Title: The Key West Advertiser
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Title: The Key West Advertiser
Uniform Title: The Key West Advertiser
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Key West Advertiser
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: September 12, 1891
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00002
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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,' : *", ,/

An Independent Journal Devoted'to the Industrial and Commercial, Interests of Key West, Florida.

S Vol. No. 1. Price Five Cents


The Advertiser Publishing Company

The Key West Advertiseo
AN iNDMrIsIIutw NON-i.'AnTflON jloINAI.

8ubsorlption, One l)ollar for 8 Months,
Advertising rates made known on ap-
lhjajttper will not be responsible tfo
opinions expr Wed by its correspondent
unless editorlVily enaoe.
JA8. T. BALL, Manager.

OffCee over Ridgell's Drug Stora
Simonton Street, Cor. Baton,

&M Miau courts. Q4 Pod
0 ilo~g ,

Practices in U. S. Circuit and Dis-
tricet Court., and in all of the State
Courts. Oflee, No. 70 Whitehead St.,

Prof. Charlet E. G. Blake,
Ludden & Bates S. K, H.,
Savannah, Georgia.
Pianos and Organs on easy terms.
Mason and Hamlin, Chickering, Ma-
thusek and Sterling Pianos, Mason and
Bamlin and Sterling Organs. Largest
stock South. 500 styles and prices.
Call at Blakes Barbershop, 60 Simon.
ton Street. 0

Dealer In

Geats' ?Funirsi Getoi, Hati,

Caps, Boots, Shoes,
Soaps, Perfumery,
Toilet and Fancy Goods.
v ?4No. 49 Dayal Street,

Key West.

* Pla.

For Sale by

Keroseue Oil Stoves!
Which will NOT explode,
Are cheaper and better than Gaso-
line Stovee,
Which WILL explode.
You can cook your breakfast on. a
Gas Stove while you are raking the
ashbs from a wood stove and starting
the fire.
,If Iyou use a Gasoltne Stove on
your premises prepare for emergen.
ole. madbava vour Will made.

cheap Coismetffs
Rain water is a flnaecosmetic. A good
substitute Is to let some orange, lemon, or
cucumber peel soakin wkter used to wash
the face. This need not be especially pre-
pared for every ablation. Keep a wide
mouthed bottle or jar of it on your toilet
stand, and use daily for the face. It soft-
ens the skin and gives a becomingoglow,
while healthfully stimulating the action
of the skbi.-New York Press.
-a.'d ,B. ftlU t, Toe.
"What would you d, John, itf I got up
in the middle of the night, as some en-
thiadsts do, to play the violin?"
"I would get up and play the hose."
S W, rr It isHa thMe Advaatage.
S"That chimney is smoking all the time,"
said Dodkina.
S'"Ys," said his grandmother; "but it
Isn't such a fool as to smoke cigarettes."
. JohannesHell, aGerman in New York,
havipg suffered a purgatory of annoy-
anceson amount ef his name, has had it
changed to Hill by Jutge Bisohoff Vthat
City. ,______,._
SMississippi hasilx colored physlolaps,
pine colored lawyer, and 11, colored ed-
thors. *
Any one wishing to enter journalism
In Florda might do well tconfer with
Frederic &L Pey, Advrts, Apopka'


Items of Jlstue or No Interoes, mu nnappon-
IUKH fill the Hanu, In Dierent Pa ts eof
ISe sttte. *.

tm'irke Teleorraih.
It is said that Worthington Spring is
dry no more, that the water has all
come back and that the spring is flow-
ing as usual.
The Georgla Souithern will 'soon put
on an extra freight schedule to carry
the new crop of cotton, which bids fair
to be a good source of income to the
road thiA year. *
The, finest scuppernong grapes
brought into town this season came
from Mr. Burton's place on Kingsley
lake. They were eal beauties. There
Is big money in raising grapes.
Grapes are plentiful In the market at
5 cents per pound.
A great many strawberries are being
planted about Starke thi season.
The heavy ralus have at last reached
Starke, and the people are feeling bet-
The weather has become very pleas-,
ant and the nights are delightfully
Work Is progreoAlg finely on the S.,
L. and 8. railroad. Fifty men are
wanted to commence grading.
There are but few vacant houses in
towt.. The supply will not be equal
to the demand this wiLker.
N. D. Hagan expects to build a
handsome resldenceon his lots on Wal-
nut street before long.
The town has been full of drummers
all this week and last. Fall, are
coming into town right ali-n "
The school board have decided to
have a normal school at Lake Butler
for the befnet of Bradford. county
teachers. .
L. L. Wall is busy fixing up the gins
for this all'ss work. Th. ngaea W
on Is expected to come early thl year.
viteMsuileB sun. ,'
The city colleotorpurne1" 1,240.16
yesterday to the treasurer, as tht collec-
tion for the last two weeks,
Brick making at Campville has been
resumed, and the business will be con-
tinued throughout the summer and fall.
W. N. Wilson has rece ntly put a
handsome rock walk around his prop.
erty on University street.
Suth Florulq Progre .,
We are Informed that Elder Hayman
Intends to resign the pastoral oversight
of the Raulerson BAptlst Church,
whish has-for the past few years been
under his care.
There is good reason to believe that
whiskey is being illegally distilled nuQt
far from the border line between PWlk
and Desoto counties, on the Avon Park
road. ,
John Smith and Miss Rachel Doug.
lass were married last Sunday at the
residence ofJ. D. Tillis. Judge Qeo.
Durrance performed the ceremony.
W. A. Evans showed us some of the
prettiest lemons and limes, from his
Buffum grove, that wp have seen this
season. Both are In fine condition for
On Wednesday last a large dead oak
tree standing on the south side of
Peace river bridge fell across the
bridge, demolishing the balustrade for
a considerable distance on each side.
The Avon Park team was delayed by
it; but the driver, Mr. Wray, with the
assistance of Henry Hancook, succeed.
ed in removing LIe obstacle. The
bridge was, fortunately, no injured.'
W. Fred. Olendennings has arrived
in town and is about to take charge of
the canal schoolhouse, east of Peace
river, Though Me. Clendennlnga is
.now from Ohio, he has a brother who
for some time past has been engaged
in orange growing in Hilllaborough
county, and he may thus be considered
as belonging to us.
Rev, Richard Morgan, of Clear
Water, Fina, has visited Fort Meade in
the interests of the "third party," His
preconceived impressions of Fort
Meade led jime to suppose that he
could convert the settlement in a half
day's flying visit,
Ormons Coast Gauet.
The fall garden should be planted
soon. The following under ordinary
eireumstanees wlllkdp well': Irish pota-
toes, celery, cabbage, lettuce, radishes,

snap-beans (German wax, Mohawks or
Valentine), turnip, carrots, beets, some
early varieties of oor, etc.
The guava now makes our stores
redolent with Ito eoalh fragranme.
They are abundant and & hehp. Ditto
scuppernog gape. ,
Capt. MIurry rpeitly while on the
b ao sai a gigntilo ray, one of the
kind 9esmruagy aed d metl ah.sprib

WI f

I----- I-- --~--- i-~

lere has been leased y the State to
some of our enterprising citiens.e
Miss Boydstun, daughter of the Rev.
J.G. Boydstun, aMived in Lakeland last
week frqm Mississippi, and is about to
take charge of the intermediate depart-
meat of the Lakeland ee L 'h ,
A eate manfor woman to nr
ithe one who o kidtto hb &.
Allgood men aren td to ,,It. .
1Mb | .



says an exchange, crawled into a hollow
log as a place of safety during a thunder
storm. Thethunder rolled and tA rain
poured In torrents, and the log begun to
swell until theipoor man wM wedged
in so tight he could not ge put. All hi.
past se began passing bore him. Su4-
denly be remembered h6e adt paid his
newspaper iuboription, and he felt so
*sall that he bashl4tob6&k eight

. ' .

