Key West Democrat

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Key West Democrat
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Key West, Florida
Key West Democrat
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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KEY S D, 0 E

'r r rlLI. ,.j)4.y

VOL. sIJ. NO. 102 S)i .9 1WBR31 51I8C3
5y tWA),Wi Atiluri laVA? ITC.AEUS

U, B, PMI)P flATON, Idi. Prop.
P iblhod on Saturday.
Ofitue on Front Street.
One year (in advance) .............. 2.00.
Mix months ... ....... ........ .... 1.0 .
HIngle copy.... ......... ....... .. 10)
Local notice* l5cts, por line,
One Inch makes a square-Per square,
one insertionu $1; ono msnaro ono month,
f3; two squares one month, $I5.
Legal advortisements will be charged as
proueribe4 by law.
One column, (24 inoheH), one year, $150,00,
Hialf column" $75,00
Quarter $10.00.
Eighth 00,
Twelfth "" $16.0).
AdvertisemuntH not marked with the'
number of ties, will be iu;;artod until for-
bid, mlnd charged acoordlingly,
p.i-" Special induoements to liberal ad-
vertisers, -t~aS

KEY AWEST,...... ......... FLORIDA.
lt. J. W. V. n. PL'LUMIERl,
* Offoe--Siuonton Street, one door atovo

And Register in Bankruptoy.
Otioo- -Opposite Curry & Cnrtit' Storo.
Dr. C, F. KEMP,
OyrIC3B -r-oL't. Wat'on's residence; Si-
montn't tieoot near Bouthard.
KEY WEST, ....................FLA.
Everything In hisdinue done wV',i neat-
MnIss Rud dispatch.
Of.llu- Next door to Sariol, Fhrt. t, teet.
Dr. Win. A' 01,,
4 ,

Itrember of Royal Colleges of

of Edinburg. Office nd Residenoe
Cor. Front and Duval Streets,
(over.A. 8riol's Store,)

Offce hours, 9 to 12, A. M.




Commission Merchants.

Foe. 01 and 0& jifaiete Streit,






At'e Yo01 4wwre tnat at

Y n "1t the P T i Ht
You got the Puoreat

C OPPENHEIM4'ER'S Llqijorm Wincu,

LA.GS t EE1'!

Thoe rerto'lt' vlritoy of Fine

I sell onue-iqnrter Ihrroli of Ibet Doer for
$3,5.o;and r e.hi that mlay CI(ARS U A r'TE s,


Cool D ri"nr..
,Store cn Flemiig St., nlair the uptown
aB S1ltn AND CALL.
.Juno 151t.! '81.




No. 19, Old Sllp, New York.
L- o -
BI 1 YA) NsELL ALL Dl r:c(!RP T ')N'
,III &:OI O,
0 "
Cousigninent" of Southe4n Producte
Solicited, for wlich full m1ai-
Iet prices will bo
tpd. [2~7-1y.]

E.O. YiNN,


.:lee 110)(3.
Alao c lls atntlinon to hli

Nursed by weekly additions ot

Fresh Goods
From New York and New Orleans.
Rdlliug market prices
C 'harqced.



S [oGreen St., KEy West Flf .]
-a -
The disolutton from my'late oo-partnorship
enables mue to devote uay entire
time and attention to
For tho eroction of nny styl~ of building
required in the city.

0ONs '.tJAjA. OTS
Will be taken upon fair terms
Agency of the

Revere Copper. Conpny

Sucs)r' to 'ifsoa & WillUams. nlAt elald to furnish to purohaseri the
I following, at the lowest prices,-viz:
DLAeKSMITiH, WH ZALWAIGIT; TIN, Yealow mti hsatlng 1 to ttLc
. : il ?for the amae.
COPPER'aind BHEE TIMON WORKER bolts of all sites.
-BrairS Copper. Ooie dr Sheathing tund
In fact is prepared t o o evryhing hi nail ALU a i
sis line. { egutnt, d5lrcplflar a n~d irn t
Strns of oon er, lua-m be wonfa; Tin,.
HOtSESHO ING 6. A 8 iIT. Aot.orni aoer to ienf ull pl
He I heA A nof thep gtni g .. i. _ig n exohang tor nw. A. ,
AM4 ad& ^ heas toaAo ii GeneralAgeJtb.
*ueat Cli su ua.yso yaomt hotle, apro, l Wu ,*. 1t, ts.,188
oole - ... .

.. fl1P J i Mitait onler wTker,

-w :aA'j.ND lAOKS3ITHING '

'-' '*' "" ' -" ft A duk " "
Will' laa 0 'OF 0 GsA,6s and Wtel )P.PitUliug

.^ ', "'"'. '. 'W Y NN P"OM Pt ATT"S" "o ." '

f .' A "'- M- ii -i A 9 w .
*^^,i- _uJ au ~ *- ^ - **- ^- li~i ( -*

To Ic" oun-d "in Key V ..t.
I hat'r- ],c :i :. :,t :rg:CAt t ea)onse en nt'li.l
now fl et of dt pnl


S) hUgaVit Assortmenllt.
SLnilratbleO 'll4ti, ljeor.
I eW ivle ar-ii' 4oerl ,
8 ;g A?^ s, ort,;}e?:.i'!

ost Goods !
,ottom l HitS I

G omiare Or stoc1(!
onul;r dci' tb Ise iL 111i)' Iutld
nome eight Aoug to
Fiont St, Kt y V,',;t, Fl,



Ciu'reos Crltc rl Tl,,f' Sprii s,
S eracitle a.d a;..' in


Ask your Storeke1eper for it, or write
Direct tt o th111u alltcturtl'ori,

A [El !(:.ll'-; lN LUiliC It',T c

l''; .C -. ..- - ..,
Angi.: t'.,5, .i, Gim.


-PE,\l,';r. IN-
-A a i> i n m

D 18 IE~ 0 LR

Mfa1B coustantly on lihncd ill klnda of


Terms-C(ASH I (30-tf.)

I'ublio c otico !

TIF 'SfO--S--E
lln. ~ia~ l

Will b1e kept open all day for the sale
of ICE at tbo following prices:
Per RMetl -- -- -1 Ct. r Lh,
" LOO LI. &Upwards 1 gr Ton,
" 100 Lbs. - - 6 hit.
or as low as can be puoehased else-
In case of esi takes to parties un-
able to pay, co will b6 furnished
free 6f charge as heretofor e. "
K oal, u eb, 10, 'll8. ; Agent,


News Depot,
S '..
ad deal rn "

1OOOS, frATIONEBY, :'.;;; &o
PFsvkac- frtm Europe. tq a1C4irlh ml-
iuoO. every Ameriuan PF odfl u o0
BOoIs, etc,, of lIateslt -dates ,
C"hoio Ceuyarh, Vines, *ipu,2 2 h''pb
co, SMIfT and PjPm, a. r-
wayon handI : .

...0V J '."-*IN 8Q'N



.... .1'. 4 .1' .....



A gret ma,' people are asdi(ng
what particu!.,tr',u,!ts iR'.:V'n
IxON B1i BTS1: gu'I for.
It will cure .'-.t Dihnes, Paral.-
ysts, Drupsy, I..dtley Dire ri;, Con.
gumption, DyI)p4p'ia, ?l:cutnr.:sn,
Neuralgi&, awd al similar '.hica.; .
.. C {ut

Its vwoo'ideu t
simply bec... .h
riches the Ui.,' '
the foundcntl.
the syitem(a d

A Lady Curo0
Mly her.l

I am ii""
chct;-l, '
I ....,j
efrc. ir

cur, cal..c db

AIt tI o ;ill.
*h rLr:' u ; i iiprt
171 peumautt

Kidney Disea Cured,
Ch .lanlbur a ,,18
quffcritn., fafr lnom einty dii>;.
from which r Icould gat no riltlo,
tri-el Bowi"e's roBn tItrS, which
cLIirc'I I,,6 P ! A child of
Iiho, ic'jg.tllrn f ro:n scarlot fevr.
had no mfpf,' be iliet, I |uu Iwifq
b lupr i, t'i h La.s

Heart Dise0as
h itm St., EMrvrIsbuita .
ACtP4 l-:,nu C'iCersrant phytitans
an:l uIacj ,emenl for plltueitln
of t01e3o' without ricciviDg airiy
l]c!i' au'i.nsyeibtcetlttluowac 5
Iron I)r~I .'k, 1 h fa.. uric two bot.
fles i'cidhtivi' nni ytliatcg iia
e:v e me"`14"t.r. .''lf ".
Stal. satas Has.
For the peculiar troublesto wTV

IItrEes ic in tic tUe. 'F/15t. 9

2i roas 'ft i 'ec~se' t klel
U r e. r.- V-

Olt,~4;~~ IIn

i;...m --a*vas;;c ; tTwea vii

Frton tiests esoriu aritai rLice-.ourtle of
th11.) tllsuoasn of thi htlman r'acte. 'i'tuUll
,'nptolDm n e Indtlto thelr TI'et y.iistel' Lon of
Aptl, Iuwccr vodtlvs IcU k JHeatl-
o 1. v r watu le t a
tth, fulln', nitvr eating, ivtrslor lo
osertlnl of body or ainlta, mrlucetHtivn
Of foadl, Iirl'C blall.y or it'r1yf,,r Low
Bpal)rtC, A ti'olnv; ot hnvli,,q 1 *:"1e(sltd
moIete l~clty, lSl-totlln, .lhee:. t rin. til clue
Nibeart'lta, befOl'ro tle vyeo, ialig)ry col-
ored Vrlito, CUt5 TIP.C'E'lON., Ihti (l0.
manla tlhe ol.U mmorra 'lclety t11:, Ac:t .1,llri0tlty
ou tlh. I,ivur. As itliv,;{' Ialccllchio 'TIJT'CV'
PIuL58 Ilav cno eqci;l, 'J'Ltiir icettol oic tlie
lithnioys 1111d SCl1it Itel0o u ronicpt; inc, ovlin
all llmnrUtlea IthOiihtroIugl'ti title l tav-
onrgers' of tle syaltn,t, i" protluolhlg tdiio.
titsiound dt1gotRon, rogulan Ht.ots, a conr
skinatild t vlt,,uroui bodl. T'T'lT S PItiLS
oatuso ano nauscur or gtlpli)ga lor Itlturfuro
Witli lttlly woric icd are ua plrfeot
"$ Iu-vim liad Dysgucptla, with Consilpa.
t1o, two ynRar, tlt hiav tri(l ten litffureant
klIida ol ptlls, candl TVTT'9 aeu tho ftlrt
thct hurvo done mo auy good. Th'i"- htve
Ceacned mne out niouly, Mty atpctl'ito il
sploenild, food diguate roadilly, ald I now


i uin" I i. W II. I T ita -iiiiifrW are h lathe lmittplta wn .i- ---. -..-
asol.i t l .it E i Wa su, hr, c":., instaad egin to devour ll .te olothiug A CLUin 01pUicLDiS.
.., ,, ,""",a= within their reach...' " "
U 8 AR Yinothentrs houses at ll tl of the A strange nffair is reported from Psth,
I B B ll w The moth eutgr houses at all tim.f ofe the ml,, .i yotlis, u. for the o 't
GQHA IIAIt Ol t w eIusI cIIvclUad 5i. day eud night, and the housewife must be ut yoths sons for o atl
i rtyi o t tc V LAno l by P g a n a oup. tiUually on the alert to repel its atttclrs, po rt of respectaba sopleepere recatly
or f'i 1b ic Xlit mi t"lti rt (,fb i In this re peot it may bo wd that toh price tfored tv tl o f club, t d rTar y ing o among
Otc,, I Mr ray St ,t, New York. of clothing er l vgi ne. One moh tn putth y into
TUTT'8 MANUAL CF UIFUL RIOIPT FRi is unabe to eomlts t ~m su er -a general funt land to spcnl it from time to
A. a sI gle swallow, but it can produce ti en lsocal eujoylont together Eve
winter of dlsontent in the. icaud of the many wecls elqapjed, however, not only the
arreful wooman with a success that no other spare cah, abut also every krenteor ttese
Nr L istan rival. young fellows posoesed I tho world vansliod
GEiIIAL n are a rious spells a.m tahl nsn a ild diasltion, an d thea member of the
which are belloveo ly supe tltious ewomnel cu strange ly etycarwirsil that, t thoy woare
m i -to .eIacl.ous aglnst moths. Promin.nt utterly yisnilfe they would i all co mit catplor, 'i.hre re wo. ts objeat in view they ad.
Men who stoutly afira thattt a. garmrentt is Ut d to a wood iot fr tom thol
KEY WEST, FLA., pricedd .with gumi aaphor, no Umoth will g t them a s -e"h- n un.ho r... 'r,
S" apl oach it, T is bli. si Iof ust-antiqitdy, wIh waio te-thr p.t o 0auou 01 ltwttr i uOf
s aese ' o t i ts wholly dy ba of death. A boy of 1~ wrs the Et to P.ut the
WMne ettonvo eWhlft rvesBurl Fire-proof beoai Into-0 ralicb. Il 4alibeftoly
Wakrhouses.for thear acounaltion of the .i ere ar e oItl. dilph apR or to haves a detla o blltprat ice. oIak lied a tcl'
largest ,ss of teanmers. I posi odne ift camphor sandtl d It, I -4 ito I i a 11 je-ll. 'lndleupo otr
; a sort of con i1nt d1 a ged to !4 .
.'.IPl f TAN, WDAter Icud othor sples .r.. to sils.e Ts- of titoesurlvollo hrt ul ufld I'but the
fibrtO)WIW. be .aIa lo to..p.. l Ao mTi g stA. ti taot d oteriedab tho bleedIt body 'o
,, of. n may leso orion .jo d up plto' Bud din.

