can any other medicine t'or g d .and incurable.
County of JiidoeR.Circuit Curt-I F. Tort disinfecting purposes we have, however, A ijoining the kitchen, dining or living was cross-examining the' celebrated Bal: of New Eng. 441,753. she pro MALARIAChills
V baenely bln
V. Ihll-l. W. Fpnn I cheaper substances than carboll-, acid; i room, should be a small room accessble French chemist, Orfila, and put him the ,, Eventually dotr t te last

(Tax Collector--W. llaynea. f Instance, chloride of lime and a one from outside, for workingmen to question whether he could state the precise M RS. J. T. RITCHEY ("56.3 4th Ave.. Lui stage of Bright's having and Fever, Fever and
NiperiBtendent of Schoola-R T. Dowflng. per rnille.sol.ution of corrosive subli- ave muddy boots nnd overcoats, and amount of arsenicto kill a fly. "Cer Yllle, Ky.) was a confirmed been under treatment by Waer's SAYS

I. County Comtnl'sioner -L. WlkoYkl. M. L mate." to wash their hands tainly," replied the expertbut; I must eleven years, jus living, and hourly Cure for one year, she reported: "I am Ague Conquered. .
McKlnney.. M.K. Be,ley, S.d and In the country avoid basement kitchens expecting dea Was confined to _as icell as any one."
know beforehand the of RAWVAY'S READY RELIEF
*,)LV.1nhtb. _- Dr. Salmon, Chief of the Animal Bureau age the fly, its ten months each attended b

crrr V OFFICERS. of the Lnitel States, says that for and place kitchen, living room and s ex. its tern! erament, its condition and the best physician year.a H..left side was Minnesota 648,017. otony cures the patlrnC ,lzJ with! this terrible
corrosive (common bedrooms air on one floor, for of body, whether married paralysed. Could nsitMTeat f sublimate or
V A. Knight. rI."hlK disinfecting, one to habits sleep, nor Ma'ariS' or Ague exists but If |people ezponet to Itwill.
Vtjo) PT. D. WalL 75,000 parts will kill the bacteria of ]ready: acress. single widow or maiden, widower orachelor. enjoy life.The doctors said she was troubled HON. N. A. PLYMPTON (Worcester, r i-ry n.ornm? un Krituu out of twd. take
f : To deaden the floor between the cellar with female complaints: but she twenty thirty drops of the l le3 ly K-llcf In a glauof
b was
Pparkmaa.Treaaorer swine-plague. The solution not used for satisfied her Mass.), in May, 1880, was prostrated byO water an.l..ar.nay a ra.lor they wi,1 escape a*
kidneys affected.
-B. U.Johes. should be i and room-above, nail flooring on the were Under ra 1el. Under the operation of Warner'sSirs tarks. This m.i-t be dime Defore goin.c out.
b, Wins. drinking freely sprinkled overthe the operation of Warner's SAKE Cure she TbfTC is not rrmedul aifnt In the w rU that will ,
(11.AUorn- l sides the Their Own
., Richard.J. !I. Trnby,TatoPowcJU yard, or pens in which the swine lower of joists! place on this Fault passed a large stone or calculus, and in Cure alone he passed a large cure F verin,t Arne and all other hl..r\otJ".Bmol1' V
-. J. M.Jobna, D. AlnresJOUSEIOI.D lot two or thn-c inches of concrete and then Many farmers complain they Nor., 1885, : "Am stone, and subsequently wrote: "I have anti otter In...ailed h" fA O\V A Y'4 PILU
1 are Sulphuric a id, one to wha asas welt ,
2OUo reprt.l ty had no recurrence of my trouble sinceWarncr's so qnM uR.il>WAV"* HE.4UY UEL.[EK
l lay the floor This will exclude sounds their hard when
lot. hard
',- parts, i also recommended. cal They grl. _: SAFE Cure cured me." Fill reaUper bottle. 4"ld bJ" druggistsjDR.RADWAY'S .
} prevent rising exhalations from fruit they say, all their lives and yet never get I i V -
xA1rERs. room or cellar and additional security ahead dress and New J York State :: !
Farm and.Garden Notes fire. prove any. They poorly 'I' 3,870,773.ASK. Bal. N. W. States 1,767,149. "
( against l live ,
.' poorly, and never spend a. .V ..TheOnly Genuine)
"Let Out An Indiana farmer, after experiment, windows, being in constantuse cent for
Kitchen any new or improved thintj, :
"4. V How fast the arms of little people 1.ays the Cotswold is the most profitable I i be hung on weights; and no quitter if it promises to brirg YOUR SARSAUIM? RESOLVfflTI..The I i .;

V lengthen. Very few of theiraprohs and I '.shcep' to keep for mutton and''ool i they should always be on opposite sides, back a hundred fold. When prices arehighttcy FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS ABOUTWARNER'S .. Great Blood ler. -. 4 ,.-

drvs!va but that the sleeves mutt be t Some dairymen save the la4fourth of to give full light and free ventilation. tiave nothing to sell and their For.ire if all ebronkd'eaei.! &'roftT. moo," + '"

,changed before the garment i ia outgrown the milk from the cow in a separate A square or rectangular hou-e gives tub is always bottom up when it rains. SAFE CURE TalnlIphll.!! ilcComplaInt ':umptton. OlamlblarDliraw. ': .
;:. or outworn. It is to make allow. vessel and it the most room for the same amount of I t li-ers.Chronic: .Kheumatbm. EryylpeJa.4. "
wel pour directly into a en am To illustrate at the time the priceof ; K>ln<7. lla.l.l.-r an*! t
3 ance for growth making sleeves, j j'Tt jar. ;outside walls; but some exception must strictly fresh present eggs in Boston at I p p"'u..ItIr.tI"nll thtt I.unt'l vigor.lbyIrItgald. andThroapUZtKS1heStsst2rtIl.heaIUiSn1 l .

either by a tuck -whose edge is concealed Avoid top ventilation in the poultry be made in order tl'obtain light and side retai is from 42 to 50 cents peL dozen, I, MOST POPULAR REMEDY EVER DISCOVERED. .. $1 per Bottle. '
un at of
or edge trimming, or by v TH
4 house. cause croup, swelled it would be interesting and in- I
turning in at arm pit. But in either case head, I wi eyes and other difficul Avoid receding angles in roofs'as muchns tructive to know how may farmers in I DR. R1DWAY'S PILLS

1.I V the goods wh n faded, plainly show ties. possible, as they1are' a frequent cause this State are able to take of Thfl Crta" Liver andStona:*! Re.mdy

whcr the the thrifty seamstress ha "letout" The standard for a good cow is said of leakage. these hih prices. The following advantage letters Cleveland,, 682,632. I( St. Lonis 1630627. For tbvrnraor disorder of the Stomacb.TJrar. ;,
flreve. ,
l a"ily accessible verandas may be B.wts.Kidnsi. BIaa4.r.NervoisDtseassa. LOBS of
show what
to be 500 of milk and of can be accomplished by intelligent V
gallons a year, H't'iK-bs. CosttcenVss. lujicwtioo. Bil-
dresses that will but
gingham wear this there should be ten cent. of made with high ceilings, to prevent and enterprising farmers. EX-OOV. R.T. JACOB(Wcstport, Ky.) wasprostratedwithvere CAPT. GEO. B. VILBASt ((919 Spruce AI'rPij. Fetf.- Iiiflammatioo u{ the Bovrela. Piles
fade, try turning a deep hem at the waist, per V darkening windows.A Kfdiirt trouble Pbila., Pa.), prostrated in Central 'er.igenieats. nf the Internal Tucera. Para-
;;. V edging it with pretty colored braid. cream. high ceiling to rooms poorly venti- PORTSocr. N. H. and loit 40 pounds of feh Alter 1 thorough Ameria. with Malarial Fever, caused I deleter."iw dm-<*. ( no mercury minerals or r

J. Now tar b.ick this hem like a curving An authority says slight elevations are 1 latcd :!not so good as one of moderate I. S. Johnson & Co., Gentlemen:-I treatment with SAFE Cure he I'e ( of Kidneys aud Liver Frier 25 eer U per boy. SoM by all &tiZZIsta.DYSPEPSIA .

; cull-a Mitch or two will hold it in place; safer places for the grape than bottomlands height, but well ventilated. have made a trial of your Sheridan's pr "I."have never enjoyed better Delirious part of the tie Liveren- !

: ". I -till the little arm needs the additional I l on account of the early and late PowJer and am much pleased with result ed.larged Could one-hold third.no Stma byatet i Dr. 4wny'a Pills am a Curs for tji- comrlaiut. -
: length of sleeve. frosts. it is foo eTn W&i Tbci t' tore slreVitt to tti1 II miiotj sal
A Coinanr Chiefs Fnneral. ; really greater thin: the S
report ) Using less
't 873,667. pjot. tha bottles of r enable>t to pe-form 1U fniu-tians. The 5y.flVj
Plant trees for wind breaks if live would show Cincinnat, SAFE thrntholtalfityotthe
you Beaver Creek in the seem to for previoU to Cure he writes: "I was Dysi'AitiadjeaiH'o.ir.vHi wda
Up on ,
'rt for Cleaning. in districts. it I had Completely Cured." ,, systrn5'c.atract ltsa1q. Taka the medioiae
IHrtctlonl thinly-wooded They will using nine hens one died tho ALLEX Madison .
the other day, old Otter Belt. one of thegreitest ; (fW Ave., according toduecti ms and >!werTe whit wa uy ia
It is quite desirable to have something serve-a useful protectors of crops and. of, the Comanche chiefs day before I began to use the Powder, New York), scarcely able to walltwo. I "falaa audlrua"rmi ctia>;'liot.tirSead .
succumbed I
blocks without i l'tterstam. to I)R. RADVAY&
eTh-uistion Kansas
'; .. with which to sweep carpets, to prevent stock. to the grim reaper Death) and it two were moping about, but now are lost flesh heavily, lan the, and,of having Warner's Ciy, 717,860.p CO., N'o.W Warren Mreet, New York, for
a dust and to brighten the colors. With and well bright and laying day and the last u "FaLenlTrue."
fo raisins proper care ski a selected was all in! his honor. He knew he was every SAFE Cure'and sa\-s: "I was much ;
obhly tne safest and best way is t l flock of the r'ght of sherep 1 going to die, and just five minutes b->: week of the trial two of my hens have benefited by it." I MRS.Pa., (U'ife of) E.the J. WOLF or (Gttysbur iltILKTOGET' KAHVAY.

:;- : hIfaptckagcof soft paper L can be made to pay IOu per cent on their fore he breathed his last they held him been seting so that the product has Quarterly}, began E with pulmonary ra 4YNg-3 SL

V cut or tea* it into bil not over an inch cost every year. erect and rigged the old thief in his best: more. I bought a I large Bal. Ohio, (State,) 633,158.COL. consumption.. (Over 50 per cent of all

square. Wet it ( press out tbe water; When a horse is taken into the stable war costume. They painted him as red can, but only used about half of if; I cases of Consumption are caused by diseased L INDITA'Njb111I

.. thin .(ate i over the carj; et. It should I tired, muddy and sweaty, he to> as a sunset, set his war bonnet on his; do not send in expectation of getting a C 0. JOSEPH H. THORNTON (Cineinnat After kidneys) Despaired of living.

