Key West Democrat

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Key West Democrat
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Key West, Florida
Key West Democrat
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newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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a ,' 1,,.


C. II, I'ENDLETON, Editor Proprietor.
-bifliil Oirgnan (th Judicial CIircuit.
One Ycar, (in advance) $2.00
Six Monthls, 1.00
H Sing'lo lCoipy, 10c.
Lrical oictla :: lilafon c'n-icf lper line.
( One inclic e i tnsi artljr'.'- P(.' 1jralo Ol.
i 'l.,rtiola i a'31 00 ; ail-. HAqulci aillO n oi tlh
S SI ( i : tv-lo ,qlallar..n o1 month st$i O.
TIgaagl advilrti.;'lcents will bo chalrlcd nH
Pl'rseribcd by Law.
Ail'vrtmir'maiat n t rt i int l ld with ia t ic anm-
S lir l' a lianr will In, in,-.rl.t l Initil 1crrbid
a, ; il Ci agtla 'a,'rrla ''aoilicIr;.ly.
S pe'cial iil d1al (';,ii 'ts toa liia ovral nadv('-rliers.
.. mun in


c I ixclm I sely a C.
Flemmaaing Stree


ASH Business,
et, near Duval,

nunm, FiRESH )IUGSr always onil
A4' [ hanl ; A full lio of Patcnt Mn a'li'iinr s,
Hj rO ltfi1p-i, Pr incr'i iy, rLsh 0. and m'il:Lt \rti-
(l0s. lh si 'irana 1'ra;c 'ri]ati in C(-u ful'illly
Coun ilnllAn'lol at ill 111111i'H.
S'' ( C. MALoiI,1Y, Jar

i ;.Y WE. .,FLA.....

(- 5.'intE-I( I.Ops .JO it li tcnll hU- ,a(r
cololru o,'..
.Colorad' ..K Y EST, FLA,
York. Lice l e 4
S s to be gl (. W

-* ./'^ '^ r '

ni tal cli
,.... ...- "' ..

J '\

.,7\ .O OFFICE-Simonton Street--Ono
I door abovo Flemingn.
r I J. 3. GO--4LES,

Surgeon Delitist.
Sof Fr.LrimaN ; Up Stairs.


VW*. 1[. 130)LL,

(NEXT Doon TO 'rTlI (FFrICE.)
A CLEAN TOWEL used on every PEIISON.
Marine Curiosities,
Always on GdI. GIVE ME A CALL, .rg7

( -AND--
S Everything in his line douo with ciet-
Sncms and Dinr t al.
f- OFFICE--Next door to Mariol, Front St.


-- 0- -
CARllITAGlES nlaha w It tlo Steailcrles on
thli i arrival, to Trianspolrt pIaigsr'nLgers to
aly pa'ortioa l f tiw Citv.
CAK(Ll\A(1'S, J'llt ir iand HADDLE
II(OISES, nt Hioaionalde lPrlios.
!.li::irl; i M Tlrlnla'sl done qunik by
A. A. ROOKS, Proprietor.

u, r I
at l F

Ia one of llh Ti.rrrt r nl nmst ciMluleto
of any EstalIlisillonut' in
And comprisi' nalmont everything it

IIonmc-fn'nisMing (Isol', lot Lhi, Il.Ins,
Gentsn-fluriA6ishing Goods,
Croclicry, GCro ri'es Pl teod w'are,
&c., &c., &c.,
13y, c(vecry Steamer I rccive
Ntiv (Joo<1s,
ia refnlly elec(toedl bl, an olexpr-rincod
liy''r, r- -silhnt in Noaw oVrk, anild lpre'itlrod
alit a1ll thia0 (ro iai];li t I'nrhae at thie F1oultaLD
SALES HO ft''(llent inl Iillt C'ity.
tho Elegant Assortnment of

Jilt rcireived ; Snitlablot for w'aEIDnIm
Puei:N. s. WE

Before you nmako up your mind,
WhVlrer ,oau will tial iilwalys a li hau'l i
w' ll ..'. .. <, : / 1

Whicharrtlihe TPEST, nnd IIEAPEST,
on theo Inliinn, thait sell just as tihy a'ive.
.y '-" lRE"Elt'ENQ1icnvn uat inI tii o.
Rcpairs doeli on Siaort Notice andl Cllica
antaes. alao licup (in laiill ia lairnn Htock (if
TuckersH, inicni'r,H, lfllrr, Naedllec, Oil,
nnd all Parts foray tai, ,;N(E I-ll MA'IIINE.
A llnI iassorthiii.ntl of Nele.,;r ilr all MIA-
HIo is naso AGENT for thl life of

Hair Dresser Gen. HANCOCK.
I taca i ir lie-lIaara, Taa crl

IRoonIH in tlhe Iilss-t-11 Iho.IP. ThIe cooLl-
ont inuil lostst ililrnasait loc tion in tili City.

Hair Dresser.
FHs just opened corner of Front anad
Fitpatrick St.
S Will have choice IHavana and Domestic
L oiars on hanl.
S He invite liis oldl friondls nndl cnstlolnirs
and theo lpulic genorall. to give hlu a cnt l.
latest papers ulw' ays o0ii 11hid.
%, '

Siwerav'al Pa eI'I r, Clromnos, and nal tho
Latest Novalti es.
OFFIC'E--laigK House, Elaton Street.
Next Door to llcnj. liaip.

--. \ND--


('*-r. 1F':ia:'' nncd ANN S'r.
)vi i r a i, I llIainui't entrusted to
Cri-:.,;:-nnrif nts Solicited.

the wealth I -
Among thlluany wonders of that
nigh, t, oln ilnprcssed lo nore than
auy, in fact than aill tlh others. (t
.~vAs modestly set down on the bills as
"ti illustration oMBIllo. Bertha's oladr-
v uRnt'niSeyvwhile undor iteaeosn o
Ie," onsisited of
iptrion of sauch n.rti
oe chose t~o offer, b
ao sat blinilfolldeaind

b' n l t
iBo2!.', whr, \ Uajis d dni


'q'aIte R!;u<;(eitly.oi~bii( a
tcvtaneila i n nn
oo"juror re eit 4 gtad
a veoeiatia,

former eitr e qduied Ale
nor did they do' tild ~latrvoyaN
trick. That was thM problem I w 1 ia,
trying to work out, and t
fall of 1852, Johi *a11a
known theatrical a pat
ort Heller to thils e'ntry,
rallyy anxious to see what
show. 'Poor Heller clever c '
andl prince of good fellow' Ow.NOmei
well I remember his first poster' Vi.,
"Slhiakspero wrote well, nii41 I
4 BDicl;a ns wroto Wellhr'; tu ']
Andcer':n wna ----, bi
But tih gr'catest is HI llor." tl
Iis first bow to a New Yor'k audi- ,ie p,
encC was mnadojIlt 1cwforo Christnmas, stag',
1852, in the basement of the Chinese range (,
Assem(nbly Rooms. It was an invita- acts as ,
tion affair, and the company -was N ouo
1'1;..r lI), almost exclusively, of jolur- been roe
1m1is1ts andl autrs. Heller' had been first and
led to suppose that a Frenclunan this won
would draw better thlu. an English- It, i n
mllai; accordingly, he appoarod in a since I l
1llack wig, with hisi mustacheo colored the man
to match, anll began his perf'' ance was an il
with a short address. iun 1relnch,- and I nla
Thn h lie continued in brokenn Eng- that ie i
lish, did a few simple tricks, and 11- "Meax,
nally reached the crowning foat of tho trnt
the evening,--one whicli eventually .you get
made h]is fortulne,-"Second-sight. "- didn't in
His assistant was a young manl whose you."
answers were precision itself, and theo "Vell,
trick was received with an enthusiasm "as I ho
foerwioh Hller was altogether un- IWhetl
pieparcl. 'h all
The audience was of the character tails will
of a famiily gathering; all were ac- gonious i
quainted, and many were the loud "Secol
and outspoken suggestions as to how five diffl
"second-sight" was done for tho
Finally, a well-known newspaper h1sRt a st"
man started from his seat, and called Thle fi
the "Professor" to him. trick is t
"Let your man tell what that is," he' of ea
le said, handing Hellert card. perfectly
"That is a ticket--a ball ticket," presents
cname tho answer. bor is at
"llightt so far, my boy; but tell me instance,
teo namno of the ball," insisted the stantly b
journalist. and so tl
The assistant hesitated for a mo- Havinp
mount, and said--"The Thistle Ball. which c
"Ventriloquism, by -- shouted the next
the excited journalist, and this oxpla- arbitrary
nation was vory generally accepted sent thie
by the audience, who soon dispersed, their con
pleased with the performance,' ,;f.r oxperien,
still more with the consciousness of i...- the b
having solved a clever trick. iConme
Since that day, more than one ox- Look
planation of tle trick has been offer- jiutrry av
ed, the fmivorito one being that it in a Make has


artari-i']!I, L h
ereod ifor SSi
only cAo'rro
derful trick,
o-v more thi
earned- "sel
who taught
literato fell
vays doumbte
nventedI it.
" I once said
hI, if yoU
vent it, for

me tear poy
)o to lii', I t
Ier he "trean
"1'Norav t' 1

BUSINESS CARDS. The Secret of Second Sight.
a 3 LL wI p Some years ago, when New York
aENEIAL was more of all old-fashioned city
than now, there stood on Broadway,
COMMISSION ME HAN between alker and Canal streets, a
hall known as the Minerva Rooms.--
KEY WEST, FLA.,' It was a cozy old place, used princi-
T I. cxtensiva W'harves and Firo-proof pally for those mild forms of amuso-
Warehoousa. fnor the accouumodaltion of the nient known as "family entertain-
Largest CIass of,
-L1 Coal, Ice, Water, andl other supplies ments," and occasionally as a ball-
for Steamers. room. It was hero that the "Origi-
C('1art('s procured for Ves~sel bonnd to lal Swiss Boll lingers" made their
porl- ii ill ult u rn t tlaW
prt.- nh Gf nd rst appearance in Now York, and
C. W. [HENDIY, hero, about the year 1845, I saw for
the lirnt timo in iny life a conjurer, or
. hOleSSe magicianan" Heo was a dapper little
man, whoso name, Iorr Alceandre,
Butcher, was suggstivo of a Gorman-Freuch
0 origin, lbut whose luraiirtakably cock-
n1ecy nrcent proclaimed hima tla Eng-
]e the Very It, .t1 islhman. His t:a1ks were well lone,
IlI'ta-. I lh, ll'.s w~li 'hl l v ;' ..)8lllV "al id, \ ial wI 2 ..
t\, ii( Kv'y W.ait aial li MIinlaiadal, l:-inhg- (hlii audience was placnsed As for
ing /l/a E/. '/b'every w, __ lmuyelf, I rat from first to last in a
('AllLES ST'. .0(Il1N, delightful dream. Dream, do I wsy ?
a r Nothing of the sort; I was wide
Cone.'al vliaCl'li i awni, hnt living i~' fairy-lanud, an(
a-.\n-- such 1an flpresion ldid tailit perfornm-
Boiler Worker aneo mako on ame, tit I believe I
Soeould, even ni r, relpea tho entire
prograllmue. That night's perform-
STEAM, GAS & WATER PIPE FITTING, aune lhupOd my life, fur I mentally
cnm'iN rnoMPT rKAENTION. resolved thaf at some future day I
WALL STIEET, too would become an agician, aston-
ish the gaping crowd, and reap
KEY WEST, FLORIDA. wealth, And I did; that is, I entered
-iver;--.y +-k. "| the "profession," and have done my
L.Ivery Stable. narca ytisvin the public,, but

Sf 0, ,",e me (C) what this is. Go a tency 1,y years of successful work, ars in Bradford, but a few mile
-O), nome (I). Do you knoto (N) ?" who are conversant with tho details years Bdfro t oll at, in a note e
.d. 2 "That is a piece of money and present needs of the service and canty Tf]iswas the.first mo ting
Sis Como (I) what is it wot9" hoso illliclt labor gr-all naldd of the brothers siace they were four
"Ono doUt'~.'- the genius of G(ouoral MyIor ill cl- years'olsi.ty treeye go
Vhyat isits fecting ,it Theo sig',il service dle- years o tree
h:.e 'O ", pends for its reputation.aud for a A Journalist's Funny Poositl .
tiorth rep- generous support froni.the people on
and dWo. iti recognized value'.6i.a, pocuniary Ouno a funny thing oecuredbehind
1 lT aid to thle conmmerolal,..gricultural theo' ,ones th ight have been till
'i a 'yj be soon, anyw and othor great indubstUil interests fulul.'.- L alghit,
eg thingtift alld,'and for ana. of the country, and such interests mnid,
id to t entoirtb"iEt e' twhcr ino groat rather than., the purely militnryy' t ymanti
hed e cvi rov 'a:- tu.O:dy, Liis should be consulted in tdih. lseflctinr
." olf "i chiefs .a

