Key West Democrat

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Key West Democrat
Place of Publication:
Key West, Florida
Key West Democrat
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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laraltWKi, Pubiltser.
S SU'wSt-"iP .Nf jATES,
Ohre y ca e. .. .. ... ....... .,
sThree m uiths,., ..... ..... .. ;..
Snugle eOopes .... ..... ........ ,
:eut to any adds putog Ir 4
: ADVE 0
The follow r
ld ,lvl e a bWh
Or c ii per column
IApti 8 nmoanthla'
*4 pe1 t. lt 6s. Read.
Ir untice
In prfe ed at these
For legal. enloce to the
prices Axed by laW
ega advertisements tnherted at Statute
rates, l , le I
"Local" and "lpseol" Notices 10 oanta
Super line oanh isortion
Rates of Dispgtyp and all other Advertise.
, wents furnished olin apll otion, "
,ATr gunMranteoe aoh Advertisement In.
.:rtLed the full time pai4 for,
p*FrSPEOIAL HATES to yearly adver.
(treoulailon as large as any weekly In the

4 COCOlUT t aEvi'of 5,6'0 treee Kof;41c.sughlin Apply at thb

P* u OFE rB8 8 A1L.
E 0. ..
Will prae'tai 'ial'tlte t te and Circuit
'ol .II, -' .
(imiido^ ni iNB,
,u over Dafly & Wtlvianqp T idhMhop. .
11 pIt)tico in hbo Uniltud States, Cir.
''I ( lmtriot CO.u1 for the abuthorn
SF lorida, JI adllt"Ae nad L'oun-
.d n lt Key Wett *

4 t~nl

% .

i.M II. .W .L.LIAMS. |



PlumlL Q ^fttIB and Rooflng a. Speci,
M g1S enp sad lBouitd tl WEAR FOR ALL. TIME

.1, .' .' -8




%I. J HAfTLU ,
,ijrnlqD s DI>N'rlST NEVEN YiL.
(jV~m,.ou Division Sitreet.

1R. C 111
R F- .'.\'

Omlcuiw tbo
3irrou l*:
xyl ~

HiFONT HTi'*T *-
Capial * 80.'
GEO, LIwnm ...........
".' H. OCQA ........... ....... 'reas t1U*.
V. AIN,w ................... 'Ohler.
Ma'tts on all points bought and Sold.
monite received and interest pvid.
JEb. .BARN &RID & (10.
t. LOUIS,'Mo.
M. MA rACTBUMt or .., ...
[A2ft' BOO(S.
and Stationers.; '
at~s on all kinds of work .Pade
;Iplication to D. A.- BRzWtit,
'wer E, JOaekeoville, Fla, .
ED, ULAIttl ;p, *;
wift. ff.
R. B, P'bt;: Son;.
NoR. 91 and 98 Mji*tine Street,

Thos. R. Russ ll,

-..UILDER..... ,.
11'TIMATE- for Buildln p and
I ilj Materials furnished on cort
notice. Con ract willbe takep upon
fair terms and Wdriv guiraiteed;
lhlflllle 1) or and tWsh ('oIepany

SW I :' .- nKbt W 'ST.
Snil enOnthl
tli,'jiu co lPio'oiu nder.Ope 'eoli-
f' of this Line ti'-4 ,ier cent.
under deck and 81 o deok.
N. A. ENNER & Co., k:- Agatn
19 Old Slip,'New Yok'k.
ltly and sell kinds' of mnrohandf s
strictly on omnsion ,
Particular attention pad to th. fi.of
bbippers eat gut catalogue of inst oa
4rhow to paok fogLii tlar 'mt. thsio'ilo
a plates furnlthed for markinR on iMjrUOlk

SBROST is al


At Reduce
-.--.- *


v jffered ir

S- J. DE

V 4'*pwoipgenerally thlti he' has B
atan'd on' FrnT street, w 1 ti'4 a

---p ultr iased for .tir

[ways ahea4 t

Best time on record I

Is c !( JMifntgnmnry ta .o n FIninr
I N k L&AN.. (ipi. cCl't (o. H. V. & I. VAIl I'M.
,Son. Ity. DAILY. I
d40 Pric J,vIA. ,11olitgollry. ..Ar 7-25 ti
d P prices 1.2-301 a It ........ \ktIill'.' ....I-.. I'5A-.
4-150 A M ........ Diipout ....,..... 9-00I( p m
10-u, P Sit -. (liuicsllc I.1-:l0l 3i

1ARG-NS keittI t....... .1.... ?l-'245 i. 1I
7 o t c- U it ri m' ..... ...l ttJ- A Am
8.0") pm t .......'t' npa ....... 7-11) A i
KI ey WTest, 10-30 p M, Ar ... I'llita ('0.J.. .. rv 340 "
f t: ,--nut i, XNrC.o r j, Y .4 At
A T7-JU va m.:Lv .. Nionltg~q~tuvry. -At'7-3Iti.' st
LANE 5-1 t'm....... .ll1,~ ....7lr
A-15 A At I. D u k7-:i Iipc 7.810 t' -
L IN S FTEND. AND T THE Il- -1Y'?,ti.....
opened k~u.npe ystoo, neari' his old 12-'i0Sm1 a
f.l :1 -27 .,...... (..,, d~. ., ;iS\
'T ~ ( 1-L ....i-17r
IN j G, .....,. 'Iv.' .... ';S-1,0 ASi
8,115 A i A .. .()rl Or dd ... ,.Lv G-0i0. t m
a at the gretvckcMak I nlttg Jii'cpt' iivfottIion l Suoni gittlcry
with L. & N. Slatnumra.

1uuon o e I UmOl o g u.o in
wlich recently took place in Nevi Yo, tl tpE, st.:bolow tllh cost -(l ) FUC U Si,
.tOb manufacture; and will be sold a 6th ll-bv.os ri ovdi er offer id in ...AGENT O'1...
ltioity. He ha8e ao on haud a-ftie.;asil ou t of," WALTER'S TiN SHINOL98

...."- . os o T O li HU dwa'e I l Ul l ardw rr,
.hirts ,,htoers, DSTALers Ti s, m
OaARB8, f1ANDKBROCHIEFB, HO8E, 'New YVork OlOpfa 97'C' 'rcn Street,
and everything necesary to coopletd a vnitlenAuii'o outAt. Al:o 'a 'Nlj"r;, '.AI-'Ti ;,rt'l'l:Ar 'I n
eompltelie of 'Hats, Shoes, 8 lppers, Trauki, Vulijol-: andl UiLbroll:ki.' i>4 li, .'itU rnit ..i... i,l, ., (s,'.
il of whioh will be iold at very Low Pricea. .. 40 j i7, nt' r', .LiLi'.'. )IJ',tIrsii tit ', Euti.
S' uling -llatin l 8toves

-i=... 9o 7) UA- iz.n' l 8t., 0w Orleans, La

0 S

----*------ 'oida Salesman
a new store and pur"clmted au enlirtly now lsuch THUBER,WNYLAND&GO.
SPatent. Medicines, TEAS, %s tr of
p.-',* "" PERj'.M ERY' WINES,; j

to be found ',.the


o. as* s New oYeO
WT O. cl Wl.,hin asnd Retail (SQpfotonuore.
SJtJDy' l',rtit, andd DaUs stlplied a'short notice,

And Sexual Weaknesses.
IIhoever indn1o" not only reliove b it
PP IANEN TLY CU1]ED aitblt IIIbcdi-
in i4tl for piatrtul aro, which W.-- --III fov-
w-ard in fleded 1 evcciopo on app ivition.
Don't mifs c'i': nIv nmt.crIv. A41drvss
M. E. A. Co., 1207 BaciAow&Y,
3)jy101Y iew Yurk lity.
I rempontfmlly imforof mYIrI~ friolub; ~ llffit
rill ow preplai-Ad to frivp A11WO Limvoltls.
.8hnni11my "eOrvi ccm be needed, 'Ltfiuiton-
(an always And men at t n rcsiiic-c it f Mt.
Peter T. knlhtg, on Fiemiuif stred-0.
'ITX) XIMOTRHAE. ti7 iii
W 4,. fle nndotngnodl I'I '.
givnuotice, III pulotuMI.ce ')l,
the ht'tautee of liho eL tf)f lettlii
in' anoli caos 11111110 i (I tdpa4;k of,1 I'
fcroirnmtt tof- i ( nt i ( tt 4 n-
Htrtict, usidtfit tion wid ipijt-htoit.i, i.l
rond nomrenncjng ttt M'vakkft City !n
the Hyakklt a Iliver 41dlimi:-
'thonite, to (lovo City o- T.'einti BaDy,
in thle 4-otlt.y tf -o lnf ao Afatat4 of
Floritli% i'iie etiidco. povatflot io be
known na
The Charlotte HIorijor nmic Gulf
RaiWtray C mpaiy.
r2 V-13 FRANK H. TlAPF ,

MTIPE Dt& v IN U11iA.
Wi', nf't fir ,.c ,ty twini deakri, ro milt 1zieti
is t P. 15 I ,i i uI n .1 LbiXC o t (.r I 0 tia e, L.I
4~f-~n i'.. (I ) d'S~, 1) S1i 1 IL cw l .80.411
4 W1 .,14i

Arand Combinationl.


