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Spring 2007

Volume 6, Issue 2


Faculty members and graduate students will travel across the nation this
spring to attend conferences and present papers. The department boasts a
number of interesting presentations, some of which are highlighted below.

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
Annual Conference
Seattle, Washington
March 13-17, 2007

Carrie Schrage, Jodi Lane, Lonn
Lanza-Kaduce, Jessica Perry, and
Ron Akers: "Religious Beliefs among
Youths in Florida's Faith and
Community Based Delinquency
Treatment Initiative"

Jean McGloin, Christopher Sullivan,
and Alex Piquero: L" I 1.'Iriliin to
Offending Versatility?"

Ronald Akers: "Nothing is as
Practical as a Good Theory: Social
Learning Theory and the Treatment/
Prevention of Delinquency"

Nicole Leeper Piquero, George
Capowich, and Paul Mazerolle:
"General Strain Theory, N,.glil '
Emotions, and Body Dissatisfaction"

Paul Mazerolle, Alex Piquero, and
Robert Brame: "Violent Onset
Offenders: Do Initial Experiences
Shape Criminal Career Dimensions?

Matt Nobles, Angela Gover, and
Catherine Kaukinen: "The Spatial
Distribution of Arrests for Criminal
Domestic Violence in Lexington
County, South Carolina"

Mirang Park: "Social and Criminal
(li nl,. I I.,lr of Incarcerated Drug
Offenders in Korea"

Wesley Jennings, Angela Gover, and
Deanna Perez: "Specifying General
Strain Theory: An Ethnically Relevant

Wesley Jennings and Lorna Alvarez-
Rivera: "An Examination of Self-
Control and Institutional Attachments
Among Puerto Ricans

Jeff Ward and Matt Nobles: "An
Empirical Analysis of Traffic Citation
Quotas and Periodicity of Issuance"

Mirang Park: "Attitudes Toward
Prison Programs and Staff Among
Korean Inmates"

Tasha Youstin: "Registered for Life:
An In-Depth Look at the Consequences
of Sex Offender Policies on Offenders"

AC.JS Panel ( hi .
Mirang Park, Jeff Ward

Midwest Sociological Society/North
Central Sociological Association
Chicago, Illinois
April 4-7, 2007

Rebecca Hayes & Justin Smith: "Microcosm of
our AlienNation: How New Orleans After
Hurricane Katrina Has Painted a Picture of
Neglect & Control in the United States"

Syndicate News

Special Recognition 2

Publications 3

The Old Ball and Chain 4

CLS Participant Pool 5


SOfficer elections for the August 2007-August 2008 term will be held during the April
= Conference travel support proposals will be voted on during the April meeting.
= Criminology T-shirt designs are being finalized. Voting for the final T-shirt design
will be held during the April meeting as well.
> A basement cleanup project will take place this spring. Please help out if at all
possible. A replacement refrigerator for the basement is being requested.
> The Syndicate sponsored two successful charity drives during the 2006 holiday
season. Thanks to all who participated in our adopt-a-family gift drive and our drive
to collect blankets for the homeless population of Gainesville.
> The Syndicate gives a special thanks to:
Justin Smith for coordinating the instructional session for the participant pool
Kate Fox for setting up Dr. Israel's survey workshop.


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66lagae a inie by 6h Ox6r 6on 6al 666666er to 66een a 6ae 6nd




Akers, Ron and Gary Jensen. (2006) "Empirical Status of Social Learning Theory: Past, Pre-
sent, and Future" 37-76 in Frances T. Cullen, John Paul Wright, and Kristie R. Blevins, eds.
Taking Stock: The Status of Criminological Theory, Vol. 15 Advances in Criminological The-
ory. Transaction Publishing.
Hwang, Sunghuyn and Ron Akers. (2006) "Parental and Peer Influences on Adolescent
Drug Use in Korea" Asian Journal of Criminology 1: 51-69 [also online] http://
Akers, Ron. (2006) "Theory and Research in the Sociology and Social Psychology of Crime
and Deviance," in Mathieu Deflem, ed., Sociological Theory and Criminological Research:
Views from Europe and the United States. Elsevier Science.
Brank, Eve, Hays, Stephanie & Weisz, V. (2006) Global versus specific attitudes related to
parental responsibility laws. Journal of Applied Social Psychology 36: 2670-2684.
Brank, Eve, Jodi Lane, Susan Turner, Terry Fain, and Amber Sehgal. (in press) "Juvenile
Probation: Effects on Parental and Peer Relationships." Crime & Delinquency
Fondacaro, M. R., Brank, E.M., Abraham, S., Luescher, J. & McNatt, P. (2006). Ethnicity and
procedural justice in resolving family conflict. Journal of Youth and Adolescence 35: 987-
Lane, Jodi and Lonn Lanza-Kaduce. (2007) "Before You Open the Doors: Ten Lessons from
Florida's Faith and Community-Based Delinquency Treatment Initiative." Evaluation Review
Lane, Jodi, Susan Turner, Terry Fain, and Amber Sehgal. (2007). "Implementing
'Corrections of Place' Ideas: The Perspective of Clients and Staff." Criminal Justice and Be-
havior 34(1): 76-95.
Lane, Jodi, Susan Turner, Terry Fain, and Amber Sehgal. (forthcoming) "The Effects of an
Experimental Intensive Juvenile Probation Program on Self-Reported Delinquency and Drug
Use" Journal of Experimental Criminology
Langton, Lynn. (2006) "Low Self-Control and Parole Failure: An Assessment of Risk From a
Theoretical Perspective" Journal of Criminal Justice 34(5): 469-478
Magnarella, Paul J. (2006) "The Hutu-Tutsi Conflict in Rwanda." In Perspectives on Contem-
porary Ethnic Conflict (S.C. Saha, ed.) New York/Oxford: Lexington Books, 107-131
Piquero, Nicole Leeper and Lynn Langton. (2007) "Can General Strain Theory Explain
White-Collar Crime? A Preliminary Investigation of the Relationship Between Strain and Se-
lect White-Collar Offenses" Journal of Criminal Justice

