n'umrii 1.1 *mi, li'iil vill tut strs--|

they would lie required\ to put a party In power clone.Va, lime wh '. im 'to, tie altrrrllllerlll'Wa. on tins |1.11. but I till llruii; only at erring Inns liitmiliuting, 11th'ltr.'% ..l' .",.m.t..I" I IVnl-, inwomen's ,t 'ui liini niijlit ((Jcni'iiil iri'iiil.Tiioinli-man tth..il l t il. nii'i h'ni i 'i'm-i l ln.ntt-ut i ; Knurr, In place
1 hi
l I
1' ,. who proclaimed beforehand that ll win their centralism W no mT \Vasthegeneralgovcrnmont (Vliiids, "n'II'.on, the 'bottom olniy heart I call rlothc nail In flrilii I lint.i-il their this lent ol fl.lelltr hn.l 1 tt ::1 ii| pluf" niii the 'itnn ol the propln tbeif

purpose to evctythlur that had been done, still to couimue ,IL* ipprewionf Day t ) Circcley .,
ch itrfrDin
and even though they might deprecate much by day thctei oulragis on miud I' bo multiplied. niRliier and applauso.) Let U4 all go together aaliitcd. my cum, n hen I 1'"II'r(,' h Ihe duiucou, Di'tnorrntic n lient, and ho flute riiin( Imllsirri zenlm wvni de

that had been d'ne. much that they had done; They paused \'balU i uled 'ike bijonet bill, In and let us all c\IullCrllle together and If there la nns tlK1, nlillCrahlo jillor. 'illlC.1011 ought the true I> the tins going to never in cense tlicir ill-timed clamoring

Ibomac\el yet the process of undoing they fear. lis iecond edition Th :u fime the Ku-Klut any fighting to be done, lot us all fight together lo feel Itonnred ?hccws: toi m'cnpt 'idling ,m i ers out WHI miHTtN I, tnlll on not Inck until with kick In the name tI> ttmtl.thgh's. they shell do-

\ another revolution, and where bill : then came the authority to suspend the and II there Is any dying to bo done let tu all dly In wl.k'll I hail prrpnre.1' In rhnln lcff, I 111'1"-- and vatiint penitrm.m quarrel hue Slates them he [AppMuv;.]
but I I
ADVERTISING BATES the process of undoing \ollllld., nobody could writ ol AnAriM ferjmi a tune ol pouco., What wo together. [Applanw] Nov thIs IJust what I I Iw I replied to him .' I do r".J I honor,'d, and. ll i nn' I II gain for hi* own CAM: nnd lieneflf., smlgctutt I If i 1 ; tireless o'Uriger i-f cvjryililntr. Uiey nd--
It for to bo done* It was h'W. for tho tint lime do. had lined ( arc always, know dy tliu. fluent facility
tell. was Impossible IhIF'fol. tholtepnblicani sug.gl.ell ant you to i ioni ill him rtciinmul' n.uild bate humid nn t thn,
| >lpoiu' chiilklng diviion
or to unite will thin tImid that por,ion of the ) I I n hiutrI, .." [Applause ",, ., ol hi* I W III, ) ll they llcnnUllCt! tVCrb! )'mC'Tr upon 11t'I'UbllclIlI/'Rrt/ t'O.tIT IIU.TIMOIIR. !. ; ) ''II n"1 Mr.I h..hiltu Itt', fi.\ly di> -, I think he. ttill ilu.l in o'r
dissiitUrlcd wllli 'ihe Iliorgli | rohlior, fnol, who nil! not bn n* indi-
and M ask In It nufiitinnntf .\liiaiin|
was' to i as .i nben,
plll lslllc 11(1 manifoit their and their 'I.'II'II\.cltI1'n, If It were not for II critHlu run- | pusslotiH itt' Ihn e lit ks In tbalk, and th< t will In1 MI u.II I mid dcstruillie: as h llii'inm'UcVhiit a
THE WEEKLY FLORIDIAN to On the government sincerity l Intliimcd its I never 1\\' tin
Oel'lve. m n'linni! but'
was Impttiithe| for the party otur Faith to principle, i.nd by llr t thumnlvca epv son w hicli pel'hups you "III'c In the Iimgre I pieIt wiw Him, Uml Ilil, mm: ll.unce; 'unt Ilirrlit;pen. Indllliri'iil I | ltr] vitul i .' we hiil lout night of thlrtcs, and rob-
blnI.1 IemOrlll of (lift argument I, would end lliUiiddn1** llglil laiiglilirnnif aplilauso | ll be will unit and Hadlcilii mini1 iii lull ehiunsemi and
TAU.AHASSEK: :, FLOIUDA. e\er say 'hf lheo ( nconstruction ruling from the purt to w hicli they belonged; .1. tIed I hi. |pit' h> ulom. mail tt emit ,to I llnlimimd\, In IK 'In t lii' kii tip| ,
I would not enter (he dl lim of fur
now "ii procc even a and
upon hlmhitsttuflc nf Im
mm It Illlng
nov of their It were Is
and a and dared
"cn'li. were Just were right orgnnl/c UII 11. was tieeoim tim -mett nl tliii m.u, md ri li. bum ,
II. will
It. find ih '
that ucstlon still iH'lilnd. a* I'' n lull nomination I tusk-i tik:
> Mr
They wcic not they were not uow remeniliered Limit it was jint tried in Missouri. <| did do\ II (Urral umit.' r It,'. tag M ) Oreelcy
they 91111 ) ammo.tug' the
--' just will nvnii'ldi'r
f. &.U.It iniHw, In that Sla c the Democrats Itiilliuiore" ought to make liule\er, muy l he my I Int-niHi' lilt rumht ri'-olio nnd ,, ( I II tlii' r gontlenien little urn tlinii nn were not right, was | ihlu for that I were opprcMcd II nmnhOiHl nl ihc, moral ''I man' It e\ I Il he
job. III
lii.' individil.il opiiiion IIIHIII h hut siibleet, I want ).tll110Iln.I.I,11I1Ihlllll it lint *n tib-union II. he n ill i jiust tut linncti ItS true and wee. nut them-
'l this extret of the
the Democratic 1 aud w Inbits "
:5 portion ol party In Itcpubliciin party tli lib} I II hmumir.il W hj oni I Ii irate I tlic
: lie Its htltietu ,ttith'rs with | tiKilnm i nnd Intciuj
: P me rourngcof a n unit
lirnu Ilron | n Im to t-iitu' for Mr. (irrclry If
: : : Southern Stales ever to dixhonor w as In n, Curl Schurz and the gfiitlemuu, 'be ,01.1II..
= power i i unlit
Ihen11Ivl I admit I Is and I I mnru I unlniil. who, seeing (Uie,, .'migtulitutu train ,' I -
nuy opinion am going stImuli no decide. I toll them
liluir; wrong
Frank made what tunic,
such Uencral tall the Ih.II1II..11) iJrutt
n n ctlClol at that. (_\ppilua] hownow you tthn I, 'ihiuilOKd! il llm I..'" toward l '
coalition. Tho I republican: in Mlisoiiri w itll It iltiiuori' [Appliiuso ) I shiiU 11..1,1'I1IV I I ) lie biuiniidii I lull siccd| wittily Milling toolny, Iliu bins nf tlio land ; It
vas linpouiblo to elements party or- wn* iiinlmliil' noiild I '
r. -h:1I hits
bring inmmlmlouVhy.lnj hlm cll
T .300 :t5 ..600flO, f 13 00 for iv common piirjiotc, together tI8e ganied n|>on su alanti illy the same |xisition to Judgment ill 1' nKuluiil' h the whole. pan) Wb"II'1 I ; \ filemU" dnii'i tun s. ,< the va-t diilVrI 1 on. the Inn, k, throw ld, tail in I, mitt ut htiuls to i ti> iipcrite null alt who are will
U.nllclll puwid
2 tiO 900i! n oo tn ooS3 ;1(0( 00 teally wl-h to accomplish which 1 have al.uded, and they dethroned lIme set out with hut mote 1'lgIII"'III11111111'8' agn. (lod j dice 1.1\1"11111. ttt.i i ilr.nit ,did thul Ph.gnttuiii.l tt Illi his twit feet, unit rrMora Im'ul Stal* government nml eotiall-
1'111 I us n oil!.IIhcr. tM'lloned '
a I II 00 l 1.1 00 i iin 20 00) 00 40 00 common mel the old ; that I w jOl. Itudicul party of Missouri. They found Ibo Suite knon ti..r.'n' not the Mitnllnit crctice In in)' 1'111'1" "t- Ih. ,ui.lili.m, mi) nhiili LctiMirn'tldind I liicflci .in t, il tlmt I 11 u ailerons and coti II ill himutluttu upon I the Federal power, nml

I 1100 ooA 8300SI 80 00 I 48 00 there Is a 1110. ) Is a way 0.111 true in politics lu fetters and IIlli'lIerl'.I", nnd'enfranchlned the heart that eiml.l ImrlMir pitrixwe lu do anything I Ih'lh, t I11..1 t In be ilislUllH'd I oil the iiume I I- nm ug.iinst: him he tin ild 'ill, If M t IH' willing toititnpl nay honorable

:.j 1:1 00 \ 00 00 I 40 00 60 00 as In other thing" Here \:as a solution of tho Democrats and m.id.' .Missouri tho most Demn bucontribute nil my huinbli' power" \\01l1.1I|ier- t tlnnt, a its nll.I.ii r u snlrmn, pledge in The Ins,tun I jUnnt Innjthtci | i if most itig Ilio wrongs under nliicli we

6 fl04) 20 00 :io oono SO 00 70 00 whole matter The DenuxratU party ant tIme collie State In the Union Tho suirgextion then nut to devise "mime i henic l h)' w hit h tbe I D" nm- Ucn. I.i'e. I lie ttoiild hl\'e: limit hilt in his\pmiccl hulli chtllki'il I. ) ensit' that nnlmal, be \t.i is i iitnl to secure c<|iril rights to tIme Southern
200 4-1 00'' ooM 10000 mil"1 pirly. uinli-r in tIn color, under Its on n I i I Illcm-nisl i lum.'hlcr | I In I the mini pcopl" In the I rninn constitute
I 13 'V00 *
j ,1
In lid that luctc lt"publlc should soldier
( mjaged move were not was or '\ /" In l nr as 4 il I In had, nut done it Hut .\Ir.I hrmtli
III 4000 500': 00 1H10013.00' IWloml. admit that either limo amendments the nation UI",1111I8| Chub Idea and if they could M nd, rdl,' rpriiiiildpitiitlolor 1 > | .\(11'11101'// lrcl'l.111111) ghm II nn plnlini, I" jilT Ditls nur Incinl mild 'he ttould! us lilt 't trtlloi, a fool aii.l it robinr. ilien the great
I His
'I fl00O I 70 00 7.O01UUO0!1 tiO 00 I mnv nni'irk her. m PIH.IIIL'. lhat I I I I.Mr i inet lileiiMllc mlc |itt (he ih'lilot John lllDll ll'n tin' huiggI tool .miii! tin- worst robber
or the reconstruction |1"111', In lulminnri' or Inform I successfully o-k'iinl70' nxm| that |>ositlnn, m lie lie was a volunlnrt ,net I III I I.* act nan not, i dune' I ncfore he tumid lolcfoi
cither i.e. lid that the Democrntle! would Viihlmitthlmjhiiitfltmsisvu'itseil: t In c ma monllut. for Shim. 01' eitherlili'eliy 01 ( ,ulnnd belnp1 you to night [Very
w etc \ right lint they wits party route purpose redeeming'' II pledge' 1,1110 I linn hnrmnnlniislt men' Ideas
A I'.U lion* Inch lni pwe: It Mnsrep make tool, did agree to admit. that they were accomplished to their snpiioit. Very well a call wee luudothnt for u ri'iisoii, applicable to li-orila.' Knowing I illiislrati1 il jnimiple. ( ApplniiM1 | I with i llnlr aiilaiist-1| | I
limitS would be taken .'.'1111111"lrth'H ing uncniisriniisly Howl I I On his linn. of In
nmn. Adtrrtlrrnicntii Intrrtw (fin thin one month,(t.00 diets lllght or wrong the thing hud, licen done the Itepublicniis entertaining this purpi', ste|>s by \ lo I tit$ not snylng i i-r I thliig\ In pninunui- mnl hale, 1 think llm detd fm tIme lii'Klnniri nl P hIt ramiu 1 enter

prr squire| far rl. .n4 IH rrat for Mrk .n".qnOt In and, right or wrong, time thing hud II remain I and willing lo cut loose front time ruling ihymmatty, endeavor I In secure another rerotmil. rtit'tlntt ol hue IUIII.'jtJ/.n. It r. llrcib.i 1 but i I like iudepciulcmc" .Inlm, hiuism tm'gh.i''t I'm' \lie I'lenidi'lit -'hiiiii'lr.iiu'o nifilinl, flubs Intolrrnnt nmtury,
StAt by letting aside Ihe l'I..lIfllI.lf II should l/'o m tin1
rrrltull dODO until the the cxcrciitcofthi'lruwn should me t at CinclnnaU on the let or May, and tohiruImtlit sonic" luu.itterI I Ilk.ii Im Ilic bc-,1 griillcinciilio liiilulK In Illiiuc no
unno-ompiuilcil the CASH Hill not sovereign pmJle.ln rcco\cr suDlcient virtue orgunl/e upon thnt bams. One of Use moM dmtlnguHied Dunm-rallc situ hltY put mywll lu |IKi'ilon! weoiinteruct I limn mutt i.s.t ii'ldmg. I Unit .delcr to the, npmlmis l tell In kit On In ould nomin.iii, | fi hhuu'uits.-Iu'i's, iliry liouM, nt lenil re
Ad".I.rm.al ifcroiinpplnit'e | Hint Hue
to undo pwer.in mite peaceable onilors In time UnIon took tIme lead this movementand us lame as the of othtrs but when nur pom | the rlmrai'ler. iii our |K'oplo nml time grvrlty
u ,
ftttcnllon. f ,
ionics 1"11'1.' mnuhixkl dcd
.eh.I the moony oacn.ducn pot corer the ngmtxro! Wa'. This was the only (ol"llon COI.llltlolOI any and. going into lImo dillcrcnt purls of the West Slnlc] bus satlifaclorv been cuuuiruuet flentlenen the! result, evcrywhora hiSS been than entirely thin Illd that I like to II 11111111 net ,it* becomes' still South Inin r, bus until lain 1 non can led kinm hi eta ol nn mid lower loss I.HIIC. aiul aliiuulon the ugly if noi rrlmf

will a 1 lew nnmbtrof member of the Democratic party c>er proposed and coming as lilT South lu Nashville, in ado u filth That I llornec (Jinlii I. IIIIK done in Inntthnht sate Ihc, dominions nl
t la"'lun. friend's
t lime, nr.r. I b la.me to 1'\lk' ( To concede that, u fat exists, by no siiceclie* In favor of the move; and, they were pcoplo are wndlng In lip shouts hands. that This wo have tin1government bisloiy. Tin re Is no 1'.11; heal 1'1 it.ll'h.11I dale | Sciismlnii and I nur nppl,HIM' | tavnritc I If Ihe I \MiTIIHI tttu".IN rita O-orRHATION..
our on n truly is nn i
dn. nr two ropltw. only of the paper will h.oal lo >d- i means implies or cOIIO1Ihol i ought lo exist.\ grand orations Hill of patriotism. llul soon occasion fir, r'11111'iIljC.llllt' let It be reiiiernbi'rcd this, I iidiint. but I am .|usl iritlng Uio rcusoiittb man'* cnniluhlc, Hhould hi1 i'hu-ted, I ICilY .- ri'rusiipu wliv I AID wilhuij tosupuuit t
It dOs not make I for Its exist the move' seemed to wane, and Iho"u" ho ) Iliu, S.iutlicin mini ,is not iiicmi-isteiit, t ( ii II thin llnlllinore Convention ilmll
.rl"'r. nnlrM an c.t&1 l l nuwmrnl lo ttic cnntrory If )01 tint this, result l I- not attributable!, In thn least in muy tilt tutu place In tb,il udiiiliilntiutloii
made ence. Hut what the eOlel.lol to be made I looked to il witli hope, n.s the tiicaus ol redumption degree to our iillni frlemU On h thpconlrnrv.the1 M>li' I fci I I Horaci I 0"., I hi's Nil k mil, indeed1 I Kiel, out New \'ink, i nlo, HlicMiiiHc of the South, by uch

Adtrrtliiuni'iiU not .ko with Ibo utnatic,or tiraciII by tho Republican who were duwolisficd with from Iho oppression then existing, began' togro result Imvo bwii accoinplistia, % l, not lIlly I t am willing lo cooperate, tilth tlds Clm innntl Kjli'nu'u, I Indliimi-nil HID, Stun but I I, dlFcr to t tho North tlio hlghovl |Kw iblc

III! be until turbid. accordingly. their own party f Why, they were absolutely to \ lalnt and, just at tbl critical period of limo Ithonl their aid, but in tpilool their unfortunate ni'ivmteul" for mini. her rl'' IIII. n tutu IK, for, Kick i nut I I Heiidrliks, and I 1'cmllctnn, ami of our sincere desire to mil sectional

contnct ID.ee er0 amonnt of .par. and quit their party-to ollndol 1 In the zenith nf monte, largo nuuilierof the Republicans] of New lolly. If these gentlemen wblluok extremn I the good Ihut I lulifto ll will accomplish usl innnr, ami I (oilman, nnd Ad.mis and nil anil tiavo n cordial rc-iinlon. It lint, here-
\1 a.ll.WbO Its power, to abandon II onlrl of the government York, with Horace Urcely at the head, came out cv1,1'11I'I'II h)' lImo K"1"' I that' II Inn been dilllcult for Iliu Northern
length of time an by rale, nqolred ( positions hnd, I IM-CII concurred with you would, I t.lnm'mtiiy ucI lili-lnnu leaden of Iho Dninocr.itic, piutf, people lo
to conflne their he alI to ."U.own b bnmneniaulf" and unite their fortunes with tho Democratic nod joined Uie mo\'cment. [Applause.J to-night w Idle t be under, tin1 Hdininistnt-" I complinhcd., NOM Ii llott cili/i'iis I I I1'11I1' I fin all I Inn't Intlci-lmin, in (i.iou. glut. \\crutiiucre In laying clonu our grnn

a..t.IOllrt party for the purpose turning out their f>toil the Cooier| Institute nieetini was culled 1.\'I'IIk.\ your intention I In I the (fact t Hint 1111.1 rl' move Jtidl'i Sti-plieni last a wiagreed chteifully to the '
nth."I. lion of the I{ I '. with Ihillock t for InKi'd) t'it. itt einaneipn-
oUpul.t. former comrades( [ ]: ]J. and they were and then for Ihu flr olpau. per IJincrimr. and bonds, like thiinib iiiiHirlnrit| thing",. excited htutlii'thi'ttritlii' in repudiate'Mr. i ii l tho negm. It has beoto Impumlblo lor tIme
Icctly willing to tlio. 11e Democracy open I what Miall llaltiinore du Shall < nniplislied u 11111\ lI.n. lot Ihc -al.e nl iliittn ti-fMldcii Sntilli, Cur ratio (xiriy to iniplru title! newlwl confl-
'I'.rm. of Nub..rlpton. ; simply I Ignore all i ut upon Ihl rm'- Literals. U wont on swelling dully. 11 grew into she w i tim say l'llImllullti..r sli.ill Klir nouiinulo :i,i tIdily. Tint llepublli ,m p.ul, hud' lefuwil,I loPUSH I tthile 'niilli ( 'iii thus beisell, mtli the liccnusi' lliat pnrty wIlt rhnrgnl with

., \ IVr Anuuia, ((10 a.ac.) $300 construction policy, put U back, whero yon put lurgo proiiorlions. One of the most' Patriotic ticket go Fellon-clli/eu", Icunluw lo 'ou imittukhethat a I llm bill, removing the, diNiibdllie, from i the I mous tone l nl i liei coiitciitloii, imploruH nlunit MTruion, nml willi n ileslru to
, six Month*. : : tho war of seessl"n. ad timings of Iho i"ul. unite contentions of our history awcniblcd nt Cincinnati > I Soulhtin people nt all. I Il I bud j
.0 h'l trouble como lip I""it loncs Imidei,' t llnin I the clnhk of hit all the resilient Ihr uiir.iiml Ilicexlrime
this question gi\'olllllllltl'lIi I Ido iluiiis
m i iilr l
Thre Monlbi. .: 0 together In the living present to make it gloriousfuture. tile first day of May lust. They organl/ed not disguise it I do not know that i nnd, oti'r ngiiiii. l'hte) h'id minugul In vnlii "I'j ( luelcy tth Ihennlt, Impc fir bci iclii f '-'* iiilrriiiiicd of n li'W Southern

I' Hilule t'upy, 10 [rApplauiol Well] these IcIII'm11 of. not thn nlMtfonii which Iliev ftitolltf'il cmboiliett I, lion for solution has !II'I'II sulmiil'cil lilY anyiui's mind' dott n. (Iteel'.t hud .limits. udtoralud. Win tliUHi.i-.iie iinpliini"'. | Ml u I'lHimbs' bus been [ Imvn ikiihtl i tlm Hailunls! In I their IIIIH| ICI-

__ L the Kcpublh-an party were Jr..lly wlin to In a large degree Ibo principles ol the UcinoiTiil- to w hit h I hive, fiheu more aerions and earm st IbI'l'III'll1nulll'I1I1\'l'lItI I I inn mel' 1111,11"1..1.i .." did In asmlviHiii Im .1 xtimghi I louis-ru h ( til I Duinocr ilic uicvrily cu I lime qute'tl lot,.,
-- --- do. thl laud| to luiOIh parly Ic p.lrty. They put in A lew woidn tbat contain ooiiKiderution. I have cudcat orcil to look nt It I lutioni 11'IIIIIIIIIIIA', t 11.1111,1111'1111".1"1)-I I a t lint I> 11 I lint Mi \ uttului .' Suite tlndiaiin) liua I nlremly cxplninuil to juu tho origin, and

THE POLITICAL CRISIS. for tlicnti 01 only that Iho a little paper and vinegar but they were slight. in every light possible. I have endeavored toexerrbw tutu Mini' wnubl In) j"III"III\H'1I\ that mfhjccl, p lti-y I kill lln.'il' h her i nut i-nllnn.in Ihc must | (ml purposo of to hut in called tin: ties

Democratic \party should h.1 that il "w as capable Nobody dreamed Hint Mr. Orecley would become HK| >II it clear cool, dlspasslonulo reason I I promptly pnd Uic bill tint ilms disnlillineiwere i I in in-inner, lor, I Cincltnmll, ,, I einloisem, < nt, I''ma s Tlmt inoMiinnt Imil tIme warm ap-

organizing upon ..hl'1101, 'for, if the time nominee of Iho party, because n revenue miprircinlnj my f.'olhitgs for I i-onfew If I Iallowed reumauu'l, fiom 11111'111' |li'\\i nt nm Smith Vi.uli. es blmu'll ttlll nbidc Ihc dci inion ol nil h the inont ptominvnt Northern Uein-

t t. 8PKEOII Democratic party, In "' orgimbo up tariff n* expected: bo a plank and It was preudicei.| !and I'eellngH loyoti take ern pmnli* I Iliunic toil he is, mid attn has been, hi unil I ua liiikn. il by nil I i thu Norilifrn,
on that position should go ti i pieces, or ofcourse considered barrier Mr.( Oren my my M\.I .
to UIlIlI'III.h".IIH"II,1.11,1\ ,
OF lli. an Insujicrablo I niehl hits In1wus tine ( onVi iiUuiiB It bail no > hut lu
there be inducement 1 '''slolI uf my judgment' would, every hour Iniin.n m in, tutu u palrinl. [ ApplniiHc.j |Intl|tuner prc-
.olid no' lur Lib ley's nonilimilon. lint wise and patriotic men Inn tn niitlaw, and llmt ItI ''IN un 1111111111111 Snot is til'' I' inako I'rexl'luutml
of (fo.llo the Pu UK' ibclilon riI Haltlmoru I lius In m'utmue'nm.o-y M limIt '
lifl'.r.y nu in I day (hat
Hon. B. H. HILL. eral'Itcpublicans to unite with o.I\I.ledII'I'I. great caun will not ]let small things stand In I could my Rutlicr\ thin whole spuro record of reconstruction I so II Ii llnriiiu. !inn'ley nys ill| mi "murage ){ di'n.I by the I 11'liiiK-nille peoplebrf.irp multi| their uun Hue borne by t their own

racy thaI) I bleve. and I \til any ( tIme way of success. Therefore It wait proo| ..d Infiimy Into onu hull and make one great tmnflrnof Ilonio'Dnil', ) h..i- :11It., -..lid, '(' |r.\ '' ,\' I lueils, nnd ttbi'lln r you like it or not, ll ts benren, nml, n larno number of Liberal
prominent leading mlmh"r ol that this 'question of tho lima", should bo rclerrcd I The niiiiiliiitiiiii, bus -irli'I.cii,
fitter 'Irmn mv dill In inmnr.HI nero willing I') co-opernto with the
it Hut hush I bush I I'fllI utah 1 huve been )
UellTered by Reqaeiit the Mail ofHepreBCBtaflre tho,Delorale ham II t) In Ihl X orll'r Mates be buck lo time people 'and let thn people si.Ilio lime laugh! by Lit'thm'r ctpeiieniu to submit I..m 11I1111) II.libTin* leeli'in. nl' ll'irnri'I I tI,. lev ttlllsi i thill i-ti-n if Ilic I Demnci.ilic) p-iilt ns flu y mi Dili b tmi'. II 5 lie puny rnuKl onran-,

., .tllanln Friday this position. Icl.rlUc t ) COIO initiative to question to suit ,themselves. This removed the thing !lmt were not ugri'eablpand, we m..}' ha.i' I iR 'luilillcrH liom. .I'llun.1"11I'1111( '| ii" (k'tm cniild elect u slr.ilghl:. h Detiiocrullc lielu'i ti ( it. There ut in no coin. nl-Iti),, it'ii l mnvlu

June lllli. move. Wh Yllulllghlmolo In difllculty and Mr. Irceley a timely BllpIO.II'r.WIIR to submit In many nion1. We .must hay the I.nvVe I liuiii''ii, | Applinisc J division* now mutill'csi, sticccvs on I thul h I il'lc. Tln'iu, Han oirlf_ ihc :iilinl -icn nf the