i 1




out of water sufficiently to show very
distinctl,hl immione proportions.
Fine rains have fallen lately, lintt M
yet the rainfall on the coast thi saoon
has been far behind the n( mal
amount, Groves are growing inagvilf-
icently and the rop of frult on them'
is coming on nicely.
The canal company's two dr.dges
have been taken up to the otelek at
the head of the river to be left nla fresh
water until such time as they iwty be
needed. This is done to keep the
worms out of thenlu
The weather has been so exgrely
pleasant for the past few days, thb it is
hard for one to realize summer ls now
with us.
Chipley Times
The two cotton gins are now rating
incessantly ginning our cotton. ,
Cotton is selling at 4O to Of4 cntat
pound. Such prices are very diec gg.
ing to both farmer and merchant and
especially to the farmer,
Bishop Weed of the Episcopal church
will preach at the Methodist ch urh in
Chipley on Wednesday night, I ptcni-
her 1, Rev. Dr. Woart of Matina,
will accompany him here. The!c hop
comes by request to accept Into the
church a class which is ready forcon-
firmation, ."1
Rev. Mr. J, A. Curry, the Baptlel 0in-
later from Pensacola, ia in town a la Is
carrying on a protracted meeting Dl the
Baptist church here. Mr. Curry, it fill
be remembered, Is the gentleman eho
delivered the address of welcome ntthh
unveiling of the Confederate mon|tt
at Pensacola la st June, and that ad#'-
will ever be remembered by those wnb
heard and read it; as a masterly, plo-
quent and patriotic speech,
The FloriUa Star.
The magnificent Cray quilt recently
finished by the ladles of St. GabrPel's
Guild, was placed on exhibition in the
show window of '3:W, Rogers last Fri.
day, to'be WraPMld o' 'There are one
hundred changes at fifty cents a chaaoe.
Mr. Robert Ranmon returned last Fri-
day afternoon from a two weekC' t4p
do4.a two.rveylnoluing$WP lrie
Worth. He was particularly impressed
with the rapid growth of the, pineapple
iudustay from Fort Pierce all the way
down to Jupiter,
The steamer St. Luole arrived here
yesterday afternoon from Eau Gallie,
and started last night on the tn-weokly
run from this ?lace to Jupiter. The
steamer St. Augustine will take the
place of the Georgiana on the Melbourne
route to allow some repairs o be made
on the latter. ,
A twelve-foot opening has been made
in the embankment by the railroad com-.
pany, at a distance of about half way
from the shore where the piling com-
menoes, on Broad street, It was made
for the purpose of allowing the sea-grass
and other matter that collects on the
south side of the embankment by south.
east winds, to pan through the north
side of the track and follow up the shore.
Mr. Frank Villeret, who was recently
injured in a Georgia railroad accident,
has so far reodverea as to be able to get
aAund on crutches. He has entered
suit against the' road for $25,000 dam-
ages, and stands, a good chance of ob-
taining something, Conductor Kidwell,
who was hurt at the same time has
about recovered,
Lakldaid .Admoate.
Lakeland lhs now two meat markets.
Limes and lemons are being shipped
from Lakeland now.
Several neo phosphate deals are being
considered here now.,
Real estate is quite active and lp good
demand around Lakeland.
Parties are out now engaged in secur-
ing the right-of.way for the new rail-
Phosphate shipments from the Peaos
river country pasa through hre In large
quantities, ,
The machinery for the plne Valley
Phosphate Company will arrive her
about the 1st of September,.
Messrs. Joseph Forbes ani W. A.
Bonacker have purchased 40 acres of
phosphate land about 10 miles southwest
of Lakeland, i
Buinesm in Lrkeland is alow but
steadily on the Inbrease, and by the'coin-
ing winter a very lively time may be ex-
pected here,
Mesrs, Gresap and Wan have dis-
covered an extensive bed, of pthephate
about four miles south of town,ald to
be verynich, ./
It i reported that the right of dredg-
ing for phosphate in the lakes around

S'' Florida.
5 C *

This dehightfuleuagust weather makes
the can't.get-naw's feel awfully sorry
fo aihe people in the summer resorts
stiled with the heat, donchqrknow.
The ipnjrovements going on tl Orlan-
do now- 'the dull season, mind yopu,
are i %i tideret he fact that th.s city
has got tce biggest kind of a hump on
her, 'speaking pragorioally,' as Mrs,
l arlinton would, i,.
Aladan aBee".q .
'The souppernong Is in its glory.
The fleepy staple Is coming in now.
Livingiton VIan is making. sonme im-
provenie oon bhis lotin Tonyylle,.
A. C, Allmua is preparing to build an.
Sber cottage on his lot in town, -
M,. John', lminsary is beilg treated
to a nlw'root tl the expense of the Ma-
sonic lodge and the school board.
J. X. Albiston, Who lives near the
Aucilla river, cut a bee tree last Mon-
day, from Which he gathered 125 pounds
of pressed b honey. The tree was a
large otyo, and it4 yield isa aid to
have 4benstttalargest ever reported in
this aection"
Oregg Cook, a colored well digger and
a action of well curbing, took a fall to-
gether of twenty-five feet in the well of
0. Moye last Friday. Fortunately
gregg 'was Injured bt little, as he re-
tained his position ot top' the curbing,
which was being lowered into the well
when the rope broke,
If the present crop of corsis take
care of, and not peddled away as ot
usually is. there will be no necessity ,fr
buying Western corp this summer.' But
many who have ft practice the injuno.
y "eat, drink and be merry, for tq.
low ye die," and "sufficient unt6 the
As41 the evil thereof," too literally to
prepare for a roiny day.
Otlma o R/rwd. .
The owners will greatly enlarge and
refit the Summerlin house in time for
fall and winter business.
er Mnterprlse.
Henry E. Dickens is at present act-
ing as day operator at Enterprise Juno-
tion. He attended the institute during
the evenings,
John Ingraham, the bridge tender
W hlas.been trying ton valts tth o.e,~rs
of the law for some tinio past, finally
gave himself up last week.
Chairman Sauls received a handsome
gold ring from the students last Friday
evening, showing their appreciationn of
his kindness towards them during their
stay in the Garden City.
Work on the new briok block on the
north side of the square is satisfactorily
Mrs. James Bell left yesterday for Chi-
oago, where she will attend a meeting of
the World's Fair commissioners.
Mrs. M. A. Newberryof Joneavilie left
At this office yesterday fine specimens of
peaches from trees of volu nteer growth
These peaches, renhrkable a it may ap-
pear, are tLe' third crop gathered the
present seasnn,
Manager H. Ifengeveld 'ana Assistant
MAnager T. M. Ray, of the Gem City
Minstrels, made a pleaseat call at this
office yesterday. The i.omnpary, organ-
Ized in Palatka, is composed of twenty-
six people. h.lf of whom are prolea-
lonIal&. They have a splendid brass
band and an excellent orchestra. The
imueo is all new and made up of catchey
songs. Tkey will come to Gainesvilleon
their special car on the 11th of Septem-
ber and give an entertainment at the
opera house. They are highly recom-
mended by the leading citizens tf Pa-
Ornoe CUy Time. s
Refreshing rains hqve been general
through the county the past week.
There is ntusic in the air these beauti-.
ful moonlight nights. The boys are talk-
ing o' organizing a string band.
Wilsie grove has been sold to
Amos 8. Anders of Lorriston, Pa. This
Is a fine property, and we think Mr.
Anders will have no reason to regret its
The women and girls of Ilorida are
Invited to compete for a design for the
official seal for the board of lady man-
agers of the World's fair. *
'Fiorlda MfswOr.
The low places on) Center street are
being filled up withqbyster shells.
On dIt-That there is a project on foot
for the building of several new cottages
un the neighborHood of the old carphops.
Thi beach train yesterday ran over
and killed a fine pointer belonging to
Oaptain Bailey Tucker, and which had
jus been presented to the captain by
Major Duryee5
A man who was afraid of thunder,

(3Gk S.


The Wide-Awake Clothier,
Oem W&P a"d DW Streetr ,




- Cigars,

Factory, No. 193, Key West, Fia.
/ ---;---._---_---- lott. --,


W. A. Johnsn &Bro.,
Builders an&d Ctractors.

,, -..-DNamLS r-- .

Ooors, aab, Blinds, Mouldigs, mBak,
Ne1, Stafr ais, Soro Bal
toay 0. G. Pickets, Hardwpro, Et.
A \ -I


B- Material

I \

L -- -- --- ..I --=


L I -


---------7 ---- _~_ =_.;I ----- (

* e, oDEAL IR ..

Ship O idlery, Provisions,
Hardware, Cutlery, CrOckery, Glass,
S moves, H01oowware,

io, Wodenware, Tools, Cotton

Duck, Paints, Oils, Varnish,

Spar all kinds,NTails, Spikes, Screws

Bricks, Lime, Cement, Plaster,

Shingles, Lumber of all Kinds, Hay,

Corn and Oats.

