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Publication Date: Spring 2007
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Volume 71 Issue 1

Spring 2007



A Message From

Dr. Christopher

Silver, Dean

In the Fall 2006 BCN newsletter, Interim Dean Tony Dasta
bid farewell and announced that the new Dean of DCP would
be coming on board shortly. Included in that issue of Or-
ange and Blueprints was a photo and a brief biographical
sketch identifying the new Gator. It is a great pleasure to
announce, on my own behalf, that I am here now, that it is a
great honor to serve in the College of Design, Construction
and Planning. We're already hard at work to elevate our
enterprise to even greater heights.

It has been immensely satisfying to work closely withAbdol
Chini and the BCN faculty in support of a variety of BCN
activities. This has included the BCN Advisory Council Ex-
ecutive Committee (chaired by Steve Palmer who inci-
dentally was on my search committee), a 70th anniversary
dinner hosted by the West Palm Beach Alumni Club, a Grand
Guard Luncheon in Rinker Hall (dominated by BCN alums
from the early 1950s) and the BCN graduation dinner in
December at the Paramount Resort here in Gainesville. I
am pleased to support BCN's recent hire of two superb fac-
ulty, and the search for a third. Our goal, which we'll achieve
within another year, is to return BCN to a level of faculty
strength that will allow for the modest, but highly desired,
growth in enrollment. A new and improved undergraduate
curriculum recently was approved, and the master's and
Ph.D. programs continue to attract and graduate top folks to
strengthen both the world of practice and construction man-
agement education. A group of highly motivated BCN stu-
dents recently attended the "Greenbuild" national confer-
ence in Denver (with a little support from the Dean's office)
and BCN faculty are participating with faculty from other
units in the College to create a curriculum on sustainability
accessible to the entire campus. Given my own background
working in the area of affordable housing, both here and
abroad, I am enthusiastic about several new initiatives in
the Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing that will el-
evate the profile of its research nationally and internation-

The enthusiasm of the BCN faculty for their work as educa-
tors and researchers is infectious. I witnessed this firsthand
when the students who graduated this past Fall recounted
their most memorable moments and experiences during the
program. Moreover, the quality of the BCN graduates has
been a continuing theme expressed by the representatives
continued on page 4

Dr. Abdol Chini


I would like to congratulate Senior 2, Billy Latsko for being
an outstanding member of the 2006 national champion
Florida Gators the No. 1 football team in the land. Billy is
a dedicated young man who has gained the respect of BCN
faculty and students for his character and excellent academic
performance. He is a perfect example of an athlete scholar.
Billy will be graduating this spring and we are proud to list
him among our alumni.

An important news item of the past semester is the the re-
view and update of the BCN curriculum. Construction is a
dynamic industry that changes rapidly in terms of techniques,
management, financing, and technology. Teaching students
who will be the future professionals and leaders in this in-
dustry requires continual review and update of the curricu-
lum. As part of the Rinker School's program assessment, a
committee was formed in May 2006 to evaluate the under-
graduate curriculum. The Committee studied the informa-
tion collected from students, BCN alumni and their em-
ployers, and recommendations of the industry focus groups
for the past three years. In addition, the Committee reviewed
the ACCE curriculum requirements for accreditation and the
curriculum of the Rinker School's peer institutions (Arizona
State, Auburn, Colorado State, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Texas
A&M, and Virginia Tech).

The analysis of the collected data revealed that there is a
need for a major curriculum change. Students and the alumni
expressed their concerns over too much emphasis on the
design and engineering side of construction, suggested mov-
ing some senior-level courses such as safety and project man-
agement to junior level, and recommended adding a con-
struction Spanish class. There were also suggestions for
more emphasis on internships, more plan reading and shop
drawing reviews, more elective courses to provide special-
ization, and more focus on communication skills. Feedback
from employer and industry focus groups confirmed the stu-
dents' comments and recommended offering additional
courses/topics such as design-build, pre-construction ser-
vices, marketing and business development, risk manage-
ment and cost control.

In response to these comments, the Committee proposed
several changes in the curriculum that were approved, with
some modifications, by the BCN Advisory Council EXCOM,
continued on page 4

Doc Wetherington's Retiring

After 22 years of teaching, Dr. Leon Wetherington is retiring
at the end of this semester. We are inviting all members of the
BCN family to celebrate Doc's retirement and recognize his
significant contributions to the Rinker School. Please mark
your calendar for Saturday, April 14th and join us in show-
ing Doc how much he has meant to us. Abarbeque is planned
for outside Rinker Hall 2 hours prior to the Spring Football
Orange and Blue game.

If you are interested in joining us or would like more information, please e-mail Stacey
or call the BCN office.

Orange & Blueprints
a bi-annual publication

Table of Contents

The Perry Construction Yard...4
Alumni Club Updates...5

70th Anniversary Banquet, W.Palm Beach...6
BCN Advisory Council EXCOM...7

BCN Events...8-10

Student Organizations.. 10-15

Scholarships... 16
Alumni News...17-18

Friends and Donors... 19
Faculty News...20-21

BCN Brick Paver Campaign...23
Advisory Council Membership...23

M.E. Rinker, Sr.
School of Building Construction

304 Rinker Hall
PO Box 115703
Gainesville, FL 32611-5703

Phone: 352-273-1150
Fax: 352-392-9606

Dr. Christopher Silver
Dean College of Design, Construction and Planning
Dr. Abdol Chini
Director Rinker School of Building Construction
Dr. Paul Oppenheim
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Dr. Raymond Issa
Director of Graduate and Distance Education Programs
Center Directors
Dr. Kevin Grosskopf
Center for Collective Protection
Dr. Charles Kibert
Powell Center for Construction and Environment
Dr. Robert Stroh
Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing
Dr. Jimmie Hinze
Fluor Program For Construction Safety


Stacey Rosenberg

Dean's Message Continued
of industry that I've had a chance to meet since arriving.
This broad-based commitment to excellence in BCN has
helped to reinforce my intention to do what I can to help
sustain the luster on the jewel that we all possess in the Rinker
School. And, in turn, the Rinker School's success will ben-
efit our college and our campus.

As I have readily discovered, BCN is everywhere. My neigh-
bor, Rick Smailes, is a BCN faculty. And when I sat down
in the O'Connell Center to watch Florida tear up Ohio State
in December on the basketball court, sitting next to me

Director's Message Continued
the BCN faculty, the College of DCP and the University.
The changes will be effective the Fall 2007 semester.

Major Changes
a. Three new courses, Introduction to Building Con-
struction, Elementary Spanish, and Introduction to
Public Speaking are added to the lower division.
b. The three courses in design of steel, concrete, and
timber/formwork are replaced by two courses,
Structures and Temporary Structures. Some topics
from the concrete course are moved to the Soils
and Concrete course.
c. Two courses in plumbing and HVAC are replaced
by a 4-credit hour course, Mechanical Systems.
d. The Number of elective courses was increased from
one to three to allow students to choose an empha-
sis. Currently the residential emphasis is available,
and the heavy/civil emphasis is possible through
taking courses from the Department of Civil and
Coastal Engineering. The goal is to increase the
number of faculty, develop new courses for other
emphases (commercial, industrial, specialty), and
admit more students to the upper division. Having
three elective courses also allows students to select

wearing a BCN t-shirt was Stacy Diavolitsis, an August 2006
graduate of the master's program and now employed with
Turner Construction in Atlanta. As she said, and so many
others have echoed, the BCN program provided the founda-
tion for an exciting and rewarding career. But, of course, all
of you know this already. However, for the new Dean of
DCP, it is an important and persuasive message, one that I
intend to share with those who can help us to sustain our
tradition of excellence. Thanks to all of you for your sup-
port of the Rinker School, and its 70 years of excellence in
construction education.

a minor in other disciplines, such as business or
real estate.
e. The title of the Safety course is changed to Safety,
Health and Environment and the course was moved
from senior to junior level.
f. Construction Profession and Ethics is renamed
Introduction to Construction Management and in-
cludes some of the topics currently taught in the
senior-level Construction Management course.
This prepares junior students for their first struc-
tured summer internship and provides room for ad-
ditional topics such as DB, CM, and pre-construc-
tion services in the senior-level management course.

I would like to thank those alumni who responded to our
survey and provided feedback. Special thanks to the mem-
bers of the BCN Advisory Council Curriculum Subcommit-
tee: Rick Derrer, Tim Good, Bill Morthland, Charles Reid,
John Sofarelli, and Dan Whiteman for their time and excel-
lent suggestions. Thanks are also due to BCN faculty mem-
bers Paul Oppenheim and Rick Smailes for numerous hours
they spent in designing the revised curriculum. The new
curriculum will enhance the overall quality and success of
our graduates and keep the BCN program in the very top
ranks of construction education programs in the nation.

