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A Message From ...

Dr. Christopher Silver, Dean

2010 is finally here!! While there is
nothing magical or ominous (like
2012, for example) about 2010, it
does mean we made it through 2009
and we're still here. The challenges
that confront both academia and the
professions represented by our col-
lege were formidable last year, and
many remain. But there are positives,
many of which build directly upon
some of the quiet successes of 2009.

For the Rinker School, Fall 2009 in-
volved the site visit of the faculty/
professional accreditation team for the bachelor's program. The
preliminary assessment of the team not only pointed to the many
accomplishments since the last visit, but also suggested we set
the high bar of excellence in construction management education
that others strive to achieve. In every respect, according to their
judgment, we continue to offer a superior education in the Rinker
School, and that is owed to the great partnership between the
faculty, students, alums and friends.

Another building block for the New Year is the UF Solar Decath-
lon Europe entry. With design and development work undertaken
in 2009 by a faculty and student team drawn from throughout the
College, including a major role played by Rinker faculty, we are
positioned to build and test our solar house in time for the June
competition in Madrid. The Solar Decathlon project has grown
beyond merely a College effort, however, with plans in place to
display our winning entry in the UF Cultural Plaza after the com-
petition. The intent is to help advance public understanding of the
value of solar power and quality design.

Rinker faculty also contributed to designing another innovative
program, a web-based sustainable design master's program to
be offered at a facility in Singapore starting in May 2010. Here
again, this is a collaborative effort drawing upon faculty through-
out the College, and through this one-of-a-kind offering, affirm-
ing our leadership in the growing field of sustainability.

Finally, in 2010 the UF campus will be shifting to a new bud-
geting system, known as Responsibility Centered Management,
which will give us full responsibility for the revenues generated
by our offerings, as well as covering the costs associated with
our programs. Since the programs and courses in our College are
sought after but currently are not accessible to students outside
the College, finding opportunities to engage students from across
the campus will reward us in ways not possible under the current

So farewell to 2009, but also thanks to those of you who helped
us so generously to make it through the challenges of the past
year. We are certainly going to work to make 2010 another great

Dr. Abdol Chini, Director

I welcome new juniors and graduate
students to the Rinker School and
encourage them to get involved, not
only in their various courses, but also
with the student clubs, competition
teams, and international exchange
programs. Congratulations to the
BCN class of fall 2009. I wish them
good luck on their next adventure! To
other alumni, I hope wherever you
are, you do well and think about us
now and then. Check out the alumni
news inside and please send us up-
dates about yourselves as well.

It has been a difficult year for the construction industry. A weak
economy and continued difficulties with construction financing
have slowed investment in construction. This has reduced the
job placement rate for BCN graduates and declined the number
of applications for BCN undergraduate program. On the other
hand, individuals who lose their jobs, or fear low prospects for
employment in declining economies, see an advanced degree as
a means to better employment prospects. As a result, the enroll-
ment in our master and PhD degree programs is increasing and in
fall 2009 we had 120 Master's and 30 PhD students.

We are in the process of adding two new faculty to start in fall
2010: The William G. Lassiter and Aneice R. Lassiter Professor-
ship in Building Construction, and a professor with expertise in
low and net zero energy building construction and alternative/
renewable energy systems. This represents not only an opportu-
nity to add two more faculty and offer additional electives and
new courses, but also will enhance the School's internationally
recognized sustainable construction program.

Dr. Bob Stroh, Director of Shimberg Center for Housing Studies,
retired in December 2009 after 20 years of meritorious service to
the School. We will miss his vast contributions, but wish him the
best retirement. A search is underway for his replacement.

Our faculty and students are at the forefront of important achieve-
ments in construction education and research, and are broadly rec-
ognized for their truly outstanding contributions. For example,
the UF solar decathlon was selected to become one of two U.S.
teams competing in Solar Decathlon Europe in Madrid, Spain
in June 2010, and the Rinker School Management and Design-
Build teams ranked 1st in the ASC/AGC regional competition.
Congratulations to the team members and their faculty coaches,
Robert Ries, Jim Sullivan, Mike Cook, and Doug Lucas.

The quality of our students is manifest in the quality of alumni
who are successfully contributing to their professions. We are
proud of our alumni and appreciate their loyalty and generous
support of the BCN program. Please stay in touch and let us
benefit from your suggestions.

Orange & Blueprints

a bi-annual publication

Table of Contents
Executive Committee............................ 4
In M em oriam ........................................... 5
Construction Hall of Fame.................... 6
Alumni in Higher Education ................7.
Generations of BCN.............................. 8-10
Lessons Learned................................... 11
Grand Guard................ ................. 11
Alumni Updates................................ 12-14
Regional C lubs ................................... 14-16
Endowments............................... 17
S ponsorships......................................... 18
M ajor Donors ....................................... 19
Friends and Donors............................... 20
Fall 2009 Welcome Reception............. 22
BCN Homecoming BBQ.......................22
BCN Convocation.................................. 23
BCN Graduation Dinner. ......................23
Fall 2009 Career Fair........................... 24
Student Exchange Program................. 24
Guest Lecturers........................... .......... 25
Field Trips........................ ........... 25
Student Organizations...........................26
Student Competition Teams...................27- 28
Rebuilding North Central Florida..............29
Centers Update...................................... 30-31
Solar Decathalon............................ ..31
Faculty & Staff News.............................. 32- 33
The Charles R. Perry Construction Yard..34

Front cover photographs:
Top center: Fall 2009 Graduation
Middle left: Construction Hall of Fame
Middle center: Fall 2009 Welcome Reception
Middle right: Construction Hall of Fame
Bottom left: Southwest Florida Gator BCN Alumni Club Golf Tournament
Bottom middle: Fall 2009 Career Fair
Bottom right: Tampa Gator BCN Alumni Fishing Tournament

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Kim Stanley

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BCN Coffee Mug

BCN Portfolio

BCN Polo Shirts (S, M, X, XL, XXL)
Blue and White

M.E. Rinker, Sr.
School of Building Construction

304 Rinker Hall
PO Box 115703
Gainesville, FL 32611-5703
Phone: (352) 273-1150
Fax: (352) 392-9606

Dr. Christopher Silver
Dean of the College of Design, Construction & Planning
Dr. Abdol Chini
Director of the Rinker School of Building Construction
Dr. Paul Oppenheim
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Raymond Issa
Director of Master's Programs
Dr. lan Flood
Coordinator of Ph.D. Program
Dr. Charles Kibert
Director of the Powell Center for
Construction and Environment
Dr. Jimmie Hinze
Director of the Fluor Program for Construction Safety

BCN Advisory Council Executive Committee

The BCN Advisory Council Executive Committee (ExCOM) held
its bi-annual meeting on October 16, 2009 at Rinker Hall. There
were representatives from the Solar Decathalon team who gave a
status report on their efforts. The Committee discussed current ef-
forts towards fundraising for the Endowed Professorship for Con-
struction Services. Other topics of discussion included the results
of the Industry Survey as well as recommendations from the indus-
try focus group on management courses. The BCN regional club
representatives gave an update on their local club activities.

Present for the October 16th meeting were Bob Angle, John Bennett,
Lynne Capece, Abdol Chini, Curtis Culver, Rick Derrer, Tim Good,
John Gooding, Dale Hedrick, Raymond Issa, Sid Jordan, Harley
Miller, Bill Morthland, Jeff Nelson, Paul Oppenheim, Steve Palmer,
Charles Reid, Domenic Scorpio, Erik Sharpe, John Sofarelli, Ray
Southern, Robert Springer, Kim Stanley, David Stayshich, Karl
Watson Jr., Don Whyte and Wayne Wadsworth (via telephone).

Charles Reid will serve as the new Chair of the Executive Commit-
tee with John Sofarelli serving as the new Vice-Chair. Ray Southern
has been selected to serve as Chair of the Industry Relations sub-

ExCOM members Tim Good (right side of table beginning right to left), Eric
Sharpe, Domenic Scorpio, David Stayschich, Harley Miller, Don Whyte, Rob-
ert Springer, Bill Morthland, John Bennett, Karl Watson Jr., Steve Palmer,
John Sofarelli, Chip Reid, Sid Jordan, Abdol Chini, Raymond Southern, John
Gooding, Dale Hedrick, and Curits Culver at the Advisory Council Executive
Committee meeting at Rinker Hall.

The Rinker School would like to express our
deepest appreciation to Sid Jordan who has
served as the ExCOM Chair for the past two
years. Sid has dedicated countless hours to the
leadship of this committee.

We also welcome the newest member of
the EXCOM, Pete Pace. Pete is the Vice-
President/CEO of the Florida Division of
Clancy & Theys Construction Company.
He was voted on during the October 16th

EXCOM members expressed their deep-
est appreciation to newly elected Ex-
COM emeritus member Don Whyte for
his dedication and support of the Rinker
School throughout his years of service as
an ExCOM member.

Award presented to Sid Jordan (L-R) Chip Reid,
Sid Jordan, Abdol Chini

Pete Pace

Award presented to Don Whyte
(L-R) Chip Reid, Sid Jordan, Don Whyte,
Abdol Chini

Meet Paul Hardaker, BCN Advisory Council

Executive Committee Member

Paul Hardaker is the Florida Region Manager for Gerdau Amer-
isteel. As Region Manager he is responsible for five production
facilities and a Technical Resource Facility in Florida and Georgia.
He graduated from the University of Florida School of Building
Construction in 1971 and was a member of Sigma Lambda Chi and
Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. After a term in the US Army Corps
of Engineers, he joined the Auchter Company out of Jacksonville,
Florida, where he was a Project Engineer and Project Manager until
joining Florida Steel Corporation in 1977. Florida Steel like Amer-
isteel are the predecessors of Gerdau Ameristeel.

Being a part of the construction industry is a family affair, Paul's
father graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of Florida
and his son Andrew graduated from BCN and is now a Project Man-
ager with Elkins Constructors.

During his 32-year career, Paul has par-
ticipated in all parts of Gerdau Amer-
isteel's efforts to serve the construction
industry. Thousands of jobs in every
type of construction have made for a
rich experience highlighted by the many
relationships forged with contractors
throughout the country.

Paul Hardaker

Paul makes his home in Jacksonville,
Florida with his wife of 38 years enjoying being grandparents to the
soon-to-be five grandchildren from their two sons' families. Being
a family of Gators, they continue to enjoy all things Orange and

In Memory of David Ahern BCN 1975

David Michael "Dave" Ahern, 55, died
r'%:' "r '' May 27, 2009 in Sunrise Medical Cen-
.. ter, Las Vegas, NV, from injuries sus-
#, trained in an accidental fall.

Dave graduated from the University of
411 Florida with a degree in building con-
struction, but soon found that his true
calling in life was as a firefighter and
Emergency Medical Technician.

Dave lived in Clarkdale, NV since 1980.
He joined Clarkdale Fire Department
in 1980 as a volunteer and served as volunteer Fire Chief from
1984-1987. As Chief he initiated EMS services for Clarkdale. In
1987 he was hired by Cottonwood Fire Department as a career
firefighter. However, he continued to volunteer with Clarkdale
Fire until 1994 when he was hired by Sedona Fire District. He
was also a Hazardous Materials Technician.

In Memory of Carl Graves BCN 1983
Carl Leighton Graves who graduated from the Uni-
versity of Florida with a building construction degree
passed away on March 30, 2009. During his years in
the engineering industry he worked for Alpine, a di-
vision of ITW Building Components Group, Inc. He
later became a successful entrepreneur in the Atlanta
restaurant market. He was a devoted husband and fa-
ther. Family and friends speak of Carl with love and
respect for his kind spirit and dedication to his family.

Dave retired in 2007 as a Fire Captain/Paramedic. Due to his
strong desire to continue serving his community, Dave ran for and
was elected to the Clarkdale Fire District Board of Directors in
November 2008.

A lifelong outdoorsman and hunter, Dave supported conserva-
tion and education programs designed to enhance wilderness
experiences for all ages.
Beloved son and brother,
loyal friend and devoted
husband, Dave is survived
by his wife Sara, brothers
Frank and Larry, and sis-
ter Cara.

A testament to his effect on those around him
was unmistakable by the hundreds of people
who attended his memorial service in Duluth,
Georgia. He is truly missed and will never be
forgotten. Carl is survived by his wife, Natalie
Graves, his children Jack, Chase and Chelsea,
and his two stepchildren Taylor and Nicole.

"Many people will walk in and out ofyour life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. "
...Eleanor Roosevelt

This is a field trip photo taken in 1952. Does anyone remember this field trip or have a
memory that they would like to email us for the next publication?

Construction Hall of Fame Inductees
The M.E. Rinker Sr School ofBuilding Construction established the Construction Hall ofFame in 1980 to recognize the accomplishments
of those i, ibr,, i,h,.. leaders who have made a difference in our industry, the community and the University of Florida ;li,.,i,. ,itlr their
careers in construction. The inductees'names will be disilayed on the "Hall of Fame Wall'of the School. We are honored to announce
that Stephen R. Palmer and G. W Robinson have been inducted into the Rinker School 's Construction Hall ofFame for 2009.

On Saturday, October 17, 2009, the Rinker School of Building Con-
struction inducted Steve Palmer (BCN 1980) into the Construction
Hall of Fame in conjunction with Homecoming activities. Steve
Palmer graduated from the University of Florida in 1979 with a
degree in Building Construction. He joined Stiles Corporation upon
graduation, where he worked as Estimator and Project Manager.
In 1981 he became Vice President of Stiles Construction and was
named President in 1982. He became Chief Operating Officer of
Stiles Corporation in 1994, where he has managed the corporate
growth of revenue from roughly $4 million to more than $360 mil-
lion during his tenure. As Chief Operating Officer, he is respon-
sible for leadership and organizational and strategic planning for
this major South Florida based full-service real estate development
and construction firm, directly overseeing multiple operating divi-
sions, including development, construction, architecture, realty and
property management.

Steve has received numerous awards for his contribution to our in-
dustry and the communities that Stiles serves, such as "Up & Com-
ers" from Price Waterhouse LLP and the South Florida Business
Journal, "Crystal Butterfly" from Kids in Distress, "Citizen of the
Year" from the Building and Office Managers Association, "Spirit
of Broward" from the Broward Economic Development Council
and "Distinguished Alumnus" from the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of

Building Construction at the
University of Florida.

Steve has demonstrated
his support of the Rinker
School by providing finan-
cial assistance for the con-
struction of Rinker Hall,
participating in the BCN
Advisory Council Execu-
tive Committee for more
than seven years, serving on
the search committee for the
new Dean of the College of
Design, Construction and
Planning, serving as Chair-
man of the BCN Club for
South Florida, and leading
the way to achieving Stiles
Corporation's $130,000
contribution to the Univer-
sity of Florida.

Steve Palmer stands in front of the Hall of
Fame Wall with his wife, Linda, and son

On Thursday, October 22, 2009, the Rinker School of Building
Construction inducted G.W. Robinson into the Construction Hall
of Fame at meeting for the Builders Association of North Central
Florida (BANCF).

A Gainesville-native, G.W. Robinson is one of Alachua County's
most respected homebuilders. He began his career in 1955 as the
owner of an independent grocery store. In 1967, his aspirations and
dreams of being a homebuilder came to fruition when he built his
first home. From that modest beginning, his construction projects
have grown considerably. Among the communities, his company
has designed and built are: Gainesville Country Club West; Chateau
Forest; Green Briar; Summit Oaks; Sterling Place; Robin Lane;
Heatherwood; Cobblefield, a green home community of 275 homes;
and Mile Run with 544 homes. G.W. Robinson Homes is currently
building high-performance homes in two new communities: Turn-
berry Lake and Garison Way.

