abJumlusJ purtornlloiKwa* Mnd at some illsliiice called Mlnl.lun'Bors Throat At one Hue It was
wi from the huUM How often shall it* be 10 severe that I was oblldged 10 gUe np preaching City Hotel in TallahasseeFOR THE OLD ESTABLISHEDWHOLESALE ,SPRING, ,AND ,SUMMER: HATS
alUxl upon| Ui elirunlkle Ihene' outrages apon lb.t.rndoe Wlttiln a few mouth slier 1 bad become a acquala-
ted with the Pats Killer\ I bad soother stuck from
freedmen of the Booth by a hlU inipres- that dl.treaslsg complaint I tried my new.Cuund RENT OR SALE.
sire who gnup the laud ou which these downrodden medicine and,To 0'') aitonUhinent mud delight It, N"o"VV Open..
brethren bav a right<< to llvef Will the nrodaced a wadcrfully scotMng ett-cl Ins hort THIS DESIRABLE: VROPERTlf.the!
"ritmni bu kind enough to add a few more of the !!.* 1 was wholly relieve*,) Blni that, time I have only lintel! l la Tallahassee AND RETAIL
1..1 of Florida, 1s olhred fur Leas ear !
aerie usual under such circumstances, and also had a number of attacks" of th* same c.p-m
rsllrCeaAbout oancarlr sniillniDt\ on arvurable
> add 1 mi answer If It have one convenient TJe .. rain Killer has always forded. me to to one salted to Ihs bualuns Itf hotel" __ 't .. ._. ._ .. -. -...- .. __
wife became subject severe
WwW oft year since my : ,
V .
t suffering I'o nRheumsilsmtour resort am u.u.l..u 1, lag, II offers superliir liulttuwnsuls tat a pro LMIIla
FoorBoixuil\ I Whal a pHy '))1 Is that he bee lo lie Vsln KIleMHiich| would always relieve invMtiai.pl. Apply al 'fnllnhu.er TROd.Ii" to,, ARCIIEIL

Icedu spared to be guilty of laklug off/ i lUlU her Marcia 23. S1 tr DRUGSTORE
I bare not tliu DOW to any wore, as I could with 10 Plantation Supplies, Family Groceries, Tin & Wood Ware,
brother" -
ad by shoolinx him through in anger a hearty good will sod drays have done, In pub.of .
lolc. It augurs bad for hl, woral at his time of 111II PPeUs, Kllkr. If this 1I..IU7'.rllten lets, la CITY TAX-COLLECTOR'S ,
ut )Uavls' valuable m dhdee, CROCKERY HARDWARE AND
aoauisndalloii Perry NOTIONS
fe. Perhaps he took the disturber fi* a poor ,
will b* of spy service, you are at liberty to do with IIEEI'b To which b* call the' ,
tb." U as you piss! ;LAST NOTICE. ALWAYS *
.- ------ ----- Very truly your., M. LIVELY.DRUGGIST. mention of can all bo lied *t REASONABLE PRICES
i -U
TUB llit*A ao nm rut CAFTIKK OK JRPr. EDGAR LADY, Owatonns Mlun .. -
1011..100locl.lY.. I.L PERSONS INDEBTED: TO TUE CITY Ot ,. .
D.\.YIII.-Tbo President by proclamstlo ot May Mlwlonary of the A. B Home A J 1 v "
Sold M. UVEI.g bled T.PtTATCM. TallahaaM* for Taxes, for IBM and HiW, an band s full Block ofMr .
of by .
oUcn.il $100,000 reward fi> the
jJ. 113. f capture hereby Gonad thai luli-aa ] ,eel. Duvia, thud Cuu, rvMi, by act| approved| i July Mareb-lm their property will be levied on Slid sold lo pay oldlaces. rx1 T' : ,
.T. iJjoH. al'llml'Nled| l UHiney |o gory the reward.Till J EIIVV BHAUroHIl, Js .
Third\ Auditor III)'. the WoJliliixlon far, March I'J. 70 M-Jl: City: Tu Collector; ) ,
,as nHluI'Itcd ltlnirul in favor" of tat huu- Ilan 4drtrtistmtatL --- Ur.rr. ICiANH. COMPLETE STOCK OF SHOES.
,Irttl..nll! f"i'y' clulmauis wider (Ibis act, whIUi =_ London & Liverpool & Globe r'IIY ,
.has bern coHnmuiil bv the! amend ll.olllpirul.r. .:
end. tent to (lit War tk11W'tU1t'1I1| rr rtelnl.IUalend I'llill I\M| UA fK: CU. ,.
In lli" lumrscuf a low' d il>s the Ui.>.|inanlstav Mrs. G. A. LAMBIIA8 CASH( CAPITAL, .. tlS.OUO.OOO., OOi.D.| | .ll..lor>. H FARMERS
rvpcrt toretHvu. the inout-y JUIU B. GAMBLE, Afolli. -4 i ,
tlmt one' tHimlrwl thmuand, "e wotibl sny," with Tab, H, I17D. [f2i-Inu o H
(uttahtl.pttinljotiu9.I. .
tw Hnirly
I | splendid aMonueol of'jllIJLINIHtY ; q PuUi. MW::: I igrin a NEW STORE with an cnrtio NEW STOCK honght at the low-

H sud all who may want

$ GOODS, pared l TO HIE to furnish WoKKINO all slaws! LUW, wllli iwnauul tar uuw n*<|'luy.pee Oil., C r'+ t'4 eoythlug@bhlint. cut prices, I feel warranted Kimrantcciiig t
-- "--' ,-,-:: weal at liiMue.tUe a bulu of Ihu lime or for Ihs"p.'e i
yr Which are offi.r.d in her customer Cases fur Can. luuuiruU, ftiulnns now, light sod! rollltileL rrronluf lie guaraulees to sell menu u any haute in tho trtwle. All!! I Wok h aiu'xiiiiiiiiiiituii of my Stuck before
Leon Lodge, No. 5;L 0. 0: F. 1.J-All orders tiled promptly) tlUiOMS. easily sam Jroui (6lV lu t" pvrsvenlnf I them ss 1 low ss similar '

-- March, *', '7(1( 116-IUI .. mud s proMirluiml| ) ..mote by duirolinil their' urcliarting fcWwhcre. I take great pluiuuru in exhibiting Stock\ v
.. lrli l my "
-- -- - wbol Hit* to Ik* bulD Buys and !. sore srtlclr ran b* bought ...
'}TDaJrTIlIUJI are resiliiAX -. Sale.A' Dewly ss much u men. Thai all slut MS this B'l' Toilet and Fancy. Tallahassee Fla. 1 ,,
For tics mad their addrras sad let lb. hiulneu r the. side of Hew York ,'
may "
.... will I.. Bvfnlar Hint.hi.--Sr7 ,1 .
Ikal" a we nlA"a tile OlMnllaUd of* r: 1 o much. are mil ... -- ,
M,f lso ........H.. .. si tlwtf Ledge well t>ii>ded.wo will lend II Hi pay rut lie unable Articles, ur Fblladuliibls. ,. .' ..f .
I s4 tole -* al t" o** N KUIHT-IIOltal POWER PORTABLE of writlnic till) nrtUulura( a **liuul lo "'111,1.| a t .1\.1I '* ..lidf '
r. rAl'T. H, o. which will do lo eon.uience ..0,1Oil, .nd. n'py| or UIII.N: II IMI: .' (W."I'I"i.i.vPhyBicianV .NOII4'1'1'El '
X. II. IV..... /IMrII4.. t STEAM ENGINE The It...'. IMtrmrg ( ..../._-om al Iho larx U H JYo Trouble to Show (JtI J''i/>i'ti1:, : "" n'
lUrakSS. IO). I Also. A food and mull best f.rull 11tno", ,".II..rt| .aul.r'u"n".I.publhheJ.ai161,011redby |"r<>nibU Prescriptions Compounded at all '.' it .n : tor' ad i I aa. '
... ----- In good ng order Price l.IOOO. r.1t too | Hours-Day or Night. ,. ..
SUGAR JflLf ..llb.U% work.addrvta E. C. ALLEN A CO., Aul lue. "f .1)1) .' 1<1. A: "
Vigilant Fire Co, Attention I If3TTho I ;; :..I It. !lpBRLUPRDMarch March. **, TO8.1810 \ /" -, -.- 'I .. .- 'J >>.> .l.'' .....'.:1' ., .
--- .
-- 19. TO $4lfFor .. !i., .) I ,'f-t
-- -- d .
lU' alar ilonthf/ hosing; -- Boyd(Cotton t Seed. faro;;uoVfonJunlnu inr 'I'lHinfU. IIn the .beau. or Himull I'rotlte mint set ('...!. ..r....>.. 'J j I i"i' \ .: ti.... r
Rent. B adding interest 1 '.a 11I.. ..r gram s few month. tilDe for city accepuuceorloch| paper as 1 can ei
... y
riruncn's 1111su HAVE\ OS HAND ABOUT UlailKUfare :
s/ thus Company "UI U held. .. st Us I ,_II.. liD rolll Boall. w. R WILSON "
Bora C'rro> *'so, or uy .... nliluy, ?
4, si t){ o'tloik.' : A ABLE DWILLINO .. ..
H0XPAT CVENINO April NASH _'UE. I /V with judo UI, ....I.bou.... At.nortil'i) which. Ire offi.red for ale l si mi. dotter' |I"r bal M. LIVELY i I .', ,. ..'9' .
MILES IL O.p > of !M Warranted<< equal If not superior lasny
realdnuis of Or, A lo poandt
lug f
ig.b Pfiy
OtllclaJ-.lJlO. Pv8o.g, &-t1.....,. (lIUI... Whs B. t' liRA St'11. TSrtrty of roiKm\ In tea ....uulry.oJ Tall..lis.fMon...hfrtt.' lad:?, I 18 TALLAUA1agE, March '%: 187'1.' 33-2t n >) i ,"
March sg,11110. M rrb W, 'TO; :14-If 10 'f\j}\ A, HOPKINS,


'. '" .
.. ---'-- -- : -
_. -.- -. "-' .. .. .. -,


(. ,

:. p.p"C


l >.


:r- ." _111t .. -- -.-- -- --_. .. .. .- .. a.. .. -- -a---_ "- _.__ -..--.. .. 5.C 5

-- _ _ _ _ -
-- - 'n. --- ----------- --- .
.. : .flI J f
I' ;
: 1 1 n "i" 'M'iBkh

( 'tdll I ribian, CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. Msc eou& 'isccUa o .JcouJ.tj_._ .
-- ---- -- -
--- -* --
: :
= -
{ iil[ '. ;. T" :

1 I r "noo-t-d1-'JBIr---J-RIl! >' (LiV-ji-y I AN 'ORDINANCE WHI.TEIlEAPJ'OILS

4 .sdu llrlll rln.or.......- "ad I G'O 'oDB I f J \ ', ; ,, tM w. f.far:(lit. Ctly cf TMahnart f

The CauntiOtntlrtMit snys or luring, wet I l : ,. f I : fi i''" ; 1/n }7 .tommtndnf 0 Mt4Jlr4 Jog TURPENTINE.

I t rom : If the railing wllh tar Is clone right wA'I .. : .- ''V.' ., Afrit, 1'7.SFm0"'I. ,

there will be no dlfllrully. Tlio t-onilsli; -- -- Be U ordained l>y the Mayor and -.- -, -
1'1'OCl Coonel at the City of Tallahassee,
f enllally In gtvmjr m< U grin / In* H'1' That there el.1 'Med and collected the following '
I, M. SCOTT'S. TIIK (IttKA Tl'8T BECElVED-a lot of ur.WIiMe Lied
A. T KKIVTA> > the )
taxes nclmr the
varnlih or titr, which niny Iw varied, hy flrnl I : ; : nr tdyol April, 0..11elr: comrui, on (J Unseed Oil. (raw and boiled)) 8111rll4 TnrprnUna

I heating the corn with hot water, pouring It on t.' Upon all(stork IB 'Irado't Uxi] of M cents im Chrome Qroens Ac., for sale by ,I

J I .ml the) applying the Ur at the rate of half t: JV .i :, .. ;:. t Wblcii lot; iiw 3ulni-d In all pn _''if B'tothlr, every hundnd stock dlll value thereof, niliuailnit the M. LIVELY, Druggist.
whore stock
< the
f I. pint or K pint t the bushel of seed, nnd stirring I jfsr PFTlRSF FBOM 1 THE NOKTIIEUX CITIES WITH A ).AMF STOCK or In average trade Is not over two year thnniwnd xccpllog dollan.ln which Sept 14. '6V ,'er. .

-1 "- and t1 uugbly, )Sumo Jrr powder: aj en..*,|>celflc tax often dollars, ", r. If -- -----

I f .11 o"II", J4\I| \I coitl,syflcis er.Mill prevail t P pr1iigj t d u.mmor Goods, -A3 A- 7WYORK it Upon.all household furnltnre, InclOilInK Hold Tax Collector( Sale.
( rSut nn/nf whlri 4 frm lh Mann factor! and silver .lh.N, plate and
1 L1ng4 .lifer. wtrt tn M, and at the mUolrfll".nl
lUllolafta i ppIk4twi I :tRY LOWKrtT FRt CEti; All UK" IIIAVK >HT 00ODP, ItUKMS) flll ..I.er. bnnght on the 1 Jib PHE ADVANTAGES V/fe ENJOY s tea ol fifty fnll on every dllr I IT vlnne of authority "'lelll" me hy law', I will
I uslW."y rt-tl.'lhe rrdilt will Wlc* 'Mb. 'bo do yofinefrrtitMiir( lot Ip In N91r o to arrive oa/ II 0 tbercof. c i offur for sale oa MoNDAY the Mnrt( day of
lavonMe." 1"f .. I GREAT GOOD ED1 p j 8. Upon all Improved inuIouinljuroeui town Iota May next the following described properly, for
.:.,.;"." Oil ''II'R\D.\l W Ttii itt: :Ur ana NE a lu or Hicents on every hundred dollars vll. taxes due thereon for the ream ISM." 1NW.t .
J I Among the .'ilrlnl.n.tried during tin' PIIK' and luccessful bysmess, enables! us to hftlfl1t2I! .T II, R !, NE 8W qmr lI"cIO.
of (ioodn
The II to and
ful"llol f L.I .rrh'e-Forlln Dnmnttle Dry Gamin, lAdleS. Irci (tnods, (In carriagesand all horn* F. half .f 8 E Mr. 10, T 3,
ThiHicNht fmr.
pleasure |
yrnr "Duntel-fim llji F l'I hylrr < 1".roI1.) ..1 old Colco. Irlandl., Figured Linens, Mn lln llarrges, Japanese AND I in linos MIMRIINII or TOSTuMOSItI"i an- and the city, a lax of fifty R NK! fckal/of JiEqaanaud NWuur.ofzi
nlle. IIIID C'OI
I or r t'llnl.b..II, Kid Gloves, Ac.tut .
tnlvl"ly'I'ttwh! 'le ul Trlnlnlol. lol.r1 .' ncunc ment, worthy sof every rl Vslue thereof. K quar.IectlT BR $,N &_d to Henry
lest the ( drill n IMI'Ih.MbhrtIngn: ,Sheetings, Pillow C..lol. O.burg.Uinaburg Stripes,Cotton Plaids, 4 tee. 3. Be It further od.lnld. That there shall belevied CoiK'iand, Trustee for Mrs. Ponder and daughter.
I of mcllxlN hi (;icorgla Plains, Drown 1.llm.ro.n Ln.n. which are constantly received from Tb}..l- and collected following; licenses I Thirty acres of land In Sec 28.aid 300 acrea In fee.
planting com, both rlr grain production and 4Jpnt' I'nrnlhln.4Jooe>.) belnj .ATTENTION. L Upos all Auctioneers, either doing builnctlpermanently 21,attested la Simeon pnggerbolonglngtu Mrs
i V'db' J | Oa }t'lf hld< Hats aid I''a|>" ( '') l'I'llt'Panama .$boo elolhlnl ; 1jIUI.lorlmfl; el sod "ol VM a..sail cfM n by \use, or a tax of twenty.Bve dot- Catherine McDnnlel. -
I 1 i I jflldca'dtlcnttrorllg1, ) t11) ? stock of Hoots (0. .. I Ii.. .of nil kinds. liar Ion InIII.1.lr"At.re n < ooi OLCsnt rmoor suUBKiiLi< vnte, Jiji ortjng cur foreign goods direct tarn.i. Ilo.leoll. The W half of 8 W ecu?. fn fr,TfJ, R1, atsem-d
I hldll' ,Choral ; Upon all bank agencies, or or the of D. K. .
f I ( holc llrnadai or sand b.nkr person as property Mtr."y.Oa
IppranC of that In bl was 1111) I lie 'h..wla. Mmoklnif Tobacco. Plves, all patterns prices I 1 font mi rafY leading styles of persons dllnt a tax Ifenolan... .laalfof S K qnar. of 8 W ''.lee 9, TO, ItS,

lK't, cars Mng larger filled F.1MILY GROCERIES tho best I lpa.1 and every 10.". I tu M A K, owner unknown. ..
I' hlli employing
tle AS A BLOOD PURIFIER, for each company represented. S W quar.ot UK nuar. ace 30, and N E qunr. nfKKquar.
,, bolter:? at the Thai In hlllH Imd. 10 n tier talent in ."retailers N K. owner
tl' artistic[ the production x> 4. L pon spirituous or mall'uot sea 81 aU 10 T 5, n S. un.
rent of,soft : In ,drill 11 1.4 Ier 11'11. 'InllH AOHCULTIHA IMI'LEMKKTS ANI I'LANTATION SUPPLIES. constant or wine by the gloM,or of spirituous ) qnan- known, goo belong lo.'lIlolI.llo.. .nf Fin.Tstesl18aiid .
god", jbrij J" /proctcsi lour titles 1 less thin a quart,a tax of two hundred dollarsfor -
,. I -"'i>orlmenH wllli vim nn fimigprmp ciiial| I am-determined not Invlle.1 N mv old friends and rU"Irn.olllhe ptihllt ("rkerullr' .,ti jrlvd tnll. rnlL as IT HAtS NO EQUAL, fve cfaim to leaJ thJ each place of bislneaet and upon al retlo ofspirituous 1' E half of 8 E oust, peelS-,T t, 'R I.t R.telling.

f' quantities of Iniid wore down "liromlrnut and, Tau.u.unniir, March t, fFIUUI.\ A. SCOTT. mtto. ;a' liquors In quantities of a fog to e tfe of J. A. Lane for tune atm* and '(III.
plnntcd lit drills three nod feel npurt, 110. July:,1"1. 11 quart, s tax of sixty dollars fur each place buslnrss. Also the following described property III the City
ol.hal READY.MADE CLOTHING who are to pay the Mid license of Tallahantee :
seven bniliel of iced to the aero iiKUio ronmviLt. iu! ,, of Al rie who .. 20 SI, N half
I being ullll f : ; 'At i. -\ f: V Vi. j I' '. tax ,- .b.1 permit spirituous" Lots No !23, 2 80. county quarter
each That In liquors sold by them to be asaxeaed lo C A. Bryan AjcenLIx .
cane. plnntcd drills gave the brut of which wfi full lines of allgrades drlnK II ,10re
I keep shall be taken and held to be r INltt by the glass, s tm, S79, 477,JIjI, NAt>rotertyof Nslhanlcl
f forage au upon
4 I T"lK>rlnitot clarojj'fctaafccU l p nc.J w rc.VHit'w1rwilc t:'' MOST POWERFUL VEGETABLE ALTERATIVE Boys the ssrne to be so drank, shall be required A. B. CLARK,

., ;*nndVvi rflnWi1Mn'frrnis.1 \In thft, 'D \WIESUN''JR.; & CO. I In CUSTOM WORK .' to "ylba( said each Uee. every La public of two Billiard hundred dll.n 1, ISTO... Collector SO-tds Revenue Leon county Fla.feb. .

cnq the broadcast sovt Ing gave the large )'IcM ( i KT; iilnClflEitID.; fr use, a tax of (35. -

I "rur) Daniels rmarks In his rJIrt. that one our products.are unsurpass.dforqual-* for 0.blr Upon a eTr one tendollar.home i .d,cr upon or wagon every,D.e fax Collector'sSale.B .

I rtawm brtrodoant sowing rcqulmi moro l'cl1a OPPOSITE it), workmanship and '.leg nc... dray, cart or wagon, used for hire,a tax ol fifteen .
that alt the iced lla not covered, and birds A. HOPKINS, dollars. Y virtue authority Tested In me by law I wilt
oft much that Is ) In 7. Upon every two borne wagon need for hire, fifteen offer for sale at the Court lion,.,oa WEbS ES-
uncovrll lie suggests R dol.n; upon four bone wagon twenty DAY, the ttth of Jane oul..be following described
better method for thO having grain drills Dial AIm NOW UECKIVIKG[ A LAKOE STOCK OFt GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS upon every ovr ax hon, twenty-five propurty. in the city of Tallahassee for taxes due

for 18S0
dollan. thereon
I :
nine W9EASE3 OF THE BLOOD. year ;
they sow truls of
grain to thin a o using our stock is constantly large and sea 8. Upon evcfy Livery B\blo. a tax of seventyfivedollars. Lots S 00. 8lm El, RI,85 and 88, N. A.--Mieiacdas

each llilrd tjtiifth> "drilL- ji r I "TG.fii0 of tbit eab' 1 Js I InThe'Brood/n.: Scriptural sonable. We are the sole manufacturers the property of F. F-ppcs.
: Wm. IJdanisto( ( Klbcrl:I ftotmty,1fr. ., 9. Upon every Feed Stable,a la of twsntfreedollar. ..Lot No. liB, O. P.-belonging to the estate of J.
thai science be true. The
maim ;proves of the .. C.mpb.lI. 'J'. Eppee,
Olhunl. t th.Pffhat(111t4tO'"1ii\\ DRY GQQ.DS people talk of bad blood, M the cacao of many dl. T 10. Upon every hawker and peddler vending or offering Agent.AB.. CLARK
lo vend ,ware.auua merchandize, Collector RIo,. Leon (0., Flu.
4 cultivating con. He status thnthawaaralsod .Sn4 like many popular tipinlon.>I> 111. of bad .' goods exceptfor
the vending charts and atlases, a tax of two .March 8, '70 81- Urn
a farmer, and has followed 'Is In V .
{ occii|>ntlun -. bloo rOndo & hundred dollars, and npon every person vending -- - - -
for forty yean, and hal tiuve/ bought corn or ': 'I M .J ".. The 'ymptorM, 'plood are ucoally quite books, watches, Je".lr or other werchloda.by

meal during that time. lie mentions this tn CONSISTING. plain-bad DlKcutlon-.-cauncs lrpbt.c nutrition gilt 11.10Ucrl.a I of.o hundred Tax Collector's Sale.

