Ibo .. titian of their i I'lag us SJtveyor, tliall receive toed abHowance
have incline cumnissiou
his native Mr R tbiani alwiy m lo ol'llIiol4 i x : agreeable
and country. ,
<< shall ho
an American mrrchtwe who reviled i l in my April 30 I that the advertising coluun are aaat.ru> i,10 the notice fi.i-ii l-y !them, us "fu" sail, per d.yta wdjodfod hf

in C..cuand (;<,.h""na. was ('Aoltr .-A gtnileniau in lliit; city live; as any other,er.c: pui.ianufa: ne.wt. but bffoio ".1' ruitiiiM.Muiier shall proceed ( the corouiisikiuert, aol exceeding IwO

years the first that wo recollect who took pjin. vh >.e family ware pitfnrert on beard paper and this, deer leader out because HI tbu C6Culi.UI"r..n"! commission oilirWIM dollars and 6fiy ceaU, '(Of every day ho
to ascertain the f..*.it liiy of Oi| "ui.i( a ha .I&'Im Wit Warren, which !left ibu city they produce a wigs ..lat.k I lid bawbie,'. th n by n .iicis .irs4id., he tliallikuonutiii 1 thall each ch-ia be MeceNriiy carrier .f.UIte ajnpleyed.OMhled. That.
ruinmeriiil. fommumr4li bv water a. on the I3'i! i ism tar Ci"chll"; rrceit.el wluth cootcirniiuui cusio/iina |>ay at devouily ur ftirmaiion before fmc ce.ceive'one

Cross the Isthmus, olshoieS oiler writers ar ouuts on Moada) Jlled Rin lo'ph' to their typographer .s their pastor, juiiice of the p" acc, or some one of me the dollar per day, le ho time paid service hy

JI i.vehint d a. much. After he h.d Icroosl'y dating that the cholera bad broke cut on bn far vaiiout to Iud and c( urlu.ive teas comui: 'e'onrr ( *hu are heirtiy uihuiu-- perwu at wboe.'req.e.t
shill be l and It OOCoattfjr.fM"lachmeMi
and m:nutely inspected th 'lornli. burJ of llMl boat, that his aephew and ton, of wbicnwo will, proc ed to glee! 8.110) lalini.Jer tne sini'J ihel' lio will, peiforn.e.l shall be issued, by lao .Co.My

ties that jenilomm published a pamphlet three o.h-rs were bttrinl thai day, and l she aubs'ante in 1'.rvo. Now we ..sk, wuhiui favour or |lilt! tiality l.iy nut aasp
< Lour, III ,.". ...1 such pagm.at.Paseru .
on tH'* uhj rtt wherein h.. Inift'." out tint about fifteen 01. ..'uty ia all, bad whist portion of the hebdt niaJal sheet displays far 110 dlc: wliiclt, accurdiuy! III the.bf j fib, I$34.-Arvaovse
I .t of judgment' will b-'t arcs.*<-r fir I4irl .
in which : ,
Hire dilT< reki directions, eanil d.cd.Triee .u..h. charming: variety, at thai h. 1894.
have been several cttesof choU draining sail ilw water from Ida 'lands ?" H laiti
could be cut: al) coma i lic.l with river. ; which ..brlce.lbe advertisements t The
fljwia lobo both se es. but thus molern.iifveatioo era in this city which have proved stud j tleaiion never fl it for cast wf a refiesh* Honed in said cemrnlssion, retfaiuuv tuauteljah.e .
of tietm engines nail railceyhave yet we do not think it epidemical and ibal ing alteration of idea.here, it .Ilfudy ( all parties, tin.! itchy tea .J..ertain Chap 767-No. 28. Aa act la roUdolo .

the d.cl.S-J adv nt g-. Tint com it may hf avoided by pru.lance. The ra* 11......, of silks, tiins bobbiaett bnbaattM. ... the daiuafOt if auy tu the person wrperwit ,.r.f'CIlAI-wr "1ft.

munieation once es.abluhed would bring; sot, .If fir, hive bu.e f ner,1y| c"ii&n.do sisal .... d-aiely after, .u seed through whose land Or landt icb Sro. I. Be it enacted by the Geetasr

the Cbipaa) and Poruviaa trader lo this >> the !tOil.-lAM. Ai Ap S3- the enlsveul.'g| lai,es of r-idfiih\ and |fwr I te'i' h'l: ao rut, and. Ku sw 0i'n team and Legislative' CamtxU of the Toffrtasryof '
'r.... whoa
ike 11'.'."(, lotKwcoJrll Provided .1. Florida .ayp.reeso par
the ..Ue; .
oil-hece ,,
ntiVefand would alto tupercedo no* p IMP bo y "u'Cin."II'I"a>> itonsfiliios *
of Dthiall..I. ping round CapeHorn LATCST FROM MEXICO.B she ribbons! .* cwty
Jamaica world! then be the Es>porftim < he packet aMj Cnrrtu, wo have !&. butieiliet round lli. waist.* ;aid .<"i ibrouU any gaidrn, yard criuve hewed wr raoud lumber. w.)1q
of the Pacific. received on file of |MD TS, from the e.pi. aid < except with ih. tunaeut of I be pro.rleior the bays, ,rivers .lakat, h.y* Kj .
il lha
ial or Mexico to the In and Vera Citi .. r Andprovido>l also Thil say or creeks.1 ilia Territory, shell ho
At this project .it worthy the support of MGtcte'l' ,.,... tt cascara
bier writers; than ourselves, wt shall b, '10 the 3th of Marcb. : Of rrattie "' ...." iorson apprehending himself or herself. a- duly of such poison ot portoat ..
deb raft rail ta the or pica.
glad' to ioserl the luctbrttions of such at The preitot government of Mexico tp sod ,oad.,, .. see greeted with t sat gvfevtJ; by the dettrmintlioD of the court or place


a_ ._ _.,_ _.n .' .-- I .. .! : -'
--- --- --

o >
.. ,

hundred dollars\ fayeito Mayord J.... M'(; ,...ic", Geo.J. 1
ol. twelve
r ", 'h.. fotinj, 6r \U the nearest place of Src S. Be it furtherenacted, ThU4arh I Itif Flan o'libatthe.tbterg and ell there under raising each the sum scheme and regulations, as W. Thayer, Oeo. \V. Gibson, Oeo

safety, a>t
thereafter II) "">runiM the same at lire doer i tei ii.1 i any las asader the pr'iviciong of an sal mocitiion, under the name and" they, or a and to rarry tube effect Anthony, Geo. W. Randolph Geo. W.Ch'pman .

4>f the.Court House of the Cooetyi where shiest, shell make return lo He' County 'Jflft of ihe .. T+llahu'ee Jeckey Club, itecestary. recited proper, Edward S. Hotter, R. N.
above object.
all tot' f>r,toe Improvement' of the brreJ of h )rsus the
found, staling the kind and probable quantity Court of ,Inrouitvof Uses so Inn. 28h: 1834-ArrROED, Sterublo.
of lumber, the place 01' place where Nciedaid l received an J shall/ pay the In the Territory of Florid. .nd who P sue. Cap fafn's Cirri;-IATOJ Iii Anderson.sJiuvImatttr .
Feb. 3d' I!S4.
found and where deposited. same into the county!>> T.eawry far Gun.ily deli in e..n moue in ml i.s cinioi: and ; t'cli*. Guedcrelli.ti .

Sec. 2. Be it Wither enacted, Thtt purpofs 1 ,u..:i n.rH'r na'g'' '''1 isjiry miy ticrea'Uru : -.--- ntr-Juhn H.iy.

if after the eipiiationof Bitty dyit from Sec 4 Bo it fj:me- ..'c-.I< > r" "> i. I' .., 11 ", n.. I Inv I je i I' o.idiJi Tuc4Loost, April 18. Cot.

t the dale of tho advertising/ thereof no per* nil acts or pate of ac t r', i1.r' IR 'ra.1 i i/, -y >" r u'", r-juliiio" a, ",",1!, L'il Ttndtr.-By tins phrase is nitar.t: Sail/uter..1Vm. Bennett.

on or persons shall hive claimed and eStablished the pruvit..int: this act bo, ,.. I tnr same u'.J Ui v a .. h".e.* io.ittuu.ed II tidy thy !kind ul currency which a creditor\ may 1'urstr' S'flMrJDnl'3Id Davidson.rjtltlir .

their tight of property to aid a-:.. hereby rcui+I led. ,.< pnl.l l 'h. ,i.1 i j..jf.io.ai"y the name and driiMml of In.* del"or.' The constitution

lumbar, to the satisfaction of tar juitice P iusco, Fe'i. 14th 1834.-Arruivco. iylp of the .II.,14.'te Jockey Club I mekesgoldand s.Kei; the vnly legal lend r, :: :uT A1L\

of the peace (to prove which tight the Feb 1 13th, 1834. and by ili-. fame n ,use may sue And blf and authorize congees to com money Dn.J 1

person or persons claiming a* the o"neror.o..en sus' "d, (plaid I and be mipletded, make con .fez tht' \"it!,.. linnf! ; i it .I'.utltmiif 1'L1HACOL4 PiiitTla.hE .

of(aid lumber, shall not be re.q.ir.d Cha,>. 770 -N t. 31 An act to authorise I 'rllcil. icceive 11nnatiin., |,'"ch...a ""d'oJ ronrc to fix thn \ilue" of fire'gn' CO'K.S. T, HL3T litAUl.. 1

to oath to 'I red tr Hid, ''rsotal prupeity, ivfusoJ IU,.t. n M I.(art.U .
produce testimony upon the C.luniy Courts in ih s T' rri ory ID a<< t< |p wuh-Mit' uhie'i' thiy may be by n my
{ the Identity ihereof but such drcumiUn- appunt fn.:cecUn of Ca.ilo I.' surer I Ire..ctivo1 .tnJ dice..o of the: aim in any m 1'lIh'r. | rinliior./ The colt of Mexico ha\u ny do t thou Inn so wildly beat beat .

( liar proof. the nature of the+ cat admit.) Count'..s. I I us 11 the -ai-l cariurilion I'HI'Ct"n\! "inn'I nun"-, fern referred by rungte: ** to our st Why j lie Host puU*...J.Jnl.

then |II shill! end may bo lawful fur such Sec. 1. B-* it .n .e'e,1 bili Oov.rn >rand tit, tau bin 6\\ of the 'a'd cu'i! Hnl 1 mivnivo tinrlirH ofvdlur, red are net tliercforo u KtuUl: anti'i my troubled nrraitf

person or persons finding the same, to take Ltgislativa Council ol the Turrit,.ry ; n,ij U4i a rorp'irite' seal, and mavatiuisu It'gil 1 tender" ; jet, o-.tng! 10 (ho facility::. ofohiihinj I Leant: CUJK mtiircti-I kid thee rut.
+ '! {Hto the nearest market and deliver it t lo I. niter:, tin ).
I of Florid, Thit in, oich nn: I fvery I\ln. | i ) ami > pl'Co: from .Mexico: lluougl:: I Wby wlt Ibnn not bed I ItI

d 1 some acting justice. of the peace, who e ly \i4 the Torn'oty wlmie M bu;:cinry m, SLU S. U' ii funlixr enac'eJ: Tli H ,thus( the b nl.s ol New Oilcm, stony nil | I I'.> tn'"HJr'e.f jl'itr >t..ri ,

duty It Shall be forthwith to aell the seer* or shill hsr* fier be eti'iith! fur Ihn! | ..11'' I urI'rlIicn slnll have poser / nl, 9u. the specie in this S'.ttc lonm.u c.r Mexi) Arouse in tl c* J '|t,ntirgfe| rtOf

ti the best advantage | ioVytothe fin purpose ur prep+riry'; beef f ir etpoitalun, annoy to fitait by-law and rule fur thusgavernn !!i can dj'lars.! Sli-,uu a pl..illtfl': ubtniun coming, fi.tur. .11 '
j der er finder, all necessary nail reisanable : of tilt iid club and niter' I.I.e the link roll..It..f evening -ero,
the bj I silted ( tit a flr. SOOO ,irJ uquiiuthusliei*
wither sent joke or .u'I .| iit $ To tall ihe darker Kljrimcr .
e himself (lie
tp eej, to reserve to ;an change the. dllle. at will 1"11\,11101".
( othprwi per feet, a. eompeiisation for hit services, lawful fur, eel is hereby .J.tcJ ,red t<) U- 'I| sich l.itts end ,irgulation be not inronsiitei I! delll aril p i) input in Ij'dr. the v.t'uti! 1.1! wilier) ri-l's: the fl u J-
ail piece the balance le the hinds of th i with tho coniil,nf Jit and I liwi ol'i' Hnnnae'bal! |, the iru,,' ll'r..1 u'uij.
the rxpreis du'v! of the aunty cojrt, to I which bad i been' fiord' by lotigtuu: nellldl'll
clerk of the court wlmsa ; I >huiit i be M clo.c t,> uijtu j j:11.I.:
county ,
U.iiiei I III' this
rece'pl'buhII the S had thu lives l
?! like. But before the epira- appoint H beef infC'"r. or iiMmcturs' a. alcr, : wllCtUI: It could lit |)IOCJIfJ. 'Ibut nipry ,"nuhtIh, Itld tins 'tha LloodAnn ;

tloo of the mjv be mode c Mivemen' :, whj.i July u ff-rii orv. j This xuljeit iii ier\is tau .CI.OIM; iiitcn> jjy mid iritf; rrv nci and j>nJe.
sixty days, the owner or ow hill Sac, 3. Br it firther intctnl+ rint I Ko.l w m such a 'Kd.fbl tultj
Den shall appear and establish. their rightto : \ b-i lo perform the/ sat vie_ herein it') | lion nf ilio i o n,;fit. How diwnbniuulut "
eaid tr innntionaJ.SBC. tluSodroruaratun.11.111hly., > puourauJ' II' M.'X:oiu doilir Isol'lh t QJJIH I
lumber such owner or owner* el'u", 4111.-1' htnulrll"u "'"Vel
shall pay alt expenses, and reasonable 3. Ui it farther enjced 'Flint' Khun' y 11 Ly out H IIIC" trail. aril ei II.I+ i.iks rt''l'U iiii'J p+y them out, but ill,-n; f mm j"e4liollll'Jl.IlI; will *vuu be frfiiii '.

i for the it ah ill bo the Jay of th b -m'i' i i .I"rIO" chase\ tnet stnio, a-id erect gatrl Mini leul.ilnu b} our .111 J.iill' } is nut known. { .\ *. 'rrow ennrol fo.bw:! thus
charges be determined
{in securing lime to thus. jppomtud, punctuHlly *u cue,, I UIOHsiij.t f tort), anJ rectfivo' >Jci! f.fl", nib\r ti! ,- by. !| Into>> ll." quiet I'av- .
of t
elM between me 'taws .1! s.uj !bu 'I'l Jin t me U'hen d.'alhball: touch ttio I.I.iIlC| briert.
coloration '
such nay
bu tli''i
tech parties; ,but by if an after arbitrator Ihe expiretion appointed of anoth by : every noticei">'i, wliei beer> <>n! it'ct .ird up' I I It is 'ad last William, the Found, i i" I j And sal I it iu eternal it.,. Y. i j

1M term of silly day no { shtli lure liuiclmcJ then oJ thaio l>) hits tic point such olltiri mid .u\int! / u III'I} (!'Ciil tovikit" Iteh4ndduringehUus.pln4l'h| I..
yet beetf established; lo said lumber thro in.ik* 111104 Ura'idt jf.11 haevg ui IM! tin bo naccxirv fur il.i1 I guvcrnin,>nl' '::111 I lg ld ;, molt sniiinr'r, Hid lie Ftrtbraod .1.Hm, /'U/1' or p&\adclfi. :i. !j
the balance of laid money remaining, in'I they are ImultJ up oroii)"r"u ouiie'l( order ol true gild ci.rp>.iraiioii; : .mid'-d.: p kh'ji; is to be fitted up for that purpose.' .

