brightened as 1 entered She rose and k 1 a meeting oldie Socie classical work waa, written, a feu aay :eat, tb&t.litigation does woulci diminish ia utility, in con-

a t entered 'I adjoining room. Kotr roe r. tjr and those gentlemen W'owe n ; years since. by,Professor Sjxviguy !in a majority of not, t sequence or being draws up with

ertl'oughtl, and I foltdw "Mr.ttosrotU. friendly:to.its object ; after eon of Berlin, esteemed ae:of.the first the Casesgrow out i the greater deliberation tad soleranitjr -
." cried site, in her sweetest tones, i lor uncertainty of the law. It i
1.ltatioB&lBOoglt the
Clergy men civilians in Germany, entitled, much more' necessary to a Legislative
> PI much attention to frequently occuioneel.o
J."J not public pay present, Monday the 9dr was.fixed On ,the TtctUisn lAg i ordinance. The .
DU'.e h'professed e! lie thinks .of 4f to doubt by the work of coarse
that.f jua at my aunt's in the country upon' for the meeting, aad theCo. matt Ccdt9 Ale -Law. This >eele of the application of uncertainty.undoubted would be prepared by the ablest .

} i3 boy are'n a":ll |/ear ncrcf,tf I .. stated that they would o stated aflthor is decidedly oppw .roles of law to complicated aad: lawyers aDdjadgelortbe day who I

L_ i arc authorized on eery poial ta \



.--_- -
.. '.
: : '- _. .
I : r---- .
p- -v- -- --
Iht 13" > gad would mw or the EzccutFe vill speedily! set S -: -ri -aa

;; .hat unction of'the .1 g lla.'tJb ) him l at liberty by remitting the remainder TRANSl'ERB.Villianl .

to ,, the is authorized onsrc of the sentence. ; as it it utterly impossi. \ S. Maitland, d lIe i. GUADALOUPE To VICTORIA.' : ).,"E'r1E: a
"hicn D.
bOdI Lie that h should comply. with it. lie tenant of the 2d ; SEBASTUX CAMAOBO.

'ie &lj t to dtclar what the raw appears to be much grieved at the lot"of (erred to, the 31 Arliller", 'r. Q'- And I communicate same for Foreign Ports.

P *"hin I the lnutl Of his wife, to whom it is said he hul Arullerf. I to' for For
q.. $ to DI' always Thompson B. yon, your information, and the information of those who r'tt
8 ..If 'CnstHadem.l and in
: c hftvc'bern made, ten, in our opinion it would be more just transferred the M Artillery, GOD AND THE LAW ports the following extract from the IDstructioiu !
: to pun .t..the person who sold him to the 3d of '
whis. Poatma t'
And to codifyb Artillery.I er General b':
,. key, thui to inflict further CAMACHO.
fllll1d August
? lose further punishment on us J. H-i. i pub.Bshed. Letters lute frequently been -< .
'! :bie ; aud. ap- the victim of the ':intoxicating draught. yet 2d lie tenant of the .. Alexico, June 3d, 1826.. put mthii office, whjcb not having the ". i

# 4E' are daily making.! Lve- An indictmenl was also found against trait sfemd' 6lh Infantry =. __j_ 1 -:- : ..:. .. posUg* on 'them paid will never reach '
a JChr5 act is ofht na- Benjamin Donica a soldier, for the mur to the 1st Artille. COMMEUCIAL.j the place of their destination.

J'. CuD.olidUtd cbirttr u i'd e. Two clef of Major Sanuers Donoho in July rYe. -- --.- -- : &m.CI.--Jrauy.lett.ers are placed.m. ,.. t' S:
Of. code of the l list-this case wa' continued until the L a Poat. )flfcc, to be sent to a tea-port by
< the
. 1b cb3ptet in House oflhc next term of the (Gourt qn the affidavit of Wa.hingori Oct. 30.-Midship'I j Prices of CottOD. post, and thence by ship to some foreigu '

S. haTe. pilsed the I the p sonerthatRII important witness for man Marshall baa just arrived h Londtn, Sept. 22.-Tfoe purchases of place, the postage of such letter, for sucU f S

I.. V. ) hbl; inlcr; h hs defence was absent ; and h.. was Continued this city with dcspaches I Cotton for the:week ending yesterday distance a. it U to b. conveyed by poet. '. t

..4< tprfsfntaUU'a lyt, :hr'' in custody of the Military. An or. Williams) from Mr.' \i were not extensive. The sale at the In must be paid at the place of reception .' .10

n: merely walks of penudence. I tier! has 'Rce been received for the trial Charge 'Affaires. of[ dia house tkimornin; attracted! great at.,1 otherwise it u not to be fcrnJd d" ,.' S
hightsi the United .
tl lh'r"lir55"jn Ihe We allude to of all oflciulers at Uantonement *Clinch, Statea at Guatemala,, tentioit *th by a Court Martial and Donica has and with the Hatification/of ; and tite inferior description :
jwriP ; been : that *$ a 36 high
,1 Office bill" and :u Mr. tried for mutiny, in Government L er j but as usual, where' POll .tfatR?. I '
: there
; J'D SI compliance with said : of the General Con is much 5; toft O.ce, Pensacola, 20t Nov., 1828 S S f I 5
hc'tbCt'3 Iw against crrtainml order. The result, of course i is iu-t 'vet I vention or 'Peace speculative buying, the prices we very .. ., ;
Amity attd I irregular.Jiverptol. __ -
\ Every made public, but the evidence is -t .
) 5011 tj Navigation i S -
j 1S important seo and positive: and no doubt c.in exist: us: to concluded here on Sept. .25.-f her e baa been a JUmini8trat Sale

51 f ankupt: act is an Lord EUriiborll'V the fate of the prisoner. the 5th of December last, and I steady and rather lively demand for cot- fly permission of the Hon. Count .f

of a code. Since writing the exchanged! with Mr. ton in this market sine oar of the I S .
& foregoing, the )!ar. Williams I 16th inst : report I p Court for the"Counl, of Escambia, I .
111. and
:Statute, 43 Geo. c. 58, *hal has turned out of prison the Indian for that of this Government.Journal.. chase with the trade appear to pur w ihlez'osefor sale for'cash to the higb S '

,czssucha! section, fc scarcely a Jehn aad luun U. Snlfrado in preference to )'"atljncl' tinuance uf increased the confidence in a con-S est bidder, at 12 o'clock M. on Saturday S 1

"_..:, rf 1'mliitrrnt or C on- t:113Jing them to t'.arvc. no flrovition have market. improved. slate of the 10th February 1827, in front of the Court .S

without l nee The iuS txen made for their tupjiurt I Antonio The advance House in the City of Pemacola as 'the> 4
LstherCt1n1 covar also Nat7al-Tbe u. State 61.ipj.rr.d obtained last week has ofJ. M. Fuzz S
huvinj: restored all the sto capt L' been property ,
ia cor.sianily- Woodstock, fully supported, and the sales
proceeded from
len watches to the
crk except two three Navy
or has
!:- in part andirrrRuJarly.: Why made his escape, and it is presumed will Yard, on Monday evening, for the purpose to 15,070 16th to the '22d inclusive, amounted :
of bags. -
.. "0 do, it in the form
II'"I sjsu-m*.? Bat It is idle J :o on the the second Monday of January next. nited Stales was schr then Shark transferred which to the U* i960 Uplands, 6 to descriptions 74, averaging consisted 611-160 of, i in said City; and if the said lot.shall no .
That public be was ,
their an
P rtrnarks en a bubject, whichInar.t against this villain may on guard nounced by a salute. 1710 Orleans, 6 t. 8|, averaging 7 l-8d ; bring a sufficient sum of money to pay .

1 >ud! uut exhaust, and ir.g we annex the follow The U. States ship Join .AJatnt, 3710 Alabama! ,6 to 7d, averaging 6Jd. the demands which may hare been filed S .
t3 descriptionEscovar
\ 1 urn is a young man, Capt JJoifon, Oct against the Estate of the said
drop it. apparently About 21 ? : Wilkinson, on a cruise, ,was spoken on r 21.-Uplands, new, 11! a deceased, ,
"Ihdt'fvrr: IIHS or J jeers of age the 24ih ult, oft Cape Corientes 12 ; New Orleans 11 a 16 ; Alabama: 11 I shall proceed immediately, at the same '"
jln.cr. Review.THURSDAY black hair ,
-i"rlt'l eyes and wluskcrsj long time and
well. 'Norfolk place, to sell Lot No. 171 insaidCity.
.. Jfcratd'tctobc-.6. .
and l
face i2.Jtato'more '
= 9" sharp is slender and ubut fhc .
Oct. 21. 5)S
feet -Alabama: lb. 10 a" .
seven or eight inches high. We he rot..a o-X 11 New Orleans! 11 13 M.
SJJ! J .Ji 8 I lie ve he is a native of Porto Rico and Ib 1012 ; a : ; Upland, Crupper, :
; Virginia 10 11.
sp aks the Trench and Spanish langu.ige!. Zlfexico. -The following; articles I v.rQrk a Clerk and,z.o.fficio Jidrir. .,
:;>W .y Oct. -Uplands 10
: of information. from a 11 Peniaeola, 20th No?. 182638tda.
NOVEMBER 23, 18?6. Mexico, wtr 1.8 ; New- ''an.l1; a 14 ; Tennessee .

