Key West Democrat

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Key West Democrat
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Key West, Florida
Key West Democrat
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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VOl l111. NO. 48

(n. PENTD ETON, Id, 1 PIrl1W
OrriCUL OOUAW, SaviiTH OUDLAL t1l (1CUr.
Published on Saturday.
Office on Front Street. ,
ines year (lu advance) ............. :~.2U0.
Six months ............... ... .... 100..
Single copy.... ............ ... .1
Local notice, 15ct, lnprline.,
One inch makes a ftquaro-'-Por square,
Sone insertion, $1; one mo1are one month,
V;: two squares one month, $5.
Legal advertisements will be charged as
prescribed by law.
One column, (24 inches), one year, $150.00'
Half colmun *$78,0).
Quarter *40.00.
Eighth $25GOC.
Twelfth 15.0.
Advertisements not marked with tlt
unuibor of times, will be insert0d until' for-
bid, anl charged accordingly,
Z* S" pj eoia lunucenients to liberal al.
vertisers. "t S

W. 0. MALdNEY, Jr.,.-
EEY WEST,.................. FLORIDA.,
Offu-Hc-imonton Striot, one door above
And Register in Bankruptcy.
Oihice-Oppoacto Curry & Curtis' Store.
Dr. O. F. KEMP,

OrFica .-Robl)'t Watsion's residence; Si.
munton street near Soutlirdit.
KEY WEI.4.....................F.. LA.
cEiorything in hi%, line donor with ncst-
*nc:!; nntl di;piateli,
Once -N,,xl door to Suriol, Fron-t i street.

Dr. Win

Meoiber of Royal Collaoges of

of Edinburg. Oico and ilosidonnco
Cor. Front and Duval Streets,
(over A. Sarlol's Store.)

Office hours, 9 to.12, A. M.





10 -AND

Commission Merchants.

Nos. 91 and 93 Magaziine Str'e.,


.SucceMsor to Henson & Wilhlamn.
In fact is prepared to do everything Il
his lino.
He Is the Agent of the original Lighthing
Rtod Man, and Iha saiuples of all the diflbr.
ent hods. 6hll antPluve your' houm pro.







I sell on-iluturt.- r barr(cli of list ,-ev f)r
3,50;inmnrl (cuiieiie thut imiLV N "


Cool Drinks .
,Storu' n Fleming St.,, Iear tie up-town
Mo nthodistlhurc'h.)
Ino irth '81,


"t ..
,No. 1),Q9d14i 811p New York.

M i '* .

solicited, for which finf t n'-
ket pric"a will [ h,
realized. [274.J7-,

E. OGW1*,

A -


Aluo call ittatLtmO Li"i

oa vo o t E.
NurRicd'l by wvoealily additlonA ot

Fresh Goods
'rom New York and New Orleans.
Ruling market, prices
Ch'li' qed.

J. L. AiDER MOT, -s

[Green, Sit., Key West Fla.]
Tho dioluillon from my lat', co-partnerorhip me to devote my entire
ti o n d attention to

For the erection of any style of building
required in the olty.
-.o-- -1
CO00 '.'-cA.O.ATS
Will 4.e taken upon fuir terms






ener BShi St JOHNle -

General La~hhnet & Cofler Work~er.

-AND- m ALL rI- naNcans.'
MwPNnMAT. nu it ? St. r ft ni Bt. and wntr. 1i- th,.

-,du r-.--

Ky jj k, S
r Al"~SYI

_.. I^^?jRAr'I

. ...., ',!' ,- .. ; .

Y, AUGUST 18, 1883. PRICE TE- CENTm .
&'t r --= *J- u-. -- .' ..... _________... ,


You get ths Purest

Liquors, WItsee

T'rhe greatest vf rlity of Fine '

To tl found in Key Y jut.
I ha-oe imreninia r d t grit expatie m iAtlr. r
5 w si n ,t o t l "( *p" ,l t


u 1 Elegtmtt Aw.Oltitmel .L
thl di ableW'in es, lee1r.
itoniilve Ba6.-Kleepwtr!

B ig, Asortmenit! I
usf 0009ds I
ottoinlli ril8s.

OAIvinare Our Stock 1'
itis!fdertbtLifquor ind
wsOlIe Right Alonig to

Front St.,. Key West, .


1-nIs (onqtanily on lmn i't ll kinds of

..--ub, Io ot o ,-

Wisi .le kept opo all day for the sile
of ICE at tOhllo lioui-g prlcoS:*
Per Reil ; 2' t (tt)pr Lb.
" 100 LT. & Upwardsfs *4pet, Ton.
' 100 Iths., '- nmtsl,
or nas low as can be. purpllied else-

Iu case of d'sckress, to parties u,
able. top y, Ice 'will de furnished'
fre 'E c li'char as lii troor. o
< 100 H. ,nCO LD,.


fools, e iO, fIstfasuto awtos -.-

'hoic a rieq w), ., -I
SI' Ly.S .
S .' and dsalio r ih .

BOOKS, ETATI ly, A., c

SPitapera fi Etuop. togMet .r .with a l
most every. Anrioyian Pom.tod 'el.' cho
(hoicc V 'iga, Wies L Sqri, fbb1


a .i,.. 'o r'.:Notic, .

'rpO'l' E in hereby given that I .5'ill

Garts 0. VUiN POMsPT ATTID, TLO'N mu parson em' by i.pty. ait the ti mes nainedI
%-'l for-the purreees'f rooovitmg WLazrdum toe
4brw's WAUl STRIE1 KEY' WEST, fw- Monroe voti Y:
IsO. We insda t f44y 1h),i= ,iJus 1st.
NJ work elone In URcic 'No. r, QLty Mall~, .n"q _A
rW FIRM. 7h aud JAwe 2nd.I (7
Preoinect 34.0 0, Store Daen hiobet *.#fA
GO. ~A LO'W.%E &,3TO-i 1 .0' etvb Nao. 4., Warehouse J. vtfkn
wqw 00,In O w,p and -Shastlron Puti nUa1tassa ti;lrdayMa11t i Jn
pnd~~~~fo wVrDr. 6 ren ,*~ 5,stares1. A., P40rli~
moithidmi 5Mv 9hint and Jnuu Gth.
,~y al(I~uiham'aof ~mepn'ti9'strlll~ge, -03print No. Ai. Mcdilny~ji HJuvmp 7401
S~#I~mmoinis liitetu~i ~-. '- ty May x2nd anti Juine 741i.
Don't drive ai stw~kliey. tumbl~e-towh 111 A,:,Ik UHAml.Iz a ncO at .j nuc.r, NW
Alggy when Yoacn." do bew~fi ter,il Iit ray.. 'dnntJt9h
-~l Ai'o1 e


"That Ja what great
'tiany people ari ,c{ing.
They don't know i,,st what
is the niatter, but tl..yhave
a combination of f *t'and
aches, and each mc i'they
grow worse. .
The only suror i edy
yet found Is Bno f 's iRON
BITrTRS, 8ad this.i -y rapid
and thorough as ~iiidation
with the blood"'fi t rs and
enriches it, an1 rth, strong
blood fltonv; f y part
c' the sys;tv' ,r the
wasted ti,.;-u es out
disease and r 'th and

This. is ji, AOWN'S
IRON '13IT( '. I will cure
kidney and !hv',r diseases,
. consumtption, Oceuniatism,
neuralgia, dyspcpsia, mala-
ria, interaiittcit fevr's, &c.
Mr. Pom on h chard, a well.
known citiromorItayi.-.vllla, Mcade
county,-F'ntuckj, ,ayi: "My wife
h.I( Ltn ii6 f.i a long time, and
her omtitnfoinlo was Pil broken
down a' d sioewae tilable to work.
She was adlviin,, me Crown's Iron
Bittcrs, ;ned fltl it to work li;be a
ciartia. We wcpld tiot now be with.
out it (N any coniideratlon, a6 we
co .rider it the bist tolic fin the
world." S.

Is not a drink and does not
contain whilLctcy. It is th6
only preparation of Iron
that causf.. zNo injurious of-
Don't be iiposdc on with

1-- .I .1 ........LI .


for th.- .;alo oi TBOPICAL FITUSm .

SG' li.f.rvnice: Any bank in our place.
'C,'lir apids,hI Iowa.
June oth', 3-im.

Agency ofthe

ReVero Copper Companly

J AB Ii l41led lo furnish to urobaenrBthe
fdllomig,. ,at.the lo*oest ptJco, vi; c,
ello*n motal sheatlng 14 to 2' dounces.
4 niils for the 'Itac.-
S bolts of alt laso '
r'azicrs Copfer. Copr Seathing tun'
nhils. AL 0 0 .
. Segmieifn, ('irculars and irregular at.
ferns of copper, as nuay bov neie'l. Tin-
ning copper on onoeorboth Rides.
Sl m etal or copper tftkent at'full prices
Wi exchange fur now. A F Tr,
SGenetral Agent.
-9y WDET, M:y 11th, 108.