'I the hand of the Clerk Shill bo paid over and liulctiefed: and lu re4i i'tor in .i bank I iioiliuu tie+on ronlaui tl.hill be so con I --- I I Hirfnr ):ntrllfnrnU'

one b.lflo the or 1 by turn (Ih" i""e.u.. ) I.I'M| n"it| fir linturpose klruud if .to lUlhorifi tin: s !1J CJir.,.- -- -- -'_-

In consideration person of the persons finding claiming ili-rcot' ; the 1.6\i..IIO".. \ k. cal Im.n"l lf l.u i niiiiuct any ;public Ili.h' .V'I.I', o: I': Tliiiidividinl: whose CXlraol :fintry ;!1 Arni'ttl .Vi ir.ce.- Imt.bcSr. .

j and tlte other half M Ibo County 1',..."+u*, ., each aid evory beast bJictieroJ, .1% well to ireet I! ,..UoI ucr>iis, 1 hto ...me fur tie ;>ur II I q' .iiiic-iiiuiM: ,; arc colclir:itcd ill the fvila- | Kliziheth: Forsyth, l\. Orleans

T rer be al.3. us ihe natural innki .ml < of PUSH rf cvllcrtm; I INSfcc. \ -C..rgoto. J. Siruii" C. S. Hunt G.
to applied in common with othr !f : \ i illt|! .utiilc< lies \b"i'n lung; kioin lu home, ; !,
( fund lo etch beef, lit ne.tily di |IMC'lOjbV: t.J. :, 4 Be i u further riMiiod', Tint \\'. Batklry and lo urdrr.Schur. .
county purposes.Sao'S. bul! is now IJr.II.., lint time, biou 'lil be
De it further enacted Tint gather wnh he nana of tint ty :: Lid} Madinon, Cat rune, N..w.

If any person or persona finding rift whoa purchiiul' or rai.a.l, by IIU: p> o> ,;anJ 1'' poer to snarl b.\u.I.I" !s, for the | foieliin pubic view tliruugh: that legiii.male Oalc..u-C.gu-Io G. VV. IS.iklvy/ Hud

wf refll lumber adrift, a* aforesaid.any shall p'iltoi ur said bilirliery. .u.Irussi'n. .,r 411 kin l It ''/ g.tnun: within I I veliw. e ,>f pexonal colvbrity! -tli<> J. A. Armstrong & C e. .

take the lama io any market sad tell n Sec 3. 11' it fiirllittr" o-iirtrd. Tint it :'11ne' o i I'd eiic'o'TU! ..( ,phi nco rouf
,r without complying with the provisions of, a'l"ll b-. tin duty of Mr slid '((1'c.; -ctoriicspectively tU'lf'lj Iffy may OAII or c.uitiolbee. ,t'| C.npeilUuicr, lia\t had their d Mr. Biig Hay, Maplei. M.ilanza<-42XX)0leul )

l ihU net, or shall dispose of it in ihe place 00:11 in three m mth., to, : b BJ .it fuHUT tiMittd, Thn{ 1 iy. Lumber, by J. Uamirr.brhr. .
i ;:1 f or place where (found ai his Or their luni. mike ani l i etui n tl' the clerk", of tlio coju-: i title del *h ill b' in |.ICC frunl and after the \\Vlard:: u a greater moial phcu..auennndlutieitberul'them ClMilJnc, Meek, Mobile- ISt

her ouch person or person shall bet ty coin .>f the c'> inty wherein tuc'i Initcli- pi\siie thcii-of. I I I I llnniind N ..iccomjimid.it !bales Cotton, by Hei & Lo Baron 7l.iinjlei.

( ,teemed guilty of larceny and |uui.hed ory is ,fituilvJ a true vo, y of all )I.., on- ,: Sec 6. Bu it further r-nnttc-J), TIt.1II' ,>.I with soineihing whirl in i i's cf- i Deer Skins and 20 Hides, by J.

accordingly. tries in his aiid b .u'i, 'ir.Jt tau s' 1e.: : the QJ,iiq Jockey" Clu'j in ibo county 'I''i led c tit ruble* that of a (i.ttent' itfli-cio-. Campbell.Sclir. .

A SEC. 4. Be it further enarteJ Tint t meat of all! ilea |I' oceoJm. i i. In* g ii J ol'flco of Gads ien, b *, HII.I the same i i. incor A MAN I Amelia, Cno: Nesv*Oieans-
I i Pi
/ Hnl it ii .li.e I thus rotated, sites the to establish : IN HIM the restrictions herein contlined, shill\ lio.tb/Ji to be power : a |1 I vUi ed ; U 'Illast. t> him nias'er.Selr. .
..extend to lumber broken asjndar from Joey\ of MII.II cU'l to fil"' ell: i n IK- for 'h! > ;'IIII'luCli race cou': or .r ic i courses, within; said :,,'that hs remarked I'lucw Voik City 1I1'1t1.! \ : liuti ill (ioon! 't rro., 'MobJc.Ownets .
i ,' all 4r.1.! < ,Iu f.. cuunv ;; siiiJ/ \ i'h: all tlin power, scud i tho railed And correct
rafts and driven ashore on the com.FAMED tit 01 |prr.u4+ n ; : '1 r. I -
J Sec. 4..B it fjit'iwT'! untied, Pint \ert\ utMTioni ice, ii-kiririibin MiiJ ii ibU '[ nianiiirm wl.icli bvsinesi i. ii-tiiutleJ L> -
Jan. lU4.'Arn-JuD :
1 (:ovided<< iii lui net fir ilm: Tdllji-| j H4, Hitoniivo and |,olitu birke-per, Mr. i11r1 !.1i! SD-Q N ..s.lnt.e .

oil or jisrsiina t:1J.oI.d; 1.1 b Hc!"o. nij or'ulharwiio no" Jockey Club 'I jVVilUn). C.cr} llt'iigtlidt i.go.ng: uu/ in
I'r"p'.iI1.* tj'r ft' '.1.'C) 11:ionataforesiij I'A"UO. Fen Sf, 1854 Appnarao, that c.tens.e cktablitLaiunt h sure to meet' ,

1 Chap.! 763-No. 29. An act to ar ,lId aiMl afro! 1'iu <>,Ip) 1.1'tn nt of inspectors Feb. Ih., ISJ4. i Ins ob-ei .utioii. \VnhoiJt rclcrtuco to theDuector e. UK hereby ootifiud that the ner-.llfT. ..r-

!{ eatkled "An act to organ ite and itfj.-a tail, u.io i, anJ at ill" hews J f. II IIf. I ) he will tell the ie U nee of alI !- lA'rTU 1. i anjr> mrlut.srenowmed.forCROSSING
t lonua.
regulate' the Militia of the I I I, nio.i Aw .luttlte ( Tlie price of ferriage ie
Territory of of butchering HJ.J' b'ofir b-trvt-i t>> CaS l Cirep; 772 NL 39 An act tune iu lliutity, mid SSeuut. per ...rd
Florida, ana to repeal eu act passed | to inrorpo name lute number of !Ins. tiflko or the place!
/ upon some naa of such incp'etor< e :':11 I n Hit, t WIPEL. c. Xr.rSErt
I first February 1833 i rate I'lcs'iyie: un coo reg lIiun at '.f !buiiucss. The sun burnt mriner IIIho :11ny a if
-Approved 17th ,
tify him touttuil anJ lt.i! ill III.. ki .1".1" ,in. tin.9r
February 1833. :." I. ... h:cu fur in' 1.'TLin t-luoe .
brand i years cannot \ '
a* rt'q.ire,1 by I IllY. 1J'tllII l ht.r or Vtuuiug.M1 .
:Sec 1. Bail enacted .the
by Governor ,
Sac." 1. Be enacted by the Governor beeves fmajie' mils ,cc.,!j: .iti.ln. and| >II"!io counliy -
abut: to bn LJ'lIch-r..1 l ; and if L Council! of II F: |'r,'|''ieiur ul ll.o OAKS
'i'iive tan I one mile from
and Leflstative Council of the Territory such ins iecior slit'l! l tlniHiftfr. fail to at uf FI..dda. Tn.it J-inie Ghl'n Territory : ineirli.nit, who( .porhaps, sac nevirloinuid 3 Ponujcoh, fit i notice, that the rigoeri ef

(Florida, That it shall be I lawful, and it tent) prom illy, lie 1tJ. ill then rdi] u inn Tmiini4: D spielIrivv I' the In:mo uli but a single call : .the.law ill tie eat M ecu *JIH:at that who here
; GrnliHin
1' is b..b'lDad. the duty of the Biigadicr Iwo diiiniuioMed, an I' rdip'Ctitii! !,' I'Wi"1 Alomtdcr, Joseph Slnstcr > ,, Li-tuir: is surpruid to find hu name re- usher lu! r commit. any depndaboo. on hw premuca..
M'.MiIUnVin.. Foibei I I by t JUuigliiiiliir .
Generali. to order elections whenever oldie fji'teit'ii 1 upon| hi* ui/otcraie inrmori. urvlhcri i. .
noig'ibouihojd to (oI.m tlu duties : Mu Iii
("hirlf" Mun'in end
their _
they ball deem it necessary, within their of I. And urCfllI",i. in :, Tire following fiout the U:utid State. Mi) -- N..99
isietor. nut I!
111.1..1 ;
uK -
.pvs ottie
bo niH
forihe ; 'elfr'ft Di trict
remain termof thirty i
i'l of Flordrj.
respective Brigades, for the purpose of e- "gad i ilt bu.chi">ry, wlu shall fail to per from I'taiy and Nasal M,i "7ine, will rite ( .
the fit
1 letting( the field officer/ of inch years, ptssage; : oh'this act, a' leider font iJca iiI'liolt trior Cvml, ''caiiibia Count '
regiments, firm the ,Juli.', hereby enj lined, slm'l, !1 for u 'iiiiiit\' oil *.-)
tidy corporate by the nimt and id, 1 I.. May Ttrm. 1631. C
iyle tl '
M have failed u mind u
may or neglected lo organ every beefs bu'che-: ."'I, forfeit an'I pay 'l'i,. 'Trus. of > "ft" i.-1-'n I f.i'nailHriV wiiuc jiiip.-efc-j- -- '
no under the laws above recilod which B r tine l'rtbul'ri" | 'Crrt.un'j! :Sir; -il ne and l
; tosiich |I'e ion a 4 shill nuke ea npl lint, Church contain- "'
1 i election hall be conducted veil return the sum' of finy dutlen\ t I bt t'i'''overu I inactioa HI Qiincy and and that mho ndTru i :t : I.)" tli' Inaiuh.'Ult l <<: 'I' tl>* I'l.vmilf l>evtiage ,";'ifiicnr.-.-ttitle' H, ip I h tit ) I fn lbsonrT1uiii
i 1 tone bn rennin invetled itfi all \ i."l"'I.I' f .
; thereof made III I ltC \Uf. -erry.Iaaef1
according 10 the rules and ofdj1)!, nniHilfto the ,-oanillt l nant real H+ It wm cili'o.j Ini. "C. t'ilir.i' )', I

regulations proscribed in the eighth section an I th t oth! jr Ii ill IJ the' CD-I :u' wlmrj propei hereifior, personal Mild iniaed, winch Sir ; b..ypvtouicuruulstonu ; j ravaioso 'UII .iay Uanjd.o.nt.'ev.e 'hft toa pl.inaai

of the I.w. to which this ii an amonJ the Uhl..cli.,.. U pntecutaJ 11 jad ;1 mfiit. now'>r duo M or lo the Slid may become vi-jt.-d in, | (put\ } our n''our oti t'e"b'cak; chow( .\ HI I I';", oI.I.1 +.. sod liar 1'.r'lIl! I.' rhr .II..f..dwD C"I..n"o oIr
;:rrgitioii, to Lmve.fi'lto / r'n
plat See 3. 8. it firihrtr}e enacted Tint u )uur room iJiiiiti}, Sir H v in by atlcJaistitrd' IIta': II .f the
'o' [ li. U ip, 1''r'I''D
.. ,
: h!
> iini 'bur the end ben.cult .: 'nUnld'
P.asaiD Jin. lUo .. .Jr..1 bojf r.whj.h're Die sea; ou liio ." weli:, i.i'lt-l; Ti'imr;," I \a..l'iI. decl'...d. .'owlid.
of xiid ; I I. :%I.t. ",.It ,.r ;
mo Prrshjtorian Church \.l.a'II.1.. oil
Feb. Ihot
I 3d,1894. SOth.1SSC-AraQUD'1 by np(>v>iiilt) I, 1I't.ll| bit k\r jrn to hens ir;" And. the aai.ITu.I '''"*. and their lUre,. pain. l'iVrsl' Pom.: ? hiss joung iii'.n i J..1.n 1', fl"I''I,1 sbn ,,'.'d.. wiltu"llhrlimit.IIII! twin of of ,.

r the do.ns of their ree,'ective olTi IM, h". lara chill !tel.lbl.I > to fore "n'ofit' Ilh inJ i i1'.t rspblpof | :\11'. SII. w itt..t.tl') I'-nwn 1\ ii'it-H' 'in I" n sit- r.' I 11..at ti.e -rad U.r5nddnli t ,.
'; 0,111 sam*- 1,1"1 t > "
763 NJ 26. An act to amen J uii1 in tluir appear
Chap. ep 'ralu mm, mil I lit him 1 ra "n I be t"rc Ibo hot ij
the' ;oy.r.IIACls in relation 10 drivi iE 01 ,ems any pisit (.njig**'J a. aloriHH mbiitcli'riog '".'ii* ill .t-c .s. iryj't\ : .I\ im iiit-r. for rl".i.I.c" b'1w I ; in *er 5i J.: Vise. 'iit.in.t.r! .:ftf.l'! i'.t. ..11,1 I a.'Sr.r lay the of bull 111I D""I tena
'h! uf
or othinv I". pr>*,iui .: n,. .f :: fat Y'U i > o e nii.iuir. NJ, I, 1o Mil" 1'i tt., the eomjll -
I 44 bring into Territory, nut C title ( v< I t. .in.f i g..ac i', ": I iv, '. ir.It'l' '''If' will iv'tkcu; 'ur t'OnfOlIl.1I
"I"" V'rr
1 for shill ire .. 11' I 1. 'i4'hgr> is well J ',. a s;'UI::"! I' ,
elll.llIJJ th'.
belonging to persons or citizens qf theaatveral I eipJiiainn, i .u. ti i >. \. .i: !''i jiii a !h. ,'' nil"",untl 'hlRe. dt.ereie
jj 'i 10 I i. i. ai- 'iiilHu '
.t' d
T. .' <:'' l ,
States. iiiS)* clor In nten: I al IIJ. hlh r\ f.' 1'1'' (j Air 1'I1..ItI..n. eacJrdnttf end Ii Is dither ordcr04.
; ,11 iiiaii" t.i nuke! ..1I1lw.ul ruina .. .j.lI"j 11.111': 11\..
liv .. 161 ;j'Y 0 .rllLr hu
Seta 1. Be itctMcle.l by the Governor purpise! h-j'eni'j.'firtt' ..x.,1 nut) i ifsiiJ :id ri'ii.li tune c.OI'fr.IIin. ihn .. a ,. Lniuirri ifiet. 1'.lcc ..,,:..1 ;.t t'e o. se II wu.i!111.1,1'.10..1 fur 10 the Pam

and Legislative Council of the Territory ins;*, ctorkhiil foil or ref- 10 .ttienl I I.caeu I. SKC.. 2. Bi it farther$ella tlJ.p't'mi! Th 'I..g( >,;''B;:*' 'horn! ''OS, and' carry n in \ :: t.... t' 1/. A (eery .\'t'lII.furr IIlf'fttbs sue