prtored fiorv els botni to sti & ito uaslly if the wo s Whatover i the lsl an ,. l iou h West Indles. t ibt t lied It in thea ote at"i tias fieat one.
. frigg .tW .. I, .supu t'.o, ,,B aof ,th etOlish yotu gters wasg tatally twoi"deil,
STANDARD- -" l d wipth(.tI oaotedrwitU erior ,
p- .rend gpoer a Isit aMay Sbit be aprthlu will join noe, mre

,W > ~',Ruicid o i b -. ,p ar s~nrs olub l. dely ro
WAXI-, D6 O' TBI 'W'.1Ef HJ014AIS frOVIV
MUW119 RYPn O 4aIib of A fis0r0moA d"" a Potolkh% lter hasug
aB w. CTw'T**Al if 11 ta nhtefs a violtbty Iofil .. ro ohp s sd fal
^`J*WRi U lite iron j runt Al .fuk-*_..t .dljl Is t. ep.srou, I tlh haue most Ok Iiflea ht te boat,~nd

BKpl ng, wes labor. &"WWl emA^ to fp"lowt d.11*Ltrift *^ qSltn nl the zoint ,- leir.
-11g, 1 csb s to 0.272,040 Upon uvctIgaetftoaf d that in n sr'
IL "R ,a sw a o ll k al ln od fear or 4,
Oa. f b I o toms of wit wlhlimt urk, loatc$ =d sflu.
t -lIt ....a Storec M pA t n- i "th r s f M. wthir ltuse ofi
S gallon is',"alukOiparonorIt.e, "o-u"ffuI1d the" ~anllon, e is
: ::. ;; -., .,Volg, li.. ....g th-,, o,, iter viio .(r. : .' t
Sl -a, r, v t shoreu m ; l a. te. r. bai 1so led the 4t*nJ,.
SBWOli weretaD L.ken dah ibRk-. Tro r1.1. -. t;
,r .: .... ,: .:; als.o "found wLtia evemon ate r interor ,
PJOVOd, Botio l Is 4 a tirsMTOwI1 sev4i O cansLofu ae1o, jert
ia-k SaOl"= ma of of a htitLoohe" a laffe sals which al beeii
asia nei gastsim jad #A&plost formthsa6 tc, a s it40
r W. O HIO. lbs pesi Pre pa m mo u iaikmp n r, evlder 'llyI r iore sa j ofb $l

o' 0 A1l., I d, s t1Ai nt'hr Vl aet,,, f:. 1 h7, .'get I ,r"oa at- I ,,m w, l 1t 0 fl,

V.1'AV j l l- r a L i. ae oau.IchaV A wa'P iik 1P. '

- I __~--- -- -ii~~~-- --;.~;T.~T--r ~T ~-.7;7-L:i-; -------~--- -- ---

ftn.*Imgt N1.XAi GWICH *a quatripe a =mgo
s a i, u with tile sbiu of a tole and the bill
nud web-.fet of a duck, puzzslig.aturalists
and making lifo mrileramb to ti thoI from
tlieir nlitr inability to ditoterinua whether it
is birl or beast. Add to tlse a parrot wilt
tho legs of a sea.tullk at mto with the. end
of a shalnrk, and a bird of unOh inoutrous lli.
utuountos that three earulvotout Enllghtuhe
could dine upon dne of its side-bones, a"d
the witty oonon'k-st of Anstrnlad u inua Is
completed. The kangaroo is, perhaps, the
greatest peat AuttralHa far\ejr have to copo
tenoud galpi "Htlidreds of milpl of good
paFiture," statob a oon'epondent of a con.
toUpomiry, "have been eaton.l esbarlas
bone by the uuprodatlo io aoiumption of
thlo useless brutes." It'. fidl to be impoo-
sitlo to deaboI we thnallre oua rapidity of
their inmr"e. u. ., .
1 ."
"I tell-au thb--U t n re mity'oHlht t*
noyw," 4i a lohifOcl ; ta ib tm a lbuth
conhrter nund aldsadstl g an, ajte,.
"Uaicen seem s tlt 4 4plles a 4t i' dul;i
ivory day.. WI 4', Af, I'V abne ifbH
Some for LIhes ari 'bfotte, :Ua-n'b.3d :
oe ed e to driajr; bult a35i e dUTi l :
oul. I wouldd h nla ha& .Uy
timhm with falr tauo tIs ft t it.
I dlffuursgnu uow. try ng i 4a 'i ,i'
auy 4y, stll wotlnksf A.ou
il tedoukot A ,
lierOi6e preOtt'y I r-.
I., Iamd.iL, .i t .nr :"
d '.but mi> e d .,'.- .j .' .
hI'eit hooul witr 6 AudW: v

lw r "Ma ti .-,l t .
yann Lq staeg a i I) "o 4of

onrit.1': .' e*?t*i
-. '* '. ,- ..,
Weenr hait bU1 it ad Pt*.'1 "'.
- -

* .A m r t m r. OAG 4.

*ASlt"" Lu .


tu k bi titWT r 0HLOADOX WUY AWl-) ur31c 1 ihit h FAT? THA-TAS-TI Sa.
Le 4ld0a il tnot otf tst extent hlterally. hgivoup," iPd a nJlyb i,4 hither wien The ton-.tster, wuploaod by Importerm 4
M ack mpurpoishu intalas ore always in asked if e ild give any reao why s tea, reeves a Iigh itnlry--fr. his dudts
ilght, a) spure of them orosthe cod'e. many bithe ljrl at.It It's a bnthor are ery onerour, Ill whole duty in to
Uouhlerwr- ;eble aire scattered Utilhy tulafortmilun t he is fat, I inppls 01e t'vly tol the o chattA ble grade of tile
eu the irtw ag we so t ant amuong patls rOeaot we are so ft i" beuse we eat i ,, anu, by tnstillg a pllno of the leaves, to
bnolit~e s, lad thaent jaws of thelahcla .ongh l l.,ety relar nll got ncourtoly aiutinlpite thll.fl8 thluat them
ud% rple mountains open, near 'even uely in tho toru., T'here's sonethu n tea will oiler to the oonaors of it when'it
rWli slhow the geuinei white sad qneer about it how* so inn" butchors re h been steeped nd er e p
str wn with boulders still, ba bare t u fte b y pu thh bin litl ih of the tea as p d for market
tiep ib 74concitiinlat all to buildIs market
ve~ {on, and varied with dunes and large tine Fd hluave yaonulom ntallto bild t orks s mouth
hill of olon nd. e:pe a glitas.3 l"Y vari ble|;onio <, got-ne pl.wantly for a few tuorents till the ten is
of b!' water botweouen the dnrit nt evoly "f" butclers ro ll a j o telltc with a saliva; thun hcu obtains the
; .,c as it rlding to Colley Island tor 1 class; wasn't that got nthig to o "tt," thun he spits the ton out, narefully
Lo),d I;'aucb. We traverse a slun:ular do. ,,witi ric'su Ilia month ant gives his verdoit. Hil
prs.liin, which i below tho level of the sea i "Yc" aidth butlh ,to Swe alwaysO lool ., ithf most uuelaiclol of lives. Jie mny
for a hundred milen, at its loevest point 0 tlhe 1 lriht s ij of if a try to keep vr taste ixioanl Hy diet mut be
abtutcivnt lent tilHi etnhthd
nearly throe hundred feet. c i'. "'h" I lo' t think the such that it will ctem 'r t!ctiorate his testing
At lUo.l Datrans, in the very bottom of thln br u i.r ai, lny.tli'o tIo d with it, If it i Ipow r Thre ver i of Ihis useulness i
i, a hoard shulty saloon, covered with a i" an's lnlture to be fate fl will flesh up, no lht yer bc t i that thui
,]eler pl in what loii t clie I niryI el oetrew thI_.. ..c.l. o only eight yee.r Ircso tc ir that tiros
ineitlos i a ne an turisht l ItV hterig, o a vey Ila o iuotr of thae i11it io it .le'es tih toater n hopelesly pl1asled invalid,
lanul. aloneo at a lit l didtanco from they . t..e wo t.o sh11wiaC is ll sanvtig in the vani hope of roe-
t..ek, Srelythe iopr ofu t cu le who atuay hialce thle etat a r'.i clt. .at toe wil l inbrinte is
uuo 1.15ow nil1-,,.uch,,he:9 fllolncly n t "lt t 't proven.yWhen teaplt is just abultto
hor whfro, if they Ictad y lore forever,
et.n',, nm. dp ran ntodsiican baclrheepoti, vb..,t .. Th b .,. h hloh export. go irmugh tl.e gardnrs nnd
No ;.I. raeonu il Moxicau accoltreoments I t .... l . I .. r' .. .., .." c'recfully clip tlho Iaost ftdvaneold losEon
dath. 6- .rcsa tle ,jidi-tlhugh whcr rhe tho i lnuho rf j, 0 a bout to brrt into flower. Theso are
should l ash fro,), Uad howy ho should be he.y nt i le i, ni, of cr nulpulate,1 g( nu elly, au Is tl t-ba, but with
luor, er.yth~e but ieho tmUely of doddon't i .it tot 1 he meant jalous cnre. Those rlnlt is a teo
ro ,.tho vry bettoni of 4 .hat rellsh (vcu luh Janpnu ntid China, ct from
"n"i t; t or rn'b oUi ..i, 11 ;c14 Aboutll,, 111 11nl m, s s,
th"0 ,e itself is a n, ;ry-aud pilla n ll p n t ol too eightcn dollar a oulnd. The tnrvel.
there, -ad entcrs. And it further appoma h., h i , o-. IAniceriactis are uinctrousa who ununliu-
thact f ,u tIbis place a stig starts very onsiy attest thnt tr t rittrely dadking ff
So*A dtay for polula on tho Colorado river, sld Son ou.ll-, r t bu foutrr litto clun it ps of Ith slea ly of this
uor Prescott, the reno capital of A. six et ard of u tipiu. r ltl in op of La tin of tIiu
d.l-orl Prescott, the roelotc cltal ot A :.., lie ...l: ,, h ilud of tea lhas alluhnost precisely tIlo sale
zonin Teritory. Tht is but a faiut survival I ,n ,i to ie effect upon them a3 the drthldi of a qmnrt
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not wish to be oat:eln d. alnue in it without wetNlXlEtiE'UL IN 'r 4N IN REE. tle monoi ad alililIg li tightly clouuho
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' A considerQbl plrt of Arizonn as well is bilt noWiling at fow dlny; anftrorntirdl houo. lived." "Nol nt all I" roared Laudor, his
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peteit anthoty thqt with iTrigatloin tiity- thile bees 0lo;ge'l with i:, Ihn raisucw the t tulto ditatil-ti-"uot at All The follo\y should
S-Vel~9btLu cen.u be ue.iohl fror !t'ai 9iu- "'rlten IIit ceai'. w ln I;e ftui ll o 1- Io hvo wallcd hlitusolf up Inl hi own blicl iuill
Itire, tl I sixty ~cr cont. for pastirage. It it so'pltghl t tha htnev anot hhalt mn'udrter before he hadl connived nt and allow.
1nIcvy be called to mind that even the appnr- to do, lnd was quite dihesr'tenod4 lU I~it1-Ci d such seriloge." But," said I, for tie
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:Il.vel of the Colomrdo ellivr, nud that wator state; the fratueawore very largo. and th Ul torL'ci djbroe as thi atrhiteuturam suicide
fCom this copious stromu might be spared wePilt of the honey proportioallly great; w\ol(d have bela I am very certa ln Mr.
for it, au spread over it with componrative the colnbs' handlfnlle .downu, and the lloney Landor, that, taking *Evory Mnu in bis Hu.
casfe. The truly patriotto soidolit of Ari. set frel. Thoushfidltt bees were sffoented i uor,' shankepearo vwold have boeu the very
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passing deret, and with re-.8oa; Iti taI work of soma difllty tq eetn *to *, right. nld Mrestoro him to tle World. "No suoh
reality a laboratory oinisefaul prouet. Pa. On the floor of the hive, anct"tating in the thing I" rejoined Mr. Lautdor, turnluM fluarce.
per is made from tlie yuoon or SpanMah-bay- eoooped honey, worolozeuw of white grubs, ly upon me. e"Shakelpeae over wasted
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There are tracts of salt, bora ,, spram, sul. rofi tio cells by the bo6s, .and thle reason lion he'd have known he opUld hayt created
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THs a PLAOUtie. tht e wreck oould be retired. There wa, proe el'to rl ith tt n touus
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According to tbhomost eminent house. feore h t tloe pplerhp o b ep theb beoat o rabbi, arid a tail a big a a bedpot,
wives, the moth Is a winged insect that lay f-r obeathehy peupl o t h be whi e ll hops long at thr e rft of five hlob uto
eggs in every variety of wearing apparel-- voallos suy u a cal otly toll happen o W a e, three or four yotmg kanaroos
withth aferenuoe for tlme must oostly artlole hv losvel suc a cabeacity to laen .looldng out of ittfasoe uterus to soo what Is
th-m "' ar c