I~", ,,Dol .Wi' t ttlol*% nfttkiLtss .?^.U I. l .' our duty i(9 i& .'
'.at eto no ro to "disot ii
part. Anyway, t' otly for while, 'w "t '
dear, for you kiow, I, too, am' of a llt' ,~ ~, t bol1v,, m1lW
orary turn of mind,' and when that heap trl. ith o yi wil,
of seattor*1! manuscript- upstaibs r ia it scot ,
metmauorphosd into. a sauoessful book, t la M
then I wil remember my duty to my 'o t leabi)
ancestors;, and retire hto p-ivate ibO. .l Tillil ng
In the meantimeT tk .st. "e
Xli "Ip ""
) oUlhg by eleotrielty T )aM l,'
"Btll another ur retheml o fluid r' ,or'd ,O ,U'
he replied with a sml tha she and-
iMsed the girl's gold .ed .-
no more objections toher pofec .. I "I have determine.. to alter my *14
Thus their affairs stood when He bert Ilnyour favo r, LindaLyle. I haveboen
came and announced his ouhole's dblr:rtpoplntod t ps) belonging to me.
A hot flush rose on Mr. Jarvia" polo li fulnoes when I find It, thugP I oon0
delicate face, and his ftlgerm .woieod .vincul. no thought o; eward tiuehod
nervously. your min :d..
"My daughter shall never marry into "What is.your full name, ohl tlt'
a family where she will not be more than may give It to my lawyerY" ,
weloome," he said haughtily. "y full name e Ethelinda Lyle Jart
I do not ask it,.sir. Ih veno family. via. aear Mr, 'Turnbull, if I have Indeed -
My uncle hao himself severed all Qonec- won your goodt:l'-nion, forgIve my do.
tion between us, and henceforth I owe o1ptlon,' and do ustle to your nephew,
him no duty. Your daughterla si be. Herbort Langley
trothed wife, with your ooaet, and,. "I am BEtiel Jartls, the unfortunate
please heaven, I will soon m bA' boife oause ofiyoutioparatlon fromthim." worthy f her." Ethel Jarv8 I What do you moan,
qio turned arid a ht her tro h ds glirl?" '
4n his addyrawhertp hl sld'e,4. "est what I say sir., .I bitered your
"Ethele daTling, tI'fiave ooi.t Lsay obuso wit my mind made u to win; I rmust ;'ay at onob," your kind regWd, If possible, ahd, with
"OY way?' helgtiin surprte. it, your onso1t to my marriage with
"Yesi I oefsit6t stay to *trutgle 'In Horliert Laigl.,;
poverty, Ia unole n Austrmlla- "Believto mo, I had no thought of
yjfather' *brQher-who-basoftenikoed ipplanting Miss .oddy, nor of injuring
n ; tn o htthere., h n an 'w. r tried to persuade her
t' Il rlh. I will now eoopt from against the asep tt has offoldodyeol,
thi* ratfully the 4 tanee I have ; Deaor, kltd frid wll you not torglio
hither lige. H erbert and me tot being topd of each
"The sponer. I go, te sooner I Oan other?"
return, (oear love, rich, and able to Iakoe And she smiled a little bit sauolly.
you happy. Ithel, darling, may ship "And so you are Ethel Jarvls-Hor.
salls to-morrow I" ebort!s Ethel I" And Mr. Turnbull's voica
S"To-morrow I So soon I Ah no; not waI soft and gntle, and he searched tlh
to-morrow." And they plighted their girl's face with aernest eoyo-oyes thnt
troth anew and parted. had long sino won her ancfkltorn LboqRwmn
t lhli'V w.t' u lk l iko 'lsiirl'rt'.
-- .- -n'w i-hit i know \ei "
"For whom are ou in mourning, I i'l '; I 'v h I no w Tl J
,- (,3n1 un111(1,stntl how Inlmpossl),lu I1t Was
Linda?" asked Miss n ertrude Roddy, offtr th I I t m
h. r maid, as the latter braided thohiavy ur th.e o lad. to obey t n,.o
Itlas s of her lustrous htluole air, an l nd l1 lougw aill talt11 ll bi k toi
rolled It about her handsome haud, u w t a t
"For mvfather, madam." -f rti nko "Has he beeoon long dead?" -tYi".-f iyr kio, my oor. ; nfo I
"No-ohno. It tI only nine monthan ;, L nity er o, c1hr you,
since be died," thto girl rlpllod in a low ,o", Ini ho yor il c f o i .
voice. .-, I n -u r: ,so n 1 1 b g no ri'ght I,, vill i -dttl i.
Nina months I W hy, that In narl"y i t 111i1i Itoright1, iI', l .l",,v, fi ,-
teitherbhathat timeIll i *i 4 iI'i ll4' in 0" i. ',li
B aUyP.ttll l l' ] _h o .. . -j . i ia 'o ee ,:. d to ,'r,' r I n .
A And their dy toyo d ith -the roe'. lu Ii'ill
~ l o. al krb c rd peignoitr. n I tflt thQ e ,0w I l 'cl"'- :'Ejt i '
..h0'ho.k her hnd with i gnntlAh i h;l' v m .. er Mr. ',llc' 'I
" t vll wetr ny dliaootawS, LlnIa. iut ;l"tlllrl Q., I
Hdvo you pot thom tN-yi" * ,
.a ,.OU ,.inl 4I ' eIi-o N1hta!
*Yeos, inqudtu,. ut you reqluantd no a.,' 1:o,,1'o --dcrc i'Ut
to reGirld you to try the. ofrct e U trt i;. .. .pd t'.hLt al,
sapphlra with this wiuno-olo r "vl.',ol"'. -"''t" ',1 av r lly tt. elr. u. ,
"Oh, l sya o I did. I tWk i It.vl'l ttln, l it.I lliltelt 1819 '1g
eha rm ln g." Ia t x tw iIa h~r h III ,l 1 ,1 ,"
"Bhall fI be admilrod. Linda? Wl 1'n:. ', re.t
Colonol Baeburn admire me, do yo .f I h af he tl, .l.

laug uS ^1^^l '1{Dlc.
pth P rink?"R t -i f % a
H oHe must b6"lydo, 'floeient IM,,',-fole' ',,r, ,.t ,,,,,,W
!= ,4 ah weAmt l," With-
be does nn,"the maLha1d -urr y an
enile: a y(ur ota, i.-.(Bt
think so t .ryseiI. "M .

a 's ... hin t sA

A.ul n.. h 'fo e iall
o ,r 6. I ngtht benrnait

'r.-.g X '
1 Via ..h b ,":
V6 l,
,-., ; : % ;.. ..


.,e ,.t. -

*I ,-

" ,

i o "*'

$I ~.
: (.
)I.. i

,Spi. .~

k 1 611


S qt, 1'0- u'y at;
60 s c 'Itott. up. i c" ts

or iI 1d a te' :0'5*trsngli

7 .I tI I.,

'A U VUT jit oe-wUsYt $ it1 ctokltd
Li 1: lon j0#1anld W ihi ''Id.,- at I.., hot go t(; h'n.
and Ilib4.e.1 Ivilm
r, ;];i

tho r test froul

IteI' In.tI:y'.4 101'.
r~i :I~ uljbe" fradl lw Ufttv rL 11ft P -nir-o I? .rlo iU~

As 4ur hiplioif althAMugl he affecte4.t : all that's
S tr i o t .. and turiued mistakes
s~l: r~h-cnss~ iti't0as U11- ''Who c
to ife Jolt- tus~d to unons

v k row

M:httve 'efi ab)
14 f i Ib, rl: ~ o

w13 I'UO a'n IiI If h ai
.,h AWIP I Inn 14 11 hve GA a
Sit -f bitrnOL P02111 St ril, Uno,-~*~ofl'"~r

my, nt'is l tun ,t I itsarriles, 'melef thIn r ,ca
tr ft'' t1.'. 6bo .. AD '' 'ma
-kp h.ef lr nh
Pv L tit 404"',u Io r
190ttago tlat t;loy 'Is

r.Bla ilk
J ?'in' Ethl t

~ru I40P31,
~tlr + c, lr a ,e ~ llllrWi
In tM '~le b bb~ a 1

em *
4 4

439 09eitho se of
14'd 4$013q. sht
W~. o~ tqM'. TWKynpWquonu tile ttf411)
CamlbIWSec Iroke w.. the A
fondation, a .. nr Il ere
'ibi .a .s 1 k4j~t'e I iji oL al)
oil ~59 a iigi~teui
dst~llP1a4 ,w '- c n tt~eo'

S, lamp Was tirA Mloor RIed
APDVERTICtNC AF, ~ ifIt'Y~cat1BUO It ~yn1ltg'Ritu. Tihe
fru'peon fit s on ut 3o,0ut holoe of tile
The felcI9wing ulinlsnt rratpi.mMr. oam 4eok wert).w vol1ound two h 11d1od 1.4,(
.RIde nadvurtlIsng have been adoptbddby fa e' Aw.ay, to '1W h jstnCliitance
F"iirlda PI'row A ooaulitii. kt
(Ottethundre dollars, 1ijRles, pov.ooluun C'e' tubtm 3
or 1 per Inch, for qu o year. k .* A 'lAd v W ho lavea' in tl0141 Iq l b !x 11.a I. .
For Coro v A:eY wr 1velatl jlill.;I
temoaths' o ahood tid f thit a few ulu 4idia %efo. autllm
hapn ~p~qptadwt~rnqe. err heserQrOs Read. the B~ .rnror\ r.0s alw ti* r': i g;othe tlheie iil~ I1~~
ilnn, Detbua dontl~ie iIoe.
Nc~pr~nsd poi~tjop dlo~s'~~t~e .,,a Saw t^ t, gop le ~cl
,rtl :R[:teotlle er t~o '7 ccea ~ 3fl ICi'VIO'ttl
pr ties 40r dfe4n641I8wMo.4 It lBtOmOfn .AI to G Ilrl~lll ll'sii'Glt5 t t'h
-r vfttruod posil *lieg en4 1j5 I .Nd tc r'I e'. tit
andtthe o tnbo tA i pitr t 'b a ili Fa fe nro1." 1I c' j 'n3 .
e4 4tiAl" N otics 10 c hent awteraL ei I.ti ,b
'0M hiS PO(?,ho1ipieii. 10 l 1 ''

~.atUI4 ot l)iHI\IdaI'm a~nd nl other Advetrtise. of the awak~eud YJi" -m Itlill1 iclodcriair~ll 0 '1( J1A~ru II poomlmi thu~oli y~lp
lHeat~fnit5ilrliiui( oil aRl~pIUrtlOli. o, chldrenl were se .badiy m'gl~teu~d tilallel o~r simupasrect by tlte. abntasi'im '1
F o r le gg a l i v1nt e e 0orl l A j v o r t i s n ll u l t i
ce!rtec(l tho t'nll1 tlino pl~ld for. tI~ty ~ otebme rjn landtoture at' the ditrol, tlinAII aekin11 it s NB~'
pf $P EcsA X IPAT E" to % ,u y j u l v '" o- $ pe 1 t r e Ub tel i tl nt ,Iftw u i. Ai9l c itX s(0l" t I
ttieces. reinieinokon their owe e] ote,"anoter 48,i 1 n h
SI mite. *A tIis "rcat niodino. It dW ip l .rh'
Itt treit houiese ofddyapegtims, nut tonot op thu r
~ fl~trds ,sP~rv lr ~7 1orr9ii* Try Hoolds SiarenpinI
1'The Herald Deo,&AJ, 'norlid10
TQ ~L~T~8~L~SpwrcII: .. '1ho 'H~erald hr'!ioves that a the ](::4ulty, ',u a lUoal-Oal W~'U.;t
~iotW. .i#'e teflrlbwst~iuy'-` ikrtrd l ). two par~ties flow organized th~e ~Uw- 0 103)11 ," #nfl onu, n-
Noic s0 ratic ce nts siwt the mast fwt tol d) ty til- at ., ItS'01- foul Z
ii to both e id fIld sub- trugtid.W salltra in federalWmat- io tred (by`*
. .trl t'llgertion..l p y blck dues let's. Wt dho k the Demao- TbG d .t
4 ofD 'ihs m I tp alva uq1. othr ofer eratio'f th e a n Tke s v but we see to i Ten4 ?ivra Cui'irim of t lcwl is t io r
ruL~~bul i lpliktipl cildren ere KC #.bttdl)' I ttette ~lr~pa~ uld GA n 14 Nit)~u~~ol