? tint fiJ l .irgc lumps but b picked L stand to hay at first, be gently bathed ought i in L head, tie 1 up his hiir" in beaver skins, prize, but I thought you would like to very) in 18 reported pro--trated that; had hi.palpitation; wa Warner's a thorough SAFE Cur course she of trwtm-write: "I '

s.l .- V apart, thatit will cover almost an entire water and then rubbed with and then laid him his : know the rcsl VI the .
warm cloths; down just a spirit t of heart, intense pain in the head, perfectly
&..- : room. When the is used it' till thoroughly dry. winged its flight. < tter Belt, while a I Respectfully, L. D. TIUFP. nervous direr and catarrh of the
wi roll into little ba l 1and, as it is for Comanche rather lost tiitv-fivo Bal. S. CONSUMPTION Oil.
pounds. ff.
A good agency for keeping the air'f good man: : was STAFFORD SFzuyc.sC0NN.Nov.29, 8C. States 746.789.
the will take the dustnp began
swept over carpet inclined the doctrines of Brig- Other'remeie fling.they the use of Every Ingredient la fro.VegetAblepr.dietslbat
quits thorol ghly. Some housekeepers the cellar weet and wholesome is whie. Messrs. I. S. Johnson & Co., Cur SAFE /Ytfs and SAF cr.,I. sight.T every ..ffcrcr.IT .
ham he contented himself
wash made of good white lime and Young, only A,rvtn., and within three EX-SEXATOR B. K. BRUCE
r months South
Dear Sir I have been ( ,
the second :- >Morphine Opium or Juroua Drag
,o over the time using C luu ,
carpet with a less number of wives in your gained fifty lina), after
Lime in whitewash ; pounds 'weight and was doctoring for for
only. greatly fact Sheridan's reStored years
pro.mots Powder
with clean for two months I. Ertry co e
N coar-e salt used : now
paper cry limited to five. The to good health. was Malaria ,
three discovered he
was ,
the complete oxidation of effluvia himsel way 1 suppl V\\ riijht toAe
dry is good. If the house has damp corners V j in the cellar air. squaw on when the chief was no t for my hens; it works like magic. Last years afo. and she is sti in 3 good health with Sugar Diabetes, and wa "A ?ones pot.. 1,0

: it should be used sparingly, a salt more was a bight nover to be forgotten. month I got eighty-six eggs from six I a her life Thornton. himself, trig obtained no relief whatever from hia In Spring, '

hat a tendency to attract moisture. Wet After frost has pinched the grasses 1 Taking butcher knives Lingshans, old hens, too. The first of ; wa cured of Chronic Lila rrhcea of I phyici he began the u of Warner's SODimer, I II
Ira- sharp they the month I I eighteen year'standing, in 1SS1, by War- I SAJE: CUr and he says: "3! Autumn I''
:es are used by some country families. they are no longer sufficient for cattlethat slashed their facewith long, deep cuts, bfcught three more, and ner's SAFE Cure. friends are astonished at aiid I

rf-. One.old lady has a quantity of cuttings must be kept in good flesh, not for till' they were cover d with blood. They from the nine I have got one hundred my improvement ,

.-', r"* f calico and white goods These she cows giving milk. Add enough grain, also tuMhcmselvo in other places. and and'three eggs so far this month, till Sonthern States 3,534,017. San Francisco coIdsM'ttleinrf'4the II I, I t

moistens and throws over the carpet. and the grass will serve much better to' fh"n beat their bleeding bodies and L yesterday, Can't very well compete for 1,242,946, :Mucous ,

Wte the is done the scraps go into a maintain good condition.In their hair and your premiums as my hens are producing C. IL ALLEN J. '
pulled all the while ut- (Leavenworth, Kan), son Q.ELKINS (Elkinsville, N.C.)suffered; Nose Tbroet Bronchal Tubes Air-cells 1-
tub of water are whirled about, and then preparing food for stock, such as teringthe most doleful and plaintive at their utmost capacity, being Edwin, two years of age, afflicted with ex ten .years'from Gravel, which and juigTues,canning1 Cough. J

4 thrown upon an old wire screen, where cooked vegetables, chopped feed, etc., crie They then burned everything: fully under the influence of the Pow tree case of Bright's disease, and him every six months. He atte \Vhft PI15 Invade the Lnna'
they dry, and are clean for the next der. I have a neighbor who has doctors ga ve h I in 1 p. By the ad\c. pounds in three and his la Scr foJs Catarrh-polsorw, Micro-organ-
always season with salt livery animal they had their two furniture month. strength
; tepee, ,, of the dotr's wife, began the use of Warn : wa nearly IsmsJIajnorj,and Blood Impurities. .
time.Brooms cra\'es and mu't have, a certain /.toui)t clothing and all-even the biggest part twenty-one hens and has only got forty r'8 SAF Crl. .And after taking seven of Warner's SAFE Artr a thorough Cure he \% stare the Primary Causes}

should always be hung up by salne mater introduced into its sy 5- of the clothing they wore. There was a eggs this month. bottles he i perfect y uel and has had pr "I am as Diabrte as I ever was af-re Colds Bronchitis, Conges-

the top of the handle. If they tm ito thrive. big crowd of bucks present at the obsequies Yours, CIIAS. W. CoiiiKi _no relapse. tr fourteen Asthf tion. :Malaria or Hay-Fever." tI
Ire set the
upor' for. especially while In no other country in the world are of course, and, as is the Indian A LIBERAL I Canada btte"I I I Croup. .'' kMC
get shape, and the fashion slew head OFFER 1,467,824.. Bal. Pacific rnF..8
damp the feathers of the barnyard fowls so they ten of horses in 732,317. WhfJ PERSIA
the bni'h are curved Sot, rendering honor of Otter Belt's On receipt of 60 cents in stamps we soPtbatCouthin.T1d
\ recklessly wasted as our own. In France memory. Among V [
them almost will send too small of Sheri I .,'-! and C'atarrh-d
useless. Do not packages II Tbro ? .
of tbe fowl is wasted unless the horses they killed was a favorite :: :". Testimonial I. il.V
*- no part we publish Is
genuine. r yotf jpeeloratlon or Spa
dan's r''l Write
stand them : Powder to make hens
with and to
the brush : lay the
up upper perhaps, it be the intestines. The feet team of Mr. Press Addington, on whose one p for reply. and learn.f or Tourgeeg.r testators V rofjilB6xvjSatn (i Cafe,,L,..
f.,. most. I they are damp the water w ill and heads used at the ranch Otter resided. Press won't copy of the "Farmer' Poultry liaising LY .'I Pus(ufdIIr, ) YeUnui.h Canker-like J
are restaurants E
Bel -
i- soak the body of the broom, and not like it when that the Guide: ," a new book, fully illustrated, Phieq'* 7'Ube7-bul )3fueo-puru/fIt
to to their ; trotters: JusPYStheFREICH' Decline .
et MflDto Nlght-Sweata ,
body ,
C. IIec-
give soups, baTs %
only rust the wire or rot the cords with but need horses which retails for 25 cents; or for $1 20. 'lCATARRI ttc-F* l n'1 Death from Consumption.

1V which the broom is made, but will make It is advise says the Cincinnati, .fr'de to (the regular price) we will send jne ,C .OO-G bottles ".00.
they never stop inquire '
b-- the broom straws smell musty and disagreeable to allow peach treOt>tO. fa fOerl 2 1-4 pound can of powder, and the I' ? F : XIbner's iupeBsa2y JltDfhamtoD,I

;c.., t I Mops an,1 and window finally brushes rot them also altogether.should bar fruit it better until after to allow the third them yearj to bear Jlf.:]: .f.' J: ,>belong.h', t. .:to..>.-Fort Worth (Teas) post Guide paid.free. If We you will do send not all order by mail the, S10 TO ANY 0 MAN oiyftng] .T..Ton Brua Lcrm.ud.Waois SteeL B,.'Belol Se.le.I ,L:1:1::::: BY'Guide-ALL to DRt'GQ18T8.n..lth" lRea Free. ) ,, ':0-

.. t be hung up by the handles.A whenever they can, and to plant !OuJ .Golftg Parisians. Powder send 25 cents for a copy of the i OL( $ i zysy, ,860..'or"prMltt\ -- -- -- ----

.. great deal is said about cleaning old trees every spring to take the plae T the word Paris is the Poultry Guide. It is really worth 50 Woman or Chid HrER,1 H It .eac f J this IF ae psprr II 8H.4* ed_.. n bgnKicenS i

V. ,1 V brass. Probably the best method for thos'kle by frost, 'c, : V V|t I to gather a cents just to show you how to make SCmCBING FROM BIN
,, doing this is to pour very strong ammo- leness. ,J V correspondent of theii. money from your hens during the sea CATARRHA DR. WILI.IAS' WORKS ART

-.. n'a over the brass, and then thoroughly Seed corn intended for .next seasovshould ; .; _,; V Americans are wont son of high prices. Write your name, PILES Indian Pile Ointmint'! or (

_4 .4 B nib it with a regular scrubbing brusiU; be thoroughly dried or i 3l. ti th r5 kjflw-footed messenger boy post-ofce and state plainly. E. NEWMAN, HHfe* ? In HIedIn U WU1CU.e any esie of ltd TWfestsstoffT ever made to subscrIbers J. ;-
If .. .. Llreratfd er ,sicvutnzsi ,
answer. perfectly ,
After fit e minutes of labor the drytt'"m.elt. P1 CURE ( Petradlnl rd1cM Every aubacr1.
; :an&.t1o.beent-minded: car conductor, s L S. Johnson & Co., Grating, Mich. BM O % for PUes r rest ;
nly. ;
cold but (
I become as cea.bright,mod shining ascew very severe %nt nowhere in the wide universe are 22 Custom House St.. Boston.Mass. A particle U applle.l B lHt_ __LitJ pid. $":O.] PhYllcln''jar.30c-by eJpr.. So yr 1 wanted will reed ,. tie,_aboYII r
in Lit .
its CUtll"n
metal. rinsfft in clear water water composition the'.extrcjftclycold : I nso each noicru and i, I < or Jr everwher Far particulars.I
4.. the people unanimously in favor of *5Teeable to use. irk. ) maie ,. recetptof price by the I.aipkli.slddress___ O..WDD('O.1 UJt"JJI
I and wipe dry. After weeks of standing weather will injure the s kcts.by t ., \ ..( CO. Cleyeland. Oble.WE _____. ___
ger. D.lounging and in the Thickness Unman Hair. or at r' st. Snnci rr'i-"u'r. -- --
there will be no sign of discoloration ordimness. it wel and hang it up in a The loitering shopkeeper a stands Frnchcapital ,on his Measurements have shown the thick- LY WSOTIIERS Druggists.Owego.N.1.COCKLE'S FRZERXLE

During the process of cleaning temperature. V and chats; the policeman gossips I- ness of the human hair to vary from the F .
it the nmmonia turn the brass A new luxury in the vegetable line is-
vapor may :wiih the newswoman: the hack two hundred and fiftieth to the six hundredth > .
a dark bronze-like color, but the direct now on the market. It is called the driver lolls back in his vehicle until summoned L- part of an inch. The silkworm's ANTI-BILIOUS ; BEST CT-RIB Canine XVOBLO n C n"Iff O C _

application of the liquid will remove it Spanish odorless pnion; is imported from to work, and everybody makes a' thread is one five-thousandth part of an I __ --------V old_ :very where.U V .!.