~____~~__~_~~_ _~_ _~~_ __ ~_____ _~_~~~__~_ __ ___


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'Vlothhig Storou.
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"lolbhhsg Storem .. I "


Jast reoolved, and open for inspection tb'i largest and .be stoo '

Spring and Summer Goods *

Evor offered in thib city, to which additions will be ooutantly u ade, eas
all gooa sHold at very

S, Ii.. : a. ...s ia * t, 'nt, i < 1 a. r p of i' ,0 :, Ii .. ..h .....ow ...... ri <:. jI I l /;!, .L;N,! .. .. .t .,r. . ., ,, ..i hll : ';. fhl 'th i e of ll, o '. '.'. ;. L1 3 1'vers, is nt "N, ir! I 1 n t,Ihl v ,.ll ow iomler mel,
.. .,, .y "W eit, h ;; pmrcl. sin .. cttlio for the ane Mti, , i Ptipti1thl l.hi n'. otiy o r cls of
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s ..; ,n ,l ,,iv,.,' ,.,. s l l : ; ,' ,, ,, ti i p ,i.l,,,.nt i th C ustomi ha t.ed ( .. i, le arri- ,, r|ig Da put ulr t ,Of thae M1 t. I'aul
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.I ,, .. i' li ,, IIi, ,, i,, ii n, ,r it I ll, III", .Tr 1nidt' i'o.Sou rf rII oarativ el re-l ed. ',I i ', <'ilgeri gt, .1 i i tnl,11i i it"'l's ry tll th IrU n i' I nl -tt h, for
t ', l','. 1 l' ,, ;' , ,','. r t t 1- :' i hi p 'r r. h, ':, I i .. I , t r la.dia +" m > t!tIl, ,4| nt l,
,Aitt .. t. lt,,r r, i ... la.r.nIa .,,itnira'. It. I ,, "'n i it ft ia 'it tal ar ..h c ]..i rI 1. "i (t" t i. Ni] fl i i It'6 'it 3i0 t I I i i tl t t | Ii tI di a% II ti. n rty t 4tst tnil i .

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v' aAI dri ill lih "it ?, hI t her, o m l i .l oh"atl it.rt Isst

i .^ intl'.' .i i I ','* 'l' t' I I ',h e "'I , l roi [f ''lit i ( l u, tl r ,t n i tir n it W o rn,
O eh. "ttn i 'i hj t i tt hut' I hall ,iepatt f 'lom m y rin e en d 'tt,

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..... .t..ii ti wi t, .:l,:i l .iItui: i l'd. oe t. i]c-1-1,!,, : 'd i;;,P:-1 1i 'l r id a iti ,to, ,fit."
Si tt h n ita l Ilh t o y (;,\(1l1. thultl;I, lf!1 ruh ; wn T OI 'C', a n wi I h ithe laoi n
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i. ,, .< f" a I it i I t it -.. I l i. trlor, i, f a!o tl e 1 t i < fi o rthi l u.
S. l i. \ o l, fl' irr ioii nn' a '1iif tll .r htite

i il] ., ,, h. i- I L 01 a i t I t, tt, i t1 1 i t I I O. N d I i l i t r, J- i h iTonin iol. i, w ,
'd,-, aQh ,h l' t l a t h e i l t n t n'rn ti lthet b d t e r
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lit'] b' t l i ;i ,,ut I I. W A K \,o-n a'in I('11,0 1,)t 1'1 1, I. 1 i t()It If-O ff- hanl f pr.ind" m'iller'the
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C .al I ,i n o lu. tlietu.ln ts. "\ .1u nr ;^ on iu,;,r >,, 1.:., :,;; (,;, cG ,, i ,, . ,, 'l. ,tl fti aotti. lt l t -

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I0t' t -hat eyuit'Ipie o t 'itnatd I ntit Io, ftilli.;nNjnm iiv I.fofuL.en-t. is aXl]it t. if D m ig l[ti t t
ut us,,. n .l t ,,,n .l,.,. l, rel f r. 1 ,, : .De.i,.:';.',n n' l;, n ,1,1,: Di... ft ," 1''. 1,',, : the,1 't* -W h to i the

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f rt e thin r i l o th tit i :. J x'I ea e, i':ie h l' oil-.(" e a mi an ii i S tate n tl E it t-Ion,' lo ta t e iti ,a l n- s nl ti n : t t i. t It itt 0 I ii tat ti' t t ii M Aili ,h.t r n wn n V eitgs g nt

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,i, an Ii. .l.l pIe to 1, lI;tu 11 The a ve oiet he otia rtv'r of tl S et in "lo tiiti i aim it if n ii-:vi., 'a i h .,-, t 1 e a lint n N E S S U I T I, -
oflioffI euan paIt," miolitti din of y lme i ad 'condid tio o sth tineololice of iittho il vAyOAN0 ANTWR
11116 H a1to qore lto l'.call ,t o,, (,'tinoh i!Vt1h t m111t t tl sht r r1 ofofAgei
Low t 0( l ( i.;k 1 F L'' I '; i tl vr k ii i li. im il isr. Iw r
t1>o'. C ,i CraL h b n ]i(l o r r Ia, m ul,, ., t' o A. i nt..!t t ,uti .ri"' ..E... t IL"4, .I.i.tat, of i ,,. -n i ; i not brilai l, ,a tt ald .l . h tan t ia l < ej t l 'Re om n i. '-
lkn a.,nil d t o tti.lois ,ti ti .n ,-iiii w e Da ., 1at it 'g v e in iiit iitt, ,i fio- ' tTl uluIrv ,'in o i j r ihF, '.h iu e t. ,fn d Vo:

IL or Th 11111. o n- it Cie all a n Hn. Dmih(ti ( EInAntoA E .to r-ny liJe wuhiotren the Hon.y Charei dote hicit Itn-II'rity o t io ttnten- iei H ,J O W 1 0SA 1 0E0R4.
jt.o ,' byI1o tho N.'V i.ltTa.p ii t toroto.f' . .. u T :. ,..,.,, in INto o v. " o t t.- i. ,, ; '-.. tv.n',.i n .' I 1,.uist orf. O;Et >
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nl i. Ju i. ro,.,-o Iuo. A. it .,'o h- ,,td'. ,"eH. lfi of m t] i(0I;, : ;in H,; o; ,; t, ,'in'. H, : t i i-

W.Al oN t1haicit ato sol vowt ie "MALss Mrmd 1 etAr i, u icio lir-,Ia oti t i Vo1'i ,,, to ,rg' pot f 01 value,, 'i NrI OiIF M
yia tled. a in otr irs, .,lmho are no qui ck h ', tl], ,ip u oiitit ,nt of iu t lor lh 1.i gte l'h, t o t o.ofkc.,.. i n it tr nnhin li ;it t t. h;il iut .,' (IWntA Us. ,Iri
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winter et, M a d in ord ler io do thi0 d iKu- t0rh il a t" nutd to snl t( ,lw th e Dnfh r- ., I . . JO U / N ' A

*ostc l r ittih iic.,'i.t i ii 11d I of Iit iC s Hi','tltl rI,,,Ile o l.ati nr.rt o l i w t aren '. anI i ar to hes .;r ,le ig h ^a'rt, & Thei t,,otD-.&v, lt S IT. ,
ort wi hat *ewri t ie ;*, plaen i tc-t 'sala itohi in f oe t r o cir l iso a lyrgo cn en ormi -e. .lhit, in the 'i o ' S it' o a o
Lt panih ouredito ofl t week de ort hens r ot co:, ,nd ItIt olottes Sttn who n gn ,',:lct t si ] lcp: bli. o f imi tir h ci,. a t' e reao n e Wes gent lee.
entjtlod "Mure HnrmVny," ;lso tVtli u the s 'ran p ,ton 1 Jeldin a],- (. n phi .h y in b .,.i,..' A ltic, lull a :.. : I j!.'.._ . b.l fn..- l w Fu r o i ,shng o r, hit t g o
itgned)by Allen, Paltor1',n, Loi, v w,, in ur of th,. P , stylishly ns llawum s or N2w
W lliniastl u Oc W arro e. Ifl t hl tI Ians o H iSll.) H M c% Ite of h oth ilir. i d thi Lon'It. llotas- clo r i| ]i l i bco. (" InJ W A W
Ch;cretiry o I'tle. t er8 of Pile p,;,1,, I i :o.Ioll t1h0 l o,,, : ,id :ibien. fll. l lrku rs, h'1 ihorIttI T t
have'trea the article 'aoield they Wte h p oit J1u af r 1t ;l4- i! 73. Democt ,.i *,kiys, t( ,ironr to eh.;se on i1, i-1 1 .:,.1, the q eto ON E FPR. UT ITS,
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it at e:|, 4 m-! r1 .1ld w name 'proeets (i. >,,Ld ,. .hinply cona ncted SCAti (_O L la ,. LOVE ,
-h1 -,i-f)-. ---- i:, ther o r i n p f r- l fol''nt -ii n'AIIIri, nr f.'h'r lt.,,^ as a- txavI-(e I.5'.,-ll! ic o-l por,-: ad] C H Hue.- I- NT )i -O lT].F^I,-S, 1 AGS
"Civi." a/Kia D r. JV. H-au'rim t]|o pl e]L f m, rln frh~t n"! 't1 ,.:.f d,:votio, to the. intorv of the u ,:,.l~lv, ,:.. c il.. "h or,:er, IJ 1 &, CL U BAG,
It iu fllet t lt ^"('r d in Lhu nin^ ,is.le m ft nobl, fnith i tho inttI'rily piuhii., inai;,;. )o ]en:),Il'..jd uid. the vo:j- nenf, ot, lut t, most stytlO>.h, ob-
ii o hiorgc an, ug Tro., r efaced, ,htfull er by ,vd- ;,h ]), ,rill' 1 thtu ,h-, of w ie 'o l .,ot d i le, are yu s te jus t op eis

runt hunsoleof your own -Len. :w o 1 f a I to
Vou have bei.r s. anr mongrels lu as tw o wi'd L ho poQ1il Hon). Owr cn b a I" CgreatO. iK 1 w .abi!itqy, iln wiLhi ill., i'h.i c' .quireients aud io art,
and i et. T Dythem nd i seE. u A."A,;o- u It or' riv s city to old th ll le ss e ta'nti,,, hoo adonhly e iniil thco ii,11thegood points of all [A[ TNF UNIFORMS,
fioout2 ad other, vnd sae u yop k hrhnt ht ll'ht out offdar ;,r, anI : hwin' n.hiu.u with tho hl. iition R ILWAtY UNALkiS "
cin't carry suet her elewr tion by frgudnoHileiro ind. u yi CIor or e iuix t u l-dLiy i,\" his liiborf, Florida tlnilH ,ol- m vauv t:e R pro'eiledta fitd ha- YOUTl'H AI. IYL'
Mleured e an hoesn bolster ingd Harris Revenue whlul at ha .dN me tie hrhl.- JRis al ;,' ty yo Athorn 1a te in a e. Ir .';nt.; .. OUTHS'AND UUYS'
, th ',,tom H*M re. The py r,,- po.ilive 'iohptioir of the afore.tid ,x- .i', y a olarg ou consent the o(1ice of other id- r.e, iimNl every Ildy O V r O ArTss,
f t l io S p n i h ub re L i o n t cnao sa l t G ov1r n o r it io n c e d e d t , w h o i r, | h o ] ; ,pBr l" 1 .,usst wa ohr o f It ( ) ) i f o l ,a t i a u w i o
ard expcHed or is in hopes to y tet, i. t ec 3v ol r' 0 ao c, i n ,,outh Florida and the selccion will my ,'( :,L |.n.oed sh h..8 indeed a in grat wrviotio Silk h t, smoking jack.
the m)oug 9 s free hoae l. C->l.". 1 0kh.k Collecntor ot Cul e dicly. lH e e rom ^o g the tl'to, lu g te- 1i so u nkos, goss cm for t a'bly, oods
pigned tonbH for ,hi;B port Pni district, Ior a inuny' hih, ited yonu, Doinerats, of A'I ,,; ,s..i).i fr the eoin y's iid ll tho regular linoa o1' Oentlemen'N
like i'xpl,'.n(ti )H As to t i..e l tpoin- which e can boa'l AI ioug th\es, new ],.i tm1| caal. I'Lio and. en- furnishing,
I, N ea ptlo Billneu InuAnL of lbn. *Williuu McCr ntock to m ,.tr be Slantiouod thI HL n. Chafo th ose (1ieir t) 'i lt, (printed l JNO. ., SAW YEIT,
SD hirt', of Volu Ite spoakel on ,,nether U,:) will rc,,ivo a Bet of one of these
A e rasc W'itl sle bo p roive t d o ,f.,,rh tow position e aposord r lerk in thi e of tlha AssoeN l>]y over which he pnre- fanc3 aW'iia i n're10voltia,, ol value ONE PKIU E ,-C OTH IER.
Jl~dgo Bilker, which, in viiw of its ustom House n t tlif a putt, we ll rfidod wiLh great dignity aud impar, to those coll Y sn iamlyc, Ae. Tieir cco. Front & Fitzittriok BtS.
g hisnrl i rgnifc ucr, .nnd the w'ide- know\'ing tIhno tho fhaid McClintock tiality. Au b alot"un jt debtor either ihldre:s i, ''; :vnl{o: i y),:'i~oAI. -