A, W, "Irv


Ui, atonlevet Whavo- mi Bprotl
Uwba li tihum ammiuuoinlo or tilo
largestt olass of tbaimer. '
i oa, oe,. Water and other asppl4l
f.B Steamers. .. "
ei' irooehrfs va'si bovlsmbndA tm
portUltthe (.r fanaAWesitIndiesi.'

I,. TAIiHLiusT 1703. 9 .
Ml- ,,AtEw J iE, O. '.
Ant ngislih Cl s ieasL) th mmatlea, Solede
tif idonlfo Uromroial ,

with a Itlity Org&nizftton Is prominent
nmog Sonthbirn Doairlng Schoos f boys
in age anti ,imubr an' t rea t. P
tBn2g in 18S e oxcedaed Iliat of0iry other
son Whio united States. Ts6e t.fonr
Iflorldhim in atitUaeOw. ror agtlgttef
gtng liMo pt ulat I AflrHa.


812 Tclh upwitoclan iSit.1P, 0. Bo% 1200)
xv, (AIX1JAN I .' **

Ai :;,AiAwue, pal aSu t


bout 1000 mef employed is all do- A sponge measuring eight feet Int
paiatats on that end, o lrcumference has beau talea off,
- '.u tcroo'on the tlaMps end nutty Key WVest, and is said to be the lar-'
berg about 700 in all departments gest in the world. It i. noPt M tall'
~ug total on thl entire linu, of as spme who ha4ng aroaud b "eer -D'
1700 en". .on. loona, but it absoirbs moe water.
in additibm to thoir 'w. k *on the, '
South Florlda Railwiod, the Pianta '_ the y
Investment Coompany s pushing the leven," ~blinnteg in th e a"won;"
oonstr'hction 'of the IAv% ak Tamui plaevoninblth yei ng forte ws ;"
and Chartotte -It rbor road inW om in the year '"toor' the German-
thle direct tion as rapidly As men and in the ear "too. thei -era
mand y dcan p i. Thqdstanom lunhes Inuthe iear "M ," "
.owlando BDltff to Tamqpa is a out
1,wail ,, t3u th river ~t'Sow how easily a person nmigit
..... ..'b led regardiug tititqony, the
have been consmctrfiid.. ortion.. ot ,Il e Q,tionby, t
of th eadmg taorce o. now lhit. -ide lo, ala'. given: Qtnation by. a
of h the Sant feo, T e. n, er oN Ilal| on hi i l An-.
hands hi e acrqetf a as54tJ.Y i o yous #s'si
sible, ati1df;*h o-.* .

will kill him, bury him, and give her,,'
ia year to wear weeds and get
over. her grief. Then she's youi"' '
ash, and 'all, and I will put a9my, s
hand on your bead, and bless yo .
'When the young man left the ha
be didn't seem to believe it.-






A Company thnt Mea1 Usiitln~s aid
Is oWint lI,
When the Plant Inveostnot 0o,
took charge of the construction of
the South Florida Eailroad 'thow.
who hiad any knowledge of ths ro-
cord of that Oompny in 'th l past
and the prompt and thoroough atian-
nor in which it hI& exceuted every
enterprise it has uniloraikeI, wel'ro
confi,4lntihat Tumpa's days of dia
aMppointment wore numbered, The
way 4i which work'has boon pushed
during the few wooek since tho Com-
pany has commenced operations has
evinced that that confixlcnce was not
misplaced. Even thoae who Lave la-
h'red under chronic seopticismn in
railroad matters are at length satis-
fled that Tampa is to b) coninected
with the outidd world by iron bands.
We hava found the otlicers of thel
'mlint Invecimoct. Co. always court.
ous and communication, not inclined
to hide their light under a bushel,
but willingto let the public know
wlnit tlicy are doing and propose to
1 o(1 ; '
To show what has already been ac-
coinplished, and is now being done,
we give our readers itiparted to tus
by Col.' H.M. D Iato, the eotofintHu-
peornto edcnt of Construction and
GonerW. Agent of +he Company.
ThoY have built at this place ai
wharf for temporary uso irf landing
iro, and rolling stgc*i which wharf in
however, constrncted in the stroin-
goat mnanB r and is intended to lNst.
The regular, permanent wharf at tho
terminus in the northern portion df
town is .nearly complotod, and the
piling for the approaches is now be-
ing driven.
'ThC i4occ c gA :ijin jr'iA'11 i11l 1
p;rubbing the right-of-way if several
nialo beyond Shilqh, and has, no
doubt, by this time passed beyond
the county line, a distance of some
thirty miles. The graders are now
in the Cork settlement, twenty-odd
miles from tovn. are be-
ing delivered by the thousands all
along the line, and everything is in
reainess for the traci laying to c'p-
W.lrk hay beG.fsa0irwihat delayed
by the tQ4-aq(riVyl o thei essols ',a*'
den with rq s .aid ittler material;
but (Lis delay i nuow termajited, as
thtee of the vessels, the thrie-nmahtcd
solooner H. S. Marlor, the brig.n-
tine Annio A. Storer, and the. three
imaitoed schoopobr Sawm.' -ci mey,
have arrived and ire'di.eltargimig
cargo this v'eek. The cargo of the
first consists of 845 tans of rails, i75
kegs of spikes, a lotof fish-plMtes and
tetp platform ears; that ct ,the second,
400 tons' of rails, 15 platform cars, 16
bundle 6f plates, 800'kgu of spikes,
64 kegs of bolts G'nd u 1 ,push car0,
and that of the last of 2500 toeti: of
rails, 230 oreosoted piling, a hoisting
engine, steamt pila driver and a large
Jot oLspAoe, aangle plates and bolts",
Besides thee vessels one other is
inow en roj for this port haviug
tileS on the l'Sth ofJinly. This yes-'
ael the ohot6ner gcotia, has oa .board
(I Jo'iomoties, 2 panaonger, ears, 1
smokin andlt mail car, 2 'bnggageo
cars .6 bo cma', 8 platform ca,'s, 8
hand oars, 8 pttsh oars, besides a lot
of vriils anti fastenings. 'the vusacls
ays ba i t longr 'on hn passgo than
"imugu;oun co31nt of the prevailing
southerly 'ri45'ad' g*lmrs.
The gradhig of -the inue through
the'utte'l to conouat with the wharf
hIas' been ootnimenoed' and whoun
thia is completed track laying will
hegin K ... n.

the reil est tte and terminal facilities
necessary a, ihl pulitm up a depot
warehouse 51) atture5 required
that will equd anything of the kind
8onth- \What thi, means may be
se* hiyp'ecting their woe i tlhe
W'yvor6eu depot in Jaokson We.
Woyk oin the Ksmlnmee end of the
Ine nlna moreBsina rapidly there boing

made t) obtain 1t lrge unmbca of la-
boro i ftom North Carolina and Vir-
ginia, This line is also heading ifor
Ta'ipn. ..T16e f*tio nw at work on
this work Is in the neighborhood of
Tho point to which the line is now
cnstructed i d ftant froui Nownadns-.
villobut R miles, which pl'sco ie but
16 miles from ainchsvillo.
Our readers' may form an idoa from
the nbove of the inagnittudo of the
operation now being carried on l.y
tlboPlaiit Invensttiit Comp(ainy and
of the splendid lvsouni'es of the conm-
inl d of tho orgaliz.itio,.

A Womanit of the tay.
Chbioag Trliunn's Atliullo City Letter.]
At the Waveirirl Hotel, Atlantic
City, tho other rv, a it 'is reported,
a mian from St. Lounii was introduinoied
to a woman living in New Yoik, and
though lie did not roieembor her
name, ier face ieemoed familiar, fte
told her so, an tkon, ho was more and more confi-
dent that he had met her before. He
'rubl;od his memory for soine time,
to no purpose, and finally concluded
that it was an accidoutil roseumblaotoo
to sonime forgotten friend. When he
had Said this, she Iugheid, anrd re-
marked: "You are right in your sur-'
Inises. You havo met me before. 1
usbd to be a friend of yours."
lie--IndOdI0?/ W1V0horo have we
met ?
She--At the altar.
HI-- At the altar ? What altar?
She -The nuptii altara.
She--Yes; it may have been ab-
surdsbut it is a fact, nevertheless.
Edu't you know me? I used to be
.,oul" a); .
He-But your name is MrA. Sitimp-
kins. ".-
She--Yain; Simpkins is the name
of my last husband.
He-How many husbands have
-you had? 4
She-Since I Lft you?
He-Yes; since I left you.
8ho-.Only three. '
ie-YourI hair was blau k when--
whon--we couoludcd to dissolve.
Now it is yllow, .
. shb--Dy'. '" .*;. ''" "-
HeO--Y u wore formerly slight.
Now y o'ok r' tler:-rathi'r- t.out.
She-So I a1.' I weigh 170poundo,
and am rapidly increasing. Simp.
kie doesn't worry im as niuch as
you did; Co.tent makca flesh. Any,-
Heb-Your face is prettier than I
y'eameanber it. Your complexion has
She--Glad you appreciate 'my. art.
No woman of the world has any ex-
cuase for being plain. Good looks'
are purchasable now-a-days.
He-You are .an extraordinary
She-Not at all. I amt only a wo-
man of the day, Now lot me ques-
tion you a while. Have you been'
married again?
She--Tow many times ? 'M
Ilo--Twiee. .
She--.Are yeu a husband now ?
lI--No'; I am a widower.
She-What a pity I
He-It is sad.
She-I donie moan that. I mean
that it-e a pity you were dep.ived
of thle ftun of getting another divorce.
I likg it, don't you ? Are yoe enga-
geoi again?
Ho-Not yet. In fact, my last
wife died only a month ago. Some
respect must be paid.
She-Very true. But don't be in
haste. Keep disongaged a' while
longer. '/mn1rokiaieaia Egypt. They
have 'the "cholera there, you know,
very badly. No one oan tell what
may happen. I shall have letters
front Egypt in three days. Wait a
little. We might agree lbttet nexkt