,,, for s.nnj; re.u"II')11I l excjv, ic't In Blunt ,Mr "t lia'l.: Mi.;t I lj! hu <>i.e lo H. bi'ki! n !>>. I .IiLIl. 1' BALIEII. .
at.Florilll'IThI1 I'ruittws
any parson or |perNII4 tn sevr.s ,far siil I
in.i'ct'u hill ufeii < I to 1111 I lit. Your ji.\Ii .s, .."'II'I'nn. ;\1 ...:'i.I"A t,
not twins; resident- of this Territory, wh,), n j+y p"r C iu ct sh-ill be hold' on t:1I1: first l S IIU,.. r. --- ,. --__ .'- Q0 I
shall drive, or bring or have. in this 'r"r.i son for wioiJ UI j an I in se nnni' the diy in J.inujry 111'11. and 1111111.11rh"re; Pa .e. Sir, u 11 [->>!'oii ui n hit, fmiilv., I n f'->tern IHiir'rt; ; cf Florida.
'. did butcii: i is lu tel I Yes, S'r. his I'sl: nfr'ln Hatrp
i ritory, neat cattle for the purpose orange 1 iry can : I. or any n
and pasturage shall gi bef Ire; sow 'train p> tsf>nnjfi! ill1 aiaiI'usiiu mi Jail\ white milemi.'nborsofsiiiJ Churth iiunry, it ray; lOnmu.it'k ; I'il\ tfnJ tl.ru Sir, hy Term

Jasticeofibe of IWl'n'Y dlliis, lo leeivexil.I hy .c. null mum pl..e 1111. T'I: 'n*. ccnileIIKII U"r*uee fled u. d-'
Peace for the County t ti iu '11.11bJ\ cjn>,"ieni 10 vote III sacs flc'll'ili. \ : ,, you, : i. tuinrainnnt| + )
i which such nest cattle are driven or huh' tefdbtbfusean. ju't'ef ol'lhe p-icn, ; tact.tf M \ 'It chaiii/ '{'*: .Mr. Soiiih hi:. \1 ncai
in the di.tnct soh! ire laid in. his horn in \\"incr Mro1 Sir and his u'kio.VS i htiftufla.au: g > dcfls \ rrt 3'
brought for the purpose of range and pasturage ?rtjr re. J Ser S. B It further enic'rd Tint i'aii'M i. mi-rill .t" \ '''IDt J
and shall mike nmJavit of the si lei. j if ih i iiop-Miv| of lint slid e.lurch 1I".II..t Lout i u No. S31 tJ. otdway ; but ho I* nut I'fllc( day vaiott the

tt, uumber of head of such neat caul*, anJ Sec 6. B" it furthor emctcl), Thn any tiucnsocereiind tho ulull of at hjme ; his; LrotSei, bua'cvor. Ah Lit nntiu-l, auJ! !u i-oinplai-iant by

shall pay to such Justice of the P..e.I the county! fn in, in each coi itr ,hillhive iluiUMiiJ d'III.IU. iho fire< ihill in lucnty such how d9 )'IJI! do, L'apt. Bell\\ Evtremelv. .uci.on n. h') Col"I appturirj .

i for each rind every head thai given in. I hivd pl lr-'r t.3 (it tlu ri teof! .dJaiIra!! inbi c ..eicei ", u> idri Ten ;iiory uf Fl 1.11 id. .. hipoyio see you $11 ; long timo Since J :h? ds'ii'nieuu du not, reside in filed, that
lure I the
I fifty ants annually, aad the receipt of > mi,In lii+g1'| .'aurs of bus.*f snots, .fir r.,,4.o, Tub 10.11. 1 IS4.- 4rrruvcD Ind thai pie' not1 ; nt\ illlhI'd. llis ,,, *.!' rtoriJt. It it therefore TerHtiiy -

I each Justice settlnj forth the number of ilia dj'ins' hereby enjoined, Irii ono half I Feb. lltli, 1834.vJInp H. hug n uses .\I.u I You uill ti,1 I Nt "ilf'J they here ordered

head of neat cattle thus paid for, shall baM whereof'! air III u.. jitcl by the purehecer, i him scrota the nay Yes, ftuiitlimen in I the Gut Mr.i' epre of Xu r on or before
I and onahtll' tin seller\ of one m n'ite. t'eir" day ,. next, and ani'wer
discharge of such person or p raon< for by any beef or In in; some KO. Oh.j the
the tax'levled oneuch flout cattle Pro* I beeves ptvinj due ro"trd U liia nnimni' 'I 773 -So. 31 An ul 10 autlmnzci Sir, rvldiMii fuifjei!: bust, IIIbol nrplnititnti bil! of complaint filed

vided; that this section shell not be so of bminn. hot dji) by ,in I at any ," ,e Trj,i>'es of Qjincy AcaJemy, 10 wilt a call. 'I'i.tVe : ujrici: nits I ilerentie: same will t., taken for conI'fju .
r..hlt. you.1 le
construed as to of fl'iq cattle' raised in this bJtclUtrV at ai tomiko thrall )w men rej. I a ceu.iQ'aD.aJUllt 01'lIIultoy by Ciptiiu.{ MI. Truraaine, the servant' our martin and (I binge therein

Territory and (item by will or oih rwisate .on..lo.lln:! 110 moue. I Lo'ivry will shawou, to \""r '1oI0n,. Jnhu, i.k, j touiiudilecreid' .e4" '1 dinI! ,.. Andil.l_ _
tuiihrr !
minors out of the Territory Sac 7. R, it I'u'lher flIltCIItI.I That I I: I There: hub-en' comnirne-. Mr. Tr,'ma;n*"!! bsggaec to 104.! Tbv .rrl"'t'll. that .. copy of tHis order vj
I be !
ed !
Sao.' 2. B. it further eucre J. That this act *h ill Uo in f iree from and after the I and partly fi.nklud M houie in ihilv < servani udl) show } uu the soy Sit : |l'ui.htJ: in lit Pt-itsacola Ggaet.I tl

if any person or persons having: net. cat I2ili of :'1Jth. 1834. >\ itof Qjincy appro.irnted; lo "liutwn I until J s'rek I'r |"nur niomha surceuively.: '

7 tin. in this Territory as aforesaid, hall I Sec. 8. Bi .4t farther enict<>.1, T iiltil I folj pi'rpose of un Academy and I A Inn espy| Att..if, !

tail Iiw4 hiretofjro .. Matt)'ncJI-.lt I And uliereasaUo. the True folloniug it. list of H-UHH I'. BAI.T7.KI.T. .
to five i* and pay for the same, as 1'...
provided for lit! the first section of ihii act, the coJity courts in this Territory ap llitf comj'lelion of the ""Ale' his btII ooara me u. h. loop of war Va"i"l ,_M'in-___ Clerk:

!Ii M shall be the duty of any Justice of the point in ip 1-1 err of> b .ef in. (heir{ reluct.ve: preveutedby an uuespected lot in the Cvimodort-Ja\in\ D. Henloy N OTIUJi .

Peace information thereof and r-qul the 2n anionni puviuusly subscribed for the
upon to issue e.0"1118'J.- +ting 'prclioi nf .Wai/tr Coar'Jat.Thomi. Onpht .
his warrant, UirfitteJ te aay romtablo oro..r beef are hereby repealed!. I building of the nine Now lliviufort, Licute.ants-'rhos..1 'I'Vfbb., tt\Iut., ) l\ t1'Ile21trkd.y' ... M., ?.? 5112

person, directiug such mat cattle toe .'"'nro, Jon to> he end, that the s'id ed.fli rusty be ,iT. Johnaton' : J11 Juhn. l\1.lIlIinlf. h' ; the subscriber 6t "III .aold. III .1 the Aue'uoa S ;,. of .
KZ' Se-Ci'l of
>> Impounded cod Feb. 12., 3.I8S4--ao'-ED'1 upleied n. m inner suited !' Graham 3,1 ; 1'1".00// the
there ko.tl sot sa 'l"eJ i, MJJ. to the (; C. Turner.4 A. B. fultltawiNCGILoiil: belosisg to the ....
P.i.fa; ,
Lrl afrresod. 3t1|,. tsteofL;
uses 'd shall bs ptid 1..ld'if such imposes SMrl.OIl-JnO. i 'A'm Cook deees.ediz .
I A.
tea te sto\paid within tun days tier swc'i: f Chap" 771:'No. 32. An act to farorporate aui Sec 1. Be i it smarted by the Governor tr"tr-lJudlt'1 W Kearney.llkcr. :lEIS, AlA'CIUJ."d ZLUNA.o .\

iaptMIIin,., U ahull b. the duly of koc1Jpetjcepf I the Tall! .I'ltiieo! L-gi.laliu Council of the 'IVrriiory I SaWn 'be fOIIQwI" .
Jockey .Vw/cr-Jno.
Club far : K. ; b.'iD' ...
of Florid Mitchell. to tl'e ... .f
Thai it ,h.lllu.J buy
Peace \n.
be |I. (
to car*. the had Ihe viiru.ir.ar! ment (iruprovoment of may Lieutceoetof.ilariatr-Androw .t
_eaHe.ttle, once many thereof will pay ill b-ed of bones ) ful for the Trustees (for the iirn.. being) I t>tertiary-Thoims :| Ross lAkYyANNti CF.Y.AliMICAHARRIET:
tan, trait tax and cj.u, to bu s>lj to IMaVfWfi. Sec. 1. BJ .enacted by the Governor of Q jiney Academy, to establish a Lone' : Aui.taat.srgtun-Leaig and FLORA. 1'Prlh. euh
By of
I N.wr fw casiN .nd ry within | velve months, from and after i W. Minor Jph 'OIlYI"-" AdlDiaWraror fIl
L"liia'liv: c Council I of the Trrritnrv the Pa'lId .Mid.- C. Rowan; Jphral 1's Cook lI.d Mary Ane Coe
i. -MId'
b-.oJ '. passage... .oftitis act. for thin purpose of J/itl' I. HENRY
tiiJsroa -lam"l 11', E; MU'lttl.r.T.: Av'i..r.
Rentt La-: r"n'+rola. A
i fri! :;. g fin y

.. .-.-- .
If -.. .


.. '

r -



PE.VSACOLA.-- - ttaoaace all cUim oae upoa ."oIher. aid by get 3 per cett. a month watt,." Tb.y ware (tour eiperientt that! t deiicScJ the iecutvei.n! order to show wtut! were
the oillah article, in which, oergorrraintat Mipu' I hoiiieJ the green butter quickly turned pan>r* of an argan. uuuvo docutuvnt '; the statements which bd been esplafoed t
$ATUR ,MY, MAY 10, hIli. lath to par rut the loMra whlcli happraed 1.C. la ,he key on the strong \boa and were off III when disconnected Item their etantCAt, I away by the upplooi.oiary nl..eo-
;... queues or the opermttone (not the late ppe.tnionih 4 jlfy. and contiderrd without reference to pre M,. 1W1."olddrll: eJ the Senate M
The Superior Cnart commenced in Miilon intb'ie <.,I.. epr noses) of tbermiei of the I'tse I war grew wonJerou hot { |N. viout limitatiitni, and the particular ,,.1- ,j( length, Oil thu subject! of iho motion by
place. the 5th int. I United aiatre I troop wwre out, and the arsenal waadorinerl. I lion. they were intended to refute or tootlablnh Mr. Poindett!
The report of the eomm:ttee admiit! that I".... Report CIne. that limy inn III'Y"" made to bear a conkliucuou 101 ,. K.\'It tl"fn untuned the floor, butgate
We pebhiiti to-day th. !strut of Gen Jock too'i occurred It admits that cjn, eoauo i l ie lue ethical/ ie tear down the Courier & Ln i varying altogether from the ton- : way while .
(iproteeU and a sketch of the proc-edin of the It admit that they woo tuff rel. were i uvcra I iirrr' "fti( T, unt) of rnu >e the Sur office really! vvtrrlmnH and inivndcd tu Mr. WtltWU moved to \lay the motion
Scute. Tire roinmauicliot I of the 1'reoident a.tTjrer It.d tails that ai y t they have t l 100. \\'e i w Dlu.ke.lrb'll". and puI 1 be npieoed ; and deeply i.I livtt..a* (hat un the! table: and procceJ U tbo contid
to the Soul, embtd,.. the*ahet.nce of th- first uir.d II) c 'mpcasets .n Iiadroutlul I .y I' I I. g 11, ntu Hie Courier oQUe-ibe my IIi..1 on ihi point should not, either :''eration ot t'l'cIIUwrulllne... which was
protest, a document inu ill tojlaig lafi iji p'are : n w ialijjiunt of \\ot lioiji and ad"m. d .lo.. I !I..> ., .i:1I: heir p...... u rtll>... now o< hereafter, bn misapprehended 1 nO&&:otit.d-ayes 19, not: COMr ; ,
H n oar c-itamiii I!,; citizen of the United Sia e' bat alas! br a wit i !Ii.! '. a.rl 'gee, welt' ru IHHJ to and have dtemrd it due to the gravity of the FoHnitH the,' moved 10tnirnd the
I iro- in c. tun, w. n n i.orif.iJin to' to the interests it invoUok introduce the
Al eir !latest ilair from \\1..JllnCun. the tiuf JifloinatHjM the Treaty hu n luaul t e //111-.1' ji'ct, great resolutions u t'l lo ir< o
gets.brat 11::i .it' tlicir br..h.,0 k I uiiJ IIi and lire Senate well to m ot'! the l i.rotel of the
,appropriation bill still lingered ia the II )u.. claims said b/ the ap/iutun: of a il-' nand | 10 et a( ) < body ol them "rlCin,1
of Ih'..*.. l.li,.*. Mii. <*h t...cul.ti.iu nnt4a a. rigjroni, rate or the IIIW cfnnii.iia, the iuff>reiar i tl bin' alum; on tliuii bi .K., oar,> 41 Will k lo ensbraco the earliest oj pottuntty to President and also thn uipptemfnutv
il nf anJ Wedb 10"can: ly on the look I niako tliitconiniunicetlon 1 and, asked for the vce* and
the rore"IIo'"i wli,cli: it will in et in this Senate I e ititl:d to n* retire! btcnute th,' hulas'on of ; acetate, nays
IV. : Florid wai DcccMMry lu the eipu iua of adva I 10111. piiinrtl, anti cokkod to nu t I admit ttiihotit reserve M* I have be on the motion
\ never drat at the IjaaiaiiK; ul* Its ac .n. ciictd .nf'my.ad was ib< rcf,re rightfulTina I \\ hen uo lucked at llic'o |1'1\(1| Ihvm'l fort dune tlir toniiituiioml povtcrot: the 1'lilt motion M lo a ditcnuion which
and to our ftitiito! b* it *p lke l c.ono; p.ufcit i the d .ntJ1I! !, a laic I acciundtn the PMI';:" i JitMrd tliu h'utl-'I\ cue p.or 1."I;: slatule to provide)' low he place or I' ocvupieJ some time, and in which the
mach U*(* in pjttry but w* venture tj ..&/ that I'I I of Cart Flt"rid.i bill overall.>nt of a *0)1 of m'. I with his Iliad tied tip with a Mucnd I place* in t Inch iho public mcnej or other motion was objected) lo, on the ground
the base which! will be hood in ana:b 'rolitni, render*-..hOlt acts were not rtcagniaed! by lie:, b..n fceve mjro tan cabana t in 'ril \\e ilutctbo'tlwr :' gJircram-nt, are to b.. repi rod with.. iho damn ,1 I, .cracked ,\\'ull. and hu i'yra in in uriny: I such 11 ;uljuotu, cont'vuill6: it* custody, "" 'rflllolion lo amend H wiitten proposi
'" Kid will bt ,'1I.r..1 (Jt -slull w. say fu'tio,c which ecruoJ U the people ol Vent I I -Hc I nd 10 ..II.I\c., imui far the It,; 'o'i. 11111.1., or cMipottuon! n* Ihry ""'Y Slut, should be submitted l in writing. Mr.
Aw., Jkr ?fntitre emtnbau, tin. HuriJt. who vttrtttltait, equally. .stores t auj : i* *< ,u ilotuVN'ebU' I think', i roper| |,> "II tl. Nor do 1 claim oriyth turn\ metal to the Chair the origin
We take: the Uerty; at"reminding<< Y." bit equally loyal t.J tile ..nexiiAi i< (O.trnuhDI-art I I fiico, nil it will the its to aloe t /lor lu Ex"mmc: nny right to he poimiUMI tidy vf She document, which the Chair
Suir-Ui-'t<* iiVliini! litiltf, bi where emf&(,nee i* snag >lit uull be recap.total. juiJ--,ad that 14 jntice'.Irj or |'edition public piuiiityor | (Mr King ot ) to a
---- bond. a Council of \\.r iUoar l'ull1\'r.1 lie uu ,- or uny auihoiiu to IntcMrreMI tomi'liaiM. with the rulo. Atainal tin
I tt :.No\u tho winy olitor of this I '1r. nill. who ".in:cd lo <\In\o',' lluI < ih; the jmi', \vxropi h. IlIrh ponri- cloC'lsioo. mi nppeiil l was made by Mr.
CLAIM UXDER TIE 9A AK11SLE OF "",.York Su I I hooks mat ito place and then '1I' .' light.: sluts, JI.p..uon.. or antlioiit)., i> jmn ('alliount but before ihtro \1 any den
THE TKCATr.iDevenyean i tvemng not content to I1I1 w.n noroti 'r) In In.n hv,. I.in snot do I cliini tlif right cuion tin the motion of appual
him p,..!d away unei, ih' 11- 0? behin.I li.4 contouiyor.t: ie, 1 gives: the, i; As we were rathvr |'mind: log I 1.111'; .nidnithuut ) t"i IHI\' iniii'urin s'Ior'.is, ? wr 10 tor fire: The Jcn.sis' adjourned.'rum .
habitant of VVett Florida wire called: upon t"y .10x0.J relittun) of whit hit nw, an>d1 tut.ill arms, w, sent d.>* ii lo ilio: I MI s'Ii' tinPCIVMI tntiuttod with such pro*
an act of Cot: ,-... U prett.it their clam fat : tail, .ifjJvltl I djrinj ilia! late three diV : brig Two Pitlli" *, In Y''t .i brass ', 1'| oJMder I Ira i'J' tn tieiiuro, unl :M he be an otficerlio (/Af Saturday Conner.