spread interett attached to the Ii- was, at the time of his lappointmient, at the bar or on ihe hustings, every oiiun Ci., 3 0 Uniomn tspure, New
quor question by all clause, for or and is nw, holding and exercising indication points to him as a great York.
against throughout the Stute, will e i "leader in the future. T) (TT 7
r.aisA its remilt tno Inlot'nd flfl with the ofltCo of Mayor of this city. L. J. B. Ewaun, of Dat i." im .l B CO lN D E
;more than usual interest. It i.s ho Woe ueik wihy the acceptance or con- another able worker in the cause of' Circuidt /' t ';te f il,'lotlri'dt, Mroroe Co.
initial case to prove or disprove t'. tiunc.,' holding of the State and mi- progressive Democracy. A. native of has just
legality of the Local Option act, in.d offl~cs by Messrs. Allru and South U'lrclina and educatOed at the 10sarSr a-ived from
settle the question as to whether i M'.ntock i. rnt deemed a vacation North, he is free from those prejudi- P. LuvITt.,' i i froin New York,
those who desire to sell liquor candy ces which sectionni pride is so apt II,. . e and is anxious that
not do o simply by ayitg the old of the Federal oicosgheld by them to generate. Aside from being an his friends and thle pub-
tax of $450 to the (Collector of Reven- and treated as a resignation of their accomplished parlimantarian, which T t i n tle to appeardby affda lie in general should in be a
Sues, with the Clerk's foe of twenty comlnuissions or appointments in the peculiarly fits him for the position, reiloo 'e ith JucialGioit wareof the fact that during his
Pve cents. er'ice of the United Muttes in acri- the talent and activity of purpose but within, id State of Florida, to-wtt: tay in the-above mentloi e.i city, he
J." Hartridge, Esq., nn attorney x ,i te iibitod by him in the interest of in Mandl,- i ty. t i hereby orderedd aaile4 himself of the several op.
for Cha. G. lliottof this city, has ac with the p ion' of his section during the one session that the 1. 1 int iper and answer portuhities that resented
filed a petition for a mandanius to the President's order. that he occupied a seat in the Logis- forethe i t n in tober, thethorwlvei and pur-
coup'el the Coullector of Revenue for This order was promulgated by lature is apparent upon the -journal the cornIu), .,, bifl wil be take p'on con- bated largely of a
11evenue for Duval county, M. J. one of the ablest of Reolublican ad. and many citizens of South Florida fesy(. great var ety of
* Brown, to issue him a license o t iistatio for the observance of will not soon forget the services reno heieo i'-t prd& K that K ublie Ton DRY GOODS
sale of-litqors ont lecomplying witlh m. daeot d them in the tace of legal and ti a, th d ns oSrtd n* NOTIONS
th reVenue laws, which provides for its officers and employes, but the puoitical'complicatioins which would in th ity r bh a pr e ands in fact every-
the payment of $450 to the Collector lax manner in which it has been en- ave intimidated a weakerr man in ouit, onmii, t...f r two mpntklt thing portaning -to a
pald twenty-five cents to the clerk forced by the fornmr and complied relieving their homes of incumber- PETER '.'IG well regulated DRY GOODS
(old revenue law.) with by the latter induces,the bcli.-f ances entailed upon thumrin the-da'k Rey West, l t Go. STORE, all of which,' h
The petition sets forth further that of day of reoonstruction, -purohased at very reasonable prices
the bill (local option) s publish of incerityonhpartof the thn, e names of other good men and I he offers very cheap for cash.
never pasepd the Legislature; that aswell as subsequent administrations, true might be mentioned but there -- O OPATHIC-.. He wQuld alsh call attention
the bill whibh was enrolled aud sign- or a downright disregard anid disre- will suffice for the present. as th, n r m wb to his fine assortment
bd by the Governor is not the bill as spect on tlhe part of its officials. suggestion heroin made are simply A of GROERIES,
t piased the House and Senate; that If the administrutlon was then ancL thrown out thus early a matter for guaranteing
an important amendment to section '". .' t... reflection.&mong Bemocrats with a 1aroline poar Simonton tret. them to
Swasleft off, though said amend is now sincere we invite proof of its view to bhfmonize organization and 42 perfectly fresh
Int had been adopted by both sincerity by causing a du coopli- ultimate triumph at the polls. And ATMxNT o ." iinr arrived -'
A hend ltoenate. ance with the oidor referred to. unity is all that is needed. to acoom- the same seanmer with
STh alternative writ has en u- Wll Messrs. Allen and McCliutock lplish this. As we say in those oun- Acute and Ch:olo Die es. %iif, and a great many
dd -and is in the hands of te hher- rsi o.try, "a long pull and a a ta gpo l ,, u l., otheaz tehinn t1o numerous to
p 4d4nan dld. re signtoo eeifsrt"o trv o o m ,csnhelda I ,' m en tio w e a d xm iner't h e
iff. It drocls tihd Collotor of Rev- re o ad ull altogether" itiy ly mention. W oa .and examine the
enue to asiw cause, on lhlr.5th inst, them. or will they wait uitil given thing wanted to cU.ry t h Btate by olthel hour-- goods You will find the store
wthy the writ shouldd nat Lo .bs-.ilutc. the grand bounce by direction pf an ovtrwihohlintg majority., on the, rn4 of Whitehoad
I I r bigiher' aullthority? . CITZk, ( to and 4 to 6 . outrd Street

as W. REYNOLD$& Q-, ,i

Manufactutrsre f'the flnea.t GrAdeof




Fine Bllck Coat.s, DBlo Flannel Suits, Cass. Suits, Case Pants, Fine Do$
skin tPantl, Black Vesia, and a full lino of Yonths', 1 oys' and
Children' Suits, at prices to, suit the time,-
Look at my assortment of Shirts
boforo purchasing elsewhere, Boots and
Shoes, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Valises, Umbrellas, Piftumery,
&c., &c, 1,s-Strict attention to customers and Goods' Gumanteed,It


Orders received for Suits made to me'a"

'are by Devlin & Co., the great

New I ork Clothie.s.

- .- w .

And T-lIU completfo change tho blood In theentire system in th moths. Any p
Ron who will tI'rill each Ilight from I to is wekhIs, my be restored to sou nd
health, If such at IbU be posalble. For curinlu emale oCmlatnts these lls have ne
equa. Ihysicians use them in their practice. Sold everywhere, or mient by saln tr
25 cts. In rstanmpa. Ron for pamphlelt, I. S. J.oIHrSON A CO., BOSTON, IMAi8.
~ L B v L, B tanoous e f io e 0t al a ion s*,a lw ll a oitlvIely

JOHS^ON'C AODYr any lives ItflNl 't
lKi. c .[ iiiiranzia, iorr t~i 'it li lw Unz at tho T.uni(<,t 'hro ke a I laa.rni rlS ('Mi on'hln W hooping turigh,
R1itu ,r~in Inc lt l verv .l.,ii n f ,r'l hlut tel. ". JoHilrtt & w ', IfOr uOi rMtBt',
S i t' ii .HENS LAtY
eiiuitHry is w..rhlo:,s itht Slrlir h' c
Cjdtiini 'owder II ahl lto.l |i o i t | I l 9 att II
r b lun.b a. Nothing o e't

ROBERT WATSOJ., agent for 3S. OlBER & 0oa' ,

i to furi o tof Mrbl

OrdI7r pronrptly thlled. Office on Siontou Street near Southard.


Sam".l Robantm, Managtt.

Fancy and Family Gwooeries
t(jranvite, a n ow C oier n stM efigns. GieMlst d chlp l s e BOX. T h

S You will And it. to your btiereat t I Mfr' S peola attention gIv MIA pp1r
price t1 Ho goods before buying elsewhere. I ingu aner, Bpongs asd t i,
Key West, Aug. 95, -. ,

g ,T .. .
t. , : .. .) *. .
I~l I I I I I I I J .. : I [ II .. .. .' .

,Low PrIces I

Low Prices 11

Low Pricese I.

'Being situaed where T am with smaall expenses, and having the falities
for carrying a large sfock of goods, I am able to sell at a
much smaller percentage than my competitors, '


O0.L EJ. -L L a,

oL.Orin -,jN"G,a



* S



C. . M6 . .

* ; -i


** 0



LaTet Reltaurantt This i~.ana actual fact and party num-
... -- . T -Mt. ebeeea Pinder is having he-r one at(lnds church plret-
A eI sDg aI e teleir. "w ma quite a handsome store built to ac' eguifla and tries to hold his head
oT eua e I e kept p town on Eaton commodate her millinery business. tty high. It is unnecessary tM
see m e. I y'S Mrs. Pinder is a very'energotic lady, call names; the faots proclaim it as
~Its a PIOUrot tty tau and- her'llucoess is desei- ed. Our shoag a words could.
Wff lrltatibt aords o e friend, Lollie, is the aorhitect and ..anos los Br Thimon y
S ls i On, tes builder. Jeo. brwn o al Sr. Monsal-
.' l" E .' :. SS.v aurs;dac --orne poor deluded, mortsa on vatge yotros6'que eataa sie'mpro dis-
Thursday of this week was sent by puestos a traduoir (o mejor dicho a
Some practical joker to this office, traducir mal) nuetros artiulos, con
l t i ingtold. that L W. Bethel, the la Idea de perjudidarnos eon los Cu-
tio t2lls Me Lieat.. Governor held forth here. banos; que traduzcannuestro articu-
Sthoie f When thi, gentleman beheld our be- lo do la seanltlpasaa titulado
oSi' fI 11Plgs oouAteonapoe, he quickly faded "'Mat Ar'notia." Tambion .auplha-
VlM Innlll to .a He will itrver a ak if moe s traduzoa la peticlo do Mr.
n jot Bethel has d ofice in the DZMOOPAT .awsBon al Coionoli Wicker firm4nna
I a pa tmti bl g por Allen, Patterson, o Lockes,
os and a building agamn.
S MOli' o go the. Williams y Warren.
'.) -Mea, Fogarty & Johnson 81 los Oubonos no hab leido los ar-
hrou gh their New Yolk Correspon- ticulo menoionados, deben hlacerlo.
.. .-'. deatai u Mes. MoKEeson & Robbin, tos probnrai que el hombre por quieon
S- "' are doin a great deal towards help- votaron, los hla nganado, ) lee hbaa;
_.. the Key West sponge trade, and ver que han Hido pre4iguertoa pon-
Inllln balding up a reputation for this tra mi edoojiendoiomibrea quse i
:t" d m i0ot~~eatodity. Anything that occurs rian as votoq y que para comoeguia
new N or novel if itamediatly made fmintieron. -
"' fknowio. The attention .that was Nadie ha abrigatg mas'. B
ith a."lo4d to t.e irt dal ro propugatfioi haoie loJ Iibanos, que '
:1 "I: i6, loagptge 'W ltit hNtrtqd b Pcuanato nuestra ftru (is WgS6i
S' :.r -'. correott eUitirt l.s pru eba ,

_D C *I_~FI~\I~1 \slrW___ ___ __I~_::__

aT UY WEft )MOCRAT. LOCAL ITEMS. Notas sur PatraoIN.
p' 0 i aT 1888TU xoo0 ATUra TAID Tokday's paper ands Vol. 8 of the
S, Ther is noGodl,-aneasy thing D siar,. Subscriptions and advor-
S i FoVanyfool to sy. tisamionts are now due, so you inood
-4 ,#S morning 'Seamon The fool hbath sald it in his heart not be surprised at receiving bills for
14 8 m. Prayer Meeting, This many and many a day. both to-day.