."Yes, .i'" 'q
"And you have money in bank- .
real estate-bonds--stocks, say $75,
000 worth. .
'%(o iir but I can work up. I am win sir."
"How" C
"I shall go to Florida buy 100 acres
of and, rise if,000,000 ranges per .
'year for the market, amid in ten year .Y
I *hall be rich,"
, Hltuul teaI Hum!" I growled
-t old maa. Very, enterprising- /
vsy good openlug, young nmaul
"Yes, 'idr I"
S'I have an enterprise on hand, as "
well. Ethel willimarry aBuffalo wid-
ower ths spring. Hi is contump.
tive. won't live two years. le
will leave her $ 00,000. Go benuce I.
Go to Europe for three years, That

*A summer rcHovt: C0 thing flies.
Hadn't a word to Hay-The dumb
winter. a T d
Tho Sumnner complaint.: "Awfully
hot, ain't it ?"
Whiy are babies like new flannel
lonrause they shrink from washing.
Many a man thinks he is light in *
his society world, wilfn in fact he is
only a light'weight.
Helen, of Troy, wvi the first wo-
man who wanted to go to Paris and
lenvo her husband atl home.
The potato, with all its eyes, is the
inoit I4uscpl)tibl of vegetables. It is
so easfily mashed.
A lad erawloel into a sufab hogs.
lerad, Mad the firtt rsxcinimatfion was,
"Oil, for a tho.nsuid tonlguon!"
"Yer doan' often find cruelty a6-
inong fowls," ftsay.s Uncle Mose. "De
hmll is ailwtys kildl te r ldo step chick-
"Why," exclainiod a tourist, "a
dlotikey couldn't climb that hill;" and
l)ol hle added, "and I am not going
to try it."
"Dar's such a thing as being too
brave," says t 1'ntluation philosopher.
"Ef de trout warn't so gaine he
wouldn't be half so liable ter got
Young men having experience la
paying attention to young ladies as.
sert that it is easier to drive with one
hand than it is to row with one
A bereaved oung widow was per-
fectly nonplussed when a very for-
goetful duchess, after consoling her
for her lost husband, abruptly asked:
"Was he the only one you had ?"
' A iashMiou arti'he says "boeautil
women can afford to dispense with
elaborate dressing." The writer ig
probably one of those old bald head
who occupy front seats-at the female
minstrel shows:

Cotton is eopeniug rapidly about
Sen island cotton bools are opening
in Madison county.
SGoLd biof-t .,tLaki City is sold for
from 0 to 7 cents per pound.
The Quincy Bportcinen are enjoy-
ing' themselves with t a shooting tit
B. N. Tucker of Madison is now in
Kentucky purchasing a drove of hor-
ses and mules.
Morris G. Munn'oe proposes to
build an armory and arsenal for the
DeLand Seminole Guards.
The Lake City Reporter has had a
poresant of a rice stalk six feet and
nine inches in length.
The Live Oak Bulletin says there
are'more fever ( il that vicinity
than there have been for inany years.
Carpenters are wanted in Tavarpa.
There is promise of steady work for
a number of good mechanics for A
year to come, at least.
The Halifax Journal is of the opin-
ion that the thermometer in that re-
gion should d"ess1 in linen. The
boatmen there all wear in the high-
Water pants. ,
There is no cauae for alarin about
the cotton worm In Columbia county,
the crop will be ripe before they cau
get in their work to any extent. .

Two Enterprises,'

"So you would marry Ethel ?" de-
mlndod the father a he wheeled'
around to face the trembling lay-




<'. +". f-.',, l> l~f t',''s +- \ ,* t .i t r.

/* 'I H '.*--'. t ''silmst-. tnt .1 I -*. I S.9ti{.
. ........ .. -
1 1 i ,

- I I. i '. i ,


I .~' -
'I..' t .1

Ink m 131ic. I t-il1

it- l I! ,
P t iti W 4 W ()i;.iiI f
liiiiii' 1!-:- ii t. t-it iii's1w

-. -'ii. I i-- Ii

'I I -

I i~I
I I I ~2'i :. iii' -. tilil'. ii

~0. i I t -. lit t~ I Ill ~-i~ ii I -

ii I i.~ till S
ii I I. ii
ii -, ii' 'i~'t~~ 'iI'.i .i,
'Ii--, Ii iii ii t',i iji -ii--
-, I-I ~l
2 Ii-
lii -I,'- I I / ( I,
-~ 1* ., liii
/t /
-- i~'~ ii it' i-i l~ .t~ iiI't- lii, -
1 it (ii I ,i- Ii.-...

1 ,,[ '

.. i ; toI the liv-id liing spirit of ti
S. .. : I .. h : t u t t.hltt c:in
C'01.1 1' rtw at e 1,; wit t .atott en
ii '. -, : i \,, -- ,,, n l i t b ',iiilf',i,
... .. \W', r p t'itteI bl L thg itg ofn eut
", are : : ou t, J vl l -i '(. e
S.. ,' i t o jus" iJee

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', ..i- i -;t.. i,,n l I o ,n L. '. ik l t.l .,1 M i ito or at le1it I .rly ,s w t'r ittl a. vali b i t, 12o.- OTIONS t o
i > ;i lt'. i i, itto l i.. ,l it. i i-.. il,' H'i. 1 1 *; (. ,,l, ii ,l i .ht t iti L '; .-It l itl .-l i j ;, tise ts o ly lli.-LTt itr int (-- t, I. eA vc---.I-
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t I' ; :' J il il l ull; i-i: it ii' ,; 'l l u ii I i, l -Ai 'lii i : ,I' i L I t i t .I al I t Ii tilt.'.rfil hoolo'kin "l< i \':it e ]t i.(o Al. orde th send I L-it hi 1t, ti' se t1i. f O---
It. ;. r v :. i. l *n hl is p.i; .; i )r V. ;:. 1 1. L. t> uor:.ev i remembered for it is only iecesiiry to coiu|>(re one them to I

'I t" 1 h n to .- ..... .. it s .i.:- ...i' it i... .c l. h. a h., u it tiit !()I i t o it tit lt litin Lit toorl ni -

r U. Thi T .J c-a pu n t o i n 0 al L u d C. il It- i Nw Hornc hinelf, and /- gret many
h 1 lil h .. w!,.-:-,r :v i,,i.t tn n ,.. til i jcthur y t ll o l ot r o f thAiD' too limnt roi to
S- ,, ; .... .nnd to our (h(,, i, .ily pl ntu :t , f ; t h. An ex fy1 ni,..o', r a .' l a%'.-- on 't- m'ntiono huue ,u l min- t
Sl o i r : ,,,, o n i n .' :1. 1riv l f o lim e
.; OtI ,t (.+Clli ii:; 4.1< .o* 't -. ,0( i,,h ,":, (', l,:i."l; ) it l .. ... iWi1 iz.n',' o 1'i" 1. ','th wi ll It o, fou I.t i vih Ci mts '(;t'l i ot t

,\ .,;111 i,.., 1.,, o r, e ; Th eull 1 L t;ifuitt o iy .t an id -rpI itt Isor L vl o l t'y u pu-n
l"i I'':f, l yu a, ,r '. e t1. Ill 110 1 ,hiuty very of th, ord L .itft1 r .o l- D vu w lOOO ,
( r' d l, + l m~ v'v I, I 11!'41 1 !, I rt' t wf ll thu 6irl( t l i r iu ht-iorlighn (I my e ftit' olim w, ,rk H ,Wa'rn of o"'tt 'it u t o sM

u ; ". ,1 ;. t o. .. :. :;l ,',f Lt[Ol .I),,h'oo n tit e h ous j e. e i ,, llUv J r. ofd L -kioe, rh l; paw et. r'1 iN h, 1Wev r .

