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OR. J) '
* *' *"..... ,' ,-.-- --- .. . ...... I. "I. ..,, .

I0 0 :B393198T
-' aL

''. . '

VOL. 10. NO, .17 KEY WEST, FLA, WEDN9DAP, JUN B .8M. ,, ID 1i88y1' PENDrnTON
-----------------l I I I Is II i' '- '1. II I I. li- it ~ I Il II ] I tI 1 l 1* II I : -. .


sih triea W b his brother the d
after the meeting at the Cellas', but
couldn't find him. It must have been
fortnight before lo met him, and in t
moan time he had taken his first Ital
lesson from the ox-cannon ball tohe
Leoni was not at home. She was a
tending a rehearsal at the Academy
Music, and Signora Cella was out
Third avenue, marketing. Rush tried
find out, without prying too deeply ti
Ids brother's affairs, just what John's p
eltion In the household was. He did n
tell Signor Celia that Mr. Stono, as
called him, was his brother, but he sa
that he knew him, and he soon fou
that le was answering Colla's qu~tio
rather than Colla his. The old mi
seemed very anxious to learn all
could about "Mr. Stone." He had be
introduced to Signor Cella and Leoni 1
a Col Mortimer, whom the ballet mast
at t tu Academy vouched for as being
"perfect gentleman."
No sooner had Mr. Stone met Leo
than he fell in love with her. Leoni w
used to love at first sight, and she kne
that it usually passed away as sudden
as it came. But in the case of Jol
lHuriltono (or Mr. Stone, as she be)iev
him to be) it was different. He had n
the familiar amsured-ofsucoess mann
of the men she had been in the habit
mooting behind the s eeneas He w
gontlo and deferential, and he show
her as much respect as he would ha
shown any lady in her drawing. ioo1
IIlH manner to her mother complete
captivated that excellent woman an
one rainy night, when he took her ar
her daughter home in his carriage, sl
invited hinI i to get warm, and he a
cepted the invitation with alacrity.
few days later he called to seo if the
had suffered any iuconvaeniene from t
rain, and from that time on he had be
a regular visitor at Cte oelas', where
won all hearts by his amiability an
Ue wVas more dosplrately In love wi
L)oni than he liad ever been with al
othlir woman; but I will not say that
could not have changed his affectio
with a change of scene. He saw befo
hl had talked with her many times th
sho was sgoodl a girl as had ever live
and that if he wanted to be her frlol
ho must treat her with proper roepec
Shi was a buliot daiuer, to be sure, b
sho liad been well brought up. Althouj
slio was deeply in love with him, al
gave him to unuldertt ", as Juliet a
asodl liomeio, that he need pay ho cou
to her'unlm's the hent of his love w
honorably and lhi purpose marriage
Jolihn ahcpted the jslition of lover
thltso trmiH, forgotliug for the tilmu tilr
Amy Ba'yllss and the weddlvl:g dayti
was not far off.
lie had fixed it for the let of June; b
after a while he wroto her the tender
letter a man ever wrote to a woman
postponing it till the fall. *Amy w
perfectly satisfied with the reasons, an
love l im more than ever for theW. 8t
did wish that he could get back to Far
sted, it only for a day; buttdoar Jo
was working so hard, and all for lh
In the fall they would be married', a
then she would go with him to n e
York. They would live at his trowe9
first winter, and. take their meas an
where they chose. That wA ,tbe wA
many young married couples did,
was very Bdhemian and Very jolly, ai
Amy, who had slent all her dayt l
country rectory, looked 'forwtrd to
with the keenest auticipation, -
"Poor little Amyl" itJoh i aid to bl
Self, as he sat in his private roomal4t
Mutual Dividend Mining company o
oes, smoking its best cigars and Wlppi
its special brand of cognac. "'Poor t
lrll She loves lno so, and I love hi
ut I love Leol Ismore." And he sh
his eyes and gave bhllMdi '. Up to draa
of Leoal. Such bauty u, ubtoh gre, a
a depth of love for hhu that Amy coi
not know. "I blievo she' would k
any one whle cameo between us c
neibher soft ooes girw hard and flah f
if she heard of a rival. Women a
strange croeatres; they nevor blame 0
man; but Heaven help th woemain ifti
get hold of herl 'She led him of' t1b
say. Ah, if they only knew how will
ho was to be led"'
John's reveries were brought ii
end by the entrance of ColMortimn
who came in wltlh some o erttn fl.t
stock for him to sign a ssecretary of t
company. ie had just got hold of
guileless merchant from a distant N1
jngland town, and Was guing to gi
him ten beautifully engraved oertitoes
of stock in the Mutuia Divldent Mini
company for tea ohe-thousaad-do
bills. John felitaullot twhnlapoft
science as< b signed tbo wrtl to
a nua must ve monsno' ti livel ::
"You will gtl tw y'er oeus, ea t1
invesqrtent in d 3 apnthe t. .Grpb
and sweaty I as inuittui.NP'J
time, and was arralngil to tlke Itll
lessons. ThereI it Qth i5 He a pt
woman to teach f wa litags ft-a
can learn more I e
than from adoleita t boric' John

Spliced, lightly.' :
Rush Ir*1 to ple bo 0h uttf ut
brother e sIntWred luwt al 0 ,
1,* WMlan Ord you to marry Amj nayl
John'? ashed RUth. '
An expression of 1tianoyance'mI
over JDjin' face, but he replied, am
bly en04&& a
"Some time hi the fall, I believe."
"I houglht it wO to havs behe
June," said Rush. .
"Something was said abqt Junst, I
Amy touht .w twht Id bew t a w
replied ide, MedWyt., igtt =l I
dream for duin r. '
"Delays are 4Bai-rous, d "
"And Itei iI g :
After paw meas

U td I. V. frlsiioW fi 1
I told you. nu
on Alipr 119itian b*.p*

o toe, tod knowIM isi T

There was no use in trying to talk ert. mat errand O two on miy way up. .I1
ously wth.Jolhin. Ho over for a mno see you at the club this evening." '
o ment nllwod hisolf to be concerned, ong his n k d throwing a
and. as B hlh wa"'going to dine at the spring t scoat over his &m, li put bls t
Arolr' with Helen and Archle Tilling. hat rakialy on his head and stopped
ay hast, he had to leave without aooom- lightly out of the office and down the 0
he polishing his object, which was to take stairs into the street. Theoe e hailed a
a John to task for forgetfulnesseof is vow passing cab ald springing it gae the t
he to Amy order "T' Tiffany'," and settled himself
An The dinner at the Archers' was deo back on to seat to think what he should I
er, ightful, Mr. Arohor was famous for buy. He would got something for Loni
at. his cook, and there was no better louse- for love's sake and something for Amay
of keeper in New York than Mrs. Archr, for the sake of pity. Poor Amyl e i
in Rush took Helen out to dinner, Ar ia would got her something very nloe. The
to took Mrs. Pryor-tho woman with whqm cab drew up at the famous jeweler's and o
ito Bessle visited the mediums and the John entered the place with the air of a
o. Buddhists, and whom he' deoteted--and bank president, Ho went direct to the t
ot Bdeeie went out on the arm of Dionyslus diamond dounter and asked the obliging (
he O'Hara, an Irish artist, with stoie talent salesman to let him see some solitaire 4
Id but more pretentiions, who sat at the feet rings. After looking over domsen of
nd of the Parapoff and smoked bad cigars, them of all sizes and all prices, he e*
W O'IHara seemed a clever fellow at firs looted a small white tone for which he
an sight, mand-t took you some time to fll -paiMd three hundred dollars, throwing his
lie out that ie was telling you how lever lie thousand dollar bill carelessly on the 1
en was, rather than proving it. IIoaffected counter. This was for Leopil but she
by some eccentricity in dross, combed his must not tell who gave it to her yet
er blaok hair straight forward from the awhile. How they wotdd enjoy the "e. d
;a middle of ifs hliad to Iis eyebrows crot togbtherti '
brushed tho ends of his mustachel ou "Can I show you anything else?" asked'
mi straight from his thin lip, and, parting the salesman. I
as his board from the middle, bruslied that "Yes, if you will be so kind. I want
w up, too, from either side of the prt. to send a present to a lady in the country
ly His eyes weoro palo blue, and the pupl -some little-trifle; I don't know ladic i
h expanded and contracted like a cat as tastes very well. What would you ug- 1
od ho talked goest?"
lot Altogether, lie was an odd looking fol "Really, sir, I can hardly say; you have t
lar low, and if lie hied not been so absurdly shown such 6xcollent'taste in the seleo-
of conceited would have been rather inter- tion of that ring that I think the lady
as eating. His viloturos wore of the ihnpes- will faro very well at your hands. ut,
ad slonlst type, and, althouluh is portraits as you ask mo, what do you say to a tasi
ve could hardly be called likenesses, they -a Ihandsome hand painted fan? We
m. were'fashlanable, and O'IIara was quite have soine beauties selling at a great
ly sought after in sooloty-thalt is, by the sacrifice "
nd women The men could not stand hi "Capitall" said John. "The summer
nd affeotations and conceit, but thu women is colmu g on, and a lady is never without
he maid, "Mr. O'Iara is so Ploverl You a fan."
o know he is a Buddhist--ats nothing but So they walked over to the fan counter e
A vegetables. You could not Induce him and John bought pearl handled, feather
oy totoub meat; it is against tbi religious trimmed, hand painted absurdity for
he prinolples." Mrs. Pryor ws Intimate s 00 (It was one of the great "sacrlfices"j
en with yOHra. He was very fond of and sent It off with the most affectionate I
he pahutlog her portrait, atd wh ws vrry little note to Amy,
nd fond of sitting to him. "Suchi u intel It was her wedding present, every one
lectual man, my dearl"she said to Dee- in Farmated said; for they knew that (
th ale. "You should hoar him rend poetry wedding day had been named, and John (
ny And ho writes poetry, too. Pure Inspi- certainly could not send her anything
he ration. H says he never made a rhyme handsomer. Amy know bettor; but she a
ns In his life by trying; but he ciu take up was delighted with the gift, and, hi 'tg t
re a pen and in a sort of trancewrite verses the feather tips, shIe p4t$, .blgk I i t
at that are simply wonderful. I only hope satin box mid laid it awlay i er bureau i
d, that you may see him in a trance some drawer withti theortoise h boxes sd
nd day, when controlled by the spirit of other expensive knidokalef mblatt&'%m
it. poetry." had sent her. ,.4, -' .
ut It was Mrs. Pryor who introduced After Johl hatd li t the fan to Amy, 5
gh O'Hara into the Archer households Ho ho sat down at hi4 writing desk and a
ho knew enough not to have any of his wr to a nmot impasiuloned letter to -
va- trances before Mr. Archer, but li0 oni, tolling her how hoolovpyl her, i ]
Irt watched his opportunity to have one bo- that lio sent the ring, in proof of his I-n a
as fore Bessie. Mr. Archer thought lie was tontions; "but, my darling," lie wrote, t
;e. a rather clover man. HIo had heard a "wear title where it won't be soon for s
on good deal about his pictures, but liud the present. Cruel circumstances pro.
ng never seon thin, and lie took tlLbr merit vent miy coioouboldlyasndolaining a
'at .o rswuteddi" -*,vehi.e" ; t NO'. ,yb" y I'S .W WbF tl
Irlshmanany better thma lie liked his pto have faith in ile, darling, as I have in
ut tures, and he owed Mrs. Pryor ai grudge you. Don't dovn toll your good father
Mt for bringing him to the Archers'. and mother too much though you may b
n, Rush wasso delighted at having Helpn assure them of my honorabl Inatentions. I
0a by hiq side that every one at the table Oh, Leoui, you do not kfow what it is to
id seemed pleasant tolllnr Bosie iotlcedthe be a creature of fate I must wait qui- I
h unusual brightness of his itnnner, and so etiy for a while, but I oa6 go on loving
m. did Archie;btit he attributed it all to D1e. you and trusting in '.tir love for me,
hn sie. Rush was in fine spirits, and kept unworthy as I am; ia iu may believe I
erl the table ol' a roar by the l sarpnoe of that, co~o what nul L un and alvays
ad his wtand his fund of goodshort stores. will be your own Johl."
w '"Themman who conlines himself to short This aud tih ring lie dispatched by his t
tbe torJ thiian for a dinner party; but trusty valot. Tho letter puiased Leoni e
y. heaven doiefnd us from the. long winded little, but the symbol of th"ienig de-
dinior out" Sucdli were Mr. Archer's 11ighted. her, and, uss she was an talian, i
sntm tentles andi he detftnmined to Iunvte and mystery in love affairs is not alto- t
,d, ytoingHu rltono again,and before long, other unknown in Italy, she quietly I
i a 'Nwithstanding poor Arolle'a dIpres. sewed the ring on the inside of a hikof
it io the4 dinner was a plearsut o e. velvet she wore around her neck. There
om the dinner ta bl they strolled it lay concealed; but her heart beat high
n- bough. the conservatory,: and Helen, with joy whenever the sharp stone
he wo h bad Ruh's arm, stopped la front of scratched her delicate throat.
[-. a tb* of, orget-me-nots', ovtr' whose John dined as usual at the club that
ng dflato bloqsows thq ino ns wis ,i-trlHd night with Mortimer and two or three
I l~tsjtt s ilvutr lightly' 'Let m( give you other gamblers. After der dinner theywent
er( ate 4jutlni ifloreras, shlo tll, picking a to the gaining table, where John loqhis i
ait buneh li~dfa6iohiangit in t hatlito. hole. remainflg $400. When he went to bed f
S'Yoq. lno~tflan going away, aind we that night hle cursed the expense of llv. I
arsn t nforgot h ten wlhinwt nrutyne." Ing in Now York, and determined to'
Itd l tall -that Rush could do to kLe1p nmako the colonel raise his salary.
ill frt m so sing the hand that were so ner -
Wan .fwa and kissing them with protesta. CHAPTER XIII.
Ire tins of the love that was morning so U 8 I
re htly a his heart. Instead of tbrf, he didn ot
0olasped-his hands boJd lim, and an- kn ow i
ay siwerode with mockseriousnes; all thl
t t need ofl#ower to remind me of you, buthe 1
n Miss nowlton. Your absence will be had Its
felt't i the very air we breathe. The
an birds will chirp, 'She is gonel' from the .:He jo
e tree top, and those stars will write itina 'n and ne
o. the at night." '-. o nItg
hbe 'Mr, Hurlstone, you.are chaftfng'me; I l ho g Ifotd hit
B and Idon'tlketobeohatod. Thought 'll J saui
ew that you would be a little sorry that I askaA bi .s.i'! r
ive was goiSg away," replied IIolen. i he wae dol.,' tf
te "A little sorry If you only knew tho Oollas', ,e-
ng what your absence nioa to mo, you ,> fore heo answdr-
a woetdl -..His voipo shook pEoreptibly i, John' asked
I r a fltelta looked quickly at lus. Foai S Rushb w Ihat e
itt t qtrthebadgone too far, he added, Was:doing there,
e 'aat never lesvo ho foreign editor' "I have kaownin
his room, bul will haunt his desk night and them for some tlui, and w arraarg
m, daf sllag fo early news from Drury to takeIhliAn wohs.," mat ed:l
ham ae.*" *I too, Iave known t1la for
1 oosuld hear OoL Mortimer tell hil vi ctm "'~Now 0yoaro loklag gn; but b t-. I
She bowed him to tIle front door Ulove wlll mis mn.-W. W'h ave he
S iorty per centc is bettor thah lettlog Ilo e tie t eas re, Mr. it.
r our monoy le idle. tou may oonpider tn fl lthouh twa.
rb trourssl fortunate in having got any of you a few .heort mllto thu s yo: t P
his stook. I don't like to seo it going old friend, or I sod

