s.iince of,: my letter and were they ies disdainful ,ol VVe are sur y lo Irani from Captr ; I

of the jjreAt advantages which would remit Florida.An ..IJUJt' to, as well us the car' uln- making essays upon the promising : Gra\ from the; Mouth of 0 -10, : 1

not oiilv to Florida, but to tile whole i I coUrc- 5.aflC("!:!. attendir the whole aQ'air enterprises offered to their consideration that there was no, nine days ago, !
Vnirn, from such u canal must Hash upon act to authorise the .
the mind of everv. intelligent man who I tion of certain money due to thtI -' up to the present time. Indeed, what results' the least r.spect[ of a rue of the _. t
C&4ts his! eye o\.er the map of that! section {i';I Territory of Florida.n The substance of nij letter wa* would not have already Ven obtained water in th t river, wuich was6 5

it the U. S. If Mr. Wmte has commatuuuU \ act to provide for thf compensa'ioti tiia' Mr .vard'iie; Regiv.er of the if, instead of i'iai general low as it has ever becuk 'wn.

a peculiar inspiration to the :sub- Ian- i.ffic.illtgilly, under the remissnes! which tOe well Business ca-mot oe brisk in N w. ,
led,it arises from the vn ulness of his ovunprtb'Mons \ n I of the officers of the pre grieves a
<>s to the vast benefits which sect Legislative Council. cover (Ja'nl office, withheld from wisherb of the country, there Orlrans this winter, till the vvtt !

nould result trom the measure and the a Worthy citizen fur nis own, benefit should pervade a generous rival- lersofihe upper country permit S i

Uudali.e ardor by which he is animatedto ami use, the entry of a \ sec' ion ship ; in imitatioh of in? proprietors th<- boas to come cl.-wn witn the !

urge it into prompt execution. Htlif > The Ranks.-It will be observed that of Und tit his offir.e ; that after he of the Brickyards, bortiericg produce.-Lou. A"vftiserLouiivtfte .
proposed caaul, auannual loss of half the Acts of the Legislative: Council),estab-
,".niton dollars (independently of num -I t ing Hanks at St. Augustine and I'emaco- had in us deprived this citizen of on the nay of Pensacolu, who, JVop. 15.

>n lives) b>' !shipxv cks on the Florida ; la. were rejected by the Governor, and, Im just ngiiis "y entering'lie 'land sincere friends to each other, vie Various reports are in circulation .j :

reels,-would be saved and Hct less! ti.un .|ion reconsideration by the Council, were hiiii: ihrougu his agen1-propos- in perfecting heir establishments with re atd to the annreh.n. '
Iwu nuU-b dangerous and tedious na- { passed by a vote of six to three. We lion of the 1'1 1
I ed *'J sell it i o iim citizen at suchan and in increasing the comfort of supp F
''''goAt Ion round C.pe.Sableexposed not { understand that there being only nine \ r .
; .1 1 Coi.S'iap. A at- '
adv..ncean the heir families by horticultural *
mil)" to the pi nil of\\inds and rocks but members ptesent: it wa* crnsi lered that. \ goverottient acquirement "t
the of six thirds price as he, the R-gistcr might and by their was stali-d* thai '- Tf-' "* :;
to tlie iiure < t'IClies1sitations: of theiearobbtr J assent, beingtwo nj application ,. II
would be av ndeu. 1'h'oy.. those pretciit,
age from our Atlantic line of ports tot I. a law, notwithstanding the vtto of the Tlirse are the facts this letter I fruit trees, whether sylvan or do in the F' j- :t

!\ Oileaiib would be abridged at least Governor,but that the Secretan of the contained, which have been beforethe mestic. One ofthose we' heard yesterd 1\
10,Ia)", fct the increase which ,,'oulLl-take '.Territor)' conceiving two thirds of the worthy gen-
named Allen oad also been *
for several months tlemtn }tr. Manuel from p.preh.nth'd.u'a.Id.
place: u; the vluei>f the public lands a. whole number appointed necessary to ere- public I BODiCciY, .
long the*shores of the proposed canal, ate a law under such circumHtanres! reI without a piugle contradiction. amongst the results o1 the agreeable ;

*LILt 1(1 return four-ioldthe cost of its conslimlion i I fused to receive the above mentioned acts The paper in which it appeared and useful employment of a _. 4W1P 0

UesaUs so splendid arising- as laws. We further understand that an wa* tendered, to Mr. Ward, for a- few leisure hours, furnishesus the ; ) lIV; '
out of so inconaider.iote un expenditure,. ;act was passed authorising the lion.
arc i.ot pieMiUv: internal improvement "hick bas either of the Supertor tourt of the middle Dis- or his frieuu's might think proper direct the attention /ftce other "rOr en8\l O\\\'. -

Itfen adopted or piojectect in tnir extend.ed t tuct, for the express purpose of deciding to make. 'i he !same paper bus inhabitant of this Dtstrict to a '- ---- --J -t :
lNI'EREd> }
: Tcr .4ory.. Here.no apl'a.aJl1 inoun.liiisxliibt i the question. been piinted ever since and has' branch uf inaustry! the source of ,
We are aware that it must be considered Der. 19Schr. Henrietta '
suiiina. -en'l which must: ,.
been al his service con which nature ,has profusely
: ; pUc- '
be ascended b) the ci/stiy and tedious ,by most orour readers, An act of temerity Qui gl&'", New Orleans. j _
in tradir.tion however, is what he cannot ed at our hand ;. and which, if mglecied -
proccbs ot locks ...feeders; but nature, us, to express difference of oi \ : Schr. Two Friends BeaQr4i. '
: w) the taciJiUtb uiach she has thrown mitie I i i pinion,from the learned author of the produce'!; for my letter con- ,Dy us at this liint, wiu I .

WLbteflIstO have indicated to us the I, Message published in our I last, nevertheless tamed noIiirg but facts which I bear,testimony against us in hit V. Oi leans, consigner* of a&'JtO.: ,. itS"inl.
course uiiiclt is The I we cannot retrain from expressing Patterson and F Pasqunr.Schr. ;
now proposed. whole stand ple.dgejd to the public to minds! of future generations Tie
tiict v.tnch me$ canal will perforate our conviction that not only the. spirit, Bachelor, Pitt, New Or
wheue er called on by Mr. .o6ject is the extraction CJflhe WdX
but the prove
tbbok'fcu alluvial churacter.presentmg' be-t express meaning, of the or .ulio I leans. iS
tux- "stud easy uuluiion, the expendii law has been complied with and that the v. or his friends..1, / produced by a species of shrub & Schr. Phillipa Balderas New -1 --:
\\.iubour. nione}, au.d lime,will bear acts alluded to are in fact Laws of Flori '. he K. gissureably er however hasmea bush, (for there are two kindj ) *
l>o proportion to the da. Orisans.2l.Schr.ThbrnUqpj14eh. I
magnitude of the re- save'id me that trouble, as which grow spontaneously on our .
lUll'*'. '....eh lead. I 6th section of the of i J
it must Were the 'pe act Congress,
i he ihr ugn ft-ar: of briogremoved joilj and which seems to be disdained -
taUifetritiuMvely local in their o, -.c- I entitled "\n act to amend an act for the phia via Tampa Ba:,.*
ttrthe subject might he approacheu ; establishment of a Territorial Government from Ins oftic ? through a friend, in proportion as their unassuming CLEAJ '

note ttuiencei but they' extend their in Florida" provides "That every proposed to }.rive the injured citizen apDeaauce solicits to be ". -v .
'.cii, firuiuike ot advantage to every bay bill, which .lull have passed the* Legislative pecuni iry compensation (I permitted to lay down, for us, the 21 -Scr4h Bachelor.- PII.t. 1

<*tckriiiirUMihkibqur of our Union I Council, shall, before it become A piebume as hish money) thus to fruit that they bare without care, New Orleans ;
*4 .*U be tell immediately b)' the mer- law, be presented to the Governor. If he smuttier from the 'well and which almost further Schr. sTw.o Friends, Beauvaa: J
publi as as no -
thaot, and remotely by every clas! of our apvroeit, he shall sign it, and if not, he requires New Orleans.: ::1 .
dtlIb auu CO" uluel s. The foreigner shall return it with Ins objections"at largeon the general government, misconduct trouble than to extend the .

tr&QIU.to. the ports in the Gulf of Mexico, their journal, and proceed to reconsider in a put lie offier, aud at theba'.ne hand and receive, it. 1 speak ot 22 ''Schr.. Thorn, Day, N.-" !
"'uuJu be gbd to it. If; after such reconsideration time Orleans 'Cargo i.5 bales cotton &
purchase a parucipam cast a stigma on those the Myrica Cerifera : and 1 believe 'I
tun tiui1 thek reltultj, bv the payment of a two thirds ofthe members of the Legislative in opposition. These proposalswere there is not a better,way to render. 4 Ualcs deer skint by J. Pe-cay-5$.
which he would redara al a cheap Council agree to pass the bill, it balescc'ton by 3:one' and) Nisbft :
however, treated with nothing reader sensible to the pierii r
Jjjwtaltnitor security irom wrecks and shall become a law" &.c. Now the ques- every -and 94. ox bides and 7 bal-6. ';
t'u,aLi(1 hum the douutful delays ot tion under cnuYtderation is, have two mure than contempt and finding of the said plant, aDd of its production ,- .
dt'erakiDs"Jy} Captain.
&urcuiiout,anu diilicuit course. lnrdot the Memberof the Legislative any further overtures, unavailing the vegetable WAX, cmd -

It *unnecessary 10 extend tHese details Council agreed to pass the bills establishing the Register then, in the presence to the benefits which this section AURIVED 4 t
the wDjea is treated with much Hanks at St. Augustine Pensacola obtain Dec, IB.. Sloop Frederick, Ro. I l
so of sever il. gentlemen, pledged -. of country might from it,
wfnim and lorce ? \\ e tnink hs'e.Vho Members tof New London fro '
m the able coraumniJ they are gets; ra
*\ himself gentleman and. an than to relate, concisely, What maybe F-
) 01 )If. \\ HitCh afl(1 appears, IVom of the Legislative Council Surely aSl Charleston bound to Mobile
JJr jrepl) ot the btcietary ot War, to be not those who, liavmg been appointed by officer to mat e a transfer of the read in Mnreloi'a dictionary of itiin of ""

.UIIC wooa b) the Lxecuuve, that the President, have neglected to accept lnd in question in a way satisfactorily drugs ; word Cire de Myrica. t. consequence having sprung : ,
\t .
tht h."e m doubt it will be presented to the office by staying at home, and w.io id InC party complaining, L. Cadets chymic&J dictionary, her oowsprit.
tUI.bIQ\I'alIOIi ol Congress, ui.dcr never have been qualified. Who SAILED, 1
kUa- with considerable improvements word Myrica Cerifera ; Fburc.oys '
PICvb a.u lavoiablein their chaiacter. as then are Member I .undoubtedly Dec.8. u..S. Transport Schr. !
\Q which he had nade the meanstime. of chemistry word A
in "u
..tstf system
the those who have
% } c-x P ctuUoii of the issue made their appearanceto Florida, B.ker, Tampa Bay-Pa*. '
Jlat.tJ vill be uosl desirable to the whom the oath of office -as been administered This tr nsfer.was not ho'wever vie me des materialise immediate de. :
Lieut. Nrwcorob U. B
tt&ids"i the flAtasUre.-i-\: .JlJuI'nUI. and who took their'seats as Mem- I made at thtt moment, in conicquence vegetal, s nd'v.. Henry's, ele. cnger* i

.. oers of the Legislative ouncil-lbese of- 'the indisposition 'of nalnllof Chymia'ry, word Myrtle Army and Lady. j ->
Tbt Uon-, JOHX are Members and no other And how I Ilung t Dec. SO..'-.'Sloop Frederick Ro I .
DJ 1,4 RCA, Member off Mr.V's.. fricod who was to make OJUJC.MYUIOA.. '
thti11t are Member f Until the end Mobile/ .
they .
l..bl ui-lu Council jjers .:
armed: lie out the deed [ &c but on the CBHiFEBAa shrub whilb I .
C'l.h UUW Talluhaa.ee of the Session! for which they were appointed 1 : .
t;:. : on Monday of"hi the the vegetable wax.There .-- -
or until they have resigned their strength : pledge money produces Mivw:
eatit by obtaining leave of absence for was then deposited (being'thtr a- are two kinds, the tnyriea *. ,