00 -ive gait, lint p elm>le AfCoIti.u the l io ndt m is- 1vt ; m l A rt
DprnwSeCt outhly H or $3.00 'ohied liafdV is ,lgse lIt this ) H I
dhritieo l~imsiiky N~w~ fir': .2.25 oountryi-~tltho~ulu ocay;l *oB -T n oom ieery
reininii -ther on lom,monolohieswllbantumd oians to be itdurl I of

iIo Iltto lill .0ek1 9 Ik e M: igh t lue" of ce rlldre lrltnis g .reat on th It e M4 2e114 t rl dU`o
tbWeekly World onld 'h ofah:Led1 1 6 (1 B ldl)Ae tr Orillover
~q,~14'f listqlrY .ot.U~.B 3i~ o'es~1iuu to lire han~i' f.t MaIU' nd't.~ Pixie, Asslst11lt bur eor d)enenral, Novein-
800~~aeaconees4~'.* 2 leged ol~en" which '4~ri ig4.nup Vi. Ifo1; Colonel CharbisE.C Bllunt, (1or~s of tiVf '
ann rgqpl, Februaryl 1 ba (l) l~l oi

)10 lno while ;;teS 1)r ~ ~ ~L tWhici' 87,John Fortb rArtilleryC, An~ust.'ltI;
Ises orlanSiS.tioIB 0 Li1 ,Coll usury L.C;( ptri? tCI'ii
'ci t'tII oP~ee lulJgd'nlrni `asjons t~o rt~in and extend j'its aevanib lpiry, Fliuc~ry I); Major *' iv~ilIl
*'jilo <') ir.leudsl and mlonopolies. riad to reA Charles W r pViamittec 14;
t ,porist iv owy a 'ttemp2t at theP eal of 'uil FLr E k'retttriaA (X di.blsi IIW(
Op. ii,' th. muli F0nt an),eY Aeust 14 rl ulrit La-fu-

S ileol 'isdrng are here, as always in hbtoryf orthe most I eftWnnt wbe I Fisk ad her
)sl t ot' and boernhsbThe in- 6omIliriffnte dr. a. mtiqtte, 'of. the u.
jrjl, .irg lnmimpa Wltl Oa4hLers. W.0 do massesol gi0f- rMiC t, heMoe bto i xudered to be or- K
t eonbat we 880 'r promotion bythe Irhl n g ,
the Ameorptg,1I19 t o in30- tetnd .4Z br 8 Cpti

Tlt'li'U Z ol.throIC .pqapy .%.% -.1.' that has b or11eroc from btpuc a Mess
,oe6rutr3' arming, M# 1 f0 soie times thpY 'itg atip oftthis toHartfod, Coun,, to rnse. 'olvers.
'-'4 L'-.CIL b ircre roa-of Z stt~m1 ; Thelecrvetbence at i iriat th- hemyt is
'I' ~utl 5thena '~0T WtlRlna .oir Orda~nnn *nent, i
$3.00 been ertendod to Ap mm
M m o eis- ot u-nt o f tianf c s t'tl 't 4. oil t h s-t'o
.iaceYotha' leave s' mtisnblty. 4lt
eave fof ting Aherv it wirkIc
&;I U %'ll L* ,su b Ieed n .xtcurft du
.e oil%' a xnoaud qrital otmeera arl 'duir'tiumt
mired duringr ther presemmt yemt~r;!flamr Wtlyl'o
ri Samuel K.foa Flanklin, AhIId '310
'd*mo-al. John Iiti toi We*-isai e N
.der Wol f-H.Giubso, Iott o
rect4b WV, "T hit t 110` ll 5.~

stritct honor 4nd

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anud Nermoils Exhittlaust.
Alnd flty woruri'ight.
vlng tho'irhilhile power
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tIOlls its i\Ilk, liinq.1 cid (ht
W01111.11lpsl followed.
ous and Ex. -
tion y~rv4~
to r53'A