his olt of iny own hands; but I have a very old ~u friend. Y0s meem to 4ke
friendly feeling towards you, and aln fr myself and not for my praSS
las, l after all, that you have those or- Withimost people I feel that it Is B
oaestes.b "And I these greenbacks,' Knowltdo., Uie'prltndonn, rather
od he might have added, as the door swung Helen tnowlton, tIle woIAnn,
ail to on ite eloiledhilgi.t his thearefor. Au I not ihf It?
0L Mortimer MturOe& to his des,thi to do with the AOtM f
and, tA nine of tebills, rolledthem ink hat youwod "Uk6 met
la up nd polced tihem side by side in his .T11ht " l 'b iitprbsuple,"
b le The tenthe tookin aKnowltoan eh I ,
IbutI headed to John. "U oh 't ai
S: re iky s t haot l s yOL Give me* your kt am lt w to
S Ohan .t s reie pt s.. I te d- Isto, asthey'b .
;,, -n*Bathe ,go"0roffle., 1-0 0 ,
pene.m" John wm fool enough o bel.te v0111 A
as t m 'r, A ii n his bworildly nded. n A.A,: h UA 4
se, beah0aJI iMobultid. Hthankb d ndtut, lit

o. Ats.tto,
.* ^, , ,oti.t o .. n.f ....^ ,., ;.. .' i

,hi eaq' yb l
90&4 V *fair5
l ow
Lom do "Misroa
ia*~rm~8r uta~~CM v~

0wnbt t6ti "hlm pdlnt'her portray :I
Ike his cooeloh, indeed '
"Thank for the Implied ooapiU-
nent; but )ou need 0 otget so eoxcited1 I
haven't the dightft idea of allowing Mr.
O'Hara any etih privilao".
"I am gle to have your assurance iu
he matter)'dtierwie frshould have my
'eara, for 'arei seems to lave irreelt-
ble attraction. Woe fct tha t he wa
able to get tbrO of tho belles of New
ork soeoety to toe him as the three
hGoee qhows his power,"
"Youtre not a woman, Mr. Harlstone,
or you would understand how hard it Is
trreelst a request put Ia so complmen-
ary a form. Oould you refuse itf MW.
Q'Hala askcd you to sit to him for
ipollo? I'm 11re you couldn't."
atmigh t be a tptation,'" said
"b, smnlB "but if It camo from
f hi bA be able to withstand it."
thord ia col0 i 1"wT ltl, Bessit nat
le arm. Lot us geotovertl6 thut.far bor-
ner before they se ie," ld Helen. 'But
he was too late) O'Hara and Bessie bore
down upon them and there was no es-
"Helen dear," said Be.ieo, "Mr. O'HIan
s so anxious to paint you in your 'Helen
f Troy' oostum. Heo has asked me to
4teroedo for him: Won't you ait to
lhr Heo would mako a delightful pio-
eoould not help it with suoh a sit-
er," gWid 'O'iara, slowly, distending iht
ayei at her;
"Mr. O'Hara s very kind and more
tban complimentary answered Helen,
'but I am too busy a woman to sit for
Syou not quite as busy when
flowed Fl'endon the privilege?"
ad O'Hara, with a smile, but in an un-
uistakable tont.
"Yes," answered Helen, with an
qually upinistakable manor; "I fancy
[ was; but one oan always find time to
ive to one's friends, and Mr. Fessenden
San old and valued friend." Then, to
Besste, "Mr. Hturstone and I were just
oling over to that pretty corner of your
wing room to examine that now bit
of Japanese bronze And lio moved
fT in the oQpposte direction with Rush.'
"t don't think O'Hara will ask you
again t t ql Uhim. The call I wanted
o oho ~k i said Rush,
"Doii'ol bellove it; he Is not so eas-
0-orushed. But he will never acoom-
Rlah thbt bject.,
* "l rpmonW Miss Knowlton is,"
l4ktO'HtaltO eeaale; but to himself he
Iad,'"Tb". ii1 I owe h, r one for that
*Indeed die is varmht," answered
lJoIlt, "but she *iy w In her ways,
utd she will ma e up her mind to a
hlng without any apparent reason and
tick to it."
The Japanose bronze furniislol Helen
and Rush with a subject 4 interesting

nd those devotion the Japr neso display
cconiplishing an end, evon it that ea
e only the adjusting of the sales of
ronze serpent.
"I alou that you admire patient
du devotion," said Rush.
"And why, pray?"
."O, general prinoiplet.-thoy are auc
trnlrable qualities; but they are not a
w a appreeIated."
While Helen was wondering just ho
o parry this remark, the servant at tl
door announced Mis Sandford, and in
moment Aunt Rebecca was with them
She had come to take Helen home
the' pleasant evening was done. Ru
had to go down toTbhe Dawn office, at
Arohie walked as fir as Oasal stre
with him, and aired 'his opinion
"You needih't tell me that that bang
slirod Buddhist has any right in deoe
society," said Archie.
"I don't bblleve in him at all," a
iwered Ruth; "and I shall take pains
inform myself on the subject. As
friend of Miss Archer's, I believe it to
y duty. I don't like to see a m
whom I suspect on sush terms with
roung lady whom I admire and whi
believe is as unsuspicious as she is pu
mid good."
Archie listened to these words of 1
friend with arled emotions. He phat
his aentitent towards O'Hara, but
thougidt itt bhe detetedl something me
than -ordinay fnrundship in hlisasolklo
for Be siOd and his manner was a liti
cool when heasid good night to him
front of ths Brandreth house, Bu
ikened8is pace and made good tiO
to ii Dawna olfico. Te night doom
told hit that M MrMusgrave hadias
or htim' so Rush tnt dirt to the cl
editor's room.

Ma r W.Iss,
We dri-t o stay to our otlanls," toat
ra er hINA" been aell Di.ovey' 'b for Oonsumia ,iu, Dr. KiO
New Life Pill,, B1okle's Arniea isalvea
Ieolt Bisen and hve never bad
aMliss (hat ser i as .wl, r that haet g
6"bl i*rsal atUstfates. We do A
Wt thts to guSrnss ee ia every time.
we MJ td to rUnod ias prdoh
e if satisfaotory rnlta do ot foll
eislr' Theme xealdia have won th
i~Mat'^tf.lmDUly^ their merits,
iM ePt MD ol, be6ii nl.
Dim)Ie a a boma
Puores 6dr way Into asny a honsehold tl
mlh be prateeted from their rta,
Salpie proautson of a keeping In
honaa tut b~aalg riallypiedl ,insd u

liM eas -apro
S100 ea"1 4,40AIAbla, b"t 'wbalks
e t P4oMlvn t4
sap o1t1b UMp.M f arc not eMlyi
Irrgu nt f > lts, be ioi

t I|


Meni, Women and Children

Alike Engulfed by the

' Flood,


A faSenger T ain Carried
From. the Track.


And Hardly a Stone Left to Mark Their


Pmsrsao, Pa., June 1.-The raging
storms that hve prevailed through Penn-
ylvausia in the past few days have resulted
ia an appalling loss of life. The soone of
the most terrible disaster is at Johnstown,
P&., i Oroenbrier county, on the Balti-
tore and Ohio railroad and the Coneaangh
river. Two and a halt miles northeast of
the town is a reservoir bwned by a rich
fishing lub. It Is the largesl reservoir it
the United States, being three and a half
milesilong and from one to one and a half
mlleewide.. Its depth in some places is one
hundred feet. It holds more water than
any other reservoir, natural or artificial, in
the country. The lake has been quadru-
pled In size by artifical means, and was
held in chook by a dam from seven hun-
ired to one thousand feet wide, aiuely teet
in thlekno~ at the base, andtho height is;
110 feet. The top has a breadth of over
twenty feet eooaoAniing the menace
the lake psU to thn region below
Sonth Fork, te club had the dam inspected
once a month by a Pennsylvania railroad
engineer, and these iavostigatious show
that nothing less than some convulsion of
nature. would toe the barrier away and
loosen th(de of death. The steady rains
of the p4 twenty-four hodre increased toh
volume oftwater in all the mountain streams,
wbich were already swollen by the lessor
'rains eafy in the week. Prom the boost in.
forntiou obtainable at thi time, it is
evident that something in the shape of a
clond-burst mnst have boen the onlmtlnaton
of the struggle of the water against the em-
baokment. The difmoulty of obtaining
definite information added tremendously to
the oxoitesnost and apprehension.

