Title: Key West Democrat
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Title: Key West Democrat
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Key West Democrat
Place of Publication: Key West, Florida
Publication Date: November 1, 1880
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
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mIn -- .

C. B. PENIDLETON, Editor & Proprietor. T I Tr
Olloiul Organ (th Judlicil Circuit. ,N.L
One Year, (in advance) $2.00 Hn extensive Whnrves and Fire-proof
Six Months, 1,00 Warehouses for the aeoinnmoldation ot the
Six on ,Largest Class of Steamers.
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Local notices fif'teen cents per line (Chartor rsprocured for Vessels bound to
One inch nmke a square--Per squar one ports in the Gulf and West Indies.
insertion $1 ()0; one square one month C. W.
S3 00 ; two squares one month $5 (9). C.W. HENDRY,
Le gl advertisements will be charged as
resorlbd by Lw,lsal
Advertisements not marked with the nni- W hol
ber of time will be inserted until forbid
and charged anl'ordiingly. utch
Special inducements to liberal andvertisri.

SDr. IR. J. PERltY,

-A ~ ts ,ND)--
Exclusively a CASH lushiness,
Flomiing Street, near Duval,
hand ; A full line of Patent Moilicinos,
MiSls, Perfunery, lrushemH Imd Toilet Arti-
cles, Physiciians Prrscrilptioncs Cnreftlly
Compounded at all hlurs..


O iizi OR .IN _IIANCEfY.'

X. wS 1'LA.


" OFFICE-Slisonton Street-On
door above Fleming.

DR. J. B G.OZAL]:,
Sui'gCon Doilest.

bRi'g0on Deluist.
of FLEtmMINO ; Up Stairs.


W. IH. 13OLL,

A CLEAN TOWEL nsed on every PERSON.
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Keel tho Vory Bn:Ht Beef, and .at low fig-
nru, HInts Hchoosu's w hich l)ly rc'gcnllarly ,10-
twrni Koy \\'tut mndiii thel M'inlanud, bring-
ing 'lA ESl 1' l'tl' cvory wook.
General Machinist
Boiler Worker.


Livery Stable.
S--- --- -
CA1:tiT.(G:'4 I;.i nl, r.t lthe It-'tCa;n cr' o
thltir irtrivttl, tc 'cri'h'.q p).'l lir5asriing.s ti
i;tl SJ'0.'. nt A. .i-oil-iLi L'r iEm i.

rlsrifiatr ieignqiltrjnihSk by ': %
'- "H, P'ipr etPA v.
4 4i

Aba a ir.ah nl

llouse-fuirnshing (I
Crockery, Grocer
&c., ,&c
11y very Stcm
, s New (
n rbfully Hselected
inyer, resident in Nu(i
at tIll tillCes to 11ciucke pi
HAL F so frelqu(nt in th
I wonul call Sl'ECI
the Elegant Assortmen

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i .- FINE aOCrRI

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ftatrick ts.
ill have choice Havana and Domestic
i on hund.
i invitos his old friends nnd fnstnmcrs
m tc pulline Unerally to givo hium a cll.
I:'.. t pa rit i's lwtysf t o111 1ntL1.

Several Papers, Ch
Latest Novelties.
Next Door to i


Cor. lPoN anT d
hWill ittndl to nll lb
his care prouptly.

To The Electors of Monroe PO it V.
County. The Minlsj1' etti'v.
J tl following in the boundary lino of ..
each lion District ini the Countyf o.It :
Monro, with tne nliames cif the persoims i1)- Fromme I0 iii i
pointed as deputy clirks ,or registration of- ThIl chestnuts dwoo w by tie river,
tiert'H of tli r.'ral election district f tsid l And shadf -o A lr wyolk, trs ;
,ounty, n1nd the plico in llRach delction dli- The dragon-, .and th,,v ,lniver
trict in which thu regilsttiomn list will bo he Toaon- and th ive
krpt opei. To soiuiolt ut ng of IusH I
Election District No, 1, ii boundodn as ut hero istpt a lopcst li i--
follows, viz: Biegiining iat the waters of J'm ninn a tiol tho ir--
the harbor of KIy \\'t at the ftiot of D ival 'll
street, and extending alonl land inrlii.lng I'll rest umi thin I n,: l t tino,
the southwest side of d irt uvid stri t to I ventured to -
the sonth beach, and shnll also coiprist ail 0, chestnuts lIeiil golden anru
the iHlnnds oxtolldilln: in L wostirly (li'- Ihrvs, 4
tion from Key WeVst iuc'luling tlh, Dry 'Toir.
taiga Keys. Tit e r i i'ltimn ht of of Elec- And sw('t is tho e ..o music of Icaves I
tion District No. I,1, will 1,' ki,,ld ,i ,.i nit the I parse in this qualIlttlo harbor,
oilloo of the Clork of the Circuit rt. I t
]Ilectioin l.)itriet No. 2, i .1, ,nd.d im. Qui. out .onl ofthi : of t'0i, tric:lo i
follow, viz,: lhginning tt (lit, it )it'f Du- With lItIvuiH oovbrh 'ti -t irbor,
vid street, at the divildinig hr, o of Dinse'it I nsmiok(, nl I po1 I r ('I c,.
No, 1, aud xtullingasteva-Tho lnk, wit, ','h',i .i, en ledges,
tors of the hrhor of W,tst t C lacth Ezisitsa etn 'W r ,Itolt;
street, and from thence along thl iir moubt ExistsH a in t : to
siile of ],lii hi.b h sntr( ct f tli. ouli bIt c h, ThIr,'-'H ,till thI;'t i i,,.'u sedges .
nnd thenoo in a woNterly direction niiiv,, h th Ando lilJis fr iA ., the Ioat,
lie r of south iecla hto tth dividing line of 0, breoma are of ( !, dreamer re-
Di'trlc't Ni. 1. A. J. K p on wI 1ic )-' es r -
pointed rgistrti T rgtioclen cctyivoa ":-
list will be tcIt open at the store of P.M. The rarest refrici f t llsnic of leavecl
Kcilp, coron(r of Siucontuoxiciirl iCitrolijine
Mt.conr mont Caroline A brown-eyeld is tl 0 '' ouing maidenu
Election ]Disrict Nc,. 3, CnmI ri:-is all Thrn st,-,.c, i t i ,n .1 ukiffl,
.that portion o ll of Key WoeVt lying l hen st v ,i ,'- f 1, .1klf,
north and EIst of D)istriut No. 2, an.nd in- .oHr Inp with fIIiu it. nui ladn,
eludes nl nthe islndsH Ost of Key West to I now atn forgett Ail ;ff?-
nnd including theo Bahi Jilodia Kys. No matter I iI cg.-'1.' glory
Johln aCrry his 1e Icn appeoitntedt f 'ity Of loveintho 'lc i eyes ;
clicrk cco rii.r ttion offlicerr It' Etilccton IDis-
Irit No. I, t nd the registration list of said I tell her an oftel ti". .i .
dlinttri't will be kept cpen ant theo tore of They sparlde with uit al surprise I
lku jtiiiuin RIobort, corner of Fleming and O, rivers are rap'i~, Aiun were thieves
Wliimi str,,ts.n ie
E tco i tiotrictNo. 4, in bounded an fol- Their mnuic u s no i to mic of
lows, viz : lginning at tho intersection of leavi- "r. r ,-ie
tlc( noIlthern lito of the County of Monroo eA
with tlhei lf (of Mxic'o, lthenc to the ast- Ahl, S v<, c
rly l)hlndalrines of Charlttti Ha.)bor, thonce The
scuithorly along thol waters of Chairlotto Har- 1ri0o "'
hior, thence HontheitHterly to and across the .
waters of tho Caloocahantchie Aivir, thMi 1ence li,
soutlii:'vc;tirly to thhe ad v atter ofi White Ou
Wititr l lv. Tho registration list of Flitc.
tion I)itrict No. 4,,Precinct No. 1, wlo I;e :
j.l't open by Gootoe it. Uhultz at his him .. I '
it l'nuta Ifai4st tiL tho rgi'atrtlon li 'J,ti