; ,tWtonise thi mlm Adverthle' Of microscope and telescope homo.
trd at e0 centse lIn eath in.
i.X turt will pT, hrd rve thiMuitwe ca had t -She for l rm bad more thabn
.n., The lt of et uImni eyan's heart going it-a-pat Men-
yor sho tMolip.. Tholmit of the mind. day niht, our reporter Y
Which ortgaluPWoer T sodden oolinsists edio was not resenck s arrived

: --- Beyond the limit of our ken -Mr. Samuol Filer rvecived anoth-
fluston rps red a10a'tnt of eon- Nothing at lober exists ei large load of lumber this wooeek
:/ BatWobtIy fool must still Umidnit, from Pensacola per schr., Rollin San-
Ty'th extras8o4 s a t Hard Bread at If any tool refloots, forp, Capt. ifarry Davis.
eono- That there are many things unknown
Except by their eff o ts. -The Eng. Schooner Mary Jane,
ove o yeu tried ztracted Honey? We do not know tho life within urived last saturday with a crow
i ot,. ogo DDlonos fort. T hmorentblaloof grs of nineteen and only eight imasein-

All -- Nor can we see the vagrant winds gers, This excessive crow butinosS
AU t f e who know their mind do That lightly) come rnd pass. will be ropresontodl by the Colloc-
not know their eart.
no kow Nor form nor size, the lightning has; tor to the Departu ent at Wauhing-
--Go to F W Roberts for canned goods We only feel the stroke ; ton.
Everythfng in this line Is full weight and And unseen force, we hold and bind
gnmwat Ancdtanpeittoour yoke,. -The two luts belonii;inrq to theI
gara e And te It tur yoke, Estate of Frederick Filer advooe'Liued
A. Dot~no heeps his butter anti lard We mortals boast of what we know. state of FredricFiler ri
o A. tiOno kied hit butter and lard ixaltifig reasonsi' throne, in this pap:ir for sale WaiS purceihed
give him a oal. While there is far beyond our reach ooo ly M Stnul Filer, the ithor
An infinite unknown, by William Filer. It in very valuhn-
Keap is selling Oolgate's celebrated The lessons of eternal apace lhIe property and the eun paid, $1,600
Turkish bath soap for 50 cents a doze. The fool takes ot to heart, for each, is none too high.
This is a bargain. And Mil the endless verse
Ti arie gAugoe by a part. -The way in which the cigar bus-
The more nature is sad, the more ,noes i, extending in Kay Wegi aug-
the hearthatone is dear. If he could pass his arrow bounds ine i extending in Key Weit aug-
And freely ranae abroad. urs well for tihe future of the city.
iHY not buy a "WHAT NOT?" He mnst confess that all he sees The Cubans havo added much to
can find them at. Rp's, all.walnt for Arobut effects of Goal. the wealth and business of this place
*4.00. Rocking ohahrk, bedsteads, o., a --Edoard WUIle. in tie last decade, and many of the
proportione fgare. -Candidates for civil hours don't sirongent business men of tihe ilitnd
-Remember if you want drags, mcdl-, develop fast. belong to tho Latin rane.
lInea or any thing to be had ina f rt class -ir. and Mrs. A. J. kiemp return- thu iatt part of this week
drug establishment that you can fin&iIt at T -Duing th irst part of tis vc
Xtas (ep ist) ed from a lengthy visit to Punta we had a v6ritalle ice famine. Just
-- .-. Bases. imagine itl Within the tropics and
Vow GanW o eT.-Onrept of your nd- --rcf. Blake has the pleasantest not a pound of ice to be had. Ctu-
dreMs we will make an offer by which K on
can earn $3 to $t evenings, at your home. shop in town, ip better fixed up and ears death never stirred the people of
Men. NN9men, Boys or Girls can do It. H.
SW miesoe & Co., 195 elid 19 Fulton can wserv his oustonmers most satis- Romre as much ai some of our peo-
treet, Noe York. ( factorily. Give him a cal, ple were moved, especially thu old
h e habitues of thie saloons. Fortunate-
Nothing isogood aitseemsbe- H ry has been ly for the peace of the ity the dely-
forehand. ted President of the Bd. vice R. A. cd ice bo ARR Moylvage, who succeeds to the and happiness, ocktails and ilk
SW RHEUMATIC CURE. ma)orality. A very god choice punch. reign supree once mre.
SIUBE CURE for Rheumatismn, Neuralgia, -The Margaretta still claims the
&e., &e. -Do your own frdtting. If you
.... --(o)- championship, anud her proud -ownerwan to give omedy Hail Cohi m-
Anyyweosufffering, willdo well to apply challenges the Gulf coast to a race. bin wiit thu a' i youl and
to J .nar W)1. "s, oy Weset, ,Fl. Is there no one wao will care to dis-i write the article youelf and
-aign your nameo to it. Weo ihavO
Do you want bargains in calicoes, puto this fact ? 1 n r i n e
lawns, &., if tso go to LAI.KIN. Do the o enough battles of onr own without
ladian want a sat fitting shoegoto LAR- *-The city of Fernandina, Fla., has ineddlini with others. It you have
pay visit to the above lore f very heavily by tholirh' iond. complaints to nimlt. because stoit'er::
These ominous signs should be a ain't on time; because some rici mn1:111
Veha the-leamare ofl tine tJ. his warning to us. Let the Fireman ain't liberal enough, or some poor
eqkl the n3at and *4 0e tre ofj, . ..
'liThompson, cornes Simonton and Angdla look to their organization. one is too linh rig, do it yourself,
street. Zl1i1 has J etyta eive I a 1ins lat
'fDry Goeds 'ad toa ens. which he in' -Mayor McCliutock has resigned We will ho glad t0 p ubis the arti-
in thisciell hl s e wre fweo a~the President .of the Board, R. dclo J'u.. sign your ame. It i not
sathified that Wl e ableo,,toaue bj 1onsylvatgo Is acting Mayor., exactly fair to expect the editor to
gain. ." We hea -that lie is 'a candidate for givO a touch of h-1 to Lverybody.
-Mr. MaxlnoDahas opened a drug the.mayorality, for the ensuing year. Do aomo of it yourself and see how"
-Mr. Maon a DiSmAt one nedo n drug you like it.
otrer nDuv Seets oestce doo, from the -The ..a. Corn, acting from news
business house e aS & Ourtls, Mr. given by a passing steamer to a pilot UJaes M. Trimble was brorglt
aDstid- f to ifhntm fiegd, AmerI- boat, went in search ov a dismasted from Myors on Thursday and lodged
.ca si4' bamm that is k is all-freah
oan Sof-She ratuaIltyi antsthat they will wreok. After cruising two days she in jail to await the tion of the
steoby paireh ing oftm. (Sop. 1t) returned without seoiig. any signs of grand jury. Trimble is accused by
S' S v- "her. Dr. Brown, of Mykers, with an at-
nstAsCtIo oWEns CRUM tn t ,mpt to poison himself and family.
tIsxeielleahttt hib aaB ndesho the -In speakngof Oraue's fighting Dr. Brown was formerly of Tcxits,
bes sacd his to4 water I JuttA what 'i qualities; his experience etc., the Nemws but removed to this State about.
u ed. d_ thirsty water. Don't should have mentioned the little epi- ght months ago, b ingthe youn
fail to atn be 4on nva E. ,Every ltg .a ringing tvot
ting VIn b"stW tle. ode thalit ocnrred to, Crtne at Bay- man Tneblb with him. He inv,,-
10 i0 port.r. It is rather dirty for our col- tod in considerable property at My-
i UID TEL R P9ON1S., urs and is reported as being tolor-
Priate )lli buq eilqalpe4 and rented at -Mfr. Jas. R. Perkins, son of Hon. ably well off. No ill effects has fol-
of ,upt ; Chal- O, 0. o Jas. P. Perkins of this county, paid lowed the dosing. Trimble emuphat-
ager oft a~gst.lpboehe xeohange. thdDEMOORAT a pleasant" visit this ically asserts his inmaoenco.
~.- a o- nns d str an .week. He is one of the promising ts a n
XMailne hls new ord othandsome jewel.- young men of (he Maiand of oour . --- .
ry, eonaigng of breast pins, ear rings. county. has'beeu hound. He lives in Key
bae, bmoehn shawll n s.y and m tfc West. He has a neighbor whoso
ast qaity andlatest design, and it will -We are glad to hear that out house is built exactly on the line,
Sp.y Tou tos? thee bforeLpharch in friend J. 13. Baldwin formoirly of this and thus makes it necessary, should
tewdre. ofwry brgaa garn- city, now of Laredo, Tex., is doing repairs be needed, to trespass for the
.well. We received the Laredo 7tmes time being. A few days since sever-
S tos week which has a very flattering al ofthe weathelboarding on No, two's
Administrator's Notice. notice of the above gentlegi~an. Good house became loose and he desired
I parties having claims gataist the Ltck a carpenter to go and nail th(ea up.
Ld (itydefeatel wOl iplel.te ofen -The justly celebrated Wallaok Finding that he would have to goe
hthmedtatelv, nd all tne ndebt Tripologue gave their last of a series into No ones yar d, the carpenter
to the same, rteqeed to settle at of performances on Monday of this was met wt.h a refusal that war by
o o- Or.s..., week. This company right worthily no .ean .lit. .h.nk of it, refus-
Key WesI Aug. 18, (O..) Administatrator... high, and they have added ingtolet a carpenter stand In his
S 'm t, the entertainment of our yotrd.a few minutes to nail several
o. ,. e o plank on his nearest neighbors house.

mott cured me of trin(torai of '14 yoar their tprs a by;prying doctor bAlls that
standing, Juurm S. 'Lun, Bay B y VielwU bt. fett them no
-Myl wife wasnr c-ir of a ringworm of 8 T(W l tOiAIeM roms o"
years Atanding by Lotmrds Ointment, i- G tJil tO to
WAi roc WHiT'all inl iiear Vite, t, ~ a 'r Trnggst RaUd ask for thumb. If they
-Jthree aiplicationaO t. eo.mar ., ha veo t ot got them write at once to the
S c red ne ftio plo, the price In money
meit redw me of .an of nl I obo ric n
, Tta.nding. .-Lor ap e 'tnrops, nntl tt will ba sent you nit
... ., y .. n.. nLbp mail, pot paid, orrespond:nce
KEYIr mcr, l'P I b,2, lt, 1833. -jltm. -d el -
SB.L iAR '&J. : Al .1 , '0.
0nn~ ytm 1 RingW orm, aV me of a very L IAB I Rk C
otlHpd' Oiutmouet <'Ufl me of a vers' No. 890 4. altimorp St.
aMOr, i cn 1iu ntis with pleaa Sept. 18, 1883, lyr.- Baltsilore, Iid.
A tlltb 1 rlaooionel it pt tho public 'as.
S flo. Au n~.A, L.owv. -For 8ale,
t July 4th 182 q P I4e -ts. *ADDES1RAIAloh ion inVM Ft. Myer,
r' : rd 2 4' 1 8JE r loe, 3 t.1oir Front, 6 aert),
SSl. LEONAK)SI Co CO.; .cIcawrardl a fed,'Cbod .houus and con.
', f i', ,, vea ehitt tin cvey.ithe cosu For partio ethul
.W AY. h IS-,'", 4 :pto ,' t t. M nXa, a
^*L-oE.I gf\t )1ttt.''fc;~u^ ta3,iy ilinEi(; *:8, Wtt. YU, L U:1^.,5211

Maikinag Powdui:r.

I'A' VA ts

Absolutely Pure.
'I'liti j, i in Irly, P .'l 'nlit ,'n:t 1,ilo;':nom .n m Mar'
oiii(ii.i1 l t hitn lth ,'irdint'ry litd is, ail
ca -nilot b(i Mld( ilt itoolil ition waih tihe
ititlt lin, of lp iv t, s!rI t ,io ..i.htli, nalim)
or o iKl i. l i ti v p i)',' 'tl :, ), ,/ ; c'T :z ,ly-
AL AKI.w P1,4 ',',A.i C.... I \ W ',.Ill t., Now
Yor'l. ,J ly 1,t-lhy.)


R. M. K E M i.


Best Selected

S -0:'o--


EvoI' wen lin this CPy.

8eivlui I~Ituutb.s,

the f;i.t load.-of: ; ,,n i:n's! cntcli I .A. J ." -: T C -
of satttr.d flulh'f 1 ,'nI tlis week. f inm 0 in '. v, :.--
Tihe lish w c08' it at PI' '-) . . . . . .
riIche at GHrparu '. i Ln i
-. -- ... ,lh P .4,* .l :< i 'Il. 'd1i.rain '-
WVe bhave tic *t 'ctt v i i fO.':- -' ;- :I;:' In:, "., Ici ,til- .t
c 'l ', ita'. is. th oat the U. r ' i' i, rtid I 'l ; i I n t
', l):!ri; grlou loear I ho b rl- ',l. ; :ur, vn .p'l;'s, i; o) ell to ' He ol(; )i ;,,s ',it ,,, .' I 'n(y :, l '1'tit .i: e r ,,r <,ru ,
I is, pi ti lln t ;n l t hiji-Iii t'l C(;|
(f't01 ll Hli ;)t])Ai )g 1tu.liu l '>'r t iHll, ot f 11 iimbib ot All!,Hip, tii.'y :li' 'lirii.
,e i !S .t I- 'I'-. ... ',1 \ i'; cl l.ha'vh 'f! e uit,'. r' .. prn v,-' r 'v tbi'li Cih't n i ifwe ,
han:; ,n hii avl :i, ,:' is -' ., t. m, calt t- .l t, hu' l 1 '1 .' -.