t,, .. .. ..;v .'. er ," .. s Sx itt tila pe ape
ma#g. ,- illia r, -" A
Anc-:.hioe with 'Russia'b.l it iI l i.n,. + *,o4 ... A)"'. 1MVS, .. lot, t__Lf, fi iRt"-
Edward 1 'llie H. NOW II IInAItnI htl1 Sll n
dcpbtful it ho.-people would saibmit li Sheppard oinansii, sad tei ll In
to a war whid would aIltagoliiZe the sociates and successors, a body cor- MANY Pr sos country in t1ie wor4 are tilre
Aristtia iu'favor of the 1 ug.ovite pate under the uamie of the "-'Sr 0H asll *Sthiser sbo inany Ii'lhalOe isyllullias filled
for who: tihey rhae no love. 'e he' feteCanalU tiomnpany of Nk iargu., t o r overio tf v.i, il r .ulting
for the.purpoe of enjoyingg all rights oHeada'
French are in oe. noncldition fO d u any rone1iotl, fal. fromthnsel.brina, Ii. hs
iwar, ond are bu n ,i ipe- n a bwNicaragua or Costa Rhun^**e .n, tendn.w tum orpc.t ar, hse.
sl"uugq the rpa-' r o Pa s Cs t 'U ll<'e 1 Oi'''u !r lltl)'t'ltl U tiho -
aine and rectify .' fraoo.u Tor-; i'he committee ty: "Looking to suE, ial; a P :ll tI i :l; btae
key is w~tUIng vs~ natural -tI) bp the lae t beeft.l not uuly to tli ugly fgt: euiDa 'd bUy-tb0. United Stes und the Repmblic o: urt*te,cons Acu .. s,)hus mr.umatitr ; f h, r'isinllg
gobbled tp,bkit Wt .a.pq*et tumat e Nicaragua and her sister republics --VOULIA CORDIAL CURES RHEUMATISM, u' lri triot n l lls t
,an ugly fight:, em it(tlBi by the fin.- lut lO tso tothe commerce aind into. bdsloodand Ktdny Troubles, by clan.A thbe l
hu. ls O .O1lO Itfbloo4dofallr itlwprlt e tmerellealt ll perts
#tlyispI of tile followers of Maihomet. coimmutnicatio of the whole jiter- c the bod y. Ilt urlroo ;,tt ,: a l' Totof opplrSS-
Italy will': hnatui'all:y rawn into the hood of civilized govern imrents onl *--VOLIMA CORDIAL OUEES S8iO;-HKT4ACHE, iot ,ind f ;. ;1,.. Ihe l pi t of
imnole froo hber position, pud tBulga- thi globe, the cotumitte ou"t- Nndaurl'a lnlm'r, ,, .' a. 1' ,tn-.,1,: ,uii o wake
rtidin tle atudefthe little Ied that e of the 1 tl -VOLIA CORDIAL CURES DYS PEPSIA, "( )lnu.s an'd 'a ',: sl;c'p; cdis.
tn Bdo*r O the atntiundo ( th!lu.Jtle hope tli+ /he reourwes :II 'il itter' Iondgtlon n o n, b l an m Rd. ,,byd,.li ,,, O t,,i l a-ai:
'Llaok-and-taf--ready agint tal odds' priof rivatecilizens of ruvre izetu. lnt 's oth o l dthi s a l oly uer t gst it'l
prIisoeah ot or LPlvlli Itytit', ,;,,y
-titoklothe Riuwitt he. England,' try lty be enabldi to atculimpjlihli *--VOLINA CORDIAL 0 UR IESIH E ,S I .. t' . ,',i i it; st 'icky
',h as mucIh as sle can do to attend this great wor even if oir govetrn- Ptpr alon ap ant Weakaes, by r4,nlve- O r.; 1;U .t1 T tth ( or
to her wild Xrlshl en and keep tl. me i f i ot tet retL ti :de*l --VOLINA CORDIAL CURCS OVERWORKED Il inlti1 .'l''cily ; rS
l order, w certainly be foutd rd Dell te Woen. 'tlin r d s ckly. Chillro i r titl! oIUl' :l ; ured a
lit border i lIIAbe lil .Ies dillgnha l n nutrio'ltll l irn. +l' t I 'ut Tol".1Y tC)old
rayed, ,ngainst 2tusiia, whvlo i lIor. tmtt- "n MAI.AIUA. otluen e ns e d,'tcl ; ,' Old enemy 'in the east; and who ,i Twirty-five hundred dozen battles ~A1t 7on' rmIs Ian I trd t ;IJ t 'Ol;tIlation;l
believed to ha.. bor de.l.'i. t r in,, of Agne Conquerer ordered in one a onlptoakpnptwtanp. Adrei' (I or roli Iskil: in)ilityto
ludeia ad to o.Vot thre poe'ision.ulof nLoutl, It positively eradicates ll YOU 0Wia lmICAL CO. th. 11 on ctl n..
I a n ml'i, fever nud ogue, btiious and AROs'l 1. MD1,, U. . ilu fr:.. COltinlltllmA .ttlt.i.P.o.r;
the riaee. rout the peculiar iuterlittent fevers in any olimate. ', I .. .;
.ondjou n.of alvw i ievitible; Head oyr luook of oue tlhousand theti- O n.dO1OSals nd. OPr '1 V and ad fore.
it isouy oaqusletim ; n ol time, nid it.' t ias. -bod-ings and feuar.
it -is a 4estl lf time oini.. W'-r, A. C., Mar'h 12, 83. 8T ,. d ry Departuient.-oino of All ti terrible ronp
Very short tmne at that. It is impos- Q,:a, nEN. Dotinr Bir:-W will aoon U itneF Helorited ervino. Key West., 1,L.p, E.' C.Lt r*,,i,
sible for Europe to be nasured of' i need Iniore Agu uo'onqnerer., Its taking Fla., Jany. th, 187 .--Sealod proposal will l '( -'l '
--ll .... t; l., l.i...... lke 'ltot'e yos" andt givu at, lftlftoton. be aroelved at this ofilee until noon of f uyil' )) rclli-e s lby its pOs.
lasting pet..e itil she hIasexenec- e ke- o: ..ot r .tv LIS BIO. be aneiry a th, 1887. for suppl'ing H.ts. t I ,,v e I t .t o*
ed w ati will be one of the bloodiest '.2 atte. Ml. An. so, 8:. hol d Kan kitchen 'utUtnuref r tbe ure of .fv, po\eul, di et yet
wars ever recorded in history G. G. -Diori., Dear Sir: Your AgueI the Marino Hopital Servico s t Key Wost, patrlebS itlt goetlet l actuidil upo
S Conqueror knocks the Chillsa ad Dnnib Fla. Sobedules and further Informutlion tlih functions f ,lij!:-tion ,, .l
In the ncmanwhile, Amnerioa-tsve Ague every time. I warrant ever battle will be furoithed nupon appllontiron to ti the "" '.llg,.on .
nd exept the nelm n tti an nd it nover fills. I have earoa Oes unnderslinei. 'Lhe Dolpiulurilt res,-rveis assililit jlo .. h, il lrs elelnqot
na except the senseleMs agittlion of .ihore qnlinu had no effect wbHtever. the risht tu r1e-Jt nuy o pros.. of the foyd.s ,t hiild lu
ta w fo' cli3sou nlabo tr enuk ca-l. alot1ui Yours truly, A. H. -L.inwA, .Pw.s l asistsn, gurgeon "l .u. ..d U..u.
--ui;t- a-d 4yw Asite-r, c e, w. H, 89HAW & C. In charge. sctrengthens ;. -'s.-rm. i'e seri
A"lon # the Ad u "nl FIICUIT CUU.T OF MON110 ON. tilon thli rI,. sn, while a
along pn the toad .to upnounuded nights of Labor T O n.i TY or .F.omna. I'v wasitemn+t. nL"-'heislsof life's
prosporily, affording a refuse to the --- a. Ao.Oa. After fintr weeks ftron ilip t I, I i' .
Dopprpab of al) ru'a elv hlimes; The Aljutaont general of Texas in will asply to Hon. H. 1. Mitch.ll, TmIg fite) wl hltera 11v'Id, po ison
and Wpilst i. s dt, r p! Vy is g oing iH report to Governor Ieland, rc.e of p'a"u ort, for alice to take chaIrge and kill, are eeXlltled from the
a wilt e O ,' U lit of and mncane inm own estAte, and t herer Ily thro, i, th, ho l l, kid.
on in the east, will fmgnjsh food and ottnt ida at inermase of the military by ivnot ce tIuwre, f. Key West, Doe.
M&.WRIXJINGTON BET'HEL.' ileIAtlandski. f lie wvenk an~d
tnfteri'a forthe nations of ~ uropa to proa t, th% .cit e m a et r the 'o- -L o B'"" ,e 3 .o .do. skinr. hwek lid
ti4i d + tkir oxiItvs..:d hIWless acts of the Knights af Ltboar. Tax Collector's Notice, t....' *lte(l I,'.i; .re tluleq.eted
bl o, he lg o Coa,,d.t. .. .b ,. ,li tfed lty the p,,11'1?L_
b- ~. \g.. .. i sNotice is "hereby given that I wil;"bod1 As toio result, hbealt'l
U o l4^ o HU(Antta --roIR-lFOI ^
An .M.arc.n=... ise present, S ith in peson.or bjy '1th4 0njoymo WilthSullg
t.a ew e Adsitoh dit KiPeter -k ther eputoy, at the il lg o u In- and poer, relllrltrb to tie 1th f.
Sfew woo" amgo' "t 1t I0nIgt lrg, Jat, 7, 1878, slapa ptibc the count of aiiw lnca for etie pirtlose
Isabor j San Frauoispo were openly prs at 87 Soln he rnbel of receiving taxes for the vear s888: forer Hw ItU., purhl ps, absnd"
Iu o Ig threat i e o t e. ad ovenoered and dirmed the No 1-County Court House )Deo oned all Ihop of ever- seeing
o the tbre6t6ral to t0 ".overpoweyed dindninrted W 20 and 21, Jau. 5 end 8. m aCbr ,l day.
of the stMet rail road, aPron i o- g.trion. Three companies of infan- ~ 1, Ja ,uDt8 e d t -.'
lowing extract, it W lt 14, try hbae been sent from Obarkoff to Jan. 1~e i ec. 2 :' '
have pa t yied oqt thelirtak. yeIIy quell tle dirurbso No 8-tore of John T arke .
t t e ll. . NO 8--stol'e of John T. 1,Wrke/' r
there seems to be but little 4lretios eL t exs bw publithtd his proola- Dee, 18 and 27, aut 'Jan. 14 and 15. ih '. SUO
in the moethode ao t 16 K ibt I Sl on for holding th4 ,arnaval in No 4- -Tele. Ofle, PunutI tas, *
Labor d the Aapro mlits; Qrleal the 4$,d of Fruary. D e8 04 and w ( dow p hurab)
aLa1(t*bor d" rli& o 84WOf F r. No..-Hous.. .Joh. ) eI, Ne.w (1ext doeW ,i eh)
SAY Fa Trs0oc Q(L. ant, 6, 1 87. 1i9.' f r.. "4 e limes wad .Pr.o ecto. U ,4d.:8,. and Jan. AVE just reeW, A ie assortment
Tihe residents 14.thne vicipty-' of an r. ird go,- e a ,,I o n
iu kLdn Ha rison tree ra. P.--------
i .'d a d tetlrritle explosion t ,pw ,w .. 1 saJ. l. +.
laf hburlatnight. Most of to. i DO1S l y
d retired, d, being awane Ad r ltday G ,
from their sIethey an ut into byt)o cop y on bad
the stt i re i et ei oths tl I, -. S FINE. GI&CA lIES,
'ihe orst ipreslout 4 '- .
p, arth nake had 4a down.'i X. MLLIV 'O
itook wast. J `tStL itY h O Y 0O0D1
Poze buildings inho I Llt1, -. 11hhb,, 27
d"amite re '1 his of U, glish, Cashmerei, B"o s "s a.
het" Iahi Pslt on tne of U 01-Blglish ...... ..... Ribbon, Hats, tito.
MraeofU mtuMUet Mreet l )Iroetwo w -s I.K.tMOUiNO, Morrow's IneS. Shoes
O.4 fploded* G5 III MT, ,, IonroC ount, or'ndU. ladies and Chillren' A 4 PEOIALTr,

1' a *

't When passing, and see the flie lone of
rudgs Medicines
rTiAKE your tbhre ned have
L. them pr-epreed with Iest nimterial at
reosoriible prices,
S ILENDID TOOK oiPerfuinory
k and Soape.
A fine line of Fancy Toilet Arti-
cles, to.,
Crdl and see at
Duaitl -troct, Key Woet. Fla.

'Tho un( and Angeln Streots, dealers in
Dry Goods,
Also extensive mltufaottrers of
THal I Ma oFAPU orF
All the above good' sold oA small .i
gins. Give us a call wb'eu nny(blig is re-
quired in our line.
34jn5 D. JAEZ A 00.

'bPlad; or ponlh In thit Ir Oms.etn t.
MAWnd Imbs wore overvrl t It sol 111)t41IOda
niamrtlsmiut! 'nsboeida. I toohb.l s and
OchlmIlhave 1surken. My Vieo, 'and 11c
matipm Isntlrely one, w1%e1 UO nal s l ie


Boots, Shoes, Hate,

AUG~A~AINSUPON JJAIMAINS. 'The Cheaet ReaataiNowe ia the
statos' B lus1141(3dri'eNPaD4t3rtmeat'.on plat.




% LtUOPI, M M a. U. oe A& An
1 -!.OF:-
Thle Ailicnrdp8id Reviod Ellitiout'
Rinvi -P. ljs of tilt W)Wr. B3ut-
tie Songs .hiuh fired the
South 16d (4mjelled
'. Ase OmArtoz4 of

f ll l s4ad. The ougmViDfp
oIIndo a steel portrait of the author; ho:
old Church and ijdoiniug D.idruo iI Alo.
bile; "Crih'Ha Flg" an tile "Conquereld
The book iAl be scot to any address on
rec(Aplt of the pr!ico. $2.
474 NV, Hnltiipore St., Baltimore, RA,
N. I.t. -Ono balit thie profit acerning fromt
tie sale (if this volume ot 'oems ftromn ditte
to XJirh Ii will btt devoted to the tutid
toelbs oro etion ofa n M1oKUtN'' tT0 1'ATIUKR
Voyae, to be phwoud over his rn ave i Mfo
bile. 11p on the work arid swell tho tmnd
by piilmutsing a copy of Ihe book.
C Wantcd inn awl women ini rect
toum, vxllir4, anad p nmir'o to Rut as a attt-
or tieslemle of tbit book, Liheral pay will
be givew uor services rendlered. Suw ifor
descriptiee cirominrq.

4*2 &W O, d s"1. Prevents
Qpfr,. rt a foiaubrbmeequalavy
c~o..joe~eLen'lrmlo bynfard-
Wrte Cu A*jt t anre
i 01AMladrat

',You wnutbjy'tI.n Our gootis itt Go'iuu, et?

G, A. de LONO':
Sluiouttis uid Fl'.i ijj

yrOvivpi *r: -io.iiery7,
Tiny . . ...w.uu. "Willow wr

Butter, Ccheese, eto. en o. '

7 We will deliver goods to nny part of ili .

Nirw sar-


Have 3u- t uli," uhl their f 'i' o Stolck o
And ureo prepared to sell AJ.-S HEC~.d AS TU4IR i
UIVEl': A CA..L' ----- .i
And we gnnranteo politu.attntion andi good bijgaain Preilk n pplles. go d
rocived by every ateaner. Caroline st., two d fromr Doa e l.