.leti oen Di1uo-n. 5, Se it.un.de~ ticB4i
full.was vi C thie yterlyliiu

I st

VFbac An 1 n)IOpu it
g .L .': .CofpUa~rfl, rB] elon-. l
71:z idit Ki ys an andi wceut ani Mcke U 'L
WN S Creek. T lt cit t l ist will ilnpt poi
|I6e Wopen a tht iho J hasp indeyr n up- t ..'M."'
per Manttumtbue. inder h been t
PfO C; prointolad rgit fp Bor lon a
O. to District al lll' I
hi an nd r int cnt.luto lhtail's lyingS between oe an4'
.llnent in ounndary line ef Moiroe.oun, Thua
ishmient in istratit n list of Eletlon Dit No. 8,
LO RID i, cio ohncn registration oicer of
s.ild distrlot.
1At' everything In Ono ioo.o
ot everything In 'Therogistration liss of the several eleo-
tOO D S ll districts herei naiic'd wilit opein.eled
cn the l'rst Iondciy in toteir, 'ithin her
0 0 D 5 -o threat" (1lLythreat'ter, anid be k'ptOpened th '
onds, lot lcing, Hnat, I'twe"n the hours of I) n. i. and 2p. in. on the :
ling (.Goodsl, W'!nPsdny'l and Haturday's of each week, ed
g oanud duing such otuhr timos of day an the cd ti
dehilmty cliirk or registration officer si'iy
ris llltedware, dc'L i c nccnssary, and close on the tenth diy Iecnti c
pIeTcling tihc '( lcy o' f election. raised
., &c., All ler; 1 whi hIaver never registerod, or
whose inIies hiave If'n stricken front tlhe Almericcc1
nor I receive rcgistratiti list, ninut I'giste with the dlp. Tio sn, i O 1 ,
uty clci or or regiictriti n t i ,r horc ` o Sm1n 1 0i C
ood, cui niedlc fior tliir el('ticn disiticet, and with senate inl tl ,. l, .
X li another, lit the phl;( i T t
an no thers, at twhe ale: i'int.n r on th. The UnitedCl tatiqa sm
cy an xprne 'oi ntty ircgitrciction list ,ld Ihveo.chlangd called the model p10 l e:
!lork, 1 mrod lprcl rrd their Ilnare of residence fror olio clction lirdnco, with nllt 1, c it
chs at tho tmcj district to iiluhr, re rcquiriJ to reporton France, with all ti ojiti
cat City. snid cha1ngei to the Cl rk of the Circuit of her sons, have ic'vor be
S CoIrt nt ATiT ONTl'O, Within ten dans prcc.- i 1 '
--AL ATTENTION at hto e, cthin ten days 1rece- create an assembly possess
At ATTENTION to cliug the day el' ilition.
tof ''The general rlcction will bie held on like prestic and o4pula
TnctHdny the Fiecondd (Iny of NuoveL'iixr, A. 11
TucGDS D, 1880, the y of o r, A. second republic contained
So In testiony wheor'of I have hereunto set a single national assomibly
tal myi hannd idtl ccilf Coirt nt Key West, nI rce stalishc'l
tablo for WEDnIN thIs lirt adnay of Octlbnr A. D. 1880. re-establisd a d
SOHN SITCIIER, lk. Ct. Ct. ture, hiis senate beiiig cons
ES A SIECIALITY Monroe County. t iest of all p- c1ib
SSARIOL w. D. CA-, Chmin. 1. co. co. the simplest of all pDa libl
SiL.* c inconsisted of 150 members,
A. I. Election Notice. life by the emperor, at' his
[AOHI1ESn OTICE is hcrebhy given that at a meet-
Sing of the Boardof f County Cmcinni.' creation. Cardinals, marsh
up your mind, owners of Monroe county, hl on Monday, mirals were also ex-officio u
eup your mind, the 4th day of Octcber 11S80, the following
nailed persons were appointed Inslpctors ')As the pope confers the re(
AT at the soveracl Election Districatsx herein nious spectacle was thus
'nuncaua. e'ul to *,eyve ti t (nt G tecttl Vic'Tlecr*" spectacle was tus
PDELGADO, be hAld tion 1isetlay the second caiy of No- of members of a national
vwmbler, A. D. 1880, to-witpoint y for n pri
nd always on hand a DistrictNo. 1, Voting Precinct at the appoite by a forig pri
County Court House. Julin W. Sawyer, Tlhe senate of flue sect
ACH S. J, Whitehurst, John 13. Fargnchnrs in. contained some dis i
IACHINES, Distriot No. 29, voting precinct at the City tose, or in o,)
Hall. Andrew J. Keuip, F. W. Johnson, those, foer instance,
a, nd HEAPEST, John P. Heerman. ad Prop
just n they arrive. District No. 3, voting precinct at the store
xiven at any timo. of Benjamin Rolberts, In tho corner of Flem. of the French 1peoplo never
ing and William streets. Win. 1. Curry, 8. it the slightest amount of
rt Notice and Cheap S. Lowp, Pletr L. Jaycockcs. "
and a large Stock of District No. 4, voting precinct No. 1, at The conscript fathers r1
fllors, NeeCCdl's, Oil, the warclotuse cuf F. A. Hrntlry, now Jacob lightl of tlicir o nv tliamit
INGER MACII NE. H inecrlin. i col8 M n nerlin, Wilblim ghy o ir on dig t
Needles for all MA- P. Allen, <(heorge 11. Shultz. hlorimuoo owns that he felt
District No. 4, voting precinct No. 2, at nervous nas hle --
the house of William 8. Allen at Chockaluls-
T for the life of koe. Willinum Allen, Isaiah Hall, Ed- maiden speech. "Buit,"
witrd Tnrncr. soon renlember.d that I wt
IC OCK r District. No. voting precinct at tlhe store sn ol t
of A. Friei.rsn & Co. at Ft. Myoers. Jehu drosHing a hundred nlcl fi
Ja. Blount, Frank J. Wilson, Janmes E. Hen- and I plucked up heart."
ironios, nnd l the y.
h district No. (, voting precinct at or near played by this august body
muse, Eaton Street. the houns, ofJ. .I Mc (.nj. Kcmpn. KellHn, T,.cwih (). Tb)r'l,j,, 11. 1. McKinloy. L
District No. 7, voting iprcfinot lit the to raise its falno. Afti
OLEMAN, house rf Cphan liindcr at uppor MaItacumni- senator proposed that hi
hie. Jilin H. Ilssell, Adolphusna Pipdcer,
lichard Pindler. colleagues should sit lprm
3 i District No. 8, voting precinct at the Another irreverentlyt obj
house of I'Philip) 1'. Iakc lit Kny Largo.
--n Monendsz Johnson, Hnmucl Lowo, Anion they must dine ; and ]
Lowe. Attest, JOIN 81TCIIHEi L -. led. The genalto p
V.S GOR W. D. Ca, I, Ch. B. dc. C. Com. Cerl pormiLi t adjournmin(e, a
Key West, Oct. 5th, 1840. with vanished into space.
-i -- Foi Bale stitution of 1875 gave'
SANN S1'S. Hr E HOUSE & LOT now occupied by preset upper clhticlier, wh
>,inc. is .entriusted to 7 thounll'rsigned, : itmuatoe(o the cor- eigner would colisicT(r f
nl of Division ianU \lWhite Htrrct. .
ts Solicited. wV. C. MAilc)NEYJr. coinmlosed. It is j(,c ojio (

creation of the duke of Broglie's
mind, though not, of course, nomi-
nally the work of the royalist leader,
The duko, in a report presented to
tho national assembly on tho best
method of selecting a chamber of
control, admitted that thl hereditary
principle was out of the question in
modern France. Equally out of the
question was the idea of a senate the
members of which should be named
by the chief of the executive. It
seemed best, therefore, to devise a
controlling-assembly elected by limi-
ted suffrage, and this was according-
ly donor ; and at the same time to en-
deavor to combine the elements of
taonility and of harmony with the
general drift of public opinion by
naming a portion of the members for
lite M the Ie*i-ofa tomn of years.
The senate numbers 800, of whom
225 hold their seats for nine years
and 75 for life. The 225 are renewa-
1)b by sovonty-fives every three years,
The 75 life members were named in
the first place by the retiring nation-
al assembly. At coach nuccesivo life
vacancy tho united senate co-opts a
life member. Conservatives and Mod-
erates are tolerably well satisfied with
this assembly ; the Extreme Left is
avowedly anxious to abolish .the in-
stitution altogether. A peculiar at-
tribute of the French senate is that
its consent is necessary before the
president of the republic can dissolve
the lower chamber, the natural term
of whooe existence is five years.
The upper houses of Prussia, Aus-
tria and itungary are all three con-
structed o' pretty Iauclh the same
Uines. In coach there are hereditary
*gtr.%, peers named for life, peers
leQAot04 bj the landed '

'r, ad 'p- .and, pll e
Ht'oned the names.qf t,.,
oit are o -topnleseO,. calyx and i6
a ~rl 'two G marked ihat it mutbbe 'ndige
em ipirel~s ~ n6t cilntly devel- to the looslity, and spoke oa
"I teatporaries to -boiaf(jAogmnous, in aiw
fntyf the dura"' ogenoup, ap A,

*r T -.ntW V mr intut'!d.tft.. oft- d, amonls
1OiQ c'F a eid, ueric'a and Franw fur- spoke of thb tertiary an
the'. nish dald of"'ituoh .i.i otce as to. oita periods, and of thite
ropay 'e aroful study r politi- liohhyogauruxs and dinotheifm.
:ca4l poranlzation what mayi b teamiters looked at me,
S alld4'1 Lib point other, but made. oho
So ami ofA making uftteddown around tho
f what i already establlised, to'f e supper, andit~th p.
6 at the :;a.me time considering w.ith hi right hand, l
wit may further be im#ob-~"- of larraped, a lp.g .ieel
Belgium, for instance, has an excel- con, over a piece of bread .f' i et b
,t working constitution, but the lit- hand, sending a diop of hot grease
tie kingdofgof Leopold II., which into my left eye, he said to the
exists only'through the guarantee of one-eyed mon:
ightier states, can scarcely be said "Bill, is my copy.of Shakespeare in a
4-to afford any instructive example to yo wagon? I missed it to-day." t
independent nations.-London News. "No. My Tennerson and' volum' s
S* of the Italian poets is in thar-no s
no -The Philadelphia,Record says Shakespeare." s
o-r.- Bolnhardt's maiden name was Susan The lank looking teamster, biting p
rctgi any' June McGuffin. With such a begin- off a piece pf bread about the size of ft
S ning, says the Elmira Free Press, a saucer, said to the big man, in a 'I
Admay be what will become of this poor women voice which came huskily through a
r house.- after she is dead. the bread, "Jake, did yer ever read t]
cal genius "What is there left ?" exclaims Ella that volume' of po'ms that I writ?" g
en able to Wheeler in a recent poem. Several "No, bub hey often hearn tell on tl
sed of the things Ella. There's the circus. and 'em."
irity. The Mary Alindevon, and Samuel J. Til- "Yer moan, "Musin's of an Ile ir
itself with don, and the obelisk. not to speak of Man," spoke up the red-headed man, a
Napole- the now fall bonnets and the awfully addressing the poet. e
lal legiila- lovely new cloaks.-Contemporary "Yes." a
itructed oni Review "Ho read every line in it a dozen tc
plans. It Somo art publishers East have times," said the teamster with hfo U?
named for sent us a proposition to advertise and red-hair ; and as he sopped a four- e
own dis- take pay in pictures, one of which is inch swath, with a piece of bread, ft
als and ad- described as follows: "In the midst across a frying-pan, he repeated some rc
senators.- of a br)ad and beautiful landscape is lines. i
d hat, the a cott;2ge. A rustic maiden has gone "Them's ihey," nodded the poet. e
presented forth for a pitcher of water. She "The Oem'ror of Austry writ me a w
legislature stands before you wrapped entirely letter highly complimentin' them ii
nce. in her own thoughts andmeditations." po'ms."
nd empire That will do; stop the deal. That "They're very teohin'," added the s
ed names, costume is too cool for this climate, wily man. '
Inte-Bouve and wo pass.-Christian At Work. I took no part in these remarks, o
qt the mass Barrett in mind, Brenhardt can't Somehow I did not feel .like joining tl
accorded Palmer self off on us, and it will make in. I
veneration. her Maddern blazes if she Amderson The wiry man, having somewhat w
eoked out ain't tackled to. But, anyhow, she'll satisfied his appetite, rolled up a piece b
Prosper make a-Lotta money, and it will be of bacon rind into a sort of single- a
somewhat an Abbey man that manages her.- barreled opera-glass, and began to c
-Ajer his Oshkosh Christian Advocate. squint through it towards the North- n
Sadds, "I 0 0 0 ern horizon, c
,Southernu Preachers. horizon. c
as only ad- So t"her Prac "What yer doing Dave?" asked the a
in fy a Bishop HarTia (Episcopalian,) of stout man. n
ifty fools; Miicuign, was fornery a lawyer, was .
The part Adjutant General on General Bragg's "Tkin' observations on the North w
r in Sep- staff, and fought on tle Southern Star. Want to make some astrono- la
calculated side throughout the late war. He mnical calkilations when I get inter ti
Sedan one was born in Alabama. We may also Sacrvnonter." tl
add that many of the prominent
self and .ac i c o "Well, yer needn't ter made that a]
preachers in the city of Ch lucago are "ell, nee n't ter made that a
anently.- Southern men. If the Northwestern telescope. I could er tuk yo' obser- p
ected that people do not agree with us politi- nations for yer, bein as I but one V
arguments cally, it is complimentary to our re- 0ey." w
referred a Ijlgouchb.wIer' to know that "Git out thar, yer darned old car- r(
nd fort withstaondig he sectional prejudices loniferous pterodactyl," yelled the I
The con- against then hiamne-jawed driver to an ox that was B
France its -- --- licking a piece of bacon. a
icih a for- -Samipson's mtreugth lay in his "I givo a good deal of my time to n
fairly well hair; the strength of the average 'stronomiy when I was in Yoorup," \
cnt, .t the, woman's hair lies in the ihair-tpiii. remrn'k(d the (ill man.