I t 1 show thai) Uio plan lie ban followed has proved a OF and consequently the circulatIon I, .ble. Ibo' / Upon: upon every lotelk.r.rNlaoflnobaudrddonor.A' HOl. R.llrnl. y virtue authority vested In me by law, I will

IURCCM with him. The following U his of tlMUei loose their tone and elasticity,and the tongue ny dollars; and every Oyster IIooa, B offer for sale at the Court Houston TUCKS
plan Ladies 1)ress (>ooclii] every style nn l quality.Print f. b.eom.palo, broad, and freqncntly jWTUwl with a a tA of twenty-five npl DAT, the ttth of September-next!the following described
preparing the limit and cultivating the corn : < Upon all Lawyers, Druggists, Dentists III Ibo of Leon, for taxes
.stnbbte land Is to lio planted bed *, cl' nnt in tttylo, liuautiftil I in c jUaLityi Uuunght l ein& tie) Jceinftfnt to b panty while tt1hlllndltQO >
1 the plowing, oft the rows Illor.1 low. w'T"fn. Ikln.hel'I and Ambroiype Artists, a lax I" dolan An undivided interest of 670 intel that portion
with a louftitouhvrilowbud.running fvo apart, very : ;vOll:: C,: 1c 7 7f pumiuTin dlsaosM,aao wbtp Ions coolau.d results 13. l'pol all Commlinton 10nw. b"n.bc or nf land, formerly belonging to the estate of Richard,
T ,, { bug, turning In of the Drain, agents (011..101 lou.. tA of one Whltakcr lying West of the Thomairvllle road-assessed
al.kei.1i1g' >tattle n\y pull Ik i U; die 0iWJTEuf which may found or Much, which wa supply! both ready-made and u the property of Mrs C. S. Wyley. J. I L.
off very
tows four fret appnrutuii. m.ch.
apart;. 14. Upon all venders of Lottery a tax of Taylor,Trustee. -
I / and prrplr the land In the same way, plowing, Siripet Xninsooks, 31 nil Jdmlin[ Swiss mfuauin, (nil qnaliticg), Jaconet, Is canned by impure blood. It la estimated by ill to order. fifty dollars; and all merchants and r.I.ler Tlcke.of. \- ftA.. B. CLARK,
1 It deep olmo. When the I that ono-llfth of the human family are effected nous llquora, all keepers of billiard lobi.all bep I Collector Rer. Leon Co. .
.11. Fluid AltiBlitiR wlbICfol Prices
run the last flirrow deep, and fll.Ird.. Cam1riC Book MnsliiiH, Soft Finish Jaconets Victoria! In Mm form, uniformly low. ers of drays or carts,one or two or four or mix March 8, TO 81CmAdministrator's
bottom land I In the same way but with LUWIIB I.ineiiR B.! E. Linen Cotton r \ x- Gentlemen visiting New-York are requested wagons, or backs, or public carriages nsed for hire -
I bc : Dl (. :|f When Ibo Blood)Is you are not so liable to ss aloretald., all keepers of livery stables/ ill keepers
; turning .ho.11 8 I to throw the lied a> high an any d ce: 'Many of the Blood srUe to call and have their measures of feed stables\ ,hawkers,peddlers all venders of gift Notice.
aspowiblc. plow land 'Ht I Illbhlo We L4ivojouliauaift tockpftf LINEN mid for Gent and .Imporlt. all venders lottery all hotel having claims or demands againnt
T I>npnr (jtHsoo after Uio go> mI. from Impure large cities. EradIcateevery recorded o'ur bocks 10Ierl. Uckel k.op ALL persons
Jne .fo January .. upon n. of eating bou. Estate of E. J. Barco deceased httv olWskulU p
H the fend bal toon In corn ) ( ouihi' w'arf + f 0 n Impurity from the fountain of life, and food System Of Self-Measurement ahd ter.1000".1 la.l"a.t..I bankers, bank agencies county Florida will present them to thu J,
the year before, run the first flirrow and vital will return to In all within
In the water llcniBtitcheil Ilandkcrcliicfri splrlu,f.lrkll strength ou.iOSiOO peuol persons d.Uog exchange undersigned administrator the time prescribed
furrow, 1 lib a long gopher 1,1/1 then bed with for Liulies and Oentleinen. other information promptly furnished agents, all lawyers, docon. drnggfots. by law,or this notice will be plead In bar of

grhet running the last furrow aslicforo Bet Linen Cambric Handkcrl.llicfr, for Ln'lies and Gentlemen. when desired. dentists, photographers, [ or their recovery; and those Indebted are requested to
directed. have fresh smbrolype .rtl..U commission homes or branches make immediate payment. '
you may Black and White for DrcHHos.Ladies or agents of commission bousca aboil, under JOHN 8. TERRELL, Admr.
1 cmmenc planting by tho 1.1th I penalty of double the tax In cue of failure, before I Feb 8, TO 17- w
latlulo Always drop 8 I lo get I stand the ::Jliitftes, (Sent* and Youths Hosiery, (every .). their several avocations callings, or business, as ,
plnntng. for the earlier' you can get i-Urnl, quality be pnrsne&and of the ,
aforesaid m., payment :
r Jr" 1 ) DEVLIN 0. upon
.I belr corn will be, ai I general rule. IIoopH Favorite and EinprotM, for Lndtcs and iligoes. taxes lovi'ed as aforesaid, obtain a license so to do Notice.

I '. you 'oommeoco planting, ryn tho furrow I ; t ; I' .. Fob 2J,'' 28-Sm from Ibo Mayor, to be countersigned by Ibo Treasurer I A1Administrator's demands against
I I that yo. drop the corn In with '4 lon Ediilicr1plow. |3f" Our Stock 'is'now t Calf an'tl'cxaniino them. tJemember AS A and such license shall not be lesuouffor a shorter Jenkins, deceased, ,.
) t (Tho plow that I call gopher, imota'l' complete. wo period than one year; Pmrfded. That In no cue shalla late of Waknlla Fla. are hereby notified to
I It bull-tongue, others call scooter!)) Hun the plant are in the Monroe Jlotwe, opposite A. Hopkins. lIne be Imposed exceeding fifty dollars. present them duly authenticated within the time ,
ing ftirrbw In the water furrow then LIVER INVIGORATOR 15. On all shows, other than circuses or equestrian prescribed by law, or this notice will be plead In,
cover with exhibitions,a tax often dollars; and on all circuses or blof their recovery; and those indebted laid ,
: a narrow gober. making a Imal list Just be I D. C. WILSON, In., CO. equestrian exhibitions a tax of twenty.five dollan Estate requested make Immediate payment. t
nr the crn to "I take a board, March 13,1 HTO 82 & Stands Unrivalled, shall be levied and colfocted lor each exhibition; a JAMES II. JENK.1.VS, Adin'r. .
> one foot long and eight Inches hollow It m llcenie to authorise which must Ont obtained Feb 8. 70. 27Sw5Administratrix's .
f the middle,screw It on the loot of the plow Block, the from the Mayor and countersigned the Treasurer
(I and run Ibl\m,1 over the list. Let thltt b" clone : : 7- Dfln. .11 KNOMedla. under a penalty double thin tux herein arioscd. Notice.
by a so u not to Interfere with theF' ; ( ICrlTLr Ilmi"and COlU h'HI 1<. Ul'on.1I 11I1I0rullllmd.who shall offer goods,
young plant. Just E'lvrON EVERY LADY IN1 FLORIDA n.rrSknaand rUletonl1 of the LIVBBw ares and merchandize for sale In this city, there ALL persons having claims or demands against
I soon I the corn Is re JULIAN\ J Estate of Janice I. Fclkell, late of Leon
Dp.nn.iTATiiio. shall be levied and collected a tax of two hundred
II. miot'T tho While U sets
plant. Tho frt tltno you plow It, ((11 that t101LI EXAMINE TIlEi4EIIuIEA'i'io .101. dollars and a Jlrense to so sell shall be first ob county .'1.., deceased are hereby notified to present
j 1 ought to be I ln a* U Is up,) run a turning Imt upon tbo LIe''if FOJIUHU 1ril I tamed from the Mayor, as aforesaid, under a penalty th'enu, duly authenticated to the undersigned, j 4
gopher plow wit Uo bar aide next the corn, and : uraldlll cliangti the illHctmrgos to a ndural1d. In case of failure so lo do, eta line not exceeding within the lime prescribed by law, or this notice
'T \t It go In a* A your horses can pull, then /t11 so children under tbe fifty dollars.SEC. will bo plead lu bar ol their recovery; also, all persons 8.
I 1 tun U'1'wg next t Uo corn, and plow out -0'- .MACHINE '" ., 'I It I I tbt On'many That a al.proportIonorchlhutren 8. Belt further ordained That all ordinancesor Indebted to said Eitnte are requested to make 5-
to IW. SInVIlQ eiutrmtfor: LITER "COMPLAINT AND OF 1" Ib.lle. baa lone been a subject parts of ordinancea conflicting with the true Intent paymentELIZABETH ?1
the second of remark and meaning of this ordinance, be and tho same A. FELKELL Adm X.
plowing nll small straight tin Store of SOME Of THOSK PKODUCEU satisfactory cause as- Feb. 13, K70... ., 28SwAdministrator's l'-
11FASt are hereby repealed. _
tehoTel next eertiUuted. It I. cerio.Alo.
the _
f ooro.3
) I .? .f ,ru-put&oamfiil hand to dropping running the first In ,.Tallahassee,' Rlbrlda, G. K. CLARK 1 1' /Is known that worms exit In the human Passed In Council March[ 1,1870. :
pl A 1101 or yellow color"rlb..kll or yellowish-! earliest therefore patents T. P. TATUM, Mayor. Notice.
: Iplc between the stalks of corn. ) m the face and ) froll. IlfaocJ Attest-Jon* L. TAYLOR UntiL
on of the
.Monroe Wlr ,Tulluuauaunec0 I'lorldu. parts ,; who with having claims or demands against
1 persons
eight to twelve .. on't.nly
1, p ai In a 1I Uicn ran a fiir| dulIneMsiid drownlncM, somutluiea beadachel bitter their children, cannot be 10 first MarcbI, 1870. 31-it' ALL. Estate or U. A. Fleming, late ol Leon I
I row on the other aide of rw, and rover Ihopca WITHBENEDICT or bad taste In hue woutb, Internal heal; Inmany yinptanu of worm t for so tartly as they exlul can county Florida, deceased, are hereby notified topresent
Plow, out the middles turning shovels, .a dry, ,..101 COUlb'{ unsteady a"ro tbllbe8lll\CERTAINLY removed from Tallahassee House and Lots them within the time prescribed by law,
and let the" hoot follow the plow the r ELKOANT: MACHINE KXCF.1& fiiunli Illu: ,0mlIII" sour a raising DELCATE INFANT by the timely, u.eot or this notice will be plead In bar of tbelr recovery.; I
com out to three f fuel In the delhi, and cover 1'IS TRUI.\ biTuro Ibo nmls. j or full feeling about Ibo itomach and all persons Indebted lo said Estate will make
"' that the any HALL & CO. 1"II""Id, and )Miua lu tka .ldw,.back or B. A FahneB OoklB FOR SALE. ,
jicas plow lulled to rover. Tho Into 'only tn he Icf n to bo nrrr.'erllt'1 l Mirfitnf .ldolrvltol Hhouldcrs ( Verng. Immediate payment. J.
should with Ibo can tnulta / /' vlthottt/ a tinyleililih ; eOI.Uj"UOI ol TO BREAK B. I. FLEMING, Admr. :
keep up plow. Thin working Mil I'"T '' bowuli lilIeS' It Is. perfectly ".rmlr. DESIRING UP HOUSE KEEPING-
k. ought to b commenced between, thin lOlh and ltnfl IIk. by ? "'. It I I. so nwt III its. treuikks, &t., 1.lulelco. eolln..o o Ibl ex. beIng a l'UREJY VEGETABLE COMPOSITION, aule my residence In Tillab..ce.1'ba March J, '70 30-8w ,____ ''ii
15th May. Your oiionttlon' cnn bo run nt any a Blik.rbniiibur dwelling house e"utalollix ,betides *
corn should lio worked 1 ut In / Iholl Ile And-may with the UTMOST :- rooms pan
tervals, nut under ( than :loaI11u'.ur.r. dUtnrblnK tho ptllt Flnt clan.uiirehiauihiuiu TY TO CHILDREN OF ALL AGES. try and bath-room. There are on the place a urge Discharge Notice.

t\f\ and ought to IntIIO 10r twenty combluod with UI..I.la'rl.ly\l\U I ; \011 Confections, mada moro for the purpoie of kitchen and several commodious out-houses, Including mouths after dale I will present dual Au<
f ,The third plowing wokol 1111. .01..11. n.nl.r. In peculiar lrl tbatevpry DO -- the palate than of overcoming the dlscano stable &c. The premises embrace two entiresquares SIX and Vouchers to the Honorable my Judge ,
j run 10 or IWC'P" Ic. at I cal be got ont of ardor hav b.manufactured all over thu country, but containing between five and six seres, nil Probate, Jcllersnn Florida Executorof
( boiturd county
(1IIetDIIUB plow) next to tho IA a O O !l.W. : thin ini"i t bnrdlf mm every funilly In the .".1 of life Is nearly exhausted, and B. in a very high state cultivation. the Estate of William Bailey Jr. deceased,
flute of Florida tills also
jwas.I jnircbano oUcrfor sale
A. several
rare' coutlnucs superior MUch
11the to la
I MO'bllD Fobn..IOk'l Vermifuge grow very late of said county, and ask to bo dincharged.
(ul and stout hand run uniformly shallow, so limy be certain IL lor. limn pay for KOSKOO (" Cows. n. B. HILTON. '
A. B. HAWKINS Ext'r.
as Dot to out the root of the porn, v,hlch II now BoorT ynir. t-iTt-'OMI'LErK: ISt'KUC1'11(IIVENTO .. *< CAtTIOlt-8hotuIuI. o.n.lol-require you to pnr- Feb 23, '70 :lfSheriffs March 15708J- inDischarge ,
to PUKCIIAHKIU. JH base B. A. be -
beginning Vermlluije
put out large roots. Follow FAIn..II.k' -
sweep with a turning Him tin, shovel the 'i LnI.. *ho inity coniemplnts, 'l'ureb.'h'l' a nr'J6b. I a ii.dy of woli< : IJrira.lbe rare of Ul' careful to see that Ibe Initials are O. putcul.r.Iy Sale.

tolerably deep, and hu"l.the middle 8awal M.dlln.hould by *. '1. JJI/rlloni( the article that ha been so/amraify kuoum since Notice.
wlUi a solid This the furrow -ANtSflOES)- wblob tins been pronounced It Is M near a speclllo u my reiuedy can be. U dousIU 1520,and I'ur.b.e.lewd Insist on blvlnl It. If they BY virtue of writ oi fieri f.cla.l..utd out of the SIX months after date, I will preeent- my final
being third lime by compMent' by far thin beat Ma do not to have Imitation (
IWCI. eXI'rl. an IbeO. Circuit Court of the Second Judicial Circuit of and Vouchers to tbe Hon. Judge nt
f-, that you are over your l't. let thu hoes r obln that can be ,* upenks for I..U. Kfsry worl'llodl) .tlendy and sdre1yTho 1M tk/ NCIMVAIITZ Ac. ; }Florida for Leo county,cad lo mo directed,whereIn Probate of Leon cnnnty, as administrator on the

follow" the plowlulllg the |inns and,I com. j lofurmnilon. InloIH""leLol to 'L. wblclll atrorOs both on aln' anA ixt+ytitl.' B. A. Fahncrtock's Bon I..I'T.Co. Bole Pro Bonjtmln F; Allen U plaint I and Edward M. Estate of Joshua Montford, deceased, late of said
The. plow wllh A. ., Formerly & Cbeiey defepduut.1' .
fourt iwerps, and run KfDNEyai'A ) kave levied upon and will county, aud ask to be discharged
them sbllow. so as not to cut the elm roots : "a.ut.0 DISEASES r'TUE Hi BLXlDEl| Dedll" 60 .rlelor 1'II.barr. Pa expose. for sale to thr highest blddur before the JESSE 8. MONTFORD, Adml'r.March .

any 10r tln you can Homo ten days Persons with thin structure and ___ ___ n Court house door,In tho City or Tallahafeen on the 8,'70. 31-dmExecutor's
after bel. Just Received unacquainted flrat '.M lldaJl'hi yobuary, 1 70.\"llblll the
give legal - --- --- -
good functions Kidneys cannot citliuute the Ilo'lng lioclng
lnl lay Jt .,,corlf,.,. _, A hot of EnKllnli Iud !'liy'ullte Jet 801Ih"11 of their healThy acttott. H. F. BUCKLEY I to-wltr hours of sale, tbe.olloalddoscriBed. .. property. Notice:
\ .ILL wt bototal! land pfauton ihu : flu jwiti-rn., Regular and sufficient action of tbe Kidneys Is an .. v MONTIU
( : after the first of tile
II |twn- C 1 Hoe's Railway Power Press publication
Cylinder 1 Oordoo' SIX
l lug--with a and J.t March H, '7 31- 1 !!} <\I t 'j: nay,even more so, than of the I will
11 ael plow, fo\'r with a 279 and (2811Broadway1 "pr"u" r'"Kuhlrly quarter medium Job do f 1 Washington No. present my Unsl accounts and
al1 gOlher. natrow lint "" kind n Kldno) remove from Ibo.eel.l. I U) Hand do., 8 Imposing Btonoa,* H Stands, 1 Bin- vouchers as Executor on the estate of Thus. La\cr-
ofld "bouhl jihmtcd' Ibo lost of April or the FRESH? inutlert which permitted. to rom.lu. would :\i der's Paper Press, 1 Paper Cutter (bad order,) 1 sage, deceased, lateofLeon county to the Judge ol
GARDEN SEEDS destroy A total tb Probate
a..o.lo\ | : of said and ask to bo
If. large Wood Type Bland, 1 Uulluy bad county dltclmrieilW.
I Standing
) ( order
sooner shout
Itt tUe
7oq gel it
4 I ., rOubiln*. oa .0'U' 114 ,c.1.I.J ie'int, A , NIWYORK.tWOPuicu.htuA. l : -0- six urinary to ( dl.ubal'"bours.occasion d.11 tblny 8 Camp St., Now Oreans.WATCHMAKER 8 small,) 1 Metal Desks Type, tl large Bund do.,,1 0 Galley Chain Rack, H Buckets, S Tables anti J Oil. n._, 1"70. 25dnaDischarge R. 8WAIN, .:X'lr.
corn touch do When the (Lrluo Is voided lu small quantities at
: farJ Ihlt Basins, 1 Pot 80
.. large feet Green Blind Screens, 3
-- H.V fund hi two wet, "utow : the time,or when there 1.1 dbpoiltlon lo Urinatemore ,
I 1111 ismj0 ADD Dtil.ua Sheet-Iron Stoves, 45 Cases, 9 double
t psir Galloj Notloe-
If the tGRowTII i s
T. than natural, when the
corn until the. last of HriwiM Ut' fteqnontly or Urine la
I'lnld. Jluy. 4( 0 single do_ 1 Cabinet Job of 10 1 do.
the hind high colored or raiding with weakness In the Fine ffjldtj,Jtntlnf,Siherware MONTHS after date,tbe undersigned sill
f Keep ) want to make a crop. I i.I Spttlaclcs. U cases, 100 Fonts Job Type, foe Cola 17 Circles, SIX | .
small of the bark It should be trilled with bis final account and vouchers, Administrator
I ;. .. I you plant wet Inc (ho lout of rim the ,MuroliSJ Fob.8'30 XTKinA.11RIVA.L Inl or 1 Cue Labor Saving Rule Wood and Metal Furniture at
over the. lint Apri _. _. delayed, but Konkoo should taken at 00.010 .9 Jhues on the Estate of Wm K.UrlM tl, late of
I houl dew' then 8 pair large Book ( t small do., 3
pair Leon
\'fnr mil -- -- -- --- ----
before of county ,
remedy tbe dllelhy. a lesion the organs G PS": c1t to the Judge of Probate i'f'
shovel Warranted Urge Newspaper Chases, 1 C'liaan
I bur ulilo% next the Pure takes place. the dIsease. of the Btadder Pair Newspaper saId county, and ask lo b. discharged.
hoe aud I Perfecty' Press do., D small Job do. 6y*Iba. Long
corn | and let It t1 Primer
stand for J1
rc-plunl original from thone ol' the Kidneys Ibo trine: Minion E, U URB8ETT, Adrar.
&: some ton days, plow, 1 lIb turning shovels. : : i u f ih : --- I i;being Imperfectly secreted II the kluncjs, prove PISTOLS. 350 Ibs.U Nonpareil* Brevier, ,1U5 300 Ibs.Ibs.Pica (more(more or lets.or less) 104,)Ibs.i'iW OctS09 9fimDischarge
Chop holes ( tho corner of the hoe) beta Irritating to the Bladder Jan, 2A 9'
(1'ltl cen UNDEIWItJXKI: Urinary paiuagua. 1m. !25liEJ Small Pica, Film of SenUuel, I sell Blank Boo\s
r4 the stalks con.and plant, pens. Tho second -(I F- 'I"IE beg leave to Inlbnn WOlL'nESlECTFlr When "e recollect that modIcum never reaches the assortment Inks, Bronze etc., 40 Ib,. News' Ink, 4 Notice.

i ) time run the sweeps next to the corn plow mid of 1.001 county, and .,that hue has KIdneys oe.I through' tbo fen.rl croul"Uol Roams Newspaper 3 do. Book, 1 dn.*BUI lueassmall MONTHs after det.e will mesenl our final
1 f dlC with turning shovels, and plow I'P\' After lately lurgo adullhll 'uull. of tbo Fountain of Life sue how loe. .I keep THE symptoms of liver quantity Card, Tag., Colored Paper Bristoiauud SIX and Vouchers to the Honorable Juiliifof
plow 1'lt IWC'al tho time, until thin corn' NEW GOODS0 Purl I' eonlllaol.raaoln.ndp,11 Marble Boards, die., Ac., Mallets,. Shooting Probate JelTortun county as admlnlstrutort un
.. gets large enough \ by. Keep It clean nil thu FRESH] SEEDS I I II Is In the shoulder. Sticks, Column Rules, Trimmings to Paper and the Estate of Oeo. W. tulane, deceased, hate of old
lime. % w11 ought to ba worked Inter limn md Is for everything else now used In pnbllahlnir the Sen county,, sad ask to be discharged.J. '
uplands, u they are niorl1kehy to lieoowo fail or sclmowp| (rBd Tnrlty, and which : lal.tkel rbeuala.. tlne ." A.'B. MUNOEI?, Sheria: V. w! COBB I 11 .
) than those which are .1..111 lots to enelence., sluijle ]b with loss appetite 1.0.Iekno.Tlllom.eb In.lo"ld Dec 2811IIItd.' W. W. QICLZKftf1lmr'Discharge I (
; dr. .I .r.re.l.! I", costive, souietliacs alternating with lax. Tb. J37"; The above llle ii, postponed until OCt19'Sfi 11-8 ,
:. < T A H D.U. ,. r :a f'' .*) nQ\1:\ '>hs, | H CJOASSI.MK1UCS 1 G ( I I .lt"ltn10 pr. w. u)&at l'I the larosuat-kpf'd uniu tluu., bog tJrrm.ion i 1 \ r'la' elt:, KpS1Ctr1.! head,, Is cnld.bl.troubled with loss psln of ,iuuiory and dull,,.aecocupanled heavy sensation I I the Ut Monday in March, 1870. --. Notice. I i

We notice Ju tho-Ncw I with of J3f" Tbo above sale in
England l'kr an In- 1Drug -1 I LPaints I onwlol .YWII./indoao something postponed until SIX months after the firs publication cf this UK
which '
kresllng COfluiiiUIcatjouiEaq. froin>A .plrlt.om.lm.
V VKSTINOS: as Administratrix
01 the Estate
f or Massachuactu ( of WIWI.UII\rr
) on the'subjecf of making ."m. t the above ayinptoine attend the sey, deceased late of JelbnoB > ., Ihu.uaae
I. lo
county )>
1 1 butter, some of the: main point of which wilt b READY-MADE SUITS, \IyUS Ij ": Vi Diseases of Itie Nervous System! I and of at them otber: bil times the .' Wakulla Tax -S Ie. lo.. be oike diK'hargod County, rotc Court further ef laid sdmlulilatloti count] and .un.k

? fuUOtloloxo Furnishing Coods Chemicals I I'I-I I 1[ generally organ T virtue of the authority In "'WE l teIJORCAS KERSE\,Adieu
of fut or oil, canelno Almost nine tenths of sulfur from Cure lb. 3 me veiled fcy law, I '
.i I I 1 Uller Oll'O' or our people luyolvat will otfcr for sale before the Court House 8!& 2S, 00 8-Vm$ '
cur ald butter should contnln at Gloves, Scarfs, Cravats, etc;:- r f ? ? % uipoleen4 ,' ,-Etc., nervous eihaustluusud a.Uiuruluru, lUtble, la luooncomluiil wlt .n the town of Crawfordjllle, WaVnlla 00, .'1.door, ou ri p .,.
\ 83 depression contused
lo'i l"'r "'It uf fut or oil. The oil or ftt of, "I lib great cart expn ily Toi*bls market, 'uu 1.ef Saturday the lllh day of June. U70, lor Stale and Discharge Notice,
n< ,butter ) ,u<\ oiaer fltt, I II *! of ; Mid Kuanntscil l (Ideas softening the brI..ly..n completebreaklnf SIMMONS' ounty: Case due thereon for the
coinpow } lu DR year \m. the
mb-I uuullly fol- OIX 'tuonths ,
I ,
I I i J I'Milid o> fc Ifll."e'eel.t.r..lo. do u otthe Thousands lowingdescribed lands after date, I will nuwdemut II) lJiuIAccount.
11Irllll. f.Ilu liquid or """m'IM( and price 'f Mug and being lu hid I O and
< It Vouched UieUononiMuJtK
an svstnn to
;. Winter bUllr (llllh.. according' lo 1'rul. THE OLD EMPOKIUM All our frlOnds nt -tti\luj m'M\\ snifevainlue.M. suttarlngto" and, day \y,rolo.dowu.noul IlKqi.TL.ATO county' or.o mucb! tbercoru" will! saillfy. lbs taxes ,)Pruuate of Loon county, u adiuiulslratiN on iteKstute
untrlul.t toblcco.\lrlol .t X lii'psrailuti iots tortblyearsforeuIdtowit
Thompson, anlld bit 05 I ef warrtukd : .
lu ]
parts 100 vbllasuiiimvr ( ) .d..rb. t b of Jesse A. Odum. late or aiid, -e d.
'j J. bour..II..work. The fractional .
;,. butter contains only 40 Tl.li L ..LIVELY. ._ of tbe nervous system to Increase at.a fearful strletry .ablfn4 to any tCO pert of See IS J R I,T 8 / I eased, and ask to be discharged. .
p Ilrll It hi* bupdreda, known for lbs seres-tbe. proresIdent party "rY.. V. AuuIeroa
f fact explains the reason by bo Mlr.b I, 70 IO : uwe and 110' MAJI ODl'M Kami.
\ ,
er'.I rolo't ,
lit 'w.
last or O.
cfllcaclous RORl
i churned at dlllcreiil In dilferenteiuuitis FASHIONABLE'CLOTHING unrvoua.y.tuin lb Bo.lllahl. Deo7'OO; lB-Ow
lell""lt. II '
WpIOII wt.b'dl.o. Collector
I of Iho year. I Il alultys be s give follows: A dull, and barmleM 'Tr the sutler- I T.; lVsknllo co.
i l'hll'I..1II ." head sometimes more ar 1 less log I"k.Q regularly and uertUtently, Ills sure .u 1 I'1 .,'V'II.'m ,
inch .
u lell"II.( that H hen il come it CLUII AN ADDITIONAL AMOUNT Of I'A- I..vellf lorlodl'1 In ." Discharge Notice.