V at once. Spain; varies in size from six to twelve rush for the point at which the inch thick the spider's web only one PILLS sU..uevgtte ma .
preenceI anc I WEWANTYOUI or Wonuu needing .
inches. and in looks ;
closely resemblesthe of dozen thirty thousandth Blonde hair I rD as bt. -*v 1
a indicates that is the
ordinary ,and persons some rHE GREAT ENGLISH B M D GUARANTEE wwaa fll cs., 8aIaI-y.S per month andIrg. up'D_"t__ ,
onon. Tey.ar's'eet I thing or other is to be seen. A crowdof finest and red the coarsest. Taking four .. Circular 49' 'II aIea It prefel''CL GoocW.. ,
letter said b. Letter.
TEE following I t LIp can be eaten as appl with: For UTe Bile Indlp-stlon. etc. Fra feM Mer (eon,. and Papei ..r1Oul had partlcnlars Free. 41,
heads of hair of FR
tme 1,000 men and children equal weight E E the U. .
I women ca abe a patientGerman t only Pure Testable Ir Jienta. nn al over S.and B1' __ CO.. blteTOS. JUS,
of colored little fear of aaoffensivc I Cad _
genuine production a 9.yearold : C. N. bays isn&3) nt.to # .
your flame
in physiologist found the New ,
five red :
I gotten together minutes in any one erk GEO. II nf.hue 0 4eenls'' Name tin'C- \.., Cut ;;
citizen of South CarliaDea. To make superior hams 'and bacon, part of the town. to contain about IOOOO hairs, the black tor1_ A1L &CO..8lalo St Bralo .Y. A RMSJtR1T5 fr d Clr'Q 1ree. ..
I says Colman's Rural corn should 1 be _V 10' the brown 11-,Cla..amont.Va.
: Affectionately Teacher: ra sorry Icouldn't ,000, 10\000, and the Marvellous pay. bounty ; '!
school Friday bat mixed with oats or barley, or* perhapsrye Dr. E. G. Janeway of New York city, blonde 1 0,0 JO.hFetberbone. Memory Pu0 NStONSom5n1, .. .p' -7----.. Treatment tri,l n trial' .
come on : (;0.. .
Laf.yett LndI
t miht ansWer, at the rate of one-half acting on the suggestion of a countrypractitioner DISCOVERY. f"!. Write for dIrel5'Prlc SUCHlr V .

: I couldn't cause it rain and di,'. cU to a third of one x>f tho latter to the. has given frozen milk to ,'* an article prepared Wholly unlike Artlflelat SYI !-e of Kind Wan V\.W McCormick&_._._.anc WalhIDatonD.C.Dew PI-lis I Great t English Gout ands TBIa'S

way H go in di, world. If da Lord former, and ground together. Such patients whose stomach did not tolerate from the quills of geese and turkeys, i derinc ducUona-Any for book lane In Prcspectu reading.with opInIon re-- TliIJKSTO'S"' ; Rheumatic Rtmtdy.worth :-

V hut de door no can open de feed increases the proportion-of tender, ice cream, and'speaks highly of its use largely taking the jilace'! of whalebone ASTOB. JCDAH Jlr. PKOCTO P. ct .HoD. W. W. _Y1d.lIo.t!J.uo round, ,10 e.. \:'. .

m. juicy lean streaking the which is in fever the manufacture of whij, etc., for which other.Bent post BL'JXL'.b. Dr and Teeth ,. ITOTPOiE- da,. Samph.s 8UO FRZB V
door. If de Lord MJ open de door no fat. V, whalebone I PROF.. 1&18.Dot,under chI' bor..e' feet. AdrtreaiOhUineO. R
essential to produce of was formerly used exclu- LOISETT. to &a a 4rCTY Rltl't UOLDII& t.
man can aunt de door. If de Lord say, hams and bacon. qualty' The Martha's Vineyard : sively.) 837 Fifth Avenue York. Pensions toe Slde.Hei Send ap ----- -lIolly.JIl1cJI.
ltTa Bays _, _ HA COr L BIYG Send fop' "
1 'it rain,' no man canstop it But The old-fashioned, swcet-s ent d'.I pot A buslen man who does adveri VEIL A'VES! POULTRY FINK BFT- }Alt'y.Wlh1 n .C pANTS IllyeQtor,'Uulde tamp r.Ui.ioSUBSCKIP:2'IOX -
r is like a boat rowed with one ', No doubtful Ingredients to do harm. Fre'h TKK. A a day wanted at the Wssi.intou.I). C.
SJ- de Lord do And evergreen, known a daphne indica, is H"Mj3uixtin pitch a m Gu sin I abS Market. Bicproflt to bipim. For In Wa OPIUM HABIT e::= ---' ---- V '
'. a thir still everywhere popular, though a -S_ V HId.'by 1,1 pl"tfr I addresX J. St f H. 5 Lat ATB.. Brooklyn trc X.Y p7 When soy a Randson .pro.urett or no...;; 80; .
a P.1018
"your.affectionately I a. N..I& nr&Dft'ot
oughtn'tjto :
.f. .. 101 scholar.I it general thing it i kept t. warm A Many go out for wool and return. aad.countrymerchantsThe" best the w.ji Id. GARDEN Catalognu C V.WSATH L8YhansaaCtty.SpENSIONS .a.tt'J. ,n..WMhTS

: S temperature of from forty-fire to flIt;y-V shorn.' SHel'f !bmeiate. and a cure sore. .Plso's i! SEEDS original and Ier PHY' u-.u.n ben ad -
: SOc. ) e S fOrO1dlCrL wTU I"t. :
V V Cth cood
I pieitisti.
." ;V'I FraacU Brill, Hxarnxai .I X 11U 511 .- Wra w.. as.J&a.als.wa.as iI't.
; t '. V Y hO 1155ju,Wsiisjt ,DOf .1
<" .. A .. 't

..fc- .. .
: ': -
J ... .
V : -V
V '*- V ::" -
'. ( ; : V J -
\'J" ': ..." } '0 .
V"V. ./ --. / V V 'A .o __
V V trLL _
.' ; ;---- 0 :
S ;: --- >--- -
;. 0" .1 .. ".. ? ..o '- -V

The Starke telegraph
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 Material Information
Title: The Starke telegraph
Physical Description: 2 v. : ;
Language: English
Publisher: Moore & Webb
Place of Publication: Starke Bradford County Fla
Creation Date: February 12, 1887
Publication Date: 1887-1888
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Starke (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Bradford County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Bradford -- Starke
Coordinates: 29.947222 x -82.108056 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 8, no. 28 (Jan. 15, 1887)-v. 9, no. 40 (Apr. 6, 1888).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Succeeded by: Bradford County telegraph

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- '< ,-. I. -;" ',, ;...l',""""-'_.' 4 .:'<
$ "> ""
t 'h. i r"- : ", ._ )
: .
1' : z 1 I
I 1'L .
:1r %. T -

'. .
: .. _,... J 4 J

6 '\ I }
.; i _
\ -
-- -- '- '
-. ,
, -
I J- !..- --.4-,

Ir 2 :.. f Cl I .. # 2\ ;: '


'*. F eu tar
I Teieranh

I e. -I- : .. \ _, .

.., .
r' _

i MBSCIUPTIO-t, ..I.En \I.' D JL

, '. .

: -. FIAT JUSTITIA Rr.iT- CCEL.ni." ; -, mtLLISHED;
I MOORE & WEBB, Publishers t \
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-- -
12. 1887. YOL.
j A curious mistake hat been made inIuko. .

The people of that Ta OLD MEETING-HOUSE. I and -

[Tis'e. mistaken Frenchman country I K stood there on the sloping I I cmmunic t him the step she had monsieur, what is the matter with von! ---

a named the c I .e .s soon ai we etme sheer Was your friend murdered also!** RET. DR. TAUUGE.. be a plank thrown hf-a after d-ath! Do as san>aao.four roes pat ouX

: B-Th'ers, who is visiting the for e margin of the 1 qUIte sster's ho !unt-Dow t '.>o, EO, not that monsieur* the you rIeL.mybr-r.bt sil\,I am cYerrd hal? the scit->XK7._ 'The? -
1 nw graveyard lay retwten, any oce but maid, whom she had was pardon for all mv sin* O.DW, and offered all W' ore the s..iooo zW.lS: w -
l[ the late President of Fnnce pre-" %There tb gray stones silent take with he and.procuring answer; but your words startled me. thjo of tiww asl eternity now. I thrown to the boat:tt*
t'tiding of the Mexican Beneath ; wet to withn a cab Murder, you see, is sucn a dreadful THE BROOKLYN DIVINE'S SUNDAY avpt tbem instantly l caTtI da not waat aw;y, towed away froaa Th
'; oce them slept the true and kind,- former a hundred yard of her thing, and one never knows. in thisgreat to depend c-n a chance whf-h sxta wise men the wind shJIted a>l th* i : -
made him an address and a t'wu and residence i in the Boulevard de SER'IOX.Sahject think they rl o3f perfect 3ut oh tims
din Ahw rear dear! city: who he has near him." can cr twist out of safaty. -
in his honor. noWneata those Neullir. Directing the driver to wait That is S-npture pasiaye 'which f,;rail the Christian thc" tiY"e'men bad in .to u. -
given mocnds
; green con true, said the officer
for her very Ti.
return she ontunes has b *a fat -rpn tl another way. scar .boa; capsized Unined.
went of
- f dwelling, toward the "my poor friend for instance, didn'cow. DLeout.e.t- Split Ttolosrr. Bat.says man: "Uon't'-IwrjinPria-vt' The saDors were all with
'f buried without a tear. with opening the gate into the garden Listen it is very strange. The ." theOlo3.Qr New-Haven the.y.or in Ati- the ice. Three nai M the boat capatecl vod ?

/ General Grant was an excellent The caution: she left it aar: and jury said that my friend was murdered vr tbeokvzT-'* My fn'. "r. Idanot as'xyoa: three Detas tl.aaBd, After a whQ it .
o house waCs were seamed. crs ed th? lawn to a side door. This by his wife think to zo on loanl of .:.t *?r of those row-af-war. .e quito t. taa steamship, and from -
,. _, draughtsman, but the only oil ,uintn' A roof fn w worn. she also! left: ajar; being afraid that the of that"; ba: I say" he TEXT" : "Sre 0.1 oi rn pi'&s of Vie their portholes fr*' with the sreaS sJ": the steamship a rope was thrown but the
he put his name to is frontier Und- 'low door & te a closing* was murdered by his valet. !I slip.--Tbe Acts xxt'44. gun* of e c'e wtu al !. Com in oa the poor fellow wejv' so frozen and exniu -
: In the t Rh streamed \t out Of.1 arouse the inCte P.oumilie.pa1 as a ghostwas staring Never oT GalwinSands.er the St-rris, etxr*! r*ank an-i <*r Ve oui for th-j pearl-
apt Indian figures, which he gave manner c m j:I difficulty or she a with alarmed gaze right at the officer cr Cape Haueras was a h-p: in wcrpr*- strung beach of Heaven. "Soo* oa broia a great wave r:lied over tha .a.1 -