I^^ ^ road

Iept o- .h.-, ,ae in Obto.
ber (paliforuian.
Th dbuty o Deon.opr .
The Democrats have tet Ohio,
Phich they did not expect to win ;
,nd they have lost Indiana, which
hey did expect to win. This i the
situation in its worst phase. What,
hall the losers do about it? We
ay, emphatically, imitate the exam-
pg of the winners. Republicans were
ar .surer of carrying Maine than
democratss were of carrying Indiana,
nd they failed to carry Maine. Did
hey sit down, fold their anrs and
ive us the ship? On the contrary,
hey then, for the first time in the
campaign, got up and went to work
n earnest. It was absolutely necess
ry tha they should retrieve an un-
xpected and almost fatal disaster,
nd they have retrieved it. They are
o-day where they were before Maine
ano +n+cnhar fPmr ...u.. nmey "got
ven" on Indiana, and the game so
ur is a "stand off." Demoorats have
received a heavy blow, but no heav-
er than the one Republicans reoeiv-
d. It now remains to be seen
whether they will bear it as well and
improve it as wisely.
This is "a year of surprises" The
surprises began when the third term
ma knocked into the Chicago diteh,
continued when Maine lipped
through the fingers of Blaine and
ndiana turnedW 4ong side up, and
re do not thinilthe last of them haW
teen seen. There is, to aay the least
very strong probability-we say 4.
ortainty-that what Indiana would
ot do Landers she will do for Hlan
ock. Senator Voorhees said weeks
go that in his travels through every
ook and corner of the state he every-
where found Hancock for more popr.
ar than ny candidate on the state
ticket, or any of, the candidates on
ie local tickets. We may reaon-.
Ibly hope that this extraordinary
personal popularity-the like ofwhich
'oorhees says he has never seen-
will be sufitcent to overcome the nar-.
ow Republican majority and restore.
ndiana to the Democratio ranks.
But throwing Indiana aside entirely,
n(l there are still New York, Con.
lecticut and New Jersey to fall back
ip The electoral votes of these
(Contianed on Fourth pase,

Incident of Western Life,
Perhaps every person who is some-
what advanced in life can remember
some incident of his early years
which he would really like to forget,
something that resulted from the
freshness and vast inexperience of
youth. I remember one which I
have spent a good deal of time try-
ing to forget. Just before the Union
Pacifle railroad reached the Bitter
creek country I made my first over-
land trip to the Paciflo coast. I
staged it from the then terminus of
the Union Pacific to the Central Pa-
cific, which was pushing east. The
stage broke down on Bitter creek,
and the passengers had to walk to
the next station. I grew tired of
walking before I reached the station,
and comingilate in the afternoon, to
where some teamsters were camped,
I concluded to stop with them for'
the night. On asking their permis-
sion to do so, they assented so heart-
ily that I felt at home at once. Life
in the West was something new to
me. I was young and buoyant, and
just out of college. I was fond of
talking. I thought it would be nov-
el and delightful to sloop out with
these half-savage ox drivers, with no
shelter but the vaulted, star-gemmed
heavens. There wero four teamsters
and as many wagons, while thirty
two oxen grazed around in the vicini-
ty. Of the teamsters, one was a
giant in stature, and wore a bushy
black beard; another was shorter but
powerfully built, and one-eyed ; the
third was tall, lank and hame-jawed ;
while the fourth was a why, red-
headed man. In my houghta pit-
-ied them B ,li the I-ft e


"Over thar long ?" asked one.
"Good while, Was minister to
Rooshy. Then I spent some time
down to Rome,"
"Romel" exclaimed the lank indi,
vidual. "Was born thae. My fathe
was a sculptor."
"Good sculptor ?"
"Well, one would'nt or thought it
to look at yer."
"I never was in Yoorup," remark-
ed the one-eyed man. "When I ooy-
pied the cheer of ancient languages
in Harvard college my health failed,
and the fellers that had me hired
wanted me ter go ter Yoortp for an
out, but I concluded ter come West
ter look-Hold up thar, yer infernal
ole flea-bitten ichthy'saurus," he
bawled to an ox that was. chewing a
wagon cover,
I felt hot and feverish, and a long
way from home.
"I got ready once ter go ter Rome
-wanted to complete my studies
thar-but I give it up," said the one
called Dave.
"What for?"
"They wanted me ter run for guv'-
ner in Virginny."
"Yer beat 'em ?"
"Thunder, yes."
"Why didn't yer stay thar ?"
'"Well, when my job as guv'ner
give out they electedd me 'Piscopal
bishop, an' I hurt my lungs a preach,
in'. Come West for my lunge.".
"Found 'em?"
"Well, I'm improving .
I did not rest well that, t As
day came on, and the a&xft.am, to
turn over in their blaul~ nd ybaw
ietall one said : M "
. ello, Bill. H "Ty anakin' itll