"ill 1,1" crumbs llmt. will l cold ;al. huller bctiii dl,|>Tied, the lo cxarlloiis Ibo uluiont ul Ibo tu|.>ru|>rlul. sod ur lm\l rt'lnlutbii lag, slneM. NoIses beadacbs Qr Ulnglngtu 1 I the Head) Headache; Couul'uiloetir DI. Dyspepsia, headache r ,jaun< Wakulla Tax S e.i' SIX mouths alkr date I will present ill)''n/JI.I
L I. ,11 .not buck together I Ideas Trmptirsry LOM of Memory; Dijectlon lice, costiv.u M, sick bead' & and Voucbezto the lion. Jiklg 01,l Pii '
lor s 1'Inl as to lio greuny. Krevli sweet l'Alrul.e.f. his tyioiHU) nod 1'I.ATES the ttubl'uo w nil rklilkllluu or ;| during Bleep; Bad Orelil.; le! :H :I t:I I"lube,cbronl.dlurb"tue. .T)Y 'h-in.of ski >.11f of Leon county, as administrator. on f,i .'..1.1'Ir
1.lrl'IIIrlll .1
,cnwtIui4urnaoulihyun1betiIIbi.I ,LA1'tlIIION ; Vulh..of Ion authority I. ess In.la4y 1.111', 1 A. Burney, "_.ed. bite of eat u uui.n, I
I x.ujt U Winter.1 t'up.ruiny creajp rofchuniluctb J i ,; i Tr; } ( TwIUhliig of lb\u..lol. Anna, iVe., which, .jnury, atfucttoua of the I) will olf.r. for lUlu, b..o Ihe Court house door md, ask lo be discharged.-

f ] JiUyl] >IVViuuii. rl : | ENTl-jMENS Nf] TW'lUS' IUI.JJENT8 hIt,'l promptly" Irealrd lead to faimljala, Delirium, kianrS, fever, nervousness, ha on the 8AT1'RO tov. .l.wl..rdVIllWobll.. eoullly, VI&, y, A. liMIT"i. Jar
enIIII.kl'pHI chills; disrates ef this sklu, Impurity of the blood Dec'Jl'fi9.4iau)
) tin-nulls. Ac., Ao.JCOSKOO 1570. fur
large Made lo order lu auy 4..lreJ nlvlc, und" iTrrect .1.l.f.'lul Insanity, Iiupoteucy Apoplexy nitilancholy or of State and Cuu..ly; ;l". duo thereonTr; -
d"I'molul .plrll be
"The day before churning It U all uilxcd 1 together KUaranteid .lo lit, workul tnnhlp mil ., or paIns la pals the 1SdUtbefulioaIugdesertbe, I-auJ. |1)11I1l|,, year
J as evenly as |KWNJO|| | so (Unit no IVebh liii ,public MO cuiirlunuitly hl lu Tns."od.r FonuUtloa shabMd by "..n.1 I ___ and ague, dropsy, b"I.bwol., lu 1 b..d\\limbs I ID.14 county so much Iberwif is sill| being Discharge Notice.
cream will bo In a jwll by {Itself, aud warmed unit er.mtno fnr\km..*H*>r l.t..I.| Maul V ut hewdwdnflig l a asthma, ery.lp'I. taU b\,1 and bilious lbs Taxes fur the year IIfllrelJlld tusait sstisry ;MX MONTHS after date, I will urwouii) Hi"'
over u stove (stirring couslaully)W a lumiiemtura ..1.l u"",'r.. .III I4m l, .U du. to Its ptrhct parity,kMlihtalawi. an, diseases generally om'clool. 1.IIoOIl'r,belonging loolob"Judge unit resident C? account and VoUchers to tbe llou.Judd il V"

of from 8., to 70 deiireevund then I.blil. a ". ILftI1I1U. (ounomy., and Fat will up b In..p LoS,y Ukt, ., = denL
'i/. >J where it will warm enough have the 1'bt lrugi, Macon Us. i !i M. L.itt, duteauid-u"of-a"/) / "-1 1K.rW
rom b | ,
.$ whole gel slightly The ni'U t Uwariuud MIrchu1i,7U 1m' J to *1".Ut r. kll P. DL Price $l Lola 4, 11, a, 104 111. 11I 100 113 1l,4ijy, 118 be discharged.
101r. day ; by
IPI,4leud 40
r I Bold by U "ii. D11'UI. coutaluing'U,4IuJreI1'iureliJ i .S..A. 'TlfE* title
I again 4u din samu to Ihu The following aCrea-lIroiIerty -> -
can fully
I sired "'IIOMtur 11 for churning,war am should dU Tho Old and Bdiablo DOOUKV .BJOUII Is NOT s wend trll.d) FOK1tL around allot lo the .Irlu.)Ibis etblovonoo..IObl. mtleile..anil pU I' nquu-i-slduut I t ,\ JI Utbex ,i88
Recommended .
a churu all Stmltnt iVtMurcli each bottle b".II'byad.o. to whom we most respectfully refer i '
never aruud"
;( .' dny; nor I""d vetii, as I have known cal: norshould .:'\'Oal LiFEIneolliouateul iM lie,. J. Felder, ; Col. K. Sparks, < MONTHS after dale, tbe under.J ,,1 will
veswli bu used after they gel old audworn 1841. -- --- +- --.. ; C R II'rr'L 0 i -_ I
i iTE | Conductor present his final aid vouch U mlifr.
Albal. Uol
lied un.l.d accounts
f bad rM11. They will impa a taste aud CAPITAL 113,0,0. .NO 8TIUI1DJtt.J.MJI 8 lt.O.I Maslerson, E. $borltIIiiibcoun- Notice >lul traor on the Estate of Win. A. P def S
) clor t the butter. cram, 1 bl'lll BEST AND MOST.roi'ULAH MEDICINE I J. A. UuttS Uolnbrldge ;Dyke A II'arb.wk. 1.L 1"0111 having claims or d.rnludl Inll ISAdministratrix's ea.ed.lats of Leon county, lo she Jali Pro-
the right tell""lur. Is too It Feb. I. OUllLE AI'ut. TAX NOTICE.I IN Jdllon" .'Iprdl.ul"Tallahassee; Re,. J. Burk. the Esite lit J. G.II. Slathers decease, lalo ate of said county, sod ask to be dlieha
"" I Ul ennui to soon all the cream will not 8,1870. t.Jt.4tit I'I.FII.IID ''"CO. I. Powers, luv.rnleldUI8 of Wakuila II'I'Y .. are hereby 'notified to JAS. U. 'ONDE1t icr-
bo churuvd. but n iii be washed Into the butler- --- .; ln olluU.r .I.cn" sent them, duly satbemutleated, wivuiu the lime pro- Nov ?, 'CO 13-6iuNotice a

milk. lcllrelm should b thinned with milk, { 1 TiE FIRST D.or UAKCM TO FIK8T Brunswick ., "llp County Ua.t scribed by I.w. or Ibis notice will be plead In bar pre of ------i-________ jp ,
I to the iT ;.RECEIVED I I ". ibUthefi2Aucnnur Sill ba ready OL' axill Wood, Wood's Macon Ua.; Hev. K' F. their recovery and those Indebted to sail E.IAI of
,I that tbttcrveia Id rlr,1 I'r".. i ,tJt to rt'rdvf\ Ibo l.Un of all Tn* Pu>cri, cUliiK I Ihit No Fastening, P. K. .Florida Conference) Major A. "' jI cguge. out. to make linmedlate!' p.yru.u\ Discharg
c 1 al. I never may 'ellouod l b llltlofrerdng A FRESllBfl'PLY OF I Airra of 1.ld'lol lUuuo and looutblp, to J LAWRENCE Wooley, KIIlloa. Us. I t Editor Macoa Telegraph ",l -. lAKLOrTK AtA'1'TIEItI: Adm'l, JI5 MONTHS after the flnt public*! ,! tbl.Jude.
) J. M.
", ba.injure tai goiher \ .\ 'fn.bl. Prohiiwtyswora lo I D, For .I. al Vrrlwll rawto Rio Maria U, 10 itForSaTel:4-4. J notice, I will present my final Mouebers I suit
DeoVl'Sil $ --- ss Administrator Iba T.
crellllfl wBwaungo DR. WALKER'SCalifornia Before or some ottbo Ponce.I -------- on ealal
11 I JllY directed I Ie found JI.lkl. llopklut' HtorcL 1''t llson, late of Leon county deceased
-- -- --
II"IY --- ---
: S .. i, n C. DKM1I.LY, ORGANIC CHEMIST, ------ -- I 0d f the County Court of and county, au< for aUchargeu
Vinegar I I0.
*''Vi/ OS CiPT. EVJUt Biters Aueuor Leon umnty., For Sale 0 such Administrator.
.-"'r, ,"L tJ.TJNC 1-LaIei T 8VIENIIN.-JIuii .-)11,1.'71 30-Sat '- I I 1.lb"r'lorJ' .Odt.., .->.. 6 SlaIn N|. PLAKTATIOX which, I (.lUv/A I/ACRES limbered OF GOOD situated PRIME about LAND 7 tulles, head from J-an.4-.iW _11.iic; '! lLQS su'r.
upon| resldtd
unoesVuatthe.Iutn1notheBontuy -- Till bA"I a I lit Lieu
S CQegwi NORFOLK VA. Ulccosukle for abTJ.I county, on the 8t Marks Rail
wblcn jadOWD the Oneida, has been fll many years Is for good. Also,
smpeuded, For Sale a vurv .
'flEY are the great UI.IMII( ) Pl'KIFlEK and' lure / i sale. contains .boll tern of landa Terms ran be obulncd divlrahkCity Lot. Discharge Notice.
not O account inform of the lllol.the but huu8 the lio 1 gluing Itlullll., 'JhN AI.rllu, Kvlvent, ,tpAfluTINEcARgr.cE. AXO UIUVUIIT; 1.Price, ONE DOLLAR PER BOTTLE, are which Is excellent, t. remainder orUI.f. I.rll 1ber. or toOci. by uipllcatlon'V, T. to this offlce, (>IK MONTHS aIls, date, I will prescl I' final 1 1ru
e Ulurcllo, and 1 MedlrlueIn O winy Id..llq. .10 location wl.b 19. 'GI .3 1000111111 i and vouchers as sdnliUlnJ'U Itli
llurac 11-tf
t1CI' al I
SgeCbst entailed and -.ul. ; ou" t ; Iir4)iud:
been he ) would do ,
.rn"o lo
h bccauje Ibo world. For slu Ihicc si-Is Duuble ole 1"u'le c For sale by UruggUi t-neryslwrc. purehuer eunuiue. For lorm uutof J W. Baker, dectsacd. late of Ciruuduk
to thou tin' l.rlt. Apt'l i apply to me >i Oulucy Vlorlda. -- the
took lio Jeu preserve 1" M UHlon.1 / : .t. JtiUNMiN' JOB WORK of alF II to Judge of Probate of said ouni
drowning ) TO :,-J i ; 4HPI1 K I.FOXAHD kind executed at t be discharged.
u r
I crw" MI.hl I. ; 1-1 \I.rd \ ;o ; II i Jum 'uu | I this: ".it,,' t-itli lit-titlit ss and 11e 1'111t'h. a. j. BAKEII ur

' Jan. 14, 1870 ii.--dtn


.,_. .... -. ,
< .
"%' ,
-' ----- '., --
,! t --- -

r -

The Weekly Floridian
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 Material Information
Title: The Weekly Floridian
Alternate title: Semi=weekly Floridian
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Dyke & Sparhawk
Place of Publication: Tallahassee Fla
Creation Date: March 29, 1870
Publication Date: 1867-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
Coordinates: 30.451667 x -84.268533 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser. vol. 3, no. 15 (Nov. 12, 1867)-
General Note: Publishers: Dyke & Son, <1871>; C.E. Dyke, <1877-1880>; N.M. Bowen, <1888-1890>; Chas. W. DaCosta, <1891>; W.N. Shine, <1897.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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741 -
; -- --- .
: ----
: : -
; -= k-r- .- -L - r- : -


- -J____ -- *. .
'- ::-r- -------- _. 1

.. -.. --'-- '. .. ,.. .. . '. ... I!

: > .; < ; ,1169 ,d I, t

( ., _

I & :

.t Jttll lDrlbt t \

: : l

:_. = '' -" -c-- .. ,., \
-- "

I I5X- : DYICE.&SQ- : ? : == := J :: :: TALLAHASSEE, FLA., MARCH, LM!);, 1870.i NEW SEIUES.VOL.5..NO.34.,f ; : I Ilj

___ ______t .

r' It.Iro.p.cl.-, Th. Isea.snlltjee ... I : tH I'U .U..I.II.I --1 k ''J
A Advortisements Savannah Miscellaneous.
iiJn. I [ City
itt't' :aloi Tim, NiTV-'Ynrlt .<'1 (MudfraH, ) mnclinlvs 'f, '1'.rlr : ..

cnn tl" retrMt- fifth* flint ynt h(rAM'i IIl lln.Ilnll ., A rot"mlom'jrlTrs the !I, !>c.jror: <( Mmirnilng TOM nr" llio Eel :0--=

ns follow of nnjti workln of Uw (( IonOwrenpomteow oI1"1... D. CAMERON CHANGE OF ,
I 1870 \
'TUESDAY, < f t f MARCh 28, 870. 0"'Omn' IIOT III.t.of hl< flnH jeAfpnivudsi tarlu": Thpnrare U l l87O. i I
> III'otlb. ,11"both asfcuatr* IX-IK In ho t'nltrd r limn and a amfarswlng : At t March I I.Thu I. I
1)ltclaD. tl .tu "cl.lnrorU' mnrhiric wlitrli.fiTM Ih(1 f. | IMNOT _0I Tallahassee and Florida Central
(hue of Immigration lownr.l m the rlccninnwir ,I
; lion M a ;.while I 1 hinge \bnit'nl.-hIA., lm ln.. A thor days sinem. a pl.iiilntlon: of the South In UIP lU'crmituciitloncd vlJV PVJU.H', I RAIL ROADS \ t

wiser and f..lhlly mernhers of the party rlly received lu litter t11. Stevciwnw : SPHING'I
".nI.lfl'II In my 'l tim For tin Htnto I at J :iritf
apltreitvinl, that must h' !$ The of vWMe I the train ,'omln to '
hl c.ra tll.WY"fkI Kngland price I rr rtnln I ) out IhNiltylhlmominff I "aJ. *"tiU )
: ll time -lirl MountJm -
I|>ieces next $ePfmiI-tn Out of It trail of Hmr i'-.utumM.'tliniiwrru ( : it'isii'm' \

AVET1ZING ', Whatever rresidunlGniut'. future cunp lay carpel currency. The I.rl't!lly"of the fitli-d and 1 illicit nay rraiiiinetl, Mill m .lie1n < II, Ml' *II l : DRY GOODS 0s) ANti A"F.1t J.\T'NonMBER; 7th. '
RATES women and children on their mi liLontslanln I'Msonifi.r'lrakiie o.lb..nry..u -
with |Ii more 'lnl' ; > men .
be, U can si-arcely bring dipl| luauulai tory )bl< I I. ThHr cmplojirt wnv 'ilomwill, ",'rlt- 4t unit uutmhm several Slallois .t the boors
rneut to the well unplug among lilt forjiu'rjsnp'Mflcr ..1111. Dr. John S. Bond I _._ below named every do",, time COUlt'lIJlee however,
I -;<> > fory( -five cents ;per ) ,11! here 1 : them sharp, hir\ il .ind, k'oll.l..nll"1I1\"II. \thi; ,
teS'rIIflg the right In tberefr .l Ibelr die-
nid 'and djagmce lo lhuwlml: Ihilr hlnrk HixU-, wlili | vary .
| ll.11 .IIlrh nver a tort o 1
FLORIDIAN fllerlcd that wliliili, sevrul}-eight ceul I 10 r J"f'l JaOIl""LIfUdlll.lI', Indictttetl( 1 that they vi ..rtllli'o I \\71 i.l. coiillniie Ibe pMcll.nl )Medicine( T. ; DeWilt sriMImTr.ihn
country"than by : Morgan will funned al it. M.uVs with Golf Busmen
THE 'WEEKLY, hnlte"1 ll can coimuimr.! 1 > liilnuivr .nul I vli hilly Oilier i"i luis rc.ltl.ne I
to lu.lr." II itutiri-it.\ htmL in tinliitcrrsU '
bum oiioJH.il to the past year. not only In rraroflliH( old I l'iwl (mmii.... but when not required In do .".lbo, will run
I '' turllg 1t Time, proM| >rtiou: l I., Ihe Mine | i icunsiiincd of tin-Ir eiiiploj., also l'lmuuu'gutu'i IS ri'Ktiliirly to si Murk and bark on Tuaday.Tburviln .
FLORIDA.On. has 101 Ill ofllcu mieycar, and duriug. In limIt wen Irmii the dMint' : 'tntp Mrirlnl'i.' 'niutuvnuvl i 139 Confess SI., SAVANNAH GA'l, iln)a gnturilii),..

.. Ihor space of time hits ( a uotoiltfy, IdUtiilclinu CUUIIIThe In Jolly linmor over a priwiioctlvo ehangiof --- '- -- abGet carpet IHll( was DAVID S. WALKER J'icaaiMnrlllii' .
fur Wednesdays
IIIKr".1 wee nu iindaya,
.- wliich IM fur uuent.ibholio. ba p. (.o\I\t' :HFcFIVINd; thdr Hi.<.k
. Pomii: duty amt ullivld of $ rWIIIh I I H\VI and 'rl.'., at II 8ft A. M, arriving >t Jacksonville .
Ills'career Allan "bkI I When' arc ytm 1i"llIln..I.(| an an Hprlntf Pry (;""" in uhleh thet wuiisl InJtlv
{He( commenced eiys the ; order place time I litter 1m timmulaPPretl ,I ATTORNEY AT LAWTAM.A1I the alluntliin. .t tlir clluuiiii- al lUlU P. M. ; retlllOllI.W. Ic.YoJ..e..u.llieoil ( I
r. t .11,11 dent nccni) a \as sluKinx n IIlt'rr..n. 'rnw Uy .Tliur.duy.ui4.t rd.>.,"t4.ISA. M,
tt .Jry i, by introducing an innovation from W111 ", arc Uiu-l cbihtjr |*r In a ndirtj".. humor over the ph)*|I..tt 1'1 r r.t 1.II..h..lle., arrIving, at L'u'istmas.ee at 7.04 1'. N.L'su.ucn.rr .
,ittiailm bcuefltted pecuniiiriiy to .. I'UIL a lifi'' 11111111:11I' cnno \:'U:, KUJKIPA.fll.U Tallahassee & Florida generally
M' .11\1.11. of cuumuued In tht '' '.'r,.", 4join iuet:
; carpet Fnini "Id "'1'11,11 be, "IIIIllIwIII.I ._.._ & iLoav.
Vagimm -
. ., an luauglr.tlg the 1)"If Our stnrk, I. i nnipli'tr, ( III. all its various d i-fart| .
aslollsing etnt the .doiSn ftbnul Now ()rhan' uiiiieu In-midon''i I 6.25 I". M.Arrlf I.
lu8lui. dllclJce leN 1'1 I'ltAl'lltF. R"t'llI iiiI .
away lu
1 i1 si s& $10 ofsclUiig panitious \\ I'iMirl" nf, th. $t.ite, ninl, Hupruiiin In I InL' t..1'I Ireuand 1'"rtA10 l iur... (bid. ( lli.ro. F.mlwolitjrlcsMonrtiliia I- ,:l Tallnhsssee, 000: ". _,
1.\ Tailaumsassu .... . .
.3 3 8 20 26 .115 liunpr for money, )liouVs! and lands, nl that lime. : it hilt uuir: phtntnflnn, Dlsirlrl( Courts fur Ihe Nnrlhrrn IHtrliliHtirUli. r do. Llnuas, 8.l "
3-k14 ( HosU-ry Leave Mnnllcrllo . .. .. / 'uj
(,. 6 HI 30 60 house kept it up 'Wtlli but aIi&it url"ol8, : to the allrjl'r1" whl. I Don't vnu hjii- In h'a\e Vlrninl?" llllli-r( ou hit ifOiio.l floor of the Mourn u Miinii'stli', ,iln Corsets, rndrrviats, l.eavii Vadlaun.11 DM "

too time and.)has; ia heel hli till'aIT.I,1 a l"II.lc "No, sir not a 10111) glad I lo yet) a" a) nM Vugluna's '. II 12 12 25 50 75 present C'll'lleOCI tifoctnn |iiii'd| out ; (the him! is ivolv .,111..1 alllio I Fi'b.. I 1.I ITH .M-l) rimitatliiiida., Nntlans. .:..sliu.r.", Arrive' tI.'nll..III.W 1

24 U 00 U ioo 150ri coffers grow plelh.rlc and his tank account assume The article (nf printing paper l tiiCe| is leaving. I'd h.ae lift Inilj tutu' iiIs'II.- :- .1. IMM eats- &0. See. (Sec.Dimple. 'leave MnvAiinah . . JO r. V.
--- I IT astonishingly aol, but didii I hiiM1 money enough till theer glut' h'- Leave Uke Clly.' 1\ st A. M.,
prolltulS. '
tration. The July U Unity per .' ,loru' ul Iii 0. if ..,,1 tiy.mall un appllrnllnii.NM .
) < runiU Leave HuMwIn...... HIM) "
nllnloulln another result of bis mi'ii romr nlnnif, Arid profired I t.i par "mu wayand .
Im* of IJIA'II comtnntM' 4 tqnare, or (en irIU''lli 8hlrl'lmctC Imlort in 1800 acre $U7IIJOH( wild, It shouldn't rr*( us n rent( \I 11 I Him.: \\rii.t., \' \\(' rlC'KIN: TIIRCIIilTITAMIalTV \ l.onfiM '..1",. dally Arrives! JiickeunTlllu ... ., TrJ "
) or l'H'. rejoices of .e"unl U'ry ellglbla \'rrll"'I'ur' nf Li,,' littimp, nml, In, the ri'ilcn r.t" K. :11 SOHniMetropolitan
Ilrol 01. Thin Is not a ',' ere diirkics, you ..' here was lust like me. the;' ( ... I'mmrngrr 'r"l. Weal
f19,19J -- lining I
Advertisements unaccompanied by the CASh Mil.not little piccci of faslnonaWe and other Conn UiUi'ti In I Ilif M I irlnr Hunk Hiiilillun
rccelt attention. properly tory duty. The total duty | woutvd to KII. and V. heuever a K'xxl chiinu, cmni' 'I*l.i Jill ISSKI, :oiJI, 'uzuBOLLING lit Leave Jacksonville. .. .. .. .... 830P M. I
IOUII's Little ornothuj! lnu, been Jnnuilorlng they giH'il. Whl'lIlIlIlIlII comes' anti smim he will I Leave .. ". utl .
thecoU of collection while it Restaurant.
It the noa.y eiicloud docs not corer the nnmLwaltiucrlfim. this period, to relieve our people of the oppressive ( pav nnr waY there, and, give our wmnen am1 I Leave LakeClty . .. . .II|1 tt$ .
.. onr 1.I b..Inserted. a .numiwr oflimn. of two I'cnt per |>oitnd on all the | '| I'hll.\'III1I1llIl1 ptcnty nf work why iiv'a: l IOMl i 1 BAKER, ,- Uiiie UY.O"k. .. ... UiKIA. M.Arrltoaltfevnuuub .
., tho almost( unbearable eight del lul within the United( States" A that \\ill stiiy, In an mill norn-inti Si.lie Vaitiunn .t .10 JO j
I On. or two oplss} onl/ of the paper win b loot fo ady $taxation under which they are groaning \, would afford a revenue, Is no rottiitry; for its darkeys any iiionIt ATTORNEY. AT L WTAM.MIAOSKK Oyster and Billiard Rooms. l.rnvc, tavitflmuiui.4, ::10 I'. M.