G.W. is the owner and Chief Operating Officer of G.W. Robinson
Homes, his family-operated business currently run by his daughter,
Gay Robinson. He is a member of the Builders Association of North
Central Florida, the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and
the Council for Economic Outreach. He is a member of the board of
directors of Mercantile Bank and has been recognized as a pioneer
in the construction of high-performance, energy-efficient homes by
the U.S. Department of Energy.

G.W. has been a generous supporter of UF where he has committed
over $750,000; of which $500,000 created an endowment to sup-
port graduate study fellowships at the Rinker School.

G.W. stands with his wife Kate at the BANCF meeting after his


Alumni in Higher Education

Dr. Huanqing (Happy) Lu received his Ph.D. in De-
sign, Construction and Planning from the M.E. Rinker, t.
Sr., School of Building Construction, and a Master's
degree in Computer Science and Engineering, concur-
rently in 2002. He is currently an Associate Professor
in the Department of Construction Management at the
East Carolina University. The courses he has devel-
oped and taught are AutoCAD drafting, construction
estimating, construction scheduling, soils and foun-
dations, information technology in construction and
construction capstone (senior design). Dr. Lu currently
serves in the capacity of Assistant Chair to work col-
laboratively with the Interim Chair, to lead the depart- Huar
ment in an innovative way. He is the faculty advisor of Sigma
Lambda Chi Iota II, the construction student honor society. In
2008, Dr. Lu successfully organized the first summer study abroad
program in the Department of Construction Management.


Dr. Lu publishes research articles regularly on peer-
reviewed journals and conferences on subjects in-
cluding information technology in construction,
globalization, project information model, wireless
construction, construction contract and project deliv-
ery, and construction education. Recently he collabo-
rated with the Construction Industry Institute (CII)
on a web seminar series on project delivery and con-
tract strategies.

Dr. Lu has a background in Civil Engineering and
Structural Design. He served on several professional
Lu positions before started his Ph.D. study in the Uni-
versity of Florida.

He also received a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a
Master's degree in Construction Project Management from Tian-
jin University, China.

Alumni In the News

Curtis Culver, BCN 1959, receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Associated Builders & Contrac-
tors Florida Gulf Coast Chapter
celebrated its 40th Anniversary
on September 10th at the Tampa
Westshore Marriott. This historic
meeting included appearances
from chapter past presidents,
chairmen, national ABC leaders,
as well as current Chapter leader-
Curtis Culver ship. It was a great opportunity to
trace the steps of the chapter from
its inception in 1969 to now.

The chapter presented its first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award to
one of the chapter's founding fathers, Curtis Culver. "Over the past
40 years there is only one person who has been involved with the
chapter from its inception to the present," said Steve Cona Jr. (ABC

Chapter President/CEO). "He is an ABC icon; he has had an un-
broken commitment in building this chapter and promoting ABC's
philosophy of Free Enterprise for Merit Shop Contractors." Curtis
Culver is a 1959 graduate of the University Of Florida's School of
Building Construction. He was instrumental in helping raise funds
for the new Rinker Hall classroom and administrative building.
Curtis is a founding member of the BCN Advisory Board and has
served as a member on its executive committee.
Additionally, he was inducted into the School's Construction Hall
of Fame in 1997. Curtis is a senior project manager and business
development consultant with ABC Member Firm, Pro-Crete Sys-
tems, Inc. of Pinellas Park with offices in Jacksonville, Orlando and
Fort Lauderdale.

The Rinker School would like to congratulate Curtis Culver on all
of his amazing career accomplishments.

Vincent Moreschi, BCN 2006, named 2009 Builder of the Year

Vincent Moreschi

At the 54th banquet of the Builders As- Vinnie obtained his bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech and his
location of North Central Florida, BCN master's degree at BCN in 2006. He began his career by building
Alum Vinnie Moreschi, was named the prisons in Virginia and came to work at Charles Perry because they
"2009 Builder of the Year". Vinnie is a received a contract to build a federal women's prison in 1996.
Senior Project Manager for Charles Perry
Construction and has worked on projects Vinnie stated that he is both honored and humbled by this recogni-
throughout North Florida such as North tion.
Florida Regional Medical Center and the
Queen of Peace Catholic Church. Congratulations Vinnie!

Generations of BCN

There have been many father & son, father & daughter etc., generations that have graduatedfrom the Rinker School of Building Construc-

tion. Some have provided photos and an article of their experience.
for next time, please contact Kim Stanley at

The Huqqins
Gary Huggins graduated 1976 and is Executive Vice President
and one of the Owners of NDC Construction Company based
in Bradenton, FL. NDC delivers commercial projects valued at
2-25 million dollars. He returns to Rinker Hall every semester
as "Guest Lecturer" for Dr. Brown to discuss the topic of "Docu-
ment Control" and the tools that are needed to manage construc-
tion projects on a day-to-day basis.

Kyle Huggins, son to Gary, graduated in 2008 and is a Project
Engineer with NDC Construction Company. Kyle is currently
working on a Community Center project.

Some really neat parallels are....Dr. Brisbane Brown taught Gary
CPM in 1976 and in 2008 Dr. Brown taught Kyle Construction
Profession and Ethics. Dr. Brown was the SLX Faculty Advisor
initiated with Gary's SLX pledge class in 1975. Kyle was also in
SLX. Gary graduated in August of 1976 with Rick Smailes. Dr.
Rick Smailes was Kyle's professor for the Construction Project
Simulation Capstone class in 2008.

Ifyou were not included this time and would like to submit an article

The Siefkers
Paul E. Siefker graduated from the building construction program
in 1955. He joined the Navy, after college and spent some time
in the Seabees. After his tour in the Navy he joined the Rock-
efeller building residential single family developments in Broward
County, Florida. After a few years he relocated to Martin County
and started Martinique Construction which he owned and operated
for 50 years.

His son, Greg Siefker, graduated from the program in 1984 and
began his career with the Eckerd Corporation. He is currently the
Director of Project Management for CBRE in South Florida.

(L-R) Paul, Megan and Greg

(L-R) Kyle Huggins and his father
Gary Huggins.

The Rehfelts
Roger Rehfelt graduated in 1978. He went to work for Coastal
Caisson Drill Company out of Clearwater, FL. In September
1986, 8 years after he started, he was propositioned to share a
50% ownership in a business and started a Drilled Shaft Founda-
tion (caisson) construction company mainly installing founda-
tions for communication towers and power companies. Now
23 years later, Roger is trying to purchase the other 50% of the
company. He states that his dream is for his son, Ray to graduate
and take over for him and carry on the business. Ray Rehfelt is
currently a BCN student and is scheduled to graduate in 2011.

Roger stated that "your graduates should realize that if they get
a good education and work hard, they will do well. I believe that
the Rinker School is excellent and if I had it to do over again I
wouldn't change anything."

(L-R) Ray and Roger Rehfelt tail-
gate before the FLvs FlU game.

Greg's daughter, Megan Siefker,
is currently enrolled at UF as a
sophomore and is pursuing a de-
gree in Building Construction.

Greg states, "We are all very
proud to be apart of the rich his-
tory of the School of Building

The Mclntvres
The McIntyre Family began its relationship with the University of
Florida in 1980 when John McIntyre, the oldest son of a second
generation Stucco Contractor, enrolled for studies in Gainesville.

Four years later, John's first son Ryan was born in Gainesville, and
in the same month, John graduated with honors from UF with a
Bachelor of Building Construction degree. Ryan would continue
the family tradition when 22 years later he graduated from UF with
honors from the University of Florida Rinker School of Building

Ryan continued to follow in his father's footsteps when in 2006
he joined the Company co-founded by John McIntyre Elwell &
Strammer General Contractors, Inc. (ME&S) based in Sarasota,

ME&S has been in business 22 years
and specializes in constructing all types
of Commercial Buildings with the Com-
pany's largest market being the Retail
Construction Sector. ME&S enjoys
decade-old relationships with two of
Florida's Best Companies Publix Su-
per Markets, Inc. (over 500 completed
Projects) and Beall's Department Stores,
Inc. (over 300 Completed Projects).


(L-R) John and Ryan Mcln-

Generations of BCN
The Abnevs
John W. Abney Sr. is a 1973 graduate of the BCN program. After
graduation, John immediately started Abney & Abney Construction
in Okeechobee where he spent over 35 years building custom homes
and commercial buildings. He also served in a variety of community
leadership roles including 12 years on the board of the Okeechobee
County Commission with two of those years as the Chairman. John
recently moved to Alachua and is a Project Manager with JoyTech

John's son, Kyle Abney, is a 1999 gradu-
ate of the School of Architecture and in
2001 earned his master's degree from the
School of Building Construction. Kyle was
the first student to graduate with a Concen-
tration in Sustainable Construction under
the guidance of Dr. Kibert and Dr. Chini.
7 After working several years with large
commercial contractors and later the fam-
Kyle Abney (L-R) and ily business, Kyle, with his wife Harmony,
John Abney get ready to founded Abney + Abney Green Solutions,
watch the Gators beat
FS te a full-service commercial and residential
green building consulting firm located in
Palm City on Florida's east coast. Kyle is
currently the President of the U.S. Green Building Council's South
Florida Chapter and sits on the Board of the Florida Green Building

"I'm proud of my father and the path that he forged for me and our
family. It and the opportunities my own family have in the future
are all due to the foundation that a BCN education provided for us,"
explains Kyle.

The Wadsworths
Walter E. Wadsworth graduated from
BCN in 1964. Walter was Vice-President
and Principal of Padula & Wadsworth
Construction, Inc. and constructed over
2,000,000 sq ft of Broward County, FL
Schools. Walter was also in the U.S. Ma-
rines and was involved with the Florida
East Coast Chapter of the Associated Gen-
eral Contractors as Past President, Treasur-
) Walter and Wyne er and Education Committee Chairman.
(L-R): Walter and Wayne
Walter's son, Wayne E. Wadsworth, gradu-
ated from BCN in 1989 and is a Senior Vice
President with Holder Construction Compa-
ny. Wayne is responsible for the leadership of Holder's Planning &
Design Support and Preconstruction Departments. Wayne is a com-
mitted alumnus of the Rinker School and has served on the School's
Advisory Council Executive Committee since 2002, he has actively
recruited on campus for the past 15 years, and was instrumental in
creating the new Holder BIM Lab at Rinker Hall. In 2008, Wayne
launched the Atlanta UF BCN alumni club.

The Wells
In 1977 Bart met his future
wife, Becky Sperry. Her fa-
ther and mother, Don and
Jane Sperry, owned a small
metal building construction
company in Tallahassee. Mr.
Sperry sparked Bart's interest
in construction and suggested
that he pursue a degree in Clayton Wells (L-R) and his father
Building Construction. Bart Bart Wells.
began his undergraduate
work and was accepted into
the program in 1979, graduating in 1981. Along the way Bart
and Becky became engaged, marrying in August of 1981. Bart
started as Project Manager for the company and as the company
grew, his responsibilities and ownership grew. Today, Sperry and
Associates, Inc. provides services to the private sector design/
build market in and around Tallahassee along with providing pre-
engineered metal building and metal roofing services for other
contractors. Growing up in a construction family and working
summers in the company naturally pointed Clayton to a career
in construction. Clayton graduated in 2006 from BCN and in
January 2007 Clayton started as a Project Engineer with Hardin
Construction Company out of Atlanta, Ga. He was assigned to
preconstruction on the Hotel Palomar, a 20-story luxury hotel in
downtown Atlanta. During the construction of the hotel, Clayton
was promoted to Assistant Project Manager. Upon completion
of the Palomar in mid-2009, Clayton was assigned to the Young
Harris College Student Recreation Center, which is scheduled
to complete in mid-2010. Clayton is engaged to Ms. Amy Pet-
tigrew with a March 2010 wedding planned. This gives rise to
the possibility of a third generation of UF BCN graduates!
The Andersons
David Anderson (BCN 1981) and daughter Alyce (currently a
Senior II and expected to graduate May 2010) may not have both
started in Building Construction when they began at the Univer-
sity of Florida, but they both ended up with that major. Whether
genes put them there or not, they found their niche in that field
of study. Alyce had the privilege of working two Summer Intern-
ships with Hardin Construction, the company her father works for
out of Austin, Texas. In fact, both can say they interned with the
company in college as David has been with the company since
his time at the Rinker School as well. Both father and daughter
were born and raised in Florida and
have a shared love for the water,
but have enjoyed learning about
the culture and construction in-
dustry out in Texas. In fact, this
past Christmas was spent studying
for the LEED exam.

Alyce is President of the Building
Construction College Council, a
member of the Residential Com-
petition Team and is involved with
several other Rinker School student

David and Alyce Anderson

Generations of BCN

The Southerns
The foundation of the Southern
family legacy began in 1947 when
Bill F. Southern, Sr. began working
for Frank J. Rooney, Inc. (FJR).
Bill was a key player in making
FJR one of Florida's most success-
ful builders. By 1969, he and Jim
(L-R) Raymond Southern, Sr., Tucker became co-owners of this
Raymond C. Southern, Jr. successful and growing company.
(RayC), Garrett Southern and
Bill(RayC), Garrett Southern, Sr. Jim Sr. had two sons who gradu-
ated from BCN, Bill F. Southern Jr.
and Raymond C. Southern, Sr.

Bill F. Southern, Jr. graduated with a degree in building construc-
tion from UF in 1969 and went to work for United Engineers
and Contractors and then moved to South Florida to work under
his father for FJR. Today Bill is VP of Operations for James A.
Cummings Construction and became President of South Florida
Associated General Contractors two years ago.

Raymond C. Southern, Sr. graduated in 1973. He began work-
ing for FJR in Miami and became Project Manager in 1975. FJR
was sold to Centex in 1981 and by 1985 Raymond became the
manager of the Miami division. He was promoted to COO and
moved to Ft. Lauderdale in 1996. Raymond was promoted in
2000 to CEO of the Florida Division where he continues to lead
the company today. In 2007, Centex Construction was acquired
by Balfour Beatty. He became a member of the BCN advisory
board EXCOM in 2006 and is the chairman of the Industry Rela-
tions Committee. Through his hard work and dedication to the
industry, he and Balfour Beatty have received numerous honors
and awards including the construction of the first LEED Gold
certified building on the UF campus, Rinker Hall. One of his
proudest accomplishments was being inducted into the BCN
Hall of Fame in 2008 while his son Raymond Southern Jr. was a
UF student in BCN.

Garret L. Southern (son to Bill Southern Jr.) graduated in 1996
and worked along side his father at Bill F. Southern, Inc. Garret
then went to work for what is now Balfour Beatty Construction.
As a Project Manager since 2002, Garret and today continues his
success in completing projects for Balfour Beatty. Garret is cur-
rently working toward completion of the indoor firing range and
public safety facility at Palm Beach College.

Raymond C. Southern, Jr. (RayC) (son to Raymond Southern)
is currently a junior at the M. E. Rinker, Sr. School of Build-
ing Construction. He has interned with two reputable construc-
tion companies in South Florida including Current Builders, and
The ANF Group. RayC is the Vice-President of the ABC Student
Chapter, and the new Captain of the Commercial Construction
Management competition team.