A general assortment of fancy and
usef* articles not found elsewhere
in the city. Specialty fine family
flour and groceries; full weight and


Jut Let Us Whisper that it will do You Good

Men's Boys' and Youths'


Gents Furnishini Goods

Hats and Shoes.
. PeopTe are saving mopey and securing the beat
pyrnrchasing from our iumense stock. And
Sforget tlat our price e the lowesn the
u. There will be no hard times for you tl yoa

Key West,


$4 wlm

The Kei West Advertiser.


VOL,. 'Z. NO. 1.
With this issue we cuumience Vol.
2 No. I of the Key West Advertiser,
and would Pay to those of our sub-
scribers wjboe term of subscription
has expired, that in the absence of
instructions to the contrary, we shall
continue to furnrih them with the
paper aiid collect the subscription
price, one dollar fdr six months, or
two dollars for one year, in advance.
We have not bees able to get around
to see ull our patrons, owing to the
weather and other causes, but we
hope to uee each one in edtUrse.
We are gratified at the many ex-
pressions of confidence and promises
of contimind support we are con-
stantly receiving, and assure our
friends that we shall leave no stone
unturned to ihake the Advertiser-
interesting and instructivo-neither
t~m e, l&ior or expense will be spar-
ed, to make it more so in the future,
but remember, we wait your moral
as well o/s youter financiall support.
We shall at all times be happy to
'istn to suggestions from our friends
for the improvement of this paper,
in a multitude of counsellors there is
Kindly bear in mind, as many of
our friends, do, that we execute as
fine a job printing as can be had any
where, at popular prices. We soli-
cit a share of your patronage: en-
Vomrage home industries.
We shall at ll times be thankful
',r items of local or general inter-
1t&, to nur readers, and to those
tin have L auisted us in this way in
ui' pist, v o heartily tender our sin
coro thaiuks.
When we: carted this paper, we
made the subscription one dollar 1"I'
year, linut on January 24th, last, we
raised the price at one dollar for six
months, as we found the original price
wNas far below the coat of publishing
na ituer containing ui.arlv aUl noi'-ri
l maittcr we do not use pot mnet
:l -as soon ias we fool justified ii
doing so, we will either enlarge thii
papor, or publish it more frequently
--it rests with ou kind rcadors-
whlen that change shall tako place
This is the people's papor, and the
only ono published in this island
that will give an impartial account
of current events.

Water Supply Project, No. 2.
Mr. Albert Smith in his communi
nation to the Board of City Commis
sioners cites the rates paid by
*consumers in the Cities Qf Burling
top, Vt. and Madison,, Wis., is 6'
cents per 1,000 gallons." Mr. Smitb
further says that the two cities above
named stand on the shores of tl
't0aters from which they draw their
supp/lia"-conuoquontly the supply
to th, 'itiy is absolutely free-and th
-question arises--Why should con
unIerH, in the cities named, pay 5
'cents per 1,000 gallons? The above
lamed corporations will very truth
fully answer for diatribetion.,
Now let us examine Mr. Smith'
proposition and we will see that h
offers to furnish to this city in a re
servoir or stand pipe (to be furnish
ed by the city) water at the am
price that consumers pay for it i
Burlington and Madison-at firs
night, a rather tempting bait-but i
costs the two cities named, about 54
cents for delivery to consumers, and
Key West could not expect to d
any better, or even as well. Henc
we may safely add to Mr. Smith'
proposition the cost of delivery mak
ing the coat to consumers, not le.
$100 per 1,000 gallons or one cer
per gallon.
If the Board or anyone else ima
gines that this will be B populh
price for a people who are already

supplied with good cieterns, ensure
ing a liberal supply of the purest o
water and approximately free, the
are badly mistaken, and are in a fai
Way to get v'n the city's shoulder
White Elephant No. 4.

That there are saore ways of kil
ling a cat than one has been de
inonstrated often enough. The Su
Sday Law has always been and eve
will be a vexed question, but ou
Legislators have in part solved it.
By the new License Law of thi