The Perry Crafts Awareness Facility Progress Report

Construction is progressing steadily on the Charles R. Perry concrete; a small loader with forklift and bucket to move
Construction Yard, a demonstration area for crafts with an bulk materials and pallets; and miscellaneous shop equip-
outdoor teaching amphitheater adjacent to Rinker Hall. The ment such as grinders, welders, compressors and air tools.
facility will be ready for occupancy by mid-spring 2007 and
it will have a green roof which will be the first of its kind on
the UF campus. The roof will consist of a six-inch depth of
soil, underlain by two inches of green roof material. Plants
for the roof will include a variety of native vegetation and
other species which are able to adapt to the environment of
Gainesville. While green roofs usually are installed for their
many benefits, including the ability to reduce building heat-
ing and cooling costs and to reduce storm water run off, the
Perry Construction Yard's green roof also will serve as an
interdisciplinary research project. The facility includes a
100-seat amphitheater and will be furnished with a 300K
testing frame; a 2-ton hoist; a moisture room for curing

BCN Alumni Regional Club Updates

The Tampa Bay BCN Gator Club held their fall quarterly
meeting at R.J. Gators Florida Sea Grille in Sarasota on
Thursday, September 21, 2006. This was the first meeting
outside of Tampa, meant to target more of the many BCN
alumni that are in the greater Sarasota/Bradenton area. The
management and staff of R.J. Gators went out of their way
to provide a venue for the club to meet including two wel-
coming banners.

The M. E. Wilson Company sponsored the event, and also
provided 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers football tickets and a
parking pass to be used in the raffle. Dwight Wilson, Princi-
pal, addressed the gathering about the many changes in the
insurance industry and invited all to attend a seminar in
Sarasota that they were sponsoring the following month.

Dr. Abdol Chini, spoke to the club about updates from the
School, changes in the curriculum and the demand nation-
ally for our graduates. There is a waiting list for companies

were also given to Dwight Wilson for sponsoring the event,
to JohnMcIntyre (BCN 1984) and Jeff Charlotte (BCN 1983)
for their help with this meeting of Tampa Bay BCN Gators.

The Tampa Bay BCN Gator Club would like all alumni and
friends to join with them at any of their events. The winter
meeting willbe held on February 22nd from 5:30 pm 7:30 pm
at Rick's on the River. For information, contact Bob Angle at
rpa@angle-schmid.comor (727)530-1467.

The Central Florida/Orlando BCN Alumni Club had their
fall/winter social on December 5th. After polling their at-
tendees, they are going to have one more spring social and
then set the date for their fundraising banquet in fall 2007.
No date yet, but the planning meeting will start later this
month. They also held two board meetings in the fall to start
dialog for the fall '07 banquet. For more information, con-
tact John Sofarrali atjsofarelli@rjray.com or (407)862-6966.

lampa u ay

Tampa Bay
to attend our career fair and the attending firms know that
Florida BCN grads are among the best in the country.
Dr. Svetlana Olbina from BCN faculty, Marcia Bourdon from
the College of DCP and Greg Fulginiti from the Florida
Foundation also attended.

Approximately 40 BCN alumni, many from the Sarasota/
Bradenton area, attended and were encouraged to attend the
winter meeting as well as watch for the announcement of
the Second Annual Tampa Bay BCN Gator Golf Scramble
which will be held in late spring of 2007. Special thanks

Central Florida/Orlando
The Gainesville / Ocala BCN Alumni Club celebrated their
one year anniversary and elected new officers to lead the
club into the next year. They held a meeting on November
9, 2006, and had a great guest speaker. Ben French of
Waldorff Insurance and Bonding who spoke about current
trends in builder's risk, general liability, and the bonding
market. Upcoming events are a social mixer and guest speak-
ers on such topics as building envelope water intrusion and
construction market analysis. For more information,
contact Brandon Tinckham at blt@ppicm.com or

70th Anniversary Banquet in West Palm Beach

The Palm Beach Region BCN Alumni Club held its 70'
Anniversary Banquet and Fundraiser on Thursday, October
19, 2006. Almost 240 alumni, friends and sponsors attended
the banquet, which was held at the Kravis Center's Cohen
Pavilion in West Palm Beach. The evening began with a
cocktail and social hour where current BCN students sold
BCN merchandise. The Cocktail hour was followedby din-
ner and a program.

Guests entered the ballroom while the sights and sounds of
Gator football played in the background. Vince Burkhardt,
BBC '72, President of the Palm Beach Region BCN Club,
kicked off the program by welcoming everyone. Dale
Hedrick, BBC '80 led the Pledge of Allegiance and gave
the invocation. Next up was Dr. Christopher Silver, Dean
of the College of Design, Construction and Planning. Dr.
Silver thanked all in attendance for their support and intro-
duced the Director of the Rinker School, Dr. Abdol Chini.
Dr. Chini spoke about the current happenings at the Rinker
School and introduced the School's faculty in attendance:
Professors Brown, Cook and Issa. Dr. Chini also played
the exciting Traditions of Excellence video. Traditions of
Excellence features quotes from Rinker School alumni and
staff, which instills a sense of pride and accomplishment in
everyone connected to the Rinker School.

ce Burkhardt and Mr. Marshall Criser

The Palm Beach Region BCN club was honored to have a
very distinguished speaker give the evening's keynote ad-
dress. Marshall Criser, who was President of the University

of Florida from 1984-1989 and current Chairman of Scripps
Florida Funding Corporation, spoke knowledgably about
higher education in Florida. President Criser was introduced
by Karl Watson, the retired President and Chief Operating
Officer of U.S. Construction Materials for Rinker Materials.
President Criser's address focused on the importance of
alumni fundraisers and stressed the point that such alumni
events are, in large part, the reason the University of Florida
is a world-class institution.

The banquet raised $30,000 for the Rinker School's 70th
Anniversary Endowed Professorship. Many thanks go out
to those who planned and sponsored this event. This evening
would not have been possible without their hard work and
generous support! Special thanks and a Gator "high-five"
goes to Bill Zammit, BBC '74, Sarah Burkhardt Hoadley
and Emily Zammit for their efforts to assure the success of
the evening.

Mr. Vince Burkhardt, Dr. Abdol Chini, Mr. Marshall Criser,
Dean Christopher Silver and Mr. Karl Watson

The Rinker School wishes to thank all who partici-
pated, especially those companies who sponsored

Table Sponsors

Anderson Moore Const.
Burkhardt Construction, Inc.
Butler Construction Co.
Catalfumo Const., Inc.
Centex Construction
Charles S. Whiteside, Inc.
Continental Florida Materials
D & D Quality Const., Inc.
Gen X Construction
Hardrives, Inc.

Hedrick Brothers Const.
Heritage '76 Corp.
Kaufman Lynn, Inc.
Maschmeyer Concrete
Moore Construction Co.
Rinker Materials
Suffolk Construction
The Weitz Company, Inc.
West Construction, Inc.

Building Construction Advisory Council

Executive Committee

The BCN Advisory Council EXCOM held their fall meet-
ing on October 6, 2006 from 8:30am to 12:30pm at Rinker
Hall. Steve Palmer, Chair of the Committee introduced the
new Dean of the College of DCP, Dr. Christopher Silver and
shared his experience as a member of the Dean's search com-
mittee. Dr. Silver thanked Steve Palmer for his kind words
and praised the EXCOM members for their strong support
of the BCN program.

Dr. Chini introduced Ron Nunez, Senior Director of Corpo-
rate Health, Safety and Environmental of the Fluor Corpo-
ration and Ray Southern, CEO of Centex Construction as
new members of the Committee. Marcia Bourdon intro-
duced Sally Morris as the new Assistant Director of Devel-
opment for the College of DCP

The BCN Regional Club representatives reported their ac-
tivities during the past six months and their future plans.
Dr. Chini reported the changes in the BCN undergraduate
curriculum and thanked the members of the Curriculum

subcommittee for their active participation and input. Dr.
Oppenheim discussed the suggested format for the summer
internship program that will be made available to construc-
tion companies for possible use. The registration fee for
BCN career fair and criteria for being a major donor to the
School were discussed and the Industrial Relation subcom-
mittee volunteered to make a recommendation by mid-Janu-
ary. The next EXCOM meeting is schedule for Friday, April
13, 2007 at the Orlando International Airport Hyatt Regency
from 9:30am 1:30pm.

Members who were present for the October 6th meeting in-
clude: RobertAngle, JohnBennett, Vince Burkhardt, Curtis
Culver, Rick Derrer, Tim Good, Chris Hanlon, Paul
Hardaker, Sidney Jordan, John McIntyre, Harley Miller, Bill
Morthland, Ron Nunez, Steve Palmer, Charles Reid, Darrell
Smith, John Sofarelli, Raymond Southern, Wayne
Wadsworth, Breck Weingart, Don Whyte, Louie Wise III,
Marcia Bourdon, Abdol Chini, Sally Morris, Paul
Oppenheim, and Chris Silver.