The McCalls

Wayne McCall Myron McCall

Charles Perry

Charles Perry graduated
in 1960 and was owner of
Charles Perry Construction
until he passed away unex-
pectantly in 2005. He was
the father-in-law to Wayne

Carson McCall

Heath McCall

Wayne McCall graduated in 1980 and worked for Charles Perry
Construction. Pery-McCall Construction, Inc. was founded in 1989
when Wayne McCall formed a new construction company in North-
east Florida committed to meeting the needs of their clients while
providing total customer satisfaction. Through this experience, Per-
ry-McCall has grown from a small partnership serving one region
into a multimillion-dollar construction firm that services the entire
Southeast. Wayne is Founder and CEO.

Myron McCall (brother to Wayne) graduated in 1982 and is President
and COO of Pery-McCall. Myron co-founded Pery-McCall and di-
rects its daily operation.

Wayne's sons, Heath (BCN 2008) and Carson (BCN 2009), also BCN
graduates are now estimator/project managers with Perry-McCall.

The Burkhardts
Vincent Louis was the first of
three Vincent Burkhardts to attend
the University of Florida. He left
school in the 40's to join the war
effort. After the war, he founded
Arrow Electric and was highly in-
volved with BCN. He was induct-
ed into the Rinker School's Con-
struction Hall of Fame in 1985.

Vince (far left) and son Vince (far
right) tailgate with UF President
Emeritus and Mrs. Marshall Criser
before the 2006 National Champi-

Vincent G. Burkhardt (BCN '72) onship game in Arizona.
is the founder and president of
Burkhardt Construction, Inc.
Vince served on the executive committee for BCN and was elected
chairman in 2003 and 2004. He received the Distinguished Alumnus
award in 2003.

Vincent Lloyd Burkhardt (BCN '06) is working as a project man-
ager for Burkhardt Construction. Vincent is currently working on
streetscape projects in Central Florida.

d... .

Lessons Learned

written by Dave Senko, Director of
Operations, Fluor Enterprises

Delight Your Client

Communication is the most impor-
tant element in any relationship.
Whether a spouse, co-worker, neigh-
bor, professor, superior, subordinate,
client or subcontractor, communi-
cation is the avenue that drives the
mutual success for whatever may be
Dave Senko, BCN 1981
involved. As for satisfying your client,
that is "old school" and no longer suf-
ficient. Clients expect to be fully satis-
fied as part of their contract or project; a 'given,' in other words. It is
now necessary to delight, excite, teach, mentor, protect, and what-
ever else is needed to demonstrate you're providing greater value.
This does not necessarily require additional monies. In the business
world (I do not recommend issuing a weekly memo to your spouse,
albeit, in some cases it may actually help), I have found an easy way
to build rapport with a client; client being a customer, owner, man-
ager, or supervisor. Over the years, this has been very well received,
without exception.

Projects have reporting requirements outlined in the terms and
conditions, scope of work, or otherwise designated by the client.
Those, of course, need to be developed, updated, and transmit-
ted as required. They typically include daily, weekly or monthly
progress reports; safety statistics, schedules, cost reports, change
orders, notices, submittals, and general correspondence typical of
most projects. This information is often voluminous and cumber-
some, sometimes to the point of being unusable or at least difficult
to summarize for any practical use. It can be hard to find errors and
the worst part is they are usually sent with the slight touch of a print,
enter, or send key. I do not want to undermine the importance of
detailed reporting (as they say, the devil is in the details!). However,
the more difficult part, often overlooked, is the timely interpretation
and summarization of that information into a state whereas needed
action items, recovery plans, or adjustments to execution, etc. can
be implemented quickly for maximum benefit.

In addition to all required communication, a simple communication
technique has been very effective for me. It is common for manag-
ers to attend and report on their responsibilities in a weekly meet-
ing, often times early on a Monday morning. On large construction
projects, the pace is hectic, often involves weekend work, and as

such is difficult for a manager to report on his activities in an early
Monday morning status meeting with their superiors and peers.

By providing a simple bulleted memo, in electronic form easily
received on a laptop or blackberry, your senior client representa-
tive can walk into his meeting with pertinent topics to report. He
will 'look good' and be able to report timely with brevity and con-

Some key benefits include:
* Information is concise, very current, and drafted so he can be
"well-informed." There can be items that make him look good to
show 'he is on top of things'!
* Being issued directly from senior manager to senior manager, it
is reliable.
* Over time, you and your client will become more of a team, sup-
porting each other to success.
* The 'informal' memo can serve as support for an offensive or
defensive claim if needed; after all, you reported to him, and he
reported to his superiors on a regular and timely basis. Of course,
when pertinent, official correspondence should also be provided.
* The perception of your performance will improve as well your
* Helps you to maintain focus on important milestones, issues and
* If you blind copy this memo to your direct reports, it provides ad-
ditional reminder of commitment.

Some requirements include:
* Must be at the end of the week or very near thereto, can be Friday
afternoon or Sunday evening, and must be done consistently.
* Need to include both positive and negative items; properly worded
to direct accountability.
* Must be concise bullets focusing on safety, milestones, major
starts, major completions, problems or other topics important to the
project, or the 'concern of the day.'
* Must be one page, from you, to him, list activities for that week
ending and list activities planned for the following week. No more
than 4-6 bullets for each week.

BCN Grand Guard Class of 1959

Congratulations to the following 1959 BCN alumni who were in-
ducted into the University of Florida Grand Guard Friday, November
20, 2009. The events of the Grand Guard Weekend included tours
of Oak Hammock and the University, lunch at the Rinker School and
the Gators vs. Florida International University football game. These
BCN alums were inducted at a ceremony held at the J. Wayne Reitz
Union that concluded with dinner and dancing.


(L-R) Bob Claudy, Bill Ayers, Joe Brown, Dr. Chini, Bob Bird,
George Austin, Curtis Culver, Wink Jackson



Alumni Updates

Rodney Kincaid, BCN 1958 Kincaid Construction Co. celebrated their 46th com-
pany anniversary on December 19th. Rodney attended a two-day seminar and written
exam administered by FDEP to qualify as a stormwater management inspector. This
will qualify him to provide all required inspection for compliance to the Stormwater
regulations for all of their commercial building projects. He is also completing his
seventh year as a member of the City of Winter Park Construction Board of Adjust-
ments & Appeals and currently presides at the meetings as Chairman of the Board.

David O. Charland, BCN 1961 David has been a practicing structural engineer,
since graduation. He is currently Regional Director with TRC Worldwide Engineer-
ing a regional structural and transportation firm with 10 offices in USA, 5 in Florida,
and 2 offices in India. He is currently in his 2nd term as a member of the Florida
Board of Professional Engineers. Appointed to 2nd term by Governor Crist in Octo-
ber 2009. Go Gators!

Doss Watson, BCN 1966 Doss and his wife live in Delaware and just returned
from the Florida FSU game. They brought their 14-year old granddaughter to
her first Florida football game because she is a BIG Tebow fan. Doss showed her
the campus....dorms he stayed in, buildings he had classes in, his pavers in front of
Rinker Hall, etc. He stated "I've been to games before but this time was special
because I could see how overwhelmed I must have been when I started as a seven-
teen year-old in 1962. My life has been very comfortable thanks to the U of Fla.
and BCN. Next month I start my 20th year as an Adjunct Instructor at Delaware
Technical and Community College. While my career in construction was rewarding,
helping young adults to better their chances for success is just as rewarding not from
a financial standpoint but a personal one. Most community college students have
families to support and job obligations all while trying to attend class."

Gary L. Keene, BCN 1973 and Michael S. (Max) Klimas, BCN 1981 Gary and
Max have formed a construction consultant firm called Keene Klimas Consultants
Group, LLC They are located in Orlando, FL

Jeffery M. Wolf, BCN 1974 Jeff established Jeffery M. Wolf General Contractor,
Inc. in 1992. The company specializes in one-of-a kind custom homes in the St.
Petersburg, FL area. The company has a major emphasis on green and sustainable
construction practices and won three Aurora and Two Grand Aurora awards in the
areas of Sustainability and Solar Power at the SEBC for its most recently completed
project on Treasure Island, FL. The home obtained a HERS Index of-9. Jeffery is
a member of LEED and Florida Green Building Coalition and holds Green Building
certifications with NAHB and NARI. The company's website is

Roy Friedman, BCN 1974 -Roy is Senior Resident Construction Manager at
MACTEC Engineering and Consulting in Fairchild AFB, WA. He provides profes-
sional engineering and construction oversight for the privatization ofUSAF Military
Family Housing. He is responsible for interacting with local community manage-
ment team, Development Director, and Air Force leadership. Project includes a total
of 49 different plan types.

Craig D. Lamberson, BCN 1975 -Craig is President of J.O. DeLottto & Sons,
Inc. in Tampa, FL. DeLotto is a 49-person general contractor/construction manager/
design builder who has conducted business from the same address in Tampa for over
63 years. He and his partners represent the fourth generation of ownership in this
highly recognized, craftsmanship oriented company. Their present workload con-
sists of 50% commercial/industrial and 50% high end custom residential. Recently
they celebrated the retirement of one of their skilled carpenters who after working
for DeLotto his entire career of 47 years finally chose fishing over carpentry as his
occupation of preference. J.O. DeLotto & Sons has four other BCN graduates on
their team.

Tim Ackert, BCN 1976 -Tim has just completed his second year as Project Direc-
tor for the City of Orlando, overseeing their billion dollar Venues Program. His first
project, the Amway Center (new home for the Magic) is on schedule to be completed
next fall for the 2010/11 season. The next project, a new 3 hall performing arts cen-
ter, will break ground next fall, with the first performance in the fall of 2013. The
third project, the renovation of their Citrus Bowl, is off to a slow start due to econom-
ics, but they hope to begin some general upgrades in 2011. Norma, Tim's wife, and
Tim just returned to Gainesville in October for the first time since 1976 for the 40th
reunion of the Rugby Club. He commented that "Shands has taken over."

Norm Nehns, BCN 1980 Norm currently works for Penn National Gaming, Inc.
where he is Vice President of Design and Construction. He is based at his home in
Windermere, FL, and manages gaming related projects (Casinos, Hotels, etc.) across
the U.S. for the Pennsylvania based company. After graduating in 1980, he has had
great opportunities primarily in gaming, theme parks, and arena projects. He can be
reached at nnelii,3 i \lahoo.coim. Go Gators!!

Dale Hedrick, BCN 1980 Dale has recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of
his general contracting company Hedrick Brothers Construction located in West
Palm Beach. Dale earned his LEED AP designation this year from the U.S. Green
Building Council, and was also awarded the Sun-Sentinel Excalibur Award for Palm
Beach County Small Business Leader of the Year. He is also the managing member
of TruBamboo, which is the leading manufacturer of bamboo houseware products
in the U.S.A., and a Service Provider for the EB5 Regional Center of Palm Beach,
Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Hendry Counties. His eldest son, Burk, is a
sophomore at UF attending the Rinker School of Building Construction working
toward becoming a fifth generation general contractor.

Dave Breidenbach, BCN 1980, MBC 1981 Dave is Vice President of AP Con-
struction in New York and Connecticut and has recently completed Nokia US Head-
quarters in New York. Dave is in charge of office and field operations including MIS
and LEED training. Dave lives in NY with wife Ann and has two young adults in

John Zuckley, BCN 1980 Currently John is the Manager of Project Controls for
AECOM Transportation's Aviation division in Tampa Florida. AECOM is currently
ranked by ENR as #2 in the top 500 design firms. This division not only provides
substantial design services, but it also assists clients in managing over $30 billion
in Aviation Capital Programs. Prior to joining AECOM 3 years ago, John spent 18
years with Bechtel with significant Project and Program Control positions including
the Business Manager for Miami International Airport's $6 billion Capital Expansion
Program. John continues his 30 year involvement with AACEI, which started at U
of F and is currently a Board Member for the North Florida Chapter. John and his
wife Laurel UF 80' (married just after graduation from UF) have settled in Inverness
Fl, and have 4 world traveled sons. In his spare time, he has created / tinkered with
recycle machine for the cleaning and reuse of demolition bricks that uses digital pho-
tography in the process control; a patent has been applied for. He also has a garage
full of wood shop tools, and bikes and kayaks as time permits.

Katherine Crespin, BCN 1981, President, and Vick Crespin, MBC 1980, LEED
AP, Vice President of KVC Constructors, Inc., celebrated the company's eighth anni-
versary in April of 2009. D. Alex Felipe, BCN 1996, LEED AP, is the firm's project
manager on the $34.5 million Courthouse Center Parking Garage and Offices for the
Miami Parking Authority.

Russell A. Budd, BCN 1981 -Russell is the president of Wall Systems Inc. of
Southwest Florida, a premier metal framing and drywall subcontractor. The firm is
the only UL Certified Firestop Contractor and FM 4991 Approved Firestop Con-
tractor in the state of Florida. Russell recently renewed his Designated Responsible
Individual "DRI" Certification through both Underwriters Laboratories and Factory
Mutual. As a DRI, Budd is personally responsible for the oversight and management
of the firm's firestop division. He has eight years of experience in firestopping and
has received extensive education in the proper selection and installation of firestop
systems according to UL or ULC Fire Resistance Design. For more about Russell

Monarcha Marcet, BCN 1981 Due to the current economy and climate of the
building industry, Monarcha Marcet, Adventure in Building, Inc., has diversified by
starting a second company: Personal Electric Transportation of Orlando, Inc., (www. offering the GoPet scooter as an alternate means of transporta-
tion. She personally uses her GoPet to get to meetings that are within a 10 mile
radius of her home office. Marcet anticipates that when building begins again that
this product will be useful for superintendents on multiple home-site developments
and large commercial projects.

Peter S. Van Keuren, BCN 1983 Peter graduated from the University of Florida
College of Law in 1989 and just celebrated 20 years as a member of the Florida Bar
and Federal Southern District Court of Florida. He was also was recently re-certified
by the Florida Bar as a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney. He specializes in civil
trial work and concentrates his practice on personal injury and wrongful death.

Alumni Updates, cont.

Michael Moran, BCN 1984 Moran Construction, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran
Owned (SDVO) small business general contractor with offices in Cocoa, Florida,
just received an "OUTSTANDING" evaluation from NASA for their recently com-
pleted Hangar AE Lobby Renovations project. NASA recognized Moran Construc-
tion as outstanding in such categories as Timely Performance, Effectiveness of Man-
agement, Compliance with Labor Standards and Compliance with Safety Standards.

Michael Goldman, BCN 1987 In 1996, Mike started Gen-X Construction, Inc.,
specializing in small to medium commercial construction, including retail, restau-
rants, professional and medical offices. During the past 3 years, Mike has built
several religious and educational institutions as well as various construction projects
at 11 community parks in Broward County. Mike and his wife, Denise (BSAC 1987)
have been married for 21 years and have 2 children: Matthew (18) and Lindsay (14).
Matthew is currently a freshman at UF and Mike and Denise are so proud to have
another Gator in the family!

John Briestol, BCN 1988 -John's wife, Suzanne, have started a company Florida
Construction Connection, Inc. ( to bridge the gap between
the traditional job board and a recruiter.

Jeff Holaday, BCN 1990 -Jeff is a project manager for Prime Construction Group,
Inc. out of Orlando, FL He has two boys Dylan (16) and Russell (12).