State which came into operation on authorities would not allow theim to iv.ounIl in the aun of six thousand relativeto the drains, about Mr. (eo V. T
the 5th ulto., it is provided that io be driven through the streets be- dohIrs for the laithftl Alrifrmlaute Of Mrs. h allettt en(Jeri St O
license issued under the provisions fore 6 A. m. This cutonm however t ervic atto lly 4 t oofin is opend thieo will snowI of 0111o,. a
of this section ((No 3 regulating the no longer obtains and all catttli are at,1 extra nest of iot aver i$7. ting thatt het lid een instructed by the P
sale of spirituous liquors) shall allow slaughtered now only at the poni. Theo following bills wore ordered to be previouss board not to tl)pti0,,tl Ltily forth.
the holder thereof to sell liquiors as The transportation from Puntsa paid, s compf (leted ud' sutilli; whthrval Nitrhould O
described in this section between Raies is by schooner--not bypteam.- VW. Maloney, 1 t4outl., services as apoirov, f tht foilwinr g ltimattes:-- tlat,
aproveoliitoO, $ 8,5.00. Key Wet, Fta., tw pt. osti lts1. ,,
the hours of 12 o'clock on iSturday er as above stated,. Vhen the 1 ic. hts, l25.00, Key W ,o Fla., Sept. 1st, 181A1. l Il
night to 12 o'clock Sunday night, schooner is not ready to receive I'.'. Knights, I months services s M. Cho Eh. ior, Ti
clerk, 30,W. City Engineeoor. ilr
and the ofhier-issuing any license them thly are driven back to the 13. P. Bakor, burial of paupor and cot There in dui me1.for work 1nidr 11 7 01
under this section shall have written pasture and rect;vo every attention. for a prisoner, 0 $ 14.00. contract, es follow, i: tiltt
upon its face in red ink the words- They frequently leave Punta Has- rab. Ayala, sundry msullies for pau. Uald, crbg mindi returns on )u4 Ir
"This license doen not allow the hol-. a at daylight and are landed hl "r IOr-s, $ 1 l1t.60. tret't cu)ii" "llan tut urs on 11111Mo
der to sell liquors on Sundays."- within 24 hours, sometimes the p i- sof. F. )upont, sheriff for naintitr street, ir: 1' n tehls ol 47.S
Which ought certainly to put an sage is longer, caused by head-wi,,d anc ,,h Lowp jr, provisions for lpn- ,l i i' "W" at(i io s,80tl.88. rt,
offctual stop to the selling of liquor &o.-Ev. K. W. AnVE rTRr.a:] 0s, $ .85. Excavati on ) nilvalv strot for git- rein
ters ttrln l cross!,rgs, (1'7 a & '2rds cubic O
on Sunday. Any person convicted ---- Fquator Pub. Co,, for publishing no- .yarls ut $1. 5)) 93(6.N. that
of selling liquor on Sunday can be Alan Poor Ton. t.., $ 19.85. Gutters and crossings on Dunval street d
of ll from uorth lina of' (lareient street to '
prosecuted for selling liquors with- Poor old Tom Romer is no e. 8340.25. north line of Soutih street (eoxopt mit
out a license, the penalties of which The laughing, genial, kindly fa,' of petition from Mary Am Dames sr yrds t 3 rt,4 1,747.87. g
are heavy. The Advertiser consi- Old Ton" is so. i death. N e,,r ,,,,u,h her Attorney Mr. Jas. Dean, -C
dera that this law ought to be rigid- to flash with hurnmo, or hirs t.: gue compensation for the maintenance 16 ,30.07. to
ly enforced against all offenders, ir. to quaintly tell with philoso hica ,to Janette Williams, a waif whom Less 20 per centretained, ,01 had
respective of race, color or previous resignation, his sorrows and mis 6- former hbu supported for eightyears 12,288.4.ln ia
condition. takes during a coutury of life. How r' own expense and which child had Hauling ot7j cubic yards,) 210,18.
manyyears h o'lived no ma n ca tell, 'i taken charge of by the Co nm i es. tt.35 n,
many year he lived no man tell ore and sunttoa "Childrens Hoe" Totnl amount duo, 1t
Is the Ordinance about gates he told the writer of this notice, ,ar- a ,NOw York-was refused, The peti- otal amount i Re f2,04,7.
opening outwards on the streets a ly a year ago, that he was dno iun- nor claimed 80000. ResG.J. B .pectfu h
dead letter ? It looks very much dred and fourteen years old. Could >l motion the meeting adjourned, Com. Whalton, does Mr. Baer claim
as though it was a corpse." Key he have written of all that has beel that Duval street is completed Y
West Advertiser of September 6th, acheived, during his lifetime, what. I,1VI fh R ,d City Eginheoa. .yes, andI will state
on which the Equator-Democrat of wonders would he have told, the:. 14 ort t v brict are
not laid according to contract,
the 7th onlargo at some length, birth of this nation, an:i the free-! OF' Tho president stutol that Mr. Hop. W]
Thanks! Imitation is the sincrest domr of his race, were possibly t ,hi Y OMMI IN p i hl made a verbal report, he Iug
form of flattery. most wonderful, while. thre brig TY COMMISSIONERS the Engiitear that he had prooniurd as I
form of atteryostwo rful, whilethebrigh requested at the last meeting, which was kee
The Advortiser iS the people's thoughts and high dreams of ambi ] MUNICIPALITY in sustilno as follows : that i Su plae
people and is evidently doing sor- tious men can never 1)0h written;, 1> 8 tht. s the greatest fault is in tthe oritniuil nv.
vice for the people. ing buried with him. Wednesday that In lsn pnta es ohn Du al street the
last Tom's body \wa sown at tli01 'h1risx lttd ;, sept., 1Ot;h. grade is not stulloieut.
Fo" the benefit of our readers we house of his daughter Nora Vickerj ) ti ro'gullar meeting hold on the ltbov tCoin. Moren, did he ay aythi of ot
voull say that the remark of Prei- and was transfcrrcd, followed by hi'fi' thiet following ui'cibert wore pro- PremidenutN co
dent Pondletoin at the last meeting f 1 th Bptist ,"t :t- Mr. G. J. Bner stated thatif therdewas pa,
of the Board of City Commissiouers, ..u.rou u r1 Sret, were I int 1'crliltou, lr,,'iding, Com- any fault iu his work water being otxanit
corl1i wni 'h h oll Tloinis Strct, were tir' .. ..5s w,r -A7" t.-. Nor d by ('uompotent ncuginer, that he I
as reported by our contemporary. funeral setvi were conducted ,i h Wi, ~ o, anM Mnsal would correct all mistakes amnd that ti dl
vicu} .l.n c no. \ t UA. 'pi..t0ity Ea giuoer w giH. i on inqoeO r at- t l
that the water pipe purchased by the Pastor, ].ev. L. B. Croqms. 0 1- hii' f,,lln;',1 ,l>iih'nlwn, nsnIrt.neto,1, rlntl, (whith resu1tedinCit EugineorAsh Mr
the old board for the city, anul now listed by tire f.oll.win.g Clergy. il'ir I ritth' i'i l!1t rI,'l' ii1t0- iarisiito1 h's feet torsc1t the iustltanud I
lying at the Commercial Co's wharf, ibevds W. C. Vest', trger, ]'ll O;;; Vii I p;t o1n ti lui; Ui voling rolintihsioter.i lood mighoi t ihve lron is e
cost $10,000"--is as far wide of those wv ..M,, t rHi 'i. w.re 1r iu !o ;t t;, I:.;i ith .!hi;; o"' ,rw, tpi, sit, for I'othi Mewr.tl'i;, A.uio nd lrior eId
ark, as his estininteI, l)opulatiol m r .rd .. y, i) e i(Ny O'''(t ) I it' i f 'itt tire '.V runt inthtwrt l rpithh, the troeridenit, htud
'nlorouh and ~i.ly repecutle"; tl't','O. O t nytu 'pw,'"',i ;ta ri.h ttri hi(Aot puit under arrest foreoutempt lo011
of Key West--being 25,0(!0 inlihabi- dresa ws a ,,-proiatc an tiir tL Cu'. 'i h .'i.'th,, r '" 1 I, t') 1' r' tl peai-.... :.ud dignity of tih coturni- oth
ed e w a tI p aur t i l:. t I ii r.'u- !, f .f t1:uS1 -Le,('u,' Lf t ('- i e!i.)
tauts. The actual cost of faid pilue porti0t t : irl. 'The Ire, ... t:- buh, nolt h~ n ei ''rtled ( thl (,,.o Monalvnt in.v'd that tihoey ir)
waBs $3^, ;.00. blo portion of ou (, i ol t 'I, rI' tt. .i.i. h it, i-,', rc 'ed fii ti tl roolm wnllrt '
Our C. Morlo, ileum tihe work hoeU (tiort '
*-- I t < those particular ; the aLsoic, o ,l n.., ,lt. l!"i t hi T eoons r, ian t ,d1)w ith th ntrat, ? it t w is
tT,, jumutielil ri ls in i \ f t rl i r :.* .' I *i t) lot' t nut t Clheu 'In ir,.l \ i- lin '-,u'..i i t, lo t h;'i,"thd w ehnit i ,lt fiuls onht ,
S Inhr lBt Monday sissnio Lh qt whito friendii and wu Iuow her t :,,, t,,,.t' ..IlelS. .J' ,t ..L hr i .. ii.... of
. tor Dem ecrat hppthredi tie I 'ollow-r- mrrtiry,, witt- cieOnmiierted nllpoi : r, t Ithic hr, it i'leotr(-l t' (l n O ti re. ii (;:1:, rloreun vel th. ut.a tht ('J,'l kt rl
11 lug :-- It I tilife for h in Built 1 (llo(('tiil,,. ill:,!'act';el to)co C lOllu i,'oh!l N it C t)
og :--" It is timo for tho liew l oard str't we notic'l 0 anorm _; ,( y:I- t.' .mtinlation i'roq Im.R. J. rlrtuk, U. S. N r., to rcutt xd >ut 1 I
, of City Comiuisioners to prove to who s.tlutot I is hlod\' i il -,s.. I'r t.,u 'n...- 4 o, hih, Cirty .,_ f ey Wi ~,t ntoer o invresttigatu this matter, thle .t ty
e tr that i t w u *l:ting the pti niiotn ldtil to pay all expenses. ta
y the pclop l, that tlev itinl lo fgo- and in tIhe Church, woen Cul. .i a-- thluinir thIe l.,:,,'ir' wr ih1i,,ir ci''cer- Cm Alveirez, tihepis.idcutlhnania]rad Ne.
- vurn."-Indeed, are wo a pirt cf fa io Crain aud h ris amiable, wife aud ii1 on hin i ani ,tl(,riun elitea suRggsttinihs coiuniuicatecdwith iin etgiiicr iy (tlre- ).
tar we> prr tie Crp r >i s aii'lt' tlir ll'o'irig mt1iriis ;-'lir. 1i rg f h) Iot 111 to the orrr uit n tiiisNw r U1'r
freeo people, or the political slaves of daughter. Well may the Coloincudx- tlt,-,u't. hrt, Ph u I :-irtin -it. City h i itI r tOt'elIrivond. er
e a few men appointed by the oover- claim in the words of Hnl, (0::- Engintor, .iy inraces, C iatory Con., Moreno, I withdraw my motion.
r repnsinble to hina for tnir a A p d Wattir simply. Com. Moss, will Capt. Black take any pal
n, or. responsiD l to hi for ti a- ccpt the name) Alas poor 'Jum, On moutionm dnily .ecdeld afmi etrried interest in this matter. fiel
t tions and not to the people whomt, ns I know iini Horatio, .a fellow of in- th'ttthoilbovo ommiunicttion Io acklow Corm. Moreno, yes.
this organ of the City Commission ledge and recorded on thie minutes. President, I will write Capt. Black ia Oita
his organ o finite i st, of m ost xellont fncy. A potitionu from Mr. Chitas. T. Merrill relation thereto.. ter
tells us they intend to govern. -_ eaco to his ashes. was road, asking thle board to reduce his Com. Alverez, stated that Mr. Daffy,
We do not believe that the Commis- ... __ license, that as he has to pay a license would request permission to eroot astatir J
for a youear when he is open but six case on his building on Duval Street.
- sion intend to do anything g of the kind, From one of our citizens who has months out of the year. President, will you make it of iron ? str,
- but only in a proper manner enforce travelled very extons'ly in these Oolnmnilsiier Moreto, after investi- -Mr. Duffy, if I can procure thle iron. ne
Ration I find It that tl botrd has no au- On motion duly seconded and carried
y proper ordinances, which will corn- United States, we learn that he t6ok thority to act in relation to the above,. that the request of Mr. Duffy be refer- i
mand the respect of our citizens, and particular care to note the tone of Coimiunissioner Moss, was not the mat- red to the building committee. e
id. c them rto om witi c, t ti i varo s note t tor of license referred to special corn- Commissioner Whalton, what are we ato
0 induce them to comply, without uchi the chimes in various cities anil ar- inittee ? going-to do about paying the bills which is 1
h autocratic threats. We have the rived at the conclusion that there Priesdent, no. were passed at the last meeting?
h CoNmissifmtr Whalt0lon, that in role- On motion duly secouded aud cariTied 1P
o greatest respect for every member of are no sweeter chimes to be found tion t, thi pedlcrs license was referred that the rosolutiou passed at the last ,wit
the Board, but their actions will be in this country, (Grace Church New to a special colmmitteo, and is in process meeting relative to borrowing money
of adjustmueut. from the bond account for general reve-
r the cautoe of suspicion, so long as York not even excepted) than thogbof Commissioneor Moss moved that the nuo be recoiuded,
such remarks as we quote are pub- our own, St. Paul's EpiscopalChiur ch. foregoing commnuhiuition be laid over On motion duly seconded and carried ral
ished in a paper Edited by the Pr -and referred to the it attorney for his that the president and thdflnanee coin- Cit
Slished in a paper Edited by tle Pre- 4wd4 opinion in rel ltion thireto which was mitteeol'bo authorized to bolT-ow tire ne-
sident, and so long as they vote to There has been quite a lot of heavy seconded and carried. comsary amount frior one of the b.anks. l p
0 borrow money from the Bonded Ac-. machinery landed here lately for the 1A coniuescation fxtntior. L time to uitc nitsSind Olre W e atta, otOdin Nothwe C
count of the City in the face of the Electrio Light Co., who expect to lay his rdewalk as he wasnabout to com- Yok tlivady for asing money for other tas
e opinion of its Law-adviser, that such be ready for oporatians next month. r enne operation ,on his building was rtoses than thIe un for which it was rat
action is illegal. It is to be regretted that the City is Commissioner Whalton stated that Ito Commuissioner Monsnlvatge, have we r
s ---- *-- __ not in a position to use hlie Electric- had received a communication from Mr. tlh puwer to borrow the money iron the Gr
We clip the following from the light for our streets. Poverty is no tieon of time to lay his kig walk but he Presidkent, thu old board ,orrowd tio
e ,, Orlando Record" :- disgrace but rather inconvenient at did not have it'with him. twoveral Mius ciutru.y to the decision of
mor*ceived a letter froum a friend las t1 t -On motion duly seconded and carried the attorneyr.
I received letter from nd la times, that Mr. Hellings request be granted Cinuisluuioner Mromno, didthoe treanur.
1- evening asking to call attention to ____ aud he be allowed until Nov. 1st. cr rfustt, to itcept the resolution? of
e th inhuman treatment of cattle shipped to. Conm in.. to . On motion duly seconded and cmurried Presid,'ent, yes, stating that it wm'coun- th
e ftho inhuman treatment of cattle shipped ^ Iou'ny Conaalseilotrera. that the clerk lie instruotd to record triry to law,
n from Punta Rassa to Key West. It ap. the communication of Mr. Hollings on On motion duly seconded and earn'ried co
S pears that whiile at PuntaR Basa the poor The Board of County Commissioners the minutes. trhit thi paymount ol inl'Ahtedness for the anr
it beats are kept without food and water mot in monthly session at the curt The hresidcnt stated that he thought month mot August be referred to the in- cot
until the arrival of the steamer, and they House on Friday evening last atS o'clock. ttitoeulyii bo hitter to relate t oim'neo ,. Wi plcttd, on its i c
are then shipped to the Island City, no Present: B. B. Whalton, President- Cormmisioer Monsalvatgo moved that remain e nr
l provision being made to feed and water Commissioners lecio, Andrews, Pyndle. the board reconsider the >ermit of Mr, irtotion duly reconded and carried
o them on the voyage. When landed, ton and Navarr. Helliingswhich was soondocdandoarriod. that ordimlunic 24 be Ipassed as read. for
e often after a rough voyage the animals Clerx, Peter T. Knight, being unweri tlt te tin duly seconded atd cario de did nce 25 wts plioed on its third De
's are too aick to stand, whereupon they requested leave of absence for thi eve. wats blow rolin d Duvl t. e On ution duly seconded and carried
are slaughtered and sold in what I sup. ning, his place was taken by Commie. extended until Nov, 1st and that no per- that ordinance 25 be-passed as road.
pose it necessarily a diseased condition, aioner Pendleton, muissioni will Ie given anyone for further Com.r Alvorozes, they will be roquh'ed to
1s I tell the story as it wau told to me. It The minutes of the last regular meet- time as ordtrehLiy previous board, boe sigQed by the Mayor. C ut
it is a shocking one if true, and at all ing were road and amended so astoread report o lloin. Btthel, o edl at re ut i te parties ben6 o .-
events, the matter deserves a thorotfgh 2i mills instead of 2 mills as tIhe amount relativo to thi" one thQousand dollar tax qiualiflying. Yo
. investigation." for geoperal revenue purposes. Tihe mis- pedlors, stating that the city has no Clerk yes.
r [From enquiries we have made, take having been mIade by thb board right t, chiago ary mtre thnitn fity per President, the Clerk atud Tresurer
..: ....wa ae chat of the state license which is $150. have not renewed their ixuidior.nualified ..