''liJa""e PrIlCeeC 1l-\Ve have the remainder of the Session. Let us mount of the government .price) ang it*li folia and die myrfcd ceri. ,4\ LL pertoos .indebted t. the estaI e3iV ,4j ;
.h\l retie now enquire what was the number of or James B Starr ,deceased ... ,0. ,;
\Ward' Linn us.d crioet arc
1'rc luiwute 01 the legislative -with this frirnd as Mr. fera 'latifolio. ) .. \
Ct.tUIII Member of the Legislative Couucij a} hereby requested to make: iraiatdiato; .
(b f' but hat'mg also received relying onhis promisefar it, tnyrica folii obfangit Qlt NJa- .
the money ;
) \lat' "" the bills in question were reconsidered payment ; those Having demands ara ;., :.
'ttnatitd CUP ltwilw of 01 Col.de l..uWi) On the first day nine appeared, the regular) :ranst.er at the'time tint tinned, and ,rank. it inhis requested to present them 4 ray c1cc.-
Bume ot the ...
""bt It lrc't'r-IILuJe tb La"as, we were qualified &c. subsequently me more agreed un. But* what does this Ttiojpccia polyandry. The duly proveo, for tdiuttna'cnt. .. ',
tUt Ct, we l'lrt "I the FCeedgb! publish 1.1 'we con., appeared aud having been qualified,therewere plt-dge .b a g ritleml10 Sec. turnout !I gtaioor blrry, is ,almost round, -i WIncDavion. ..,, ;

"1'bc: a\'Cul"rat mterelhng then ten Members ,-but previous to to -beI refrain.:from saying I of the size of:'a .grain reconsideration of the Bank Bills of -
P'bed tolioWlhl i.t tbe ;completes the list of acts the ten me.nb'er requested and obtained, oi\p what it ,really appears' to .be!,,'but 1 standing four together, upon a S- JUrtT- J' ... .
late scion, which wc cuw. that ..laU short le. Its pericarpe is DECEIVED, i
CCtiu4lbteek. leave of abacuc for the remainder of the will merely ob rye lik.e prcdi

, Lit Wb : the Session: being uatij the, e'nd"of the th?. rest of his whole :conduct. in spotted.vr hiic/and $omewhatCori* -'Oil SAL, < .'AT 'T3Z -

passed in 1825.lL0iioLUD1i.j terns for wuicn : he wax appointed and .thii'affiir, spea ki'plainly for itself ceoThe ,seed is solid; easily nio1I ':"Q,,kSt4.k0 '

thereby he certainly iuact wnd m truth broken between the,teeth'-and of : .
Au and want.no'i terpretatibfl. Mr a 'F K" .., 1
,Ct '
tr'to reJOr&-PIUIUlaug c..uiumissio. resigned therefore at his the Uenibersaip., utii e of the 'reconskleniUcmbf'thcr There were. ,W. notwithstai ding thus' pledged&c. ,slight acrid 'but aromatic taste.**. AM'Biank'Biiolw,' ,::.1(. r.'I. : ;;'

0PtDflg ), UQ Hu: t'xptdl ncr oj' bills to wtablisb .OaA''" at 'St, and the respect which he owed ThaC'berry, when', rubbed in. the .., >P1yn4)d: : '

ltlcc,, cautl. fraan the gulf ,01' Augustine t'etisueora,only nine M.einber to the'interfe rence of.his friends{ hands renders >them greasy :and : ., ..

?4eq to tilt: AttaD\ic.,Uteab, of the egislative Council, and: tuc '(which ;:presume y he. obtainedBy unctuoaa.. If preaie'd with force Let P-aHri : f'f' '.
nrc. ft... 'SJ5.. having/a"i redi to the ,..blll -T !t : &
i .
t a .Ct. ..; .ti. pas!? )L' LesaiiveCoCIuL1 o.: stratagem) .who eDdeavoWd to induce ,it. yields a' Jtbst4nce, apparently( r ekflivese,; ... i ir
T MloJ
pplrll "'leMDer:' of & .
="'Iat ttiktliLt&t3 C \&" to aft act "gmd t/wm fJJ14 .'h&II"'trIt J him', to,., iyi.'h; ,1D4.| amUaelpu.ai.'mlse. )Vu., s- "tUcwiiiti .p 5r. 'WJ&Ilj41: 'F-

.. '.,.; ... u.' U.io4un. -.f- :,"- r..r .Ltiit i1fa .W'fo .j i.,1rJWlMr it graiw-' Wto' gua PQw4lr. '....lVdlDtle.UH. \ :

... 0 ...

t -I .. -S t.Jo. .i 41 i I
4- --

-..... ,1 '- t______- -.-..r---I--1-----t -- l' .-.. .".... r... ,--.'_--------r .......I I. -, ..,., :; ; _, -.- -F- ------ -

'k ., ., V' .I' Yt'1:1'.' .,.... ..,....or",'p'. 'Q#",',""!f_'..". ." :t's: ;...,,..:..<. .
-r. .
... t 1 -j, :; fjf- ...
: ; < .
.- :4. .. "lat .. ;1..

4L ... I' '(

Y-; .

N:4: t [ I_ '_. .. I ......-,- : .. :' L. .. .'. '. -. I.. I *,
,-J---,_ ._ v.L. :: .-- .' -,.- t ,14I' -- <-- -- -.' 'f'c ,- -' t. ---: .' .. -.,, Ilir
,,_ ... "f' : I"T .
jps1 L ----- -- uIzvttfrcsd: lacts i .
.JJ' St re. r, I.JDIt'ftII' "b t
: .. Btl"\i\J9U: Pen&l llJtJOc 4Ddfti ge.. /'tt"Jr
L,0ton : -
IY-1\t obtained let
25 ITO11E hubtcribcrt having .
-- White aDd black tapes .' \\ie
John loneraritiJames ;
ber Brig ArSo ii. Palmarfrori I V" r Administration the estate "
I Black antl colored silk galoons, 4.te'n on .
R'E&iVED. New York, and Harriet from TtiS'rettiiemigst; : clzir1 dl' satin and belt ribbons', ot John ,Simpson .deceased, all persons' innararity I .

J- j OfieaDilt -- 1 .| rcct'rrom'N w-YorJrand for sale miabove Edged Fancy figuredandtampeddo. in setts, having Any demands against aid estate, 'surviving partners I \t. ... .

forty eifhr&uct and Mala: Dr'1Ilot.r.,: ,'an additional<
.. a gutted to the tea**, *a rwnff, among which are the fbHovinj tI '' do. and colored! gimps and cords, without delay, and all persona indebted ( .
: Cambric Prints, I NEW WORKS. Black Ostrich feathers,artificial flowers to'said'esute are'requested,to make iocdiate > I 3-vi. :1 I cWil1m
Super : ;
7L' 1' B.lttok.y l, .
ofthe English Histories and buckles, : toA.P.'Simpson
necklaces payment
r Common do. do. Rothelan, %Romance Fancy Notice '
French Callicoes, f Floss and'!sewings-cotton: assorted ? I. HerebVGivw>> : ,

..... 'Cambricks, Jackonet, Lttra, Stanhope's Letteri on Greece. in. :1B23 latent arid nun'.ttiad, do. Ji f .4daist: Ta-M/! between the *'* ... .J

ii'l j t > Dombazette, usotted colours, and 1824 with Documentson the'Creek Blue Italian sewing silk, A. Simpson_ ,.5 ? rastrtuted,.'audit :2 t:.

Hosier}', elegant worked robes, Revolution, and the life of UusUpba Plain! and:,lined .parasols, bcambia County. attachment iuedagaig5 proPat
: t umbrellas 12th tior. 1825- -Bw.Clock the Defendant. 'J
,l Lice ball dresses, Ali, :Senshaw [and sarcenet _
Brown&bleached shirting&sheeting Buchanan's Sketchet of the North Americanlndiaus Letter, cap and wrapping paper. John Lee Williants
do. for their Bonnet'boards, spelling books, & \Vatc\imakeT ,
:; Superfine jlo. with a plan melioration .

,.(. Flaids, Stripes, Indigo and furniture ; ; ,' I, Ink powder, quills and ,pencils Peuacola Qee. 7tb,1825.4.Illlmlq/w.pla."p.

checks, shirtiiig, ticking &c. &c Theodoric a TIe'an. other Poems *y Melt's Beaver and castor hats, THE: : SUBSCRIBER. ,
& shoes fine & coarseI do. norm and Wool d j. ...
13 boxes boots Thomas Campbell,
; in this
,t fixed his residence ]
::i, 1 3 trunlw Ladies' silk, Mohair, and MoIL 'the Cook's Oracle, containing Receipt. Boy's'morocco and wool do. HAVING has now on hand, And will. NOTICE.

1t1 roccoshoes, for Plain Cookery, &c. &c. &c. Women's,straw.bonnet's and do. for oulc, nT is ray intention immediately' I..
5 crates& 5 hhds. crockery, china and UioJP'phof the British Stage, being the Men's morocco and calf boots keep constantly '" tute a :suit, in the Superior C Ort., _

t" : glass ware, Lives of the principal Actors and Ac- do. nailed a Monroe do. A BAffVBOMS ASsoaniairT 07 the Western District of. Florida, to' be
pkg&ssortec'8addtety, fine calf shoes and held at Pensacola on the first
4 2' do. pump Mcridav
!;' ;*" < tresaea, a \D" W or
,. 10 case .up ,fine( com'n & wool hats, The History of Matthew* aid by .the do. -thick':bropns and.shoes, May-next,on a certain Mortgage.,

< 2 trunks fine'..c'. tlerJ", author of Valerius &c. Women's morocco boots and shoes, AND' 1 date 15th September .irf ,' gi, ,bI'".

: !t 2 cases 2 trucks reudy made clothing, Hallam's View of Europe during the do. do. heeled slips and ties, Charles Beeler to Charles Ivy fo 'kcuj .

*t 5 pipes old Cog. Brandy, Middle Ages do. black Valencia heeled ties, W.tI'I'Cil TRIMMINGS ; ing the payment of 6g4 dollars pnncipaJ.

>14t. 1 pipe one.| pipe old Madeira wine, The Spanish Daughter do colored silk do. do. and sprigs, and will attend strictly to any work in his with the interest due thereon. TUe Un .

*< U 1K) sacks ground salt/ The Human Heart, Children's morocco boots and shoes, line of business, which may be entrustedto bound by said Mortgage ContiiU of &

3 4 tons iron, assorted sixes The Highlanders, a Tale, do I leather do. do. him. arpens, situate on the North weslera2S

3 4 bundles steel, Scenes in Europe,Scenes lnAmerica, Corse negro shoes in cases, Clocks and Watches of all kinds repaired of the mouth Eacarabia RiTer.ona: tu

44r.; 3 casks hoes, The Blank Book ofa imall Colleger% File and $')W priced saddles, at short notice. of which the town of BeelemiUeia Iiit..

F 13 qr. chests fresh tea, assorted Living Plays, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Ev? aud [$lush side do. His shop is on Palafox Street, a few out. *. /

3 boxes ni'istard, and 10th volumes, Collars\ anfl wagon whips, doors above Mr. fattenou' shop, OR the John Lee Williams, .

'it (i 1 oux Cayenne pepper, TOGETHER WITH Saullebags and martingales.Cuib tAme aide Attorney tPeiwtcola .,. MllrrgagN.
I 3 nil-is, rleaii9 1m new crop and snaffle bridles, some very superior i;
i ; gar Paley's Works! o.onvpiete. in 5 volt. A. Knapp. 3d Dec.Stiff's 182-41-2a ,,,.
lJ '. 0 bjls. frcsli! flour, 8 ols. ....
Ancient .
Rollins History Penaacola, 1st Dec. 1825-40-tt-
i; : >' *J ba's Havana given coffee. Plutarch's Lives, 8 vols.JosepUus's Tortoise: t'uckiog'and side combs Sale.: .
do. do.
4 V -i} Kei'tucky ALSO IN bagging STORE ( Works, 6.vol. Statr Mode ed and ivory pocket do. do. S 'arrA\\ Sufitrlor Court Wen Jt'lori ..
ps. Hamilton on Purgatives, '
John & James
Fineind and dresJingdet. Jnnerarity, )
$- *.. 4 45 ps. Scotch do. : 'Armstrong on Typhus Fever, Hornand sip.lone ivory suspender buttons, :ON HAND AND 'OR SALE AT THE "I- .fi. fa.
41 I; 12 ps.To do. Miner and Tally :>n Fevers, Pensacola Bookstore Jfillan dela Carrera
: 10 coils bale rope, Orfila Practical Chemistry, by Core, pearl 3Y 4
viitue of this
5) pounds bailing tvine, Powel on Contract, Gilt coat a id vest do. Jin .BnortmentDjStatlonary comiitinffSQUILLS / B execution 'and tig .