"J'" ppedflscI, I/Lmch.ll. &c.-Some copy from the Baltimore Patriot: 10 a 11 ; Alabama 10 a 11$. S _S --I-3. ;-.0.....-S. 5 I ; It,(
Vraanifieur.. of'a nd Gazette: 0# For the home trade some fine .
brethren of the Up
our .
type are probably not SUPERIOR COURT0.
lands and Alabamas
hive: been
The Mexican taken
arrar that by sending handbills! &c. tp Congress opened .
"aJ After this (!ateIlOSiflgle papers PoIIbeitJat st Musters, for the purpose! of avoiding its session on the fourteenth higher prices. of West Florida. -

.. ,' this office ;-those of our rlie payment of they I Savannah, A'ov. 4,-Uplands do not ;JtQvembtr' Term 183ff..
postage on with
impose September : .
< ;:ends,,'h may occasionally wunt an exipsner.yiiralways them lut whidi great formality, came ,in freely-the demand is fair at 9 a.10cts -
find an unpleasant >7 if exerc' : and evidence of and for VrQ.11"ciscaBonaf: E'zecutor of j i- S
., ; us ready to ed will the every happiness I ; extra ue, iu Muare
them when subject t person so sending and package, 11 be : the Estate orD'omingo.S I i IV.
jarnish U to we have a to the of double rejoicing was evinced by theprople mghtproy obialnea. .
payment postage, The Sea Islands 17 to 25 cts some few sales .. pw .
:;':ATe one. instructions of the Post! Master Geueral on the interesting occasion. have been made the past week at 20, Fernando Moreno Senior I i. -

to Post Masters, say "in every instance The Congress was discussing tlu and Domingo (livier. J S
At the recent term oft the Sup l'ior but 18 a 20 may -considered a full 4 .
Court of UVst I'lorula, Kaxviitn: I.. where you receive a comniumcation( ad propriety of laying an additional I quotation for good fin. parcels ,THIS day came the said Comp1aziiv4 .

: admitted and! dressed to you as Host-Master with an duty on all coLton and linen C'Aartetton JYawwiforo.:"' Thtre Benjamin D. Wright Esquire bii' '
LUll require w 8.5 sworn goods was a '
evident intention of giving circulation to Solicitor, and it appearing to the Court
u$n Attorney Counsellor: and Proctor of hand bills or other papers without paying particular! the former, which it L lively week.enquiry: SOTIQ for UpLnd few during the that the said Fernando Moreno Scnj'S,, S
Court. past lots of old
siid S postage, you will return the same to the was feared would be entirely pro brought from 8 a 94 cents whilst: ,and Domingo Olivier are not inhabitants

person who sent them, under a Hew envelope hibited should the law into eels of oil ; par of this Territory and they having failed .
Com 1. Wmuijewojr: arrived at go new went freely at from 9j, I
,with the charge; of letter to and answer the complainant').
postage appear .
TVuliinjjtnn Cit), on the 31st October, operation. lOb and a few particularly fine at 11 .
eudoised for
each article contained in the bill herein agreeably to law. It II therefore */ :
Norfolk.! "Our cents.
Minister .
envelope. I Mr. Poinsett, 11 ordered that, unless the said defend
We quote Uplands, old, 8 a 9J cts
S was ably exerting his talents and :ants do appear here, on or before the .
We publish with pleasure! the follow. -Jj, .tJ- influence in new 9i a 11 ; Sea Islands, 20 a 25 cU; I of this
protecting interests ltaints and Santees 17 a20'cts. .first day of the next term Court: .to;
iff extract from a letter from Col. White Fi the I of be holden on the first Monday of May .
cm National Jtrr.al. the Ufiiied States,.and it Mtbile Aav. 14.-Bat few bales have t.
rawJT; tVit the collision; between Xiov.JJuvul ye and the bill S
OFFICIAL. next, answer complainants': .
1 aril himself has 1\1 as hoped he would he enabled: arrived this season,and prices are not coil .
: ceased ami that herein, the-same shall be taken :as con S
RtVacti-ry eAnbnaiion have taken WAR DEPARTMENT. to convince the Mexicans of the lidcred; a* established.- On Saturday 9. :fessed against them.

place. Ot'r readers will: probably! recollect l. ADJ'T. GEN'S. Orrir.E, } i impolicy of the measure at the cents choice was offered for. a nrnal lot of prime And it is further ordered tint the foregoing / ".
-A parcel would
tUtun t. p I3th ult. we expressed a i Washington, 26th Oct., 1826. present moment, while the cdun I.. manda: trifle more. perhaps com be published in the Feimcolsi. S
?hope) *' iiit the! il'a h"t i':i'ment tAli'ch! had! Promotion and requires of Gazette, once a week for the space of -
.1/1 ointnrl't. in try a supply articles 5 5
Jljoripir in '
nr'iscnticvptit and falsehood four months and month for
ln ; once a tY$
vll'' ce,,-i i'ow that tl:# matter i, Third Regiment furnished from its last, at-the Fulton House, in the city of S
t n'.i"t'd"1; reference to the 1I1.1rtilt.g. own resources, A true Copy from the Record.Atttest 5 .
{olio. inK tim! uil1 1st Lieutenant Thomas ChilcllJ and New-York, by the Kev. Mr- Knox, M .
fimthi.t!: our hope I has! making it necessarily dependent I. JOHN CLARK, Merchant, of liushville S

been' accomplished to b,,' Captain, lt October 1826 I upon other for many things: Ncw-York to Miss OLIVE JACKSON, W. H ell Huu-* J LS
!;.7trad M. UAHe:of t: pmmtt' letter from c.'. Jo:. vice DC Russey. resigned.! of primary importance." daughter of the late Col. Giles Jackson, C'lk.Sup.C't.W.F. "" '

?_tti; (j'lll,to.!.a t R:friend:U)1; tinted Tallahassee r 2d Lieutenant Austin Brock A correspondent has favored' us Berkshire, Mass and his toenty-iixth PcrmcoU13
"I have b( tn here, end in the vieimt,, 1 enbrough to. be 1st. Lieutenan with the following translation of a child. Out ot'this number have been .
but ten d'1 .\ ant shall set out ttuB \I 1st October, 1636, \liceIUH1Sj deuce of the Mexk4iiQovjirn.r It married and most of them now have .
th. eldest ---- w
roolhi"K$ fur \, .sI1gIOh' : ) by St. Auyus promoted.lire .: which is interesting to all those ssuarriea targe.families izpw.g.. J -O r--daughter'".,n .' _. -was i I NOTICE- : -- :
line; Jiirci n>y arm'al liere, have heard I 5 .
2d Lieutenant
vet : Wm. who have or contemplate connex .... I
many Lets ('ItJcul&ft..l0! remove the impressions -- = :---- Tl ETTERS administration on the,.f .
under which I labored when 1 Bryant, cf the 1st Artillery, to be ions with, or investments in, Mexico DIED.-.Al his residence in Kentucky & tate THOVAS B. But, late of tha S -

"rote. my letter to tin- people of Jackson 2cl Lieutenant., Ul July, 1825. : on the 16th ult. in the 76th year of his County of Cscambia deceased hanns-'-, "'-, .

.istothe injustice I supposed the Govcr Firtt Regiment of'Jfuntry.Brevti First Secretary of State'. Office, age, Col. RICHARD C. ANDERSONr been granted to the Subscnber, by thi.Hoo. .

DOT vas disposed to do,or had done me,in 3d Lieutenant GeorgeV. His Excdlency: Inc President of father of the late; U. C. .tbe County Court of said County ; '

riitioit to the grant to the Deaf and \ Gate) of the 7th Infantry, the United States of Mexico has Minister to Colombia. Col. A. was a n L. all persons having demands against saic). .
Dumb) Asylum of Kt'ntuckThe Go- tive of Virginia, and embarked in the estate are requested to present the saacto
be 2d
I Lieutenant
temor's explanation have" satisfied me to 1st July, 1826.. been pleased to send: ineihr following Revolutionary, at an early & gloomy i immediately and those indebted. are desix

tint: he did not intend to do me the injury Fturth Regiment Infantry. proclamation *< period ; was an intelligent and perseve ed to make payment to S

liuppostd, and harmony has: been so Brevet major, Wm. S. Foster, The President of the UnitedState' [1 injr officer, and served, for e considerable Win. A Bell,

hr lesiurrd as to authoriae that official I captain fthe 6th Infantry, to bem of Mexico to the inhabitants period, as one of he Aldbde.camps of the Administrator. .5

: :jccurbc so necessary to the interests ; Republic, greeting : Pensacola, 20th Nov. 182o.-38- .
men were known in the
more extensively .
tJft1.e between
Territory pei-ons occu- ho, t' ceus ed.2d .' .
1 be General 5__ _
ngtLestations: we do. You klu) Congress have State where he resided, or more unwei. 1 r--- II. S S

arJtllt nish to avoid these collisions y my*, Lieutenant P. Morrison, to hiade the following decree i ally beloved, than Colonel Aj)4enoc. The National Preacher .

vliich! are productive cf no possible good l br. n.....-1st _iitutenant..... 26th. August I AaT. I. 'lhe l Executive shallortify 1. -.... ---t ,, .
1I1J cry prejudicial to the interests oft r I iO, VIC A rpiei, cusnicrrn.Brevet f the bar of the river Goazacoalcu. dj" To Poett.-'r\ premium of Ten 'OR

c Tellium'1 2d 1 lieutenant James J. Dollars, will be given, by the Editor of OctoberV26t Containing S ....