Sid Jordan, VP of the BCN Advisory Council EXCOM

Florida's summer heat can
make an impression on anyone
and it certainly did for Sid
Jordan. Every summer from the
time he was 12 through
graduating college, Sid worked
S in the field from laborer to
concrete finisher for his father's
residential construction
company in Tampa. It was
during this time that he realized
two things; he loved
construction and wanted it to be his life's work and getting a
degree would be essential to furthering his career. Sid's dad,
T.J. Jordan, graduated from BCN in 1959 which began the
legacy at UF's School of Building Construction. Since Sid
was born in Gainesville while his father was enrolled at UF,
he and both of his sons had no other choice than to be Gators.
It certainly didn't hurt that their mother, Sid's wife, Donna,
not only graduated from UF, she also lettered on the runner-
up National Championship women's tennis team.

After graduating second in his class in 1981, and based on
the advice of his father, Sid started his career in commercial
construction since the interest rates were high, which wasn't
conducive to Sid joining his father's residential business.
While at Federal Construction in St. Petersburg, he began
as a project coordinator and was quickly promoted to project
manager in just a year and a half. At 26, only four years
after graduating, he became Vice President which is a
testament to the education he received from UF.

After a stint at Enterprise Building Construction, Sid was
hired in 1993 by Hyman Construction (now known as Clark
Construction Group) as their Regional Executive Officer for
Clark's Southeastern Region, headquartered in Hollywood,
Florida. In 1996 Hyman Construction and Omni
Construction, both owned by Jim Clark, were merged. As a
part of the merger, Sid was promoted to President of the
Southern Division which encompasses both the Southeastern
and Southwestern regions of the country.

Since joining Clark in 1993, some of the interesting projects
Sid has been involved with includes, Orange County
Convention Center, Naval Air Station Pensacola, SOCOM
Headquarters at Mac Dill Air Force Base, as well as other
projects throughout the country. Sid has been fortunate to
work for Clark who is the nation's largest privately held
building contractor with its home base in Bethesda, MD.

Besides serving as the Vice Chairman of the Executive
Committee for BCN at UF, Sid and his wife Donna spend
countless hours on community endeavors including:
University Community Hospital Board and Foundation,
Gilda's House, Metropolitan Ministries, Habitat for
Humanity and most recently remodeling a home to best fit
the needs of an U.S. Army soldier who lost his sight during
the Iraq war.

Sid and Donna look forward to spending more time on
community deeds as their oldest son Bill graduated from
UF and now attends Stetson Law School and their other son
Matt is a freshman at UF.

Welcome Reception

New incoming BCN students were welcomed into the pro-
gram on September 17th with a reception at the Gainesville
Woman's Center. This event gave the Rinker Faculty and
Staff an opportunity to introduce themselves and tell the stu-
dents a little of what their role was at the school. Clancy &
Theys Construction Company sponsored the event, and

showed a video about their firm, giving the students a glimpse
of what awaits them in a few short years. Before the evening
concluded, the crowd heard a brief history of the Building
Construction Program, and then were encouraged to meet
with the Rinker student clubs and organizations.

BackRowL toR; Anthony Harmon, Mark Kendall, Dack
Vaught, Brice Miller. Front Row L to R; Gary Kriesler
and Pete Pace

Fall 2006 Homecoming Barbeque

The BCN homecoming barbeque was held on October 7th
on the lawn of Rinker Hall. With more than 100 alumni,
students and faculty in attendance, the barbeque gave them
all a chance to share in some great food while recalling memo-
ries and catching up with great friends. A small ceremony
was held to award Bob Moss and Charles P Reid with their
Construction Hall of Fame Plaques, and unveil their names
on the Hall of Fame Wall at the entrance of Rinker Hall. Bob
Moss is President of Moss & Associates, a construction man-
agement firm he founded in 2003 in Ft. Lauderdale. Charles
P. Reid graduated from University of Florida in 1976 with a
degree in Building Construction. He is currently CEO of
Current Builders, one of Florida's premier construction com-

We would like to give special thanks to Holder Construc-
tion for sponsoring this event.

Mr. Curtis Culver, Mr. Charles P. Reid, Mr. Bob Moss
and Professor Emeritus Brisbane Brown

Mr. Mark Kim of Holder Construction, Dr. Abdol
Chini and Mr. Vernon Harris of Holder Construction

Newly inducted Construction Hall of Fame members Mr.
Bob Moss and Mr. Charles P. Reid pose with their plaques

Fall 2006 Homecoming Float

BCN had a strong showing at this year's Homecoming Pa-
rade. CIC helped recruit BCN students from Pre-BCN,
Undergrad, and the Graduate program who all came together
to make this year's float a huge success! The theme this
year was "Relive the Tradition." The float had a swamp
theme equipped with a rustic "Swamp Shack". There was
also a functioning crane, which lowered the LSU Tiger into
the jaws of a massive alligator.

Special thanks to J. Raymond Construction, Perry Roof-
ing, Pinkerton & Law, Ralphs-House of Flowers, and
Rinker Materials for making the float a reality!

Fall 2006 BCN Career Fair

The Fall 2006 BCN Career Fair was held on October 17th at
the Stephen C. O' Connell Center. Held each semester, the
career fair offers students an opportunity to meet with re-
cruiters from a wide array of construction companies. With
an average of 120 companies in attendance, along with more
than 450 students, the career fair was an enormous success.
On October 16th, the Recruiters Reception was held at
Emerson Alumni Hall. This provides the recruiters an op-
portunity to mingle with past graduates, as well as with the
BCN faculty and staff. Over 50 recruiters attended the re-


February 13, 2007 9:30 AM 1:30 PM
Stephen C. O'Connell Center

For more information, visit our website at:
www.bcn.ufl.edu (click on Job Placement)

Graduation Dinner

On the evening of December 15th, graduating students along
with their families, friends and BCN faculty and staff gath-
ered at the Paramount Resort and Conference Center for a
farewell dinner. The evening started with Dr. Chini saying
a few moving words and then introducing Dean Christo-
pher Silver. Dean Silver welcomed everyone and congratu-
lated them on graduating from such a prestigious program.

After dinner, Dr. Kibert said a few words about the evening's
sponsor, WCI Communities, Inc. Following this was the
presentation of the awards. The first of our evening's awards
was Outstanding Scholarship. This was presented to Brit-
tany Lee, for having the highest GPA over her four semes-
ters with BCN. She also received the award for the Most
Innovative Capstone Project. Next was the student

Jonathan Hill receiving his runner-up award for
Outstanding Scholarship and the Leadership Awards

leadership award, which was awarded to Nicholas Bieber.
Following this was the award for the Best Overall Capstone
Project, which was awarded to Erin Young.

Jonathan Hill was the next award recipient actually receiv-
ing multiple awards: the H. Duff Williamson Award in Esti-
mating, the Fluor Award in Construction Safety and he was
the runner up for the Outstanding Scholarship and Leader-
ship Awards.

The evening concluded with each student introducing who
they brought with them, along with sharing a favorite BCN
moment with everyone. Special thanks to WCI Communi-
ties, Inc. for sponsoring the graduation dinner.

Graduates Brittany Lee and Nicholas Bieber posing with
their BCN awards

Germany Exchange Program

contact: Dr. Jimmie Hinze, hinze@ufl.edu

This past fall, six students from the Fachhochschule (Col-
lege of Applied Sciences) in Detmold, Germany enrolled
in classes in the Rinker School. The classes they were en-
rolled in included International Construction, Project Man-
agement, Advanced Scheduling and Construction Finance.
These courses are similar to classes the students would oth-
erwise take in Germany. In the four months they were with
us, they managed to visit neighboring states, the Florida
Coast, and they went to some of the home football games.
While they did not own a car, they managed to obtain trans-
portation by various means. For example, several of our
BCN students had been hosted by these very students when
they had been to Germany this past May and the hospitality
was returned when the Germans came to Gainesville. All of
the German students came to our campus with friendships
already established with some of our BCN students. As
usual, the students thoroughly enjoyed their stay, learned a
great deal (in and out of class), and lamented the day they
had to return to Germany.

Pictured from the front row left (counter clockwise) are
Marcel Bentler, Timo Becker, Massih Lali, Tobias Herbst,
Dr. Jimmie Hinze, Lars Ammermann, and Bastian Drewes.