Ek : ? ? tons assorted casting Morse's New Gazetteer, Fine aid s 'po needles and pins, / superior quality, proceedings bad hi ibis suit,'I ha,5talVn

i f. '4. .15 boxep old c.aret, Walker's Dictionary, Octavo and Pocket, Iron and steel knitting do.| \K: Letter, Folio and Cap paper the right. of:this defendant to boI

4 boxes uld port, Milton's Works, 2 vols, gilt, Silver tnd Tailor's Thimbles, 'Waters, Se ling Wax

30 Dbls. whiskey, Thompson's Seasons, 1 %ol. gilt, Fancy ind common.svisson, Peg, Code, Glass and Pocket Inkstands, : n R0\18": & L\T

4, .:' 10 Wool's patent ploughs, ISeauttes of Shakespeare, do. ,Fine.and sup, pen and pocket knives, Red Ink Powder, .n. :.:.
+ 20 kegtt ground paints, aaaorttd'coltars. Ca.npbcll'A Poems, do. do do dirk and jack do Japanned Sand Boxes, Paint Boxes, '

l' kegs tar, llervcy's Meditations, do. do ci>, razors in cases Red Tune- Indian Rubber ground situated'No. 296, on Govern

8 S'des soal leather,, Pilgrim Progress do. Pomeroy'a razor strpu and paste. Lead and Slate Pencils, Crayons, mem Street w4his Cty; and shall pyciedonTueiKhiytne ;

Sri'I. i Sidtrs upper do. Pope's Works, 2 vols. do. Fine ( do. hones, marbles, Camel's Hair do. 4th of April nexL
Table and forks assorted, at 12 o'clock, lit the Court House "*
Calvrs Skins, .Lights & Shadows of Scottish Life, do. knit Pencil Cases, to HI
13 8 bbls loafand lump sugar Common a.rul steel spectacles in case, Indelibli Ink, Drawing raper. the same at PUBLIC JWCTllfJ furcaib
ALSO, be xen and brushes, l.1tbfT3no ""- '_
10 baskets sweet oil, Shaving bonnet Boards, r-;
:; The Sorrows of Werter, Vocal Standard, hundred and three dollars 19 cent
Tr4nsparetand'fancy shaving fop
assorted window soap ALSO
25 boxes gfoa
&t ; .Life of Franklin, Paul and Virginia, and ail costs then Won
.- 45 kegs cut nails, Paste blac ling and brushes Clothes and Hair Brushes, debt ( this writ.
L'4 L qr. casks Madeira, TeneriffV and Mi"t'th William Tell, Gulliver's Travels, &c. &c. Biioe knives, pincers, and hammer, Common Scissors, Razors, W. Davison

: .lagawine, for sale by WHICH, do tacks, :.vl blades and halts, Superior Windsor Soap and Sb'ffto. County
the stock heretofore on
Stoned Nibet.p togetherwith Snuff'boxf % glass beads, Common Watch Ktys.V. .
hand, composes a very extensive and general Tea trays, table mats, hooks and eyes, Hasell Hunt. I Shrift: 0/tce,
December 10th, 1825. assortment of books, and will be Curtain r> (s, Bnltania Uble and tea \ PenStlcola, Dec 1st, lS2S4O1amt.i41iti .

11 ; .1W- Cantonment- Brooke-- Florida, 1. sold at the New-York prices for cash.Country .- 'spoon i', Pt-nsacola ISlh O" i. 1825In -4A

t ( September lit, 1825. 5 Merchants public or private I 'TuUnia do. do. do. ____ Sale.
; receive till the 20th Libraries furnished on the most liberal iron table do. riw.
WILL proposals Tinned i __W 'Court
; ,4cc Wett f'/ortfr.
I $ Superior ,
and such books ordel'edand .
December ensuing, to furnish the terms, as are Pish hooks and lines, tooth brushes, .
.. t- troops of the United States' Army, that I II arc not on hand, will.be procured with as Bonnet sPite, stock, pad & trunk locks, J i addition to /Ii.Ercellenry Qav. Will", '. i The Comyn.. -ErV. of

'f, Are or may be stationed at Cantonment little delay as possible. Orders from a Patent andbrt8s! liquor cucks, I: Proclamation, Thot. Comyiu deceased,
1 I will be attended to vs. -6 f*.
distance as promptly
; BrokewItl1 fresh beef, from the 1st day Whip, cross-cut hand and mill saw ; reward bundled
I' jRiwary 1826. to include the S 1st day 1 and meet with tire same liberality as files, i I i I OFFERING a the apprehension two of one Francisco Macimiliano I IIe
St. Maxent.Y .
personal application.V. .1)1
.fUeceinber,1826. Dra.ingk4ives screw
4. .. The beefwill be required to be deltterrd Hasell'Hunt. Socket cIiisels.hundsaws.Ptent David Henry Moore, viitue of this execution I hart .

.-"* to the troons"r'I two days.. in each April 12th, 1825. and common curr> ,:comot charged with being an accomplice with W ken the right title and interest of '
...; '. Veek (the days to be designated such Coffee mills, trying punk, gun iocks, one Edward Brougton, (a* by the said this defendant, to all the remainder of thTJnaold

r" :: quantity as shall be requisite for their rations i \ev* Vjgt.an\\s\1ment. Gun and rifle flints! plough""lines, Proclamation is stated) in the murder ofa

rlsl" < on each J. THE SUBSCRIBER, Sad irons, weeduiK hues,trace chains, negro man,named Mitchellthe ptqper-. .Land\,
i., .J And 1 deem it necessary to apprisethese Cotton carjls, wire sieves, ty -of James B. ItKhardson of SumterDistrict 2.
l! :: who may choose to offer to contract U.'Sjust per MaryVasbin Iron weightbin setts, tin scales & measures ,and State South Carolina the *
and is *
, '; .for;he supply that the be.et.will be re Philadelphia. .now i u setts: further sum of two hundreddollars, will in the "Cata Blanta tract tfadjoining

..,tr.. 3 qmml be of the best which the market opening general and well selected assortment Tin scoops and funnels assorted, be paid by the owner of the said negro .Q Am1Pml1

'.:f.i3t' :t can Afford, and particular attention must of Coaimou a id rivetted tin cups. slave Mitchell murdered,to any person .

,J : ...' fee Jiad to the butcherin thereof I.la rigid < \ I ; -C*fice pot! ,B4UCc pans, pudding pans, or persons, for the apprehension and co:.-- to tab City on the West &n|

4$4; inspection of it will always be made and Wash basi S, blue printed, painted-and viction of the said DAVID HfiNKY bounded on theaouth by Pensacola .Bay,
suited to the ensuing seasons:
: VI! Persons offering to contract, will make present cream colored plates, MOORE, charged as an accomplice in the and shall proceed on Tuesday the 1tb of

:\ : ': their proposals in writing, sealed and directed t consisting ol black and drab do do do do twifBers, crime aforesaid and who is said-to be in April next *t IX o'clock at the Court

.fif; .' .\ to me at this place, stating the Fine and superfine blue, dodo do do do dishes iUi'td: the State of Alabama.Simpterflii1rict Houa ,to KllrtP&BLIC.JUCTlOK:

, rk -Z2-te perpound, in a single bid, for which cloths iLand mixed cassimercs do I, do do teas, S.4. Oct. 28-39-6w.Q3 for cash; the defend rit'.right to so muck'
- 1 they will furnish, and they'shall.be informed do. do. do do do chambers, ::: The Cahawba the Penaacola, the of the aforesaid tract of Land, as will par

.ftI'h'i 4 of the acceptance of their propo. Sup.Tartan and and low Caroline priced plaids sattinetts, do ,dodo 1. do do ewers &, basins, Montgomery,and the National Intelligencer the sum of two hundred and twelve doW,

' .. f eili, either by letter from me or on perI" Men's made plaid coaks do do do pitchers, papers,'are requested to insert the lira 75 Cents debt and all cost then-da: *
:s:.- ; aonal application to me, at "CantonmentHrooke ready do do.'t do dobowla, foregoing once a week for six weeks, and this writ. .
Green baise and flannels
.; upon
,t :.- ; on the daV! above mentioned. ManchesterPost .
: tumblers forward their accounts to
and red Upright and: heavy pint W. Davison
'Wl I te, yellow do. >
; 1 t., 1 John Page, Lt. 1 Office, South Carolina,for payment.
. '4.:. .. )'1 rlain and figured black bombazetts, ALSO
Sh'JT E.. County, .
. :oS.,..' ": ; ;4 Atfi.'Ctm.. Subtittence.: Figured blue and pearl do. Cogniac brandy, Holland gin, '. '.

4 1' .';1"j j'' NOTE-No proposals will be received Denmark satin, bangup cord, Madeira, TjeWriffe and Lisbon wias, SHERIFF'S SALE. SAn-1F.Ojrce, !
,: \_, : after the 19th. December, the day previous Rose and point blankets, Imperial and young hyson teas, Pensacola,Dec 1st. 18.40bmtJ'
I Court Escamiia COllnl <<
-j,1 S I,. to the one limited. Twilled negro..cloths, rugs, Loaf sugar, Jamaica coir e, County .-".

trAthu 28 ...-t20d, Heal and imitation cash! ''' shawls, Pepper, pimento and mustard, John Lee Williams,'' Niles' Weekly RenterS t
'4' fruit and- -Ornamental- Trees ,Drab and colored Waterloo Shawls, Shot assorted; bar lead, adm',of J. U..Chap. .) at BaIt1L
do. -and canisters I'm deceased >fie fa. : published every Saturday.
---- White do.>> ports, ,( unpowd r in kegs ,
!!U. .fie.V Imitation merino do. Cut nails assorted, copperas, vi.William. i I more, .(at 5 dollars per awnu paofced\< sa4

do.and colored-XTotton shawls, Sperm. candles, yellow.soap, segars, King J ble in advance,) carefully ofthe dy. .
1J wJ1Iwl9: virtue this execution and the forwarded by the mails
Valencia and tuiiineU vesting, German pipe/chewing tobacco, snuff BY of votaroeiftyear
make two heavy
PROPRUTOR or rat Swansdownand Marseilles Flour in &.bbls.! crackers in kegs, proceedings had in this cause, 1 have' The work whicb.a complete w
, JLincean Botanic harden English and imit tion black silk do. -Rye whiskey and gin in bbls. taken the right of the defendant to the ; for each The of volumes commence t*

FLUSHING, LONG 1SUIAD, Ready made-vesta and shirtsfPaddings { Porter, ale]and cider in hoses, :is furnished.' aid it is:. best
I and buckrams, 8 10 and 10 by 12 window glass, Mtnd September* rIp
by \\\) EL\) at we;
FFERS to the public, hi* very 'extensive .iQVacn should begin
Domestic lan plJ.ids.and stripes Swedes iron,German steel, ." .
,y t -L' have a coin-
rI collection the choicest .
nbds that they
do. do. checks and C.&Stings'alisorted mould. f :;:::- : may
plough ,
fuits the selection of which has are pleased t*
I.' been do. denims and couoimdes, Cotton bagging,bale rope and twine. corner ot Palafox arid Intendencia Streeti.forrneily ?.: .plele work so long as they numbers
1 made with the greatest care during back volumes
more do. | brown and bluached shirtingn, All of which will be sold, wholesale or occupied by Francis Tasquierfitnow -receive it. The '$4
Chan half to wjiich requested,
centuryaRd large furnished
: a ret will be &I
4-4steam Iom and S. Island do. retail the) lowest market for "
,; =nt additions have been nade.Tbe.assortmentofornaniental. at prices, I ;in the possession of.Noah nU n. be had astbllo '"i
A Domestic brown-i bleached sheetings, cub, cottonjor i approved paper. I and shall proceed on Tuesday the 4th complete sets may the ,
of Register
; Ginghams and imitation searsuc ken., t John Jettison jr. day of April next, at 12 o'clock, at the .For the 28 volumes ? .
:! ;t tJtrees, flowenng shrub. and Bordered gingham robes assorted. Court House, to sell at Public Auction'for from September, 1811,to September VII
1 : isalso extensive.Alaol'of ensacoa! Oct. 1st, 182$. 1825 l4yesrs,at 5 dols. perannum
4 4 very Fancy and furniture prints, newest style cash, the right of this defendant to the ; fiat"
t1.I- 4 4 ; Bulbous flowers, wh. b and'patterns, ;s \)'rE.. aforesaid Lot, to satisfy this writ and.. all. )'orthe Gene"ra11ftdex to toe S
. !r 1 wclude* .620 varieties'of Tulips 380 of Sear ducks, Osnaburgs, brown Holland, cost thereon due. 12 volumes,
'r tL Hyacinths beliJe a great variety of other Pltl his To intruding settler and other., .' 0 :" For the extra supplements to volume

'r Species. The green house department I, 7-8 and 4-4 Irish liitens assorted,in who commit matte vn the public \Vm. avison, 5,.6, 7, 8, 5, 16 wd 23-&I ,