Eye.ID. 1"1" le'nuO mln the nominated( ami (lutZ Brown onu ot thom \ must' obey 1\ hat I tie courts divlnrc to br I the Aii'itbii u'n.iil ildng, that this itirn n tin;, ,mt '"11plih"III' tl'iilM be impnu-llilc, And Intel I ttl-hl I I a hlvli, ri rlil or w i on if. h'id ixx'irruil. 'I 1 herr
North ho was supposed hI tin last one who original move is, who stiurk the uimcklt* .Iromtho l I tin- 1'1"| |'i.. ni'isf dniigrTons lull, lu thus Soiiili u trouble In h tie Nortb Hill ,
mv nmi uulortilii'iti'ly'
ln\v.' impriv | oin p Inch: ,
VVnlitueno-lifht lumti I < u
would bo oiirjudjiuriit ns nm '
LvRiKfl AND GENTI.EMEN In early suspected possible liilldelity to the Democruls of ;ila..Jtlrl.11.. put, up us Iho opinion\ en i'r """-11I1'1.1 for llm | pith hit? ,
my pniiiosi-nf Iciitn
youth Democratic lttti tim' '"\)' ''nntIur.l..r I onr iicllon' whl'lIlI.rIII ecu miglil In ll Is lids Tin. IIMIH- I u|uum ti ucis i, auint iun\cini''it WUH
I impressed! upon my inlncl the vitni thought tllt Democrat purl u a \emOul. ruined I second nun.' [Appluu: ] ItO, i' >r n it.t Thi'nfore. I 11111I pertifllyilllni; np' lnll/iig'| the Ai I.u'ne,1I1I'rlllilonl., I* kIll'" II n ms I nl llchiul I Democmls In Ur1 .Ninth ti liii It at Hi" Koitili, nml. It it palulVil to mill,
paition) the greatest fo 01 good and incapable ofttmty the prmclplci With this niovi'inent (Cincinnati S tlm I Di'ino- bull-ii i ill.'d lite F.iriu Hill "--ho' Hi) nm I mnl ufllim lImit iblefreuMiii ) ill dfOlOl"
lens 'niniier' | seo''eshmtti| the nnd' reeiinatriiciltin one uhvllic ,
rijfht rel". TK elected] the f 5.imluleoc or purt'of ho the Democratic parly but I critic, party had no arlivu! lonuucliou. It is Iwo III <,11' triune bundle, t of St i liifmny ftC and bun' them IIi I. liy tt hlch the Federal I "goicimnent, irntlc puny i us kipi, Iliu minority In ihn lliew u'li-runp it "ri' niwrly r*Ufut anil

01 passion' In t&i0.. FLUb U Inexact patriot as was Clle forward to make IhlD1'eilent thai a great many uipullii/ed with it. it is true out of lint p through il' own nlllccrs! takes ehiirgo nf t h the dmtl.m -- mnl m IHI! Noribi In h.uUM is IICIHIIMI nl its evlili, ni'e that the I I'm emu rhlmC puny
vm. 1 confidently believe will night my reason brings 'mo lo thecutiliuion t-
proportion th8 suc that u large portion of tIme DL'tnocratN dcclurid I pHN' 'iiicls uf tho country ,throughout I the ulirm-ms it ii.nrri'' I lu t ii
aUI"lpn ( thai the Hultlniore Convention nntion. nl (lie Honii', nli.ch hale ine I' i'I'taI inutcniml lo
correct golutlo* of tin Pel.eI ceed [great applause], with the sole purpose of that it the Convention at Cincinnati I should ought awl I llii tiny
sty of
eil 1 wise succeed will: mtiitiiy tins miiiMi'c I 11 mudua mid me rcpinc,| in licit ,' with thu.Lmtuu'rith', til lu'nt 'ne extremes
men in tho natioo, ua 1.) '*0,flm Who bo laving attention the country. Now, fJowellzcns. I call in adopting n sensible) pUtlorm; they would 1 Clnelnniill iitvompllsh movement.mORt gal by[codperatitnwlththe Appi.un el If h I l I loa; to Nett Y"lkI'r.|' In 'beg the pmpli' -MIS., i They uppliud t'"i,in I 1.1 scnson lefiMing nnd I, tIme country.. : Tim mr.'es! I'. ore fmuiit.u! ;
tho fact ,
lieve that 'h* femillt four to > ;
L'pnn pending thlt tbll recommend their the. iiiitlinKlli: u of Now
mOVlI1ItDllio to IIlIIko ito nomination YOlk wlell, tho
party ilim .
I the ineor aiuS
alum itittity in m wis:
oanY8 could Imvo bad the construction, uf the pU'furm' leiniiHtruclioii polict by i patriotic :n)0ii
for I'resideut Ibo whole coutlnuiu're of not tlio .1hIOl eoncliol of principle on but uuilu will) ilium lu defeating a common ene I ul II ItS flr l ''tlteiiipled\ III Hint Slnle. III stnl I his tt yniit '.e, tint here mite liiu Nortb
1 Jio of thu made 1 wonM I liuva madf I It In smno respcctn dlllercnt. IN mi i siiry In Have your i iiuniv nl 119 ua-
nal theory of American government .I lep nds. part party. I nolh- my. ..' ... .... .... aUl It. tutu, II tt.n th" phsnago of Unit ,' r'l'j *Jniiin
Ing In thu world but 4 l IM| IH ..lMMM nt Ilifl fiAttrll n iibnnt onr consent, .mil hi_ Inn u ni ninny ll P P the -iniraLreiturc'parlv ;
There are wise men In the Boutli, and many of ihu concession 111.hlstoiicaTfacl. '_- ___.." "V"'TIO'f. df.tiia. I ,','r'"II1Jv' wOIIIIIII"I I ',* t.t'xfit' fltji I ,,. fllilitrnt IIU oils", llT Illf, u'JII'UWM.' .1,1,1", l.pn..U.1..I t '10.1.I (i.liililloil,I nils' M'rninc nn e : air ,, & ,,,, & 't'lt.- .',ntii t at it,,, I lniifl

thum who believe that upon the roulUof this O.v.' Z.I lt..based.. .. tUI"flnn ''to. .. in *every J' I Now, 11'11101'III'n.., you havo In n few words! > I. 'If thu I D'iiiocrailo pnrty, :'could,;i; tmtslnmll; ;; ; F i line ,.I I HIM. IH"tI li'inrtiirf; | ;: tvhen,;:,; tlial;; I iiii'iisnrnnosiiliHsed 1u .ilcuiriiiicnf| t nl' Uiu goveniiiicnf iiceomplishcd I wus di'li'nti'il ami thus ren lered un

contest ImnR ilostlnii"the abut] minorml the., tnorni SouthernStatPS. uml department, would recognize and administer i tIme origin tIme mciiniii, limit purpose and tIe 1,1,1., ItslorC's.I' might |lit' willing I.) seoihcni mukonn If hen, nnlv npplied. fn n fmv Ifirgfl, mnl itt I,ui-ta Ih'1 tunittui ittti's Lii. ,t |II| tim ri'i'uum,' Iv hit-ut) Hiiiithrrn uileidiiew, to orgui.izi1,

political. Whether these.f Stole shall continue lie<.o auiendincuts, right or wrong; that there lohophy of what some hnrc Klylud I thu New 1 lie-I i in.I'I.I'"I"1I1 noiiilnnllriii, I wish II could Im hll\ 1"111.11 jrant h rind I Ilic i''I"'rllll'111 I of i>nfiirclng Miibuul In tin m .Votv, lur us of ih", I rt y on Ibis niuvrnient and (untie' tti') ruiv

lobe of ] himtrttmrtI[.\pllallll'.JIul; ilia brim full of done, iud done -.in' a"Illf Hint inoaKiiio upon New' \ twit ..Mvowiiopliiimi 1 inclsl Unit I h It'I I I Itt-hr Dug nldi'd f
to bo Insulted whether shall WI no right appeal to auv higher ponir (hat p.itrloliatii rcsslnlly, it nhnll turnout ) / lu'ttuuui'rlms It- pullt t xhall, uu'; imn by Slut >;liubliCHn
oppressed they Supremo Court of the Vnltcd Suites would fiom im- original inccptinn tu this hum, I I Hint it can be done. no mun tt ill I rejnlcii 1II00rel'nra'MIlV was smith i Ihe opinion nf Ihe lending, tin- |.<'ii'ht| on n pl'iiPum, uml null cut I n'uli't dnmagogiieii, nt hum I.nrlh ic ill

continue to bo whether mere vassals] elinll to the bo Federal loosed from gov iiil to give any relief against thlm. upon the Mow the question is what will time Domncint-, : thiin thIs 01'11. Hut I ttlll proceed to Denim' t rns! a u", t hut i if New" Yoik submitted/ to plidgi'd to lienl Ilio nmendmenls ns i iililn, to innkii tin' people helli'to that: Mr.t

their crlml'nt.lettert or and allowed they to restore their [ruiind that they were unconstitutional, dcilar- Ic party diV Thnt in tho qitectlon I cnmo hereto gito my reasons why I think nc had ltd her en- I 1 Ihut lu'erfrrence, with u Slutt iliTlions (Mint I tin, dimply In Insist that tlm llennx inlic t pnrly will nullify nil Iho result* of the war

Onpr.pe.lly discuss with to'night. Tliu Rull- tilth Cinclnnutl. lli'piiblicun parly would enlarge. itt (HiweM, und iLsill '- -, Tin
In thHr the lug thcuipoUliculmeusuiestobodiicldod by Con- you regular operate subject ID the i haigo ol tilt I) ing tiutj blavirv people of thin South
own Mi guts
believe to way dependent, ate questions this gr'; nnll beyond tho poncrofthe to review cal, thorough-brod iciitrulmng, pally huvo sinM WilY TIIK HOUIH Kinai.i) C'HI'KIIAtK111 'CIIKIMI.NNAU by I nould 'huvo a bill I piiiuiid vthirh would mclil, 'il'illsnfH infdm courlH, und of n inagiiaiiiiniiv wlilih must excite tlm

canvass.ninny U docs seriu b mo that In upon view of Tlmt being tho eli. there \COlr otherallcrnalive assembled nl Philu leliliia| niadii II platform In (' MuttMK.NT.Mr. aillhori/n' lien." Cruiit to take conliolol nil Ihn get potter only, in undo nil the n-sulnof hhlti nl I the woihl, tutu oiler conclusive evi-
left by to light that direct t untngonisiu with time platform al Cincinnati proclni'lH lImo "I'lrcllon: he pli'imed. even lu thu t'XIenl I of ui's I of their w illlngiiesii lo give shmu to
policyex rn-exUibliHliiiig up cry,
this fact to ourselves to children I I shivery
duly our llredcy Mild ami dona sura In ,

duty Ihingi anoiigh ) and 1$
7111n I
duty to the high trust committed to us by those cept to appeal to the people, and the pcojile at having nominated their candidates and. ask which I need not tell many bill iimenditory every law resulting Imm form uml P negrn his pout teal and civil rIg lt' uttmtlu'r
Y"IIIdo nut WH' inirodnceil und, .
who have before us requires that we should Ihll tme. it was blevel, were not in (ollltlnl your support. Tbo Isiuo joined between these do not approvebut Mr. npprovu yon passed enlaiglng tlmiwwemof iiHiiri.ilioii In bill u nullity, then tvciylhing anti to liuva |M>rnmnent |>eiite and con
gone ,
enter tho Investigation of the queolinng involved to IPIKol, therfur they WIT simply two parlies. They ore getting ready] I lor lImo buttlo. been III favor of mio Ireelcy linn ulwuys l thou 1'n-sldenl uHin| that Slilo/-I./ und Mini m'i'cs.sloii Is u nullify ; und I lo nqnirii ( n basis of uluivuim cal equality belneen I the
upon hlch relieves the
jKilicy last session,
w of during of (
allowed U Is to bo contest for Vingii's. u I In
with coolness with dis- to pass by nOi treated at a liberty. It Is to boa of time DiIIIIK ratio i parly to upprovenr refuln t Ibis of lImo I'lilon, and of civil cnprcinacy and
I am not clmne here wlh address UcU ; and I cal your attention to ouo distinct contest against ellll'lro. It Is to bo a cOllleatbet'ccn He ono ha-s most objections' ) to his etthmport- troduced to five tlio President, nuthorltv 'fo lakoM is n burden Slimy ciinnot bear, before Iliu Ni ) by supixirling time Ciniliiiinli run-

passionate enemies rClSI. here to-nljht iiut. I wish you to understand theie WItS no Ibo of tbo glorious writ of never at any thuo npproveit III tlio-e, | 1 selon ol election pnvlnct I In'tha I'nl- peopln In then present lempci, nnd muni If tlm Northern pcoplo do not renpond
am to odious fi'
doubtless difluriiig; with us, IIldrC friends omo and member of the Democeallo party North or hnbtnt corpu [Applause.] It is to bo a contest disfhini"blued aturea Iho ol the virtue reconstruction und policy whlt-h led t41111 1II. I How was that move deleiiti'd ? It stantly I IIIHIIIO u their ,ilefeut uml miikn p tin) n iiiagiianimouH ,nnd patriotic Iccling of Uie

'. I shall not employ 8t1, frolds.. ionth, evcrdrcnmed.nnder any eircittnstunt'esofCtmteCliJt4 asfuiust Jo'etlerlliboyonet supervision ot Stale boutli and intelligence of limo Wits' not altogether deleuli'il h ; n Inird mitt uigghui unsuiul mid utsitt'hat Intuit mu' It'huti'ht Wocompliilu P tutu let Ilinn blumn theniselvcs if discord
toanl \ elections. It I is \for enlntm hiscd tim" Ignorance' and vine It was lI.o.IIII..lllIlIllhll. !. most of its odious .
to bo
the the Contest the thciifom,
a of do ,
which have and the ) justice or righteousness tlio equality of UK South. 'Iliey, not auk us to empiru coine)
they provoked punishinint 1.1 (Applause. ) lie has llkou "'IIIurtiWl'TI Mrlckcti npprovu
Itllodlll' out and
Iho I
construction volley Every Iliu tho Southern States and the Southern people. now I Presi iinly to bury reconstruction, with tim,,
they justly deserve. [ ] Rasellol 'Irom tic A HNM IIRAHON
Aplllul1 contrary is a slander liii-Ii bring the I[Great applause.] Tho wager ofballlo ban been man beginning and protected ugaliibl dent Inslend. of' hit 11' right 'In arrest tutu Imprison nml Hcciiminii, witli the dead miutul
,, OIIGIS, HISTORY AM 0. "TiE NK1VDEPARTCRE. ihihh nt'hhiimR to all who havo uttered fAn- given ;jIbe tocsin ofcontlicl! tiltS been sounded, every one nl' these odious features Slut rccon- Void*, without I Iho I privilege of luihtnt mrimt, luwi ns h tin-lourl.s nnd authorities i Itoh ilcdiln I obey lust ri'UH'iu I H pi'iify, lo-night t, for Mng
II slruetlnii jatiIt.: Von know that tha main n n- till Ot, licit I Inn Is over him' but In out Itlaint Mr. llrueliy, il Iho Iliiltlnioru
There m' ve. and tbceo 1 rlghl simply
1llu'.1| was no purjKwe in "'0 gallant men- ani courageous enough ns the only way to stop I the, ever
t Thil1 may understand clearly and distinctly Divot .uolludo with what U called Ibo Radical to cull them gallant-these men who quit their eon it lit' I never could] 1 m'ver can and 1 never to allow nn'n to go IUHIIII"k"lI nml inuko report. ofu revolution which Hccesslon, madly Increasing Iltitt shall mi del idi1, IN, I that as his do'tlou
will w lulu Mod given mo to remember, tlmt I Hint, ttn* begun ] probublo thuu that of n Democratic tic ket
present situation will allow lu native the zenith grace Hy coalition
thl plte you me party power. Uu the contrary, the mowed party In of Its who surrendered I IIIIIIIH'"III\.II"II..I'\ width rceonsliucllon: witli greater
1 briefly to (if the events In the preceding underlying purpose was' to organize the patriots the offices that were tOl\'er. gill and am u Southern man and a with In man approve I by u Ii' I i "'' and I Mberul 1 CutOut determined, shall never end. Ami I I proHpcet for our dellveriuii from federal
months which have this tlic these 1I1I."lIn..I.II'IIIISO l they clfutl my honor, Kepublli'uim That victory wan and that I in our locul ulluira, Uirough that dcc--
wrought situation. of country In order to turn that party out of organised a new party for thin great buttle in- wpn you,, my Southern Inends iihtui.uit iiuit
, The termination of the war left both sec [ ] Higher, nobler more TIll your co operation. [AIIluUJio.1'hllt's\ tilL because they ask the Southern people to glvu lniciiily| wan deluitud, and that 1 consider outmit Ihu iiiitv di'pnrtme ns will ton I Uio Cincinnati, platform Ii more hopeful

lions, to a ]largo extent under tho domination of riotic A\plauso.j\ entered the bosoms of pa. Now the Democratic party bus to do one of two thai pi'lny validity by tlulr own conxeni ; ask of the greatest vIclorieH won. Fellotv cili/.eim othui plntlorm at I llullimnrn you h i muy Tha 1 you I I Ill bo more uuhiet'uly| And), after nil, my

1 passions engendered by that war. That war itself len of this .ouulryln any period ot Us history any things. It must cither nominate at lialtlmore a tliem to. .01111I'111 In a |x>llcy which degraded Ihn, I congratulate you. I Ills I chlif machinery, hum hulher with or w ilhoiit Cinclnnutl ill ru country mrn, this U tlio greulol reason

having been preceded by a long heated. sectlonul r Applause] ] Convention after convention of tho ticket of its o\l'n. or It must support the Clnnin- \t bite men ol Iho Houtli by cousoiiting Unit time great I njtlnit which WHS to bo put I In I luau hands ldi) I tlm ( nnvn.frt with Southern ulliulsnls, w We have bill I liltlo Interest in what be-
master* should' lie put In chains while their tlavoH of (ii'O. (I flint -- tiI tho redernl giivemiiiunt, if cannot
Jcmocratlc during hits election we
controversy necessarily null U'lidlng
called need
engendered passions party was at the North and movement. not answer another alternative l- by ns you hcurd I In'ro lud hIgh t- us t their '
of unusual bet and animosity during lu It t, only bl'UI. unfortunately, opposition In Iho1'llyllllwl propounded by Judgo Stephens lust should II tic tinfuttcrnd llo rob thorn. [Applausnj j which bo would (liii I'liabled to control I It, hut und I r"ircHciilulivcM'ntiincntji| Wbctln- keep control ml'muon own State govern-
and unfortunate. circumstance Thai t n by I never could and never can endorso haunt defeiited by lImit For wiven } eum wo huvo suffered under
occurred made lie management by
nlghU suld I the com llrown
Suppose Convention
pro'rC. extent as to de- : at Baltimore !- tutu or straight out nomine bo
II which wr greatly calculated lo In. In t sulln to should nominate Urant. I don't Uml lit,II. .t As I still before In I till? toil, In IMS bination, by tIme coalition if you pknse, of thn iliduliis will Ilic &' It hutch no, oilier pi'oplo ever liutl lo
c'l capacity organize Uiey
alY party suppose when nil of you concnrrod with nm I do not and, (Jrwi-Icy men and I Democrali nn nhnt von lull I us I thu. We have been Insulted and nibbed
, so engendered" Tho result with ail its, forces upon that any inch foolish thing. | laughter and I dli, In tha Inge (if New I Depiiituiuplutfoim. They nil!
was that the administration of the governmentHas bo saddest view of tho fact I Is that 1.lllhrllnol, oppiwlsilion pluuse.J What I guptioHO is that the Democratic an- did not 1 propose( to resist tIme L'nltod Status nor such H hell nt t, such u tloiloim triilh, how I could In abide mid tu obcv, lu good fulfil pledge (loverly und weakness, by strangers, vaga

absolutely taken (logsession of by time passions came in bitter! terms and cliiolly from the 1"lly1'111 cither UOIII nato n ticket of i Uu anythln., they might do, I said all that then and. look n hIm utter ixjnuiiiiil) upon thn jioor crcaluiii amendment nnd all Ilio laws verities, till and negroes, under the protection of thn
OI\'U. us until
of the hour Itself triUll1.VO! / it but I iiid that when that, bventi like could I Imyonet. Our luws havo been deranged
statesmanship Congress back ,
States, which go into Uiu tar ,
Ilcme 8mlheru \et to ho ch'.ty belli' a plutlorin of Its own, or It will co-operate with re- people in n b'gul ttuy ahnll I I choowi, to
to tin' child and went o iiside of tile constiliitlon to curds of this tiuruly/.ed, uud society deiuorulUed,
mere creature of that Tho good the Cincinnati I move-one or the otimir and whatever opinem the patriot nnd dig ill) atumimo llttlo t thing p them, ( Stir Northern lilendn ,
movement -
sions. Tho flatl which had entered that war nun-that I bhull to it shall do It Is going to do Koutliiiiipenplc' nlii'ii' the members of that body lo obji (.1; lo. I feel that this move has accomplished ly ol ihohu complain, and j iiili'llectuul und virtuouH men forbidden,
Inn 1 go my as a party ll I Id ronipluln, ultra Southcin
and cnniu 01 unsuccessful, 1'lg prostrate, ov ing-that true I patriotic and noblv M.ite gr\'o iniin' puhi to do by lU organization, and it Is not, go trnmpl' 01 I I haiti| llnlr own oul his In" gtailly their much Ii''roim and me. Now 1 don't buliev iii tiny tin nisi Iven, tu i utter contrary Hcntlim men- h pcimltlen of felony, to employ their

lielng parl'zell. were lo an extent tho lu an hour of IboughtCslUI. and wlthuoexeclalion ing lo disband and. turn all loose to feelingvengeunee against tin: Southern peo the Democratic |panty could huve done tbul, Ihuonli tnia ilcmmrncy To lint to bring about order, security and
you rid h of
action of limPeR passions and Iljndl"8. und it > of blug or lo take ihu uiiyw litre you want to go. Now I admit this stray Is 1.101111" H-ked limo Southern (teoplo to viva vllnl- brcuin-o Orant WIIM willing to resiul tu thu lust U htniuisuuis mm tel Urn chnrgctito whiih get | For live years, thousand*of our best

would not he very rxlravagnnt! say Ihlt they XMition I to him-our former I'renldenl, n question upon which Democrats "i'i', it u. tlon I by theIr consent, I said to len, that tmrly alone but (li'ii, (I Irani and bis puny the I Di mm title Uforu they Imve slept without ease und waked with-

snHcrcd during Iho four yean that succeeded the lehVtton Davis [applause), in the Stnin ol (le diner whether, shall In favor may of honestly Independent Jrnnt uul, I till loOen; I'opo anlll 1 thank llni) !i could not naict time (Irenlcy nnd I Clm Inniili C you go an reamiim hutch
u creuleM the
of the that I I lit, tlmt 1 would lako united 5 tbo, fruits of toil havo. been taken
tl'rmlnllol war, wrongs and 1101 his Cil.; at this juncture, unfortunately mid that he nomination hether under i any tiling, death, in thin WOIK, think our
11. or cessiiy, n-
time clr"I1I11"lnucell they ol
. adopting Stun I '
If con h u 'nn 'mtili' I I -tuiuikltug anil law I robber, 'h'imvuuma-
si matyrdotn. but -ruling
ceeding Infamy not lu |otet$ nil accepted uoihtng, -unlorlunuti'ly' tumId tti limo pc<* you w ill bo most useful to the coun onnxcnt (III' Tho third tiling In which I alluded USIIKHIII- pint/in/ m m and nomlnccHI'Mlni
(lie. ( of the war lUelf This thing could plo ..limo South that Ihdl cuuno uuuldillrl. try by co-operating with the Cincinnati that In' i mi''.I 1I11'ri! I(IAI'plllll8AI.j j Now, Mr I Oreo I I plluliisl by Ilils uiovu Is llilh Voil lemeiiilH I o been iiin-hli'd wilhoul us itt riot p, Hied

not last ulwajs, and two )'clr. ago this etittu of impli.. These were ciuighl up by the ment. It Is a question on which Ibo Democruls) move : Icy en n '" our miel' on that (mint. Though that ul the lu-it MW.IIIII oh| Congress. n bill so itolas'd IMTir ri.lllllrttl tM) ITs l-nilin. luw, and ciitiu'uuuiitii! ilhoiit guilt, only

things became pI'nt t tlio wise men ol tho nlscrublo creatures hanging iirouml him ,hoe the run honestly differ' and acting "''Ii, the I Itcniibllcan purty' he front the authorizing tint Miijx'nslim of lnilnn Mill unoilicr, riuinon lot i t o) oiicnitlng w illi I i Iuiiium In potter- I tin1 slriunjcri 1 uud' thietes

country, men log rid of the .IOUllllul mrpoHoof mlsrepresentiim him The 1 ) weiecirulatcj be allowed to differ, and on on which whIch they do ought dillcr.to 1 beglm prnli slid ug,tins! tin.u' features nf thulHllt / '/., and limo bill was ID be In Ion o till Situ,a'Ijiumit n>u r- ('Inniili, ie ulU Irum the nlie jtlnl tinted. If wiiliout aiithorily and iilundi-ri'd,
they Dciliti'lath ,,
of passion, began U> reflect. The party power throughout the North and heralded its The matter IH becoming warm, an'll | } I Hurt," lore, I don't nnr h"IIr.1"" viola mi ntnl the( present suasion. I'l lor to tho adjourn pniIt t ttin Ui cnlir the rat: e nn I I I'liinpiinclion, Kven now n lnl I *\\H't
seemed loud Ito cud of what might bo justly evldenco 10 the Jx-'oplo 1 of the North thnt 'the ly deprecate the fueling that In being exceeding: : Unit prim' 'iile{ 'uf l.onor tbul I we ever hold, munt, limit |'mrly, tho Itepublu brought plutl'iim ol HUM, mid .limb Ihelr on n uiirtuu iill/eim ol u liilgliburlug Male

termed m118ur ctficclally as applicable to 3emocrnlle people of time Mouth wouhl never In some quarters. We aro all friends engendered, wo" desire dear, l.t. supiKirlmg, Mr. Urcnluv, Thnt I put forward n move for thin purpose limit of ty continuing, mid ni us i ii In get mi in-luul mujniity) ot Ihu. vi on-inm i I lu.'u. ii n desolate, but t still -mint
what tlier to foieinnii ,itt the Urst reiuton I 111m It u In Hut oil they would ullll mil si euie tu Norlluiu Oil.
term the "lielicl come Into this movement not even recognising the same end. why willing m lo Shunt in t In ford-, and It was a most tlip PII-.OIH mv connir.t '
,. Mates. They not only passed n hit were called the amendments historical lucu, or make any No enemy It engaged lu thin move. I lull vote fir I 1.un There is another reason tvhr I like I blow HI the imlut-rt his ol the ix'oplc ics .VsiiL-iiinsl I DemoLrui') on thom pluil'orm us I In lieve the din nf out liviTunii1, It-