,; ,vatt1.erinIu.' .. .pla agnemcnt ( Cal-1 I. In order to carry out their policy of crnl must lIt somiMhiiiff l 10 transport such legs' i inumlM'n I rI.ORItI.fT' ( .\. 1.11". Ms.ll-.iin . .. J. 117A.M.Lrave .
. mad. rCII'MIC time reduce thn CH.II" '" I IAmlI"II'I I 1) M.CONNKU. I ( )PIMM- Vtnntli'cllo ., *..... i.. 4.1115 "
I lion, the HmlicaU LaVe been engaged in tair- -- --- of iwople from Virninhi to ., "fri< In ("nilrt llnuse.Nov. : .:iHim.SIGNREETLIOHTS. .\rrha.I% Tillnhweo., ,.,. .. 7.07 "
not marked the immbwof llmmwill hut Ihe planters' ,empigeil, it < m thnl nolwlilisliinding .
..h.u..1 riding the coiiHtltiitlou; In revolutlonuliig! theGovernment The ay: I P1. 117.. ItmrI leaveTallalia.seii. 740Arrlvi
) forbid,and cbargod aocordlnglr.All .1"11..11. time cost, It pajs them ,,:11.111)' likely al ynlncy... .Silo "
tonne adTertlwra wboM aawont of epaae and In usurping the; right* of th sover The folio lug are the, (' It dnc, or they \\"hIIiOI engage" in the liuslnciM -0---- 1'relulii mind Arrntnmoilnllon Train !

l.qU time are I..bjr abate nt"1 be required' States and their people, and In forcing Bpon teenth They say Jlnit Iwlre the numlK-r of hanil, no"_ nt I GEORGE P RANEY, Twadimr* f...Hi'C "Ptilaiikl nnd "|1'1"< "("' ",..v.n IbiiiM
TO ST. f
: MAUICS.Leave .
to eonlne tkilr adnrtlilng Itrlctl/UI own bnMnete, eg centralized dcrpollsm I. repugnantto \\IIII"llt. the niiffnr plantations of Lniilsliina: CUIIMI"' pi ort lid llrynn Ml.. Miiviinnuli, 4J lI.
enloM .Upa. "hII 18 Statea. tidily employed amid that time seaixily III laborer' ; ATTORNEY AT LAWTALHUAbMt -- Tuiuhahssee..g 00 A. M. '

oew- ,,0-. all our republican By 1111 o 7 Military Di-lrictK. drives them into dill'cn'nt State In ""PP'Y' tin I :. H.OKI1. )"'111. ul nit liollrs- day and ulubl. Attic,, at Pt. M.uk..10.HO \
Trran* .g the the cowardice end the !luck Of d 'mlllHI. They havr no conlldcncc In rhliirw New You Ie 0),.".. III*.). 1111 linnil Loin o !l. Mark. i... 1100 P. M. ,
.Anium. ,.1rlp..1 D"glgeDco. 3 Sfiijnr (lemmermili. IlIhllr.II'fII\lIII'I".r., or oilier lulmr" ?Imt Hull 1..ttVliU opposite I'oole ib Uaiibcr' Mtiu'iAuum5fli'mii& IllMllI 'I.IMllllK| Arrlvrat Tallnbmitee .. .... 8.30 "
( ) fa President Grunt's administration any
II patriotism by : 4
Pr a.u. 0 1 Ort ft, 'Ml V OniII '
81)001.. 1 I I I t 0 has been disgraced our people T"IiII'IUCII. of tile nt'iim III the way nf'making 1 tin- culture 01 . .... .. .. "O.....o... .J1
Tr Ilontha. ,'. I i 1 00OIngle our flag Ibr 1 sugar prolllnWi'' Miii,),' of thiw. men gn and hire -- Trains on theTallaliiu.ee Railroad, will rnnmrt

I l I 'I I 10 humbled to the dust, and oni l\ rnd.'r 2 In all.fiijor0emulh. Imiuls i for time gi'imral market but moil, of tlu'li E. H. TAPSCOTT, MKIMUHII, I. \.lr..I.I club IOnIC Htmm.nat Ml Mark for Havana Key
( a by-word of scorn arid contempt to all people \ Ami are plaiitcM or their' iivencen: wlio men ly mini; *. MCINIUHII, to111. Writ Tampa, 1'eniaoulii. Aualarblcol! sal NuwOlp.no.

. ... A GIIANU 1IL'MBVG.-IU nine! canca out oftflii, Can we 'auj'thing to II'I'I\'C', alflhing to time n. lU'r.1 CIIIy. to supply (their nu n pi-.mtallnn...- ATTORNEY AT. LAWTAI.LAtiAttagg MEINHARD BROS : & CO (luir Dimmers, twice a week.from tlafnitit are erpccud. lourrivi

over all thin ? IVuups the ncullli ho fJlo; XI UHIUA. at .loovs HI. llitrke for hew Urlcnnaon tw'.uiat.uir {
tAyt tlio Savannuli Rplbkll. the' tiirgo, bapt.itn1i rejoice In h"lll. there 1.lnllO '|" hhalrJ' IIIK! ;YUuinslhvtoru'u.The tar menus lu mite' 1111I,". itnnlicstii, tistuns' is nirli week, and Htpainvra from Nuw 0,1"". ('it .
,!s of the Nohh" cOlie South to develop has iiciiuimlj' ; and tho great reputation as I .IIIU" time n"lll. ollnln.1 Su"herlill, "..hum I I\I I II I I Hill's notv im- .AuK ii, 'ii'i. MM. Havana on Wednesdays of earh weekBOBEHTWALKF.ll

our resourced," lire land almrki who como hero traveller, as tho .Great American; Traveller," in tided. per in commentinn ii men I'resnh'iit iranl's uc.lorotlllll ., .- ---- iinnTs. slums: ; AMI HATS I' ,f

only to plunder the States Under military prptoc- /el.. which lie achieved last summer, \hen for The Military Districts are all In In a Virginia di'leitatnm. Thut" you .. mm...eil't.. .. L.a.. prams.. ..,, / HI Uen'ISupurlnlrmliMHN [ r.I",1 ,
want manufarliires more th in chivalry, rcviuu i itho j I .
lion and by colu8101 with cnrpct-Lng GoVelul Dout.logellr ho' neglected: his lule. and the New York \ithdrew! her "" past history of the HoUlh and, rnmpiireii II P APY & PEELER, READY-MADE CLOTHING, -- ---- ---

Littleton In.l Swcpson have Florida intercftn the nation, may amply 111"IIIf tine and Is not counted. with that of the North, and rnnnldcn I'lIr..J'llIy' A nli

ninl North Carolina den'lop1, Ave hu President, Grant for the reputation I requires !" Stales to ratify time prnnoRllinn whether. thtt chivalry .of till'&U'L : ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Gentlemen's Goods Alliance Steamship Line
the ills which lie has time has dwarfed her intellect imnptulrtI hciiiiaiihiKidordlmiiilshcdhcr Furnishing
bears and brought iipop '
commenced to develop Georgia with a good (ironpect constitutional RI"n4m4ol Tho ( iindiTtlii, 'rA'.!MIASHKK: :, FLA.OROMIT .
tcsoun'et I UETW KEN
of iudling the State out of millions before counlrj'-liut it I scarcely {poksihlc that our |II'" got SO !all and otlirf thliir| three sopirato hiofthl4.lTuiuhu'r I Ul IIIJOl'CWTOX( ) ST.,

.. .- ho get through. There la one comfort however, pie, cal be pleased with the 4lu'pe1; before tlicni! their Mtlnmto of what a State Is, the.si-rnnd head., In ilrfemllny, the liiail: I In t hut flnprrnii ATTESTIOX( nml Clrnilt(IJ1VKN Courts: To nl IIUXINKSi'i Ha- Sislanil Savannah, : : Georgia. N. Orleans and Florida Ports

':: they ,will get but little cash from tea an4 UieXurlhiTii or with the manuer in \ 41.ludhll of l Iii; Platen. hood nf lii", Honlli limo HouUurn limit siys"That '' : In the, I' H. t'u.putt Slid "1."lollullrt. l I..r tbNunliiTn J tT 01 rii I HO nnd, N'j While II''t.., New Turk
the imliou's 'hllor .and lihcrlkii: his III tim first gt tilt n.ltdll"lh. army nl tin I I IMsulit, i.f Kliirlitn:
hW Itiulli'iiUi'cTulm, ,
fiml* who buy the bonds fraudulently fullh,1 The .Unit Ihu Soiithi'rubnrn HnplXI.'D'i\ 7-ly
I'nlleil Slates wno cumniiiiulrd' hII ,
obtained by these' graceless scamps, ill, I la thp I trust during the period ulludud.to.TrruliueiK mtlltnryud1strlclirf) etc., that they man. In tin1 war nf IHI I ,, .\nilrc\v Jm': kson i {(nil. U.'II%. Ill

,".I'b li'ft with the bng (10 hold." Getiigi ------ -- : up, answer lie purpose of of Mccklcnhurf rnnnty, North I Cnrolina, KHIIIU I "
ol" .UeniniCls. h-tu'ml l the beiivh-sl hhmiUjxin J. BERRIEN OLIVER
time most IniircU and imuii
uill of tlun. culled forward in
ilollur such : one
never a atop
pay o"lg Dr. J. J.'KxoTT.of: Grinin, ,., riles to the the enl'lIlIlIlhr I \\"r of IHIHbnili( wlugio THE DKXTKIl ('011011 1'ni-lnr lund t nrrnl 4' --- ( -Q
century. It has 110 :
; lleri'huiil9All.
iirmy uirucximiimndnil VirginliiusrHiolt
time Auierlenii by '
cn.fln 1 4J run I'M I'oltllfiil Iloroifopc. )IICOI TelegriiiikThat dire nl..loll 11'IIr ciple of Uiii Government of time ; UlL mimic line mid Tiilor on Ihu oilier W Ut I Y MTHt.tr, ,L.t 11'.J A.V.I//, HKOltdt.l.LllHiinlndvitncr. .

The New York Sun (Rep.) tellg (Jrnnt'g fortuneasfolloMH. splnul Ineninglt'w, having. heroine prevalent In 11 belongs solely' to time lludical In (he war of tauhi'|| U |nniiirlnits that the Sou 1 1, LIVERY STABLES ,, ,uuiimi'ii, uiiKlunniunlanfCiilton' ']'lUD I.INF. Is eanipneed nf time following Blcaiasbl .
our country', anytlilng that can poislbly throw tion. fought better unit, ""IIllIrl'II""r, Hum the North Wniil, I Illili's I Hirnp, AH | ta sail everf Hatanlajp fruit Mew Orlranato J
Ill tmtuivd people do my, liuver, Now having secured ID runsaeiilu, AliiibuliUiila. Hi. Mark. Cvilor Ke .,
its nature and! treatment, In our mind All Kunipe wus runsaiked, In !till I tint armiis III l.r.'I'II..II..U'' la nil ordure.I'liinUrs.uppllid ) I L
light on
that Ornut hnd Ilse Dana'n pului wtth,1( ) fut time things, why dou't time thu Union though tile North luul'four Hunt, depopulation RB NOW IM'l.r.V: FCtUITFI( AND I'UII wit U HiKil"K, Knpennd 1'be lit .1..11I.,1.. Wwt: I"
made known to .
office that he 1lCh .1''lrc, the prophecy would ahoul b the final adoption of time nf the South. Ami yet alter gellliuriKTults J\ nlshed will) luwu.tmarkt.lrsU' [AUK III, '1111. 4 AU.1.\ICII," !.' Cure.

not have been much In tho Canandra vein. The treatment IIlo"lel by us '1 tIme epidemics Even the Radicals are l ( : by huiulix'ds' of lliotisandi $liinn iimonuOcniiniis I.AVACCA," I.. II. I.IVIXOSTON.

Cut tho world Is 8 uncharitable. of 1803 and 1304., was as follows : Wo i I. the I'r. und meet dilllculties- I lilsh m llnlians ..nrh. I'oliii, (Hulas, 31a; 11"11104':104: I P M t. CAIIIKV, Hstunnsli I II. P. 1"'IUNH. Klotlils. VLOUIUA,", M, O'LuiRt.

1 first place. give from five grains to thirty grains Hpanish u Ao, tho Kecnilary' of War of time t'nllei "UfDLEY BUCK" J. Bruuass.HteamFrs .
Bays the Sun : cullios for they pay no regard at Slates maili, tlm humiliating ootifelim (that tin Our Hmtille or I Hiirnn.ii, One init, Two horse (Hn/ ., PARLEY & SIMMONS p. .
calomel lo time of the to leave Sow Orleans
That Qen. Grunt will bo nttcrlv disappointed according age patient stitution I but there IB ajar in rolHllllon would have Ix'i'H estabhslic'd but hut till I stud T.. ".a('.'rI.IC.. every 8 TnTrIileIns
repeated, If ', until the bowel act; thousand Southern Cts.miir.rrs tskitn tu of the (10 T ( ) N K A O T O ]H HCOMMISSION'MERCHANTS Hi. Marks every Wednesday evenlnii, for Key
his personal anpiratlons, It needs no prophet to b necessary' oi thew fear thai it would injure 111111'1)1..1'11\0 hundred He- any. pult .urr""lol Weak ami llavanuit, via Uedar XU)' anil 1..| .
predict. That he may succeed In ruining the apply a flannel well saturated with spirits liiriwn- frun\\ I Hut 1101.111 mint all ; the (Hoiilh from (llrsl country nn aborl nullfeThe IMumlng. leave llavanna every To...' and PI.Marks .
thrust thing II iii minilnuu all unli'rs
( fill fu
puny hlch him U quite poaoiblo. That tine the hole course the rim over UIHIU to last funilshud four hundred thousand iin-n hitim iiruprlitiors o casey Ineailay livening for New Orlrsna via
IrU81J along ( I.UMH1CU, flIIINIiU.II.I'UK1'i I Ac. llielVunl
lie o spine They think the schema is .li-ll ( Vc.lr.im, '..
wilt be 10ldvanca even In sight of the so ," Union CO 11110. No great disaster' U thuiirnisof tour lliiilr( HLihle. Apalai'blt'ola aim .eol.
where and Jnckson failed, Ig to the this a al.N.lhlg Iron moderately heated; keep should lie Lonsummaled after time ( Ihu Mini tim al any Itlmo thuiriui .the four C'oiinortlnR. ri'L'iilarly al 81. Murks, .\tlltho T.I.
Ixiint this until the 'parts arc blistered five from tie huluom, coming mainly BS .- '. HAVAX.VAir Pen. ft (la, and Via. cWrel Rallrotda.
.liuprolmblr. That he will be tlitmlitscd up so tlmlll have, lime lo cool yen IN Ktmirgle, ulthoul I t I Terms Cash I ( IIAV OA.
from |he \\ lute on the 4Ui of March, to fifty grains bromide polusslum, according m.iy or In paillromoiieofhcrnnn I rwicnnt sons Tim Tbs public may rely un Ibis Uae for certainly and
1 1th Uie lube 1.18 not to con I tl three. (all elections come ou.' The '" first, n'verso was Inrlleu-il Mill Cici.k, by Thorn1 |- f-Ufllii' smut Hlalili'i I two l1tuliru'C Homb.,.,, ul1".lnllIul. Agonta for Croasdale'a SupoNPhcepbatellnrictSNUM dispatch
the J'1RIft'\a.
\ to
Illireruc gay
tlpl.7a that followed departure of Jolm Tyler age nrtho'pOlloll'cr hour; liwiou of a military district into Virginia.. Tlio (IIII lonthlcnce Inspired In AVKUV; Meurs. Wslsb 1'alrluk A ( ". N. V, F. Atrnnlll"ew.finn". ,

RII, Johnson, history will doubltt'is re after j..tllg the pullent fuly Ilder Uiu influence jtiilu, a few mouths after limit tho dumorah/.ed nimy of I Hull 1 Itun, it its v II hug lu DUOS. M.'..... Nnursu brooks, N. V A.DENHAM, _

cord. of tho commence ami give lui/u mid heroic jrdur of a coiuiiianding oltlciir, the gell ruIKhll)) of trI ol Maryland, at I)ruimwe- T. L'II..r.II.11) II, 1111. 40-ly 11"1| 'JH, 1111 M-'Am,' Agent. 8t. Marh .,?
-.-.- doses of the sulpTiate of Ireat- villa When Iwn.IIolrIK..r'hu Kfilcrnl army had ArrllQ 811 "
WHY LCLA.ND CowniDto Gno. Wu.is.- "ulIIJfil. his .h'k. rallfhnl tlio. ,' buiin scattered at Vhh-kllllllllllt", honiss, Hf" Virginia --. -- '-'-'
btt currlcit out by some
welt bh.ub 101I/ell all/en Ihe mtlflcatlnn otcimurso stood like n link in thu ocean iijainstulilrii JOHN PHATOBIUS
From Wlke'paper, the New York Spirit of the alone could .adapt" Ibl MULES and HORSES.
pb'ola.llh"y mllltnijr ordi-r mid a' raiiciiit '' II't (the VMivisdiiih aud fiiim, and In'tin vuln.Hid DR. BASS'
Time II JI.rh 12th, \Q 1 learn the cause of that ncM to eases, and apprwlutr the action I it not been fur the Htulilioni" rcslstnnoo( of \
military act lilul ft CIIIUIH ,', OF LEON AND
cuing he lojcivod from Major Lelan !. It of the different rcmcjlc We regnnl tho dl..ul Time. ( this one man, and he II Virginian, ('hickamaiiuuuould JIEIICJIANT TAILOK J ) 1 adjoining) cnnntli', u Una lot or
U contained in' the billowing extract fioiu antdilorijil liu have IMICII a umiplele, Kudirul route and\ ,
.I rulasmatio ultutlion uiuklng prufouml ----- the S.in(them Conledi'racy nn established I 1.1'1.: Mules & Horses. CHILL SPECIFIC
lu he of that :h kI \
( |palJ r I"I i prOolllho nernms centres. 1I<.I. e the '.' this, hour.'. Illulr, C'anhy, ('rllll'IIt1'II. A Icxandur, I HAS JUST RECEIVEO" FKOW NKW YORK
i II but too true that Major Win. \V. T. chiilce ssorliiient nf
A from MtCayt Imm In Nortlii'rn
"I L gentlcrnnn and Nelson a cro Kentiirky
BullhlorH Tho riiiladclplila, }'IIl"il'f'', I can bo f.ninil my "OLD 8TAIII.K.S": In Tailsbnune. -
would recollect that ha might
anything 'II'liL'n tell thnl tho I last nimii'd siam i'd l Unint Ii tho Certain Cure for Chills
us 1. Only
'to the. same paper as Mlq? i My rltovk of tlm brst ilmerlptlnn, andliurolniaers ever
do for
a five note. lie Major h.t rlllyreJ..I over the FRENCH & ENGLISH
r.'IIIIIO Win. W. Inland, is a notorious swindler, andscoumlrcl "1 notice la 10\1 valuable paper, (rout liuio to from aniiilillulloii al Hhlloh. Thomas Ncnton may r'ly l un K.UIIK| good' b.rnslna presented to the Public I
time itiM In but the ami Cookn Onl and
Fi'linmrjr, on mire Virginians. Sjkes IIrollIryhlllI M, H. KJ.KJ.V.Vu .
whiwe Infumy is as common the time, mention, that lerbledlal, meningitis. limit It can .only rifiird ''It, and \ ,'. 'fI,' most air. He oll.llot IMJ believed, on oath, by any J,. M. 4 1. of Ti' I'liulaln. Arsuiilc .I"vr Dvlulerlon. -
\ DurIng I ho war, I hhd on Mr. WhllejrjkiiUtlotis > naval heriM-s wax I David Kurrsifiil( linesai no 1lllulllO\) or
> Jury 4u Now York, and adding lieastly om ardica which I It Is UK' outgrow, In the >e. 'I'hII tin.- expressed wiitimuit nl Ilia "Urui;. \d pos, lbly 'Injure Ibu most
? tiutci of it
in AUibunu., about 13} '- A N"VESTXNGrS
'ami krutlahrma to- his dishonesty lalloUll lonnl raliimily' and It ,'. Northern (Uuvcrnuifiit luu.ll.(: Dupont nf ulnve- dullrnie system, .
nunri-d wen by hU own brothers for quonl and some forty deaths Iii about six 'eeU*. Allthat ioluware of Hodgkiss & Co. S
and 1
against surli mtlchlnl milling i Goldshoiough Maryiiind : .
airy ,
,. the
cruel beatings and kicking of a wife who in I tI "tattle Is ".rrool. ( bills pf noil
the best of medical xkill could do was tried, madu the fIrst 1.lgIIII'ni, nn the Atluntlu, ,
ha and
ndditloii to wing adorned with womanlyytrtuo great debt nf thn country at ulullostu and prnimeted ebariunrr. at thus
him several chiklieu.every I but nutliiujj sccmot to do nn$ good. On my OWI caltnnal prosperity. Thn > const Wlili b lie prxiisriHl" tu make In order la. bum l 111141"l, COTTON FACTORS earn Unit prnli'vts time .yal.ui njrsuisl ibilr re- "
W Ire I ciperlmeutej with the ,lniiu.t, / "Theio U ,,'Ilin InU'llhii'iit' man III fiilirr brst mirth' miKl fi.hluii'iMu slylv and at nmil.r.le, i'iirri'UC'0. .' i in *'
: ------ ..lllllly. If Mr. Itoutwell wishes lo '' (ion of this country, u ho dues mil I.tuusfi lluit II' it irli'i1*. Hsllslltrilnn |r.narniitftfd.Uaulluiunu IC.rUfti'olu
The No... Carolina I.&rlluiue... fUld In nearly' every case, by set'mtngy niinialratlou to |mpnlnr regard, lad been a contest beta ct-ui Uie liiun "I'll.I houlliand will alsn llud ill hi. pluvo a biilnlsoiuo, A. ii tan bo adduied frum (elillcuiea living
I bleeding the patients to death, I saved their I or Inking ever}'thing from thu Ihu men nf thin North, (the Intier wIo..IoIIIII\"- iirlinenl ofFURNISHINC In lloorlll'l.|' Alubama smut, Florida, "(bu wllll..lIy.
Leslie, a calLblggc in the South Carolina M'lii'flt( of give (ho 1> boon dc ." General {Commission Merchants hut after Imvlnir L'bllls fur two vfws, and Irjluitewry
Ivcs. it In the bcitt remedy lroyud
,1 am so ro.-iK'II'1 ,
Jj'glalature, out bcott, the Governor. In nl.f.Ihl& roni and .. reined* known fur 'ItIII..l they were jierinanenitjrt'ureil -
tba Legislature pi"IL tchcs into Scott,and declareatiiI known, that were aoy of my lu\a ones, tir even himself, n his Mr. McCulloch: In Tim WH4TH TO VONK.-lJur umtigimhmurs| In :.Mo. 10 lleuter Nl., :.. 1 orb.WK by taking OliO Nettle of the floCclII".| ( .

lie' Governor appealing In LImit worst 1 myself, attacked with It, in spite of all professional lobl staM'iuculs. It U a good jam gill" wemmgly ih'uf to I Ihc argiinuilK mid --AII"- ... -
\ IT 1.1 If.\'J.'IJ".HTt./J IIY ASY IONIC K.'Ol'.V'I'U
pu I weuUI the lancet and let to be free from debt I -
omilry ,
the ho remonstrance, no entiiallu.nf the prens, Ar siihl III In1 11111' I lug rut juKutc.il. wotti.ul
Whereupon (
lul o lelu. I I seemed pojiiMu fur hlng lo I'licnilrago mnnufiiclurcs .1111"lr energies Into Ilin priNluctloii iifinittoii, in
the bloo'd flow as .long us It& CLOTHING. are |1''I'.r..I.| UIl"1C1i| risidmiuti'grimbu, to
lire reported Lu. : the patient it." so as to rtinblo them to make" the 'neglect of Krulii and provisions. The JhuouTetiynii i ..'.. un and sell (,'.11".10 all the nnulbern The following, Certificate Is from rnitiriuan( t'iu

. First Senator-You're I liar. &.114 a blessing liutead of a curse. >U, In dospuir, U'lU III IIItexl spring' |.rCA Ll. AND: HUE .11111.'..! 1'vrts, or forward from lb.ee Purl lu Mew Vom or played as a Maeblulst at time Kallro.d Depot In Tallabawen -
Second colored Senator-YU1 a that d In UH : Omryim' the (Sillowlng simple The Chicago I'M, (Kadliiil) says HThajM (Jeorglu w Ill \0 high '""III.h)' on Ilinhotlsof aIm speaks {if Ibo Ttrtun" of the Hpeeltlu'

Third colored Senator- your 'OI.IC'o' rmcd11 given\ be regret led that Congress bos not ('aKi) I D!luiiiiuliuiifl! | t tmm.'umt, ullh her hottoiu tilt III. 'lit' 11 LIVKKPOOL DIItKCT, from eiperlenio : .'