G. S. ,VA 74 & CO. .
AVE LEMOU D to the new and hlia'i4lm~A btillding
.': COl'l f iD4)vl'411 i Water Street
Se (Oppondie Johl J,0ly PhiiibR w ,
Whlere they.fiav amupl room'to displaypu.iroa larg*adweand lll*IotoA
------STOCK OP--- -

Boots- Had :SloesI

ParErFrCtSA t FA/ c TOI

Nsv IBISa SsdrIigI~adra o,
.-OftANO St


A ci6rditi! itvihtiln cxtenlded to ii t c1 ll t l sulda.wile our soolk,



+ ---- Keeps eonstant.y on hand
." Ice Crefi nndti Wtter lues, Poultry, Mea0tiud 2-b ia1t1flti(it

WQniral D0tirs in



" ,,- % MIL+ ,""

A L ,. -. , -


VA(T5 ti'flO*Pfli

iSaturday, -January 16, ase.,
St. A.mL'. PAUL now a ol4 tho .i
servloes it the Ligbliern
building, on Fleelug street,
The hours fore5oo are 1 :Ol lI. an
at 4 P. M. B f1t4 a la Lo
Vgaaer oo tabM'bdr at
w, "I. .
:S. Pln'T's C Mail lbb-bVl.the
first, aOs dil4
month. ad ald ibtm6n
at 10:30 Htnd horal
Li-,v -iO Payerlland

The Fire eall else.
Sweeny's I omi are in
great demand;
Ayala's Toilet 8eta ae all the rage.
Mr. Powell, the well known piano
tuner, is in town,.
SBor. Oompetitor came down Wed-
beasday from Key ilato.
Fine Ohandeliers vey cheap at Ayjtl's.|
Sloop Ada, Capt Britknell, arrived
Wednesday from Kavsau.
Bishop Retldik-a is the guest of
Di\ Kemp on Simonton street
For the very beat Perfumery give Ayala
a cll.
0 Br. elU. Goodwill sailed Wednes*
da} morning for Nasuau with passer
Revenue cutter .rawford i arrived
Wede'du mor ing fro)m a erukte iin

$tlfver-Pirist Ware i ever description
ea Avaei'els b sure and cell on him.
Sfmer Hubtehinsona oameon port
u.eoday frm e Maw Orleanu an route
o Cube.
otraco Hall, repreMontiig Smith,
tl ,ox &C o., of New Orleoatoisei
tvjictiug orders
vy pdch of your little girls a Doll Baby
Yo'ien have been employed this
k t~ tiring slating on the roof of
o H, building.
8ohfb.Stllat Mi. Kenyon, of the Ben.
r line, aridtd Moaday from New
jrk with'a genuMwksof,,
All the iadifrfiolitingAyini repr-
"iry to parcbauiang Holiday Pre r.
"lie Lizzie HendersonD eameNto
,rtb Tbrsday morning iom Taimpsa
auid left for Nitssaeu asorti (lte *
Schr. Roliin Sanford ejftni.le.
day mooingfrpm Mob3upwith a r
go of lumber, to Jdlfth owe, Jr.
Do io h purchase any hbristraBs GooLd
until you e examine Arala'I extensive stock,
Lmbei was treseived this week for
the flew bUildig .soon t06o erected
e kqgper of the Key Woeetfig
sooner Champion arrived So*-
'roly the Bj, with carg of.,
eb, and leftSunday for Havana.
he very best holiday goods call at
Uiposition Building, cor. Fleming
zabeth ste.
Mr. Robertse s *r.
AWednesday onR et Alseootte.
d will preach to-morrow at Spark's
Pilot Acoet, while towing for jacks
iesoay met with a very painful ac.
dent by vla nip a large fsh hook
rou lie bi
For bt flMa lot of Dress and
4r1o goe to Solomon Bros.'
S ure .bargiqula.
Arpenters re at work on the
ae forSt. Paul's Episoopal Ohurch.
r xorkt is tider the supervision
nrohitoot Runeell.
Parties desiring to a iitte gooft
ds in exchan .for property .on
.A island will do vl ;4 em;amine
.s tof lands in adt# ir oeluma,
p0 For s ahes, dora :jld, mIoila-
inge and Building 'mattitl go to B, .
Bker'e, as he has Made this liqe i goode
a specialty.

A sponger'by the namre.f Griffi
was buried this week, having didii
from the effeoto of a severe eordTon
traced while sponging in the bay.
MorrAT Baos. have decided to con-
tinue taking Cabinet Photograpb
at the reduced price of Three dol ais
;per dozen until forther notion .14m.
For sale at Solomon Bros.: Citron
'Currant, .Seedless raisins at low
The Diiie's will be here next Week
and give a choice series of enter-
tainments. Popular prices and full
houses. They take. wherever they
The Lizzie Henderson arrived last
Sunday mll Among the
pasae tigers r.Ir Lortenzo
Xipe our oitiz-

IV's A D Hamnel seays
-of Baket Mi rror, Wash
Stands, *jo al of which will
last till l hom',
Frank Heuson begA this week to
repair the building recently copied
by Pino Bros. a a:factory. We t
that It is to be rented for a board
houe. ,
Mr. Johln r 2e4 t0l4d6
pr Uentative of thblelds lW GreAit
u r e Show isIn to INi
arrangement for their~i a
here nest week.
SGono. Gomei-to alltlA'e for these ele.
Snt Bed.oaem and' Ohaaber mee whloh
1 !2| 'ela .low, and they M going
,h oete-. '
ilot Osgood Aooeta purdholie
this week the sohooeer Qaeen o .thb
East, to be wed i a pilot-boat o
the bp. Osgoodids dbsetoa wA e
wish to asureossa b ies wev4re.
i Pra.mnk BioL 'Id s i ulw *term.

Ptlbl .....
iaranteed. Prices 4rou.
SOT blUstto and thea teio 10m If Bak.-
IIt' furniture on the inistalmust yln. You
eler ,will regret It if y, ntart out with hin-
0fd. Youll live and dile happy,
-' OUij' Key West Fire Deparhnent
vwliAvetheir annu el datuce on the
evening of the 24th inst., which meanns
fun, and 16lt of it. It will undolubt.
edly be the graandet affair of the seoa
The finest assortment of Fancy
Grooeries, suth as Lainml,. Tougue,
Tripe, Pigs' Feet, s41llies, Minae Meat,
Maple Syrup, etc., cau be had at
Solomon Brm.
Bohr. Maeron A. Ditvis,' lpt. Law-
.rence, recently wrecked oil the Bahn-
ma bauks, repaired damu ges It Naw-
sat and arrived at this port Saturlidy.
She )!ad on board as passengers Capt.
Gamble and daughter.
"HIT 'M AoAIN," Ia Baker's motto, and
down go the prices on Furnitare. .7tf
Mr. Luis Weatherford was one of
the passenger on the Alamo from
NfW York.. He called on President
Oleveland, while North, and says the
latter wis puzzled by the bri)liunoy
of his constble buldge.
FoU TmTx URs or MsaCQ Womu -The
moRt useful artliliover inUted. Price $1
Put up in neat;box with tNll dltotions.,
1, A. E. Co., 0. Box 1999, N cx. City.
. piphop lHenidrlikbo the 1s 2it"
Episcopal ohurob, Was ii pa tm
Wednesday night on the Me a oonte
from Tampa. Bishop. iHegdriok has
an excellent reputation as a preacher
and-all should turn out to-morrow.
Ely's Cream Balm. is, the best'medi-
sine for OCatarrh I hwve ever sleed,-Mrs.
O, Wood, Mexia, Texas,
Mr. Oharlotte Rogem and taugh-
ter, Mrs. Whitmnore Pinder, and
Misses Ellen Warren, Emma Pindor,
Ida J. Bates, and several others, left,
for Key Largo Wednesday on the
obh. Polahoute. ilealth i the main
object-of the trip, end It is to be hop-
b4 that they will find it.
jih distressing dilMae, lit ihbeom,
is readily ered by Hoed's Sarisparili, the
great bld .ptarlin -Sold by all drlggisai.
*W. take pleasure in calling the at-
iett, se' 'dBairing to have
.;iobhes o,0 ,o..wtwrya -d to a0ll
i Mr. Mantlel Baai' whoue adver.
tisement appear in thiisseue. Mr.
,Eioasi is one of out m'bat expected
Cuban citizens anA isa thoroughly re-
liable and a very k0iful artisan.
Give him a call.
_T ll-ave nB i by b-yiaA ReTaee

tlhe artesian well has penetratedd to
the. dJptCs 190- feet, and yAt it
meetb uuothi.. ,'6 solid erail roob.
Hueelselkiamp i'hwpefuil,.f reaching
water soon, so he Ia rooking along
satisfied that he will be able to ive
the people of Key West an abundant
supply of good water for all purposes.
Hueleelkamp says he expects to get
water at less than a thousand feet,
but if he don't, he will keep going
until be strikes a fossil whale, which
of course will spout just as whaleN
always do. It is reported that one
of our aetesians after retiring rather
late the other night, dreamt that he
had bored into the Devil's teakettle,
woke up with a yell, swearing that he
was scaled.
Remembeilthat Ayala naa the finest stock
of Christmas Goods ever brought to thin
city, which he is qplilng at remarkably low
figures, .Oo nod ee hin.
Barto fTrYade
At the meeting of the Key West
Board of trade last Tuesday the fol.
lowing officers were'eleoted.:
Sote J. atsr, e Pr. ltlMident.
io t". W. LN,i,. ,lst Vie Praeident,
uWi. Ourry, ad ..
'. CAOUts, 3d .,
Bosao or GovaRSoas..-R. A. Monasdlvtgc,
SA. Williams, J. Y. Porter, J. Foarty.
.L Healing, V. Horris, J, W. Sawyer,
Win, W. Lew ith, A. F. Tift and S. Filet.
Secretary, 0, Downe PatterSon,
Treasurer, '. *. 5. Mreuo.
SThe following report was readaand.
ordered published:
K Wr-T, F.L., Dec. 13,' lI86
To the President, Offlers and Members of
the Key Went Board of Trade.
OGzTwinus: The committee appointed
by your Honorable President lst April for
the purpoe of roeelving donations and
distributing the eame among the diltresseo
sufferersby the late fire, has to report that
ite'labors bave just been cllM d with
the following result:
Total amount of orsh denatloia, $101,85
Araorted Provisiona--Q O barrel, 4boeM,
6oames, tubs, 4 sack and one ten of fresh
.bede, re ten of ioe and 18 boxes of cloth-
i aH4 ofwhlob bap been, to the bent of
L omtnmittoe's ability, distributed among
oesO who, in the committee opinion,
Muemd most deserving and coming within
r your nItrotione,
'Ullttr yar oommlttee was etarn-
iiW l taugncntead by the Hun. Mvyior
Jlti 30oneu and a nsb-omiittee of
nt ehtl~te Ilae. aE~onsi o, irveround

in the
E. O.