the reconstruction act, by which tIme governmentsof concessions at all, but were" uliujj/ rebellious friend, "hll sfxiko, hiht night so eloquently my )Zr. (01.i I I't IIu liui never bl'l'lI'hllt' I. Kveil: thu buyutiLt (bill would be shorn u nl this aim'udinents are nullities, I It Is believed I f.i'l us hope the time lot us to begin to

ten of the Btatd were alMuluU-ly ,nbverieil mill. I'nfortuniucly other disUnguuhvd], gentleuli'ii wait' Is engaged this move who Is opposed no to a (purti I m. mid nnlndi'M'ndcnt| thinker, I elllll'// of lit pun'era by the defeat of I lie 'union some of ruling party would and could, ) hold, the '. in neiii Wi'iirv wut<'lur* lor rclurnlnii

and otbcr goTeminoiits .rel.1 by congressIonal Indulged lu very extreme utterances" upon State rights. Tbo only dlflurenco between us Is hits tic' IM I'' mitt honnsty I pity lLti y uinn /uo/Mta on'pis hut w'hcn tutu i I'rmldent suspi, hud Ibnilghl im m by lorfi' nnd would be suslulned by t tin'' Mill'-ridden pliiinn i ti' Ihu huulli. Hike,
power orgnnlted In I nee i" nmn itct Morn' audience. Norilii.in people n iii itS, iiHUguiiist the hi It si'i'HIM to 1
IleB'1 They not only this lubject. Some, I have, no Idea ever inti"'lidedwhat ( what Is time most clleulvo policy to recover tho up an tutu f ho CrimeS A voter, right at the polls, and ImI I nm uni nUililiijj tin IIIJH
) amendmenti to about 'mil.lint. up v Vou mnsl I nml c iinlidulCH ol the Ubcial Itepublli moms so htar in Ihe IJi.l, Bidding
jiabsed to preserve was attributed to tliMn, but they were the lost rlghlll oflblllt,1cILI'I'IIIIIIII.I.J[ J Home party iiso |je uly i prlsou him until after' thin election nlnil I \on lo n ittutI
tho fruits of the war, said to 1IC00 mplisb, a gout Vou yon sea curing n majority nl' tin-i \ntrn, iliet i ttoiild || | | lli'lhli'lieiii tthrru I
a they but they undiiri>tuud u uuauuiM Ihs tUu buulhuru iwopluw think our moat cflectlvo course would be by puriKM inns! act tha iiiiM'inicni IM would be \\elf tim v Iriends, | is Kirn, not n nun.
continued, after then imendment. tod I go liarnion, i icl al tim tour but when I tluro I'i inuko such nn Htu-mpi i I Ditini'i'iinceiillon. for
were Idopt. u n another war l'nful'tllnlllely then another ing, with Cincinnati Well If think so } pnrly, iconics | whi'ii the Iti'publlcnns (nought forward time bill a ni'W IIOJH' lucnl
to cxcrciM.ooDereMionalpowen 1 great and good man. Mr Stcpheun commenced ought to go there home' think you wo can succeed, yon to tin i'li',' I I'1' indi'lH-udeiit. l'IIe'IM.UtI"lIrl'' | of to prolong hits l power, ngaln Iho I Demoerats nnd I And i Ijchold here unnlhci I llliMlnitlon ol h I minI roimlltiitionat limitations

constitution and absolutely] startling In their editing a puier[ an J tale' paper was full of state. more clfucticly by nominating a straight ticket though' ,01 I (Ii irnimiy In uelloii is Un' IrisiiiesH nf Unclcy' men linllinl. ami ilcfi'iilnd II tint thus lo dungiMiif 1'Xlnme I I v humus a mnl Int'ilermil | iiottfr, us huh iiieanx redeinpilon

character," and xAlmlTclr o." war nature. I' menu that 'these iimcmlinents, should 1 lie treated at linltiuioru.' W"II.lf that bo no, thank Uud no all II I li. i-u"i I ,lie In pnrly movements Now, InUio I this move) I It I la owing Unit you und i 1 to dnv-InInw tx'ra How I long I Soiilhcrn P people, must you lit alt' lor I 11i1 nation mi'l good n III b>
lei bitter
Force i Mrncrlcnrp .
wet power to thIs hi- mrv of Mr (Jr..Iey'WII i before ton luau it t the
t elloe govern atm nullities and whim time Di'inocnitic': camliduto man Is more witllnir to take that course than time ititit tillii iii iii.t-'Iiir.'fl5 iilflr liii lu.
country la very jot ] 1 ii'iiicnilH'r t IxTorv tint be .dcfleil. IUMIIII that iinllacnel Sum huts, mutt P rot huh by
only hod was elected, that lie was to proclaim them as one who uddrevses you. I ,admit that I It la nur his bisbien thri'ili'iied upon I Hits Suite s( veral it IMHMIH i : AM I> WIIFIIP 'rui-v I at t' IC
these amendments( been r-d. but the dominant Buch. Why, these men were represented as the question that hal two side*. It in a question that a pnrtv m I tin very hour of Im liiuullcimii! und lime, ''n It h u 1 been> rimlly. i nion. e.l In N lint It nloii,,, muy do morn lo dntrny him,' vnisu they I'AUIilPlJ I' '.
who passed them them boldlj 'I I. I >r"l. Unit If tbe Snih<' vocatc llnin nil Ilic potti-i of Ihu iiiosi' '
party by representative men of tho Koutli-a. controlling ought to be in |> opli .Ie'| Cnroilna und lit hoiith, Carbllnu
calmly dipunkiouuulj' diMmstfud Tim riu/en liuvlntr il'-i.n' altu'tl
force Into tho constitution, put a construction the South-and without the South itlrud t m'i'Ii', I liny had, the I light P W..ilo so liiivr cni'iuy, cnnld, do" What liiv. yi.u in, .1 it u pump
the DUIIIOratlc ontll I bfiin
ptotest agamm the spirit which, d. ', m cliuiiiH I In tittmiii' with tlili i iso yi'itenU l.i wi. I I willii
upon those Imlndment which gave absolute : lIlInc' 11.1) 'I'! tin', C'litlcinun, nlV'r the |l'ctt liwt -indnib red Irmn HIIS ti my tyli I .In ) tt.is g l hit
|111I'1)18 |I51Wrbe anti Uierelurv time all who wiirhigun rtl ,'iidrd.
will nii und
not go in a c nmn dlrpcllui as trot | martln-d oil' to Norlh'i.i | C'incinti.ili n. .i < n n', nil tti< guod
the la I ,llm. dcin In ilit iiiiplin-nnr"ft" I. >
power general government, a eailem < !i. wnr. Tllllt", any ling, n i
construction the : pr Sluteto .'
t at orUI. loeling that Ihu at tors. (Allans J Wi all f> .1Oljcc' pIlviuH 4 for liiipilsonui'iil t Tliurik i (|ii iii| Ibis ll .
the party am unio< rnw In Ml( i anun : ) IIIIIF! itt reinIn limn nediin > Ihu peopl'' 'i. n I i m.1 >|il ( pi ll Illct,
centralizing to the ,01,11 I ; hu'nuu '
government the m I i.rH-liy nm
txlent ol houiu
waa unjubt lu them, 'they lost piriis, title move sitU we all waul lo get back to ihu lionciiily htou4ht lomrtr !I. Ornnl luis no mnrn, hauler in huukiu I ti Ibllntti'l, u 111. !i IIlllKi1' P In.Mer-
obliterating State constitutions., Where the thai i idi I t rn Slutihuf! -iii i4; us Putt bislniy .ntmt u Lconl il* true .
end '
ln'CuuiL i rlgla I In 'IC
they ludiffeient a
and saul if the Canaan HC( -<
"I > hberli'1 ,
booth local State itt of thin '
uud ay by tim ; I li.-f
opln U.
| rih"
t governmim Couslitii suohuutuuuut| .u i ii. I pn'iu .filii.n1-
to he I '
was could tell. i Vnlh KHf 'hat Hie
nn mon Tholeateteofuilugiuahtrmued1 I will Itui v n I 1' waged 1 war nnvlioiv und n npLini'i "i the sUtn> .
no ,
accept movemeut blclt will relieve tlotiiil I limit nl lie ol MKHH
itiuiw Federal vi fit ,
upon tin-psi l Ii un ton i and 1 h ive, < i lIMO the power.p| Un. ,i.'J 1 1 lay III > ol III Hi vi.ui I ( |
term thin ( i uUo Oft"'lf"
M'r. epi4i
proper atato of hem, If they will not : : war why Ctnupro uliu
things alarmed and justly! ncr on patriotic ground, plautc ] 'II" only dilfeienco i It, soup 1'1| onr j Jiiini-i i .,111iIo, Wijll I und I Hi-it glurlo'iM' rt stilt ,r nurfbutnlilr, tu the uitit'tO| Fesiioy iluii i'r',' lu, ui all limit alinllilnti ilt'ir piiwnl emi'i'iiiui' I Iti.i ti i i I. ) tutu-
of let
1 why thu South The : IJI'IJt.llolrhI'f'I'NlI"i.' '
lies.and i isnl al.nld many le go. Indifference at the I'riend went in :rl in tlm hand ol Canaan nl one | oinbliiniloii of I ilic Jmumfuuruihi) and llm (Jrci, Icy clellit' nftlw ttnihl i Vd lion tbi-y liuu- ii h v'. i-it I in.-i'lmvc-'
men of | North thus Hnd' ,i i it 0 'ii III) other Knillemeui IIJ'IMMlICc I Unit ni|s'utl was '
produced caused this ci"< I
H"IItlil'lll | Ili
that move to I full hound'I. mid route liesiutto because Ihu lied boa i iibllcniH f Applnusn | Now, timise aro lImo liilhi I I lor any uiummu< io n !0 ''n "oli lc.ni-'kmp!
They \ n hicli they Time Ik-miHTacv don, mi m 1\ 'Inn' Jut Hutu' M.cedul avowed liiUiem nl limit t'tglmtii oh ii
me.8Ir. adopted, wa defeutcd hi nearly all till and the wu' neiit I 1\ tilt j tbric is "
lhliigv--i'iiinoity limit
are to be crossed! in'xllllnaion ol' tlm ht"'t'iuti'ti I fin In i-tln X'Mitj' iiKniK I
In a moment of paaslon' and which they Mate elections [jabS fall licutluineu Ibu S i"i' tlirn yli Ihe HUI I Il'lllulI'| ': j mnl every Snulhein titan who di I nut ithil'
II U bitoiiitblll
tholll mamma 01 I am willliitf totruterw time wilderness and | S urd 1 SItu rcnUiration of Hie writ of I lud ton. Di.r.nir 1 th" nlu.li' u Hint
after .
were necessary the war eudml tI'l'' uuldeiit portions of the hl. Ihl. \i ,t "il ton qiiurrel, wllblr (Iriuley lor il, uml upHiil| I Ihu Ii' 1Y Hint 4ii*uilned iu.
of hi\uniriiut.
IelO b uny' country :real| even a Minding war, If It only cnu lead mo TliCM t Ibric tilings atone uiu HOI III and repented fiU iltnomicedu, uiiMiiiml
repeated until it seemed the that Uim gout with Mist' nii-l on sliviry, uml I not tit I
ho you pnwcrllHt me for
party >e u brought (orwurd Ibid buck to Ihe Cincinnati,
lnv- Inteudea move Caunllll.I,1t some d.i Ura Uiey never movcincnl h, and aiocnuugb In Intilrc be Imslcd Hi I IlliUnry wildly d'nfii? u di'i.liva'ld i;! 1 Jmumve diii'-
| to subrcrlItepnb-) ment wore blundered Hi unworiliy of our trust Intend 10 leu Ibo Ihu I .lIll1le''III.' I would I g>> Hith il again. nndtr | I lie great and noble by iH'oiilu '
and Institute u bondage of Kgypl union, iboy with grHilmdo for tbouutunplnilimeiit will but tiilmr In ami t in.r lull .5.u man
(\tcmm8'tui It Ctluln. dl"- and confldence The great and noble man, Vat- can rcutll the promnMid land at bound.'. Well lit MIIII urcunuit.inu. [l'I'l'loIlI'IIIbllvu| \ ol ii. [AIIUUIK-J| ) | 1 Theruloru, adjiidgu tlmt it Inn no lull 1 nn liinnlilcr, cstlimin, ni n'y nbililii', ili-m
potil itn null, '" tukt buck nor lo l/.c fin nnpiip.iii'd aud in puwiuii mi I i miilon,
< Efficient number of& tlieraw.i .indigham.was' declared to IM no Democrat, was mv opinion U tint they will die and IK burled lu n- njinlo 1 ( Umn| as tills imn b good iuu already been dune, 1 argue sItu Ihc When I luuuvti sit oil. n sei'ii MI clearly
a lii )
patriotic The movement ttliiib 'i I time
men In the leclarml' to be a traitor lo his that "iitijTi' only dllfcrence between .iis 1 Is, from that )
I .. correci tbU! puny lie wiu KhTPtLaughter( and applause] That Is t Hint Hindi other good muy bu done, i's il coining, nxin| ) on, and remnnUr
to vU
i i of thu
Jtat ,.If by 11) min' livid up by men ho were iieopolytca III Unit Uplll lIl. my (thai 1 I., happened to be nil that Id" and I on and will IK done Mill power Hniilh in I iiiiriit'i'rttlulitii' 1 I.me IK'CII In aw I 11 it, 1 Ucl uumbltf
ii 1 thom
( tojeUier..leratlicn iri> tu Mae) and uu true. thin That U all. Hut Mi. Oicclcy us "iigainut There Is yet I mDiemcni nj ulmirubly mudo to
i UfortllDalel.r the Well who anoUicr reiiMjii why I uulPiu'uiiut) Hi.t full I Iii .
th \II i lu aeule ihii quiMUon r_ am willing toupjiort { > oui u i.inip'ele'
Southern ,
WI IlatO le.w>, sIte1)tsmm4.tio | imn "aa not Idluw eU to ted hill rludlcatiou. 1Uu. Whim U to determine H bother Uie fleniocrittlc Ibo n I li"le 1"1.1'11011 time subjinl nf (I"'''' 'i lure tho CiiiLluuuti iiiuvmiient il ihu Ilulilluoni euro IndiprinU-iue mid piomnlu t-iit ut an en I We iniibt u In lU'nlu. And
purty a ) uiuasuni nt to bii doubllewi LU win r" day of the war that be wus tint llIIlIg Oonveiitlon unit (Kiwcr, und, eviry mau vtho tuuld I not
al proud and ooblo will ahall I ao order It and I cnmiiiUslon with
party go with ClnnlinaU or jn by llaelff thai Is ) me an ta Ii hh-cI
Ilerewualar/reporUiinof/ Kepublium pained to >ilaie' : the of prove a It was deiinuiiced' a. tiitllor to bum s
spirit more by tile elandcn of Who is ii'V upon itihjert |ieace, on 'terms this Tlmt Mr. hud
wellI'bo to determine lit When M.-nds riifftr Oretley no cxiMftullon of bu u lender, I tt mild tusk no uljier or
partyadally becoming moro and hum ible lo Lolli H tlon I IliUcrv I w ill dei lure w hen all tho fuel
IDcIDg. more were not worthy to loose tbe latchets of i punii* alarmed bis shoes, there ought to Iw an 'umpire. We ba without tho iJumiicraUo VOKM ; ( lliuu lo had you Irom pnvnty
UICMI conTluucd encraacuiuaou than Ills got no liiii'l' > as a vlndiciifo but ll U knotrn, that ihc internal, diiwonaliini r>'nleil
wa body by the bullet which > man ; nut' Iruu. and
took court tu apH.'al wbo u Orculiiy nhould bu elrctwl, that tlec- wealth. Imm defl'iil bulk In aud
away | toi Can determine It. suii.o hilt Cr
the conttituiiuu and thu right Was J., 1 ill i I" mind, tbul the mrri'l' kept up wllli their side by
hie. | AiplauBB.]] c "> my at OliO Ume, when the tint will ij own
Deniourala into
UII | aweiublcd carry the of IbiS und sorrow buck lu
llulllmura Kejirenonliitlve happlnct
of tbe Stale Ui,_ ddcj ll waa lu will dulei- Co .ft !, rule iovcrmmut wnl tomuiUtnonersan liuguished men In Ihu Confedeiucy, did mure
bHee. would b aoOutont to cnl\.tr. evil Till cmrrv'nTi NlVItI-in 'II"IIIt"TO' DilDO It, and you and I oni'ht to go with them in' 1 '', Canada to open negotiations with A majority of Dcmorrats and When you Imvo bring on southern d'-fuut and buiiilliutlon ( [litmuS applause.]
"out o the party ,uo disposed MCO OIUECT whatever they determine. [Great applanae.! ] W' tnt DcmocruU our touimuuil'incrs, were got 1'resident la body a majority of DumocraU the all the armies of (Irani and Hlicnmin Vet ( TOO II HHKtrOl.S: TUB BfhKt II liSt CU.I.K

pwe tDcrohinl Hut Diejueatlisn Hut I mual baileii on. What now wan to be I Well said my distinguish friend Uat ulgbt, Uio aud *o far ai I know or believe or re/- fdcncral powtrlvaH lo do barm war was imuiu by ('oufuhiraleK nil thu TIIIIIK: i iitrHH You TIIK M'EAKEH

( was, how cl ef- done Hut bclure 1 pan from I do- Will agree to abIde by Baltimore, provided iinl1 mother, horace Orutley was Ihu July ( iumiuubs-'l'iuamt's a strong poiru j I erato government avowcdl> m Ui" uumu ol | tin 1r4)uIbIN mldn'Mi was IIIOM

fec'ed 1 Colt norpoao.- I b alro to call your attcntio'i l1t1a\IOIO'\ uui 1 more Hill decide a/coiduig to my idots.t ._ the Nnitb, Democrat or Republican My friend justly says U is strong |Hiiut, II Is erti und cycry litmus vth" unllcd lu giving < ruteived and upnluudud, lieneriil

mit It to .could any purptK ntCf. ub Uiought It ho been chivied u an outrage ( Uughter J JVeil 1 ercryfiody a right to agree; Sloe ''inraga to go to Cauadit and have U11I111"J haiLtutu that lImo ulono U itorththne\Mrlincnt I | lit-itt mid unmurmuring npHirt| to our leadeis suvirul lluiismaiide approval during

higher, nobler, or mere patriotic ? How could] that a ftw hundred tboiu'ud Hepublkaoi. at La provided Baltimore will decide the principle/ as and honorable, communication wllli our Again,hnd ludiciitions from Dumomtlt vcllonalitwly the field and In thou i-nbliiul were deiMinni-ed and nl the cundutilnu being tailed

laettt different elemonw. agreeing In puiprae, most. kliouU require the wboj. Democratic |ir- understands It, and every man U a party by [Apinuuke.j trIll the IklollCrall-.rvuu the show very clearly thul thn itrenl tho onemii'K ol liberty, seeking to unbiblmli u and t'4'l' ::1]
greelng in ty, with IU reported three vm blni:'lf. W bat U to become of u* f 1 put body ol the Party U di'i.uludly m favor ul M thaI-| dc iUmlu
principle, equally alarmd, exrnojiy \on. of & to I it to D in'4.niU of tho Jiortb-rufiucd lu entertain itary *|> board remit of the most eloquent, uuo ul

patrIOttch0w could they be cblue Into one come over to them, mite*". Vfc* hundred able your for candor I put I It to your reason, la I it reason- I ]iro|"*ltloni from us, or t tim treat with us. lloraMdrwIi'T rating tern hut wllli little the t'inciimaU uioveiiinnl.und 1 It have mat- lImo iiumo aluviry, slavery won ] .'si uddreuic* that you w ill m bear In
solid, coeipact orctulzaaon iiunxiMi of thousand Itllpubllcant rolr.1I Mtn IIItithal 1 II one nun for two men, for throe inn, ( was the only man that defied. .. now n you would In tbo name of lnileM'nilem| Southcru |* (intuItlie is rmitutic'd Id limO Ibanki

malunf cppodttua to party f The I Compared a tvg-faoai jc-Hylnfc a big tllII1roer lor I Lol'neb.I M about all [great laughter] tu party, and acted upon bu conscience a. preferred We canuul. lr wo arrcut lhlcurrent. donou was dfsiri> e.h. In tbu nuiue of rrauc party bad fwO ww 1110 )bor.Vfll stand up betorv tbo Democracy ol this a tift"rlut. Of thirteen HtuUw, wbii have up to ami twutbeni ddeat ,mid humiliation
In platform) of 16 let mo try you '!he country and went there ready to uutor Uao Serums of right, tloqiient and lmirt'ssive| I am against
and Situ lima huh! conventions and delegate
" all tbe : of l'mirreM( tlt ongtrmi ballet was that! iliMolU'pulillrmu would say they will agree with the party provided rx'aee .om.Uu.-nt H ith the honor of both neuiona. appointed wrooglit. And thU amne fell ii'urltnl' us. but ul Ihu Dainu lime )oil haste gut the
ply the (>rty win with oral tu Ifullimorv, only mo tome Imttrucled |let
igte! them Well if on the bMU'if preserving* L'oloruIAItpusumse.[ .f uiirounnmng, unyielding, Intolerant, aelfi CUM on lilt kldu, uud 1 Call fur tuno
| delegate to insist on what Iii ctuhitl a lrniKlit and I immaculate egotism antI /i'iil i fur t mist Mr Hill"

r- .M I

-- -- .-



V .


-- .
_. -- -- -- -- -:--: = =_ _-::
-- -- -- humS tin I'lngrr TII.IOII.U..C: : Nl'.MM AIM-. -T1M-0| fV9; yenr old was shockingly mulihtcdby l>r. IIHI'K Pill..

ttil' ribitn.1; < Pnrt) Ite.pnn.hl.ihlly. Mr. .Jrrrlrj'. Cnn4Idnc. Central Park lately. i'n pnrely '' "'iirotlon for ,
bileendeavoring 11'nr.lln k- ,
Thttrnda.v, ,
t '!! That n political pnrlj. U 1 r011Iolh1'| for hit The tvnttr.'l lliliik" tlmt If any onl had told us The Jacksonvllli (niolt The convicts In Ihe Auburn (tf. Vi) Stale il cit m I wii i ion anil ill itifln< th ?>
lo nhow that time N V. Tnimnt, IncAlllnglhlll" Mlsf El. tern of all lint .1 ., ,tll| ii fr, .
FOtA. Hire ,

Imricli nnd ulln of n State nnd three months, nun (thai we would support threatened revolt last
< (fnvrrnmrnl JIr.nle PrU-on a on Thllla- siiMUun. then.ti.r, tbV,- ,, ,
Imtm onl good hail result- The ronsohd itiou of Ihe. Internal Revenue dis LIi'r iq,111
S -" -='--' hitii1titittiat, ration: \hkl Ilnllgmll..npl..rlOI.llnllol Oreclry I the mocrallc candidate for l'rC- hit ) Nine hundred, ninny of them armed with tool, net and Kldno-, to ,a ticilHifiil at-thu.| wi.mm,,,' mit

r: L I. "II 1 A t8 10: : I ) nnd should IK' no Kid, \e .un not Idcnt, ,' we ,\11 have tithed llm a' fool Wel. Avenue I/ Cnufercnce llelnnlt, movement was "badly, fVotn sold,"the put Flllh Its (tlcll the In new soon law In take This place will under legislate tho the provisionsof I'r' enl moved about the yard for some (time, refusing to tem same time they bmrc iml IntUnntp t th, wt.,1, ?

think with lioitcnlul, Vor tlor time no is no new for } III1.to
inn rcnton I thing / obey orders They were finally quieted by the
--- "- i i'rl'r. f,\ct flint ring and cjlcjnrs "prlnjup meet lmroik'itiuiims| looking, lo conciliation and n.conclusion. .. own f jot In II nud burnt itt own flngen badly.I .- supervision of Georgia and Florida out of ofce. of and\ one and six hioMit, GA., ,I5tiiltir) I I I .1
n.Y.. .11'''' 1'\7'\ "Ilm\.llt lint time Trtiunt look Ito cue from will probably added the districtcomprising Appearance troops buote Pr. I m.//. T"z
w lib |io\er mifllclpnl lo lmpc polii )control A. early a< IfOT, this piiH| >r held represents when the sentiment of Georgia North rind South b Carolina t anti Florlh of the ringleaders placed In eoe rtmrlcrs| \here Dear Sir.-IIiivliiB nsrd your I.hvtr, Mils iii, ,j ,
'. l.dlC"r.1 Its nctlnn and sway IM trcncth at 1 ) dlnntilth nut Ibe olive brnneh In I the opposition I I t i propnnd IIP lr.t Ilfy'llro'etlnl they will hit kept for sonic time nnd fed on bread{ hug mimic tlmitt hay.' dotie amy wife mil nr s'''t n
K. IHKK "r., I.
c for Orecley ; the Alabama district genii. I wnuld like to know If lli.v'
tn .
r. It. t)\ KE, Jr., .,..10', dlCnr, Hint rrfHii| "ll>llit)' 19, tin. <-I/hl'\| t I. "rirIt n union nf tin' good ilemetits, of ull par the (uuflenreD ( and water well 1 North' as here. I Intend( uolnif .s'llth s ouij .t

::- -_ .. I t i j- in rc. for i the snfdj' of )i'i\ininirnl> 'ind I tie In recon.lrn.tIJ/, gn\irnmcnl nnd c.llhe hit tlmt the next day)' (Ihl Conference nommatndn The release of Dr Hotmrd has been ordered by A sodii water generator cxplodi at Boston iml If they will bare the .nine ir-rt as li la ii.M,, '

the proHpirli))of l wplc'., tlml pirllr. nx purlin I I.h.ul iirrenco nl" emery pencrnl election since, it ha* new ]'rolllllnl ticket and utterly repudiated the Spanish! /ovrmmrnl This government last Thursday, killing one man and blow Init / mute.Hoping I want to heir lo from take them)ou soon on with, me

licMilrUllynccntinlftbli' for (lie. fillurit I n\oweui il< wlllingiiew '0" hasp bunds'. f for, thin, he Cincinnati platform.I Oreclcy and Ilrown, In however, had to waive the claim nf American leg off of another remain Sour ohi'tt iprv'l
b and, he following resolution," *e. And thereupon I citizenship at first t wl up nnd accept the) release HE.NHTA, .
of UK mriinse of purifying the State Oovprnmrnt In an address. at Saint IIII.I.(
corruptions 0lllnl'lr111In' 11,11 the effect thn I .( THinif of on tho of ft friendly Arcllb.hop Purel. _
Art smart
the to eonrtesy
that I morallrcth Ih M an '
they culntilinli( nod IAillaln. Inllll,11015, OKmbllr compelling the Innniruratlon a power c'(01 Francis College nt ClnclnRt on Thursday Dfl TITT'8 flAIR n l NOT CTv