Iy ot i O SMA ,5olP than Water. An unusually ar.g zaeteor wa.
f t 0e sYn oni a-s eoon this lately soen iu India. A oorrespond-
gt r going their way up the out writes that on the evening of Ju-
',i rawhlng ourrent-tens of thou- ly 20, about half past 8-.o'dock,. a to
.':-i Athem, L.side by. side, with lurminor; comet, which i stimatoB Tm .. it -
i kt out of-water in shallow at tWclity yards in. .cn113, raveod h e oT e '. tt
-nothing that I could write the sth y from North to; oth. The l otonteresoit In t~e ohat atnd
.-torq (,my know ithe trap Iaad1" be-
Uld possibly give anything ko a time ocupied firna fi l' ,e ,'a to g11 ',1 upip. Markham notiobd it
ed iar conception of the extravagant to tlL diaurppearance of the i,.ralu, a M ta notod
0T- 11 their numbers. There is' more started to lrave bon th'c,,-qu c ofr T:.;t ve' all cc to t'e er ;
a n B on apparently, bulk for bnltllntll a 'auirl, 1r. :1j"' '.-l w icih it,;i i ael geot o s t
I* ,.i,,, ,- i a ,,1:.- ; !':' o: ;nil oa ily done 1a said.
waiter. In fording the stream the while oF Ihc vilrage a well : i: ,. '- i n sai
~j n te o'n a ,r. V ares pretty t all ndr very
tofld writhing munltitudo crowding an inst su!rroundinl;' loc:dity was ,1(i '.l:;:, h se
o on nn one another could not getoult olone's to AI exlo.i;. '! :r;ihr (i. ,, n' bthi liho a fool
mi.igt way. Onl of CIlr iaen wadod out iln Ftrthe'orn;ro, "lour nlllt-, t, ', aheimet ;a,-
gngt I- -* ji, rp, ;ill thetimne. But Mtlpk-
"0s of the the midst of them aid amused hilln- fliig of t l:c n'e,;a( dis'at la i iI p, allthe time But Ma
aa''* t r'. art'n / '' a ( ar ,a. a ladi aa- i jd ust at the e last
iaisMid'rable self by seizing them above ihl tail '(le' l ik t foi al hhi ', -i'r at I ,- i a O, f a shove
pcrlso nwho an(d swiing them over hia ]ilad. tilvv was iari a t t in a ed i) oil' t)tin- trap.
'Thousands of them couldtl tlli' Il ae : L: ;," hh. -li-lnoi ion .,a i ; i te .
aleveo',andi it has taken y la ud llwhile they o'e malin' jI 1 :r'ibner' to give the their wan oy er tlc ; ovver t al evs o r ti e '' ,'i l : ,a :,.rlfl dow
i 11e *tgie rh ( t 1 C ilol 0i .m',,)". ]Ho 1 ]inl it liavo
ct explain tion of Ston 0S. 'hatovr ofmay b shd 1 Ip]'i"': "A wriaiy ,.d in ;. ; Ali', r, .
it xpl utuom of ata'v'aa' o ai a a i i a. a 1 a a hroal ai :I r or lii. ar lionc, or his
other resources of lhe territory', it i:s astiaig a ',ry brihit .1.:-; il,, 1 i, .
a. a! I acl., 1, Ilceli 't. hd ut it war; a
in twenty years 'ardly pr le to e the a i and wih a 1 lt d i ight'y close shv, nd Markham
an tw(,iity eoarsa l aa ieaaarave, amn ia'hhaaai
cond-sight" f'om portance of her fisheries. Not to W, (Is oe'1-rv : ;i-:: i ai I a:t l, r h lain' to1 slf all e een-
it to Heller. Ho mention codl, lih-rrhi, hluilih t, (ca., a like a rocl fom lh o thi il ., 11hoh t. din acea a '
ow, a Polish Jew, there are probably, niot Ihrl,s l,:n .1,0;J t I up!) t 1.) ') !;', : 1.t, 1 id wa i i' t e n
to no nauiJew, ha; lavo ''ara Irad lo inac' aea -i t flint hon'-,
d his Htatennt sahnon litreams in l outOlltiesa i .,-uh i.i *u n s n:,1 t0 harOb l :.:[ !t diappmr, h 'h
Ai his statement ls as lai'go or l Soger than tis e h l rra a s, i'a sb-sidoed follow, with his dirty wot
Ka na lagi e o or larger lalian. tlia r oru ci ha d T'r'i' ra' nla-il r ;'I..s, aaad hais raaled-ui broele ,
d to aliln, "tell no (about forty' ltot \vidle) crowded -lwith I'-'"' a e wt l 'l ai of in their dlescen it 'and
110 tohim, "tell 110 and hLis slocli lard, aanid hain ldadb cotton
can. erhcerodid lisal onell e.e'v yo.r. T sha. ma i li:, .' P lc-- 1 ibr(, lon up out cltond-
it'? I know you c(lnnmellced this yell' ar oml'( I thn l i( wlllli.,il i r i ,aill .ed alo b Innalalhtr, alon i 'ollo o her, in t of lour il-
it's too deep for month na, rand ther in- shiliiono, a(l] n li:;' Aiiant tlhudor landli, aod llles, asl t
of the fivo species recogi; c by I i t',, ;t,' t tt mi.' il ;h it n thi o h s-pangles, as the
," hie answer I'ti"ls, was i l running in tle Clhil at w -: :a \ ;' ( -llit cv(lil, unl QuCeen of the famiries.--HSuacnday M:r-
Trean sd id." river ab ut tbo middle of l o,tNuvo'el:- 1i4'ut)io-nil a:c. it -:) ,(I lightL n :, in Ai.
ind id" or not, I ber.-an Franuisco /rblint. tlie Sou l Ji;J7:.,'],,is, tho N > Adele.
Iev, o, ,'i .< -.' -- _--- Sahi, 'a _'; tchliii', a dur'bal', an1 d i i;- .

admit that it is a highly in-
id-sight" is a combination of
ront methods, which account a
fact that it has baffled tlhe
ute investigators.
rst stop toward acquiring tihe
o learn the position or num-
,ch letter in the alphabet so
that loe. mIomennt a hitter
itself to t1% mind, its num-
once associated with it. For
if I is thought of, 9 will in-
o suggested; if M, 13; T, 20;
g thoroughly mastered this,
an be done in half an hour,
step is to memorize certain
words or cuos, which repre-
a letters of the alphabet and
responding numbers. A long
ce p'pves ltht the following ,
,est words for the puIWIA(o:
represents A and 1
B 2
p or T-11 me ( 3:
te or '11 u.- s 4

a vut nmn'sTi J irw1nnc e ot f >tm a'ata ciua a' la ma -1
A Womagan's tpreenace otf imind. i,,lry r isor01' l c'llaliaiulra' who, during thllat tterril)le
Says the St. John, N. 1J., (ibl/": alogists .vaila le- (r i w edday and night in
mln'iin astrolog'e vl I w(,v(, ', l, ,,, ,u w d n ni h
As the picnic trail wai s lp;ass;ing ,r (, i ,, t 1ol i o I- n ,i ', evi-;itini, a c certain sary.
( iiliii that the ocbrbrcc li>1v,-"i- .'i s
thle liridgc, near the Five-mnile pUS', i (1 th :at thC'e aco ilefl e tinll ar l con, wlhoCe servicrt woreo frc;
a middle-aged woman approached i, o me with whose] ciet
from thl opposite direction. 1, l ret... he ha-il no fi,illplthy. Whlln the
was walking pretty rapidly, and Tr'i living in I'ciairiln mSllperstitioi. icisurrlc'tionl was qui-lldl the doc'to
seemed to lao unaware of the proxini- Some c(' I l--a varviy holy derv'ish) was arrOCetd and marched off to bo
ty of the traiin until a whistle f'roll some said, otllhcra' thli kicvlwar not whlo triod by drum-lherd courtmartial.
tlie engineer aronusrd hier to a moII-e --'writes a eorre,:lapoandent of (ihe Lon- As hle approached the door of the
of her danger. She was then but a don N1..ewsii, had s;tlted that, if anyone tritilmual lie meft his late fomale assit-
short distance from the advancing possession ai while fwl oar fwlr; al- nnt coming out betwoon two soldiers.
train, and instead of throwing up her lowed them to live up 1 to the cd of "Why, Adrle ?" hle exclaimed, "how
hands in despair or jumping offl, as tho Bilairaiml f.satival ait that tillh a ('ame you hero ?" Ldoking hard at
manly another would have done, slie slinll alla];e woulld iss3in f'roml tlhe him, with unrecognizing eyes, she
very deliberately lowered helOlf he- throats of Haid fowls idl stilng thiir replied : "I don't mk(ow you, sir."
tween the sleepers and hung on with possessory;, wo, whIo itrl d s ma cons- A denial h11 set down to tho fear of
both hands until the train had passed qcclucei, sit'righiitwa;y die illrn rat ago- arknlwledgingi the acquaintance of a
on. When all danger was ov'er she niy. I was askeild am, -1nd a v(rl cr again l dnomid man. Not a little to hissur-
raisod herself up again, and resumed Iby tl e Turvmcinnailla ia(l Ast'rhladi prise, lie got nto' and was sot at liber-
her jourucy as if nothing had hap- \what I thi"'uht11 f tllh pr(! o,)h:'. The ty to learn that Adolo had leoon shot,
,tuiecd. Such prHsenco of nhind is resultt of' it wa fw tiant l),' lcf'ore the and wau, oin ler way to death when
seldom scn, and it was no wonder (.nd tof tle pre.-c:ibcld liimo not a Einm- she had repudiated all knlwledge of
that tho astonished train hands gtave gi whulite-hatlhrl erl domestic hliid hIli, anld forbore appealing for his
tAo brave woalli:; a cllcer as thea y l aw w' ,a a to La f,) i a la1'.1 or n'oar. White id, rather than comiuromiosehim, and
lh(-r rising from tlhI dalnngeron posi- '.- a' iu'l.',; ilral In-ii1 ; v'.'c 'V a :; ( ia r'.lndc r Liis c lhaiuet a ldcsperate one.---



I ..i. ," I a .- rs n.i

PRICE Ten Conts.

VOIL.-.1. NO.--9.

system of arbitrary questions and an-
swers. This theoryf's easily disposed
of, if we will only stc(p to consider
how impossible it guld le to have a
set question for aild every article
which might le eoId Such a sys-
toe would be vo, listed, while by
the proper li)Ath ab t t'il 1 b soen,
anwthinrl cal lo ., n V uri-,
ous namle, long c)rs, etc.
Another so-c cexplallotionl is
that, before mnoni ,'l, of \lontrilo-
quismn, and to th, atiory a weeldy
journal once r'a4I'd nearly thrl'e
columns. As a r'.' it is good--I
may say, first-riat'. -' let anly on )
attempt to prae' aad its albsurd-
ity will be alappl I
Mly readenl i., b nhrtonished
when I state tl4- ', is no such
thing aa ventL, K ,.t least in the
gonorally acce e.a of it.
which passes ft' l merely nlEc-
ry, aided by curt. anodulations of
the voice, and role :rd buceossful l) :,
the iniaginati ;a of the audiercc.-
This talk of '/t,'otc.oa the voice is non-
sense. No vontri uh 'isnt ever lived
who, standing on a stge, could throw
his voice toward or i'1yonld his audi-
ence. It is invariaily in the opposite
direction. ",
It follows, then~ hat "Socond-sight"
Cannot bo done $triliouisnl.
By far the iy, unable expla-
nation is that 'leraphy,
put forwnr 1 1/ sciontist.
spea 'S:
"P'ti '' '' k, might
Ic tw; 0 1onithi
the parts
of ,1 ron-