.it -, it l ,, tLn. stay i the t mentione h i llede. uo n i i Ot 'Oa N ai a
r ...., n i' >..'; *. Ch':I O : Lr ,',, '. l e li ln. i o u lt' li u i t l y l' il
i "'.it'! W 1t, 1, ; E lli-n i I r (m ; i;i,'. a h( i.<- s e ,\I iol tulivctorht. nI h ine !,1 1ir iita,,in" to q"

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iti) ( Utchu ofphriltiil iothu
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i. tit~litittilliI -w i th time to -nitu
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Law W i0 AiiI "llan lt t 8C is-un 1e
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7W tI*l A, to CA i-rs

)Io'. i I I fti:o foi aun a 1 t p t

to which additions will be connatly a#ode, nlM
all fgoodsii old at vory

L. pw Picc, Low Prices I

Low Prices 1

Dongfdli& ~ v~invo ~T ton Awith srnall oxpeuses, Awl having the facilities
1".11. t L ju'l i)'. -1ge S(00, of goods, I am 111)e0to 801I at A
I uli ~i~lli ~eioitp~n fthm nmy competitors.

Hi~L 11tc ,iVi. 1 Olidq, W110 911H.41' GHtiS, 8uits, CABS pant$, P3ipe DQp
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AutmO~ wlii mnpictuiy claugonwthobllood sithea Lit. cubi.ccem Iu dcxc. months. A2WPea
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cits. I i stamrps. Rolfo mu i~rpcunot. 1. S. JOitiSON A CO., BOSTON, UAW,
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Knowwi, g we sa suit: you, wo iuollelt atroniila from eve m taot til tt dtatltes. M
fto ~bcaitc TuraiM aind uf a copy ofut TUi RAOIN AGRLO sleUBIi, __

G. W. REYNOLDS & 00.,

Manufacturer o f the Finest Orades of



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JitAt rioceivo.1, anid open for iunpoction thi lIargest and boet ItOgq-

Spring and Summer Goods.

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yHH! KEY WEST l)ROrUA11. lO.A.L ITEMS. --r o i, lerotiia to not hiat, -wr r ; > t r. ; :,;ii; aciie.
.; na 1of tho k-.di piuo Apple grow- O f v<, l( ih'o li.b o.f:, '. ...
Key Wcl4+ Augusit 18i p?8. mc ora ,lt Key Largo lhito bought hmd 1.i. E.. .. ... C if ." ..T "-" -
(. a Y.. .. .. ... (Written for theTFmPm.D.ocRnAT.) oil te ouroosaliutuhic anld will plant c ptol. ) y dti nut: thl N. o. E of' D: u.r: .. V I R U A:
Robert Mar't. Ns 1o, not frof lugea inouniatio p4io -n a i ( ini Am 1 S yVt My hunile pray'rm sltll upwrd riHio, -Mr. A. i Kemp returned fromn N til perotJnly 21t81, T no weroe yon
r But fronm God's green cathedral iles Punts Ram Tuondy. Ho'l osy hi io a --- It l* > r. All2. h or J v l
e Punt 21. TIYVi6 1. vr u d-. A. If,, Ilrunpi'ettn'uie,.,from N otit.. -,r. Allot: uiO" "
8.r80 1 x.iO~' ann opd by idlingg ik ,lkn, would g *O at itt col hv Pii I e cu'l ithla a Ii. j Hey
N "th u'".- o..1 tvv.e, who-i" 1onried ihobs 1 w isaj~an, I
LoO l Stl ipO m .. Are hnng with wralthl (lI ,'rs;e lout,'i tt" ov.)r te.e. 4y aly e 4c h L ',V l'lint of o ( l' ndleto in thi_ njomini;;.<,O n BIirds carolling tinir v o' p lin hymni ;iieliani tifay it this result ikai beo ob" ilt ; ig i v. i d 1l wi .hil vh e I CiL k h ". ( t" lid '
0 *PatoII tbI" column. Advesrtie- "ShlI vocal all the woodland how'r, tnined, Ii litild A tf 61 ig Ai. to r- ( v h,>,a. of ,ii. i .'.l lfnr, ) q"" "
ga n t 0 oet a line each I An. d unt .i" who v .e. T i n And led nc olowvAd fi7'(111 lily Ill i Hl. i uli.i'' v t I I; I, out it 1 4 1 1e
N-oBu"l, iy your Obhoes Sett Moxilli PIP. 1 o gave 1,)w rre a-u'-stl islt /ki iL, w t o I <'
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V ISH, l ad, hooks & ,., fit 0 N o eun blem s (f 1 ti, love; ,1, other o r ontH u W e rcot l'i, t n f) e n Mt to... ,. 10 a d to ",o1 ,ord ;; J. .,, ,-
W, lIm. ,. Not othodi o y'H Lb.a't d ip : l, it -.,' aihotlbi 'o *t~le t at the l blinds 11) ( ,, i "t, ., i- v, :,1i, v '"
---- Nor yet the vain pr,.,of1. of IIik o< ilchc iro Filroej d, 4 I I, v r w Is o ".wI out il lilt I I "iAH l;I
-It is the bishlon to examniho Hayman's To tunoci ' ll:. w ,, cin tih,,... b .---t- lt 1 ..1 iou ." i o o r l an A t 11n1 X. '
Stook, filly an ri' th, ---T, 1,e ci go of the allticks ." .\,4 r ui ri-it for life to for, go i ,,my own, clait ,.,-
.. .. .,w it. ,,t, find who w i ,.,,- P e if 1y I .o diiiug I e,'id lie, thio IeaC i- ,
U 1B m ember Moaaalvatge keulip the best n itnot, d w o c u l.. .' who : Ijjor,!rd ,all by 14hA *^ i. ,- ,I' .... y ,o in co l b t m a
tock of gMtoriea in this city. If timullA failth he onl tni;,, 10s4 i i L .i ; to tho blrr.wI-h: f of ) yol'r count,;" b teiiiJ+ ,,mii- you c"ty 3"'
f.,t ..---, _il 'h** My the gilti, lih iiw. 1 t 'i -ii c t 'i1 ".... ii iot' .kiv-'i ; tit be' ....... tot0i
+ EM T a hla 1os oeriMs at bottorn pricon 1til1 ;uhal 4 11t1111 th- ttittI f. f' i to I 1j '< if,,I"i"'

6 B bto Flst F lo u r a t u h o pe a ow cr righ f i hli itl o f s p i.ui-'hi b o ll is Lcoili- ivin .t 1? ie i u ti t: : ta t I < 1 l;.in ll eqou i .C o in l t I7
c7.7,h Wt. H MOCoA. To hi'r li"fl ,' -syth l'irth .r.'s p ..i '},. in l o tho d t pri(<--tl "oneyv a j b'LiL i nt .t i ii i 0 ii' i i', lti ,. of C ioui. '. ln for i. -. .' ... ..., i '11
*$~~~~~~7.783-1. W. I- ii'j ) ii edin SBAri y to ,11i. picevt ond tll are tn-i? to Jot .o n i I Po- 'ni ;t LidI IPi.<-oly liopa that uilni' f'neu i -a lini, ''i (- -; 1 7 ^
Ty the ex .ra F8,o .nd Hard Brcad at -Th[ e chr, Ari'ii, h i ]Jrnivod r Hur y 4 'ml, t' i 'i 0" 1 t..oo ..... o ld 1 8 wili 1,l10 ti hI up- itl tlii oriinr pi 'i-.m-"i I aI I
Sfrom Ruf.tau with a c rg;o of e Our L1. of lenilth Ire actively t(i dm'io, Clork v nii ii 1 I i[ ih *.* l it'i'vn i.inh;lud. orld i 'm t, ) i, iilni ,- "

' ~ S-Dry h h lFancy and Toilet fruit. enfo. im^ is..itary rgmlationi, nud t.u >o -l'':. !' :-v. lti t. Am to 'i.-: Pm.i.!nt I wiU < Ji 1' ol l
articleNsta yma -We hear* thatt r.*D. T. RoeenvI evTry precaution is tak.n to1i vont l bu t secj )^ |-ye o ,j o, If{,ncks t v ,-k y :e
.I.:: ,o r r Ext ted Hon. y? .' hope it o tw t a ( ,out Ci n i lth ball is r it' ( % 1,3 i e !. It 1 t e- ,. :ti i i fli -t l ;

If -ot, -o to Deono'm for it. ,r eTlh ditchna huvi boo. ion i e nut tue'e i ow E -s P. ,, L-bw lo3Dr. Hi r- AU 1 lei m 1 ,, OUT6 (l- ORDER,
-New Goods New tyles, Latest Flao h. i. -^ ar thai- Mrt t 1:t ( ry iu. luJii e w ilt ltri<'t attantioa ior ni b1 n ik L ii r-1 i .! J hi C o Vi ( tinDr. A l ar- foi i.itNo r
ltoo. atHayman's. ni ovin-og, nd thtt ir t i, lii. r b, ihlso l, Olvt,, lt' etc. Ei- )i.,- ii iL,,,,- mal, Ci i Li' i L es flcrLtary 1 i nB ,- M n-co, IHi ,, Gt.1W'v ,fj1^
.7 .that ho Wy on o c el a i mi last ear n <. d u me to. n mct AF Tif&. 0. 1
.N eek il m..t. e .. 1 it h '. l'" li l ] 0 1 U i tit ,ni'iik" ht"to w'itiort; w 11 i 'i t to t il iu ti tun,. t cti.* in tihdA t Ar 1.,hi i,. N -