been disotveed iftA river here. aSt
foot was dleoover'. ", e the surface sof
the water, and a' 4 a'istned abobt
it and is now Utie4| waiting tO be
auodd ,
Johu L. Wter IS wife, an agfd
'couple; Mike iWet,.aota 'ai 'h Forney
we r resod aerir lwrerly this morning.
WI'hey lhad been carbeeld* their hohem n
pbnbria 'ety, on thq',.oof of the house.
There wore seen others ou the roo of the
hooue when it aI caIsried off, but thsy
wer drawued, he banks on both sdes
of the river at this plaoe'afo crowded with
anxious watobers, aa with horrifying
frequency thefr viglts ae irwarded by tah
discovery of dead bodies. Wit I the lat
half hour three floating bodies Aiv been
rooovered at this plaoe, and lhi*dreds of
people from JoLnstown an Iv er towns
are hurrying here in sewor of friends and
relatives who were swVet away in last
night's flood. ,
i'ho calamitny. v0 Jlstord ty wlts as 4s~
Jar as fatal. Iti vW orvlittthatrat.,
nves have baon lot a Wy ohial'll'W
(rodulity of people who wore heedless of
the warnings of diianger. For more than a
year there were fears of an accident of just
such a oharnactr as the one that lIha shp
poued. There has grown up a bitter feel-
ing among the surviving sufferer against
those who owned the lake and dam, and
damage bults will be plentiful by and by.
The dam in Stony creek above Johnstown
broke about noon yesterday, .and a great
quantity' of lumber floated down the
stream. "Nobody can tell how mnay are
dead," said a railroad engineer to me thi
morning. "I have been at Sang Hollow
with my train sine 11 o'oloot yesterday,
and I have seen fully five hundred persons
lost in the jood." A. W. Each, a brave
railroad employee, saved sixteen lives at
N~pevah. .
The most awful oulmination of that
awful night was the roastin 'o a hundred
1 more perpas inamid-flood. The rains
a houses, onutuilldings and other struo-
tures swept against the new railtol bridge
at Johnstown, and from a over-tuned
stove, or some such cause, the upper part
of the wreckage caught fire. Teae toen
crowds of men, women and chillreu on
the wreckage, and their screams were soon'
added to the ohords of horor They
were literally roasted in the flc: Soott
after the fire burned itself out otlrs were
thrown against the mass. There were
some fifty people in sight when the ruins
.nddenly parted and broke up and the un-
fortunates were swept under the bridge
into pitchy darkness,
The loss of life is now" estimated at eight
thousand and the property loss a $25,000,-
C. W. Poppenstall of Est End, Pitts-
burg, distinguished inmselfl by his bravery,
yesterday afternoon. He was a messenger
on the mail 'train which had to' turn at
Bang 'Hollow. in the train psared a
point where the waoer was fall of strug-
iling people, a woman and a ohildfloatod
in near the shore. The train was stopped,
anud Popdenstall undressed and Jumped
into the water, and in two trips saved both
the mother and the child.
Among the identified dead are James
MeMillan, anperlutondent of the oCam-

In lake to olintown 1s amalitt eighteen miles, chldten anid a 'daughter;iu-law ; JohP. ; N' Tio'7Yt.n, N. t '~"' 8&:'-T/Ias oily
dand fwth tha exception, of one point the Linaton,. a leading 'lawyer, his wife and sbsoribed ovr ona hnldrl thousand
Sweater passed through a narrow V-shaped fve children; Mrs. Thomas Kirleh and bibed ve one hndd thousand
a valley. Four miles below the dam lay the two children. Mr. Nolan and 'seven of hs dollars for the relief of the flood sufferers
town of Soath Fork, where tho.eSoth Fork family, Mrs. Weasenger, Mrs, Sarah Pal. la Pennsylvania yesterdi.
co itsehlemptles into Oomemaughl, river. -The mer. Dr, George Wagner, his wife ad -ad -
towfioontalned bout 9,000 o abitants. It three children ; Frank P. BonVwion, his ba n
has notteBe hard from, hut it is Bid that wife and two children; Mmrs rar 8 VN PARSiNGcdB Bi DBOWMED QN
fh our- ffthds f it hat been spt away, Four Washingtoun and seven children. Win, 'BOARD A BALBOAD TRAIN.
i. miles tufther down on th0E onemaugh Ib owells, Mrs. John aeesr; Oos; Lsiue' l
river wV1 the town of Mineral Point. It and Alvah. Reese; Raohael Reese, mother
had 800 ihabltasate, and aiuet per count. of John 1Rese; Poarsou Fisher, wife and P.Si.A Peou.; tme r 5.-Tho
w of the houses bang on a flat OOloe to th children; Mrs. Heokstein., naumib of eo14 ld Idel eaon PtnnsyIvauia
he river, it seems hopelsea t this time to ex- Juot above New Florence is the town of tril when the as4Lod swet onit, is now
a peat that any of ihem have escapdl. Mix Nineveh. It was here that I found: th,- lw n b.t -esse '
a. miles further down was the town of Cone- nrst charnel-house. Dead ware here, the
so mough, and here tloe wase was t ypo. larger portion of whom were women. Hore .ii....' .
sh grapbhoal possibility of thespreading of the it was that the awfol work of the freshet JAhetOKNV'i.L 8i lD IN WABSH
ad blood and the breaklugof ts force. This odold be realized. What have been fertile O TON OITf.,
town eontaiped 2,500 i ubaitants> and must farms look like worn out brick-yards
et be almost devastated. Woolvqle, with great trees hanv been twisted and torn like [t Q9 9 ta3 liqtto ...
of 9,000 people, lay a mile below Conemauglh weeds, and the broke household good of WAuanroxr D. O., Jt'~ .-When
in a fat, and one mile further down wore houses line the shores for miles. Thlova A.^=lMt S7.; D ri. o th ou
d Johnstown and its clusterof sister towns, of the. vilest sort, those who steal from s*t hatestasauaod the fot
nt Oambria sad aOonmaugh bonmnuhs, with a the dead and it'e unfortunate, have beeS ytitday that the oity of Jakeknvill, ls.,
total population of 0,000,.oa inde round, bItly at work robbing. the trunk and hadi liabponrbed Woi' ousaild0h~ts to the
a. and stretobed along the river's verge were boxes ana artiolesa of furltaie;, and thiire Pea4jlveJ suffers, iott. iabeq oame
the mmoense Iron works of tho "-t brain ia nothing worth taking left, except lati. p ,
iron andsteloonmpany',who hao $05,000.000) bor. Every now anl the, ghasly 'ontl "-
ahe veIted i theirpla Besidea this there liioes could bo soon in the water, being
Share many other Iuge industrial establih-; weut down stream. Two miles from the ',..lfr olers t4wa'd .
an mdues on the bank of the river, the damnr "Sr" tower is the "8X" tower of the Tu' "s or Eail
7a age to which cannot be estimated. Pennsylvania railroad, and here itht -r to sea e y paper
SI TBs Bian rwroATia Arona the greatest railroad in the world suddenly hai i e ret ait I was tue tasgtor
r Naw FiunnecH, P., June l.-- itowai ends in the river. For mere than a tho- 1i 4 bi tli l fitsh recently took
is fourteen miles from Johnston, the prin. snnd feet a wire-traok is wiped ot, rails, laceeathe Oaeh h a a utterly
hs oipal scene of desolation. Even her, to ties and even ballet. The north track tsfaleM, ae that rio ve p away from
ed far from the washedaut towns the horror entirely washed away. This is the nearet the ohu h I iallu at.

le c Pi' te newrs 1 and it members we ready with tuads notit t the pastj Wh wanted
in werds of s als, bat no w, could to
iht tr tmier Ben bodI sealaded loe be had rom 11 a until laast i. As t beI pilo bti Ith t" twin o-

SJostsolartaey a darpentr who Ivemt I Npel mn old bAe hired nol cIc ill hst uw to an tao
Sound on the' rioneeat isatown ~ tuao h lprowa ed. this mt e stonsy t tra tu o ndpro it.
Li b eople ha tree-. n warned ea l ry an the JOirimaddeuin. JThe al.- ot(ed pomp o *. it4 7 ht hys were

bmorng to move to high ad, they nation of buildings whloh Awereswp by
wa a tdumr e to bridge iu ll. pedftt feet hion t gh and froe or a te to Galvston,
te s ea m, et re the bldneings m ook tire, y paeo e laog iieaswith tlusaetv l n fto eanted
e Joh M esrtarre wo N peidl trains od be hiared.r aoond in s-eal i the e nta Pay uwab toe any one
SJohSltyn 0v1 dheft a Ant ts, a p&.p.h ns-e tivn were s to be bought, and from thIs tnhe' ia lete- e me d .ell m1 who aerrio,

d lf eah other, osye terda A io sitohthe tion can bo 1p related. thin plan lo te proved Lt.
the ?on fie w b6 ldfwaxsindlweri 4bo nuNm 11 i TUBW TIh. Yon,

ld v people hnl been warned nealya t fo Jo~at ., Jhli e l.-u s e trooum : a .h q l~pr rd bltbT.o
TImoorl 4o moveto high IOfladbatho lot oi morfbuildings wh A nuer opeswept by fir. --i- '
r o wat31 li taw11 t oo when te strtPe iso fire, .a TasfTrtey B t A gustaa CtPs Evat s
wa aumber of time, Us 1 bl t se ondup nf fe t hirh t B (fa t .A,?.n rotto- G lon r

Y m raist t dNisea sed ost IItl*. eroS-n Tuo hu w
ir She ad t *yse lsu u V S onq oneHt, Po. June .-Thes inta
o'ldo*Wj thb.waferpoured Into 0thn bured to theNa a otofn ervathlbrak'ihu yto lay even.

it. and tihe lawm t rhe u.lathtlOM the 'buldln tookes fIre mny peo, ford t or va at
for ebft iedtat toeandfo.endflnalythe dead and aive, were taket from t to44.jtk bautful
raw dfgi oythlounrlt aleb ete and in. several instcem hv the a ntedlanatn a ]ie OE% 11. .t e, OS We
#g A ean cn 01 a 1het ,tadaslid'thr n woes, ~o f edged i that t wat nth eosAI r te fo Oleo.ftohea Ws

d teah other reaing them ito oho their leg off to h released hew, Theveomot.annofs Oaro diePt atth
Isd nrento, Thu bil sugwe refreiLht Otholio cehunrh was also destroyed by A bre of
Vill .oor .wryeheg who fo hprti Jpfore this morning. A number of people wori 05 Ton foo .S Q tS tateslthOf-
ost B 'geto t d 01 drfpe. 4 .e- root when the strsctureA 0 1ook fie8 ad4 fil AStttOstismInk r Itover
s3 IMontYaae WIy P6hely ios atu fom uy were ooau sedmia theIi v. lroi-to. .AS.i :
Men wi _11 'me or 'ell
sowi 5Ota. M ti rtl. bye lo l "plaitlo esmtl nt rewa ..
Iahe br d 52nL th s *UIo HoLw, PA. June I.-The ftl 6 LAT ftake ftbl u.
A ar d IF WpoinTVati onf t thi lo oe life *wre enly o p'o i 8.. h
r e no w WUn this that fbe Agls dm., ewo

stand A loa te 14 s tby rIlsdl rMan pMbs have tim Vn ti.e.-Ob-
S ITheha dMd t= a htI" wo eliean or eigh htbnde u W4i e mom-

nno e deoa reIS,11:6 raer'y fa r 'at s MOW. d

It ttohe t aaken o)
-pobleot to Johow Diafteitess a' be .e .... |
"". lSM" e I o tlp 8 4 t n by local applicationivytl ibatrai .r |

dZ ,U.W
W Wm 1 ki r a m wlth l1 c l oudy
lst. & Ikt' ine When e now e When Vo hg M
anbty6 nnd 7 t S ,dy

b ,i... ., ": taken d ""A

------Ti---T ----il---5 __ ---

~-------~~,-------~- C-"'ccT

:: ~cl-

. --W -MAMOZ~r


[ CANa eA tm atvANA,]
sosm ro, Fon., Jatue- ,--'he bury-
of te dead victims of the lat lood still
oontilaune in thii plaoe and surrounding
oountry, and earlT two thousand men are
eogemed ina ( ad oeoaopation. A. regl-
meat of National Guards have arrived on
the Mens, and thel presence i to prevent
~obery and other orimea from being com-

t' OhAw To THU NQVAO6S.]
.rsow*, Flt-.uane .-The new
city Oommiluioners of Jacksonville took
charge of the muuiolpal affairs of this olty
yesterday without much ditoiulty.

(tw daM tO '" V aVAe.)
JoxMtowm, Pents., June 5,-'he loss
to property n Willial port, Pean,, is now
estimated at Ave millions dollars.

ji CPAew 9 0 P tAMI
Paam wskU, Penn., June 5.-The
Iatnual Life lnsuranoe Co. estimates that
IriUll have to ayo oat over a half million
dollar on life insurance polices issued in
wooded di0rliot f Ptauyllvala.