";- : Boric Mr. Bone's Bore impress ol the ceaseless tread,- 'I ndt the stairs aad succeeded i Bel and clinging with both hands to the dicaaj nt than in the Modicemuieaa hurricane pe'es of tbt' tbip.iI they went d'W':1.never to rts. until th..seagivnpitsii.Ohweaimfrthsbo.,
) j ting of I ins the a-n taViar! with aixbr sbJ his .
I Through the cnnemembered possession the quitted grain ship with ::; rasnrs man
money. counter.
nephew, who has become the otcajer of j ears- the house still the driven on the coast of Malta or Meta fire ;:nl aad h*sars"I -.>ir* become a COR- ism aad the It-s3.cnace of thorie bran fe*>
side "
has P-cing pilgrims, long sine de but door Let us drink. said the officer ap- rail* fro-n the metropolis of that 5 a:1oJ. Van because I doat know about the doctrtae *- lows in order.)sar the liven of others aId .
,the picture, presented it to Mrs. I, And : ajar on passing out of the not called Citta of eltJon S':1t .' tied admire tir* love
gone from a vale of closed gen'she parently noticing the state in which : Vecchia. "After tW) week- o aeacy: CAl we not oC Cinst w.o
"Grant. It is the only specimen of hrusbands I t the gate and hastily tounain"U. Goupe filled his class: tempest, and the ship was entirety! diabed <> t-ir*: mi t me all!'" There was a tim rut out mo m: fiercer pIe a wCdr

art in her ; fa y-l the pulpit plain,- toward the cab. She reached hei sister with brandy and Roumaine did the = '', and the Captain and crew were-vnp'etr! when I wa: bothered a*>->ut th>se things bat' tempest, to 'deliv-r as from penl mod
work .
possession. The yellow house her children d .. an oil rcissKnary took conrnand I a-n ni !knrer lothered abrat tbeai. I s t'us on the throa of etara
nct G p' bfor returned ted You feel strong and refreshed of the vessel HW1S raalt bare ete-l them ;n this wave I have real safety f A wave .r' human hat roiling

Georgia papc'Ymblishes as truth the A hk the simple sw "t I. ticed. absence having been noTe asked the officer. .Juir so; now, it von ttI.'O e-oock anl *onj-ev,d, ([- ap ruymind that if I love Christ and.live a1 over Him from ODe siJ*aDd a ways oCbeU.MhrteT'rottiBf ;
Of music that seemed please will on and las to traiiticn. It wa" Fa J. the bon < and rssafr.l life I a'n ejected to I* V orjr Him from tta other -..
ftory of a Marion county farmer who becaTe Songs m io to my eThan next morning M. Sasson failed come along with me put Jean your Chautas. for j.{j I I oaly: nrs ared man en txxrvL He was oomtre saved and if I .tflOt love Chrit aid live sidA. Ohttottkke9 of U.aigh&and ta*

satisfied that he had a tapeworm. strain < hit,valet usual t afrai I cf a euro'l.o"thst couli t..s bad life. I am e'ectM? to be dam-ne4. l thunder ot tin.tamped laiawtokk QiristgeILV3
I o atl-p a After waiting: you're wanted for the murder of 3!. I i Mediterranean! sea-to th* cf Heaven nd all the theological institutions cf I AT afOae teoo that -
So he carefully baited a little fishhook, j Fen now their eb t f. according to the valets Sasson.*' i j I and th'n sit itto th.ratesof esre hH. than- I've universe casnot mase It anr narrow pUafc. ,ot 1 tba cross, ,Coca in on

tied a short line to swallowed the I FIct back from the heav'nly land, statement he went to his master's apartment As Goupe covered the man with his I{I be was afnud: of a 1it:ea -...aym* with a diTerent: I once fionted on thai sea of that aarrowt bwij.' tat aa els* go. .
it and found him He sin aid dC'tlhrtK r o-.t than the ? >5passenzws Ctoj ta that. ?&IIt- tejou..
sn. -
in bed revolver the orders them all down
I lying with a at moment ne uttered"these to tae .
look, and tied the line to his buttonhole. J My father's voice: there read the W ballet hole in his head. On the coverlet words there : their rations first a ktai a b1's'ng en their on the fonrt-nth ncht- when they thai narroir Va. eic--J ,'=J| 'r. % cross,
: on vas no help for tim. threw th* grain o"el.rot t heard flf and with the
Then he for a bit !j There my mother sat meek lay his revolver. foxL: Thea h# m ?
By watch
waite 5 and purse Quietly and without any show of resistance I' themecmplete! 1 the mercy of God through Jesus Christ for gIbzfat his! lit.2 Of
; and by he thought he bad one and i Her fair fae told he heart was stirred, were mining. His wardrobe had been Koumaiae went with the o:cer. I'I 1cng their hea-K they re eue w.viM an! n---t<* .ufr.m_ -eo a crnn'r. and I came ia en that plaak. and I H."f\TeIL ArZI'fM, ,:"" am..ly -

.; yanked the line; the hook his i An.her God Lo fa t seek; ransacked and his escritoire broken open. The watch in his possession. the money mu,h cf the ha:r a' \->a coat cut off with hive be?a w,rmirg ravsrtf by the great kjtdedtow "1:.who were
I caught etial i fire of Gospel comfort and 4"as! >
i Gosperhope as far out are are
01 ble that mother, sweet and mild. There was no doubt that the had which he had invested in the wineshopwere onetlioofthe sci-s ,rs. Ayo>. not a thN'\ I joo already
for three 4eca ies. its
throat and had to dug oit. He didn't been : si of i whether it ware ; ith standing in cental Heavenly slow
b work. ae or go:1en -
dy have tees lengthened long; a evidence against! him, and at length wth youth There gray baU I ara talking with aa-ther raaa av* ,ut his ino angeLs of u is. items an wadinj .
catch the worm. i She'11 t h-r weary chi Judge of Instruction and Lis of- he broke down and confessed his uTilt. from the Lead of of n"."t a r.hair LHi:1 fa!! S-nL H* sar<: 't don't become a Christian down ,into !the sHrf to dutch jour .
W ficers investigated the and anT vc-sj. ; b-au I don't believe there I* anv heL" 1 hand and the redeemed prodigals of Haavsn .
ben she the angel throng. case : arrivedat 1 saw madame quitting her boudoir tat tLey would never be al-Je t> tea h the
Every nation, every city, town I ji the conclusion that murder and rob on the night of October 22 and followed :, defined haven, they make the -va on that Ah! dovo't n"t'! li)you believe that p. are coming down with' whit* robes to cloth
every That chapel old- had fourteenth n'ght blaoi with pIe! of all belief- and of no beliefs. *f gv'.i all those wh j com* -on broken pieces of the
every community is just what the people Willit &ze.err bery been done. _*% her to the garden. I saw her leave the. that when overthrown n1o.a1 t of ba I -1'-rs; go straight to & shi\o" sympathies are the more aroused :
j > sound wit prais and prayer; The net! told what he knew about the door ajar and go out by the :1 den. It' th carg50*ground it tbat'vessrl doe stnV* haopv Heaven! Do tNt holy aal the debaached i for those to whom I aa speaking to-day be- '
make it A live nunot h-avitv. In the
. progressive people will ;: Those scenes are now forever o'er- family troubles and the fact of Mm[ at once struck me that here was a good early dawn thee creek and they receive" bare the same distinction! In a hall- 'ra&sel myself was naturally sceptical. I j

build up I prosperous town or citj where I Its-&UdC t I longer there: Sasson and herc'u Idren having left their chance to rob my raster and lay it to his to make ffcr it They cut the cab! take in way a: miiai'ht. the burrlar meets the questioned everything about-this life and .,.. __

the naturaLconditions are even utfavorabH j! Andthey who sn.tt i yea home the previous day On account of wife. After she and the children had .. the of thceld idles which"! were on t'!:e side: .hv\1-th wounded.- and Th they burdar both instantly fire and'diess are atvat than the the next!;>life pasrf:ntt a jers I was on the farther fourteenth oat asA .

i These benc what had passed between mon-ieur and quitted the house I searched for the boats and lift the ma:n- ..
pine, pistol Tte hou-e
week .
while a careless indolent popn'.a-; yew sail so that the ve el mah driven owner u'Ters on f'r a aa J ntitwbenthevthreviheirgrajjoyerba,1. ,: -
i Hare bid fuel and jcurneyed his: wife and soa. Then the \ie re- and found i it behind the vase. AfterI great 5ve : tion will accomplish little, however on l ted the incident : perhars on top some of Heivea t> welcome the hn profe>sor beea' I aai: .
To the.longed-for home divuw. of the was sure that: monsieur was fast asleep fortunate biUow be 1 fed hi;h and dry U.'h'n e-owner 1 i.-e 30 maay'

great the natural advantages of tlcir localities -I j -/'. A. Jnkil 11 Boston Cvuritr.i' But how had any one entered the I got the revolver and went to hs room. the b a-h. There "h" g.-s tlm!.1in;toward wiithe :'- up. an 1 ar: "I boat you a But I heard tfa: CUn" caiie to save siuaers
wholA weak into Henvei1 llothelib'rrinesan.1 aaj I kn"w I wa Ciw of them and I came .
the roks. : ;
house! STnotin-es
Jean Chiubaa the vaUt. testi- lie had drankheavily before butvto prow f.'n.no-t. -om-5-
intelligent trave'er the deMn--hetl mid ashore, AlJ L hat
may b.n tires stern forevcct-r p" the famiieof vn there ever since,
can form a correct opinion of the character i'i'M. SASSON'S VALET. Ced that early in the morning< as he wastaking my surprise; he awoke a* I wa; rum- starbvirvL now fl'lin."e ow:to roll.n lart-card: oveto and Haven I wo'K'er i iSHen>ii3 on the ban$ and I do -ift pri\5'** tJ pat out on } .

I the mikl the garden floor he aging the ward rob,'. He cried -Thieves": now a great ware da.-he ovr the deck: aa.1 of the River of Life plavinc with the railI I 1 1Gjiteaa that sea ajiun.- I would not risk ifi '

of the people, of a town by pissing t (bscne ide door of the house and was abouto get out of btd.when I it see-rs as if the oM! craft had gone o>:t of Ii ren wh)tn h.m'l'' I w"n.j"r if Chare! all I have not ia the last thirty Tearsspent

aar. and in that tired and hs felt b.ick dead. Then I sgh: : forever. But u > she and Fanl and JohnViIkes Booth are in ttirty Emotes ia diseu-t-ing .
through In going ; voxes
18o5 .
M. Paul Sasson 3 way
it CO1trot't'rt.\.1 !
the siootn at 1 the .
I resiJt on cos with his glory : a mart 1 win not coa1 r< n: of religion and I
Boulevard! de Neuilly, I after him. The gtrdea was hi< gathered all the plunder I could and hid: th.r : aria around the .nw;t stands trovert th:se th.vie- just now, but will say haU not for tie rest of- my life stead thirty .
Pui. crvtrg.All well G hath
Frank Weigman, who died in Oiacin- speculator! and le wa 50 3 !an expert climber could easily scale it on it :W:1I did not volunteer too much me all them that sail is with rn: in xl this s'i'guen'' in piling that for such a nvserable an 1 tefriSo secvads in disousMa.;:h>controvert I point .
abut cither: : information Heaven I have niration. Rut of religion. I woul .
side. no rather
during investigation: because Cra h' in a canoe go
of :
went the
He married ariin-t the "
nati recently, was born in 17S1 in Westpha'i year age. was : had prow ro-v-: t hre is the Bib'e passage that I the evidence ould wuh much fortIt '
The thought w convict mast falls Crash:
When a daughter Corincc anl a son Charles. gendarmes on duty near by testified th" vee1. g.vs 1 eve in perd.tion and te aved.tT" Because all swept up froiuia Csrribeaa, than trust my- ;
: a boy eihteen yean old I, He kept up aa expensive establ hmect that between 10 &I oMo"ck the 3tne.! Sassoa without much say on sde to "idt'uat'l She the wavthr'qthfron 1 a v goi rt;to ba ve>I aocor.l,ng to your t heory sl in a ili.'j>Mo- so u- 1t'S-. .so*dsnI I
l into .
he entered the English army, and subsequently -' andwas refute1 Early in the previous night he saw a cab standing my p:1.rt.n a thousand fragment cartanii.Isbis.and _7f. invnortal-goes: ': are you ;di ob!red from th< duty of loving |gerous aad so..detrtive, in which many "