Swe learn that, the cattle will not eat f. Report of Steet Committee, wvat rerd, Clerk, I have my honds ready but one 11
we fo n d ai, the vyatt g ig, not Mr. W. d. Maloney was ptninted a relative to the condition of tihe middle of my bondsmen is away. tat
t. food during the voyage, hence no delegate to attend the Worlds Fair at ptrinrgs" al d other low lots stating that President, your bond is sufficient.
)f provision is made for feeding them, Orlando, Fla., in October noet, to repre- they had ordered drains to be dug near On motion that Mr. Waddell be re. on
to lluthc'lKe (itl-]ol on Whitehead street, talid quested to file his bond by to-morrow, 0at
y but they have all the water they sent the exhibits to be 1nt froi thin thut aftur in vcwtigtiou it wasH foud th ted (Fr tody) and if not that tbo Finane
ir want on the voyage. No cattle are cit.. The County agreeing to pay Mr. the drain thit was on Augela St., emp- Committee be authorized to take the
rg slaughtered in this city whi'st in a Maloneys expenses whilst so oueployed.' tiesnto the lifoot of t hesaid street which money an deposit it in the Key WeAk
The sheriffwas instniructed to procure hi Ihl:lidlby It a n briok waill, ant| that Banuik, which received no second, on
disooled condition ah all meat is in- t for Thou they would sggeit that a canal be outt On motion dflv seconded and carried, to
eted by the heialthi authorities bo page to Tampa, Fla., f' Thomas through Simuontmn St.. with flood gates that this matter be referred to the Fi.
spforeit by te oealt auorites b- Hartman (now confined in tlhe County u(d nmui-hol.hs .ml that all owners of uauoe Committed to wait upon Mr.
I- fore it can be offered for sale to the Jail for larceny) provided Hartman was lhnw-'ts ii' ri|uired to drain their lots Waddelland request him to maye hii
- public. Sometimes the cattle are willing to go at once. t h thi n td tatthis matter bonds field and qualified by 12 o N
Spi rehtor'odl to the City ]iiugincer. A. M. F"i ..yant, also thme Marshal to
n weak from confinement on arrival. The contract for building the now Tli Presidm sit latl thut Mr. Hopper make his deposits for the month of Alu.
)r It used to be customary to kill ounuty Jail wbhih is to be situated half lnhad s igg'st'u tho sme tiling to him. list by the same time f not that theo
way between the Court House andl South- Coin. Mu1ioro, whatt will it upst ? will be d spooial meeting called to invos.
r some of the cattle on the wharf here ard t, wasawuirl1 to the P lly .Til n wOition iin!y incondud anud carried titeto it. BIl
8 t h0 that ,'h'o I it ( eprted;1 l Itel .rfu' i 'ed 'thPreailn t there euld
op arrival-when there 'was a short Co. of Mayfleld, Ky., for thn surm of W thi, l ti v e. n,u t jIit. ,ui.trit be an (Or-. rehdtivi to I'uiirliing hutoeu
is supply at the butcher pens, as the *tlu.81u.l1 Tlihey liing requested to RItport "of (I'iy ',,i:iteI'r, v. 4 Antl, without a perrarit l rawit uil. pl