I ib~Fp ;3


THE KJEY W'WI' DJMO NR'AT. GRAND DEMOCRATIC tl. i -nn i) sw a ever, (ia ni s iy Ia s t11it prp Indpondoicia. Por -T ubos ve givepubli W
C. 11, PKINDiETON, .Editor. pass ol uiiiiv, wie ak al niiiolah- reimd th(e following, it is l vr-s ni Ji uh suhfriiiiontoH, por B1s out that they intend to capture Flori-
W. J.. C'ANNING It, PuI lisheir. ATT,-y Ain ifro li artglullell o i t, 1(- iln fromi the con'.l' I crd des infuiortu s, y por sus penas da in 1880 as they did in1870. Shall
S ST ly v 1 port you lv 1 1 +KEY 111,14" Al'.|,, Ilil|J, Ngw. 01.|, Issf). t(oaIl~le oft',lll (.c I(o t l|, ,l)1,(it. par.'- flow bittrarI !,l' willilvh. i l 'olal niteusacart. do libortad
.. ....... TORCHLIGHT PROCESSION, t( lS otn Ii t I'' t lr'- hoow hittcr lin on"l DEMOCRATIC TICKET. ty, lH not the a,,. s iii any tro- if Mr. Garfield is (.le~, .1 I'residien, par ellos y 1 poNteridal,. living in one of Edmondson'o teno.
-- FRIDAY NMtHT. N, l iit is'A Iupo vonN, your Every Cuban who vot ifi iI'is m an genor : moment houses attempted to reprimand W HO LEAJLT E
ro rIusIN)AYr li duty \ illi he muiade ippl rit; but we (Garfihld) votes for th. ,n who was No solo tinon titulos los hijo d(o her brother, about 10 or 12 years of
W NF I1,I) IIANCOCK, are in hopes that tihe bettor lon o f first ,to vote against g I tlliger- Cubh eon mi opinion, par mnerecer el ago, yesterday, when the latter drew
or ri:sNNsYvA.MA. Agreiouble to the preconccrted tihe Relpublican party will unite to nut rights: to Cuba ,:dh one who recoocinimicnto de Mu beligerancia e a knife and stabbed her in the arm
I planln of the Mouroo Coiunty Dcmoo- prevent any demonstration for we spokole agaitiii your y, ii1 l your IndependnIIia, silO que eco que las inflicting a painful wound.-.lorid-
FrIn vIc-r-'lli.:sM:NTI racy the imen of this party met it know that there are plenty of honest people. In nllswer, t, [r. (hiielfc's H barbaridados horrible quo sobro el- inn.
W. ENl(I, i, 1)clg'Ido's at half past six to ij naui- and conscientious l OU IIAN ICtA til the g.randest )political processi ,n either c)jor who deplore allythiing ofl an, one of the load Dieoirrats of li initervencion do nla Nacionos Cris- -grat ed of noise about th g a
e. over sMni in the State of Florida ; it this kind, but in spite of these, the this country, repre ,ting the views tianas dol Mundo on los interests doe hy are going to make in congre
Fon fi vl.:\lnso : was tle universal outploringfi of a Jalt reni.jlu the 8liL)mo 1l; l.tht ])(eon- of the De(l,) Jl /fivar of In humanidad.up they are boin to mfae in congress
W. D. IL(oXHIAMI, Peopl" resolved to overcome fraud oratic processionll w;I;s iltt:lked by according these right the words of upon that direct of ome little aucces
O' l-coX. and tyramnn, and in its placo to crectl. 2,iembers of that party and only ]iii which yu wiill flnLt ihis speech FfItaO T wrA E n DISCUlSO DEL di ant but because thiy hbo han i
I- standard whose ign meant noNsSTv, tile coolneso of sone ic .ln ws a light following Mr. Gar NoonRALGAI LD.c they s e hatched
You RLIEUTN.ENANT-OOveNO: itErolIAMI SEA P E GOVMNoiNT. TlNT. This prleontl d. 1di ot deny that wore dcliv- Eln cl iol de 1876, segun aparcco few Ce in thosee stntcs th y eel s
L. W BETHI;L, enthusiasm tired every heart, even On Saturday night a man was do- ored in congress h 1,. es gentlemen en el Nati oalRilbliean do Washing- of chickens. t lme of heir eggs are
or MONOF. tihe aged and infirm joined in the lllberatoly assassinated, his murderers as any one ,a1 n ( ,uponi the Ir- ton, D. C., el Gral. Garfield pronun. bac addledlheady. o -S oheoui s Re-
--great demonstration and by their are known; not long since our cords from whij _a vo becen e 1 ioi n discirso en el cual, entire otras p ubl an, 1 AIn Re-
rian coINClss 1st DiwrI'Tr; gray lhairns, ripe experience and sheriff was shot whlel in bed, his opircl. AH it. hi4 A1 tid tllit ctcoRi dice *~ publican DEALrB n
It.1 1. M. DAVI ISON, knowledge showed to our people the would be ssassins re still at large ; Mr. Grfloeld ev pke agaiii Me opongo a toa extension do n Drvelout escape I mr ing hir o
oF .(sA1uEN. necessity for action, indeed it scenied Democratic negroso have boen initim- Cba,. I took the trd le to get the territories haeia ol Sud con u raala- a wen thirteen of his comp ons
roas,if the v'ery pulse of tihe city beat idated and beaten; tile custom house following proof, o and now you call sco tin l delilitlada pr su mozla con la were lost by te'^upsetting of a bout,
FrolEit'it SUiScl 2d DIS'TrCTE: with hope aml determination to re- shot has beln constantly making for yourselves. india. No clsenltire que sentejante and he alone wis saved. "And how
r-*ESE oJ. F. IN Y, huke tile party' whose policy and in- threats against the peace of the ,.itiyv g ontoe degeoncranl:. vienga ia former did u escape their fate ?"I asked one tENER'IlD
Or oti01.lMI11. Hstincts areo for the perpetuation of and in the face of these things ilare we HOUSEI OF REPRVSENTATIVES. part do ill oesttr Union. Si n e ofre- taill potre ".wa the Duchinoi's placi
r their ])Ul'o t o iTyounL wlul mVn1 d Uno(- iot justified in asking the question,-- bclruary 2Y 172., :lre n a C ,,, cn $ 100.000.000 :n orev nlmwlwer.l
RML.l'c.Or.rLJ r.i:c'roS : stituti'l:ll al iN, whose .tyr y ald R IO t INecxt? Col,,ii'':sional (Gl,2n, 2nl Sn.'sioi, ciia yo, rehusari la Isla y e o,-o. -Aclrdani CCorier Faw An) DUvS'rsyl
AM L. IPASCOS ,I, I[ IiN(i, niiA hlid:ioMi wol keetl e If it is n(i\w so, what is Key We t 42 nd olress, Part 2 Jge 1183. Otra co iy distiit dria el po- Ward's platationl killed a larettlc-
SI.outh la ckward in prosperity and to expect it ( arlield is elected, re- Mr. Field, (of lii in his r- liticastro candiato relblicano i lo snake last weok and decided to stew
Fout,\sinte1.tiMi'.IM', M isii:. cor'T'v dviadwiccnnt; to this ptirty, the per- -iomber those thinfS t nud lot nothide t h i rls on the Dipile ip u o ill said : iia huira tinido a Cub a im up for the oil Upon cutilg
uthi 'tv1rd deeriphp "In regard, tp ter- )"Ol : eh' fluu-ut Aoildrle hubtil) trilanaahm up for the oil. Upbon huttoionnttriCba mufrh o. p
)UR V. lt. P.ILUMMEt, petiratorus of the third ward stealing, dlter you fm ding youril duty on a.nd te restIrd to I -s l,, ,(' it t tla TlUnion, conmgewo a traj e ro a j Chuh- al him open two full g irown equirrols
1 RJ. I Y. It, l1 p,,,e,".silln Fridy1 l last was t o,-mn'rr ow i, Ii assure, thar t oi1N' thlainll frn Induafj (1 V iorhes) frtlnia, nluiti cji o y todt os loi- ach.-l l r ri e a oun in htu-
.---- ,,,st fitting r-,lmke. Thie Ml'shal (,f by theI lection of Hanicock are you HtLr has ldo, I ,haveO iu word to ensos territories qto' hay formna plute -"J. P. Hnwland I', made a rite
'Ot sIE'iAT()iO, OLK & MAN.XTE CO'NT.:S : the evening', Col. \Valtr ('. Malolcy ihomus uIad families safl say. I hip' aind belic ic does not iist ( Unids. J.achine that wiland lha mad ri ,
A. A, ROINSON. it the head of (oe hundred ountled -- -- seriously intend to4 aui t aon'ie this of rice perat will n a half bu
--- lmen d theo prosion from tEaton Your Duty. bill with his notions ~A' C hnu affairs. Yesterday' Telg s. of r'lnin. pIuer h s, nmeured after
voll AssE.MJItA.x, .rif .co.ry': street to Simuonton, thence throu' i ei th coumencemen t of this o Aatever may, this Nis ot a part o N .. nYos0th.-Ge.neral.Hano eoric
JOHfN W. W HIDDEN. 1Front street to Duval, where the ini- u 1 .ed thl p it, except in tihe rox ',niote and in- yesterday received several dolog- Clay Landing, avornging lifteenlbush-
-........us..e crowd turned into Orcn, fron alice to our State of a Democratic direct way. Let say o thin, tions representing different political I ls to the acrt -tifteen hundred
Wi Butler says, that Garfiold's there into Whlitthead, thenco toi victory; now let us tahk a retronpcct m1or bfori befo ,I r,',,et,.- milittryand socia l and among tie, tin bsel otf ."- Lien O.a BJulleh'n.
letter on the Chinese ihas ruined himi Fleming, ilp Simnton, l Southard of the pesot campaign, calmly and I s1ouggt "111- a deputation of clock makers from --. Moody, the negro who was L PL
in MassaHlunseutts. to Maigret, tlhnce Eaton sItret to serio y let us view the differences s i Brooklyn i their address to ,t18ctd ol te o, urd'r oIf Rtoddinli
(oIf poP/-I l o thenfe Esnottoils- to %vitf I Brooklyn who in their address lto hen, and solteiied byti
e n ce n atio tlat 11n of our tl pir 1 of startii ,g. At every cor- sion we wul ae h t to nour with Sp ll i* Gen. HanIock said, "W6e come hero coit court of Brd fltord conte to ir- .
nortlWern Groenbactk exchanges seems n reslh a(,eessions to tra l swerc ,, ll Your I lpo to-day to assure you of our united priHonment for life, at. hard Irblr, in --ot--. .i. ',
ui ti iiiil ihht(acoki t oli 11 t(1ih t- biktoondo i^Ie gii e I awhil i ii
to think that Hanoch, ought to with- hmade until ll.* ,,d like one odrear do tin a' men u t .' 'w A suppo at on the approaching election the State prison, by sne means pro- i
denl(rao nr adoption are Southern men, tl day,. e are solid as the solid cured a klife wlilst in jail, be fore die-
.Iraw; w would toure oidilie'm ilp tll I n e I tohe uiVfICt u intor ce iie ral wei h the 'o wehtcSuth, To which Gen. Hancock e- N )(' is n cel
oil .eto 'ecy; atevery fni the n of f ,k 00e)01.u4n HLa fi )f ,gTh j) 16,n
li' like Weaver, the defanier of all "n "rem. Ofthis sections an.t th(us tt ..,,-
thul( ie hold lea, -. 'ivts itentioneid the wilder: ehlthuitl- ,prigR s of t"i," seCtion, and .aL real- .'. indt: e H s olid to-tlid lv I,,,t|, b,,+ in ,,..,; ..
S*1 as11 was aanifestcd and was the tis ..stiiton comne foribly _.I, to sri'-v t. it a it "Is I uolid i1 t ie ln to t i .rtcludh thi so 'iility of his hiii ,i
oi"- Since thie opinion of Chief names of all of our otr honored what party are we to bo to for the (r..Vo -o harniony with tie rest of the Union. r-1'oe\ t yo th Inn for por .' li ..
Justice Ianoy, .lohiingr that an ex1 lIcadOger whatfitter triR d be greatest amountt of good? Is it to ths We seallfind how is iaf- tie.-l ak Citj R~odr. I' IONSt .
v1.t ,olhd nota tn tid to thoe sen n ov tie ;t same par- ---Wifl it be an r ifin o0pe tac -'
big], ...... 01 Irl :,,. V o to mooAL.. ,,,till.,,,. Vice,.)?
,b t, as thev say, to' 1,v.rwhose great aim was for the vic -- te ,, in M.s. tuto. 1870,and which Viearside.t
.. tut or le rn in a lh -r'' of a party of whom they are the frut ., .. which ~ 1 as roI. odi i ver a l,'cusio, p the -
purittv r he be breld a rae-hllors aacknoowleded and honored chiefs. bth pam.rty of tie b ., ite oz 1' tld l soiIt.y Banato of a bill relieving hlqit. from .
low. those Aab always 4ill til thie process tioin rched the cor- which suhverteib ui ormei 1 *t-il. Whnl. Ti tio e' burden dilol lio uln which C-
rket as long as cj'alry is.,tsed i of Fleming street eo'ery thing by forco ofarmls? l l i"t "ti h r'c t w il i he ne, ve- urrodl in li;. C;4 ,, ,..il.l ete w,'a : .-. t-i i
gland orp thno. onitindit. Ho is been more than quiet and order- hwhch stol the pre4e fou i s tit ch ill see Collector rf '1:," Yirk Did u .nt s I.a
as P a c l doing well party of negroop'had ago? Is it time p ,ar.y wi6so pad ,,,lii tbt t S.English p proc f r.sin. s ome J.in s ito 1 n obtruction in .pti have b ill into the ., .to nnio