became a soldier of Frederick he rch and mo'rose year within a few hundred feet of the hon; It is needless to say that Ymt'. Sasonwas are preci'uiate-l! into the ea. Some of \an.1-erving Jesus Christ! Be". accord- name : rtl He ; released and Jean Chaubia: sent to these ITT: to Tour th.-. all the ohers are no'nabore They make ice think 'f :igroaa sailors on I
< spoke with the driver who said : : passon ers hal ton brought nien > f
II. of Prussia. lie in constantly to his family : dc 'Ramscate
fought tia war talking ; the you refn oJ to go ahcJ'r"'ll.oe ; :: IVrLead. from which lifeboats :T ..
the abeneh
callows. and hs I !esrnd wim_
their the "A very comely we man ha* just dis to ; di'Terent are usually dtscussin.ta3
abut extravagance neces A-o-t have theori about cht'mi trv. lauacbeJ.'oiotiy
1 I
. against: Napoleon, and was one of Bbch- the side IOn with the china little aliove the angry dill rent styles of oaro-'ks.: and how a boat '
reducing At length hebrew :appeared by of that house. ani a! er's men at the battle of Waterloo, vhen siy a'mo-t violent expeases. conduct The cabman easily found the Fruit From the Tropics. the wave !with the stroke of t-ota arm a-d \"u refi*' action! Ro"- *? youhaveadif- 'ought to set in taw W'.1ter. and db- '
in toward 13 bt propulsion cf both feet tliesstarted fi-r I .
hs the Ivws of
be received a sword thrust which nmrked his family and greatest forbearance police. Did: he" know the lady? Xo. The b:1nanomne.. lean and pine : the i'h.r and reahe-'lir. Hut alas for tLotht'f'S. fervnt 'nab..ut n urI." \
him for life. He came then had to be exercised by them. Where did he take her up? On the corner apple might almost be tcnr.ed natural They have never leam-xl to >and three steamers b ten with pasaenj-er .

\meric Oct Sassoa went
he was ninety years old and on tie 26th 21)1 he returnd with city bur St. Honore. )[me: Sasson's sister there are other fruits which are so very for n:ast, or the they nerrouhocic was t.*>jr-at : j ha'i-e a diS"orent th orv aV ut th? stellar 'face twitchm with narvoui excitement .
a them have Iwn bv
or weakenfl
of last October he his 10-Jth trlt.but non ;d names !vtern. do vo-i refuse to aoknowle the says: "Jdyjat, this i* no Cim-discuss .
the de that have
seteml men to work remov rcid en Hue )Moray near the foreign we no English 10:11 i'i..ku"h'l. i, t.) 10'11 i Xorth star'" Beiu have different such things Man t3? life-boat. Who will

0 birthday. He was but four feet aid a van pictures from the parlors. He lue: de Poatheu. It was a try painful for them. There i< the /apbte for example of th-'m' STake that r:e of ru Mer." sav-, I tLeo-y about religion, you do you refuse a to act! man the pier Out>it'i her into the surf. .
O few inches in and and was very stern and took no rotice his conc usioa to reach, but there was no which grows in Mexico: South "Take Paul to that one. "and head for"the beark If -oucazir.ot come in on a ship fashioned in Put away for tLe wm'k, my !lads pull,pulll ,

height a spy family, who did not o He avoidias: it-Mme. Sasson had assasiaated America and the We-t Indies The flavor fra -nentof apar.. says I'.iul > the the*,.i.lI.lryJ'k*. come mona rhn; There: we have thesu Lay them down in '
active a His ; expostulate. to ano'her. Tak-tha: tab!". 'a<,e that imaje ( the bottom of the l Jack to
hoyof hearing OtO1l', try
( a sixtten. returned to the city. and wa-. not homeuntil her hu
,, eyesight and appetite were excellent. HeIf late. The next morning at break- tic! were taken merely to turn aside cue is required to bring i it to maturity.It take anytbin! ;. Pa: lortlie tva.-h" : souL l am He talfeing av>:wlta*M'h.another I d-(n't man believe about in n's revival '. ]thee flannels.: vrhJe IiIt for up the bee.cn.

ft twenty-three grandchilien anici.:h. fast he informed his family that he was -picion.! She had lived uahappily with is as wild as the acorn tho-igh more Oh what: ,a .trnid in the bar or thenwrcilr { ,"* Th n. mvbn.Mhet\gotoyourroi-, ''J God help me* Goltluo us all! There's

'& .Hisbrcther to curtail his and him; he had deterine to reduce tooth-orue. Another !orein fruit is the ss at.rs bit.la>h clear* o\er tlieso i ipo lo k the d.->or and all ft\ue give> your heart .'hind: Hazrah' :ilotthem: : :'*.Oh.wben : -

.en great-grandchildren abut end had' ol est31.fhmert his es br : ; struck her! cairaitos which growr oa tree as Innje- ', Ihol'lKt':r cr..eaLrtIl.lJj, : _cn .j.1**** _.Atnvii '-t r 1--.l jatn simecbnTch..vhn 't&e therJ 1 1moTe'er te 'iL eltM'v: __ A
r >
died the a voar courageMJV out In'the awful surf t.sin-ail death .
some in German/at neerrise< about flfty in the haie! v
' ago All these facts were testified to by domes.tics. as our apple tree. This is serve 1 for Remember wcat Paul told Here I
. smaller and less pretentious dwelling. you. "nut I don't believe in 'ptism." Then 'LeI out with the liffftciat. Let all else go
age of 103and, his mother die atiin'ty-, Have you suffered such heavy lccs Then came the episode of the pistol dessert and has a mildly tart fla" or. From they come in. a whole ft.m'lAi thewave come into the Kin d->m of Got without >for this one eort cf salvation-salvation

nine. to render this neceasa.rv1?" his wife narrated by the valet and the further Peru comes the-.'hirimovas. Larger than recess it leaves them in the sand on |' it. sal settle that ordinance afterward. "But ':for tame salvation forever. I bethink myself -

a sskel. .It i is: fact, almitted by Mme. 8 sasons' the apple is tte mama: *. This has a th bea h. Here comes ia the Centurion en a I there ar so many inron-Stent professors ofrelizion .. c f the fact that i'i this audience thereare
just at sphntrcf tbe-r ar. Here comes in a plank j ** those wh
er inopp'rtune : Then come in. and by Tour e-- ; )t-ocaa- of their opoortunity.or .
Dr. Frank Hamilton, acknowleet to this juncture expects soon maid when she was cleverly capture on roach skin and pink interior. antI is fre.jhtev; w th a wbole crowd of iiumorj'I j a'rple show whit a profe'-or rtisht to be. t t1: because of their pe-nilUr life have made
'' the street and rei:oved to of coarse in flavor In shape it resembles taX Now thoy ar all I think. Y*. j
the mo.t skillful me to receive a proposal of marriage ofce in. "But I don't believe in the Old Testament. .1 wreck complete wrv k. You started
b speialst ofh Let her marry whom she he the Judge of In-tructioa. that [me. Sas somewhat the pumpkin. Widely knownis t'ie la-t oue oo u"*> n. Pa'il. t'oc he has bee-i: Come in on the new. "But 1 don't like the life with a fair pr.t'.t.-:t. You pro-n- -
. in the treatment of gunshot woods located roughly "she will pleases. son had a key to the garden and the side guava jelly which is made from thegui.a oven e.n- all the res:. and a< he olambe-s : b'of luTnana.** Com on Matthew ;i ed a peaoe'u1, V'i."ht and beautiful
the bullet from Gulteau's in replied, ; soon bring up o-it of the 'urf a-d wrinjr the water i and Luke. Your refusal to .voyage, but you hav sailed in the wrong -
door of the house,and that she had been fruit, which wildD.l is come
him with her grows hon his >ird Thank G.. '
po to poverty i crav r* cries: 1. ctioIlcr have -'lIl.lere..lW1 the rocks -
to Chri-t. whom admit to bo you
President Garfield's body at a ) is sought by a etangnce""She absent from her sister's house for two much like the apple in firmness although all are here. They gather around the linfoi '. the Savior.becau-eyoucannotbelieveevery-you ';/so there is only 1t ragu-eit of time left. Came .. : .

than a foot from that at which was man,'' the son said, .":nd the connection hour between I':'50 and 1:30 the nightof resembling in appearance the the l-ib'e ay* Taul built a flfitandthe* thing, irakps me think of a man who. out "in in on that plank. "SJT.O on broken pi \of $
in desirable."' O.toberSO.llverything. apricot With most Northerners it is bundle of i'ti-h-l'l. to crackl" |d thj th! Mediterranean bnrrfcane. just oft the' the i-h p." "Oh." you tell me. "IL 4iItII.: ":' -. -

actually found, according to a report of i"It every is way : ting thus clear, Mme. an acquired taste, being considered at -";: be:;'n tt re--over from the bill. I i is'and of Ye:t3. should refuse to g-a ashore broken up; a d-vaSe cf my life j-one.tf '.
for not to interfere and tber -nnl
the aad proper you we clothebezi'i to dry, until he can the whle -hi: fixevi I decades gone, three Jecailes gone four,
arrested get
and with 0f up.
autopsy given by an Sasson was first r.ther too sweet. the
eye-'itD in such matters, the .father said; "you chug graye- yiarnitU snd health seem to be coming b.'kinto u"tI he can make his mind where all : \1&aJQn {.rhaj-j half a century"jrone
And the crime of murder. ) de. fruit: class is the fruita boniba The the U.xle of > let up
now published for the will have do thpaengers. ow perhaps tbree--4ait of a
frst tne. enough to t attend to your these loose planks belong. He says | < century .
Dr. Hamilton had the testimony of the own carts in life. You
failed in examinations the reader has it before him, omittingthe and must be removed from the pulp, any of the e poor creatures are nvssin-; that -tindlass in the right place and this of your clock .! life :are almost parallel '
electric induction balance to guide hm two at college, of the whicli is deliciou Count then all up. l egmum:one, two three keel piewhere it belongs and all these and it will sxin be twelve o'cjock and year -
episode most
and have shown pistol anl li\'and then \\). and tl .-
yourself incompetent foranything. oa on't ': en on day of ended. All discouragTd are ,
m and had also uponicalaver the bureauin up-
experiment *' 'Do you By the various names of aguacates. to*2: mtil have '
goigt i\ 'ount..1 them all. Ste.all
you when I K't eve!vthinz shipshape then I'll. your' I admi it is fcvl enough to givJ "
at one of our medical college!to determine *'! am competent," the son replied, the lbrr before you let the house avagodo pear and alligator pear is are h-T -,J7tAVhat a re'ief Jt is at come a-hore. Whs-. I'm a* old sailor for I! to sri aa 1 the d>ni the lest part .