",tinu \1Vil. 1
embark in .it, is beyouyou ..,4,oUW
of a"dolubt. T'lhe mnninlgemneut hats
asrured it site on the beautiful South..
Beach on the most favorable terms.
The hbuldiug'will stntiln back 25 feet
from a 00 feet road, with 70 feet ofl
beach in front from high to low water
invrk. It will stand on a' lot 250 feet
squaree and will itself occupy ground
1n0 feet square, with a seating captm-
city of .4,800--rviz: *500 oichl.stra
chairs, 200 in 85 private boxes u n
9,100 in amphithehtre Thie removal
of the orchestra (cliirs ooiverts the
"' it," ilto II ino bull-roolu floor ()
teot in dianietecr, itiin bytlhe remaovil
of the hlrdwoodl ifoor, which is built
in eight. seotious, it can be used as a
uirels ring. The grounds, theatre,
staged, dresHing-rooms, scnlery rooms,
tuilet-roomn, billiard-romui, imnd res-
taurant, will be lighted by the best
system of inoandesceut electric lights.
It is designed also, later on, 'to add a
race course with a half-mile t sak to
the attractions to be offered in con.
section with this enterprise. Ground
for this purpose has already been
The entire building as per plans
and spocifoatiosb which may be seen
at the ofltoe of Mt John J. Philbriok,
is under contract to be 'tlished by
bthe tirt of May' next at a ost of
18,000 dollar, ift tlits rii ts
ipro6W tlyb' lriLbeC ; if not, the
eleootri light system and some other
modifications will be made in the
plans that will bring the cost down
to what is already assured, say
The' management, wish to give .to
all an opportunity to invest in this
enterprise. Every one interested in
the welfare and reputation of our
olby should help it along.
Subscription liats are now open
and a larger part of the whole of the
necessary capital is subsiifbed for.
Subscorptions are payable as follows:
8 per 'ent in cash on eall of treasul.
er, 88 per cent in 60 days, and 30
per cent in 90 days. At a very mo.
derate calculation a dividend of 'S1
per nut per anuum on the entire
aptal ean be paid, so that took
hdoden will have the hoe -amount
of their subseriptionsa tlamed to
them within four yean. 'twali.yeas

so that in four year the eompaay
will own a vrorty valued at 80,-
o00, or nearly double the amount
originally invested, sad your stock
will be worth s. for every paid.
The shares of stock are $100 each.
Subscriptions are invited from that
sum up.
Di(tleusaleed QIlstor.
taffoHIcmr or iaT sIVIOB, sOnROEON-
Surgeon-General John B. Hamil.
ton, of the Marine Hospital Service,
accompanied by Drs. Horback, Health
officer of-Charleston, S. .; Wylie of
Sanford, and Wall of Tampa, arrived
on the Mascotte Wednesday night for
the purpose of maming a sanitary
survey of this gateway of the Gulf
coast, and after a stay of a couple of
hours proceeded to Havana, aecom-
paiied by Dr. Porter, Presidenst of the
Monroe county Board of Health. Dr.
Hamilton scarcely looks to be forty
years of age, is of medium stature and
active physical condUtiNU. His aim his
been to give to the Bouth the best
possible protection against the intro-
uetion of contagious disease with
the least amount ofinterferenoe with
our commreroitl interests: and he has
been successful in this sincetthe fiasco
of the Nttional Board of Health a
Ijw years ago. President Oleveland
and M MNatnintf hae both recog-
nizcd dthbis fact, and have sut diu'ed i
and encouraged the Marine Ho ipital
Service in tlis work. Dr. Hamiltou's
administration has tended to elevate
the standard and efficiency of the
service, so much so, that the editor of
The Ne\v York Medical Jourtial iu a
recent editorial, contrasts the fact that although the
brightest talent is seeking admission
to the Army and Mariue Hospital
0or'p, the Ervy is .overlooked. It is
recoguiied that we .lhoiuli have the
4isnt protection possible againstt the
introduction of yellow fever into our
midst, and also.that a suitA~ile refuge
station should be provided in this
neighborhood for the eare of vessels
in distress and seeklog reliet. We
have had adl we wmitu of yellow fe 'er
u.nd know whote we Ihtve had enough,
Under our modern and enlightened
system of anuiitury preoaitiotu there
is no reason why ourf city should not
be as healthy as any other locality in
the United States; and with our ouli-"
ate, should beTesortod to in the win-
ter season .by invalids and tortists
who wish to avoid the rigors of the
:'north. Let our citizen encourage
a rational irslo of sanitary Irotec-

two .:
ni l' :(t. ail o wt k b Aa' ,ofi'loo .Od, 'IJ j jis lkl..u o,,td*u t aKgs,

jr' uweifuL s lplng H 4ll -l'tl ry.:-
che length of hose pi. And Many Oth0'Vavorlt0e lndi of Strilght'Whlikies,
'the Belatce utod but 6 For the ,elsit of our frendas t.RKy we bet lesae to infolrm thbm that the
Iqlj)ths, while the 8 i following tirur receive the OL'1O Ii WHi ktY. ~irect from us MOsserM.
Soe 00 fet ,r a Olvlen,E, Stillman & Co, Johua Curry and at the oss irimu.
t'tlof 1150 fol., a di All o]- N lijuor, aniwt, etar3 a wanrrinted pure and" tistdulter (ni imitot4d
feet i ut fai t of theI... e whatever dealtin) and co, according to ag. quality, eto.
Moro, testateient. moIr, lthe stratoniett nt ft been distilled far us solely, for TaX rAHT TWoTI-r.tV-R TIUA11s. thbe only
plluyed astl 1-4o inc et Stsg opro rietoilm tCe ,Ooluorated Whiskey. Wo never offer thio Wt I'
through h s60 feet of hi eltit'or. A 'tanil er seven years ot! y; !i av in barrels and in cases, seven tal
rect, it will be fou' 1-.ooe 0._ ae. Ou' Old Reserv- K I WhisI
noilo6'i tilo |rt o03e- l .t. qu l v V .RIM. .no- 'rO l. -.
io'. Whlte thim o13014 0 -above le the Anl thit t made bby any distiller. All orders coming dirtt 'to s will re-
atiolu Whlei the mauy ereasennla a oineso is naolr oive. to attention.
.a.n. a'l ofWhom,.- oom* 'Beolat O Sw nft1"nrme kooViD, a"""mYa&s r Ir ON
aatty, lle of e a ho *n to abe sss s K. 3. DALY & SO
thecob~t of the bo\ Iv'/inlannd- '1 _. 118 WAII trlm, Nxw Yox..
.itoy, yot, e would a11D TO EXCHNGE 18 WAL rawr, NwWYo
(f tie local in qude' .i4 wdu .,
be pleasedto. For Proper NEW SO NG JUST OUT!
time where tile reel N-W S NoG JUST OUT-I
gie cn be ftdo, oni thel i4lan4 f ey t, o* .4
13 ro"R ,' 4 '
orem n uta. 8.000 Ares eleetod lands, harlottei t
8'0 H Atrbor, v lue'a .O e body Kniows It!
S 4000 Acres telected'lands, OCaloosa-
Shbatoheo Valley, Att'$5.00 per tore.
Ther" eismor .Improved Ilaud ropirty negr Mar- .TI Y O TN M Tr
'o 72,icro8He mtkalnudkanda0- "- Y G. M EN ING II
cres in ultivtiou, 500 bearg T ld n an
Slime trees, 3000, ..- t l Men D to 0 it
SrrThere I more Catarrh in this ec- 180 M.,.Jo 20,000 ~rif'LocaAt ers last words w re Don
tion of tho country than,*l other diseases od im 5I2i0tee Con I"tyO, 0iB1,OO,
put togetlohr, ani untiltki last ew years 500 Aeres ~ good and, located oes ch
was supposed to bi inntobie. For a greatna~f,.0er e,".n
mny vop oDootora pron od it a ol ile fr>om Tampa, at $10 per ree get u n ura BeaP,
disease, and UresHrbed loti remedies, and
by citanftf.lyS failing to cure with local B E NN'E R''8,
treatment, pronounoid inouruabli. tBn.E- R L ao .
ence hns proven ,:; t9 e coanti. I O t i C T dise s, nd th3,,;, r.qir e W ''e: Y ), Kq W1ET'. JEIN A
constitutional trpatmnnt.1' aIall's Catttrrh TXoho1nol a orli aews eu. *KFV' WESI' l'.A
Cure manufactured by F ,*. Uieonuqy & ),, .li u to this oat o .e coit.,.
Toledo, Ohio is the' only constitutionally '" or th polt t 0th
oure now on tho market. It is taeon inter '. it., Imand wIl il Janunrv 12th, 1887, F. N. WICKER. HAS. O
sally in dtsef from 10 trops to a tea. Ket Wet, e, EST'TE U1Y Aget.
spoonful. It 'acts directly upontirth blood Key'West, Deo, 2-th, 18NG.
offer one hundred dollars tor any ase it So. Bell Telehone and .Tel raph Co .
fU1 to cure. Bend for circular and testi*. D '
monials. Addrea LOBEDLB 1 I T : ,
F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O. No contraOts taken for les than one year.
t& e old by Druggists, 75 ota, All payments in advance. .
single 19rkT-Places of Buslness: R. 4 C KY E I: C XN E
Hilt o'rAdian ftet Exbchnge, $16 4) # ING formed e.,vpu4ners P we f pare peopated to neo*' te trantfe':ee
olach ,tttonal quarter mile .... 11,445 x~t ,, oiro.
Two b sessta oa r wir. .o0 Mi, L e '-- e r o ea ,. .
half mile Indius, if contracted ~by W sec
one party...........2..0,, M ;.. I. 660 e s elof a
If cotatd t ,;desl-'" it. t. ,,llnd'of'.!!,y 'tlt,, e .
If contrated by tw~i,~ieaoah 14' 75 1 O cpa 0 ..: i
Each addition qu er mile ..... 1 5 ...O50 ao t
Ou.r b snesse t be used P P OF . -. an, ... ..... ...... ... ,
by twd parties occupying ofoe, half LOT, 9 1.2 e ..............
The Oft Told Story ..... ""'k ...... b.22v0.
X t pi le ditiorl qatrlete r mile ii:. 10 Iof H.'s I. rt o . ........
laum I* snL ill y hril y J hv l..ltl R ilesdenoayes: o l w ..d. dn-

Lrt ~eiar ~os UiooZ-m *bo hnotrt-.
it- eee:of wI u lshe leav, UeS'
whiroe 1g 1Wts tar'. i fa. P"ree.
skH- --rssrputer a ir ItIw 4 eu
Ir u i Uer sll.ieqlid sg hil iu hali made
M bome, which I t "ts o *( st re
l~fetr," re*w Im hasie lum easl sm l
It Ius uMciA1d,
Hood's *arsaparHli
il tlhe miit popular nd ueeesstnlii nmidlitle
beforee lste publlc today for purifying thu
'blood, giving atrenltbl, reasrtingl aiptite.
"1 suffered Irp. 'wtAkciulnnes and low
spirits, aned also 'Ilmb eteluta'dt the teck ot
mty lihwetiid ni, Ick, whilcl was very annoying.
I took oet bolotle cof tiood'sa Siriisrllla, anti
I have reeelved m. Iniiucl bcufcit Itat I am
very graliful, ulid I iitalwie' l glad to ispetk
a good wued fIr tlls nledlelne." M e, J. a
S onVKn, Pottevllle, Pulin.
Purifles the Bood
Tleinry BlpRg, CainllbOll bSreet, lKanas City,
htd sMrofulloui wlres all over lit body for
flfterc years. good's SsrseisrinllA eotnipletely
f,oire lim.
Wnllce Bick, of Noeh Bloomnfeli, l. .,.
'sulercel clever. years with n terrilile varlcose
ulcer 'oeli tis log, so bal'tiA lieh lad tO give
up busIlness. Ho was curud o 'the ulcer, id
al'o of'eateri>, by
Hood's Sarsaparilla