Anderson, ofhe 6ih Infantry, to ART. 3. He shall immediately .' the Pensacola Gazette fur the bet poetical Sermon No. V, On the Internal EvidO:
proceed address for the Carrier of this .
The Court of this
Superior District paperfor 'I "
be 2d lieutenant 1st July, 1825. c esofuve1atioby .
rfiiKmt-nrc'Iits: November 'Teru on the to \ prepare dwellings, the approaching New Year; which GARoarsa SFRIVO D. D.of New York i

fcixth: :'na'nnt, IIou. HESBT M n I1U'Ulf. Sixth Regiment oIaisutrM.1st kc. for the workmen and others, shall be presented on or before the fife isreceit'ed and be seen at the Boofc--'" .
Lieuieiunt Smith
xiDtr, J' dge, and adjuur.jed i tine die on Henry tobr who may be sent thither for the 'tecnth day December, 1826.S11l store.PenriicoU. 5 p

Monday lust : The Jollowjug IndictmeiU captain, 7th July 1826, rice security of com meres at that point ;Nov.20.: l$2b.dj 5 I

were pr-stcuted to eflVct. Foster promoted. ART., 3. With the concurrenceof I *For, FL'pCC'tU5 & see lat pagf .
11 Territory t>* Antonio Escovar.This .- .Lieutenant Levi Nute to he ...
wuv an J.iuictnient for brcaKlu, the the State of Vera Cruz, ue shall ? I ;; S S S J-TL1-I S
IIUI. 4t liciitcnaTit, rth July, isoe, vlc*>
c r John White, a Watch juaker of t'S u.dj1iats ft tettiement.: convenient -

r lra: ,!lace, mul taking tt. rcfrom a trunk Smith, promoted. to the said bar. "" Notlee.rI .

'1OUh:;.itir upward 01 fifty w tclt.csthe Brevet 2d lieutenant James S. WV t&'CIfto" r -..,.--. .-. ..tt S
A aT. 4. He shall proceed to .
following lots in the of Penal -
eviie.ic t in the cae was such as to Thompson. of the 2d lufintry, to ._.. .. City _
preclude the of open a carriage road, by. contract, 1.. ;&* 'T nt Vrt. 1C a. ..h..t.<} nn tltA
remotest probability a be ad lieutenant 1st July 1825. y-
of Palafox andRoina a sire &
doubt nnd he found the on such terms as he think corner .*
was guilty by may
2d lieutenant Gtrstavus Vovt ot i\! lSO\\\.
Lot No. 39 andLot No. 70. Terms will
Jury, aid sen'enced by: tie Court to reeite best, from the limits of the Inland .
ten Lhe% restore the stolen pro. Dorr, of the 2d Infantry, to be :2d navigation of the Goazacoa.co to :c ... ... be made known on application, to J C & -

lieutenant l 11t July 1825.APPOINTMENTS.' C. C. Keyser; Pen co'f[ or to the SQ>.
put, pay a otht'ty together the Pacific and Tuhuantepec. ARRIVED. scriber at ilonteiuma Ala S
tith the costs of prosecution and stand J9'ov 9-Schr Hope Reiliy, St. Marks ; .
AST. J. For convenient .
commUted! untill the sentence ii fully the : construction Pauengert Lt. R&magc U. S. Navy and Jafien S., DeveteuL r

complied unit. So tiuch of this senttncr L. G. De Ru&sey, to be Pay. of the road, he shall Messrs Brandon and Roche. I 0.15t,184.-4a.4t :

as requires the infliction of corporeal master, 21st September- 1826. form a settlement and post: a garrison 11-Schr- John Richards, Spillman .

punishment was afterwards respited .. John B. Scott, 2d Lieutenant, at the fittest points, and buy I Tampa Day ; Pauengert Lt Famgut U. A1IL&NGEMENTS
'ntil ilse: .ecoiul Monday ol January next S. Navy and Mr. LeBaron. MAIL
4th Artillery, to be assistant the requisite land from the respective )
toghe the prisoner an opportunity te I 22-U. S.Transport Scbr. Florida, Baker .

: apply to the Governor to remit that part. Commissary of subsistence, Uth States. St. Marks ; Pattengert Byrd Willis Florida MaiL :

Vt believe however the prevailing: opifcon July, 1826. ART. 6. He shall invite the I Esq and family, Capt. Harrison and Duct: tTevevyotherMDndzyat12o'c1cJ '

: is that the senlence U mild and hu- James A. Chambers*, 2d Lieu- neighboring States to co-operate: i WiUbn. M.\ Closes the' fdtowm*' Tufa- .

Inane in the extreme, and that it would tenanted Artillery, to be Assistant in opening the rdad provisionally ; ENTERED dayatl2o'CLockM. 1. S ,
te Nov 14 .-Sloop :Flasli, Mason Blakely, S .
more consonant with to double
2', than to remit a single justice la>li. Commissary of Subsistence, and afterwards have it more so with Lumber the U S. Navy Yard. All other Sfdl*. .t .'

.?** Territory w Juan A SalgadQ.'human .- 4th July, 1820. lidly constructed.AUT. 18-Schr.Elizabeth, Forsyth,New Orleans .
bar of St. Francisco to Patterson'! Dunn Due every Tuesday at$ P H
was indicted a>>accessary to the J. R. Stephenson, lit Lieutenant T. The Cargo Keysers Close :

t'Illl1e of Escor&r; having stood on the 7th Infantry, to be Assistant and the Tehuantepec, is aboutto Michelet, Ahreni &Co. Fasquler and For- cveryThuradyst231 S .

Apposite side of the street during the commissary of Subsistence, Silt be opened, so as to admit. boats sytlt. CLEARED. I NOTICJJ.

Commission of the rubberY and received August 82'. from the port of the South Sea ; Nor 9-.Schr. Eloisa, Anderson, Mo ...'
of Pest .
put the watches to Veil on shares the instructions or the .
Lieutenant and the Executive conjuIQ'tI.itbthe bile. I BY
M!was taken with some of the watches Thomas Johnson lit I' Matter General isffttdetbe duty

fA hit ipoMcssion-waf 'found guilty and rib Infantry, to be Assistant Stat 'or Oa<| acft, shall form a 10-Schr. Amelia,Roacb, New Orleans of the Post Master, to pu.'in each'mailtil

?titit4 u*. Mine seulenco as Escovar, Commissary of SubiuttBce, 13ibWctoDer I settlement the 'ltJoaLbs of the 11-Schr. Romeo Homer, Mobile : letters. which ate deposited m the
Vlth the exception or the tile aid bur. 17--Sloop Flash Mxson UobilcV I Post Office tne tolfhivr Ajfare t&JtxedtinetfclsnnglJisMaiL
1Utpce. or Ti'i..t..a
n. 1026.Ch4 bay 18-Scbr. Wa erll. Saaci, Philadelphia undeniffncd .
TWf\II. Jtb ca 1i"TbiI 4cs Diraimetkf 3d Lieutea JOBS ARCAsao'4r V UAM>A, i CflrJ4 b fe. -"' .. t._. aWabets T&e
wu .
i Dd c\atl1t f*the tmader of 1'011 caca &t"'!WP"-"" i iijlc-iyrtbc d*< u.e-iftctLiepr&oac, i andtbeeridencaioio tot of the lot Art 1Ic..,, to be>> Aeststaat Prealfeat BI..tbft Seaatc.Bemad 93 bates ccUoo, 17 bales deer feose liters. wbkh are sot pet ra the ..

mcc1 Uaat. ill. At 01 &k tioa Joke Cow. "M7 or S. ul.. Goks Per.,. de Aogate, skI-, bJIo otter LaIrw1Ii4.skiiu. 977ft feet.lua-lad office ftfl' tarryftsftbove caeBlioaedt NtS S