Construction Management Team

By Kimberly Weeks
Armed with many practices and lots of helpful advice from
classmates on the design/build team and their sponsor Centex
Construction, the CM Team headed to Charlotte, NC to com-
pete. Many top schools in the Southeast donned their colors
and paced the hallways of the Renaissance Hotel as they
prepared for this real life enactment. The weather was cold
and the stress was high, but the Florida Gators, Construc-
tion Management Team didn't let this affect their perfor-
mance. They brought home a second place win and the pride
in knowing that they represented the University of Florida's
Rinker School very well. Not only did the team win second
place, but they also generated interest in the job fair offered
each semester. The sponsor of the competition, Rodgers
Builders, who is involved in large construction projects such
as the Time Warner Building, was so impressed with the
performance of the team that they decided to participate in
recruiting students from Rinker School in the future.

Being a member of the CM Team offers students an oppor-
tunity to make a connection with real life situations they
will be confronted with in the construction industry. It is an
invaluable experience for students who become involved and
are dedicated to leadership in the industry. Many team mem-
bers who participated in the Fall 2006 competition will be
returning in the Spring to prepare for next year's

competition in Fall 2007. Applications will be accepted at
the beginning of Spring 2007 and the CM Team looks for-
ward to new recruits who share interest in this endeavor.
Team members include: Cristina Aguirre, Jonathan Hill,
Chandra Hodoval, Jordan Keen, Jason Lovelace, Devon
Mathews, Christian Mercado, David Smith, Matthew
Szporka, Kimberly Weeks and Eric Weiss. The CM Team's
Faculty coach is Professor Michael Cook.

We would like to thank Centex Construction for sponsor-
ing the Construction Management team.

Design Build Team
By Kevin Grosskopf

The UF Design-Build student team competed in the Associ-
ated Schools of Construction (ASC), Region II competition
October 25-27, 2006 in Charlotte, N.C. The student team
was given 30 hours to prepare a statement of qualifications,
written proposal and oral presentation on a wastewater treat-
ment plant expansion project. Given the complex nature of
the project, design aspects of the project were excluded. In
addition, students were given the flexibility to interpret the
scope of the project including which subcontract packages
to include in their final estimates. Unlike most DB projects
using integrated design and negotiated CM, the UF Design-

Build team was provided the exciting experience of com-
peting for a hard-dollar public works project. A special
congratulations is due to senior Keith Carr, who was selected
as best presenter for the 2006 competition. Team members
include: Justin Bray, Keith Carr, John Finch, Axay Patel,
Kirk Bauer (ARC), Patrick Rauch (ARC) and Chris
McCarthy (Alternate).

We would like to give a special thank you to The Haskell
Company for sponsoring the Design Build Team.

Heavy Civil Team
By Ajay Shanker

The Rinker School for the first time competed in the South-
east Region ASC-AGC Heavy/Civil Student Competition
held from October 25-27 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The
HeaFi\i C civil competition prepares students for estimating,
scheduling, materials, equipment, safety and financial as-
pects of road, bridge, airport and other civil projects. In-
creasingly, all ASC schools are training their students for
this segment of the construction industry. In 2005 only two
schools participated whereas in 2006 eight schools partici-
pated in the competition. All teams worked on demolition
and re-paving scope of a three-phase project at Hartsfield-
Jackson Atlanta International Airport's Runway 4 injust four-
teen and a half hours. Project cost was around $90 million
and had to be completed in a tight schedule of 60 days. Stu-
dents were evaluated for understanding of the contract docu-
ments, estimating, scheduling, profit margin analysis, indi-
rect cost evaluation, and a presentation to a panel of Kiewit
project managers. The competition was sponsored by Kiewit
Southern Company.

Mr. Jeffrey D. Nelson of Nelson Construction, Palm Harbor
and Mr. Alberto G. Ribas P.E., of A2Group, Miami devoted

countless hours to prepare students for the competition. Fi-
nancial support, $3500, by Nelson Construction and $2500,
by A2Group for travel and other expenses is greatly ac-
knowledged. To sponsor the competition for October 2007,
please contact Dr. Abdol Chini (chini ufl.edu) or Dr. Ajay
Shanker (shanker ufl.edu).

~r~:'' ~-' K:

Members of Heavy/Civil Team pictured from left to right Frank Guido,
James Swick (alternate), Michael Parrish, Scott Usher, Alberto Ribas
(Captain), Christopher Kieffer and Andrew Katzman. Dr. Ajay Shanker
served as faculty advisor.

National Association of Home Builders

By Robert Stroh
The Student Chapter of the NAHB met in September and
elected Jennifer Grinnan as the president for the 2006-2007
academic year. At the October 16t meeting of the Student
Chapter, C. J. Hamilton was elected as the club's new sec-
retary for the 2006-07 academic year.

The 2006 president of the Builder's Association of North
Central Florida, David Painter, and the executive vice presi-
dent of Robinshore, Inc., Adam Bolton, met with the Stu-
dent Chapter on November 15t. Mr. Painter and Mr. Bolton
spoke about the benefits and networking provided by par-
ticipating in a professional organization like the Builders
Association of North Central Florida.

The Student Chapter also joined with the Student Chapter
of the AGC to sponsor a pre-game barbeque on November
18th prior to the Western Carolina vs. Gators football game.

Construction Management Association of America
By Frank Horning

The CMAA BCN chapter is under the sponsorship of the
West Florida CMAA chapter in Tampa. With the departure
of former President Cardiff Shea, Frank Homing is now the
President, Joshua Markowitz is Vice President, Stewart
Bennett is Treasurer and Mike Hilley is Secretary.

CMAA organized several events this past semester includ-
ing a welcome back to school meet and greet at the Swamp.

We had near weekly Tuesday night meetings and several
group fishing trips to Cedar Key. Our most successful event
of the semester was the winter meeting attended by repre-
sentatives from Tampa. Thanks to the enthusiastic and gen-
erous support of Mr. Bill Brown of West Florida CMAA,
the winter meeting was a huge success. Additional special
thanks go to Secretary Hilley and member Ken Collins for
hosting the event.
continued on page 14

Associated General Contractors
By Travis Kolbjornsen

AGC strapped on the boots, put on the hard hats, and got to
work this semester! On September 20th, the chapter started
off the fall semester with a club meeting in which the goals
for the semester were discussed. This semester in order to
boost attendance and split costs we initiated a joint venture
with NAHB. This proved quite successful throughout the
semester for group functions including, but not limited to
social functions, game day barbeques, and community ser-
vice projects. Then, just in time for the BCN Career Fair on
October 17th, we held a meeting in which a guest speaker
from Gryphon Construction shared knowledge about resumes
and job recruitment. On the 9th of November, AGC held a
social with the Nursing School at the Grog House. We hit
maximum occupancy for the venue and everyone who at-
tended had a blast! Both AGC and NAHB will participate in
a large two-part community service project in East
Gainesville with Habitat for Humanity that will commence
Spring 2007. The wonderful and heartwarming experiences
that occur during these volunteer projects each semester are
rewarding for everyone involved. AGC anticipates a bright
future with Habitat for Humanity in the future.

On Saturday, November 15th, AGC hosted a Game Day
Barbeque at the Rinker School, serving up hotdogs and ham-
burgers to the students, visiting alumni, and BCN faculty.
That afternoon the Gators beat Western Carolina 62-0. Af-
ter Thanksgiving, we decided to have our final meeting on
November 29h, in which we held officer elections and dis-
cussed the end of the semester plans. Our final social event
of the year was collaboration with the Interior Design Dept.
at a venue downtown. It was a great way to end the year and
have some fun! Most importantly, we would like to thank
our parent chapter South Florida AGC in Ft. Lauderdale for
making all of this possible.

Sigma Lambda Chi
By Nicholas Bieber

The Society for Leaders in Construction, Sigma Lambda Chi,
has happily welcomed 13 new members into the Honor So-
ciety this Fall. In addition to proving their academic excel-
lence, these students have demonstrated a willingness to lend
a hand to the Gainesville community through service activi-
ties that benefited several local organizations. A few of the
groups that have welcomed the help are The Cotton Club,
Peaceful Paths and Habitat for Humanity. They also strive
to better their place of learning by helping the faculty at the
Rinker School and even assisted building the Rinker Float
for the Homecoming Parade.

The new members have already taken initiative to strengthen
the presence of SLX by increasing the involvement of the
society with other Rinker activities in the upcoming Spring
semester, and will undoubtedly prove to be a tremendous
group of students for the rest of their stay at the School of
Building Construction. Be on the lookout for future SLX
community service events and guest speakers that everyone
is welcome to!

SLX would also like to congratulate the graduating seniors
who proudly displayed their green and gold SLX honor
chords at the commencement ceremony. We wish them well
in their future careers as leaders in the construction indus-

To learn more information about SLX, please contact Mike
Schutt at skutter(,ufl.edu.