[*84U*V T WU 2QVAWOV ]
JAosomr veu, Fla., Jone 5;-La Villa,
one of Jaoksonvllle mlbprrb, was visited
'by a two hundred and ffty tousad dollar
Are this morning.

[at CAU 2 to 2U f4VAPDa]
WAsarorToTi, D. C., June 6.-A large
Rell.otMeeting was held in this city yester.
day, and ten thousond dollars were raised
for the relief of the sufforors ~iom the
floo;i, Paesidqot Harriao presided.
I o ^--~--
I. BaaaMe aABUC gv&2

LI~LIIYk~u ~-~~)~

~__ __l ______ U ____ **WU& pp. WE__ R

~Y_~Y_______ ~-~--~Y-~-Y--Y~



~ ~



K ,1 WEI'T, FiLA., JUNE 1880.

I'ub iti h ori and Proprietors.

Office, in Equator Building, Front St. cQr
nor of Duval. Telephone 36

M it l iS PTI(ON IIA'Tr's.
ii t., ., ii i 'l'riste nIld tlihM4 .... ...$ '.
:, ,,,. h I ,. on lill | ol M oilll .............. I.1
"Ml ,*. tillitot Htrttlr It AInlvalc.,
: .i.i h ii t i, t (, trrltr r'vr'y hi Vl w llee k '. '|it NiitIh ey
l., .,I i v ii 11 1 l i i, ri tct prt merllOHAi by lawl
H$1 l' i ll' i ,l 'r l~i'i( ln ttl Ir i)YltI'n lil ii l .tlily lMi
dill: t : ,iL : ll la rV iiln i thllnl UI, 1 n, l l &1l)tl lu

Kif'lird iil ll I tt I iQ '' it( Jt l'y Wvfes, MRil,,
,<(" ,s, ,.iI-,,(.t.s .(ter, Oeihbve r 2, 188H.

An.NA N A.\I'EJ,
''lh i11Ihlij journ al is the pullio voice,
Ii I thl diefei.' llidtr of tiu llpoplet, the nexi,-
liin t if tllhir iilternsts. 'For their, to theoi

nil tlihrmnli thomn it speaks. 'iilin quos-
tilitts arn veiti llite ilt lts collnniH sind pub-
lit' lmlmiNils h ro Ithlro inmot and comnsiioroid.
'o lthm liniollsiont of hli public interests it
ilIvitOH the Iublio. NIts oditorianl' nid lo.
klhi iprovok. ,e comtuent anrl critioiun, amid
thl Ittio r ofhtit tllollewioll is stillalated the
Iotetr for tntoe ouvaeruneut, because IltoI-
liguece in thlreoly promoted and diffutil.
lRologtiiintg thii merit iu journalism nud
thi faiithfnl work done by tho EQUATon-
IlncrocuAir in thie touring of tho Now (Char-
ter for Key West one may well hesitate to
criiticsie it ositionu bly takon in your issue
of tlih' lit iurt., but truth and Justice ask to


In roferenoe to bMersm. Fogatty a d
Filer withohltUng Dr. Portoa's resignation
the faot !% a plper purporting to resigu
privately hold, s not a resignation. Do-
livery and acceptance oontlitute reigna-
tlon. 1Mr. Filer was Dr. lortor's proxy
and when in the judgment of the proxy his
principal ought to resign he touderoe his
resignation. ladi Dr, Porter publicly do.
clurod his roa nation annd solt tho amaue to
Mr. Filer to to prosentod, then it would
have been bad faith to withlolil it, and
vote by proxy, but you tavo He ass ed this
position with no wturraut for so doing.
nrdon mny plain peaking, but 1 Ihavoe ail
nothing ieoreiu but what I mtaun.
IIortio (Orain.
Oua friend, Col. Horatio (rain usually
displays a great dclal of ncumenl, I1 his din-
ousion of publioe fair. Hias criticslts
are usually pointod,l and his procines well
taken, hence we are surprised at tiho loitor
whioh wo publish in to day's panor. Ils
arfguients are wealk, and the articlo, the
whole way througli, is a clumsy dofotino,
and but all ll attempt to dofoud 11ien and
tumesuros from a charge that can novor be
disapproved, Tho C olonea simply nlaorN,
as all muon who take uhll positions, over
the iumposibility of making black, white
and vilo vertsn. We don't allow for a mn-
l Ient that the position of the EQUATOUi-
I)EMIcnIAT lha bheio an tunjilt one. tak-
ing theo recoutmluooutiotilm of tho joitit
bodlios, even attaokirtg thli EIncltlv Coum-
luittoo with n .vtnelttiriuen' that wo aelhotlu
uxcuud, hullingi their ctiou puiorili and u11-
mnistakably wrong-; voen now having no
wor o of xenso for thor in their aot, wo
oonoess our disgust at tho part someo niom-
bors of it played, but rather than injury
the eatIse we eHpoutol, wit ronauoed silolt,
until the decision waH anndo. Wo thenou
spoke, Ibulisviug that for the good of thbo
party that thoir ntn hhoiild be vontilatorl,
and this we did and propose to keeoop it up
until it has born good fruit, 'This dis.

hm hoard. It would perhaps, open up poses o a greater part 1o air. ,Cralu
loig and tedious discunsiou to treat at length letter.
Slt, entire position, but the effort will here Mr. Crain is unfortunate in having for
i-i hOtnl t, briefly review it, friends in tlis unttor rien who talk too
'ho itsiloe history of eth worklugs of the Wore it not for this, his well
I,ltiocrtio Erxeotive Committee cores too timed sentences, and logical questions,
iitt It, be of tuy value. That body did not which reminds us of Ben Ilill's celebrated
i'v e'.l the pnrtioulars until the result was speech when he was smokingg Mtlaouns
,itninlri, and there can now be very little Iout" might have aomo pith, We know
miitrest in the subject. eesides the com- that Dr. Porter was telegraphed to by a
,lllltll y will view with susrption this after. n o o ty wll
renltltrinig of Its history, More franknas person or person o this city, as wll a
un tUh Ipart of the County Committee and written to, to while himaolf to Tallnhaiseo
,It iu earlier date would have won the re. ia the interest of these appointments, As
nr .1 of the Democraoy of Monroe. The to his being there on sanitary matters or
lilr,, of the exclusive bom mitte trat akedk there by the Governor for the pur-
ottluntleltinus was entirely untenable. The pose of consultation in regard to thEsoe p.
('omlllitte6 s a partisan body. The Com- pointmouts is all bosh, andl our frloud
ijiit*i were to be appointed irrespective of Crain knew it as well as we did.
paIty. A queer proposition indeed, that e fully
only a partisan body should make We fully conur in nll the eompllhmo
partisan recommendations. The proper tary things said by Mr. Crain of Dr.
course for the County Committee was to Porter, and as a citizen of Key West we
accept the eotnrteous invitation of The joint take as mnch pride in him as any one, but
bodily's iy.' adopting entire, or by seeking a
'confore'tn. to amend the reeommendations. this does not blind us to everything,
()r, asnsmiiog a pompous exclusiveness, roo- neither has it been or will it le an excuse
mutti udtl ti partisan CeosmmiLtsiou. The to ooudone his faults or his mistakes, and
(overuor, however, was true to his oath
of oflfOe itud to the principles of his party, we opine, that like the rest of us poor
lic troated tho matter from the standpoint mortals, he ha some. Wo don't want at
If the staitosman, and has honorably respee. Jakaounville, or some other place in the
tod the wishes of the people. Tho lengthy State a man or men to suggest who
rcolution of the county ommitte was ooe r to b le by, tc. This aor
altogether too tntritate to be appreciated by floes are to b filled by, ate. This ayors
plain people. It struck most people that a entirely uo miu of tyranny. We have
log snake was wriggling its way through the sitme remark to make regarding Messrs.
ht I taIll, rank grass, anti the after-resolutiou V0oarty *od ilA PoamonalJl wo eatioat
t,,) osie 'o,, representatives DeIR dto od
lry, tat t is the nse of te E. them a friends, and as good citizens, but
that tbue inostion of bonding the oity under this does not blind us to the faot, that
tho Now Charter be left to te vote of the they made a very grave mistake, and a
ieplo,' capped the climax of absurdity, very censurable one in this matter; wo go
For thlle D. E. C., this was abdicattug its
character as representing the Democracy of further and say, that their aots, bad the
Ionroe, for they advocated nothing of the outcome been as they expected, would have
cuirt. The D. E. (. missed a grand oppor ruined the organization of the Demooratic
thy of the party and. the occasion. Their
position resembles the pig who, not content great many have buoe working here for
with hii none In the trough got into the years to aooomplish, the unification of the
same on all-fours. The inuguratlon of different factions. That this was their do-
the charter movement aid ts calmnatin libeate intention admits of no doubt.
in asuhceso was due to the people, through of o
two binsness orgauisaUoua during which They doubtless feel very much anaoyisl at
period the D. E. C. exhibited the frigid in. the turn affairs have taken; ihey will havn
diffornntco of an iceberg prepared to thaw to bear mt philosophli:ally-"it is the for-
when the otlloos wore to be filled.
'rho EQUATiT -DE1)bMt AT states, "it his tuute of war."
been claimed that Col.. Hetey'yas removed *
because he was away trom the island in the Mr. (main also displays a spirit of ieono-
interest of the 1o. IE 0.," and then prooeedi cla that we are somewhat amused nt,
to doubt it, aud then, if true, protests o r
against his course a if to get a threst at onsidermg his oft repeated asirlios" to
Ntate health Offier Porter. If Harvey was the contrary. We allidu to lsin uoe parl-
guilty so was Porter, as he had a U, 8. of. lola between Col. llarvoy tnd Dr. 'urter-
flee and Htate employment. As yeo have on ein a natv nt the er
brought these two before the bar of public ein a nte rn the other
opinion let them be tried before that jury. new souor. If there is any spirit on iarth
Would you regret to record the verdict be- that wu do bhat antd dutost It is this; uln, of
(cause withgreat unanimity Dr. Porter's po. all plioes on earth los sbhou ldl oe raid
sltion would hn sustained. The people ut it t it i oh
spent nearly $500 to obtain a new charter about it t. Yet it is in mout of
and when the ohartor was secured they mtany umen on the islantid when they happen
rested their faith in the wisdom and in te- to be ten years frutm Namiku, in fout wel have
rity of their Governor while the Demoorateo heart men who at the utalost have
County Executive Committee sent forward
their wily tubassador to gather the fruits not been from the "Bioened lahnamas" two
of their labor and expondltnres. Yon do yeear, who was objetling to some stranger
not dispute those promises because you cas who had oome in to wn, a an interloper.
not. Then Dr. Porter went to T'allthas se. Lt a mani come here tni start Into any
Did hle go to defeat the schemes of the oD. b the om h h
E. (. P If he did and did so. it was in a business and just the moment that ho
good causo. That much may be said at shows signs of success, tup goes the cry-
ono0 if it is true. But lot ius examine: "ax HAS NO 1ilr01T I8a1,'" and the foremost
Col. Ilarvey was a holdover Democrat un- in this t h, are the ones wh have the
der a IRtpullican administration bound ay ln ti m ar e l o have the
way to go out of office. His duty was here least right to use it. The fct is most of
at Key West, and hee h is post of duty; the people of this islaud havu't even the
iabandon al it absolutely to do some poll, claim of Ameriean birth-right, but lotn
aal wire.pulling. lie got the bounce, as be
might have expected, Dr, Porter, on the stranger, hear them talk, he would believe
other hand, is State Health Officer, called that they wore born here, and their dads
all over the State, residence here, office in for the past tenth ginnrmtiou, and that they
Jacksonville, required by telegram at any have ble and died fhr this glorlios country.
moment to go where directed. By whatcoun
promise do you compare suoh diverse itus. If some of these people who are lonullnu.
tions and make them alike Dr. Porter ally harping upon this theme, had any
was on health busilner at Tallahase, and idea of tlie rldiouelot, they would feel cheap.
therefore wa about his ofal duti, Col. Ve are an American, and we believe that a
Harvey was there palling wile. But let
us examine further. 061. Have ry very man is at home anywhere that he choose
able man, but natortmnately, the commu- to go, and that he should have the same
nity regard him 45 lnyYhonere for ffie. rights and privileges of those born here.
It doea not make any differenoo as to he
whether the community are right or wrong, I this is not right, the people of Key
right or wrong so tbo community view it. West, Bahamianu, Cubans, and Americana
Dr. Porter was born' here; here he was from other States, should never be the
married, and here his home is. He has one to deny it.
given some of the best years of hi life to neodny
he health iatereMst of Key West, asd his *
nobij se vioe here, and at Tampa, and at We objected as much as any man to Col,
Jaclmonvtie gave him a national name and Harvey being sent here to fill a pnblio of-
woti for him a national reputation. Let fee, and epress(ld ourselves in very strong
go father. You aid 1, Mr. Editor, at the
inception of this charter businef, language at'the time, but we were never so
sought to impre It upon our Ipople uonream tble as to hold him personally reo
that for salttary reasons the sid polsble for it, or charge it to his account.
maut bo nni er one iovefranso We canot blame him for asking for it, or
and good sanitation secured for the eaft)y
of our commerce, for the ufety of the in accepting it when tendered, Every man
State and country. And I repeatedly in Key West ad this right and every man
stated pubbliel that Hsalth Officer Pottr would have done as he did--but the ones
would be listened to by the Governer as to
the sanitary reqnirtmente of the commi. of the offense rests on those who gave it to
ioht. hima, and on those who backed him in his
Now the eoesmielonWae to be given the appeals fer the plaoe. The men who ate
power and the Goernr waited men all, Brat in densonesal him for holding th
toK sanit acuenGar Would net Dr. Po rter
be direleot in hi official epaCity not to qff ae Pulou)pPlly responsible for hi
give the Gotearor the benefit of his tudg- premnee among pe. By the way, was tle
imentand woaldnot the Governor expect office ked b any oitiren of Key Wet
It if not require It? Does the EqOtro.- i ,.D .t. ... i.ntiae i..,mitnt the old
DxMocaUT know that the Overmor did n Did t then xeo uve (e o
MS dfort telti ( ltte irt~ to qaslt one) of this oonnty ever sulggt maan for
Shim? Is the l*Dq Ltne Biattat would not the plaoe?
Shave been a proper thing for the Governor ,
? osehth-, th In reference to that proxy business: Wilt