lr se i
(1 41

Well E 5 -'The qu:tion of the appoi))ntl anit Inominal price. Even now no ono
Plea'a F 1 of I now clhiif C i2i:lil ofllicurt to roIe.- wislhes to lihvo a fowl of those object-
Snay (7 7 ceed CO:neradl Myvr Ion--,, oon re- ionlab)lo color in his possHOsion. And
AnIswcr, (';io or .'lir'di J 8! ceive tlher onasiderat:ion of tliheo IPri- yet this sHuporsttiion originated but a
Nowu I 0 dlit. Th'e clserici, ia r j v,:llia'r one ; few ian ths agon, eot on fopt by no
Lete knomr ivw "' 1.0 a part of tre pmnna ot iry (:encab- one1 knows who. At Tohoeran I hea-r
Can ynu see K 11 liimeint, in tinu' of' please it in (,min- it lated that the story originated
Try 1, 12 playdcl in ci\! dutlitis of' i'eat practi- wiih lho Airh'itn there, who wanted
Jight a J1 13 1'l value ail .'r owing iloportance, a supply of white feathers for the
1)o /youn iw N 141 T'J'he! 11l. r o' flte comtry' has bleoen i plumes which fa now regulation ro-
Go 0n '0 15 aw;rc''.;i'1 aI o ih, .-: .. a;.i of thi1 (jirlo them to placo in their hats.
"....... --4 -- ', ---
Let ius /h'ar' (I A "' an Asuciatiou ,or ha I AaI- win I tr r ptrt and
A/l oarf ( 1 17 ,w-iowani of science to I 'tro; fr 'a r)l(uillted il thicr old age.
T.Se a' /I 18 iet-a)rorligical duti t, t<, Ta.'-r i,um, Pa., Oct, 17.--John awl
L, shap H 1 .or Intoriorf lu)ciarh(lns, id it. is Daui,, Millr, twins, were bor:. t.i,
Let ,.s ,ma, T' 20 reco.flgized that the p1opleu wisIh nu Ar con, a i 181. W
if I 'a 11 2 1 acl ia 'e w h tl ainh i gi cf, i nl leeas inontitI 'll., illa1 8 1 6.wW hee a
qi,' U 21 ,hr which night, in releasing it r, ef, rofu years ,old their moth-
ll o V 22 ifirom military dliacipline, prove disas- cr wn,; loft a widow. Being dedtituto
DI)o OW Sce, W 23 trous to ils usululno.i ,Te ri'nal anl in ill heall h sHi, wais ilale to
1 nart X 24 service iS n ail )pacial iervico andl it: lu- support h-eslf anid chilaireil. She
e ke"fna e a, F' 25 .ties rO i y, sent, l )an el t) live with. fri,,.,ls iin
TVWhis it ," 2T dutiCesH f the cigin),c r(: or ordltll a ,i, ; co nntv. John foul i
TheWr' 0 corps. The subljrect o pracltical rue- hr' in WCefitll(lorlanld county. Dan-
Tvant to kn',ow 100 te-orology is ono requiring yeari of rw up ad l i a n
With thais short vocabulary pro]por- intalile.'t study anld a proper appli- ,Jahn earned the llacksliith's trade.
ly committed to memory, any two as- culion uof itsi principle, to tlhe locan1 'lay ,, o 01' iaird of ono tan-
piring arnattaursr coulal easily astonish woallir condtliiol of tihe United otle' nai'.l., i leaving third mothlcr, and
their friends, for thero in l nothillg Snts a ca only beo teClIircd )b ]yonhI ealll l,'.A,' 'l tht the other wati
which tlhy coull not deC rilb, For experience. This kinowle.dge to-dh)y (eid.' Over fifty years ago Johni
iulsluaco, lot us suppose tlhat a watch is only possessed by thl oilcclrs of Millor abandoned his trade and be-
is handed to the performer. IHe the signal corps. Tho selection of a came toll-gate kcopor on tho But-
would a-k a question something liko chief sip'nal ofllier s.,ull not a ler turnpio, in Alloegheny county.
this: mado a reward for military er- He ho ll the position still. One day
"Do y ee(W) what thi is?- vices, however brilliant. Such an last. voek he went out of his hou s
ComlleA), let s/, )knw (T)." Then at appoirtnmiot would not des.rvo 1e o gethtlo mn
short pIause, followed 1ay an impatient ; confidence ot the counl nd h who wa driving through the gate.
"IHurry up) (C), Answer (II)." in tile rei t ion the orgiization it- A nwigh or of tho toll-ato keeper
The assisnut. otatchosthe ces,-t-ie l olf. HIerI is an ilportant oppor- tody. Ho mndo tho romark that
other words, added merely for cilect, uiniy for tle Preoidrnt to illustrate tle traveller and tho keeper looked
ho pays no attention to,-and an- his views, wh hralde those advout enog alike to be twin. This
swers, "A watch." of hisn adminiiIfration, on the reform brought about inquiries on the part
"Nzo (0) tell us (4) the time. WIll/ of the civil service by selecing for o o T
() the euccson o one of tho of- of th two old men. Th traveler
(5"It) i?" that aet ten." uC' one of the ep proved to be Daniel Miller, John's
4"It is a quarter of ten.'" ecrs who have proved their compe- p .... ,. t ,. o l .n M ..,A ,,
h-41 hd li111 Id21aA1VC f~r

i m i .. i .. -* I I I i .
T lE K EY W E Tr I)I ,l'i) .{.T. i t .l. io in ,oiliti..s. (ll',rn I)II, O D) O.(!,rvr: P LORIDA. 0 ,ive 1Garfield 452 Bis oe 47 and Oir himby e in a e
W. .I. I'INI IlN(, i' ilisO il i IL,. I L, lt, !o.,k i ni l t l o ih l i,:,,r ,,.. j< t) ", ) y u,. r *r r t i ,u ,r l oe a tT h 'ro tu rni rec eived u p to a l te (. ,ocrt 4m a orit y N Os e r arnu r or f thol rfee
1. l l, ,,n ,, ,u ,,f t(,rsion, to wil, i m:\ n el ])r(".tSir; ,, ,have o .xhibi tlinm of nl s ; e, to allow h(m rlastniliht aro giv n below 1y hiEhY COUNTY ,o
it ,ll ini l e h f wth ilotll I h !Iinll H I C a T oV f l n "u i *h ,u N o 'th hd ,tHiNwi h SlT h gi s t d a t 3 5. D e o emmojotin tl yy ip r oe t h is o e v eth ra
4 1l"1Y W EST, W fl l slf nRy Ni o. 17. l I, <. ii,,n ,,I| ln li 'iit imr ty in N ew n' ou aper,, !i l luli v ,.i' in ? ,f1 0111r o l ort A i n, l n bto d for ti l IiO H l n j t d a t th. Fn Nllon v n u
V,,,.l c.ifv pr t ... hiauo )f w ii ,, .I (, ,., ,.., l]:, ]t,1- ill,' 'll >,ehl()('[ ^,H( '; to,.h ;7i, G AD SD E N COU N TY. com et of 1812, which s being con-
0 Cllt h d p -l r l iiw i' tl. 1 H, T N S
I i t i s a m bns t ,) ,, L o ,w l ,. s, l a t,,, ,, l ,, ,l, h, ,f t h~ is c, )u t r .. l s, ,, I, : :,. ,,, ,' ,,, a 'v t o l i n s l < ,n (.,.; b n < !. -, y.H '- N o r lh S T ,J O H N S O a d ',d o n g iv e s 1 3 D em o er a t ic m a R ta n tly e x p e c te d ,_ in w h i c h ^ e v e t .
,a,-r.!hI,., lnu,'.'n.p.n~~l p~ap.'e ,,nf li). T,',,, ).t, i, n,,V th ).,,..,,,ts of '! 1, cm,,,, l \ri!| ,.:lf v,,n.r ni.,n- cn r<.dc.r; might <.Ix,. h to supposeoe St. Augn tine, Nov. ;.--St. Jomns jorit.--1,'r the Flo /h nioun Nuv. tronomers will have anl unuulUft op-
country, w' i. w,,r,, .: ,lio,.iy .,.,- M,, W. I;. (Or,, for nmayvor of N,.w thin im < ori nrl, l in v,,r i.,. 01o' that (l.,.,s remark, ,,,| ,,|i..,Hl K th c sn- gives as olid Democratic majority of 4t/. portunity to test the spectroesope
fil n()t to v.nut ,,r on p,.,.li,'tin ,f Yod wa: sin'l fo,,r lil, ,, th )10t in.t.. ] *., Y' n,, Fev- ii, nt. of all South..,, m-. n, w o de- 270. -- ------- for the first time upon the eccentrio
thu nrsult )ftli.. he Slat ,, (.h,,lti, li,: ,hanur n.,inst th v i,,,, ,>f cr :o,, t,, li:(.r, t, ," in 'hih y sird t1. sut'ess ,,1f .t;.,. ]iano,.)hk in BRADFORD COUNTY. ,. First Dlstrhet* bodies, and (pertain certainly what
Ilpr l, -ll1 6\V1-tl 11111Ri', Il.I(,()-daCIm
tfir Pr silntial .l tinrs l .rior li tli:t l Ila ':f ` ,,,|,i. that iosititon, say "ot i. O ,.1..,i.-;,.,l t l l, t( v the lul te. l'reside ,.tld .l. event, are no)w nl it l, l ,hr. in Aii. .OneMilI t t e (hI(. .A i- l l,w fv,.r lIr!..,N i' ',',,,, ... .,l i -! r li luc .d for mal S, ./ / /l to undo- Brad ford county, gives the following the First Congressional Dist CHEERING FO LABO F
whi.h (lh.y giv, all lh. caus,, s lih It, n f t(!>,. Lt',.ii,. ,SItls, 1,r.>lil,it., ,,, us, 1 ,n l il lh, 1,,, ,* .i t,! >a ,no l.l.,t ,; 1e sI 1 ]hik it, is N1,>- nmjrities : Blhxlan S7, Finley ,S(, leaving twelvb DoIw eocatc and one M EN.
m h, l;,,publicat suc, ,ss a ftn." t n ..:, ..i s a.,: 'r ,m .as .i;, ,,,, :, ln w f avor- ,p i i, ,, ,,,, ,, a ,v ),;i it i ini. .i *,:li ,l.jnti 11 ,/ ,1 t o tcu n at H i n colh ( i8 t ; for convention 82 ; R epubli n coun ties to hear from :
(lnclliMon. It sleowsD l]tat thiir lic.l- i,, in y;ion, or hridil ng ti h fre, no lo g'er sf o r n in li lifh ti, n. ;, vh ,hito a T' 'cd so ,ssiduously Democratic gaitins the precinct, Smtoer, Demcera-ic, 438. Twenty Iron Steamships for the
sight is a ,r.,at *dlal 1).ttr than ,,,.as, .i,;, tlher(,of; aun experience lhas ()f th], aov> is it not ,r bld -l1. Pt,, h.,l 501. If ,, ma in l,,rida 45. Polk, Denm cl'aie, 501. Importationof Chinese Coolles
for sighth, shl,,. >, ,,t1it. ii fl nsl, in 1 )articular th U nite I St ,I:,Irra,.ks at this iso .. t ( n. H 'o PUTN AM CO U N TY. 86$ers i pul lican, 872. A C om pany already or an ed
history rIlix at ItsI f 1 is ,,n s w hl i,,h 1 "h,,ihl h n, especially al d place, w \ich ar,,, all w ,, h,,,|.n 1 ) iil lin ;,'s :r nc*y hIl o 're I d id, i 'Five prl eci u>ts h heard ffrom g ive L ovy, D] em ocratic, ,50. it a ra p tta l o f ten m illio n
w lut t, ,>. sar'illy ;gu dc(d, :;ts ih one anov' (soii, i)f thlue i t ,,i< ll) wi re huen I ( i i" 1) ,'. 1 of it. Ho -ara!.l 4:34, H necoek 282, Co v'or E"cun;ia, D)1n c1rtiv, 175. do fr ,
,, ,)( Gadtth t l il Iil.s diii en, )emoratic, 4138 !.

'tl.. .v hiitrurt ,.n., wh'twh |,n,, t,>unt, all others tiat is nnst conduicivr to .In(ils ,,|' to. ,:s hav, dii.. ,,f tI., fcvcr w,,,*',[ h e I C'r h ch ,ice in lS7(i, 4-), ]l,,ham' 121, BislS) 439, Fin- d Dr 1
1 ,l f t h,' in v n t ,r. T hl ; e,,v ,.n -lh.. .,l,.l 1"" a.,(< ," dl w h ic h w lhK n v io latn d ] )r e s at liff e, r n .L t i ),m ,, dl a t'i ,; b) a c k 1 t si. ,) h th a [ h liu v ,d l, v L' C ,>i r d 4 2 0 l, C r ill 2 9 7 T h e a t a s D e o r a t 4 5 0,mr i5 cu ik ig i er e
.ien e,. ,. 4s oll- ,,neI' ,. o our'.t.. nd l nos' (dl- w ar, a i;taf in 'r il l :, i',.lil l i l t %. l 1 ,.,re ,Crd i .nt i co lm : tv is c )nirani 1 a s il. ]] Jackson .n o .rati quo h follow ng as n t ew
t.inl .. inarlcints l',r p ;.,.l-,h ,, .ro s ch s of di.(,tld m in rt v- ()f t'ver ? 'h,. v1T.:r ther .w,] rl :ra'n in 10( 1i n, ,s | oitv. Hernando. Demt ()0, with a 1Pcnsvlvl, lan m ColniaC gressma n now
1. ,rn o ln ,)lsli>n. However true it may be (.iht personon i al'tl. I).t,'e .k, (.v,.v v i l li ,last mant: of ur c.n i UMITEl COUNTY. Monroe, Denmo ral ic, 300. writing headquarters :
I.. '. ,... ...Oi 1 ,,t|l 872.. .s e h o n w a ,
uthc1 liht t,, 'tin wi1hi 1: th t eah ler hlas u ri;,h in the ex- i l l( ,f them was si i I (l AIt ,I,'. P io clal! 'tt ',r- I c)1tcr pU 'cinct giMes lOhT xham ....State E gineer lin Hurveyoqr tal"A o ten ili on pllars, wa Conpl-
t] a 1) s<,m tr t vt i ai Th in Newm ar is 1 the lr elu, of'sufrago to \Vo ,sh uh 0:r ld w *u e i sq f,, ,a '. 145, : 0 o ( ilu q or >4 ran< idson 145 Ho ai eylttr 13, "\l r n gress uan says, has b en former t
tfr d ui. li(a ( I, in the ;lat (, i > r, a, ths hti^ :1 ,,,n itt) sef y t s ;y d,,";th t,,n, i 1 r: :1 1t 1, ,i lsot h l)in Su ,tllr ,o,]ty, t.11 ..r, :1,1 lsr5tat.s, and one year hence the Chin-
w, ll t o rm repmletrI, tl ov lin se a l. li(i. a lart y, whid is largely w iy with ll l i. fu 15000. l r, ll h in- Yal p a n ay L .e, give ;l o xham e i he mo crai < ne population in this country will bel i
fro. t), t .rl ot Avon' ; nor L<. in- in maj, )ity, ali, j ), ,itsdfthrrough Is it n .t (. h' t' sa,,,t-T' d- ausl s, elv.,s i;..pu li; I ha .I ,Id no and i-t1",l 110 majority, H]Linele of (e 10aM of State Canvassers, increasedd fourfold, and five ra,
ignant o ,n tli i t. hat the ins ru ,- its ()r ,' i,.; .' th ins tauht"in S171, r11tu Ln i ;l S() ,,ert u n ,,(, t i ,, ,ll n at c(,o u, of thoer 1 It ,4 c ot be urn,.'d i! i this iiN, .1 tl, ad nu !sr a Ta' ior giv a D)n.orati majority y of State C rr, Com trlr W a sw r me nics and skilled artiz a at
"to P1)h"gue t in\,nt(rs. ,n ir : ,rlil,":., r, leo,,l ,, the hp.r a te tI,, ,l Fih,. ,r, and .t .y irR:,n .s( Dt F'SAM1I.UA COUNTY. Atry enral Ward and Treaur- work among the factories and mil
urii,,he whih wo pullih to-dy Cnst~iution r(frrd to a)ve, taks ,,,,, i.'. thu,, has ln, wi ifn 1 h e ,k none, bul I t v ,.,lnty hut I A disp, h fr.,m P1 nsa.ola reports er Wendell. This hoard must con- of the Atlantic coast. The six Coolie .
the Nw York II .'hl ad.,,, ,s hr. ;tlhe ,attcr of reliiin out of polite ,it' ite a l ,e m1nnIr of stran8-t f..,l proud o, l u ,.y v,,i .. .]ll Fl scan bia democratic 2 by 175 nu. ,ri- l e Wednesday the 17th ins., Companies of San F ancisco sore
orating S.,vnquu Jr. to follow the and a great 1polit,.l party 1"y n. ini ,.rs a hey have o..apd wi,1 few n.vr b< anli ; at ,h p lls, to p t. ih <' the "oe "- S- time llgo made trrangement w th
m~~~~11 ol(,r' il- l, kli os, itli _ov 11,1 it-. l) ll (,) pu ~t s.""a lDelheeltiScrtr f tl, i e ao ae aragm nt 't