'h clerk stated that there was an
)n motion duly seconded and carried.
ttht, aibvu be referred to the build-
rojidoint, how shalithe tickets for the
h-comnifg municipal elootion be print.
n motion duly seconded and carried
Sthe usual form be used and that one
i)t lix xi provided for eaolhl 11.
lie President stated that tlwV1o wns
rdiauicoe relative to same foW payi*4
n motion duly seconded and carried,
t a comuilttet of 3 be appointed k
LI up it revenue Ord., tho following
Libevs woroe appointm1l :-Messt
usalvatge, Sawyer and Moreno.
Swi Prosident stated that the City
inoary was filling up very ra)illy
titht sonm action should be taken if
tion tlereto.
n motion duly seconded and carried,
t th it bove bo referred to the bani.
V committee.
oin. Witalton, chairman of the com.
tee appointed to fix the rate of salar.
asked for further time. which wua
omu. Hawyor, asked for further time
)ureihas tiorso, granted.
or., Monsalvatgo stated that as he
just arrived this morning and was
able to make a report bout floating
ds, but would do so at the next rMot-
but would state that hIe do s not
ik there will bo any trouble in die.'
ling 0 them,
u motion duly seconded and carried,
meeting adjturnied.


What are Wareholiser at n d
rarfagers ?"
f Wharfingers and Warehouse-
pors is meant, why iot say so iu
in Anierican-without trying to
ent now words.
51r. Horatio Crain returneJ to our
y on Tuesday last per s. Mas-
te from Mich., via Tamn.
looking much improved in health,
Prof. Chas. E. G. Blake has just
ivered a Mathushek"' pian3 to
, Herbert Crumnpler, manager for
E. Harwell. The Mathushek"
built for and expressly recoimoid.
and guarantood to eonp in tune
gor in damp olimnatoa tlihm any-
or. Combining the latest potent
proveiontis, their superiority
(ps thein in the front rank.
\o congratulate anyone who i.
0 enough to secure a Mathus-
" from Prof. Blake, agent lor
ddon & Bates, S. M. IIH.
From a reliable souroo we learn
f Mesrssr. 8. L. Hutchitigon of
w York oanl W. R. Potter (son of
J. Y. Portlr-State Health-offil-
rof Flrida) have formed a co-
'tnership and will soon enter the
d as Insurance Agents in oar
y, having their office in the Por-
Building, Simonton street. 0
MIessrs. Cruz Bros., 294 Duval
eet have fitted up their store in a
it and attractive style.
Some more of that elegant blue-
ne (?) curbing has arrived and
being distributed throughout the
per part of the city ready for the
nter operations of the contractors.
Mr. Chal. S. B. Moffat our photog-
hlien who has been visiting Lemon
y has returned'and is now pre-
rod to attefid to the wants of his
itomnors in the most approved
hion and at the most reasonable

The drain and
incnll street, is'
n from the Road

plank-walk on
receiving. atten-

Mr. M. Garfunkel the prdpriotor
the '* DI)ais" dry goods store and
e working meon's clothing store
rneot of Grinnell and Fleming Sts,,
rived from New Ydrk on s.s. Nues-
i, with over fifty cases of dry goods
thing and fancy articles for ladies,
d gentlemen's use, wear and coin-
rt and all ol which he will open
xt week and be pleased to' have
erybbdy call on him.
Capt. Jno. F. Norr, collector of
stoms, left on Saturdty 'last per
s. Leona, for Sydney, 0., via New
Miss, Louisa Lowe, daughter of
r. Alfrel Lowo, left for Clear Wa-
r Harbor, Fla., per s. s. Msootte
Saturday last for a few weeks-va-
Mr. 1R. Penichot left for 0 %ana
Tuesday last per s. s. Hutehiloon
purchase tobacco.
Mr. Domingo Villaml! left' for
ew York on Wednesday last-per
B. Mascotte. '
Mr. Win. Doig representing
ake, Dowell & Helm, Baltithore,
d,, left on s. s, Mia'otto for Tam*
on Wednes(dy lst.



-- --L-- --- --- ----- -


_~i_ __~__Y

'o~i'zS~ li)tt~~l~f8Pi9 ~,~


Mr.. J., de Cardenas arrived on
Friday last per as Mascotte from"
Tampa. ;
Mr. E. J. Araplan arrived on s. s.
, ascotte on Tuesday last from an
extended trip to the coast of South
Florida, in the interest of his sponge
Mt' Ernest Ellinger arrived cn
Tue-slay last per s. s. Maacofto from
New York via Tampa.
CommissioneR I. A. Mousalvatgo
arried on B. s. Nueces from New
York on Thursday last.
M3b. J. M. Navarro arrived on s. s,
Nueees on Thursday last from New
Mr. J. J. O'Donnell left on a. a.
Leona for New York on Saturday
last, to enter a law college in that
Commander J. K. Winn left on
e. s. Leona for New York on Satur-
day last, fora short vacation.
Messrs. Wm. ,Demeritt and Chas.
Roberts left on Wednesday last per
s. o. Mascotte for Oxford, Gma, via
Tampa ID attend Emory College in
ihat city.:

President H. B. Plant has gone to
Europe on businem.
Mr. W. J. H. Taylor leaves for
'lTampa to-night per a. Mascotto.
Mr. H. G. Harvey, of the firm of
Russel & Harvey, builders and con.
tors, left on Wednesday night on
a month's, vacation, and will visit
Canada before bhe returns.
*2O.OO Levward
for a Ladles' Watch and Pendant Chain
Lost ou the 11th ultimo.
*918, Division Street.
Mr. Otto Keircheimer returned
irom Savannah, Ga., via Tampa on
Friday last.
Duties collected at the Cuntom
House at Key West, Fla., from
-Sept. 4th to Sept. 10th inclusive-
Written for the Telophone.J
WhI SbseM the Splrt et Mortils

Why is It that by some freak of Ackle
fortune, some people will become pumed
up, 'aas tdng si of upir oer
their lesJortunate neighbors r It costs
uothiugT6 be courteous. When uaigh-
bor meet neighbors, a nod of recognition
',ets but a light effort, even itbestwed
upon oue with whom we do not feer in.
Shined to la oiate. Perhaps he whom
we salute imay not have a very exaltedl
opinion of Us, but for humanity's sake
and a knowledge of human imperfection,
is willing to exchange civilities. Do we
ever thiul of this, or have we through
our own belt blindness become oblivious
to the oliims of others ?
Bow often we see people struggling
along through life, pinched by poverty,
wkeu by some chance venture, ly be-
quest or otherwise, they become pots-
!$sed of. portion of this world's goods,,
wheu alb a sudden they seem to for-
get their former associates.
There are ocoaions too. where the
motit degraded of earth's o ildren, have
i)y the labor and iutftenoe of the philau-
thropic, been lifted to a position of re-
spoutability, then, instead of manifesting
au appreciation of those favors, will pass
their benefactors by as of no account.
Again there are many wu'ni hearted
ehristianp in the world, who will exert
all their powes to Ifft the fallen of how-
ever humble, bilth, yet how many there
tir'e, whom by their work we should
know them. They join tho ohureh atnd
lroe eownUit attendants m t iti servicot,
yet if one differs frotn thmiun in forms and
ceranouies, ho must bo paumed by as'of
no account.
Do we ever think tmat others think as
ill 'of us as we We meet two neighbor s on the street.
They tl of no amootnt, we will not no-
tice them, and we pass them hy without
even a nod of recognition. 'Ihey pass
along. One __us to the other, who in eto
any say ? Who was is father, Ils month-
er, eto. All his relations have to take
an airing, when just a slight move qf tile
head would have Jeft all parties in good
Humor. "
'The writer on one omasion, passing
along the stet with a mith younger
man, met a 'yoMlgwoman with whom we
wre ot aoqtiiuted, who with baugh-
ty airsL--d without reaogising either,
while lled fort a vs derogatory rev
mar1 froma the8 .ng man whioh would
have d ble a'Wfn wiUhibei he had
a been u..iouly trea'0, and myself
would remained in lgaoane of oer
taututinlg walh would -a doubtless
been ell. '
wers not all socially inclined, yet
we alst l better, and it makes no bettor
.to be Mognited as human by those of
.our kind, whatever onr fault may be.
.Blakbiting is often denounced as a
fault of the blackest type, but of all the
fruitful souroea of this evil, snobbery is
the chief. It begets contempt in the
bieat of Wmit on tto a greater or less
tiin to iolat'toe a *X from his kind.
oPrtg l andh .lue.blel in well esuough
forbanohelona 1d= 1 ladiess tb Iu-
mAeB of .oWft, bely are not full
P ared to scmtnto b ttle faults obn
,ecitritietlu 61 thoMse with whom they
.o". mein obntaot, but for the mamse to
much air bet ob
a wved inmany onuitie, i aritly
IfThe wont feattmre of the #U e isa in-
stead of an improvement in these thing,
we are beDui more ,and more node-
1! sos tie uessunbemdu. Bow, please. X