\ cfncers, are to Ix-ar 01"11 the rr'OI.lhlly| hotild dl'Rrolhe thieves nndlllain4" from ? should not hlfe shouted before it waa out of government evening animadverted severely upon the recent TIlE UMN.
th TVfl.wnstyle' A itcam( lighter exploded at New London,
of their ncls without nfvnnii to the p.irly to onsiderution and iidmlnlMor the commonwc-Hllh \Olll-bu tllhe strikes, and denounced the destructive and
.O'tI A ( I'rll.UlbM".s but the writer of Ihe loot week killing Iwo and badly PLAIN QfESTIOX Foil _
Tins l flics Now everbody paragraph Conn perrons ISVLIIH, l ,
which they owe llnir |1011111', Ihrre \ollole In the Intrrefl uf Ih'* pople. our IIR"I demoralising Influence of Internationalism. He Iho routine nicdielncsuf the (

.\ I" R.r.ln A4.,1I0'.G1Ito 1n4 ""u""lpll" i hit little ( heck tiMin| tin Ir offii Inl conduct, and n wi abundantly lmnw wo advise the .'lli. lo the: r/iitf/i alKivo cited, knows that the 'I Oolhnj several others said that If eight hours were to now, no good r Are yon dlsrnnnRed prnrm.ions,nd ml.or done, /7f Vnu
for tbi Li otbtt. nd''''01"0.4 ''' ''pll.ro.o.., Fifth Avenue ConfonrrA' not pxlended, 1.I A York paper says lhat since the beginning accee so, test this prop-rtks of the new SpViniUr.
them NII VeOtsble
patty In (lit majority might remain In pwcvion em' t i for Walker ,..
IUu"o- lo.morrw
and thai II adjourned, nnittu of Ihc labor strike, right weckl ao, O'.OOO Vlnfinr Bliteri,
single day \ aireadi
K.xiflrt/M rl.Tu.d 81"nI0, toq. of tin1 government lot all time \ii simple rhAnl1 But there i is A philosophy In this later broader rend a there would be no limit to such arrogance and famous as the fincit Invlconnl, corrective antI l
JiUoHTUIt F1n-Cntritt1 Durw, Eq nf 11 inch, returning movement which, (UK* Sfntinrt' doea not com pr. on the nIgh of Ihl 80th 11l, after B wv men have partlclpaied Of lhe e 00,000 are workIng dictation. No government could exist under ter Uveth ever seen the 1IKI, hyspe1the in'
(UMIIIMA, ft .Urn L PrTMAmrttbftrhwirr cnnllllo lion of Home hours continuance, without having eight hours, are unemployed, and, 10- Ttereons of bilious habit 'boald keep ii within
.Rriilr B party !lie permitted, lo enrnpp ill jutl re- icnd That paper| rnnnot lift itself above the 2,0 such ft Ilem. The next cry would bo for a division if tiiev Faimo, health amid ease. resi
., Fmirt" O fmirn,nppatillnn) Offlrn decisive measures either fur or (HK) have! resumed on time old system.
Ilnach" "IKHiKilulilv )l ) 'the oil recited plea that Its reprr- ilpaorhe "Ioov/and fishes: the real ground I of properly-every loafer and drunkard WhAT EVERY hiOlt8EfA WANT8.o'td
- nnmlmts. Division of the Mont cf Temperance ,
the swell against the Cincinnati The ..oncii.lion The National cheap and reliable Llnlmt'n,.
."nIAtlnsll office have proved rrcnnt lo their underlying popular threatening a new nub-division every Saturday, ueh sn article Is fIr

FLORIDIAN? rtt.l" nnd bi'trnyrd, their cointilutnls," there (10 engulf the "old fog)'ism" of the dead past l, 1 wan reached from the Inlvldul expression nt Chicago, adopted 1 resolution remitting. night.requiring The remedy for these evils was Illtcral Tobi'For Lameness'enettamt, Cuts horse, (tails Liniment., Cohienmis Pint bott1e Ii
I of Ihc members thai the united sense of the Conference tIme ciii'ilinn of colored people to the Craud; Divisions ( &e., 'car
of ranted
TIE I collie one of those holcMuno alioli- Clr the South I I. concerned, It Is Incapable education. totter than any other. 8ihj ftbu
IIhlll\r utrtmgglst.
\ The of the Hotilh decidedly In f'ivor of (Ireeleyanil The object la to review and control the Depot, 10 Park l'hace, cw York.
nnd of position to-ilay mOt
To of January. 1873, t.I"f r.I.rl rnrruptionsOilih npprchrnding. ,1 The New York a leading article BntNETT'8
\ rllo COCOAIXF.-A
Brown opposition to Ihn nomlnallonorny matter at the next annual session. eompound
ia\e no oOcn fntind for the pre. none worthy of all ndinlrntinn. laying nride tImepassions nl,111 will be boll Nut Oil to
FOR ONE DOLLAR. hell necessary says It docs not 1lve ( a' : cos- Ae., for th. hair, has Mubllshed
ervntlon nf bbrrly nnd the rllllr.II\I"llnle and prndl.c of ye lerll}', she rises other candidate A very destructive fire occurred al Grccntboro, At rate It will not support ft bolt, If Mr Gree- world-wide rrpuiailon., Its natural adaption, agree>
f 1 The true Idea wi' hold rquul to the, II upon her I'RlroilRI for one Jlt the nell day, the ZlsU a baker's, down of N. C un the 2 Itli ult, burning the court.house, any should be nominated al Baltimore' ableness, and freeness from all Injurious or tollne
THE Grout Politicnl in ( llllal 1'p"hl"RI about sixteen In number, nil Culdwcll's bank the Southern Hotel Mcnden Icy properties toRMher with Us ehenpnew In rmmt
; Campaign sore-heads ,
lift hose mini, concentrated effort of the virtuous bolting lo Jurahlllty
to Ihll tinpirty: I Iliroiigh \ 111J in- rrnnd, people Forney's Prtm publishes a statement(, showing ( and size of Until render It niiVmnl
which the roiintrty is now nliout to on- Ilmm.iii ,- pinstiliitionHof If poMcrnnd public nppreaion" of tin1 country lo rl'111 the ship of Slate from told, under tho I leadership of Judge Wiillo-who Hull, Staple's law ofllcc, and other buildings, the thai In Iwcnly-scvcn counties of that State, Buck- Sale led bKy V7J other preparation tn the world! K?.
aim .
introduced, 'Hid which her, like a shying horse, Is a Ixjltcr by constitutional, loss amounting to $: or more. There was by druggist. .
he storm ,0
1 of ft character BO tire supported : l'rulllgl.l. vt seriously Imperil Snfctyiand Democratic candidate for Governor will MAGIC
gage; wil. imjiortntit Blew, OF THE MOUTH.-Odlferont
the ind .nfli, Ilir her, Into the haven of Infllrmity, mind, in season nnd out of CCHMIU, w Ith to luhurancu except f. ,10 on Porter' drug So7.mtit,
r 1 renders time
in its rcfitlu (in to enlist the deep inter Il'l'h"IIII..1 .Iill 01191qiirnn pilot peace, equality, gain more than 11,000 over (the ordinary poll. mouth enchanting, eompornl nt rare,
"- ol Mich, KI>VI' titiettiiil, roinhn, I The ustlcc and liberty, from which she has been provocation and w llhoul provocation: bfll"hen blur The courthouse was Ibo finest In theSlateand antiseptic herbs, it Imparts whIteness to time tceib

pft (>f '\cry citizen ; ami,] in order, to niJ ilamc lor mill'adnuniximiioii. or m thfgmcrnment lonl. vt unjustly' ,and an Injuriously l\clleJ.-s ever the slightest opportunity offers for (te, In, was worth about '30,0.) The records from Judge time Davis presidential has written candidature A letter of withdrawing the working a Serves doitelous Intact dower, from-like youth crows to pge to ,the tbe breath leeib., tad nr"

a* far us l possible in enlightening the I. not hi
!people, ti8 to the 10&10 to be Fettled by bo l"re than equally shuretl by Ihnt iolllical oranl7nlion leader nf the movement, her choice might have lame building occupied by the Conference the the fire is unknown.It The State Democratic Convention of Virginia from using nnsafe oils, than from Btcambouu nod
before nominated candidates for time Presidency is understood that Mr. Chamberlain, I'rcsi railroodt combined. Over 200,000( ) families comma..
the Election, TiE FLOBIDIAS will l lie ; to wMcl Ilicy arc nlludiod, tool lo illicit In other. place Hut personal hontllitics day I Instructed time delegates lo Baltimore lo vote for to burn Pratfs Astral Oil. and no accidents bnv
which they arc Indebted 1 for 111.11 priftrmcnt. and antagonisms (.f the past will nol liter her and Vice Presidency, neither of whom dent of time Columbus Convention, has officially and Brown Every In tIme State occurred directly or Indirectly from burning, nor

ftrni,) hell until tIll 1st January 1873, And (Unit pnrlyliiih continues to confer the from ronlributing HIP support which is needed to Will accept Iho proffered \onor. and passed a notified Judge Davis and J. Parker of their nomination Oreelcy county InFlbnd4iSfJl 1770,(Now> York Old house r (;l"IT> i, F.

fur OXE DOLLAR. We call upon our "iliiceo williin Its gift iiKin| men of known unfitICM ensure its SIC'C Ilcsldca, the promises lor the tiring of ,windy resolutions, 1"'ooC wl.lel repudiating for President and Vice President by, the wits A represented tremendous hall storm occciirrud al Cleveland A BEAUTIFUL WhITE, soft smooth tnd ciMu

l ftirml in all parts of the State to make -men of doubtful probity of character, lucre future are encouraging mind enticing. Victory both Oracle) and, Grant arc paraded exultantly labor reformers A conference Is lo be held In Ohio on Friduy. A number of houses skin Id"produced by W. O. Lslrd't Bloom ol

ntorlopcrs and actuated solely by to her, and justice which Is nil the Union.Thus New York early In the present month.A youth. It remover tan. freckles sunburnt, tnd
a.lvenhl'n. guarantees ,
effort extend the peace
iin to circulation of ) I were struck by lightning and several women all other decelerations from the skin, heaving time
cotrupt motives old seeking alone tbu gratiflcalon she auks, but which she 18 hoped for in vain nee that the action of Iho Fifth Ave. dispatch from Pueblo Col., dated June 33, killed complexion brilliant and beautiful. Bold br all

the paper. The price is placed, nt so of selfliili desires-nnd which, sulTm rings under the administration nue Conference 1 far a It wcnl was highly favorable says that Iho Denver mind Rio Grande Narrow droKgltti. This preparation It entirely free from
l'rCldonOrnl The citizens of Wutcrlow, iN. Y.) gave ft any material delrlmenlnl to health.JCBT .
low 1 figure as to put it within the all Holies' of ambitions demagogues to rule It Mr Crcclcy'i construction of the Cincinnati platform to Oreelcy and time only repudiation Guago Railway, was completed to this place list! grand reception and ball to the Southern editorial THE REMEDY NKEDED.-Tb.nks

reach of almost everybody to Mibscribe with u word ns nllb a audI," must ultimately as set forth In his letter acceptance, Is n done was by a little neat of Irresponsible evening time lost rail having been laid at 7 P. 31 excursionists ou Friday night Time Southern Mrs. Inslow't. Soothing Syrup, we have for year lu

for Address Irive all honetl itttzens from lla support and good she could desire. All the great evils malcontent whose vocation It Is to grumble, Freight and passengers for New Mexico will now boon relieved from sleepless nights of rtlufu'
1 copy. n party left next morning for Boston to attend the watching with poor, inffcrlng, teethIng children.
UOH beneath the If and who ready at moment to find fault railroad via Denver to Pueblo saving over
soon go n tem|>oiliioti& \RVC which afflict her nnd threaten to Invade the arc any I go by volt DYSPEPSIA .,

DiE & SON: PtUisu'( popular condemnation Slates of the North, arc now discountenanced by I with anything lhat hits been done since time I. one hundred miles of transportation by wagon Jubilee A of Friday the ( and general debility Indigestion In their,various depression forms i iplrllt

AVt have liccn led lo these rtllccliona by an nritle lilm. lie flvorA decentralization of power, condemns Flood. Il would appear (then thai the Tribune In or coach. Another hundred miles of the road Washington dispatch says alto, as a preventive again Fever and agne, and
Secretary of War annOunces lhal after Sunday, other Intermittent fcvcrt. Time Ferro
OALL FOR A STATE CONVENTION In the Jucksouvillu n.wI of ( Saturday)', on the Hiisprnslon of that sacred lalumun, : detailing the proceedings ot the only session ol southward will lie soon under cou.ct Arrangements last) the Frcedmcu's Bureau will cease, and the Elixir of Calltay, made by Cuwell, hazard 1'boipbonled t tu

time subject of limo forthcoming Ilepublican Con the writ of button eorpni, bayonet election ] the Fifth Avenue Conference," was ,'el "out are being perfected for Its speedy completion New York, and told by all druggists, It tIme bci-
opp. I when and did not EI Paso Texas where It will with business bo wound up by the Adjutant General tonic, and as a tonic for patients recovering frcui r:
and Its candidates Tho Union (|Uolcs law supports and a rigidadherence of the woods so engaged, to connect
By virtue of authority conferred by resolution vcnlol I of (Ihc United States army, who will settle accounts fever and sickness, U bat no equalRISLEY'8
adopted 1870, n Stale Convention, composed ofContervatlve wilI Rp/rvl the admonitions to the |icoplu cm- to civil service reform, and we believe raise its shout of triumph a day to soon. And a narrow guago railroad to bo built through time and claims connected therewith.A GENUINE GOLDEN BELL C'O

and 111 friends of Ueform who are brleel, Conservative call for a Convention, will faithfully and honestly carry out the wholesome all this tho I'nfonvcry well knew while elating Mexican Stales of Chihuahua, Durango and Zucutecas LOGNE WATEIl according to the original formula

ready to loin hand In (trapping and solving the and freely Idulls thlt admtulBtrutlon nf our measures to which he stands fully committed I the contrary, bill Ihcn-" thal's the ( ', to the city uf Mexico, forming a continuous ragged newsboy of New York, who sells i'rcvosl, ParIs, so long anti favorably known to
living and Impending IIIC of the present, and I t papers before and after school hours, has been Iho customer of llavllnud, Ilarral and Kltlcy and
who advocate equal juol lawi, fullhfiilly and Mate government during the pant three years has \ What more could the South wish What 8Iyle. narrow gunge line of about two ihoirsand adjudged their branches for lu One permanent fragrance In
time best qualified onl of nine applicants
-- now made by JI. W. Kiielv and trade
Impartially administered, and an honest and eco been a falurl and that 1 change Is Imperatively more does she need? mll' bis by
.V Wbolctule
for A naval successors Morgan Kltcly, Drug
nomlCI.dmlnlslrton of our fIMcOVrrnmpnt (If M hlch w c think no one \III even attempt If the Baltimore Convention puts no third lETTER I-IIOM TIlE IHT.ha : Alllt thirty gentlemen, claiming to bu Demo cadclshlp. gills, New York.TIICRSTON'S.
I The benefit for Gil more by time Boston Jubilee
clr met In the to deny., Hut the Union will not allow crate, held a \conference" al Long Branch N. !VO".Y PEARL TOOTH POttDER. .
candidate in the field Mr. Is Khali lIe Uorrrnor
as good as '
14fA Au. Gretlcy last
80NVl.LE day of Saturday night was a great success a great Tbo (best mitt known fur cleansing and
Itn1 mdc
this failure to be to the Republican' J., ou limo 20th June The was called
I It Mcssn.Editors that nominee of meeting
alriblte elected. The Xentirul feels and Is therefore luke ,
187. I tl., tie many more persons attending limn al any lime preserving time teeth, mi eunit. Sold by all DrugKlBla.
the Convention In lo nominate party, nellhcr t ls principles, nor its policy nut a little 'orlet that the Conservative press the Conservative party of ..Florld"1) b the for time purpose of placing a strict aud-Dcmo- before. All the elements Including the Pricc'> and t 5t< c.>nt* |t't'r hnttlc. F. C. Well

candidate fu Governor, Lieutenant Governor, TliKse, according to the I'aim, are of such a nature here should,have boldness to favor him In advance Governor of Iho Slate Iremimmminaryquestion oral on Ihe Baltimore ticket, repudiating any indorsement popular & Co., New York.CARBOLIC .
Member of and anvil chorus were on time Gilmore's
Conr. Presidential Electors, as would Insure Ilia whitest, best, most economical nominated needsto of Horace by the Baltimore programme. SALVE incUtlled as a Hoolllu;
and to action on luck othermatteti It would havens to nurse our wrath and Who shall b f only Grecley own hand of fifty pieces played Stradella," overture Coroponnd. rbflcbns recommend It the most
I the welfare ol the State may require and beneficial administration ever known remain stiff-necked, unyielding and uncompromising b answered Locomotion has carried mo Convention, and, In limo event of the Indorsement mind three other demanded wonderful remedy ever known. Bold cverywbcrtat
popular pieces were
For sake of Inlfonly. the Committee respectfully to a Republic, prol'ldc.lmen could be found able that It might complete our ruin But it through a largo jmrtion of the State. I have of Horace Greeley at Baltimore, this Committee 25 ccntt. John r. Ileory, sole Proprietor, ChcmIII -
of them which received their due of applause. New York.CflIIISTADORO'S.
itiggeit tblt lletnll. for the to comprehend and to execute tin'm. We think such for heard limo duclaralloni of have seen Ihe will call a meeting of Democrats for the purpose
anticipate no pleasurable pastime many old DYE.-Tblt
purpose of appointing In the ned Gilmoro was presented with ft floral harp, and ILMR magnificent
.verl on &i delejate., Sdy f Anfii'l tllhy this tune the people of this State understand future relish. We have had enough of it. If correspondence of others living wide apart, and of holding a National convention in time West Baldwin superintendent of the orchestra, with ft compound It beyond contingency, the natal and
cnte. well tho of tbe Republican and Democratic ticket. The meet molt reliable Dye In existence ; never fulling to Impart -
pretty pole} and wiNO l counsels prevail at Ilaltlmorcou have not, until within a few days, heard another nominating a
R prudent fine watch by members from other cities. Forty to tbo hair, of color, nourlahmcnt
Each county will be entitled to twice the number mrly[ amid kapw to their sorrow that men hOle next Tuesday the !South will be redeemed name mentioned hut that of William D. Bloxhatn ing Is said to have been In the Interest of Charles members of the Southern Press Association were and elasticity. Factory uniformity 64 Maiden Lane, New York
of In the Convention It
votes han
Iteprcsentn- not liccii wanting ho were both able to compre- fur the So was this time w ill Francis Adams BVAPNIA Is outs sickening rind
live* In the lower branch of the and .18nlhmlcl, and those loaves and fishes 10111101. general and complimented with Dixie by Opium rmriflod
The Importance of the Lglllallr. send and willing to execute that Illey" fully which arc ever uppermost In our nelhbor'lIholghls of the party-so spontaneous seemed the currentol Horatio Seymour lint been made Sachem' nl present Gilmore's, band were, poisonous producing headache qualities.or It constipation Is a perfect of anodyne bowels, is not U

the present year to the Interests Rod" .I rare of and fcarlcxsly.. And no ole ID better acquaintedwith will perhaps para beyond IU reach and favor-thai I looked upon him a time man of Tammany A Indian lo bo brcwlug The the case with other preparations of opium. John
war seems
the people of this Slate. cannot bo overestimated Oils fuel than the editor of time '", under leave a penniless pensioner the of .manifest destiny." Nor have I reason to doubt Peter Cooper| condemn the striken. He has big Farr, Chemist, New York. Ju'y-Im.
To no or portion of the Is this i nlol bounty Klotkas, Arapahoes, Chcycnncs, Camnnchcs,Na-
community and for know In his
ea. ,'hO very 101( aught we thlleon'lcUol of the mosses contributed nothing In their behalf, to the
hnritablc nnd Christian reports
limited, who feel that Florida Is their a ( and held councils during
blt al own olllcc) thai "i hungry horde of schemers and ) II Is true that General E. Hopkins and C. II.Smith notwithstanding vnjoes Apaches frequent
) home and their IIC I Is linked w 1th the ---- Esq. are recommended to the consideration contrary the winter to endeavor to dissipate nil
It prosperity of arc equally con tra.II'1 for olllec"-Dial ring of men unfit for A coroner's jury his Utah the lulu terrible past .3tv th'aticrnnt.
8IRh. | NOT A }KAII HE.-We notice thai I good many of tIme Convention by the partiality nffin Icct.o tribal prejudices and ffcct ft combination for a
r. cerned. That a change policy which has an) thing bill "I'ollicl| ] Intrigue and politicaldishonesty the Stutiiul. 'nils. Both lliose are all that their catastrophe on Grld Trunk Railroad
marked the administration of our government R'I"hlcRI plllrl.llcldlng| represent geutemel general Indian war. It Is nol known whether -
Slat -tlmt clique of demagogues \Illi trie-nils claim for doubt, duly tipprcclulu in purely Thu track
In the pant i Is essential, all minds the recent Filth Avenue asn 1.1 CUlaIR.1 lecdellll -
Cnlferelcu" succeeded but recent minders and robberies
must atlmit. Without It must out any higher Idea of political science than the every Illh 1111feotlUoI of Imrually. was In good condition, Ild cngluccer was a they I Ieasr.. 4fl rmaes,Gravel,DlatieIJ' ,
wo hopo We have and read
vainly w c
rllhlU. suppubo s' lint both know that loo hangs In New Mexico, Arfconu mind Texas furnish cvidcncu vntinence ot. -
for Improvement In our private public science of manipulating coim ntioiin, of \III onnvuu/Ti \ sober, efilclcnt amid careful officer, and died al Ida
o alflll. us much concerning It of these"'Journals issue nf Ihu permit them lo be purth Extensive and
uholt R any of their hostile intentions.
To this all conservative clumcnw he now affects to In holy, horror, have for of disaster I
efl1t change b to any rivalry thai inuy dinlmriunni/eor cool time victims the nro dy.
and Is that fn" from Its
our opinion so 10&1.ddilonil
and In to the future \llgII" combined apprehended
a depmcdmmtioums are seriutualy
Rplriliookllg three that "policy" ardor nf a single precinct. They realize, .
years slmix-d .Icclol
good of the not governed by Individual 1"llblell ml ruble. lU/.le, It accomplished just exactly Inldlly.JII. I to
ollle.lnd carried It their admirers we huvo to meet a in time sparsely settled portions of Colorado and UT imi relating 155)
and Ihn 5
out Republican beuog
desires lor promotion .Hhln' the effort b r'prel'llc.llnd l..e il was called fur. The object of the Conference discIplined uud comiuicl An'lhH' 04 inir> .l Plait, los been renomlnatcd for Con- New Mexico The authorities are 15oa. th.155U1Ui mi. $14
to secure a result \ al us proles principles which have well nigh ruined. thupcoi.lu two-fold. First., to nurcrum( from men, ""')' would in eel these solid antagonism! at gresn, ny a n,.-> (",.nI/R| nf the Second government mm-s _
mao .
was : .. .
Mr. Illoxlmm fleshed District of held 4m ii mhiv tan to break up the movement
mlrh to d.lr. and 1 bankrupted the ritulu-nhlchlmvodeliberately great disadvanlngu. Congressional Virginia, on thin -
With an ,lmllltrlon In sympathy. with I homiissca swindled the nut of I their well known aud nwpoimiulu, sources the trite politeal I nmlden sword In hue cnrcascs of the carpet. Ill 25th ult. al Va A New Yoik special 01 oniuiua ...,- tt.,, 1 Corn for Sale.OEVERAL .
ot the looking to llivir goodas |M'iipu fueling In dilfcri'tit, States. 11,1, especiallythe nud the but a low weeks Porlsuloull. committee from time Boston Peace Jubilee arrived
gems though \\10 ago Hoot Jc Frank's dry goods store at Milwuuklc HUNDRED BUSHELS
their first p'flr. duly, n now era would clUllolR. IMille.1 tIm In their ehummucler, strength of any real maid sulistantial opposition heard the notes of ,110', they knew that Tie here today to wall upon Horace Grcelcy and O FLORIDA CORN, In good condition
duwn upon and with It would coma a them ot their stihstuni, and .saddled uximi thom to Sir. Oreelcy. If upon consultation had! won Ole fight proclamation of his WIA., wits struck by lightning on time 25th ult. cxtcud an Invitation trout lImo International Jubilee For sato chcip. Apply to
fh-sh ImpulM energies of thn urnpln, and a legacy of debt to hit bequeathed lo their chil know success sent a thrIll of confident hone and solid and totally destroyed. 1,08(125.0. July 2 A. HOPKINS
with limo invited, amid others lu executive committee and city of Boston to _
ilnvs gentlemen hole I friends
the of Inith that the
n 1 through
Inspiration ht.l.'r woul dren's children Where does thu Union prnpoie \ bly. ia A letter received Washington fromMnj. Gcu.Schofkld .
nt IUlul.III. 'sympulliy was found possible to unite alln u.mllllody and who voted for him host more visit that city. The committee have received an
"'II i I I ii nllh these ohjr'CIII view thai the 1'onvcntlim to Ktlnih tIme rflKpoiiHtblllty of this adiultted nf nun /new ticket, then that are RI friends now -nrc sure thai if ho Is againrun dated May SOUi, reports the Klowas assurance from Mr. Grceley thai ho will ncccpl The Daniel Pratt Cotton Gins
called 'of the administration vVould It \01 for tho uu a raid in Texas, lo release] Sautanta and Big
now to o'lh0111; wu trust failure con- and that higher position \oY'lor,
Ilckl.t was lo bo presented by Ibo Conference, their Invitation, and ho will, this cvcUog, designate RE THE BEST IN 1'SR. E\try Oln warranted
I hut in the hcnliuieiils of thin hwill Ida election la fuel the sun A
tlucuug lUiik', mid abuses incident to Oils"fuiluro' us TIre
Hhown tutu rcNlorallon of \. centratu Illho Il imibubly upon Ihu basin of time Missouri platform, rise on the of fell I Islhn. wi an early day next week fur hU visit. Orders left at U. A. BILL'S Store will rcci-lv
'nel.IIII""Y day
(Onv. RoedV (Or would llgrncloimly A dispatch fioiu dated Junu 23lh, prompt sttrntlon.
of heeling, preservation, ol rights, protection upon and with the hope] at least, of Us having a fall From my intercourse with the East, I can confidently Clotunlt FOREIOS. July S 4 -tf JOHN CAKDY, Agent
I ufiM-rsonsund p.perIY.juht enlorreiui |"nnit the cubtncl ofllccrs lo equall/e the chance of rnliflcation, nl Haltimore Some say thai this section as such geographically states that Grbbeck'l freols have no idea ho
of tin laws, economical adminlHtnition of the ri'sponnlhillly" with the Chiif Mugiatrntuy i I in of }'ree 10 nr us I political subdivision! of the Stale, will allow tIme use of mime t embarrass the A fearful stoini prevailed in England on time
Invitations Issued the officers the
government, and tho, 1111rly of tho people o if kind linlrad.' Thcsu, although limmim sly were makes no "tcllll" for /uhcroilorlil can lialtlraoic Convention. 24th ult, which a cable dispatch of time 23th ult. WANTED !
olm'n. Trade of New Yom ( ho considered the
and of the thin lelhng'oh League (1 didate. "1'0 many gentlemen among says was most severe In Die middle and northern
alluH. niiint bear the KcolfH and of timeommtrttgmtI The State Dcmocralic Convention as
Jeots .: C'onion'nilvc Puny of Floriiit.'liirning : e ecllive. Jeers noiulnatlon of Mr. Grculcy)' a bluntC)ualng abut us who have all the cldol lenls fitting men to Oeorlll counties where at some points time fury of the G..KEEN-BACK SCRIP,
Un in tbu uu last Four ,
from the. pant to the future with I those people whll parly majority ( uf them, i-enator Schnrsoma 40 and the bn Governors, or to hold nny other olllco In the 11'lhlell \llnll Wednesday. STATE
olijecls' in V ,'\ al or our 1111enR.? whatever limy 1'gMllul'e. Its lings nud cliques' poncrlul mid 6 Democislic of and lead'mfDcmocralic gin of limo party no "demand" limit been umdo hundred amid ten delegates were preHotal but jcmpest was without precedent. Time storm was WARRANTS Issued 1873,
have been puny heretofoio, ; Us leaden 11,1 InstructorH of the mel"ef through any recognized organ, county nr district leu counties being represented.. Lamar, ofUbU'C particularly destructive In Stafford county. In JUROR WITNESS CERTIFICATES i.
with us, contribute their cf eOllrlhll editors who desired new ticket that tost Florida have Ole honor I LEON COl'HTT SCRIP.
I ,
agreeing may) \el nud Un of ballot .hll was chosen President the town of Stafford, the station of time London
form to Nortue, them. to thin end, we feeamured !ik t. mlllllllol If pnuticnble, almul 10(1( of them. These were of lurnUthlng the cln ltllo Go 'cruor, solur I some July 8 48-ir JAMIK: ii. utMiu.r:.
IIOM'H, Us utfihtes nomlimteiluHin < discussion time Hen. Hill delegation from and Northwestern Railway, and a number of
Unit the (Con.t'rvulvo Party will c'I..r' ; 11'lmIK'ltlurrollty reul lo pioiulnent men all over' the country that as I have 8'1. Generlylu of EastSotith ; Grcclcy
fully iinltu \lih 01\llng ro.opi'mle fin theIr! | the i I'loiniiiriKlalions. and iltmmmls of thcsu8UIUH Florida I In""dc ; the I co\.bYI,1 Fultou county was admitted over the Slephenl'BOlrbn other buildings were unroofed by the wInd and
lull nud of opinion' might
anmnmuiit 8. WAUCr.ll.I'll : a Inlclgcltnlrt''lol of that section astonished wrecked. and
uiul : continued by this Ilar contestants. Resolutions were adopted completely Many buildings trees
'n Canncrnitltv Ktnle Centiut/ //il'... rings 11.11".111 bu' haul AII I wal ohllluOI "1"1 Ihe cull of anybody but tho viilonons Bloxhnm is thought COTTON GINS !
( >d Democratic at other points were struck by lightning In (that
lluonghfrauil Die ctfecl llmt time ot
liglslatlvo nmjoril.viblaiiit' lo
snme parly Georgia
TALI.AIIASHVK, June S3, 1873 Milieu tumid hhnnc'd plainly tlmt change of Iron ot as their choice. Tho young mel of the onn-
-- ---- and I Irn Ktr>', nud iu whole corrupt and prolllguto then would only Inure to Cirnnt's 1 iK'ncflt. The try exhibit an ardor uhF Llm It would bo Mauds upon tIme principle of time Democratic portion of time country lying between the towns

