The impact of male out-migration on women in farming

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The impact of male out-migration on women in farming
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Kumarian Press case studies series
Palmer, Ingrid
Population Council
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West Hartford Conn
Kumarian Press
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xviii, 78 p. : ; 28 cm.


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Women in agriculture -- Developing countries ( lcsh )
Migrant labor -- Developing countries ( lcsh )
Rural women -- Developing countries ( lcsh )
Migrant agricultural laborers' spouses -- Developing countries ( lcsh )
Femmes en agriculture -- Pays en voie de développement ( rvm )
Travailleurs migrants -- Pays en voie de développement ( rvm )
Femmes en milieu rural -- Pays en voie de développement ( rvm )
bibliography ( marcgt )
non-fiction ( marcgt )
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Bibliography: p. 76-78.
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Ingrid Palmer ; prepared under the auspices of the Population Council.

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omen les & Cen fferences in Development

The I

The Impact

Women's Roles & Gender
Differences In Development.

The Impact
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Iliefme. a can nlgnt n aasrnr for 1 total of fifteen years or sc. In Esrillnn~racrell~ been Ilnnlfl to internal nisnfion. Ihiah ailoll for freWent note visits.

Earnings in south IfriFn are large sonpred uith f~ir msoioe. ~ut snell bu international Digrant standings. ~'ilmncea are eluenely s~nii, nigranrs preferring to resatrinte savings men they retum betueen c~nlrmELa.

The best iniaiolfion an utiiilaiian of relnittanres is Iron ieiotn~. The r.ll regular renllmncea mWenr La be at the disposal of nren for living and tanning expenses. There is general agreeDenf betv~~n nigranla and xives that Yie first dal. in the large ( re~arriated l sM is eduoafion. foilalpd 4 liuarfoElerquinifion. i~piw~d housing househald efiests. and eiothing. The area of mnflisi of Interests Is the n~4ranrls ailoclllm of nla savings ~etxeen renitted and repatriate8 sIMs In nilariland internal nlsmnts in~rmlv ~sin~ nus~m~sl tended nois to rsmii r~ner for pla.lnl costs rhne rrternai Dlgrants In~Lnly emg sons in eifended houspnoidsi tmded ~orr to save for cattle purcheses.


Rlrlng ia~or is costiy and. eilept In solos eases in smliinnd, reniiinnoes appear to be in~deguaie to these costs. Tho.lonenl euldence is i* t.rle Lin offer negilgl~le aai irnce. liirnging for the hire of Dale labor and supervising ii present ~onen~r tot ra~en. Dlfilrulties faseb by ro~en I~nning on their an rEir reflested in the beeline in farn assets in ienrle headed households.

mere is general ~gieeloenf in the literature that decisions aflastlng I~nri-ferm inueiaenr are inade by nigi~nfr. and the BoisraM iniornaiian ruggelir that this investnent. if nldr nr all. is li~de upon irnal retuin of the "igrnnill. 8111 there is little donht tDat bay-today i~nagenent of the lm is underta*en ~y voDen. Ua~en lntervleved in ilrama cDiiord that fhes derided rhat crops to plant and uhen and m~re to plani theD. L study B~tsrmM sMred that f~n~nl~-ne~deb households slant wlier percentage of their *aldlngs. anb plOY the land less frequently than Dale-headed households.

nilnnf rrues d~~onatrlte Ulelr n~illfl to decide on me delll~i nenf of their orn la~i ranaurcee. Tneir narglnai oPPirtunlry cost of ~xnlaralng is clearly not rero. In high-118* ngrloulture. rlth dliileultles in n~rr*sfing grain ;rrslusesl and ultn great neeb of cash Inco~e. there strong inientlues ia ror* on other fnr~n, to brex beer. efs. That mc~ shift soDe at their flrp fraD om-farnlng ta ether econo~lc astivltles 16 Illustrateb by the fact rhat In Xlibwana vonen in remaie-headed households spend a nMllei

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if LlprM a auW'aflan fhaT lan~n gain tnrough their neadiniS or Musonalds mer a Long fm~s Enirlsl sooB truth. in unat ray does fnls sune ~~ouf? and is ii a real gain oi iYar greater I-sapanalbliifl to ma*e ends meet and fnings uoi*l

in ilgilonr ~~cial change mrt could i~ue lasting and xideseiead oifests is a ner barir ia tne narilal L~onb. ianl aeparntlan daes MT neoesnaiily mean a uel*ei aillmse ilelreen Duilmnd and rife. ~ useful ap8roacn Is ta oxsiare tnc dependence of the oigmni an nis rife foi maintaining ar Lnproumg a rural Ilu~ilnDod to unlen he Inrends to return. If Lnls dependence Isilreat, tnecaupir are Il*riy to connult enm oTnei in e.meit. Ti~e rigrsnl murl rely an the acnieuen~eof~ of hili (lifel and Vhat she dcph aCnlPUe should gain his rerpesT.