A bo vo 1 V. 4.p r .
wt a op Id.AA r- UVhlTt
__. ,A .. ,. o f '' v '^ t, t "- "
.oa 01f thi et Jlc ,iTOt I r-t t, ...,4.
-'rtucb4 i wh l least, four ,e "ef too.
.htiltutnced tpowine rocks into tihe pro- in our St.to, hau les.send taOes to By long w w6e, to iar.r." ,, e coti h t ., th'y ram
"M ",~:UL:~1'L~Cill~n --so, it looko-- -llont. this. time hs '''o-II totc, out legs of y u to le l nti, .- '. t a a e ,l 'G o '- -
L NNvl c.t cm racing stssion, it looked aiout this time (is one half of their format amtiount;l has P1"i tnil 1irLl' WnBHsWoTox!...80lh-h, -tq Litlt- uid un'iettll"Io, exactly t4i ;'
I endures cold n li heo ,ulres 'forbearance had ceased to be a vir- t onditio wouse Board las recoiveiLd ormnntion persona whom the "buaunewd Winu" iu 1
sefeOa er creditill eb, oo, nHOditiW w B d s o i
ans plontyb, tapnd hard '' tue and for afew minutes it seemed tt h red d tr .p s Lighthouse'on Thimble New York wish to. be seated in Ua
coi asifa h e Hwasi that has eeeme d t".er.pled.. s o u oa bha ee prn whn t "bsi i o
e ness. Noth com of a gt was imminent, but by reform, and are daily aid-esouarly ad of o hlH Va, wps destroyed by fire this VicO-Presidenti l clii s d-MVw 1 kitoAth t
i governor i what other ef the quiet determination of a few men your State in p i -.
him, and if elete n we sa .the procession moved on treating i nund ludiciou administration nce 4 *-1 b over 'l".
sa ise and judicious. administration, 'eee, s" ,
pect ofthim? / he insults and jeors and, even ook Kllpitteltc DlscouraBgd. . Mrgll ono;ver your ei n omo has made theethings a- Titotiele)iriir Ctty o fb e
SMr.C novr oue on ef nero mob with cool contempt, much re ner to you than Gn Jndioln Keilpntoch, of Decer- Ti e steamn r City of lauy elr 1
have heard him ae you pr t hm ews showing the highest regard fohop to, but I begrof you thp all m, N J., fho has boon m tl sterd h f'terno,- 1',mht
Les over and often, and how many of la, and order; as the last of the pro f bloodyshirt" spechles in the u- Mexico advices to thoe 1 inht. R Dti
them has he flled. He is the ally oft en wr s leaving the mob, one of ren ain determined to the fll w r cu n *' a river towns, lad in awkward experi- G-ailoz, Pireidnt eet ha itteii n
o mWicker and the custom houro rin. the rocks thrown by one of the ne- o ti ti t, w e f ee with r n oughkeepsio audience from Leon to taoy ntlu al the atn-i ai
he wah nominated y ic r's chi- giroes struck a negro woman, seriou- "tf e ot a n Wedn esday niht. Hi p first mena f wlt '. e ts ahout t( i o cA nhI tiol
in t hr o in wingoutLoce' out tLockc'hlligth If we onny pol it. So Ict r J V e* the Cohoinct of thu incoing ad-
gation; his candidate is an insult ien were struck; two colored men wait for men to hunt you up on d i ly provoked loud d !onR-contminuchd l, not decided nt onaiiv ucibicr ofir of
to every main that supported Eugene who we ill mention hereafter election d, to the 0pols of yrour obse a t- applause. The General was stunned hbi Cabinet, atnd ( irciu ftirt to con-
Lofce in this eity nnd you know i did al tht was possible to prevent o fe ill a'e l in th day ar ic(, for the moment, and then roHtu rine uit lr his frienll. The collfidOl in
ste neg roes from further trouble, psbleo. Ts is et int 'ou o to lyeespt l tothe ci r ane eulo di ized tih Gen. Gozale o nc and in the peran-
Suppot i l in im to acur e notfuor- A r tl procession was over th your country, tl at you owe to pros- cuct i ertol d Cm itt Mobilier canditlate. G e- talin w ho hsad forndiny years: ain- W
spot inAhs aim. to sehcue ten cus- e Td .nener ihofnerc ies or)l'tiilgan Capi-
tottn thiouse isr. You that W e immense crowd was addressed from plorit, and greatest of all to yourself, Ildiana, do pro- felold's name wn the siginal for a vestlod their mnnoy in Europe arco
rotiugelt upon t ou, and wihen Delgado's piazza by the orators of therefore men do not be laggard, but nunciar, sol tello ina labra que storm of hisses and other inark, of now brngng rt back, Although the
t a ote for Conovor nd Ldith the eveonin, which were respectfully, show to the world that the fraudulent docin. Y, esa i n 3 'y reo quoe nel no dit pprovn. Then the speaker stairt- 1i oe l entlao tis n therr oa -- i--l-
ou are furthering the corrupt eds Senor Villavrdo in Spanish, Jefl'er- O 'cie and the unconstitutional intent sein alrtce col.run am ag- ed to t abou the Democratic n sn ings about thie possi li-
of 'Wickr and fawning at the fc/n of snd B. Se ro.vn, Mr. De Lone, Dr. Jp acts of t11 e fepiblican party are con- oni0o 10 tr-t <,(a Bill l sus iocionscii)11 candidate, andt the name of Hancock ty of raising the necessary capital. ,
tof W icker and fawning at the fee of son B Brown, Mr. PCIDe Ltono, Dr. J. a'mned by you and yours. respcto a los to e Cuba. Cu-. again set the audience to cheering Awo interoceanic roads, running al- C Tl
~~~those ;o have spurned you. V. Harris, C. B. Pndleton, Dr. R. nsquie furen los mritos do wildl. Kilpatrick nall finished most parallel, are considered more ,

tie r Bothel. Seor Delgdo was called Maine is sure to voto against the o- ty una r de ella, sino do una disgust with Pougk eepie audience. ort Tho tral Co a et to
time until fownights since they bad and responded in a few appropriate publicans, this means the defeat of innura indiv a y remota. Permit- -New York Sun. but the people favor the other road. 5I06, -
intl words, y was also the Chirman of Gafield ascmo decir palara inas, autos It is now stated in official circles that
^"Wis keptond lo Marothe Democratic Ex. Committee and C. onov iuoum i edi.lth. do terminar -lr eots asunto. Yo The First Drill of the Season- Semor Zamacona will return to
rhn ilacet two white uen upot lMarhal ofney the .ay oo. Walten ery "The Deocts can buy up L- indieo qe n ha leao el o- The handsomo and accomplished Washington as Minister Senor
the tickt for mmbrs of th l to ... .. .. ml, o.lortalo e aunnentar nuos- EscabiaRifles opened the fall sea- Mariscal entering the Cabinet as and Var*21sb

ture instead of colored men there was good judclgment nuch of he sICs ;m^ ta p c n e son snjs aru n nop a uer Minister of Foreign Affair. The
She i and riof cotfullyored m toohefor what of the procession was attributable ready to sell out t"o the highest bid- trans (,pincaionas col naciones es- on oryt wa wll n nm rc of the igountryffais develop-
s the colored men of this cty b Every balcony and window was filled der, an his whole political co rse tra iras. Nuestas ronal ciones con de, and we believe all et
,does the colored men of this city ob- th o in s tule.drasyhi whole liticolstrl emigIl t eadile o
St d o with the beauty and worth of our shows. In fact, I doubt very nuch Espana son ya delicadas. Espero tded, and we believe all present hig st l
tain at the hands of their party- Island city, gracing alike by their if Ldwith will even vote the u qu nustro Gobierno proceder htems for the en- -W regret to learn that about
Cox candidatfor cy mar the intelligence and merit the great meet- lican ticket.--Cnover in a public in- bastate lentamepte al tomar cual- tlfour o'clock last Thursday afternoon tsTTTr
white Republicans refuse to vote for which did the cit honor. After iew Tallahassee, October qurididarespectodoCuba, res- drill was vr pretty, and was the cotton house, gin, screw and
them and thus they always run be- closed pto d pn respect de u execute with that ease and precis eight bales of cotton, the property of
hind their ticket. The colored men than ever convinced that the Ran- Coxovn'as OPINo or BDIRDr.tEEa ri entr otra a ntla culih thi stems company is Mir. Arhibald Nicholson were con-
fof thiseitysno these things, and is cock star i ising and that after the "Bisbee will be beaten, and I am napa ce r noted. At its dose, dancing, to ex- sumed y fire. This in a sad loss to
or t ame rennin er h 2nd of November we would see it in glad of it; le is the worst man I ev- a pr spici e ya xist ocllot music, was commenced and Mr. N. It is supposed the Bre origi-
crowd are runn ngthy ow te e en for thee full zenith of its glory, a toker of er know-a much worse man than estas r.zones sien to 1 muy nmucho quob upunt asonae o All nated from a match in some cotton .
legislatures they know the greater a redeemed South and a guarantee f Hicks." Hicks bleats out everything; mi aniigo de Indiana (Mr. arkees,) kpt up until a reasonable hour. Allthat was being ginned. in n Her
ne as they did Cox; so they have Southern prosperity. wisbee carries it in his heart, and is hIaya conmsideaada como eplorluo el present last night are looking for- that was being ginued.-Quitscy Ht- m Im Nu
f thewite will repudiate t esprit Bishe cars it i h s o eit, and is to presence ar tratar e ward eagerly to the next of ald, 1th
ne as they did Cox; so they have Suer p at heart a much more bitter and vin- nomnto presente pra tratar cs ts leasant affairs.-Penaola NEW YonrK 27th-TheAnoia 0 loa l l
taken two men of sinon pure blood, ....It is the intention of the Democrats to dictive man, and the lmot thorough- question. these least Caampan situated at thenaoner of
and you colored men will certainly attempt to throw out the ftirt Warl on the ly selfish man I ever know."--,,io- (Cong. GO1C .vllt 1872. Con- z. 7thvanyd 12th St. Brooln to-
voteforthem, there is nodoubtof slightest technical gronundl w4hi1h .UayPoffer ,|th Ave and 12th SL
vote for them, there is no doubt of slt tech ior t woul vo t in a publi ieiariw in Talla- greso 4, 2 SeAiou, Pagina 94, Apen- GENERAL NEWS. 7th Ae and 2th t roo l- :o:-
this and they know it. You are like "e h--1 to pay" evwn nt the attcmipt. ofass', Oct. dice.) -"Things are not always what able machinery and Stock was totally