The Chief nesmon for the great sue.
Cess of ltild* RMarsaparilla, is found In the
arklcle Itself. It is Intlit thait wins. anli the
faCt that Ilood's earsaplarnlll actually ac-
complishel what is clhtied for It, Is what
has given t to this mnlcdllo a popularity and
Sale greater than that eof stny other suasapa.
Merit Win ria or blood puri-
Merit W inner Ieforn the pilhllo.
Hood's Bnrsapatllla cares Scrofula, Balt
Rheum and all Hunmors, Dyspepsia, Sick
Headache, Billousntesm, overcomnies That
Tired Feeling, creates an Appetite, strength-
ian thle erves,builds tnp the Whole System.
la l't t Gat aparllias aildby all dru.
ItsL. Si; six for lS Prepared byo I0, I ft.
6 Co., Apothocaries, Lowell, Mass
PEI RLESS DIES DY 'Dll,"u::' llt.
'he Key West Board of Trade meets on
the first Tuesday in each menth, at 7. 30
e'clool, P. M., at the rooms of the Board.
over the bank of Key West.
G Bow-a. PArT ansow, 8ecrotary.







Received Per Last Night's Mail.

Donovan-A Modern Euglishmno,
A Pamlon Flower,
The Barred hug|et,
The Dove in the Eaal's Nest,
lTe Fatal Phayne,
A Bervant of Satan,
Hlarper's New Monthly fq J;Ie,
Mayrner's 9 *
May 29, 89.

- ----- '-'

lDr. Porter say, thlt he gfve the resignation
to be teluderoed olly u ii o rtalii utouditions,
andl that those conditions were atobh ns
brought fortl ilt delivery to tlho ehailrman
of tlle Executlive !'iuuittoe?
If this asupposition is ri~ht, by what pos-
sihto spirit of prophecy did lDr. I'ortnr foro-
sOe that coaontonation of tvetot nlearrly
throo wtcksH iltiud?
Io wroto his resignatlonr anul loft it hero
when 1n wnnas ill the city tliroo weeks ago,
ind the exctio hbo g wnvo was "hlIs continued
absnoio from tho city, inkiig it iiponsiblo
for bim to attondl, to. "
Under what right then was lis proxy
usied? Ih. Porter by proxy, as woll as
Messrs. I'iler, l'Figarty nuid ioliganlvatgo
voted in favor of the rcuolihtito introdiiood
by Col. Harvey, Hcttiiig forth the reasons
why thin tnitivo (o'4intinltot could not
endorse the actioill of thoi joint bodites, ete.:
Tli eH solution which Mr. (rain reform to.
lie also, lIy proxy, its woll nH thle other gen-
tlomen referred to, was foremost in object.
inig to thi ii ito'a11 s 'listntol tby tlno joint
bodies. WVo sBlitut thiitt Dr. Purter, while
idvoontiing tho appoint tmenllt of tlhn rcaoln-
inondilntiln ill ,poriol, lil l Ir. 'orter by
proxy, obljioling to thloni, is tloe bint illt -
tratios of Dr. Jeulyl andltlMr, lid la (ltt We
hlnve over sou. It is ilnito isway, ain't it ?
l[i-wuvr 1)Dr. l'rtr in rolievud of tl whole
thitig, if his rtesigniation Wu i written itt good
fitlhI, itl d we Ihave pretty good ovitd('ne
that it was, s helin told a tliiiTiior of gentle.
iniilt, long before tilht iutiiiiirablo uiooling,
tIlt h li1ad resignot.
Mr. Craiiin doplore this ilisoaiiiou now
that tule qneRtion that lines ralisod it has
passed. 'I'lThe quesHtion boforo is is a live
one, and really nhs lotlling whatovor to do
with the appointmentt of the Cuommisulon-
ore, save its rfeoronco thereto.l This matter
goes deeper than that, antd its influence
will havo a great goal to do with tlhe fu-
ture of tle party in this county. It Is a
question whether \vN nre to litvo two par-
ties in the county, or a dozen factions. It
is a question, Whether wo shall presott a
solid front, or a tlisolrgnizuid band. It is
a (quostiou whether wo will bo in i position
to oommand respects from the Stato, or in-
vito lusnlt, 'rhlib ion who aro assisting
and countoeanctig snobh a division nre
moved uioro by pereounl pihluo than love of
party or itsuuity and success.
Senator J. B. Wall of Tampa is reported
by the Tuies.-Uion as vlRing for a bill
which as a "line constitutional lawyer" he
dooeeme unconstitutional, "but as between
Floridn and the constitution he leaned to
the former." Tho sao Heunator in a letter
to the Editor of the Tiunos-Union says he
voted against the polRtax prerequisite bill
"because Ihouestly believe thAbit will work
injuriously to the Demnooetic party."
Verily Mr. Wall is am frank ho is sus.
oeptible.-Florida Chronicle.
Tax recent court of money in the Now
York Sub-Treasury last month revealed a
disorepaucy of only thirty-liveo ollurs out
ot a total mnin of ($184,000,000) one liun.
drod nuti eighty-fior i rnlin dtlolliars to bc
aocounteod for, And If its lainmed that this
shortage resulted from thle acceptance of a
few countiiftsit notes in tho hurry of busi-
ness, nnd by the loss of a few pieces of
silver. olowever, even tills umll d dolieucy
was promptly mnedogood, annLit recelit in
full for the above amountt waseiveon to ox.
Treasurer lyatt, who wn* reRposibl'e
under bond for the outire oPount.
onituile noo Lontding for tli11 port
on the Iet of Janne anl will nsal oil th
8th. WIlAAu CutunY, Agent.
Key West, May 2lthli. '89.


- --.----~- Ii

This is one. of oat' 1t-oau-
cW/i (a ASliI Winclwte
andZ clab~Orate
display of

an in/fliing
of What .WC

"Note the dtspiaty
aI's yoft paXss olur, waftt
,W6 caiirrythe luitesl
(ad mOSt v Varied uIC fof

In's. Yoolt's oid Boy's
C`cI ) I1 I N C


White Vests,

^ Vests.

Knee Pants
60o, 75o & i1.00,


Shirt Waists
526 35, 50 & 75otB

We wishl Everybody to Examine Our
Stock l ind PrIces before making lieir Pur-
chases E I O where.

WT~r 61 "1 TIk T A ir OFIn rl_- '%XlT A v F

-- I I I
Aulxlllry tilrsllltitry Mnutoe,
Notice in heir ly ivon that the Auxlliary
Sanitary Associition aro now ready to clean
out vaults, ls k annd closlts by the Odor-
leas Exeavator systunm. Leave all orders at
Dr. J. Y, Porter's office and they will be
givon prompt attention. SJwle 19 tf.

=**:== "K == =. ..::::: .... :":-*"-::-*" ;"::: : *: :*:::' :::::-.



Factory at
For sale by

to toeo (~tleut. "it (t ot houl a dit~ L
n l tploor tItsc n is Wrg
cat I'rto ,.o.,thur .'onth'trfi,'
ul. un.ilslis, itliroadway,
1% Edition of Soientifis American. W
A great, na4 L.. 1Bach slmo contains colored
and ful l plittand Ppeodttoation for the ueioir
much ait Collto ii bulldint.prtno $.$-o ryear.
20ecta. a cupy. VOIUNS A .. PITHLINUSHN.
T meay'0lieseem.

hqo e itt er
otfti-aat pro. it aind h avst. j.
i'ol";'lin I'litefn Oeu4 for lion bou Corrbl-~F;0~;
tondencto tr 000
In "I"l 0ynIr Ih Is not r Istitred In r. tit
mttt mnit., "Ito U C o ad prooun
tmmedlloirt jt.t"fl d HeadZorttattbook.
(iI rRI2ETMfor bookio. chart, lae.
ecqilyrourd. Addtmoas
IIUPIN Jo 0.. Plpatent Silalltteu
1st. itI. () 101 BRt ItOAiDWAY, N. T.

Facts About fonntalns nre

V AL ST. Uor. WAI L,.



Prepared by Patouteid rocels by the

Condensed Milk Co.,


Elsta .a mijor leohe do vaon
pura, Sn azuoar y libre de today class do
engredleote, uoncentradti on uun oreom
oepese, y prosorvada por in procodinuionto
1110ioo. Be disuelvo insntatlneruninto eu
agua, fra 6 caliento, a au cstado unturel
mms 6 menos e0pos f, spu n onCantidad do
aguane q e disuelva. Sirve panratodos
l11 objetoa culinarios, ea que la loche
f0c ase use. Es excelento parn los 8-
tioses, holaduo eto. Usada sin agun, 6
como vi6ne es mny eaquisita enolcaaf6;
CBti exempt de gormenats qiue puedar ser
dorjudioialle n la saluid, y sit gusto esqiisito
y dolioios so recomiendn altnmkuto.
Tongue prnute quo Is loaheo o 6 con-
serva mejor en au lata blon tiapada. Cut.
Indo oon Ins imilnoionos. Do venta on el
ualuaeo de U. eolo, culle do Duval,
Key West, Jatny 10, 1 year.
8Oli0ri L FIOrUII)A iCAI-iRAC.
IHiiiUilr I)oepHi'tlionlt.
HallfonI', IlI., Dec. 22n11l1, Iw.
cntliiInchltc i j(lrntldy), )'.De. 24 will ItlM i ffurtlhe
notlru, Spelo l 1'sialniger train will l vi I betwt'ro
HiiitiOrt nit TitLin s. a imir iCoflIid lit l low.
1'. ) ,i0ava Htnlrord Arrlivr I I JIM
ti LoiKgwooa LbeIItVt 1 1
r" 112 AltHaiontoi prhings Il.l4 "
i. MattlAIRd ,7 "
S *I Witter Park 1 :s.:3
S25 Orla ndo. 1.411Ol
& t S " Klilns~l ~iiw j 1.4) a|.
11 l) ae ort 10).41 .
4'r Hartow Ji" Utit 1 1).
4.3 T Auitllllttlra I, T
2l/ laiktlatti a.
n 4l ititr .
r* MIlliOn t1 "
6.16 AI rriveo l'tlicra ,o
Ctnillt ctlluil at Hnlinroid wlit.I.'l'. IK. W. Ky., 'tl
Upol'ita i O'th ol l 4l r, nnl. titLRmt ,| oIr.
tl7 t. TLch et Agtitt.
1)rc 27 tl,.