; 1 it. to v -.I .'M'. I i t I lu .''Il. l !1 v .' i t 1' 'i 1 {ia -Iy lbih.

oii. II, ':ifna ti i
'11h fi ,It ,t I u an ltuI t thi. .-< ,,, ,'/I ,:,, ot i, tliin ,g p v-
fm itO i ,if ; 1. ,',l i l. r, aii ,Itr ii u I- ri it it1' i,' 1,[,.n to t ilo ll,!
;i l lit th , .'. i ,,, ;,, i l I i ti at i i bi'' i 'Ao tlu -li (i' .s llbt i '
.t. l t ,i 1'' 1 i ' .'. :i to thel t,i it:il

mo ll'It.I-,b: OP. 'm 1- I -i-i-uat .-'ut-ChVeuba1 '
in; .116 -vie. I tr, -1iio i: t' mi r. i c W iv w ,i -

t L ly' f to- ry. f t i 'l'., .(c''l '.,ig ll ,[i nut tn r.ii' fly

'".i:i <,'f r ti O ., \'il .lj-.,ii ;. tllV ,1 l,-E, ifi t .!fl 0- it i o .i .
s. 0 ': [), "it. t O dit 'ii o! f r t ,' ii l t I :-. I)i t.w ,,Iit-o: l It-.o1

J';; ii tO; (n l I to J ]i tinl'i
...... .... .,t.<,t tV:' te,,tJ1 <,i vt.+rY'',;'T^t tdlt i +,
,'.. ,b- ,--r ,.------- . . Iv v'T.'t.- .li'~ Iri, llbi ,i Ill(iro Itir-

it, tl v f ll(! 'I I' or h" f~Ii i j I,, '+It f o ',' 1),+1t ,,:L (ll, th o i v, r ,b C t:.I 1,i )11 ..i m rmm --
Iti..l, t ., ". u I tR -l l CItor l Ni bk y.,

a' iin'm' it t i\-i.!y i,', ,'i' 1)' t li. e n. --. o tf \Voi!.,l

; w ill H.',i .' ; .', I :,, i. l -i i p r til-
01. m I-f. f to' th tro' ., ,. i; W h if,' 1':ar. .utw

t t L kI, ,,, ,,," ." i,j, r:,-,ii..;,'i, yb'iV
Ale oo n c n you
r-* ? "' '; r .' -io e not i Lb I'., 1(.. ,,bi ., m.. mo i. <,,

:: "" i - West, l +ti i'rll .., ibly i .t' ;u to .. 'i.'Ib ) tiiliu In l e1
- -- ,-otII, Lilq o ly I.b li lb l i l ba -ii it
1We 1*11TE1 0-1 6 N
i u'r ei' ii et -l i (I l.Pi:l- I frni (jlit t ." ii.l t fr,'-u ii y

OvlrObt iiiI .I t bI -e b' 4n f i.. u, il L
--inh fo ) i l t i' )|' I ml. l.1u), 1, t 1 o'I. i

I M L U A 01b 0Ti.1I l.oas' l 'oom t l, m ti y
ir-b i 1 1 A t 'l r- .i I I r u, l .iln O ii .,ia-f tt l tl ',,; o -.
S- i ri )".,,u ifl ri ur.e ai l'.. .,'aJ;i :..o' m8,J

',r't i i- v--:' i .,, -,r y t , o ri a:!..ol, il cr 'ii t i -' Ia .' iO .
.. > .T.. i.(, I, ftr, t L C ip 1. ; wio tlloa l.s-

(All, y ,li I inakl1 f a iW: DJ-Otl .l: Pls il. t",Ie

1 K i b -C a l i d tul. A rn,.in. i- l -i n .t anr i ra-tli to Lita -, ( oi tlin

ini 0lo Pb' he ,t-o l .r 'oiti -bt -nul o m giit f o f tiiyo utr-, od m nol -
it o 1 0.-ir \V v 1lt i b-bobi rit- n,- ol ""' lt io inu lif-u i t lj u tioew ins, l t.
i, .rl .'n t o clan ,ll t | t c, Ill worry li r till life l .o i .n -,.
i- t .i>: L-Al l y vi, t 'i t-I i ,i t ).i i l, p - -i i" All t i i t (., inL ur", ti ,. O

TE t , lp- lb iI t o blrbu o f -tiii i' l, j (ri-I01n 1tie e b t1 o may
.-.. li' :'(, ;Itin totui C' Ic Al -, bhy .l i(lfnf u .'itll ,'a' ,0 Lni ianmi int l.'otII-.

,,, 1t ,oi' orII,, \ .l i '%u f fatltI rl ,L ott
il. II'i; 'i t;.o li l;t. ,ri of i Ui l. .( I- k 'L ,:Tr- 1 i l ltO rt s lit ir"I IA jtb t l eioiii', Itu
,1,,, ]. iro ] vnti; thltnr indalug kno %\i, itud

l, rt,,-1 i .u I ti si- -' i i i i lIi Clii' l'n' .lol; n it i r- iu tf thea i dn nl t r -
y I,' ,i t ( I ole' 'v f rrill i li" I 't I i c-;, iM o;r pr i i t irut a e lnr rJety :. il-r,

S ii'V' it ll o t'I 1 vltil;. v nI,,w Ei l f' ti l o rn I'u" diL u1 l e di e M ittej ycu ovr
re i.;, 1 (r .i mi l ',' l'hi t n r 'let ilf ymnlr t nt inniv j l your (iol, triOa
city Li 'ri i l' t r tl3 u' t x iii',i',I t I "1. iiA'o I :'h titl 'i a c r '' t 0 y i lf Iof tii c so rollble .i

l I., n-,it: : ,no e r roI r ..t, n ;d I; It. oru f.- t u gilow ofirl'e to rct
Ct ti in l r il i u QnoE; r, A uy i i ni ,- li (th tl h1 i spirit tl it ii ture itenJptd for

ji, i i i Dy' i l- i y i t ir's < o. i to l 'j ivito. p si, ,

oft Il. n < 1st r 11 idso Cal- f1 ahir I nd itit bl to tk a O c, contain
t.-beoi, tb: l i) : fs-pt., I. il ro f .or (-.2) tin- ictrg e tho huti ai b I U troo inid nrii
A. y arnt Ii)\'l l.i;.,iII ,iri (or "v ritl.) op-i l ii m l
))o.;' tw illl> 1 t O 1 .114 F)i l ; 'i.'i M. 'onitit,'m ions wmiihM xir I y of ill effr W he i,

l tc 1 t r (, o v ll po nitivl y iuani y' of thtin 1y liir
by ivi.; vI- ;.t, or written oplp a i'to is i to 'iche' ulild s are noilj t. Finl-e
n :, ''i NI.' E I :, in l to e ,-od ucatin peie.t

SIlONt.ily I"rn latn hotte 0 t 1 iloiw-i. pleidIs ,oad-

l Sud W.r J H. Teylort 9 r Justant Reliiffintd re u for .Odwv d
city tll 3 h 1:3 L oly 1 f Tt,. or,L,,', A. )., t r t n t ot; 1,r,h I ow i,-.

ovLrycateor it u-ntont
1 Aol Mi ED NO hi4nQi-, Ctitr -'n' tri-a ns ru(d"I dWh l1 3Oii iilr bl toulrrO
Niil .i'eP tor o (Itnd oho Re .'And Aou r Mcrpl y mt'. c will osr-

w rn e o i2'ttn oft iat In.l hl fr ol bi then i do
: ., (( ii3ii"Lt . ,..+i,, oned a thiu l t i i'rl s piia ia the
ETs," (>. -, Nit h-t'T m "ii- i b.lclk- t'rUc qt eni fa-tinof'linl, sj i -l, L ucorrld an

r,. ,E i -n. IoTiair e, ir nA.. t ir1' ui inR or it he finrgt, "tir l or Hun living
-^*^ tn, ..... -LvI- -..t ..... ,.,,v, > st-h Ml .T, )bt'siltp. iin lia o li t inul Nry kin IW./en /-
.r... r'i SNo. 06 1 1r,,,t " will i\o ira-
.A- ,-UVI 'ra-- u i;t,o nd lasting reality f. The onliu o ol
., ll i t TW i.or',; 'No, U P)'mirearil ti l "i aend
A8 G Itr D t i' u lesa liil't r dr lvaiit, w;'" are n t chIeI .A.eldh, lbtltinailhi from
i l-;, to <. Borroto. d '.',ist' o r stint by i ttil r .u.r o froin ub-
(" F S U 'wclih| t'1i Hialls-., C.o, oevs tt. 10N,(,i ltstp^ Pi u '4lpt of price.
rild l u ai"od, 1 na il, lv Vi i. tl"t e kon a .t so
(l'l .a -.P A~ ~i~st i is needless tb o do-
pr iutl ud IeAa i f an m i A cril:, !thoe yt ptotai s
Br. ,'l r ;.y J A.]1ry", J as- iia.d h, ', e1tK5.' t, t in r4tppingth-
.n, i ', tq 'f\" D. (itle, clife t and ltfeligth of only too manl y of the
a" ls u(.iiilunlii B, Nee'I:H or:iio C al- fiiroet ;nel be sut of biota hrso s, olt l and
V st'A.ol fmuiti iw Yo by ili ,).r.'- y., tin c, mflul'ring alie from tile pirw onoue
c: oa I a ds e, ly. H lio o T 't. C drilpiug I the thrin t per u oin atiw ous nn-
S s at m n oa 'A, Lb io it 'Sl discot irW'-m i ies fit 'atl tenrect oande ener-
Alaorm, lybo, r al wy'ak. o, de'bility nmd huguefo r nsidl
Y., gnII (ni. v g to N',II. t.O'II' from tile i&iuto suil'cri ila of tiea ill noase,
1.2 sO s (JCwhi]"i. re' '-(, Cedar K v, which if not chookeil can only ed l in loss
RAld l<, tttilm, NV. (Curry. n'-n- o kalu'leh Ms i toe(l nei atiqo/h Ito, or
ft s14011. 11 .orad, 11 ik G ray: R ock- d",0"11ds, .mnprem)tc re,(tzal, if not
cliverk,-d btlore it i too late. Labor, tu0y
port, ]May mid ic'o A. F Tift. aund ri:tcarch i. Amt+riea, Ellrovo and Bits-
13 schr Noir, pareil; Williea' Ivlana torn lUic h nvrosresultod in Whotedr's 'o.
nmd;t,, W. J H. -Taylor. 9i; lilstant Relif. mid Curs etr oi arprh,
Ill Oa rii dy which oIntaino no Larmifull in.
-'i; I-'AlA.It I 'V, grudientim na d that ia gitvrmtilted to oure
S ." -i ofn ".r e ry tOti of tosto or a il ro. ic crrhttl or
A2 $ur Cure for Totter, CRig. ;u rWf-b'led. s '/.i e t 'ri :for. t( at-
NasW ru. nadmiiiand pao by.,W I). llrsH'-ahnd losc (omreanor l(inirrh will enr-
Cam'I, to', n-sory o rf ctaaTh, o n y fever or asthlia,
14 -sl .W Abeplro, Bincho C. 'd elnt.0 Prl . i'"ua druiglstH or
Ilsed feiks g el'-a fi'oii Tal ?' i k et l' y mail post lA id on r'eceipt of prine.
Kt~y, gen ciir{'<, hy Wui. Curry, i'/ en -y Ov cr n o f ro r w refund cares all weypa nid. s W ne l eoroi
G S.-i r o 1 ia tnr'h r 'h of-tihneya, inflasedtionb of telnrs for

..Oi r- me of purgngi u ripinss oropnin. Pryou te oal th,

- .,.$'aaoau onroa s . ofr or ag l oft ns maon y pes d. we w laoe ot r

,.2tess than .on-' l-teof Lcouardv's Oint. other i-emadiae without nlict oa" depletcd


K(iy Went, Iina., I, War Moolintokc, Mnvor
as nforesiaid, do hero! y isn to hi my proa-
lianiintion, ordt'riiu! n', ulm(-t;OIn to !,h hold
on tii O1th dlay o'i f ,t,b cr. .L n, 1881 tor
the following 'numicill;il oiflc-rs, to-wtt:
One Mtiyor,
Ou3 Olerk.
Olio nalasllal
()ne Ttx (;ollo-otor
One 'Trenuror.
To nsevo ycnrn Sr from thet date of their
elic ,r or ultlil tiher tiuece'5sors are duly
q lificti; jl:) for thoe tlrection of (4) four
Alder'nien o bea o! ctod at the samlo tinme.
(3) t -.o AlImIrnin for thlo 1st Wiard.
(1) oneo Alirlcrniu for tlie 2n.1 Wad.
(1) onte AlHoriimm fir th.t 3mrd Ward.
To servo two yeanrr froi the dtit of tllhir
cloction, or lttil their eatecesori are duly
Anil I licr;o y appoint and duelare the
following i) oa polling precincts for
sauld election, viz:
Firmt Ward--(ounty Co-'rt House, All
cltiaend entitled to vote anl residing on
and 'btcwcun the Nortiheitcerl-" line of
Emma eud Northoaturly liue of'Dnval to
tlhe Norlm:.-;- irly line uf Aing.ln street shall
cant their ballot in the fl~rt pi cint or poll-
ing place.
Second W'IarI -City H1ll, Alln itlronns a
aforosait re-iding Ibotweuen the Northamst-
crly line of Duvil to the Southeastrl;'yv linii
of .wlizaboth anod to the Nroxth'.rcste;'l liy o
if Angela street shall castt tholr h.dllots at
the 8ceond Ward proifl'nt or pollitr', ,1',o.
Third Ward-S, tore \Vu,. If l'Iat LNT Ailjiin-
inl-thtlo store of Wai. DuieLoeltt; camrnoc Wil-
liHam and Fileming b;tni,.t. All clliz-tus re.-
idiUng on or botwiol thlO Northeanterly line
of EliahUbuth nni tUuutL uitllii' litte uf
White to the Northwitaorly lin, ouf Augcla
street shall east their ballots tit tiid Third
W'ard paeclizet, and I hereby appoint the
following persons inspectors of tild elec-
IlT' W'VAo-Jo'hn Farquoharno, n, atimel
Gnndclf'o, Pftor Lo.wia.
2ru WVAInm,-. A. Duaiells, Wm A. A, Lwe,
lonhu I. Thopipson.
3A WAUn -Besi. ltoborta Jr., Wein, IM.
Pinder, 1. W. KI.oip.
Srolls'tu d en ,at A, M1.anUil closeU t sun.
(liven under my hand and seal of said
city this sixth day of yuptirambjr, A. D.
18:13. *
Key West, Sept 8, 1H-:;I ltyor,

BEN. 8. cOCtM .