MnadL; Iais wife Mxl kkked iastitlibcrdeAiiu PnaiclHlef the H...eI Dcp.dc. Mr, m.pisces betJ! fJII' V .... her, uis I tace, 24th ctober, 1820. I boa kd1i. "by I.lMillR jr, W QpWwH
te vili asMpM.t
&j...s -lte Jury Asil.ta3l. D..... safe Casm&e. p'.k..Ier..I.IaiI paver
.elisr4sm.: I. P. C. M* HiftBaBfto deer beiw,7cows'bx.asbMmms' .. 90 tebits ill "....rdqllited. before tilt
1..vI. 1fTt.-
t ; be-I.. ... fib AaN ttterttary .T HM ticaate. .
s.4 tis prtl..sir _IMItIUI Ie "ree'" .. wkTstoFp-lsac&l.
21-4iI. *iias. .,
LID G*a. M ba Pnm.9tcrt ]) ev Mail.
". $ "': fmyitM of ... gIt 11$.. his Tte Nsu .lsg!
1-IE.., w1b ths Arcller. ItS %srs tart ef HM KiMaf.T Of a U Csfft Ii fcttoi MUMvoHVlS iy J. ...rg I .. .. Jf'1fDt, will ..I'1Ih1as4.
", '
.1 .... 81M.. by M Gpw' ..
: .
-. sa1 .... .... .z .i le tw AIIIM IeU ..s 14.. A. l't let Idtate ftWiabt4 JIll......., J. .Ce ..,... ... .w. -

"I' .. it ...... cM ...... w. AM ,...... ...MI MHt,

';:.-: .. .. .. ....... MI ..... ..... ..... ,. .' PIIMI .1 lbs VsdI& II...... ....... =. ., ,.", ,,1b r".
L lo ,.tI&Mt .... .iIkiessg .. a, = --11' lilt.$1 .... .
.. ..... .
.. ..,, MS .
lie tMt) *.. ... a.. ,SISIS' 411. -I. . .


: -
Ji .




-- -. -_.-........----- .
- -. ...... ..... .. .. __
-------- ;;: ;: .- 55 :s: ....'.:., 5 ..._ .
---- k : """' ."......"" .. .-;- -.";-.

Pensacola gazette and West Florida advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Pensacola gazette and West Florida advertiser
Physical Description: 4 v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 50 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W. Hasell Hunt
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla.
Creation Date: November 23, 1826
Publication Date: 1824-1828
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 13, 1824)-v. 4, no. 52 (Mar. 14, 1828).
General Note: Publisher: Hunt & Tardiff, <1828>.
General Note: Editor: W.H. Hunt, 1824-1828.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002055167
oclc - 02707006
notis - AKP3155
lccn - sn 83016253
System ID: UF00086631:00128
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Preceded by: Floridian (Pensacola, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Pensacola gazette and Florida advertiser

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*w -
-w _
S _
; : -
S- .
5-- -
5- -- -
: --



t .
!It rT
. \ r' <
.\', I '
..." t
t J ,
IJ. -.nr '
"r a' .
W' .
; : .

.: WEST' PIJV 401t1n.:t' ADVERTISER'

__ .. t
&.r.'."- l. .. n
::: 0 .
; \.o ;111. (lJrindpia' .-,n/.cminn. c ... i
.- .., _. --- .. PEN.S.COLA.. rPCAlt 1' u J.j
I r' 'k
.1. 2N : .
; ..:...... -i all -
1 (Open Parties influenced
s nra fitn T att nSnAJ' .. by none) No. 88.
-0 ; J with all the **h ec.tnuio: ;. __... .:i ,
< *.- .f r -
1 "
3 '. artn, uy means of a policy:, frail k; t.t Tr-2t a' t .1".Ia:: .. _.. .whiffet rir '.'haJl any lna1tr to Mr. Pedersen _
J EDITOTI AThiher t> PlIopnUTOn"; and assurances of his
!"llJ f th?lat.a of tires United Stall a equally friendly with ,all. fn :,dqmlntoW*' ,, d& i A the I ; .t ;>eb) way intertere distinguished couside r.tion.
gage, mutually ,... ,
:: find of the Territory of Florida. particular favor grant an} IfJ-j(of lien+rtar .. o 1fi o* < !r.f 'a. i... H. CLAY.
f.r CnIPTlOs-Yt'"ar' 5 to other. na'.iona ARTICLE 11.
territories The
,I of.t e"United St Giesr '\ Chevalier PZDERSEW
Ilnlfyear S in respect of + ( :' ,
commerce and Haul tn {fhe:
-I from present Convention
Quarter 1 gation, which the_ I d. dottIntons': : shall Minister Rodent from Denmark.
y'ar 59 shall not irnmedi Which be IB force rten
Subscriptions; payable in advance shall n : I ex, years from the The Chcvalitr Peter .
... : ; ately become common to'the other all fye1QaJlt a. -to date hereof and Pedcrttn /.
other further
until the
nation -ii
AnTRiiTisiJcoEvery Alvertisemeil t party, .who shall ... Mr. Clay.
. \mlthofoneci71uinn and meastir.in enjoy the same AHTICLE S, end of-vne: year after either of tbecontraciing WASHINGTON, 25M Apr .
1836.i .
lreelytf the ,
1 ::: not more than twelve lines of this: conccHionYcre freely Neither the parties shall have gwen 1
type, 5r t insertion one dollar, each made' or on allowing the'same 'vessels of.the United notice to the other of its intention idem ;undersigned, Minister Res- l
of His
t continuance fifty cents nor 'their, -l1all Majesty the King of "
\vosklv ; longer compensation, if the concessionwere cargoes to terminate the
1I,1 wider ones at the same rate. Utile conditional. when: 'th e f pass the. Sound or the' of the same ; each Denmark, has the honor, herewith 1
, ivl work, double price for Belts.y contracting parties reserv-i to acknowledge
: figure the higher or. other duties having re-
ARTICLE % ; ,,
.fr! t ills :-tion. Advertisements will be The 2. than those wht\h are or maybe ing to itself the right of giving ,!? Mr. Clay'8 official note of i
l i tastefully displayed, according to the contracting parties being paid 1 by the mot such nonce to the other at the end this day, declaratory of the
I \ dvored nation'. advanced .
t-nlurrt of them, and will be measured by likewise desirous of placing th(> .I of the said term of ten years; and claims
: natternfthisei'C type. When inserter! Commerce and AniTBLE 0. it is against Denmark,
Navigation of their hereby agreed, between them ,
The not bemff waived
Intervals, (that is, not inserted Present -Convention on the of
:t shall part
ever, << that
. respective countries the on the t
"'*ek:, from the first to the last insertion on liberal Dot apply to.the Northern expiration of one the United States, by the Conven
basis of perfect equality and reciprocity possessions year after such notice shall tion .
rich insertion will be
charged as a new of His Majesty the King of agreed upon, and about to be -
advertisement.lmounts for mutually that the been received by either. from
:J.d'erlisingp:1yabJe agree Denmark that\ the signed, which note he
always on demand. citizens and subjects of each may .un..._:: Ft'rroC, Istan.. to, lay. _, Iceland, other _party. _, this convention-_ _' _n. _and,,_ will transmit to hi, .as* requested fl.--_ _-. :

OC? Liberal contracts will be made with frequent all the coasts and countries to and Greenland, ell the provisions thereof, shall altogether ment. And -- -- ** d UWIIIU.;
nor places siiuVd avails
ihp.e; who wish to advertise himself of
by the year.a of beyond the
the other (with the cease and
determine. this
Communications to" excep. Cape of Good Hoc occasion to "
_? directed \\ Lion he righT to renew to Mr. l't
ford Hunt, Post hereafter provided for in the ARTICLE 12. Clay
Master, Pensacola, regulate the direct intercourse : assurances of his distin-
will be duly attended to. sixth article,) and reside and This Convention
with., which! possession, and shall be ap- guished consideration. ._ .
"- trade there in all kinds of proved and
pro. IB reserved by th e p iirtto s by the Presi P. PEDERSEN.
.)...,. 'f, YJi--. duce, manufactures, and .merchandize lively. And it._ u further respec- dent of the United States, by and To the HonHpnrw n..,
.-...::':'..;:.&;:x; ':,'I.y.; 'f. "-'-" __ ; and they shall eniol'alr the thfe-CorfvrnonJ| })l. ..ei'Jeiyatiu'uy nis ivjajesty uf4ce8..
....._ .t .-1,1, .,:..;'.'." t"V.t.f' ..iah.u..a-O-7- Sinextr,.;> IJ.Jc11ie \1 "en --:-- ---
: ," ;.-.-:- tcr.if U tc Ui t ( the King of Denmark, and the ratifications .
.. .. ,' '
... ... fit
.L J'........ ., .. ... -- dons, in navigation ami commerce Denmark one the West India Colonies shall be exchanged in C'F;L1.\l\ .