plum!)' / mimt PUKS without bhiuic or re- cold and dangerous lo breast II Is Iho operation| of nn part of the Union, bringing Into special prominence of Stafford and Wolverhampton, the crops were
A UIIKAT $IKielI.-Ve un our l/wll' was nut lobo
print \ 1I0111111lrolu 1 -
11II'RI' I Kill thanks to tint intelligence of the lot.O occult principle which leaches men of about the to time prostrated and destroyed.
lA.doy this, full text of HIP Hpeecli of the I proaehl stirred again, and so the Conference had no name ago to each other, but natural a applicable present extraordinary)
hint nil) their, Illt R old The London Times commenting un the strikes
know to mmreu woes condition of the the doctrine
delivered Alliuitu they 1 alternative (lo the situation anti the force of gravitation. To lu country, unchangeable
I I Ornrgia, In t on tilt Icupll. I'llicr' hit accept mighty as come 1
I 11.J"I We frlnnls, HI old I should INI Ifl'cII. and time 1'niait I I conflict with U is a dealh.sklng experiment ; that this Is a union ol Stales, and that the of various building craftsmen, (some twenty AM STILL ACTING AGENT FOR TilE FOb
nime. hope our ndjonrn
1th whole II of It carefully mind utti'ntlvely.I It rf'llllle Is one may rot nKsurcd, that the 111"bleall'lrty, Us -- -.----- and lu this instance' time collision ould be sought Indeslrucliblllly of equality w ilh each olher Is an thousand) says time inevitable result of trade disputes lowing well known anti long tried Cotton hilt

of the must able and ponuiful arguments in fo Irlldll".lllla |policy, \11111 \lllllrit',1 JiM uu wu Iloil'lcd. time action ol Ihu Rupubhcun withouI 1, for reason one, am for allowing those we havo IndUpi usable part of our political ,)'stCO; that will be BU Incredible Increase In the prices Taylor's Gins,

of the Cinrluimtl. oomlnll' tutu Inn jet I IM.TI gave II Iho IC\ chttitimm-dttg: so large III deep Shuts Kxeciilivu C'ommitteu recently In sesHOU throw u Into time deadly breach In order to rescue In time approaching clO.too the Democratic party of products with which England supplies time

male K\vn: lioli TiMimlw, time hotte liourhoi, ths 1111 tlmt .lllll nor tmdl'r rings nor | lu Ibis city, requiring both IMulRlrllld nl our parly from obll'lln. and to place our Stato Inv lies cv etj boy to co-operate wit I In a zealous world, and that the consequent loss to England Gullet Steel Brush Gins
nl ballol-boxe'S In the hands of amid honest toguide will make coal and Iron dear and thai in consequence

In the Himtb, was compelled to acknowledge-e ItitrrngtU 111"1'| Mlulr",1 nuinipuliitorg termites to the Republican Conveltli to Ibo enough di'iermlnalion lo change time present usurpingand
will bo ublu lo their burial and gover.to enter lu and enjoy somehrultmu will lose the ndv of her Brown's Iron Frame Gins
returns, lu England nntagc:
anil ellrI for thieve Ih..r' for Mr. 1m. prevent \ assemble here on the 7th of time coming mouth, t of and sacrifices it was not coirupl \dmlllotrUol by placing power ,

/lUutl Ike >icb palii-ntly, aiul th"II'O if In time But fur this same (Hillcy, \hich bus U>eu 8 to bu I citizens of (the county hlch they colmwr.prcAI'nl" time Intention of Iho party to put them out R men who lie true to principles of Constitutional rcsouiccs and products( ((3Ogo6OSmasa..

event of tIme f'I'OrR"1' action of the linllimor Hicccwiflilly carried tint nnd 1 hlch of courno the bus fallen, like a bombshell li lucre feelers to lest Its lullrlll strength or asstpptng.stones Government, and faithlul and economical Administrators By dispatch from Matuiuoias of limo 2oth ult,

l'n.. thinks needs no I hnnge," the funeral pagennt Union' U for lore poltcans of tiflulrs that, In our we luaru that Trev-iuo, time rebel leader, U entrenching These Gins arc too Well known In Ibis cnniinuini*
Convention, you can not, with Mr. Hill, accept J"ti'al CII1be ccpcciidly grlevously The Implied pledge' they should p""le opinion to need prolnlug. Some of the above make bane
air aId In biN elmcthmim.Ve of the party and ill'rilcilcaolh havepuwil I out complains bitterly ofwhmmtt i itdeclares Ibe deh'glle to the LUUimoro Convention should at Monterey, with four thousand men,
Oreclry), ali f"11 put alll utllccs it lliev won OleD ought to bo kupt; and been In use for over FIITEBN TIIRS sud now Join.-
tliore are a fen among us who prefrr lo renml hvfuru Ihl! lhleuze c>lghlc' >n mouth to be an nssuniptUm of authority on time where they }have beol illegally IOt wrongfully go utmtrimmmmumtled by instructions, nnd should act while eight thousand Government troops arc up- good, nut, and clean work. They ore WUIIUM I>

in Egypt: but tint vast bomI)' of the piiiplo mire ago nnd the Slulei to day cOI'rllh' 1 hi)' olllceril of Committee The Union( protests will kept out ot such enjoyment and fit fur higher with all the lights before them, as they deem preaching. A decisive battle Is exiicctcd to bo inferior lo none.t9Mamplt .

T;. w"rlul of Us bondage and| |iruKw| to luke tip the l'volle'll hol< e and IIMIII| tIme high road to Iorlollhe vchelcneo against the action of the ('ow- same official iHwltioua, let hut its they honor have them eminently with displayed Ihe best tor time good of the party, and for the wd fare II la staled tlml the negotiations fur the com >M to lie ecn at roy'Btnr'1 Hi'l"

the line of march in'runs I the Red 1 Sen mid (liming peaci 1111 'nHTily| Will this ever bu, \hilu mitleo whkhlt pronounces a ''fraud upon Ihpurty IIJ'lfbhncb means, time and talent ofthme otmuutry. Very few Grueley men are among plete evacuation of French territory liy Gcruinn left early will l is ph""\ ;uii-nrtc( < to,

I i the Wlhli'nil as to thO I.iinil/ (if Cauimn, wll'n' the I H"lblr'al part, with Us boasted 1irhmmeipltt ," and lu no degree binding. In Ihu absence to Ibo good of the State the duleg teii to Baltimore, though a laorilyof troops have been brought lo a favorable conclusion ,

ulllllp"K""IIII'Jllrllr) | | tin nit mis.p : and its 1"lli'( umnagch nud umnlpulates the of a quorum, time I'nion' contends, the (Conitnltlec(( Uy nil nmeans--fmy the sacrifice nf every personal time delegation are w tiling to take him ]lstI ti i t u -

hint rs nf the IUI'I'IIII'II. .lellll'II,1 controls Imd no authority to act, and all Its proceeding and sectional prclcrneoIcl us bll'l uuuulmous I lesort Time arrangements for tIme release of Dr. Houard INDIA RUSSEll BELIIXd, assorted wldlhtMETALIC ,

llHTUI--111 i : liibulur. sinti'ini I pu"I"I.d" Its at'lion. 11llh"I., \ I, n mean all, despicable therefore mo merely ricommendatory' mind cm Our Mate must 1111 rescued one particular from the nomination. harpieslaslened John Evans, .\11 Attorney General Wilh havo been completed between the Spanish TP'PFn V "f tAClNGS,4'and5


I the ddi'Knii'S then elected to halt itfl.rv nlotnl oil> I failures v Wu do not bellc\ It, nor do time peoplu, pillion Only SI'I'CI members I appears wore ell 'lol.lld we put in nval candidates before charged \huh robbing a prominent Southern lady
the (;itirlcy \\ lift ('& Unit who ha i- lull tiered Irom lit nnd Its the Convention; lur Congress, if such compliments -
question, I I put > mid limo to coutati- in Hold in Baltimore weeks '
Iriudh. present, eighth ole necessary are conceived to bu ut importance ; but 11llun1 some Dutcher's Lightning Fly-killer
.'luil'I'' eight us IW""IIr"lln go t'I.III..q1hi I 1 i utility !for nearly. four )'1'11 01,1 111 propose Into I quorum! was liupru\Ucil lu limo pcrnon 01 utir Stale government must lu rest'tied from eluktruclion ago, 01 n large amount\ of diamond jewelry and EXCURSIONTR1uNTO

-> i4H miHliiko Thc iltiegim ItS '. lliU hint lo lontinuu% longir. under its foul domination. Mr. J. C. Ulblw, who conwntcd toncrvc aiproi)' anti degradation''! And that can h I"udl svv-ceps (them off and clears the house speedily

neither, Instructed nor n I ( fejir but that tlic done by the utmost nud uiiltv Try It. Sold by dealers where. 2m
- 11'1' 'olll"Ilelln 11' 'Ih. //I't.1111 rsptitmsibmh. far some nlmvut member All ol \hit h Ihe { only harmony 01 A WiiHlniigtou dispatch of the 20th ull. says every _

vor any particular ruiulltlute nr line of pollcj tly I the emimmietled "Ialure" of the udmiulhtra jim protects, tu be Illegal, revolutionary)' mid alto our candidate for Governor. lNI'Y.f' that J. H Edwards: of Florida, was lo-day ft war- .
hut cro left |x>rleelly frc'C', uiul iiulmniiiieled to lion will bo placed ful square ti|>ou the Republican gt'ther without thu authority of precedent del llu, Elton prize fur Greek lu the Columbian

act 04 \' l t lor thu lull.rents of time where It and *thcrul .\ billllaot Oreclry uud demonstration pcnt jotit.
thr.\ 11''II.IIK"l party belongs I A* way)' 1'"llr this and In Ihe inter \ 11011 olhge of lhal District.A .
I ludle.
comitiy lilt I I iiiiili'rsliKKl. lm% f\ir, Unit I n m.jority will n'IUII Ult Us coirupl orgunl/ulion slial cst of ""harmony lu the party" the editor of theI'limn too''! placeIn .. Virginia lust
.1 of I lie drlcgiiti hit nr the tliiIiitMmiiit'iit 1'1 have I II'I out of HID rncouls of (lie I time who would like to boa me tuber of the Wednesday night I The J1'llol was two lluliu Bratton, of South Carolina, says recently tot Lidniippcd Midsummer Muladlen. SAVANNAH !

the ClnUnmili iiiiininoi'i at llalliiniui', an I,11 hmc-t and only' remembered for Us wholesale robin'rle (:OII'lllol, but who d ot being Ole uu mile long Itonflres, w.re Ighh'd, guns fired, from the Dominion by Federal officers, The hot solar rays thai ripen time harvest generate

action I thill tun U' tktIl! 11..1(hi- pt' > x>ni t ..1"11'hil. and wicked npprtHnionn tier tIme \regulation requiring\alr delegates'inn flrcvv 01 ko II"phl'e.l. and thi' w llJest enthusiasm has turn restored to the Canadian jurisdiction mutiny distressing diseases. If the Liver bo at ullpreJlepoied
c''I,1111, uf 11111" lo bv clli/.ens of tho county whic! I'revlil'd. Among lImo IrOINJllrcneh'l home by and In now In Toronto to irregularities, this Is the sutton In
.- I lu'\Zll'S, IN l'I'S.\\I.-TII' cltl/rni uf alerullt.t the torchlight the whUu bilious altitcki bo HERE will be sn Excursion from Tulluli th
IIU'toill II may anticipated. A weak
limo i 1.to ln h I they claim to recommends that ale 01" The Connecticut Legislature; has repealed limo
I'lilniini baranaaa
/Ilhuo"Conl'I'lllnl h II couiily) 1 iihout regard U> color or po reprcI'ul" following Inscription, Indicative of this spirit of stomach, too, It weakest In the iunim months, onAUGUST
1011. ("IH'r)| InlM of ulikh m iliu Itulllinoro IhiIiul Pm uchiv mlii's.II'1 I public) meeting at I'll \ deal be Ile Committee, aiueiub) the Greiley Il0\'eleUllu Virginia.: uiiry law, uf Iwo hundred yean standing, fixing and time loss of vitality through too poret by excel- 12th, 1872.
spi'imks an "Thu In one middle uf last month and ctlccleinn again with a lufUcleul complement of members. .' Uu rate Interest Hi six per cent per annum.
"/t ] [luw. hllhllj hlkllllK'ullhe Tie Him and Or T, In time live perspiration b to great, that a wholesome ton and rrtururcaaouablo
iii f th" 1'-1' of tho kind, In (bo country, and nrguul/atlou," fur Ihu county. Jul. U. Roblnsou repudiate their hate action, and Untie I new, legal Strike No locnl" hl.dui.i.r from. ora1.shore to there I \\1\ II Wle-ge-lawltne-8slnthoTildcnBc slB ic, couiblulog alto the properties of i diffuilvt ttlinulant This l Is good terms.opportunity U> go

Alien all llu contemplated iirriin i'iiKiiU lor the \11 selected ns the pcrmaunit hulrnmn and i pieipercull for I Cou\cullou> I iihout any; Ttm yumruui o"e buuih O.furertr" Mercascal New York, which was suddenly and gentle cxlillaraol, It In mosey cases necetttry I'nre for She Hound Trip, $3.0O. '

cnnveuieiicc of tint delegate'* are "''IJIUI1 it anti Juntes' Hurl as Die pernmticnl Scircturyo unnecessary and Immpenug restrictions. The demonstration along tho streets was the di-.intlmied. by the withdrawal of the plaintiff, to ueullu, anti under no circumstance should PresIdent
will Iw found in every rl' III.t lullall. fil the the organl/utluu, \hlch U to bo know u as The In hut way only I U contended can luiimony grandest ever seen in Hchul'UIThe crowd T-- .Irrchle"for perjury at Baltimore on the 28thuli bt ditpcDtvd with by time sickly and debilitated Jails BiitPPiao, Trcwuror.

grand conclave of, 'limo .Nulioinil 1 .'IIIC.tlll II Cunscrvatlte urgani/utlou ol l'Ulll1 count)... be restored to parly," and lu this way ouly 1'lblellll (the theater \hI was handsomely 'ilt held In time sum uC $1,000>, Of all time preparation intended thins to refresh, 8. \\AtKtis, Secretary (.1 one m1S.- '(

is helloed that >aniplu II'COlllld'II"1' nillbiAjrubiheU I >Iixr .', I. 1 Piuicy) t.; huarlug. A. JlcC'lute, 11 I U may be Rdlul, cuu time editor t>f the 1'iuai and profusely d..ornl'1h llllel States tings, I i i i., ulle.looo at Cincinnati as certain, thai sustain, and fortify the human frame, there U none

for at leaH 6,0 jieuple, ami, bceidulliU 11. TciiBdalc, ami\ A (I. Wright were dlnhl'l a I and oilier nmnuglug memters of tho Ring stand Iho flags of Italy, Germany, .'rancr.lrclnl. and Mi: ''I.-hl''k wi respect lime decision of the that will compare with Iloitetur't Celebrated Stomach MONEY CANNOT BUY I

every fiielllly \Iii he utforded In thl) \ny nfRouinilllec the Kxciutht CoininllliH' ; the Oiauge' county a shadow of I chance ofgettitugtime much coveted a mmitxT of oilier 'foreign cUI"I'ml. where Pciiot rte National Convention; and wilt not of Outers. They soil have been weighed In the balance for Night is I'rlcclrn
not found
experience have beourecomuuniluil
wanting '
and, reception rooms I U iiilcnJi.il f'SI.lutollI'r endorsed Comcntiun wire seals In the llll'I'ulIIII. sn>cchi>i etulo lug Ihe ('lleluloll movement ant,s'ouU- by accepting the nomination made from (the Brat at gmtl medicinal But the Diamond Spectacle will Preierve

to di-coratc thu building In an nppioprlutv limn' IIJolll"III) I be held (one at Ilhllklanlllulhrr ---- '( made by Judge F. R. Furrar, lloverly HIw Yoik. or by any other nomination made ipeclllc, not at a beverage, and In spite of interested

tier and \I arc 1111.1 that nothing I H bo lift at TiX'ol, to (' operate w Uh lttiLmty) Sptakiug uf Mr. Oreele-y's 1 popularity aiuotijr Iiongliikg, 31r. Walker of WI'llwn'lolll, and out l U of the regular Dcmocralic Convention opposition from Innumerable quarters, stand, after

,undone to make buildine. atlrarllt e its w1 for the "O"IIllol of 1111.lllc! for the LcgUlu the, Irish, thc liuh 7>< 11/ says }'rllh e. othn prominent c1 ell. Every mention of Mr A Mr I Loomis, from the East, While 1 lecturing a twenty yean trial, at time lead) of all proprietary

as comfiirluble,' lure, timid either alll"l taken to secure the thorough preKsloim uf opinion thai appear In time column (ircylt-) 'a flume plhll'et the \Jest cheering. aga<' t woman suffrage al San FioucUco last medicines Intended for the prevention sod care of
j -.- oiKuiii/.atlon ol the t'UUciiH for |ikilitleRl| of the newspapers which reach us Irom cvcfyparl The meeting was prolonged two o'clock in Wedi! o.djy, was lulrrplcl by hisses Jecrj all ordinary complaints of tho stomach, Iho liver, ETF-SIGHT
|IMj'flj{ In the W.rll >huggeblvl tlmt Mr purpose., Other cuill'would do we 11 lo follow of the Vulou-.iroui limo four points of the the morning and adjourned amid the greatest from the leading leDllo sutlragists I were time bowels, and time nerves. In time uubealtby district IF YOU VALUE-

(Io..y l, if elet leI, 11 his C'ublni't ullh tie ckiunplu of 1'utuam They eauuul commence compiuik-U would appear that, in view 01 l time cuthuslusm. 1'h. kume day the Cou .nali\e I P"'in1: Hou I.aviii Meeker insisted that the ( bordering the great rivers of California, 1105totter's LENSES !

U"lorlla. the .Vi"'uri Ji'"Uill' ckcimmimmmaiire the w.rk of the 1'101'11 too' coming residential. campalgo, tho slimmost I uni State Comoutiuii relh'et (that I the delegates to off; 1m; vvutucu be compelled to leave time hall.M Btonitch Blttor may be classed si the stan PERFECT WMLM.
WO never 'lo hear of I grand, patiiolic Blrug- "HIIlul versaloleo of Irish dard one far every specIes of lutormUlcnl or remittent GUOUHD riou uniuTC CBIITAJ
when I move U umdo the co.I'emliul' .f every citizenship Is lu favor of Iwltluiorc should ( and Emily Stereos, owlC of the Jmoimsshit r. Diamond
gus to save Ole country \Illiout this ndticrublu cll"el shoul bo Invited and solicited Horace (;rl 'h' Ho may now be wild to be united support to \'lgorll.llrleut Orccley n ticket, rrajiist i: lill organ, drew a pistol on him and fever. Tim peoplo *ho Inhabit those dutrlelt, on Melted soeouut together of tUr and ltau derive their atd name.lirtUi.SeY.' TtIL'
dickering In regard to the ofllcei 1 So fur cmi we place tIme most Implicit confidence In tIme preparation < are -
ludltoU county, too, wu arc glad lo know, emphatically' ( favorite candidate of most t IrUh nomlimtea at as holding foitu the (U'hiauiKd an but was forced to put time will last many years without Cbittii
kuott, the Democrats Uu not, and will not, Inslal l"llduual alllog' -a Confidence tlml li Increased every year by ranted superior to all others la us*
? bus the work of orgaul/utiun and llll/CIK" fairest allayIng the of time |1,1"llu' : her pocket the tkal ,1mnofs'ttottoiPMiV '
on a ledge that the t bo b.10UIII clllielce 1'Jlb plOl1 blllllen the remit of iu operation. .ifiummtfumicSurid bji Ma @s&'I0
.4 nor Cabiwlahll(yin Democratic Tho the COldervlh'ol arc tOW markhalliig their for Judge ( '"tcr of 8outU 1--Carolina, speaking \1.reviving real peace wIthlu brlel re The drawIng of the jury ia the Blokes.Fik At bitten, 10-called, of time moil pernicious char .'fW'

r OlrugKtno. part of the bilf country will Inxiiit era and putting everythIng la ship bhupo for the uf the carpetbaggers|'lrp of his State .are storing Inl'grll'lo the public service,WtaulUhtng cue \8 completed last Tuesday and the trial acter, ore springing tip like fungi on every side, the CAUTION-None Genuine unless stami** wluI
coining aciloo. We expect to good things says they the States lu their leglibjute PMCedcd with. il our trade mark. tiic
..i. hC lo the puLUo hereby furcgrf tl .agtluit time dramshopsaudi throughout
Mr. tinning his\ Cabinet suit lilt considered the oil spring and si Uw of Judas CcloU For sale by genti
; upon t from Uadlbon in we know her hell } mioni. rcsrK and
Glo 1o'ol\r t writ The Democratic State t Convention of Ask for Uo blitert, ace hut the tLAiK: Jeweler
Georgia Union.
S rlews M 10 ached peoplu will do Uutr. In laboring lilt l nriot; the father'i Me, sad\ utirrfrntlnp 'ederIIYllom.lt.eriog IDlat to get (or auaimufla
lJall ttusllugII 0 lh label Optician is
o ( the etc., we correct retne her tbtl too genuine
j Republic the nomination of officers beeneallcd O Fed
V obiamtd.
I Ibo triumph of C'oDifrvall-w l&lj frm Stat they be
t olmuy
whom cia
ahln rompetMit, ux D Ihh'rol time| mnlljer'i" "c. From
d alI dUJlml (r tle (( to meet In Atlanta I this if July article li never sold .a bulks, hint In bottle Inly-only la hers empl(7ItI fJutme 05-If


S ,




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........ ___ 1If'O' .-, \) -- .... .. i -