AI1LlN E. culnItY

BEN.R S. (Tlfl~y &an

Cabin M ces and Ship Stores a Speciality.

ouases of the City. IPrsounil'; -atention
given Io sals annd satisfaction gtiran.
ted. Goods roccived by every
ateamner from Newv iork, Now
Orhlenn,'l''amlpa, MBLnatoe"
fnd Cedar Keys, alnJ

t. by allfaibooner frombthe Mainland.


Myers,, Florida.
Oumuwr Md and di



Diston 4=000 PoEaao


IHomestvats perfected. Lmnid wortrats
located', Myers Towp Lots bonuht and
sold ou coanuipislon.
('n'uge grovos and other fruits plant,04
Lands ontorld. Titles investlg.LLe 'Taxo
paidl and all other bhimnoss attvuded to for
non rusiideiitd. Correspondence oiioiqle&
VrnAINKft ll)U! Myers Fia,
'NONtan Y Pu'ihlI6ib t tate at Large,
Sept. 18t l, u188

BA T. d f ;A V ii ^

-C I refarrd by &bust
9im'.: an"10, on lw
count of ILA pupwk

Orly that "re 11"Widal
erJy~nrl Ilk,
flneiwis e~s Y~uI-it Celsi tbo Useie Vrd~i~ulr 16
J,~~'aI~wl~al. 1 tc) auciaa
flnie. 2nzul.iII~r\ ii. .J." Hl~o~isegI &
2' a. 241 ,rmqa.dahlud su4' ~ Hlco .

2:s~ :


commission Merchants.
Front Streot, next door to P. O. i
_---. O --.... -
We would notify tho public that we hnvc _
opened an Auction oand ()otu uli nes uad would solioit
01r aqtnltalat hore nud aen theo Mai:
h14n w-ill justify ua, in g.hnan'titng a fj
quiok roturire, and,1 ains oo prfcr tie can I /e
oht:dind by any' o,u 0. lve nus a; tri .
Nhliinr s, tAng.+,NS.l



Al,- 1 ).L,~, .

- i_ I -fl-, L a m

_ ____I_~__ _ ____ __ ___ ____ ____1______~1__ ______~___ ____~_ __I__F7_ -~---RII--CLI~--_ -I ~ __


~_i;_:__iXi _ ij_ _i~____i_~YII_ r _ _I~



----AttohitLui it i oflW ca LI b j) iLw Skitt- Z P

-U tpi to thu-,ou) ;~oig to proweii o puP; iLaJ4U S HV I A
tho ,N. Y. uteatinior, v s, duo .wo diayt, Openi Hen~ay Eviiiitg, Oct. Int., 1883,
id iiot arrived.-Fkatingfrom 7:30 to 10:30 P. M.

n igit lIe iiconvoe6 rnVUc Li,: i-avm2 iglEY WE-l COX1NET EANJ~
thoir gain' laul t1io1 t .jj i i ii:.i; ;11.", i(, 1 will 1e i0 attcn-l'IncI.
1i4 therc o s-)'bt CIPti'vi C Ii jonid- I %n -2 Cns
ill- -,f follyAdmissio0n .-2.5 CronC
-Ti w1o -. Op flrvery aftt-Oi fiiiia .1to 5:3U

tivoly ilpf 1,ocl tin iy: thu !! outs )XIJLUIMY F0o1tl 'T LAPIE1,
NiVOILol. 'if ill*. 3y I C0 l:W 0 ol 'i i -113 N', Vi nd0 ld i" r'lvtl iko FLttiv-
day evi'lfiif li 4 .. tt ~ l ,' i o 7 to I, sr r
Nyovlk thu peI~ople -011; 1:;, wo (Iii]
tliiihiewi~ v'~nC iirt :ti~fo
7-to'' v.T t-


0lOAq0 o % D0 q LA #,
Agent ;at l !..y w ,. ', -.. Fl- orida.



C'OL. lxONT & D)UVAL rT3I.
S ---0---.
Wl;olcsnalo nd i t dil devlir in o tiecnl Ir.
ohanudise. Itculivos b Iy erli Hteanmor
nlatl tiul froi j New Y:c' t rld New
Orleans It fresh siupiy of

Groceries Povislons
andl annoe goods, HIls anlwva.y in styek
a littrg,: a( :. will a -;lt ivc o.L,>le t of
hLhinp Chlitidlery, Croclr-ry, Glass,

I -- 0-

Cnl'ipnte: rs Tools, Storeo, 'Paintr!, Oils anu
Varnishis, F'urniturc nnd




'JiC~BLU~W~ UrP1E5CdI~ ST~,LaT~Otrsre RYka


0 *.,-
*tr. Trrdyil, the Intou Chief ; ugnear f
ihoe Ulit'en SntatsBeniute, toils a corloui sr1'7
,of the .lst ldays r oCf Olharlcn SiiiB er, whidol
,nis pruola!ly never anipearod iI print. Mr.
lia'ydep, as .Qbllof Elnglner of tho Sonato.
;hild a seanl ill the .Seunto Ohalanbo, dlroctly
it tli rUight of tho yiee-Pritsldeuit, roW
(the pllwe where hoe at he hald the seat whiidU
,wai occttpiu d by Chalrlor Siuanueo in Itll
.ylowv. Mr. IItaydiun aocupal'd his aunt n time 1
ktnllate coutinuonllly for the I*f twouhours
,of tho list day which Mr. Sumner speut
,hi tle clamubel nr, d i e tel the ijorstreiti
"I m11U nlevr forget," samys Mr. Ilayln.
t" hie lisit lte that Mr. Sa1inuer Mao in tlio
,lcminte, I was sittlag -in my usual pl'l~A
wlh'lil ? saw Mr, Siulll).tc fla, too lils hnt
#;4 cAUe both fu liil right land, as he wilt
,offlt t accuhtuuied to do, auid start to leave
/ih- chnambler. As he ruos froil his seat lie
p ut hisi left land quickly to his left bec'it,
-Is if itn 1 Li, ind soumntd to press it hai.i,
-lheau IIo lit-oid, I slioulil say, fur a full niriu.
lt, insutlug lils eyes around llo onLire rnogo
,of tliu gallreio twice, ne if looliing for a
frnalliar face. lIo then, stainslilcg tlioro, de-
ler itely iPurveycd the whole oumto, (ud
thon started f(,r thu east door.
"Asiha started ht dropliod ll left Ihantl
irom him left brcnmt. Au he reanohd thu urt
iloor, lie onoo mure pat 111; luit Lnud to his
luft breast, with a qnlokor imiulio, and in-
a elinod litH body slightly to the right, Once
lmoru lip Ilurid, anid I can ce the wonderful
xprpcssiouo on t loface uow. It turned iret
ldeadly nmlo, then berocnu a pearly gray. I
hliuhiil never have kuowi the fae,) WIs thnat
pf Mr. BStuui-ecr. TJli'iU \Uit ui)Oult it cex
pirosion of pmin, but a deeper expieresuio of
igonizilng uorrow.
'I11 stool a f w saeonoiid Inl this po'itlionr
anrvecyrd once illore the wlhoio Hoento te llm,
hliu.(;lhti-ned lilmselfi a little frouim hlis partl
LiielinIIIg 1)omitiOll townrl tlhe right, nid ,irlt-
oil iLiuiiUgh the doors as if sliot fronu a olou-
an,. 'Ilo never entered the Uncuan Clinimbor
pg^yiu. In two dys lie wit idena. I cold
tiot ncoounit for Mr BTI u1nluo's n stmang on.
dtuo.t, and thti terrible expresiou on his face.
It hauintod mo. c
"Thu noxt day I lennicd that hlie wi sick,
nud the uoyt that he was deal, nmid it noccuireil
,o me in a momont that possibly Mcr. 8imuwr,
ps he stood wilh his hand upon his Ibrmnet
iu'l survoyod tihe Snateo Chiiamber, unitht
have had a lresothniliout tint thlAt look wnr
tlio lit. whioh lie nas ever to give upon
the body, an l it WI\.v
.... t ,---, o-r
In sihopplllg, man is not a snecss,. To
eitn a lutaly clQlk i a nruslilg cri:tur.t, rW
\vnalutit enough cottuo tu pAcka sot ol
jewelry in a box aome two inches square.
.1hi i e(ilttornl west outt to pultrehito. Ve haul
au ihllljiiito ido wo could get it at a bi-
i:;uio;y liore, nld we diiftud arotlni thtu
"uvY, ]JitUliwhen we got there and looked iln,
1e didn't have thio couiagoe to eoalor. It wasi
icowde\1, and wo le didn't lnow which way to
tin u after we got llroe, and we folt that we
l-h.,uld get lsct there, and altogethorit was
cmo u-j;, \o cwu0ldu't mdo it. uO we \wen
iir 'wnt !O t Ic l]Cs crowded tlorl.ollugharre, andl f)inmdl cm sitr. thit wia cohiparantively
quik., anui th:lire we crnt(:erd and cexplitinzd to
thlu ic.-itnatlured looking ,aleawonan that we
uniteded omuse cotton b:.tlilig.. Shoe tld they
liuid it for fitooee, twenty and twenty-fivl
ccnti. Woe maidi we'd tanlo the best, nad away
ihq wawut. Soon she retrirned, followed 'by
i boy cittlhi roll of cotton about the-size of'
i beer cask, That as handed to u.t We
anzed at it and concluded that it was more
ltnia we needed for tlhit jewelry box. We
sind to the lady: "Mnadan, you are mis.
tnaken. 'W don't desire to start a wholesale
cotton maart, we don't- desire to get. up a
Former in cotton, -we don't run a bIurhsquo
tronp. What we want is about enough
Putton to fill a box two inches square."
Several lady customers overheard us, and
polked at ti and the roll of cotton. And
Shen they kind of sniokered, and the olerk
looked at us with a glanoe 'of ooutemptuous
pity that was worse than the laughter of the
buatomeno. We finally took the cotton ngud
'led from the store, but we had got to foeliug
) jo annoyed and mortified that we. didn't got
pvor it all (lay, And we rather enjoy shoib
pibg--tor a min.
Oddest of all defensive methods is that of
slapping off the tail. The blind.worm, or
slow-warml, la a little suake-lUke lIard com-
mon intthe old world. When alarmed, it
contracts if mtswoles in socah minnor' and
degree as to break its tail o0 at a ooistderable
dintanoo from the esd. But how oan this
pid it? The dotnoched tall then dances about
very lively, holding the attention of the
offender, while the hlisrd himself aliulus
away. And for a ooneiderable time the tail
'ctninas lt. capability of twisting and jumnp-
)iig every timo it Is struck, The lizard will

Htcu grow atothyr tall, so as to be prepared
for another ydvecn4uta :Tholr nre other
lizard woll-hiatttab IlBr power, though
iu los degree. '
satLr.iaoip xo IV si wNG i .
The number of spe s o of llUk.proauolng
(nsocti is very lArge-problbly moor than
two hundred-"ely few of whioh ate of any
"pmoti l Valtie to mankind on the contrary,
pfioft portion of the Osterptllr family which
unite theirr silken tiusaes to form a mAily
oist hanve ftl only defaled tWj itieaity' o
Oi to rintayil thr :hfadnoilk, -bit yhicq
hi lhdnetry oeontriabnte -tcmfoilr St
oribvy foltglg ump i nBit ter g aind or
ital tries. t pidofamlty, notwithi
a p tlieg Uin-y a ttaelpt tol proLDer beamtp
ll thareis t t ,oiputllin their product
ouf inrpofts oIf L fo4i MOfb t aidto Amluolk

. .