:-Flg --RA *01 C : .... *.* A& "M.
t h nao ly ........ ....M .
Ibah iddiuoul quarter cfe.... tU
Circuit Wires for Bsideces Only:
Eaob -tation........ ,...... 1000
"Beldmese Club Line," ovw
hbf mile long, not les (IhtS tsi
atione. each station. .............. 0
By "Ciroait" wire fs meant one wire
not over one and a half mile long, upon
which three or more station are loced.
cuoh wire will only be established when
there are not less than three stations which
onn be located at the same time.
If paynientA are made atniually in ad.
vanne, teu ttes are $4.00 per annum less
thanthhe Aove. ;If seuli-aunually, 82.09
annum less.
An All-Night Service has been establish-
ed., and subscribers are respectfully re-
queted to report to the manager any inat-
tention at the Exchange or any difficulty
lxperinced toin obtaining satisfactory oom-
nunatcatious with other subscribers.
In uans oi fire, or calling for a physiditn,
non-nubscribers ire allo*ed-to use the tele-
phoou at any subseribein station, providing
such subscriber is willing.
Key West, Dec. 27, '86, Manager.
Dry Ooods II0ihsata,
DUVAL ST.f ,,&". .
At the old stand of fe tf ure .
KEY W\EBT, r i


LL KINDS of Oivlland Military
C lothes Made to Order
in the most perfect styles.
Fine stock of Goods ali'ys on
haenl. Pri'cos moderate.
6 Dnoi'onet Ofnle.

, o3

twb6 solial ..........1'\ t 1
%Fir HIw #lm,
dC I~f~i~lh ~I: ~ PPclu -6 COHNEI

lltI'UItDBSIOil D wishes P" A ths people *f Key Wey 4 Lh.


DRY (Gu IDS,::::....:: : ,. C
Notions, et,.,
SURPASSES ANT IHIIN( he bhs ever carried b~ef-,. Hilh
and he is willing to give the pub lie the'bendfit of his olpslerae tI6 mi
chases. Call and exatiule took.
B. We KEA(
Sly Corner William und E
S-THE-- .' WANT]

Key West WNews Co. WHITE HERON "'GF
Offers as Sattable for IN LARUB AND SMALlr, q
V f C.&
R Y. P S LEW180HN A &
A maeline of Gold Pens, Poncils. 227 PEARL ST.,
'anid oasea-of Aikenl, Lilnibert & Co's 6ewl
well known make. Also Yonutain
Pens-neat, situpl,. durable, of the bljeAi T Lt
Keruer Pen Company; aIndf Binli line.. AGENT FOR.
of Inkstands, fiomn AIgar Hamliu & WALTER'S TiN 8H
Co.; Papetries in plush alnd old gold, wIT-
Auntufgraill Albuins, ]Praylbr Buoks,
Hymnals, itLdies' and Geut's 'DPockt RICE, 0BORN &
Knives and fancy Pa.per -Cutte'r, Htardwaro & Blider's I
Music Ceuaes, Writing D)esk k, 'listre EHTABImnl.SED 181
i Paper Flowers nueterial, a line ot the Y : 97 h
Poets, Dore's WVAks amd Irvilg's eYork i: 97 h
The novels of M ls. Southworth, Aim tNUTLERY. AtRIOUT'I
S. iSephens, Caroline Lee HIeuts, inu pleunrots, P'liutAttion s
gilt, at $1.85, published at $1.75. pet, er 'i Ooonpers'. i" uldkil
odlavis. i Ud 'I'intiurs"' l oTl l 'T'
Bookla for C(ildrtaU i lnd for (Uii'1sT. xokokinig aIl Heating Htoves.
luas, Key Wesl. ViewHs, (finitrl, Vio- 77 -7 and 81 Cail
lin aIit Banjo Slrinigi JFitr cy nUtiit
Stsaple1'1tltiulierl, News ptaqeti Peri- l iAPCi Hoies:
odic'ads, etc. 7 I ll7 abine tlt ., Ne
KrY WvarT. yLo.M. V ,
The Ol d g -, establi,
B. W\VIIALTON "uthiv
U 1, IO I' T ullderl.:the Cltv.of Ks
(ICtuabitlslod 1870,)7) PAU Dhe elEIciiO.
Coruoer Duvl nlid 'Caroline itts, [" "r u, "
saH" :r;. o i.BulIding :
rtll rlt .l' -: Prtles eniuitCl rAtn'biPt
Dry G ood S t well tolle him il


Uf 0L 4."V TUe .. le tI Nus
..S 04a0,8 Tkes I
as e- floolwing ti
f 4l to 8 A. M.
12 1 I P. M.
to P. M.
. In casee af 5 1 .kneR
a dari. g the "y. U fl U.


.olioto is

akFaI i.~

Iaton '




tHrdwR re,
rch Street.
u plies, Car.
litil', Engi.
Inuurm' atolt

r loAne. La

.etrot and
,y West.
1. work
tly on hand
Idin will do


>ow open odtA
at rlmes ii il.
1illltH; i .

IIfe 'may be

use s seem -wr sL~ILanmewess sP~Osa F~ a. C
veames. a 'asset < ibsh 2 imb I", W, ~ pkI~i
5M A t.



r theobest $
lowing Mkhih'..
V': I
II III b o Iii i " .1, .1 1 9 '
If I


-.'---oh ipileingD the !Reeperrfcr RtAaIhish2lkjJ ~~.

Gjkves relief at once
and Cures
NpLt a Tdquki, Snuf
or I,,".cr. Fret
tram offenmive odor
an l Inj urhou~i tlrig'
jgrccabla. 1'ric 'O ctH. at lIrai-J-: 1..; 1,
Ely 11108, Dfliggists, Ow,:4,-`l'fo
Y1T9L{. KEH 'kF11
The Oldest Established' Ach!tect :1116
Builder In the City of Key oeut,
nitheil c il application All -%Vol k
plarantoed. Klps cujtiitii y on html
*a full 811pply of
q Buildings Materied.
urrtire outeolmpltilg bmlldlh wi ,, ii i
11 to f et ) 11311 i tixc ll,

Tho abovo ieo uslnilk now open(Iie tIo
1llc'for tbp sale oflee fit. r!oml
,Jprl% r. 1)rllkg th folpoittg 11001.4;
From r6to1B WM
t12 -L i M.
5 to 6P M.
X. 1i. 1 %ase of sLness, itt, amy
W had hinriug the dox !o'ill TUN!.

c kr.F''l..

A. .. i1 lt. uri iLPerrthc.
,, a1. Ant'W ,prieioo, vir: .
*iil hti'rngdff to 24 onoces.
SIail for the tlme, .
Iolts ol' all slzR .

etuilars and irriuh),r p.!
n,:. may hu watLNld. Tin-
o.'P Vboth sihde';.
( 3 > tanliu at full pric*f
1r n -~. A. F. 'TrrT,

," ( inIr.>l A '..

.- n'.. p ',ty, no ', r,.a,
ironing hwrter' iis
beiof'eho Execuntive, LogiolL, ';. o' "li-
ial l)epartments of the Govornient, or oti
tnny other subject upon which information
o be obtained in Wtsh igton.

HIon 0. LOiutar, Sep'y of' the interior
Son, A Gorman, UT..& S ienfor.
lion. Hngh McCulloch, ex-Seoretary ol t'oe
hn (oode U.8. Senator.
rie Campana.
' OB .

iL secured the sole agency for the cam.
pana or Bell Gin for the State of Florida,
are prepared to supply the tade ot prlces
that defy competition. Give them call.
Sine Island Latnds.
Parties are cautioned against purchaiin
Snd front St. Jauime' on the Gulf Co's.
3Map Where dooeed does not come from thit
Company, as ail land on southern line of
Pinbe Ilindl nn t owned by them is wet
manrove land.,
t A. BOORDMIAN, Gon. Min ,, '.r.
Mt. Jamcf. aon the Oulf COoll.pny.

J hereby given that wt iLall pp) tp .
Hon. Chnha r(:i, Counnty .1u Tf,. f0
'lonroe Connly ,1.. onr .lischlr'ai 1I. J:..:c
trices of the aLIate of G)eorge Al,`l'.'!,t'ie
s.ix month after the first p ubli-'1', i. l
this notice, Deoember 1, 1811. "
SMARY TL. iIfS(r18 .,f

S Notice
TS HEREY"'lIVEN thnt I Nhtll II !y to
1 Ilon. Chro. 8.. Baron, County ,l;,, go of
Ml(lro'^6uv, for i'.d' charge cw Alt.uiui-
tratlrf~. i~h: Cf*" l (lqgW. liB'rgion
six motsf rlt. publication of
this notice, b ,h,i 180.
Adpitlnst-.oa r.

SAM preared to pqt o4 ahlrhi 2o.
tioo THE VHM T 7EM in
substantial manner. Charges the very
lowcat that a first olass pieoo of work oian
lbe done for.. BRE*IfAN.

* rUWA~ie

MASCO8TTmE and 413NY,
(iirvying 'J'ri.NV~epky Uniited Stntist tin ll orei$flUi ietm i ru a
Rey West and kfiwau. Siid R service lifying tope~n thcttitcu
-ship) MaXt( A having left, Tampa on ltli2 ,1 No'nitrieic Rit U
ForFreight l, pply to ''
r4. TI.T. A.! v p

NT7~~. 0-111 c r.

SAVAANXA, GA., October 29th I

Beginning November 11, the hti.psoaf this line will run as follow
y'1 \8OTTi-',. Wurrwar. MAHOOTTE.
LEAVE TAMPA.. ... .. .... :Tueday 'htursily aturdgy
.BARIVE HAVANA....... ......... Thursday nituriday Monda3
"LEAVE i vf'i AAy........ .. Tb itIlay Scitulridv Monday
,AIL'lV.I1 'flAi'd I.'A ....... ......Fridty sunday Tuesday

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walk o06
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in front of .the.Central Park, nnd within five minute.
tree and places of amusement. It is the favorite Iotel
f tourists.
1. I IAURISON, Proprietor.