Construction Management Association of America
continued from page 12

Spring semester events will include a trip to Tampa. Trans-
portation will be provided and we will tour two projects,
one vertical and one horizontal. Past tours included a con-
dominium project and the I-4/275 interchange rebuild. We

look forward to seeing what Bill Brown will arrange for this
Spring. We are also arranging to tour West Tampa, the cen-
ter point of urban redevelopment in Tampa. We look for-
ward to everyone joining us in these upcoming events.

National Association of Women In Construction
By Colette Arnold

On November 15, 2006, the UF NAWIC student chapter
welcomed Brownie Troops 300 and 474 from Hawthorne,
FL to the Rinker School. Not only did NAWIC have an
opportunity to do some great work for our community, the
young Brownie Scouts were able to learn about UF as well
as earn their career badges! More specifically, they were
presented with information about the Rinker School,
women in construction and sustainable construction.

Activities for their visit included a video with a lively ques-
tion and answer session, as well as drawing and interacting
with the BCN students and staff. In addition, BCN gradu-
ate student and guest speaker James Marini gave a very
informative PowerPoint presentation on recycling and our
environment, using the Rinker Building's recycling activi-
ties as examples! The most fun however, was the visit to
the newly constructed Library West addition, where the
kids saw the rewards of working in the construction indus-
try first-hand in our brand new facilities.

Thanks to Julie Williams, Marcella Cubides, Suezann
Bohner, Amber Edington and James Marini for taking the
time to coordinate all the activities of the day and creating
an educational and memorable trip that the brownies will
never forget!

Associated Builders and Contractors
By Bill Long III

The annual Student-Contractor Golf Tourney will be held
on Friday March 30t at Ironwood Golf Course. This tour-
nament has continued to be a great success for the Rinker
School and the ABC Student Chapter. We look forward to
seeing all the companies on the course that continue to make
this event such a success. Please watch for registration fly-
ers announcing the tournament.

This past fall ABC was fortunate to have the following guest
speakers for their monthly meetings: Dave Anderson of
Hardin Construction and Jeremy Voss of PCL Construction.

Congratulations to our outgoing officers, Dan Seeley, John
Orebaugh, Mark Hardee and Lance Price on their gradua-
tion from the Rinker School. This semester the ABC chap-
ter welcomes its new officers to their respective positions:
Chris Evans, President; Bill Long, Vice-President; Lucas
West, Treasurer and Ryan Reynolds, Secretary.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Larry Muszynski as the new
ABC faculty advisor. Dr Muszynski began serving in the
position this past fall and has already made a terrific addi-
tion to the organization.

Graduate Student Assistance to the Florida Community Loan Fund

During the Fall Semester 2006, the students in Dr. Charles
Kibert's BCN 6585, Sustainable Construction worked with
the Florida Community Loan Fund's initiative to promote
green building in the nonprofit affordable housing industry.
Teams formed in the class adopted several Loan Fund bor-
rowers and prospects who have a desire to begin integrating
green-building strategies in their future projects. The final
reports and presentations took place during class late No-
vember 2006. The students' work products were innova-
tive, thorough, cost-specific and very creative. In addition
to providing cost/benefit analyses on various green options,
some teams created a marketing brochure, a resident educa-
tion brochure, or re-designed plans and specs (several li-
censed architects and engineers are in the class).

Air Force Major Patrick Suermann, a current Ph.D. student,
led his team in creating a "Florida Green Building

Coalition Interactive Spreadsheet" that follows the current
FGBC Green Home Standard. It is intended to be used as a
planning tool so that developers can assess various options
and quickly see how changing one component will affect
the points total and overall cost. Also, it allows the final
application to be submitted electronically or to print it out
for submission. In the spreadsheet the "Green Plan" are op-
tions that will definitely be feasible for the project. The
Yellow Plan are items that are possible, but still being ex-
plored, and the red-highlighted items are either not feasible
or not applicable to this particular development.

This real-life example also provides some cost data (plus or
minus) for various items which are then captured on the
Summary Sheet. The spreadsheet will be posted on the
Powell Center website for uploading and use by interested
developers and builders.

Guest Speakers Fall 2006

We would like to thank the following people for donating their time and sharing
their knowledge and experience with our students

BCN 3027 Construction Profession and Ethics
-John Carlson, President of PPI
-Carol Hurst, Chief Building Official for Alachua County
-Philip Rickman, Architect, Principal in the Rickman
-John Sofarelli, President of J. Raymond Construction Co.
-Dan Whiteman, President of Coastal Construction

BCN 3423 Timber, Formwork Design & Construction
David E. Lewis, Engineered Wood Specialist with APA the
Engineered Wood Association

BCN 4510 Mechanical Systems 2, HVAC
-Robbie Gronbach, Project Manager at Joyner Construction

BCN 4712 Managing Construction Operations
-Pete Pace, Vice President & CEO of the Florida Division
of Clancy & Theys Construction Company

BCN 4735 Construction Safety
-Keith Brown, State of Florida OSHA consultant
-J.D. Lewis, Area EH&S Director at Bovis Lend Lease
-Allan Preston, UF Facilities Management
-Joseph Roesler, Compliance Assistant with OSHA

BCN 4751 Project Planning and Feasibility
-Joe Aufmuth, Faculty, UF Science Library

-Dan Green, Senior VP of the Land Acquisition & Devel-
opment of KB Home
-Rob Johnson, President & CEO of the Florida Capital
Bank of Gainesville
-James Izzo, President of The 1220 Group
-Patricia Roset Zuppa, PhD student at UF

BCN 4787 Construction Project Delivery
-Tim Good, Vice President with The Haskell Company

BCN 5470 Methods Improvement
Dr. Otto Fetterhoff from URS Corporation

BCN 5618 Comprehensive Estimating
-Russell P. Anderson, Sr. VP, Preconstruction Manager for
Moss and Associates

BCN 5715 Advanced Construction Labor Problems
-Steve Johns, retired contractor
-Morris Trimmer, BCN Emeritus Faculty

BCN 6585 Principles of Sustainable Development &
-Bahar Armaghani, Project Manager at Campus Planning
-Ken Fonorrow, President of Florida H.E.R.O. Inc.
-Mark van Soestenberg, President of International Carbon
Bank Exchange

BCN SCHOLARSHIPS 2006-2007 Scholarship Awardees

H.H. Block
Sean Horan


Builders Association of North Central Florida
Raymond Godfrey $1,500
David Goldsmith $1,500
Adam Robertson $1,500
Shannon Stewart $1,500

Frank W. Reed -
Central Florida Builders Exchange

Foote Steel
Julian Miller $ 600
Hubbard Construction
Matthew Thomas $ 720
Jack Jennings & Son
Sina Bazargan-Lari $1,200
R.C. Stevens Construction
Amanda Manthorne $ 600
Tri-City Electric
James Swick III $ 600
Walker & Company
Colette Arnold $1,200

Clark Construction Group Inc.
Guy Abi-Nader $1,500
Chandra Hodoval $1,500
Molly Maclaren $1,500
Roya Mozaffanan $1,500

Arthur A. Coia & R.P. (Bud) Vinall
Thomas Beagles $1,500
John Elliott $1,500
Maryam Ghatee $1,500

Ivan Mutis
William Parrish
Justin Berry

James A. Cummings, Inc.
Marty Baker
Jay Cherry
Brian Orr
Axay Patel
Paul Scott

David E. Pitts
Brandon Griffith

Rinker Materials
Diala Dandach
Peter Donkor
Supriya Ghule
Jennifer Grinnan
Kyle Huggins
Deepak Sharma
Wei Shi
Chirag Upadhyaya
Jeff Wright
Wei Wu





Professor Anthony Section Memorial
Shayla Harris $1,500

Ronald Tadrowski
Andrew Jefferson $2,000

H. Duff Williamson Award for Excellence
Jonathan Hill $ 200

2006-2007 BCN Scholarship Recipients

BCN Alumni in Higher Education
Starting in the Fall 2006 Orange & Blueprints, we have highlighted accomplishments made by our graduates in higher
education. In this issue, we are highlighting Professor Hal Johnston of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis
Obispo, California. If you are a BCN alumni and currently teach at a post secondary construction education program,
please send us a short bio of yourself for publishing on this page.