For INVawN tOi. 40-1pgaB nooK FUnE.
Address W. T. Fitagerald, Attorney ait
Law, Waubingtou, I). O.

< '

In payment for goods purchaisid at
the stores of auy of tie nieroiitis namiiined
below, provided thue piihuso aiouniuiit
to one (" 1.00) dollarr ciush for
emll. coupoit so received.
We' ngtrceo to ate ON|t, this tON ,IIIp ilI thi
al)ve tudition, nud invite you to call
on uH whi )puroititsing guodK:
Geo. S. Waite.
B. P., iiaker.
Wni Modillip.
V. G. aE.H4, ,i .
Oti JohlInou.
Win. I, Lowe.
B. F. Iti lgell & Co.
]J. luitz
Itol t. J. P.ont.
JaH. W(J'ary.,
M. M. Di.n.
MAr. M, dint.
J. L. TlhompsonI
0hdiriel Aynal,
WhalniBnro hs. in
J T. ohliioll & Co.
Al. S. Weatthr'frd. l
R. .. Hhlnm l ,rlf< l.
al. (4ii1 .tl'miifl.
,T I' s.riU111V.

.Win. Bhit'ek%41i.
SJ. J. Wurroii.
iMr, I.l'halor.
Eddio Dill o.
Johln W. Hawyor.
(Patnt napp)liied for,)

- IX MUNTJIS after date. I will
render to the Honotrable A. J.
Kemp, Judge of Pro'tbte, may final
account as Administrator of Estate
of the late,
at which ti so I will apply for A final
All ceamnihagainst said Estated, not
presented by that time, will be for
ever barred. '
July 18th 1891.
'Notioe o'fintu 1 Isohltur-e
IX MONTHS after the date here-
of, I, as the Executor of thle Es-
tate of Theo. Pinder, late of Mouroo
County Fla., deceaedshall present
my final amount and vouchers, to the
Honorable County Judgo'of Mouve
County lot approval, and ask to be
discharged from said trust.
Key West, Firidfd4
May tIL 1891.

The yellow garter fatd is in voguu'
Gain, mut a westoru writer fears some of
its vottiles got tired waiting for their
fatt to come around. a, Mnvs : An
ainaquaintalco of 11i.11O, fttht, lias woll))
ciue constantly for two t'ItIIHIIM, tidl it .'
ig hlsl ocoiul:ed thaiit. would giv l(rI tli.
slightestt exuit t)'r olilaignig iher 1nin1o.
On the contrary shie htas hlil so t1soiy
accidents anul hliairbrio'tdh eseanplg tihlt
she is ahnost tionvitced that tih) yellow
tat'br i, st "hoodloo." Oiu( Slio ;'i'll oil'
the dt'uk (f a ste stn alio a s wid u fm nl 'lit
11 wato'ry doath by it lihdiomn, younlig
ittnu. tight hilo' is whcir thitt yellow.'
f artor sttBtuld I hivt got in its wvorkl-but
t ldniU't. lT (yoUnIg ninn was iniarri'l,
and his wife ddn't ven tlthank hiiin for
risking his lifo in Ittaua-iti)lug to tivo tlh.
lives of misguidtedi yolng liH'is wio
took a notion to ftdl overboard. Thit
was a damnuonur. Atothor time she fell
out of ia hammock and struck oin hor
leaud and lay on th ground till in a heap
her yellow garter being plainly visible
amid the auowy whiteness of her skirts,
though of course heo horsolf was not
aware of this, having laitntod dead awaiy.
This time it was an old maid that reset.
ed Etta from th curious observation of
passers-by. -
My," she said to Etta, "ybu were a
sight I It would have been awful if I
hlua't found you aind some man would
havo happened aniong."
And Ettdeda she rulbold her poor head
and fastoued thu fo4teful gartor, our.
mtured :
Why didn't the manu come ?"
Sept. 5-s. a. Mascotto, Havana-
100 bales tobacco,
Sept. 10.-10o "
a. a. Hutchinson,
Sept. 5--a H. Leona, New york-
373 cases cigars,
43bales c 40 pk'gs,. fruit,
19 nierchandise.
288 salted hides,
836 turtle.
18 bbla. MI. T. bottles.



tior Sale by the Untonlemrdgnu(

WM. C(UMtY.-,



Geo. W. Allen,


Pays 4 per C ut on il eosits.
ReuCives dep/pohis f/'om, iIlb
cents upward. Su.bjeot
to okcok.
0ice: The Balnk of Key Vest.


We do the rest.

To feel invigorated
and refreshed
DR. FRA0A'S **

only 10 cents.
I on LLmras ONLr from 7 to 11.
Open from A., M.till 10 P. M

Interior Decorator

y AN])

S-gn Writer,

Tho Scohooneor
SJohln 0. Siow,
ooltoncos loading for t hi 1 p O r t
on the 2nd, iustnnt, and will sail on
WIrmIAM1t Cvnnr,
jiy Woat, Sept., lst,., 1891,

Plant Steam-Ship Ljne.

8. 8. J'T:NI'A.TA".,
Loaves Port Tampa for Mobillo evory
Saturday, at S p. mi.-Arrives at Mhubih.
Monday 10 a. ui.
Leaves Mobile for Port Tampa every
Wednesday, at 1.43 p. im.-Arrives at
Port Tampa Friday 0 a, im.
Connects at M0bile with Mobilo amid
Ohio .It B., East Toun. amid Va. and (In.
Railway for ill points North, East and
South and with Loumivivillo ad Nash.
villoRailroad for N"w Orleans, Texas
and all points mSouth and West.
At Port Tampa with South Florida
Railroad for Tamnpa ; Bartow, Orlando,
Sanford, Palatka, Ht. Augilastiune Oala,
Jacksonvillo and ill poi ts North, East
and West.
H. B, Plant, M. F. Plunt,
Manager, Now York. Aest. M'ger, N.Y.
J. W. Fitzgerald, Port Tampa, Florida.
W. MuCoy, G.F, & T.A. HanMford, Fla.
H. W,. outhwick, Key West, Florida.

OUT1largo and SLECT line of
Dry Goods,

Dress Goods,.
Fancy Goods,



A raid )i' DULAY, A groat ST'roC',
And jnat what

"W mark themf low -to -;il them



About your b1einf

WViihitheso good 'u,? p1ricet.
For tl.hbost ot every thin iat fair'
flgurea o to'

1 .\ ALI'ItI: Mox: Mr.vert.'.;.t'rident.. I'FnNAn DO VALDEZ* Vice-Preldd*ti;
J. FooGuITr Cuthi-i.

O1C \N:, I'NT)r.r. in r. HTA'Vrr LAw.




Fa'tctory 132, KTy T est, f|ih.
-------- ^, F*- -ANK.