O wi b In. the pl'onlilr In less than olne The apiilcaUuo.of| 'hot tlQihu- hot al ecu certain sign that there I.II be stun' nut and all IIIe tmal lout I'otlon .lo"u, '" .. -- TAI.UIUS, f'lA.. April Wtll, IIIII.)
ty .. antI, corn to buy, sonm 0 air nr Inn millions' as our frl.nd. may prefer. Our u"'lIIocU..IIII.IY. M. l.ivn.r
.fou wllreo sII'lor-l you dou't dry up b borne-la Ibe"I: |>lne and .b b(iroved of taxation, saying that the result ol i|'ih.ht lo pay for furulutcr, ami 1 tvcrj'ihln in a ,J JAMES: I J. VOK tiM( erpool are suib aa will |"lv. our eustuiuurs all the /.' Ali" : TIke |,'Impure ilslln/ltmt'I"'I "lisvi "

\c'l klul\111 great "nl.ft to severe cane o mClln ll. ThUs (umion nf tie, qui-slion by Lime \m \ \ weaving" V. uy generally Then ue will pay ourlihts .".IIIIIfC..r( list market. used mi lib the bust ''1111 Omit 4sV I'liiLi. BrhcinoMy ,

Pl"II, I do not.mind the e avery simple Ic"y and always bnml, and Is popular judgment In uciumllnff lo Invariable ru'tom. tvlthaalmf mill. has ul.>u l Kiu II 'tnt UnU, and ii'ifvr, 'ir'umt-im
'In.rptlon. the Information should ireas a law,' which wont ''. mmmiii' .II mnn y, iMiJ BOOK-BINDER U. n'. .. '.'.-.- A t'... wMi'b sbi lind linnii'illini', rimn, I ','I 141 v.. I'" P I".

But he cloc. mind That while blood b ulnavelydreulalc country airuliuil miuirlng, this' great sai.ritlvu honesty, ai-elng that He haw Tathilh'4A.lfhi '.. u". nf lb. U.l ('bill .ind Fever ltiinrilli. i ui-
'he. In the nburnce of a pbyidHnri, life might ,anted. the wluil* burden of time war and olU'U volleyed oumlvcs '-'lIIllhIlL aiUili' Inlines UIII i i It' ....f'r." lu Illipulilli, _. UK mI.e.ii|| I. nut lk'l.i-l l "
which Is blUr than any black, or brown,i" It." I D'H, ( the and .1. f.. ....,..OOUIt CO.. ri'lnrn a fit r inklnit' II, us Is I (I",' 1'0'1 wild I nm' "II.i
r reduction of taxation past w mitre are corn nn'st
a more
b rnnedln. I ennsliler, II s Chill; snfl. r'i >Viliisiruyor.
or yellow blood thai, ever .."pawned, -- ban popular dirnnnJ a hlth o come from We shall not Ixi irprlsisl, i<> scooritla 11 Blank Book Manufacturer. Hay Ml Rii.nnabii'Di (lw'rti' JOHN. | UM,
'- the velim even of Ibis poor earwt-bng| rogue, and Tb I.UBU .111. any cnU'h( fit. In about! a ,'itmur Intuit this time, I .I t, 17. BGEORGE -

In fiwbU, way nature fortes him to strike at his ;A WaiJilngtou letttr says Is no 1'11110 tim Washington. The Il ( <" ml nu Plait> r be mule Ui am Je but 1m M I ho, hus ... __n. HOLD IIV '
; grabbing Imimsit-steallng\ acheuat time resolution adopted by /the | lull corn '.lib and, meal huiisti.Vu ."
".rr M LIVELY Druggist'
\lrl:1 01 n.m. He tells them :: i.a of lhcei stapcndous lu can Slate Contention declaring \ wish Me, uouht think that (Jiuirgi I it Ihunily JAI'Y.Jt IIULKD: TO ANY PATTKKN. JOL-U- O. HALL, ,
You are trying tome thin machine ,'It 1 many 1 ( are w M | Htiitc hi whh'h warning will apply'l'miti I Data, Jx'dKiir., Casts llmik., Hay IJuuki, and WITHIIOIIIillMON Taildze..ea t'tmi,
InilHMlliiliifus and Impracticabllltim, mUlng I heir operation as in b second only M tho 'Is drrn.a'ndiHl, of Uirlffnnil "- ( -.- ).,krU niiulu to order. Music Pout mind MaaInis | IMMtl.lXJ A < Ii.. Ituj 4. '..mo. lD-f

iiMolor| and 1 Corruption| that U \ like an old [ c The LIt of tla-su U the opera- readies the lowest amount ('AUIIAOaAn KiiKlhtu: Hrlur sa}'0: h..u/lflill miumy siyiu.i'uurtit'utumruitlsntloui -
wagon muiiing bit). and wobbli I Ill IIIO. cri'illt slum.! nnresslrli'S gleam.. to repairIng[ rbototrrapb Fluiir & I'ro'hce' Cora Merchants,
dowI I wlbb of lobby cuuuot led.wllh the of the f> '. lulliviitionof( .abbugeU StOutly r.tuning. '1. Ibuuis..
., anil you don't know whelhe yog .r going Ln 1111'r thlll all In favor of tariff' It I ionics Into 'use t lmu'm Ulicr Ililngs (iM'gln VIJI tWeet 'IP" ",. .> 'i'. I'4
, "the oiicxn or .tie d"l1 faciflo Ilallroail, a company aol c"olet\ihi nlje n 'lull 1111.111 Is by 'tar the beat succuluiii. vcuualile Mllrc In lh. I'lurltllun" Ilailldlaiar.Feb. IIr.II"| M'elveil, Iii'I' 1".1." fur 8>>iiflnrn, Mirl.it, I 4

What (.10"1. h soon told I i 'roruont's' Hut on the second I'Rrlel. but lieving Ili.nl' k prnpi"f mlju.tinent) ( ( for inilkhiK c"ws...koaplnfr" up Dm yk Idofillk 1I.' 1XW.( 80 ll"J'l.luJ.. I I. l 1I.lluIlU. Tills!. '',' Unrldaliu

IW'uy ]t cu7imred' Reuator.-The Senator I bartered by the CuIIGirnU ..gUlaturafruniilng rccsimrll/ "lI'lIr.,0"111.,1"111111\ | ', | '"nll.'rourv| 1111 belli-r Ihnn any olln-r loud .-. -- 14 l mU. On.

. 11".khll| dUparagiugly of the parly I southward (ruin Han }'r.lo. They are qsk. which\, any Interest In enllfled. $ HIM |sirlion ol( (he
( 'IMs the < ous quit thilr natiiMl |"a.lunigio It I n' IMS A. N|I. HI II.II\$ .
JoouuiiUyour but nnllloin| of !
amount eight I
the ,
X II&rrvllol.; log only li"KI.1 I' ; s ,M I nn rnMiai' >rs are always quiet and mililiwl. .. .. ..
to H-uk lor B. C. LEWIS
I' propnw and
| an If this rnuilntlon It
nmj not heiilrd
II laud in the
irIiuieH drut hnol the finest agricultural ; whil" on lurnii| Uivy ifin si our, and are POST & HOBBY
gi, ( coiurd Stiimlnr IliLi x-sldn'thlii, want lo raise hum price fur ai-lunl gui Ui| ,l1llUiis and) lelure Die ; i-sil.si. ( '.,lUgr' me glv"n II huli on thehlwi. ,
)- a "llh !
"I" mimatit&imredioime ol' Ihtlr
"- or Cot I should' like know 1 polll.111'1'lw" aeltiereon ninn mllllnus immure, Al If Mr( Ili.iiHicIl' sUndnln LImO zs ( ., ,.lu 1 11 l ui lirn l lir ito' o'asumn\ ..rlllllUwrl'llloe.1 General Oommission Merchants
1 Ir..lllh"Cllrl'
1,11'11I' 'Un tfiiu.'h' xbiilu, / WIWllln"'ud"Ihe INS
t i L'.JlQ' uIiI7' Wtlwl' l.wcl to t, rwlflo IlallnMiil l 1"yll! II ".crl' limit out of I Ihe nay Noihlng ( )| .in" ll.iiiU. in |'ihlun' Imu'ru'uiiluM! ki'il| In RANGE,
to tll'
1IfI'.IYIljII".lIlug NEW JA.Nov. .
prevent ORLEANS
,1.1.11111 ciilinv. uicuto, CII.I gelatithoilly1 ftirtliecouullistosubscrib i vi'inii' Mh.II"I ili"" tmefltr&ui'd l ) (iiuy.shzsmnumtlum :
( ) '
siui-Tou have .
) uone. by which I lime eiinnlry b IT, (W. 80 OR $I4ALLENDRCCR'Pevor
but as soon as thaw al Sicmraento tfii "i Html iiiuiJn, sue asiniiLli as a
111 ("IINt fknulorurn) dlnpoHedlo *) r1 1 jllM |jriuuiii'| | nf *l.lcsiiittii>lilp, ( I( slimil. Inn i; lit a liny, 'fI'\II'1I1,
lot ibv I "aL*i I the right of this Wavhlugtou are securnl time (tao Kirne dow n, and. all Itr gnat i : irui nn PiucaofuWitun AGENT and Ague.ENTIDOPJ
man tit pructtfil lit i-rt sll the .ire'lUKsl liy an Otum r iiiily| | uuf| creeuIKK Notice.
to cnntolldiito a |mipleTiim ly '
Inoi Th''II. nra excellent fur
ll,yn"i (o'limrelnator.I hope Senator lr eijlel ( ] Culilwjee yniinjjanliimls ,
not maU. iiiutiou)at all. 'le' strong the Sectvtiiry of the Interior -- k< 'I'llii' IIItllll1l limillli. smut, prttvitiillnj liloikfg N (f II K I. litrnby nlv.ii tlrai, lime uu 'vrid'(iied, .

"I hair, ,,Ilhll any all he coo (u tho support| of the on against the recognition o IliU .lat 11011.1)| ; '... Keep II 'I'rur call dll (ml"I M-v n iiiunlbi mny Imvtinertly TOpL'OHfHl tri : ,u $ur"u innl, hi i I',i.r d I'tlm>> virtue irratlnn tif an of Icl tfirruirntl viiiuli, ". .' ,An"ed Let tinsiili Always lop liu Chill

1'I.ullh:1 fy, and IIIIII| will be Urn beat bat Mr. tll or nfl'enoHylvanla who te"ply sjunilii a > -.- I ,' u I nr Kuimrul "powers and linuutl u," ..pI This Medicine hi-mm luemimi Lute;,, the fubllottiaen

t .\iius-rug! ca have for I he a alibI corptiMilons' limit mnde b UQlo | No 'II* a Cut lo dole NKW Vuiik tiiriiis )0.1.1141.New I itmtumtt I iiriiMco (Oointiariy of Now York I invcd .Aiuiitl, JOUt.bsv.iuu" 1"mu.' ,l u 11 I- iiLfltwI'ttulliur years, auil is UU aWuX vt all other

J; Uhli.lrlll.t.$ ol hi'EcaUcncy. 8ootThe. ."111 diiuvinU; c.r the rb ,LeatufwiwatAnd Vurk ilispalcli to time Viuni niuu, ilnii..1 llh" City. mi ,it.i'i'fr.lluu, to l I" kiiunn l II> .1 h u.". knuwu reiiuxllus, il Wa iiot pui re, doe*
fl'. ._ report Iii fjv or sf< I.cuso.- -'1'..& LNw I lisa Tim bulitl U lo )K. l* ly mid soul to Ibe uieal' laLII.: 'KIIJ.: 'I be innvuluiiiibi$ mmf't'ummusu sriwatibe.il '\MOJl., ; : : H 1,243,234.63' .!,.,' nf iul'" >if IfOnn a,, "". upeii ai |IM' nllUi' ofHii.Clinrlt. lint-sli.kon tbe itnuuuU, ,14 i pcrreutijr safe Inany
lepe.led t'nlo the liming, MIU!. a ltli ((' "' inurt'st. 1'lw hotel r..Iil.l.[ MuudiKilu 1"1. rli'). doe soul umliir tilrnmstenosa. aodIs
'? Them U, ". th New York HentUut Weduu rallriKul O'1).r"o. ami there U buntly any 1 al all Limit porn sinu llu> 1 1st (il I Mriili'inln'r imrlil ( liLa \ll"IIn.( tb* only V 4i>iag (tl will

: .Uy, a arrlotM Bihtapprcheualoa ia time public liimjm that la the llame time right I '
uilud ia relation 1-tw from old i | ) 1",1,.' lust' )mr Tbi.i 111"1.1.1.-| | I.Y I. f. iAllI.I. .
,j lu the luax.i* tu. Petitions undtr the hoiunMiMul and lire vinpiloa '$ < I. sol peruiauvulf( avoryutiu of FV f anil
1111I11"'" :ill( il.WMKUl' I Tli- wcel.lreceipts will City.AsMite It.
;; era bUng "lt to WaMhwgtuu lur the repeal of the I can b guiirJ"l. Tbe litnd ,,,",,|_"\ am a AmJh4s, j jimn ln-ifln to Iill i4r< an'l a )liuvr slm( .k I. Ilk i Itu o V' It'iAV; Ague, because il It a putfuu AaiUM !.

1 : Uw. It hllt".dMlucUy undvrnUxid that the controlling turns I. tlw Ridu-al rr1.11,1.,, And fi.CI'.lloll1r furrM over Ilisn I 1..1 year, as Imlilers gu'uu : : : <((3,505,044.00 Mirth I h 8, 70 81-41 JAMitll. itt EL 81a.IerLa.Uold by aU ruigtte.

Iiicouio, 1 as n\SK\\ [ \ by Uiulutlim the I rapidly absorUng what \loft 0 'e plbli .. To shut s kvul Krluf' i erally mu ti u.pums.-ml' In M'Unix ut |'n sum (|UinUiiii, ---- .. .- U bokaala aud SsUll bjrT
4 ai.JAiy of DCelnb'.19.! Thu lax now being CiimrU lu 'hat.I ::huc.' liulis, iiKulnst himt.i ll'liii.lyear itu-
main. liaillcal supKirl ihew Te.iiruthyaiul 0\/1'14, Homo f Iiiaurunco ofi.uIustbiiit '
| 14eDi ,
a- year After It hi nov 1'.ll 1I"N'k.1I'\1.IIIO$ lisle, nr In t'tcmitem.d Company Notice. r.lTATl'U, TAUaiuiersril
. ot.r 10n'DI taut Can be Golluctwl. or pal with alacrity and a perfwtnisM of ""Iplins Molblni' I.i s| year liv (Ulnfl A i'
A'' the enactmonl of an entirely n.-" that even the blind ran discover Bigger In Ihe Awl 111"' < ,lo kreu Ib/ ; 're l which 1 is not likely t'i be "' The "'' II art- In 1,1111. ibis inurket"' : : : ,A., units and by Irluu "ho out entllb ''>u Aol --- -a- -
reieal| l uf the old law is limit and uneooillliuuaL I f'eo __ --- -.- ---- (u prvvlile for !b. tiwll'ii' tif I'lirpuriitlun." uuil, li
iresirlbe their |If< ii, rjl IMHTS, uij II.MIIII.( ," oprov House for Rent !IiliK.i'CONVlNIKNTTO
lIIAkI5effCCtUIiitIUtbItXI1fl4Jtspal I GHIAT BruT o4 rue Sen.-The artmiMHiirrt, MACALLVY .. A I'uoMiKr. TinHnioklyn xrain"! jury says : Tho abinwiifntir lIralila( ) Iiihiiruneo of .< -d August, I..M, lm, >r asMinlsted Ih.,,.. he.
A bill pasted the luo." undor the previous question are jul now turulllilcir glai .| lit thin dirwllon iII..rI..1 Macauk-y has made ,iHillll''.il ysumi$, In llso'l .lime |hoist heuo- Cumimuy '"(( gag rule a )'s ago, providing for the of Hun baUng 1,1 Iv l-roli.. Ion as a lH htlf l prophil ; but 4e'111I Hiew<*U, U'oils 10 11I. ill' Umtont Kufaula, A Ih.Ait'Iu al>le ul .ll. I liillul, ,.., i-1 I II)' In. ('""'1'0"- ( P Allis at this 0(8cc( ,
aaiMcment and collodion o.1 Ilc"rc tat fur out In a fitrfed null of Km(- .f them, otenonuiNis filliMc. A few years aim, "I'Illn c.l_. nu| 'iriuul In |,' \ and time public ml-$ ,_ lluok. uf ubwrlptlnu" tu lb. dtpilul tlutk ul ibu, Itsi. 41, 'stim gIJ..If'POE
: :
uue year only, (I87U) but lul likely that CooirreMWlll sit*. Il !_ thiS eight gin 'ft of ti k III of the Irish ".try m UM 1 iuini, >l t ut tli,>ii "lotuoal le iJtlh (lo rei>n.s lll flush : 2G5,501.60 Ciimpany are nuw upcn' al tbenilli'e, .t ( tuarheeMuDuIuie.

put such a neodlnw burden upon| the spots are i'UUo,, the largest .ii),Ucovert| 1m wan/si "foMiknily, lie w"* Pillv H. *'iin,
(wiiple agaia la face of the ul"ollOI protest of a suierflcal| an'of not liw than oue liiiiutiuil lalulD. in lteil. alluded bnu I |1".i.I",1 i-riuuj." Title Ulh. whole .U4y-Ihei'r 10' >IU<'.-llitl. IlimU llullillsiK .ImJ.l'K US.
the entire of the The occasionthat four hundred lie II.lI.tH.AtI! r pll iv. Luke 1'lmiUUun, knusum at ll and millions rif but
press IIIO. flfry-cljlil; square Vmimi'iiif' 1"IIlIu'y"I.1 : < > i-iill lat llivraw of sill OM (evil (toW which Lij )
j lll.fur it has |IYo forever. Let miles, or seven times time suiicrfice i4 the terra ,\llalnlnj( a srat then .. a man | ui .uuVr till Uow can our W'lilU-al ayttembv '|'ulluliu ee, ..Ior.... U JAM)1UItUAN.lacb1O Mil hiV. L I'lacu, lo U (tor rent for lIme omit A.Is0-IUIIKI.

' u. 10 molC 11 lle !lit V.. queous globe. being a tent tor of time L'nlU-d kept., from i nnnlm mio wtch IlbuM' IM-l l Itl 11'I 10-ly SI-HI Nov Apply Ill, MW ,

(If' (

-- ;

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._: .
-- -- k- --1----- -'
1. -- .i

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-i' r .

,, t, -

: ':a .Jtt' -

lJ -

; '* _." Yerlta1.MKMRS. .- Martial IJitr In Torllt l'*r ltHn.
: .il" PI..n..a; i. '':;11Io'ear LOCAL: AFFAIRS. prlMl of RadWUnl towsrtl tbernTInd Inch webt .

loribhzn. naclfal : Th4 UaIImmlu 01' JelI'er..a ., .tiev will b lu effect la good Znrrono-I bare read the article put The Wilmington JonriKil,,remarking on tin
.. lme
: t..U..e -- -- ----- .
i t. BCHRMR OF rime FRRmnRKT AID tm RAIICAUIron she Knight or "'Ier. : Morion.WIITKIt I I I. preposterous to say, doc, haiti In your Issue of the 21,Jlt Verltas," niisiion iif Gen. LiTTiKritLi to the Prrsidi-nt as

a RMJUMSO TO TIFM.ur.: TO PARTY in IWFRIF1M' RNDS.A Tint Knights of Jefferson "1 enter' lh list 1.01.1..0..1. article appearing 1 newspapers ar alwayi lu rtlati..* t"5 the late "Gander ," whir time agent of Gov. I II'ut.uEim if North CnrolinM,

\.RI"If11 Allrl 20th, 1970, 0 o'rl.xk A ., at MOlllo. AnR'"IEIUT.-rICa selected 'In conformity with time preference 01 has caused much excitement and Called forth laexpression says The nmI'lestmiiiil taken by Uovi-MM* W M itER -

.1- TALLABAISKi: Washington rorrcfpondcnt IhoNew York 1 nOtnl wilU"all Kulghlin good td/l 5-.ry ihv. f iivDt B.ld1 S('dock,A.1.1 I P..itBgniUri reader" Oenall this I is true, but not In al of great Indignation, and rrry tatv- lo vlndlcsip (lie honor nnd nmlnliilii tin- wi I-

.I-\ i I_ U'orM dertare that there U no longer a doubt of right to eros the time IAd of 10"rl"-fO I lo* I.I. : C. If wee, e .afraid that the rell(1 rally, too;.among out-colored dd.n'l WIC fare of Ids adopted Stale l I. In a onderful
I I TUESDAY MARCH SB. 1870. the Issue which the Radicals In Congress aliened nsmo hor Maids* ol QUon "-.and for,the ,, mil*.< ORLNoh.m. of the1 rrfi'
.( t f'I( .- -----..' .- -- ..X.K. .-- by the President, .pit force up Ihenlh' of ."chnoiplon cnnnty of the & 1".M.. 1..I"1 sail WnUnn,dsDr, Buodayi- '-pl cmnplalnf against tbrtr caterer" to mistaking fr prhap to'wrh t ..)plet.tlk hat mnd lipull the character: of Ids t'hiw

I c. DYKE dr., Ivdllor.K. nnIIM'flt the Ilnt. Iy tho The rxirc-ifwwlll IMS o I straight ffU'!Ito Snn<1.,., M.I..1 P. M. their taste, not In but In runny oilier In I glvln81ublrl citizens and up 'n time lust Interests of hli imti\c
only your nlth'eln
tl rlly ,1nI
yards in Ungtli senwmn| rom lat.m A. M (IM.tda" Woitnclmkjs nplJo
Ill'f' .
'lor that thn I
A..I.M crrlnlnt rl rnull
IC. DTKR, Jr., 'nRlnl'lrll declaring
) 11111. Yriiiayp conduct woul State. i He lies Issued fonnal proclamation
jif the first ting to where to the I AI"nl There Is n Mwr"I1.f' well and lfthnse .ho lr-di'iMisnt| to mrnrrt a
/ =- or %nlll.lnlrlrl, cannot further II l 1.1"11 nn to first |IK.I ISO yard The first |IMII.luall\\ (r"rI..) ).n elopes.IIP. M.IV( ,"".js snil ThnrsWIU. cd paper In all thin land' bill frequently publishes and' reflect a moment they wouh see tai one county In a sUte of Insurrection, and

: 1181aln Krimbllcan parly, and convl".1 by thn rig'it of the track, and hId thlln. 11 b ARHIVK articles objectionable to mnul' of Its r"lrl mind your 1"1 objerl was to let our cl.r" people < has lent his confidential friend and trusted ofll-

1. : unmistakable sign that Hint parly, iinsurcored taken D Cavalry right cut- right forth trot Kwt ,at 1 A M. timdr! timim! b.or('|of dbnulips to
Head ) } 11 Hmd to arrh. d.Uj Ilihi In orb r that thry way K*In \hut light what one of their so-called 1 Iklmhlcl friend .ii-ruttzEt.Djaa
:1 ., from the South, cnnnnt overcome I he nr yards. 'rll wllr Wp.arnM.il,dailyii5iO. ((5.' frwleral to
( 1'011'1 Ring 2 1 I.8 Inches In diameter and West In'pnllN/
1' j rayed and rising against it In time North yams. King to b taken at tlrrre sad J. ? regarded 'TJiIs I well known to( wWla appending time end pteodiserders mont fllsBann' "orgnt/iflon! of
CmwfordTlll. Will srrtTts it II.*!, A. (M ondr' sod b ole I 'oullol 411
_ _ _ In season for time next Presidential: clortlon, thry who accept this ehRlcg will (1ell sand In Thor. are r sdy for lie desperate resort another rh U1'Ar. their name at I' date In N. I I'. ft.indeR "/la et''i II Ul this iiitier, and
f 1'I I.OCAI. A F. T". Their Indicates this; their acts onler that there .ry no conlu.I"1 f..lble. .T.lnl.M.. Ihmlo persontn that when 11.1 paper and Its told that a number o colored, and, son:. sented nt people bars, bed Ohv.
_, snd 1"giNlalni or title. Every arrangement will lie mado For Correspondent seek to ike out a little consolation of oar while cU7.1 called at your sanctum a how much damage this! cowardly conduct of
I ; Atlhori 4 to Bwtlv AdrntlMinniti 0,1"101't lead U thrlr lenders proclaim It here In fo'.tevr ,AdvrrlUtmral' .
to holt-Slate
; nnyt the accommodation of flio Knights and thrtgnllnalsleodt HOI.UM Is calculated to do time w ,
mlstako of of Ute obnoxious
I On U*f toOtMAK,and icetlptlni for moneyMontialla from the one of their own stripe aplouring d.yo two publication ernor
I r.ln..1 the national capital II Is llirlriur|>oM to regain Klrkscy ,\Johnson ore now offering tliclr entire in opposition In grossly otfrnstve I article and and requested to know we quote time following extract from the Washington j

t fl I "U QvI.v7,'1.1.:i .. rirr i$, .r. and Main by, military force, If possible, tIme ascendancy \ KUIHT OF Jnrrt.HHs. Stock at Auction. and a abusive Jolna on a tins of people who demDdo w course, under the clicumrtanees correspondence of the New York /frniW |
I 1.-T.o. RIMIOKI, gq.I |. tlY have list In lImo q'uartcf here 1b1 Is crlInlYIIK,1 and tearless challenge, Julian Button i I receiving hoots and 81Ix" Hliu < who constitute nlne-lenUi aUtk of their party, ; Verll", you 0 surrender the namiI written, doubtless, after consultation with timeGovernot's
'Ndt.ipM.A. 1..OD. they vainly thought to have constructed of negro Knights to actuated aim .n!1 BMW New the rfl t mbttSsoVx the honor.ible and immaculate
JelfclOI 1M purchased tho ,
1 o 8. H.lin limply show their wekne They had ,better am surprised at When a writer hand I In
: L" 1-1. .01. mind cemented with < a Iw 4.
cnrj and
I ".. F J11.otul' Dasw, Kiiq. .lffg by ft true Knightly .Irl. willing ImlDnsioul Yor.role' repudiate his blunder than endeavor to make an article to the odltof, It I I. published upon the LrrTLtraoD!