Onr particular airuari~n could bring tno~ ~ucn closer. If inc migrant depailr iirr a aui~isle generation or jaini householl he o~y Dmre If In rvnd to xor* toraid a nucieniDousenald escncmis base ia that surplus accun~ulnllon is naf dirripilted bib remains under nl con(lal. In tnlssass he in relying on his rife not only io develop n~anagerlai s*lils bit ta unde~~ n~~~ninii rt a social tiansl~malion during the years of his ~~sense. Ii Is dlffiiuli fe see hox inis
le rrallre~ ulfhauf s sTranger failing ai the marital band iieclu IE ii required a rre frmm extended srci~l relations ta ~ocualn~ on the uoriing rlli~nsr bei-m ihs ira partners. ror a r~aan m carry cut this change ulin~our the auPBr~ of her husbandls pretense inroiueli a high degree of real personal emmrlpnllon.

Sane relevant quertlan~ to nix lie;

nov rational is the dlatrlbufion of purchases berxeen pr~dusei and canjwei items In terms of roaen ~ F~pnbilif~ea and neednl

LrF early rtolfilnccl most generous xhile later taper afi as migrant and family get used to separate laild~~ If so. do farm assess and s~nlurpiian ream a pea* in early years and then dasiins?

if early remittances are uerlamall. Mr severe are me pr~~leinr that llcmen face in tn~ early ycln?

if renlftanses increase. do Ilues hire are labor. including Lenaip ia~ol, and gradually ultndinu from aqiicuituialxoit. perhaps ~a*inli up some other Ecma~ile activity an their ~m nccauntl

Ho rational ir Tne diliiibuiian of purcnaiei latxeen pnducei and Fansumer items in ferns of Eaga~Liltles and neebs~ Xou far can u~en mrluense pur sMlere Ih~t *ind of sansumer durables lie purchased.

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Source: -mueller 1977:

th. -t. .1 t -t --, sue~ed dagher vul t.v
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Lna 'fr woan~or iiels ab . . .n os Y- .1. I- P, th. -rt,-t.- -ly--lod uonn aile

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raise the oit iof el' the center

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in~eiM1 Ir~ is orin rst.,n tar plovins or ia hire """""' """~'
holidays. They Ire oble to refaln slo~er soniast
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This Enag sfudy offers ~nafhsr dirsnrian La the analysis of iauin~m lincm sauntrle8. liqi~nf~ *eel in sioier touon rim tneli Iluea; in~y freWsutll upply their
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liar to Lhen in tnelr rillr~~l. ief nurlioiently large slu~s are ~ein~ renliied on a .anihiil b.nle b/ external migmnia to provide apparfunillra tar inuzilrent and Fanrunprirn orpsnBl~uie on an unlrereeenied Isaie.

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the t1o isolated ~nl~lli riiiages tad I~n* aEEounla In their am nlma. What in notable is that ail five , f'"" 1 n,?,,nla,. It Na to he barne In alnb tnar opening a ban* a.ccunt sninilr loumeyi outside Lhe viilage--md feY nen in thene riilagal Mre Mn* accounts. It II n~,ucn easier Lbr a nnle relative to ~~Xs the 1"'"1 fO the neareif torn.

In Eantrasi, in vatni in a~algindi DlsLrlst, rith ban* in the village. rl(leennlgranra liu~n Nd ~an* acsountr pour ot iheae xm~en rert tron nuclear nauaonalds. Llmougn Intcuisdd iie.~ie lire *as txenty-four Sh.hp~d rL.ier Lnebe figiirrsare tor liYm lith lan* accounts ave at m~leui~ijg. pspuinrlon. Bui are T~ld fnat m. taur repiesenteda nigher praporflon oi all nuclenr "Ysshaidr fn.n Lne relrlnlng nine represented of ail nannurlear hcileehclds liiilb.; 121. Inrheed points out LDat it ii not only travel .nd.d.inieiiriiue a~slaclo~ that mnlsit .msn tron opening accounts of tnelr orn. line. atherrire even ~~re oi the n~iqmnl ~iuss in Yafni r~uld do

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tnnn ~tnei xrvea aan* ~FEaunf~ and Yierehrs ro he airounfable exsluriusly a veri Ilrgolg to tnelr n~lgrlnl hu~bmd~ and not ia n~nie relarlvea.