4....., oc.a.u.el 11 n by the op-raiwu of the ': -ectiin! i 111h u ci y. Tnt story u 101.1 I in :: which teas on u "iot. w ito u *ui-l: 1I >c ajuiiiiiiii..i', un ler the CcrstitU'i.in 'I'hr I springtsmu of the ytari I. coming
arm:*, of the United S'i atee w ,il.* FlirU woe a : relish of gript nut I r nnnin miviiJnij ( and 11* *, i'e dovnlve.) upon the FrtsiJtnt connnk," ill Johnny Sin 'ltir used to ting,
provtoc) of 3piii Ia-in: all tlu tine tieclaiovtntihivpb : 'Ii 't pecjlin ,1.//ld "* !>.rU hit I') ot'IPn put: 1 1:1 **ep tot 11 Iatc' ) a'rCnl. b'i' w as.. I ML til.,i up, or ill c'i'injunction with the and even now may be singing in the far
'eik pt bl the give-nmint in IIM pelt'ical ojl.onallll..t; will IS 'iVunJsnt ilk 4ii Hii:''Jiru' ol our pinion. wu >. name, *ol !.,r alt;*. conduct hu ii ton suit, \\'C5I sad we rcjoico as much at
I I wear rip)'irlieini. ih.it vims ol mists !'hotni'gnt ktliu IJIllIU It'"ouibj". i tier did cre while it the
that eoad titnn. which: it u soil m Ik.h !hoheartmick' I a gojj ht.mjjf, aid ii altugcilinr too : approach as wo
i Rjtth irhijte's. iu-emi, obi 4lor, whose
I a j tdult ul the| Kit-nt: HIt., i IKM l.aat)'i"s 1.11 } .11',>" .1' on llie Jt-urnal tit thnSrnvie.in name wu have just taken the liberty .f
t" eihaor. Ttiij'.j'ctij it r 'n and tj, ,, [r/ewi Mf .V 1*. Ere Star April 18] CtirnirtTthrit' Bulk in abe 1.I"tl iiborho.nldll l5 I ,,'nl';" timing the rccoidcd dotuit familiarly qiioimg. \\'inl"r"* n name
perhaps, it ru gh' b. .* wal: to lunar i*, bat Ltt Trots
I J"u"a.-Th Couner uiul I il l HIV ol L'hllu :>4in'l Ill-nil')' 11'1' "'ut. it ( lit' 1IlIbli. I sir unwilling that winch: but its peculiar comforts, no doubt,
The blood ici22 ;ialjv! wVrutta. ki n i U d-if'n,. Inquirer and Camille cant! r give a bu'l' '-iniol pined to bu iniiji'" The flesh will qanor vrt"era the pn: ..r. tear !' vfiu Occurring \lojll'; the tfaujoun,, ,. lute bi:en _!libu.t' I to She b.au''artlm' tit ''lnoti.'li til noiuum.iion: which are not I'I' and the long :list t of eimnemenu, in which
Ualeca, a'o aB( .etH w th ft win 1. fit l oblilaity .'pinieahilv themrnactof sure t-neuiy lu All, h won, Waist ri,li(-tli' MOIIII wullJ \.UIII"I".J in ii. eau.1 more funicular) I the and liioiiable indulge are very
of m'oU< tUlIIh: d 'CI. ull ,.f tli CMI.aiUeeapan lane dill, II lllO Cffl,'O-lI'O .lire,111 of |'C. heJ -ni..t; u tau, and (ho i ton.IM initijjdtd mi 1 a,|la 'ilio i* .thai I may taut bo lup- vaiiCiiig;guy .ihaiming thing ; and for the
then C111'U i. at a iwa rin'.id by uiul at Hck -tbd t Ir,+Vaseuun5 fur deItiiut and I >.if' ,ucl, 1',111111"> iinln ut'nnipiitu t'IoI.'lj it> 11 I n.n I 1M rmiell, or my success inoie grave and quiet, iinog snug over
law a. it mipprti.ri aid 41j-lft: It '. in 1,1.-- : *. rttij ilu (aa.I.ib.iiit of tin co.i(1( >tl. ', Willi1..1.1.1 Killl5. luuureij, ritsrfllj ,'tis niiy poMur or >iu horny not cleail) good coal fire, hugging: the late*! book,
tionef all uaijeaof n* i>at, ..t'-,on. known ,"'0.rooalt'lIctou.td"flla" : \\ c lute hid our triili eau du uig (hijjun btutld,)' IllUt*. tra,.tri, lay the ( ',,"alllllIUII sad Ion s. lono engaging\: with a neighbour in a decent
; uftin. I I.w ">f this 11'1Jj inj" limo lght n b out ii,(ut anti : Tunic. '.") lu' ,v.'M i mail Ini CIIJONt I'ltiiJiit., I rata', theritore\ rea- gillie ol chess or diaughu, counting up the
I.ad. pr"s15r| to i,4ii p scot bill':tia, ami show J ; Ih" I'H'.V "II li tail iltMiruU u* ." '.IIIII') to n q 1\1 ft lust iliii C&IIIIDUnicK' day** prohti, running ovor the children's
laths treaty mode 6v' vnar a'l.-t the lumen iau+ nearly our otbc. and mi-i,,lve. was,, .I unJYnnd! h.v liid 111' tiiuniili| Mill |I'npm .1 >n in i> I 11 (.'.,. Jest J a part of that 1\1,,,. : U sioni, indulging in a little harmless gus
complained cf were (IMUI"i !d, 81'.11' uj;>rcjilvreooaaca i i'! jaiHar.l 'bang det'oureJ by the ce iiTn cllott'\l .' it U"ii waid llie fld flili. '''1,1 .LI,1 I lust it away bo stored Ihtri- kip with the good-wife, or (paiuklug/ of
at I c:aiu>< upon the Uai'ul I Mates fir tii0: b. ,Ii. She I Irh: m II''! i > -Hi i,' t,uirill. I "" o::1 I 1'1" Journal ill the S'nase. ; any uf the ihoutaod and one lecrenlion
3,tdem'litl far these (nuns It wu surer jiir. i file' .af.t pi:i'ic.11 t'lkor it always go on "...Iu,: in lint w nd saint t try 11,1\1' 1 .\ UlllW JACKSON. ippiopri.ao; 10 tie! ....ort..re feature
.i Imd. ontf. No tar altos whitatdd he cs. hlcmU "I d.II ulic.thare .. i do often the general slent.
fecdy well k an wn to till high C intrActinK p ir C lougn .1 quirt I w bids leriainly
rise," that no remannrntmi had b .sea m d. lotheaaar I''Jt-.ao nutter /for wit II lu'Inclplr.: or situ in say Cover k" .low*. At u g .1 i* t.SCNAIT.. i! ness, and even Kho a character of Joyou
re. Toe Go'ernor he."-'Im Cunt.iu' what mon hit (slats, hn i i. uio to nut-t limy |gut IIIJ.I gluts: I proLC. lon ot 1I1," *!t.MHV, April; 21.A Her lu the countenance of old winter.
Qeoeral of th.t.I.d ur cube: and the King/ up >i wi h "illJuition-i., kiiro 10 hive another; poiiu' uf 1 J icktou, Udtlini (I.n. Jtf.j .Mtigi war:. it-cti'Oil lioin liar I'avesldt'ut But those are many sad drawbacks, hail:
iii.throu. had best l's itliomunti-, rciitt,.. e.'ery ill'iii Ini, 0\\1' w ay. Our .file iHi- ': atouttliiuo Iliouunl piJit: *, tuclutn) '; 'l,I' :Mr. fJ'I\OII.o.l. iiiplanatory ur some of l said COOMI npiMin-over shoes and furred
.ad ipunanately add .. .d th, clam' III"II I'
:e > by owns con n 'lIrolli''I'':'' 'o wire deserted boys ill with flu:ibt>niM. ....1 I t.trt !'us, din: cSfitiiX'in/ .."J :trguniPiii continued in { clue -dnj 5 of gloom end nighl of norm
cannot for a aUD lilt therofar.s, b-, supposed by our w hj JIIi| pirtj1 l I In vain Wi o: nonstrn-- 'I winch i fdr 'iil.t.lle brilliant M. ini' n-d 'y. its, ""S"'I:1 wJ 1'ruvst; I. couumuaticascja ''' -fl 11.1 and fau.iae, and other dlstgteee
that the Spanish G"Y -ra"-nl in firm. ? ti! Tre. rod with IlIu.II-lhuv i wear m bo if( lie ailed Allot railing on the A'dfrnirn' inrl \j-i'- 1st (.t.J.., liit.h: ua rrad.pia. I' Llc brlong ..Iou the tr.in.r the ruler
ty evertooki'd the claims S>> far f.< in 't, Itl" 9.iiarUeleofthe u* T>irL! liiviu\t. '>.' I'!!: ail:|I'oJ tu ihe.r i lint AiJimii'ii ex hsnd.'!; cunji ..u"l.s I'oixprxriu 11"1"0111111'l rhis; 1\1...> I' of iho inveiied year } so thai the ..d.IIlId ..-
Treaty ipr*..:.. .t pa'atj! thtith-: iccol:oilion the d n p.'nl''y.\ when wk :, ;lion tint I oJl inking; u15eh, \ ,urmg this oil i ilu. 5.ipu III." 'I I.' not it.K.il'J.' and that t.tirnoil hulls "ea !ioit. end annoyance maybe
United fltate shall cituir *.ti.r"cLi'n to bi mile lo.tivni...t fir |.rl..cj\4| --tiify a tre tleafU I ..", Ilu rt I..... .I..OIn. anti Jovu lash. 'e.'t..luI5. 'itsath ha pruI'u.rd liS a \ conquered a* piotty nearly baU cl\.g
fau th sae very lu *e*. Uthipptly' the clunatf all uu sul. II fli nk tai uin oun'ry1 j I with this hank" use whil. T.. 's tat rououI 'HI loxicif hit nijitoii, that She or'p-; the |.hmsuie" mind enjoyment
however by some diplomatic 1'3"rd"m'&lD. end wc ; "u n." aiJ II"Y; hJrrali t,>iJukviu I jliihaJ:/, liter inidiiiglK in hunt ul' onI : ml I'r tot 1 Ir nil 51C'ivrd l I.t> i'iin.itJ, i I Bui :S5.sing-g.y; : : ainilmg! bearty.Jo-
the. word 'lt."' hid crept i rate the 1 l.iijdnh copy und than w hh tin Bmk" I I IIOIUL. A 'I"r iho lUjrfl slant t, ;irul II IIII 11I:1'1,1'11': .it a pn pir tune, to assure jbitar I Irund bpriug,-with countenance blithe
.rb. Tfft',, so ..to snake the :article rued tbu. Think, of the vijl in"tn of iha ci tiu. ,' i i'g up 1'ieir, latches, they' C."IIf' lo ordoi a.Jnpi 'uii. .end ladantu* the Dlorll. and lep. eo e.
.The Uoite.l d.ate: wi'l'1 cause rep',lill10 be titan aud 1.1 WS." \ i, no ; lurra'i! for )I"a I,lire- groin toi .\.Into'sa! d om.No -. A tl 11.1:1' rns'101 I. in .winch Mr. Pm- 1 light thai Slats nicest ear can bur foot-falls.
mid for the iajo its. if any watch by procen J.l\'kooll. and dson. with the B.I ..",,-." :' six groin: *," mid 1I1I"I".r.'l. a, 1')11.r.. fUll) ili, ;\J'' !:wing, Mr. 1'oiu Lumtt Hipping onwarrl, shaking' thoo.
flaw (kail be e* abtiahrd to hive been itilTired by C ill ij in .J Ihr! b'n ) '''i ItJ for Libeiiyllie I r ire it mint Oe-inn.' gr nn l lot *\"..h t" ,I.. t'5.r, Mi Kut; il Utoigia!: )Ir. C..lII.MI l- II mid uduulI hunt her deity wing.," bidding
the "pall i." oQi'n ..n I individual 3pau.ah mlub- pitiinnnv: ol ">ui revolunjmry! I! s ill I ii nurl. "O 'ntt'iifn, ,f:>..nll"'H'II," .i Ali. (;101. ('tn, and \J,. \\ ,:I1"'r. the *irea..ilot glide and the torrent
itaats,by the late opera i iinnofih* Ammeaa army flh..rf.-c\JnlinuOJ. frt'o --c"nlllIO r'*- !' snit w" in the km'.Ini in nut : nn.ii.iii.iblf : 10.>k pin gad ulnrh II tau given win ""Ih.! niuk.iie the bird, I* sing end the
: : loIlI'I be flb tnml'i. '! ill ....tl" tin, '' ilt.liMi. I.mb.lo play vailing upon gras and herb
ia Florid It i it known that the Americas rmy public rcmg! 'nirno ditHtor.' \.1. pirtrulir 'tin jra t i: s.j I
catered Florida twiCf.oicim HU anti ooce 10 no ; hurrah 1 lirJjcki.il: and tl sin with t>f \\ru.IIII-Wft: Joevtiy tluij t; b) h .n'Jlla'' : (' i.AY till loots:'1 lo lay the praa I and flower lo fructify and increase, and
1818. O.r g.) .rnmj it has given the full.'I..r.! the I Biiik. Look! at c'j' ft un ilu table, in order lo pro I diluting a joy as "broad and goneraUstliccouriiii "
feet lo the word .' latu" aoJ has IIM! made the in:, crtldll piriihing-minutattufe* t-nJ- peilctt jooil oa,lr-l.u I ivy i'uiprfi! >,l pith died lo IJI itf tuihi; \!hi .anon ol Ihe uiiiiu>he<| .Iir bj her gl..d prewnct
article 'Ilr.r ex -lu.wtly to the operation of tie ing i.IJII-h'J poor laborer without employ I able. Now irikiup the l h..J Man h." iiiii.ursIssu. Glorious n i* for tlsysv wl'9! ''long Irt popnlou -
army in HIS It i* a curinu. fact hixever that mm t- ill !going: t I ruin anJ ,I"val'a. I I I'ho bind co.iimcnciil plivnig .. Oft inj ,U'If' d few woidi from Mi. Couide- I ,cities pent" are becoming Witherwd -
ao equivalcut far tUu| b ltti .>1." .'No: no ; hurrah for Jackson, j; the stilly night," wl dill piiue K: -ilm iirind Mr. Callnnin at the Miygikiiouot : and nivru-df led, lu rise betimes, and
fused in the HpllDloh ropy of the 1V..aty. The anJ dawn with the Bmk! ." ]I clam i-sis' '.a koiiiuwhit higlr ."nd no Kent tnt Cliair that tin: two nuiiu* were : m the fic.bne.' of the early ..ouial.atr. ,
phraseology thjrt a. h. 'I'.CIO.I.. riudiiij, alt|' our cfT'it< li bring them I I bugle Tno night wets stilt suet I bt'.IIIIiful in IT r"it'.i:. ui out, Mr. City havinguitlidiawn !: .., abroad !Into the fields which ale just
lint earobjo ti* ant D'iv toca'I I laqieili..n Ibo bark Da I"IYO of co.nriy end the >'onli I -thf stars, ill linii shiver. briti.tai. '.k., In* Inlillll. Iliu Sen: HO proi putting on their ",nnlle. of e..eiald, sad I
errectjM o:fu rli.imn mad by the proper tenon mat v..iu. wo lei lit-m go. and they! I "eiu '-whol *diiled; by flu. bntohifliklic law offitr \fUIlt'n.! : They avitled th* diet \go: i whole patty! of 20.OJu to 1IItIltl"1 ol d thi 4iil I turche4, tart UK nil_>I huruscae, I ring use >r..cllIl l order ..risen! .dy, murk und admire how the
1 taeof the Jibjsc', aid aa appeal, I wax then made 11.t'it eJitor! A piriv tosi: li we luvebtmn ,, budding hers in iho y-irdfii Hue tI 'of:. ;Mr. I'niNuixiLH men m ulilird In* mo- I liars begin; 1111 ripen in bud ad blossom ;
5 b Jialf of Ass cUirni'it* to the justice or Con< :. nursing: anl keeping together fur ness und fiagrantc atoll d the whisk; 'l't'III' lion, that shut: |1.,11"1, ( \bn gut received! by anl how-k,glii: iuor cceplble" lo longing -
grM. The ease ntdwKihii- .. 1814 the I I i twoniy ) eartodn.er( u* !-II ono ape iad I II i{I '' bnall (-ttit out lh.i DumiJ'hn ul bran tubitiluiug; H mutioii lu adopt' th. follow-i !: ap'titss--thu| delicate spinach bad
army ef tiM Uuited SlU.. uaure J Fbndi to '1'I I I one fiittfleju na1; VViut W ,.I..fl| for u< 1 idoI dy oil I gave them line I' said M acv. i.'g ir oln 10.i* : I: nil iliu vanuiiei vf under salads, spro'uland
el the English force which Uu g ivjfomjnt of I but, like Minu luf>ro ilM i> Ea.1: of fli>itie, :: use maid. Uses 'hem br..n.I lyI- (n.u tI ftrii'tcfU Tint the Prfudoni in r row as il c.iulouof that culinary\
f Sputa wi toaf.OjU l t. dJ nth. t' wee if tb! II|flu pu"is"" th ie ofri'iory Mnlnnl ut"te, Hum Me Dy.11 I Uou'l you 'seer tMtry) 11 ,..IU.t.'n, the palter| | which hu did to t' k.ui tfice' to wlal." (hey are destined. Olo-
Jauf the tarn I Si we ''''Ik conrnandi, (' .i c :UI'IIII I I 'h.) .r" SIKIII "* tIt .\ ''IV' 'Is III', lu.. Sou tae. Oil also 17ih snot,ts1, which h., |I nous u i i., m\HUIlVI'r. fur those who love
opor.tlu.IDfth..r.0' tae, IOJ.ti"wG-W clSlm.: ..:.. : In. 1319, hI'I i lur two of Ih. W .IB f.rell. with a i Ito e I II I 1& ." '. y ar ii ey co ie in. ll. ..' *.awe wet rt-fj im eel I to bo pi fed ut iU J..u radii, its''!' out a' ity ri..inrl nor lake delight la the
I', private praprrtv I iii'iiiMou .o d in"r ih !m, lit C.uil"tH '.nlt'l1 !! dil wo tie .10'1 '"...: sd'ry .\'I are, .. Llc. Ud' Print: afdtiut u Kmolutlun "bibr-l- tf'given lithe," w Mtuiier, abwuj,
into OjlUr\ had twa :
t '" by U ypsois'aGovernmjnt
a pill
Florida wa coded to th United V.i'jcn ; end to in. fi->lit culIm, n cd.I 1 1I I do ) oa b lo :g lo also K'', in'i C .il>ii' 1, i..uHtl by' ill Srualtf ruadn a com | high Ih'UII. along the pave of Cbesout-
I We wer apprised' tli a' in ill'lIn8'IIU ii"nunf and d.'n'i know that 'titleirncr: 1 b.iwu 'n inuiui.iiion m'I aktlionied by the Contli. I strett und note ihe influence of the coming -
Sutee, aid than tt ... p"np! ject of Span: ; and I con..q 'nL1y it hut any '"1'1 else >I"MI' U'ard f'Oiu! the adjucrns no biar.dy this ) ear. Neat fill *""" they 1111 dl.lllte; ut c'l'Tininiiicaiioii winch the can charm the eye or attract the faacy,
claim is sac's epos iliat gnve um,ii far ind >mai. i|i co'tnlii.**, unl prupoMid it the Council ,',CXIIM In about for vi Clot) th ) .h..11lavv di, tmifcf ft' otn :gal dntir rtmUr neeehs.t ': am.si iliv etieuitoii at every step, bewildeiinv -
ty. They bad been ado,.ted a* cit t''na ef the :i;i iii.fad of mee'Ing aid Bghtias! : with these ihi-ir wits hlLd with punch: Tli pro.CIMIOU ry and prop'r Letwe.n ihe Legislative |I the *b cI..tvr with
dtwray/ Ot
Ueet.d St..I.. They h..d Loom tu iibcr of| \n ni'iiaiif, to ord"*r mho IHern dooi to moved on unlit the .1> outs I I'unw Llrpsruln15Sso1 the Uovernnicn'. rich said gorgeous merchandise. brought
ear great republic! in Uraily, ban arrngjin at I I i, lao ihr. *n o,>ei freely, to Kite ilioiii a faint, and died away on tu. tutii. \\u 'a lioalvt.il, Ihl'lhe PiniiK-nl, in ihw ;' fauns all quarters uf ibe world wherever
*. which they wore out a party and to wbiiu I Jill i an r for the three days, coot them drunk ':1 slept quite soundly ; said null IIIIIIIIIIKfomd paperabuvurscitedfu) iitiunir pover I i the wares waft. Of ibe wind blow; sad be*
Obey. were not cjllaj on to give their 110011'"I. I HI GhQ! and, hike all dritikard, the, ,' lint no one was killed-no one in "'.lIin lu lire SIBJ'C IM! aullioritvd 1 DilderMig! Ito I... ibe prudent piper who,
II Uae indivcfail |>rf at tin I'wool I fill an ouy I rev ; bit: they wore j: in.'iii|;-miny solely biu:nd-t'ie' \\ H;;i by ii>.. GUII.h.J.ioll. and cnlcul.eted, in uscuii in the outspread tMortmeel uf laces,capes
MndcfCab>. and bu ao>w.i was, that pro. 1 rockfull I! of fight: Iud 1"lu.ed our a'tire' '' rtjoiring. 'I he party wliuh li.d deteiudu I .rfii Mitt: to destroy lint harmony 'painted chintkes, embroidered sbswU,
viaiM waa made fill it by that U.li a'tarts ul 11Tmiy. II mid to it they wsir, kno.kii.g' sacs. otherovor lied gono, with their rI'CIIIIII. ae.uon w'i hit. 1'iic'it: to mist between rise co ordioiaate > watered silks sod the 'like, behold by aI
Tact the rip-.'lib | >\1 tn sent wno the miuirdi ant throwing the whol :; the terrace, and thus tml; d the 'J'r'ru; Pt|,annKTiti of the Oenrr! 0..slot I! natural f-roteu of the ....t.1 vision,. f,e-
Leaser bound to plY i t cad that b. nius! It .k to City lists: confusion |i Juurt. nlll'nt ; to II..rfer'fil ih*. Senate in quern abstractions (row the coolenli of *
toe f overamaul of tbe Untied Suiea.: T>iat iadivutual I'1 I Oar ppreheoi<.ns from ihe /brat were tin di| .tllji i:r If III| duties ; 10 dl1&r.dfl| nil I Ipurae already Uo lea* and aJirimaaavI
larD..! round mmrd;atety ..><) apoU! il lo : not dirvct lo the bulls of the Ih l'.ih' | j i [ From the, Njtioullttlln'tiicrt.V \ its I alit |.ill/Id opinion ; IInl'ill"lIy. to d*. I And then Ih throe je el 11141. Bevy
esrge.er.meM jpr red-w.: aid n cow told., after I""IIIdIl.b II' lo ilia luSt cf v.l's, the Iou |I \ ;\ ION. A;- il2.:!. stray iU inJiprridvn .r', by: tubs-sting! its succeed bevy-group follows group tar
wailing. eleven years, that the L'oittd yt.t.. uMt ,ulilo. result ofqanrrel! und cu..fuiuo ; so I i[ The f-JII"wilil| Me''',c: from the "'(\.,. rihh ;,11.1 I dui e* tl) iliu ccltrlJlfll.tll: n and lit ihr eye is pained with ff ileg. P.aetjful .
a bead to pay for lin: .'j lote .. I' lint has this sequel a* wn did not gal llieiiiercenanet Imit uf the U. Sidle lo the Situate, M '"* couirul ol lilt (:tI.l.l Magistrate.litioh'ttt / are they-moat be.uifal-w'da' their
|faab.deofdrk-. cool be allot U the imifely drunk, the enemy received and read in that body at the u. It '\'Imt lliq coraBioiiKalMnof ; oM-<4eit' straw collagee-Hbeir cheeks bright
{ .C 0mpt policy adop'ed by our, eromeat toward got them half drunk sod the row com. "penmgof jeprdy'j sitting a pjpor ul tucli M durieiur: with, the I oil! h tine ruddy glow ef healthful castles
laa FlAudaa in J3il wbte o-w pious rotors mid meiired in real t-arnnt. After they had I, To the Scenic of the U. bMtti 'rilaiaiioii' that Mcc'inipaiiird H, H :a -iheir eye bril.ant with ...,pla.... Meri .
*rre ( Beet< for brtbioj the Spaoiib autborfW torn dicta 4 doMn digs<< : broke! JO ill. Having reason to believe thai crruiutiling' plain and open broach of aloe con to dt.hra ep this eoa.try, aoj cadeaToared to down, nearly dentnlUbed ihelittl frigate,t tI conuined iu uiy Maage sand I rights' and privilv;:o* uf iho bvuale, Mud they are just related born the Irksosa
eaciu ieb llio4 'mo"( the aubj.cu of th: Kiog biickbaiied I the Whigs, they gave the yell, Protest, Iranimiiied to the Senate On I'17lh .. hat it cannil I bv 'I'Mi..J by ttu bndy I tans end ihraldom of long codlnesneitf,
/ ba"e it here I., clubbed! hillel.ih., and courtd this lieets, Ins' may be utbuiideritood, 1 think il without a auntndrr vf the just |I.uaerl au'l I though they paw aol beyoftd the Ii.ass .-
. "paia-w.' dceuoa of tbe eomtirt'ee .a Foreign I until they arrived lu frtmt of Matouic HU, proper 10 ute lixil it wa not my iaun- conn,Jwi lo It by tine Conxituiion, m HUM, vf e restrained and b*.**alog sairth, it
From the i: where the battle of Pinkie cleugh began lion Ki deny to the III.) Mi* *|r, abripower lu tcui0! lie libclly, and pruiuoin use h rely te perceive lo their springing and
Affairs aooa tb'i claims the o,'ia joa Iliac by of i> *:..111. We were in Wall stress when the and right ot the Legislative U.- i "rojperiiy of theoe Stair, and which'(lie II!'!"I"ie *,..., anti to .hear In their. cerelesa
.\ wa.ea ar* ibe claimaaie hi ke paid By Spain 1 was heard tktf come" We ran ,. parimeal to provide "yl law for the ciutv member are bound to maintain under the |'I I laugh, that lo them. the ,.Iur..1 spring nilenr
.owee; T.... .b.w ban the elauratta! pnaeati ; cry Bleased ooeta-re.
and welcome.
he sacred of oath
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________________ 2,000 DOLLARS REWARD, A LIKELY old, a goo Negro I Coo WO. How Servaal and 6 ............ oh.jrclI that my .ill G.nlen.'.rroend&.e instances where the public press DM In