the and probable with warmth "to n.other ? the Judge Instruction. known a peculiar fruit, shaped like a rea i the accountsome on troVen pie -cs frtv vear I know all ab'ut a ship an H I of our live aud **.it at the closCV :,. : -
penetrative power "' protect my asked her. !large pear and weighing sometimes a* of the -hip. AnSI so it came to pass that they when I get the ship just ri-ht I'll come in_' make God tha prea of a first ratea ; .

course of the ball after it entered the and" s-ister. "Ye I do.:' much as three pounds. The shell i is e ca:ed all cafe drvours to land'In I exsminedsonie of Here is a man floating on a plank and he I'I Ihears ';. Ycu cas neves-me in en that old .#,. .
a previous
Insolent1" exclaimed father and. ?
; and he friend. shipith..tsonetoiie.t'- can never
body. All of which shows, TVwJ' !'*- "You took a revolver out of the smooth and tough. In the centre is a these it says: "My you |
: but I confine
towaid h m, he clenched his pas enger to-day my will drown out here if"oa wait til recall the past: i itba: < poii forever. If therein
t lift Xewpaper sagely remarks, ho 1 little rushing fist as though to strike him. bureau and you haven't mentioned the large pit about a* hard as a horse chestnut attent.on: more pecia'ly to'those wh' cane you get that ship reconstructed. Batter do I j J only a razmect of a y. .r left, or a fragment -
abont the is in en broken pie es of the ship. There is of monta.'ir f/ of a w ek.or
fact. A curious thing pit as I am doing. I know no'hing about a a a iinent
doctor actually know of what ageing )[me. Sasson interposed her pcr-on '. so-ne'Ei'i; alxn.t thm thit excites in me an I till I aboard thit a ira ;ment o: a ttaTr ;; fra-msnt of anlour.Vome '
I did but I refrained from saying the fact that it will make a brownish ship. never saw one got .
:. on inside of the human body. is no between the irate man and his son. M. iut.:.' int-r'-1. I ha-e not so mu,'h inte:est one. I can't swim a stroke. b-it I am coming in en that f,:,?k. Perhaps when t
I about it because I did not wishto which indelible. This 1
ground his teeth with rage, and :anything mark is avagodo in tho r xtho oo.iM -"mi. They got au get to heavtn Go-J i1ay let you go out
: discredit to them that they dOI knDwmor then Salon struck his wife a violent blow over have to say that I was afraid my husband pear is also called :baltern's butter for knew they woukl. A mile of wa'er is comes in on the plank is savedThe oa some great iri-sion to some other world .

; but those that employ tbenshou might hoot one or the other of which it makes an excellent subtitute.It not a very great run for a stron; man who stays out in the < thin; to I parttaIivt.aoneforyL-fl lak of service in 'i,
the s.de: of the head. The
son was ready swimmer: dor are'two wiles. But thoe tfiis. 'rom hw mai ir -le''thbe>!s I have $
us. is made into a salad in the West In- mend the old ship is !>>t. Oh. my >
rmembr the limitations to winch theyare to grapple with his father but his who were on the broken p-e-es of the Jiip. brother let smashed s-ea hands thrown up 'n 3-> rations something : .
necessarily mother entreated him,to forbear. "What did you do with the pistol? d es and is popular dish. being much I cam'ot stop thinking of thm. The grrat to the, bottom your while you come up theology In on a I like this: *.My L&as been wast-tl. I
.. subject afleward )I. '>asson quitted the Sn. "I put it behind a vase on the mantel affected by the soldiers. The mango or cospelhip i i- the finest ve el that was ever splintered spar. "Simeon broken pieces if ; )h-ive .>1 tal-'nls. : *E ;had fine social ,

After a brief coa-ultatioa Mme: as- piece in my husbands: apartment, in- West India peach stands very hich la\H>ohJ. and can carry mow ra en;ers the ship." I think-for I am not talkin: on pmitiou; I had grantcpportanities; but -.
/ In recent decision JudgeShipnan *' thtn any -h-p: that was ever con-tracte Land through worl lJ.sj or:fte "' all are gone -
a patent by to remove it. I forgot it. among tropical: fruit It has a smooth abstraction-there are a thou an i men in tirs: ;
son to seek refuge w'th her sister temln' b.l ; yi u onld no more wreck it than j on (conl I except these few rea'.miig moments I
resoh'e aal
hju-se this the mood
skin and iof brilliant hues. cold morning in
of the United afterward the green, J
State.Circut children agreed to accompany Judges i i wreo'-c the throne of God Almi "i:tyl I wi-h mental condition that "I am now seaking now accept Christ and ? -shall thrcugh Hiyroercyonter -
i'r't:: Court the following rules were laid down her. Trunks were hastily packedand id to Goupe, a detective : and crimson. There is at first a slight all! the i eople would i omo on toard her. I of. and I have been asked thwli I Heaven. Beitalas:alas'when: I

ianntiocs made imxediate de "This woman does not talk nor look suggestion of turpentine in its flavor could not pronii-e them smooth Bailing all >t week over and over again about might have sailed icui the haven of .4
;;- concerning improvements on preparations 1'ke j-ui'ty If she is not guilty but to this one soon becomes accustomed, the way, for s.'tntime* it will bo tern- this and about that and about the other ai.d I eternal rest w.t i a fi l'c&rgIU I teen
combination parture. While her children were engaged : proD. restu0US and a chopped sea hit I do l th *'i ing h3lliH of a great mul- ,
already in existence new andwmark has just the sum i and all find it a most delightful fruit. ; : I am told every day of my life almost: I ?et> by j ws
.p in this work Mme. Sasson went p.mi..efe arrival to all wh> the cf t ;.tudaiu whoso ral\atix I had taken a
of all parts for attaining an object; may to"a bureau where her husband kept of monev she !says she went for to her Of course the orange and banana come on board this Great F'Istern-c3nedo can't cant believe adopt all whole you believe sy>ten: and therefore re gioo I Need part, I rm 't co'if<*=a, that I go into .

sometimes, and often, so obvious revolver.i : ludoi and the missing watch has not: come to us in the gieatest perfection. by me becausa co-umatuler came out of cant lecome a Christian:" 90 I am speaking the harbor of Heavea "eti' broken pieces of .
perhaps b should near her or about her-if she They can be plucked green and will th' East and the tar of the East was the at a tremendous rrncti.ality-l..t 1114. : tlie :\" .. ; i ,
to merit no title I "If he return and see us preparing ba l le of his autht'rtRut; there is .-.------ ,
iantioD. vast
j t a
which be e
8 t ri the cannot
is not the assassin, how came the mur- ; en on voyage 58J11\ brother, von will 1.robaLIcd .
for departure he might do something multitude wh do no't take THE Involute Jse gives the following c
combinations regular pa& gt' .
While in ordinary of new '" find the hidden behind[ done with the pineapple. Larger than your d ffkulti.sett1.! 1 the way liar .ti.
C'e derer to pistol
she sad: Somehow their the--vlo.jy is all broken into ;
of nil for an object desperate, t herel. You have the and i the Lanana is the plantain, which it re- magnetic Italian got his garden* mad-. acconnt.of Ike construction oi
parts attaining the ? 4een
She tooK the pistol from drwer; race Tae pie:!.or the'rlife is all broken into pieces, 1 When the war broke out between Au-trui
...,vnoveHy and utility nre evidence of in- and holding it among the folds of her know :;;ust how and where she Is i embe! In southern countries it is or their worthy or spiritual; prospe t.ar.* ant Sardinia. Garibaldi was livin; at Ca*>- too last stage of t! & :fen Kail way: .

yention there should other tvUence dress went to her apartments. As she it possible that any one whom )[me. Sas much u-ed for cooking purples being broken into pie eand yet I hope that they rem. a rough, uncultured Wand h'me. Ha S Cetween Karjbent as i Mrr the rails -
s -J b left behind her d'ul the deed!"* baked or fried like our apples, and is a will core to the shining shore, for I aua encouraged went forth with his sword to achieve the hl>- I
k:JT, to show tat i exists. Evidence of in- quite: the library she found M. 5aoa'sTaet son This suggestion the detective on a staple article of food. The cassava or by thi experience of these p orleIn eration of Sicily and Naples and he gave were laid to the ext nt of 119 versta in .
the door. He turned aside and put my text-"some on broken pieces: of the to 9,00.of> peope: free got r.1- ifS ,
) utility tha of dayswhich .
is td. From thirty-
; ; TenYion, }n addition t noveltynd no and she pasted on in line of inquiry, and he pursue it withvigor bread fruit, not.of ten import ahip" i ment under Victor EmanueL After apace

4 may often found in the'nuchine', silence. remuJ reaching the apartments occupied but found no Sassonwas i this Is made cassava bread. the chief One ob-"ect in preaching this sermon is to two Tears' alienee in the war ndajp and festi-.w' are excluded .
b convicted of the killing of her hus- food of the poorer classes. The yucca encourage tho-e who. while they do not Garibaldi i came ba'k to his bland home andas bejioracs thirty-fcte working days. c'T
T from herself and her husband she t only
.:: Itself, which shows that it ctne by of the adopt all of he it ha found that Victor
and sentenced to fifteen im- and the yam are roots I otato variety our systems religion ne.erthej j approached .
:creative mind, or the nece* "T ev*' i( found her children busy packing. She band years : much esteemed by the negroes.In less believe some one thing, and I want them I Emanuel as a matter surprise had Edenized -, the 119 verst shlalfi also be added
the revolver behind a vase on the prisoninent. to come in on that plank. "Some on broken the whole place. Tr.mmei shrubbery in versts of stations constructed
the of these fruits
J dence may sometimes be fousxl in place without being Jean Chauban. the former valet of MSisson their season many may pieces of the ship There is a vast mnltita.de place of thorny jungle. Beautiful gardens scyen

.' history of the invention. In thfcease, the ( mantelpiece When M. Sa I retured in the Rue Greuse total pf-r diem was father more than :
nd beneficial he found his house -
patentee accomplished a new evening desert8. and opened wineshop JAitf and }.rpr-* everything. 1 know men who are r' livid there was a picturesque mansion were
? result by which others LadS The valet told him that his ad near the Bois de Boulogne. Sir monthsafter their souls because they cannot mak at ..kyfpassed the rest of his day in fo: vorsts, or nearly three English ---
means children had departed Mme. Sasson's conviction in the minds who MelchU '' and luxury. Oh, my brother com .
having works carried onin.
together The
steen near to and apparently inated to packed several which they of 1860., Detective Goupe was Sounds and Echoes. i essentials of rebgta .1 ler the standard of our Victor Emanuel tones. were .- #
frt trnks, spring tal "} 1 do not follow Him through thckand: thin. and fashion. Morning rork began \
be waif between nx'itary
swindler who the cannot distinguish
l.. Jtod. but did not see. Hell thft ( taken with them. looking, for a wandering As ear theological system' ht His battles and endure His sacriScas,
hd great ;
to styled an invent' j saw madame go to your bureau in had cheated several charitable ladies in two sounds occurring at an interval of Bible does it say: "BaUer*ft; jam will find that yoar heart has beentfeuged to i the sound of" the drum; the men t

b the valet of the In his wanderings less than one-sixteenth of a second, that and thou shalt be saved from of sceptici-m liIio
*_ j the library, said at the conclusion the suburbs city. ; ".. a jnngla thorny proceeded to the from their huts ,

l'. stanj of his story. Goupe dropped into the wineshop ofJean time must necessarily elapse between I menius and thou shalt be l ._- .; garden abloom with luxuriant joysas atl the march and the officers .
CDtteStates S n t-Lelia- in the Thirty-nine articles .. dreamed of-from a quick pgave
M. Sasson went to the library and ex Koumaine and was soon on friendly! r the utterance of a sound and its return 'TOttinever -
new saved." A man maybe: of sadness and desolation into a the for off. Th : : .
is the drawn : echo is signal breaking ,
? he immediately
Jor having plans ; the bureau. terms with that gentleman; for to" form an echo. An simply a hdl or heterodox and go t6.buavea&a '.IvseyPIdi.e of .. I do not know how : :

f (*600QftD yacht. It will p' [s.f: be amine revolver has been removed," he identified him, elaboratelytrausformed sound reflected from some opposing I Jesus Chrht into the deeo affection of ootr TOOT tkmy'want topiecjs. Perb\ps your latter superintended the work 6rT_ .