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Exfra fanily effort or hired lalor filled any gaps left bi departing nigrantr. Solnrate or joint inming ms Fontinued un~er altered uor* argrll tion or a share In a E~Dlned property rat sold to other i~in~ill nenberr

Bespief of ieiniffmsrr does not nean piuers of innaagmg then. Neither does nonrecei~it signify no Crer . Ileven Yiven slnined ihzl received renlrtanEeb directly. of the fifteen vlve~ in the nrple. tm ndrlrted to nailing desisions on their m~nr~msnf inenselues. piesu~lny thia refers to regular rrrlttances for nalnrenance and running SoPfn. Tra stated mrr they irnde joint deoisiann rlfh inelr Durb~nde. fuo left tne decisions to their nusbnnds lone of rhon~ r~a In a nuclear nousen~ld bui hnd a bo.)MLlng nunlandll and in MB case the desisianr ilbid.: IBI gearing In nlnd that these rsllffnncaa nusr n~ue teen au~i~taniial EF~ip~redultn local inson~a. this figure constitutes an L.~rerriue rssord of confidence in vlves unu~ed to handling nurn lanly.

)tiglranis uives in nuclear hau~enald~ fnce ~uiie conditions and el~erienceT of vor*. They appear to ta*e an active part m the bnlldlnr of the house as veil as supervising construction mel alrun~e iondsirhl~ of household and inanaqe any Land and livestoc*. ihis does not neoesssrily nean any lessening of their loi*lard; rather the contrary, to uhleh Liie~urden~r iere~nri~iiiti rust he added. The uMen in this Egyptian study have ~ie iei~uriel under molt conrroi, their household esmanlea are evolving and erpnnding, and the future holds the praoise of surplus assuolul~tl~n Life is still hard. hut the signs ~Miisin9 and encourage rer~anlr.

Irles and status ohangsd for nlgnnfa rluea In other households even Irelore raXrng me aren* trcn extended or lalnt haus holds. uolluer, tlieieclinbe serious strain during the process of diseiilii~enenf. if dues Mt ta*r nucn I~gmsrlan ro appreciate the jealousy and ronmfnmf of
benefiir fron the relariveiy huge """" "" "' "~'VaY Oi a1unior ilmiB Ip~BT_ It 16 ren~llmnce~
difficult one ror ner~ and a trst of her determiMttaM and Nrly felt paver. Lier DunraM n farn labor contribution ulll ire nlrrlnr, and there 1111 he Irastly successful) atteinpts io reduce her share ct the tarnls pracisds far this reason and 4ecaule of her nsr mran~e. me nast difficult relaticnship 15 usually rifh ner oafnei-Ln-lar causee financial blalngnge~enf carries ntn It mt potential far alaens~~e~ent tran II *ci* role subordlnaie tc me Mmei-lnill Praa, aepenCPncenmsm-llxr for au~alifence. n~lgmnt 5 vile raves to an egalitarian position, arn~srinsn
ending viih pn)nent of an rllovanre to her nolner-inmr. or me ~a~nerin-lau mishi appear ubn~la iue, pleading

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sollnborlrlon ~ptreen husband and rile. Smcl ulsila rip not lengmy vluee Mit frrquanrly be le~i to I.i~le.enf eipen~ltuie decl~i~ne. Tn~ar mnuclear nDu~enridr nov enjoy luthailfy orer n~atteis mnserning Enilbren. and atranqer desire Loi dauih~rrrl educnnon is in ouldense.

~llF n~lsmrlan (i nauinr the eifert of Inrreaslng tne 8i"OTLian or nuclni n~urena~rr. irtni, xlvoa iin arlsmm~ "YF'e~l hmleholari insist ~ndt thpy do not join ulih athsr irn~iiy n~nb-rm~n Lhelinu.~nn~+l.rus, Seiand. nlgnnl DusiiaMa rri ealm~llmln~ re~nirie hauleholda far fnelr
*iuea. I *liela notlvation ta be flee of hrr in-i.ra obvious. one could 9~pEulnte that n~lsianlr are Miiv~ted by renoual fin, exfended la~lly DLrinisny .nd the parrlblll~~ oi iiiglb ilrcunulriion of ~rlnlr raa~L~.


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