Hal Johnston is a Profes-
sor in the Construction
-Management Department
of College of Architecture
and Environmental Design
at the California Polytech-
nic State University in San
S.. Luis Obispo, California. He
is a licensed General Con-
tractor in California, with
*, 1 past licenses in Washington
:.,.., i:', and Florida. Hal has worked
on and estimated projects of all sizes during his 17-year
construction career. Prior to being a partner in his own
firm, Hal held positions of project manager and superin-
tendent in a variety of project types and sizes in Alaska,
California, Florida, Louisiana, and Washington. He has a
B.S. in Building Theory & Practice from Washington State
University and a Master of Building Construction from
the University of Florida. He is a Certified Professional

Estimator (C.PE.) and a member of The American Society
of Professional Estimators (A.S.P.E). Hal has co-authored
two books, Construction Site Management, published in
1998 by Delmar Publishing (2nd Edition 2003) and Bid-
ding and Estimating Procedures for Construction, published
in 2001 by Prentice Hall. Hal is currently writing a book
titled The Residential Superintendent for Delmar Publish-
ing and is involved with United Brotherhood of Carpen-
ters in the management, development and delivery of their
Superintendent Career Training Program, a national pro-
gram to train Superintendents. He has authored and co-
authored a variety of other construction-related publica-
tions. Hal has been teaching at Cal Poly in the Construc-
tion Management Department since the fall of 1988. He is
active in American Council for Construction Education
(ACCE) and Associated Schools of Construction (ASC),
both at the regional and national level. His current areas
of research include Online Construction Education, MBE/
WBE participation at the subcontract level, and The Build-
ers of the Carnegie Libraries in California.

Alumni News

George A. Poulos has been self-employed as a general con-
tractor for 40 years, building homes, small office buildings
and apartments in North Carolina and Georgia. He is now
semi-retired doing water colors of houses sold by realtors
nationwide. He is also still involved as a sellers agent for
Coldwell Banker in the Tampa area.
Roger Maler founded Maler Construction Associates, Inc.
in 1971. The company is licensed in Tennessee, Arkansas,
Florida and Mississippi and soon possibly in Alabama and
Louisiana. A new office will be opened just north of Tampa.
Richard Buning joined Coastal Construction Company in
March 2006 as a Senior Project Manager. He is responsible
for a $140 million office building under construction in Mi-
ami, FL.
Carl Byars works for C.F. Evans & Company, Inc. located
in Orangeburg, South Carolina.
Bob Wight has been working for Linbeck Group, LP of
Houston, Texas for 31 years now. He is currently a Vice
President and Project Executive responsible for a number of
projects at Rice University in Houston.
Brian Axelrod joined Coastal Construction Company in 2004
and recently completed construction of the Mosaic Condo-
minium, a $53 million project on Miami Beach being con-
structed for WCI Communities.

Eugene Kowalski founded ADD-Vantage Experience, Inc.
in 1994. He is the Owner and President of the company.
Some of the projects they have worked on include: The Or-
ange County Convention Center, The Epcot Land Pavillion
and The Grand Floridian Resort.
Tim Lynch has become an Executive Vice President and
Partner of DooleyMack Constructors of South Florida, LLC.
Tim has been with DooleyMack for sixteen years. He is lo-
cated in their Ft. Lauderdale office and currently resides in
Coral Springs, FL.
Mark Millerjoined Coastal Construction in 2000 and is the
Senior Estimator in the Miami office. He is responsible for
preconstruction services on approximately $250 million in
work annually.
John P. Wiseman was installed as the President of the Florida
Home Builders Association. FHBA is the largest state home
building association in the country. He is also the President
of CORE Construction of Florida, where he is in charge of
residential construction in Orlando, Naples and Sarasota.
Allen Troshinsky is a Construction Executive with M.A.
Mortenson Company. Currently, he resides in Kansas City
and is managing construction of the $250 million Sprint Cen-
ter, a facility that will house both an NBA and an NHL team.
Allen and his wife, Stacey have 3 children.
Alumni News is continued on the next page

Alumni News

Robert Fowler is President of Fowler Construction and
Development. He is also a Partner in Fowler Real Estate
LLC. Robert and his wife Christina, have 3 children; Amanda,
Sean and Ali.
Bill Nassal and his partner Matt Brown (BCN '94) own a
specialty construction company in Orlando, called The Nassal
Company. They just completed the slide temple building for
the new Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. They also served as
the construction manager for a swim with the dolphins park
in the Grand Cayman.
Daniel Minich is a Project Manager for Mathews Construc-
tion Company of Tampa, Inc. Daniel and his wife Tatiana,
have been married for 8 years. His wife recently gave birth
to twin girls, Melissa and Gabriella.
Daniel E. Whiteman taught at UF from 1991-93 while com-
pleting his coursework for his Ph.D. and then joined Coastal
Construction Company in Miami, Florida as its President.
Dan continues to teach at Florida International University as
an Adjunct Professor in their Construction Management
Department's Graduate Program.
Paul Darrow started his own development firm last year in
Los Angeles. He has two projects he is currently working
on, one is a seven unit which is currently in City Planning for

their entitlement. The other is a four-unit project which is
still in pre-development stage. The seven-unit project, will
incorporate sustainable building practices.

Let us Know!!!

Tell us about any job appointments,
announcements, new contact information, etc.

E-mail: Stacey Rosenberg at sirosen@ufl.edu.

Update Your Contact Information

If you have recently graduated, or have moved; please
update your information with the UF Alumni Association.

UF Alumni Association
1938 W. University Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32603
(352) 392-1905 or (888) 352-5866

In Memoriam

Jeremy Marlar was a young man with
great dreams and drive. He aspired to
do great things in the construction world,
but on October 11, 2006, after a three
and a half year battle with cancer, he
passed away due to complications of his
disease, synovial cell sarcoma.

Synovial cell sarcoma is a rare cancer that
affects approximately 800 people a year. In February 2006,
Jeremy underwent a stem cell treatment at the National In-
stitute of Health (NIH) inBethesda,Maryland. His younger
brother, Ryan, was his stem cell donor for the treatment at
NIH. Jeremy's mother passed away from cancer when he
was 9 years old and he was determined to fight his cancer.

Jeremy was strong for his friends and family and his faith
in God is what helped him persevere through his very dif-
ficult treatment. Jeremy was a selfless individual who had
the courage to fight and never give up in faith.

Jeremy is survived by his father, Jerry; stepmother, Martha;
sister, Kelli; and brother, Ryan. Please keep the Marlar
family in your thoughts and prayers and for those of you
who had the opportunity to meet Jeremy and know him,
remember he will always be with you.

Jeremy was an upper-division student in Building Con-
struction. He started upper-division in Fall 2003 and in
Spring 2004 he was diagnosed, went into remission and
came back to complete his Jr. II semester in Spring 05.
Jeremy had every intention on beating this cancer to re-
turn to school and complete his bachelor's degree.

Carl A. Byington, passed away suddenly towards the end
of last year. He was active for many years throughout the
country with several major contractors before relocating
to the Tampa area. There he worked on small condo
projects as a state certified General Contractor. He gradu-
ated from BCN in January 1954.

Thank you
To all who donated to the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction General Fund (8/1/06-1/1/07)

Jesse W. Children, Sr.
James G. Foster, Jr.
Gerald L. Hester
Paul C. Gips
Carroll M. Nall, Jr.
J.C Felix
Geoffrey E. Smith
Robert L. Claudy, Jr.
Paul R. Dawkins
Cecil Garvin
Nelson Romero
George H. Austin
Charles W. Bryson
Michael A. Finn
John W. Schneid
Richard S. Black
David W. Beebe, Jr.
Robert N. Bridger
Boyce H. Blackmon
William H. Squires
John T. Sewell, Jr.
Lt. Col. David Gray, Jr.
Roger H. Stitt, Jr.
Tayler M. Boyd, Jr.
Donald H. Conkling III
A. Ronald Johnson
Allen A. Kozich
Randall F. Baukney
John M. McMahon
Doss K. Watson
John M. Neel
Thomas Shaughnessy
Roger L. Bass
Robert B. Edwards
Dennis E. Lewis
Jose I. Sarasua
R. Lance Walker
Dennis A. Brammeier
William G. Fischer
Edwin I. Strayer
Ludwig R. Byak II
Jorge Echarte, Jr.
J. Thomas Hamm, Jr.
Paul R. Hardaker
Robert W. Verner

Kirby S. Bourgeois
Mike E. Grandey
John Kish, Jr.
Gary I. Kline
Richard B. Laughlin
Robert E. Lifton
E. Vaughan Rivers
David T. Smith
Robert E. Broxton
Robert W. Caldwell III
Allen C. Hamilton
Robert S. Hemstad, Jr.
Donald L. Savage
Brian R. Silas
Karl E. Weis
William R. Clark, Jr.
Lionel Kier
Harry P. Ackerman
Leonard A. Geronemus
William R. Giles, Jr.
Paul W. Kohler
Lawrence S. Northup
John D. Remington
Bradford J. Sedito
Darrell L. Smith
William L. Stewart
Richard E. Turk
James F. Wilder, Jr.
Walter Bajsel
Susan R. Jones
Michael F. Lollis
Bruce A. Gude
Alan M. Albert
Douglas F. Davis
Clark L. Keator II
Jonathan B. Kurtis
Cedric L. Mar
Penny Moyer
Michael D. Sharon
Gregory A. Vann
Craig E. Wilson
Robert D. Clark
George W. McGonagill
Stephen R. Palmer
Robert G Sample
Dennis M. Suarez
Francis J. Hoffman
James T. Lang, Jr.
Thomas O. Martin
Robert M. Paterson
David E. Wagner
Steven W. Csutoros
David B. Dunnavant