Ron Whalen, BCN 1990 In October, Ron spoke at this year's AURP (Associa-
tion of University Research Parks) Conference. The conference was hosted by the
Vancouver Island Technology Park, sponsored by Discovery Parks, and held at The
Westin Bayshore, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The theme for this year's
annual conference was "Advancing Global Research Park Networks." Ron's session
was entitled "Making the most of LEED points: Getting to LEED Gold with a LEED
Silver Design." While constructing the recently completed Burnham Institute for
Medical Research at Lake Nona, BE&K Building Group implemented innovative
LEED design and constructability programs to push the project from Silver to Gold
status at no additional cost to the client. While maintaining the aggressive project
schedule and adhering to the project budget, the project team created an innovate
recycling program and strategized ways to "do better" in other LEED categories to
make the category jump. The session shared these ideas and helped attendees make
the most of LEED points in a cost and schedule conscious manner.

Michael Foley, Jr., BCN 1992 Mike is presently the President and an Owner of
RoyalAire Mechanical Services, Inc. in Oldsmar Florida. RoyalAire is a commercial
mechanical firm in the Tampa Bay area and adjacent counties doing $10 million dol-
lars annual work. RoyalAire is a proud Bull Gator Booster. Michael recently gained
his LEED AP designation. He is married to Kim (BSBA 1992), and has two daugh-
ters Kyra and Paige who aspire to be future Gators. The family presently resides in
Odessa, Florida.

Bill Nassal, BCN 1994 and Matt Brown, BCN 1994 -Bill and Matt are working on
the new expansions for the Dallas and Houston Zoo. Their office in the Abu Dhabi is
completing the construction of four different attractions at the Ferrari theme park.

Anthony Ingrassia, BCN 1995 Anthony is president of Ingrassia Construction
Co., Inc. in Middlesex, NJ and was married to his wife Jessica in September 2009
in New York City.

Jason Shirey, BCN 1995 -In 2007, Jason founded EquiValue Appraisal of Destin,
FL after serving as a construction manager for the preceding years. EquiValue Ap-
praisal specializes in the appraisal of commercial properties in Florida Panhandle.
He also has a real estate and development division, as well as being a licensed real
estate broker and general contractor. He has appraised multiple commercial and
residential developments, including the 150-unit Island Reserve Condominium in
Panama City Beach, FL.

Mark J. Rubinstein, BCN 1995 Mark is a senior project manager at Stiles con-
struction in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Alex De Martini, BCN 1996 In 2007, Alex joined the Atlanta based group, The
Conlan Company, after 11 years of service at Stellar (formerly The Stellar Group).
After spending six months in Atlanta, Alex returned to Jacksonville upon the open-
ing of Conlan's new branch office. Alex currently serves as project manager and
has overseen many projects, including a 1 million square foot distribution center for
Bridgestone. In his down time, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife, Sherry and
two boys, Luca (3) and Marco (1 1/2) and of course cheering on his Gators.

Jason Boffey, BCN 1997 Jason has joined the Construction Industry Practice
Group of the law firm of Holland & Knight, LLP in Orlando as an associate. He lives
in Heathrow, FL with his wife Jennifer and three daughters Vallarie (7), Natalie (5),
and Lauren (1). He can be reached

Mark Chastain, BCN 1998 Mark is owner of Hyperion Construction, LLC, and
has recently relocated the business from Pensacola, FL to Elberta, AL after comple-
tion of the new company office building.

Gabriel Everhart, BCN 1998 Gabe is currently working as a Project Manager
for the Crom Corporation in Gainesville, while pursuing a Master's Degree in BCN
with a concentration in Sustainability. He expects to graduate in July 2010. Prior to
this he worked for 2 years as a Project Manager for H.J. High in Ft. Pierce, FL, and
prior to that he was overseas as a Project Engineer for J.A. Jones working on projects
such as the new US Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and a Tycom data center in
Groningen, Netherlands. Gabe states "between these activities and playing around
with the kids (6, 3, & 1) life has been full!"

Roan Waterbury, BCN 1998 Roan is a Project Manager for Skanska and works
out of their office in Winter Park. In September 2009, he married Jennifer Lynn

Jason D. Gassett, BCN 2001 -Jason is currently a project manager for Childers
Construction Company. He has just finished a project at Florida State University that
was selected as "Project of the Year" for the ABC North Florida Chapter.

Rob Montgomery, BCN 2001 -Rob is the Program Director for the brand new
Construction Management Technology Program at Hillsboro Community College.
The two year program starts spring 2010 and is an AAS degree in construction man-
agement technology.

Timothy N. Rascher, BCN 2002 For the past couple of years Tim has worked as
General Counsel for Finfrock Design-Manufacture-Construct, Inc. in Apopka, Flor-
ida. They are a design-build general contractor and precast concrete manufacturer
specializing in parking structures. They just recently completed a garage for the new
Shands expansion on SW 13th just south of Archer Rd.

Jason "Jay" Wahl, BCN 2004 Jason previously worked for Foster & Company
General Contractors, Inc in Duluth GA as a project manager on several multi-family
apartment complexes. He finished his last project with them in August 2008 which
was a 411 unit 18 million dollar combined Affordable/Senior affordable apartment
complex in Atlanta GA. He was the Project Manager for that project. In November
2008, he moved to MJG Construction Services, LLC. to become their Vice President
of Construction and a partner in the company. He is currently managing multiple
projects in Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Savannah and South Carolina.

Kevin Boylan, BCN 2005 -Kevin has taken a leave from the construction industry
to join the US Peace Corps in Paraguay.

Jimmy Terpening, BCN 2005 Jimmy decided to go to law school following gradu-
ation, yet knew he wanted to further pursue his interest in construction. He attended
Emory Law school in Atlanta and graduated this past spring. He is now an attorney
at the Florida law firm of Shutts & Bowen in their Miami office practicing business
litigation, with a focus on construction law. He states "that he looks forward to
building my construction law practice and using my BCN degree to get there. I am
very happy with my BCN degree, which has paid major dividends both in the respect
it garers in the construction field, and also to the extent it helps me in understanding
construction law cases."

Dan Boda, BCN 2006 -Dan is currently a graduate student at Comell University
School of Hotel Administration focusing on Real Estate, Finance and Investments.
He plans to graduate May 2010

Brittany (Lee) Culbreth, BCN 2006 -Brittany married Jesse Culbreth in April
2009. She works for Sauer Inc. and was promoted to Project Manager in October.
She states that she "enjoys the "real world" but often reminisce about all the great
memories I have of Rinker."

Chandra (Hodoval) Broadbent, BCN 2007 -Chandra married Dustin Broadbent
in Atlanta on November 22, 2008.

Alumni Updates, cont. BCN Alumni Regional Club

John Knowles, BCN 2007 John has relocated to the Beautiful Florida Keys. In
October he received my Florida CGC license and is currently the Qualifier and
VP of Operations for Neptune Atlantic Boat Lifts in Tavernier, FL. The company
specializes in the sales and installation of aluminum industrial duty boat lifts
varying in size from 4,5001bs. up to 300,0001bs. with the ability to accommodate
any custom application.

Kevin Chupp, BCN 2008 and Lindsey Ore, BCN 2008 Kevin proposed to
Lindsey a week before graduation. She accepted his proposal and they have
plans to be married May 2010 at the beautiful and historic Bok Towers and Gar-
dens in Lake Wales, FL. Kevin works as a Project Engineer with Balfour Beatty.
Lindsey works as a Project Engineer for BRPH. They have joined the Central
Florida Gator BCN Alumni group and enjoy meeting other alumni in the Central
Florida area. While they were students, Kevin and Lindsey were part of the UF
construction management team and were happy to come back this year to assist
in preparing the next team for their competition. The 2009 team placed first in
the Southeast Region thanks to Kevin and Lindsey's assistance.

Derek Bloor, BCN 2008 Derek is a Peace Corps volunteer serving in Panama.
He completed 10 weeks of training in late October and is now serving in a small
indigenous community in Bocas del Toro in northwestern Panama. He is called
an environmental/construction extentionist and will be building composting la-
trines and building and maintaining an aqueduct. He has a blog online at derek- which has more information on it.

Ian Miller, BCN 2008 Ian is currently a Chief Estimator/Executive Project
Manager for Capponi Construction Group in South Beach Miami. Capponi's
projects are high end residential, condo, commercial, restaurant, and nightclubs.
Ian states that he is 'working in paradise'!

Steve Ensinger, FES 2008 -Steve recently obtained the International Associa-
tion of Arson Investigators, Inc. Fire Investigation Technician (IAAI-FIT) desig-
nation. He currently works for Fire Rescue at Palm Beach Gardens.

Aaron Leech, BCN 2009 -After graduation, Aaron was hired by Hawkins Con-
struction Inc. Hawkins is a commercial contractor located in Tarpon Springs,
FL. He is currently working in the estimating department and on path to be a
construction manager.

Victoria Kenward, BCN 2009 After graduating in May, Victoria was hired by
RL Campbell Management Services of Jacksonville, FL, an 8A Contractor and
Mentor-Protege Company. Their client base is strictly the Department of Defense
and General Services Administration. She started out at RL Campbell in July and
has since been made Project Manager over IDIQ Contracts at Eglin Air Force
Base/Hurlburt Field (Fort Walton Beach, FL) and Whiteman Air Force Base
(Warrensburg, MO). She travels to Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, Florida, Kan-
sas, South Carolina and Missouri to make site visits to various projects including
military facilities, Federal Courthouses, and other government institutions. The
Operations Team will attend the 2010 NRCA International Roofing Expo in New
Orleans, where she will have the opportunity to earn CE credits and meet some
of the largest industry suppliers and manufacturers. She is learning from the
best, given a very knowledgeable and supportive team. She states that she "feels
blessed to work for such a well established, faith-based organization."


Atlanta Gator BCN Alumni Club

The Atlanta Gator BCN Alumni Club will have their next gather-
ing on February 18, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. They will be watching the
Gator basketball team whoop up on Auburn on TV. Location to be
determined. Anyone interested in attending or joining the Alumni
Club should contact Rob Herndon at or

North Florida Gator BCN Alumni Club

The North Florida Gator BCN Alumni Club will have a re-group-
ing session in late February to discuss ways to regenerate the club.
Anyone interested in joining in the efforts for this club that includes
the Jacksonville area, please contact Kim Stanley at kimms @ufl.

Learning Tree

The building construction program benefited from the work of Dr.
Ajay Shanker, Whitley Steel and the support of staff by having a
Steel Learning Sculpture placed on the north lawn of Rinker Hall.
The purpose of the "Steel Tree" is to
aid students in the understanding of
steel design and construction utilizing
full-size members and connections.

The design for the tree is from the AISC a
Steel Sculpture drawings. Versions of
the tree have been built throughout
campuses in the United States and Can-
ada and serve as a learning tool for con-
struction and engineering majors. Dr.
Shanker worked through the campus approval process. The Whitley
Company generously supported the school by providing the shop
drawings, producing the statue, and providing delivery/installation.
The school would like to thank the Whitley family as well as Touan
Plante who managed the shop detail and job coordination. The 'tree'
has already served to promote the school by students interacting with
the sculpture as the pass up and down Inner Road.

Special thanks to Dr. Jim Sullivan for supervising the installation of
the Learning Tree.

BCN Alumni Regional Club Updates

Tamoa Bay Gator BCN Alumni Club -

The Tampa Bay BCN Gators held their 2nd Annual Fishing Tour-
nament on Friday, October 2nd out of Hula Bay Waterfront Bar
& Grill in Tampa. The tournament was successful in raising over
$6,500 for the School's Endowed Professorship Program, which re-
ceives matching funds from the State. There were 13 boats and 48
anglers who competed for over $2,000 worth of prizes awarded to
the top three teams with the longest combined three species of fish.
First Place went to Team Melville (75") Mike Ferguson, Clark
Wright, Alex Hunt-Branch, Mike Perez; Second Place went to Team
JE Charlotte Construction (69") Jeff Charlotte, Justin Burkhart,
Andy Smithers, and TJ Stewert; Third place went to Team Power
Design (62") JR Norris, Chris Bayer, Matt Britten, Lauren Caby,
Steve Browning, and Eric Meister. The Big Fish winner went to
Mike Ferguson with a 32" Redfish. Team Reel Deep sponsored by
Merit Painting won the Sportsmanship award with their catch of
0.00" worth of tournament qualifying fish...a record low!

We would like to send special thanks to this year's sponsors: Ga-
tor Sponsor West Star Interiors; Shirt Sponsor & Boat Sponsor
- Power Design, Inc.; Hat Sponsor & Boat Sponsor Tappouni
Mechanical; Ruler Sponsor Bollenback Builders; Food and Drink
Sponsors Clark Construction, Nelson Construction, Angle &
Schmid, Peninsular Mechanical, & Cornwall Plumbing; Boat Spon-
sors Creative Contractors, Kobrin Builders Supply, Water-tight
Solutions, Hanlon Acoustical, JB Group, JE Charlotte Construc-
tion, Mike Ferguson, Cross Construction Services, Diaz Fritz Isabel
GC, & Merit Professional Coatings; and thanks to our Tournament
Captain Sergio Atanes and REELFISHY who helped organize the
event and donated all of the raffle prizes, accounting for over $400
worth of donations to the school.

Look for the 3rd Annual TBBCN Fishing Tournament around the
same time next year to be held in the Tampa Bay area.

1st Place winners (L-R):
Chris Lucas (Tournament
Organizer), Mike Ferguson,
Andrew Wilbert (Tourna-
ment Organizer), Sergio
Atanes (Tournament Cap-
tain), Mike Perez, and Clark

2nd Place winners
(L-R): Andrew Wil-
bert & Chris Lucas
(Tournament Orga-
nizers), TJ Stewart,
Justin Burkhart,
SergioAtanes (Tour-
nament Captain),
Andrew Smithers
and Jeff Charlotte.

3rd Place winners
(L-R): Andrew Wilbert
and Chris Lucas (Tour-
nament Organizers),
Eric Meister, Sergio
Atanes (Tournament
Captain), Matt Britten,
Steve Browning, Lau-
ren Caby, Chris Bayer
and JR Norris.

North Central Florida Gator BCN Alumni Club

The Gainesville/Ocala chapter of the Gator BCN Alumni Club is
excited about the upcoming new year and the new events planned
for the spring. The next regular meeting/social is scheduled for
Tuesday, March 2, 2009 to coincide with the UF-Vandy basketball
game in Gainesville. The event will be held in Emerson Alumni
Hall just prior to tip off.

In addition, the club is also planning the 4th Annual NCF BCN
Alumni Club Sporting Clays Tournament to be held in early April
at the Bradford Sportsmen's Farm. Last year's tournament yielded
a tournament record high team score of 327 by Jim Pettengill, Bob
Harding and Ken Tenney (Central Florida Drywall) and Ed New-
man (N\ Inun Heating and Air). Highest Overall Score award
went to Tom Easom of WW Gay Mechanical with a score of 90.
The event was sponsored by WW Gay Mechanical Contractors and
Central Florida Drywall. Thank you to all who participated, and
we are looking forward to seing even more people out this coming
year for another great event.

BCN Alumni Regional Club Updates

Southwest Florida Gator BCN Alumni Club

(L-R) Kevin Morton, Scott Roadman, Matt
Farr and Sean Morton.