law .f Ncw York, and give to the an issue of a eandihdacs rnligion is eip,,]ti,,ns tit,, et,* a"nd la., p her ini thl', 1'tr, f honorr M()ONROE COUNTY. o canvass the voe given for elect- John 1oach to build twenty iron
nik Elctrs, (rtifi tcs of )ini ; itself i, ,;,,,;;,,, ,, (, tin t It is ai, '.,ld'a ihe.d fAct M[r. Edli- 'an*d pro,.].nri,. Th, id10 of ubhtain- P'r ',inx't No. (; .ivcs H n,'.ock 17, "ors. The law provides that-- If ships, each of which will pack andA
,hl,,ti,,n, This will ak dou le sirit if l t,, ,the l, (. o, t t 'at t, r t!t um ,rs of wonhn i ing in t in ion (t, i)n ()f ox .m 17, Davids 17. S i my one of the o, nvassr s shall dis- convey three thous6d0 Mongolians
,r ,f c,.<.rtiicats fronm N<.w York, ",, "set fr a deision of te board he t a Pridont lc.ler, w..u to ic. l IneraiK. sent fr^ o this country, to work for twenty-
('II!111"(' Of )(qL(' ald l~r, Vo Of)n ,f l()r(l () 11iW le ter h s1. i er le l~- ~ oitn lr:fe, B''(S i)ht ~ ~)'(rlv

nd it will Ihen the Iprovn,, of li(,t, o.,th civil and reliiouus, If ,,ic. of vllow fvor, have, aftri purnil bue ci[lith in to extreme, 1ADISO)N COUNTY. s ll tate at lge in writgh fivo or thirty cents a day Desiring
c ipt ,r whe lf r it will r (.j(t ,th. ,,l int ,diie s a ,tgal i'tv,, is- f ,,r un. ] rf. r to U. H Navalshis k (": ". id( 1,v r C o vI ,, n mi;, R p',eblic) m jority in thi preeinel t "h filed in the of e of t S etary they sent their agents East to inter-.
flv D-Inth cv, n it s ,) If the la li(,rll",ill N, ,nI,,)((,, I ... ..a d Si

In v t rf tl lattr 1in d.n, su,, can it I, c ve enmi, h wi in; i V,oih ]. ,av pidi.nias 1of it' vr, o rfus n r or H i (3; l vot p 1 T r o o certil- ik, cotton, tove nd other a -
nc.itlh.r .andidto. will ] a ,',,,ri- c.rd s a 1.nitiv, i. .? If a ln'y abaM of the,, at thi, t. and a! ,,s,,n ,^ a W o a.< ,m a im ,-. t .hin Ihe county 1y 10 od copy can he otained after pay- facturers in their schemes, and the i
ty am ,l I,( .hl.,.li,,n .wil h t whr(,l a fIt ..n:.. :It. 14 C o t oth A eri,,an ports, n w m,, :i )u't: ,,,. ,,', nN,, rity. n lof fr M r. S ou will result has been the formation of the i
into he Ht ous. of l .i.pvsen(;aien h;; it.:; ,a (i athll,,n,( t it il t of r n 1 ,Vr i, 1 1m ., 1 i This iIvill pr", : ly I,( dis iu.cflf l to ,I ,I ,, ,,itper ior mw r t, a f 'i' t re |) ^ tod i ) |i, ,l f v 1 ', (,aet il, m ajrity 'ou nt:, everything ir tst 'tai s r'. i'hg and coi unt- "The stock was subscribed om e ,
our l epulbli<,.n h'ricnls., but tl o< H IM,., 11,1,%,preitllh tre exer- mt (,n. t ::a" 1>,. tih tht t > who,. 1 ,,r, .- th re 5 r, tv.,< p:'( inctn in which ing the retl rn o .l t St. lawrtouce, time since, for capitalists sa w that it' -"
il(' 11 e .il ((,t e io ) ,' ie itle 0 ) .lt

should l;rn a lesson frol', i it', 2,,l-* si, ,,f thl(,, _,',in;? 'l.'hI p1>,,ition [i,,ci'al Cor f th, U. S. Nav ,a, : .,- fraud was 'monniitted, that if thrown "W'asingto.(n, C mutamuq a and O .non- would p1.y from the sturt; but it heas, ,
ration of Sout K.rn nu,, in 1,S7 1, u,1 ] f su .h l, r, as 1Har p r's liey, nn, t e ( n I ,l H f n(1,W l,^ ; T h,; ( '"H Wl l ; ow it d (v '' l i ratfic s3 lann1 (( o t I0 ,!h he 1 r, b (0 1. roptun ) v rn y q uiet ih ordertoioa aia i d. .
Quietly submit to wlhattvr 1< l I,"w. ihv Ynik ;"r.,v, csan- abiliiv to aetrtin v.liat vou have no1 to u lo ritv. e g I eulins claim (+in t W i n t Pltl camii
d tone 1 1y Congress o()f the Natin dida, 1 :f Mr. (irue, shows thtw thut th e retained to b it '.al;H;d in v,> it re te ,o.vnot r y overta ov. joliiy- F i. i)"shoh John : as already "RO.r to ""
(?) for which they are wnt to lr- attituc of t., .publlican pav.-y on f t." It is true th1 buildings of ih pos.ible ., ..oN O T, Co"elec ion at a large n ber o the wore on e wt. i n si of 'e,
tend such undying on In this qui is Etn dot U arrck ar a wo n fat y *, Nov. l,..-i(-,.Precinct ni> i, 0"1. ls "t r.r ; l are i11 a forwardhltiate oS.afretCoeopre, completion,
... ... -(11.,-(il a c t Of tb ,]" ? It i-iltn )("11:0 lli f bliolsnuf Il o waso n"1.0 ft I), aT (it lIl oriV"f -38

187t we of the Soiutle r Stat). of Caholc religion." Ho.,'cer some of them old, Ut they are kewt u l 1M84, 10 ; pro- .. .. .. r I do t o. teC .ms.U of the ..-Y
Florla, Louwana, anil So]ut 1 (',-.)- m ,ulh Proteslauts may desire the as- 'il ,re '. t '- o ,;ives Conover 213, Blox-; ,. 0. : .. .' or B).'loratolm, who .t'e principallmywe
liq plh, ad at the Iar of a >l,,. : >.>!.,.d,,<. ty iv ,,. -" '..). y are frequenYlyhigtre and.,lkd i tl',,t- btleifoi A. ; Ha ock Withrpoon ,thm oo of t'o.....l .P."p.... thy 1-%w.York genlemen.ofReputt
("misilitroinl e0t; precinct te, fl eltee 'ilts.iicl _'l can.i W'(1 ometmd Iqtoget rerinwithu

senate, to "e thi u, ,:-.. ,, ,,,, not but deplore the attempts of ants unsparingly,.ttaedi n and ah) "rether. v ro20; pr--- t, .. ... one carudate, ene Garlield t be'a .r^on liviti ,, te e;
Il, vail the our Lei l : a Re-ulica> party to make an is- them winter and Th. a v' ' and the o i stern vic o ,t e f religious ditl',renc.. o By ap- buildings kin which the e'2ight r 'ott 0, nn i 137, ,einct iti.. o.f. .uis .astulu)1 tu
u t -., o u ^I fe el u l. o no',r t IL '(. oi ,n .. ... .c e l
C ou rt w unlw T\ e o ', f p,.:li nu., to Lhe 1passi o~ns and 1pr ojudi- w ere sick w as a new one, t h er' T, .rt :", 5 4 on v r ; 0 Bl xh u 4u' f., i ell'y!nl u u se use t he' a b # oring; a ro '
ced to ': -l (,(, ((f ;. people, they ma"1 b eo arrayed not boen a singl c o f fever ,f ., -.. i. ; .'"a ,lm 0 I S^ I,L )Cl (l" oiaL-" ""oOQ .. ....... nmnito/ uI"e the' la~ing fifyo of 8sere- ant
of 11 tu i d, (2t'ain religious sects, u nt iud in it .pr.vio Ais to the n ,: I I .u ae 7. k D o 87, W either 'll(- ,,,slt oe a aY
reln otY :g thatdtes s, lays a old Sergt. Weaver, the irst of thl, i;. e i .. flt' *pte i_ gi f veP"t v" o tiev ole i fo
N, *1- .. *...d meu-d be lrelpared "Hr the taken slci, and 3 ,,lvy T.: !,,(.o _. ,-:. ) .,fir, i^. .. 1^
.AgiouUn. Pc sectionn iH the ed after tho sani r..v (.",0i.;8,. Tili ,u l ry voted" Il
,i6Ht p,,.w.rful nrtili;cr thlt( ,:an bo town as the offeers ,1i.1 tlnaf oat l tickett," Mr. Seymour wi be fu1, i
,plmiitd i reliioy C ,ris tia !ity h i4rrack! l, thro wouit fat h'vM ee'' w 4e a h entire u l cnn nished with the oflm davits of citizoena p el ,.
.'. acquird i,, rat;,t imiptuH dhrin.i fevi r at e either placw. -,,t. hae' .xuals, ,idtl01en precincts for the of the counties in question givingvi $. 9 to .
h",,, the r oih of Nro; Prot,,tenti,,m contracted th: disease ir tho tot'n, e ., .AifT tl of the th s 17 D i owners e 21
"m irs'v. liardier undlr the reign of and it is an "estahii:h," fctt," :*at tio'oI "A l ',i t fi GaU- cuotugh, his IHpublieaoi asocite4s p r. ce nt dividfatie ,.e.r ivests ,
At1 v... *.,oody Mary," and ,muns Catlhi.lic- least for the past twenty years dAnr. Iest),_ 8w,, en gver la will refuse to accept the Repiihlican mo but under th new Chine" e
,overitl ,,rlt'.tero(l,' -. Y. o s,(ieeamie firm ap d ong under in ngy rosidenec here, lth',,"at the B( ,o i8,i od p oenotiver lrcedents which ho will cito, but ar'ugIment tehey willtear "80 per
oere t c.t,, th r, h '* r "1,r,,'seeution: sfnifling' subjects cases of fever oecnrring amnonff th haniolfai 1 toc ad Cnove r9 thattwilitot trouble Mr, Soymour .cent., and the Hoagoltan wiil nove
Deterati party ia ,.ernd. ; ('rnwell. It remains now to residents of the barracks wr trace- buy thi d, s ti He an attach t he ne l essarye l davits dare strikeforighrw age -
ot horteil.n olsIf(kilcsOf olowftv. hae 0feitpo.-i P111lant1j I1prei', oetteilgIMAvSN OUTY

,orill he effctiv in brin..rg ,t t t .. l,,ther t' li',giou intolr- alo to th town. Tht ea if five and to p hortc o to Pla cn c aver I to i tsu c d e twll Ue r i epul
front new forces, new issiuvs and nFlo .ce b regir'ide 'itan: ]1as0 out of ei:,ht is in,.lee0d a l,' ])cr-. iatlnce {'r ... "
ow,,,ou ],.m alIS *.!o li Sh^^ Grv 1 re1in;^iv ") those illntileshro.n out, a est y t.n e allowe to
men. T he thoughtful rat wil 1 : ,,: d ino() thi, country cnage, but when compar,1 with he 1 'e l ( er t, u, bthl l tiktwi c thi, coury without be.
.. .1 i f +i Im-c,! i ll .)-1 'It pt"!it li<11" 1 i fi ll.fN th wi l 1 i re it s t o t U. S l;!. r fu1, cip4 i M r? ".pilli >.ld, ^*'i ill" tlit p. cl I of, h "Sina it Ther n iof Mo r ,o Hit t p m if iieiH r nm f lera c F

draw from its conso(,lationt tleat u,.h ,i .. t l h .k i ati(' th' te city it is t, s,, "fe, rful," eomp s ." 1,"arie ,. i n ton precit iv l) it b the el ,, r t i t t h c e i omi cluit enis, routring ithue ibnce-
ahe elof the rubbish that wllIas fo- o d aa ,.I.pC te f.llwing .r as I havyyctho l.,n op but eoee a( to pu .n i, e appears to have bt f ee r, Ifeit Tluto heir n Itaii government,
stock in trade of politicianns trct -., th, i! Iit, N.C. among the srangel'l l in the .t th!)i mn ,, a arite Lak e are precinct aive s 7 alpearsto can then ,et' e, u Th is yt have all the benefit of theo f -

and re1leess leaders w ill lh sw pt ,',.,, in th, ..r,.l e.ujsal to J .in thirfirst summer, who wvr, .u au H 1 2 i c.hofthe D c rno l ectoo laws of the United States hle driv.
away and roomn made for issues that :ths. ,f n.:t v,,o.1 n,(.ao wm ho c.te d stri, .en with the dp ease, that rcc.v- ,1 or*," ... d nji! a i, p,^:he 22 1 ie 1 to mact ft All tny on e Wedto ih o u Americaulaor. The chemo
nae tpra(.ti<.al andl pornnum .n<. [t {his st,,,v, *J ,,! .. v, ::..*:,,,c.'.s-t th.,ir orlcd,* Yo^ t Iv u >u.tln a o se t,. maoiy S lxa!Lm F1r'g )e inct gve ough toY Dw m )ee 1'tt A )lbany f tm W ed11cp- i ngr ony .foutA ei n a o r o. Ahe sch m "
,.nk th t i l r ia. t fill ,, it of l urlitv 11v the Io e1 t,;m Ha. uane()ck 12 Blxh: mn and. Finley 12 da IDe(n r 11, acordingel ; v 'o u ] d p 1p .a r t l : t t l l i n e o f : e i n ) t i t ',, ', :. I..1 i .. ;, .. : ,. '. i : "v i r I 1 ') "*rtl > { v t h H l~ .- m : t a j o r i t y s t a t u t e ,f n e w t ,e r k f ( s t t h(o c a.hd.. t o r a l e a s e m o f op o w e r t h r v ocug hdG a r -
slism has b.,n sharply drawn b ,(" the W; ,:. a h.ii: r tcion fr ; olier, ublil0d every w .k i yn r u ,. ,. "u CLAY COUNTY. v to N w k H ock a anew l0aso of power through Gar. a
]Hi 'h1 rtyeerfi9l"i ,'tlie h alnd d ulyfr arS a nt.fLea -feds leio wth a 1rn s o