:; ... r lias also been greatly extendedand-now'l, whole and half pieces, land & 'ffEA.Cuiuy. each .
t oorn'prises afcore Irish and Russia diapers, lawless "who Sheriff's Office4
t .!. which 'die and GJTflHQSE persons are guilty. : ... \ Price in sheet; 880
are mOt splendid rare ; Lawns and linen catnbrick! 4L intruding i on lands .ofthe United' Pensacola, Dec .182S.lamt.
t lands :including SO' kinds of orange, : Pink and other colored do.Cambrick .. ,- .. If bound. the cost of the bindi"l' sat O;
4 St ites, andofc'mmittingwast on public ------ -- -- -
. ;,4 g lemons and citrons 28 of the camel- and Jackonet muslin 'SA-L be &ddat the rate of 62$. teatsvolume. p"
: ) timber,are fiireby notified,tliat measures BHEttlEF'S .
iaJaponicaorJapari rose, 200 of gerani.I Swiss and mull do. '. "
't have been taken fom rigid enforcement. of ..
ums.45ofhrathsand, green :and .boheaa Plain and figured bjook do. the laws of the United Mates in such cases Sufienor :C ur!, Wett floridatkentherightof I Numbers .t or damajfed, ire gratuitously
tea plants. olives myrtles, cape jasmins; Pat netu cambnck dimities : supplied ; sothatsuirtcrioera.rosf; :
and i JJu b' NoriegaI' .
made provided, they are.hereby or- ;
r -" ;c-* Stc. -In the con tion are about 10,000 vjgured ruffles and collaretts, .. ..' ;.j ,. too, ":..'.."" ..11....,.?-0-- -1z p their files perfect; and the safe?.J
dered.to. from such ofle nee? forthwith ,I .'1'J .' I -Afl-. .>_..t.ti -:..{ '
vines of&<*finest European\kinds .insertion ; the'mail to reraittaivce, en ..actctw
frotpe points, trimming ; otherwise they will be 'prosecuted' ..: ,*Dtc; --ri' .fj.t ''I''J. : as tor" -
I: :: ipr wine and the table. aM'.boye..sDU va- -Bordered white and colored cravats, to the,utrnos rigor of the'law-.. > mV .- t. l& taQII the Register,is guarantied by tb *
tietits of-the most beautiful 'cpsesinc1ud. Handkerchiefs -Tbe character of the work i i.ap IP .
i Hadrass a variety, Given under my hand, at. the city qfYuhingWnthe4th thr _defendant toOSQfOZefl
: I ing 54 kinds.'of Chinese monthly roses, Berkley do. and colored flags, \ day of March 1825. Fancy[ rally known, thatitia not deea ed necessary l
ad9oftheMourose. Also, 73 t ; ; .jtt .
; :Gauze and cashmere hd'kfs. I I \: to aay.any thingccacefniotf ..
t.i of the"double\dihlia. :The new catalofues Barege and Merino, do. .f Geo. Graham, :;<< '. .p- h lrs' -, .. '" at moat only to add.that tbe. "1Jf..J'iC\.
fbr 1825 are-jaat inheu-'mndZDJty umitiione the ierol Land Q ct.NOTICE. ti '" 'f""_ r.QQkl tii1ifl.reSPC4.feronal
- tra Black Laventine, do< I 9fh: rG- &1w..1L! !!IIt "n. 1 1mttiIIt7:; gu4'for
be obtained'jrato. Hasell Hunt, Bandanna and flag do. I '.p.fA.':'" I' s..t lj., ( : cbmcter, which:bai wed'the.RegTsterptiDuUr
., ... ; _. halbe, mai"'"
. & him'or -
ard'nt'dera'lel\ forVardedper China do. do. : -. S __
Fancy ) L'I hi i\tif.: tm'HO t' A d.
.4 : i mail to the proprietor', will m'itb White and colored satins, < =rJj.f'f: 'ir. t at 12 o'clock, tamed, pretcrrc:iu circaWioafulaett. UI6 '! -
up" ui2Sth
seJi. 4C'A4ditiona1subscribers
..;. : piuropt>> attention,and:be fchippc4) ;to any Figured black gros de Naples, len_ TAKEN ber lasW A" slave, five at 'titiUC'fA3dti9n. tof sell the-, sam :for. "
d &ted negro '
T liK' are
pm Black levantine, black'cotton velvet cAak.toIi this writaidCost .
4 $ ..Ncember18th.1V5..384: w. fee\ ten aud threj'Barter iucU* "- .1 f > r- v totbe'editur, are, -
-- -- I Black aenshaws and sarcencttdl \' :_ ; W 01. Uavison and th. friendly
himself.ZJ'TtMEs' .
do. and colored Mandarme ,.jesbigh ;' .1 p' t: pcctfeHv.requested to.e*ie \0r to *' J ':.
1I do. do. Clinton do. ; SMITH j' '8"u: &. ..County.Pensacola them n4forward"their.names *nacrintioa -

t1h ::1 '?;1As upened on Government Street, a :dodo., Italian do. .' r'Giri.l" OJfcr. money,,at anyerly.da7 ..,.:
Bll 't 6'jI ;&W"door' below Palafoz Street, Women's'black and white silk hose and!says that be belongo to' Mr ,'Dec.9th, 1825. -41-lamts. r twtntwwnthonffle baa just hepi pI

who lives near Mobile. Tfeft owner .. 7 tmalI cx.rtiODO1
AN OYStEE do. Hope -------- '-' r b be&wcd that gof
do. and colored worsted do. r I already -
.of said slave is requested cpmc-..forward extend .,
I thifworkmigbt.i greatly j
*' do. and ;n tfCs' white.cotton do. Collector! QjficesJittrictofPentanla7ovtmbcr
: AND ..
J- .: prove property and.pay charged ", : and pre fW-T
Uisset' silk and yigoma do.Hen' ., 24 M, 1825. > large oreuwuon evc'74'.
1k. ;COFHEBHJu.IofE.' .. worsted o [ James Collins rEpgltth's is' as a coflectionof&cts useful to
and do. half do. .Notice .Hereby Given i \ and,
tIj ..3ltj *Utjmw I ttppJy those '. do.black and white silk di,. .do.do. .- Mills 1ear Peuwcola, fpO" ButersSfsja ls, trading to .Fan criptkra of perspnv to exceeWJ. %

entleiaeD who myblmwU. ; their. .,white cotton do assorted, 'OcbbestY1825.32-tf : S.sicoIa,"'thai:the'lftb, section of th.e convenientif. necessary reference* to. pc':

-.,, \.iidom. ip ,< < ., Children's wonted boots, 1) e IP .,.and >> ,W ,... .Pod Office.Law,willbe:tftricU enforced rlsh U> have and an,other easy matters, "'* ..
Oysters either in theftjrniahed Cotton ad.uk ...pende1le : _....t.. ..6_ ,... !! "i. calpap .
tq- : .. __ : .
isageI .'11"2 hi.; .&...._j market price;.will be. gjv. 1Ii6UI; .'iI'#: a ti* oC t&cr11it d.St.t ,-i.; t
families .
to at Men's and women's white-.uk -. w .
; j '
l1* .l- opened -
% : #- .- ," : '.1:: en in Dtenkicsand fleai .- W.. Bailey, Ea1tiorc ejI "cft..1.
: .
ido.' do. h >
-I \ JLDd: i ... -
iI4.'$ 1 0V.iiwflUmttd ,clean boots. aDd it. do.bearer anddogtkin// do; ..' t ri kvJ 1".rcir.,' .. ': .. ,. :.. '. ".'. ".\.....!: ..Dift..'.Ooll".,....... S .w '. t" .....
i .
; L .
io (
\ .
IjE .,.... / -.a.-Jj'.._ .. ... t_ .iilM it "_ I' .. .im' .: if.:,, _, 'J1ift.... .t .. ., M.. .,w... .'_. ', ,.. ......,'U f ...,.. .14Jt,.. - i. i !' ;1"- r4. M.
.; .. ', > .' .1.1.....>' '" .. t. G ; ,. ..: .
"' ., 1" C. .
t ., '-" .'...4: '''''!'itl .. \..", .-, .':...:,.. !. ..r,\ J' ,."r :i "ft' .""., .... f ,, 7" 7 4Il: ''T; .J 1
( -- '. \ .;>
r .
LLjt, & '. 'H'- i4ij ''\ S l ..I-f t '- ,. .. ., \ ., ,,,, ",'nt'., 9.,
Atti 'jr1 ',=. .,.. 'f'j; .__ .. ., .I ; '" ... ... t ..., '. 'Ii'' ... .,. ;:ri'7'
: I :.. ..' .,..h' 41L ._ ..'/"' '.'.' :...,) -.1 ._ 'J 1 ., -*-.ef- *-v 1 'J: '\ ,""it.. ... '
( _J.i',_.l :.l' A .v. -

Pensacola gazette and West Florida advertiser
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 Material Information
Title: Pensacola gazette and West Florida advertiser
Physical Description: 4 v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 50 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W. Hasell Hunt
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla.
Creation Date: December 24, 1825
Publication Date: 1824-1828
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 13, 1824)-v. 4, no. 52 (Mar. 14, 1828).
General Note: Publisher: Hunt & Tardiff, <1828>.
General Note: Editor: W.H. Hunt, 1824-1828.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 02707006
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lccn - sn 83016253
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Succeeded by: Pensacola gazette and Florida advertiser

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: .' .
: i ; 4 -
1 ': .
I S ..
, 6 t

-J : .. I II : ;.;.

' : :
; :
.... \ ,
i :. f .: Id f
r t k .. ,
I .. --,,' '!:' .,

-' : WEST < ; ; < 1 '
1 : < :" _

"'J. .. ... "_
___ : p,3 c-I-- -' _.l_ j- : :; '
; l'.i (
l' :: N'i.4t1
(Pnnnjnunon homiszee.) Oa'tuaapatie1influucet ) ; "
V I "" i**** >** WW ( "*"*WW"* 1*" ** 1 -I -
.T1.I SlTORUAI, I IPa8LUIUU ions of the t.t & 22d 'ictlion uf;:own use and ,the usevof"the 'Frr i- mcnt, Providedif' the said'Judgf I 1 laiie ; Jurors in: cerfaiiT Cefca* v ;

HASEIL HUNT the act to which this ia an addi tory tofore any Court of Record: ; shall Dot, ,attend at any regular 1 ties, passed )hDeceinbr,18i?,")S .. I '

i..i.. By\V. tion. having jurisdiction therein. terms of his'.Court, as in said act I 4. EettfurfAer euawr ;ThVviT: *
... Soi EDrronii" PBOPMETO, further enacted That 4. Be it further exacted n'a\ is ,the said Justice from .. J1
.. fovn of the .United States 2. Itr it required.; t. >at any cause a Grafcd or Petit *
-** 5 I in pursuance uf the provisions of'any com missioned auctioneer- it majority.Jf.A!!..fojhe county shall II shall not attend a! thr termof atjf

." IIi1f. ye>r 3 1 50 : the 'preceding section, shall rehtifrj: II: snll be bis,duty;within .Un days be. present ;t anjTtrrm: or If. .tttr V+*ri, > .this'Territory! it sbaH1 __

i, twelve and rteryefcf an half c, ntl.SJtcriptuntS : an account of the sameto the court j I i aftrr such sale! to render, to the aid. Judge shall b, present at any I be t lawlullor. h Ccirt 10 'orreries '
W'' ; ,;nIepaPer payable i in advance. which granted such permission : Clei of the County in which such term in said act required and authorised I' executive officer to summonor

'1. ,\Itr!&l\TJ'B--Kveryi a.l\'("rtl"cmntertbe to sell, at the next term of said I auctioneer shall reside, a ftilhful he shad l be authorisedloprogress I ill op as the case may rrquire
J,. width Qf one column and measuring court. IJ II and true account of the amount cl' with County business Ini i Grand or P,'*it Jury, out ol'" he J :

1ot ,) than twelve lines of this) type, 3. Be it further enacted That the gross proceeds of such sale *t the aforesaid sections designated$ persons qualified b$ law as Jurors .

ji"1 j" einsertion fifty one cents dollar.each; 10nter weeklv anti wider consunee when any perso;..shall die, leaving, public auction, of all goods, wanv any: two or more ,of said Justices in such Court, and..the said Cturt I

IiI i"1Ii ..saHhesame: rate. Mule and fijpireI..rk property in. this Tenitory, and for'!land merchandize, or other COP- being present, and associated with shall and na> proceed as if such
;I!1 double price for the first insertion. the space of sis nvmths thereaher I!| modify not the growth or m&tiujfacture him for that purpose. Grand 'or Peti Jury had been ,

!,. Tjrc'r'isrroents will I be tastefully displayed no person shall be anpoint'-d ad- i i of this Territory, or ofany 3. Be it further enacted, That summoned in any other mannerprrscrihed ... t

i, according to the nature of them, and min'mtrator on the .s'ate of such i Sate Territory in the Urit- upon all cases of appeal or of ;;roof by law.S. ..