(L-R) Mike Wagner, Don
Moody and Mike Richard-

(L-R) Frank Murati, John Gooding and Bill

The Second Southwest Florida Gator BCN Club Golf Tournament
took place Friday, October 23, 2009 at The Lely Resort Mustang
Course in Naples, FL. The staff at The Mustang were outstanding
and helped with all aspects of the tournament. The tournament was
a modified scramble and started at 8:00 AM. There was a luncheon
after the tournament which featured over 20 raffle prizes featuring
gift certificates to local restaurants, rounds of golf to local courses,
hotel stays, tools and even a 52" HD TV donated by AVL Pro, Inc.

The field of golfers consisted of 22 foursomes. The team of Bill
Parks, Bob Menley, Mark Williams, and Bob Schroeder took first
place honors. There were prizes given out for closest to the pin as
well as a long drive contest.

Everyone had a great time at the tournament thanks to the help of
the SWFL Gator BCN Club Golf Committee Members, which in-
cluded John Gooding, Mike Wagner, Mike Hoyt, Louis George, Tim
Rushing and Mike Richardson. This was a first-class event that al-
lowed nearly 100 local people that work in the field of construction
to socialize and network while at the same time playing a beautiful
golf course and having a good time.

The event raised $8,400.00 for the Rinker School of Building Con-
struction. We would like to thank all of our sponsors that donated to
the golf tournament. Below are the major sponsors:

$1,000 Major Sponsors Ferguson Enterprises / Kohler, EHC, Inc.
- General Contractors, Nassau Pools Construction and Raymond
Building Supplies. $500 Beverage Sponsors Deerbrook, Inc. and
Conditioned Air and 26 Hole Sponsors at $150 each.

Central Florida Gator BCN Alumni Club fl '1

The Central Florida Gator BCN Club has been very active over the
past several months. With over 100 registered alumni members, the
Club is a great way to socialize and stay connected with other BCN-
grads in the Orlando region.

"Gator Gathering" Socials were held at different venues throughout
the area. These events have proven successful for both networking
and for keeping updated on the Rinker School of Building Construc-
tion. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, these events are free
to attend and are always a great time. Sponsors for socials in Au-
gust, October and December included ECS Florida, Shell Systems,
Wal-Mark, and the Orlando Magic. Special thanks to the Rinker
School and Dr. Oppenheim for participating in the December event
and providing the group an update of the School's curriculum. There
have also been several football tailgating events coordinated by the
Club. Prior to the Vanderbilt game on November 7th, the group
held two separate tailgate parties. Thanks to Coby Welch and Tom
Maurer for sponsoring these events. The Club is planning for its 2nd
Annual Golf Tournament in mid-April. The 2009 event included a
full field of 144 golfers and enabled the club to provide significant
support of the professorship endowment at the School. The 2010
tournament will be held at Orange County National and looks to be
another outstanding event. Sign up now, because space and sponsor-
ship opportunities are already filling up!

Stay tuned for more! The Club is continually working on other
events, socials and gatherings to allow members to stay connected.

The Central Florida BCN Alumni Club held a social on December
3rd at the Magic Experience Center. More than 30 attended.

Sincere appreciation to Club Board members who make this organi-
zation a success:

Rob Maphis James A. Cummings, Inc. (President)
Sean DeMartino Balfour Beatty (Past President)
John Sofarelli J. Raymond
Jim Ellspermann Brasfield & Gorrie
Art Higginbotham Walt Disney Imagineering
Coby Welch Wal-Mark Contracting
Hal Ziegler Starwood Vacation Ownership
Laurence Oleck LKO, Inc.
Tom Maurer Turner Construction
Tom Johnson Mader Southeast
Pete Pace Clancy & Theys
Brice Miller ECS Florida, LLC

Alumni interested in finding out more about the Club can go to the
website at


Endowed Professorship for Construction Services

The Rinker School plans to develop a construction services track
using an endowment funded by the construction industry, especially
companies in the construction services sector. Students who gradu-
ate from this track will be qualified to work for equipment suppliers,
material suppliers, testing laboratories, bonding agencies, insurance
providers, financial firms, accounting firms, legal firms, and spe-
cialty contractors. Please consider a generous donation to the en-
dowment for Construction Services Professorship. Donors will be
entitled to the following benefits:

- Perpetual Donor Wall Recognition
- Orange & Blueprints publication
- University Honor Roll of Donors
- Rinker School Major Donor Status
- UF President's Council recognition
The Rinker School wishes to thank the following companies for
their generous donations to the Construction Services Endowment

Industry Leadership Honor Roll
Company Name
Acousti Engineering
Angle and Schmid
Baker Concrete Construction
Balfour Beatty
Bergelectric Corp.
Brasfield & Gorrie
Burkhardt Construction
CCK Concrete
Cemex USA
Charles Perry Construction PPI
Clark Construction
Current Builders
Gate Company
Gerdau Ameristeel
Haskell Company
Hedrick Brothers
J. Raymond Construction
James A. Cummings
Jon M. Hall Co.
McIntyre, Elwell and Strammer
Nash, Inc.
Skanska USA
Springer Peterson Roofing & SM
Suffolk Construction
Tappouni Mechanical Services, Inc.
TGSV Enterprises
TLC Concrete Construction, Inc.
Vulcan / Florida Rock Industries
Wall Systems, Inc.
W.W. Gay Mechanical


Kalemeris Endowment
Jim Kalemeris (BCN 1951) and his
wife, Joyce, pledged to the UF Foun-
dation the amount of $45,000 to es-
tablish "The James G. and Joyce C.
Kalemeris Endowment." The spend-
able income from the Fund shall be
used to support teaching, research and
academic programs at the M.E. Rink-
er, Sr. School of Building Construc-
tion at the discretion of the School
Director, including, but not limited to,
student and faculty support.

(L-R) Joyce and James

Jim is founder ofKalemeris Construction Company in Tampa and
a member of the Rinker School's Construction Hall of Fame.

The Zachary Blain Schlitt Endowed Scholarship
BCN graduate, Zachary Blain Schlitt (BCN 2004), was killed
in a plane crash returning from the 2008
Florida vs. Florida State game. This gift
is to honor and memorialize the life of
Zach, who exhibited great enthusiasm
for life and its experiences, was fiercely
" loyal and loving toward his family, dedi-
cated to his profession, compassionate
with his friendships, and courageous to-
ward new experiences.

The spendable income from the Fund
Zach Schlitt shall be used to support scholarships to
students in the Rinker School who dem-
onstrate dedication to academic excel-
lence, an active life style, and involve-
ment in the University community. This endowment was made
possible through the generosity of the family and many friends
of Zach Schlitt.

Sofarelli Endowment
John Sofarelli, President of J. Raymond
Construction and Vice-Chair of the BCN
Advisory Council Executive Commitee,
provided a $30,000 gift to the UF Founda-
tion to establish "The John Raymond So-
farelli, Sr. Endowment."

The spendable income from this Fund shall
be used to support scholarships for BCN
students and occasionally teaching, re-
search and academic programs at the M.E.
Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construc-

John Sofarelli

Opportunities to help
The Rinker School has a limited budget, and there are many activities and items for which
we could certainly use your financial assistance. In return for your underwriting of these
activities/items, we would provide appropriate publicity about your support.

In the case of events, we would be pleased to have a company representative attend the
event and say a few words on behalf of your firm. For the Newsletter, we would include a
prominent credit on the back page of the Newsletter.

The following is a list of events and their approximate cost to us for which your support
would be very beneficial to the Rinker School and its students:

Available Event Soonsorshios
Graduation Dinner Spring 20 10 $3,500
NAHB Competition Spring 20 10 $5,000
BCN Newsletter Fall 20 10 $8,000
BIM Competition Team Spring 2011 $7,000
Welcome Reception Fall 20 11 $6,000
LEED Competition Team Spring 2012 $7,000
Homecoming BBQ Fall 2012 $3,500

If you need additional information, please con-
tact Dr. Abdol Chini (

Past Event Snonsors

Special thanks to our past event sponsors.

Commercial Team (1998 present) -
Balfour Beatty
Design-Build Team (2002-present) -
Haskell Company
Heavy/Civil Team (2006-present) -
Nelson Construction

ABC Competition Team
Spring 2007-PCEA Orlando, RCC Assoc.
and Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of ABC
Spring 2008-ANF Group and Florida Gulf
Coast Chapter of ABC
Spring 2009-ANF Group and Florida Gulf
Coast Chapter of ABC

NAHB Competition Team
2003 London Bay Homes
2004 Centex Homes
2005 BCBE Construction
2006 BCBE Construction
2007 Mercedes Homes
2009 Paul & Laura Dickert

BIM Competition Team
Spring 2009 Current Builders

LEED Competition Team
Spring 2007 ME&S
Spring 2008 Beck Group
Spring 2009 Holder Construction

Graduation Dinner
Fall 1999 Beck Group
Fall 2000 Brasfield & Gorrie
Spring 2001 Hensel Phelps
Fall 2003 Current Builders
Spring 2004 Rinker Materials
Fall 2004 James A. Cummings
Spring 2006 Clark Construction Group
Fall 2006 WCI Communities
Spring 2007 Hunt Construction Group
Fall 2007 Charles Perry/ PPI
Spring 2008 Hawkins Construction
Fall 2008 Kitchen Art of S. Florida
Spring 2009 James A. Cummings
Fall 2009 The Shaw Group

Welcome Reception
Spring 2001-Weitz Company
Fall 2001- Brasfield & Gorrie
Spring 2002 Fluor Corp
Fall 2002 -Turner Construction
Spring 2003 Weitz Company
Fall 2003 Fluor Corp.
Spring 2004 Brasfield & Gorrie
Fall 2004 -Current Builders
Spring 2005 Weitz Company
Fall 2005 Charles Perry Construction
Spring 2006- James A. Cummings
Fall 2006 Clancy & Theys
Spring 2007 Holder Construction
Fall 2007 Clancy & Theys
Spring 2008 The Weitz Company
Fall 2008 Robins & Morton
Spring 2009 Hardin Construction
Fall 2009 Holder Construction

Homecoming BBO
2004 Brasfield & Gorrie
2005 Burkhardt Const.
2006 Holder Construction
2007 Angle & Schmid
2008 Weitz Golf
2009 Brasfield & Gorrie

BCN Newsletter
Fall 2001- Hardin Construction
Spring 2002 Hardin Construction
Fall 2002 Hardin/ Prof. Gunby
Fall 2003 James A. Cummings
Spring 2004 James A. Cummings
Fall 2004 Hardin Construction
Spring 2005 Stiles Corporation
Fall 2005 James A. Cummings
Spring 2006 Hardin Construction
Fall 2006 Stiles Corporation
Spring 2007 J. Raymond Const.
Fall 2007 James A. Cummings
Spring 2008 Gerdau AmeriSteel
Fall 2008 Charles Perry Const/PPI
Spring 2009 Hawkins Construction
Fall 2009 Clancy & Theys Construction

Graduate Student Reception
Fall 2000- Ajax Construction
Fall 2005- Turner Construction
Fall 2007- Stiles Corporation
Spring 2008 Clark Construction
Spring 2009 Clancy & Theys

Rinker School Major Donor Companies
To show our appreciation to the construction companies who have contributed gen-
erously to the Rinker School, we have created a major donor status and provided the
following recruiting advantages for our major donors:

All Major Donors shall receive a discounted registration
fee for the career fair according to their level of donations
(Gold, Silver, and Bronze). See the fee structure below.

All Major Donors shall get preferential placement at the
Career Fair.

All Major Donors can participate in a reception with the
graduating seniors the evening before the Career Fair.

Major Donors will be given priority for interview and semi-
nar at the School before the Career Fair.

Regular Registration Fee:
For a booth including two (2) recruiters/company represen-
tatives... $1,000
For each additional recruiter/company representative.... add
$400 each

Major Donor Registration Fee:
Bronze Level
For a booth including two (2) recruiters/company representatives. $500
For each additional recruiter/company representative.... add $250 each
Silver Level
For a booth including two (2) recruiters/company representatives. $300
Add one (1) additional recruiter/company representative free of charge.
For each additional recruiter/company representative.... add $200 each
Gold Level
For a booth including two (2) recruiters/company representatives. $300
Add up to three (3) additional recruiter/company representatives free of charge.

Major Donor Levels:
Bronze: Companies who have contributed $10,000 or more to the Rinker School of
Building Construction over the preceding 3 years.
Silver: Companies who have contributed $50,000 or more to the Rinker School of
Building Construction over the preceding 10 years.
Gold: Companies who have contributed $100,000 or more to the Rinker School of
Building Construction over the preceding 10 years.

Major Donors as of December, 2009

Gold ($100K or more in last 10 years)
Balfour Beatty
Clark Construction Group
Fluor Foundation
Holder Construction
J. Raymond Construction

Silver ($50K or more in last 10 years)
Angle & Schmid
Baker Concrete
Brasfield & Gorrie
Charles Perry Construction
Current Builders of Florida
Haskell Company
James A. Cummings, Inc.
McIntyre Elwell & Strammer GC
Miller Construction Inc.
Stiles Corporation

Bronze (S10K or more in last 3 ears)
ANF Group Inc.
Bergelectric Inc.
Burkhardt Construction
CCK Construction Services
Clancy & Theys
David Nelson Construction
Gerdau Ameristeel
Hardin Construction
Hawkins Construction Inc.
Hedrick Brothers
Hypower Inc.
MDI Construction LLC
Nash Inc.
PPI Construction Management
Scherer Construction & Engin. of Central Fl.
Skanska USA Building Inc.
Springer Peterson Roofing & Sheet Metal
Suffolk Construction
TGSV Enterprises
Turner Construction Co.
Vulcan Materials Company

Thank You

Jesse W. Children, Sr.
Howard F. Cook, Jr.
Herbert L. Hall

James G. Foster, Jr.

Dan T. Barnes, Jr.
S. Charles Minardi
Curtis E. Sandler

Gerald L. Hester

Carroll M. Nall, Jr.

Robert S. Bird

Robert L. ( I ....I Jr.
Myron L. Corets

Cecil Garvin
Allan J. Hall

George H. Austin
Sevald V. Nielsen
Edward A. Proefke, Sr.
John W. Schneid

Richard S. Black
Melvin C. Wetherington

Boyce H. Blackmon
Herman B. Boda
William H. Squires

John T. Sewell, Jr.

Thomas A. Fox
William D. Richardi

Tayler M. Boyd, Jr.
Donald H. Conkling III

Ronald E. Anderson
Philip B. Copare
Doss K. Watson, Jr.