; kilt inFan Francisco. The C&ner is as he was. as M. Sason's body, w.hich must be thirty-five feet soul and we are saved. Refuse to tab Hbtt lattwaadmoth>r sartou on a plank hcseback.' Tha soldiers worked withveitvaor.iinary .-
: said."I madame quit the the former valet, whom he had watched for away from the cause of the sound. The into the deep aTetion of our soal and ware *_I jtWT'avtn? no relion: that a-n3unted to -
''Capt. of Swen nav-v' saw library, lost. I Itleve in the Hejdelbergh ofthetro\U1. Or perhaps parents emulation, atldeen-: -.
Lundberg ths your
: in various disguises to see sound will| have to through eve ity
rtionth pass
valet said, "holding by her side something i: *
build I Catechism and the Wenminster Catechism, w re too severe and rigid and cracked yoa
in haste *
Lundberg claims that he c&n i he could connect him with the.wme feet and ths will take about one-six- officers were reTesaldonflotg
'. :Opt which was concealed by the drap-I i,-whether and I wish yon all dil; but you over the head with a palm boot Perhaps -.
i V hip which will make an avefl sped : err." of October 2d. teenth of a second-since sound.travels, ; rry believe nothing they contain except you bad a bisines partner who was a absent from ihe-ines.A .""" --:-

J -In the evening Mme. Sasson discovered 31. Houmaine had a splendid gold chunon at the rate of 1,100 feet per second-so that Christ came to save s.nners.: and member of the rn.uvh arid he played on yoa .

J", .'If twenty-four knots an hour ad p- that she had left a large sum of his vest, and Goupe asked him thetime. that the direct and reflected sounds may that you are one of thenvand you will be rescued a very mean tric'x:. and ever snc)yoq have -* crKiors story is related by the .

O E ,Iu greater carrying capacity tD aY money in her boudoir. She had immediate lie pulled out the elegant repeater, be distinct The further the rejecting just.find If you a piece cannot of wood come as in on long a great as the ship human -, been have disgusted intidel ajKK-Ht w.th religion.who are Perhaps every yon day MMdletown (Pa.) Press. ".ifrPim.beth -

: f the fast trans-Atlantic ;stme. need of this sum, and how to get it which Goupe had no hesitation in sayingexactly I body is away the longer of course will I bodr. or a piece of wood as wide as thi talking against Christianity until you are Bboser, who recently celebrated .

; :.. : he met Senator Stanford to could the subject of much thought. She answered the description of thewatch the sound take to reach the ear after re- outspread human arms. and if you find that all at sea, and you think more of what her SSth dreamed .'
UDt nor a wa determined to of it to her Stolen from :M. Sasson when he'wu i flection. either piece is a piece of the cross.come in on you do not believe thaa of what yon birthday, Monday ; "o -
I '. D neither a government say nothing murdered."A l __' that "ec-. "Some on broken pieces of the do believe. In on; respect you are nipjht that she was sitting in the room,, if- ,
to for fear Charles should insist t
,-nHing children like Lord Nelson who wished in battl tI I
!"nt individual who was said the officer. A Snug Snra. ship. and of sudden
watch a experienced '
going their former residence for fine disregard certain siinaL ant ha put hissea great pain" :
stanford upon t I am taaa vLth a man about his *oul.I
tAIiest the experiment. Snato r it, and: thus perhaps be brought into collision -,t -a present from* a dead friend, Wife (reading the paper)-"Here is an I He has receatfinn| traveling in New En-- glass to his blin I eye and s ud: "I doa't s-je in |er right side and lim She -
ose't -
tJ : iJnaiiy l-ecame interested in the. matter. with his father. Finally she devised answered Roumaine. account of a man in Iowa who has sold land and-t fmSiover night at Andorer.Hesarslo any signal that you speak of. Oh instead on Tuesday in her nsnaU .
of this field of the gospel f> morning .,_ -
& umm scheme. She had the of the "\h, precious, no doubt, said dollars. Isn't it me--IM't become a Chnstanb'tause putting glass '
Jields a keys very his wife for seventv-five *
of $ 000 blind and alt *
Ii your eye saying sea health and while : *
fcrune 00 I don'tthioltthat a mans fate is irrevocably sitting near the atore i*
entrance to the and of a private the officer. dreadful?r' I .
$5000 side put it toIur other eye, the eye '
; annual income fixed in this world. I think tbrre "
enor a entrance from gen t the'i "A sad remembrance. was the reply, Husband (thoughtfully))"Well, I is such a thing as repentance after of faith and you w.ll; see Christ in the'forenoon commenced to feel pain :it'

,' of this sum he has decided t end bouse. She thought that in the darkness with an assumed look of sorrow. dunno. Seventy-five dollars iI a good I' death "My brother." I say to him. and seeing Him, you sea all Whatever you in her right aide and limb which fii:a 1 ,

in the interest of The she could easily find admission to "' I once knew a gentleman who had. deal-of money.-XtU' York Sun. what is all that to you? Do not believe or do nt believe, you certainly bliare > short time increased -
comme p in vicarious suffering, for see it until it was almost
over watch just like that said the detective, you realize that a man who in the you
:: j cht, when finished will be to the dwelling-house, reach unpre- day around you in some shape.. Last
ndurable '
br chance after death nn?- On :
he is dead hope that there a "Wednesday.
t the boudoir the and, strange to say, may B. .
ountt ,
:: to the Government exact i .j ceived procure .I scheme is gives good chance Before death U a month the steamship Knickerbocker, of the '
for the l coincidence said the valet. A being promoted by.ou.e up antlered
od A Cromwell lice between X Orleans greatly and the
return without realinjit is imbecilityfor plying "w ptin had not .
money any I stark fool Do not ,
will cost t build her, if sofeircdhe one's"being the wiser for her adven- 'I Wont monsieur drink?" French capitalists for the construction a man to refuse you to co-tie ashore "on a and here got in a great storm and the Cap- decreased atla -*ccoints. '.,-
could readily be convert pinto a ; To get her children out of the "Thanks." wa the reply. "It is a of a railway through a tunnel to-.be.car- j lanlo that i* thrown him before death be- saia saw that the schx>ner Mary 1>. Ci-aa- ..
:: tar I would believe riM under the sound from Denmark to iner,of Ph.Ialelpluawasgj: the r-cks; the dieamdi4ii't invisible
coincidence and hands
that should visit strange you i (aus4 he hopes there will by \
ispatch boat or neces8aryronbo" way suggested they II :.= so the chief officer,tho tirstoficero the steam- ..
Sweden. -
' f i / her brotner who resided a away it, my friend was murdered. Why .. : t, tf.. .- .
: extraordinary speed and utiUtT* me : -
J(. _. ,- ._ -- .. I .
: -.. ,
?" .,
tit'. "
.1 -
J '
I .
-- .
1 ,
1 4 4 c ..
'AT -- \ -

3. 6. .. .-z- :-t' o : -_. .f-4"\-._.T'',...'-- ," .A'"...-..--.. "\' .4.c4Y' r-' .- -..'. .t -- '..-"- -.. %" .,.-.v".' -,.... '. .- .," ;,I, }' .t"" :.
wi. .- I .. .I.. bciiL. -_ '_ --t4..r ;. ._ .: .. } t'
'- ,
11'. "
!. ;:Z: : -" ,1
a- ,. : .
: : 1.e: -. -

I '' '. 1 :; .:" ,:,; --
: '
'. : :
.o.. :

-4. ,4
'-- -- .
:c'i: '
4 h .1 .

: r 4 .. ,: t ,
) -- _k.t" -. _,_ __ __ _
,- '
_. "
4 __ .. ,__ r"- r- ---- .' .I -' -
-' ; 4 -- A'"--' .- .'-'- '_ .- 4 **, '- -- ... =- :tLL------ _I _' "- ; -
c- : -- riL .
A l. :. I j A.
: In I the,bank have been' received: bu 'uu1y i began to depart each one :hart was full I LOOK OUT ---- .-. -e's"

I3.WXXOOO; will. I* nccvptcJ. vrliiMi I hey grasped his hand and pressedhis l Compare this with your purchaae i COlI :t A U1')

:The!'tccond. State dinner of the fvaon I lijw; a .rilrcW U. Theyreturned to f.1, _

.. -PtTBrsaEri WtJ1AT-- gYiy3ie"President and Mrs. cl "e'l their home realizing the fact that they 'I I.fV / A \; J ;l'. WITKOV..1kP.j'

; i I' J 8TJLBKS,BRADFOBD_ COCl lv& !adm honor, of the. Diplomatic: Corps would no nioac cnj >y such! a blessing IIf IJAMI.Lht) ,. -u ) :

.Sr I .. *- D. MOORE/*: ? on/Thursday evening last. The representatives -I God ou this earth: us to me it nil nt the
.* I a j ; I. C. WEBB y -.. of..twenty.three of the thirty I If fathers- house; but d'l lrin .\ together r--j- 4% : ;1
I I Editors and Proprietors. tI STUIKK, fi! : \ I Pala'ce i oois Store t
.' friendly nations usually represented attended around the Father. above. May God ABSTRACT! ;,

in full court Mrs. bless the ,
.Starke, Fla., Feb., 12, 1887. costume. meeting. late 1-iw a ) : nyi

Cleveland had beth especially interested Respectfully, .V> btracts ,

.: llefaaM.o.o.J !in-both the'nlTllngementl. and in the personnel SPHCTATOR. Mort"n"e : SI FL \. ;
a 00. JC intlimcnt. and .
/ wMft of%: party:Artted to nrcct them I i
roa .Tonl & tile
r..s n I' ,
and the State !tKrnents were ,richly TEMPERANCE COLUMN. iiI1'DPE tate in I

jjiTitTTER' decorated-with flowers. The East Room date of \ i un :.
I -- --
". where the guests met Mrs. Cleveland, wild IA4RESTLESSNFS i nuQ3 B
* ,: Conducted by the W. C. T. U. out ,
transformed into
a bower.
For Florida! representing
anza J .
The recent passage of the Mexican: pension of Starke. Globe Co. Fz7
't ;
!> / a-i bill will necessitate employment .. -
i -
t.W Iplcy, of Pensacola, who visit. i

eel w' ton at the request of jx. numi of two hundred and fifty additional clerks I MRS. J.'W.:: ADAMS, IMitrrss. M. 'YhitO GooOs fcaee*, n.iJIinexy.: : : '

in the Pcnsioa Office. Commissioner
. ,, her .i fellow citizcni, in hi j report on Since prohibition went into effect in ANDBYS'gAT&OOTSANDS1IESAND -
Black is preparing for iha trying ord.'al
alrat are refers .to tbe Indian .War Raleigh X. U.. the largl.st s-dm-r. in I the Attorney

?t Claim.bill. us follows nftcr explaining i anp says' that he wilfcBdeavor to complete ,city list Ixvn t turned in to.a shoe factory, FINE. CLOTHING.. j

Fens&cbla'interest in the .Indemnity I the examination of tho 30,000 applications: which will employ more pcrt-ons than : and .- _-
1' : : -
from this beforelhe expiration of tJ19T : .
i Fund, held by general goverbmcnt. 1es' source did all the dramshops in the city.A A STRICTLY VIOtTAIV. ..
the fiscal theadditional milLTLtSS FAMIU' MEDICINE.
present ye.ir. Although --- I
/ \
My$: cerical force which to be Catholic legend says that the 11e'.ilga'c -. ;

: } :. It follows that it will t'J'uu to tiTll appointed a hermit the choice of three great IA J.1.ZCILflt inieCan
be but few
required a n Will practice In
.i 'J.tho.. thntV months, applications for appointment nc vices one of which was drunkenness. I .Aca., U.II Keren to the : !
', a THE.INDJAKWAfc being received daily, and the Commissioner : The hermit chose this as being the least. II PHILADELPHIA.JE &.. lackaonville.rarnUhed if ;ola and Atlantic IlainPad)

under Mr. louglacrty's bin which! passed : sinful he became drunk jTTMUTUAL
; and then committed @
that there will be no fewer than Taking effect Aug 24lL. 1884Ar

i 'House today will turn over to Pensacola five. thousand applications upon file In I the other two. Prii.ONEDoIlar U. 5m. .Cincinnati. .. .6,35 H m Ar

(provided it passes the Senate) not only the time of making appointment arrives A school board: recently asked the follow li :_),30 a m. .Louisville..2,20ani 5.