11'1 11'1I' ,j;l'l' he Wen:neavnreil: i in strte'by matter at intervals of this, sized(that I deceased oerson, it shall be the duty :I ed States, and shall moreover retain hate any will or granting letters i Br it further enacted* That .. I

I( type.b.not inserted every week, from he first of the clrrfc of the rountv court, : in his hands, out of the g'osb of administration upon 'intestate this act shall bt in force from and .

t tI lo'the tit: unertion: ) cacti insertion will "ejr o ?c/o" to take thar e of said : proceeds of every such sale a? aforesaid t state or upon all original cases after the first Jay of Ftbiuarfncxi :'

I t be clar".ct: as a new. a ,'ertsement.AMII'I' .- eqtate, ntd to administer on- ami I II at public auction, two brought in the County Court, the ard tha* somucn ofhea, ft 11

ti for. payable alwaj >. settle "jaid .egiate in the same man; per centum, to b<* applitd to the party appl ng to te {'"urt shall to which this is amendment a* t

'i, '11;1 1entsrn LiHcral! .contracts will be made with I. nerai direetril$ f ,r other administrators use and for the benefit of the Territory pay to the Judge of the County i. repugnant to this act and no '

thoseno; : wish to advertise by tile >ear. iu the above cited ;Cr. k inCaSe 'of Florida. Court four dollars for his fees in arther( be and the same u hcitOf

,.r. Vll co nmunications to the Editor ofthedeath of any administratqrnrofthrevocationoftiie 5. tieitfurthcrenartcd, .T"ist" it sUcti'case at anu before any Decision re -rated.
i, putt* be putt aid, or tney will be attended i ,etfers a-iali br the duty of all clerks with thereon shall be rendered, 1asied, December 10th, 1825.

(,' to or not as. SUits- his convenience.-.. .-' ofadministratiun; given to any ad- I' wh m any auctioneer shall render which said sum, in case of recovery -- Approved Dec lUtHfc 1825.
-- -::':::::: ": I' mini r tor. it ihall be the duty : any account, as by the foregoing and execution, shall be taxed aI1ISCALLdJE -,-

,!, .. POEI'1C.I:... --- -. --S ol tt.e COUtity coi.rt, in term time.Sc i section ofthia act is rt'quireltcare- as part of the costs, or in casr of -- -- - f,
"11 11i I---I'r'711 he Jlu'.n ,r 'ly .,)1agtzzize.Mets. of the presiding Ju pe thereo! in I lull)' 10 file and preserve the same probate of any will or granting from Mr .AVw Yrkirr- r. t

11i GilOeit &. Dean- UK- festival vacation '0 grant new lettersT, in his office lor the 'USL of any person letters of administrAtion; shall be Flurian and Ellen,
i oCnn' tina.s bem to-.: orrow, by insertir adnnnistraUun to person entitled who may.bt' ir.trustedby the allowed to execufuror administrator """
the fouowing1& Hymn, from the Rev.J'4cpI any any Or the. Lily of the Jllanor I
; : rrond'k. Collection; you will much t', the same, according to the Govern*** to settle -with/any. such paying the. same in his FOUNCkD ON PACT .- .j -"
of 4th secti.m of the atH'l"'lcot"r.: '! settlement of said trust
St set A FRIEND & CUSTOMER' 1 1In .I abnw'provisions nr.II.rl .1.0.11'- SII41 i. 4:...., ut,I o. Be if further enacted Thatit 4. Be it further enacted. That" If Enchantress ever beauty, it stole would the )fly heart to away meet, th,. !j

( ,1.0 Ntiba4y uC "l1v eDt uf no &pvrson applying for letters of shall be 'he duty of each and every said Judte jf the County Court be I tuiile ; I r :

J CSU8 Christ. administration or of co person being Auctioneer, who shall/ receiveor and is ncreby authorisedon peti Momenta would seem,by thee, a summcf ; t

1.II MISS IKtil.S of Heaven1 (the God I appointed administrator of retain any, ohey as a Ux upon i tion being madt to order notices day, .
prucliiini.,) such estate, according to the provisions ucions. to the use and for the i :o be given for appearances at 'he And all around thee an Elysian Me. .

MVe saints and angels join ; of the tt nand Sib sectionsof bent-fit of the Territory Florida, : next term (If the Court in all cases Ellen, the Lily of the Manor, f

Dominions, thrones of different names, the said ac, it shill be the dutyof to pay the same over :into the where notices may be neceesary, was the only ui viving descendant : j
for divine
prepay: s-iugs ; the clerk of the court hands of the. Treasurer for the : of the ancient and noble la n.il.of. ., JV) -
ThN' all the joyful realms above, rouniy I and also to appciut; during vacation J
Let loftiest music sound ; 'rr vfficio" to proceed to administer : Ttrritory, .annually on 0'| before guardians to orphans which the Laird ofGltncairn. Sixte Q 1 ;

Attune your hearts lOhtrains of love, on and settle such,estate, under I the first day of Nov. in each and every appointment shall be subject to summers of ui/ir.terrtipted felicity .,.: 1

>ur one be silent found. order nf the af >-said court I f'"ar, orq. artl"r1y if said\ Treasurer the approval disapproval'of the had passed. b>, and. the wild, and,, -, '

Pasne. Dec 1..', 1825, demand payment so Court, at she next term. I si/ortivc girl was transformed into: tf.-:

2.FI'Ou* Let world echoing orkl hallelujahs along roll; (ippr.ved,., December 5lht 182S.) ofien. I I. Be it further en act*d> That it the Utvid., retiring yrt graceful: ;{1 .. .:

Till \'a.l creatio.rs bminJiess whole 1. Be it further' enacted, Tha shall be the duty of the Judge of woman. That form<<; of I,. h-lik.'.. ,m 3
a.ul the An act in addition to an act to determine delicacy had now more folly ex. .
Uear join sons ; if any auctioneer shell ben/ post said: Court :o hold two additional .
Ye ,1st4l.orlu, t lro' endless the fees of certain officers in this Territory ..nded, rill -elained its ,i :
space, session of p yet symmetrical
belonging toi in the > for
tVitii rise and and for other purposes. t any money terms year, solely pro ,
rapture sing; eleganct.those dart I 1
Br it enacted by the Governor i the Territory by ,'irturof the foregoing bate business ]
'iiyersat '
L(1'U nature praise,
still fl jfd unconfined 1 I
JJj>ion,your lie -born &ng.n and Legislative Conncil of the t arcionf\ this art, and shall 6. And be it further enacted, : oo' .
her'l1o. bosom her andpiercing ::
Territory of Florida, That, in alt fail or refuse to pay ove the sameat That the office of Judge of the .large. ; -'
3. Jehovah s.iake all nature heard, time and! I ryp. be. Iwg in .liquid ."
in the
civil ca:>ts, juror. shall receive (or the manner io County Court shall not be deemed
O'er iU iU cret:.u.1' on kaj joy retn ap; behest ea 'd.iU ,; ihi'jrsvicea twenty fi,eets. each this._act pres< rihed it.- ahall be A disqualification,.to ..pTactuce! law brightness. LjtJiii, pressed u1.- ,. every Ir-1thkL tie" ;, \ .. j
)hw>ul lor thr Treasurer exttib' ing _, -.
.\. e,ety woild was biess'd ; for evrty verdict by them delivered theTerritory in the Superior Courts, fair the Ipot1tls"1o\te.r. :
Vncji i III! in heaven the lOng began and the amount due to each to stake judgment a- cases of appeal or error from the was as "' .
Ait nit,ire c<.ugnt the lays; jury shaH i tie paid, 10 tnt foreman I ainst such auctioneer and his seI Court in which said Judge shall whose .nameah bore } save bea:. .
Tr 'n world to wurid the music ran, the glow of exercise or emotion! ,Z
of such juryby the plaintiff in the curuiea, upon bond herein before preside, _to the Superior Court ; "''
And ooundleu was tut praise.: tinged its Iure surface with a. :
action previously to the delivery r. quireu (by giving him or and appeals and Writs of error -bluHhsoft and delicatetas, the leaf '
4.Ktn'gs, potentates.dominioni\hrones, of heir verdic 10 the clerk. them ten day$! written notice, of shall be taken from the County to '
of'the exotic, rose Never. had. my .
rallyour: honours aowji ; Passed Dec. 5th 185. an application) to any court of record the Superior Court, in the same H. ,.
Rei'gf1 tliou Emanuel, rcijja alone, (Jpprovecl comber 8lA 1825,) for such udgmrnt upon mo- manner, and under the same t't"- eyes rested on a being more per:,l t j
Ana wear the royal crown t teLt, or more majestically br t1./ J1
tion, and said! judgment shall brdischarged strictions as are imposed in tti'
JJnuu.nberM worlds, w.UtlLrt 1 &heaven, fulthittiWas Ellen of Glrnc-irnt I
An act to provide it part fat raising a revenue. ,
L.04 i &l411el.IJliu by'. paying the sum actually same cases respectively when appeals of .
sing ; when habittd in the dark pUio : .
Praise, honor, pow'r, to Christ b. given, Be it enacted by the Govrrnor due to the Territory by said or writs of'error arr tak'n her own ntive Caledonian nouc .[.
The universal King!" and Auctioneer, hrid all costs of suit : from the Superior Court to the '
Legislative Council of 'tie taIn.u-'Drpand passionate i'ere.. _
-' 1' '-- -J---i i
Provided how ."e-r, that as oftenas Court of Appeals.f J
Territory of Florida, 1 hat there the .Jtel ngl. of .her. :enthusiastic, )
Laws of lorida such auctioneer shall forfeitthe enacted
And be it further ,
shall be int-d and commissioned .
app mind | wild and unrestrained her !
.r- ---.-- ---- condition of the aforesaid bond; That so much of the act to which \
An 'amend act establuh by his Excellency the Governor The same .
c' to M.II to a youthful garty. eye*
judgment fthal' and be taken, this is amendment, as is incon "
Frrry across the Bayjot I cnsncuU." of this leirhory, witnin may ac that now pensively watched ,th. .
B it enacted the of ana discharged in the manner in I sistent with tbe provisions herein I .1
Governor each
: by the Counties therein, out decline of the sun, or followed..* :
and Legislative Council of she fit and discreet this section Unorised, and one contained, and nofurther be and '
ot more person or with admiring 8'Cf", the 11Irnt'.JJ.1)! 'j
Territory vf Florida, Thauhc ferry recovery on la d/bond shall be nrj'' the same is hereby repealed
person*, to act as Auctioneer of all Hiideviating couts. of the elh'cp :
jultsued: by the act to whichthis public salet at auction, except bar to another of ese.cpt.for- the Passed, Dec..Approve/9th, 1825., Dec.. 10th 16J& or of night, wyld at the writ* .. fi

1 it an amendment, hall be sales under and by virtue of any sane cause action. known voice friendship, glanca .

tJccmed! and cunbidered, a Ferry ei-'cution common. law; or decree all 8. Be it further enacted under, That and An set to alter] and amend M art act ettfbltshin bright and sparkling the exhu : 1 i '
fro'" the City of Pensacola to the in chancery. auctioneers! acting the mode of summoning1 bitrance of animation -*' ,
< joyous 11
Cummencement of the military 2. Be{ it further enacted, That by virtue of i his act, shall be almissiunt Grand anti' Petit Juror*," I I From the luwty cottage, ot'the pea

fjisti, from ?"r.sacoU t9 Si. Au- every auctioneer shall, before he lowed as con fur sales Be it enacted by the Goitrrnof I sant td the proud castle, of thenoblrmai :

i Justine, on, the South tide uf ,Jnt' enters upon the duties of his officeexecute at auction, so by them and each and Legislative Council of ihe I the name o' Ellen was 11.. 1!'
Bay 'ilf PensacoU and ""thenh of them made, four per centum Florida Tnat Me )
) that bondj ydble to the Territory of alike revered aid beloved.: Tho'j
*; <. of Ferriage at said Ferry shall Governor, with two,'or m.*re good upon the amount of jales, snactu Clerks ,)fthc County Courts of the surrounded by crowd, of suitors, j f

extend for three miles on eacj) side. and sufficient securities, to be approved ally made, exclusive) of the tax of several,Counties of this-Territory* attracted by the united ,charms,\ off r:
of the of of two per centujo, reserved for the list of all the.free : heart of I
C4ninncemeat said by the Cler of the shall make out a wealth. and beauty 'the -
toa4, County Coart for ihe County in Territory." : white male taxable inhabitants.ur the Lit} of the Manor remained;. .
A. BELLAMY 9. And It it further enacted, Counties which ( the exercise of
which such auctioneer may reside, their respective sereneand calm n .
President of thcLeg'urative Coun II. id the penalty of two thousand That this acj, shall be in force said list shall be taken from the friendship. They: came and pasted :
Massed November :.5th 1825.SAUL. from after''
and its
pa f
passage of said re- as thefiettingihaqowsuf .
dollars Conditioned to discharge tax return away
'IiY,C"ir.rk. .
Pawed Dec. 9th 1825AppTved : t.
(Approved December 5th'1825.) the duties of his said office accordIng Dec. 9th, 1825. petmly! at least five weeks before dr am. ; and were, 'as soon. fQr r" .

WM.P. DUV'AL, to law, except in the County ", : each and every return of said gotten- The folia wing summer, ,,.. f.!