Lawrence E. Orth
Dennis A. Ritchie

Thank you to all who donated to the M.E. Rinker, Sr.
(July December 2009):

Don W. Bruner
Asa C. Kelley
John M. Neel
Thomas H. Shaughnessy
William J. Taylor
John S. Winesett

Robert B. Edwards
Dennis E. Lewis
Jose I. Sarasua

William G. Fischer
Edwin I. Strayer

Raymond H. Antosh
Larry A. Bach
Ludwig R. Byak II
Paul R. Hardaker
John A. McPhaul
J. Mozell Payne, Jr.
Col. (Ret.) Bill Sanders
James T. Tharp

Rodney C. Crew, Sr.
John Kish, Jr.
Robert E. Lifton

Robert E. Broxton
Robert W. Caldwell III
Herman L. Gagley, Jr.
Raymond J. Kearney, Jr.
Donald L. Savage
Karl E. Weis

Heywood A. Dowling, Jr.
Patrick J. Walsh

Harry P Ackerman
David L. Gerhart
Louis Magill
Lawrence S. Northup

Mark C. Hamilton
Susan R. Jones
James M. Owenby
Eric H. Palmer
Frederick L. Pugatch

Ralph L. Olesky

Charles A. Breidenbach
William W. Green
Van A. Hogan
Jonathan B. Kurtis
Penny L. Moyer
Walter R. Reddick, Jr.
Roger D. Rehfeldt

Ross E. Kirk
George W. McGonagill

Thomas A. Coyne, Jr.
Pamela J. French
F.J. Hoffman, Jr.
John E. McCary
Michael L. Miller
Vinson P Ricter
Stephen D. Totty
David E. Wagner

David B. Dunnavant
Paul S. Goodwin
Neil L. Hammack
Tony A. McMahon
Mark D. Miller
Mark A. Phillips
Willard S. Prewitt
John R. Sofarelli, Sr.
Randy S. Tyo

Joffre T. Boston
David R. Johnson
Robert D. Park
Samuel R. Sharpe, Jr.

Kent M. Blocher
Jack A. Keith
Alan C. Miller
David J. Schmitt

Karl F. Bealke
Douglas J. Campbell
Scott P. Groomes
Thomas H. Keller

William P. Byrne
J. Robert Crowe, Jr.
Allan B. Franklin, Jr.

Daniel W. Getson
John W. Olson
Robert M. Skinner

Allen L. Hand

Richard P. Komosky
Brad M. Kovach
Richard M. Chapman III
Byron T. Hood
Ronald E. Kirchman II
Eero H. Maki
Todd A. Russell
Marc M. Smith

School of Building Construction General Fund

James C. Flayler
Charles T. Hogan
Bruce A. Norris
Allen S. Troshinksy

Stacey G. Barton
George W. DeCardenas
Michael D. Helton
Andrew M. Messinger

Diana M. Yankee

James G. Clark
Christopher M. Garito
Robert L. Maphis III

Anne M. Burtchell-Cowan
Michael C. Huskey
Heather G. Mandel

Russell B. Hicks
Sean A. Junker
Jay M. Ohanesian, Jr.
Stephen D. Shay

Christine M. Bell

David E. Emmons
Christian L. Pouncey
Zeljko M. Torbica

Charles J. Brackett III
Daivd C. Brady
Michael R. Small

Deborah C. Reid

David M. Sabo
Sam P. Spector

Sheila S. Lucas
Hector E. Valdez

Christian G. Cummings
William J. Hasey

Donald E. Kline
David M. Lawless, Jr.

Amy J. Norman

Michael E. Madariaga

Ashlee R. Griffith
Vincent M. Moreschi
John M. Treadwell
Devon L. Wiechens

Adell V Jahna

Allen C. Smith

Brittany L. Lamaster

Marko L. Barkovich
John F. Bennett
Cecilia E. Billinglsey
Gardy D. Cook
Carol J. Domblaser
Terry S. Hoover
Eric Jimenez
Maureen M. Kelley
Robyn LaBreck
Carol C. Laughlin
Christine F. Lipscomb
Linda L. Siefker
Harriet E. Spruill
William M. Wing

Ajax Building Corp.
ARCO Design/Build Const.
Azzarelli Builders, Inc.
BBI Construction Management
C.C. Borden Construction, Inc.
Brandon Construction Co.
Brasfield & Gorrie LLC
BRPH Construction Services
Burkhardt Construction, Inc.
Carson Construction, Inc.
Chesapeake Construction LLC
Clancy & Theys Construction
Coastal Mechanical Services
Deerbrook, Inc.
Gallagher Building Corp.
Gator Residential LLC
W.W. Gay Mechanical Contr.
Goff Construction, Inc.
Hedrick Brothers Construction
Hensel Phelps Construction
Heritage '76 Corp.
Holder Construction Co.
Jacobs Engineering
Joyner Construction, Inc.
Allan A. Kozich & Associates
KVC Constructors, Inc.
LKO, Inc.
McIntyre, Elwell & Strammer
Newmans Heating & Air
Conditioning, Inc.
O'Brien Construction Co.
PPI Construction Management
Robert L. Kelly Construction
The Shaw Group
Strada Materials LLC
Trigram LLC
Tritt Henderson


Professor Anthony Section Memorial
Kenwyn Harrilel $1,500

Arthur A. Coia and R.P. Vinall
Kyle Frandsen $1,0(
Richard Fobair $1,0(
Joel Nunnery $1,0(
Kristin Gray $1,0(

Balfour Beattv Construction
Maxwell Scott $1,0(

Builders Association of North Central
Matt Kretzmann $1,5(
Maya Joannides $1,5(

Kalpana Marothu $1,0(
Le Zhang $1,0(
Adeeba Raheem $1,0(
Rui Liu $1,0(
Ehsan Nasri $1,0(
Sandeep Shrivastava $1,0(
Sergio Villanueva-Meyer $1,0(
Yuan Chang $1,0(
Joel Wao $1,0(
Lacinda Cheney $1,0(

Construction Association of South
James Lloyd $

Daughertv Memorial Endowment
Derrick Venne $

)0 Frank Reed Central Florida
Builders' Exchange
Foote Steel
)0 Kirk Austin
Hubbard Construction
Michael Williamson
Jack Jennings & Son
)0 Matt McKinnon
)0 Walker & Company
Adriel Candenas
R.C. Stevens Construction
)0 John Blankemeier
)0 Tri-City Electric
)0 Duane Ellis

H.H. Block
Christopher Ellis

James A. Cummings
Kim Thibault
Ashley Little
Kasey Moran
Ryan Thompson

Jones Memorial Endowment
Patrick Bynum
.2,000 Ryan Gleason

Matt Remsen Memorial
1,000 Nathan Coker

Paul & Laura Dickert
Christian Terrell
Raymond Southern
Ronald V. Tadrowski Memorial
$1,000 Brando Fetzek

$1,200 The Clark Construction Groun
Bill Coates
$1,200 Gabriel Everhart
Robert Wells
$1,000 Kelly McLauglin
Sarah Farmerie
$1,000 Avery Force












Fall 2009 Welcome Reception

The M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction hosted its
Fall 2009 Welcome Reception at Emerson Alumni Hall on Septem-
ber 3, 2009. The newest Junior l's and graduate students eagerly
listened to the overall message of the event: to embrace and take
part in the school's many academic, professional and networking
offerings. Dr. Abdol Chini, director of the School, listed the many
opportunities in which students may take part, such as student com-
petitions, exchange programs and student organizations and urged
students to "get involved in as many activities as possible." Nearly

a dozen BCN student leaders, such as Adam Milner, president of
the student chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, invited
students to join the Rinker School's many acclaimed organizations.
"The main goal is to provide interaction with professors, and get
involved," Milner said. The students also heard brief introductions
from faculty and staff, who described which courses they teach or
what services they provide at the Rinker School. A special thanks is
owed to Holder Construction, who sponsored the Fall 2009 Wel-
come Reception. ,,

Representatives from CMAA (Construction Man-
agement Association of America Student Chapter)
(L-R) Steve Glascott, Brando Fetzek, Brett Selby,
and Jay Lee, wait to meet with new building con-
struction students.

A special thanks to
Holder Construction
for sponsoring the
Welcome Reception.

BCN Homecoming
On Friday, October 16, 2009, the University of Florida held its 86th annual Homecoming
Parade. Every year, more than 100,000 fans come out to see the parade floats including
a float made by BCN students that make their way down University Avenue. A special
thanks goes to the float sponsors: CEMEX, Haskell, BBI Construction Management,
ANF Group, and Hypower.

On Saturday, October 17, more than 100 alumni and friends of the M.E. Rinker, Sr.
School of Building Construction gathered on the front lawn to celebrate the University
of Florida's 2009 Homecoming BBQ. The event kicked off with an Advisory Council
meeting at 9:30 a.m. and tour of Rinker Hall followed by the induction of Steve Palmer
into the Construction Hall of Fame at 11:00 a.m. Steve is Chief Operating Officer for the
Stiles Corporation and is celebrating his 30th year with Stiles.

healthy dose of BBQ, BCN alumni watched
a 'nail-biter' game against Arkansas at the

Sigma Lambda Chi member, Matt
Estler, meets with prospective BCN
student Robert Granat to discuss
honorary society.

Wayne Wadsworth (BCN 1989) of Holder
Construction accepts plaque from Dr. Chini
for the sponsorship of the Fall 2009 Welcome

Brasfield & Gorrie representatives (L-R) Matt
Szporka (BCN 2007), Dr. Abdol Chini, Betsy
Markham (BCN 2008), Erik Sharpe (BCN 1995)
and Erik's daughter.


A special thanks to
Brasfield & Gorrie
for sponsoring the
Homecoming BBQ.

Representatives from each BCN student
club give a brief presentation.


Fall 2009 BCN Convocation

The M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction hosted an
exclusive convocation on December 18, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. at the UF
Auditorium for its students graduating in Fall 2009.

Ray Southern, Sr. CEO and President of Balfour Beatty, gave the
convocation speech. Ray is a BCN alumnus from 1973 and is a
member of the Rinker School's Advisory Council Executive Com-
mittee. He was inducted into the Rinker School's Construction Hall
of Fame in 2008.

Dr. Abdol Chini presented awards to Dr. Robert Ries for the Col-
lege of Design, Construction & Planning International Educator of
the Year Award, Dr. Paul Oppenheim for the Rinker School's Ex-

cellence in Teaching Award, student Eric Seminara for the Rinker
School's Student Academic Excellence Award, student Adam Mil-
ner for the Rinker School's Student Leadership Award, and graduate
student Josefina Wing Eramela for receiving the College of Design,
Construction and Planning's Certificate of Outstanding Academic
Achievement for international students. Brett Trudeau, who gradu-
ated Summa Cum Laude, presented the convocation address on be-
half of the class of fall 2009.

Commencement for graduate students was held earlier that day
while the undergraduate students had their commencement on Sat-
urday, December 19th.

BCN Graduation Dinner
BCN held its graduation dinner on December 18, 2009, from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at J. Reitz Union Rion
Ballroom. Over 290 graduates, family and BCN faculty attended this event to celebrate the graduation of
another group of BCN students.

Dr. Rick Smailes presented awards for BCN 4787C Construction Captstone projects. Angelika Zych
received the Fall 2009 "Best Overall Capstone Project" and Honorable Mention for the "Most Innova-
tive Capstone Project. Jesse Meyer received the "Most Innovative Capstone Project" and Alan Stickland
received Honorable Mention for the "Best Overall Project."

Dr. Jimmie Hinze and Dr. Russ Walters presented the "Fluor Program Outstanding Student in Construc-
tion Safety" award to Dan Somerville.

Dr. Chini presents the Rinker
School's Student Leadership
award that is selected by the
School's administration.

A special thanks to
The Shaw Group
for sponsoring the
Graduation Dinner

Dr. Chini presents The Shaw Group representatives
Randy Vigor, Senior Director of Operations and Jean
Kelley, College Recruiting Coordinator with a plaque
of appreciation for their sponsorship of the Fall 2009
Graduation Dinner.

Dr. Chini presents Dr. Robert
Stroh with a clock in appreciation
for his 20 years of service to the
Center for Housing Studies. Dr.
Stroh retired at the end of 2009.

Fall 2009 Career Fair

The Rinker School held its Fall Career Fair on October
13, 2009, at the O'Connell Center. The career fair was
attended by more than 50 companies and approximately
340 students and visitors. Many pre-BCN students at-
tended the fair looking for internships, as well as alumni
and students from other schools within the College and
other building construction programs in Florida. The
next career fair will be in the Spring, on February 16th,
2010. For more information on sponsoring or attending
the career fair, please contact the job placement office at
(352) 273-1187.

ANF Group recruiters Al Fernandez
(left to right): Christine Fernandez (BCN
2008), and Nelson Fernandez pose with

Recruiters from James A. Cummings
(L-R): Tom Beagles (BCN 2007), Jimmy
Bellows, Travis Kolbjronsen (BCN 2007)
and Rob Maphis (BCN 1993).

ME&S Recruiters Fred Strammer(BCN John Sofarelli (BCN 1981) of J. Raymond
1983) and Greg Elwell (BCN 1975) with & Associates meets with a BCN Student.

Kiewit representatives (L-R): Christine
Beaudoin, Samira Mohammed, Brad
Bubenzer, and Nicholas Salce (BCN
19927 take a nhoto with Albert

Student Exchange Program

Hona Kona Exchange Program
Chunwang "Eric" Tsang, Peng "Ashlee" Yu, and Ho "Michael" Yau
arrived in the U.S. for the first time in August. All three students are
classmates at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Eric stated
,"American people are nice and they like talking to others." He
was also amazed at the size of UF; he could walk from one end of
Polytechnic University to the other in 10 minutes. Eric said that he
learned a lot during his time in the U.S., both in and out of the class-
room. "Everyone grabbed the opportunity to ask questions during
class," he said. "At home you ask questions after class."

Ashley said that the professors were excellent. "They are profes-
sional and treat us very well," she said. "I also really enjoyed my
roommates and friends in Weaver House, the international hall. And
Gator Night is cool every Friday night." According to Ashley there
were distinct differences between education in Hong Kong and the
U.S. "There are so many exams," she said. "I felt sad about it at

first, but this kind of education is better
than Hong Kong. It makes your knowl-
edge foundation solid and pushes you to
read your books."

Michael appreciated the learning envi-
ronment where students felt free to ask
questions, and he also really enjoyed the
sports at UF "I went to see a football
game," he said. "Students here are crazy
for sports. It showed that they love their
university. They support all the sports,
but especially football."

German Exchange students
(L-R): Ilona Schneider, Jo-
hanes Landermann, and Vera

Germany Exchange Program
This past fall semester, the Rinker School hosted three German stu-
dents as part of our exchange program. The three students (Ilona
Schneider, Vera Simon and Johannes Landermann) enrolled in a va-
riety of courses that will be used as part of their degree program at
the Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Detmold, Germany. They
indicated that they have been spoiled by the good weather and hos-
pitality they have enjoyed in Florida. As always, the fall semester
seemed too short for them and they have regrets about returning
home so soon. Plans are now being made for our students to visit
Germany in the coming May.

Hong Kong Exchange
students (L-R): Ashlee,
Eric and Michael

Guest Lecturers

BCN 1102 Introduction to Building Construction
Matt Webster, Charles Perry Construction
Christine Beaudoin, Kiewit
Jason McMaster, Kiewit
Joseph Arien, Kiewit
Joe Kennedy, Kiewit
Kurt Morauer, Banner Mobile Training Center

BCN 3027C Intoduction to Construction Management
Philip Rickman, Rickman Partnership, Inc.

BCN 3700 Construction Contracts
Chris Cobb, Tritt & Henderson PA.
Ray Robinson, Robinson & Associates PA.

BCN 4023 Creating Affordable Housing
Adam Bolton, Robinshore
Dr. Pierce Jones, IFAS Prgrm for Resource Efficient Commun.
Ronald Gaines, Simpson Strongtie, Inc.
Michael McCormick, Aercon Florida
Barry Rutenberg, Rutenberg Homes, FL HBA Past President
Bob Beisel, NuDura Insulated Concrete Forms

BCN 4423 Temporary Structures
Robert Pavel, Gate Precast Company
Brian Griffis, Gate Precast Company
Glen Switzer, Gate Precast Company
Brian Needham, Cornerstone Construction Services
Joerg Rudolph, PERI Formwork Systems, Inc.
Justin Thomas, PERI Formwork Systems, Inc.
Peter Scott, PERI Formwork Systems, Inc.