Ronald L. Akers: A Social Learning Analysis of White Collar Crime, Paper presented at International Conference
on White Collar Crime at the National University of Distance Education, Madrid Spain Dec. 2006.

Ronald L. Akers: Applications of Social Learning Principles to Delinquency Treatment and Prevention: Some Exam-
ples from the United States. Paper presented at Conference on Current State and Application of Social Learning
Theory University of Barcelona Spain Dec. 2006.






Love is in the air at the Department of Criminology, Law and
Society! Doctoral students Becky 3Sayes and Justin Smith were
officially engagedover the semester break, andare looking forward
to their JuCy 7th wedding date. Tina KXechner and her fiance
Patrick are panning their upcoming wedding, which wii take
pace in OrCando, FL. fMasters student Ashfey Peake recently got
engaged to her Cong term boyfriend. inally, masters student
Jessica Shue recently tied-the-knot on a cruise ship! Congrats to aCm

9 9 0 ^9 i O 1 /, Q i' / / I i ,d / L0 90' iI ," 1 1 /'" i0 1 /~0 1 /O ~9 O o 1

SI IAttention Faculty and Graduate Students:
SPlease tell us about your activities for inclusion in the bi-annual publication of The 'o
Criminal Gator. At the beginning of the fall and spring term you will be asked to
submit information related to: recent and forthcoming publications, ongoing research,/
recent and upcoming paper presentations, grants, and teaching & research awards. In
lljaddition, you may also submit any other news that you want to share with thej\
department! The submission form as well as archived editions of The Criminal Gator
can be found at: http://www.crim.ufl.edu/news.html
Like the border suggests, make some noise for Criminology, Law & Society!
00 0 ,o 1. ,a 1. pa 1. 0 a .I a* 1. 0 a0 1,> po 0 1, "0' 1. a 1, /o0 '. pa l 0' 1

Ongoing Research Projects:
Jodi Lane, Lonn Lanza-Kaduce, and Ron Akers. "Evaluation of Florida's Faith and Community-
Based Delinquency Treatment Initiative." (OJJDP and Florida DJJ)

At ASC last fall, University of
Florida faculty and graduate
students presented interesting
ty and important
research projects on
a variety of topics.

Picture: After a long morning of
panels, graduate students pose
in front of one of LA's
downtown sculptures
0 0 6 during their lunch.

The Criminal Gator Editorial Staff
Faculty Editor: Jodi Lane
Email: ilane@crim.ufl.edu
Graduate Student Designer:
Jeff Ward
Email: jeffward@crim.ufl.edu

University of Florida
Department of Criminology, Law and Society
P.O. Box 115950, 201 Walker Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611-5950
Phone: 352-392-1025
Fax: 352-392-5065


The CLS PARTICIPANT POOL is ready to be used for
data collection! We are using the Sona software system,
which is available at our new webpage:
http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/ebranb/participant pool.
Online, as well as in-person studies, can be conducted at
the convenience of the researcher. Classroom space will
be reserved by the Participant Pool Coordinator and
links to on-line studies will be available through the
Sona system. Overall, our new participant pool makes
the data collection process much more efficient and
offers our department a great resource. In addition, by
requiring researchers to collect data through our system
rather than by going into classrooms, classroom time will
be freed up for teaching, and we will maximize the
number of students available to participate in research.
If you are interested in using the participant pool, please
complete a Researcher Application available on the
above webpage and turn it in to the Participant Pool
mailbox in the mailroom. Justin Smith is our Participant
Pool Coordinator this semester. Please email him at
clsparticipantpool@gmail.com if you have any questions
about using the participant pool for your research.
On the participant side, during our trial semester
this Spring, only the undergraduate students enrolled in
Law and Society will be required to complete research
hours. Other classes may be able to use the system for
extra credit. Please chech with Lora Levett or Eve Brank
for details about including a research participation
option for your class if you are interested in offering
extra credit this semester.

SThe University of Florida Department of Criminology, Law, and Society is an inter-disciplinary
program, teaching students with a wide range of interests and conducting research on crime, P
delinquency, law, and justice. We are one of the largest academic programs in the College of liberal 4
Arts and Sciences, offering under-graduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.
* For undergraduate studies: http://www.crim.ufl.edu/undergrad/index.html $
For 'a gaIlate -t Ltul ie-: ttp ://\\ \\ \\ .criilI.u nf.eL d Li/,rad/iniidex.htnl I in

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