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Tk U\utt will be owed every Sutarday $15457 3mh April, c.rrvmf with him f nd. .beonging | IJ, 7. P.rticiiUf AC. avoid.Crgriving
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C-el 7 or H inches high, 'irk '1.1'! eyi a nil''e mpleiton nt toe h ,r or Cal-eit\\I tli ve may
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Prunes Almond lime ul| her itreeHM. Let cli'Mien l I. ck upon rl.. pirturee not
pou.Co w..... aftardie, I wl I ailr l to t I'ied| Peseliee FiKS *, I" \RG 'RITA DE U RIJA, airtorcsiMrtf.glll. but I let them t be taught to *tam I Such ol i-ur patrons ns hate cot niiradyengccd

i. t'M Jsj of tad C.. ty 0 tan r r Nut, I'iules. Olive, Si.frni, Candl i, j tt'i .(Jude to I* Rue. it14 v*' tf tl.em. Wtitcaabe; wore irh in valuable I Ian the Pnople'a M",,,zlne for the

Kieamhia Ciaitty. r.r %i i dirio nil *o mac SHy Brooms" Codd .It, Pork, Brandy, J', :xVo/Jf n !aa' Don fug ,,.....i. 5for itiitrueUv leMi,..aU itt ft good CBgrAPefilni I coming )\'Hr. will\ recollect: that the teniaart' /

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ndvance to rent Ij
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Oil '! Wine. Mdtg Wine Cor. S'\JAtt. bner eeplesrtion'ofnor jr '
Sorry NtlU"UUOK .
I lawfal dobia. operation r fall who willful chaige! to the i>ubli elS. Situ :