Governor the Territory of Florida. .f Monroe, in which County, any t Courts however, introduced a stranger. Ai
such bond shall be with a penalty An act to the alter Counties anil amend And establish" art act County ia re.- 2; Be it further enacted That the '.house of Qlcncaifh. and 'a lover .; :: -i''

An tt4n! addition; to an act respecting gulate the writs of ventrtnfacias, au of cvimmofi rdtr to th -
if ten thousand. dollars, to- be ap-- Court in thic Territory of Florida. all- no ) u
k the ofbtiers probate tamentary of Wills and and the letters granting ot ;)sved by the Secretary of the far it enacted. by the. Governorand thorised by the 'ait.to which this beauteous :EllenFascinating: i. '/1 ;

tdonBiitration,and tue duties ot execu- IVrritorv and filed *iih nim. Legislative' Council of the Ter- is amendment, shall hereafter bU. nper niI44ib, ; nhis4 :1

tots. adoiiiiisiratoni and guardians. 3. Be further enacted, That,if riiory $f Florida, That, from tod contain the names of the Jurors'to' persuasively elo iieh 'luri.

Bei: enacted by the Governor I .ny sucu auctioneer hiiull), before ifter the passage of. this ',act, the be ..ommo'ned'wbicli' Mid"Dam'e.. trado eniwinrd: t -iiIfge. 'riuil. .

W Legislative Council. of the "rcutvsg bond as aforesaid, or if office of asuiate Judge to the shAll be takrn by lot from the.; list the heart_ ,of;t ,edlw .yetifluI )npi'l r' .

firrittry of ftorida, That, when 4)7 other prrsun who is not aptJintrd County Court, be and the' same; is mentioned, in the fur goiisg sic lovcdbji_ itwp4ti'B s ". -
**J >4Qdt auctioneer, shall offer at herebv; abolished- and the Presiding tion.of this'act, according. .'the- lo! -; dte..a4.4V9te4t7' 'f : <.<. ,;: I

ttar&tf.hole\ personal ettate ..nualaltl ')ubl c auction any goods, wares, i Judge of 'trespectively he. potirity' Courts most convenient mode, ,. by' the the ifrtQ9ft4. _.... ""' 'IIt;: ....;.. .c .
shall not be sufficient' merchandize"; omt1urli- ; hereby"authorised: Clerk of said Court assisted by t "
toP or other is .shall p.F... :di. 'fb III1S..
: it any county of this Terrio If this Territory, or of some State duties preicri ed' by the act 'to for thsjt 'puri6setiend". The.affection'that. >> glowedln,hu bfeastaAs II
whithrequired Uer'k'sOlc! a?jealt ,oae month I M the sun>bca0 lust. seta'thro '
rfhere.there shall, be. :too couo-* ir Territory. within "the- United,C\. which thililat amendment, "' "tnefir t.4Jr ofsai&! Court. 'pure th goei'4'' .,' : i
tr XGuriorgdmjitfdi it shall and Slates-every Such"officer, "or every by laid act 'an to be per- before. ;Tb.tJ at1t'crJatIdIntkm .

a f be Uwf0i for the adminiitra10r such other person, shall forfeit I formed: by th&' 'aj ,JudSft in' ujunctionwithi ,. 3. tIe,fr "f'\t rtfrir .periO enacted'f Coirit As otiI YCO:,;pure,.._t."" "' .'J J.t..: 'J 1 ",.,.;' : ," : .. t

.f-i such intesutey to apply, by And pay the' sum, of five handred j l .aid.al.ociate or the'be'.rv Clefu) r J. OIjfco :t 'aiurCin. ., 1 a !ta bt.* PreI3d." I f

pnitioQ.io the county court of dollars for each and rey.otr cr.f assistant hdg a. ', '\:' :1fir14Hir'" r.kit. f'ThiJ1j'rie'..ihtd"; wd =.if there i i1r.Ii6"'Witij.tift
ofhi.. 4
That i.
anf county adjacen.Mo that where shall -2: Befit JIi1 tAw ..ftl ctd, t1e : .
a similar nature, whicb ""efjiat'
irwrfli.oft ..jr&faI1&i ; :
I "ttb,
"ch "
land in eaeh
the mi
I 'to may lie for permission ; have been committed .upon different theustices4fnd. Od aow'en'q'jjkeaAnnei' Ptfi ';Si 5tji" iji .o* ;"i '; I
icu of this
me a.me. op a, sufficient days,, the one'half of said fineto 1."ot f: Counties .I'bFt&l\ t lif, 3irJ rwlEifr lcN. '
tUt lt eretff at public .ale to Ii. ,the Territory, 'flH_ I be associated ,with Jo. 1 1iciI
the hoeother'balffor of any informerrand. la i 1 ito tloIngb.iT'0 a.4 i*. .rsi.-n..i. ". L (
i dI'i8 ,
tttarge the .debt of the in.1cltatca the use:of thlt Teriritory thr said jik :of'tb"elr. resoectif f ,1n1C! :'CouflIy 'a.dl'fb-'Jt-'J"t.i* i 'jct ,:tJ e. .. :
1Lad r pCrfOrJ j :!1 '' :
upuo satisfactory cattse: and every snc'bforMtjiip CoutCiTt( f v'= litedtiTti.t tbit, 'nerst1nrTsaC4:' iropIcsiclI.: -, .
hC.D ; firtl j..
b .
: ihe- said court 'may from, shall and may be recovered; by'acttiotiof ance. 'of all riijiinest| required. ,.' ,:i{t 'Jl : o at ; .::attir.1ofi f'isteIrit',f eour1pu'..-.. ".,, 'geero$1. ; ;
T me.. to 'JI' I
> ninth1 Vctiont "
time order an4 ,
and ia II.L \
direct such debt/commencfd the th eighth ) 'i ;j "Ifer f
__ ,, & : ;
$ta bi UllU &K ttVBMSd* tk( .. j
., mule "Geier, f I' J1II. IbaA, CI1\! :!rr": ': ) '
LV the'grQ'i' _gust o ", n. rft'cr.'r' p 18J: .3. -' +. *M-y J .

T, ...., 4. .,.';- 1.tfC" : St:; b- ,.to f i'" ., .,. f 44'.-p,,,! l't pe- '< .... .:'t"'.,1J': "'. ', ..\ '_-t", '-r1' 5"....,. ") .3J J.t.f. .:,tif7f1t./&* *v,j j4:.:. i' "**$#. &, ,.:/;*""!j'.g ;( $ tJ c{ ;!ft"f'l} I "1
:fIrs -
'v 'e/ Jfcf't
4 4. / \) ?
:? '; .. a 'I

; ... 'fI- ... __ _. ._ _
__ y .-.- -
: ---- 4
.- .- _.
-----4 __ _-:---- --' -- -drfr -*--- -- _i-- -:- -- ----------- : -- --s
: :

-- ---' .'
... .. % ;
" .t..:' .' )

(: x Dr ..tI > _


.. ".,.',,...,".,. .:; '",''''.".'. tJ .',.: ,.._ ',. .:.,: .- ,. {..,.... ".: -, .':,.. .i'. ,0',".s,.,. _', &&.. ? '. -',,* ".-".j';**- X'.;.i'.. ... .tt,. 'f., ... .. ,; ,
: I ; .. 'r r- ; -
.( .t i" .4' 4: _".I, ". 0..., .. 1. $ Mi: ..' ;, -. ;" : 'J' + > -) ....t \ ..I:, t.1./-- ; .", -, '..",. .t. .
"t"1i'. .. ,?At,twIt't : \' ..tac.. 71io Q.' I1a "'t. "'tilt:t r ta)$$ ufteed her ..m.-* but:;>44 low.I transmit.through .yo A I o the Coun ttie., e..a twil7l1" ',i..r.it }.t.', "' "")tt't'
[f'4 -J'a: :said '':are fe lo 'clot jfta.wild waiit, irraered that Io I + 1: 1" 'Yittl1'! '
1 morr? a daae. .. ..t" .t'lo.n, .; he m ,T "" any ,ear ell, the several leitersof fi. Whitehead t I les" :
on esitt ., Shortly: Ioq EsThottfiaatcocnfarteI ; atedI; |l :pf love'.Jt mightP _have .Esq.:'on the r.flubject 'of. the c r. ,' J ..b of'ttit1a'ig 1iU ,
*: of F.! ,ian and"Ue.'heinMbf'Glen. c .:many dark hoar, acid eased unhearl., She raised her wrecking iaw';of the Territory, I wheel!a is h. PDalacdkal- ii.. '
'!. f: cairn, the rebellionEc ClRracriceio -'. Miguel repays hit, debt ofgratitude. head, her'Florian;her own ,Florian have had .pleasure'of converting dyed:,mllt'at rt gablt: foe'i hrce< of hit .Infancy shall with stood before her- With through ihc Stat ,
the cherished home : Miguel stay a scream with Mr. Fitzpatrick of Key G .-Thit "".I ,
eorl : Bay .
where still resided an aged thee and console -thee; and where- of joy the spratxg forward to em. .Wen (now here) on.the tame sub east olfPentacola I la' ..tlattt to

I r'r 4 .,. father and a beloved tiller. Exaggerated ever t'hou goest, my master, by brace him, Eatrado pressed her l eer.- At.rny request Air. Filtpa- hundr ed voile....ihit more the
I accounts every day met: slant tliall folio:'tbee." The ves- lo his bo&om in grateful silence. trick bat taken the trouble to it bob Jt.out titrated sf:

? ; fait'bewildered,. eyi Report, ,with sal on whole deck they then were, Heaver hath beard thy prayer, point out the coursewhich he'considers violat ions of great the induceaatntl. ro: 1
"s .. was bound for.New York and intended beloved soldier bath tern oae latt'a,,,,
tier 'thousand. tongues on every my thy re- should be pursued at best It wiill alto be
e + tide,. distracted and alarmed him', "to'tail immediately. Already turned., ll it beyond the power calculated to promote the interestof .: the ri i pid i.flllx'of'wealtb observed! : 1drCl: ,

., until at last in the phrenzy of de- : the anchor: was weighed, of my pep to describe the raptures the Territory. Toe intelligence puUti on above the !

# pair and grief, he formed the re- the suit fluttered on the breeze, of Ellen at the arrival of her adored and respectability of this i c m'l.' ,erce would be Bay greatly' tb&lIt,

t'' tolution of I leaving the wife of his, all hands were"buaY, and, at intervals lnl band ; him she so oft I gentl man ibex induced me to sub court s Jed by & revenue> tn_
bosom,'together-with her unconscious was heard the coarse voice had moo *ned ai being forever lost mit to the! Council a copy of his cutcd there, officer' lag

: infant, and. flying to the relief of the captain crying to hit men to her ; >r the delight{ with which remarks on this important subject, Th e peculiar aitaat'
.tts of his distressed relatives. to II bear off." Already had they Flonan gardrd the infant Marrian.Tjhat us 1 consider them highly interest sea b oard from A aloe of \I

SiMirt, yet painful was the struggle cleared the land, when the wretched bapj night was celebrated .- inJ;. Some law ought to pass rc-, Uap _oaoie, reDaersit PP ffl.dh hicoltt'-"
t'1 but filial. piety. orcrcame even Florian unclosed his eyes lo-a t rou 'l out the castle and gulrttingthe; mode of granting licenses biy a ecrssary to the protcC\i Ptlll'.
s : r the fears and entreaties of his consciousness of misery. Miguel the cottages around "with rejoicing -wreckers and amending the r evenue, that an '"

s lovely EII D. ," 1 go/; he said, still attended him ; the faithful and mirth. The ensuing day, the present law. And 1 advise djjpo fated to reside at inspector St. Mar bi

I, t1 ** but t he who rules yon .heavens Miguel, who preferred ncomforting! Ev'rado !with pious sorrow, related -i that provision be made for thr appointment with a boat sufficient to make "
r ; #ij will preserve my love ; and thy : and soothing his master, to a life the melancholy death of his I of a wreck master who quetj t excursions along the trt i,,.