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._ ----I__ ___ i-=--..--- I ---.' -- --- -_ 6 -
: hl Io- recent 1 located with l I it lh<* Mtnn of (Irontlwar tnJliltli 'IsIS." UK hundriil! 1 U'lcctr.l 'mil, tho owoud
Ufiictory to liimwlf, baring" CITY ADVERTISEMENTS.I .
I'j IOu mmo wIth the cborii These
: street in Now York 'ttyhere of V\I' f,1
loribian. I liitcntlon, of removing tlie etshhIhment to l'ml.. \'rn' qnil mil rich 'ui( IrhIKrl )- time weunit -
t !! |vr'''ni vi i \ ry .IA TV tm.I anff' l
main land. li ) Hut whcl the oin't! < Vt> I u> nnn l hv HIP 1\1
the 12th ,,, r.1| I I' li ,ITnon :Invnty tin n mid with the tat' ihounand iii.
nlU on
-.-- .llLY 2. 1 iI. 2 ult I'en\cl It cOII hud her t.ra anuii.il race of re, fifteen mlhtl' l betwecn ,, And now ('om. I ho Florida 'sn iln? colored! 'I mcl, me in iwo Iho lien organ bells with rang IN, and ttnnu the oC anoml '
T.t.L.ttr.tFJ.! joiuivl ; )
ilc 1 11 rlnnll.
JII.&CO.( (
I ) ( \ WILSOIN'\ )
toil nail boats i lu.1 a rowing match 1.1"" ttflvtt ort nAI.I) makes nur' nn the State Republican not in mng'e! hot In Imttrrtra .hl,1 (

boat The weather was elennt i au.l a CiHitmillet) for lu nfn action \alnl a Con- emplia.is to the song; mini when flnnlly the auilienee ,
row TI nlion. There w<\, no iuomm present accciil- lirnidc (Itwlf with the glory i ,. IhIIS.
Leon Lodge No. 5,1.0. 0. ? fine time .rrjnyfil, [ >T anal their cokes 10 the rent-
Id lImo .Qso-Mr. Gllil* had nn ri to net I .upmty JOllied
.\ >on.lenl of tl" J...k,nvi:!.. '",.,'. .'. i jug b rrmed 1 If the tho anme of "bl hU11 voice I
| the river Ue.i. j mini' the call AI"nl to n"lhlll. Tin cuulil i"rform, niul human 1..1 me. lm.i.I AIT nn'v ftii'ivinif iniitluv. I liiui': t t. ,'k .!
:Z.? Mrotlirrn uroi rl11ill.lc.I "," writing frum Welalmoa! 1',11'4 Sue says, ho\'rr. lliat the pvrty wxv aM.I., to been fairly, reached The II.hl' lit iii
i ; Ih,'''' will I* B (iiUr Meeting t tI n' Ed hopkinS for the next Oovc.lwrV.; D. Riot-: j the to niii't in I' invention nn tim.. Till against fir ilrnni of t tun tn. ll 1,11\\-| .
I : I.OW.E.: Nn 1. SI theirM (o haiti for, Lieutenant Governor mid, I II H. Hg r'ICI Simon which lime whirling' harmon e' .,0".110
''lhRl ,V",\IIflJ. Hi "o' I. ROT I) J1A U. N 0. for Congress. nor w III they ,',!le hay the rile hit! down !by the "Illl.,. I ol fie toi!,.i un.:: Mllh ;i'* ,p.... ''!'',1; i-
'!. A. .MtSK' .....'..'a'v A little ihitghtcr of Ui'n \m. Uirney, ofUalnenvil I': CuintnittciI'lnrlM 1.1 I ''iv mil'ie DRY GOODS .
nike lit* other : MIOM:
!''. ( on n garden j -"RIY1,1. \ tA"Anlml.TF
Iltl,1 Port wu- muhlonM l WllllntulUlIirock -. .
Ocklocknee'Lodge; No. 12 LO.O.F. hay one 1" TI re-
1 dRY. <1\11; the IroDl4 nearly)' thrill\! ii | on the tin ult. on bonnl HIP tug Kllitit : I'rn,,Illltiol i-rit i 1.00',. mi, ,'li '.. lll' .ofbl ;f'.h"lvtn
1-1. -0- her, :ooi. vvb'cuprodiii'cd 1'1k jti*, (rom wliiih n, June in -The itter.il ufl Vet, I tKliiitttin a ,I MI, i .\.1.1;' ,ilniiut\ mMtiliilv .
In Franklin In dill view .
Port ,, Irl'.IEI. ( of ''br Ll7
Jorw.n county nrrnred. Wmt i n c..u'
l Brethren arc reminded In the t Hall( of 101 '
; r she tiled In two dny H..I.r..IIII\c. \\liiiOi, In .
of the Sheriff: ''lhllhirtr n oilier met, ho stood L""I"I I 1"1 I In MIII\ 1 "I ld 1."I.'b. ConIII..D. 'itidln--, C"u.h. CI"II.
-- 1 ciiiwihJ I I
um is'<
f. : hIt thm will be S Ri-cntar Mfftlng ofj That of the Waldo branch ol the FlorIda "no n'r 1.11.11 Oirtlni'in, 8 ,':.!::' _4 ': j'RI.OrRl.7.1: IX>r>OB. No It, si thdrDoom. portion perfectly paralyfeil with frljrM! or IniliiTon-nco, cliowii tem| ,rally iliulnuun h'I\'r Curl ,, liil TvilIn (ho Mouth Klilnun Au t irks, '
'P.I.j. I.od n.tt PrliU; Krnln(, II *o'clockCHA8. Railroad lylnrf In .Alai-bu county was to until tIme, niurO'Tf entered a small boat ntul got Sihnr/its rend. In whlrh he .n'grcts tnmthhli- l"n of ins Ili'trl, Depm .|oa of Fplrtu. or the
1M ; E. OTRB. J* ?t. IIB have len fold by the Shctlff at Oalnr-vllle on loo for down lhi rlvrrtu' lie AccordIng tv In alen.1 Ho ,ilmite to nklrt'-'s hi* ciilllti-. Beautiful of Prints Percales Cambrics Lawns liluui: soil i hiiniirnl other Tmtitonm, for wbicbmliitiNat'
of McDowell O\'rnflrn. taking! part In the cNnwhirc. Styles Lit. Kit KF.litl.ATOK Is the b.t remi--
.: ; Tanl_ MwnmP .__-.ttIrJ._ -' yesterday to satisfy an celllnllin favor to time ( HI. tin1 killing "tt a deliberate' h.nl.. IH.fro Convention has his l'nlpaljl Iln .hes il. that bn run IE" 11410\IRID tl ,.I mildly,

Aucilla Enoampment, No.2, I. 0. 0. F. .\Callahfin. tuurilor. IIUcOk., after quarreling with Fort In its elTorti to 111' against tlrsntlmn all tho ,1&menl tftertnilljr do no,unit) helnl'n SImple quantitIes.ntllblo hit rnmpo1od.en It mj ..

-0- The Gainesville ,nupgcin that pcr "" em- Ind Inviting nMior to lI.b which lie declined North The o could, tao unll.1 IIt'ni1ue'I' huRl Hrown lf>- J Miwtings) It ls n"VU5,In every ., It bu been
servants a certificate of boarded Uir Ella, hatchet and! by lunnirlng eon.lou nl of a common nationality used for "?" 'UR4.8 hunitri l or the InOI.ntl".L
remind- ploying sholl.l require up <
:;ii PATBIAUCIH arc IIS and duties, and to accomplish from the wilt
cd tbat there "HI be s Riynltr Meeting of "*tAfCILLA _"p character. A good thing where the 1'lrlc are buried It In ForlV head knocking him ov\rboarl this it Is neccosary rlghl to lirrak Irudltionsl itarrit ri. I 1"1.11"111\ I(;n.\1 4--I l, 7-S, mul t I :8-.1 I '.hilliljN. f tho al"1'1 and ne'country TTun '

KNCAJIPVENT,No. I. tl their Lodlt') Room not known 11 l Is practiced 11101111vell1yln t and killing him mtomly The nil Three cheers were given for SrlnirVentworih / tturTOM) uf Liver Lomplalo' uc iinr.\ !nr<*
l'Arte4ere \ moved Hint the Con- I I l.ino I l.uilio mill I Miiw* Kitli-li lltwifry, and pain In the tide. Sometimes the polo m In the
'rll, "
: twit ThDTHiSy errnlnff >t o'clock. the North. white men. Irll> rl1 I't ) shoulder, tnt' I I. nilnlnken for rbcumiuiam., The
FBtSK B. PAPY. 0 P In tha iilwrnco of the editor of the (UkeCltyAniMwhich Florid mndi'nt of the uvsnnuli, /'i- Hllnllt"1011e.1 hunt A. 'wn nppoln-; ,tomsoli i I. It''et.1 with i.o" or irrxriTK and nick
A c. rer | the of the ir Convention meseVevtat itutil l
11.1 "lnlll. I ItuttoiiH : l ,
COAl E.lu.Jn.R.'rl. .oul'f I"'AI tor thirl" neil bowels In g'urnl "f.lonvilmen 1lona.
/ ( happened last 'el.kIho) reporter ftnUifan write to that paper a4 i follow "I am tlng wIth lit Tno iltian toabre| with p ,
for the cannot furnish the usual local not tiitlly pl'SKcd' with tIme political statin nf The l'hon.t, platform wns unnnimoii lyndnplcd. I dull, hf."> e"n"ldo"hlr.I"M of
Si i t memor.Acr'"I""I.,1
1'11'1' ,the ( luciiin.iil ('on- : h TI'illill 11.1 1.lil H"IIII ,. "
LOCAL AFFAIRS. items!" '. Hut perhaps the editor 'the KErrnL'i Albeit, I will taku tIme }Ih 1,1. alI 1.lnlll
: clrlolll vnttntiiuthi.. : In' 'it i uttin-i:i-m I It then lol"n .lmolblna onght to hates born done
1101 n'IKrtel are one and! I the stone perwu. clmncc, under the conviction Unit time mid clrcunmtaiKV 1,1)"rll..IIO) ,.1 I o'd'M'k Ol.n i '1'1"1 .1.1 enknen, dibllltjind low
Tin Fot'RTII-We- lirar of no arrangements To be prewnted with a thirty.eight p'lll1, all, bring at together agnin. I wi The,' lllU.tfllr. (. Cnn\i cleited i-ia tai'it met it the l cliinr->1'I:1 i : ,".tIme"ilm, ,me., m.nr other of the lime shove Tory rymptomailtrml few ofliom.
the r Ulinora und time devil Ills \lcl wn tetiiHiiury| i OLsirSTlIS OIT' I In, tin- I.IMR i1 th" most
being m dc for any klml of rclebrttlon of the tcrmclon Is ufllscll a glorious thing Support| nOlllllol. I He advised 1 com : FULL encrally organ

Glorious Old Fourtli. Tbo wcnthcr II hot and have i it conic from I bcautil\il and I ll"rllQ take thin li>' "rut, Unit nil! not. All your subscribers ID 111'ik union with another, (\.n"III'1 u l"I.kll/ menu iti.l'nhie", II. 1 ., p'r (ii'iikii h i-n' l0- mall postageti

busincM In dull,and we suppose people dou't feel% young lady la perfectly over"hehlling. 1rfl In I iw 1 pun' of Kloriiia aN for frfr.I. II'IIIIEI.I. June :7-TI.I.lkml'r..lh'l'lu I Plaid Muslins, Jacouot Cambrics, Swiss Muslins, Victoria ,pnld. !.. |I'r, I, ".1. ,i. ulv I r -i-i In 'bottletl VISt
week.Hro. Hi a I i ia to elect I Ihmocrat 1' l mill' i a'< t lur d ,nl) l">v
much like doing any thing. The boy will\ |wr- Hapy was served jml that way lout believing i Impossible a ID\Ifd. .
r to, vole Croelev: and .1. ii.iii.i: > A
Imp pop a few crackers if they ate to be Lad.- Pratt, of the Palalka / .", no longer receives and th it the election (Jrwlcy by the IVmocruts The Consultation 1II Inll Committco Ih'l Jm\I Mix-nil Lawns. Organdies Soft Finish Jaconets. Mil: II. lilt Ihrl,, ,' 4'4.bll
off will tfinoenitiit him ; and! It )' Convention received Tho memIMM Foil $.(i.E $,t.L Mil ni.l, ;>1!!
The excursion to Life Oak will\ carry n good cow tails for but be, knows 'i"1' ,a rupturou'ly \
lubwcrilliolB. .lane 1 I.
muller' Mncen him and the had eats the ptatrorm.,. 13.1)
little taco
ninny of our colored IricniH of a party at Toco! w by the w hole- KpiiNifiin. Liberal I Convention I'oimulttee agreed

CESTCRT: PLAST.--- --We,-understand- tlmt then dih.and 8 calls on the cattle dealers tu fetch in At a nii-eliiif' of time nlocklioMers, of the St.. upon Tht Kiprcr' for loyernnr anal, Chni. Hlnek for A LARGE STOCK OF C( rss: ou: .\IUTCc\< ><

their tall, which of COUJ lucy rlo win-never John's Kiiilroad, (running from Torol on tlio river l.t. (loMTiior, 11111! full Stat Ill'kelll. follows :
In a Century Plant on Mr. John Craig's place they come to town. to St. Angiuline.)held at .Taik*>nvlllo'boil week MheniN' -Oorrnmr, Secretary of $1:1t.: and
about a mile north of town which Is expected to ." lenernl la'auntramts1.t.. SPRING WATER
bloom soon. The centre stem lias already attained Henry ll'ksbl'lr. the murderer nf Ir. ('. H. the new lollrd ofDirclou was clioavn.. :. Auditor"MI.\: Tr"R lf'r. and, Clerk of time Oonrnlr.Supreme 14J DI ES, MISSUS &CJL1LD1JKN SHOES I ( ) ,
.1. Daniel \
Hkl.lmoiT John
who (from II. P. Wottrou. .
CourtThe -
0. In ...
Long county escaped
a height! twenty-dye& feet, with a number Jlek"l
It and Manning New Jerjey.- tlicn niarcliod Info the
: "
collusion Day
jail a short time since through the supposed laulca."f h'rllCIII 111111 NfcVK
of short branches, loaded with buds. These of the has been captured,! In I.au- The Illr.then ekrtcll. .'Ihlllor.: I'rrol- DcllliH, r:"IR' t'on\'nlllllllII,1( \lldeHt I'lilhUsiuim WllL1 I \ : AIM.: ori-KuiM.( vin I: I: LOW> V-H I 1'1'1."I i 'ONiiHtnc 11.\ii:I: I-'II1: I
and said to jailor, fcilo i
buds will bloom In a short time are hl'r.l'Iller. of lor ul Urll 1'r
\ ,' Lhol.llr.nl ) tprill
di'til! C'ol John (
remain In flower for from'11'0 to three months. reni county Georgia, and lodged In Jail In await W''lcol. telUral SUlril'I.1c"1 ('III"'IIIII.llllily eudnrwd limo '0111 ,11. 1.:1.: .
tie requisition of tlie Governor of lull Stale.Thn and Knirineer: Alim. R. Piiy, th< joint ctnlitro and joined hiindn' wIth' the
It Is well worth a ,14il to the place even now to "I
ire the plant. Anft'nrf days that another nample of the aud J. J. DIIIe.Treasurer The 1'nhn Mith.it n"I'lrt,Illhri'.lIpIM.rl.IIlwlh| 111..\lrl. Ni I\) !I. TiE I : TIMK TOP
the amp meeting it to Improve ( 'olmit.' tov.
\a.11"1,1 IM.I'nl Our JSttOOlS.
-,--- civility which New Yorkers receive In Jacksonville a ho ilesh-eJ lo meet oJ
CATtRI'ILLAII.-WC were treated last weekto wan seen In the knocking inwiisihlo of a time truck by relaying! It a1118111\111 IL lImo Clmiiman" of the IIK'rl1'plhlh'lll 1,1 ('IIVCI' N

the disagreeable sight of score-or so of genuine man named DePuy by couple ofrufllans the with Iron, whIch work in I to lx COOI'elrl'dlh.- tutu in the spirit in \ l.y I" ", 11.1 AJ::

cotton cattcrplllars, tho product of Tom other day.Vho saw It 1 f The nun who out any unncccssiiry ilul.iy. Locomotives suitable like Ilul. forget the things IhalllO iM-hiud -
lie has Wi" to the road: me to be purchased >o tlmt by Hiili him in common cause. Art FENCES.Wli.ilei "
Roberts' plantation. generally more or
knocked Insensible certainly "couldn't! see it, thn Chairmen of the Coinentlonn iiiUanccil andclasped GROCERJEB & .
lens of them every year but we are told that ho the connucncfinont of the full and winter travel another scene nf w'lid excitement I
Here's the way the Key West Ouiinlian put tho rood will be In duo condition. 11111. .f UtNISIIK:*.
i ill by no means alone this year as the pests have 11 cheering finutlcnlly for 01/1 l'\I'TI I! \
It' I I we arc not to support Mr. Grecley because en411I. mliiutei Thu the electoral AS USUAL IS :FULL1JnnlnirX IIIUSIIKrt, .l\. for tie ,,
appeared on several farms lu the vicinity of Centre Uncle Tom, of I'oltiinbiu 1 till \'ffl N.I'I""lf .
principles he once advocated, and! which county :)' ticket WM .referred to l'entrl( CnmmlUeea inch I It 4 J. .*. ., .....
vlllo.\ The wet weather has stimulated them, you who wish to keep dry iniisl hoist your |>,irunols and the Conventions
have been forever settled, how tho devil can we adjourned
and if it continues we may expect to hear of and keep out of leaky hound, for the dry '
and then a I L'htimhu ( XX \ X X
follow Mr. Stephens who was a whig : ,
dcdoodles of them all over the county. Some once n Union man and aCerwanU( aIcClonlsl' weather has tukeu iw exit for Long Drani.li, and! I front Ohio.C'IEM.M 11'111 A NEW STOCK

-..# of the farmers on Lake Jiickum report lice Inv demrt clouds in leaky conditions, are dally floating over, I >, Juno 2(1.( -Jinny Julegatu toTlauuaualmmy's (lirAIIIII..I., : Cnixlicil niul I 11'\1 Siiiir( ,

their cotton. all Jismoli!I hug all out-iloors which II will bo eOlvelllll. already II'f', arc alniontuuaninumi -UK
-' The supply of Ice In Pemsaoola gave out last likely to continue to. do, until tIme days and night : tr fLlcalon |tr tho Cincinnati I I I ( h TrH, (i lir-t a 1"lIlil i ty ,,
DKATR or FRENCH lit MTORi'.MT.-M. Joseph 1111,1 (1'1 |
telegraphed! to Mobile It in Photo ticket will
week and the Company
Domilaloli blevCI
Old! Hoi 1 make lit Saddles Bridles Harness
balance thulr uccoiiDta Whips
: ,
I Monot died lust Wednesday at the plantation of hours afterwards' In. but eleclorl ticket postponed ,
Mr. Oco. O. Eagle, of congestion of the bruin for 1 car 101. Tandy that four it would be sent for appcaruncu on the other lido of tlio line, unlrw till nlV'r' the adjournment of time Ilaltlmora l'ol'null"h. ( lin ""I Siuij'i"' Kultrr { Critck.i'ii, Mill. \'Iil.! &o. cfeO.
reply was Tho Liberal ,
liull favorablo \ Republican State I. !
I limo rainy prove more 'l'llml
23. He unlive of the of preocnt 8'all
aged Will a Department fall dottnri a ton I The wholesale price at Pen- than its prcclcccpson, of the last decade. Committee are IIITO for, consultation, and manv' Smhi: I Cr.vkrr11: ( '1"111 ( 'rurkeiv, .liunlilriN..-tlir"f nrfliiiron ',.,./ -AI si-
I here in France and came to this country in tho Is fl5 per ton. Tho Mail long for an opportunity prominent Lllwralu arc also) present. They will
laola Daily slioHcm and cool nlghta on cotton, after a 4.tl.L' tmd Mil NlLlW.h'ATE'1' ,
latter part of 1871. He wan a well educated, no- I cmoeruiic Convention the .
the Mo- urge Illho postponeof I I llainn I I I'lvnklV-t l I '
retaliate 1l '
to : I : iri'Kt .
her, Industrious young man, and a member ofthr. billnm. ohorbilurooflhl drouth ol forty-lour dayi ol Intensely hot weather a State t ticket till after.the llalllmoro I Convpiilion. 11 ,11, l'i : I.E 1':0,

Roman Catholic Faith His remains were In like throwing ooM water Into a hot |Pot.-| ll.ihIE4: l.1.t'FIIER.si.i .
Wen t be In terrible condition.Hero's .- June 27 The Liberal Stale
Key mu a The damngc water ill rutt Iron l1KnusI
brought to town by Mr. Eagle and :Mr. F. F. 1'801'Ilible ; ClmIIU bad another meeting. Ono DUtrlcl : r.l: s-ill ':

Simeon, and on Friday morning, after solemn of what the and tiuartlian other animals says: The annoyance tbo or steel and that or something ell is ruMting wits unrepresented. Leaning' PumoeraMexpniHed 83: Wu! will soil our Stock of Drcst Goods; at .In.1( rceelveit! annul! for ilf hvmoh I.
mass by the Rvr. Father Hugon, they were conveyed goats roaming Columbia county cotton-unt bud ad jet, but time a denim lo uouccdo ihu bupreuiu, J'IIII :
streets,is as nothing to the wmel carrion which symptom arc unfuvorable. or Sccictary ol Stale, but Ibo( ounnuuttuo dl'lledajlll.t 12 O. :1\. hLtI.1.EitATo .
to the city cemetery, and after the final

ceremonies of his church,committed to the grave. rests l Is like desecrated!a fog over with the city.the noisome Even the stench glo'Yllr.l of The Grant and Wils"l .1"lolslrllul! hud utJacksonville tluln.llonpl.any; ;,lrLillon of wero Ibo, Slato piosent' lickut'I'h.Orenle I. prices to suit the times. M

Ittijiiittrat in 1'1/<<. juiiio dajssiucc, and of which great > hunt ( ol' llu cruu.l. ('ui. .1. M'
-.- filthy slaughter'puns while the heavens are darkened things were- expected by tho Idulluil nmimijem, Toil,I was temporary chairman I llu said, they
I. O. O. F. Lt-on No. hint Tuesday .. Whew I IIi had mel Inauguraln Mm
Lodge, 5, on with blzzlll ridiculous, -! to-day tn a new 1'1'111
turned out ufior all to be a most

J evening elected the following officers for 1 reported that. Harry E 11'1, fan inerly ure. 1"1 tlinn a hundred darkies asacmbkd after fI political Literal men history could of. mutual thu .Slate upon und If''lt'.I"llnl'r.couuiiy. All Cal Early! (itt't:"""' lfnrffain; Th'e Phantom Toilet Powder

the ensuing term : of Ocala, Marlon county where was at onetime much drumming! at SI.J.II I'IJII, ,lIlt thu Inovitublo prufalion' nf, t the platform. -
., 5.' N. 0.-Clmrlei C. PeurceV engaged in tolerable decent employment Knight us were lao piiticipul t I'- -s were mmulu, t Conxeiillon nljolr P t 18 i at uiint of the, Toll" ." 'IICO tlmt no I tiily wII.r.lllo .

G. .Sec.-James E. Purdy.Rec. G. Damon.. but fell Into bad company and 1 got to swindling feILur.., IId chicll\okclll Ibel will fuw lookers, cd(to CI.KVP.IAM 2 o'clix k., June 27.--The Convention wan' I). C. \ IIOisill.. &/ Co. on "\i>nf recliitu.the (nrpn It w'Klni I 111!I ; "col''d.ly,0< "r'I"nl, i niLemeil brllllnmy -

-Henry the colored people(Rr which several indictment omu dreary njHierhilyiiig mid HOIIIO dismal howlIng 2} ii'Ci'N k this afternoon. I Hon. I Hugh J. 1u.t.smit-tir, Jnnc'J'i, 1 H70ASSORTED mil. benuty It >..-. to U ha 'Oiiipli'x'mi.'' No
P. 8.-Hugh A. 'orley. ..... ... cnl1'I'IL I laily' uliniilil, Dkl In try IU an. Mtuicai. latraimlorinlnir
were found against latin by the Grand Jury) and (from the colored ,irim" < fc .a.1 mo en- ol ninniiins, nns :'eleetcil' poiiiuincnl II. ,1"cl

I' Treai.-Samuel Qunllc. finally got elected Chief Clerk of th4.t lira ,Icnwn.lr'llon. At nl"h 1 torch-llht; procession rreHldenl. A 1 lolegrtm was rcnhcd ''roU than. C & :::,.. ,.,, ., ol benitly em-en unit' tit,huiTelhiaes.' A"slnuln> ;' .--trial iniuoo willprove
They will be regularly Installed! thin evening 1. ouot and killed In Nebraska, whither liemigrated was attempted, but the nuinliers.cre few DeiiuH'rniiu of Illinoin State Convention tutu I siiyliiff theDeiuiKTaty Its ffrait nuperlurllv ...In oilier fii"di'rniiu
by the Grand LOlIge.Oeklockonee some time lint greet 1"I'H'rot'yof" klml. K.r milo ut Ilia Iliui Sloro, |
year. Iho pine-knots\\OIJII'l burn 11,1110 rain wouldpour Instruct, her delegates tn o\
Lodge No. 12, of the same order, The Jacksonville CUIria thinks there U something down, and so the p..xes.111. speedily disappeared 11110.111,1 and striko hands with\'olf all l.llwiral I .April-:TO -----; l.l.ltii.l.- :

.. selected the following officers! to nerve the ensuing rotten about the Post-ofllce In that city, as lu the murky air and tho congenial Itepublicans, A nply, WR sent rl'cprOIIIIj' .1111w 1 872.
the and saying I II LEONAHD4
term on Friday night : Ila papers are constantly being cither utoleii, ,mislaid darkness, and that was Limo last of the find and! In otto grueling lImo largest Conventions ever held lu 2rll
Xcwstadt. ,
N. G.-Bcrthold 1 or .!destroyed. It threatens to resort t the likely to bo the only Grant demonstration In the Slate adopted a resolution aQlrmlug the Cincinnati

V. 0.-ThoniM B. Archer. Courts If the PoHtmiirttor don't play honest lu fit- Florida.On platform, and n":<|Uc'tmg thn 1'h'gal"llo
Rec. 8cc.-Felix E.: Blmcon.Trcas. Ilaltimoio: to volo for Greelcy and, Drown, Tho
.flcrmou F. Damon. fure. COle, Cheney, don't carry your political Saturday Ilt1 Attorney General Kmmous, following nominations were made: For Secretary .5. TAILOR and DRAPER
opposition so fll.W.I. on behalf of of time Internal Improvement of SlaUien.. Aiiilla Wiley of ,
| ; Judge
.. These will\ be Installed! at the next regular filed 1 bill J.
a new against ,
hint. hoIsted the Grant ling' of 1'11"\ Supremo Court J. 8. Grnnn ; at
t meeting of the Lodge. Dockray 11'01 1'. & M, ami Florida CVntrall Itailrondft, and to "''llllorll10., / A ? dcIIIII', I I hlg.
-,--- campaign over his office In Jacksonville Tho Judge! appointed, J. Grceloy Receiver and M. DoughertyIn I
i SO'JtTv.-A of tlio Mr. the Central Hoa makes Chilol \ _' ) respectfully announce lo the .
MEDICAL majority practi Courier having questioned Dockray on certain to This time tutu appointment STOCK OF "I 1111.I
-.5.- Y his urrlvil of
slog Physicians of Leon county held a meeting subjects, ho replies through the Union, for of a Ilccclvcr as follows:
J. C. Receiver ol the J. 1'. Irka.uis..
Orcelcy appointed 111'101'
in this city on Wednesday last, and organlrcd a public Information that ho was never engaged! "

'County Medical Society by the election of Jns. directly or Indirectly in the slave trade! and that &(11. li.Railroad 1'apy ,appointed by Judge Oil -ith of the Circuit.J., 1 I'. \Vn find time follotting latter lu the Ntmm'a'mui it.I .