 ,of the Nrth. IJUL ll is ourb ou'.o,' n o^ ;,n .who eist. l..]^r when yon .'.,y "Thlre wore ( ,ong,. ,, n, ( r nolore l Middlh>lurg gi\ve.. Hanuoc k 5S, "l dulvfona l notl tield'selectionwith f promise of
,nothing ,epor(.,in.' in this 'acet. e th1,ir fi s" i,:tIl,){. for (S:cci,',l v'll it as many deaths a.,,n;- tlh eight peo-, s,. Bhoxhun 58 and Finley" 53 majority, tion of that result to Congress. It is third term of Grant in 1884, they
our Il-Imhlc;I11 l.:(.lds, L t Iv o sil'.r"f' ill(fori'vaXmoment tolo It e:Iitlbeltose"tlflwillmlgivefl lre anltves up to thect itlski el

are il t, the N ,rth shou l ;.n ,,.,'. .. ,w that tr'l, at t.t! lc ks as there .as in Th e, a.t',,e lore. d me who Thomasvill 1recint ves Han'c ltt for th elnolict ta be lr s d r- 1 ive therng lives up to tha tao of
'it: hal-,itr ii. hn ,1.i, ic th ." (7,0 1i'l h :.Ln ; ,f th it with o a l)o p are ] .l:..n .ras fr sn 1 i cip and n9, 13 ^- tt 1 lh f Fidnley 8- pi- la b _tu lh
se-.tional line, witlh r,.s ,,t i, ,he Jl.S A. (i rlM T e na1e is in in hi ]r.h.;ofnmk(1.lis ;rt a 1ly wil ,n'solves. Su.h ( l, ('oave 5 and Bis>cpc 5 : iu' y nto 1isorde ond conusion ntsh P ewio ntk rietil re
era rO andfS uhr; n n t f i hll 1 ,6ss, l:l linfedi wiiI (dishon(s"v ,thaiI t .h ;'I;., ,". rlort, of a on. Willia,, l'r tpi n colored r 1)v refusin p,,neeal)ly to submit to snu, wants Presuident arfeld 10 r0-
prog ss a und frauo, i,::,";,:,r1thv<.onnect(, I with v, i ea(hs fronm vellhw fever fon'1, he he l 1 vnajri .1. this lawful and peaceful rcciitlcation form the civil service in the pouth;
(.onditiolns and forces whitdh maka thte h):r'g in ul al o o,:,f a ,(,lt"F 2. c. oue(H ntA d e l Ina of (.',lum~iat count.'., who 1 C OLUI, R]IACOUNTY. fa retw ng on to he pi c.I y : Apeuirne an a pe
l)eopl,, ha.1pp. in theh' fi(,hls, th(.ir' rights, :till[lI.]w yo.onnts h rOn o.Ier (.1
le ,tpoints N,10tocrt jorityo an c orto eommy. I ould
for i t at 1 I l Cof Ri--ll <. l.. s. 1 f ,s" ei~is tru e thecnoi o,. f ) th, l',llov, i.J dis]) tch : tric e No. T a Dcn ueratic O N majority of Another i)sItoveryf be of in.
ten tly."(iOlhl undying-|' affect 'ion.,,.*I,.i, ,.,:,o,, ,,, + ,(.1 ,,,e,!,,,c, r,-.. .. ....... nc ot: th artermoeco mand ener

TheL Savanah W-4 s alt; r t -. ,.EL oi,, INveiaicr *i, 1880. 1 district No. 9, a Democratic ma- Prof. Swift, Astronomer of tho donce and compel respect. During
The~~~~~~ Saans..................... ,..r''sy hL Tu h ua:'a I tkl'u.l(f dal,:r;(,pclorted) from yellow frover 7.2I- ~.\,Ncnlc ,st.77 ititN.9 Dmcai s rf.Sit srnue o h ec n ome epc.Drn
the southern people though beaten in welti advocatedd by Mr. Conklin; t, have heati 28 in the ciyv which I.x- 2 A(.' r.' Fie l o'rity of 20; HuwanIMO Shoals 2 ve a Warnhr Observatory, lt Rochester, the past three near theidre hona been
politics have ad-vantages which will and his fellow Radicals, has already l\V ,,e w 2 the uninLer at the Bar- l o yo Republican majority of 23. Cherry N. Y. discovered another large t something done in this direction, but
doubtless in the Iong run compensate virtually y 1I en established. Here- 1 I f E ,, your el.tion, hurrah for the Stond Hill gives a Democratic majority of on the evening of Octoberl0th. The muchremains to be done, and all the *
for whatever they may have lo()st nas ai, fr t here will 1, n1 tre exrQession I o lrki n r,( anh District' Gr. (i. fact was noted in dtic associated press changes have not been for the bes.
political factors for th, ime !i.,.-- f ,,nlar will in t Uited States. ui sn i. r Colo Coni county comply, gives a dispatches, but oil ng important and Tl- tcIis resorted to before the
V"T]i .I il deaCotmiai mil]tN (lllnl t(, ih0 a is at(es bu sme 1ilor
They. 1"'1 ituslieriorwc i itte, it]'(.I) Iof b0.00- 1)
They have a superior clna, a The N'ortlirn mssos have sheehieBown in i ,n hihth(, h has 1)en vo]hw ThHl i.h\ton, i -wley in Bradl. Democratic majority of 213. iinterestiingr details whiV could not Chicago Convention were disgraceful
' .inc nstibl( rvsours, "navi'- theiirweaiknss and wait of at:t otmeetwi mch fvor ford kunty. H]]-INANDO COUNTY. be tolegraphedare herowithgivten.- tth government, and necesaril
% ,i..' ., W ll tlv ,. .... :' 1 ,lel~tit ) to .lf.pril cil-hvfm ef ,v l-f .(T -Will 11t DnTct with 111(t,'h fI'AN',ir I
so ...rivers, and iany .xfcllnct sen- ic..nt 1o t~h principlerfl'f relf-gnvern- i ths t as the\i lte but fw of lb //w Ed:s "f l t /n: To E*,y Clhiel precinct giveH Han- The now cpistial iaitor is in. the brought the Republican arty in
ports. Their country is (lrstinoei to ) lnit, whil,, tlhi Northlern Imoney in h t w, aid t .re idet ce of I, ] rv ,t v, mbcr 2, 1: 80, I e s nh jority, Blr ham 36 e nd Constellation of Pl sit, rishtarIs n- dib redit and conte R p .ufihe rrty tn
I c'hu;?st 1110l lc 1,(, 4 rcsilovlcs ill l 'ri'v, ,,u~lb(r 2, 11R80. cock (1:35 iiiijoritv, l3lo:ham 36 and C',ons~tclhdjion1 of p a;tsus, rightsc -dsrdta deue p.. h ,ra.
become the hom( .s of millions of I -. po) s own it ( at sr th i h t i n t h s v w fv Trci' ives Fi'n, 0 D idson il; Darby precinct gives sion, 21 hours, he( minutess, deelina- st se t o ur, Ga leld oulA r6ndt
] ~~~~~~~p)NL-1,,w.r hwi ,sh,)wi ) :k ,'r'at sh'elngtb, wh It (, Ic r';, lm. ,t1,.q .!,w f.- lat,] ',e .gvs h i ,
ple who in ,mii rce, <. ,ricultce anl I 'l hal st rength wanll c ,tin4e to 1;gi 1 b,, cx- I im o t i :1 ;Dixhu Conover 40 Ha ok a majority of 5, Bloxhat ion North 17 dW us, H minute. ps t n i o
manufactures will make the ih t No iith es,'n' a .11 grov,w more resist- our the' v i i. (tie woul call :i t lafor a ".,,rthr I ulir 37, Davidon 41. .1s, rate of motion is quite slow, be- men efktrie- loyalty, of high charact-
1...1looryic ,,-1racvic ti.d.eVsL-
,reater nnd richer thn the. ,Northlel ye, ey year. fu th t rost against g"""m .. 1-.'' JEFFERSON COUNTY. ing in a North-westerly direction, so er, of aelhowledged standing in their
now is or cn evr op o bco masses must nd vill yield implicit Fourteen preinct heard from and that it is approaching the su. It respective communities, and with
Let her people strive in th. future to ,1,bdi.(.e to <1e f.,rod few, irown(the d(struction 'f( mny' comfl)rt- Tlhe o'iov fromi iaNortlihernIlopubl)- 4 estimate, gives a Ropublican ma- has avery strong condensation on known interest there. That i the
make their country and people ri-,id wealthy undhr aulspi,,s, 1d 11d I hons. I arl with ou, we lian speaks for itself, 1Honest Re- j ,it of 850 ; one side of the centre, in addition to "building up" which the paty solely
,d powerful, and her important us l l il l mi t, l,:, l. la M to have v l eer in 1ucili,, a til. th vote against R ublican loss of 1,000 since 1870. a star-like neucleus. which indicates needs,
it 1)oliti('al fll ,)r v, ill ni.o.e.isarily fil,-l' : :ti ct ets~ nr n )lmeiUS )ftihv Siut,i 1,,,.mise tlir-ydo not ulr ursg e Gaie Co -th ttish own of on xt dd Dlt e n uii e n M nU
apolitialfa rvillcsarily fol- tfor it protti, al ill 'ap- the city authorities will take as good s u ,stan, l thos Fuu who corus Garfield, Cono- that it i throwing off on extended Dtre ng Sucide in Mont
l o w i n t i m e T i l e p o di t i v i a l s w a l l 4 ,f i l d i t f s e m l r n n I c
low in timer T(l politicians andt f- il t rif arand nuir.into n- nlrtn us, but h wo come a Witherspoon, Republican, tail. From the facts of its extraor- cello.
fi,-steeker@are doubtless disapp1int- tr'lization, and at ln;,th nu 't (prof,- i ifu'c their part of the Island1 as ma1 al1 ]'rnd 1 our real senti- r 872 majority. diary hize, we are warranted in pre. Misfs Rbeca Berry, a ireter of
ed ad the p1op temporarily (.- a]lv into imperialis itself. If ithe U. S. autmiihoritis will (o of theirs, mntsi know tht above everything SUWANNEE COUNTYd mini that it wie be very briante iant, Mr. B. W. Berr y, of this place, who
pressed,l but we doUWtif t.e los isI s IaNE pr gives COUNTY and l dditiot wil ct very iin er, the sce
l~rcse~, 1ut e ,,,ut i thy '( k~s (imt lieshewill, i~tvll .1likoli, ood we, will etef~ap(,next summer mid ev- fio t,11(i Sth,,rn p1!)I, ,pedesire hevary LiSUve ak rcnctgvsHnokadteadtoa atta ti cu ioe ohr om ucd
wealthy or that they will e le ha- nLeu(,,ui wliated now av se from experience, you can (r. ilw, Mr. E( 203, airfield 143, Bloxham 202, Con- al ost directly toward the earth, on Frida lat with a pito, a
1 rltfil ,nm'cs whi,'h n(,ow h t -,,wc((,r(:,[ lro',i (,.l v riTV ,'0lw, yo)u canWill NI ionm dfaent ih ter N r 0 )(lril.14 ,B oh i 0 ,C n igam s ietytw r
lpv. (Garthed':s ;-ices.,.s. will t.n s.u re through portion n of the U. S. 1bar- thern 1rcthren, ut that they cannot 120 G Finel y 202, Bilbee143. given good pdirtis that it will be condition of i entalaberration, caus
*- --- th th riuniplih of rt(;l, hiirInisn, racks wil!unt eing obliged to hhl purcms. it 1v fIrnmotting Celf-res cct ALACHUA COUNTY. one of thi e most remarkable comet ed by long-continual ill-health. She
-Joseplih Hart and Louis F. Por, ,nd HO ,lldestruicion of ]{,eplii,,aivoi r niose, whlii1 I have no doubtt, ". -1 vin>,', t. I, l1t record.. ,11 A tel, A A o Gainsvill re- of the prest century. This is the was unmarried, and about thirty
e itr of *J'r t/h, tstifld Ill ;'(, (. i, I,, C i ,i I,(;,u: 't,)I f"Il illoln e,)mlpclhel to ],h1 -,,,.1.:0M,.,11 ) o M -:,,,A tele-ran from Gainesville re- of tile present century. T hi ste ws m nrie, ad a ot tit
of Kelward Phillp, cha'd ,.xith 1 1) We rve .,', f,,r fluu,', :m l ,.,,'re has pthenged the fawhileof th fun. "f
the author of the Moroev-(:tr- (1, h!r.ic,, r(llhetion tl], 'op,, c-o)urle tlin.1) and fo',linger while pen.- and fel, that to',her tly will build (,otty as 100. covered, and the increaod flitie fortunate woman intq the deelt .t
ield letter, that Philp did ntol s-e tf.i dictated, l)by policy md ipnt(rest Iti buhil, tr( s iR the past upln ltiii ty land a ro which Mr. H. H Warner, the popu rief, in which they haethe y
letter until it had been photo-litho- t,) the South, nder xisti in- nnr urs vtr I1 tee to"r in l mn.- C p county returns of Marion lar and wlthy nd1,in man, ha *,,pathylofmany friend-F7 the U .- ..
,aplhed aR l pulb lish ,ed. .ta]n e s /'lir ,'ii.C p e t .\ .-. 't r'r, o .,..