I ... J Br 0.-oR' PtA8 with RchwirBfWMt & Brd1, 111 stronghold.la to prove their and, valor by th l Caliber' Spring Stuck I now complete litlcal capital out of U. p Implied contract that his name Is t b told To-morrow Gen. Jf. B. LlttlefieW, who has nrrrvcj -

I .. '|"e FCAims O.B jiu ,JbU.Offlc. ('rll, Tennessee, and North C.lnR., dents, nor fearing to combat with any Illght 00. MeginnlM I now receiving a Block ot to any one hunt upon compliance with no the univCr- In thta city, will rrarnt M Holden the prei4ilm.imtcoimmmnuimlcatien of NorllsCarohlnarequissdngafoceeot a
of from
I Southern *
three lymptnm "
; the
tlall "bn nohlenlln time Land nf Seasonable Goods which ho otTers low cash
Flo1'rlf' fo sal rule, wlilcli 1 In, In pistols and coffee for rnlte.lsumlestr4iims
.q (4.1 BUBICRIFR$ Will oWrvt! ? the disgust at ad Its Northern envoy Will not Leon. respond to this challenge! t Wit A. Hopkins U In receipt of Spring Goods, Groce- EDITOR )'LORfDIAN\ two. But notwltbstandlngyou( Illor. refused to cxpoi to assist In preserving order lu Hint State Semitor -

J ; S Cross X) Mark on tlieir paper, whichrignitita are perhaps most saliently manifest, tho IYIhmof : not her brave mm buckl u tlielrnrmorniid entef ties, Hardware, Ac. We wish hereby to Intimate t thoic colored( VcritAS," It Is pretty well 'understood around Pool and Abbott have had this question under

A., npresslon resolved upon In now surely dmtlned Ill lists' to bnlio bravely' fof lid fair Women )Ir G. A. Lamb hat Just arrived from New York men who feel themselves particularly Sflrrlcvw town bow I know who the author U, and consideration for some time, and now that .i
: that their term nf 9"lgcrij>ion lo be applied, If the l01lGOf those Stairs can of land' f Or they stand Idly by dome with i. assortment of Millinery by the appearance of the article In the FlarUiai not the case present Itself In the form of an 011kidreqie.t
11 splendid Oo. If the ramorbe qtiltc prominent amon will renew their efforts to put an
\ .. hat etjni'cd, ; and govern thuimuhcscortlinglj. sic- be evaded Into furnishing I plniisllite: exctisp lor their cars l I'. the buglu sound and alkI their II I. Bradford lies a Steam Engine for lIc. over the signature of V&IAB. that It wa no the Republican te That he I is an old band DI end to lime they lawlessness which prevails. Thecoun-

I it. In North t'srollns, Holden bus called for armor to bang rusting monumental mockery ? B.C. Branch I, a Dn tilling Hoiuo fur rent part of nnr Intention to tradnce the character, or tie her. from life article.; A tie In time disturbed condition aro Jones. Onslow,
\ .. troop, for susimntlim nf the writ nfhl11 No It boo has r wound the feeling of any special class of Individtmld. quill fully appear cc Lcnoir. Alnmanco.Orango and Chatham.
I; After. linn} Iwcn "Ierl cannot fiiir women cud Petition to Mil Real Estate, by J. T. Bernard.Administratrix's Duplln
Lou lain official have said
tiC I Is to to
"r i 1 \ paper cfIf(1 'At fir reported tome coorcd The last said to be lu a worse condition than
anti for the
military we are same scene
cmll'III brave and the will hoc the .
"lht. men, not Notice O. .
prizesutfi'teml by Mary BarrlngtunMDIIK cncrne
eo''ul lall'r It Is fear
J it will west poittivoly I be (lincoiitinnod people who frit aggrieved cam< others,and somcthlngwlllbo necessary
( object o creating I reign of terror and pr. Ithnut a gallant contest Godsden, too, _. .- ----- or p/elngln the hndl of any other prllo roni to know time man, lnt let time ed, more substantial than Justice, In order to restore -
!I" nut re 'enthltho people from overturning In August of would have met with ( i slate of
) In time present
amount oCuLscription we are Imlurcd to will participate lit this lme mind ccurity.
1' 111'vo FASHIONABLE GOODS.-Our readers for bola I friend of peace
ita matter a Oov. -
rt. at once. the dynasty which baa ruined the finance of friendly contest, f we klow at least ono gentleman tho oUlr. A. HOPKINS arel'm'll" criticism and rebuke ; and if our effort to brinjgander drop, RED affairs It Is Impossible to execute laws, State or
advrrll..mrnl Exactly, and I n Gov. REED porous and In addition to promnlscuousmmirukr.thorevenue .
Umt State. In Tennessee, time Radicals, bra.111lylhrlr pulling Into all classes and epo"b national,
1 who, In the days of yore, was noted for time our pnper ol \duy. lie has I very largo amattractive dllrpuwill article ho for a wcck.- laws of Uie United State*In this section
'. oV rElTl'OEJt delegation In Congress, who were clot'ted .klJullRnllr In which 1 hr, could wield time'Ahro.alll.llg stock of Dry snlc. condition*of cllzrn. succeeds, we shall have lL lh have also read,cblekle Mcssn. 'el I article 1 In have been rendered almost nugatory. On

Ii' unE"DIvO.V.T ; In November, 1808, by fraud, now proose a new a martial spirit be, certainly -'-OOllr the cause to regret npi aranco of the comtuu Edlll'the" Amleus" the 7th Instant Governor Uoldcn Issued a pro*'lamaUon -
the last of
,. : .. 'Ives Imli'bt- reconstruction, the dlsfrnncliliwment of the populaUou Join the UHIS.' the wi the mlij- Xow in roun CHAHCE.-Determined not to do ideation of VEA 'lh'ltlol'cr signature lu which, having narrated a large list of
ourw IAI.1 / which handle "Vcritas" without gloves I barbarities declared
11'0. lo.WecknM.lrdo --- ---- Infamous and unprovoked

r, ed C. fnnn this Mute Including the, voters 1'ho voted for lions, diD at least m-nd gallant to rrpreicn by halvesMr. JPI.IAN BETTON hasl>otiglitup ol Insurrection,
lou. IAKILTOK. Knights t"llf A MEDICAL don't think I ever read such an amount of abuse Alamnnce county to be In a state
: tor a copy of the report t DI'pnrncnl Agriculture then npon fraudulent' crrtlral.of registration, their 1"IIIY. mind their valor, and the greater the ni the straw ball to b Imnlln New York writing was IKftRIPI01.-a"lIIRnd In so short a space, but I ,qumito certain thud and that
(or ja3$. but have since against m, the overthrow nmnlwr of particIpants, the more cause will time City. Cal curly gentlemen and,tnkcyour pick. when writing orders of admission to the theatre the verdict of Di that .Vest- "The law must be maintained. These law s
of time and military One Orleans Mr. our cllzenl1'ou1 b all. citizen of w batovcr party or
present Hilt successful -- day at John are over Every
"f. Knlgbt
govrnment Drulllal ob
liave congrutuIaUou.
3 Tho American Odd Fellow for )%fort' contains rule. In Georgia nlhKk .ckl to set We that fr ATTENTION,MECHANICS-A good chance la offered tamed one of those from him for lend O tas" deserve It II. strange to ay, ever color must be absolutely free to express polltl-
trust everything will prove autplcloufur those ho wish to buy a portable stenm en- handing I t lime gentleman Ibo body,both white colored,assorts limat "Am;!- cal opinions and must be safe In bis own house.
asido Iho iloctlon In November next
continuation o the powerful original .'mal'l regular the CII.I. many fair ones grace the feM 1 that If lie not known what It purported to ens" and Vcrilas" and the I These outrages and these violations of law slush .
.. Conscience% Money ; Pdenllflc nnd Curious knowing well Unit tho people, \out. by nn with their presence and smile*. glno and I sugar mill. Head the advertisement he would never have known what U was. \ arc ono same person and must cease. Criminals must and shall bo

,: r"CI; Hash ; How the Egyptians: UinCj Odd, over helming Tot, uplblm Ind bnnd. and the rxerciw lovely* terminate pleasantly. approving to all who of Mr. I II. DRAD"OII InlodnY"lnpr. looks more like a prescription than anything else," But can I b true that a man cuM write an ai- brought to justice. The whole power of both
tide In and then' follow In and federal.Is pledged to this,
in Juvenile of But deemed -- he alilo. So It does, said Mr. Brougham : ono paper I anole governments, State
Fellow Gems The Order by
; England; harplc. poleylA attend. Do YOU WANT A HOL-SE 1-Those In search of lot made up." Turning into the with one abusing, cursing and COD and Uiis power will be exerted.' Criminals wbo)
Discipline; An Odd Fellow Abroad ; 1.0111', tbo bitterest, partisans of Iho Slates Somite ---- -- cst I the IB paper to counties adjoining Alamance will
Clitl a nice, comfortable tenement, hud better miike drg-tr paper was given to time clerk1 draining Umxlfin terms f Such i a may escape
Olio; oulh.' Department ; Correpondetico; less prudent and secure' bitnhllslinirnt, The Noulli ii. I Look ton 'ortiieru Instant application to our advertising 1'ho gave careless glance and then proceeded unmlUptc be pursued, and If not delivered up by the civil
In of of C/lnnluA. to get a pblnl and pull out diver boxes. man would be a mlr reprobate and would auUioriUesof said counties,or sheltered or protected
I Odd Fancies; MUocllnny, &c. $1.23 volume, a standing army troops "an.A ready
pl Gergl J'II'rl They will give all the particular With another lok at the order, down came a soon gain such a notoriety as would cover him In said counties with the know ledge ot the
.j |3.50 per) PublUbcd by John \ Orr,No. (' by' a negro mllilla, lo II .1111"lellll who Is In Ihr .
year. 1'llhlenl. traveling South -- tincture bottleand the phial wu half filled. ,Then with eternal and Some civil authorities, the said counties will also be declared
D NM.u street, New York. Democratic counties at the txprniebf the local ilcMH I look of things In Georgia am, GREAT AtCIJ SATE.-Our renders will do there was a The gentlemanly attendant obloquy digrace. IYt.I to be In a state Insurrection."

11 population, with Illnl commissions orgnul/cd Florida, and writes very gloomily his opinIon of well to read Ito advertisement In.our paper of today was pUl. At last ho broke down being a Republican and seel"'g how his firs From all accounts, gangs of desperadoes have

) \ ,., Fi.oiiiD. MiAitiHia-Hon. C. M. lum.ToK. to cOlvlcl. Such II literally the proposition Introduced the cnndltlon as U appears to him. The Hprinafield of KII.u & JoiiNflox, who sell a completely and rang for his prnclplt. an elderly alU o was telling against his party among tin taken charge of thing In Alamance. The oniio-
M. C. from this State has Introduced (MsMachusettx) IbpuUiean! (Riitl,) In put lh'l. and severe looking presentlyenmerged I' colored people, ho hastened nndiT another slgna million consists of an Inveterate hostility to the L nl-
) In the Hunnle on } Mr. Dr"kl.of thin of tho Is largo Itok goods on April Till, at
i llnblng views bo Intelligcnt Thursday
k1 "rlnyly wrier says an Inner sanctum. The two w'hispcrcd --, turb to publish disclaimer thu ted State government and the negroes. Judge
InghllIanoCuugreeai strong hoping
Missouri, and\ supported( wlh rnlcorOUI vigor\ Northern man acquaintance. Ho auction. There will bo a rr rlianco, for UIOFOIn together for a moment, when time old dispenser I Graham, a man of Influence In that section, Is
'A bill to grant the Clinttaboochce Arsenal to first speaks of Georgia, that "II li aboutsit looked to and bring them back, and Uiose who hIs voice
by him and several other Republican Reunion saying I search of good bargains. at the and wlllan exprcssion .atsl much censured for not using controlling
!) t .$ : tho Slate Florida. ;I.which was'read a first and ou that day and to-day. near bankruptcy and ruin as any State In Ibo --.-. of pity for doumet of tink al think that the anthor succeeded In the direction of order and good behavior. The
:i ct second time, with the Union i and If 1011Ihlnl Is not soon done the GEOIIOE II. Mmiotxsiamm.-Time many friends of nate, boldly filled the vial with some apocrypha admirably picturing himself his true carpet old secession element Is rampant and It seems mum
Is In Ihrso States alone Hint thu
referred la IUd accmpanyllpnp' Dull tll' w bold thing 11 fll/ Bulock Is tIme most un54.flupuulflhmmi this well known merchant, will find him surrounded fluid', and duly corke'and labeled It Then bag colors, and his opinion of himself Is shared Itby If another sound drubbing and liberal application
I I o MUlar AIIIrI In and President Grant |IM'r. thl Inlh. Ho first camo to handing It to the who were of hemp alouawill cheek Uia avlU,
I, t A hill to establish crln'mal route In Florida celve the .I 'COUgl o(Limo Republican Georgia ns Adam* Express agent lit Augusta,mind by a splendid stock of Spring and Sum' said, 'llh a bland smile, "A cough waltngl, RII nine-tenths of this community. Others again wIll be urged to act at once.

; .- ) which was rend a first and Mcond time, and party ascendancy, ald IIKlut,1. away of tin,ir lo-duy, besides being paid bis salary of 14,000 a.. met Oos, beautiful in quality, attractive an to very good one. Fitly cents U you please. a of the opinion that this was I trap laid ex "In tbo present state' ol affairs It is impossible '

referred to the Committee on the Pout Office and chance for Ibo control of the national govern Governor of time and State time lie 1tlvll salary Company D express ad style and at prices that every young &( p/lyl catch yon,Messrs. Editors,and through to execute time law Stato'or National, and In addition -
Igmt. Adlm. Exp of taste would call reasonable. Time Leon They do that at the Crescent to work to tho Conflcnrallvc-
j Post ]Road ment. They are aware of tIme probabllity, whleh to, ftt. lady bu.inO way you an tnJlr to promiscuous murder, the revenue laws
I A bill to restore the lighthouse buoys nt Mosquito has long patent to' Congress, Bullock tdn1. If his, name,'er beforetime county people will soon deplete his stock. City drug stores, but had that queer prescription But this Is a allerug.mind tho Radl of the United States lu this section have been rendered
of wblcb beD DCholt.1 bo by ma -- -.- found its way to his gentlemanly assistant eels cannot out of It Ono of their
Inlet, on tho east COlt Florida; particularly to such ns by their pple. seventy-thousand LIVEY'I. get Ilat entirely nugatory," say this letter writer.
Ill. cOIII\e to the Legislature It I II THAT I Lovu or HAT."-As tho Spring season *, Mr. C. CATUERWOOO, pbarmaccutistof number tho
t' was read a first and second time, and referred to relations been In contact with delegates least said about II ajrlry. a A SAKUX I wrote I Vet but ho not man Can Governor HOLDEN, continues the same paper -

Committee on Colere from the Southern bn"l people, that there Is hardly cllol bet 111luehld. or rather btor. opens, II cannot b wondered at that all thoTallahassee many years experience, and GEOHOI hood to stand np to It and attempts to bock out read over these false and slanderous state
Ineligible, a supervisor or belles mire anxious to look their prettiest Y. CENTER whom everybody knows and likes,, of It In a very< If" Vcrltss''
ono, not one, the old States lR Illg 11Irputblomanner. ments, and not shudder nt the consequences likely
'HIGHWAY RonnntT.-Mr. WEniiRn, an Invalid possibly' o .I.Y butcher during the On tho rcorganlzallnn In the eyes of their attendant cavaliers, or would have II and .Amleus" one he has certaInly!
end person ;
which If left to itself even In conformity (to timereconstrimctloi b to spring from the cowardly and contemptible
gentleman from Boston, Mas, who lias been body, Bullock took two men unit that Mrs. G. A. LAMB'S Millinery Rooms should "Bhoo F"I Sbo I Don't you bother Ms,. lost principle of manhood and should
I law, fail to a Democratic made Uirm Speakers the Senato and House every b course Into wlilch party necessities and personal
Umo In for his wout 10111 and left other to the hieroglyphic
sojourning tome crowded with fair LAUD It some decipher -
party and loathed white and col
I I JaclnvUo majority at very next or nRtlu.1olcclon. who had no right In either body. Their word I IA villtor MI. wi cntne by every ambition have led him? Ho knows, asdo the
r -- Jolt; wo koe city a rew law | whouovr they see fit to adjourn 1 mol I it be seen, has just received I tho latest, 0 they best mght ord citizen. If left to bla own fate ho will drag of North Carolina know, that there Is no
'.t ago 100 ruffian, robbed of lila ho. appeal Is heard, and no motion contrary to which the attention of our lady readers Is Invited. out a miserable existence and soon pass through people
\\ watch and fifty In money. The Mayor The negro vole, first trusted by Radicalism toservo to tho opinion of the presiding officers will bo rocdvcil. See advertisement The Late Gander Pulling.Mseuus. that and his I the Insurrection In Alamance, or elsewhere In this

,' has offered one doll dollars reward' for tho \purpose and those alone, la '0 plnstlo Tlicio rascals ar paid tilno dollar i a -.- gl. tko placo among people State; the civil officers of tho State and General
,'_I of tbe We would to h relied on by a party not actually In strong, day with no limit to I10n." Such I I. tincbanuitiir AN ELEGANT STOCK or GOODS.-In this Issue ED nous: lost aye.) .Such a person being beneath the Government have met with no resistance In the-
apprehension ,11 onlaluB of ono of time whose ratlfl It strikes that In soil notice of our colored people would advise then
1'glllllul me, consenting your
trolling Overwhelming evidence 1 execution of tbe law. Tho National Government
or. of
con our Pool & GAIT-TIER call time
advise Northerner Florida
the Fillocntli
: come to p" ration ol Amen.llelt is required lithe IIRplCI. that whenever this fellow
4 C J. where the climate t good, and 11dllo pcoplo exists, not merely of the ability of Southern count to fasten that (hind and outrage on timeAmerican litnton to tho arrival of their columns, for the gratification of the malignant .Veritaa-Auilcua" has lost more In the execution of its revenue laws
I knocking Radical who the communication comet around at of their fairs, feet,"
white lenders, given a fair field, to persuade the people.ncfrrrlng Spring Stock. This stock Is one of the best selected wrote signet nosing any from the dishonesty of Its officials than from time
down D have "
a ve rare ounenc. 'ldC. wo from the of Northern to Iho writer Vcritas" In your last carried politeness vain, or other amusements looking up Jots, citizens and civil law boa suffered
1 ol
negroes away support 'Iohll says; ever brought Into this market to meet tho pplyou resistance our ,
of lands In time here and
t some very bet Slat Undlcl. and Southern apostates| now set In .In Forln., the condition of affairs Is evenWOO Spring trade. b complete In all Ibo branches a little too far. lllir let the colored that they very politely Inform him that his pret more from the Incapacity and partiality of

., : they can b bough at reasonable prcc. Come office among them, but of the actual tendency of Uergili JVI'r: body lu high" otl( necessary to meet I the walt of our section, and people know what the carpet-baggers really think cnco U odious and ho wonld do wel to take aiInstant the Radical officials than from time violence of the
I along wlUi your capital and we will you goes r the people lie Let him be to feel 1 thn
I. of natural
4 with cnlK.IIII them, I In enough, and proper enough,
.' the population to a political alliance character of the person about the store II.given to workto Iepnrlur. pcoplo. To day there docs not exist In Alamance
ri ". t ..heartily. -__-_ Ulell neg ol masters and! friends fur tho practical lature| time corruption piirchaBiible of Iho OOYlnol Lgl. ever display their beautiful good, and fully up to and perhaps this could In no way bo so wel done he I his conduct understood, and I or elsewhere In North Carolina any cxtrorjliuary

; '. The Income Tax-A Warning; of local trunqulllty,Industrial prosperity, ,, tho feeling of the white citizens. hut he tho spirit of Inducing trade to centre In this as by allowing one of these gentry swingyet guess he will not pester this community w iUi his or unusual spirit of lawlessness, nor Is there any

on Uie dlscrcdltablo course purpl mnlull says: "The feeling against time North Is very city. there aro other timings to b considered. The presence very long. complaint that tho ordinary process cannot be ex.ucuted .