G0 to b Ws'. ohrts for ilri4 claris chuw1 with a gpuotrnil cargo to W, C(' ry .T --- liiiii ubiria,.i .mti', i u'>t hit i i fl Ii ii .1, i i i 1i CO L L, L t SA L BY
.per bag T;o onr. In Alc fr m ..s a patiitly fii d off i tiho lai utaio t o l," .ho J,, n '--- _. .m. ...__td to fi io t h u ,,h.(.";' Cur... l. 'I" '
-I you a t to bo Hatisfied go to M rm. Vn aui-hd- Tu ay with c: 'e fio 'hil ri'i uviotl, arl hin or hine t n (1,. I honor of o e li< .l He Rep atSth R~c a rk,. an,, in t l i fk T1
Bookeris for illiniry, drci 3>ikiug n Meil hLingfro.r-l t& .i "lidn C. W. w s t.erd, n-d nothing up to Moni- Ici ...t.i"t of tie i. 1. brick,
fanpy good. Hc-dtr'.. ihav ovor occuri'd to stortle him. Od ohi ntib, 1 vCxi 'i..' ,1 3 ^ 'i'l y"-a plu Lit rhO t-it.rk, Mn '. ass < Jocbifto 0 HII Tv-i ) It i *i
I bJ! V 1O it to (t ( e It

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give wiunacoa T Tributw o t nilroaaa n of one bUtchers, who' tmrie of thfm'n r io, wi! the te *iRr 'o 1.ut i n. 1 t.r0 Mf;.i' tI lool.
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at lo es price. for f t T ut l with a lgng 'ntk of.go.l e g h ,or. T.e 10i> F1n h.tluy '1' the ar l *o ll rvii uR va t.o, hwey Jo J P.' -ic
.. W.. H. MoI.SALVA r.o. & Co. t-mill k 1iii ovm oiae ,i .' 1-H k now 1 t Lth r ai- 'i'\'e, mol .

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-avei money, wa om tult be tati 'tioy cig. lkoor dn;.o. L AOgrre Co, o;, C. i'' a Ao 'l tii, WLaienlr, T. mp s, -a' ni An p, i
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V HY not u a ti t "WHAT NOT?' Y. n Coa dn't our n hldih -th drrr eeeet -- -- e :. to g 't vuu- in h i mae, h... of t i ,il W [ u rr. Vr;n, hes, :.uriiture ad
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tobma i eodater e&., at e njst rctiicti o f of the alvscaton ing mall ., e of mnov from h e i- ile i w ,m t' ,.- i. ti'u 'utu u -i, ltl i i Ti l 'SiATLtItiE R Y .
fan od /,f health. This li rae c.a, box e fv r oeti timu tut ho bi e jv ,, i i, t o if t Ah i 'ti 1-f Vh l 10 S s tla s. i ''.),i, Galvts-.
Busbei Msams cf fresh iiinlimesm in a .Vb lia tt miup toL camm comvlnce h e wus vomrie tt i,tl ...i Iu the Wa-' Vm >in- re,.,ns minter t im at a nd r -t e n IRAN delive to efny ierch ear n s, a h without an -u Gti o systo natie mty ro 'bbd i y- ,,'e 1 one. C, imP l. :,, i ,c- Un, n t e o... -' ti-. h k tl b klu'r, "it ni n,' ', P .nl.. n n .i,-
vs& o t *eo o t$3. -o .So on Tuenii.ny night ho eimiplom'md 1love ? Oh ti'fnit :.t tluli g sin i."**ing uli i(i fnIn < i ,.TuI I .TI *" uhin AT,'sa'f Ship iitoroa nSp hlity.
mW.R.Mo^5A1 ,' :Co. .-It i fbut titne for 3eth W slbol' bb J'a es Cciim to ivtlh imnido i-ie nigh Lat t l folmi frtmU tto W. "I.i' oi 'o
-On Thursday eatherford reopied r. Harri, to arrive from his p ntia- f o re while ained m hCi inii tieVi i i iiu 3lt1,, di. (.0 )t .'2' 1,l 1 Cl.'t will i.-u O:E ,Ul
large orde- of thm famous Mit w ranuIe lager tion. Thnee fellows, tlio e' diatmoe iutsttide About ten ('lo, 'o I v t-hi icor litle fiiftr. Ii, ,hi, c (alh Icri.i gcCly
veeo, sevWerall ..Ua of extra a gooil ;i ey, ui th viti- l t oui.--t, m-----rB, t<-- i-s -o-i- H'oui of the Ciit i>t> ti-nt.on
nra dy. wine ete. Au one to itihg p ro i' t l tl e Collins smw f aud cari fully cn wJ .t..lmeh f .' ; -h m. i.. ., >: ,, t '0)teliy, .;m;y. n; ui i ( n loN l iiu 1f;ction 0 i .g I ,
,. .et ot 'gILtui;'ilil -,iiui-Jf, n-.Llltl d t it r v '

ad' good li shor ,d call at Weither- n men, th e ctd e' tts'e,- thn-di ,e .)t h u hto I o l r- ". I, -i, t .. .-'li ntiiii.."].'i i"h In bowe iif.1 ,'i ii "> 1) til 'I>o>ai.i. r('iiiJ r'i".' Lv v-irPp"
(ord?. iagxf* ncy drinks a sehc-ility. to say te soul us t enr owti tli l albal 010, Spciin lo .D,. ..t. v oII ns ti h ipm>,<, u. trm-rfro limiu, P orii, niwt
nd 11 tnn av e .y which hd bon aciideltalli y .*,A n. i,. ':l. n ii- noi g i i.s tMo l l m .b- irl tail rourn, .Manaton
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counts. This and even more can he caved -Oi r Tueeity liugt. ci crowd of maeo a sight noiso o ise ind the thief bol- morst ;iO ighiithiounaf infhii'i.l 1 i t .iu lntf-,umn isfi-- | g ae hT iso fny goodi by n iit., including "ye cdior.".gnt ted, b ut Ohtlius cnught liei th e at mt c-to of Aug t 1, ;i:iiitu m i* by nit shonut-i fr'm the MJrinn I
--i -- f in Firs rate fortune inuled foot n hie waa niimhppearig c a nd hol- elmn.yl li .'pi 'r iccoI 'i' 0 i t, b. y ll flti;i'.. tit t o-i,.tlili ti. b I ,t "itly.
TopeGIxOm T rec-On receiptoft ymri ot u-- n.' d in the coura" of three l -reuforholp. Mr. Rolri.s, Ko Lmp, It ua 114 'te l-eiai nn e imt t
ean yearifto ievencn imt ioi hif. -our C h.d wtug t 125 ol.dfu0 dilift' o idt i tnd other put 6 n l appo ie n c l Bntiiui -or i' fro1, 4N w York iin |L itil
M ien b o ea Bo orGirls cn do it 1 v.i nd -, all ;uw lih. It ,i hardly peo. ..elp. haul the chap back. W4n. icuile H.t nlenr v l ,d 'aof time a15 CI flu. mt.. l a- i'1"' M). a w yn ,

luedern ed in e i robe lee o to theeers eo',rice'.thl.o tore,'s i Ag i, l in ,enll a il,, cin, ,. f rDinvvor l,
O24 ,ALVATO receive f each -"TieHa;.dv em Itm ii H xiH nomiH in ji i S snd f"i, doubtless w lni g '.u.*in-of'wrhe'.e h,o wa'n ng ; tl lo idup profbms i'y ill i nsti e -tet
b agek w ih he oretil very ran m h gb ".f t v..-tln a' goe ir re lprii l''hi county at Chnattiiho-- o rlwitlewne ir attd 'l0 -- e -tin q i-0. <,i rih<,rif l < if.i A tb. Ira -l iu i uf.' Il a rci l (d.nit.
roma Galveston fine Texas chickens, He tn, i.e fo, a year or so. fo siinahedl. oIh apt. of the iteaMimcr b i sbuiuhm 'ut) i "An >dvl'..uture with wi ,l> nouijoi Ui Hiith cifi-icivl (irctwt,
s determinedd to keep what the pimop lulte a' ino, Cat.uui- i Crow ll, mrn 'a stnt o e of ili; fuotf't'lut.tti-t of ,,ni,.; .Tho t'i gA. .u 1 wi tin thi, id St t. of i h orieb toewtti,
want. Give imacall. he uniien trip this eek. O sing AUN ISE Y eo" c, i'f 1m' tI'l '.ty ii l i t. -'.inI It :l ~.i i t tn i,
----. to the unwise qua"n'tino iegulation -- ;r. W l.(r, \V.n "h''"atorntsurin j nation it tho inah, Alsvl(l>-"r Inf.L b ory nstotlhtrill >i ariledd on i i bo.
i' "ite c. Io iii .v & -o fa- hii i tine he vn', .Ahionii, tir ai. '';J ai tif i lull Id on 0. be.