The Key We Deimnocriat. -The mchr. E:lln towod into thiso A ca' Noti Sur Sale.
S W port last Thursdtay Ka trim a looking FrI NA,:DINA, FlIa., October 21) oi II! )i>l 1 iv iii h of nil ev.(Neutinl
HeyI W1{13 No 179 1880i. ('Ur ut (1w
Key W t, ov. 17, 1i s0*. raft aus is to beo oon in our watcm. To t/lu,' Kdi .ofth, Hun ,nd .: IS HiE E' v 1 ,: ,, ,.. ,n- P i:,,..i,,ni oth t ( ir, i t mtCourt of th.
S. .". ". -, (I, to flrh, -.l ,, f i11 i Ind f'!' o; I,)ll )t! (riilllnlt
Loctl Weau thtl' Obscriatloi, 110 Sh wls built for Mr. William I1. Having public, hod in your l paper to f', rwrd i 11 ll ; .i ii, j.' t., h1 in fhrn ''ry, 'hrin
--- Williaum by Mr. Ned Pent, of Mimuni. of tho 261th inst, a letter from ti this l d ,lytl unts ill h; li' r t' ,Ir. iw ('Il. i lilianit, 1111l iam
x WAt )EPuATMrET. Sho will be schout et' rig'ed, 11and ey (u id 1A n llo le ,hVitat- e,)I Uti o l. I 1 t.,h h, l t m liI, If,.-
oi ly c iv nm d "A l H o iest Voter,"'. hIfcrf l", , tn W e hmn, rl'. Mi..\u,, ,l',)r l''ri ,c j..'I *ml Vlliinu E. M,'lllhn, u ,-
SIONAL HE V IIVI U. H. AtMY, y t- l t I I .t, li i' ve i ,vid i oil l t 1 11,111 ill ,l) l lit
l0Y L':, f'Llltlu AI. iu about itton Li, p on u o sl of the .l..b. 1oli tory )in Moll('t' the nixth ,lry it,
Wek 'el 1l 1g NoveIber ,13, 1 the vesfsels built by Mr. Point, H ch vilet Il, I beg leavo to denmoume, .EX iCUTOR 's ) l it o,' tho Co) it
Men To 2p, .41 n t 77 l dltoes 1him great cre dit, eld we predict through theio sall, ca ltiIIc l, thl writer i.E WO "w i "i it th it t
." 110..41 1p im 7il ".I t nhat tho v'essilli of lher sizo around of saidt letter as la (ow'ir dlv lit'r uI1d LL A E SONS 1 in ln t igl i, it ll1
Hi for week 71onIildr w uc uihel, h l, l ,d to fid!e- LL PERSONS 1," .iuil (,ill. ithl I ti thi higl, .;t Ijit i, the follow-
S Hi ughet T leno turcn during w hero will lave to b1 on thb e alrt to hod an d ln h 1 il(ll. fiu,: it Illt IA st ()lllly tt(l.. .l llI(,stn Fil iing 1h.s ('ril), Irn )i'rty i s lll'ws, to-wit t-
Low t iv Hum. fo .. 71 sstainll tleir ropulittoll for Ii eeod forgery, as Mr. Howell, whw oimu a llo n itlnit il..y, Ml i..,.,tns in- u ite, lying a1 heiin in i .lHlulh d of Ky
Mean ltlve hum, for w eek, 77.7 1i1r. Mllit w siji ti V'.i t hrer', iix II% lo l, Ch i alO ti ll tI llit A41' Viii lit i ,t Il ill Wilt111 'illg il tit(' III t I (V)
Total I nfall, 1.0 1 2 i her cnt^h .p tnlill lti ins K ir, dmp n HH t l.s article, dischla ,, I t laI to sl>id t v t1tt v ill I I .dite \ t, ti ,11.1111, 1, eing i ar it t ct fl (5)
Rtain fa ll i s t g e I i l fs d 1 lil t( h '01(, t h1s --- --- 111. ,N trllpit hj t 1 1 it \ll (u t to t h ( n t~ l l, It e ,, ,l if g t o l o t o f' s ,d d I S hI n d ( h 1l h 1e 1 t e I
lii htnt i hiv nilh1sa 1h u" ll y parti. ip t oll illn ti ,kari s I:I Wtl illi m A. L hit chetti in l'l ruaii ry 18i 29,
of anl inch. ,. Z. t .,svtsci, t I ..t(hi s ,..( i r,,iv,, l. i ,n M r1 (ow Ill o(I c(' s tihhe Its -l" in it fro t fti onehe IIl l lfty-
iT l1illit '1) li. I 1 i iF0 1 g i fvt i153 lt i v it tl tol til l (5 till) Oil
o n t. Sig.l Cl'ps IT. lI 1 1 );, it, wnr .h A.81 of),. C N t(l'tIh lfR Hfl l ; rit)i(' hIv. r i (i. ifift.
-1"- -t.,,A; ti ,.f.i,, v,,,rity f togo(I s w r it. r o 'f th, t I,. :,-.r ov er ht i u.t i l tpi L t. ') 1, 8' l iw
'I'lik'otug]; Hol ii ilititti liiilltlst, ttlt'd I-Mv0' eld illt t 14' lit right
--- -- .. H L }l l N. .. si it h 1i ,11 1 Ni 1), :1 ith o i i t ll' ati f ,ltie th S i' (' 11 ( 1 ,1 1. I rikd s). :,t,., SI ,.xtIIl e I k t rIg hI
A.- Flo:~ l e ,, lgl,.s ttwo Dtti11 .1)' ll 1 1-4 t itll, i ty-fti ll 'oet,
A.O SAIoIoL, 'ttr'l" ai'irtil', t1, l'o for ', and C oi e'r tl(' nort hw(, t col'icr of Nitct h it is pposito
-O)' ti il r th 11' '0ii itu l II'i-I oru illlirc(.tly, of tli 1ho 11 1i o o (f l li u pe =r- I wh h ('i t .o i hucry ld ltldi sixt.-nhu' l(.,' tt
Overmi oiti e are hi oit ,1i0) u,)10141. iln tI )l, Dr '. O()fto o i ,c(.meling tllan Ir- sn w lo is so cow.vardl y i ts (t bt o (i9 i f t t) .Is n .,. n in.h,. (7 in), f rol tie hIur-
-- HonOrs w l'e i' ill llliti -r ltot l l ,olli).lt (I), lol'li lly l tu, (ilt-
e le to s woe ," 1 ,l t le'lo which a>]>]p r-ed| in lutst veekBs afraid to l, li ,.,m >. i 1,l know. I l[ UNDEHHIGNI ':is opened "I'n ,. ifsl! ihi, ,nl t <, .(t li)( y
telcw 'uns lust 1(.(', is^ ol. tll, ]^, 1 ot, i{ltil "Yud- 1r1I .111 1111,01 11g ,I I'P.1, '",,18 Siviit, I1 y" '- 'i'.) *ti'.v Al tltl t4i ttlk
Tlull ]) 'Iltl(k r(i col mity, tll',i ith,, fr with all' and
-Thio .U.tll)m iaiin i1gil ('ni m h1 w i ,t v l d l t ..'TtiAs." OI ', To I esMIN. St,, a,lji 11inin M d6'1 ('rl nter Wi Y;' tIhI, lt(1 t tii ain ll s t hereond
V r-- .i.. .-0 !u 1.... sii(,l ), iiilll llli iiihn it t ton
No:, t will givo helir 3h d 111111111u stanil l t(h t t "tier,, w.' ro a o()ut IHs l outolts 1i nett,, I IA l) ( I ll Y
n )clit 1sliti Se'11(). 1 I tt ti Ot-F ,ll P l t' d Ii iulo ),"1 .i h 1, uh 1 t R t Khif nf iu\rI,,u Co., Fi1.
ol (. ,,i s Du ts I p ltopl Through RNpdb.lith tnn u .rcps we R s a ra n t '"1 M" '.
tHe in ti b lrratc ,'ns thero worn in the aore inforiicAed that Unitoe Stld,'s (tmun- .1 N
--The therimnometeu(.r il he D!:.,- ,sl ,f thl city, was 1aski on tho mission r J V l'lill was sliot at Shrt '|f's 1,t .
-- AND NDER- Lt NJ)!, allot bkoy virtue tt' lift exuoution
cnar ,ofice. .,,,, ,ut'" t lil Cir itof ll; t just fs tl tri. sitat;. ino (Iroc is out of, th Ciriit Court of
l 11 I llllt (4 bfIyellow ft-lle1 l vi sn
v i e r o r t' l i 0 I, l ll 11 l, s ti il i ll 11111' iso li n't. C11Offei lorinle li, .oiut l. vl ia I tn, iN certain otse
'rdpor, tl :, '4110. If our pt h' si- ihn l1h a ll1 c i. t h hud e ha ery,, 'nn o i rn a rlo. I tut
i t t Im er 1mll i -ife h sellulatll Ii) ti sa, cry on turiy, fl r the rec il, r., [. (en \ a. t i un V r11 in t" "*u'." I(ns elria waI, i, 1 o s ] n(in Of Ge i. i iaork's i l fnil of ll vii n l o j o L t ttilt i(t di uot l I ,,,t, I 2th tf ( ntrE, 1 have lvnled Tac on and will sell C-e.
Yor'.le itilitdii iiu 1 i 1 1 .1 n1i3it t ilt t.' ('l 81it'c ill-ill pC 0'iyill O' NMtl l tAe Civoroto of' hslid
\of G onl. H alwlc ock's do(,kidal of havfl\'ilig 1, f. "mi:,h.)ul i 11' r;td1:,n' ," 1 but ).i` l, ;i.l, n,1 l 'l ,, t f) -lit. .. If 04 .. ..... (ti ll, r h or1.'t
vn written thle letter plitiinieried to havei b.'ti I~ cti C or ktviltig 11Stoill- I;I:;tltIldk ttot till," oof o-1dt rl flit, v ,,y teir u '111eg 4i nuid do
een Wil.ite by. him. v It 11111 1 o Ai Ch allont toth o tab o ii llf, "f.. lt '3ti a the< htre'ii
di t misleada" v the i o t -tors tllinslve. 11iC n..s :vvr to little ui in t u ni the I ,est bidd.r (for etu:, ), on MAlnuity the hixth
--The proximity of the ico Bark, p ,t 'r, il'Io ': !i:,-c(,\vereld, 'l day ofl)ecemll )er, A. D. 188H tlic following
Alii H I q lit ill-it tiblcd p 1ro 4' i My to zwi t, : All t utuil'
,tvhlli arrived on Saturday evenii.', -- ,n h.,u ,n h, 1,,', .ly ,,t i,- Thli-o 7;'-/, :tys : "At Ma lisun Florida, di ~d ro rly to-wit: All tht certain
/' 1 '10f p h xti(' Vtti n 0 xt 'i.iV(! )S;tAblislliiiit of A. utc or )) i t lnd, itutecd, l-ing 1ld
wa tlhe catHue of the cool, llortlte'lh Sril,., D. i t tw lu is l(' 1h n t'r I tet( Le [ I n- I( 1 li eing in thu cit v f t n d. West ate dloring to
winds that prevailed durinlig' thoe llt-i ti a ls l ., as r ur l .. W1 m i n k. h ith r A o l o f the
oU iriss h l,,t nyth i tl a ht ,, t'o,\ tthe D nii r, i1 1(e .. ame, ind ]n iwnU s part (f Lots nunbered
ter part of last week. tlc.l 'y lo 11 ,1: r. ', 'y l rt t it (o2i) nl ive (G) of sulidivinion tlheru
-MI r. W. D. C. as, loe o f our ml ost. Il cll att l. A. ,l' t ;orst.pof i l (15 b it and i te" InI f ? o ndt n desn (.rb-
,ro,'imlt ) b Nell York,' i, lou' Mt dI il i ialdli us ilhw : (Commen ci'ng 't it polnt on
prominent business men ft hero lst ty ni M rs l, thlie'outhwestcrly side of Duvrl l treet elui
Thursday on the t.anShip Mo 1 NoT C JIm,:; I I k wIs ftk]( from his .. *distant froml the (!or(ner of Dulvatl & (retqne
v l forNewlo uins. He will visit G ll 1k ',0:"tl' l ofi tni pI cir int ile ahl .',' u ttli (')h and. ilt. ti)t I Li s l
Sveo ton before his return. t. h v. ivabl. I ,.'., of ,t i, it 1, v i ,,, t o T1. ,,n il L, ;
t "ItT i nire ni1 oui r utreo ts h1 L ,, ,'' (i \1 ( f t,.., ntt orhil| tI. t .e h..' r in r tor .ti o n o' '. ,7 a l n1 Charhl' tr':Iret s ov nly feI ,7a 0 l t. t)
'' ty' of thl .):\to W(, IuM.X u.I is' I. lr'. ure' r ., :,, whi h M 13 ), a l four ,n< il halt in 'h A (. 1 1-2 in) ior
ranHferred to the ('Ulns." ..K, ',,) .i 1. 1. ut r I ,. thence lit right anglh. with Duiial
at f-. l o d o -l .. l N u------t 't o' l stit'i'g the nvthvecstn.iii'e of ('1;rle)
S h i ll ,tii I stret in a ;, tuitliw( sterl direction, i dis-
roul p. ,ai n:t Col., neiiher le t.ype 3!arrhl ... Tl' Q" i, i 'it...ii. l,I, Ii ; i l ip 'o if ix ty-.ight feeti ((N f.0 teou n tti nd i
1' the principles of t!e D .,: .T in t, at u cl o i i. if in s in) nor r s, thnco
I a i, AV .,h ,h i i t ,.it ,, ilt' Ilo:i a 1, \l'. it o 1e '11 4 ihlh t int i. (S La is (.l I l c 'ins Kor tcl c1