--GRA ND--

1 i), OWENSl,
Trtcflffi Mit~neer,

N p ,Agent, Koy West.

1. J t thu hik'lwihig o' .,ua ttiitlhW ,lInlg T" S.lfai
ALA'IU,( 30 :0)0 T.,t
I~AMP4. ipt. (lruWeai, 3000)

New Yui 1 1 *i I Itt itcwi U.S. Y '%u8 C, a.
ialvo~toii, asi ii it1t
I.; Yo t I 1 r1. I'. L M S.
Flo 0,t1c"j: ul o t I CC.' l. Pt( u L9


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6BLTS1A'R WSi F:.~~~I'I!S
houtl itVi tAS: tT Ii. i

i,.at-'tii c; ll, f ct eigt andii ongo r on the ?aIlsit yCIttt,
(J L dlinstalnt.
A rriving ift tAs 1or0t rtn tbe 12-3th ji Ntfut,
)L id i-a ttiohi-y- 9
; c: ~t teuln~ ~!;la tit0 Witt( *.: 4.! Ilii (hilt, xx U.l roil:t.\; .vecv1

city- Iti . in order to 'actio~r jvrctui)t dulivirc'y ri' v-lrtO It -io:tinartiu-J.
SK' !,' it t.i. i1-. T1,, tYf5

All the PATTERINS you ti;s ----i,
yt-ar for cothicg (i tamiag of rom $J vo tiv u .4 C
nut~r.l,4,tu, tin

OL:tindl, and aiill other busineho s in t : U.
S. PatTct Otlt C attended to at imaloratto

THE KEY WEST nDEMOCAT 6 Our ofoe is opposite the U. 8. Patent,
b I office, h soe pn obtain it1tonts in less
A N -a time thnu those remote from Wiashington.
SO Send model or drawing. We advise as
eimO reqt 9 Ittatatd topatettability free of charge; andwo make
.... 1 no chea'g esq wb obtain patent.
.. l -- W eate the postmaster, the 8u-
-, ma -IYelIsO n .e ,inte t -teoney Order Divirion,
.*-- *' a,5? gie .H. P tont Offloe.
With Twelve Orders fpo Cut P13 rPflF of,a 11nartdvi $t forUil g. d rtefetrne1
our own l.etl. ona. d ;J i "; es ,1 d. e 1y,1r own statd or ,inc ..
BOTH PUBLICATIONS; O s. YfiA, ty, .w i .. ,
*- t' i, "A SNOW & CO.,
$3.00 (THREE DOLLARS)' OppoltaPatent Office, Wamhington, D, C.
,- oile tlco Mwaraislnc. 04 0L0:9FNI.I N .
CoN t,ti'; itS I'!' I';tf, Aft41i n-rm i l TiLt 'l r--r.Tyl 9
....... ".. .... 1 OO !x W
ti i, i'" ; .1 sNi.

.' ."; ' t, tl s sit isa it t he c ih oest

:,r, T), iO &okiquors
S-0 'c l1" Alll, cn 1 .tlo-"t'l 7to,,, . t' 7, nd oth
I. llr 0 ,8 X1t"1 r, Ak,'l- ,,'0': .:., '- q. l .i -, il l .m)
t Irutrat,,dl l'A lliU.;id by >V ,:"..Ih- ).'inr',t, -. -fl i _T 31
No Y.01,, Qigars. of bet quality
wV'r'4 1.1-.1 AXwayV o.o hand, *
Foyf D Sc AEI. rat fwtt"i,;,t i': :art.b" "-
S - .- Another 4ttr',.hve Feature co,,.nnt-
iron s ALE?'. eilwilh Ui ostbwinimeu U le

pfir priu&CE3c, apply fo
~ v j.ff. T.suLrnai
~Koy AV- .1
I-- An, -v----aat o
~~1~iieci~~i de.

of all -*-; I.. -
BW Come U-1~~s..4~P
ham -ft

Qb. Aate ELazufactoryr,

i, Obilpo Street.
M TrI (J.- P flfR) OF

which No voo!oivud F irsft-c-:i:-.!3 Mocials froll, All til p XEcHli~l viO')
hans I~c it.l
rrc W am j..

',.wL M0rttmout of

Crockeryo, 40
nr.r,,.ltrs Tookl,, Palnl ,-O .f ". .;P. urniturn. and

.* >.'" Ouo of thIe '1ilsl Bitiues Hout.o f I
personal nttentiou given ia 8 la and S ifao
received by cvery.itiatarer from Now Ycrh: Now Orleasi. Tao S dor
lioes. and Prodnlh froi thcc Kete bVV a l ,. obnboh froa tlb,

General Com--ission it

Ship Chandlery, Priivisions,
Ghi w:u',, t.'eVs,' r,, Tl'tiri Iu Woodenware, all kinds of Nails, Spikoy
and H'riw., T.rikl.t, Li, i. C- iout; Plater. Shbl 4les, Lathe anu Lumber of all.
hiJ t. Hfay, f'or nnnd Oat, 'lao '
Coal and4 Fieowood.
c dy and XTshu 1Articles
Not io l m oie aliwhb'i4 t th.. .
SPLEIALTY; Fine Faml 5 FIlffranrdc OroerleS
1W jF, 'V.,,P.-TlT ,\ AN' Ml'ASUiE 1ARA'BNTED *

1 1 \ -,' .. .* ,\' ;,' .

Nm ra. .UIS111W
RI(.'Y WEST,su,~ ItA,
t. ~ 1.13v. X'ENA4tUW T1A f V F I I IND FfltF4UIlQe (WIRESC418f8 or the ao
,urwiuo1,1hnw'of tIc. itj -.1fw 4 ltfii l 'dI vm v
U lr Nj>. I ) Ak)J CC) A.AT LCXE, 41 :j
iud olittr *i uppli for aatuiNcti. --
aC ,t 1 0 f Ictio n e ( at kinds _Ciartju~ pinwnired tliile Isb~ourd to po.L in Ili(, Olet and West

*.: PV tit'h. t.l ~f 10, Qi *., .4 a.

j, t;l 'iJ os, c; lilies. X~at, ttlc icni` lah igS ~ pe o l e orner on DivIsion itre .: Wal
Laigr tott botADel FPin(,'- 'a QiclW I l~ i 97 feet. ''She oA
CY bt ])'je~nlqnliil Lot 11 .O.Pilfn a iL 1*tulVtt 1 .l use l
Key Vest, Fla. iitt Vti.t......-... ........... I.....isf
Overt Ovl q. P AGo.'s Olothing Store, or. Cro endyl Simncnton Sts, T 63t t:i 1 x? x t3 1- wr it-; h f l iw reasllenod, four rooy4, kitthoen outhoumes aut 'well.
m cl e 01 sC .3, j' 1orl, hununith ath- 1*,(,! 53 1.2 J)" 9:1 Ii) rll T:t'os l ol n ll IlBY nu
~ JIvor ~ t ot -mynfurniat tci. 1t'rttibiitg ( .* i'@ -' 10reft in i-tttiiititttI I L. ttvi ntty7 iuLir k
II.~t~ ~,.l ~ 1h'wa6 n ectiva.II1LU~, ccnpte mi~bJliis,iJm3 of tc %ifr 'lull-d y 0li''. I ~lwl
.....c .~_.... -. -.F'or pijvtjucuhu-,q9ccj)vi K, 'RAANDJLIN &
S L&l E(Atntao nd*C
ST L A )0".-. I 4r,
~i~~~"E r OrR1;B 1~pt

Wh''le.elalo and CGene'al Refiail De~i r a in cil gr.adv! of

inre Wines Liquors and Cigars.
13ot; !.d J:L r, Alt anLd Porter, for Fa'unty Use mi d ihiu ping.
THE (O;iG::r'JT .iOC1K AND I)YE W"IWrftSKEY, $1 per Ibotle.
l~ T: h well-knowun 'K, 3. DALY' WIlLKI:!Y1 ulways on IIud


S---- **---******
sot TseUS "m: .

And will 0 natnntee Batisfaction. Call and See eo and Lob e o
Convince You that oSell

Better Goods and at Lower prices
EATON S'ntrr, (Opposite Baptist Chuich,) ,Kav WIs FTiA.

4a .
F AINY PRINTING OFFIWE desirea to lay in a uew supply of Tyt* that will be
Boti Elegant, Durable and Cheap,
We adyie.thc n' l.a ,l tlr from the ao ..In tho Co, ut~ ofr


*.'.i~t-I T l-1t1'tor nd immlw -, NIwwY01,i~
We sa~ithiv rs c t witttkunow -tiat t Sii:;i-flu %kiiO. sA t:h wo-iventLOlthat t1t, tNIlp- i.,
-,-lnt Itis we tne.i of or -Job Work. tailii xt kA -ec 't .. I At 'bo,.v orl-
tii tjill city IN t4-i,; j I -T, 1.P:,:,*!OCLTtc iA tl't.

L, Dn'i t fhrgoot to Ask for an~d 116e

14 X)N11

Vh. A A '
Pil.15L ...

fTbo B sjlc'riicu% c. ..**1-.ititi.



Corner Simonton and Esto #61*),ci
JUVST-OPEhED cnDJ offTrrlo for sale th' largest AdA ik pl and tarli
stock- of O -. .-," K , r
Drugs and FanCy Aticles
oever .iaplyed iu: this ity, at ptiees whilh 'abkolutrgly 4ef{ oc06petitiou.
*'^ eti~e g manntifautuers of the priuctipa riem Id ti ,tifi f lHC/iitlh avo no heat.
tcbtfo in king the pubilln to g fv4 thea 4 t 4 1 f envla0td of the truth
theoseo tatonents. Amoig.the articles whiobiefy o .gr' re thie.lopwing: -.
M o Xli.e or BBAIN FOOT,
--And lait, bdU.jnoJ0i1ct, their 0elo01)6e4 4r4p4arti---
^c^ .^^^Q^,.t^t1 ^ as ii<3il. =^c

'."c lIOTT8 "SODA Acnd "IN I .AL 'W-B8 ,-n,4m v 11boa" PUB"
.);*llUP and f 'inrt ~ibouied Wbt / u d
awi ar J 1icnuptio (Na eftuVy cinP.41%3

If You WWant to Build,


Will 'nish' Istimates ainl U1 1ld ANY KINDPJ,
a8% the L0roOst SPossib1 S1

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eke ech0 FOR THE ~

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