Paul S. Goodwin
Neil L. Hammack
Darrall R. Henderson
Robert A. Isaac, Jr.
Thomas W. Koulouris
Conrad J. Lazo
Tony A. McMahon
John R. Sofarelli, Sr.
John E. Tori
Richard A. Bell
Loretta Deziel-Gallagher
Donald F. Grill, Jr.
Dean A. Thomas
Kent M. Blocher
William M. Coyne
Thomas H. Mitchell III
Eddie Mosley
Michael S. Santarone
David K. Schmit
Daniel J. Waters
Kenneth L. Anson, Jr.
Jeffrey V Caruso
Timothy J. Flanagan
Bahman Khrosrowzadeh
Nicholas D. Shelow
Stephen G Siegel
Leslie S. Terkiel
William P Byrne
Robert T. Ossi
Daniel W. Getson
Tod R. Hudson
Robert. T. Lauramoore
Mikell A. McElroy
Kevin G. McMichael
L. Scott Ulm
Robert O. Ghiotto
Craig E. Hagedorm
Allen L. Hand
Sheli A. Romer
J. Ernesto Brito
Brian D. Hotchkiss
Richard P Komosky
James B. Clark
Ronald E. Kirchman II
Roy D. McGee
Richard E. Yester
Rose M. Brasgalla
Richard C. Carbone
Lori A. Maglieri
Allen G Troshinsky
Ronald J. Whalen, Jr.
Kenneth B. Cox
Donald W. Roberts, Jr.

Stephanie L. Lobner
Timothy R. Rushing
Vasilios Athanasoulis
Bryan S. Botic
Scott R. Layman
Timothy R. Wiggins
Michael C. Huskey
Heather G Mandel
Michael J. Yepes
Bobby R. Lyons
Gerald C. Parsons, Jr.
Timothy J. Sergenian
Richard M. Hickman
Valerie L. Hickman
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Allen Reed Lloyd
BBI Construction Management
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Clancy & Theys Construction Co.
Current Builders of Florida, Inc.
D.F. McKnight Construction Co., Inc.
Deerfield, Inc.
Fasanelli Development Co.
Gerdau Ameristeel
Henkelman Construction, Inc.
Honeywell International Foundation
Hugins Construction Corporation
KVC Constructors, Inc.
M. J. Harris, Inc.
Mathur & Gerdes, Inc.
Matthews Construction of Tampa, Inc.
Mitch Burley Construction, Inc.
Pooley Contracting, Inc.
Sands Construction Co., Inc.
Schlesinger Construction, Inc.
Stiles Corporation
Trigram LLC
Tritt & Franson, PA.
W.H. Keister Group, Inc.
Zahn Luxury Homes

Faculty news

Dr. Kevin Grosskopf received a
grant from the U.S. Department
of Defense, Air Force Research
Laboratory to conduct research on
ultra-high pressure (UHP) fire
suppression systems for use in air-
craft operations and maintenance
facilities. UHP technology has
proven to enhance the
performance of firefighting equipment using water and aque-
ous film forming foam. Improving firefighting effective-
ness while reducing flow rate by a factor of 3-10 may greatly
reduce collateral damage, equipment footprint and cost for
both civilian and military aircraft facilities. Dr. Grosskopf
presented his findings at the 2006 World Conference on
Accelerating Excellence in the Built Environment in Bir-
mingham, United Kingdom.

Drs. Kevin Grosskopf and Paul Oppenheim along with
Todd Kisida, Director of the College of DCP Information
Technology, received continuation funding from AGC to pro-
vide Internet-based mold prevention guidance to a national
audience through 2008. AGC and the University of Florida
developed a PC-based moisture control construction check-
list (MC3) and training software that will enable builders to
quickly identify mold-forming conditions during construc-
tion, prevent the introduction of moisture into building ma-
terials and assemblies, and mitigate mold growth following
exposure. The results of the MC3 software development
were presented at the 2006 Conference of Associated Schools
of Construction, Ft. Collins, Colorado in April 2006 and
published in the International Journal of Construction Edu-
cation and Research.

Drs. Kevin Grosskopf and Charles Kibert received a
three-year grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) to develop "best management practices" to
prevent moisture-related indoor hazards and asthma triggers
in residential and commercial buildings.

Dr. Kevin Grosskopf and Drs. Ilir Bejleri and E. Kramer
of Urban and Regional Planning were awarded grants from
Alachua and Nassau counties to computer model hurricane
and flood damage to residential and commercial buildings,
evacuation shelters, and emergency response infrastructure.
The research team has created "Katrina" scenarios for both
counties, simulating the potential damage caused by a strong
Category 4 Atlantic hurricane striking Amelia Island and a
similar Gulf storm striking Alachua County from the south-
west via Cedar Key. The goal of this research is to simulate
the reduction in damage and loss resulting from building
code changes and other hazard mitigation activities.

Dr. R. Raymond Issa chaired the
13th Rinker International Confer-
ence on Construction and Real
Estate Management (ICCREM
2006): Collaboration and Devel-
opment in Construction and Real
Estate, which was held on Octo-
ber 5-6, 2006 at the Sheraton
World Resort, Orlando, FL.
Researchers from the U.S., Europe, China and Australia par-
ticipated in the conference. The proceedings were published
in two book volumes and one CD-Rom and contained over
2000 pages of research.

Dr. Charles Kibert organized
an international conference on
sustainable construction which
was held in Sarasota, Florida
September 19-22, 2006. The
conference, Rethinking Sustain-
able Construction 2006 (RC06)
had as its purpose determining a
roadmap to future high-
performance green buildings. Over 220 attendees from 28
countries presented their concepts of what the future holds
for these buildings of the future. Information about the re-
sults of RSC06 can be found at http://www/treeo.ufl.edu/

This past summer Dr. Kibert taught a 3-week course about
sustainable development to students from 10 universities in
Poland. The course, "Challenges of Sustainable Develop-
ment in Poland," was co-organized by Dr. Kibert with col-
leagues in Poland and Austria and this was the 9t year it
was taught. The site of the course is in southern Poland, in
Cracow, and in addition to lectures and exercises, the stu-
dents work with Polish companies, organizations, and com-
munities to learn the real world application of sustainability.

As part of an effort to disseminate information on the U.S.
Green Building Council's LEED standard for green build-
ings, Dr. Kibert has been organizing professional develop-
ment classes for builders and other professionals around the
Southeast. There are currently two types of classes being
taught, a one-day introductory course and a two-day course
that prepare the student to take the USGBC'S LEED Ac-
credited Professional Test. The most recent two-day prepa-
ratory course was delivered to a group from Moss Associ-
ates, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale in early December 2006. In
April 2006 the two-day course was provided to a group from
BMK Architects in Sarasota and included members of the
Sarasota County School Board.


Dr. Paul Oppenheim partici-
pated as a subject matter expert
in the update and revision of the
National Center for Construction
Education and Research
(NCCER) standardized HVAC
craft training program. In partner-
ship with Prentice Hall, NCCER
develops and publishes the
Contren Learning series. This standardized competency-
based curriculum is taught by contractors, associations, con-
struction users, and secondary and post-secondary schools
nationwide. Students who receive training through an
NCCER-Accredited Sponsor are eligible to receive tran-
scripts and documentation of their training accomplishments
through NCCER's National Registry.

Drs. Ajay Shanker and Abdol
Chini were invited to India by the
Jaypee Group, a well-diversified
infrastructure industrial group
that has developed three higher
technical education institutes in
i emerging areas of technology in
India. They visited Jaypee In-
Sstitute of Information Technology
(JIIT) at Noida, Jaypee University of Information Technol-
ogy (JUIT) at Waknaghat, and Jaypee Institute of Engineer-
ing & Technology (JIET) at Guna from 10/28 to 11/5. The
purpose of this trip was to assist Jaypee Education System
in establishing a construction management program first at
Guna campus and then at the other two institutions. Aplan
was developed to start an emphasis in construction man-
agement within the existing undergraduate civil engineer-
ing program and a master's degree in construction manage-
ment at JIET. In addition, Jaypee will send few of their fac-
ulty to complete their PhD degree in construction manage-
ment at the Rinker School to return to India and teach the
newly developed construction management courses.