':W ...r. ._...,JIr' "k" ....t- :;.-., .I't".. "'. .. which native citizens o- of Ito Danish Majesty, but ihe city of Copenhagen, within .. -4
.l ...".tI,. 't. .. subjects do, or shall enjoy, submitting in the imcitourse' with those Colonies From the National Journal.
.... from the date of
.' (.'I.; ... I ;::.-.. right months the :
... ..!:.:- .". ..... themselves Treaty with Denmark.The .
to the laws
', ",I J, .,,.: J.... ..'J .... it is agreed that _whatevercan I. signature! hereof, or sooner, if pos-
decrees and Journal contains
or''" ...,.......'."r:-. /I,>- .. '.' .:., usages, there eslab- be lawfully imported into or I to-daY* a
I''r ', ,,..... .T I '.:r: ed, to which native citizens: or' exported from, the said Colonies, treaty concluded last spring between -
,, .. ',)._...""", .,- fa'.ih whereofVe the the United States and Denmark
: ;. subjects are subjt: ;ed. nut it is in \esseh of one party from or to In Plenipotentiaries J

understood that this article does' he ports of the United States, or of the United States by Mr. CLAY and the Chev-

not include the reacting trade of from or !to the ports cf any other of America, and of his Danish alier PEDERSEN Tnis is the first .

either country, the regulation of foreign ounlry; nicy, in like manner Majesty, have signed and sealed treaty which we have ever had 5 .J.I

which is reserved by the parties and with the same duties and these presents. I with that power, and it is founded

respectively,' according to their II charge, Applicable to vessel and Done in triplicate, at the city of on principles of great J hberaity! ,
Its leading provisions art1. :.- .
laws. sixth
own separate cargo, be "imported into or exported \Vashingtononthetwenty-
ARTICLE of.. in the of our The equalization ot triage -
from the said Colonies in ves- day April, year .
_-_-_,-.--_--4 They likewise, agree that whatever sels of the other party. Lord one thousand eight hun- duties, leaving to navigation
ny AUTHORITY..py kind of producem anuf cture, ARTICLE ;. dred and twenty-six in the fiftieth ol'the two countries fair: compe .

t tlis President of tlic United or merchandize of any foreign The United Slates and His Dane year of the Independenceof I tition. ...
cab be from tin the United States of AmericaH. 2..r\ mutual liberty cf importation _
States, country, t to i hh Majcaty mutually agree, thatno .
time, lawfully into the United CLAY. and exportation into and :
A PROCLAMATION.WHEREAS imported higher or other duties, charges, :
States, in vessels belonging or taxes 'of any kind, shall he levied Pr. PEDERSEN. from each country in the vesrts
a General Convention of each of whatever lawfully _

to the citizens thereof
wholly i in the territories or domin
; of Friendship, Commerce, Now, thl'rrforcbe it known, imported or exported, not
be also imported in vessels ions of either
may -
party, upon any pea'aonal ADAMS Pre-
and Navij>atiunbetweenheUxrr- that I, JOHN QUINCY only from the respective coun-
wholly: belonging to the effects,
no STATES OF AMERICA and his property, money, or suMit of the United States, have tries, but from all foreign countries *
Denmark ; and that no higheror of their respective citizens or sub- be .
Majrt ;he KINO OF DENMARK, caused the said Convention to whatever with unimportant .
concluded and signed atrttngton other duties upon the tonnageof jects, on the removal. of- the same made public, to the _en ]' that the
W3 ._ d,..._:... 4'Hocptiuft s.
the vessel or her : shall brrcrrcu front ther t..k..L.-n "'.w
cargo clause
same,ann every nndUcJe
\ on the 26th: rtav oC aim luncuicu, wneiner :ne ions reciprocally, either upon the 3. The! reduction of the duen
Apiil last, by HEXRY CLAY, Sec- importation be made in the vest'sof : inheritance of such property, money thereof may tie observed and fulfilled payable by vessels of the Uoit-d

retary of State of the United the one country or of the; other. or effects, or otherwise, than with good faith by the United States on the passage of the Sound

States, on the part of Vac United And, in the like manner, ti.at tire or shall .be payable in each States and the citizens thereof.In and the Belts, to the rate of those

States end PETER PEDERSEN, \" hatever kind of produce, ma u- State, upon the same, when remov- witness whereof, I have hereunto which are payable by the nation

Minister Uesident from Denmark' facture or merchandize, of Mar j I trJ: by a citizen or subject of such set my hand, and caused the most favored by Denmark.

on'the part of Denmark, the reBpcctive foreign country, can be, from ti.ir I State respectively.ARTILS:; : $ealofthe J United Staes to.be 4. A liberty to the vessels of -

Plenipotentiaries of the time, lawfully imported into; the b. affixed. the United States to trade betweenthe
two Powers : and whereas the Done at the City Washington, Danish West
dominions of the King of Denmark To make mote effectual the pro India Islands
said Convention has 'been duly in the vessels thereof, (with : section which the Uoi Kl StatraI this fourteenth I day of October. and all foreign countries, other
and respectively ratified by me, by I in the year of our Lord one than Denmark in the
the exception ;rreafer: mentioned : and His Dansh Majesty, shall af same man
and with the advice, and consentof in the sixth article,} may be also ford in future, to the navigation: .I thousand eight hundred Sc twen ner as Danish vessels are allowedto
the Senate of the United States ty-six, and of the Independenceof trade. And
imported in vessels 01'the United ana commerce of their
and by His Majesty the King of States ; _and that no higher or live citizens and subjects respec-they the United Stales the fifty- 5. The pr e vii!.ege to American

Denmark, and the ratifications of other duties upon the tonnage of agree mutually to receive and first.John citizens to letno've their properly -,;.:.-
the same have been exchanged, on the vessel or her cargo shall: be admit Consuls and Vice Consuls Quincy Adams.By from the Danish West India Islands -

the tenth clay of August .last at levied and collectedvhether<< the in nil the ports open to foreign the President : subject to no other taxes or

the City of Cnpenhagen, by JOHN importation be made in vessels of commerce, who shall enjoy in them H. CLAY, Secretary of State. charges than Danish subjects

KAINALS, Consul of the United the one country or of the other. all the rights> privileges and immunities Mr. Clay to Mr. Pcderscn.DEPARTMENT would] be liable to pay on the removal -

States on the part of the United And they further agree, that whatever of the Consuls and Vice OF STATE, 7 of similar property from -

Stttes, and Count SCHIMELMANN, may be lawfully exported or Consuls of the most favored na- Washington, April 25, 1826. J those islands to Denmark, *

IMnister of Foreign Affairs of re-exported fa'onthe one countryin tion, each contracting party, however The undersigned!, Secretary of T he first; conforms :o the gem

His Majesty the King\ of Denmark, its own vessels, to any foreign remaining at liberty to except State of the United States, by .direction ral policy of the United States,

ou the part of Denmark, which country, may, in like manner, be those ports and places_ in of the President thereof, which commenced in 1815, and -t t

Convention is in the words following I exported or re-exported in the vessels which the admission and residenceof has the honor to state 10. Mr. Ped- was subsequently extended to several .

iu tiGenrral of the other country. And .such Consuls may not seem con ersen, Minister Resident of His powers. yt y

Convention of Friend-. the same bounties, duties, and venient. Majesty the King of Denmark, The second is founded on a knew

ehifi, Commerce and Navigation i drawbacks, shall be allowed and ARTICLE 9. that it would have been sa:isfac- principle, adopted by the pre ;

between the United State* collected whether such exportation In order that the Consuls and tory to the Government of the sent administration, and which ; ;

of America and Ilia Majesty the, ; ot re-ex ortaicn be made ID Vice Consuls of the contracting United States, if Mr. Pedersen obtained at the last session the :

King of Denmark.The vessels of the United States or parties may enjoy the. rights, privileges had: been charged with instructions unanimous concurrence of the Sen- -

United States of America of Denmark. Nor snail higheror and immunities, which be- in the negotiation which has ate. The, principle of' the act of ,

and his Majesly the King of De.n- other charges of any kind be long to them, by:'their' public character .just terminated, to treat of the 1815 limited the vessels of each '

mark being desirous to make firm imposed, in the ports of one par they shall, before enteringon indemnities to citizens of the United i country to the importation of the
and permanent the peace and ty,on vessels of the other, than the exerciie of their functions, States, in' consequence of productions of that country, and. :

friendship, which happily prevail are,. or shall be payable! in the exhibit their commission or patentin the seizure, detention,' and condemnation : vice versa as to those of the Unit- s t

between the two nations, and to same ports by native vessels. due form to the Government: to of their property, in ted States The _new principle
extend the commercial relatiodSwhich .dRrlcLE 4. which they are accredited ; and I the ports of His Danish Majesty. : extends the previlege of' mutual

subsist! between their re. No higher or other duties shall having obtained their exequatur, .: But as he has no' instructions to importation to the productions of wall

spective Territories and People, be imposed on the importation into which shall be granted gratis, that effect, the undersigned is directed foreign countries whatever. It

hare agreed to fix, in- a manner, the United States of any articlethe they shall be held end considered : at and before proceeding to will prevent much vexation ; and t-

clear and positive, the rules which I prodocej or manufacture of as such by all the authorities magistrates : the signature of the Treaty. of if our vessels can sustain a competition tt

shall in future be observed between the Dominions of His Majestythe and inhabitants, in the I Friendship, Commerce, and Nav 'i on this more extended scale, ,.

the OBC and the other party, King of Denmark ; and no Consular district in which they igation, on which they have agreed i I there can be no ,doubt of its beneficial -k.