MARIA WIGGLES Adit ia: '.tratrii. .1510 I Poitrr Cider Cigars TOMCLO; ', l'a/al'l'Z.'trctt. reeeitMbwlirtalar parru.ee, w.-k the Will en>nu aid ., by )our cop f' II'IIII() une address, fur five J,!'.-

April? ram? :jyv>. STV ;whet Oil, S.ierin; Oil Mu.tertl Stereo fO' lit: ider-iK-ie I ifi.ectfnlly aVirra' thai theY influca e IB tlu great work f'.rtt futmi.il *rinti.d ytKi."id. To accommodate ncliotli or

tt i. Thai Cho oUt, Current, Oeu'ijndns" Jug, eunt.nuoie .f'h liun.l pitroi.h'" and clurictrr fur thu ruing generation 7
JIJICIu Utt> .1.{ ? .h ande hie ,Irwud .nd the rOf'1p"lics., ten copies will do stun to anyone
A' .igtrd will apply D bia Ilia th. S'Blio &" .. &.C. hue hoot: .11"II .
'i.uedeter.bur I fur
cuseeult'triii lieItpeeuy. "> ,, .111I01nd nMrr postage fret, ten .dollars.
C art, at it. nsxl l'r'o, u In e e I off lie''h \V. M. COOK. 'bn mIMUIOU desxort '0 mtre'ure to lII"nean .
f Dtwer to wb'c.. Nut d for to the Hanki t "f threw d<*ir" ..s ul pgiebamnf Books ur
y'h eeut, sal l a d ptrvoul, 01 b-r lie ha.bml .. will sdlayainrlLvery LILLY WAIT.A CO Dcaton. tl
MIQUEU: Q'JIOUI.F.i, d ojaie ..J p. uconyofP Pmiacsla/ rclt. 11>34 | any t. i 1-of r'-B y Ml 'u nary H diock sits;he number of the now volume' will I ] .-

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/ order l lute binding
Mlll.QriUQUE > Ad ui i Hi. I wurk ia god
April I 7TUP. 0.5 7... m. f.) at. JOB.n.U, Day H okn, R I'fipIR"ok.Ien..r.nllum ., and for nt' in chool_. tel vul lit/if d in the United Stale 1

1'tmaf.lit Hank bus1aiisH ;. !\ Hooki, Bill bo hi *>e &:.C. Tnevearl\ 1 iiibtcrij.tiun bring lat I out dollar, npHL MW YORK A.1KKOR a poplar' .

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l<. ... dry .'i.*il.el. br ma ant l le .1 FA.NCY; UilV OJOU p.p r<, Fsn'> and bull P>i.r., .. or td 10lui tu'r.'t;,ru iid., enable I at wo" ehoald, rcqmrf lutellig.iLv, 4ut qu lien, Fomgo cam Donica'icCorrtipciidetC"

'...nt. AI'' persona having eUn* w II ,plei** _..._..o N.,.\.11 uidj be luu .u uif IullJtl.igdl.t.l0. >. :s: an Hole. Ion !'ii.i.d. BU..* Unr.li' and p.ymehteIwe! ). in wdvnnc' : Idle, Eonji, Biography,
pr'se.ttb.m..sdto .i.4.NrdWtt.oi.an .lrtri"n', Vni'mg do I.iq nl' Ink in I rue 'I bat and diameter I
'l wu number inoro w il. c o lI! tie year 9 emery, eehhon Amueeniont char
wiUoiake. unoiHtiav pa.mentt O A. N r- .,,,.,1 b t ter, Ukfin, ..8a.11 \\ 11I.1.111.(11'\. "* won veivrtbiH 110'ice that all wi o d*.i e lo and! piquint Sketches, p. long I-:vent, On ditp,

thor; wfee will c jatiaae' ine bBuaeas oaj b"e own PRINI'S, I...", biifk L II ., l.d llbe ln., etui I' .m..uii. .. ('nnt.nulth.' .* )I..-, II'I. may' pigrilj li> ir luisn- ili.cilun.,) Aietdue a.,11 U aelp the Stage

I aeeoant.Apr Jio dtt Napier| :)1110 rU.ill/,, C-a>."'. Lead.-i.d Slat" r a li"D bya.reeunuhheedvateefur.h' wound yen,. 1'ull I c AS.BIII. n. t, the I'a'pl ai.d liar, end every

1 14 !1.8 itNOffC thud" beiiiu doCil ice, Hat .r vr.p En >*<"..t. d le lie, runFuli If cry ol'.be pabacrb isihoad no rc iv all oils r anbji'cl wiu.iu the range<< of the Belle

I e, fflae. Back Ui\miu"a U std, Ie t lr'Si men nnithrii th. ...n r.que.t the 1'11'Ift1 r ;.cl'rn nd .hu Hl>eArl. < nbellihedith, inag.nific' .
t II : U ner.br siren,toss the dub. rio.r "u.eu o.i.: in *... s, Itches' Kd 'I "po. K'ldm' Po krtMni.ofdiff ) chatbe..nt.gunfir. l
and Stern Plain
II'IIY.lUg' :
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t ) MIGUEL Q'JIflLES deeie.d U... .. I Jq'ir 5. ..ill.of Eaeb.DoI" du Bd'e 'I'I UiJ
till :) .r..1:1"Io. .'PitS I IIU.I:. OF rOSTAOF.I :: ASuiic.lie .
All pan >Ba ind.ibled .. Mid date ur iei- dtieonMft .nifi.U
.wa'ianl male dnnediii q n nt.a :' ..".. 1""c.I Ce dlav and Coatting 4l lJippu'l .I I-T 'I, o ace.>mii.ndute Amuetatio f. V/w/J, ltdIndtflnalt work i II vnn''d ia lie taper royal l quatfaarm.
t pi i'I"-i !lee, &C. &e. fur d itributton, ne will telfer HIriv '' if fine
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QUiGGLESlai.aifitrf '*g '. tincu: I Moon Idre. fur t n lei.n f'an.0 OliN cf jinr lumtrtd .."? tutet.
April No. 5 1 I 4.4 1.1./1/ 1. ii' iiLiiioi I Ann nN'irl' X. >i 1.1/1 l mmely'as 'IiP > ii wit ,out cut lur&ft page'. ,lot win ell a braalifui FruiitMBiece
1 An u. ..i.j; : i S".. .e -i>-.t5 end .the |."pill I r':<4 i.' )I. ..I IJ 1 J.li.' V. WAIT A /'ii. r.., >nLJUK ouuanswple'L'ahleufCouteutaare given.JlKllue .
NOTICE. l II 'tC.I..j I ua lit> a.pru| u I. g th '<' .Vw.fo.k
: tao i b ... .. MirrorllthodMr".llohn
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Mil 'larat .f the II noarabte the tlp'uetrp tf; every IQnodlc"I.I u sppartnt from iha folio*ing faclnt
AThi COB I ol Eaeainlia County, to l I.e ; U 1.nld.:I ice rrtio well l| i i. uent'0 in to' i'ie ',)p'u'. .t'un< 01 .\ JAWt: lJUtlblS .if tiie -t.cdd.arttrly pictorial Lmbellishirenla

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cI 'Y.rO-1IJbtr 1Ift1.' l hill apply fir: thl. ter ll. li.I. OtIUltl.lg aloo l kerpi on hii d, a gm r-l I rear n onofUHY oe 01 id at a I... pike then One Doll"r each and
it ef G3tD8; GI e roM r .t.or. Ir tit rPTH : puhlt-h II are cn-cn-igrd bv the exi '
SAMUEL ma atf& OVtR arovint: tho Adminii'rilrn of 1''..."..t uic I) III y Steel Ciockrrv and (;.In\ ...\".,. i JL t a rrtipr> detnun for the I e ten .r Mi/ iris I shy piece* ul Muie. parcbaaed at the
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be obtained .
more i .r* cud lOt ancer vcelve DotIt.
to be SuallvdUohirged.MARQAKET. 44 .ilia 0" kti.iu (Jitiituiirs All if.Iirh. li* ill di.yU' bf far tech or jor Lick Do.* hi g 'n htue i the n.ijln.1, and cr ph t
*, w> lUi MvuM Iti :>a ter. Lolt rttot the EogruviD
ANN: OVHRT..N. I! 4 4 rtn.l 0 4 J ituiiei >iu<>liiiiitiii approved paper : pcpnUfh:* w'lti'.I', hue aJ.ng hi* III*, in e < cad A:u>ie alit'! In Ihi. calcalatiovwe
I 'fh* andemgred. alo eon o_ tin e .rry oa i i i..Jic,1 l l to r.i.
Admi ni tra>ni. 1' anil liguipii L>J.Do pe haw ...d) no'luiii; tf ibe \ ignclte, Tit"P.ge,
Ir April 8 the Aactinn llaaiueua. be her rented a large> | Af\e' C' mple'irg the R *t .01."'*. should rut'f
N, 5 I the tVwod-Cui*, UiKgrun ...d the
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do. 4 4 6 -1 BnaioaUy
I Brick S'ore and Were lloue ii the centre<< bet nl e Cixtr gemenl be afforded re Aho
NOTrOE. AJ..liu E.lglIIl.I..I". liar'luig he city, wbera gord can "el'I".illi' raft mil) 'o d ab', be indt I ...11 I..tu Irt meet "... allsrob.'ioll amt Sutures of muse t.re.+irgde, :rit.an of public kflX II. and gilt, crt, ul w,.<:en tifnttly for" work,; *bicb.in .
ETTERd 'lu.II'Hg "It'r"'
Tf of Adimnivratioii I. 4.aie w,.. t e cou.ee ut t.e vra.*. amooata U aevtntI.
Hint faDBr biro' this IIDeol.in. mvi"si
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ANDREW MKCUE l Bud I I. r ooctav Volniiwi'! U
? I.tKtugi March 14 \ B LLEL'euetj'Cosrt i 'I'hi. volu-n will be renrpl-teil in eightati; t.oodvnlbi.worktOlllci
Lt baviag beet granted by tho lIoa.rabletbt Vi.i'l..NJ .IWfIN .. uottM uld a... lees hue fifteen DotUn
}lor ,.. .. .. sash. II ...iI. C h sin E a year.
ComMy Curt of Eaeambia C-avy, to tb.1 i'i t'uoeWauuU.uuahnLadius' at '"a"P" ", I LI>' tN.'igin.ldeej IntbvJohn.to'andfurnish. t. .M \1_..." ....... w .. ... .... w roar Ik .
Sabeeriber, all peiam having n.aim* agai* t l ih.ltailed 51.1. tall -bat lU.i cvsld not be done. if the rapt
il vatd U"ID, Aprils. 1834 ) ted in any ftirlof jMKiac /ru
( eette, are requirtd to present them for letremmt ne dolls were not e..ea>\f.ly circulated, and the S.1It

aad all theme indebiod ti mike p.roi.ot Uun i ble and viliei Uoimoi ORDCRHD thil Jon Jiatiiiiii ra icinco', 'or JT 8fV: ''N CQPIFS: will bo furnished to ,ncription Liii cuumauily oa the 'ac....... Aa it
forthwith. ABIUII -\M MIM tD end B-.IMAMI O WRIOHV. r I j h. Ununi t
liuibalUs, log. I Her with It j-cnirdl Hiirtme.it tint oneaddr **, poitagt free fur FIVE DOL eeosp'''ad\'liN..rporiodicat
Admiab-trator de koni nan, the fret Ji.itir*' Dmtrft, and TiioTUf: WIT-. LVRS. ai tee *"|>n>t eat nt, mauy friendael ibe Mur .
Eecambla' Coejatv. April 10TTOMOIE ha 6 ol Globes, M.ourv, Lucy I CHILL. JO.ICPII F<.RITTH sal Ions Hoar or the, I'.pre.e: : in all catas to be meta In advunre, >ir nine Uwtgl.t'hdtit: 'would rot leawiHto paB

llrfodke.chiels, Scarf und Veils A".Olld D strict be and t e limo ... hereby ..p.I'ointd ,andTeecfeipen' > u he i.nLli.h*r.. .h.i. the lucti ante Ma ed.

", .M of jut enter of Gontleiuen'i blocks, 5U"l'f"II.'III.| &C.Ai.e I ( oniB Mioner> of School Land fir tilt!i I LILLY, WAIT &. CO. Bo.ton. l' the Jade fir
BY County uf Ccambia racy ontenl plendidly irinbd, >..
IB l
.. Co. a, I'I seper-
iiq t ofEnaimbia 1I.'l'h
I will aelf' for 1 ,
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fth at aeblto tu&loit: on the premM**. rn e*. A geueial usstinnuni of (jnoc Type,
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.fda. the 17ih of .. the KlEv 'I UK l'tUPLtSAZI: t:1I'"bli'd ia H fancjr-coloared rover, i III ufleredU
diy May ., ial-raat of I Mnili 12SACKS 'I tx :a. l..c m, .*, who take the \Vcrk by the Yes
I/AVIO C. PlVKHAVf deeeweB) ia t ,
I t No. IIAVANA St.GARS. ertry oilier fiatvuaifrfll"1 ai tie unj urallrlcd low price of LM CaU a

7, ia iheei-ye/PenMco'a received by the oboe iber, a f.M '. pr.... nt v.iltnnof the rto.:
I GCO. W. L C; t1I'fe8 tod'l.e
March 1ft RKLEY, Admimetrator. Kr .JUsT .n" btu qaality HAY \NA 8EUAR9,' .... PLL'S MAGAZINE: which will New.1'ork :Mirror, edited by Geo. P.Moriti -

U"' ( of Iwai II.van GREEN ia halfand quarter bar bt Completed l" tho next number 1'.41'0'01:1.. : Icy, cod N. P. Willie, to pubIwhed -
y was
:, NOTICE. .u(7J juil landed ft. ni nclir. Billinn. and ALLEN: A M. JACKSON ettrySalai day, at tbe corner or Paakaa
fur sun by ALDEN A. M. JAlKaUN.Apnl5 March 12 i on- neared ns an experiment The nncui a.d Anu'rlrra at foar Dollar .nn....
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J .BL of A. A. M. JACKSON 4c CO or P\V 8togaeaAWANTED Stave ..d. and the large list of ,surimribrn Lou iron n 0.111 ,lellcem I.1 of the *olom .

to Jackao tg NonU, either by note 01 I VeusacoVx' Academy.rn 8JO.OOO of Pip. and 100 000o f'i u has tilrrndy bl.lined induce dip PuS (erect,uf if whiih inia-tdiiie have beco rcpriwled for the

.book account ar. e rnes.ly requested to .. \\ hite Oak STAV F.J.! likhrrs toroinnue tin..ir tllurts t { pivruse : upplralion IB made. Ui
"lli: Tronee of th'* Ini'imtioi lure the 4p. i aid l-r''..Id1 will the essuuet: |'uiictualil ,aecare-
I l coma forward and make immediate fettle- .B. pleature efiBfurming pulilic that iiI ply to ALDEN: A. M JAKSUN | file! \\'olk what tl* ey intruded frv the (..,Iiut mail, le> vibecri*

asset with tbe subscriber. I I. oyeo for the rcenioii of Scholar: and u now March lit fir i-n permanent family ", ngu ,- I bur .ant; i,ng Hi a duitniitc.Apu .