Anne Williamson, associate di-
rector of the Shimberg Center for
Affordable Housing, recently re-
ceived $180,000 in funding for a
housing condition study from the
University Area Community De-
velopment Corporation, a non-
profit organization serving an eco-
nomically distressed area
surrounding the University of South Florida. The results of
the study will be used to plan and implement redevelop-
ment activities. Ms. Williamson also received $32,500 in
funding for providing housing expertise to the Hillsborough
County Affordable Housing Study Commission that

ty news
culminated in a final report titled Attainable Housing for
Hillsborough County Growing Economy.

New Appointments

E. Douglas Lucas recently joined
the BCN faculty as a lecturer after
a two-year period as an adjunct
professor. He graduated from
Georgia Tech with a BIE in 1972,
a M.S. in Systems Management
from the University of Southern
California in 1975 and a Doctor-
ate in Leadership and Human
Behavior from U.S. International University-San Diego in
1977. He served in the US Naval Mobile Construction Bat-
talions for a period of fifteen years working in the areas of
drafting, surveying and soils/material testing. After mili-
tary service, he first began working in scheduling and in-
ternal auditing for San Diego Gas & Electric. He also
worked for Ralph M. Parsons of Pasadena, CA as a project
controls engineer on a large mining project. Other posi-
tions he has held include consultant and Director of Project
Development for Hill International Inc., a project manage-
ment and construction dispute consulting firm with world
wide operations. In 1985, he returned home to the south as
Southeastern Regional Manager for Kellogg Corporation,
a Denver-based construction consulting firm.

His next position was a project manager with Coastal Utili-
ties Inc., an underground utility firm. Several years later,
he established E. Douglas Lucas & Associates. He has been
involved in providing consulting, scheduling and expert wit-
ness services on several hundred construction disputes. He
is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Cost

Jennifer Mashburn is the School's new Senior Fiscal As-
sistant. She is responsible for managing the School's Rinker
and Holland funds, travel, and other administrative duties.
She moved here from Indiana and loves being part of the
Gator Nation.

Julie E. Segura moved to Gainesville one year ago from
Miami, Florida with her husband and two-year-old son. She
worked with The Tower Group, Inc. as an assistant to the
Project Manager during the construction of Miami's famous
Parrot Jungle Island. Julie is joining the school as the
Alumni Liaison, she will cultivate the relationship with
University Alumni to assist current student and graduates
in finding careers, and coordinate the Career Fairs. She is
excited to become a part of the family and become an inte-
gral part of the established history the school has built.


The Rinker School does have a limited budget and there are many activities and items for which we could certainly use
your financial assistance. In return for your underwriting of these activities/items, we would provide appropriate publicity
about your support. In the case of events, we would be pleased to have a company representative attend the event and say
a few words on behalf of your firm. For the Newsletter, we would include a prominent credit on the front page of the
Newsletter. The following is a list of events and their approximate cost to us for which your support would be very
beneficial to the Rinker School and its students:

Graduation Dinner
Graduate Student Reception
Graduate Competition Team
BCN Newsletter
Heavy/Civil Competition Team
NAHB Competition Team
LEED Competition Team
Welcome Reception
Homecoming Barbeque

Future Event Sponsors
Welcome Reception (Spring 2007)
Graduation Dinner (Spring 2007)
Welcome Reception (Fall 2007)
Homecoming Barbeque (Fall 2007)
BCN Newsletter (Fall 2007)
BCN Newsletter (Spring 2008)
Welcome Reception (Spring 2008)
Welcome Reception (Fall 2008)
Homecoming Barbeque (Fall 2008)

Past Event Sponsors
Special thanks to our past event sponsors.

Available Event Sponsorships
Fall 2007 $3,000
Spring 2007 $1,500
Spring 2007 $5,000
Fall 2008 $6,000
Fall 2007 $5,000
Spring 2008 $5,000
Spring 2008 $5,000
Spring 2009 $5,000
Fall 2009 $3,000

Holder Construction
Hunt Construction Group
Clancy &Theys
Angle & Schmid
James A. Cummings
Gerdau AmeriSteel
The Weitz Company
Robins & Morton
Weitz Golf International

Rinker School Event Name
Commercial Team (1998 present)
Design-Build Team (2002-present)
Heavy/Civil Team, 2006
NAHB Competition, 2003
NAHB Competition, 2004
NAHB Competition, 2005
NAHB Competition, 2006
NAHB Competition, 2007
Graduation Dinner (Fall 1999)
Graduation Dinner (Fall 2000)
Graduation Dinner (Spring 2001)
Graduation Dinner (Fall 2003)
Graduation Dinner (Spring 2004)
Graduation Dinner (Fall 2004)
Graduation Dinner (Spring 2006)
Graduation Dinner (Fall 2006)
Welcome Reception/(Spring 2001)
Welcome Reception (Fall 2001)
Welcome Reception (Spring 2002)
Welcome Reception (Fall 2002)
Welcome Reception (Spring 2003)
Welcome Reception (Fall 2003)
Welcome Reception (Spring 2004)
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Nelson Construction
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BCBE Construction
Mercedes Homes
Beck Group
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Hensel Phelps
Current Builders
Rinker Materials
James A. Cummings
Clark Construction Group
WCI Communities
Weitz Company
Brasfield & Gorrie
Fluor Corp
Turner Construction
Weitz Company
Fluor Corp.
Brasfield & Gorrie
Current Builders
Weitz Company
Charles Perry Construction

Rinker School Event Name
Welcome Reception (Spring 2006)
Welcome Reception (Fall 2006)
Homecoming Barbeque (2004)
Homecoming Barbeque (2005)
Homecoming Barbeque (2006)
BCN Newsletter (Fall 2001)
BCN Newsletter (Spring 2002)
BCN Newsletter (Fall 2002)
BCN Newsletter (Fall 2003)
BCN Newsletter (Spring 2004)
BCN Newsletter (Fall 2004)
BCN Newsletter (Spring 2005)
BCN Newsletter (Fall 2005)
BCN Newsletter (Spring 2006)
BCN Newsletter (Fall 2006)
BCN Newsletter (Spring 2007)
Graduate Student Reception (Fall 2000)
Graduate Student Reception (Fall 2005)
Plaques and Trophies (2003)

James A. Cummings
Clancy & Theys
Brasfield & Gorrie
Burkhardt Const.
Holder Construction
Hardin Construction
Hardin Construction
Hardin/ Prof. Gunby
James A. Cummings
James A. Cummings
Hardin Construction
Stiles Corporation
James A. Cummings
Hardin Construction
Stiles Corporation
J. Raymond Const.
Ajax Construction
Turner Construction
Charles Perry Const.

If you need additional information, please contact Dr. Abdol Chini (chini@ufl.edu).

Advisory Council

The M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction is honored to have an active Advisory Council whose members, both individual
and corporate, serve as an important source of advice and support for the School. Advisory Council is an opportunity for you and
your company to form a strong liaison with the School. In this way, we can be assured that our program is current and meets the ever-
changing needs of the construction industry. We hope you will consider becoming a member of the Advisory Council for the M.E.
Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction.

My gift in the amount of $ is made to the University of Florida Foundation
for the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction
Be sure to put BCN in the Memo Line

Please check the appropriate block:

O $100 Certificate 0 $300 Plaque 0 $500 0 $2000 includes membership in the University President's Council

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP in the BCN Advisory Council
O $300 Certificate 0 $500 Plaque



City State Zip

Signature Date

Please send gifts to 304 Rinker Hall, PO Box 115703, Gainesville, FL 32611

Help Build the Future with the BCN Brick Paver Campaign!

Want to have your name in Rinker Hall, the new home of the M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction?
Buy a brick paver, support your School, and have your name etched in stone for the world to see! The 4" x 8" brick
pavers are available to students, alumni and friends for $125.00. There is a 3-line limit, with a 16-character limit
per line. Each space, period or other such punctuation is considered a character.
Visit www.bcn.ufl.edu/brick for more information.

Please make checks payable to U.F. Foundation. Do NOT send cash. Be sure to note BCN Brick Campaign in the
Memo Line. Please send checks to 304 Rinker Hall, PO Box 115703, Gainesville, FL 32611


Address: u

City: State:

Zip: Phone:

Number of Bricks Ordered:

Total Amount Enclosed:

College of Design, Construction and Planning PERMIT NO 94
M.E. Pinker, Sr. School of Building Construction
304 Rinker Hall
PO Box 115703
Gainesville, FL 32611-5703

J. Raymond

Proud sponsor of
The University of Florida's
M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of
Building Construction



90 % of Management are BCN Graduates!

J. Rayvmond Construction Corp.
4 \\ 11 1 1 ... l, 4rl l T I'. 11 : 4l l- 'la-l F t\ 4 .57 1
k Ik i4 .l i i' i ,' 11 .!

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