.by means of a General Convention -I: higher or other duties shall be. reside. ,: explicitly to declare, that tendency.The .

of Friendship, Commerce, imposed on the importation .into ARTICLE 10. the omission to provide for .hole exceptions are of the Danish -

and Navigation. With -that object 1 the said dominions of any article, It likewise agreed, that the indemnities is not hereafter to be East India_ possessions, to *
attached to interpreted as a waiver or abandonment which the new principle was not
the President of the United : the produce or manufacture of the Consuls and persons
States of America has conferred United States, than are, or shall be, their necessary service, they not '' of them by the Government extended, 'because of a restraint. ;

full powers on Henry Clay, their i payable on the like articles being being natiYEs.of. the country in of the United States, which, the Danish Government, growingout f

Secretary of Slate, and His Ma- i the produce or manufacture, of any which the Consul resides, shall be on the contrary, is firmly resolved of the charter granted to the t
jesJy the King of Deumutk bas I other foreign country. Nor shall exempt from all public service and .to persevere in the pursuit of them, Danish East India Company, and

r conferred like powers on Peter any higher or other duties or also from all kind of taxes,imposts, until they shall be finally arranged of the. r e rroe.Islnnds. Iceland andGreenland

! Pedersen, his Privy Counsellor of charges be imposed in either of and contributions, ,except those upon principles of ,equity and the inhabitants orwhich

: Legation, and Minister Resident the two countries, on the exportation which they shall be obliged to pay, justice. And to guard against any are very poorwiibout: sub. t

near the said States, Knight of of any articles to the United on account of commerce, or their misconception of the fact of J sets of much commerce, and are tina

the Danneborg who, after having States, or to, the dominions of property,to which'inhabitants ,the silence of the Treaty, in the above .sort state of pupilage to the

-. exchanged their said full powers, his Majesty the King on. Den- tive 'and"foreign, :.the country ina'are particular, or' of the viewsof Danish, Government, in conse-

r rto found to be in due .and proper mark respectively, than such as which, such Consuls re i the American Government, the quenceof their imperfect civilisa-. .

:,< formhave agreed to the following are, or may be, payable on the ex. subject, being 'in every thing besides undersigned, '"requests that ,Mr. tion. is;,
articles portation of the like articles to' any subject tolhe lows of the respective :Pedersen 'will" transmit this official By the reduction of the Sound

t -' ARTICLE$ 1. other foreign t country. Nor shall States.. The archives.and declaration to the Government and.Belt duesi the commerce,of.the

r be imposed on the .of the Consulate shall be of Denmark. And'hc'avails, United States,it is estimated 'willoae
The contracting parties, *desir- any prohibition papers of,tjbis. tender J from thirty to forty thousandd -
i inviolably and under oecaiionta
of < ,
. or importation any respected t .
' iQg to live in peace and harmony exportation :;.;.. .' .

..... .
; .. ', .-'. ..
to '" ;" : : -':::'?:, .. '. t"/. ;' '__ :;-1f'l"f. "


t S


., ,-


1 \ I \

f d .r. Cete .2% tnba of fs :4 cU.CUlSl .

f dollars per isnao. The .raj: .ti-c. r3 b tr rl btast bue Las ilsldty, also coasUcrlisas d1pfcs. e4 to tDe c A\1 d ia t_ tcs. Bsjikasaaa pa>lsd _
t ; t cnUdsok father W' admisaioa. :!for V ct m**Jr ia icrest for
does Lot recognise expressly Merer be g as mj for Mr.r of san arc great
the'l apprarcferfups, when yea rants State pTUpbWarsd lac is CbHwe4! bJ .f 08 from which it
i Light of Dencaark to impose geaUease R were sad is pural .J the svoarce Iitip
i:fortuoe cryam J ocr uIDa stabborebe ami tIaoICpr Cottitag f
admitted members, &ov fresm thegreater .
da.-iu It ia the I[: cfaooi ofSavigay wbichMc BBS! always apart
opcralrt =Jl nxty DOt be iod.jfcii te. But iKZCj + I1.luar.u for i1iue 01 the .
exemption, and Paces cur ravigation i j :eall os Ueareii to vhacx tINt nt paid iheirMbtcrlpticn c Hup are or test uncertainty of toe

upon the fooling of r'tat of 1 I to use t-ter mac Will I crcf be lIaited.1 .** the present year. 1 n4 a' the .. Souse j law or :be (act. Sir Edward

Great Britain bd Fracce, ziil tae I; prek:- be 1:2..7.1 ".!, r az+ttirr. After It was lace made a standing w. oMi4 wbicb la"JcnI I Cokr -e belJI that not .
rtY.1 ca.r rsatiort -c es.cu'1a.re-J r for being admitted oft be grounds oa
applications of law
dert tbafitvo
1 other nations m?>:: fi.vored. : America s more poiats were
1 ,i .r ass oppose
a.r.J f gb: ro 1&s 1J6Ut-a11U1'e. I garrr might bemade of slaacl
Tie faurih protistor. gives cs aprivilrb 1i.. to membership 1 called la qtirsii'-a, cL-u.g his
; a r ar:'t g .0.Joiuatti the coapa- rr the s: Code, are of COUIR inapplicable
: whcL no oi-cr ci'.iaacjloniei. n)', d.rre t n-of tai tb: C'C'-i.a". t:as to any .ftd-I the aeitlU, as discussed in practice in the Covns. Many
( woilt at to q
'a.ic -. has ever coacedI ..t'tT. nrnrr. -". .1't't a.uTeJ. uxoric.1 in e.Committee_ _...__ ,__who_____ ....... :I Germ&BT ; and the extraordinaryt ilio9sas4s. of iawssits- was soprosccwvco
f'fl l by treaty to.the CJintedTne Sate;. i Jf'/cay Pr. :r.l e Deft day 1 caked I cest D1R ll1g' prvnuM *-'-- eriority which the Continental- s"- t IB lad- pcneaIf -_ .
uri few b-rJ.Jn prer'ass to de. *
S1t a tar of the applicants.
1 ..ft5 pfovisloa srsi i:1Stoted lf i tJL ,,re: rii u.rlrfi f.aJriUe tad Another order was macs# that j si'I urUtng tUi. c. their law u rest- tbea eodif,in-I sot to dth .

desired by many America: ehizrnsowoiag ,k, .:"l V lc. W J'.aa' KGOmp&D bill theCoomhtee wo ld'l dd into atat- OB a definite written base, u.&c str ay Iitigauom, ..., good b it to

property ia'iae DiIs. ,+e tc. tUer.ier, T; t son. ia ro I I in the Federal Court .fce: Cereal. Juri,,, over what they do> or ia it expected to dot As
in Sar.ta CtutA cn.iufW-1 ttxtTe1I vertical es 1' e d meeting eyed aactra -
:teds particularly } the
at ttrclve oBiider vagueaes we are not BOW discussing the
breeze the Monday
.tw.dt.r, wt a played over on
t room every
they were prevesltd from the re i ii j1 t.white vf the majestic Cum! eri xl to o'clock. V 1 f -Dt1 of the common law, seem subject itself, we shall sot, of '

i trowel of it to the United Stale* ':aStA peaceful btou The buts ofir The meeting then broke mpg j inconsistent; with the seal wltbI I course acdeitake to aaswer this

i ahnout payiQj; _taxes, whicn i.rnonnted .- .e s j>CUlon on tie sAare-the din w'' We extremely happy ton- which the same jurist BOW oppose qaestioa ia any detaiL Wo
w '. in instances to ti {the 'lioa' I hsrnsHT ia toiJ"D-t.bi" jingiUa are of Code.
some a new
t C! tLebelU-Swt iwcreaicd n.,r ielji.r4cbon. that the full and strong expression the preparation would! only say, that the good effects

I twerty-Ste per cec;. These tax i I '. It wu realsj: witli feetrtrervdiagfeeh of public opinio. ii decidedly in The expediency of Crdifying of codifying would be pre.

4 i es are i oar atolisbed. !: g, tn i :"ft si,c ce4C of all my hvor of the association. How <(for the til. sounding! term is of cisely! the same iaktadaBd differ

E It is a pleasing circomstaaCe j jt I I o-jthfui : atm calf, Lerel had ,;CIItI could it be otherwise rVe hate I coxvecient ate) in England and Ararrica rag] is degree according to cir.