Sherd of dumb, driven battle, ob Do in t to revt wht might Mr. Vorke, insistiendo sobro el thy seem." But the Denocrat smiile .d1 trbe by ire at 2a o'clok thi
ent to the lash of the custom house prove a dire cality. "-'tIrO',iiy. Spot TJ ', mismo an ,, anadio a si discurso over Indiana about as much as the l' .r. Lt oer a million dol
crew, The above is taken from the mon- We have good reason for stating las pala1rs sinientes:- Republicans smiled over Maine,- la. On thousand hands thrown
las as O mnienteun Rehublicans smiled over ainancls throw
It may be that to night you may grel sheet published in this city, and that the State is about to be flooded Senor: Gaineville Sun. out of work.
force one of the white men to with- it is not the first time such language with bullies from Northern slulms Ha llegnl, ya el tiempo en quo -FirEst las i rithmoEtic, t AND
draw and to substitute a colored man has been used, even trong.r than and with so-called detectives sent out una mayo patia por nuestra part p.I it took five million dollars to General Hamilton of the U. r
in his place, but the fact still remains this having been printed. It is un- from Jacksonville and other cities. constitny,. ,ma participation en las u. I i t tk fie miin Democratic ineHospital H Service has jut c -
the same, of you being made tools of necessary to make comment; its own Sonme of these will go in the guise of abominmiones de Espana. He pro- maory diana wi th a Democratic ine Hospital Service has just ecr-
by your designing leaders, for did text is plain enough, especially, sine Democrats who will be supiped with bado que l,.s (Cubanos poseen titulos majority of five thousand in 1876, pleted his Annu~l report,ended forT O
they ask you in regard to the ticket the attack by negro roughs on us last money for use with the wea-kr,, para mc,.cr los deretos do belih ar, ewy millions will it take to Ap ring and altering Marine for-
beforg'it wa printed. They know a Friday night. Let it be plainly and They are emissaries for misehiec, orantes, per los repetidos actos la carry New orit of m pole haemo- repai'du g i and altering arine Ho- --A-
.colored man cannot poll all of the squarely understood, that at the next spies and prowling wolvcs,and should misma Espanu. Todavia mas estos cati ajorityof mor than thirty pital Buildin a 80follows: e
white votes and therefore they don't slightest sign of such a thing, for- ie watched with sleepless vigilaiwyo. titulo les haven acreedores a algo thsand in 1876, and confirmed it ey W nest, Fls, 8080, Mobil, lit
,,nt your canlidale. -- ho''an,'e will e'i cs, lt, 1,e a virtue i"lo',,,'l ,utH ivuts lunte y Ions valuable, tal oo imo in 1879 ? & Wilmington, N. (. o000, OO L, .,

The Key West Democrat.
Key West, Nov. 1, 1880.
Local Woetther Observations.

Week ending October 30, 1880.
Moen Temp, at (1,41 i n 73
2".41 pm in o8
S10.41 p m 76 )
'4 for weook 7("8
Highest Tmperature during week, 87"
Lowest 709
Mean Relative Hum. for week, 73.2 pr. cent
Total Rainfall, 1.09 inches
rainfall is given ninc hes and hundredths
of an incb. FiED. Z. FosEnwscmH,
Sergt. Signal Corps U. S. A.


-Read Conover's opinion of Led-
S Iarith and Bisbee.
S -Vote for L. Bethe morrow
andhereby hon(o your city.
)morrow lot your watchword
be work, and don't you fail to do
plenty of it
,.' -Don't forget to see that Dr. Har-
ris heads the ticket for constablo,
this is important.
-What can our Bahama colored
citizens expect from Wicker and the
custom house.
-We hear that Locke's party is
falling in line with Wicker ; this was
to be expected.
-"It is no usa to kick against the
pricks" Hancock is suro to bo our
next president.
-The Dmocn.vr is under many
obligations to Mr. J. IH. Gregory for
lato New York papers.
-Democrats,-Garfield's election
means bayonet rule in the South, and
don't you forgot this
-Every man, irreHpccstive of pai"ty
affiliations, should ivto for their fel-
low-citizen for Liiet. Governor,
-Thoro hais been a nmystrinous
disappearance of caniniils, we think
our Marshal has swmurod a conltrteit.
-Floridins d you want toou w to p
the samo taxes that you paid in l17(6
-if you do nut voto for Bllxham and
.-If Garfieldt s elected Pre'sident
Wicker U conitinueod na custom
use officer here, and don't you for-
it rit..
--Our young b Dai rmen i
have promised to c ity s
,t.-In a thorou )ndi-

it very t
..1 ".

als tryi
our st4eu' .'
game, ani';-., ..
ow chlB
ci are holding l I cp-
ton house; lave f how
SW ou have -d
| pllcjfrer was sold on
| l ay]e4 B. Haskins was
th6 purh;:aeM .e will place her in
S the cattle 6rade immediately.
-Say, Mister Tom, 'fore de Lord,
fl Hiram Seymour ain't got a now
satit.of does. 'Spect Mister Wicker
S know a ting or two about dem.
T -The poor darkies on tils Island
- ae repudiated this election. Ignor-
ant negroes had to stand from under,
for white men wanted the position.
-Every precaution has been taken
to prevent disturbance to morrow,
but if it is forced upon us every pre-
paration has been made to meet it.
-The Hancock and English ban-
ner across the street at W. D. Cash'si
reflects great credit upon the genius
of Mr. George Bartlum who was the
-One of our prominent colored
Republicans seeing a bundle of scrub-
bing brushes at Rodger's remarked,
that they were for cleaning, out the
custom house when Wicker vacated.
-If the Republicans are success-
ful to-morrow, G. W. Witherspoon,
a man that has been convicted of
rape, will represent you in Congress.
White men do you want to see this ?
-This issue of the DmoonAT ap-
pears to-day (Monday) being two
days ahead of its regular time, the
change will'; only be for this week,
and Wednesday wfll continue to be
the day of publication. .s.
The DEMOoRAT should be taken by
every family of this city.
-One of the mottoes borne by a
party in the Republican procession,
read as follows: "We want honesty."

It is a good thing they want it, since
that is the nearest they can ever hope
to get to it under Republican auspi-
ces. *
-Mr. Winm Curry's wharves have
been crowded with shipping. Schrs
from New York were unloading their
cargoes of dry goods and groceries,
)ats from Pensacola with lumber,
'rom the Bahama's with fruit and
'rom Punta Rassa with cattle, alto-
gether the business for the winter is

the Cuban Republican Club held its
meeting at San Carlos; we are toldon
good authority that when Mr. M. S.
Thimon arrived there, he only found
twelve cubans, whereupon he exclaim-
cc! "Good God this won't do, let the
band go out and muster peoples
The band went out, paraded the
streets for one quarter of an hour
and returned bringing a boy 19 years
old. Good for the Republicans.
-John Tj Barker, ex-radical clerk
and scalaway makes mention of the
fact that we d-;.l not notice "his conm-
munication," we simply treated it as
we have other pieces emanating from
such men, with silent contempt. J.
T. Barker, your standing on this Is-
land is so well known and of such a
character that you will find it entire-
ly too late to try and clear your skirts
*of the filth with which they are taint-
ed. Wesay again you made charges
for registering men, you acknowled-
ged it and if need be we can publish
your account against the county, $ 80,
in all, which was paid. Poor old man,
no doubt little of your past, if for-
gotten would make it more pleasant,
but this cannot be,

-The mail steameTr Lizzle Hender-
son reached hero last evening.e
-Attention is called to the report
rrf 'Vi. I W Curr.v trnnfltll-rn of t,-'

S ('ity Troeasire tcpr'.
Statement of Receipt; 'Dishlo nll'tl
by Citv Trrennroer from '1 r 17th, li:7>,
et ilrr 12tl, 1880.
1 -() (t


-How will Bubber (Paterson) feel
when he is defeated by 400 majority?
He will wish that he had been With-
or-spIoonod out of tho race for office,
(as was Locke) by Gabriel who toots
his little orn or else hidden by the
-Ono of the most degrading things
that a man can be guilty of, is to be
constantly talking of public men try-
ing to injure both their public and
private character by hidden stabs,
but at the faces of tho same men
they become fawning sycophants.
-From the outlook, let every
Democrat in Key West be encourag-
ed to see that every Democratic vote
is cast. Let no ian be found at tho
going down of the sun who has not
voted for the redemption of the
South. Every mainshould constitute
himself a conmitto of one o seek to
gain votes,
-Principles, not men should gov-
ern your vote to-morrow, since it is
honesty and the supremacy of consti-
tutional government for fitbli we are
fighting; in contrast, the Republicans
seek to give fraud, carpet-bagism and
sectionalism with their attending cor-
-Mecsrs. Ed, J. Flemning and
Thomas Forester both colored men
deserve great credit in trying to stop
the assault upon the procession, they
tried to keep peace at all hazards,
and no doubt their good sense and
hard work did1 much in staying the
angry passions of the mob.
--Why is it, that the Republican
writers of this city do not make use
of the cohlnlmis of ou' nllo irel con-
temlorlary, insteitd of the columns of
o (i111 called iidloepeident. Are they
asnamned of its hifh /oniltproductions,
or its Yahoo custom house editor.
---Silin we have bIon on this is-
Sland it hias hiooe our desire to find
the most I''rn'ed imanl of tile place, one
l~h osn lbcanty of diction and clearness
of logic far surpassed all others. We
lo],,ed through the ra1'lks of tihe De-
m11)(ra' a'11(1Md of thle Icpublicans, and
at last we are forced to acknowledge
that the Yaloo, who -does the English
of the mongrel' sheet, iq the best
scholar thf1tiooi hn "ever siien;' w
do him hoa. .
-AftLt th speaking on last Frt-.
I day night tWh orators of the evening'
Were invited by Mr. Samuel Filer to
go to his housM and partake of re-
"eshlment j''iring to his palatial
;1 PI'. 'i .i the found Gen.

t n .