BCN 4510 Mechanical Systems
Tony Chaves, Tharp Plumbing
Duane Ollet, Tharp Plumbing
Jim Tharp, Tharp Plumbing

Rob Boyer, Fair Mechanical
Eric Lindquist, Brasfield & Gorrie

BCN 4612 Estimating II
Charles Norville, Fluor

BCN 4712 Leadership & Management in Construction
Pete Pace, Clancy & Theys
Ray Southern, Balfour Beatty
Louyse Poirier, Balfour Beatty

BCN 6748 Construction Law
Robert E. Doan, Fisher, Butts, Sechrest & Warner, PA.
Robert Lash, Moody, Salzman & Lash

(left) Richard Wagner (BCN
1972) of Joyner Construction,
Inc. speaks to Dr. Brisbane
Browns's class BCN 5705C -
Construction Project Manage-

Photo on right left to right):
Joey Mandese (BCN 1991),
Tim Becker (Real Estate),
Wayne Archer (Real Estate),
Jim Izzo (Real Estate), Dr.
Rick Smailes and Jared Vin-
cent (BCN 2008) are judges
for BCN 4787C Construction
Capstone projects.

(left) Gray Huggins (BCN
1976) of NDC Construction
Management stands with
Dr. Brisbane Browns before
speaking to the CMAA club.

Field Trips

BCN students take a
field trip to Hough Hall
and get a tour from
James Marini of Ajax
Building Corp.

James Marini (BCN 2007), Assistant Project Manager for Ajax
Building Corporation invited the Comprehensive Estimating
graduate class to visit the UF Hough Hall project. The visit took
place on October 28, 2009 and Tom Crow, Sr. Project Manag-
er for Ajax provided a comprehensive tour of the building and
highlighted the interesting features of the project. The Graduate
Studies Building William R. Hough Hall project consists of the
construction of an approximately 58,000 square foot classroom
building for the Warrington College of Business Administration.
This building will be a student-oriented building designed to meet the needs of demanding professional pro-
grams, some of which are taught on weekends. The design includes comfortable and technologically advanced
spaces which will promote both individual and team-oriented discussion, research, and interaction.

During the visit, students were able to observe interior wall rough-in and framing inspection, drywall installa-
tion, finishing, priming and painting that were ongoing throughout the building. Curtain wall installation and
ceiling grid installation were complete on the west end of the 2nd and 3rd levels and was ongoing on the east
end of the 2nd and 3rd levels. Brick and stone work was ongoing on the exterior of the building.

Special thanks go to James Marini and Tom Crow for coordinating the field trip and proving a guided tour of
the project.


Student Organizations

Construction Management Association of America
The Student Chapter of the Construction Management Association ""
of America went to the three-day national convention for CMAA
in Orlando, FL to attend BIM, Green Building Seminars and Man-1 S= I
agement Seminars.

CMAA student club tours the Amway Orlando
Events Center with Professor Mike Cook.

The student club chose "Adopt-A-Road" as their community ser-
vice project for the next two years. They will provide at least six
clean ups of 34th Street in Gainesville, FL.

Over thirteen of the CMAA students made a site visit to the Am-
way Orlando Events Center that is being built by Hunt Construc-
tion Group. After the students passed the safety inspection they
were given a summary of the project, reviewed plans, toured the

'bowl' area, mechanical areas, suites and administrative offices.
The students compiled their thoughts and sent a summary of the
experience to the faculty advisor. They were amazed at the logis-
tics that go into site utilization and the project schedule. They ex-
pressed their appreciation to Hunt Construction Group for allowing
them this site visit.

National Association of Women in Construction
The National Association of Women in Construction UF Chap-
ter was established in 2001. The key goals of the organization are
networking, community involvement, hosting guest speakers and
workshops, assistance with job placement, and to educate and fa-
miliarize members with the construction industry. The ladies of
NAWIC participated in many fun events during the 2009 school
year. In the spring, the ladies took a tour of the Charles R. Perry
Construction Institute at Santa Fe College, followed by a golfing
trip to West End Golf Course. Dr. Muszynski and Dr. Issa gave the
ladies some pointers and helped the first time golfers master some
basics. For the spring meetings, NAWIC brought in guest speakers
including Cathy Cavins, President of Focal Point Construction Ser-
vices, and Melisa Miller, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together
North Central Florida. The ladies celebrated the end of the year with
a social dinner party and awards at Dr. Issa's house on April 21st.
During the fall semester, guest speakers included Camielle Bor-
den, President of C.C. Borden Construction and Betsy Markham
and Eric Lindquist from Brasfield and Gorrie. For the Vanderbilt
game on December 7th, NAWIC helped host the BCN tailgate and
raised money for Women Build by auctioning off a gator golf bag.
In December, the ladies worked with the Gainesville professional
NAWIC in volunteering for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tak-
ing place in Gainesville.

Back row, left to right: Kelly McLaughlin, Sharon Neff, Allison Stanley,
Dana Shaut, Camille Borden-guest speaker, Stephanie Flores, Ra-
chael McKercher, Catherine Woodworth, Julie Powell. Front row, left
to right: Stacy Meyers

NAWIC Students at Vanderbilt Tailgate (left to right): Stephanie
Flores, Courtney Zurich, Rachael McKercher, Stacy Meyers, Al-
lison Stanley, and Kelly McLaughlin

Student Organizations

Building Construction College Council (BCNCC)
BCNCC is the Umbrella Group for the Rinker School's organiza-
tions as well as the representative to the University of Florida for
the Rinker School. The College Council was very active this semes-
ter with organizing the tailgate that was held before the Vanderbilt
game on November 7th, coordination of the 2009 Homecoming
Float, and coordination of the block seating for the current BCN

students for the 2009 football season. The College Council co-
ordinated the BCN Intramural Sports teams and solicited money
from the UF Student Goverment and UF College Council Board for
club activities and competition teams. This year the council has a
member of the executive board on the University of Florida College
Council Board as well.

Sigma Lambda Chi (SLX)
Sigma Lambda Chi is the construction honor society at Rinker
School dedicated to service and leadership. Membership is limited
to the top 20 percent of both the undergraduate and graduate pro-
grams. The chapter currently has over 60 active members and initi-
ated one of their largest classes this past semester. This semester's
activities included two service projects with Rebuilding Together
North Central Florida, constructing the Rinker Homecoming float,
and hosting a football tailgate for students, faculty, and alumni.

The Fall 2009 class of SLX Initiates

Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC)
The UF student chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors
had an excellent fall 2009 semester.

Louie Wise III from Base-3 in Ocala, FL spoke in September. He
gave an overview of the key principles that the Associated Builders
and Contractors is founded upon. As a successful business owner
and previous BCN graduate, he offered guidance to the members
and explained what they can do to set themselves apart from the
crowd as they prepared for the career fair.

Travis Bennett and Brian Troutman from TIC, The Industrial Com-
pany, hosted the October meeting at The Swamp Restaurant. After
a meet and greet, TIC gave a presentation explaining the opportuni-
ties available within the industrial construction market and how it

differs from commercial sector. It was an enjoyable time for all and
a pleasure to have TIC host this event.

UF-ABC was privileged to have Jed Dean, Joe Ostrowski, and
David Letlow from Skanska be a part of our November meeting.
Pre-Construction is normally viewed by students to be involved
with only the acquisition process of a construction project. They
explained how the preconstruction office works during acquisition
phase and also assists during the construction phase.

UF-ABC is looking forward to hosting the annual Student/Contrac-
tor Golf Tournament in late February. Be on the look out for par-
ticipation information. UF-ABC is always looking for fresh voices
to speak at monthly meetings. If interested, please contact Michael

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
This year, four students from the University of Florida attended
Greenbuild in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference included hundreds
of classes that attendees could take dealing with the green built
environment as well as an expo with companies marketing green.
Keynote speakers at the event included Al Gore and Sheryl Crow
as well as numerous politicians and notable members of the built
community. Almost 20,000 architects, interior designers, contractors,
engineers, developers, students, and other members of the Building
Community attended the four-day event. We were proud to represent
the University of Florida!

Stefan Bird, Brett Smith, Alyce Anderson and Caitlyn Aydt show their
Gator pride at the Greenbuild Conference in Phoenix.

Student Competition Teams

Design-Build Competition Team
During October, the Design-Build Competition Team traveled to
Jacksonville for the annual ASC/AGC Region II Competition. The
weeks leading up to the competition consisted of hard work and
long hours of preparation to submit a professional qualifications
package. The competition project was sponsored by Stellar and in-
cluded a 50,000 SF LEED Platinum training/media center facility
and a 10,000 SF LEED Gold Retreat Center.

Team Members: (L-R) Jake Landreneau, Daniel Somer-
ville, Chris Anderson, Matt Boeggeman, Angelika Zych,
Brett Trudeau, Catherine Woodworth, and Alex Motola.


The team was comprised of six BCN students that delivered a com-
plete design-build proposal and presentation. Design Manager Cath-
erine Woodworth and Design Systems Coordinator Matt Boegge-
man wowed the judges with their 4D designs and renderings created
in Revit & Navisworks. On the construction end, Vice President
of Preconstruction Daniel Somerville and General Superintendent
Brett Trudeau worked diligently on establishing a fast-track deliv-
ery schedule, GMP, and video site utilization plan. Vice President
of Operations Chris Anderson was instrumental in achieving LEED
Platinum status on the project. Captain Angelika Zych served as
President and was responsible for compiling the team's efforts. The
team's shadows Jake Landreneau and Alex Motola were invaluable
in helping the team prepare in the days leading up to the competi-
tion. Dr. Doug Lucas was the faculty advisor for the team.

Everyone's dedication paid off and the team brought home a 1st
Place win and $2,500 check. The team would like to thank The
Haskell Company who sponsored the Design-Build Team and Tim
Good and Todd Russell of Haskell who provided their time and
experience in critiquing the team in a pre-competition presentation
at Haskell's Jacksonville facility.

Construction Management Team
The Rinker School participated in a Construction Management
Competition in Jacksonville, FL in October. The team coach was
Professor Michael Cook. Each member played a fictitious role in
a bid process that required the team to review plans and come up
with an estimate, schedule, safety plan, and QA/QC process. The
team took the following roles: Marisa McGough- President/CEO,
Carlos Lorenzo- Project Manager, Nick Herring- Superintendent,
RayC Southern- Preconstruction Manager, Omar Benyounes- En-
vironmental Health and Safety Director, and Brando Fetzek- Field
Engineer (in charge of QA/QC). Nathan Coker and Scott Foss-
Kilburn were chosen to be shadows for the competition. Their du-
ties were to help the team in research, preparation, and nutritional
procurement. After being "locked" in a room for 12 straight hours
preparing their bid and spending the next 24 hours preparing for the
presentation, the tired but excited Gator team finally saw the fruits
of their labor as they took first place! They were awarded trophies
and a check for $1,200. The team spent about 6 weeks preparing
for the competition with help from their sponsor- Balfour Beatty

i v' I Team Members: (L-R)
Ray C. Southern,
Scott Foss-Kilburn,

"Without Balfour Beatty's support and expertise in the construction
field, we would not have been able to obtain such a prestigious posi-
tion in such a competitive region as Region 2" said Carlos Lorenzo.
In addition to helping financially, Balfour Beatty graciously sent a
team to advise the students in various aspects of the competition.
The team included experts in project management, business, sched-
uling, safety, logistics, and presentation/body language.

Heaw-Civil Competition Team
This fall the University of Florida competed in the ASC/AGC Re-
gion II Heavy/Civil competition for the third time. Although the
team did not reach all of its goals, they managed to receive an award
for the best overall presentation. Virginia Tech bested the Gators by
taking 1st place for the second year in a row, and close on their heels
was Clemson University with a 2nd place finish. "We had a good
showing, but time ran out on us." Captain Ryan Dehahn recounted.
A special thanks to Kiewit Southern Co. for sponsoring the entire
competition as well as the Heavy/Civil category and David Nelson
Construction Company for sponsoring our team. The Gators are
returning 1 team member and 2 shadows next year and predict an-
other competitive outing.

The faculty advi-
sor for this compe-
tition team was Dr.
R.E. Minchin and
a special thanks to
graduate student
Russel Dingman
for aiding the team
throughout the se-

Team Members: (L-R) Austin Streit, Ryan DeHahn,
Avery Force, Joseph Gaglianello, Reid McCullough,
Eric Kleinzweig. Not Pictured: Kirk Austin, Eddie
Berry, Dana N. Shaut

Rebuilding Together North Central Florida

By: Melisa L. Miller, Executive Director Rebuilding T ,.,. th.. North
Central Florida. BCN Grad 2005

A wise woman once told me: "To be happy
P and meaningful, look for the place where your
gifts and talents intersect the needs of the
world- then go and do that with your life."

'. That simple statement set me on a path that
eventually led to me becoming a graduate of
the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Con-
struction in May of 2005. It didn't take me
long to realize that I have a passion for con-
struction, and that there is an incredible need
for adequate housing in this world. It has always been my goal to
use what I have learned at BCN to help those in need.

While in high school and college, my quest to combat inadequate
housing took me to many far-off places. I worked in orphanages
in Peru and Mexico, helped shelter the homeless in Philadelphia,
and repaired homes for those in need in the Appalachian Moun-
tains. However, every time I returned to Gainesville, my eyes were
opened to the need in our own community.

According to a study by the Department of Urban and Regional
Planning at UF, there are an estimated 7,500 substandard homes in
Alachua County. When I first heard that statistic, I felt compelled
to do something about it. In 1998, I started a non-profit organiza-
tion with a group of friends that coordinated volunteers to repair
homes for those in need. The organization was "Rebuild Gaines-
ville," and we focused on building handicap ramps and repairing
leaking roofs. After meeting more and more families in need, we
chose to affiliate with a national organization, Rebuilding Together,
in 2008 to be able to provide additional services. Rebuilding To-
gether is the nation's largest non-profit addressing home repair for
those in need. This year, more than 10,000 homes and community
centers throughout the nation will be repaired through the efforts of
Rebuilding Together.

In our first full year of operation, 11 home repair projects were com-
pleted in the Gainesville area. Now, we have completed repairs and
energy improvement projects in over 300 homes, and have hosted
over 1,400 volunteers with nearly 15,000 hours of service. Our vol-
unteers repair foundations, chimneys, and everything in between!
Rinker students have been a part of our growth beginning with my
brother, and founding Rebuild Gainesville member, Brice Miller
(BCN alumnus '01, '02) and with retired professor, Dr. Wether-
ington's community service requirement. Current Jl's volunteer on
our project sites every semester. These students are learning basic
construction and management skills while helping to "Preserve Af-
fordable Homeownership" for those in need.

My challenge to BCN students and alumni is to find the place where
your gifts and talents intersect the needs of the world, and begin to
make a difference! What an amazing opportunity you have to be
able to use your unique skills and experience to do business differ-
ently. To do construction, not just for profit, but because you can
fulfill the basic human need of shelter.

If you are interested in getting involved or, would like to learn more
about the efforts of Rebuilding Together, please visit our website
at: Special thanks to Dr. Weth-
erington and Dr. Sullivan for their endless support of Rebuilding
Together and for their dedication to volunteerism.