1 t ,attending this treaty, that it itnaiaally such tuppy loors .uh ay friends +mdrrtaijns .ometimes beard the declamaUonofasophistinfa it unquestionably : one CU stances with those of crcr pother ,
t I satUfatlpry to I hom I ftarrj!tit 1 awl n yIt I
highly DAVID GAMU orofsatcide, we on which cpinicns are divided ; process ti undjtood : C ore ioC t. .
c t t both ctuntries.x It is i have heard theorist support the not only a question like Sir Roger work, to facilitate the study and
+ to have Jiaanimously. it thus approved affordrd -- Ir.. Ile Uo j. C.i.arc licd y. correctness 01 tar p.Msenrdibatpirrici.*-".r'- n.". J de :CoY rleY'I, where much maybe practice of the law. If!, the day
by the Senate ; was fi.ial .
.finti-Duellin Society.The said on both sides ; but a question before Sir William Blackstoee

much gratification, we learn ccnrert"nctwe theStiariinj piety, when the par,nt became old f on which different opinions sent his commentaries to the

":, L in Deemar I; goes injoirnmediaveopeation. Com. and foe JI ad ami' ed. In fact tbtre is DOcrime would be entertained, after it press the question bad been start.*
Clergy, f
M. t 1 t May it prowess folly, or jbsur countries s cork place by appointment: at the ur ?cd'a r? its simplest & publication
; as'l
: the two
advaau to
a'Lit.l dvocie w long all abstract statement. We arc i scald destroy or diminish iitiga .
it Hs liberal> and'equitable iO ittpirit fet) ya cf the Com., Major .r-
t $ sst and dicigu. den aodre.*ed the Chairman, I the world shall: be f tur d tQ COQI !i dined bon ever, 1 think tb&l \n Ii.ntiom or, snore generally, whether

I tludre- Johnson* to the followim! .*' I teen oersons ,"_' ,_ j jW r nevertheless, a qaettioa on which it would do any good, the answer
I.I - -- --- IVho eon distinUi*>, sup weac. I IA | men would thick much more nearly would probably nave been as van-- .

,} J.- ,...! .i..t4M1 :e .',u'0. did B W r :iMr i : !t.air't.st ut I and souWrts: de- alike han they now do, if they wets as those now made to the
i' IIANIHT.Fareell Ckir.,.QII.-\, an i increase: On either hand ** wk t
codifJiaC.Ve areold
would begin by nndersunding quesiioa'
1 Clurua tV. cf r.ai.t/vi i appears essential to Confute change p.ad-- .
each" other precisely as to the : that robes the first copies of
,. 1: l. TII 1 the-oretoerily of this attociatiotiiuted
; t I rirs.. 'S, in a greatmeasure to the. nA these iloabl: orators who, terms of the controversy ; the pro : Blackslone's Cornrsentario reached -

t A strxn:e? ret t. pijo Cray.Hanag correc!, brncoleni-and their 4'gtrte talents.W I da\1rcd for pOleu u...., .e'... <*.rk.of'whichtbe America (whither, by the way
amird it tfic ma'uon: and in- .I of cur clerical lentimenta kauttf'wb.1'' really expediency is dii clued, ana | yir. z>.r& r .vi .., .CM4y half

a t t .foroicd m) pirer.Sof the occvrrencei of brethren, tho't of them, whilst jkey are the sort of advantage to be expected the early editions were sent,)
i t the day, and evolution' I V e.I y and, in opposij thus exhibiting their irgtnahy,
n'l onaequeot : !]lion flora it. The thing Codificalion James Otis, in possession of oftoof
i : they endei/nd to dii. Uife rte from it. J!j to the prejjdtcea cf society. they would never attempt tgaio to it s'
certainly as > loses ; them, rushed into open court
t' hut firrirng: all rc *>ui* vvrirvc,1 T45iAdueed .j t j boldly riprrsied the command gain credulity by their detl ma. ,
the vcrd has into of
grown use, we in the fullness admiration and
to fn ,
fi'bfr tofGodocia
accept fn ir.y merely 1, un.K-9itail lion. With
i watt .0'1rl be tr' i tit i1, neT 1",1 aye. rrred sg'b IY prc- a multitude word i believe has been coined, within a declared, that, if that book bad
j j. :o tne opinions of J | arty overwhelm the focuiies of
The fury of the-stornks, prt stJ> "in-1 men, few years, ic the progress of theluctibraions hens written earlier, it would have
hi j j creased; .arm th**crcrityjf*.l:. !tN.t er. !]j I trust tha :fray proposition is al pporteil their bearers and they ban-sh i ideas i- l oj an individual saved; him of labor. A Code

1 : '. .', : : :1u. ::?o._!.aM4ae' .Jft'le'Sl.iAd.jI. i f the (ffici.'ing mrnijt-ers IKihe by the very dint of sourd, but : whose and character of law years
reputation we
properly prepared
11'.drJ: tIt 4'ist .it cvrr'- s rfi't sacral Cnriician Churches, as soon as the mind is at liberty I stating
t t; ; d"d-crse :o the 'ICI wi1'tLt tr''TeUu. within cit I ccojuder too enigmatical\ to be in AS plain a form as it can be stated
I our will! from to reflect!
T y WI.i1-." .!.,.i_ ..' ..\ rrc..trJrourd their I reason assert* bet away, rashly pronounced upon. We wn at the law of the landis
r ifire; pulpits, declare fa their yes eetive and all the oration becomes valueless -
1' a i'r awl l \rrvr rtx-n of the I: P mean of course, M:. Br&tham. on erect puint, would produce
: ?acuY and f = Ued with corigrria'ions, the object of our ; the ':1udhorrct.llecra of the
I 4.f "; os : i II l This
gentlem, in the course of in a greater or less degree. the
ter:: 'J! ".Y ="="_ _. -I ,'Jl,j rap at aasoci'ioa, and solicit their concurrence speck-r only *haft I
t : J tit fj".11, (100." l.i.;I-c-:.. i i rM the f jrj' of ,. and support. The sig.1 He'd undertake to prove by foreaOf his life, kai proposed to write same saving of time, which Jamea

,, the giriz f rr' '.. Mv ?it:,t r'.'ent to the nature of every indiviJuil 1 who u-I argument a man's no ho-.e: :Codes of Law t lo; Russia, for each Otis ascribed to the publication of

dn. :.d. ..:fTnnutrs eoirrefiA- rites with as He'd prove a buziard it no fowl, .of the United Sates, and, very I the Commentaries. To that small
: ; tivr-, rtit.rrit'1, *w S'.rrnz] methat it 'c may consider: at I And that Lord may be an OM j.1 lately, for Greece. lithe question r portion of litigation which apace
R was B-ItL-ir. w;,r lcireilto ,but emancipation rem the trammels
rcc roe Of
t \. tn:' f tufttl rcf j-Krd lo clone \a the firs-. of error, and kn i what ale i? the -firl I Aad II then to be settled is, wnether it U i I in an oncertainty on tbep rt of .

vim JlctcU'r "t i ,k t to p rnever!nce in encouragrnent their rffurts I wit he who would undertake ,expedient that 'be Governors of r! clients zs !o what the law is, it
: .-_ ** 1 prom, that what is cou'radiclrdby I I the Stales sbocid: the
,< :- tre1 rtJ-1 to di ford and I foj.dly'ji! accept propo migot gradually be expected to afford
',j: r.iicr ka unffieudU manner experience, by sense, and byucivers I! ,aia wbirh, some time a remedy. It wo&id also .
mat tne
hope of
a n'Xtsing. uMi.tt' purity our view ga
andl sicmCIy: a.i I
j testimony, is :
specula- made
ihe were to them, individually far to enable
jour pailun frit..Ur fc"i Jr.reizutifcJy h2.J octr. raanifrstatton: of our duty to persons, not lawyers*
: esui rrr J.'(1 a.uJ iie! i-Je of God, end to our fellow men, trill lively true, cot fall in the esima-I i bMr.. Bcntham, to Codify their to acquire a liberal knowledge cf
I tion of -
your ajiTTj iii' .r:y y Srcurrttl to a e. she beiu& dot gntlt for of portion of .mankind ?-But de I t rJ old be settled! with
C'rc 1 rratttn tu".U.. _.. ...,.. equal 1 more than three centuries ago,
I SJ;tbcr. to the point :-) i)' la jny 'j 94.1. r"J J l-npftmftt
only! d6C'!.'.*r, ani to tonrjm tiateu
i.. ) I I T ie'r k'.luiun was c-rricd the J y t''h".u arglect of OUicr
"e"*' th a r&rtcuUr ir4i .jJ, ii.it ; theta are men of preverted ingenuity it is plain that it is
t a question aot employment 1: mss: however be
' t nrrv-nt the drlreft vish of my Lcirt.Bat ][Maj- then : roposed another %eryijpjrtant ; some of them men .who as to the expediency of ,
If sire nutria tall! codifying }a very superficial knowledge that
any one else, he pot measure which! lice over ,
: t. .Lrr.t the Auallect portion of n!y -e..hb. I I ccn.i'jeisaoa.In so long accustomed themselves but as tu the mode of doing it, and could be obtained en these terms
r I" '. 1 k.o_' that for to argue both sides of eve- the probability that it
you hc a generous soul, would be A code of law mar be conceived
J ; IIL'o.JJ! n&t wiihn !Jj' ftrture ray feel thi ab,rnce of Bishop DJWen. question, that they have lost well done for as by a visionary for of h) two forms that of

+ ,4 I 'ng.. law Ju>e\our_ furtune ta make the ni.al Reverend Doctor the facul y= of knowing Which is, eign philosopher much distinguished like those cf Justinian? a work
; Here arc hills to'the! of ace h'inutcd I or Ntpcleeo
amount reported and others talk for talk'ssake.
England from the right
Clvrgy ; : least! for
a hs zeal in
: aathoriiaa
do l |r!ir* la oroc more (arorib:cCOU an body of law enacted '
I ... I that 'h'yv bad tctt pursuant (o the Periofif of this description politics for his
I party es '
: rT. ;ou ma yrueu "te from ti.:4i learning by the legislative power of tho

s i t ras/l b-;jpimg&n Cx.errstCe furtune.o" i resolution of the Society, and may perhaps either really! to jurisprudence. If the question, State ; or that of a mere learned