..--. 'nl IS---

Astliiitit Fonuitlne' Cre anud %1xr j
Liniment: quclk relil.r N NT-a; V L lt[l..
rto. I1 AVINO beWn tlhornillhly: rennovatpel IN
IIty lt'v"er., .Use Fouutainie's Cure and no opltn to guests. titcily firt-.ultsa
Sini ln nt. in all Its anppiiintmienit. Gas. Electric
A (o1l oured In 12 hours b) ells, Salt 'Watr HBath, and all mnolerr
Fountaibe's ur. ilmprovoemoints. Drialitiug perfect. Only
CotIitllllll|till take small does of Foain- Hotl in the City i roperly sRwered,
taisne's Cure: relieve the T Mltij. l', Prop.
sorenes of ohebt and hieck
by rubbing with Foiun- ----- -- .....--
taines Liniment. BUHNINEHH CAl!UI8.
liroin'lillis , Fonntalne's Oure and
Liunment, a quick cure
guaranteed. .
.yvpthlierit.. use Fountalne's c(lure mis ,ll lIBEN
Liliment, I pledge ny
word if yon will ts1 thn se IN E
moedloine In time, falth --iNEAU VORK
fully accordIng to direc- NEW YORK
tolls, not a Uase will hom-
fataal. Cur and
Crouip .......Ue Fountaineo' Cure and K Y W
Linitmelt. Friend can
you atRord to- e without
thlso s ,afe gards? It is AI iN( SIEAIl-MONTIII
criminal neglooet o be
withoutu these it the house. NNRURANCki-effectl mundior npen policy
For alge by Dr. Ponll- of this line at I per oont. Foir Freight
Ang, 2(0 lno ton. ato ald further partlonlnH, apply to


S Phyialan ud La Sgon.
Oflco it I'udilleton'sDDrng Store. Ofte
Hours 7 to 9 a, m.,, an dfrotm to p. r1.

---- --

Office in the Post OfMe.
Oct. 13t
----- ^--- '"---""
D it Kr MP,
ut gaon Dentit.
Ottle--OverlPorter A Bidgel DJib I
Store Simonton street, corner IWt n
Key West Fla.


Koawteagtlden %. 1
G W. ALL , ,
Will practice in the OUnitel dat, Olr
suit and Distriet Oc t ot Uoir io tberl
District of Florida, and the Btteo and Oone
.y Courts, Monroe Ooanty.
Ofilce at Koy West Baik.

1l Ohil Blip, New York.
Mr. Wm. CURRY.
Agent at Key Wlt,* Fla.

LVvis lvesterPSon & Co.,
139 MAID&iN LAAIE, N. Y.
--PACrKRS AND Join lltC O1r-

We make a Specialty of All Kinde 5t
BEND TOBACCO adopted for' Key West
Segara and will Promptly Fill Orders
entrusted to us, at Lowest Market Prices
and LIBERAL TERMS. Feb. 16 3-m

Meyer & Olark.
1--*OhOOBOE TO- -

WbouLeAlax GeoCpia.AHrp
Speelal atteatonu I et, to eoasrl .luen
of vegetables and tt. rIt
( 01 & 98 MagsoriU c S.,
New Orleans. Lousiatna. my

G _) IWS reilt .U ITO le'eiot

. ..... .... -- 7



New York ar

.yT -'~3r '


EE4 --

d Galveston.
Composed of the following firn
S lass steanships, carrying U.I,

ALAMO, Cnptin H. link, 3100 O
MAN MAt00OS, Burrows,alltl
N EOM(, & Captain DBlger 3000
LAMPAIAHS, Capt Crowell 80Ht
CORMAL Captain J. Risk, 8700
O*'-" u of the above ships aTr
Ir #4PSt Kev West every Wodne*.
s ay fom New York wltlpauena
ger, freight and U. 8. mails)
leavuig same day for Galveston
also arriving at Key Westl ever)
Friday hfrom Galveston for No%
orki with pauseagarx, iveight and
U. H. nirsil. For freight or ltse-
age, having elegant aconomuods.
tioun, apply to

Southern P3ocific Companv,
-azd 11VANA.
----Ootnuoeol~o ot theo foll)Oing lts:lt.-Ulttam tttotttitstp:-.-

WVill 1lttlit ict ilttt ltt ipkiy th1iO, I, trip 'oe ii h.Ithe ttli6o'ae 4,etii, 1htit $ eIOo Lbe iua
tt4 ttiaId I ttliut itt jtii a temi .t"it~t yei as4~ ar. tet. nelti~t 141 %411441vim. wi~t h it.
1,11ke 1(1' I)luft l ul l Yilllifi' lg stuU'.m YL"I I1811ui "),: I IWc~e ir
lillc )'l::t-lj) I I UT U1 I I N M 0 14 lea v i Is 0 iv M mu m bh 'li J~b U~ ilbt~
hat. hiut-zLLtitila t 1"1116t(1"t 1(1iU'246 %Wi.Nl~ viO~ mmletitag Nt'w kioistsAia' tha ~lubi(.tv.,
Ittlithing t1. tliutnet ictttttittosis t J~ps itlg the wawrite oti tlit Wtill. isi Itollol bu ti) sIy, ltertat
weinik. itt, ittlai itt jttXnII.ngt, taislltIM l h l'i&.t hOh ,ttit)ItctO(1tltjWti, 1411)1 )'to
N it -*lorcltitna ait. re l rmia:mt-n Lo lotIae thoir orala or for Mcde rfturm NUvw ( rlesiviit
111v tifi4.. il l ,.i Ii, ro ro ilt tl0 iveniMot 4.114i q ItNa1letisste, .u-a. 9. 1,4k$

'I I, pAY




-... ....." .... .


-G OODS-"-
Furnish up:yourL hoe8e from t ~h Establish-

Who will ft itup tol and allow
yotttp M 3 yo urown teiqwor
< inital eo nt ,-at li, o/' ,

1Batron Ht next to Pom 1 Terms e'of obr .
AOCOmiRttdfl t1ng Terms of (rrlar'

Just Received and Arriving by Every Steamer I 1


S traw




Men's Poilts

From 75r..
"to $5,50.

____ ___L__

__ I





REO. LEWIS, Pa idaenti H. G:ATO, iot-l'reldeut,
GEO. W, ALLEN, Uaahier F. a. ALONEY, Aslatoaut Oadjhlr,


Capital $o5,0oo.
Surplus 10,000.
Collection.s receive Prompt Care/fut Attention
THE IMPOrit'rl. a tiTRAIDE.S NATIONAL IlANX ....... ........ New Vork,
TiE Lo1 l1SI,\NA NATIONAL HANK ............... .......... NOW Orll nl8th .
Ti'li'tarT' NATIONAlh JIANJK OF I.OILA)A.................... ., IkHonville.
'l.iiE k1iuHu'i NATIONAL H AN Kv TAIPA.......................... Tirnpa
'1'i I'lA(!II.(I) ANK .... .. .. ................Sat. n Francisco.
MEOIu(jNItc ItANM ....... .................St, Oi.
MlSlNi t. lt L N L tIO''1 HlONS .......................... ......... tlavlia
Ml. JIN. it, iI, jljw.4 &.oNNs .......2..........._ ..... ............T. hthasesee,


Eaton Street, oppofititue Episcopll ohtobh,.

Wholesale and Retail Dealer in

Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage, and Butter

Also, Dressed Chickens and Turkey; Eggs,
Lard, Cheese, Vegetables, Fruits of all kinds
Cainned Goods, Preserves, Salt Meats, Hanis,
Breakfast Bacon, Salt and Smoked Tongues,
Corned Beef, Pigs Feet, Tripes, Mackeral
(MO 1 Bloaters,) and country Produce of all

Don't forget the place, S. 0. JOHNSON.
i- .s. -lll .- --. II l H Iil

LIN.- Compi iing the Superio' Steamships,

Crryi Hei-Weky United States and Foreign nmail between Tampau, KIy Went anta
vana., Said service having coimmenoed with the steaniship Manc Ito, bt vilng let
Tamp on the 24 November int.
Tamua Havana Service.
SAVANNAH, GA., May let, 1888, !
BegRiininht MNiy 1st., the shipe of thin liAne will r'u1 ts follows:
Leave TAM..'A..... .................. lirj, d4 ( tliarsday,
Arrive KEY WEST .................. Tuetsdy an Fritidy,
Arrive HlAVANA ............ ..... \ednerKdt3 Iad Saturday,
Leave HAVANA ............... Hitume dilts. d;
II. laltallv., O. J., Oi'eiln It, V. Mtotll\t lck,
General Manager. Tranfftc Mlager. Agent, Key Vost.



Everybody L... to oeli al smuoethlo
extap4isary fwheter >they have 1a4 1
ourav agent. 'he value of ,Da B. is no
ei.kown i 'iallim.imktug"', I
stands alone, unparoaleled0 ui a Blood
Hemody, and nobody can produce lts super.
for. We don'tIgbt other remvdic, obecuse
R. B. B. takes Care of Ituilf. If you bavy
anything the matter w uli yeur blood, tr
it-aslngle bottle will open your eyes,
It in nonsense totry aud argue with the
public, and we doa't do it. If one bottle
dou't do you any good, no matter how
you astffr, we will orva you a gross,
Read these oertifloatem:
A ase In Ieorilda Oured by I, B
'Evasutt, Nuaa BauswIoX, GA.,May 27,8'7.
My blood had been impure for a number
of yeas. .1 broke out in ugly sore nall
over my bead and body and I could get
nothing to heal them or purify my blood
(thoughI trieda all other so called m idl
oloes) until I found that most valuable
modiolue (Botanic Blood Balm) I. B .
I have been using it for edurly a year and
In that time have taken about one 4ozeu
bottler, and I feelthat ,I i nearly cured;
the sores on my head and body are all
healed, My health is good and I can eat
anything I desire,
Yours respectfully.
Vl w rorI s Ui)rIlllt.
PAtATAX4, I',, May 31, 1887.
The demand for Botnnio Blood Balm
(B. it. B,) I nsuch that I now buy in half
gross lots, and I ineraltatlngly say that
Umy otomners are all well pleaded,
It. KltBiTIo.
10 W eas e llth bobeumatla

savi been a great sufferer of rheumatism
for 10 year, and I have exhausted almost
every known remedy without relief. I was
told to try B. B. B. whihb I did after long
proorastiatiUon, and With the experlenoe
of three bottles, I m almost a healthy
man. I take t Ma part of my duty to
make known your wonderful Blood
Puriflor to Nufferlug humanity, and ro.
repotfally ask you to mall me one of your
bookiA of wonders, Repestfully
.. __ __ W. l. MOUXUBAD,
its UVe for Kidney ,
t JUsr, GA.,, May 92, 1887.
I have boon suffering from kidney din.
uwe tfor a mouth pmt, and the pain n my
baek was very severe. My occupation re-
uiorea a good deal of writing at night and
rsufferqdall the time. I saw one man
who sald he was cured by using Botanic
blood ialm,(B. B. B')andI commenced
uaiug it and the pain is a a great deal leI,
1 have only used two bottles and believe
it will effect a oure by the sie of a few
more bottles. Yours respectfully,
ThIe Iest Purrller Mlade;.
DAmAso s, Ak,, June 20 1887.
I lhavae afferel with catarrh for about
tour years, and after using four bottles of
Botanio Blood Balm I had my general
bhelth greatly improved, and if I could
keep out of the bad weather I would be
cured. 1 believe It i the best purifier
maiude, Very respectfully.
SL. W. TAouiPo.
Twelve VYeart Afflicted
BturrIoT IsD., Feb. 1, 1887.
I have been alileted with Blood Poinson
for twelve years. "HavSe O M prte'aip.
tiosuM from physicians offered me
during that period. Through tho
druggmist, W, A. Gutoliu,. I procured
on bottle of B. 1. B. and since have used
three bottles, and am inaftlsed it has done
me more good than anything I ever used.
I tiui almost well, and iam sure; within two
or threo weeks I will to perfectly well,
ither twelve yeurs s.fforug inteunely,
Write or address,
WVcll' C'o., Ind, Baker and Uonfectioner
V|ltlesidild for a SpreIn TolIe.
AalaNO'rN, Ga., June 30, 1887.
1 sliffred with mialarial blood poisonl
,more or leols,all the time, and the only
luedloine that done me any good s0 B. B.
B. It I1 undoubtedly the best ibloodl
lumdioine made, and for this mIalPria
ousrtry should bolused by avery one in
thuo pring of the year, end as .good it.
mtelamnr Fall and tWinter as a tonic sand
blood purifier,
UlvV t ieer s~tlurtstlosn
OCms, Kt. Junly 1tth. 18f7.
r.Pluime send uu1o une box Blood Balm.
dtctrrh 8nnff Ir teturit wall, aM oine of my
uustomemr is taking B. B. B. for eatarrl
and want a b0; of the enuff. B.B. B.
dives better SatinfaeUtiun than any medicine
I ever sold. I have sold 10 dozen Iu the
pKst IU weeks, and itlives good eatisfaotiuna.
I I don't rem it il right tor snuff wtite uie.
S Yours, W. N. IaAiuoO.
A PreeiIbor UlrecId of DVPsIpeI'l.