-'We.-dGiind thatG. Browne
ao n' fi'onef the candidates for
.l'gi slature; -the Republicans no
bt.il to you that he was born'
....wU B af ptot, but he says;
Stlat ed that he was born
sou tf '& Dixon's line; and
that wlb~ pens to be adthi
the i intof thefaot brings
a blu Ah'" ote to his faoe. Do you
Wish to haE-'oi read tany more of
-Gabriel tooted his little horn
against us on last Wednesday. The
Republicans seem to have the friend-
liest feelings for us, we assure them
that it is reciprocated with fervor. As
for being called a cracker and a cow-
hunter we are a little vain of that
title since the leading Democrats of
this State eolne under that head,
Try again, thou dusky, ill-mannered
son of Ethopia.
-Mr. Barker, our former radical
clerk went home a few nights since
with tears in his eyes, saying that as
he was confident of Hancock's elect-
ion, he wanted his old woman to fix
up his house for rent and that he was
going back to rest his old bones in
the Bahamas. We think our custom
house officers will also rest their
bones in some other place outside of
Key West after to-morrow's election.
-On Thursday night Oct. 24th,

0tl usn u,.
4:. soutbw]L*
distant fro

with a ll 4

itKey West,

Notice of tli
Precinct in L SO5 thl f
nndy Co isioner n
eth h e t n to

Pinder'x house at uppor Matiunibi
Anchp, D.
with allr
KAttesty We Clerk.

No o twice
PS HcinctERE given tSo il
to ome forwaretind settle their i
A ty Commissioners holdl oa the7

of ndiptt r Ath Dwi.se id88
It placs Reoledd in Thant tof n Attin

colfcction. BAMUI'j F
Surviving Pa

ALL PERSONS having di
Di arint thNo 7ste ofed Frr'rik Fi
Bethl'm wihoue at elndianley, to
Pindor's house at upper MaTnf abumnbt
ptte to thoxc und, Clerk.

Sept. 22nd,-8w.
,9 HERE BY given to all pore

dLLted to the late fin o 'Filew
to come forward and Rettlo t ift

urgent need of mny money. usO n 1
c lacd aint ehan willf n Atnt
SollWetio Oct. Ith 18 ,
Ouurviving Pe Ho

inst th cornestate of Frorin lk Fi

Shoh, a
Coonro ee House,, Wi
the iE hout duld ay ploand d to
friend andt tthe public cnll, nd
W. C,. ULONIY, A4 Tly

vind thatons inds ebtedo t eL
Sept, frwth rd and f ettl. Wm
as Ihave retired from bust m(
urgent ned of my money'. ,so am .
clanimsaginat me will'p i 41st-'T
payment J. 1
Koy West, Oct. Oth 1B80.

Our GoffeeH66

on the. corn er of Grencc w dl Sli
8t6., adjoining AtcDeq'mott'-i (C'
8hop, a


CWcfee House,
MWIEIE he would ho pleased to 1
frieans ndt e public call, and
vineod that hI means to please. .
Sept, 29th-tf

4t eqni



f Coon-

lanco of
11111 H.

ons in-
r & Son,
nts will
moy for
ut it.

ler, late
ions in-

11 pleonse
ad am in




have his
be con-

.... ..... ... .. .. orN i Ayury, ox-'l, (', -
city. tor 1'r T0x1 317.0!i
1e80. (hct,,Ih'r l1 th, .'..:i. ir.'l
-Mr. Gartleld mado use of every of w. r. \illiams, To. i'i,1i,,.
word that is accredited to himn in to- ;fr TnIxs -7.'127,08
A lt, rIt 'c' d (it' Wilt. '11 ,
day's paper. Mr. oldrigues, of New ('lrk or LiccTr' 2.'.20
York furnished the lines for print Anit. r,'c'd of Win. 1 .
,C (krlc lfor market fee 1,10
and says, that ho will vouch for its AMit. r,,,,i of Joseph j li, i (i ,
truthfulness. Marshltl for fines 1.212,00
Anit r,.'di of Jon F1ian52' ifl,, 0 ,)o
-Mr, James Price has sent us a Jly 'I'rIsurr for iriilf t. ,oollo,
comnnuniation asking that the good .3 i.,1 0i,
people of Key West, especially our Amount sundry bills iitl l i 1,r:
ministers call on and enlighten hin A-n.ui i .112,07;
Anl"mounnt nnpri... .j 12,.2M,1,t
of the glorious truths of Christianity 1,E. Key W ai, .,. '
in his own words le says : 1 2th', '180 .i ,
I'm old and sick, I'll soon pass awayl, ..
Come one and all ind have a saliy, FOit a
If Christain truths cnn a scoptio tulin I Y PLACE t Fo i, n-
Those grand truths I want to ltiarn, l iate.ly ,n the ri :!| ,,lt-
We hope our ministers will mahlo a anr ( of land, 1( i o ires 'ilti', i,
note of this fact and call on Mr. rutly bi ll',! '- t its,
banan )o h f'rt1 .. i1 l1 bu idsi-
-The Republicans are to have a Inoss stliii, si1t .d ie t t .t. ,f
procession to night ; we ask that eve- stth' -half- 1, lin,,'',i (.'.,.1
? I ly mo'tri ,', -"r 4p ll, 'tpro* Di l, r pImr-
ry Democrat on this Island refrain ticulars al4r iri .
from any demonstration, let your F.C. I. 1 i,(01lES, ,
good sense and cool judigeiont b11 Slrlff't l '.i i.
your guide ; especially would we say TTNDER and by vltih e nn evc'ntion
to the younger boys to koee away %ilor i dd iou ft bthi tC!onrot ,1 tun
the streetsSieto ot Floridii, in n(4l i.' lonro c'oniitv
from toh streets cornom. Flrocdom in I certain ca ea,4s ( 1cory, wherein
of the public streets is their right John Lowe Jr.. is CoPlait11,u1'an Juan
Franco Lazo and lill F ;cC4lhllu, mn-
and give them the full benefit of it (or the firm of Lai.toA c(l, l-an is 1.'1n-
Monday night, for as Hancock's elect- da1nt. I have lhNied on ad will mll1 at
i'wblict outcry on Mo tin l ixt.h d(iyv of
ion is assured, they will hardly feel u'eenubtur A. D.n.1i n 1 r' the iCour
much like it any more. House door of vai4, co tyn ithe city of
muc le it ey oest during; he 1Ka :: 'rs tale,
V. Bthl (i'or casb) to the ihhebil 'i ,,, tothe h.la'low-
-L. W. Bethel has given the lie ig nleseribel i.ierta f-ili! ,',v. tl..vt -
to the words attributed to him in the All that certain pi ce av'. ,1' of lan sit-
uated, lying anl Iln '$1 t, ti ;Iflud of Koy
Frlate ity!, in regard to not renting Went, tl, sa,. l,, gn ipm 1n .ract i vo (.i
his house to Cubailln or lCIerocS. according to It n 1(fs1 Idl I delineated
S by Williamn A7. \VI tehcl-di':, rlnary ,18,,
'lhat was the second li that tt hat pii- living a front of, n l1e 14 (! anl ifty'.
per has unbllushingly published threo feet (i)m: feet. flj'iiiMs (i f5iN) on
Wind4lor Lane, kl :ex)t) li;: I'nyknt right
anginst Mr. Bethel, bhut no better is nngles o Io '1 i 1* lIu' feet,
expected of such a shoot controlled the northwov 'p)oisito
a pointt ill t1 0i" in
by such a gang of men (the custom wich i, I' i' f.t
house) three of tbh inmates of which (2(11) ftet huti-
od stonm dia-
aro peiurers ; perjuring themselves gamil ,f t -iy
to throw out the third ward of this E., N N
city, an aspersion they will not deny., gi' ,
** doli f
-Capt. Miguel Martinoz of thtr ":' V
Dauntless was shot and kled by ,'
unknown parties Sat. night. H o was
at the counter of Pat. McKeon' bar-
room 'when the.-'t ~lderer Ug .
opining the bui 1' ed Y
at the first shot whi5 dMl l
agect, Capt Melatil'
11roaund, as he did .l ot
was fired which through 'hl li
:heart. Capt. 1' 'pdulld his
pistol at tLhe Att before lie he i f
could use if, t ocoti..-shot W~M fir- 1criiol
ed which llN,,, h-w.asf. I n0ia1
I. h .e ,, .. *-



.W wholesale
sA T houliloub I JA

N \\' Il; \NS, IA.
1'. 0. Box 1'2(10.



STATE OF TEXAS, Capt. Nickenaon, 1648 Tons.
RIO ORANDE, Oapt. Pennington, 2554 "
CITY SAN ANTONIO, Capt. Eldridge, 1412
COLORADO, Capt. Bolgor,
Arriving every TIHURSDAY fromn Now Yolk, and on SATURDAY from Galveston;-
Through tickets issued to New Orleans via Morgan Lino at lowest rate,
A6" For Freight and Passage, apply at the Office of the Agent. "8


[Corner of William and Eaton Sts.]



--To him fine stock of -




Which are I;r ialo only by hiim in this oily. Those SHIRTS are made from the bot,
Linen,--Cut full size and cxtia lonig." 1BosoUs aro three fly and mO4
Finest Linen. They are inside by experienced ailt .'cah-ile workla(k t'
Carefully INSPECTED, nnd are UlSUBRPAfl ED by any othbr ildA
m. ans-hit 4e 9URAl ANTEE themn to 'giveporfeet $atistotion in

* -t;* .' "l ..u l ;.-'..,l '

The M lg .. 4ld.

The didsolation from my is e Ooannea

The Lightest Running Machine
ever Made.
The foblnts anre Wound without Ilunnilugi or
Unthreadlng tile Maclilce.
The Best Maohine for Agents to Sell.
Send for Illustrated Circular to
Pople's Soln Mamchine Co,,
Wadley, Ga., U. 8 A.

Coim mission Merclhant,
Cor. Front iad ivial Sts.

E)ERONlAL attentio n giwn to .:alh-, n'l
S returns 11( iiiil on dfy of sale.
*'iOMlTIO(.EaI' lH 1'1 I PTeT T ATTlNS: TO.]

Coa. C'.,or.ri .m. ) DuvA S.
*adi8s Silk Ne T se.,a. Lace
a reis oods,
S. RJbbonr alioo,.
C'ottone, Mus n
broj y, F ng Shoes,

,-- '

TIi ff :ivllI l hei .ld at'ieaanble
rates, aI luvite pntronagOftph all.

,aoiwy Publio

S" SIQE 1856.
ALSO calls attention to his

Nursed by Weokly Atlditions of
FRESH GOODS from New York and
New Orlonns.






Advertising is tLr Life of Trade.--
Live mnen all over tnu Land, know
the merit of
Printers Ink,
And to all, the columns of this pa-
per off'r munny and great induce-
mnents. To the
Wholesale lIouses
Selling goods to the Merchants in
this city, a card in this paper will in-
crease nilir trade. Try it and be
convinced. B3cing the most



' 4



I:' .



Papers From Europe, together with almost every American
Periodical, School Books, &c., of latest dates.



(Corner Caroline and Simonton Ste.)





Umbrellas and Parasols.

I am the Sole Agent in Key We- t for a very --
I am the sol1e Agent in Key West for a very large *

Southern Democratic Paper f8 'ET HOUSE OF NEW TORI

Published, and the only one in this
city and county, tho largest city of
the State, and ono that is rapidly in-
creasing in wcaltliind importance.-
SFurtlher vlTill be useless to
show to m ortisers, the advantages
that these columns ffer.
Kzr WEBT DMocnATr.

I sell by SAMPLES which I show in


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I*; < 1 -fc ":

-~--- I -r

~_i_ :: _1_~

__ __

I ____


The New York and Galveston U. U. Mull Steamship Lioe, comuposod of the following
First ClaRR'Steamshlp :--

,p thi bou. t y' hv'
lcen oapteui4ec 1 *.
Capt. aariti tlMaii gso nd
Odd fellow; ot' Ateanding and
a member re company.
ao sorted as an or cbt s 6ec
Sit.e ter arnmy asnd
.and faithful,