\i f .I.: ? .1.c.dwell pursuing with to Throughout prtaton.the South U Is ccrlnln \hlt. If lei hlt.'r.they and can the fulIr pcoplo wer are and only thenvonl waiting Messrs. P. & 0. are young men, who by their language of the piece In judgment Is Indecent, Perhaps, Messrs. Editors, the colored people or that arrest have been or are attended
.\, .I hi rfemee elect 1110 I> dollar and strict attention to business not. fit to bo read by the young ( ) 01ellher ; will learn after awhile who their real friends an, Sheriff of Alamance far
i. ,'- this universally odious.(tax, The editor warnsd.P alone, tho States 1'1 no more carpet-bag they make thinus fly. Every in Slide bonds Industry aro sure Bplaly. with trouble. The so

:.0. U I not to attempt to conUnue Ibi* tax by a pro-, Governors, nnd send no more carucl-bug or Had- that 1ms hen Issued will bo repudiated." Warn to assist in filling the places of those old and reliable race. The Indignation ncled and cease 1 give aid and countenance to thos from desiring the assistance of the Governor, declares

I ceoding that lead Inevitably to litigation. Ics DI of whatever Ilk, to ong"l.Llko the (MHipIo against purchasing them. merchants of our city 1 ho have and are 01 i those rtot upon tho author I detestable carpet-baggers who come her to SOY most posltlvejy, tlipt bo bas found no difficulty -
People wDl wi pay thl tax uuder declaratory- \ 'Iso Ohio, lJHour; Indiana. soul oIlierNorthern Now, .lo the corruption and venality of our slopping out to give tho busluess to I rising gen hOI Iltura1, Granting all that bo say a* to the seeds of discord among us, mind hesiute Dot lu making arrest, nor ba bo faIled to do

e I. ,,c.' !. \ under protest, and time re amid ""et'rl ., time Governor, that I I fact well known to people of eration. the cruelty the sport, (and I believe it should to employ tho most disreputable menus to effect BO when called upon.
9 relutol excepting all parties In SImile, and no ono dare if It Is law tho their diabolical
.\ w"Jl that Limo whole amount of It for the Radical party feels Its Inlf'r vantage ground ntlompt x>, not already prohibited by ,) purposes. The troops have been lent ; martial law bus
i a denial. But time Northen gentleman Is rather V rHu.." blacks who engage In It now, are no worse- than
crumbling under the of thrill and taxation. LCCCLt8 been proclaimed time State bas been published as
bo suits to re weigh ;
I.. :-J 17011 In.olvOlln brought From como warning* to the sweeping In lilt charge, for there are some In high This riUr'a communication In time Florulian were tho whites who did Uie same tiling In Georgia TALLAHASSEE, March 28, 1870.
I .J .'-;- blk. The people have been led to suppose every disorderly; as dangerous for Immigrant; our
position bore who we are happy to havo of .Iliu 22d has attracted small share and other States, forty or fifty since. -'--- --
t >: and do ,Hint their Incomes aflcr party of n fall. say no of attention years citizens denounced as violators of the law and as

_ t: 1860, would b.upp fr f this oppressive and unconstitutional Tho strait Is the more desperate by reason of proved themselves incorruptibly honest and forthis and been productive of no little excitement, ____ < m -____ D. E. 0.UaTernor of The the talented sitting of Judge the Circuit presiding Court,fcc., the, remind pres murderer. And to what end P This outrage
strenuous exertions havo enc
'1. f" .P exacUon, which I I a direct lax, If limo monstrous corruptions In whlc.li: some of the very reoflon be.mallo particularly among tho colored people. Elsewhere Walker and lloldea-A ns of a little Interesting scene that was exhibited upon a people bns been perpetrated In time interests

; I thor err ono,1, They wish to know whether leaden of tile party aro' Implicated-corruptions by lUicn to get rid of Ihol. 10 print I brief eXI.lnnllu letter flora Contract. recently in one of the higher courts while In so*- of party-for the benefit of this saino Governor
\ of of the national _" The feeling time Nort I I.very bitter f' him, to whIch those slon, which was attended by largo number of
(4 Cong me.nlt, keep In good faith the which, In tho event a change This an aglu.t slightest foundation aggrieved are f'fero The manly letter of Governor Walker of Virginia citizens of tho locality, many distinguished I strangers Hoi.CEN and a few other desperate and desplcnhlo -

1 wlic" 111&repeatedly* given." administration, mid tIme overruling of d'plrt I \11011 Some are good enough to censure j'/r.I., ,. demanding to know of General Canby by from a distance and an unusual amount or; politicians, w hoso fortunes depend upon
'peg . ( lu fact, ns numbers of Northern gciillcnumnow
rJ) ?! I i mont record bare, would at oi c b exposed and for throwing open Its columns Slur, tho ndllslon "butt law or authority be Interfered In the con- the finest talent in t 811 At the proper a continuation of tho strife and commotlcn hlcb
,? ?ERS0NAT-Ez.tlovenmor Walker called on fastened upon their authors. the liningcsl living In our Slate can, nnd doubtless wouldIf of an article 1 scandalously ly abusive mind mali tme ,! ,\ u* yesterday company with Hon. Walter ltolvt called ou, That the coplo, of Uio filet now going on In the city of Richmond between from the Judge hunt received gave
J 1 | a moot
that but
self were
-of self-defence, of teltll. may wo wrong, wo slander for such base does
the of the (mv.I OVOIII'1.lre cOII. I b Ellison and Is and perpetrated purposes
1 Gwynn ole Omptrlo 81110. South tho Congress that Mayor cx-iluyor Chl, pointed Impressive charge the case was
Walker hu m.nyell held positions of limo those men and their political assnclalus to .hou1 aol dl'pli a purpose It, and that l'ul was, as i iu striking contrast with the'partisan mind unnatural called. As It was one of much importance, anti thlx unnatural son make war upon bis Suite miami

I & ,,"0.r highest responsibility In the State, and discharged retain tlll botlpol the legislation and administration '1ms qut nothing but tj'runny and ol'lrs avowed at tho time, I to let time colore10110 conduct of Governor Iloldou In his appeals Involved some dark and myaUirious features, ClIo her pcoplo.Adjeraa.
I the arduous duties of (tie let elevated trusts In of Ion to them sine tho surrender, Is but In their presiding Judge called to a scat with him upon
i t1 the most trying times conflicts of bo 'l' "ballgll ImUBlont for military Interference: with a portion of this the bench legal gentleman of > .
I. Banks They would devoid "fcl'ry good quality aud If, however Vert- superior-talent iLmup.r* on (lea. |fAnie. 'rr-
1 1 : \ prlvateamulpubllooplnlon anlhiaicomnothireiigima In a recent conversation, General one noblo sentiment that makes if did by a Norlher Stato Iu Richmond there U a serious conflict; who had been formerly Governor of one ul our u* Hena .s> lb-.as Jul55.
; them all with aa unsullied\ reputation. We of lime ablest JI.lcal.ln thu Jollc.vnrd Ihati a iniin they tas" Is tho despicable' character described by a of authority, attended with excitement, Southern States and who wa present as counsel sippi.

; ,'i & '.I, i think that ahOl unanimously with all classes, If'bo Imrt Id* way, l' Dlko 1'Rrtlu not But that they hate,11 Norl'universally, correspondent of tho Sentinel over tho signature and rlotou and great in an immense land case. On his taking his seat. Senator Coukllng'i report ou the credentials
I ."?, politically, ad ote"l.lie I regarded a* the Southern State, and again ohlulu ) IKWsession a. a psoplum, |I. not true, We cordially of I Amleus," II docs not matter much what ho some violent domoUllon. the Judge called the.criminal to tho stand. AI of General Ames, a* Senator elect' from Mississlppl -
I .J. / :' ooundest and 1CI rly rlabl.le".1 authority among I. Northern men who como hero 1'lth does what ho of class Blood ha been shed, resulting thus rl lu ho rose mind took his place every eye was fasten cttlls attention
ob- of to the
\ 1,' In the State. of them. Being asked to ('11'1111 time amid buhnve thmnsclve like'mon. or says any person or death of one man, and the wounding of several ed ou him, and tho breathless silence of the nu constitutional requirements
I Mr.Gwynn ha*Jail returned from Lake JlIP. j Joel of such' 1 course ngalimt,! Htntes "llel bnvo goollllonllol. persons. Amlrus" writes as though ho knows"Verllas" others. Governor Walker Indignantly thence wa.broken by time Judge,w ho said i "Holi theta pcrso'iAo; be, eligible us, a Senator
,\ p .$ ''where he rrlnllblng In the most h1'S complied wllh the requirements If the recon We wish ton thousand of them would coma to well. Perhaps he docs. 10spelkiof General Interference and rnU up your hand air." The colored gentleman under of tho) trilled Slatcs'must'le an Inbabitanl of

leg of the clilxeus very ni answered timid what Republican Florida, especially tho 11lle. buy hinds'cudIottl.aiIM him as R" vile piece of whO state Canny' Illegal Doblyvldlcale arrest at the bar, stretched up Us long arm as the State for which he Is chosen, and must bu
i flue. Lake Jessup bu the climate In every way &etIOllel. tie niiima fcw/i And thu rights Virginia as a coequal In high as he could push It, until It screwed Tils head
being hero "
_ have fear U the coil. "" are filthy He o sncb Inhabitant when clectod." The
a I -, .- lultb1 for the production of the tue OIIUgC parly (lo Norlht'r, aid honest In their. melt putrlil.ROl sllmlel ( with tho other State He declines to and shoulders over sideways that his great ear election
< ," l'ne.al'pud Bananas.-Lit* UeriM, W'Rlcr Democracy, nnd (limit safety lu .lel a they C011 men endeavors to calls him I "loundrl" with the "heart of Interfere a* Governor, for, he, in his' second were perpendicular; whereupon the oftt In this Instance occurred on the 18th of January,
'. SOtt.Tho juncture demands a new and arbitrary of have government IIIIIII.h''II \itli Integrity coward and I sneak"" devoid of "says cci proceeded to read the Indictment// After 1870, at which time General Ames was a military

s T i: above will meet with a hearty response Uio South. The statement of which tIme suhjstamiooIN mid. for Iho_best__ luturcsU._of time_ _people. "science and morality)", and lost to all bl ."- letter to General Cauby, It ,Is proper for me to some time, "time presiding Judge turned lowanli officer stationed In Mississippi by order of su 4
-- h say that I decline to by advice the reader, Stop sir. There has been a
II ,4 .e' from the people of Florida Qov. W AIR oc- thus given' was rlk'w1 by Ol'nerllllll nta CITY ELECTION AT J wuso'.myis.i.mi.-'l'ime election Further i .The whole of the production of or eprCy, the steps Ilfor Ellison In the Lame, by an act passed in the last changi Lcgislatura. promo military authority, and wa acting a* Provisional -

,, I .tF .4 .; cpla exalted position la their estimation and dinner Nor are such Asseverations confined for municipal nf Jm'ksom'ilia for time "'Ycrll,' In connection with the occasion, Is to vindicate wlb his tkeD by1.yr The law is not yet published and as the Governor by appointment from GenerilMcDowell.
rrly. onlf authority, moment
I .AW to them by the strongest lies of friendship to to half dozen hike him.General cimilng take on tho 4th of April. ."jaundiced with the filth of a low scurrilous nu- noer Governor la State Printer and he anti the *hul< In the opinion of lie Judiciary Committee -
year place bis to do and
9 "I doubling ability to
Elevated, by their unanimous suffrages to Hon.Dorspy and nut tho of tho a 8n. clique have gone to Washington to apportion out
Butler, whllo examining the There mire no less than four tickets In the Held- lure, his el'el stamp genius, lila presence In these two characters did
acu of violence or the spoils, time Lord oulv knows when
press auy they will]
k. the highest office In the Slate bo the II. .Thomas of the TCUUUMCOKcnalo .attribute of truth or the element sincerity to Iwlul not constitute the
Hpcuker "
'm dlbRrio 'rbB People's Ticket, Temperance Ticket, might Incited by those who wore be printed for public use This Court Hands ad requisite legal residence, not
I ; deUce 01 Chief Magllll with a scrupulous fidelity .. as 1 witness bllr the UI'nllnltoll'! "n"IOlbneDI'Tklrl.' nnd "CHI/ens' Ticket. ," "'CllelllL Its conception Is that of a desii to set b at defiance the lawful authorities'o0plng of thIs Journod."-Lie* UaJtUeniU, ilUk, withstanding his declaration when const n ling to

.F'i r and left a record untarnished ami uiilluged Committee, last Thursday), so grosxly Insulted 1 Time l'rtll il.ymmrOimi. U. Hojiklns, I Ureuoml- timid' ibm object that of a via uiUchlof'maker, city, and till ho full to do Ibis, call upon me Too true. The -Ouverzior 1 Is virtually State become a candidate for the Senate that be Intended -

I brilliant with honor and deeds of benevo him that Democratic 1.'nlbeJ of the ('ulllh' muted by'"The Pwople." A Icklllll 1 "EveryJbody'a : I aud It* c'ulioQ that of I blokheld"Aglu' as the chief Executive of the o assistance, Printer, having, upon the renlgnatloa of E. MCIIKIU.I to leave the army and reside U Mbklssippl;

ii lence. Tbe people of the Stale await with Impatience bad to Inlorrl'r. I Is hllol'l.llhli Uelrml Tliket," Is also all'"nl' 1 Gen. It.hmomulis : Perhaps. ho lay bae bu 1 luognggCllolho I did not deem II my duty to "al Interfere lo, and I In cffuct, appoInted uiiiuvlC And now anti notwithstanding lila subsequent resignation.
-\ L- the time when he shall b again Inducted ler has umcli ) Suit political reasons S aristocratic calling thief or 1 be Is absent in after from time which .
as I10nl" this one, too. Tho editor Iho I'nuit ( I expressed myself to him and to yon." Washington, the Agrlcultu- army, was accepted by the Pr'.ami.dent
I.IntotheolUce lie did 1 much to adorn and ennoble as auy man In lila party for adopting' nt ,,1)11) .Iok that probably they will have "Nobody's 11 1IIc'llket Ibal he ha learned to despise the -..-_ nil Land Scripu Va rictu." before signing the bill to admit the Blak.Il .,
\ but which Is now polluted .by a corrupt critical period, methods ol ] "vulgar honesty and Industry,by which CARIIYUJU DECISION. At the bi laid
11.1 tI'rnllll aggravation announced 1 Iltl. PivfuiUj/ would do our THK special A serious loss ly fire declined la Houston In that time Legislature of Mufctdlypiat
official. towards of.(lie Conner the people he traduce cam a living." of the Court held In this last rail- uue'e
rcpreHeulatlvrs well to head III I term Supreme Brooklyn, county on Sunday morning. The re-elect bun, notwithstanding bU UettclblUty. -
". Mr. Own, too, lisa a host of fi lends In limo vallve ptrty In the South. Ho U ready- number of.persons, have formed a CUixeui' From these specimens of stylo, 1 will b seen New YorkolThultyby Judge PHATT, the ro- dence ol Col. J. F White was entirely destroyed, .
State who Mm with limo liveliest feelings \ that Auilcus" In tut" Vcri by which, be lost a large amount of family supi
I /'gnr anxious-to lead time \lmlirllvo crusade ; .and are strenuous exertions as prolific epithets cent decision of Chief Justice CUAHK, holdingthat -S.-
friendship. wo a long lime Comptroller I1d A."lltlol. making tas" hluiiclf. lu fact there Is In Pi1' the greater part ofhla law library, limo (mooily Say the Marumna Couivr.-
fu were II not Uiat the 1'imlluiit U so (belt 111'1 to time success their ticket, but there appliers groat similarity the principal and Interest'of all contracts entered relic. and keepsakes which had been fur
ll'nr )
0 j'. of the State, and discharged the trust w'lib Incorruptible suuiuig himself Iho rule of a lender, might b"I'U| lo b lack o harmony Time elections their mnnner of writing. Can It bo possible as Into l prior to the passage of hue legal lender accumulating, most V. theIr clothing, considera years evldenoe was needed to convince time public

-- 1 /:.'i fidelity, Long may both thcso patriot for speedy recogulllou lu that capacity. Rut a sort I of a scrub rare, and lively times are "I.ucullun" elsewhere hints, that "Vcritas" and act of July U.ltMia, available In gold, was prac* bit bedding and household furniture. By rush- of the and unparalleled corruption, disgraceful anti vllUlny -
I live and flourish, the earnest wish of ) token nf II >' mire one and the same? this a* II lug into the smoke and heal they saved their pi. unexampled whultuleiwindlng
true FLORIDUN.ttrnavval I I } III"out gives every Illlngngs alltIIJle,1 The Sotis of Tlnpluc" will Allul" D tlcally applied lu time case of Johnson Leak V loom a few books aud other thing The family fraud, nay, robbery, through instill and outrage
I 't. S every .. to play In time hands of Iho l'rll'I.bng Governors Mayor to havo 111./ml cold may, that I"Amleus" rightly describe Alfred DublOIYlud other The plluU uedto have sustained a heavy loss. Only last Winter to that great JJIKJJI ot civilization the enactment

-- and ('OlgIOI, w hose gnome U uow the giime on tho 4th, and 1 I. to be hoped that .him,it I a waste of emotion to be Indignant Crlolo a mortgagor' $_,0.dl\ r .r DI..bll" ., of decided upon lu lu most confi u 111 I pus I at his Ibul, since no scoundrel," coward 1837 Judge I'IT gaveJullb"ueni lu 11. being I left la the cotton, and now this, making -tho exposition of the transaction of the State
It.ICl U
1' On the Tib lust the President approved the act He lies \ul oI wlthoUlllY. Ilbll. and suvak'1 U notice. .he calamity worse than It wOuld have been alouo. government In another column from tbe i'tond
'. doulal counci. to.dmtyezircsemmdlmluimwif; -- worthy o the plaintiff, for principal and Interest to b paid en could be cited to sustain them and Indubitably -
'f < oVg removing the dlsabillUc of certain lu IMlk. and there I Is little reason lo "'bea Urmla ". ..4 Ad.IUe4. The <ik faintly attempt to make political In gold, or the gold! greenback, relied on In any emergency. By this exjio.siuon .
oulvlolo i The fire
-, .m Illn nae. Among those 1 hO i o w110t comply with the demand One J. 8. Pike a prominent write, for the 7W capital of the matter. It say: acting under th* States Supreme Court wo the result of accident every phase of corruption baa sullied time

., k''. Dame are we find the following Flur lop promlnod uj bis mewagfl 'to txe- kvit4 mitted, writes all that until'Uuorgla ought not to be /ld. The Floildian states that the article lu question decision above UDlt The Circuit Court lu session here for the past fair name of our State while under the guardian
nt ItobwlTouiuaand all
10 his n- rilteu by a Accepting reford 10 week has been attended by time highest talent ship of these political harpies; every species of
'! 'r&l. cute the law' Whatever Cougres dOloklugto fcthfiii, In'that Slat axe Mlcly uuder 1' I Npublcan. to UUs we see It staled that fraud and
.. Pil/. Douglas, Leon county Chandler C. Hebol this statement, the only upla.lon Is, Al'rll subject and bus had probably the largest docket ever ou swindling bas been heaped upon our
_ I 8luell., | I). }I. Walker, {'Tallahassee; a new subjugation of the South, will stand In ground"Woll why do not Piko and lila hku out that It must I have been soul to thll paper wlh Nortbciu buk. broken, Insurance cnlllUIc band. Nearly all the prisoners under arrest have political escutcheon; every Imaginable Insult loJuiUce
no of carry the Idea that nothing severe could managed to from Crow-ban and equity ha been daunted beloro our
: ; peril W the ( of this 10 b \ and len generally,hive bn sending escape Jail Irons,
h. ." Wll"aKlkl'lp"colaR11'errIKeyWl't; Tho Radical party cannot afford to lose tho logical sequence all his Confederate upiulou ami llebvls"' abut clor men, which U would l'ubIU. word South that they will not take of mmiii such needful things as were thought nece*. people and even praised by those benefited by
Thomas Amelia Island 1"brI1'llb.ml That really entertained advantage wry, were evidently supplied to them twin without the continuation of crime; outrage lias been
MoBticello; Philip Ed. next House ) and Grant cannot have just about as much any HopubUea l.u" Ihl decision.
\ o It'I'rnlall'e. timents Is and added to outrage and the whole mado of
too on themselves of subject
Allen H. finding master the
Hopkins, Jacksonville i BushVlIIimumt do that violate enuDcaw thlcmmuulalloll.
to to
right a* and
afford' tIme of ho. constitution --- "
H. !. Jackson \lUl boMIIIU lulfrage absurd 0 iltualion, they adopted their course of action, panegyrics; every cesspool of political iicgmmulumIon -
....e.'" 1110.J.mCl, LID I Samuel county. ;. the Southern negroes, pending time next l'Iremsl-- the Union.*. oa th.ey True ara,doing It to keep murder Georgia, but, out what of to "llluI the moral" 10 Is to plain- necessary [coMmt IYNICATED.] wrote jwllte note of farewell and thanks to time ( and Infamy ho been visited and timer stench
Or JL1 A writer lu the but Sheriff for his pervades the vile action of dishonorable
Tucker, Fernanillna; William BWaUon deutlnl election. I I. that to men who have jiolitically canonized Anti Auilcus" says &lin.excusing the pleas- generous hospitality on behalf legislators -
1 Douglas Dunmielt, Volusla county; 1C --- Huiulon, and who laud riherldan, the butcher of "An Editor acts tho part of a caterer, and mint pastime of 1'lug," says : The the county,*c., addressing the County Judge aud polluted too low Its in lie scales of morality lo bo
I I W" B. Hudson, Cedar Key| Samuel O. House, }::11'rm'mKK-Col hAWKINS, a large 1,11\101 ninety helplrs WOIl'U0111 fitly hlll'11 (" '1. ankle are selected stilt strict rvloienco to W annie scene In oilier communll.have patxmlitod other little otitcers time with the teuderest sympathy, and miscreants mind criminals contaminations; and yit these
b'n before exult
mine i
sunrise that
I U.M.T. Brinson, Madison proceeded in state
Morion county the
of that tbo Sotmtii drenr-.Vafon hyniiA taste of his and lu with their
cnlYI conformity 1 the
most and will be
lfnull. Ala. I by they
Jima. Jefferson county l H. L. Nib- 'l cuuI'IICu rlll'l redul. accomplished of liroctlon designated, and have not since beesi sustained for bringing (lUbouor and
lack i Mor Uerudon [e. Henderson, can ralso Its own Ilrvl.lonl. that lu litruu \by, certainly. WIIII'. time dUfen'uee' They |>rfcreuces! ; with communications nice of 'Verw'wer i white ladle ; who bave milled approvingly up. heard froni.Jttmd, untune uxmjhe( sacred prestige ol our Stale.
CUIYI made self lu iiivo anti continue to murder Imo singled out a ILwnmrlt 1 __ ...._
addition their
Wakulla county G. 'lownouII. ApaIncblcola may b sustaining, to of the 00 the victors, and applauded any maullcslallonif -*
- r ; B F. Hilludy, O. W. MCUUII, Ala- usual )'Iet otcolton. lie has lately broughl' out Southern State, and seemed determined 1011 110. oulull to IJlullrlo superior skill," 4c, IcoMisunicATro.] CONURSPIItONALMOHAI.5.Tbe New York Hun

I elms county Aaron| 11.A.J.laoomda Puny Key D. C. Hawkins' ; \, Uu- from Kentucky twenty-iwo biood iimni, a nno allow them to recuprrato their Itahty, but kwp \his pUlltof"ert" tbl'yar lolru Now, In nit other clulunltl" where "AMicus" on TUB GANDER QtKmiTtoN."Timecaine but echoes the sentiment of the respectable Preu
t. employment A
1 HOlkll".I county I LcwU Ulshong, Talp: Stephen bono and jack,and tw clvu fll.blu'kll'lIIOkhIN them down until life 1 I. utterly extinct Who luiun u personally to the eiO Ulatol of the Sentinel I most accomplished ad do flock t see scene In other cominuultli,have been pat- throughout the country, when It e Umale* the

I I Taylor county i J. Davidson, bogs. He so"* five hUIIII 1 acres oats, > know but that they will commeiiro next to murder with horn 1 ou terms great Intimacy he Blondes*," and Model Artists," and nude ronUed by the most refined and accomplished of moral of Congress a* at a very low ebb,Judging
% Robt HM..Davidson,B.B. Gadbdeu county hundred anti fifty acres lu beside of the citizens, and we no doubt but that hll Iroru (tho
;> Lv rye patches bl\1 Ho Is also know to tho Riidicarwlre-pul- women and men, and bear and man white ladies, who have smiled vote ou the resolution to expel Tonnes-

1 ".' \I' | Alexander Bell, ( wheat aud !, fur grazing, and 1.llul ono him- PIKE and bis Ikl would take 1lel.ur lu doing tors w ho would 1'ldln as soon doubt their lights, &0", It may b true, b blllg ou section... ho victors, and applauded any approvingly manifestation upon of see OITLEK U ha* him frankness to my>
'iI'.s herbul
tired acre ground >ras Ills aud It Perhaps they have the hardihood to attempt The
| give
fu may I IIt that
i jTJ To TUB P&JL-1'he uialuriou* svasuii I Ie hol. own H"llubUl'lllll as hi. And NEVR superior Pk1"&iilihI'Mi 8A. so burg a proportion of the house

9 C you, and you require some remedy other tour hundred acres to corn,and acre. ItlltN -- .---- his COUIUluulltol, It u 'not Iwo pubUbu or our U a base slander and a lie, and should b exloscd Whar was you brung up, Mr. AM-I-A-CUB (m tf itejretscimtatmves are sum of opinion that time traffic
Up to cotton. Ho bu Invested 10,000, In the a omit calico for the ex-
i a .. quinineiiIchi. ulttrease* your bead wit and believes that II will prove to caper.uncut BITLKH U(rodited n Ith sn}'Ing lo a mem.ber r slightest sympathy with the lan before some Ducrn or Motley[ hall mae Gush t I thinks you \Is Mat Tour pUImilo of*'; B.uUer' ihowt a lower state' <*nmu'

/ V halo, and aotuctuuc destroys your hearing.burotoro well al b monl'yIlkllg of tho ( Couimltteut: "This thing guage he employed I,but Ildy4Ullt author II I History-so R. -ian.- Itility In that body than U iissgenes-miuiy bad credit

*' uso the natural remedy of lho country as .enolical- must bo lolhIJ mu t It t down onItoxlerlik.forlf I hi takt"a aud accepted and treated a* lu full bar- -.- EIOUT of tie United States Senator 'are na for.! -f weulu ,nua1scIi a ad lshlp amid still
woull At Ii.
UI1 Church
l'US Trinity New York the
)01 Organist tives worthy to ait
I -' \ \wh you live, eimmous' Liver Regulator; Since but October flfly-thrco tboiuuud emigrant oleo fairly warmed up lu the loony w him Ihlpl111u I pow er. Such a coiuuiuulcjiiion l'uC Arthur to God Save the of Alabama Ohio to-wit horton: floes of ol Kan**,j Warner the l Ida P'0' of the Untied States, why and legislate nutseil for
t tralu
f \ \t U you not only cur the ague, dy pewlai| *, black and )blto have |1\ through work uf bringing to light limo secret history of .our we luisglued 1'ou' lesson fo the day was. .Put not Queen Missouri ; Minnesota; Drake of own vote? There 1s a marhe
your trust
--tMitpacbe, &0., but rrvnllt coming ou. See Memphis,of wlJch fifteen Ihousuud WI'r foreignt : C'OIWl'IO I ill blot the party from exis open time i-yes uC many colored people a* to the 10 which the choir Intoned ; Tlpton, of Nebraska ; Sherman' be two It U true; but this difference I*'not so '
tdrtrUseuicnt. priuclpally Virginia. "' (11' of at kiut\ one and high l'rnce boys wIth Ohio ; Fowler, of Tennessee>; suit howell, of great; M tint between selling caacuhlp and bonHrM -
Ill caIII.bigr 1 1 suppressed mIrth Iowa. estiy dlatributlng lhenm 'In """I'1"11"* WU| the
) of lime I law.