: H. Randolph! as President and M. H Nash, !Secretary ; ho In opposed to the amalgamation id l the ritces. M. HIiroad. by Judge Whll2 Clrcllit Aiiftf of Tuesday. It makes a startling ex|>ositloii Dry Goods & SUMMER I

and Treasurer. After the appointment of We wonder t J. Florida of the slate of affairs In Arkansas undercut SPItNG

Coutrl Railroad, bv Judge Wlicaton-4th pet bagger rule, mid details a moat
committee and Constitution '
a to prepare report a Tho Pcnsacolii terprtm desires I fusion of all rCllrlablo'riellf

.: and By-Laws to tho next meeting the Society parties In Kscambta county In the election of J. M. linker, appointed River of the J.. P. arrangement" for keeping Ihel tidven-

., adjourned to meet_ngaia on the 10th of July, State Senator and members of thin Amenably this &.M. Railroad, by Judge 3J Circuit.: till' rs 'in (KIWI'r lu that uuforluualo( Slate.I'ocAHONTAH N --

when Ills hoped! thai those physicians w ho have fall A commendable desire I friend Row. C. tlrceley, appointed Receiver of the Florida Randolph! Co., Ark., I (IOI
very Juno fith ','.
Central Railroad Whmoaton4thCircuit.Jiwkaonrdle 18? |
by Judge I
not joined n ill attend and 1 allow their namesto "
I yet Icy, and H Is to be hoped that you may thin year Union, 23
be enrolled. succeed In sending over a good, honest representation Tho Union Is mistaken u to the hut appoint millea Groceries t

The physicians of each county are earnestly to the Legislature. I ment. Our Information Is that Mr. Grceley was ILL late cull your attention 10 time hcctiutt 4Cimimsist
requested to organize County Societies as early of Arkansas. Her laivs, slnco recousliuition
as practicable, so that a Slate organization may Judging from (Ihe frequency with which than appointed! Receiver for .the wholo line of _road! make limo Governor thlIIO ho ap- 'log "hlr1 I ,'

Lake City n.ral attributes qlolatool from the from Jacksonville to ChattahoocLccTin points and removes registrars! at 111 ,
be perfected and! a representation secured In Die \ I
editorial columns of tho Tribune to Mr. Grccley -- -- .. In- i an sit any registration aside alter! having been JUST RECEIVED BYw. .;I1'
next meeting of the Medical Association of the mini', he refuse to accept time result of thu .\ ,..
ell ,
we suppose that the editors are not aware ol the Peace *
United Slates. 10"0. .blee. cl< < lion lu any county wheru the judges of election
Great good can und 110 doubt will\ be accomplished fact that Mr. Orcoloy retired from the editorial A correnpondent of Iho I' control of that paper soon after his nomination Ilerelelrll shaking amiunt of the grand Is lit fit was trainlulciit.. His registrars ,
by bringing the physicians) of Iho State 11'0 re R. 1wii4arr.
tcrrillc hulliilmlliK In tIme }
at Cincinnati, and! has since had nothing whatever 01 great ala,.utaiabio to no tribunal' save himself tor wioiigUoiiih' :
$ together, encouraging au interchange of opinion, lolleul huldlug. .. Tin-no registrars appoint' limo Judges and ,
do with
and increasing their knowledge of the topography to its conduct.Mr. low harmony sweet melody can result cl-! iki election. Ho county liidg- Ami the limit liihrlcM tint world con boilt'which I

, of the different sections of the Slate and the J. C. Miller, of Lake City, was fined! ft frol clanhtng itrpkei of in hundred anvl <.- mil they district afll'llll1 they ITea. mn' |iri',|>areil. .. to make up In nnler at tbt mom
and costs last week the time braying of trmplB salvos of from Il.rt'gistnumri can act or not net nn suits (them .,. '
diseases! peculiar lo each. by Mayor of that ; 4 ? } '
I'WI w hole human voices shouting .1 i IH wholly tu .JJ
for the hatLep. \ tliey may register _ "
rlul H'
-- using following threatening language to a like lain, concatenation of cymbals, torn ,. ui\ 1 a 14. / .

Take Simmons' Liver Regulator regularly enjoy small colored boy 1 ho had been setting dogs on I loins, and every other diabolical contrivance ever 1 la- rejihleratdl( .-rcllou.! rcfl.lul whom they htSiS4h: HIM: l'ill4'Iit.:

health yourself and! give gratification tliimu his hogs: "You Infernal little scamp; If youdont invented! to male a oOl I more than this lover p.i I It I I cili/el$ (eels a ha, /has the
about you. I will wllh.I I of sweet cal comprhend How 'the gi.ti' >.'lit' privilege' of apwuling| direct lo thin Hupi.ii I.-,
stop beating my whip you mighty! sounds of the j : .
ear > Court of time Stain which holiU I.'
1 two
You will have cause to bll'll8lhe day you heard. lu an Inch of life' Tho treasury uiunt Imvo with wit- IIt'iOOflS.; -
your blow_ well bo .
realized however Limit In -
stfong may si a i- i year at SI'ltf government, whero, his Illi.rUluu (guarul..d DVITV 11.31" i i..
nf Simmons' Liver Regulator.NTATI1 been very empty and somebody suflurluif. and the only 'onde is that all of Ule human i !0'' might be reached In twenty-ono yean! lull Hi, he.l workmen ,1I
drums "II"yed;
were entirely stove In eternal Mtei" ihu rolls are' taken the ui
Thu Key \Vu.l DiiMUh buys : "lile.allolIn. Icuniess Ibo result. Il. an privately and Ithout nolloe. strike Angola "'llllol (a tic is' Fhiinol: fur, NmjiurrV" <>nr,)

ITEYH4.fr : .! watermelons aro the leading! : lt Now let tho Heathen Chlnro throw up the inmimo' ) )they choono ; and there l I. .
daily! auctions. Thousands change hands everyday sK>ugo lu favor of tills Boston"I Jamboree and 1"1.' in 101''llhel' I or to make IhelufmhJ If Full Lino 1,1 1)oiiPula.hito I Jllark 't Aliwni| ((1/111'1 I / t I initial,) -- .- -
forever hold .
The Qiianiiiin IK out and out for hi pR on the racket" 'iiucatlon (Ihi"- wtu"l only mtiauhlanuuchtisn th"" II,, -
tho former 12
Grecley.A : averaging and! the latter 2o Hut let Dr. )
: a, I t ,i',\s on ltd 'luce, Inleudi'd( to bit i.fllll' I ha"sly and Drawer l L IOU, (immnfurturud,I eta|>n>Nhly l fur (..iirpijii1' : "').)
Greelcy club has been organized at Key cents. Also that the "Sponge ve&M-ls arc returning 1'hl wildcat joy scl.lo prevai, at a man i 11., Ihl: tIII1uM! still give U.h'vllt< / 1:11\

West. Into port with full cargoes. The season slowly the wClldl bows his to limo way waving and, au'ending lr"! u .V:,.r($ )llujlrly. Truly yount. New Stylo JJliick ami) Wliito llltl DIII''null'H.' : I h:ive eiireil the I.t Ir. ol
&tlnd shouting midirnce. -
Gov. Reed! addressed! the citizens ofOuilll'8YI b been unusually Quo for this business, which His J. H!UI.

on lust Saturday. addH not a small Item t our commercial. proi<|>erA JOIIAh.N BTIAt1 -.. Snkli, I Hat utiil. 'riullilll 1 Kililxnm 1 (from | incl to 7 i inclirit' wi
Ily." the w altz-klug. lie U to direct one of his most A romuiiiii" : nmrrlugo occurred ut Clevelaiul, .. r .'
Chan. Varnum son of Adj. den. Varnum, has JncksonvUllan named Weston Invited beautiful productions: "On the blue ) (''itt''', lint weik, the jusartlia LI which had never; ) Dialling, Lace alit, 1'earl iJmtoni, Jllll'n'wk' (Jauntli'is,,
p graduated at West Point, standing 13 In a class of recently When the clamor has subsIded ho takes up" ti 'I' tu' li other until/ au hour heforu time cvremoi An 01"0 wull-kuoHu Muri.'liiini'-Tulliirof"iW"'elm),
59 Miles Price and Joe Haddock lo a conference violin and time muslo begins. Wo all kuow look This novel alUIr I and Colored Milks Now who be foiinilnt |
this )\ plate was luoutM' Ihe1 fanning Styli I JrcHH) elll itlwnjm my Hmrv |g-ucpatuaih|' (
at his house to arrange a mailer.- waltz, with lu lls iii.uiii. i by proprietor of a tashiuemihailmlisimnmmaum. IIIU"II
Hon. 0. B.Hart I Is proposed u money coy Il'alurc 11'llng, sentimental 1 I lures his, 'n u mi'ruin 'll'lcud 'uuil IVjriin-r |I'"LI'IU. ,
Republican candidate During the negotiations the parties to quarreling strains, and a of mad tu M lioiu the W"III IpplNllur (It, and who p loous i tutu ('orNPtH, other arliclcH ton inr>n1iioii, _.' <' > "i
for Governor. Nominations are still In aud the guests led the house, S pleasure. Hut noaucmmn conceive how It njundi ulvIIHr I ,h t" marry flIO workmen who 1\le Illnl'rOll110 r1haammi.rsul for put i I In"I, I lior', 'lj ,r-
order 1IIII'ro with Strauss leading. Hu I is lull of uiiignutism, \\ 'n /matrimonially Inclined limit leo wait attention to hu.|ii I ''.,rit iiiiilinii.iuru! ii r
: ceeded but a short distance when Weston fired full of vitality. Now ho stands! taco to tlio auili- I iik-; i In twenty niinulellhry wcro engaged, I
Waldo! boasts having had fine ripe peacheson both barrels of a shot-tun at them slightly dice, drawing his how ovir the mIlan In u crisp' i -id,I t ,ithln one tl'lr, from limo tlnm iho woman -. . | "
the first of June. We didn't have I peaches wounding Mr. Price la the thigh. lie was ax- nuiuner, amid In tlio same movement he lil'l} 'entered, the Mlnr., the twain were 1'1' --- IlhUII'lh'III'U"I.

then, but we had! dewbcrriei. rented a charge of assault with Intent whirled aiound Ilal time with how extcndid -S- ,' ,, : :
on murder
, t like, a sword In orlle'IM. adds I'lnplmns by I\Inhigan' it short limit ago, as couplo who UoI I
During the' last Ova months Mr. Crowell ot and! bound .,
over I-I.
swiiiKing his flddle up down his luau, b-in lauly divortiil flout at a railway sin- April. ( 1
Jacksonville! Las shipped to Boston one thousand Ocala has been thrown Into great consternation hand, aud at last t brings oUt breath by holding >\loii ,111 that woman tried to indium tutu man tnink (; ROCIIMIS.Fulton ; ; --
bow across and thus time Whilo nlwlwot I II" .
four rcfusid
hundred and ninety alligator nklus. keeping wstih- r.lil.I. oln.I'III.
on account of tho re.ptlo by one of the townsmen lug him the waltz has slid Into a new measure, a and, he tho r/a'"r.' the 'I'i UUHIllL'I'CLOTIIXG
Crooking the pregnant hinges of the Liull of a letter one of those Jew York and thcie he U again Jdllflic away \llerlyIr 'a'N and. the both went Iheii way 01 and lift plut- Maikct fleet, Slgfrolro.Sniokfil HIT!', .

that thrift may follow farming.!" triumphantly) cheats who sells sawd'ost for queer. Banner loudly, or In short crU|> token 11,1, I BAZAAII\

exclnimi the / raid. Wonder that's. Jay r calls lustily for the de\cIIVe'I Shucks, man, I Jerked up /iHiint ol his bow admonishing thu ft ..6' .._ ___ i I'icklnd Trijio Itologna haiiKti o, Su/. 'ir-ciiri'd I H.IIIK: .
T ell lrl. .then hunting hi. body In the fT,rm a ;-?TDr Pl re(>'-, Golden Medient plirovpry!
A colored man named Jacob Lowe was recently scores of them wore received In this vicinity I ic-noii waltzing ; anil once omen roun.j. .<|hi l not ratio time tul\l. but I It will 'bnnellt and, liorinudu Onions, Lvrnoim, CrHrki-rx, Sllill'H.: .
bound over to the Circuit Court by a Key yean ago, and so much has been lid and 1 written and twinging time almighty bow up whlULj' as the, ''luauthu livniu; tCr IIIOV'COlIhI, Throat f''cll

West Justice for severely beating his son.Hardee country about was the thoroughly humbug that advised we thought of lu Ibo nature.whole sentiment"ma man,of 1 the Itli music 1lglsl reiiulres side hUkcri( He and I.mous handH an>l HrojK 'hial ,I.: I IC' iii t>>pial.ed I'hints' and XXX Flour' Hacol Sldon, and, Hlloul.lcrl, Ltin!, *o., l ., k('. Spring and Summer Goods.

thinks the Capital
Florida should .
tache clipped Ind a pleatuut German countcuance ---
be at Jacksonville. Can't he I Hurry up and 1 build yon' railroad and then 10Uwon'l The ( .
work up hit "con- greatest rapture 'nn vibibltcd at 1..IP.TIP)0 i Ctamr Invalid readir, If sout" --- ,- -
cu' on" so as to remove the OapiWl down! he so far behInd.Thu the concluilon .I waltz, and [Poll' on Ilalof ''III vnoiigli /put yourseltoutmmtde of any ------_-_- .- --- --- -
I forced lls ofilie mark buttes h1t'itKlhiSf I. )Just from New York with .1
'' colored of Lake rcx'iition| ) It enifd If guuisnloed tocoutaiu dlf. J
thereAfter young men City hart
organized D
,. time excitement would bunt. all bounds Hut.lo 'i.i'. ,ive Ilhlulall" you will inevitably lo p lirgd total a1 li-k'tleJ tock ul .
swindling a colored man out ol I a debuting club. Th first aclec lion oft bore are the red.shlrtcd Urvmen phtslciaua If CIO
|\), (to to nc any prepa
raise which: ho had to mortgage his little property subject was very happy one at follows :- anvib Wonderfully correct, with immense pow. 1111. destitute of itlmulallng l.rlllrll., In THE GEM PRESERVING JAR AND JELLY TUMBLERS I Ready-Made Clothing !

,! "the Gypsies have taken their departure i I Which Is the mot ullaet, tine Lawyeror I II ad mighty rverbratoOI. IhuOIUSD worthy' of all the name of a tonic lie will tell you. (hOODS I Iou.I.lill
Shun such
I the Carpenter of the meetIng A>TIL CHOHlH no. nauseous catthixmolos. PLANTATION OFFERED AT : : lmCI
(from Jacionhlie'There rrildol1 Urmim, limo uiubt wholcsomelnvlgurant I.OVS'r
being a carpenter by trade declared that the I produced as two years ago,0/1110 no much greater lu the world, owes the with rnJF (' lat l.o. J'lolb. of I Colon fui'tlol. ,
and ball rapidity .
Ia to be a grand plc-nlc at the volume as twenty voices whll ike.lu
.fellow what pushes the plane am Ui, moatwtUKniUisiiit. greater II the dborli-rsxl, sod Illulloo.I..ln"l.
upper SuwanoM: Springs oa Thursday pest, 4th ." A 'ipertauoa would douLk than rand.ten Tho At sounds the repetition U was IndCfbLly ellc to the 1"'lUlh agent which L conveys 111.Lere llu' Order lu Ilif ..ul... Ml irs.
I seemed -
Ito ( to ---fl- -- -
Inat Th. whole of Lake and
City surrounding lets in their rebate. tine columns and beat against the ot-Uinc l iu mcdieinal ingredients tu the seat of Lho complaint. -
country b expected to participate. I Iprov'thel 8 111 while the people shook in the blast of aD waUl T kit agent U Unit spirit of the sugar cane

4e The Guardian of Key Want says thai lbs colored : Pm.The century plant taken Nona from Jacksonville melody.rendition of Not the less strong. but far 1111"8 the' the ties most of alcohoL nutrlUoiis The amid mudkinat agreesiuhu! iugrodicau of all line of varl-the r.To my ciixtoiiierii !le the [mblio generally I woulJ! nay lliut my Stotk Hill Gentemen's Furnishing Goods !

men of that !Band, though somewhat divided by.W. 8. Dodge tome time sloe had not "no Hitters, valuable as Ihuy are, would b comparatively '.ti'. Ac..

in sentiment at present, will no doubt vote blml at hut account Tho stem lied attain 'came the it TUK conclusion WITXKM In oy one oCI"LoTh' of food They'would ustlew hrmenl without and this d"lrbuLv,bl-u always coni.ar, favorably" with any Ito1 in the market tn VARIETY, qtTAMTV la Ile.1 varlely .mud In scary Ilyle l wUlib la sill
for Brown.
unanimously Grecley and k height of (Jit. wliu wo I j t.1 bO fur health, of the horrible compounds 0'O SELL CHEAP FOR CASH,
c 1ln'ymDI
t.enty.lv el ana
The publication of the Owinttanwlll be continuo ', branches from t.elv&eighteen thJy and MiBEJJ MT you, TO THEE." [drags In 1 state of fermentation which humbug CUEPNE. Air clatiDg ftilly tbe ptuto of thin poopl I iliall always ail to

d at Key' Wrst. tbt proprietor for reason< sat2kJ- four thon
n April.', ""1-11 I I'HKIth1 \

.c' __ _, _

: < ):': < -

-, r. -
--- ,
l. : l t.1', I -_ ? a

...... .

11 r '

II ... "'-- -- .
--- -
-iii I---- '-
_J _- 1..1' :: d L. rii---: :=r ( --1' f -- .
-- --
= -- -= -' = ----- - '
-- : ::'
Railroads Steamships &c Miscellaneous. City Advertisements.NOT .
JACKSONVILLE ADVERTISEMENT. Miscellaneous ( I Miscellaneous.

I .. __
V. .-' -:-_"::: '- ::='- =..- ...._- -. .

WHOLESALE AND RETAIL MEROHANTS. .f A*. K I'.HOOlIf( ; J Ro. IIF FLOKIPA.jtrfnrmf' Jacksonville ?Pensacola! & Mobile MYERS & GORMANAre RECONSTRUCTED I IrpnE I' Rs R. R.

: CNnF.nMONEn I H not racily

-' -. MALLOY, VAN OLEEF & CO RAIL ROAD CO. sos opening large and well assorted< of lCee-on."n.J. VoXSTJtlTltD lVnthr blrasclf,.but, i'loretc. I ho, R&A RADWAY'S READY RELIEF

"ur"rTl'nr.n' A"I' IVronTPn' 0' < ItEM: Till MOUNT, ,
WATCHES nt shortest notice

ARE YOU SUFFICIENTLY SUPPLIED WITH DRY GOODS ? Hats Caps Furs Straw GoudsUmbrellas s M.... "f Uf"tlbop In the Tclcirrapb- OIUcc.U. In from l)n.. to .I." rnlr 1'n.t' :
N. Ill HIIU ''.
O ANt AFTER IIC DAT. JI'NE 1.1.. I HT2, Fin.o ro'VVoJ.ry, kuii-ft:! IFtIJAMES
Trains will run as follows NOT ONE HOUR
& Parasols. -- -

IVscngnr Train East\ (daily for Savannah : ANDFANCY After rending: I iv
J [ J. YOKU[ mem need
II" nnd ISO II rood nay, .%rw ork.r. with ant one tuff. ,
THE FIRM OFFURCIIGOTT and ..fsukflonvillp.LtaveChMuhoochre pal 11. It! AH'U .d) ilillef( |Ic (t a.0
n. 11141.\.01', 'J >*'i'-irr.f. i w V..HOTI TOI GOODS forest) f-.1111 H tile first and
: 1 1.11P.M. BOOK-BINDER
dee 19, 'TllyTHOS. Lca\e Onlniy'H', : ; ". Is the Only "Pain Renedy"IN
'fallahamet. K11 > off old and ShIvSr
"',,. .:"p'i'.tiliMIiEI' : ",... 1.t.nonU'.cllo.. .......... .. .. U.W \J Watches of English, Swiss, -AI'D-! .iiis instantly lnflamtoatlonsand stole the,most "Irllelllllnl: i .ill'
.. Leave ) ., P.III": and American tuunuluciure. Blank Book Manufacturer mr"l"'III1r'II; ,is "h, cli.:
H. DROOME, Arlve.18av.nnllb.. .... ... .. .. 10.00 A. M. I, IMndenme ctt" of Conl and lout Jewclrv for er or the Lungs, Stoin..h lIowel., nr nUwr stand,
OFFER AT THEIR TRADE PALACE, BAY STREET, I U lit Savannah, 430P.M.LcavcUkeClty I. Ladles and Mls<*. -- or orjall', b1 Otis sp3Ilcstl'rn.IN \ \ .
nrnr.txi .. 4MA.M. I' L.dles4id Chataloln and Opera Chalna.Uents ; KULEiTTOANT: PATTERN. JOCR- FROM ONE TO TWiST1l'U
I Lnve Baldwin..:. ..... Sit? .' Gold Vest Chains. PAPER \; :$
A. M. BININGER & Books Books and No
CO. Ledger, Day matter how violent
Great Inducements and Positive Bargains Arrive% Jacksonville.... too Gold Sleeyc Button and Studs, Intent Ktylc" Dockets made to order. Music BOOKS and Mag*. RUKfMATIU: Bed-rldden or Mcrnrlailor, loOrm. till Biln'' tho
\f''OIIU.\ .nouuLI! IALrJlJ i Seal Kinjcs, Ladles lUngs( (with handsome Delta) Ser.
.. .Piusonger Train West for Savanhali and Coin Rlnira. tinea bound In any style tons, Nenralglr, or prostrated with disuse, may
style.PartlcnlarattentlonnlventorcpalrlngPhotonaph suffer
--- ---- ies WMskies Ks Gins &e and Cbftttalioochcc. Oold I'lf'<'tocltll and Eye Cllan. .
ran ( ; Oold Necklaces, Lockets, Charms, Collar Buttons n/ n'\"AW'" RE.tDW
; WI' |>ow minimal ftcilitieii' in the tmrclia-c of jpvK ntid run tlirroforc !cellcorwpontlingly Ltite J.f kionrlllc.. /All P. V.LcareBoldwlB f. Gold Thimbles, Vest Hooks, Bosom Pins, Office In Claw "riot-Minn" Hnlldlnir.Teb. nELUF:
IS Hfmrrr Htrrtt, ::01. I'. 787 Bade| Pins Far Rings, Oold Pens and Pencils, .95, 186'. 30IEIIC.tI. WILL AFFORD INSTANT EASE
low. ..I J BOLE PROpniF.TORS! IMPOUTERS OF BI.VI.V. l. aveLakeClty. V.ltQ Gents Bosom Pins, Belts of Genuine Shell Jewelry Inflammation. cube Kidneys,
Arrive tevannta! ..... .... .. .... 10 .. I.ER'S OLD U' IOS DOCK GIN. and Bracelets Jet and Horn setta, l'urI8IcoT' Buttons : : : OTK'K.: Indamw.Uon of the B1.dd..
-- -- No, Z'I,'71 11-1, Leave ". 430 P. M. and Sltui. InflammatIon of the Bowe,
leavc /SWA.( I. -0- .lIol1
LA.TE AR.R.XV ALa Leave Montieello.... .... .... ...... .. 74J Sore Throat, Difficult BrcaVh.. Orlllr Ll1nJf.
I IntllPU rl'l1WA'I. AL! IL r.n'JaVOR.' leave Tallabaaaee... ... ...... ....... n.U >' Silver Ware.Table Drs. J, H. & A. L. RANDOLPH Palpitation of
tiDe I'laidlaah Ribbon only r ic. i I Choice Maraelllr* only I !!9,25 i and :H.V. Leave '. ll.M the Heart,
Splendid 4-4 Cambric Shirting only 1P,<, 1 ..ullftJll.h1ht; Summer 811k only We.i JOSEPH FINEGAN & CO, Arrive at Chattahoocher. .. .. 13.87 and Dessert Forki and A HE ASSOCIATED! IN TilE PRACTICE OF hysterIcs, Croup, Diphtheria' ,
Loadsdale 4 4 Bleached Shlrtinf only II"*. Fine Cheeked Summer Silk only A..... Spoons, Medicine. *'*"*' Iufluc",
i .
Holland Colored Lawns only ISe. Flowered Grenadines only lOc. COTTON FACTORS Trnin to St. Marks, (Tltf'litl/lJ'II./ Thnrs- Tea Spoonii, Butter Knives, Napkin Rings( r.frOrrlu In the Monroe House. He.lacueTootnacue; ,
Fine 4 4 Fircslr oily 18 and BOo-brtl. Bilk Striped Grenadines, only% tff.Coal's Cups,Salt and Milliard Spoon' Cake Knives, Cl Neuralgia, Rbellll1'U.1II.
nnulne Plait Trench Lawns only anr. Bi..t Cotton fonr 11>001. fur'J.V. -AID- days! and Satnnln.vs./ ) Pie Knives, Pickle Knives and Forki, July Cold Cbll.. .Agusdtllla.;

Si.lndld 4 4 Grass Linen only 28c.ralr Finest Summer Kids ont II.M. and tl.oO. Leave Tallabarscr . .. .. . .... \I toO A. Al. Cream Udlcs, Jelly end Sugar Spoons, Ai:, The application of the READY RELIEF to iL
Quality Iron Grenadine only Si.... Mos<|iilln Ncti, U bile 'A:\.,; Blue 1.>r, Pink tl.4WI) COMMISSION MERCHANTS Arrive at St. ,. 11.20 Dr. John S. Bond part or parts where the pain or diOlculty niSI will
Rral Fine lUk.lron Grenadine, only ILOO. 4-4 Banddy (*hlrtinif only 101 ,-. Leave 8t. .. ISO P. M. Silver Plated Ware. afford ease and comfort.
Mn down Llnea Towels only Ll2. 1 Brown and F.nrI.lnrn only Cfl, *> And :>... hay ftlrref, Nnranssnli, tin, Arrlvr at Talhniuwrf . .. .. .... .. 3.50 contlnne the practice of Medicine In Tal. Twenty drop in half tumbler of waterwill In
ino Fine Damask Towels! only! M' 00. Latent siIf! of Laer ('oIInr. only 1O.Chambrs"y Juno 11 F. It. Receiver. WILL I a fow moments cure CRAMPS, SPASMS!!, SOUR
---0----- BAPr his
I and rlclnltr. onici-
Turkey Krd 84 Table Damask .. Tallin and Donocrt Spoons, residence
only 'l.V. > A nreJ| Collar; only Ilk STOMACH HEARTBURN SICK IIBAftACIlF
I),ma.k IHlIGly(0.: I Searsnekcr Plrlpca, from Iflc. LIBERAL: ADVANCES MADE ON PP.ODUCK: -- -- ---- Forks and Tea Spoons, in rear of the old Post Olficc.NOT. DIARRHOEA DYBENTERy: WIND W
up.tVOrlcn to us or to nnr correspondent In Atlantic and Gulf Rail Road. Salt and Mustard Spoons, 111, lG: #). 18 THE BOWELS: and all INTERNAL PAINS; .
: win receive New York or Liverpool Butler Knives, Castors, --- --
prompt attention fionds nrrrtlinit Ten lolhr* Kill)> forwinlril frfr Travelers should always carry: bottle of Undo
Samples "'nt. C.UaI* lh popular TRADE: PAI.ACP -ALSO- -- Waltera Cake Baskets DAvID S. VAI.KEB. noi.l.iNO< nAlir.1I. way'* Heady nellrf with them. A few