Mlcoomux,, FYt., Lrox Co., July 0, 1880.
luhavetboan a sufferr from indigestion
an1 dy1spepsia for a long time and have
tried many remedies, but until I was ain.
duiced by muy friends to try your) B. 1
reuoelid no relief, but sine u noing It have
found Woreo relef at d o sufort tain frow
any othTr tri&at5'entf ,hVetu4. U9qpsIf
) o will forward to oy adilm: your tMe
32-f.qe bookfJr wreavri difl, also evidence
of cares. Mend at eartlest dide.
Rv|, lorB'T 0.
A Ktemarkablae hewiun Per It. It. I.
Agtnnlt Other ltmesllem,
PIru sA 0., April 9., 1887.
Shave been ,ufferltig, for mott thirty
-earm with an thing soan burning ail over
mn faie mtd)dWIy. I took Highte bottles
of oue blOod medicine atd It did me no
ood ..'oimuced lHt .anaLny tn u n
'aB. .,%d after U i iaveo'lhttela I t t
better aI1 tloter* thaI I bavO. in thirty
yvaw,tly 'ti l th is better. And I weolgh
Oos #vir m d(i. 'Ihe itUhingl has
nsind. a tts d IadIn eoiflanut t a^ a
f.iw pttlo. of I t.1 B.1 will eure l .
eOitwI'.alm axty-thO yoeas old an i
Oiin n~i d a day' sork itn n my feld.
es[rdin nmiti is t o.. neb Ih ave eier
sen., fort odrtaiily did tne m0mre ood
tlan all the meiclnoe 1 have ever o tln.
I had, In all, nearly a hundred ruling
on my (fa, neok and body.,
JUAM Pm eIit tM."
Pireo Meiil~enor w Cr:easnatseuu -


If you do we are unable to gratify you.


I tnere is anything in the line of Books.
Magazines, Periodicals, Writing Pa-
per, Envelopes, Inks, P ens, Pencils,
Ledgers, Journals, Day Books,
Pass and 1 ll r01111nIndlu 11
l)Books, IReceilpt, Chelks,
or. anything kept In a
First-class Sta-
tiohilery Elstanb-


A liong
tl(e Mafiga-
zines c'1il he
found Bel ford's,
Lippllncott's, Otling,
IIarper's, The (Tentuniy,
otluer Well-knownt Perodli-
cals. Also a full Iline ot School
Books, Copy-looks, Maps, Charts,
Slates, etc., always on hand. Butler's
Spanish Teacher, ()ll enldorf's New Method
of learning Spanish t.and Spanish at a Glance.


From the First to the Latest issue.
If you wish a book or magazine which
ctcalln ot be f'otl.utl ir nU (T4 e .xtensFlv stock,. We
will order it


wha-Vove I', to You I H I r
it llhi 1,1110 adISS0oi'tlmou l of playing

casl(18 (JUhoc~kei'


Ci,' bago

IItai 'hl), eOte.98111enu, (DotAi-
Boardstl, Act., ct.~8

a cCvfplotohli)no Ii or slmlokerIs' articlct.

'A Jutie ltack. -r A liaaIII i':t

paper' illassortedcoAloTHE



Letter, lie ds,
1Bill Head41s,

En velolpes

PIdidlng, Etc., Etc.
Dons (l the HilRTiENT NO'T(CE nnd
with nmostnes nnld clinnpouu nnm n--
pnaed by any

BoootoNs, Al, ,Jia 4. it7. A. 1
Sobheerfully s Ult, tl. following foctt in
regard to the uMe os or da meolalie in my
fateuly. My little soP. 14 yeI on agse. f. We ow prep
femid flota aap wso<*lack ofrftAtlsm, Walk from a -
otAae b aul exapo urse aibd Tll of
w to reAmdy hhiy
recommnidud anu We st BuOioties
"mronen mo Tho.. p wusine
on Montt, ..r u. t l, b6 b.
bottLwhbiXI now ONs imd-my -4T A
son I* peily wall, snT! Iky rMavy-
u I rlob aodr ittwims ^ r t
00 Iedb*" I13 desI SDT

sij.t, NONCEe

SJL J.14


IHulnnHHflinm H

eld \ ,ho il ltkinda of


ur Orders tA aos
t i l o

D. L. TRUjILiT SQNS JOHN WHITE, President. j I* AiDJI d ie
q9J' '-o"4A-..---o- X

Arnliunitrl.iii ,.


Manutactory and office tis city.
pondence smoliited. (June


D. POLHALSKI, 1865 ,
Iniiortel's adil Mranfaeturers of





Factoriea Nos. 8. 58 48and 145 Key Weg~s et.
Office and Slalesroom 327 East 63rd Street.




f'oriD'r lff. Av1n Onue 3 id s. Slt, et

--T" manufacturer ofpi-""
Cifgar I3oxess :nd l.ibboils,
-- DeIlersn i ---n
Cigar Box Labels and Oigar Manufac-

turors' Machinery,

Tools, and


SlW Mplcial attention paid to private Brands and Labols, Etc.'in
February 9th, 188. __

-~~_ -_ -._~. _~ .---- .-_---- -.-.-..- ~ -- --
()AXSH & C[lIJnR kl

Commission merchants and Auctioneers.
--'ront Street.---
holesale and IRetail dualers I o
GEN EIL M ICRCIL 1 \ N ils 1U!
tetsialve by ueah liteamuor a5i4t.el fro iuw York tnd Nrw O)rlanna ra freHli aliiply f
(troeeries, Prc1vilon and Cannued nosin.
Have alwaytI Stook r alargeand well-selceted asRorltniascl of a
Ship Chandlery, Crockery, OlaI, Tin and Hardware, Clnrpeitear' 'tral,. Laiulnt., Oil
Vanithas, Fainittre, Stationory
-r One of the Oldest Business Houses of the Cily. *..
S "- Personal at.tntio given to sale and satisfaition guarante'1d, (Goods
received by every steauier fr'dm New York, 'Nw Orclana, I'ampa, Maaisteo, Oodanr
Keys, and Prodnoe frouiatleoaAliaount KOvs.

Fine Wies. Brandies, Cigars.


& Cider.

Ihe tae ft'or I h thirst. The plaefo the a fo lover
of geod nk#4 The pl we for the trial i
.i. JUAN TmnuY's

~^JitSgo> BROST,
doll o AUVIr, md P42oDIdP OA.

jfalhooeamor to Curry A Broet,]

o i -- -AND---.
Comi'i on :: ]Meran!,
frotth.. Key WUsfc FloridaY
IALP a Utton 6 ,6,no=gipt- oo. st0ad polle ousig _e 0i
t r oantry Pro oeta IM ptl Bt sn audlarlA.taUIo WI ","



" 3X0,000.
" oo00,000.
. x~o~ooo.

Key West, Fla.
Office, .119 Water St., oor Wall St., New York.
0. OOLDPMITH, 125, La Salle St., Chicago Ills.

-- Manuulotaror of-

ingavana Cigars, -

FACTORY No. 103, KEY WENT, Fr. -
ACOoresptndenoe Solicltnid.~s


SOfflc,:-133 & 135 Attorney Street, N. Y.
feb 1d-2 m,

Manufacturer of
Key !-:- West :-- Havana -:- Cigars,

Chas' Se B. eoffatt.

Stoves, Tin, Cor~-er'^Ironware,
Plumbing, Cas Fitting and Roofing a, Specialty.
jl E Everything Cheap, and Bound to Wea ll TimUe."

John Jay Philbrick.
S'hippiing, Commission, orwarding Aerchant
I ti'HST Anlthacito lA(nd1 iturninouH (Coal.
Wharfge, Sterase aadm' e
Superior facilitiesafor CoaMing SWte nrp.
Uonsignmenta solicited, and prompt attention to discharging, tm hipplig, and
Is of cargoes, whici will be stored in a lire-proof warehouse.
(sangi of Iaborers furiitheld at short Nottie.

THGR 'I0A AM1 /,0 ht 8 ).. ,
is oompletkd and care rnanlnK. eWrq B f i mininntn. Thn
will tail you to the Rtation on the
Return trip thie name pIwle Who wii not avail themselves of this THMIPT1N
TRI1 wtit ni anring and walk on this elebrati Bnoeach.
G) ON IC O ALL. Yon will not rgirot It.
- -- -
k1A14iJL?(tPaRrron au(

'factories 69 and &t8' .

Key West, Fla.
Office and Salesroom: 51 M~rray St.,t N. Y.
--- = i 1 .


tM~ 4aq:fljiA~

Deis Iti
ImporItd e ud Domsti Wh:

: a -
~ tf Ir u,,. ~*%%w
go";~ CL~





0o 0, o0g000 j

1 - -- -



I -61

Is Now Ready for the Better Accomodatlon of
Friends adcl the Public.



Chas. XMofat's Galery.
I lvo IIv a( m atl trt'altoiono ts with ir. J. F. trimmer, rceonly ofIBell's
Gallery, Washlington, D. U., for a short time We havo tho latent rapid
,roioes for taking bcildrons picturod QUIoK ANIU MHU~-Povl every time
Those wishing fluely dlnislid Portraits are invited to oall and ooe Hamples
of our New Styles. Satiifaclory Work Proofs Shown.
Cablitets, reduced to .- $ 3.00 Per Doz.
Card Photos. 22 I *

MinCtta(bsIt I (lqality)


~FT~t~C'n' ~~83(1r

-- r.Wyuea o io r tof m on wand GENTS, BOYS and YOUTHTS FiRurnishert

tfo"Bbles sore: y for oona1on. We tn> easits D s and YOuths Clothing, [1derm
'1r3 erai M a w 1 ; r.l liii r~~" so." "( "iii* "i." of *West.j
,, er.: e, t 1eer t" I .-- ---iii'it>>ii M^,n t : n -O l
TIIM HQUIT011; I A11 Iiiu

I"S?% iL a 0 ( wear, HtsCa, Boots, Shoes, 11olars, 1uffi;,

"i-." i--"ir.. ""V ..I. ER BD ..RO.UHT TO KEY WITS
,oo f a. o ,rt o oo a n a r l, to oe ,Is, . ..!.,

i, nCd,,, V ,iof opt o ,, lol., n,,a,,to .....l r, j f N$ Wholesale Deales in Incl ing the Finest Line of D alo
a ech. 1 .^r.:rinte ^n POWDERl lp.eS m

n Act KKccon or avaxes Ua nnoun aea eit. Loadlog mero-atUlu ,ti| e on Blrxlo i r[d Skin Di.eases hls wder never Varles. A mtrleleo-
M ut ln pl d lo o* iaiof o ,,yecl o ltts, p* i ty. *t th A emo W olW oe and PI ce s,
OIT m C MoT n oupable WThe

without fear or favor. x, 8. Oosat. *no h f nner a to at once gala their In. df. I will *ell at Publio Anu tion, on Mon.---. "/- ,^"t ,^^C 1I't i S.9
June 5th t. temrt nd ft ientlov tbol ttbdayof Jue. A. SD.r.889tl ---1 11' i 7,-- I M f 1^ l
rtnet whorkman, butefew advertisemots we o of li ae. atii loalyed she Is now a ucku Sint iaf eave

ointgdrMrs ch.ig.iMg edl pv aeanh e w a n e atac Damjonrh l o f ie an bt. Ther bt xl n OO d s oes, 0
IM N Noti 0 pi atro u ont. Whe ntoP Adi mrt l rmlent re or eone rmti Idwd. Price v 5 its per of G h I

, t e rceur. o e y oes. m oe i n theh r re t. i. ra w or b oa .t? purt,, stet y DoeAseos. .ore a- sa o n l
For P Oga Vol d do not rnh ll t Te mutul onnt, Mr. N. Nottage wit. .an ivnunv I ,, thIeniln
tr ent of ever .i.nd CHEAP goto klal Bdvertier, by hi t m w ok a r-wing ndM,,at r N.lheMn HhtiialO e, e" be so In pEti tuEn wIEst HAthDWAe, 1E 1t

Migufl Brinta .u1o Stoaraa o. 66, things and hollig attention oo busine Mr. lat. Ntfet will -tos, sllh o r>T.. .st (>bnl POOKl T t alu 86or 1 also na OftSLe L Oe S tndorlt eods.
-il 0rtnontou ySt. lf Mii aa di t f o e O by no e toi ve mand prnt icnly Iea o a Un ant a rh h rm an wl llat b. aru of a wi of enli.W -'-or.--6 pow 78,k Ill S i ts'
t t f thl. familea, Uee' ai the t ne gboya on the In--d. tw ilold by atndPll. CiOcK RY i oon o ot B aoS a c.