.I 4 eoo..l f tar-lr! re.lm xi m) ilUg)4lUJi- i framed_ the following address differ or affect to differ, with the en the other band be, whether it production of a private jurist
L/o jo*! .itink 3irfnave 4ea ridd 1.t to the brethren as
; to public opinion. Thorp is another
accompaii were not to be wished
srurtortu ,f S3 blunted\' dispos!: that Lord the work, for instance, of Domat.
t t' t.ui, drat gOW uouUJ luvc llfunconr : 'd by copies of the proceedings description( of person) who Bco-s had accomplished the digest The qaestioas of

i' me in tte discharge of trir. duty ? o,I J( the Society.Rev. like Parolles may desire to obtain I of ths !law, which he proposed I would rcceirt: different vexpedieacy

:- Ir.: kvp jour noiey; .I wit act in rq Sir.-We bg leave to the character courage by their whether it were no; desirable that no doubt, according as one answers or there

.. tunwhle.nan.erYhtl. I ;lt.uJd-- 1hn '. transmit., io you the accounts. of the tdle boasting, but who like Parol- Sir Edward Coke's works arc other species of code
i 'r.:r .a tn u.e vuc.r portrm.men" was project
1 I&da! .desicnq to t-.kr vantageof at) I(jproceecmgs n a society lately I I yes would curse their stars if iheyJwene ia reality, what Blackstone says ed. The severest friend of the
I Ifurmed.
placed under the
elt.ltJ"-'In at ttre no''j lta' ; **Vuu ;rni nse this City. necessity "he is pleased to ,call them, system, as it is, would probably _
b m, 4.v'..J v.. 1 .1'; (:1Jtiite "at.lout I I \Ve dot not that you are e* of beating the dram : persons tho they hare little warrant to the welcome the
: ; my cons 11'." .'C()!.:, C:1c'llati"g'1T: n." -Dually! rrzaced with us of the. who jnutd snrink if their cuun- title, Institutes of Law appearance aif1cork
r C1tl':7.t".J .: lor, in which every rule, 18.aim
1. ir.t'n' I wiS1.1ii1ce nu of. try demanded their
propriety 2 t to services the
attempt an be
put question
whether a valua 2nd injunction of
.11 h English A
: e. ur Jetcrappeiranee or *
any -
end to the "uncial brave and virtuous
practice of Duilin every man bIt service
1 I m tintproi farther rtrxon : were rendered to the rnericin law should be propound

tinier. : s..!,-c:*)' us tta-k s therefore I citizen ought to be found, Roman Law, by the Institutes and ed in natural order and in the
: ,
i ,- n a tenu;; in an und.r tJutYou will We have been'iuctraded lo request b ut who in a drawing room could Digest of JI'lt uiaD, and issue form
{ suaplisi
re nt t..i. he talk of by a jurist likeCoke
; joun>r ': ir'ltl: ) la guI, diems wounds and wer. joioeft
1 your co-oper&tioo. on
I botr/ltais LI".J and left te : & our these points, or_ M.un&elVhat good
1F \1-C, duels-Those taff soldiers
complying with thu h though the is .
do still
: request, more the work
F: rcgzrll:1X U e incrcai.n, tury of the! those 'do Trould depend
t .t.r.J,. Tie following) inoraing-which not dee.n us ob::uei re ; but let us puerile Vapourcrs, expose I or less personal and local as to the on the use it was put to, and the .

y t I left my father's .house, was gloomy. bope for your kind indulgence aodzenlous themselves to silent pity if' not mode and occasion, yet we apprehend hands into which it fell. To '.,
The rain bad ceased fall l to more. But thank God South one
to profutcly,bat ind the
.,, persercrmg Co-oPera. answers would be differ.eD' man it would be invaluable
1 f a gertle drizzle hid succeeded, wtfha+ tion. Carolina has not many of this from those which 49
the prospect was on all Vide* obstructed description and their would be another, worthless.* Some it would .
as beards
i I"x J by a darken settled fog. The I *cni.i.I We remain, Rev Sir Respectfully those few will made to Mr &ntbam's proposal. assist, and some it would mislead '

cl net of the weather filled me wiin sad your obedient humbie! eer- thrir grow foible. We correct There is probably no man, But all this may-be said of every
prtsjges'cf my future fate. Ia a 'hort ranta. anticipate a raj who has ever studied Lord Cole other book
tt ( : pace of time I was in NislwIJ. which rid and respectable augmeutationof four books of Institutes ever written, on the
revoked not to leave without an interriew Tht Secretary was directed to, the thai has law, or any other ..abject..e

t with MAT)". I attended Stanville's a e:alw hire sufficient number of copies I society.ttttUJtt ._ not uttered or conceived the wish may add, that approaches to a
*,. that
.r ding, and wu overjoyed to find this most learned jurist bad work of
Mary printed for the dtiiributioa of the ibis Jti.d. have been (re*
w also present. She looked more pensive, I C.di atitm.-This subject hiring bee n with logical set erity,followed the quently made and with
Clergy. entire
: but i thought InUre interesting than ever agitated in the East Florida Herald a plan which that name auld I sac*

She had rrfused the repeated solicitations Bishop England then stated short time jince We have been induced i dicate.I seemto I Cta;. Every elementary treatiseon
of the gentlemen to dance,but I accosted that to-select tbv following which was first a title of law partakes of the

J her to the same intent without the least the object of the Clergy tr.ieekiog 'pubtisked in the North American Eerie ITnd I So, with regard to the adYiota.1 nature of such a cork, and some

,i idea of ft ixAisal; she cnldly declined for the Conference was, to request, copied ia the NationalIntelligencerIN gel which would result from attempt at this
with I ItKjJc that penetrated)" heart. that ala the names of the May 1825. ID considering the exp a a i private codifying
11 ;i E MIa he too estranged fram me on ACcount ble individuals who respecta that dieifcy of afrptinf or forming a code of Code, a little previous candid explanation of the common law, in the strict

. [ of my msfo; tunes' thought 4, C_orn. bad composed Laws for our Territory, its appears to ISIs would go far to reconcile est form has also been made.
-tteii never, never can I trurt another. great weight on the opinion that the Legislative Council have first to judgements seemingly opposed
t X IcH the room and with unconscious of the State, meant might consider two Jjaporvmt questions to each other. It is But the mare common under

-it T foot'Ste. k.aud distracted feelings, 1 *Iirectrd ae devised to unite :this influence our Legislative Coujicil composed of intimated that the friends sometimes standing of a code of law is, that

my course tithe river. A keel of their names. and character with persons fficlenthskilled in Uw-oukiag ification of Cod 1i of a body of law compiled and enacted .
boat was oq tl c paint of start mg. I rush- the efforts of the clergy. It to form a Code applicable{ to our situation expect to destroy litigation by the legislative*
i ; cd down the rood .which,cut out of the then resolved that was or to modify any oat whack it might be by making the laws on s i11 like the Code power,
a suitable letter Napol o8.Vould
rock, leads to the river 'sluiubting over proposed to adopt and .our Territortysufficiently points, so clear thai
atattnl uckywae, I was prccip this be useful ? This is the great .

L j the bltfff. 1 grasped despairingly the should- he tragsmUed to the different ilt\&l80tor m oodirLCod ,, as.10 not what Mr. rise. \Veknow question oa which we do aot

J1i : s' twig sod rocks, as a drowning maa idly distncvs- aad the execution' be[ useful ntnr,mnd".also.promise to be ntham.or M. n ti. .a. 10eater.- We think oot

.catches.A straw. ,but 1 fell se nsele :to was committed to the Chairma.It .' permanent utility I Or ut other words s moat, the great organ 'U .co' selves knowing that .
the cL Wieul recovered the would it not munications opiatoo,
poa J&eel "De p remtre to form I.- expects to effefctrfcat
t r + had departed tract I. ,proceeded'to.ray having been resolved that the lode'sow for sou Territory I if this were the proposed and as such, carries DO weight with iton

r office,'much le.* hurt than.l at first tom clergy should be requested to ad ..UliPlgaltlA expected tbe'poia",that it would be high
i4 nrd. After s di of appircU ,,ro; drets their flocks sake advantage to result from ly auto We
{t' 8tt nge dp 'subject This -subject which has en Cod tal iaa it see BO reason whj
turned to Mr. IIenscIe;. Mary war of the association would certaial, bea work
w at.as k and which
k early period gaged still engages, a good work to be left we supposed
seated from this rest of the"coa to the jurists of -
P' ao coawoieat tad that the deal of auentioain' other would be of universally! adaiutdBulu't
ny, and unnoticed, her left arm leaningupon ta. The least experience
a taole. Her eye. 1 Ana Prasidcct ahooild after this ..adJtattsctil tries, as well -as ia our 0... A-ik resection is sufficient or ass .pri v>