Airrnlo for HIP Celelinted: Brown Cotton, Gin' Butter Dishes,Cur8. IUI8.h WALKER & BAKER drops' In water will prevent sickness or pains' from
FURCHGOTT BENEDICT & CO. lirdcm. for the. above (tin 11'11rerrl\ ,prompt nltentlnn. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. chanao of water. It Is better than French Brandy
Hcpt' I'J 6-fimJAVE4 ,\'.ATTOIOI'.IM: : "" COI': !HRI.I.OIINAT "" or Hitters on "olllllulonl.FEVER .
Junrll) Rrld. : ew Hrlrk ...oe-". nn.r "Htrrfl" ..""....on'Illf'. fin j6i... ;:.c Table and Pocket Cutlery. .. %"',
; .
"11<. n. 010. 'II'. WOTT. f.F.SF.RAL stTIRINTE:<1DENT'S OFFICE, \lu1' on baud tt well assorted TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA.
ATLANTIC A GULF B B. VSATANlUn AND< AGUE: cured for fifty cents. ThenIs -
COMPANY Mock of Pocket
--.- genuine English
"1 KIRKSEY & SCOTTr JUUOIJ,1S7A ) tullcry' ( Woetcoholn'1'and TILL practice In the Seth rol and Supreme! not a remedial agent; In this world that will cure
W Conns and, In all other Courts In Uku
rulrf.IAted Fever and
I ; Agne, and all other Malarious, BilIous
/ \N and ,... ; Passenger .: their servIces be required. [Sov 2", 71-1,
CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. Kfttrj'f Block, Bar .t savannah, 0.. \Jt>n this road 11'11rUII.I\ follows --- may SrarlrlbTlphOld. Yellow, and other Fevers (aIded
AL80Talileaud -- -- --- -
FILLS) so quick es RADWAY'D
FACTORS EXPRESS PASSENGER. Dcs.crt Knl'vcn,(with nnil wIthout forks, A I. TEBLIB. OEO. P. HA! ET.IMII.IR READY RELIEF. Fifty cents per bottle.
==-==- ) .. ... .. .... . ..
---- Leavefevannah... .. .. .1>::1111 nt.. i.lWP. M. Scissors and Shears.Musical.
AND GENERAL COMMISSION Arrive "_np.... .. . 7.40 : : A., n.r.: .
FR SHSARIENt Arrive UBalnbridge.Arrive .. .. .. 7.15 A. M. Attorney nt l.nw,
-AKD- at Albany.... ... ... .. 905 Instruments. TALLAHASSEE FLA. HEALTHMJEAUTYllStrong r I !
Arrive at Live Oak.. .. ... .. .. .. 8.50 ..
SHIPPING MERCHANTS. Leave Live Oak......... .. II ... 11.80P.M. Ouilnri, Violins, Banjos Tnmbourlnca PROMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO BUSINESS: and Pure Rich Blood-Increase nf Flesh a't,
f 0WE 1.cave Albany... .... .. .. 0'' .... C..SO '. Flutes, Flfca, Flageolets Music Supreme and Circuit; Courts of Ibo State Weight-Clear Skin and Beautiful Complexion
respectfully solicit consignments of Cotton Leave Balnbrldge.... ... .. .. .. OM Hoioa. Violin Bows, Pcgi, '. and< In the U. 8. Circuit and District Courts; for the secured to all.
and Produce either for Immediate or future r.eA\'eJu.OI1p...... ... . .s .. .. 0 SO A. M. Bridges Rosin, &c. Nortlcrn District of Florida.Kjr .
tale-nuking liberal cull advances so tbe eame. Arrive Savannah..... .... .. 10.00 A largo assortment of very Sac Guitar and v In Ofllce on first floor State Batik.
SEEDl .:Returns promptly made. w* VC.. 'f ..i-, *,. Connect Live Oak with trains on the Jacksonville Strings. March 14, 1871 !'i-tf) Dr. RADWAY'SSARSAPARILUAN
: ----- --- --- --- -
Birtaa TO-The Merchant National) &&k., The I I'cnstcola & Mobile Railroad for Jacksonvilleand
Savannah!! Bank and Trust Company. Tallaliaasee.;: Guns and Pistols.Laminated HAMI: "ii. J. OIGLAM; INSOLVENT !

Anll/ll: .4-8m No change of con between Savannah and AIII.n,. Attorney at Lnw.
'- .---- --- - Close connection at Albany with train on Month Steel and Stnbh TIlL PRACTICE IN TilE CIRCVIT: AND SIT- Has made the most astonishing cares; so quick so
----- extern Railroad. WILL Court of the State and In the Federal rapid ore the changes; the body undergoes
THEtgIUITABtE Bleeping car on this train. GUNS Conrt. Office In the Marino Bank Building. under the Influence of this truly
Passengers for Brunswick take this ',aln. Pistol .>f every variety, Cnrtrlik'e/ *, TAIXABAMIZ, Nov.:S4, ''tw.: 103Vt. wonderful Medicine,thu

'VVarrantec.1: : Qi'cwt1.' or 1O7 MACON PASSENGER. flame Sage, English and Aiucrlcanl I'terjr: nay an lairrraM !. Srl..h a.d
Powder Klaska
,. r ( ( / \ Leave Savannah (Snndays exeepteil)..., 4 (10 A. M. Wad, Olin Tnbea and, Wrenches Pouelics, Kley'e Flask and CapJ.Ouo l'nuchSprings : : S. ELB.XN "Weight Meets amd .'el&.

Arrive nt Jesup' (Sundays excepted).. .. 7IX: Ram Rod Heads and Screws, Gun Ilaranirrs THE
.-... Arrive at Macon (Sundays excepted).... /5.90: P. M. Coromandcl Rods and all kinds of Una ma.Serial. AUCTIONEER, .
Leave Macon (Sundays excepted).... .. 8.M: A. M. .
IN LIFEASSURANCE I Leave Jesnp (Sundays ....... tl.OO P. 11. Tallahassee Florida drop of the 8ARSAPARILLIAN! RESOL
Arrive& BaTaonah! 11.80
pleasure ofoflcrlng to mj friends! rIa.toman.1Id the public rrnerally, n supplv of GARDEN SEED for (Sundays excepted: ) OFFERS his services to the pnblle. floods con Urine and other fluids and Juices of the system Ibo
Pall Planting, comprising Connect Macon with trains on Macon and We.tcrn ,FANCY GOODS to him will\ be sold to the best ndvantngo vigor of life, for It repairs lbs wastes of the body
part SOCIETY and South Western Railroads. ] and prompt set&lotnentsmatlo. Jan 3U-tf with new und sound material Scrofula, Syphilis,
___ _
Consumption' Glandular disease" Ulcers: In the
50 lbs. American Rnta Baga Turnip Seed Iy Freight Accommodation will leave Savannah Work Boxes, Work Baekcts Bridal and Party Faui, "CHARLES throat Mouth. Tumors, Nodes In the Glands and
20 lbs. Red OF TilE Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.85 A. M.; Fine Russia Leather Porte-Monaics, Meer. P. COOPER, other parts of Ibo system, Sore Eyes, Strumorous
p Top Strap Leaf.U arrive same days at (0.40 P. M. schanm PIpes.Bobemlan Toilet Setts discharges from the Ears.snd:: the worst forms of
U II. B. IIAINE8. and Vases Walking;C.ool.lll1r ATTORNEY AT LAW Skin diseases, Eruptions, Fever Sores, Scald Head,
40 Ibs. Large White Norfolk UNITED STATES. Juno 3.1 General Superintendent., Brushes, Tooth Brushes OFFICE IN LEDWITU'S BLOCK, Ring Worm, Salt Khcum, Erysipelas, Acne Black
.. Dressing; Combs Mirrors iu Ibo Flesh, Tumors,Cancers In the
25. Ibs. Large Hat Dutch Karora,Strops, BAY STREET JACKSONVILLE; FLORIDA. 8Pol.LWorlD., weakcnln: aDd painful discharges,
>- FLORDA RAIL ROAD. I &c., Ito., otc. p Night Sweats, Loss of Sperm and all wastes of the
Larg Late Drumhead Cabbage life principle are within the curative range of this

WM. ALEXANDER ... ..... ... .PHMIDINT.IIEXKY .. 'u' ....-.. ....._....... .. AI.NO! NOI.F., .U..aTIiIlu :: WILL,practice{Circuit In Ibo the Circuit Slate Courts Supremo of tho Court 4tu wonder of Modem Chemistry, and s few days' use
Large Late Flat Dutch .. of these
Cabbage < --- will to aiiv using It for cither
: II. IIYDE..Vlr. Pn 8ii>rnT.JEN. I IG and Ibo U. 8. District end Circuit Courts for) the prove person
thIs city for the sale of tho CELEBRATED Northern District of i'lorliln.October forms of disease Its potent power to cure them.
Long.Blood Beet, CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. 8c ArJ'B.C'.IK SPECTACI.KS and En GLASSIS.WalchOM 4, 1STO. 9 Not only doc* tl.c biR..ipABiUjm RBSOLTIXT
excel all known remedial agents; In the cure ol
I: Long Orange Carrot, &o., &c., &c. -DOn nnd Jewelry carefully repairedand -- -- Chronic Scrofulous, Constitutional and Skin dl..
( .1. J. DICKIBON A; GEO. R FOSTER Egg., warranted.t3y wTa M. DAVIS eases, but It Is the only positive care for

The leaion fur their towing l In now nearly at band, and at I sonic eaooDl run abort of nine varieties, noru or Jicmosviiaj! FLA., and utter Monday July 3, 1671, We still maintain the reputation of keeping Kidney and IlladderComplnl.t.,

I would odrUie partite to lay In their supply 1 onr Have been appointed General Apents for the State' rr X RAIX8 as follows WILL RUN DAILYellnd..1. excepted, FIKST-CLA! GOODS. Every article we suit I. ATTORNEY AT LAW, t'rlnaryand Womb diseases.Gravel, Diabetes. Drop
of Florida, and will cqnducl tbe business under Ibo WARRANTED as represented. Stoppage' of Water Incontinence"' of Urine Alburnlnuriu )-
M. LIVELY Druggist. firm union and style of UICKIIIOH & Ftnrin. Their GOING NOI'Tllt flT The above goods we offer AS LOW It mica JACKSONVILLE FLA. Brlght's!( Disease, cud In all cases wb'TC
ofllce will be In Jacksonville where they will be Leave Fern 10.00 A. M. as the same article In quality can be sold by WILL attend the V. S. Courts, State! Supreme there are brick-dust dcponlla. Price, one dollar
glad" to hear from good and efficient any and sucb of lliu Slate Circuit Courtsas per bottle.
---- -- -- '- .- -- Ijien desiring; Arrive 1I.ld. '''. 110 p. N. other bouse In this section.
to act asmil or Nvefcfl, A'jmli, In any part of the Leave 1.30 .. he may be specially' retained for. Also will\ argue Dr. RADWAY'S
Htate.It Leave Grilneavllln. KOA ** pyThankful for past favors, we respectfully canes In the U. 8. Supreme Court If required.
Is our di" lre and our hope lo curry! (lIu benefit! Arrive Cedar Ke)s. S.40 ..._nI /.bo&U15.MEl&S Oct 10, '71 10-If.tllorney
NEW GOODS NEW of Lift. Insurance Into liouso. --- -- -
: OEO. !!.' ntTRnah"OIee. Fin: GOI.G" on"'II.Lr"I'U s TAI.LAUASDBI Oct 31, '71 13-ly AIAEZl; I ; ,,..........,... tasteless elegantly\ coated with .111'.111110,
Cedar .
M. II. YIcY1tIIA: : 8.45A.M. A 4'oiiiixfllor ui Law, purge "" -''Iu.nc. puriry, oit-misn. and strengthen./
Leave 1.0 I'. M. JUd way's Pills for tie cure of all disorders of the
owl 13 : }-4t Noulhcrn laDa"4'r Arrive 5.00 >' MO.NT1CELLO: FLORIDA. Stomach, Liver Bowcla, Kidneys Bladder Nervous
NOW ARRIVING AT >,":.- -- Leave .. 11.20 NOW ONEXHIBIT-ION I ftf Practlc' In all the Courts efthc State Diseases Headache Constipation, Costiveness In
ilL ,
** .-f Arrive al Fernandlna . .. ... H.S5 .' feb 21, IMP) digestion Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Bllous Fever Inflauitnution .
I J. )r. HOOP, Ocn'l Snp't. __h___ __ __._ or the Bowels, Piles, and all Derangements
Furuundina, 4 '71 48 tf of the Internal Vlaccra. warranted lo shod
July -
T. H. RANDOLPH'S.DOLLY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY .. HAWKINS & oa a positive cure. Purely Vegetable II
--- ------ AND FOR SALE AT THE !\ containing nomercury
ONLYTlRECT minerals, or deleterious drugs.
OF VIUOINIA.V. I LINE TO FLORIDAI 1 A few doses of KADWAY'S PILLS will\ free the
COTTON FACTORS system from all the above named disorders. Price.,
VARDEN PRINTB! newstjiei.. \ I'LA1ASU\ PLAIN OHNABL'Klifi, \ l. C'AHRINOTON. .. President. Florida and Gulf [Line -AND- READ "FALSE AND TKUK." Send one letter

104 Sureting. Blou'hed and Brown, Ciiltouuili'i, P. ('. Cotton, Llnrn Toft els, JNO. t:. IWW AI/S... . . .Vice President. Steamship stamp to RADWAY CO., No. 32 Warrren Street
I II. J. 1IAUT8UUK....t.....8errelor,. General Commission Merchants Now York. Information worth thousands will be
Ulrachrd. ) and Itrown Shirting, all grades.Denim's Clothing, Shoes Straw Uaii new, st)l., J.J..; WrKJ 8..f.1..i.; ,. .Ass'tBeeretay.. sent to you. f July 11,71 4tf-ly

IIIrkorl.Ilrlrra Ticking, ( cut's FiirnlhliliiKutHi, \ \ ninplrtn' oii'tfltv; .. >o. 13 West Lombard $..,

A88ETH! and InvOHtments over.... .'''.lIc fJOOONo. CARRIAGE AND WAGON MAKING

ALSO A CHOICE STOCK OF FAMILY GROCERIES; J.08SCS of Policies by dola Issued r.141n hid same yean period.15HXJ! .$7....eo.t .rf Ut\JI'Ulon.i '1"0 AND REPAIRING!

'i "
,I" : ...\ Jtllrrv.U-.u.l. tANII, 4iI( PAINTING and TRIMMING

lW':: ,,\il ( I".I. .",111 nt /"., ';"/ PfirtK for Ciu-li& "r ( 'iniiitrr. I'rodnco.! NO.onueceeaary roalriLllons' on rcsldem, Uuit
occupiitton. FOR ALL WILL make liberal CASU ADVANrns on consign Blacksmithing & Horse-shoeing !
No extra rile on feniult HVI-H, and .1'1'rla11.rClIt'e- "either In Store or upon Bills of!Lading;
:- r" H..I. rlulI.kul',. C.Ui. E) ) HAMS ut Iti: (PIIt lion, l ti tiinrrli'd women mil' (hlldrcn iinilVr, I the CONNECTING: WITH THE t-W"Special attention given to the rurchaalng of All done In first-class style atBerry's
1'J"' chart supplies.' [April 3ft-a.u.
.I.. ,.. This tnm"onll.llIr. every description i>f policies. Florid II. II.. Stir J. P. A. !tt. II. II., mirt I Shop.
known to Life Insurance, upon imiiunl, or NUN< par- klvanim uu (lie SI. John NiCer, "

/ lli'lpaiinKpUns! CUll HVHTICW.Unlliinry Fur ",'rnnndl"", l.ilncsvlllo, Cedar! Kcjs TKIIIJMHiy ', j -

_: : 'V'E\II: annual po'nlenll-an'l Lifo Policies' eiiilownineni NON-roHrEiTiiii.ie pollclw after after IKO Putt, Jacksonvlllr, Montlcello, Tilliliii.fee ,< I I : n. :R' WOULD ,,

\ our payment. : juliicy, 1'ciibuiul.i, A'ihftilciilii |'" iJ Inform my rc.r.nIlYX.
C onlj Company .......orl.p.l lo dollii.lnri. the! Chultulioocliuv! ..( OOOB l IIc1ICl1l1i1., that I have Blacksmith Shop in .0nUIJe'
.* In TlorldntAUKNTS nod flint Iliv're.14teaiurra .(BREEt lion wllu my Carriage and Wagon Shop, and feel
DRUGGISTAND iI : FOIL, FLOHIDAJVaDKnTftHnr. confident that they can bo accommodated at my
T. M. PAf.MFK. ASHLAND und MtUt'tDIT.1'al'I'A Shop uow by having their work done on the

7WI,, IWH-H. A. tllIIS t:. New York and fern* ,dlu every Saturday. SHOrGUNcp Nborlffot :.Kotlre and t'hf'ftl..r limn
OMlNey-W. It MALONK.: Order) Goods shipped via Fernandlna from Pier itt/ \ EIaehere: I
N. It. New York.
J.nlt fondy.KV-Uen.IHml Mulixm.1. 1. FISLRT.<\>.-Ot F.BFMIt+ Through, ; Bills Lading and Low &1.... Insurance ) I havu good stock of Iron and Steel on hand mil

: I i J c .'i.. Aagiiatli.rlAlli' ) Dl'NIIAM.llatnni'UIr I. hub 5 ai jIB. Wall Street, Now York. ; : Shops' ready toMTDESPATCII
--- .
MAJ W, I II. M MILTON I Agent I |I''ni \Vi-i, i Kloiiil.i,, it New York and Charleston New WORK PROMPTLY.
M.irlnnnu.Special 27 BEEZMAN ST. I also have a Lirue, lot of good icady-uiade Floss ".1'
APOTHECARY : : AKCIII.; I I. OAKI.KY.llrnnrh Jim 1)), '73-1)SODA- all kinds, Holts Rods, Clevises: ,t,.., which 1 nlil
.: 'ii. OIU,> lor Florida emil "' 0. 'sili.luiI.: : i.i-\i: sill cheap!
... 'J" ........: li4' t..... 133: 1-4 lIce) HI.. ...ousnn.1.. Thanking,, my cu.tomcrs (for thud very liberal 1 |1.1I'OIIl'U
: CiiiMTlnlrndi'iil' ,' ol'Accncli-s, K. \\' l.'KNdl.K.::< : OF' FIRST II.ASM! \t.i.. t.\)). \ iu the |mst, I very "'.l'eellulllIOUdl a runtliitiuiiceof
I HKNItY ELLllir: \ I icniTal AKi'lit. (IJ.II\I-If\ I iho "Mime.
Insure in the
Strongest Company Taliiiltacscc" April I''. l'J-ly

Monroe street, Tallahassee, Florida, Hailing\ from each Purt every Alnuysou baud with

: ti IPItl1EIt: I LIVERPOOL mm & GLOBE[ T Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Delightful Fruit Syrups THE DEXTER

Drugs. Medicines Paints Oils, Varnishes Painters Brushes, INSURANCE COMPANY. AT THE I DRUG: STOKE LIVERY' STABLES

and Brushes of all descriptions. .. : i1- i'/iYJtTocnrf.ox: OFM. LIVELY.
---- <\ .
--- -- Aro now fully equipped and< furnished with
I l'r ii|>I iii'tirv/! (?oooX Fanrjniul Toill.trl l l.I le., :SJ: '&lIIge., I I'uro Cliomicnlii/ :tiiul i Cash Assets of the Company, ,t.oiict'aied Wood) "'"

over $21,000,000, Gold. ill a HORSES, k
Assets in tho U. S. in the hands of American For saddle or b.rue..ollll and two-horse haggle.
Manhattan, South Carolina, ICE PITCHER and two-horse carriages Pastcugcn taken to any
AUo [jrq.nrwii. HOXCKNTUATED): } KSSKXCK: ,.I.I1tTIL1 Directors $3,300,000, Gold. Champion Charleston i iqrn part of the surroandm cfmutry on short nolle

,'Ik'R/u11411 1'1 alto }jvrtonaUu Italic for s'C ", The proprietor still continues to flU all orders for

A1\LIAXOA: G-XNGEEt.: fI/lIII'l"V'' V1(1 (* of fit Company, Georgia, Jas. Adger. LUMBER, ::SHiNGLES POSTS Ac., die.
--..- from bis yard near the ilables.RT .

PI.ICIIUKiLI the propf rllc-a Juuialea (iiuurr In a concaulrutrd form which I Is hlghl: !ri'cniniui'iideil, for ,' Through: TlrUvli lo .lew Vrk TEISYIM: C'''' H II.
the cure of lsp.piila' N'crvnus, and llj'iiiichnnilrlitciil' Atrvctliins, Headache, : and (CIIdlInt'lIlorrbn'.lh'"- J Ol\l\ElI bv ( IIICAGOFIRE; LITTLE\ I'SDF.K Office ncl !Stable! two soutb.eesifruits .
rral llfbllltl, I'ollc. Nausra. \ePUES01UPTIONS j .M.aoo.uoo. May be obtained of the Agents, of the Florida Steam squares
Tha l HirDl'IO" In Now York are PQ'luel.d11 tho IV-kiit: Compel y at JACKSONVILLE, Feruandlna, ..bore engraving llluiitmcs Intcutlua the Capitol' T'llabax'ce, FUC1IAS. ,
a new
Home HourJ to draw on London fur luo "bole loin, St. Augustine, iVlatkaand Enterprise: > ; also ol Ibo TilE: in Ecu pircniH maunAictnrcd under Let. F. AVKBY.
I I and not disturb tho Pursen of the Florida Steamers. tt"THE
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The Weekly Floridian

Material Information

The Weekly Floridian
Alternate title:
Semi=weekly Floridian
Alternate title:
Place of Publication:
Tallahassee Fla
Dyke & Sparhawk
Creation Date:
July 2, 1872
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


The Weekly Floridian (Tallahassee, FL) began publication on September 28, 1828 under the direction of William Wilson as The Floridian. During this time, The Floridian was one of only four papers in print in the area. The newspaper changed titles and owners several times during its publication history: the Southern Journal (1846-1849), the Floridian and Journal (1849-1865), the Semi-weekly Floridian (1865-1867), finally becoming the Weekly Floridian (1867-19??). In its various iterations the Floridian, in an age of ultra-partisanship, was decidedly Democratic. As the Floridian and Journal, it was among a small number of newspapers that continued to operate during the Civil War, although very few issues survived from those years. One of its more prominent owners, Charles E Dyke, bought interest in the paper in 1847 while working as a printer in the newspaper office. Dyke sold shares to several partners over the years and eventually sold the paper to Dorr & Bowen in 1883. Later that year, Bowen became sole proprietor after Dorr retired. The paper prided itself on being "a faithful worker in the interests of Florida" that would "inform and instruct the masses." Throughout the 1880s and 1890s, it reported local, statewide, and national news. It included extensive coverage of politics, especially the 1880 presidential election, reprinted news from other national newspapers, and published Supreme Court decisions. The Floridian contained numerous advertisements for both local and national brands of the time, reported on railroad developments and advances in farming and agriculture. It also covered the cigar industry and immigration. Other features of the paper included notices for land sales and a "personal" section about local goings on. Tallahassee, founded in 1824 in Leon County, Florida, is the state capital. The territorial government of Florida specifically called for the creation of the city as a new capital so that the legislature and governor could be located approximately mid-way between the major population centers of Pensacola in the Panhandle and St. Augustine/Jacksonville on the Atlantic Coast. The capitol building, now known as the "old Capitol", opened in 1845, the same year Florida became a state. In the antebellum era, the town flourished as the center of the region's cotton-based slave holding economy. In 1834, the Tallahassee Railroad Company was chartered by Florida's territorial legislature. The line was the third-oldest railroad in the US. Operational by 1837, merchants shipped cotton along the twenty-two-mile route to St. Marks and out to the Gulf of Mexico. These mule-drawn lines on wooden rails were replaced with steel rails and steam trains in 1856. In the 1840s, the Great Florida Mail route was established, connecting the city via steamboat and stagecoaches to Apalachicola, Pensacola, and Mobile, Alabama on the west and St. Augustine, Brunswick, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina on the east. During the antebellum period, slave-based cotton and tobacco plantations continued to flourish contributing to the population growth of Tallahassee, making it the most populated region in the state at the time. Tallahassee was the only Confederate state capital east of Mississippi that was not captured by the Union. When Florida seceded from the Union in 1861, there were more slaves in Leon County than any other county in the state. In the post-war years, economic focus in the area shifted initially to cotton and tobacco and later to citrus, cattle ranching, timber, naval stores, and tourism. Efforts at Reconstruction, and especially the distribution of land to freed slaves, faltered in the late 1860s and ended altogether in the 1870s. Institutions of higher education were introduced in the city in the mid-1800s. In 1857, Tallahassee welcomed its first institution for higher education, the West Florida Seminary. In later years, the site also hosted Florida State College for Women, which became Florida State University in 1947. The State Normal College for Colored Students opened in 1887, offering classes to African Americans. It was established as a land grant university in 1891 and changed its name to the State Normal and Industrial College for Colored Students. It is now known as the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), the state's largest, and only public, historically black institution of higher education.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
New ser. vol. 3, no. 15 (Nov. 12, 1867)-
General Note:
Publishers: Dyke & Son, <1871>; C.E. Dyke, <1877-1880>; N.M. Bowen, <1888-1890>; Chas. W. DaCosta, <1891>; W.N. Shine, <1897.
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
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Resource Identifier:
002060565 ( ALEPH )
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sn 82015289 ( LCCN )

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