t~~~~'r" ~~~~enjoytl~~~~ ema~ ii e d is h ofi nl ii i to m c dt o wil iiott Iu 'il ni s, ll ciie, t (Drs fGoo) ds ,A ll 1
r li r t r niraict,.rl d irtion o c-lmd lf tho dis-l
iC; Clo. hac < oil nm nfimll it beotlwcull rOoilnk a 1d Chtrles streets
h lt r. b en ,i o u.' .'. '-il tl ;i .t .t. |tu t t ,.-u MI. I t47A( o of 8.0'ot, Iii .v tt',(tt (70 f.'et) fali r c id

[ genUteuit on oi (o ite.ed i I thei 1e'I,1 ,- .,., ; ,ii- ( h l ,In ti (l o o .' v- o" "> i I t halft iu h!m (4 I- o ii) o nre ,)r l oe and
et thiv s.' .r L'wt or'i of am id .' 'N ,,..h ,,, ,i:, .. i iv..,lt o o, .,.io, n thii t ,'ov(,r nt. itl i' a t(ltr .h.. ol, i l'.I thii t t rihtt lh.t:l i v.'tt ttI 1t. ,iil,
Co. Mo t c 'm oa cr lbn 1 814 a t itthll'tertli ( iot tre t ti onll (, e(lit
T. e,.c. oin-, ,rt r,, t'0. 0 t tn, t A t li l o ,,t ,t, i 'ir t nt oetwec r ne lci ,l 'harl streets
~ r .,. -^. -I.. t *,Ilf o) l ". t to 'th e p la ce o f b e fin

poe ofthebe t. ti al talent oo For th Iilo f l nimtg v Nor ilIt bac ku r thi otd tit isultl I-- o to

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met o T. "': e e,- n o, o l, o:f Iat i, J fl ',i Li-ir ,tilln c la L iphea (101n si y i more or le' ) t ou thral
HL -l l R'. t'm"n. 1. Kerr, .ouir, F t f I '..y. .-,; ,, ... r I on lll i l. 1 0 1 M O Ewit. lltindo 1 r t 110 e, .B nil rin8
.,,lin ,J hll e t;., I ;a a l to rnet,. knp w Otff ath,.).., Ibrek. ,s tho anotyt ho s ,

t : t< tile d il theo .,csi' ,r ; ,,. M OfhI ) ,, n,.:.;, ,lv ,ll l o ir ,l cu i
9 r~l l~.. it tohe kt g 1m o oe coun tty, Fla.
to Nt ;1) tp 11 lip). b

1^ Yorlo 'e l 'tfm ,( {l lr col eor tlao ha ll, c oo o ld i ftuLa|c y 1 ud hn .

o Cu w at t het n a l 1,

geoile t elyct-ion finim ,, l Lowie e he, i n ia r r;Nrrs, w Coo: ho hin jtL 1 u tl' l Then- R At'I an vte tio g ft M iOlQE l
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... .... pl to,.euwo,, ,,'r,.tb ,,. aoie r.. l b as r. .1 "IoS i oumid
S ct. s n.c privcdn tti lt an tho hurch, 10 hant W to i r t U I* i GO -T O N
-. o hi.old h o m nNo*" Y o,,' ,o u" i" tthqi w "t e pOne-h VaRnIt, toe fa 21 t1ays, bor Bba ( .ep the O AN bd

*., r otit nu h t-'Hn~t:,'n itisti "ll y n ule, wNll 71, If .<', ,l nfn 4dlni a v nI' rt For par
m returnsvfto the lnd of
i:'~~ b afillyl ap i "d, i and o -l "ity ui l t.ll c,0u.iEit Nvoir o I W e f Dn 'I C E .
vc nro !i dto h C T ao bei p ii. |' ance willi it *l h l, r e t o flit bnil ra1:1 tit orve ; h Lit. .U--. C A S H
o. ter Fri- at ho. Z.. rr Aium'oing tr l tI ,t d, lulalfe.'^ t.Di.c- H1(eur0d O h Ito io 'l p, the re S ^too -
tI e P',: tthi h o e ,.n5 o. iui h f r o ,,er 'noti,, a nd t ,,, crie f ,, ac. teipanseof> t vi ,o t n clc .i, at "C 'e
S 'et t in o Ue18 and ho isr i n wjle t W, .... li.-mAl ,, rithitr.fa I, j c, the Ur:oo m e, t gn btlis allt1 it in)af t ci o o .i -o T s l

S0 th n t Lr. o o n. ,n' u tlii fo .r the i ,y sf hr t, l -, o tthat d Vo la noaU.l t A
Jre'r.. i t,,y,,, hi o ,r 4. l, ,, -h IT. t, y ,, 1 01 r to .n oh

Urye, wi e li-t Yo fre llter 1i- tti, cn t:T I RiOSCT pry C m iso lMt ON hanD ,
C l aid, f h pe d l be n ,, t i- .,, t, r l it alrt', The -In "e4 of the fact h Frontan d Dual n Sts.
C, I til, Ilon.; .om (- fte ,have t,, ,,. r.,,,,,, crt i,,o 1 To ,"3te Moe n v W EST ro, g FLORIDA.
1 t ompletelrs recovered..a nt Mre. -:ir'y e iniI.n ,iu .auti h ic v i l olst a w. nit.'c n thi S, Tls, LC DreoSS GoodsAi se, C

, ot t hl OlHon, nnd fl oel orvl c in \, ,l i't ,,, ,l- ,f os ti`'ul din, ," d{ 'ind whlv h c to 1),I s h.ned nth ,r)d ih it ..r; _. ..."v r .. ..

''/. fetforteverist o e. J. A. K. i w o H ato h t,,;Hat8 Bonnets
'PVatcirt pe, a lt con ---- -- ----- Yet it oolld shomei thut Mr. ( U\ ,'
ryet .p08 of the hnt uical talent of ,

ou!:yong o, ve free ent(rti1- '. .t i rnlN t l a tiflI t W,2 .3E)aS a n n eo.'.!o o ti the Tholole,] rindn
1 men on Th,.ydft4 ev' nhi t of l a it ,,U",".' t ', r ',-; v o expns VBoth La uortlt l u ([es thiO A iLl IdtAnD
-I've, ar. 1etIKI tom B- ee ow tl,,rr ,|-Tlio ticlitsl,,li, cIt11.H0 onT,,es- r1, l,-"L dtes, nneltr Tinvitar pLtaon1goof rol il.

q:i; & j, 'l~osicr '" n n h.r 'n.m)a .wl i ,t tie l :avrtg ,,sevrI' lIUM l

Swell rendered; but when Capt. Corco- Tottl 1'T H ia day will e largely Delmocratic in OF TH' -.
w e b C oF. I.V ..ftor HI. O. 1)oth houie. The I Swniate c.,msistfm of
ran saug "I am the hi'-Cap'in of the -. th hou Thu Sonat consist of
hie-Pinafore. All conceded that Sliliing, I It(Illiig'-l'ce. 32 members, of whom 12 hold over. A
for volume and compIIa, hls voice Novlemer. AiVED. Of thfo 10 are Demneoral t and 2 KEY DEMO AT
rolduld li 'be equaled. 12th lir Hmlir' Charles 'inn.ll. IISaiirs, Iel)lopuliciausR. Of the 20 chosen onotry
.-By -e last New' York steamler "' lihi i),)tI l;orwn, Noiik, ball nter, the 211t inst., 16 were ew in mel rs Advert g is l-
Litit Itoe H-ll P11 1. it~01' Ii tj5()pn Ooi Il)rhior tid 4d wcnr( to till vliL(tncieiH Twclv'e Adlv-erltising is f lie Lifo of Ttrte.--~
otice" the arrival of lady jor- 1 ilth ,nn, Go" Earo0. un 4 wore twt o fill 2 ') ancies. Twepro e Lba men all over the Ljl, know .
at, who, ts we under:taid, 11has1 Ir(1,,ib,,t,,i ia|z 1111'. i t,, ctt t 0 ( 1 a l lslel )l lt 1e eriti t cTf
t I Shultz, 11 are Dcnocrrit, So that thle u rI It AUC TEO INEER
me to ty ciy for the ltlrlh.tos of ,' ,l 11 aroBlrr,,rtoptrAsht thaNt ihe neut
citing eh of this island for oie J I il tate iii do u of 22 Prnters Ink, SINCE 1856.
Sthe p4s'a withwhih she is con- Ky Lin l' Jlitk e,,lr ,r 24 Dmleoier!t :ld H or 10 Hptl- A"nd toI all, the(o1 .olnn.s of ihis pa- --.. ---
ltt. lir s. Cril t rom P i- -
necteil, we Wish her everCl success ill in l i,At t A 111 Dr. (Il '.l.f Illini ot-1,1 oiG ay and 1L c*lls ,teintiion ito I-
b er undlertakinig, and hope t1hat wll tlo V1-. 'ilt til over Colit 1, ltopubiiioi, 114' 3i witents. To the ALSO calls attention to his
b her underkinl, ind hIopo thnt wheOn I 11tth M t chr 81 Anhdroa 1lni.rcz \Vilming-i '.l
she loaves us she may carry with her : .ton e 111llt A, F. Trt. Is"iiot aJrrilty. tIll c 7I OllS A ] eG-'ROCE R Y,
l oe pleaunut, recollections of her so- 15th sih 'lie Knight JoLiuhil Micyna J, J. Of the 70 Aisi mblymhn elected
iJo amongst us. I fron 55 to (0' are 1i lIhy Demo- Seli1(1 go(ls t' o the Nursed by 7'rt'l: Ad s
Vo %n amongstJti. 13th se.ihr Kilpile, Brtm,,ne 0', n11,4 la blal crat' .- t Fl'o,,rida itt. this cit ,', ,I t'itrtd ill thisi) 1tal1 Vl l will Nuisot 1y Wieldy Atitiohi of
By last mail boat, new H was re- master. uil crearose their tradel Try it a11td bo FIRESH GOODS from NowYork anld
ied here that GalvHeton and New 13th s Iizoe hnt'ir ,i) J.Tl'lCkon C111, cer a ion convinced. Beinui tho mostly Neow Orleuns.
KUys imatils W11i. Curoy. Auction __
leas had raiN:dl the quarantine, Iys 4.40. fur -Sl atpil i icaro- Southern Democratic Paper 1 LIN jLIIA'ET PRICES
e-y Kiviiw fr'! enti-aneo to ships,, IL1 be offered for mtlo at Im hlic aue- 1 PRICES
ereb giving fi e i oti' o to Grn Cove to Hitve a Paper. tion on Tuesday Dceember 7th. Puhlided, and the only one i4 this CIL/. RGE,.
rm all part of the wrld; but that We had the pleasure of a visit 1i), ,t 11 o'.lok m., in front of the city Ilnd county, the largest cim y of
rt'otaV"t (os o Ii(t'ohr De" et' theh D. CashEsq.', and nue ohly out ra]) thtioise] n=L Low
heet CoMMiM of ostertlay from Mr. J. B MhIletwsi s(4, D E;qtc ,longing to theru, tl te, n tltin rll
the South, CEruAI KEY's, had extended lIt':of Iotwa, but now it rteidcit of Oeore W. C.iroy, d 0 acosr,, oe(xistinK of creasing in g health ia1td in11, Wl L W
',irantine to Decemnber next; as GO'ecIn Coi' Spring, FluI. Mr. MUth- two Htor.y ,lwlling lhous icon (;arlin strit, FSurther words will b1 le i set-.hIlBt to I I
nitlry condition of that city es i 'fonis us that lhe will begill and thl1 two t,)i' i ', Ioi lini on ointt" 0 nllow to ntvertiseri, the advantlgtiags -
allow of no columuni calio about December o lst the publiction s I, Llgr li. lon. that thll- -noliiR ofloer. *) GEER-lMMSSION MERCHANT,
Sno i io n tilt villi i' of n fotir-'ollihill eighit- For piirticuhmlr., aIl)ily to, "'- -,-- .
3E other place. This is no p.lg0 vw.'ldv lmp'cr', size 22.h~-, t, bie F'ENANDO J.. 1MOn1 NO. R AW
1loble act on the part of the niown iby lithe: iune of ( ,' .l. Attorney lfor hirs of (g ''. STrSCII
Health of said city, 1who H1 cI htginms will a(] lo :il licy 'Vet an. No.v. 1ttli. t U. A AUCTIONEER.
S 'to sacrifice themselves lLst of 400 c tpil. M\'e wish the new For S.1c CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED
to > *a r thin allow inlfec- heo ,il lIa I o, a. Wel- HO iSE &LOTno occu^let by r no,
t on,~~j th enterprue iiunda ivt', tnd I.I HU- E & LOT FO now ocouSio 13" Fi '
%mo'd~ tno 1othe)010 (th o i),',, it 1) c a l- tho lmnt lc1rtigtr i m, sitmitted (n thuoor- FnONT STl'nE.'r',
1 oh gcl1ti0 to other ports spring of ha)pine'. to its r(,piu'ttors. nor of Division and White Streots.
m n ti(Ii''tio with t-rmn., I'/ l',/( ini ,t. w. MALON Y Jr: KC:v w.T' D1)\iorrAT, KEY WEST, FLA.
Wotio~ll with thell. Th, KEY W Dr




The New York llild Galveston IT, U. Mail Stcamship Line, composed of the following
First Clasn Hsteanmsiiil:
STATE OF TEXAS, Capt. Nickenson, 1548 Tons.
RIO QRANIE, Capt. Pennington, 2554
CITY SAN ANTONIO, Capt. Eldridge, 1412
COLORADO, Capt. Bolger,
Arriving ovory THURDA&Y from Now York, rndl on SATUIRDAY from Galveton.- .
Through tickets isswHuo to New Orleans via Morgan Line at lowest rates,
AyV" For Freight it1 PIassage, apply at the Office of the Agent. "*1


[Corner of Williamn and Eaton Sts.]