1 .\l!' .n Mon Ivat"o, F,'orinudo V hhio,,", Samnnel Filer,
V,'* ,IiI !.:tII, I ,)A l w .* 1 t,'(-, AND J. Fogarty.
h: o',~ni J ro I oft' (Crvlit, iEuys anid lls Hlill of' Exiclnfo ;p mak'e Telegraphio
<'"1] fo.rr d' Mo-noy

.Aiow Yorkl, .N'ew Orleis, Jacksonville, Tampa and

Cigar Matinfacturer's Supplics, Cigar Flavore, Ete.
Impirtors and Dealors hi Hpanlslh Cedar nawl other Cigar Box Lumber.
!n:', osnn a-d BuANx On O.'vrc- ovwn B3.~N or, KtvY WFVT :-Oro. L. BABcooK, MAIAOrA




&Full Dress Suits,

White Ties and Gloves,
(ChIlldrons' Kilt Sults,

Finest Dioganal Suits.

a Corner Duval and FritzIatrick Et

William Mc. Killip,
Wholesale arid Retail Dealer in
Also Loooe and Mounted DinrtMond.
Fine 14 and 18k. Jewelryof Latest Exquisite Deslgne.

The Liargest stock. or olocs, Silver and ll-IIlit-atd
Ware, Optical ood8s and Hovelties, in tle IJ.
An inspection of my store will convince you that this is
.11i Goods tt re Giarii'eit'd L or 'Monuy lefundled.
My 6toeck this year is anid will be one of theo most complete ever shown
in thi oid1y. /
WVil 1 o uimntirttrised in ,quality and design and will be complete. CAIA,
AN I) X\ ,iINl MY (0l00D ,
VV~.~' C.eo,. 1u-! 14c al Je'wevlr'y -woVrka I Vepoeallty.

hIoney Saved is Money Made.
'Buy your 1"TTI 1.I'TTT7 .T i ronm

Tlioihps 'l'%-,s i & I'rlck' e E. I

8monton Street.



* BY .

This Paper
Rates are low

The leader in LOW prices,
We sell ohee-per thian. Otheri-,
Our expense is light.

Our goods are bought for OASB

with large discounts.
We I vite you to call and examine ottr stok
aind i)lcct .
F. .RWELL. .

RYANT & TRATTON 0Buigs College



One Dollar for Six Months.



Thltt i4 to call your attention to



AD ,


Of RenaltableM, 01ty, LUIIIBTON, Us'
.W. (CeWuea MAIN anfl 1tPU35m R eta,'
tappealt Court Uca.
~WILBUR R. SMITH, .so r'
t?7 lvhaloat. e106,andmuttWsb..td omsseas Jlteef.
K.V w I.RmIft nt, f~felenofattthle lope, ebIealvabeh0614
*100 ad 611,1011,,,,of onor at Wote Ka1TO R stsfor
.It'merof 1 Ininaa, nlodtng Ul'ma menss5
5 tIes o; 011bet1th n attond111166aa~t yo.M
Ispaisos. 1?3OT#otU nrsoptoycrd. Jitlaei 0 Ooareo a-n a.t,
Is. sel Dutlamem Aritboictle, Al rasall oj. il
Uobniatesait all Joint ldimitf 5asivieluop
am r dV. 1.a
college jannday and alohat aott'taata e'eitad on asayaaay.
all -:iO Afreaoemsote i an be ntadaIle with ilnoosd CM-
t61ale fr cesdaillypassU I.attend thise 091174,we. oas.i
Sun", W mll IM uireo -r Pa tr alt

lustret yor friends to sid -=aa
pwk=ge through

Ball's Fast Fraill
ADmAWi ftl f. I

George L. Bartlum

Consignments Solcted.
rMt utn K .lIW IA,,4IIA.

J.R.Shacklefe d'

Dry Goods,
Notions, Etc,

My ometiomhays bosw &doe
mot.womderful bren. a
adive Insdde sod ousd.DOn~t
myweui hr it be$ aon andjae
yeistbagik w

K, s sal ftd 'GaPZN & W

Qey wst Fla.

~~~, ~ k A sli ~~b 7

Ns. A. Bonet A 0069

--- -





I, gtz.. -.J-4 .. \


Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.

SFurnished Rooms
SAt onabe prio. | ,Ute tr tM*t .
J. LRON, Proprietor.
,,,.-------------- .. LE N "'.....u.. J1
The Following Articles
Are Kept In Stock by

3pRo, I t wxrs T.

.Nautical Almarnngo
Chromointers;, ""
Vhoeomom'oteors ..-
M:W1n43 p OoMP400,
32Loi $latest
L3iog Lines,


9 o havi


Harbor Oax't

Sido *0nd Hc 108,s
.i Marino VIOV4


ft arc atatttof 13011 os sets OD8tur tof

weDonetboodovro et5a~~nd Cr Jil
forallDI AstdtrOa b
rn ot~~~t~ s ~4jL~

h:su n'
10 hjj
lo (solk-
Lilian fuld
W,$ ]IA)

2,000 eforenos Nae this paper when you write

Cornrnietsio .Merdhante,

Provisions, CraizMeat,&c
eait Markcat Pssio e Obitained.
s -al...,om ,g .ra :a.\~ andatStreets.

:, V .;

Photograph Galle+y
Ci-binet Photo $3 a 1 )oz

W. H. LO
), De ler In .,e.l' .,.

Facy and Staple

~, From New York and New Orl4e.

Goods Delivered Fte

A Fine Assertffent of Cay

Fo Chrisntms Prensntf.
AdJFela _g the ..uw e er & ..rl ..d.aib sta StrEet.

Lamps, Oliandliesxin
and Orookerz e
To be found t 4.r
)ur Stocks are a er v r9t-
the great mar0i of iAtb
ce Our Antique Omtl i
Whioh make one forg.$jsb.
triaita and struggle r
oqmifort they a-ffo r
an eveninj'or after
Mi). Only l5 oh.- s..

Key West Furilture IKnori,


orer Eatan an William tg"Neu

OrEN PatOnt Mo1icls,

Fancy ad Toilet Arttics,

Soda Water & Oga*
Phyetolanl prescrlptlonu WatD
compounds ,

The Workingmtn'&
Clothing.' Store.
Cornet 'Grnnell and l coming Streets,
--Dealer in--
Hats, CVaps nd Oil Cloth-
GeWnts' i ishln Gools.
Agent. orthe'AImproved
Newburger Panta Opr,
Whose Goods are yJalr0"te4 pot to Rip,
Or I0iP1 Ilfuio
A Nice Lineol 't
-, OWa A4W and
AJway 11 hand C(Ull and examine the
sme at the 'sWorka om

+s 'i upply of
* *-OP. TIT-

An Amertauiento~f
Gil, t Mo'ouI hitgs,
Antd lb I'I$B ASfodurTm1iftao" I
Tat~e utl loy

W.D. CA '

AL 0 r 1S '

Commission Merchants

Pouttry, Eggs and Produce Speelltile.
s" room and Store, Front Streetk

'. B Cuirt

Lumbet' d S1leson lweeny'sWhaf.

50 $60
5 .,, ,--, ..

Our Faioui Soda Water

. r n o


Nuaic by Qappa's d
: *. .' P d ,, .a ,

,+ +"* +', ' .o .- : e,: ....

A k -< a '1 *' ( \,- 4'.^ i **



' 3-"' -- -- ------------

. . ... .. . .. ... - e . . . ..I I l I I I I I


- - ~---------- ------.--- --

WOW Q tl~ots. b 'I J akU, A d ltlt ols BQUT
eterst purt,1J,

%vDrpitg aqny o h n to a his ocoitij Uyh
Id war tidrulktook 44 t o
arltorin t eOr Root6itFolit, you can Ul

The Bank of Key West,
S (NOOR0o ORATED 1884.)
"APITAL *f o~. o

gft UL i O mesa nellsii of Dixobfia i0.Tdt
mm ro M oo t SiMht; Qofleep
($)-- -* .;

nt Steamship Line.

compr.. ng the Superior Steamships
O"etlag Unlted States and Forelgn Mail betwom
Until further notice the aS; f. Mascotte oflit. line will run as foilows: Setui-,
Weekly service. Schedule toldug effect May 1, 1891.
Leave Port Tampa ........... .Monday, Thursday,
Arrive Key West.......... .....Tuesday, Friday
Arrive Havana.................. Wednesday, aturday.
Leave Havana..................W nesday, Saturday.
Leave Key West................Wednesday, Saturday.
Arrive Tampas........ ...... Thursday, Supday.
Manager. 0. T. A,and T A., Supt. Port Tampa.
PRW. W 5U1'H-VICKAgfft. KeylW i"0 ;'
` 6 -- '* _ ___ _

1.-- I;- ----I ;- ;- -;- ::------- i-- --









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