A. A. M. JACKSON. i h5 *uoce* ful tiperatioa!: under the management ofabU '|''one, too whuh shall! be still mUle v or- ji _.
sad etfi.ent PitcherThe WestA India
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JELLIES .Vc. &I!. lust rncewd and ery general l bellowed by the
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of JACKSON & NORRIS lacoU i* p.tulu If and proverbia 'y liralthyIHronghout _April 5 N." 4iwuim hive aliet'lv, fr( tired inch aid' ia iii> idi IU"U..t t 11.' 11II..II'bt.. ai tnv suggtjiion, af a>

istbiaday din ivel| itod |h. whole tea 111 i. aece'ib'e *rr"ul tin ill t'!"|'iHMmrnt. as they darn: ntrk uirruun !'ndtiim.l' gtnUenien., lo publish a p.*
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I For b..i...*re his the rad.menii of the ) ': an4 the wu k h.. lecei..ed, eve y where, llie she i> bee hiideito: been do,.,i'M. ..eI M cons
adjditcd by A. A. M. JACKSON, to I'.ngwh: LingiKfs.ii. well as f>r >9' 00 moat anq.*liBe4 aitp-obalioa It has found It* ail o interest and amutt, khall hove sushi I 4 .cne his previous limit** have beta iteeleva

who.. "iiidebtoJ are reqiesi j to in ike .....> who r'B I and writ. pr month > way to 'hoo. nd. cl furnil.i, and while it h.<, liighcr and nobler |pay| oscs it via.-the I 111 a r>*M n.taa.n .,guuy. The object ev*

1 'i payaueat. ItohagUnmmu. Writing : .nte.taia.eI the NrI/ .iocl., its ano truiivtt\ -. ini|>rovcnint if the mi'.d, end dig cul.iVHtion H.is """ICII., ".! Is, to fill this void, .... dMieejUxalc

C. R. & A. STONK \\1. anl O.og-aph,, 111.1' 1 GO I was have, w., tent often had a t+lt'y tHjlutatt! ol the heart In a chap sad ,esp.etsbls' ,.,.., the p*.
Urrek .a4 L.li... incladinv on tae j"n.tlt mind and krtri li hue, I... luuudtu lire huratwre cf the Partstaa prim. Tae ft. r
A. A. M. JACKSON. ,rej... .g Bna.b ,pre month I ,J O way to ine ach .1 I room t aadmnay vunngilo' ,,'ufl.llJi'ury|] rOnli'Iul! to receive nublieatiua ia thU uod ..UIIQ a abaci line far*

t: Mvrrh" SO-'4,iril"4eltlttt For Mith'iu .ilica A.lr "omy, nllI1". I I H' .'l younf i>. ii. Lace Wen e .eer. d tvrie+ IIIm..nlb I ni i n, draervs: ,, H cmisidsralilo! clinic of outHiKntian. hush: a .lltcitr. VI'.k., taluaMe for preaeatut

Lets 0 udlhFor h.I1", b,. .e.... et a : by ih. wilcc.re 'oice i.f ill. |r tc ch., bid Tin:, iriencc embrace sad luuie leiitrreuce, and adapud alike ,.
Arrtxugemeut.Leive l} 3 3 Ct1 : dot th m to aide f.rafe. d,.., the el. ninny ibe .
Eaotli.h Eol Je.'10...uI.JUfI ltu dee.Lagag ; lay 'on ot tae l/io and the iaai. or iKeadevt
tq PeHtaeola Siahy at 6 A. M. ..... I I boowiuotce) 'bave read ovut and aver .pet| inure ,topics till,. lit firm view mijbi be IB DM (larg p .., t.1 a rate I., below. the CH' .

1 the l'.regoing 1I'.ee,,", mclad' ai'S.( /viIW ha iweoty ii ..'*. a d r...dth- ,'*.ro. ull..1) ,',I siiiina.*d. \\'I''ullr' tvUtei to the chI ... eat bo.kio i",rT s price. '

Arrive at Blikely S..I., 6 P M. dead Li '1".|.', J Magvu .e The dtma< d f.1 the work 10''be see d I i r"Cir, niiiurp', or in'"nml iructurr i.f( T". editorial "
1 Lease BUkely f....dy 8 A. bl.t Thai .actwua ih* French Laagaige will lID .. liM.U, rapidly lu raa>ing.t wed, animah und Mtu f if onl""IIJ 01 rrpiira'ru tswtiiarly teovorasM
f win 1.)0. at the N jiinern M Iii e.rivit.Arrive be a "p"' .'. eharceBo -- .aeoting d by aih aneiampli lurcm, the' kuHrri properly It wilii I irntU liieiatiu sod who will ssrrcsse.

at Peauc l.. Tuitday 8 P. M. d ia rpeclable f.si iee may be bad tmad'rat Pablinha a ha.. i.....h.d to reader it Mill' more .of'niturnl I history t'.* utu.i<-rniciiJii| >im.>ntin itlrclmg of .. .'". 1
t Leave Pe HeoJ riteBy worthy ae l.ber-l a patr rap ; and no 10 remit t But vo .h Iii not confine ourielref I 1 he number ju.l potlishec1 show Ibe aim. ef '
Thurs-hf 6 A. M.
oid'r of th. Board .tTr.'tees. tbir ei* tans till they l sue u intiodBC'd into fmi.Hie wholly to the animal the vrrrtable |nd the peg. soil the '1''-'. a ad the ojoaliry eTfle
41 Arrive at Bl ikel a Thin Uj 6 PI.. J. A. tMMP.RON: Pretid'at.EOWABB aed icnocU! throughout the whole length the miner.il kingdoms of na'urt.Vt I apfr i sut rich .amber Wilt be .lheW L a.
L.ave BlakelySiiuriNy' 8AM.rataoon 1. claws SecrrU'f and breaJlii of use t'nitM !Sinn: h"a-'MJOMcov.r ADAM WALDIC

,l .ube North*!r. Mail arrive. P.suools. AprU IT' No. CI U tin view trey hav e. rare I lie aid in the ..halll.lulirh oti, often into hUtory, arts, N., 0 Mo.th CirMH.iirect, PbIi.d.lp hls, .

Arrive .i PensioU Si'urdiy 8 P. M. -- ..... Editorial ,', anin nl. 1'ilia' fdtoi ol theJaenil ra *futturci, fit 'Ill" piiget of hiito TERlrf .-lA BJ6WJ.pe Feaes.ee 10 B.W

,Etiiftrm ed TaUk Alan ':.r) UoUatsRiatwny RdWartt. I Rambler who, ibid ton tohnqialcbe ry are full tf initiu lion lJi ;r p"I thite i.nirt raemk., aaakia. SWrt.a
P u tt -lioiiii> a untie, b the yourg. I>L* ib a l-I Ivastopofuacye".eapusleae 'luriiitoni
Leave PeoaacoU b ill be 'JlHm d un apu'oprhte uljcct' every )fir, each livraia. eoe4. site
Sudsy ..d a* a C.acbir
from Willitm will .... In abort noilnpf .bkh ig i lculmed mlfnt piijri imperialectafetwo .)._. ..
i W.dnekJtjr at 6 A. M. tee 'la a "'1 IB e edict tag u to a The '
page ire dollars. ..,
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Arrive "i Ce '! t. trcok N tam free Coaoeah volaaie, apeatus.1-ti ofiaiereiirga tempotent h *, will: btl illtenliuoIlIlYl'ltludt'd. .../ ai the ( .
std e me if aaa4eabanknot
pr prU *t.
Saturday .
12 BOOLeave Covalv. a N gro aaau ..m. j C.d.r U'uTV( .:J.... I CHAMPION. .Iiu!.marked with I. Noun) HiM. >aai par U PbUadclpkia. A.*. SI

d'j a..'J Snerd.v 12 noon Hie' sash pus ia the fra set vary black. a ahxhi 'fpulea. lateclii plial, down, I.e.. ; ib.. ba 1 m"e-jTic, to |irrifnt all the inifnijiii<< in.
hitch ia hi. ngbl foot whoa he walka, with a fine .nuafiai.e.x. lelhgence of the day but lIch ( ) 1Plli
Atri,. al PcnateoU TneiJkand&iiwday ; only ins wrmCltExecuted
/ ...._ .
I and large w".ke.ed aMal ft f.ol 2 D II'n.-Jepeci..rth.y....,. I' be d,enaeil of
I P. M. 10 or J I l tsche. WIlt; The above reward will be' 3. ograpliyAcooi.aU of piacee, taaaiiera J may pern n"ni value, nt

HANSON KELLY, P M. paid by the .."- ...,[.... sW hi. apai- hea... \-....., eVe 'JRiatlvrofrecnrJ.I E'clI this will souse.g "I at

Peosicela, March 12. 1834. H EUEGE STONEHAM. 4. Travtla eat Veyagra, I. vanou* jest o ., time appear late Butdelny! ha, in ad.Much

... Conrcub C.*aty, AI......, March tl /be worW ,..ntai'". ruiithicf J beet) done, This Office.





Pensacola gazette
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 Material Information
Title: Pensacola gazette
Uniform Title: Pensacola gazette (Pensacola, Fla. 1830)
Alternate title: Pensacola gazette and chronicle
Alternate Title: Gazette extra
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Blount & Aitken
Place of Publication: Pensacola Fla.
Creation Date: May 10, 1834
Publication Date: 1830-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Pensacola (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Escambia County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Escambia -- Pensacola
Coordinates: 30.433333 x -87.2 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida and the Library of Congress Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 7, no. 29 (Nov. 5, 1830)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1861?
Numbering Peculiarities: Numbering resumes with new ser. vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 12, 1834).
General Note: Editors: P. Neufville, <1833>; B. Wright, 1834-1846.
General Note: Publishers: Adam Gordon, 1831- ; P.M.S. Neufville, <1833>; W.H. Hunt, <1833>; Benj. D. Wright, <1834>; John M'Kinlay, <1839-1858>.
General Note: Printer: J. M'Kinlay, 1834-1839.
General Note: "Whig." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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- -- -_ __ ---A I


-- -

Strits. ,

-- --- __
-- - __ -- --4

VOL. 1. PENSACOLA. MAY 10 1834. NO. 9. '

--- __
-- --- -- -- n -
-- -- -
PEJ.VSACtJl'I, vssh i well iu mi elll.'I'IIwhich his our ('ruhs lo be well fsinblished. Tianqnj'lily : your y foretastt) vf Muter and cheese pie: itber in muting or refvuiof lo giant IM

I SATURDAY KVENI.MJ. vermeil wuiies far its turi-etd'ul i issue (prevailed ihrcughugt the Republic l pared by the tidy hinds of feme yenkeelame. denim .tsiou aforesaid or in say matter ia

I Mu the patentee gun golden I Ituiels wi:Ii thv" excepiiuii of the too rebels l All it life and cnange, and the content epee of ibis act, nay tpocal t.

lit shy sod also throw fresh brilliancy Bravo and Canalize, who with a handful delited eye parses succtsnvcly over the Su,'oner Coon boldea i. or tai aid

By the< poliinvst of Dr. KetnNtr Surgeon r i the ilro- pine eomnerro of 'his native. of men cvniinu'd to ravage ihecounirt' ; combs, rowhidcn>> chalk coals thani.i '[ county, whose dettrmiaatioo\>> shall haIflool.

city.-Kingilo* C'ArOftuh.NORFOLK. thcfoimrrio the of Mrcbo" and &
of the Feet we have: b -e.i stale fan ; .aignerorscts, candles tan 'ry.Hsda, .
with and the litter in that of 1'1Ulto-Ot'r as it would oxer a variegated si cite of lull! Sco. 3. 8II furthtr tn t.d. thai
papers brought by the I'a-idalia from Aoril 11.-Lighraiag.. Viloiift, however had given .t m trial valley end stream, chequered VCC.SIOP. the said commSatioaert or any oeeor snore

Jamaica up to the 8th; ul'irio. Th- -\V CI nitticed, hrtedy in .-ur (last, Itie '1'- blow to Bravo, ....ho. undereited <.C !h'. ally with I i-:gist und sh! df. This alone ituihcifni I of thorn, may adjourtt from lima to time

most ez:icing topic there rn oii t,> hue verity 01 the'li>;iiiintjr .hl! .|b Ncrooiinnifd, powi-ilcu resistance to the liooj.' < of Guvcriunvtit ; lo justify a pridilectioo for that I at de or they Bay Ibiak aocosaary, and

been the reeut .rr.lor ihe O 'venu.ind : Inc hI' ivy full ol rn; on \V..dn..J..> even hud demanded a cipttuNtton pcciet of trariine, but chic we said I they or a majority of them .....1 eauto away

hit f..il ing. We hat. .in.... lenrnei that hue' tin lust condition ot which .MI, that he in this, the pleasure it imparts| to gate ups for the ditch (in case inch ditch shall
,. Every thin*, which oc 'U uutupnt lit of theJ.. S.. Ship JjAfiAlami and tin ron.uuu4er.f lilt followrrt ((290: HIoumbfij s>n tf-i. variety of cheap comforts provided be deemed mcetawrv) to be marked oat

curt in tint Island mutt eec bicotie ot I I. inj at the wlii-f HI tile 'Bevy should bo allowed 'o'le.ixoile" I I for utir ""J' J'n'.nl. u it ''nh;' to tasks i by time Surveyor of the County, or by

intense interest' to tin whol south -rn \-n
portion of(hi* U.ii-io. An "'I|) rilu-IIII i< I ; Ibid uetcended the lop mid! main there on the Und of the Govvrnnenl.To I Limb upon G.Itvti. So much do wo JcI '. ,t for the purpose | of w
about to be tried in St'tloti.a. whose I I m lit. to iho k"lson, iplnii! 14; snd .hi "r. tins proposal. G >n. Victoria l rrf eJ to I light in adterim oelll.lhill we ate really ; not exceeding twenty fool, aed of loch

co i> I II.I; me in 's', anal tIm"-n secen'ltng passed comply, insisting that tiny lluul| l lad h lf 'li'potd noinciinii-4 10 dies up a I II 1 length a* they may think aeeotaary for

aeqfJencM miy be fell w'i: i the 'p.-sen seat of Ui\I of the gangway port, Iflll.ngoi ilon ,heir aims, and placeilcme.'i< wt .wctkly dull for our traders, c."Iah""I'IIt'lhillll '''draining' off the .'Icr. regarding ibo Ian

generation shill! hive pissed .* sty e in mo Sniji, which ws nhnjuulM. .1l the disposal, or the Genoiul (iuveinn' rot. I I |{ rlit.-.,'nctmn Sitmtl. leretl of all the persons, through whoM

f Whether the II horrors of Si. D ,lining >," I .ii not slig.it d< .u:o, owing to t.io Ur-ivo's answer. 1.1It! not )rt leiicf-ed ih.. I j I l I.nds the water may run, until It shall ho

are to bo eiactod over ag tin n J. n uca, ,)1)11I1'| Hrilml of the "n int'". Tti Iii! irkof lie id quaiters of Cm Viioim elu-n.Iu, Tht \'rrrJ.l'h.,1.. now in com emptied into some branch or other of ....

t. lime only do. the h.sey pipWitioa: .it 6 c'cl-Kk no least his I list Je. .patiici! 10 the f"l'ilIl.: Onibi i I mis.i,in lilt 1 hip of ihu line, 3 ln.ites' cicnt vent to ditrhaige the tame, sad may
can ermine. lilac If 'seuibling the report "r.4 heivily outer lu. ''II. toe brae, 0"... Mvpi! ,s hi.d l lil 15 slotij't ol' war, end! 6 schuonris. 1n'! ctusetrrrstu l>e marked or saaika toIc

t From tho pipo ** fu-iis'i-J aim by D charged ,:"v.llr1I1i tol, was uN 1 1 'YII'JvI | fvuied, on the 3.11: Felt, tlie bind):u uf nrdiiiaiy', (> ships OIII.'I"e.| 6frigstea andS sol lip to perpetuate ibo locatioa of tbotame.