C A T1T ,.i

---To his fine stock of-





Which tlr for snle onl y by him in this city. Theso SHIRTS are made from the beat
Linen,--- "'Cu't ull size ii andlxtra long." Bosonms nro throo fly and made of the
Finest Linen. They aro Imatdo by exlperiencc d tuand calpablo workmen, and
Carefully INSPECTED, and arl, UNSUlPAhSSEI) by any other work.
iansnhip. Wu (GUARANTEEC thoi to gtiv'' Ii-lrt Satisfotiqnip::
Make, Fit and Quality, or Moey. lt
J. iL" mCD MTT,

- r


Guai Snu er, KEY W,.-
The disMdiution from my lato Co-partnersip enable
To *" ,

Drafting and Plans for the ereotion -

of any style of building required in

the City.

Will be taken Upovi FAIR TERMS, and Work GUARAN'E ,,P,.




Papers From Europe, together with almost every Aterlo.epi
P. erlodical, School Books, &c., of latest datis,..


(Comor Caroline and Simonton Ste.),





UmIbrellas and Parasols.
I amu the Sole Agent in Key West for n very large

I sell by SAMPLES which I show in


I havo Ordered quite a number', which have given ENTIRE SATISFAC-
TION in Price and Fit. Shouldyou need a

IIRUSEL, TAPESTItY, INGRIIIN oi' OIL 31'Pri, tid) a)' f,);t mir.


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4mall hors',es in En.huland, sic4e 11h4
moisture of the clima1ue anld thl lfut-
liess of i1('e 4lin 1 r'l ',rl' ]r)(ll-'4 (
hor1.4 4 ( tot lhu'r!;'(." N'itiIcr' <1', j
doibt 1. tliat in 1A4 44 1 -'l)',144 1i44I4v
11 like, t c!mA lml 1w i ;l ii'.; :W I I. f':
Its 1a si r e ife ls<, i;k111 v, i n il' ,h.
reil p'1u itYv I' his lk bln414 4 ( (i 4I '0 '
strnll e ;])w (4rls l' l nlit i' o hirh .n(.
the i url-, f 1,r)( l. l'.T 1 ;:] u. 4 i''
spring, rew 'ii'1i4g So eoI(' ;ull( i dll 4 t: l
ill not 11 4iaillil ss -l)di,'$(l '.t i
true Araliain im 44 ) l t '!-, 14'1 1 l4 ri0 -
produce his kinud alter lhi 4i m )1 i1-
age and likeness, find ,t' a1 p]a4iiuIl .;
typo. It vill r4a4'ly l4 41)4I u i n 1) 4r
breeder of Arabi'ins ith1 ; nA 4. i1

J. 4
);14. cti6

- .W r "' T iu s "

41 4: \l,L4t IN

'i ^

,n]1, I,

&C., &.,|

C 1.)11,
1''' 4'' he I~
~til i~~i\i ic n
4 ) o1,4'4l at

w s'

I I I4ArT1.X

b r11n useless for' Ni'1v I),rp ; lh i i i.
world, except, as tlIhc .,say', ]t L \C ES
his throat cut or )be run in a hani;,." PERFUMI'TERY.
Whether hle be bred rance-hor; '(,or
not, the Arab w;i ailwnays .fd a ;&c., A&c.
market as long as1. cji llry is ,1isd illn Groeri
England or pn thn A!ontin.ilt. H is I
a cl d(oig well I-.\D -
, 1i. English A
less :B :K M -K

witll a
*; 110110
Wv4;ic_ ),c n i.r4i4,i ng 0ifocl( .
He endures cold ail he idFluroes heat,
fasting as 1lcenty, nnld (hard 'work a4;
idleness. Nothing coin( hbinm
amiss. For whatoth1cr cr1ct'it' u111-
der heaven can we say o Imuil--
iThe Niiwteerhit ('oifh'q.


;4411 1444111 y (itch S'IV l erk u d
'VoiNw Vokadle

ie~l1 SUPPLY

--or' -

G ~) CEl ES,







Commitoslio ,-erohant,


(No. 1 FuO~NT S'rIiET, KEY WEST, FLA.)






Har. avare, Cutlery and Tobls,

Croo&l .y and- Glxaas'swarP ,

Stoves and Hollowware,

Tin and Woodenware,




1 O n11VISION1"


CANNED 000..D$

AS ALWMWA% ''0l(, IN r 'fl
41(1 woll so4 Hcl'etId i rti)4 4, il m


Three men of wealth meeting, nnot ify 7 V
long sinec', in Now York, 1the c(nver- \
nation turned upon their wives. In- Ii 1 a
stead of finding fault with 'nnm n iln \ S
general and their wiv(es in ]i'paticiulir', il '44 1- R ITRY I T
each one obeyed the min'1 ad- The Lic' :,2,.::. nhingi Machine e
vice, and "gave 'honor' u4it,4 ])iwifh.''. ever VIade. alnd
"I tell you what it is," 4said o(ne 0 ,f' THE MOST POPULAR AND DEST OP ALL.
the lmen, "thc'"y m y sll y v 'I!;:. lth. y 1 .' The Bobinst i are Woutnd without lletunlgior
please about thio usless4i.4 0i' s o- r'atlri-n tl0 lDlne. tA.he lWacA E *e
ern women, but my wiyfe h,1is (lone l NO OETTING ODT OF OIDER.
ler sharo in cing ur suin cu'iin O o i The Best Machine for Agents to Sell.
'life. Send for Illusltrted Circular to
"Everybody. knows t(hat h1'. r.4i ,n1 g ily I -o,
was aristocratic and exclusiveei, nl ll o ,
that, ulnd 11when I iarriei d hlirli(' l 4 a14 1 ..41 arlcy, Ga,, "-', ,
never done a dmay's work in hier life; IJ Inl :i'A & i CarpenterS Tools,
but when W. & Co. failk.., and I had
to comlence at the foot of the I ill '~j a .' '
again, she discharged the sorrani s A' il
and chose but a Icat little ottage,, St' y0es, Paints, 0iS
and did iher own houselkcepiug until
I was better off," S2 TcM ollor iil1 A1sN rtvt,
"And ,my wife," said second, "was ,NEW oR'LEAN~:;, LA. nv narslg S
an only daughter, cnaressed and pet- i p. O.. B\ 12(10. 1, .
ted to death; and everybody said: VEIRTI'ING PI PFQC'TUS N
'Well, if he will marry. a doll like A lIaG IPECU
that, lie'll 1malk tlhe g'reateost ii.stakc -.
,f his life ;' but whelon T cname homle OF THE
the first year of marriag'o, sick with "T
11:0 f(e, sl.4' 4 i-, 1r.. TkO haek to tp y '' 1jr \ 11"r IJ RA 1 "
health, and I never knew her to 11nr- lEY Wl iA ilTJ _AUtlII T
mur becoauso I thought \we couul('t
afford any better style or mor lux- Ahv'(,rt s;ing is the Life of Trade.-- AL
uries." L1ive mun all over the Land, know
"Well, gentlemen," chinied 1in a tll e imerit of
thlid, "I married a snart, healthy, ... i
pretty girl, but she ws a e'e'Iglar Printers Ink, 01ATIfiiY
blue-4tocking. She nador'ed T l'miy- 1
son, doted on Byron, reod Emelrson, And to nll, lthe co(,u1ns of this pa- &
and named tile first. bnab Rlpy Wul- p10 r oter many and great induce-
do Emerson andl tile second i4Manud ; | ,'nt", '1, lt'e Ton1
but I tell you what 'tis," and the Whoiest i)'*tl Ii -- 0:--o
speaker's 3ey'u grew muspiciously .li 1OUS
moist, "when we laid little Maud in S'llin ig .,(o)(lHs to tih Merchants in tlhe
her lst bed l : Aulburn mny i(oor wife lhis (c i, t (.4 ',1 in Ilis paper will iln-
hal ndo 'enjetbheracem e of 4re-'l<'h't or ,ea' ih.1' (, '' it ,nt4d 10 it lo .Tbe
stinted nmotlerlI' care, I.1id the little conv'inced1., 1i4i tlhe m1ost lea'
dresses tlmt still lie ill the lockodv tl
drawer twere all iadule 1y her loi Southern Democratic Paper IVIE SS AND F
hl o n Pulislhed, andlc the only 0 one in this
A Theologleal Puzzle. 1itv countt, i(, largSt city if SJ- 1 !- ,
i4e0 St te, 444441 )4', t.] t is rapidly ij- I
A well-known local 'preaehci i r ic iing ill 4e1 ; 111 a iil)porltanc.- 3
suburban town, while instructing a Furtl0r word ;' will hle n1c4l(.';s to S TO S
class of urcliin- inl tlhe ctatcli n, tol sl)(\W to arvh'rc li:; th( le ad'vantai .s I
them that God ca(1 do (\v)orythii, 114 ,11: ':, ...h c44,' --A- *
whereupon one of t11he1m asked(, ''(n : --
God makeal rock so t 1 n H thlflt Ih 4 'i.1 1,:S. '("I
lift it?" The bov's q (Icstt.n ,4 is :'' Spe alit
,f~nci WMlVO'r,#'] ',"* ,, ni..vT( r ^ Jp CVa l U


'll, m llnt ind Plister.
., L aths and Lumber of all kinds.


^.Mgl -
'/I -'1 .- y^

'.44 p'~



djact o 'ancy 4n Usod rtiolos nt found
1t e. On.

:i be Convinced 9' Facts.

William Curry.





11. MObRGAN LINE of splendid Steamships, has commenced weekly
;.ips between the above ports, carrying Freight, Passengers, and


Ii'eso sea-going Steamships are first-class, built of Iron in the best
iner, and commanded by able and experienced Captains. '
The Pioneer Steamship "MORGAN," Capt. Staples, left this port on
5th instant for New Orleans.
The Steamship CLINTON," will arrive here on SUNDAY next, and
re for Havana same day.
for Freight or passage, (having elegant accommodations,) apply to
A. F. TIFT, Agt.

-j A2'i.' 4' Isrs


And be satisfied.

r r-- r~r -----------------

HorseOiShoeIng ao., A Spelrality.
Ha is the AGENI of-the original LIantrMNo ROD MAN, and has samples
of all the different RODs. Call and have your house protected.


,^ *. ",






.'' ,. :. .

b V 4' ,.

uommal. CO


ts i Constant recoiptof FRESH GOODS, by very' arivAl, 'a will keep
SAfullline of '.

Groceries, Flour, Grain, Vegetables and Frult,

At Prices that "CAN .I BE BEAT "

Fis.nruntur e [niHdware.Cr foc'kery' and PIants.

1 -'
4 '

Door, Sash, Blinds, Cement i m ,


Agenoy FOPo BUvfffin Platform Snale.i-,

-BY% -

Sontpy 'retak hw h3 t AavtwS mxy ifwt t AMID 'po1tS
Vp to 4 Ibs............... Icent pi-r ounce. Measuring under I cutl foot.
Dver 4 and under 6 ibs.... o 65 per package. Measuring under xI'cjc foot.
6ver 6 andunder o lbs.... ogo9 per pckagc. Measuring under i fuot.
Over o and under 25 ll.... t oo0 peIckage. Measurilgr foot 1 l4er 3 feet.
Over 25 and under 75 l. .. I 75 Iper package, Masm ng 3 feet and under 5 feet
Over 75 and under 12 lbs.... 2 oo per package. Measuring 5 feet arid under 8 feet;
Over 8 cubioct., 35 cts. per cubic ft., hcl includes calagec in New York and Key West.
Direct all Packages fbr Ball's Express to care .of
3 Bowling Green, New i 'ork,

Now is the time to


Key West DEMO(



Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Tin, Copper


PREPARED to do everything In tills Line.




.. i