So afyTtbrelin S at the ator w ed dto n ouro0d Was no T otr es oor ale lt Dr. l*ndletof'a Drus WA N^ VITT NOT BE UNDlD bnTe flro( nrn!otin o i 8. .Sr Tl
'M1,, J t tas. TrAlbury returned to he ty. oI y m l one, o. 1h89Curry aW-nG an rlll7i JAnd Y ,
M, salrrtoedtfresh,1 rhos re oUa rble o1 A. i, at,e M0udln b Vaeo3. Ou9l itue 0o1601 (o0=t71,r 4`19 4 i ol also Wear Gene1 6Yd j a
wase sant i ete an bn srto nd. e vry Ingw Ialvn IuP. the- ?1or fo C BWo i

ngorlyve itn Kon the M soo ptenayvn loplM aln vel an proat ions noes o ,mle," wdeaak LBteraoe sPon. oacou i Ue s. Wal l l.,u h r ,N 4
C ar.lvsl. o l p i a adOr 1,PtssN ores, TtrT .d perds hibas ooW ons t us

I ATD -w go bosch q $0e the I t fm e and the p oitse of the (pae iay i11. wI .r e qure A' orl noE p'rqWIt Ad WA, ( 7 .Z. Ilt thf isaJ iz

foiridiy, out from PMaosgouhto las t fdn diend mtumwhoopdetoodledoolh-Chacago AtBMnfo 1111Ri r lO iiidod,- PPrKic'.5 p n' S b .ty byt. FlaD,,
d ri l ao o lu runen 02 sl th p or o to wet one gain their iou d No ia a .o., oW lbs Jun e -r
Mr lahio wil refund doubl he a n o bP he eiut MI80ELLAretmg d NEOUB AuDYehteMNT h lORa M e o forl oer nS OVIsve bAyt. .Ao; +O, ct_ _ _ll

lot. M tDalgo e un O a s e V o ot a ertin ut n t,, It A S& l, an a llt Tlo aG t&[ CtO p., g
Mai hlMirlnta o"le Samt oarree" th l T Ln Suc icessorin4 to W. C. ROGERS & HENRY D. i ELlER

honor. Wonre glad teWelcom hm rhome ORHf fl lBoa SAL-Nine Desirable Builds Ria11g1 ( sh OOrlSC~ulclrt" 8BlNfy -IMPORTERS OF -
frtm Trmpu e or Key nts i ,8c e pubisoef erkld ddver, PHrEA gTo KNIo T gorm0 Tttter, ski adveratlsder,, b hlblalns w.. oputgan a e ...... me c) 5) .V

Sil nnd Lotal, gtetied o o o of the oNalthl l w i Of Sl ptins, Draw ersb -AN Aro.e ioAU o- ato ? Bl n od , o go bS o It he eo t dhe thu convinced. ro o t.8k a r May end loPti 8. FoR ultht orm. luris IIo e, r arorsrl ItaD -PAINT, 510 IOADWAY NEW YORKo
the olishsoon i, would unable onerpn wh|h ia Suetreeb t tgec sao -- AND .u)lI m-7/ nails, t

Mesr,. W. N. oHewlU retutnd t. Bl We Il TAit orn e i Wy Aare .c Dlit e ( bo.lale y DO r..l I11t, OILP ,D

u Mwe, o uvnnh a. were ong t p et VANIS, Hola Ag t l r U.. for "aowhre etN" aethamNpaH, Eparriy;
n ed aer aluti re I ty T ea y ulo tfal y, Ie oaloe gherlte broha old Th rm oB.. onNottre & 0o., ohth, Jue/ I y vr.sI l PUOVI ION, OI

. i ettour ndltr aeno re uato -Per et been tha t yufahrs hn Dr"e a Onfo t. Also re Tin arn- At only requrn Dru A41 aaL NT IE P oN ) S D l i
o e Truth Boap naed pdoto h era a n inger Miso' ,ar oA Cory& lit `ees bea tits- Flin
onvncd tht A t i the beat l y ait" i ooreTondet o uit u er ey et, rs h et. b& Rmv Lr o thildrNn's Shoes

t oveory time. To ber nd, O oP W alto i ll 'tlr, by hi s l p drw and l, NaH N I otl e ou wnt t ecur b.trlsfle In e gHsRDWrE Yo iu's
io,. tol. aet.M. Jun., do atome o mege ou n. ,l, e .re ooitntda e to at f Ji e n w i pon n tbarl .ds l o, torts O LLO 01b -It iY.

Mr, I otlli rnM>n'in."l .'( Tw o on te ogter on rl y o us U ao or ywa. -llN totoA -n-,'eS- T BLE -UTLk-RY- a, MTi H us 1 ,l e s .ln.oes P.u bl.,Uic
New Yor, rrk ed oats, at a, el e th e no S thing the ehset 'Bemplar. G O RIES a A t
o junein -trom N a, ulto sinben B IUmth languel Orr Jao. B. Po. b4 te l .oe Ntd- the ifn Iell nw .
mJustN ,ee ptro, I8o atela P COIL hooA2 SOT.o fo opats, acp.

tole s renaleI pl tingoga atlty o oOe th dei T lid iom blt Cl )OD. I t I -nd .A7
tiir(sPi'li'argnRg OI1Wt At the argo8 vedemeetw urd learn t dt your ostherf, hous Te lot er. r tudor sale ne, ev-l)r. Pejndlotor'l Drul W~M ,1,riN I VIrL NOT BEr IWNi) O 1t. ia

MIR. a T. Alburn ri ed to the ot yd rby mae lr s ___ oI't. C a rry meerctnie an d is :thV, a i' -

nsr e the T.TAo 84 Drawe 3 Mse0 a. purat Streg new ol o oLmore.1Wo
$_SCLLANOUI A DY M INT 11041 ttlC thekL Iy kinds Slid
.rel o pr8eoto 1 he sle s morel y Pt ladd inthe otar o r n l, all Qns 1h oe be sl in cop n 11 tT(S.
June.6_3t :."*"-- "-. ,o..i o, bn, o ond.t. re. o__________________ -In ., ,evroy JOHNer .y S AWYER Gotfsri O.4
resulted in the r ay l oa S Wha CoL u re Wae down town tTw a huer" F otry, Inh beo lllOV(ans p. yof A reLt A Wo ODEN \VOR t

'ieRh oouer FhldsPArd, MSpI Orde Wltl n Bros. will refund as cli b i e t loe onF I N ar I on dtoble te .l -
evovaa onovel an od Ideasfv lu e Under and o virtueof a write ofl VelilI P orders. in lf atw
nlot ativ e snti eocton If rused Ip .ordln to m oney by buying btrlelebretd i hi R". we) b MENT,"A h m H WAAS I N:O FrBERG NO g.
emy dy DiticteCudc uthernDitrl ourf Is. .Ouh, HAS (YTEN. BR Omn
lion, F. elgado returned to the clty e acha sr? o a o heir nd i Oo'stre b. shock, ornld M 0ih A'r ItuS r ,. C. O R IL

;h'ottn o h ri-sltud oin one of there hlthlst If- ofShrI t, iDrawers -"^EAND AL. ' .Iii-F
J11.10,. ft, terestd PAintdAtenion.d d tnb 19thd"aony on tDahe e sd.,r Tte, .irfs, rA JME S iUo ors and Cig 8 8s,
to nuoan le l theworld, at Whalto Bno, bseond ranglW frlomt 800 todl ,000, .aoDSrding 4h U MLa, C.. F.
T^'ry ls ase ba convinaced o5,-tion appilyn to I. url, e r t hi t n ec ..4i O L, oms ert t I m ltr il, o "C i rg ne;
Messrs. V. It, Hewlett and W, W, a e Iatesy trms. Duoval St. K ysVot la e ofL, l yo i -en to gRI SH rett tas r" aattoi D Iolan.o
MO lle aseoto, anI r ie now regd tered at --P-ehaps I've en too uddenl dsaar ne oD AN Ak .A L ,A Y C A,,,,,E....
ah NAwuaselLaou,. InrlTAMP& (resale,0th D hlofooaw sld f G otC, of+TAION the une2 Uor P -OVIEAGNOE CAFE, F
Miguel i. Store' door to tholico Churohni T sn tre e ....
bOnh he a clam. U ru r mghty efort.-Ysed George it I ery suhble or Dry Goods, DtYugE, MilF Onry sOp'ti I lnt ie Oi o- LE'1E w A F
Donto Use S.ruvh oap bred y dd, b- h e and eanoy Goods or Sthoe s toro, For ', Men 's, IoLadle's Mlsso'sX10
Sonidt that it I1s the brtlao vl fat a--It Ish ao tou sddena -i rtiouert inquirmA withll, -2-en and 6 hiidpren'a Shoes, anA ,
soap etude, Ask your groer for Tru Sifta- Trunks, \aison, and Urb'ellai. If Cotton-C anvasc, Doors M4aeh, DIVISION ST. Near WHITE ST,
tioiep evorry tue. To be had of Whalton ai P0. 1 O ALE OR LEASE-The yoetwaist I ) secure bargains, be sure
Ii',ir., solo ageuts. juae-.3.3t, J U house a411 lot of Jefiorsoet B, aid h, tl'eea-. UlIIdis Ge ns., e JOrly oret. (Jea U AVIf lLLO fiJi U 5r'V
Mr, I. Zellner, representing a Now Or. Two mc, mated together onra.rrtms y ...........Ti....... .. ... t.... ... .
etain, fell Into a plecamit oanverratlon. apply to tho Bn.ior 441 )Wi'stt,. alll VAORh u
yesterday esing, in the Intelrstt ofo "Srkan aout hok" saioneo t m y 1-1 'Beoseslare V ,U oorTL ont of Fancy antd Dal, y, fro i 6 A. 4.r to 1' I,
inets, and will snd several days n te er, till fellow with red hair, "have you Is ,it ,tloot fo* .owr Tnth
oilrmy. He Is registered eat tho poplar N rd that wonder novel, Sedge Gras s O .IE,-ela ndOte ry Lon 7 wI. 0't F. s.1No V/A. UG. N N 1n U f 0 t
N'. A] frive Io am ist snr Jhosn, i llhneof LIfQUORS,
Russell Hthuse. *"No IS it oed 1e in their hueel'Rober s a tse. -'A %a--F o
To arrive p r first R I ew York teamer, thlnmeetthlu lqtevern edilnmyUe." AUmemberreresueted to yhI prompt Aous eIN FA.XIJY FLOTIR AND NET CIGANr S ie
0) balesbest Tlnotlhy hay, 100 aLk belt "ideedl" In attedence, r. o 0 Le D r S TAN D rag+ ...i. to be fodndin tile M let.
New York mixed c at -ee, Ia, yce oW a f nt in T Jt .lhef Itoeemplar. I .W, aAp, tt.. .. -

Aol. H. S. Abines, Superne tothnte ofilySqt'sP 3'n great d4al for aen Ametlob. --byekes n ~ ofun- NrN.1.CurryTINBe
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Plant System, aaooompanl r sd l t c a, bd the ee -c L t. No.. 19 in tc
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