.,, ' ." .t A AD '
Invalid -nothero, weak ehildrdti, not
voue a'id fiettil infants are' betieflitod b,
\wian Bllo'n'.s rlon Bitters. HnrnclmUI b
u. r. *. ,. Zn. - . .
(cInl.esvillk uar"h, utt .ra;. now. i'p,
Ing NOdrthert. r(so* ,a .itrt nici.ns to theo
.Juarlsket'ainbs-hJ.,o$bjitalV 1' isuuhnex

rL1l huch sun' bc 'sltey 1

[l o- 0ij .. -'
"^(r'*;'** ^'i '-^M .<*

-. 0

Ran 1 1 2 V.-a I &,

1 er llYel~i.,.,Tf.edP stH tI htea IA . .,-.
Civer Cie. Winlt, Liquors niul dJCgars w. Ilrond Advertliemenout. Stai a(

item Thttl4&,4,4,.4FWay -
4E.dI. STILLM AN CO "man assawes

... ... F N W N EP

Arri. A t t soro" A, 1.0P.M

.,: Osi inoi leav'.e rrivn, at JackP
A Ie1T atI

Ar orive a iteW a dalat '
,tl d Lap de Porter for ramily Uv un ) C

Arrivefat thobaiabe 1ly at 405 p ,Between N vyork ndGa a imposed of Use followla s t 13
Arrive at. WPUaa shl t 4(CplAonlb ct

4Iarive at Ouse (xe ftestaships carrying the A g M
Arrivo at Molaht da ly at. ,05p tu

O AND IE E U Arrive at aOka nsil y at "*4,4I50 pat
S, .: . Arri OnctnU a Si t wilth t u ALA o ,t hr og h. aB 0 ,0

The we no n DalArr tti h Wt r r O O 1n.0 i " " 've *t- a *"
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ie. PATRIC K W aleOe febo
A F e O r oeretleing at attiro in with uaierou b AL C a witha. n Plo e rs UCeight and. a Ma
l bus, G n lA- Cai k - ** 80
TheMal iquo- 1, W leK B and Y kotlals, !i and Scotch mo. ewll ans. ,and l 0 t "urrow, .: 00
-: ^lupr .f vaufrct SBleepingCaros,'hrw rnrlavapaith JoAl P egnd

"1! NU PAC.SiIL,'" -Pv tr iF with stia, 'ie .TMl o ,Ale I caving for 10111e-
love, oEarrie at W shvilsto R e at 1p,4n e v
"1ra .ro tdealers who attempt topi tie e t at hrsdAy from:Now York with PASNope

-lATIO., DUTITU'tN lV -AND-. 1rritvo at N1.i,arivi n a t t ,Uaur y at arrivn a e
1*5O fo rIwhih ie thtdPheOm tEDA lA.2'n V DO J 4I TJk.F t1dd "TAMPA eaetou-ale'
t.rair noelyt .TOl 8 Ow 6 tn ai, loayiUi sAnl d y for (lve lB vn
PRIOF! T KEEPn SafKe11 tieOUTLY 014iUANli I AtaiViaol^tt aeJa1 Xtaea tor uy C to teoivvwi at H Key West 'etevery Saturday froa dlveeton for Now Yr
LW- S A F Emb te ST oaledotFrnt hot10 ni.. orAac hiz h . .ig r .elht ,.. 3I I AI r,,ticofor t
l 4 lud oveq usdat at 10 p. in. for Ooluiat..
^ ^o. W^';i ,: g ,Mal Lt iquo-s' WiTA'les andr, ri and Scotch AcixotivnL axmt7Fn -D13 0 p M N O
rT Ta ob Arrive at Jaelt alla o at "1.5t8,O P P RPR a R nrv

Sl 0A \.y Arrive at JCinsu atll t 7,210 p m O P L o

Ma Arrive at' St Louis at 4,30 a i n
tta wi at al uINieonti t uiillt rnln thi tri l o t 10 IV 0.4ah, *
tI llrul \t at r t ip _A Ar Al n t in nni l o 1!t _ at ,

fE. Thle. l e n i .and Hotel iiar to ii ot via S1,avat t m '

L l9 111629vLry'fN'iu S -ANDra-aJi O I Dd0. Arrive lit Now Oricm a at 9.3a A- I

N T 8 t~SF SOa ( ft 'ball9 li'rl B t2 : and Cinciuiinati, without chnngo. .,-^- -^ ^ ^
t 1 inY.a t1kln1 th rrsght expre cn ...tit .7....

Aot into the, lepin 'rs at 9 o'clock p. 11
Ltlten, 1T nood by' AG y In -_ rIroC!, iARd abundant te wl I bellow.
a of o 1ntyt io Coniecti(lii AM at 2. Teamor TA A
, e.' l- ',,, .- rive at itf .Lourtsat 7,30r a i 4 .

to ulyo&F iu ont e 1 r ox l --. l oo r, IfmhyildStolhi, oto and TDA AtSg A Kl y t 11. I .

tb u [d ry a n ti a o' .t. "i ("ilonnecti.Ig t harleston with steamor

of p .- -eo -.- .. t ,for Now yor,r Philadelphia and i .altimore, s'ONNET AT PUNTA RAiSA WTH BTiAMER FOR FORT MEiERS, FORT
S "-i, .a. '' t A rvr t i, thile ,h N O E O.R1 a 1 n rK Arrive at N! ccn Itovill at 7,30 s iaII

ihl.oThu edn ieca .e.i.hUAOW ". a-H .t.l. l.- i ..; .',.r;(dlthrmnih, Alsr o ( loh pila g C'i.i ba rths S(,t 'd*,y (t 1 n. " .
thh aannRatlm,_c- ; g, tir "' "-"<. .-, "" a ,r tis ,1,t~1d a t an t a ny y at Mm

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,! ,~ ~ TRIAj- lAv, tAne at nlc t t 7,1i. tmNUATURERS O .... *'Age a .
rn ntb lXre n e.te n OatUed b sons o n *

,SClloe o tar cl Ond ftio THne FLORALi ITYa ROUTiE. Agent at Key West. N T..

w, 1 S Flori' Faie'ul and Weluuistern R. R. --
uuix corou .ol vi o AvFlL: 11 A(O ".V(J ::;.\" thin r ,diite, trtain on. th WrILM -I.,l.. I Yl l ViUiT *
t y rtor, o i o C onrerea l iei onu nt A DO Ot ith s

,o ,.,:S AISO, FINE JTEEL ANLAD O EAiEi PaLOW .l ,aa .c ithconcotion, wh a ru n .. . .T -..A I .A. .. T .
tA 82 Ip o iT AGerta kin to i pns ts b Otai4 O1 EN and ON o #FhQ

M F S I- ,,lu ,tonh y writln tt tho makeroo o. 3. No 1. No, a. No.4. : No. 1, roat St.; ey eat aJ .
TM ICOLsl.N G2tleIbSy & CO., 12 Water t., New York. Acco. M. Ma. Acom .
OPl AfLL' t,, 11114 -, int wfll b e l

iaonco Ery clayaon si WE IW A k TiY UM AIodTEo.u R.'.,
e ",l forwtil b,. til ps," trains,

"iid TS u -r.I i air. 1
i: 1 0t0 ,t A A p. IAr T llah inAJ L T :i0 15

TBSrT IF YOU W A.T "te, ..... ... e, 'v..t*,:, ', us c' . .-;.. "* *
______ 1 *t f:25 7i43 At. Madison At. 9 11 t0. ;,,". ? .'p d A l 'C #, r ,

-nERNANDINA, JACKSONVItIE A KD | r ] 9:00 10:45 Lu. Tf Slabassoe At. 5 S8 .
ra FLOIeDA TRANSIT R .d i "-tonl t A SE S

J A OR SON VIL.E, P LA., A p ril 1, 883. B ,10 1.00 A r. C h atth R iv. L oe. 8 :48? 4 ,1B 1" .:
SI Le.i.J 'nAr. 8

*Leava^e m ae n 'ow r nY PFrchaSe it O fJ l .c^Ftui Au.. a 1oNAhT ON AN 83n.A oP
UrunHVwwk daily tat 8 00 p n .* ( 0:30 Ar, Pousacola Le. T' I*.... 4** '
I errivo at ha.n *,!ily Tt r a 1a A o !
t io Hl,,ota o s ,ousatso f h ..i4O :,o~ "ol tunne tirton, wi. e l B ru n af Tap *=A e ads u.
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aiCArrive a2ntt WaLio Wft "t3a ..n fe Y rrk m n. I l r a. .firl yA A at
Topn o S't.". i l. .A. C-utiL T' "

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8o i5 t2i i A. ahratdit A ir,'..2Or0r ]. o* C o r a laaiew r, ve o. 'w.... I 1 'n W o

i ol r. l A1.173FLt COME AB SE FOR Y.ooOU REEVES,, NEa -A o, W eVo,
Ihvojutt vdane dvridoderfryGood t. t vllohe of ony. t ,.L (0. 0 7u1 d n
........ rstio, ...... .s .ia- ..Q..9 v Mh xce, t tt ld -t : : .. "" "* *" .. . ...
%U0. 00AND 10:40R E T "A YL AaMaaseetA,1i83.8
Api11 -V1 11, (1 Qrlim A.s 4;d.( C A AND FIREWOO

F1' a r u1innXti.u duAl "ddae 1' p. W 1',ntA.uA ,
t 'r om .u ..-, m.ria -or .Ars,-ttaiwulanilta V f n lle I "- "
Stab i t 13,11112Wook ut r 04,6 I[ n le. follows '. O"' ~ X U 5J'
ro a, cut sl'aim NU at w I i 514Reu i Of a 0iz:5 rAnd r. from $3 to $30. Also, leclwin. ,j Xnc- -iir
a Cda r t e po at8irlablp Inform t!On, ca inlobuO t -.0A. if,-p. a,
by writOrang T telko maakers, Nao. No.e0. ~l No,n2. No *b.. 4J
and mtAsyat 8 COLLINSpn CO., 12 WaterOt., Nav Yora. n a;sl. M1111. mail- Acn4 A F'untt

To M eon 11 tmors, to St. Lout. 5:1lt0T130 L as Jaok nville to PA o.00 820

btn '13 aavs1:10 4o:53 Ar5 rake A aty Ar. 11:38 $00oiosill wia"'Ul Wa aind 1
'OB OR S EAM3u1 t 1No4 6in5,6 Ar. Livet Oak Ar. 4O W7 1:2t te the o.'

A.m 0An.5ir. Montiello Ar. pO ns

%aing buforu brought'hoib itsi ad a oblnn:i tii ,tii tt te Juiir ku.tu&as (iglOwu o p_ _ _ _
;. otAiy atae %ip t1A e W At Livo WtkV, 11it1 the Sir S iaht Mlori&a
Thi o mily W BOcePaper' a t t he ord. adid Western Rallrond.
T1~ ~ J~ R~NA T' 1 ~ t Qs t.,~ Q~tt~rx o40 *5* *b TR t55 SWith Ot. Marks ~M N T ~ D Y Q Q
0 7, mlhsda oq Tuen~ays.. Thu dayus n MANATEE
THX 93 '-75UWAL. Ifth'r. a !A ..DRYl ~. rrlr
T ,ta G 'do ;,- P O
tCatblisbed d on18011. j- at i it It I 'C
!Il-Nwelt' ot 810104 Style. opla a-o4Lnd Atfft VIM las. %fiA 0
y Monthly $1.O Year-Weekly $2.00, 'at1 rslot]FO GARTYV; ,
(In-aramLly in, itit14 i aa1-h 0 Las', ask g. oeanU in Sits WIMS. uthwvout sm Ith, ..
Ih Ito dGe)gcietaRQQIEN #t U EL. West; forwhuo Snl molm, .O ~ P hSCOMPANY havcnptte]fo~~
1 It nft oily'S11mtaliU it8 formet~t excellent Nsipoita. tw 0019,s 4, taC ad*, a
lIXOT 104te to them h now P40slt tk a~eu~~age~rEO ,
11 epiltai~m, bitt, moods the ONpd64%dooqs of I V- TH's PUI Lh Idne noap~iu wet
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M otf Tucadm~8t~Uptl n o4'3m~ and OJsturdhys Or161 and Vessels udder 50 tons, $25.00. tS ') 61tC;
Be oros a ll y t un W tslu Kuii actndRc Uauaula.
-~ ilU~is ed siuoc i~toO iorl~d tnd( ~f~~'I .lLE~,-7ke n.lo Clt 1s N1hert~ WaPT~ RIAB nIUwwvsun USAUEO~~~-AUt~ mm
tohso who k sep boa should take h eWasm. a8J .. Ut& II v Th fla* Ieaau w
Nilzoi JoesuA IA t is edited o T o a e yv Wost,. Feb. '. 'ern ,a'T7
wd. NzwtO, whoosh ro iuntation is wor-. .ih rWK Ru u
b -w~de. Seit L~r n .lnnpler. .aT I 1,ro 161 r E, via this line analsloop. F OR PAUMCUTOA4tS
-vie.Sep f r a aplecbgopy. A 11. Ingi% b erth. cau be aeo4red at thi (Joan. .. ...
5 %E ~ rlarual 1'. Wur fl Awj~rQ1DBP~tl'l -DtMk Of and at Ticket 1.11... i a4
&o. ~ll WeRC ny Street. F
ta ar: aJ Oeaeir1.a'Key 1 ' 2&h
jy~:.l~"''Ls 1k I.' IL Arroer "6T, Mm.P~ar Treom a. C"Ir. "
C - LS.11 na~i aster'Prans V
-April 14 (t-f.) Tallahassee, -a 1r a 0-

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