EDDIo Thoniron has received tinis of Clilvc;tmon slie did not come to -tlo A etsey-knows f widow that I nec by tine pp that all e Lord Iirin," by .-Ol'rni II. Vi' i' wlrni .1'irv im' un October. otheiwise
week, lauicepnd children's shoe,, gie -tle- t is pretty closely ittehed beliouao it it of tue uYtilr ia given the amintii I lI rwam.;ry, etc.. etc ne! tio 'stiristinfr' sthrfil t -e iiiiiiniauts bill ,ill be tnkcn ro' con.
men One gaiter., laices, fancy tri'munmin gu., wharf BO wu whrei debiufrli i ooe n the ', afuuitift l JConutess of t1,iirtil',"is A'1D t
and lots ofother things, int what the un- il-sure ofe iii hr .1 thought a ert nar gc is to ae i'. l u o to i u,,',u atid thcr ayo deligitful mtorin ..A D It i fJrt? ordrl tht bctio
4tie need to elp theta lok pretty, but too take plice-knows that a charming --" rvi''- condered by Mr. W l- ,kohtels, -ot., by Anmenda M. Doughi lieriof ho till,' in tho KEY Bi T Dzeo.
numerous for unentlon. You make a namis- lPino-anies ai'o Hratllin a1 cht. b1 lt Iar ti wiot rn large portion of tin peortioPof yjt. survey ' T. tU, G. Pr Ettn .vi. I rIm-, in uif-" o' 1ip fblihci anti printed by not c.Hling on hit before pur.hts. P inot, ... ol nf, 1 cf1 bl20 tck.yed ,ufuaofl. of S nionnton s rreet credit bulo' t hm e reil, Liiptnii wa ]ij ctuet 't'iCera ar' i,-no iieelit po in (ar!i<-( iy oi l.y Vcset, within this cdr.
Sing el ewbere. -, ar dozen, nvlado pr e 20 to 0 hm on. tCa pt't hete rt enthrtlled- untmq!r with the reef ind lie -nus i'et, r l a. mimf. ly ilmnlih tol, ind a cut, on-,. nit-,it two 'iintns,,
rop O W5 CE.AM ts.A, ritangos heO to <0J eth. per hiun- knows teiSt Miss M. t o. has a good could not, -im, savod his ship nith- iimt v, Itii "t a rIN ST TOCK Clerk Ctt Monr Co., .
S. drid, gavas 15 te. per dozei, eggs tie in tMattee ad that tho editor out T in det how insa ta paui inartm, ovr r i ,tra .. A Key West, Flo., July I1th. 183..

i xls *, l t his hlomre made etudlei the (tnaiuhtitl lh-30 te 40 eti (Nt w York'N.' ... ,- -,. tht vti ii -- ic 41-- tm- -(- ,ee'n e16-i0l s io r the il ei tr ut i fa ain ni btui tf'l -,ii'" .il fri'nfi.i--
bt l hil oda water iA a wadit is t i) 30 to 40 et. PhiOd aoe cak o -thit Davis pie e, "A elarantion of v," Pr
n ed this dt' and thirsty weather. Don't 35, Key West 40 to 50, chickens 0 to intends that Christmas riall not ra- r..,a.. twuviut-flvi coits aopl$y'a $3'niu., postl,.id. _01V....j_.. wa mn mi
fa to dl onm be oonvined. Every 15 dollPrs, according to quality, whil rive a4 see hiiu sin e.-that SJoo ,ids 'its Tlu,- h---it F'Ai Lz, P bli, CA.e.
thing in the best style. 'I O "91 '' i- 5.1 63 57 Perk Place Nowyo:'hu. fl*
*-- hot weather goes a being. would park the girls but he is so On Thurl I1 evening, Ang. 16th, at the -. A A
ddie Thorponps wi shes to iwufvu, his ......echeththb.wbte bt lab bieveshful-that ub. believesin k iep- iiPe*i, It o. Ho It, eu. Mtt Bn, of tilerG O Dr, .
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aat snd .s fine and otbyr the two u Bo, quiet ji11t now-'--Tbat Andrew is 'IN E. 'u, Av. AViifhuu ltmcitioon ^ 1d.m uis'a
rew ylrt steamers he has had some flhe u"' ,te --t Ltnuino kitin,.1 'Nr tl t of flits Ii)ty. of this anl e,
lasm, ewllra u, oi nid rnextr fine tnai hay while thee wtn slhites- A l u. m ofh..icds nd H rsatfonsL jMo se Uorplac | u i
ithat Loi' oserod hi furnitunre be- were 1( i | r
CargaI hou l group 4and seh hin. tio fi in sni ack Ca'lif.rnia,, .tile yonng Ia-i hAnt.soiao imliple who thflu -"' 1 Ji ioulolm anitiries
Moay is save by trading at his store. 4t fore ihe nsked for hW girl, *wsn't re- cote. li nnilr 8o inay fair anl A' Sur0 Oure for Totter, RRing.
0 WR ro ,. Thiis ,nifortune will doliv the pro- fuod atl. th o- that the school q n a i: ,r a iWlfil l tel I W ornm anMd 0 ound- EvW" d < In Athis ", ,a
,-UmedTnil lv in e t t tho s eho mnte wn'r,, s-ri-s.r nd t e ./ itch. ,(111 <,1 y. Rein and tie"'u hair
.,fl I TSIPOKES. prietori, os newhouaes will hive fo miairms waut ni old martied Lman for iatg,wtv 'i pFii"l alt deiantly as any couil IRtchtslBeVuthuCc toCryortddiar
rAt, lines b t p rented at be built and boats and scinos order" P annpalttais bl te,(thy' i' I!, wh of the d op ltv .. .thiinci rc. fr.m 'itiout d 6< .. c
o t* e pes. A ed. No further prticularof thbeing out out by o widow and dAbt .. onardyIa Ointment cr > i c-. .
aer of the neest Tlone change. fire are obtainable, but it is supposed want' to run any Inore isk)~.-that A. tout t Halls ringu.') A it t a of Ysampa, .t ? ,, ,.
"" that it i th either ofso E. es to think he is. all O. K.- Keie of.r, F. mAugst th, intentt cured me of tot. M 0 IiUV a' X
-'- A4 at Joh Ion's drug store and th.o gh.l... h.untor or I .. in.c that we know a young ady on White-. hoMLnton pInSod by Dvie Loelio No. tcr of 27 yours standing., La .. --"-- ... --
e ia a nsew o ohadsome Jewelt ^oug aun r or oh nso llewcelll- hierd who is anxious for Robert to- 1O4. & A. *A.. in mnemnorg of Bro. Chia'luv Bi. tmna,''. hlui.-.Roro co., 'T N.TtHR ..
SfA rbawl ius an roturn--thfnt, it is xpted that o Wt, tro, Ch'arles Olsen, late a i--~ln s than one boxf L ,niorly 'int. ND I- CREAr RALOON. To my T/ f
a ep e hntunrd uo of ringNoor of it ye, ha -ric m nl itul n i em l. p.-
Sar of th --, oy dnay a Mr. Wicker has lythu three, widowsi ll stelr off t r' bi, t if, baan n' aneedg. Jotm S. n, L ,h troI f l. ee nba I kept uLp town 1n Eaton ,
S'5o 1to see th before purchasing just gone and showed do white feathi- nI hin a montih-.-that it is a pity that reat in 0 fd L,,,liug 'ov-on it --Myf w lu 'wau enid of a nmgworm of J struot, wonId g'ind ank them th o come andl Of Xkntey Univtersty, LEINBTON, K.
I e e ti.. .sfa.tory br bgy a geuxtn- er by extending do rile hand o' fel-' Brdth Wood is absent ust now an Tav,' ,lt o*''e I. i withWd od t yby Leonard otin.nt. '"and .ee i'. I have nsntly nloe-d up the m.o' e ii. ts ,., a oe
, ,w M,< .g" ci' ,, -.-. s nt us, .,a.twe,.tpi,.;i Mnuut'ul uho tiniion ain4 ... +,t. o..... ....., o.,..... watet, l' IB. lar.e ani, Rpu'cio i ri nH ov'r m- r Sby exto de ri te ifit o -ite eob diun ad r, i. large %nil t avious jr. a ae aboo .uu r Tnw u. acOMri
oA.-. lowship to .Rnwson. ,What for he three twenty dollar fees would be ac0 numwel bnid li uth of lito. okl,,n, hut ar --.hrIre applications of Lapuardy's Oint-, rant for lam Jn and they will find every' i't*d ,
i wo. O 38 T4 or ~ an I. net turn Menard out and put dis here o p table-that ra is afraid t t -o -l th e knowlrile that h e ha:t adout curei mo of ringwortt of u T ea'n thi ngi ori th the m et mrto' ui edp.,- t;; e L6- rnI L I. ,e,,.. ."
1 ,r .gh f, anti rg.,,,, sa nding. Tuios.P K .,;ant, Tampa,-Pla. inthe best Styhof also I .(rema,"takes W ll, I SuITH, alson -l +
Man mo Tl le Tm- wlllbrudvefrr-i-law white uddr-i-lw man n tho Mnatee jst at .his timo-that soaie- jaOf itfh', And4 we trust han b-in phrn KrKn W\s, FPLA., Pob. 2 13.) and otl)er dlicr en. Givie, nn-d n- "til.o .
? .in _2 t a ref' to t)hei 0usto House. Dia nigger just can't body is happy when that. hands id t, ie tao t that knows no u n .ow l o., i Fi l l.',,s- ]MIay 28, t-f. Ouv'aa M ancta,
Kettv 4 q.*W#4htsirortipal in uoHn failing ill C.". KrtCat !immx"Utftor. Lonar(lyc Ointuent oared" me of a vorN .... .
ht able to do. understand dia tiug." egincer of the Roy. ,Ciitter is in Icn vr., 'h t syniathwo anoying lingwormrn anuld t m wih pilea Ad ninlstratorb'i Notict. .* d, ,"
S.e sii I soe lyeapveust lat tell you Sam," Rn'wson Iei a shai-p town-that B.lo is tryig to ci t h- nih an h e- iqn.usmm in im in- tft I rcomnent it toR the a LLL n Lp(s, -t avig C t. ...-s: ,
I c m wsh coon. You t'mneiber thio Ware anid Charlie out as the best drosse -o ,, ;i --. flfi ,h uoling 7surance 1t. l..... 17. Price ,6,,., tae of Chalc Oen, te of Mo
", I. ,, 't hat It( kihn, t ipo a the i% ,,ltui the ,f, 'ily ,,. 18 roc County, dtcco ed, will 1) r.. .
1 Looke fight for ong ? Well I young man-that Hour is gottg .fo i i itc n o peparid- only by, them ilueliatulv i c and lr n '
StIo aWv-lown ottith~t when a st-r den Rawaon was chairman of de auzious .to see the pine wood root- -io, n1.n) 'tho AriHr' strikion 'In thi-r UB. LEONARDY & Co., 4 to the isame, tire rcquestutl to settle at \
i n i' b te 'h of buses, 'mblioan 'vecutive coiritoe, atl e er again-tht we would like, to, .' at. i mi ra h' et a, A. w. on-. l C .ns, .
Bi,-i.iSimI do the k to o', y i give deo redcptials to Wicker l know what the iattractioon Tnpa aid Ir, in i r ti .otd. uftl,,, faU o Inere. n- Par sale ntt"alnrag Soaes. mi Key Wost, Aug. 18, (8.w.) Admialnltrtor. .... I (8w
m of sh trptr crowd. DIs here Oxplain why he Manate haas for Key Wmet.a rls1..- 02 0 .td 11S, b ini HOMEOPATIaCWI A
sM ayu dTo ll o os in d im house why that good lookuig youn.f W r ilty 9 lioCed, m"o14NE NEAR SIUMo fON ', RHEUMATIC CURE. A ,tantL location In rt.,%rf
.- pU Itli.wMwho. AInt "Not mah chati oo for Allan root. nor can out a Key West boy olutt : .'u M ,i.., .. '" SUT UE for liht-unatini., Nneurlgia, S areas, a acro Rivet.ron,' a