I \ / I

a/t: -


"_ .. .' A. .., ,' ,- > ..- "' .-.. -

-- ,, ,- "I .' ,




"'- ..... ... .tJIr
t a.


1 & -- ---------- -- -- ---- -- -- --- ---_ u____ ____ __ __ n __ __ _

. -- -. -. .. .. .... .
i\f. 4rtfti .._..
\ -
3YTntGR-Kp J ftct l lofii't9e tmtat, OITY ADVERTISEMENTS. ---

&----- .- : .:- = 2. z!! ." . .. .
... -: :. ;" : : : '

1 p LSllOM ,WASULNC1TONy Auoilla Encampment, N o. ?, I, 0, 0. FtST' 'I : \ lt., ld 1)'.

ti'nt..T'psMtth14ttwnln1rlwndwelj.ErQ i .. I t, SPRING '<& SUMMERtlmDGlmS. ... ,-,

Uh.Istlof In dill! "Anfgold: and IlsPty ; I'ATWARt'Hg; arc reuiiii! -_ gr g t. NOT A DOLLARS' WORTH OF OLD. .GOODS I II
'llorof\ two millions of lx IIIda on account aJ .. .. .' .
will bs JIec1Ilar Mnilng otAnellls .. #" J' V'r(
d that there s e .
nH khiBf) rt 'and ewe million n< amok o n OOEMltMjIE I r.r E"It) V' Ii ,
_i "Mcrtl" >IJ>{;", Mctlallsf, ">,r"A.r1l,I1nlllllnot.1| Ibe alo\"ol Iv oTwwiiry .n r Intamvtnfnl.evening, al,7V X8.o'clorkJCH5 t. al .their t..tle Boom. MlThnnday :. ::1 '"

: MiDOtnAII. I'
mlMlnaiiiTjcnM sad| the piirrhsiwof. four nillHoni r
8 B. CflKSTtn, ArUf., .
of bonds. -. --- .. ._
March tMOW -- -- -
There, were three MIKW* Malay rTardta)E --- -- _-. .
Han Domingo, one .t the White Howe, ruin *t ,
Morton's worn and another not located Tliihttor The Tallahassee District Meeting. --e -

caucus r as I in opposition 10 Ibo> .''y- 1870. THURSDAY APRIL 7th. 1870.AUCTION .

137" Thin Meeting will be held aHonllccllo PlIK ,
fl.., beginning nn WEDNESDAYApril : ,
,*BV YogK;WfWh tfttA,trWlflc esulerly(ga!k IXBishop -- -- --
'l nil lan sfrni f>rcv.1l r.lien- alt tfllT.ntl era n. STOCK OFSEASONABLE'
Pisa* I Informs me that either; blm 01 r ENTIRE STOCK PURCHASED
Psnsroa! fetter: V nil who cUIwi know a hthmua The owning sermon will\ be prrachrd on Then GOODS AUCTION AUCTION.
of Darien. npcrlor to w 1 other mutetey" am1 day night 13lh April, by the RCT T 'V, MOWMIWs ,

by which bo tan JlllMllrom pirtwaJI to Pimamiiltrriy I much desire thai mil ol the members of thimi PUl''h..olla| | New Ynrk.I thelitnccut

e by water, luu charters.1 a until Mil l 1101I1 I flln!? will t be> In sttmdsnct.Ths \" lIEN GOLD
nt : be delivered tt Panama,and lone< PiilrlU Steward will please I lie present and 1ricefor; Cn h --4. .
b aftsrnooo at for a .- i
bold their meeting on Thursday
limn UKin
:, unnntinclnjr
o'clock. A. J. OI.DRIIK-.K, K t: AudI.now lllfiirlU m foriunch Urnm. 1'18
'.t.I".Rn Domingo election have not yrlniton t than similar (innate hart: been sold fur for severed, '
,but art C..It rvwto vU Ilnrunn.ed March 1. TO :iW-lm- --- Jan pant KIRKS J. gn & JOHNSON WAS AT THE LOWEST FIGURE.I
an l shortly- - (1J1:1/: II. tH": >i<< !*i. .
the Democratic Uollons I In (From Norfolk Dally Joaraal,DC*.tl, 11119.1 ''
March :N ;0 S4-fft \\ .
: ,
ILL COMMFNCF. TIIEIK GREAT AllTION 'I'\I.F. T III'nil mV .trlt11.7rn. tiTT). nnl con
The Us.U_.-This medicine 1 Is ra4dly| gaining u I
continues anJUmnallng
ibis city Young Democracy -- -- -- M1 -
. their farm for the contest tomorrow of the people and the nnmcrona teal. llno the came 1HILT (Bunchy ,srrpii.l itintll tin,.Ir I lirv. rod .1. -Irul.l. Ultn'K oV 1 I.FNHtM. MtR:

evening Sheriff O'Brien! nys Tweed win txdintlnctiy nonlals of Its virtue" glees bJ I'I'1I.UII"no", 01 en\snl r. lii disposed of a

f eked whether he bit been coquetting medicine, leaves no doubt bat. It .U a safe and relic DRY GOODS.

equivocal whit Republican lie will be expelled( tail If hi a*new answer Chairmse I U bis remedy Ihr Impurity of the blood, liver dlfa, Y'n'.s&tlr; will be (I !ltlp;nl One, ---- -- -.

dent elected TU.Tweediles are equally' con6 Ac.Tbe but. Mitral Journal COOIalIiO an SrllJo from Therefore' the PI'BMC w,III ito well lit In- In illruilitme nn Hip OPEN INN 11.\| Y.

'Prof R S. Newton M. D., President of 11.. E Modi

I'lilXCE BONAPARTE ACQUITTED.PARIK College,City of New York,that apeak In high(; term .1e- .. Orur Goods. arc not Old, i

March 20-The Procurenr General of its curative properties end (gives s .pedal rccommcndatlon UavluR been nearly sll Pl'UCIIAt'EU' within. the pam fl\ MONTHS, (mil ..titiiinnl In the nmlnry unlwUhnlnndlnf .
made his argument In the high court He opened of Kookoo. to the practitioners of rsedl 1 UIHUNi: AN. J//IIrNI/\.

with the energetic demonstration of the political Cine. This Is, we believe the ant instance where I AM I UEtLlUM. A l.k.NkKM: !TlK! K OF ''r.' JWIL: T

pnl'tylO which Nolr belonged, and made frequunt such medicines have been officially rndorteJ by the ... ..._ ,
.. --- '. .
reference to Mfirscllalse Journals. Nearly Fatally of any of the medical colleges,snd'ret '('li :: :::: c- : : n : ; :

al) the evidenced the proMcution! wan not aside pest credit upon the skill of br. LAWKKNI I, I..

by the the Prince Procurenr becatiM,'wb the demands shooting cnndemnatlonf wa not done componnder, and also puts "Kotkoo" In the van SPRING GOODS /H.-All peraHla i inI..Ih.llo: \u\ nee reajueatcd'| to male pfUloim'iit prcriuna (IInl( (cased' :Morn:; formctly.oirnpii'il as a Confeitioucry Sturo by WILLIAM !I.

la .olf deMce.The\ PrInce was muck excited of all other medicines of the present day. ly to J u no 1 I. ISTn. All if that linnHrconnts< will ln. |phu'ed: in oilier lintnU forpullortitni. 'i
."" the of title argument beaux KIMHIS':< Jr., wn-ii| > )lie H ".'o'.I'eniug nn entire
delivery |
. To wlili'h the pudllc ailrrtloii .b cnllitl.! 1\ & J.
and Gemage, ronniel (br the defense both do- Tbe ....... mad It. l>nnser.<< .
nonmed the Marttitaiie, The court will meet Tbe bnuitm body Is chlifly .compoied of llsauu. TAI.LIa/.a, MiinhlW Man I. '70 :Ni-3m .

again at noon to-morrow, when a verdict I II exTot'aa and flbres ss sentltlre to every change In Ibo condition ALSOGROCERIES-
of the atmosphere ss the most delicate rlectrometcr .
March 27-To-day Prince Bonaparte or the quicksilver In a barometer Inbe New Stock

WM acquitted in unite of the strong appeal( made Tbe .tom :"hj the skin, the nervet.tho mug., and
the Proearear General for a verdict of guilty\
by ,
The the excretory oricans are especially l liable lo be nf ,
with extenuating drrnmstancM Jury wee M
out only an hour. AI lOOn a* the verdict was fected by these variations, and the best defence NOVELTIESBoots ,d !
li.ndml thousand !franca were against their dl n8trou. tendency( to keep the ill' |
amounted one .
A good suorliurut. Embracing all M I.\ let nf ( lc".I| p'iiri'nllixilil' in this Market
claimed the dvll w..t in eonu.gnenceof which festive machinery, Tiblch feeds, end nourUhcs the ?
the Prince ramalna In custody. Tbe Prince li whole sy.tein, la good working order. .
exceedingly Indignant at the restraint lIu wishM If the stomach I Is weak or disordered neither the :I3A.RDW.EIRI7: : -- I IX i !
afraid of the
to show himself not meneccengslntt blood nor the bile can be In a healthy:! state, cud.upon .
hll lift ------
the Illness of these two Important fluids for the
f :
In Paris the news of the Prlnce'eacgnlttnl pro-
daces Intense sensation and astonlnhmcnt, IH the office astlgned lo them by nature, and the regularity In great variety and Shoes

universal topic of conversation. of their flow, health In a great measure depend..

._ -- When the air Is heavily laden with chilling. vapors

The Cuban q........ as U often Is st this season of the' year, the CROCKERY. MY DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT

'WAimisoToa. March 23.-After more than a digestion should be sn object of peculiar ore. HIt -- AT -

month's discussion of the various phase of the Is weak and languid, the wbold .pjtydcal! structure A Ken ral unorlun nt of China. (Iniullu slid Glass

('nlanquestion, the House Committee on Foreign will be enervated If It I. vigorous, the entire Ware. E; lmCEH1.1.' THE CHOICE
Attain at flipir meeting tills morning came to an orgsulcatlon will be strong to resist. the untoward BETTON'S.
p Important conclunlon by voting to adopt the following and depressing Influence of n damp and vltimcdatmosphere
joint resolution and to recommend Its Gents Boots & Shoes, ..
I by Congress. It l li entitled "a'Joint resolution
IMUNge In rulatiyn to the contest between tile A pure aDd powerful tonic Is therefore especially Ladies Gaiters -.1.- NO/VE.LTtES< OF THE SEASON),

people of Cuba and the government of Spain( ," needed as safeguard against the diseases moil common eI
and Is &1110110'11'11&aJlMf In the spring, and Uo.t.tter'a Stomach Ulllersbeing
by tit HeMttf and Jlmue of Jiepnttutatin the moat wholesome and potent medicine\ of Children's Shoes.A. I AM UECEIVINO : -
A S1'OCIOF( /HOOTS A.IU1101':; ::- :SEI.KCTllD; : :
*of On Uiuted Stalttof .41/1 riM in GongnnaurmUfit the class 111r..eo known, s course, of It Is particularly
That the President of the United Slates for and !Slimmer Wear I I. .. ..,. .
advUIablo tt this period of the year. The expressly Sjiriiifj and now nlU-r 11 linger' ami inonologatit '
be and IB authorized and Instructed to declare HOPKINS.
and hereby maintain strict and Impartial neutrality stomach will thereby be loued and strengthened, luwortment than I here ever licfuii) oflVicil. and my \prices\ will\\ romjnire!

ou the part of tko government of the United the liver and bowels regulated, the nervous system March :29, 70 84tfAdministratrix's favorably with nny in the: mnrki-t. i .
Slates in the coolest now existing between the braced up, and nature put In a Hale of active do- -- .
people of Cuba and the govurnmcut of ilia King- fence "agaln.l the tnhuma. which supvrluduces Intermittent Notice. TiLL IUM s, M.rrh .'II7I/ .III.11> .11.0.: .. TilE; PRICKS AND STYLES DEFY COMPETITION.i

dom of Spats. and remittent fever, rheumatism nervous ALL persons having claims or demands agaluil :.= = : ,: I
SEC. 9. And be Ufurtlwr received That all acts debility, headache, hypochondria cud other Estate of f errj U Barrlngloa deceased "
or parts of acts, and all provUIonsof Ihe statute late of Leon county, win present them to the onUsrilgood .
complaints which ore to auall the untoned end
apt AdmlulMratrti within Ihs timsprwcrlbed
the 20th of April, 1818 entitled "An act ALL THE
anforvlfled organisations. The body la itrengthcn bylaw. or tills notice will be plead In bar of their ... _- ---
In addition to the act for the punishment curtain ,
ed \ the brain and consequently nounpleasant mover; and those Indebted Ire. requested to niaksImmsdlaM
('rlulI'ujtaln.t the United Stales,and to repeal the without exciting payment ,
act therein mentioned," ahall be construed to tcacllnu fallows lu reviving Dad rcuovatlng MART a. HARRINGTON, AdIllL
etpiyequallytaeachotthepartieelnthccr.lutingcoutcat operation. [March-1m Mircb 3D, 'TO S4-8w STRA HATS L'
between the (people of Cuba and the gov- : BEAUTIFUL ENGLISH BAREGES at HI }-2 cents a yard.
eminent of Spain.This State 4',Flori.lJJ-oIJJlty' of Leon. 'In
.. ought to dote the mouths of those gruuillng CURE FOR CONSUMPTION I tAt 'County Court of MM county tilting ,
: : whining politicians, who,while legislating What lh. Doctor Say at rt Court of ho&att.- '

a '.,r the oppression! mud e'niilaviuient of thousandsof AMOS WOOLLEY M D., of Ko.clu.ko County.Indlsnns Petition to Sell Real Estate. .. .. --. --.
N '.: For three yean put I have utedALLH'S .
their own counirj'men,would have the United l Lino BALSIII extensively, In my practice, \Vllluun II Klndon Adm'r de bouts non of George '
Stales, In violation of her laws of neutrality, extend and I am atl.ged there" I. no better modlclne for Klndon, deceased BETTON'S HAT HALL
dl.eaies In M.
aid and benefit to the Cubans.Urndler .. lung ISAAC: A. DORAN n.o M. D., ol Logan; County, Emily Kludoli. Iarlll'lrmbaeb.formerly Maria Kin- ,
.....- -. Ohio a ALLEN'S Ltifta BALSAM not only..ellsmpldly \ dun, Ada Tlbbott., formerly Ada Klndun, Allred STAPLE DRY GOODS' DEPARTMENT
Conflmteti A.. .....11.... but give perfect satisfaction/ In every CMC.wllblu Kludon Emma Klndon,John P Cameron Louisa TALLAHASSEE : : : : : FLORIDA' ,
my knnwUdge Having oonlidenoe U and Avery, formerly Louisa Cameron, Mary Cameron
WUUlNOTON.lIll1rch 24.-The Senate today. knowing thai II puoeaiea valuable' medicinal prop.sties and Amelia Cameron. loin CCHU'H1HJoS1.1.: STYLES OK STAI'LB GOODS a au
ronnnued Joseph U Bradley, of New York, Alto I freely use It In my dully practice snit with /" VN motion of Solicitor for petitioner Is ord,'red t-pJ': Over Shoo trod J"ltlll'l''illl'l'/ tutu lio! tiled tln.ni Low tint CA II. .I!:I
'M'law Justice of the Supreme\ Court of Ibo UnlI unbounded success' As an expectorant It I. mod \J by the Court that eltaliona do ,IMU* to the
...1 l Slates!, and Oen. PKasonton Collector of the certainly fur ahead of any preparation' I have ever above named defendants,to apjiear, before the Judgeof TaL""o", March 3D J nll70 !ut-11: PiinU fioiii tJ! to 18} i'In. u yard, ; lileui'licJ Shirt'u /.(.! fl'vUll0 to 30) cU. a ynrd.
aM I UUtrlct\ of New York vice Uallvy removed yet known..! .aid Court on the 1st day of June, 1870 and>.howCllII.a .
The vole on Bradley'confirmation was 40 to 0Tu NATHANIEL IIARRId, M. 1), of Mlddlxbury,. If any they cnn, "hy the prayer of sold 1'ell- -
for the confirmation of Vermont : I have no donut It wlll.oonbe donor should not be granted And It ap"..rlug
I"rgo'mujorlty classical remedial agent for the cure of all : Klndonand
come a
of said defendant. Emily
thai two namely
.Judgti Uruitley to be Aiwuclate Justice or the Ku. dlseaics of the Throat. Bronchial Tubes and Ihe Murla Flrmbach realda beyond: the limits of I he -- .-- .- ... -- .-. -.-
prrnie tiira former opposition. The proceedings asbr Physicians l do not recommend medicine' which order be published once a week for two months In OUR
as can be learned were as follows! A veto has no merits, what they say about some public' newspaper published la the City of
10 take up the nomination not 01 Its order was ALLEN'S LUNG BALSAM TallahMiie. J. 1' BKRNAHU

carried, by flee majority. A motion to again Can be taken as a fhci tot oil allllcled teat U at --Merei2870 Si-Bin County- -Judge- WHITE GOODS AND LINEN DEPARTMENT
postpone action upon\ the nomination until the
mlddlo of April w as defeated by SJ to 80 once.Bold by M. LIVELY, TallabiMce Miss E. i. STEPHENSONWILL --;. .
The qUOIII recurring on advising und con M.reb-lIa Will Hhvw a UREA.T: DECLINE IK PRICES, and l eomrriaeal innny nrtil.II'II
to HppolBlmeut the vote! RloxllSgainiil /
uitini -- -- -- --- ---
.9., but subsiuiucat changes madu it 48 to OPENA
wit iclt the wunllcl.. well
to uxninlnu
public| IUlIlICdilltctyy ,
did The opponl-
6. "everalcURIOi'll/: pot voto. LARGE AND HANDSOME ASijOHTMKNTor
, lion was composed of Suutlitru Senators> who SPRING STOCKIS
were prumnt The exccpllous were \Vamur and -
]Idiliertsou with Drake The IXmoerals voted

for Bradley; By resolution of Senate the lufurm SPRING & 'SUJUIEHMILLINERY --- ... -. -. .... ----.- --- :ulon( of the confirmation was ordered be
IriiKiultttHl" Immcdlulely to the President, which -i 18 ., y ? ;r'.u., r
anlon pretlndoa, a motion to rllO<.luolo"'r." _
-"- -

haM Another office;homicide and to make has eraamiled the deed still from! blacker tile Trio, it PAIN KILLER. _OK- Nfl JNPOOLI Gold at 11O 5-8.

I was 'ixrptlrutea upon a sable brother who was ,Wo ask Attention to this Unrivaled
but C..uowlug the artless promptings of liU unsophisticated Tuesday, March 29 1870. ,

t tlio easiest way nature those by things attempting to which to his obtain needs In The Ata Kltltr: Is, by oolvenal conceal, allowedto tar'ofkT iWwieedcud.vldott. ) call from all the MY: ENTIRE STOCK' OF HOSIERY) & GLOYKSViw : ] i

Hold.him. he had a right )(r. Salon KoblnsnnJiua have won for Itself a reputation uurpoued ladie .
In the btator of medicinal prspanllou. Its In- March 2170 I-21<
The sable brother In
In Florida.
"t u sfarm n had doubtless been Informed of his InsuUiobie slantsneous form Incldeulal effect to In the the human fain,.family In all, and lu various the unsolicited COWJPLE: E. \ i 1""l'lIl\IIt..1| with (>lorAt! above figure, which eiikbli me to cell (.hoiin| >r

i \ claim (to forty acres of Southern soil ; and written and verbal testimony of the! mauesIn Demand for Trial.TAMPA

'.wall,naturally enough aggrieved' by being: keptaU .. 'Its favor,.have been and are, Its own best advertisement. ([anal miiku n I'nir profit) tlmu tlumo M>lltii){ nt COH1"/ wliomjUooiU wero pnrrlwfi'il\
of hi* properly Not bo4at fame to carry .IfI riBROUT Sd, IhTO. .
forty acres of Mr. Ilobinson's to some more For evidence In favor of the I\iln LUke: for Minis- THE MATfRROFIMPEACIIMENTwhereinthe : : '
convenient clan the only expedient that suggestd teN' Sore Throat or Bronchitis, read the follow Amenably of Ibe BUIS of Florida,In the name timing tIll jmttAM //1011'
Itself! was to levy upon some of the portable Ing; of themselves sad all the people of the Mute of &, GAI'rIIBll. L -
Chattels on that forty acres on the principle that GSMTS.-The ItKntr Las been a constant oc Florida, ng ln.t me, III Judge of the Circuit Court
a title to land Include a ticla ball t\lerf'on. Providing cupsul of our house for over two yuan, and a portion of the Hlxth Judicial Circuit or Ibo State of Florida ,I If'
I.. hrmnelf, therefore with an auger. he pro- of the time It has been the only medicine tae, I I. the edit reenaudeul, da declare cud puhllnh thai
the ot the roar which dcr our roof Hardly ever do I have lDcblldr.noomplDhl l7.emeld Articles, of ImiicitehuiCDV, uuuiborud oonutlvely I : ,1"I f e.:tt
cxxM 1 to perforate panel a "
( of being kk, without them ask U I. II, HI, IV V ss lh 7 alsiul slated, Ir.1I0iruo 11 '111I. 40 !!
lrred him Iron his own ; but no sooner had, the the same scnleni lor Pain Killer.having. ..11IJ do by virtueof the bib Bsitlou of Till &AiStl ".rc'bU! May -, '"i-l 1 ,. ,, ,II a, ...MI
I'Slut appeared wjthln than the Intrenched umiri For several years before I became acqu'IDiad Article X\1. of the Constitution of Ihe Ctato of .o "r
dlscburgod. a nujrduroua. fireann nt an bnugluiry !- with the fain KUir| I bad suffered great dual riurlds, .dLiiuud s tpMrijr trial hy Ihs HmatcJAMFBT NI':11r ::
murk some six Unulius lower and the next from an affliction In my throat, thought by wore MA.1)KKMarch .
waning a black ulijucl\