J K we mik. t'te! fol'tw' "'t etinc '. It r., ...y"r"II'.JIII of out town-.i feuuiorvm. l ls Canal>, ia II... iifijfliborlnod ot Tale' sloops ul war. Buildn g, (iiemlv c:.-in. _

'# (Frtn ihs fft\miMulJfm fir /V J<.] ,.'. in 4 "unit f on Ton P tint, XMtucked "nJ tibliged hiMi to take flighi wil'i 60 pll'lfll!,) .'> .hll"|" of the line, 6 Irjl"'e I feic. 4. Be it further enacted That

t /'"* uu.il:.....H airy ., it ifstcr I I"iy o a dtwn. Mii.l-t-j much stunned lint I J cavalry m the greatest duoider. This ",,-ul. It skit, of the line lli lr'".' "., i I the coninnskiooeit or a majority. of tbeas,

served at chi ,.11'10./11I1111 uf Hn Qern i'le diJ ...t recover far a consalersbleuaso. |Lulla'l ion appears j 10 give very little 15 tloipt of war, und ti 'tIIlIUII'I" alt ill lieu mine, the compensation to ho

t flienl by till oacellency the vern>i'. "nt. Fiuinesnl' live oak have been drlivrred ut ;' nude to llio owners of iho leads, throegb
,\ I me a :..r the Steam. Mill w, struck wish '! Urn Sate Atn which
Sie: >>. n reominel quiet at the d.r ient Navy ti aids tau 4 ships ol. I which the ditch shall past, cowUensmion
\ The Marchioness. with! Li-iei, LJ'SI: ihf lijlunio, and ..* w'iniin tn" ch.I.1 s, and 4 thmj: uf war.it I together! with an ..,.... at.

I" and Elizabeth Browne and LIIJy Ot III* red lit, ,.,: 4 If: .me I. l) relieved their c u'lule.t""all UI nt'It. lUa .ii Cj..l' 0)1.1 she| lit .. ,. the applying. for nickrommiasioa .
by presence, else u tHe'j I pi pue r ini : |I.n -hv tma, : ,01 I ship of .1.. lii.orlmi prrson or persons
masculine apiMarance of this public ,l. by use in -s 'J
bide./ Tit. burnt Si>.- lh : New Orleans I ,If.Ira niifw.ivJ iu has i.r". rod n.< i s, :. | _.. I II be .kept.. open. and repaired at the ..spools.e .

After the oaths were IlIkf'n. a cot al! t< ckut i\fW4ik, "' ..iel. wa bj. 01 in 'lin4rbuir ,jR,ns in re..uiug ..rJ..r ihr "i,hi>ut ihu t'f 'h person or p.raonsapplyinI; for tUoMine.

lute of twentyone gum wis ired, andfc ou" lie Baito y, em hen we went ,pubic, I I.WVS ot FLOHIDAAUTnonn .

feu' de jai by the R gujrt| anj MHuia t |press yesterday mnt'uinf, h ul been reai The: CigrtM ofMcucu, wore di
stationed in the qiare, between .j,,*
of every seven gun, in* Rj> a yesterday for New Orleans 1I1I1I""un. I I tin draining of L nd*. greenbl) lo thit 1(1. the court thall cUrter
Standard: hemp! hoist'-.1 en the digsdtflin Cue yu.o.cl| and cargo, are estimated: to The Executive wishing&: to free thwfip- \VHKRK\b' Con",idernhle bodies ot the application for such way or ditch, and

front of the Kin;'. H juv. In Etc!>l lleney nvri b-eii "north 100000. ln'u' imend its)lfom, a great; numodr ol hlllr-,..., oilic :I: bid in tevera* parlt nf this Tvin'toiy, thin lelU, n thereof be recorded<< ., the

then returned to the King' II*u.e, been rffjcted on the lariner to 221,. n, i..lled. decree on the 4.h tlf F ,b., ,t i lie improved l because the owners have eal.ense .f Ito party applying' for tile

...11.1 I 'remained ;in the rOli.-.o. when! time JOJ, and sea iht latter to $43.0v': it 'least, urT 'ring Un.U for cu! \ivaiiun in -r.,..,, lo :, nut power lo rut ilitrdrt.. through oeigtbi cause, and thereupon" and thereafter the

..roopsand Militia marcnod pan saluting. uid pru1..ollI0| aesrthuul.anuunt' : \\'.. nil the i fficert and sol.liais who had been i >uri
His Excellency then to iiej to the wee iniorrretly informed liiat ilif crew left without camp oy for h 'Y lC taken" "III| j ..ms and nuks, and at the improve. 'er, thalhbo tested In ibo perta,or ,..

Council Chamber, where 4 Privy Council vera saline whets tlie fire comne.iced.l ruts a.ill.Ih" |nes'nl Goverameut, mcnt "f such lands woul suit only r
was formed, after which h
dod to the Presence Ch ember by the I hold, but ho v it Ollli""led i j. nor known. eJ, that b tides a fair grunt wf I lauds, >, but would ojieime *t a public et or. __

( Lieutenant Governor M rjor GCJC.-J! Si. I The Ciptain wu! was in hu II.Irlh. hatunrrly Government |1./fldg"lI| itself lo git: t a cult brnfj. C. B. i it further aaacttd. That

Amos Noreen, thu Pieiulaut of ,hCoondl. time lo save .1 few ..11)1"1111'' ) a of uunry :mj :a f.irm-sjj.L.!; ia: cad!: i iiJitl-- I Si ,. I. R.. It marled I ty ttp flntr-inor''I it it shall. not be lawful for any posses ka .

'tbn Chief JUM C., sitar Auornr 'kianoineior. By tho OmMy IIfr"vat of ,lu.l.No \ .s 4 l.s1ta'a leas c."c" ..r tie Tetitu.y .op Ut', or s thMig or i lit any way. to MS*
General, the Hon. J. G iyle..id, and Hi- l heats. Tom the Au .lri1 fr guts, and oh I American vessel .e.. lefi .1 YMCms lit F'utida! That any person or |.er.onseued }11 I'''''" the Bowing tlh\te water .. any dtoclsur

Jlon. Maeduwall Grunt Members of h ..r ve.:.4'14.| thecie wnn' nil recced.Y.'W .- by die Congiet*. Among her pass ul I md ..hit h is over6',wed or li.i I cut, under tie penalty of' twenty das

Majettjr't Privy Council I fork C"urtr"r; { log tirrr .4)," i/1 S. t -ng"itis Father P.-yr j a Spanish| Mi.. le to be: uvetl'w d with "'JIl'r. having i II hit for leery such off..,., to be pallli.

:. sioniiy, who has resxM forty S-e )'rlf" | tie p.irty inj-'red, end to be recovered
A law bad been pfll.nu1g.IIOtI i in St 'ivrn two ni HI hi notito ly advertise'till .
Domingo by the President, prohibitingall Pram the Key W tt Stntineltp.. SIt aninnit the Indians of California, and firs set ui MI llio court house door of he:ore UIII j.ittce vl'iba peace Provided l.I .
he thoi feel / introduced civil|.zition aniong'ihrni II. alwhys, that the owam of MJP Us>dt
vessels from trading from one port to mutt gratifying no the county nhetcln! the Imd lies, and loli .
iulnrrst in tliP iifiln pUce has br.m!{''it with him two In hen hove tot .. ahoutleII1tItb: a ditcb. laid out at afore
another in the Island. This law was to in prosperity ovnii.-is of, or ,pnr.ons residing on the
i be edncNii-d in Cu',> .. ."'. l.tlcr..1.k. ,list shell ho debarred. of
'o witness tliti iniprovomnnts w:iirli are ; : nay tuts, not
"limf I
r.ome into operation on the let January, i iliiiu h Hhuli" tilt wish-s lo cut a whir.i."ollI.na
31A inst.I : said ditch
after which all vessel MucVng at any now>> poinj on. Beai ilo five I."dso'noIw..Uilli dbh for tine ,pnr[.Q.e of draining! his lutnN, lire privilege! crossing aid
I the ateataary
put In the Island mutt d'ueliaige and houses in dilT.-rent jt":" s of pro ,if his iiitoiiiion! in supply, to iho county i l bridpes the
load there. It it stated! that the law i i. gress, them it a \\i.urge warehouse, a II', After looking over the whole bide! t o': lourl of aiil ti'uuty fir n eoinmis.iun toin ( ret i cur tiiclDtloj l ..4 dividing

intended la turn the ati'nti'tn of the plautert 'store house a neat court hnuso, a stone our exchange files yesterday, enlirgbd HJ "" u w.y I InJ uut fur that purpose (and 'laid.
and it was in un enormous plats by thu rc..i1 I See. 7. And whereat at f oral desks,
: to railing coffee with view of break jail, several smaller buildings Ruing: S nd np| (icaiion may l Iu made in pornonr
of three or four bock mails ut once; we sinks; sod branrhet are frequently......
I arival of | could find scarcely any thing of utiuienimoment ed up by the falling down wf trees Ofvther
in building m..lei.1t of iomlescripiitui mil. ,|pun pi lof b'inj; maJu lu ilia sih.:
either to 'elf'r lcl or to comW.iiuKjn. obstructions, tu u to oceatWa ibo
or other und from thirty luf I .UK 'ifihv that musk hat ttvnivim
how 1/is Co.r l4lli,1 dt C1*'**rr*. w court uvnlowod. WSthwninr.
OOOITA, 121"" J.Jn. 1334.Wo ,My mochaitict are constantly employed Al'erespoctationhnsbvenon '{ us iuIurn.aud or tpon the oilier per.sous adj,iceni .lands to be
al hi her thin eojIJ be had tl an eager louk-out, to be lliu il'glited n(1( .
e1 lutrn tlMt a Patent hu heel 'wages' >e- interests! appealing slid wnivmg
in our h" is vexation ,fT, idui / Re. it further enacted That
a therefore
where. !> illllro\.tlllwnl. much ipes we II r u
1U the fcfiruand thecourt
granted to Mr. JUt'lI P trodrs of PIIMini say noitiri u< : may
HI favor .f the, of more I ponrnintly" perhaps, than our rtndor 'he poison or persona whose- lands half
ncreeeiag .
establish a ilwiy across the tail -! impotence ii-u<* a carminissio n In any three fi"r
time JI&co.!. liaise. PENPSI'VCWe *. Noun but th se ;in the |"of-1-1 iu.s !l'. ... be oi itl muf, and l we III Nl l learn that ho hi* written ,1..1'1 .s in .J t'II'IIII) sgued on by allii.'IK
fully uii .Ifisi.in.I l rniifusini i I'.li| uf i from ibo' of ibo
al. 1I,1i-lh lair mee.Wir in i-in I' : ,[ iii.prjimaiil fallluf
o ;
to an ioJividail in th'. Citv, unliritln? may ; o f.ni.o| "'ij 1> i! i m, orantijoiiiy
winch |poses 'lie brim >,f an t'.Iit.:oriii : trees or flotiiiiK uf limber or other OOti >
him to ute his i hfli<>ncr with those s h; f Ih.,'.., 11 livi.i "' u ,y for u 'h'l' to
especially. his thus su I Ho'sly d'ivenujmi is UMresourres in lions ecruss any natural draia. ...t
: l thti I 1-iniM iilluned ill this
might conceive interested in the public! un :!i.'i i te I
good and more etpecitlly those interested IUd thue-makers for morcenui lo j lf MSO the rUI e. o iiniiivon iiCTuril ng to the due lions ufhu ,; III branch, m iy give. Mire to the owner

ia the prosperity of the Province in order Ttm Frendi brig Olunuese, Capt. or".rron. One thing the whole world! net, bus if|tm prrt'in tn'eretreil "h..II of Clue laud 03: which such impodlsMata
Can und"'llnd-lhal intellifviKe which be and ir..lie shill refute ar. neglect
that they might take ,'Iare, and 1 Iriig the Founeau of llmo bound from,llavuntlo .lit agree on the pertunt to be rommisio'itd I may ,
hit been hanging back in old she ,11".lfler two day ..,ac.
l lo ,
enterprise into operation| ai a"C--\V'e Lm.lul'l.: wilts a (11:1:I cargo of Colfao and "j' UTU .,n>> ni thai/ case tine said! : remove
baprtsed, ;in swamps 11111 I tt esim, ant thus" it .1..11! || be lawful for the peraoo ar
sincerely wish it were at once ,-.r. it'd inu, : ami.e, went asho'e on Little Picklrt't, 'uri srll MptHiiiu.lhit-a ducre.nl (Arsons,
? effect anal a now fvuiuin of lirhei thus ofiened R'..f on the 10:h M well and immcim) q>ixgiiiiiet for ten days or Jortn'plit; beyond ct.i'jttk"! nest in'tic.id in the I ndj, ; |persons whose laid: may be overflowed\ aa
ut time savours I 1111... ; .ic.'i! olIbincs I. d mni"i I '? 'ante the said obtintcttoat>> to
a too ni :
to New G en ul*. N b.ttlv! .I ubl. ly bilg.d->evi<< >ry thing lust. Tim ofli.ert nor( rah aced *tcv ....lloi.'y;' or j3'! ..". ,
: that IIn,1 I sln u..i bf lo novtd.Stc. .
are antiquated
> i > j
the importune of f.c'lit sting the romniuiiiraiion ml crew wets hrnu 'it to this place by ,eiihrr, ul the tiailit-k In ..h"lnIMII'I
I forgotten to be called .u.IJIJHlc lieu 8. Provided' always and ho .Itfuitlu
bf'ween the two sets, IIn.1 l weliupe lie wrecking sloop Atcln, C...,. Cu.h'l 'iiin-tioii *',.sll u ue M< a'oresnid. I t
the work will be supported by al' m 111. Th. errs lost all their clothing, Icantiln I Adftrtiier, May 2. Sec ::. his it fiiiih enacted, That 'r < n .citd.: That: nothing In this acl
tlixll be construed elect the right ofI
those who have at heat, the true luplnts | e 1 with the enepiion of what they had on. | A p"rnn suspected as being an JCCOIH. slut' ui.l I co>nara or. majority of : to
of the f oun'ry." They h.IV" since boon tent lo Havsn: I'juice" of S, l'tAatlH.hI), i it tli'I I be teas ham, .lull give notice by adverliseinvu*, 1 I Ilh.* owner of mills, sot<< ball have say coat.loI

Tae enleipriti'MC centl..-mn nil clod to The brij Cvgoet, Capt. Spivin orB member.was IIdf."i ed a< h.lug rut,. set tu ut thi aust-house, door of ihurouay luirtioner" under this set power
oT be teat
I draw ( water
|a the abovaerracli i. stow ;in .iit rimy, 'ItUD. from llavaxi, btund IA Ihm bed a Bink In N, 0/11'1111't a few d' .' unl I at sub other, |>lacrs J. theyma 'lay: out II ditch to

and wa wish hint success in hit f'tI'J.rl 'IUI Ch, weal .h"ro on Littlo Pickl,,', since, it now u >J and cnmmunliion; Kecfon th*-th utu S'ie' wn imrnud;.ie.Iv I hoped clrcum taoc''* will toot laid 10 their ruoiing, thirty; days al I''HS! before I I 5ro. 9. And be il further ..actel.

;I -with A the more Pacific qnirk hit been easy t IU..d of furyears I irl'vrJ by thus wrecker, a d. brought' the' detection of the l pilnciit.t!, ai hu I ii bi :' iricir; niectiii*, wlncd asset tiog; shall be on i i'I Jut ncb cUIIIII1 H Gael shall omitted

:ani if Mr Perches CarrieS it i'lto into tlii, |port, and, we u'

Itrarlieil effec hit name will be ImmfoH Civol 1 but little dsm.ge.. Her cargo con Ibid. I l1V. leis| shell be M-III.un..tl I* lo cu', v.hen ,, ury Jy Ue shall stead i. the oaooBllosvf >

down to posterity, with linn