,-. .. : a crow : 0eg I etc, At, .', s Scretary. c o to 1 A. 0ad 8gt e
iNav A ..,,, 4.4 to 11 R,

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IA En' lih ofi olA, a.;l., r 'Jgigw A'.'l I i inl '. .
*),000 l'eot w its n totnc t-in lhed byjo l1 r. ym-I t.i
.'t ILI t' h A.udi t, it. hi c-i:o.udl, l t1: at .
,' Ily 1m. the rarity of tl,;I ir. At an. ?-A I
cf vatio, 0-f only J3,090 f-ut up Cl d,,s, f -
Cih.iiiiiiborizo liy 10-itt luca tl: ; for it 1,hik
-lif i-g te least eirh tm, Hfive iu:nftly
V r, Mr. \Wfo himp,'r l t:vM ly I iI ;. ii ii. oil
tIll, :,'mu it (4 Clou.tu :ix, 1'0, 00 -. I .,h,
n'. r ,:'citly Su ,rin t il a.y way,' r -
IAd wholl 1e L il)l[d hij stecold Ii vc L 'n W,: '" ..
plt, i, vhattei o u the ither itc t a tiro m ui. .t''it .

irioci-ltiicl to nItrr vonin Tiilltinu, wri) bo w %F
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ti:lit'.,of t 1t. air, 1a n oI t ll ve mo nu utain- i. t-i
).it l|s who aceonlpnine, d ]ii illo u l :y ooy .it I.
S-cs, then1,, clear that It Amu mm
m''.uiti ,c(sd to iia otulitain w 4)alkil: i wNonll bo' : '"