''about $50,000 but It will also let loose ini question of a little girl: "\\ hat is As you value tb. perhaps life, examine each 8'25 .01. ashVne.. .7,15 p m .
The War Department has of late been and be the Genuine. See Birmingham. .ll.05.am BENEFIT
package sure you get .
:;. over |60,000 for the school, fund of_ the engaged i in collecting information concern the plural of a man?" "Men. "Verywellnn thered Z Trade-Mark and the full title 5,:) p m.. Montgomery. ..l.'"'a m' -
0 m
". ate being cent,' sales offends what is the of chiid on front of Wrapper, and on the side 9 p
? '
per upon ( plural
ing the strength of the millitiu force .of the seal and signature of J. H. Zellin P m..Iluston..6. am A SOCIETY.'OF r
;; in the Ute by lUc:government, 81d"will the United States and the reports which "Twins,"""immediately replied the little Co., as in the above he-simile. Remember there Will practlc* i! 61: p m. .. rn's .
iinoother genuine Simmons Liver Regulator.
: in ddtt1ou'to both of tbflK. sums. pay into girl. ludkidlicuita i 1150 sim.Mobile.4,45am":
> have been received from the adjutant NEW YORK
The Btate !trci r;' Florida over .Mr. Jones said little Johnny t., the MAKE MONEY. I o" East. } { Going \('sl. ; ..
generals of the various. States re'cry CGULK ROUTE
12,1 C j
g 'ID: rloribL bonds and gcnlleman who was making an afternoon 1 () No. 233 Broadway New York..
1 i GCI.FEX.
,' encouraging. The reports for the paMyear Fortunes arc yearlv made tiy successful opjxrators .\ "fIC EX ) .

? .. lo',,,,.nment. amount- show an increase of 10 000 in the call 1, "call'hisky talk?" in stocks, I'ainIntI ml These iuv ; from $>W to S:,\0 '
or more
tug ( "S' \ "No. my child; however can you ask pay ] r a m. Milton. p m I ':"i.Vr.t: f-'i-c'V an'I Tress:
I' ed branch- of the militia force. on each JlOQ hvt'sh.Il.d lrt's for circulars: F.
organ .
bJ1Ije&btbc.7inanoo Com such a question?" reliable borrespcjuU-nts wanted. William E. ; a in.Chaffins 9,20 It in A.L.SOULARD WM. D. CHANDLER.
There sic at tbe present ti re over 7,000 Richards. lanker a IK lirokur, 3S, 40 and 4- a nt. Lake deFurmak..8,18 r> m l'rc.'i.tl"nts
) ; :
!t 1 befvre Con l'I "Oh. nothing! Only ma said whisky Broadway, X. <,tIoii l j . u 10 '
I 000 mcn available for military service- Y.LOANS. I tl now** : ()'-) .n nil.&rgyie. .0, p m E. A. QUINTARD, J. F MORSE.mE:1.Il .

.- ;gresjQ rcfhtiiai',kh: *titc amounts# paid !. One of the most distinguished gatherings wa beginning to ,tell on you., Paper lo do Hanging ay a Caryville.7,..pm '.

"forcfril.wa/exprnaes.: If :this becomes u -' -- --- 1 to 4 per crnt. per annum: 3 months to a life warranted: .ood : ( am .Chipley.7. P I; :
that have assembled about of and third fare } f
: a banquet Spi-cial rates one one \ .Marianiia..t C, piur \ _( >ATI..
1awtbeblneeto Florida will bo-in'i time m ilnratiiiu on Ro-xl security.INVESTMENTS. Charges } .J a m . G. (

0 creased.t70.OO.-'.When retlect that table in Washington in many years was the for round trip to and from W. C. T. U. by tiii 4 ay or : ..., a m" River Junctan. 5. J tuF. I }.,."i.it'lot AM. Eon X'te (.o.New Tort. ,

you party that gathered at Chamberlain's, on Con. have: l been secuied from St. Johns It. & N. Co. o. i). IAM'\VI.V.esulfiit .
.- this balance to the state of nearly half ajnilhon 4"
Wednesday evening last, as guests nf Hirer Steamers, both De litry and Peoples '4i Q.'p m.Starke ._."' a r l'III'rl1o Xatk-n tack. New York
exceeds Ute total state tax of V> will secure one C'runwick 20-Thaler Bone weeks Pullman Sleepers.)
Mr. William Walter Phelps, in honor of line also the F. R. & N., J. T. & K. 4.ti_ and one Italian Red ('ross bond. the) next Six ; l I P.\ IDI 1.\ c'MIl'-5.

-. .:. Florida for 1886 by $141.3, you will be Discock's election to the United Stati .. Florida; Southern and South Florida redemption of which soon takes place. Every Honorable /) I vcr Junction to Pensacola, mobile fiivl Pre-.iiU-1't.! Crctui'igf Frt hit e,>., New York
Jud of the
bond participates in four redemption dr.iunitfs e
concerning the
at the apathy Orleans. LAKJ
surprised A.
Senate. Among those present were Mr. 1?. R. Convention meets Feb. 23d, atOrlando. annuail}'. and has more than one chance to obtain of Flfricla. f.' t f Ij. SOI' .
'J alter in our own state. I have heard of a premium of from $:II.o. 0 to $10 1)0) 0. as train of Palace day coaches 'C- i Pre.-Merit sterling Fire 1 n. C.,.. New York.
other West, the British Minister; Speaker I interest on the imestmeiit and the Uondi at all the slate of \ Jacksonville and Pensacola. E (>
from cilizens-oT A. O.lI.Vi'Aii ,
pumcrous telegrams times arp worth their face value and must b* County of via Baldwin Tallahasee >
Carlisle Senator Sherman, Secretary Ala, ,
states interested in Florida to tbf'r.4 wn The MuUler'.I..Ouellee. rvdehmed by their ieoixctive u\(mn\pnts. the catiou will be, WM. I). SNOU',
Lamar, Mural Halstead, of the Cincinnati! : sains as our United States government "..nds.0 Pensacoia. ,
.ineratfcrs urging tht-m to aid the J 1411. lint : blanks. No risks whatever and hundreds he largest on :sale at al principal tc.e t Secrta"ym.. IAn an I Tr.: t (.1.. Xnr York,
Commercial Gazette; Senator Evar s, ex of oPPUl'tulliti..s of repemption.. with premiums Dec. M. '
:( nnd northwest: HKNttV ( UOiiNXN'
at s to
pot an effort from riqndV MRS. S. IIO3ALIB SILL. ranging(ruin SIO 10 $100UOO-oKOK( Lire beuiff. P'int\
Senator Platt, Representative \Iorri on. F,CJ. Of IV.trr JBrf-o. Jt Co. New
r. home ojitsWe of Governor P rry's. Eyjiry one of the largest [iremmms. S3 will secure one SIEP.\nn
of these lion-Is fur thf- next L. ? CHIPLEY. !
Senator Sewcll Hon. Levi P. Morion, redemption. D. Pas. r' WM. IJ. FI Lr.l'H.
municipality county and commercial organbatioii We knew years ago a woman living Remit SJ by: Money order draft registered I
Henry Watt. rson, of the Louis\iIIc letter os e.xprets. ll lancc payable in iuoiilb.lv, Gen. Supt With II. B. Ctifin & ('0.. New Totk.hIixit'v .
in the state -should flood' ihe near us who used. various liquors allowing '
; installments U. i."I'I nment bonds on : 15.; PIintCK.
I ).
Courier Journal Chatincy Depue,
Senate with pet ious for the passage of ; her children to hip the sling left in monthly. ltVfleflttiIIres for circuhrs. etc. ..
Secretary Whitney, Gen Sheridan, Jm. I I;. \\'. Fosu-r. bunker, 4i Bro tdway, S. Y. CIRCUIT CoURT, BRADFORD Corcikv- f (f jrultliins.in PIc.-c& ( New York.

S Pouriicrty's bill and every cUizvi. should her goh'et.3Iy .\- E. D. \\11 f:1.I.EJ1.: I H.. ,
tice Blatchfard Representatives Reid ---- - ------ --
write every Senator from other states elder sister, by her de ire. went toasi Jones )1 Attachment. Sum swon lle.lioal Director, New York.

within his acquaintance asking their aid. Randall, Aastor. and McKinley, andWhitekw it in teaching h< r third baby to walk Is PincriT. COURT BIUDFOUD' CofNTv ITH CIRcrir. plication.PLAXSand vs -to $178.27. p
Reid, of the New York Tribune. FLA. ami DaDlj"S o.i TWELVE ASSESSMENTShlLve
T.-Advl1nc .. i.D I tie! woman offered her sling, saying: : K..bt. )I. Smith 1 1vs I promptly Owens ) $3.,6.34.
The table decorations were elegant. A f -S Defendant, and all other : Ix-t-ii levied Irom.1&51to< lt'S6.; :trer-
: 8NARIXO DKElt "Drink some, it will do you good. E. E. Smith. j are hereby requited l to aj-pe--.r
huge bouquet of Jacquinut roses restedin : a jij.sr three'iye: u anti mukiajr thecostforasl'.lIC'nt
Si-ti-r i would 'lot, for )'O"lS she was It appearing to the court that th< <'efenent in to the declaration tiled in the
Trapping deer by means of snares is the center of the lablc. Four candle the above cause. E. E Smi h residi is without the ( pl.ad the: t')1man of 40yeasof
she had igncil the temperance pledge. State of Fla.. to Wit inIl'ah'il, in S cause, on or before:
: Srateof
practised hyjtimbermen in the West and sticks, each bearing five wax candles, Mother would nt allow us to there l'eansyivania. It is orderc-1 t that said defendenttlo L. C. Monday of April. 1887; otherwise age to M.7t7r_ : iltt&tf .(;,'e