1 prayers sweet Lily will iDterp)be. i of freedom and honor separated friends and the vicissitudes he should be vested with such .powers I yes terday received a letter,coat frjfn
as an invulnerable shield to the I from him. He succeeded in calm- had und rgone in his absence. at enable him to carry the a g< ntleman of respectability

t bosom of thy ..soldier." Withthese : ing the turbulent grief of'Florian, With a depth of feeling almost a- law into complete effect. that quarter, saying that to jtt

N words he consigned her. and restoring his mind to compo moulting to reverence, did Ellen 1 request, thai if the Council knowledge there had bten his

t i i fainting form into The arms of the sure. It was early 1 on a Sabbath regard t noble Miguel and thro should take this course,they will elect : of the revenue IoIQOIlot.actions lava

brt+tir of peace anti love, to join hi* table i he chiming! of the kindness, endeavorrd to evince her person to act as wreck masterwhu : becin explored, and the foci Inks

, I 'rn countryman on the field of battle bells for evening service southed h gorilla They still exist in a should bt bound to reportand pay I for smuggling under pretext of
'.c.I. well has the pen of history re the !lonely heart of Estrado. Ashe state tf "elicity. rarely to be found over quarterly, all moneys by him trading with the Indians, become

t curded thr tragic event o'f. that : passed the church, the congregation on earth blessing and blessed,I received, to the treasurer of the i known, this will increase to an

E t. .. Bnequal strife. Suffice it to observe were assembling-the iast loving d beloved by all around ;. Terriiory. degree, and will not ]alarming -

a rt F that when the din of arm bell tolled .solemnly the,eveningbreeze. them. They affoid a striking ex- I am Respectfully, : afford opportunities fur he r'illicit only

had ceased, and the defeated -and A crowd of young and amplest virtue and filial piety Your Fellow CitizenWM. in odiiction of ,Ia\' &. aud ijtiifiate'Commerce .
scattered remains of the vanquisher thoughtless beings entered the will neier fail in meeting its 're P. DUVAL. in merchandise

er! hud ought refuge in conceal porch. Florian, yielding to the ward.Legijilative. :I Tuesday x9Awemder.. bv.t may also 'lead to serious difi '

F n, rit. a proclamation issued momentary, impulse \If his !feelings --,- Mr. Biair, from the (...urn. on fi. .c'It1t sand disturbances with the

throughout the isle, that revenge. followed them into the sanctuary.The Prpceetlings, ._ nance to wnoDi was r ierred the Indians.: I need only point -t.
__ ,
r1 Was satisfied, and' < ff. ring mercy minister appeared ana service BpiY-=25A---c.November 1825.: p Messages of his Excellency the these evils, air, for the corrective
_. to the van uislied.-Those who commenced. The ueart of the Governor transmitting certain let band o4 the government to be
Two s-Mreral writing elnt
t t desired security and pt'aceVrre lonely) wanderer dwelt on the !I messages in tars from Whitehead Esq. of ployed! in their removal.
received from his Excellency
,' to :3Semhle on certain day in the words trial dropt as balm to his were the Governor Burr H. Key West* reported the following I have the Honor to be,
t pi irciJal square, there to receivepKdge soul, from the lips of tile holy man. Duval Lsq.bra private resolutions. With high considerations

" ;:"r *, (or tickets as they were And he poured forth the breathing transmihiog I letters from Secretary J. Whitehead -, Hesolved'l\\6\ Cora on I'i-: of respect, your obit se rvt.
. i termed,) of .1 Y of his f ut'spirit in prayers Esq. and G. J. F. Clarke nao\.t ijC UlicutcU UJiir.bitn at an early hour on the day appointed to his Maker lie I hung with ; port to the boons a bill authuri-, I I Hon. RICHARDa nvan, -
the first; of which was committed I
a hundreds cia assembled andamon rapture on the sweetly solemn .Con. sin gtheG overnur of this Territory Secretary cf the Treasury.
the Finance
to on ; and the |
the rest, thr fat her and sis Strains of the organ. The sermon to cttuse'tD br collected certain: I
,, tc.ar.f' Estrado Ii was long befre commenced with these words : latter laid on the table.EXt'cutire.Office monies, now at K-; West, which, Washington, N ov.lSth 1835.bIR .

; .Ihe. pride .of the old man o+uld .Bkssed I are those 'that mourn, Nov..23d 1825. has accrued to the Territory as a -I take the liberty toMBS

?,,,,'. ', stoop to supplicate; as ii were, for they shall be comforted." A ABEL Fresuienl. 'alt'of Esq.he. 'slatireCouncil._ tax upon the sales of wrecked for ycur perusal, a Memorial of

life and mercy at the hands of such drep sigh burst from the almost SIR.- 1.'have the honor to trans goods, together with ail other monies the;first Legislative Council of

I brings. But when he turned his convulsed bosom of Florian, and : mit to the Council, two letters, which may in like manneraccrue Florida, and would respectfully
eyes on the stale and drooping be- tears swelled to his eye. Nor did I from J. \' hiehcid Esq. of Kf y to saidRetoived. Territory-.ddQ to d. requett your attention to the UN

. \ ins;; depending him, the look of[ he chick the.flow of grief, it allayed I West, the, first dated 5ih of October .-1 hat the Com. on', ter part, in which the location oft,

.,, 1 i p anent resignation he there met, | the mental fever, aud soothed I 1825 and the other 2nd ins t. I the Judiciary (be directed to prepare Navy Yard and Depot at PeDhto-
; ti caused him to yield to the per the tempest of his mind. Ii wasa addressed to Geo." Walton Esq-1 and report a bill authorising I la are recumm nded, although

:.'r.7 f.1 tu.ision of Florian, and, with th. funeral sermon. A parent had Secretary of Florida. As these ,( ,the Governor to appoint thrtcWrecK you will be more influenced in your

-t: ". ,j' youthful Madeline, seek the place been torn tram a beloved family: l letters relate to the revenue of the M stersto be situated & to selection of the place, from th* rr-
' ;: t pardon. 4r-r the delivery at.I.j fa husband had been deprived by- Territory, arising under "An act act at Key Wrst and at such other port of the resptcuble and intelligent
. ? .,. places be deemed Naval fficers whom you hue
. f is concluded, they I death of the endeared companion, concerning wreckers and wrecked may proper,
'/.: y I ,:' I rn with Florian to I the partner of his! joys ar.cl grids properly" I deem it duty to vested with all powers necessary despatched to the spot for the
:)1't, '. *, Scottish Free The bereaved family were seated submit them. my for the discharge of lie dudes of purpose of making ac exaniAt,*
:( rv ..L. i before said Qf&c' .Jdoflted.J) tion, than from intormaiion o '
> : ,1 too sanguine him. On the face of the I have understood that the&io n.
fl.: : ?.J <..id .noble thyself, daughter of the deceased Wal J. L. Smith hat decided this law Jictolved.' hnt tare Committee quired from any other ants levi'ofr

,f' : >t of treachery in painted the agonized emotions of uacunbti utional. If this is the appointed todral't a memorial ficial source,' yet there are coo -

)i',..,t, '71. .UIULIlt'r. : How wet'll y did fancy her heart. The fa'her wore a lookof (fact, I would advise thai immediate to Congress, be instructed to insert siderations presented that mvin
' ; 1 lnt, and d I a clause in said memorial, tome measure .influence the fa*
;; f. p thy glowing tongue deep yet resigned sorrow. A application be made to Congress -
scribe the happiness attendant en little child leaned her head on the thr praying the establishment of a : ture policy of the government i ia
ugh our Delegate to
:::, thy home. The day of peace arrives I.p of her eister,.and wept. Truly have the already received Court for the County of Monroein regard to its extents and the nicact

: but instead of the expected did Florisn sy i,pathise with under this mo.cy law, paid over to the this Territory; which said necessary to itt defence, should Ube
r.. -, ,e' i Xtu*assassination and death a- them in their affliction; he thought proper officer of this Territory, it f Court shall have all the jurisdiction located at thnt place.
'14' 4 waiied them ; Instead of the are u- of the irremediable breach caused should 'to do in said county, now given by You will observe, sir, from ia

f .il lity of life and peace, the spear by.death in their domestic circle I am opinion bej>roper that so.the decision law to the other Superior Courtsof examination: of, the map that by

(t .H : \ and battle-implements -his this Territory cutting canal of about six miles
were raised thoughts.revetted t. their of the should ,, within their rel" a
Judge arrest
. i >: / L tneir defenceless breasts. The home ; from thence, to their evening collect the spective Districts. in length, the bay ol! Mobile maybe

t J.f; youthful head of innocence and fireside, then to his own. The due nyattempto under the-Law, until money Mctolvfdj That the Committeeon connected with that of Peeve

:;1: :1\.. \I. the hoary one of ace, shred the image of Ellen was ii8soci tt'd' shall act on the subject. Congress the Judiciary be instructed to cola, which must be accomplished
. ,.,-,:, blow ol death. Manly truth and with the cherished spirit, brought I am Respectfully draft and report to the Council a eitner by the government or 'thf

female loveliness fell alike under composure to his mind, and he Your:fellow Citizen.WM. bill providing for a tax an suctions enterprize of individuals in a short
tne aturderous hand of savage barb was.comforted. The sermon closed P. DUVAL. ; or such other bill as th e time; a canal connecting' the

;rity Nn one rfall the throng as the preacher pronounced The Council refused to concur shall deem most effectualto secure waters would open a direct communication *

r1 square escaped. Where lair hear words: The Lord gave andihe in the of the Com. of the I to this Territory, juch Revenue as from Pcnaacola several
'1r41 ,heard the busy hum of Lord hath Taken report accrue to this hundred miles into .the- State,
exptcwas -, away ; bless jl whole, of the Bill entitled "An act may Territory, upon -
r t.. lon, now the solemn silencefhe : ed be me name of the Lora;' "'Amen to prevent Usury.1' wrecks and salvage. of Alabama by the large navigable
otdeath. loving and beloved !" l'jacuah'dlori! n. The streams which run into Mobile
Oflt", were nt, ....or... The the service finished Monday 28th Novrm6 r. which the gotern--
gay, was and the ('roud' JE (D lbAe bay, through : __
I gallant, the beautiful and the witty dispersed. Es" ado sought his Two several messages! in writing t- meat would find a tale and'conve*
A t were all thrown together in one lodgings with tranquility, loag a were received from his Excellency -SATURDAY, DECEMBER'. 24 1825. 'nient channel for the transportation
c Wangled and lifeless' heap. The stranger to his bC som. After a the Governor by Burr H. of troops, munitions of war_ ,& larga
p gulden riAglets unJ raven trusses short delay in the city, he, together Duval Esq his private IecretarytYhich' ..... Vcritt una fieur. gttantt'lh', ol" valuable ship timbtri*
were soiled with dual, covered and with the faithful Miguel,took I' Messages were read and live oak' red and white cedar, cY-.
+ :-'. disguised with the are in the following words.Tallahassee.. Our Dekgatein'C. gre"-.O)'the fol l.
congealed shipping fm Greetiock, anc from towing the friend of our Territory will press, kc. East of pensacoix, J)oa'c .
t blood .of many a fellow sufferer.At .- thence to the abode of/Ellen{ obser.ve that its Delegate is at his post aware, through St. Ruest
r it'; : bit the carnage was sill, the And now the day Executive Office Nov. 28. 1825. and that its interests will be diligently sound 'and Choctawhatchie rinr,
'. ;1. victors paused frum their work of well remembered wife so A BELLAMY, and ably advocated_, 'The two first letters there is a safe ch nnel for the
by the
.! of President of the Legislative Council.1 are from copies politely tun.ished to '
devastation :
t and soundlni the bugle for miles lot b
a .' Estrado ; the day on which an almost I- :SIR.: -1 have the honor to lay \a by their author together with the answer same objects 150
i departed to triumph and to dc- II. ihe interior of
of Florida.
idolized husband departed:I I. before and the Council the Secretary of the Navy to the
'it fftt'. In the intermediate time she fraud never Jo re'.uin. Silently I.i i- you the second, which it immediately follows. I should be much gratified t*
of Colonel Geo
f t FJurian was concealed in me hold and report WaltonSe- The fourth contains the remarks of the be informed of viewi of_ tbo
:.;' of a vessel lying at the mouth of seated in the despondingly she was cretary and treasurer, for the Territory Editor of the National Journal,on a letter extent of-the naval your'eatnyliaiimeht,
the harbor western of of Florida, of the amount of addressed by Col. W bite to the Secretary
", located
anxiously! awaiting he castle on the ('oastof Mor i da, when
d :, caressing her sleeping received and of War which is published in his paper
their money expended by
retut n. At length a fort tat infant, when her astonished and which we will lay before our readers -Congress will be governed
'Pn ear him on account of toe sales of lots a
Was hard and ip' thai
voice ,
u calling the our next in their appropriations.
caught sound of
a harp, touched I- in the town of Tallahassee
.. '. Fbrian to ascend. It"a. Miguel with a masters hand and the tttaMngton, N v. 28th, 1825. and the fortifications ofhe+ harbor
who, formerly slave in her sums which he hat disbursed in SIR-I have the
a the house turret-she bent forward: in silence its improvement. honor to enclose by your opinion of the importance
t of Estrado, was now an officer in ; a voice whose the representation of a Dumb and extent of the conltlD-
; the army of thr, victorious ene thrilled Io her heart, breathed melody the The pott of St. Marks having r ''of respectable i bAbitantagf i plated,establishment, and as I shall.

my. Fondness for Florian had induced vesper hymn ; it was the same" been delivered over to the acting \Yest Florida, suggesting the necessity I at an .early period of the session,
t him at the hazard of his life( often chaunted by lire Florian. Governor during my absence from of some revenue officers at i endeavor to get some measure a*
I 1u save the only -bring :hit soul Almost overpowered trim the Territory, he proceeded to.di St. Andrews Bay. doptcd, i by which, the .ex P"%
w loved. He communicated to him emotion, the clasped her infant to Pone of the sameio the most judicious From<< my own knowledge of the points of our coast,.& P 'VU!' >

an almost ,breathless haste, ,the her bosom, and gently manner for the public interests country, the great influx 01"popu Peotacola, may be foruftedi.U'
direful tidings of the matsacr?. it to the highly couch consigning as1 will be'seen by hit reporton lation" ia.the vicinity and the fa ct I- it would not be too much intrusiashoar
.>! t 'With *" sere of returned this, subject. I have understood lity offered ti I
u. W tip agony Florian once more to her window. L land and sea lor upon your valuable time,' a
,' r received the newt a4inru) k rd tbe music floated on the. air.sweet .Again The that some of the buildings violations: of the, 'Revenue laws, be much pleased to Know whether
,} ; ,. vengeance on, his foes. serenade. Estf do have been injured by a ..stormwhich I am of opinion that it' it im an extensive Navy Yard it contemplated