iud ilin, tni go idtiit.l bi cyi thu lis, I hi r l .. .
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,,'11 ;8 gfcood, which yind -i.l(ri LAC\ '
Mr. Iiibi-th 8. 1t0o Irtdo Prc-iideit' of, t' '. No1ti aro f CI:::i l :i.. it.-
Aipince Club, wio irt-irrc.:l ) tis iul jat i0n 13 8 A V ," .tz'
a it.:'tr oit nitici-lnini olimbingf, v!e-.>itd to tL. ft. WA iR; C'., "";,. .,,d-. i.
rlinik thl:,L even thi Fiuic i)it of Moc 't E]v r,
lSt iti;.yht not be itnallttaiitlde. cil mt '
lviIi'ii, or a turi tn-iiknr, toi ois by 1itrtu-i
tlitt ii,'Ui)U fet ,t t ile lito lii|,L s i't point ye t 7I Z ES
rc'el,. on fool, unitl wo fear thitl, ovor tih
ticul iart of tihe walk ill it titotspherio oou1 OP ALL.
iit onit woiull severely try theo monttaintour.t
Uidt i' l' ,Itoly, th initorestiing Xpurilmeit
.Ciotulit be inirlu, ias MIoutit EJ ';orust ciunot L H
be icpproietlod.
A peik more than 28,;00) feet hi.h s, i e1 '/ A
however, naccesablbi: ud now tlht Miujdo'
3itolhell hlns shu tnl l that tho 1il 'lt li ics l t e i t.--
rxici(ilso (if llfiilalnycit travel m'- hut S r.'itt no tW t l'.>i i.ii iiioi i ( V tiiti "It';l o;I i
S l lv a f'a t '.'.'.c te !elkc'.of
;.: !]toy tlre suippiselt to h", KomIt adeiivl tur, anotti ..' ;r.. il sivtn. .t l"i toit -Sit'elanc i
is mtlnchrS of tile Alpilo Uhtb taiy thinly m r LtA' italti
Pf i-tii ptini g tile ascent of this .\t>il' ll. ,i' itho
(,f the iiltyts. For the rilintl ,i t |tui
sawlh tn expdiiiion na lt have thi grt.isi i-,'ic u '
pIossil, ttraltimOll,. If h1I :ST,.c he 1: will Ti "e ti w ou u
tilliivi hastin,- r-unown, and if lie0 fails, ILItl r Li ';'et-i -ie 'aa at 2,5,il0O L f( t or LtrlM. bout t lios, liitIrlily a) G .L '. t. h, i i
filn wani of Lronith, his l;st nmo hn.its will rho P. ,a ', o U quJall. t le.
*L, l ( r.'; el ,, 1 t)tl iu ) tho ,It thar t o in s madO i l '
t likttli t i i tr(,(i g c iii iuoent, inulI that liti,
will t', bl l.itiim l,.ly iiroig lie luiia'ir.:s o(f T1 \B
_T.Wineitt, Id mouedl by, somebody In
cVci-y Iiotut, T'viery day br ius nqew of
TirT OT ) (Itt'K GOL)UMITTT. tbi; "i it ,,i r-fl rtiil.t ortitL^it
---- -iOll-it, 'if o' ultjciaiii iO uratyra Vle-'
TiIc skill in hatilng out 1itd inlayinl gold %Iy 1-t .. '.i,, l'tui rt, l o
ual iOtlier in.tnis to which Homer so often i
a;ill'-s, is nltt,;tc1l by thi rcaitinu i'
the tombs at I[ymonm, of whulih perluhps tho '... .. iL..t l3
pinit Homeric tre the arils of swords, which at those time when t il .l .h IF L ,I- ;
l1. tidiilin!iiiun's bliiok apiippeitrod were too lXu.!l? m'.it .i .a ., 4t:; tli
tnuch inc.rteIvd with au3t to lo made out, an roll Oii o t t- '
but wliluhl have boon recently oungraived l ti aiii tllltniiiit, Xti>itei, Otld
sl;,sirtlitei by Mr. Kionjinfoiiiles. Th' sub. Piore reiv1., -c' ea'i. treotl, atii .?i
je ,t- repreientn1 O it iesi see nhbrl t s tire a ft ii t i t- ,.
]iol hunt, a liou iittitclhing i hIer of dcr, rth ; :.,., '"..,' -
w-iVl(ngil monstoirs, flis, anii pliiLts. Thifle 1 o 'ee .-, I : i,s
)n1uie.i oft the lions aro of red gold, their ittih' -1ucTic
lo lit of piillr glAil, proibtibly oliutrliua. Ho Sg"l'Bn nI..-. (n, it '-; 'i iti-cln-i,.,
,,..t, n,. ,1 ,i- oldi hW.vv K'nll .i-'"fl I t' %illtici
with the ftloIvw -- thl .ut:lk, leavi', itud the S. r:,i s i : h u t l i io oi :'., t!, calyxos of olectrtun. to t I .t. ef pt a- f ti le 1
Tiie sunO hnli-.t. -loin of color is observed t 'Llo ui.:xf ag XJliItint
between the seia and tlhe flth miwmning ln ntv, v'-ni oo, l ati-,
Si, afid tlo In represmiting the birds-in Il "
whiclT tho color of the blood flowing from T .
their wounds Is dhisoriinated frint the o)i .r OFl AL L i
wf their feathers. Further variol'y 'is ob.
taiued by the use of enamel in portions of
lhe 1)ackgronud. In the description of the
plowing on the shield of Achilles,; the poet i
%ays that the furrow beliiud those plowt-man Ot =t' ASi
its bnolack, ns plowed land is, nllhough being u
of gold, Probably to produce a change of
color, a dark enamel, uldi as that found in L l 4 L TS
thle scbbards, was conibined with the gold., .
liomier, thorotore, so far from inventing tho E N ,- ,NTNA, JAC.KONROVILE AND
hltield of Achilles out of hlis imagination, a .' FL wau formerly coittended, derived many de.- Ja'i::riu.a.c, Ft .,, April 4, 1183.
tails both of subject nd technical oxoeuttlon f.. -
from works of art whioh ho had actually Leave ,,'> .i- dly at ;3 4, p il
seen, nnd whiph inspired him with the con. FIc'r.-rna -c ily'H 4 ,5 pm
ception of what a work by tho god Helms. lIltarisa-ck daii ily a'it L 0( p in
tos hiiiaelf inightt have seVu. So, again, it I kri'vO "it ,;,,;: d*-yn'at o on 0 mi
regard to the choice of ambjects on thuice Ath'i,'i ,lciy -t 1 i 0 noon
tcabbards, and throughout theo Myocicmn. r'. Ttju.:cinvilla dt- ir-it ji. un :i an
n tiqun lties, they prove that when Hcsioud rri', ,- at ,i l y exauttu 3 51p m
descrilues the crown of Pandora as ornaneut, l.', -''-'it 4 Ii pit
cd with "all mantuerof creatures suchh na tho Ci ti; {v itt 8 1I' p m
sea and the land breed," ho borrowed those OatueL- 1it r, d i y, Tliur sti
orm e iuts from tihe art of his own time, ro on a tr:- 'it sa.^m .ut.
EHB PA^NE MONUMENT. 'In ,At2icnti 22 hiii, tri (ulitir.^ll ill iioiire
The remains of Jolm Ilowrd P yne have 'h tmt i .tir,, ii, tburg it h
boon laid in their last re.-ting-plaoe lt5Aiiit : .. -. ',',, .,
ie line monnmoent ereotid by the liberality I. it"p it ( en. 'jTrav. agent
* pit Mr. Corcoran in Onk HIill Cemetery, A. O. McDtlonall, Oon. Pass. atld Tick-et
Washington, D.O. Tho rematnus were taken' ignt. t(ilO-ft.)
ltrat to thio Coroorin Art OGtllery, iid escort-.
. d from there to tho cemetory by a funeral ----... --

rooession consisting of deotaiumen'td of U,
troops and the District militia, the Prcsl. e t e Paper in t. orl,.
dent, miibere of the cabinet and ,of the )lo e 0l1 Wecly ici Paper 0; th Wol,
diplaomtio corps, judges of the U. 8, courts,O A
aneator nnd representatives, the poet anfd
the orator of the octnasio, rolativoes of Payne" [Etithblliied in 181f1.])
nd- Mr. Corcoran. At the cemetery there Monthly $1.00 a Yoar-.Woekly $2.P0.
*ere iuer.iorlal services consisting of a poem (ivtvaritdily in n'tvance.) -
by Robert 8. Chilton, an oration by esigh nI ot oRnly si:,tainl s forter.t nx Robiuson, selections of vocal and histruinu. reputation,'but exceeds the expecattifins of
tal lusio, akd religious exbrolies oondtuctod its hboeat lF#end,. y -nda mcincig progressive
by Iishoip und Rev. Dr. Leoeard, b lasI n iuto Cnltr1Ic. Itis th L,'st and
M-sIIilt Thorosn'lbly r'it?.etu1 Pablicittlon- -on
of St. John's. The vooai lnsalo was rendered Dces nd n i fiey in the World, anil all
by the Philhbrmouio Society, and included those' who keep lsio should take the Wxm.B.
SHomi, Sweoot Holne," the nudieioee uniting Lv Hatm Jotinin. It is edited ly Tanmrii
Sin agig the Nae Vtrses of that soig. The Nide. A, Wl for a liple ctpy. A 'ddr .
shaft of the mimaneut is surrounded by a i E. JOURNAL, Chigagp Ill
L'Itl of the poet.
Well'O Rov. h on Corns." '
A ts Well's "i Rougli on t'ori-." 15o.
Oii ll4, .im.ltii t:, )i" icri t'lt'Lit curiot (Lcr C or .
1 1'.44, "Bt.ins. B S
Justices id lhe b.egiinhng Gfpoliticnl
(ili ulity, but I'rotherly lovo is the L B S
oitpletin ii. of it -l_, ". tfi,"./ I LlINO.Ii
ql! Fies and Butrs.
ies ad BLIPs. *| For FLhIST and
F'rOli, int,'oirl, ec d-hug', ralts, mie, AATER
-a t.l', 'll, eliuimeon i rd t int hiut by "lont
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D -eclino ot Man. ^,
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Winos, Liquors idud C R~iii'bad 4A1ertilanisatm.. 0mWwo 1p Apnelo~.
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WHOLESALE ADI)GENERAL RETAIL DEALERS iR n~tndatt onvSnd ay, Mo t y J3 1Rivo

..FI E'W NAriv(it auonvillo at 4.40 PaIn
M NE WIN :t>:.C,.a lalaAt 411,1F.aTIFT4AFOR

kiii tIieOpi daily (axoept
LIQUORS ANID CIGARS u rdd-unbAtJY (O. 6,: LVin A X4 IN 0 R 761r,
-0v itySuir) at' 7,40 p a
ArrlV49at' i~vitnu~tali 'al t 840 P im
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S M I =I C31.Is I3Fat .9,00 P M SAN MARCOS, Capttain Bolger., am000 Ton
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1611,1 .rrive u4NeW -Orlpiuni doii 0at ,25 pml. C L R D ,Captain(.Crowell,--------------27"
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_7B 0_ I r _j Iot~jlkCt* o _Ab. ..1., e I .1 11_. ; ARRIVING E VE RY THURSDAY ,'PROM NZW 'YQAIK, A"D, F1R
onhacting At Chn4taIpoaiodo with Penaat. GALVESTON ON SATURDAY'S.
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i-*.:: K LI ~ ~ *."RIO KAxid13 Through Tickets Issued to N60 orloa~a. L~&

vS Ti~~~W}K MCI( LO'WN, ,1iti train dditncots' nt -aw ~afi4J~ea oot~t
`O W Nwith uttualner V~ldilu'401lc Icavitig'for (Ja.
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ilj~oAtrji nillAt-. I;u; t: 1120 zu~
W hiskies. Mri *UflMti1i k i n" tqt U35 ain tM
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Artive 14 NOW'. 'kit, 51:30,1) tv
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~r I~uj 'a aW~a'ChBPENT1H WOU, q=%U 0-iNG 'M AU T T MY W g RAYKI A
xey IVesnt, Feb. 11, '82. n Z, u r onine. AR
P I W. A bets oatn boswpreeiis at the Comn-,A
many, I Drpt'Xpkat Oflad Ui d athd Tickt
.F QA TY TA N -~ WV. M. P'fDoio,"

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Front St1, Key Wbat. AlmE~ 1

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