LAnTiR4-The h rs oi
MrtiIp WMa i aptfred and
iis'now injail '

-On Thurday last Mr. Vil yerde
addressed the united club of tIbane
and Americans in Spanish delivering
a sor'id clear and forcible speech.
Mr. Estrnad also spoke in spanish,
Messrs. Monsalbatch, A. J Kemp,
and P. T. Knight delivered their
maiden political sp6ech, every one
spoke in the highest terms of their
efforts and if we are a judge weo will
say that their speeches compared
favorably with any delivered in Amn-
tour hall during this campaign, we
bespeak for those gentlemen a suc-
cessful life. Col. L. W. Bethel made
one of the most telling speeches that
we have heard from him, Dr. Perry
also gracefully acknowledged the
honor done him and spoke cheeringly
to the club. Messrs. J. B. Browne
and C. B. Pendleton were called up-
on but owing to the lateness of the
hour begged to be excused. The
meeting then adjourned sine die. This
club during the campaign has done
noble work for the Democracy of our
Island home and it efficient officers
deserve and have the thanks of the
Democratic party of Monroe County.
In loving remembrance of CrAnA AATuA
Plmm Died October 28th, 1880, ago 0 yearS
,8 months 14 days.
Our hearts are sad and weary,
They are aohig' at our loss,
And we'ra bwl, and nearly fainting
'Neath the heavy, crushing cross.
For we dreamed not that onr dear one
Would so soon be called away ;
Till the silver cord was loosened,
Broken from her life's short day.
Early have her footsteps faltered,
Walking in the way of life
Early wearied, she is resting
From the tumult of the strife,
She has left a world of sorrow,
Full of grief, and toil and pain,
And our loss, though deep and heartfelt,
Infinitely is her again.
Now she dwells in realms of gladness,
In a glorious heaven of love,
Walks among the shining angels
In the golden streets above
While we still are moving onward,
Bowed with sorrow, care and pain,
From the land ot rest and beauty,
Would we call her back again ?
We, too, soon shall the summons,
Hear the angels whisper "Come,"
And we'll pus the pearly portals
Of our bright etoiernal home.
There we'll see our darling CranA
Who has only "gone before ;"
There, within our Fathers mansion's
We shall meet to part no more.
0, & B.

eating and tat or

f any style btldIi g& rtfkuired in

the City, .


Will be talent Upon FAIR TERMS, nnd Work GUARANTEED.



_ _


[Continued from Firt page.]
three states, added to the Southeon
vote, will elect Hlancoek; and a]
three vote for Tilden in 1870. The
Boston Herald (Independent, but to
Garfield) recently remarked to hi
-effect: "If we were picking ou
states liable to go petocratio in No
vember, 1'c *lurid hesitate a lonl
while before passing over Pennsy]
vania." That state is admitted to b
good fighting ground, and may prove
much better than the Republican
imagine or will be pleased with.
Democrats are not made of th
atuff wlih purrenders easily. If they
were, the party would have bee:
dead and buried nineteen years age
They haye pidomitable pluck and
pertinacity, and now is the time t
give those qualities practical Axpres
sion. Instead of being discourage
and demoralized by an unexpected
reverse, they should be-and wi
be-nerved thereby to greater effort
"The battle is lost," said Desaix t
Napoleon at Marengo. "Yes," sai
Napoleon, pulling out his watol
"but there is time to gain another
and Marengo is one of the brightoi
leaves in the great Corsican's Inur
wreath. Again we say to Democra
everywhere, do as Republicans di
after Maine ; and if they follow th:
advice, letting the past go for whl
it is worth and working the preser
"for all it is worth," the future wi
bring appropriate reward.-S?. Lou
Attacks in The Itear.
A Fond Lover Falls a victim.
Little Johnny Tadsbury is a sour
of great annoyance to his big sister
beaus, and especially to Mr. Hen
Clay Snooks, for whom he entertain
a deep seated hatred, and he doligh
to put in an appearance about tl
time Mr. Snooks is pouring a floc
of sentiment jnto the car of his si
ter Alice, and then in cold blood con
pare that ii4tvidual's feet to a pa
of bullet' boards.
On such occasions Miss Tadsbim
blushes very red and Mr. Snoo]
Pmiles a smile w' 'ch for pure ,'
throw an-
*d .tw. t..
the ho'
S,.. .
.. 'ok t

..had b
sigh ed ,n.al,
front. XSft'
trusting pi~b of
Henry lay Sno<.,l" *eu0 af
> num eoftawu "'
Last eightt Mr. Snooks rang th
door bell snd soon t re sylph-lil
Iorm of i~ Alice Tadebury mot hi
pn the stoop, and after the usual rn
marks concerning the pleasant weati
er had been indulged in, Snool
sighed heavily, and said;
"Oh, fair Alice, it seems an ag
since I clasped thy tiny hand."
"Now, Mr. Snooks." came tl
blushing reply, "yoi know that yo
do not miss mo n much astlhat."
"Miss you, dearest," he continue
tremulously, "you cannot imnfiir
the dull .pain which knawt at mn
heart when I'm absent from yoi
The lonely dove which coos for ii
lost mate feels not the same keen ar
guish as I do. Oh I seraphio bein!
you are my idol-a guardian angel
whose spirit haunts my dream
Would that you could realize th
depth of my love."
'"WVill you always care for me, Wi
liam," she said, gently, seating hei
self, and leaving room on the ste
for Snooks.
'"WVill I always care for you, deal

est ? Why do you ask me such
question, when you know that you
image is engraven on my heart, never
to be erased by the hand of time
and placing one arm around he
waist, he sa to the seat beside he:
The next instant he lifted a yell the
would have made a Comanche India
blush for shame.
"Ouchl Oh, Lordl Jerusaleml
blank-blank-to blank and blanks
tion-Ouch I" and Henry OlaySnook
bounded into the air and bounced u
and down the garden walk using th
most horrid language.
SMrs. Tadsbury arose, stiffened he
back, and in icy tones, said :
"Mr. Snooks, I-I'm, surprised
Such language in my presence is a:
insult. I'm really shocked." And
she'w&it Into the house and slammed
the door, and Snooks clenched hi
teeth and limped slowly away, a vic
tim of gg)9t10oh tookr-ation.

-A few days ago a little boy in
Indiana thought he would frighten
the coolby pouring a pound at pbw-
der in the oooking-stove. At present
he has "a crown upon his forehead

...'1 1) harp within his hand."
hi, .. ... ...

. A Challenge the State of

l Florida,

. '



Stoves, Tinware,
Lanterns &c., &.,









must not forget this when they go to got
married, for a good STOVE insures peace
and happiness.


Receives by each Steamersaud
Sail from New York and New

Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron Orleans,

WOl. K t 1-s.

n W. D. CASH,
.- AND
ir Commission1 Merchant,
Cy O. Front and Duval Sts.
015 ttionivak sBIales, sad
i re o day of ale.
COOz 1B10Bf'thoMM ATTURoED T0,]-;
11.' 'o"W E .

RIek Tiet Leaoe
;'- 1 d i p,-,. '' 1
eat Oalio o,'
Oont, Muslin, Em-
brolde.r, Edging, Shoes,
at .trBonnete

> ;^mZipiq^ b. r014.at reatl-

e- ry OGoods
i s A. 3< 11? B &5.
'y IB prepared to supply his customers and
U. the public generally with Cakes and Pies
for the holidays at short notice and prices
sto suit all. Has the largest and best appoint.
1- edBakeryin the Cit. It uses none but
the finest brands of Flour. The loves are
, light and full weight. Flour by the pound,
l, barrel or in large quantities at the lowest
e Speciality.

p Notary Publio

SINCE 1856.
r. --$o--
it ALSO oalls attention to his
" (. IOOSRY,"
n dd %3R003 C3R1 v
I Nursed by Weekly Additions of
" FIMSH GOODS from New York and
s New Orleans.
P --o--










". ,, *\- .
,. ", ,


Crockery, :

S Glass,


Carpenters Tools,

Stores, Paints, Oils

and Vanishes,




-A-- *t


Commission Mzerohant,







Hardware, Cutlery and Tools,

rookoler and Glasnware,

Strveos and r-olllwwvturo,

Tin and Woodenwaro,






9 t-'

ind Plaster.
Sand Lumber of all kinds.

4 i Q

a ) -


, -. "1 :;"nr 4


:," ; .' '


'L ;-

4 ': .

,.-,... .

(4 ~,



.* `' ~ ~~

Useful artiolos not to be fouind


., .
'nvinced of Facts.

SWilliam Curry.






THEM MA ULINE of splendid Steamships, has commenced weekly
Strip J n the above ports, carrying Freight, Passengers, and


Ig Steamships are first-class, built of Iron in the best
mahner, ano ommanded by able and experienced Captains.
The Pibeer Steamship "MORGAN," Capt. Staples, left this port on
the 5th instant for New Orleans.
The Steamship "CLINTON," will arrive here on SUNDAY next, and
leave for Havana same day.
For Freight or passage, (having elegant accommodations,) apply to
A. F. TIFT, Agt.


And be satisfied,

y '"!"B. .. ;" '


.in.c t n'twec j,0 .0k i,, wm keep
'" u. lin a of. :. i

Groceries, Flour, Grain, Veketables.h ult,
At Prices that "CAN'T BE BEAT."
Furniture, Hardware, Crockery and Paints. "
Door, 8ash, Blinds, Comennt and ,"




Agenoy For Buffalo Platfornm Scales.


Sly rila f rdin Agnoy b twn M tha ps ote .
arl Pto 4 xlbr............. cent per ounce. Measuringunder cubic foot.
Sver and under 6 lb.... o 65 per package. Measuring under l cubic foot.
Over and under to lbs.... o o per package. Measuring under cubic foot.
Over to and under as lbs... l oo.per package. Measuring l foot and ur f feet.
Over a and under 75 lbs... 75 per package. Measuring 3 feet and tIler 5I e,
Over 7 5and ndr2aJ Ilbs... a ooper package. Measurng 5 iet and under 8 ft.
Over 8 cubic ft., 35 ct. per cubic ft., which include cartage in New 'ork and Key West.
Direct all Packkages for Bail's Express to oare of
8 soaltns Oreen, '.ew ',Fr .

Now is the time to



Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Tin, Copper

PREPARED to do everything In this Linoe

Hore-mShooing a ., A Sp"nfo lity.
Hi is the AGENT of the original LIGHTmas Ron oi, and has samples
of all the different RoDs. Call and have your houso protected.





I ,.

-@ -


L ~riyL~,.,~a~h


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