(1) "A GISDecisionModelforDetectingSubstandardHousnginAlachuaCounty, Florida", 2003, Department
of Urban andRegionalPlanning, University ofFlorida-Paul D Zwick, PhD andJunaPapajorgli

I Together.
North Central Florida

Centers Update

Shimbera Center for Housing Studies
The Shimberg Center for Housing Stud-
ies has been awarded a $39,000 contract to
develop a program data reporting system
for the Florida Housing Finance Corpora-
tion (Florida Housing). Florida Housing
provides financing to multifamily proper-
ties that provide affordable rental housing
to low-income families, seniors, and people
with disabilities. The data system will track
changes over time in occupancy, rents, and Bill O'Dell
tenant characteristics in properties receiv- Associate Directo
ing Florida Housing financing. Florida
Housing has supported the Florida Housing
Data Clearinghouse, produced by the Shim- r
berg Center, since its inception in 2000. i
The Clearinghouse provides public access
to data on housing supply and demand in
Florida's cities and counties at its website, "This '
project aligns data needs of both the Clear-
inghouse and Florida Housing, giving us
powerful insights into a large dataset," said Diep Nguyen
Jim Martinez, software systems architect Computer Coordi-
at the Shimberg Center. "We're pleased to
enter this new phase of our longtime part-
nership with Florida Housing." Mr. Martinez and Diep Nguyen,
the center's Database Manager, will oversee development of the
new system.

The Shimberg Center for Housing Studies is also pleased to an-
nounce that Bank of America has awarded the center a $155,000
gift through the UF Foundation. The center will use the funding
to create a neighborhood-level housing data system for the state
of Florida.

Anne Ray was recently named the new
Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse man-
ager in the Shimberg Center for Housing
Studies. The Clearinghouse provides a
single starting point for free, publicly
available housing data and related infor-
mation for Florida.

"We have exciting projects going along
with the Florida Housing Finance Cor-
poration and the Florida Housing Coali-
Anne Ray
tion," Ray said. "Our three organizations
received a $1 million grant from the Mac-
Arthur Foundation to promote the preservation of affordable
multifamily housing."

"It's a great opportunity," Ray said. "I'm very pleased to be in
this new position."

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Centers Update

Fluor Program for Construction Safety
Safety research in construction is a key emphasis area for the Fluor
Program. One research project that is nearing completion has to do
with incorporating warning devices into construction operations to
prevent workers from being struck by heavy equipment. A project
that is just beginning is an OSHA Harwood grant that will provide
training throughout the United States on the ANSI Z10 Occupational
Health and Safety Management System. Several other proposals
have been submitted, but their outcome is not yet known.

As part of our educational process, we try to keep in close touch with
the industry practices. In the area of safety, we do this by bringing
in speakers from industry who can give our students the real-world
perspective on how safety is practiced in the field. This fall we had
several speakers on campus to share their views on safety. These in-
cluded Sam Thurman (CRS Washington Group), Scott Mims (TIC),
Chris Diaz (Bovis Lend Lease), Ryan Little (Bovis Lend Lease) and
Charles Johnson (Turner Construction).

Contraction A

Powell Center for Construction & Environment.
The Cotton Club, a former African-American music hall located on
SE 7th Avenue in Gainesville, is being restored under the supervision
of the Powell Center for Construction and Environment. The Powell
Center has been responsible for the fundraising, design, and construc-
tion of the Cotton Club and several other historic buildings on the
site. Dr. Charles Kibert serves on the Board of Directors of the Cot-
ton Club Museum and Cultural Center, Inc. (CCMCC) a non-profit
established for the purpose of overseeing the fundraising, reconstruc-
tion, and business plan for the Cotton Club. The project involves the
main Cotton Club building, the Perryman Grocery Store, and several
shotgun houses, all of which will be restored, along with the site, to
create an active and vibrant center for the neighborhood and a tourist
asset for Gainesville. Abathroom building will also be built adjacent
to the Cotton Club to provide facilities for major events. The overall
budget for the project is about $2.1 million and thusfar about one-
third of the money needed to complete the project has been raised.
The main Cotton Club building has a rebuilt foundation; the siding,
doors, and windows have been replaced; the metal roof has been de-
molished and replaced; the interior subflooring of the 5,000 square
foot building has been replaced; the exterior has been repainted and
is about to be caulked; and stairways to the entrances have been built.
Funding to-date has come from the Florida State Board of Historical
Preservation, the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency,
The Pantry, Inc., and from various fundraising events. Perry Roofing
Company in Gainesville provided the labor to install the roof. Rick
Fobair, a contractor and Ph.D. student, is the Project Manager for the
project and has been working with the CCMCC board, the City of
Gainesville, and the University of Florida to organize the work effort
that is involved in this project. The next phase of the project will
be the construction of the bathroom building, the sitework, and the
completion of the main Cotton Club building.

Solar Decathalon at UF:

A Year Later
A little over a year has passed
since the UF Solar Decathlon
team had their proposal ac-
cepted to become one of two
U.S. teams competing in Solar
Decathlon Europe in Madrid,
Spain in June 2010.

Construction is underway. The
steel frame, fabricated and
donated by the Haskell Com-
pany, Jacksonville, FL. was
delivered in early December
and BCN student Jason Park-
er has been leading the as-
sembly of the frame. Creating
a 797-square-foot sustainable
home hasn't always been an
easy task; the team was tack-
ling problems right from the

Dereck Winning, architecture doc-
toral student, Chris Sorce, dual-
masters student in both architec-
ture and building construction, and
Dr. Robert Ries.

The team is currently working
on completing the acquisition of materials, construction, fund-
raising, planning and logistics for shipping the house to Spain
for the competition, and branding. The doors and windows have
been ordered and students are testing the solar panels for effi-

Rachel Compton, a BCN graduate student, is one of the students
working on the interior design plans. She is also a part of the
communications committee working on branding. Compton
said that she finds the project worthwhile because she's very in-
terested in the type of house they are building, and is also very
concerned with sustainability. She began working on the project
when she was still an undergraduate student. "I started with the
second charrette, in December 2008," she said. "I think we've
all really taken ownership of it and want to see it come together
and see it work."

Current Builders

Faculty & Staff News

Dr. Edward Minchin recently had
one paper published and another paper
accepted for publication by arguably
the top construction research journal
in the world, the ASCE Journal of
Construction Engineering and Man-
agement, published monthly by the
American Society of Civil Engineers.
Dr. Minchin's paper entitled "Owners
Respond: Preferences for Task Perfor-
mance, Delivery Systems and Quality
Management" was accepted for pub-
lication and his paper entitled "The
Fall and Rise of the Largest CM-at-Risk
Transportation Construction Project Ever," was published in the
journal in September (Volume 135, No. 9, pp. 401-410).

Dr. Edward Minchin recently returned from two trips during which
he met with government and industry officials regarding the prob-
lem of counterfeit materials and products in the construction in-
dustry. The two trips took him to Houston and to New York City,
Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. Highlights from Washington,
DC were interviews with the International Anti-Counterfeiting As-
sociation, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the
US Chamber of Commerce, the US Department of Transportation,
the French Embassy, the National Electrical Manufacturers As-
sociation (NEMA), the Heritage Foundation, former Senator Bob
Graham (Chair of the President's Commission on Weapons of Mass
Destruction), the Chief Counsel of the US House Judiciary Com-
mittee, the State Department, and the National Association of Man-
ufacturers (NAM). In the other cities, Dr. Minchin interviewed of-
ficials from Shell Oil, Tenaris, Bechtel, Jacobs, Fluor, Shaw Energy,
Aker Solutions, H&M International Transportation, Inc. (a large US
Customs Warehouse), Nooter Construction, and Sunoco. All inter-
views were conducted in September and October in the offices of
those interviewed, and lasted about 90 minutes each. The research
is sponsored by the Construction Industry Institute.
Dr. R. Raymond Issa, was elected this past August, a Fellow of
the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Raymond first joined the ASCE as a stu-
dent member in 1974. Upon graduation
he joined as an associate member and
in 1981 he became a full member. He
has served ASCE in various capacities
on the Technical Council on Computing
and Information Technology (TCCIT)
Education and subsequently Intelligent
Computing Committees (Secretary, Vice
Chair and Chair from 1993 until 2005).
In 2005 he joined the TCCIT executive
Committee where he has served as sec-
retary, vice-chair and currently is serving
as Chair. In addition since 2007 he has been an ASCE representa-
tive on US Joint NSPE/ASCE/ASME Task Force on UPADI (Pan
American Association of Engineering Societies). Raymond is also a
Member of the ASCE Global Center on Computing.

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Faculty & Staff News
S Dr. Robert Ries was selected as the college
of Design, Construction and Planning Inter-
-national Educator of the Year among junior
Faculty. This award recognizes the excep-
tional international endeavors of Dr. Ries.
During his time at the Rinker School, he
has had major accomplishments as an "in-
ternational educator." Currently, Dr. Ries
is leading the UF Solar Decathlon team of
faculty and students as they prepare for this
international competition. The team is designing and building an
800 square-foot, solar-powered home. They will be building the
house in front of the palace in Madrid, Spain in June 2010. One of
Dr. Ries's student, Lanka Thabrew, recently completed her Ph.D.
dissertation research on post-tsunami housing construction on Sri
Lanka focused on developing life cycle decision framework for
multi stakeholder contexts. The principal challenge addressed by
this research is to improve collaborative decision-making with both
non-expert and experts in a transdisciplinary planning environment.
This should make it possible for stakeholders to incorporate envi-
ronmental decision-making into their community-centered decision
making process, while enabling a sound scientific analysis of the
environmental issues at local, regional and global scales. These
are two examples of Dr. Ries's commitment to and focus on inter-
national research and education. He is extremely deserving of this

Congratulations -
BCN staff mem-
bers receiving their
20 year pin. Left
to right: Patty Bar-
ritt, Dr. Abdol Chini,
Dean Chris Silver,
and Linda Stanley.

It has been over 20 years for these two wonderful staff members,
Patty Barritt and Linda Stanley working at the Rinker School.

Patty joined the BCN program in 1988 as an assistant to Dr. Brown
for the Building Construction Industry Advisory Committee. She
has now served as the Office Manager since 2003.

Linda joined the BCN staff in 1988 and has worked for the Center
for Housing Studies the entire time.

Over the years, these ladies have provided a consistent and harmoni-
ous work environment that is enjoyed by all of the faculty and staff.
It is quite an amazing occurence for staff to remain at a department
for this length of time. It is obviously a wonderful place to work.

Congratulations ladies!!

Fond Farewell
Dr. Kevin Grosskopf decided to take
on the challenges of a new university
and in August 2009 he was hired as g
an Associate Professor in the Depart-
ment of Construction Management at
the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Kevin received his MSBC degree
from UF in 1993 and was also the re-
cipient of a doctoral degree in 1998.
He was hired as a tenure track faculty
in 2002 and was promoted to Asso-
ciate Professor in May 2009. Kevin h
was considered to be an excellent
teacher and received the Teacher of the semester award from BCN
students numerous times and was also named the Teacher of the
Year by the College of Design Construction and Planning. He was
also an adept and accomplished researcher and received numerous
funded research contracts to pursue a wide variety of construction
related topics. He founded the Center for Collective Protection and
it became well known through his efforts as a research organiza-
tion that explored how to design and build buildings that are able
to withstand both natural and human-induced disasters. We wish
Kevin, his wife, Tammy, and their daughter Isabella, the best of luck
in Nebraska and much success in their endeavors.

Dr. Robert Stroh officially retired on
December 31, 2009 after more than 20
years of service to the M.E. Rinker, Sr.,
School of Building Construction. Dr.
Stroh came to UF in 1989 as the first
director of the Shimberg Center and for
the last 20 years has led the Center con-
ducting research relating to the prob-
lems and solutions associated with
the availability of affordable hous-
ing in the state. The Shimberg Center
for Housing Studies was established
at the University of Florida in 1988 to
promote safe, decent and affordable
housing and related community development throughout the state
of Florida. Under Dr. Stroh's leadership, the Shimberg Center is
known nationally for its comprehensive affordable housing data,
and its research in community development and housing technol-
ogy. The volume of research completed by the Center for the last 15
years exceeds $10 million. Dr. Stroh developed the residential track
within the BCN curriculum and developed and taught a course in
Affordable Housing. Dr. Stroh received the title of Building Con-
struction Emeritus Professor status by a unanimous vote of the BCN
faculty on December 18, 2009.

On behalf of the BCN faculty, staff, and students we would like to
thank Bob for 20 years of meritorious service to the School, Col-
lege and the University of Florida. Prior to joining UF, Bob served
10 years as director of the Special Studies division of the NAHB
Research Center in Upper Marlboro, MD. The NAHB Research
Center is the research arm of the National Association of Home

The Charles R. Perry Construction Yard Craft Awareness-

Dr. Jim Sullivan and Dr. Leon Wetherington have continued to uti-
lize the Perry Yard to help demonstrate quality construction prac-
tices. The fall semester the program benefitted from support from
various individuals, construction firms, and material suppliers to
showcase the proper means to place work. In addition to ongo-
ing contributions from Masonry Association of Florida (MAF),
the Brick Industry Association, and Haskell Construction the stu-
dents had the benefit of getting input and direction from the Ce-
mex Group. Ms. Amanda Hult and Mr. Jeremy Howard of Cemex
provided insights to pervious concrete procedures as well as batch

plant operation and order delivery executions. Cemex also played
a big part in the CMU lab sponsored by the MAF Painter Masonry,
and Allen Spear Construction. This fall's lab consisted of precast
lintels with vertical reinforcement being provided so student groups
could experience building a block wall. Mr. Kurt Morauer from the
Banner Center brought the Banner Mobile Training Center to cam-
pus to discuss craft skills training programs throughout the state.
Dr. Edward Minchin invited Kiewit to demonstrate activities with
heavy equipment.

Advisory Council
The M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction is honored to have an active Advisory Council whose members, both individual
and corporate, serve as an important source of advice and support for the School. Advisory Council is an opportunity for you and
your company to form a strong liaison with the School. In this way, we can be assured that our program is current and meets the
ever-changing needs of the construction industry. We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Advisory Council for the
M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction.

My gift in the amount of $ is made to the University of Florida Foundation
for the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction
Be sure to put BCN in the Memo Line

Please check the appropriate block:
Individual Membership

$100 Certificate

-I1 $300 Mounted Certificate
plus BCN tumbler

I 1 $2,000 includes membership
in the University President's

Corporate Membership

$300 Mounted certificate
plus BCN tumbler

$1,000 Plaque

$2,000 includes membership
in the University President's






Please send gifts to 304 Rinker Hall, PO Box 115703, Gainesville, Florida 32611

Help Build the Future with the BCN Brick Paver Campaign!

Want to have your name in Rinker Hall, the home of the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction?
Buy a brick paver, support your School, and have your name etched in stone for the world to see! The 4" x 8" brick pavers
are available to students, alumni and friends for $125.00. There is a 3-line limit, with a 16-character limit per line.
Each space, period or other such punctuation is considered a character.
Visit for more information.

Please make checks payable to UF Foundation. Do NOT send cash. Be sure to note BCN Brick Campaign in the
Memo Line. Please send checks to 304 Rinker Hall, PO Box 115703, Gainesville, Florida 32611





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