,4 Suffering the fi>tumult of crlefto to sound to the Lily of_ the arts,.Manor wont recently happened. portant to the 'interest! of tae which. information*V

subside,' Miguel calmly.. pro-' trembled onthewires. I would, recommend that the United States" that nh inspector enable me to propose,metises tier
I .nouncrd the words *% your wife :", the gallery,'she ordered Flying the, rainttrelt to leasing,:repairing lcc of this, property or surveyor be immediate coral sg 1._ Give ma.leare-to :w'
$}ie/ltacted at a charm Rn the heart to be introduce before ,be committed, by law, :to I ly appointed. The Bay of St. An :air, that there is no pOint os'tb .

r' I ,ot Horian, .Starting in perturbation ibex was obeyed. A form .bent her,. some' Comminioners,. and' that t 1C' drews".hat sixteen feet' water on' whole 'south rrn-coaat where e .

from hit trance of grief, he with age and:infirmity said commissioners pay over trent ie' 1 the bar,which it sufficient for the tensivr Naval ettabllshrofnl'wbe Id
't .erifd wildly, heaveh shield thee ed. A; disappointment approach" quarterly to ihe Trcatarcr. .* admission,of any'merchant. 'vessel made w advantageously thD '

widowed Ellva."and" sunk1 prostrate ,heart of Ellen, the averred_crossedthe 1 am Respectfully l 1 employed'iD.the, trade of:the Gulf Government at at PensacplAi> 'sn.
,the The er; ,Your rel.low'Citi&ea I a few miles above the al1'the welt 'of t ,
.k on ground. arm ,of head,.the tears streamed entrance!the at' tornroerce. ,
\ ,tb e .sable'warnor. sustained' lithe 1 cheek. she pointed' ihe'old down her'; W tin.-P. DUVAL.Executive Say dlvid into three ...estuaries Allegany moantainipswet in tnj*,..,

D : i(r oping,head, ;, the' hand ,of seated covering her face,man;whb'hr tob omce'NoY.-26." -, 18 5. one .running 'westward' toward dire ti9 fl, and whenever, point_ ti;.
i ) A."BELLAMY fgleed
; 9Ace despised sltve administered. hand in' stieVce I Choctawhatchie' navigable the northern Stales.it ;.'
' .y Y. "to tbe; ftiaUDg 'white poi cti r. '(tattering wept .vith : ; until 1 a \ Prterdent of the Legfetive Council, river for 160 miles,"a.other'otieAJr protected, bf the g "! ids r.w$'

\. .. 4I .1 sy'' c alititioaP..r 'I' 8 -;-..S.j1.I'tod:U,. honor 'to 18,or.SOCB," ga ,:,._i ... ,,,, -ditu'iothtiA .lakN."Jlte, '

Lt! 4 1
I> .
I .
I r ,. 7 -< .. r 'txa
a ayC '+' ;'<'_ 'f'T;;: : ,, ,'\' ----
E:' c\ .'; IO- ____ ._ .. 'jo .- :
wwsx" =

,. ., -, -- ...,.,' -,..."" J >-; _".""- .
: ''
: ..-...., -"- '' .- .
I -
% ,
'- ?
'1 .. -
I ...
4 .


.. -, I, .1 _, I
.4., ,, '',. .I tbl.t'eur; An- act, 2i-amtnd": 'act, tnoreeffectually ? \, A lettofi from AmbroseCrane' 'Bs' this friendlytBtfrference nai IB- Tbcs the"kernel esniblts.a. ." :-:

''"' -dta'e .pOp J \ nt to'provide' : Cor the: organization Post master!at Tallahassee, to the' Editor" 'tended to assist citizen,in the., .
I and.toalt i. dated Tallahassee Dec 1&35; : .. &: ,,1 ligntoueneLupe cOi rj'r .1}er

:.Iblr .iomme te' that. WP have"c'ful of the militia x I A Mr. Samuel StbweTsthcMai 'Cunt1'lays*. quisitipnof".jut ;rights or to : dicotyledon., ;. If 'orae, 'of-4tiosc:'
and .
std, amend an act authori has Hrrived and will for save Mr. VV. from ihe lash of .his I
!'tad) tXp mUIil teDIC" An act to or, here start Httv berracnr?.. rubbed upon .' hairsieve i

claim&-upon a to prolttt.ib sing the appointment Justices tlfthe s8cola in aday( or two, to make bis' 'arrangements government and a full exposure of there,Jails a grey 'coloured .

..trl1mrDt, dilposrd of its peace and defining their powers. I on tIe way. Messrs. Mo his part to the public, trim una.. dustbin without tbehtlpof ;

Equal care eve!r part comb\rutfor'Stugu and'thomas tIDe.:1"t'ak" 'J*.the con.,* ble to say,but w.ill indulge,inyself a magnifying glass the eye. may .

iitory. leave I* call An act to establish a ferry acr.o.tbe .. .. -, .' at present in the Jiberal opinion it distinguish.litthr. biown grains' \\I. .

t J vu1d alSO beg importance Okrlo.... kony. flitagrfeable Qccurrcnces. ThursilayTnornng might be intended for both ; ,final the midst of a white ,powder, ex* ,

o r uurntion tu the of Florid An act to provide for holding a. last, at the,,-'Marketin'this City, ly Ward/refused togive' up periments' have proveo. this white 1
COaSt -
orti 4urveY of the Bay term of the Superior Court in Leon ;' H. K. Cult made an assault .n Robert the land, leaving at .last thr injured powder'to contain the concrete,.oil ..
Tampa Mitcht-H }: the latter ;
St. sq. having been "
rm JAn to hserecour.se to and the brown
that no survey of Count)' named to the.former as the author of an party or WdXF; grains aaasuingeD ,

j ,tniniormchTrwadrfro.St.of coast, act to .provide in part for I article, published inthe Mobile 'Commercial the laws of his country, lo obtain ,colouring principle not

this Marks serving a venire. Register of August 2d, signed from the hands_ of a public officer yet well defined.

: d been An act in addition and. amrnrJ- P lain Truth," We aie happy to be a*, his just rights.: The English and French an* ,

10,SI AndrersBayhas ever whole ment of an act to determine fers '.bieto state that no serious ctiects resultI 'S 5 a ..- .-. .1 I thors agree to indicate as tnc ". 1I

10jt', Throughout this of certain officers in thUTenilory) I I, ed from the rencontre,alJd'thercfore forbear WILLIAMvy.vrr.: means of. exrartron, the" ebu1l1s Ii
house or further remark on the subject.
% e there is no the light winner.b and for other purposes.An .' JI.r Tallahassee, Nov. 50th 182;. I tior of the b rrie in water, on Ibe'urlace 11

bl'.ton 10 ghp.hnnnr guide in h.. 2.C* an'rfiditie and in addition Mr.Wmi m Wyatt has foV\Pardcdto us |C?* Since the above was in of whicti the wax unite'6ia f'

,.. boa"'*- nigh considerations ofrespect to an act concerning Execu. fronwl allahassee- handbill' to which lie' type we have received '4it- Florida .a solid m.s., by cooling. i

xviih o" 'i servant. tidns. request us to-give a place in our paper. Intelligencer of 12th Noxcu.btT, Fourcroy:: I..'.., thai in China: '
fl Joss, your M. \\ HITE.Jt An act to provide for the estabmem I As regards so much of it as relates tu the but 'he perusal of Mr. Crane's article they' ..t"glh by boiling the berrier: :
of the
official conduct Register of the
of It county seal in the county has nol altered our determi entire in wtrr, which effects the
SAML L.5.cretary. SOUTHAHD, laud olfice,we comply) with his request
:\ 3. of the Navy. ofJarkson. for two reasons. lat,.We conceive it one natior.,which' is, not to publish the s-paraiton uf the wax ; then they II

An act to provide 'fnr holding of the most importan; advantages of a refnattider.cf %'I r. W)au's comma press those bern-. uudrr a rolvr \

Courts in' free that the conduct ot public officers nication.--Ed. Pen. intou it
NtvT USPIRTNEST,? .. terms of the Superior press Gaz. and make them paste which
(..ads.d should bo exposed, when they do ---. ..- "" --- -.... .. -- _
Dec. Ibt, 1825. 5arp the counties Alachuu anil l -- : ; being iiraird, yirfds by rxpresaioQ ... I'I'a
read with attention and n, and for other 'purposes. wrong while they have an the opportunit) of CIML'I U.IV-l l.J1..T lOt/V. second producer the tallow, ;
defending theiiiselvvsby same nidnsuhen
-iy ?etttr Of 28th ult. and theI1tlfi An act to alu'r and an.rrtd an whose by i.st-If > fur all- '
unjusth accused ; and 2d, The vaju pay .
\ your fail
.d to in Ju And will not 'J G the Editor of the Pensacola Gazette .1-
ry.roirreier' .rhl t9 the] cons-ulenitions act establishing: the mode ol summoning charges umdr by.Mr Wyatt are passive Si H-ill >uur GuZ tie f cultua
I"*"*d"c "7'a official l act Inch I grand and petit jurors. ami vptcihc, ..,,((1 the person accused cannot and -- -- vat'n ..cJ ex trar.t b!!. :
y I 15lt t
prt1ie ) justuv) hnmi-li, but be ampl; redressed May, 1824 you have published :
they :t.iW,.'nnf connected a An act to amend an act to define only Mr Manuel Bouifay's prt.ctstf -
have the laws oi the country they two arucles the I
tofFlo"fe.notin by upon II ana *
Ji 1'1&\11) g,1hwent\ 1 on the crimes and misdemeanors' and to are t.ilse. Tliat part of the Handbill which ment of Hers and the purification for th xcrtciion of the wax.is$ ::1

to state--the cha- I prescribe punishment for ''he. relates to Mr Crane, we decline puHishii of honey, to render thin diffr from those ab..ve men f
I; nod mv powei tl"le I I same. ,g, at least:for the l1reeIItast see,us to produce tiunrd. It witi published in a future ,
Jter extent of publishment an important obj-cl of industry
there An the holding of us almost exclusively personal and not number ofth.s G.1Z tic, vtiiha "
be formec.. act to change fur the inhabitants
to of
Och ought; havuig seen,the article 10 wli.ch it appears the bar- I
facts not et thoroughly as- County Courts in Walton county detail of his expeiinaeni and i it
on j be ol en of this Territory *
i'PfnJing : t un answer, we are ignouut parts ,; in ;1
Ctl1Ied m'ention. areareiM snd fur other purposes. the foundation of&it. those publications I dia not mention will be shown the Miiuzuig pru.** : }

The surveys but tim I which Department you has no An act to establish a ferry over -s.tjj'M 4t.MUM nii- 'I the wax, because I intended duce hat an acre of the poorest I

umier, its control to make'*liem. the river Ocklocknry. To the ublic-Tn huuor of I to treat of that substance in a two .I land can afTorc. ; under ttte cu1tta.I ,

gleanS 1 a-rt v-ry respectfully. Sir An act m addition to an act 'ointorporate the J; orida intelligencer in his : fold point of view at a 8ubst-qu. ill tioh of the Myrica shrub It will }:

Your n ost obedient snaI.t. .. the City of Pensucola paper of the 12th iust. in noticing I time, for the comfort and Inc relief aUo be n Uied. from amongst the !r

SAML. L SOU lUAIiU.Don and imrpove the, public road. my letter addressed to Mr.Wuid, of the herdsmen! of the sandy experiments, to which'the Myrtlobcrr j 'f

... Jo.. M. WHITE, K'ereofAu Register of the land oihce at misplace r desert, vvhosr situation might be )' hub been submitted by the i i

: Wa>hingtou, .. act supplementary to an. act ( :n ', subject of cnttrirg a considerably ameliorated, were I I learn d, such of those experiment :;

another fences in the Territoryof ion of land ai his office, has as promise farm:final NSU&fIr ;
n'ahington D(nnber 3.-In retsla'iig i sec they to take the trouble or raxhcr
part of our paper; will be lou.id an interesting Florida. made raome'iatSserti Jn.'wnht. I r d I the gratification, of reading the the arts 8t for tOe healing science.Gricat. t'l

communication from Mr. WHITE act bound \o notice. Befuie I P. : ; ,
>> .t'tiQccre: ATI act 8upp.lp pntanytoan yseii precious information winch yuu : : -
froiu FlurwU .t t
thr uryt Ucleirat U-,r, and the reply' of the latter, to alter and amKd an act to rei;ulatr however 1 notice thai gi-mleman, are careful to extract from -he;! r .f>>mJ r 1trIO 1\ ,f

on the subject ala canal across that pen. the counties .and! t-s'ablibh 1 think proper to lay before the scientific periodical puolicai wia ; I .,\ .* JdecetKber 2* ;1.